The Swimming Pool Part II

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Story title: The Swimming Pool part II

Author: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Halle Berry

Codes: MF, MC, vio, rape, animals

By sharkboy

Halle Berry sits outside during the photo shoot. She so hates these things because they take way too long, because of something outside of her control. Some problem always comes up. Its not always because of something that can easily be fixed too. Its something that comes
out of left field. She reads a script that someone sent her agent and she decided to read it as a lark. Being a bitch when this happens is usually a bad idea too. Somehow Halle has gotten the reputation of being a diva, and she wonders why.

A shadow then falls over her, and she feels cold and exposed. She looks up at a dark haired man, and he grins down at her. His eyes look right down her small top. “Can I help you?” She tries to smile at the man. He does not seem to have the smarts of a jar of jelly. Right now Halle wishes she had more on than a bikini.

“I just wanted to say that I got close to Storm from the X-Men movies.” His eyes go over her body, and right now Halle wishes she had more clothes on. She uses her hands to cover her breasts.

“Fine, you have done so. Can you do something else please?” Halle looks past him, so she can see anyone who happens to be close to her for help. No one happens to be very close to her, and she becomes afraid.

“You need some more sun tan lotion. I’ll put it on for you.” Randy picks up the tube of suntan lotion that was given to Halle when she got here.

“No, please…” Halle sits on her legs making it harder for Randy to put the lotion on her body. She then covers her chest with her arms.

Randy walks behind Halle, and he squirts the lotion on his hands and he begins to rub it on her back. “Your skin is so soft and sexy.” Randy says, as he rubs the stuff on her skin.

“Please stop! I can do this myself!” Halle begins to sob, as Randy rubs the lotion on her sexy brown skin. He then begins to unstrap the bikini top. “I need that! NO!”

Halle closes her eyes, as Randy begins to remove her bikini top and she cries so hard. Then she hears footsteps come towards them. “Randy back away from her.”

She opens her eyes, as the bikini goes with him, and she covers her tits with great effort. Tears rolls down her face, as it happens. Oh my God, the photographer a man named Greg Holms is the man who is saving her! She’ll hear of this for the rest of the photo shoot. “Randy, give her back her fucking top!”

Randy tosses her top onto her lap. “You act like you did not plan on fucking her too Greg.”

Greg then walks to Randy and he looks him in the eyes. “Randy, your fired. If you are not out of her within five minute I’m calling the cops.”

“You cannot kick me off this property. That job belongs to the man who owns this mansion!” Randy stands his ground. He has to have a solid fifty pounds of muscle on Greg.

“Hey asshole, I own this place. Yes, I am under thrity and I happen to be a multi-millionaire.” Greg does stand his ground with Randy.

“…you own…” Randy looks at the beautiful mansion, swimming pool, and pool house in awe, “Parents have money?”

“You have five minutes Randy.” Greg turns, and he walks away from Randy. He then hears Randy run forward, and then he falls to the ground. He turns to see Halle removing her forearm from between his legs, and Randy holds his nuts. “I missed something didn’t I?”

“Yes, Mister Helper was going to slam his fist into your back, so I struck him below the belt.” Halle stands, as she covers her tits once more. Then she looks past Greg to the crew behind him. “Can they do something else? I am topless for God’s sake.”

Greg turns and he looks at everyone. He then moves closer to Halle so he can cover her body. “Okay, can everyone go back to what they were doing?” Everyone then begins to go back to work very slowly, and Greg takes Halle into the pool room. “Are you okay, Halle?”

“No, he was going to rape me.” Halle then begins to cry hard. Topless she hugs Greg, as she cries with such passion. Greg can feel her bare breasts against his body, and he happens to be so turned on.

He holds Halle for many moments, before he leans down and he kisses her with passion. Halle kisses him back not very sure that she and he should be doing this, but Greg precists and she so enjoys how he kisses her too. His hand then finds her bare breast, and he begins to massage them nice and deep.

Halle loves how Greg kisses and the way he massages her tits so turn her on. She then breaks the kiss and she looks up at the handsome Greg. Then she looks past him to this small sleeping room made so people who swim can take naps. She takes his hand, and she leads him into that room.

Then she removes his shirt, and she begins to kiss his chest. Her lips feel so great on his skin, and he shivers hard. Her fingers then move over his chest too. Halle then walks away from Greg and she lies on the bed. “I must be old enough to be your mother?”

Greg does the math in his head, and he smiles at Halle. “Only if you were a teenage mother.” Greg walks to her, and he runs his hand over her leg. “You are so sexy.”

She shivers as his hand moves over her sexy leg, and Halle closes her eyes. His hands are wonderful, and she happens to be so horny too. He then pulls down her bottoms and her eyes pop open, and she smiles at Greg. “Someone really wants his teenage mother, huh?”

“Halle, if you were my mother I would still be breast feeding.” Greg smiles at her, and Halle blushes hard.

To her surprise Greg then takes out a camera, and then Halle tries to cover her body. “I can’t allow you to do that.”

“Why not? I have seen naked pictures of you before.” Greg does lower the camera. He does not wish to offend Halle.

“Most of those pictures have been taken during movies and before I got so famous. Plus… when I have been taken over by lust some pictures were taken and used for blackmail…”

I then put the camera down, and I look at the incredibly sexy Halle Berry. “So, people have blackmailed you before? How much did they get out of you?”

“Not for money… if you go to a Chinese website you can find a video of me screwing a donkey.” Halle says in a low tone. She does not like talking about what she had to do to get those pictures back. “In that video I wore a mask.”

“So, Halle Berry can be blackmailed then?” He picks up her leg, and Greg begins to kiss her thigh. “I would so make you fuck me and not a donkey.” He continues to kiss her thigh, and Halle becomes so weak willed.

His hand then moves up her thigh, and then it moves through her pubic hair. Her eyes flutter, as this happens to be, and she breathes so deep. His hand runs through her hairy bush, and Halle tries to focus.

Then Greg parts her legs, and he moves between them. Next he pulls down his pants, and Halle smiles at his size. He then works himself inside of the sexy Halle Berry. Her chest heaves, as he works himself inside of the beautiful and very sexy Halle Berry.

Her eyes roll, as Greg begins to fuck her so hard and for so long. His hand move over her breasts and legs, as he and Halle make love with such passion. Her legs are wrapped around him so hard, as she screws him back so hard. Each of their eyes have such fire inside of them.

As he screws Halle, Greg cannot believe that this is happening without what the pool does to the person who swims in it. His hand moves over her great feeling skin, as he fucks her so intense. He then begins to cum, and Halle starts to orgasm so hard.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh my fucking God!” Halle begins to orgasm and orgasm hard. While she cums so hard, Greg explodes inside of her too. “Uhhhhh!” Halle cries out when it happens.

Greg lies for a moment inside of her, and Halle smiles up at him. She milks him, as she smiles up at Greg for a moment. “You know I am unprotected?”

“So, I might have gotten Halle Berry pregnant? Wahoo!” Greg shouts sounding like Homer Simpson making Halle laugh so hard.

“Smart guy…” Halle smiles, and then she shivers, as Greg pulls himself out of her.

“Halle… I am going to go outside and see how they are doing with fixing the equiptment.” Greg stands, and he begins to dress.

“Are you going to tell them what… you and I just did?” Halle whispers it. If anyone were to walk into the poolhouse he would easily figure out what happened between he and Halle. She is in the bed naked and her bikini happens to be on the floor.

“If anyone asks I’ll tell them that Halle Berry and I were talking of a movie deal. Most people will assume that you and I did fuck, because I nail all the females who come into my poolhouse.” Halle laughs, as the handsome Greg leaves the room.


A half hour or maybe forty-five minutes later, Greg returns and he wakes Halle. “Someone came in here and took some naked pictures of you.” He smiles, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. Halle smiles back, as she rolls onto her back.

“Tell the moron that people pay little money for pictures of my naked back. My tits would have earned him top dollar. I have no idea why. I am an old lady after all.”

“Halle, if you are old my mother happens to be…” Then Greg shuts up, as he does the math. “Oh crap, you would have graduated a couple of years before her.”

She stands up a little bit shocked, and then she takes a nice long look at Greg. “Unless your mother was a teenaged mother, no way.” Halle shakes her head, as she looks at Greg.

“I was born when she was sixteen. She nearly gave me up.” Greg smiles, because Halle did do her math.

“Okay, so tell her I’ll see her at the next class reunion. I’ll have something to tell her about her son Greg.” Halle smiles at the handsome man before her. She could not want him any more if he were made of gold.

“Halle, I do have some news that might upset you some. We had to put the photo shoot off until tomorrow. The things that we need to fix will take too long and we are loosing sunlight.” Halle shakes her head, as she stands and she begins to get dressed.

“Does this have anything to do with what happened between me and Randy?” Halle gets dressed slowly, because all she has in that room is a bikini, and it does not take long to put one of them on.

“No, we have some parts that will not come until tomorrow and we could use the stuff without those parts, but the pictures would suffer.” Halle does smiles about this because Greg Holms has a reputation of being a perfectionist with his pictures. Greg smiles, as Halle finally gets her bikini on. “Feel free to use the pool.”

“I get to use that nice swimming pool before I go home? What did I do to…” Halle then looks at the bed, and she blushes some. “I understand what I did to deserve this.”

“I am offering you that, because you took a lot of shit today and you hardly said a word. Whoever said you were some sorta diva had things all wrong about you. I am also having Jeff walk you to your car after what happened between you and Randy I am a little bit worried. He already has made bail and he could be waiting outside to make you pay for that shot you gave him.”

“You mean the cheap shot I gave him? He had it coming.” Halle smiles at the handsome Greg, and they she looks past him at the beautiful pool. “Care to join me?”

“I would love to. You do need some more suntan lotion.” Greg squirts some lotion onto his hands, and he begins to rub it all over her back. His hands move all over her sexy body, and Halle breathes deep. His hands so turn Halle on, and she smiles as his hands slip under her bikini. Her beautiful body is now covered with the suntan lotion. Unlike Randy’s hands Greg’s hands so turn her on. “Thank you for the honor of letting me even thouch you.” Halle does blush at that statement.

Greg walks over to wash the lotion off his hands and Halle gives him a strange look. “I am allergic to something in this brand.”

“Oh… okay. You had me a little bit nervous for a minute. You rub something on me and then wash your hands make me a little bit worried.” Halle smiles at the handsome Greg. Men like him do not scare her. He’s a good guy. “Let’s go swimming handsome.” Little does she know that she knows nothing of Greg.


Halle and Greg have fun, as they swim and have fun. The pool is so warm and inviting too. “God, you have an awesome pool!” Halle splashes Greg some. Greg splashes her back.

“Thank you, you know what I think is awesome?” Greg swims close to the fabulous Halle Berry.

“What do you think is awesome…” Her eyes then widen, as he slips his hand inside of her thong. She closes her eyes, and her chest heaves while Greg plays with her pussy. “Oh God!”

His fingers move over her vagina, and Halle is so happy that she happens to be swimming right now. If she and Greg were on land she would be so helpless in his arms. Then something occurs to her, she is helpless in Greg’s arms. Being in the water does not mean shit here. She so enjoys what Greg does to her body, and she can’t even remember her boyfriend’s name right now. His fingers move over her vagina so sensual that she wants to orgasm so bad.

Then her bottoms move to her knees, and they become so weak. His fingers move over her exposed flesh, and her chest heaves so hard. Her nipples are so hard that they can be seen underneath her bikini top. His other hand plays with them moving her top over some. “You are so sexy, Halle Berry.”

“Your hands are heaven, and I am such a naughty girl. Have you ever fucked anyone in the pool before?” Halle smiles, because Greg must have fucked plenty of women in this pool before.

“No woman has ever been fucked by me in my pool before.” Greg begins to pull down his shorts. “Care to be my first?”

“Liar…” Halle smiles, as Greg begins to kiss her neck. Her pussy is wet from both water and her own juices too. “Screw me, please?”

Greg then bends Halle over and she grabs the side of the underground pool, and she closes her eyes as he slides himself inside of her. “Oh God!” Halle screams, as his size parts her pussy while he slides inside of her.

His hands grab her tits, and he begins to fuck Halle Berry so hard one more time. Her eyes roll and her chest heaves hard, as he slams himself inside of her over and over. Then his fingers play with her nipples turning Halle on so much. “Your nipples are so outstanding. You body is so sexy and amazing.” He whispers this into her ear turning Halle on so much.

Halle then orgasms so hard, and her beautiful body shakes while she cums so hard. Her chest heaves, and her skin gets covered with gooseflesh when Halle so enjoys her orgasm. Greg keep the water from claiming her body, and she smiles such an erotic smile. “Oh gosh….”

She smiles, as his hand moves over her clit, and he milks the cum out of her pussy. He orgasms too very little, as she grinds down onto his penis so hard. Halle shivers, as his seamen explodes inside of her. “You are a sex god.” Halle smiles, as she looks back at Greg and she opens her eyes.

“You might want to look ahead, Halle?” She looks foreward, and she gasps as she covers her body. “Halle meet Jeff.”

As Jeff looks down at her and her body, Halle blushes so hard. “Hello Jeff. Can you turn for one moment?” Jeff turns and Halle gets dressed very quickly. “You may turn back now, and thank you.” Jeff turns back to them and Halle blushes so bad. “What did you see?”

“I saw nothing!” Jeff says in the voice use on the 1970s show called Hogan’s Heroes and it makes Halle and Greg laugh so hard.

“Okay, so no one in the tabloid media will not hear of Halle Berry having sex in the underground pool of the rich Greg Holms?” Halle smiles sexy at the very handsome Jeff. This guy must be half her age! If not more so!

“Ma’am, that would violate my contract and I make too much money here to do that.” Jeff smiles at the beautiful Halle Berry. “Besides if I did that you would hate me, and I could never live with that.”

“So, money means more to you than spreading gossip?” Halle smiles, because some men care more of the little bit of fame that something like this can bring that person.

“Compared to what I just witnessed, money means very little to me.” His eyes go over Halle Berry’s wonderful body, and he smiles wide. “I heard that someone attacked you Miss Berry?”

“A man named Randy got a tad bit too handsy with me today.” Halle blushes at how rudely Randy began to molest her, and she shakes her head. “So Greg, is this the handsome Jeff that walks me to my car?” Halle smiles up at Jeff. If Jeff is over half her age she’ll try to drink the entire pool.

“Yes, Jeff shall walk you to your car. Jeff can you do that before you leave?” Greg smiles at Jeff, and he smiles back at him.

“Sure, I just sit here and watch her ass, as Miss Berry swims.” Jeff smiles, as his eyes focus on Halle, and she blushes so bad.


Halle swims for one more half hour, and she keep an eye on Jeff. Its not that she does not trust Jeff, but she hardly knows him. He looks at her body, but he does not make any rude comments or anything like that. Then she looks at Greg, and she smiles. “It’s dark, I need to get going.” She then swims to Greg, and she kisses him closely.

Greg kisses her back, and he understands that she cannot stay any longer, and he kisses her with the same passion that she kisses him with. “I understand beautiful.”

Then Halle begins to get out of the pool, and she smiles at the handsome Jeff, as his eyes move over her beautiful body. “Someone likes what he sees. How old are you?”

“I am eightteen years old.” Jeff smiles at her, and her eyes widen some. When Jeff was born Halle was 22 years old! “You must think I am such a child?”

“No, you are a handsome young man who must have a thing for much older bi-racial women?” Halle walks to the handsome Jeff to kiss his cheek, but she stops a few steps away.

“Are you okay, Miss Berry?” Jeff asks, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. No one happens to be home at the Berry residence right now. “Something happened to her.”

Greg then gets out of the pool, and his eyes go over Halle. “Yeah, I had to make her a little bit easier to take some nude pictures of her.” He smiles, as his eyes go over her body. “Halle, can you hear me?” Greg did not get enough lotion on his body from screwing Halle to turn him into a zombie too. Thank God!

“I can hear you both.” Halle says with a blank stare and an even toned voice.

“Okay, lets go take some pictures now?” Halle nods, and she leads him to where she was to take her pictures for the shoot today. The lights come on taking away the lack of sunlight problem. Greg then begins to take pictures of Halle Berry. Before too long Greg makes one request that she has heard thousands of time. “Halle, can you slowly strip?”

Halle begins to strip very slowly. First her bikini top comes down her arms, and she smiles at the camera so wide. She dances some, before her bottoms come down her sexy legs. When they hit the ground she picks them up, and she throws them at Jeff. She poses in so many sexual positions for Greg, as he takes picture after picture of her.

“Dude, do you have any idea how wrong this is?” Jeff objects, as his eyes move over the body of Halle Berry. She looks so incredible naked!

Greg shakes his head, as he continues to take pictures of the naked and willing Halle Berry. Then he lowers his camera. “Halle, do you have a thing for virgins?” Greg asks her.

“I like virgins as much as…” Halle then looks at Jeff, and she smiles. “Is Jeff a virgin?” Halle smiles at the handsome Jeff. “Some sexy highschool girl should have parted her legs for you years ago, or does Jeff perfer a teacher to a girl?” Halle becomes so horny at the thought of taking a virgin.

She then takes his hand, and she leads him into the area where she is being photographed. Then Halle begins to kiss Jeff with great passion, and Jeff kisses her back not sure if he should be doing this to her. “Jeff, I want you so bad.” Halle hugs him close to her ultra fine body, and she whispers into his ear while her hand moves over his penis. “You are huge, Jeff.”

Halle then lies down on the arch before Jeff, and she parts her legs so wide. Jeff’s eyes widen, as the naked Halle Berry presents herself to him. She smiles wide, as his eyes move over her great body. “Want some, Jeff?” Halle smiles at the handsome Jeff, as he lowers his pants. “You must be so hot for teacher?”

His huge hardon comes out of his pants, and he looks at Halle. He then walks to Halle, and he begins to slide it inside of her. Her chest heaves, and her body shakes as it is slid inside of her. “Awwww!” Halle can barely take his massive size, and she has had some big men before.

Her eyes close, as Halle Berry squeezes the man in her pussy. By how he shakes and shudders she can tell that Jeff happens to be a real live virgin. “Jeff, if you make it for ten seconds, I’m yours for the night.” Halle smiles at the wide eyed Jeff, before she begins to count very slowly. “Ten…. nine…. eight…. seven… six…”

Jeff then begins to have a very good orgasm, as the word “Two,” comes out of Halle’s mouth. He does not blow his load, but Halle was right to think that Jeff might percum his first time.

“I did not make it….” Tears begin to come down Jeff’s cheeks, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “Oh God…” Jeff begins to mourn for the night that just escaped his grip with the seamen that exploded from him.

“I was counting for every two seconds that went by, so you made it.” Halle smiles at Jeff, before she leans up and kisses him with such passion. He kisses her back, and when they stop she wipes his eyes. This guy must really want her. GOODY! “So are you done… oh a video camera?” Halle smiles, because Greg has filmed everything. “Do I get a copy?”


The next day Halle wakes up in her bed naked, and she feels a male leg agaist her body and she smiles wide. She runs her toes against the back of it, as she giggles like a little girl. “Okay, who is playing with the back of my…” Tears then begin to go down her face, because Halle does not know this voice. Jeff then turns to her, and her eyes widen some, because she does know the face.

“Hello beautiful. How was I last night?” Jeff asks, as her looks into her beautiful brown eyes.

“What did I tell you last night?” Halle tries so hard to put a name with a face.

“You said ‘Not bad for a first timmer, Jeff.’” Jeff smiles, as he looks into her eyes.

Jeff Osbourn is his name! She’s not a complete slut! YAY! “I’ll stand by that statement Jeff. I need you to take off now…” The phone then rings and she looks at the clock. Oh my God her boyfriend is calling for their morning phone call. He happens to be out of town this week and Halle has been so lonely. Maybe too lonely? “Don’t say a word, please!” Halle then scambles for the phone, and Jeff becomes so quit.

Halle and her boyfriend talk for maybe twenty minutes, and then Jeff begins to get nervous. He has to be to work a few hours before Halle needs to be. She then excuses herself from the conversation and she walks to Jeff. “Did I drive here?” Jeff nods that they took her car, but he had to drive her here. The new drugs that Greg use with the pool and the suntan lotion ended up making Halle so stoned. Because some kids used the pool without his permission he had to change the formula so both the suntan lotion and the pool were ended to make a person a slave.

She then takes some money out of her purse and she gives it to Jeff. “This should get you to Greg’s house. I’ll call you a cab.”

“Halle, this should get me to Denver.” Jeff smiles at the wads of cash he has been given. He gives half back to her. “I got to get to work very soon. You were great Halle,” He gives Halle a passionate kiss on the lips before he leaves. As Jeff leaves the room Halle touches her lips, as she remembers the passion that she and Jeff shared. At least someone shall remember the night that she and he shared together. She does not have a clue what they did.


When Halle shows up to the photo shoot things seem to be going pretty good. A pretty young woman with many curves happens to be getting her picture taken and Halle thinks nothing of it. She happened to have some young ladies who were getting their picture taken when she was waiting her turn yesterday.

She gets out of her car, and she smiles at a handsome young man who looks at her legs. “Hello Miss Berry…” The young man greets her with a smile on his face.

“Hello… Justin… right?” Halle thanks god that she can remember names pretty well. “Please call me Halle?”

Justin smiles, as he figures out that Halle Berry does know his name. “I just had to say something to you.” Halle waits before Justin gets the courage to speak. “I am in love with Storm.”

“You love Storm? Where were you when I was filming those movies? I was inching to do a love scene.” Halle smiles at the handsome young man before her. Justin has to be over twenty years her junior. How many young men work for Greg?

“In that costume she had her pick of nearly anyone.” Justin looks at her feet, as he takes a picture out of a folder. “Would you sign this, please?”

Halle takes the sexy picture of Storm from his hand and she signs it. She hands the picture back to him and she smiles so sexy. “Justin, I got to jet. Talk to you later.” Halle walks away from Justin, and he reads the picture while he looks at her fine ass.

The picture reads, Justin, nice working with you and when you watch an X-movie remember to wear a raincoat. By the way can you go five minutes without looking at my ass?

She turns and she laughs at Justin, as he gasps so hard. Halle then blows the handsome young man a kiss, before she turns and she walks towards the pool room where Greg is likely at. Her smile does not last too long.


As she walks into the pool room that Greg Holms sits inside of he smiles at Halle. “What are you doing here beautiful?”

“I am here for the photoshoot… why are you looking at me like that?” Halle looks at Greg strangely.

“Halle… we are done with the shoot. Want to look at the pictures?” Greg hands Halle the pictures and she looks through them.

Her face immediatly turns pale and her mouth hangs wide open…. “I am… naked…” Her eyes widen, and she gasps as she looks through the pictures that she does not remember taking. “I screwed Jeff here… oh my…” before she can finish her sentence she gets to some pictures with a great dane in them. “Fuck no…” She screams this last one, because this picture explains that dream that Halle had last night. It was no dream!

Tears roll down her face, as she looks at what the great dane does to her. Her hands shake so hard, as her lips quiver so hard. She then puts them down. “How did you do it? What do I have to do to get these pictures back?”

“I drugged the pool and the lotion. What you have to do is become the sex slave of some of my favorite employees. Chyna, can you come out here, please?”

Here eyes widen, as a beautiful Asian girl comes out of the back and she smiles at Halle wide. She rings her hands, as Halle looks at the Asian girl. “I am not a Lesbian. I can’t do this!” Halle runs outside and she sits at the edge of the pool, and she begins to cry so hard.

“What happened Halle… oh he showed you those pictures?” Jeff asks, as he stands behind her.

Halle glares back at Jeff and she asks him. “Are you aware that your first time was a rape?”

“You were the aggressor, not me.” Jeff explains to her, and Halle remembers it some. She does remember wanting him, it might be considered a rape because of the drugs, but she remembers clearing wanting him. Besides she remembers him having a problem with what Greg was doing too.

“Jeff… if you can make this go away I will be greatful.” Halle asks, as she looks at the pool house. There is a line forming with many people in it.

“I’ll go talk to Greg, Halle. He might have a more reasonable solution.” Jeff goes into the pool house, and he and Greg speak for a long time. Halle sits on the diving board, as she watches the poolhouse. Then people begin to walk away, as some begin to dress.

Jeff comes out of the pool room and he sighs some, as he walks to Halle. “You might not like this…” Jeff tells her, as he sighs hard.

Chyna comes out of the room clothed and she walks to her car, as she gives Halle a sexy smile. “I don’t have to fuck that bitch, so I am all ears.”

“I was told to tell you to come into the pool room, but if I were you I would run the other way.” Jeff lowers his head some. Then he walks away, and as he does Halle can see a big wad of cash in his back pocket. It looks like that Jeff really needed the money and he feels terrible for the price he paid to get it.

Halle gets up, and she walks into the pool room. “Greg what do you wish me to do now…” Before she can finish asking the question, her eyes widen big time. “NO!”

She tries to run, but Randy grabs her by her hair and his fist slams into her stomach hard. Halle falls to one knee, as the air leaves her stomach. His dick then comes into her face, and he demands that she sucks it. Halle slides the penis into her mouth, and then she bites it hard.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH! Randy then picks up Halle, and he begins to punch her face so hard. Blood begins to flow before she lets go, and Randy tosses her on the bed. He holds his bleeding penis, as he glare at Halle. “You’ll pay for that bitch!”

She crawls as far away from Randy, as she can. She has clothes on, but not many and blood flows down her face both from her and Randy. She sobs so hard, and then she hears something beside of her and she looks. Greg holds the lease to his dog Baron and the great dane growls loud. The dog also has a hard on too. “Spread those legs bitch, or the dog goes for your throat.”

Halle Berry then begins to get undressed, and she cries hard. She can’t believe she’ll have to fuck this dog again. The only problem is that this time she’ll have to remember it!

THE END. Any questions or comments send them to [email protected]

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