Jenny Vs Nikki Cox [Part 3]

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Jenny Vs. Nikki Cox [part 3]

This story is nothing more than one person’s fantasy and should not be read by minors.

As Nikki left the hotel room, with Jenny McCarthy sprawled out naked in the middle of the floor with the door wide
open, she wanted to have even more fun with the blonde hellcat. “I’ll make sure she never fucks with me again!
That stupid skank!” she thought to herself. She walked over to her car and pulled a black bag out of her trunk and
headed back to the room.

When she got there, Jenny was starting to stir. Nikki walked over and kicked Jenny in the cunt making
her cry out
loud in agony. “Did I say you could get up? Huh? No, I don’t think I did.” Nikki slammed the door shut and opened
her black bag. She pulled out her video camera and set in up again. “No, I’m not going to sell this next video. I
just want this for my private collection.” With that, Nikki pulled out a huge plastic red strap on dildo. Jenny looked
up and saw this and tried to crawl to the door. Nikki grabbed Jenny by her blonde hair and through her onto the

“Don’t leave. We’re just getting started, bitch!” Nikki strapped on the dildo. Nikki stepped in front of Jenny, dildo
standing proud in front of her mouth. “Suck my cock, bitch!” Jenny opened her mouth and started sucking on the
end of the cock, it was too big to get in her mouth – she gasped and spit it out. Nikki then slapped Jenny across
the face with it, “You better suck bitch, or I’m really gonna make this tough on you!” Jenny continued to suck on
the tip, licking the shaft, sucking the sides of the dildo. Nikki pinched her own nipples, lifting her tits up by them,
shaking them. She held one breast to her mouth and sucked on the nipple, then changed to the other tit.

Jenny continued sucking, trying to take the head of the dildo into her mouth and failing. Nikki dropped to her
knees and placed the tip of the dildo against Jenny’s pussy lips, Jenny struggled and moaned in agony as she
knew what was about to happen. As Nikki slid the tool into Jenny’s pussy, she watched the painful look on Jenny’s
face. Jenny could feel her pussy being stretched to the limit, she spread her legs open wide and Nikki begain
pumping away. Moaning, breathing hard, sweating, Jenny was dizzy with the feelings. Once close enough, Nikki
leant forward, her breasts pressing up against Jenny’s, their faces closing together, mouths an inch apart. Nikki
looked deep into Jenny’s eyes as she pumped the huge dildo slowly in and out of Jenny’s pussy. Nikki’s tongue
flicking out, with salvia dropping into her face. “C’mon Jenny what’s the matter? C’mon, fuck me” ordered Nikki.
“Fuck me hard!” Nikki pulled Jenny’s legs up onto her shoulders and pushed forward against them, pushing the dildo
all the way into Jenny. She moved her hips back and forth, faster, harder, deeper. She watched as Jenny’s face
twisted with both pain and pleasure. Jenny biting her lip and bucking against Nikki’s cock, reached down and
grabbed the dildo trying to pull it out but failed. She was tossing her head back and Nikki reamed into her pussy
with the giant toy, her eyes shut as she felt the waves of orgasm flowing through her. She came hard, screaming
it out, “OH GOD!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENNNNINGGG!!!!” Nikki continued pumping, the base of the strap on bumping
against her clit, the rhythm bringing her toward her own climax. She reached down to hold the base of the dildo’s
shaft as she felt her orgasm building, then pulled out of Jenny’s pussy and squeezed the ejaculation mechanism…
Hot creamy artificial cum shot out of the end of the dildo and splattered over Jenny’s tits… Another pump of the
mechanism and another stream of thick white fluid shot out over Jenny’s face. “Suck the rest of this shit out!”
Jenny leant forward and wrapped her lips around the tip of the dildo and looked up at Nikki as she pumped the rest
of the fake cum into her mouth. “Swallow it!” And like a good girl, Jenny swallowed everything she could, allowing
the remainder to run from the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Nikki bitched slapped Jenny, knocking her
back down onto the bed. Nikki took several pictures of the naked blonde playmate with fake dildo cum all over her
body. Nikki sighed and thought, “That should be enough. If you want Jenny, I’ll make a copy for you too.” She
said with a sly grin.

Nikki got dressed, grabbed her stuff and Jenny’s clothes as well. When she left, she left the door wide open with
Jenny lying on the bed completely defenseless. Nikki walked over to the dumpster and tossed Jenny’s clothes
inside and heard a noise from inside the dumpster. “Hey whatta the hell you doin? Tis is me place! Don’t throw yo
garbage in here.” Inside was a dirty disgusting bum that smelled really really bad.

“Oh sorry.” Nikki then got yet another sinister idea. “Hey, let me make this up to you. You see that room up
there?” Nikki said pointing to the room where Jenny is, “I’m not using it anymore. So you know what? Take it!” she
handed him the keys.

“Really! No foolin! Is der food up dare???”

“There’s something a lot better than food up there, buddy. Trust me.” Nikki said with a sly grin and walked over to
her car.

“Tank’s a lot lady! You ok! You know dat! You ok.” He quickly ran up there and slammed the door behind him. Nikki
got in her car and began to drive away, but she couldn’t help but wonder what will happen to poor Jenny. Her
curiosity was killing her, so she picked up her cell phone and called the hotel room. There was no answer for a
while, then the bum picked up. “Yo whas up man?” In the background, she could hear the bed posts slamming
against the wall and Jenny screaming “OH GOD HELP ME!!! OH GODDDDDD!!!” Nikki hung up, knowing her work was
now complete.

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