Emma Watson Caught In The Rain

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Emma Watson Caught in the Rain

By Otterman

(M, F, g, celeb, bi, pedo, oral, anal)

Disclaimer: Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. This story is a fantasy. It didn’t happen; it never will. And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the story is liable to be prosecuted for a series of felonies that will keep them in prison for the rest of their natural life.

Again, this story is simply a work of imagination…fantasy fiction that does not portray anyone or anything that really happened.
If you are under the age of 18, live in a jurisdiction where reading erotic stories would be considered illegal, or are just plain offended by material of a sexual nature, then stop now and don’t read this. Now that we’re clear on what’s what, and what’s not, read on.

A bright light flashed across the living room window, followed immediately by a resounding crash. I went to the window and pushed aside the drape and looked out through the rain. By a flash of lightning I saw a car tipped into the roadside ditch in front of my house. Quickly I ran to the kitchen and grabbed my raingear, a torch and an umbrella and headed out.

At the foot of the driveway was a late model Mercedes with it front end in the ditch and its rear end pointing to the sky. From the odd angle of the left front wheel it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be moving on its own any time soon. Next to it stood two figures. A closer look showed they were a woman, looking exactly like a wet cat, and a child, looking like her bedraggled kitten.

A couple of quick questions convinced me they weren’t hurt, just a bit shaken. The woman reached into the car and grabbed two purses and a laptop. Holding the umbrella over the two soaked figures, I said, “Let’s get you into the house and out of these wet clothes”. That said I led them hurriedly up the driveway and ushered the pair into the warmth of the service porch. By now all three of us were soaked and shivering. I pointed out the clothes dryer and I excused myself to gather towels and blankets.

I went to my room and exchanged my wet clothes for my sweats and a robe. I returned to my unexpected guests with my arms filled with blankets and towels. I pushed the door open and stopped dead in my tracks. The young girl was just kicking her panties onto the pile of soaked clothing. Standing before me was the object of my most cherished fantasies. There before my astonished eyes stood Hermione Granger, in the flesh literally, naked as the day she was born. It dawned on me that she must be Emma Watson, the 12-year-old actress who portrayed the winsome witch of the Harry Potter stories.

I must have stood with my mouth wide open, ogling her perfect preteen body. Her breasts were barely noticeable but her nipples were fat and puffy, in part I’m sure due to the chilly soaking she’d just had. Then my gaze dropped down her tummy to her pussy. It was as smooth, pink and hairless as I imagined it to be. She planted her feet wide apart and gave me a clear view of her girlish cunt. I’d imagined a tight girlish slit but her plump outer lips were parted and folds of moist pink flesh poked out between them. The young girl gave me a sweet smile and then looked down and broke into an impish grin. At the first sight of her naked body my cock became totally hard and tented the front of my sweats.

I regained a bit of my composure and quickly held out the towel and blanket for her. She gave me a smile as she took them. I barely noticed that her mother was likewise naked when I turned to hand her the towels and blanket. “There’s a nice warm fire going in the front room,” I said quickly. Then I did a quick about face and stepped back into the kitchen.

I heard my guests pad through the kitchen to the front room as I busied myself at the stove preparing mugs of steaming hot cocoa. I closed my eyes and wished my hard-on would go away but I kept seeing Emma’s luscious little body and that only made it harder. I pulled my robe around and cinched it tight to try and conceal my obviously excited condition. Then I loaded the cocoa onto a tray and headed to the front room.

Mother and daughter were sitting wrapped in the blankets in front of the roaring fire. I’d stoked it up and added a log or two and it was filling the room with its heat. Setting the tray on the sideboard, poured a stiff shot of peppermint schnapps it my mug.

“Would you like a shot,” I offered the attractive woman. “It’ll help warm you up”.

“Yes, thank you. I could certainly use it”, she replied.

“I’d like some too”, Emma added. I looked to her mother. She nodded and I added a shot to the youngster’s drink as well then handed them their drinks.

As Emma reached for her mug, her blanket slipped down, revealing her cute little-girl tits. Without thinking my hand stopped just short of hers and I stood there staring at the bared breast. The breasts were mere swellings on her flat chest but her nipples held my attention. The areolae and nipples were swollen to the size and color of large, ripe strawberries. I let out a low groan.

She grinned and reached up to take the mug and didn’t bother to cover up. Finally I turned and handed Jacqueline hers. She had an enormous grin and it was more than obvious the effect Emma was having on me. My robe had fallen open and laid open my aching erection to their view. There wasn’t a thing I could do to hide it. There wasn’t a thing I could do but take my seat and sip my drink.

“Thank you very much for taking us in,” the woman said. “By the way my name is Jacqueline Watson and this is my daughter…”

“Emma.” I finished the sentence for her. “I must admit I’m a huge ‘Harry Potter’ fan,” I explained and pointed to the books on the nearby table.

“Did you like it?” the pretty child asked. She still hadn’t bothered to cover her breast. “Do you think I was a good Hermione?”

“Seen the movie for times,” I admitted. “I think you were fantastic,” I told her honestly. “I think you were absolutely amazing for someone acting for the camera for the first time.”

“It wasn’t my first time,” she informed me.

“I thought it was your first movie,” I said.

“It’s her first feature film,” her mother said.

I looked at her, slightly puzzled at her meaning. I put down my mug and looked at her closely. “All the movie PR says the she and Daniel and Rupert were all amateurs.”

“They are strictly speaking”, she explained. “It is the first time before the cameras for Daniel and Rupert but not for Emma. She’s “starred” in several video features already.”

“Six to be exact, Mum,” Emma added with a mischievous grin.

“You’re very right, dear. It was six,” her mother agreed with a identical grin.

Now I was really puzzled. The two of them were obviously having a bit of fun at my expense and I didn’t have the slightest idea what they were up to.

“I see that you find Emma attractive,” Jacqueline said with a nod toward my still rampant prick.

“She’s a very beautiful girl,” I admitted, somewhat embarrassed by my unmistakable state of excitement.

“The truth is many men find her beautiful and want to see more of her. We decided to satisfy the demand. So she’s acted in some videos that I’m quite sure you’d find interesting,” she continued.

I gave her an even more perplexed look.

“Are you familiar with the term “kiddie porn”?”

Her words caught me completely unaware. Even in my fantasies about me and Emma, I’d never actually believed that she was sexually active and here was her mother telling me that my dream-lover was a preteen porn actress.

All I could say after a long pause was, “Yes”.

I turned and looked at Emma. A huge grin spread across her pretty face as she saw the astonished look on my face. And the she let the blanket fall way and once again I got another look at her perfect, naked body. I couldn’t tear my eyes away and stared at her, unable to move, as she stood up and let the blanket dropped to the floor. Then she did a slow pirouette and showed me her equally beautiful backside. I almost shot my wad right then and there. This sweet, innocent-looking little girl, all of 12 years old, was fulfilling my heart’s desire, allowing me to see all of her beautiful, prepubescent body.

Like every other normal guy on this planet, I’d cast an appreciative eye on a pretty preteen girl from time to time and imagined what it would be like to enjoy the sexual delights of some sweet lolita’s tight little cunt or asshole. It wasn’t a common occurrence but every once in a while my eye fell on some beautiful 10- or 12-year-old girl at the beach or in the park and she’d just light my fire. But I’d never acted out any of my fantasies, not even on the two or three occasions when the opportunity arose where I could’ve satisfied those perverted urges. Instead, on the occasional desire arose, I found relief fantasizing as I had sex with my dear late wife.

But ever since I saw the Philosopher’s Stone, all that had changed. I’d read enjoyed the ‘Harry Potter’ books along with half the planet. And being a big movie buff, I had looked forward to the release of the first movie. To say the least I was quite pleased with the movie but what I hadn’t expected was the absolutely beautiful girl-child who played the part of Hermione Granger. One look at Emma Watson and I was intensely aroused and hard as a rock. Throughout the screening I imagined her moving across the screen without her clothes, playing her part I the nude. It made paying attention to the rest of the action of the film a little difficult but somehow I did manage to see the whole thing. And then I went and saw it four more times.

Since then this youngster dominated my solitary sex life. I dreamed of her luscious little body day and night. I don’t know how many times stood in front of the mirror and jerked off to the mental image of Hermione Granger kneeling before me with my cock deep in her warm wet mouth. Or having the saucy little witch bend over, lift her uniform skirt and offer me her bare bottom. I had no difficulty understanding what made some men pedophiles. I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful or erotic or desirable sight than this naked child.

Emma went over stood next to her mother. I now saw Jacqueline had dropped her blanket as well. She draped an arm around the youngster’s shoulders and pulled her close. Like her daughter, she was showing me all of her mature and rather attractive body. Her breasts were small, somewhat flattened by two pregnancies, but they were crowned by nipples and areola swollen like huge ripe strawberries. It was obvious where Emma got hers from. I had a clear view of her clean-shaven cunt. The pendulous lips hung open and the moist, dark pink inner lips pushed free of their restraint. And at the top of her slit was a very prominent clit. Mother and daughter together, naked and exposed, made a most thrilling and erotic sight.

I just stared at the sight of these two naked females. It couldn’t imagine a more erotic sight than this mother-daughter pair before me. I didn’t know what to say or do. Fortunately Jacqueline spoke up and saved me the embarrassment of stuttering like a fool.

“My Emma was the star of half a dozen special edition CD’s before she auditioned for the ‘Potter’ movie”, she told me.

“Special edition?” I queried.

“They’ve gone to a very small and select audience. Their existence is a closely guarded secret for a few discriminating aficionados with uniquely sophisticated taste in child erotica”, she explained. “They’re definitely not the typical “home movie” variety you find on the “Net”. These were done with sets and lighting and all the trappings of a proper film. Let’s just say the casting and the plots are not the typical children’s fare”.

I’m not sure what kind of look I had on my face but she must have decided I was interested. And I was without a doubt. I was eager to hear more and she obliged. She gave her gorgeous child a hug and a kiss on the cheek and continued. “She started off in the first showing herself off and masturbating until she had an orgasm. Then she worked her way through lesbian sex with another girl, oral, vaginal and anal sex. Then this last shooting session was Emma’s first adventure in group sex.

It obviously excited Jacqueline to just talk about Emma’s sexual exploits. As she spoke, Emma dropped a hand into her mother’s lap and caressed her bare thigh. The woman’s legs parted and the girl’s hand slipped up to her mother’s bald cunt. I could see Emma slip a finger into Jacqueline’s slit and stroke her prominent clit as she described her daughter’s extremely active sex life. Gently she pushed Emma’s hand aside.

“I think our rescuer could use your attention more than me, my dear”, the mother said.

Emma turned to me and smiled. She took two steps to cover the distance between us and dropped to her knees. Before I could react, she’d pulled my robe open and pulled down my sweats. Freed of any restraint, my swollen cock popped out and slapped the child on the cheek. She immediately grabbed it and guided the engorged, crimson head right into her waiting mouth.

Her moistened lips barely grazed the hot skin of my cock as head bobbed slowly up and down my engorged shaft. Her supple tongue twirled around the wedge-shaped glans. The tip of it poked into the slit and, for a moment, I thought she was going to slip her tongue all the way up and give me a prostate massage from the inside. Gradually she increased the pressure of both lips and fingers. At first she concentrated on the head and slowly worked her way down my shaft until her button nose was nestled in my pubic hair. She had no difficulty deep-throating six inches of swollen cock. Several times Emma brought me right to the edge of orgasm and let the tide of lust recede, only to bring it up again and again.

She let go of me and got down on all fours and lifted her bare ass high. She presented her beautiful bottom to my admiring gaze, giving it an inviting wiggle. Jacqueline got out of her chair and dropped to her knees behind her daughter. Leaning down she buried her face between her Emma’s cheeks and licked at the exposed asshole. When she rose up, I stared at the girl’s now-glistening anus. Jacqueline gently pulled Emma’s cheeks apart and revealed pink and clean, a slightly-raised, wrinkled ring of erogenous tissue, radiating irresistible erotic appeal. It was obvious that the young girl’s anus was getting a vigorous and regular buggering. And now the mother was offering her daughter’s lubed and ready asshole to me use as I pleased. The brazen child gave her butt a tempting wiggle. She was absolutely shameless.

“Fuck my asshole”, she said enticingly. This was one invitation that I delighted to accept.

I left my chair and knelt down right behind Emma’s tempting ass. Taking hold of my throbbing shaft, her mother slipped me into her mouth and coated my cockhead with her saliva. Then I ran the swollen head up and down from her juicy cunt along the crack of her ass and until Jacqueline guided it right to her daughter’s puckered anus. Leaning forward I touched the tip of my erection against the girl’s tender flesh. Her little body quivered slightly. Slowly I pushed harder against her yielding anus. Gradually I watched as it sank into her. Then I was pushed it even deeper and Emma was moaned as I filled her steamy rectum with my entire prick. Here was one advantage to having a normal-sized cock. Emma would be able to take my full length without any problem. I’m thicker than the average but her well-fucked anus stretched to take it all with no great difficulty. My wedge-shaped cockhead easily pried the tight ring of muscle open and made way for the thick shaft to follow. She gasped as her anus was stretched wider than ever before. I sank three inches into her rectum and stopped to let my young lover become accustomed to this intrusion. I held her close to me, giving her trembling body a chance to adjust to my invasion. Then I slowly started to fuck her, working my cock in and out of her beautiful butt. Reaching down between her legs, I diddled her wet pussy and pulled at her swollen nipples as I pumped in and out of her tender butthole.

“Oh, God! It feels so good!” she wailed, squirming her ass shamelessly back onto my rock-hard erection until she buried all six inches up her rear end. I pumped my cock in and out of the horny preteen’s tightly clasping butthole, making her ass-cheeks ripple and her tiny tits bounce lewdly with the impacts of my hips against hers. Emma moaned, low and sensually, loving the way my hairy balls slapped against her sticky cunt lips, stimulating her throbbing clit more with each thrust. Trying to keep as much as my body weight off the child’s small frame as he could, I pumped my blood-engorged penis very slowly in and out of her clinging rectum, maintaining as gentle a rhythm as possible. Using the naked twelve-year-old this way made me feel so turned on, I was dizzy and short of breath. Sex had never been as sensual or stimulating. Just the thought of fucking Hermione Granger in her hot little asshole with my rigid pole heated my blood and got my sperm churning in my sac.

After two or three minutes I pulled back and my prick slipped out of Emma’s grasping asshole. I looked down and gazed on the twelve-year-old’s gaping hole. I turned to Jacqueline and she looked up at me with an expectant smile. I leaned toward her and slipped my slimy cock right into the mother’s warm, wet mouth. The woman hungrily sucked the tip as she stroked the greasy shaft.

“You like the taste of your daughter’s ass?” I asked Jacqueline. She just looked up at me and smiled with her eyes as she continued to lave my slimy prick. I pulled out and plunged right back into her daughter’s wide open anus.

Excited by her daughter’s moans of pleasure, the woman urged us on. “Faster. Fuck her faster, Gordon. Shove it up her ass. She loves it hard”, she cried out. I increased my pace and buggered Emma even harder. She turned her head and looked up at me with a look of pure, unadulterated desire. “Don’t come in my ass,” she pleaded. “I want you to cum in my mouth.” My little ass-girl had read my mind. “As you wish, dear Emma”, I replied with a wicked smile. “One mouthful coming right up”, I respond with a depraved leer.

I grabbed her skinny, writhing hips and began ramming my rock-hard cock into her tight, clinging bunghole with long, hard thrusts that made the girl’s body shake and quiver with the sheer force of them. My little ass-girl shuddered and screamed when she came, pushing back against me, wanting to cram as much of my thick rod up her cock-hugging anal passage as she could. Her little body trembled from the force of her climax and she collapsed, resting her head on the carpet. I held her up by her girlishly-narrow hips and pushed deeper into her ass. I almost shot my load deep in her bowels but I managed to restrain myself. She was lost in a world of orgasmic pleasure, unending pleasure, a world that revolved around my hard-pumping, ejaculating cock. Her rectal sheath clung tightly around my shaft as I jerked it from her ass with a resounding “pop”. I quickly shifted around in front of her and presented my cock, shiny with her ass juices, to her eager mouth. She lifted her head form the carpet and opened wide and I drove my prick deep into her angelic face. In seconds I was spewing my thick sperm into her mouth. She clamped her lips around my pulsating rod and let me fill her up.

As I face-fucked young Emma Watson, Jacqueline dived down behind her daughter. As the daughter drank down my copious load of sperm, the mother lasciviously rimmed the girl’s slimy, distended asshole.

Sweaty and spent the three of us sprawled on the carpet in the warm glow of the fireplace. Mother and daughter snuggled up along side me. We laid there quietly, just letting ourselves build up energy what I knew was going to be a busy night.

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