Fun With Fiona Phillips

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Fun with Fiona Philips
By Knobstick
MF, cons, oral

This story is fiction, and intended to be
read as such. Fiona told me to say that.
Any feedback appreciated,

Fun with Fiona Philips ( By Knobstick)

It all happened a few years ago when I was 17, and on three month work placement at GMTV

as a ‘runner’ which is, to be honest, an all round dogs body.

As might be suggested by the job title there was always plenty to do, but my main duty
was pumping

the presenters and crew full of coffee each morning, before the show in order to get them going, and

again as they relaxed after the show, making sure that I got plenty too, as my day started at 3am!

Anyway, this had been a pretty uneventful Friday, the show had gone out out as usual and I was

doing the round delivering coffee to the presenters after the show. I had just dropped off a cafetiere

of coffee to Eamon Holmes and then knocked on Fiona Phillips’ dressingroom door. I knocked and

waited, but got no reply. I knocked again, but still no reply, so assuming she was out of the room I

decided to sneak in and leave her coffee on the table, something I had done many times before.

I opened the door quietly and stepped inside. The dressing room was split into two parts, one part

had a dressing table and a couple of wicker chairs, and through a doorway was the other, which

comprised of a shower room. Just as I was about to place the tray on the dressing table I heard

the sound of someone coming through the shower room doorway. I turned and was confronted

with the sight of a half-dressed Fiona Phillips, standing in the middle of the room in nothing but her

underwear; a low-cut white bra and panties and the pair of fishnet tights she had been wearing

during the show.

She looked good, there was no doubt about that, but thinking she’d be shocked at me being there

I tried to avert my eyes, apologised and started to back out toward the door. To my surprise Fiona

didn’t seem that bothered, and just stared at me.

“Oh, come on in and don’t be so silly – haven’t you seen a woman in her underwear before?!” she

said, laughing. “Look – come in, and shut the door…”

Relaxing a little I smiled back, placed the coffee down on the table, then moved to close the door.


As I closed the door she sat down in one of the wicker chairs, pushed down the plunger on the

cafetiere and proceeded to chat to me about the show that morning, and asked me how I thought

she’d been. I sat down and started chatting back, nervously. She could tell I was a little embarrassed

and asked why.

“Well, you’re only dressed in your underwear,” I said.

She smiled. “But you’re a nice looking lad – you must’ve seen a woman like that before, surely?”

I shook my head. “I’ve seen page three girls dressed like that of course, but you’re the first one

I’ve seen in real life.”

Fiona laughed. “Well, you must be pretty disappointed with me – I’m hardly page three material!”

I blushed, and shook my head again. “You look fine to me…”

She stroked the top of the cafetiere plunger thoughtfully for a moment, then stood up and looked

at her reflection in the mirror.

“Do you really think I look nice?”

“Of course you do” I said.

She put one foot on the chair and stroked her hand over her fishnet clad thigh. “But look, you don’t

think my legs are a bit, you know, chunky ?”.

My eyes followed her hand as it smoothed its way along her leg, and I felt my cock stiffening.

“No, I think you have lovely legs.”

This was true. To be honest I’d always had a bit of a crush on her, sort of a ‘sexy blonde older

women’ thing. She was getting me horny, and I wondered if she knew it.

She turned the chair so it was facing the dressing table, sat down, and looked at me via the mirror.

“That was nice of you to say that. A woman always appreciates a compliment. You’ll learn that as

you get older – it can get you a long way.” Then, smiling slightly, she continued. “Would you do me

a favour and massage my shoulders?” she asked, “it’s not too often I get the chance to properly

relax after a show…”

I stood up and walked over to her, hoping my hard cock wasn’t visible though my trousers. I put

my hands on her shoulders and began to massage her soft, smooth skin.

She sighed, and relaxed into the chair. “Mmmmmm – that’s good. Have you ever done it before?”

I admitted I hadn’t.

“Well, you’re doing just fine…”

I looked in the mirror and saw her close her eyes.

“So,” she said, eyes still closed, “I take it that if you’ve not seen a woman dressed like this for real

before, you’ve never seen a woman naked?”

“Again, not for real – I’ve never been so lucky.” My hands trembled a little as I answered. I wasn’t

sure where she was going with this.

I carried on massaging her shoulders in silence for a few minutes. She still had her eyes closed, and

her breathing was slowing down. I just starting to wonder if she was falling asleep when she spoke


“If you undo the clip at the back of my bra and slip the straps off my shoulders you might find it


I obeyed, unfastening the back, then slipped the two thin straps down onto her arms, and resumed

the massage. Her skin was so soft, unlike my cock. I looked in the mirror. Her eyes were still closed,

and now that her bra was undone and the straps were down the cups of her bra had slid forward

slightly, revealing more than a hint of the soft curve of her breasts. I shifted my position a little, leaning

forward, and as I did I heard Fiona give a low laugh in her throat.

“Are you trying to see down my bra, you naughty boy?”

I answered without moving. “No, not at all…”

Eyes still shut, she smiled as she answered.

“Well, try.”

My heart began to beat faster, and I could feel the pulse making my cock throb. I moved my hands

forward slightly and started to massage the front of her shoulders.

“Mmmm, that does feel good…” she murmured, shifting her position slightly. As she moved, her bra

fell forward. Her breasts were now fully on show. They were fantastic, full and soft looking, topped

by dark nipples that were becoming erect even as I watched.

“Can you see what you wanted to see?” she asked, eyes still closed.

“Yes,” I replied, entranced by her beautiful globes.

“And do you like them?”

My voice trembled just a little. “They are fantastic”, I said, “truly beautiful…”

Fiona laughed softly. “Well, they need a massage too, but I want you to kiss my neck at the same


Fiona was inviting me to play with her luscious breasts! I could smell the scent of her hair as I lowered

my head and began to kiss her neck. I slid my hands down her body and felt the warm, soft flesh of

her boobs, heavy in my hands. They were much bigger than you would imagine from seeing her on


Fiona squirmed. “God, that feels so good”, she said, and I noticed her slide one hand down between

her legs. “Tell me – is your cock hard?”

I looked up from kissing her neck to watch myself in the mirror, fondling her lovely breasts and

rubbing her now hard dark nipples.


She half opened her eyes and looked at me at me via the mirror. “Mmmmm… Don’t stop kissing my

neck – that was making me tingle right down to my toes.”

I put my mouth back down and resumed kissing and nibbling her neck, and after about five minutes

of kissing and fondling I felt her hand reach behind the chair and with deft fingers she began to

unbutton my jeans. Soon her hand was sliding inside and in another moment her fingers found my

cock and began to wank it. I groaned, and started to move my hips so my cock slid back and forth

in her grasp.

“Mmmm, eager for something are we, then?” she laughed. “Come on then, stand up straight…”

As I straightened up Fiona stood, dropped her bra to the floor and turned to face me. Hand still

inside my jeans pulling expertly on my cock she kissed me deep and hard, her sweet tasting mouth

on mine, her tongue pushing in, delving.

With her other hand she unbuckled my belt, and popped the stud on waistband of my jeans. She

pulled my cock out and it stood proud and erect in her grasp. Fiona looked at it and smiled.

What she did next almost made me cum there and then. Kneeling down, she looked up at me with

a cheeky look in her eye.

“You tell anyone and you’re dead, ok?”

She pulled my jeans and shorts down, gripped the base of my cock with her left hand, and without

warning sunk my entire cock into her mouth – no licking or gentle foreplay, just straight down.

It was amazing. I stood there mesmerized as she spent the next few minutes expertly sucking my dick,

as I stroked her lovely blonde hair. Half of me wanted to cum in her mouth or over her face there and

then, but I had to resist – this was the chance of a lifetime!

After a while Fiona slowed the action with her mouth, released my cock from her lovely lips, and

looked up at me. “Hmmm, resisting are we then? Well, we’ll see about that…”

Still kneeling, she pulled my jeans and boxers right down, and slipped them off me, along with my

socks and trainers. Then she stood up and pulled my tee-shirt off over my head. I was now

completely naked, my cock still standing proud.

Fiona gazed at it, appreciatively. “Mmmmm – nice cock. Now kneel down and get me out of these

tights and knickers.”

I knelt down and proceeded to remove her tights and panties. On my knees I was face to face with

Fiona’s neatly trimmed little pussy. It looked so inviting.

Fiona motioned to me.

“Give me your hands…”

I lifted my hand up to hers and she reached around herself and placed my hands firmly on the cheeks

of her tight, firm arse.

“Now, pull me towards you…”

I obeyed, pulling her forward and burying my face deep in her pussy, running my tongue though

her pubic hair, and then down toward her already soaked cunt, and licked gently at her clit.

She grabbed the back of my head and moaned. She smelt sweet.

After licking her pussy for a few moments I stood once more, pulled her toward me and kissed her

hard on the mouth. Her mouth and mine now had the scent of her love juice on them. I grabbed her

around the waist and lifted her off the ground. She wrapped both legs around my waist and I

manoeuvred her over to the wicker chair.

“Oh, that was clever”, she smiled as I sat her down in it, “What do you want me to do now?”

I said nothing, but hooked each of her legs over the arms, and stood back to admire the view. Her

pussy was totally exposed, already wet and open. I knelt down and took hold of her foot. Lifting it

to my mouth I kissed it, then ran my lips along her toes and finally took her big toe into my mouth

and sucked it for a while. She squirmed a little and giggled.

Releasing her toe from my mouth I then traced her path all the way from her foot, up her calf along

the inside of her thigh until my mouth finally met with her pussy. The toe sucking and wait must have

aroused her, as there was now a trickle of juice from her pussy down to her puckered little anus.

I put my tongue out and licked her pussy juice from that hole back up to where it came from and

then put my tongue inside her for good measure.

Fiona threw her head back and moaned. “Oh my God – that’s fantastic! Lick me and make me


She hooked her legs around my shoulders pulling me toward her with her feet as I reached around

her thighs and opened up her pussy. Her clitoris was pink and stiff, sticking straight out from the

pulled back hood. I licked up and down her pussy lips, stopping to nibble her lovely clitoris every

now and again. I could tell this was driving her wild as she was kneading her breasts, and panting.

“Faster – lick me faster… I’m gonna cum – make your dirty girl cum for you…ohhh yessss….”

As I licked, she got wetter and wetter. Eventually she grabbed hold of my head, started bucking

her hips and grinding my face into her cunt.

“Yes – yes – fuck it – that’s it, fuck it – fuck itttt! Nnnnggghhh!” She shuddered, and with a final

gasp she squirted into my mouth.

I sat back grinning, and wiped my mouth. Fiona just sat there with her eyes closed, breathing heavily .

I watched her lovely breasts rise and fall. After a while she opened her eyes, and smiled.

“Mmmm., that was delicious. Would you like to cum now?”.

I was kneeling in front of her, completely naked with my aching cock sticking out in front of me.

Did she really need me to answer that question? I grabbed her feet and placed them either side of

my cock and started working them up and down the shaft.

“Oh,” she said, smiling. “You’re into that are you? I should have guessed when you were sucking

my toes. Kinky…”

I knelt, there for the next few minutes as Fiona gave me the most exquisite foot job I have ever

had, to that day or ever since. If she hadn’t done that sort of thing before it didn’t show. Her toes,

her heels, insteps and her wonderfully soft soles all came into play. By the time she pulled her feet

away I was close to coming.

Fiona wriggled her toes at me teasingly, then looked me in the eye.

“Do you want to cum over them?”.

I must admit it was a very tempting prospect, but I had another idea.

“Can I make love to you?”

She raised her eyebrows. “Can you make love to me..? Well, what a question for a boy to ask a

mature woman like me…”

With that she got out of the chair and walked towards the dressing table. She hopped up onto it,

sat so her back was to the mirror, brought her knees up to her chest exposing her pussy, and then

opened her legs. I took that as a yes!

As I walked over she slid her bottom forward ’til she was perched on the edge of the dressing table,

planting her feet as far apart as she could get them. I stood in front of her and she grabbed my

throbbing cock and started to rub it around her pussy. I closed my eyes and groaned – the softness

of her well-lubricated pussy lips against my cock was almost to much to bear! She finally found the

spot and my cock slid effortlessly in.

She wasn’t that tight, perhaps from the baby, but just right. I pushed in further until she gasped.

“Gently, my beautiful boy, take your time.”

I did. I knew if I gave into my instinct of sinking my cock deep in her and fucking her like a rhino

I would cum in no time, so I just gently stroked in and out, enjoying every slow, wet inch, savouring

the soft, wet feeling.

I could feel the tension in my balls increasing and knew I was going to cum very soon, so I hooked

her legs over my arms so I could get in really deep and fucked for a good few minutes, watching her

respond to the feeling of my cock inside her until I could last no longer.

“Can I cum in you?” I asked.

“Better not.”

She could obviously see the look of disappointment on my face.

“But I’ve got something that might be even better…”

With that she slowly manoeuvred herself off my cock and walked me over to the wicker chair.

“Sit” she said. “No, not like that – on the edge, like I was on the dressing table just now…”

I did as instructed. She sank to he knees and proceeded to finish me off in her mouth. With one

hand she caressed my balls while the other expertly wanked the base of my cock, all the time taking

my cock in her mouth, deep throating me like some well-practised porn star. Finally I could take no more

“Oh, Fiona – here it comes, you gorgeous dirty little bitch… Yessss!”

With that she took my cock out of her mouth, closed her eyes and wanked it as fast as she could.

Within just a few strokes I arched my back and unloaded a weeks worth of sticky white cum all

over her face and hair.

I stood and looked at Fiona, her face all coated with my slowly melting cum. She looked so dirty

and sexy. Her lips were covered, there was plenty on her face, and a trail of cum ran up over her nose,

across one eye, then up over her forehead and into her hair. She wiped a finger along her cheek, then

put it in her mouth and sucked the cum off it.

“Mmmm – my favourite flavour…”

That did it – I had to cum again. I started to wank my still hard cock.

“Put your legs out straight please Fiona, feet together.”

Fiona lay back on the floor, propped herself up on one elbow and did as I had asked. I lay on the

floor, put my cock against her feet and began to wank fast.

“Got some left in the tube then, my beautiful boy? Mmmm, that’s a nice surprise. Come on then,

do your best. Spunk over my feet with your lovely cum. Do you want to do it over my soles or my


Her teasing turned me on even more. I could hardly get the words out. “All of them, everywhere…”

As I came over her feet Fiona moved them around catching as much as she could, her soles

and toes getting more and more shiny and slippery. Finally my cock began to wilt so I put it

between her toes just to enjoy the last little bit of our encounter. Fiona wanked it with her toes a

couple of times and then spoke.

“Bring it up here and I’ll clean it off for you.”

This time her mouth was soft and gentle as she sucked the last little bit of cum off my cock. Once

she was done we showered together, then towelled each other dry. I was in heaven – I’d fulfilled

almost every fantasy I’d ever had about this woman, and she’d enjoyed every bit of it.

While we were dressing Fiona didn’t say much, just looked distant and thoughtful and I felt a little

awkward. I was worried that maybe she was having second thoughts about what we’d done. Just as

I was about to leave, she went to the table and returned with the tray with the cafetiere on.

Passing it to me, she kissed me, then looked me straight in the eye and smiled.

“Same time tomorrow please, but I do have just one request. Next time can you bring the cafetiere

afterwards? This coffee is stone cold!”

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