Hall Of Fame Babes Part II, Featuring The Legman

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Story title: Hall of Fame Babes part II, featuring The Legman

Author: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Jessica Simpson, Alyssa Milano, Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Gwen Stefani, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Victoria Beckham

Codes: MF, FF, MC, Bond, animals, vio, rape, threesome, oral

The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. I am not saying that anyone in this story would do what they do in this story. I am NOT stating that Sarah Michelle Gellar really is pregnant. I made that up, and if she is or ever becomes pregnant
I wish her the best.Warning this is not a typical Legman story and somethings that happen and that he does might not be something I truly write as a rule. This story is all my imagination and not one of the real life people in this story I believe would do something like this. Anyone with any suggestions for who The Legman should take next send them to [email protected] Before you do that please go inside of C-S-S-A and look for that person and find out if that story has been written already.

How The Legman controls the females that he takes. The Legman has a power that you could call a mutant power if you wish to do that. If he touches the skin of a female he can bend their will to his will. The sexier a lady’s legs usually means that she has less chance of resisting him. He also has a power to make people not notice him if he wishes that to happen too. The reason that he uses his powers on legs is because he so loves legs.

featuring The Legman

By sharkboy

As both Alyssa Milano, Jessica Simpson, and myself slam into the bathroom and I kiss both of these beautiful and very sexy women with such passion. My hands move over both of their legs, as we kiss with such lust. Alyssa looks at me with lust, as she tells me. “Go ahead, fuck Daisy first. I never had a problem with her sloppy seconds.”

Jessica gives Alyssa a look suggesting that she should never meantion that again, and then she looks at me. Jessica slowly unbuttons her shirt and she looks at me. “So, The Legman wants to fuck Jessica Simpson?”

I take her into my arms, and then I run my hands up her legs, and they move up to her outstanding ass. I look deep into her eyes, and I smile. I then move her panties down her sexy legs. I then put them in my pockets. “Jessica, did you come here looking to get laid?”

“The last few weeks I have been so horny the last few weeks and I feared it might not never end. Nick and I are not talking, and my vibrator recently became busted too.” Jessica blushes, as my fingers move thru her hair.

“It will end soon.” I smile, as I look into her eyes. If I fuck her it will all start again for her, and Alyssa too. Both of these ladies seem more capible of controling their lust, but then they can fuck anyone that they wish to fuck. I think they can handle a repeat. My hands move up and down the back of her legs, and Jessica closes her eyes and she enjoys it so much.

Then my pants become unbuckled, and they begin to move down my legs. I look at a smiling Alyssa, as she tries to speed things up some. She moves my pants down to my knees. My errection then comes out of my pants. “Dude, do you even own a pair of undies?”

“Underwear makes me chaff. Someone made me wear a thong and that thing was like a French torture device.” I sighs, as both of their hands move over my penis. They both have excellent hands, and I might not last too long. “Take your hands off of my penis before you are covered in seamen.”

Both of them remove their hands from my penis, and Jessica looks into my eyes with lust in hers. I push her against the bathroom stall wall, and I begin to work it inside of her. She gasps, as she wraps her legs around me. My hands go to her tits, and I play with her huge mounds while we fuck so hard.

“Uh God! Uh God! Uh God!” Jessica cums all over my dick very quickly. I look into her eyes, as she has that goofy smile that most women have when I make them cum so hard.

“My turn now!” Alyssa, smiles having watched Jessica Simpson orgasm, she knows that it is her turn now.

I pull out of the ultra tight Jessica Simpson, and I look at Alyssa Milano. She takes off her shirt, and I look at her big tits too. One hand moves over her tits and one over her thighs, as soon as Jessica gets her pants to her knees. “You two are so sexy!”

Then I turn Alyssa around, as my hands move over her heart shaped ass. She shivers hard, as my hands move over her body. “How much would you pay me not to fuck your ass?” I joke with Alyssa.

“You’ll receive one thousand dollars if you fuck my asshole and orgasm inside of it.” I then take my finger and I work it inside of her asshole. Her asshole is loose as hell, and I suspect that Alyssa loves anal sex and I mean she craves it big time.

“Does someone love to be assfucked?” I ask, as I line up my penis with her asshole. I begin to move it inside of her.

“Uhhhh! Oh yes, YES!” Alyssa loves how I fuck her asshole, and she screams so loud as it happens. She is so into assfucks, and so am I. I fuck Alyssa so hard and for such a long time. Then Jessica begins to slide her fingers inside of her pussy, and Alyssa’s eyes widen. “Oh my God! Too much! Too fucking MUCH!”

Alyssa then orgasms all over the place, and her chest heaves hard. Her eyes then roll back into her head, and if not for me and Jessica she would be lying on the bathroom floor. “Are you okay, Alyssa?” I ask, as I pat her face some.

Her eyes then spring open, and Alyssa smiles at me and Jessica. “Wow! You two have great hands!”

I look into Jessica’s eyes, and I figure out why she could see me. Why my touch affects her, but she can control it. “Jessica, we share the same power don’t we?” Jessica cannot look me in the eyes, so I know that we share the same power. “You do not have to fear this power.”

“I am a woman with the power to turn any woman on earth into a complete slut.” Her hand then moves over Alyssa’s leg, and she shivers so hard. I then figure out how powerful Jessica can be if she wished to be.

“Alyssa, who are we?” The look in the beautiful star from Charmed says it all, but she does answer me.

“You two are my masters… I am kinda in trouble now aren’t I?” Alyssa looks at both of us in great fear.

“No, we won’t hurt you.” Jessica tells her, as she looks into my eyes.

Then my survival instincts kick in when the bathroom door is slammed opened. I have been followed and I am in deep shit and nearly helpless. After I orgasm sometimes I become sluggish and weak. Usually when I nail someone I usually have to go someplace short to recover. Whoever happens to be after me has done their homework and I am screwed!

The stall door is slammed open and it catches Alyssa right in the face. She falls into the corner stunned. Then the big woman dressed in all red slams her baton right into the skull of Jessica Simpson. She looses her balance, as the smaller woman in red slams her baton into my rib cage. The larger of the two women slams her baton into the side of my head, as I watch Jessica catch her head on the toliet.

As I am beaten senseless only one thing comes into my mind. Are Jessica Simpson and Alyssa Milano going to pay the price for the sins that I have done, because niether of them deserve what I deserve to get.


I wake up inside of an old warehouse someplace I have never been before in my life. It has not been that long, and I look across from me. Alyssa lies on the floor knocks out and I can see up her shirt too. God, she has great tits on her! In the other corner I see Jessica Simpson, as she tries to keep awake. “Jessica, do not fall asleep!” I can tell that she has a concussion and she needs some medical attention very soon.

Once I yell at her Jessica begins to look around, and Alyssa begins to stir. My hands are cuffed over my head with gloves on them going upto my elbows. I am cuffed to something large and metal so I cannot escape from it and the cuffs are a little too tight also. “Jessica, untie Alyssa.”

Jessica Simpson then crawls over to Alyssa Milano, and she unties her. She then smiles at Alyssa, as she looks all over the place where we are at right now. “Where are we?”

“Not sure. Some warehouse or someplace like that. Are we going to be shipped to China as sex slaves?” Jessica hugs herself, because she does not wish to be any one’s sex slave.

“That is one hell of a good idea. I would have never have thought of that.” The smaller lady in red says, as she and the larger one walks out of the shadows.

“If you do that I left my passport at home.” Jessica says in her I’m stupid voice. One thing I know is that Jessica Simpson is NOT stupid. Some believe that she is because of that reality show that she did with her husband Nick Lachey, but she was able to find me so she ain’t stupid.

The smaller lady looks at the larger one, and she says. “We just found the other half of your brain.”

“HEY!” The other lady objects to her statement. “Doesn’t she need her passport to travel?”

“Why were you made my partner?” She shakes her head, and then I chime in.

“Eliza, Charisma take off your masks. I can so tell that it is you.” I can tell by their voices, their bodies and the fact that Eliza baths in her perfume.

“How does he know who we are?” Charisma does take off her mask, and she looks at me.

“Besides the fact that you are such a retard?” Eliza removes her mask, and she looks at me. Then she glares at Charisma. “Why were you included anyway?”

“Because I can throw you out like a piece of trash. In real life terms I am the vampire slayer, not you.” Charisma smiles at Eliza and then she checks to see if I am impress. She did slams me really good, and I am impressed.

I then look at Alyssa, as she helps Jessica stand. I am sure that Jessica Simpson has a concussion. She needs medical attention soon. “Charsima, Eliza let them go. They have done nothing to you.”

Eliza looks them up and down and she smiles. “These two are going to be the last two women that you’ll ever fuck Legman. You could have done better than a 3rd rate pop star and a child actress who became a porn star.”

“I am NOT a porn star!” Alyssa objects to her statement. “Charmed has been on the air so much longer than that horrible show you had on FOX was on. What was it’s name again? True Calling?”

“FOX moved that show so much that it could never build any fan base!” Eliza lies some, because her show had a stable time spot. The problem is that the show would have made a good movie, but not a very good TV show. It ran out of plot lines so fast.

“Whatever, all I know is that my records sell and people come to my shows. If I am a third rate pop star what do you call my opening acts?” Jessica’s head hurts so bad. She cannot pass out or she could go in a coma.

“Your future headliners? Eliza says with a smile on her face, and Jessica shrugs.

“If any of them can do that more power to them. I hope someone who opens for me becomes big. Now if you excuse me I need a doctor, or someone has cloned everyone here but me. There can’t be three of you.” Jessica begins to walk towards the door.

“Someone stop her before she escapes!” A voices comes out of nowhere. I know who happens to be the ring leader here too. Charisma does use to baton to let Jessica know that she cannot leave too.

“Jennifer Aniston come on down! You are the next contestant on Kidnapping The Legman!” I roll my eyes, as I hear her sigh hard.

Then Jennifer Aniston comes out of a small office at the end of the dock. The lights were off and I never saw her. She walks towars us in her red leather too swaying her hips so sexy like, and she smiles at me. “So we meet again, and now I am in control.”

“Yes Black Bart, you are in control you evil bastage! I say let the women folk go so they can moisy home to the ranch and milk the cattle.” I make fun of Jennifer, and her eyes narrow at me some. “Jessica does need some medical attention. Tubbo over there cracked her head hard.” I look harshly at Charisma.

“Did he just call me fat?” She asks Jennifer in such anger. Then Charisma glares at me hard, as she beats her baton.

“Don’t you dare do that Charisma.” Jennifer warns her, as she walks to me. “Do you have any idea what we plan to do to you?”

“Let me guess, it won’t be fun?” I roll my eyes, because I am pretty sure what they have planned for me.

Legman, we plan on cutting your penis off…” Jennifer then smiles a wick smile, and I go pale. Okay, I had no clue what they had planned for me, and yes I am scared shitless too. If any woman that I have screwed would be willing to do something so horrible and cruel to me it would be these three women.

“You plan on doing what…?” I become terrified, but I do not show it to Jennifer. I then look at the looks on Eliza’s and Charisma face too. They had no clue also. “You failed to tell these plans to your muscle?”

“Those plans were on a need to know basis and they did not need to know.” Jennifer smiles at me telling me that all of the times that I fucked the shit out of her have turned her into a grade A looney. “I am going to so miss your penis.”

“Yeah, so will I.” I look into her beautiful blue eyes, and I swallow hard. How can anyone do this to another human being? I am in deep shit and I need to escape, thank God that Jessica and Alyssa are on my side here.


I sit hand cuffed to the same place that they cuffed me to and I so try to escape. My hands are cuffed too tight and my arms have little slack in them so I cannot wiggle myself free. I try to make myself become unable to be noticed by them, but Jennifer does not fall for it. “Next time you do that Jessica and Alyssa gets their tits cut off of them.”

Alyssa covers her tits, as she cries out loud. Jessica hears her to and she shakes her head some. I have had a theory on Jessica ever since this has happened. She seems to be in more pain when Jennifer or one of the other girls are around. Jessica Simpson might be faking how bad her concussion is. I still believe with how hard her head hit the toliet that she needs medical attention very soon

Jennifer walks back into the room, as Charisma stares at my cock. Drool runs down her chin, as she looks at my erection. As usual my pants can barely contain my erection. “Charisma, come to daddy…”

Charisma then stands leaving her baton on the floor, and she walks towards me. She then begins to unzip her top, as her eyes go over my body. “So, you want some of me, huh?” She sits on my lap, and she kisses me with passion. I kiss her back in want and some fear. I doubt that she could do the horrible act that Jennifer wants to do to me, but she’ll have to help control Jessica and Alyssa.

She unzips my pants and she begins to suck my dick so hard. How she got her mouth this big I’ll never know. She sucks me so hard and she shows no sign of tiring. Her hands also move over my shaft too, and I try hard not to blow my load. Her head then begins to bob, and I can barely control myself.

“Step away from him now, Charisma!” Jennifer orders, as she walks into the room. She lets go of my penis and I nearly cum, but I control myself. She then takes three steps away from me. “Are you retarded? If he cums inside of you he can control you!” Jennifer is truly upset with Charisma. Her eyes then go to Jessica Simpson, as she happens to be a mere step away from securing Charisma’s weapon. “I suggest you step off before I give you a real concussion!”

Jessica does back away from the weapon and Charisma gets it back. Jennifer then looks around for Eliza and Alyssa. We can all see their shadows in the warehouse office, while they fuck so hard. Jennifer throws her baton at the window scaring the shit out of them both.

Eliza, and Alyssa come out of the office and Eliza happens to be red faced as hell. I can tell by the look on her face that she and Jessica came up with this plan, so I could escape and it nearly worked too. “Handcuff those two sluts across from The Legman. I don’t trust them at all!”

Charisma handcuffs both Alyssa, and Jessica across from me and I can see her hairy bush up Jessica’s short skirt. “So ladies, come here often? I love the fact that Lesbian sex happens in that office down there.” Both Alyssa, and Jessica laugh hard at my joke, and then Eliza’s baton slams me in the balls so hard. “Uhhhh!” I close my eyes, and I breath so hard.

“I am not a dike slut like that Who’s the Boss whore over there is! How long did you and that bitch in that vampire movie make out when that scene was shot? You both sure enjoyed it.”

Alyssa rolls her eyes, as she looks at Eliza and then she sighs hard. “Have you ever heard of acting? I was being seduced by the campus whore. Me and her did NOT make out after that scene happened. If she or I had something to get out of us we did it when we filmed the scene.” Alyssa then tests her bonds.

“Whatever…” Eliza rolls her eyes and she looks at my exposed cock. “So, do we all get to ride that before you cut it off?”

“No one ever gets to ride that thing again. By the way Legman…” Jennifer then takes Jessica’s panties out of her pocket. She then lights a fire in a trashcan and she tosses them into it. “You lost the last pair of panties that you’ll ever remove from anyone.”

“So you plan to cut my hands off too?” I roll my eyes, because if they cut my penis off that might not affect my hands at all. Of course without my penis I would have little need to make anyone become naked before my eyes again. That would be cruel, hell this whole storyline is cruel. I hope to wake up screaming at any moment.

“Legman, when we cut it off do you think you’ll still try to make pretty girls become naked before your eyes?” Her finger then moves over my still large hard on. Jennifer then gives me the coldest smile that anyone has ever done to me in my life.

Then Jessica’s cell phone ring and Eliza smiles, because Jessica has just gotten a text message. “Jessica, Nick sent you a text. He wants a divorce.” Eliza reads the message so coldly to Jessica.

Jessica then begins to scream so loud, and she throws a major fit that she has every right to throw. Alyssa moves as far away from her, as her cuffed hands allow her to go. “I don’t want a divorce!” Jessica bellows so hard, as tears come down her cheeks. “Someone hold me, please?”

As she cries Alyssa looks at the three ladies who happen to hold us prisoner and she sighs hard. She then move close to Jessica and she wraps her legs around her. “I got you. This is the best I can do. Jessica… do you blame me?”

She shakes her head no at the star of Charmed and tears come down her cheeks. Then I ask her. “Jessica, is this my fault?” To my shock Jessica shakes her head no, and Jennifer, Charisma, and Eliza look at her in complete shock.

“How can you not blame him? Did you not make you so horny that you had to explode?” Jennifer looks at Jessica in such shock. I am in a lot of shock too.

“Yes, I was so horny that I was ordering pizza every night and I would drool over the handsome young men who gave me my pizza. One night I even gave one a really erotic blow job and he sure left happy. When I was at my weakest I would pick up the Bible and I would begin to read. That helped me a lot.”

I tune Jessica Simpson out as she talks of God and all of the bullshit that comes with that. I look at Charisma Carpenter who is tunning out Jessica too. “So, what drove you to this?”

She lowers her head when she asks me. “Remember that night that we screwed Sarah Michelle Gellar so hard?” I nod, because I remember that night so well. “Remember when we made plans after that… you never showed…” She closes her eyes, as tears come down her cheeks. “Later, when I realized you were not going to show up I went outside and I found the first man that I could find and I screwed him so hard. He gave me an STD.”

“So, you screwed around and you got nailed. How can this be my fault?” I ask her, and she shrugs. “You want to know why I failed to show up?” She nods yes, and I tell her. “When I got home I talked to my sister on the telephone. My mom died. I was in no mood to screw anyone, because that happened.”

“I am… so sorry. Were you all alone?” She asks me out of concern.

“Charisma, when I am not with a beautiful women or at work I am alone. I have few friends and I am not even that close to my family. When you guys are done with me it will be just me and my dog named Bandit.”

“Oh you have a doggy? What kind is it?” Charisma smiles at me, as we speak of dogs.

“A black lab mix. He is like straving to death, because I have not been home in a while.” I see tears form in her eyes, and she shakes her head.

“I am not falling into this trap. Later…” As she walks away from me I can see her trying not to cry, and I can hear her choke up too. She did not want to fall into my trap, but the moment she began to talk to me as a person and not The Legman she fell into my trap. I hope that I can make her see how wrong what she is doing before it’s too late.


After the three of us try to escape so hard after both Charisma and Eliza went to sleep. None of use could get free and Jessica even tried a trick that nearly worked. She flexed her arms when she was cuffed, so when she unflexed the cuffs were loser on them. The problem is that no one told these babes how to handcuff anyone and they cuffed us too tight.

I finally feel to sleep, and I dream a horrible nightmare of women eating my body parts. I am so afraid, as I watch them all chow down on everything that my body owns. Some eat my heart, and some eat my lungs, and many eat my intestines. I cry and plead them to stop, and they do not wish to stop and they pretend not to hear my cries for them to stop.

As tears come down my face, I sees something so errotic and extremely scary too. Jennifer Aniston takes a bite out of my unattached penis, and she smiles wide at me. She takes small bites out of my penis, and she grins the entire time it happens too. Then something strange occurs to me, I have to orgasm soon!

My eyes pop open and I look at a buck naked Jennifer Aniston, as she rides me like a horse. Her legs look so amazing, as she fucks me so hard. She rubs her body against me, as she screws me so long and extremely hard. Every time I fuck her she seems to get tighter and tighter and she gets more addicted to me too. This might be my way out!

She then begins to scream, as she cums all over my penis. Her chest heaves, as she so enjoys her orgasm. I then orgasm inside of her, and she does not expect this, because when we usually would screw she could orgasm many times before I would cum once. She then hugs me so close, and then she begins to cry so hard. “I can’t do it! I can’t cut it off!”

“Don’t then. You are the brains here. Tomorrow send both Eliza and Charisma on a long mission. Once they are gone make me and Jessica and Alyssa disappear. Jennifer we could live in Greece. Would you like that?” Jennifer nods, as she looks into my eyes. Yeah, she would love living with me in Greece, until I began to screw the locals. I am not a moron, she and I would never work for so many reasons. Reason number one is that she is so longer totally stable.

“What do I do first, Master?” Jennifer looks at me like a drone. When I have screwed someone as many times as I have screwed her, it only takes my seed to make her my slave once more.

“Jennifer, go unlock Alyssa and Jessica. Look at Alyssa’s hand?” The cuffs on all of us are all too tight. Alyssa might loose the use of her hand very soon. Then Jennifer Aniston stands and she walks to Alyssa Milano, and she uncuffs the passed out beauty. She then uncuffs Jessica Simpson too.

“If you and I become something these types of people will have to go.” She looks down at both Jessica and Alyssa with disgust on her face. “They both can’t act and have fakes bodies. How can you even stand them?”

Both Jessica and Alyssa open their eyes and they glare at Jennifer. “You two were faking?” She backs away from both Jessica and Alyssa, as they stand up.

“Looks like the odds have now changed, huh Jessica?” Alyssa and Jessica each take their own sides against Jennifer so her focus is split. I try to tell them that she happens to be on our side now, but they refuse to listen.

“So two on one, huh?” Jennifer does have some training to fight. The one problem is that there are two people not accounted for right now. Before I can say anything to defuse this from happening Eliza fires a .38 in the air. Charisma is with her too, and she has a video camera in her hand too.

“So, our former boss nearly blew it, huh? She was out smarted by Alyssa Milano and Jessica Simpson. That must be like getting out smarted by The Three Stooges?” Eliza looks Jennifer up and down, “How did they get you buck naked?” She then smiles a sexy smile at them all. “Oh yeah, you were fucking The Legman. We got that on video too.

Jennifer rolls her eyes. “I could not take it anyone! He was so close and oh so far away. I say we let the whores go,- and make him our personal love slave.”

“YES!” Charisma shouts, as she pumps her fist hard. She smiles, as she looks at my exposed penis. Yes, Jennifer Aniston did not zip me up. She’s a selfish rapist.

“So, I get no vote here? I happen to own a bussiness. Many people will be pissed if I fall of the face of the earth.” I tell them the truth. A lot of people need me to live life better.

“You do not get any votes here, and I am taking over here. I have been thinking. Why do we three get to vote on this jackass’s fate? Give us the names of the top one-hundred women that you have screwed, and they all get a vote on your fate.” Eliza smiles, because she figures that I would never win a vote between so many women that I have screwed so hard. You know what? She might be right.


I sit there and give the names of everyone that might vote for me to keep my penis. Names come to me slowly, and now the ladies are beginning to throw names at me to see how I react to them. “So, I am so surprised you never screwed Kathy Ireland. What was the problem there?” Eliza asks, as she goes over the names over and over.

“She played the virgin card.” I roll my eyes at the looks on their faces, and then I add. “This was before that SI cover and she became so huge. She acted like I was going to rape her too.”

“Ah, so he does have a weakness. Would you have bought this from any of us?” Jennifer asks me.

“You and Charisma were married, and I saw Eliza with a guy’s hand up her skirt when I went to the set of Bring It On.” I roll my eyes at her question. Who can believe that Jennifer Aniston, Charisma Carpenter, and Eliza Dushku are virgins? Anyone who believes that might buy the claim that Gwen Stefani’s first man was Gavin Rosedale, a claim that she never made by the way.

“Yeah, I am such a slut… you have any idea how many men did that to me on a day?” Eliza is mad, because people think that she is kind of easy.

“About half or maybe a third that would look up Kirsten’s skirt. God, she has legs to die for.” I see Eliza get so mad, as I make my comment to her.

“Okay smart guy, which one of us happens to be better in bed?” Eliza asks the question expecting one answer and I one I give her makes her so angry.

“Actually to tell you the truth, Gabriella Union blew you both off the map. That girl has some mad skills in the bedroom.” The look on her face is gold, and she becomes so angry that she strikes a wall so hard.

“Son of a bitch!” Something snaps in her hand, and she begins to cry so hard. “I broke my fucking hand!”

Charisma walks to her, and she checks her hand. “It’s not broken, but we’ll have to ice it.” I smile some because The Bring It On bitch has brought herself some pain.

“Okay, with all of use here we do have one hundred people.” Charisma then looks at Jessica and Alyssa. “They get a vote too.”

“You’ll let his last two conquests get a vote?” Jennifer does not like what Eliza and Charisma are doing.

“Sure, he should get at least two votes on his side.” Eliza smiles some. “By the way Legman. I already called Sarah Michelle Gellar. She said chop it off.”

I sigh some, as I figure out the women that have been contacted by this Axis of Evil that stands before me. Most of them are women that I am not sure on how they are going to vote. I am very afraid now.

“Okay, if we get to vote now I say he gets to keep it and go free.” Alyssa comments to them. Eliza nods at her, as she scowls.

“I vote the same as Alyssa, so he’s up two to one.” Jessica smiles, as she looks at them and then at me.

“Okay, you two wish to play that game then?” Eliza looks at both Jennifer and Charisma. She puts her thumb down, as they do too. “He’s now down four to two. Remember bitches we have the numbers.”

Thats a part of the problem here. Every time that Alyssa or Jessica make a move to free me their numbers pervent it from happening. Can anything save me? This might be the end of The Legman.


I watch as all of the ladies add up the numbers to this worthless vote. However the vote goes I’ll have my penis chopped off for sure. By the look on Eliza’s face tells me that the vote is not going how she expects it to go. The looks on both Jessica’s and Alyssa’s face tell me that things are going so bad for the terrible trio.

Jessica then looks up at me and she asks. “I bet you need to take a piss really bad?” She stands up, and she looks at Eliza Dushku. “May I make sure that he does not piss his pants?”

“If you wish to be the second to last woman to touch his penis you may do it. You make him cum the part of you that made him orgasm shall end up in the trash beside his penis.” Her voice gives away her dislike for Jessica. “Remember, your God cannot help you here.”

“Whatever…” Jessica walks to me, and she sits before me. She sees a puddle of pee that I have made before. I have pissed twice because both Jennifer and Charisma made sexual advances towards me. Jennifer fucked the shit out of me to tell you the truth. “The voting is going very good for you.”

“Yeah, any idea why?” I shrug some, not really believing her that much. I can tell that Eliza is not happy with the results that she happens to be getting. Charisma seems pleased and that could be very good for me too. Jennifer is not that easy to read.

“How many people can vote for that to happen to anyone besides those three girls?” Jessica shrugs some.

“Sarah Michelle Gellar can do it. I can think of many more who could too. Some names I did not give them, because they did not like what happened between us. “Some women still say my name with hatred.” I roll my eyes, because some of them I have never screwed and I do not plan on screwing too.

“Yeah, being married to Chico and the Man’s Jr. must have really fucked up her mind. God, she did those aweful Scooby Doo movies with him too. If she does not wish to be famous she should just quit. Those movies make the Dukes of Hazzard seem like Shakespear.” Jessica smiles at me, as she stands up.

Eliza gives her a long look and she comments. “I forgot that his pants were never zipped up. Why did you lie to me?”

“Because this guy might be mere moments away from getting his little fellow cut off and he must be terrified from it. If I can at least give him a few moments of comfort I’ll be okay with God.” Jessica stands and she looks Eliza in the eyes. I can tell that Eliza is so close to snapping right now.

“You know we lost the fucking election by a land slide!” Eliza looses control, and she glares at her and then at me.

“Wow, not that many women hate me then?” It would feel nice if I was not so close to getting my penis cut off.

“Legman, we all hate you. That is all that counts.” Eliza smiles at me. I know what’s to come next, and if I could stop reading now I so would.


About an hour later, I have been transfered to a table and my arms are chained and my legs are spread and bound. I am stark naked and I try to keep my penis soft. That is hard considering my company. Jessica and Alyssa stand behind me so I cannot see their bodies. Good girls! Jennifer is so pissed off that Eliza gets the honor to remove it and Charisma looks like she might be praying to God to make this stop.

“So, we figured out why she made you pee an hour ago. That shall save you not.” Eliza smiles at me.

“What are you suddenly a James Bond villian? I expect you to die Mister Legman!” I do my best Goldfinger voice, and it makes both Alyssa and Jessica laugh hard.

“No, we are all leggy chicks dressed in leather.” ZIP! I heard the sound of all of their costumes being unzipped at once. I try to close my eyes, as the red leather moves down their shoulders. I can’t though! I can’t look away!

My eyes go over Charisma’s tits, as her costume comes down her sexy body. Once it’s past her waist I can see that she does not have any panties on too. My eyes then go to a smiling Jennifer, as her world class legs come into view too. Eliza looks like such a goddess too, as she becomes naked also. My penis instantly comes back to life, as I look at the three naked beauties too. To make things even worse they are all in black stockings too! They could not look more amazing right now! Oh God NO!

Then three words come from my mouth that I never believed I would say to any woman who I screwed in the past. “Please, forgive me?” I then begin to beg for a part of my body that all men cherish so much. Tears come down my cheeks, as I beg and debase myself before five of the hottest women who have ever lived.

“You heard that girls? He is sorry!” Eliza mocks me, as she holds the knife in her hand. “It takes mutulation to make him feel bad for those of us who he turns into complete whores! Do you have any idea how many fucking men I screwed on the set of Bring It On?”

I open my eyes to look into her eyes, and I am no longer affraid. Perhaps, God has a plan for me as a unic or something like that? When I look into her eyes, I see something happening behind her, and I smile wide. Jessica Simpson has her hands on Charisma Carpenter turning her into her sex slave. She does have my powers!

“I only have one thing to say to you Eliza, look to your right.” She turns to her right, and her chin slams into Charisma’s fist so hard. Her eyes roll into her head, and she slams onto the floor so hard. The tide has turned! YAY!

As Charisma frees me, I can see Jennifer and Alyssa duking it out hard. Jessica then comes in, and she lands an ax handle onto her back. The wrestling move and not a real ax handle. Jennifer falls onto the floor over powered. She then begins to cry, as I come into her view.

“Oh my God, you can’t please?” Jennifer tries to crawl away from me. I grabs her legs, and it does not take much for me to gain control of her body. She stops crawling, as she sighs in defeat. “It’s not to end like this! We had everything accounted for!”

“Put Eliza on the table.” Alyssa, Jessica and Charisma place her on the table and they bind her hard. Eliza begins to weep due to fear. “So, you really like my penis, huh?” I ask Jennifer, and she begins to weep hard.

My hands move over her ultra sexy legs, and Jennifer Aniston weeps so hard. Her will melts away quickly, and she cries so hard. Then she parts her legs so wide for me. I take my penis into my hand, and I begin to work it inside of her. Her eyes widen, and her chest heaves as she works to take my size into her.

“Oh Jesus!” Jennifer closes her eyes, as she so enjoys what I do to her tight pussy. My penis is so huge and she can still barely take my size. I fuck Jennifer Aniston so hard, and she screams like a whore on crack.

“Slam it inside of me like the man that you are! Fuck my whore like ass! Make me cum so hard!” I screw Jennifer Aniston so hard, and she screams so loud. Her eyes are squeezed shut, as her tits bounce so great. Then the incredible pair of legs that belong to Jennifer Aniston wrap around me, and they bring me so deep inside of her she wants me to orgasm inside of her so badly, and she shall get her wish very soon.

Then Jennifer begins to orgasm so hard all over me and her. I then orgasm inside of her, and I know that I am done sexually for the night. She squeezes me, as I cum inside of her and that dreamy smile crosses her face. “You are so incredible master!”

I then tell Jennifer what her punishment shall be for being the person who headed this mission to remove my penis. Her eyes begin to water, as she takes on a look of horror on her face. She then begins to sob so hard. “NO! You can’t do that! You can’t!” Jennifer sobs so hard that I nearly begin to feel sorry for her, but an example must be made of her.

As I move towards Eliza, Jennifer grabs my leg and she begs for her punishment not to happen. I take two steps, before I scold her badly. “Let go or it will happen for the rest of your life.” She instantly lets go of my leg and she looks up at me with hatred. “Alyssa, get me that red wagon and some wire that can hold her. I then look at Jessica. “Make sure she does not run away.” I then look at the naked Charisma. “I have a huge job for you.” She does not like the job that I have for her one bit, but she can’t refuse her master can she?


Later, after I get Jennifer tied up and Charisma does the job that I have given her, I walk to Eliza Dushku with a moving bag in my hands. She begins to freak out, as her eyes move over the bag. I have my clothes on too, so she knows it will not be anything sexual about what I would do to her. Everyone now has their clothes on except for her and Jennifer. They are still stark naked.

“Eliza you have one of two choices. I can either sew your pussy shut, or you can take option number two in the bag.”

Then I take out a case that they had to make sure that I would not bleed to death from getting my manhood removed from my body. I then take out a needle and thread.

“Oh God! I’ll take the fucking bag! Anything expect getting my pussy sown shut! Oh God no! PLEASE!” Eliza begins to sob like a little girl, as I look into her eyes. I have given her a fear of what she and the other two have done over the last couple of days.


Then I dump the bag of six rats between her legs, and she screams like a banshee. “Oh God! NOT RATS!” She sobs so hard, as they run between her sexy legs. I watch her, as Eliza Dushku sobs so hard while the rats run between her legs too. One of the smaller rats actually tries to run up her pussy trying to escape. The rats then begin to bite her thighs, and she begins to scream so loud in agony. “Oh Jesus! It hurts so bad!” Eliza sobs so loud. The rats do not do much damage, but they are freaking out bad too.

“Eliza, why do you hate me so much?” I ask her, as my hand moves through her hair.

“That night that you fucked all three of use from Bring It On turned me into a tramp for a fucking month. Besides have a three day illegal threesome we had in that place you got with Gabriella and Kirstin, and then every man on the set of that god damn stupid movie fucked the god damn shit out of me. One day when I was looking into the mirror I figured out that there was a complete whore staring back at me.” Real tears run down her face, as she cries in pure shame.

I then tell Jessica to free her ankles and she lifts up her feet so the rats can escape. One rat hangs from her leg, as it continues to bite her so hard. Jessica beats the rat off her leg, and Eliza sobs so loud. “Eliza, I am so sorry that my hands had that affect on you.” I have heard of some women becoming complete whore do to my touch, but I have never spoken to one in the flesh. “Eliza, lets make a deal?”

“What kinda a deal? You hold all of the cards here.” I can tell that those rats hurt her legs, but she can walk. Jessica does try to tend for her wounds as she and I talk.

“Eliza, right now you and I walk out of here and we never come anywhere near each other again. If we see each other at a party I’ll leave. If we come across each other on the street I’ll change sides or walk the other way. When you and I ever show up at the same place I’ll always leave. The only thing I ask of you is that you never try anything like this again?”

“We have a deal then.” As I unlock her wrists, Eliza begins to sob hard while she sits up. She holds her knees into her chest, as she cries so hard. Alyssa looks at her legs to make sure that the bites are clean.

“Go check on Jessica, she might have a concussion.” Alyssa tells me, as she nods at Charisma as she holds a crying Jessica Simpson.

I walk to them and I look into her eyes. She does have a minor concussion. “Someone has to get you and Eliza to a hospital. Alyssa, can you drive them?” Charisma, who has been clothed for awhile takes her keys from her pockets.

“Yes, I can drive. Thank god that she bought some sweat pants with her, because with these wounds the leather would be agony on her.” Alyssa moves her sweat pants up her sexy legs. I will never fuck Eliza Dushku again, and that makes me so sad. At least I can still fuck anyone else that I want to screw. YAY!

“Charisma, can we go outside?” She lowers her head, as she follows me outside. “Care to explain yourself beautiful?”

“You… before that day… in the park I never really had good sex…” Her eyes cannot meet mine, and I become shocked. “Since that day my marriage has become hard… but I still love him so much. He treats me so well. I thought if I took you out things might go back to the way they were before.”

“So, I have fucked up one more marriage? May I give you some advise?” Charisma nods. “Forget about me, because you need to work on your marriage.” She gets so horny, as my hand moves up her leg. “Charisma, I am never going to screw you again.”

My words are like a brick to her face, and her smile melts away from her face. Tears then begin to roll down her cheeks and she shakes her head hard. “You can’t do that please! I can’t live without you!”

I begin to walk away from her, and she begins to sob like a baby. Tears roll down her cheeks, as she begs me. “I’ll do anything you want! You can fuck any hole that I have and you can bind me! Do any sick and twisted thing that you wish to do to my fine body.” As I begin to wheel Jennifer away on the red wagon I watch as everyone else gets into the van. Charisma then tears her shirt open and she yells. “Look at me! I am a sex goddess!” She sure is so I refuse to look at her, because if I did she and I would spend days fucking each others brains out, and frankly I am too tired to even try it. As I walk away from her I wonder if my legs will let me make it to where Jennifer and I have to go.


I and Jennifer arrive at an airport outside of Hollywood, and she cries so hard as a private plane lands on the air strip. “You dislike the sight of that plane?” Jennifer cries even harder, as the plane slows down and stops. I then take the duct tape off her mouth, and she begins to scream so loud.

“HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME! MY NAME IS JENNIFER ANISTON AND I AM BEING KIDNAPPED!” Jennifer screams so hard to no one. No one comes out here to save her, and no one can hear her cries for help. Maybe some people on The Sunset Strip and I doubt that any of them would care.

“Jennifer, if you wish not to get on the airplane tell me the name of the other person who voted to remove my penis?” I ask her, as the door to the plane comes open, and she begins to cry so hard.

“I can’t tell you. If I did that my career would be over pretty fast!” Jennifer struggles so hard cutting her back so bad.

“The name you are looking for is that of Victoria Beckham. Posh Spice seems to be bragging about it on her web site. She must have gone nuts from not eatting.” The voice comes from the beautiful and very sexy Angelina Jolie, as she and a large man of African heritage comes towards us. She wears a tighter and shorter version of her Tomb Raider outfit, the black man happens to naked and extreme huge. Even compared to me.

She hands me her cell phone and I see a banner on her website. The banner reads, I voted to cut off The Legman’s penis. We are free ladies! FREE! “That fucking little cunt! I am going to pound my fist up her pussy!” I become so angry at her, because she should be so scared of me. I did so many things to her that should make her constantly be looking over her shoulder for me. “I’ll put that fucking video I made of her online. She’ll never show up on the red carpet with her terrible fashion sense again!”

Angelina smiles, because I am so angry with Posh Spice, and then my eyes move over her legs. God, Angelina Jolie is uber hot! Then I look back at her naked friend. Oh my god he is huge! How can any lady take his size. “Like my new playmate? He’s offically my body guard, and Brad knows whart we do. Boston, take Jennifer here and have fun with her. Any hole is up for grabs.”

I watch, as Boston picks up Jennifer Aniston, and she struggles so hard to be free. Boston is so huge that she’s like a little doll in his arms. He could take Shaq in the post he is so large. He takes Jennifer into the airplane. “So, I am alone with Angelina Jolie while she has on her Tomb Raider outfit? You know what I need to do with you now?”

“Oh no, I am Lara Croft Tomb Raider, and I am helpless before The Legman! What shall I do now?” My hands then move over the back of her thighs, and she shivers so hard. Somehow my penis comes back to life too. It must be from going so long without sex.

“Trust me Lara, I know you are no fucking virgin, besides I like fucking you, remember?” My hands move over her alluring thighs. I love screwing Angelina Jolie so bad, and who can blame me?

“I was a virgin before that night… oh can’t resist those hands!” She turns to me, and she puts her leg into the air, so my hand can move up and down it. My hand does move up and down her sexy leg. I kiss her neck, as my hand moves up and down her leg. “I forgot my guns too!”

I unzip her shorts and I begin to move them down her sexy legs. “Lara, those guns shall soon end up on the ground like your shorts shall.” I begin to move her shorts down her legs. Once they are down to her knees I notice something. “No panties, huh?”

“Can’t have all of my… what are you doing?” I fold up her shorts and I put them in my coat. I always wanted some Tomb Raider shorts! “You can’t have those!” My hands move over her legs, and she becomes putty in my arms once more. She unzips my pants, and she pulls them down to my knees. She then jumps into my arms, and she slides herself onto my penis. “Ahhh!” She moans, as she slides onto my penis with her tight pussy. I can tell that Angelina Jolie did not vote yes on that election that the Axis of Evil had and now she reaps the rewards.

I can tell that Boston does not fuck her pussy, as she rides my penis with ghusto. She closes her eyes, as she slams herself onto my penis with powerful want. She and I kiss with desire, while she and I fuck with lust. Then she has a powerful orgasm all over my penis. I stop fucking her, because I am too exhausted to cum. Yeah, I am so whipper right now. “So, does Boston only fuck assholes?” I ask her, and Angelina laughs hard.

Then we hear the sounds of Jennifer getting her ass raped by Boston and she screams like a banshee, “Dude, that’s suposed to be an exit not an enterance! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Both Angelina and I laugh hard, and then we make a plan to meet in London during my next vacation.


I next day comes very soon and I just got done burying poor Bandit. The old boy died while I was kidnapped and I hope that those who did it are suffering so bad. I go outside of a shopping center that I know that Posh Spice likes to shop. She comes out of the store with many bags in her hand. David Beckman must be totally loaded or Victoria aims to send him into bankruptcy.

As I walk up to the former Spice Girl, and my eyes move over her body. I am not totally sure that my touch still works on her anymore. She has lost so much weight that her body is a shadow of what it was when I screwed her brains out of her head.

My hands do move over her upper thighs, and she stops breathing due to fear. “Remember me Posh Spice, you moved into my back yard?” I then place my hand over her mouth, so she cannot scream. I then stop a cab and we get inside of it. She attempts to scream, and I slap her hard twice. “I suggest you shut up, before I take you back to that kid in London.” Posh stays quiet during our entire ride, as she shakes hard and tears come down her cheeks. I do not like using violence with the ladies I use my abilities on, but if anyone has it coming it’s Victoria Beckman. She shall pay for what she did to me and in spades.

We are now outside of a building in LA that is being built, and Victoria Beckman is handcuffed to a flag pole naked with her mouth duck taped closed. Two guys are fucking her pussy and her anus really hard. Her face is covered with cum, as she gets screwed so long and so hard. There is a long line to screw her and the construction has been stopped while this goes on.

I sit in the cab beside of the cabby, who had her first and he smokes a cigar. Posh is being passed around like an old shoe or something like that. Then my eyes widen, as one large man begins to slam his fist into her stomach. “I got to go free her now.”

As I slowly get out, as Victoria falls to her knees and she tries to breath so hard. The next two guys pick her up again to rape her again, and she tries to kick them off her. I can tell that she has a broken rib at least.

“Guys, someone had fucked up. I got to take my friend to the hospital now.” I walk to Posh with my handcuff keys in my hands, but one of the guys who have not had his turn yet stops me.

“Hey, we all haven’t fucked her yet!” He objects to my plan, and I figure out the flaw in what I arraigned here. Getting free pussy away from so many young men might not be easy at all.

The I hear some gun shots in the air, and I look up and I see my cab driver as he holds a shot gun in his hand. “Okay guy, anyone who wishes to stop me from free Posh Spice from the flag pole can worry about my friend with the gun. Right Bob?” The cab driver nods, and he smiles as he holds his gun. Later, I am to find out that he used all of the bullets he had on the warning shots. Talk about an oh shit kind of moment.


As we take Posh Spice to the airport, she cries so hard while I wash seamen off her face. “WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME!” She screams in such fury. Her ribs do have at least one crack, and she coughs so hard in agony.

“You know what you did to me. Don’t play stupid with me, Victoria!” I become so angry with her, as she gives me her bullshit.

“I have no fucking idea what I did to you! You scare me so deeply!” Posh makes her confession to me. “My entire marriage I have feared you showing up again and doing something like this or hurting my children… I have nightmares about you.”

“You have nightmares about me? Is that why you voted the way that you did?” I am stunned, because I rarely give women nightmares. I give them some erotic dreams, but not nightmares.

“Voted how? American Idol? I never watch that show. I can’t stand Simon Cowell.” Victoria shakes her head no. I then take out my cell phone and I show her the web page that she owns.

“Oh my God, the person who stold my cell phone hacked into my web site too!” Posh takes my cell phone from my hands and she glares at the screen. “I am going to sue this bastard for all that he is worth!”


Now I am inside of a different sleezy motel room that is not a Motel 6 with Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire slayer at my mercy. She is handcuffed to a bed with the same handcuffs that both I and Victoria Beckman shared. She screams hard, as the nipples clamps and battery does its work on her body. “AHHHHHH!” She screams in agony, as I shock her bady.

“Why the fuck did you vote that way?” I ask her so mad, as I shock her once more and she screams so hard.

“Oh God! Stop please? I’ll explain as soon as you take off the nipple clamps!” I remove the clamps, as I look deep into her eyes. Something scares her and it’s not pain.

“Tell me now.” I look at the moving bag in the corner, as does Sarah. She refuses to speak, so I pick up the bag and dump it out on the bed. The king cobra comes out of the bag, and Sarah begins to freak out majorly. I know that the cobra has had its vemon sacks removed, but she doesn’t.

The cobra hisses at her, and Sarah begins to freak out kicking at it and screaming so loud. “Oh God keep it away from me! Don’t let it hurt my baby, please?” as Sarah kicks up into the air to keep the non agressive cobra away from her I notice something.

“Oh my God, you are pregnant!” Her stomach is not large, but you can tell that she has a kid inside her. I take the snake that my friend lent me, and I slid her back inside of the bag. I then tie it up and I toss it into the corner. “Are you alright?”

Sarah shakes her head no, as she screams out loud. “I think I am having a miscarriage!”

I uncuff her and do somethings that might help her before I call 911. When the paramedics show up I explain that I found her outside of my door fearing a miscarriage. I told them that I took her inside of my room and I helped her until they arrived. “Thank you very much Doctor Magellian. Someone attacked her and tortured her.” That is NOT my real name by the way.

“Who would attack Sarah Michelle Gellar?” I ask feeling like a complete ass. What if she lost the baby, I would be a murder.

“Some young punks have been pretending to be vampires lately, and they are attacking people. They must have saw an easy high classed target.” The officer offers me his hand, and I shake it. “Thanks for the help, sir.”

As I walk to my car I look in the back seat. The snake is moving in the bag, and you can easily see the car battery. I get into my car and I turn it on, and I drive away. As I look out the back window, as the cop gets back into his car I wonder one thing. “Why did she let me go?” If anyone had the right to press charges against me it would be Sarah Michelle Gellar.


The next week comes and I am working late, so I can pay some bills. Last week so sucked ass due to the kidnapping and Bandit’s death. Then both Victoria Beckman and Sarah Michelle Gellar become injuried due to my stupid mistakes. I am not an animal, but you can only push a man so hard. I might give up my purists as The Legman. Next time I could loose my penis. I have also heard on my cell phone from Alyssa Milano that Jessica lost her powers, due to her concussion. To think one minor blow to the head, and I will loose my harem forever. I shudder hard at the thought. To think I might have to talk to some sweet young thing to fuck ‘em.

I walk into the room for some treatment on a 37 year old lady who hurt her leg dancing name…. “Oh shit… Gwen Stefani…”

I look up into the eyes of the smiling Gwen Stefani, and then her face turns white and all of the blood drains from her face. “YOU! Oh God NO!” Gwen lies on her side, and she covers her exposed legs with a small towel, and she begins to sob so hard.

“Gwen sit up or you might damage your leg some.” I have read what she has done, and she’s not in that bad of shape. An accident sure can change that though.

“Considering what you did to my sex drive I don’t care.” Gwen sits up some due to the pain, and she cannot cross her legs. Thank God for that! “I became a slut a you while after what we did in that motel room. Lucky for me I regained control in a few weeks.”

“Yeah… a side effect of my powers. Sorry I have hurt you.” I say to Gwen and she shrugs some.

“I rather enjoyed it. The problem is that you are a huge threat to my marriage. The last time you and I screwed I was hoping you would asks me to…. leave Gavin…”

“So, I can steal Gwen Stefani from Gavin Rosedale? Excuse me while my chest becomes so huge?” Gwen smiles, as I bask in my pride. She then looks at the wall and her eyes widen, as she sees my real name.

“That is your real name?” Her face blushes so bad, and she looks into my eyes. Then I see fear in her eyes. “What are you going to do to me now?”

“That is my real name, and I am going to have my assistant come in here to treat you. She’s pretty good. Brenda has only hurt three people really bad this week.

Gwen’s eyes then widen, as I walk out of the room, and she yells so loud. “She has hurt three people this week? Send me to another therapist, please?”


I sit on my ass in my favorite chair in the evening, as I watch a lame ass episode of Baywatch. We all know why everyone watches this TV show. Please don’t give me storylines or acting or any of the other bullshit used by people who like this show. People watch Baywatch for tits and ass, and in my case some exceptional legs. I watch my first celebrity lay Yasmin Bleeth, as she runs over the beach, and I smile wide. She happens to be a complete animal in the bedroom, not that I ever fucked her in a bed. I rarely make love to women in a bedroom, and that has got to be the saddest thing that I have ever thought of in my life.

Most of my screws have come on furnature and things like desks and floors and the occassional hotel room. Sometimes I have fucked the shit out of ladies in the backseat of their cars and that’s close to a bedroom. I shake my head, as I remember fucking Yasmine and Gena Lee Nolin on the beach. “My life is something that sooo many people would kill to have, but I am so lonely too.” I reach down to pet Bandit, and I sigh because Bandit has died.

I then begin to close my eyes and I slowly drift off into dream land, and before someone truly hot like Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpon, or Gwen Stefani can come into my dream it becomes a nightmare. Eliza Dushku stands over me with that freakin’ knife that she was going to use in her hand. She mocks me over and over before she reaches for it.

Then I wake up in a cold sweat, and I shiver so hard and I hold myself. I have had this dream more than once, and I so hate it too. Will I ever sleep again, or will I ever fuck anyone else again too. If my last screw has to be Angelina Jolie I could do a lot worse couldn’t I? Then I ask God, “if you wish me to stop doing The Legman thing give me a sign now?”

A knock then comes at my door and I get up to answer the door. My eyes then pop open, as I look at Gwen Stefani in a short skirt with a puppy in her hand. When she hurt her thigh she must have fallen on her head to come here. “Hello handsome, are you going to invite me in?”

I invite Gwen into my home, and I shake my head. “What are you doing here?” I then look into the eyes of the cute puppy in her hands, and she hands it to me.

“Some of us felt so sorry for you that your dog died. Here!” I take my dog into my hand, and I smile at the black lab mix. I told Gwen of how Bandit died before I told her that my assistant is only a few credit hours away from having her degree in PT.

I look at the note and it says with love from Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, and Gwen Stefani. I then look into the beautiful brown eyes of Gwen Stefani. “You know I have fucked everyone on this list?”

“Duh…” Gwen rolls her eyes, and she smiles. “I have a question for you. Why have you not tried to fuck me yet?”

I then put my new puppy down and I look over her sexy body, as I smile wide. I then put my hands all over her sexy legs, as I loose control. I can only be around someone with legs like Gwen Stefani so long, before I begin to loose control and try to fuck her so bad. Plus she happens to be way too close too, and looking very sexy too.

Gwen’s eyes widen, as my hands move over her legs and she becomes so weak willed. She presses her beautiful body against mine, as she begins to fake cry. “I just gave you a puppy! Why?”

I begin to lie Gwen onto my couch, and then something occurs to me. The bedroom, I get to fuck Gwen Stefani in my own bedroom! I pick up Gwen Stefani, and I take her into my bedroom, and then I lie her on the bed. My hands move all over her sexy legs, as Gwen moans in delight. Her eyes roll, as my hands move over her amazing gams encased in black stockings. She knew if she showed up in my home dressed like this that this would happen between us, and she loves it.

Our eyes meet, as Gwen begins to unbutton her shirt and she smiles up at me. I kiss her lips, as my hands explore her sensational body. Her legs are so toned and incredible and her face is so beautiful. I then remove her underwear, as I lift up her skirt some. I then kiss her chest, as I take her panties off.

I then pull down my pants, as I look into her eyes. “Gwen, the moment you agreed to deliever Kingston to me you knew you would get the shit fucked out of you.”

“Kingston…” Gwen asks, as her eyes widen and she gasps hard. “You are naming your puppy the same name that Gavin and I named our son?” I then begin to fuck Gwen Stefani so hard.

She gasps so hard, as I begin to fuck her so hard. Her eyes roll, as she and I fuck so long and hard. Gwen’s pussy is so tight that I have a hard time believing that she has had a kid. My hands move over her legs and her sensative tits, as we screw so hard.

Then I begin to kiss her sexy neck, and she shivers so hard as we fuck with such fury. I hold her arms down, as I look her hard right in the eyes. Her legs move over my legs, and ass while she gives me the sexiest smile that I have ever seen before in my life.

We orgasm together, and her legs tighten around me as she cums so hard and extremely long too. I empty my load out into her womb, and Gwen smiles up at me so excited. “So, what makes you so happy?” I ask her.

“Me and Gavin are trying to have another child and well… you might have gotten one past the goalie.” Gwen smiles up at me.

“Bitch, did you just try to set me up?” I am going to beat the shit out of Gwen if she came here to get pregnant. “Besides my boys can’t swim. I pay a price for my powers.”

Gwen shakes her head no, as she looks up at me. “I realized the danger when you got my panties off and that was past the point of no return.”

“The moment that Gwen Stefani came into my home in a short as hell skirt she passed the point of no return.” I smile, as Gwen nods her head some. “Want to see my panty collection?”

“Sure, would love to. Can I have those back that you took from me? Gavin thinks I look so sexy in them and they cost a shitload of money.” Gwen smiles up at me, as we leave the bedroom naked. I do not return panties to their rightful owners. That would be so wrong!

As Gwen and I walk out of the bathroom we witness Kingston taking a piss on my carpet and I become so angry. “Bad Kingston!” Kingston give me this look at suggestions that name means nothing to him, and I wag my finger at him. “You do that outside!”

I then look at Gwen and my hands begin to move over her sexy legs, and she shivers so hard. “NO!” She knows what’s coming next and she does not wish to do it.

“Go to the closet and get a bucket and a brush. You can’t let urine stains sit.” I tell her, as she turns to jelly at my touch.

THE END. Anyone with any suggestions for who The Legman should take next send them to [email protected] Anyone who happens to be offended by the plotline, I am so sorry. It was harder for me to write this than for you to read it.

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