Strip Poker

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Title: Strip Poker

Celebrities: Lila McCann, Chely Wright, Amy Grant, Jessica Andrews, Alyssa Milano, Vince Gill, Dierks Bentley & Sara Evans

Written by: Spyder

MF+, Game, Cons, Oral, Anal

Disclaimer: The following item is a work of fiction. Which is intended for adult reader’s only. The responsibility of reading this story is solely on your shoulders, do so at own risk

It is a quiet afternoon turning evening in the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee, the sun slowly disappears over the horizon and the night life makes it’s way into the forest
nearby. A day or so earlier, Vince Gill sent out invitations to some of his friends for a poker game, not describing the description of the game, each participant were only told to be there for around seven p.m. and be ready fro a fun evening. At precisely seven the people to play in this game arrive at the Gild home and await the instructions to the evening.

Vince and Amy have greeted everyone they asked to play the game and will start to give the rules to them.

Amy begins by saying that it is a poker game as was said in the invitation, but the rules are that the stakes are your clothing. Vince interjects by adding that anyone who wishes to walk is welcome to do so now. After no one makes a move for the door, Amy continues by saying that after every hand the losing players need to remove an article of clothing and once one player has no clothes left, the winner of that hand will ask for something sexual as payment until all players are fully nude.

They all adjourn to the game room, where a table is ready for the game, each person sit down and notices that one chair is vacant. Vince tells them that they have added one more guest and she arrived before everyone. From the kitchen area walks a newly single Sara Evans as Amy tells everyone that Sara needs a distraction from her divorce case and this is the ticket for tonight. Sara walks to each player kisses them on the cheek or lips and once she has gotten to Chely and Lila a full lip lock is witnessed followed by a French kiss.

Vince says that each will pick a card to decide the first dealer and who ever that is must kiss each player before dealing, except for the men if it is a male dealer, he will kiss a lady of his choice. One by one the players select a card and Lila is the high card to which she gets up and kisses each man and woman, groping the ladies Asses and squeezing the men’s cocks as she goes by. After the cards are dealt and the wild cards are announced, Lila asks for replacements by those who need them.

Vince who is to her left asks for two, Amy takes one, Sara accepts two, Dierks takes one, Chely stands pat, Jessica and Alyssa take one each and Lila takes two. After everyone sees what they have and ask for whatever is needed, Lila looks around and says to everyone to show his or her hands. Once this is done it is revealed that Amy has won the first hand, the other players anti up and remove an article of clothing. Lila puts her jeans on the table, Jessica a scarf, Chely a boot, Alyssa her skirt, Vince a boot and Dierks his shirt. The clothes come off round by round with the first player getting naked is Lila.

So the next round and a naked Lila hoping that she finally wins a hand, she is not angry when she loses another to Amy. So as the rules state something sexual is the payment as Amy tells Lila to suck her tits. Lila walks to where Amy stands and while they remain in an upright position, she licks the areolas first as she massages the heaving large tits of this hot Christian singer. Amy moans as Lila has made her cum from the sucking of her breasts. The game continues and this time Lila has the winning hand. Every player removes whatever he or she has to offer on the table and Vince is the next to be naked. The next round is won by Jessica and this time Vince having no clothes as Lila sits nude also asks the two to head her way. Once in front of a now lying Jessica, who is only wearing her lace bra, looks at her and listens as she wants Lila to eat her pussy while Vince is to lie near her mouth as she will try her first blowjob. Jessica gags on his cock at first and then slowly gets used to having something so thick in her mouth and near the back of her throat. Lila in the meantime eats her shaven cunt, lapping up the juices as she cums quickly. Jessica orgasms from Lila’s treatment to her pussy, while Vince has shot his load down her throat and she swallows as some of his cuz dribbles down her chin to her still covered tits.

Amy, who takes Dierks now the loser of the round and asks him to ass fuck her while she blows Vince, wins the next round. Vince gets a wave of jealously as he witnesses someone else driving his wife’s ass with a hard dick, not realizing that Amy takes lovers while on the road. Amy gets a load in her ass and one in her mouth as both men have pleasured her immensely, while she yearns for a three way with Sara and Lila.

The next round is the final if one of the already naked players wins the hand, because the others are down to the last piece of clothing. Vince wins the round as the others remove the last stitch of clothing, he licks his lips as her finally sees the huge tits of Jessica Andrews in view. He sighs now that the game is over and the evening sexual activities can occur. Amy announces what is to happen next as she asks Lila and Sara to join her, Vince asks Jessica to stand next to him and Chely, Alyssa and Dierks head off to another corner of the room. No one is to leave the room as the sex goes on into the night.

Vince eats Jessica’s hot pussy, she whispers to be easy for she has never gone all the way before. She continues to explain that her only sex has come on the road with Mariah Carey in a back room after a show. This story tantalizes Vince who finger fucks her virgin pussy while listening intently to the details that lead to Jessica having her first lesbian affair. Chely has taken to giving Vince a blowjob as he eats, Chely is getting hornier as she also listens to the story and thinks back to her first lesbian encounter with Lorrie Morgan.

In another part of the room, Dierks is drooling over the dream of every male in America to have the opportunity to have sex with one of televisions hottest stars. He lies on the floor; Alyssa joins him and strokes his nine-inch cock, while telling Dierks that she wants him to face fuck her while she blows him. Dierks stands up as Alyssa continues to stroke his dick and soon she licks around it to his balls. She slowly sucks on them as he moans with a mild growl inside his throat, finally she takes his cock in between her parted lips and lip walks her way to a deep throat position. Dierks smiles for not even his girlfriend is this good and soon the lovely Miss Milano is sucking on his cock. As she asked him, Dierks thrusts towards Alyssa with gentle movements as the face fucking begins.

Meanwhile…in the center of the room, Lila, Amy and Sara make a circle on the floor as they eat one another out. Moans fill the room as the participants engage in various sexual pleasures. The three ladies lick clits as the hair on each pussy tickles their collective tongues. Cumming strongly, Amy moves to Lila’s breasts to suck them while Sara licks the ass hole of Amy. Not before has Sara done this part of sex, but felt the urge to try something new.

Back to where Vince is really active, he has lined up Chely and Jessica to ass fuck each one of them. Back and forth to each tight hole he goes and soon is unloading on the shiny white cheeks of his two lovers. Next the star of country music rams Jessica’s pussy and she screams as she has now had her virginity taken. Almost crying Jessica tells Vince to keep going, even though he sees a trickle of blood exiting her now hot pussy. Not wanting to get her pregnant on her first sexual encounter, Vince takes out his cock and leaves the load on her ass. Chely licks his dick and points to her hot cunt, Vince drives hard as he pounds the princess of country until she yells out.

In the middle, the other two groups join the ladies and a massive orgy ensues. Lila takes on both Vince and Dierks cocks as she blows them. Underneath her is Chely, eating the dripping pussy of the young blonde singer. Jessica watches silently as her pussy hurts from the new feeling of sex inside. Lila finally overcomes her need to swallow load after load of cum by taking Dierks cock in her ass, while Vince drives her pussy. She screams loudly as the men pound both her holes. The remaining ladies separate them and enjoy some cock of their own. The poker/sex party ends just after midnight as they know the Christmas tours start soon and the need to be ready on stage begins tomorrow with the warm up shows in Nashville. The guest’s head home, Lila flies to California, Chely flies to Canada for an interview with the top country interviewer anywhere. Dierks drives to his apartment and Jessica goes to her mom’s place. Amy and Vince go to bed and think of the next time they might do this and dose off.

The End

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