Velocity – Part 2

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Velocity: Chapter 2

By R

Codes: (Ff, cons)

Celebrities: Sabrina Bryan, Emily Osment

Disclaimer: This is erotic fiction of an adult nature. Yep, that means T&A, and lots of it! And trust me, if any of this stuff happened for real, we’d all be jerking off to the video rather than spend half our lives scrolling through text to find dirty words. Long story short, if you’re underage, go jerk off to the Disney Channel instead, at least they can’t be taken to a court of law for it. Well, they could, but they’d hire someone like me to kill you before it ever went
to trial. Okay, okay, sorry to make your boner soft. Disclaimer’s over, wank on, my friend.

Chapter 2

Wesley Tracer headed to the gym immediately after leaving the station that day. His stress was only part of the reason he needed a workout, he also tried to train vigorously every day to stay in the best shape he could. It was all part of keeping the edge he needed to be stronger and faster than the enemy. He usually liked to begin with some calisthenics before going a few rounds on the heavy bag and speed bag. If someone he knew was at the gym when he was he’d usually do some sparring and ukemi practice.

Wes was trained primarily in Japanese style kickboxing, but also studied Muay Thai and traditional Kyokushinkai Karate. In the years before joining the police force he’d been heavily immersed in old-style aiki-jujutsu, but found it had little sporting purpose and was used mostly as a means of killing or maiming one’s opponent. While useful, he wanted to learn other arts that could do more for his body and reflexes.

That afternoon the crowd at the gym was fairly thin, so he decided to practice with the Wing Chun dummy that usually stood off to the side gathering dust. Wes loved practicing his handwork, but avoided it when the gym was busy, as most people didn’t normally seem to know what the large wooden contraption was used for, and therefore liked to stare at him when as he trained.

After his wrists and forearms were thoroughly sore and tenderized, he decided to hit the weights for a while. He’d work up a sweat, go for a while on a treadmill, then hit the showers before grabbing something to eat. As he lie on the bench, he tried to breathe deep and concentrate as he raised and lowered the heavy weight.

Ashley Tisdale had left the airport in one of the limousines sent to pick up her and her fellow stars. One limousine had been reserved for Miley Cyrus alone, but she and Brenda said they were both tired and were heading to the nearest hotel, so Ashley, always restless, took the other and decided to see the local sights.

She sat in the back of the limousine, drinking her third bottle of water and listening to her stomach growl. It seemed that since she’d slimmed down for her last video, her life had become little more than craving after craving. She craved more attention, she craved food of all kind which she wouldn’t allow herself to eat, she craved the caffeine filled pills she had taken to help lose a few more pounds before she’d started touring again. She knew somewhere inside that it was no way to live, but she had never been truly satisfied with herself, and therefore had always sought to change every few months.

She had always worked so hard to be different than she‘d always been. She’d changed her style, changed her hair color, changed her attitude, but in the end it seemed it was just too hard to be herself, and in the end she’d gone back to working her ass off and changing everything about herself to please other people instead of herself. It was just easier that way, but she was ultimately unhappy with all of it.

It was probably just the water, but she felt bloated. She pressed the button for the intercom. “Ernie, can we swing by the nearest gym?”

“Sure thing, Ms. Tisdale. I know just where one is. It’s not too far.”


When she arrived at the gym she was relieved to see that there weren’t too many people there. Strong clattering sounds were echoing from further in, and as she stripped out of her shirt she saw that along one wall a guy was beating the living shit out of a large, strange looking piece of wood.

“Weird.” She said. She stood in her shorts and sports bra and immediately jumped on a stair climbing machine. She felt so tired, but she new she needed to get in her 50,000 steps for the day. Image and appearance was so important in Hollywood, one couldn’t afford to be comfortable anymore.

As she steadily climbed on, she found herself concentrating mostly on the activities of the guy who’d been practicing some sort of martial arts on the wooden thing. After that he’d lifted free weights for about twenty minutes. His face stayed calm and his eyes were as focused as a laser beam as he performed rep after rep. He wasn’t pulling any macho shit by piling on tons of weight, but he was really pushing himself to failure. She could tell he was in pain. As he started in on a heavy bag, she wondered if today was just another day at the gym for him, or if something was wrong. She knew that sometimes when she was stressed out she tended to push herself to unhealthy lengths. Maybe this guy was doing the same thing.

In any case, he finished up on a treadmill a few down from her and went into the shower room. It wasn’t long after he’d gone in when a loud group of guys walked into the place and spotted her. She finished up her work out but didn’t feel like taking the time to shower. She hadn’t gotten very sweaty and she just knew the guys that had walked in were going to start trouble if she didn’t get out soon.

She walked over to the bench where she’d set down her shirt only to have it snatched away before she could reach it. She looked up and saw that, of course, it was the group of guys. There were four of them, circling her as they talked rudely. She looked around only to see one of the people left in the gym head for the door, his eyes turned away. It didn’t look like she was going to get any help, and she didn’t dare scream from fear of the guys grabbing her and dragging her off. She tried to play it cool.

“Hey, you’re that bitch, aren’t you? You’re a…what’s her name?”

“If you have to ask, you don‘t know me.”

“Yeah, you’re that Ashlee Simpson bitch. Damn you were hot in the Dukes of Hazzard movie.”

“I‘m Ashley Tisdale, and you‘re not even thinking of the right Simpson sister, dickhead.”

“Oh, baby girl’s got a mouth on her. What else can you use that mouth for other than singing like shit.”

“I can scream.” She threatened.

They moved in closer. “Oh, I don’t think so honey. Maybe I’ll just cork your mouth with something nice and big. Ain’t nobody here to help you.”

“There’s me.”

At that voice, the group of assholes turned and Ashley saw the guy that had been working out so hard. He looked amped, but it was unlikely he could do anything against four men as big as they were.

“Just get the hell out of here, huh guys? It’s not worth getting violent just to get off. Go whack it in the showers or something.”

“And what are you gonna do about it? You a cop or something.”

The guy rolled his eyes. “Not at the moment, no. I sort of–”

“Then shut the fuck up unless you want to end up in a bag.” The man who said this reached for his back pocket. Ashlee didn’t know what he had back there, but the other guy didn’t give any of them a chance to do anything. He moved faster than she could even keep track of.

Wes lunged forward with everything he had and kicked one of the jerks in the stomach. He went flying back and got tangled up in the ropes of the boxing ring in the middle of the place. One of the others came at him and took a swing. Wes sidestepped and caught the guys arm, shifting his weight and sending the punk flipping through the air. Wes didn’t get the chance to enjoy watching the asshole hit the ground, because the third one came up from behind and grabbed him around the torso. The guy was big, and he was squeezing with all of his might, pushing all the wind out of Wes. Tracer was far from done, however. He flung his head back and caught the bastard smack on the nose. A sickening crunch filled the air and the guy’s arms suddenly disappeared from around Wes.

He turned and saw the guy holding onto his face, trying to keep what was left of his nose from falling off. Still feeling tender around the midsection, Wes let his anger get the best of him. He brought his hands up and clapped them thunderously over the guy’s ears. He screamed and grabbed them, and while his face was exposed, Wes drove his forehead into the mess that used to be the man’s nose. He looked as if he was about to vomit, but instead just fell over, unconscious.

Wes looked to the last one, the one that had called the young lady a bitch. He looked like a scared little kid in a haunted house. He turned to run and made it about halfway to the door. Wes ran after him and jumped to the right. He delivered a massive kick to a heavy bag, which swung over and caught the running punk in the shoulder, causing him to lose his balance and run headlong into the wall. He too fell over, out of the fight.

He wiped the blood from his forehead and went back to grab his bag. On his way back he saw the girl, Ashley Tisdale. He wasn’t quite sure if she was thought of as a teen pop sensation, but he new she was a musical act and was on a TV show at one time.

I should’ve known that would mean trouble, he mentally scolded himself.

Still, he was glad he’d stuck around long enough to teach those thugs a lesson.

“Are you okay?”

The girl seemed to be in a bit of a trance, and when he waved his hand in front of her face she snapped back to her self.

“Um, yeah.” She answered. “That was incredible.”

“Thanks. I mean, I don’t enjoy hurting people, but these guys are garbage. I’ve seen ‘em here before. They’re always starting some kind of trouble.”

The girl began to swoon. The started to fall back, but Wes caught her and moved her over to a bench. He helped her sit down and checked her pulse. She had grown pretty pale. She’d been walking for about an hour he believed.

“You’re dehydrated. How long’s it been since you’ve eaten?”

The girl swallowed. “I…umm…I’m not sure. Yesterday, I think.”

A faint smile played across Wes’s lips. “Just another pop star.” He chuckled under his breath. Hearing about these girls starving themselves and getting drugged out on TV was like watching fiction. It was hard for him to believe they were really out there destroying themselves like that.

“What?” She asked, still a little groggy.

“Nothing. Come on, I’ll take you to lunch. There’s a health place just a block away. Think you can make it?”

She nodded. “I think so. I’ll just call my limo driver and tell him to take his time getting back.”

Limo driver, Wes thought to himself, amused again. Then thought, maybe this is a bad idea.

In any case, Wes was hungry, so without glancing back at the four bozos lying on the floor, they walked out of the gym and headed to lunch.

It was a small café type place. Lots of salads, vegetable soups, cold dishes, and sandwiches with whole wheat alternatives filled the menu. It was actually pretty nice. They sat at a table in a corner near the back, far away from prying eyes and paparazzi. When it was safe, Ashley removed her sun glasses, but left her hood half on. One might think that after plastic surgery she’d be less recognizable, but at the rate news and pictures traveled these days, everybody already new what she looked like.

“Thank you for helping out back there. Those guys were assholes.”

“Yeah, they’re always making trouble. They’ll probably be gunning for me after today.”

“Are you kidding me? I’d be scared to death of you.”

Wes sighed. “Yeah, that used to be the idea of beating the crap out of somebody, but now honor is such a big thing they’d rather shoot you in the head from behind and go to prison than just behave and forget about it.”

“Well, I hope you’re wrong about them.”

“Me too. Hey, what are you doing in Miami? I mean, you’re some big star, right? I thought all the beautiful people lived out west, in the Hills or something.”

Ashley smiled. Who the hell was this guy? “I’m here for this big summer concert thing, and the Disney Channel Games. It’s gonna be held at the beach this weekend.”

“Oh, that. Yeah, I’m working security there.”

“You are?” Ashley asked, obviously excited. A little too obviously.

“Yeah, I got in some trouble for…well, anyway, yeah. I’ll be there watching your back.”

“I feel safer already.”

She ordered a plane salad with sprouts and fat free dressing on the side, which she barely touched. They talked while they ate, but Ashley could tell Wes was sort of a quiet type of guy, so she didn’t push conversation. When they were done she insisted she pay for lunch, to thank him for saving his life. He protested that he’d done anything but so as not to be rude allowed her to pay anyway.

“Thanks for everything. I guess I’ll see you at the concert.” She said as she rose to leave.
Wes stood as well. “I guess you will. And try to take care of yourself a little better. No more hanging around overly macho places. I’m surprised proctologists aren’t making more than plastic surgeon’s these days.”


“Ya know, since assholes are the leading cause of injury.”

“Oh.” Ashley laughed.

He walked her back to her limousine and they parted ways.


Disney Channel Games 2007: Red Vs. Green

The 2007 Disney Channel games had begun. The opening ceremony was a festive celebration of excitement, child-like innocence, and unbridled lust of the flesh. Some of the most attractive females on the planet were in attendance. The Cheetah Girls, Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song, Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus. The thought probably never crossed their minds, but hundreds of thousands of grown men all across the country watched the games fantasizing all the while about the endless array of lascivious activities they could perform on the budding young starlets. And as for the many cute lesbian girls out there, forget about it.

Summer was hot, but nothing was hotter than the Disney Channel Games. Or, perhaps more accurately, the things happening behind the scenes.

The games and concerts were being held at Disney World Resort’s lovely Typhoon Lagoon, and from atop Mount Mayday and the boat where none of the water-sliders could see him, Wesley Tracer was watching the proceedings through a rather nice and prohibitively priced Nikon scope from his personal collection. The scope was mounted on a Heckler & Koch G3SG1 semi-auto sniper rifle, also his own. Purchased legally, of course, just not with his own money necessarily.

His job was working security, yes, but he worked it his own way.

Even in the morning the air was already muggy and uncomfortable. Wes had to keep most of the black rifle covered with beige burlap to keep it from getting too hot. The last thing he wanted was to burn his face on the cheek rest after taking a bathroom break. Of course, being on top of a fake boat on top of a fake mountain, he wasn’t about to tell anyone where his bathroom was.

Looking down on everything, he couldn’t understand the way parents let their kids dress these days. There must have been a thousand grade school level kids down there in two piece string bikinis. Furthermore, many of them had older sisters and not unattractive mothers. We found it made his day just a bit more unpleasant when he had to shift position to keep from breaking his boner on the deck.

Craning his neck, he gazed up at the beating sun overhead.

“Yeah,” he said. “Fuck you, too.”

It was a scorching Friday afternoon when the Green team beat the Yellow team in an almost effortless display of willpower. Miley Cyrus wasn’t necessarily Green’s strongest player, but she did have the guys by the balls (so to speak), and she had a great deal of pull (pun intended) when it came to making the team really want to give it their all.

On the side of the red team, undoubtedly the hottest team of the year, the three head bombshells; Ashley Tisdale, Adrienne Bailon, and Team Captain Brenda Song, all knew that in order to secure a victory over Green the next day, they’d need someone on the inside to help break the strong team’s morale. That someone, it was decided, would be the ever so delectable Miley Cyrus.

“So,” Ashley spoke, “how are we going to get her on our side?”

“I‘m sure we‘ll figure something out.” Adrienne, the sultry Latina, answered, running her hand up Brenda’s moccachino colored leg, already glistening with a light film of perspiration. Ashley did not see this.

“I think we’re taking this thing a little too seriously, but it’s always fun playing around anyway. Jeez, it’s hot. I’m going to get something to drink, you guys want anything?”

Brenda and Adrienne shook their heads and Ashley walked away.

Adrienne licked her lips. “I’ve been wanting a taste of Ashley for quite a while now. I’ve never tried anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I don’t think there’s any way she could resist all of us. We’ll take her tonight in Miley’s trailer, fuck her so good she won’t even be able to walk straight tomorrow.”

“Oh, I want my tongue inside her so bad.” Brenda said.

“We’ll get her,” Adrienne whispered, surreptitiously running her finger up and down the crotch of her tight red shorts. “Tonight.”

“Oh Emily, I want you so bad.” Sabrina Bryan told the much younger girl while taking a pause from their wild tongue wrestling to rub each other’s pussies.

“You make me so hot.” Emily told her. “I’ve never felt this way about anyone else but Miley, and her body is nothing compared to yours. I need your tits, baby, I’m so hungry for ‘em.”

“Hmm, come get ‘em girl.”

They’d managed to get away from the action outside and sneak into a janitorial closet in a small building nearby.

Emily peeled up Sabrina’s tight, sweaty yellow shirt from her thick, tight body and stretched it over her enormous breasts. Sabrina had been extra naughty that day, not wearing any undergarments whatsoever. She’d been giving the boys an eyeful all day long, but her only thoughts were on Emily Osment and her loving lips. The same Emily Osment that leaned forward and wrapped her loving lips around Sabrina’s big pink nipples and started sucking like a Hoover.

“Oh boy, oh yeah. That’s so good. Suck my tits, Emily. I know you love my giant titties, give ‘em a good suck baby. Choke that sweet tit flesh down. I got ‘em all shiny and wet and salty just for you.”

Sabrina’s tits were so unbelievably big it was impossible for Emily to get enough of them. She sucked on each nipple hard enough to make big rings around them, but finally had to just stick out her tongue and run it over the massive globes, wiping them with her spit, sweeping them with her juicy pink appendage.

“Oh Sabrina. I wish I had a dick, a nice big cock. I’d straddle you and stick it between these fucking masterpieces and fuck them like they deserve.”

“Oh yeah?” Sabrina took Emily’s hand and stuck it down her pants, making the cute young girl finger her good. “Would you come on them? Would you fuck my titties and jizz all over my fucking chest and face with your big, veiny girl-cock?”

“Yeah baby, I’d fucking drown you in it, that’s how bad I want to fuck you.”

“Well you’ll just have to use your tongue instead, you little cunt-sucker. Get these pants off of my ass and get to it.”

“With pleasure.”

Emily Osment peeled the skin-tight yellow pants off her busty blonde teammate, exposing her shining bronze legs and plump, delicious ass-cheeks. Sabrina was so fucking tanned, her skin so tight and moist with salty sweat. Any guy would go insane at the chance to cum on the Cheetah Girl goddess. But no guy would have her that day. She belonged to Emily.

Lifting her leg and bracing one foot on a shelving unit, Sabrina braced herself against the back wall and stretched open her silken pink pussy for Emily to dive into. And dive the girl did, her tongue ram-rod straight as she ran it in and out of the older girl’s smooth wet love-tunnel.

“Oh yeah. I’m dripping my juices all over your mouth. Oh, it’s so good, Em. Eat me, baby. Eat that pussy. Get at that pretty cunt, baby doll. Ooh, oh yeah, that’s it, eat my ass, too. Tongue it, tongue my asshole, bitch.”

Emily had switched her tempo to going back and forth every couple of lips from twat to puckered asshole. Sabrina’s sweat had rolled down her back, funneled into her beautiful crack and ran down to gather in salty little droplets at the entrance to her ass, which Emily was oh so happy to probe and fuck with her pink little tongue.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah. I’m gonna come, baby. I’m gonna come all over your face, Emily. It’s coming. Oh, yeah, oh eat it all up you juicy little cunt-rag!”

Sabrina let loose a torrent of girl-spray all over Emily’s waiting face. Her mouth was open, welcoming the sweet, hot flow from her lesbian lover.

“Fuck, that was so good.” Sabrina told Emily. Emily wiped the juice from her face and held it up to Sabrina, who immediately stuck the fingers in her mouth and started sucking.

“Oh yeah, Sabrina. Taste your sweet pussy. Baby, you look so hot sucking my fingers.”

Popping the digits from her mouth, Sabrina said, “It’s your turn now, sweetie.”

Emily lowered her head and spat hard against Sabrina’s clit, making a loud smacking sound. She then ran her tongue up the girl’s pussy lips, relishing the dirty mix of saliva and girl-cum. “I’m too close for that. Just fuck me, you beautiful big-tittied goddess. Just fuck my little girl-pussy.”

After stripping their pants off, but leaving their tops on just above their breasts, they scissored their legs together for a tribbadism and started grinding pussies.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” Emily yelled. “Feels so fucking good! Hump me, bitch! Hump this fucking little girls teenage cunt. Pump it, you fucking whore!”

“I’m gonna hump you crazy, you fucking teen cunt! I’m gonna make you spread your twat-honey on me like oil and lick off every fucking drop. You’re gonna be my fucking cum-toilet from now on. I’m gonna make you drill my twat so hard everyday you’re tongue is gonna ache. I’m fuck you, and you’re going to be my little underage whore every night I want!”

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna fuck you so good baby.”

“I’m gonna–”


“I’m gonna tie you to a fucking bed.”

“Yeah baby?”

“And I’m gonna fucking pound you till you scream for me to stop!”

“Then you better be ready to do a whole lotta fucking you blonde bronze bitch! I’m about to–oh shit yeah–I’m about to cum all over you! I’m gonna pop it all over those fucking titties!”

“Do it! Do it Em! My little fucking girl-whore! Squirt all over me!”

And she did. She was a squirter, all right. Her sweet nectar spurted all over Sabrina. On her pussy, her stomach, her tits, her face. And Sabrina came, too. Not as powerfully, but in a flood. After moments of exhilarating orgasm, they lay quivering and panting in pools of sticky fluid. Thankfully, it was so hot out, no one would notice when they came back drenched.

“That was…unbelievable.” Emily gulped.

“That was nothing. Wait till I get the other girls and sic ’em on you.”

Emily’s eyes widened. She was going to have to get hydrated.

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