Not The Littlest Thing to Gag On

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Disclaimer – this didn’t happen. As far as I know. And no way reflects the sexual practice of Lily Allen. Lily Allen is a twenty year old British songstress famous for the infectious babble of “Smile” and “LDN”.

“Not The Littlest Thing to Gag On”
by: Foghorn Legless

Lily Allen – MF, Oral, Cons, Slut

Gagging her he withdraw. Salvia hanging from her petite mouth as the blue veins in her face dimmed, blood coarsing back into the right parts of her face. Lily let in a deep breathe before setting her eyes on the rock hard flesh rocket dangling inches from her impish little
eyes. She felt the taut grip of his heads in her long brunette hair, pulling like reigns, and knew that she would soon be impaled orally on the pole again. She loved it, she had just finished performing at Bristol Academy and pulled some random guy at the backstage shin-dig. “A fuckwit with a dick” was her motto, Lily was a big fan of getting the absolute shit fucked out her after a show…dripping with sweat and being used like a whore was making her cunt ache.

“Take it” grunted the random indie kid, slightly muscle bound with a bulging rod. Her eyes rolled back into her head, as she could feel the cock probing the very depths of her vocally talented throat. He was sat down on the couch in her dressing room, trousers hanging limply around his ankles, with Lily hunched over sucking with all her worth as he bucked his hips upwards while forcing her head further down him. Her ass jutted upwards, her pink thong obvious under her trademark crepe dress that had ridden ever-so high with all her actions and she could feel a torrent of wet stickiness bubbling in her snatch, while she was continually forced up and down the slick bone of her cohort.

“God I love it” she warbled onto his dick. “Yeah I bet you fuckin’ do you mockney cunt” spat the man, with a vicious, bitter tone. “Look at you – ass up in the air with nine inches right down your fuckin’ throat”. Her eyes rolled in delight…she loved being treated terribly. Ever since she was getting kicked out of various schools she had always passed the time with the odd hand job, DP in the boy’s changing room or countless attempts to stuff as many fingers up herself as possible in her dorm bed. The dampness on the front of her slutty under garments belied the fact that she was desperate for a rough fucking. Still she went up and down on this stranger’s love stick, saliva oozing out the sides of her mouth, catching a breath at ever short chance. His groans echoed around the room, before he quickly grabbed even tighter and began to lift and drop in very quick motions while wildly fucking her mouth. She felt like puking but held back, she knew what this was…the home stretch. His breathe shortened, her heart raced, the intruder in her mouth spasmed and a gush of sticky, icky white man snot splashed her tonsils.

She tried to pull up but he forced her down. She loved taking a hit in the mouth, but even more enjoyed the game. Feinging she wasn’t a cock fiend before ‘having’ to relent and taking the dose of semen like she had done so often. Feeling the sticky seed dribble down her throat, the grip on her hair relinquished and the man slumped back breathless. Lily greedily lapped up all the sperm on the head of the still semi-alive cock and hungrily gobbled it down. She sat up next to her assailant and looked at him. Both their faces red from the lust fuelled endeavour, he smirked at her. “You got cum on your lips”. Taking her fore finger she padded her lips finding a small glob of his produce and snaffled it into her mouth.

“So you gonna fuck my arse” she coyly proposed.

To Be Continued.

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