Fiona Bruce And Cat Deeley – World’s Best Legs

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this is a piece of fiction of course

there has always been a healthy debate as to which
woman has the best legs in the world, and the internet
has made it even easier to discuss and suggest
possible winners. models and actresses have always
featured high on the list of best legs, but there
exists a secret society whose whole existence is to
find out once and for all. this is the story of how
this group finally found the best legs in the world.

funded by some of the richest people in the world, the
“leg club” held regular conventions of its members,
and paid huge sums of money to attract women with
legs to perform for them, and win the ultimate
accolade of worlds best legs. the 2002 convention was
held recently in a secret location, and over 10
million dollars was paid to 100 of the worlds most
beautiful women to take part in the contest. most of
these women were the usual models and actresses, but
several were just ‘ordinary’ women spotted in the
street, or women who would otherwise want to remain
anonymous to protect their main careers.

the competition involved all of the women parading on
a stage infront of the club members, in a series of
beautiful outfits specially designed to show off their
legs. finally there was the “touch test”, when all the
members present get to stroke and caress the womens’
legs, before final votes are cast.

many of the worlds most famous women were there, and
most fell by the wayside. britney spears will always
want to forget the night her legs were offically
called “short” and her thighs “fat”! catherine zeta
jones was not happy when her legs were dismissed as
“not quite in proportion”. sarah michelle gellar got
into the top 20, but the members said she was “too
scrawny” compared to the best. jennifer lopez never
even made it to the convention!

even the most experienced convention members were
surprised by two gorgeous women from britain, cat
deeley and fiona bruce, making their first appearance
in the contest. cat has been a regular near the top of
fhm magazines 100 best babes for a few years, but
fiona has never featured in such a list despite being
a stunning babe. cat deeley has presented various
music and childrens programmes on tv, and attracted a
large adult audience hoping for a view of her superb
long legs, and cat certainly knows the power of a
short skirt! but fiona bruce has been stuck behind a
desk as a newsreader, and forced by bbc tradition to
wear the most sober and boring clothes.

earlier this year cat and fiona recieved calls from a
member of the convention asking them to take part in
the contest. the internet was flooded with pictures of
cat and her legs, but fiona’s were more of an enigma
until a fateful appearance on a crimewatch programme
in a short red mini skirt. the bbc switchboards were
jammed with calls from men admiring fiona’s legs, and
stuck up old idiots complaining that the bbc had moved
into hardcore porn by allowing such a conservative
figure as fiona to appear “semi-naked”!

cat had done some modelling in her younger days and
was happy to appear, especially when promised $100,000
of course. fiona bruce was more reluctant, but when
her fee was raised to £150,000 she succumbed too.
there was to be no nudity, and the contest was to be
held in a secure environment where only members could
gain access. there was no chance of incriminating
photos suddenly appearing all over the world.

on the night the contest came down to two women, so
far ahead of the opposition that the other 98 may as
well have never even turned up. cat deeley and fiona
bruce had such incredible legs that the convention had
to declare the result a tie. and this was despite
several attempted tie break sessions of both parading
and touching!

the sight of cat deeley standing provocatively on
stage in a white micro-mini dress while men queued up
to stroke and caress her long legs was just too much
for many of the audience, who simply spunked in their
trousers before they reached the front of the line! it
was clear that cat was also incredibly turned on, but
any display of overtly sexual behaviour from a girl
was punishable by disqualification. the contest was
about beautiful legs, not sex. fiona was just as
spectacular in the shortest and tightest pair of denim
cut offs you had ever seen. fiona bruce’s long slim
legs had never looked so good, and the guys who made
it to the front of the queue without creaming their
pants could only drool as they felt the soft flesh of
fiona’s perfect legs.

by the time the convention elders had decided on a
tie cat and fiona were so turned on they would have
fucked their own fathers! they met in the dressing
room behind the stage. cat looked fiona up and down,
she had never seen such a beautiful woman. of course
she knew fiona from the news, but this was a different
fiona bruce, for a start she wasn’t behind a desk, and
those legs simply went on forever. fiona stared back
at cat deeley, her long curly brown hair framed the
prettiest face she had ever seen, and white was
definitely cat’s colour. cats long tanned legs must
have driven millions of young british boys wild with
lust every saturday morning, now they had started a
stirring between fiona’s own slim thighs!

they moved together slowly, cat had had some lesbian
experiences, but this was new territory for fiona
bruce, the 30 something married mother of two. the
heat coming from their loins would have set off a heat
detector, the lust inside the beautiful women was
uncontrollable. their bodies met in the middle of the
room. cat grabbed fiona first and pulled her close,
“oh god you are beautiful” she sighed. fiona
momentarilly thought of pulling away, another woman
holding her close and clearly after a hard fuck should
have sent her running for the nearest exit, but she
knew she wanted cat so badly and she wanted her now.

their lips touched, gently at first, they were both
afraid that the other would not want it. but they
quickly realised that they were both as turned on as
the other, their tongues probed the other’s mouth and
hands explored backs and arses. cat had never kissed
such a beautiful woman as fiona bruce, her short brown
hair and beautiful smile was wasted reading the news,
she could have been a model. fiona was thinking the
same as her hands groped cat’s perfect arse and the
younger woman’s hair fell around her face.

both horny babes felt the other’s thighs pushing
between theirs, the fire in their cunts pushed back.
cat and fiona both had very small breasts, but this
was a good thing and meant that there was nothing to
stop them grinding their bodies closer together. cat
deeley dropped to her knees infront of fiona bruce and
gasped at the long thighs that begged to be licked and
touched. cat’s tongue ran up and down fiona’s thighs,
sending shivers through the gorgeous newsreader’s
body. fiona stroked cat’s long hair and felt its
softness on her fingers. fiona looked down at cat and
knew she was the most beautiful woman on the planet,
and she wanted her.

as cat licked and caressed fiona’s legs she too looked
into fiona’s eyes. fiona had clearly never done
anything like this before, but cat knew she wanted her
to continue. cat undid the buttons on fiona’s shorts.
knowing that the shorts would soon be making their way
down her long thighs fiona slipped her top off and
threw it to the corner of the room, she had nothing on
underneath and her small breasts were revealed. cat
stopped unzipping the shorts and admired fiona’s
boobs. they were a similar size to her own, maybe 34a
cup, but perfectly formed and firm with rock hard
little nipples. cat stood up and cupped fiona’s
breasts in her hands. this increased the shudder
running through fiona’s body, her boobs had never been
so sensitive. cat leant forward and kissed fiona’s
left nipple. fiona almost orgasmed at this. cat
realised and pulled back, dropping to her knees to
complete the removal of fiona’s shorts.

soon fiona bruce was naked infront of cat. she rarely
wore a bra and there was no room for panties under
those shorts. cat deeley was in love, she had never
seen such a stunning woman. fiona grabbed cat’s hair
and pulled her to her feet, they kissed passionately
again and fiona grappled with the zip on the back of
cat’s dress. it opened easily, fiona pulled it off
cat’s shoulders, revealing a tiny white bra. as fiona
made a grab towards cat’s boobs cat wriggled out of
the dress, leaving herself in bra and g-string. the
bra was almost ripped off before fiona fell to her
knees in the rush to get cat’s g-string off too. the
flimsy material snapped as fiona tried to pull the
g-string off and cat was soon naked too.

fiona had never been so desperate for sex, she grabbed
cat’s thighs, pushed them wide apart and plunged her
tongue towards cat’s pussy. fiona bruce had never
licked pussy before, but she’d watched enough porn and
been licked herself enough times to know the
rudiments! cat deeley’s perfectly shaved pussy was
already well lubricated, fiona’s tongue slipped in
easliy. cat grabbed fiona’s head and held her between
her thighs. fiona had never tasted another woman’s
pussy juice, but cat was sweet and fiona couldn’t get
enough of it. she groped cat’s bum as her tongue
forced deeper into cat’s pussy, with her thumbs
working cat’s clitty into a frenzy.

cat deeley’s first orgasm came as a surprise to fiona,
and she was nearly suffocated between cat’s thighs as
the younger babe shook and screamed her cum. cat
eventually released her grip on fiona’s head, and the
newsreader came up for air gasping uncontrollably. cat
pushed fiona onto her back and positioned herself
between fiona’s long legs. cat deeley ran her fingers
up and down fiona bruce’s legs, pushing her knees
wider apart with every stroke. fiona’s neatly trimmed
pussy could not hide the glistening juice that was
starting to run down those slim thighs. cat deeley
licked her lips and went down on fiona. she had done
this many times before, but cat knew this was the best
head she had ever given, she had never seen such a
babe or wanted anyone so much.

fiona bruce came almost immediately, the most intense
orgasm of her life and cat didn’t stop licking. fiona
bruce felt a slim finger probing her bum hole and
sighed for cat to fuck her arse good. fiona could not
believe what she was saying, she had never had anal
sex and never even put anything into her bum like
this. cat’s finger snaked deeper into fiona bruce’s
bum, making her wriggle even more and scream at the
top of her voice as another orgasm ripped through her.
cat swivelled her body round over fiona until they
were in a 69 position. fiona pulled cat’s bum down and
started to lick her cunt again as cat licked her even
harder than before. fiona followed cat’s example and
slipped a long finger into cat’s bum making her shake
with desire. the horny bitches licked each other into
ecstasy several more times like this before the need
to breathe took over and they gasped in each other’s

they kissed and cuddled for what seemed like an age
before cat spoke first. “that was the best ever” she
said to fiona, “i know i can’t believe what we just
did but it was amazing” replied fiona. “we must do
this again” purred cat deeley, “how about now” said
the guy at the door, “your fans will be everso
disappointed if you stop now”!

after a moments stunned silence the man explained that
the girls’ sex scene had been filmed from behind a
special mirror, and unless they agreed to his demands
the video would be on sale by morning around the
world, easily re-couping the money paid to cat and
fiona earlier!

with careers to protect cat and fiona agreed to his
demands, and anyway they weren’t so bad on reflection.
all they had to do was fuck each other stupid infront
of the convention members on a regular basis, and
every now and again have sex with the members
themselves just like high class prostitutes. neither
was a problem to cat deeley or fiona bruce, in fact
they both secretly loved the new lives they had
started together that night. and all because some rich
old guys liked nice legs!!

if anyone has suggestions for other babes with perfect
legs i’d like to hear about them, but i doubt if they
could compare to cat deeley or fiona bruce.

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