Cumming Out Hawaiian Style: “Dakota’s Hannah Montana Threesome” – Season Three – Episode Eight

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Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style

“Dakota’s Hannah Montana Threesome”

Season Three: Episode Eight

Copyright © 2007

Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.

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Summary: In the ALL NEW 8th episode of ‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’, our guest host Dakota Fanning, gets her hearts desire as she gets another visit to Hannah Montana. Guest co-host Miley Cyrus and returning guest star Emily Osment are all our horny little Dakota can handle as she works to please both of them and they return the favor. Leading off with a nice display by Emily of her pussy licking skills. That is of course followed by a similar display by Miley on Dakota. Later, Dakota lets Emily get on top of things for a little while and then returns the favor as she gets on top of both Emily and Miley. MMMMMMMMM Sandwich.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, December 10, 2007 @ 8:00 p.m.
(followed by an ALL NEW ‘Bad Girl’)

Story Codes: fff, fff, ff, oral, anal, teen

Starring: Dakota Fanning (13) & Miley Cyrus (14)

Guest Stars: & Emily Osment (15)

“Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style is next on Taboo!” The Announcer said as Summer and I settled on the couch with my DVR already set to record the events that would unfold tonight.

“Tonight on America’s hottest show, guest hosts Dakota Fanning and Miley Cyrus, welcome Hannah Montana star Emily Osment for the half hour” The Announcer said as the camera panned across some of the most breathtaking views of the South Pacific that I believe have ever been captured. Coming to a stop as we spotted Miley and Dakota giggling and playfully wrestling on the bed at the back of the set as they spied the camera slowly zooming in on them.

“Hey and welcome to an all new episode of Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style” Dakota said in a bright smile as she stood and took Miley’s hand and pulled her up off the bed. Both sporting barely there string bikini’s, and ever darkening tans it looked. Both spinning around as they showed off their thong clad butts and giggled as they playfully kissed and made eyes at each other.

“MMMMMM and let me say that we’ve been cumming out so good this season huh Dakota?” Miley asked with a sizzling kiss to the cheek as Dakota smiled and both gave the camera a knowing smile. Dakota sinking back into Miley’s arms as Miley slipped behind her and hugged the girl. Dakota sighing contently as she said, “MMMMMM we sure have, feels so good too.”

“Which brings to mind as that announcer guy said, tonight’s episode features Miley’s co-star from her tv series, Billy Montana” Dakota giggled.

“It’s Hannah Montana, dumbass” Miley said as both laughed, “My dad is Billy Ray Cyrus, we didn’t name the show after him.”

“Whatever it’s horrible” Dakota said as she laughed and watched Miley give her a dirty look. “It don’t feature you and Emily getting it on, how good can it be?”

“Good point” Miley said with a knowing smile. “I so loved our first show with her. God that was so hot.”

“Yeh it was that’s true” Dakota commented. “But tonight is gonna be different…”

“Yeh it is” Miley said as she kissed Dakota’s shoulder and went on, “You’re gonna get Emily’s ass.”

“And you get her pussy” Dakota said as she pointed to Miley. “You gonna love it good?”

“Just like I do when we have a break on the set” Miley commented, “Not like it’s a secret anymore.”

“Yeh you love pussy, big shock Miley” Dakota said as both looked off-camera and apparently spotted Emily as they motioned for her come join them. Emily appeared from off-camera as directed and we could see her cute little butt clad in a thong as she walked towards our hosts, stopping in front of Miley and leaning forward and kissing her softly on the lips as Dakota watched with a surprised smile as we saw with the camera angle moving to the side of the pair. Emily moved her tongue to Miley’s lips and started a french kiss as Dakota looked on with a very interested smile. Miley’s hands could be seen moments later sliding effortlessly over her friends body as they traded tongues back and forth now in a more heated exchange, with Miley now untieing the top of Emily’s bikini and pulling it away as they broke from the kiss. Emily turned around to show her beautiful perky titties to the camera as Miley directed her to and smiled into the camera as Miley slid her hands around Emily and cupped the girls titties and squeezed them softly, making Emily moan softly. Dakota moved in front of Emily now and took her oppurtunity as she pressed her lips to a surprised Emily’s and started moving her lips in a slow and steady rhythm, one that Emily gladly matched as her arms went around Dakota and pulled their bodies tight together.

“Let’s see what that pussy looks like now huh?” Miley said into the camera as she slipped to her knees and pulled down Emily’s thong and looked around her to see Emily indeed was sporting a smoothie. Smiling knowingly as Dakota licked her tongue at Emily’s upper lip and they soon began to massage their tongues together as Emily stepped out of her thong and Miley pulled it away. “Not that I don’t already know, but let’s see if Dakota is sporting the same thing huh?”

“MMMMMMMMMMM see told you so” Miley said with a wicked grin as she pulled down Dakota’s thong and we saw that she too had a smoothie. Stepping out of it as Miley pulled it away and tossed it aside, Dakota never broke with Emily as they kissed slow and soft still. Working their tongues against each other’s in a steady rhythm. Miley rose and with another grin to the camera she untied Dakota’s top and let it fall away so we could see her puffy nipples standing out proudly. Both girls hands went to the other’s body, as Miley tossed aside Dakota’s top, Emily began to rub at Dakota’s puffy nipples as they kissed for another long moment and then seperated. “You sluts done sucking face?”

“MMMMMMM maybe” Emily said as she once again kissed a smiling Dakota and held it for a long moment as Miley watched with a very interested smile. “MMMMMM Dakota is a good kisser what can I say, slut.”

“Don’t call me a slut” Miley said as she pushed Emily playfully and gasped as Emily grabbed her top and jerked it down. Dakota and Emily laughing as Miley gave them both a dirty look. Taking her top off and throwing it down as she shed her bottoms to and glared at the still giggling pair.

“Ok come on baby” Emily said as she hugged a now naked Miley from behind and kissed her shoulder as she said in a sultry voice, “How about I lick your pussy and make you feel better huh?”

“Yeh I think I’d like that” Miley said as she turned and reached out her hands, which Emily and Dakota gladly took and she led them to the couch. Sitting down as Emily and Dakota both got on their knees in front of her. Emily looked up to Miley and flicked her tongue as both giggled and again started to kiss softly as the camera zoomed in and we saw Emily lick Miley’s upper lip as their tongues met in a slow and soft french kiss for a long moment. “MMMMMM you are such a good kisser Em…”

“Well look who taught me” Emily said as she again kissed Miley’s soft lips. “MMMMMMM pretty good yourself.”

“Ok, ok, you’re both good kissers can we get on with the pussy licking already I’m horny as fuck here” Dakota said bluntly as Emily and Miley laughed. Miley took that bit of direction and moved her butt to the edge of the couch and the camera moved in just to the right of Emily’s head and caught her first lick of pussy as her tongue slid up Miley’s bald cunny slit. Zooming in we saw Emily repeat this time and again as Miley’s hips could be seen squirming just a little on every pass.

“I know I’ve said this a few times but damn girl your pussy is soooooo sweet to lick” Emily commented as she stopped momentarily and licking her lips as she smiled up at Miley. Which prompted Miley to lean forward and kiss her softly on the lips and trade tongues with her for a long moment before they parted again and Emily went back to work with more long strokes up and down the slit as the camera pulled back a bit and we saw Dakota smooth some stray hair out of Emily’s eyes a moment later and hold it in place as Emily let her tongue start to slip inside the tiny hole of Miley’s as she went up and down and up and down. Miley moaned out loud as she looked down with an almost urgent look on her face. Emily quickly put one hand on Miley’s flat sexy stomach and gently held her slowly squirming hips as she licked a little deeper. Miley moaning louder and louder the whole time as her stomach heaved as she breathed heavy now from the pleasure flowing through her young body. “Is all that moaning for me Miley huh baby?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM god Em, you know me so well, just where to lick it, MMMMMM” Miley moaned as she watched Dakota’s hand behind Emily’s head to guide the girl to the right spot at the very top of Miley’s slit. The camera zoomed in a tad and caught Miley’s reaction and Emily’s finding of the girls clit. Emily spread Miley’s pussy lips a bit at the top and licked her little rosebud roughly over and over as Miley moaned loudly. Dakota watched with a smile as she held Emily’s hair at the back of her bobbing head. Miley squirmed a bit more as Emily focused her tongue work now on the girls most senstive area and seemed to be hitting Miley’s favorite place. Miley moaned and laid back against the couch and clutched onto the cushions and moaned one time and felt her pussy spasm out of control into a wonderful pure heaven orgasm. Seconds later she began cumming in Emily’s eager mouth as she licked every drop of girl cum from Miley’s honey drip. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM come here Em, let me taste my honey.”

“MMMMMMMMMM Miley I swear you’re a horny one” Emily giggled as she kissed a still shaking Miley softly and traded tongues with her, Miley’s honey cum being the treat on both of their lips. Dakota eagerly moved to the couch and pushed the two apart as they giggled.

“I’m dying here watching you two go at it” Dakota said as she pushed Miley playfully off the couch and to the floor. Dakota taking Miley’s former position on the couch as she moved her butt to the very end and aligned it perfectly with Miley’s mouth. Miley grinned one last time at Emily before she lowered her head and pressed her lips to Dakota’s bald pussy and slid her tongue all the way inside as Dakota moaned out loud. Miley putting a hand on the inside of each of Dakota’s slender thighs to hold them as she started pumping her tongue in and out slowly at first. “MMMMMMMMMM ohhhhhhhh yeh.”

“I think someone likes getting there little pussy licked” Emily said as she joined Miley on the floor and smoothed the hair out of Miley’s face and watched her stuff her tongue in and out of Dakota’s ultra tight little hole. Sweeping it to the other side of Miley’s head and holding it in a ponytail as Dakota moaned and looked down with pleasure now on her face as Miley’s lips pressed more firmly against her slit and started to shove her tongue in and out. Looking almost like Miley was french kissing Dakota’s bald slit, Dakota laid back on the couch and moaned louder with a smile on her face. “Is that right Dakota? Do you like getting your pussy licked?”

“MMMMMMMMM ohhhhhhhhh yeh so much, Miley makes it feel sooo good” Dakota moaned as Miley’s tongue sunk a little deeper into her pussy and began to lick the younger girls inner walls. Rubbing the top of her tongue on Dakota’s clit every time she slipped in and out. Emily watched with a smile as she held Miley’s long hair in place and Dakota squirmed as her pussy started to spasm lightly now. Clutching her fingers into the cushion under her as the camera zoomed in and we saw a close-up of Miley’s lips pressed firmly against Dakota’s slit as her tongue fucked in and out now at a faster and faster pace. Dakota moaning growing louder as she looked down and moved her hand to Miley’s head gently and squirmed as her pussy spasmed a little harder. “Is my pussy sweet Miley?”

“MMMMMMMM Dakota I think you got your answer baby” Emily moaned as Miley plunged her tongue in and out faster now and let it go as deep as she could get it. Dakota sucking in her stomach as she moaned and began to shake gently as her pussy sucked at Miley’s tongue as it fucked up into her pussy time and again in an endlessly wonderful rhythm. Laying back again and putting her other hand on Miley’s head, much like the first one, she moaned and as her nude young body shook a little harder, her pussy spasmed out of control and she felt the orgasm wash over her time and again. A smile forming on her face as her cum started to drip and ooze out on to Miley’s still pumping tongue. “MMMMMMMMM I love getting my pussy licked…oh god that feels sooo good cumming like that.”

“It sure does” Emily moaned as she rose and joined Dakota on the couch and both smiled as they started kissing softly. Dakota’s lips matching the pace set by Emily as Miley below them licked a few more times at Dakota’s sweet pussy and kissed her pussy lips softly before she rose and joined the other two on the couch. Watching Emily move across Dakota’s thighs and lick the girls upper lip and Dakota respond with her own tongue as they massaged one against the other, their lips in perfect tune with the other’s. A soft moaning coming from both as they worked for another moment or two before their lips came to a stop and lingered in a sizzling finale before parting. “MMMMMMMM Dakota is the biggest kissing slut I know.”

“For you I am” Dakota said with a giggle and a raise of the eyebrows as she stroked her hands up and down Emily’s body and all three laughed. Miley licking her lips suggestively as Emily realized what she was missing and pulled Miley closer and she kissed her softly on the lips. Their lips falling in time with each other’s and their tongues finding the others almost instantly, the sweet honey that just dripped out of Dakota being the treat on each of their lips now. The camera moving in a little closer as the two traded tongues and Dakota’s honey back and forth for a long moment more before parting. Both smiling as Dakota pointed to something off-camera and Miley giggled like she had forgotten something as she quickly jumped up and ran to get what it was. Coming back a moment later with a strap-on as Emily moved off Dakota and had her stand. Dakota turned her back to the camera, now facing Emily and let the girl slip the harness on her. Emily adjusting the straps and making sure it was secure on Dakota before she rose and let Dakota have her spot on the couch. Miley directed traffic as Emily stood on the couch and crossed over Dakota’s thighs as Dakota held the cock steady now and watched intently as Emily slowly lowered herself into the infamous ‘catcher’s position’. Emily moved one of her hands to the top of her pussy slit to guide Dakota’s cock as it slid into her little hole. “MMMMMMMMMMM come on Em, bounce for me, just like you did the first time and make your pussy feel so good.”

“Oh yeah I love being on top of you Dakota you take it so good when I bounce really hard” Emily moaned as her other hand went to the back of the couch for support as she lowered onto the cock just a bit and moaned and started to bounce ever so gently up and down on the cock. Slowly getting it a little deeper with ever gentle bounce on it, Miley moved back to watch the scene as she started to rub at her own pussy fast. “MMMMMMMMMMM you gonna make me take it all huh Dakota?”

“MMMMMMMMMM fuck yes I am Em, you’re gonna fuck it hard and bounce them titties for me” Dakota moaned, Emily sunk about half way down this time as Dakota moved her hand away from the cock and both now went to the girls slender waist. Emily looked down as she carefully bounced up and down and moaned again a little louder as she cleared the hair out of her eyes and to one side and bounced on it again, only sinking lower this time. Moaning with a smile down towards Dakota as she arched her back and did start to bounce her titties for Dakota as she asked, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM so good, is that what you wanted Dakota, my titties bouncing for you?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah I love that, it’s feeling so good for me too Em, harder baby harder” Dakota moaned as the camera moved to the far side of the threesome and showed the action from a new angle as Dakota’s hands clutched into Emily’s sides. Dakota moaned louder as she looked up at Emily and seemed to be loving every second of it as her fingers gripped Emily’s waist tighter and tighter as she bounced harder and harder on the cock. Emily’s cute little titties swaying up and down as the girl moaned in approval. “MMMMMMMMM oh god those titties are bouncing so good for me.”

“OHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh they are Dakota, bounce me harder” Emily moaned and you could now hear Emily’s thighs beginning to slap Dakota’s slender thighs as she bounced up and down harder and harder with Dakota’s help, literally impaling herself on the cock time and again and moaning louder as the sensations rang through her young body. Dakota bounced her ever harder, Emily’s titties swaying up and down now as she clutched on to the back of the couch for support. “MMMMMMMMMMM you ready for it Dakota? Gonna fuck you so hard now baby.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM come on Emily, harder, yeh I can take it, feels so good like this” Dakota moaned, her thighs taking a pounding now and she looked straight up at Emily with a determined look on her face and the angle went to a wide shot as we saw Miley working on her pussy like mad now as she moaned with the other two. Dakota’s grip on Emily’s waist got tighter as she bounced her harder and harder as Emily really began to squeal in pleasure and rocked Dakota’s body with each shot. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM so good, titties bouncing just right, oh god yesssss, come on Em. Yeh all the way to the top of the cock baby it’s feeling so good up in your pussy huh?”

“I’m taking it so deep in my pussy Dakota, ohmigod it feels good up in me” Emily moaned as a close-up showed Emily lifting expertly to the very tip of the cock before falling back down and impaling herself on it time and again, following each with a loud smack of her thighs against Dakota’s. The thick film of sweat on her body dripping off onto Dakota as she bounced up and down, making it harder for Dakota to keep a steady grip on the bouncing nymphet it appeared. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM so good, gonna cum, you like my titties bouncing like this?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeh soooo right I love watch them bounce for me” Dakota moaned as she watched Emily’s titties bounce hard now as the girls pussy spasmed harder and harder around the cock. The moans of all three girls filling the air as the angle switched to a side shot and showed Miley rubbing furiously at her slick bald cunny as she watched Emily bounce harder and drive herself closer to an orgasm in front of her. Emily squealed out a moment later and clutched hard at the top of the couch and squealed again as she looked down at the cock rocketing in and out of her and started to shake gently all over as her pussy began to spasm hard with her orgasm taking over. A couple of hard bounces later, Emily crashed down one last time, now on her knees, sweat dripping from head to toe as Dakota slipped her arms around her and they began to softly kiss moments later. “MMMMMMMMM did that feel good making your pussy cum?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM god yessss” Emily moaned as she kissed Dakota softly again.

“I wanna butt fuck you so bad now” Dakota moaned as Emily smiled knowingly and kissed her again as she slid off the cock and moved to the floor, on cue, and motioned for Miley to join her. “You want it huh Em?”

“Be my first sandwich I want it so bad” Emily moaned as Miley joined her on the floor. Dakota moving to the edge of the couch as she took hold of her now cum soaked cock and held it steady for Emily. “Oh so you want me to suck that thing? Huh?”

“Here you go Em, get it ready to be stuck up your butt fuck hole” Dakota moaned as she held the cock steady as Emily opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue eagerly. Dakota sliding closer and laying the head of the rubber cock on Emily’s tongue and watching the girl start to suck it. Dakota’s hands slipping into Emily’s hair as she watched her guest star begin to suck the rubber cock agressively. Her hands now gently guiding Emily’s head up and down. Scooping Emily’s hair into a ponytail on top of her head as she had been taught so the camera could catch all of the lewd action. “MMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMM fuck yeh that’s so good.”

“Yeh Dakota I think she wants to so bad” Miley moaned as she laid down onto her back and watched the two, Dakota moaning a little as Emily’s head bobbed harder and harder and she took it all in her mouth at once and Dakota felt the harness work her clit harder. She stopped Emily’s head and had her pull off and asked, “You think it’s ready to fill your butt fucking hole up?”

“MMMMMMMMMM god yess I do” Emily said she rose to her knees and kissed Dakota softly. Massaging tongues with her as Dakota began to stroke her saliva soaked cock. The horny twosome again worked their tongues against the others in a wonderful rhythm as Miley watched from the floor, her hand now idly stroking Emily’s dripping wet body. Dakota and Emily parting with devious smiles on their faces. “Do you need to butt fuck my little ass really bad now Dakota?”

“God yessss, I need to do some butt fucking so bad” Dakota moaned as she took Emily’s arm and had her turn and crawl over Miley’s eager mouth and lower her bald pussy down. The shoestrings on her sneakers flopping wildly as the camera zoomed in and we got a close-up of Miley smiling a moment before her tongue began to lick at Emily’s lips softly up and down. Miley stroked her hands up and down Emily’s back and guided her forward into a 69 with her as she licked slowly up and down the bald slit and poked her tongue inside a little more each time, Emily now resting on her elbows, moaned and began squirming. “Spread her butt for me Miley.”

“MMMMMMMMM oh god Miley, fuck that feels really good” Emily moaned, the camera angle changed again to a wide shot. Dakota wasting no time as she slipped above Miley’s head and in behind Emily and waited for Miley to do as she had asked. Miley’s hands, on cue, found Emily’s plumb little ass cheeks as she spread them for Dakota. Miley smiling as she pulled Emily down a bit more and shoved her tongue in her co-stars pussy and started to pump it in and out. “Ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh, fuck Miley I love that baby.”

“But Emily this is the best part” Dakota said with a smile and you could tell she was now oozing confidence as she lined her cock up with Emily’s asshole carefully. Miley looked up with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Emily’s waist and held her in place, while Dakota held the cock steady and slid the cock head into Emily’s tight pink puckered little assshole. The ring closing and capturing the head inside for a moment as Emily’s eyes closed in pleasure and she moaned out loud. Miley now going back to fucking her tongue in and out as Dakota stroked her cock in and out a few times to work Emily’s asshole ring as the girl moaned louder. “MMMMMMMM god that feels sooo good huh Em?”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM fuck so amazing, sending shivers down my body” Emily moaned as one of Dakota’s hands slid over the baby smooth skin on Emily’s ass cheeks and squeezed it in her fingers. Miley held Emily tight to her as she watched Dakota closely and pumped her tongue in and out of Emily’s pussy, rubbing it on the under side of the girls now engorged little clitty. The hand Dakota had on the cock, holding it steady, joined her first on Emily’s ass cheeks, as she started to slide in and out a little deeper as Emily moaned and looked back at Dakota with a pleasure soaked smile on her face. Her little asshole getting filled up slowly but surely. Dakota squeezed her fingers into Emily’s ass cheeks as she pumped faster and faster and got it deeper. The last inch or so of the cock sliding into Emily’s once virgin butt a moment later. Emily moaning intensely as Dakota’s thighs pressed against her ass cheeks. “MMMMMMM oh my god, I’m so stuffed, god it feels good.”

“MMMMMMMMMMM I know it does, god Hayden was soooo right” Dakota moaned as she lovingly stroked both hands now up and down Emily’s smooth skin on her bare back. While Miley pulled her tongue out of Emily’s pussy and started suck softly on Emily’s clit. Then licking it and doing it again only more roughly. Emily moaned out loud as Dakota finally pulled back out of her ass and let the cock catch on Emily’s asshole ring and slid back inside as both moaned. Dakota, knowing Emily loved it, doing it again and again as she moaned each time with her. “MMMMMMMMMM see I told you Em, this is the best part MMMMMMMMMMMMMM god yesss MMMMMMMMMMM, see butt fucking just feels soooo good.”

“MMMMMMMMMM god yeh the best thing ever” Emily moaned as Dakota bit her bottom lip, her hands now resting in the middle of Emily’s back as she started to lightly slap her slender thighs at Emily’s ass cheeks and drove her cock deep into the girls asshole. Faster and faster, and harder with every stroke as Emily moaned out loud and clutched her fingers into Emily’s thighs below. “MMMMMMMM OH GOD SO DEEP IN MY BUTT.”

“MMMMMMMMMM fuck girl, you know I wanted to butt fuck you so bad Em” Dakota moaned as she stroked her hands slowly up and down Emily’s smooth skin as she watched every stroke of her cock into the girls asshole.

“YESSS god yesss Dakota, does it feel good to butt fuck girls?” Emily moaned as she watched Dakota go faster and faster, squeezing her thighs around Miley’s head. Miley had now gone back to stuffing her tongue in and out of Emily’s pussy and licking her inner walls, holding Emily tighter to her body and then plunging her tongue harder up into the tight little pussy of her co-star. Making Emily squirm and moan out loud as her pussy started to spasm lightly. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM god I bet it does huh?”

“MMMMMMMMM oh god yesss it does, makes me cum sooo good” Dakota moaned as she slapped her thighs louder at Emily’s ass cheeks and drove the cock even deeper with every thrust. Miley moaned from below as she stuffed her tongue harder and harder in and out of Emily’s pussy and made Emily squeeze her fingers into Miley’s thighs as she squealed her pleasure and shook from her pussy spasming harder now. Dakota slowed and slid all the way inside Emily’s ass and leaned forward over her back. Her arms now supporting her by Miley’s thighs as Emily put both of her hands on top of Dakota’s and laced her fingers as the butt fucking started again in earnest. “MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh am I getting it deep enough in your butt fucking hole now?”

“OHMIGOD I LOVE WHEN YOU TALK LIKE THAT, MMMMMMMMMMMMMM SO DEEP AND GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD” Emily moaned as her pussy spasmed hard now and she squeezed her thighs around Miley’s head and her fingers into Dakota’s as her moaning got louder and her face showed the intense pleasure as the camera angle switched back to a side view so we could see all of the action. Miley fucked her tongue hard into Emily’s pussy and rubbed on the girls engorged clit and then taking a long moment, as the young girl squealed above her, to lick her inner walls softly and slowly, before she again started to stuff it inside yet again. Dakota smacked her thighs off of Emily’s ass cheeks now loudly as she pounded her cock deep, her face showing the pleasure of her own on-coming orgasm was bringing to her. “MMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMM SO HARD FUCKIN, MY PUSSY IS FEELING SO GOOD NOW.”

“MMMMMMMMM soooo hard, gonna cum so good” Dakota moaned as she delivered a few more shots each harder than the last as Emily squealed in pure pleasure. Miley pumped her tongue harder and harder into Emily’s pussy and worked her clit now, holding Emily in place on top of her now as she felt the girls pussy spasm wildly. Emily eyes closing as her orgasm drew dangerously close as her pussy spasmed so hard on Miley’s pumping tongue she could barely stand it. “MMMMMMMM so sweet up her butt fuck hole.”

“OHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMM MILEY OHMIGOD IT’S FEELIN SO GOOD LIKE THAT IN MY PUSSY” Emily moaned as she now hung her head low and watched Miley closely as her co-star shoved her tongue deep into her pussy time and again and now in perfect rhythm with Dakota’s butt fucking strokes into her ass. “MMMMMMMMMM spasming so good, sooooooo good Miley. I wanna cum in your cum mouth, ohmigod here it comes baby.”

“Yeh that it’s sweet baby let me butt fuck you to pure heaven” Dakota moaned, and sounding very much like Hayden with that comment I noted mentally. Dakota never got a response as she smiled knowingly down at Emily and did just what she she said she was gonna do seconds later. Emily squealed as her pussy EXPLODED in rapture and spasmed so hard it numbed her mind as the startlingly wonderful sensations stormed her body and she shook all over as she experienced pure heaven for a few long incredible moments. Clutching her fingers into Miley’s thighs as Dakota moaned with her as her own pussy exploded and she shook as she pounded deep into Emily’s ass. Miley pumped her tongue till the last possible moment and capped her mouth over Emily’s bare slit just as the girl grunted and squirted her girl cum. Another hard grunt was followed by a third as her pussy spasmed wildly for another moment. Miley’s tongue milking her cum out so lovingly. Emily went limp a few seconds later as Dakota herself slumped forward and buried her cock in Emily’s ass. “Gotta butt fuck that cum all out first baby.”

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that’s making my pussy feel soooooo fuckin good, ohmigod” Emily moaned as Dakota gave her a hard shot and stopped for a moment and then gave her another as Miley sucked at Emily’s sweet pussy to get all of her honey cum out. Another long smooth stroke from Dakota into her asshole, made Emily squeal as her pussy spasmed wildly again and squirted another bit of her cum into Miley’s greedy mouth. Which was still firmly attached to Emily’s bald slit, her tongue buried deep inside as she worked it for the reward she could get.

“Sooooo good butt fuckin her cum out” Dakota moaned as she slammed into Emily once again and stopped as Emily squealed and finally went limp on top of Miley. Dakota slowly pulled out of Emily’s sweet little ass as Emily groaned. “I cummed so good butt fucking you.”

“Oh yeah I bet you did, come here my sweet baby” Emily moaned to Dakota as she motioned her to get in front now. Directing Dakota to turn to face her as she held her cock. Emily took hold of the cock and guided it into her mouth. Emily willingly opened her mouth and started to suck it as Dakota watched and moaned. The camera moving back to the side view and seeing Miley with her arms still around Emily’s waist and now pumping her tongue softly up into the girls pussy as Emily moaned on Dakota’s cock and squirmed on top of Miley.

“OH yeah so good” Dakota moaned as she scooped Emily’s hair into a ponytail on the back of her head. Watching as Miley started to suck again on Emily’s clitty, which made Emily moan even louder on the cock and take it deeper and deeper in her mouth with every bob of her head. Fade to black.

Fade to black and we see a goofy looking logo with some dude in an ugly hat and below it the words, “‘Cumming Out: Hawaiian Style’ is brought to you commerical free by Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion.” It then fades to a short scene with a naked Mackenzie laying on her back in the shade and a naked Hayden sitting across her thighs and smearing the lotion all over Mackenzie’s flat sexy stomach. That scene fades into one now in the bright sunlight as we see Hayden now between Mackenzie’s thighs licking away as Mackenzie shakes gently in a wonderful orgasm, prompting the announcer to say, “Panama Mack’s Suntan Lotion for those times when cumming in the shade is just not an option.” The ‘Panama Mack’ logo rolls back on the screen and away again. The screen goes black once more it now reads simply, “Executive Producer: Mackenzie Rosman”.

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