Sex For Drugs Part 5

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Title: Sex for drugs part 5
Celeb: Mariah Carey
Author: Kash the Priest
Codes: MF, cons, anal, oral, feet fetish
Disclaimer: This story is not to be viewed let alone read by anyone under the age of 18 or 21, depending on where you are and the story is a work of fiction and isn’t a representation of any of the mentioned celebs in the story. Hope you enjoy.

Sex for drugs part 5

The rest of the weekend at Honolulu was going pretty much how I planned it. I was relaxing, taking my mind of the club and stayed away from drugs for two days now. Nicole was the only person
I had interacted with since I got here on Friday morning.

I decided to go out for dinner. I did the whole Hawaii thing yesterday, the loo out and all that crap. But today, I wanted to go to a restaurant, use cutlery with tables and seats.

So I dropped in to a fancy restaurant and flashed enough money to get in. I was sitting at the bar area, having a drink, waiting for a table to free up so I can take a seat and get some dinner.

“Hey look who it is!” I heard a voice say behind me. I looked behind me to see one of my ‘clients,’ Vince Vaughn. He was there with his wife, Jennifer Aniston. I got up and Vince greeted me with a hand shake and pulled me towards him for a half hug.

“So what brings you out here?” He asked.

“Vacation.” I replied, picking my drink up.

“You here by yourself?”

“Yeah.” I said taking a sip of my drink. “Just waiting for a table to free up.”

“Hey if you want you can join us.” He offered.

“No I don’t wanna impose.” I said.

“No! You won’t be!” Jennifer said. “We’re famous. If we say we need a table for three instead of two, we’ll get it just like that!” She clicked her fingers. And just like that, the restaurant accommodated for them. But their seating range was in even number’s. It was table for two or four.

So when we sat at the table, there was an empty seat beside me. It had a fancy table cloth on it, that draped all the way down at the corners of the table, nearly touching the floor. It was slightly shorter where people sat, so it wouldn’t be touching them, but by making it longer on the corners, so no one would be able to see under the table.

I sat down and placed a napkin on my lap and looked over the menu. We carried on talking through out the meal, Vince and Jennifer kept up the conversation with funny anecdotes from when they were filming their number box office summer hit, ‘The Breakup.’

Once the main course was done, we ordered dessert. While we waited Vince excused himself to go to the bathroom.

“So…” Jennifer said in the awkward silence. “You run the club right?”

“Yeah.” I replied, not really knowing what else to say.

“I didn’t know you knew Vince. I remember seeing you there when Brad use to buy off you.”

“Yeah, he still comes around.” I said.

“Does he come with his wife… Angelina?” She seemed a bit uncomfortable with the topic, but she wanted to know.

“She was actually a customer before she hooked up with Brad.”

“So does she use the… alternate… payment method?”

“How do you know about that?”

“Owen Wilson told me that you guys had one. You know he was quite angry you don’t provide that for guys. Girls get to fuck and get drugs, where as guys have o pay and don’t get to screw chicks for free drugs.” I laughed. Owen was one funny character and that sounded like something he would definitely say.

“A valid point.” I said.-

“So does she still… you know?”

“I think so.” I replied, knowing exactly what she was asking.

“Can I ask a huge favour?”


“Do you think you could… tape it?” Jennifer asked.


“So I could have it and…”

“Use it as blackmail?” I asked.

“Something like that.” She laughed, I laughed too, dismissing it as a joke. “But seriously. Would you?” Jennifer asked leaning forward, she was actually dead serious.

“We’d lose her as a client.”

“No you won’t!” She said in her typical ‘Rachel’ tone. “I’ll say I stole it from your security tape, that I stole when Vince was buying pot of you guys.” Made sense. “You get the tape and we’ll come to some sort of agreement then.” We both saw Vince approaching.

“Sure. We’ll work it out then.” I said.

“How long does it take to get desert out here?” Vince said. “We’ve got a flight to catch in the morning, if we wait for dessert, we’ll probably miss it.” He said raising his voice looking at a waiter as he passed by us. “Anyway, we should turn in early.” He said. “Don’t worry. This is on me.” He said. They paid and cleared out leaving me by myself, waiting for desert.

“This is quite a big table you got to yourself.” I heard a very familiar voice say. I knew who it was straight away.

“Mariah!” I said, getting up and we hugged, doing the kisses to the cheeks thing. I was surprised that she actually found me. I didn’t think she would. I checked her out. She was in a black casual dress, her hair tied up in a high pony tail. I looked down to check out the feet that gave me so much pleasure on our last exchange. She wore black high heels, open toed, with straps that went a little past her ankles.

“You want to join me or do you already have a table?” I asked.

“I have a table.” She said. “But I’m by myself, so if you’d like the company… unless you’re here with someone else.”

“No. I’m a lone wolf.” I said pulling a chair out for her. She sat down and I took a seat opposite her. “I didn’t think you’d actually come out here and find me.” I said.

“Honey,” She started. “I’m out here doing a photo shoot and it was freak luck, for you, that I bumped into you out here. But if it helps your ego.” Mariah said smiling. “We could say came here looking for you.” Way to help the ego. The waiter came over and took Mariah’s order and poured us a drink. A glass of white wine. I had already finished dinner and was trying to make my dessert last as long as possible so me and Mariah can spend more time together.

“So what were you doing a photo shoot for.” I asked.

“Maxim, FHM or some men’s magazine.” Mariah said reaching down under the table doing something.

“Just doing your bit for all the teenage kids going through puberty, by giving them jerk off material.” Mariah gave a wide, opened shocked laugh.

“Exactly!” She said recovering from the shock quickly. “I mean if I wasn’t posing in tiny bikinis with my big tits bursting out, whose tits would they jerk off too?” She carried on giggling. Mariah had a cheeky smile on her face and just looked at me. I smiled back, not knowing why she was sitting there with a huge grin on her face. That was until I felt her bare foot touch my thigh and slowly ride up. That’s what she was doing earlier on.

She worked her foot up, going under the nap kin, and gently rubbing my already semi erect penis. She stroked it gently through my pants, working her foot up and down my shaft, gently squeezing the cock head with her toes. She had her eyes locked on mine and she picked up the glass of wine.

I didn’t mind this slight little foreplay to get us both excited for when we head back to one of our hotel rooms, but I think Mariah wasn’t going to wait until then. I felt her expertly, hold the zipper with her big toe and the one next to it and slide it down. She pushed her toes in through the gap and looked for the waist band of my boxers with her toes and slid it down my erection, freeing my member from the constraints of clothing.

I shuffled the chair forward, slouching down to give Mariah more room to work with, my chest pressed against the table, so that no one would be able to see the under the table action. I felt the balls under her toes gently stroke my cock up and down. Her other foot started to make it’s way up my leg and she sandwiched my cock in between her feet. The balls under her toes clamping the sides of my cock slowly working up and down my shaft.

I lifted up the table cloth and took a peak. It was risky, but it was worth it. Mariah had her toe nails painted in clear nail polish, to give it a natural look. The heads of her toes were already covered in a light layer of my pre-cum, that treacled down her toes and onto my shaft that she rubbed in with her toes, used it as a form of lubrication.

“Mmm…” Mariah moaned taking a sip of wine. “That’s so good.” She said, almost moaning the words. Mariah started to go faster with every stroke. My dick was laid flat going up my abdomen. Mariah pinned my cock down with one foot, furiously stroking up and down with the sole of her foot, working her foot all the way up and off my dick and then back down, positioning her foot so that her two biggest toes would stroke down my shaft.

With her other foot she played with my nut sack, gently squeezing my balls in between her toes, holding my nut sack in between her toes and gently pulling the skin. My dick start to pulse and throb hard and from the look on Mariah’s face I knew she could tell I was going to cum.

She stopped fondling my balls and lifted her foot, flipping the top half of the napkin that was on my lap over my cock and put both her feet under it, pumping my cock as fast as she can, squeezing hard. I felt my balls tense up and tighten, my cum was pushed up my shaft and spurted out my cock. I could feel it shoot out onto the napkin and on Mariah’s feet. I waited a moment while my cock throbbed after I came.

Mariah picked up her glass of wine. “That lasted no where near as long as the last one.” She said finishing off her wine. “Looks like I’m gonna need another helping.” She smiled. I reached under the table with my hands and attempted to wipe any cum off her feet but she pulled them away. She picked up my glass and took a sip, she spilled some of the wine down the side of her mouth. “I’d like to have something of yours on me.” Mariah laughed.

“Your order ma’am.” The waiter said placing a tray down in front of her. Mariah picked up her knife and fork and started to dig in. I wiped myself off as best as I could and put my dick away.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” I said and made my way to the bathroom, scrunching up the napkin and taking it with me. I threw the napkin away in the bathrooms waste basket and checked to see if my cum went any where. Mariah had managed to get all of it on the napkin. I splashed some water on my face, it was pretty hot here and as short as the foot job was, it was pretty hot stuff and got me sweating. Probably from the fact that Mariah was jerking me off under the table with her feet in a crowded restaurant.

I made my way back and sat down casually. Mariah was nearly halfway through her meal and by the time I finished off what was left of my dessert, Mariah had eaten all she wanted.

“How about we head out of here and head back to your hotel room?” Mariah asked.

“Check please!” I called out and Mariah giggled. I paid for her and we headed out. We walked side by side and I looked down. I looked at her feet and I could see half dried cum stains on her feet. I don’t know why but that turned me on, maybe it was because Mariah was walking round with visible cum stains, caused by my cum.

We walked to my hotel as it was just a couple of minutes away. We didn’t really talk but Mariah held my hand and we made our way to the hotel. It was still bright out considering it was getting quite late. I walked into the hotel room, Mariah followed me in and as soon as I turned around, she slammed the door behind her and leapt forward. Locking her lips onto mine, wrapping her arms around me, pushing my face closer to hers with her hands.

I walked backwards into the bedroom and fell over backwards on to the bed, Mariah followed me down. I reached down and grabbed her ass. It was nice and firm. I pulled her dress up and tugged at her panties, trying to pull them down. Mariah placed her hands on my chest and pushed herself up.

“First…” She started. ” I need to wash my feet. They feel so sticky.” She stood up and walked towards the bathroom that was at the left of the room. She had her back turned to me. She looked back, reached to the back of her dress and pulled the zip down, letting her dress fall to the floor. She only had a tiny pair of black panties on that rode up her butt crack. She held the waist band and pulled it down. She bent over as she yanked them down to her ankles, her big round ass stuck out, showing off her tiny little ass hole.

“Wouldn’t you be able to wash your feet if you just took your shoes off?” I asked.

“Yes. But this way, your penis gets a nice view to keep it hard while I was your sticky cum off my gorgeous toes.” She unstrapped her shoes while she was still bent over and stepped out of her shoes and panties and walked into the bath room. I stood up and quickly stripped down to nothing and lay on the bed. My cock was semi erect and with the memory of Mariah’s thick round ass, I started to stroke my cock.

“Oooh! Starting with out me?” Mariah said from the door way, looking unbelievably gorgeous with nothing on. She walked over to me and climbed over the foot board. She crawled up towards my cock while she was on all fours. “Looks kind of soft.” Mariah said lifting my cock up with her hand. She placed her mouth over the head and started to stroke my cock with her hand. She swirled her tongue around my cock head. She started to work her lips up and down my shaft. She only worked her mouth halfway down and jerked the other half off with her hands.

“Mmm. feels like you’re hard enough to fuck my ass.” I got up to my knees and grabbed Mariah and spun her around placing her on her back on the bed.

“You like having a big dick up your ass?”

“The bigger the better.” Mariah replied with a sexy tone in her voice. I leaned on top of her and we locked into a passionate kiss. I reached down held my cock and rubbed my cock into her butt crack and once I felt her ass hole I pushed the head in and thrust forward.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mariah screamed at the top of her lungs, breaking our kiss. I pulled back and thrust forward again, hard, causing her to scream even louder.

“I thought you liked having big dicks up your ass?”

“I haven’t had one this thick in a long time.” Mariah replied. I watched her beautiful face, her eyes closed, her face looking like she was in pain. I kissed her on her cheeks, working down to the beauty spot on the left side of her chin. I didn’t know if it was a mole, but it didn’t look like one, it poked out slightly. I started to circle it with my tongue.

“You don’t need to stop.” Mariah said. “Just keep going like you would if you had your dick in my pussy.” I felt her ass hole widen a little around my shaft. She’s obviously had a dicks up her ass in the past to be able to control her sphincter and not need any time to adjust to the size of my cock. I wasn’t one to complain, I’ve been salivating this moment for five days now and with my first orgasm out the way, I knew I was gonna be able to take full advantage of this Goddesses ass without cumming quickly.

I pulled back and slammed into her hard, savouring the feeling of her tight sphincter along my full length. Mariah was still loud as ever, but I carried on pulling back and thrusting forward, getting faster each time. I was leaning on my hands and I decided I needed to feel Mariah’s naked body against mine, so I pressed my weight down on her and wrapped my arms around her sweaty body.

I carried on thrusting in and out of her, my arms wrapped around her tight, over her arms. Mariah tried to hug me back, but from the way my arms were around her she couldn’t. She just placed her hands on my shoulders, as I grinded into her ass hole. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I could feel her wet heels pressed against my ass cheeks, water dripping down of her feet onto my bare flesh. I started to kiss her neck and as I went faster, Mariah was more vocal than ever, using her beautiful voice for more than just singing.

I could feel Mariah trying to push her body up and down underneath me, trying to get more speed on the thrusts. I decided to fuel her need for speed and just started pounding into her ass relentlessly, pumping her ass full of my meat faster than I had ever done before. I was going so fast, I was starting to get out of breath and started to sink my teeth into Mariah’s neck as I worked in and out of her. I pushed myself back up, leaning on my hands, wiping the sweat of my forehead. I got up onto my knees, in between her legs. I was now doing deep hard thrusts into her butt, slowing down the pace, breathing out hard every time my cock disappeared into her rectum. Mariah was also breathing fast and hard, her huge tits going up and down with every breath she took.

Mariah pulled her knees up to her chest, her legs together and placed her feet on my chest, her soles flat on my sweaty skin. “Mmm… Suck my toes baby!” She moaned, moving one foot up to my mouth. I opened my mouth as she pushed her big toe and the next couple of toes into my mouth.

I closed my mouth, sucking her toes but still carrying on at the same pace. Mariah had her other foot on my chest and every time I pulled back, I could feel pressure on my chest from her foot as she pushed herself up, trying to keep up with my thrusts and get the speed back up to what it was a few moments ago.

Mariah had managed to get the pace back up to what it was and even though I had already cum half an hour ago I started to feel like I’d cum soon if it kept going at this pace. I slowed down to a stop and sucked her toes. She had a foot fetish and loved it whenever her feet got attention, so she stopped trying to push herself up and down my cock.

I circled her toes with my tongue, alternating between all five toes, going from the big toe to the little toe. I started to suck a couple of toes at the same time and Mariah pulled her foot away. “Not this time. This time it’s all about you.” She said sitting up kissing me, her legs at either side of me. She pushed me by the chest and I lay flat on my back. She positioned herself so she was squatting on me, using one hand to balance herself and holding my dick in place with the other as she rubbed my cock head in her butt crack, pushing my member past her sphincter and into her rectum.

“Oh yeah! That feels so good!” Mariah moaned as she lowered herself up and down my cock. She didn’t waste any time, building up to a fast pace almost instantly. “YES! YES! YES! YES… That’s the spot!” She screamed, as she reached forward with one hand and started to rub her pussy wildly, riding me as fast as she could.

I closed my eyes, hoping that not seeing a visual of Mariah fingering herself while she had my dick up her ass riding me as fast as she could, but it was no use. I opened my eyes, watching the look of pure ecstasy on Mariah’s face, might as well get the visual if I’m coming towards the end of the tank.

I moaned as I felt my orgasm approaching. “Oh GOD! AHHHHHHH! SHIIIIIT! I’M GONNA CUM!” She screamed.

“I’m cumming too!” I moaned.

“UHHHH! CUM WITH ME! OH GODDDDDDDDDD!”" Mariah screamed as she slammed her ass down, impaling herself on my cock and we both came. My cum gushed out into her ass and I could feel Mariah’s cum splash down onto my groin. Mariah carried on riding me as we both orgasmed, her pussy bulged forward every time she came down, more of her cum squirting out. Mariah started to slow down as both of our orgasms started to die down.

Mariah stopped squatting on my groin and got onto her knees, not taking my cock out of her ass. She leaned forward and started to kiss me, gently grinding her hips up and down my member. I could feel my cum in her ass, on the sides of my shaft every time my cock went up her ass. Mariah broke the kiss and spun around so she was straddling me with her back facing me, while she still remained impaled on my cock.

She leaned forward, I could feel her breath on my feet. She positioned her legs so that her feet was on my groin, with my cock in between them. She slowly lifted her hips, dragging her ass off my dick with a loud plop sound. Her sphincter had already closed up tight. Mariah looked back at me giggling and then her ass hole widened and my cum oozed out and rained down on to the head of my cock and all over the soles of her feet. She was doing a very good job on trying to keep me hard. She laughed out loud as she managed to push out a second huge load, most of it landing on her toes and the balls just underneath them.

“I think I’m empty now.” She giggled. She put her feet together, her soles touching and quickly turned around so she was on her back. She slowly pulled her feet apart, my thick cum was syretched out into a thin line, hanging from one foot to the other.”Time to finally get another taste of your cum.” Mariah said leaning forward, taking the head into her mouth and sucking hard. She worked her lips up and down my shaft, getting the little cum that landed on my cock into her mouth and swallowing it while she still had my cock in her mouth. She had her feet together, side by side, her little toes next to each other with my cock in between.

She leaned forward some more, her face an inch or two away from her feet, showing off more of her flexibility. “I hope this load tastes as good as it smells!” She said with a cheeky grin and licked the sole of her left foot, scooping up my cum with her tongue. She licked up and down her sole until she had licked off every drop of cum and the made her way across the balls underneath her toes. She licked across and back, stopping to swallow and then licked all the way across to the other foot. Licking along, just under her toes. She started to lick up and down the sole of this foot, scooping up my cum, stopping occasionally to swallow when her mouth got too full.

Once she had gotten the soles of her feet clean of my cum she started to suck her own toes. Slurping in any cum that was on them, moving one by one to the next toe in line, until she had sucked and licked every toe clean.

“Mmm… That tasted gorgeous! Much better than the duck back at the restaurant.” She laughed. I was too exhausted to respond, I just lay on the bed in a sweaty heap. Mariah got up off the bed and headed to the bathroom. I could here her gargling, rinsing her mouth out. I heard her turn the shower on and in about half a minute the water turned off.

Mariah walked out of the bathroom and walked up to the bed. She was drying herself off with a towel, she was slightly wet. “That was a short shower.” I said.

“I was just washing off any cum and getting myself a little wet. It’s just way too hot out here.” She had a very good point, I wouldn’t mind jumping in the shower under cold water to cool off. But I was too tired to do it, so I just lay there.

Mariah tossed the wet towel on to the floor and lay on the bed, her legs near my head and her head near my groin. She started to stroke my cock straight away, enveloping her lips around my cock head, working her lips up and down my shaft. She wanted me to go a third time, which I have done in the past and I don’t think it was gonna be too hard now, considering I had one of the most beautiful woman in the world sucking my cock, trying to get me hard so I can fuck her up the ass again.

After a couple of minutes of sucking my cock Mariah got up. “I think you’re hard enough to fuck my ass again.” She said still stroking my cock with her hand. She straddled me again, her tits pressed down on my chest. She put one arm around me and reached back with the other hand and held my cock, forcing the head into her ass and pushed her butt down, taking my cock in her ass once again. She started to ride me instantly. The little traces of my cum that was still in her ass worked as a form of lubrication.

She started riding me as fast as she could, getting faster with every stroke. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her close to me, kissing around her chin and neck. She got a little excited and pushed herself right off my cock. My cock rested in her butt crack and she grinded her hips up and down, rubbing the under side of my cock with her round butt cheeks.

She got up, kneeling beside me and started to suck my dick again, taking my cock to the back of her throat and back out again, very quickly and repeatedly.

“Don’t want you getting soft on me now.” Mariah said circling my pee hole with her tongue, taking in any traces of pre-cum into her mouth. “I’ve been doing all the work, it’s your turn now.” She said getting onto all fours. “Time for a little doggy action.” She said with a cute little smile.

I got up on to my knees, positioned my self behind her. Mariah reached back with her hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart, revealing her tight little swollen ass hole. I pressed my cock head against her shit hole and as I started to push in, I could feel her sphincter widen, giving my meat access into her tight orifice.

I pushed my full length in to her rear in one fast, hard and swift thrust causing her to let out a loud yelp. I pulled back and thrust into her straight away, adding a little pace to the thrusts as I rammed in and out of her ass hole, making her scream out even louder with every thrust. I put my hands at the top of her ass cheeks, one on each cheek and grabbed hold of them, squeezing hard as I pounded her ass hole relentlessly.

“Oh GOD YES! I love it when you fuck my ass! YEAH! Fuck me harder! Harder! HARDER!” She kept screaming, no matter how hard I slammed into her. I was now thrusting into her full force, with every thrust forward, her hands inched forward, until she lost grip with her hand and her upper body crashed forward, her chest flat on the bad but her ass still up in the air.

I carried on thrusting into her, even if she wasn’t in the position any more. She had her legs in between mine and I could feel them slowly moving down the bed, trying to get straight, so she’d be flat on her front. I stopped and let her get flat on her front, with my dick still in her ass. Once she was comfortable, I put my weight down, so I was laying flat on top of her.

“Oooooh!” Mariah moaned as I started to thrust in and out of her ass once again. “Nnnnnghh! Ah! Umm!” Mariah moaned quietly, which was a change from her usual loud screams. I think she wasn’t fairing too well on having my weight on top of her. But, I carried on any way. I put one hand under her arm and up to her head. I grabbed a hand full of hair as I pounded into her. She reached up to the head board with her hands, trying to grip something. With my free hand, I reached under her and groped her tits. I kissed around the back of her neck, around her ear lobes and the side of her mouth.

Mariah was now breathing hard from a mixture of the fast anal sex and from having all my weight on top of her. I decided to give her a break. I wrapped my arms around her waist and rolled on to my side, forcing and with my arms around her, I forced her onto her side as well. I started to pull out and push forward, but Mariah was keen to get things going fast again and started to thrust back.

“Getting me to do all the work again!” Mariah smiled at me turning her head to face me and then kissed me, while thrusting her ass back to meet my thrusts. I just lay there on my side while Mariah rammed my cock up her ass and back out again, pulling her ass off my cock. She turned around, lowered herself down and started to suck my cock again, sucking fast and hard and then turned around and got back into position. I pushed my cock head into her thick ass cheeks and found her anal opening instantly and thrust forward.

I let Mariah do all the work again. I just lay there on my side while Mariah thrust her hips back and fourth. I put my arms around her waist, holding her close to me. I closed my eyes and just let her go. After about ten minutes Mariah stopped, exhausted, perspiration dripping of our bodies. She was finally starting to run out of steam, which I had run out of about half an hour ago when I came for the second time.

We both lay there, Mariah was breathing hard. I started to thrust forward slowly and then pulled back. I did this a couple of times and ended up pulling back too much and ended up pulling right out of her. I couldn’t be bothered to reach down and direct my cock into her ass, so I just pushed my hips forward and my cock slipped down towards her pussy. I just carried on pushing my hips forward in to her pussy.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” Mariah screamed. “It’s been so long since I had a dick in my pussy!” What she just said gave me my second wind, or should that be third wind? I carried on thrusting into her pussy. Mariah started squirming and wriggling around, pushing her hips forward, away from me. Looks like she has a sensitive pussy.

I pushed myself up and went on top of her, while her body was still sideways. I pulled my hips back and thrust forward, my shaft rubbing along the back of her sweaty thighs as I worked my full length into her cunt. From this position her pussy clamped my cock even harder, trying to squeeze the cum out of my cock. I carried on thrusting in and out of her moist hole, Mariah was getting breathless once again from being fucked too fast and having my weight on top of her.

“Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD! OH GOD! AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mariah screamed as I felt her pussy walls start to contract around my shaft and then clamp down tight as her orgasm hit. As I carried on going in and out of her pussy, I could feel it getting wetter as my dick splashed in and out of her wet cunt. I wanted to cum with her so badly, but my timing was off. I could feel my orgasm start to build up as Mariah’s hips bucked back and fourth, which was going sideways underneath me because of the position she was in.

“OH SHIT!” I yelled. I quickly pulled out of her, turned her onto her back and straddled her stomach. Both our bodies had a layer of sweat on them, her tits soaked. I pulled them apart and spat in between them and put my dick in between. I did that to make sure they were well lubricated, because I didn’t want to stop in between. I pushed her tits together clamping my cock with her huge mounds of flesh.

I started to thrust up and down in between her tits, building up a fast pace, feeling my cum working it’s way out of my balls. Mariah started to try and lick my cock head every time I thrusted up and poked her on the chin.

“Come on! Cum on my face Kash!” Mariah egged me on. “Cover my face with your fucking cum!”

“SHIT!” I yelled as I pulled back and my cum shot out and still managed to hit Mariah on the face. I quickly thrust up, my second load shooting up her face leaving a thick white line going down form her fore head to her mouth. I started rubbing my own cock, spreading my cum out evenly over her face, leaving big loads of cum around her cheeks and mouth.

As soon as my loads started getting smaller, Mariah reached forward with her head and started to suck the cock head. I looked down at the beautiful sight before me. Mariah Carey’s luscious lips wrapped around my member while her face was covered in my thick, hot cum. Mariah stopped sucking my cock and licked her lips trying to take in as much cum into her mouth as possible.

I collapsed in exhaustion beside her. Mariah got off the bed and reached to the floor where she had tossed the wet towel earlier and wiped her face with it.

“Fuck that was exhausting!” I said.

“I’ve never been fucked like that before.” Mariah said placing her head on my bare chest. “That was the best ass fucking I’ve ever had.” She said. We both lay like this for the next couple of minutes as we both drifted off to sleep. I guess that was one hell of a weekend. First Nicole now Mariah.

Author’s note: Another chapter to the series. Hopefully it was as good as the others. Again, all you fans of the series, if you have any thoughts or any feedback, positive or negative, you can e-mail me at [email protected] As you all can probaly already guess, I have opened the story to set up the next two chapters to have Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston, the 2 most requested celebs that I have gotten. Beyonce is a close third and I’ll work her in some how in the next 2 or 3 chapters.

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