The Harem: Episode 18 – “Forbidden Fruit”

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The facts were these: After coming to terms with the fact that leaving behind the greatest, truest, most loving friends of her life for a marriage she had never been entirely convinced she wanted, the girl named Sarah Michelle Gellar left her husband and sought to return home to the mansion in Malibu and the friends she had turned her back on.

After some tears and many more moans, Sarah had reconnected with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Rose McGowan and Jennifer Aniston and the decision had been made for them all to return home to Malibu together.

The end.

Or was it?

Of course it wasn’t.

The facts were these: As Sarah looked forward to a life of blissful lesbian sex with the most beautiful women in the world, the three youths living next door, Waldo, Franklin and Delbert, carried with them a terrible secret. They were former CIA agents and another former agent had gone rogue, stealing and perfecting the dreaded MAW Device, which seemed capable of mind control and unleashing all forms of havoc with the girls, seemingly safe in their mansion, caught right in the crosshairs. This secret is only of course topped by the fact that the mansion’s maid is in fact an undercover French intelligence agent faced with the terrible choice of keeping her secret or killing those who uncover her.

But it’s not all spy games and mind contol. Sarah is back home and happier than ever. She’s left her unhappy marriage behind and is about to enter a life once again with her best friends and hottest lovers. Old favorites return and new converts to the Malibu lifestyle lay ahead in Harem 18.

Unfortunately, before we get to that we must get the disclaimers out of the way. First if you are under the age of 18 you must leave now and not read this. That’s the rule and I’m afraid it’s inflexible. Not of age, not allowed to read. Sorry about that.

Second, this story is entirely fictional. As much as we love to pretend it’s not and as much as we love to play “Harem is real” games, the fact it this: This story is made up. These girls do not act this way and it is entirely a product of my overactive imagination.

Now for the thank you’s. This story wouldn’t be complete without the proofreading skills of the great KayJay. Peter Jackson might think he’s the coolest thing to come out of New Zealand, but he would be wrong. I also have to thank Victoria for her constant commands to “GIT!” Knowing you have an often naked web goddess waiting for your latest tome is quite the incentive to write. Special thanks go out to our furry friend Hamster as well for translating some dirty words into Spanish for me and to the assman himself Cosmo Kramer for finding those little typos that even I missed. And I never would have been able to do any of this without the certain girl out there who would kill me if I put her name in, but always encourages me even when I’m a bastard and sold me on Ashley Tisdale long before I even heard of High School Musical.

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Without further delay, now here’s something you’ll really enjoy…

The Harem
Episode 18
“Forbidden Fruit”


For too long Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dreams had been the only escape she’d had. She’d indulged in them as much as she could; longing for the moments she could leave reality behind and live in the fantasies she concocted for herself.

Her dreams had once been her paradise, her chance to indulge in whatever carnal pleasure she could imagine for herself and have her every need and every desire tended to with only the sexiest of tender loving care. Waking up every morning and leaving her dreams behind to enter the miserable days of her life had been nothing but agony.

But those days were gone and thank God for that.

Now Sarah eagerly escaped her dreams every morning because she knew they couldn’t possibly compare to the pleasures that lay ahead for her in the day. She didn’t need to dream anymore. Reality was so much better.

As she awoke, Sarah had a smile on her face that was stretching from ear to ear. That was nothing new, however. Since she had come back home to the mansion she had barely stopped smiling.

Gone were the tears and the misery that had come all too frequently during her marriage to Freddie Prinze Jr. and in their place were the joy and ecstasy that came from being home with the people she cared about most in the world. Sarah had never felt as safe, as happy and as loved as she had since she’d returned to Malibu.

When she’d made the decision to end her marriage, Sarah had never expected she’d be able to get everything back she’d given up. Sarah hadn’t done it to try and win her friends back. She’d decided to leave Freddie no matter if her housemates welcomed her back or not.

Sarah had done it for herself because she knew it was what she needed for her own well being and she hadn’t looked back on her decision with any regret. It had been hard, of course, but it was the right decision for both of them.

Sarah hadn’t wanted to hurt Freddie, but she’d known she couldn’t stay in a loveless marriage. She had to do what she’d done so they both could move on with their lives. It wasn’t fair to her to stay where she didn’t feel loved and it wasn’t fair to Freddie for her to pretend she felt otherwise when there wasn’t anything he could do to change her heart.

Of course Sarah had hoped that she’d find the mansion’s doors open to her once again. She hadn’t expected it though. It would have been the height of arrogance to just assume things could be like they were. There would be a home for her somewhere, Sarah wasn’t afraid of that, but she’d desperately wanted that home to be the same one she had left in the biggest mistake of her life.

Sarah knew she’d hurt her housemates by leaving them so suddenly to get married and she hated herself for it. She loved her friends and knowing she’d caused them pain had broken her heart. But she’d hoped that her friends would see the sincerity of her apologies and give her the second chance she longed for to prove to them how much she loved them and how she’d never, ever hurt them again.

Fortunately the ability of her housemates to forgive overwhelmed any impulse they might have had make her suffer as payback for how she’d left them. Sarah knew she could never truly make up for the pain and heartbreak she’d inflicted on her friends or for the kindness and love they’d shown her by letting her come home like they had. But she was certainly happy to try.

If she had to spend the rest of her life rewarding her friends for being so good to her, Sarah was ready and eager to do it. She had learned more about real love and the bonds of friendship from her housemates’ compassion than anything life had ever taught her before. Now she was home again and Sarah felt like she’d never been happier before in her life.

Since she’d returned to Malibu, it had been nothing but the sweetest pleasure for Sarah. Any frustration she might have had from her marriage had been kissed and licked away by her friends. Sarah had come to Love, Rose and Jennifer and had asked each of them for their forgiveness, but her return to the mansion was a surprise to everyone else who lived there.

Sarah hadn’t known how they would react to her coming back out of the blue, but Alyssa, Jewel, Jessica and Christina had welcomed her back with nothing but kisses and true, happy affection. If they had given her nothing else but that upon her to return, Sarah would have been happy. She had been so love starved. But there had been so much more than just love. Mmmm there had also been the sex.

During her marriage Sarah hadn’t been able to help herself. She’d strayed from her vows several times to indulge in the pleasures of female flesh. Yet each time she’d done so, Sarah had felt a crushing amount of guilt weigh down on her. It had made her more miserable each time she’d cheated, but she’d craved the touch of women so much that she couldn’t stop herself. That guilt was long gone now, though.

Once she’d decided to leave Freddie and try and return to her old life, the guilt had disappeared like an early morning fog being burned up by the sun. Her reunions with Love at the studio, Rose in her trailer and then Jennifer in her limo, had been nothing but intense pleasure and pure happiness. There had been no shame and no misery. There had only been ecstasy.

It had been the same way when she’d returned to the mansion. All her sexy friends had been so happy to have her back that forgiveness was eagerly offered and immediately accepted. Sarah had felt so free and happy as she’d stripped her clothes off like they had been restraints and indulged in wicked pleasures with all her housemates, loving being able to taste Jewel and Jessica and everyone once again.

The forces of fate had conspired together that day for Sarah’s return to coincide perfectly with Britney coming back too. Sarah had been gone from the mansion before things had gone bad between Britney and Christina, but she’d heard what had happened through the grapevine. And now, just like with Sarah, forgiveness and love had won out over anger for Britney and with both of them home things had gone back to good…very, very good.

The first few days of her return back to Malibu, Sarah didn’t think she’d worn a single piece of clothing. There were just too many beautiful girls there that she wanted to kiss and touch and, most importantly, lick and fuck. Mmmm and they had given it right back to her, making her feel heights of pleasure she’d never thought she’d feel again.

After all those months of sexual frustration, Sarah had turned every hot, longing fantasy she’d had about her girlfriends into reality as she’d fucked them all over and over again. She’d also listened with fascination to the tales of debauchery that had gone on in her absence while hoping she’d soon have her own chance to play with their new friends like Eva Mendes and Lauren Graham.

It had been so amazing to come back to Malibu and it had been everything Sarah had wanted and needed it to be. She felt so loved and so sexually fulfilled. It had been like nothing had changed. Her room had been there waiting for her and all her beautiful girlfriends had been so happy and eager to play with her again as they’d given each other their bodies over and over again in a non-stop blur of orgasm.

But even though it had been amazing to be home, there had been one nagging issue that had lingered. Deep down Sarah had wondered if perhaps she didn’t deserve to be forgiven.

She had been so awful to her friends and they’d been so good to her. They’d welcomed her back without any hesitation and Sarah had felt guilty that they’d been so wonderful to her after she’d hurt them so.

However, she might not have felt that way, however, if she’d known that all along her housemates had been wickedly plotting against her. Forgiveness wasn’t something that was just given out in Malibu. It had to be earned and one night Sarah had learned that most memorably.

It had been a little while after her return. Not long enough for her to feel like the past was completely forgotten, but just long enough for Sarah to let her guard down and stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.

That night everyone had turned in earlier than usual, but Sarah hadn’t thought anything of it. After all they didn’t really stay up all night every night fucking each other silly. It just seemed like they did.

So Sarah hadn’t thought anything was unusual until she’d gone to sleep herself and found herself suddenly awoken by a hard slap to the face.

Sarah had gasped awake, her heart pounding in her chest at being suddenly being pulled from unconsciousness, but that hadn’t been the only surprise waiting for her. In fact it had only been the first one and nothing had prepared her for what she was about to find next.

As soon as she had become aware of her surroundings, Sarah had realized two things, her room was filled with her housemates surrounding her bed and there were four silk scarves tying her to the bedposts.

“Awwwww did we wake you?” Rose had smirked evilly but sexily, as only she could. “No time to sleep Sarah. We’re gonna have some real fun with you now.”

“What’s going on?” Sarah remembered vividly asking as she’d futilely yanked at the scarves restraining her wrists and ankles. Whoever had tied her to the bed had definitely known how to do it right. “What are you doing to me?”

“It’s time for your punishment,” Alyssa had declared. “And boy are you going to get it now, bitch.”

“Yeah, did you think we were just gonna let you waltz right back in here and pretend like nothing had happened?” Love added and it had shocked Sarah even more to see the one she had thought to be the kindest of all her housemates get in on this.

“But you…you said I was forgiven,” Sarah had lamely protested, her heart pounding even harder.

Even now, Sarah remembered the sensations pulsing through her that night so vividly. It had been an absolutely intoxicating mix of fear and excitement flowing through her veins.

“And you will be,” Jewel had assured her.

“Yeah…after we’ve had our fun,” Love had said with a wickedly horny smile that Sarah had never seen on her beautiful friend before. “Mmmm I remember how much you loved punishing us whenever we were bad and no one’s been a badder bitch than you Sarah. You left us but you’re never going to do that again, are you?”

“No…” Sarah had whimpered as she felt something she had thought she would never feel, Love’s hand striking her across the cheek.

It hadn’t been a hard slap or a mean one. But it was a slap that had made it clear to the restrained actress that she was about to become their bitch and this was going to be an all-night experience.

Just remembering it still gave Sarah incredible chills run through her body. She supposed she’d known all along something like this was coming, but it hadn’t made her any less surprised when it actually had…or make her enjoy it any less either.

They had been rough with her that night, rougher than they ever had before, but Sarah had enjoyed every second of it. She had never experienced anything like being as completely controlled as she had been that night and it had been a totally intense, amazing rush. They’d left her tied to her own bed, absolutely helpless as they’d torn off her sleepwear and left her vulnerable to their horny attack.

Sarah always loved the feel of sexy lingerie on her body and she’d gone to sleep that night in one of her favorite pieces, a pink babydoll from Victoria’s Secret. But the fact that she loved that piece of her collection made no difference to her payback minded housemates as they’d torn it off her body, ripping the thin shoulder straps as she had whimpered and pleaded for them not to.

But that had just earned Sarah more slaps, both to her face and her now exposed tits as hands rained down on her firm, sexy mounds, smacking them and then tugging at her rapidly swelling nipples. Sarah had cried out and begged for mercy but it wasn’t coming and she’d secretly wanted none.

Her pleas had been more reflexive than anything. Deep down she’d wanted this. She’d wanted her housemates to punish her for leaving them and make her feel like she was a dirty, nasty slut who loved fucking girls and always would.

Her panties had been torn away as easily as her babydoll had been. Rose ripped them open with a wicked laugh of glee as she exposed Sarah’s pussy, loving how it had already started to glisten with sexual arousal at being taken like this. Sarah had loved what was happening to her and her friends had known it. They would never have hurt her for real or anything, but this was punishment that was well deserved and Sarah hadn’t denied it that night or any night after.

Sarah had expected Rose to shove her panties into her mouth or something so she could taste how damp she’d gotten them with her own slutty pussy juices, but Rose had just tossed them to the floor. Sarah had wondered why, but that answer had become clear. Her friends had had much better uses for her mouth that night than to have her gagged.

They had all been in her room that night, surrounding her bed in all their naked glory. Rose and Love had of course been there. And Jen and Jewel and Alyssa and Jessica and Christina. Even Britney was there. Mmmm and Michelle their maid. Frequent guests, like Alyson Hannigan, Reese Witherspoon and Gwen Stefani, were there too and they’d all been completely naked with lust and payback in their eyes.

The looks on all their faces had made Sarah so scared and horny at once and she had loved it. She loved how alive it made her feel and how it made her see all the inhibitions she’d wrapped herself up in once she’d gotten married were gone again. She’d been totally at the sexual mercy of her friends and it had been absolutely amazing.

Payback had indeed been a bitch and Sarah loved how it had turned her into one.

They had started out by having Michelle shave her pussy bare once again. Once she’d left the mansion Sarah had let her dark bush grow back in, but the sexy motions of the French maid’s razor had changed that and left her girl flesh baby smooth again. While this had happened Sarah had felt so many mouths on her naked body, nipping at her tits and nipples and leaving little love bites all over her body like they were a nest of vampires and she was their victim.

Mmmm and even if they had been Sarah would have gladly surrendered to their sexy spell and become their willing slave. She loved how they felt all over her body, nipping at her tender flesh and making her love every sweet, but painful moment of it.

Sarah hadn’t been able to keep track of whose mouth was where on her body and didn’t even try to because it had all felt so good. Sarah had felt that night like she could have come just from the feel of attacking her naked body, but of course that hadn’t been part of the plan.

Once Michelle had finished her work, and given Sarah a few licks to make sure she hadn’t missed even a stray hair, Rose had taken control and pushed the horny, busty blonde maid away. Rose had made it clear that Sarah’s pleasure was far from their concern and instead she was going to be their fucktoy for the night, making sure each and every one of them was well licked and fucked.

“Ohhhh yesssss Rose…whatever you want…” Sarah had said that night, her words locked in her memory as if it had happened just last night. “Make me your fucktoy bitch! Mmmm make me your fucking slave! I’ll fuck anyone you want anywhere you want! Make me your nasty slut bitch Rose! All of you! Make me your fucking bitch! I want this! I fucking deserve it! Slap me! Spank me! Fuck my ass! Do anything you want to me!”

They had definitely held Sarah to that promise all night and it had been absolutely amazing. They had left her tied up until well past the crack of dawn, working out their anger toward her the best way they knew how, through hot, passionate lesbian sex.

With the words barely out of Sarah’s mouth, her friends had already begun taking advantage of her helpless state. Love had clamped her bare pussy right down against her face and Sarah had reflexively started licking.

With her ears Sarah had been able to hear the sounds of her friends kissing and touching each other and she had known someone was definitely kissing Love and playing with her soft, big tits. But she hadn’t been able to see any of it.

Love had been sitting down right on her face, pressing her soaked pussy to her lips to drip sweet, slutty juices into her mouth as she rode her bitch face reverse cowgirl.

Sarah hadn’t been able to see a thing other than Love’s pussy and ass, but she hadn’t needed to because she could feel it all. Her legs had been spread wide open thanks to the restraints and that had made it so easy for Rose to push Mr. Snappy right inside Sarah’s newly shaven cunt and fill her right up.

Sarah had gasped and groaned wantonly as the hard, thick toy slid into her pussy. She hadn’t needed to see to know it had been Rose and her favorite toy. Sarah knew the feel of Mr. Snappy as well as she knew her own fingers.

All around her Sarah had heard the unmistakable sounds of girls in the heat of passion and she had struggled mightily to concentrate on Love as the sounds and smells assaulted her senses and drove her wild with horniness while Rose gave her dripping cunt just what it craved by taking her hard with her amazing sex toy.

Sarah had wanted to make Love feel so good that night. She’d wanted it so bad. She had wanted to show Love what a good little sex slave she could be. Sarah had gotten plenty of practice in with her tongue since she’d come home and she’d let Love’s pussy have it. She had feasted on that smooth, shaved pussy, lapping away passionately and skillfully with every drop of energy she could muster as Love had fucked her face and fed her sweet girl juices until she came with a rush all over her.

Sarah had squealed with delight when she’d felt Love’s creamy girl cum absolutely soak her face, but it had only been the beginning. Love had barely finished coming before she was gone and Jennifer had planted her horny cunt down on her face.

But the change hadn’t thrown Sarah. She had started eating Jennifer’s pussy just like she had Love’s, sliding her wet tongue all over her friend’s soaked lips and deep inside her to start fucking her as Jennifer had ridden her face like a cowgirl.

Her punishment hadn’t only about licking, though. Just as Sarah had started to feel her body pass the point of no return from the heat and passion of Rose fucking her with Mr. Snappy, her wicked housemate had stopped and pulled right out of her.

Rose had left Sarah’s pussy drooling and keyed up for orgasm and her words had made it damn clear this would be an intense experience for her.

“Oh no,” Rose had promised. “You’re not coming now Sarah. You’re not coming for a long, fucking time! Not until we’re all good and fucked first. Mmm and not until we all say you can!”

And so it had gone. For hours and hours. Sarah had licked and fucked them all while she was tied helplessly to her bed. She tongue fucked Jennifer’s pussy and then Jessica’s and then Christina’s and then Jewel’s and then Rose’s and then Gwen’s and Reese’s and then Alyson had fucked her face and then Britney and then Michelle and then Alyssa and then Love again as the cycle began anew.

But on the second time through, Sarah hadn’t just licked their pussies. She’d tongued their asses after being commanded to rim them all and make them all come again.

It had been so incredibly nasty and Sarah had adored it. Her face had been sticky with the cum of close to a dozen girls. Her chin and cheeks had been covered in girl juice that had dried to her flesh as her blonde hair became matted to her face.

Sarah hadn’t stopped licking, not for anything. She had tongued their pussies dry and then just lay back still tied to her bed as they’d all sat back down on her face one at a time and spread their butt cheeks so she’d lick their tight holes and make them all come again.

And then it had been right back to their pussies. Sarah felt like she had slurped up more cum in that one night than she ever felt she had tasted in her entire life and she had still been famished for more after each and every girl there had her way with her multiple times.

Rose. Love. Alyson. Reese. Jewel. Britney. Michelle. Christina. Jessica. Alyssa. Jennifer. She had tongue fucked them all again and again while her own pussy and ass had been taken so many times that Sarah lost track how often she’d been penetrated by tongues, fingers and toys.

They had fucked her constantly, but each and every time they’d stopped before she’d come. Just like Rose had that first time with Mr. Snappy, her friends had taken her pink, juice oozing pussy with fingers, strap ons and other toys, but had always pulled out and stopped right after they’d gotten her to the edge.

Alyssa, Jessica and Christina had been particularly wicked about getting her tantalizingly close to coming before stopping and the worst part had been the time when Alyson had taken her pussy with a strap on while Rose had filled her ass with Mr. Snappy as Love had gone back and forth spitting into her pussy and ass and licking at the pistoning toys while Jessica and Britney had taken turns fucking her face with their gooey, delicious pussies.

Sarah had felt like even one hot touch from any of those girls would surely make her come, but they’d all been so good at what they’d been doing. Too good in fact.

They’d all been so experienced at fucking girls that they’d known exactly how to get Sarah right to the edge of orgasm and then stop before they pushed her over. But they never stopped for long. They’d let her cool down just enough before they started again, which had kept Sarah in a perpetual state of horny heat with no relief in sight.

It had been torture to go through all that, but the sweetest kind.

Sarah hadn’t been able to get enough that night as her punishment had stretched into the morning. Eventually she had lost track completely of whose pussy she was eating and whose asshole she was licking and whose toy was up her own ass and whose tongue was lapping at her cunt. It had all become a horny, cum drunk blur as Sarah’s body was used over and over again.

Her tits and pussy had been slapped without mercy and her nipples twisted until they were as red and swollen as cherries. Her face was completely soaked with girl cum, right down her neck and onto her tits and up over her forehead.

Mmmm and then they’d really gone to work on her.

As Sarah had woozily looked on, her friends had gotten out some body paint and made sure she was well decorated. All over her body they’d painted the words “WHORE,” “BITCH,” “CUNT” and of course “SLUT” in red.

Through it all Sarah had moaned and writhed against her restraints, tugging reflexively at the scarves while she had hoped somehow she could break free and finger fuck herself to orgasm.

But there had been no escape for her desperate hands. Her friends had offered her no relief and instead had kept Sarah working solely on their pleasure and nothing else. That night she had licked them all to orgasm after orgasm, working her tongue over all their hot holes again and again until everything was a blur.

Sarah didn’t even know if she’d ever come that night. All she knew was that she’d passed out eventually and when she’d woken up late the next morning her restraints were gone and her hands were buried between her own legs as she’d apparently been fingering herself in her sleep. Her room had been empty, but the reminders of what had happened had been all over her body.

Sarah’s wrists and ankles had burn marks from where the scarves had rubbed against her and her face was almost completely covered from forehead to chin in the essence of her housemates. It had been dry and sticky and all over her and Sarah loved it, but not as much as she loved the body paint all over her naked flesh.

She’d been temporarily tattooed with dirty words and Sarah had worn them as badges of honor, proudly striding naked through the mansion to show them off to her impressed housemates. She had loved being their fuck toy and if that was what it took to truly earn their forgiveness she had been more than willing to do it again and again.

Sarah hadn’t even thought about washing them off and finally Jen and Love had gotten her in the bathtub and lovingly cleaned her, washing off the paint and kissing everywhere they’d slapped and spanked the night before while telling Sarah that things were definitely forgiven now.

Sarah had just moaned and smiled, her brain still a little fried from the night before, but any feelings about not deserving forgiveness were long gone by then.

It had been her re-initiation back into the mansion and Sarah had been in heaven from it. She had loved it so much that she had eagerly volunteered for a new game a few nights later where she’d been blindfolded and had to guess which girl she was licking by taste alone.

Right answers were rewarded with orgasms. Wrong answers meant spankings and Sarah had adored the feeling of both.

With any and all guilt gone forever, Sarah had finally at last felt truly at peace. Since that night, things had only been hotter and nastier around the mansion and Sarah had woken up every morning with the same bright, happy smile she had on this morning.

Of course this morning’s smile was only magnified because of who she woke up next to.

Sarah had awoken with her body pressed next to the naked flesh of Alyson Hannigan and Sarah softly moaned as she gently rubbed herself against her sexy best friend. Of all the things that had happened since she’d left Freddie, one Sarah found particularly gratifying was that she’d been able to make things right with Alyson.

When Sarah had slipped from her marriage vows and found herself unable to resist her body’s craving for women, it had usually been Alyson who she had run to. She had cheated on her husband with her best friend many times and while it had always brought temporary relief it had also always triggered the crushing guilt.

Sarah had found herself fleeing her friend’s embrace in tears time and time again and had never even paused to consider how much that hurt Alyson.

The girls had been best friends since their days on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and they had only grown closer when they had become lovers. Alyson had always been a shoulder for her to cry on and when she’d told Sarah how their encounters made her feel cheap and used, it had really opened Sarah’s eyes to how much pain she’d caused and forced her to come to terms with the reality that she didn’t love Freddie and had to leave.

Sarah had never wanted to make Alyson feel bad and she’d never wanted to cheapen what they had between them. When they were together it was beautiful and Sarah never wanted her best friend to think that when they made love it was just a way for her to get her rocks off and nothing more. That wasn’t true at all and she never wanted Alyson to think she would intentionally treat her that way.

Once she’d gotten back to the mansion, the first thing Sarah had done was invite Alyson over so she could properly make it up to her for not being a better a friend to her and not realizing she was hurting her by running to her for sex and then disappearing in tears when it was finished. Sarah knew full well the kinky things Alyson loved and she would have been more than willing to be her obedient little slave if that was what it took.

But Alyson hadn’t wanted that. She had surprised Sarah by saying she didn’t want a slave, just her best friend back.

Alyson had wanted what she had before, namely a beautiful friend she could always count on to be there for her and then get very naughty with once the prying eyes of the public were looking away. She hadn’t wanted to spank or punish Sarah. She’d just wanted to kiss and love her and Sarah was definitely into that.

They had talked for hours that night, getting everything off their chests, and naturally that talking had led to kissing and touching and lots of clothing being tossed off very quickly. It had been so wonderful to be with Alyson again without all the guilt and Sarah had eagerly shared her best friend with her housemates again.

Alyson had been a frequent guest at the mansion before all this and she had even come over a few times after Sarah had left, but with everything back the way it had been it had just made everything hotter and sexier.

Sarah could particularly remember how hot Aly had looked last night, bent over next to her on all fours while they were both fucked from behind. Rose had been filling Alyson doggie style with Mr. Snappy while Sarah had been similarly pounded by Christina and her strap on.

The two girls had been able to look deep into each other’s sexy, soulful eyes while they were bring fucked and they had lovingly kissed and caressed each other’s firm tits as they’d been taken hard.

Sarah had loved the feel and intensity of those kisses with Alyson and the two best friends had barely stopped making out as they’d come and even as they’d changed positions and took their turn with some strap ons around their own waists.

They’d kept on kissing and touching each other as they’d started fucking more of the sexy girls there last night. Alyson’s strap on had slid right into Jessica Alba’s waiting cunt and Sarah had passionately fucked Reese Witherspoon’s very willing ass but they’d mostly been into each other.

Alyson had regularly been waking up in Sarah’s bed these past few weeks and Sarah couldn’t have been happier to see her friend spend more time at the mansion so they could ravish each other’s sexy bodies.

Mmmm and they’d certainly been doing a lot of that last night too. Sarah peered down at her sleeping friend and saw her face was still shiny from the juices she’d licked out of her last night and, when she ran her tongue over her own lips, Sarah could taste Alyson over her face too.

Sarah thought about waking Alyson up to see if she was ready for more. Her pussy had been soaked almost every minute of every day since she’d come back to the mansion. Sarah couldn’t ever get enough and her addiction had only worsened upon her return to Malibu. She definitely hadn’t been able to get enough last night at the party and she was already up for more this morning.

But rather then waking up Alyson, Sarah let her friend sleep instead. They had exhausted themselves pretty thoroughly last night and Sarah wanted to make sure Alyson got some rest.

She looked so peaceful lying there snuggled up under the sheets, her soft breathing making her chest rise and fall gently. Alyson’s eyes were closed but she had a smile on her face indicating whatever she was thinking about was a good thing.

Are you dreaming, Aly, Sarah asked in her head as she caressed Alyson’s dark hair. Are you dreaming of me? I hope you are baby. I hope you’re dreaming of how I ate you out last night and licked that sexy little pussy of yours until you creamed my face and how I tongued your tight ass until you were wet enough for me to take with my fingers while I licked you some more.

Sarah missed Alyson’s red hair. She was just such a gorgeous, natural redhead. But Alyson’s dark hair was definitely sexy. It perfectly accentuated her friend’s pale, pretty face and Sarah definitely loved being able to look down and see the top of that dark head buried between her legs, as Alyson feasted ravenously on her pussy like she always did.

Even though she didn’t want to wake Alyson, Sarah continued to softly touch her. She moved from her dark locks to Alyson’s beautiful face and down her body. Sarah couldn’t resist going under the sheets and caressing Alyson’s sexy, firm tits. She gently teased her friend’s nipples, making them reflexively swell and getting Alyson to moan in her sleep as Sarah began kissing Alyson’s neck.

Damn, it was so tempting to just ravish Alyson right here in her sleep. Sarah knew that if it had been Rose in this situation she wouldn’t have hesitated to fuck Alyson ragged while she continued to doze, but Sarah wasn’t quite as bold as her housemate. Her pussy was getting wetter by the second as she touched the sleeping beauty next to her in the bed and Sarah longed to slide down between Alyson’s legs to see if her dream was getting her good and wet too.

But she still held back. She didn’t want to wake her friend after all they’d done the previous night. Sarah was still a little tired herself and she was sure Alyson could use the extra rest even though she longed to sneak down under those sheets and lick her friend until she awoke.

It was a little war in Sarah’s head between the side that wanted to be a good friend and the side that wanted to be a horny bitch. Ultimately the good friend side won out and Sarah pulled her hands and lips away, leaving Alyson’s sleeping body unmolested. She knew Alyson would be up soon enough and they could have more fun then.

Deciding to be a good friend didn’t cool Sarah’s horniness though. She was still wet for some morning fun and if she wasn’t going to take advantage of the sleeping girl next to her then she was going to have to do something else about that. Merely fingering herself wouldn’t do, not in a mansion full of sexy girls who loved pussy. She needed something more.

Sarah knew someone else in the mansion had to be up. It had been quite a party the other night, but since it was a Thursday, Sarah knew they all couldn’t just sleep the day away. The weekend didn’t start that early here. Sarah knew if she wandered around the mansion she’d soon find someone willing to give her some loving, especially if she did her searching while naked.

The house was full of girls who seemed to delight in being nude all the time. Alyssa was particularly guilty of that sexy offense, but Sarah was the type to throw a robe on when she wandered around, even if she intended to strip it off at the first opportunity she got. So Sarah felt that wandering around naked would definitely emphasize how horny she was this morning and would make it clear she needed some loving and she needed it now.

Already smiling naughtily at the thought of her striding around the mansion’s halls completely naked with the intention of ravishing the first sexy girl she saw, Sarah slowly began to slide out of the bed. She took care to make sure not to wake Alyson so she moved very gently. She pulled away from her friend and let her feet hit the floor as softly as she could manage.

Ignoring the robe hanging nearby in her closet, Sarah made her way to the door. She tiptoed on the soft, plush carpet not wanting to do anything that would disturb Alyson as she slept. As she neared the door Sarah congratulated herself on a successfully quiet escape and turned around to check on Alyson. Her smile grew when she saw that her friend was still sleeping and Sarah felt like quite the sneaky cat for pulling this off perfectly.

But while she was patting herself on the back for being able to get out of bed without making a sound, Sarah wasn’t paying attention to anything else around her and that meant not taking notice of the pair of legs from the girl lying on the floor surrounded by blankets.

Naturally Sarah walked right into those legs and tripped, sending herself sprawling down onto the carpet with a loud yelp that got everyone in the room stirring immediately.

“Huh?” a groggy Natalie Portman muttered as she was pulled out of her sleep by the sudden sound and jostling of Sarah tripping over her. She was annoyed at first over having been woken up in this manner, but as soon as she saw what had happened Natalie immediately turned apologetic.

“Oh my God! Sarah! Are you ok?” Natalie asked as she got up off her back and moved toward the embarrassed blonde as she cradled her ankle.

“I’m fine,” Sarah replied. She’d suffered enough twisted ankles and banged up limbs over the years from Buffy stunts to know when it would be easy to walk it off and this was definitely one of those times. “I just didn’t see you there.”

Now it was Natalie’s turn to be embarrassed and she blushed as she wrapped her mind around the fact that this was definitely all her fault.

“I’m sorry,” Natalie said. “We just didn’t know where else to crash. We were looking for a place to sleep and your room was closest. I guess we weren’t paying attention to where we were. I’m really sorry Sarah. I didn’t even realize I was that close to the door.”

Natalie’s apology was definitely sincere, but Sarah didn’t pay it much mind. Instead she seized on something else the actress had said.

“We?” Sarah repeated, wondering who else was sprawled out on the floor with Natalie. She had been covered in a blanket and Sarah could see that there was a definite feminine shaped lump under that blanket next to Natalie. What she couldn’t see was who it was and her twisted ankle suddenly seemed less important than getting the mystery guest to please sign in.

“Yeah, we,” the other woman sleepily said as she threw off the blanket covering her head to reveal a gorgeous sight that Sarah was very happy to start the morning staring directly at.

“We didn’t mean to be a hazard though,” Scarlett Johansson said as the blanket dropped away and exposed her two gorgeously full breasts in all their nude glory. “We were just looking for a place to lie down.”

“You should have gotten into bed with us,” Sarah pointed out with a growing smile. “Mmmm there’s plenty of room.”

Sarah was stretching the truth just a tad there. She did have a king size bed, but it got a little crowded when four girls were piled into it. Not that it had stopped her in the past from having that number and more under her covers. Sarah knew full well one of the great joys of life was being able to wake up in a tangle of other girls with all their beautiful bodies pressed together.

“Next time then,” Natalie smiled.

“Hey who even said there was going to be a next time,” Sarah teased. “You two nearly killed me. I could have broken my neck. You two are definitely banned from my room and maybe even the mansion.”

Natalie opened her mouth to protest, but quickly realized Sarah was only kidding. Just the thought of not being able to come here anymore was enough to nearly send her into a panic, though. This place was paradise to her. It was where she felt she was her truest self. Here she could be free with her desires and get her sexual thirsts quenched without judgment or shame. Here she didn’t have to hold anything back.

Hell if it hadn’t been for this place Natalie never would have been able to do the thing she had lacked the courage to do for months and finally make her move on Scarlett. She’d been to the mansion so many times but this was actually the first time Natalie had stayed the night and the fact that she had woken up next to her gorgeous, blonde co-star was proof that it had been one hell of a night.

“So where are you sneaking off to this early in the morning anyway?” Scarlett asked, as she reached over to where she’d set her bag and pulled out her cell phone to catch the time. “Mmmm it’s way too early to be getting up unless you have to.”

“Well if I’d known you two had camped out on the floor like this I wouldn’t have been trying to make my escape,” Sarah admitted as she blatantly eyed Scarlett’s beautiful, bared bosom. “I was just trying to get out without waking Aly up.”

“Well Aly’s up anyway. So what are we going to do now?” Alyson asked the room as she sat up in the bed and sleepily yawned. She was clinging the bed sheets to her otherwise naked body, but didn’t seem upset at all about being woken from her slumber.

“I can think of a few ideas,” Sarah said with a smile as she refused to take her eyes off Scarlett’s rack, earning a smile from her fellow blonde.

Scarlett didn’t ordinarily appreciate being leered at like this. At any other place or time, people staring too long at her tits usually resulted in her giving a disgusted sigh and walking away or sometimes even giving the offending person a hot ear if it was called for. However when she was here she wanted to be stared at as much as possible.

It was such a rush to know her body was turning someone as sexy as Sarah on. Scarlett loved how Sarah was ogling her tits and she wanted her to know it was definitely a welcome gesture. Guys staring at her breasts too long might have been pervy, but when girls were doing the leering, Scarlett considered it a high compliment indeed.

“I can think of something too,” Scarlett said as her smile widened and she leaned in to press her lips to Sarah’s. The two had gotten a hot taste of each other the night before but Scarlett had been left wanting more and she didn’t hesitate to grab her chance to get it.

Sarah moved in closer to meet Scarlett and the two were soon lost in a kiss. Her sore ankle was far from her mind now as the kiss deepened and Sarah did what she’d wanted to do since she’d seen that sheet fall away. She pressed her hands to Scarlett’s tits and began to gently play with them.

It was a bold move since Sarah and Scarlett barely knew each other. If she’d been with a guy, Sarah knew she’d never let them just grab her tits right after they’d started kissing, but there were no guys around this morning and Sarah didn’t shy away from taking the liberty of feeling up Scarlett’s large chest. She just couldn’t resist them and fortunately Scarlett appreciated Sarah’s aggressive touch even more than she appreciated her stare.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh,” Scarlett moaned as their lips parted for a moment “Play with them Sarah. Oooooh yesssss get your hands all over my big tits.”

That was just what Sarah wanted and when she silenced Scarlett’s moans with a renewed kiss she got her hands all over the heavy mounds. Sarah rubbed Scarlett’s breasts with horny excitement. She’d eagerly explored them the night before and once again Sarah treated them like a new toy she was dying to play with. She ran her hands all over the curves of Scarlett’s chest, squeezing them and rubbing up against her nipples with her palms and fingers as they began to swell up with arousal for her.

Sarah never minded having small tits. She knew bigger boobs would have looked silly on her lean frame and she enjoyed being able to walk without having to worry about falling over onto her face. But that didn’t mean she didn’t adore playing with the bigger chests of her friends and housemates. She’d had lots of fun in the past burying her face in the cleavages of girls like Love or Jewel or Britney and Scarlett’s D-cups were too tantalizing for her not to want to play with.

But all her playtime had left the room’s two other girls feeling a little neglected.

“Typical Sarah,” Alyson teased as she smiled and shook her head in mock frustration. “First you wake me up and then you forget all about me.”

“I haven’t forgotten about you,” Natalie declared with a smile of her own as she perked up at the chance to get some playtime too. She had enjoyed seeing the Sarah/Scarlett make out session, but watching could never match the joy of being able to join in.

“Mmmm then get up off that floor and get where you should have been last night Natalie,” Alyson enticingly offered as she wiggled her finger in invitation toward the brunette. “Get in bed with me and let’s get you naked.”

Though it was California and it was summer, it still got a little cool at nights, particularly since the mansion was right next to the ocean. So, especially since they just had the one blanket, Natalie had dug into the overnight bag she’d brought along with her for some panties and a big t-shirt to throw over her body before she and Scarlett had snuggled up for the night.

Now that it was morning and things were definitely heating up in the bedroom again, Natalie was eager to get off what little she had on. She gladly would have done it herself, but Natalie wanted to feel Alyson stripping her bare much more.

Crawling up onto the bed, Natalie left Sarah and Scarlett kissing on the floor so she could get closer to Alyson. Natalie and Alyson really didn’t know each other much at all outside these walls. But they had played together here a few times and were firmly bonded together as friends because of their mutual lusts for female flesh.

Natalie was definitely feeling frisky this morning and she made sure her crawl toward Alyson was as enticing as possible. She stuck her ass up so it could be seen like a rising sun over the horizon of her body. Natalie tantalizingly wiggled it while moving toward Alyson, loving the look in the other woman’s eyes as she stared at her cheeks straining against her tight rainbow colored panties.

Natalie had a pretty damn lustful look in her eyes too and Alyson reacted to it by pushing the bed sheet away so her own naked body could be seen. Alyson’s smile grew as she saw Natalie’s eyes reflexively get wider at the sight of her nudity. Alyson was never much of a morning person, but this was more than worth giving up some time in dreamland for. There was no way sleep could compare to some hot morning sex and this was shaping up to be very hot indeed.

There had been so many girls at the party last night and so much naughty fun that it had been very hard to keep track of whose tongue was licking whom. Everything had become such a naked blur that Alyson couldn’t even remember if she’d hooked up with Natalie the night before or not. But she and Natalie had definitely played together in the past and if their bodies hadn’t met last night, Alyson was going to make sure they made up for lost time this morning.

As soon as Natalie was close enough, Alyson kneeled down in front of her and took her absolutely perfect face in her hands. Natalie had such soft, delicate features and Alyson gently caressed them with her hands, almost as if she were afraid the girl could break in her hands. But Natalie could handle any touch Alyson could give her and she had a very simple request.

“Kiss me,” Natalie softly mewed, her desire setting her body on fire.

She’d been fast asleep just a few minutes ago, but now she was wide awake and desperate to play. She knew time wasn’t on her side this morning and soon she’d have to leave Malibu and this sexual paradise to return to her real life. Natalie wanted to satiate all her lust before then, at least temporarily. As soon as she left the mansion today, Natalie knew she’d be counting the moments until she got back.

“Mmmmm kissing is only a little bit of what I want to do to you Natalie,” Alyson promised before she pressed her lips to Natalie’s. A small static electricity spark passed between their lips as they kissed and that just fueled the girls on. Natalie and Alyson’s kiss quickly grew passionate as their lips parted and their tongues emerged looking to play.

Unlike Sarah and Scarlett, Alyson and Natalie didn’t get all grabby with each other right away. They just kissed and happily moaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues rubbed together. Alyson kept up her gentle caresses of Natalie’s face and Natalie returned that affectionate touch by sucking on Alyson’s tongue. But Natalie’s hands stayed by her side and she just enjoyed the eroticism of kissing someone as beautiful as Alyson Hannigan.

Natalie loved getting nasty with girls and showing them that she could get just as dirty they could, but nothing could replace the simple pleasure of a hot kiss. Natalie adored kissing and girls knew how to kiss each other so well. Men just couldn’t compare to the soft, passionate kiss of another woman. Kisses from other women were so tender and naughty all at the same time and Alyson was an absolutely amazing kisser.

But while Alyson and Natalie were softly exploring each other’s mouths with their kiss, Scarlett and Sarah had gone after each other with a lewder enthusiasm. Sarah still had her hands all over Scarlett’s tits and Scarlett was returning the favor by squeezing Sarah’s bare ass. Scarlett roughly palmed Sarah’s cheeks and had the girl moaning lustfully while they kissed.

Unlike Natalie, Scarlett had seen no need to cover up in the night. The blanket and the body warmth of Natalie snuggled up next to her had been all Scarlett had wanted and that left her just as naked as Sarah was. Now, with the temperature quickly rising to volcanic levels between the two of them, this was a definitely a good thing. Neither of them wanted to bother with any pesky clothing to remove. Since they were already naked it was that much easier for them to move right into getting nasty.

“Mmmmm want you sooo bad,” Sarah breathlessly murmured in between kisses with Scarlett. “God, I get so fucking wet just looking at you. You’re so goddamn sexy Scarlett. I need to fucking have you!”

“You’ve got me Sarah,” Scarlett moaned back, her heart pounding with hot lust just like it always did when she got good and worked up. “Take me! Fuck me Sarah! Mmmm yeahhhh make it hot and nasty like you did last night!”

“You liked that, huh?” Sarah smiled wickedly as she remembered how hot it had been to spit right into Scarlett’s splayed, pink pussy and then furiously lick it all out while she worked the girl’s asshole over with her probing fingers.

“Mmmm I fucking loved it,” Scarlett replied, giving the obvious answer as she continued to moan from Sarah’s hands all over her tits. “You had me coming so hard! Do it again Sarah! Please! Ughhhh I wanna cream your pretty face with my cum just like I did last night!”

Last night had been Scarlett’s first encounter with Sarah. It had actually been her first trip to the mansion and right away she’d seen that all the buildup Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst had given her about it had been an understatement. It had been even more incredible than they had made it out to be.

Scarlett had made love to women before her chance encounter with Kirsten at their agent’s office had turned into a night of debauchery with Eliza and sweet, little Hayden Panettiere that still made her pussy dampen every time she thought back to it. But that night had turned her relatively dormant passion for the touch and feel of women into an all-consuming lust. She had fallen off the wagon big time when it came to wanting to fuck girls and was on a bender of female flesh that she had no desire to end any time soon.

Since that night Scarlett had been more or less exclusively lesbian, spending many nights in the comfort and pleasure of Eliza and Kirsten’s bed, and once they had told her about what was happening at the mansion it had become her obsession to go there. She had wanted nothing more than to see it for herself and, more importantly, feel the girl on girl ecstasy they both promised went on there.

At first Scarlett had actually thought they had been teasing her about this place. There was no way there was a mansion in Malibu where some of the most beautiful women in the world indulged in lesbian desires. She had laughed off Kirsten and Eliza’s stories, assuming they were making it up to try and get her hot. And even though the stories they told definitely had her dripping, she had still assumed they had just been the products of vivid, naughty imaginations.

How wrong she had turned out to be.

Last night Scarlett had seen and done things she never would have dreamed possible. Just as Kirsten and Eliza had promised, the mansion was filled with beautiful, sexually uninhibited women eager to let her join in the fun. Scarlett had never been shy, but she’d been private about her sexuality. She’d always figured it was no one’s business but her own and those she shared her bed with.

But at the mansion everyone was so open and uninhibited about their lust and Scarlett had found it so liberating. No one held anything back. She had seen some of the most beautiful women in the world, girls she had never expected to find into this lifestyle, fucking each other right in front of her without an inhibition in the world. Scarlett had seen such amazing debauchery in the bedrooms, the showers, the hallways and even the kitchen.

Hell there hadn’t been any place here that she hadn’t seen beautiful women fucking each other and, like so many others before her, now that she was here Scarlett never wanted to leave.

Scarlett never could have imagined that there was a place she could be with so many of the women she had fantasized about over the years. There had been so many hot thoughts in thr past about the wicked things she could do to girls like Rose McGowan or Jessica Alba or Christina Aguilera. But Scarlett had never thought she’d actually be able to do anything to them. It had just been fantasies to please herself, kind of like thinking of moving to a tropical island where she’d be treated day and night like a queen. You never actually moved, you just dreamed about it.

Then again she never could have imagined a reality of Kirsten Dunst marrying Eliza Dushku either and that had turned out to be a reality not even fantasy could equal. But now that she had actually seen and experienced the mansion, Scarlett had found something even more amazing than the bed of that loving couple and it was another thing her imagination could never have conjured as even possibly feasible.

Kirsten and Eliza had brought her and Hayden as their guests to the party last night and while the married couple had left before the sun had risen and she wasn’t quite sure what had become of Hayden, Scarlett hadn’t given a second of doubt to the idea of spending the night. In fact, they were going to have to drag her out of this place. All Scarlett wanted was more kissing, more touching and more coming. And since Sarah was the girl making her pussy drip right then, Scarlett wanted it from her.

“Oh God this place is so incredible,” Scarlett sighed rapturously as Sarah leaned down to suck her already swollen nipples. “Mmmm baby yessssssssss oooooooooh suck those tits! I know people fucking stare at them all the time but I don’t mind when girls do it! You can stare at my tits all you want Sarah as long as you kiss and lick them just like this! Mmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh suck my nipples Sarah! God, I love it here! You’re making me so fucking wet again! You and all your friends are making all my fantasies come true!”

One of those fantasies was to get a taste of ever inch of Natalie’s sexy body and Scarlett had definitely done that last night. And she hoped that once they did both eventually leave this place, the heat and passion they’d had for each other wouldn’t cool because Scarlett wanted another taste and more from her former co-star. But thoughts of Natalie could wait. Right now Scarlett wanted to focus on Sarah.

“Yeahhhhhh mmmmmm lick all over my tits,” Scarlett continued to urge as she continued massaging Sarah’s ass cheeks and kept the former slayer close to her bare body. “Oooooh yessssssss I love how your tongue feels Sarah! Mmmm lick those nipples! Ooooh suck on them too! God, you can even bite them! Yesssssssssss just like that Sarah! Fucking bite my big nipples and make me fucking feel it! Make those nipples all full and thick and suck on them good and hard! Mmmm yeahhhh you’re making my pussy drip by sucking my tits so good Sarah! You’re all so fucking hot here! I never want to ever leave!”

Sarah had heard those sentiments from many girls over the years and she never tired of it. Hearing it these days held even more special significance for her. Since she had left and come back, Sarah knew full well that the world outside the mansion walls couldn’t possibly compare to what was going on inside them. Sarah had no intention of ever leaving again and she would have loved it if Scarlett stayed right here with her.

“You’ve got such a hot body,” Sarah moaned as she pulled herself up from her blonde lover’s chest so their lips and tongues could touch again. “I got so wet last night when I saw you come in with Kirsten and Eliza. I wanted to fuck you the second I saw you. Mmmm I just wanted to drag you away and ravish you so you’d know how much you were turning me on in that little red dress with those big tits of yours sticking out like that! You had all of us drooling over your hot body Scarlett. Mmmm and I still just wanna fuck you over and over and over again until you can’t stand it!”

That sounded like absolute heaven to Scarlett and she let Sarah know it with another hot kiss. Their nude bodies were pressed together sensuously, with their tits rubbing each other. Sarah’s tits were naturally dwarfed by Scarlett’s but that scarcely mattered because Scarlett loved the feel of Sarah’s perky, incredibly firm pair mashing against her as much as Sarah loved feeling those soft, pillowy mounds of Scarlett’s.

But soon their breasts weren’t the only things touching. The wet lips of both of their hairless, glisteningly pink cunts rubbed together and Sarah quickly went for more. As she and Scarlett continued kissing, Sarah pressed herself to Scarlett’s lap and rubbed her pussy even harder with hers. Without any hesitation, Scarlett opened up her legs for Sarah to have better access and the two girls were quickly grinding themselves against one another.

“Ooooooooh yesssssssssssss rub my wet pussy with yours!” Sarah squealed when Scarlett began thrusting into her. “Mmmmm I love you squeezing my ass like that with those hot hands and I want your pussy juice all over my slit for you to lick it off just like I’m going to lick all my naughty juice off your sweet pussy! Do it Scarlett! Rub me while I rub you! Ooooooooooh fuck I love this! Harder Scarlett! Harder! I want to feel our fucking cunts kiss!”

Scarlett had been so surprised the night before to not only see all those girls be so uninhibited, but to witness how nasty they got with one another. She had heard talk which would have made sailors and porn stars blush and come rushing in with bars of soap to clean out everyone’s mouths. Not that Scarlett was offended or anything. Far from it. She loved to get nasty too if the situation called for it and it sure seemed like playtime at the mansion always called for it.

“Is that what you want baby? Mmmm our creamy, fucking cunts rubbing together so we can make each other all sticky and slutty?” Scarlett moaned as she felt pleasure shoot up her spine right to her waiting brain from the sensations of their soft, smooth pussy lips kissing each other in their lewd, wet grind. “Sarah, you’re fucking turning me on so bad! Ughhhh I didn’t even want to sleep last night! I just wanted to keep fucking you and all your hot friends! I was glad you tripped over us so I could get more of this! Keep rubbing me baby! Ooooooh yesssssssssss it feels soooo fucking good to have our pussies rubbing together! Mmmm I haven’t done this to a girl in so long but it feels so good! You all are making me never want to go back to men! Eliza and Kirsten were so right about you guys! You’re all so amazing and sexy and you’re making me feel so unbelievably fucking goooooooood!”

Scarlett cried out in rapture as the last word passed her lips. Sarah had begun rubbing against Scarlett harder, making sure their clits started mashing together. Sarah’s clit was already plumping up nicely and she could now feel that Scarlett’s was doing the same and quickly too. Sarah knew it wouldn’t be long until they were both coming from doing this to each other and she couldn’t wait. She loved the feel of grinding herself against another woman. It wasn’t artistic and it certainly wasn’t subtle. It was just hot, quick, nasty and fun.

Sarah also loved how Eliza and Kirsten had been out recommending them like this. No one wanted the word about the mansion to become too wide spread, but if it meant that girls like Scarlett and Hayden were going to become guests here, then as far as Sarah was concerned, her married friends could gossip as much as they wanted. A few rumors getting out about what really went on here was a worthy price to keep the stream of sexy, curious girls coming here to get their fantasies fulfilled.

The more girls that visited, the more Sarah could get closer to her own personal fantasy. Now she wanted nothing less than to fuck every hot girl to cross her path. She didn’t care if they were friends, casual acquaintances or absolute strangers. She wanted them all.

Her time away had left Sarah completely unable to hold herself back when it came to girl sex. The endless furnace of lust inside her never cooled and it left her feeling absolutely giddy. She had inhibited herself through her marriage and Sarah was never going to do that again.

“Let’s come together baby,” Sarah panted. Her breath was already getting short and ragged with ecstasy from the sensations of having her and Scarlett’s drooling pussies fused together in their hard, rugged grind on the floor. Sarah was getting off so hard just from the feel of Scarlett’s smooth, shaved pussy scissoring against her own pair of feminine lips.

“I wanna fucking come all over your pussy Scarlett,” Sarah said in between the happy gasps and moans that came from Scarlett and her humping against each other. “I wanna have our juices mix together and then 69 with you so we can lick each other clean. Mmmmm your pussy tasted soooo good last night and I’m dying to taste our juices all mixed up.”

That did sound pretty hot and yummy to Scarlett. Sarah had been absolutely delicious last night and Scarlett didn’t think it was false advertising for her to think she tasted pretty damn good too. Imagining being able to taste their juices together had Scarlett’s mouth watering and she could feel herself getting closer to orgasm each and every time her and Sarah’s clits kissed. It would have been so easy to just continue to sit here on the floor and scissor herself and Sarah to mutual orgasms.

But Scarlett wanted more. She could see Alyson starting to undress Natalie and that soft bed looked awfully lonely with just two girls in it Sarah had been very sincere before about insisting four girls could fit in her bed and Scarlett wanted to take her up on that offer without delay.

“Mmmmm yesssssssssss it feels goooood,” Scarlett moaned from their continued grind. “But I wanna do it on the bed Sarah. I don’t just want to rub you. Not when I can fucking taste you again! I want you baby! I need to eat your hot pussy! Let’s get in your bed. Please Sarah!”

Scarlett was being as insistent as she could without actually demanding Sarah get in her own bed. Sarah was having a lot of fun sitting on the blanket Scarlett and Natalie had slept under last night and feeling her beautiful lover’s plump, full clit rub against hers just right, but she didn’t want to deny her guest what she wanted. After all, it was always important to be a good hostess.

Reluctantly, and with a moan of disappointment from being denied immediate satisfaction, Sarah pulled her juicy pussy away from Scarlett’s and gave the busty blonde another long, lingering kiss.

“If the bed is what you want then lets get our asses in it,” Sarah smiled. “I don’t want Aly and Natalie to be the only ones having any real fun around here.”

Her pussy starting to drip down her thigh from being denied release, Sarah got off the floor and took Scarlett’s hand, pulling the girl up with her. The two then crawled up onto the bed just as Alyson was doing what she had been dying to do since Natalie had joined her by getting her nightshirt off.

“Mmmm much better,” Alyson said in appreciation when she threw the garment down onto the floor and left the gorgeous brunette in just her rainbow panties. “No more clothes on you Natalie. I think someone needs to remind you about the rules about clothing around here, or should I just go get Rose and have her punish you for it.”

“Oh no! Not that!” Natalie giggled as she well remembered when Rose had made her promise to never wear panties around the mansion again. Natalie had no idea what Rose would have in store for her if she caught her with them on, but she knew it would feel amazing. Everything Rose ever did to her always felt incredible.

“I’d better get these off then,” Natalie played along as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down. “I don’t want to be punished.”

“What do you want Natalie?” Alyson teased as she sexily caressed Natalie’s now bare tits and sensuously rubbed her fingers up over her hard, pink nipples. “What do you want me to do to you?”

Natalie knew exactly what answer Alyson was looking for and she didn’t hesitate to tell the girl just what she wanted to hear.

“I want to fuck!” Natalie purred, feeling her own nipples harden even more as she let dirty words start to drip past her lips. “I want to fuck you Alyson! I want to get you on your back and eat you out until you fill my mouth with all your hot juices! Mmmm is that what you want too Alyson? To fill my pretty mouth with your cum so it will drip down past my lips a little onto my chin before I get up there and kiss you and let you taste it too.”

“Ooooooooh naughty girl,” Alyson moaned. “God, who wouldn’t want that? You’re so fucking hot Natalie! I love hearing you talk like that and seeing you act all naughty!”

“I know,” Natalie grinned. “Mmmm that’s why I do it. I know people like seeing shy little Natalie act like a dirty, fucking slut desperate to get her pussy licked and fucked! But you know what’s better than talking like a dirty slut? Actually being one!”

Natalie then gave a sexy little laugh and pushed Alyson down onto the bed, just like she’d been wanting. Natalie wasn’t usually so aggressive but all of this was definitely working her up and she longed to taste Alyson’s pussy and get her tongue coated in sweet, delicious feminine juices.

Alyson didn’t fight Natalie at all, she just lay on her back as the younger girl kissed down her neck and onto her tits. Alyson moaned happily as Natalie’s tongue licked all over her swelling nipples and her hands caressed her firm mounds of breast flesh. Alyson couldn’t believe Sarah had let her sleep in before. This was much more fun than any sleep ever could be.

“Lower Natalie…lower,” Alyson carnally urged as Natalie paused briefly to finish pulling her own panties off. “I’m so wet!”

“Me too,” Natalie sighed as she kissed down Alyson’s beautifully pale stomach, which was one of the girl’s favorite erogenous zones. “My pussy is dripping now.”

“Mmmm gimmie those panties and let me see for myself,” Alyson commanded with a smile.

Natalie had been about to toss her panties onto the floor with her discarded shirt, but if Alyson wanted them then she was about to give them. Pulling up from the girl’s stomach, Natalie pushed her panties into Alyson’s hand and watched with lustful amazement as Alyson brought them up to her face and breathed in the scent of her arousal with deep gulps of oxygen.

“Ohhhh so nasty,” Natalie gleefully moaned as she couldn’t help but slide her hand between her own legs to rub at her pussy while she watched Alyson’s tongue dart out to lick her panties.

“Mmmmm you are wet,” Alyson said with a naughty twinkle in her eye as she continued to breathe in Natalie’s scent while tasting her arousal through her panties. “But I’m sure that little pussy of yours is even wetter now. I can’t wait to fucking lick it dry.”

That sounded so good to Natalie, but she was willing to let her own pleasure wait for now.

“I want to do you first,” Natalie declared as she resumed lavishing kisses all over Alyson’s stomach, making the girl quiver in the bed and moan from the shivers of ecstasy that traveled through her veins. “I want to make you come first Alyson. I’m starving this morning baby and I need some pussy to taste and lick and eat until I get all that yummy cream you have for me.”

Natalie then giggled from hearing herself talk so wickedly. She loved it. She loved how this place made her feel and how it inspired her to do all the naughty things her libido demanded. Natalie kept her one hand at her pussy, rubbing her tender, slippery lips as she kissed all over Alyson’s tummy and caressed the pale flesh with her other hand.

Alyson was someone who fascinated her and Natalie desperately wanted to make the girl feel good. She had never said anything to her about it, but Natalie was burning with curiosity about Alyson and the bondage games she played. Natalie had first seen Alyson’s kinky side at the orgy in Jamaica and since then her head had been filled with so many questions that she’d been too shy to ask.

Natalie had always been intellectually curious about so many things, particularly human behavior. Alyson got off on controlling others and making them obedient to her, rewarding them when they were good and punishing them when they were bad. It was scary and fascinating to consider the mindset that went into relishing control over someone else like that, but Natalie’s curiosity also went far beyond the intellectual.

Deep down Natalie had been wondering what it would be like to be one of Alyson’s slaves. She knew that Alyson had a special connection with girls like Shannon Elizabeth and Mena Suvari and there had been hints that there were others too.

Natalie had found herself wondering what it would be like to be one of them…to be a slave to a beautiful woman and have them command you and control you and make you bend to their sexual will.

Natalie had once had a boyfriend who liked to play those games. They had never gone too far or anything, but there had been times he had gotten rough with her and made her submit to him. And even though she had been a feminist all her life and prided herself on having a strong will and personality, Natalie had actually found herself getting wet from kneeling before him and whimpering that he was her master and she was his pet as he slapped her face with his cock and “forced” her to suck him.

Of course those games had always left Natalie feeling more than a little shame afterwards and they had broken up long ago. But when she was with girls, Natalie felt no shame at all. She had been literally fingered on stage to orgasm by Shannon and Mena, screamed to the world for Angelina Jolie to eat her and then had her virgin ass fucked for the first time by Rose McGowan when everyone at the mansion could see it.

She had let all her control of herself go to these gorgeous women and let them warp her to their desires while loving every single second of the experience of giving herself to them each and every time it had happened.

Natalie had let them strip away her inhibitions like they were ripping off her clothing and it had been so intoxicatingly sexual. It was a pure surrender to lust and Natalie had adored how excited it made her feel, like she was less a woman and instead was some kind of sexual beast caring for nothing but pleasure.

Wouldn’t playing those kinds of games with Alyson just be taking that feeling a little further? Would it feel good? Would it be a rush like she’d never felt before?

Natalie was very curious to have those questions answered and she knew that proving herself to Alyson was key. She didn’t just want to jump into it. Natalie knew Alyson had to first see she was worthy and she couldn’t think of a better way to start doing that than by making the beautiful girl come right here and right now.

Natalie could feel her own aroused juices drooling past her tight slit and onto her thighs from the sight of Alyson licking away at her panties and it was so tempting to just plant her pussy on the woman’s pretty face to let her taste her right from the source. But Natalie wanted Alyson to come first. Even though they had already been together before, Natalie wanted to make damn sure Alyson knew what she could do to another woman’s body.

Alyson’s pussy was also doing some serious drooling by this point and Natalie could feel the heat emanating from her. Alyson moaned and writhed happily on the bed as Natalie moved the hand that had been on her stomach onto her pussy and began sliding her fingers over her slippery, hot slit.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss,” Alyson groaned as she arched her back off the bed from the pleasure shooting up to her brain. “Good girl! Mmmm you know just where to touch Natalie!”

Natalie smiled, but didn’t say anything. She just continued to play with Alyson’s pussy while she also played with her own. She was hovering right above Alyson’s pussy now, loving how the woman was getting wetter by the second from her finger play. Even though her hair was dark now, Alyson still had a reminder of her natural red hair over her pussy.

Natalie stared at Alyson’s soft, neatly furry patch of red hair and thought to herself it was like a little puff of flame that had escaped the furnace of her pussy. She liked that a lot and pushed her wet fingers up to Alyson’s bush to make sure the tiny red hairs got suitably wet and sticky.

It was almost like she was finger painting Natalie thought to herself with a giggle as she rubbed her wet fingers all over Alyson’s bush and onto her thighs. She kept going back for more of Alyson’s juices, sliding her fingers up over her tender, pink slit and dipping them inside just enough to get her fingertips wetter before she resumed turning the lower half of Alyson’s body into a shiny work of art.

But while this was a fun little game she was playing, Natalie didn’t want to be a tease. She didn’t want Alyson to have to wait to feel her tongue and, more importantly, she didn’t want to wait to give her tongue to her. While still keeping one hand pressed to her own pussy, Natalie pushed her fingers back into Alyson again. This time, though, she went in deeper and spread open Alyson’s labia to expose the soaked, feminine delights beyond it.

“Oooooh you look so sexy and yummy,” Natalie couldn’t help but murmur before she ceased talking and put her lips to use by pressing them to Alyson’s cunt. She kissed the dripping girlflesh and slid her tongue out to start licking.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Alyson hissed in delight. “Mmmmm good girl! Lick me! Ohhhhhh Natalie yessssssssssss! Taste that fucking pussy! Get your tongue all over it and make me even wetter! Mmmmmmm gawwwwwwd you naughty little thing! You’re such a hot little pussy licker baby! Lick me everywhere! Mmmmm get every damn inch of my pussy!”

Alyson started to slowly rock on the bed, making her naked body jiggle sensuously. She loved the feel of Natalie’s wet tongue exploring all over her pussy. She loved how it would wiggle inside her and lap away at her pink folds and how the feel of that skilled, eager tongue would make her sensitive flesh tingle and tighten as her clit swelled and her need for orgasm grew.

God, Natalie was so good at eating pussy! Alyson couldn’t remember how many times they had played together, but she knew it hadn’t been enough.

As Alyson enjoyed the amazing head she was getting from Natalie, her hand reflexively pushed down on the girl’s head. Alyson knew she didn’t need to keep it there. Natalie obviously wasn’t about to pull away, but she did it anyway, more out of habit than of a need to keep Natalie in place.

Alyson always liked being able to hold down a beautiful woman to her pussy. It made her feel so in control, but since Natalie wasn’t one of her slaves, she thought about pulling her hand away and bringing it up to join the other one, which was happily squeezing her own tits and playing with her nipples.

But before Alyson could give any further thought to that, she found herself happily distracted. Sarah and Scarlett had joined them on the bed and Scarlett pushed Sarah down onto her own mattress, sending the sexy former slayer onto her back and right next to Alyson.

“Morning,” Sarah said with a little giggle as she found herself face to face with her best friend.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhh morning,” Alyson replied with another happy moan as Natalie hit a sensitive spot between her legs. “Oooooh now this is how you’re supposed to wake up!”

“Definitely,” Sarah agreed as she started some hot moaning of her own from the feel of Scarlett sexily squeezing her tits and sliding her tongue out to swipe at her rock hard nipples. “Mmmmm I should have woken you up like this Aly. Sorry I didn’t do this earlier.”

“You’re forgiven,” Alyson said with a smile as she closed the gap between their faces and did one of her favorite things in the world by kissing Sarah right on her pretty, pursed lips. “Mmmmm you’re definitely forgiven.”

Alyson was so happy that Sarah was back at the mansion. Of course part of that was selfish because it meant they could go back to the way things had been before and they could freely enjoy each other’s bodies without guilt or shame. But mostly she was happy because Sarah was happy.

Alyson had always known that Sarah had been fooling herself by pretending Freddie was making her happy. She didn’t belong with him. She belonged here. Alyson had seen that the marriage and forced separation from her friends was killing Sarah. It was crushing the spirit and cooling the fire that Alyson so adored about her best friend. But all that was in the past and Alyson was overjoyed that she and Sarah could be together again.

Now that Sarah was back here, it meant no more sneaking around and getting together for brief encounters that had always left Sarah miserable and Alyson feeling cheap. Alyson had found herself actually resenting her friend for treating her like that and denying herself what she truly needed just to try and prove some point, but all was forgiven and forgotten now.

Alyson never wanted there to be coldness and distance between her and Sarah and she made sure there wasn’t any now as she and her best friend passionately kissed each other. Alyson moved her hand up off Natalie’s head, but instead of getting it onto her own chest she brought it to Sarah’s. With a moan and a smile, Alyson began playing with Sarah’s tits, inspiring the blonde to do the same back to her.

Soon both girls were deeply making out and playing with each other’s tits, their attentions focused entirely on each other at the expense of the girls pleasuring them. But Scarlett didn’t mind. She thought it was beautiful to see Alyson and Sarah kiss like this. It was obvious how much they cared for each other and she loved being able to see the connection they shared. It gave their kisses and caresses so much extra meaning and Scarlett got off on the emotion.

Besides, this allowed her an easy excuse to pay attention to Natalie. Scarlett hadn’t reacted to Alyson taking over at Sarah’s tits and lips by sulking or anything. Instead she moved down the bed, kissing a trail on the soft flesh of Sarah’s body along the way, and got closer to Natalie.

The sight of Natalie’s tongue working over Alyson’s pussy was indeed a gorgeous one and Scarlett loved being able to see her sexy friend and former co-star bring pleasure to another woman. When they had filmed The Other Boleyn Girl together, Scarlett had fantasized so often about what a beautiful girl like Natalie could do to her and how good her tongue would feel between her legs, but she had never, ever dreamed it would actually happen.

This had been before Kirsten, Eliza and Hayden had reignited her lust for women and made her crave a lesbian touch nightly. So Scarlett had contended herself with only idly fantasizing about what Natalie would be like in bed and continuing to fuck whichever guys tickled her fancy.

She didn’t ever make any kind of serious move on seducing Natalie and never for a second had Scarlett thought that the girl might have actually been into it. They had gotten along great while filming, but Scarlett had just assumed Natalie was too shy and repressed to go for some girl on girl fun.

Then last night, Scarlett had found out how wrong that assumption had been. Not only was Natalie not even close to being the shy and repressed girl she had thought she was, but she’d been into girls the entire time they had been filming together and Scarlett had never picked up on it.

As she rubbed herself against Sarah’s bare body and watched Natalie feast on Alyson’s wetness, Scarlett pushed her hands between her legs and began fucking herself. She stared right at Natalie’s beautiful face getting shinier with every passionate lick she took against Alyson’s pussy and remembered fondly just how shocked she’d been the night before to walk past one of the mansion’s bedrooms to find Natalie just like this, naked and kneeling between another woman’s legs while licking away at her wetness.

At first Scarlett hadn’t even noticed Natalie. She had been too busy staring at the woman she had been licking. Scarlett had never paid scandal queens like Britney Spears much mind before, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t thought she was sexy. And watching the blonde singer naked on that bed, her big tits bouncing and her mouth frozen open in ecstasy had shown her just how sexy she was.

Scarlett had already been stripped down bare by then, the red dress that had so caught Sarah’s eyes having been removed long ago, and her pussy had still been tingling from the tonguing she had just gotten from Alyssa Milano. But that hadn’t made her any less horny to get a piece of Britney. One of the first things Scarlett had learned about this place was that when you saw something you liked you went for it and right then she had wanted Britney.

Scarlett had promised herself she would go completely wild when she was at the mansion and fucking one of the most gossiped about women on the planet was about as wild as you could get.

But just as she had been sauntering into the bedroom with the full intention of sitting right down on Britney’s face and seeing if she was as big a slut as the tabloids claimed she was, the singer had said something that had frozen Scarlett still.


Scarlett was no dummy. This had sure looked like a celebrity-only affair at the mansion and there logically couldn’t have been many other girls who had fit the description Britney had vocalized besides Natalie Portman. Scarlett hadn’t been able to see Natalie’s face when it was pressed up against Britney’s pussy, but the blonde had put two and two together immediately.

“Natalie?” Scarlett had gasped as she stood naked before the bed. It had been so hard to believe that Scarlett had almost thought her eyes had to be playing tricks on her.

“Huh?” Natalie had replied at the sudden mention of her name and when she looked up to see who was there she too was struck by sudden shock. “Oh my God! Scarlett?”

The two had stared at each other with their jaws on the floor, neither having known that not only had the other been into girls, but that they had both nursed serious lustful crushes on each other during filming. All that time they had never made a move on each other, but right then they had ended up staring right at each other’s naked bodies with their lust for women on full display.

Of course that shock had soon faded and Scarlett and Natalie had ended up showing Britney and each other a real hell of a time. Scarlett could still remember perfectly how amazing it had felt to be on her hands and knees on the bed next to Natalie as they kissed each other passionately while Britney went back and forth between them, licking their pussies from behind with a skill that had them both panting into each other’s mouths.

Mmmmm and then they had gotten into a 69 with each other and Scarlett had felt nothing but sweet, sweaty ecstasy from Natalie’s sexy body lying on top of hers as they both licked away at each other and worked off the pent up desire they had built for each other while filming.

Scarlett was already looking forward to many nights like that. She and Natalie had made a mistake by never hooking up with each other while on the set and she wanted to make sure they more than made up for all that lost time. With that in mind, Scarlett reached over and ran her free hand over Natalie’s bare ass, caressing her naked curves as the girl ate Alyson out.

The gesture got a happy moan from Natalie and she shifted her eyes up to shoot Scarlett a sexy stare while not even pausing in her licking of Alyson. They had fallen asleep in each other’s arms last night and the morning had done nothing to cool the passion the two actresses had for one another. Natalie’s eyes told Scarlett that as soon as she had finished having her way with Alyson’s pussy she would get hers next and that was a look Scarlett loved getting.

But Scarlett also didn’t want to get distracted from Sarah. Even though the girl was lost in her kissing and touching with Alyson, Scarlett wasn’t about to abandon her. She had felt how close Sarah had been getting on the floor before and Scarlett wanted to make sure Sarah’s need for pleasure was more than met. Scarlett was going to do everything she could for her hostesses to realize she was worthy of many future invitations to the mansion.

As she kept her hand on Natalie’s ass, Scarlett lowered herself even further so her face was right above Sarah’s pussy. Scarlett and Natalie were virtual reflections of one another, each of them perfectly positioned between another woman’s legs as they kneeled, side by side, on the bed. With one hand caressing Natalie’s perfect butt cheeks, Scarlett removed her other hand from her pussy. Her fingers were coated in her own juices and Scarlett eagerly licked them clean before getting them right back to work.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck!” Sarah cried happily, the pleasure of Scarlett’s nimble fingers penetrating the tight lips of her pussy causing her to break the kiss with Alyson. “Oooooh Scarlett baby yesssssssss!!! Feel how wet that pussy is for you! God your fingers feel so fucking good inside me! Mmmm you like that pussy baby? You like how tight and wet my little cunt is for you? Yesssssssss tight and wet for you to lick Scarlett!”

“I love how wet you are for me,” Scarlett enthused as she fucked Sarah to even louder cries of ecstasy with the thrusts of her hand. “Mmmm Sarah I want this pussy of yours! So tight and tasty! Feel those fingers in you baby! Get good and soaked for me so I can lick it all out like a good slut! I know that’s what you like! Eliza and Kirsten told me so! I want to be a total fucking slut for all of you! I want to show you how good I am and how nasty I can be!

Scarlett then leaned down and pushed her tongue out to lap at Sarah’s spread pussy lips. She kept thrusting her fingers into Sarah as she licked her and that quickly had the girl bucking wildly on the bed from pleasure. Scarlett tenderly licked away at Sarah while she let her fingers handle the rougher stuff. She finger fucked Sarah with gusto, sliding into her soft folds and rubbing just right against her pulsing clit.

With every buck and moan from Sarah on the bed, Scarlett held steady, running her tongue all over Sarah’s labia as her fingers explored her inside. She did all of this while still keeping her other hand on Natalie’s ass, alternating between squeezing and caressing her tight, sexy cheeks. Scarlett wanted her and Natalie to feel as connected as Sarah and Alyson did from their kissing and breast play.

For her part, Natalie definitely appreciated Scarlett’s hot touch and she lifted herself up a little higher from the bed so her friend could get an even better feel of her ass. She didn’t want to let it distract her though. As much as Natalie loved that her fantasies about her beautiful co-star had finally come true, she didn’t want to neglect Alyson. If Scarlett wanted to prove herself to Sarah, then Natalie was doubly committed to doing the same to Alyson.

Ever since her first amazing night with Kirsten and Eliza, Natalie had felt her confidence rise with every girl she had sex withj. After all the times she’d been with men who hadn’t been quite up to snuff, Natalie knew it was hardly as easy as snapping your fingers to get a woman to orgasm.

Getting a man to come was simple stuff. Getting a woman to come was a challenge and Natalie felt such a surge of pride when she was able to get another woman off. She knew she was getting better and better at it with each encounter and that made her a more confident, uninihibited lover.

As Alyson moaned and traded hot kisses with Sarah, Natalie fed off her juicy pussy. She sucked on her labia and cleaned the dripping juice right off her as her fingers spread apart her slit. Natalie went back and forth with her lips and tongue and when she wasn’t nursing on Alyson’s full pussy lips, she was licking her, sliding her tongue over her slit and burrowing inside to get at all the juice Alyson could feed her.

Natalie felt she was doing a pretty good job. She was giving Alyson’s pussy the wet, complete tongue bath it deserved and she could feel under her tongue how her lover’s clitoris was throbbing and ready for her. So Natalie was surprised when Alyson suddenly told her to stop. But Alyson’s intentions were soon crystal clear.

“Kiss me Natalie,” Alyson moaned from her back. “Get up here and let me taste myself all over your lips and tongue. Ughhhhh you’re making it feel so good Natalie, but I need to kiss you. I need to taste my hot juices all over you!”

That was an easy enough request to fill and, after giving Alyson’s slit one last long, hot lick, Natalie pulled away from her lover’s pussy. She immediately got herself up on top of Alyson and did just as the girl wanted by planting a kiss right on her lips. That meant pulling away from Scarlett’s hand, but Alyson quickly made up for it by reaching up to grip onto Natalie’s backside, keeping the girl on top of her as they rubbed their tongues together in a deep kiss.

Alyson moaned right into Natalie’s mouth as their tongues rubbed. She loved being able to taste herself all over another girl and Natalie was a great kisser. Alyson rewarded the younger girl for the kiss by squeezing her ass, something she knew Natalie would like. She was right on the money with that assumption and Natalie was soon rubbing herself against Alyson, making sure their soaked pussies touched.

“Mmmm such a good kisser,” Alyson sighed dreamily when their mouths separated, her body tingling both from the tonguing she had already gotten from Natalie and the tonguing she knew was still to come. But Alyson wasn’t just focused on Natalie or herself, not with Sarah so close by.

Alyson turned her head toward her friend and pressed her lips right to Sarah’s. Sarah had been in mid-coo from the pleasure of Scarlett’s tongue and fingers and her joyful sound grew even louder when Alyson began kissing her again. By this time Sarah knew the taste of Alyson’s juices as well as she knew her own and her moans grew even more as her friend fed her the taste that Natalie had just given to her via a kiss.

“Oh Alyyyyyy,” Sarah moaned rapturously when they both broke briefly for breath. “Kiss me baby. Mmmm I love tasting your juice. You taste so good. Mmmm.”

The two friends resumed kissing, their tongues touching as their lips smacked together again and again. Seeing Alyson’s attention was elsewhere now, Natalie wiggled away from her lover’s grip on her ass and began moving back downward on Alyson’s body. She kissed her way down Alyson’s body just as she had before, making sure that she got her lips and tongues all over the girl’s tits and stomach.

This got Alyson moaning right back into her kiss with Sarah and Natalie knew she was doing well. She took each moan from Alyson’s pretty lips as encouragement and that made her even more eager to get her lover off. But when she got down to Alyson’s pussy again she got a surprise before she could dive back in.

“No, not yet,” Scarlett urged as she pulled her tongue off of Sarah’s pussy. “I want a kiss too. Kiss me Natalie. I want to feed you like you fed Alyson.”

Natalie needed no convincing whatsoever. She just smiled and moved in to meet Scarlett’s lips. Natalie moaned when she tasted Sarah’s sticky sweetness on Scarlett’s lips. Kissing Scarlett in of itself was incredible, but the added bonus of being able to taste Sarah had Natalie getting even wetter.

“Alyson’s right,” Scarlett said when their kiss broke and the two girls swiped their tongues together once more. “You are a great kisser.”

“So are you,” Natalie smiled even brighter. She adored kissing Scarlett. It had been just as amazing as she had dreamed it would be over all those long weeks of filming when she had longed to kiss, touch and taste every inch of Scarlett’s incredible body but never had the nerve to try because she had assumed the blonde wouldn’t have been into it.

Scarlett and Natalie gave each other one more peck on the lips before getting back to Sarah and Alyson. Scarlett had never stopped working Sarah over with her fingers and Natalie now did the same to her lover. Alyson was already plenty wet and two of Natalie’s slim fingers were easily able to slide past her slit and into her pink treasure. Alyson groaned in immediate pleasure and began humping herself against Natalie’s probing fingers, hoping to urge them inside her deeper and harder.

That was exactly what Natalie gave to Alyson and she began to finger fuck the sexy brunette with more passion. Alyson’s bulging clitoris was easily trapped between her fingers and Natalie rubbed it hard with every motion of her hand, which naturally made Alyson do some serious shaking on the bed. Alyson’s tender bud was perfectly trapped between Natalie’s fingers, but she didn’t let her tongue rest. Instead, Natalie followed Scarlett’s lead and leaned down to lick away at the tight pinkness she was fingering.

Scarlett had already resumed doing this to Sarah. She loved seeing how Sarah’s completely bald pussy was glistening all over from the sheen of arousal. It was so smooth and pretty, just like her own was, and Scarlett noted to herself that sometime in the very near future she needed to make sure and finish what they had started before and rub each other to orgasm.

Scarlett could feel the grip of Sarah’s cunt lips tightening around her fingers and taste how the juices from her slippery pussy were getting hotter and creamier. That only made her want to lick and fuck Sarah harder and she did just that, sucking hornily on Sarah’s labia and then diving inside her, licking what her thrusting fingers spread open so effectively.


Scarlett certainly didn’t have an answer for why she’d never been invited into the fun earlier. She hadn’t known about this place until Eliza and Kirsten had told her, but if she had she would have camped out in front of the gate until they had let her in.

“Mmmm yeahhhhh Sarah keep talking like that,” Scarlett urged in between licks as Sarah’s words satisfied both her lust and her ego. “I love hearing it! I want you to think I’m good! I want to come back here again and again! I just want to keep fucking all of you sexy girls and never stop!”

“YESSSSSSS DON’T STOP!!! DON’T STOP!!!” Sarah breathlessly urged as her chest heaved with panting desire from the double attack of Scarlett’s tongue and fingers. “PLEAAAAAAAAAASE DON’T STOP NOW!! OOOOOOH YOU CAN COME BACK ANYTIME YOU WANT SCARLETT!!! MMMMMMM YOU BOTH CAN!!! YOU AND NATALIE!!! JUST DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!!! OOOOOOOOH SO CLOSE!!!”

Scarlett and Natalie both loved the sound of that, even though Natalie had long ago secured an open invitation to the mansion. It was always nice to hear that promise renewed. And for Scarlett, hearing it for the first time just made her want Sarah’s girl cream even more. She was famished for some cum by now and she worked over Sarah’s pussy even harder with her tongue and fingers.

Whatever her fingers weren’t rubbing, Scarlett was licking. She had done this to more than enough girls over the years to know how to keep her tongue and fingers in synch and avoid them wildly crashing into each other. Her skills worked to perfection on Sarah and when her fingers pinched down forcefully on the girl’s clitoris, Sarah began to fall over the edge.

Sarah writhed and ground her ass hard into her bed sheets as she felt every muscle in her body tense up in anticipation of a sweet release. Her body was tingling from head to toe and it was like she could feel every drop of sex sweat running off her naked body. Sarah liked these little moments. It was like the calm before the orgasmic storm. But of course Sarah loved the storm even more.

“More Scarlett pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase mooooore,” Sarah mewed, her voice soft and slightly weak as she found all her energy drawn toward her pussy as it lay ready to explode. “Just a little more! Please make me come! Ohhhhhh gawwd you’re so good at fucking girls! Mmmmmmmm you’re driving me crazy Scarlett! You had me ready to burst on the floor when we were grinding and you’re even better with your tongue and fingers! Ughhhhhhhhh you’re gonna make my pussy cream so fucking hard baby if you just give me a little more!”

“Yesssssssssssss cream for me,” Scarlett lustfully urged, her normally husky voice as thick as molasses as she felt her own desire grip her. “Cream my fucking face Sarah! Mmmmm soak me with your hot girl cum just like you and all your sexy friends did last night! Make me eat your cum and swallow it down! I can still fucking taste you and Alyssa and Britney and Rose and Jessica and everyone from last night and I want more! I need more from you Sarah! Give it to me! Gimmie more of your yummy fucking girl cum to taste!”

But Scarlett didn’t just ask for it. She went and got it. Diving back down with her tongue, Scarlett attacked Sarah’s clitoris. Her fingers had kept on pinching and rubbing it, keeping it pulsing, and when her tongue started slapping against it with precise aim and vigorous speed, Sarah burst in an orgasmic flood of juice against Scarlett’s eager face.


The only thing that quieted Sarah was another sexy kiss from Alyson. Scarlett wasn’t about to miss a drop of Sarah’s orgasm and when she moved her fingers away from her clit, it was only so she could better get the creams dripping from her quivering pussy. She let them soak her fingers with the full intention of feeding them to herself as soon as the orgasmic tremors in Sarah ceased.

It took a few minutes for that to happen and when it did, Sarah slumped back in her bed, her body glowing with sweat and sexual fulfillment. Scarlett then made good on the promise she’d made herself and slowly removed her fingers from Sarah’s tightness to lick them clean.

God, that girl tasted so damn good. Scarlett moaned from being able to taste the delicious girl honey soaking her fingers and the little coos from Sarah’s still trembling body mixed with the moans to make a sweet harmony for anyone who was listening.

However, Alyson and Natalie were a little too distracted to take notice. Alyson’s own orgasm was very close now as well and Natalie didn’t want her waiting a second longer than absolutely necessary. Natalie felt a little bad that Sarah had come first. She had wanted to show off to Alyson and not have her think that Scarlett was a better lover than she was.

But Natalie had nothing to worry about. Alyson never viewed sex as a race and she loved everything that Natalie’s slim fingers and sexy, wet tongue were doing to her needy, wet pussy.

“Don’t stop Natalie,” Alyson pleaded as she rested her head on Sarah’s happily shivering body, nestling herself right up against her best friend’s breasts. “Fuck me! Oooooooooooh you’re making me so fucking wet but I need more! More tongue! More fingers! More everything! Fuck me hard Natalie! Make me fucking feel it! Fuck me like the slut I am! Take my dirty little cunt and make it cream!!!”

“Oooooh yessssssssss anything you want Alyson,” Natalie squealed, loving the sound of this lewd order from her lover. “I’m a fucking dirty slut too! I can be as nasty as you want me to be! Mmmmmmm I’ll fucking eat you and fuck your hot cunt and be so nasty! I’ll totally be your good little bitch!”

Natalie kept her fingers working over Alyson with gusto. The girl was so wet that her juices were running down Natalie’s hand to her wrist and Natalie loved it. She wanted Alyson’s cum all over her. And Sarah’s. And Scarlett’s. And everyone else’s. She wanted to leave this place today looking and feeling like a nasty porn star crawling out from the bottom of a 20 girl orgy pile.

As Natalie’s fingers picked up speed and force, thrusting in and out of Alyson’s slippery snatch, she pushed her tongue in too. She licked as quickly as she could while still taking care not to become sloppy. She dragged her tongue over Alyson’s clitoris and tended to the dripping folds before her.

That had Alyson crying out her pleasure in no time and Natalie picked things up even more by resting her tongue and getting her mouth to work. Natalie was very hungry this morning and she proved that by latching her lips right to Alyson’s pussy.

This time it was no gentle kiss like she had given Alyson’s pussy before. Natalie was like a woman possessed as she sucked away at Alyson’s cunt, making the no longer redheaded girl claw at the sheets in ecstasy.


Natalie nearly creamed her own pussy without even touching herself just from hearing Alyson scream out her praises like that. Everywhere else in the world Natalie wanted to be known for her brains and for her talent and not for just being sexy. But here all she wanted was to be a slut and fuck and lick every hot girl that moved. She didn’t want to hide her desires here. She wanted to be nasty and dirty and so fucking slutty for all her beautiful, famous girlfriends.

Natalie was ferocious in her approach to getting Alyson off. She practically devoured the girl’s cunt as she pleasured her. Her mouth sucked away at Alyson’s essence, not breaking for anything as she gulped in air through her nose. Natalie’s fingers worked into Alyson too, sliding up into her from underneath as her mouth snacked away.

Alyson had never felt this kind of energy from Natalie before. She’d been really good in the past, but not like this. Alyson loved it. It was making her sweat and writhe and groan and do all the things she loved about girl sex. Her head was buzzing and she knew her orgasm was close at hand. Natalie’s fingers were rubbing just right against her clit and her mouth was doing the rest.

But Alyson had no intention of just lying there and coming, not when she was getting such a lustful look from Scarlett. Scarlett was staring at her with the jealous look that showed she wished she was the one feasting away at her pussy and not Natalie.

Alyson thought evilly for a second about having the two friends fight each other for the chance to make her come, but she quickly dismissed it. Loving was much more fun than fighting and Alyson knew just what Scarlett needed.

“C’mere,” Alyson moaned as her breath quickened and her words became hard to summon. “Bring that fucking pussy to me Scarlett!”

Scarlett hadn’t asked for it, but she had been hoping for just this kind of attention. Sarah was still all dreamy and smiley from her afterglow and Scarlett knew she was going to need a few minutes to recover. That left her horny and needy, but not upset.

On the contrary, Scarlett took it as high praise that she could knock Sarah for a loop like that. The only downside was that it had meant waiting for her orgasm, but fortunately Alyson had taken mercy on her.

“Are you hungry Alyson?” Scarlett teased as she set her naked body up over Alyson’s face and hovered her pussy over her mouth close enough for her to flick her tongue out over and taste her smooth slit.

“Fucking starving,” Alyson groaned. “Feed me Scarlett! Bring that little slut pussy of yours down now and fuck my face! Gimmie your cum Scarlett! I’m gonna eat your fucking wet cunt alive just the way Natalie’s eating mine! Fuck me Scarlett! DO IT NOW YOU BIG TITTED WHORE!!!”

That sudden burst of profane energy was something Alyson’s frequent lovers always expected from her, but it took Scarlett by surprise. She didn’t let it throw her though. She just played along and pressed her pussy right to Alyson’s waiting lips.

“Oooooh yes mistress,” Scarlett said with a giggle of anticipation before she was overtaken almost immediately with bliss as Alyson not only furiously worked her tongue into her pussy, but also smacked her bare ass hard with a sizzling and most welcomed slap.

“OOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Scarlett gleefully cried. “God Alyson! Ohhhhhh fuck! Make my ass sting! Damn that’s fucking good! Eat me Alyson! Ohhhhhhhhh God fucking eat me like that while you’re slapping my ass! You want me to be a whore? Then make me one! Eat my pussy and make me into your fucking bitch whore who loves creaming your pale face with girl cum!”

Scarlett had no idea what Alyson’s hobbies were so she never would have guessed that calling the girl ‘mistress’ on a playful whim would result in such sudden ecstasy. Alyson’s tongue felt like she had stuck a vibrator inside her pussy and turned it to high right away. That girl was a pussy licking demoness and Scarlett was quickly lost in rapture.

It felt so good, so fast that she barely remembered to move and it took another hard smack to her naked ass to get Scarlett in motion. Scarlett cried in even louder pleasure and got the message not to be a damn statue. She began energetically fucking Alyson’s face, rubbing her wet pussy all over her and bouncing up and down on her as hard as she could manage.

When she had sat down on Alyson’s face, Scarlett had taken the reverse cowgirl position which left her staring right down at Natalie as the girl kneeled down between Alyson’s legs and drove her beyond the heights of ecstasy with her mouth and fingers. Scarlett had done this on purpose so she could get a hot look at Natalie getting Alyson off and Natalie certainly appreciated the view she got from her end as well.

Natalie wasn’t so locked in on her task that she didn’t look up when she saw all the movement. Her smile was covered by Alyson’s pussy, but Natalie had definitely beamed as she’d watched Scarlett press her beautiful, naked self down on Alyson’s face. Natalie had dreamed about seeing Scarlett naked for so long before last night and her body had been even more gorgeous than she had envisioned.

There was so much about Scarlett that was beautiful, but Natalie couldn’t help but stare the most at her friend’s large tits. It was almost impossible to not gawk at them, especially when they were naked and extra especially since Natalie could still so vividly remember how good those tits had felt against her pussy last night when Scarlett had rubbed her with her soft, full chest until she’d cum and soaked those delicious mounds in girl cream.

It was a losing battle to try and keep from gawking and Natalie not only knew it, she sensed Scarlett knew she knew it. So Natalie didn’t even try not to stare. She let her eyes drift right up while her mouth kept busy attacking Alyson’s pussy.

If there was anything that could distract her from Alyson’s deliciously dripping pussy it was the hypnotic site of Scarlett’s tits bouncing up and down as she fucked Alyson’s face. Mmmmm those big tits looked so good. Natalie couldn’t take her eyes off them even as she ate Alyson out.

Scarlett not only saw Natalie’s stare she could feel it too. But just like with Sarah, she had absolutely no problem with Natalie gawking at her bare chest. In fact, she encouraged it. As she fucked herself hard on Alyson’s face, crying happily with each thrust of Alyson’s tongue inside her, Scarlett grabbed at her own breasts, squeezing and massaging them as she put on a show for Natalie’s tit hungry benefit.

Natalie quickly realized that Scarlett was playing it up for her and she appreciated it. She definitely wanted to show her appreciation all over Scarlett’s big breasts as soon as she had the chance, but first she was committed to Alyson. Natalie could taste just how close her lover was and just as she was about to really push her, she got some sudden help.

“Share her with me,” Sarah lustfully breathed right into Natalie’s ear. “I wanna taste her pussy too. Please Natalie. Let me lick her with you.”

Part of Natalie felt greedy. She had done all this work getting Alyson close and she didn’t want to give her up now that she was on the verge of orgasm. But Natalie was always generous and that extended to sex as well as life. Besides it wasn’t like she could deny one of her hostesses, could she?

“Lick where I’m fucking,” Natalie instructed as she pulled her creamy, sticky fingers out of Alyson’s cunt. Sarah immediately took those fingers into her mouth and sucked them clean of Aly essence without a second’s delay. Sarah was smiling widely as she smacked her lips and pulled off Natalie’s fingers.

“Yummy,” Sarah smiled. “I’ll lick anywhere you want Natalie. Anywhere.”

As Sarah said this she reached in between Natalie’s legs and petted her wet pussy, making Natalie quiver and moan. But the two girls quickly refocused on Alyson. Natalie moved up every so slightly to give Sarah room and slammed her mouth back down on Alyson. She resumed sucking away at her pussy as Sarah got down flat on her tummy and slid her tongue up into Alyson to lick where Natalie’s fingers had just been.

That meant licking Alyson’s clitoris and that was a job Sarah was very, very experienced in. She and Natalie weren’t used to working as a team, but they didn’t take long to fall into a rhythm. Natalie sucked on Alyson’s cunt with passionate gulps and Sarah licked hard against Alyson’s clit. Sarah knew every bit of her friend’s pleasure bud by then and it was no challenge for her to lick exactly where Alyson liked it. And with Natalie’s skillful sucking continuing too, Alyson was quick to give the two the orgasm they sought.


Alyson was silenced by Scarlett’s pussy muffling her cries when the blonde resumed fucking her face, but the evidence of her orgasm was all over Sarah and Natalie as they giggled in delight at the taste of their friend’s sexy, sweet cum cream all over their lips and tongues. They both sucked Alyson together, drawing out her orgasm even longer and getting themselves an even better taste in the process.

Even though she was coming, Alyson didn’t lessen her efforts at Scarlett one bit. She was having way too much fun eating this hot, delicious pussy for the first time to even think of pausing. Alyson had had eyes for Scarlett all night at the party, but hadn’t had a chance to hook up with her until now.

That meant she was going to make the most of it and Scarlett was so hot and worthy of a good licking that it was easy for Alyson to keep on tonguing her even as her body surged with ecstasy and pleasure filled every inch of her. That would have distracted just about anyone else, but not Alyson. She kept her hands latched to Scarlett’s curvy, beautiful ass and held her in place so the grinding, thrusting girl would never get too far from her tongue.

“Ohhhhhh God Alyson! Oohhhhhhhh my fucking God you’re so damn hot!” Scarlett cooed as she continued to roughly fondle her own tits while face fucking Alyson. “Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh Eliza said you were fucking amazing at eating pussy and she was selling you short! Yesssssss eat me Alyson! Oooooooooooh I love your tongue deep in my pussy! Yessssssssss fucking tongue my goddamn wet cunt you horny little slut! Tongue fuck it hard just like that! Yeahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh that tongue feels so good buried in my pussy and slapping my clit around! Ughhhhhh you know right where to lick you nasty girl! Yeahhhhh I fucking love it! Oooooooooh ooooooooh oooooooooooh!!!”

Hearing Scarlett cry out like that got everyone worked up, especially Natalie. She hadn’t felt so much as one lick against her pussy since they’d woken up and her desire was burning inside her like a raging fire hopelessly out of control. She and Sarah were passionately kissing and sharing the cum they had just licked out of Alyson, but as much as Natalie loved the kissing she knew it was another pair of lips on her body that needed attention the most.

Natalie hissed into Sarah’s mouth as she reached down between her legs and began rubbing her own pussy. God, she was fucking soaked! Her fingers immediately became slick with desire and Natalie knew she wasn’t going to make it much longer without relief. It would have been so easy to just lie back and get Sarah’s face in her pussy. She knew Sarah could give incredible head and she knew Sarah would have gladly eaten her out.

But as hot as Natalie found Sarah, and she thought the girl was amazingly sexy and a terrific fuck, the girl Natalie wanted most was Scarlett. She had fantasized for so long about the beautiful blonde and after they had played for the first time last night, Natalie wanted to grab every opportunity she had to be with her. Including this one.

Wiggling away from Sarah, Natalie pressed herself right up to Scarlett’s busty body and kissed her hard, feeding her the last of the Alyson cum she had on her lips and tongue. Scarlett immediately accepted this generous gift and kissed Natalie right back. Their tits rubbed together, Scarlett’s easily overwhelming Natalie’s smaller pair, but neither girl cared about the size of their chests then, not when it felt so good for their swollen, aching nipples to touch.

Natalie cried out in need as Scarlett’s soft, pillowy tits pressed into hers, their hard nipples rubbing together. Natalie reached up and grabbed at those heavy breasts, squeezing them and massaging them as Scarlett moved her own hands away and onto Natalie’s chest to do the same. The two girls kissed and fondled each other with all the pent up passion they’d stored for one another during filming and soon Natalie made her intentions clear.

“Lie on your back Scarlett,” Natalie instructed. “I need to fuck you! I need to taste that pussy again! I need to make you come!”

Scarlett had absolutely no complaints about the job Alyson was doing. She was licking her so well in all the right places and Scarlett wanted to feel this tongue of hers many more times after this morning. But even with that in mind, she couldn’t deny Natalie. Not when Natalie had fucked her so good last night and not when she had wanted her for so long.

“Mmmmm naughty girl, ordering me around, making me get on my back so you can get at my pussy,” Scarlett moaned. “Is this what you want Natalie? You want to taste my cream again? You want to get your tongue back in my cunt so you can lick it good like you did last night? You want more of this taste baby?”

Scarlett stuck two of her fingers down between her legs and past her slit to quickly get them sticky. She hadn’t moved an inch from Alyson’s face and the feel of her own fingers along with the horny woman’s tongue was absolute heaven. She loved having fingers and a tongue together in her pussy, but Scarlett didn’t linger on that feeling for too long. She got her fingers wet and then yanked them out to push them right into Natalie’s waiting mouth.

“Mmmmm,” Natalie groaned in carnal delight as she was fed Scarlett’s juicy fingers. “Yesssssssss want that taste! I want your fucking cunt Scarlett! Mmmm yessssss it’s making me so wet to act nasty like this! I wanna fuck you again Scarlett! I want Sarah and Aly to see how wet you make me! I want them to see how good I can eat you out! I want them to see us make each other come like fucking sluts again! Oooooh just like we did last night when we were 69ing and Britney and Christina worked those toys up our asses and fucked us like naughty whores!”

Scarlett had come so many times last night from the feel of Natalie’s soft tongue in her pussy and Britney’s hard toy in her ass. God, just the memory of it made her pussy quiver. They had had so much fun last night. So, as good as Alyson was, Scarlett wanted Natalie to be the one to finish her off this morning.

Without a moment’s more delay, Scarlett pulled away from Alyson’s tongue and lay back on the bed for Natalie to get at her. The brunette immediately attacked the blonde and Scarlett hadn’t even settled in and rested her head against the pillow before Natalie aggressively slung her legs open and dove in.


“Heyyyyyyy!” Alyson protested, a little peeved at having been denied the prize of Scarlett’s orgasm. She had done all the work and now Natalie was getting the cream. That hardly seemed fair. But fortunately, Alyson had a friend nearby to make sure she didn’t get too lonely.

“Poor Aly,” Sarah said with a smile as she lay next to her best friend and pressed their naked bodies together. “Mmmm let me kiss it and make it better.”

Any disappointment Alyson felt over not having the chance to finish Scarlett off was immediately eased as soon as Sarah kissed her lips. Nothing calmed her fires more than a good kiss and soon Alyson was only thinking good thoughts as her and Sarah’s tongues rubbed together and their sex-glistening bodies touched as one.

Sarah and Alyson were soon lost in their tongue kisses as their nipples rubbed so sensuously against the others. Their hands were all over each bodies, caressing each other’s firm stomachs and down to the curves of their asses and between their legs so they could feel the wetness that still dripped out of each other’s pussies. They moaned happily as their kisses deepened and they barely heard any of the frantic cries that came from Scarlett as she neared her own orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhh God…ohhhhhh God…shit…yesssssssss…ooooooooooh Natalieeeeeee babyyyyyyyy yesssssssss ooooooooooooh YESSSSSSSS THAT’S THE SPOT!!! OOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS THERE BABY THERE!!!” Scarlett cried as her breaths turned into quick gulps of oxygen and her pulse quickened from the endorphins running through her veins.

Her voice grew in passion as she neared her explosion from Natalie’s talented tongue burrowing just right into her pinkness and going after her bulging, waiting clitoris.


Natalie had asked herself that question a million times since last night. She had been too shy to make a move on Scarlett on all those weeks, stretching into months, they had been together. She had never thought Scarlett would have gone for it and she cursed her own insecurity now. Now that she could see just how into it Scarlett was, Natalie only wished she could turn time back so she and her blonde friend could have spent all those lonely nights on the set ravishing each other.

But as smart as she was, Natalie hadn’t quite cracked the mystery of time travel yet and that forced her to live in the present. And the present was quite good indeed because she had Scarlett’s perfectly smooth and delicious pussy slamming against her face.

Scarlett was bucking and shaking on the bed as her orgasm neared and Natalie met each and every one of the wet thrusts she shoved against her face by working her tongue right up into Scarlett’s snatch. Natalie craved her blonde friend’s cum so badly and she was going to let nothing deter her from getting it.

She wanted to urge Scarlett to come for her. She wanted her friend to know how badly she wanted to taste her cream and have it soak her face so all of them could lick it all off her. Natalie wanted Scarlett to know how tongue fucking her was making her own pussy quiver with wanton lust and how her lust was making her whole body ache. But she didn’t want to stop licking long enough to say it. So she simply expressed her message by letting her tongue lick right on the spots Scarlett loved to be touched.

Natalie was beaming as she fed off Scarlett’s pussy. She’d wanted this for so long and not a bit of it had disappointed her. She had loved tasting every drop of Scarlett’s juices last night and this morning she wanted them even more. As Scarlett cried, moaned, screamed and bounced on the bed for her, her beautiful, big tits quaking, Natalie just kept licking until Scarlett could hold back no longer.


Scarlett’s words became quite indecipherable right after that, as she descended into the ancient and lost language of pure pleasure. She spasmed violently on the bed in orgasm as Natalie sucked and licked the cream right out of her. Through it all Natalie stared right up from between her legs and gave Scarlett the amazing view of her hottest gaze, her eyes letting her know that they would be doing this to each other every chance they got from now on.

As Natalie kept her tongue licking away, Scarlett soaked her in her sexual essence. She screamed and cried in rapture, all her words lost in the haze of her pleasure. Knowing it was Natalie between her legs just made Scarlett’s orgasm even more powerful and when she finally regained the ability to speak, Scarlett had just two words to offer.

“Your turn,” Scarlett moaned. She didn’t want to rest. Not for a second. She just wanted Natalie’s pussy against her mouth and she wanted it now.

Naturally that was exactly what Natalie wanted too and they got right down to it before Sarah or Alyson could barely blink. Scarlett stayed right where she was, flat on her back on the bed, her breaths still coming in ragged gasps as she recovered from the ecstasy of her orgasm. It was Natalie who changed positions and pressed herself right up to Scarlett’s face, rubbing the soaked lips of her pussy against Scarlett’s mouth.

“Ooooooh Natalie, baby you’re so fucking wet,” Scarlett moaned. “God, you’re fucking soaked! Mmmm this pussy needs just what I’m gonna give it.”

Scarlett didn’t have to say another word. In fact Natalie preferred she didn’t. She just wanted Scarlett to start licking and that was exactly what the blonde did, grabbing Natalie by her exquisite ass and holding her down to her mouth as her tongue pushed up and into her cunt, penetrating her tight folds and greedily lapping away at her juices.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!” Natalie immediately cried most blissfully. She’d been waiting for so long for her turn that it took a lot of effort on her part to keep from coming just from Scarlett’s first lick. “Ooooooooooooooooh more Scarlett!!! More! Eat me up! Eat my wet pussy up! Taste how juicy all you sexy girls got me! Yessssssssss!!! Ahhhhhhh yessssssssssss!!!”

As Scarlett’s hands pressed down firmly against her ass, holding her in place by her cheeks, Natalie planted her palms down on the bed, one on each side of Scarlett’s head to stabilize herself. Natalie was in cowgirl position facing the wall, so that didn’t give her much to look at. But the view scarcely mattered because her eyes were closed anyway.

She had them screwed shut as she rode Scarlett’s face, loving every second of her tongue licking up her juices and making her even wetter and hotter for the orgasm she knew was just a few ticks of the clock away.

Natalie didn’t want to dwell on it, but she still couldn’t help but curse her own shyness and tentativeness. She had lusted after Scarlett every day on the set, but had feared what would happen if an advance was spurned. All her friends at the mansion had urged her to be bold, telling her how sexy she was and how she could have any girl she wanted, but Natalie had chickened out of so many opportunities to be with Scarlett.

She wished she could have all those chances back because Scarlett was so good in bed. She was just as hot a fuck as Natalie imagined she would be. Her tongue felt amazing in her pussy, licking at her juice soaked folds and making her clitoris throb. Natalie felt the walls of her cunt clamp down on Scarlett’s tongue and her whole body was alive with sensitivity. Every nerve was dancing and jumping and Natalie adored how her sensitive body tingled from the drops of sex sweat that were starting to run down her bare flesh.

“So goooooood oooooooooooh sooooooo fucking good!” Natalie cried. “I love how you lick me Scarlett! Ughhhhh yesssssssssss my pussy is fucking dripping for that tongue! You like that Scarlett? Oooooooh yesssssssss I know you do! You love how much my pussy drips into your mouth! Mmmmmmmm feeding you my hot fuck juices and making you see how nasty I can get! Yeahhhhhhhhh I’m a fucking slut too! Just like everyone here! Oooooooooh I can’t fucking get enough and you’re driving me wild Scarlett! Yeahhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhh fuck me with your tongue! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss you’re giving my pussy just what it needs! More Scarlett! More licking! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssss!!!”

Sarah and Alyson loved the show they were getting. They had a perfect view of Natalie wildly humping her wetness against Scarlett’s face, thrusting her pussy against her in a nasty, juicy grind that had Scarlett’s beautiful features sticky and shiny and no time. They could even steal their eyes downward toward Scarlett’s open legs as she lewdly kept her own pussy exposed to show off how she was still pretty damn wet with lust herself.

But just watching was never as good as joining in and Sarah and Alyson couldn’t simply lie back and have this hot action go on in front of them. They wanted a piece of the fun too. And since Natalie had so patiently waited her turn they decided to focus all their energies on her.

As Natalie continued riding Scarlett’s tongue, rocking herself furiously against her face, Sarah and Alyson fell on her. Since Natalie’s eyes were closed she had no idea the two girls had even moved until she felt them on her body and that made the surprise even more intense.

Alyson went right for Natalie’s tits, rubbing the sexy, firm mounds with her soft hands as she stimulated the girl’s super sensitive nipples. Sarah did one better, crawling right behind Natalie and adding her tongue into her pussy right alongside Scarlett’s.


Natalie thrashed her head around as she screamed. Being last to come in a group sometimes had its advantages and having three sexy women working you completely over was definitely one of them. Two tongues licking her pussy was absolute heaven to Natalie and soon she was timing herself to rock back and forth so she could juicily fuck herself against Scarlett’s tongue and then Sarah’s and back to Scarlett’s and so on and so on as her orgasm got closer and closer.

“OOOOOOOOH SO CLOSE!!! SOOOOOOO FUCKING CLOSE!!!” Natalie cried, her eyes screwing shut again as she felt the pleasure grip her naked body. She had Alyson kneeling in front of her to suck and play with her tits, Scarlett on her back underneath her licking away and Sarah kneeling in back of her, spreading her butt cheeks open to lick away at her pussy from behind. There wasn’t anything more Natalie could ever need to feel good.

Scarlett quickly adjusted to Sarah’s presence and without even saying a word to one another, they fell right into a planned attack. As Sarah licked away at Natalie’s juicy pinkness, Scarlett sucked on her clitoris. She latched her lips to it and gave Natalie’s tender bud just the loving care it needed to push the sexy, screamingly sweaty girl right over the edge.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” Natalie screamed as she felt her body snap and thrash from the rush of orgasm she willingly let assault her. Oh God it felt so fucking good! Two tongues on her pussy while her tits were being sucked! It was perfection and Natalie cried out to the heavens as she came.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GODDDDD YESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK MMMMMMMMM YEAHHHHHHH COMINGGGG SO FUCKING HUUUUUUUUUUUGE!!!” Natalie exclaimed as the three women playing with her took her to ecstasy and beyond.

As Natalie shook and rocked on the bed, all three of her lovers made sure she was as stimulated as possible. Alyson treated her breasts with all the loving worship they demanded, caressing them with her soft, sensual touch as her lips and tongue bathed her nipples and Sarah and Scarlett licked every cummy drop right out of Natalie, draining her pussy as her voice got hoarse from the screams of ecstasy.

When Natalie finally had to pull off of Scarlett and away from Sarah, she collapsed back onto the bed, smiling from ear to ear of her flushed face as she gasped for breath. But even though Natalie had come, her friends weren’t quite done with her. Scarlett immediately fell upon the glowing brunette to kiss her passionately and push the juices she had collected right into the waiting mouth of the girl who had just fed them to her.

Natalie immediately and gratefully accepted this delicious treat. She loved tasting herself after an orgasm and as soon as Scarlett pulled away, it was Sarah’s turn to give Natalie a long, hot tongue kiss while feeding her back her cream. Sarah caressed Natalie’s face as they kissed, their tongues rubbing together and finally, after Sarah was done, Alyson added her lips to the mix.

Alyson didn’t have anything to feed Natalie, but she still was all over the girl. Alyson kissed Natalie’s lips tenderly, tasting what Scarlett and Sarah had given her and then began licking Natalie’s pretty face, tasting the stray juice from Scarlett’s orgasm.

Sarah watched this with a big smile on her face. Tripping over Natalie didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. If her ankle was even sore now Sarah couldn’t notice it. She was far too focused on the important things like how beautiful Alyson and Natalie looked making out with each other.

This was already looking like it was going to be an incredible day and, as Sarah moaned from Scarlett reaching between her legs to caress her still soaked pussy, she knew it was only going to get better.

* * * * *

As everyone in Sarah’s room did everything they could to keep their incredible wake up call going, Hayden Panettiere was preparing to say goodbye to it all as she walked through one the mansion’s hallways, passing the row of bedrooms with the front door as her ultimate goal.

Not that Hayden wanted to say goodbye. Far from it. She would have been happy to leave everything behind and stay at the mansion for as long as they would have her. But that wasn’t something she could do as much as she wanted it. She had to get back and there wasn’t a lot of time to spend putting up a fight against it.

She hadn’t planned to spend the night. Of course she had never dreamed that there would be so much here that would tempt her to stay as long as she had. Kirsten and Eliza had invited her to come along with them after whispering in her ear how amazing it would be in Malibu and how there would be so many beautiful girls there who would have crawled over each other for the chance to fuck her.

Just the thought alone had made Hayden wet. Now that she knew how incredible women were in bed and how being with them was everything sex was supposed to be, she couldn’t get enough of the touch of other girls. She had thought nothing could be as wild as what she had done with Kirsten, Eliza and Scarlett that first night and all those nights since then that they had played, but she had been wrong.

Now Hayden could see what she had done that first night with her sexy new friends had just been a beginner’s course. What happened at the mansion was the advanced level. Hayden had never seen anything like it. All those beautiful women. All of them famous. All of them getting so naughty and wicked with each other. Hayden never would have believed what she had seen last night was possible, but there they all had been, making beautiful love to each other and to her all through the night.

Hayden hadn’t been able to tear herself away last night. There was always one more beautiful girl she wanted to kiss and touch or one more group of girls playing with each other that she had to stare at and touch herself to as she hoped they’d let her join in. She hadn’t been able to control herself last night and she loved it. Hayden had done so many naughty things to so many girls and it had taken until the sun rose for her to find the strength of will to leave.

Kirsten and Eliza had gone home a long time ago. They had been her ride here, but Hayden had let them go without a second thought. She could get a cab home. She just couldn’t leave all the amazing, sexy fun, not when she wanted to do so much to all these beautiful girls and have it all done right back to her.

Was she a lesbian now? Hayden didn’t know. The question had definitely played in her mind more than a few times since that first night and she didn’t have an answer. She didn’t know what she was. She had barely thought about men since she had experienced what women could do to each other. Being with other girls was all Hayden wanted right then and she didn’t know if this was temporary, permanent or some third possibility yet to be discovered.

All she did know was that being with women was wonderful. Women brought her to sexual highs she had never dreamed possible. Sex with men just hadn’t done it for her, but sex with women made Hayden tingle all over and smile from merely thinking about it. She couldn’t get enough of it and right now just knowing it felt good was enough for her to be at peace with her mighty confused sexuality.

Hayden was no stranger to parties and she’d certainly been to ones that many would consider wild, but she’d never been to anything like last night’s party. She’d been to some crazy scenes in her young life, but Hayden had always assumed that things like Hollywood sex parties had been figments of overactive imaginations. Last night had forever dispelled her of that notion.

She hadn’t done the math or anything, but in one night Hayden felt she had had more sex than she had had in all the nights going in since she’d lost her virginity. It had been so crazy and so wonderful and, except for that one dude who everyone said was Christina’s bodyguard or something, there hadn’t been a guy in sight. It had just been beautiful girl after beautiful girl and Hayden had wanted them all. It had been so awesome!

Before last night Hayden hadn’t really thought much about how when Kirsten, Eliza and Scarlett had all seduced her, they had all been famous. She hadn’t looked at it like it was a celebrity thing. It had just been three beautiful women and her. But now Hayden could see that what had happened that night hadn’t just been an isolated thing. It was part of something much bigger and that realization exhilarated Hayden.

She felt like she was part of some secret club now. Like she’d been inducted into one of those mysterious societies like in DaVinci Code except without all the God stuff and the whipping. She had thought the fact that Kirsten and Eliza were married was wonderful and beautiful but figured it was a secret to respect their privacy. Now she saw their marriage was just the tip of a huge iceberg centered around this amazing mansion.

Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jessica Alba. Jennifer Aniston. Christina Aguilera. Kelly Clarkson. Eva Mendes. Lindsay Lohan. Hayden couldn’t believe the girls she’d messed around with last night. No wait, she hadn’t messed around with them. That was putting it mildly. She’d fucked them! She’d licked their sweet, hot pussies and let them make her come over and over again. Some of what happened to her last night was still a blur, but Hayden knew she’d loved every second of it.

God, how amazing had it been to just lie back while Jennifer Aniston ate her? How many nights had she watched Friends reruns with her friends, never dreaming she would do something so sexy and naughty with a woman like her? Now she and Jennifer were lovers. Jennifer had made her come so hard and all those other girls had fucked her so good too. She had gotten so dirty with some of the most famous women in the world and Hayden still couldn’t believe it.

The fact that Hayden admired and looked up to all those beautiful women just had made the sex hotter and wilder. How many times had she danced or sung along with Kelly Clarkson or Gwen Stefani or Christina Aguilera and now she’d fucked them all. It was all so amazing.

Her friends would never believe her if she told them, but of course Hayden never would. She would never let slip a secret like this. As much as she wanted to tell her friends all about how she’d discovered how incredible sex with women was and as much as Hayden wanted to show more than a few of her closest friends just how incredible it was, she didn’t. This was supposed to be a secret and Hayden loved that she was a part of it now.

But as fun as this place was, Hayden knew she couldn’t stay forever. In all the excitement she had never called her mom last night to let her know where she was and that she was ok. It wasn’t like she had never stayed out all night before or anything. But Hayden always called to tell her mom she was ok. Now she was going to get into some real trouble when she finally got home.

Hayden was confident she would be able to talk her way out of it. She could make up some story about being with her friends and crashing at a hotel or something because they’d been out too late. She’d used that excuse a few times to cover her visits to Kirsten and Eliza’s and the time she’d spent at Scarlett’s. Her mom trusted her enough to not give her the third degree, but she didn’t want to tempt more trouble by staying out any later than she already had.

But before Hayden could get through the hallway and down the stairs of this strange, but wonderful place, she was discovered and stopped.

“And where do you think you’re sneaking off to, young lady?”

Hayden heard the voice and immediately froze. She knew she wasn’t in trouble or anything. But she didn’t want her new friends to think she was sneaking out of there because she hadn’t liked what she had done last night. Nothing would have been further from the truth.

“I was just going home,” Hayden explained. “I didn’t want to make a big deal about it and wake everyone up. I thought this was the best way.”

“Oh there’s no way you’re leaving yet,” Alyssa Milano smiled as she leaned against the doorway of her bedroom. It had been by pure chance that she had passed by her door right as Hayden had been walking by and Alyssa had immediately grabbed the opportunity before her.

“No sneaking out of the mansion at the crack of dawn,” Alyssa said. Even though it was hardly the crack of dawn, the mansion was full of such late sleepers it might as well have been. “Besides you haven’t even had breakfast yet.”

“Oh yeah?” Hayden replied, playing along since she was loving the hot look Alyssa was giving her. “And what’s for breakfast?”

“I’m so glad you asked, sweetie,” Alyssa declared, her smile growing as she stepped out into the hallway to embrace the teenager and press her lips to hers.

Alyssa sensuously kissed Hayden, their lips smacking together warmly as the blonde immediately returned the kiss. They kissed several times, each of them loving the sexy sparks they were quickly forming between them. The two of them had played around a little the night before, making out wetly and rubbing their tongues together as Hayden had gotten licked by Love. Alyssa had fingered her too, which Hayden had loved, and both were eager for some more time with each other.

“Mmmm that’s my favorite,” Hayden giggled as one kiss with Alyssa ended while another one was beginning as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

“I know and I’m making it just for you,” Alyssa teased. “So there’s no way you can leave quite yet you sexy thing.”

“I have to,” Hayden insisted. But there was no conviction in her voice. She wanted to stay and Alyssa knew it.

“No you don’t,” Alyssa countered. “You have to stay and be with me, Hayden. You have to get that dress of yours back off your sexy body. You have to stay and get into the bath with me.”

Alyssa loved long baths in the morning when she had the time and since her pilot for the fall hadn’t been picked up she’d found herself with a lot of extra time these days. Of course baths were always better when you had someone to share them.

“Mmmmm,” Hayden moaned as Alyssa rubbed her body up against hers. That sounded sooooo good. She had messed around with Kelly, Jessica and Eliza in the hot tub last night and it had been great, but there was something about the bathtub that sounded especially fun to Hayden. All that warm water and all those bubbles around her as she and Alyssa got each other wet and wild was a very appealing thought.

“See, you want to stay,” Alyssa said, taking the moan as a sign of victory for the forces of sexual temptation. “Why take that long drive back home when it’s so much more fun to stay, get naked and get into the tub with me? C’mon sweetie. I know you loved what you did last night.”

“I did,” Hayden smiled as she longed for Alyssa’s lips to kiss hers again.

“And don’t you want more?” Alyssa pressed.

“God yes,” Hayden immediately answered. “I’m dying for it!”

She wasn’t lying. Even as she’d made her way down the hallway and tried to focus herself on getting home as soon as possible, Hayden had still thought about sneaking into any of the bedrooms she’d passed and offering herself up to whichever girl, or girls, were inside. She didn’t care who they were as long as they made her feel good.

Hayden had woken up that morning in Jewel’s room, in a tangle of naked bodies with her and Gwen. It had been so tempting to start kissing and playing with the sleeping beauties, but Hayden had fought back her urges and managed to do what Sarah had unsuccessfully attempted and get out without waking everyone up.

But just because she’d gotten away without detection, hadn’t made Hayden’s lust for more fun with these gorgeous women lessen even a bit.

“Then don’t fight it,” Alyssa instructed. “Get that dress off and get in the tub with me. I know how to get all those hard to reach spots and I think I’ve still got a few tricks that none of those other girls showed you last night.”

Hayden knew she should say that she had to go. That her mom was probably worried about her. That she had responsibilities she couldn’t ignore. But none of those words were coming up past her lips. Hayden knew that any chance she’d had of resisting more fun had disappeared the second Alyssa had called out to her. She was a slave to the growing heat between her legs and Hayden was happy to be that way.

Dropping the shoes she’d held in her hands, Hayden pressed herself back against Alyssa, signaling her acceptance of the invitation with a sexy, wet kiss. God, Hayden loved the way women kissed. It was always so soft and tender, yet naughty and wicked, like she was doing something so wrong that felt so right. Alyssa was an incredible kisser and Hayden adored the feel of their lips together.

Alyssa was clad only in a tiny bathrobe that barely went past her hips. Hayden could see the cheeks of her great ass peeking out and she so badly wanted to touch them. So she did just that. As they kissed, Hayden aggressively moved her hands down to Alyssa’s ass and grabbed her. The move took Alyssa a little by surprise, but it was definitely a happy one.

“Ooooh frisky, aint ya?” Alyssa grinned. “I’d been wondering if you were a tit girl or if you liked asses better.”

“I like it all,” Hayden smiled back. “Oh Alyssa, every inch of your body is hot. You’re so sexy.”

“Mmmm thank you sweetie and for that every inch of me is just what you’re going to get,” Alyssa said as she undid the sash of her robe and pushed it off her shoulders to confirm that she was indeed completely naked underneath. “Now let’s get inside, unless you’d rather just fuck in the hallway.”

Hayden had seen a bunch of girls doing that last night. She’d seen Sarah Michelle Gellar on her knees in back of Lindsay Lohan last night, spreading her butt cheeks apart so she could lick the girl from behind while Lindsay was standing pressed up against the wall. Just a few feet away Rose McGowan had been fucking Ashlee Simpson doggie style, pounding into her where everyone walking by could see.

They hadn’t even waited to get to any of the bedrooms to fuck. It had been right in the hallway right in front of everyone and if Hayden hadn’t had been about to go into Love’s room with her and Kirsten, then she definitely would have joined in too. It was so hot to see all of those beautiful girls doing it right there in the hall with no fear or inhibitions.

But a wet, warm bath sounded a lot better than a hallway and Hayden took Alyssa’s hand so the woman could pull her right into her bedroom. They left Alyssa’s robe and Hayden’s shoes behind, but they paid them no mind. If Michelle didn’t come and clean up after them, they’d just grab them later. Right now they had much more fun things to concentrate on than picking up their clothes.

Hayden couldn’t take her eyes off Alyssa’s naked ass when the women led her inside the bedroom and toward her bathtub. Her ass was so beautiful and, as she gawked at the firm, toned cheeks, Hayden felt the rush pass through her body of not believing she was acting like this and about to do what she was about to do. Sometimes it seemed so surreal and out of character for her to act so horny like this, but Hayden knew what felt good and right now nothing felt better than being with girls.

When they reached the bathtub, Alyssa let go of Hayden’s hand and started up the water. She bent over a little more than she had to as she got ready to add the bubble bath in, knowing full well she was giving Hayden a show. She could feel the teenager’s hot stare on her bare ass and the already damp lips of her pussy as she bent over to show them off. Alyssa didn’t mind admitting she loved knowing her body could still turn sexy young things like Hayden on.

She didn’t feel any guilt that Hayden was barely legal and that she was continuing that dance toward her upper 30’s. In fact it just made her wetter. Age was nothing compared to maturity. Alyssa knew Hayden was mature enough to make her own decisions. She wasn’t being forced to be here. She was here because she wanted to be and Alyssa was more than happy to have sexy, young Hayden Panettiere in her room.

“Liking the view?” Alyssa teased as she looked over her shoulder while remaining bent over the edge of the tub to catch Hayden gawking at her bare ass. Hayden blushed at being discovered, but she didn’t deny it. She just smiled and kept on staring.

“Naughty girl,” Alyssa laughed. “Mmmm but I think we can get even naughtier than just looking at each other. So are you just going to stand there Hayden or are you going to get naked for me? Staring at my ass isn’t a free show you know. If you’re gonna stare, then you’ve gotta strip too.”

That sounded more than fair to Hayden, but as she started to comply and get her dress off, she stopped. A much better idea occurred to her.

“Help me,” Hayden offered with her sexy smile. “Get me naked Alyssa. If you want to see me strip then you have to help me.”

“I was wondering when you were going to get around to asking me,” Alyssa said, letting the water flow as she got up off the edge of the white porcelain tub and moved toward Hayden. They kissed again as Alyssa rubbed her naked body to Hayden’s and began easing the straps of the blonde teen’s dress off her shoulders.

“Mmmm yeahhhhh get my clothes off me,” Hayden groaned as her shoulder straps were pushed off. “Make me naked Alyssa! Make me fucking dirty like everyone else is here! You’re all so hot and nasty and I love it!”

Since she hadn’t brought a change of clothes with her last night, Hayden was back in the dress she’d been in when she’d first arrived. Kirsten and Eliza had told her to dress sexy and she’d complied. She wasn’t someone who had a lot of slutty outfits, but Hayden’s friends always teased her about this dress, calling it her “porn star dress.”

The dress wasn’t that bad, but it certainly looked more dramatic than it was compared to Hayden’s other outfits. She wasn’t shy, but she didn’t go showing off her body like she was Paris Hilton or something. This dress was different from her other outfits, though.

It was black and tight in all the right places without being too constricting and keeping her from dancing herself crazy in it. It showed off lots of leg and was low cut enough to create plenty of cleavage for people to stare at. And if she wore the dress with a wonder bra, as she usually did, Hayden’s boobs looked huge and thus her friends had deemed it her porn star dress.

Hayden didn’t care if they teased her about the dress, and she called it that too. What mattered was that she felt sexy and good while wearing it and that right now all she wanted was for Alyssa to get it off her.

Letting Alyssa’s hands strip her, Hayden strained up to kiss the taller woman as they stood face to face and chest to chest in front of each other. They kissed each other hungrily, their lips mashing together again and again as they enjoyed the taste of each other. Hayden moaned right into Alyssa’s mouth, their tongues flicking together, as the older woman got her dress off her shoulders and unzipped it enough so that she could just tug it the rest of the way down.

Hayden’s dress puddled around her bare feet as she stood on the bathroom tile and the teenager moaned again as she felt the air of the room tickle her flesh as she was left clad only in a matching red bra and panties set. The push up bra hefted her tits up way high and Hayden loved seeing Alyssa do some staring of her own this time. She felt herself getting even wetter as Alyssa visibly drooled over her boobs.

“Oh sweetie, you’ve got such a great body,” Alyssa said admiringly. “You’re so fucking hot Hayden. Mmmm everyone wanted to fuck you so bad last night. But now you’re all mine!”

“Yesssssss all yours,” Hayden immediately and enthusiastically agreed. God it was so cool knowing she was turning someone like Alyssa Milano on. She was so beautiful and so sexy and Hayden felt her panties start to get soaked at the thought that all these hot women were lusting after her so, which made her get even more aggressive toward Alyssa.

“Is this what you like? My hot little body?” Hayden asked with a moan as she pulled away slightly from Alyssa and began running her hands over her bra and panties covered flesh. “Do you want me Alyssa? Do you want to fuck me?”

“You know I do,” Alyssa lustfully replied. “I want to fuck that sexy body!”

“What do you like best about me?” Hayden asked, feeling more confident and bold with every second she had Alyssa staring at her like this. “Is it my face? Mmmm is it my pretty little teenage face that you want to make all sticky and shiny with your pussy juice? Would you like that Alyssa? Would you like to soak my skin with cum? Mmmm that’s the kind of skin care I really want to do commercials for. I want that so bad Alyssa! I want you to come all over my face and soak me like a little slut!”

Alyssa could only reply with a groan as she perched herself on the edge of the tub and opened her own legs to ease her fingers into her pussy. Hayden’s show was starting to really work her up and Alyssa wanted to enjoy it.

“Or are these what you like?” Hayden inquired seductively as she cupped her tits in her red push up bra. “Do you like my boobs Alyssa? My hot, fucking tits! Mmmmm the tits that everyone stares at when my tight cheerleader outfit clings to my body on TV. The tits that everyone wants to see and touch and taste! Is that what you want to see Alyssa? Do you want me to take off my bra and show you my tits?”

“Yessssssss, nasty girl,” Alyssa moaned as she fingered herself, loving Hayden’s bold, lewd show. “Show me those fucking tits! Get that bra off you little slut! Show me the tits all those horny boys on the net whack off to thinking about!”

Hayden giggled a little bit at Alyssa’s imagery. But she didn’t linger on that picture too much, not when she had someone much hotter masturbating right in front of her and wanting to see her body. With a big smile stretching across her lips, Hayden reached around back to unsnap her bra and push it off her. She let it fall to the floor next to her discarded dress and Hayden stood topless in front of Alyssa, fondling her own bare breasts.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh look at my tits Alyssa,” Hayden urged, relishing the horny state she was working her lover into and knowing she’d soon be creaming her own panties from sexual anticipation. “Look at the tits you’re going to be touching and licking soon! Mmmmm everyone wants my tits so bad, but they don’t get them! You do! You get my naked tits and everything else!”

Hayden then let go of her breasts and turned around, bending over. She stuck her ass out toward Alyssa, wiggling it seductively as her tight red panties clung to her flesh.

“Or is there something else you want more?” Hayden purred. “Mmmm like my ass? Ooooooh I loved it when you gave me that hot slap against my ass last night! Mmmm when you told me to spread my legs so you could get your fingers inside me and you smacked my ass cause I wasn’t doing it fast enough? Gawd that made me so hot! Do you like staring at my ass Alyssa? Mmmm do you want me to take my panties off and show you my ass all naked?”

“Little girl, if you don’t get those panties off, I’m gonna fucking rip them right off you,” Alyssa playfully threatened as she continued to moan from her fingers sliding up into her soaked cunt. God, her pussy was like a waterfall just from looking at Hayden.

Hayden giggled again and turned up the heat even more by reaching around and slapping her own ass. She moaned as she spanked herself and delighted in the aroused sounds her action got from Alyssa. Hayden then hooked her fingers into her panties and rolled them down her body. She was no stripper, but she knew how to tease and she slowly removed her panties, tantalizing Alyssa with the gradual reveal of her full, gorgeous teenage butt cheeks.

“Ooooooooh such a hot ass,” Alyssa sighed as she rubbed her clit with her fingers while her other hand started slapping her splayed pussy lips. “Want that ass so bad! Mmmmm gotta fuck that beautiful ass!”

Hayden didn’t quite hear what Alyssa said and she just kept on with her strip show. She remained bent over, sticking her butt out as she reached around her back to get her red panties down her legs. When she stepped out of them, she finally turned around and showed off every inch of her frontal nudity.

“Mmmm or is this what you really want?” Hayden smiled as she teased the lips of her cunt with her fingers and then sucked the juices right off her fingers. “Do you want my pussy Alyssa? My little cheerleader pussy? Do you want to lick it? Mmmm and fuck it? Do you want to taste how wet I got my pink pussy thinking of all you sexy girls and wanting all of you to fuck me over and over again? Is this what you want Alyssa? To fuck my teen pussy like a naughty girl?”

“Ooooooooh you hot bitch, you’re fucking turning me on by talking like that,” Alyssa moaned, sucking her own juicy fingers before ramming them right back into her pussy and making herself groan on the edge of the tub.

“I know,” Hayden replied. “I love talking like that! Mmmmm soooo liberating! Kirsten and Eliza taught me how to be so nasty and do all the things girls really like! Fuck me Alyssa! Fuck my naughty, young pussy! Gawd, I wanna be so fucking bad when I’m with hot girls like you! Oooooh I had so much fun last night and I never want it to end! I just want to come back here night after night after night.”

Alyssa never tired of hearing that, especially from someone as sexy as Hayden with her gorgeous teen body and now fully awakened libido. Alyssa also saw the chance to get some control back here and she grabbed the opportunity to remind the young slut who was really in charge.

“If that’s what you want, then you have to earn it,” Alyssa declared.

“And how do I earn it?” Hayden asked, eager to learn anything and everything Alyssa would teach her. Even though she knew what real pleasure was like now, Hayden also knew there was a lot she still had to learn about all sex could offer. She so badly wanted these sexy, older women to teach her and Alyssa looked like someone who knew all the best tricks.

“Getting that sweet ass of yours in the tub with me is a good start,” Alyssa said before leaning over to shut off the water. She had a good temperature going and a healthy amount of bubbles in the bath. All it needed was her and Hayden.

“I need a bath anyway,” Hayden giggled as she reckoned that if she did go home eventually she probably shouldn’t smell like she just crawled out of an all-girl orgy. “I got sooooooo dirty last night.”

“I saw,” Alyssa grinned as she took the teenager’s hand and pulled her into the roomy bathtub. “And I know just how to get you nice and clean before getting you dirty again Hayden.”

That sounded so good to Hayden and she let Alyssa guide her right in. The water felt wonderful against her skin and Hayden couldn’t help but moan as she felt herself soak amongst the soapy bubbles. Hayden could easily see herself spending her whole day here submerged in the oh so comfortable water, but no one had to tell her that Alyssa probably had something else planned and she couldn’t wait for it. She was already wet and it wasn’t from the bath.

As soon as Hayden was settled down in, Alyssa joined her. She had spent so many mornings wasting away the hours with just the bubbles and her iPod to keep her company, but this was way better than bathing alone and Alyssa intended to take full advantage of having this sexy young thing in the water with her.

Alyssa positioned herself so she and Hayden were face to face and before another second passed, Alyssa kissed the teenager. Hayden moaned and kissed right back, their lips rubbing together and then opening so their tongues could play. They took turns sucking on each other’s tongues and, as their kisses multiplied, Alyssa reached up to get her soapy hands all over Hayden’s pink chest.

“Oooooh,” Hayden cooed in between kisses as her lover caressed her bare breasts, getting water and soap bubbles all over them. “God that feels good! Mmmmm Alyssa! I love your hands on my body! You’re so good at touching. Mmmm boys never touch enough. They just want to fuck! You know just how to touch me!”

“Silly boys never know how to do it right,” Alyssa smiled back, hoping that soon Hayden would learn the difference between boys and men so she’d never be denied pleasure no matter who she was with. “Women know you need it all. Mmmmm you need to touch and kiss everywhere. And then you need to fuck! Women know just when to do it soft…”

As she said this Alyssa gently massaged Hayden’s tits and gave her lips another tender peck.

“And they know just when to do it hard…” Alyssa continued before she accented that statement by moving a hand down under the water and pushing two of her fingers into Hayden’s pussy, penetrating her tight folds.

“Fuck!” Hayden groaned in pleasure from the sudden touch to her pussy. She immediately began to gently hump Alyssa’s fingers, wanting more of them inside her.

“Oh we’re definitely going to do that sweetie,” Alyssa replied devilishly. “Mmmm this sexy body of yours needs to be treated right. You wasted way too much time on boys when women were what you needed.”

“Yeahhhhhh I need girls,” Hayden grunted as Alyssa kept one hand on her tits and the other between her legs, fingering her tightness under the water. “Mmmm God Alyssa! You’re making me so wet! You know what I need! You know how to make me feel so fucking good! Mmmmmm girls are such amazing fucks!”

“And don’t you forget it,” Alyssa said. “Men can be useful. But if you want to really have fun in bed and come so good you’ll feel it for the rest of the day then you need another woman. Mmmm or women. I’m so glad Kirsten and Eliza brought you last night sweetie. Mmmm we’re gonna have so much fun with you!”

“Oooooh so..ohhhh gawwwwwd…yesssssssss oooooooooh fuck my pussy Alyssa yesssssss…so I…I can come back?” Hayden stammered out as her body was filled with pleasure from Alyssa’s skilled fingers. “Please say…oooooooh mmmmmmmm yesssss right there…oooooooh fill my tight pussy with your fingers…please say I can come back Alyssa! I loved it here last night! I had so much fun!”

“Sweetie, you can come here anytime you want,” Alyssa promised. “And call me Lyssa. Everyone else here does. Mmmmm I love hearing you moan my name, you pretty little slut. You were so fucking hot last night and I wanted to lick you so bad. Now you’re mine! Mmmm now your pretty pussy belongs to Lyssa!”

“Yesssssssss it’s yours! Oooooh take it Lyssa! Take my pretty little pussy!” Hayden cried. Alyssa’s fingers felt great inside her, but Hayden knew Alyssa’s tongue had to be even better. “I’ll moan your name Lyssa! I’ll say it over and over again and moan how you’re fucking me so good! Ooooooh just don’t stop touching me!”

Alyssa had no intention of stopping for anything. Mansion parties were always a blast, but there were always so many girls and there were times when Alyssa didn’t want to share. Now that she had Hayden all to herself, she was going to make sure she did everything she had longed to do the night before.

“I was drooling over you all night Hayden,” Alyssa admitted. “Especially when you got that strap on around your sexy body. Mmmm you looked so hot with that cock on. And you loved it, didn’t you? You loved fucking those sluts deep and hard!”

“Yesssssssss I fucking loved it!” Hayden moaned as she started to splash around a little amongst the bubbles from Alyssa’s continued thrusts into her pussy. “I didn’t know you were watching me Lyssa, but it felt so good! I loved fucking Hilary and Lindsay like that! Mmmm they were so wet for my dick to fuck them and they felt so tight for me! Ughhh I totally came a bunch of times fucking their slutty, tight pussies! Mmmmm I wish I’d know you were watching me! I would have fucked them even harder!”

Hayden certainly wasn’t used to putting on sex shows in front of audiences, but she supposed if she was going to come back here, then she was going to have to lose any stage fright and do it fast. She had loved what she had done last night. She had first felt the intense rush of wearing a strap on that amazing night at Kirsten and Eliza’s and she’d been addicted to the feeling ever since.

She and Scarlett had discovered where the sexy couple had hidden their sex toys and Hayden’s eyes had bugged right out in fascination when she’d seen the strap on. She certainly knew what they were for, but she’d never actually seen one before and it had practically cried out for her to wear it and find out what it felt like.

Scarlett, of course, had offered nothing but sexy encouragement and Hayden had boldly tried it on. She’d always been kind of idly curious about what it would be like to have a dick and since she wasn’t planning any radical nip/tucks anytime soon, this had clearly been the next best thing.

It had felt so weird to look down and see a cock dangling from between her legs. Even though it was fake, it was still wild and Hayden had loved it. It was definitely the good kind of weird and Scarlett had kept telling her how hot she looked and how badly she wanted to feel her fuck her with it.

Hayden had taken Scarlett up on that offer that night. It had taken some getting used to but Hayden had managed to get into the rhythm pretty quickly and not only had she fucked Scarlett that night, but Eliza and Kirsten as well. All three of them had wanted to feel that fake cock so badly, and Hayden had given it to them, again and again until they’d all come and her pussy had been a creamy, cummy mess underneath the toy from all the orgasms she’d had while using the toy.

That feeling of power had been totally exhilarating. Hayden had loved fucking those sexy girls like she was a boy with a big cock. She had felt such a rush from taking their tight little pussies and fucking them hard. She had felt so fearless and powerful. And when the opportunity had come again for her last night to use a strap on, Hayden hadn’t hesitated.

Never in her wildest dreams had Hayden ever thought she’d do anything as wild as fuck Hilary Duff with a strap on. But that was just what she had done. Hilary and Lindsay had been all over her all night and Hayden had totally let them do it.

She hadn’t put up even a bit of a fight against the notorious party girl and the seemingly innocent teen star and the three of them had kissed and licked and touched all over every inch of their sexy, young bodies. They had wanted to see just how naughty Hayden liked to get and she had eagerly shown them.

When she’d gotten the strap on last night, Hilary and Lindsay had both begged her to fuck them. They had used every dirty word Hayden had ever imagined to try and entice her to fuck them. The two had been such tempting little whores that Hayden hadn’t been able to help herself.

She had actually fucked Hilary Duff’s tight little pussy with that cock while Lindsay had ridden her face, fucking her tongue with her cunt as Hayden had thrust deeply up into Hilary with her toy. Hayden still couldn’t believe she had done that. She had read so many crazy stories about Lindsay in the tabloids and Hilary had always seemed so innocent. It was all so surreal, but it had felt amazing to lie on her back and have Hilary ride that fake cock as she begged for more and Hayden had loved licking every sweet, sticky drop from Lindsay’s pussy.

And then they had switched places and Hayden had fucked Lindsay while she had eaten Hilary out. Hayden had had no idea Alyssa had been watching them, and it was making her wetter now to know that.

“Those little whores just love to get fucked,” Alyssa said, her eyes twinkling with the memories of all the times she’d made Hilary and Lindsay scream and cream like the wanton sluts they were. “They can’t ever get enough. Neither can you, though, can you Hayden?”

“Noooooo it’s never enough!” Hayden replied passionately without a second thought. “Each time a girl makes me come I can’t wait for the next one! I never felt that way about boys! Ooooooooh I never want to stop fucking girls!”

Alyssa rewarded that answer with another sexy kiss to Hayden’s lips. She had only met the teenager last night and Alyssa was already totally into her. She wasn’t like Lindsay or Hilary. Those two were such utter and complete sluts, always eager to give up their holes and let everyone have their way with them. They were such brats in bed, sexy brats, but brats nonetheless. They loved playing the parts of the spoiled princesses eager to be broken and made into little bitches as they were fucked over and over again.

Hayden wasn’t like that. Alyssa saw a real fire in her that needed to be stoked. Alyssa wanted to help Hayden figure out these new lusts in her and become a fully sexual woman. Hayden had such a seductive aura about her and Alyssa knew with the proper harnessing she could become an absolutely wicked, lustful beauty. Mmmm just like she was.

As she thought about molding Hayden in her own image, much like Rose had done to Christina, Alyssa started fingering the teenager harder. But she didn’t want to make the girl come like this. Not yet anyway. She just wanted to get her good and wet so there’d be no resistance to what Alyssa wanted to do and she took Hayden’s cries getting louder as the sign the perfect time was nearing.

“OOOOOOOH!!! Oooooh gawwwwwwwwd Lyssaaa!!!” Hayden squealed. “Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss your fingers feel so good in me! Mmmmmm I love you fucking my pussy just like that! Ahhhhhhhh yessssss so fucking hot!”

But as she exclaimed her pleasure and looked right into Alyssa’s sexy, full eyes as they bore into her with carnal intensity, Hayden felt a little bad. Alyssa was doing so much to make her feel good and she wasn’t doing anything back to her. Hayden felt guilty about just sitting there and letting Alyssa do all the work. That didn’t seem fair at all, so Hayden decided it was high time her hands got busy too.

She pulled her hands out of the soapy, warm water and got them right on Alyssa’s amazing tits. Hayden didn’t want to make it seem like Alyssa was ancient or anything, but she was like twice her age or something and Hayden just wished she would look this hot and sexy when she was older. Alyssa was so gorgeous head to toe and Hayden wanted to make sure the foxy brunette knew how into her body she was.

As she leaned in to kiss Alyssa passionately, Hayden got her wet hands all over Alyssa’s chest. She massaged her breasts and let the water drip down all over her, giving Alyssa’s body a sexy sheen. And after playing with Alyssa’s tits, Hayden let her hands move down all over Alyssa’s stomach, caressing her flesh, before sliding around back to rub the toned cheeks of her ass under the water. Hayden had gotten a lot of practice lately in learning how to properly touch another woman and she wanted to explore all over Alyssa.

Soon both girls were moaning into each other’s mouths because their hands were getting plenty busy. Alyssa took her own free hand and maneuvered it up to cup and squeeze Hayden’s tits, moving from one to the other as the blonde fondled her ass in return. They were both deeply in lust with each other’s bodies and it showed in the heat of their touch. They got each other all soapy in the bath and continued the kind of soft, wet kissing that both of them adored.

The two horny women rubbed their tongues together as they pressed their lips in wanton kisses over and over again. They barely paused for breath as they didn’t want their lips to spend much time apart. They just kept kissing time and time again as they played with each other’s bodies and Alyssa kept her hand buried between Hayden’s legs, fingering her tight pussy and making the teenager pant and squeal into her mouth.

“Mmmmm such a fucking tight little pussy,” Alyssa moaned breathlessly as they rubbed their noses together and made sure their wet tits touched so their swollen nipples could get stimulated. “Hayden you’ve got such a sweet little cunt and I can’t wait to taste it!”

“Oh yesssssssss please taste me,” Hayden begged as Alyssa made her whole body shiver from the feel of her fingers on her clit. She had never felt Alyssa’s tongue before and she knew as good as her fingers felt, her tongue would be even better. “Taste my pussy Alyssa! Mmmm I’ll totally be nice and sweet for you! I want it! Please Alyssa! Taste my pussy! Taste my little fucking cunt!”

Hearing Hayden talk like that turned Alyssa on fiercely. She loved seeing Hayden losing all her inhibitions and giving into desire. It just made her want her more. She wanted to soap up every inch of her sexy, young body. Alyssa wanted to leave Hayden’s flesh pink and clean from the bath, but she just couldn’t wait to lick her. She had to do this now.

“Stand up baby,” Alyssa instructed her lover and Hayden immediately obeyed.

Being careful not to slip, Hayden slowly stood up and exposed her naked body. Water was dripping from her bare skin and Alyssa loved seeing how soap bubbles clung to her slick tits and down her tummy as if they were leaving a trail down to her pussy. Her tight lips were so pink and inviting under her soft blonde fur, making such a snug little trap for her tongue, and Alyssa could see that Hayden was already soaked for her.

Not being able to resist a moment longer, Alyssa leaned right in and kissed Hayden’s little cunt lips. She pressed her practiced mouth to her labia and kissed it sexily, indulging in the girl’s sweet taste, not diluted a bit by the water, and then sliding her tongue out to stop licking.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd!!!” Hayden cried happily as she felt the touch of Alyssa Milano’s tongue for the first time. “Lick me Lyssa! Oooooooooooh fuck that feels goooood! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss just like Rose said it would! She said you’d lick me so good! More Lyssa more! Oooooooooh I wanna feel that tongue in my pussy!”

Alyssa smiled in between licks as she appreciated Rose spreading the good word about her skills. She’d have to thank her friend for that the next chance she got. Hayden tasted incredible. She had herself one delicious little cunt and Alyssa couldn’t wait to get addicted to her flavor, just like she was to so many other girls and their sweet snatches.

Alyssa dragged her tongue up over Hayden’s slit over and over again, getting fresh girl juice with each lick. The more she licked, the more Hayden dripped for her and Alyssa could already taste how close the girl was.

But this wasn’t the ideal kind of position Alyssa wanted Hayden in. She couldn’t really get a good angle on her pussy with her standing like this and the last thing Alyssa wanted was for Hayden to slip once she really got going with her tongue. Fortunately it was mighty easy for Alyssa to get her teen lover to move.

“Bend over the edge,” Alyssa instructed as she slurped her tongue back into her mouth and relished the flavor of the pussy juice she had tantalizing her taste buds. “That’s it sweetie. Bend over and stick that gorgeous butt of yours out for Lyssa. Mmmm I’m gonna show you that you haven’t even started to learn all the ways to have fun with girls yet.”

Hayden did exactly as she was told. She bent over the edge of the porcelain tub, placing her hands on the floor tile for balanced as she pushed her ass up in the air, out of the water, and right where Alyssa wanted it. She couldn’t wait to feel what Alyssa had in store for her and she sucked her bottom lip in anticipation as she moaned from the feel of Alyssa’s hands on her ass.

“God this is such an incredible ass,” Alyssa wolfishly admired. “Mmmm baby if you were on my show I’d have ditched that cheerleader skirt and gotten you in tight little short shorts. You like this Hayden? You like me feeling your tight little booty here?”

“Mmmm yesssssssss,” Hayden moaned, her cheek pressed to the tub’s edge as she rested her head against it. “Gawd, I love everywhere you’re touching me Lyssa. Your hands feel so good on my ass! I love how all you girls touch me!”

“An ass like this needs to be worshipped,” Alyssa declared with her horny smile beaming. “Mmmmm such a tight little teen ass. Your body is smoking Hayden. Mmmm and now you’re all mine. What do you want me to do to you? What does Hayden want Lyssa to do to this sexy little, tight body?”

An answer to that question was obvious and immediate.

“Fuck me!” Hayden groaned, feeling her juices dripping from her pussy with every second she was bent over like this. “Please fuck me Lyssa! Just like you said you would! Taste me and lick me and fuck me and make me come! Please do it!”

“Naughty girl,” Alyssa said, leaning down to shower kisses all over Hayden’s ass while her young cheeks glowed from the bath water. “You’ve got an angel’s face, Hayden. But you’re no good girl. Mmmm you’re a hot fucking slut just like me.”

“Yesssssssssss I’m a slut!” Hayden cried in desperation to feel some licking, her words making her nipples throb and her pussy tingle. “I’m a fucking little angel slut for you Alyssa! You and all your friends! Please fuck me! Fuck my little fucking pussy and make me your angel slut Lyssa! Make me into your goddamn fucking whore!”

“Oooooh angel slut…mmmm I love it,” Alyssa moaned before she took mercy, both on Hayden and herself, by getting back to licking. She spread Hayden’s butt cheeks open and parted the lips of her pussy from behind.

Hayden was already so wet and creamy on the inside that Alyssa barely had to extend her tongue to taste her essence. It practically jumped out at her and Alyssa buried her tongue inside her teenage lover, lapping away at her dripping sweetness and licking Hayden into a moaning, cooing frenzy in just moments.

“Ooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss oooooooooooooooooh fuck yessssss!!!” Hayden squealed as her hands moved up from the floor to tightly grip the tub’s porcelain edges for support. “Ohhhhhh Godddddddddd that feels so fucking good! OOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LICK MY PUSSY LYSSA!!! OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS MORE LYSSA MORRRRRRRE!!!”

Alyssa’s wet hands on Hayden’s similarly soaked ass made things slippery and a bit more challenging than usual, but Alyssa kept the girl spread open and her tongue steady and true. Unlike before when she held back to keep Hayden from slipping, Alyssa went wild with her licking this time. She was famished for girl juice and Hayden had so much sweetness to feed her. Alyssa voraciously tongued her, licking the tender teen lips of her pussy clean and diving in to penetrate her tantalizingly tight pinkness.

As she licked, Alyssa continued to fondle the butt cheeks that had driven her into such a lustful frenzy. Alyssa always loved a good ass, whether it be male or female, and Hayden’s was an absolute beauty. Just being able to caress and massage it was making Alyssa’s pussy quiver and licking the gorgeous teenager while doing it was the bonus.


Hayden truly didn’t care if she ever left this tub, much less the mansion itself. Her mother could file a missing person’s report and call in the FBI for all it mattered to her. All Hayden wanted was more sex. She craved it like breathing now. Kirsten, Eliza and Scarlett had opened her eyes, but all the girls here had shown her the entire world. This had to be the most incredible, awesome, unbelievable place ever.

As Hayden moved from shrieks of ecstasy to moans to whimpers back to shrieks again and then onto panting pleas for her not to stop, Alyssa just kept on licking. She had Hayden spread open as wide as she could get her from behind as the blonde teen remained bent over the edge of the tub, clutching to it for dear life. Alyssa was kneeling behind her in the tub, pulling her tongue back only so she could really bury her face in her drooling cunt and suck on those soft, pink teenage folds.

Hayden gasped and squealed and moaned and made every sound Alyssa loved as the brunette sucked away on her pussy, drawing the cream right out of her. Alyssa’s experience showed with every lick and every suck and she played Hayden’s young pussy like a virtuoso giving a violin solo to a packed crowd at Carnegie Hall.

Alyssa knew every note to play and how best to play it. Hayden’s pussy quivered for her, her orgasm right on the verge of explosion, and Alyssa had her right where she wanted her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooh mmmmmmmm yessssssssss!” Hayden mewed as she was sucked. Alyssa’s mouth felt absolutely amazing on her tender pussy lips and on her soaked, dripping folds. It was like Alyssa was nursing off her pussy, kissing and playing with it so sensually that Hayden felt like she was floating. And when Alyssa pulled her lips back to get her tongue back inside her, Hayden felt like nothing could stop her orgasm.

“OOOOOOOOOH GAWWWWWD!!!” Hayden cried ecstatically when Alyssa’s tongue lapped at her clitoris. “GONNA…GONNA…GONNA COME LYSSA!!! OOOOH YESSSSSSSS SOOOOOOOO CLOSE!!!”

Her whole body was quivering. Ever since she had started playing with girls, Hayden hadn’t just learned about other female bodies, but her own as well. She had never had a sex orgasm before that first time with Eliza and now Hayden knew just when her body was telling her it was time.

Hayden’s rapture seemed seconds away, but then Alyssa did the one thing the teenager had never dreamed she would do.

She stopped.

“But what if I don’t want you to come yet?” Alyssa said evilly as she pulled her juice coated face away from Hayden.

“Noooooo! Don’t stop!” Hayden whined. “Please don’t stop! That felt so fucking good! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! Why are you stopping?”

“Mmmm there’s so much I wanna do to you Hayden…so many ways I wanna touch you before you run back to mommy,” Alyssa teased, relishing her control over the gasping, desperate teenager. “I was watching you all night. Seeing you have fun with all my hot, slutty friends mmmm and try new things…like feeling Mr. Snappy inside you.”

“Gawwwwwwwwd you saw?” Hayden moaned, a little embarrassed. She’d felt so shy and nervous when she’d first seen Rose with that strap on. It was the only time all night she had been reluctant to try anything and she didn’t want anyone here to think she was too young and wasn’t ready for all this.

“Don’t be ashamed, I got a little nervous the first time Rose fucked me with that monster too,” Alyssa replied. “Mmmm but you sure seemed to like it once she got it in you, didn’t you Hayden?”

“God yesssssssss,” Hayden hissed, desperate for Alyssa to resume licking her, but also loving the reminder of how good it had felt to be on her back in bed, her legs slung over Rose’s shoulders as the gorgeous sex goddess had shown her how exquisite a real fuck could be.

Hayden had never felt a strap on inside her before that. She had used some toys on herself and had other girls use them too, but nothing like Rose’s toy. It had been so big and so thick and so hot. Hayden had been so nervous at first, but Rose had licked those fears away, tenderly lapping at her pussy until she relaxed enough to want that fake cock inside her.

And once Rose had taken her, piercing into her tight pussy with that hard toy, it had been nothing but ecstasy. No man had ever fucked her with a real cock the way Rose had with her fake one. She had come so hard from being pounded with it that Hayden had been left shaking when Rose finally pulled it out of her.

“Naughty girl, loving that big, fake cock inside you,” Alyssa moaned, pressing herself to Hayden as the girl remained bent over the tub’s edge. Their wet bodies rubbed together as Alyssa’s soaped up tits ground into Hayden’s bare back, the wetness of Alyssa’s pussy tickling Hayden’s ass. “Mmmm Rose fucks so good! God, she’s fucked all my holes so many fucking times with that thing and each time is better than the last. Oh, but you wouldn’t know that, would you Hayden? Cause I also saw the one thing you wouldn’t do.”

“Please…” Hayden groaned. “Please Alyssa! I need you now! Don’t make wait any longer! I promise next time I’ll let you and Rose do whatever you want to me! I won’t say no to anything! Just please lick me!”

“Does that mean next time you’re gonna let my sexy friend take you here,” Alyssa purred as she pulled away from Hayden’s back to grab the teenager’s ass. She rubbed the firm, slick cheeks with her wet hands, making the flesh even more slippery.

“Gawwwwwwwwwd,” Hayden nervously sounded. It had been the one thing she had refused all night. Rose had wanted to fuck her ass. But Hayden had never done anything there before and Mr. Snappy had looked so big. Even though she had just felt it in her pussy, it had seemed too much. She had been worried it would hurt.

“I didn’t want to say no…I just…I…I…never…not there…” Hayden stammered, feeling her heart race with nerves and arousal as wetness continued to drip past her cunt lips and down her legs from the anticipation. “Please Alyssa! Please don’t stop licking me! I’ll never say no again! I promise! Gawwd, I just want to come! Please Lyssa! Is Rose mad at me or something? I’ll do anything she wants! I just don’t want you to stop!”

“It’s ok sweetie,” Alyssa said, nibbling on Hayden’s earlobe while she continued to massage her ass. “Rose isn’t mad. She was totally cool with it. You can say no to anything you want to. No one ever gets forced into anything here. Mmmm but I think you don’t have any idea how good it feels to get fucked up your ass. Mmmm if the person you’re with knows how to do it right, then it feels even better then getting your pussy fucked.”

“Oooooh,” Hayden moaned, picturing that kind of ecstasy. She had been nervous last night, but it wasn’t like she had some kind of rule against being fucked there. She just hadn’t been ready then.

Hayden wanted to feel good and she had definitely seen plenty of girls last night fucking each other’s asses. So she had certainly thought about what it would feel to have her ass fucked too. But Mr. Snappy had looked so big and intimidating when she was still a virgin back there.

She was relieved Rose wasn’t mad at her or anything. She hadn’t seemed mad last night, but Hayden hadn’t been sure. It had felt so good to have that toy fucking her pussy that Hayden was wondering now if it would be even better to feel it in her ass. God that sounded so intense and nasty.

“You want that sweetie? You want to find out how good it feels?” Alyssa pressed.

Hayden just turned back toward the older woman, looking over her shoulder at Alyssa, and nodded her head. She had a shy smile tugging at her lips, one that told Alyssa she wasn’t quite ready for the whole fucking show yet, but some exploration would be welcome. That was all Alyssa wanted and she grabbed her chance.

“Then let me give you your first lesson,” Alyssa said, loving taking on the role of teacher as she kissed her way down Hayden’s bare back, tasting the bathwater and the girl’s sweat.

Hayden had an idea where Alyssa was going with this, but she still wasn’t sure and even her inklings and premonitions couldn’t prepare her for the feeling of Alyssa’s hands parting her butt cheeks and her wet tongue gently licking her puckered hole.

“Oooooooooooh!!!” Hayden squealed in delight at the first lick.

That was all the encouragement Alyssa needed and she let the girl have it. Alyssa rimmed Hayden’s virgin asshole slowly and sensuously, teasing and tasting the girl’s little pink starfish with wet, horny precision. Alyssa let her saliva slide right off her tongue into Hayden’s hole, making sure there was plenty for her to push around with her tongue as she gave the teen her first taste of anal sex.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwwwwwww!!! Oooooooooooh Lyssaaaaaaa yesssssss mmmmmmmmm you’re right!!! Feels sooooooooo goooood!!!” Hayden panted, not believing she had another girl’s tongue in her butt and that it felt so amazing. “Ohhhhhhhh Goddddddddd ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss!!! Mmmmmmmmmm lick my ass Lyssa! Ooooooooooh fuck that’s so nasty! Yesssssssss!!! Licking my fucking ass! Gawwwwwwwwd you make everything feel sooo hawwwwwwwwwwt!”

“Mmmmmmmmm you’re the nasty girl Hayden, loving my tongue up this tight little hole,” Alyssa grinned before diving back down. She’d been aching to do this to Hayden since she’d seen her last night and she loved the fact that, no pun intended, she’d gotten first crack at Hayden’s ass. “Get ready baby! This little hole is getting tongue fucked!”


Hayden couldn’t believe how good this felt. Of course it was a wet tongue and not a stiff, hard cock so Hayden knew it wasn’t going to hurt or anything. But even with the lack of fear in mind, Hayden was completely overcome with ecstasy from this. She had never had anyone, even herself, play with her ass before and she now wished she had known how good this felt since the first moment she discovered rubbing herself made her body tingle.

Pleasure pulsed through her naked body from head to toe. Hayden was shuddering with ecstasy as her hard nipples rubbed against the hard porcelain of the tub and her ass jutted out for Alyssa to fuck. She had never done anything this nasty before. It made eating another girl’s pussy seem mild by comparison, and Hayden loved it. She loved every feel of Alyssa’s wet tongue in her ass and it was making her pussy close to creaming again.

That little fact didn’t escape Alyssa’s notice and she had a good enough grip on Hayden’s butt cheeks, as she knelt behind her in the bathtub, to get one of her hands off her. She moved that hand around to Hayden’s front and immediately shoved it between the teen’s legs. Her fingers got right to work, pushing back inside the snug, pink confines of her cunt and fingering her bulging clitoris.

“Come for me Hayden!” Alyssa urged as she gulped in breath while her fingers got busy in her lover’s snatch. “Come from my tongue buried up your virgin ass! Soak my fingers in that sweet cunt cream of yours while I’m buttfucking you like the little angel slut you are!!!”


Alyssa let her tongue and fingers work as a perfect team, her probing fingers pumping into Hayden’s pussy while her tongue tasted the delicious treat of virgin ass. She rubbed Hayden’s clit forcefully, pinching it between her two fingers and her other hand kept Hayden’s young hole spread open lewdly for her tongue thrusts. She had just what she wanted from the teenager and, seconds later, Hayden had what she wanted to as she came with a huge rush.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHH LYSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” Hayden bellowed, screaming out her beautiful lover’s name as she was licked and fucked straight to heaven.

Her pussy and asshole reflexively contracted around Alyssa’s fingers and tongue, but the horny brunette didn’t stop. She fucked back harder, drawing out Hayden’s orgasm and getting her fingers and hand coated in girl cum, loving how it felt dripping past her wrist and onto her arm.

Hayden screamed and panted and gasped, her eyes clamped shut as she came. When she finally felt the last rush of ecstasy pump through her body, Hayden let her body slump over and slide back inside the bubble filled water. She had a dreamy smile stretching across her angelic face and once she was back inside the bath, she completely submerged herself in the water, before pulling out seconds later, her face and hair dripping and her smile only stronger.

“Whoa…Alyssa…that was…wow…sooooooo hot,” Hayden giggled as her soaked hair clung to her equally wet face.

“Think maybe you’ll be ready for another lesson soon?” Alyssa asked.

“Mmmmhmm, definitely,” Hayden said with an eager nod of the head. “If it’s anywhere as good as being licked, I can’t wait to feel Rose fuck my ass with Mr. Snappy!”

“Who said we have to wait for Rose?” Alyssa grinned. “She’s not the only one here with a strap on, you know.”

That got Hayden giggling again and she snuggled right up to Alyssa in the bath, kissing her passionately and rubbing their wet tits together again. Hayden couldn’t think of anyone she wanted to take her virgin hole more than Alyssa right now.

As they kissed, something dawned on Hayden. She was kissing Alyssa right after the girl had licked her ass. God, she was tasting her own ass on Alyssa’s lips and tongue. But that didn’t make Hayden pull back. In fact, it made her kiss Alyssa harder. She hornily sucked Alyssa’s tongue into her mouth as she crossed another line into full blown sluttitude.

Hayden couldn’t wait to cross even more lines, but she knew that could wait. What Alyssa had just done to her had felt so incredible and Hayden wanted to make sure her beautiful lover was properly rewarded for it.

“Mmmm now I wanna do you,” Hayden said, aggressively pushing herself against Alyssa so their nude bodies rubbed together in all the right places in the water.

“Oh yeah? What do you wanna do to me Hayden?” Alyssa inquired seductively as her nipples swelled and her pussy ached in anticipation of this beautiful young thing licking her.

“Get up on the edge and I’ll show you,” Hayden replied with a smile and mischievous look in her eyes. What she wanted to do to her friend couldn’t be done if they were both submerged.

“Look who’s all grown up and giving orders now,” Alyssa teased with a gentle laugh. “You didn’t even say please.”

“Please Alyssa…please get up on the edge of the tub,” Hayden asked in an attempt to correct her faux pas. She tuned on her innocent lustiness to full blast, even giving Alyssa her puppy dog eyes. “Please get up on the edge so I can show what a horny little bitch I am. Please oh please Lyssa let me show you how much of a slut I can be!”

“See, that wasn’t so hard,” Alyssa smiled, loving the sounds of Hayden’s eagerly dirty words.

Alyssa rose up from the bathwater and sat herself down on the edge. It was the part of the tub lined up against the wall and Alyssa happily nestled herself into the corner of the wall, giving herself all the support she needed as she leaned back and exposed her soapy, wet naked body to Hayden’s young eyes.

“Mmmm so sexy,” Hayden moaned softly as she drank in Alyssa’s body. “So fucking gorgeous.”

“Thank you sweetie,” Alyssa replied, enjoying the compliment quite a bit. “But didn’t you say you wanted to do something to me. Or is staring all you were planning on doing?”

“Oh no…I was planning on kissing…kissing you right here…” Hayden said with her sexiest smile as she leaned in and planted a soft kiss right on the pink lips of Alyssa’s soaked slit.

“Mmmmmmmmmm fuck yesssssssss mmmmmm good girl…that’s just what I fucking wanted you to do!” Alyssa groaned as Hayden kissed all over her pussy, pressing her teenaged lips up Alyssa’s slit and teasing her labia with her tongue.

“You have such a beautiful pussy,” Hayden sighed in between licks and kisses, returning the compliment Alyssa had given her earlier. “Mmmmm so smooth and sexy.”

“Yeah? You like that Hayden?” Alyssa moaned, her body getting goosebumps all over as Hayden’s sexy kisses to her sex sent her already heated arousal to nuclear meltdown levels. “You like my shaved pussy? Mmmm if you want we can shave yours. We can give you a pretty little bald cunt too. Mmmm we can make it all smooth and pink and lickable for anyone you want to taste it!”

Fuck that did sound good, Hayden dreamily thought to herself. She had never shaved herself all the way before. She didn’t let herself get too wild with her bush, but she never had gone totally bare. She had always kept her patch of blonde fur and hadn’t even given much thought to getting rid of it until last night. She had seen and licked so many girls with hairless pussies last night and having Alyssa shave her sounded awesome.

But Hayden didn’t want to get too distracted thinking about herself. She only wanted to think about Alyssa. She wanted to thank her for all she’d just done to make her feel so incredibly good.

“Spread your legs for me Lyssa…please,” Hayden said, remembering at the last second to add the please. “Show me how wet you are. I wanna see all of this wet pussy of yours.”

“Your wish is my command,” Alyssa said as she spread her legs wide for Hayden, showing off the dripping pink folds of her aroused snatch. “Ooooh now it’s my turn to beg. Mmmm lick me Hayden! I’ve been dying to feel your tongue since last night! Eat that wet pussy of mine up you sexy thing! Taste how fucking wet I got making you come! Give my pussy some fucking love with that sweet tongue of yours and I’ll be soaking that pretty face in no time! Mmmm gonna make my angel slut all good and sticky!”

That was just what Hayden wanted and she didn’t hesitate for even a second. She dove right into Alyssa’s pussy with her tongue and licked away at the delicious wetness. She had never tasted Alyssa before and was immediately overcome by the awesome sweetness of her juices. Mmmm she was so yummy. Hayden loved how every girl she’d been with tasted different, but delicious and Alyssa was no exception.

Hayden knew she wasn’t as good as some of the other girls here. They had been doing this for such a long time and it had just been a short while for her. But she felt like she was getting better with every girl she fucked and Alyssa definitely seemed to like what she was doing as she lapped at her folds and tasted all the yummy juices Alyssa had to feed her.

“Oooooooooh fuck yesssssssss mmmmmmmm that’s it baby! Lick that fucking pussy!” Alyssa carnally hissed, one hand squeezing her own wet tits as the other held Hayden down between her legs with a firm press to her soaked, blonde hair. “Yeahhhhhh awwwwwwww fuck yeahhhhhhhh that’s it sweetie! Mmmmm you’re no fucking angel Hayden! You’re a fucking little devil slut and I love it! Ooooooh yesssssssss mmmmm right there! Yeahhhhhhhhhh that’s the fucking spot! Keep licking it baby! Eat my pussy and show me how fucking good you are! Ooooooooh show me Eliza wasn’t lying when you said you make her pussy come in rivers when you eat her!”

Did Eliza really say that about her? Hayden’s smile and ego grew from the sound of that compliment as she happily remained between Alyssa’s outstretched legs, feasting away at her dripping, pink pussy. God, Eliza was so hot and she thought that about her? That was amazing! Hayden hoped the rest of the girls thought that too because she wanted them to love being licked by her as much as she loved getting done by them.

Alyssa was so wet and Hayden just kept on licking. She not only loved the taste of other women, but the softness of their pussies. Hayden had sucked cock a few times but she had only thought it was ok. She had thought it was because she wasn’t doing it right, but now she realized that it was because pussy was way better! Mmmm no way could guys compare to being able to kneel between Alyssa Milano’s legs and eat her sticky, creamy pussy. Mmmm this had to be as good as sex got.

As Hayden kneeled down in the tub and licked, her own pussy was starting to heat up again and fast. But she paid it no mind. She’d had her fun and she wanted this to be all about making Alyssa feel good.

Hayden knew other girls loved a lot of touching as much as she did so she kept her hands busy on Alyssa’s body, caressing her thighs and legs and even reaching around back to get another hot squeeze of her lover’s incredible butt. Mmmm Hayden loved touching every inch of this beautiful woman and she licked faster and harder, just like Alyssa was begging her to.

“Ughhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh mmmmmm fucking lick me Hayden!” Alyssa begged, writhing from the sensation’s the blonde’s young, eager tongue was creating in her body. “Harder you sexy little slut! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss mmmmmmmmm fucking lick my clitty with that tongue! Now suck it baby! Suck that clit! Yessssssss mmmmmmm fuck yeahhhhhhhhh you horny thing! Show me how much you love eating my dripping, fucking cunt! Yeahhhhh that’s it nasty girl! Oooooooooh the fucking little cheerleader just loves eating pussy, doesn’t she? Mmmmm yeahhhh you fuck girls like a big, bad grown up Hayden!”

Hayden loved everything she was hearing. She wanted to make Alyssa feel good. She wanted to be slutty and nasty. She wanted to suck every hot drop of Alyssa’s pussy juice out of her and she wanted Alyssa to think she was a sexy grown up like everyone else here, not some little kid who had barely kissed a girl, much less fucked one.

Wanting to prove herself to Alyssa had Hayden thinking of some wicked ways she could show all she could do to the sexy, stunning brunette. One idea in particular stuck with Hayden. She just loved the nasty fun Alyssa had had with her and Hayden wanted to reciprocate. She wasn’t positive that Alyssa loved being fucked in the ass, but she was pretty sure she had to be after all she’d said and all she’d done.

Hayden didn’t think she was ready to actually lick another girl there quite yet. Plus she didn’t want to pull away from Alyssa’s sweet, yummy pussy for anything, even a chance to get really naughty. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun back there with Alyssa. She was already gripping Alyssa’s butt and Hayden knew her finger was still wet from the bath.

So, without asking for permission or any other niceties, Hayden moved her hand off of Alyssa’s cheek and teasingly ran her fingers between the toned globes of her fabulous ass. The motion made Alyssa reflexively tense up and her moans began spilling out of her mouth when Hayden’s middle finger began rubbing against her puckered asshole.

“Oooooooooh fuck! Mmmm little angel really is a fucking devil!” Alyssa grinned as she kept one hand still on Hayden’s head and let the other grip the edge of the tub for support. “Do it you horny bitch! Fucking get that finger up my ass! I fucking love it! Give me that finger up my hole while you’re snacking on my fucking cunt!”

All of Alyssa’s dirty words were just turning Hayden on more and now that she knew what she was doing was more than welcomed, she took it a step further without delay. While keeping her mouth right on Alyssa’s gloriously wet pussy, licking up her juices as her tongue teased her clitoris, Hayden pushed her finger into Alyssa’s hole and began fingering her ass.

The instantaneous reaction was one of much pleasure.


Hayden wondered with a smile if Alyssa was setting some kind of world record for use of the word “fuck” and thought with pride how she was the one making Alyssa feel that horny. She had only expected to use one finger on her friend, but if three was what Alyssa wanted, then that was just what she was going to get. Hayden wanted to taste Alyssa’s orgasmic cream so bad and anything she had to do to get it, she would do.

Using her middle finger to spread Alyssa’s hole open, Hayden slowly worked two more of her slim fingers inside, easing in her pinky as the third one. She loved how Alyssa’s tight hole clenched around her fingers and Hayden began fucking her friend. She thrust into Alyssa’s asshole like the brunette had earlier fingered her pussy. She had never done this before, but Hayden liked it and, more importantly, Alyssa loved it.


Alyssa wasn’t lying. She had gotten herself so worked up by taking Hayden like she had that her orgasm had been almost a foregone conclusion once the fun started. In fact Alyssa had actually held her orgasm back so she could experience more of Hayden’s sex starved pussy licking.

One lick from that sweet tongue almost had her creaming and now that she was getting her ass fucked too, Alyssa was mighty happy she had summoned her strength to keep from coming far too early.

While the physical rush of pleasure she was getting from Hayden’s tongue and fingers was intense, what was really getting Alyssa off was knowing who it was doing all this to her. She had watched Heroes from the start and had grown more of a crush on Hayden with each episode. Knowing it was her working her tongue into her cunt and her fingers up her asshole was such a huge rush for Alyssa.

Even though she hadn’t been the first to get Hayden, Alyssa felt like she was the one completing her corruption from innocent little cheerleader to sexy, wanton pussy loving slut. Those thoughts had Alyssa right on the edge of orgasm and everything Hayden was doing to her pussy and ass was making her get oh so tantalizingly closer with every finger thrust and every sensual lick.

Hayden was staring up at Alyssa as she kneeled in the water, feasting and fucking. It was totally amazing to see Alyssa thrashing her head back and forth in ecstasy, her eyes closed and her mouth open for her repeated screams and cries of sexual pleasure. She loved tasting Alyssa and feeling her hole clench tightly around her probing fingers, but Hayden knew just what Alyssa needed to come. It was the sure fire way to make any woman come.

Sucking her tongue back into her mouth with a wet sounding slurp, Hayden pressed her lips right to Alyssa’s plump clitoris. It throbbed from her touch and Hayden parted her lips to suck it right in. Remembering all the ways she had made all her other female lovers come, Hayden clamped down on Alyssa’s clitoris. She sucked it passionately and perfectly and Alyssa couldn’t hold back a second longer.


Hayden had no intention of pulling away. She relished her chance to have Alyssa’s orgasmic essence soak her tongue and swallow it down sultrily. Hayden kept her fingers pumping into Alyssa’s ass and her lips sucking her clit as she gulped down her lover’s creams. Alyssa wildly humped her face as she came, smearing her sexy juices all over her flesh and Hayden felt her own pussy quiver from the feel against her.

All the while Alyssa kept her hand pressed to Hayden’s blonde head. She held the teenager steady at her pussy, even though no force was necessary to keep Hayden where she was. Alyssa cried out her pleasure until her voice was hoarse and having Hayden’s fingers still shoved up her ass was drawing out her pleasure immensely.

When Alyssa finally breathlessly told Hayden to pull her fingers out, the brunette immediately slipped back into the cooling bathwater to grab Hayden’s hand.

“Suck them for me,” Alyssa commanded her eager student. “Taste my ass all over your fingers you nasty girl.”

“Yessssssss sooooo nasty,” Hayden moaned as she obeyed. She was too horny still to do anything but react and she licked her own fingers, tasting Alyssa’s ass and loving it.

Alyssa soon joined the teenager in this. She always enjoyed tasting herself and she took particular relish in sucking Hayden’s pinkie clean before kissing the girl passionately, their tongues wrestling as their bodies touched.

“Now aren’t you glad you didn’t go home,” Alyssa said, wrapping her arms around Hayden and hugging her as the girl rested her head on her shoulder.

“Mmmm this is home now,” Hayden sighed with a smile.

* * * * *

A few bedrooms over to the right, Jessica Alba was trying to grab all the sleep she could. Since last night had been such a late night, she found herself really in need of as many extra winks as she could get. But that was proving mighty difficult since her bed partner wanted her up and at the ready.

“C’mon you can’t sleep the morning away like this,” Jennifer Garner urged as she stood over the bed and gave Jessica a gentle push under the covers. “You’re wasting the morning.”

“Leave me alone,” Jessica grumbled under the covers. “Let me sleep! You’re mean and evil!”

“I’m not!” Jennifer smiled as she continued to give the Jessica shaped lump under the covers little shoves. “But there’s no better way to get yourself ready for the day than a good morning workout.”

“I don’t wanna workout!” Jessica insisted, emerging just long enough to playfully toss a pillow at Jennifer. “I want to sleep! God, you’re the one who exhausted me last night! The least you could do is let me sleep!”

“You’re gonna thank me once you get those endorphins going,” Jennifer promised, yanking away the covers and smiling even more as she feasted her eyes on the gorgeously naked brunette underneath. “Now, c’mon! Let’s get going! I hate exercising alone!”

“Ughhhhhhh you’re like a torturer!” Jessica groaned in frustration as she curled herself around her remaining pillow, not even attempting to cover her nude body. “I’m not going!”

“You like exercise as much as me!” Jennifer insisted. “Don’t act like you don’t and don’t you dare turn into a lazy lump on me! You’ve got a great gym downstairs so you’d better put it to use!”

“Excuse me? I am not lazy!” Jessica said, sitting up in bed and making her bare breasts bounce, a view Jennifer quite enjoyed. “I’m just sane! You’ve gotta listen to your own body and right now mine says I need some fucking sleep! So either leave me alone or get back into bed with me!”

Jennifer paused at the sound of that offer. It was pretty tempting and Jessica couldn’t help but smile as she saw how much Jennifer liked that idea.

“Mmmm yeahhhh now that would be a much better workout, wouldn’t it?” Jessica giggled as she grabbed Jennifer by the waistband of her tight workout pants and yanked her closer until the woman was leaning down into the bed. The two lovers then passionately kissed, rubbing their tongues together as they said a proper good morning to one another.

“It would definitely get me all sweaty,” Jennifer replied with a horny smile as she felt her nipples start to swell against her t-shirt and sports bra. Jessica’s touch and kiss always drove her so wild. She could never resist her. Ever.

“We did plenty of working out last night too,” Jessica pointed out. “Mmmm we don’t need any exercise this morning. We burned plenty of calories then.”

“Yeah…mmmm very good cardio work last night,” Jennifer laughed in between kisses with Jessica. Last night had been so wild and so much fun and sex was supposed to be great exercise, wasn’t it?

“So let’s do some more,” Jessica grinned, sleep suddenly less important to her. “If you’re gonna get me up, then you at least have to make it worth my while.”

“Mmmm does this help make it worth your while?” Jennifer asked as she peeled her t-shirt over her head to expose her pink sports bra with the two diamond shaped outlines of her hard nipples on prominent display. Jennifer was completely dedicated to her workouts and didn’t like to miss them, but for some more playtime with Jessica, it was definitely worth it.

“Oooooh that’s a very good start,” Jessica smiled as she pulled Jennifer into bed with her and began rolling around with her lover over the tossed around sheets. “But I think we can get things moving even more.”

Jessica began inching down Jennifer’s tight pants, peeling them away from her sexy, toned body as they kissed. The two were quickly getting very much into each other, but before they got any further, Jessica’s cell phone sprang to life.

“Ughhh don’t answer it,” Jennifer groaned, hating this interruption.

“Lemme just see who it is,” Jessica said, wiggling out from under Jennifer and reaching for her phone as it lay on the little nightstand next to her bed.

Jennifer hoped whomever it was it wasn’t important and Jessica would just let it go to voicemail. She wanted to get back to what they were doing. But she had no such luck as Jessica let out a little excited giggle when she saw who it was calling and flipped open her phone.

“Hey Trish!” Jessica grinned excitedly. “What’s going on sweetie?”

Jennifer sighed as she fell back onto her back on the bed. Trish Stratus. God, she was always fucking calling! Jennifer had actually never met her, but she’d certainly heard enough of Jessica’s calls with her to know a lot about her. Why did she have to pick now to call? Couldn’t she just let her and Jessica be?

“I just wanted to see if she was there yet,” Trish told Jessica on the other end of their call. “Stacy’s not picking up. I think she’s got her phone off. So I figured I’d see if you were there.”

“Well I don’t think she’s here yet, but I’ve kind of been trying to sleep in this morning,” Jessica replied as she rubbed her eyes a little bit to get the last little bit of sleep out of them. “If she got here, she did it pretty quietly.”

“Wild night last night, huh?” Trish teased, her pussy reflexively getting damp as she pictured what Jessica had done and how much crazy fun Stacy was going to be having there from now on.

“Mmmmmhmmmm definitely wild,” Jessica answered coyly, not letting loose any details because she knew full well how much fun it was to drive Trish crazy with teasing. “But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all the hot girls we had over last night for Christina’s party and how good all of them tasted.”

“C’mon telllllllll…” Trish pleaded. “I want to know everything! Mmmm everyone and everything!”

“Well you could find out for yourself if you ever came and visited me,” Jessica said. “I miss you Trish! We’re always calling and texting and emailing, but we’re never actually seeing each other! I wanna see you again so badly! It’s been way too long. You need to get your hot ass here to Malibu and leave snowy Canada behind!”

“Snow? God Jess, it’s summer here!” Trish laughed. “It doesn’t snow in the freaking summer in Toronto! We’re Canadians not Eskimos!”

“Whatever,” Jessica playfully replied. “Just get your ass up here so I can see you and you can help your friend settle in. I really wanna see you! Everyone does!”

As Jessica carried on her conversation with Trish, Jennifer sighed and pulled herself out of bed. She wasn’t about to share Jessica with someone on the phone this morning, especially someone like Trish. Jennifer stood up and pulled her pants back into place as she reached for her t-shirt.

“Where are you going?” Jessica asked, covering her phone for a second so Trish couldn’t hear her.

“I’m just gonna go workout,” Jennifer mumbled in disappointment. “You talk with your friend.”

“Awwww don’t be like that Jen,” Jessica sighed. “Hold on a sec. Trish, I gotta go. Yeah sweetie, I’ll call you as soon as she gets here. And remember what I said. I wanna see you so bad! Ok…talk to you later. Kisses.”

Jessica hung up her phone then and turned her attention back to Jennifer before she slipped away out the bedroom door.

“Don’t leave!” Jessica pouted. “We were having fun.”

“Wouldn’t you rather talk to your wrestler friend?” Jennifer grumbled. “She’s obviously more important to you than me.”

“No! You’re important to me!” Jessica insisted. “Don’t go Jen! Let’s talk about this!”

Jennifer stopped and turned around. She didn’t want to leave the bedroom angry at Jessica, especially since she knew as soon as she started working out and getting her blood flowing, she was going to feel really bad about this fight. It was better to nip it in the bud.

She didn’t mean to get jealous. In fact she tried so hard not to be that way. But she just couldn’t help it. She saw the way Jessica looked when she talked to, or about, Trish, and she couldn’t stop from getting jealous about it. She wanted Jessica to feel that way about her. She wanted Jessica to be hers and not have to share her with some big-breasted slut.

Of course Jennifer didn’t know Trish, so she could have been the nicest girl in the world. But Jennifer couldn’t stop the way she felt. She was jealous of her and didn’t like the way she was always calling and especially the way Jessica reacted whenever she did call.

What Jessica and Jennifer had was complicated to say the very least. It wasn’t a relationship, but it wasn’t a casual series of fucks either. It was somewhere in between and Jennifer wanted more. They had been through so much together. Their first time in that conference room. Their fun nights out together. The drama in Jamaica. All that shit with Avril. And then there had been her marriage and pregnancy.

Jennifer seemed to operate in a perpetual state of confusion about her sexuality. She had lusted after women all her life, but had married Scott Foley. And once they had split up she had gone full bore after Jessica, hoping for a connection and a relationship. But once they seemed on the path to that, she had hooked up with Ben Affleck and they had fallen in love. Jessica had been totally cool and understanding about it, but there was still so much unresolved between them.

The truth was Jennifer didn’t know what she wanted except that she wanted it all. She wanted Ben and she wanted Jessica. She wanted a man and a woman in her life and she didn’t want to share Jessica. She knew that was impossible to ask of her considering where Jessica lived and Jennifer had certainly enjoyed all the wild fun the mansion had to offer, but if she couldn’t lay exclusive claim to Jessica’s body, she at least wanted her heart.

Jennifer knew this was selfish of her, but she couldn’t stop herself from wanting it. She wanted a husband and a family and she wanted a beautiful girlfriend on the side. Was that too much to ask? Yeah, it probably was, but Jennifer still wanted it. It was unreasonable and the worst part was Jennifer knew it was and still couldn’t help herself.

Because she knew she was asking for so much, Jennifer tried not to be jealous. She tried to let Jessica live her life and not be so demanding. She didn’t want Jessica to have to give up being with other girls, especially her gorgeous housemates. She didn’t want to be a jealous, greedy person. Jennifer hated when she found herself acting this way. But she also didn’t want to share and couldn’t help herself.

“I’m sorry Jess,” Jennifer said honestly. “I don’t mean to be a bitch. I just get a little jealous sometimes. I don’t want to fight with you.”

“It’s ok sweetie,” Jessica replied understandingly. “But you know if you got to know Trish, you’d love her too. She’s so beautiful and just this incredible, funny, smart woman. You’d totally have a connection with her.”

Not likely, Jennifer thought to herself with a grumble. But she kept that to herself. She knew Trish was Jessica’s friend and didn’t want to make things worse by saying anything bad about the blonde wrestler slut and her big, fake tits.

“You shouldn’t be jealous of me with other girls,” Jessica told her friend as Jennifer sat down next to her on the bed. “You know how I feel about you.”

“I know…” Jennifer replied, pushing a smile over her lips. She did know Jessica cared about her and had strong feeling for her. She just wished it was more.

“Besides, you didn’t seem to mind all those other girls last night,” Jessica teased as she sat up and began softly caressing Jennifer’s thighs through her tight pants, making her smile more and start to softly moan.

Jessica had her there and Jennifer knew it. She had sure indulged in all the mansion had had to offer at the party last night. With the baby at home and Ben having no idea about her secret lusts for female flesh, times to sneak away to Malibu were far and few between. So she had made the most of her time to reconnect with Jessica and her other sexy friends here like Gwen and Christina and Sarah, while also playing for the first time with beautiful women like Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes and everyone else at the party.

Never in her wildest dreams would Jennifer have imagined there would be a moment in her life where she would have screamed out in orgasm from having Jessica and Ashlee Simpson licking away together at her pussy, only to look down and see both sisters passionately kissing one another to share her juices. But all that had happened last night and more so Jennifer didn’t want to be a hypocrite.

“Welllll that was different,” Jennifer replied with a smile, knowing she had no excuse.

“How?” Jessica playfully demanded as she wrapped her arms around Jennifer’s body and squeezed, holding her friend tightly, happy that a fight had been averted.

“Cause it was me and you should know how much of a greedy slut I am by now,” Jennifer laughed before pinning Jessica down on the bed and kissing her lovingly.

Jessica shrieked happily at being smothered like this and kissed back without hesitation, running her hands down Jennifer’s back before naturally resting them on her glorious ass, squeezing the cheeks through the tight material.

“So let’s get back to where we were before,” Jessica suggested. “Mmm it was just getting good.”

“Uh uh,” Jennifer insisted as she sat back up, releasing a disappointed Jessica. “You totally blew me off by taking that call and now you need to make up for it. We’re going to get a workout downstairs.”

“Ughhhhhhhhh…” Jessica groaned as she threw herself back down on the bed. Working out was a necessary evil to keep the body she had and for the most part it wasn’t torture or anything. But Jessica liked sleep and sex way more than exercise and now she was being denied both.

“No whining,” Jennifer chastised. “I hate working out alone and you’re coming with me if I have to carry you down to the gym. Now c’mon, don’t be a baby.”

“You owe me for this,” Jessica grumbled as she sat up and pulled herself out of bed to nakedly make her way to the closet to get her workout clothes.

“Tell you what,” Jennifer offered as she considered all the naughty ways she could make Jessica forget Trish’s name. “We work up a good sweat in the gym and then you get to have your wicked way with me in the shower. Mmmm sound good baby? You and me naked under that hot, streaming water getting good and nasty?”

“Sounds like all the incentive I need to work out,” Jessica smiled, poking her head out of the closet to accept Jennifer’s kind offer before ducking back in to get ready. The prospect of hot, steamy shower sex was just the kind of thing to make the workout fly by.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, as Jessica got dressed, the gym was already in use by two other visitors to the mansion. Like all of the other rooms at the mansion, the air was often filled with groans, breathless grunts and gasps of exertion. But unlike all the other rooms, these weren’t sounds of pleasure. They were sounds of women working out to keep their bodies in the sexy shapes they wanted them in.

That was definitely the case this morning as Kelly Clarkson was groaning and grunting as she went through the paces on the chest press machine, working over her muscles as she received encouragement from her unofficial personal trainer.

“C’mon just a few more…you can do it Kelly,” Elisha Cuthbert urged as she kept a watchful eye on her exercising friend.

Open invitations meant just that and people who were allowed to stay over were allowed pretty much carte blanche of any part of the mansion. That included the gym and a lot of the girls took advantage of the offer. After all, the mansion was already their escape from the prying eyes that followed them everywhere. Why shouldn’t it also be their escape from roided up trainers who liked to get off on the pain they caused their famous clients.

“I can’t do any more,” Kelly protested, her face flushed as she tried to force out a few more reps. “I’m fucking dying here.”

“C’mon just a few more,” Elisha pressed. “Hey, I promise if you give me more I’ll flash you.”

Elisha teased lifting up the bottom of her t-shirt to prove she wasn’t just giving empty promises. But it didn’t cut any immediate ice with Kelly.

“Yeah right, what good is seeing your boobs gonna do to me if I’m collapsed on the floor gasping for breath?” Kelly pointed out. “Besides, I bet you got a bra on under there.”

“Oh yeah?” Elisha smiled as she accepted Kelly’s challenge and proved herself by quickly lifting up her shirt and slamming it back down. It was only the briefest of flashes, but it did prove that she was indeed topless underneath her shirt.

“Mmmmm,” Kelly replied appreciatively. “But I bet it’s hard to work out with those things flopping around.”

“I manage,” Elisha slyly smiled. “But if you want to see more then you better give me more.”

“Sadist,” Kelly grumbled as she squeezed the handles and pulled them close, lifting up the weights and grunting as she completed the rep. She then slowly eased the handles away and got ready for the next one. “You’re just lucky your body is worth me killing myself over.”

Elisha giggled and began caressing Kelly’s sexy body through her sweat stained t-shirt and down to her shorts as they clung to her.

“Don’t forget Kelly, the worse I make you feel now, the better I’ll make you feel later,” Elisha reminded her friend with a twinkle in her eye. “Now if that’s not worth a few achy muscles, then I don’t know what is. Did I mention I brought my special massage oils with me today?”

“Ughhhhhh,” Kelly groaned as she pulled the handles in again, pushing another rep out of her tired body. She never could resist Elisha, especially when she got those oils out for a post-workout massage. Now that was the kind of treatment Kelly loved.

“C’monnnnn…just one more,” Elisha coaxed as Kelly released the handles. “I know you can give me one more.”

“No more…please Heesh,” Kelly gasped. “The next one I do is gonna rip my muscles apart.”

“Really?” Elisha asked as she pulled up her shirt again and this time gave Kelly an even more tantalizing view of the bare, pink globes underneath. Elisha left her shirt up for a few hot seconds before dropping it back down.

“Next time I’ll take off the shirt for good,” Elisha promised. “Now give me one more. Please Kelly. I know you have it in you.”

Kelly groaned in frustration and soreness but did as asked. She sucked in her breath and exhaled loudly as she pumped the handles together one more, lifting up the weights before releasing them and slumping back in the machine’s seat.

“No more,” Kelly pleased. “Please Heesh. No more.”

“Ok no more,” Elisha agreed, before getting to the bad news after the good. “No more of that machine at least. Let’s go work on your glutes now.”

“Awwwwwwww fuck!” Kelly groaned, her drawl increasing as her frustration did.

“Hey you asked for this,” Elisha pointed out. “You said I should be tough on you.”

“I didn’t really mean it,” Kelly whined. “This is crazy.”

Kelly knew she couldn’t argue though. She did ask for this. She hated going to the gym. Hated it with a passion. It felt like forced death marches to her. But there had been so many people cracking on her weight lately and Kelly felt sensitive to that. She knew she was always going to have curves and she loved that about herself. But the constant criticism had made her self conscious and she had vowed to firm up before her next tour.

But if she was going to do it, she wanted to do it her way. That meant no personal trainer and workouts far out of the public eye. And if she was going to Malibu anyway to get the only kind of exercise she actually liked, it made sense to do this here also. She knew there wouldn’t be trainers running off to the tabloids at the first chance they got and paparazzi trying to photograph any weight loss she might have. It would just be good friends who had her best interests at heart.

All the girls here had such incredible bodies and Kelly felt they were the perfect ones to help shape hers. She didn’t want to turn into some kind of wafer thin stick or some super muscle girl. She just didn’t want assholes on the Internet calling her Porky Pig anymore.

“Tough is one thing, but you’re being fucking mean,” Kelly groaned as she moved her tired body off the chest press machine. They had already been at this for over an hour and she was hitting her limit.

“Awwww I’m not mean,” Elisha defended herself. “I can prove it to you. Gimmie five reps and I really will lose the shirt. Mmmm and I might just accidentally have my shorts get yanked down too.”

“You wearing panties under there?” Kelly asked with a raised eyebrow of interest as she took a long drink of water from her bottle and toweled sweat off her forehead.

“Gimmie five and you’ll find out,” Elisha answered wickedly.

“Tease,” Kelly grumbled, but still smiling as she hungered for more looks at Elisha’s beautiful and hopefully soon to be undressed body.

Kelly had never ever thought she’d be looking at a woman so lustfully and doing it so blatantly. But she had never expected she’d be in a place like this either. Sure she had always admired how beautiful women were. How could she not? But the thought of actually having sex with one? That had been crazy.

But crazy was just what Kelly had gotten and she loved it. She had had no idea what was in store for her when Christina had brought her here the first time. She had thought the girl just needed a friendly shoulder to cry on. But the reality was so much more.

Christina had seduced her body and soul. She had kissed and caressed and licked away all her inhibitions and shown her what true sexual pleasure was. Now all Kelly craved was the touch of another woman…or women…lots and lots of sexy, beautiful, naked women all at once.

Her history with men was the stuff of tragic country songs, but Kelly had found nothing but pure bliss with other women. They knew just how to kiss her and touch her and make her feel so wonderful that she’d think she could die of ecstasy. The taste of another woman’s pussy was sweeter than the sweetest wine and just as addictive. Kelly adored the scents, the tastes, the touches of other women. She loved every bit of it.

All the stress of her life disappeared every time she was at the mansion. Here she could let everything else go and embrace lust and passion and do the wild, crazy, kinky things that the shy girl from Texas who had auditioned for American Idol never would have dreamed she could ever even think about doing.

That girl never would have been begging Jennifer Love Hewitt and Gwen Stefani to drip candle wax all over her naked body like she had been last night. And that girl never would have begged even louder for them to put out the candle flames and shove the sticks into her pussy and ass to give her waxy double fuck as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Branch had taken turns planting their pussies on her face and riding her tongue.

Plus not only had she gotten the best sex of her life out of her experiences in Malibu, she had made so many new friends. Kelly knew boyfriends came and went, but friends were there forever and she had bonded with so many women here that she knew she could trust and depend on. Women like Elisha.

It seemed weird to say that they had bonded over a vibrator up the ass, but that was exactly what had happened. The two girls had barely known each other except to say hello but all that had changed Kelly’s first day at the mansion when she had ended up in an orgy out by the pool and Elisha had used the aforementioned toy on her hole.

The two had become fast friends after that intense, orgasmic experience and when she had needed help in the gym, Kelly had turned to the beautiful, blonde Canadian. Elisha had never been asked to do anything like that before. But she had grown up around sports her whole life and knew her way around a gym so she had decided to give it a try. So far it had been fun, especially with the post workout fun time as a special bonus.

“Let’s get to it Kelly,” Elisha said as she pushed Kelly toward the next machine and gave her bottom a smack through her shorts. “C’mon girl! Move your fat ass!”

As soon as the words flew out of her mouth, Elisha knew she’d made a mistake. Kelly froze and turned around to look at her with genuine hurt in her eyes, making Elisha feel about two inches tall. She knew Kelly was super sensitive about this. They’d been having fun here. How could she have fucked it up like that with some stupid teasing joke?

“Kel, I’m so sor-” Elisha began before she was cut off.

“My ass isn’t fat!” Kelly said, her face looking like Elisha had just slapped her.

“No it’s not,” Elisha agreed. It definitely wasn’t. She thought Kelly was perfect and didn’t even really need all this extra exercise. “Kelly, I was just trying to motivate you. I fucked up. I’m sorry. Really. I said a stupid fucking thing. I didn’t mean it. You’re not fat!”

“I’m not!” Kelly insisted as she dropped down and sat on the mat covering the floor. “This is what I am! I have fucking curves, ok? I’m never gonna be Nicole fucking Richie!”

“I know…I don’t want you to be,” Elisha said, sitting down next to Kelly. “I said the wrong thing. I was stupid. I’m new at this training thing. I was just trying to give you motivation. I know you’re not fat. Your ass is perfect baby. I didn’t mean it.”

“Perfect, huh?” Kelly said, a little smile starting to tug at the compliment. She didn’t mean to overreact. She knew Elisha didn’t mean it. She was just tired and stressed. All the shit with her album and her cancelled tour and all the negative publicity. All the pressure about her looks. It had been really weighing down on her.

“Mmmhmmm,” Elisha confirmed, hoping this was a chance for her to make nice. “Definitely perfect. You have an absolutely gorgeous ass Kelly. Perfect and round and oh so fuckable.”

Kelly laughed at that compliment, definitely appreciating it. Her anger was already cooling and she saw the opportunity to stop with this sadistic muscle work and get to the kind of fun exercise she really wanted to do with Elisha.

“If it’s so perfect then why were you mean to it?” Kelly asked, lifting herself up off the floor enough so she could reach down and caress her own bottom. “Why did you call it such a bad name?”

“I wasn’t thinking, I was being an idiot,” Elisha answered as she stared wantonly at Kelly’s shorts against her full cheeks. “How can I make it up to you?”

“Mmmm give it a kiss…a nice kiss,” Kelly giggled as she got on all fours and pressed her ass out toward Elisha’s face. “You were a bad girl Heesh. Now you have to kiss my ass and make it feel better.”

Elisha was always willing to do that. She was so incredibly grateful for Kelly letting her off the hook for her stupid comment and she dove right into her assigned task. She kneeled down behind Kelly’s ass and pressed her lips to it through her shorts, kissing one cheek lovingly and then giving a similar touch right away to the other one.

“Mmmmmmm you’re making some progress, but you still hurt its feelings,” Kelly said with a moan. “More kisses! Mmmm get those lips all over my perfect ass and show me how sorry you are for being a mean, nasty bitch.”

Elisha did just that, lavishing kisses all over Kelly’s ass through her shorts and intending to do a lot more. But before they got any further they found themselves interrupted by two arrivals into the gym.

“Well well well…what do we have here?” Jessica asked as she and Jennifer announced their presence.

Even though they hadn’t been caught doing anything particularly naughty or anything that hadn’t already been done here a hundred times, Kelly and Elisha still defensively scrambled their way out of their compromising position. Kelly sat back down on the mat in a flash and she and Elisha composed themselves like nothing was going on.

“Nothing…I…we…you know…just working out,” Elisha claimed, covering up what was really going on here.

She didn’t know why she and Kelly acted like they had been caught sneaking cookies before dinner. They had nothing to be ashamed about. But they didn’t live here and they weren’t as free with everything as Jessica and her housemates were. Deep down the girls who only visited still had a few inhibitions left to lose.

Jessica didn’t let them linger in their embarrassment though. She had giggled a little seeing them scramble, but when she saw blushes begin to form on their faces, she stepped in. She didn’t want her friends to feel bad about being caught. They had nothing to feel ashamed about, except for maybe the fact that they were both still dressed and not already fucking each other silly.

“Relax,” Jessica smiled as she and Jennifer strode past the doorway and into the gym. “You’re not doing anything I haven’t done mmmm or wish I was doing.”

Jessica then grabbed Jennifer’s ass through her workout pants, getting the older woman both yelping in surprise and moaning in desire from her lover’s sexy touch to her toned backside. The two then kissed tenderly, putting Elisha and Kelly instantly back at ease.

They knew they had been silly to pretend nothing had been happening but coming to the uninhibited world of the mansion from the real world where they couldn’t exactly display their same sex lusts still took some getting used to.

“So you mind us joining you for a workout?” Jennifer asked when the kiss ended as she licked the delicious taste of Jessica’s lips off her own. It wasn’t like Kelly and Elisha could hog the whole gym for themselves, but it was still polite to ask.

“If you keep kissing, you can do anything you want here,” Kelly grinned, loving the sight of those two sexy beauties kissing each other. She had always enjoyed seeing women make love and now that she knew how wonderful it felt to actually participate, she was more of a voyeur than ever.

“As you wish then,” Jessica said before grabbing Jennifer again and pulling her friend in for another long, hot kiss. The two began rubbing their bodies sensually together through their workout clothes, but Jessica didn’t let Elisha and Kelly escape her attention.

“You two shouldn’t have stopped what you were doing,” Jessica pointed out as she continued to hold Jennifer close, the other woman in no hurry to pull away from Jessica or even move her head off her shoulder as they embraced. “That was hot. You should know by now girls, anything goes here and that includes the gym. Mmmm I can’t tell you how many times we’d start working out in here and soon all our clothes would be on the floor and we’d be working these machines totally naked.”

“Awesome…” Kelly dreamily moaned, closing her eyes and picturing it…all those beautiful bodies glistening with perspiration as they worked their toned muscles and moved closer and closer to each other until they just fell into a pile of girl lust. She had seen that here a bunch of times already, but never in the gym and there was just something so erotic about happening here.

“Really awesome,” Jessica replied from experience.

There was nothing quite like the sight of an all-girl nude workout. It wasn’t practical to exercise like that, but it sure was a hell of a lot of fun. All those sweaty bodies, grunting and moaning and aching for a soft touch. The trick was to wait until the anticipation was almost painful before breaking and going after each other like famished she-beasts desperate for any taste or touch of female flesh.

“So get to it. Strip down for us,” Elisha suggested with an eager smile as she and Kelly remained sitting on the floor. “If it’s so awesome then show us. Mmmm show us everything.”

“Oh no we’re here to really work out…not have fun…right Jen?” Jessica teased.

“Well…yeah…I guess…” Jennifer replied, no longer quite sure about her own wants. She hated missing a workout, but the pictures Jessica was creating in her mind were definitely most appealing.

Letting the sexual anticipation start to grow heavy around them, Jessica released Jennifer from her embrace. They separated and reluctantly started their workouts. Jennifer went over to the treadmill, keeping her eyes mostly focused on Jessica in her tight shorts and how they clung perfectly to the cheeks of her ass, while Jessica made her way to the free weights.

But while those two were starting to exercise, Kelly and Elisha had something else entirely in mind. They had worked hard before. Now it was time to play. The hard task master side of Elisha that had been so demanding of Kelly had gone into hiding. Now the blonde was all affection, all the time toward her brown haired lover.

Elisha turned Kelly toward her so they were face to face. She tenderly kissed the singer’s lips and started to gently caress her face. After working her so hard on the machines, Elisha gave Kelly nothing but a soft touch and Kelly responded with desire, kissing Elisha back and letting their tongues rub together while they inched closer and began to play with each other’s bodies.

If Elisha was looking to make up for her thoughtless remark with her kisses, it was working wonders. Kelly was quickly forgetting all about the hard workout and the mean remark and thinking about nothing but wonderful, beautiful pleasure as she and Elisha made out right in the middle of the gym, sitting on the mat as they caressed each other’s bodies through their clothes.

Jennifer and Jessica were at least trying to go through the motions of their own workouts, but it was damn hard to concentrate on anything but the sounds of wet female lips smacking together and the soft, girlishly happy moans coming from Kelly and Elisha. The sounds of their kissing and moaning danced around their ears so enticingly, tempting them to forget about workout regiments and instead give their bodies what they really needed.

Jessica was set up right by the mirrors that stretched across the wall and she stared intently into them as she used the free weights, toning her arms. But she barely paid attention to how much she was lifting because she was too busy staring. Someone just wandering by might have assumed Jessica only had eyes for her own reflection, but Jessica was far from that egotistical.

Even though Jessica had to admit she looked damn hot working out in tight blue shorts and a white sports bra top, what she was really staring at was the action between Kelly and Elisha.

In fact she was barely paying a lick of attention to herself. Instead Jessica stared beyond her own reflection to concentrate on the great view she got of the two horny girls kissing and touching. Jessica slowly lifted the weights in her hands out of rote habit, but her mind and eyes were focused on her sexy friends as they got even friskier.

Neither of them had ever messed around in the mansion’s gym before, but they were so into each other, that Kelly and Elisha fell right into it without even a second’s thought. They could have been all alone in the gym or everyone could have been there to stare at them. It wouldn’t have made any difference at all. After all she’d put her body through this morning, Kelly was aching for a sexy touch and Elisha was committed to proving to her friend just how beautiful she thought her body was.

The two had gotten back into the position they had been in when Jessica and Jennifer had interrupted. Kelly was on all fours on the floor, her ass up in the air as Elisha caressed it through her shorts. But this time they took it even further. Elisha hooked her hands into the waistband of Kelly’s shorts and, as she kissed all over the exposed small of her friend’s back, she inched those shorts down to expose the delights underneath.

Unless she was wearing a skirt, Kelly rarely wore panties. She had no desire to pull a Britney or a Lindsay and flash the world, but she’d also gotten into the habit a long time ago of going commando and had never really broken it. As Elisha had hoped she would be, Kelly was completely bare assed underneath her gym shorts and pulling them down revealed nothing but succulent, nude female flesh.

“Mmmmmm so hot,” Elisha moaned as she pulled down the shorts enough to completely expose Kelly’s ass.

“Don’t think my ass is fat anymore, do ya Heesh?” Kelly teased in her sexy drawl as she fueled her friend’s horniness by giving her ass a shake, making her full cheeks jiggle seductively.

“No…fuck no!” Elisha answered. “Your ass is so beautiful. So sexy. God, I’m getting wet just looking at it.”

That earned another sexy shake from Kelly and Elisha moaned as she watched those cheeks jiggle for her. She just wanted to smack them and hold them and get her hands all over them, but instead she resumed what she had been doing before and started kissing them. Elisha showered light, wet kisses all over Kelly’s bare butt cheeks, her shorts yanked down just enough to show them all off, and made the singer moan with every touch of her lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss…” Kelly gently moaned. “Mmmm so gooood! Mmmm I love you kissing me everywhere Heesh!”

Elisha just smiled back and kept right on kissing everywhere she could get at on Kelly’s beautiful, full cheeks. She planted her lips all over the now revealed flesh and even gave them a playful slap that had Kelly moaning even louder.

“Such a beautiful ass…” Elisha groaned as her lust grew hotter with every moan from Kelly’s mouth.

It was impossible not to stare at the two girls as they wickedly played with each other right on the mat covered floor. Usually when Jennifer got into a zone with her workouts, a bomb could explode right next to her and she wouldn’t even notice the noise. But all she could do right now was gawk at Elisha and Kelly and love everything that she saw.

Jennifer was barely concentrating at all on the treadmill. She was still doing a light jog on it and after awhile she didn’t even feel herself moving. She was enraptured by this unexpected show. Jennifer had been intending to get a legitimate workout and then make good on her promise to work out all her sexual tension in the shower with Jessica, but those plans were changing in a hurry as she felt herself get damper and damper under her pants and panties as she eyed Kelly and Elisha’s playtime.

Jessica and Jennifer’s stares only grew hotter when Kelly got on her back and Elisha helpfully tugged her shorts all the way off before tossing them away. This left Kelly completely bottomless and Jessica in particular was treated to a gorgeous view from the mirror of the singer spreading her legs to show off the pink delights that lay within. Kelly was visibly wet and only getting wetter as she pulled Elisha down on top of her by her shirt so they could kiss again.

Both girls knew they were being stared at by Jessica and Jennifer and that was just making them hotter. Making love with someone watching you was almost a rule at the mansion and it didn’t faze either Kelly or Elisha a bit. While they were definitely into each other and weren’t going to stop for anything, they both hoped it wouldn’t be long before their audience abandoned all pretense of actually exercising and joined them on the floor for some real fun.

Kelly and Elisha passionately kissed as they felt the horny stares on their bodies. Both of them had long ago learned one of the best parts of sex with another woman was the kissing. Women really knew how to kiss each other and neither Elisha nor Kelly skimped on it as they played with each other. They smacked their lips together hungrily and opened wide to explore each other’s mouths with their tongues. Their tongues wetly touched and caressed as Elisha furthered things even more by cupping Kelly’s breasts through her t-shirt and sexily squeezing.

Kelly groaned wantonly from the needed touch to her tits. She had wanted this from the moment she had walked into the gym with Elisha. She had thought she was going to have to wait until later for this, when Elisha gave her that promised special massage, but doing it now was even better.

“Take it off,” Kelly hornily ordered in between kisses. “Get all my fucking clothes off me.”

The trainee was now ordering around the trainer, but Elisha hardly minded. She loved following sexy commands and getting Kelly naked was just about as sexy as it got. Pausing their kisses for only as long as necessary, Elisha yanked Kelly’s Clash t-shirt over her head and showed off how swollen her nipples had gotten under her red sports bra.

Kelly and Elisha fell right back into another kiss as soon as her shirt was gone and now Elisha was really getting into playing with Kelly’s tits. She massaged them through the soft material, making Kelly’s nipples stiffen and swell even more as the singer moaned into Elisha’s mouth.

But naturally Elisha couldn’t stop there, not when Kelly’s tits were so tantalizingly close to her. While they continued to wetly tongue kiss, Elisha pushed up Kelly’s sports bra, popping her bare breasts into view. She stopped when she had the bra pushed up near Kelly’s neck and immediately fell upon her friend’s exposed flesh. Elisha didn’t bother to get the garment the rest of the way off. She just buried her face in Kelly’s tits and started licking, sucking and touching them.

“Gawwwwwwd yeahhhhh mmmmmmmm yessssss this is what I fucking need!” Kelly cried happily as she arched her back up off the floor from the wave of pleasure suddenly flowing through her. “Fuck exercise! I need some damn loving Heesh! Mmmmm yessssssss lick and suck all over those tits! Christ baby, I fucking love how you feel all over me!”

Kelly’s flesh was sweaty from her workout and the taste just made Elisha hornier for her. Her pussy was starting to make her shorts visibly damp and Elisha couldn’t wait to get her clothes off too. But she delayed that so she could focus entirely on Kelly and reward her for working so hard before.

She kept Kelly’s soft, small tits in her hand and played with them lovingly, massaging them with her palms while she licked and kissed all over them, tasting her sweaty, flushed body and paying special care to Kelly’s pink nipples, sucking and tonguing them until they were almost as hard as rocks.

While Elisha was working her chest over, Kelly couldn’t resist touching herself. She spread her legs open even wider and plunged her hand between them, rubbing her own pussy roughly and passionately. Kelly cried out her pleasure as she fondled herself, moving her fingers all over her already slick cunt lips and then shoving them inside her folds.

Seeing Kelly start to fuck herself like that, the mirror putting it on display for her like she was watching a porn movie, was what broke the dam for Jessica. No longer could she just idly watch something this hot. Kelly’s fingers were quickly soaked and Jessica ached to get over there and lick them clean before getting her tongue right inside that beautifully pink American Idol pussy.

Jessica set her weights back down and turned around, but she didn’t head straight for Kelly and Elisha. Instead she set her sights first on Jennifer. If she was going to join in, she was going to make damn sure that her friend joined in right along with her. Threesomes were fun, but foursomes were even better.

Jennifer was gawking so intently at Kelly and Elisha that she didn’t even notice Jessica coming for her until she felt her friend’s hand caress her arm. Jessica held out her hand and silently invited Jennifer to step off the treadmill. Jennifer immediately accepted the offer and turned the machine off. Going from movement to stopping cold in a second made Jennifer’s legs a bit wobbly but that worked out to both of their advantages because it sent her falling forward right into Jessica’s embrace.

Jessica hungrily kissed Jennifer when she fell into her arms and Jennifer kissed her right back, willing to accept losing her great view of the playful twosome if it meant feeling Jessica’s soft, beautiful lips on hers. The two lovers kissed passionately while running their hands all over each other’s bodies, caressing and squeezing all the gorgeous feminine flesh imprisoned by their gym clothes.

Neither girl wanted to miss more of the show and Jessica turned Jennifer around in her arms so her friend could resume staring at Kelly and Elisha while she was tended to. Jennifer definitely appreciated this kind gesture and let Jessica know it by grinding her ass right into her, moaning when she felt the heat and dampness of Jessica’s pussy through her shorts against her.

“You like watching them?” Jessica purred into Jennifer’s ear as they both got an eyeful of the horny couple. As she said this Jessica’s hands moved up Jennifer’s chest to squeeze her firm tits through her shirt. “You like seeing those little sluts go at it?”

“Mmmm fuck yesssssss,” Jennifer groaned in reply. “You know I do Jess. Fuck, they’re turning me on. Mmmm they’re both so hot.”

Kelly and Elisha heard that and it made them smile. They wanted to be watched and they wanted their audience to love what they saw. Having Jennifer and Jessica’s heated stares on them and hearing their moans made them even wetter for each other and Kelly’s fingers were deep into the slick wetness of her pussy as she frigged herself with one hand and set to stripping her lover down with the other.

“Get this off,” Kelly pleaded as she tugged at Elisha’s shirt with her free hand, inching it up her friend’s body in between hot, wet kisses. “Get naked for me Heesh. I wanna see your hot, fucking body all nice and naked.”

“Mmmmm naked is definitely good,” Elisha smiled and did with both hands what Kelly couldn’t do with one. The blonde sat up and whipped off her shirt in a flash, sending it falling to the floor and leaving herself completely topless. Elisha had teased Kelly with the quick glances of her bare chest before and now Kelly hungered for it more than ever, especially when Elisha began feeling herself up and caressing her naked pink tits.

“Feed me those tits baby,” Kelly requested from her back, a little too sore and a little too happily lazy to sit up. “I wanna suck on them Heesh. Mmmm I wanna suck and kiss all over those beautiful tits.”

“Whatever Kelly wants…Kelly gets,” Elisha declared with her growing smile.

Pausing only to get Kelly’s sports bra the rest of the way off her, Elisha leaned down and let her tits hover and sway gently over the singer’s mouth. The pink globes weren’t lonely for long. As soon as she could, Kelly started squeezing her friend’s breasts and licking up with her tongue, slashing it against Elisha’s flesh and coating her quickly with a glaze of her saliva.

“Ahhhhh fuck mmmmmmmm yesssssss,” Elisha groaned as Kelly played with her chest. Kelly even pulled her other hand up from between her legs so she could play with both of Elisha’s breasts and the blonde loved the feel of the sticky, sweet wetness all over Kelly’s fingers being rubbed on her tit.

“Mmmmmmmm oooooooh baby, that’s so hot,” Elisha cooed. “Get those pussy juices all over my tits. Mmmm yesssssss so sticky and hot. Get your pussy all over my pretty, pink boobs and lick it off.”

“Yeah is that what you want? Mmmm my tongue licking my own juice off your hot tittie?” Kelly teasingly drawled and after Elisha let out a horny, pleading whine indicating that that was exactly what she wanted, Kelly gave it to her.

Kelly rubbed her juices from her fingers all over Elisha’s rack, as the blonde actress continued to hover over her. She finger painted her juices onto Elisha’s bare globes and then darted her long tongue out to lick them clean. She didn’t have too much of her juice to paint on Elisha’s flesh, but she had more than enough to get them both moaning and cooing for more.

Elisha rubbed herself against Kelly as the singer skillfully licked at her tits. She loved the feel of Kelly’s tongue anywhere on her body and it just made her ache to have it on her pussy even more. Elisha was rapidly soaking her shorts and the wetness was getting even greater because she was grinding into Kelly. Kelly’s sodden pussy had nothing to cover it and Elisha’s shorts were soaking all her horny juices up. With both of their wet cunts making those shorts drenched with arousal, they very clearly had to go.

While Kelly licked and squeezed her tender breasts, Elisha took matters into her own hands. She kept grinding herself on top of Kelly and reached down to peel her own shorts off. Elisha tugged the garment down her own body and confirming that what she had been teasing before had been true. She had no panties on underneath.

Kelly quickly discovered what Elisha was doing and she eagerly helped, moving her left hand off the blonde’s chest to help her get her shorts off. Kelly tugged them down along with Elisha and soon enough they were down her legs and being flung off with the rest of their forgotten clothes. Now both girls were completely naked save for their socks and sneakers and this gave Jennifer and Jessica a view they adored being able to gawk at.

“Mmmm yesssss mmmm so fucking hot,” Jennifer groaned as Jessica skillfully alternated between nibbling on her ear and kissing her neck while also rubbing her aroused breasts through her shirt and sports bra. “You’re making me so wet.”

“Who? Me? Or those two naughty girls over there?” Jessica playfully asked.

“Mmmm all of you,” Jennifer hornily replied, grinding herself back into her lover as she said it. “Don’t stop Jess. Touch me baby. Touch me everywhere.”

Jessica did just as she was told. She resumed kissing Jennifer’s long, lovely neck while rubbing her hands over her friend’s sexy, firm tits. But Jessica didn’t leave her hands there for long. Instead she moved them down Jennifer’s toned body, caressing her sexy stomach and then getting them onto her shorts.

The touch had both girls moaning especially since they were still staring right at Elisha and Kelly. The two girls were both still lost in their kisses and touches. Elisha was on top of Kelly and they were grinding their bare bodies together just right.

They were both naked except for their sneakers and athletic socks and that little detail just turned on Jessica and Jennifer more as they eyed the two gorgeous girls, especially noticing how good Elisha’s nude ass looked rising and falling rhythmically as she and Kelly rubbed each other and how their two dripping, juicy slits were kissing just as passionately as their lips were.

“Ooooooooh yesssssss…” Jennifer cooed as Jessica pulled her shorts down and left her standing only in pink panties that were quickly getting soaked. There was a sizeable wet spot on the front of them from her arousal and it grew even bigger when Jessica’s magic fingers reached over and began playing with her slit through her panties.

“Ughhhhh yessssssss fuck yessssss…” Jennifer panted as Jessica toyed with her pussy. This was absolute bliss, being able to stare at two beautiful women making love while her own desires were being tended to by Jessica.

“Yummy…you’re so wet for me baby,” Jessica wickedly breathed into Jennifer’s ear. “I can’t wait to taste that pussy again. Mmmm you get sweeter every time I taste you Jen. But you’re not the only wet girl here. Mmmm I’m fucking soaked too.”

“Really? Mmmmm lemme feel,” Jennifer said with a smile. She knew that was just what Jessica wanted her to do and it wasn’t like she ever needed an excuse anyway to touch her beautiful lover.

Without taking her eyes off Kelly and Elisha, Jennifer reached around her back and slid her probing hand under the waistband of Jessica’s shorts. Jennifer was aching to touch Jessica and it showed in how quickly she got her hand between her friend’s legs. She didn’t even start out by rubbing through her panties the way Jessica had done for her. Instead Jennifer went right for the prize and slid her fingers right under her panties and over Jessica’s drooling slit.

“Oooooh you are soaked baby,” Jennifer grinned. “Mmmmm so wet. I love how wet your pussy gets Jess. God, I just wanna lick out every fucking tasty drop.”

“Me too,” Jessica replied. “I’m so fucking horny for you this morning Jen. I want you so bad baby. Mmmm I wanna take you and lick your sweet, juicy pussy and then fuck Kelly and Elisha until my face is completely soaked in all your cum. Mmmm and then I want you to lick it all off me Jen. I want to feel you licking my face and getting all that cum off me so I can taste it again when we kiss.”

The sound of Jessica’s naughty desires made Jennifer’s legs weak with lust. She kissed her friend even harder and took her free hand to yank down Jessica’s shorts, getting them in a puddle around her feet. This left both women standing in just their tops and panties and Jessica furthered her own efforts by jamming her hand under Jennifer’s soaked pink panties so she could touch her just like she was being touched.

Jennifer and Jessica fingered each other’s drooling pussies as they hungrily kissed, moaning into each other’s mouths with all the horny desire they felt for one another. Their rough finger fucks of each other quickly picked up speed and they were soon so lost in each other that they stopped staring at Elisha and Kelly.

Fortunately, the lack of attention they were now getting did nothing to slow down the writhing couple on the mats. They were completely into each other too and didn’t even know that they had lost their audience. Elisha remained on top of Kelly, pinning the willing singer underneath her as they ground together, rubbing their tits and pussies and making each other wild with desire.

“I have to taste you,” Elisha finally moaned, loving the feel of hers and Kelly’s wet, happy cunts grinding together, but knowing it felt so much better to get her tongue to work.

“Yessssssss taste me,” Kelly immediately begged. “I wanna feel you lick me Elisha! Fucking taste every inch of me!”

Elisha went for Kelly’s breasts first. She squeezed the sexy mounds in her hands as she ran her tongue over them, getting her saliva everywhere and delighting in tasting Kelly’s sweat along with her natural flavor. Little beads of perspiration ran down into Kelly’s cleavage and Elisha lashed her tongue at them, licking them up as her hands massaged her friend’s nipples until they were like swollen berries.

Elisha went for those berries next, treating Kelly to a tongue bath all over her throbbing nipples. She licked and sucked them, making Kelly writhe even harder on the mat, grinding her bare ass into it as her body craved more.

“Lower…go lower Heesh,” Kelly cried. “Please taste me everywhere!”

“Lower huh?” Elisha grinned, running her fingers down Kelly’s smooth, bare tummy and tickling the singer gently. “Where do you want me to go? Where do you want me to taste you?”

“Ohhhhhhh don’t teaaaaaaaase,” Kelly whined in desire. “Please lick me lower baby!”

“Tell me what you want Kelly,” Elisha pressed, moving her fingers down to Kelly’s creamy, sexy thighs. “Tell me where you want me to lick you!”

“You know where,” Kelly sighed in desperate need to be touched. “Lick my pussy Elisha! Oooooooh God is that what you wanna hear? You wanna hear the fucking idol tell you to eat her wet, fucking pussy? That’s what I need baby! I need you licking my slutty, wet pussy!”

“Mmmm that’s exactly what I wanted to hear,” Elisha giggled, kissing Kelly’s lips one last time before giving the girl just what she wanted. She moved away from her breasts and journeyed down Kelly’s body, kissing a trail down her stomach toward her pussy.

Another time she might have teased Kelly some more and made it a slow series of kisses along her body, making the girl really ache for it. But she had a lot of mercy today and Elisha didn’t make Kelly wait any longer than it took her to kiss her way to between her legs.

“Yesssssss ooooooooh yesssssss…mmmmmm feels sooooooo gooood when you kiss meeeeeee,” Kelly moaned with every press of Elisha’s lips to her body. “You were so mean to me before…making me work out sooooo hard…mmmmmm now you have to be extra nice to me Heesh! You have to kiss me everywhere and get that hot, wet tongue all over my pussy! Gawwwwwd don’t make me wait a second more sweetie. Fucking lick me! Lick that wet pussy!”

That was exactly what Elisha intended to do. She left little wet kiss marks all the way down Kelly’s tummy and then moved lower and lower, getting so tantalizingly close with every kiss. Kelly’s cries grew so desperate as she waited for Elisha to get between her legs, the seconds feeling like agonizing hours.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and got a hand on the back of Elisha’s blonde head. She shoved the girl forcefully down to her pussy, not willing to wait even a second more.

Elisha was a little surprised by Kelly’s sudden gesture, but she certainly didn’t let it throw her. Kelly had her face pushed down right to her pussy and Elisha admired how her labia glistened with arousal and how her adorable little brown patch of fur was all sticky from her dripping juices.

As Kelly’s hand held her down, Elisha darted her tongue out and began licking away at her friend’s cunt, lapping up the little drops of girl cream clinging to her lips and leaving Kelly’s pussy totally cleaned off and ready to get good and juicy again.


Mmmmm you and me both, Kelly, Elisha thought to herself as she smiled and licked Kelly aggressively. She didn’t baby around with her friend’s tight, needy pussy. She licked her with raw passion and cum thirsty impatience. Elisha wanted Kelly’s cream bad and her tongue proved that. She went after Kelly with hard, long licks, getting all her juices and catching more of them as they dripped right out of her pink snatch.

Elisha loved this. If Kelly had been turned into a slut, then so had she. Ever since her first time with a girl, Elisha hadn’t been able to get enough. She wanted to fuck every hot girl she saw because she now knew that no one could eat pussy like another woman.

It was so amazing that not only did Kelly feel the same way, but every other woman here did too. Elisha wanted to make Kelly feel so good. She wanted to make her pussy drip and then come for her with a flood of juice. She wanted to do that to all the girls. Elisha wanted to prove she belonged here and that she could make women feel just as good as they made her feel.

Kelly’s juices quickly soaked Elisha’s tongue, tantalizing her taste buds with their rich sweetness. Of course the more she tasted, the more the blonde hungered for Kelly’s cream. Elisha spread Kelly’s pinkness open with her fingers to get her tongue even better access and lifted herself up off her belly and onto her knees. This gave Elisha an even better angle to attack from as she licked Kelly’s quivering, dripping pussy and made the singer thrash in rapture on the mat.

Positioning herself like that also gave a very sexy view to Jessica and Jennifer. As she got up onto her knees and bent over, Elisha unintentionally spread herself open from behind and both girls hungrily gawked at the pink lips of her pussy, all glistening with arousal and begging to be tended to, as well as her puckered ring. Both Jessica and Jennifer could so easily picture getting behind Elisha and spreading her a little wider with their fingers so they could rim Elisha’s beautiful asshole.

It was a happy accident for Jessica and Jennifer to have such a good view of Elisha’s pussy and ass spread open for them and they relished the view. But it wasn’t enough for them to stop tending to each other. As Elisha had started licking, the other two hadn’t paused their own fun and even as they had continued fingering each other, they had tossed off the pesky articles of clothing that had clung to their body.

Since Jessica had just been in a bra top it had been so easy for Jennifer to pause their kissing just for the needed moment to get it over her head. She peeled Jessica’s sports bra right off and in a flash had been down at her friend’s beautiful chest, worshipping her succulent tits and running her tongue all over her swollen nipples as Jessica cooed for more.

But Jennifer hadn’t been the only tit hungry girl there and Jessica had wanted a go at her friend’s breasts just as badly. While Jennifer had sucked and licked at her chest, Jessica had reached over to squeeze Jennifer’s tits through her shirt and bra. That wasn’t nearly enough for Jessica, of course, and she desperately had wanted flesh on flesh.

Jessica had tried to get Jennifer’s t-shirt over her head, but Jennifer bending down to wrap her pretty lips around her pulsing nipple made that difficult. Jessica impatiently tugged at her friend’s shirt even as she moaned from the sexy touch she was receiving. Jessica loved what Jennifer was doing to her tits, but she wanted to get her friend naked even more.

“Gotta get this off you,” Jessica had groaned as she yanked up Jennifer’s shirt as far as she could get it, right to her arms. “I’ll fucking tear it off if I have to.”

“Oooooh no, allow me,” Jessica had giggled in reply, wondering how she was going to explain more ripped clothes to Ben when she already had so many of them after each trip to Malibu. Wanting to avoid having to spin a lie to her husband, Jennifer instead pulled her shirt over her head, showing off the pink sports bra underneath.

“Better?” Jennifer asked as she revealed just how hard her nipples were under her shirt.

“Almost but not quite,” Jessica had smiled back, reaching for Jennifer’s tits in her bra and squeezing them. “This has to go too!”

This time with no obstructions in her way, Jessica had easily been able to get what she had wanted and in a blink of an eye, Jennifer’s sports bra was over her head and cast away with the rest of their discarded clothes. This had left them both topless and down to just their soaked panties and socks and sneakers. The two girls had fallen right back into hot and heavy kisses with each other, rubbing and caressing each other’s topless bodies and needy pussies as their tongues and lips touched.

The heat and need for both girls had been growing with every tick of the second hand and as Kelly cried out rapturously from Elisha’s tongue on her pussy, it was at a breaking point for Jessica and Jennifer. They couldn’t wait another moment and Jennifer soon found just where she wanted to be. There was a wooden bench right near where Elisha had Kelly on her back with her legs spread and Jennifer tugged Jessica toward it, seeing the perfect place for them to lay out and have some real fun.

Jennifer took the lead, holding Jessica by the hand, and the younger girl happily let her lover guide her over to the bench. It was a pretty thin bench, just wide enough to accommodate someone sitting on it, but it would definitely do for what they were planning and besides, Jessica had no inclination to argue about where they should do this once Jennifer wiggled out of her soaked panties.

Jessica watched transfixed as Jennifer slowly pushed the pink garment down her long, gorgeous legs. Jennifer had such a sexy body and Jessica’s lips watered with desire as she saw her friend’s dark, neat bush and the glistening slit below it. Jennifer knew she had Jessica’s full attention and she took advantage, sitting herself down on the bench and straddling it, one leg on each side, while spreading herself open.

Jennifer lay back on the bench and began rubbing herself. She could feel Jessica’s hot stare right on her exposed pussy and it just made her wetter. Jessica’s finger play had already made her so horny and wet and Jennifer knew she had to be careful she didn’t touch herself too hard or else she’d waste her orgasm on her own fingers when she really wanted every hot, sticky drop to soak Jessica’s face.

Moaning all the while, Jennifer lay back naked except for her sneakers on the bench and rubbed herself. She lightly ran her fingers over her splayed pink pussy lips and teased herself with the prospect of penetration. All the while she kept her gaze completely locked on Jessica, loving the look of complete adoration and lust in the younger girl’s face. Mmmmm I’ll bet Trish doesn’t make you this horny Jess, Jennifer evilly thought to herself as she continued to toy with her labia.

“Like what you see?” Jennifer tantalizingly asked.

“Mmmmm,” was all the verbal Jessica could muster as she slowly nodded her head.

“Then come over here and taste,” Jennifer requested as she pulled her juicy fingers away from her pussy and held them out for Jessica.

That demand was followed immediately and without question. Jessica wrapped her hand around Jennifer’s wrist and guided the sticky fingers the rest of the way to her mouth. Jessica wetly sucked and licked Jennifer’s fingers clean as the older woman lay back on the wood bench and moaned wantonly, loving the feel of the hot mouth on her fingers even more than she had loved touching herself.

“Mmmmm fuck…making me so damn wet,” Jennifer groaned, spreading her legs even wider and moaning loudly as she felt juice dripping out of her cunt and onto the hard wood of the bench.

“I wanna lick up every drop,” Jessica hornily declared as she dropped Jennifer’s fingers from her mouth and instead got up on the bench with her. Jessica straddled the bench too and knelt down between Jennifer’s outstretched legs. Her pussy was so wet and so pink and looked so delicious that Jessica knew even if she’d never been with a girl before this point there would have been no way she would have been able to resist something this fucking sexy.

Jessica buried her tongue into Jennifer’s cunt and was immediately rewarded with a rush of juice into her mouth and the ecstatic cries of pure bliss from her lover. Jessica licked away furiously, while also rubbing her own pussy frantically at the same time. She slurped up all the collected juice clinging to Jennifer’s tender folds and gave her friend the kind of tongue bath that had her bucking her bare ass against the hard wood bench in no time at all.

“Oooooooooooh baby yesssssssss!!! Mmmmmmmmm God yesss that’s so amazing!!!” Jennifer cried, her beautiful smile beaming as Jessica fed off her wetness. “Mmmmmmmmmmm Jessssssss oooooooooooh baby no one ever licks me as good as you! Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk I know it’s so wrong but even when I’m with Ben my pussy’s dripping because I’m thinking of you!”

Jessica had no desire to break up her friend’s marriage. But that didn’t mean she didn’t love hearing that. It was always such a total rush to know she made such beautiful women feel good and she rewarded the compliment by licking Jennifer even harder.

Even with one hand rubbing between her own legs, Jessica still had a free hand to do the same to Jennifer. She pawed at Jennifer’s spread pinkness, pushing open her folds even more so she could lick deeper and faster while also giving her lover extra stimulation with her rubbing fingers.

“MMMMMMM FUCKKKKKKKKKK!!! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK ME JESSICAAAAAAAA!!!” Jennifer cried out passionately as the extra surge of pleasure flowed through her aroused body. “Oooooooooooh you naughty girlllllll!!! Mmmmm always making me feel so goddamn good! Godddddd your friends are all so hot Jess! Ooooooooooh but no one’s hotter than you! Ughhhhhh no one makes me come as hard as you do! Mmmmmmmm pleeeeeeeease make me come now! Lick my pussy just like this Jess! Ooooooooooh please don’t stop! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase don’t stop baby!”

Jennifer’s eyes were closed as she tossed her head back against the hard bench. She actually bumped it slightly against the wood, but it wasn’t a hard bump and she paid it no mind. What did a little lump on the back of her head matter when it came with such exquisite pleasure? But since her eyes were closed, Jennifer did miss the evil little smile that crossed over Jessica’s face as she begged her not to stop.

By the time she opened her eyes and peered back down, that smile had faded and the only thing Jessica was doing was licking. So Jennifer had no idea what her lover was planning as she moaned wantonly from the pure pleasure of being able to look down and see her own naked body with Jessica Alba perched between her legs, licking and sucking her and doing all the things Jennifer loved.

The other thing that Jennifer noticed with happy, horny eyes, was the way Kelly was rocking on the floor mats. Her beautiful bare body was bouncing in all the right places as she fucked Elisha’s face, slamming her drooling, pink pussy against Elisha’s probing tongue as the singer cried out her ecstasy in perfectly tuned notes.

“OOOOOOOOH YESSSSS OOOOOOOOOH GAWWWWWWWD WORK THAT TONGUE ALL OVER MY PUSSY!!!” Kelly cried, her Texas accent getting stronger the closer she got to coming. “Ooooooooooh you were such a mean bitch to me this morning Elisha! Making me work out and making fun of me! Mmmmmm but now you’re the fucking bitch baby! You’re my pussy licking, cum tasting bitch Elisha! OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOH GAAAAAAAWD YOU KNOW YOU ARE!!! MMMMMMM THAT’S WHY YOU’RE FUCKING ME SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!! AHHHHHHHHH DON’T STOP YOU HORNY BITCH!!!”

Elisha wasn’t too keen on being anyone’s bitch, but she knew it was all in the spirit of being playful. So she didn’t take offense. In fact she rewarded Kelly for her remarks. Instead of stopping, Elisha just took her harder. She kept licking at Kelly’s pussy, tasting all her yummy, rich juices and slapping her tongue against her bulging clit and she also pushed two of her slim fingers right inside Kelly.

“I’ll show you who the bitch is,” Elisha grinned as she mumbled her words since her mouth was full of pussy.

Kelly’s pussy was so soaked by now that her fingers had easy passage inside. Elisha penetrated her friend with her digits and began thrusting them in and out hard, finger fucking Kelly’s drooling cunt while her tongue lashed furiously at her delicious pinkness.


Elisha wanted nothing more right then than the feel of Kelly’s hot, creamy girl cum soaking her face. She pumped her fingers hard into the singer, making sure they were rubbing against her clitoris while she continued to work her over with her mouth. Elisha went back and forth from licking and sucking Kelly’s cunt. She nursed on her tender lips and then sucked the juice right out of her, clamping her mouth down to greedily drain her of her yummy essence.

And when she wasn’t sucking at Kelly’s pussy, she was licking her with hard, naughty tongue lashes. Elisha gave Kelly’s pussy everything her tongue had, licking away at her hot spots and making her folds quiver with desire. Through it all she continued fingering Kelly, working her over with her probing digits, rubbing her clit and spreading her open even wider for her tongue to explore.

While she was doing this Elisha got her other hand to work too. She reached underneath Kelly to squeeze her ass with her hand. She groped the sexy flesh and made Kelly moan even louder. Though she had made fun of her ass before, Elisha naturally lusted after it 24/7 and she just wished Kelly was back on her hands and knees so she could show proper appreciation for Kelly’s ass.

But she didn’t want to change positions right now. Not when Kelly was so close. So Elisha kept her friend on her bare back on the mat while her hands and mouth worked as a perfect tag team to send the singer to the heights of arousal and get her ready to be pushed over the edge into orgasm.

Kelly cried out over and over again as pleasure flowed uncontrollably through her body. She was feeling so good, but she still wanted more. All those times with groups of girls had totally spoiled her and she couldn’t help feeling greedy. She wished Jessica and Jennifer were here too as she got head from Elisha. Kelly wanted to kiss them both so badly and have them lick and squeeze her tits. She wanted to be touched and licked all over her body.

Turning her head to the left, Kelly longingly stared at Jessica and Jennifer. God, they were both so hot! She loved how beautiful they looked making love and getting so naughty with each other.

Jennifer was a vision as she lay back nude on the bench with her legs spread wide and Jessica perched between them, feasting on her wetness. Kelly let her eyes roll over every inch of them, especially how amazing Jessica looked naked except for her clinging panties as she ate Jennifer out, her sexy, tan body glistening with sex sweat.

Kelly wanted them both so bad. She loved everything that Elisha was doing to her, but she still wanted more. She wanted all three of them ganging up on her and fucking her everywhere until she couldn’t even see straight from all the orgasms she’d had. Kelly wanted to be a totally greedy slut and have everyone fucking her. Just thinking about it made her pussy drip even more into Elisha’s waiting mouth.

“Ooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yesssssssssss make me come Heesh!!! Ooooooooooh you’re gonna make me come so fucking hard!” Kelly cried as she tried to count her blessings and be grateful she had even one girl giving her such an amazing tongue lashing.

But even as she said this, Kelly was still staring at her friends on the bench and it wasn’t long before Jennifer caught her gaze and smiled back at her. Jennifer could see what Kelly was thinking and she was thinking the same thing too.

Mmmm there were so many beautiful girls here and while Jennifer deep down only really had eyes for Jessica, it didn’t mean she didn’t also want to fuck all her sexy friends. Jennifer couldn’t help but eye Kelly and Elisha and imagine how amazing it would be if they were all in one sweaty, horny mess of naked girl flesh.

Jennifer met Kelly’s hot, needy gaze with one of her own. She stared at the singer with warm, sexy eyes as they both got off on looking at each other having fun. Both women were lost in the throes of passion from their lovers and they loved being able to look at each other and know they were both feeling the same thing. Being able to stare at each other made them even wetter and soon they were both fucking their lovers’ faces with more abandon, getting more aggressive and closer to orgasm as they sought to show off for each other.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss Jess yessssssssss ooooooooooooooh fuck yesssssssssss take my pussy with your hot tongue!” Jennifer cried as she wetly humped herself against Jessica’s face, loving every second of the girl’s tongue fucking her. “You like that baby? You like my sweet, fucking pussy rubbing against your mouth? Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss tongue me Jessica!!! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS EAT MY PUSSY BABYYYYY!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS MAKE THE FUCKING SLUT MOMMY COMMMMME!!!”

Jessica grinned as she fed off Jennifer’s horny words and tongue fucked her even faster. Her hand spread open Jennifer’s folds even more and she buried her tongue inside her, slamming it against her clitoris with ruthless determination. Jessica had heard all these words before from Reese Witherspoon back when she was married to Ryan. God, that girl had loved to sneak over here and talk about what a slutty wife and mommy she was and how she needed her pussy fucked by other girls so bad.

Now she was hearing those words from Jennifer and Jessica was dripping hot juice down from her pussy at the sound of them. She loved seeing Jennifer get naughty like this and she began picturing how much fun it would be to pair her and Reese up and see who Hollywood’s nastiest MILF could be. Mmmmm that would be so fucking hot!

But before she got to thinking too much about future debauchery, Jessica steadied her thoughts to focus on the here and now. Jennifer was getting so fucking close and ordinarily that was a very good thing. Jessica loved the taste of Jennifer’s cream and on any other day she would have just sucked and licked every last drop of it out of her right then and there. But today Jessica was feeling a little wicked. She hadn’t wanted Jennifer to come too quickly, not before she had a chance to do all the things she wanted to do to her beautiful friend.

“OOOOOOOOOH I LOVE YOUR TONGUE IN ME BABY!!!” Jennifer cried her hands both squeezing her own tits, knowing there was no need to have one on the back of Jessica’s head to hold her down. “FUCK ME JESSICA!!! AHHHHHH FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE!!!! OOOOOOOOH ALMOST THERE BABY!!! ALMOST THERRRRRRRE!!!”

“Uh uh…not yet,” Jessica evilly said as she suddenly pulled up.

“Wha…what? Whyyyyyyyyy?” Jennifer wailed in frustration when her lover pulled up even though just a few more licks to her throbbing clitoris would surely have pushed her over the edge.

“Cause you totally woke me up too early this morning,” Jessica giggled. “Mmmm and for that you have to get fucked Jen. And I know just how I want to take you! Don’t go anywhere baby. I’m just gonna go get the toybox.”

“Nooooooooooo! Get back here Jessica! Don’t fucking leave me like this!” Jennifer groaned. “I was so close!”

But Jessica was not to be deterred. She rose up off the bench and made sure to tantalizingly wiggle her ass as she walked away from Jennifer, her tight baby blue panties almost fused to her butt cheeks.

The toy box wasn’t far. Jessica and her housemates were often so eager to fuck each other that almost every common room in the mansion had one. You never knew when the impulse to play with toys was going to strike and the girls had put a box in all these rooms the way other people might have stationed first aid kits.

Unfortunately, Jessica couldn’t remember exactly where they had put the box in the gym so she had to hunt around for it. She walked around sweaty, horny and topless through the gym, looking for the toy box and the waiting soon became unbearable for Jennifer.

“Goddamnit get back here and fuck me!!!” Jennifer demanded as she rubbed her own cunt furiously. She didn’t usually get this pushy when it came to sex, but Jessica had left her right on the verge of orgasm and she didn’t want to cool down. “I need this so fucking bad Jessica! Pleeeeeeeeeeease get back here and fuck me! You were making me feel so good before! Don’t make me wait for it! Please Jess please! Don’t be a bitch and make me wait! Damn it! I need to get fucked!”

As she spit her words out, Jennifer kept one hand roughly groping her own tits as she worked her other hand between her legs. She was so soaked that her fingers were immediately shiny with the juice oozing out past her tight lips.

Jennifer rubbed herself hard and even began using a trick Jessica had taught her to try and get herself off. The Alias icon slapped her pussy, smacking her hand against her sensitive folds and making herself cry out with every wet, squishy smack her own palm gave to her cunt.

It wasn’t even close to being as good as being licked, but it would do if this was Jennifer’s only way to come. She couldn’t wait for whatever it was Jessica was doing. She needed to come now. Fortunately this was just the opportunity Kelly had been waiting for.

“I’ll fuck you!” Kelly carnally groaned as Elisha’s tongue drove her pussy to heights of ecstasy. “Fuck my face Jen! Ooooooooh feed me your hot pussy! If Jess won’t make you come, I totally will! Slam that pink pussy on my face and make me lick it up! I want that so bad Jen! Fuck my face while Elisha eats me out!”

Jennifer had no hesitation in accepting that offer. She was so horny and she already knew how amazing Kelly’s tongue felt on her pussy. Jennifer badly wanted to feel that again and she didn’t waste a second before getting off the bench and planting herself right down on Kelly’s waiting lips. She positioned herself reverse cowgirl style so she could stare down at Elisha licking Kelly and began riding away.

Now that she had a little bit more of what she wanted, Kelly immediately began licking. She let her tongue snake out and lap up all the juice that had coated Jennifer’s pussy lips and then she just pushed her tongue in to have its wicked way with her lover. Kelly moved her hands up to squeeze Jennifer’s perfectly toned ass cheeks and she tongue fucked her with gusto.


Jennifer had her hands pressed down to the mat for balance and she used this position perfectly to bounce herself onto Kelly’s face. She rode her tongue hard and was quickly in synch with Kelly so she was pushing down onto her tongue just as the singer was pushing up into her. Jennifer’s clit ached from the pleasure and whatever cool down she’d had since Jessica had left her had evaporated and she was getting back to being on the verge of orgasm.

Peering up from Kelly’s pussy, Elisha adored being able to see Jennifer riding her friend’s face. She couldn’t wait to pull up and give Jennifer a long kiss with her lips and tongue coated in yummy Kelly cum. It was so hot to see Jennifer’s beautiful naked body, all flushed and sweaty from sex, riding Kelly’s face, her mouth frozen open in ecstasy and her firm, pink tits quaking from her bouncing motion. Elisha ached to touch her own pussy from the sight of it.

But she kept her attention locked on Kelly. She continued massaging her friend’s ass while she fingered and licked her, giving her pussy all she had and zeroing in on her clitoris. However, Elisha couldn’t resist a little encouragement.

“Fuck her Jen! Fuck that beautiful face with your wet pussy!” Elisha groaned. “Ooooh I never tasted you before, Jen, but I’m dying too! Mmmmm I’m gonna tongue all your cum right off Kelly’s face and then lick you so good to get more of your juices!”

That sounded absolutely wonderful to Jennifer as she increased the pace of her riding Kelly’s face. She wanted to make sure the singer was plenty soaked in girl juice for that pretty blonde to lick off. Mmm Jennifer was already thinking that while Elisha was licking her pussy she could easily return the favor to the sexy young thing by getting in a 69 with her.

But while that idea was ideal for Jennifer, Kelly and Elisha, it was less so for Jessica. The brunette actress had returned from her search, toy box in hand, and wasn’t too pleased to see her girl had been snatched from her.

“Naughty slut!” Jessica playfully chastised as she gave Jennifer’s bare ass a hard smack. “Couldn’t even wait five minutes for me!”

“Ughhhhhhh I needed this sooooo bad,” Jennifer defended herself as she didn’t slow down her grinding against Kelly’s face even a bit. “You left me so fucking horny! Mmmm I need to come!”

“No excuses,” Jessica said, trying to take on a harsh tone even as her face betrayed her true emotions because of the smile she had beaming from ear to ear. “Now you definitely have to pay. On all fours Jen! Now!”

Part of Jennifer wanted to keep on riding Kelly’s tongue to pay Jessica back for leaving her like she had, but in the end she could deny Jessica nothing. Besides, Jennifer knew that whatever Jessica had planned for her, it was going to get her the orgasm she craved.

Pulling herself up off Kelly’s face, Jennifer paused only to lean down and kiss the singer right on her lips. Jennifer tasted herself all over Kelly and couldn’t help but give her face a little sexy lick.

“Mmmm you’re soooooo good,” Jennifer praised the singer. “I’ll be back for more later.”

Kelly was disappointed she wasn’t going to have the chance to finish off Jennifer. She tasted so sweet and her lips felt very lonely without a wet pussy pressing against them. But Jennifer’s promise eased that disappointment and Elisha’s tongue and fingers still working her pussy over definitely had her completely focused on her own pleasure again in no time.

As Kelly dealt with disappointment, Jennifer did as Jessica told her and positioned herself on all fours on the mat. This put them right next to Kelly and Elisha and everyone was happy to be much closer to each other than they had been before. But what naturally made Jessica the happiest was how good Jennifer looked on all fours, naked except for the socks and sneakers on her feet serving as the only reminder they had come here to work out.

Jennifer’s bare ass looked so exquisite, so tight and pink, as the woman stuck it in the air for her audience of one to enjoy. Jessica could never help but gawk at her friend’s beautiful ass and she paid it extra mind this time because of what she was planning. Jessica had put the toy box down next to Jennifer and flipped it open. It was a smaller box than some of the other ones around the mansion, but it had just what Jessica needed and she grasped it in her hand as she set herself behind Jennifer, pressing her face tantalizingly close to her ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm so fucking hot,” Jessica admired. “I’m sorry I was a bitch and made you wait before Jen. But this is totally going to be worth it.”

Jessica immediately proved that when she took her free hand and started rubbing Jennifer’s wet cunt lips from behind. She toyed with the sensitive lips and teased them with her fingers before slowly them sliding inside her friend and starting to fuck her.

That got Jennifer crying out in milliseconds, but it wasn’t all Jessica had planned for her. She also set the toy down next to her and then used her hand to spread open Jessica’s butt cheeks and give her tongue some room to play.

“OOOOOOOOH GOD YESSSSSSSS!!!” Jennifer cried as Jessica’s tongue began licking at her asshole. Any female tongue was always welcome back there, especially Jessica’s. “YESSSSSS OOOOOOH YOU KNOW JUST WHAT I LIKE BABY!!! MMMMMMM GAWWWWWWWD YOUR TONGUE FEELS SOOO GOOD LICKING MY ASS!”

But licking Jennifer’s ass was hardly Jessica’s end game. She knew that as much as Jennifer loved getting her ass licked, she loved getting it fucked even more. That was where the toy box came in and Jessica was using her tongue to make sure her friend was plenty wet for the fun that was about to come.

Jessica rimmed the tight puckered hole, lashing her tongue skillfully over it like she’d done to her friend so many, many times before. Jennifer cooed in rapture at the wet licking and Jessica kicked it up a notch with a horny smile as she pulled her tongue back and used her fingers to spread open her hole. Jennifer knew what was coming and moaned in impatient anticipation as Jessica spit right into her asshole, getting a direct hit with her saliva and then spreading it around with her fingers.

Jessica repeated this action, spitting once more and then rubbing it around to provide plenty of lube before picking up the pink sex toy in her hand.

“You want this Jen?” Jessica saucily inquired as she rubbed the head of the toy over Jennifer’s splayed asshole. “You want to get your ass fucked? Mmmm you want me to fill this pretty little hole of yours up nice and deep?”

“Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh,” Jennifer lustfully groaned in response, the toy stimulating the nerves on her sensitive hole and making her ache for penetration. “Fuck me Jessica! Fuck my ass! Mmmmmm you’re gonna make my pussy explode if you take me like this! Ooooh you know how much I love it! You know how much I love having my ass fucked! Mmmm especially by you Jess! Please fuck me baby! Fill that hole up with your toy! Mmmm want it soooooooo baaaaaaaad! AHHHHHHHH!!!! YESSSSSS!!!”

The scream from Jennifer’s mouth came as Jessica finally took mercy on her friend and gave her what she so desperately needed. Spreading her cheeks open with her free hand, Jessica picked up the little bottle of lube they had helpfully stashed with the toys. She gave the pink toy a good coating and dripped some into Jennifer’s hole for good measure before pushing it inside her.


Jessica had fucked Jennifer’s ass so many times that she never needed to be reminded how much her lover enjoyed it. But that didn’t mean she didn’t get off on hearing beautiful Jennifer Garner groaning and begging for her ass to be fucked. It was so fucking hot to think that no one in the world could ever dream up the fact that she and Jen and everyone here were all fucking each other like wanton devotees of hedonism and acting sluttier than even those girls in the pornos Love so adored.

Jennifer’s wanton begging for her ass to be fucked didn’t just fuel on Jessica. It also had quite an influence on Kelly too. Jennifer was hardly the only girl here who loved having her ass fucked. It had been ok the one time she had done it with a guy, but that had been nothing compared to the explosions of ecstasy that had come the first time Christina Aguilera had taken her strap on and fucked her ass.

Kelly swore she had seen stars that day and from then on she had been hooked on the exquisite pleasure of being fucked up the ass by another woman.

Elisha was doing a wonderful job at her pussy and Kelly knew she would be coming very soon from how the blonde was taking her with her fingers and tongue. But Kelly wanted more. She was totally loving how Elisha’s hand felt squeezing her ass and it was just getting her more fired up for what she craved.

“Fuck my ass too Heesh,” Kelly groaned huskily, her words dripping out like they were melting off her tongue. “I wanna come from you assfucking me! Ughhhhhh I need it so fucking bad honey! Please fuck my ass!”

“Naughty girl,” Elisha grinned. She never had to be talked into some ass play. “Mmmm is this what you want sweetie?”

Elisha asked this as she took the fingers which were absolutely soaked in Kelly’s juices and slid them under her to play with her hole. Elisha rubbed her fingers sensually against Kelly’s tight starfish and then slowly pushed one of them in, loosening the girl up for the other fingers she had at the ready.

“Noooooo…” Kelly cried out, surprising Elisha a little. “I mean yes! I mean…I want…I want more! Gimmie more Elisha! Not just your fingers! I want a toy! I want to be fucked deep and hard and fast with a toy just like Jennifer! Ughhhhhhh I just need it so fucking bad Elisha! Take me with a toy! Fuck me like a goddamn whore! I fucking need it baby! I gotta fucking have it!!!”

Elisha could see from how Kelly was writhing on the mat, her eyes wide with lust and her face all flushed with need as sex sweat dripped from her nude body with more intensity than their workout had even come close to approaching. Just from looking at her, Elisha knew that Kelly wasn’t exaggerating. She needed this and Elisha wasn’t about to stop herself from giving it to her.

“Mmmm I’ll get you what you need baby,” Elisha promised her moaning lover. “I’ll be right back and then you’re gonna see some real fireworks.”

“Yessssssssssss make me fucking see starsssssssss…” Kelly cried, her brain unable to help itself from thinking about how the stars at night deep in the heart of her native Texas might have been big and bright, but they were nothing compared to the stars these Malibu girls made her see when they took her and fucked her right and ragged.

Jessica had set the toybox right nearby and Elisha scampered nakedly over to it as quickly as she could. Her own pussy was dripping and she wanted Kelly to come so badly so she would be able to feel that amazing tongue on her pussy next. But she wasn’t entirely selfish. Elisha also wanted to be able to make her beautiful friend feel really good and she began looking for the perfect toy to make that happen.

Elisha bent over and began rummaging through the small collection of sex toys. As she did this, Kelly lay flat on her back and stared longingly at the blonde. Mmmm she had such a good view of Elisha bent over, her pussy lips lewdly dripping for her. Kelly licked her lips at the sight of it and groaned in desperate need as she pushed her hands between her own legs, rubbing and fingering her pussy.

“Hurry!” Kelly impatiently whined as she slapped her tender pussy lips with one hand and used the other one to jam her fingers up her slick passage. “Fuck me Elisha! Mmmmm get one of those toys and fuck my slut ass!”

Elisha didn’t want to make Kelly wait a second longer than necessary, but she wanted the perfect toy to fuck her friend. Hmmm the ones here were too big or too small. There was nothing just right until she saw it! Elisha’s eyes immediately lit up and she grabbed the toy so she could turn around and show it off to Kelly.

“Oh fuck yesssssssssssss!” Kelly groaned in immediate approval when she saw Elisha holding a strap on by its harness.

“Is this what you want Kelly? You want me to put this on and fuck you with it?” Elisha grinned as she caressed the flesh colored fake cock.

“Yesssssssssssss!” Kelly cried out. “Ughhhhh don’t make me wait! Fucking give it to me baby! Strap that on and fuck my ass!”

“Mmmmm naughty slut,” Elisha giggled as she stepped into the sex toy and pulled the harness up around her waist. She had done this a few times and while she knew she wasn’t Rose with Mr. Snappy, Elisha had never heard any complaints from the girls she’d fucked before.

“Yesssssssss I am a slut…a naughty, fucking slut,” Kelly moaned, practically panting as she worked her pussy over. “Now get over here and fuck the slut! Take my fucking ass and make me your slut!”

That was way too enticing an invitation for Elisha to even think about dawdling for a second more. She fastened the strap on into place and made her way back to Kelly, loving the view of the singer’s legs spread wide so she could slap and finger her own pussy. But Elisha didn’t want that cum wasted on her fingers. She wanted to be the one to get Kelly off.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Elisha ordered as she picked up the bottle of lube from where Jessica had left it and squirted a healthy amount onto the toy before she spread it around with her hand.

“Mmmmm yesssssss just fuck me!” Kelly begged, getting up off her back and repositioning herself on all fours. “Fuck me good Heesh!”

“Mmmm gonna fuck you so good,” Elisha promised. She knelt behind Kelly and spread open her full butt cheeks, exposing her beautiful, tight ring. She didn’t want to make Kelly wait, though, so she didn’t start licking her. Instead Elisha just spit right into Kelly’s asshole.

“Ahhhhhhh gaawwwwwwwd soooooo nasty,” Kelly cooed as she felt the hot spit tickling her puckered hole. “Spit in me Elisha! Spit in my slutty fucking ass so you can fuck it!”

Elisha spit into Kelly’s hole one more time and then rubbed her fingers all over it, spreading the saliva around as the singer wantonly begged to be fucked. Figuring she had lubed up her friend enough, Elisha gave Kelly what she wanted. Kelly remained on all fours, naked in front of her and Elisha gripped her friend’s hips as she guided the strap on into her waiting asshole.


Kelly had never been this wickedly hot before in all the times they’d been together and Elisha loved it. She worked inch after inch of the flesh colored toy into Kelly’s ass and began fucking her with hard, deep strokes. Kelly’s ass was tight, but certainly not unaccommodating and Elisha soon had a steady, sexy rhythm going in her friend. Just like Jessica did with Jennifer as she kneeled behind her licking and fucking.


Jessica gave Jennifer a slap to her bare ass for that. Not that she didn’t love it. Mmmm she adored being a slut for Jennifer, but her friend knew full well by now if you dropped the “s-word” on one of the girls here, you left yourself open for a spanking.

Jennifer not only knew this, she relished it. She groaned hornily and wiggled her bare ass sensually for her lover. She wanted more and she needed Jessica to give it to her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh spank meeee!!!” Jennifer huskily groaned, her voice getting heavier as she got closer and closer to coming. “Spank my ass you fucking slut!”

That got a harder slap from Jessica, which elicited an even more enthusiastic cry from Jennifer.


That got an even harder spanking from Jessica as she delighted in slapping the bare, flushed cheeks of her friend and lover. Jessica was on her knees behind Jennifer, her mouth full of pussy as her friend fucked her face, while her one hand thrust the plastic dildo up into Jennifer’s hole and the other one massaged the cheeks she had just spanked, spreading them open for her to take her with the toy even harder.

“OHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSS SOOOOOOOO CLOSE!!!” Jennifer screamed, her long, brown hair clinging all over her face and forehead. She was sweating more and her heart was beating faster and harder than any workout could ever make happen.


Jessica did feel a little bit like both sides of her sex personality were on display here. While she was gently licking and kissing and sucking Jennifer’s puffy, pink pussy, she was also jamming the hard plastic as hard and deep as her friend could take it. She was being both nasty and nice and it was getting the both of them off. Jessica licked all over inside Jennifer’s pussy, trying to tongue and suck out all the juice she could get while her wrist got sore pounding the sex toy into Jennifer’s asshole.

As her wrist started to cramp up, Jessica reflexively slowed her thrusts inside with the toy, but she made up for that by licking Jennifer’s clitoris even harder. Jennifer’s delicious sex juices were soaking her tongue and delighting her taste buds and Jessica needed no words to tell how close Jennifer was to coming, especially when she latched her lips to Jennifer’s clit and started sucking.

That was just as well because Jennifer was almost beyond words at that point. She just kept crying out animalistic cries of pure pleasure with the only words even close to being understood from her being “yes” and “more” and an occasional “fuck me.”

By contrast, Kelly was practically chatty as she was being taken hard doggie style by Elisha and her strap on. Kelly was encouraging Elisha with every thrust, loving how her sexy blonde friend was fucking her hard from behind, their sweaty flesh slapping together as they both cried out.

“OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSS DEEPER BABY DEEPER!!! GIVE MY ASS ALL THAT FUCKING COCK!!!” Kelly cried. She had once been shy about giving up her ass, but after how well Christina had taken her, Kelly now craved anal sex like no other. “OOOOOOOOOH JAM IT IN ME!!! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK I’M GONNA COMMME!!!”

“Yesssssssss come for me! Come for me Kelly!” Elisha urged as she kept fucking Kelly hard from behind, loving how the nub on her end was rubbing so well against her own clitoris and the thrusts were making her tits bounce. “Come from me fucking your beautiful fucking ass! Ahhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh feels so fucking tight!!! Mmmmmmm you have such a great ass baby! Come from me fucking it! Come for Elisha, Kelly! Come from me fucking your great ass like the whore you wanna be so bad!”

“YESSSSS…I’M A WHORE…A FUCKING WHORRRRRRRE!!!” Kelly screamed, her arms collapsing out from under her as the pleasure rocked her bare body. She slumped flat to the mat, mashing her tits and the side of her face against it, but her knees held her up and Elisha kept on driving into her.


With Kelly’s front end pressed flat to the mat, it lifted up her bottom half even more. This gave Elisha a golden opportunity to get at her pussy again and she didn’t let it go to waste.

The blonde took her right hand off Kelly’s hip and instead snaked it around to her front so she could rub her pussy while assfucking her. She thrust into Kelly with more gusto, the slapping sound of their bare flesh getting even louder and sexier, while she rubbed her cunt, working her over with her fingers and getting her even closer to coming.

But before Kelly could fully release in orgasm, Jennifer beat her to the punch. Jessica’s lips on her clit and toy up her ass were too irresistible for her to hold off for any longer.


Jessica never had to be told that and she wasn’t going to miss a drop of Jennifer’s cream. She kept her lips locked to Jennifer’s clit, pausing only so her tongue could lap at the flood of pussy cream which was rushing out, and her hand continued thrusting the toy hard into Jennifer’s ass. Jessica drew out her lover’s orgasm as long as she could and soon Jennifer was being joined in an orgasmic chorus of cries by Kelly’s distinctive voice.


As Kelly came, Elisha slowed down her fucking a little bit, but sped her hand up to more than make up for it. Kelly’s clitoris was pulsing against her fingers and Elisha rubbed her orgasming lover even harder. She rubbed the screaming singer and made her soak her probing fingers with all her sweet cream. Elisha kept the toy stuffed up Kelly’s asshole as she rubbed, stimulating the girl’s clit and making her screams of joy louder and more intense.

When she sensed Kelly could take no more, Elisha finally withdrew from her ass, pulling the toy out as gently as possible from the tight hole. As soon as she did that, Elisha had her hand up to her mouth so she could taste the cum she’d just rubbed out of Kelly. But she wasn’t alone in that for long.

“Mmmmm lemme taste too,” Kelly dreamily moaned, her face covered in a blissful smile and her satisfied afterglow radiating off her.

Elisha was more than happy to share and soon Kelly’s tongue was darting out to lap off her own juice from the blonde’s hand. They both licked up the sticky, cummy mess, treating Elisha’s hand like it was an ice cream cone dripping down.

They licked all over her fingers and down to her wrist to get the juices Kelly had creamed out for them. And as soon as Elisha’s hand was coated not in cum, but in saliva, Elisha and Kelly hungrily kissed to share the essence in their mouths.

Seeing the two go at it like that was quite an inspiration for Jessica and Jennifer as well, compelling them not to rest on their laurels but to get busy as well. Jennifer, for her part, had no desire to take it easy, even after the intense orgasm she’d just gotten continued to tremor inside her virtually naked body.

Stripped down to all but her socks and sneakers, Jennifer got aggressive with Jessica. She had always been a generous lover and Jennifer never had to be convinced to return the favor when it came to pleasure. She desperately wanted to make Jessica feel good, especially because her beautiful friend was still far too overdressed.

“What are these still doing on?” Jennifer playfully demanded as she pulled the waistband for Jessica’s panties and snapped them against her friend’s beautiful skin.

“I was so busy fucking you I guess I forgot to get rid of them,” Jessica smiled, rubbing herself through her panties and making the sizable dark spot from her arousal even bigger as she made her needy slit cling to the thin blue fabric while she lay back on the mat. “If you don’t like them, then you get rid of them.”

“You don’t even have to ask twice,” Jennifer replied with a grin before she reached down and tore them right off Jessica, surprising not only her lover, but herself with the force by which she ripped open the fabric.

“Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! Those were new!” Jessica objected, her continuing smile betraying that she wasn’t really mad, despite her protests.

“Sorry,” Jennifer apologized sheepishly. She’d just wanted Jessica so bad and she hadn’t been able to help herself. “Kind of lost control there for a second.”

“Well you’d better make it up to me,” Jessica playfully smirked as her hand reached down to rub her bare pussy lips while she spread her legs open, giving herself plenty of pink to play with. “Those things aren’t cheap, you know?”

“Mmmm I know just how to make you feel better,” Jennifer said, playing perfectly along as she leaned down and kissed Jessica right on the slit. Juice from Jessica’s heatedly aroused pussy oozed right into Jennifer’s mouth and she kissed her friend there again and then again, pressing her lips over and over to her pussy as her tongue emerged and began to lick.

“Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh that’s…that’s a gooooooood start,” Jessica groaned as she lay back more, resting her head against the mat as she opened her legs even wider for Jennifer to feast on the soft wetness within. “Mmmmm yessssss eat that pussy Jen! Oooooooooooh you’re always so fucking good at this! Mmmmmmm I got so wet fucking you! Fucking your tight ass and licking that sexy little pussy of yours! Mmmm now you give it to me baby! Lick my fucking wet pussy! Mmmm make it goooooooood yesssssssssss Jennnnnnnnnn ooooooooooh yessssssss lick it soooooo fucking goooood!!!”

Mmmmm I’m even better than your wrestler slut Trish, I’ll bet, Jennifer evilly thought to herself as she pressed her mouth right to Jessica’s pussy and sucked her juices right out. She’s not as good as me in bed, is she Jess? Mmmm she’s got bigger tits, but I’m a better fuck and don’t you forget it baby.

Jennifer couldn’t repress her competitive, jealous streak this morning, as hard as she tried, but Jessica was actually reaping all the benefits from it since Jennifer was hellbent on blowing her mind with an orgasm so incredible that she’d never even look at Trish again and she’d only get that happy look on her face when she thought of Jennifer Garner.

As Jessica cried out from Jennifer’s efforts to blow her mind, Elisha and Kelly were still lost in their kissing. The two girls made out hotly, their lips pressing together again and again as their sweaty bodies rubbed against one another and their breathing grew labored from their arousal.

While they kissed, Kelly couldn’t stop playing with the strap on that had just been buried in her ass. She sucked passionately on Elisha’s tongue as she stroked the fake cock, wishing it was real so she could make her come all over her hand, just the way Elisha had just done to her.

Kelly didn’t have any lack of experience giving handjobs and she expertly stroked Elisha’s cock. While Elisha couldn’t technically feel anything from Kelly rubbing her fake shaft, she definitely felt her pussy quiver at the sight of Kelly wrapping her soft, sexy hand around her cock and jerking her off like she wanted to coax a hot load right out of her.

“Mmmm you like that toy?” Elisha asked with a smile. “You like how it felt inside you? Fucking you? Mmmm making you come for me?”

“Mmmmm I loved it,” Kelly admitted, moaning the whole time. “Your cock is so sexy baby. You look so sexy wearing it. Mmmm your hot body…soft skin…beautiful tits…mmmm and a hot, hard cock to fuck me.”

Elisha giggled at the he/she imagery Kelly’s feverish imagination was creating and she kissed the singer again, rubbing their lips and tongues together once more.

“I love wearing strap ons,” Elisha said, confessing one of her favorite activities. She gotten hooked the first time she’d ever worn one. She’d felt so sexy and powerful.

“I’ve never worn one,” Kelly admitted. “I want to. You look soooo hot with it on Heesh.”

“Then put it on,” Elisha urged. “Get this fake cock on your sexy body and fuck me just like I fucked you. I’m so wet for you already all you’ve got to do is slide that thing inside me and I’ll be coming rivers for you.”

Kelly liked the sound of that promise and loved the idea of her putting on a strap on. She had certainly felt more than her share of toys inside her since her first trip to the mansion and she’d always been curious about what it would be like to be on the other end of one.

So Kelly offered no resistance at all when Elisha stood up and grabbed her hand to pull her up with her. As soon as she was on her feet, Elisha unhooked the strap on’s harness and pulled it off her body. She moaned as she felt how squishy and creamy her pussy had gotten from fucking Kelly and she quickly handed off the toy to her friend. When it came to strap ons, Elisha loved to give and to receive and she couldn’t wait to feel Kelly fuck her like that for the first time.

Elisha handed the toy to Kelly by the harness and lay back down on the mat. Spreading her legs as wide as she could, Elisha gave Kelly plenty of incentive to hurry by rubbing her fingers against her splayed slit. She got her fingers all juicy with her own essence and then brought them right up to her mouth so she could suck them clean with loud, wet smacks of her lips.

“Mmmmm yummy,” Elisha sighed as she tasted herself. “Fuck me Kelly! Mmmm get that cock on and fuck me good! Fuck my brains out baby!”

“Ooooh I want that soooo bad. I want to fuck you so hard Elisha!” Kelly said, eying the toy in her hand.

It reminded her of the first time she’d ever shot a gun. It had been a little scary and a lot new for her, but she had wanted to do it because she had wanted to feel the power. And this was like a million times better because she wasn’t shooting at some tin can, she was about to fuck a beautiful girl.

Kelly stepped into the harness and pulled it up around her own waist. She tightened it enough so it would stay on and moaned as she felt the little nub on her end slide into her still soaked pussy mixing the juice Elisha had left on it with her own.

This felt so fucking naughty and Kelly couldn’t help but reach down and start to jerk off the shaft again, wrapping her hand around the toy that had just been buried up her own ass and rubbing it like she was jacking her own cock.

Kelly couldn’t stop playing with her fake dick and she actually had to snap herself out of it before she completely forgot about Elisha and instead concentrated solely on stroking a cock that could never come. Kelly blushed as she realized how silly she must have looked, but she didn’t stop smiling because, silly or not, it made her feel so sexy to be standing there like this, especially since Elisha was openly masturbating from the sight of it.

“Oooooh you gonna fuck me Kel?” Elisha groaned as she fingered her pussy, sliding two…then three…fingers up her own heated, pink snatch. “You gonna fuck me with that hot, hard cock? You gonna jam it inside me like I did to you? You gonna fuck me till I come? Mmmmm you gonna give me the fucking a slut like me deserves?”

“Yessssssss mmmmmmmm yes to everything,” Kelly said before inspiration hit her. She was standing right near the chest press machine, the same machine that Elisha had worked her out so hard on before, and now Kelly felt like it was definitely time to return the favor.

Instead of going right for Elisha, Kelly instead sat down again on the machine’s seat and beckoned her blonde lover toward her with her finger.

“Get over here sexy,” Kelly invitingly drawled. “It’s time for your workout now Elisha.”

“Mmmm and what kind of workout is this?” Elisha coyly asked after getting up off her back and making her way over to Kelly. As she asked this, she wrapped her hand around the cock and began stroking it, just as Kelly had been doing.

“A very hard one,” Kelly giggled over her obvious joke. “Ride it Heesh! I want to feel you riding my cock! Mmmm you do all the work now! Sit on my lap and work this cock right up that tight little pussy of yours!”

“Ooooooh that’s my favorite kind of workout,” the sneaker clad blonde grinned as she immediately took Kelly up on the invitation.

Grabbing onto the machine’s handlebars for support, Elisha lowered herself onto Kelly’s strap on. Kelly grasped the toy’s shaft in her hand, but not to play with it this time. Instead she guided it right into Elisha as the girl pushed downward. Elisha was so wet that there was barely any resistance as Kelly pushed the toy inside her pussy, sliding into her slick passage and filling up her tight folds.

“Ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwd,” Elisha groaned as she felt herself start to get filled. “Mmmmmmmm fuck that’s good! Fuck me Kelly! Mmmmmmm fucking fill my tight cunt up!”

“Ooooooooh nasty girl…mmmmmm nasty, naughty girl, talking soooo dirty,” Kelly cried in arousal as she thrust up into her friend, making Elisha gasp in pleasure. “Mmmm you have to do the work though. It’s your workout Elisha. You ride my cock! Ooooh ride it good you horny little slut!”

Elisha moaned again and again as she did just what Kelly wanted. Holding onto the machine’s handles, Elisha began bouncing up and down on the cock, riding it like she’d ridden so many of her boyfriends in the past. When she’d been with men, Elisha had loved being on top, but since she’d switched to girls she’d rarely been in this position. Now all her old habits were coming back to her quickly and she rode Kelly’s cock like the skilled cowgirl she was.

“Yessssssssss ooooooooh yessssssssssss ohhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhh mmmmmm gonna make it fucking deep in meeeee!!!” Elisha cried. “I want that cock all the way up my fucking little wet pussy! Oooooooh Kelly now you’re the mean bitch! Making me work like I made you work! Ughhhhhhh good thing this feels better than any fucking workout! Oooooh please help me Kel! Don’t make me do it alone! Fuck me! Push that dick into my cunt as I fucking ride it like a slut for you! Pleeease baby!”

Kelly never really could resist a please so she took mercy on her friend. Besides it wasn’t as much fun to just sit there and have Elisha do all the work. It was payback for sure, but not sexy fun and that was what Kelly wanted then. If she was going to wear a strap on for the first time then she was going to make damn sure she took full advantage of everything it offered.

Reaching around her lover’s back, Kelly grabbed at Elisha’s jiggling butt cheeks. The pale globes of beautiful girl flesh were just waiting to be grabbed and Kelly latched her hands onto them, squeezing her lover’s amazing ass and holding her steady. Kelly then began thrusting up into Elisha, meeting the blonde’s downward motions with hard pushes up and putting them both into sexual synch in no time.

“Ooooooh is this what you want? Is this what you fucking want naughty girl?” Kelly squealed as she felt the nub rubbing hard against her own swollen clitty from her pushes up. “You want this cock inside you Heesh? You want me to fucking fill you up? Mmmmm want me to fill up your pretty little cunt with my big cock? You want it baby? You wanna be fucked by the American Idol?”

Kelly didn’t exactly have full confidence about what it was she was doing since it was her first time wearing a strap on. But she knew just how she liked to be fucked by toys and she tried to duplicate that on Elisha. Judging from the happy sounds her blonde lover was making, she seemed to be doing a good job of it.

“YEAHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!” Elisha roared as she really started to get going. The strap on was filling her up so good and she loved it. If Kelly really hadn’t worn one before then she was definitely a quick learner because she was fucking her just right. “FUCK ME KEL!!! FUCK ME HARRRRRRD!!! OOOOOOH YESSSSSSS FILL MY SLUTTY FUCKING PUSSY WITH YOUR COCK!!! UGHHHHHHHH MAKE ME COME KELLY!!! MMMMMM MAKE ME COME ALL OVER THE COCK THAT FUCKED YOU!!! OOOOOOOH I WANT MY CUM SOAKING THE COCK THAT JUST FUCKED YOUR ASS!!! YESSSSSSS PUSH HARDER BABY!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!! OOOOOH YESSSSS MMMMMMMM MAKE IT DEEEEEEP!!!”

Kelly giggled as Elisha’s full tits bounced up and slapped her face. It stung a little, but it was a fun feeling to have her boobs smacking her like that and Kelly lunged in to feel it again. She loved seeing her blonde friend’s hot tits shaking like they were and she buried her face in them, licking and sucking on the bouncing mounds as Elisha continued to cry out her pleasure.

Elisha was bouncing up and down on Kelly’s lap like she was a woman possessed. Elisha’s hands were practically fused to the machine’s handlebars now as she rode her friend’s strap on. She was holding onto them even harder than Kelly was gripping her ass cheeks, which was pretty fucking hard. The two girls moved in perfect motion, thrusting up as the other was riding down and working each other into a horny frenzy.

Naturally this attracted attention. The girls were far too loud and they were making the machine squeak and shake with the force of their fuck. Probably the entire mansion knew what they were up to and it certainly got the attention of Jessica as she lay back a few feet away on the mat feeling nothing but exquisite pleasure from Jennifer’s tongue.

“Mmmmmmmmmm oooooooooh babyyyyyyy yessssss ohhhhhhh right on my clit! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss tongue fuck me! Tongue that fucking wet pussy of mine baby!!!” Jessica cried, rubbing her bare breasts with her hands until she had her nipples swollen up enough that they seemed on the verge of bursting.

She didn’t even attempt to hold Jennifer down. Jessica knew she didn’t have to. Her friend wouldn’t stop for anything until she’d come and even then she’d have kept on licking. Jennifer was an entirely thorough pussy licker and that was one of the things Jessica enjoyed most about having sex with her.

Jessica was writhing on the mat, grinding her bare ass against it hard. She giggled as she thought she was probably gonna get mat burn on it and remembered how it was hardly the first time it had happened and definitely not the last.

There was never any shortage of girls around the mansion willing and ready to rub lotion and lavish TLC on the many scratches, burns and little love bites they got during the pursuit of their fun.

“Ohhhhhhhh Jennnnnnnnnnn yessssssssssss ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!!!” Jessica cried as Jennifer’s skilled lips latched onto her clitoris and began sucking it in earnest. Jennifer’s tongue had been teasing all around her clit as she’d lapped up all the sweet juices in Jessica’s pussy and now that she was focused on the prize, Jessica began to lurch on the mat, smacking her body into it hard over and over again.


But even as Jennifer was doing everything possible to catch her attention, Jessica couldn’t help but look over and stare longingly at Elisha and Kelly. Mmmm those two girls looked amazing, sweatily fucking each other on the chest press machine. She loved how their bare bodies were slapping together as one, their breasts shaking and their cries melding into one glorious melody.

Elisha looked so beautiful riding Kelly’s cock, her blonde hair matted to her forehead and her ass jiggling so enticingly as Jessica moved her eyes to make sure she gawked at every inch she could see. It was clear they wanted each other so bad. Jessica loved seeing the desire she and Kelly had for each other and it made her want them too.

Mmmm she could never help being greedy when it came to girls and even though Jennifer was doing an amazing job sucking on her clitoris and driving her wild with pleasure, Jessica still wanted more. She wanted everything and everyone.

Jessica felt herself getting wetter and wetter as she watched Kelly fuck Elisha. Kelly was getting more into the fuck with every thrust she took, her confidence visibly growing. Jessica adored seeing Kelly’s sexy face all determined and lost in the moment. She was grunting and sweating with her teeth gritted as she fucked Elisha harder, thrusting the fake cock around her waist deeper into her friend.

Kelly was so into it and obviously Elisha loved what she was doing. Jessica couldn’t see close enough but she was sure Elisha had to be rolling her eyes back in her head in pleasure. She was gripping the handlebars of the machine so tightly that Jessica was convinced she was going to break them off. They were both so locked on each other’s pleasure and Jessica wanted in on that. Jennifer was amazing, but she had to have more.

Of course making Jennifer stop was the challenge. Just as she was sucking on her clit even faster, Jennifer raised the stakes by pushing two of her fingers into Jessica’s pussy and starting to fuck her. Jessica cried out in bliss from the penetration, feeling her own eyes start to roll back as Jennifer combined nursing on her clit with wickedly finger fucking her cunt.

It actually took all of Jessica’s will and strength she could muster to get her friend to hit the pause button, but Jessica finally managed to do it. As she gasped uncontrollably from the pleasure of Jennifer’s mouth and fingers, Jessica reached down and pressed her palm to Jennifer’s flushed, sweaty forehead.

“Huh? What? What’s wrong?” Jennifer asked when she got the message Jessica’s touch sent and pulled her face up from her friend.

“No…nothing…nothing’s wrong…” Jessica replied, still gasping. “Mmmm but I wanna join them. Let’s play with them too, baby.”

Jennifer frowned in disappointment. She didn’t want to stop. She didn’t want to join in Kelly and Elisha’s fun. She wanted to make Jessica come. She wanted to blow her mind and make sure she forgot her name from her orgasm…or at least forgot the name of one Trish Stratus.

Jessica saw the look on Jennifer’s face and she immediately sought to ease it by reaching down and caressing her flushed cheek as the girl still knelt between her outstretched legs.

“Mmmm you were amazing,” Jessica insisted. “I love what you’re doing to me! God, you have no idea how hard it was to find the strength to make you stop! You were eating me out sooo good baby and your fingers felt incredible in my pussy while you were kissing my clitty, but look at them Jen? Mmmm don’t you want a piece of them when they’re like that?”

Jennifer looked over and immediately began to smile. Jessica certainly had a point. Elisha and Kelly both looked stunning as they fucked on the machine. They were so animalistic, but at the same time connected on such a human level with each other. Once she looked over, Jennifer couldn’t tear her eyes away and she had to admit Jessica was right. Besides, she had been thinking the same thoughts about joining in before, so she could hardly begrudge Jessica this.

“Ok but you owe me now,” Jennifer said, still smiling as she and Jessica rose up from the mat and began moving toward the machine. “Mmmmm I need to taste your cream.”

“Consider this a down payment with more to come,” Jessica promised with a sexy laugh as she rubbed her fingers against her pussy and then pushed the juicy digits into Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer immediately sucked them clean and was starving for more as Jessica pulled them away.

Elisha was still passionately riding Kelly’s strap on as the two horny women approached them. They were totally locked on each other and had no idea Jessica and Jennifer were even close to them until they each placed a hand on Kelly’s shoulders. Jessica was on the left of her and Jennifer on the right and Kelly immediately looked up to see them both smiling seductively at them.

“Get on the floor,” Jessica said, taking quick control of the situation. “Mmmm we want to play too.”

Kelly and Elisha were both surprised by the sudden interruption, but it wasn’t like they were about to refuse Jessica anything in her own house. Especially since after all the time they’d spent there, both Kelly and Elisha had adopted attitude of “the more the merrier” when it came to girl sex.

Elisha slowly pulled herself off Kelly’s toy, the strap on leaving her pussy with a small wet, squishing sound that charged everyone up, especially when they saw how juicy the flesh colored toy was now. But as soon as she stepped down onto the floor, her legs almost gave out on her and she grabbed back onto the machine for support.

“Shit, my legs are fucking jelly,” Elisha said with a spirited laugh.

“Mmmm then lie down sweetie,” Jennifer urged as she helped Elisha down onto the mat. “Get on your back.”

“But I liked riding her,” Elisha giggled. “Ooooh what a fucking ride.”

“This is gonna be just as good,” Jessica assured her. “Mmmm and you get a bonus for lying back like a good girl.”

“And what might that be?” Elisha asked as she settled down as instructed, flat on her back on the mat, brushing her hair out of her face as she spoke.

“This,” Jessica said as she took advantage of Elisha’s position and pressed her drooling pussy right to her face. Now it was Jessica’s turn to do some riding and she couldn’t wait to get started. “Mmmm you get a sweet pussy to snack on.”

“Mmmm my favorite kind of snack,” Elisha mumbled, her mouth full of pussy, before she got right to work licking and turning Jessica’s tight, heated pussy into the gourmet meal it deserved to be.

As this was happening, Jennifer was taking charge of Kelly. She guided the singer right back to between Elisha’s legs. But this time Elisha was on her back and she was kneeling between her spread legs. This was another new position for Kelly, but fortunately it was one Jennifer had a lot of experience with.

“Grab her legs,” Jennifer instructed, remembering how good it had felt the last time she had done this with her strap on to Jessica. “Sling them over your shoulders and just take her Kelly. Fuck her hard! Fuck her like you’d want to be fucked! Jam that cock right into her! Mmmmm see how wet that little fucking pussy is for you sweetie? It’s soaked for that hard cock of yours! Give it to her Kelly! Make her fucking scream into Jess’ pussy!”

Changing positions had cooled Kelly down a bit, but Jennifer was getting her good and boiling again and doing it really fast. The girls here were such sexy teachers. She loved all the tricks they could teach her and Kelly was an eager student for Jennifer’s guidance.

Grabbing Elisha’s legs, Kelly did just as Jennifer told her and slung them over her shoulders. She’d seen other girls do this so she knew just how to visualize Jennifer’s instructions. Kelly had been fucked this way by a few guys too, but she was going to make damn sure she treated Elisha better with her fake cock than those men had to her with their real ones.

Kelly pulled herself closer to Elisha, rubbing the head of the strap on against her waiting, wet slit. She had loved how she was fucking Elisha before. She had felt so wild and free and she was dying to feel that again. So Kelly didn’t hesitate. Grabbing onto Elisha’s legs for leverage, Kelly drove into her forcefully.

“FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH!!!” Elisha screamed into Jessica’s pussy as the brunette movie star enthusiastically fucked her face. Kelly penetrating her again sent a jolt of pleasure rushing through Elisha, but she didn’t stop licking. She’d eaten out Jessica enough times to know how sinfully addictive her juices were and she was wildly lashing at her with her tongue, fucking Jessica as hard as Kelly was fucking her.

Elisha’s pussy sucked Kelly’s strap on right back into her folds, wrapping around it and clinging hard as Kelly fucked the blonde. Kelly felt the wonderfully animalistic rush she had felt before as she was thrusting up into Elisha on the chest press machine and she used that to fuel her on as she took her friend deep and hard with her fake cock. Elisha was shaking and lurching on the mat from her thrusts and Kelly loved seeing how her tits were bouncing from the force of their fuck, especially when Jessica leaned down to start tonguing Elisha’s nipples.

Jessica had quickly become deep in a haze of ecstasy from Elisha’s hot tongue reintroducing itself to her pussy. But she hadn’t been so lost in lust that she had been able to ignore Elisha’s full, jiggling tits. It was a bit uncomfortable to twist herself up to be able to lean down and suck on Elisha’s breasts as she fucked her face, but Jessica asked herself what all that yoga was supposed to be good for if she couldn’t put it to good use during sex.

Elisha responded to this extra special treatment from Jessica by licking her harder. She cried out gleefully into Jessica’s pussy, her body muffling her cries, and she let her tongue go wild. Elisha was so keyed up and ready to come and each thrust from Kelly was making her energy surge more. Elisha used that extra energy to please Jessica and she licked everywhere Jessica liked, lapping up her juices and making her clit swell in orgasmic anticipation.

“Ughhhhhh yesssssssss mmmmmmmm lick meeeeeeeee!” Jessica hornily commanded, dropping Elisha’s throbbing nipple from her mouth. “Oooooh tongue fuck me sweetie! Yesssssssss ooooooooh fuck my pussy with your hot tongue! Mmmm Jen had me soooooo fucking close you lucky bitch! You just have to lick me a few times and you get a faceful of my cum! You like that Heesh? You like knowing I’m about to cream your fucking face? Mmmm you’ve gotta let Jen lick it off though! You gotta let her get her tongue all over your face!”

Elisha had no problem with that. She wanted to feel Jennifer’s tongue all over her. Her face would be just a starting point. Knowing the prize was within her grasp, Elisha picked up the pace of her tonguing and concentrated on Jessica’s clitoris. While there were still so many of her hot, yummy juices to lick up, Elisha focused on what Jessica needed and right then her clit needed attention and lots of it.

As Kelly kept on fucking her, thrusting her hard strap on deep into her cunt, Elisha sucked on Jessica’s clitoris. She loved how it pulsed between her lips as she trapped it between them. Jessica had such a sexy, plump clit and Elisha so badly wanted to just suck and nurse it until her friend came all over her face, just as she’d promised.

But Elisha didn’t keep all of her concentration on Jessica. How could she when Kelly was fucking her so good? It would have been impossible to ignore the intense pleasure Kelly was giving her with her strap on. She couldn’t believe this was the first time that Kelly had ever used one of these things because she was fucking her better than a lot of the men she had been with.

Right then Elisha’s body was racing on the inside, her heart thumping and her head spinning as she wondered what would happen first. Would she make Jessica come or would Kelly make her come?

Kelly’s efforts, of course, were being considerably assisted by Jennifer. As Kelly fucked Elisha, Jennifer was right behind her, holding onto her hips tightly as she guided Kelly in just how to fuck her lover right. Kelly adored feeling Jennifer’s firm tits and hard nipples rubbing against her bare back and the feel of her hot breath and sound of her sexy voice whispering in her ear.

“Mmmm that’s it honey, fuck her hard,” Jennifer advised, moaning into Kelly’s ear as she felt her own pussy drip from taking on the role of teacher. “Don’t be shy. Give her what she wants. Her pussy wants to get filled up. Give it to her Kelly. Give Elisha all your cock. Mmmm don’t be gentle, but don’t be too fast. That’s it! Get that nice, hot rhythm inside her! Make her feel every fucking inch of it filling her pussy up. You like that Kelly? Is she nice and tight for you?”

“Yessssss soooooo tight,” Kelly cried as Jennifer raised the stakes by reaching around and squeezing her tits. “Mmmm gawwwd that’s so hot! Mmmm play with my tits Jennifer! Squeeze my naked titties while I’m fucking her! Oooooooh I can feel her pussy lips totally wrapped around the toy! Ughhhhh she’s so fucking tight and wet for me! It feels so good and you’re making it even better!”

Jennifer enjoyed being able to make Kelly feel pleasure and she continued hotly moaning into her ear. But this time she wasn’t telling Kelly what to do to Elisha, she was telling the singer all the things she was going to do her next.

“Keep fucking her Kelly, make her come and I’m going to make you mine!” Jennifer promised as her wet breath tickled Kelly’s ear. “I’m gonna peel off your strap on and see how wet and creamy your pussy got underneath it! Mmmm I’ll bet you’re so sticky and wet! Then I’m gonna have you lick off all your friend’s yummy cum! You’re gonna suck that toy like you were sucking a real cock mmmm and I’ll be eating you out while you do it! I’m going to eat your pussy so fucking good and lick up all the cream you have stored up in there until you soak my face like Jessica is gonna soak Elisha’s! Mmmm then you lick me! I wanna feel that tongue of yours inside me again! Tasting me! Licking me! Fucking me! Mmmm we’ll make each other come so many times while Elisha is fucking Jessica and they’re gawking at us the way we were staring at you two getting naughty while we were trying to exercise!”

“Yesssssssss ooooooooh yesssssssssss,” Kelly cooed.

That all sounded so wonderful. It was making Kelly so hot to think of that and that just made her want to fuck Elisha even harder. She knew making her friend come was the key to getting more pleasure for herself and she gave it hard to Elisha’s dripping, tight cunt. The girl’s waiting pussy was so welcoming to her fake cock and Kelly kept a tight grip on Elisha’s legs to make sure she had the best angle as she drove into her.

Elisha was screaming out now, begging Kelly to fuck her harder. Her whole body was on fire and every inch of her craved the release she knew was so tantalizingly close. But with Jessica’s pussy fused to her face, none of Elisha’s words were even close to coherent.

Fortunately, Jessica knew what Elisha wanted and, since the girl was doing such a good job eating her out, she went to the trouble of vocalizing for her.

“Fuck her Kelly! Fuck her little puss with that big, fucking cock!” Jessica urged as she humped herself aggressively against Elisha’s face. “Mmmm you like wearing that cock baby? You look so fucking good with it strapped on! Mmmm I’m gonna want to have you fuck me next with it! Yeahhhhhh gonna want you to fuck my pussy with it like you’re fucking Elisha’s! I’ll tell everyone here how good you are and they’re all going to want you to fuck them too Kelly! Mmmm think about it sweetie. Think about all of us on our hands and knees for you to fuck us doggie style! Ooooh or flat on your backs for you to fuck us and control us like you’re doing to Heesh! Mmmm fuck her Kel! Make her fucking come like the horny slut she is!”

Kelly felt as if her brain was about to explode from overloading erotic images. Between Jennifer’s hot, nasty promises and the vision of girls like Jessica and Sarah and Love and even Rose begging for her to fuck them with the strap on, Kelly wondered if her senses were going to go into meltdown. But she didn’t let it overwhelm her. She stayed focused on fucking Elisha.

Elisha was shaking on the mat, her body right on the verge. Kelly felt how tighter her friend was getting, her pussy lips wrapping around the shaft of the toy and refusing to let it go. Elisha’s pussy clung so tightly to the cock thrusting deep inside her and Kelly had to summon all her energy to keep her pace going.

“She’s gonna come!” Jessica alerted Kelly, her knowledge of Elisha’s status based on how the girl’s tonguing was getting rougher and more ragged. “She’s gonna fucking cream that cock! Give it to her! Push her over the edge sweetie!”

“Yeahhhh fuck her,” Jennifer continued to urge Kelly as she pressed herself tightly to the singer and continued playing with her bare tits. “Take her like you like to be fucked when you’re right on the edge! Make sure her clit feels it! Fuck her good Kelly! Make sure you leave that tight pussy all loose and slutty for us to play with!”

Elisha was lost in girl sex heaven as she lay back on the mat. Jessica was passionately squeezing her tits as she fucked her face and Kelly was making sure her pussy was filled and well fucked. Her clit was being stimulated so good by that toy filling her and Elisha felt her brain buzzing from pleasure overload. She could feel little tears start to drip from her eyes from how good it felt and she just needed a little more.

Fortunately she got a lot more, Kelly fucked her hard, thrusting forcefully into Elisha and giving the blonde more than enough to lose all control. Elisha felt pleasure grip her from head to toe as her hands clawed at the mat, scratching at the plastic covering like she was about to rip it to shreds as she came.

“OOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Elisha screamed in the few understandable words to fly out of her mouth as she orgasmed.

At Jennifer’s instruction, Kelly continued to thrust into her friend, letting Elisha’s juices coat the toy as she pushed into and pulled out of her creaming cunt. Jennifer began kissing and licking Kelly’s neck to reward her and Kelly felt her own body shudder as the pleasure filled her once more.

Elisha was slamming her ass hard into the mat, her body lurching in orgasmic release. Any other time she would have just let the pleasure overtake her and send her to a blissful state of semi-consciousness, but with Jessica’s wet pussy still fucking her face, that wasn’t possible. Elisha wasn’t about to let her hostess down. Not when her pussy tasted so fucking good.

Picking up her hands off the mat, Elisha slapped them hard to Jessica’s bare ass. Jessica cooed at the surprise spanking and her moans only grew louder when Elisha used her hands to hold the movie star in place while she tongued her.

“Yeahhhhhhhh oooooooooooh yesssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmm lick meeeee!” Jessica cried. “Lick up every yummy drop of cum baby! Ooooooooooh fuck yesssssss!!! Mmmmmmmm such a hot tongue…such a sexy fucking hot tongue! I love you licking me Heesh! Ughhhhhh you always make it so good! Don’t stop what you were doing before! Mmmmm get those lips on my clitty again! Suck that clit and make me come! Please Elisha! You had me soooooooo close before! Suck my clit while I’m fucking your gorgeous face!”

As Jennifer and Kelly cuddled, kissed and watched with sexy eyes, Elisha did just as requested. She held firm to Jessica’s ass, making sure the brunette couldn’t get very far away at all from her mouth when she bounced and road her face, and got her lips back around her clitoris.

“YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Jessica screamed, her hands shooting up to her own tits and squeezing them like she’d just been squeezing Elisha’s. “OOOOOOOH YESSSSS SUCK MY CLIT YOU FUCKING SLUT!!! AHHHHH YESSSSSSS OOOOOH MAKE ME COMMMMMMMME!!!”

Pleasure shot up Jessica’s spine, right to her brain and from there flowed throughout her body. She began riding Elisha’s face like she was going to get a trophy for it, slamming her weeping pussy against her and making sure she smeared her sexy juices all over her soft face. Elisha’s lips stayed latched to Jessica’s clit, sucking the orgasm right out of her and Jessica finally let loose when she felt Kelly and Jennifer at her sides.

The two nude women sandwiched her own bare, sweaty body, as they kissed and caressed her. Jessica couldn’t hold back from even a second of three sexy girls tending to her and she exploded in ecstasy, just as she’d pledged to, right against Elisha’s face.


Jessica slowed her frantic riding of Elisha’s face as she came. She knew she didn’t have to push anymore. Elisha knew what to do. The blonde kept on sucking her clit, making everything feel amazing as Jessica flooded her mouth and face with girl cum while Kelly and Jennifer caressed her face and kissed and licked her neck and down to her tan tits.

The pleasure crashed over her again and again as Jessica was soon down to gently humping herself against Elisha’s mouth. The orgasm that had been growing inside her since Jennifer had woken her up that morning had now been unleashed and Jessica couldn’t have been happier.

“Mmmmm soooooo good,” Jessica moaned as she finally fell back onto the mat, gasping for breath and smiling from ear to ear.

But even though Jessica was indulging in her afterglow, her friends certainly weren’t. Kelly and Jennifer both started out licking her cum off Elisha’s face as the blonde happily squirmed on the mat. When Jennifer stopped and pulled away it was only to pull off Kelly’s strap on and start to make good on her promises.

Jessica might have been taking a breather, but this was one workout that was far from finished.

* * * * *

Her body still tingling from her morning fun, Sarah was a bundle of happiness as she made her way down the hallway. She’d left Alyson, Natalie and Scarlett behind in a pile of passed out, naked girl flesh on the bed. The three of them had been all too eager to return back to sleep, but Sarah had been way too charged up for that.

How could she sleep when there was still so much fun to be had? After being away for so long, Sarah didn’t want to even think about missing a moment. Giving up sleep was well worth the reward. Besides, while their foursome of kissing and licking had tired out her friends, Sarah had energy left to burn.

So she had decided to go off on the search she had attempted to begin earlier, before she had tripped over Natalie and gotten everything going between them. Sarah wanted to see which of her housemates were up and, more importantly, which ones were up for some fun.

Sarah wasn’t nearly as overpoweringly horny as she’d been before. The foursome with her sexy friends had seen to that, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t eager for more. With so many beautiful, insatiable girls in her home, how could Sarah not want more? She just wasn’t as aching for it as she had been before.

As a concession to her slightly less aroused state, Sarah didn’t try to make the escape from her room completely naked this time. She pulled her little pink bathrobe from her closet and tied it around her body as she also grabbed her basket of shower stuff. At the very least, if none of her housemates were up and horny, Sarah knew she could grab herself a shower and wash off the wonderful sweat and girl cum that was making her body so nice and sticky right then.

Part of her wanted to keep that freshly fucked scent on her, but the other part knew she also had a full day ahead of herself and she was at least going to have to wash up.

Of course Sarah truly hoped she wouldn’t be wearing her robe for long. She definitely wanted to find herself another sexy girl to have some fun with and maybe get into the shower with. Getting under the hot water here was always more fun if you had someone to share it with and there was usually never a shortage of volunteers to get those hard to wash places for you.

Sarah was a little disappointed when she walked out her bedroom door and saw that there was no one in immediate sight. She had hoped she would find someone right away to play with, but Sarah didn’t let that feeling linger. There was always sexy fun to be had here. You just had to look for it sometimes and Sarah’s search didn’t take long.

Love’s room was right next to hers and, since the door was open, Sarah peeked in to see if her friend was up. She wasn’t, but that didn’t deter Sarah a bit. She watched Love sleep, the sheets twisted around her unconscious body as her chest rose and fell with every one of her soft breaths. The sheets were pulled down just enough to show off the curve of her breasts and Sarah smiled as she saw the tip one of Love’s nipples poke out, betraying the fact that Love was naked underneath.

Eyeing Love’s nipple as it threatened to expose itself even more as she breathed in and out in her sleep, Sarah felt her own nipples start to swell up again. She still had the taste of Alyson, Scarlett and Natalie all over her lips and Sarah knew it would be a shame if she didn’t share with her friend. Perhaps Love needed a naughty wake up call.

As soon as the idea popped into her head, Sarah was sold on it. She had done this to many girls here and had it done to her even more. It was practically a mansion tradition. She could still remember how Love had first done it to her. She had woken her up right after the first night they’d spent together, licking her pussy right out of dreamland and Sarah had adored the feeling. She had paid Love back for that tender touch so many times since then and Sarah wanted to do it again.

There was no doubt in Sarah’s mind that Love wouldn’t mind being awoken like this. She knew her friend and she knew what she liked. And Love always enjoyed a proper good morning wish.

Putting her basket down, Sarah crept inside Love’s room, taking care not to wake her housemate. Sarah didn’t want her stirring yet…not until she got to making her feel good.

When Sarah had come looking for forgiveness and seeking a chance to come home, she had gone to Love first. She and her had the connection of starting this crazy, wonderful adventure together. But that hadn’t been the only reason she had gone to her first. Sarah had felt the worst about breaking Love’s heart by leaving. Her friend had always been so compassionate and loving and Sarah had felt terrible about causing her even a second of pain.

As happy as she was now, Sarah didn’t think she’d ever been as happy as she’d been when Love told her she could come home. Love could have told her no. She could have said it was too late. She could have rejected her. But she hadn’t. She had welcomed her back with all the love and care she could muster and Sarah knew she could never pay her friend back enough for that compassion and forgiveness.

Not that Sarah didn’t want to try, of course. If she had to spend her life making all her beautiful friends feel good for allowing her to come home, then she would have done it in a heartbeat. They had been so good to her and Sarah wanted nothing more than to be good to them.

Love was still sleeping as Sarah approached the bed and she didn’t hesitate to make her move. Going slowly so as not to wake her housemate, Sarah carefully crawled under the sheets. She pulled them gently away from Love enough for her to slip under them and soon a Sarah shaped lump was headed right for the sleeping brunette.

Sarah moved as quickly as she dared toward her housemate. She didn’t want to wake Love up before she got her tongue to work, but it was so hard for her to take it slow when there was such a tantalizing slice of heaven awaiting her. Love’s legs were helpfully open a little already and Sarah furthered the progress by gently easing them open some more.

Soon enough Sarah had the access she needed and, completely covered by the bed sheets, she moved in for Love’s pussy. She took a second to admire her friend’s pink, smooth lips and just about baby bare flesh. Sarah knew no one at the mansion was as religious about having a bald pussy than Love and the little tiny stubble of dark hair hovering over her slit told Sarah that her housemate was in need of a touch up.

Mmmm but that could wait. Sarah had other interests in mind and she revealed them by softly kissing Love’s slit. Love definitely needed some wetness and Sarah did her best to get some going. She kissed Love’s pussy tenderly several times, lingering more with each press of her lips. Love began to moan in her sleep and stir slightly at the sexy touch, but she didn’t awaken and Sarah kept working her over.

Sarah let saliva drip right out of her mouth and into Love’s pussy and she then spread it around with her tongue. She didn’t go after the sleeping brunette with too aggressive an approach. She didn’t want to yank her friend out of dreamland, but rather ease her out and it was working wonders. Love’s sleepy moans got louder and more frequent and soon Sarah’s saliva wasn’t the only wetness in her pussy.

Love’s natural lubricant was starting to flow as Sarah tended to her sex just the way she knew her insatiable housemate loved. She began picking up the pace of her licking, but not losing any of the tenderness she had come in with. Sarah licked Love with sensual lashes of her tongue, teasing her labia and making her folds flare out in arousal. She didn’t touch Love’s clit, preferring instead to let things build.

Sarah gradually picked up the pace, going a little touch harder and faster with every lick. There was no way Love could sleep through this and soon enough her body began to pull itself out of unconsciousness as her brain registered that this was no erotic dream she was having. Someone was actually licking her.

Love’s eyes began to flutter and she moaned blissfully as she started fully appreciating what was happening to her. She wasn’t awake enough yet to even begin to know who it was licking her, but she was definitely feeling nothing but soft, sexy pleasure as the haze of sleep was lifting off her.

But since she was just waking up, Love’s brain wasn’t fully up and running yet on all cylinders and she didn’t investigate who it was making her pussy purr so well so early in the morning. Instead she made an assumption about whom it was.

“Mmmmmmmmm yessssssss Rose yesssssssssss baby mmmmmm!” Love dreamily sighed. “Ooooh please don’t stop!”

But since her assumption was wrong, it stopped Sarah cold.

“Rose? You think I’m Rose?” Sarah snapped in feigned outrage as she tossed off the sheets and exposed her true identity. “God! Thanks a lot Love! I figured you of all people would know the feel of my tongue by now!”

“Sarah!” Love gasped in surprise. “Oh God! Sorry sweetie! I just…I…well…I just assumed it was…”

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…save it Love,” Sarah grumbled, even though the smile on her face showed she was anything but mad about all of this. “I guess I know who you were dreaming about.”

A deep blush came over Love’s face as she tried to explain herself. She never wanted any of her housemates to think that she favored one over the other, but she had made an assumption about who it could be licking her awake. It hadn’t been a silly one. After all, Rose had gone to sleep next to her, so didn’t it stand to reason she was the one waking up with her? But Love knew she shouldn’t have assumed.

If she’d been more awake, Love would have realized the difference before she spoke. A lot of her friends had very distinctive licking styles and while Rose could be just as tender as anyone when the mood called for it, she was definitely not the type to give the kind of little licks she’d just been getting. She should have figured it had been Sarah. She’d felt that tongue so many times and Love kicked herself for not thinking more and realizing who it was.

“Awwwwwww I’m sorry,” Love said genuinely. “But pleeeeeeeease don’t stop! Ooooooh that was feeling so good Sarah!”

“Oh sure NOW you remember my name,” Sarah giggled. “Only when you want me to keep on licking do you remember me. Well if you think I’m giving you one more lick after that Miss Love Hewitt, then you are sorely mistaken.”

“Pleeeeeeeeease,” Love begged, smiling along with Sarah as she unleashed the full power of her slutty innocence by making her eyes go into puppy dog mode. “Mmmmm gawwwwwwd you were starting to get me so wet. I’m sorry I didn’t know it was you Sarah, but it felt so good! Please don’t stop!”

“Nuh uh,” Sarah insisted firmly, sitting up in Love’s bed and crossing her arms over her chest as she looked away as if she’d been completely snubbed. “If you want Rose so bad, you should go see if she’ll give you a licking. Or maybe you’d rather I just get Mr. Snappy and fuck you up the ass doggie style so you can pretend I’m her!”

“Oooooooh I wouldn’t stop you if you did,” Love moaned, feeling the moisture between her legs grow as she pictured getting her tight hole stretched again by Mr. Snappy. “But we wouldn’t have to pretend. I’d be moaning your name Sarah! Mmmm you know I love how you fuck me!”

Sarah was actually the only one who had ever worn Mr. Snappy besides Rose, but those had been two very special exceptions to the iron clad rule that no one else was to use the infamous sex toy besides it’s mistress. So it was an empty threat, even though both girls loved the idea of putting it to use on each other.

“Welllllll you’re starting to make up for totally dissing me,” Sarah laughed before lying down on the bed and nestling her head against Love’s bare chest, using her soft, full breasts as pillows. “I guess I can look past this.”

The two girls then kissed tenderly, Sarah giving Love the chance to taste her own juices off her lips, something Love always relished. While Sarah wished Love had moaned her name, she definitely wasn’t mad. It would have taken a blind, deaf and dumb person not to see how close Love and Rose were and, besides, Sarah had confused the tongues of her housemates before. She could still remember the hard spanking she’d gotten once for thinking Christina’s tongue was Jessica’s.

“How can I make it up more?” Love inquired. “Mmmm how can I make up for being such a bad girl?”

Love giggled a little as she played up her innocence while rubbing her naked body into Sarah’s robe clad flesh.

“I’ve been soooooo bad Sarah and I’m soooooooo sorry,” Love said seductively. “Please don’t punish me for being a bad girl. Let me make it up to you! Let me show you what a good girl I can be!”

As she said this, Love opened Sarah’s robe just enough to be able to reach in and caress her tits. She massaged the firm mounds and made Sarah moan as she rubbed her nipples and felt them stiffen.

“How about I get this robe off you and make you feel as good as you were making me,” Love offered. “You can moan anyone’s name you want Sarah.”

“I have a better idea,” Sarah countered. “I was about to go grab a shower when I saw you all cute and sleeping. Mmmm how about you come with me and I’ll let you scrub my back.”

“Only if I can scrub your front too,” Love giggled as she gave Sarah’s tits another sexy caress. “I’ve been such a bad girl, I might need to give you a tongue bath too.”

“Oooooh,” Sarah cooed, her body giving a sexy shiver at the thought of that.

The two girls didn’t dawdle much longer. Love got herself out of bed and stretched the sleep out of her muscles as she gathered up her shower stuff. Her sleep hadn’t nearly been enough to rest up after the all night debauchery of the previous evening, but she certainly didn’t lack for energy as she got ready for some fun with Sarah under the hot shower water.

Grabbing a robe and slipping it around her body, Love grabbed Sarah’s hand and led her out of the room. The two girls walked hand in hand to the showers and Love showed no desire whatsoever to let go of her friend.

Sometimes it felt like a dream to her that Sarah was back. She had wanted it for so long and just when it had seemed so hopeless, she had returned to them. Love had trouble believing it had all worked out so well, but it was no dream and no idle fantasy. Sarah had come back and things were better than ever.

Love knew she probably should have been angrier at Sarah for leaving the way she had. But that wasn’t her nature. She just couldn’t hold grudges or bring herself to hate someone she cared about as much as Sarah. The one time she had lost her temper and fought with Sarah, she hadn’t felt any better. She had only felt more miserable and Love knew it was so much easier and better to focus on the positives of Sarah returning instead of dwelling on the fact that she’d left in the first place.

The past was the past, and they had such an amazing future to think about instead. All of them. Love never felt as much at home as she did when all her beautiful housemates were around her. She knew they teased her for being such a dork about things like that, but she didn’t care if they made fun of her. She loved being with her friends and she knew deep down they all felt the same way, even if they weren’t as eager to show it off as she was.

Right now what Love wanted was to never let a moment go by where she could show her friends how much they meant to her and if that meant lots of naughty sex play with then, then she was more than happy to do it. She couldn’t wait to get in the shower with Sarah and feel that hot water cascading over their nude bodies as they kissed, soaped each other up and got friskier and friskier until the only thing they were cleaning were each other’s pussies with their tongues.

But before they could get that far, both girls were distracted. It was impossible to get to the mansion’s unique shower set up without passing by the gym and, as they walked by, Sarah and Love immediately heard the moaning from within calling out to them like a siren’s song.

“Oooooh somebody’s in there having fun,” Sarah smiled as she and Love enjoyed the sound of passionate female moaning and grunting and the seductive melody of sex cries.

“Wanna go see who it is?” Love asked, as if there were any doubt what the answer would be.

Sarah and Love didn’t say another word. They just walked into the gym without a second’s thought to see what was going on. They quickly got more than an eyeful.

“Oh my,” Love laughed. “Now that’s fun!”

On the gym mats, the four naked bodies of Jessica, Jennifer, Kelly and Elisha were still going at it. They had clearly been fucking for a while with no one even close to cooling down.

As Love and Sarah gawked, Elisha had the strap on back around her waist as she drove it hard up Jessica’s ass, slapping the tan flesh as Jessica buried her face in Kelly’s cunt and Jennifer passionately fucked the singer’s tongue.

Jennifer had been aching to get Kelly back to licking her and, now that she had what she wanted, she was furiously humping herself against the singer’s face reverse cowgirl style as she enjoyed watching Jessica get her gorgeous ass stuffed full of fake cock courtesy of Elisha.

“Whoa,” Sarah said with admiration at the debauched scene in front of her.

She and Love had a choice in front of them as they noticed the four girls were so into each other that their presence hadn’t even been detected yet. They could just watch. They could sneak away and continue onto the shower to have their own fun. Or they could join in and get themselves a piece of their sexy, naked friends.

But just as it had been with deciding whether or not to investigate in the first place, it really wasn’t much of a choice at all.

With identically eager smiles, Sarah and Love dropped their bathrobes and their shower baskets onto the floor, leaving them just as naked as the other girls. They then moved toward their friends with the intention of making their presences felt in a very noticeable way.

Showers could wait. Sarah and Love were much more interested in working up a sweat first.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, as many of her housemates spent the morning doing exactly what they had all been doing to each other last night, Jennifer Aniston found herself in a moment of quiet solitude. Living in a mansion with so many other girls and so many different guests coming and going at all hours made the quiet moments few and far between. So Jennifer tended to savor them.

Not that she minded the way the mansion positively crackled with energy. She fed off that and she loved how full of life her housemates were. Jennifer loved how any moment at any time could lead to ecstasy. There was always a beautiful girl around every corner and, after taking so long to come to terms with the side of her that lusted wildly after other women and craved their touch, Jennifer just couldn’t see herself living every other place. The mansion and all that came with it was a part of her now and Jennifer hoped that never changed.

But she had to admit she did enjoy a few quiet moments every day where she could just sit out with her coffee and read the paper or stare out at the ocean and daydream. She was inside the kitchen now, washing her dishes and staring out the kitchen window that faced the beach. It was going to be a gorgeous, sunny day and Jennifer couldn’t wait to get out there into it.

Before she could do that she wanted to finish washing her cereal bowl. She supposed she could have left this for Michelle, but the mansion’s maid had been so unreliable lately. She had been less than her chatty, friendly self and had been missing so many work days that it was almost a surprise when she actually showed up sometimes.

Even without that in mind, however, Jennifer had never felt right about just leaving things for the maid to do. She had two good pair of hands. She could certainly wash a dish.

Besides, any chance to just stare out into the ocean, even if it was from a window over the sink was more than welcome. As soon as she was finished here, Jennifer was going to grab her coffee mug and settle in for a nice morning of staring out into that beautiful water. There was nothing like a sparkling ocean to get your daydream on and since Jennifer had no commitments today for once, she was all set to do a whole lot of nothing and love every second of it.

She could have certainly used a break after last night. Jennifer was walking a bit gingerly still after she’d been absolutely fucked ragged at the party.

So many girls had wanted to lick her and then ride her face to feel her fabled tongue inside them that Jennifer had completely lost track at one point of who she was fucking and who was fucking her. It was always so incredible to lose all inhibition like that and become so caught in the moment that everything pretty much became blank and your body, mind and soul just became these three generators of ecstasy.

Jennifer adored losing herself to sexual bliss like that, but it hadn’t even been the highlight of the night. She had to admit one fantasy she had never lived out was having two men at the same time. And while she hadn’t quite gotten that to the letter last night, she had gotten as close as she figured she ever would when Rose and Christina took her at the same time with their strap ons.

Moaning softly at the memory as she felt her pussy start to dampen a bit, Jennifer recalled how completely filled she’d felt that night sandwiched in between Rose and her pop slut protégé. She’d been trapped helpless and loving it in the middle of them as Christina thrust her strap on up into her pussy and Rose pounded her ass with Mr. Snappy. God, it had been so intense and wonderful.

Last night had been a special night for Christina. She had been given permission to do anything to anyone she wanted and live out every perverted dream she’d ever had. One of the singer’s fantasies had been to share a girl with her mentor and their strap ons and Jennifer had been the lucky girl she had picked. It had just so happened that while Christina had wanted to double fuck a girl, Jennifer had been dying to be double fucked.

What was that word for when everything worked out perfectly by fate? Ah yes, serendipity. That’s what that had been and Jennifer just hoped that when Christina came to visit, she’d be up for a repeat performance. Jennifer certainly was and she knew she didn’t even have to ask if Rose was willing to double stuff her with strap ons.

But before Jennifer could get any further lost in her erotic memories of the night before, the phone suddenly rang. This wasn’t any of their cell phones. This was the mansion’s main line. It was a number only a select few had, so when a call came in, it was pretty likely it was going to be an important one.

Seeing that no one else was exactly rushing for the phone, Jennifer shut off the water, dried her hands and went to answer it.

“Hello?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, I’m looking for Rose McGowan,” the voice on the other end said. “This is her attorney Jason Thorne. I need to speak with her immediately.”

“Oh,” Jennifer replied with a bit of a start. It hadn’t been the call she had been expecting, but it certainly snapped her back to reality. She knew this had to be very important.

“I don’t know where she is right now,” Jennifer said, keeping the cordless phone in her hand as she poked her head out the kitchen and looked around in vain for any sign of Rose. “Do you want me to look for her? I’m sure I can track her down. Hold on a second. I’ll find her for you.”

Jennifer had no idea if Jason recognized who she was from her voice or not. She was never quite sure if Rose’s lawyer had any idea about the living situation here. But that wasn’t important and Jennifer told herself that. All that mattered was getting Rose out of trouble.

“No I don’t have time to hold on,” Jason replied with a frustrated sigh. “Just please have her call me as soon as she can. I must speak with her in person today. I’ve been trying her cell phone all morning but she’s not picking up or returning my messages. Please just have her call me.”

Jennifer promised she would and just like that the call was over and Jennifer found her thoughts far away from the hot memories of last night. This was as serious as it got and Jennifer left her half washed dish behind to make sure she found her housemate.

She looked around in a few rooms, ducking inside and darting out as soon se she saw there was no sign of Rose in them. She didn’t think Rose had left to go out or anything. At least she hoped she hadn’t. Jennifer wanted to make sure Rose got in touch with Jason and found out what was so important. Jennifer worried if she didn’t make sure Rose did it, the woman would never return her lawyer’s calls.

Jennifer hadn’t wanted to be too much of a pest about all of this. No one had. Rose already had so much to worry about without her friends turning into bundles of nerves about all of this when she needed them for support. But the fact was this. Rose’s trial was supposed to start Monday. Today was Thursday. If there was ever going to be a time to worry, this was it.

Through all of this Rose had acted like it was no big deal. She had never said she was concerned about her assault trial or even betrayed the slightest concern. So it was up to girls like Jennifer to worry for her. And Jennifer had been starting to get very concerned. She was worried the jury wouldn’t see the truth. She was worried they’d find Rose guilty. And she was worried Rose would end up in jail, punished for protecting their friend.

All of them knew Rose had only done what she’d done to protect Love. That bastard had been about to rape her with all his buddies if Rose hadn’t come to her aid. The fact that he had lost an eye after her attack hadn’t made them feel any sympathy at all for him. He would have hurt Love. All of them would have done what Rose had done and no one at the mansion felt she deserved to punished even a day for something that was self defense.

Of course that didn’t mean a jury would feel the same way. At first Rose’s arrest had set off a tabloid firestorm, with cable news talking heads debating whether this was an unprovoked attack or a brave feminist statement. Of course it was neither. It was Rose protecting a beloved friend. But Jennifer worried the truth would be lost in all the noise surrounding the trial.

The tabloid drama had died down and Rose’s career had thrived since then, but Jennifer knew it would kick up again as soon as the trial started. Jennifer would have given anything she had for Rose to get out of this ok. All of them would have. But nothing was guaranteed.

Jennifer’s search for her friend continued as all this ran through her mind. Suddenly she received a big clue when she heard splashing coming from the pool. A quick peek out the window into the back confirmed that someone was getting an early morning swim and Jennifer had a good feeling it was Rose.

That feeling was quickly confirmed as Jennifer saw her friend doing a backstroke in the water as the morning sun beat down on her pale skin. A trail of clothes leading up to the edge of the pool also gave a hint that Rose was making this a skinny dip, another fact which was confirmed as Jennifer got closer and saw Rose’s bare body moving through the water.

Even though Jennifer knew she had to focus on these extremely serious matters, she couldn’t help but envision how beautiful Rose must have looked walking out to the pool and stripping off her clothes with every step. There was a trail of sandals, a tank top, shorts and a little pair of g-string panties leading up to the water and Jennifer could so easily picture Rose pulling each of those pieces of clothing off before diving nude into the water.

The more she thought about this, the more Jennifer found herself fixated on Rose as she dove deep under the water and swam around. Jennifer loved how the water slightly obscured the familiar curves of her lover’s body and Jennifer couldn’t take her eyes off Rose’s gorgeous porcelain colored ass.

With such an amazing pool at the mansion, the girls loved to put it to use as often as possible, even with the ocean so close by. Rose was no exception to that and Jennifer watched with full appreciation as the once again redhead cut smoothly through the water like part of her was a mermaid.

Eventually though, Rose had to come up for air and when she burst out of the water, her body and hair dripping wet with chlorinated water and her oh so soft, natural breasts bouncing enticingly right at the water line, she couldn’t help but notice she was being watched.

“Ewwww perv,” Rose teased as she eyed Jennifer. “What? You can’t get enough of me so you’ve gotta gawk at me when a girl is just trying to swim? God, I’m surprised your hands aren’t buried between your legs, jilling away while you’re watching me. Can’t a girl skinny dip in peace?”

Rose was completely joking with her statements. She loved being watched. But she also loved having some fun at her friends’ expenses and it was totally worth it to see Jennifer start to blush and stammer after being caught staring.

“Well I…I…ummm…well you were there and I didn’t…didn’t want to disturb you and I…I…” Jennifer said, having trouble remembering her own name at the moment, much less why she had come out there looking for Rose.

“Chill Jen, I’m just teasing,” Rose said, putting her housemate out of her misery. “Mmmmm you can watch all you want baby. But this isn’t a free show you know. There’s a price to be paid if you want to gawk at a body this hot.”

“Oh yeah?” Jennifer replied with a smile as she couldn’t help but get playful with her friend. “And what price might that be?”

“You’ve got to get in here with me,” Rose naturally replied. “C’mon Jen. Get those clothes off and get wet. Don’t make me drag you in here.”

Rose’s invitation sounded so good that Jennifer nearly started pulling her clothes off. She actually had to stop herself reaching for her shirt out of sheer habit. Usually nothing stood in the way of her joining her housemates in anything sexy and fun, but she reminded herself that she had to focus on what’s important.

“Wait,” Jennifer said, putting a stop to Rose’s teasing. “Rose, your lawyer was just on the phone. He says he’s been trying to reach you all morning, but you’re not returning his calls. He says he has to talk with you right away.”

“So,” Rose said with a shrug of her shoulders as she began swimming away, doing another backstroke and making sure she was pushing her bare tits out as they shone from the sun on her wet flesh.

“So? Rose this is serious,” Jennifer contended. “He sounded like it was really important.”

“Oh Jason thinks every little thing is the most important matter in the world,” Rose replied dismissively. “He just needs to relax. He gets himself all balled up into a panic and then he spews it out at me cause he can’t handle the stress. That poor boy needs to get laid more. If that bitch fiancée of his wasn’t such a cold little cunt, then maybe he wouldn’t be always riding my ass. If someone was sucking that cock of his, he wouldn’t be so fucking nervous all the time!”

“Rose! You can’t just shrug this off!” Jennifer insisted. “Your trial starts on Monday!”

“Jesus, I fucking know that Jen!” Rose snapped, splashing the water in annoyance. “Tell me something I don’t already know, ok?”

“Fine, ok…I’m just trying to help,” Jennifer replied, unable to mask that Rose’s tone hurt her. She tried not to make a big deal out of it though. She knew Rose had to be under tremendous stress even if she tried not to show it.

“I don’t need help Jen,” Rose claimed as she stopped swimming and began floating in the pool. “I just…just want this to be over.”

“Rose, it’s ok to admit you’re scared,” Jennifer said. “We love you. We’re going to be there for you no matter what.”

Rose didn’t say anything immediately in reply. Instead she swam up to the edge of the pool where Jennifer stood. She looked up at her housemate and Jennifer, for the first time, could see that beneath Rose’s bravado, there was real fear about what was going to happen to her.

“Sweetie it’s going to be ok,” Jennifer said, kneeling down so she could be closer to Rose.

“Yeah…sure…of course it is,” Rose replied, summoning up a brave face, even though her eyes betrayed that it was all a façade. “I’m…I’m sorry I snapped at you Jen. I know you’re trying to help. It’s just that Jason…well he’s always calling and I just…just want to enjoy these last days before all the shit starts up again.”

“I know honey,” Jennifer said tenderly. “Listen Rose, you’re not going to go through this alone. We’re going to be with you in court every single day. All of us. I don’t care who asks questions about it. We’re all going to be there for you.”

“No!” Rose cried suddenly with a panic that Jennifer had never seen in her before. Hell, she’d never seen any of this from Rose before. She was always so confident and bold. Jennifer had never truly seen her friend’s vulnerable side like this before.

“What?” Jennifer asked with a gasp. How could Rose not want them there?

“You can’t!” Rose insisted. “I mean…uhhh…all the tabloids! They’ll be around and they’ll start following you and digging into this place. I don’t want you guys to have to go through that! It’s ok! I can do this myself! It has to be like that!”

The truth was Rose didn’t gave a damn about the tabloids and never had. But she would have given anything she had to keep her friends from finding out what had happened to her in her past. The past that had haunted her. The past that had allowed Jaime Pressly to ensnare her in her web. The past she was desperately afraid would be revealed during her trial.

Rose knew she hadn’t done anything wrong. That cocksucker was going to hurt Love and Rose knew he deserved what he got. But she still clung to the tiniest of hopes that somehow Jason could keep everyone from finding out what had happened in Portland. She didn’t care what anyone else thought. She just didn’t ever want her friends to know.

She wouldn’t have been able to stand losing them. And Rose was convinced once they knew the truth, they’d abandon her. Once they knew how crazy she was and the things she’d done, Rose knew they’d look at her with fear and she’d lose their love. What she had with her housemates was the most real thing she’d ever had in her life and without it she had nothing. She just couldn’t lose them. She couldn’t!

“Rose, I don’t care about the fucking tabloids,” Jennifer said. “Let them write their ridiculous bullshit. I love you and care about you. We all do. We don’t want you to have to do this alone. We want to be there for you!”

“I know and I love you guys for it, but please…please…just…just don’t come,” Rose begged. “I can do this myself! That’s how I want to do it! Please Jennifer!”

Rose didn’t want any of them to know. As much as they said they supported her now, she feared losing them once they found out the truth. Once they found out how sick she truly was.

“If that’s what you want…” Jennifer replied, more worried than ever now.

“Yes…please…” Rose insisted. She was hoping this would be the end of it, but Jennifer wasn’t going away so easily.

“Rose, talk to me,” Jennifer said as she sat herself down by the pool. “Sweetie, you can admit you’re scared. I don’t know why you think you have to do this alone. We’re all here for you. We love you. If you’re scared, then talk to me. I can try and help.”

“I know and I love you guys too,” Rose replied. “It’s just…”

“Just what?” Jennifer pressed. “Rose, it’s ok. I’m your friend. You can tell me anything.”

Could she? Could she really? Rose pondered that. What if she did tell Jennifer? She’d understand, wouldn’t she? She’d know it was self defense in Portland. Would it be so bad if she admitted everything to Jennifer, who was always so caring and so compassionate to everyone? Chloe knew and she was still her friend. Hell, she’d been there with her the whole time without ever backing away or passing judgment and Jennifer had the same big heart Chloe did.

Jennifer would understand. Right? She would understand how she’d been brutalized until she just exploded in such a chilling rage that it still sickened her today to think about what she’d done and how she’d taken such pleasure from it. Wouldn’t she?

No. No she wouldn’t. Jennifer wouldn’t understand. None of them would.

Rose’s initial surge of hope that Jennifer would stand by her once the truth about Portland was known was replaced by more fear. Fear that she would lose everyone she loved because of her past. Rose couldn’t risk it. Not now. Not ever.

“No, it’s nothing…really it’s nothing,” Rose lied. “It’s going to be ok. Jason’s gonna make sure of that. It’s going to be ok. Really.”

Jennifer knew Rose wasn’t telling her something. It was obvious. Something was really spooking her. But she didn’t want to press too much. It was also clear that whatever it was, Rose didn’t want to talk about it. Jennifer didn’t want to force her friend to talk. She wished Rose would open up to her and tell her what was so obviously bothering her, but she didn’t want to make her do it. She doubted that would help anything.

“I just want you to know we’re there for you…no matter what,” Jennifer said, meaning every word. “Whatever’s scaring you, we can face it together. All of us.”

Rose looked up at her friend as she spoke and she saw the truth in her eyes. She knew Jennifer meant what she said and she loved her for it. But Rose didn’t want to think about this anymore. If these were indeed going to be her last days here, before everything was put in Jason’s hands to save, then Rose didn’t want to waste a second not having fun.

“Really it’s ok Jen,” Rose said, reaching up with a wet hand to caress Jennifer’s face. “I’m going to be ok. I’m just a little nervous. That’s all. Nothing major. Now how about you get in here with me and get me thinking about something else.”

“Rose, don’t change the subject,” Jennifer chastised, insisting her friend wasn’t going to get her distracted with sex, but also knowing that she probably wasn’t going to hold true to that vow.

“Who’s changing the subject?” Rose asked coyly, her smile returning to her lips as she got her brain refocused on carnal pursuits. “I’m just pointing out that I’m all naked and lonely here. So why don’t you get in here with me and make sure I have some sexy company. Unless, I guess, you just don’t want to keep me company. Maybe you don’t want to go swimming with me Jennifer. Maybe you don’t even like girls anymore. Maybe you’d rather go swimming with your buddy Fluffy.”

“God, I never should have told you about that,” Jennifer groaned. She knew what Rose was doing and she let her anyway. “You know I love girls.”

“Prove it then,” Rose challenged, feeling herself get back to normal after the brief wrestling with vulnerability. “Get your ass in here Jen. Prove you still like girls and aren’t off dreaming about sucking some bodyguard cock!”

“Quiet you,” Jennifer playfully shot back. “Shut your mouth or I’m gonna shut it for you Rose.”

Jennifer hadn’t been able to help herself in confessing her one time indiscretion to Rose. It had all been Gwen Stefani’s fault. Well hers and Lauren Graham’s. Gwen had told Jennifer everything about her affair with Fluffy and at first Jennifer had barely been able to believe it. But then at Lauren’s party, when it had ended up descending into a wild orgy, Jennifer had seen him in action.

God, everyone that night had gone cock crazy. Even Rose. But when Jennifer and Cameron Diaz had walked in on Gwen being fucked raw by Christina’s huge bodyguard, Jennifer had lost whatever inhibition she had left. She given herself willingly to Gwen’s illicit lover. She’d sucked his huge cock and loved it. She’d even let him fuck her and enjoyed every intense moment of that massive cock filling her so.

By the time it had been over, Jennifer had been bursting to tell anyone and she had spilled the beans to Rose. Of course she had left out a few pertinent details, like the fact that Gwen was seeing Fluffy on the side. She had sworn to protect that secret and nothing was going to make her reveal it. So she had only told Rose about herself and Fluffy and that had made her end up seeming even sluttier.

“Yeah? You’re gonna have to catch me if you wanna shut me up,” Rose laughed before teasing her housemate in a sing song voice. “Jen loves Fluffy! Jen loves Fluffy!”

“You bitch,” Jennifer gasped with a smile as she nervously darted her eyes around to see if anyone was watching or listening. “Now you’re gonna get it!”

Before she could even think what she was doing, Jennifer was yanking off her clothes. It wasn’t like she was wearing much anyway. She’d just thrown on some shorts a t-shirt before she got dressed for real. But her flip flops, t-shirt, shorts, bra and panties were soon in a pile on the concrete surrounding the pool and she Jennifer dove in to chase after Rose.

It naturally occurred to Jennifer as her naked body hit the water that she’d fallen right into Rose’s trap. Rose hadn’t wanted to talk about her trial and she’d let her get her mind completely off the subject. But Jennifer also knew she was giving her friend what she wanted and that was what was important.

For whatever reason she didn’t want to talk about what was bothering her. So Jennifer respected Rose’s feelings on it, even if she still worried about her friend. She didn’t want her worries to bring Rose down any further.

Instead Jennifer let Rose turn the mood playful as they splashed around the otherwise empty pool. The two women were like children as they chased each other and giggled madly the closer they got to each other. Finally, Jennifer caught up to her housemate and pinned her against the side of the pool, both of their bodies submerged in water up to their shoulders.

“Gotcha!” Jennifer declared in triumph. “Now I’m going to shut you up once and for all Rose!”

Before Rose even had a chance to taunt Jennifer about how exactly she was going to do that, the actress showed her. Jennifer smothered Rose’s lips with her own in a passionate kiss as their soaked, naked bodies rubbed together sensually under the water.

“Mmmmm that just might do it,” Rose laughed. “You can shut me up like this anytime Jen.”

The two girls fell right back into kissing each other. They rubbed their lips and tongues together again and again. The rush of immediate passion soon cooled into something more tender, especially as Rose and Jennifer began caressing each other’s bodies under the water, running their hands over all the sexy bare flesh they could get at.

Rose soon turned the heat up again though by reaching between Jennifer’s legs and not hesitating to penetrate her pussy with a slim, probing finger.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” Jennifer groaned. “Yeahhhhhh mmmmmmmm yesssssss finger that pussy Rose!”

“Hmmm still want some more, huh?” Rose grinned. “I was wondering if Chrissy and I left you too sore last night.”

“Nahhh you know me better than that,” Jennifer smiled right back. “Mmm it’s never enough. Not when you make me so fucking wet every time you show me this sexy body of yours.”

“Nasty girl,” Rose chuckled as she added a second finger into Jennifer’s cunt. “Mmmm you get sluttier every time Jen. I love it! No more Miss Prim and Proper sitcom star. Now you’re a fucking whore, just like me!”

“Mmmm am I gonna have to shut you up again?” Jennifer shot back and when Rose nodded her head yes, Jennifer silenced her lips with another hot kiss. But as soon as the kiss ended, Rose just kept on talking.

“You can’t pretend you’re not Jen,” Rose giddily declared. “Mmmm you were fucking begging for those strap ons to fill that sweet little cunt of yours ooooh and that tight ass! You were screaming for me to make your ass all loose and slutty with Mr. Snappy! You’re a fucking whore Jen. Admit it!”

“Oh yeah? If I am it’s cause you made me a whore,” Jennifer smirked before she returned the favor and got her fingers into Rose’s pussy. But she didn’t start out with just one finger. She went for three right away, working them past Rose’s tight slit and starting to pump her pussy with her digits. “You’re a fucking whore too Rose! Fuck, you’re the queen whore of this place!”

“Never said I wasn’t sweetie,” Rose replied before the pleasure began to overtake her. “Mmmmm fuck yeahhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh Jen! Fuck that pussy! Finger fuck my tight little whore cunt you nasty girl! Mmmmm fill me up with your fucking fingers while I do you too! Mmmm yeahhh we’re gonna have to all raise our games without Chrissy around now! We’re gonna have to get even sluttier!”

Jennifer had to wonder if that was even possible. God how could they possibly get even sluttier when every hot girl that crossed their paths was inevitably drawn into their spider web of lesbian lust and left craving pussy? If there was a sluttier level than that, then Jennifer didn’t know if she could handle seeing it.

But Rose was right about one thing. Christina leaving the mansion was going to leave a gap. Both of them knew it and even though they were happily fingering each other, Rose and Jennifer both let their eyes get a little wistful as they acknowledged how much they were going to miss living with their wickedly slutty friend.

While last night had been all fun, it had also been Christina’s goodbye party. It wasn’t like she was going to be very far. Hell she practically lived next door to them now. But living near the mansion wasn’t the same as living in the mansion and everyone knew it.

But what mattered though was whether or not Christina was happy and being with Britney made her happier than any of them had ever seen her before. The last months had been so stressful and crazy for all of them when Christina had been at Britney’s throat. And now that the two girls had set aside their fight to admit their love for one another, Christina had been walking on air during her last weeks in the mansion.

The perfect solution of course would have been for Britney to move into the mansion again. She’d fit in perfectly before and everyone there had loved her good heart and, most of all, her unquenchable libido. Britney was a hot fuck and all of them knew it from personal experience. But it hadn’t been meant to be.

Britney’s life was hard enough without complicating her already heated custody battle with Kevin Federline. And if she had to list the mansion as her place of residence to the judge, no one thought that was going to fly. Plus it wasn’t like a mansion full of sex starved celebrities eager for any chance to taste each other’s pussies was an appropriate place to raise two kids.

So instead of Britney moving back in, Christina had moved out and into her girlfriend’s Malibu mansion. It was right down the street from them. Close enough to walk to even. But Christina was definitely going to be missed.

“God, remember the time she tried to talk us all into getting our clits pierced?” Jennifer recalled with a laugh.

“How could I forget,” Rose laughed with her. “She was spreading her legs for everyone here showing that little jewel off and telling everyone how her clitty was a hundred times more sensitive and how she could rub herself to multiple orgasms just from playing with it.”

“Mmmmm and she proved it,” Jennifer said. “God, she must have fucked herself a dozen times just sitting back and rubbing that jewel until she came over and over and over again. That was some kind of show.”

“Yeah? Well how about the time she got it in her mind she wasn’t getting fucked up the ass enough,” Rose said. “She begged and I mean really fucking begged for us to give her an all assfucking strap on gangbang. I mean she didn’t want us anywhere near her pussy. All she wanted were tongues and toys shove up that cute little asshole of hers. We must have assfucked that girl until the sun rose and she was still begging for more. That little whore was so fucking insatiable.”

“Ooooh I’m sorry I missed that one,” Jennifer replied with regret. Wherever else she’d been that night couldn’t nearly have been as much as fun as that wild exhibition of girl on girl lust. “Mmmm but this one’s the best. One time I walked past her room and she’s just lying back on her bed talking on her cell phone and she’s totally rubbing herself while doing it. And it’s not like she’s having phone sex either. She’s talking about the goddamn weather and stuff like that. So anyway she’s just rubbing away at her pussy while she’s chatting on the phone and she motions me in and points to her pussy. I half expected her to snap her fingers or something like I was some kind of pussy licking slave.”

“You licked her though, right?” Rose asked.

“Oh of course I did,” Jennifer answered with a happy laugh. “How could I resist that tasty pussy? But that’s not the kicker. I come in, crawl into the bed and just start licking away. I don’t ask any questions. I just start fucking her. I lick and lick and lick and soon that little whore is coming all over my face and she’s stifling back her moans and totally creaming all over me, but all she wants is more. So I keep on licking and flicking my tongue on that piercing of hers, which of course gets her coming again in buckets. I can’t even remember how many times I made her come that night, but all the while she’s just carrying on this normal conversation and when she hung up she totally shrugged it off and told me she was talking to her mom the whole time! Can you believe that?”

“Oooooh with her I could believe anything,” Rose grinned. She was so proud of how eagerly Christina had embraced fucking girls. Rose had been the first to get her hooked on pussy and since then Christina had been nothing but a devoted, always horny student.

Jennifer and Rose continued trading their favorite Christina Aguilera stories, laughing in disbelief at some of the stunts the slutty pop tart had pulled off over the years. But this was no normal conversation between the two girls. As they talked and traded stories, they were still rubbing each other, pumping their fingers into each other’s pussies and moaning louder and louder from the passionate finger fucks they were giving and getting.

“Ooooooooooh fuck you’re so goddamn tight!” Rose groaned, pausing her story about the time she and Christina had gone to a Lakers game and ended up getting the Laker Girls into an all girl orgy in the showers. “Mmmmm Jen how do you keep this pussy so fucking tight? I thought I left you good and loose last night!”

“Maybe I’m not as big a whore as you think I am, Rose dear,” Jennifer smiled before stealing a kiss as she got herself ready mentally to tell the story about the time she walked in on Christina eating out the cute FedEx girl while at the same time getting fucked doggie style with a strap on by the sexy little number who always delivered their bottled water.

“Oh well then you will be by the time I’m done with you,” Rose evilly promised as she matched Jennifer by thrusting a third finger up her snatch. Both girls then fell right back into a kiss and they rubbed their tongues together in a mouth wrestling match as they each moaned loudly from the pleasure they were bringing each other.

It might have been a tall order for them to replace Christina’s sluttiness, but they were both damn sure going to try.

* * * * *

As it turned out, all this was happening at the very moment the girl they had decided to invite to replace Christina, if not in spirit then at the very least as the person residing in what had once been her bedroom, was pulling up to the mansion.

Part of Stacy Keibler still couldn’t believe this was happening to her. The few times she’d been to the mansion it had seemed like this huge, vast paradise. It was like anything could happen and anyone at any time could appear. Stacy could no longer keep track of all the times she’d had to pick her jaw up off the floor because she saw some beautiful, famous woman she never would have expected to ever find in a place like this.

This place was like a wonderful all-girl porno movie come to life. Everyone was so incredibly beautiful and sexy and no one there had any inhibition about fucking each other at any time and in any place. Stacy had assumed places like that only existed in delightfully perverted imaginations and now it was her home. It was just so unbelievably, incredibly amazing to even wrap her mind around that fact.

When they’d asked Stacy if she was interested in moving in she at first thought they’d been joking. For a girl like her, who was now so addicted to fucking other chicks that she barely looked sideways at men anymore, that was like being asked to move into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory or something. She’d never dreamed that she’d be the one getting the golden ticket.

Stacy never lacked for self confidence, but when she’d heard Christina was leaving and the girls were looking for a new housemate, she’d just assumed that it was nice to be asked, but they’d end up finding someone much more famous. After all there were so many superstar women who probably would have murdered someone to be able to move into the mansion. Stacy had girded herself up for rejection through the whole process that by the time the girls had finally told her she was in, she’d assumed she’d misheard them or something.

How could this have happened to her? How could she have the chance to move into lesbian paradise? Stacy just hadn’t felt it was possible they would really ask her, of all people, to move in. But here she was, driving up to the gate with her car full of her stuff and a moving van to follow later that day. It was really happening and Stacy had been giddy for weeks waiting for this day.

The truth was this couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time for her. After years and years of giving 300 days a year to the grind of the WWE travel schedule, Stacy had been exhausted and more than willing to give something else a chance. She’d always wanted to act and moving to Los Angeles seemed a natural fit. She’d just never dreamed that she’d end up being able to start her career while living in the epicenter of all her hot fantasies.

Things were off to a pretty good start for her. She’d already booked two high profile guest gigs and even though both shows had been cancelled Stacy felt like she was improving as an actress with every job and that she really had a chance to make something of herself out here. But of course the fact that her career was starting to bloom a little couldn’t compare with the fact that she had a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in the sexiest place on earth.

Ever since that first day, when she had innocently walked into the steam room in the Staples Center looking to relax and instead found her friend Trish Stratus fucking Jessica Alba, Stacy’s life had been turned upside down. She had resisted at first when Trish and Jessica had tried to get her to join them, but they had quickly worn down her inhibitions and nothing had been the same ever since.

Stacy hadn’t been able to get enough of either Trish or Jessica that day. She’d been almost instantly hooked on the feel, the taste and the touch of another woman in bed. But while it was months before she saw Jessica again, she and Trish saw each other every day. From that moment on they had run their way through the Diva roster in WWE, seducing girl after girl and turning those long road trips into many passionate, lust filled nights with no boys allowed.

Before she’d moved to Los Angeles, Stacy had only been to the mansion once. But as soon as her time on Dancing With The Stars had ended, she’d hooked back up with Jessica and once she’d seen the full magnitude of what the mansion was and who was there, Stacy had never wanted to leave. It was everything she had ever wanted. Not only was it one of the most majestic homes she’d ever seen, but it was filled with the most beautiful women in the world, all of whom wanted to fuck her.

And being able to live in a place like this rent free? Things like that weren’t supposed to happen in the real world. But here she was. Stacy was so excited for this that her hand was almost shaking as she pulled up to the gate and punched in the code.

The girls had already given her the security code and her key and everything she’d need to settle in. A little fraction of Stacy’s brain had insisted on torturing herself by making her imagine this was all some kind of elaborate prank and that she was going to get there and find not only had the girls totally punked her, but they’d invited someone way more famous than her to move in.

But there was no prank here. The gate opened just as expected and Stacy giddily drove up, barely able to contain her excitement about being able to live in such an amazing place, where every desire she could ever have for another woman could and would be tended to. Stacy couldn’t wait to get settled in and thank her new housemates by eating each and every one of their delicious pussies out.

That had already been part of the strenuous interview process the girls had put her through before making their decision. They had told Stacy they had to make sure she passed the tongue test and they’d just sat back in their seats, spread their legs and told her to get to work. She’d licked them all that night. Sarah, Love, Rose, Jennifer, Jewel, Alyssa and Jessica. Mmmm she’d made them all come until their pussies couldn’t take another lick and Stacy was more than happy to do it again and again and again, as many times as they wanted her to.

Stacy pulled her car up and hopped out. She had a lot of her most important stuff in the car with her, but she left it behind for now. She could unload her things later. Right now she was more interested in letting everyone know she was here.

She had to admit that despite her excitement about moving in, Stacy was a bit nervous. She didn’t know all these girls that well. I mean she knew them of course both in the biblical and non-biblical sense, but it wasn’t like she had spent years bonding with them the way she had with her fellow WWE Divas.

She wanted to make a good impression with her new housemates on her first day and Stacy felt a bit like she was the new kid transferring to school in the middle of the year. Everyone else already knew where everything was and she was still trying to figure out where her homeroom was.

Stacy knew she had to tread a little carefully as she adjusted to her new home because she didn’t want to act all cocky, like she owned the place and they were all lucky to have here there. She was so grateful they had given her this chance and the leggy blonde wanted to prove to everyone she belonged here. If there were unwritten rules in the mansion about how to act, Stacy didn’t really know them yet and she wanted to make sure she didn’t accidentally break them.

“Hello?” Stacy called out after she unlocked the door and walked inside. She crept through the foyer and began looking around for signs of life. She hadn’t exactly expected a welcoming committee or anything, but she was still a little surprised that she couldn’t find anyone.

Were they all still sleeping? Had they forgotten she was coming that morning? Stacy pondered those questions and as she did a far more delicious notion passed her mind. Mmmmm what if no one was there because the girls were all busy fucking each other silly this morning? Stacy had had many wild nights here where the sex never seemed to stop and everyone was eager to do everyone else.

Thinking that her new housemates were too busy eating each other out and kissing and touching and fucking each other in a big mess of beautiful girl flesh to be there to greet her had Stacy’s body starting to tingle. Her nipples started to stiffen under the black tank top she wore and Stacy couldn’t help but run her fingers over her hardening points, making her pussy start to moisten up under her shorts and panties with every step.

God, she hoped that was just what they were doing. She hoped she’d walk in and find them all in some big naked orgy of beautiful girls where they were licking each other’s pussies and burying their tongues and toys and fingers up each other’s asses and sucking each other’s tits and kissing…mmmmmmmm Stacy loved lots of kissing and girls knew how to kiss each other so wonderfully.

Stacy hoped that was just what she was going to find and that she’d be able to tear off her clothes and join right in. Just the thought of seeing that was making her wickedly horny and Stacy explored around the lower level of the mansion, looking for the girls and keeping her ears peeled for telltale sounds of moaning. At first she found nothing, God this place was so huge and the girls could be anywhere, but soon she heard the sounds she had been hoping for.

They seemed to be coming from outside…from the pool. She wandered over to the two big glass doors that led to the outside and she smiled as she opened them. God, that pool was so amazing. It stretched so wide and long and the water was always sparkling under the sun. Stacy remembered all the fun she’d already had by it and in it, letting the waterfall cascade down the rocks and over her as she had her nude body expertly kissed, touched and licked.

But Stacy’s eyes didn’t linger on the swimming pool itself, but rather on the two girls in it. Jennifer still had Rose pinned up against the side and they were passionately kissing each other. Stacy couldn’t see their hands, but judging from the ripples in the water and the way they were both loudly moaning in between kisses, she felt they had to be touching each other.

Stacy wished she was in the water with them. She wanted all three of them totally naked so she could kiss both Jennifer and Rose and get in between them so she could rub their pussies and finger them and show them what a good housemate she was going to be. Wanting to see better, Stacy pulled off her sunglasses and hung them off her tank top, between her breasts.

Stacy’s hands then went up and started squeezing her tits through her thin black top. Mmmmm her nipples had already been getting so hard and Stacy moaned as she rubbed them through her top and bra. She was only in her top and shorts, but Stacy felt overdressed compared to Rose and Jennifer. God, they both looked so sexy kissing and touching each other. This was what Stacy wanted. This was what she needed. This was why she had been so eager to move in.

She wanted to join Jennifer and Rose so badly. But Stacy didn’t know how. She didn’t want to be too shy, but she also didn’t want to be too bold. God, how should she do this? She wanted in. She knew that for sure. Her pussy was getting so wet just watching the two gorgeous girls in the pool.

She should say something seductive. Yeah, that was how to get their attention and entice them to invite her to join. But Stacy couldn’t think of anything.

Her mind was drawing a blank as her eyes remained fixated on Rose and Jennifer kissing and fingering each other and the way their skin glistened from the sun on their wet flesh and how their perfect tits rubbed together. Everything sounded so cheesy in her brain, so finally Stacy just spit out the first thing that came to her.

“Morning,” the statuesque blonde said, causing Rose and Jennifer to immediately look up to see they were being watched.

Right away, Stacy kicked herself for not being sexier with her opening. God that had sounded so fucking lame. She felt like a total dork wanting to hang out with the cool kids and failing miserably. They were probably going to throw her out before she could even move her stuff in.

But if Stacy had truly sounded like a dork in front of her new housemates, then they didn’t notice it, much less call her on it. The sudden interruption visibly startled both women, making them reflexively pull their hands away from each other’s pussies, but they quickly smiled when they saw it was Stacy.

“My my my, it sure looks like we have a sneaky little slut trying to sneak a peek,” Rose said with a wicked smile. “She hasn’t even moved in yet and you actually think you can just come in here and watch us get it on? You haven’t even begun to earn any watching privileges here sweetie. There’s no such thing as a free show here, so don’t think you’re just gonna be able to stand there, watch me and Jen and diddle that snatch of yours.”

“I’m…I’m sorry…should…should I leave?” Stacy stammered, taking Rose’s teasing for real anger. She must have interrupted some kind of intimate moment for Rose and Jennifer. Stacy felt about an inch tall as she began to step back.

“Don’t listen to her Stacy, she’s just being a bitch,” Jennifer said, slapping her hand into the water to splash Rose, who responded by sticking her tongue out playfully at Jennifer for ruining her fun. “You can stay. But if you do, mmmm those clothes of yours are going to have to go.”

“Ooooh I like where you’re going with this,” Rose declared as she and Jennifer nakedly swam to the opposite edge of the pool so they could be as close to Stacy without actually getting out of the water. “How about it Stacy? You’re clearly still too shy when you just stand there and watch instead of diving in and joining us. But are you too shy to even get those clothes off in front of us?”

“Oh no,” Stacy said, her confidence starting to flow back in her. “Mmmm that’s something I’m definitely not too shy about.”

Even before she’d been attracted to women, Stacy had never had a problem getting naked in front of them. Through all her years of being a cheerleader and then a WWE Diva, changing in front of other beautiful girls in the locker room had been such a constant thing for her that she could barely remember a time when she’d shied away from showing her own body off to other girls.

“So get to it then,” Jennifer ordered, feeling aggressive this morning and loving it. “Get those clothes off Stacy. I think we need to make sure your body gets one more inspection before we let you really move in here, don’t you think Rose?”

“Oh definitely,” Rose agreed her sexy smirk not fading a bit. “I think a very thorough inspection is in order and you’re already losing points by just standing there Stacy. Get naked! We don’t have all fucking day for you to strip for us, you know. We’re very busy girls. So many girls to fuck and so little time.”

“Yeah get to it,” Jennifer egged on, feeling like being a little mean, Rose style, today too. Rose could sometimes be a very bad influence on her and right now that was definitely happening. “Get those clothes off before we rip them off you. If you wait any longer we might just get bored with you Stacy and move onto someone else.”

“No! Don’t do that. I’ll strip. I’ll strip for you,” Stacy promised, smiling as she took a deep breath and tried to keep her heart from pounding too much.

She loved this. She didn’t mind them teasing her at all. It was making her more excited by the second to have these two pairs of eyes staring intently at her as she moved closer to the pool and began peeling off her black tank top.

“Make it hot,” Rose instructed. “Dance for us Stacy. Show off those moves you’ve got. Yeah, they had you dancing all classy on TV, but I know deep down you were looking for a fucking stripper’s pole each and every time you were out there. Put on a show for us girl.”

Stacy giggled a little as horny energy pulsed through her. She’d been about to just fling her top over her head, but instead she let it fall back down and instead began to sensually move her body. Rose was a little bit right about her. She’d had a lot of fun doing ballroom dancing and being a stripper had never been her dream, but she did love to dance and she could dance as raunchy as any feature dancer taking the main stage.

Having this beautiful audience in front of her that she was dying to impress just made Stacy more eager to show off what she could do.

There wasn’t any music around, so Stacy just picked a song in her head and let it play. She began dancing in time to the music she could only hear as she slowly, sexually moved her lean body and tried to give Rose and Jennifer as hot a show as possible. Running her hands all over her body as she writhed against the air, Stacy began inching up her tank top. She moved it up a tantalizing bit a time, slowly revealing her taut tummy.

“Mmmmm looking good there Stacy,” Rose teased from the pool as she placed her hands on stone edge for balance. “You might just fit in around here after all. Take it off baby! Take it all off!”

She and Jennifer threw in a few wolf’s whistles for good measure, but they showed disappointment when Stacy pulled her tank top over her head and sent her long, blonde hair cascading as she threw it off to the side and spun her head a bit. The disappointment wasn’t with Stacy’s moves. She was sexing up a storm in front of them. The disappointment lay with what Stacy was wearing under her top.

“A bra? Tsk tsk baby,” Jennifer laughed. “Rule number one, wear as few clothes as possible out here. Bodies as hot as yours have to be shown off.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to get all those bras and panties you brought with you and have ourselves a big ass bonfire,” Rose grinned, getting more excited giggles out of Stacy.

“Mmmm consider my bra wearing days over,” Stacy promised as she turned around to show off her strong, sexy back. She bent back slightly as she reached around and undid the clasp of her lacy blue bra. She expertly undid her own bra and let it snap open.

While still keeping her back turned, Stacy tugged the garment off her shoulders and let it fall off her chest. When she turned around to face Rose and Jennifer again, she was topless but covering up her breasts with her hands.

“No hiding,” Rose chastised. “Show us those tits Stacy.”

“Yeah? Is that what you want? To see my tits?” Stacy purred, feeling new confidence that she could fit in perfectly here as she saw the hot stares she was getting from her audience. “Mmmm you wanna see them? Wanna see my all natural boobs? Ooooh everyone else at WWE got shot up with silicone, but not me. Mmmm they loved my tiny little titties. Now I want you to love them too!”

“Then show them to us,” Rose impatiently demanded without ever losing her smile. “Don’t you dare tease us Stacy! You get naked or else we’re going to get right out of here and show you just how we punish naughty teasing sluts who have to learn respect.”

Stacy pictured all kinds of erotic tortures, each one hotter than the next. She had never seen or felt that side of Rose before, but she’d definitely heard stories. And while it was tempting to push her a little and see just what Rose would have in store for her in terms of punishment, Stacy wanted to give her friends exactly what they wanted. She wanted to get off to a great start with her new housemates.

As Rose and Jennifer both stared at her from inside the pool, Stacy slowly moved her hands off her tits. She exposed the twin mounds of pink girl flesh and how her nipples had started to stiffen up nicely. The revelation of her breasts had Rose and Jennifer both giving little moans of appreciation and that got Stacy moaning too as she caressed her bare stomach while still continuing her nasty little grind dance.

Stacy began caressing herself lower, acting like her hands were about to head right toward her shorts, but before she could get there, Jennifer stopped her. She wasn’t done with Stacy’s chest yet and wanted to see more.

“Play with those tits for us Stacy,” Jennifer said as she caressed her own firm pair, rubbing her full nipples. “Mmmm I wanna see you playing with those beautiful little apple titties. Tug those nipples for us. Make them all nice and swollen! Make those things poke straight out so we can suck and bite them!”

Stacy didn’t hesitate to obey. She moved right back up to her breasts and began massaging them for her audience. She sensually rubbed her tits as she continued to dance and grind her hips against the air and began concentrating on her nipples. She licked her fingers and sucked on them to make sure they were wet before she reached down and tugged at her own nipples. Stacy groaned as she pinched her pink points, getting them to swell and stiffen even more.

As she did this, Rose wrapped her arms around Jennifer in the pool and began grinding into her, breathing hard against her neck and moaning into her ear.

“Mmmm nasty girl!” Rose moaned approvingly to Jennifer. “Making that little slut pinch those nipples for us! I love it when you’re nasty Jen! You’re always acting like the little angel on our shoulders around here, but it’s so much more fun when you’re bad! Mmmm it’s so hot when you’re a wicked whore ordering these little bitches around, just like I do!”

“Ooooooh you make me nasty!” Jennifer lustfully admitted before she turned herself around so she could face Rose while she continued to embrace her. Jennifer tongue kissed Rose and the two moaned into each other’s mouths.

But they didn’t stay that way for long. They loved kissing each other, but didn’t want to miss any more of Stacy’s show for them.

“Ooooooooooh making my titties sting,” Stacy cooed as she turned up the heat by slapping her own breasts. “Mmmmm fuck my nipples are aching now! You like? You like me pinching and slapping my own tits for you? Making my nipples hard as fucking rocks! Oooooh I’m getting so wet stripping for you!”

“Show us then,” Jennifer ordered, rubbing herself back against Rose as they turned up the heat for each other. “Show us how wet you are Stacy. Let’s see that wet pussy of yours.”

“Ohhhhhh gladly,” Stacy agreed with a moan. She continued to dance slowly and sexually, easing herself out of her sandals and getting her long legs to work. Fortunately there was a beach chair right nearby she could put extend herself onto. She placed her foot onto the chair and showed off her long, smooth legs, wishing desperately she had some oil or something to rub on herself to make her body all nice and shiny as she got ready to get her shorts off for her horny audience of two.

Stacy wasn’t lying about how wet she was. She’d been getting damp just driving up and picturing what her new housemates could be up to, but now that she was stripping for such beautiful girls, her pussy was making her panties into a soaked mess. Stacy showed off to Rose and Jennifer as she continued to dance and stretch herself, showing not only how flexible she was, but that she truly had legs and knew how to use them.

And once Stacy knew her audience was enraptured by her legs, she started to push down her shorts. But before they were too far off her body, Stacy turned around and bent over slightly, pushing out her best asset…her perfect ass. She let her ass be fully gawked at while she eased her shorts off her body, slowly exposing her taut, toned cheeks and the blue g-string that barely restrained them.

“Ohhhhh fuck…mmmm now that’s a fucking beautiful ass,” Rose moaned in appreciation. She loved all parts of women, but a great ass always got her attention the most because it made it so much easier to think about getting the girl on all fours and driving Mr. Snappy into her from behind, which was her favorite position.

Jennifer was just as enraptured as she stared at Stacy’s butt cheeks while they teased her with full exposure from the barely there g-string.

“So fucking hot,” Jennifer sighed in lustful appreciation. “Mmmm I wanna eat that fucking ass for breakfast!

Stacy moved her red shorts all the way down her long legs, loving the sexy compliments she was getting. She thought Rose and Jennifer both had incredible bodies and knowing she was turning them on with hers was making her even wetter. And once her shorts were down her legs, Stacy kicked them away, and turned around so they could see just how wet she’d gotten.

As promised, her blue panties were on the verge of being soaked through. The wet garment clung tightly to Stacy and her audience could just about make out her waiting slit through them.

“See! See how wet you two are getting me!” Stacy declared in aroused triumph. “Don’t deny me! Say I can stay! Say you’ll fuck me! Ughhhhh just say I can be a nasty slut for you!”

“Not until you get those panties off,” Jennifer insisted. “But first show us how slutty you are, Stacy. Rub that pussy through your panties and make them even more soaked!”

Rose responded to Jennifer’s initiative by getting behind her in the pool. She treated her friend to lots of hot kisses to her neck, just like she knew Jennifer liked. Rose tasted the chlorine on Jennifer’s skin, but it didn’t phase her a bit as she kissed and tenderly nibbled on her neck while reaching around front to squeeze Jennifer’s bare breasts. Rose played with them nice and tenderly, making Jennifer even wetter as they both watched how well Stacy followed orders.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh ooooooooh gonna get myself so wet for you,” Stacy grunted as she rubbed herself through her panties. She was totally under their spell and she loved it.

Never before, with any of her female lovers, had she been treated like this. Stacy felt like she was being inspected and played with like she was some kind of toy. But she didn’t mind. It was all making her so wet. She groaned and cooed while she rubbed herself through her thin blue panties, making them wetter as she mashed them into her slit and let her juices soak them.

If this was her initiation into the mansion, Stacy was giddy to go through it. Her pussy was dripping into her panties as she rubbed herself carnally. She moved her hand furiously over her cunt, soaking the crotch of her panties and making it stick to her aroused flesh. Her moans got louder and louder as she dreamed on about what Rose and Jen would do to her as soon as they let her get naked. God she would have let them do anything to her body if they wanted it!

“Take those panties off now Stacy,” Jennifer ordered, taking control at Rose’s urging as the brunette behind her whispered in her ear to go wild and make Stacy act out every nasty wish she had. “Mmmm get them off and then lick them! I want you licking those hot slut juices right off your own panties!”

“Yesssssss soooooo nasty,” Stacy groaned. She sat down on the smooth stone that made up the outline around the pool. She could feel the sun beating down on her bare skin as she finally made herself naked, pushing her sodden panties off and down her long legs.

But she didn’t kick them away, like she had her shorts. Stacy had her orders and she was going to follow them. Grasping her panties in her hand, Stacy brought the soaked blue garment up to her face and breathed in deeply her own arousal. Fuck! That smelled good! Mmmmmm so hot and nasty. Stacy found her own aroma intoxicating and before she could even will it, her tongue was emerging from her mouth to start licking.

“Yeah! That’s it Stacy! Show us how nasty you are! Show us you fucking belong here!” Rose urged. “Do what Jen says! Suck those pussy juices right out of your panties! Mmmmmmm nasty girl! Show us how fucking cum hungry you are and how much you want to suck and lick the juices right out of our pretty little pussies! Mmmmm suck those juicy panties Stacy! Spread your legs too! Show us that cunt of yours! I wanna see how wet and pink you are up close!”

Stacy didn’t even have to be asked to do that. Her arousal was almost compelling her to open her legs without so much as a second thought. Stacy lay back against the smooth stone ground as she splayed open her cunt and began petting it some more with her free hand.

She kept the other hand fused to her face, sucking and licking her own panties with desperately famished tongue strokes while she began finger fucking herself with gusto. Knowing she was turning her audience on had Stacy’s pussy on fire and nothing but multiple orgasms would be able to cool it.

“So wet…ughhhhhhhh…soooooo fucking wet,” Stacy groaned as she penetrated her pinkness with her probing fingers.

She entered herself with a wet, squishy noise as she began frigging herself frantically. She had her soaked panties pressed still to her face so she could smell and lick her own cunt while she was furiously working herself over. And Stacy loved every nasty second of it.

“Fuck meeeeeeee! Oooooooooh fuck meeeeeee!” Stacy cried out as she thrust into her snatch and greedily rubbed her own rapidly ballooning clitoris. “Yeahhhh watch me get myself so fucking wet begging for you to fuck me! Ooooooh I can be so fucking slutty! Mmmmmmm I wanna be a part of this place so bad! Ughhhhh gonna make myself so wet! Gonna fucking soak my fingers and make my pussy drip down all over my hand and get it fucking everywhere!”

Stacy wasn’t the only one who was loving what was going on. Her horny audience did too. They were practically choking on their own drool and Jennifer and Rose were on the verge of panting from the sight of this gorgeous blonde furiously masturbating for them. But they both want more and they knew it.

“Turn around,” Rose said, asserting herself once more as the dominant one in the pool. “Stick that ass up in the air! Mmmm you’ve got yourself one pretty pussy there Stacy, but I want to see that fucking ass up close!”

Stacy let out a whimper of desire as she continued to finger her own cunt. She didn’t want to move. She just wanted to lie back and come. But she obeyed. She loved showing off her ass and she wanted her friends to get wet staring at it. She wanted them to get so wet they’d fuck her ass and give her the orgasms she craved.

“Is this what you want?” Stacy asked, her panties falling off her face as she repositioned herself onto her knees and bent over so she stuck her ass out toward Jennifer and Rose. “You want to see my tight ass all naked? You want to see my bare ass just begging to be spanked and fucked? Is this what you fucking want you naughty girls?”

“Mmmm you’re the naughty girl Stacy,” Jennifer moaned as Rose got her hand off her tits and moved it lower under the water until she was rubbing it against her pussy. “Showing off that beautiful fucking ass to us! Spread it! Spread those tight cheeks Stacy! Show off that pretty little hole of yours!”

“Yesssssssss make me nasty…make me fucking show off my slutty little asshole!” Stacy cooed as she did as she was told.

She reached around with her hands and each of them grabbed one of her butt cheeks. As Rose and Jennifer continued to drool, Stacy spread her ass open for them, exposing her pink, puckered hole in all its glory.

“Mmmmm so pretty,” Jennifer sighed in appreciation. “Such a pretty little asshole! Mmmm and it looks so tight, doesn’t it Rose? We’re gonna have to loosen this slut up!”

“Oh fuck yeah,” Rose immediately agreed. “And let’s get started now! Get your fingers up your ass Stacy! Loosen up that fucking hole! Get those fingers you soaked with your pussy and jam them up your ass for us! Mmmm loosen it up before we fuck that hole wide and make it fucking gape!”

“Yeahhhhhhhh make my ass fucking gape!” Stacy cried out passionately.

She was helpless but to obey each and every one of these nasty commands. As her other hand kept her cheeks spread, Stacy took the fingers still slick from fingering her cunt and began rubbing them against her butthole.

Stacy moaned sharply as she rubbed her hole, lubing it up before her sounds got even louder and happier as she penetrated her puckered ring. Stacy slid one finger at first up her ass and then pushed in a second one. Stacy grunted and thrashed her head reflexively as she began fingering her own asshole, working her hole over with an increasing passion as Rose and Jennifer cheered her on and told her in the dirtiest words they know how hot she looked and how good they were going to fuck her slutty body.

But unbeknownst to all three of them, an extra pair of eyes had come upon their scene and was watching with lustfully rapt attention. She was fixated on what she saw and wouldn’t have looked away for anyone or anything.

Beyonce Knowles knew she shouldn’t have been as shocked as she was while watching these gorgeous girls at play. She’d seen so many wild things here before. Hell she’d done so many wild things here.

Since that first night when Jewel had seduced her, Beyonce had done crazy, sexual things with other women that she had never dreamed she would ever think about, much less do. She’d touched and tasted and fucked the most beautiful women in the world and she’d loved it.

But Beyonce couldn’t help her staring. She always got so shocked when she saw gorgeous girls acting like this. She had to stare because she couldn’t believe that women as beautiful as this could act so nasty and get each other so hot. Mmmm and she loved to watch it unfold right in front of her like she was having a show put on for her entertainment.

Beyonce loved seeing this because it tantalized herself with the knowledge that she was just as hot and just as nasty as these girls were. She got wild and fucked other girls. God she got wilder with girls than she ever did with any man!

Beyonce knew Jennifer and Rose. She’d tasted them both before and, as she watched them, she couldn’t help but lick her lips as she dreamed about diving into the pool naked with them and licking all over their beautiful bare skin until they shoved her head down to their pussies and fucked her until her she had their sticky, creamy, yummy cum soaking her face. She didn’t recognize the other girl at first, but she looked so fucking hot too.

By the time part of her brain registered that this was that girl who had been on Dancing With The Stars, Beyonce was already lost in lust. She couldn’t take her eyes off Stacy as she spread her ass and fingered her hole for her cheering audience. Beyonce had never met Stacy, but all she wanted then was to get behind her, get her hands on those pink butt cheeks and spit right into her asshole. Mmmmm and then lick it all out and tongue that beautiful blonde slut until she was quivering to come.

Beyonce moaned to herself and began fondling her slowly heaving chest through her t-shirt. She played with her tits as her breathing became shallow and a bit labored while she watched Stacy finger fuck her own ass for Rose and Jennifer.

Beyonce kept fantasizing about getting that pretty pink hole of Stacy’s all wet with her own nasty, slut spit and then jamming her fingers right up that Barbie doll butt of hers to fuck her until she came and dripped out sweet girl cream for her to lap up with her hungry tongue.

God, Beyonce couldn’t believe she was thinking that. It wasn’t even 10 a.m. yet and she was thinking about fucking girls. How could she be thinking so nasty? Mmmm but it was making her so wet to think nasty, slutty thoughts like this.

She was almost panting as she dreamed about shoving her pussy into Stacy’s pretty blonde face while Rose fucked the dancing slut’s ass with Mr. Snappy. Ughhh she’d done that once with Christina and Beyonce had adored feeling that tongue lapping at her wet pussy while Rose had nailed the pop tart hard from behind. It had looked so hot that they’d switched and Beyonce had gotten herself a hot taste of Christina while Rose had gotten behind her and given her ass the fucking it demanded.

Beyonce knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing this. She wasn’t supposed to be watching and getting so fucking wet that soon she wouldn’t be able to stand not touching herself. She had come here for something serious. She had been having these crazy dreams lately…no…not dreams…that was too mild…they were fucking nightmares! Sick, twisted, wrong nightmares! They’d been plaguing her. And there was no one she could turn to about then…except Jewel.

Jewel had seduced her. Jewel had shown her how exquisite a woman’s touch and kiss could be. Jewel had shown her how she could find more wicked pleasure in the bed of another woman, or women, than any man could ever make her feel. Jewel had opened this door to her and Beyonce felt only Jewel could give her the kind of peace of mind she needed to make these awful visions stop haunting her. She knew something had to be done before she went completely insane.

But while Beyonce had come looking for Jewel and had told herself she was only there to talk, not to fuck any of the beautiful friends she’d made at the mansion, she couldn’t stop from staring and wishing all her clothes were gone so she could get a piece of this action. They were so fucking sexy and getting so nasty and Beyonce wanted in. Michelle the maid had let her into the mansion and she had been wandering around looking for Jewel when she had heard the moans.

Like a siren’s call she couldn’t resist, Beyonce had followed those moans out to poolside. She had felt like a slave to her own desires, unable to resist finding out who was moaning and why. And once Beyonce had seen what was happening, she was trapped. She couldn’t walk away. She couldn’t stop watching. And now she couldn’t stop touching herself.

Beyonce was rubbing herself through her clothes, grabbing at her own tits and moving her hand to the crotch of her jean shorts. She groaned wantonly as she pressed her shorts into her pussy, grinding the denim against her sensitive mound through her panties. Fuck she could feel herself getting wetter by the second and even though she knew she should stop watching, find Jewel and get herself some peace from these terrible visions, she just couldn’t. She rubbed her body through her clothes and just got wetter and wetter as she watched, making a dark stain of arousal start to grow on her shorts.

Finally Beyonce’s moaning got too loud for her presence to remain a secret and her sounds had Rose and Jennifer looking up to see that she was standing by the open glass doors.

“Well look what we have here, another spy gawking at our fun,” Rose evilly grinned. “Mmmm goody. I was hoping we were gonna get some more sexy little flies into our web Jen. So what should we do with her? Should we toss this spying slut out or should we let her join in?”

“Oh definitely let her join in,” Jennifer immediately replied as she pictured Beyonce’s perfect chocolate body stripped bare. She had been with Beyonce a few times and had loved it so she wasn’t about to turn away a chance for more.

But it was hard for Jennifer to focus just on Beyonce. Not when Rose’s skilled touch was making her feel so good and not when Stacy looked so scorchingly hot bent over and fingering herself for them. Even as she and Rose admired Beyonce. Jennifer couldn’t keep her attention off Stacy and her grunting and moaning as she slammed her two fingers into her ass for their entertainment.

Fortunately Rose was quite adept at sexual multitasking and she could easily split her attention between Jennifer, Stacy and now Beyonce. She wanted all three of them and she didn’t want to waste a second. All this uninhibited sexuality weaved around them like a fog and Rose let it fuel her. This was so much better than worrying about her troubles. She didn’t want to think a second more about them. She only wanted to have fun.

“Looks like you lucked out Beyonce,” Rose grinned. “You get to stay. But you can’t just watch. If you’re going to stay then you have to lose those clothes and join in. That’s not gonna be a problem for you, is it Beyonce? You don’t have to run off and be a good little piece of arm candy for your gangsta boyfriend, do you? Is that where you’d rather be Beyonce? Hanging off some boy’s arm like another piece of jewelry for him to wear? A good little, silent girlfriend for your bad ass boyfriend?”

“Oh fuck him,” Beyonce sighed lustfully as she drank in the sight of these three gorgeous girls and felt her pussy get even wetter without so much as another touch. “Mmmm I want to be here! Fuck Shawn and his limp dick! I want to join in! I’ll get naked for you Rose! Ughhh I’ll do anything you want if you let me join in and get fucking nasty with you.”

“Oooooh good girl,” Rose said, pulling away from Jennifer and moving toward the edge of the pool. She pulled herself up over the edge and got out, water dripping off her completely naked body as she looked over Stacy and Beyonce and dreamed up the best ways to get them screaming like sluts. “No boyfriends allowed here! When you’re here you’re a dirty little dyke or nothing at all. Mmmm is that what you are Beyonce? Are you going to be a dirty little dyke slut for us?”

“Gawwwwwd,” Beyonce moaned nervously. Rose always left her so flustered but she loved it. God, did she love it.

Rose didn’t wait for anything more from the singer. Instead she bent down to the pool and held out her hand for Jennifer. Her housemate didn’t hesitate to grab it and Rose pulled her out of the pool. They then moved as one, nakedly sauntering toward Beyonce and passing right by Stacy as she kept on fingering herself, her cries getting louder as she let her other hand drop off her ass and move between her legs so she could also tend to her soaked pussy.

Jennifer followed Rose’s lead without a word. They didn’t have to do any communicating besides exchanging horny glances. They knew each other’s moves perfectly by now and they fell on Beyonce as one, sandwiching the girl and pressing their dripping naked bodies to her, using her clothes almost as their towels as they ground into her.

“I asked you a question Beyonce,” Rose moaned into her ear as she grabbed Beyonce’s tits and squeezed them wickedly through her shirt, delighting in the feel of her already hard nipples poking against the material. “Are you some sneaky little bitch who’s gonna get spooked and run off to her poseur gangsta boyfriend for protection as soon as we start touching you? Or are you going to be a good little slut for us? Mmmm you know I love seeing you get nasty and you know that’s what you’re fucking dying for! You gonna get nasty for us Beyonce? You gonna get naked and be a hot fucking dyke and let us fuck your gorgeous chocolate body with our pink tongues?”

Beyonce was already close to being overcome with lust as she felt Rose grabbing her tits and grinding against her front while Jennifer rubbed into her from behind. Jennifer’s hands were squeezing her ass through her tight shorts and Beyonce moaned when she felt Jennifer’s wet pussy start to dampen the back of her jeans. She couldn’t even remember what she had come here for. Fuck, she could barely remember her name!

All Beyonce wanted was to get naked and nasty. How could she refuse Rose anything?

“Yessss ohhhhhhhhh God yessssss,” Beyonce wantonly groaned. “I’ll be whatever you want Rose! Mmmm I’ll be your fucking chocolate dyke slut! Ooooooh I want you and Jen to get those pink tongues all over my black body! Mmmmm I want you to fuck me and make me your nasty, dyke whore! And I want your nasty little friend too! Oooooh I want to lick that fucking hole she’s fingering mmmm and then I want her working those sexy fingers up my ass too!”

“Yeah? You like what you’re seeing Beyonce?” Jennifer asked as she rubbed herself harder against the singer’s ass, spreading the dripping juices from her wickedly wet pussy all over her shorts. “You like seeing Stacy slamming herself for us? Mmmm she’s moving in today so she’s got to prove what a slut she is! You like her Beyonce? You like seeing her finger her perfect ass for us? “

“Yesssssssssss mmmmmmm I love it!” Beyonce admitted with lust dripping off her words. “That’s such a beautiful ass!”

“Nasty girl, staring at another girl’s bare ass,” Rose teased as she shot Jennifer a wink. Jennifer knew just what to do and gave Beyonce’s backside a smack through her shorts, which immediately made the singer groan in desire.

“Yeahhhhhh fucking slap that ass Jen,” Beyonce urged. “Ooooh I love it when you girls fucking smack me like a naughty girl who’s being so goddamn bad! Mmmmm yessss Rose I’m totally checking her out! Ughhh I never even met her before today and she’s making my pussy so fucking wet just by sticking that perfect ass of hers out! Gawwwd everyone’s always talking about my ass and it gets me going when they do and I can’t stop staring at other girls’ asses too! Mmmm I’m such a fucking nasty girl Rose! Just like you want me to be! Oooooh I’m stuck with a boyfriend who can’t get it up and I don’t care because I’m fucking myself to sleep every night thinking about other girls and their hot fucking asses and their tight little pussies and how I just want to fuck and lick and strap on a toy to dick every sexy girl I see!”

“Mmmmm now that’s an answer,” Rose laughed with sexual appreciation before she planted her lips on Beyonce’s in a long, wet kiss. “I hope you’re taking notes Stacy, because this is how you’re supposed to act around here! Mmmm you’re a nasty girl Beyonce and nasty girls get to be naked!”

Stacy was definitely freezing every detail of this in her mind. She was blown away by this turn of events. Beyonce Knowles? She was into this too? How was it possible?

Just when she had thought this place couldn’t get any hotter, Stacy found her mind spinning. Beyonce was so fucking sexy and Stacy ached for her to join in the fun. She had never had any idea that Beyonce was the type to even kiss another girl and now she was writhing between Rose and Jen and begging to be treated like a dirty dyke. God, Beyonce was just as slutty as she was and seeing the superstar singer like this was turning Stacy on even more.

It was all making Stacy finger herself harder. She had her hands working over both holes now. She was sliding her fingers into her ass, feeling her tight hole cling around them as she was pistoning her other hand into her cunt, pushing three slim fingers into her wet, sloppy hole. Stacy grunted and moaned, unable to quite find the words to express how turned on she was as she watched Rose peel off Beyonce’s t-shirt while Jennifer started to tug down the singer’s tight cut off jean shorts.

“Ooooooh yesssssssssss fuck yesssssssssss make me naked!” Beyonce groaned.

She hadn’t been lying. She’d been lusting after every beautiful girl she saw lately and that was the main reason her nightmares were agonizing her so, but she didn’t want to think about that now. She just wanted to think about how good it felt to be stripped bare by these beauties.

“Mmmmm no bra? Yummy,” Rose gleefully declared when she finished yanking Beyonce’s shirt off and exposed the twin dark globes that lay uncovered underneath. “You’d better be taking notes now for sure Stacy. Beyonce knows how to dress around here. No fucking useless bra covering up these beautiful tits!”

Rose rewarded Beyonce’s lack of clothes by leaning down to suck on her already hard nipples. They were already swollen like dark berries and Rose latched her lips around them to make them grow even riper. She sucked and licked Beyonce’s sensitive nipples and the pleasure that shot through the singer’s body made her stiffen like an arrow pointing straight up.

This led to even more pleasure for Beyonce since standing up straight made it even easier for Jennifer to get her tight shorts off. Jennifer eagerly pulled the cut off jeans down Beyonce’s beautifully curved buttocks and felt her own pussy quiver with desire when she saw how Beyonce’s cheeks were framed perfectly by the bright pink thong she wore.

“Ohhhhh you’ve got such an amazing ass Beyonce,” Jennifer lustfully stated as she ran her eyes all over the full cheeks and the pink thong that barely covered them. “Just like Stacy! You two have such perfect, beautiful butts!”

“You do too!” Beyonce insisted, moaning non stop as she was sandwiched between these two famous, gorgeous actresses. “You’ve got an incredible ass Jennifer! I love watching you on Friends reruns every night and pretending like nothing’s going on but inside I’m getting so fucking wet watching your hot ass in those tight clothes and knowing I’ve seen you all naked and we’ve fucked each other so good! Mmmmm I love your ass Jen!”

Jennifer loved the compliment and turned Beyonce’s face around so they could wetly tongue kiss. But Beyonce had unfortunately left someone out.

“Hey! What about me?” Rose playfully insisted, pulling away from Beyonce’s chest so she could turn around and show off her toned, alabaster cheeks. “What about my ass? What’s the matter Beyonce? My ass not hot enough for you? It doesn’t meet your hot butt standards?”

Rose gave her ass a hard slap for emphasis, moaning as she spanked herself and made her cheeks jiggle before turning back around toward the flustered Beyonce and grinning saucily.

“Noooo! That’s not what I meant!” Beyonce insisted. “I love your ass too Rose! Mmmm I love staring at it and touching it and playing with it! Oooooh I wanna bury my face between those pale butt cheeks like you made me do last time and lick and fuck you like a dirty girl should! Gawwwd please don’t stop touching me Rose! You were making me so wet before! I loved what you were doing! Please don’t stop sucking on my boobs!”

“Yeah? Is this what you want more of?” Rose teased as she took Beyonce’s breasts back into her hands and began massaging them gently, working the singer into a more desperate form of heat. “Mmmm you want me to rub these beautiful titties and suck and kiss them? You want me to lick your swollen nips and make them all so fucking big and hard so I can suck on them too and maybe even bite them cause you’re such a naughty girl?”

“Yesssssss!” Beyonce hissed as Jennifer began grinding her bare pussy against one of her thong clad butt cheeks. “Suck and lick my fucking tits! Mmmm make my nipples big and swollen so you can bite them Rose! Ooooh you girls always make me so damn horny! I can’t control myself when I’m around you!”

Rose then took her turn to kiss Beyonce while she still massaged her dark, bare breasts, palming them all over and making sure she made her nipples throb. She sucked on the singer’s tongue as Beyonce happily moaned in her mouth. As this was happening, Jennifer lowered Beyonce’s shorts even more and got her hands all over her cheeks, skillfully massaging her ass while kissing the back of her neck.

Beyonce was practically whimpering with lust now as her tits and ass were massaged and she was kissed so perfectly by the skilled girls sandwiching her. Stacy couldn’t stop staring at Beyonce and her beautiful half naked body as she continued fingering her holes. Stacy had always thought Beyonce was so gorgeous, but seeing her on TV and in magazines was nothing compared to literally seeing her in the flesh.

Stacy blushed a little when she thought about how she’d never been with a black girl before. Heck she’d never been with a black guy either, but right now all she wanted to think about was girls.

She’d been with Latina girls. She’d been with Asian girls. She’d been with more white girls than you could shake a stick at. But she’d never been with a black girl before and Beyonce’s body was making her even more turned on. She found herself lusting with sexual curiosity over Beyonce’s dark skin as it started to glisten with perspiration under the hot sun and sexy touch of Rose and Jennifer. Stacy just wanted to run her pink tongue over every inch of that beautiful black skin and taste all over Beyonce’s body.

Stacy was starving for sex. It wasn’t enough that she was fingering both her holes anymore. She needed to taste another woman. She needed a wet, hot pussy fucking her face and making her taste sweet, creamy girl cum. Stacy hungered for all three of the girls in front of her, but particularly for Beyonce’s brown sugar. Since she’d never been with Beyonce before, she lusted for her the most because of it.

“Oooooooh Goddddddd oooooooooooooooooooooh my fucking Godddddd!!!” Beyonce blissfully cried out, not knowing Stacy was looking at her as desperately as she was. Beyonce’s pleasure was entirely from Rose and Jennifer’s skilled touches. Rose had her hands all over her breasts, massaging them and pushing them up so she could kiss and suck on them and all the while Jennifer was rubbing her wet pussy against her ass as her hands caressed the curves of her backside.

Beyonce loved how nasty it felt to have Jennifer’s smooth, shaved pussy rubbing against her cheeks as her thong barely covered them. She could feel the stickiness of her sex juices against her flesh and it made her hornier. Mmmm but she didn’t just want to feel that wetness against her ass. She wanted Jennifer’s pussy against her tongue. She wanted the actress to fuck her face and make her all sticky and slutty. This kind of wanton behavior was exactly the reason she was having such depraved nightmares, but Beyonce couldn’t help it. She wanted it too badly.

“Fuck me!” Beyonce lustfully begged in between gasps and moans as Rose and Jennifer worked her barely dressed body over. “Strip me and fuck me! Ohhhh make me a fucking naked slut for you! You girls are all I ever think about anymore! Ughhh I don’t wanna sing! I don’t wanna dance! I just wanna fuck! Just wanna fuck all you hot, nasty beautiful girls!”

Beyonce couldn’t say anymore because Jennifer turned her head to smother her lips in another kiss. As she did this Rose continued nursing on Beyonce’s tits, sucking and licking her swollen nipples and biting into the dark berries to make Beyonce stiffen and hiss in delicious pain along with the sensual pleasure. Beyonce’s brain was hazy with pleasure and it got even more intense as she felt Jennifer pulling down her pink thong.

Even though she had come here for something serious, Beyonce hadn’t been able to help dressing sexy. She hadn’t been to the mansion in weeks and she wanted this. She might have used her dreams as an excuse to get here, but this was what she really wanted!

She wanted to be stripped and fucked and made to feel like a real woman! She needed the kind of intense, amazing orgasms she knew only other women could give and Beyonce had put on her tight shorts and pink thong and no bra hoping she’d be stripped and fucked and treated like the dirty, slutty girl she ached to be.

“Gawwwwwwwwwd make me naked,” Beyonce panted as Jennifer broke their series of kisses so she could ease the thong off her ass.

She’d left Beyonce’s tight cut off shorts bunched around her knees and now that she was stripping off the singer’s thong, Jennifer took care of them too. She pulled them both down Beyonce’s sexy legs and left them around her feet, making the girl completely naked except for her sandals.

“Lose the shoes and bend over,” Rose instructed. “Get on all fours like a good little slut for us Beyonce. Mmmm and Stacy? Get those fingers out of your holes. I don’t want you coming too early! There’s way too many nasty things to do to you still and I don’t want you wasting those juices!”

“Oooooh yessssss don’t want to waste them…” Stacy repeated as she eased her fingers out of her cunt and ass.

She’d been fingering herself right to the edge of orgasm, but she was so happy Rose made her stop. With so many beautiful girls around her, Stacy didn’t want to get off from her own fingers. She wanted one of these slutty beauties to lick and fuck the orgasm right out of her.

Beyonce was moaning non stop as she stepped out of her sandals and stood before everyone completely naked. Her pussy was absolutely soaked and the fine, trimmed black curls of her bush were matted and bunched together with her desire. It looked like a hard breeze tickling her pussy would make Beyonce come and sweat was trickling down her dark body both from the sun beating down on her and, more importantly, from the sexual heat raging inside her.

“You heard Rose, on all fours,” Jennifer ordered. She didn’t know what Rose’s plan was, but she knew it was going to be good. With all four of them gloriously naked now, how could it not be?

Beyonce obeyed and settled down on the ground next to Stacy. She assumed the same position the blonde was in, getting down on her hands and knees and sticking her bare ass up in the air for inspection.

“Mmmmm now that’s a fucking gorgeous sight,” Rose declared, licking her lips as she got studied Beyonce and Stacy from behind, loving the sight of their naked asses pushed up and side by side, black cheeks next to pink, as their slits drooled out their arousal.

Rose couldn’t help but kneel down behind them and run her fingers over Beyonce and Stacy’s cunts. She didn’t penetrate the two girls, but instead rubbed their juices all over their slits. She rubbed them gently, but sexily and when she’d had enough of this game, Rose wiped her fingers clean of girl juice by rubbing each girl’s essence onto their own naked ass.

Both Beyonce and Stacy cooed in arousal from that treatment and Rose motioned for Jennifer to join her. Once her housemate did so, kneeling down next to her behind the two bent over beauties, Rose made her intentions clear.

“Both of these sluts are guilty of spying,” Rose stated as if she were a judge handing down a sentence. “They need to learn not to spy. They need to learn to join right in. First comes the punishment though and then comes the reward.”

It was obvious what Rose intended for punishment and she got right to it when her hand slapped down on Stacy’s ass in a hard spanking. Naturally the action received an immediate response from Stacy and it certainly wasn’t one of pain.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Stacy happily squealed. “Mmmmmm spank it Rose! Slap my naughty ass! Ohhhhhhhhh I love getting spanked! More Rose! Ooooh gimmie more! Make my ass sting!”

Since Stacy’s ass was one of the features about her that drew the most interest, it was obviously often a target for spankings. Stacy didn’t mind. She knew it was the cost of having a great ass. In fact she loved being spanked, as long as the person doing it knew what they were doing. Just like with fucking, men often went after it too hard. Stacy didn’t want to end up with black and blue marks after having sex.

But women knew just how to spank her. They knew how to make her ass sting and make her feel like a dirty girl being punished without making it hurt. When there was someone striking her with just the right touch, there was almost no end to the pleasure Stacy could feel. She sometimes felt like she could come just from being spanked.

Rose had spanked her many times before and Stacy hoped she would many, many times in the future. She was so good at it. Ughhh she made it so dirty and fun.

“Yeah? You want more?” Rose teased as she playfully gave her palm a lick before sending it back against Stacy’s flesh with a sharp slap.

“God yessssssssss oooooooooooh yessssssssssss! Spank me Rose! Oooooh spank that fucking ass!” Stacy groaned as a pink handprint sized mark grew on Stacy’s butt cheek before fading away as quickly as it emerged. “Mmmm more! Slap my ass! Please Rose!”

“Wellllllllllllll only cause you said please.” Rose said with mock reluctance. As if she needed any convincing to give an ass like Stacy’s a good spanking.

Rose grinned evilly as she slapped Stacy’s left cheek and then right cheek in quick succession. Like an artist, Rose knew just where to slap and how hard. She knew full well what a fine line there was between ecstasy and agony and she took care not to cross it. Instead she stuck Stacy’s ass just right, making the girl roar in pleasure in time with the sexy smacks to her bare flesh.

“Don’t just stand there Jen,” Rose instructed. “I think Beyonce’s ass is getting lonely. Stacy’s not the only spy. Give this sneaky slut what she deserves for gawking at us and getting off on it!”

“Oooooooooh pleeeeeeeeeease!” Beyonce chimed in. “Spank me too! I fucking deserve it! Please Jen! Smack my ass like a slut! Make my fucking cheeks sting too!”

Jennifer had been so enraptured by the sight of Rose spanking Stacy that she had almost forgotten she had a beautiful, bare assed woman on all fours in front of her too. For her own part, Jennifer adored being spanked. It was so intoxicatingly naughty to have her ass slapped for doing what she loved. Like she was being bad for wanting to fuck girls so much. But she didn’t give as much as she got.

However for an ass like Beyonce’s, Jennifer could clearly change up that policy. Jennifer had been getting herself quite a feel of the singer before and she once again got her hands to work. She caressed Beyonce’s naked ass, running her hands all over the smooth, sexy cheeks and making the singer moan before she raised her left hand and sent it down with a hard smack.

“OHHHHH FUCK!” Beyonce cried as Stacy let off another similar exclamation from Rose continuing to spank her. “Ohhhhhhhh Jennnnnnnn! Yessssssss smack my ass! Spank me for being a horny bitch getting wet for other girls! Ughhhhh yeahhhhhhhh! You like that Jen? You like slapping that bootylicious ass of mine? Ohhhhhh yessssss it’s all people ever fucking talk about it when they talk about me and you’re the lucky girls who get to smack it! OHHHH GODDDDD!!! YESSSSS!!! Mmmmm make it hurt a little! Oooooooh yessssssssss you’re making me so wet Jen! You’re making my pussy drip when you’re spanking me!”

Jennifer had continued her attack on Beyonce’s ass as the singer had begged for more. She didn’t want to make it too hard, but she didn’t want to hold back either. Jennifer slapped Beyonce’s beautifully full cheeks the way she loved her own ass being smacked and it seemed to do the trick. Beyonce was whimpering with desire after every smack and soon Jennifer was sliding her hand up under Beyonce to grab a feel of her pussy.

“Oh my…mmmm you are getting wet!” Jennifer discovered with a smile. “Naughty girl! Getting wet from being spanked! Bet you want even more, huh?”

“Yessssssssssss more! Ooooooooh please more!” Beyonce cried. “I’ve been so fucking naughty Jen! You have no idea how naughty! I need to be spanked! Please Jen! More!”

More was just what Beyonce got and so did Stacy. Rose and Jennifer remained kneeling behind the two gorgeous girls and turned their asses into their playgrounds as they smacked them raw. Both Stacy and Beyonce were in heaven from this treatment and it wasn’t long before they turned their lust toward each other.

While the girls had never even so much as exchanged a hello with each other before now, it didn’t stop them from passionately kissing. Beyonce’s tongue slid without hesitation right into Stacy’s mouth, where it was happily accepted and sucked upon by the blonde. Stacy’s tongue came out to play too and soon the girls were heatedly tongue wrestling as their asses were smacked hard from behind.

The stinging slaps of Rose and Jennifer’s hands on their asses just fueled their desire onward. The two horny girls rubbed their tongues together and exchanged saliva like they had been long time lovers and not absolute strangers to each other.

If either Stacy or Beyonce had been chewing gum it would have been passed back and forth several times, such was the passion of their series of kisses. The harder their butts were smacked, the fiercer they kissed until their tongues were practically tied together.

But all good things had to come to an end and there was a point where the spanking was going to stop being fun and start being painful. Jennifer and Rose knew how to stop before reaching that point and they pulled their hands away from Beyonce and Stacy’s asses. Instead they gave gentle, wet kisses to their sensitive flesh, making the stinging ease with sexy tenderness.

Stacy and Beyonce moaned into each other’s mouths and pulled apart from each other as they vocalized how much they enjoyed the feel of the soft, feminine lips on their backsides. But stopping the kissing didn’t cool the lust they felt for each other. Stacy and Beyonce stared at each other with horny eyes, mentally fucking the other with their gazes. Neither girl cared they had never met before. They just cared that the other was naked and horny. Nothing else mattered.

“Ooooh Stacy hasn’t even been here five minutes and she’s already making new friends,” Rose laughed, unable to miss the heat of the gaze Stacy and Beyonce were sharing.

“Well she’s a friendly girl,” Jennifer said, pulling up from Beyonce’s ass. “Mmmm they both are.”

Stacy and Beyonce both were a little embarrassed for losing control so much. They pulled away from each other like they had been caught doing something wrong, but Rose didn’t let that feeling stand for an instant.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” Rose demanded with a smile. “Don’t stop! Keep kissing! Mmmm I love seeing you two make out! Two pretty girls sucking each other’s tongues like fucking sluts! I love it! You’re supposed to make hot, new friends here Stacy! Mmmm and Beyonce, I want you getting all wet and squishy dreaming about how good blondie here fucks!”

Rose’s words immediately eased the touch of insecurity Stacy and Beyonce both felt. They smiled at each other and moved back together for another kiss. They rubbed their lips tenderly and then opened up again to play with each other’s tongues. This time Stacy got her tongue out first and Beyonce hornily sucked on it, moaning happily as Stacy settled down more on her knees and lifted up her right hand to start playing with Beyonce’s swaying tits.

“Mmmm that’s it girl, rub those titties,” Beyonce moaned before her mouth was filled with Stacy Keibler’s tongue again. “Ooooh everyone gawks at my ass, but I love it when other girls play with my tits!”

Jennifer and Rose watched and caressed each other’s bare bodies as Stacy and Beyonce made out passionately. Both girls were on their knees now and facing each other, rubbing each other’s exposed flesh as they kissed. Rose and Jennifer loved seeing the contrast of their skin, Stacy’s pale pink against Beyonce’s milk chocolate, and it made them even hornier. They watched with total sexual fascination as Stacy squeezed Beyonce’s breasts and the singer reached down to grab a long feel of Stacy’s ass.

Finally Rose couldn’t take anymore.

“I know just what these sluts need,” Rose declared as she stood up. “I’ll be right back Jen. I’m going to get a good friend of mine to help out and I might just have a friend for you too sweetie.”

“Oooooh that sounds sooo good,” Jennifer groaned as she sunk two fingers into her own pussy at the thought of it. “Don’t take too long Rose.”

“I won’t,” Rose promised, already walking away and giving Jennifer a great view of her softly jiggling pale ivory butt cheeks as she sauntered back inside. “Oh and Jen, you’re in charge of these two until I get back. Mmmm and if you don’t know what to do with them, just think ‘What would Rose do.’”

Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh at the sound of that. Now that was a bracelet they all needed to wear around here. God, what wouldn’t Rose do? It was impossible to say, because Rose never held anything back.

So instead of focusing on that, Jennifer asked herself what she would do. She had two gorgeous, naked girls ready and willing to be commanded around and she wanted to savor this moment when it was just her in charge of them and she could make Stacy and Beyonce do anything she wanted.

Of course Jennifer couldn’t help but be sensible too and the little part of her brain that always reminded her to use common sense was busy reminding her that the sun was out in full force and that she had definitely not put anything on to protect her skin. And, unless she’d missed something, neither had Stacy or Beyonce. They were all completely naked under the hot sun and Jennifer didn’t want any of them taken out of action by a painful burn.

It was then that Jennifer noticed the bottle of lotion Rose must have left behind. With Rose’s pale skin it was a very strong SPF and Jennifer knew it would definitely more than fit the bill for the rest of them. And as she stared at the bottle of lotion and heard Stacy and Beyonce moaning while they made out, Jennifer knew there was a way to be both practical and naughty.

“C’mere girls,” Jennifer said, getting their attention. “Time for you to get each other lotioned up.”

Jennifer tossed the bottle at the two girls and made sure they knew what was expected of them.

“Get it all over each other’s bodies,” Jennifer ordered. “Make it sexy too. I want to see you two rubbing each other everywhere.”

“Mmmmm yes Jen…oooooh anything you say,” Beyonce replied, her desire evident in every word that dripped from her horny mouth.

Beyonce grabbed the bottle first and squeezed out the sunscreen onto her hands. She went right for Stacy’s tits and massaged the firm, apple mounds as the two of them resumed kissing. Stacy quickly returned the favor, getting the bottle and squirting lotion onto her hands too so she could get it all over her new friend’s chest.

Stacy and Beyonce quickly had each other’s tits all shiny with lotion in no time, but that didn’t slow them down a bit. They kept rubbing each other’s bare chests with their hands, making them moan louder while they kissed over and over again, wet saliva starting to drool down their chins as they held none of their lust back.

“Lower…go lower,” Jennifer instructed as she settled in on one of the poolside beach chairs to watch the show. “Get that lotion all over each other!”

Jennifer loved her view of these two girls lotioning each other up. They both squirted lotion into their hands, passing the bottle back and forth, and then worked each over, rubbing their hands all over. She couldn’t help but look at that creamy lotion the girls were spreading all over each other and imagine it was something even naughtier. Jennifer moaned and began rubbing her own pussy as she pictured Beyonce and Stacy rubbing cum onto each other’s bodies. She didn’t care if it was boy cum or girl cum or whatever. Jennifer just wanted it to be slutty.

While Jennifer toyed with her own slit, Stacy worked her hands down to Beyonce’s stomach to coat her dark skin with lotion and Beyonce followed suit. Beyonce spread the lotion all over Stacy’s taut stomach and eyed going lower.

“Stick those gorgeous legs out honey,” Beyonce urged and Stacy complied, repositioning herself so she could fully extend her long legs.

“Oooooh those are so beautiful,” Beyonce cooed in delight as she saw Stacy’s amazing legs in all their glory. “I wish my legs were that good!”

“No! You’re fucking perfect!” Stacy immediately blurted out as a response. “I love your body Beyonce! I wish I could dance like you! Oh God, I’d always get so turned on seeing you on TV and in videos! I never dreamed you’d be actually into girls like me but I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad Beyonce! I’ve been fantasizing about it for so long!”

“Mmmm honey I’m not just into girls,” Beyonce purred. “Didn’t you hear me before? Oooooh I’m a nasty, chocolate dyke for Rose and all her friends! Mmmmm and now you’re my friend too Stacy!”

“Yesssssssss wanna be your friend,” Stacy cried as her lips were quieted by another long, sexy kiss from the singer. “I wanna be your slutty fuck friend Beyonce! I wanna fuck you sooooooo bad!”

“More lotion,” Jennifer reminded the two girls. “Get each other all shiny and then you can have some real fun!”

That prospect certainly was excellent motivation to both Beyonce and Stacy. Beyonce took the lead, squirting out even more white lotion into her hand and rubbing it all over Stacy’s beautiful, smooth legs. Beyonce moaned as she touched the soft, pink girl flesh and rubbed the lotion up and down and all over her. She moved from Stacy’s feet all the way up her legs. She rubbed the lotion onto her thighs and got so deliciously close to her pussy that she could practically feel the wetness on her fingers.

But before Beyonce could work her hand over Stacy’s heated mound, Jennifer put a stop to it.

“Ah ah ah…not yet,” Jennifer chastised. “No pussy play for you girls yet. I want you to get all over each other’s bodies first.”

It was disappointing that she couldn’t get where she wanted most on Stacy, but Beyonce certainly knew it was hardly settling to get her hands everywhere else on her new friend’s body. She got lotion all over Stacy’s body, kissing her again with lots of tongue and tenderness as she rubbed it onto her shoulders and neck. And then the temperature rose even more when Beyonce got Stacy on her stomach and feasted her eyes on the sight of her beautiful bare butt.

“Mmmmm ohhhh honey, that ass is even better than your legs,” Beyonce sighed as Stacy hornily giggled and gave it a little shake.

“Mmmmm rub it,” Stacy urged as Beyonce started off by squirting lotion onto her back and began rubbing it all over her bare, pink skin. “Lower Beyonce! Lower! Please! Rub lotion all over my ass! Mmmmm then I’m gonna do you so good!”

Beyonce loved the sound of that, but not as much as she loved rubbing lotion onto Stacy’s tight, toned ass. There wasn’t a single flaw Stacy’s ass and Beyonce let her know it by smoothly and sensually rubbing the lotion onto her while massaging the tender, spanked cheeks in her soft hands.

“Oooooooooh yessssssss ughhhhhhhh yesssssssss mmmmmm your hands feel sooooo good on my ass!” Stacy moaned as she arched her back up so she could give Beyonce a better grip. “Rub it! Oooooh rub my ass just like that! I love showing off my ass here! Ughhh guys always want to jam their cocks right up my ass but no one knows how to make it feel as good as girls do!”

Beyonce just smiled and kept on rubbing Stacy’s toned, pink cheeks. She never wanted to stop doing this. The blonde girl’s butt just felt too good under her hands. But Jennifer wanted more action.

“Switch now!” Jennifer commanded. “It’s Beyonce’s turn. Get her all lotioned up Stacy!”

“Gladly,” Stacy replied with a broad smile. She loved being touched, but she wanted to get a feel for Beyonce’s body so badly that she was willing to let her own pleasure wait.

Beyonce was smiling too as she settled down onto her back poolside as Stacy squirted out a healthy dose of lotion onto her tummy. Beyonce giggled as the cool lotion hit her heated flesh and that soon turned into nothing but moaning as Stacy rubbed it all over her stomach and moved downward, getting her soon to be lover’s body as shiny as hers already was.

“Such a hot body…such a sexy, fucking body,” Stacy mumbled in lust as she rubbed her hands over every inch of Beyonce she could get. Her desire for the singer was growing by the second. She had never dreamed that something like this would happen on her first day here and Stacy ached to get intimate with every last bit of Beyonce’s gorgeous, black body.

“Remember, no pussy play,” Jennifer reminded Stacy, making the girl pout a little.

It was as if Jennifer could read her mind and knew she had been planning to sneak a feel of Beyonce’s pussy. The singer’s pussy was so visibly wet and juicy and Stacy couldn’t wait to taste her. God, she knew she was being silly, but since she’d never been with a black girl before, she was dying to know if Beyonce tasted any different than all the white girls she’d licked.

But Jennifer wasn’t having any of that yet and Stacy contented herself by rubbing lotion onto Beyonce’s legs and down to her toes. She massaged Beyonce’s feet as the singer lay back right near the sparkling water of the pool and every moan she got from her, made Stacy wetter. She loved hearing Beyonce moan. She so badly wanted the singer to be as horny for this as she was.

“Turn over,” Stacy said. “Mmmm if you think me rubbing your feet is good, wait’ll I get my hands all over your ass!”

Beyonce just moaned again and changed positions without another word. She got on all fours and stuck her bare butt out like she was ready and eager for it to be fucked. For her part Stacy nearly passed out with lust when she saw how amazing Beyonce’s ass was up close and personal. Little beads of sweat were starting to drip down her full cheeks and Stacy couldn’t help herself. She extended her tongue and began to lick at Beyonce’s ass, swiping it against her cheeks and tasting her sweat.

“Oooooooooooooh Stacyyyyyyyyy!” Beyonce cried. “Mmmm yessss ooooh fuck that’s making me so wet! Lick my ass and taste it! Lick my sweat right off my ass you naughty girl!”

Stacy could have feasted on Beyonce’s ass right then and there and been happy to do that and nothing else until the end of time. She felt so wonderfully nasty then, sliding her tongue onto Beyonce’s ass and tasting her salty sweat. She felt so depraved and it was intoxicating as her tongue dragged all over the quivering curves of Beyonce’s buttocks while they baked under the hot sun. But Jennifer put the brakes on again.

“Ger the lotion on her first Stacy,” Jennifer instructed. “Then you get to lick!”

Stacy sighed in impatience. Her pussy was aching for fun and she couldn’t hold on much longer. She couldn’t remember the last time just one girl had made her this wet and horny. But she obeyed Jennifer. She knew what her new housemate was doing. She was making the heat rise and rise until they couldn’t take it anymore and Stacy played along.

As Beyonce continued to moan, Stacy massaged her back with the lotion coating her hands. She made Beyonce’s dark skin glisten and moved as quickly as she could back down to her ass. This time there was no objection from Jennifer as she worked her hands all over Beyonce’s naked cheeks, covering them with sunscreen that she quickly spread around.

“Mmmmm that’s it Stacy!” Jennifer urged as she got up off her chair just long enough to grab the bottle of lotion. “Make each other shine! Mmmm now you can really fucking get at each other!”

Stacy and Beyonce didn’t offer words back, just aroused moans and soft grunts as Stacy massaged her new friend’s bare ass with extra gusto. She wasn’t doing this to rub lotion anymore. She was doing it because she was desperate to get a feel of Beyonce’s ass. Stacy gripped the cheeks and rubbed them with renewed passion as Beyonce egged her on with moans.

Jennifer sat back down and got the lotion onto her own hands. Originally she’d planned to make Stacy and Beyonce team up and rub the sunscreen all over her, but the sight of Stacy at Beyonce’s ass was nothing she could bear to interrupt. Besides, doing it this way gave Jennifer the perfect excuse to rub herself all over while watching the live sex show right in front of her.

She’d have to have been blind not to see how bad Stacy wanted Beyonce. She had seen Stacy Keibler get all kinds of naughty before, but she was really in heat for the singer’s body. So Jennifer, as she rubbed her lotion covered hands all over her naked body to protect it from the sun’s rays, she tapped into that vein of lust.

“Yeahhhh you like that, don’t ya Stacy?” Jennifer said with a healthy moan of her own. “You like playing with that ass, don’t you?”

“Oooooh I love it!” Stacy cried. “I fucking love your ass Beyonce! Mmmm watch me Jen! Watch me act like a fucking slut!”

“Mmmm that’s it Stacy, act slutty for us,” Jennifer urged. “In fact if you love that ass so much, why don’t you get down there and kiss it. Kiss that big, beautiful ass!”

The words had flown out of Jennifer’s mouth without her thinking and she immediately wondered if she had made a mistake. She didn’t mean to insult Beyonce by calling her ass “big.”

She loved the singer’s ass. It was beautiful. She loved how voluptuous Beyonce was and how her ass was so sexy and curvy. She certainly didn’t want Beyonce to think she thought she was fat or anything and she just hoped she wasn’t offended.

If she was, Beyonce had a funny way of showing it and Jennifer immediately relaxed when she heard the singer open her mouth.

“Yeah Stacy! If you want that ass then prove it to me!” Beyonce demanded. “Kiss it! Lick it you little slut! Mmmmm get your mouth all over my big, black ass! Let’s give Jen a nasty show to fuck herself to!”

Stacy nearly flat out squealed in delight at the sound of Beyonce’s horny command. God, she wanted this so bad. She had never felt anything like this before, but if Beyonce had demanded right then she become her ass slave, then Stacy would have gladly surrendered body and soul to her.

As Beyonce moaned, Stacy began kissing the soft cheeks in front of her. She left wet marks from her lips all over Beyonce’s ass, tasting her sweat and breathing in her natural perfume while also feeling the arousal radiating from her pussy. With each kiss she planted on Beyonce’s flesh, the more aroused Stacy became until she was salivating against her new friend’s ass.

Whatever self control Stacy had was long gone. She had never felt this way before. Even at her naughtiest, Stacy had always kept herself from completely going wild and giving over every bit of her mind to sexual ecstasy. But this time nothing was holding Stacy back and she gave herself over to every animalistic sex impulse pulsing through her naked body. She was in total lust with Beyonce’s body, especially her beautiful, bodacious booty.

While Beyonce’s cries grew louder, Stacy dragged her tongue right over the singer’s ass crack. Spreading Beyonce’s cheeks lewdly, Stacy licked sensuously and slowly right up her ass, leaving a wet saliva trail as she journeyed up her crack, lavishing one side with lustful worship and then going right for the other. As Stacy’s tongue licked up Beyonce’s ass for the second time the moans pouring out of the singer’s mouth got more and more demanding.

“Ohhhhhhh nasty girl! Nasty fucking girl!” Beyonce groaned. “Lick that ass you fucking whore! Ooooooh you must really love my fucking black ass, don’t ya baby? Oooooh little blonde nasty girl whore licking my butt crack! Goddamnnnnnnn ohhhhhhhh Stacyyyyyyy!!! You fucking little ass slut!”

“Yesssssssssssssssss!” Stacy hissed, feeling so intoxicatingly depraved, gulping in breath before diving back between Beyonce’s splayed cheeks. “That’s what I fucking am! A fucking ass slut for you Beyonce! Mmmm seeing you shake this beautiful ass on stage always got me so wet! Gawwwd but I never dreamed I’d do this to you! I can’t fucking control myself now! You’re turning me on so fucking much! Make me your slut Beyonce! Make me your bitch ass slut!”

Jennifer didn’t know Stacy all that well, but considering they’d fucked and Stacy had visited the mansion multiple times, she thought she had a sense of who she was. But she had never seen this side of her before. It was surprising and so very arousing.

Jennifer gawked Stacy licking at Beyonce’s ass like a dog. She didn’t want to blink and risk missing even a fraction of a second and, as she stared, Jennifer rubbed the sunscreen all over her body, making sure her lotion covered fingers spent a lot of time mauling at her tits and working between her legs.

“Stop fucking talking and start fucking licking!” Beyonce growled in arousal. She had never felt this way either. It was such an adrenaline rush to be bossing this sexy, beautiful girl around, like Stacy was her own naughty Barbie doll to play with. “Lick my black ass blondie! Get your tongue all over that booty and then jam it in my fucking hole! That’s what you fucking want, isn’t it? Little white princess wants to tongue fuck my asshole!”

“Ooooooooooh want it sooooooo fucking muchhhh,” Stacy babbled before burying her face into Beyonce’s ass and taking her first lick of the singer’s hole.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Beyonce sharply cried as her asshole was wetly probed by Stacy’s tongue. “Oh Godddddddd!!! Ohhhhhhhhh my fucking Godddd!!! That’s so hot and nasty! Tongue fuck that hole! Get your pretty pink tongue in my tight little asshole you nasty bitch! Oooooooooooh shit you have no idea how much I love getting my asshole licked! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss ooooooooooh more Stacy! More! Tongue fuck my ass!”

Stacy also adored a hot, wet tongue licking her hole, especially if it was a female one. The men who always were so desperate to fuck her ass usually just wanted to jam their cocks inside her. Mmmmm but just like with licking her pussy, women knew how to eat her ass so much better. Stacy loved how girls would lick her asshole and make her so wet to get her tightest hole fucked that she’d be begging for it in no time. She wanted to make Beyonce feel the same way so badly.

Keeping her hands fused to Beyonce’s soft, full cheeks, Stacy kept her new friend’s ass spread so she could tongue her. She licked all around Beyonce’s hole, leaving it glistening with her saliva before she escalated things by spitting right into it.

“UGHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!” Beyonce exclaimed in passion. “Ooooooooooh God you’re just getting nastier! Mmmmmm fuck I love your spit in me Stacy! Nasty little white bitch spitting in my black ass and making it fucking soaked! Ooooooh just like my naughty fucking cunt is! Ooooooooooh fucking yesssss Stacy! Mmmmm my pussy’s fucking dripping for you cause you’re licking my ass like such a fucking little whore! Ooooooh I love it! Mmmmm gawwwwd you nasty little blonde slut! You fucking love this, don’t you? Licking my big, black ass with your pink tongue and making me fucking soaked! You’re gonna make me come just from you tongue fucking my butthole! Like that Stacy? Like knowing you’re gonna make my pussy cream from you assfucking me with that nasty tongue of yours? Oooooh nasty girl! Lick that asshole! Shove that pretty blonde face between my chocolate dyke cheeks! Show these mansion sluts how nasty we can get too! Oooooooh yessssssss rimming my fucking hole sooooo goooooood! Stacyyyyyyyyy I’m gonna drag you with me on my next fucking tour and make you my ass slut every goddamn night!”

“Yeahhhhhh I fucking want that!” Stacy declared fiercely, her voice nearly a snarl of animalistic passion. “Bring me on tour and make me your nasty slut ass fucking bitch every night! Ooooooh show me off like a fucking blonde slut prize so everyone knows how much I love tongue fucking your beautiful black ass! Ughhhh share me with your fucking friends too! Make me fuck Kelly and Michelle too!!!! Ooooooh fuck mmmmmmmmm that’s making me so fucking wet just to think about! Having Destiny’s Child bending over and making me eat all their beautiful asses!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwwd!” Beyonce panted, desire running wild in her body and mind. She’d never pictured that. She’d never dared.

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams had been so off limits in her mind. She’d shared everything with those girls when they’d toured the world together many times over. And they were still best friends today. Solo success hadn’t changed that. But she’d never told them she was into girls. She’d never shared her biggest secret and she’d never dared fantasize about them.

God, she’d fantasized about everyone else. But not them. They were closer than sisters and Beyonce feared they’d want nothing to do with her if they knew she was getting off from being on her hands and knees begging to be treated like a dyke slut. She was terrified she’d lose them as friends and no sexual pleasure was worth that. So she’d made them off limits…until now.

Now, as she stayed on her hands and knees for Stacy’s wet, nasty tongue to rim her asshole and leave it dripping with horny saliva, Beyonce let her thoughts run wild. She pictured all three of them bare ass naked, sticking their butts up in the air for Stacy, who was kneeling like a good little slut to happily rim their holes. God, Beyonce had seen them both naked so many times and she could so easily picture Kelly and Michelle stripped bare with their beautiful bodies glistening with sex sweat as their nipples swelled and their pussies dripped.

Mmmmm Beyonce could see herself in her mind in between her former bandmates, turning to tongue kiss Michelle and then turning her head the other way to do the same to Kelly until they were all sucking on each other’s tongues in a big three-way kiss while Stacy tongued their asses to ecstasy. Oooooh she could picture Stacy naked with like a fucking collar on…ohhhhhh yessss…and a leash! A fucking leash so they could treat her like a little, slutty white girl pet! Soooooooo nasty!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh you goddamn fucking little Barbie doll whore!” Beyonce gasped in bliss while her imagination ran wild and Stacy’s tongue thrust wetly into her splayed hole. “I’m not enough for you, am I Stacy? Blondie needs more ass to lick! You fucking nasty bitch! Mmmm make me come and I’ll introduce you to my friends! I’ll get you more hot, fucking black asses for you to lick like a damn little whore! Ughhh just don’t fucking stop Stacy! Tongue fuck my ass! Make me fucking scream out how good it feels!”

Stacy didn’t hesitate to go for it. She already had her saliva dripping from Beyonce’s hole and her hands spreading her cheeks apart. There was nothing stopping her and Stacy used her tongue like it was a stiff cock to penetrate Beyonce’s ass. She tongue fucked the tight hole like it was all she wanted in the word, grunting passionately as she thrust her tongue into her newest lover’s ass.


Stacy wanted nothing but Beyonce’s orgasm. In her mind, her own pleasure was secondary. All she cared about was getting this gorgeous ebony goddess off. But while that might have been Stacy’s plan, it wasn’t someone else’s and, before she even knew someone was behind her, Stacy felt her own ass cheeks being spread open and a familiar tongue naughtily licking at her puckered hole.

“OOOOOOOOOH!” Stacy loudly squealed in surprise, Beyonce’s ass not doing much to muffle the sexy cry.

“Don’t stop,” Jennifer instructed between licks as she expertly rimmed Stacy’s asshole. “You looked so fucking hot Stacy that I couldn’t resist. Mmmmm I had to make you feel good too. Your ass looked so hot just sticking out waiting to be licked while you’re taking Beyonce. But don’t stop! Make her feel good and I’ll make you feel good!”

That sounded like more than a fair deal to Stacy and she tried not to slow down even a little bit in tongue fucking Beyonce, but with Jennifer’s tongue lapping at her own asshole, it was almost impossible not to. Stacy tried to maintain control of her own actions, but she finally had to pull out and moan carnally as she rested her head against Beyonce’s cheeks.

“Oooooh Jennnnn!” Stacy cried. It wasn’t the first time she had ever gotten a rim job from Jennifer Aniston so she knew full well how amazing the actress’ tongue was. “Ooooooh baby! God! Feels so fucking good! Lick my ass! Lick my slutty little hole! Lick me while I’m fucking Beyonce’s ass like a goddamn whore!”

Stacy felt completely overwhelmed and it was an incredible sensation. She was torn between the lust she felt to make Beyonce feel good and her own needs. God, Jennifer had such a hot tongue! But Stacy didn’t want to ignore Beyonce, especially since her new friend was making her so horny and acting like her nasty slut was a total rush.

Stacy kept her face pressed to Beyonce’s dark skin, rubbing her flushed pink cheek against her ass. Sweat glistened from both Stacy’s face and Beyonce’s ass, making it slippery for the both of them. But that touch was far from enough for Beyonce and she wasn’t shy about demanding more.

“Noooooooooo! Don’t stop!” Beyonce commanded wiggling her ass as she spoke. “Don’t you even think about stopping you little fucking whore! Ughhhhhhh it was sooooo nasty before! Don’t stop Stacy! Fuck me! Fuck my ass you little bitch! I know you were fucking loving it! Get back to work! Get your bimbo face back buried in my hot ass! Get your tongue and lips all over that big fucking ass of mine! This isn’t a fucking scrawny white girl ass! Mmmm this is a real woman’s ass and it needs some loving! Don’t stop Stacy!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh your ass is sooooooo fucking fine Beyonce!” Stacy cried in rapture as Jennifer’s tongue tickled her tender hole and she pressed her flushed face hard to Beyonce’s jiggling dark cheeks. “Mmmmmmmm I love fucking your big, beautiful ass! Oooooooh it’s soooooo hot and juicy!”

Stacy spit into Beyonce’s ass again and worked her tongue feverishly over the sensitive hole. She spread her saliva everywhere her tongue could reach as Beyonce cooed in sexual bliss. But Stacy knew the pleasure she was feeling from Jennifer’s tongue would completely overwhelm her again soon. So she rested her tongue and instead pushed her fingers inside Beyonce. She’d licked Beyonce’s asshole so well that she was plenty lubed up and Stacy was easily able to slide two of her slim, sexy fingers inside the singer.

The penetration brought an immediate sharp cry of ecstasy from Beyonce.

“Ooooooooooh yessssss mmmmmmm finger that asshole blondie!” Beyonce urged. “Fucking jam those fingers up my tight ass! Ooooooh you lucky bitch! Fingerbang the ass everyone’s fucking drooling for! Yeahhhhhhhhhh take my famous ass with your fucking bitch fingers! Ooooooh I’m gonna do your ass soooo good right back Stacy! I’m gonna take that pretty pink ass of yours and make it mine! “

There had been so many times when she’d been with men when Stacy had cut them off from fucking her ass. Her ass got too much attention at times. The men she was with were sometimes less interested in her pussy than they were in driving into her ass. Stacy loved anal sex, but she wanted her pussy to be loved too! So she often froze out their requests to fuck her ass.

But with girls Stacy refused them nothing. If any of them wanted her ass, they could have it. She was more than willing to give her hole up to Beyonce and whatever she wanted to do with it, especially since Jennifer was driving her wild from her tongue.

“Yeahhhhhhh make my bitch ass yours!” Stacy begged. “Ooooooh Jen is licking me so fucking nice! Ughhhhhh more Jen more! Fucking lick and spit into my little slut butthole! Ooooooh gawwwwd everyone always wants my ass and I love giving it to you beautiful sluts! Mmmmm Beyonce, I want you to take my ass next! Fuck it right after Jen licks it!”

Even as she begged for her own pleasure, though, Stacy was falling into a good rhythm and was able to concentrate on getting Beyonce off. With one hand spreading the singer’s cheeks open and the other driving her fingers into her hole, Stacy finger fucked Beyonce hard. She fingered Beyonce’s ass with as much energy as she could muster, gripping her exquisite ass and massaging the dark cheeks with her pale hand.


Jennifer, meanwhile, had the amazing view of Beyonce’s body as it lurched on all fours in front of Stacy. She was kneeling behind Stacy, massaging the blonde’s bare ass while she licked her hole, sexily teasing and tantalizing it with her tongue it without actually going wild yet. Jennifer wanted to wait. She wanted Stacy to get Beyonce off first before she had her fun. And Jennifer couldn’t wait to really give it to Stacy’s perfect, pink ass.

It was so hot to see Beyonce shaking and screaming as she looked up from behind Stacy’s ass. It was just making Jennifer hornier and hornier to get her tongue and fingers after Stacy’s tight hole. Jennifer loved having her ass fucked and she felt confident she knew just how to do it right back to a sexy girl. Mmmm she’d taken Stacy’s ass before, but she wanted it again and again as she wetly rimmed her hole.

The girls were all so into each other that none of them heard the doors open and close again. But that was of no matter as the fourth member of their pairing announced her return with great fanfare.

“Look at you fucking sluts!” Rose grinned. “I leave you alone for five minutes and you forget all about me! Looks like I need to remind you all that no one fucks better than Rose!”

Stacy didn’t let up a bit as she fingered Beyonce, but Jennifer paused her licking to turn around and acknowledge her housemate.

“Awww don’t be mad,” Jennifer said, her eyes growing wide with lust again as she saw what her friend was wearing. “After all, you told me to act like you and I know you would have wanted to make sure these two naughty girls got fucked silly.”

“Welllllll you have me there,” Rose admitted with a laugh. “Mmmm but now I have to show these two girls what fucking is all about. Or shall I say we have to show them. So time out girls. It’s time for us to have some fun too.”

Not wanting to cross her new housemates before she even moved in, Stacy reluctantly pulled her fingers out of Beyonce’s ass, which got a quite disappointed singer vocalizing her displeasure in no time.

“Nooooooooo! Don’t stop!” Beyonce wailed. “Please don’t stop Stacy! You were fucking my ass so good! Get your fingers back in there you bitch! C’mon Barbie! Fuck my tight ass!”

“Oh stop whining you big baby,” Rose playfully teased, giving Beyonce’s bare booty a smack. “You’re gonna get fucked better than any tiny fingers could ever do!”

Beyonce loved the sound of that promise and she turned her head, hoping that meant what she thought it did. As soon as she saw what Rose was wearing she immediately smiled.

“Ohhhh fuck yesssss mmmmmm you brought Mr. Snappy!” Beyonce moaned in delight when she saw the strap on attached to Rose’s otherwise naked body. “Fuck me Rose! Fuck my slut ass with that big, fucking cock! Oooooh Shawn wishes his cock was like yours! Always hard and ready to fuck dirty sluts like me!”

But as bad as Beyonce wanted Mr. Snappy inside her, and she wanted it bad because each time Rose fucked her left her craving it more than ever, she wasn’t the only one aching for the long, thick strap on.

“No! Fuck ME with Mr. Snappy!” Stacy greedily demanded. “My tight ass hasn’t gotten a good fucking in so long Rose! Take me hard and deep! Ooooooh I fucking love it when you jam that inside me and make me a howling little bitch for your cock! Pound me with your toy Rose! I need it so fucking bad!”

Rose laughed as her pussy trembled under her toy at the thought of these two beautiful girls catfighting over the right to have her toy inside them. They had seemed to be best friends a moment ago, but Rose loved how the prospect of getting Mr. Snappy could easily turn them into bitter rivals, yanking at each other’s hair and baring their claws like tigresses for the privilege of being fucked by her.

Of course Rose much preferred loving to fighting, especially since everyone there was already more than horny enough. Fortunately she had planned for this and there was a compromise literally well within her hands.

“Oh my, what a hard choice to make,” Rose purred seductively as she eyed the kneeling Beyonce and Stacy. “Two hot bitches begging to be fucked. Mmmm two wet, tight little pussies just aching to be loosened up. Ooooh and of course two perfect asses that are dying for a real deep dicking by a cock that’s never going to go soft. Two hot girls and just one Rose. What a predicament. Mmmm good thing there are two of you and two of us. And two hot, hard toys to go with us.”

Rose then revealed her surprise. She walked back toward the doors and picked up the shopping bag she had placed down there upon her return to poolside. The fancy bag could have been from the most exclusive boutique, but what was inside was nothing you could usually find on Rodeo Drive. With a wicked smile, Rose handed the bag to Jennifer and once the actress opened it a shocked, bit aroused smile covered her face.

“For me?” Jennifer asked as she eyed the present inside the bag.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Rose confirmed. “Put it on Jen. Time’s a wasting. If you wait any longer these girls are going to explode from waiting.”

Jennifer was a little slow in reacting because she was both stunned and touched by Rose’s gift. She finally reached in and pulled her present out by the harness. While most of the girls in the mansion had their own personal toys, Jennifer had never owned a strap on before. Now it looked like that had changed.

“It’s so big…” Jennifer marveled as she dropped the bag to the ground and instead got both hands on her new toy, holding it up by the black harness with one hand and caressing the shaft with the other.

“Not Snappy big, but consider it it’s little brother,.” Rose said. “Now put it on sweetie. I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to give this to you. I wanna see how hot you look with it on.”

Though she was usually the one on the receiving end of sex toys, Jennifer wasn’t new to being the one giving it hard to a willing, wet female with a strap on. So she didn’t need any instruction on how to get it on her body.

Jennifer pulled it up her legs and tightened the harness so it fit perfectly around her waist. As she did this, Jennifer saw Rose rubbing her naked tits with one hand and rubbing Mr. Snappy with the other one. It was like she was jerking off for her and that not only turned on Jennifer even more, it had the same effect on Beyonce and Stacy.

“Ooooooh two hard cocks!” Beyonce squealed. “Now you can fuck both of us! Just don’t make us wait any longer! We’re so fucking ready for this!”

Their little spat over which one of them got Rose to fuck them first immediately forgotten, Stacy joined Beyonce in her wishes.

“Yeah give it to us both! Ughhh we’re both such fucking sluts for you girls!” Stacy urged. “Fuck us like the sluts we are! Each of you pick one! God, I can’t wait another second for it! Mmmmm I got so goddamn wet acting like Beyonce’s dirty little Barbie doll ass slut!”

That got a raised eyebrow out of Rose and Jennifer just shrugged her shoulders, saying without words that she’d explain it all to her later. Rose accepted that explanation and instead concentrated on how good Jennifer looked naked except for a strap on dangling from between her sexy legs.

“Mmmmm you look gorgeous Jen,” Rose said with admiration as she embraced her housemate and kissed her, rubbing both their tits and their toys together. “Ooooh if I didn’t have Snappy on me, I’d be spreading my legs for you to sink that dick of yours inside me in a heartbeat. But we can play that game later. Right now we have two horny bitches that need good fucking.”

“Oh we definitely do,” Jennifer moaned, turning her head to eye the horny, waiting pair of Beyonce and Stacy while Rose began stroking her cock. Even though there was no way she could really feel Rose’s hand on her new toy, it was as if she could and the vision inside her of how good Rose’s soft hand would feel on her cock was enough to make Jennifer shiver.

But Jennifer forced herself to focus on Beyonce and Stacy and not on Rose’s wonderful touch.

“We can’t fuck these girls if they’re not in the right position, though,” Jennifer pointed out. “So let’s get to it girls. As you were. On your hands and knees. That’s if you really do want to get fucked. Cause if you don’t I’m sure we could go back inside and find ourselves some girls who really do want to feel our toys inside them.”

That threat, even though it was clearly all bluster, was more than enough to get Beyonce and Stacy moving. Before Jennifer’s words were even done filling their ears, they were scrambling to get into position. In the time it took for Rose and Jennifer to blink, the girls were on their hands and knees, pushing their asses up into the air and mewing to be fucked by their toy wearing lovers.

Stacy and Beyonce presented their bare backsides to Rose and Jennifer. Both of them were aching to be penetrated. Their pussies were dripping wetness and this position gave Rose and Jennifer perfect views of both of their waiting, willing holes. Stacy and Beyonce turned their faces back toward the mansion girls with masks of lust completely over their pretty faces showing how they couldn’t wait one more second.

“Which one do you want?” Rose asked Jennifer. “Pick one. I’ll take the other.”

That was an extremely difficult choice, but Jennifer didn’t hesitate.

“I want Beyonce,” Jennifer answered. “You were turning me on the way you were making Stacy your slut. Mmmm you definitely deserved to get fucked.’

“That means you’re mine Stacy,” Rose grinned as she and Jennifer advanced on their lovers. “You get Snappy right up that tight little cunt of yours. You ready Stacy? You ready to get fucked?”

“Oooooh God! I’m so fucking ready!” Stacy cried. “Fuck me! Fuck my little, tight cunt with your huge cock Rose!”

Rose was about to do just that, when Jennifer stopped her.

“Wait…lube…we need lube,” Jennifer pointed out. She wanted to give it hard to these girls, but she definitely didn’t want to make it hurt.

“Shit, I forgot,” Rose cursed as she blushed a little at her mistake. It was always the little things that tripped you up and she didn’t want to waste more time by running back inside to get it.

But fortunately there was an easy solution right there in front of them and Rose noticed it.

“Mmmm but we don’t even need it,” Rose said as she eyed the two weeping wet slits in front of her and Jennifer. “These little sluts have plenty of the best kind of lube for us. The all natural kind too. God, these pussies are so fucking wet we don’t even need lube!”

“Yeahhhhhhh you don’t need it! Just fuck us!” Beyonce urged. “Fuck us hard! Mmmmm fuck us deep! Fuck our wet pussies good! Oooooh we’re both so fucking wet you don’t need any lube at all! We’ll make your cocks all creamy and wet! Just please don’t make us wait! Give it to us! Fuck us!”

“Is this what you want Beyonce?” Jennifer asked as she got behind the singer and rubbed the head of the toy against her slit She was still getting used to having this toy on her and she was taking it a little slow. “You want me to fuck you with this?”

“God yesssssssss,” Beyonce begged as she rubbed herself back against the toy, trying to coax it inside her. “Fuck me Jen! Fuck me hard!”

Beyonce’s pleadings were cut off, though, by the sharp cry of ecstasy right next to her from Stacy’s mouth.

“AHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS!” Stacy cried as Rose didn’t bother with any niceties and just pushed Mr. Snappy inside her. “FUCK ME!!! OOOOOH GOD!!! JAM THAT COCK IN ME AND FUCKING FILL ME UP WITH IT!!! TAKE MY PUSSY!!! OOOOOOOH FUCK IT HARD WITH MR. SNAPPY, ROSE!!!”

“Oh yeahhhh if you wanna live here you gotta take Mr. Snappy like a good little girl!” Rose grunted as she grabbed onto Stacy’s hips and thrust more of her strap on inside her. “Mmmmm your pussy feels so fucking hot wrapped around my cock! Oooooh you’re so nice and tight Stacy! Such a tight little, pink pussy! Mmmm I’m gonna love fucking you raw every night now that you’re here!”

“Yesssssssssss fuck me every night!” Stacy exclaimed happily as Rose built a hard, steady rhythm with her thrusts inside her. “Fuck me every fucking day too! Oooooh whenever you want my pussy it’s yours Rose! Ughhhhh you fuck sooooooooo fucking good with Mr. Snappy!”

Jennifer was so enraptured by the sight of Rose fucking Stacy doggie style right next to her, Rose’s hard thrusts making the leggy blonde shake in ecstasy. She just loved seeing her friend in action. Rose was raw sex personified. It was such an entrancing sight that she almost forgot that she was supposed to be doing something here too. But fortunately, Beyonce made sure to remind her.

“Fuck me Jen! I need it! God, I fucking need it so bad!” Beyonce desperately pleaded. “Fuck me with that big, fake cock! I wanna be the first girl to feel it inside her! Oooooh my pussy’s gotten so fucking tight again since the last time I was here and I need it to get loosened up again!”

“Hey!” Jennifer declared with a playful slap to Beyonce’s bare butt cheek. “I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready!”

Grinning from ear to ear as she felt a rush of sexual power pump through her veins, Jennifer then waited a long, agonizing moment.

“Ok, I’m ready now,” Jennifer laughed and without another word she used her hands to spread open Beyonce from behind while penetrating her cunt with the head of her toy.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss!” Beyonce grunted passionately as her whole body was gripped with the sweet ecstasy of Jennifer penetrating her feminine folds. “Fuck me Jen! Don’t be gentle! Fuck my pussy hard!’

“Ooooh!” Jennifer squealed as the nub on her end of the toy rubbed right against her already swollen clitoris. “God! You are fucking tight Beyonce!”

“Yeahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh too fucking tight!” Beyonce wailed as her ass cheeks jiggled from the growing force of Jennifer’s penetrating thrusts into her from behind. “Gawwwwwwd the only time I can get myself fucked is when I’m here! Only you girls know what I need! You all know how to treat a woman right! Fuck me Jen! Harder! HARDER YOU NASTY BITCH!!!”

Beyonce’s sudden burst of horny energy at the end got just what the singer was looking for. Jennifer had been slowly building up strength in her thrusts as she grew accustomed to her new toy, but the sound of Beyonce’s demanding voice got her skipping over the slow progression and instead kicking things up a notch right away.

“Yeah? You want it harder? I’ll fucking give it to you harder!” Jennifer carnally snarled as she thrust her new toy roughly into Beyonce doggie style, forcing open her tightness and making the sweaty singer gasp and scream in ecstasy.


“What does this tell you?’ Jennifer asked as she took a page out of Rose’s book and grabbed Beyonce by her hair. She fashioned the clump of dark curls into a crude ponytail and yanked on it hard. She loved having her own hair pulled when she was being fucked hard like this and she guessed Beyonce would love it too.

She guessed right.


Beyonce was surprising both Jennifer and Rose with her ferocity that day. They had seen her worked up before, but never like this. Something was definitely making her feel this way, but they didn’t even begin to guess. Whatever it was, it was all working out well for them. A hotter, hornier Beyonce Knowles was always a good thing, especially when she had an equally hot, horny girl right next to her on her hands and knees.


“Oh you dirty fucking bitch, you’re still fucking guys?” Rose chastised by thrusting harder into Stacy and slapping her ass as she drove into her. “Not anymore! No boys allowed in the mansion! Remember that Stacy! If you’re gonna live here, then guys don’t get this tight little cunt of yours anymore! Only girls!”


“Hey! Don’t you tell me how to fuck!” Rose laughed as she smacked Stacy’s ass again, making the pink, toned cheeks shake and get flushed with the force of her slaps. “You just bend over and take this cock you little slut! Oooooooh that’s it Stacy! Good girl! Back up onto my cock! Yeahhhhhhhh stick out that perfect ass of yours! Show me how much you love it when I spank that tight fucking butt! Scream out how much you love my huge cock buried inside you!”


Rose grinned as she thought how Stacy was setting the bar pretty high for herself with that statement. She did love hearing Stacy promise no more boys. Rose adored hearing girls promise eternal Sapphic devotion even if it wasn’t as ironclad a rule as it had been before. God, even she’d taken a real cock recently. Not that she’d ever do it again….she thought at least.

But that was something to think about another day. Right now the only cocks Rose wanted to think about were the ones strapped onto her and Jennifer. They had Stacy and Beyonce side by side at poolside, the sparkling, clean water right in front of them as they drove into their willing lovers.

Since they were so close, Jennifer couldn’t resist showing some love to her housemate and, while she continued to energetically fuck Beyonce, she turned and planted a wet, sexy kiss right on Rose’s lips.

Rose didn’t take but a second to respond. She kissed Jennifer right back and opened her mouth so their tongues could rub together. Keeping one hand on Stacy’s hip for leverage, Rose lifted the other one up to get it on Jennifer’s bare chest. Jennifer’s tits were shaking from the thrusting she was doing into Beyonce and Rose captured her friend’s bouncing breasts in her hand to massage them.

Jennifer moaned into Rose’s mouth from the welcomed touch and returned the favor. She got one hand off Beyonce and onto Rose’s tits. Jennifer felt Rose up just as her friend was doing to her. Jennifer ran her hand all over Rose’s shaking pale tits and right onto her pink nipples, going back and forth pinching and playing with them to make sure they swelled up nice and full.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh play with my tits!” Rose groaned in between tongue kisses as she and Jennifer both kept their hard paces on Stacy and Beyonce. “Mmmm yeahhh you were staring at those tits before when I was swimming and now you can play with them Jen! Mmmmm yeahhhh squeeze them while I’ve got my hand on yours too!”

The two girls continued kissing and grabbing each other’s breasts like horny teenagers looking for their first grope under the prom queen’s shirt. But they didn’t cool down a bit in what they were doing to the bent over pair of horny girls in front of them. Both Rose and Jennifer were skilled sexual multitaskers and they drove in hard to their lovers as sweat started to drip from their bodies and fall onto Beyonce and Stacy’s bare backs.

For their part, Stacy and Beyonce were getting into each other in just the same way. They were so close to each other that all Stacy had to do was turn her head to the right and she would have been face to face with Beyonce. The two girls fell right into a horny tongue kiss. Beyonce and Stacy massaged each other’s tongues as they kissed over and over again, trading saliva while moaning uncontrollably.

They were being taken hard from behind and loving every thrust they got. Beyonce’s soft, round breasts were bouncing wildly as Jennifer fucked her and Stacy longed to bury her face in her new friend’s chest and have those great tits slap her face over and over again. She had loved acting all naughty with Beyonce’s ass before and the thought of those beautiful black tits slapping her blonde, white girl face was enough to make her close her eyes as ecstasy came close to overwhelming her.

The only thing that brought Stacy out of the little trance she was working herself into was Beyonce’s hand reaching up to grab at her smaller chest. Stacy had never gotten implants unlike so many of her fellow WWE Divas which meant she didn’t have the massive chests of so many of her friends. But she loved her perky little titties and so did the girls she played with. Now it looked like Beyonce loved her firm rack as well.

“Oooooooh!” Stacy cooed as Beyonce reached up with one hand to play with her breasts as they shook from Rose’s hard, welcome thrusts into her from behind.

“Mmmmm I saw you staring at my boobs,” Beyonce groaned, her words coming out in gasps from the blissful state Jennifer’s thrusts were working her into. “I know you like them! I know you love staring at my bouncing black titties Stacy! Mmmm but I love your titties too girl! They look so fucking tasty! Like I could fit them all the way in my mouth and suck them like a nasty girl! Ughhhh I know it’s crazy and I never met you before today, but you’re making me so wild for your body! I’m so into you Stacy! Mmmmm girl, you and I are gonna play over and over again!”

“Yeahhhhhhh oooooooh I’m so into you too Beyonce!” Stacy immediately replied even as she moaned and gasped from Rose’s hard fucking, drool dribbling down her chin from all the pleasure. “I love being your blonde Barbie girl slut! I wanna do it again so many times!”

The two girls then resumed kissing. Beyonce and Stacy explored each other’s mouths with their wet, probing tongues. They could feel their bodies getting right on the verge of orgasm and they knew the other felt the same way. It would only be a matter of seconds before they were both coming. They were sure of it. But neither Beyonce nor Stacy were counting on Rose’s impulsive side.

“Let’s switch!” Rose suddenly declared, catching not only Beyonce and Stacy by surprise, but Jennifer as well.

“Huh? Seriously?” Jennifer asked. She’d loved fucking Beyonce and had gotten into a great rhythm on the singer.

“Mmmmhmm,” Rose confirmed with a smile. “I don’t wanna be greedy and just have one girl get Mr. Snappy. Besides you gotta spread the love around. All of us do.”

Rose then kissed Jennifer again passionately, silencing any possibly argument from her housemate. Not that there would have been much of one anyway. Jennifer had no problem getting horny for the idea of fucking Stacy Keibler.

Once the kiss broke, Rose wetly pulled Mr. Snappy out of Stacy, leaving the plastic shaft coated in the blonde’s sticky essence. Jennifer did the same to Beyonce, her new toy covered in girl juice, which made it glisten under the morning sun. They traded positions, but they also did it far too slowly for Beyonce and Stacy’s tastes. They had been so keyed up before and every second of waiting was agony for them.

“Noooo don’t make us wait!” Stacy whined. “God, I was so fucking close! I can’t wait another second!”

“Yeah! Don’t be mean!” Beyonce added. “We need this! We need to get fucked and come! Be nice! Fuck us!”

“Oh hush,” Rose replied as she set herself up behind Beyonce and had the singer purring in no time flat as she took Mr. Snappy, already slick with Stacy’s juices, and began sliding it between Beyonce’s butt cheeks, moving the hard plastic up and down as her buns sandwiched it. “I promise this is going to be worth it.”

As Jennifer settled in behind Stacy, Rose pressed on. She had done this with a purpose in mind.

“God, you girls were turning me on so much when you were licking each other’s asses,” Rose said. “I was watching you before I even told you I was there. Mmmm Stacy that pretty face of yours looked so fucking hot buried in Beyonce’s ass! Ooooh and Stacy I know how good Jennifer’s tongue feels on your ass! Mmmm she’s licked my hole so many times! I wanted both of your asses so much then and now I’m gonna get yours Beyonce! That tight little hole of yours is still wet with Stacy’s slut spit and my cock is all good and creamy now! Perfect conditions for assfucking if you ask me.”

Not surprisingly, there was immediate agreement with that assessment.

“Yesssss fuck me! Please fuck my ass!” Beyonce begged. “Stacy’s tongue licked me so good but I need to get fucked! Please Rose! Please fuck my ass with Mr. Snappy!”

“Your wish is my command,” Rose replied with a wickedly sexy smile before she leaned down, parted Beyonce’s butt cheeks to spread open her tightest hole and gave her an extra helping of spit.

Rose’s saliva struck right on Beyonce’s puckered hole, but the moan the singer made when she felt that was quickly overwhelmed by the scream of rapture that shot out of her mouth when Rose began to push the head of her strap on inside her.


Before Stacy had a chance to feel jealous about Beyonce getting fucked while she was left wanting, she was taken over by another sensation far better than envy. She gasped and squealed in pleasure as Jennifer grabbed onto her ass, spread her cheeks open and began easing the head of her toy into her hole.

“OOOOOOOOOH!!! OOOOOOOOH!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Stacy’s voice exclaimed with much approval. “Push that cock inside me Jen! Ughhhh yeahhhhh fuck my ass with the cock coated in Beyonce’s pussy! Ohhhhhhh God that’s so fucking nasty! Fuck me! Fuck my tight little bitch ass with that cum covered cock!”

“Yeah? Is this what you want?” Jennifer teasingly inquired as she began to slowly thrust into Stacy, letting her hole adjust to the size of the invading toy before she began to pick up strength. “More cock for your little hole?”


Jennifer grunted as she pushed harder into Stacy’s asshole. She’d never fucked a girl up the ass with a strap on before. She’d had it done to her countless times, but this was her first time on the other end and now she could see what Rose loved about it. It was such a rush to have another girl begging for you and shaking from your touch. Stacy’s asshole was nice and snug and Jennifer moaned repeatedly as the nub on her end rubbed against her clit. The more she pushed into Stacy, the better she felt.

Stacy’s head thrashed as she was fucked hard from behind. It was nothing but exquisite pleasure rushing through her naked body. Her hair went flying over her face, clinging to her sweaty forehead and draping down over her eyes. But with the next thrash of her head from Jennifer pounding into her backside, Stacy’s long, blonde hair would go flying again, never leaving her face covered for too long.


Damn right you are, Jennifer grinned and thought to herself as she gave Stacy an extra hard thrust for the compliment. Stacy’s ass was an amazing piece of human beauty. It was breathtakingly perfect and Jennifer was going to make damn sure she paid it plenty of loving attention as long as she and the leggy blonde lived together. Stacy might have felt she was lucky to live there, but Jennifer felt lucky to have her.

Beyonce was feeling pretty lucky too. She loved all of the girls there. She didn’t like to play favorites. But she also knew that when it came to using a toy, no one fucked like Rose. And now whatever anxiety she had with her when she arrived at the mansion, it was far removed from her mind as Beyonce felt her orgasm nearing from Rose’s hard, deep thrusts up her ass.


“Oh yeah nasty girl,” Rose grunted as her pale body glistened from the perspiration of her sexual exertion. “That’s what you fucking want huh? Nasty chocolate princess wants to go home to her big, bad gangsta boyfriend with a well fucked, gaping asshole! Oooooooooooh you dirty little bitch Beyonce! Fucking diva princess slut! Rose has what you want nasty girl! Rose has the big cock your tight princess asshole craves!”


This time Rose had no intention of stopping. Not for anyone or anything. She’d worn Mr. Snappy so many times now that it was like a part of her own body and her thrusts were in perfect synch with Beyonce’s needs. She knew how to use it like a master swordsman knew how to use a weapon. Rose was working herself into quite a state of heat fucking Beyonce’s ass doggie style and it was making her own orgasm near. But first Rose was going to make sure she finished her lover off.


Whatever was working Beyonce up that day, Rose desperately wanted to bottle it up and start passing it around to all her friends and fuck buddies. The girl was wild this morning and Rose was reaping all the benefits. She drove harder into Beyonce’s waiting ass, making the girl’s cheeks shake like it was an earthquake underneath them.

Rose took Beyonce passionately from behind, fusing her pale as ivory skin against Beyonce’s beautiful milk chocolate flesh and getting them both off in the process. Every hard thrust up into Beyonce’s asshole made Mr. Snappy’s nub rub against her clit and Rose’s fierce passion grew.

“Come for me Beyonce!” Rose commanded. “Come from me fucking this tight, black ass like you’re begging for! Nasty girl! Crawling over here like a whore cause your boyfriend can’t fuck you like you need! Getting your ass filled with the cock that never fucking goes soft! You fucking nasty bitch! Come from my cock shoved up your hole! Filling your bitch ass and making you mine! Mmmmm God, I love fucking this beautiful ass of yours! Every time I fucking see you, I just wanna bend you over and fucking nail this booty of yours!”


Rose knew that what Beyonce needed right then was more of Mr. Snappy. She knew full by then, after many years of practice, exactly how to give it hard to a girl without causing them any pain. It was a delicate balance, but Rose walked the fine line with ease. She pumped into Beyonce’s jiggling ass with all she had, grunting and sweating onto the singer’s body as her own pleasure filled her pale, nude body.

That was just what Stacy needed too. Jennifer didn’t exactly have Mr. Snappy around her waist, but she was getting along just fine with his little brother. Stacy’s tight pink ass wrapped exquisitely around the dark plastic thrusting into her little hole and the blonde cried ferociously with every hard push inside. Stacy’s toned ass was nearly red from being spanked so much so Jennifer didn’t add any more to that. But she quickly realized another thing she could do with her free hand as she gave Stacy’s needy hole more of her virgin strap on.

“OHHHHHHH!!!” Stacy gasped loudly as Jennifer snaked her hand around to her front. She started rubbing Stacy’s untouched pussy, teasing her dripping slit and then slid two of her fingers inside the blonde.


“That’s just what I want!” Jennifer urged hotly while she continued to deep dick the tight, toned ass pressed against her. “Come for me Stacy! Come from my fingers up your snatch and my cock buried up your ass! You wanna be a slut? You wanna be one of us? Then you’d better come for me! Come for me nasty girl!”

Stacy followed with a series of cries barely detectable to human ears. If there had been any dogs around they probably would have been barking up a storm from the high pitched screams coming from Stacy Keibler’s mouth.

The leggy dancing queen was in complete rapture as she remained naked, on her hands and knees, at the edge of the mansion’s pool as Jennifer nailed her hard from behind. Stacy adored this position, especially if it was her ass getting fucked and especially if her ass was getting fucked by another woman.

The closer Stacy got to orgasm, the more noise she made and the higher pitched her screams got as well. Jennifer fingered and fucked her tight holes with gusto, gleefully fingering the girl’s sloppy, wet cunt while taking her ass and stuffing it full of her fake cock. Jennifer had never felt her heart pound this fast as adrenaline pumped through her veins. God, was it always like this? If the rush of fucking with a strap on was this intense Jennifer felt like she could easily turn into a Rose clone.

Jennifer took Stacy as hard as she could while Rose did the same to Beyonce. Both girls were crying out at the top of their lungs from being assfucked from behind and that just made them get it harder from the strap on wearing mansion residents. Both Beyonce and Stacy were right on the edge and, with Jennifer rubbing her plump clit between her fingers, Stacy was the one to explode first.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Stacy screamed as she started to come, her words coming out as garbled, incomprehensible messes of aroused syllables. “OHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Beyonce was just a step behind. She’d been holding herself back a little just to get the maximum amount of assfucking out of Rose, but when she saw Stacy let go, she did too. Beyonce didn’t want to be left alone without coming while Stacy was having all the fun.

“OHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTT!!!” Beyonce exclaimed as the pleasure seized her, tensing up her entire body before Rose gave her asshole one more hard thrust with Mr. Snappy. “AHHHHHHHH FUCK OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE YESSSSSSSSS COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! COMING FROM YOUR BIG COCK UP MY ASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Beyonce and Stacy screamed in orgasmic harmony as Rose and Jennifer didn’t shy away from giving it to them hard and fast while they came. Rose slapped her hands down on Beyonce’s ass cheeks as they jiggled so enticingly for her from the girl’s orgasm, spanking her while she screamed out her pleasure.

Jennifer didn’t dare do the same to Stacy’s already well spanked ass, but she did piston her fingers passionately into the blonde as she came, coating her thrusting digits with girl cum that quickly traveled its way down her hand and past her wrist.

While the two girls screamed in rapture, Rose and Jennifer fell into another kiss. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths and they closed their eyes while surrendering to the feel of the other’s soft lips.

By the time they opened their eyes again, Stacy and Beyonce were gasping for breath and moaning and drooling from their orgasms. Rose and Jennifer shared a twin grin of triumph over the exhausted states they’d reduced the two beautiful women to and they slowly withdrew their strap ons from their asses. They didn’t do it too roughly, in fact they extracted the toys with even more care than they’d first pushed them in and left Beyonce and Stacy still moaning.

“Don’t get all lazy on us now,” Rose laughed at the sight of the two normally composed women with saliva dripping down their chins and eyes that showed at least major portions of their brains were still dancing in paradise. “It’s time for us to have some fun. You don’t just get an assfucking and curl up and sleep. That’s not how it works here.”

Beyonce and Stacy shared a sexy giggle and leaned in to kiss each other, grinding their orgasmically sweaty bodies together, as they started to muster up their energy. As they did this, Jennifer was still in disbelief at how hot it had been to do that to these girls and how much she had enjoyed taking Stacy’s ass while Rose had taken Beyonce’s. It was then that Jennifer had an absolutely wicked idea and, before she could think about it a second more, it leapt off her lips.

“First they need to clean off our cocks,” Jennifer lustfully declared, grabbing roughly at her own tits as she said it. “Mmmm time for them to suck the cocks that just fucked their slut asses.”

“Ooooooh Jen you nasty bitch! I love it!” Rose gleefully replied. “I love when you get nasty Jen! You heard her sluts! Open wide!”

Beyonce and Stacy’s orgasmic afterglows left them in very agreeable states and they were more than ready to get nasty for the women who had made them feel so good. The two girls kneeled in front of their lovers and leaned down to get a taste. God, this was so naughty and both of them knew it, but they didn’t care. It was too fucking hot to think twice about.

Beyonce’s lips teased the head of Mr. Snappy and Stacy’s tongue darted out to get the first taste of Jennifer’s strap on after it had been jammed up her willing ass. They were a bit shy at first, but neither was a stranger to giving head and the raw sexuality of the depraved act overcame them as Beyonce and Stacy opened their mouths. They sucked in the strap ons and began going down on them, tasting their own asses as they wetly took them into their mouths.

Rose started to moan from the sight of Beyonce Knowles going ass to mouth on Mr. Snappy, but Jennifer surprised her again by stopping things.

“Uh uh, don’t just taste your own asses,” Jennifer said. “Taste each other’s. Mmmm Beyonce you suck my cock while Stacy you suck Mr. Snappy.”

“Ooooooh even better,” Rose laughed before giving Jennifer a wet kiss as a reward for her dirty mind.

“Gawwwwwd sooooo nasty,” Beyonce moaned, but she didn’t hesitate. She crawled over on her hands and knees like the happy little slut she was over to Jennifer as the Friends star stood up and presented her strap on to her. The toy was now wet with Stacy’s saliva and no one had to tell Beyonce where it had just been, but she went for it anyway with nary a second thought.

Beyonce opened her mouth and let Jennifer slide in the cock that had just assfucked Stacy. Beyonce closed her lips around it and was soon bobbing her head up and down the thick plastic as she closed her eyes from the overwhelming nastiness that made her love it so. Beyonce sucked Stacy’s ass right off the cock as the blonde beauty kneeled in front of Rose to do the same.

“Mmmmm Mr. Snappy is sooooo big,” Stacy cooed in appreciation as she ran her hand over the shaft. “I want it in my mouth! Make me suck it Rose! Make me taste Beyonce’s delicious ass all over your cock!”

“Get to sucking you nasty little fuck slut,” Rose groaned, her own pussy juicing up almost uncontrollably under her toy as she pressed her hand to the back of Stacy’s blonde head and pushed her in.

Stacy closed her eyes and sucked Mr. Snappy into her mouth. She let it slide into her and she wetly began to slurp at it, relishing another chance to taste Beyonce’s ass as well as taste the pussy juice left over from when Rose had been fucking her. The tastes mixed together in her mouth and Stacy moaned from the wonderful sensations it created inside her. Even though she had just come, she was still on fire with lust as she gave head to Mr. Snappy with wet slurping noises.

“Oooooh a wet little cocksucker, aint ya?” Rose taunted. “Mmmm nasty girl! Suck that dick! Suck the big dick that was just fucking your friend’s hot ass! Nasty little slut! Mmmmm get my cock all wet tasting that yummy ass! Oooooh you sure loved eating that juicy ass before and now you’re sucking it off my cock! That’s it Stacy! That’s it!”

As she sucked on Rose’s toy, Stacy got another reward. Beyonce was right next to her again and reached between her legs to play with her pussy. Stacy moaned in pleasure from Beyonce’s fingers toying with her sensitive folds and she reached in between Beyonce’s legs to do the same to her. Both girls rubbed each other’s pussies as they gave head to the toys that had just fucked the other.

It had been soooo long since Beyonce had given anyone head, but she hadn’t forgotten it. It was actually the first time she had given it to a strap on before, but, to her mind, Jennifer was more worthy of getting her fake cock sucked than any man with a real one had ever been. Beyonce wanted to make her feel so good and she got more and more into tasting Stacy’s ass on the toy with every slurp into her moaning mouth.

Beyonce stared up at Jennifer with wide, lustful eyes as she sucked her strap on, letting the actress fuck her face. She choked a little on the ass covered strap on, but didn’t let it phase her a bit. She just sucked away while staring up at Jennifer moaning and playing roughly with her bare tits.

But as hot and stimulating as it was to see Stacy and Beyonce suck their toys, Rose and Jennifer needed something more. It was making them so wet to see the girls go ass to mouth, but they needed more if they were going to come and they knew it. So Rose whispered into Jennifer’s ear and got a nod from her before they pulled away from the two beautiful, kneeling celebrity cocksuckers.

“Time for us to give you nasty girls something sweeter to taste,” Rose declared as she and Jennifer lay down on the ground and spread their legs, leaving the fake cocks dangling lewdly. “Get them off us and get your tongues to work.”

No one had to spell out to Stacy and Beyonce what work was expected of their tongues and they obeyed immediately. Their mouths were still wet from sucking the strap ons and they were famished for something softer and sweeter. They went after the girl they had just been giving head to, Stacy with Rose and Beyonce with Jennifer, and quickly set to work removing the toys.

Both girls fumbled with their hands a little as they tried to get the harnesses undone while also kissing all over the creamy thighs of Rose and Jennifer. The feel of their wet, eager lips on their flesh worked up the two women even more and Rose and Jennifer resumed making out, playing with each other’s tits as they tongue kissed.

Eventually though Beyonce and Stacy got the toys off and pulled them down their lover’s bodies. They both gasped when they saw how creamy the two girls’ pussies were. They were both like little pink waterfalls of feminine arousal and the scent of the intoxicating pussy perfume tickled Beyonce and Stacy’s nostrils.

“Hey! Less staring and more licking!” Rose teasingly snapped as she broke off another kiss from Jennifer. “If you like our pussies so much take a fucking picture, but get licking!”

“Yeahhhhh lick us!” Jennifer urged. “We got so fucking wet giving you those dicks! Now you gotta make us feel good! Lick our pussies! Make us come now!”

Not needing to be told twice to snap to it, Beyonce and Stacy dove in for their morning meal. Beyonce buried her dark face between Jennifer’s legs to start sucking on her weeping slit and Stacy lashed her tongue wickedly at Rose’s cunt, lapping up her leaking juices and making the naked sex goddess even wetter.

“Ooooooooh fuck! Oh yeahhhhhhhh that’s it Stacy!” Rose groaned. “Ooooh you were showing off those hot cocksucking skills before but now you gotta remind me that you know how to eat pussy! Fuck yessssssss! Mmmmm lick up that cum you starving little slut! Taste all my juicy fucking pussy’s got for you! Jam that tongue inside me! AHHHHHHHHHH! Fuck yeahhhhhh! That’s it! Tongue fuck my cunt Stacy! Show me you belong here with us! Mmmmm show me how pussy hungry a little slut like you gets!”

Stacy wasn’t just hungry for Rose’s pussy, she was starved for it. She went after Rose’s pussy like her tongue was possessed. She wanted to prove she belonged here. This place was so incredible that she never, ever wanted her new housemates to think for even a second that they’d made the wrong choice in letting her move in.

Meanwhile Beyonce was going after Jennifer with just as much fervor. She sucked on the woman’s tender, puffy pussy lips and made her moan and scream with pleasure. Just as she’d done when she’d been sucking the toy, Beyonce stared up at Jennifer as the actress lay back completely stripped of all clothing and inhibition.

Beyonce dined on her sweet, creamy pussy like it was her last meal. She licked and slurped away at Jennifer’s pink, soft folds as the actress spread her legs even wider and pressed down on Beyonce’s head.

“Mmmmmmm God yeahhhhh ooooooooh lick it Beyonce!” Jennifer ordered. “Lick my pretty pussy! Mmmm fucking kiss it and lick it and suck it! Ughhhhhh just make it feel good! Oooooh goddamn you and Stacy made me so fucking wet! The two of you acting so nasty! Mmmmm now it’s my turn to come! Make it happen Beyonce! Make me fucking come you dirty girl!”

“Yeahhhhhh I’m sooooooooo dirty,” Beyonce mumbled, her mouth full of Jennifer’s pussy as she kept her mouth at work. “Mmmm and this pussy is so fucking sweet! You’ve got such a yummy pussy Jen and I’m the dirty girl that’s gonna suck it dry!”

Beyonce then proved she wasn’t all talk with her promise. Keeping her lips latched to Jennifer’s splayed, pink pussy, Beyonce slurped the juice into her mouth and greedily gulped it down. She sucked on Jennifer’s folds and then worked over her clit with her lips, kissing it and teasing it with her tongue before latching onto the tender bud and sucking it.

“OHHHHHH!” Jennifer cried, her hand pressing down harder on the back of Beyonce’s head as she fucked the singer’s face, smearing her dripping juices all over her lips and chin. “MMMMM MORE BEYONCE MORE!!! OOOOOOH FUCKING EAT THAT PUSSY!!! AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS SHOW ME WHAT A NASTY GIRL YOU ARE! SHOW ME WHY YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT BABY!!!”

Beyonce sucked passionately on Jennifer’s clitoris, loving how sticky her face was getting from the thrust of Jennifer’s pussy against it. She was so happy she’d come here today. Even if it hadn’t been for this reason it was still a wonderful bonus. God, she never wanted this ecstasy to end.

As she sucked on Jennifer’s clit, Beyonce kept staring up at her. She watched with lust as Jennifer sucked on her own fingers. Beyonce knew those must have been the ones she had earlier used on Stacy and Jennifer appeared to love the snack she was feeding herself. That made Beyonce eager for a little finger play of her own, but she didn’t tend to her own pussy. Instead she reached up to start rubbing Jennifer’s pussy while she sucked it, working her over with her fingers and making the girl even wetter and louder.

But almost as soon as Jennifer’s aroused cries from Beyonce’s lips and fingers started, they were quieted by Rose clamping her lips down against hers in another kiss. Rose hungrily kissed Jennifer, sucking the screaming girl’s tongue as she resumed playing with her tits, squeezing Jennifer’s firm, mounds of pink flesh and reaching down to tug on her tanned nipples.


“Yesssssss come for her,” Rose urged with a horny hiss of her own as Stacy kept tongue fucking her, lapping up her delicious juices and swiping her talented tongue against her clit. “Soak that pretty face in cum! Do it Jen! Mmmmm cream the face of the dreamgirl diva slut! Oooooh make that pretty face on the movie posters all sticky with girl cum! Make this slut all pretty for the pornos she should be starring in! Do it Jen! Fucking come!”

Rose said this and then dove in for Jennifer’s tits. She released the soft, bouncing mounds from her hands and attacked them with her mouth. She showered Jennifer’s breasts with kisses and licks and then went after her nipples. Trapping one swollen tip between her lips, Rose sucked on it and teased it to maximum satisfaction. Rose knew how Jennifer liked it and then went after the other one, tending to both nipples as her friend started to lose it.

They had both gotten themselves close to coming just from fucking Stacy and Beyonce and this was more than what they needed to get the rest of the way there. Rose didn’t mind Jennifer coming first. This wasn’t a race and she was happy to help her friend feel pleasure.


Beyonce did indeed gulp away at the flowing orgasmic release Jennifer was feeding her. The singer’s face was fused to Jennifer’s pink flesh, her lips latched to her creaming cunt and her nose pressed to the shaved flesh where the touch of a razor earlier that morning had left nary a sign of the furry brown bush that had once been there.

Stacy was in the exact same position, tonguing away at Rose’s pussy. Her lips were fused to Rose’s pussy and her nose pressed against Rose’s soft, neat bush of dark fur. For reasons known only to her, as the rest of her housemates had let Michelle shave their pussies bald, Rose had always kept her trimmed little triangle of dark curls. But Stacy didn’t mind. She loved how they tickled her as she lapped at Rose’s drooling wetness.

Jennifer was coming down from her orgasmic high and Stacy was doing everything she could to work Rose into the same state. She tongue fucked Rose’s cunt with all her energy and then got back to her new housemate’s throbbing clitoris.

Rose’s clit was so swollen and ready to explode that Stacy had it quivering with just a light kiss. But when she got her lips around it and sucked on it with all the skill she had developed after years of nights on the road fucking her fellow WWE Divas silly, she sent Rose off like a firecracker.


Rose screamed out in orgasm and this time it was Jennifer’s turn to give her a muffling kiss. Jennifer caressed Rose’s flushed face with a gentle touch from her hand and sucked her tongue into her mouth. Rose’s orgasmic screams were sucked right down too as Jennifer gave her friend a series of sexy kisses while she came.

Stacy gulped down as much of Rose’s juices as she could and soon she was joined at this by Beyonce. The naked sex goddess of Malibu lurched and shook underneath them as they both tongued away at her flowing cream. Rose continued to come and scream into Jennifer’s mouth and soon Stacy and Beyonce were lost in another kiss of their own, tongue wrestling each other while sharing the tastes they had just licked out of Rose and Jennifer.

None of this looked to be cooling down anytime soon and Stacy had to wonder to herself with barely restrained glee that if this was all happening on her first morning here, how amazing were the rest of her days and nights at the mansion going to be like?

* * * * *

The morning, of course, wasn’t just restricted to Malibu. All over the state of California, people were starting their days. Many were already at work and others were stuck in traffic trying to get there.

However there were also those blessed ones that didn’t have to worry about clocking in at nine and could linger in their mornings as much as they wanted to. They didn’t have to worry about work or school or anything except doing whatever it was that they desired.

That’s how it was in Malibu at the mansion and also for two of the mansion’s most frequent visitors. Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst had just visited the mansion again last night for the festivities to say goodbye to Christina and the married couple was starting off their morning in their bed in quite the similar fashion to how they’d spent their evening in Malibu.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh God! Ohhhhh Kirsten! Yesssss lick right there!” a happy, feminine voice cried from the bed. “Oooooooooh eat my pussy! Ahhhhhhhhh God nothing feels as good as your mouth on my wet pussy! Mmmmmm more! More Kirsten! Please gimmie more!!!”

That was hardly an unusual sentiment to hear in the bed Eliza and Kirsten shared. In many ways the married couple had never stopped their honeymoon and many mornings had started out just like this, with one thrashing in ecstasy on the bed from her wife’s tongue on her pussy. But there was one key difference in this morning’s activities.

The woman crying out her pleasure from Kirsten’s tongue lapping at her pussy wasn’t Eliza.

“Ooooooooh please don’t stop Kirsten! Don’t even slow down a bit! Mmmmm God just make me come again!” a nude Bryce Dallas Howard begged as she held Kirsten down by her blonde hair between her legs and energetically fucked her face. “I need this! I need it so fucking bad! Aghhhh it’s all I think about! All I fantasize about is fucking you two girls! I can’t fucking make it without you making me come again!”

Bryce was desperate for another orgasm, even though it would have already been her third. She was addicted and she knew it. But she didn’t care. She just wanted Kirsten and Eliza to touch her. She wanted them to kiss and touch and lick every naked inch of her body. She’d ducked away from her husband and their young son to be here. She had lied to them and said that she had an early meeting at her agent’s, but she pushed the guilt out of her mind. Bryce needed this pleasure too much to even think about denying herself.

As Kirsten’s tongue continued to skillfully lick her drooling pussy, drinking up her juices and making her clitoris ache for orgasm, Bryce writhed in ecstasy. The pleasure only increased when Eliza leaned in and kissed her. Eliza sucked on Bryce’s tongue when it reflexively shot into her mouth and reached down with her hands to massage the nude redhead’s bare breasts. The soft mounds were jiggling gently from Bryce’s shaking against Kirsten’s tongue and Eliza eagerly played with them while they kissed.

Eliza and Kirsten had planned to spend a quiet morning together, but that had definitely changed when Bryce had frantically called them from the freeway. She had to see them, she had explained. She couldn’t take no for answer. She needed them. She needed them now.

There had been many calls like that from Bryce since their first threesome together many months ago. The couple had even once returned from a night out to find Bryce camped out and waiting for them by their door, the desperately horny look they knew so well in her eyes. She would have waited all night for them and it had been impossible for Kirsten or Eliza to refuse her, especially since the sexy redhead had been waiting for them wearing a trench coat and nothing else. Once she’d opened the coat to reveal her sexy, alabaster flesh, Kirsten and Eliza hadn’t been able to get their clothes off fast enough either.

This morning Bryce had sounded even more desperate than usual for some loving over the phone and before Kirsten had even been able to get a word in edgewise, the redhead had been begging the couple to let her see them and play with them.

While Kirsten and Eliza hadn’t been expecting any visitors that morning, it wasn’t like they could turn her down. After all she had been nearly halfway there by the time she had called them. Plus they both liked Bryce. They loved her body and they loved how passionately she made love.

She was more than a little overeager at times, but that energy just fueled Eliza and Kirsten when the three of them got together. They fed off her enthusiasm and for girl sex and the happy couple took it as a great compliment that someone as beautiful as Bryce was as desperate as she was for their touch.

“Ooooooh oooooooooh gawwwwwwwwwwwwd!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssss!!!” Bryce cried as Eliza broke their kiss so she could lick and suck at her swollen red nipples and sensually massage her pale globes. “God! You two are so hot! You make me feel so good! So so so gooooooooood! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss more Kirsten morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre! Mmmmmmmm lick that pussy dry baby! Ohhhhhhhh God I need it so bad! I need your tongue on my pussy while your beautiful wife sucks my breasts! Ooooooooooooh Eliza! Mmmmmmm God make those nipples throb in your mouth! Oooooooh you both know how to make it feel so incredible! I can’t go two damn days without fucking you two!!!”

Bryce had been into women before she’d been brought into Kirsten and Eliza’s bed for the first time, but their amazing touch had turned a simmering desire for female love into a full blown need. Bryce had always been an open minded, liberal sort. She had never been shy about exploring anything, even her sexuality.

So it had been relatively easy for Judy Greer to seduce her that amazing night while they were off filming The Village. All it had taken was a little soft music, some wine and both of them relaxing enough to let their guards down. They had bonded as friends quickly during filming and Judy swore she hadn’t sought to seduce her, but just hadn’t been able to help herself.

Whatever the reason, Bryce had had her first experience with a woman that night with Judy. She had been nervous, but not hesitant and her friend had shown her all the ways women were more sensual and loving in bed than men were. Judy kissed and caressed away any lingering nerves and soon Bryce had been giving it back to her friend with growing enthusiasm, loving the sexy touch of another woman and how it made her feel.

Judy had been an amazing lover that night. She had gone down on her with such skill and tenderness, making her come over and over again and do all the things to her pussy with her tongue that no man had ever been able to accomplish before. But Judy hadn’t been done. She had turned Bryce over and dove in for what she had really wanted.

It turned out what Judy really savored on a woman was being able to lick their assholes and she had driven Bryce wild with her tongue that night. Before that night Bryce had never had an orgasm from having her ass touched, but Judy had emphatically changed all that, rimming her hole and making Bryce soar with ecstasy.

At first Bryce had just thought that her lesbianism had been an on-set fling for fun. She and Judy both liked men too and weren’t looking for any kind of relationship with the other. It had just been fun, hot sex and Bryce had been willing to leave it at that. But that had been before she’d met Kirsten.

Between the filming of The Village and Spiderman 3, Bryce had enjoyed a few hot nights with other women. She hadn’t been out seeking same sex love, but at the same time if the opportunity ever came to her, she hadn’t shied away from it. But it had all just been fun and games and Bryce had never pursued another woman…until the first day of Spiderman rehearsals when she’d met Kirsten.

Bryce had never felt the kind of instant attraction she’d ever felt for anyone before she met Kirsten. Just by look alone, Bryce had experienced a wave of desire that had made her knees weak and her heart pound. She wasn’t of any mind that this was love at first sight or anything. But it was definitely lust. She’d obviously seen Kirsten in movies before, but never in person until that moment and the friendly blonde beauty had taken her breath away.

There wasn’t one major thing about Kirsten that had so completely grabbed her. It was the entire package that had done it. Kirsten just seemed so sweet and sexy all at once that Bryce had felt her pussy get wet just from touching her hand when they had introduced themselves to each other. No one had ever made her feel that way before and Bryce had known right then that she had to have Kirsten.

Actually getting her, on the other hand, was the problem. For all her open mindedness, Bryce had never been too sexually aggressive a person. She had always been the one willing to be seduced, not the seductress. She knew she had to have Kirsten. She just didn’t know how to do it.

Despite them only having a couple of scenes together in Spiderman, Bryce made it her mission to hang out with the girl. They had bonded pretty quickly over the silliest thing. Kirsten was a natural blonde playing a redhead and Bryce was a natural redhead playing a blonde in the movie. While that might have been a weird way to build a friendship, it had worked. The two had become fast friends, building from that little connection to something more lasting.

They had a lot in common actually. They both had been acting since they were kids. They were both interested in art and music. They were passionate about similar social causes. They both knew Natalie Portman, though Bryce had no idea until later just how well Kirsten knew one of her oldest friends.

But the closer they became as friends, the more frustrated Bryce became that she couldn’t find the right way to try and turn them into lovers. By the time the movie was almost halfway done with her scenes, Bryce had become convinced she’d be over and done with her part before she ever found the courage to make a move on Kirsten.

She was afraid that Kirsten wouldn’t have been into girls and would reject her. One thing Bryce had never been before was spurned by a potential lover and she wasn’t eager to start that.

Bryce just hadn’t known how to make her move so she had gotten as close as possible to Kirsten while looking for any opportunity at all to make it clear just how much she liked her. Finally one night, Bryce had gone for broke. Her days on the set were growing short and she had known it was now or never. So she had gone up to Kirsten that day and told her they needed to talk about something really important and she wanted to do it that night.

Kirsten had been surprisingly eager to meet her that night alone in her hotel room and Bryce had been so relieved. She had been afraid that Kirsten would start peppering her with questions about what was so important. Kirsten hadn’t pressed her on anything, though. In fact, she had practically insisted Bryce meet her that night in her room where she had promised with a little sparkle in her eye that it would be “just us girls.”

Bryce had planned it all out. She knew she might have been a lousy seductress, but she figured she would be able to use that to her advantage. She had planned to come clean to Kirsten and confess her feelings. If Kirsten had been into it then that would have been great. And if she hadn’t, Bryce would at least have known that there was no use wondering “What if?” Bryce had just hoped that she wouldn’t surprise Kirsten too much with her true feelings.

Of course the surprise had been on her. Bryce had arrived that night at the hotel suite to find Kirsten waiting for her in a short bathrobe with a chilling bottle of champagne on ice. Before Bryce was barely inside the room, Kirsten had dropped the robe to expose her beautiful body in a tiny pink camisole that made her look so sexy that Bryce had nearly fainted in desire.

But that had only been the first surprise. The second one had been when Eliza had emerged from the bedroom in a matching blue camisole, kissed Kirsten passionately and asked her wife if she was going to introduce her or not.

So much had happened to make Bryce’s head spin that night. Not only was Kirsten married to a woman, but she had known all along how much Bryce was attracted to her. All she had been waiting for to make a move was the arrival in New York of her gorgeous wife so they could share. It was so much for Bryce to take in at once and when Kirsten had offered her some champagne she had quickly downed it and motioned for another.

Instead of more champagne, though, Kirsten and Eliza had given her something even better. They had helped her out of her clothes as they led her into the bedroom and given her what she had wanted so badly the whole time. And as amazing as it had felt to finally have Kirsten between her legs, softly kissing and licking at her pussy, Bryce had learned that nothing felt better than becoming part of a Kirsten/Eliza threesome.

They had made her feel so good that night. They had made her entire body shiver with intense sexual pleasure. From every strand of hair on her head, all the way to her toes, Bryce had felt amazing. She had never been more loved and felt more desire in her life than she had that night sandwiched between the two naked, married beauties.

Once, naturally, hadn’t been enough. Bryce had needed more. Eliza stayed the rest of the shoot and Bryce barely spent a night in her own bed after that. She was horny all the time for them and Kirsten and Eliza had more than enough energy to keep up with her. The girls were both so wild and Bryce felt so uninhibited around them. God, they had even confessed to her that they had already seduced two of the other beautiful girls in the cast and that they wanted her to join in all their fun.

The rest of the days and nights on the set had been nothing but blissful Sapphic ecstasy. Bryce’s pussy quivered with desire every time she thought back to that private, all girl wrap party she had indulged in with Kirsten, Eliza, Elizabeth Banks and Mageina Tovah. They had all been so naughty that night and gotten so wild.

All Bryce could think of when she’d seen the completed movie for the first time at the world premiere was how good it had felt that night to eat Elizabeth out while Mageina had used a strap on to fuck her pussy at the same time Eliza was fucking Mageina from behind with another strap on up her ass and Kirsten was riding Elizabeth’s beautiful face.

She had hooked up with Eliza and Kirsten again the next time they were all in California and now Bryce saw them as often as she could. She felt like she couldn’t control herself when she was with them and she liked that. She wanted them more each time she was with them and these days it felt like the only true sexual satisfaction she could find was in their bed.

“Ohhhhhh Godddddd ohhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd please more Kirsten! Please more!” Bryce cried out in desperate need.

She knew she was being greedy by wanting to come so many times, but she didn’t care. She needed this so bad. Bryce didn’t know when the next time would be when she could see these beautiful, amazing women again and she wanted it to last.

“Pleeeeeeeeeease don’t stop!” Bryce continued to beg as Eliza hungrily sucked on her heaving, alabaster tits. “Ohhhhhh God! I love how you lick my pussy Kirsten! Oooooh you do it so soft and tender, just how I like it! Godddddddddd you make me sooooo wet! Mmmmmmm I just wanna come and come and come over and over again all over your face and make it all so naughty and hot! Make me come again! Please Kirsten please! Keep licking my pussy until I come again!”

Bryce hadn’t been entirely greedy. She’d given as good as she’d gotten and her pretty, pale face was sticky with Kirsten and Eliza’s juices from when she’d gone down on them. Her red hair was even a little sticky with girl juice and all three of them looked forward to inevitably continuing this in the shower. But the score of orgasms was tilted heavily in Bryce’s favor. Not that any of them minded, though. Kirsten and Eliza both loved Bryce’s sweet pussy and never tired of tasting it.

While Bryce continued to writhe nakedly on the bed, grinding her ass into the already tussled bed sheets, Eliza couldn’t help but shift her eyes down to the woman between the redhead’s wildly splayed legs. Kirsten looked so beautiful and so intoxicatingly sexual as she ate Bryce out that Eliza had to stop sucking on the girl’s tits to properly enjoy the view.

Eliza knew it was cheesy to say that she fell a little bit more in love with her wife each day, but what the hell, she was going to say it anyway because it was the truth. Each day she woke up looking at her and each night she fell asleep in her arms, Eliza fell more in love with Kirsten. She had never felt anything like that for any man or any woman she’d ever been with before.

Before meeting Kirsten all those years ago, Eliza had never been the sort to believe in any kind of romantic love. It always seemed like something for suckers. Hell, she hadn’t even thought what she had for Kirsten at first was anything more than a wicked case of lust for her sweet, blonde co-star. But when she had realized the full extent of her feelings for her beloved, Eliza had embraced them and let them flourish inside her.

Now here they were, on the one hand sharing their bed with a beautiful woman and on the other hand planning a big, romantic renewal of the wedding vows they first shared in the middle of the night before a drunk minister in Jamaica. Eliza felt like she truly had it all and she’d never been happier in her life than she was then. She had love and she had a wife who shared the same lust for other girls that she had. Eliza didn’t need anything more than that to truly be happy.

If Kirsten had said at any moment that she wanted them to be monogamous and not sleep with any other girls, Eliza would of course have done that without a second thought. She wanted Kirsten more than any other girl and Eliza would have happily been with just her for the rest of her life. But fortunately she never had to make that choice. Kirsten loved seducing new girls and fucking their beautiful female friends as much as she did.

Eliza rubbed her own naked body, caressing her tits and reaching down between her legs to pet her wet pussy as she eyed Kirsten’s gorgeous face buried between Bryce’s thighs. Kirsten looked so beautiful fucking other women. Eliza adored seeing her naughty, slutty Kiki in action, getting other girls off and making them feel as good as she always made her feel every time they made love.

Bryce liked her licking a little softer and gentler than Eliza did. Eliza loved when Kirsten would roughly tongue fuck her and then push her fingers into her pussy too to make it even more intense. But Eliza could easily get off from a loving, sensual lick fest too and she moaned as she pictured Kirsten doing to her pussy what she was doing so well to Bryce’s.

Eliza couldn’t ever get enough of her gorgeous, sexy wife and she was happy to grant her any wish. That was why they were getting ready to renew their vows. Eliza knew deep down Kirsten had wished their wedding had been bigger and with her whole family around her. Eliza had never gone in for that whole “most important day of my life” stuff when it came to weddings, but she knew Kirsten did.

While she never doubted Kirsten was ecstatic they had gotten married, Eliza knew she had longed for the whole dream wedding. And whatever her Kiki wanted, Eliza was happy to give her if she could. Giving her the wedding she’d always wanted was the least of what Eliza was willing to do for her wife.

She had given Kirsten the chance to have her dream wedding as a Christmas gift and now, after months of planning, the day was near. It was so near that you didn’t even need more than a few fingers to count down to it. Today was Thursday and everything was set to happen Sunday evening at sunset on the beach.

It wasn’t going to be one of those super elaborate affairs. It was going to be a big deal, but also simple. Their families were going to be there and all their best friends. It was going to be at the mansion in Malibu, right on the beach and it was all going to be for real. It wasn’t going to be just any excuse for them to have sex with their mansion dwelling friends, it was going to be a real, honest to God wedding with a veil, flowers, the wedding march and the whole “You may now kiss the bride” nine yards.

To pull this off required a lot of planning and Eliza had thanked her friends in Malibu a thousand times for letting them do this there and would probably thank them a thousand more. Everything was supposed to be delivered Saturday and Sunday for that evening. To do this required a lot of planning, and while Kirsten was far from anything resembling a Bridezilla, it was still a bit stressful to try and get everything done right.

That was the main reason Eliza was so happy that they had gone to the mansion last night for the party and that Bryce had stopped by this morning. Hot sex was always an excellent stress buster. And just as she had last night as she’d watched Kirsten eat out Alyssa, Love, Eva Mendes, Natalie Portman and of course Eliza’s much lusted after Sarah, Eliza felt the tension melt away from seeing her naughty Kiki in action with Bryce.

Kirsten looked so hot while she hungrily feasted on Bryce’s wetness as the girl happily and enthusiastically fucked her face. Kirsten’s nose was buried in Bryce’s fiery patch of red fur as she licked her and Eliza rubbed herself harder while staring and drinking the live sex show in with her eyes. She’d just come a few minutes ago all over Bryce’s face, but seeing Kirsten lick their friend into bliss was turning Eliza on fiercely all over again. Part of her wanted just to watch, but the stronger part of Eliza knew it was even better to get involved.

Tearing her eyes away from Kirsten’s licking, Eliza began kissing her way down Bryce’s ivory skinned body. Eliza loved how pale the redhead was. It was such a sexy contrast to the tan skin she usually saw on all her sun kissed friends.

As Eliza tended to Bryce’s breasts, kissing all over them and sucking sensually on each of her hard nipples, she pictured in her mind just how hot it would be to pair the alabaster beauty with two others and have Bryce eat out Alyson Hannigan while Rose McGowan introduced her to Mr. Snappy and took her hard and deep from behind.

Vowing to get Bryce over to the mansion sometime soon and turn that fantasy into a reality, Eliza kissed down the moaning, thrashing girl’s tummy. There was a coating of sexual perspiration all over her fair skin and Eliza tasted it while inhaling the girl’s natural perfume on her journey downward onto her thighs.

Soon enough Eliza was right next to her wife and Kirsten couldn’t resist pulling up from Bryce’s sodden pussy to kiss Eliza right on the lips. Eliza gratefully accepted the gift of Bryce’s juices all over Kirsten’s lips and she kissed her beloved back passionately, reaching up to tenderly touch Kirsten’s breasts as their tongues touched. The two girls began to make out, but that left an impatiently horny girl writhing underneath them.

“Nooooooo! Please don’t stop!” Bryce wailed. “Oh God! I’ll do anything if you just don’t stop! Please don’t stop licking me! Ohhhhhhhhh I have to get back soon and I need to come again! Please don’t make me suffer girls! Make me come one more time before I have to go back to my husband and pretend I’m good and faithful when all I really want is to get over her and be wicked and naughty with you two! Ohhhhh please give me more! Pleaaaaaaaaase!”

Kirsten and Eliza shared a sexy smile with one another as Bryce continued to beg for them. They knew just what to do. They had no intention of making their beautiful friend beg or suffer any more and the two girls fell upon Bryce as one, attacking her needy pussy with both of their tongues at the same time.


Eliza and Kirsten had done this to so many girls since their first threesome with Natalie Portman that they knew each other’s moves perfectly. Their tongues worked together in total harmony as they parted Bryce’s legs open even wider to spread her pussy more for their tongues. They each licked and sucked one of her pussy lips and made Bryce shake with passion as they tenderly nursed her labia and then dove in their tongues, licking her together and sharing her wetness.


Bryce was clutching and squeezing her own tits now, rubbing Eliza’s leftover saliva all over her pale mounds. She lurched on the bed, fucking Kirsten and Eliza’s faces as the horny married couple tongued her cunt and kept her legs open widely and lewdly. Bryce looked down and imagined herself as some kind of wishbone being tugged apart and she loved it.

She felt so wicked and naughty then, getting her pussy licked by two beautiful women with her legs spread wide as her husband and son waited at home for her, completely unaware. The guilt Bryce felt was only making her hotter. God, this was so intense! It was the adrenaline pumping in her veins that made this so wonderful. She felt so alive when she did this. It was so damn good to be so bad!


Kirsten and Eliza giggled to each other in between licks at how worked up their redheaded friend got. But that was what they loved about her. They licked away, their tongues working in tandem as they dipped inside her widely splayed pussy and licked away at the girl juice oozing out of her pink folds.

As they did this, their hands got to work. One hand apiece from Kirsten and Eliza caressed Bryce’s porcelain flesh. They gently rubbed her thighs and moved under to get their soft touch on the curves of her ass too.

Being so close to each other and not touching was an impossible task for the happily married duo. So as they touched Bryce, they also got to work on each other. Eliza made the first grab, reaching over with her free hand to rub the cheeks of her wife’s bare ass. Kirsten purred into Bryce’s pussy at Eliza’s touch and did the same back to her, caressing Eliza’s toned cheek before furthering things by reaching between the globes of her wife’s ass to reach for her pussy.

“Ohhhh fuck yesssss Kiki yessssssss!” Eliza hissed as Kirsten began to finger fuck her while they both licked Bryce. “Mmmm naughty girl! Get your fingers inside my cunt while we’re licking this pretty pussy!”

But Eliza didn’t just feel pleasure and do nothing in return. She moved her hand too, taking it off Kirsten’s ass to get at her pussy. She rubbed the soft wet lips of her wife’s snatch and ran her fingers all the way up Kirsten’s slit, reaching the soft, blonde fuzz of her small bush. As Kirsten cooed in pleasure into Bryce’s pussy, Eliza ran her fingers down again and this time pushed them inside her folds.

“Ahhhhhh! Mmmmm finger me baby!” Kirsten urged, her mouth full of Bryce’s pussy. “Ugghhh finger my little fucking pussy and make it all wet for your tongue! Ooooooh gawd, I need you bad Eliza! Mmmmm eating Bryce is making me so wet! Let’s make her come and then I want you to fucking eat me next!”

That was just what Eliza wanted too and she turned her attention back to giving Bryce the double licking she’d been begging for. Eliza and Kirsten continued to finger fuck each other, but their tongues concentrated only on their friend. They licked away at her together, giving every sensitive inch of her pussy some love and then they moved in for the kill.

Kirsten started sucking on Bryce’s bulging clitoris, latching her lips to it and passionately trapping it between them as she clamped down. As Kirsten did that, Eliza licked Bryce a little harder. She didn’t give her the rough tongue fucking she was so dying to give her Kiki, but she certainly didn’t slow down either. Eliza licked at the wetness flowing down from Bryce’s pussy as Kirsten nursed her clit until the inevitable happened and Bryce came like a thunderclap through a stormy sky.


Eliza and Kirsten kept at the shaking, screaming redhead as she came. They sucked and licked and drew her ecstasy out from the stimulation they were giving her pussy and clit. And Bryce rewarded them with mouthfuls of delicious girl cream that they barely were able to gulp down as it coated their greedy pink faces.

And when they finally pulled away from their gasping, writhing friend, Eliza and Kirsten immediately fell into a passionate, cummy kiss. They made out with no inhibition, running their hands over each other’s flushed, naked bodies as their tongues rubbed together and they shared Bryce’s creamy orgasmic essence, pushing it back and forth before it broke apart in their mouths and they both swallowed.

The ceremony might have been days away, but Kirsten and Eliza were already starting their second honeymoon.

* * * * *

Back in Malibu, the morning was progressing at the mansion. And, as always, there were careful sets of eyes on it. They stared intently in patrol, close enough to detect any threats, but far enough away to not get too good a view of what exactly was going on inside. Not that Waldo had any doubt what was going on there. They had already seen far more than any mortal man probably deserved to see about what really was going on inside the mansion.

Dropping the binoculars, Waldo seemed satisfied that all was well…for now at least. The next days would undoubtedly require extra vigilance, but for the moment things were safe.

Since the destruction of their home by Brandon’s mercenaries, the boys had been struggling a little bit to get back on their feet. Their emergency evacuation had gone as well as could be expected. They had managed to escape not only with their menagerie of animals, but their vital hard drives as well. They hadn’t lost any critical data. But what they had lost was their base of operations and that had left them staggering a little bit against the growing threat.

For a time they had bunked down at the mansion, trying to keep their presence as secret as possible while they were there. But that hadn’t lasted long. First they had walked into far too many things they weren’t supposed to see and, after a series of accidental interruptions, Christina even had to be restrained from strangling Franklin. But more importantly, their presence in the mansion made the girls more of a target.

Brandon clearly knew they were still alive. There was no reason for him to just assume his attempt on their lives had been successful. He was far too careful for that. They knew what he had done to them had been more of a test run than anything else. The person who had led the attack on them had been no mercenary. He had been a brainwashed assassin. A product of the effects of the MAW Device. And now the question on everyone’s mind was, what was coming next?

So while living with the girls made them more of a target, Waldo, Franklin and Delbert knew they couldn’t just abandon them either. It was their hope that the blood grudge Brandon had against them could be settled without involving the girls, but there was no reason just to leave that to chance. Precautions had to be taken so the girls could be protected while they put together their next move.

To that end, the boys had taken to the sea. It was as safe a location as they could put together on short notice since their underground beach bunkers had also been damaged in the explosion. They had retrofitted an abandoned boat into their new mobile headquarters and as soon as the vessel had been seaworthy, they had gone off into the Pacific.

Now they patrolled the waters, watching and waiting. The boat, christened by Delbert to be the S.S. Tara Rocks, was floating in the waters off the mansion. This way they could keep a close eye on the girls they had sworn to protect while not putting them in additional danger as Brandon plotted his next move.

It was a clear day and the view from the boat was a good one. Nothing seemed to be amiss at the mansion as Waldo kept a close eye. He was soon joined on deck by Delbert, as his childhood friend emerged from below wearing a captain’s outfit, right down to the hat on his head.

“Ahhh tis a fine day and the sea seems mighty salty today,” Delbert declared in the manner of speaking he always adopted when the seafaring mood struck him. “To please the God Poseidon we must sing an ancient sea chantey in his good name. May he bless our continued journey.”

As Waldo stood by without a word, Delbert pulled out his guitar and began to play.

“Down by the seaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” Delbert sang. “We found your hidden treasurrrrrrrrre. Just you and meeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We overdosed on pleasure!”

Waldo sighed and allowed Delbert to continue singing his ancient sea chantey as he went below deck to check on Franklin’s progress. They’d been able to equip the boat with the best equipment they could scrounge and muster and, as he walked down below, Waldo entered a dark room filled with flashing lights and monitors showing the heat vision view of Brandon’s office.

“What’s the situation?” Waldo asked.

“Lots of activity there,” Franklin said. “But the audio isn’t clear. There’s been a lot of arrivals at the office, but I can’t understand anything that’s being said.”

“Did we install it incorrectly? Is the equipment faulty?” Waldo asked as he hovered over the seated Franklin.

“Nah, we installed it right and all systems checks show it’s working fine,” Franklin replied. “Brandon must have some kind of signal jamming software at work here. It’s all coming out garbled. I can hear what’s happening in there. I just can’t understand it.”

“Do you think we can crack it?” Waldo inquired. “We have to know what he’s up to!”

“It’s conceivable I can overwrite the software and unscramble the audio,” Franklin said as he stroked his chin. “We’ve been recording ever since our devices went active. So we haven’t missed anything.”

Waldo leaned in and intently studied the screens. The heat vision showed the outlines of many figures moving around. It gave them an outline of how many there were, but their cameras were limited and couldn’t show exactly who they were and what they were doing there.

“That one’s Brandon,” Franklin said as he pointed to a solitary figure separated from the rest of those in the office. “His body composition on the camera matches what we have in our files.”

“What’s he up to?” Waldo wondered aloud. “What’s taking him so long to plan it? He has to be close to something now. We just don’t know what it is.”

But before either of them could debate that notion any further, the boat’s security alarms went off. A quick check of the radar confirmed it. There was an unauthorized figure approaching the boat. It was the attack they had been bracing for! It just wasn’t happening like they had imagined it would.

Waldo and Franklin scrambled. They hadn’t prepared for this. Another boat coming for them? They were ready for that. Helicopter attack? Prepared. They were even ready for surface to ship missile launches. But not for a lone swimmer approaching their boat.

The two boys ran up top and quickly saw Delbert had noticed it too. They quickly grabbed whatever blunt objects they could handle and ran to the edge of the ship to prepare for whomever was about to come aboard. They were ready to greet this uninvited guest swinging and they watched at the ready as the swimmer not only went right up to the boat, but climbed aboard without a second thought.

Whoever this was didn’t appear to be armed, so the boys remained poised as water dripped off the swimmer. The identity of their guest was a mystery since a wet suit covered its body from head to toe and goggles, an oxygen tank and a mouthpiece offered no hint as to who or what was underneath.

The tension was so thick that it seemed even a gull flying by would cause everything to explode in a frenzy of swinging and shouting, but fortunately the moment was gull free. Instead the mystery figure dropped the mouthpiece, took off the goggles and pulled the top of the wet suit off of her head to expose the familiar blonde head of Tara Reid.

“Permission to come aboard mateys,” Tara giggled in her distinctively husky voice as she peeled off the dripping wet suit to leave herself in a skimpy bikini that barely restrained her reduced, but still generous chest.

“The goddess of the sea returns!” Delbert cried in delight as he dropped the oar he had been holding and rushed over to hug his beloved.

“I missed you!” Tara declared as she happily hugged Delbert back. “You guys are too far away! Especially you Del! I don’t like to be too far from my hero!”

Waldo and Franklin sighed as they dropped their makeshift weapons too. This was a delicate operation and they hadn’t been expecting any guests. But it sure looked as though they had one now.

“So what are we doing? Top secret spy stuff?” Tara asked as she gazed onto Waldo and Franklin and noted with a smile that the mansion was behind them. “Or are you pervs just sneaking a peek at all the hotties?”

“We’re watching,” Waldo said as he turned back around toward the direction of the mansion and picked up his binoculars again. “Just watching.”

“It’s a mission of protection,” Delbert declared with gusto.

“That’s all I need to hear,” Tara said, pressing herself up to Delbert and resting her head on his shoulder as they walked toward the edge of the boat to join Waldo and Franklin. “I’ll watch with you guys.”

Things were silent for a moment as they all watched over the ocean water as things seemed quiet at the mansion. Then the silence was broken.

“This is boring,” Tara sighed. “Got anything to drink around here?”

That got more sighs from Waldo and Franklin, but nothing more. Tara was strictly on a need to know basis and they didn’t feel like telling her anything more at that point. Besides, there was a feeling they couldn’t shake.

“Something’s not right,” Franklin observed.

“Yeah, I feel it too,” Waldo agreed. “It’s almost like we’re being watched too.”

“But who?” Franklin wondered. They’d kept their location pretty well hidden from any actual or potential threats. “Who could be watching us?”

* * * * *

Staring out the kitchen window in the mansion toward the ocean, Michelle kept her binoculars glued to her eyes as she looked at the figures unknowingly staring back at her from the ship. She didn’t relish this, but she did get a kick out of it. She could see them staring at her, but they had no idea she was staring right back with her binoculars. Of course if all they were going to do was keep watching each other, then this was going to end up being a colossal waste of time. Time that she didn’t have.

She didn’t want to have to do this. She was in a mansion filled with the most beautiful girls in the world. Girls she truly liked and, more importantly, girls she ached to fuck and girls that loved fucking her. This place was a sexual dream and Michelle hated any moment she wasn’t flirting or fucking her madames. But she had orders. Orders she couldn’t deny as much as she wanted to.

When she had first come to America as a sleeper agent from France she had never dreamed her dedication to her country would waver. She had been as committed an intelligence agent as the country had ever produced. But once she had arrived in America, Michelle had found herself changing and loving what she found here.

Loving sex was nothing new to Michelle. She had been a young teenager when she had first realized not only how much she loved being touched all over her body, but that she loved it when both men and women touched her. She had spent many hours seducing and enjoying the sex of beautiful French men and women. Coming to America had done nothing to cool that.

She had first been assigned to Washington, working as an au pair for several families of weapons contractors that threw money around like it was water. And all the time she had waited, waited for instructions from France about what to do and when to do it.

No instructions had come though. She had done her job as assigned, keeping her cover as an au pair and tending to the needs of the families she served. Once the boredom had set in, however, Michelle had found herself paying less attention to waiting for word and more attention to the sexy husbands and wives she served.

So many of the couples she had worked for as part of her cover had been so eager to get her into bed with them. Michelle had expected that from the husbands. She knew how horny American men could be and in all her time as an au pair she felt like she had spent less time caring for the children then she had sucking off horny husbands and letting them into her room at night so they could fuck her after the wives fell asleep. What surprised Michelle was how many of the wives were just as horny.

Michelle had always assumed American women could never be as uninhibited as French women. They always seemed so repressed and unwilling to let their passion flow within them.

In a way that was true. That was the public veneer they put on. But once the doors closed to the public, the women were even hornier than the men. So many of those supposedly proper Washington wives had been so eager to get under her clothes and get at her big tits and smooth, pink pussy and of course Michelle had been just as eager to let them.

She had loved fucking the couples she had worked for. So many had been the supposed “family values” types, but they hadn’t cared how well she’d looked after their children. All those supposedly moral people cared about was how good she’d sucked their cocks and eaten their pussies. Michelle had seen and done so many things that if she had ever opened her mouth, she would have brought down more than half of Washington.

But of course Michelle remained quiet. Not only was she trained to observe and do nothing to blow her cover, but she also knew that the more silent she was, the better chance the sex would never stop. If people knew she was discreet, they would keep on fucking her and soon that had been all that had mattered to Michelle, more than her mission, more than France, more than anything.

Michelle was working herself into the beds of the rich and powerful political elite of the country and it was no longer part of being a good agent, it was all about how good those big cocks felt slamming into her from behind as she ate those tight pussies.

Michelle had learned so much about the nation’s defense industry. What she knew could end careers and bring down global corporations. She knew all about the bribes of money and sex and the rampant corruption. Hell she had been part of it and she had loved it. But of course all things ended and one day she had received instructions to move from Washington to California.

No reason had been given and as a sleeper agent she didn’t even have a specific assignment. She was just told to move and she was duty bound to France to do it. It had been hard for her to leave everything behind like that, but Michelle knew she also had something to look forward to. She had pretty much had her fill of sleazy politicians. Moving out West meant she could get her hands and tongue on something even better…movie stars!

But Michelle had had no idea what lay in store for her. She had just needed to establish herself out here and get some kind of job. Those were her orders. She was to get a job, set up a life for herself and wait for more instruction. It was simple enough, but Michelle had had no idea how complicated things were going to get.

She had just answered an ad for someone looking for a maid. It seemed like an easy enough cover, but then she had arrived at the mansion, found Jennifer Love Hewitt waiting for her and the rest had been history.

Michelle had never experienced anything like all this before. She had been sexually bold and never shy with her body or her desire for other women, but all that had been nothing compared to what she had found in the mansion. Every day here had been so wild and so wonderful and Michelle loved every second of it.

The girls were all so sexy and so beautiful and Michelle felt like this place was perfect for her. She loved fucking all these famous girls and acting like a good slut for them, kneeling down in front of them like a proper little servant and shaving their pussies bare before leaning in and licking them to make sure she hadn’t missed a spot.

It had all been bliss for Michelle. She had been overwhelmed with pleasure and loved it all. She had never wanted it to end. She had entered America years ago ready to do anything for France and now all she wanted was to never leave her adopted country and the beautiful girls she had met here. Being a spy was so unimportant now. All she wanted was to be the mansion’s maid and fuck all the pretty girls who came through its doors.

But reality had come back into her life after living in fantasy for so long and it wouldn’t let her be. Renee, her handler, had told her time and time again that the American culture had corrupted her and made her lazy, but even if it had, Michelle didn’t care. She had been so happy living the life of the mansion’s slutty maid. This was who she wanted to be. She wanted a life of sexual bliss with her beautiful celebrity madames.

After years of hearing nothing from Renee, he had suddenly reemerged. She was no longer a sleeper agent. She had been activated and it was all because of her new job. Michelle had never had any idea that those three silly boys, Waldo, Franklin and Delbert, were former CIA. She had never suspected it in a million years, but she supposed that was the point. If she had done her job well, then no one in the mansion suspected she was a spy either.

Not only were the boys ex-CIA, Michelle had a full file on them now. She knew now how they had all grown up together in Chicago, foiling international corruption and terrorism before they were even out of elementary school. She knew how the CIA had recruited them and how they had lost the taste for their work and gone on a vacation they had never returned from.

Michelle also knew how the boys had once had the MAW Device in their hands. That was why she had been assigned to keep an eye on them. They had stolen the device for the CIA from Cuba, only to have it stolen from them and have it fall into the hands of a dangerous rogue agent. Now France wanted it too and Michelle had been given the assignment to find out what the boys knew and hope they led her right to it.

Renee had refused to tell her what the MAW Device was, but Michelle had done some digging of her own and discovered it was supposed to be a device that could control anyone’s mind. Michelle shuddered at the thought of what such a machine could do and she knew it was vital to France for it to be found and quickly. She just didn’t like what she might have to do to get it back.

As if on cue Michelle’s cell phone began to ring. She had gotten it once Renee had activated her so he would always have a way of getting in touch with her. Lifting up her short uniform skirt, Michelle pulled the phone out from where she had hidden it inside her garter belt. She removed the small phone and opened it.

“Hello?” Michelle said. She knew it had to be Renee and she was right.

“Anything to report?” Renee demanded.

Both Michelle and Renee carried on their conversation in French so if anything was overheard it wouldn’t be understood by any of the girls in the mansion.

“No Renee,” Michelle sighed. “They are just sitting there in there boat, doing nothing. They came to shore last night and I followed them into the city. They put some kind of device up on that building we are monitoring. I don’t know what it is, probably some kind of camera. Then they left. They haven’t left their boat again all day. A girl just swam out to them, but she’s not involved.”

“Who? Who is out there?” Renee immediately asked. “Michelle, you must tell me everything! Don’t forget your training! Every detail could be vital!”

Michelle sighed again and explained Tara’s presence on the boat to her handler. She told him everything she knew and left nothing out about the actress’ strange relationship with Delbert. By the time she was finished, Renee was chuckling on the other end of the line.

“You were right, that silly girl couldn’t possibly be involved,” Renee replied. “Another of these stupid, overprivileged American girls, spoiled to the core. They are all too ridiculous to even fathom. Or are you too busy fucking them like a damn whore, Michelle, to remember that?”

Michelle looked down at the floor in shame at Renee’s criticism, her face turning red with humiliation. As a schoolgirl all she had wanted was Renee’s favor and now, years later, nothing had changed. Even though she couldn’t see him when he said this to her, Michelle responded meekly like she’d been struck across the face by her father.

“No Renee…I remember,” Michelle said sadly.

“Do those disgusting girls you work for suspect anything?” Renee asked.

“No Renee, they do not,” Michelle replied, the two of them still speaking French to avoid detection.

“Make sure it stays that way,” Renee said. “Remember Michelle, they must not suspect a thing. They must never even begin to think you are working for your country. If they get to close to you, you must eliminate them.”

“Renee! I cannot!” Michelle blurted out, the thought of it too terrible for her to comprehend.

“You will if I tell you to!” Renee insisted sharply, causing Michelle to shrink back as if he were right in front of her. “You are not there to be their whore Michelle! You are duty bound to your country! You will do as France requires even if that means eliminating your little pig friends! There is no questioning orders!”

“Yes Renee,” Michelle replied, choking back her emotion. She could never refuse him. Not as a girl. Not now. Not ever. “I will do as France requires.”

“Good girl,” Renee said in a much more soothing tone. “I know you will never let your country down. This will soon be over. Those boys will lead us right to the device and if they don’t, then you will eliminate them and you will be able to come home to France again. You will be able to leave this disgusting country behind.”

“Yes Renee,” Michelle replied again, but before the words were even out of her mouth, Renee had hung up on his end and the call was cut off.

Wiping away the tears starting to form at her eyes, Michelle lifted up her skirt again and returned her phone to its proper home. Michelle was about to pick up her binoculars again to resume watch when she suddenly heard a voice behind her.

“Is everything ok Michelle?” a feminine voice asked and the blonde maid turned around to see Love standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

“I heard you talking to someone,” Love said, concern evident in her voice. “You sounded really upset. Is everything ok?”

“Yes Love,” Michelle lied, hoping the traces of tears weren’t too evident. “Everything is fine.”

“Are you sure?” Love pressed. “It didn’t sound fine. You sounded really upset about something Michelle. You can tell me. I can try and help.”

“No!” Michelle replied, a little too urgently. She was only trying to protect Love, but her strong insistence seemed to hurt the girl’s feelings.

“I mean, no it is all right,” Michelle insisted, tenderly touching Love’s arm as the actress stood there in shorts and a t-shirt. “It is nothing you need be concerned about. Just things back in France. It is all too silly to even bother you with.”

“Michelle, it’s no bother,” Love said, taking the maid’s hand in hers and squeezing it. “You can tell me. I want to help. I know you work for us and all, but I really think of you as a friend. Friends help each other out Michelle. I know you’re upset about something. You’ve been taking off so much time from work lately and disappearing suddenly. It’s not a big deal. We don’t mind that you do, but we know something’s bothering you. Tell us and we can help.”

“No Love, you cannot help me,” Michelle said. “None of you can. It is ok. I will be fine.”

Love didn’t say anything more about that, but she squeezed Michelle’s hand as a sign of support once more. She noticed the binoculars as she did this.

“What are those for?” Love asked.

“Nothing I was just looking out onto the ocean,” Michelle covered for herself. “I love the water. Always so calming even when the waves are big. It makes me feel good. I wanted a better view.”

It was a reasonable enough explanation and Love accepted it without question.

“Are the boys still out there on their boat?” Love asked. She hadn’t really wanted them to leave the mansion after their house had blown up, but it had really been for the best. Things were calmer without their three male roommates.

“I guess so,” Michelle said, playing dumb. “The boat is there. I have not really been paying attention to them at all.”

“Well I’m gonna go out for a run on the beach,” Love said as she pulled away and did what she came in the kitchen for by going to the refrigerator and pulling out a bottle of water. “If you ever want to talk, I’m here for you Michelle.”

“I know you are, Love,” Michelle replied before giving the girl a wave goodbye and turning back to the work she was supposed to do as a maid while still keeping her attention focused on the boys and what she had been assigned to do.

Please Love, Michelle thought to herself as her eyes started to well up again. Don’t get any closer to them. I don’t want any of you girls to find out what’s really going on. Don’t make me have to do what they tell me I need to do if you find out.

* * * * *

Staring at himself in the mirror, Brandon Moore couldn’t help but have his eyes drawn to the scars all over his upper body. He was shirtless and if he hadn’t been wearing pants, the scars on his lower half would have been just as evident. He was covered in them as permanent reminders of his time under The Scorpion’s loving care.

It was an experience like no other to be tortured. Brandon knew that all too well and he supposed now that he had been on the other end of it, he knew what The Scorpion had relished so about all he had done to get him to give up information about the CIA’s attempts on his life. The acid. The electroshock. The sleep and food deprivation, And of course the knife he had used to mark his body with cuts once he had become frustrated.

Now that he had become the torturer, Brandon at last understood why it had appealed to The Scorpion so much. It was such a rush to bring pain to others. Getting information was secondary. It was all about pain. It was about making your enemy suffer and feeling the sweet agony you put them through as you hurt them until they begged for death. Brandon understood it all perfectly now.

Of course that understanding hadn’t led to any mercy for The Scorpion. After escaping his hospitality, Brandon had hunted him down and done what had sworn to do. He had removed the wanted terrorist’s heart. He had pulled it right out of his chest and shown the man just what it looked like before he died. Now the heart lay perfectly preserved in a jar of formaldehyde as a trophy for him to cherish. One of many, Brandon planned to collect.

He still had the three empty jars, one for each of his betrayers. He knew Waldo, Franklin and Delbert had left him behind after their mission had gone sour. He knew they had left him to rot. Of course he would have done far worse to them had the positions been reversed, but that did nothing to quench Brandon’s thirst for revenge.

Those three would soon feel his wrath. He had expected the assault on their home to fail. Why send someone to do the job you wanted to do yourself? It was a test of how well the MAW test subject followed his programming and it had worked perfectly. Now was the time to test it a little further and finally put his plan into action.

Oh Brandon planned on removing the hearts of his three enemies. That went without saying. But it wasn’t enough to kill them. He wanted those hearts to break before he removed them. He wanted Waldo, Franklin and Delbert to know they had first failed so completely that it would haunt them in whatever afterlife they ended up in. And they had no bigger weak spot than those girls next door to them.

Brandon had to laugh as he stared at himself in the mirror while he leaned over the sink of his private washroom. So many men would have choked on their own drool had they known what he knew, that the most beautiful women in the world were lovers and sharing a secret mansion together. But where those other men saw nothing but sexual pleasure, Brandon saw the perfect opportunity for revenge.

He wanted to make sure Waldo, Franklin and Delbert saw exactly what he had planned for those girls. He wanted them to know they had failed at protecting them before they died and he took their hearts as his prize. Nothing would be sweeter than that and if he managed to make a handsome profit while doing it, then so much the better.

There was a knock on the door.

“Brandon, they’re here,” Dr. Raymond Hall said. “Everyone’s in the conference room.”

“I’ll be right there,” Brandon replied as he gave his reflection one more look and pulled away, grabbing his shirt before heading out. He buttoned it up as he walked out of his office at Total Transformation and toward the conference room.

There were guards of his at every entrance to the room, an appropriate precaution because of the kind of guests he had invited this morning. The room was filled with representatives from every major country and rogue regime out there as well as the men and women without countries, who went wherever the fight and the money was.

That group included representatives from some of the United States’ most prestigious private contracting firms as well as more independent operators. All in all it was a who’s who of the business of killing, including many who made up the list of the top 10 most wanted in the entire world.

They came from every country in every corner of the world for Brandon’s presentation and he didn’t want to keep them waiting any longer.

“Gentlemen, and ladies,” Brandon said as he surveyed the crowd around his conference table. “Thank you for coming today. I know many of you have come from quite far and I assure you I would not think of wasting your time. What I have for you today will revolutionize the way we wage war. No more will we be dependent on soldiers pressed into service. No more will we be restricted by morals and conscience. For too long you have been forced to cross your fingers and hope your soldiers will follow the commands you give them. What I have allows for no disobedience and no doubt. This will change our world. Too often soldiers are held back by what they believe is right and wrong. No more. The soldiers of tomorrow will disobey no command and follow every order without hesitation. They will be perfect and execute all commands with ruthless efficiency. They will not think about whether it’s right to execute someone or bomb a village or a storefront. Hell, they won’t think at all anymore.”

That was Dr. Hall’s cue to begin and he hit his mark perfectly as he stood next to a large object covered by a sheet.

“The MAW Device was developed by the CIA under Project Raven,” Raymond explained. “Certain short sighted thinkers in Washington decided to stop the project, but all that did was allow us to take it onto the open market. My late partner and I developed this device, but he lacked the dedication and commitment to seeing it through. He’s been taken care of and it’s all mine now.”

A murmur of curiosity was growing amongst all assembled. They were at the very least quite interested in where all this was going.

“Think of the human mind as a lump of clay,” Raymond said as he illustrated this by dropping a literal lump of clay on the table. “What the MAW Device does is allow us to shape that clay however we see fit. The device will allow us to create unquestioned obedience in those it’s used upon. They will think what we tell them to think and do what we tell them to do.”

This got even more buzzing from the crowd and Brandon resumed his pitch.

“Imagine it, soldiers who will obey without question, no matter what the order,” Brandon said. “They will no longer be held back by conscience or morals. They will simply obey. You can make anyone a soldier for you. Whomever you use the device on will obey. They will serve you. They will willingly become your slaves. Anyone can become a soldier for you.”

As Brandon let the concept of that sink in with the crowd he pressed on.

“With this, anyone could become your assassin,” Brandon said. “Anyone would be able to pull the trigger for you. Getting people in past security will no longer be an issue when they already have the clearance. Imagine if you will, the possibility of assassinating George Bush. It wouldn’t take years of planning and all the luck in the world to pull it off. All you would need is one secret service agent under the influence of the MAW Device to make it happen. Or even better, his dear wife or lovely daughters. Imagine them becoming your assassins and obeying without question as you told them to kill. They would be yours to command.”

That statement raised the eyebrows of the American representatives, but the buzzing continued. The Americans didn’t get up to leave though. If anything it seemed to intrigue them more. The life of the man that they had lied and cheated to get into office was well worth having this remarkable technology in their hands.

“Anyone in the world could be gotten to now,” Brandon stated. “There would be no safe place for any of your enemies. That is, of course, if the price is right. The opening bid for the first line of MAW Devices will be $300 million minimum and we shall see who cares to spend the most to win the prize in our little auction.”

“You ask us to bid on something we haven’t even seen!” an African representative shouted incredulously. “How can you expect us to pay that amount?”

“You ask too much Mr. Moore!” an Arab representative contended. “How do we even know this device of yours works? You sound as though you are spinning science fiction our way!”

“Mind control doesn’t work!” a Chinese representative insisted. “We have tried!”

“Don’t pull our fucking chains here Moore!” an American charged. “We’re not going to be jerked around by your insane ramblings.”

“Sounds like you all need to be convinced,” Brandon said with a smug grin. “Very well, Dr. Hall. Bring in the test subjects.”

Dr. Hall signaled to one of the guards and then pulled the sheet off the hidden object. This revealed that underneath was a chair with a machine facing it, but attentions were quickly drawn to the guard bringing in two bound youths, a man and a woman.

They both looked to be in their early 20’s and appeared completely terrified. They were gagged and their wrists tied while chains held their ankles in place, allowing them to walk but not get far enough to run.

“May I introduce you to our special guests for the morning,” Raymond said. “This is Sandra Barkin and her boyfriend James Melhous. Some of you might recognize them from the news and if you don’t, rest assured they are not here by choice.”

Many in the crowd did recognize them. When the 24-hour news media got a hold of a story, they made sure they gave it everything they had. The past few days the media had focused on the missing USC college students Sandra Barkin and James Melhous. They had disappeared while hiking and being young, attractive and white, the media had made a big deal out of this. Now the mystery around their disappearance was solved.

“Sit her down at the MAW Device,” Brandon instructed the guard. “And remove her gag.”

The guard did just that, pulling out her gag as he strapped her down to the chair. In the meantime Raymond walked over to the device and raised the machine so it was at perfect eye level with the young woman.

“Please! Help me! God! What do you people want?” Sandra cried in a panic. “My father has money! He’ll give you anything you want! Just please let us go! We haven’t done anything! Just let us go and I swear we’ll never tell anyone what’s going on here! God, I don’t even know what’s going on here! Please just let us go!”

“Shhhh, don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine,” Brandon said as the restraints on Sandra’s wrists and ankles were taken off so she could then be strapped to the chair. “In a few minutes this is all going to be over. We just want you to answer a few questions for us first. Now who’s that over there?”

Brandon pointed to James as he asked this. Sandra looked at him like he was insane but answered anyway.

“That…that’s James…” Sandra replied. “He’s my fiancé.”

It was true. What the media didn’t know was that James had asked Susan to marry him while they were on the hike and she had said yes. They had been returning to tell everyone the good news when they had been kidnapped.

“And how do you feel about James?” Brandon asked.

“I…I love him,” Sandra said. “Please don’t hurt him! Please let us go! We’ll do anything you want! Just please let us go!”

“Oh I know you will,” Brandon replied as he looked at Raymond. “Anything I want.”

“It’s set,” Raymond said as he finished setting the device.

“Good,” Brandon smiled as he placed clips onto Sandra’s eyes to keep them open Clockwork Orange-style. “You may activate it now Dr. Hall.”

As Brandon stepped away, Raymond turned on the device and suddenly two strong blue beams of light shot out of it, striking Sandra right in the eyes. She screamed at first as she felt them boring into her, almost like they were cutting into her mind, but soon her sounds quieted and became almost like accepting moans.

While this was happening, James frantically struggled against his restraints. But there was nothing he could do. He was being held down by an armed guard and the restraints didn’t give an inch. As the assembled officials watched with rapt interest, the blue beams continued to flow right into Sandra’s wide open eyes. She sat unmoving as all fight in her was quieted. She sat silently, accepting the beams into her eyes and their effects into her mind.

Through it all, Raymond checked the levels of the machine. There was a digital reading of Sandra’s brain patterns and he eyed it with glee. The device was working perfectly. There was an awed silence in the room except for the muffled screams of rage from James and the occasional moan from Sandra.

Finally, Raymond determined the process to be at an end and turned the device off. The beams stopped and Sandra softly sighed. Brandon pulled the clips away from her eyes and she began to blink.

“How do you feel Sandra?” Brandon asked.

“I feel fine, Master,” Sandra replied in a voice that was hers, but not hers at the same time.

That got a gasp from those gathered and another anguished, muffled scream from James as he seemed to be trying to chew through his gag.

“If I release you, will you be a good girl?” Brandon asked.

“I will obey, Master,” Sandra replied in the same even tone.

“Good girl,” Brandon said as he caressed her cheek like a pet. He undid her wrists and ankles and the belt around her waist, allowing her to stand.

“Now Sandra, if I ask a tiny little favor from you, will you do it?” Brandon asked.

“I will do anything you command, Master,” Sandra confirmed.

That got another smile from Brandon and he reached down and pulled a gun out of his ankle holster.

“Shoot your fiancé in the head,” Brandon said. “Kill him.”

“Yes Master,” Sandra replied as she took the gun. Before anyone in the room even had a chance to gasp, the college student shot her beloved fiancé right between the eyes, killing him instantly. The chair he was in toppled right over from the force of the bullet and Sandra betrayed no emotion as she committed murder.

“I think that qualifies as a successful test,” Brandon said as he and Raymond grinned in triumph.

“That…that…could have…could have been a set up,” one of the Americans claimed as everyone tried to comprehend exactly what they had just seen. “You could have paid her to do that. She might have been working with you.”

“Very well,” Brandon said before turning his attention back to his brainwashed slave. “Sandra?”

“Yes Master?” she replied.

“Shoot yourself in the head,” Brandon instructed. “Kill yourself.”

“Yes Master,” Sandra replied before placing the gun to her temple and squeezing the trigger without even a second’s worth of thought.

Several members of the crowd cried in shock as the beautiful college student killed herself right in front of them, her body slumping to the floor as the guards removed James from the room.

“Because you required an extra show of faith from me, I will now require an extra show of faith from you,” Brandon explained to those gathered. “Therefore, bidding for the MAW Device will now begin at $700 million!”

That certainly got the crowd buzzing at a frenzied pitch, all save one. Dmitri watched all of this with mix of horror and respect. He knew enough to know when he was seeing history made before his eyes.

This would change the world. But while others saw an opportunity, Dmitri saw only as dire a threat as could ever conceivably face Russia and the entire world. Now this was clearly what Waldo and Franklin had come to him about. This was why they were so concerned and Dmitri knew they were right to be worried.

“It seems we have some mighty interested bidders now,” Brandon said as he walked up to Raymond, the two of them watching the frenzy as everyone frantically called their governments or their backers to round up as much money as possible for the bids.

“We’ll have to get to work on producing more of these beauties,” Raymond observed. “It won’t be cheap.”

“That’s where our Hollywood money is going to come in handy,” Brandon stated with a laugh as he thought ahead to the meeting set for a couple of hours from now. “That’s going to be quite a productive fundraiser I believe.”

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Beyonce had finally managed to do what she had come for. While her fun at poolside with Rose, Jennifer and Stacy had been a wonderful distraction, it had still been a distraction. Getting off hadn’t been the reason Beyonce had driven out to Malibu that morning. She had something serious on her mind and she felt like Jewel was the only one she could talk to about it.

She’d been left all sticky and sweaty from her fun, so Beyonce had gotten herself a shower afterwards, with her new friend Stacy only too happy to soap up every inch of her body, but as soon as she had dried off and redressed, the singer had put fun aside to go and find her friend.

“Ok, B, what’s so important?” Jewel said as the two of them settled down on one of the stone benches in the mansion’s garden. Jewel was dying to know what had her so upset and this seemed like a great place for them to be alone, amongst all the growing ivy over the stone fixtures.

“Gawwwd this is so hard,” Beyonce sighed. “I don’t even know where to begin.”

“I find the beginning is usually the right place,” Jewel said with a smile, hoping a little joke would get Beyonce to relax. It got her to at least crack a hint of a smile and Jewel took that as a good sign.

“Well I’ve been having these dreams lately and I…shit…that’s not even the beginning, I gotta start over,” Beyonce said, wringing her hands as the words came out chopped and unclear.

“Shhhh just relax,” Jewel urged her friend. “It’s me. You can relax and just tell me what’s bothering you. I’m sure whatever it is, it’s really no big deal.”

“You might want to hold off on that until I actually tell you,” Beyonce replied with a little nervous laugh of her own. “It’s pretty messed up.”

“You can tell me anything,” Jewel assured Beyonce. “Believe me, I have a pretty open mind.”

Beyonce smiled in relief. She knew Jewel was the right person to go to. She’d understand and tell her how to stop the dreams. She’d tell her how to make it all go away. Jewel totally got her. Not only had she been the first to seduce her and show her how wonderful a woman’s sexual touch was, but she had always been a kind and understanding friend.

Taking a deep breath, Beyonce managed to calm herself enough so that she could really start at the beginning.

“Well you know Solange, right?” Beyonce asked.

“Not personally, but I know she’s your sister,” Jewel said. That was good enough for Beyonce and she pressed on.

“Well a couple of weeks ago, she was over visiting the house and spending a couple of nights there with the baby and I came by her room looking for her,” Beyonce explained. “It was the morning and I just wanted to see how she slept and everything and when I got there she had just come out of the shower. She had a towel on and all that and I said I would just see her later. But she was all like ‘No don’t worry about it. Come on in.’ So I did and didn’t really think it was a big deal or anything. I sat down on the bed and we were talking and suddenly she just dropped her towel and was standing there completely butt naked in front of me and I couldn’t stop staring.”

“Go on,” Jewel said, suddenly very intrigued by this. “I’m listening.”

“Well she’s just standing there completely naked and her body is still all damp from the shower and she’s just totally oblivious that I’m staring at her,” Beyonce said. “She’s bending over into her suitcase and looking for something and…God…I can’t believe I did this…but she was bending over and I was totally…you know…checking her out. God, my own sister! I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was looking at her like I wanted to fuck her! She was just bending over and talking all casual and shit and I was totally looking at her pussy like she was you or one of the other girls here and I just wanted to go over there and start licking her! How fucked up is that? That’s my baby sister! Ughhhhhh I can’t believe I was feeling like that! It was so wrong! I’d seen her naked before. We’d changed clothes together before, but I wasn’t looking at her like a sister anymore. This time I looked at her like a lover! It was so sick!”

Jewel took Beyonce’s hand in hers as the singer continued to tell her tale of woe. The blonde didn’t say anything. She just listened and tried not to show just how much Beyonce’s descriptions of wanting to fuck her own sister were turning her on.

“I had to really get a hold of myself before she turned around and caught me gawking at her like a total pervert,” Beyonce said, getting more upset the more she said. “I had been staring at her bare ass and thinking how sexy it looked and how I wanted to kiss it and feel it and when she turned around I couldn’t help but look at her boobs and think about sucking them. I just couldn’t control myself! My own sister! I…I…I wanted to suck and kiss her tits and get her nipples in my mouth and make her so wet for me she’d let her big, slutty sister eat out her tight little pussy! I was thinking such dirty thoughts, Jewel. I was thinking of tasting her and finding out if she tasted different than me or if our pussies tasted the same. Oh God, and I was even thinking of fucking her ass and finding out if she liked it as much as I did! What kind of a freak am I Jewel? How can anyone think such fucked up thoughts?”

“Shhhh it’s ok,” Jewel finally said. “Don’t get upset Beyonce. It was just that one time.”

“No Jewel! It wasn’t!” Beyonce cried in despair, the guilt she felt over her incestuous fantasies clear. “That’s when the dreams started! I have them all the time now and I can’t stop them! Ever since that day when I saw her naked I can’t stop dreaming about fucking her. Every night I dream about kissing and touching her and tasting her sweet, sexy body! Ohhhhh God, I just can’t stop myself! I don’t even see a face in my dreams but I know it’s her! I make her come so hard and it feels soooo good! And then I have her go down on me and I’m moaning her name in my sleep! I just can’t stop it and I want it to fucking stop! I can’t take it anymore Jewel!”

“It’s ok sweetie, it’s ok,” Jewel replied, drawing Beyonce in for a warm hug. “They’re just fantasies.”

“But they’re so wrong!” Beyonce sighed as she returned the hug and rested her head on Jewel’s welcoming shoulder. “I shouldn’t be thinking that way! Not about Solange! Not about my own sister! I just can’t help it! Jewel, when you seduced me I started looking at every hot girl and thinking what it would be like to fuck them. But I always thought that would pass. It didn’t though! The more girls I sleep with, the more I want! Now I’m even looking at my sister. I feel like a total pervert!”

“You’re not a pervert Beyonce,” Jewel insisted. “You just know how good women feel. It’s not weird to be looking at Solange the same way. She’s a beautiful girl. There’s no harm in looking.”

“I just feel so guilty,” Beyonce admitted. “I feel like I’m a disgrace or something.”

“You’re not,” Jewel declared. “You’re just looking at a beautiful girl and thinking about bringing her pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not hurting her. You’re just fantasizing. Now, remember how much you liked it when we messed around with Jessica and Ashlee?”

“Yeah,” Beyonce answered with a smile as she remembered the foursome they’d had with both sexy Simpson sisters.

“They sure didn’t seem to think it was wrong,” Jewel pointed out. “Mmmm and you didn’t seem to think it was wrong when they both licked you at the same time. Didn’t you like that Beyonce? Didn’t you like it when both those naughty sister tongues were licking your pussy while I was holding you and feeling those sexy tits of yours and kissing your neck?”

“I loved it,” Beyonce confessed. “So hot. So naughty.”

“Jess and Ashlee love each other,” Jewel said. “There’s nothing wrong with what they do. It’s so hot to see two beautiful sisters make love. Mmmmm it always makes me so wet when I see them fuck. God, I’d love to see you and Solange be just like that.”

“I can’t….not…not to my baby sister,” Beyonce claimed. “That’s too nasty!”

“You don’t have to do anything,” Jewel insisted. “But there’s no harm in fantasizing Beyonce. That’s where you can be free to do all the things we’re too scared to do in real life. Everyone has fantasies they don’t think they’ll ever act out. If you think Solange is beautiful and want to touch her like that, then it’s ok to think that way.”

“But she’s my sister,” Beyonce said.

“Jess and Ashlee are sisters,” Jewel repeated. “If it’s ok for them to fuck each other, it’s ok for you to at least think about doing it to your sister. You shouldn’t feel guilty for thoughts, especially sexy ones. You just want your sister because it’s forbidden fruit. You think that you’re not supposed to want her, but that just makes you want her more. You know it’s wrong and that’s what you like about it Forbidden fruit tastes sweeter, don’t you know that.”

“I guess,” Beyonce relented, feeling better to get this all off her chest. “I mean, I do get off on it being so naughty. I guess thinking about it while trying not to just makes it hotter.”

“Now has Solange ever come onto you or made you think like she’d be interested?’ Jewel inquired.

“No she’s totally straight,” Beyonce answered. “I never get any kind of vibe from her or anything that she’s looking at me or at any other girl. I never feel that.”

“So there’s no problem then,” Jewel declared. “You’re not gonna do anything that Solange wouldn’t want, would you?”

“No! Never!” Beyonce immediately replied.

“Then you have nothing to worry about, if she doesn’t want it, then there’s no temptation,” Jewel said with a smile. “You can fantasize because you know it would never happen and you don’t have to feel guilt. I have fantasies like that. I know they’ll never happen and that makes it so hot to think about. I love forbidden fruit, especially if I know I’ll never really taste it.”

“Ummm what fantasies do you have?” Beyonce asked, unable to help herself.

“You really want to know?” Jewel asked and Beyonce nodded her head.

“Yeah, tell me,” Beyonce said. “I told you after all. It’s only fair.”

“Well I have this fantasy where I’m kidnapped,” Jewel admitted, blushing as she said it out loud for the first time. “A bunch of like really mean, tough dykes or something grab me and rip off my clothes and slap me and choke me and spit on me and shove these huge fake cocks and even stuff like bottles or other things they have lying around inside my pussy and ass and totally just make me their fucking sex slave…making it hurt and making me beg for them to stop but they just laugh at me and keep on doing it. Gawwd I never want it to really happen, but sometimes if I get worked up enough I think about them kidnapping me and totally forcing me to fuck them, like they’re raping me and it gets me off so fucking hard!”

“Wow, that is naughty,” Beyonce replied with a giggle, surprised that Jewel had such a rough fantasy.

“See, it’s just a fantasy I think about and it’s ok to dream about crazy sex stuff,” Jewel said. “I don’t actually want that to happen and you wouldn’t ever do anything Solange didn’t want you to do, so don’t feel guilty about what you haven’t done. You’re just having sexy thoughts. There’s nothing wrong with dreams. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or perverted or sick or anything Beyonce. It just means you want to have fun with your sexy sister. Enjoy the fantasy. Remember, it’s just the forbidden fruit part that makes it better. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“You really think so?” Beyonce asked.

She was feeling a lot better now that she knew Jewel wasn’t judging her and didn’t think she was sick. She had struggled so much with this, but what her friend was telling her made sense. She would never force Solange to have sex with her or anything and since her sister wasn’t into girls, it wasn’t an issue. Just because it was a fantasy didn’t mean it had become reality.

“Sweetie, I know so,” Jewel smiled and gave Beyonce another reassuring hug. “Now stop feeling guilty when you’ve done nothing wrong. Mmmm besides, you don’t have to have to do any more fantasizing when you’ve got so many real girls here who want to fuck you. I heard you had some fun by the pool this morning.”

“You heard about that?” Beyonce replied with a bashful smile as she remembered how wild she’d gotten.

“Mmmmhmmm I’m just pissed I wasn’t up to enjoy it,” Jewel said. “I totally overslept this morning and missed all the fun. God, I think the party for Christina and Britney totally wiped me out.”

“Shit! I almost forgot!” Beyonce cried, standing straight up. “I was supposed to go to their office today! I promised them!”

“Awwww I was hoping you’d stay and play,” Jewel said in disappointment.

“I’ll come back next time I can, I promise,” Beyonce pledged as she gave Jewel a kiss and hugged her. “Thank you so much Jewel! You made me feel so much better!”

“I’m glad I could help,” Jewel said as she hugged Beyonce back. “Call me later. Just don’t feel guilty anymore about your fantasies.”

“I’ll try,” Beyonce promised before she ran off. She hoped she wasn’t going to be late for this special meeting at the girls’ record label. She had to make a very important stop and pick someone up first.

While Beyonce scurried away, Jewel remained sitting on the stone bench and studied the garden around her. She didn’t come here much, but she always loved it when she did. It was so lush. The ivy gave everything such a mysterious, Secret Gardenesque feel and it was really romantic and peaceful. Jewel felt like she could easily lose herself in her thoughts here.

But before she could do that, a voice spoke up and derailed that train.

“You Miss Kilcher, are a bad influence,” Alyssa said with a laugh as she took the liberty of sitting down next to her busty housemate.

“Were you listening in?” Jewel demanded.

“Never mind that, you basically just told that girl to go home and jump her sister’s bones,” Alyssa charged. She hadn’t really been listening in. But Alyssa had been working in the garden, which she loved to do, and she hadn’t been able to help overhear.

“I did not!” Jewel insisted. “I just told her it was ok to have fantasies about it.”

“Oh yeah and where do you think that’s gonna lead?” Alyssa asked with a roll of her eyes. “You think she’s just going to go home and forget all about this? No way. She’s gonna keep thinking more and more about seducing her little sister and pretty soon she’s going to start finding little bits of what she thinks are signals that baby sis is sending her and she’s not going to be able to stop herself from making a move.”

“Would it be so bad if she did?” Jewel asked, squirming a little bit as her pussy got wet at the thought of Beyonce seducing her own sister. “C’mon Lyssa. Mmmm wouldn’t you want that hot young thing over here at the mansion with Beyonce? Oooooh and with Jessica and Ashlee Simpson too? Mmmmm those naughty sisters fucking each other and then us!”

“See! You are a bad influence!” Alyssa laughed before giving her friend a playful shove. “I was just here minding my own business, working in my garden and I hear you filling Beyonce’s head with all those dirty thoughts. You oughta be ashamed Jewel.”

“I’m not a bad influence,” Jewel laughed back. “I just think sisters fucking each other is really hot! Can you blame me?”

Alyssa had to admit that she couldn’t blame her. She had seen Jessica and Ashlee in action and it was really fucking hot. Plus the pictures she’d seen of Solange Knowles had Alyssa thinking that the girl would fit right in around the mansion, a thought Jewel already had very much in mind.

However, fate never got tired of showing off its sense of humor. As thoughts of Beyonce and Solange pressed together in a naked, incestuous kiss played through her head, Jewel’s cell phone rang. She pulled herself out of her haze enough to answer it and hear a familiar voice on the other end.

“Hello, Jewel? It’s me!” the voice said. “It’s Q!”

No one had to tell Jewel who that was. It was her cousin, Q’Orianka. She hadn’t talked to her in months but she was always happy to hear from her.

“Q? Wow! How are you, sweetie?” Jewel asked in delight. “God, it’s been too long!”

“I know! I really miss you, cousin,” Q’Orianka replied. “I’m actually in L.A. now.”

“You are? I didn’t know you were coming,” Jewel said as Alyssa continued to sit next to her and wonder what was going on.

“I kind of didn’t know myself until the other day,” Q’Orianka said, her voice coming off a little shyly from the other end before she got to the heart of her call. “Listen I need a favor. A REALLY big favor!”

“Sure sweetie, anything,” Jewel immediately agreed. “What is it?”

“Well I sort of need a place to crash,” the teenager replied hesitantly. “I know it’s asking a lot and I’ll totally understand if you can’t make it work, but I just really need a place to stay right now and you’re the only one I knew I could call.”

“You want to stay? Here?” Jewel gasped. The immediate implications of that did not escape her attention.

“Who?” Alyssa asked. “Who wants to stay here?”

“My cousin,” Jewel whispered to her housemate.

“The one from the Colin Farrell movie?” Alyssa asked, getting a head nod of confirmation from Jewel.

“I know it’s really short notice and I’m sorry but my mom and I had this huge fight,” Q’Orianka explained. “I walked out and flew out here on a whim and God, Jewel, I just don’t know where else to go. I’m in a cab and I don’t know where to tell the guy to take me. I need some help, cousin.”

Jewel was torn. She would have done anything for family, ordinarily. But she couldn’t have her 17-year-old cousin around the mansion! That was crazy. But it wasn’t like she could just turn her away. Could she? Could she live with herself for doing that to her own cousin?

“Wellllll,” Jewel said indecisively.

It wasn’t like they were sisters or anything. Q’Orianka was her second cousin. They hadn’t even been really close until the past couple of years. It wasn’t like she was under any obligation to just throw open the mansion’s doors to her. But she was still family.

“Please cousin, please,” Q’Orianka urged, her voice showing that she was feeling a little desperate. “I’ll only stay a night. I promise.”

That did it for Jewel. She couldn’t turn her back on her cousin.

“No don’t be silly, it’s no imposition at all,” Jewel lied. “Get over here sweetie. Then we’ll talk more.”

Jewel gave her cousin the mansion’s address and ended the call, knowing they didn’t have too long before her family paid an unexpected visit to the place she had kept secret from all of them.

“What was that all about?” Alyssa asked.

“My cousin is coming,” Jewel explained. “She said she had some big fight with her mom or something and she flew out to L.A. and now she’s coming here! God, what am I going to do? She doesn’t know I live like this with all you guys.”

“Chill Jewel, it’ll be fine,” Alyssa said. “We can just put her in one of the guest rooms.”

“Ohhhh fuck, I have a friend coming over today too,” Jewel groaned. “I’ll have to cancel. God, I don’t want her to find out I like girls!”

“What? You ashamed or something?” Alyssa demanded, reflexively bristling.

“No, it’s not like that!” Jewel replied. “It’s just that…you know…family…”

“Yeah, I know,” Alyssa said in sympathy.

She wasn’t ashamed of her desires either, but it wasn’t like she went around advertising them to her family members, so she couldn’t fault Jewel for feeling the same way.

Thinking back to the movie Q’Orianka had done, Alyssa remembered she had been pretty cute in it and had probably grown even cuter in the years since it came out. She knew she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help but tease Jewel about it.

“So are we going to have a chance at her or do you get first crack at getting her into bed?” Alyssa asked with an evil smile.

“WHAT?” Jewel cried, nearly choking on her own tongue from the question.

“What’s the matter Jewel? Don’t you think forbidden fruit is tasty anymore?” Alyssa teased. “It’s ok for Beyonce to dream about fucking Solange or for Jess and Ashlee to 69 in front of all of us, but you can’t think of that sexy cousin of yours? Don’t be a hypocrite Jewel. Mmmm she looks like one hot piece of ass from what I’ve seen of her. If you don’t want a taste of cousin love then I’d sure love to get a few licks in.”

“Listen up and listen good!” Jewel said strongly. “I know you’re teasing me Lyssa so I’m not going to get mad. But as long as she’s here my cousin is off limits! You hear me? Off limits! No one touches her, looks at her funny or even thinks about her with her clothes off. You got me?”

“Oh yeah, I got ya. Off limits. Right,” Alyssa replied, but the smile on her lips showed she was planning on making this visit from Q’Orianka a lot of fun.

* * * * *

Unaware of the unexpected visitor that was headed their way, Love jogged down the beach without a care in the world. She loved taking long runs. It was a great way to clear your head and put everything in perspective.

Over the past months it had been a great way for her to calm herself when she’d gotten so sad from missing Sarah. But now that her friend was back where she belonged Love went running to only focus on the good things.

It was so much fun to run along the beach, see and hear the waves crashing into the shore, smell the sea air and see all the people she passed by. The beaches along Malibu were always so busy, but by running in the morning Love had the perfect situation. She would pass by lots of people and there would still be enough room for her to make her way without constantly tripping over everyone.

The girls used the pool more than the beach, but they all loved living so close to it, especially Love. Since it wasn’t the kind of private beach the girls craved and anyone could walk by, they restricted getting frisky to the pool. Of course that didn’t stop Love and others from going out at night and getting naked and naughty in the ocean when the mood stuck them. It just meant that they couldn’t do it when there was a real chance of being seen.

It was more or less policy that pool was for fucking and beach was for swimming and Love adored swimming in the ocean. The more she saw of it on her run today, the more she wished she had a bikini on under her shorts and t-shirt so she could run in for a quick dip. She couldn’t quite do that in her sports bra and panties and an impromptu skinny dip might have been fun but would have probably resulted in the police being called.

Love giggled as she pictured herself handling an arrest for indecent exposure just like she’d handled it when she and Rose had ended up in jail in New Mexico. God that had been so crazy. She’d taken on those six cops all by herself and had felt so wonderfully sore and sticky once they were done fucking all her holes. It had been such a wild night and while Love hadn’t been out looking to repeat it, she hadn’t exactly sworn off doing it again either.

But Love kept her clothes on as she ran and didn’t force the issue. She would get a swim once she got back to the mansion. Right now she was having too much fun jogging away to her heart’s content and feeling the sand kick up around her as she ran through it. She had her iPod cranking with her best of Madonna playlist and Love was one happy girl.

Of course listening to Madonna, Love couldn’t help but think of the time Madonna came through L.A. on her last tour and Britney and Christina had happily brought the bunch of them backstage to visit her. The two pop tarts had always bragged that things had gotten a lot naughtier backstage after their infamous kiss with the sex icon and they were able to prove it.

Madonna had been only too happy to invite their little group back to her private dressing room after the concert and shown them all how the legend of her sexual prowess more than matched reality. Love had idolized Madonna since forever and being able to help strip her idol down to her bare body and then lick her gorgeous flesh, tasting the sweat from her concert, before being able to tongue her legendary pussy was an erotic memory Love would treasure forever.

Love hadn’t cared about Madonna’s age that night. She’d been just as gorgeous as ever as she’d shown them all the true benefits of yoga. Madonna had stretched herself into seemingly impossible positions as she’d fucked them all with wicked enthusiasm. Love couldn’t ever hear a Madonna song now and not think about how the pop icon’s fingers had felt thrusting into her and Sarah’s spread pussies as she ate Rose out.

Mmmm and of course Madonna had been eager to tongue them too and it was even better than Love had imagined. Madonna had licked all over her body, not leaving an inch untouched by her tongue, wetly running it over her tits and down to her tummy and around her thighs and onto her ass and down her legs and all the way to her wiggling toes before getting to her pussy. Madonna had made her come just by licking her body without even touching her pussy and when she had finally gotten her mouth on her sex, it had been absolute bliss.

They had all had such fun that night. Madonna had fucked them all: her, Sarah, Rose, Jen, Britney and Christina. God, Rose had even let Madonna fuck her with a strap on, something Rose didn’t usually let anyone do because she so relished being the one in control. Everyone else in the mansion had been so jealous of them and Love knew that since the singer had been so kind to them by inviting them backstage, it was only right to return the favor and have Madonna come to the mansion next time she came through town.

As she ran, huffing and puffing a little bit as she exerted herself, Love giggled when she saw that her nipples were starting to poke against her t-shirt from all of her sexy thoughts. She just couldn’t stop once she got going. She just loved sex. She loved thinking about it. She loved talking about it. And she especially loved doing it.

Love didn’t mind anymore when her housemates teased her for being such a slut. She had resented a little bit at first, but now she wore it as a badge of honor. She loved being slutty because it was fun. She didn’t see anything depraved about the things she did or who she did them with. It was about feeling good.

Love didn’t consider herself a sex addict or anything. There was nothing desperate about her actions. She just loved having sex and she loved it with men and women…mmmm preferably all together in one big pile of naked bodies, rubbing and grinding and thrusting into each other.

Ooooh there she went again. Love put the brakes on her brain there before she ended up getting herself so worked up that she was going to have to forget her jog all together and sneak behind a big sand dune to push her hand into her shorts for another kind of exertion. She just couldn’t help herself. It was just so much fun to have sex.

She’d already gotten herself quite a workout already that morning once she and Sarah had joined Jessica, Jennifer, Kelly and Elisha, but Love still wanted more. There was never anything as too much sex when everyone was having a good time and getting each other off.

Love could never fathom why being a slut could ever be a bad thing. Sex was a happy, fun experience. She wasn’t cheating on anyone or betraying them. She was just having a good time and that was why she loved being in the mansion so much. It was such a positive, joyful place where she could be free and uninhibited with the people she most loved to be with.

Love still enjoyed sex with men, obviously, but she would have given them up in a heartbeat to be with her housemates and her friends if she had to. She sometimes wondered if that made her a lesbian, but she didn’t like to label herself. She just loved having sex with people she cared about and it just so happened that the people she most cared about were all women and she just happened to live with them. That didn’t make her a lesbian, just someone who enjoyed having a lot of beautiful friends and fucking them.

This particular course of logic made Love giggle again as she continued her run. The one bad part about having such a big secret like they did at the mansion was that it meant less interaction with the neighbors. Love had always been very friendly and sociable, but it wasn’t like she could knock on people’s doors here in Malibu and say “Hey we live next door at the mansion with all the celebrities secretly sleeping with each other.”

Love knew a few of the neighbors. Charlize Theron and they’d all had fun with her before and of course Christina and Britney were their neighbors now. But that was pretty much it and the more Love ran by the people who lived nearby, the more she wished she knew them better, particularly some of the gorgeous women. There were so many pretty girls here that Love had a little trouble concentrating on her run.

Pausing for a second to catch her breath, Love realized she had gone much further than she had intended. God, she didn’t even know where she was anymore. She wasn’t lost. She gone in a straight line so doubling back was easy. But she still wasn’t familiar with this area.

This wasn’t where many of the mansions were. These were where the still impressive, but more reasonable homes were. Shrugging, Love decided to just press on. She wasn’t tired yet and felt like running a little further.

But almost as soon as she started to get a good pace going again she noticed something off to her right that she couldn’t look away from. A statuesque blonde walked out of the back of her house and set herself down in a chair on the beach. She was clad in only a towel and soon even less since she cast it away to expose her completely naked body. When the blonde woman began oiling her bare body up, Love was a goner.

She turned her neck back hard to see more and mentally slammed the brakes on her run. But unfortunately the rest of her body didn’t get the signal to stop in time and while her upper half wanted to stare, the lower half wanted to run. This caused Love to trip and fall, making her end up face first onto the ground eating some sand.

“Owwwwwww!” Love cried as searing pain shot up from her ankle. She felt like she’d twisted it something fierce and as soon as she got up off her face and spit out the sand, she began to cradle it.

However quickly found something to distract herself from her ankle.

“Are you ok?” the woman asked. She had wrapped herself in her towel again and had come to check on Love. “I saw you fall.”

Love was dumbstruck and couldn’t speak at the sight of her. She couldn’t believe it. Even with the towel back around her body, the woman was gorgeous. But Love was only staring at her face. She couldn’t believe it. She knew this woman! Well she didn’t know her personally. She just knew of her and boy did Love immediately want to make things personal between them.

“Oh my God,” Love gasped when she found her tongue, her sore ankle suddenly forgotten as she stared into the beautiful face of porn star Nicole Sheridan. “You’re…you’re…wow you’re you!”

Nicole seemed surprised that she had been recognized and was visibly taken aback.

“Funny, I was just about to say that to you,” Nicole joked. “C’mon let’s see if you can stand on that ankle.”

Nicole tried to help Love to her feet, but the actress couldn’t support her weight and quickly crumbled. Fortunately Nicole was there to catch Love before she ate the sand again.

“Ok, let’s get you inside,” Nicole declared as Love winced in pain. “It doesn’t look too bad. I think a little ice will help that ankle out.”

“Thank you,” Love replied as she let out another “Ow!” while Nicole brought her up the beach toward her house. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Well I’m certainly not going to have you curled up in a ball in back of my house crying either,” Nicole joked. “It’s no big deal at all. You just need a little ice and to stretch that thing out a little. You’ll be fine.”

Love found this all so surreal. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She’d seen so many of Nicole’s movies and loved them all. It was always so hot to see Nicole fuck her porn star husband, Voodoo. God, she’d made herself come countless times while watching her scenes. Now of all people, she had twisted her ankle in back of her house.

Love couldn’t believe that fortune had smiled on her like this. It was almost too much, but Love couldn’t help wanting a little more. She wanted Nicole to forget about her ankle and tend to much more pleasurable parts of her body instead.

“I hope it’s not too bad,” Love said as she Nicole sat her down at a chair in the kitchen and went off to create a makeshift ice pack. “I kind of have to go to a party tonight.”

“Well far be it from me to keep you from missing your big Hollywood party,” Nicole laughed as she filled a plastic Ziploc bag with ice and wrapped it in a dish towel. “Don’t worry, honey, you’ll be dancing around in no time.”

“It’s not that kind of party,” Love said, blushing as she feared she was whining in front of a girl she had a major case of the hots for. “It’s more a kind of stand around with a glass of wine party.”

“Sounds boring,” Nicole said while she pressed the icepack to Love’s ankle.

“It is, but it’s for a good cause” Love admitted. “Thanks again for helping me. I really appreciate it. You’re definitely going above and beyond.”

“That looked like a pretty nasty spill you took out there,” Nicole said. “What happened?”

“Oh I…ummm…I just got a little distracted,” Love replied, not giving the full explanation because she had no idea how Nicole would take that she had been checking her out. “I wasn’t paying attention and I saw something and I tried to stop but my legs wouldn’t listen so I went splat. Believe me, it’s not the first time. I’m so uncoordinated it’s ridiculous. I’m like a total dork sometimes.”

“You certainly don’t look like a dork to me,” Nicole said. “Here, now keep the pressure on your ankle. Numb it out and we’ll see how it feels in a few minutes. I don’t think you sprained it or anything. It’s probably just a little twist.”

Love took over pressing the icepack to her body and smiled at Nicole again.

“Thanks, you should be a nurse,” Love declared. “You’re really good at this.”

“Oh I don’t know about that,” Nicole replied with a wry smile while she settled into the chair next to Love. “I’ve played a nurse a few times. Of course when I do that I’m performing a very specialized form of examination.’

Love giggled at the sound of that as she hoped she wasn’t being too obvious with her desire. She didn’t want to come on too strongly to Nicole. Even though the woman was a porn star, Love didn’t want to just assume sex was inevitable. Nicole probably didn’t just have sex with complete strangers, though Love certainly hoped an exception would be made in her case.

She still couldn’t believe she was staring into the face of someone she had masturbated to countless times. She had loved everything about Nicole’s movies and she could see now the woman was even more beautiful in person. She loved seeing her in action and staring at her body, her enthusiasm…everything. And now all she wanted was for Nicole to get on her nurse’s outfit and do that kind of special examination on her.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the two women before it was mercifully broken.

“So, what did you say distracted you?” Nicole coyly inquired. “Something you saw?”

“I didn’t say,” Love pointed out, hoping Nicole was flirting with her. “It was something really, really beautiful though. I couldn’t take my eyes off her…er I mean it.”

“Really beautiful, huh?” Nicole repeated, the look on her face showing she didn’t quite believe this was happening either. “That’s quite a compliment coming from you.”

The two women stared at each other for a few moments, no one saying anything again. It was like they were studying each other, waiting to see if the other would flinch. There was more than a touch of sexual tension in the air as Nicole and Love eyed each other, both of them wondering what the other was thinking.

Nicole was the more skeptical of the two. It was hard for her to believe this girl was a fan of hers. Not Jennifer Freaking Love Hewitt. That seemed about as far from reality as Earth was from Mars. It was insane. Right?

“I can’t believe you recognize me,” Nicole admitted, finally breaking the silence once again. She didn’t know what else to say, so the truth spilled out. “Are you sure you don’t have me confused with someone else?”

“Oh God no!” Love insisted, feeling a little starstruck, as she always got around her favorite porn stars. “I’d recognize you anywhere. You’re Nicole Sheridan. I love your movies! You and Voodoo are so hot together!”

Love knew she probably shouldn’t go around admitting to just anyone her love of adult movies, but she couldn’t help it. Not when she was face to face with a woman whose movies she had watched over and over again. She had to tell her how much she liked her. She had to tell her how much she wanted her.

“Wow…that’s…well that’s just a little incredible coming from someone like you,” Nicole replied. “You just don’t seem to be the type. No offense, but wow. I never would have guessed in a million years that you’d watch one of my movies.”

“I love them! I really do!” Love stated, unable to restrain herself from revealing her desires. “You have an incredible body. I…ummm…well I just love seeing you in action. Your movies are amazing. So hot and sexy.”

“Really? Do they turn you on?” Nicole asked shifting forward in her chair so her towel opened up a little bit and hinted at the fleshy D-cup delights that lay beneath. She was starting to get turned on from this, but there was no sense diving right in before she found out the temperature of the water.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Love answered as she tried to give her sexiest look to Nicole. She wanted to make sure the blonde knew she was being sincere. She wasn’t playing with her. She wanted this and she just hoped Nicole was willing to give it to her. “They make me crazy. I get so wet watching you in action.”

Nicole still couldn’t believe she was hearing this from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s mouth. It wasn’t anything new for women to admit they liked her movies, but this wasn’t just any woman. This was someone Nicole figured had never seen a porno in her life. She always seemed so sweet and innocent on TV. But now this girl seemed willing to show her a much hornier side to herself and Nicole was more than happy to play along and see where it led.

Fate had definitely dealt her a winning hand today too. She had just gone outside to kill some time and get some sun and instead a beautiful woman had fallen into her lap. Unlike many women in the industry who went lesbo just to earn easy money and not have to worry about a cum shot, Nicole was honestly bisexual.

She loved how women touched and tasted and while sex hadn’t been what she had been looking for when she’d gone outside, if it was going to happen, Nicole wasn’t going to turn down an opportunity, especially an opportunity with someone like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

“Wow,” Nicole marveled at Love’s professed admiration for her movies. “What makes you wet Jennifer? Does it make you wet when I fuck Voodoo on screen? Do you like seeing me get fucked by my husband for the whole world to see?”

“Yessss,” Love hissed, the ice pack starting to drip water down onto her foot while she started to drip somewhere else too.

“Or do you like it better when I get down and dirty with another girl?” Nicole asked. “Do you like that Jennifer? Do you like seeing me naked with other girls? Kissing them. Touching them. Mmmmm fucking them.”

“Oh God yes, I love it,” Love confessed. “It makes me so wet! I love seeing you with other girls! You do such hot girl on girl scenes. Mmmm you make my pussy drip when you fuck other girls.”

Nicole wondered if the sun had baked her brain or something. She couldn’t really be hearing this, could she? There was only one way to find out if this was a dream or not and Nicole didn’t hesitate to go for it. She had had enough talking. Now it was time for the real test.

Deciding just how much Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoyed a good girl on girl scene, Nicole leaned in and pressed her lips to her unexpected guest’s. She kissed Love and the actress immediately responded. Love gave Nicole just the answer she had been looking for by parting her lips so they could really kiss and giving it back to her as good as she was getting it from the experienced porn starlet.

Love was giddy with happiness. She was kissing one of her favorite porno stars! God, no matter how many times she lived out the fantasy of actually being with one of the women she watched fuck in movies it still turned her on like it was all brand new to her. Love took her arms and draped them over Nicole’s shoulder, wrapping them around the back of her neck and pulling the blonde closer.

Nicole was just as stunned this was happening, but she wasn’t about to fight this off. She opened her mouth and let Love’s tongue slowly wiggle inside. Nicole sucked it with tender exploration as she let her brain adjust to the fact that she was kissing Jennifer Love Hewitt! Having sex with famous people wasn’t new to Nicole, but the fact that it was this girl just made it hotter for her.

“Mmmmm you’re a great kisser,” Nicole sighed happily when she pulled her lips away, her and Love’s foreheads touching since neither of them wanted to be too far apart from the other after a kiss like that.

“So are you…just like I dreamed you would be,” Love smiled.

“I can’t get over it,” Nicole admitted. “A sweet thing like you watching my dirty movies.”

“Mmmmm I’m sweet all right…a sweet slut,” Love giggled as she smiled wickedly. “Ooooh Nicole you have no idea about me. I’m a total slut and I love it. Mmmm I’ve done things you haven’t even done on camera.”

“Naughty girl,” Nicole smiled back, loving how she could see Love’s nipples poking against her t-shirt. “You really fantasize about me?”

“Definitely,” Love answered. “I love your scenes with Voodoo where you take on other girls. God, each time I’d see one I’d dream about being the girl in your scene and having you fuck me hard like a porn star. Mmmmm I’d get so wet dreaming about fucking you both, feeling his cock inside me ooooh and tasting your pretty pussy. You both turn me on so much.”

“My my my, you really are a naughty girl,” Nicole said with obvious excitement. “Getting turned on watching me fuck. Only dirty girls watch pornos. Are you a dirty girl Jennifer?”

“Yessss so dirty,” Love replied, before getting to her little pet peeve. “Please call me Love. My friends call me that.”

“I guess that makes me your friend now…Love,” Nicole declared before moving in for another kiss.

The two women French kissed with growing passion, rubbing their wet tongues together as their lips pressed together over and over again. When one kiss ended, the next was getting ready to start up and Love couldn’t help get her hands up to feel Nicole’s body through her towel.

“Is this what you want?” Nicole inquired, pulling away from their kiss and standing up so she could drop her towel off and let it fall to her feet. “Is this what you wanted to see so bad before when you tripped all over yourself just from the sight of me?”

“Mmmmhmmm…oooooh that’s such a hot body,” Love said with lustful admiration as she eyed Nicole from head to toe, loving how her large breasts jutted out proudly with no sag, how her belly ring sparkled from the sun entering the kitchen, how her bush was down to just a black stubble that contrasted with her long, blonde hair and how her pussy was glistening with arousal. “Even hotter than it is on TV. “

“You can touch me,” Nicole advised the enthralled actress. “Mmmm I want to feel you all over my body. Ooooh then I want to see yours. You say my body is hotter than it looks on your TV? Mmmm I can only imagine how good yours looks in person. Better than TV. Better than Playboy.”

“I can’t wait to show you,” Love declared but first she moved in and began kissing Nicole’s stomach.

She wetly pressed her lips all over Nicole’s flat, toned tummy and showered her flesh with soft kisses. She sucked on Nicole’s belly piercing, making the tall blonde moan and press her hand down on her head to keep her close.

“You’re definitely not new at this,” Nicole moaned as her body shivered up her spine from pleasure. “Mmmm you know what girls like.”

“I’ve been with sooooo many girls,” Love admitted with nary a blush, just a horny smile. “I know just how to fuck gorgeous girls like you Nicole.”

“Ever been with a porn star before?” Nicole asked, her voice quivering a little as she felt more pleasure from Love’s continued sexy kisses all over her stomach. “Ever been with a girl that fucks like a pro?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Love confirmed wickedly. “Not as many as I want though. I love porn. Ughhh it’s my total fantasy. I wanna be a fucking porn star. I wanna get fucked on screen by hot girls and guys and let everyone see it so they know how much I love it.”

“Naughty…” Nicole moaned as Love resumed sucking her piercing. “I gotta get you upstairs Love. Mmmm gotta get you in my bed and get both of us naked.”

Nicole pulled the ice pack off Love’s leg and tossed it into the sink to clean up later.

“Can you stand?” Nicole asked. She really wanted to get Love in her bed, but if the girl couldn’t move yet then she would have settled and done her right here at her kitchen table.

“I’ll crawl if I have to,” Love replied truthfully. She wasn’t about to let a silly think like a twisted ankle stand in the way of her living a fantasy out.

Love gingerly stepped up and winced slightly as she put weight on her leg again, but she could at least stand. Her leg was already feeling better and Love was more than ready to play through a little bit of pain. She kissed Nicole again, loving how her naked tits rubbed against hers through her clothes, and held out her hand to her new friend.

“Take me to your bedroom,” Love said. “Please Nicole. God, I want this so bad! I want to go where you and Voodoo fuck for real!”

Nicole kissed Love once more and took her hand. She helped the limping actress up to her bedroom. Ordinarily Nicole would have raced upstairs to get someone like Love in her bed, but her soon to be lover was a member of the walking wounded, so she didn’t rush it. She guided Love upstairs with her, taking it slow and moaning when she suddenly felt Love’s hand caressing her bare ass.

“Frisky,” Nicole turned her head and grinned as Love’s hand continued to softly touch her ass. “You always go around grabbing other girls’ butts without permission?”

“Only the hot ones,” Love giggled. “I just want this bad. I love your body, Nicole. Mmmm I had to touch it.”

“Well don’t stop,” Nicole urged. “If you’ve seen my movies you’ve got to know how much I love being touched there.”

“I know all the naughty things you like done to your ass,” Love said with a twinkle in her eye while they continued to walk upstairs, Nicole completely naked and Love still fully dressed.

“If you’re a good girl then you might just get a chance to do those things to me,” Nicole saucily promised as they finished their journey upstairs.

Nicole led Love into her bedroom and turned around so she was facing her. They kissed with even more passion. Now that they knew the other was completely sincere about wanting this, their kisses were growing in lustful enthusiasm. Love was so eager to live out her favorite fantasy and Nicole was just as giddy because things like this didn’t usually happen.

People who didn’t know much about the industry still assumed that being a porn star meant life was a non-stop orgy. Of course it was far from that. Work was work and home was home.

The things she did on camera didn’t always translate into what she did in her own bedroom. She and her husband might have both been porn stars, but at home they were just any other married couple, with stupid fights about who was supposed to take the garbage out, a subscription to Netflix and debates about whether to watch Rachael Ray or ESPN when they got home.

That didn’t mean she and her husband didn’t have fun in the bedroom. They weren’t swingers or anything, but this was hardly the first time another girl was going to be in their bed. The two of them had sexy friends who helped spice things up in their marriage and Nicole loved seeing her husband fuck another girl as much as he loved seeing her do the same.

What was happening with Love was very unexpected and very welcome. It was like finding a suitcase full of money waiting for you. Love was so beautiful and so sexy and Nicole wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity.

“Wanna do a girl girl scene with me Love?” Nicole asked with a smile as she pushed the girl down on her bed and then sat down right next to her. “Voodoo’s not here right now. It’s just me. Is that enough for you, naughty girl? Do you want me to fuck you like I fuck those other girls in my movies?”

“Mmmmhmmmm I want that so bad,” Love replied lustfully. “Fuck me Nicole! Fuck me like you fuck Devinn Lane or Stormy Daniels or Aria or Nikita Denise! Mmmm fuck me like that! Fuck me like I’m a naughty little porn slut! Make me come as hard as you make those sexy girls come in your movies!”

Christ, this girl did know her movies. Nicole wondered if Love was going to start rattling off her scenes, but she didn’t push it that far. Instead, Nicole kissed Love again and moved her hands to her t-shirt. As Love moaned in expectation, Nicole lifted the girl’s shirt over her head and exposed her pink sports bra, her hard nipples poking straight out against it.

“Mmmmm such beautiful tits,” Nicole declared as she got herself her first feel of Love’s large, all natural rack. They were so soft and sexy under the tight sports bra and Nicole loved how Love’s breathing quickened when she got her hands on them. Love’s chest began to heave and Nicole pushed her arousal even further by kissing the actress’ neck while inching the sports bra off her chest.

“Gotta get this off you,” Nicole said, inching up the sports bra that imprisoned her new friend’s breasts. “No clothes allowed in the bedroom.”

Love giggled as Nicole pulled her sports bra off, letting her tits fall out and mussing up her dark hair. That was one of Love’s favorite rules and one that was strictly enforced in the mansion, which was where Love wanted to take Nicole as soon as they were finished here.

Now both of their chests were bare on the bed and Nicole and Love kissed each other hungrily again, rubbing their tits together as they did so. Love’s soft, natural breasts were pushed into hard by Nicole’s enhanced D-cup bust and it just turned Love on more. She never minded fake tits. Real or natural. Big or small. None of that mattered to Love. She just cared that they felt good and right then Nicole’s big, fake tits felt so good rubbing into hers.

The two women kept on kissing each other, their hands getting into the fun too. Love ran her hands down Nicole’s bare back and onto her stomach before reaching up to grab at her porn star tits.

Love squeezed the impressive mounds in her hands, inspiring Nicole to do the same while they sat face to face on the bed. They spent the next few, wonderful moments just like that, making out and feeling each other up, both of them loving having the other’s breasts in their hands.

The two horny women tongue kissed each other as the moments ticked away and soon they both wanted more. Love was only naked from the waist up and she knew that wouldn’t do at all. So she took her hands off Nicole’s tits and reached down for her shorts, but before she could start getting them off her body, Nicole put a stop to her.

“Oh no, I want to do that,” Nicole insisted. “You just lie back and let me get you naked.”

Love was perfectly happy to do that. She settled down onto her back on Nicole’s soft bed and moaned as Nicole kneeled in front of her and lifted up her legs. She did this to get the best angle on Love’s sneakers as she untied them and pulled them off along with her socks. But Nicole also had another reason. She had herself a little bit of a foot fetish and she couldn’t help herself. As Love’s toes wiggled for her in expectation, Nicole lifted her right foot up to her mouth and started kissing it.

“Oooooh so nice,” Love moaned sensually as Nicole kissed all over her bare foot before centering on her toes, licking at the wiggling digits. “Mmmm gawd, you do that so well!”

“You like?” Nicole asked while bringing Love’s left foot up too, leaving the girl’s legs sticking straight up. “Ever get your toes sucked by another girl before?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Love smiled. “Feels so good! I have a friend who loves that! God, I have to introduce you! She’d love you sucking her toes and getting so naughty with them.”

“Is she famous like you?” Nicole couldn’t help but inquire.

“Get my shorts off and maybe I’ll tell you,” Love teased.

“Sounds like a fair bargain,” Nicole replied, dropping Love’s legs back onto the bed and forgetting about her toes for now. “Now let’s find out how wet you are for me.”

Still kneeling down in front of Love, Nicole reached for her shorts and pressed her hand to her pussy through them. Love moaned and arched her back off the bed from the contact with her sex and Nicole delighted in what she found.

“Dirty girl, you’re almost soaked already,” Nicole grinned as she rubbed Love’s pussy through her dark running shorts. “Bet I could make you come just from doing this huh. Would you come for me like this Love? From me rubbing your sweet, celebrity pussy through your shorts? Would you soak these shorts for me like a dirty girl Love? Would you soak your shorts and panties from a porn star rubbing your pussy?”

“Ooooooh I definitely would!” Love cried. “I’d soak my fucking panties for you with all my girl cum!”

“But that’s not what you want, is it?” Nicole demanded. She loved being aggressive in bed and Love wanted this so badly that it was easy to exert control over her.

“No,” Love said with an aroused whine. “I want more!”

“What is it you want, dirty girl?’ Nicole asked as she pressed her lips down to Love’s bellybutton and began licking at her flesh while rubbing her pussy even harder through her shorts and panties.

“Fuck me!” Love gasped. “Oooooh please fuck me Nicole! Get me naked and fuck me!”

That got another big smile from Nicole, but as she looked up she saw the clock by the bed and realized she had a bit of a truncated schedule here. She’d almost forgotten she had someone coming over who wasn’t expecting to have a threesome.

“Damn, I’m gonna have to make this quick with you,” Nicole sighed in disappointment. “I’ve got a friend coming over soon.”

But what Love said in response to that made Nicole want her to stay even more.

“You’ll either have to tell your friend to go away or join in because I’m not going anywhere!” Love moaned with growing desperate desire to Nicole’s practiced touch. “I’m so fucking wet for you Nicole! I’m not even letting you leave this bed until you make me come and then I do it right back to you! Mmmm we’re not going anywhere until both of our pussies are licked dry!”

“I might just hold you to that,” Nicole replied with a wink before she finally took mercy on the panting, writhing brunette in her bed. She pulled her hand off Love’s shorts and instead hooked them into the garment’s waistband.

With a firm tug, Nicole yanked down Love’s running shorts. She pulled them right off her body and saw that she had also knocked Love’s yellow panties out of place. Nicole licked her lips when she saw how soaked the panties were and how one of Love’s pussy lips were peeking out. She also saw that Love was completely shaved bare and Nicole hungered for the taste of that smooth flesh.

Nicole was far too experienced to look when she should be licking and she didn’t let Love’s panties stay on for even a moment longer than necessary. Tossing away Love’s shorts, Nicole went back for her panties. She yanked them down Love’s legs, leaving a trail of wetness from them down her skin. The panties were soon on the floor with the rest of Love’s clothes and the actress reacted to this by spreading her legs open and giving Nicole a great view of her pink slice of heaven.

“Fuck me! Please!” Love begged as she reached down and began playing with herself in front of her new lover. “I need this Nicole! Lick my pussy! See how wet I am for you! I’m a dirty girl and I need to be fucked like one! I got so wet just looking at you and touching your big tits! Please fuck me! Fuck me like a wannabe porn slut! Show me how you fucking do it to all those hot girls!”

Nicole thought about teasing Love some more first and reminding the girl who was really in charge in this bedroom. But she decided against it. She was working on a truncated schedule here and, besides, there was no way she could refuse a pussy that beautiful. Love was so pink and wet for her. If Nicole hadn’t been bisexual before, just the sight of it would have made her crave pussy.

Leaning down even further and mashing her tits against the bed while sticking her ass out, Nicole pressed her lips right to Love’s pussy. She pushed the girl’s fingers out of the way and began to work her magic. She slid her tongue out and began to lap at the tender, swollen pussy lips before her, getting her first taste of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s juices and getting instantly hooked on them.

“Ooooooooooh yessssssss!” Love squealed at the feel of Nicole’s tongue on her snatch. “Ohhhhhhhhhh God! I’ve wanted this for sooooooo long! Lick me Nicole! Lick my pink fucking pussy! Lick up all that fucking juice I’ve got for you! Ooooooooh yesssssssss soooooooo good! So fucking good! Mmmmmm gawwwwwd it’s even better than I hoped it would beeee!!!”

Nicole smiled as she licked Love’s juicy pussy lips, fresh girl essence already dripping down for her waiting tongue. She couldn’t get over this beautiful, famous girl fantasizing about her like that. She supposed after all this time she shouldn’t have been surprised about who was watching her movies, but still it was quite a thrill. She couldn’t say she’d returned the favor by specifically fantasizing about Love, but she was definitely a gorgeous girl and her pussy tasted delicious. Nicole knew this was going to be an amazing fuck.

As Love passionately cried for more, Nicole fed off her pussy. She sucked and licked at the girl’s creamy cunt lips, working them over with her mouth. Then she moved onto Love’s soft folds. She sucked the juice right out of Love’s pussy as it dripped out, making Love scream in ecstasy as the pleasure rushed through her naked body.


Love was so into that part of their hookup that Nicole wished she’d set up the camera first. But they could play that game another time. Love was so hot that Nicole knew she wasn’t going to be able to settle for this was just a one night thing.

As the pleasure from Nicole’s mouth continued to assault her willing body, Love shook on the bed. She grabbed her jiggling tits and squeezed them roughly, pushing them up and swiping her tongue at them, licking at her own nipples as Nicole’s amazing mouth went down on her.

There had been so many times when Love had put on one of Nicole’s movies when she was feeling frisky and soaked her fingers or one of her toys watching the porn star make a sandwich out of another girl with her husband. Love had wished she was that girl so often that it had been one of her most frequent porno fantasies. And now Nicole was licking her better than she had ever dreamed. She was making her feel so good with her tongue that Love felt like it wouldn’t be long before she was coming all over her porno star face.

Love wanted that so badly. She wanted Nicole’s face to be sticky with her juices so she could lick them off and then she wanted to go down on her lust object and show her that porno stars weren’t the only ones who knew how to eat pussy. Love wanted to make Nicole come as hard as she felt she was about to.

“Ooooooh God that feels incredible Nicole!” Love panted. “Oooooh eat me baby! Ahhhh yesssssss eat my pussy just like I dreamed you would! Ahhhhh fuck yesssssssss mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssss get your mouth on my pussy and eat it all the way up! Ohhhhhh you’re gonna make me come! Yesssssssssssss ooooooh make my pussy cream for you!”

Nicole wanted that as much as Love did. She loved the way girls tasted as they came and Love’s juices were already so sweet and tasty that Nicole couldn’t wait to experience the girl’s flavor when she actually came. Nicole couldn’t believe she was going down on a complete stranger, and a famous one at that. It was so wild and she loved it. She was totally into it and Love’s raging desire for it just turned Nicole on even further.

With the sounds of Love’s cries of pleasure floating around her ears, Nicole rubbed her fingers over Love’s pussy. She worked the girl’s soaked folds over with her probing fingers, not quite finger fucking her, but rather rubbing her hot spots while her tongue did the rest. Nicole lapped away with horny enthusiasm, tongue fucking Love and licking up all the juices she could feed her while one hand rubbed Love’s pussy and Nicole used the other on her own sex.

Leaning down to eat Love out pushed Nicole’s ass up into the air and she was able to reach herself from this position. While she licked away at Love’s cunt, Nicole penetrated her own pink with her fingers, thrusting into them with a rough motion, just like she loved to do when she absolutely had to make herself come and she knew she had seconds to spare.

Nicole didn’t want to rush Love, but she knew time was getting shorter by the second. All the excitement with Love’s sudden arrival had made her forget about her friend stopping by and Nicole was wondering how quickly she’d be able to get her new friend off and out the door before her old one arrived.

“OHHHHHHHHH MY GODDDDDD YOU’RE EATING ME SOOOOO GOOD!!!” Love screamed as a burst of pleasure rushed through her.

She hadn’t been expecting to get so close, so quickly, but Nicole was eating her pussy like an expert. She didn’t miss a beat or a spot as her tongue licked away and her fingers played over her holds. Love knew she was even more worked up than usual because this was a fantasy of hers, but even with that she hadn’t been anticipating being this close to coming already.

Part of her wanted to make Nicole slow down, but the other part just wanted to lie back and enjoy the ride. She wanted to savor this experience, but she also wanted to come hard and Love’s need for orgasm trumped her desire to make it slower.

“Ohhhhhhhhh so close!” Love declared. “So close to making my pussy cream!”

Love was soaking wet, but Nicole made her even wetter by pulling up and drooling right into her cunt. She didn’t spit. She just let the saliva flow out like water from her mouth. The coolness of Nicole’s saliva tickled Love’s heated pussy and the girl moaned uncontrollably from it.

As her saliva flowed over Love’s pussy, Nicole used her fingers to spread the soft feminine folds open even more. She was plunging her fingers hard into herself as she did this, but Nicole kept her main focus on Love. She could see the girl’s clitoris all swollen and ready to be ravished. Nicole was about to move in for the kill when she suddenly heard a voice calling out to her.

“Nic? Are you up there?’ the unmistakably feminine voice called out as she walked up the stairs. “I got here early and the door was open so I just let myself in. Are you up here baby? I heard noises and I…OH!”

The sharp gasp at the end of the woman’s sentence was the result of her walking into the bedroom and finding Nicole naked with her tongue buried in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pussy. It had been the last thing the woman had been expecting to see and she could barely believe it. Nicole’s pussy was dripping wet and her fingers were shoved inside it and Jennifer seemed moments away from orgasmic ecstasy. There was clearly no mistaking what all this was.

“God, you’re early,” Nicole groaned in frustration, pulling up from Love’s pussy and blushing as she saw her brilliant plan to have it all had blown up in her face.

“Huh? What’s going on?” Love asked as she pulled herself out of her pre-orgasmic haze long enough to look at what had interrupted Nicole when she was so close to coming.

When she saw what had happened it was Love’s turn to gasp. Standing in the doorway was the instantly recognizable figure of Cindy Crawford clad only in a white bikini and wraparound skirt. The sunglasses on Cindy’s face couldn’t hide how shocked she was by all this and she wasn’t the only one. Love couldn’t believe it either.

“Wh…what’s going on?” Love asked, her voice still ragged from the ecstasy Nicole had just been giving her. “What’s she doing here?”

“I was about to ask the same thing,” Cindy declared as she folded her arms over her chest in apparent anger with Nicole. “Nic, what the hell is going on here? I get here a little early and I find you fucking some other girl! What the fuck?”

Nicole glanced from Cindy back to Love and then back to Cindy again and then to Love again. It was like she had been caught by her mom sneaking cookies before dinner or by her teacher copying off someone else’s test paper. But Nicole recovered quickly and didn’t let the embarrassment of being caught throw her. There was a very easy and fun way out of this and it was obvious what had to be done.

“Oh chill Cindy, she and I are just doing what you and I’ve already done a hundred times,” Nicole said, calming Love by kissing her. She was exaggerating about the number of times they’d been together, but it wasn’t like she hadn’t had Cindy in this exact position.

”That’s not the issue Nicole,” Cindy insisted. “You were supposed to be with me today! God, I’ve been driving myself wild all day thinking about it! I got over here early because I couldn’t stand waiting! And now I see you fucking someone else!”

“And you and I are still going to fuck,” Nicole claimed while caressing Love’s bare tits and making the naked girl moan as Cindy continued to stand in the doorway, arms folded over her chest in anger. “C’mon Cindy, don’t act all holier than thou when you know you want a piece of this girl too. Mmmmm she’s so sexy and her pussy tastes so good. Haven’t you ever wanted to fuck her Cindy? Haven’t you ever wanted to get naughty with sweet Jennifer Love Hewitt? I know she’s thought about you.”

That was a guess on Nicole’s part, but it turned out to be an exactly right one and one that Love immediately confirmed.

“Yes! I’ve definitely thought about you Cindy!” Love eagerly declared, sitting up in bed and showing off her naked, aroused body. Fun time with Nicole was great, but a threesome with her and Cindy Crawford would have been off the charts.

“Mmmmm you’re so beautiful Cindy,” Love moaned, caressing her body to tempt the supermodel into dropping her anger and her clothes. “I want you so bad! I want to get you naked and kiss you and touch you and fuck you just like Nicole is fucking me!”

Even with sunglasses hiding her eyes and her arms still firmly folded, it was clear that Cindy’s resolve was weakening. God, they did look really hot naked in bed together, with Jennifer’s pussy visibly wet and Nicole’s face all shiny from what she’d been doing to her. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t had threesomes before. Hell she’d had crazy all girl sessions with more than three girls before. More than three guys too. There hadn’t been much she hadn’t done, so Cindy knew she was getting upset over a principle she didn’t even buy into.

“Let’s share her baby,” Nicole purred, running her hand down Love’s tummy to her pussy, making the brunette hiss in pleasure when she teased her slit with her fingers. “You know you want to. You and I can still have our fun. Mmmm and it’s going to be even better with Love here. Don’t even think of pretending you don’t want her. I’ll bet you’re getting so wet thinking of sucking these big tits of hers and tasting her smooth, bare pussy. Mmmm and I’ll bet you want to know how good her tongue is. Yeah, you wouldn’t even think of denying a hot girl tongue on that greedy little pussy of yours. I know you Cindy. Don’t pretend you don’t want the both of us fucking you until you’ve creamed out every drop of sweet juice from that pussy of yours.”

Nicole did know her and Cindy couldn’t help but shiver in arousal and smile at the thought of doing just that. Sure, she had been surprised after walking all the way over here to find Nicole in bed with another woman, but it wasn’t like this wasn’t a beautiful, sexy girl Nicole was with. Cindy did want her too and she knew it was useless to pretend she didn’t.

“Well maybe I’ll stay…” Cindy smiled as she moved out of the doorway and toward the bed. “That does look like fun.”

“Mmmm that’s my girl,” Nicole said, holding out her arms to her friend and secret lover. Cindy embraced Nicole as soon as she reached the bed and kissed her passionately as Love continued to play with her tits and love what she saw.

Cindy and her family lived down the beach in Malibu, just a short distance away from Nicole and there had been an instant connection between them the first time they’d met. Cindy hadn’t even known Nicole was a porn star the first time she’d met her. All she’d cared about was that she was blonde and had great tits. She’d wanted her from the first time she’d laid eyes upon her and finding out what Nicole did for a living just made it naughtier.

And Cindy didn’t just keep Nicole to herself. The two had not only hooked up with each other, they had brought their husbands into the fun too, swapping partners like naughty neighbors as easily as going over to get a cup of sugar from each other. Cindy loved to see Nicole fucking her husband as much as she loved getting Nicole’s to fuck her hard. They had so much fun with each other and had even brought their other sexy friends into the mix too.

Now it looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt was going to be a friend of their’s too and even though she had been a little peeved to find her lover going down on someone else, Cindy couldn’t deny she would have done the same if the positions were reversed. Sitting down on the bed, Cindy proved this by planting a kiss right on Love’s lips.

“Mmmm,” Love moaned as she and Cindy kissed. She couldn’t believe how amazing this day was turning out to be. She’d had a mad crush on Cindy ever since she’d realized how amazing girls could be and started really appreciating their beauty.

Unlike many of her fellow supermodels, Cindy had always been an amazingly natural beauty, as gorgeous out of makeup as she was dolled up for the cover of Vogue. It would have been impossible for Love not to be attracted to Cindy and she kissed her back with growing passion.

Nicole rubbed her own body as she watched her two lovers kiss. They pressed their lips together again and again, getting to know each other very quickly through their kisses. Nicole had no idea if the two were acquainted with each other or not, but they sure seemed to be making a hot connection fast. They tongue kissed each other and Cindy’s hands moved up to cup Love’s tits.

Love moaned into Cindy’s mouth as the supermodel played with her tits. She did the same to her new friend and found Cindy’s nipples growing hard against her bikini top. Love enjoyed feeling them poke against the soft material, but she wanted more. She tugged down Cindy’s top to get at her nipples, gently running her fingers over the pink points as they swelled up even more for her.

Nicole smiled as she saw how easily the situation had been diffused and turned into something much hotter than a fight. But it wasn’t like she was about to just lie back and let them have all the fun. She had to get herself some of this action too. Nicole moved over on the bed so she and Love sandwiched Cindy between them and they quickly set to work getting her as naked as they were.

Nicole tossed off Cindy’s sun hat and removed her glasses so she could see her friend’s gorgeous brown eyes. They kissed again and Love took her chance to get Cindy’s top all the way off. Just exposing her nipples wasn’t enough. She wanted her totally topless and that was just what Love got as she undid the knot for Cindy’s white bikini top.

Naturally Cindy offered no resistance to being stripped like this and she let Love pull the top all the way off her to expose her still beautifully firm tits. Love was all over them in a heartbeat, sucking and kissing the mounds she had hungered for after seeing them in Playboy.

Cindy had never had an oversized chest, but she was no stick figure model and Love had plenty to play with as she worshipped her breasts. She ran her hands over the small mounds and kissed and licked them with happy enthusiasm as Cindy moaned loudly, her fingers ending up in Love’s dark hair, playing with it as her tits were sucked.

“Mmmm so good,” Cindy moaned. “Oooooh you’ve done this before, haven’t you baby? Mmmm you know how to treat my tits!”

“I’ve done this LOTS of times!” Love giggled, dropping Cindy’s swollen nipple from between her lips. “Mmmm just wait till I get at your pussy and show you how good I am at that!”

“Oooooh naughty,” Cindy groaned lustfully. “I can’t wait!”

Cindy didn’t usually act like this. She wasn’t the type to just have sex at the drop of the hat with people she didn’t know, even if Love was famous and clearly no psycho stranger. But she couldn’t help it. She was so sexy and looked so deceptively innocent. Cindy truly couldn’t wait to feel what Love could do to her pussy. She’d been wet with anticipation all day thinking of hooking up with Nicole and wanted to show her arousal off.

As Love returned to sucking Cindy’s firm, MILFy tits, Nicole set to stripping her friend the rest of the way down. She ran her hand over Cindy’s soft face, getting the beauty to turn her way. Nicole hungrily kissed her again and moved her hands down to Cindy’s waist to get her wraparound skirt off. With a few tugs she’d done just that, letting the skirt to unfurl. Cindy pushed it the rest of the way off and pushed it onto the floor along with the beach sandals she kicked off her feet.

That just left Cindy in white bikini bottoms and Nicole eagerly pushed her hand onto them, feeling her aroused heat emanating right off of her pussy.

“Mmmm you’re the naughty girl, Cindy,” Nicole moaned. “Pretending to be mad at me when all the time your pussy is getting nice and juicy to join in! Ooooh I should spank you for that.”

“Yessssssss,” Cindy hornily urged, remembering just how good Nicole’s stinging slaps felt to her bare ass. “Spank me!”

“Maybe later,” Nicole said with a wink. “Right now we need to get you naked and get back to the licking that you so rudely interrupted.”

Nicole and Cindy kissed again, their bare tits rubbing together while Nicole reached for Cindy’s bikini bottoms. She began to push them down off her and Cindy relaxed her body to give her friend more and better access. Nicole got the bottoms past Cindy’s pussy, exposing her wetness to the open air, which made the model moan, but she couldn’t get them any further without breaking their kisses, something she didn’t want to do.

Cindy saw the predicament but didn’t want to stop kissing her porn star lover either. She and Nicole continued to tongue kiss and Cindy helped herself. She reached down her body to get her bottoms down more. She pushed them past her hips and worked them down her toned legs. Cindy finished making herself naked as she and Nicole kept on French kissing and Love continued to make her tits wet with saliva.

Love had left wet kisses all over Cindy’s chest, making her bare tits shiny. Now she was focused on her nipples, sucking on the aroused tips. Cindy’s nipples were very sensitive, even more so after two children, and Love knew just how to treat them right. She moaned and continued running her fingers through Love’s hair as the girl wetly slurped at her nipples, nursing them and making Cindy shiver with pleasure.

Even though she’d been so close to coming before, Love didn’t mind waiting so she could make Cindy feel good. She had wanted her for so long and this was another fantasy come true for her. Love had known Cindy was one of their neighbors, but she had never seen her in any kind of social setting where she might have made a move. And it wasn’t like Love had the guts to just knock on Cindy’s door and be like “Hey, we’re your neighbors and we want to know if you’d leave behind your husband and kids for the night so we can all fuck!”

Love was never that bold so, as much as she’d wanted Cindy to join the mansion fun, it had never happened. Of course until now, Love had never known for sure Cindy was into girls. Sure the rumors had been around almost as long as Cindy’s mole had become internationally known, but Love never had had proof. Until now.

“Mmmm you’re so beautiful,” Love moaned, drool dribbling down her chin from sucking wetly on Cindy’s tits. “I dreamed about doing this to you.”

“You’ve got a hell of an imagination there girl,” Nicole teased, reaching over to play with Love’s tits. “You dreamed about me. You dreamed about Cindy. Are there any hot girls you don’t want to fuck?”

Love thought about it for a second and the answer came to her without much deliberation.

“Nope,” Love giggled. “I want them all! Mmmm every hot girl there is. I want to fuck them all!”

“Mmmm sounds like my kind of girl,” Cindy warmly smiled as she kissed Love again, their famous lips and tongues touching as their kiss quickly turned open mouth.

“Mine too,” Nicole said. “And she’s a girl who’s waited way too long to come.”

Nicole moved away from Cindy’s side to get back to Love. She moved in her bed until she was in front of Love and she immediately pushed the naked actress flat onto her back again. Love’s tits bounced delightfully as she happily laughed and settled back onto the bed and Nicole immediately fell onto them, rubbing and kissing the jiggling breast flesh Love had been abundantly blessed with.

While Nicole focused on Love’s tits, Cindy kissed the actress. They swapped saliva like they had been intimate with each other for years and not mere minutes and Love reached up to gently caress Cindy’s gorgeous face, making sure to softly rub her fingers over the famous mole. Love just had to touch it and Cindy certainly didn’t seem to mind. She kissed Love harder and the actress was soon once again writhing in Nicole’s bed as the porn star moved away from her tits and kissed her way down her body toward her pussy.

In the time Nicole’s tongue had been away from her pussy, Love hadn’t grown any less turned on. In fact, being deprived Nicole’s trained tongue had made Love even wetter for it. By the time Nicole got to her new friend’s pinkness, Love was already dripping for her once again and it only took a few expert licks for Love to be back on the verge of orgasm.

“OOOOOOH!!!” Love cried out, the surge of pleasure forcing her to break away from her kiss with Cindy. “Yesssssssss ooooooh yessssss Nicole! Mmmm just like you were before! Oooooh make me feel good! Make me come!”

“Doesn’t Nicole lick pussy so well?” Cindy purred as she caressed Love’s face while a flush rapidly covered it once more. “Mmmm her tongue feels so good, doesn’t it sweetie? I love how she licks me. I can’t get enough of it!”

“Yessssss ahhhhhhhhhhhh God yessssss mmmmmm she licks soooo good!” Love cried, her body shaking as she began to fuck herself against Nicole’s face, coaxing the porn star’s tongue deeper inside.

“And what about you? Do you lick good too?” Cindy inquired, her lust obvious with every word that dripped past her lips.

Love was rocking with ecstasy from Nicole’s tongue fucking her tight folds and lapping up her juices once more, but she wasn’t so far gone that she didn’t want Cindy as bad as Cindy seemed to want her. With a smile she turned toward the supermodel and offered an impossible to refuse invitation.

“Why don’t you fuck my face and find out Cindy?” Love replied, her face no longer innocent to Cindy’s eyes, but rather bold and lustful.

“Mmmm I was hoping that was what you’d say,” Cindy smiled before taking her new friend up on her offer.

Cindy got up and planted her pussy right down on Love’s waiting lips. She was mighty eager to find out just how sexy Love was and Cindy didn’t have to wait long for the pleasure to start. As soon as her tongue could reach Cindy’s honey pot, Love started licking. She darted her tongue up and immediately began cleaning Cindy’s slit of all the girl juice that had started to leak out and cling to her soft cunt lips.

“Ahhhh yeahhhhhh!!!” Cindy hissed through gritted teeth as she got licked.

She’d been aching for a female tongue on her pussy all day and even though it wasn’t the one she had been expecting, it was just as hot because it was coming from such an unexpected source.

“Mmmmm yesssss oooooooh you weren’t lying! You have fucked girls before!” Cindy groaned as she began to ride Love’s face. “That’s it! Lick that pussy Jennifer! Eat me out! Ooooh I’ve been wanting this all day.”

Love’s mouth was otherwise occupied so she couldn’t give her usually automatic response whenever one of her lovers called her “Jennifer.” Fortunately, Nicole picked up the slack.

“Call her Love,” Nicole said, pulling up from Love’s pussy to speak, her face coated in a fresh glaze of girl juice. “That’s what she likes.”

“My apologies,” Cindy giggled. “Mmmm Love is it then. Just please don’t stop licking! Mmmm give my pussy your tongue you naughty girl! Lick me! Please lick me Love!”

Love responded with a flurry of hard, sexy licks against Cindy’s cunt. She tongued her slit while the model fucked her face and Love adored tasting the woman’s sticky wetness as Cindy’s dark, furry patch tickled her face. Cindy was thrusting with gusto against her tongue and Love gave it right back to her. She reached up to cup Cindy’s still incredible ass in her hands and squeezed it, holding the grinding woman against her face so she could properly tongue fuck her.

Nicole’s tongue was working its magic on her pussy, slurping up her juices as she licked and getting closer and closer toward her clitoris. Nicole was making Love tingle all over from her licking but she was experienced enough from all the fun she’d had with girls over the years to know exactly how to multitask. Love was able to fuck Nicole’s face with thrusts of her hips and feel all the pleasure that came from that while also keeping a tight hold on Cindy’s ass and paying plenty of attention to her pussy.

“Ooooooh Love mmmmmmmmm yesssssss baby! Oooooooooh God that tongue feels so good in my pussy!” Cindy cried. “Oh Nic! You’re gonna have to feel this tongue! Ooooh if you haven’t already, you’ve gotta have her eat you! She eats pussy so well!”

Love felt a rush of pride from Cindy’s praise. She had Cindy Crawford, one of the most beautiful people in the history of the world, telling her she was a great fuck. It was an amazing boost to her ego, but Love didn’t let it distract her. She let it drive her on. Now that she knew Cindy felt that way about her, Love didn’t want to let her down.

Even as Nicole got her closer and closer to orgasm with every lick, Love concentrated more and more on Cindy. She thrust her tongue up hard into the supermodel as she rode her face. Love tongued Cindy with passionate enthusiasm, tasting the sweet juices she had to feed her and exploring all the soft folds of her much desired pussy. Cindy was so hot and wet for her and Love was getting off on her sweet, womanly taste. Tasting Cindy while Nicole was eating her out was doubling Love’s pleasure and things were about to get even better for her.

Cindy was riding Love’s face reverse cowgirl. She did this so she could look down at her friend eating Love out. Mmmm Nicole looked so beautiful tonguing Love’s pussy. She adored seeing her friend in action, whether it was on screen or, even better, in person.

But the only thing better than watching Nicole with another girl, was joining and helping her. Cindy could see Love was shaved and she hungered for a taste of the actress for herself.

As she had been riding Love’s face, Cindy had reached down to play with the girl’s jiggling tits, grabbing the soft, heavy mounds with her hands and squeezing them sexily. But the more she was in this position, the more Cindy knew there was something she could do to Love that would make feel even more pleasure.

Lowering herself to Love’s body, Cindy started kissing all around her tummy. She kissed all over the pink flesh and continued fucking Love’s face. Cindy had worked herself and Love into the classic 69 position, at least it would have been if Nicole hadn’t been the one eating Love out. But Cindy wanted to get even closer to that position and she let Nicole know it by dragging her tongue down over Love’s bellybutton and toward her pussy.

“Don’t be greedy, Nic,” Cindy groaned as Love’s tongue continued to drive her wild. “Share her with me.”

“You’re the greedy one,” Nicole teased, pulling up from Love’s tremblingly aroused snatch and kissing Cindy, giving her friend her first taste of Love’s juices. “Always wanting more! Mmmm it’s never enough for greedy slut Cindy Crawford!”

“No. Never,” Cindy confirmed with a smile, loving the taste of Love’s pussy on Nicole’s lips and wanting to fuck her even more. “Now move. I want to lick her too!’

Nicole generously made room for Cindy and the supermodel latched her lips right to Love’s pussy, sucking on her tender, splayed lips as Nicole continued to tongue fuck her. The two made a meal of Love’s drooling pussy, making the girl shake in ecstasy as the team of Cindy and Nicole licked and sucked all over her desperately horny pussy.


That was the plan for Cindy and Nicole and they executed it with precision. As Love shook and writhed under them, Cindy kept herself bent over to suck the juice right out of her flowing, pink cunt and Nicole thrust her tongue against her clitoris.

Love’s clit was like a little balloon of pleasure by now and Nicole easily reached it with her tongue. She tongue fucked Love’s clit with all she had, working the bud over with hard thrusts from her tongue, making sure she hit it just right.

While Nicole concentrated on Love’s clit, Cindy made sure the rest of her pussy was well tended to. Cindy didn’t lack for experience in making love to women and she went after Love’s hot spots with erotic efficiency. She sucked on the girl’s tender, flared pussy lips and then dove in with her tongue to taste and stimulate her soaked folds. She licked Love’s pussy like she wanted to drain the girl dry and the juice famished Cindy quickly got what she was craving from her new lover.

Love had been so worked up from all Nicole had done to her before and now that she had two women she had lusted after for years pleasuring her all at once she couldn’t hold back. She didn’t want to hold back. She just wanted to come and come she did, all over Cindy and Nicole’s face, just as all three of them had wanted.


Love’s screams were quickly muffled by Cindy’s continued thrusts against her face. And as good as it felt to come, with pleasure rushing through her body and kissing every molecule inside her, Love didn’t become too distracted. She kept on licking Cindy, even as she came. Her tonguing was much more ragged and uneven now, but she kept going, bringing her new friend pleasure as she felt her own rapture from Cindy and Nicole’s mouths on her pussy.

But no one was slowing down now. Having Love come just made Nicole and Cindy want their own pleasure even more. Both women pulled away from Love’s still quivering pussy to share a gooey, cum filled kiss. They had done this to other girls before, but the fact that this was coming from the most unexpected source of Jennifer Love Hewitt just made the taste sweeter.

Love cooed and ground her body into the bed, relishing the afterglow effects of her orgasm, but she didn’t let that dreamy pleasure impact her tonguing of Cindy any. Once she had enough of her composure back, Love brought her full focus back to her tonguing. She had never stopped licking Cindy throughout her orgasm, but now she was able to get back to a steady, controlled rhythm and work her new friend over with all the tricks she’d learned from years of practice at the mansion.

“Ohhhh damn mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh fuck that pussy!” Cindy grunted as she pulled away from Nicole’s kiss to ride Love with more passion. “Mmmm you know what a woman likes, don’t you baby? Oooooh God you have a great tongue Love! Ughhh and you know how to use it too! I never would have thought you’d be such a hot fuck! Mmmm if I’d known I’d have been knocking on your door years ago!”

So Cindy did know that she lived in the area. Love wondered if she knew who else lived in the mansion. One thing was clear, though, and that was that Cindy had no idea what went on at the mansion. If she had, she would have been banging down the door a long time ago to get involved. Of that, Love was now certain.

Unfortunately for Cindy, her high praise for Love ended up working against her. The more Nicole heard about how good Love’s tongue was, the more she craved the sensation of feeling it for herself. She had gotten so wet eating the sexy celebrity out and now she was close to desperate for a chance to feel some tongue love of her own. She couldn’t wait and didn’t want to wait.

Exerting the right of it being her bed and therefore her rules, Nicole then rose up off her stomach and asserted herself over her two guests.

“My turn now,” Nicole declared, making it clear there would be no arguments. “I want to feel that tongue you’ve been raving about Cindy.”

“But…but…” Cindy stammered. She could feel her own pleasure beginning to bubble over and she knew it would only take a few more minutes of riding Love’s exquisite tongue to reach an orgasm. Waiting was inconceivable to her.

“No whining,” Nicole said with a playful grin. “You have to get a little punishment for being such a baby before. Now scoot! It’s my turn!”

Nicole gave Cindy’s ass a firm smack to let her know she was definitely not joking. Cindy pouted visibly, but didn’t fight it. Nicole was accustomed to being the one giving the orders in the bedroom when they were together and Cindy was accustomed to following them.

With a disappointed sigh, Cindy pulled off Love’s face, leaving the actress behind with a shiny glaze of her juices all over her pretty features. Love was confused at first about what was going on. She’d been so into licking Cindy’s pussy that she hadn’t registered the conversation between the two women. But as soon as Nicole took over where Cindy was and planted her pussy down on Love’s face, it all became clear to the actress.

With no hesitation, Love took a deep breath and dove into her new treat. She began licking, eager to get her first taste of Nicole’s flavor and Love was instantly rewarded when her taste buds were soaked in the yummy flavor of one of her favorite porn stars.

Love felt such a rush as she wrapped her mind around the fact that she had seen this pussy licked on screen so many times and now she was doing it herself. She felt like an absolute porn star herself then and it made Nicole taste even sweeter to her horny tongue. She had fantasized so many times about fucking on film like a Jenna Jameson would and while she knew she would never go through with it, this was as close as she could get.

Being able to taste Nicole’s pussy as the gorgeous woman rode her face made Love feel like she was the girl on screen fucking Nicole in all those scenes she’d watched and gotten herself off to. It made her feel so hot and naughty to be doing this to someone she’d seen get fucked so many times and Love wanted desperately to prove herself to Nicole. She licked her hard and passionately, working over her pussy with all her skills to let Nicole know she wasn’t a lightweight. She was as hot and nasty as Nicole’s porn star friends.

“Mmmmmm oooooh Cindy you were right about this tongue,” Nicole gasped happily as Love enthusiastically licked her. “Mmmm she’s amazing! Oooooh lick me you dirty girl! Yeah you’ve been starving for this porn star pussy, haven’t you? Lick it up dirty girl! Lick that hot cum right out of me! Mmmmm yesss Cindy I see why you loved this tongue so much!”

“Glad you’re having fun,” Cindy grumbled.

She was naked and horny and had been denied relief so she wasn’t the happiest supermodel in the bunch. But Cindy also wasn’t one to hold a grudge. Not with so many sexy bodies on the bed. Besides Cindy knew the sooner Nicole came, the sooner she’d be able to have her fun.

With that in mind, Cindy stopped pouting and turned amorous toward her blonde friend. Nicole was riding Love cowgirl style. That meant she was facing the wall and as Cindy watched Love’s hypnotically shaking chest as she licked she also got a great view of Nicole’s hot ass bouncing up and down on Love’s face. Love had her hands clasped to Nicole’s butt cheeks while she buried her tongue inside her but Cindy knew that Nicole loved having her ass more than just touched.

Cindy kneeled down and at first tended to Love. She couldn’t possibly ignore Love’s big tits when they were jiggling so enticingly. Cindy lustfully attacked the girl’s chest, running her soft hands all over the mounds while sucking on Love’s nipples. They were so swollen and Cindy loved how they pulsed between her lips before she pulled off and started licking.

Cindy tenderly treated Love’s nipples to a wet tongue bath while continuing to caress her chest. She could hear Love moaning into Nicole’s pussy and Cindy smiled at her handiwork. God she loved women’s bodies. She always had. She loved her husband and knew she could never be exclusively lesbian, but Cindy never turned down a chance to make love to a beautiful woman.

But as much as Cindy was having fun licking and playing with Love’s tits, she couldn’t deny herself Nicole any longer. She pulled up off of Love’s now wet tits and began kissing Nicole’s ass instead. She knew the dominant minded porn star loved feeling that and Nicole was quick to seize upon it.

“Yeahhhh Cindy! That’s it! Kiss my fucking ass!” Nicole grunted while continuing to fuck Love’s face and be driven wild by the girl’s tongue fucking her pussy. “Mmmm get those supermodel lips on my ass! Show Love what a good little slut you are Cindy! Oooooh show her how you fucking can’t live without my hot body!”

Cindy knew Nicole had her there. The statuesque blonde often made her feel weak with lust. She had been on edge all day waiting and watching the clock tick agonizingly slow toward the time for her date with Nicole. She hadn’t been able to wait to see her lover and that was why she had come over earlier than expected. Cindy was powerless to control her desire for Nicole and she showed it by lavishing kisses all over the woman’s bare ass.

Love’s hands still gripped Nicole’s toned cheeks, so Cindy also kissed the girl’s fingers. Love wiggled her digits in delight over the feel of Cindy’s soft, loving lips anywhere on her body, but she kept her main focus on Nicole. Love had fucked porn stars before and always made them come, but she didn’t want to rest on past performance. She wanted to show Nicole exactly what she could do and how well she could do it.

Holding on tight to Nicole’s butt, Love kept the woman steady as she ground against her face. She worked her tongue inside Nicole’s pussy, thrusting into her with glee as she tasted more and more of her juice with every tongue stroke. Love tongue fucked Nicole with skilled force, drilling her wet folds and making sure she rubbed right against her clitoris. When she wasn’t tonguing her, Love was sucking on her pussy, barely pausing for breath as she made sure Nicole’s pussy was completely pleasured.

Nicole certainly welcomed this treatment, groaning and moaning lustfully with every hard tongue thrust inside her. She made sure Love knew full well how much she loved what she was doing and what a dirty girl she was. The high praise made Love giddy, but she didn’t lose her focus. In fact hearing Nicole praise her made Love want to prove her ability even more.

But soon Nicole had a second source of pleasure, besides Love. Cindy stopped kissing and started licking. Love’s hands on Nicole’s ass already spread her open and Cindy furthered things with her own hand. She opened Nicole’s asshole and, just as Nicole had done to Love’s pussy, Cindy drooled right into her puckered hole.

Nicole hissed in pleasure when she felt Cindy’s wet, warm saliva in her asshole and her pleasure grew when Cindy dove in with her tongue, rimming her hole and tasting her own spit.

“AHHH!!!” Nicole sharply cried in bliss. “Ooooooh Cindy yesss mmmmmm fuck that ass! Good little slut! You know I fucking love having my ass licked! Mmmm that’s it! Get that hole nice and wet! You fuck that ass good Cindy and I might just fuck yours right back!”

Cindy knew there wasn’t going to be any “might” about it. There was no way Nicole was going to be able to resist her ass. She never had and Cindy hoped she never would. But that could wait. Right now Cindy wanted to make sure her friend was in the mood for assfucking by tending to her tender hole the way she knew Nicole liked it.

With hers and Love’s hands spreading Nicole’s cheeks open, Cindy had plenty of access to the blonde’s asshole. She gave her friend the wet, lewd licks she knew she adored and worked her tongue all over. Nicole’s ass was Cindy’s playground and she took full advantage. She licked and spit into the hole and kept her tongue at work at all times, licking and exploring her friend’s intimate ring and making sure her rim job was nasty and tender all at the same time.

It wasn’t an easy balancing act and it required changing speeds from gentle to rough on the drop of a dime, but Cindy and Nicole certainly had practiced enough times on each other’s bodies to know full well what the other liked. Cindy had tongue fucked Nicole’s ass so many times she’d lost count and as Nicole’s hole clamped down reflexively on her tongue, Cindy just smiled and spit into her again, making her even wetter for her tongue to push back inside.

Love just wished she could see what was happening. She wanted to see Cindy’s tongue rimming Nicole’s asshole. God that must have been so nasty. That was the one way porno was better than the real thing. With pause buttons, slow motion and multi angle DVD features, which Love naturally took full advantage of, you never missed a thing.

Alas in real life, Love knew the only way she could see Cindy Crawford tongue fucking Nicole Sheridan’s ass was if she stopped eating her out and that was a price Love was unwilling to pay.

“More! Gimmie more!” Nicole greedily demanded. “Fuck my ass Cindy! Ooooooh fuck it good with that nasty tongue of yours while this dirty girl eats my fucking pussy! Yessssssss ooooooooh two fucking dirty girls fucking my hot holes! It doesn’t get any fucking better than this! Oooooooooh more Cindy more! Gimmie what I fucking want!”

“More huh? Who’s the greedy one now? Who’s the one always wanting more now Nic?” Cindy teased with an evil smile.

“Mmmm shaddup and fuck me!” Nicole cried, not angry at Cindy, but rather enjoying her teasing. “You know what I fucking want! Oooooh I am a greedy bitch but only cause you turn me on so fucking much! Mmmmm you and dirty girl Love here! Fuck my ass Cindy! You got it good and wet and now it’s time to fuck me!”

Cindy didn’t disagree with that notion and proved it by taking her fingers and rubbing them against her drooling pussy. God, she was so fucking wet! But as much as Cindy wanted to use her fingers on herself, she resisted that selfish impulse and instead pushed her now juice coated digits to Nicole’s asshole.

She knew Nicole’s ass, which had taken massive cocks up it for years on screen, could easily handle two of her fingers and she gave them to her, pushing the slick fingers up her hole and starting to fuck her hard.


Cindy wasn’t about to just sit idly by fingering Nicole’s ass though. She was still very thirsty for girl juice and she bent down even further until she was practically using Love’s tits as a pillow. Cindy’s soft hair draped down all over Love’s chest and she pressed her face right to Nicole’s cunt. While Love tongue fucked her, Cindy began sucking at her friend’s pussy, drawing the juices out and nursing on her tender lips as Nicole shrieked in pleasure.

Love didn’t need the extra help and didn’t ask for it, but she certainly welcomed it. She couldn’t believe she was teaming up with Cindy Crawford to eat another girl out! Her housemates would never believe her, so Love suspected she would have to bring Cindy and Nicole home with her to prove it.

The three girls worked as one, with Cindy and Love licking and Nicole enjoying their licking. Nicole picked up the pace, rubbing herself harder and harder against Love and Cindy to coax more of their tongues inside her. She bounced back and forth, thrusting herself first against Love and then backing up to feed Cindy from her flowing pussy.


Love knew Nicole was close, if not from her sounds then definitely from her taste. Her juices were much richer now and Love picked up her pace in an effort to make her new friend come. She could feel Cindy’s tongue pushing inside Nicole’s cunt too and they even touched at times. Love got such a rush from that feeling and she actively sought it out, trying to time her tongue with Cindy’s so they’d touch and be almost kissing while they both licked Nicole out.

Nicole kept thrusting back and forth against their faces and Cindy kept fucking her ass. Nicole’s hole clung tightly around Cindy’s thrusting fingers and that just made Cindy fuck the girl harder, just as she knew Nicole would want her to. The retired supermodel and all time MILF lapped away at Nicole’s pussy while she assfucked her, moving from sucking her lips and folds to licking her along with Love.

For two girls who had never met until today, Love and Cindy made a good team and they had Nicole in panting heat, right on the edge of orgasm. And now it was Love’s turn to give her porn star fantasy object that little extra. Nicole’s pussy was already being filled with two horny tongues that knew exactly what they were doing, but Love knew she could take a little more.

Pulling her hand up off Nicole’s right butt cheek, Love took two of her fingers and got them to work. She knew Nicole didn’t need any extra lube for this. She was plenty wet already. While not slowing down her licking a bit, Love took her fingers and plunged them into Nicole’s cunt.


Even though she said it to make Love do her harder, Nicole had no idea how much that turned on the porn loving actress. It wasn’t as though Love needed any extra incentive to make Nicole come, but that certainly had her working the blonde over harder and thrusting her fingers inside her while slurping away at her bulging clitoris.


Love and Cindy were both famished for Nicole’s cream and they licked at her even harder. Neither of them had any way of signaling each other but they both knew instinctively what to do. They both went for Nicole’s clit with their tongues, Love from below and Cindy from above. Their double stimulation of the porn star’s clit as well as their slim fingers thrusting into her pussy and ass at the same time was more than what Nicole needed to explode in orgasmic passion.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKK FUCKKKKKKK FUCKINGGGGGGGG GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!” Nicole screamed in sweet release as her pussy juices rained all over Cindy and Love’s waiting faces.

Love got the brunt of Nicole’s orgasmic shower since she was below her, but Cindy got more than her share thanks to her greedy tongue. Cindy lapped up as much of Nicole’s cream as she could get, often tussling playfully with Love’s tongue over the sweet, sexy drops. Nicole continued to scream out as her beautiful female lovers licked and fingered her, her energy not lagging a bit.

What would have tired out most girls and left them drained of energy, just fired Nicole up. As soon as she came she began craving a second orgasm and she fucked herself just as hard as before against Love and Cindy’s faces to draw as much pleasure as she could get out of them.

When Nicole finally did pull away, it was because she intended to lick all her own juices off Love and Cindy’s faces and get those girls good and horny again to give her more. But instead there was a sudden change of plans.

Since she was on her back, facing the bedroom doorway, Love was the first to see they had been watched. She gasped in reflexive surprise, but quickly relaxed when her pussy pulsed and told her it was a very welcome surprise indeed.

Love’s reaction got Cindy and Nicole’s attentions as well and when they turned to see the source of her gasp they found Nicole’s husband standing in the doorway, watching the action and obviously loving what he was seeing because his pants were open and his hard cock was in his hands.

“Oh don’t stop on my account,” Voodoo grinned as if he had come in on cue in one of the movies he and his wife had done over their years in the industry.

“I didn’t expect you home so early,” Nicole admitted with a little blush at being caught for the second time today. She made no attempt to cover up either her nudity or still raging arousal.

“Obviously,” Voodoo replied with his still cocky grin, the expression that had made Love lust for him so many times in the movies. Every girl deep down had an attraction for a bad boy, and Love had it bad for Voodoo. “But don’t stop. That was crazy. You were putting on a hell of a show there.”

“Uh uh, no more watching,” Nicole said, pointing at her husband and then enticingly crooking her finger to beckon him forward. “You’re either joining in or leaving.”

“Looks like I’m joining in then,” Voodoo said as he peeled his shirt over his head, leaving him bare chested with just black jeans on, his hard cock poking straight out of the open fly.

“Well only if our guests say so,” Nicole declared. Love and Cindy had been silent since Voodoo had been discovered and Nicole now looked for their approval about whether to let her beloved join in or send him away wanting.

“How about it girls?” Nicole asked. “I don’t even have to ask you, though, do I Cindy? Mmmm I know you must be dying to taste Voodoo’s cock again. Aren’t you baby?”

Cindy was on her knees on the bed and offered no resistance as Nicole sat next to her and reached between her legs. This confirmed what Nicole had assumed. Cindy was even wetter than she had been when this was just an all girls affair.

“Yessssssss,” Cindy moaned when her pussy was caressed. “Mmmmm you know me Nic. You know I want him bad! God, I always love fucking you Voodoo.”

Voodoo smiled at Cindy and winked at her, but hers wasn’t the only vote he needed. However he felt more than confident he was about to get more than he deserved in the bed because of hungrily Love was staring at his exposed cock.

“What about you Love?” Nicole asked tenderly as she came up behind Love and kissed her neck while reaching around her front to caress her tits. “You want him to join? If you love watching me in my movies, you must love seeing Voodoo too. Want to see him up close? Want to see how good he feels inside you? It’s better than any dumb movie. How about it girl? Are you just into chicks or are you a dirty girl who loves cock and pussy?”

“Mmmmm what do you think?” Love asked with a giggle as she turned to kiss Nicole, finally finding the ability to speak after snapping out of her lust trance. “I want him bad! Ughhh I want you both! I want you both to fuck me! I want Cindy too! I want you all!”

“Dirty girl,” Nicole said before kissing Love, tasting herself all over the girl’s lips and tongue. “Dirty little greedy girl.”

As Nicole and Love made out, Voodoo made his way all the way over to the bed, kicking off his shoes in the process. He was about to take off his jeans too, but Cindy was more than happy to take care of that for him.

“Allow me,” Cindy carnally purred as she reached out to caress Voodoo’s thick, hard shaft in her soft hand. She cooed as she touched his hard on and he began to moan from her expert touch while she stroked him and used her other hand to undo the button of his jeans.

“You really want him?” Nicole asked when she and Love broke off their kisses and they turned to see Cindy lowering Voodoo’s jeans to leave him completely naked.

Pulling down his jeans meant getting them down over his exposed cock and when it was free of his pants it reflexively bounced back up and slapped Cindy in the face, which the supermodel moaned in delight from.

Nicole definitely wanted her husband to join in, but she didn’t want to force Love to have to be part of it if she was uncomfortable. She didn’t know if Love was gay, bi or whatever, but she never wanted to force anyone to do anything they didn’t want. Luckily Love quickly put those concerns to rest.

“I want him so bad!” Love lustfully moaned. “Ooooh Nicole, you have no idea. I’d watch your movies and imagine him fucking me like he was fucking you or those other girls you brought in your threesomes! Please Nicole! Let me fuck your husband! I want his big, hard cock inside me! I’ve had porno pussy before but now I want porno cock too! Mmmm I love boys too! I love girls! I just fucking love sex! Please let me play with him!”

“Ooooh you really are a dirty girl,” Nicole said with much approval before kissing Love once more. “Go get him Love. Mmmm I want to see you and Cindy show him a really good time.”

As soon as the kiss broke, Nicole gave Love’s bare ass a slap and sent her crawling to the edge of the bed, where Cindy was already kneeling before the standing Voodoo and opening her mouth wide for his cock.

Nicole and Voodoo were famous in the adult industry for prioritizing their marriage over their careers. In a business where marriages came and went with the frequency of the rising of the sun, Nicole and Voodoo had been together for what comparatively was a lifetime. At a time when they could have been making money hand over first working with other people, they had insisted on booking themselves as a package deal.

With few exceptions, Voodoo’s scenes always had Nicole in them and her scenes always had him in them. They were a package deal. Their scenes often had other women, or sometimes other men, in them, but for the most part you didn’t get Nicole without Voodoo and vice versa.

They had seen too many of their friends get married and divorced in the blink of an eye and they had never wanted to be like that. They wanted their marriage to work and if that meant working together and sacrificing big pay days to make their marriage successful they were ready to do that. So far it had worked wonderfully and they made a wonderful team both onscreen and off, as their private lovers had found out.

Cindy already knew that and Love was about to discover the same thing. Nicole settled back onto her side, her elbow bent to prop her head up as she watched Love crawl over and join Cindy just as the supermodel took the head of Voodoo’s cock into her mouth and started to suck on it.

Love’s hand was almost trembling with lust as she reached up and ran her fingers softly over Voodoo’s thigh and up onto his stomach. This was just what she had fantasized about so many times and she had never dreamed it would come true. She loved how Nicole and Voodoo always performed together. She got off on their obvious love and chemistry and it made her both desire them both like crazy. Love had longed to be the other girl in their onscreen threesomes and now she had her chance.

“Hey,” Love said shyly, introducing herself to Voodoo even though since she was an inch away from his hard cock, they were almost beyond introductions now. “Mmmm I’ve been wanting to meet you for so long!”

“Me too,” Voodoo replied with a warm smile in Love’s direction as he looked down at her naked body, the still wet juices of his wife fresh on her face. “You’re so beautiful Jennifer. You’ve got a gorgeous body.”

Love was so focused on Voodoo’s hard cock as it filled Cindy’s mouth that she didn’t even bother to tell Voodoo to call her Love. She wanted him so bad. She watched lustfully, caressing her bare body, as Cindy sucked his big cock, wrapping her lips tightly around it and bobbing up and down on it like she already had many times before.

“Don’t let Cindy be selfish, honey,” Nicole chided as she watched the show, rubbing her own still wet pussy while she did so. “Let Love have a taste of that beautiful cock of yours too. Mmmm can’t you see how bad she wants it?”

Voodoo looked down and nearly fell from the rush of desire he felt seeing Love with her beautiful naked body and big, puppy dog eyes staring up at him. She was so innocent and slutty all at the same time. How could someone be sweet and nasty all at once? Love pulled the look off with ease and Voodoo pulled his cock out of Cindy’s mouth so his new friend could have a taste.

Love was on Voodoo’s cock in a second. She ran her pink tongue over the head, relishing the taste of his precum. She licked all over Voodoo’s cock, tasting something she had never dreamed she ever would. Cindy’s saliva all over it just made it yummier and Love opened her lips to let Voodoo feed his meat to her.

She let him take control of her, allowing him to place his hand on the back of her head and push himself into her mouth, filling her mouth with his thick inches as she began to suck on his dick and take more and more of him inside her.

Voodoo didn’t question what was happening. Another man might have wondered how it was that he happened to come home and find his wife in an all girl threesome. Cindy was familiar to him, but this girl was completely new. Still Voodoo didn’t question how it happened that Jennifer Love Hewitt was sucking his cock. As he always did when things like this happened, he just enjoyed it and let it happen.

Cindy pouted slightly from being denied again, but she had to admit it was scorching hot to see Love sucking Voodoo off. She knew it was the younger girl’s first taste of him and Cindy sensed that soon Love would be as addicted to Voodoo as she was. Besides, there was plenty of him to go around and as Love sucked his cock, Cindy leaned down to start licking his balls.

“God!” Voodoo groaned as Love’s wet, warm mouth enveloped his cock like velvet and Cindy’s experienced tongue lapped at his balls. “Awwww Nic! Mmmm you’re too good to me! Letting me play with your sluts! Ohhhh they feel so fucking good! Mmmm they’re so good at this!”

“Fuck them baby!” Nicole urged while fingering herself with increasing urgency. “Feed them that big cock of yours! Stuff it down their dirty girl throats! Make them fucking little whores for that dick!”

Voodoo just groaned again in response and kept his hand on the back of Love’s head. She didn’t need any guidance, but let him do it to her anyway just because she loved the feel of his strong hand on her, pushing her down onto his cock as more and more of it disappeared down her hungry mouth.

Love moaned and couldn’t help but reach down to play with her pussy as she sucked Voodoo into her mouth. She had her other hand wrapped around his shaft as she was pushed down onto him, taking inch after sexy inch in her mouth. Love knew she could probably deep throat him if she wanted, probably blowing his mind as well as his cock, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go that far yet. She was having too much fun just slurping away at Voodoo’s dick as his wife watched and touched herself.

Meanwhile, Cindy had moved from licking Voodoo’s balls to sucking them. She turned herself around so she was flat on her back on the bed and facing up toward Voodoo. She ran her wet tongue over the part of his cock Love wasn’t sucking and then she opened her mouth for his balls. She wrapped her lips around them and tenderly sucked, one than the other. She let her warm breath tease her lover and make his balls swell up and spread her saliva all over them with her tongue.

“Switch,” Voodoo managed to groan out through gritted teeth as pleasure filled him. “Let’s see sweet little Jennifer Love suck my balls!”

“Mmmmm please,” Jennifer giddily replied with a smile, showing off how easy this was going to be for her. “I want you Voodoo! I want your cock! I want your balls! Mmmm I want all of you!”

For her part, Cindy was more than happy to get herself more of Voodoo’s cock. She loved having sex with him. It was always so hot. One of her most erotic experiences had been on her birthday when she had gotten what she had wanted for so long, Voodoo and her husband, Rande, fucking her at once, shoving their cocks up her cunt and her ass at the same time and making her feel like such a dirty slut while loving every second of it.

“Oooooh she got your cock all wet with spit,” Cindy giggled as she rubbed Voodoo’s hardness. “Let me clean it off for you.”

Cindy opened her mouth and inhaled Voodoo’s cock into her mouth. God, her mouth was like a fucking vacuum and Voodoo’s legs actually buckled a little bit from the rush of her taking him in like that. Cindy was a woman with a mission as she sucked Voodoo off, bobbing her gorgeous, world famous face up and down on his cock. She wanted his load in her mouth and she didn’t want to wait for it.

But that once again got Nicole’s attention and she shook her head while still smiling over her greedy friend. God, that girl was actually going to make her man come without her permission. How typically Cindy, Nicole thought to herself as her smile grew. Well she would have to take care of that.

Nicole crawled over and took a moment to watch Cindy enthusiastically sucking her husband off while Love kneeled down and sucked his balls, rubbing them with her fingers when she wasn’t wetly slurping them. Love had no shyness and no inhibition about going right after Voodoo and she got even more into it when Voodoo began to fuck Cindy’s mouth even harder, making his balls slap against her mouth and face while she sucked and licked on them.

It was really hot to look at, but Nicole knew as long as Voodoo could hold out, he was only human and would soon succumb to these two naughty temptresses sucking him off. Nicole wanted a taste for herself first and when Cindy paused to gulp in some breath, she pushed her friend’s flushed face away from her husband.

“My turn again,” Nicole evilly grinned.

“Nooooo,” Cindy groaned in frustration. “Nic, don’t me mean! Please let me have some fun!”

“Oh you’re gonna have lots of fun, don’t worry,” Nicole promised. “But not till after I get myself a taste of my man.”

Voodoo said nothing. He didn’t care who was sucking his cock as long as someone was. As it was, he was enjoying the feel of Love’s hot, slutty tongue bathing his balls with her saliva to even notice his cock was going unsucked.

Nicole took care of that before it became an issue, though. She pulled Love off her knees and up so she could be face to face with her. She kissed Love hungrily, delighting in the taste of her husband’s cock and balls on her lips and tongue.

“Share him with me,” Nicole offered. “I want him fucking our mouths! Let’s make him so hard he’ll think he’s gonna die unless he fucks us!”

Voodoo couldn’t help but notice this particular negotiation was happening without his participation. He didn’t mind, though. He just wanted to have some fun and it didn’t matter how it was happening or who was doing it to him. If it was going to be his wife and sweet, slutty Jennifer Love, then so much the better.

Nicole brought her hand to Voodoo’s bare ass and pushed him into her waiting mouth as she kneeled in front of him. He stood before the edge of the bed with both Love and Nicole face level with his cock and he thrust into his wife’s mouth, meeting her push with one of his own. Nicole’s eyes were alight with desire as she tasted her husband’s cock coated with the saliva of other horny girls and she wetly sucked him, slurping him into her mouth and working him over with her tongue and lips.

She didn’t linger too long with him, though. The last thing Nicole wanted now was a mouthful of cum. Maybe later, but not at this moment. Instead she pulled off and spit onto Voodoo’s cock, giving it an extra shine before she grasped it in her hand and stuffed it into Love’s mouth.

Love wasn’t expecting it, but quickly adjusted, moaning wantonly as she was fed Voodoo’s prick. She closed her eyes and sucked him hard, working her lips tightly around his cock and moving up and down as fast as she could to stimulate him.

“Oooooh that’s it you dirty girl! Suck that big cock!” Nicole cooed as she kept one hand on Love’s head and the other on Voodoo’s ass, making sure the two of them were in perfect synch of sucking and being sucked. “Show me how much you love it! Show me how bad you want to suck the cock that banged all those porno sluts! Oooooh you must really love our movies, dirty girl! You love that fucking cock! I’m gonna kiss you so hard after this! Mmmm I’m going to want to taste his cock on your fucking breath!”

Love just moaned and tried to show Nicole with her eyes just how much she loved it. This was heaven for her and she was rubbing her own pussy feverishly as she slurped away at Voodoo’s meat. She loved how it felt throbbing in her mouth and felt a huge rush of disappointment when Nicole pulled it out of her mouth.

She kissed Love passionately, just as she’d promised she would, and then set about to feeding herself. With Voodoo’s cock in her grasp, Nicole sucked it into her mouth. She slurped off Love’s spit from her husband’s hard inches and let him fuck her face with force, his balls slapping into her chin as she stared up at him with horny, happy eyes, loving the feel of his hard cock driving into her mouth.

While all this was going on, Cindy was rubbing herself raw. She needed to come so badly. She had been deprived for so long and she couldn’t take it much longer. But it was still so hot to watch Love and Nicole sharing Voodoo’s cock, each of them looking so beautifully depraved as they sucked him, their faces so flushed with desire and drool dripping down their chins as well as Voodoo’s cock.

Love and Nicole went back and forth sharing Voodoo’s cock. There was barely an instant he wasn’t being sucked as Nicole and Love passed him back and forth, each of them getting their taste of his meat before the other had her turn. Finally, Voodoo couldn’t take it any more and yanked himself out of Nicole’s mouth so he could slap both of their faces with his hard prick.

“I need to fuck one of you!” Voodoo growled. “I don’t care which one! I just need some fucking pussy!”

Love’s cheek stung from Voodoo’s hardness smacking against it but she loved it. It made her even hornier and she couldn’t resist grabbing the opportunity.

“Please! Fuck me Voodoo!” Love pleaded. “My pussy will be so fucking tight and wet for you! God, please give it to me! Give me that cock! I’ve wanted it for so fucking long! Jam that cock into my little pink pussy and fuck me like you fuck those porno girls! I need it! I need that cock inside me! Please!”

No one could deny a desperate cry like that and certainly Nicole and Voodoo weren’t immune.

“Lie back baby,” Nicole instructed and Love eagerly did as she was told.

Love got back where she’d been before, flat on her back on the bed and moaned in anticipation as Nicole parted her legs and spit right into her already soaked cunt, her saliva dripping down her slit and tickling her sensitive folds as it mixed with the girl juices already oozing out of her.

“She’s ready for you,” Nicole smiled at her husband. “Get up here and fuck her baby. Give this dirty girl a fucking she’s never gonna forget. Mmmm she says she wants to be a porno girl? Then fuck her like one! Take her hard!”

“Yesssssssss please,” Love begged, writhing on the bed for the fucking she couldn’t wait for. “Fuck me Voodoo! Make it hard! Fuck my little pussy with your big porno cock! Ooooh all my friends know I’m such a fucking slut! I want you to know too! Let me show you how slutty I get!”

“Do it!” Nicole groaned into Voodoo’s ear after she licked his neck and stroked his cock. “Fuck her baby! Do it for me!”

While Voodoo needed no extra incentive to sink his dick deep into Jennifer Love Hewitt, having his wife’s heated voice in his ear telling him to do it was certainly like waving red in front of a bull. He was on Love in a heartbeat, grabbing her legs and pulling them up so he could enter her. Her pussy was so soaked it was like a knife cutting through hot butter and his big cock slid easily inside her slick passage.

“OOOOOOOH FUCK ME!!! FUCK MEEEE!!!” Love cried as she was penetrated. Voodoo kept her legs slung over his shoulders and thrust into her with heated intensity.

“This what you want, huh? You want this cock inside this little fucking pussy?” Voodoo groaned as Love’s snug folds wrapped around his cock even better than her mouth could. “Oooooh fuck you’re tight! Yessss how’s a dirty slut like you stay so fucking tight?”

Love could have told Voodoo that the main reason was because she was a slut who was into girls with only a few exceptions now and then and hot tongues and fingers didn’t stretch her out much. But those words couldn’t pass her lips. All she could do was grunt and cry out in passion as she was fucked hard by her new lover’s long cock.

Love’s tits were bouncing hard on her body now as Voodoo picked up the pace and he couldn’t take his eyes off them as he fucked her. God they looked so fucking amazing! If he had less willpower he would have just pulled out and shot his load all over those big bouncing beauties, but he prided himself on never being that weak. Besides, this didn’t look like it was going to be ending any time soon and Voodoo was confident he’d have a chance to get at Love’s all natural rack.

Cindy was still pawing at her pussy, rubbing her soaked slit and getting her juices all over her thighs and even up into her trimmed nest of dark fur. The supermodel was staring with heat pulsing from her eyes at Love and Voodoo as she whimpered with need. Her own touch wasn’t nearly good enough and she longed for some loving care and Nicole finally took mercy on her horny friend.

“Poor Cindy mmmm let me take care of you,” Nicole said as she leaned in and kissed the moled one.

Cindy was about to say the only reason she was “poor Cindy” right then was because Nicole had denied her time and time again, but any anger and bitterness she might have had disappeared when Nicole pushed her onto her back. Cindy found herself lying right next to Love as the actress huffed and puffed from being pounded by Voodoo and she was soon joining her in cries of ecstasy as Nicole got between her legs.

Nicole didn’t tease or make Cindy wait or anything. She just went for it. She dove into Cindy’s pussy and gave her the tongue she’d been craving. Nicole went straight to licking, lapping up all the pent up arousal that had made Cindy’s pussy irresistibly juicy and driving Cindy wild with lust.


Love so badly wanted to lean over to her left and give Cindy a hot kiss, but she couldn’t move an inch. She was in the grip of ecstasy from Voodoo’s cock driving into her. God, her dreams could never even begin to match how good it felt to have it actually happen to her. She loved how her big tits were bouncing and her whole body shaking as he took her and made her his little slut. Love felt just like the porno stars she so desired. She had Nicole’s pussy all over her face still and now Voodoo’s cock shoved inside her.

“Ughhhhhh yessssssssssssss soooooooooo hot!!!” Love cried out, her hands running up and down Voodoo’s chest as he gripped her legs for support. “More baby more! Oooooh my pussy can take it! Ughhhhhh it can take your whole fucking cock baby! Fuck me like you fuck those sluts on camera! Make me fucking feel it like they do! Gimmie that fucking cock! Ooooooooooh fuck me hard!”

Right then Voodoo was just glad he had finished up his errands unexpectedly early that day. He would have hated to miss all this. Having Jennifer Love Hewitt begging for his cock and Cindy Crawford being eaten by his wife just a few inches away was like Christmas and his birthday all rolled into one. It was beyond every man’s fantasy and he made the most of it, giving Love what she wanted by thrusting even harder inside her.

Love’s roar of ecstasy flowed right into Cindy’s ear. It was loud, but she loved it. She knew how good that cock felt inside her and she was happy Love was experiencing it. Most of all she was happy that she was finally experiencing her own pleasure. She had waited too long for it and now she was finally getting what she had longed for. Nicole’s mouth felt so good clamped to her pussy sucking her juice out and her tongue was as exquisite as ever, thrusting into her to fuck her just like Love was being fucked by Voodoo.

Pure bliss was flowing through Cindy’s body. She ground her ass into the bed as she writhed from being licked and reached up to squeeze her own firm tits. Cindy loved being eaten and Nicole was the best she had ever had do it. Even the models she’d tasted over the years all around the world hadn’t been as good. Nicole was an artist when it came to eating pussy and Cindy always came so hard when she was with her.

But while this time was shaping up to be no exception to that rule, a new, devilish thought was forming in Nicole’s sexually heated brain. She loved being able to look over and see her husband fucking Love. She was taking on that cock with no inhibition and no resistance and looked like she loved every inch of that. That was another check mark in her favor in Nicole’s mind, but she didn’t want Cindy to be denied a feel of her husband either.

Nicole did feel a little bad about how she had treated Cindy since she had arrived early for their date. She supposed she had picked on her a little too much and had also focused more than she should have on Love at the expense of her long-time friend and lover. Nicole knew just how to make it up to her friend though.

Pulling up from Cindy’s pussy, Nicole squeezed the woman’s tits and kissed her lips, feeding Cindy her own juices. Cindy groaned in frustration again from Nicole having stopped her licking, but Nicole quickly explained her game.

“Want him to fuck you too?” Nicole purred. “Want to feel that cock driving into you just like Love is getting?”

“Yesssss,” Cindy groaned, unable to deny her lust for the lone male in the bed. “I love how he fucks me!”

“Turn over then,” Nicole instructed. “Get on your stomach and get your legs over the side of the bed.”

Cindy was far too horny to disobey anything at this point. Nicole’s tongue had gotten her so wet and she could feel her orgasm starting to really boil over inside her. All that waiting had left her plenty ready for action. She would have done anything and everything Nicole had requested if it had meant a chance to come.

Getting up off her back, Cindy flipped herself over onto her stomach and bent herself over the side of the bed. She’d been lying on one of the soft pillows before, so this was less comfortable than it had been. But if Nicole was about to set up what she thought she was, then Cindy knew comfort wasn’t going to matter a bit.

Cindy was now lying flat on her belly facing where Voodoo was driving into Love and she had a perfect view as Nicole came up behind her husband and whispered into his ear. She couldn’t hear what she said, but whatever it was, it had Voodoo smiling and nodding his head. A second later he slowly pulled his cock out of the soaked, snug vise of Love’s pussy.

“What? Why? Why are you stopping?” Love protested. “That felt incredible!”

“No one’s stopping baby,” Voodoo assured the girl. “It’s just a little change in position.”

“Yeah I know the perfect way for you two dirty girls to get just what you deserve,” Nicole grinned. “I want you to lie on top of Cindy, Love. Set yourself right down on your stomach on top of her and let my man work you both over.”

Just like Cindy, Love was too horny to argue anything. So she just got up and did what she was told. She planted herself gently on top of Cindy, rubbing her bare tits against the supermodel’s back and Voodoo got up off the bed, his juice coated hard on bouncing along the way, and walked behind the two naked women, their bare backsides and dripping slits both presented to him as they lay stacked up upon each other.

“Fuck them baby,” Nicole urged Voodoo as she ran one hand through his hair and the other down his back toward his ass. “I want them both of them coming from your hard cock buried up their tight little holes!”

Voodoo met the challenge by passionately kissing his wife and going for it. Having just felt the wonderful tightness of Love’s pussy, Voodoo went for Cindy this time. He grabbed onto Love’s hips for support and pushed into Cindy as she lay beneath the actress.


Voodoo would have answered her, but his lips were silenced by another hot kiss from Nicole. She passionately kissed her husband once again, robbing him of his ability to speak or do anything but fuck. That was what Nicole wanted. She wanted her husband fucking her friends raw so they’d leave here knowing that all their money and fame couldn’t buy what she could get every time she wanted it.

Love felt lonely without Voodoo’s cock filling her pussy, but this was such a unique position that it didn’t bother her too much. She loved being able to have her naked body pressed like this to Cindy’s, the feel of her firm ass against her flesh making her even wetter. Love couldn’t help but rub herself and coat her fingers in juice and she suddenly had a bright idea. Instead of sucking off the essence herself, Love pushed her fingers down and fed them to Cindy instead.

The supermodel eagerly accepted the treat and sucked Love’s fingers with the enthusiasm she had just shown to Voodoo’s cock. She wetly slurped at Love’s fingers and when she was finished with them, the actress was already pushing down a fresh batch of juicy digits from her other hand. Cindy took those on too, happily sucking her new friend’s pussy coated fingers as Voodoo took her roughly from behind.

Unfortunately just as Cindy started to really feel her groove kicking up, Voodoo pulled out at his wife’s instructions and plunged his cock back into Love’s waiting pussy.

“OOOOOOOOH!” Love screamed as she was taken by surprise this time. She hadn’t expected to suddenly feel her lover’s big cock pushing inside her, but she absolutely welcomed it. “OOOOOOOH GIVE IT TO ME VOODOO!!! GIMMIE THAT PORNO COCK I WANT SO FUCKING BAD! FUCK ME! AHHHHHH YESSSSS FUCK MY LITTLE, TIGHT PUSSY!”

Cindy didn’t want to feel jealous, but she couldn’t help it. She wanted Voodoo’s cock! She wanted to get fucked! She was sick and tired of waiting!

However, she didn’t have to wait long. After a few hard thrusts into Love, Voodoo pulled his cock out of her juicy passageway and jammed it back into Cindy. The surprise rush of ecstasy took the supermodel by surprise, just as it had for Love but that didn’t stop her from crying out in loud approval from it.

“YESSSSSS FUCK ME NOW!” Cindy roared as Voodoo’s cock filled her so well. Every thrust he took got her closer to orgasm and her body was starting to really shiver in anticipation under Love’s. “OOOOH GIVE ME THAT COCK! I FUCKING NEED IT!”

“NO! I NEED IT!!!” Love passionately insisted as she didn’t take being deprived of Voodoo well. “FUCK ME VOODOO! FUCK MY LITTLE CUNT WITH THAT BIG, FAT COCK!”

“Whatever the lady wants,” Voodoo smirked before pulling out of Cindy and shoving himself back into Love.


“NOOOOOO DON’T MAKE ME WAIT!” Cindy protested, her arousal at a fever pitch as she lay underneath Love and ached for a lover’s touch. “I FUCKING NEED IT MORE THAN HER!”

Cindy groaned in frustration over and over again as Voodoo thrust into Love just a few inches away from her needy gash. She could feel the force of Voodoo’s hard pushes into Love. Christ she could feel the way their flesh slapped together and she could even feel the fucking sweat from his balls tickling her own skin as a sadistic reminder that Love was getting his cock and she wasn’t.

But once again, Cindy’s frustration didn’t last, because Voodoo once again pulled out of Love and got back inside her. That got a cry of rapture from her and Cindy thrust herself backwards to meet his drives inside her. She needed to come more than she needed to breathe.

As a model, Cindy had always prided herself on being cool, calm and always in control. Right now she was anything but. She was a wild woman, grunting and screaming for Voodoo’s cock and crying out in agony as once again he pulled out of her and thrust back into Love.

With Nicole watching and rubbing herself furiously as she witnessed the beautiful celebrities turn into depraved whores for the feel of her husband’s cock. God, she loved this! She had a real life porn movie going on in her bedroom and this time she was the director. She got more out of watching this than she ever could from watching one of her own movies.

Voodoo went back and forth from Love to Cindy to Love to Cindy once again, continuing the pattern and getting a cry of anger from each girl he pulled out of and one of ecstasy from each girl he pushed into. It was all happening as Nicole wanted. She loved watching her husband going back and forth, driving into those dirty girls and making them into wild sluts. Her love for him was never in doubt, but it was things like this that kept Nicole’s lust for her husband always boiling.

Finally Nicole knew it was time to really top this off.

“Enough,” Nicole said in between sucking her own cum off her fingers. “That’s enough at their pussies. Mmmm fuck their asses baby! Fuck those tight holes deep!”

Voodoo grinned, sweat making his body glow as he pulled his juice coated cock right out of Love’s cunt again. He was more than happy to give these girls the hot ass fucking they needed, especially since the sound of Nicole’s orders got them both moaning with anticipation even louder, but before he could get to work, Nicole put the brakes on.

“Wait!” she suddenly cried before she got off the bed and sank to her knees in front of her husband. She took his cock in her hand, marveling at how slick it was and how her usually tight grip was now slippery as hell.

“Ooooh I gotta fucking taste this first,” Nicole declared before opening her mouth to suck Voodoo inside. “Mmmmm yummy! Two fucking delicious pussies!”

Nicole slurped at her husband’s cock, bobbing up and down on it, but also making sure not to suck all the juice off. After all her friends were going to need lube. So she left the cock still slick and then turned toward Love and Cindy.

“Mmmm and now to get you two girls ready,” Nicole moaned before she spit into them. First she took Love’s ass, spitting into her hole and watching as her saliva dripped down her new friend’s crack to her pussy. She spit into Love again and swiped her tongue over her puckered hole to get her wetness spread around. While she did this, Nicole also worked a finger up Cindy’s asshole to make sure she was loosened up too.

Then Nicole switched girls and jobs. She began spitting and licking Cindy’s hole while pushing her finger up Love’s ass. Both girls were passionately crying out for more, their sounds coming out in a garbled, aroused mess and Voodoo was stroking cock, fast enough to keep himself at maximum hardness but slow enough that he didn’t end up blasting all over his own hand.

Finally Nicole was ready and she gave both Cindy and Love’s bare asses firm smacks.

“Take them baby,” Nicole ordered. “Fuck their asses! Make it so they can’t walk straight!”

That was easier said than done because his cock was on the verge of orgasmic bursting, but if years in the porno industry had taught Voodoo anything, it was endurance and stamina. If anyone could pull this off it was him and he rose to the challenge.

Since Love was on top, Voodoo made the 50/50 choice that she should go first. She had helpfully reached around back to spread open her own butt cheeks and put her tight ring on lewd display so Voodoo took full advantage. He pressed his lubed up cock to her saliva slickened hole and pushed inside her, the penetration jolting the words right out of her.


Even Voodoo was a little surprised by Love’s ferocity. He’d done porno scenes with girls who were colder fish than hers. God if she ever changed industries, she’d probably be bigger than Jenna Jameson!

Voodoo once again had Love’s hips in his hands and used them for leverage as he fucked her. He thrust hard into her ass and made her shake with lust with every push inside. Her ass cheeks jiggled so enticingly for her and his balls smacked her pussy as he took her hard and rough, just as she begged for it.

“YEAHHHHHHHHH MORE! OOOOOOH MORE COCK!!! YESSSSS GIVE ME ALL THAT COCK UP MY TIGHT FUCKING ASS!!” Love screamed, her words completely drowning out Cindy’s impatient mews. “AHHHH GOD! SOOOO GOOD!!!!! OOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!! YEAHHHH!!!”

But once again the pleasure didn’t last. Love was so close that her orgasm seemed right in front of her. Before she could grab it, though, it disappeared when Voodoo pulled out of her ass and plunged into Cindy’s instead.

Love let out an indecipherable cry from being denied, but this time it was her turn to be drowned out by Cindy’s bestial roars.


Nicole loved the sound of that a lot. She knew it would burn Rande’s competitive side up and he’d be over here in no time looking to fuck her ass and outdo what Voodoo had done to Cindy. She didn’t say anything though. She just rubbed herself and watched intently as Voodoo took Cindy’s ass. Nicole had lost track of how many times she’d come from watching and fingering herself, but her pussy was a creamy mess and her orgasmic juice had run from her fingers all the way past her wrist.

Cindy was damn close to orgasm herself. She loved having that thick cock buried up her tight ass and it was ecstasy to have it pounding her. Cindy humped herself against the bed, using the bedspread to soak up her leaking juices. She didn’t care if she stained it. It would serve Nicole right. She just wanted to fucking come.

Unfortunately, pleasure was denied to Cindy one last time. Voodoo pulled out at Nicole’s command and worked himself back into Love’s ass.


That was actually Nicole’s plan this time and Voodoo followed it to the letter. He kept on fucking Love’s ass, not stopping for anything and not even pausing. He was committed to getting her off and his cock drove up her loosened asshole with precise thrusts, fucking her sensitive ring with the force she craved as Love humped her pussy against Cindy until she couldn’t take it anymore and let the orgasmic wave crash over her exhausted body.


Voodoo kept pumping into Love as she came, his balls smacking into her and Cindy as his cock fucked her hole until it gaped. When he finally pulled out of her ass, Voodoo was doing some gasping himself, but there was no rest for the weary. He simply aimed his cock a little bit and shoved it back up Cindy’s waiting, already gaping asshole.


Nicole had no intention of making Voodoo stop. She was almost delirious with pleasure herself watching her calm, composed friend reduced to screaming like an animal for sex. She just wished she’d had the foresight to throw a tape in for this. In their safe she and Voodoo had several tapes made with the full knowledge of Cindy and all their sexy friends. This would have been a perfect addition to the collection. Oh well. Maybe next time.

“Fuck her baby! Fuck Cindy’s tight ass!” Nicole urged, biting down on Voodoo’s ear as he pounded the supermodel while Love lay gasping for breath on top of her. “Make her fucking come! Get her off and I promise you’ll get off so hot!”

At this point, that was a serious carrot on the stick for Voodoo. He thrust hard into Cindy with all the energy he could muster. His cock pushed her tight ring open and widened her with every push. Her asshole felt so loose and slutty now and Cindy was lost in bliss. He was filling her ass up so good and after being denied so long it was almost painful when she began to come.

Cindy was actually afraid at first that Voodoo would pull out again, but this time her fears were unwarranted. He kept at her and nothing stopped her orgasm.


Cindy rocked the bed so hard as she came that she nearly bucked Love off her. But the actress was too exhausted to move off. She just lay atop Cindy as she came, draping her naked body like a blanket. Cindy shook and lurched under her and Love just dreamily smiled from the bliss that Voodoo had brought her, which was the same pleasure Cindy was now feeling.

Nicole finally helped Love off of Cindy, rolling the actress onto her back. Love giggled as she was forcibly moved. Her brain was coming back to her, but her strength was slower in returning. She had enough sense though to give Nicole a big kiss and then turn to her left to give the same to Cindy.

Cindy returned the kiss in kind and the two began to sensually rub their tongues together while Love rubbed her sweaty face to Cindy’s, making sure her cheek brushed up right against Cindy’s mole.

As this was happening, Voodoo was grunting in warning of his own imminent orgasm and finally pulled out of Cindy’s ass. Nicole had one more thing she wanted and she wasn’t going to miss her chance.

“Come on their faces baby,” Nicole urged as she helped Cindy turn over so she and Love were lying on their backs side by side on the bed. “I wanna see it! Shoot that load all over their pretty faces! Mmmm treat them like you always treat me on camera!”

Love cooed in desire at the idea. It was just what she fucking wanted and she licked her lips in anticipation.

“Yessssssss shoot all over us!” Love panted, her breath still not all the way back. “Fucking coat us in cum! Ooooh if Cindy doesn’t want it, I’ll take the whole fucking load! Mmmm gimmie a fucking cum shot like a real porn slut!”

As it turned out Cindy did want Voodoo’s cum on her face but she was far too breathless to ask for it. Since words were unavailable to her, she instead caressed her own face and gave Voodoo the signal that she wanted it and wanted it bad.

Voodoo was almost about to lose it and he hustled to aim his cock right. With a series of moans and grunts wonderfully familiar to Love’s porn loving ears, Voodoo’s cock tensed up in his hand as he stroked it and he unleashed his load all over Cindy and Love.

The first blasts struck Love’s lips and chin and she gasped in delight at the feeling of the sticky cum on her skin. Mmmm it felt so good and, as she darted her tongue out to catch some of it, it tasted good too. More streams struck her lips and up to her nose and Voodoo moved over to Cindy for the last of his load. He shot his final streams on her gorgeous face, unable to resist aiming and hitting her mole with his cock cream as the rest covered her cheeks and chin.

Cindy and Love’s beautiful faces were coated in white and the girls couldn’t have been happier. They turned to kiss each other and lick the load right off each other and were soon joined in this by Nicole as Voodoo panted for breath, smiling all the while at the sight of the three naked, slutty girls on the bed.

Nicole frantically licked the cum right off their faces and Love just moaned and let her. God, this was so incredible. She didn’t think she was going to have the energy to jog back to the mansion for a long, long time, but right then she didn’t care. After all, she’d wanted to meet the neighbors and it would certainly be rude to leave before they’d all had at least three or four more orgasms.

* * * * *

Right then sexual pleasure was the last thing on Sarah’s mind. She was away from the mansion and dressed in her prim and proper best as she sat at one side of a conference table. She wanted to be anywhere but here. Even the furthest reaches of the Earth would have been preferable to sitting here. But Sarah knew it had to be done.

To live the life of bliss that Malibu offered her, Sarah knew it wasn’t going to be easy. She’d dug herself too deep a hole by marrying Freddie and getting herself out of that hole required going through activities as miserable as this.

Sarah had never deluded herself into thinking she could just walk away from her marriage like snapping her fingers. She had known that divorce would be hard and unpleasant. But knowing that didn’t make it any better for her to actually experience it.

“Mr. Prinze just wants to make sure his assets are protected throughout these proceedings,” Freddie’s lawyer said. Sarah had forgotten the woman’s name already, but she had already decided that she was a bitter, unloved woman who lived alone with 15 cats. She based that on nothing other than her own impressions from the mediation, but that was good enough for her. “If Ms. Gellar insists on not being a partner in their marriage, he doesn’t want her making any claims to his income.”

“Are you serious? My client make claims?” Sarah’s lawyer, a well appointed man named Edmund Fiske, snorted. “That’s rich Sylvia. Really rich. My client came into the marriage as the top earner. She’s leaving the marriage as the top earner. My client stars in major motion pictures, including ones that headlined the Cannes and Tribeca Film Festivals. Your client can’t even get a sitcom on the air. It’s Ms. Gellar’s assets that need to be protected.”

Sarah had had just about enough at that point. They had already been haggling over stupid minute details for the past two hours and it seemed like they were just getting started. Slamming her hand down on the conference room table, Sarah made her feelings clear.

“This is stupid!” Sarah snapped. “It’s so stupid! I don’t want anything from Freddie! I just want my marriage to be over. I don’t want anything that’s rightly his. I don’t want to take anything from him or haggle or fight or drag this out. I want it over! I just want to leave with what I came in with! That’s all!”

“Your sentimentality over your marriage is touching,” Freddie’s lawyer smirked and Sarah heatedly turned toward her.

“Excuse me, do you know me at all?” Sarah demanded and when the woman nodded no, she continued. “Then stop acting like you do! This isn’t easy for me!”

“Oh like it’s easy for me,” Freddie grumbled.

“Freddie, I don’t want to drag this out,” Sarah said, looking at her husband in name only. “Let’s get on with the rest of our lives. You can start over and find someone who you’re really meant to be with. Without this hanging over your head you can get out there and find someone new. Let’s just settle this.”

But that appeared to be the last thing Freddie wanted and it was his turn to slam his hand onto the table.

“I don’t want someone else! I want you!” Freddie insisted with a level of possessiveness that made Sarah reflexively nervous. She had never seen that side of Freddie before and it wasn’t a pleasant surprise.

“You can’t have me Freddie,” Sarah said softly. “I’m so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. But…I just can’t be married to you Freddie. It’s not you…it’s…it’s me.”

“What the hell does that mean?” Freddie snapped. “You’ve never given me any goddamn reason why you want to throw our marriage away before we even get started with it! What is it? What made you stop loving me? What made you want to throw everything away?”

Sarah knew he was asking for the one thing she couldn’t give…the truth. That would have been a smart move, admit on the court record that she was attracted to women and lived a secret existence with a bevy of other similarly inclined celebrities. Oh yeah that would have been just the cherry on top to everything. So Sarah remained silent. She didn’t give Freddie the reason he was seeking because to do so would only have made things worse.

“What? Don’t you have anything to say?” Freddie demanded.

“Mr. Prinze, please refrain from harassing my client or else I’ll bring an end to this session,” Sarah’s lawyer said.

“I don’t even see the purpose of having this session,” Freddie’s lawyer replied. “Ms. Gellar is being entirely unreasonable here.”

“Me? Unreasonable?” Sarah scoffed. “You’re the ones dragging this out and going over every damn detail! I don’t want anything from Freddie that I didn’t have when we got married. He can have the house and everything we got after we were married. I don’t care! I just want to move on with my life!”

“Ummmm Sarah, let’s not be so hasty about giving up any claims to the house,” Sarah’s lawyer whispered in her ear, picturing a potentially lucrative split of the proceeds from the house sale.

Sarah sighed and settled deeper into the leather chair. God this was agony. Why did this have to be so hard? She didn’t want anything special. She wasn’t asking for Freddie’s childhood mementos. She wasn’t trying to get spousal support. She just wanted to be able to live her life and not have these proceedings hanging over her head for any longer than necessary.

“Freddie, please,” Sarah said, looking at her estranged spouse with pleading eyes. “Don’t drag this out. Please. We can settle this fairly right now. I don’t want anything that wasn’t originally mine. Please Freddie. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

“Oh now you care about not making it hard,” Freddie snapped. “You left me Sarah! I didn’t deserve that! I was a perfect husband! I did everything right! Those friends of your poisoned you against me! I know they did!”

“What friends are you referring to Mr. Prinze?” Sarah’s lawyer asked, curious where this was going.

“Nothing! It’s not important!” Sarah insisted defensively. “They had nothing to do with this. It was my decision. I needed to move on. It’s not your fault Freddie, but the marriage was a mistake. It was my mistake and I know that’s my responsibility. I never wanted to hurt you, but I can’t stay married to you Freddie. Please Freddie. Let’s end this. Let’s move on.”

Freddie looked for a moment at Sarah like he was considering her plea. But the moment passed.

“No,” Freddie declared coldly. “Until you tell me why, I will drag this out until the end of time. I want to know why you’re leaving me, Sarah! No excuses! I want the truth!”

Sarah sighed and slumped back even harder in the chair.

“Now back to the division on income,” Freddie’s lawyer continued, adjusting the glasses perched on her nose as she opened a file folder.

A few hours later, when it eventually became clear to everyone what Sarah had known from the beginning, that they were stuck at an impasse that wouldn’t be resolved quickly, the mediation broke up for the day.

Sarah got out of there as quickly as she could, not wanting to spend a second more in that stuffy office with Freddie than necessary. As she darted out like a shot, not even pausing to hold the elevator for him, Freddie once again felt his anger surge.

How dare she, he asked himself. How could she say he wasn’t a good husband? He was the perfect husband! Damn it! He was always there for her! He always gave her what she needed. Sarah was nothing but a whiny, spoiled bitch! How could she leave him? How could she do this to him? How could she humiliate him like this?

Working himself into a good state of hatred for Sarah always made Freddie feel better but before he could really get going he found himself being interrupted by a tap to the shoulder.

“How’d it go in there?” a familiar voice asked and Freddie found himself turning around and staring at Ryan Phillipe.

“Ryan, man, how’s it going?” Freddie asked as he embraced his long time friend. “What are you doing here? Reese not trying to leech more off you, is she?”

“Nah that bitch is done and gone,” Ryan said, referring to his ex-wife. There had been so many times when he and Reese and Freddie and Sarah had gone out on double dates, basking in golden couple aura, but that was all in the past. “Reese is out of my life. She’s yesterday’s news. But this is new news.”

Ryan handed Freddie a business card. It just had a name on it, Brandon Moore, and the time for an appointment.

“What’s this, dude?” Freddie asked.

“It’s something that’s going to change everything,” Ryan replied with a smirk. “It’s going to get us the payback we deserve on those bitches. You have no idea what’s really going on Freddie, but this guy is going to explain everything. We’re all going to be there and we want you to come too.”

“We? Who’s this we?” Freddie asked.

“Just come to the meeting and you’ll find out,” Ryan insisted. “We all have something in common and we’re all owed for it!”

* * * * *

Sarah knew she had to calm down. She had to find a way to relax. She wasn’t going to do anyone any good if she tried driving back to Malibu and ended up getting into an accident on the way because she was pissed off. She just had to find a way to get herself calm and contained before she got home and got some of her sexy friends to help her work out her aggression in a much more fun and productive way.

Thinking of ways her housemates could make her feel better cheered Sarah up slightly, but it was only a fleeting feeling. She was too angry right now to feel anything but miserable. How could Freddie do this to her? How could he be so unreasonable? She wasn’t being a bitch to him. She wasn’t making extravagant demands or trying to bleed him dry. She just wanted to have what she came in with and move on with her life. Those were hardly crazy things. But he couldn’t even do that for her.

Their entire marriage had been her giving up everything she cared about for him and him never going the slightest bit out his way for her. It wasn’t fair and it was continuing through their divorce. He really was going to drag this out. Sarah knew that was no empty threat. He just wanted to make her suffer and ratchet up her legal fees.

It sucked. It just sucked. Pure and simple. There was no other way to put it.

Sarah knew she had hurt him by filing for divorce, but that was no excuse for him to be such an asshole like this. He couldn’t possibly want her to really continue to live a loveless marriage to him. Could he?

Of course just thinking about it was making Sarah more upset and wasn’t calming her down a bit. So she grabbed a hold of herself and tried to think about other things. She needed to relax, to focus, have a few deep breaths and then go on home. Then she could get to the serious business of cheering herself up.

She was in the middle of the city in Los Angeles so it wasn’t as though she was nowhere. There had to be a place where she could find a way to quietly clear her head. She didn’t want to get into her car right away. She just needed to chill for a few moments and a quick scan down the street found the perfect place.

“Mmmm Jamba Juice,” Sarah said to herself.

She hadn’t had time for lunch yet and after all that had just happened she wasn’t particularly hungry. But she did need a little something just to keep her blood sugar up. This seemed like the ideal solution.

A cool drink would definitely settle her frazzled nerves so, taking care not to get herself run over in the process, Sarah jogged across the street toward the juice mecca. Her heels click clacked across the pavement and Sarah once again longed to get home soon. The mansion would at least be the perfect place to ditch the uncomfortable heels and constraining skirt and blouse and get into some soft, comfy sweatpants.

Entering the Jamba Juice, Sarah was relieved to see there wasn’t too long a line. But she knew these things could form quickly and she wasn’t looking to stand around for a half hour to get something to drink. She just wanted to get something quick, compose herself and then get home. But before she could do that, Sarah studied the menu to decide what she wanted.

If there was one pet peeve she had, it was people who waited on line but still didn’t know what they wanted when it was their turn. God that pissed her off to no end. They should know what they wanted before they even got on line. It was just common courtesy and Sarah intended to live by her own moral code and make her choice prior to standing on line.

So it was that Sarah was staring up at the selections and debating a choice between peach perfection and strawberry whirl while simultaneously deciding which boost to add to her smoothie when she heard someone calling out to her.

“Sarah? Oh my God, I thought it was you,” the female voice said happily.

Sarah groaned to herself. She wasn’t in the mood to be recognized by any fans. Usually she tried to be gracious with everyone she met, even with the somewhat overzealous Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans that she often encountered, but right now just wasn’t a good time for this. Intending to turn around and give whomever this was a smile and an autograph if asked but nothing more, Sarah quickly saw that this was no stranger calling out to her.

It was a friend whom she was most happy to see.

“Michelle? Sweetie, how are you?” Sarah said as she hugged her former on screen sister. “God it’s been so long. I’ve really missed you.”

“Mmmmm not as much as I’ve missed you,” Michelle Trachtenberg replied lingering in the hug a moment more than necessary, but pulling away before they started to attract some unwanted attention from the other customers.

It was hard for the girls to pull away from each other when all they wanted was to continue their intimate hug and press their lips together in a hot kiss. To the world around them, Sarah and Michelle were just friends and former co-stars, but of course they were really much more than that.

It had been at Sarah’s bachelorette party that Michelle had been with a woman for the first time and, before the night had been over, she had gone completely wild, doing things with other girls she had never even thought about doing with men and loving every intense, sexy second of it.

At first Michelle had been so shocked that Sarah and all her friends would act like that. She never would have dreamed in a million years that any of them would be attracted to other girls and Michelle had almost panicked at the sight of seeing them all in a lesbian orgy. But Michelle hadn’t been able to stop staring at all those gorgeous, female bodies as they stripped each other down and did the most intimately sexual things to one another right in front of her.

Michelle had never really been attracted to women before then, but seeing all those beautiful bodies and the way they had made each other feel so, so good had weakened any resistance she had to it. Soon Michelle had been touching herself as everyone fucked around her and eventually Elisha Cuthbert and Michelle had learned with each other how good another woman’s touch could be. It had opened Michelle’s eyes to true sexual pleasure and she hadn’t just been with Elisha that night.

She’d ended up in a pile with so many of her former Buffy co-stars. Alyson Hannigan had fucked her and so had Charisma Carpenter and Emma Caufield and Amber Benson and even Amy Acker from Angel. And of course Sarah.

God, they had done such wild things together and Michelle had loved it. She had loved having sex with Sarah and all her gorgeous friends and it was so hard for her not to want to prove that by getting on her knees right in the middle of the store and pulling up Sarah’s skirt so she could taste her again.

Michelle managed to control herself, though, and instead made small talk with her friend.

“I was heading in here and I thought I saw you through the window,” Michelle said. “I wasn’t sure though. I’m so glad I ran into you Sarah.”

“Well I’m just glad my butt is so recognizable,” Sarah teased as she pointed out her back had been facing the window.

Michelle blushed and gave a little laugh, but didn’t deny it had been her friend’s backside which had given her identity away. She had just been walking by and hadn’t been able help checking out the tight, toned ass she saw trapped in far too much clothing. Her gawking through the window had only gotten more intense when she realized not only did she know that ass, but she had fucked it as well.

“Well it was that and your hair,” Michelle said. ‘I’d recognize it anywhere.”

The line was moving around them and starting to grow, so the two friends quickly decided to hop onto it and continue their conversation. They caught up as they waited, making friendly small talk until they got their smoothies and then settled down together at the table.

“So what are you so dressed up for today?” Michelle inquired as she sat down with Sarah.

“Oh, just divorce stuff with Freddie,” Sarah sighed, the expression on her face making it clear she didn’t really want to be discussing this.

“Sorry,” Michelle replied, regretting having brought it up. She was much less interested, anyway, about what Sarah was wearing than she was about what she had on under her clothes. With that in mind, Michelle changed the subject.

“So ummm I hear you’re living back in Malibu again,” Michelle said with a coy smile.

“Ooooh who told you that?” Sarah grinned. “Did a little birdie whisper it in your ear? Did this little birdie used to have red hair?”

“Maybe,” Michelle giggled. Alyson Hannigan was always a great source of gossip for all things Malibu, a subject Michelle was most interested in.

“Well that little birdie also told me you were a dirty girl at the mansion while I was gone,” Sarah replied with a wink and a bit of a lower voice to ward off any potential eavesdroppers.

After making so many hot friends at the orgy, Michelle had visited the mansion a few times and while it had been fun, it hadn’t been the same for her without Sarah there. Her first time had opened her eyes and Michelle hadn’t closed them since then. She loved sex with girls now, but she had missed Sarah and she wanted to show her friend just how good she’d gotten at being with girls since the one time they’d been together.

Since they were in public, Sarah and Michelle were forced to keep their conversation PG-13, with more of an emphasis on the PG. But it was clear that they weren’t interested in staying that way. For Michelle this chance encounter was one she had longed for through all the months of Sarah-sex deprivation and for Sarah she suddenly found herself presented with a far better way to relax than just having some Jamba Juice.

Sarah just wished she and Michelle weren’t in such a public place. Because the local Jamba Juice location was hardly the kind of place where you used words that would ordinarily have been slapped with a parental advisory warning, Sarah and Michelle had speak coyly to one another and dance around what they really wanted to say…and do to each other.

If they had been in a more private setting, Sarah would most definitely have told Michelle how all she wanted then was to strip her bare and ravish her sexy, young body. She wanted to feel Michelle’s firm tits in her hand and then suck on them until they were flushed pink and coated in saliva. She wanted to taste Michelle’s pussy and lick her until her face was sticky with juices. And then she wanted to turn her friend over and spread her cheeks apart to get her tongue right into Michelle’s tight ass to make her come again.

But just because Sarah couldn’t say that, didn’t mean she couldn’t think it too and Sarah was spending her time as she stared into Michelle’s soft eyes dreaming about all the filthy, fun things she could do to her friend. The fact that Sarah had once resisted seeing Michelle in a sexual light just made her more eager to have her once again and turn her naughty thoughts into actions.

Sarah wondered if Michelle was thinking the same thoughts as they sat across from each other and sipped their smoothies while making small talk. She hoped Michelle was and while Sarah was no psychic she had a good, gut feeling that Michelle was indeed having some naughty visions in her head because of the way a mischievous smile tugged at her lips and the way Michelle’s gorgeous eyes seemed to be running over her body, mentally undressing her out of her proper, court appropriate wardrobe.

“So, what do you have planned for today” Sarah asked in a seemingly innocent inquiry that of course really asked so much, much more.

“Why? Are you going somewhere?” Michelle asked back, her smile growing. “Like maybe home to your mansion, Sarah?”

“Would you like to come along with me if I did?” Sarah responded, continuing her game of questions with Michelle. “You’re always welcome there and I’m sure we can figure out a way to entertain you if you wanted to…you know…spend the night or something.”

But saying that made Michelle’s smile fade and she sighed as she acknowledged reality.

“God, I wish I could,” Michelle said. “You have no idea how bad I want to go with you, Sarah. I haven’t been there in so long and I miss you so much. I mean I really miss you! We haven’t had any fun together since…well you remember…and I really, really want to again!”

As she said this, Michelle reached over the table to touch her older friend’s hand. To everyone just passing by it seemed to be simply a friendly gesture from one former co-star to another, but of course it meant much more to the two of them.

If Michelle’s touch could talk, it would have told Sarah that Michelle wanted to fuck her so bad that she could barely stand it and that just sitting across from her and talking was making her so wet that she didn’t know how she was going to make it home without touching herself. Though the touch remained wordless, it was still a message that Sarah got loud and clear.

“I just can’t today,” Michelle sighed, disappointing the both of them. “I’m supposed to meet with NBC about a lead in a pilot for next year and I won’t have time to get back and forth to Malibu this afternoon and be here in time.”

“Awwwww,” Sarah replied glumly. But while she wished she could spend more time with her friend back at the mansion, Sarah also was happy for any opportunity for Michelle’s career to be boosted. “That’s great news though. I’m sure you’ll get it. God, you’d be great as the lead of a show.”

“Yeah, well I did the pilot dance for this year and it was no dice,” Michelle grumbled. “All that work and we didn’t even end up getting picked up. I’d much rather spend time with you, Sarah.”

It was then that the clouds in Michelle’s mind suddenly parted and the sun came out. She had a sudden flash of brilliance that was so perfect she couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of it earlier.

“Hey! Do you want to ummmm come by my place?” Michelle asked with little blushing smile as she found herself actually asking another woman to come home with her for sex and being so blatant about it, at least blatant enough for their surroundings.

“I’d love to!” Sarah immediately replied, sensing a far more constructive use for her afternoon instead of stewing over Freddie was at hand.

“I’m actually just a couple blocks away,” Michelle said. “I was walking home when I saw you. My place is having some renovation work done on it and a friend of mine is letting me crash at her condo here. I’m in her spare room.”

“And I’m guessing your roomie is out of the house?” Sarah inquired with a smile.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Michelle confirmed. “She’ll be gone all afternoon. We’ll have the whole place to ourselves. Just you and me. So, do you want me to take you there and mmmm give you a little tour of it?”

It barely took a blink of an eye for Sarah to accept the invitation and they were out the door and headed for Michelle’s as soon as they could get up and go without making it look too obvious about why they were both suddenly bolting from the table.

They beat a hasty path toward Michelle’s temporary residence, but even at an accelerated pace, the blocks felt like miles for Sarah and Michelle. They couldn’t wait to get at each other after all the long months apart and any second delay was a second too long as far as they were concerned.

Though it seemed like it took hours, it actually only took about 10 minutes for Michelle to lead Sarah to the apartment complex she was crashing in. They passed by the doorman, who knew Michelle well enough by now to let her go with no questions, and ducked into the elevator.

While the elevator moved up, far too slowly for Sarah and Michelle’s tastes, Sarah so badly wanted to reach out and touch Michelle. She wanted to squeeze her ripe body through her clothes and kiss her passionately, taking her breath away as they attempted to make up for all the sex free months between Jamaica and today.

But Sarah restrained herself. As bad as she wanted Michelle right there at right that moment, she saw the security camera and the knowledge that any impetuous action on her part would have landed them on the Internet in seconds cooled Sarah’s fires just enough.

But those fires quickly heated up again as soon as the elevator opened up for them and Michelle grabbed Sarah’s hand, eagerly tugging her out and toward her friend’s apartment. Now that there were no cameras and no nosy customers around, Sarah did what she had been dying to do since she had turned around to find Michelle standing there. She reached out to touch her friend’s body.

Michelle was fumbling with the keys, wanting to get in as quickly as possible, when she felt Sarah’s hand running over her ass through her shorts.

“Mmmmmm,” Michelle sensually moaned at the touch.

“Just wait’ll I get you naked and give this hot body what it needs,” Sarah pledged as she squeezed Michelle’s ass through the cut off jeans she wore. Michelle just moaned again and wiggled her butt slowly, letting Sarah feel her cheeks up without any inhibition.

Sarah didn’t hear any footsteps of neighbors approaching, but she probably wouldn’t have stopped even if she’d heard a marching band coming. She wanted Michelle that badly and she got both hands on her denim clad cheeks while the girl slid the key in. Michelle could have given a damn about the neighbors at that point too. She just wanted to be touched.

“Oooooh that’s it Sarah,” Michelle moaned. “Mmmm gawd get your hands on my ass! That feels so good! Ooooh squeeze my fucking Trachtenbooty!”

That sudden word got a loud giggle out of Sarah and she felt herself about to start to crack up over Michelle suddenly getting so silly. But before the laughter could start, Michelle got the door open and the two girls piled inside to do something much more productive with their lips.

Before the door was even closed behind them, Sarah and Michelle were kissing. Michelle was the aggressive one, pushing herself up against Sarah and using her free hand to pull her face down to hers. The former co-stars kissed tenderly, but passionately, as they still clutched their Smoothies, unwilling to even pause for a moment to put the cups down.

“Wait…wait…” Michelle said, not wanting the kissing to stop, but remembering one of the house rules. “Take your shoes off. Can’t go in with shoes on.”

Sarah stepped out of her heels as quickly as she could and Michelle did the same with her flip flops. As soon as that was done the two girls looked at each other with flushed, happy faces and immediately fell right back into each other’s kiss. They stood there by the door tongue kissing each other and working through the pent up desire they held.

The old saying about absence making the heart grow fonder, was being illustrated perfectly by Sarah and Michelle. They hadn’t been with each other in so long and that absence made them hunger for each other. They both knew how good the other could make them feel and they were both aching with anticipation to do it to each other again and again.

Their tongues touched and both girls rubbed their bodies together. With their cups in their hands, they only had one free hand and Michelle kept hers on Sarah’s face, caressing her soft skin as they explored each other’s mouths, refamiliarizing themselves with each other’s kiss as they swapped saliva.

Sarah, for her part, let her free hand run down Michelle’s back and onto her ass again. This time Sarah gave her friend’s jean shots covered ass a firm swat and started to giggle again.

“Trachtenbooty?” Sarah laughed. “God, I can’t believe you said that! Did you make that up?”

“Don’t make fun of me,” Michelle blushed, but still kept her smile. “I read that about me on the net once. Someone was writing about my butt and called it ‘Trachtenbooty.’ I liked the sound of it. I liked knowing these guys on the net thought my ass was hot.”

“Mmmm I like the sound of it too and I know just how hot your ass is,” Sarah said before kissing Michelle again. “So let’s get you out of those clothes so I can show you just how much I love that Trachtenbooty of yours.”

“Oooooh I like the sound of that,” Michelle giggled.

She and Sarah finally set their cups down on the counter and promptly forgot completely about them as they worked both hands over each other’s bodies while they kissed. They caressed each other through their clothes and continued to kiss hungrily. Their tongues rubbed together as they put their hands to work, rubbing and grabbing each other all over.

The two girls were standing straight up as they passionately made out. They were moving as one, inch by inch into the apartment and away from the door. The kissing didn’t cease, it barely even paused, as Sarah and Michelle worked out the desire they had for each other. They slowly moved into the living room, bumping into a counter, some chairs and the wall along the way as the two horny girls only paused for the briefest of breaths before kissing each other again and again and again.

Neither girl could get enough of the other and when all their kissing finally deprived them of enough breath that they needed to sit down, they were fortunately able to guide themselves down onto the couch. That gave them both a chance to catch their breath and laugh over how horny they were for each other.

“Woooo, Michelle, baby, you are working me up something fierce,” Sarah grinned. “Mmmmm I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“That’s so funny, cause I can’t wait to be fucked by you, Sarah,” Michelle giggled. “Mmmmm and then fuck you right back. God! It’s been sooo long! I missed you! I wanted to fuck you again and again in Jamaica and then when we got back here I….well and then you were gone and…”

“Well I’m back now and I’m never leaving again,” Sarah pledged giving Michelle a softer kiss on the lips. She pulled back and saw some pictures on the small table next to the couch, surrounding the lamp.

“Hey is that your roommate?” Sarah asked as she eyed the pictures. Sarah had to admit her curiosity about this question was centered around determining whether or not Michelle’s friend was cute.

“Yeah that’s Mary,” Michelle replied.

Sarah wondered if she heard unfulfilled longing in Michelle’s voice or if she was hearing things or not. But she didn’t press on it. Instead she took the liberty of picking up the picture and examining it. It was a family picture but Sarah was quickly able to determine who Mary was.

“Hey, is that the girl from the new Die Hard movie?” Sarah asked. “She looks so familiar.”

“Yeah that’s her,” Michelle confirmed. “She bought this place a few months ago and she’s just letting me crash here for the next few weeks. I’m trying not to overstay my welcome. She’s been really sweet to me.”

“Mmmmm have you properly thanked her yet?” Sarah teased, picturing Michelle’s naked body with her sexy roommate Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s pressed on top of her. Sarah liked that mental image a great deal.

“No it’s not like that,” Michelle blushed. “I mean we’re not…she…well we’re just friends.”

“Do you want to be more?” Sarah asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Mmmmmm maybe,” Michelle replied, blushing and smiling even more and not denying a thing even if she danced around flat out confirming it.

“Naughty girl, having fantasies about your roommate,” Sarah playfully chided. “Ooooh she is hot. I’d definitely fuck her. How do you know her?”

“We did Black Christmas together,” Michelle answered, her voice a little dreamy because her mind was occupied with picturing Sarah and Mary together. “You didn’t see it Sarah? Awwww I thought you supported my career.”

“I was gonna catch it on DVD,” Sarah lied. “I mean, slasher movies…just not my thing. I mean once you’ve been killed on screen as many times as I have, it kind of loses it’s allure to see other people die.”

“Yeah, well you’re not the only one who missed it at the theater,” Michelle said. “Who would have thought movies with hotties running around getting sliced to pieces would ever get old. I guess we were one movie too many.”

“Well I know how to make up for not buying a ticket,” Sarah said with a sly smile as she put Mary’s picture down and instead turned her attention back to Michelle.

The two girls were face to face on the couch and Sarah kissed Michelle tenderly once again. Their lips rubbed together and soon their mouths opened so their tongues could resume playing.

“Mmmmm you’re forgiven,” Michelle moaned in between smooches. “Ooooh your kisses are better than a dumb movie any day Sarah.”

“I’m glad I haven’t lost my touch,” Sarah replied. “Mmm and you’re an even better kisser now, Michelle. Someone’s been practicing.”

“Not as much as I want to,” Michelle admitted. “So let’s see if you can teach me some things I’ve still got to learn about making sexy girls feel really good.”

Michelle kissed Sarah with more heat this time, asserting herself on the older woman. Michelle opened the buttons slowly to Sarah’s white blouse and helped herself to a feel inside as Sarah’s tits lay imprisoned by a white lace bra.

“Oooooh sweetie mmmm keep touching me and kissing me and you’re not going to need me to teach you anything,” Sarah happily sighed as Michelle’s touch inside her blouse had her nipples hardening and her body tingling. “You want to get to your bedroom?”

“Uh uh,” Michelle grinned wickedly. “I want you right here on the couch. Mary’s not here and I want to be naughty. Mmmm let’s fuck right here!”

“Ooooh you are a naughty girl,” Sarah laughed, loving it. “Roomie’s out of the apartment and you want to trash the place. You’re a bad guest. I might have to spank you for that. Ooooh or would you rather Mary come home and do it?”

“Gawwwd,” Michelle groaned. “That would be so hot.”

“You sure she’s not going to be coming home right away?” Sarah asked.

She had this on her mind for two reasons. First was she did have at least some faint hopes that she could get someone as sexy as Mary into the fun too. But Sarah was actually more concerned for the other reason. She didn’t want Mary walking in on them and totally freaking out about lesbians fucking on her couch.

But if Michelle had that concern too, she didn’t let it show.

“I’m positive,” Michelle insisted. “Her boyfriend flew in from New York this morning. They’ve got that whole long distance thing going. She went to meet him for lunch and they’re not going to be back for hours.”

“Her loss,” Sarah smirked before kissing her friend again.

Sarah and Michelle tenderly and wetly made out on the couch, running their hands over each other’s bodies through the clothes they soon hoped would be lying in piles on the floor.

“I’m going to fuck you so good, Michelle,” Sarah pledged as Michelle kissed all over her face like she was worshipping her features. And then a wicked memory danced through Sarah’s brain. “Oooooh or would you rather I call you Dawnie again.”

“Oooooooh,” Michelle moaned, her pussy getting even wetter as she thought back to how wild she’d gotten in Jamaica.

She hadn’t been able to help herself and she’d lost all control, moaning out to Sarah that she’d wanted to play a naughty game. She’d wanted to be Dawn and she wanted Sarah to be Buffy and she wanted to fuck her like they were their characters…like they were naughty, slut sisters who were so depraved they’d fuck each other and every other hot girl in sight.

Thinking of such a naughty, incestuous fantasy had gotten Michelle a little embarrassed at her own kinky mind, but even more turned on. That had been so hot and so nasty and Michelle had played with herself a few times after that thinking about what she had done and how she had begged, as Dawn, for “Buffy” to make her into a slut and fuck her pussy and even her virgin ass. God it had been so fucking wild!

But today Michelle didn’t want to role play. She just wanted Sarah and she didn’t want to wait.

“Michelle’s fine,” the girl admitted with another sexy blush and an enticing giggle that got Sarah even more fired up for her younger former co-star. “Call me Michelle, Sarah. Just please fuck me!”

“Oh don’t worry sweetie,” Sarah assured her as she reached over and began pulling Michelle’s t-shirt over her head. “I’m not going to waste another second!”

Michelle helpfully held her arms up and let Sarah get the shirt right over her head. She wanted to be naked with Sarah so badly and she moaned in bliss as Sarah kissed down her neck and moved toward her chest. Michelle’s tits were restrained only by a powder blue bra and her moaning got even louder when Sarah ran her fingers over her swelling nipples and started to lick them through the material of her bra.

“Mmmmm Sarahhhh…” Michelle groaned. “Oooooh I missed this so much! You made me feel so good in Jamaica! I need more! It’s been so long! Show me again how good you can make me feel!”

That was just what Sarah was intending. She didn’t even care if she had an orgasm of her own. If she left here only bringing pleasure to Michelle it would have been a job well done. Sarah pushed Michelle down until she was lying against the couch, her dark hair contrasting with the couch’s jade fabric color, and began to get her friend even more naked.

“This has to go,” Sarah giggled as she reached around back for the clasp of Michelle’s bra. “I have to see these tits again! Mmmm I need to taste them and lick them!”

Michelle just lay back and moaned as Sarah unclasped her bra and pulled it off her with expert precision. Sarah had shed many bras off her friends since her first encounter with Love and what flummoxed others was as simple as a snap of the fingers to her. Casting Michelle’s bra onto the floor with her shirt, Sarah moved her mouth over to her friend’s chest and began sucking on her firm breasts.

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss,” Michelle groaned. “Oooooh I love how you touch me Sarah! Mmmm kiss all over my tits! Get your lips and tongue all over them and make me feel so fucking good! Ooooh I’d fantasize about us doing this again when I’d play with myself Sarah mmmm and it’s even better than I remember! I wanna feel you all over my tits!”

Sarah responded by placing tender kisses on each of Michelle’s hard nipples, making the girl coo in desire. The nipples were stiffening up into sexy gumdrops right on top of Michelle’s pretty pink mounds. Sarah caressed her friend’s bare breasts with gentle hand movements as she continued to kiss and lick her nipples, bathing them with her tongue and making them swell up even harder as she batted them around a little with hard flicks of her wet tongue.

“Ughhhhhh mmmmmm Sarahhhhh!” Michelle moaned, rubbing her ass into the soft couch cushions while her lover made her body tingle. “Yessssss ooooooh God I’ve wanted this for so long! Mmmmm oooooooooh please more Sarah! Mmmm get all over my boobs! Suck my hot tits! Ooooh get your tongue on them! Yessssss mmm Sarah, you’re making me so fucking wet!”

“Really? Hmmm I’d better find out for myself,” Sarah playfully replied as she dropped Michelle’s rock hard left nipple from her mouth with a wet pop. She returned to sucking the throbbing pink point as her right hand journeyed down Michelle’s body toward her jean shorts.

With an easy snap, Sarah undid the button for Michelle’s jeans and didn’t hesitate to slide her hand right inside. She burrowed under both Michelle’s jeans and her panties, reaching for her pussy and discovering Michelle hadn’t been exaggerating a bit.

“Ooooooh you are wet!” Sarah declared as she ran her tongue between Michelle’s breasts, licking between them and up and over them as her left hand tenderly massaged one mound and then the other. “Mmmm but I’m going to make you even wetter once I get my tongue in that sweet pussy of yours!”

“Yessssss ohhhh please Sarah!” Michelle begged. “Mmmm I need to feel you lick me! I need to feel you on my wet pussy!”

Sarah didn’t go there quite so fast. She had been deprived of Michelle’s tight, young body for so long that she didn’t want to miss any chance to explore it. What had happened in Jamaica had been so heated and so frenzied that Sarah hadn’t felt she’d had the chance to really treat Michelle’s body right. She wanted to kiss and lick and caress every inch of her.

The only times she’d been with Michelle, there had been so many other girls around them. Orgies were a lot of fun, but they were also less intimate and Sarah loved just having one girl she could concentrate all her energy on. While she sucked on Michelle’s tits, Sarah continued rubbing her pussy, her hand thrusting under her jeans and panties and making the girl writhe in ecstasy for her.

“Oooooooooh yessssss mmmmmm rub it!” Michelle mewed. “Rub my wet pussy! Make me even wetter for your tongue Sarah! Rub my pussy while you’re making my tits feel so good! Ughhh yessssss that feels so amazing Sarah! Ooooh more! Make me so fucking wet!”

Sarah silenced Michelle’s babbling lips with another hot, wet kiss before returning to her exposed and now saliva coated chest. Michelle’s firm, young tits glistened from being sucked on and Sarah loved seeing them jiggle as she rubbed Michelle, her exploring hand making a lump under her panties and pressing right up against her tight shorts.

Sarah wanted to take her time with Michelle. This time there were no other horny Buffy co-stars to share her with. It was just the two of them and Sarah wanted to take full advantage as she leaned down and once again began to tenderly suck on the younger girl’s bare breasts.

However, unbeknownst to either girl, that equation was about to change. Neither of them had any idea that, at that moment, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was storming into her apartment building and headed straight for the elevator.

She couldn’t remember ever being this mad. She was utterly enraged and Mary knew she was probably mad enough to just start kicking random men in the balls so it was probably for the best that she just go home and try to forget this day ever happened. It occurred to her as the elevator closed and began to rise up toward her apartment that she hadn’t cried one tear over this yet. She supposed she’d feel sad and heartbroken soon enough though. Right now she was too fucking angry to cry.

Mary couldn’t believe what had happened. After a month apart, she in L.A. and Mark in New York, he had flown across the country just to dump her over lunch. Who got dumped on a lunch date? And he had to fly all the way out here to tell her he’d fallen in love with someone else after never even giving her a hint before? What the fuck was going through his mind?

Mary was happy she’d at least made her opinion clearly known by dumping a plate full of pasta and clam sauce over his head. It didn’t make her any less angry, but it at least made her laugh in retrospect.

Now all she wanted to do was get home and spend the next little while hating on men. She hoped Michelle was there. She could definitely use a friend right then. She hoped Michelle didn’t have any plans for the evening because Mary was right then feeling like she needed a night of pajamas, Ben & Jerry’s and talking about how much men sucked.

Mary was still stunned she had been dumped. She had been completely faithful to Mark while he had been in New York and she had had many options to stray. There were a ton of guys who would have hooked up with her in a heartbeat and Mary knew it. But she had resisted temptation and stayed faithful, even though all it got her was a boyfriend flying from coast to coast to tell her he had met some vapid model in New York and was going to ask her to marry him.

She hadn’t seen being dumped coming. Mary was usually pretty good at seeing when a relationship was headed for disaster, but this was one she hadn’t seen the warning signs for.

Mary had thought everything was fine and had even worn her sexiest underwear under her dress thinking that she was going be able to properly greet her boyfriend home. She had worked herself into a good, sexy frenzy all night and this morning thinking about getting herself laid and now Mary was left horny and pissed off because of her dumb ass now ex-boyfriend.

The elevator doors opened and Mary stormed out. If Michelle was there, she was going to hear a long diatribe about how men were all assholes. Mary had a lot of frustration she was going to have to get off her chest and she felt lucky she at least had a good friend she could vent it to.

Opening the door to her apartment, Mary kicked off her shoes right away and was about to call out to see if Michelle was there, but she silenced herself when she heard the moans.

What the fuck? Those weren’t just any moans. Mary had heard them often enough to know sex moans right away. God! Michelle was getting laid! This was so unfair! How come she got dumped and her friend got sex? That hardly seemed right.

God, she had been expecting for so long to be the one moaning from the touch of a lover and Mary was feeling her anger at Mark surge again as she heard Michelle moaning. If he hadn’t been such an asshole, she’d be the one moaning right then and not Michelle. She had never heard Michelle have sex before, but she knew her friend’s voice so she knew it was her.

But now Mary had to decide what to do. She supposed the right thing to do was just leave and let her friend enjoy her privacy. As much as she really needed a friend to vent to, Mary didn’t want to be rude and interrupt Michelle’s fun. Actually part of her did want to do that, Mary admitted to herself. She did have the thought that if she didn’t get laid that day, then no one else could either, but Mary managed to stifle those evil impulses.

She really should leave. She could probably walk around for a while or go off to a museum or a movie or something to kill a few hours or maybe even go shopping. But Mary had to satisfy one curious impulse before she left. She had to see who was making Michelle moan so much. She had to see this guy. Maybe he was cute. Maybe Michelle would share him with her. After all she was single now and Mary definitely was interested in any cute guy, even if he was in the middle of fucking her house guest.

Mary knew she shouldn’t, but she had to sneak a peek. She had to see this guy for herself. There wasn’t any harm in just getting a look, was there? Mary snuck in quietly into her own apartment. She followed the moans and soon found herself staring into the living room as Michelle writhed on the couch.

That was of course the moment Mary nearly passed out from shock. Holy shit! Michelle was getting laid all right, but that was no guy she was with! It was another fucking girl! Michelle was a lesbian!

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How was this possible? How could Michelle be a lesbian? Mary never would have expected this in a million years. She could have been knocked over by a feather right then as she spied Michelle writhing on the couch while another woman rubbed her under her shorts and kissed her naked breasts. And wait…who was that doing it to her? It couldn’t be. Holy shit! It was!

Sarah Michelle Gellar! Mary was doubly floored. Michelle was fucking Buffy The Vampire Slayer! Had they been doing this when they’d been on the show together? It was clear that this was not their first time. They were far too intimate to be exploring. Michelle just kept moaning and begging for more and Sarah kept kissing her tits and rubbing her harder and Mary was like a statue as she peered at the two beautiful girls making love.

Mary was shocked. She was amazed. She was fascinated. She couldn’t look away.

Not knowing they had an audience, Sarah and Michelle kept on their fun. Sarah pulled up from Michelle’s wet tits to kiss her younger friend’s lips again, the two of them rubbing their tongues together before Sarah decided to get another kind of taste. She pulled up her hand from under Michelle’s panties and began licking off the juices that had made her fingers so sticky.

“Mmmmm yummy,” Sarah moaned as Michelle moaned uncontrollably at the sight of her gorgeous co-star licking her juices right off her fingers. “Ooooh baby, I hadn’t forgotten how sweet you taste. Mmmm just like candy. I want more, though. I gotta have more.”

“Take more,” Michelle begged, nearly coming at the sight of Sarah’s tongue running over her own fingers. “Mmmmm take me Sarah! Fuck me and make me yours! Ooooooh make me come right here! Make me naked and fuck my wet pussy! You like that taste? Mmmm let me feed you so much more!”

Sarah didn’t say anything. She just kissed Michelle again, letting the girl taste herself on her tongue, and reached back down her body once more. But this time Sarah didn’t just slide her hand under Michelle’s jean shorts. She went to get them off her beautiful body.

While kissing her way down Michelle’s body, journeying over her bare breasts and stomach with wet presses of her lips, Sarah began lowering her lover’s jean shorts. She grabbed them with both hands and pulled off the garment, wanting to rid it from her as soon as possible. Michelle helped out by sticking out her legs while continuing to moan on the couch and her sex cries were getting even louder as Sarah left her tantalizingly close to naked.

All Michelle had on were her blue panties and the pale material now had a sizeable spot of arousal on them as her wetness made them dark blue. Sarah gave a moan herself as she saw how wet she’d gotten her sexy friend. It made her wet too to know how turned on Michelle was and Sarah couldn’t help herself from leaning down and kissing Michelle’s tender slit through her wet panties.

“Ooooooooh!” Michelle cried in joy. “Mmmmm! So wet! Ooooh I’m so wet!”

“I’m going to make you even wetter,” Sarah promised before kissing her friend’s pussy again through her panties and starting to gently lick her.

Michelle’s taste tickled her tastebuds even with her panties in the way and Sarah longed to lift up her skirt and get her hand into her own panties to bring some much needed attention to her pussy.

But Sarah kept both her hands at work on Michelle. There would be plenty of time for her own fun later, like right after she got Michelle to feed her a yummy, creamy orgasm. Sarah’s bad mood was almost entirely gone already, but she knew there was nothing like a tummy full of girl cream to make the blues go away for good.

While Michelle kept encouraging her with soft, wanting moans that drove Sarah wild with desire, the former slayer hooked both hands into Michelle’s panties and started to peel them off her body. As soon as she was uncovered enough, Sarah’s nostrils were treated to the intoxicating aroma of Michelle’s heated arousal and Sarah moaned. God, the smell of an aroused girl had to be her favorite perfume ever. Nothing could compare.

As her smile grew dreamy from Michelle’s scent, Sarah had to pause in her task for a moment. She had Michelle’s panties down to expose the already soaked dark patch of hair between her legs and, more importantly the slick, pink lips of her pussy. There was a sheen of wetness completely covering Michelle’s cunt, like sweet honey glaze and part of Sarah wanted to just leave Michelle’s panties bunched up just past her hips so she could dive in and start licking.

As tempting as that was, Sarah summoned the resolve to finish what she started. She rolled Michelle’s panties down her bare legs, kissing the soft, smooth flesh all along the way. As soon as Michelle’s panties were tossed away, Sarah threw open her former co-star’s legs to expose her pussy to her horny eyes once again. God, it was so fucking pretty!

Sarah couldn’t help but stare at her friend’s wet, needy pussy, but one word from Michelle’s mouth was all it took to break Sarah out of the trance she’d put herself in.

“Please…” Michelle moaned, her voice so desperate with arousal that Sarah was compelled to obey it.

Smiling up at her sexy friend and vowing to make up for all the lost time between them, Sarah kept Michelle’s legs spread and dove into her pussy. She attacked the pretty pink flower with her tongue, ravishing her soft, feminine slit with hard, horny licks that had Michelle shaking on the couch in no time.

“Yessssssssss fuck meeeeeeeeeee!!!” Michelle cried. “Oooooooh Sarahhh!!! Yesssssssssss oooooooooooooooooooh God yessssssssssss!!! Lick me! Ohhhhhhh please lick me and never stop! Ahhhhhh yessssssssssss lick it hard! My pussy needs it so bad! Make my wet pussy feel so fucking good! Oooooooooh yesssss more! Ooooooooh please more Sarah!”

Mary watched this all in complete silence. Her attention was frozen on this shocking display and her feet were nailed to the floor. She gripped the wall for support as if she was afraid she’d fall down if she took her hand away. She’d never seen anything like this before and her normally quick tongue had been stolen from her.

Except for that one time when she and a boyfriend had taped themselves, Mary had never watched anyone have sex before, much less two women. God, two beautiful women! This was so insane! How could it be happening? Even though she could see it with her own two eyes, it all seemed so surreal to Mary, like she’d walked right out of her life and onto the set of some kind of porn movie.

Part of Mary felt like she should be pissed off. After all these girls were fucking on her couch! God, she’d just gotten it! What if they…you know…got it stained or something? But that didn’t really matter as much to Mary as it did that she was staring straight at two women making passionate, uninhibited love and she had no desire whatsoever to turn away. All she wanted to do was see more.

Mary supposed that she shouldn’t have been surprised Michelle was into girls. After all, in all the weeks she’d lived here already, she’d never once seen her with another man. All those nights they’d gone out and guys had tried to pick her up, but Michelle had shot them down without a second thought. Mary guessed she should have put the pieces together.

But what was most on Mary’s mind, as she watched Sarah go down on Michelle, licking her with a skilled series of tongue strokes that made Mary jealous because none of her boyfriends had ever been able to match that, wasn’t what was going on with her houseguest. Rather it was Mary’s own frame of mind.

How could this be fascinating her? How come she couldn’t even think of looking away? How come all she wanted was to see more and with a much better view. Her hiding place seemed so far away. God, she wanted a fucking close up and she didn’t even know why!

Mary had never been with another woman. She’d never even considered it, for God’s sake! Before now, the thought of two women together had been so alien to her that it might just as well have been interplanetary sex. She’d never longed to explore. She’d never wondered what it would have been like to kiss and touch another woman. She’d never wanted to find out if women really knew how to best please other women.

It just hadn’t been for her. She liked men. It was as simple as that. Mary had never considered any alternatives. She had known from a young age that she liked boys and had thought that was that and nothing would ever change. Her sexuality had been locked down forever. But yet, even after all that going through her head, Mary couldn’t pull her eyes away from Sarah and Michelle going at it on her couch.

It wasn’t as though she had anything against lesbians or anything. It just wasn’t her thing to be with girls. So Mary had never considered it for herself. She remembered when she had been shooting the Death Proof segment for Grindhouse she hadn’t had many scenes with the rest of the girls in the cast. For the most part they had been off on their own and she had heard rumors that Rosario Dawson, Zoe Bell and Tracie Thomas had all gone lesbo or something with each other.

Mary had just assumed those rumors had been bullshit. She always heard the craziest stories, but even if they’d been true, it wouldn’t have been any of her business. They were free to go and fuck around with whoever they wanted as long as no one got hurt and everything was consensual. Mary had no problem if they, or anyone else, were into girls, because none of that had anything to do with her.

But now this…this…this crazy sex display seemed to have a lot to do with her. Sure she hadn’t been invited to join in or anything and it wasn’t like they knew she was there. But it was still her couch they were fucking on!

Mary suddenly felt like she was integral part of this as she stared at Sarah eating Michelle out, the younger girl thrashing on the couch and clearly loving everything that was happening to her, and she stared intently without really knowing why. All she knew is that she didn’t want to blink and miss a moment of this and that she really, really, really wished she had a better view.

It wasn’t like she wanted to join them or anything…she just…just…wanted to see better. Mary leaned forward, but it only helped a little. She didn’t know why she had to see this up close, but her brain wasn’t giving her much common sense advice at the moment and, even if it had been, Mary wasn’t sure she’d take it.

“Mmmmm ughhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm ooooooooooooh Sarahhhh!” Michelle moaned, crying out the name of her former on-screen sister over and over again as the pleasure rushed through her veins, making her hands flail around on the couch. “Ooooooh eat my pussy! Mmmm please oooooooh pleaaaaaaaase more! Ughhhh it’s so good Sarah! You’re so good! Mmmm I wanted this so bad for so long! Ahhhhhhhh God! I haven’t been with a single guy since you all seduced me and oooooooooh I need this Sarah! I need you licking my pussy so good like this!”

Sarah couldn’t help but smile as she heard Michelle’s confession. It had never been hers, or anyone else’s, intention to get Michelle to give up guys for good. They had just wanted to show her how amazing women could be. But Sarah liked that Michelle didn’t fuck men anymore. Men didn’t deserve a pussy this hot and sweet. Only other girls did.

Her bad day with Freddie had Sarah quite anti-men at the moment and she was very happy not to share Michelle at all with that gender. She wanted her sexy friend to be there for girls only to touch and kiss and lick. She wanted men to seethe with frustration because Michelle was off limits to them and they’d never have her naked like she did then, with her legs spread and her soaked pussy open and eager to be licked.

Michelle writhed and moaned with every hot lick Sarah took so the hungry blonde gave her even more. She lapped at Michelle’s labia, licking off the juice that dripped out of her tight little cunt that she didn’t get with earlier tongue strokes. Then Sarah would dive back in and lick over her folds, pushing inside the pinkness to tongue fuck her friend.

Sarah caressed Michelle’s thighs gently while she attacked her wetness with her tongue. She could feel the girl quiver under her from pleasure and Sarah loved it. Mmmm Michelle tasted so good. Her juices were so creamy and sweet. Sarah was completely famished now for the taste of Michelle’s orgasm and she once again regretted her stubborn, bad decisions. How could she have waited until Jamaica to taste Michelle? And how could she have gone so long denying herself the love of other women?

But Sarah knew she could kick herself later. The important thing was not to regret the past, but rather embrace the future and make it as amazing as possible. Indulging in her lust for Michelle was part of that. Sarah felt the same naughty rush going down on her friend now that she had felt in Jamaica. They weren’t playing their role playing game now, but Sarah still felt so wicked for doing this to Michelle.

She and Michelle had been so close when they had been doing the show together. They weren’t sisters for real, but it had sure felt like they were sometimes and now she was on her knees on the floor in her prim, fancy clothes while Michelle lay back naked on another woman’s couch and fucked her face.

Sarah’s hands on Michelle’s thighs steadied the girl and kept her humping from becoming too wild so she could keep a steady tongue rhythm on her pussy. But Sarah soon decided there was a much better use for one of her hands.

“Mmmm you like this sweetie?” Sarah asked after pulling up to breathe, smiling a juicy smile up at Michelle as she asked the obvious question. “You like me licking you?”

“Ohhhh you know I do!” Michelle sighed in pleasure, so eager for Sarah to get back to licking. “Mmmmm you make my pussy so wet Sarah! I love fucking other girls, but I missed you so much! I’ve been dying to do this with you again! Please lick me Sarah! Lick my pussy! Ooooh eat me all up Sarah! Mmmm eat my wet pussy and make me come!”

“Would it make you come if I did this to you too?” Sarah wickedly asked as she took two of her slim fingers and slowly pushed them inside Michelle. The girl’s tight folds were more than adequately lubricated from her arousal and Sarah was able to slide right into her.

“OHHHHH GOD!!!” Michelle instantly screamed in pleasure as the surge of penetration bliss rushed through her, causing her hips to buck wildly and rub her wetness all over Sarah’s eagerly waiting face. “FUCK ME SARAH!!! OOOOOOOOH SARAAAAAAHHHHH!!! FUCK ME WHILE YOU LICK MEEEEEE!!!”

Sarah did just that. She pushed her fingers with growing passion into Michelle’s cunt, finger fucking her while her tongue worked her over too. She licked what her fingers rubbed, the two parts of her body working perfectly in synch. Of course that was easy for Sarah. She’d done this so many times to so many girls that if she didn’t know how to do this right by now, she probably never would.

“Yessss fuck my face Michelle!” Sarah urged, mumbling slightly from the wet pussy being thrust against her mouth. “Gimmie that wet little pussy baby! Fuck my tongue and my fingers you naughty girl! Mmmm show me how you don’t need any silly boys fucking you! You just need girls, don’t you Michelle?”

“Yesssssssssss ooooooooh I need girls! Just girls!” Michelle cried out happily as pleasure rolled through her to every cell in her body. “Fuck me Sarah! Fuck me with your tongue and your fingers! Shove them inside me while you’re licking me! Oooooooooooh men are never this good! Ughhhhh what you all did to me made me never want to look at another boy again and you’re doing it again Sarah! God, you’re getting me so fucking hooked on girls! You’re making me only want to fuck girls forever! Mmmmmmm yessssssss boys never lick and fuck me this good!”

Sarah was moaning like crazy from hearing Michelle say that. It was such a rush to her ego to hear Michelle say that and Sarah rewarded the sentiments by thrusting her fingers into the younger girl even harder and licking even faster. She treated Michelle’s pussy to a furious rush of sexy, skilled licks while her fingers pushed inside to tickle the girl’s hot spots and spread her pinkness open even further for her tongue to burrow inside and play to her heart’s content.

But Michelle’s words weren’t just fueling Sarah on. They were also having quite the impact on Mary as she remained silent and frozen, staring at Sarah and Michelle making love and not knowing how to deal with all these crazy feelings now rushing through her body.

God, this was just fascinating her! She’d never seen anything like it before and she couldn’t tear her eyes away. She had to keep watching! But as she silently gawked at the two sexy girls, her body was starting to compel her to do something more than just watch.

It had almost been an afterthought for Mary to realize her nipples were getting hard under her dress and bra. She hadn’t even felt it happen and when she moved her hand down her body unconsciously she felt how they had swelled up. Just the touch to her aroused chest made her moan and Mary reflexively stifled it so Michelle and Sarah wouldn’t hear her.

What was going on? Was she actually getting turned on by this? No way! She couldn’t be! She was straight. She liked men. Didn’t she? How could she know for sure if she’d never tried this before?

Wait! Where the hell did that last thought come from? Mary already knew the answer, didn’t she? She didn’t like girls because she liked men. That was that. Wasn’t it?

Mary was starting to feel awfully confused. God, Michelle looked so beautiful lying back naked on her couch and Mary couldn’t help but softly moan again as she watched her friend rub her own breasts while Sarah ate her out. Before Mary even knew what she was doing, she was mimicking Michelle’s actions and caressing her own breasts through her dress.

Touching herself made Mary moan again, this time even louder. But Sarah and Michelle were far too focused on each other to notice anything and Mary was very relieved for that. She didn’t want them to see her like this. She didn’t want them to know she was watching. She didn’t want them to know she was getting so confused and so excited all at once from what was happening.

The more Mary watched Michelle hump herself against Sarah’s face while the older girl licked away at her former co-star, the more confused she got. She’d never seen Michelle naked before. She was so beautiful and Sarah was making her feel so good, which gave Michelle’s nude body such a sexy glow.

This was no fake porno. This was all real and right in front of her. Michelle was definitely feeling nothing but pleasure from Sarah licking and eating her and Mary’s jealousy made her confusion even stronger.

God, she wanted to feel like that! She wanted to be naked! She wanted to be on the verge of coming from having someone eat her out so good that she could come from tongue alone. She was the one who was supposed to have gotten laid today, not Michelle, and Mary wanted to be the one who was licked to a blissful orgasm and have her pussy treated like the sensitive paradise it was, not something to just get a few token tongue strokes before she got a cock jammed up it.

Damn, she didn’t think she had ever had a boyfriend who made her feel what Sarah seemed to be making Michelle feel. Her brain was overheating at the show and Mary was beginning to actually wish Sarah was doing that to her. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was a man, a woman or a whatever licking her as long as she came from being licked and found the relief she needed.

Michelle was rubbing her bare breasts and pinching her own swollen nipples while Sarah licked her. She kept moaning out hot, filthy words about how good it felt and Mary envied her. She was so horny and seeing all this just made her crave sexual release even more.

She had been totally worked up to have Mark blow her mind in bed today after all their time apart but instead all she had gotten was dumped. That pent up sexual energy hadn’t left her, though, and it was coming back fiercely now as she watched the two women make love.

It had been too fucking long since she had gotten laid. Mary had remained faithful and sexually unfulfilled while Mark had been in New York slipping the dick to models. Her vibrator and shower massager couldn’t compete with a flesh and blood lover and Mary found herself longing even more for the pleasure Michelle was feeling, even if it was from another woman.

Ohhhhh fuck! She shouldn’t think that! But she couldn’t help it. Mary couldn’t help but now finally wonder what it felt like to have another woman go down on you. Was it better than a man? Michelle sure seemed to think it was. Mary heard every word her friend said about how good Sarah was and how she didn’t need men and it was having quite an effect on her.

If she was a lesbian, she’d never have to deal with a stupid boy again. She’d never be dumped over lunch. She’d have someone to make tender love to and then go shopping with. What more did she need?

No, that was crazy! She was straight. She knew she was straight. But Mary couldn’t stop staring at Michelle and Sarah, feeling the confusion, envy and arousal all growing in intensity inside her. How good must other women feel if Sarah could do all that to Michelle?

God, they looked so fucking beautiful, all sexy and passionate. Mary could practically feel how wet Michelle was just from watching her get off on being eaten by another woman and she wondered if Sarah was even wetter under her clothes.

Then Mary thought back to the movie set. Did Rosario, Zoe and Tracie all look that hot when they made love? Did they look this sexy when they got naked and rubbed their bare bodies together while kissing and touching and making each other feel so fucking good? If the rumors were true, that is, and suddenly Mary hoped they were.

She wished those beautiful girls had been lovers. She wished they had gone after her too. She wished they had tried to seduce her and ripped off her cheerleader costume and shown her the pleasure Sarah was making Michelle feel.

God, how hot would that have been? To have been at the sexual mercy of those three sexy, strong women…all three of them ravishing her nude body from head to toe and making her feel pleasure she had never dreamed possible.

Wait! What was she feeling? How could she feel that? She was straight. Wasn’t she?

Mary didn’t seem to be confident of anything right then as she found herself undoing the buttons on the front of her dress without even thinking about it, her eyes and attention solely locked on Michelle and Sarah. She was acting on pure impulse and before she even could bring herself to think about stopping, her buttons were undone and Mary was reaching inside her dress to feel her own tits through her bra while she watched the show on her couch.

Her actions brought out another happy moan from her mouth. God, what was happening to her? It was like she couldn’t control herself anymore. She was too fascinated by what she was seeing on the couch to stop touching herself and her hand on her own tits felt soooooo good. Her nipples were rock hard under her bra and Mary pinched them through the material just like she would have if she were masturbating and thinking of a hot guy.

Mary moaned again and again, trying to keep herself quiet and undetected, as she played with her tits through her bra. The dress was barely hanging off her shoulders now as she had it open in the front and a little shrug of her arms would probably send it falling, but Mary didn’t bother with that. She just kept her eyes locked on Michelle and Sarah while she had one hand playing with her breasts and the other one was journeying down her body.

It was as if her hands had come alive and were moving on their own volition now. Mary lifted up the hem of her thin dress and stuck her hand up it. God, she was like some horny boy, all young, dumb and full of cum, in the backseat of car as she groped herself with lustful abandon. She didn’t know how to cool herself down or even think about stopping as she raised her dress to up around her hips and unconsciously slid her hand into her crimson, silk panties.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Mary felt like her eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she began touching her pussy. What was she doing? She was masturbating to girls! This was so fucking crazy! But it felt so good that once she started, she was completely unable to stop.

Mary started to moan uncontrollably, touching herself with lustful abandon as she gawked at Sarah and Michelle. Michelle was writhing on the couch, her nude body shaking so enticingly as Mary’s hand thrusts stretched out her tight, fancy panties.

All Mary wanted was to feel good, just like Michelle was. She wanted all the frustration and anger and heartbreak of today licked right out of her by a tongue that knew what it was doing, even if it was the tongue of another woman.

Still having no idea that they were being watched, Michelle rocked on the couch, making it scrape against the carpet underneath it as she passionately fucked Sarah’s face. Michelle was so close to coming and she knew it. She pinched her own swollen nipples hard, tugging and rubbing them until they were all tingling and sore. She loved it though. Michelle loved each and every thing that was happening to her nude, needy body.

“Oooooooh Sarah please! Please make me come!” Michelle begged her former on-screen sister. “Ughhhhh I’ve been fingering myself too many times thinking of you making me come again and I need to feel it for real! Make me come like you made me come in Jamaica! Mmmmm make me feel naughty and slutty and so fucking good! Please Sarah ooooooooooh please make me come!”

Sarah wanted nothing more at that point. She wanted this beautiful, sexy creature to come for her and feel bliss through every bit of her body. Sarah felt her own pussy soak her panties even more and she was confident she could will her own body to orgasm just from eating Michelle out. Sarah cared so much for the younger girl and just wanted her to feel every bit of ecstasy she could.

As Michelle moved from moaning to screaming back and forth over and over again until her voice got ragged and weak, Sarah continued to lick and fuck her. She fed off Michelle’s trembling pussy while thrusting her juice coated fingers hard into her. With each thrust of her fingers, Sarah made sure to rub Michelle’s swollen clitoris and get the pink pleasure center throbbing for her.

Each time Sarah rubbed against her tender clit, Michelle would lurch on the couch and Sarah would smile a little bit more, until she was almost beaming as she wetly licked up Michelle’s juices.

God, Sarah could feel Michelle’s juices dripping onto her face and she loved it. She wanted Michelle to lick it all off her as soon as she came…or even better…Sarah wanted to proudly wear her friend’s pussy juices on her face and go back to Malibu with the evidence of her naughty afternoon all over her for her housemate’s to see.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Sarahhhhhhh Sarahhhhhhhhhh Saaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!” Michelle kept moaning her name over and over again, her voice reaching a feverish peak as her orgasm neared.

She was thrusting so hard against Sarah’s face that Michelle felt she might have bruises on her thighs in the morning, but it all felt too good to stop. Sarah was eating her pussy even better than she had in Jamaica and Michelle felt nothing but pleasure from all her friend was doing to her.

Sarah’s tongue on and in her pussy was making her drip and knowing Sarah’s sexy mouth was there to drink her girl cream down was just making Michelle hotter. Her whole body felt like it was on fire now and she was tingling everywhere. Her tits were almost a pale red from being mauled by her own hands, but Michelle didn’t stop fondling them. She’d waited so long for this to happen again that she wanted every bit of pleasure she could get from it.

Michelle’s cries only grew louder and more intense the closer she got to orgasm. Sarah’s mouth worked her pussy over so expertly and her probing fingers rubbed her clitoris better than she ever could for herself.

Michelle knew it was Alyson who played those games and not Sarah, but for treatment like this, Michelle would gladly have become Sarah’s willing slave. Her blonde friend was eating her out so fucking good and when Michelle felt herself coming, she didn’t shy away from expressing her joy.

“OOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Michelle screamed with a jolt of ecstasy as her orgasm shot through her. “YESSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOH SARAAAAAAAAHHH YESSSSSSSS!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!”

Mary was panting and groaning with unfamiliar and intoxicating lusts as she watched her friend have an orgasm all over Sarah Michelle Gellar’s face. She was completely lost in a haze of desire for things she had never experienced. Mary wanted to be naked too. She wanted to be screaming in passion too. She wanted to feel every bit of ecstasy Michelle was feeling.

One hand held her dress bunched up around her waist now and the other was buried under her panties. Mary couldn’t believe how wet she was, but her fingers were soaked with her juices as she wickedly fucked herself while watching her friend come.

Mary was gasping and moaning uncontrollably, no longer caring if she was detected or not. She just wanted to come too. She wanted…no needed to get fucked like Michelle had been! She didn’t care if Sarah ate her or Michelle did or anyone else! She just wanted to fucking come!

Mary rubbed herself harder and harder, pushing her fingers deep inside her cunt and feeling her knees buckle from the rush of pleasure, while Michelle flailed and screamed on the couch, soaking Sarah’s face with juice. Mary longed for that pleasure as Sarah kept licking away at Michelle’s creaming pussy until her thirsts were satiated.

And when that happened, Sarah rose from her knees and pressed her still fully dressed body against Michelle’s on the couch. They kissed tenderly and sexily and Mary grunted fiercely when she realized Sarah was feeding Michelle the juice she had just licked out of her. It was so hot…so nasty…so much fun!

But then a panicked chill shot up Mary’s spine. Wait! Why was Michelle just lying there? Wasn’t she going to go down on Sarah too? She had to! Mary hadn’t come yet! She needed to see more! She needed to see more hot action! They couldn’t just stop now! She had to have an orgasm! She couldn’t be denied!

Without even thinking, Mary took the pause the two girls were taking to be a complete cessation of lesbian activities and she blurted out her reaction.

“No! Don’t stop!” Mary cried, taking her unknowing audience quite by surprise. “Please don’t fucking stop!”

Michelle gasped and reflexively covered her naked body with her arms at the unexpected return of her roommate. She felt a natural wave of embarrassment over being caught like this but she just as quickly relaxed when her eyes took in the unmistakable signs that Mary had been enjoying the show.

“Were you watching us?” Michelle asked, her eyes growing lustful once again as she eyed Mary’s hand jammed down her panties.

Michelle slowly moved her arms away from covering her breasts and pussy and exposed herself to Mary, hoping her friend loved what she saw. Michelle had dreamed about something like this happening and hoped to whatever spirit was watching over her that it actually was.

“Please don’t stop!” Mary begged, ignoring Michelle’s question and repeating herself instead.

Sarah had quickly gotten over the shock of being interrupted and her smile returned as she watched the frazzled, unkempt Mary rubbing herself in front of them. Even though she had never met Mary before, she had been hoping that Michelle’s beautiful roommate might end up joining their fun. One look at Mary told Sarah the story of what the girl really needed, even if she wasn’t quite ready to admit it yet.

“She likes what she saw,” Sarah giggled, rubbing herself against Michelle on the couch and caressing her lover’s bare breasts, Michelle’s nipples still rock hard. “Mmmm and I like what I see now.”

“So do I,” Michelle admitted in almost a whisper, her mouth going dry at the sight of Mary masturbating right in front of them. “So hot!”

Mary could feel the heat of their stares on her body and it made her uncomfortable to be leered at that by two other women, but it also turned her on even more. They were looking at her like they had been looking at each other and Mary couldn’t pretend that it wasn’t making her wet to see that.

“Gawwwwd,” Mary groaned in embarrassment and arousal over how she had revealed herself to Michelle and Sarah. But the one thing she didn’t do was stop touching herself.

She still had her hand under her panties and even though the two girls had put a temporary pause on their lovemaking, she hadn’t stopped masturbating. She was so turned on now that Mary couldn’t stop even when there was no show to watch.

The awkwardness in the living room didn’t last for long, though. Sarah rose up onto her feet and began walking toward Mary. She didn’t know this girl at all, but Sarah knew she had to have her. After the afternoon she’d had so far, Sarah needed this and went right after it. Betraying no doubt whatsoever, Sarah walked right up to Mary and pulled her hand out of her panties.

Mary whimpered hornily as Sarah pulled her hand up away from her pussy and her sounds got much more frantic when the blonde woman brought her hand up to her mouth and started licking her fingers. Mary felt her knees get weak at such a lewd act and every touch of Sarah’s tongue to her fingers made her even wetter and sent pleasure shooting up her spine with each lick.

“Oooooooh God…I…I…what are you…what are you doing to me?” Mary moaned helplessly.

She was a slave to these new desires inside her. She couldn’t resist them. She just let Sarah lift her hand up with no resistance, like she was some kind of doll.

“Michelle and I are going to make you feel so good,” Sarah promised in between licks. “You don’t need to play with this tasty pussy of yours Mary when we’re around. Mmmm you might love rubbing your pussy, but it’s going to feel so much better when we’re licking it!”

“Ohhhhhhhh God….I…I’m not a lesbian!” Mary insisted almost as if she were trying to convince herself that the heated lust she felt pulsing through her veins wasn’t real.

“That’s only cause we haven’t fucked you yet,” Michelle grinned as she sprung into action and got up off the couch.

She walked over to her friend and embraced Mary from behind, pressing her bare breasts into her back. She hadn’t been able to just sit back and watch Sarah have all the fun and Sarah’s actions were making Michelle feel bold.

“Mmmm we’re going to fuck you so good Mary,” Michelle moaned into her friend’s ear, admitting to the desire she’d felt since the first day of rehearsals for Black Christmas. “Sarah knows how to eat pussy so fucking good. Oooooh you saw how she made me come, didn’t you? Mmmm she made my pussy cream for her and now she’s going to do it to you Mary. Don’t fight her. Mmmm just let her fuck you and show you how good girls are. We’re going to make it so good! We’re going to make you into a total lez and you’re going to love it!”

Mary wanted to say that she didn’t want that. She wanted to say she was straight…that she liked men. She wanted to say that this was crazy. But all she could do was moan from the feel of Sarah’s wet tongue licking her sticky, pussy coated fingers and the feel of Michelle’s naked boobs pressing into her back while she whispered naughty words into her ear.

She had never done anything this crazy in her life and when Mary opened her mouth again to try and make some kind of protest she quickly found herself kissed by the last person she had ever expected to be naughty with.

Michelle had wanted Mary for more than a year now. It had been so hard to live with her these past weeks and not be able to fuck her. Every night Michelle had dreamed about going into Mary’s room and crawling into bed with her or surprising her in the shower in the morning. She’d wanted her so bad, but had been too shy to go after her.

Michelle had never seduced another girl before. All the girls she’d been with had been into other girls before she’d gone that way too. Michelle hadn’t had to convince them to do anything. All she’d had to do was get naked with them and the fun would start. But Mary was so different and Michelle had been dying to fuck her every night they’d lived together.

She’d been too afraid Mary wouldn’t go for it, though. Mary had that boyfriend in New York and had never shown any sign she might have been into girls. Michelle had been looking for any that sign…any sign…and had seen none. So she had held back and not tried to seduce Mary out of fear she’d be rejected and end up ruining a good friendship;

But now nothing was holding Michelle back and as soon as Mary had parted her lips she’d gone for it. Michelle had lifted her hand up to tilt Mary’s face toward her and she’d kissed her right on the lips, just like she’d been dreaming of doing.

Mary gasped in shock when she felt Michelle kiss her. She didn’t respond at all, not even to push her friend away. Mary just stood there frozen like a statue, getting kissed by another woman. But while Mary didn’t react outwardly to the sudden kiss, inside her whole perspective was changing.

God, Michelle’s lips were so soft. Mmmm and her kiss was so tender and loving. It was romantic and naughty all at once. Mary loved it. She’d kissed girls hello and goodbye before, but nothing like that rivaled the feel of Michelle’s lips lingering against hers. It felt incredible! And it wasn’t even a real tongue kiss yet. It was just Michelle’s lips pressing against her and Mary had to wonder how good this was going to feel when they started kissing deeper.

Wait? Did she actually want to make out with Michelle? She couldn’t really want that, could she? Ooooooh her kiss did feel so hot. Michelle was a great kisser and Mary hadn’t been prepared for how nice her lips would feel. It was so much more tender than the rough kiss of a man. Mary didn’t know what she wanted anymore except that she liked what was happening to her and didn’t want to stop it.

“Kiss me Mary,” Michelle pleaded with her friend after pulling her lips away. She didn’t want her to just stand there. She wanted her to want this as much as she did. “I’ve wanted you for so long Mary. You’re so beautiful and I’ve been dreaming about making love to you…about fucking you…about making you come over and over again.”

“You have?” Mary asked, loving the sound of what she was hearing.

God, multiple orgasms sounded so good right then. She couldn’t believe what Michelle was telling her, but she didn’t fight it off.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Michelle confirmed. “Kiss me sweetie. Let me show you how good it is.”

Michelle turned Mary around so the flustered girl was facing her. As soon as their eyes met, Michelle moved in for another kiss. She pressed her lips to Mary’s and this time the newcomer to lesbian desire didn’t just stand there. She parted her lips slowly and began to gently kiss Michelle back.

“Mmmmm,” Michelle happily moaned as she felt Mary respond.

Michelle increased the passion of her kiss, not wanting to totally overwhelm Mary, but wanting her to feel how amazing it was to be with women.

Sarah stood by as she watched the two girls kiss, beaming with pride at how Michelle was taking control. She loved watching her friend bloom like a flower right in front of her. Sarah was getting even wetter seeing Michelle seduce Mary and bring her into their naughty little fold too. Sarah felt so proud of Michelle for not shying away and instead showing her friend how sexy she could be.

But Sarah didn’t want to just watch. She knew Michelle would need a little help and she was happy to provide it. Mary was still visibly nervous and flustered and Sarah knew she needed to relax more. As Michelle and Mary kissed, Sarah moved behind Mary and began removing her dress.

Sarah felt a giddy rush as she did this. She’d never met Mary before and now she was getting her naked. That was so naughty and Sarah felt her pussy quiver and drip against her already soaked panties. Mary was undeniably sexy and Sarah didn’t need a formal introduction as any excuse to want to fuck her. She just went for it.

Mary had already undone the front buttons of her dress and Sarah completed the job by pushing it off her shoulders. The dress was a loose one so nothing was there to hold it back. Once it was off Mary’s shoulders it fell in a puddle right around her feet, leaving her standing only in her sexy, crimson bra and panties.

Mary had been so focused on kissing Michelle that she hadn’t even realized what Sarah was up to. When her dress hit the floor, Mary gasped and covered her exposed bra and panties with her arms. But when she did that Michelle just shook her head and smiled before kissing her again.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Michelle smiled. “Mmmm after all I’m naked and you’re not. I want you to be naked too Mary. I want to see your body. Mmmm let Sarah and me strip you.”

“Ohhhhhh God,” Mary groaned, wanting it and fearing it at the same time.

What was going to happen to her if she did this? She’d never done anything this sexually wild before. Sure she’d never shied away from being naughty when the situation called for it, but this was a step she’d never dreamed of taking.

Michelle just mentioning her naked body made Mary gawk at it. God, her friend was so fucking beautiful! Michelle’s skin was covered in a sheen of happy sex glow from her orgasm and Mary couldn’t help but stare at how hot her firm tits were, how her nipples were still so hard and swollen and how wet her pussy was.

Looking at Michelle like that made Mary’s head spin. She couldn’t believe she was actually staring at Michelle’s pussy! What kind of a perv was she turning into?

“Relax honey,” Sarah urged the girl, gently caressing Mary’s face as she said it. “Michelle’s right. We’re going to make you feel so good. You do like feeling good, don’t you?”

Such an obvious question couldn’t help but get a smile and nod from Mary.

“Yeah,” Mary replied with a growing confidence. “I love it. I need it so bad. I…Mark…he dumped me and I…I….”

“He did?” Michelle gasped, feeling bad for Mary, but not regretting it too much because she hadn’t liked Mark the few times she’d met him. “That asshole! Mmmm but don’t worry sweetie. We’re going to make you feel better than he ever could. You’re never going to need that jerk again when you’ve got me and Sarah.”

“Mmmmm pleaaaaaase,” Mary said, admitting her desire because she knew it was useless to fight it when she so clearly wanted to try this scary but sexy new thing. “Make me feel good! I’ve never been with a girl before! God, I never…never even thought about it but…but…you…God you were just so hot and I…I…just want…no I need to feel good! Make me feel good Michelle! Make me feel good Sarah! Make me forget I ever knew that asshole!”

Sarah and Michelle just grinned at each other. This was perfect. Neither of them wanted Mary to feel heartbreak, but this was just the opening they needed. They would show Mary such exquisite pleasure and make her never want to think about men again.

“We need to get more comfortable,” Sarah declared, taking Mary’s hand in her own. “Couch or bed?”

“Bed…please…” Mary croaked out, her throat getting dry from nerves.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was actually telling two women to take her to bed. But she wanted it. And once she acknowledged that, Mary felt like there was no way to stop herself.

“Goody, that couch was a little cramped and I want to stretch out a little,” Sarah said before grasping Mary’s hand. “Lead the way.”

“Oh God,” Mary said again before she did what she was told.

She grabbed Michelle’s hand with her other one and guided all three of them toward the bedroom. She had Michelle on one hand and Sarah on the other and Mary felt as if she was gliding in a dream as she covered the distance from her living room toward her bedroom.

If this had been a dream it would have been so easy to explain how all this was happening and why it felt so good, but Mary knew she was wide awake. This was no dream. She was about to have sex with a woman…no two women! Two beautiful, sexy, gorgeous women!

Michelle was feeling rather dreamy herself right then. Her body was still experiencing the after effects of her orgasm, but Michelle was even more giddy with what was about to happen. She couldn’t believe how incredible this day had turned out. She had been wanting for so long to reunite sexually with Sarah and now she hadn’t just gotten her, but her secret crush Mary as well. It was unbelievable.

Leaving her dress behind, Mary guided Sarah and Michelle through her bedroom door. She was standing in just her bra and panties as they clung to her heated body and Mary couldn’t help but stare at Michelle’s beautifully nude body while also longing for Sarah to get naked too. Those thoughts would never have gone through her head even a half hour ago, but after what she had just seen on the couch, Mary felt like a lot of things had changed.

When they reached the bed, Mary sat down, bringing Sarah and Michelle with her, one on each side. She then nervously turned toward her friend.

“Michelle? Can I…can I touch you?” Mary asked, burning with curiosity about the feel of another woman’s naked body.

“Oh yes! Please!” Michelle replied immediately. “I want you to touch me Mary! I want you to touch me everywhere!”

Mary didn’t touch Michelle everywhere, at least not yet. Instead, like many horny boys before her, Mary went right for Michelle’s exposed chest. She gently placed her hands on Michelle’s tits and began to softly play with them, massaging the pert, pink mounds and making Michelle moan.

“Mmmm ohhhh Mary,” Michelle sighed happily. “Mmmm I used to do this to myself at night and pretend it was you feeling up my tits. Play with them baby! You can touch me everywhere you like!”

Mary couldn’t believe how good Michelle’s breasts felt under her hands. Obviously she’d touched her own breasts many times before, but Mary had never done this to another woman and it felt incredible. She loved touching another woman, feeling her soft, sexy girl flesh underneath her hands and hearing her moans.

Knowing she was giving Michelle pleasure made Mary want to touch a lot more of her and she felt such a surge of desire that she became the aggressor this time, leaning in to kiss Michelle.

Michelle immediately accepted the kiss and gave it right back to Mary. Their kisses were getting less shy and more heated and Sarah definitely appreciated the show. She was a little impatient, though. She hadn’t come yet. Hell, she was still fully dressed and Sarah felt like that needed to change.

Her make out session with Michelle had left her blouse opened up and her bra exposed and Sarah did the logical thing by finishing the job. Sarah undid the rest of her buttons and peeled the unwelcome garment off her body, leaving her flushed and in her bra. Sarah was about to attack her long skirt next, but she couldn’t help but change course when she caught another long look at Michelle and Mary kissing.

Mary was getting more excited and aggressive by the second and was now really kissing Michelle. Mary’s mouth opened and welcomed Michelle’s tongue inside to explore. The moans from Mary’s mouth indicated she quite liked the feel of tongue kissing another woman, but Sarah was most focused on how their chests were rubbing together.

Michelle was lying on her back on the bed with Mary on top of her. They were kissing with growing passion and Sarah loved how Mary was getting more and more into it by the second. But Sarah knew that she couldn’t let Mary’s tits rub against Michelle’s while the girl was still wearing that bra. That girl needed to feel flesh on flesh and Sarah stopped stripping herself to instead focus on Mary’s few remaining clothes.

Sarah sidled up next to Mary on the bed and began caressing her back with one hand while reaching up for the clasp of her silk bra instead. Mary had left herself on the perfect position for Sarah to be able to do this and she went right for it, snapping open the clasp and opening up Mary’s bra from the back.

“Mmmm yeahhhh make me naked,” Mary groaned.

If she was actually going to do this, then goddamn it she wanted to feel it. She wanted to feel as good as Michelle had just felt and she didn’t want to be shy. She wanted to be naked and naughty just like Michelle had been.

Michelle helped too by pulling the unfastened bra off her friend and exposing the perfect chest underneath. Mary had a firm set of proud, round tits that perfectly fit her lean body frame. They weren’t too big and there sure weren’t too small. They were perfect to her and as soon as they were bared, Michelle got them in her hands and started kissing them.

“Ooooooh Michelle,” Mary cried, falling back onto her back this time so Michelle could get on top of her and properly give her tits some love. “God baby! Oooooh your mouth feels so good on my boobs! Mmmmm yesssssss make me like you, you naughty girl! Ughhh make me get all wet and dirty for other girls! I heard what you were saying before, about how it’s better than being with a man. Prove it Michelle! Show me how good it is!”

Thusly challenged, Michelle responded with confidence. She rubbed Mary’s bare breasts with her hands and kissed her rosy, swelling nipples. Michelle ran her tongue all over Mary’s areolas, licking the dark pink flesh before centering in on her nipples. She teased them with her tongue and then began to suck on them, making Mary moan and writhe underneath her.

“Ohhhhhhhh my Goddddddddd!” Mary moaned. “Ooooooh fuck yes Michelle! Mmmmm God you’re making my tits tingle baby! Ohhhhhh fuck that feels good! Mmmmm Mark never paid enough attention to my tits! He just wanted to grope them! Show me what you can do that he couldn’t! Make me fucking feel good!”

As Michelle tended to Mary’s breasts, Sarah positioned herself between the newbie’s legs and went after the one remaining piece of clothing on her nearly bare body. Mary’s panties were all that remained between her and total nudity and Sarah wanted to make sure there were no obstacles.

Kneeling down while stripped down to her bra, Sarah hooked her fingers into Mary’s red panties. The girl’s masturbation before had made the garment plenty wet and Sarah could already smell how aroused Mary was.

Sarah had her own needs that had to be tended to sooner rather than later, but right now she was most famished for a taste of Mary’s pussy. Her juices had tasted wonderful on her fingers, but Sarah wanted them right from the source now.

After taking a hot moment to admire how Mary’s panties clung to her pussy, getting a perfect outline of her mound and slit, Sarah started to tug them down her body. But before she could get them very far, Michelle suddenly pulled up from suckling on Mary’s chest.

“Noooo I wanna help,” Michelle pouted, eager for the chance to help strip her friend.

“Then help me then,” Sarah offered with a seductive smile.

Michelle took her up on that in an instant, scooting down Mary’s body until she was right by her legs next to Sarah. They each took a side of Mary’s panties and pulled downward, stripping the garment off her body. Mary moaned as she was completely exposed and Sarah and Michelle both gazed lustfully onto her visibly soaked pussy and the little furry patch of brown hair that had gotten all sticky and mussed up from her earlier finger play.

Mary looked like a gorgeous nude angel on the bed as she ached for attention, writhing out of need to be touched, but the words coming out of her mouth were less than heavenly.

“Fuck me!” Mary begged. “Ooooooh I can’t believe how fucking wet you two are making me! I need this! Fuck my pussy! Fuck me Sarah! Fuck me like you fucked Michelle! I don’t know why I want this so bad, but I gotta come! I’ve got to come from being fucked by other girls!”

Sarah wanted Mary really bad by now and was more than willing to defer her own needs just so she could get a good long taste of her surely delicious cream. But she also wanted to let Michelle have fun. Sarah didn’t want to ace her out of a chance to fuck her friend.

Fortunately, what Mary wanted was also what Michelle wanted.

“Fuck her Sarah,” Michelle urged. “Fuck her like you just did me! Make her feel all fucking good and naughty and make her come hard like you made me come! Make Mary feel good Sarah. Show her how unbelievable it is to be fucked by girls, just like you and all your sexy friends did to me in Jamaica!”

Sarah kissed Michelle again to thank her and got right to work. Mary’s pussy was wet and ready for her, so Sarah didn’t waste another second before spreading the girl’s labia open with her fingers and taking her first hot lick of Mary’s wetness.

“MMMMMMMMM!!!” Mary enthusiastically moaned when she felt Sarah’s tongue drag over her splayed slit. “Ooooooooooooooooooh God!”

“Doesn’t it feel incredible Mary?” Michelle asked with a smile as she watched her friend experience the ecstasy of girl sex for the first time. “Mmmm isn’t it one of the best feelings you’ve ever had in bed?”

“Yesssssssssss ooooooooooooooooh sooooooooo fucking good!” Mary cried as Sarah’s tongue lapped away at her wet cunt. The pleasure for Mary was even more intense because as Michelle was talking to her, the girl was also massaging her breasts and kissing her neck.

“Sarah eats pussy soooo good!” Michelle moaned in between kisses over Mary’s neck and face. “She made me come so hard and now she’s gonna do it to you too! Mmmm she’s gonna make you come so good that you’ll only be looking at girls now and wanting to fuck them! Once you feel a girl lick your pussy, you’re gonna get totally addicted to it mmm just like me!”

It had only been a few licks, but Mary right then had no doubt Michelle was right. She had never felt anything like this. Maybe it was because this was so new and so forbidden, but Mary’s excitement level was off the charts. Every lick Sarah took of her pussy sent shivers of pleasure rushing through her body. She had never gotten licked like this before.

Usually her boyfriends were so quick to just give her pussy a few licks and then get their cocks inside. They had treated going down on her like some impossible chore, but not Sarah! Oooooh her tongue was like magic on her pussy.

Mary was getting such amazing head and it was from another woman! God, it was so fucking crazy, but it felt so damn good that Mary was helpless to resist the lust. What if Michelle was right? What if she totally got addicted to other women eating her out? Mmmmm would it be so bad if she did?

“Ohhhhh oooooooooh oooooooooooooh!” Mary cooed as Sarah licked her tender feminine folds, running her tongue over her most sensitive areas. “So fucking good! Eat me Sarah! Ooooooh eat my fucking pussy! Ughhhhhh you girls are so totally naughty and you’re making me that way too! Ohhhhhh I had no idea girls were this fucking good! Mmmmm Michelle you should have fucked me the second you moved in if you knew it was this good!”

Michelle didn’t want to linger on regret, but she did wish she’d known how receptive Mary would have been to her advances. There would have been so many hot nights between them. She would have to make up for that lost time though, starting now. Michelle leaned down and began licking Mary’s tits again. She dragged her tongue all over her friend’s bare chest, wetly tickling her soft, shaking mounds and once again focusing on her nipples.

“OOOOOOOOH FUCK!!!” Mary cried. “Suck my nipples Michelle! Oooooh wowwwwwwww this is so hot! Mmmmm God I love your lips on my nipples baby! Suck on them and make them throb while your naughty, sexy friend is eating me out! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo God I can’t believe I’m being eaten by a girl but it’s so good! Mmmmmmmm just like you two said it would be! Ahhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss ooooooooh eat my pussy Sarah! Eat the pussy that’s never been fucked by another girl before! Make me so fucking addicted to it Sarah! Make me never want another stupid boy again!”

Sarah was enjoying every word spilling out of Mary’s mouth, but not as much as she was enjoying the taste of her horny juices. God, she tasted good! Sarah couldn’t wait to get Mary to come to the mansion. Ooooh they’d all have such fun with her there.

If Mary wasn’t addicted to fucking girls by the time she was done with her today, Sarah knew she would be after a trip to the mansion. Sarah could already see it now…all her hot housemates ganging up on Mary to make her into a pussy craving girl slut while she and Michelle watched and played with each other, kissing and fingering and licking each other while Mary got girlbanged and loved every second of it.

With that wicked fantasy running through her mind, Sarah licked Mary harder. Mmmm it had been so long since she had tasted a fresh pussy, unlicked by another woman. Knowing she was the first woman to go down on Mary was such a rush for Sarah, just like it always was when she was the lucky girl who got to lick away a hot, horny girl’s lesbian virginity. It was so hot knowing that Mary’s pussy had only felt cock in it before, but now it was dripping and quivering from another woman’s tongue…her tongue.

Sarah tongue fucked Mary, making her shake and writhe on the bed. It was much more comfortable for Sarah now to be kneeling on the soft bed instead of being on the floor while Michelle writhed on the couch. Sarah was able to settle in better and Mary benefited from that as Sarah licked her hot spots expertly and showed her all the things women could do to each other in bed.

“Ooooooooooooooh whoaaaaaaaaaaaa yesssssssssss!!!” Mary continued to exclaim. Her eyes were even rolling back a little bit from the pleasure. “Ohhhhhhh fuck I never thought I’d ever have another girl eat my pussy! Oooooooh you’re so hot Sarah! Mmmmmmmm God you two girls are so fucking naughty! Ahhhh how did you get so hot Sarah? Mmmmm you seduced my friend and now you’ve got me too! Ooooooh eat that pussy Sarah! I needed to get fucked today so bad and you’re doing it better than Mark ever could! Fuck me Sarah! Ahhhhhhh you’re getting me so wet! I can’t remember when I was so wet! Fuck me Sarah! Fuck that wet pussy like you fucked Michelle’s! Oooooooooh you’re so good! Sooooooo goooooood!”

Michelle looked up from Mary’s wet tits, dropping her swollen nipple from her mouth, and eyed Sarah. She did look hot. Ooooh it was so wicked to see Sarah’s face buried between Mary’s outstretched and bent legs on the bed.

Sarah was eating her friend out so good and Michelle knew she deserved a reward for making them both feel such sweet pleasure. As much fun as Michelle was having sucking on Mary’s tits, she knew it was Sarah who really needed her attention then.

Michelle gave Mary’s rosy nipples one last kiss apiece before crawling naked on the bed toward her sexual mentor. Michelle felt so naughty then, her naked tits shaking as she crawled and her wet pussy starting to drip down her thigh again. It was so hot to act like this and Michelle reflexively rubbed her thighs together to stimulate her own pussy. But she knew her own pleasure mattered less right now. It was Sarah’s that she was concerned with.

For her part, Sarah was so focused on eating Mary out that she didn’t even feel Michelle come up behind her. She only noticed when the younger girl began pushing up her long skirt.

Sarah knew it was Michelle touching her so she didn’t even have to turn around to confirm it. She did moan happily at the most welcome touch to her heated, horny body, though.

“Mmmmm baby, yesssssssssss get me naked,” Sarah moaned. The only article of clothing she had lost so far was her blouse and her clothes were feeling mighty heavy indeed on her body.

“You made me feel so good Sarah,” Michelle declared after she got Sarah’s fancy skirt bunched up around her waist, exposing her ass in her tight panties. “Now it’s your turn!”

Michelle then kissed each one of Sarah’s butt cheeks through her panties, lovingly pressing her lips to them and making her friend moan. But Michelle didn’t stop there. She began rolling Sarah’s panties down her ass. With each inch of succulently pink girl flesh that she exposed, Michelle kissed Sarah’s body again, lavishing kisses all over her ass while she sensually removed her panties.

“Mmmmm oooooooooh yessss get them off me,” Sarah mewed in desire. “Make me naked Michelle! See how fucking wet I am for you and your slutty friend Mary!”

Mary bristled reflexively at the word. She wasn’t a slut! Or was she? It felt so good to be doing what she was doing…so wicked and liberating. She was having lesbian sex with a girl she’d never met before today while one of her best friends was naked in the bed with them. What was that if not slutty? Being a slut could also be a really good thing, couldn’t it?

“Ooooooh if I’m a slut, it’s cause you’re turning me into one!” Mary carnally growled as she asserted herself over Sarah and got her hand on the back of her blonde head. “Don’t stop! Get back down there and eat my pussy! If you’re gonna call me a slut then you damn well better make me come like one!”

Sarah offered no resistance at all to Mary’s firm push down on the back of her head. Sarah plunged her tongue back into the sticky, heated wetness of Mary’s cunt and resumed licking. If Mary was going to be more aggressive, then Sarah was too. She lashed after Mary’s pussy with hard tongue stokes, lapping up her dripping wetness and diving into her folds to tongue fuck her into a quivering frenzy.

Mary’s cries of bliss were all the motivation Sarah needed, but she was also getting plenty of incentive from Michelle. The younger girl hadn’t gotten her panties all the way off, but they were down Sarah’s body enough for the important parts to be exposed. Sarah was bent over on her knees feasting on Mary’s creamy, hot pussy with her skirt bunched around her waist and her panties down around her knees.

Sarah couldn’t see herself, but she imagined she looked so lewd and slutty with her nice clothes hanging off her body and her bra sticking to her flesh as her hard nipples strained against it. God, she had worn these prim clothes to be a good girl and look all innocent while meeting with the lawyers and now she was just a fucking slut again. Mmmm that felt so delicious and Sarah’s body soared with pleasure when Michelle’s tongue slid inside her waiting cunt.

“Oooooooooooooooooh Michelllllllllle!” Sarah cried, her words muffled by Mary’s pussy. “Lick it baby! Ooooooooh lick my fucking wet pussy! Mmmmmm yessss baby ooooooooooooo show me how much you’ve been practicing since I last fucked you!”

Michelle wanted to show off for Sarah. She wanted to make her friend feel good. She wanted Sarah to remember how naughty she was and how hot a fuck she could be so they’d never go this long without being together again.

Michelle kneeled in back of Sarah and spread her open from behind, each hand clamping down hard on one of Sarah’s ass cheeks, as she licked her friend, sliding her tongue up over her slit over and over again to taste her leaking juices and then burrowing inside to give her gorgeous lover a proper tongue fucking.

Sarah cried out in bliss from the sensation of Michelle’s tongue pushing inside her pussy and fucking her. It had been far too long since she had felt Michelle’s eager, naughty tongue on her pussy and Sarah relished the pleasure that her friend was bringing her. Sarah backed herself up, thrusting her pussy against Michelle’s face and fucking her tongue. This was met with even hotter licks from Michelle and Sarah continued her happy sex cries right into Mary’s pussy.

“Nooooo don’t…don’t stop!” Mary grunted as she felt Sarah’s pace slacken. “Make me come! Pleeeeeeeeease don’t stop Sarah! Ughhhhhhhh you got me wanting this so bad now! You have to make me come! Please! I need it!”

Sarah could definitely taste how badly Mary did need to come. This was a pussy with a lot of pent up desire in it. Mary was so tasty and so tight. Sarah renewed her licking and thrust her tongue into her new lover to get the juice right out of her. Mary’s pussy was clamping down around her tongue and Sarah just licked her harder. Mary definitely needed this and Sarah wasn’t about to let her down.

“You wanna come Mary?” Sarah purred as her fingers temporarily took over for her tongue and began rubbing the girl’s slit, playing with the full pink folds and making Mary hiss in desire. “Wanna come from another girl fucking you? Wanna come from a woman eating your pussy? Want me to make you a dirty little lesbian slut like I helped make Michelle into?”

Just a short while ago, Mary would have reacted with shock and horror to such a question. But after all she’d experienced with Sarah and Michelle, she now had an entirely different reaction.

“Yessssssssssssssss! Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssss!” Mary immediately exclaimed. “Fuck me Sarah! I want to come from another woman fucking me! I want your girl tongue fucking my pussy and making me come! Ooooooh make me a slut like you and Michelle! Make me a dirty slut who fucks other girls and loves it!”

Mary pressed her hand back down on Sarah’s head, shoving her mouth back where she felt it belonged…right on her needy, dripping pussy! Mary had never felt anything like this before in her life. It was so naughty and fun! God, women were amazing in bed! How could she have never considered this before?

She had never had an orgasm just from being licked before but now Mary knew Sarah was going to bring her off from doing just that. She’d only come from being penetrated by a hard cock or from masturbation and now it was like a whole new door had been opened to her.

Mary not only needed to come now from Sarah’s mouth treating her pussy this well, but she knew she was going to need to experience this again and again and again. It was such an amazingly different feeling to be able to come from oral sex than from being thrust into and it was all the more deliciously forbidden because another woman was doing it to her.

While moaning and crying out in bliss from Sarah’s licking, Mary kept one of her hands on the back of the girl’s head and the other at her own chest. Mary squeezed and massaged her own tits, rubbing the nipples Michelle had gotten so swollen. That was another rush of pleasure to her body and Mary’s fingers eventually flew to her own mouth.

She’d always been very orally inclined in bed. She loved having things in her mouth and she greedily sucked on her own fingers, tasting the last bits of the remaining juices she’d left on there from before. Mary fucked her own mouth with her fingers and rocked and lurched on the bed from what Sarah was doing with her tongue between her legs.

Sarah managed to set aside enough of her brain to concentrate on Mary even as Michelle was feasting on her own needy pussy. God, Michelle was so good and Sarah needed to come so bad, but she kept her focus on getting Mary off. The girl was so close and Sarah knew it wouldn’t be long before she would be able to just think about her own pleasure after a job well done on Mary.

But before she could do that, Sarah needed to finish her newest lover off. She did just that by sucking tenderly on each of Mary’s pussy lips before sliding her tongue over her slit, greedily tasting her juices and adoring the taste of her once again. But Sarah wasn’t there to treat her own taste buds. She had Mary’s orgasm in mind so she then did what she had been dancing around for so long, she went after Mary’s clitoris.

The tender bud seemed set to explode and that was just what Sarah wanted. She latched her lips to it and sucked passionately on the pink pleasure center. That got an instant happy reaction from her lover.


Mary flailed on the bed as she felt an orgasm begin to burst inside her like none she’d ever felt before. She knew her own body and she knew how sensitive her clitoris could be, but no male lover she’d ever had knew what to do with it like Sarah did.

It was like she was having her first real orgasm and, as Sarah sucked feverishly on her clit, it rushed through her like a burst of pure ecstasy that left her mouth opened wide in shock and little tears of pleasure shimmer down from her eyes.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Mary screamed as she came, her body feeling such pleasure after all her anger and pent up desire that she wondered if she was going to blast off the bed and onto the ceiling. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!”

Through every scream and every shudder and shake on the bed, Sarah remained perfectly positioned on the bed at Mary’s pussy, gulping down her creamy, cummy orgasm just like she’d done to Michelle. And speaking of Michelle, the girl was making the taste of Mary’s orgasm even sweeter to Sarah because with every lick she took of Mary, Michelle was giving two hot licks back to her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh mmmmmm Michelle oooooh baby you’re giving my pussy just what it fucking needs!” Sarah gasped, her mouth full of Mary’s cream before she gulped it down and dove in for more. “Oooooooh sweetie yessssss fuck that naughty fucking pussy of mine! Mmmmmm lick all that cum right out of me Michelle!”

Michelle had definitely been practicing and Sarah reaped all the benefits of it. The first time they had been together the rush of pleasure Sarah had gotten out of it had mostly been because it felt so naughty to actually be fucking the girl she had thought of as a sister both on screen and off. Michelle had been good, but inexperienced and now a lack of experience was no longer a problem.

Sarah moaned and cooed in delight as she licked the last drops of Mary’s orgasm right out of her. Michelle knew now that one of her friends had come she could make the other feel really good without having to worry about being a distraction. It had been so hard for her to hold back on Sarah because she was so hungry for her taste and now that Mary’s orgasm was finished, Michelle let the slayer have it.

Michelle lapped away like a woman possessed, determined to show Sarah that all those nights she had spent getting naughty with former co-stars like Alyson, Charisma, Emma, Amber and Eliza hadn’t been for naught. Michelle really had been practicing, though not with as many girls as she might have liked. Of course now that she’d seen how well things had gone with Mary, Michelle began thinking there might be a lot of other girls she knew that she might be able to play with.

Sarah was the main focus of her attention, though, and Michelle showed her friend how much better she’d gotten at eating pussy since the last time they’d been together. With her hands clutching the bare cheeks of Sarah’s ass, Michelle licked at her barely undressed friend. Sarah’s skirt was still tangled up at her waist and her panties were around her knees while her bra clung to her chest, but all that mattered to Michelle was that her pussy was exposed and able to be licked.

Michelle went hard after Sarah, driving her tongue into her friend’s cunt and licking at her hot spots. Sarah was so wet and Michelle loved how sensitive her pussy always was to a tongue attacking it, but she didn’t let herself get distracted by how good Sarah tasted or all the places she could explore her tongue. Instead, Michelle focused on Sarah’s clitoris and worked it over with her tongue.

“Oooooooh Michelle ooooh sweetie yessssssssss mmmmmm fuck me you naughty girl!” Sarah cooed, her face shiny with Mary’s juices as the recently orgasmed girl writhed flat on her back in a very happy place in her mind. “Tongue that clitty! Ooooooh mmmm yeahhhhhhh God your tongue feels so good in my pussy! Fuck me baby! Mmmm don’t leave me waiting! Ughhhh I hate being the only girl who hasn’t come!”

Sarah knew she was being a little bratty by saying that, but she couldn’t help it. After all Michelle and then Mary had had their fun, but she was still left wanting. She needed to come.

After all Freddie’s demands and suspicions at the meeting, Sarah needed to feel good more than ever. She’d show him. He had no fucking idea what she was really like. He didn’t have a clue why she’d really left him and he never would. If he thought she was a bad girl then she’d show him bad!

“Mmmmm Michelle smack my ass!” Sarah moaned. “Do it sweetie! Give it a fucking slap! Ughhh I’m so fucking bad! Spank me!”

Michelle was a little surprised by the request, but she certainly didn’t ignore it. She gave Sarah’s bare bottom a firm smack, not being overly aggressive or mean, but enough to give the girl the rush she sought. Sarah cried out from the stinging sensation to her ass and immediately sought another.

“More!” Sarah begged. “Gimmie another Michelle! Spank the naughty girl!”

Michelle thought she was pretty naughty too. They all were. Did that mean she, Sarah and Mary were going to take turns spanking each other? Mmmm that might have been fun if they did, but Michelle decided to bring that up later. Right now she gave Sarah the smack she wanted, making solid, stinging contact with her ass.

The sounds of Sarah being spanked and loving it brought Mary partially out of the daze she’d been licked into. Her head was starting to clear to face the reality of post orgasmic bliss and reflexively Mary was seized by a sudden buyer’s remorse. Oh God! What had she just done? She’d been fucked by another girl!

But just as soon as that had entered her head, Mary let the thought flutter away to be forgotten. There was no reason to panic. She hadn’t done anything wrong. Mmmm she’d done something so right.

What Sarah and Michelle had done to her might well have been the best sex of her life and Mary didn’t want to fight these new urges inside her. She wanted to embrace them and in doing so she began to think about what she could do to pay Sarah back for making her come like that.

Being so orally inclined when it came to sex, Mary had never been afraid to open her mouth to bring pleasure to a lover. While the men in her life had shied away from eating her out, Mary had never shown similar hesitancy to sucking cock. She loved giving head and, as she propped herself up on her elbows to watch Michelle going down on Sarah, she began to really wonder what it would be like to get her mouth against a warm, wet pussy for the first time.

Mary was a bit nervous about doing it, but she figured she had come this far, so there was no harm in going a little further. She wanted this. She had felt incredible pleasure and this was no time to get selfish.

“Sarah,” Mary spoke up, her voice still a little hoarse from her orgasmic cries. “Let me help make you come! I want to fuck you too! I want to eat you out!”

Sarah was a little surprised that Mary had gone for this with no extra convincing, but she certainly welcomed the idea of Mary’s tongue on her pussy. Michelle was even more surprised. She wasn’t even sure she had heard Mary correctly first. But once she was sure she hadn’t misunderstood her friend, Michelle didn’t hesitate to offer her support.

“Do it Sarah,” Michelle urged. “Fuck her face! Mmmm lie right there Mary. I want to see Sarah ride you! Fuck her Sarah! Let us both make you come!”

Sarah loved how Michelle was taking control. She had definitely grown into her own since the last time they had been together and she would have been happy to follow any order Michelle wanted to give her, especially if it meant having an orgasm. Sarah’s need to come was greater than ever and she didn’t waste a second before getting up off her hands and knees.

That meant finally wiggling out of her panties and casting them off from around her knees, but that was all Sarah did to strip herself. She kept her skirt and bra on, reasoning there would be plenty of time to get them off after she’d come. With her orgasm near, Sarah set herself up and hovered over Mary’s face, just wanting to confirm she really wanted this.

“You ready?” Sarah asked. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, Mary.”

“I want to,” Mary insisted. “Do it Sarah! Fuck my face and feed me your pussy! I want to make you come! Do it before I chicken out.”

Sarah certainly didn’t want that to happen, so she pushed herself down onto Mary’s face. Sarah’s hairless, soaked pussy made immediately contact with Mary’s mouth and, before she could think twice, the pussy licking virgin compelled herself to start licking. It was her first taste of another girl and Mary was immediately relieved to see she liked it. Hell she more than liked it, she loved it. It was like tasting herself only a million times hotter.

Mary immediately began to lick. Her first tongue strokes were shy and tentative, but the more accustomed she got to the taste and feel of another woman’s pussy being pressed to her mouth, the more into it she got.

She licked at Sarah’s labia, tasting her juices and getting more and more hooked on them with every drop on her tastebuds. Mary began working her tongue into Sarah and licking her, wanting to try and mimic everything the beautiful woman had done to her so she could make her feel just as good.

“Ohhhhh Mary mmmmmm yessssss right there baby…ooooooh lick right there!” Sarah said, attempting to guide the newcom