Hall Of Fame Babes, Featuring The Legman

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Story title: Hall of Fame Babes, Featuring The Legman

Author: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Alyssa Milano, Jessica Simpson, and Holly Marie Combs

Codes: MF, FF, MC, oral

The story you are about to read is not real and it never happened. I have no idea if Alssa Milano and Nick Lachey ever had sex, and that truly is not our business. This is ALL fiction and please remember that. I am not saying that any real person in this story would do anything that I said that they would do. Anyone under eightteen years of age or can be easily offended please stop reading now. People with
any suggestions for who The Legman should take next send them to [email protected]

By sharkboy

I end up on the set of the WB Network TV show called Charmed. My eyes go over all of the you people on the set as they work so hard to make the show happen. I smile, because the WB has shitty security and so many people sneak in that they usually don’t really care. I look over the set for anyone who might have a problem with me on set. I am no stranger to the WB network and some people have a problem with me here. I do keep a low profile and few people can remember my face. Always a good thing for me.

One guy who also works on the set of Angel gives me a long hard look up and down. He stops, as he takes a long look in my eyes. “Problem?” I look deep into his eyes too. I do nothing that gives me away.

“You used to work on the set of Angel, right?” The man offers me his hand. “I’m Darrien Jackson.”

“Hi, my name is Warren Worthington.” I shake his hand back too.

“You must be looking for one of the few jobs that we have here? It sucks how many people were laid off on Angel, huh?” I shrug my shoulders, as he talks. “If you want to know how to get in the door talk to her.”

Darren points at the uber sexy Alyssa Milano and my jaw nearly hits the floor. She happens to be in a short skirt with sexy heels on. Her white shirt is in perfect contrast to her black stockings and skirt. I walk towards her slowly like a tiger stalking an elk. I sit beside of her, as my eyes go over her sexy legs.

“You have thirty seconds to impress me before your ass is thrown out of here.” Alyssa smiles up at me. She thinks that she knows why I am here, and she could not be more wrong.

I think for a moment before I speak. Then I speak. “I would so love to strip you naked and ride you like a wheel barrell throughout this studio, before I would lick you out like an icecream cone.”

Alyssa looks at me in total shock, before she puts down her magazine. Her eyes go over me for a moment, before she smiles a sexy smile for me. “Do you have any idea how long it has been since anyone can upto me on the set and spoke to me that way?”

“I am guessing a couple of years at least. I bet no one spoke to you that way on the set of Who’s the Boss?” I smile at her, as she rolls her eyes.

“Tony made sure that no cute men spoke to me on that set. One more season and I would have cut my wrists.” She shakes her head, as she comments to me. “I have one dad already.”

“At least he didn’t try hitting on you. He must love your movie choices.” I smile as she sighs so hard.

“Like he can pick a decent movie.” Both Alyssa and I giggle at my little joke.

“I did not laugh at that joke.” Alyssa smiles at me really sexy like. “Incase anyone happens to know Tony.” Alyssa stands up, and she slaps me hard. “Jerk! Never make fun of Tony Danza!” I try not to laugh as she acts like she is so angry at me.

Darrien stops, as he walks by me and Alyssa. “Is he giving you a hard time?”

“No, jerkface here happens to be making fun of Tony’s work.” Alyssa glares at me hard. “No one makes fun of Tony to me!”

“That is not a good idea around here, Warren. She can have your ass kicked and sodomized if she wished to do so. You need anything let me know, okay?” Darrien says in a voice that screams I love you to Alyssa. Then he walks away from us.

“I can so easily have you sodomized and thrown out of here so behave.” Alyssa smiles at me maybe hoping that I run away or something.

I do not run, and I place my hand on her very sexy leg. Her eyes glaze over, as my hand moves over her skin. Only one hand moves over her sexy leg and I can tell that I have complete control of the situation. My hand moves over her sexy leg, as Alyssa shivers so hard. “Oh gosh…”

My hand contiues to move over her leg, and her body shakes so hard. I do not move past her lower thigh, and she already becomes putty in my hands. I look into her eyes, and she looks like she is stoned. ‘”Alyssa?” By how smooth her skin is I believe that she should sell razor blades or Nair.

“Yes Master?” She has totally given into my hands. I have turned her from a strong willed lady into a complete slut. My hand moves over her leg and I can tell that she only wants more. She then looks at me like a doe eyed fawn.

“Why don’t we go some place to be alone?” I ask, as my hand slowly down to a slow creep. Her body shakes so hard, as she reminds me of a heroine addict who needs a fix so bad.

Alyssa then stands up, and she grabs my hand. She leads me to an area where she has gone many times before now. She gives me an alluring look, as she leads me someplace where few have gone before. I then follow her into a small room with a ratty old couch. The room exists for only one reason, I know what it is.

She smiles at me, as she slowly undresses her sexy body. Her eyes look at me with fire and want, as she strip teases for me. Alyssa then walks to me with her bra, panties, and stockings on. She rubs her body against me hoping to seduce me. “Fuck me, please Master?” Alyssa begs of me.

My hands move over her hips and legs, as she rubs her body against me. My eyes watch her huge tits bounce, as she tries so hard to seduce me. “Alyssa, I will fuck you if you tell me one thing.”

“I’ll tell you anything Master! My bank account numbers, my social security number, anything else that you want!” Alyssa hugs me so hard, pressing her bra covered tits into me.

“Did you fuck Nick Lachey, Alyssa?” She begins to weep hard, as my hands move over the back of her legs. Her back of her sexy legs feel so good to my hands, and he willpower melts away slowly, but so does mine. I need to fuck her so bad.

She turns her head from me, as she makes a very weak attempt to escape from my grip. Her chest heaves so hard, and I can tell that she wants me so bad. My hands move over her goosebump covered flesh, and her chest heaves so hard. “Please ask me anything but that? I made a promise!”

I pick her up into my arms, and my hands move over her upper thighs. Her eyes roll, as I hold her and my hands move over her sexy legs. “So, you fucked his brains right out of his head. Poor Nick.” Her chest heaves so hard against me, as my hands slowly where down her will power.

“I have heard rumors about you too.” She leans back and she smiles, as Alyssa looks into my eyes. “You need this as much as I do.” She looks into my eyes, and Alyssa smiles so wide. “That is true, right?” She has figured out that I am The Legman. No big whoop there. More fiction about me exists than facts, but she does know one fact. I need to fuck her so bad.

I lean in and I kiss her, as I confess to her. “My desire is as strong, as what you have.” Her eyes then widen, as she feels my hard on against her toned and sexy ass. “I do have the huge hard on though.” I press her ass against my hard on, and Alyssa shivers so hard.

“Oh God! No fair!” She screams so loud. My hard on pushes against her well formed ass with such power, and Alyssa shivers even harder than before. “Uhhhh!”

“Alyssa, lets make a deal. If you can’t take this for fifteen more minutes I’ll fuck your brains out of your head, and you’ll tell me what happened between you and Nick. If you can take it for fifteen minutes I’ll walk away and you can keep your secret.” My hands move over her sexy legs and Alyssa shakes so hard. “You have given away what happened though. Refusing to talk says that you fucked him.” I slam her into my penis so hard, and she moans so loud.

She then looks into my eyes with lustfilled desire. She has given up her fight and I was so close to letting her fuck my ass without answering my question. Alyssa then whispers into my ear, as she rubs her tits against me. “Do not tell a soul, but I did fuck Nick Lachey.” She then leans back, and she looks into my eyes. Tears run down her cheeks, because she knows who sent me. “Fuck me now?”

I remove her bra, and I begin to kiss her huge tits. She shakes, as my lips move all over Alyssa’s tits and my hands move all over her sexy legs. “Oh God!” She shakes so hard, as my hands move over her legs.

I then lie her down on the little couch inside of the room that she took me inside of, and I remove her panties from her body. My eyes then go over the totally naked form belonging to Alyssa Milano. All she has on now are stockings, and she looks up at me so sexy.

“You have got a great pair of legs Alyssa.” My hands move over her calves, and she shakes so hard. Her pussy becomes so wet and I can smell it so good. It smells like Heaven. I kiss down her excellent tasting legs, and I take in the flavor. My hands move up her sexy legs, and she moans so loud. Not one little hair that comes out of her stockings. Her skin feels so great!

“Oh my fucking God!” Sweat pours down her body, as she enjoys my touch so much. Her chest heaves so hard, as my hands move higher and higher up her legs. “Ooooh yeah!” Her eyes then open, and she looks up at me with pleading eyes. “Make me cum with oral sex, I’ll be your sex slave for the rest of my life.”

My lips move closer and closer to her pussy, as I kiss down her legs. Her pussy smells so great, as I kiss closer and closer to it. Then my tongue moves over her clit, and her body breaks out into goosebumps. “Jesus Christ!”

I spent a lot of time licking her clit, and Alyssa so badly tries to remain control of her body. She arches her back pushing her pussy into my face. My tongue moves away from hr clit, and it begins to taste her pussy lips. “Uhhhh!” Alyssa moans with such lust and want in her voice. Her body shakes, as my tongue moves over the lips of her pussy and she moans so loud. “Oh fuck!”

Then my tongue slips inside of her pussy, and I begin to taste the inside of one of the best tasting vagina’s that I’ll ever eat. Her beautiful body bucks and shivers so hard, as she moans like a complete whore. My tongue licks her out so hard, as my hands are on her sexy thighs. It moves over her g-spot, and her body jumps hard while she orgasms so much. “Jesus fucking Christ! Oh yeah baby!”

I watch Alyssa, as she fully enjoys her orgasm. Her body shakes, as the honey flows out of her pussy and her chest heaves so hard. Sweat comes out of the pours of her body, as a smile stretches across her beautiful face. “Wow…” She only says that one word, but that is all I need to hear.

She does fall to sleep for maybe ten minutes, and then her eyes pop open with panic in them. Alyssa then looks at me, as I play with her nipples. She smiles, as she figures out that I have not left yet. “You like my nipples, huh?”

“God yes, I have been wanting to do this since Poison Ivy II.” I play with her tits with such lust and want. I love her nipples, and by how her chest heaves I can tell that she loves how I touch them too. “I loved many of your movies you know?”

“Yes, my naked movies. Where do you want me?” She parts her legs, as she lies on her side. She is still cuming some. She gives me a very alluring smile.

I stand up, and I begin to strip naked for her. She grins as her eyes rove my body, and then when she sees my penis her eyes widen so hard. “Oh my God!” Her eyes cannot leave my penis, and she looks at it like a person who looks at a glass of water after being in the desert for many weeks. Alyssa gets onto her hands and knees, as she looks at my penis.

Her body shakes hard, as I walk behind Alyssa Milano. Her hands move behind her, and she uses her fingers to part her asshole for me. “Be gentle, please?” Alyssa begs me.

“You need not fear me fucking your asshole, Alyssa. Now your pussy has every right to fear me doing that to it.” I take my dick into my hand, and I place it into her opening. I slowly slide my member into her pussy, and she moans so loud as it slides inside of her.

“Oh shit yeah!” I begin to move inside of Alyssa, and she moans so loud. Her pussy is so tight that I try not to cum too early. My hands move over her large tits, as I fuck her so hard. Her body is so beautiful and toned and Alyssa has one of the tightest pussys that I have ever screwed. Her tits feel so great in my hands and I fuck her hoping like hell that she cums first.

Alyssa’s breathing then becomes very labored, as she tries to keep up with me. Her hand plays with her clit, and I can see her eyes roll around her in head in the mirror across from us. “Don’t stop…. please!”

I then fuck Alyssa Milano harder than what I have screwed anyone in my life. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” She then cums all over the place. Her body shakes so hard, as she has a massive orgasm. Then she stops breathing.

“Alyssa! Alyssa! ALYSSA!” I scream so loud, before I flip her over onto her back. I then begin to give her CPR. It does not take me long to get her breathing once more. I look into her eyes, and she smiles at me. “Are you, okay?”

“I happen to be fine. You ever fuck anyone that hard before?” Alyssa smiles up at me, as her chest heaves so hard. Whatever happened it might not be over for her yet. “God, I am so horny still.”

“You’ll be that way for the next couple of weeks. Sorry.” Alyssa looks up at me with shock. Her sexy lips stay parted, as she looks at me.

“Holy shit! That long!” She blinks hard at me with her mouth still opened. “The navy happen to be in port right now?” Alyssa smiles wide at me, as she makes her joke. She knows what some people think of her, and she truly does not give a shit.

“Not sure. You should go and get whatever happened to you checked out. It might be serious.” I look into her eyes, and she shrugs some.

“If you tell Jessica Simpson what I did it would have been better to have let me die.” I can tell by the look on her face that she does not wish to end anyone’s marriage. She made a mistake. Now I have to do my part and I hate doing it.

I walk upto the home that is owned by Jessica Simpson. I hope to God that she is not home, because the news that I have for her is not good. I knock on her front door, and I hear her voice tell me to wait for a moment. I wait, and the door opens before me. My breath leaves my body, as I look at Jessica Simpson in short shorts. “Hello,” She greets me with a super sexy voice. “Come on in.”

When I walk into her beautiful home my eyes widen, and I feel my breath leave my body once more. Her house is so beautiful that I cannot take my eyes off of it. “Nice house, and you have a beautiful home too.”

Jessica turns and she blushes, as she figures out what my comment really means. “Can I get you something to drink?” She smiles at me, because I cannot take my eyes off of her legs. I have such a hard on right now!

“Me in the same room with you drunk would not be a good idea.” I smile, as my eyes rove her body. She is a goddess!

“Says you. I’ll pour myself a drink if that is okay?” Jessica gives me the sexiest smile that I have ever seen before she takes a drink. “So, did you talk to her?”

“Yes, I talked to Alyssa, and I got the truth out of her.” I look away from her eyes. I do not wish to tell her what happened between she and I.

“So, did she fuck him? Tell me. Please?” Jessica has a stressed voice, and I do not wish to add to her stress.

“Jessica, some things you do not wish to know.” I say in a voice reminding her how much she loves Nick.

This does not lessen her stress, but it makes it so much more and she begins to cry so hard. She then puts her drink down, and she runs to me. Jessica hugs me close to her forgetting who I happen to be. “WHY? WHY? WHY?” Jessica cries so hard, as she hugs me so tight.

“Because men are weak. Women like Alyssa can without trying can bring out those weakness too.” I hold Jessica so close to me, as she cries so hard in my arms. I can feel those hall of fame legs against my body, but I do not touch them at all. I do not want her like this. I honestly don’t.

She talks to me, as I hold her. Jessica has no idea what contact with someone like her does to me. It makes me so weak, unless I use my skills to take them. “So, what do I do now? Leave Nick?”

“Do what you need to do, Jessica.” I tell her, as she begins to cry so hard. I hold her so close knowing that those sexy legs are so close to me. I so want to cry, as I hold her close. Her body shakes so hard, as she mashes her tits into me.

Then after maybe a half hour she says something, and it excites me so much and it fills me with dread. “I want to hurt Nick, like he has hurt me.” Then my errection so comes to life, as her hands move over my ass. She then grabs my ass so hard, and she whispers into my ear. “You’ll do fine.”

She backs up, and she looks at me while her hands work on my ass. A grin spreads across her face, as she plays with my ass. Shivers go up my spine, as she plays with my ass so hard. She then puts her leg to my side. “I know you want to touch it so bad. Be naughty. Fuck me so long and hard.”

My hand does find its way to her sexy leg, and I begin to massage it so hard. She shakes so hard, as her eyes roll. Her chest heaves, as my hand move all over her leg. “Oh God!”

To my complete shock, Jessica Simpson pushes away from me and she looks into my eyes. “Okay, what name did you tell me? Oh yeah, Clint Barton. Clint, you may fuck me if you wish to do so. I’ll be in that bedroom.” Jessica then walks so sexy down the hall, and my eyes follow her sexy legs and ass. Then she takes a left hand turn and she goes into the bedroom.

I shake my head, as I let my mind have fantasies of what I am going to do to Jessica Simpson. She looks so great naked in my mind, and I am so fucking hard. Then to my shock, her shirt comes flying into the hallway. Followed then by her short shorts.

“Oh no! My shirt and shorts came off my body! All I have on now is my bra and panties.” Then on cue her bra comes across the hallway. “Oh no! Maybe my silk stockings will protect me? I put them on so slow though…”

That is all that it takes to make me snap. I run down to her room and I look into the small bedroom that cannot be her master bedroom. I am then treated to Jessica Simpson rolling her black stocking down her leg. She adjusts her stocking, as she keeps an eye on me. Then Jessica slides the second one on her leg. She looks so amazing and like a complete goddess.

She then looks at me and she sits on the bed, “How do I look?” Jessica then gives me the sexiest smile that I have ever seen in my life. Her tits do not seem affected by gravity. Her black panties look so soak and wet so she must be so hot for me.

“You look like a goddess. I am not sure if I should fuck you.” I look over her outstanding body, and I am so turned on. I walk towards her very slowly, as my eyes move over her sexy form. I am being seduced by Jessica Simpson. What could make this day any better? Yes, going home and finding Jessica Alba, and Gwen Stefani in my bedroom naked would be a great start. I trukly doubt that it would happen for me.

“Why would you not fuck me?” Jessica smiles up at me. Her boobs bounce with such great rolls. I can only take my eyes off of them to look at her sexy legs, and of course the wet spot on her panties. “Am I not your kinda girl?” Tears do come down her eyes. Oh my God, I just hurt her feelings!

She sticks up her knee, and my hand begins to move over it. She closes her eyes, as she enjoys my hands so much. Both of my hands have moved to her upper thigh, and Jessica lies down. Her leg goes high into the air, as my hands glide over it. “Uhhhh!” She moans.

I then begin to kiss up her leg, as my hands flow up them too. Her eyes roll, as her chest heaves so hard. My hands move higher and higher up her leg, as it is followed by my kisses. “Your legs are so sexy. So beautiful.” My hands then moved up to her panties and I removed them. Her body shakes so hard, as I remove her panties.

“So, I have the great Jessica Simpson’s panties in my hand?” she smiles, as I stuff then into my pocket.

“Want me to sign them?” She asks, as I look at her wet pussy. I shake my head no, as she laughs so hard. “Feel free not to look at my face handsome.”

I lie down on her and we begin to kiss with firey passion. My hands move over her tits and legs as we kiss with such fury. She enjoys what I do to her, but I can tell that she is not my sex slave. If she wished to she could stop this.

I begin to undress, as she and I kiss with such lust and want. My hands move over her tits and legs, as I become more and more impressed with her kissing. Then her eyes fall upon my penis. “Hold the phone mister!” She pushes me off of her, as she cannot take her eyes off of it.

“Has that thing ever hurt anyone before?” She cannot take her eyes off of it, and she doesn’t seem able to close her mouth right now. Her breathing is heavy.

“Only those who fought me so hard. Those who have wanted it have gotten it good.” Her eyes cannot leave the form of my huge penis and her hand moves towards it slowly. She takes it into her hand, and she begins to jerk me off kind of hard. “You better be careful or you might get a new coat of paint on your ceiling.”

Jessica smiles, as she looks up at the ceiling. It does not need a new coat of paint, and she parts her legs for me. She then brings her pelvis up and she smiles at me with an alluring look. “Fuck me so hard, please?”

I get between her ultra sexy legs and I look deep into her eyes. I have already gone too far, because if she backed out right now I would likely rape her, and I do not wish to rape Jessica Simpson. “Are you sure that you want this?” What am I doing? I am letting her back out and if she does this will not end well.

She then looks to her left to the closet and she says, “Please fuck me like the dirty little whore that I am.” She then looks into my eyes and she nods.

I begin to enter her slowly slidding my penis inside of her tight ass pussy. If she were not so wet it would not be comfortable for either of us. I do work it in, as she moans like she happened to be a complete whore. I lean down and I advise her. “Jessica, do not over sell it.”

“I’m not over selling shit. I might need you to stop.” Tears run down her cheeks, as she looks up at me. Many women feel discomfort from my size, and Jessica Simpson is no exception. Both of our juice flow, and pain turns into pleasure, but it happens slowly like always. I begin to fuck her hard, and she moans so loud. My hands move over her sexy legs, and tits while she and I fuck with such fury.

My hands begins to squeeze her huge tits, and her eyes rolls as we fuck so long and hard. Her pussy is so fucking tight that I am surprised that I lasted this long. I try to make this last so long, because both she and I truly enjoy is so much.

She then leans up and she whispers into my ear. “Play with my clit and I’ll cum all over the place.” She purrs her secret into my ear, as I fuck her so hard. I then reach down, and I begin to play with her clit with such fury. She screams like she is a complete whore so loud, and we both begin to cum with great power.

Her juices cum out of her pussy, as she screams so loud and so long. Her body shakes, as she explodes with orgasmic glory all over the place. I then cum like a tidal wave, as my male juices explode from my dick inside of her. My orgasm feels like Heaven, as my juices go inside of her. I then collapse on top of her. “Oh God.”

Jessica holds me, as she enjoys the after glow of her orgasm. Her legs are still locked around me, and she grins up at me. I am exhausted too. If this were a trap it is a perfect trap. She smiles up at me. “So, what happens now?”

“I soon fall asleep unless your husband will be home soon?” Jessica shakes her head no, and she moves over so I can fall to sleep.

“May I ask you something before you fall to sleep?” I nods yes, and she asks. “Why do you nail all of us ladies when you refuse to just take one that you like and make her an honest woman?” Jessica smiles at me, as I look into her pretty brown eyes.

“Because I cannot be an honest man. I can think of at least twenty women who I would so cheat on you with.” Sleep so calls to me, and I need to fall to sleep so bad.

“Name five of them?” Jessica grins, as she looks at me.

“Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gwen Stefani, and Alyssa Milano and…” Before I fall to sleep I see her face become extremely angry. She then slams her hand onto the bed making it shake so hard.

She then walks to the camcorder and she picks it up, as she glares at me. “Fucking asshole!” She screams, as she slams the door behind her. When I wake up I sneak the backway out and I ponder how I made someone so sweet use such naughty language. I also figured out that the panties I got from her were missing too. As I walk away from her house I see smoking coming out of the chimney. I know what has happened to them too.

A couple of days later, I wind up outside of a fancy resteruant that I cannot afford, and they likely won’t let me in the front door. I look at the name once more to make sure I have finally got the right place. Before I got here I was kicked out of two other places with names that sound like this one. I so hate the french!

I walk into the door and I look around. I swallow hard, because a pretty blonde has noticed me, and she comes to see if I should be thrown out of here. “Hello sir, do you have someone meeting your here?” She gives me a pretty smile. She thinks that she’ll have to throw me out though. Men like me do not come into places like this. She has been trained to deal with the likes of me.

“I am here to meet Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs.” I smile at the pretty and very shocked blonde. She then reads over her list and her eyes widen.

“Can you excuse me sir? I was not aware that their party had a third person.” She walks away from me very quickly to a far off room. She then comes back five minutes later with tears in her eyes. “Thank god that you are still here. I have been getting my behind chewed off by…” She stops, as I figured out who was chewing her ass.

“So you made Alyssa mad, huh? She seemed so sweet when I met her?” I smile, as I figured out what has made sweet Alyssa become such a bitch.

“Usually she is but…” She goes quit, as she walks into the room with me following her. Alyssa glare at her, as she walks into the room but her glare disappears when she sees me.

“Hello sexy! How are you?” Alyssa smiles at me, as she stands and she kisses my mouth deep and hard. Holly’s eyes open, as she looks at how she and I kiss.

“Are you two aware that other people are here?” Holly looks at the blushing blonde, as she turns crimson too.

Alyssa and I break the kiss and I look down at her. She looks up at me with desire and lust. “So, how are you beautiful? I know why the fuck you have been so crabby lately too.” I whisper into her ear why she has been such a major bitch lately, and her eyes widen big time and she gasps.

“So, why the heck do I have to replace half of the crew after she made so many of them quit?” Holly looks at her with angry. She has seen Alyssa and them argue so bad at times.

She then dumps her expensive drink onto the floor and Alyssa looks at the pretty blonde girl. “Send in the very handsome bus boy who was in here when we came in.” Alyssa smiles at her, and she shakes her head.

“He has to go home in ten minutes and we have other people who can do that job. I’ll send Cindy in to do it.” The blonde begins to leave the room.

“If Cindy comes in to do it she’ll have to clean up a horrible mess.” Aylssa makes an outright threat to the blonde and she sighs some.

“Let me go and catch Patrick before he leaves then?” The blonde takes off like a shot, and Holly looks at Alyssa very mad.

“Anyone else quits because of you we’ll be looking for a new Phobe.” She glares at Alyssa with such fury.

“Fire me and you’ll lose a lot of the fan base too.” Alyssa smiles, because she does not fear Holly at all even though she happens to be a producer on Charmed. She won her feud with Shannon, so she has nothing to fear from Holly. “Then maybe you might have to show some skin. The sun might set it on fire.”

“At least I don’t dress like a sixteen-year old tart.” Holly rolls her eyes. “Someone has to show some shame. I still can’t believe you made me wear such a short skirt today.

I glace under the table and Holly does have on a short skirt and a black pair of pantyhose on. Alyssa has on short shorts with no stockings on. Her eyes widen, as she follows my eyes. “What do you think that you are doing mister?”

“I am looking at the best pair of legs that we never get to see. Why do you so rarely wear any short skirts or shorts on the show. Your character lives in San Franciso for the love of God!”

Holly blushes, as my eyes move over her legs. She tries to cover them, but short skirts are not for the overly shy. “Why do so many men wish to look at my legs?” Holly remembers one night how she read totally shocks of how some men on a message board wrote that they would love to see her legs, because she happens to be so cute.

The blonde and a very handsome busboy walks back into the room, and Alyssa smiles. “This is not that busboy, but can he do the job?” She asks Alyssa, and she nods.

Alyssa smiles at the tall and handsome busboy. “He’ll do. You have any idea who I am, my friend?”

“You are Phobe from Charmed.” He looks at the blonde and she nods. He walks into the room. “I’m Chad.”

As Chad begins to clean the mess Alyssa pours out Holly’s drink too. Then she sits so sexy, so he can see her legs. She needs to fuck so bad or she’ll die. “I am such a clutch. Don’t let me distract you.” Chad cannot take his eyes off of her, and he tries to clean the mess. He hardly even touches the spot, and Alyssa tosses food on the floor and Chad does not mind at all. I know we won’t see his boss again too.

Her friend Holly rolls her eyes at Alyssa’s behavior. I can tell that they tend to share a love/hate relationship. “So, Holly how much do you love Alyssa?” I smile, as I look into her beautiful brown eyes.

She rolls her eyes, as Alyssa tosses more food on the floor, and Chad cannot take his eyes off of her sexy body. He does not clean the floor with a shit and truthfully he could care less. “I’ll give you one thousand dollars to kill her right now.” Holly sighs, because Alyssa can be such a child sometimes.

“Only one thousand dollars to kill her? I am sure that Jessica Simpson has a much higher bounty on her head.” The look on her face goes from annoyance to total shock.

“Alyssa did you… oh my God… I told you not to…” Holly slams her hand onto the table. “Do you have any sense at all Alyssa?” Holly yells in so much anger.

“I might lack the sense to marry someone on the crew, but I DO have a brain in my head.” Alyssa glares at Holly. “I have taken out producers before, so I recommend you do not fuck with me.”

“Did she just… oh my God… I am starting to wish to you lost the feud and not Shannon. I am out of here!”

Holly stands and I see the back of her sexy legs, and I strike. My fingers move down her thighs, and she moans so hard. Her body shakes so hard, as my fingers move up and down her shapely thighs. Then her chest heaves to, as she becomes so turned on too.

She then falls back into her chair, and her eyes roll. Her legs stick out some, as my hand moves over her closer than ever thigh. She closes her eyes, and Holly Marie Combs really enjoys my hands so much. “Your legs are so sexy. Why do you hide them?”

“On the set of Picket Fences a crew member tried to take some liberties with my legs. Ohh God yeah! I nearly filed charges.” It does not take Holly long to fall under complete control of my powers, but I give her an out because of the attempted rape.

“Beautiful, do you wish me to stop?” My hands still move over her sexy legs, and I doubt that Holly can truthfully tell the different between black and white right now. Right and wrong is something that my hands make into a concept she can not even conceive of right now.

“Uhhhhhh! Why? I am so horny?” Holly then gives me a lustful look and she asks. “Can you make love to me please? Your hands are so outstanding!”

My hand creeps high up her leg, and her eyes roll while her chest heaves. I turn her on so bad right now, and she happens to be so freakin’ horny. I begin to pull her panties down her legs, and she gasps so hard. She arches her ass, so they come down with little problem, and she gives me a very lustful look.

She smiles at me so sexy, as my hands move over her sexy legs. Her legs feel incredible, while my hands move over them. The black stockings that Holly wears too look so incredible too. “So Piper, how does it feel to be helpless before a sex demon?”

Holly looks at me, and a smile crosses her beautiful face. She looks down at her legs that my hands do not leave. I can see the look in her eyes change from that of Holly Marie Combs to Piper Halliwell. “No… I am married… please?” Tears come down her cheeks, and I might believe she is in real pain. The only problem is that she isn’t.

“How much does your marriage mean to you right now, Piper?” The question means something because Holly happens to be married too. My hands then move so high on her sexy legs.

“I can’t even… oh God!” Holly’s chest heaves so hard, as my hands move over her thighs. “I am married? I have no idea what his name happened to be.”

I then bring Holly in for a searing kiss and we kiss with white hot passion. The way that Holly kisses is a way that makes you truly remember her lips. My hand moves higher up her leg, as my second moves to her face. She and I kiss so long with great passion.

Then I begin to move my hand down her legs. Holly smiles at me with a lustful smile. I smile as I look into her eyes. I then glance past Holly to Alyssa, and she happened to be fucking that busboy so hard. That kid is trying so hard not to cum, and she loves how he acts.

I then begin to unbutton her shirt. “So Piper, do you want some of what your sister is getting?” My hands then move up her legs, and she parts them so wide. She then gives me an alluring look suggesting that she wants her brains fucked out of her head.

Her skirt then comes up over her legs, and I kiss her bare tits with passion. She closes her eyes to enjoy what I do to her sexy body. I then pick her up and I sit her on the table. I push everything off of the table and she parts her legs so wide, as I pull down my pants.

She gasps, as she looks at my long and extremely thick penis. Holly licks her lips, as she looks at it. Her gaze then meets mine. “My lord, that thing is huge.”

“It will hurt some too,” I say, as I begin to slide it inside of Holly. She parts her legs some more, while it slides inside of her.

“Uhhhhh!” Holly moans, as my member slides inside of her. She is very tight, but extremely wet with excitement too. I begin to fuck her hard enough so she remembers me. I kiss her large tits on my down thrusts, and she loves what I do to her so much. “Oh Jesus Christ! Yeah!”

Her legs wrap around me, as she drives me into her with fury. Her eyes are filled with fire, as we fuck so hard. Holly’s eyes roll, as we screw so hard. My hands move over her tits and legs. Her chest heaves so hard, as she begins to go over the edge.

“Uh SHIT!” Holly begins to orgasm and orgasm hard. Her legs tighten around me, as I cum inside of her so hard. I grunt and groan, as I cum so hard inside of her. She milks the seamen out of my penis, and I let her do it. “Oh dear lord that was…” The her face takes on a total look of fear. “I am unprotected and you wore no condom!” Holly begins to sob so hard. She cannot get pregnant by me. How can her husband and she have a child that came from another man?

I hold her as she sobs and I explain why I do not wear condoms. “Holly, my sperm does not swim and my seamen, and body cannot catch any sexual sickness too.”

“So, you can’t make me sick or get me pregnant?” Holly looks at me in relief. I am still inside of her. “How lucky are you? You have excellent hands and a huge penis….” Before Holly can finish telling me how lucky I am I have to stop her.

“Holly, when you go home to be with your children and husband remember I can’t have any.” This does sadden me, because my life is filled with extremely beautiful women and a lot of partying, but I pay the price for my life. I will never have a normal life, as in a wife and kids.

“So, you must be very lonely. That is so sad.” Holly hugs me close, and I hug her back. “So no wife or anyone to keep you company?”

“I have an old dog. It should be dead soon.” I tell her of my really old lab named Bandit and how he and I are old friends. She smiles, as I tell her how he and I have had some fun. Then she gets sad, as I tell her that I might have to have him put to sleep soon.

“That’s so sad!” Holly shouts, as she looks into my eyes. “Your old doggy is soon to die?” She then hugs me, as she honestly feels bad for me too.

“Yeah, he should have died ten years ago, but he’s too orny to die. I figured he would have been done after his head came off, but he’s still breathin’.” Holly then gives me this look, as she ponders if I am pulling her leg or something.

“Jesus Christ Holly! He is so full of shit that… Oh Jesus Christ yes!” Alyssa orgasms all over the kid’s dick, as he explodes inside of her. “Holy crap Chad. You rock at this!” Chad blushes, as Alyssa holds him close. “You’ll have to excuse Holly. She once bought some swamp land south of The Florida Keyes.”

“Alyssa, I thought it was a good deal.” Holly blushes some.

“You bought ocean! And people call me the stupid one!” Alyssa and Chad laugh so hard, and I really try not to laugh too.

“Are you going to call me a box full of stupid now too?” Alyssa looks at me with tears in her eyes. She looks like she might cry so hard, so I pull her in for a hug. Alyssa and Chad laughs so hard at the nickname that Alyssa gave her.

“Make fun of her once more Alyssa, and I’ll call the newspaper with a story of how you screwed a… Chad… are you even sixteen?” Chad shakes his head no. He must have hurt himself screwing Alyssa for so long. Alyssa Milano star of Charmed and Who’s the Boss had her way with a fifteen-year old boy in the back of some faggy french resturaunt.”

Holly laughs some at my joke, because she can so see that headline in some paper. I look into her eyes and I tell her. “The next couple of weeks you’ll be as horny, as Alyssa has been too.”

He eyes water up some more, and she nods her head yes. “Why, because I do stupid things sometimes?”

I shake my head no, as I look her in the eyes. “No, my powers have an effect on the sex drive. You won’t mind cheating on your husband for awhile.” Holly then cries no, and she begins to cry so hard. She explains that some men on the set of Charmed who would love to take advantage of a vulnerable Holly Marie Combs. Sometimes, I so hate my powers and what they do to women and right now I have to fight the temptation to cut my fucking hands off.

I sit outside of the set of Charmed, as I hope that Holly does not do anything truly stupid with her lust. Some people can control their lusts and use it on their mates, while some like Alyssa will fuck anything that moves. Its not that Alyssa will screw anything that moves on a regular basis, but when you have no husband or boyfriend that makes things hard. You find yourself willing to settle for people that you would never give the time of day to.

Holly does seem to have more control than most women do after I screw their brains out of their heads. She might slip though, and I hope to maybe clean up the mess if it happens. I usually don’t do this, but I really like Holly.

Suddenly, a door bursts open and a man comes running outside mad as hell. He runs to his car, and he slams his fists on the hood so hard. Then the man begins to weep so hard out of pain. I begin to walk towards the man, and Holly walks out of the building too standing outside of the door. She gasps putting her hands to her mouth, as she sees me walking towards him.

“Hey buddy, something happen?” I stand out of range of any anger that might come my way or fists.

“I don’t want to talk about it!” I can hear the rage in his voice, even though he tries to make it sound like nothing.

“I bet it has something to do with that pretty young thing over there.” I look at Holly, as she shakes in fear.

“I suggest you put your eyes somewhere else!” He looks at me with rage in his eyes. The guy happens to be close to snapping.

“Can’t blame you there. Something happen?” I keep an eye on Holly keeping her frozen to her spot.

“Today she… when I walks into her office today she had a fifteen-year old kid up her ass. She never lets me assfuck her. NEVER!” He screams so loud, as tears come down his cheeks. I feel so bad for the man, because Holly finally snapped. It took her over a week to snap, but she did and she got caught. I have to fix this, because this guy seems to make Holly so happy too.

“So, did she do or act any different this week? Because she would not just cheat on you. Look at her, she looks so afraid that you’ll leave her forever.” Holly looks terrified on so many levels, as she sees me speak to her husband.

“The last week, week and a half she has been so freakin’ horny. We have been doing things that I never would have dreamed that came from her brain. It’s not that she is boring, but one of her boyfriend was a little to sexually aggressive in the bedroom. It took me months before she would even let me get to second base.”

“So, what happened last night?” I know what the hell happened last night, but this guy needs to put two and two together.

“When I walked into my bedroom last night, Holly begged me to assfuck her… Oh my God, this might be part my fault?” He looks at her, and his eyes narrow because two guy are talking to Holly. These two guys are what I call relationship vultures. When they see trouble in a relationship they hover over it waiting for it to die. When it does die it usually involves months of nasty sex, while the poor girl mends her heart. That will not happen to Holly Marie Combs. Trust me on that!

“Before you go and kick their asses let me tell you what I would do. My head happens to be a lot cooler than yours.” Her husband looks at me. His rage does cool while I speak. “When you go back to her, kiss Holly like the woman that you truly love. Then you ask her to go someplace alone, and talk of what just happened. If she says no walk away and tell her that your cell phone is on. Do not, and I mean do NOT give those jerks any attention at all. Anything you give them will only make them want her more.”

Once I let his arm go, he walks towards Holly slowly. One of the guys tries to move in to kiss her, and the other backs up keeping an eye on him. Her husband, gently pushes the man away who tries to kiss her and he falls back into the bushes. The bastard tripped over his own two feet!

He then kisses Holly with a kiss that makes me need to screw someone so bad. The two vultures know that this relationship is nowhere near close to dead too. He then asks her to go someone quit to talk, and tears run down her cheeks. As she and he walk away from the building see looks at me, and she mouths the words thank you to me, and I nod. There is one thing that I know about Holly Marie Combs, her husband loves her and I only wish her the best.

About ten minutes after they leave a young man of maybe sixteen-years of age looks out of the building looking for any sign of Holly’s husband. Once he deems it clear he takes off like a shot across the parking lot to the bus stop. As it happens something occurs to me. I might have discovered the next Ben Johnson.

Then soon after Holly’s love makes his sprint across the parking lot something else funny catches my eye. A smile comes across my face, as Alyssa walks out of the building with the handsome Darrien Jackson on her right arm. I can tell that the handsome Mister Jackson has already made it to second base. I get the feeling that Holly has just installed a no sex on the set rule on Charmed.

You must be asking yourself what happened to both Jessica and Alyssa? Well, I shall tell you. I am at one of the largest malls in Los Angels, as I look for a beautiful babe to nail. My eyes move over a really sexy redhead with a short skirt, and some long black boots. She happens to be boot shopping too. The woman must have a fetish, and she might know how good she looks in boots too.

I am about to move in for a kill, as I get the feeling that someone might be following me. I look around and they I see something that sort of shocks me some. Alyssa and Jessica are very close to meeting. Then Alyssa walks to where Jessica can see her, and she looks at some hand bags. Jessica’s eyes widen, and then water up as she sees her.

Jessica walks to Alyssa Milano and she stands behind her, as she glares at the back of her head. Then she turns around, and she looks at gasps at being so close to Jessica Simpson. “May I ask you something?” Jessica asks her, and Alyssa nods her head yes. “Why did you screw Nick?”

Alyssa stays quiet for a minute while she thinks, before she speaks. “Imagine in ten years if you were still single, and a cute guy wanted to get into your pants. Trust me when I say you’ll have very few defenses against him.”

“Get married then?” Jessica asks her, and Alyssa shakes her head no.

“To a man who I do not love? I will not have one of those marriages. Most Hollywood marriages fail, because people marry to be married. Hell, most marriages end because of that reason.” Alyssa then sighs and she thanks God that Jessica does not want to fight her. “May I ask you something?” Jessica nods her head yes. “Why did you show Nick that video of what you and The Legman did?”

“Because I wanted to make him hurt like he made me hurt. I might have ended my marriage doing so.” Jessica shakes so hard, as tears come down her cheeks.

Alyssa moves in and she hugs Jessica, and before you know it they are kissing like horny monkeyes. When Jessica moves to unbutton Alyssa’s shirt she pulls away. “We can’t do this here, Jessica.” Alyssa looks around to see that no one has noticed them kissing. “My place?”

Jessica nods, and she and Alyssa begin to walk away holding hand. Then she turns and she looks right at me. “Care to join us Legman?”

I become stunned, because Jessica Simpon can see me. Oh my God that scares me so bad. I walk towards them and I allow Alyssa to see me, and her mouth pops open. “Oh my God!”

“So that entire time that I tried to wait for you to be alone on the set of The Dukes of Hazzard was a huge waist of time?” My arms then go around the shoulders of both Jessica Simpson and Alyssa Milano and we go to Alyssa’s place.

As we walk away two women in tight red leather come out of the shadows, and they begin to follow us. The leather covered them from head to toe and so no one call tell who they happen to be. Later it will occur to me that I should have listened to my first instincts. I am being stalked! By who shall shock everyone too!

To be continued….

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