The Hockey Game

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Title: The Hockey Game

Celebrities: Alyssa Milano & Lila McCann

Written By: Spyder

Codes: Cons, MF, MF, anal

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and is meant for adults only. The responsibility of reading this story rests solely on your shoulders.

The city of Los Angeles is the setting as Alyssa Milano waits for the arrival of Lila McCann and her friend Gary. Their plans are to surprise Joe and go with him to a hockey game at the M.T.S center where the Manitoba Moose play. Alyssa’s thoughts drift back to the old arena where she accompanied
her then boyfriend Wayne McBean to Winnipeg to watch a game between the then Winnipeg Jets and the New York Islanders. She remembers walking to the private box that she was to watch the game in and her eyes looking over at a man who she chose to join her up there. She also remembers that they never watched a whole lot of the game, as they heated up the arena with much sex. A blowjob, her pussy being eaten and a two-hour fuck later Alyssa and Joe gets dressed and will occasionally fuck after that first night. Lila and Gary arrive and board the private plane that the two ladies have chartered to head to the Manitoba capital.

Meanwhile, it is a cold November morning as Joe received a special delivery letter from Alyssa stating her intentions to be there to watch a game with him and she is bringing friends of theirs. He doesn’t want to guess as to who the guests are, but has the immediate idea that the two could be Gary and Lila. Having bought the tickets for the game, Joe heads to the radio station to set up a new interview. A phone call came to the station from Diane Chase, who will be in town on the following Saturday and to be ready to give her an interview that evening. Smiling, Joe knows that this could be very interesting, as Chely Wright had already booked an interview time on that same night. Even though he has only conducted two interviews in the studio and they went so well that other stars are lining up to have the night interview.

At two in the afternoon, the plane taxis down the runway at Winnipeg International Airport, Lila, Alyssa and Gary exit the now landed plane and walk threw the airport fid their friend Joe waiting to take them to his condo. His plan is to do a barbeque, even though it is colder, before they go to the game. Joe looks over a radiant Alyssa and even more so Lila. Lila makes a little announcement that she is pregnant and it is not Michaels baby. She also informs the three of them that indeed the father of her child now stands in the room and was the last to fuck her a few weeks back. Gary smiles knowing that he banged her well a few weeks back and are proud to be the father of this hot ladies child. Alyssa kisses and hugs her; Joe gropes her sexy ass and kisses her as he undoes her shirt. Gary suddenly suggests that they have the dinner nude, watching Joe undress both Alyssa and Lila simultaneously. The men remove their clothes and hold the women so tight, bringing a shriek of pleasure from the two of them. Taking the steaks to the barbeque, the four go to the veranda to enjoy the afternoon.

While the barbeque heats, Alyssa strokes Gary’s cock and kisses the head. She backs off when she knows that the hockey game is where she wants to continue this sexual pleasure. Lila has already begun to give Joe a blowjob as she hears Alyssa say to hold off for the private box at the arena is where they will spend the evening pleasing their favorite men in the world. Both Gary and Joe are unable to control themselves; the ladies knowing this say that to appease the need to have sex now, they can ass fuck them while the steaks are cooking. Gary reaches for Alyssa and she strokes his semi-hardened cock until he is ready to perform. Placing a condom on his cock, Alyssa bends over and opens her hole with her fingers and begs Gary to enter her ass now.

Lila can’t control her needs and gives Joe the complete blowjob she started and insists he enter her ass now. Both ladies squeal as their asses are being pummeled by their lovers. Joe and Gary peek at their ladyloves and continue to give them what they want. Joe exits Lila’s ass for a few moments to run in and turn on the veggies and oven to cook the corn and fries. Returning to the veranda, he slides his cock into Lila’s open pussy and fucks her until they both cum. Joe looks over at Alyssa and Gary seeing that she has asked Gary to fuck her hot cunt as well. One hour later the sex ends as Joe puts the finishing touches to the dinner. The four eat dinner and shower before dressing and heading to the Center for the hockey game. On the way over Joe can’t help but wonder if Alyssa has ulterior motives why she asked Gary to sue a condom and whispered to him not to later in the private box. Hoping that this could be true, Joe calls for the limo to take the foursome to the hockey game. Once they arrive, a young usher leads them to the private box, stocked with drinks, food and many blankets. The usher asks if there is anything needed before she completes her assignment. Joe only says that she will be needed in about on hour as their maid. The lady answers that she was told about the possibility of serving the group in box number five. Alyssa has another flashback as she recalls that Joe and her where sharing box number five at the old arena and hopes Joe asked for the number to begin new memories.

The young blonde usher leaves the box and leaves the foursome for the time being. Knowing that the game doesn’t start another hour, Lila pours herself a diet cola and the other three get the drinks of their choice. Alyssa gets herself a beer; Gary a shot of whiskey and Joe will have some rum. While drinking, they talk and get re-acquainted. Alyssa asks if they should undress, to this Joe states that Jennie our usher is returning and part of her wages are earned by pleasing all of us by undressing each of us. What she adds to this process is totally up to her. Joe kisses Alyssa and Lila one at a time and Gary complies with the same treatment of the ladies with them.

Jennie returns to the booth and asks what is required of her during the hockey game. Joe says that she will be told once the national anthems have been completed. Gary likes what he sees and kisses the gorgeous blonde whole Lila wants a piece of that action. The national anthems have been played and the starting line-ups have been announced, as the crowd settles in their seats Joe tells Jennie that in order or her to earn her money this night, she must perform all duties minus her outer clothing. Jennie smiles and removes everything but her bra and panties, then without prompting she slides out of them as well. She then stands tall and brings out a tray of sandwiches from the fridge and places them in front of the foursome.

Waiting for her next instructions Joe finally says that she is to help the ladies undress for the game. Jennie walks over to Lila helps her from the leather chair in which she was sitting and slowly helps her out of her clothing. First the shirt, then the jeans and is surprised that Lila has no underwear on and kisses her athletic thighs. Lila moans as she feels Jennie’s tongue graze her pussy. Alyssa looks on as she runs her right hand up Jennie’s thigh to her right buttock. Jennie stands up, helps Alyssa from the chair she is relaxing in and removes her clothes, all designer duds as the sweater is removed, Jennie licks the nipples that are erect and slides the leather skirt from Alyssa’s waist. Alyssa kisses the blonde as she feels her ass being squeezed by Jennie’s probing hands. The men like what is happening and want a piece of the action, but decide to wait their turn.

Jennie, who seems adept at helping women feel great sexually has plunged her fingers into Alyssa’s gaping pussy as they hear Lila moaning from masturbating while the undressing continues. Gary is next on the list, as the young usher removes his clothes. Feeling his cock being fondled, Gary wonders what this lovely lasso has up her sleeve next. Jennie grabs the hard dick and licks around all the way to his balls, she lightly nibbles them before settling in on a blowjob. Alyssa has reached for Lila and the two lovely ladies grope and kiss one another until each have a pair of legs over their shoulders. The ladies eat pussy as Jennie gives head to her lover for the moment, leaving a smiling Joe waiting out his turn.

The wait is not that long as the first period of the game is over and there is no score, except what is happening in the private booth upstairs. Jennie walks to her host and slowly undresses him, she sees his cock is so hard and wonders if she will be able to give head to such a thick piece of manhood. Trying to please her boss for the evening, Jennie tries to give head and succeeds as she deep throats Joe’s member. While this is going on, Gary has taken Lila into a corner and sits silently as she strokes his already sucked dick. Seeing it harden again, Lila blows him and asks him to fuck her ass, which he obliges her and plants it inside her harder than ever before. Alyssa moves to where Jennie drains a load of cum from Joe’s cock and eats the usher out.

Moans fill the booth as the second period has ended with the Moose leading 4-2. Jennie looks at her watch and realizes that she is to be going home and asks the group if this if okay. They wish her a pleasant good night and continue to have a wild time at the game. Alyssa squats down over Joe as he devours her cum soaked love hole, then she rides him with his dick piercing her sexy ass. Again the crowd drowns out the sex happening as Lila and Gary are on the floor fucking fast and furiously. A hush has come over the crowd as a one of the hockey players is down on the ice; it is at this time that Lila and Alyssa have orgasmed to the delight of their lovers. Wondering if they are being heard at this time, Joe continues to fuck Alyssa until another light scream is heard from both ladies. Knowing he is going to be a father, Gary continues to fuck Ms. McCann first in her ass and then back to her gaping pussy.

Noticing at least two unpeeled cucumbers, Joe takes one, peels the vegetable and uses it as a dildo on the sexy Alyssa. In and out the cuke is plunged as finally Joe takes it and places it near her mouth, Alyssa chomps down on it and the use of it sexually continues. Gary sees what is happening and decides to sue the second one himself. Peeling it part way down he drives it inside Lila’s very hot cunt. She moans as the cuke is pushed in and pulled out, Gary pulls it out and the two of them take a bite out of it. Both men put the cukes down and drive their cock into the lady they are enjoying. Finally they cum and loads are left in the women in question. Not wanting to be caught in the sexual overtones as the game ends the foursome bring a climax to the sexcapades of the night and get dressed to leave for Joe’s house. The game ends shortly after and the Moose won 7-2. In the limo the four lovers head to Joe’s for the night before Alyssa, Lila and Gary fly to L.A.

The End

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