Strictly Come Fucking

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Emma Bunton (30)

Louisa Lytton (17)

Mica Paris (37)

Claire King (43)

Lilia Kopylova (28)

Erin Boag (31)

Tess Daly (35)
Ages in brackets

This story is not for the faint hearted, nervous or people under the age of 18. Features some derogatory racial language as part of the fantasy, but please note I do not condone any racial abuse, be it verbal or physical. Lastly, people can
copy parts of this story with my full permission, and can post on other sites. All I ask is a mention as the original author. My name is Mark Cunningham.

This story is fantasy, and is in no way true about the participants sexual orientation(s), or body anatomy (i.e. Mica Paris having a cock)

I am planning a sequel to this featuring Erin, Tess, Mica and Claudia Winkleman. Any feedback gratefully received. Please e-mail me at: [email protected]

It had been a long day rehearsing for the show, but Emma was looking forward to getting changed into her skimpy little blue number. She’d just put her high heels on when there was a knock on the door. Louisa Lytton stuck her head round the door, and asked ‘Is it OK for me to have my little breast feed now?’ Emma responded by grabbing Louisa, sitting down on her sofa and opened her dress up. Louisa settled down, and started sucking on Emma’s nipple, occasionally giving it a bite. Emma was getting really horny breast-feeding one of her biggest fans, and started to secretly stroke her wet cunt. Louisa noticed and bit down hard on the nipple, causing Emma to cum all over her hand.

Emma hissed at Louisa ‘Thanks for making me come so fast slut’. She then took her hand and shoved it into Louisa’s cunt, obviously trying to stretch her virgin teenage cunt. She was in for a shock though, because her whole hand slipped in. Louisa then told her, whilst getting to her feet, that after last weeks show, Mica had told Louisa that she saw Emma tit feeding Louisa and wanted Louisa to suck her tits. This had led to her being fucked by Mica, Louisa explained. Emma said ‘Go and get that black bitch now’. Louisa was unsure at first, but after Emma slapped her bum, she rushed out. Five minutes, Louisa came in with Mica behind her. Mica was wearing a skimpy vest top with no bra and her tits were barely staying in the top. Her mini skirt barely covered her white panties, and her legs went on for at least 15 inches. Emma snarled at her, and proceeded to slap Mica hard across her cheek. Mica just spat in Emma’s face, and then punched Emma in her stomach. Louisa motioned to Mica to show Emma what Mica had been hiding from the adoring public who watched SCD.

With Emma on her knees, winded, Mica pulled her panties off, revealing a massive black cock. It turned out that Mica was half man half woman. Louisa got on her knees and began sucking the 13-inch cock. Emma had by now recovered, and was stunned to discover that Mica expected Emma to be her little baby and suck on her tits. Mica said that if Emma did not do what she was told to do, Mica would have to punish her. Emma immediately began sucking on the nipples, and every now and then bit down on the nipple, causing more pre cum to drip into Louisa’s waiting and eager mouth. After half an hour, Mica unleashed her cum into Louisa’s mouth. She told Louisa not to swallow it, and instructed Emma to go and snog Louisa. Emma did and at first hated the taste of cum, especially since she was more used to tasting pussy juices. Mica watched and got hard again watching Emma, a supposed innocent little girl, eagerly suck out Mica’s cum from Louisa’s mouth. Suddenly, THWACK! Mica had started spanking Emma hard on her butt cheeks. When Emma complained, and said that she was wearing a skimpy little number that night to dance in, she was met with a stern ‘so? You are a little cock tease who needs to be taught. Louisa got taught last week, now you need to have the same punishment’.

On and on for an hour went the spanking, Mica seeming to have loads of stamina. Soon Emma felt the hard cock resting against her anus. No, she thought. I am an anal virgin, please don’t. Before she had time to make any complaint, she was penetrated. Louisa, who shoved her cunt into Emma’s face and snarled at her ‘Eat me slut’, quickly, silenced her screams.

Just as Louisa and Mica were about to cum, the door came bursting open and stood there was Claire King. Claire had a reputation for being a slut, and she showed it was well deserved as she went and laid on top of Emma’s back. She then told Louisa to lick her bum while she sucked Mica’s tits. Meanwhile, Mica carried on the crude anal fucking of Emma and Louisa held her cunt in Emma’s face. Soon, the room was filled with contented moans and groans, with the occasional yelp of pain from Emma. Then, without warning, Mica, Claire and Louisa came at the same time. Claire climbed off Emma, and looking at Mica’s cock asked if she minded sucking her cock clean. Claire showed she was good at giving blow jobs as she soon made Mica hard and then made her shoot a thick stream of cum.

The door opened, and in walked the sexy Russian dancer Lilia Kopylova. Lilia loved shaking her bum for all the males watching. She often had a quick fiddle with her clit dreaming of people wanking over her and her short skimpy outfits. Her face was babyish, and looked really innocent at times, even though at home with her husband she was a complete slut in the bedroom. She walked over to Emma and proceeded to start licking her cunt, whilst fingering Emma’s anus. Mica grabbed Louisa and started spanking her bum hard. Claire just sank down to her knees and sucked on Lilia’s clit. Soon all of them were gasping with passion. Mica stopped her spanking and forced Louisa to start licking Claire’s cunt while Mica fucked Louisa’s bum hard. On and on went the crude fucking, sucking, licking and fingering, until they all came together. Louisa looked at Mica and said ‘fuck, my first anal orgasm’!

Then the door opened again, and in walked Miss Whiplash, Erin Boag. The New Zealand dancer who had the face and body of a bloke, but definitely was woman. She was wearing a skimpy little black leather number, with 6-inch high heel shoes. The dominatrix barked: ‘All of you little sluts on your hands and knees with your arses facing me’. They quickly obeyed. Erin went to Emma first, who was nearest to her. ‘Ready for this you little blond fucking slut’? Erin hissed through her teeth. Emma whimpered ‘no’. ‘Tough you little fucking whore. I saw you sucking cunt juices. That is my job on this show, not yours. Now take your punishment like the little fucking whore you are’. With that, a cane came flying through the air and cracked hard on Emma’s bum cheeks.

Emma cried out, but was quickly gagged. Erin grabbed Emma’s little skimpy thong and shoved them into her mouth. ‘Taste your own fucking juices slut. If you like cunt that much, then taste your own’. Erin carried on with the caning, on and on for what seemed like forever. It wasn’t, but after half an hour Erin had drawn blood from Emma’s bum.

Louisa was next. She had her panties shoved in her mouth. ‘Now, little Louisa is a little cunt licking, anal loving slut. Do you think you deserve to be punished’? Louisa shook her head no. ‘Tough. You need punishing too.’ With that, the cane hit the tensed buttocks hard. There was a muffled moan but Erin carried on caning the buttocks in front of her til they bled. She then pulled her leather pants down to reveal a strap on dlido. She pushed it into Louisa’s anus and then proceeded to give her arse a hard fucking. Louisa couldn’t help herself; she had another orgasm just from the anal fucking.

Next was Claire. She hissed at Erin ‘hit me as hard as you can. It won’t hurt; I can take what you’ve got bitch’. And then proceeded to spit in Erin’s face. Erin turned red with rage, and then gave Claire the most severe thrashing ever. Claire started bleeding after ten minutes, but Erin carried on til Claire nearly passed out with the pain of the thrashing. She was then give the arse fucking to end all arse fuckings. On and on Erin went, driving the dildo into Claire; giving her anal orgasms galore. After twenty minutes, Erin pulled out and forced the dildo into Claire’s mouth and told her to suck the cock clean.

Then Mica took her punishment. Her cock started getting hard, but Erin had plans for that. She told Mica to get on her back. She then proceeded to whack the cock with her cane. Mica bellowed with the pain, but Erin didn’t care. She carried on and on until she nearly made Mica pass out. Then she was forced to fuck Erin up her arse, and if Erin didn’t come within five minutes, Mica would have to take her punishment. Mica tried to make Erin come within five minutes, but Erin had decided that whether she came or not, she was still going to have her way with Mica. She was a cocky, arrogant nigger slut who needed to be taught a lesson. As it happened, it took twenty minutes for Erin to come.

‘Get on all fours, slut’. She did, and was then given an arse fucking that rivalled Claire’s. On and on she went until blood started coming from Mica’s arse. Then she stopped. ‘That will teach you, you arrogant little nigger fucking whore. Waving your big nigger tits and nigger cock around, you make me sick’. She turned and looked at the last person who hadn’t yet been caned or fucked. Erin decided to bring in her partner in spanking, Tess Daly.

Lilia looked horrified as she realised she was now outnumbered by two to one. She tried to run from the room, but Tess stopped her. ‘Where do you think your going, you fucking Russian slut’? Lilia was chucked back to the floor and was then grabbed by Erin. Lilia was picked up and bent over, forced to touch her toes. Erin proceeded to fuck Lilia’s pussy hard. Tess had stripped naked, and held Lilia’s face to her cunt. ‘Suck it now you fucking little slut. Teasing everyone, you need to be taught you can’t do that. Wonder what the men would make of this, you being fucked by a Maori dominatrix and licking English pussy’?

By this time the other had recovered sufficiently from their punishments, so they started playing with each other’s bodies. Tess noticed and walked over to the group, stood over them and proceeded to start abusing them.

‘Little fucking lesbian sluts. Look at you, being dirty whores. Maybe I should give you all a present. Chuck Lilia into the group Erin’. At this Erin pulled the dildo out and forced Lilia into the group of licking and fingering sluts.

Tess and Erin then proceeded to climb onto the chairs and started pissing all over the group. There were gasps of approval and lust. Emma stood up and pissed all over Louisa. The rest followed suit, and drained their full bladders all over Louisa. Louisa was then allowed to piss, and she did so into Tess’s open and willing mouth.

They all fell into a huddle in the middle of the floor and started licking sucking and fingering again. Erin said ‘same time next week’?

There were murmurs of agreement. However, the following night on the live show, the public voted Mica out. She still went back the following week and the whole process was repeated, this time Mica having the pleasure of being treated like a toilet.

An agreement was made between the group; that whoever got voted out had to come back the following week and be pissed over. So Erin and Claire have now had that pleasure, as well as Louisa at the start and Mica. Tess has taken over the dominatrix role of the group, and keeps them all on their toes.

However, after the host of SCD It Takes Two had insulted Tess, she decided she was going to get her hands on Claudia Winkleman. And she was determined to have Erin and Mica help her.

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