Who Has Got The Greatest Pair of Legs in This Universe?

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Who Has Got The Greatest Pair of Legs in This Universe?

By: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston

Codes: MF, threesome, mc, mast, oral, fant

The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. I know neither Gwen Stefani or Jennifer Aniston would not care which one of them has better legs. Do not become angry, because your favorite pair of legs are not in this story. If you have a pair of legs that you like e-mail me at [email protected] so we can talk. Anyone under 18 or easily offended should stop reading now.


By sharkboy

Jimmy Bennet sits in the mall, as he enjoys his noon hour. He always comes to the mall at noon, because that’s when the ladies come out to play. He has some that he really likes. One of his favorites who come on tuesdays usually pass by here by now. He would be so mad if he missed her great legs. “Come on beautiful Japanese lady. I need to see those Asian gams.” Jimmy say quietly, as he waits for her to come by. He’s a little late, and he might have missed her.

Then she comes out of a Victoria’s secret with a bag in her hand. She never goes into there to buy things on tuesdays! God must be on his side today. If he missed her he would have looked up and down in this mall to find her and those legs. Yes, Jimmy is really into legs, you might have noticed that.

As she walks sorta close to him she takes a look at Jimmy, as his eyes move over her legs. The Asian beauty wears a short black skirt and some really sexy boots. Dark stockings accent her dress so well, and she looks so sexy. “Holy shit.” He tries to say softly, but not too softly.

She looks at the twenty two year old, and then she looks ahead as she smiles to herself. How Jimmy reacted to her put a spring in her step. The cute twenty two year old begins to get up, and maybe talk to the hot babe.

Before Jimmy can make it to his feet something slams beside of him so hard. Her looks to his left and he sees the most amazing pair of legs that he has ever seen before in his life. His eyes move up the sexy body that he sees before him. “Holy shit you’re….” Jimmy’s eyes can’t leave her sexy legs.

“You are Sharkboy right? The leg expert?” Gwen Stefani smiles, as Jimmy nods yes. “Tell me that I have the greatest pair of legs in the universe?”

Before two words come out of his mouth, he hears a harder bang beside of him on his right side. His eyes leave Gwen and he looks to his right. Before Jimmy is a long and very tan leg. His eyes move up the leg, and he grins as he sees the beautiful Jennifer Aniston. “No Sharkboy, tell me that my legs are the finest?”

“Holy crap!” Jimmy looks around, because Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba might be here too. Considering the fact that his two favorite pairs of legs are here would not be too hard to believe that number three and four would be here too.

He then looks at Gwen. “Your…” Gwen smiles at Jimmy, as his eyes go over her sexy legs.

Jimmy looks at Gwen for awhile and then he looks at Jennifer. “Your… Oh my God!”

Jennifer sits beside of Jimmy, and she crosses her legs so high. Gwen soon joins her on his left side. “He said oh my God to my legs so I win!” Jennifer does a little dance by shuffling her feet, and Gwen rolls her eyes.

“No, no, no. Delayed reaction on my sexy gams.” Gwen smiles at the handsome Jimmy. “Want to touch mine?” She grabs his left hand, and she places it high on her white and very sexy leg.

“Holy crap! What soft skin!” His hand moves over her sexy legs, and Gwen enjoys his excellent hands so much. Her eyes roll, and her chest heaves so hard, from his hands on her legs.

Before Gwen begins to orgasm, Jennifer grabs his right hand and she turns him towards her. “Why would you want to touch those ghostly, fat legs when you can touch my tan and sexy legs?” She then places both of his hands on her legs.

While his hands move over her soft sexy legs, Jennifer looks at Gwen’s face. Her eyes widen, as she can see that she was seconds away from orgasming. “Oh shit…” She mouths to herself, as his hands move over her sexy legs. Jimmy has great hands, and her legs are as vulnerable as anyones. She has been seduced by someone touching them more than once.

As his hall of fame hands move over her legs, Jennifer shakes and she shudders so hard. His hands are like digital heaven, as they move over her long and sexy legs. If she wore stockings she would be totally screwed, because they make her legs so vulnerable to any’s touch.

During the entire half an hour that Jimmy’s hands move over her legs, Jennifer fights an orgasm of her own. His hands touch her in ways that no hands has ever touched her before. Her chest heaves, as her eyes stay half open and Jennifer tries to breath thru her nose. His fingernail trail down her long, sexy, and very tan legs, nearly sending Jennifer over the edge. “Oh God…”

Before Jennifer has a major orgasm, Jimmy stops massaging her legs. Her eyes pop open, and she smiles as words come out of his mouth. “I got an idea.”

“An idea? Are you going to take Jennifer Aniston into the boys bathroom and fuck her brains out of her head?” Gwen asks, as she smiles at Jennifer.

“Out of my head? Gwen likely lost her brains while…” Her eyes then widen, as she notices that Gwen’s shorts are open. “While Gwen was playing with herself.”

“Ooops my shorts came open while…” Gwen swallows hard then she looks out and she becomes horrorfied. “While that guy was taking our picture…” Gwen looks out at a guy whose still taking their picture. She even waves at him, before she covers her body with her arms. She then turns to her side, and she puts her head between her knees while she cries hard.

“Oh God NO!” Jennifer tries to cover her face, as she legs go under her body. She tries so hard not to look like Jennifer Aniston.

Jimmy gets up, and he walks to the man. They talk for many moments, before Jimmy comes back to them. During the talk the man waved his camera, and he pointed at Gwen and Jennifer.

“Okay ladies, I have good news and I have bad news too.” Jimmy bites his lip, as he looks at them. “For the pictures he wants one thousand dollars and…” Both ladies begin to write out checks stunning Jimmy some. “…and a kiss from each of you.”

Both ladies stop writting and they look up at Jimmy in shock. “Please tell me there was another offer?” Jennifer looks up at Jimmy in hope too, Gwen asks that question. “I am a married woman.”

“He said that or one-million dollars. He has the pictures to make good money here. I am so sorry. He also means one-million a piece.”

Gwen does the math in her head, before she finishes filling out the check. She then gets up, and she walks to the man as her hips sway. “Hello…” Gwen then gives the man the sexiest smile that she can muster, as she hands him the check.

The man looks at the check and he smiles. “So, you decided to take the cheap way out of it?” His eyes go over her body, and Gwen rolls her eyes and she sighs.

“As long as the cheap way does not cost me my marriage?” Gwen looks around for another person taking pictures. No one has noticed herself playing with herself while Jimmy caressed Jennifer’s sexy legs. She must be old news. Maybe Jennifer is right? Maybe her legs are no longer the sexiest on earth.

“So, I get to kiss Gwen Stefani? I have wanted to do that since I was twelve years old!” The man then grabs Gwen and he dips her for a searing kiss. Gwen kisses him back with passion, as she wraps her arms around his body.

After much longer than ten seconds, the man breaks the kiss with a very turned on Gwen. His right hand then moves over her left leg, and she shudders so hard. “You are so sexy and extremely beautiful.” He leans down for a second kiss, and she turns her head. “No more kisses?” He then helps Gwen stand.

“No, only one kiss.” She then looks at Jennifer, as she walks towards him with her hips swaying too.

Jennifer then hands the man a check. He takes it and he smiles at her. “So, you want the cheap way out too.” Jennifer looks at the man, and then she looks past him. Gwen has her arms wrapped around Jimmy in order to stand. This guy can kiss. Oh shit! He might screw the crap out of both she and Jennifer.

Instead of her being at his mercy, Jennifer grabs him and she dips him for a kiss. She kisses the handsome man with passion, and he kisses her back. Because Jennifer holds him, he can grab the back of her legs. His hands move up and down her sexy and extremely alluring legs to her shapely ass.

She drops him, as she shudders so hard. “Oh my God…” She mutters, as she shakes so hard.

His hand then moves over her tan thigh, and Jennifer shudders so hard. Her eyes are closed, as she exhales so hard. “You could come back to my motel and we can make sure that the sheets are truly dirty?” His hands are like heaven on her thighs. They are so fucking tempting!

“I think…” She slams her foot between his legs barely missing his nuts by a small amount. “NOT!” Jennifer then glares down at the man. “Ever try to sell me back some pictures again next time I won’t miss.” Jennifer picks up the camera, and she pulls out the film. “By the way the check is fake too!”

Jennifer then looks at Gwen and Jimmy and she asks, “So, what’s your idea?”

Jimmy smiles at her and then to Gwen. “We could go back to my place for The Battle for the Sexiest Legs in The Universe!”

She smiles, as Gwen nods at Jennifer. She looks at the man who now stands glaring at her. Jennifer raises her knee hard, as she looks at the man. “Go now, before I kick it in!”

The man takes off, as Jennifer and Gwen look at Jimmy. Jenny then smiles a kinky as hell smile, as she looks at the sign over Jimmy’s head. “Jimmy, I have an idea that will enhance your idea. Gwen look up?”

Gwen looks up, and a wide grin crosses her pretty face before she looks at Jennifer. “I like how you think Jennifer. Jimmy you go sit over there.” Gwen pushes Jimmy back to his bench, before she and Jennifer Aniston go into Victoria’s Secret. Once inside Gwen uses her cell phone to cancel the payment on the check that she wrote.

Once they get back to Jimmy’s apartment, Gwen and Jennifer smile so wide. His place is so cute to put it nicely. The place happens to not be very large too, but its clean. “No vermin here, right?” Jennifer asks, as she notices that Jimmy has a clean kitchen. “By the way you do not cook do you?” She looks in his garbage, and she can sees bags of chinese carry out in the trash.

“No rats here and I order out a lot. The chinese place down the street has a cute girl who delievers. A man has needs.” Jimmy smiles, while Gwen and Jennifer laugh some.

“Let me guess she has legs to die for too?” Gwen says in a giggle. Jennifer laughs some too.

Jimmy blushes some, as he slides his hands into the pockets of his shorts. “I saw her legs once, and they were great. Am I scum?” Jimmy looks at the floor.

Gwen looks at Jennifer and Jennifer looks at Gwen. “No Jimmy. Admiring someone for a body part does not make you scum. What’s her name?” Gwen says with a smile on her sexy face.

“KIM! That’s her name… KIM!” Jimmy shouts, because there was a reason that he remembers her name so well.

“Let me guess?” Jennifer asks, as she pulls out her shirt over her breasts, “name tag?” Gwen giggles at her question too. “Gwen and I might not stack up to this awesome delievery girl?”

“You two are so wonderful. You two are perfect from head to toe.” Jimmy feels like he’s going to blush himself to death right now. He has never talked to anyone like that before. There are many reasons why Jimmy happens to be a virgin right now.

“Okay Jimmy,” Gwen says, as she circles him. “What color are my eyes? If you can tell me you get a night with Gwen Stefani, no holds barred.”

Jimmy turns to look into the eyes of the beautiful Gwen, who happens to be… “Wearing tinted sunglasses?” Jimmy sighs some. “Why me?”

Gwen smiles from behind her sunglasses. “You don’t have a clue do you?” She then grins at Jennifer.

While Gwen smiles at Jennifer, Jimmy steps forward and he begins to whisper dirty stuff into her ear. This stuff is so vile that it takes Gwen off her square. She has never heard such filth before in her life. “Oh my!”

The sunglasses come off her face, and her eyes widen as it happens. “My glasses! You can’t do that.” Gwen pouts, as Jimmy looks at her with closed eyes.

“You have brown eyes. Beautiful brown eyes.” Jimmy then opens his eyes, and he tosses her the glasses. He then smiles at her. Without looking at Jennifer he tells her. “You have blue eyes too. Do I win a night with both of you then?” Jimmy smiles, as his eyes move over their bodies.

“You knew that I had brown eyes!” Gwen becomes so angry. Jimmy set her up!

“I do have some face pictures of both of you too.” Jimmy blushes again.

“Awww! Jimmy really likes us!” Gwen and Jennifer say at the same time, while they giggle so hard.

“Damn right I do!” Jimmy says with a smile on his face. “Besides you two are perfect from head to toe.”

Gwen looks at the handsome Jimmy and she asks. “Jimmy, which one of us happens to be more perfect?”

Jimmy and Jennifer sits on the bed in his bedroom, while Gwen gets dressed in the bathroom. His hands move over her legs, and Jennifer tries to control herself. His hands are excellent, and she could not be more horny. “Jimmy…” Her eyes are shut, as he beautiful body shivers so hard. Jennifer tries to remove his wonderful hands from her vulnerable legs, but every time she does they come back.

Jennifer lies on the bed at Jimmy’s insistance. His hands move over her long and sexy legs, and Jennifer shivers so hard. “You are so fucking sexy, Jennifer.” Jimmy comments, as he kisses down her legs.

Her head goes back, as Jimmy kisses down her legs. His hands move up to undo her top. With the unclasping of every button Jennifer becomes a little bit more horny. This can’t be happening to her!

Before she can even gasp, his mouth is in-between her breasts. His tongue moves over her cleavage, and her eyes roll, as Jennifer moans so loud. Jimmy’s hands open her shirt, and he begins to lick her breasts so hard. It’s like every Jennifer Aniston fantasy that he ever had. He starts on the legs, have fun with her chest, then fuck her tight pussy while he licks the back of those amazing legs.

His hand moves over the vagina of the clothed and helpless Jennifer Aniston, as he kisses her chest. Jimmy holds her tits together, as he kisses them so hard. Jennifer shudders, as this happens and she breathes so heavy. She could not be more turned on right now. It’s like he read a book on seducing Jennifer Aniston.

Then the bathroom door slams behind them so hard making them jump. They both look up at the sight of a mad as hell Gwen Stefani. “You fuck her and I’m leaving.” She says coldly, as she tries to control her tears. She could not be more angry right now. Gwen goes to change her clothes and Jennifer seduces Jimmy. How dare she!

Jimmy stands, as he looks at the alluring Gwen Stefani. Right now she wears a black leather bra, a pair of black stockings, a pair of black panties, and a sexy as hell smile on her face. She walks to Jimmy slowy, as she rocks her body softly. “She has had more men than Madonna. You don’t want to fuck her.”

Gwen then brings him in for a seering kiss, and Jimmy kisses her back with passion. His hands move over her white back, as he kisses her with such passion. His tongue goes into her mouth, and it explores her mouth with great want. His tongue moves over her teeth with great speed.

She breaks the kiss, and she smiles wide at the handsome Jimmy. “First kiss?” Gwen giggles some.

“No, I kissed a girl in high school. She and I never went that far. She was not bad looking.” Jimmy blushes, because when he went out with the pretty girl he turned into an instant nerd. He’s becoming one again before Gwen Stefani.

“Jimmy, when you kiss a girl you do not need to cover as much ground as you can. Come here.” Gwen kisses him, and her tongue moves slow inside his mouth. Her tongue feels so great, and his knees go weak.

Jimmy breaks the kiss, and he looks into her brown eyes. “So, that’s how you kiss a girl? My friend Joey told me the wrong way. That bastard!”

Both Gwen and Jennifer giggle at his responce, before Jimmy begins to kiss Gwen once more. His tongue moves slowly over her tongue and teeth.

Gwen’s legs become so weak, and she falls onto the bed. Jennifer barely gets missed by her body, as she moves to stand up. Jimmy and Gwenn fall onto the king sized bed. His tongue continues to explore her mouth, as his hands move over her sexy legs.

He then breaks the kiss with Gwen, and he looks up at Jennifer Aniston, with her hand up her skirt. She sits on the side of the kingsized bed that takes up most of the room. Jennifer look him in the eyes, and she blushes some before she tells Jimmy. “Go ahead. You got her.”

Looking up at him Gwen smiles up at Jimmy, as he begins to kiss her upper chest. She shivers, as his lips move over her upper chest. His hands move over her stomach and bra covered chest. “You are so fucking sexy.” Jimmy says, as he kisses her chest.

Gwen removes her bra slowly for Jimmy, and he begins to kiss her tits. Gwen moans, as his lips move over her breasts. His hands move over her upper thighs too, as Jennifer masturebates to what’s happening before her eyes. Her hand is inside of her skirt so high that it looks like it should come out of her throat.

“Make love to me Jimmy?” Gwen asks breathless, as hell. Her chest heaves, as Gwen looks at the handsome man, with the amazing hands, that few men receive from her.

Jimmy then goes right for her panties. He then tears them right off her body and Gwen gasps hard. His hand moves over her hairless pussy. “You shave it? I’m not surprised.” Jimmy read online that Gwen has not had her natural hair color since grade school.

A smile comes across her face, as Gwen looks up at Jimmy. She shivers hard, as his hand explores her pussy. He works one finger inside of her pussy, and Gwen’s eyes roll. She squeezes his finger with her vaginal muscles, and Jimmy shivers do to fear. “Oh my God! Gwen… have you ever hurt anyone with your vagina before?” Jimmy can barely speak do to fear.

“Are you… oh my God… you are?” Gwen sits up, as she looks at Jimmy. “Jennifer, have you ever hurt a man’s penis before with your pussy? JENNIFER!” Gwen shouts making Jennifer jumps so hard, as she masturebates herself.

“No, Jimmy… are you afraid she might hurt you?” Jennifer says with a smile, as she looks at the naked Gwen Stefani.

“I have never been with a woman before and…” Jimmy begins to tell them.

Jennifer sits on the side of the bed, as she leads his hand up inside of her skirt. His finger slides inside of her pussy, and Jennifer squeezes so hard. “Dear lord!” Jimmy shouts, as Jennifer shivers so hard.

“Oh my god! Oh my God!” Jennifer shouts, as Jimmy jams his finger into her pussy so hard. Gwen was wet as hell, but Jennifer happens to be sopping wet. She becomes so turned on, as Jimmy slams his finger home over and over. “Oh lord…” Jennifer shudders so hard.

“So, you both are really tight.” Jimmy pulls his finger out of Jennifer’s pussy, and he licks his hand.

Before he can make another move on Jennifer, Gwen’s perfect calf appears on his lap. His eyes travel up the sexy leg to her beautiful face. Gwen waves at Jimmy, as she asks. “Remember me?”

“Jennifer, I have to…” His hands move over Gwen’s calf, and she shudders so hard.

“Fuck that poor horny girl, before I fuck her.” Jennifer smiles, as she begins to play with her pussy again.

He begin to kiss down her very alluring calf, as his lips begin to move over her very sexy dancers thigh. His hands glide down her leg very slowly, as he kisses down her leg. Then his tongue slides down her pussy nice and slow.

Gwen feels like she has been hit by a lightning bolt, as his tongue moves over her pussy. She squeezes her eyes shut, as his tongue moves slowly over her vagina. His hands move over her hall of fame thighs, as he licks her out so hard.

Then Jimmy feels his pants get lowered to his ankles, and Jennifer then pulls down his underwear. She then grabs his huge cock and… “Oh my fucking GOD!” Jennifer bellows so loud. “Look at this Gwen?”

She looks up, and the look on the face of the beautiful Gwen Stefani is that of pure shock. “He’s huge!” Jennifer’s hands can’t leave his huge penis, and she shivers so hard. “Jennifer stop that before he cums on me!”

As she smiles up at Jimmy, Gwen parts her legs while Jennifer’s hands slide off his penis. Jimmy crawls between her legs, because he needs to orgasm so hard. He slides himself inside of Gwen, and her eyes roll as her chest heaves so high. Gwen has never felt so full do to a human penis, and Jimmy begins to fuck her so powerful.

Her eyes are pressed shut, as Jimmy slams it home to Gwen so hard. “Oh God yes!” Gwen shouts in lust, as Jimmy screws her. Her sexy legs are locked around so tight, as he powerfucks her so hard. Somehow the virgin knows how to power fuck a woman. That’s not right!

“Harder, faster, bigger! Oh God yes!” Gwen orders, as Jimmy fucks her brains out of her pretty little skull.

Jimmy fucks her even harder and faster than before. He has no idea how to make his dick any bigger. If it won’t become bigger when he’s fucking Gwen Stefani it won’t get any bigger. Then something occurs to Jimmy. “Gwen, I got to cum!”

“Cum inside of me then Jimmy!” Gwen tightens her legs around Jimmy, and she brings him close to her sexy body. If Jimmy orgasms inside of Gwen she’ll cum so hard.

He orgasms inside of her, and Gwen cums as a result. Her legs are still locked around Jimmy, as he cums inside of her. Jimmy has never came like this and he becomes so worried, as he looks at Gwen’s pretty face. “Gwen….”

Gwen unlocks her legs from around Jimmy’s body, and he pulls out of her. “Did I hurt you?” Gwen asks, as Jimmy shakes.

“The men in my family are pretty potent. I might have gotten you pregnant.” Jimmy looks into her eyes, and Gwen smiles so wide.

“Don’t worry Jimmy. I want to have one more kid. What if our child had my looks and your penis?” Gwen smiles, as her chest heaves and she looks at the ceiling.

“If the kid had your legs and my penis he would get his ass kicked.” Both Jimmy and Gwen laugh at that joke, and Gwen shakes her head.

“Our son might have legs like mine, but on a man they would look different.” Gwen then looks over at where Jennifer sat. “You think Jennifer decided that I have…”

The door to the bathroom slams open, and Jennifer walks into the room with a leather one piece. She wears black pantyhose with it and some long leather boots. Her suit is mega tight and she can barely breath. She looks outstanding. This is not something you can buy at Victoria’s Secret, you can only have this designed for you by a skilled craftsman. “Hello Jimmy. My name is Mistress Rachel Green the Bondage Queen. I am so fucking horny.”

Gwen gets off the bed, as Jennifer comes into the room. Once inside Jimmy can see that she’s toting a bullwhip. She looks at Jimmy with a dark look that scares him so bad. “You made that pretty girl scream, and it made me so mad!” Jennifer cracks the whip like a pro nearly missing Jimmy with it.

“What the fuck?” Jimmy begins to freak out some, as he sits up. There’s only one way out of this door and that’s though Jennifer. If he made it Gwen might not make it. “I’ll do anything you want. Don’t hurt Gwen, please?”

Jennifer turns towards Gwen with anger in her eyes. She then raises her whip to Gwen. “If I start whipping her white ass you’ll do….” Gwen does become a little bit afraid, because she has face more than one woman who has gone crazy do to bondage gear before.

Before Jennifer finishes her threat, Jimmy kisses her with passion. His hands move all over her long sexy legs. Jennifer tries to keep control, but she can’t keep it. His hands move over her pantyhose covered legs, and Jennifer becomes so weak. The whip falls to the floor, as Jennifer falls onto the bed.

Jimmy falls onto her and his left hand moves all over her long and sexy legs. His right hand unzips her costume after he removes the sexiest pair of boots he has ever seen from Jennifer’s legs. “Rachel Green, the Bondage Queen I have to dump you for Jennifer Aniston.” He then gives her a long passionate kiss, and she kisses him back with lust.

“Okay…” Jennifer says softly, and out of breath as her top comes open. Jimmy kisses her all over her beautiful breasts, and Jennifer shivers so hard. His hands move over her breasts and legs, as Jennifer enjoys it so much.

Then Jimmy whispers something into her ear, and Jennifer laughs so hard. Then she looks at Gwen and she hides her smile. “What?” Gwen asks a little bit upset. Right now few women on earth can go toe to toe with Jennifer Aniston in the leg department. Gwen fears even she can’t match Jen. In the eyes of some she can’t.

“Jimmy just said something kind of cute… Oh God…” Jennifer shivers, as the leather flows down her beautiful tan body. She arches her back, as she helps move it down her body too. “Jimmy, are you hard again?”

“No, but if a naked Jennifer Aniston and a naked Gwen Stefani cannot get me naked again do I deserve a penis?” Jimmy smiles, as he looks into Jennifer’s beautiful blue eyes. Jennifer smiles up at Jimmy.

Then Jimmy leans to Gwen, and he licks her shin. Gwen shudders, as his tongue moves over the lower part of the front of her leg. “Oh God…” Gwen closes her eyes, as she shudders so hard. She then lies on her back, and she looks at Jimmy.

When Jimmy moves back to Jennifer, she wags her finger at him. “I got none of that when you fucked her. So no.” Jimmy kisses her chest again, and Jennifer heaves so hard.

“I’m sorry.” Jimmy says in baby talk.

Jennifer glares up at Jimmy and she tells him. “I hate baby talk.”

He then blows down her body, and his hot breath turns her on so much. Her eyes rolls, and her chest heaves so hard. Then Jimmy begins to blow his hot breath on her pussy. “Oh my God!” She shouts so turned on too.

Jimmy blows hard on her pussy for maybe five minutes, and it drives Jennifer mad with lust. Her back arches, and her chest heaves while she shudders so hard. “Uhhhhhh!” She moans over and over.

Then Jimmy begins to eat out her pussy. It feels light lightning moves up her spine, as Jimmy licks it so hard. His hands move over her thighs, as he licks her pussy so hard. “OHGod!OhGod! OH GOD!” Jennifer moans, as Jimmy licks her deeper than before.

He pulls away, as Jennifer has a major league orgasm. Her body shakes so hard, as the vaginal fluid comes out of her pussy and her eyes roll so hard. Jimmy licks her clit while she cums so hard. Her chest heaves, as her shudders. “Oh my God.” She says in a calm voice, as she puts her cupped hands over her mouth, and she breathes so hard.

“Are you okay?” Jimmy crawls between her knees, and he hugs her hard. When he does this Jennifer can feel that Jimmy’s hard again, and she happens to be exhausted. Oh crap! He does feel damn good though too.

“I’m okay Jimmy, but I need a rest before round two.” Jennifer hopes that Jimmy does not get mad, because it has been awhile since she has been eaten out like that.

“Sure Jennifer.” Jimmy smiles down at Jennifer, because he’s whooped too.

Then Gwen’s leg comes onto the bed, and she smiles down at Jimmy. “I am ready for round two.”

Jennifer then glares up at Gwen and she tells her. “I am not done with him yet, bitch! I’m tired and not dead!”

Gwen smiles down at Jennifer, because she has given her the umpth that it takes to fuck someone. “What position Jimmy?” Jennifer sits up, as she glares at Gwen Stefani so hard. She with her long and sexy legs have likely won this contest, and it pisses her off so bad. Since she was his first Jimmy likely thinks that Gwen invented sex too.

“Hands and knees?” Jimmy asks, as he looks into her blue eyes.

She shakes her head no. “Don’t ass fuck me please, Jimmy?”

“No, I plan on fucking your pussy with your pantyhose around your knees. Are you in?” His hand moves over her thigh.

She moves onto her hands and knees. Her crotch to her pantyhose are soak and wet, because of the oral sex and her cumming. “I’m in Jimmy, fuck my tight pussy.”

Jimmy moves her pantyhose down a little bit above her knee, about mid thigh. His hand then moves over her sexy bare ass. “You are both so fucking sexy! What did I do to deserve this?”

“You came under our attention Jimmy.” Gwen says with a soft smile. The fact that Jimmy had things like full profiles on his website impressed the hell out of Gwen too. She likes to be known as other things than a great pair of legs.

“Yes, oh yes! YES!” Jennifer screams, as his hand move over her pussy. She closes her eyes, as he slides himself into her wet pussy. Jennifer shudders, as hard and it does not take to long to figure one thing out for herself. Her pantyhose does not allow her to part her legs very far. This might get painful.

He begins to screw her hard, and Jimmy tells her to code word if she wishes to stop this. Jennifer grits her teeth, as she perpares for the pain. Instead of pain, Jennifer is hit with pleasure. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Jennifer moans, as Jimmy screws her so hard. She squeezes her eyes shut, as she endures the fucking from Jimmy. The pantyhose are so tight around her thighs, as she tries to open her sexy legs so Jimmy can fit inside of her.

It does not take Jennifer long for her arms to give out, and her face ends up in the bed. She is hit with the oder from her and Gwen, and it smells good. It turns her on too. “Are you okay?” Jimmy asks, as he screws her so hard. His hips slam against her well formed ass over and over sliding his penis in her pussy over and over.

“YES! YES! YES!” Jennifer chants, as she cums all over his penis. Jimmy orgasms not to long after her too.

Jennifer body falls onto the bed, and she passes out do to pure pleasure. She shakes while she moans with a smile on her face. Jimmy repositions her in the bed after he pulls out of her. He looks up at a sexy and very naked Gwen Stefani, and he looks at his watch. “Gwen, its late and you are tired. Want to have a most awesome slumber party?”

Gwen smiles, as she slips into the very large bed with Jimmy and Jennifer. Gwen hugs Jimmy hard, as she and Jimmy begin to make out with deep passion. His hands move over her small breasts, as Gwen shakes so hard. “Oh God…” Gwen and Jimmy continue making out until they both fall to sleep in each other’s arms.

As Jimmy sleeps the next day, he dreams a sexy dream. In his dream Gwen Stefani rides his penis buck naked. Her blonde hair flows, as sweat comes down her beautiful body. She moans in pleasure, as she rides his hardon with a very sexy smile on her face. Gwen looks like such a goddess, as she rides his penis.

Then Jimmy’s eyes pop open, and he gasps as he looks up at the beautiful Gwen Stefani, as she rides his penis with lust. Sweat pour down her sexy body, as his hands move up it. He ends up cupping her breasts. She smiles down at Jimmy, as she sings. “Good morning Captain, let’s come out and play. Good morning Captain, its going to be a perfect day.”

“You watched Captain Kangaroo as a kid, huh? That show was cancelled before I was born.” Gwen then gives the handsome twenty two year old a look.

“Not funny Jimmy! Besides you missed a pretty cool show.” Gwen continues to ride his penis, before she has a massive orgasm. “Oh God! YES!” No man has made Gwen cum like this before, and she wonders how a virgin can have such sexual stamina.

Gwen smiles down at Jimmy, as the fluids come out of her vagina. “Jimmy, what are you thinking of right?”

“Right now I am thinking of Gwen Stefani screwing the shit out of Mister Moose!” Jimmy yells with a chuckle in his voice. His mom told him all about that show and Jimmy knows the characters mostly by name.

She bursts out laughing, as Gwen thinks of Mister Moose and his ping pong ball. Jimmy not only killed the mood here, he slaughtered it too. “Oh my God! That is so sick! Would a puppet even have a penis?”

Laughter comes out of her mouth, as she slides off Jimmy’s penis. Her body shakes so hard, as she laughs. “What’s next, do I screw Howdy Doody?”

Jennifer smiles, as she looks at Jimmy and Gwen. “What’s so funny?” Jennifer sits on her elbows, as she looks at the naked Jimmy and Gwen. Jennifer happens to be naked two. Her pantyhose cover her legs, and she has some bruises from them during the sex last night.

“Jimmy wants me to screw Mister Moose from Captain Kangaroo! Next that moose will shove ping pong balls up my cunt. Oh my God!” Gwen shouts, as her laughter becomes new again.

As Jennifer hears Gwen howl so loud she laughts some too. “Oh my God. That is so wrong! Howdy Doody has to be the only thing less sexy than Mister Moose too!”

Both Jennifer, and Gwen laugh a long laugh at that thought. Sex with puppets is so sick. Then Gwen says something that makes them all roar in laughter again. “Oh my God that guy who won America’s Got Talent wants to bring back the puppet craze! Maybe he has a Hoff puppet that Gwen can screw?” Everyone laughts because if anyone can make puppets cool again it would be the very talented Terry Fater.

When two o’clock comes Jimmy is having a threesome with Gwen and Jennifer. Jennifer rides his penis so hard, as he lies on his back eating out Gwen. Both ladies shake and shiver, as they have sex with the handsome Jimmy. Each lady screams so loud, as they screw Jimmy. His mere touch sets their loins on fire, and it does not seem odd to either of them. “Oh God, I’m going to cum again! Jimmy you are such a…”

Before the words Sex God comes out of Jennifer’s mouth the clock begins to ring, and by the second ring both of them have a huge change of heart. They stop riding Jimmy like a stallion, and Jennifer and Gwen look into each others eyes. “Jennifer… what are we doing?”

“Right now I am riding the penis of someone I don’t even know.” His hips still thrust into her, and she moans some.

Jimmy, continues to eat Gwen like a fine streak. She looks down at him and she asks. “Do you mind? I don’t even know you.” She does shiver some, because Jimmy has had practice, but somehow it’s not the same.

They get off of Jimmy feeling used and they look at each other. “Do you give a shit where your legs rank with anyone’s?” Jennifer asks Gwen.

“Only with Gavin. I feel pretty used.” Gwen hugs herself, as she looks at Jimmy. “How did you make this happen?”

“Ladies I… made a deal with someone…” Jimmy instantly sees Gwen and Jennifer become so angry with him.

“What the fuck did you do Jimmy?” Jennifer asks in outrage. Things might now get violent between the three of them.

The man drives his long black car to the home of Jimmy Bennet. Besides of him sits an incredible beautiful looking… let’s call it a woman. She currently looks like Lyndia Carter who played Wonder Woman on the 1970s TV show called The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. She looks like the star back when Lyndia Carter was so hot. He smiles, as he drives because it’s time to reap the rewards of his latest deal. Jimmy has sold his soul to him.

As he gets out of the car every shadow in the neighborhood follows him along with the woman looking like Lyndia Carter. She is dressed in black leather from head to toe, and she looks as sexy as hell. They walk up the stairs and through the door with no effort to Jimmy’s small apartment.

Once inside, something seems very wrong and he looks around. “Something’s not right here?”

“Gwen, who is that?” Jennifer asks, as she and Gwen sit on a couch in the living room.

“Jennifer, it looks like Satan to me!” Gwen waves at the man, as she and Jennifer sit on the couch. Both of their legs are on Jimmy Bennet’s lap. He’s not going any where. “Yes, my Church Lady sucks ass. What do we call you? George W. Bush?” Gwen smiles showing the Devil that she does not care for President Bush.

“What the fuck are you two doing here?” His voice becomes so low, as his eyes turn so red. These two should have left hours ago!

“I faxed the deal that you and Jimmy or should we call him James signed to my lawyer. As long as Gwen and I are here you can’t take James to… should we call it Omaha, Gwen?”

“Jennifer, I would like to keep doing shows in Omaha. Let’s call it Hades. Her lawyer told us that if she and I did not leave you can’t take Jimmy to Hades.” Gwen smiles at Satan.

You two believe that you know what I am, huh?” He walks towards them with the female behind him.

Gwen stands, and she holds a cross at him and she begins to pray putting her faith into everything that she has been told to believe by her parents. After many minutes she looks at Satan who is not impressed at all. “Why didn’t that work?”

“Besides the fact that your fate is shakier than Britney Spears a night after she goes out with Paris Hilton, or the fact that you read too many comic books you dumb cunt. I am not a fucking a vampire! I am the one who shall…”

“BORING!” Jennifer shouts, as she stands. “Jimmy ain’t going anywhere.”

“Who plans on stop me?” He walks towards Jimmy.

“WE ARE!” Jennifer and Gwen get between The Devil and his prey. Gwen holds the cross, and she realizes that he won’t get to close to it. He is The Prince of Lies after all.

“So, you think that you stopped me, huh?” A wicked smile comes across his face.

“Jimmy, America needs you. Help us stop the Nazis?” Wonder Woman comes forwards in her season three uniform. The smallest one that she wore. “America needs you Jimmy.” She stands in the kitchen looking so sexy.

His eyes widen, as he looks at Lyndia Carter in her glory as Wonder Woman. Jimmy walks to her slowly with his hardon ready for action. His mouth is open, and he walks towards her. Being around Gwen and Jennifer has made him ready for action again, and they were in no mood to put out to him.

Before he can walks into the kitchen to his doom, Gwen’s and Jennifer’s legs are up stopping his way into the kitchen. Gwen stands on one side of the door with her leg up, and Jennifer has her leg up on the other side of the door.

“Jimmy, would you rather fuck a REALLY old lady or us at our prime?” Jennifer then kisses Jimmy, and then Gwen kisses him too. The caring from the two lovely ladies break the spell.

“Holy shit… you kissed me on your own?” Jimmy looks at them shocked. The first hour after The Devil’s spell wore off Gwen sobbed her eyes out, while Jennifer stomped in outrage. They were both so devistated and angry that Jimmy feared that they would kick his ass, or cut off his nuts.

“We care for you Jimmy besides…”

“ENOUGH!” Satan shouts in outrage. The room shakes due to his anger. His eyes litterally have flames in them, as his face turns red.

Then Gwen is hit by an image of her son Kingston gravely ill. The fact that his mother is not there to care for the child; because she had the sudden urge to be a whore happens to be one of her worst fears. Gwen falls to the floor in fear, as she begins to sob. “Kingston NO!”

“Gwen that’s a lie. This happens to be the prince of…” She shudders, as a great hand moves through her long hair. “Oh God… Brad…” The woman who Wonder Woman now has the form of her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

The shape shifter cups her breasts, as Jennifer shakes so hard. “Jennifer, I am so sorry for leaving you for Angie. I’ll take you out to my car and….”

It stops, as Jennifer turns to it with an angry face. Her blue eyes fire with anger and rage. Jennifer looks at fake Brad right in the eye. “NO! You’ll never fuck me again!”

Jennifer then begins to wail on the fake Brad Pitt so hard. It’s so shocked, because this is a fantasy that Jennifer still has to this day. The actress fights like a wild animal with so much pent up anger and outrage. She will not let her ex-husband turn her into what he did when he left her. She and Brad Pitt are done forever. This creature does not exist to fight it exists to trick and so it’s no match for the enraged Jennifer.

It goes down, and it turns into its true form looking up at Jennifer. “That… wanted to screw me? ewww!”

After she beats on the shape shifter some more, Jennifer then turns to Jimmy, and Gwen who rises to her feet. “Get those lies out of my head!” She screams, as she looks at the Devil. Kingston has beem baptised for the love of God. That will protect him from The Devil. It has to protect him!

“What can we do to save his soul?” Jennifer asks so afraid of the soul for a soul deal. She does not want to spend forever in Hell for someone who she hardly knows.

“What can two beautiful woman do for me?” The Devil asks with a smile on his face.

“Jen… he’s not after Jimmy…” Gwen shakes hard and she sobs, as the bedroom door to Jimmy’s bedroom comes open. “Oh God NO!”

Then Gwen feels a hand come around her hand, and she looks at Jennifer. She nods at Gwen, as Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani follow the Devil into the bedroom of Jimmy Bennet. As The Devil closes the door he says something to Jimmy that scares him so much. “If you open the door before I come out you come with me to Hell. The door closes and Jimmy begins to cry so hard. Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston are so brave and extremely stupid too.

Jimmy sits outside of his bedroom, and he listens to the horror show that goes on inside. He can put the voice to each cry, sob and plead for mercy. He can hear Gwen as she tries to pray to God in-between sobs, and pleads to The Devil. Jennifer cries for mercy, as she sobs like in the movie Derailled. She actually pleads with Satan, as she cries “Please no.” Over and over.

He tries to pray and the shape shifter laughs. “You are a fool. Prayers cannot hurt The Dark Lord!”

“Then why has he attacked Gwen every time that she has begun to pray?” Jimmy asks. He has been listening and every time that Gwen has began to pray Satan would screw her and cause her pain. Jimmy no longer fears Hell, because he liveing it right now.

“The Devil is horny, and Gwen is very beautiful.” The creatures says with a smile. “What passes as a nightmare for those two are lustful urges to him.”

“Whatever…” Jimmy falls to his knees and he begins to pray to God for salvation for Gwen and Jennifer. He’s not from a religous family, but he knows that he has to save them from Satan. No one else even knows that they are in trouble.

“Stop that! Stop that God damn it! STOP! The shape shifter yells at him. It cannot get close to Jimmy, because Jimmy talks to God. It’s not that Jimmy has a clue how to pray, but that Jimmy converses honestly to God.

“If you save Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston from the hell that they are facing now The Devil may take my soul to Hell.” Jimmy honestly promises God.

Then he hears a different scream coming from his bedroom. The Devil howls in agony, as Jimmy begins to pray even more. “Do you know what you are doing boy?” The shape shifter asks so afraid.

“Looks like I am beating The Devil.” Jimmy smiles, because both Jennifer and Gwen pick it up with prays too. They pray for each other and Jimmy and it makes the Devil howl so loud.

The door to his bedroom explodes from it’s hinges, and Satan appears in the door bucked naked. It’s like looking at C. Mongormy Burns from The Simpsons buck naked mixed with some Charles Manson. He walks to Jimmy with a scowl on his deformed face. “You have any idea what you have done to me?”

“Hurt you?” Jimmy asks with a smug smile on his face.

Satan then begins to smile so wide at Jimmy. “No, you gave me what I wanted. In another thrity-seven years you shall be mine forever anyway.” The Devil smiles at Jimmy as he leaves the room with the shape shifter behind him. “I wanted Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Aniston. You were dumb enough to set them in my lap.” He then turns into the man who took their pictures at the mall, and The Devil waves at Jimmy.

Jimmy wastes no time getting into his bedroom. Jennifer and Gwen are rolled up inside of his blankets and sheets, as they sob in-between prayers. Both women are shaking so hard, as they hold their stomaches. “Are you ladies okay?”

“Cold… we are so cold…” Jennifer says in-between sobs. “My tummy hurts too!”

He breaks out an electric blanket that he got for Christmas, and he tears it from the package. He puts it over Jennifer and Gwen, as they sob so hard. “I’ll get inside to warm you with my body heat too.” Jimmy climbs into the bed with the extremely cold beauties. No matter how hot they still look he does not enjoy holding them at all. It’s like holding ice cubes.

After an hour of enduring incredible cold from both Gwen and Jennifer he can feel Jennifer’s stomach become bigger. Then Gwen’s begins to grow too. “NO! NO! NO! This ain’t right!” Gwen protests, as she feels three trimesters of birth come in under a minute.

“Oh GOD! My water just broke!” Jennifer shouts, as the fluid comes out of her vagina. “I am going into labor!”

“SO AM I! Please God NO!” Gwen goes into contractions, as labor begins.

They howl in ten minutes in total agony, as they go through a labor that no human has ever endured. Creatures come out of their vaginas, and they can tell that the creatures are not human at all. Both women are torn in half, and they howl in agony as the creatures come out of their wombs.

Each of the creatures crawl onto the floor, and they begin to grow and turn more human looking. The next thing Jennifer and Gwen know they are looking in the mirror. “Gwen it’….”

“Us…” Gwen says, as she and Jennifer look at a naked Gwen Stefani with natural hair color, and a naked Jennifer Aniston. The evil Gwen moves her hand over her face, and her hair becomes blonde. They then walk out of the room.

Jennifer and Gwen try so hard to get up and stop them because they cannot allow evil to be done in their names. Neither of them have the strength to even move. Giving birth to The Anti-Christ takes a lot out of you, and this happens to be…

THE END. Any questions or comments send them to [email protected] If you want to give me your opinon of who has the greatest legs please send them. Just be cool, because my story is my opinon.

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