Mariah Carey: Demands Of A Diva Part 1

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Mariah Carey: Demands Of A Diva Part 1

By Blindside212

Chris waited patiently at the stage door for the show to finish. As the second encore finished he found himself humming along to the last song of the night. It hadn’t really been that bad a concert. He
had never really liked Mariah Carey’s music… But had enjoyed her music videos and interviews immensely. What man wouldn’t really? Since the late nineties, Mariah had changed from a somewhat clean-cut singer to a complete sexual goddess, more often then not wearing outfits that left next to nothing to the imagination. After about twenty minutes, enough time for Mariah to have a few minutes with her band and backup dancers for a post-concert debrief and for her to grab a quick shower, the signal came over his earpiece that she was on the way out. He readied himself and looked up and down the line of waiting fans before reaching for the stage door and opening it. The crowd erupted in screams and cheers as Mariah walked out the door. His eyes widened slightly behind his sunglasses as he saw her choice of post-show outfit. She wore a red dress that seemed to both flow freely and at the same time hug every single curve of her beautiful body. As usual, her full breasts were barely contained in the exceptionally low neck of the dress and her long legs were visible via two long slits up both sides of the dress that reached nearly to her feet which were in three inch red heels. She smiled and waved at the crowd who were chanting her name.

“You’re new right?” She asked in that low and husky voice that had become her trademark as she walked up to him.

“Yes Ms Carey.” Chris said promptly, never forgetting his former training as a member of the U.S. Secret Service.

“Chris Donavan.”

“Please…” Mariah said, a smile widening over her stunning face.

“All my guards call me Mimi.”

“Alright then… Mimi.” He grinned briefly, thinking to himself that it was a good thing she couldn’t see his eyes which were currently gazing right down her dress.

“We better get to the Limo.” Mariah had other ideas and spent five minutes talking to fans and signing albums and any scrap of paper thrust at her. One man in the crowd tried to break through the barricade but Chris managed to pin him down till the stadium guards arrived to take him away.

“Only one.” Mariah said softly as the Limo came into view, pulling up along side her and Chris.

“I must be losing my edge if only one of them tried something.” Chris chuckled at her joke and opened the door for her to get in.

As the Limo turned out onto the road, Mariah leaned back in her seat and smiled at Chris who had posissioned himself in the seats across from her so to face her.

“Good show?” Chris asked, trying hard not to look at her legs which were now on full display due to the slits being fully open.

“It was alright. Second half sucked but nobody noticed.” She replied. She leaned forward slightly, letting her large breasts sway in her dress, as she reached into the Minifridge and pulled out a chilled bottle of Champagne and a couple of glasses.

“Join me?” She said smiling as she poured the Champagne for them both. Chris took the glass and sipped.

“Enjoying the work Chris?” She asked casually, crossing her long legs and brushing the upper leg’s shoe against his leg.

“Hasn’t been too bad.” Chris replied honestly.

“Loads of paperwork to fill out that first day but it’s understandable, with you being a huge star and all that.” Mariah laughed softly and poured herself another glass of Champagne.

“I know guarding me isn’t nearly as exciting at your old job.”

“It has it’s benefits.” He said, moving his leg a little so her foot rubbed more firmly against him.

“You’re really putting that stuff away Mimi.” He remarked as Mariah helped herself to a third glass of Champagne.

“Well…” Mariah said as she drained that glass and poured the remainder of the bottle into the glass.

“There are only three demands I have after a show. A limo with real leather seats, a bottle of this Champagne… And one of my bodyguards to fuck me good and hard.”

Chris gaped for a moment at the directness of this statement… But that soon passed as Mariah finished the final glass and moved across to straddle him in his seat. She took his face in both hands and kissed him hard and deep.

“Fuck me Chris… Fucking destroy me.” She breathed between passionate kisses. He wasted little time, pushing her back and thrusting a hand under her dress. He grinned as he felt no panties or even a thong between his fingers and a pussy that was clean shaven and already soaking wet. He wasted no time shoving three thick fingers into her hard, forcing a squeak of delight from her lips.

“Ohhh yeah baby… God that’s it!!!” She threw her head back and writhed as he started pumping his fingers in and out with one hand while he grabbed the straps of her dress and pulled them down to reveal her stunning full breasts, capped with brown and perfect erect nipples. He bent down and started kissing and sucking on them in turn, his three fingers still berried up to the second knuckle in her dripping pussy.

“Bite them baby!” She demanded and he did as instructed, sinking his teeth hard into her left nipple. Mariah let out a scream of pleasure and her pussy tightened around his fingers as her body rocked with orgasmic power.

“AUGH!!!! AUGH!!! YES!!!! GOD YES!!!!!!!!” She shrieked as his hand and wrist were bathed in her juices.

“Let me suck your cock Chris… Let me suck your fucking cock now!”

He leaned back in his seat and she shot forward, practically ripping the zipper off his pants and reaching in to grab his cock.

“Holy shit!” She exclaimed as his rock-hard cock came into view. It was nine inches long and extremely thick. The head resembled a large Mushroom and precum already coated the tip. She gazed in wonder at it, jerking it hard with one hand while the other worked his large balls out of his pants.

“Mmmm… I’m gonna fucking enjoy this.” She breathed before bobbing her head down and taking the first five inches into her eager mouth with a hard sucking motion. Chris gasped and pushed down on Mariah’s head so more of his cock sank into her mouth, forcing the head against her throat. She relaxed and the head popped into her very tight throat. She began bobbing her gorgeous head on his cock, making loud slurping noises as she slobbered over his length. It was the best blowjob he had ever had and it wasn’t long before he was ready to explode.

“I’m gonna cum Mimi!!!” He shouted as she deep throated him once more. She pulled back and sucked as hard as she could on the large head of his cock, rubbing her tongue hard on the underside as she used her hands to squeeze his balls.

“AUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!” He roared as his cum blasted out and into her mouth. She kept sucking and licking his cock, moaning loudly to add vibration to the mix as his cum flowed into her mouth. Once he was finished and his cock fell twitching from her mouth he finally noticed that she hadn’t swallowed a drop. She leaned back and opened her mouth to show him that fact before swishing it around in her mouth, gargling it a few times and then spitting it out onto her hands.

“Mmmm… Never like to waist this.” She cooed as she reached down and lifted her dress aside with her uncoated hand. Chris looked on in wonder as Mariah reached down, poured the contents of her hand onto her still dripping pussy and started massaging it in. She closed her eyes and moaned as her fingers worked over her lips, clit and into her pussy, rubbing the mixture of cum and spit into every fold of skin.

“Mmmm… I’m not done with you yet baby.” She said with a wicked grin.

“You’re coming up to my room.”


Email me if you have any ideas where the story will go from here. New part in two weeks from first posting.

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