Slutty Stars 2 – Mariah Carey

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title – Slutty Stars 2
author – Face
celeb – Mariah Carey
Codes – MMMF, cons, oral, anal, DP, spit, slut

This story is a work of fiction and in no way reflects the behaviour of any people involved. But you knew that already.
It should not be read by anyone under the age of 18 (21 in some states I think, I dunno, I’m English)

Also sorry if some sections seem similar to those of other people’s stories, but I’m not very good at this and need some help.

Slutty Stars 2 – Mariah Carey

It was
a cold night on the streets of Paris, where sexy pop diva Mariah Carey was shooting the video for her new single ‘say something’. Mariah was currently miming to music in a shop for one of the shots, and was wearing an amazingly hot outfit.
It was an all on one goldish leotard type thing, tied around her neck and barely covering her famously huge tits and sweeping down to cover her pussy as well.
All the guys on the set were just staring, not at all concentrating on the job in hand, and with good reason. She looked absolutely stunning.
“Alright we’ll cut there” the director yelled. “That’s a rap for today, good stuff Mariah”
“Thanks you guys” Mariah responded, as she headed of to her trailer.
“Could you send in the masseuse in 5 minutes, my back is killing me” Mariah asked as she closed the door.
“Ahhhh” she moaned as she lumped down on the couch in her luxurious trailer
“Boy am I feeling horny” she thought
She slowly slid her hands down to her huge tits. It hadn’t been warm in the shop and so her nipples were rock hard and were clear to sea through the tight fitting outfit.
She started to caress her breasts feeling her hard nipples. “Yup, I’m definitely horny” she thought as she smiled.
She slipped one hand under the side of the outfit and started pinching her left nipple, twisting and pulling it, loving the way it made her feel.
“Ooh yeah, that’s nice”
Forgetting that she had just asked for the masseuse, she started to slide her other hand down towards her pussy. She started slowly caressing her pussy through the tight outfit, rubbing her self up and down, feeling the wetness seeping through the crotch of her outfit. She bought the hand up to her nose, smelling her sweet juices, loving the aroma. She shot her hand back down to her pussy again, this time sliding the outfit to one side so that she had full access to her dripping slit. She slowly slid one finger up and down the slit, letting it dip into her juices slightly on every stroke.
She removed her other hand from under her top, to help down below.
With one hand she spread open the lips of her pussy, revealing the pinkness of her inner folds. With that she inserted a first finger deep into her pussy, moving it in and out at a steady pace. She then inserted a second and third finger, stretching her pussy wide open and giving her immense pleasure. She started using her other hand to rub her hard throbbing clit she started to grunt in pleasure, growing closer to an orgasm. She inserted a forth finger into her already stretched pussy and that sent her over the edge. She screamed in pleasure, just as the masseuse walked in through the door
“Hi Ms Carey, I knocked but there was no answer, I …….” He just stood there shocked at what he saw
Mariah Carey, one of the sexiest women in the world, with four fingers up her pussy, squirting cum all down her legs and on the floor, grunting in pleasure.
As Mariah came around from her orgasm she looked up and saw a black man standing in front of her.
“Who the hell are you?!?” she shouted
“Erm I’m the masseuse Ms Carey, you asked for me?”
“Oh yeah, erm I was just…”….she stopped halfway through the sentence as she noticed the huge bulge in the masseuse trousers, and his huge muscles all over his body.
“Never mind what I was doing, the important thing is, you’ve seen mine….now show me yours!!” she said with animal like lust in her eyes
“err what did you s….” the masseuse tried to respond, but was interrupted as Mariah ripped open his jeans, revealing his rock hard monster 12 inch cock. She was amazed at the sheer size of the thing.
The masseuse, called Dan, couldn’t believe what was happening, but he sure as hell wasn’t gonna stop it
“Wow, I’ve never seen such a huge shlong” she said in amazement. She had heard that black men were supposed to have bigger dicks but this was far bigger than she could have expected.
She raised a soft hand and cupped his large balls, while the other loosely gripped his still hardening shaft.
She could barley wait to fuck this hot stud, but she decided to be patient and hope it would pay off later.
“Oh yeah its sooo fuckin hard, it’ll feel so good when it’s stuffed right down my throat”
She slowly shuffled forwards, and started to lick at the head of his cock, as she continued to rub the shaft with both hands, barley able to connect her fingers as it was so thick.
“Go on baby; stick it down your throat”
She had to open her mouth till it hurt, to even slip it between her lips, but she was determined that’s she would get it all in there. However as soon as she had got the bulbous head in the rest of the shaft slid down her throat easily, lubricated by the masses of saliva now dripping from her mouth and onto her barely covered tits.
She rapidly began to bob her head up and down on his rock hard cock, tacking it all the way to the back of her throat before taking it nearly out of her mouth, loving every inch of his huge man meat.
She sucked harder and bobbed faster on his cock to try and increase the pleasure, as he began to thrust forward into her mouth.
“Yeah that’s it slut, let me fuck your face!!”
Mariah released her grip from his cock and let him do all the work. He grabbed the back of her head and ruthlessly rammed his cock into her throat right to the hilt causing her to gag and dribble a mixture of saliva and precum out of the corner of her mouth.
He increased his pace until he was fucking her mouth like it was her pussy, thrusting in and out like a jackhammer. He was near to cumming, and started to withdraw his cock. Mariah made a load whimper indicating that she wanted him to cum in her mouth. He made a couple more thrusts before his cock exploded and the first shot of jizz squirted down her throat.
“AHHHH” he groaned as he unleashed another load. This time Mariah pulled back a little so that she could capture the cum in her mouth.
The cum just kept on coming filling up her mouth until it started to gush out of the edges and down onto her now ruined outfit.
He withdrew his cock but Mariah kept the cum in her mouth, swishing it around. She then tilted her head back and let it dribble out of her mouth all over her face. She was totally covered in cum and completely unrecognisable as the pop diva. She bought her hands up to her face, rubbing the cum in and pushing some back into her mouth as she swallowed what she collected.
“Hmmm yeah I just lone the taste of cum”
“yeah drink it all you fuckin slut” said Dan who hadn’t even gone soft as he was so turned on at the site of a cum drenched Mariah carey.
Mariah stood up and smiled, with a crazy, sex hungry look still in her eyes.
“Alright my turn now, lick my fuckin cunt”
With that’s she ripped of her cum soaked out fit, used it to wipe her face, and then threw herself onto the bed with her legs wide open.
Dan was in awe. There was Mariah Carey, the sexiest woman in the world naked, spread eagle and begging for him to lick her pussy.
He snapped out of his stare and kneeled down in-between her legs.
He kissed her inner thighs slowly, using his tongue to full effect. He moved her legs onto his shoulders, but still didn’t enter her cunt with his tongue, instead choosing to tease the cock hungry slut by continuing to lick and kiss her thighs. By now Mariah was becoming inpatient and was starting to whimper, bucking her hips, trying to get his tongue inside her pussy.
Finally he gave in to his natural urges and assaulted her pussy. He slid his tongue in-between her pussy lips, tasting her sweet juices. He started licking her from the bottom of her cunt, slowly up to her erect clit
“Ohhh yeah, that feels great”, she moaned between gasps and grunts of pleasure.
He started to suck on her clit, and buried his face deeper into her soaking cunt.
“Don’t stop”! She screamed. He started to flick her clit from side to side with his tongue which sent her over the edge
“Oh God yes, oh oh oooh, uhh uhh uhh, YESSSS!!!” she screamed as she came, into his mouth. He lapped up her juices.
“Stuck your tongue down my throat, I want to taste myself” Mariah said. She loved to taste her own juices, even better when they were from a guy’s mouth.
He dropped her legs from her shoulders and moved up her body till their faces were level. He moved his head closer to hers, and stuck out his tongue. Mariah started to suck on his cum covered tongue, tasting her juices as his he probed her mouth.
After kissing for around a minute and with Mariah’s cum covering both there faces.
Mariah then looked down towards his hard prick with a lusty look in her eyes
“Fuck me right now you fuckin stud, I need that huge cock of yours filling me up” she ordered “shove your big fat dick right in my pussy, I want to cum till I pass out”
“You got it you fuckin whore” Dan moved up a little to get his cock in line with her glistening pussy.
“Here it comes, slut”
He pushed his cock up against the bottom of her pussy, bringing a moan from Mariah.
He pushed forwards firmly into her tight pussy, inserting the first 3 inches of his thick cock into her tight pink folds, causing them both to grunt loudly.
“Ahhhh yeah I love it….yeah keep going, let me feel it right up in side me, come on, HARDER HARDER”
Dan couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was, considering how many men she must have fucked. Mariah moaned again, and taking this as a good sign, Dan thrusted his cock firmly all the way to the hilt. Mariah screamed in ecstasy, she had never felt so full of cock.
“Oh god yeses” she screamed as his huge cock slid deep inside of her.
Dan held onto her waist as he picked up the pace, thrusting about half oh his monster prick in to Mariah’s slick cunt on each thrust, his balls slapping against ass as he did.
Mariah’s hands slid down to her huge tits that were wobbling up and down due to the ferocity of Dan’s thrusts. She started to rub her nipples, occasionally pinching them, and letting out groans as she did.
She then looked down to her pussy, seeing her shaven swollen outer lips spread around his huge black prick impaling her revealing her pink inner lips sucking at his cock.
They fucked for about 20 minutes until Mariah felt her orgasm approaching.
She reached her hand down and rubbed up and down her pussy lips, spread around his cock, eventually moving to her clit, rubbing and squeezing it until it sent her over the edge.
She tensed up and then shuddered as she orgasmed
“Uh, I’m cumming” she screamed in ecstasy, her pussy convulsing around his cock.
“uh uh uh, oh oh,uh ahh oh god yesss, don’t ever stop fuckin my tight cunt”
Dan didn’t want to stop but feeling her hot pussy tighten around his cock was bringing him closer to his own orgasm.
“Uh, sorry slut I’m gonna cum now”
“Uh cum inside me, ohh, fill me up” Mariah screamed as she was still in the idle of her orgasm.
“her it comes slut” Dan grunted. With that he shot a monster load deep inside her tight cunt, only withdrawing to squirt another few thick ropes of cum all over her tits and face, hitting her right across the nose and getting some in her hair.
Just then two huge men burst through the trailer door. These were the hired security for the set.
“Holy Shit” they both shouted in near unison, spotting a cum covered Mariah Carey with a huge black man standing above her, they had reason to be in shock. “Sorry Ms. Carey, we heard screaming and thought you might be in trouble. But we’ll leave you two in peace”
Eying the huge bulges in there trousers, Mariah’s eyes lit up. “You’re not going anywhere, you two are join in and fuck the shit out of, me” Mariah ordered.
They weren’t gonna argue, it’s not every day you get a chance to fuck the worlds premier pop diva.
The two security guards, named Mike and Steve, rushed towards the scene of the fucking, striping swiftly, so as to get in on the action as quick as possible.
“I want to be completely filled up boys, fuck me in every whole” was the order Mariah gave, like they were going to refuse!
With Dan having now moved from between her legs, Mariah’s swollen, loose pussy was wide open, and mike was the first to take the opportunity, practically jumping between her legs, and wasting no time in thrusting his cock as far as it would go. He started savaging Mariah’s pussy, pistoning in and out at lightening speed which was just how Mariah loved it. After a while, the cum that Dan had previously shot into her cunt started to spill out and drip onto the bed. Mariah was loving the fucking she was getting but she needed more. She wrapped her legs around Mike’s waist, pulling him deeper into her wet gash, and then rolled over so that she was now on top of him, and in full control.
“I need more cock boys!” she shouted, “someone shove theirs up my ass now!”.
With this she leant forward onto mike and spread open her ass cheeks so that her tight brown asshole was on show. Steve jumped at the opportunity to fuck the diva in the ass but first wanted to lube her up so he could really fuck her hard. Without any warning he slid his cock into Mariah’s pussy alongside mikes. She was now stuffed with over 20 inches of cock. After a couple of thrusts Steve withdrew his cock leaving her pussy to contract slowly around mikes still thrusting dick. He spread open her ass cheeks open again and spat right in her puckered brown hole, some of it dribbling towards her pussy.
“come on, stick it in my ass already…I want you to fuck me till I’m sore” Mariah demanded. With that Steve held her hips still so that he could line up and slowly pushed his cock into her ass, having trouble getting his immense thickness in despite all the lubrication. All of a sudden the head of head of his dick popped in and the rest followed. He slid it all the way, his balls slapping against her stuffed pussy.
“Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhgggggg, yes that’s it, now fuck me with that huge fuckin cock of yours, yess uhhh yeah”
Steve was happy to oblige and started to destroy her ass, his balls slapping against her soaking pussy. He withdrew from her butt to spit in the gaping hole before roughly shoving his cock right back inside again.
“uh yes, oh yes fuck it, fuck my ass, I love it, uh, yes uh,uh oh yeah harder, harder faster, fuck yes”
The spit in her ass was starting to froth up and leak out. “I just love, uh a huge fucking cock, yeah, pounding I and out off my ass, oh fuck yes, and one fuckin my pussy. don’t stop, your so good at this, ah yessss” she started to come again, her pussy convulsing around mikes thrusting cock.
“uh oh yeah……ahhhhhhhhhhh” she was now cumming like crazy, her juices leaking everywhere, soaking the bed she was being fucked on.
“I still need more cock boys. You get over here and shove that cock right down my throat” she said gesturing towards Dan.
He had been jacking off watching the show and was rock hard again.
“alright slut, you want it, you got it.” he replied as he moved around to her face, his cock now just inches from her waiting mouth.
Mariah grabbed his cock with one hand and spat on it, strands of saliva connecting her bottom lip and the head of his pulsating prick. “now shove it down there, I don’t care if a gag just fuck my throat!!”
“wow she really is a fucking slut” shouted Steve, still fucking her ass while she bounced up and down on mike’s cock.
With that Dan stepped forward and thrust his rock hard man meat right into her mouth with ease, lubricated by the masses of saliva now dripping from her mouth and running down his cock.
He started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth as she slid her tongue expertly all round his cock increasing the pleasure. “Oh yeah, have some of this slut” Dan said. With that he grabbed hold of her hair and started to fuck her mouth picking up pace as he held her head still. She was now slobbering, saliva and precum dripping out of her mouth and all over her swinging tits Every now and again he would hold his cock right in the back of her throat, causing her eyes to water. he held it there for 10 seconds, then 20 and finally a minute, she was coughing and spluttering, sending globs of saliva all over her tits, but she seemed to be enjoying it, making a whimper every time he pulled back out of her throat. She was totally airtight now, all three of her holes were being fucked and full of cock. Mike and Steve were fucking her pussy and ass so hard she had had 3 orgasms in about 2 minutes and was moaning as loud as she could with a cock in her gullet.
“uhhhhmm, mmmmffff Ahhhh” was about all she could get out, she had never been so full of cock, she was stuffed with a total of over 30 inches. Her groans spurred the guys on to fuck her faster, their cocks moving almost in a blur as the pounded their respective holds, determined to give this filthy whore the fucking she demanded.
After about ten minutes of intense fucking, and with Mariah having came 6 times, but none of the guys wanted to be the first to cum, and were all holding out, which was driving Mariah mad. She took dans cock out of her mouth to give the next order.
“please cum all over me, I cant stand it anymore, I need some fucking spunk all over my tits, face and pussy, NOW!”
with guys were all relived that they were able to cum without the humiliation of being first as it was now Mariah’s choice. Steve took his cock out of Mariah’s ass, and some of the saliva started to dribble out. After his cock was all the way out he moved away so that Mariah could roll off of mike and prepare for the gallons of cum she was about to receive.
“OK, I’m ready boys, cover me with your fucking cum.”
The guys gave their cocks a couple more jerks until they came. Mike was up by her head and came in her mouth, stream after steam of cum slowly filling her mouth up until it leaked over the edges and started to cover her face. Dan in the meantime was emptying his balls all over her huge tits, taking care to cover each nipple and then letting loose, spraying his load all over her heaving chest. Steve had moved round to her pussy and squirted his load over her already soaking pussy and aiming some at her ass hole.
By the time they had finished Mariah was totally covered in cum.
“ummm yeah I just love to be covered in cum, it makes me feel like the fucking slut that I am. She started to lick the cum from around her lips getting as much of her face as she could. She then went on to rubbing dans load into her tits and all over her stomach. With her other hand she pushed all of steves cum up inside her pussy.
“you’re such a fucking slut” Steve proclaimed, just amazed at what he was seeing
“You better believe it guys. Now, who’s up for seconds?”…….


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