The Meds Made Me Do It – Part 2

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Story title: The Meds Made Me Do It – Part 2

Story by: Money

Celeb in story: Shakira

Codes: MF, anal, drugs

Disclaimer: The story you are about o read is not true and never happened. This is total fiction I’m sure the celeb in the story doesn’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please. Any questions or comments on the story
send them to [email protected] that being said I would like to thank Kash the Priest for his help on this project now on with the story.

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Authors note: I don’t hold a medical degree this story is a parody of the recent steroids in sports stories I’m doing this story with a sense of humor and having some fun with it any hate mail I recieve will be deleated.

An hour or so went when the clinic doors opened again I could hear spanish coming from the front desk I went to see what was up when I slammed on my brakes the voice was coming from latina superstar Shakira.

She was dresed casually. A black t-shirt and what looked to be the tightest blue jeans to ever be forged. She had her hair a little frizzy but not too frizzy and she was sipping on a bottle of mineral water she had in her hand.

“Can I help you Miss Shakira?” I asked.

“It’s Miss Ripoll, but just call me Shakira.” She smiled.

“Ok, What can I do for you Shakira?” I asked.

“My head really hurts.” She started and then drifted off into Spanish. I had no clue what she said.

“Woah!” I said throwing my hands up. “I didn’t understand a word of that. I can only speak English.” I said and Shakira laughed.

“Sorry.” She laughed some more. “My bad> I was saying my head really hurts and I need something for it.” She said in her sexy Latin accent.

I totally blanked at that moment, her accent was so mesmerizing and her beauty was just blinding. I quickly reached into my pocket and gave her a bottle from my labcoat pocket. Shakira opened it taking two pills and washing it down with a couple of sips from the bottled water she had.

“I’m going to need payment for these.” I said. Shakira patted herself down with those tight jeans on, I doubted she had anything in her pockets.

“I’m sorry!” She gave a sheepish smile. “I don’t have any money.”

“Then I’m gonna need the bottle back.” I said motioning with my hand for her to hand it over.

“Wait!” Shakira said thinking for a second. “How about a Columbian quickie?” She asked.

What the fuck?! I thought to myself. Was she really offering sex for a bottle of pain killers? This was just the most incredible day, talking Rachael Taylor into having sex with me and now Shakira offering sex as payment.

“I know you want to fuck me.” Shakira said snapping me out of my thoughts and back to reality. She turned around and arched her back, making her huge round ass stick out even more.

“No man can resist this ass.” She said looking back at me giving me a dirty looking smile. “I’ll even let you put it in there if you want.” She added.

“O-o-o-o-okay.” I finally stuttered. She walked around to my side of the counter. I didn’t even realize that Rachael had left the door open when she left.

Shakira closed the door behind her and undid her belt, not that she needed one considering how tight those jeans were. She wriggled her hips as she pulled the jeans down her huge ass, her thong getting pulled down with them. She stopped once the jeans were around her knees and shook her ass, looking back at me giggling.

“I know you want it so bad!” She said in a sultry tone. “Feel that round ass swallow your cock!” I felt my dick just spring to life and poke out through my pants. The constriction of my pants making my dick hurt.

“I’ve never had sex with a doctor before.” Shakira said in her thick accent. “I think you need to take my temperature and seeing as though I’m a bad girl and I bite…” She made a hard biting action with her teeth. “It looks like you’ll have to take my temperature from another hole.” She said bending over the counter, her chest pressed on the counter top.

Shakira reached back and spread her butt cheeks, showing me her brown hole. I quickly went up behind her, undoing my zipper and belt, letting my pants fall to the floor and around my ankles. Both me and Shakira had our pants, around our ankles.

I grabbed hold of my cock and pressed it against her asshole, feeling precum starting to spurt out already, working as a slight form of lubricant, helping me to ease my cock head in.

“Oooohhhhh!” Shakira moaned.

“It feels really warm.” I said.

“Yeah! Get it all the way in!” Shakira moaned as I gently pushed forward, squeezing my thick shaft past her tight little ring as I worked half my cock into her warm orifice, dry fucking her tightest of holes.

“Yeah! Fuck my ass!” Shakira said out loud. That’s when I realized that anyone could walk in and catch us, but I was never gonna get an oppertunity to fuck Shakira again.

I started to slowly work my cock in and out, the lack of lubrication made her asshole tighter and I had to use more force to thrust my member in, which didn’t bother me. I was just hoping that I didn’t hurt her.

“Oh God!” Shakira moaned as I added pace and worked more of my shaft in.

“That’s it! You fuck my ass so good!” She moaned. “Fuck my ass faster!” She moaned looking back at me. I started to add pace and Shakira yelled at me.

“FASTER!” It was obvious this wasn’t her first time having anal sex and demanding I go faster when we’re using no lubrication showed that she was an anal regular.

I started going as fast as I could, slamming forward hard and forcing my full length into her now, my groin slapping hard against her ass cheeks causing waves of ripples to go up her butt cheeks and maybe even up her back. She still had her top on so I didn’t know if it did or didn’t.

“Faster! Faster!” Shakira kept moaning and I kept going as fast as I could, feeling my orgasm building up. I couldn’t believe how quickly Shakira had brought me to this point considering how I just had sex about an hour ago.

“God! That dick feels so big in my tight little butt hole!” Shakira moaned. “I want you to cum now! Cum in my fucking little asshole!” Started to yell as I went as fast as humanly possible, Shakira’s asshole started contracting around my thick shaft and if I wasn’t mistaken, I think she was starting to orgasm herself.

Shakira started yelling and moaning in Spanish, I had no clue what she was saying, but a mixture of moaning in Spanish and her sphincter hugging my cock tight while I fucked her ass fast as I could was too much and I thrust forward as my cum shot up my shaft and deep into her bowels.

“SHIT!” I yelled as I pulled back and thrust hard into her asshole one more time as my second load shot up my shaft. Shakira’s tight ring gripped my cock hard as she moaned in pleasure and we stayed in this position for a minute as I unloaded all my semen into her rear.

“That was so good!” Shakira smiled, standing up straight. I pulled out of her ass slowly, the tip of my cock covered in cum. Shakira turned around to face me, leaning forward as she pulled her jeans up. Before she stood up, she wrapped her lips around my cock head, licking my cum off my cock head.

“Now no one will know you just had sex!” She laughed standing up straight doing her belt.

“Won’t it come out of your ass?” I asked referring to my cum.

“You felt how tight my ass is. There’s no way it’s gonna come out unless I let it.” She gave me a dirty smile and walked around to the other side of the counter. “I think that deserves more than one bottle.” She smiled.

“That’s the last one. We’re getting a new delivery tomorrow, so come around then and I’ll hook you up.” I said to her. I watched her round ass as she walked away and out the door.

I reached into my pocket, realizing that I only had one bottle in there. I was sure I had two bottles of this experimental drug that I had created, so I pulled the bottle out.

“Shit!” I said out loud as I saw that it was a bottle of aspirin. I had given the two bottles of the experimental drug to Rachael and Shakira accidentally, keeping the one and only bottle of aspirin.

To be continued..

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