Is Three Enough Company?

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Is Three Enough Company?

Author: DarklordZ

Celebs: Lacey Chabert, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Sarah Michelle Gellar
Codes: Viol, FF, mast, FFFF, anal, oral, spank, fDom, Les

Disclaimer: This is only a fictional story. Events like these have never happened to the celebrities or will never happen to them. If you are under 18, find something else to do besides reading this like your homework and am not responsible for your actions if you’re caught. For those over 18, sit back, read, and enjoy the final chapter in the Lacey Chabert saga. Once again, there are
a few references in this story. This could also be the last time I may use references as well from here on out for all of my stories.

Last time we left Lacey….

“Wait Lacey, there’s something I need to tell you” Jennifer told her as she held her shoulders before she left. “What is it? Are you ok? Is something wrong?” Lacey asked her but then all of a sudden, the door knocked….

Now, the final installment….

The door knocked louder as Lacey stood there, wondering what to do. Open the door and show Hewitt who was at the door or talk to her, wondering what she wanted. Lacey stood there, still holding the gym clothes and nude. Jennifer was still nude as well, looking at Chabert. The door knocked even louder and the knocker was growing inpatient. “Hello is anyone home?” the person yelled. “Jennifer, what is it?” Lacey asked with a panicky look. “Nah, you open the door first” Jennifer told her. “No, they can wait, so what is it again?” Chabert asked again.

Jennifer took a look at Lacey and then the door, realizing something about it.

“Ah, screw it” Jennifer said. “Wait… what?” Lacey said in a confused look. Chabert was caught off guard as Jennifer planted a kiss onto the lips of a shocked Lacey then all of a sudden, the door opened. “Hey, the door was unlocked and…. Whoa, what the fuck” the person said as she entered Jennifer’s house and saw that she was kissing a still shocked Lacey directly on the lips. Lacey turned her eyes over to the person who was looking at the two and then, Chabert broke the kiss that Jennifer had on her lips. “Sorry about that, Michelle” Lacey said to her “Black Christmas” co-star, Michelle Trachtenberg.

“Lace, you go girl” Michelle said to her. “Huh?” both Lacey and Jennifer said at the same time. “I always saw you as an uptight, goody two shoes, Christian girl, but this…. This proves that you have that crazy side” Trachtenberg said to the two. “Well, everything changed this morning for me, so…” Lacey told her as she was putting her shorts on.

“Um, Lace…. You’re forgetting something” Michelle told her as Lacey looked at her. “What is it?” Lacey asked. “This” Michelle told her as she held Lacey’s bra and thong above her head. “Oh, silly me” Lacey said as she grabbed it and went to another room to get changed, leaving a nude Hewitt and a fully dressed Trachtenberg alone.

“What’s that you have on your hands?” Jennifer asked Trachtenberg. “Oh right, I guess these would be yours then” Michelle said as she threw Jennifer her sweat clothes. “Is that your dog?” Jennifer asked her. “Yeah, this is Butch, he’s a bulldog. He chased those guys out of here” Michelle told Hewitt as she leaned down and scratch underneath Butch’s chin. “Ah, yeah, that’s good” Jennifer told her as she was putting on her sweat clothes.

“So, how did you come here?” Jennifer asked Michelle. “Well, Lace told me everything on her way over to your place, so she told me to be ready, but did those guys fuck you two?” Michelle asked. “Uh, yeah, why else would we be naked” Jennifer told her in a mean look. “Alright, just asking…. bitch” Michelle said on her mind but instead saying that out loud, she said “Oh well, you two are fine now”

Jennifer looked at her, ready to slap her and turn the talking to a catfight, but said “Thanks, so are you good friends with Lacey?” Jennifer asked her. “What else does it look like, bitch” Trachtenberg again said in her mind but instead said out loud, “Even since we first shot scenes for Black Christmas”

“Where the fuck is Lacey” Jennifer said in her mind. “Oh great, well…” Jennifer said out loud before Lacey came back to the living room, interrupting Hewitt. “Ok ladies, what were you talking about” Lacey asked who was now fully dressed.

“Oh, um not much” Michelle said.

“Yeah, so guess your leaving now” Hewitt asked. “Yes, I’m tired and have some work to check” Lacey told her. “Ha, ha” Michelle laughed in her head. Jennifer looked at Trachtenberg as she laughed in her mind. “Goddamn you” Jennifer said in her mind as she gave her an evil eye look. Michelle looked at Hewitt and looked like a cat fight was going to happen, but not to upset Chabert, she didn’t but she looked at her with the same evil eye look.

“Um…ok, are you two giving each other the evil eye look?” Chabert laughed. Michelle then looked at Lacey and said, “We’re just kidding around, Lace”

“I will hurt you so badly” Hewitt again said in her mind. “Yeah, just two gals messing around” she said out loud as she got up and stretched. “Ok then” Lacey said looking at them with some confusion as she bent down to pick her cell phone up from the floor. As she bent down, she gave Jennifer and Michelle a perfect view of her ass. Trachtenberg then pretended that she pulled Chabert’s gym shorts down and started to lick her pussy through her thong, trying to make Hewitt jealous even though Michelle was just licking the air.

Jennifer just stared at Trachtenberg as she did that.

“You stupid bitch” Jennifer said as she leaped to attack Michelle, just beating her down. Lacey then turned around and screamed, trying to break up the fight between the two. “Stop it, please stop it” Lacey said as she started to cry a bit. “I’m taking you down, bitch” Michelle said as she landed a small punch behind Hewitt’s head. “Why, you little….!” She yelled as she started to choke Trachtenberg around her neck.

Lacey tried her best to break up the fight but the two pushed her away as the fight turned into an all out brawl, but then Lacey said “Hey, Jen… hello” as she waved her hands over Hewitt’s face, breaking up the fight which turned out to be a daydream that Jennifer thought of. “Huh… oh yeah right, sorry drove off there like J.D does” she told her as she laughed.

“Ah” Lacey said to her.

“Yeah well, don’t daydream much then” Michelle told Jennifer. “I don’t like you” Hewitt said out loud instead of saying it in her mind, leaving both Chabert and Trachtenberg shocked. “Oh crap, did I just say that out loud?” she asked in a panicky way. “Um, yeah… you kind of did” Michelle said to her.

“Jennifer, why would you say that” Lacey asked. “Ah screw it, I don’t like you Michelle. I think you are a know it all bitch.” Jennifer said. “Yeah well, back at ya” Michelle told her as she gave her the middle finger afterwards. “Calm down you two. Now Jen, why do you not like her?” Lacey asked. “I don’t think she would be a good friend to you, Lace” she told her.

“Oh like you are?” Trachtenberg said to her with a sarcastic tone. “If you don’t shut your fucking mouth, so help me…” Jennifer said before getting cut off by Chabert. “Look what even you two have against each other, you can figure it out on your own” She said as she stormed right out of Hewitt’s house and to her car as Hewitt and Trachtenberg ran out to stop her.

“Lacey, wait I’m sorry. Please just don’t be mad” Jennifer said. Lacey then stopped in the middle of the walkway and said to the two, “Like I said before, figure out why you two don’t like each other and speak to me afterwards” as she resumed walking and got into her car and left, leaving the two alone with each other.

“Way to go, you drove her away” Michelle said to Jennifer. “Look alright, why I don’t like you is my business but I won’t lose Lacey’s friendship over this because it took me 8 long years to regain that friendship with her and I’m not going to wait another 8 years to get it back” she told Michelle as she went back inside her house and turned off the lights, grabbed her car keys and ran to her car, leaving Trachtenberg and her dog alone.

“Hmm, touché” Michelle said as she ran to her car with her dog. “Come on Butch, sit here” Michelle said as she told her dog to sit up front with her in the passenger seat.

20 minutes later…

“She’s still following me” Jennifer said as she looked at the side windows of her car as she came to a stop at Lacey’s house. Jennifer saw that Lacey has her lights off except one. “I guess that must be her room” Jennifer said to herself. Michelle then parked further away, thinking that Hewitt didn’t see her following her. Jennifer walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. “Come on, please don’t be asleep already” she said in her mind as she knocked again.

Jennifer knocked louder as the sounds of the knocks woke Lacey up from her deep slumber. She mumbled as she got up, walking to the front door like a zombie. She even let out a small zombie moan on the way. Lacey got the front door and opened the door. “Who is it?” she said as she rubbed her eyes to open them. “Hey Lacey, could I talk to you for a second” Jennifer said. Still unaware of who was at the front door, Lacey let Hewitt into her house.

“Sit, I’ll be back” Lacey said as she zombified walked back to the bathroom. Jennifer looked around and saw the wall of pictures. Hewitt saw the pictures of Chabert and herself, the cast of “Mean Girls”, Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels, and a few new ones that she didn’t know about. The cast of “Black Christmas and Daddy Day Care”, an unopened box of a Xbox 360 game, but one picture did leave her confused though. “Huh, when did she meet her?” said Jennifer.

“Jen, what are you doing in my house?” Lacey said as she came out of the bathroom as she moved the towel from her face. “I came over and you invited me in” Hewitt told her. “I did?” she said. “Yeah, you were still sleeping when you opened the door” she told her. “Well, as much as I would like you over, it’s late and I’m tired. So could you do this another time?” Lacey told her as she opened the door to show Hewitt out. “Few things first, when did you meet Mila?” Jennifer asked.

“Mila?” she responded.

“Yeah, Mila Kunis from That 70’s Show and Family Guy” she told her. “Back a few months ago and we became friends and if so, is that it?” Lacey asked her. “Yes and there’s this” Jennifer said as she came close to Chabert and planted a kiss onto her lips. Lacey totally stunned, pushed Jennifer off a few seconds afterwards.

“Whoa, what the hell, we pretended to be in with each other so that way those douche bags would leave quicker” she told her. “Yeah true, but something inside me told me that I should do this” she said as she tired to go back in for another kiss but Lacey stopped her again. “Please stop, just go” Lacey said as she pointed to the door, telling Hewitt to leave.

“Oh come on, Lacey. Don’t tell me that you haven’t thought of being with another girl. Hell, you ate me out earlier as I did to you” Hewitt said as she left Lacey stunned there. Lacey didn’t know what to say. “Well… I…um… you see…” Lacey mumbled. “You don’t know what to say, do you?” Jennifer said with a smile.

“Um… why are you smiling?” Chabert asked. “You so had that thought all along, didn’t you?” she questioned her as Jennifer left Lacey stunned again. “Ah crap, I guess I could tell you then” Lacey said. “Spill it” Hewitt told her. “I had this fantasy of me and two girls” she told her. “Really do tell, wait was it me?” Jennifer said with a happy look on her face.

“Yeah, it was you and someone else” Lacey said unenthused. “This other person wouldn’t be Michelle Trachtenberg now, would it?” she asked Chabert. Not wanting to upset her friend, she lied. “No, it’s someone else” Lacey said to her. Knowing that she was lying to her and that Michelle could be outside spying on them, Hewitt decided to cook up some fun.

She walked up to Lacey, moving her hands over Lacey’s hair. “Well, let me see if I can make you forget this other person then” Jennifer said as she planted another kiss onto Lacey’s lips but this time, she didn’t push Hewitt back. Lacey then moved her hands back onto Hewitt’s hips as she did earlier. Hewitt moved her hands onto Chabert’s as she moved a bit closer through the window with Lacey along with her.

Meanwhile outside, Michelle looked through the window and saw nothing. “Shit, this is the third window I peep through and still nothing” Trachtenberg said as she climbed down from the trash can. “Really, how hard is to find these two?” she said to herself. She walked from the backyard of Lacey’s house and onto the front.

As she was walking, she found a bottle of fake blood and some fake blood still on the grass. “Huh, I wonder what that’s doing here” she questioned. She continued onwards to the front yard. Then all of a sudden, she heard kissing noises coming from the window above her. “Oh goody, I found them” she said as she looked around, finding something to stand on. She found another trash can as she moved it to the window and stood above it and finally looked through the right window and Michelle was shocked at what she found.

Lacey and Jennifer were making out as Lacey moved her hands up from Hewitt’s hips and way up to her breasts. Jennifer then rubbed her hands all over Lacey’s ass. As the two were feeling and kissing each other, Hewitt opened her right eye and looked through the window and saw that Michelle Trachtenberg was indeed spying on them.

She then flicks the middle finger off to Trachtenberg as she continued to rub her friend’s ass. “Fuck you, bitch” Michelle mouthed and then flicked off Hewitt.

Hewitt saw and then moved her hands off of Chabert’s ass and started to pull down her PJ shorts, revealing that Lacey wore nothing under her shorts. Lacey then broke the kiss and lifted up the white t-shirt that Jennifer has on. She threw them onto the couch as she turned her attention to Hewitt’s boobs. “May I?” Lacey asked. “Go on, there here for you” Jennifer told her. Lacey then grabbed her right breast and kissed it as she felt up the left breast of Hewitt.

Jennifer pulled Lacey away from her fun bags but then she pushed Chabert onto the couch. She then positioned herself in front of Lacey’s pussy and slowly rubbed it. Chabert let out a few small moans as she took her PJ top off. “Yeah you like this, you mean girl” Jennifer told her. “Oh yeah, keep rubbing” Lacey said moaning as she groped her own tits.

Outside, Michelle was getting wet as she saw Lacey and Jennifer making out. “Ah yeah, this is so fucking hot” as she started to rub her own boobs through her dark blue t-shirt. Unknown to Trachtenberg, Hewitt saw that and started to plot something up in her mind. Jennifer planted a kiss right above Lacey’s pussy.

She then slapped her friend’s pussy. “Ow, that hurt a bit” Lacey told her. “Hmm, you liked it you liar” Hewitt said as she went back down and started to lick Lacey’s pussy. “Oh fuck yeah, oh…” Lacey moaned as Hewitt took quick but small licks. As Jennifer was licking Lacey, she rolled her eyes up and saw that Michelle was still feeling herself up. “Now, it’s time” she said in her mind. Hewitt then stopped licking Lacey, leaving her disappointed. “Why did you stop?” Chabert asked.

“I think we should take this back to your room, in case if any tabloids are outside” Jennifer said to her as she got up. “I guess so” Lacey said as she also got up. Michelle then opened her eyes and saw that Chabert and Hewitt was getting up and walking to her direction. “Oh shit” Trachtenberg said as she quickly got off the trash can and hid under the window. “Hold on, I thought I heard something” Lacey said as she walked to the window. She looked around and saw nothing.

“You’re hearing things Lacey, so come on already” Hewitt said. “I will make you come on already” Lacey said laughing. Jennifer then looked at her and then broke out laughing. “Well, come on them” Jennifer said as she grabbed Lacey’s arms and pulled her to her room. Michelle then got back up on the trash can and saw that they left. “What, oh you got to be kidding me” she said as she looked around and saw that the two left to Lacey’s room.

Trachtenberg then got down from the can again and walked up to the door. As she was opening it, it was locked. “Damn you, Love” she said again as she walked to the back again.

Meanwhile, Hewitt continued her licking on Lacey as she lay back on her bed and then, she placed her hands onto Jennifer’s head. “Keep licking me” Lacey moaned. Jennifer then picked up her pace and licked faster. “Oh yeah, oh fuck” she moaned again. Jennifer then all of a sudden, spitted on Lacey’s pussy, making it wetter and licked even faster, making Chabert moaned louder.

“Fuck yeah, you like it wetter, don’t ya” Lacey asked. “Wetter is better” Jennifer said out laughing as she then spit again and inserted her middle finger into Chabert’s pussy. “Oh yeah, that’s nice” she said. “Oh those guys weren’t lying, you really are tight down there” Hewitt said as she started to pump her finger in and out slowly.

“Fuck yeah” she yelled out as Hewitt began picking up her pace. “Yeah, your forgetting about that other person now aren’t ya” Jennifer said to her. Unable to answer, Lacey began moaning more as Jennifer inserted two more fingers inside her. “I will take more moaning as a yes” Hewitt said as she continued working her fingers inside Chabert’s pussy.

Outside, Trachtenberg looked through the window and saw that Hewitt was finger fucking Lacey. “Oh wow, it looks like Lacey is enjoying it” Michelle said. She then got even wetter by the sight of the two. As Michelle was watching from the outside, she took off her dark blue shirt and her leopard like skin bra and began feeling up her boobs through the window quietly. “Oh yeah, wish I could join in” she said in her mind.

Jennifer took a quick look around the room and found Michelle’s boobs pressed up onto the windows. “Poor little Trachtenberg” Hewitt said. “What about Michelle?” Lacey said in between breaths. Once again, Jennifer said the in thought out loud. “Um, nothing” she said as she rolled her eyes back to Lacey. “Oh fuck” Michelle said as she quickly ducked before Chabert took a look at the window.

“There was no one at the window now, sit your ass up” Jennifer told her. Lacey did what she was told as she sat when she rose up and then Hewitt told her to get on all fours. Chabert listened and got on her knees and hands. “Oh yeah, look at this butt” Hewitt said as she squeezed her friend’s butt cheeks.

“Yeah, I like that” Lacey said. Jennifer then took her right hand and smacked Lacey’s butt cheeks softly. “Look at this butt” Hewitt said as she smacked Lacey’s butt again. “Ohh yeah, keep smacking that butt” Lacey told her. Jennifer did what she was told. Her smack became a bit harder as Lacey started to moan.

“Ohh, a little too hard” she told her.

As Jennifer was smacking Lacey’s ass, Michelle got back up and just looked at the two. “Wow, this really is so fucking hot” Michelle said. She wanted in so badly but couldn’t think of a way to get in. “Too bad, I’m fucking stuck out here” she said. Unbeknownst to Michelle, a blonde haired woman was jogging around the area. She saw Michelle’s car with Butch inside, barking at her with the window open a bit. “Why would anyone leave a dog by itself?” she said. The woman looked around for anyone and then saw a topless Trachtenberg looking through Lacey’s window.

“Wait, is that… no it can’t be could it?” the mystery woman said as she walked a bit closer and saw that it was indeed Michelle Trachtenberg. “Wonder why she’s topless and looking through somebody’s window” she said in her mind. She walked up a bit closer and hid in the bush while she watched Michelle looking through the window.

She then looked down and saw that Michelle’s blue shirt and leopard skinned bra were on the grass. “It may be something juicy to make Michelle do this” she quietly whispered to herself. As the mystery woman kept looking at Michelle, she was looking inside as Jennifer stopped her slapping onslaught on Lacey and slowly inserted both of her middle fingers into Chabert’s ass and pussy.

“Ohh yeah, ohhh…” Lacey moaned as Hewitt got half of her middle finger into her ass. “Yeah, take it” Jennifer yelled as she started to move her middle finger up and down as Lacey kept moaning. She then took her other middle finger that was in Lacey’s pussy and also started to move it at a slow pace. “Give it to me quick, damn it.” Lacey yelled. “You want it quick, you got it” Jennifer said as she began moving both fingers at a quicker pace.

Jennifer then told Lacey to put her hands on her ass and spread her cheeks apart. Lacey did what she was told as her asshole started to open up a bit as Hewitt’s middle finger was working her was in her ass. “Fuck yeah, keep up the pace” Chabert said moaning. “Keep those cheeks apart then” Jennifer told her.

As Hewitt kept her finger fucking, she leaned her head down and planted a kiss on Lacey’s ass cheeks. “Kiss my ass” she told her. She ignored it and picked the speed of her fingers even faster. “No, not yet” she told her. Lacey was sadden but was placed by moaning as Hewitt was fucking her at a fast pace.

“Ohhh…. fuck… can’t take it” Lacey moaned. “You going to come for me” Jennifer asked her. “Ohh yeah, very soon” Lacey told her but then all of a sudden, Jennifer pulled both fingers out of her holes, leaving Chabert disappointed yet again. “What… the… fuck” Lacey said between breaths. “No, you aren’t coming for me like that” Hewitt told her as she sticks her tongue out and placed the tip of her tongue on her gaped ass. Lacey’s eyes opened up a bit as Jennifer’s tongue hit her ass.

As Jennifer was tongue fucking Lacey in the ass, Michelle who was still topless and looking on was getting even wetter. “Oh shit, if they keep this up, I could ruin my pants. Hmm, since there is no one around….” She said as she off the trash can and started to take her pants off but unknown to her is that the mystery woman, who was still hiding in the bushes, saw Trachtenberg taking her pants off. She saw that Michelle wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

She saw Michelle’s I shaped haired pussy. “Whoa, Michelle really matured the last time I worked with her” she said once again to herself. Michelle then got back on the cans and looked on as Jennifer changed position.

Hewitt was laying down as Lacey was crawling to her. She then sat right on Jennifer’s face as she began licking the pussy of her friend. “Yeah, lick me” Lacey told her. She did just that as she then placed her hands back on Chabert’s ass cheeks, spreading them apart again. Lacey lifted her head up a bit as she let out a small but loud moan. “Ohh yeah, now eat me” she yelled to Hewitt. The yelled was loud enough that Michelle and even the mystery woman heard.

“Huh, that voice sounded familiar” she said. “Oh yeah, I wish that you could eat me instead” Michelle said she moved her left arm down and slowly started to rub her own pussy. The mystery woman was getting turned on by the sight of Michelle’s ass. “I never knew that she could be hotter then before” she said. She saw Trachtenberg’s pants and quietly grabbed it. However, a few twigs broke as she moved her arms and Michelle heard it. She quickly turned around and saw no one was there. She then looked down and saw that her pants were missing.

“Huh, did I throw them here or somewhere else?” she said. Wanting to avoid getting caught, the mystery woman threw her voice with a few cat barks.

“Meow, meow” she said in her best cat voice and then she turned it to a huge deep dog bark. “Woof, woof” she said. “It may have been a cat passing by and Butch may have barked at it” Michelle said as she turned around and resumed rubbing her pussy at the sight of Jennifer and Lacey. The mystery woman then took a whiff of Trachtenberg’s pants.

Jennifer was licking and then biting a bit of Lacey’s pussy. She switched between the two every few minutes as she was now biting her. “OW, oh yeah” Lacey said. “Did I hurt you?” Hewitt asked as she stopped. “No… It was not a pain ow… it… was more of a pleasure ow” she said between breaths. Jennifer then resumed biting her friend’s pussy. “Ow… fuck yeah… ow” Lacey moaned.

Outside, Michelle was rubbing her pussy harder and faster. “Oh yeah Lacey, lick me harder” she moaned. The sight of Michelle violently rubbing her own pussy was enough to make the mystery woman become horny for her. “Oh shit, I can’t take it anymore” she said as she got up and walked on over to Michelle, who didn’t even hear the twigs breaking again.

She quietly walked on over as she was near the Trachtenbooty who was still unaware of the mystery person behind her until it was too late. She lower herself down to Michelle’s ass as she grabbed it, completely shocking the Trachtenbooty. “Whoa, what the fuck” Michelle said as she tried to turn her head around and see who it was.

“Don’t worry, I can please you better then that woman that you call Lacey” she told Michelle. “Sarah, is that you?” she asked. “No, it’s some crazy woman who wants to have sex with you, of course it’s me” Sarah said laughing. “What are you doing here?” Michelle asked her former Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-star, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“Oh you know, just jogging out in the warm summer night” Gellar told her. “Well, it’s always great to see you but I’m kind of looking at something” Michelle said to her. “What is it? Porn” Gellar asked. “Why don’t you take a look and see and who knows, you may see a former co-star you worked with” she told her. Confused from what Michelle told her, Sarah took a look at the window and was in shocked at what she saw.

Jennifer was still lying down while Lacey got on top of her and resumed the finger fucking from earlier. As Jennifer was finger fucking Lacey’s pussy, she began rubbing Hewitt’s pussy. “Oh yeah, you worked on me for quite a while but now, it’s my turn” she told her as she slowly licked the top of Hewitt’s shaved pussy. “Don’t lick the top, lick me already” Hewitt told her. Lacey then took her right hand and worked her fingers into Jennifer’s pussy. “Eh, it’s a start” she said as she inserted another finger into Lacey.

Outside, Gellar gasped as she saw her past co-star of the movie “I know what you did Last Summer” Jennifer Love Hewitt having sex with another woman. “Holy crap, how long has this been going on?” she asked Trachtenberg. “Oh about… maybe an hour or less but I really don’t know” Michelle told Sarah. “Is that her former co-star from Party of Five, Lacey Chabert?” Gellar asked again. “Yeah, but how do you know about Lacey?” Michelle said. “She and I are going to be voicing in an animated movie together later on” Sarah said to her.

“Oh, well good to know” Michelle said as the two looked on inside Lacey’s house.

Lacey has two of her fingers into Jennifer’s pussy, going at medium pace. “Oh shit… fuck yeah…” Hewitt told her. “Yeah, your so fucking tight” Lacey told her. “Less talking and more fucking” Hewitt told her. Chabert then picked her pace up with her fingers and began fucking Jennifer at the same pace that Hewitt fucked her with earlier.

“Yeah… oh fuck…” Hewitt moaned. As Lacey quicken her pace, she also started to lick the top of Jennifer’s pussy, trying to make her wetter. Jennifer then licked Lacey’s pussy as she began pumping her three fingers into Lacey. “Fuck yeah…ohhh…” Lacey moaned. The two were now fingering and licking each other pussies.

“Fuck me… fuck yeah…” Lacey moaned as Hewitt licked and fingered at the same pace as Chabert rolled her eyes back. “Oh yeah….fuck me….” She cried. Jennifer heard the cry and quicken her pace of her fingers. “Yeah, Miss Chabert wants to get fucked hard, doesn’t she?” Hewitt asked with a mean-full voice. “Oh fuck yeah…. shit… oh…” Lacey moaned.

Outside, both Sarah and Michelle just watched in amazement as Jennifer and Lacey were going at each other like crazy. “Oh man, who in the right mind wouldn’t like to be a part of this action” said Gellar. “Well, I would’ve joined but Jennifer “Bitch” Hewitt locked me out” Michelle told her. “Why would you call her a bitch?” she asked. “She doesn’t think I’m good enough to be Lacey’s friend” Michelle said to her. “Really, that’s it?” Sarah said.

“What are the hell are you talking about?” Trachtenberg asked her. “During the set of Last Summer, I got on her bad side and not wanting the media to blow this into some feud between us, I went up to her and we talked about that and next thing we both knew, we were completely naked and making out with each other and we’ve been friends ever since” Sarah explained to her.

“What was the thing that caused it?” Michelle asked. “I rather not say as it’s between us two and only us” Sarah told her.

Meanwhile, Lacey was on her knees on the bed with pillows underneath her knees as Jennifer leaned on the headboard of the bed and the wall. Lacey leaned her head down and give Hewitt a nice soft lick on her pussy. “Lace, don’t kid around here” she told her. “What? A little bit of foreplay action hurts you right now?” Lacey said to her. “Yes it does” Hewitt told her as she placed both of her hands on Lacey’s head and shoved her face into her pussy.

As Sarah was watching Hewitt shove Lacey into her pussy, she remembered something from long ago……

“Ohh yeah, Sarah… keep at it…” Hewitt moaned as Sarah fingered and licked her co-star’s pussy as Jennifer had both of her hands on Gellar, trying to push her closer but Sarah was already closer to her. Jennifer was screaming like an animal as Sarah kept fingering and licking away at her but not wanting anyone to find the two. Sarah stopped, leaving Hewitt confused and with anger.

“What the fuck, why stop?” Jennifer asked. “Do you want Ryan or Freddie or anyone else for that matter to see us having sex with each other?” Sarah told her. “True…ok then, come over to me place and we’ll continue there” Hewitt told her as she got up and looked for her clothes. Gellar then got up and smacked Hewitt on her ass and got her clothes. “Tame your ass, later” Sarah told her laughing.

Jennifer just looked at her and laughed too…..

“Hello, Sarah?” Michelle said as she snapped Gellar out of her flashback. “Huh, sorry” Gellar told her. The two continued looking on in amazement as Lacey was eating out Jennifer.

“Ohhh yeah…. fuck….” Hewitt moaned as Lacey was eating away at her like Jennifer did to her earlier. Chabert worked her right arm up and started to fondler Jennifer’s right breast as she had her left arm around Hewitt’s waist. Jennifer moaned louder and louder as Lacey kept eating away at her then even anyone could hear the screaming within a few mile radius of Lacey’s house.

“Whoa, she’s really a screamer isn’t she?” Michelle said. “Yeah, but Michelle since we can’t join…” Sarah said before getting cut off by the Trachtenbooty. “I’m already five steps ahead of you” she replied as she planted a kiss on her former co-star, leaving Sarah shocked for a bit but then she wrapped her arms around Michelle’s body and accepted the kiss.

Meanwhile inside, Jennifer had Lacey pinned down on the bed as she had Lacey’s head still around her legs. “Shit… oh fuck yeah…” she moaned. Lacey then took her right arm and smacked Hewitt’s butt as she had her left arm around Jennifer’s thighs and moved her arm closer to Hewitt’s pussy. Sweat was pouring down Jennifer’s forehead as she wiped it off. Lacey worked her fingers into the side of her mouth as she was eating away at Hewitt. She got one finger in as Jennifer let out a small coo sound.

On the outside, Sarah placed Michelle on the trash can as her head was behind the window. She lowered herself down and stared at Trachtenberg’s pussy. “Violently rubbing it, haven’t you” she said. “Well with the action inside, can you blame me” she said laughing as that laughter quickly turned to moaning as Sarah slowly licked Michelle.

“Oh yeah… that’s good…” Michelle moaned. Sarah picked her pace up a bit as Michelle tried to turn her head to see what was going on inside but couldn’t so she then turned her attention back to Gellar who had her jogging clothes still on. She could immediately see that Sarah had a small butt crack out in plain view. Underneath the crack, Michelle saw that Sarah had a blue thong on but something else caught her attention.

“Fuck yeah… Sarah, stop for a minute” she told her but Gellar didn’t listen and kept licking away on the Trachtenbooty’s pussy. Michelle couldn’t help herself to letting out loud moans but not as loud as Hewitt’s moans inside. Sarah then took her right arm and placed it around Michelle’s lips. She knew what she wanted and took 3 of Gellar’s fingers into her mouth and started to suck them.

As Gellar was licking Trachtenberg on the outside, Lacey now had 3 fingers as she also continued licking Hewitt’s pussy. Jennifer was deeply moaning as she looked down and saw that Lacey had her eyes closed and sweating as well. Jennifer ran her hands through her hair, wiping away the sweat from her head. “Ohhh… shit… oh Lacey” Jennifer moaned. Chabert then moved her left arm away from her thighs and smacked Jennifer’s ass with all the energy she had.

“OW, that hurt” Jennifer told Lacey who then opened her eyes and gave Hewitt the “So what” eye look as she then placed her hand onto Jennifer’s ass and rammed her middle finger into her asshole, making Hewitt not only surprised but she opened her eyes widely. She then looked down at Lacey who still had that “so what” eye look. “I’ll make you come for that” Hewitt told her as she then laughed.

Lacey used all the force she had left on her arm to pump her middle finger in and out of Jennifer’s asshole. “Fuck….oh…. just you wait” Hewitt said moaning as she looked back at the window and saw that Michelle wasn’t facing them. “Huh, that’s strange?” she said in her mind as she then looked back down at Lacey who now has her eyes closed while eating and fingering away at her.

Back outside, Michelle moaned more as Sarah inserted two of her fingers into her pussy while licking her too. “Ohhh shit…. Fuck yeah….” Michelle moaned. She then moved her arms and tired to take off Gellar’s sweat clothes but Gellar stopped her as she pushed both her arms back down and had them pinned. “Yeah… oh fuck….” Michelle moaned. As Sarah kept fingering and licking away at her former TV sister, she was remembering the time after heading to Hewitt’s place….

“Ohhh yeah…fuck….” Hewitt moaned as Gellar licked away at her pussy. The two were making all kinds of noise as Hewitt’s house was completely empty. Sarah lifted her head back up and then spit on Jennifer’s already wet pussy and then she looked back at Hewitt and asked, “Oh yeah, that argument is way past us, right?”

Trying to catch a breath, she looked over at Gellar and said, “What argument?” and then laughed. Sarah then laughed too and then the two leaned over and then kissed…

Gellar then snapped out of her memories and continued fucking away on Trachtenberg. She then lifted her head and took a good long look at Michelle and then looked through the window where Hewitt still had Lacey pinned down on the bed. She turned her attention to Michelle and then, spited on Michelle’s pussy. “Oh yeah, making it wetter for me” she said as she rubbed the Trachtenbooty’s pussy.

“Wait, Sarah” Michelle said. Gellar stopped for a second and looked up at Michelle. “What, what is it?” she asked. “Since I’m naked, why don’t you get naked too” Michelle told her. Sarah then got up and places her left hand on her jogging shirt and unzipped it but didn’t take it off. She stood there as the zipper revealed that she didn’t have a bra on.

Michelle then sat up and took off Gellar’s shirt and reveals to Trachtenberg her small but wonderful tits. She ran her hands all over Sarah’s tits as Sarah looked down on her and then pulled Michelle away. She then slowly took her sweatpants off and then she whirl them around her head as she spin around in only her blue thong but then the object that was in Sarah’s sweatpants flew off and hit Lacey’s window with a loud thud hit. “Oh fuck, that’s not good” said the two.

Jennifer then looked outside when the object hit the window. She saw the heads of Michelle and Gellar as Lacey moved her head up. “What the hell was that?” she asked Hewitt. “I don’t know, but I’ll check it out” Jennifer said as she got up off of the bed and walked over to the window and saw two naked stars of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She then opened the window and said to the two, “Well, well, what do we have here.” Jennifer stared at a nude Michelle Trachtenberg and blue thong wearing Sarah Michelle Gellar. “Umm…. It’s exactly what it looks like” Michelle said to her. Lacey walked up to the window and saw the two. “Michelle, Sarah, what are you two doing here?” she asked. “Ok, are we all done pointing at the obvious thing?” Gellar said to the two.

“Well, come on inside before anyone sees us” Lacey said. Michelle and Sarah grabbed their clothes and walked on top of the trash can and into Lacey’s room. “Oh wait, hold on” Gellar said as she looked around for the object that hit Lacey’s window. “What was that thing that hit the window?” Lacey asked Sarah.

“Oh, something….. I found along my jogging route” Gellar said as she continued looking around for the object. Hewitt then turned her head around and saw a small dark blue penis-shaped object. “Whoa, is that a…” Hewitt asked as Gellar turned around and saw that the three found it. “No way, you have one” Michelle said shockingly. “What, what is it?” Lacey asked as she got on her toes to see what the fuss was about.

“It is…. It is a dildo” Michelle said. “Yeah, yell it to the entire world, why don’t ya” Gellar said sarcastically. “Sarah Michelle Gellar has a…” Michelle said out loud before getting her mouth cover by Gellar’s hand. “God damn it, don’t you know sarcasm” she yelled. “Ok, are you two coming inside or not?” Lacey said. “Yeah, I want to resume where me and Lace was before you threw that dildo to her window” Jennifer added.

“First off, it’s a vibrator and secondly, we are ready to come inside only if you two would so kindly to MOVE!!!” Gellar yelled at the two. Jennifer and Lacey then moved as Michelle and Sarah climbed onto the trash can and got inside with all of their stuff. Lacey then locked the window and closed the shades to make sure that no one else will watch them.

“So, tell us how long did you watched us” Lacey asked as she sat down on the bed. “Well, I got here about a few minutes ago” Sarah told her. “Yeah, but I’m the one who stood out there the longest. So basically when Jennifer first got here” Michelle said. “I knew you followed me” Hewitt said. “So, you were getting turned on then” Lacey said to Michelle. “Yes I was” she replied.

“How did you find that vibrator anyways?” Jennifer asked Sarah. “Just found it lying on the glass next to somebody’s house and no one was home. So I took it for me” Gellar said. “Does it work?” Michelle asked. “No, there’s no batteries as it takes two double A’s” she told her. “Well, you’re in luck because I have two double A’s right around here” Lacey said as she went thought her nightstand to fine them.

“Found it” she said.

Lacey passed the batteries on over to Sarah and she inserted the batteries in and turned it on. The sound of the vibrator was a bit loud as it shook Gellar’s hand. “Hooray, it’s works” the three said. The four then looked at each other and then lean over and then they kissed each other’s lips. Sarah then took the vibrator and placed it in the middle of the four lips.

They huddled their arms around each others necks as the four leaned even closer to kiss but then Hewitt broke the group kiss and then turned to Lacey and kissed her instead, leaving Michelle and Sarah alone. The two kissed as Gellar turned off the vibrator and placed her hands around Michelle’s arms and pinned her down on the bed.

Jennifer then went down on Lacey and began licking her pussy while Gellar lay down and lifted her legs up as she took her blue thong off to show Michelle her shaved pussy. She told Trachtenberg to come on over and sit on her face. Michelle crawled over and did just that as the two were now in the 69 position. Michelle quickly inserted two of her fingers into Sarah as she did the same to her. Sarah turned her head over to see what Jennifer and Lacey were doing.

Hewitt was licking away at Lacey as she also turned her head over to see what Michelle and Sarah were doing as well. When Lacey and Sarah turned their heads to face each other, the two moved closer and kissed each other. While kissing Lacey, Sarah managed to keep fucking Michelle with her fingers as where Jennifer moved her arm to grope Chabert’s right breast.

Michelle moaned a bit as she inserted another finger into Gellar’s pussy. Sarah let out a moan while kissing Lacey as she moved her left arm and grabbed Sarah’s tits and started to fondle the right breast of Gellar. Sarah then moved her right arm under Michelle’s breast and groped the right one. Then Michelle moved her right arm and grabbed Hewitt’s left breast and began groping it. All four were now groping each other breasts or licking and fingering the others.

Jennifer then reached for the vibrator that was between Lacey and Sarah. She turned it on and rubbed it around Lacey’s pussy. The vibration that Lacey felt was too much as she broke the kiss that she had on Gellar and moaned. “Oh yeah…oh fuck yeah…..” Lacey moaned. “Is someone sensitive down there?” Gellar asked Chabert.

“Oh yeah…very sensitive” Jennifer told Sarah.

Gellar turned her attention back to the Trachtenbooty and licked away at her asshole. Michelle let out a small moan when Sarah licked her ass. “Yeah, put a finger in there” Michelle said to her. Sarah then moved her arm that was groping Michelle’s tits and placed it on her ass cheeks, smacking the Trachtenbooty’s cheeks. “Don’t tell what to do” she told her as she smacked her a bit harder.

“Oh yeah, well take this” Michelle said as she quickly shoved two fingers into her asshole while her other hand was fingering away in her pussy. Sarah couldn’t help but moan when Michelle did that. “Oh yeah…that’s nice…” she said as she then put her middle finger into Trachtenberg’s asshole. “Shit, your ass is tight” Sarah said as she tired to get part of her finger in but only got a bit in.

“Damn, she could tighter then all three of us then” Hewitt said. “Hey, remember the time we fingered our asses” Sarah said to her. “How could I forget?” Jennifer said. “Hey, less remembering the past and more fucking” both Lacey and Michelle said to them. The two looked at them with evil eyes and both said, “More fucking, sure you two will get a whole lot of fucking”

Jennifer then shoved the entire vibrator into Lacey, who let out a loud moan. “OH FUCK …. OH…..” she moaned out loud. Jennifer then shoved three of her fingers into her ass. “Yeah, you wanted more fucking so you get more fucking then” Hewitt said. Sarah then pulled up away from Michelle’s face, pulling Trachtenberg’s fingers out of her holes. She then got on her knees and shoved another finger into her pussy from her other hand while getting another finger inside Michelle’s ass for a total of three fingers.

“Take it, Dawn” Sarah yelled as she called her by her character’s name. “Oh… yeah… oh… fuck ….” Michelle loudly moaned. Lacey moaned even louder as the vibrator was still shaking inside her sensitive pussy while Hewitt began pumping her three fingers that were in Chabert’s ass. “OH GOD….FUCK….” Lacey moaned as tears slowly came down her eyes. “Oh, you ok” Jennifer supposedly said with a look of worry for her friend.

“OH…how big is that vibrator?” Lacey said between breaths. “Well, I looked at it and I believe it is about….5 or 7 inches I don’t know. Why? Is it too much for you?” Hewitt asked. “OH SHIT… a little bit yes…” Lacey said as she began shaking up. “Oh… well I got something to tell you then” Jennifer said. “What” Lacey said worried.

Jennifer leaned over and whispered into her ears. “Too fucking bad, you will take what I gave to you and like it” Hewitt said as she un-leaned back and tried to work two fingers into her already stuffed pussy. “NO…OH FUCK….” Lacey said out loud as she was shaking up even more. “Come on, Lace. You took it harder earlier with those two jerk-offs and me as well” Hewitt told her. “Have you ever had a fucking vibrator in your vagina while someone worked their fucking fingers in as well?” Lacey yelled at her.

“You should really watch that temper, Lacey” Jennifer said as she leaned again for a kiss. “Goddamn you…” Lacey said as she accepted the kiss.

Sarah got her fingers that were already inside Michelle pumping in and out. “Ohh….shit… ahhh….” Michelle moaned as she looked up and saw that Sarah’s eyes were locked on her fingers. “Fuck yeah, you like it don’t ya?” Sarah asked her with a mean tone voice. “Oh yeah, I can’t lie… fuck yeah…” Michelle moaned. Sarah picked up her pace, making Trachtenberg moan even louder then Lacey.

Jennifer got both fingers into Lacey’s stuffed pussy. She felt the vibration of the vibrator onto her fingers. “OH SHIT….FUCK…” Lacey moaned as more tears came down her eyes. Hewitt started to pump her fingers that were in Lacey’s ass back and forth as they were just in there without movement before. Lacey’s eyes rolled back as she was getting fucked in both holes. “Yeah, roll those pretty eyes back” Hewitt said.

“Hey Sarah, How about some help over here?” Jennifer said. “Good idea, Jen” Sarah said as she pulled her fingers out of both Michelle’s holes and then, crawled over to Jennifer and Lacey where she positioned herself over Lacey’s face. “Be a good co-star and eat me” Sarah said to her. Unable to answer, Lacey shook her head yes. Sarah then sat herself down onto Lacey’s face as she began eating away at Gellar.

“What about me? What I’m going to do?” Michelle said with the old sad puppy dog look. “Oh I know, how about you lay on top of Lacey and play with her along with me while Sarah fucks you from behind” Jennifer said. Michelle agreed and got on top of Lacey while her butt faced both Chabert’s face and Sarah while her head faced Chabert’s pussy and Jennifer.

Michelle began licking the stuffed pussy of Lacey while Sarah resumed fingering her ass. “Oh yeah, it’s not as tight as before but still tight” Sarah said before she moaned as Lacey licked away at her. “Yeah, she was broken in earlier” Jennifer told her. “What do you mean?” Gellar asked. “Well, to put in better terms, she lost her virginity today by two guys and got fucked again while protecting me but we got fucked by the same two guys.” Jennifer explained to her.

Sarah turned her head and looked at the time. “Don’t you mean yesterday?” Sarah asked. Jennifer looked at the time and it was almost 2 in the morning. “Huh, that was fast. Well, whatever then…” she said.

As Lacey was licking at Sarah, she got a chance to move her arms down to Michelle’s pussy. She began rubbing Trachtenberg as she licked away at Lacey. Michelle then faced Jennifer’s pussy and moved her hands to Hewitt and slowly rubbed her. “Oh yeah, wait… Michelle…” Jennifer said. “Oh yeah… fuck… lighten up as I can overlook what you said to me” Michelle told her. Jennifer then looked over at Sarah and stared at her, knowing that she must have told her about their past.

Lacey kept moaning and moaning as her moans were blocked by Gellar’s pussy. Sarah kept her pace on fingering Michelle as she was busy licking Lacey and fingering Jennifer. “MMMMMM” Lacey moaned as if she was trying to tell them something. “Oh yeah, keep it up Michelle” Jennifer moaned. “Oh… fuck yeah…. Oh Lacey” Sarah moaned. Lacey then moved her mouth away from Gellar’s pussy and yelled very loud, “I’M COMING”

She came all over the vibrator and Hewitt’s fingers that was still inside her but a bit managed to come out from the sides. Some landed around Michelle’s lips and cheeks while the rest got on the bed sheets. “I think she’s done” Sarah said. Jennifer then pulled her fingers out of both holes and then the vibrator. As she pulled the vibrator out, it was completely covered in Lacey’s cum.

The three stared at it as Lacey was trying to catch her breath. “Should we give it to Lacey so she can clean it off or one of us?” Jennifer said to the two. The three then looked at Lacey and saw that she had her eyes closed. “That answers that” said Michelle. The three then took their hands in the middle and fold it into a knuckle and raised it up.

“One… two…. three…GO!” said Jennifer as she folded her hand into paper as Gellar got scissors, and Michelle got rock. “Crap” said the two. “Yeah, give that now” Michelle told Jennifer as she took the vibrator and before she could lick it clean. Lacey got back up and took it away from Michelle. “Yeah, not a chance Michelle” Chabert told her.

She opened her mouth and took the entire vibrator into her mouth. She left it there for a few seconds until she pulled it out of her mouth. She showed it to the girls that it was clean. “Whoa, you go Lacey” Michelle said. “If you have time to worry, then just act, right?” Lacey told them. “Hmm, that sounded familiar. I think I heard it somewhere before?” Jennifer said. “How’s this for familiar” Lacey said as she quickly jumped on top of Hewitt and had her pinned down on the bed.

“What the… what are you doing?” Hewitt asked.

“Three naked girls having one pinned down, do the math” Chabert said as she placed her legs on top of Hewitt’s arms as she positioned herself on top of Jennifer’s face. “Ok, Sarah and Michelle, pleasure her in any way possible” Lacey told the two. Sarah got in front of Jennifer’s pussy as Michelle got her big round firm tits. “Start licking, Melinda” Lacey said laughing.

“Fuck you, Meg” Jennifer said laughing as she began licking Lacey. “Ahh yeah… fuck…” Lacey moaned. Michelle pushed Hewitt’s tits together and began kissing the nipples while Sarah worked the vibrator into Hewitt’s ass. “Work it in that famous ass that every guy wanted for years” Lacey told Sarah. “I thought it was the tits?” Gellar said to Chabert.

“That too… whatever just put it in her ass” Lacey ordered Sarah. She did what Lacey told her as Sarah turned the vibrator on and slowly inserted it into Jennifer’s ass. “OH… AHH… FUCK…” Jennifer moaned. Michelle started to pinch Hewitt’s nipples as Lacey was getting to bend down. “Good, now turn about is fair play” Lacey said as she licked Jennifer’s pussy. Sarah stood there working the vibrator into Hewitt’s ass.

“Oh yeah, keep licking me” Lacey moaned as Hewitt licked away at her former “Party of Five” co-star. Sarah got most of the vibrator inside Jennifer’s ass as she started to rub her small perky tits with her left arm. Michelle then stopped pinching Jennifer’s tits and moved behind Lacey and under Jennifer’s head.

Michelle then positioned herself right above Hewitt’s head and behind Lacey’s butt. “Screw what you say” Michelle said as she inserted two of her fingers into Lacey’s pussy. “Oh fuck…ahhh…” Lacey moaned. Jennifer then stopped licking Lacey and moved her head up a bit to be under Michelle’s pussy. She began licking Trachtenberg as Michelle was fingering Lacey.

“Ahhh….Yeah….Ohhh….” Lacey moaned. “Yeah, keep moaning for me, Lace” Michelle said as she grits her teeth. Sarah then moved her hand down to Hewitt’s pussy as Lacey was moaning, leaving Jennifer open down there. “Oh yeah, I will enjoy this” Gellar said as she began rubbing Jennifer’s pussy. Moans could be heard from Hewitt but was blocked by Michelle’s pussy. “MMMMM” Jennifer moaned.

Lacey turned her attention back to Hewitt’s pussy and started to lick the top again. Michelle took her free arm and smacked Chabert’s butt as she let a few small moans when Trachtenberg smacked it. “Ohh…fuck…ahhh yeah…that’s the spot” Michelle moaned as Jennifer picked her pace up. Gellar then left the vibrator in Hewitt’s ass as she moved her hand and ran it across Lacey’s hair.

She then picked up Chabert’s head and gave her a kiss. The two kept that kiss for a good minute and a half until Sarah broke it. “MMM, taste like Hewitt” Sarah laughed as she then worked two fingers into Jennifer’s pussy as Lacey spitted on Sarah’s hand. “Sorry, meant for Jennifer down there” she said laughing. “Well, then clean it up” Sarah said as she pulled her fingers out of Jennifer and placed it in front of Chabert’s face.

Lacey licked her spit that was on Sarah’s hands as she closed her eyes as she licked. Sarah watched as Lacey licked her spit. As Lacey had her eyes closed, she looked like she enjoyed licking Sarah’s hands as Gellar got a bit hornier by the sight of Chabert. She then moved her hands and placed them of Lacey’s cheeks and gave her the deepest kiss she could.

She then pulled Lacey back, away from Michelle’s fingers and Jennifer’s pussy as she lay back down on the bed with Lacey on top of her. Sarah wrapped her legs around Chabert. Jennifer then placed her hands around Michelle’s hips and moved her down on her pussy. She then began licking Hewitt’s pussy as Jennifer slowly worked two fingers into Trachtenberg’s pussy.

“Ahh yeah….ohhh fuck…..can’t hold out longer….” Hewitt moaned as the force of the vibrator that was still in her ass was shaking and the licking of Michelle was way too much for Jennifer. “Ohh fuck yeah….I’m coming” Hewitt cried as she exploded all over Michelle’s mouth and tongue. “AHHH….OHHH….YEAH….AHHH FUCK” she cried once more as Michelle kept licking Hewitt as she came all over her. Jennifer then moved her arm and removed the vibrator out from her ass and then brought it up, right in front of Michelle’s pussy.

“Oh man, I wanted that to be me” Lacey said in her mind as she broke the kiss and moved down on Sarah. Lacey began licking her as she moved her legs upwards. “Ohh yeah…ahhh…” Sarah moaned. Lacey then started to lick faster as Gellar moved her hands on top of Lacey’s head. “Yeah… oh fuck…” Sarah moaned again. Lacey took her arms and placed her hands on Sarah’s breasts and began fondling her tits.

Jennifer has already inserted the vibrator into Michelle’s ass and as she worked the vibrator into her ass; she kept fingering Michelle’s pussy. “AHH HOLY…” Michelle moaned. “What? Never took anything in the ass before?” Hewitt said to her. “No, not really” Trachtenberg told her. “Well then, prepare yourself” Jennifer said. “If I could say for what?” Michelle asked. “This” Hewitt told her as she pumped the vibrator back and forth while it was still on. “OHH….AHH… YEAH…FUCK” Michelle moaned loudly.

Meanwhile, Lacey moved her right arm and worked two of her fingers into Gellar’s ass while she licked away at her pussy. “Ohh yeah….” Gellar moaned. Lacey used her left arm to resume fondling Sarah’s tits. Lacey licked away at Sarah as if she was a lollipop. “Ahh….fuck yeah… oh keep fingering my ass” Gellar moaned as Lacey picked her speed of her fingers.

“OHH… FUCK YEAH….AHHH SHIT” Michelle moaned as Hewitt licked away at Michelle’s pussy and worked the vibrator back and forth. “Yeah, take it” Jennifer said as she pushed the vibrator deeper into Trachtenberg’s ass. Her eyes opened very widely when Hewitt shoved the vibrator deeper. “AHHH…FUCK….OHHH” she moaned out loud.

Sarah now was on all fours as Lacey got into the same position from earlier that Hewitt was in. Lacey has two fingers now into Sarah’s pussy and began fucking both holes of Gellar with her fingers. “Ohhh…yeah…ahhh shit” Gellar moaned. “Yeah, just like Hewitt did to me earlier” Lacey said as she looked over at Hewitt and Trachtenberg who had her eyes closed as Jennifer worked both holes of Michelle.

“MMM…fuck yeah…oh shit” Michelle moaned as she was about to come. “Yeah, ready for me” Hewitt asked her as she quickly picked her pace up, trying to make Trachtenberg come. “AHH…YEAH….OH FUCK YEAH!!!” Michelle said as she came with force. Michelle came underneath Hewitt’s eyes and some even got into Jennifer’s mouth. “Ohh yeah…fuck!” Trachtenberg moaned as Jennifer kept fingering her pussy until she pulled her fingers out a few minutes afterwards. She then pulled the vibrator out of Michelle’s ass and turned it off.

Michelle got off of Jennifer and grabbed Hewitt’s cum-soaked fingers and took her fingers into her mouth and started to lick Jennifer’s fingers clean of her own cum. “MMM” Michelle said as she moved her head back and forth on Jennifer’s fingers like it was a cock. “You want something to suck on?” Jennifer asked. She shook her head yes as Jennifer pulled he fingers out of her mouth and gave her the vibrator. “Taste your own ass” Hewitt told Trachtenberg.

She quickly took the vibrator into her mouth and started to suck on it as Hewitt sat up on the bed. She then looked over to see Sarah moaning by Lacey’s fingering of her holes. Lacey then looked up and saw that Hewitt was looking at her as she then crawled over and gave her friend a nice long kiss. Lacey kept fingering Gellar as she was kissing Jennifer. Chabert tasted Michelle’s girl cum that was on Hewitt’s lips when she kissed her. “Ahh yeah…fuck me please” Sarah begged.

“Oh you want to get fucked?” Michelle said as she took the vibrator out of her mouth and crawled over and pulled Lacey’s fingers out of her former co-star’s ass and turned on the vibrator and shoved it into Gellar’s ass. “OHH…AHH…FUCK YEAH” Sarah moaned out loud. Michelle then used her free arm and smacked Sarah’s left ass cheek.

As Lacey and Jennifer kissed, Michelle worked the vibrator deep into Sarah ass as she cried out in both pleasure and pain of anal sex.

A few minutes afterwards, Lacey removed her fingers out of Sarah’s pussy and was replaced by Michelle’s mouth as she was licking away at Gellar. Lacey was standing on one side of Sarah while Jennifer was on the other side. The two was still kissing while having their arms around Sarah’s face and moved their hands towards her mouth.

Michelle licked at a slow pace while having her other arm on the vibrator. Lacey and Jennifer also had their hands on Sarah’s ass cheeks. They moved their hands around Gellar’s butt, rubbing the cheeks at a medium pace. “Oh yeah…oh fuck…ahhh…” Gellar moaned before Lacey and Jennifer put two of their own fingers into her mouth.

Trachtenberg started to lick faster while Chabert and Hewitt then moved their arms down to Gellar’s pussy and began fingering Sarah as the two broke their kiss and pay more attention to fingering Gellar. Her moans were covered by the two’s other fingers. Sarah was now triple teamed as both Lacey and Jennifer moved their fingers back and forth at a quick pace while Michelle licked quicker as well. Sarah got the fingers of Chabert and Hewitt out of her mouth and moaned louder then before.

“AHH FUCK YEAH….OHH SHIT….YEAH…I’M COMING….OHH YEAH” Sarah moaned as she came all over Michelle’s mouth and both fingers of Lacey and Jennifer. “AHHH…FUCK….” she kept moaning. Both Lacey and Jennifer pulled their cum-soaked fingers out of Gellar’s pussy. Michelle pulled away from Gellar and sat on the bed with her cum all over her mouth just like she did what Hewitt earlier. Jennifer laughed as she pulled Trachtenberg towards her but Lacey intervene between them, kissing Michelle’s cum lips.

“Oh, you really must be a Mean Girl” Jennifer said before laughing. “Well, what can I say?” Lacey told her before laughing as well. “You can say this…” Michelle said as she pulled Hewitt in for a kiss. “Ohh yeah….umm…hello… I still have the vibrator in my ass…ohhh fuck” Gellar said moaning. “Oh yeah, forgot about that” Lacey said as she took the vibrator out of Sarah’s ass and turned it off and placed it on her nightstand.

“Ahh much better” Sarah said before sitting on the bed, facing the three. Michelle broke the kiss and Hewitt said, “I take it that you don’t hate me anymore?”

“Nah, life’s too fun to be holding a grudge” Michelle said before turning to Sarah for a look. “Oh ha, ha, very funny” Sarah said with a sarcastic voice tone as she pulled Michelle in for a kiss. “Oh man, what a crazy day” Lacey said as she lay back down on her bed. “Good idea, I join you” Jennifer said as she also lay down right next to Chabert. Then Gellar and Trachtenberg lay down on the other side next to Chabert and Hewitt. The four then put their arms behind each others necks.

“So, mind if we sleep here?” the three asked Lacey who looked at her clock and saw that it was almost 4 in the morning. “Yeah, why not but you know, I’m not sleepy now for some reason” Lacey told the three. “We’re not tired too” the three said to her. “So, what now?” Sarah asked. Lacey then reached for the remote and turned on the TV and switched it to her TiVo.

“Let’s see what I haven’t seen?” she asked as she flipped through her recorded shows until she came down to a show. “Ohh, how about this?” Lacey said. “Oh yeah, put it on” Michelle said to her with excitement. “I hear that this show is hot right now” Jennifer said. “Yeah, with three blondes as super heroes, you can’t go wrong there” Sarah told them.

“Hayden is really a great person to know” Michelle said to them.

“I just want to get to know about Kristen Bell” Lacey told the three. “Hmm, maybe someday all of us will get to know the two” Hewitt yawned before closing her eyes. “Yeah, maybe soon…” Sarah said as she was falling asleep. “I would like to meet Hayden once more before…” Michelle said before falling into a deep sleep.

Lacey yawned last before saying, “Yeah, will like to get with Hayden and Kristen too….” before falling asleep. The four were now asleep as Lacey left the TV on as they were in deep slumber, thinking about Hayden Panettiere and Kirsten Bell.

The End?

Author’s Memo: I worked really hard on this for the past couple of weeks and would like some feedback from you, the readers on what you think about the story but will say this though, there is no fourth chapter. This is the final one… in this saga.

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