Spice Wars [Episodes 3-4]

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Legal Disclaimer: The following story is purely fictional
(obviously!). It contains scenes of sex, forced public nudity,
offensive language, and perhaps worst of all…the Spice

Spice Wars III: Revenge of the Spice (nc, mf, ir, F/f, bond,
dildo, strip, etc etc)
by Defiler

While the other All Saints still slept, Natalie Appleton
awoke from a bad dream with a splitting headache.
Her entire
body felt slimy from the cum that coated her skin and hair.
She looked down on the floor where her sister and Shaz had
passed out in the 69 position, and over on the other bed where
Melanie lay sprawled over some naked black men. A soft cock
was still in Mel’s mouth, as if she dozed off while using it
as a soother. Natalie also felt some guy spooning her pussy
with his early-morning hard-on, so
she turned to find out who it was, and was taken by surprise
to see the gold-toothed grin of ODB, “Oh my god! What happened
night?” she thought to herself, feeling immediately nauseous..
Just then a bright flash went off in Nat’s eyes, and before
her vision could return, a familiar voice sent jolts of agony
through her hungover brain, “Rise and shine, Natalie!” said a
loud voice that sent a shiver down Natalie’s spine. That
obnoxious voice could
only belong to one person, but Natalie knew that was
impossible…she must still be dreaming….she thought if she
rubbed her eyes she’d open them to find nothing but a room of
“I SAID WAKE UP!” Natalie couldn’t believe her eyes. It
was Scary Spice! Soon all the Saints were startled awake by
boisterous chattering of all four Spice Girls.
“Get up ladies, there’s something on the telly we want you
to watch!” said Posh.
The All Saints were still groggy, but started to sweat as they
turned their attention to the hotel room tv set, where all the
highlights of the previous night’s fuckfest was replayed for
them. The All Saints were used in every way possible by eight
Wu Tang
members: Melanie was on her knees with two huge cocks crammed
down her gullet, Shaz and Nicole were eating eachother’s
pussies while ODB fucked Shaz up the ass. The camera panned
over to
show Natalie getting slapped in the face by Method Man’s
rock-hard cock while another man fucked her doggy-style.
Next the lurid peep show cut to a scene where four Wu
Tang men were laying side by side on a kingsize bed while all
four All Saints bent over them, their heads bobbing up and
down on the massive cocks as they engaged in a cocksucking
contest. After the men shot their loads all over their faces,
they all rotated, and eventually Shaz was declared the winner.
For her prize she got her pussy licked by her bandmates,
while all the losers were forced to get fucked up the ass.
The white girls got a little more than they bargained for as
their asses were rammed hard by monster black
cocks. Shaz got turned on as all her friends had tears in
their eyes and squealed as their tits swayed beneath them with
each forceful thrust. She knew they’d soon get to liking it,
and soon she herself was getting assfucked with a smile on
her face as she begged for more.
At that point Baby Spice pressed the pause button, and said,
“This goes on for hours and hours, but I think we all get the
point, don’t we?”
Natalie wretched on the floor from the extreme anxiety she
felt, but then rose to face her rivals, along with her
bandmates, “Give us that tape you fucking bitches!”
Natalie started to lunge toward the Spice Girls, but was
stopped in her tracks as Sporty delivered a solid punt to her
already aching pussy, knocking the stunned girl to the floor.
Taken by
surprise, Shaz was harshly bitch-slapped by Scary and, as she
spun around, Scary booted her in the ass, sending her smashing
through a table covered with empty 40 oz. bottles. Posh
grabbed Melanie by her hair, pulling her down to her knees, as
she whipped her bare ass with a belt. She forced Melanie’s
nose between her legs as she whipped her backside. Melanie
was disgusted as she could feel
Posh’s wet pussy on her nose and lips. She fell back, allowing
Posh to whip her tits hard. Melanie started to cry and rolled
over onto her stomach, and Posh put her foot down on her
upturned ass,
pressing the pointed heel of her stilettos right into her
butthole. Looking at her sister Natalie writhing on the floor
her destroyed pussy, Nicole screamed at Sporty, “You’re
dead you ugly bi–!” As Nicole took a wild swing at Sporty,
the Spice Girl ducked it and grabbed her huge tits with her
claws and leaned back, executing a judo toss as she planted
her foot up Nic’s crotch and flipped her over onto her back.
Nicole landed with a thud, splayed out in front of Baby
Spice. Baby raised her foot slowly and stomped down hard on
Nicole’s cunt with one of her
huge platform shoes, crushing her cum-oozing muff like a wet
sponge — sperm splashed around Baby’s boot as if she’d
stepped in a puddle.
Standing over her vanquished foes, Scary Spice declared
ominously, “Face it All Skanks. Your partying days are ova’!
We own your stupid arses!”.
The All Saints just whimpered from their injuries as Sporty
told them, “Yeah! Say ‘allo’ to your new managers!”
Natalie wished herself away, but she knew the Spice Girls
had their tits in a wringer. She noticed the Wu Tang members
were putting on their clothes and heading out, as Scary handed
them a briefcase. Natalie spat at them, “You assholes were in
on this?!” “Yo who you callin’ an asshole you little
chickenhead ho’?”
said ODB as all the others laughed. “Listen, these bitches
got to us first,” opening the briefcase full of cash, ODB said
to a tearful Natalie, “Yo what can I say? It’s all about the
“Thanks boys,” said Scary as the rappers filed out of the
room, allowing the Spice Girls to get down to the business at
hand. “Our first move as your managers is to change your name
something more fitting than All Saints. Look at yourselves,”
said Posh. “You’re all covered in yucky yuck, like a bunch of
filthy little hussies!”
Scary broke in, “We’re changing your name to the All
“Oh, no, please, you can’t do this to us,” Nicole wept.
“We can do anything we want to you! And you better listen
or the whole world is gonna see that video tape!” threatened
Sporty. “Now we’ve got to ‘spice up’ your image with some new
names for the lot of ya.”
As Baby twisted her foot on Nicole’s slimy well-fucked
pussy, she observed, “Listen when I turn my foot. Her
naughty-bits are all squishy squishy. Look!”
“We’ll call her Sloppy Slut! Ha ha!” said Scary, much to the
approval of her bandmates. And in reference to her penchant
for anal sex, Shaz was named Booty Slut.
Looking down on Melanie’s face and hair, which was
matted with sticky sperm, Posh stated, “This one likes to do
the gobbly-goo. Let’s call her Slurpy Slut.” Sporty laughed
and gave Vicki a high-five, “But what about this one?” she
asked in reference to Natalie.
Stepping out of the bathroom and towards the door, ODB
volunteered, “Yo man, they’s all a bunch of chickenheads!
bitches was suckin on this big black muthafucka all damn
night!” And so Natalie was dubbed Chickenhead Slut, along with
her new
All Slut bandmates, Slurpy, Sloppy and Booty Slut. The name
change annnouncement was definitely going to be one hell of a
news conference….

Along with their new names, the All Saints (or is it All
Sluts?) received some new “Spiced up” fashions, that would
become their new trademark outfits. Natalie was dressed up as
a precocious schoolgirl, in a short tartan skirt, a white
shirt tied around her waist to reveal her flat tummy, knee
high socks, and her hair in pigtails. Nicole wore the pleated
miniskirt of a cheerleader’s uniform, a large letter “S” on
her curvy chest, while Melanie wore a classic french maid
outfit, her skirt so short it failed to conceal her black
garters. Shaz was dressed like a street whore in a cheesy
miniskirt and thigh-high leather boots with big heels, her
breasts nearly falling out of her top.
The new image of the All Saints was highly publicized
thanks to a converted Pepsi video billboard located in Times
Square. The “All Sluts” were on display there to make up for
the heinous attack on Geri. For the next couple of weeks the
Girls ensured that the “All Sluts” would be totally
subservient to them by degrading them privately. Each Spice
Girl took one of the All Saints home and used her as a
personal sex slave.
True to her icy appearance, Posh was an amateur
dominatrix, and she spent most of her time whipping Natalie,
the most insolent All Saint, into submission. Natalie hated
Posh, but after a week of being tied to a torture rack,
whipped, and hooked up to a car battery with starter cables
pinching her nipples, her fighting spirit was broken. She
would spread baby oil tenderly all over Posh’s naked body and
give her a sensuous body massage and
lick her entire body without a hint of protest.
The other All Saints were more easily subverted, and
Melanie ended up spending most of her time with her tongue
buried in Scary’s snatch. When she wasn’t licking carpet, she
cleaning it, literally, as Scary had Mel clean her huge
mansion from top to bottom, wearing her embarassing maid
outfit without
panties. In Nicole, Baby Spice got just what every little
girl wants — a pony. Wearing a complete harness and bit,
Nicole would crawl naked on all fours with Baby on her back,
whipping her ass to make her go faster. Nicole was totally
humiliated, especially since Baby shoved the handle of a
horsetail whip into her tight butt. This gave her a “tail”
and also made her hips sway back and forth as she tried to
crawl with the object painfully stretching her sphincter. As
for Shaznay, when Sporty wasn’t riding her face, or pounding
her ass with a massive dildo, Shaz was used as a punching bag
of a sparring partner, as Sporty practised her martial arts on
After the training period was over, the Spice Girls got
together to celebrate the occasion of Sporty’s birthday, but
also took the opportunity to show off their new slaves. They
gathered at Sporty’s house, where Shaz was chained to the
doorway with a dog leash around her neck. The girls laughed
sadistically when Sporty admonished her, “Tsk, tsk, you didn’t
eat your dinner! Bad doggie!” A battered and bruised Shaz
take another punch from Sporty, and ruefully crawled over to
her bowl on the floor and ate her daily helping of dogfood,
using her hands as she’d been trained.
Her friends gave Sporty high-fives and congratulations for
subordinating poor Shaznay. Now, in a game of one-upmanship,
the others presented Sporty with her birthday “presents”.
brilliant! A pair of cowboy boots!” said Sporty, “I like the
shiny spurs on them. Thanks, Emma!”
“Well, what birthday party is complete without pony rides?”
responded Baby Spice, as she led Nicole into the room by her
harness. The Girls fell over laughing as a naked and
snivelling Nicole crawled in on black knee pads, wearing a
leather cowboy
hat, and her ridiculous “tail” protruding from her anus.
Framing her crimson face were leather straps attached to a
ball gag in her
mouth, making reins. The humiliated woman also had straps
wrapped tightly around her drooping tits and smooth thighs,
emphasizing her bondage.
Sporty rode her bareback, enjoying the feeling of Nicole’s
satiny skin and back muscles straining beneath her loins, as
the unfortunate girl wiggled her stretched-out ass around the
Sporty took off Nic’s cowboy hat and put it on herself.
Nicole had bronco-bucked atop many a cock wearing that hat,
but this time
somebody had her legs wrapped around HER, as Sporty dug her
steel spurs into Nic’s soft pampered pussylips. This made her
journey even more difficult, as Nic’s hot swollen pussy
suffered jolts of pain mixed with stimulation that her
deprived cunt hadn’t felt since becoming a beast of burden.
As Nicole’s body shuddered with sexual pulses, her back
arched, her tits jiggled and her loins twitched as her eyes
rolled back in her head. Sporty yelled a big, “Hee-yahh!
Hee-yahh!” and smacked Nicole’s upturned ass hard
with the riding whip she’d been given. Nicole was reminded of
her task, and put her head down in shame and sobbed as she
onward, amusing her onlookers to no end.
After all the Spices had a few pony rides they decided it was
time for more presents, so Nicole was left chained to her
horsey water trough — a toilet in Sporty’s bathroom. “Me
next! Me
next!” blurted Posh, as she walked over to the corner and
unveiled her masterpiece of human domination — Natalie was
spread-eagle to a vertically standing wheel, wearing nothing
but thigh high leather boots, and a tight leather mask with a
sealed zipper covering her mouth. A taut chain was attached
to rings
which pierced Natalie’s swollen nipples. She was strapped to
the wheel by her wrists and ankles, as beads of perspiration
rolled down her heaving bosom, her trim belly and her
glistening shaved vagina. “Let’s play a party game, girls!
Mel, spin the wheel to see
what game we play!” said an unusually enthusiastic Posh Spice.
Sporty spun the wheel hard, sending Natalie for a nauseating
ride. The captive girl soon felt like puking, and struggled
beautifully in her bonds. Mercifully, the wheel started to
slow down, nearly
coming to a stop with the needle pointed to sections of the
wheel marked “Bob for Apples” ….. “Lawn Darts”….. “Pub
Games”….. “Dunk Tank” ….. “Bowling” ….. “Pinata” ……
and finally coming to rest on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.
“Yeah, that’s my favorite!” screeched Sporty. After Natalie
swallowed her puke and regained her equilibrium, she took some
relief in knowing that her ass wasn’t going to be used as a
dartboard, or her cunt stuffed with candy and beaten with a
stick by a blindfolded Spice bitch. After all, it’s not as if
nothing had been shoved up her ass before.
Posh was a little disappointed it wasn’t the bowling option
— she was going to set up ten pins, and every pin knocked
would have to be inserted into an orifice of one of the All
Saints. Nonetheless, Posh didn’t hesitate to bend Natalie over
the back of a couch and grease up her ass so she could play
the role of the
donkey. She took her mask off so they all could watch the
bitch Natalie’s face grimace in pain.
Scary pushed her way to the front of the line and put on a
blindfold. Posh held a box containing the “tails”, and said
to her friends, “Hey girls, remember when that slut said she
was going to use cattle prods on us? Well, the object of the
game is to stick one of these puppies right up her bum!” The
others laughed, “…and
then push this button right here!”
Scary was blindfolded and ready to go, and grabbed the
tube-shaped cattle prod with a cheesy fake donkey tail taped
to the end of it. After being spun around several times Scary
stumbled toward Natalie’s lubed ass, which quivered in
anticipation of the violation to come. Posh tied Nat’s arms
in front of her, as Scary inched closer. Scary Spice grasped
blindly with her free hand and found Natalie’s blonde hair,
and then felt down her face. “Ok, it’s really hairy and
smelly. Yes, this feels like it, I think I found the donkey’s
ass!” declared Scary facetiously.
“Up yours bitch!” said Natalie, in a last display of defiance
before Scary shoved the cattle prod into her open mouth,
sending jolts of electricity through her teeth, completely
frying her brains. Natalie’s head rocked violently and then
suddenly slumped down as Scary released the button. The prod
was so wide it stretched her jaw open fully — Natalie
couldn’t imagine what it would do to her tight little ass.
The Spice Girls got a kick out of that but Baby Spice was
determined to do better. After finding the silky smooth flesh
of Natalie’s bubble butt, she pressed the zap button to
heighten her victim’s fear by letting her hear the ominous hum
of the shock
device. But nothing could have prepared Natalie for what
happened next. Baby took a full wind up and violently shoved
the thick tube right up her fuck tunnel, sending lightning
bolts of pain directly to her sensitive clit. Even the Spice
Girls cringed as they watched Natalie convulse wildly,
blubbering incoherently as the
smell of burnt flesh started to permeate the room.
Once the initial shock subsided, and the pain in her pussy
changed to a dull, throbbing type pain, Natalie moaned with
other prod still stuck in her mouth. But before she could
recover, the birthday girl herself was pinching Nat’s sweaty
ass and saying, “You know, this is goin’ta hurt you a lot more
than it’s gonna hurt me!” Sporty hit her target perfectly, as
the oversized object slid smoothly and abruptly into Natalie’s
rectum. Natalie’s eyes bulged out of her skull with the
invasion, screaming loudly even with her mouth gagged. The
laughter of the Spice Girls hurt Natalie almost as much as the
brutal triple penetration she subjected to, and she cried
pathetic sobs of self-pity, as if she was admitting defeat and
saying, “Please no more.”
“We have a winner! The birthday girl wins!” said Scary, as
she hugged Sporty along with Emma.
Posh interrupted them, “Hey, she hasn’t won yet! I can still
tie her.”
Posh was right, she could tie Sporty if she somehow
managed to cram another prod through Natalie’s tortured anal
ring. The Girls gave Posh a good spin, disorienting so
completely that she stumbled in the wrong direction. She was
headed for the
bathroom, where Nicole was bent over in front of the toilet.
Her mouth was so dry, and she’d been forced to eat out Scary
between rides, so now she had pubic hairs in her teeth and
pussy breath.
The toilet looked pretty clean, but Nicole chose to suffer a
dry, yucky mouth rather than lower herself to lapping up
water. Then she heard footsteps behind her, “Shit, what now?”
she groaned –ZZZZZZZZZ– “Aaaaaaaaah! aaaargh-gurgle-gurgle!”
Nicole let out a blood-curdling scream before her head was
pushed right into the toilet bowl in front of her. Posh had
rammed the cruel device up Nicole’s sweet pussy, racking
Nicole’s hot body with
pain and sending her into convulsions. The blindfolded Spice
Girl then stumbled over the kneeling girl and ended up shoving
her head into the can, and then accidentally flushed the
toilet as she
prevented herself from falling and suffering the same
indignity. The rest of the Spice Girls were floored with
uncontrollable laughter for several minutes, from this
degrading scene.

The fun continued as Sporty decided Shaz’s earlier
head-shaving idea was a good one. They shaved Shaz at both
ends, polishing her scalp to a perfect shine. Shaz was in
shock, and broke down in tears when she was forced to look at
her bald head in a
mirror. The cattle prod was removed from Nicole’s twat, and
Shaz was forced to play fetch with it, after she was given her
own tail, taking a spare from Natalie. She picked up the rod
which was
covered in Nicole’s secretions with her teeth, retrieving it
on her hands and knees with her big round ass wobbling
unavoidably due
to the foreign object up her tailpipe.
“Ok girls, enough games. Now it’s time for the cake!” said
As the Spice Girls sang Happy Birthday to Sporty, a large
cake was wheeled in, and after Sporty blew out the candles,
cake popped open. Melanie Blatt was totally humiliated,
although she was somewhat glad she didn’t have to suffocate
inside the
“cake” anymore. However, this new situation was far worse.
Sporty was absolutely delighted by the sight before her and
clapped her hands. Melanie stood in the middle of the room
wearing a small black tuxedo jacket which strained at the
buttons to conceal Mel’s huge bosom. A top hat, velvet
gloves, and a collar and black
bowtie completed the “suit”, while below the waist she wore
only lace thong panties and thigh-high boots.
Sexy music started to play, and after a moment’s hesitation
Melanie blushed as she started to sway her hips back and forth
in her first ever striptease. Melanie, just like her
bandmates, was used to teasing an audience, but never with as
little on as she had now. Turning around and spreading her
legs, Melanie bent over at the
waist, giving the Spices the awesome view of her thongs
disappearing between her fleshy buttcheeks, and her
mound between her legs.
“Shake that arse, baby!” ordered Scary, as the other Spices
cheered rowdily.
Discarding her hat, and slowly removing her coat, Melanie
felt a wave of goosebumps as she stood topless, with two long
tassles pastied to her hard nipples. Melanie was ordered by
all the Spices to shake her tits. Mel was loathe to do it for
the pleasure of these witches, but shook her luscious breasts
back and forth,
amusing the Spice Girls by making her tassles spin like little
Melanie did as instructed and gave the birthday girl a lap
dance, gyrating her hips lewdly right infront of her face.
Then she straddled Sporty, rubbing her bare breasts against
her face and
chest. Sporty ripped off her tassles, eliciting a yelp from
Melanie, and sucked on her nipples hard. Melanie backed off,
and with her big red lips in a naughty pout, she slid her
panties down her legs and kicked them off at Sporty. As the
Spice Girl sniffed her lacy underthings, Melanie sat on a
chair with her legs spread, giving her rivals a good gander at
her over-sexed cunt, which she fingered
She felt totally gross sitting like that, masturbating herself
infront of these women she hated. Sporty patted her own lap,
and Melanie took the hint and came forward, wrapping her legs
around her again. Sporty pulled Mel’s head to her and gave
her a kiss, biting her thick juicy red bottom lip, as the two
rubbed there dewy cunt mounds against eachother. “Oh shit,”
thought Melanie, “this bitch is getting turned on….I bet
she’s gonna want me to….”
“Eat me,” ordered Sporty softly, confirming Mel’s growing
suspicion that the only single Spice Girl wanted a little more
than a lap dance. Melanie slid down to the floor, as Sporty
pulled down her pants. While Melanie was trying not to gag
(her master Scary always punished her for that), Sporty looked
down at her licking her full wet lips and pulled her head
firmly into her crotch. Melanie could barely breath, so she
licked feverishly to bring the girl off as quickly as
Scary egged on obnoxiously,“That’s it Slurpy Slut, worship
your superior! Ha Ha!”
Sporty’s eyes rolled back in her head as she slammed Mel’s
face with her muff, flexing her cunt muscles so hard that
Melanie thought she was going to lose her tongue up in
Sporty’s cervix.
Sporty was really falling in love with Melanie’s sweet lips
and rapid tongue action. She also really liked her tattoos
and big breasts, and thought she might like to keep this girl
to herself for a while as she ran her hands through her long
brown hair. She offered Scary a
trade right on the spot — Melanie for Shaznay — which Scary
“Hey girls,” Emma addressed her friends, “We almost
forgot to give Sporty her birthday spankings!”
Sporty was finished cumming all over Melanie’s face in time
to fight off her bandmates who surrounded her in an attempt to
administer the obligatory spankings. “Hey, why don’t you spank
her instead?” suggested Sporty, pointing to Melanie ass which
sticking out toward them rather invitingly. “My new slave will
take my wallups for me. Right, slave?” she asked, hugging
whose face was covered in sweat and feminine juices.
The Spices were obliging, and Scary took poor Melanie
over her knee and slapped her firm ass with her bare hands,
leaving behind red handprints and a stinging pain. Melanie
put her head down and tried to take her whacks without giving
her tormentors
the pleasure of hearing her suffer. However, soon the pain
was too much and she was letting go a yelp with each audible
Baby stepped up next with her riding whip, laying another
ten welts on Mel’s pain- ridden ass and brought her to tears.
The final ten welts (the Spice Girls rounded up to the nearest
ten) were delivered with stonecold cruelty by Posh. She left
a criss-cross pattern of red welts on the soft flesh of
Melanie’s round ass.
Melanie screamed with each thwack of the belt, and broke down
into pitiful sobbing before Posh finally abated her sadistic
attack. As the party was winding down, the utterly defeated
Saints were dumped in a sweaty, naked pile in the middle of
room as their “masters” appraised the evening, “You did very
well tonight girls,” said Posh.
“From now on if you do as we say we won’t have to repeat
what went on tonight, ok ladies,” Baby told them.
“But if you bitches try anything……..well, let’s just say
you’ll look back on tonight as a cakewalk compared to what
we’ll do to you,” Scary warned.
Sporty got up and informed her unwilling proteges about
their upcoming venues, “You girls have to get cleaned up and
get ready for your next show. You perform in a few days!
Congratulations girls, for your first gig as the All Sluts
you’ll be opening up for Rob Zombie and a band called Korn.”
The All Saints were too exhausted for the impact of that last
statement to truly sink in, but on concert day the horror of
the situation would be fully reallized….

Continued in section 2….

Spice Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Spice
by Defiler

Nicole Appleton stood with beads of sweat forming on her
brow, she was so nervous that this performance, and maybe the
rest of her life, was going to be a total disaster. She stood
in her cheerleader outfit like some ridiculous male fantasy.
She tried to pull her pleated skirt down but she new every
time she moved the hormone-charged crowd would get a good
glimpse at her red
panties. The apprehension had her nipples standing so high
they could poke out an eyeball, and they were clearly visible
through her white sweater which strained to contain her
voluptuous breasts.
Natalie tried to cheer up her obviously depressed
bandmates, “Hey, look on the bright side, at least we’ll bring
our music to a new audience.” This did little good, so she
also offered, “I promise you after we do this we are going to
get those Spice
whores and do a tap dance all over their fuckin’ spines!”
“How can we do this Nat? I look like a goddamn whore!”
complained Shaz.
“Well, look at me. I look like freakin’ Britney Spears for
shits sake!” said Natalie, referring to her
“My boobs are about to rip open my shirt! I can’t do this,
Natalie!” whined Nicole, pointing to the few buttons which
precariously kept her sweater from popping open under the
weight of her ample bosom.
“Really, Nicole? I thought of all of us YOU’d be the most
willing to show off!” said Natalie.
“What’s that’s supposed to mean?” questioned Nicole.
“Well, maybe if you weren’t so busy slutting around we
wouldn’t be in this situation!”
“Excuse, me? You sucked just as much cock as I did that
night Natalie! Fuck you!” shouted Nicole, as her big sister
came over and the two got into a heated shoving match, their
stiff nipples rubbing together through thin fabric as they
locked wrists. Natalie gave her sister a quick nipple pinch
and then twisted her arm,
causing Nicole to cry her submission. Natalie’s bullying of
her little sister was broken up by their bandmates, “Girls, we
can’t fight
eachother! That’s just what those bitches want!” said Melanie,
referring to the Spice Girls, who were standing by with cattle
prods in hand in case the All Sluts had any second thoughts
performing. Indeed, the Spices got a big charge out watching
the siblings’ little catfight.
Meanwhile, the violent heavy metal crowd was impatiently
chanting “We want Korn! We want Korn!….” and “ZOMBIE!
ZOMBIE!” The Spice Girls, had made sure to delay the
performance to test the patience of the crowd, ensuring that
the metalheads would be ready to kill if they didn’t get their
fix of skull-splitting guitar riffs. With a last bit of
fussing over their outfits, and some mention of good luck,
like lambs to the slaughter the “All Sluts” took to the stage.
The Saints were going to open up with their hit song “Lady
Marmalade”, featuring the provocative chorus, “Voulez-vous
coucher avec moi — ce soir?” It was a favorite of the band
as they got the chance to really strut their stuff in full
swagger. They loved to pull down their pants slightly to
tease the boys in the audience with the glimpse of their
underwear waistbands beneath their trim bare midriffs, as they
wiggled their hips suggestively.
Now was a different story, however, as they were showing
a lot more skin than usual, dressed up as the ultimate
prickteases. Natalie led the way in her short tartan skirt
that lifted up with every wiggle of her hips to reveal white
panties. She didn’t like to wear skirts on stage, but her
legs were toned and tanned a golden brown which contrasted
with her white thigh high stockings.
The other Saints were also well-tanned from sitting around
the pool in their skimpy swimsuits teasing the men. It was
fun then, but now they were playing with fire, dressed as they
were in front of these wild concertgoers. With visible
trepidation the All Saints did their usual hip-grinding dance
routine on the stage which was decorated with images of demons
and various ghoulish creatures.
With Shaznay dressed like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, in a
micro-miniskirt a few sizes too small, and with Melanie
falling out of her maid outfit every time she moved, the
Saints looked more
like they belonged at a bachelor party than a concert venue.
Natalie felt totally demeaned, as did Melanie and Shaz, and
she frequently glanced to the side of the stage where the
Spice Girls taunted her and shot them back a look that could
kill. The worst part for the Saints was that they were
actively participating in their own character assassinations,
a grim reality which was only eclipsed by the fact that they
were being pimped out by the Spice Girls — ugly, untalented,
vapid, inferior Spice Girls! The only Saint who was getting
into her role was, predictably, Nicole, whose nipples were
hard and pussy wet with the knowledge that all of these horny
guys were devouring her fuckable body with their eyes.
Although the crowd would have all agreed they’d fuck the
brains out of the girls onstage, they were hardly receptive to
their brand of pop music, and when the number was complete the
of crickets could be heard in the background as the crowd
stared at them. The Saints didn’t know what to make of the
lack of
reception, as a few hecklers shouted, “Take it off!” “Show us
your tits!” and “You suck!” The last one seemed to strike a
chord and the crowd unanimously began to boo.
The Saints were soon being pelted with various objects
which came flying out of the crowd, and ran (Mel and Shaz with
ridiculously small steps due to their high heels) for cover
offstage. However, in their way stood the Spice Girls, and
they definitely didn’t want to get their asses kicked again by
the Spice Girls, not in front of all these people. Plus, the
merciless expression on their “managers’” faces warned them
that there’d be hell to pay if the show didn’t go on.
Choking back tears, Melanie tried to sing along to the
pre-recorded music of “I Know Where’s it at”, but even over
boo’s she could tell the song didn’t sound right. She
believe it, she was lip synching to the Spice Girls! “Those
bitches dubbed their shitty voices over our song!” reallized
Indeed, the new vocals provided by the Spice Girls were at
once, flat (Posh), out of tune (Baby), obnoxious (Scary) and
ear-shattering (Sporty). Apparently wailing like evil witches
being burned at the stake, the All Saints took the blame for
the horrible sounds which were as well recieved as nails
scraping across a
The crowd redoubled their efforts to throw their
concessions and whatever else they had handy at the desperate
girls. As a big ball of mud whizzed past Natalie’s head, and
Nicole stood drenched in a beer shower, Rob Zombie looked out
concern, “Aw fuck! There’s shit all over the goddamn stage!”
Not wanting his expensive stage set up to get ruined, Zombie
took to the stage with his ghoulish sidekicks and members of
Korn to solve the situation, “Looks like we’ll have to start
the show early guys. I’m giving these All Sluts the hook!”
Rob Zombie came up behind with his menacing sidekicks in
tow, while Korn members picked up their instruments, “Get off
the damn stage!” he ordered the terrified All Saints.
Caught between a rock and a hard place, the All Saints
huddled together in fear, “We can’t….they won’t let us….,”
Natalie tried to explain before she was picked up by
Zombie….and thrown into the mosh pit in front of the stage.
As a reflex the crowd
reached their hands up and caught the scantily clad girl.
One by one the Saints ended up doing a little crowd-surfing
as they were thrown off the front of the stage. Nicole was
the last to leave the platform as she was chased off by a
little man dressed as a devil who poked her fleshy buttocks
with a halloween
As Korn vocalist Johnathan Davis screamed, “ARE YOU
READY?!” and the band supercharged the crowd by bursting into
rendition of “Blind”, things went from bad to worse for the
terrified All Saints. Never before had they been so close to
their “fans”, and now all their teasing would come back to
haunt them. Hands
reached up and grabbed them all over, as their skimpy clothing
provided little protection.
As the crowd undulated the sexy All Saints were tossed
around the sea of outstretched arms. “Watch where you put
hands, assholes!” bitched Natalie, as probing hands squeezed
her ass-cheeks. “Hey, stop that!” her eyes went wide and she
desperate as some guy reached his hand up her little skirt and
started to slide her panties down her thighs. While Natalie’s
panties dangled from her ankle, the young men below her
clamored to look up her skirt at her smooth pussylips.
Natalie struggled vehemently to preserve her modesty but hands
groped her ass and she feinted when someone inserted a dry
finger into her pussy.
Meanwhile, Melanie’s flimsy outfit was already a fading
memory as she was being passed around the crowd wearing only
her garters and stockings, and high heels which miraculously
stayed on. Melanie’s screams were drowned out by the
amplified guitars, as rudely probing hands pulled her flopping
breasts in every
direction as she twisted and turned out of control.
Nicole had been passed around the crowd which grabbed
whatever bare flesh they could until she ended up atop a gang
of rough-looking punk chicks. Their horrid makeup,
partially shaved heads and shoddy, leather attire, contrasted
with Nicole’s apple pie good looks and wholesome cheerleader
Clearly jealous, one of the punk girls shouted, “Let’s kill
the fuckin’ cheerleader!”
“Let go of me you freak!” ordered Nicole, as the girl
reached up with her black finger nails and ripped Nicole’s
sweater off string by string. Nicole screamed as her top was
stripped, but got the wind knocked out of her as the mean
punched her hardbodied torso.
Nicole was paying the price for stuck up cheerleaders
everywhere, as the goth girls punished her with uppercuts to
her cunt and tits. Some frat boys nearby wanted to see more
of Nicole and started a struggle with the punk girls for
possession of her curvaceous body. One of the frat members
grabbed Nicole’s
bra-strap, while a nasty biker chick grabbed her panties, and
both clothing items were pulled from the body of a sobbing
revealing perhaps the most perfect set of tits and ass in the
world today.
The tug of war continued, as the guys grabbed Nicole’s
arms, and huge melons, and the girls pulled on her legs while
the largest of them, obviously a bodybuilder, reached up and
her thumb into Nic’s ass and her fingers into her pussy.
Eventually the guys lost their grip on Nicole’s sweaty tits
and she ended up being pulled into the large group of
Nicole begged to be let go but the girls knocked her down
on the ground and surrounded her. One Fairuza Balk look-alike
among them jumped on top of Nicole and started slapping her in
the face, drawing blood from her lip as she exacted revenge
every time a snobby cheerleader called her a loser. Nicole’s
skirt was removed and her crotch was groped by the on top of
Nicole squirmed beneath the girl, wearing only her white
sneakers and cotton bobbisocks, her panick-stricken expression
begging for mercy.
Nicole thrust her hips in the air trying to shake the girl
off, but she just gritted her teeth in a cruel smile and
enjoyed the ride as she squeezed Nic’s soft tits. The punk
girls’ fun was rudely
interrupted, however, as she unexpectedly received a brutal
kick to the side of the head. Natalie, wearing nothing now
exept for socks and shoes, had come to the rescue of her
little sister, and pulled her up off the ground. All of the
Saints had converged together,
running naked through the crowd which tried to prevent them
from escaping.
Shaz lagged behind, and paid the price as someone chasing
her grabbed her by the scalp, pulling off her wig and
revealing her shiny bald head. Although she was already
naked, this added extra embarassment and she actually tried to
cover up her scalp instread of her bare tits. The four naked
All Saints were quite a sight as the crowd cheered on their
jiggly display of public nudity. Melanie, Nicole and Shaz
were in tears as Natalie tried to lead them to
The concert was outdoors, and eventually the Saints
reached an area with less people around, but not before
called after them, “Hey! Just where do you think you’re
going!” It was Scary Spice, flanked by her three
fellow-Spices, holding her cattle-prod menacingly.
“Oh shit! They’re going to get us!” screamed Nicole.
“Fuck this! I say we take’em on right now! Enough
running!” stated Natalie, as charged full on towards Posh.
Spice Girls weren’t expecting to be attacked, and were caught
with poor footing as the ground had very little grass and had
soaking wet from a previous night’s rain. Natalie speared
with her shoulder, and the two fell to the ground, sliding
several feet in the slick mud (ruining Vicki’s white Gucci
dress), as Natalie wailed away with haymakers to Victoria’s
face. Nat grabbed a
fistful of mud and shoved it into Vicki’s protesting mouth,
smearing the filth all over her prissy face. Natalie then
grabbed the
cattle-prod from Posh and plunged it between her spread legs.
Posh squealed as her sleek legs, glistening with mud, flailed
around in convulsions.
Meanwhile, Shaz was shoving Baby’s face into a puddle,
and zapped her ass with the taser she’d stolen from her in the
skirmish. Melanie did not fare so well, however, as Sporty
grabbed her by the tits and executed her judo toss again,
sending Melanie sliding on her ass. Nicole and Scary were
locked up together as they held a death-grip on each others’
pussies. The stalemate was soon broken as Sporty came to the
rescue by giving a lethal karate kick to Nicole’s tits.
Natalie lunged at Scary and the two splashed to the ground
with a loud plop. Soon they were rolling around in the filthy
mud, their naked cleavage slapping together as they struggled
leverage. Natalie wrapper legs around Scary’s bare waist and
sat on top of her, spitting down in her face. She slapped
Scary from side to side, until she was nearly unconscious.
A crowd had gathered around and cheered on the
spontaneous naked mud-wrestling battle royale. The only Spice
Girl left standing was Sporty, who was engaged in a joust with
Shaz, as they each wielded cattle-prods. Each girl would yelp
as they received sudden shocks as they connected with
Sporty was soon outnumbered, however, and didn’t notice a
recovered Nicole and Melanie charging at her simultaneously.
Nicole went low and punched Sporty in the crotch, while
broad-sided her up high with an elbow to the skull, sending
Sporty flipping in the air and landing on her head.
The Spice Girls were left dazed in the mud, as victorious, if
immodest, All Saints walked away. The four walked with their
arms around each other and actually found reason to smile.
mud even helped conceal their naked bodies, and to some
observers it somehow added to their sexiness. Nonetheless,
the Saints still needed to find a way out of the concert park.
At least now they could relax somewhat, or so they
Beep! Beep!
“What the –? Omigod! Run!” screamed Natalie as she
grabbed her nearest cohorts by the hand and ran for her life.
The All Saints were now pursued by a rogue limousine, which
somehow burst into the concert area, spinning its’ tires in
the mud and making straight for the All Saints.
“Who’s driving that thing?” asked Nicole.
“Who do you think?” replied Natalie, who could see clearly
that Geri Halliwell was out to get her own personal revenge,
maybe even out to kill them!
The were forced to duck under the car, landing face first in
the mud as the car drove over them. Now thoroughly coated in
wet dirt, the All Saints got up quickly and looked for a place
to hide while Geri tried to turn around the car. The four
girls were running out of room, as all that was left was a row
of porta-potties and a steep embankment beyond them.
All of the toilets had a line exept one, so the All Saints had
to cram into a single portable outhouse with the sign on the
door reading “Out of Order”. There was little space inside
porta-john as the naked All Saints slid against eachother and
the walls as they tried to fit inside.
“Good lord, it stinks in here!” complained Melanie, trying
not to gag from the smell of the near-overflowing septic
receptacle. “Shhhh!”, Natalie told her, “Be quiet, let’s hope
that dimwit
didn’t see where we went! We might just get out of this
bullshit!” Sadly, for the All Saints, that would not be the
case. Geri
Halliwell had the “Out of Order” sign in the beam of her
headlights. As she revved the engine one last time she
quipped, “Well, All
Sluts, looks like your career really is in the crapper.”
Geri hit the gas, plowing the toilet over and sending it
tumbling down the hill behind it. The All Saints were put
through yet another horrible and agonizing ordeal as their
bodies slapped together as the porta-john rolled to the bottom
of the hill, of
course, spilling its contents all over them along the way.
Standing at the edge of the hilltop, looking down, with only
a mild appreciation for what the Saints just went through,
were the mud-splattered Spice Girls and Geri Halliwell. It
was not part of their plan to be covered in mud, but they took
solace in knowing the Saints were covered in far worse. As
they watched the poor All Saints slowly crawl from the ruined
remains of the portable toilet, an infuriated Scary Spice
stroked her sore jaw and said, “These
bitches still have a lot to learn….”

[End Part III]

Spice Wars: Episode IV — The Femdom Menace
by Defiler
[Ok, cue the John Williams orchestra.]

It is a time of transition for the Spice Girls.
Although they were satisfied with their domination
of the All Saints, they reallized they would have to put
aside their personal vendetta against the Saints and focus
their energies on other targets. So, while the defeated
“All Sluts” embarked on a concert tour of U.S. prisons, the
Spice Girls resolved to once again ascend the ranks of the
music industry.

The music business is a cruel and competitive
one, and the Spice Girls were not pleased with how
quickly their importance faded as new female acts stole
the spotlight. Destroying the All Saints wasn’t nearly
enough to put them first in the minds of girls everywhere,
so the Spices made a hitlist of stars who would suffer in the
name of Girl Power.

The Spice Girls are a powerful entity, and their
goal is nothing less than world domination, for their
music video for “Spice up your Life”, was not just a
harmless fantasy, but a grim harbringer of what is to come
if the Spice Girls’ master plan is completed — The Spice

Backstage at the MTV Europe Awards, the Spice Girls,
wearing disguises, kicked in the door to the Aqua dressing
room, and like that — it was on. The Spices had a bone to
pick with the peppy “redhead” Lene Nystrom, and the rest of
her Aqua
bandmates, stemming from their competition on European charts
and at awards shows, and some derogatory remarks made by Lene
in the press. Based on their surprise hit “Barbie Girl”, and
Lene’s supermodel good looks and spunky attitude, the quartet
Denmark became international superstars, often outshining the
Spice Girls even on their own turf. . Scary decided they
should ensure that a follow-up CD by Aqua wouldn’t give them
competition, so the others agreed with her plan to humiliate
them for good.
The sexy Norwegian-born pop singer Lene was startled as
the masked attackers barged into her dressing quarters. She
screamed sharply and tried to cover herself since she was clad
in only a shiny black sports bra and matching panties. The
jumped to their feet but were quickly subdued by stun-guns and
rendered unconscious. Lene was wrestled to the ground by
Victoria, who wrapped her arms around Lene’s smooth body and
shoved one of her husband’s old jock straps in Lene’s mouth to
muffle her protests while she was bound at the wrists and
ankles. “Ok, Girls, time to teach this bitch a lesson!”
Scary, who licked her lips at the sight of Lene’s prone form.
Two of the men, Claus and Soren, were gagged and tied up
to pipes running along the wall, while Rene the vocalist was
left to regain consciousness. The Spice Girls brought with
them a goody bag filled with infernal devices and quickly set
them to work. The men were injected with a drug which would
soon produce a state of constant penile erection for 24 hours.
Glaring down into Lene’s tear-filled eyes which were wide
with panic, Sporty Spice gripped a massive strap-on dildo and
said, “It’s time for little miss helpless here to learn about
Girl Power!” Like many European women, Lene was sexually
adventurous and an uninhibited flirt, but her 26 year-old body
had never been penetrated by anything as huge as the 12-inch
plastic fucktool that bounced in front of her face. Observing
the rounded spikes along the shaft of the lubricated dildo,
Lene though to
herself, “That’s gonna tear me apart!”
Sporty admired Lene’s tight, aerobicized body as she pulled
off her bra to reveal her perky tits. Sporty then rolled Lene
over on her back and forced her ankles high into the air while
she pulled her panties up her smooth, bronze-tanned thighs,
taking notice that
Lene must tan in the nude. Lene’s eyes bugged out of her
skull as Sporty pushed a few inches into her tight shaved
cunt. Lene’s
knees were bound together so she couldn’t spread her legs to
ease the violation. Sporty soon worked as much as would go
into her
victim, and then started pumping in and out with long, swift
strokes, “I wish that I could spin her around on me dick while
I’m givin’ it to her, do ya know wha’I mean?”
Meanwhile, Claus and Soren had revived to the sight of
Lene with her legs in the air and some masked woman pounding
her slick cunt with a dildo that stretched her labia so thin
it looked like they would rip. The men were also surprised to
find themselves
naked and tied up, and ashamed when they both reallized that
they were growing hardons from watching their good friend Lene
getting raped.
Scary got down on the floor and pulled up her ski mask
enough so that she could lick Lene’s clit with her pierced
tongue. Scary’s tongue rapidly flicking her clit, and Sporty’s
fucking soon caused Lene to experience a most degrading
She didn’t know what was happening to her, these women were
literally fucking her brains out.
“Looks like you boys are enjoying the show aren’t ya?”
observed Baby Spice, indicating the bouncing erections of
and Soren, who looked away from Lene in shame, as she looked
at them with an incredulous expression, as if their tumescence
was a betrayal to their friendship.
Things were about to get far worse in that regard, as Posh
got a grip on their cocks,”These boys are getting randy
Looks like our little slut is going to have get busy!”
“On your knees bitch!” ordered Scary, as she pulled Lene
over to the men. Lene was now wearing only a gold chain and
bracelet, and her panties bunched up with the rope which held
her knees together.
. “Pl-please, don’t make me do this’” sobbed Lene, as Posh
seized her by her mane of red hair and forced her lips to kiss
the tip of Soren’s dick.
Soren and Claus were gagged so they could not utter their
disapproval of the proceedings. Sure, they’d both dreamed
about using Lene’s fuckable body in every way imaginable, but
she was
like a sister to them, their best friend, and it just felt
wrong to have their cocks slapping her in the face as she
tried to avoid letting one in her mouth.
Soon it got to feeling a little more right, as Lene’s head was
pushed forward giving her no choice but to engulf Soren’s cock
in her wet mouth. Posh kept her grip on Lene’s scalp,
thrusting her head to and fro like a wrestler repeatedly
ramming her opponent’s head into the turnbuckle. As much as
he tried to fight it, Soren was overcome by the tingling in
his glans and shot a string of sperm up Lene’s nose and onto
her forehead. Baby laughed at Lene and
prevented her from wiping the cum off her face, “No luv,
got to use your hands for something else!”
With her wrists bound together, Lene’s hand cupped the
base of Claus’s shaft. This time she worked on her own as
smacked her ass with a riding whip and barked orders. As
instructed, Lene stroked his cock and licked the underside of
his throbbing member while Baby jerked a few more spurts out
Soren which landed in Lene’s luxurious hair.
Although her mouth was hesitant, Lene got more into her
role without reallizing it, as Baby and Posh played with her
pussy while she painted another coat of her freshly applied
lipstick on her other bandmate’s cock. With an apologetic
look, Claus showered
Lene’s pretty face with more cum just as she had another
orgasm. “My my, looks like we really have a horny little slut
we?” remarked Emma.
“Only a real whore would have an orgasm from getting
yucky jizz all over her face! Look, you even got some on me
dress!” complained Posh, who proceeded to firmly lash Lene’s
round ass. Lene started to cry with shame when she reallized
she was getting off on being treated like a sex slave. She
knew things would never be the same between her and the rest
of Aqua.
Rene Dif knew the same thing. While Lene was sucking off
his buddies, Scary had wrapped her legs around his head in a
crushing grip which forced his nose into her snatch, while
Sporty violated his ass with the huge dildo. The pain was
unbearable, but the humiliation was far worse, especially
since Rene was getting fucked up the ass by a woman while
growing the hardest boner of
his life. “Ha ha! Looks like the fag boy likes getting
boffed up the arse!” chided Scary, causing Rene to breakdown
and weep in
shame and physical agony.
“Another wimpy boy is feeling the wrath of girl power!”
said Sporty, and then in reference to Aqua’s videos which
cast Lene as a damsel in distress who gets rescued by a
character played by Rene, Sporty mocked, “So Barbie doll, do
you think sissy boy here is goin’ ta save ya this time, well
do ya?”
Unfortunately, Lene turned around to see the man who had
“discovered” her and even dated her for a while in that
embarassing position. Rene was completely broken as Lene
furrowed her brow
at the sight of his erect penis. It looked to her like Rene
was sitting still and enjoying his sodomy, but she didn’t see
the electric taser being held to his balls, and didn’t know
about the liquid super- Viagra he’d been injected with.
Lene didn’t have much time to consider the situation as she
was forced face first onto the top of her vanity. Her sleek,
lithe body was now coated with sweat, causing her unblemished
skin to
glisten under the lights surrounding the mirror. Lene got a
look at herself, her face coated with cum, and at some level
she hated Rene for not saving her.
Rene was allowed back on his feet, and as the Spice Girls
egged him on, his despair turned to animalistic rage. They
called him a sissy, faggot and “impotent wanker”. Rene wanted
to kill the bitches, but was prevented from unleashing his
rage on them, and instead was forced to reassert his manhood
by making Lene his
Rene forced his dick into Lene’s tight ass, something he’d
never done when she was his girlfriend, and fucked away
savagely. The Spice Girls were not impressed by his “weak
fucking” so he
kept pounding harder and harder into Lene’s soft buttocks
their taunting abated. The brutal anal-raping had Lene’s ass
in a bloody mess, so Scary offered some lube which she sprayed
Rene’s dick and his hands, which were finally released so he
could get some real leverage on Lene’s spasming body.
Lene was in pain and called Rene lots of names as she
looked up at his red face in the mirror. How could he fuck
her so brutally?
Lene got another meat injection as Rene pulled her hair
back with one hand and grabbed her waist with the other. His
blood engorged cock slid all the way to the base into her sexy
ass, and then, to his horror, became stuck there. His cock
would not budge! Rene panicked and tried to break free but he
reallized the only way he’d get out of her ass was to rip the
skin off his own dick. The lube that the bitch put on his
dick was some kind of
superglue! His hands were stuck too!
“Ok, they’re ready! Put’em all in the trunk!” said Scary, as
the four people from Aqua were loaded into trunks which were
then wheeled below the stage where they were set to perform in
a matter of minutes.
While the Spice Girls’ henchmen masqueraded as
stagehands, the Spice Girls met them below the stage and made
the final touches on their captives before they were
reaquainted with their fans. Lene and Rene were supposed to
pop up on stage from a lowered platform. The inextricably
entangled pair were placed on the platform. Rene’s cock was
firmly implanted between the
helpless girl’s ass-cheeks. Lene was naked except for some
jewelry and platform sneakers which Baby had slipped on for
her, and her medium-sized but firm breasts hung down beneath
her heaving
ribcage. Rene’s left hand was digging into Lene’s soft flesh
where he gripped her pelvis, and his right hand was matted in
her hair, causing him to lift her head up so all could see the
streaks of jizz deposited on her face.
Finally glue was applied to Claus and Soren and they were
put in place just as the MTV Europe Awards hostess Jenny
McCarthy introduced “the hottest pop group to ever come out of
Denmark — Aqua!”
The excitement and applause of the gathered thousands was
soon followed by silent shock, although the pre-recorded music
to the song “Barbie Girl” still played. The foursome were
suddenly lifted up onto the stage — Rene glued to the peppy
redhead in a permanent assfuck, Lene’s sweat-soaked body
shuddering under
the spotlight, her swaying tits quivering with her sobs.
Soren’s rigid cock was shoved in the girl’s mouth, protruding
obscenely into the side of her face, the bulge in her cheek
clearly visible despite the jetstreams of cum which flaired
out from her moist red lips up into her eyes, her hair, and
down her chin. Finally, Claus’ dick was stuck between Soren’s
legs, his hands stuck to his friend’s nutsack, while Soren’s
hands were stuck to Claus’ ass.
Before the cameraman could cut to a wide-eyed and
slack-jawed Jenny McCarthy, and then to a graphic for
“technical difficulties”, the Aqua orgy was beamed to a live
audience — Aqua was instantly destroyed forever.
As the audience started to laugh, the circular platform
started to rotate so everyone could see that no camera tricks
were involved and the obscene display was not an illusion.
Nystrom wished she hadn’t come to these awards, she wished she
was back in Denmark, cruising around on a street named for her
band in her red porsche, looking for studs to take back to her
plush condo. But even the edge of the stage seemed miles away
as the
foursome clumsily tried to inch their way out of sight, every
move causing pain to all involved. Lene soon had another
thing to think about though — tt was a bad time for Soren’s
bladder to release, but these things happen, and she had to
gulp down his full load of piss just to keep from choking,
making it look like she was still milking his dick, even in
public. Her desperate efforts were not enough, however, and
the excess spilled from her mouth and onto
the stage before it caused them all to slip and fall heavily
in the puddle of urine.

As humiliating as the Aqua debacle was, the Spice Girls
were just getting warmed up. The success of Scary’s plan at
the MTV Europe Awards gave the Girls absolute confidence in
her, no
matter how ambitious her schemes were. The hitlist of stars
who needed to be taken down was a long one, so risks would
have to be taken, but opportunity abounded, thanks to the fact
that the music industry took timeout to congratulate itself
more often than any other group of obscenely rich people.
The next strike took place at ritzy party for VIPs after the
American Music Awards in Los Angeles. With their hired muscle
behind them, the Spice Girls figured the abductions would go
off easily enough, all they needed was a distraction.– a
spiked bowl of punch, and a drunk Australian pop star would
provide that
Looking at Kylie Minogue, Posh regreted that the Aussie
tart would not be on the menu for the night. The pop singer
best known for her ‘80’s dance hit “The Locomotion” had
celebrity status in Europe by dressing like a red hot slut and
showing up at parties on the arm of trendy rock stars. Her
appeal was obvious — wild red hair, seductive eyes, ruby red
perpetually in a suggestive pout or a wicked smile, a petite
but curvaceous and fuckably tight body atop the tallest of
high heels. Wearing lacy purple bra and panties beneath a
perfectly see-through baby blue dress, Kylie was sex
As little 5’1” Kylie talked to Posh and Baby, she slurred her
words, leaned into them repeatedly, and divulged to them she
was in L.A. to land a new boyfriend who could get her face
into North American newspapers and magazines. Posh knew
they’d found
their mark and whispered to Baby to proceed as planned.
The centre table of the party had some ice sculptures,
including one of a naked man with a rather generous chunk of
ice protruding from his crotch. “Hey,” said Baby, “Look at
the size of his willy! That’s one big chilly willy!”
Kylie let out a high-pitched giggle and with slurred words
said that it reminded her of her last boyfriend. Then Baby,
with her patented innocent look, said, “I dare you to put it
in your mouth”. Even as sloshed as she was, Kylie didn’t go
for it, “Wha’?
No way! I’m not that sssmashed! Only a real ssslut would do
that.” “C’mon, I dare ya to go over there and just lick it
like a
popsicle.” urged Baby. Kylie still refused but inwardly the
idea was starting to excite her, she liked to be the life of
the party, plus she did have quite the oral fixation and her
all day sucker was finished hours ago.
Baby looked to Posh for help, “Go on Kylie, I know you’re
a little slut and you want to do it,” Posh said. “You’ll have
a great story to tell the chaps back home. Plus I’ll give you
a thousand pounds if you do it — but you have to put it right
in your mouth!” Again giggling absently, Kylie agreed, “Ha ha
ha ha ha, I’m
a little ssssslut. Ha ha ha ha ha! Watch me!”
Posh slapped the redheaded sex pot playfully on her cute
little ass, and Kylie shot back a devilish grin as she
staggered over to the ice sculpture. As the Spice Girls
followed her holding hands in giddy anticipation, Kylie
Minogue licked her lips and felt a
familiar wetness between her legs as she thought about how
dangerous this was with all the media cameras around in the
party. Her nipples were pointing through her bra as she eyed
the massive sculpted prick like an ice cream treat.
With one last look around to make sure no one was looking
Kylie put her hand on the frozen cock. Kylie thought it would
be funny if it melted between her hot red lips, then maybe he
won’t be so well endowed. With her panties now soaked through
dim-witted starlet bent over at the waist and wrapped her lips
around the cock, tasting its’ icy coolness with her hot
Indeed, Kylie was not prepared for how cold the statue was,
and her little lips and tongue became stuck to its dick and
balls like a signpost in winter. Through her drunken mental
fog, Kylie hoped it would melt a bit before anyone noticed,
but her growing panic was doubled when she felt someone lift
up her dress and insert a hand into the back of her panties.
Posh cruelly shoved a string of small firecrackers down the
back of Kylie’s shorts, and fingered her wriggling wet pussy
before adding some of the explosives to the front of her
panties. After lighting the fuse, Posh and Baby ran away
cackling evilly and left poor little Kylie to squirm in
futility before the first startling pop brought all eyes to
her struggle. All the cameras were soon
clustered around Kylie as the explosions shredded her thin
panties until the last remaining threads finally gave way
allowing the
tattered garment to fall to the floor. Bent over as she was,
the media were treated to an excellent view of her smoking
round ass and singed cunt mound. As Kylie struggled to pull
her face off the fake penis, her lips and tongue would stretch
slightly, allowing her head to bob up and down, making it
appear that she was
aggressivley sucking it. Everyone gathered around feverishly
like it was a fight at a playground. This ridiculous image
was so
captivating that no one present at the party noticed the Spice
Girls slip out the back door, along with four burly men who
from the ladies room dragging burlap bags that contained
writhing human-sized lumps.

The Spice Girls peeled away from the party and exchanged
high-fives as they rested their feet on the potato bags piled
on their limo floor. Victoria and Emma put on their masks so
that the four bags could be opened and the fun could begin.
The Spices had
bagged some high priced pussy which would become part of an
experiment — an experiment to see what happens when a bunch
spoiled, narcisistic “divas” are let loose in one of the most
notoriously dangerous ghettos in the world.
One by one, Mariah Carey, Shania Twain, Celine Dion,
Sheryl Crow and Jewel were dumped out of the safe confines of
the bulletproof limo onto the hard pavement of an empty street
in the Watts area of South Central Los Angeles. As the limo
pulled away with the Spice Girls laughing in the back seat,
Celine desperately clawed at the window and doorhandle to get
back in. “No! No!
You can not do this to Celine!”
With the tail lights of the car fading in the distance, the
terrified women took in their surroundings — littered
alleyways, delapitated buildings, graffiti and broken glass
everywhere — and reallized that they would have to rely on
street smarts and sheer luck to get out of this one alive.
“Oh my gawd!” said Mariah, pointing to Jewel, “Like, get
those clothes off!”
“I can’t, you have to help me!” Jewel was terrified, and with
good reason. During the drive the Spice Girls had stripped
Jewel of all but her knee high boots and wrapped her in a
full-length white robe and mask with a cone-shaped lid.
Mariah and Shania were left their clothes, skimpy though
they were, but were attached together by dog collars around
their necks and a locked chain a few feet long. Shania tried
to rip the tight fitting clothes off Jewel but after fumbling
for a couple of minutes was pulled away by an impatient Mariah
Carey, “C’mon,
get away from her before she get’s us all killed! The animals
living in this shithole will like totally kill us! And for
Christs’s sake Celine
shut the fuck up!”
Mariah started to pull Shania down the street when Celine
screamed, “Mon dieu! A gang is coming! They will try to rape
Indeed, a group of four middle-aged black men sporting
afros reminiscent of the Black Panther Party and leather
jackets were rapidly closing in on the shrieking women.
“Run!” yelled Sheryl Crow, who was teetering on highly
impractical shoes and clad in only bra and panties thanks to
Sporty Spice. Jewel ran like a scared deer and was soon way
ahead of the pack, with the pair of “VH1 divas” following
behind. On tiny
heels, slow runners Sheryl and Celine were forced into looking
ridiculous as they tried to hustle on their tippy toes.
“Merde! Sherrie we can never out run dem!”
Sheryl had to agree with Celine, “You’re right, but maybe I
don’t have to!” With that Sheryl planted her lean calf in
between Celine’s dainty feet, causing her to trip and fall on
her face. Sheryl had sacrificed Celine, and with one last
glance over her shoulder she stopped to get her breath as a
doomed Celine Dion was
surrounded by dangerous men.
Looking at the intense stares of the intimidating black men
and feeling their hands on her caused Celine to piss
herself,”Help me! Help me! Rape! Rape!” she shrieked.
After looking to see if anyone was around to hear Celine’s
protests, the apparent leader of the group, Elijah Muhammed,
growled at her, “Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch! I’s tryin
to help you!”
Celine continued to cry out, and with nightmarish images of
being raped and killed dancing in her head she stomped down
heel on the man behind her, breaking his toe, and then kicked
Elijah right in the balls. Celine was able to sneak away into
a nearby alley while Elijah wretched his guts up. Eli was
part of a community
group aimed at persuading kids out of the gang life. When he
saw the white women dumped on the street he knew something bad
would happen. He wanted to get the women to safety before
another incident brought negative publicity to his
neighborhood, but as his balls seemed to be jammed up in his
stomach, even Elijah
really didn’t give a flying fuck what happened to the stupid

Spice Wars IV: The Femdom Menace (continued)
by Defiler

Celine Dion was now in a total panic, and had her expensive
gown ripped off by an angry doberman as she stumbled through a
backyard. Everywhere Celine heard voices and foot steps
closing in on her. Celine found a deserted alleyway, and the
stench of urine was not nearly as unsettling to her as the
fact she was now standing in her silk bra and panties. Celine
heard a couple of whinos coming around the corner and was
mortified that
strangers might see her in this state of undress, and found a
hiding spot.
The men just missed seeing the diva’s slender legs disappear
into a dumpster before the lid closed on it. Celine tried to
be quiet as the men passed but was whimpering uncontrollably.
Soon the
alleyway was otherwise quiet and Celine was about to get out
the sour-smelling trash bin when she felt the unmistakeable
sensation of a greasy hand grabbing her ass.
Celine jumped up and before she could even get a scream
out her head smacked the lid of the container and she was
knocked unconscious. Oscar Jones, the disfigured, antisocial
man who had called the dumpster home for three months thought
that he had
received a gift from God. Oscar finally had somewhere to
stick his massive cock, which was hard as hell due to his pent
up sexual
aggression. Celine was still out cold when Oscar jumped on
top of her frail body and started plowing her tight snatch
with her ankles bouncing off his shoulders, rocking the
dumpster with his punishing hip thrusts.

Sheryl Crow had escaped the first gang by fucking over that
“pain-in-the-ass frenchy” Celine Dion, but was now running
from an even more sinister group of young men, one brandishing
a two-by-four with long nails sticking out of the end of it,
another with a ball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Wearing a
coat she had stripped off Shania, Sheryl looked much like an
exotic endangered animal running from a tribe of African
predators. Sheryl ran on pure adrenalin, and she ran fast
enough to reach apparent safety, “Oh my god! Taxi! Help!”
Sheryl jumped into the front seat of the taxi cab, and
ordered, “Get me the fuck out of here!!”
The 40-year-old taxi driver, Earl Cleaver, was enjoying a
cigarrette when Sheryl burst in, and was in no mood to put up
with her bossing him around. Sheryl pleaded with tears in her
eyes and he finally hit the ignition and drove away as the
hooligans pounded on the trunk of the car.
“Oh thank god you were here, that was sooo close!”
Earl said nothing in reply but looked Sheryl up and down,
noticing that she was only wearing bra and panties underneath
her outlandish coat. Sheryl reallized he was staring at her
crotch when she pulled the coat shut. “Look, just take me to
Beverly Hills Hotel ok”. Sheryl didn’t want to go to the
police station dressed as she was.
“Dat’s a long ride, you betta show me you can pay fo’dis
else I’m taking you back where I found ya.” said Earl, taking
Sheryl for some whore who was running from her pimp.
“I don’t have any money on me, but I’ll pay you double
when we get there,” Sheryl laughed at the notion she couldn’t
afford the cabfare
“Hell na, you goin’ back then!” Earl told her matter-of-
“What? No! Don’t you know who I am? My name is Sheryl
Crow. Look, I’ll pay you a thousand dollars if you take me to
my hotel.” .
“Show me it then,” Earl demanded, not believing her, or
recognizing her name.
“Here, these earrings should cover it,” Sheryl offered the
$50,000 dollar earrings on loan to her for the evening.
Earl took a disapproving look at the trinkets and rolled
down his window and threw them out, “Woman, these ain’t worth
Sheryl couldn’t believe her eyes, “You stupid n—” Sheryl
stopped herself, “Those were worth more than your life!!!”
Earl became enraged and quickly pulled a screeching
U-turn, heading back to drop Sheryl off where the mob of
teenagers had chased her.
“You can’t do this! I’ll fucking sue your ass! I’ll have you
killed you fucking asshole!”
“A’ight that’s it, get tha fuck out!”
“No please, don’t do this!” pleaded Sheryl, reallizing that
she was back by the same basketball courts where she narrowly
escaped certain doom. “I’m sorry, I’ll give you anything, name
your price!”
Earl leered at her body as he’d been doing all the while, and
put his big strong hand on her inner thigh, pushing aside the
coat so he could see her twitching loins and the triangle
patch of her
“I ain’t had no white pussy since my college days,” Earl
confided to Sheryl, as he rubbed his hand over the smooth
fabric stretched over her mound, before slipping his fingers
into her
panties. Sheryl gasped as he firmly gripped her pudendum,
stroking her outer labia before sliding two fingers deep into
her wet pussy. Sheryl had her mouth open in shock and hissed,
“Get your
damn hands off me!”
“That’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Maybe you want to see
what these niggas got planned for yo lily-white ass.” snapped
Earl, who started honking his car horn to get the attention of
the teens. Seeing that the thugs were starting to take notice
of the car
and its female occupant, Sheryl gave in, “Ok you win! What do
you want? I’ll do it just get me out of here!”
“First off, you can shut the fuck up and suck my
muthafuckin’ dick!” Earl finally smiled as he looked at
Sheryl’s famous lips, and anticipated her big cocksucking
mouth wrapped
around his stiffening hard-on. “C’mon bitch, you sitting
there with your mouth open, you know you wanna suck it. Now
say it!”
“Ok, I’ll suck your cock if that’s what it takes.”
Earl made Sheryl beg to suck his big black dick before he
put the car in gear. Her reluctance made him wonder if she
really was a whore. Maybe she was some big shot staying in
Hills. That made him even more horny, “That’s it, ya uppity
white racist bitch, suck that nigga dick and show what ya good
Earl had a huge grin as he cruised down the main drag in
South Central with one hand on the wheel and the other on the
back of the spoiled white woman’s head as it bobbed up and
on his dick, her big lips engulfing his huge prickhead,
salivating all over it. Her coat had been removed and her ass
was in the air as she bent over to give Earl the knob job. He
grabbed the waist of her panties and pulled on them till the
fabric wedged up her ass, making her cunt mound more prominent
as it stretched around her pussy.
“Damn this bitch can suck.”
Sheryl took his entire cock in her mouth, all the way down
until her lips kissed his balls, and back up to the top again
as she jerked the shaft with her elegantly manicured hands.

Jewel was scared out of her mind, she was always a kind
person and did not know why she was put in this situation by
the cruel, sadistic women who kidnapped her. All she knew was
her robe would not come off, and she could feel a strange
draft up her backside. She naively knocked on a door to ask
for help, and thought that she would be saved when a sweet old
lady with an
apple doll-like face answered the door wearing slippers and a
night cap. What Jewel didn’t know was that she was wearing
robes, and was surprised when the old lady said she’d go phone
for help but instead came back pointing an old rabbit-hunting
rifle at her.
“I’m gonna kill you cracker!” shouted the old lady who
fired buckshot at Jewel, missing horribly as Jewel scurried
off. The woman didn’t give up the pursuit, especially after
seeing that on back of Jewel’s robe the words “Niggers kiss my
white ass” were
written, and below them the robe was cut to reveal Jewel’s
bare ass . “I’ll shove this gun up yo’ ass and pull the
Jewel managed to find a well-lit area and desperately
appealed for help from three older gentlemen who were playing
dominoes on a card table in front of a barbershop. “Big”
Willie Diggs, Otis Hayes and Eldridge Brown were old-school
who had “seen all kinds of shit”. But none of them were
expecting to get their friendly game interrupted by the Klan.
To the stern old guys, Jewel’s little girl voice was barely
audible beneath her symbolic mask of hate. As she turned
around to look for the shotgun-toting grannie, she
unintentionally mooned the men and gave them a chance to read
the racist slogan on her
back. Willie, a former boxer, now hobbled on a wooden leg
thanks to the mafia, didn’t have time to fool around listening
to racist crap. He got up and slugged Jewel in the face,
knocking her out cold.
As Jewel dropped heavily on her ass, Willie grabbed a hold
of her massive breasts, mauling them through the white fabric,
and threw her over the card table. Bent over the table,
Jewel’s fleshy buttcheeks made an inviting target for Willie,
who was plenty
pissed off. He slapped her round booty, squeezing the smooth
pliable flesh with his rough hands while saying, “I got
something for your white ass….and it ain’t no damn kiss!”
“Yeah Willie! Fuck that bitch up!” cheered Eldridge
“Aw yeah! Give her the bang bang bang!” added the old
man Otis.
Wille pulled out his eager dick and fingered Jewel’s tight
pussy before fucking her limp body. Willie smacked Jewel in
the side of the head until she started to show signs of life.
He fucked her tight channel hard despite the fact his cock
barely fit in her and shot his load inside her womb. Then he
pulled out and slapped her ass with his still hard cock,“Now,
bitch, you gonna feel some Black power up yo’ass!”
“Heh heh, how you like that honkey? You got a black cock
right up your tight white ass!” Eldridge iterated.
Jewel let out a girlish squeak with each pump by Willie,
who was enjoying punishing the white girl with his manhood,
“Yeah, that’s it bitch, squeal like a muthafuckin pig!”
Jewel had never been fucked in the ass before, and her
efforts to tighten her sphincter only made the pain worse. As
she gave in and relaxed her ass muscles, Willie increased his
pace and pounded her without remorse. Jewel broke down into
sobs and
screamed everytime he plowed into her soft innards, “Listen to
the little piggy squeal. Ha ha!” Eldridge chided.
Otis had gone inside his shop to retrieve some shears after
reallizing Jewel’s robe was fastened on tightly. “Let’s see
what this bitch looks like,” said Otis as he began cutting
away at the mask. “Damn, she’s kinda pretty….got some fucked
up teeth though.”
Jewel had tears streaming down her face and pleaded for
mercy before Eldridge got tired of her whining, “Shut up ya
honkey, “ he snarled, smacking her in the side of her face
with his dick, “Suck it, whitey!”
Eldridge plugged Jewel’s cute face with his hard cock, then
grabbed her long blond hair in two fistfuls and pistoned in
and out of her round face, smacking his balls against her chin
as his long cock went down her throat. Willie just rested
with his cock
impaling Jewel’s ass, holding her there for Eldridge. Jewel’s
facefucking ended when he pulled out of her mouth and blasted
her innocent face with cum, provoking the men to laughter at
the look of shock on her face and the astonishing amount of
spunk that
squirted out. “In your fuckin’ face you ku klux cunt!”
Eldridge, admiring the job he did of plastering the girl’s
entire face all at once.
“Shee-it! Eldridge, how you do that!? I can’t see her face no
mo’!” Otis brimmed with amazement.
Willie watched his sperm streaming down Jewel’s white
thighs while Eldridge spanked her ass. Otis took his turn
using Jewel’s mouth, lifting her head with each poke from his
thrusting member. The slurping sounds of Jewel fighting for
air and the
sound of her huge tits slapping against the table-top competed
with Eldridge’s big balls smacking her ruptured pussy as he
raped her ass. After both men blasted Jewel at both ends with
their wads, Willie took out his belt and whipped her creamy
white ass and her bare back, reducing Jewel to a quivering
pile of naked, degraded flesh, rolling around by the curb.
After she had been whipped, the men were treated to the
sight of the “racist white trash” trying to walk away after
having her poop-shoot thoroughly stretched and pummeled. “Oh
shit, that’s
gotta hurt!” laughed Willie, as he observed Jewel’s reddened
ass. Otis put her KKK mask back on her head, and sent her
away with a slap on her ass, “Go tell your honkey friends what
happens when the Klan comes to Compton!”
Jewel felt like her ass was a gaping hole and her guts would
fall out of it if she walked too fast, so she took one step at
a time, rubbing her aching butt with her gentle hands. She
couldn’t believe that people could be so cruel, but just when
she thought things
couldn’t get any worse –
Click-click–”Kiss this bitch!” –BANG! The old lady finally
found Jewel in her white hat, blasting her with her antique
rifle, shredding the front of Jewel’s robe, revealing her
massive tits and stinging them with hot metal pellets. As
Jewel crumpled to the
ground in a fetal position, Otis said, “Jesus, Winnie, what
the hell you do that for! Now this bitch is gonna die in
front of my store with her blood on our card table, and our
DNA all up in her honkey ass!”
“What do I care? Y’all shouldn’t be touchin’ no cracka
anyways. Nuthin’ but a piece of shit belong down in da
“Shit! That’s it, we’ll dump her in the sewer! Hurry, the
damn po-lice chopper sounds like it’s comin dis way!’
Jewel’s ample bosom was more than enough to absorb the
shell fragments, preventing serious injury, but the pain was
immense. She just whimpered and held her breasts as she was
dragged over to a sewer cap which was pried open by Willie.
First Jewel’s head was shoved into the rotten hole, then her
upturned ass was given a solid boot by Winnie, who firmly
believed the naked
woman was going where she belonged as her shivering,
cum-soaked legs and knee-high boots disappeared down the dark,
fetid shaft. Jewel’s fading scream was cut off by a loud
splash before the lid was replaced.
As Winnie walked back to her modest abode, she noticed
something sparkling on the pavement, “What’s that? Hey there’s
another one! Oh, praise be to Jesus!” Turns out Winnie had
stumbled onto a very impressive pair of ear rings.

“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha’ gonna do? Whatcha’ gonna do
when they come for you?……..”
Los Angeles, 1:15 a.m.
“Is the camera rolling? Ok, looks like we got us a cab pulled
over up ahead, he’s probably got a prostitute in the vehicle
with him,” stated Officer William Riley, commentating for the
crew of the show “Cops” which were documenting his everyday
duties. “This is a place where Johns regularly take
prostitutes to have sex, we’ll check to see if there’s any
lewd conduct going on.” In the aforementioned cab, Earl
Cleaver was getting the
blow job of his life. Sheryl Crow had her lips stretched
obscenely around his huge cock. Sheryl now had her panties
around her
ankles, and Earl was fingering her pussy as she sucked him
“Aw yeah, you like suckin’ cock don’t ya hoe?” contended
Earl, while Sheryl could only moan from his manipulation of
pussy folds, adding to the sensations around the cock in her
mouth. Sheryl’s lean legs squirmed in the car seat, her ankles
in the air as Earl played with her wet cunt. Sheryl had
already swallowed one load of cum as Earl held her head down
on his shaft, almost
choking her. Sheryl’s entire body was covered in sweat as she
worked hard to bring him off another time.
Earl was getting ready to cum again, and started smacking
her ass telling her to suck harder and faster. Sheryl’s face
seemed to collapse around his cock as her mouth became a
vacuum, “Yeah
that’s my bitch!” said Earl. With memories of his college
days as a football star flashing in his mind, Earl grabbed
Sheryl’s hair as he was ready to shoot his load in her pretty
blue eyes.
Just as the surge started in Earl’s balls, the car door swung
open and the bright video camera light shone in Sheryl’s face.
She opened her mouth in shock, but her reaction was choked by
cum shooting down her throat, causing her to make gargling
sounds as the overflow spilled out of her mouth, oozing down
in strings from her chin to Earl’s throbbing cock. As the
cock slipped from her mouth, another stream shot out, painting
a white stripe up over the bridge of her nose and into her
hair. Earl continued jerking himself off until Sheryl was
well-coated with sperm, her
cum-dripping facial immortalized by the “Cops” camera. It
looked like the next uncensored video just got its money shot.
“Freeze! Put your hands where I can see’em and get out of
the car!”

Mariah and Shania so far had not met with any harm, but
were still chained together by neck collars, and struggled to
get along with each other. Every move resulted in a hissy
between the two divas. The two women had flaunted their
in their videos, live performances, and public appearances,
turning men into horny, drooling, primitive versions of
themselves. Their slutty outfits and bouncing cleavage could
work against them if it brought out the animal instincts in
whoever laid eyes on them.
They agreed their only hope would be to use their appeal to
charm some sucker into showing them compassion and getting
them to
The twosome had been bagged by the Spice Girls while
elbowing each other trying to get a clear view of themselves
in the mirror as they applied lip gloss and adjusted cleavage.
Both of them still had perfect make up, Mariah wearing
sluttish high heels, a glittery black top distended by her
huge tits, and a tiny black skirt amazingly with a slit up the
leg. Shania wore tight black leather pants which clung to her
womanly hips and thighs, and a leopard
print wonderbra which helped her jiggling breasts to defy
gravity. “Ok Shania,” said the honey-blonde Mariah, “If we see
someone who looks normal, like, let me do the talking ok, cuz,
you know, I’m like, totally down with the homies.”
Shania didn’t really buy it, “Forget the `homies’, we need to
find the police, Mariah!” you stupid conceited bitch, she
wanted to add, but held it in.
Mariah thought that Shania looked like a scared mouse and
admonished her naivety, “You think the cops’ll come around
at this hour!? I’m the only one who can, um, save us now.”
Mariah just reallized if worst came to worst she could bargain
for her own life if she gave up Shania and felt a little more
confident. “Listen, Shania, toughen up or I’ll kick your ass
myself. Do like I do and, um, act like you belong here.
Like, pretend like we’re prostitutes or something.”
Shania did her best to adopt Mariah’s street savvy strut, but
couldn’t summon her usual confidence and got yanked along on
the chain as she hesitated everytime she swivelled her head
with wide eyes like a scared fawn looking for predators. As
the two rounded the corner they found salvation — a payphone!
Shania almost got her head pulled off when Mariah lunged to
pick up the receiver. As Mariah frantically tried to dial
1-800-collect, a loud husky voice yelled at them, “Hey
bitches! This is ma corner! Y’all betta step off!”
Shania tried to explain to the nasty looking street whore
that they were just passing through, “N-no, w-we’re not
hookers, um, it’s ok, really just, um chill out, ok?”
“Punk ass, hoe, y’all betta recognize this be Nookie’s
corna’! Now you owe me da street tax!” Nookie towered over
Shania, her eyes wildly intense, her face resembling an angry
bull (literally and figuratively). She lunged forward,
grabbing Shania by the throat and pulling a knife on her,
bringing the country singer to tears.
While Shania started to cry, Mariah butted in, “Like, hey,
why are you, um, like frontin’ on my bitch?”
“You AND your skankass bitch shouldn’t be on my turf!”
“But I’m not her bi–” Shania started to say before Mariah
grabbed her by the ear, “Owww!”
Mariah forced Shania to her knees in front of her and
offered, “Sorry, I must have got some bad information. Look,
um, how about you um, like, cut me some slack, and I’ll let
you have my bitch for the night, ok? She eats pussy REAL
With a haunting gleam in her eye, Nookie perused Shania’s
goods, squeezing her tits like melons at the grocery stand,
noting her trembling bottom lip and smelling fear. Shania
tried not to gag as she looked up Nookie’s skirt at the dank,
hairy muff that rested amidst the folds of fat. “Yeah…I bet
this hoe can suck clit all night.
I’ll cut this collar off if you gimme her for good.”
Mariah slapped Shania on the back of the head to
pre-emptively silence her protest, and agreed to the offer,
beaming with a self-satisfied grin. Help would soon be on the
way once she picked up the phone again, and she could get away
for the small
price of sacrificing one of her pop diva rivals. The sight of
Shania’s face being pulled into the sleezy crack whore’s muff
gave her a
sadistic thrill. “Sucks to be you, Shania,” she laughed to
herself. With the kneeling woman’s face in her crotch, Nookie
finally took a good look at Mariah, an was impressed by her
meaty thighs, her large tits (“probably fake”), and her
sensual lips. But Nookie didn’t like something about her face.
Maybe it was her
shit-eating grin, her cocksure attitude, or the fact she
looked like a chipmunk. “Bitch probably thinks she better
than Nookie,” she
thought to herself, and without a moment’s warning she
bitch-slapped Mariah upside her head, knocking her to the
ground with a stunned look on her face, as if her ego could
comprehend what just happened.
With both the women on their knees, Nookie grabbed the
chain in the middle and pulled them around on all fours like a
couple of dogs, “Now you both my bitches!”
Mariah’s cries fell on deaf ears as Nookie slapped their
asses hard and had them crawl away from the street corner.
Nookie thought she might be able to give up streetwalking if
she could train these sluts to sell pussy for her.
Before they got too far, a Chevy Impala pulled up onto the
curb infront of them. A bald-headed, muscular young black man
got out of the car, “Nookie, what the fuck you doin’?”
“I done found me a coupla white ass bitches, um, I was
bringin’ them back to your crib G’,” Nookie lied to her pimp.
GMX, a greedy and heartless pimp looked over the catch
and quickly had the two frightened women piled into his trunk.
Nookie was pissed to have to hand them over, but was happy
the promise that she could be in charge of them after their

Spice Wars IV (continued) by Defiler (section 3 of 3)

Back at GMX’s crib……
GMX sat on his couch like a king in his modest one-story
bungalow, swirling a cigar in his mouth and leering at the
voluptuous women in front of him. The chain attaching them
cut allowing the collars to remain, as they stood clothed in
their provocative, now ill-chosen, attire. Holding Shania and
frothing over her like a hungry dog with a piece of meat, was
Shango, a hypersexual, voodoo-practicing, pill-popping thug.
Shango was an impressive physical specimen of solid muscle
sculpted in prison weightrooms. He licked his lips
salaciously as he smiled at Shania. She got the creeps and
tried to make some space, but he pulled her closer and grinded
his powerful hips against her ass, letting her feel the
massive hardon growing in his pants.
Mariah struggled impetuously to free her arms but her
efforts to escape the grip of the shiny-headed, giant who held
her firmly were in vain. The man was nicknamed “Tiny”, which
failed to describe anything about him, except maybe his
intellect. The musclebound man stood at almost 7 feet tall,
and had a bad temper to match his size. His lack of
intelligence made him easy for GMX to manipulate, although not
even he would make fun of Tiny’s
crossed left eye.
Finally, sitting by GMX was his “spiritual advisor” Rakeem
Sayid, a chronically pissed off, militant member of the Nation
of Islam. Rakeem’s eyes boiled, and his brow was furrowed in
an intimidating stare that Shania grew weak in the knees.
Although his religion forbid him from relations with the
“white devil women”, Rakeem felt a familiar uprising in his
pants and was considering a new way to “stick it to the man”.
Offers of cash were denied, and backtalk had already earned
Mariah a dazing smack in the ear. Their combined wealth
wouldn’t help them here, these men were not after their cash.
The women
looked for traces of mercy or compassion, but found only
sinister grins and bulging crotches. Both women were ordered
to step
forward, their struggling and deep breaths causing their
pushed up cleavage to heave and shake enticingly, their fear
causing their nipples to stand out as if they were aroused.
“Ok, bitches, I see you got some nice tits,” said GMX,
“Now, turn around nice and slow so we can check out the
The women did so (Mariah with an annoyed huff), feeling
the first tinges of degradation. They were being assessed for
their physical attributes, like like they were for sale in a
meat market. “Bend over, bitches.”
The women hestitated, but yielded when GMX barked,
“Don’t make me come over there!”
Mariah, still wanting to outdo the competition, put her
hands on her thighs and bent over provocatively, running her
fingers down her smooth legs and touching her feet which were
strapped into her slutty open-toed stilettos. Her skintight
miniskirt didn’t cover the curve of the bottom of her fuckable
ass, which let everyone know she was wearing a bright red
thong. “This bitch is a natural whore,” thought G’. He
licked his lips at the sight of the silk-covered pussy mound
protruding out between her ass cleavage as if it was calling
out to him, begging to be fucked.
Shania also had a generous helping of assmeat, nicely
rounded and clearly visible in her binding leather jeans. The
middle seam dug right into her pussy, her lips pushed out
around it, her pantyline was visible, and the top of her white
panties were obvious as they peeked out of her black pants.
The pimp was very
impressed with their bodies. They were made for fucking, and
would be durable enough to last a long time on the streets.
GMX lounged with his legs wide apart, unzipped his pants
and started fumbling in his shorts asking, “Ok, who’s gonna be
the first to suck my dick?”
Shania stared at GMX’s big ebony rod, which flopped out
of his pants. Her jaw dropped open at the sight of the fat
cock standing there with its shiny black helmet looking like a
Vader doll. Mariah volunteered Shania by shoving her forward,
saying, “She’ll do it, she’s a cocksuckin’ slut!”
“Shut up! No I’m not!” Shania responded, as she turned an
shoved Mariah in the chest, causing her tits to bounce as she
recoiled from the attack, shoving Shania in return.
“Bitchfight!!” yelled Adebisi.
The girls were wrestling eachother out of legitimate dislike,
but it seemed they were fighting to preserve their own dignity
at the other’s expense, when GMX implied that the loser would
have to
suck his cock. A serial man-stealer like Mariah had a lot of
catfighting experience, and her advantage was obvious as she
slapped Shania across both sides of her face. Shania tried to
grab Mariah’s hair but kept pulling out extensions and failed
to gain any leverage. With her face numb, Shania grabbed
Mariah’s top and
ripped it off, revealing Mariah’s red bra which snapped under
the weight of her silicone tits. Mariah covered herself and
backed up a bit before taking a surefooted step forward and
swinging her
pointed shoe right in the country singer’s crotch.
Shania was stunned and dropped to her knees massaging
her groin, allowing Mariah to grab her push up bra and rip it
off. Shania tried to cover her breasts as Mariah wrapped her
muscular thighs around her head. The white top of Shania’s
panties were
clearly visible now, and Mariah reached down with her claws,
grabbed a hold, and pulled up as far as she could.
The men all laughed hysterically and Shania yelped like a
little girl as she received a massive wedgie. “Ooh shit!
White girl’s panties went right up her ass! Baaa ha ha
ha…..!” laughed G’.
That fact was clear through Shania’s form-fitting pants, as
she wiggled her ass and kicked her legs trying to stop the
wedgie. Mariah dragged Shania around by her panties, which
were stretched really thin at this point, no doubt digging
into her pussy. Mariah brought the helpless woman over to the
door and hooked Shania’s
underwear on the coat rack As Shania tried to unhang herself,
Mariah prevented her from standing and unbuttoned the leather
pants before stripping them off along with her cowboy boots.
The men all cheered, as Shania started to bawl in frustration.
Shania’s panties had disappeared into her meaty cunt and ass,
stretching all the way up her bare back pressing against her
tits. It was only a matter of time before the final rip came
and Shania was completely denuded. Mariah dragged her victim
to the middle of the room and put her foot on her foe’s crotch
and haughtily raised her arms in victory, “I win” she stated.
“That’s right ho, now come over here an’ get yo’ prize!”
beamed GMX, hard as a rock with the belief that these amazing
women were fighting for the honor of sucking his cock.
Mariah thought he was talking to the bitch Shania who lay
crumpled on the floor. With obvious disdain she dragged the
exhausted brunette over to G’s lap and dropped her so her face
pressed against his balls.
“The fuck you doin’?” inquired GMX, his displeasure with
Mariah evident.
“I won, so she has to–”
“Nah bitch! You won so you get to suck ma cock, and eat
my sperm. Remember, you a hoe now. You live to suck dick and
swallow what it gives you like its candy.”
Mariah was recalcitrant to the idea that she would have to
suck a guy off for less than a multi-million dollar record
deal, but was pulled to her knees as G’ pinched and twisted
her nipple. His dick was still hard, but he grew impatient,
and pulled out a
semi-automatic pistol and shoved it in Mariah’s face. Her
crossed briefly as she stared down the barrel, and her mouth
dropped opened.
Shania lifted her head and also came face to face with the
gun. She was immediately trembling, but G’ loved to scare
white girls, and grabbed her by the hair and waved the gun
around like he was about to lose it. “Bitch you betta start
lickin’ deez nuts or I’ll blow yo’ muthafuckin’ head off!”
The overkill was effective, and even though Shania burst
out in tears, she dutifully kissed and sucked G’s bloated
nutsac. The man then turned the gun menacingly to Mariah, who
got the
point, “Ok ok,” she said, before pushing Shania aside and
licking the length of his cock. Mariah was an expert
cocksucker, and put her skills to work, cupping her mouth
around G’s giant mushroom
and drooling on his dick to cover it in wetness.
Rakeem Sayid looked at the two white women down on
their knees, making slurping sounds as they gave his protege a
sloppy wet blowjob. He found himself wanting the same thing,
to have these women kneel before him and worship his cock, but
such things were forbidden for him. He tried to suppress his
lust and turned away to watch some tv.
Mariah was able to stuff a lot of cockmeat into her
chipmunk cheeks, her throat like a powerful vortex which
down his entire shaft. Then she smoothly raised her head up
again, her lips stretched around his wide cock, and pursed her
lips as the head popped out of her mouth and kissed the tip of
his knob before swallowing the whole thing again. First she
used the precum that leaked from his pisshole for lubrication
spreading it up and down the shaft with her smooth hands.
Mariah continued to fuck his cock with her face, she hated
doing it, actually she hated being TOLD to do it, but it was
just sex, and she didn’t want to die. She thought maybe if she
made him
Mariah reallized that he was about to blow his load, and
being the primadonna she was, did not want to swallow his
scummy spunk. She spit out the first wad in her mouth (Mariah
was too
good to swallow), grabbed Shania by her brown hair and pulled
her open mouth and covergirl face into the streams of cum
blasting out of GMX’s cock. Although G’ liked the look of
shock and disgust
as his jizz squirted on Shania’s tongue and how she closed her
eyes and wrinkled her nose as he glued her eyelids shut, he
didn’t like the stunt Mariah pulled.
“Bitch, you done fucked up!” he cursed at Mariah, before
grabbing Shania by the throat and ordering her not to swallow.
“You think you too good to swallow my seed, huh? Well you
betta swallow it all or I’m gonna shove a ball bat up yo’
tight ass!”
The two women were disgusted when they were forced to
kiss each other, swapping the sperm from Shania’s mouth to
Mariah’s. Carey showed the slimy ooze on her tongue before
gulping it down with a bitter look on her face, then was
forced to lick up whatever fell on the floor while Shania
licked his cock and balls clean.
Adebisi had enough of staring at the two pairs of fleshy
buttocks and was ready to explode. “C’mon, G’, let’s get deez
beetches ready for fucking!”
Tiny just roared like an angry lion to second that motion.
“You two take this one,” said G’, indicating Mariah, who
around to face the two behemoths. Her eyes popped out her
like Jim Carrey’s in The Mask as she laid her eyes on the huge
erections waiting for her. They looked inhuman, like giant
tubeworms growing out from the men’s abdomens. Even a
seasoned slut like Mariah would face a challenge in taking on
these two monsters.
G’ wanted Shania first because she looked “tighter and
whiter”, and wished to teach her a lesson in what real black
fucking was all about. He invited Rakeem to join in, but he
said it was wrong and started going on about a lot of
spiritual crap that G’ just tuned out.
“Listen, Sayid, I don’t give a fuck what Minister Farakkhan
said, fucking these white ass bitches is da bomb!”
Rakeem shook his head, denying his own urges he knew
lurked in his mind, “You’re taking the path to
self-destruction, my brother.”
Whatever, thought GMX, as he looked into Shania’s eyes
which were wide with fear and shoved her over the back of his
couch. He ran his hand up her smooth, bare back and gripped
her shoulder as he entered her tender pussy, eliciting a yelp
of pain. Shania moaned in submission as G’ firmly palmed her
mammaries with his hands and fucked her doggy-style.
Adebisi’s eyes widened and a broad smile came to his face
as he mauled Mariah’s ample buttcheeks. “I’m going to tear
this ass up!” he proclaimed, slapping his hard black boner on
creamy skin, and fingering her horny pussy with started to
juice automatically. “Oh my God!” gasped Mariah, as she felt
massive Haitian’s warm cock split her shaved cunt, exploring
her insides as he rapidly gyrated his hips. As she opened her
mouth she was gagged by Tiny’s monster cockhead, which had
been rubbing
between her perfect tits before the big man shoved it in her
His dick stretched her jaw almost off its hinges, but Tiny
still packed it in her mouth. Mariah’s gargled precum as she
tried to pull the cock out of her mouth and jerk it off
instead while
licking the underside. Soon the room was filled with the
sounds of Mariah and Shania moaning and screaming as they were
simultaneously fucked like a couple of dogs.
Rakeem couldn’t help but turn his head to watch the
anguish on the women’s faces and their big pale tits swinging
below them. Flipping through the channels, Rakeem happened
upon a
music video on VH1, with some haughty white woman walking
through the desert dressed in leopard skin. He was about to
change it but the camera kept focusing on her bare midriff and
cleavage, demanding his attention.
Of course, the video was “That Don’t Impress me Much”
by Shania Twain, and her cocky attitude displayed in the video
really got Rakeem going, “This bitch thinks she’s the shit.”
He looked over at Shania on the floor, who now had a
spattering of
cum all over her back, the back of her head and dribbling out
of her cunt and down her meaty thighs. He told G’ to check
out the bitch on the tv. They both saw dollar signs.
“God damn! We got us some kind of celebrity bitch here!”
said GMX, “Country singing bitch likes getting fucked don’t
ya?” When Shania didn’t answer, Rakeem jumped up and
grabbed her by her mane of well-coifed hair and rolled her
over. He snapped. He had enough of the white woman tempting
him, if
the jezebel wanted to flaunt her soft tits in his face and
laugh at his people he was going to give her the fucking she
He pounced on her heaving chest and gave her a
backhanded slap, followed by a forehand, which felt good, but
did not quell his rage, “The brotha asked you a question! Ya
little pricktease ya love to get fucked by the black man don’t
ya slut! C’mon say it!” The slaps were total overkill, as his
look was so stern it scared the shit of Shania to the point
she’d do anything to calm him down.
Shania was taking too long so Rakeem smacked her slick
pink pussy which had only the smallest wisp of hair. “Too
good for us, huh?” Rakeem whipped out his rock-hard
nine-incher, which
impressed Shania very much as it bobbed before her bugged out
eyes and rubbed her pointy nipples. Shania’s perky tits
jiggled in front of the angry black man, fueling his desire to
fuck her silly. He mauled her milky white tits in his hands,
squeezing her supple
breasts around his schlong so her hard nipples met each other.
Feeling his meat slide between Shania’s sweaty tits made him
smile. “Yeah, you like the feel of all that cock between these
tits don’t ya bitch?”
He leaned Shania’s head up against the bottom of the sofa
as he fucked her famous cleavage so that the end of his cock
could ram into her soft mouth He pumped her tits hard,
smacking her lips with his cock, and triumphantly sprayed a
load of cum which
striped up and down Shania’s beautiful, pristine face. As
Shania opened her mouth in shock, Rakeem shoved his
member deep into her mouth, “Eat my cum, white bitch!”
“Das’ right, homie! Keep it real! Choke that fuckin ho!”
cheered GMX.
Rakeem continued to slam into Shania’s head until she was
in a stupor. As his polished black cock slid out from her
glossy lips she drooled cum from the corners of her mouth and
went catatonic. Rakeem stood and beamed with pride at his
cocksmanship, looking
down at the vacant eyes of the defeated woman. Shania was now
a mindless fuck slave, and Rakeem rolled her over as he
planned to conquer her tight ass. Not so hoity-toity now are
ya, he thought. While Shania was being turned into a lifeless
receptacle, Mariah was flowing like a waterfall, cumming in
steady waves as she squated over Tiny’s 14-inch python and
bounced her
sexy ass up and down. Her pussy was completely full, and even
when she went down as far as possible, several inches of his
cock were still visible, making it look like she was impaled
on a thick fence post.
Adebisi pushed Mariah forward so her melons pressed in
Tiny’s face and lubed her ass with K-Y. With sadistic glee he
spread her ass cheeks and dipped his huge prong up her ass as
far as it would go, engaging in a sort of sword fight with his
friend. Mariah’s head was spinning, but GMX put her to the
test by
grabbing her by the hair and making her deep throat him. The
three huge cocks using Mariah all at once deluged her senses,
but she
accomodated all of them, and was soon leaking jism from every
Meanwhile, Rakeem shot his load up Shania’s butthole as he
finished raping her ass. She just wept into the sofa as her
stretched out ass was left vacant by Said’s huge fuckstick.
Rakeem wanted to signify his domination of the prone woman,
and fetched GMX’s
branding iron.
Shania didn’t put up a fight initially, as G’ grabbed her
arms, but struggled frantically when she reallized what was
going on.
“Time to let this bitch know she officially belongs to us!”
said GMX, “Do the honors my brother.”
Rakeem looked down with ferocious glee as he beheld
Shania’s wiggling ass and kicking legs. Adebisi jumped on
crushing her with his weight, holding her ass in place and
patting her on the round bottom of her lily white buttcheek,
“Put it right here, brother Rakeem. Burn this sweet white
“Noooo! You bastards!” wailed Shania.
Rakeem finally felt release from his anger and frustration
and laughed at the sizzling sounds as he pressed the branding
iron deeply into her soft buttock. She squealed
uncontrollably, her
thighs quivered and shook, and her feet curled up as her
domination was completed. The mark branded into her ass meant
that Shania
Twain was to become a cum-slurping whore, property of one GMX
and the rest of his burgeoning street gang. Rakeem thought of
her as his personal prize, his first white slave, and resolved
to claim more. “She will earn a lot of money for ‘The
Cause’,“ he reckoned. Tiny had risen to his feet, with
Mariah’s ass impaled on his
stiff cock, her feet swinging freely off the floor as he
walked her limp, unconscious body over beside Shania. He held
her head up by her thick disheveled hair, cum still dripping
off her lips and chin, her cum-splattered tits hanging below
her, flopping to and fro with
every step. Mariah had feinted from the harsh anal invasion,
and her utterly destroyed asshole slid slowly off Tiny’s dick
as he
dumped her on the sofa.
As Mariah revived she was held down and informed of her
tragic situation. She was about to be branded as a whore
belonging to these cruel men, peddling her ass on the street
and bringing every last dime home to her pimps. Both Mariah
and Shania used their
bodies to boost their popularity and sell their records, but
from now on when they teased men with their bare navels and
jiggling chests they’d be selling themselves.
Mariah was devastated, she could not believe that in a
matter of hours her perfect body and tight pussy and ass were
completely ruined, her charmed life and privileged existence
now relegated to the gutter. She threw a final tantrum as a
diva before the brand seared her ass making her a whore for
good. The men
laughed, and enjoyed the sight of Mariah’s beautiful
Mariah’s million dollar body, surgically enhanced,
liposuctioned and aerobicized to extreme fuckability seemed to
be designed for
prostitution, and the whore’s mark suited her slutty round ass
More gang members were allowed into GMX’s house that
night, and both Mariah and Shania learned to take on three
cocks all at once, while still using their hands to jerk off
two more. In a couple of hours the women were fucked to
exhaustion. They
were dragged to the center of the living room by their
cum-matted hair, leaving slimy trails behind them, like a
couple of slugs, as sperm seeped from their raw pussies all
over the floor .
The two songbirds wouldn’t have believed that they could
sink any lower, but that was the case, as GMX ordered them to
clean each other off in the 69 position. Shania was disgusted
more by Mariah than she was by the rapists who watched her
roll naked on the floor. It seemed to her that Mariah was
actually getting off on getting gang-raped. For her part,
Mariah didn’t respect the way Shania allowed herself to be
manhandled like a wimpy little bitch, and jumped on top of
Shania, rubbing her sopping wet cunt all over Shania’s sperm
coated face.
As Shania tried to move her head so she could breathe,
Mariah shifted her ass and stayed on top of her face, grinding
her swollen clit on Shania’s mouth. As Shania opened her
mouth, cum and pussy juice oozed down into her gullet, forcing
her to guzzle it down or choke. Even the gang was amazed at
how slutty Mariah
was, evident by the smile on her cum encrusted face as she
came all over Shania’s tongue.
The smile soon turned to a wince of disgust as she was
ordered to suck the cum out of Shania’s abused pussy. With
obvious reluctance Mariah swallowed her diva pride and a few
mouthfuls of creamy spunk as she lapped up the white fluids
which flooded Shania’s loosened and tattered cunt. Shania
wanted the
woman on top to feel the smothering effect and rolled on top,
pushing her pussy down and pumping Mariah’s face. The
glistening wet women rolled around the floor humping each
other’s faces for several minutes. Next they were ordered to
lick each other’s tits and asses and swallow every drop of
semen. The two women did
not get sick until they were once again ordered to kiss each
other deeply.
G’ liked what he saw. He couldn’t believe he had Mariah
Carey and some other famous bitch in his stable of whores. He
knew they’d bring in lots of cash, and figured he’d use them
for parties and gangbangs for selected groups of trusted
friends, and maybe even get them to wrestle in mud.

Nookie couldn’t believe she was stuck in a jail cell. “Damn
punk ass cops got nothin’ betta to do than fuck wit ma
bitniss,” she remarked to the baglady beside her. Nookie was
busted in an
apparent sting on hookers, but was excited that the got to be
on tv for the COPS cameras, and put on a good show. Now she
checking out some skinny white bitch in a leopard skin coat
was having a major hissy fit, stomping her feet, pounding the
bars and talking shit to the guards.
Sheryl Crow was at her wit’s end. The “damn useless
police” didn’t believe her story of abduction and figured her
for some common street whore with a wild imagination. She got
pissed off in the police cruiser and started bitching at the
cops, who did not respond kindly to her attitude. Sheryl was
photographed with cum still splattered on her prissy face and
expensive hairdo (the cops said they didn’t want to remove the
evidence), and she was denied a second phone call (she got her
manager’s answering
machine) and thrown in a common jail cell instead of the usual
celebrity special.
“Jesus Christ! You can’t keep me here, I’m not some
goddamned whore!” Sheryl screeched at the guard who outwardly
ignored her while inwardly wished her bodily harm.
Sheryl had unwittingly just earned herself some unwanted
attention, as Nookie got to her feet and stepped up behind
Sheryl, who muttered under her breath at the guard, “Fuckin’
Nookie grabbed Sheryl by her brown hair and rammed her
forehead into one of the steel bars.
“Racist cracker bitch!” barked Nookie, as Sheryl flopped on
the cold floor. Her coat fell open revealing her naked body,
as her panties and bra were left in the cab as souvenirs.
“You think you betta than me or sumphin’? Sure as hell look
like a damn ho to
Sheryl struggled to get her footing but slipped on the slimy
floor in her pointy high heels. Nookie dragged Sheryl over to
a bench and sat down, spreading her legs and shoving Sheryl’s
voluptuous lips into her crotch. When Sheryl refused to lick
her, Nookie pulled her head up and slapped her across the face
shoved her down again until Sheryl ate her out like a pro.
While Sheryl wretched in the toilet, Nookie made her phone
call to GMX and talked to the guard. He looked over his
shoulder before bringing her bag and allowing her to retrieve
a jumbo-sized black dildo, “Fuck that mouthy white whore up
the ass!” he
With Sheryl still kneeling before the toilet, Nookie stripped
off her coat and grabbed her by the hips and thrust the
strap-on deep into her ass and started fucking her and
intermittently dunking her head under the water in the toilet
bowl as she clawed her pussy. The other prisoners enjoyed
watching the prissy bitch getting what she had coming. Unlike
a man, Nookie could fuck Sheryl’s ass for hours on end, as
Sheryl suffered through the longest night of her life. Later
on, with the dildo left up her ass, Sheryl was forced to crawl
around the crowded cell and eat out all the other hookers and
homeless women in the jail cell.
Sheryl was relieved when she told in the morning that she
could leave, as someone paid her bail. Sheryl thought her
manager had come through for her and admonished the entire
precinct as she strutted out giving every boy in blue the one
finger salute and a barrage of legal threats.
Sheryl walked into the sunshine, slightly awkwardly with
her ass still sore from the night before, and approached a
fancy Mercedes with tinted windows parked in front of the
Sheryl liked the new car her manager got, and when the back
window rolled down she leaned forward to look in.
Unexpectedly, a huge black man (with a crossed eye) reached
out and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her into the back
seat, her sexy legs kicking as she was swallowed up into the
“Ok G’, we got her!” said Tiny, as G’ hit the gas and
headed back to his den of celebrity bondage.
“Whatchoo think, G’? I done good?” asked Nookie, seated
in the front.
GMX patted her hefty leg and said, “Bitch you done, reeeal
Sheryl struggled in her seat, tears of despair forming in her
eyes. Tiny grabbed her bare arms and stuck her bare ass on
top of his massive dick, knocking the wind right out of her
lungs before she could scream. Tiny roughly felt up Sheryl’s
flailing thighs and invaded her tight pussy with his large
fingers. Beside them, Adebisi noted Sheryl’s big lips open
wide enough to swallow his cock and made a note to himself for
“I already started this bitch’s trainin last night, got that
white ass loosened up for Tiny’s big muthafuckin dick,” said
GMX beamed as he looked at the latest addition to his line
up of celebrity whores. There was already a lot of interest
in the two sluts he grabbed last night. “Sheeee-it,” he
thought, “I might have to start specializin in pimpin these
famous bitches, start up my own celebrity ho’ train……”

[End Episode IV. Coming soon: Spice Wars V, starring Britney
Spears in the role of a lifetime....]

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