The Further Perils of Penny Smith

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The Further Perils of Penny Smith
Author: Wolfman

This fictional story contains graphic sexual
situations, if you are under age or easily offended
stop reading. This is a work of fantasy the author in
no way condones violence towards celebrities sexual or
otherwise. If in doubt Stop Reading.

Story Codes: nc, oral, anal, humil, toys, catfight

Celebs: Penny Smith, Kate Garraway, Natasha Kaplinsky,
Sophie Rayworth, Andrea MaClean, Nadine Coyle, Cheryl
Cole, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh,
Shaznay Lewis, Melanie
Blat, Nichole Appleton, Natalie
Appleton, Jackie Kabler, Clare Nasir.

This mornings show was in its final hour, when the
green light signalled they were live again after the
commercial break, Penny Smith was interviewing the
girls from All Saints. Welcome back to GMTV girls, are
the stories that you have a feud with Girls Aloud
true? We dont have a feud with them. replied Shaznay
They seem to think our latest single is copying their
style which is so ridiculous I could slap them. Penny
smiled Im sure that wont be necessary, perhaps they
were misquoted. We have seen the interview, Cheryl
Cole said that word for word. replied Nicole Appleton
and if they want a bitch fight we will be happy to
slap them silly! Before Penny could respond a voice
came through her radio ear piece, play along and
encourage them. The voice wasnt her normal directors
but that of her colleague Eammon Holmes. Err so why
dont you get together with them and sort it all out,
Im sure GMTV could help arrange it. Great why dont you
do that, well fight them anywhere, my vote is for
jelly wrestling, winner takes all! said Nicoles sister
Natalie. Oh you and your jelly wrestling Nat. chipped
in the fourth member of the successful girl band,
Melanie Blat There again why not. Penny was struggling
to keep up with the unexpected nature of the
conversation, You are actually challenging Girls Aloud
to a jelly wrestling competition, but arent there five
of them? Thats true, perhaps you could be on our side
Penny Shaznay suggested. Say yes Eammons voice boomed
in her ear. Penny knew better than to go against
Eammon and immediately agreed to the suggestion.
Eammon Holmes was connected in some way with Igor and
his gang of Russian criminals, who effectively now
owned Penny and She knew better than to annoy him.
It had been six months since the party which She had
been forced to attend and her life had been very
different since. The party had been an orgy of violent
and abusive sex featuring about thirty female
celebrities who since the party had been forced to act
as whores for the gang.
Penny went to Eammons office her co-presenter Kate
Garraway was there. Kate was naked the short low cut
summer dress She had worn for the show earlier cast to
the floor, She was bent over the desk while Eammon
fucked her ass hard. Penny automatically started to
strip, She had been here many times in the last six
months. Penny leaned over and kissed Kate
passionately, her tongue probing deep into Kates
mouth. She broke off and moved behind Eammon kneeling
She began to lick his brown puckered asshole, moving
her head back and forth to match his thrusts. Im
cumming groaned Eammon, Penny moved quickly to Eammons
front and placing her head on top of Kates rippling
ass and opened her mouth wide pushing her tongue out
as far as She could. Eamonn pulled his hard cock out
of Kates ass with a loud plopping sound, he aimed it
straight at Pennys mouth and started to shoot spurt
after spurt onto her tongue and into her mouth, one
spurt missed and splashed over Pennys pretty face.
Penny started to suck Eammons cock clean, thankful
that Kate had made sure that her ass was cleaned this
morning. Penny stood up when
Eammon was satisfied with her cock cleaning, Kate also
stood up and began to lick Eammons cum off Pennys
face. When She had finished they again kissed
passionately then knelt in front of Eammon, Thank you
ladies that was satisfactory, I also liked your
outfits this morning. Kate had worn the pretty floral
dress on the floor beside her, Penny had worn a grey
miniskirt and a tight white top which showed off her
bare midriff and the fact that She wasnt wearing a
bra. GMTV had become a very sexy place in the last six
months, all of the women working there were required
to wear revealing clothes at all times. The channels
weathergirls Andrea MaClean and Clare Nasir presented
the weather forecasts wearing tiny thong bikinis. A
great many of the features reported on the programme
seemed to be chosen for no other reason than to
present an opportunity for one of the presenters or
reporters to strip. Jackie Kabler had presented an
article this morning on a new health farm, She had
been naked for most of it while She reported from the
Sauna, Jacuzzi and Massage room. It was features like
this which made GMTV one of the most popular programs
on British television. The BBC Breakfast show had
taken the moral high ground in response to the changes
at their rival station GMTV, at least at first. When
the viewing figures began to shift dramatically in
favour of the commercial station the remaining viewers
began to notice changes, Natasha Kaplinsky and Sophie
Rayworth were drafted in, and hemlines began to rise.
Both woman had been guests at the same party as Penny
Smith. All of this had made the woman on both channels
extremely popular and that of course allowed their
masters to charge huge sums for their services as
unwilling whores.

Later that day Penny was at home, She was reclining on
a luxurious white leather sofa while listening to a
recording of one of her favourite classical music
pieces, She was holding a large paper drinks cup from
a famous fast food chain, the contents werent however
the normal soft drink or even a milkshake, no Penny
was sipping horse cum. Pennys drink was delivered
daily and was in her refrigerator when She got home.
At first Penny had hated being forced to drink horse
cum but now She looked forward to her daily dose, She
even enjoyed the taste now. What Penny didnt know was
that the horse cum was laced with a drug called
Viaprime. The experimental drug had some incredible
properties. A single pill allowed a man to maintain a
raging hard on for three hours no matter how often
they came. It also increased the volume of the cum
ejaculated threefold. Penny was unknowingly
experiencing one of its other effects, after being
taken by a man or horse for that matter it
concentrated in their seminal fluid and changed into a
form which was highly addictive to woman. Viaprime
still wasnt licensed but Igor had an Illegal
laboratory produce huge quantities for the gang. The
profits from Viaprime rivalled those from Cocaine
sales. Penny sighed as She finished her drink, She
would have to get ready soon as She was due to meet
Jonathan Ross for another session. She had been sent
to him last month and knew it was going to be a rough
When Igor had the idea for the party he contacted
people in his black book. The list was long and full
of very influential people and quite a few male
celebrities. They were in his book because they all
had dark tastes, either in the drugs they craved or
their taste in sexual deviancy, more often than not
both. The gang was happy to cater for either. Igors
proposal was simple for a payment of one million
pounds each they would receive an invitation to an
orgy featuring thirty famous female celebrities and
could pretty much do as they pleased. The orgy had
been held at a large country mansion owned by the
gang. It had been a tremendous success and Igor
assured his guests that there would be further events
in the future. They were all given a solid gold card
with a contact number on it so that they could arrange
private sessions with the women. Igor had sent each of
the guests a DVD of the orgy both for their enjoyment
and to ensure their discretion.

Penny arrived at The Rosss London home in a Mercedes
driven by Gregor one of Igors henchmen, Penny knew She
would have to service him later. Penny was shown in by
a maid dressed in a very revealing French maids
uniform. The maid took Pennys coat and showed her into
the living room. Jonathan Ross was sitting in a large
overstuffed leather wing chair. His wife Jane Goldman
sat in his lap. Jonathan was wearing a powder blue
leisure suit designed by Versace, his foppish looks
and slightly camp mannerisms hid his taste for violent
sex. Janes vivid red hair was set off by the outfit
She was wearing, an outrageous black PVC catsuit with
holes cut to expose her breasts and genitals. Penny
was wearing a schoolgirl outfit and She thought it was
probably the same size as a schoolgirls. A tiny
pleated skirt and a white blouse so small that Pennys
breasts were on the brink of bursting out. Knee high
white socks and matching thong, the look finished off
by a pair of red high heeled sandals which Penny was
fairly sure werent standard schoolgirl issue. Jane
summoned Penny over to join them and when Penny was
close enough thrust her hand under Pennys skirt and
between her legs. Mmmm nice slut your already wet, why
dont you go and pick some toys to play with like a
good little schoolgirl. Penny moved to a cabinet next
to the fireplace, She opened a drawer to reveal the
toys which were of a very adult nature. There was a
mixture of canes, whips and paddles alongside
oversized dildos and vibrators of various designs.
Penny chose a selection of each and returned to the
Rosss chair with them. Jane took a dildo from Penny
and began to suck it noisily, Assume the position slut
said Jonathan. Penny turned away from the couple and
bent over at the waist, She then reached behind
herself and lifted her skirt high over her hips then
lowered her thong halfway down her thighs. Penny then
grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks as wide as She
could. Jane stopped sucking the dildo and thrust the
now lubricated phallus into Pennys ass, a ripple ran
up Pennys spine and She pushed back against the anal
intrusion. After five minutes of having her ass rammed
with the large black dildo Penny orgasmed loudly. She
had adapted well to her new life and often found
herself craving depraved rough sex if She went even a
couple of days without it, not that She had many days
off in the last six months, her owners were hard
Penny was sandwiched between Jane and Jonathan but
not in the way She would have expected. Penny was
fucking Jonathans ass with the strap on dildo She was
wearing, while Jane fucked Penny in the same way. The
three swapped positions several times over the next
thirty minutes, completing ever possible combination,
Penny orgasmed again as She fucked Janes willing ass
while Jonathan did the same to her. Penny got home by
eleven the taste of Gregors cum still fresh in her
mouth, She went straight to bed without even brushing
her teeth, the car to take her to GMTVs studio would
arrive at four thirty and She needed some sleep.

The day of the competition arrived and Penny was
standing on one side of a large inflatable paddling
pool, She was wearing a black thong bikini which
matched the ones worn by the members of All Saints
standing by her side. Their rivals from Girls Aloud
were standing on the other side of the pool wearing
similar bikinis but in white. Penny was watching
Shaznay Lewis fighting Nadine Coyle in the pool which
was half filled with a slimy liquid which Penny knew
wasnt jelly. Nadine had shown great resolve during her
match but couldnt match her opponents athletic
prowess, She was naked now her bikini having been
ripped off moments earlier, Shaznay had her captured
between her strong thighs and was squeezing the breath
out of her. Just as Nadine was about to submit and
give in, Shaznay flipped her over so that her head was
under the liquids surface and held her there. Nadine
struggled weakly already being out of breath, Victoria
Beckham who was acting as referee for the contest
moved closer to the pool and began the count, one,
two, three- She counted very slowly. Victoria was
wearing a tight black and white shirt similar to those
worn by umpires in American football, it was knotted
under her braless breasts, a black and white thong
completed the look. Shaznay kicked the spluttering
Nadine away from her and stood up and raised her arms
in victory her magnificent bare breasts jiggling for
the camera. That makes the score three – one to the
All Saints, announced Victoria, The final round of the
singles matches will be between Penny Smith and Cheryl
Cole Penny stepped forward and faced her diminutive
opponent. Cheryl Cole was a fire cracker with a short
fuse. Facing Penny She smiled sweetly and reached
behind and unclasped her bikini top and stepped into
the cum filled pool. Penny was physically bigger than
her opponent but couldnt match her aggression and was
quickly subdued her head held under the liquid for a
very long time. As much as Penny enjoyed drinking
horse cum She didnt enjoy having to breathe it and
came up struggling to breathe, coughing and
spluttering covered completely in the animal goo.
After the singles matches there were a series of tag
team contests and finally a free for all, although
Penny tried her best She lost every round, however
Victoria announced that All Saints had won by a narrow
margin. As it was winner takes all, Girls Aloud had to
agree to retire from the music business for one year.
The link to the GMTV studio next door was cut but the
cameras continued to capture the scene as the defeated
Girls Aloud had to lick their rivals bodies clean of
horse cum, they were then forced to drink the entire
contents of the pool.

Girls Aloud may be have been in retirement but they
were busier than ever they were working in the Russian
gangs seediest brothel. Situated in Soho the brothel
was very basic, punters would pay the old Chinese
woman at the front desk five pounds and would then
pass into an empty room. One of the walls of the room
had five holes drilled into it at such a height that
it was easy for the customers to shove their cocks
through. On the other side of the wall were the five
members of Girls aloud whose new career was to
masturbate and suck the cocks for up to eight hours a
day. The glory hole as it was known protected the
girls identities so that their value to the gang was
maintained and after the televised jelly fight they
were in high demand. On the customers side of the
wall, pictures from Girls Alouds calendar had been
taped up for their enjoyment so they could fantasise
that it was Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding,
Nicola Roberts, or Kimberley Walsh sucking on their
cocks, but no Popstar was going to suck their cocks
for the paltry sum they had paid, if only they knew.

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