Kirsty Gallacher Cosplay

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Title: Kirsty Gallacher Cosplay
Author: Steerpike
Content Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal
Celebrity: Kirsty Gallacher

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction that contains graphic depictions of sexual acts. Please stop reading if you’re easily offended by such adult content or are less than 18 years old.

The behaviour of the character/s portrayed in the story does not represent their real life counterparts and any similarities to actual events are completely coincidental. The story was created purely for fantasy purposes from the imagination and experience of the

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London, England. 28th January 2000, 20:00

“C’mon you elusive bastards, where are you?” I cursed the television screen.

I knew I was only a few levels away from the climax of Tomb Raider The Last Revelation, but had still found only 30 of the game’s 70 secrets.

“Damn it babe! I’ve sat and watched you play this damn game for the worst part of a month now.” Kirsty Gallacher sat on the couch next to me with her feet on the seat and holding her hands around her knees. “When are you going to play with me?” She spoke seductively, started to rub my leg and stared at me with her beautiful eyes.

Kirsty was a jack-of-all-trades in the entertainment world. She presented numerous shows, wrote newspaper columns and even found time to do a bit of modelling from time to time.

She was always inundated with offers from producers requiring someone with her skills, experience and her unique way of reaching out to both the male and female market. Yeah, what they really wanted was a credible female sports presenter who just happened to have a beautiful face, a stunning athletic body and a cracking pair of 36d tits.

We were both dressed casually having spent the day laying about the flat. I was barefoot in a black, Jack Daniel’s t-shirt and a pair of baggy cargo shorts. I had gotten washed and cleaned my teeth this morning as per usual but had left my short brown hair alone out of laziness so it was a bit ruffled.

Kirsty on the other hand, while dressed just as casually in one of my baggy white t-shirts and a pair of black jogging bottoms, had spent most of the day pampering herself and was as fresh as a daisy. Her skin was also lightly tanned from a recent photo shoot in Asia.

I was stupidly oblivious to both her body language and her tone of voice as she pleaded with me for attention.

“Yeah I know.” I said apologetically ”I’ll just get to the next save point and then I’ll be right with you.”

She knew straight away I wasn’t paying attention and had no intention of stopping soon. She huffed out a loud breath and walked out of the room muttering something like “I wish it didn’t have to come to this…”

I carried on regardless scouring every pixel for a hidden opening or ledge in the game for a pointless token of achievement.

I had lost track of time when suddenly I felt hard, cold metal on the back of my head. I was starting to turn when I heard a loud click, the metal object snapped into the back of my skull and Kirsty’s voice said “Don’t turn around or I WILL shoot you.” in an tone full of authority.

Holy shit, I thought. The object was a gun and when it clicked and hit me on the head she must have loaded a bullet into the chamber.

“C’mon Kirs’ don’t do anything rash here.” My voice was ragged with fear.

“Shut up and put the controller down on the floor and turn off the TV.” Kirsty’s voice hadn’t quavered at the sound of my panic. “Do it and don’t you dare turn around”

I complied then sat back down keeping my back to her and then put my hands to either side of me on the couch. I could hear her move around to the left side of the back of the couch behind me.

“Good now go around the right side of the couch keeping your eyes on the wall and go into the bedroom.” Kirsty’s directions were calm and sounded practiced.

Thoughts rushed through my head. Had she done this to guys before? Got angry, led them into the bedroom and executed them? I had never met any of her old boyfriends before but I thought that was normal, I mean she hadn’t met any of my old girlfriends.

“Quit dawdling.” She barked at my sluggishness.

“Okay, okay I’m going.” I followed her instructions exactly and faced the bedroom. My hands held out either side of me like a scarecrow because I didn’t know whether to put them on my head or by my sides.

I felt the metal press into the small of my back and my heart raced even quicker than it had been before.

“Now close your eyes and go towards the bed. Turn around and sit on the edge and wait for my order to open them.” The gun pressed in deeper to clarify her point.

I moaned in discomfort and slowly shut my eyes in fear. The end of the bed was about a metre away from the door so I found it safely and easily. I turned around and sat on the edge, small tears seeping out of my closed eyelids.

Was this the way I would die? Killed by a beautiful celebrity because I wanted to play Tomb Raider instead of pay all my attention to her? I’d broken up with gals because my hobby but none of them had ever threatened me with a gun.

The door slammed, loudly and unexpectedly, shut and I jumped a little.

“Open your eyes, Gameboy.” Kirsty said this softly almost as if she was daring me.

I started pleading in a soft voice ”Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.”

I slowly opened my eyes expecting to see Kirsty lording over me with a gun pointed to my head. Instead through my teary eyes I paid witness to one of the sexiest things I had ever seen in person.

“Please don’t kill me. Please don’t ki…” My pleading tapered off at the sight.

Kirsty was lording over me with a gun pointed at my head…but she was dressed; head to toe, as Lara Croft.

My damp eyes gazed her up and down quickly a number of times to drink the sight in. Her long dark hair was set in a ponytail and she wore red tinted glasses over her spellbinding eyes. A turquoise top covered her torso and tucked into a pair of tight brown shorts. The top was skin-tight and held her large breasts in place as well as show off their beautiful shape. To finish of the outfit she wore a pair of brown ankle-high, hiking boots on her feet.

She was indeed holding a handgun and it was pointed at me but the fear in my body had left me completely. I was hypnotised beyond words or even intelligent thought.

“Why’ve you stopped begging for your life? Think I’m not going to kill you just ‘cause I’m dressed like some polygonal slag.” Kirsty’s voice still had an edge to it, which slightly snapped me out of her trance. “Think of it as an ironic death. Life ended by both the things you live for.”

I still couldn’t speak and my eyes still hadn’t stopped roaming over her body, memorising every inch of her.

“Alright enough’s enough, close your eyes again. It’s going to be to the head so it’ll be quick and painless.”

I hesitantly shut my eyes and for a few seconds the tension mounted unbearably, until suddenly I felt pressure on my lips and shocked not to feel cold steel but the familiar feeling of Kirsty’s lips kissing me. I reciprocated and quickly we were both snogging each other passionately. Our tongues slid together and our saliva switched owners again and again. Kirsty moaned into my mouth as I sucked her tongue occasionally.

Kirsty was the first to break off the kiss after about a minute and I opened my eyes once more. She was standing with a big smile on her face. My body filled up with both anger, relief and attraction and I stared at her, mouth open in shock.

“I hope you appreciate the value of today’s lesson.” She lectured me, pointing the gun as if it was her finger she was wagging at me to show she disapproved.

“What’s the matter with you threatening me and waving a gun around like that?” My voice was shrill from my earlier panic. “Is that shit real?”

“Nah, it came with the costume. You like?” She tossed the piece and did a cute tiptoed pirouette on the spot. Her ass looked amazing in the shorts almost as if she was wearing a thong underneath them. As Kirsty span, her boobs bounced slightly despite the tightness of her top. “You wouldn’t believe how many guys I’ve been with request this garb. I’m surprised you never asked for it.

“It’s amazing, but it still doesn’t get you off the hook.” This whole incident had really freaked me. “I swear I was this close to giving you a spinning back hand and taking control of the situation.”

Kirsty giggled as she correctly interpreted my comment as an exaggerated joke. “Awww, I’m sorry hero. Here I’ll make it up to you.” She spoke seductively and put her fingers into the waistband of her small shorts. “I’ll take off these if you take off yours.”

I wasted no time in undoing and pulling down my shorts leaving me in my t-shirt and my boxers and dropped them on the floor. I looked up expectantly at Kirsty waiting for my treat.

“Uh, uh, uh.” She said negatively, wagging her finger and grinning. “Both pairs.”

“Okay.” I sighed in mock hesitation.

She showed and dazzling white smile and her eyes looked over the red lenses of the glasses at my crotch as I slipped my boxers down my legs to the floor. My dick sprang out immediately erect as it’s bonds were removed.

“Your turn…Lara” I added the last part to test if she would get annoyed or play along.

Kirsty pulled a sly smile, turned her back to me and then undid straps on both legs of the shorts. The shorts loosened on her legs and when she unbuttoned them at her waist, she was able to pull them down her smooth, toned and tanned legs without any difficulty.

When they got to her knees, Kirsty bent over and pushed the shorts the rest of the way, past her boots and onto the floor. As she revealed her hips I realised that her sleeveless, turquoise top was in fact a tight leotard. It covered her torso completely except down on her sides where it arched over her hipbones and split in two, in front of her to cover her crotch and behind her where it went in between her ass cheeks like a thong.

Her tight ass was mere feet away from my face and like the rest of her body it was completely tanned. I couldn’t help but reach out my hands to grab it, caress the firm flesh and then gently squeeze her cheeks.

At the feel of my touch, Kirsty looked back over her shoulder without straightening up and whilst smiling at me started to moan softly and then closed her eyes.

My right hand swirled over one of her ass cheeks and then without warning, left a playful slap on it. Kirsty showed her teeth in a smile when she opened her mouth to yelp in an assuring reaction and I continued to feel her up.

“Ummm yeah” She purred gently and then turned back around and stood to full height. “You want some more, hotshot?” Kirsty tempted me whilst cupping a breast in each hand through the leotard, squeezing them between her fingers and palms.

“You know I do baby.” I was being completely honest.

“You know the rules, you first.” She let go of the grasp on her tits, leant down and started kissing me again.

Whilst returning kisses with Kirsty I also managed to pull my arms out of my sleeves without stretching the material too much. I started to lift the shirt over my head and Kirsty and I had to break off the kiss.

I now sat there on the edge of the bed completely naked, sporting a full-staff erection at the mercy of Kirsty Gallacher who was dressed as Lara Croft.

She looked down at me and bit her bottom lip sexily. She gave a quick giggle and stepped toward me.

“Scoot up the bed, hon.” Her tone of voice was so sexy as she stared at me, gave me the order and watched me follow through with it.

I pushed myself up the sheets until I was sat with only my ankles were dangling over the edge. Kirsty followed my movements by getting on her knees on the bed and getting in between my legs.

She knelt up straight and without averting her eyes from mine, dropped the shoulder straps of the leotard; one after the other and then pulled the neck of the leotard over her tits.

The stretchiness of the material was astounding as she pulled the neck completely over her considerable breasts before it clung back under them gently, adapting to her stomach size.

I couldn’t believe I was focusing on the costume. As soon as the neck of the leotard came down, her breasts sprang free and hung both natural and beautiful from her chest. Despite their large size, each boob had a dark, average sized areola accompanied by a consistently sized nipple that stuck out slightly from her breast.

My head immediately leant forward to attend to Kirsty’s newly unveiled tits. She had a little laugh at my enthusiasm and held onto the back of my head while I worked my magic.

My lips attempted to kiss, lick and suck every part of her breasts in as quick a time as possible. My tongue leapt between Kirsty’s nipples giving each the attention they needed to extend further from her chest in arousal. I sucked the small pieces of flesh in between my lips and appreciated the little moans Kirsty made in my ears.

She lowered her right hand and began to slowly jerk my dick up and down whilst I thoroughly cherished her breasts.

I was nowhere near ready to lay off her tits, when Kirsty prised my head away from them and initiated another kiss.

“Easy tiger.” She said as she stopped kissing me. “Lie down for me.”

Kirsty’s voice was silky smooth and as I lay back she leant over my crotch. My cock was as hard as a rock and pointed towards me. Kirsty took my cock in her right hand and resumed jerking it up and down, She locked eyes with me and without breaking the eye contact she took her mouth down halfway down my shaft.

The warm feeling was incredible as Kirsty closed her eyes but held her position. Without moving her mouth, Kirsty used her tongue to sweep the underside of my cock and forcefully sucked at the shaft.

“Umm.” Kirsty moaned around my dick in her mouth removing it.

She once again jerked me off, spreading her saliva up and down my already slick shaft. She stared at me sexily whilst her hand quickened its pace.

“Umm, that feels good Kirs’.”

She lifted her head off my cock but kept on jerking it.

“Think I can get all your cock in my mouth, babe?” She asked before sucking on one of my balls. Her raunchy request sent excitement through me and I could only nod a confirmation.

She smiled and then once again plunged her mouth over my dick. Kirsty began bobbing her head up and down my shaft with her tongue outstretched. At the same time she also rotated her head around my dick whenever she went down on it, increasing the amount areas she was covering with her tongue and the overall penetration of her mouth. She moaned as my cock pushed further and further into her mouth.

Soon she was so close to the hilt of my dick, her nose nuzzled my pubes and her tongue was sliding against the top of my balls.

“Oh yeah.” My constant moans told Kirsty whether she was doing it good or not. She was in fact doing it perfectly. Kirsty was an exquisite cocksucker.

Every time I didn’t have my eyes shut in pleasure, I looked down at her intently. Kirsty Gallacher looked so unbelievably sexy sucking my dick the way she was. I could still see and feel her large tits hanging at my thighs and when she looked back at me, Kirsty knew what I wanted

Kirsty pulled her mouth off my cock with a wet slurp and took a breath. She smiled proudly, knowing how good she was at what she did and what else she could offer. She moved up the bed and leant forward so her breasts hung around my cock.

“You wouldn’t believe how many requests for these I get.” Kirsty held her breasts together around my cock whilst she talked. “With tits like mine it’s practically assigned as your natural task from puberty.”

She began to pull them up and down jerking my dick with her soft boobs. My cock was slick with saliva because of Kirsty’s blowjob and as soon as she began, her breasts were slick and shiny with it too.

I placed my hands over Kirsty’s to squeeze her breasts tightly around my cock and started raising my hips to quicken the pace and tightness of the tit fuck.

I had completely forgot the method she had used to get me into the bedroom and now all could think about was making this night last as long as possible.

“Yeah babe that’s it.” I stared at Kirsty while I fucked her slick breasts and breathed heavily.

Kirsty looked back at me. “Hey tiger I’m really sorry about earlier.” Her sincerity was obvious in her tone. “To make up for it I’ll do anything you want. Just tell what you want to do to me babe.”

This was the best offer I had ever heard in my life. But Unlike most men I was content with traditional methods and wasn’t very adventurous. I wasn’t the kind of guy to go for bukkake, threesomes or anal with my girl.

Without stopping the tit fuck, I told her my feelings.

“Kirsty, I’ve already forgiven you. I’m content to just make love to you.”

“Aww I know you are and I am too, but I was thinking seeing as I’m in costume, we could act differently to how we would usually, try some of the things Lara Croft might do.” This raised a smile from me. “We can still start out slow and see where it goes from there. You can keep calling me Lara too if you like”

I leant forward and kissed her.

“Okay Ms Croft.” I said in a light tone. “Lets start with you riding my cock for a bit.”

Kirsty giggled, released her tits from around my cock and knelt up either side of it. She took a hand down and pulled part of the leotard to the side of her pussy, revealing it for the first time tonight. A small patch of dark pubic hair was just visible above her sex and the lips glistened with juices she had released from the excitement of sucking cock and giving me a great tit fuck.

I moved a hand forward to experimentally rub her slit with a couple of fingers. Kirsty looked down at me smiling and put her right hand behind her, grabbed my still slick dick and guided it to her pussy. She intended to tease herself with it but I suddenly raised my hips and penetrated her pussy, pushing her lips in slightly.

“Oh God!” This shock thrust caused Kirsty to yelp and sit down on my lap.

While she got with the program I raised and lowered my hips to slowly drive my dick into her pussy and used my hands to feel her ass up. The material of the leotard was stretched tightly between her ass cheeks the firm to the touch.

Kirsty began to raise her own body on my cock and within seconds we had built up a steady rhythm. Her pussy was so smooth but her muscles were still tight on me. I held onto her ass cheeks while she gyrated on my dick and her tits bounced around. The mattress creaked as our combined weight moved in tandem.

“Oh yeah Lara, ride my big cock.” I tried to improvise without sounding foolish. “Can you feel it raiding you?” I failed.

Kirsty smiled but kept with it. “Yeah it feels so good, so deep inside me.”

I replaced my hands on her tits and squeezed the soft flesh. Kirsty leant back, put her hands on the bed and sped up her movements considerably. The leotard was pulling against one of Kirsty’s pussy lips and my dick but the discomfort was easily put to the back of our minds.

“Oh yes! Oh yeah!” Her eyes were screwed tight behind the glasses and her jaw was clenched as my cock continued to drive into her.

I hooked my hands under her shoulders and pulled her close to me. We kissed passionately while my dick started thrusting into her with quick deep prods. As she neared to cumming, Kirsty fell flat onto me with her head sideways on my shoulder.

“Fuck me, oh God fuck me.” Screamed moaned weakly.

I put my left arm around the back of her head and my right around her lower back and fucked her as strongly as I could from this position. Kirsty moaned into my shoulder and her tits were pressed into my chest. She was prone and didn’t move as my hips worked furiously up and down into her.

She quickly began to orgasm and wailed into my shoulder as I continued to fuck her. When her pussy flooded with juices and her muscles clamped down on my cock, I had to stop and hold myself back to stop myself from cumming.

We lay for a minute with Kirsty on top of me with my cock still inside her. I could feel her nipples against my chest as her breathing lifted her tits.

“Baby, I want you to give me anal.” Kirsty’s frank request startled me

“Are you sure? I’ve never done it before” I enquired.

“It’s okay I want to have it with you. I trust you, just take it slow and I’m sure it’ll be great.”

We sensuously kissed and then she got off my chest and my dick slipped out of her velvety pussy, She pulled the sweat-soaked leotard off her body while remaining lying down and left it on the bed. She then got on her hands and knees and looked back at me to reassure me.

“Use your mouth and fingers first babe, it’ll get both our confidences up.”

I got up and positioned myself behind Kirsty, lowered my head to her undercarriage and used my tongue to circle her asshole. She closed her eyes at the new sensation and I proceeded to push my tongue in. It entered her ass easily and I was able to move it around and feel Kirsty contracting against me.

“Ah that feels good babe.” Kirsty was enjoying the tongue action, but I decided to start using my fingers.

I was a complete noob at this and was basically doing stuff I had seen in porn films that felt natural I pushed a finger into her wet pussy and then pushed the lubed-up digit into her asshole. I pushed it further in and then pulled it out to try and enter two.

I repeated the lubing process with another digit and managed to push them both in. It was very tight in Kirsty’s arse but I was able to pull my fingers apart to make more room. I did this on all the sides of her asshole to try and prepare her as much as possible.

While spreading her asshole I leant forward with my tongue and flashed it into the hole. It made Kirsty moan and her asshole eased up considerably. I began moving my two fingers in and out of her asshole, applying pressure to the wall it shared with her pussy. This caused more moans from Kirsty who sounded like she was getting into it.

“I’m going to try and put my cock in, Kirs’ okay?” I didn’t feel like role-playing until we were both totally comfortable.

I pushed my dick into her pussy and then brought it to her asshole. All my tonguing and fingering had made a little impact toward expanding her asshole but it would hopefully be enough for her.
I held onto one of her ass cheek with my left hand and my right hand guided my slick cock. As I pushed it against her opening, Kirsty moaned and my cock slipped over the hole and up, over her ass cheeks. I retried and this time the head stuck in and I was able to push it in a little.

I could see Kirsty tensing up as my dick worked it’s way into her stubborn asshole and stopped for a second.

“Uhh. How far in is it?” Kirsty questioned me after she released a breath she’d been holding.

“Just a bit further to go, hon.” I slightly under exaggerated to make her feel more comfortable. “I’ll make another pass at it. God it looks so sexy, you’re amazing.”

I pulled my dick back out so I could try pushing in again. Kirsty’s asshole visibly shrunk after my cock was released but it had been widened. I lapped at the opening with my tongue and leaked saliva into it and then pushed three fingers into her pussy to gather some juices. The combined motion caused Kirsty to moan and squirm her legs. I rubbed my cock with my fingers and then pushed it back into her asshole.

I got about half my shaft in but Kirsty’s ass was clamping down severely on my cock head. I pulled out slightly and then slowly drove back in causing Kirsty to moan once more as she began to frig her clit with one hand. It took about four of these deep thrusts to get all of my cock into Kirsty’s ass and I left it in her so she could get accustomed to the size.

Kirsty was in heaven masturbating with a cock in her ass making her feel dirty. She rubbed her clit partly to replace some of the discomfort with pleasure and also to make her horny as hell.

After a few seconds I began sliding in and out of her ass more easily. The pussy juices I had applied were easing the movement of my dick, but to help even more I pulled out of Kirsty and put my dick into her pussy quickly. I then pulled out and pushed my whole cock back into her ass.

“Oh God!” Kirsty shrieked at the intrusion. We were both being taken by the moment and never contemplated the risks with going ass to pussy.

I continued thrusting back and forth in her ass and the process was much easier now. Kirsty had stopped frigging her clit, had both palms on the bed and was now really getting in to it. When I slowed down to catch a breath, she started to push back against my cock. I just stood there and watched her fuck herself on my dick while her tits swung back and forth.

“Oh come on baby, fuck me. I want it.” Kirsty was talking dirty and seemed to have regained her confidence.

I grabbed her ponytail and lightly pulled her back with it while she did all the main work.

“Fuck yourself. Yeah Lara, fuck your own ass with my dick. Yeah back it up. Make yourself cum for me slut.” As I held her ponytail with my right hand I put my left under Kirsty to feel her breasts beneath her.

I let go of both Kirsty’s ponytail and her tits, grabbed her pelvis and suddenly started to fuck her back. Our hips collided with a slap each time. My fucking was hitting the spot for Kirsty and her moans became louder and more frequent.

I knew I was close to cumming and wanted to try another position so I pulled out of Kirsty and rolled her onto her back. I grabbed her legs, still sporting the hiking boots, and put them over my shoulders. Her asshole wasn’t shrinking like before and I easily reinserted my dick into her ass and used them the extra leverage to fuck her deeper.

Kirsty couldn’t do anything from this position to increase penetration so she just looked down her body over her great tits and watched me fucking her.

I held onto her thighs and pushed my hips to thrust my cock in and out of her ass.

“Yeah Lara, you like it that way? Lying on your back being taken up your ass?” My mind was just spitting out random dirty talk now.

“Oh…I love it baby…Fuck me faster…Make me cum!” Kirsty was talking between moans and had started masturbating again.

I leant forwards over her, taking her legs with my shoulders and started fucking her ass in a butterfly position. Her knees were at her tits and she was getting deeper penetration than she had ever had in her life. Her boots also gave her legs a weight that added to the experience

Suddenly Kirsty started to cum from the anal sex and her masturbation and she literally came over my stomach. The fucking of her asshole, with my dick rubbing against membrane that separated it from her pussy, gave her an anal orgasm that was causing her to squirt her juices on me.

She screamed in pleasure and I hurried up my pace eager to cum inside her ass soon.

“Oh babe I want you to cum all over me!” Kirsty was exhausted as she laid back and squeezed her tits.

On another night I would have questioned her but my excitement levels were higher than they’d ever been and I was close to climaxing.

With a couple more thrusts in her ass I pulled out and sat on my knees in front of her.

“Oh yeah baby cum all over me. I’m such a slut. I want it on my tits and all over my face.” Kirsty talked dirty as she lay in wait with her mouth open, eyes closed, rubbing her tits.

“Yeah Lara it’s coming baby, it’s coming baby.” I jerked my cock furiously and then climaxed. “Oh, God, Lara!”

I held my final pull down on my dick, leant forwards and I started to cum all over Kirsty. I aimed toward her chest but between the pulses in my dick and my trembling hands meant I ended up shooting all over her. My first shot of cum sprayed over her dark hair but the next couple of shots hit lower as I got some control over my dick. Kirsty giggled as my semen splashed over her cheeks, glasses and around her mouth. The last few streaks of cum fell onto her large breasts, which she was still squeezing with ecstatic will.

She looked so sexy covered in cum and started to lick up the strands that had landed within proximity of her tongue. She rubbed all the semen that had fell on her tits into the smooth flesh and licked her palms seductively.

We were both breathing heavily, Kirsty laying back on the bed and me on my knees in front of her. I stared at her drinking in the sight, with her face rosy from satisfaction and her skin and straggled hair shiny with sweat and semen.

I handed Kirsty the discarded leotard and she got up and went towards the bathroom, wiping her head and chest down with the garment. She sat on the toilet to abide the temporary consequence of anal sex.

Roasting hot, I turned on the ceiling fan and then lay prone on my stomach letting the air pass over my body. After a few minutes Kirsty came back having gotten cleaned up and lay beside me still naked, kissed me on the back of my neck and put her head down to sleep.

After a few seconds I rolled off the bed and put on my cargo shorts and headed towards the door, not bothering with boxers or a shirt.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Kirsty asked.

“I got some unfinished business to take care of.” As I walked toward the door I knew straight away she wasn’t happy with me answer.

“Can’t take a hint can you?” She sat up and lectured me. “If you’ve got so much energy that you can’t lay down with me and sleep after what we’ve just done, I’ll have find a way to occupy you.”

“What like hold me at gun-point?” I joked without turning back toward her.

“No.” Kirsty’s reply was stone cold. “But if you’re good I might pull out my Chun-Li outfit in the future.” “Her tone lightened.

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around.

“Or are you more of a Tifa Lockheart kind of guy?” Her smile was pure Machiavellian.

My imagination ran wild as I walked back bed and lay down next to my lover and we fell to sleep together.

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