Gopher Hole Lodge

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Title: Gopher Hole Lodge

Celebrities: Lila McCann, Maureen McCormick, Susan Lucci, Mariah Carey, Courtney Cox, Dana Delaney, Finola Hughes, Lori Loughlin & Jodie Sweetan

Written By: Spyder
Codes: M+FF, Cons, Toys, Anal, Fist

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and is meant for adults only. The responsibility of reading the story is fully on your shoulders. Do so at own risk.

On a mountain somewhere in the Rockies a group of celebrities prepare a ski lodge for business. It is a girl only lodge well hidden from the normal lodges that
inhabit the mountains. They run this lodge as a retreat for women who need to get away from the everyday tedium of life.

Along a stretch of highway a motorist is winding his way up the mountain to another lodge several miles up the road. Suddenly he has an abrupt stop as the engine in his car chokes, sputters and then dies. With a snowstorm blanketing the area that is due to worsen as the afternoon moves along, he decides to walk in hopes of finding someone to help. Leaving his car off to the side of the road, Jim Van Husen walls to what he hopes is a way to find help. With the snow now getting to the point where it is getting harder to see a few feet in front of him. As he slowly trudges up the mountainside, Jim sees a path winding it’s way in the dense forest.

At the lodge the ladies have gotten everything ready, but realize that his may be a slow weekend with the weather the way it is shaping up. Having dinner prepared, they set to eat while discussing the winter ahead and what repairs are needed to the building. Finola asks if there is a man that does the repairs, being new as one of the members of the board, she has to be informed when it is her turn to host a weekend. Susan replies that there is a man that they call and he is die to repair anything next week. Satisfied that the work will be done, Finola continues to eat after removing a part of her clothing. She comments that since no one is going to be around, this is a good time to relax as if she were at home.

Lila is nearly nude, as she sat at the table in only a pair of silk panties, since she is a founding member along with Susan Lucci, Dana Delaney and Mariah Carey. The remaining ladies signed on a few months later. Soon all the ladies are at various stages of undress and are feeling very frisky. Jodie has slid her chair back a few feet from the table and begins to masturbate while the others watch on smiling. Widening her thighs, she slowly drives her fist in her pussy, which leads Lori to ask if it hurts to go that far. Jodie says no and that she in fact has been fist fucking herself for nearly a year. Lila who already knows the way to fist fuck, helps to explain how to the other ladies, who follow instructions and pleasure themselves the same way. Moans fill the dining room as each lady climax with every thrust in there pink holes.

Meanwhile…outside in the storm, Jim has happened upon the well-hidden path and walks to what he hopes are some sign that he can rest up from the driving snowstorm. About ten or so after a long walk, slowed by wanting to hide from the snow in the trees, Jim arrives as the naked ladies prepare to go to bed. He knocks on the solid oak door and waits. Now wearing a robe, Maureen opens the door, the wind blows the lower part of it open to reveal to Jim her well trim pussy. He drools as he asks if he can possibly take shelter from the cold. Asking what this place is, Maureen states that this humble home is called Gopher Hole Lodge, run by ladies for ladies, but he can sleep overnight if he wishes. He also asks about the unusual name for a ski lodge. Maureen tells him that it will be explained after he gets some rest. Lila brings some food to Jim and says that he can eat it in his room, since they were about to go to bed. Jim takes the try and follows Maureen to his room as she introduces him to the other celebs and shows him to a room at the top of the spiral staircase.

Quietly Jim removes his clothes as the ladies go to their rooms, he lies there reading a book her found on the dresser and lies wondering about the name. Feeling tired he goes into the hall to find a bathroom, which he locates very quickly and on his way back he hears some moaning from a room with the door slightly ajar. Looking in he sees Mariah using a cucumber for other than eating, having being spotted by the attractive singer, Jim walks in her room as she has waved him inside to watch if he wishes. Mariah peels some skin from the veggie and slides it inside her open love box. Jim catches a whiff of the veggie as her love juices soak if until Jim takes hold of it and shares a bite of it. He rubs it on her hairy box and pushes it up he ass as well. Jim puts it down, slips between her legs and eats her while she massages her nipples until they are hard.

Jim stands up, lowers his shorts and watches as Miss Carey licks her way down the length of his dick. He smiles as he has never had a woman give head before, Mariah looks up at him, smiles and deep throats his cock many times. Finally he takes his cock and shoves it deep in her cunt as he fucks the hot singer for a short time and then he leaves her as she falls fast asleep.

Walking towards his room, Jim is stopped by Susan Lucci who, give head in the hallway, she only says that time is wasted if she were to take him to her room at the other end of the hall. Once she has cum dripping from her chin, Jim lifts against the wall and plunges his cock in her ass, fucking her longer than she has been done before in that hole. Again he leaves cum on her, but this time on her ass and he doesn’t stop there as he lays her on the carpeted floor and fucks her hard. She moans and talks some Italian as this handsome stranger ravages her pussy. They separate as Jim watches Susan slither her way into her room.

Jim only walks a few feet up the long hall as Finola Hughes grabs him. She leads him into her room and is promptly set on the chair across from the bed. While he grabs his dick, Finola opens her thighs and hikes her ass in the air as she turns over. She grabs hold of two massive dildoes and proceeds to ram the toys in her ass and pussy, she purrs wildly as Jim is now on the verge of cumming once more while watching her tease her twat. Jim can’t take is anymore, he gets up, walks to the bed, removes the dildoes out of her cunt and ass and then replaces them with his cock. Finola yelps with every deep drive from Jim and once more he pulls back long enough to cum on her stomach. He leaves as she doses off to sleep.

This time it is the next room over, as he looks in and sees Maureen involved with a very sexy Lori. Watching as he enters the room, Lori is eating Maureen’s pussy, so Jim lines up her ass and drives it in deep. Lori moans as they realize that the stranger staying overnight interrupts their quiet sex. Lori lets Maureen get into the same position as she is to allow Jim full entry in her box, which he goes back and forth fucking both lovely ladies. Fucking both their asses and pussies, Jim is beginning to realize the meaning of the name for the lodge, again he pulls back and leaves them alone, but before shutting the door, Jim sees the two pussy fucking one another.

Again he walks to his room, but is pulled into a room with three women enjoying sex, Jodie, Courtney and Dana are having an orgy with veggies, whips and ropes. Dana is the dominatrix as Courtney and Jodie feel the sting of the whip. Between each crack of the leather apparatus, Dana licks the wounds, followed by eating them out. Jim watches and takes action; he takes hold of Dana’s wrists and tells her to give him the best blowjob she has ever given. Dana does so grabbing his nard dick and deep throating it at every turn, Jim looks over at the tow lying on the bed tied up. While he has her in this position, Jim face fucks her hard and hears her gurgle as a load enters her mouth. Once Jim pulls back from her mouth, he unloads on her face and tits, he ties her between the other ladies and begins the process of fucking the three ladies. Hearing cries of stop, from Jodie, Jim turns her around and pummels her ass with his not yet limp dick. The others wonder how he can go so long as he must have fucked the others by now Jim finally retreats out the door as he unties the women and leaves them to lick his cuz off each other’s bodies.

Jim makes his way to his room, hoping to sleep, but on his bed lies an ever so horny Lila. She smiles and says having fun big boy.

Jim smiles back and says that he has had so much sex, that when he gets to the lodge he is heading to he may sleep for a few hours longer. Lila slinks her way over to him, strokes his almost limp twelve-inch cock and asks if he now knows what the name of the lodge means.

Jim again answers that he does and before he leaves he will let them all know what he has figured out.

Lila opens her thighs, point at Jim and says that he wants his tongue to taste this hot pussy. Jim flops between her legs; finger probes her as he uses his four fingers to fuck her as he eats her burning box. She moans, as Jim feels a twinge in his throbbing cock. With cum oozing out, Jim lies on his back and asks Lila to squat over his cock, for he needs to rest from the other sexual pleasures of the lodge. Lila takes hold of his dick and slides her pussy over top and rides him for what seemed the longest of time. For Jim fucking nine beautiful ladies is hot and he vows to keep this secret as he knows that none of his friends will believe that he banged some of the hottest women around. Inside Lila his cock is ready to explode, she stands up slowly and sucks his cock until she pulls back to let it soak her tits. Jim turns her on her stomach, drives his dick in her gaping ass. Seeing a banana Jim decides to have some fun as he grabs it peels it and plunges it in her twat. She moans as Jim gets her to take a bite of the fruit, getting her to taste he own juices and not for the first time. Lila feeling well-fucked leaves his room towards her own as she needs her beauty rest.

Next morning, the storm has subsided. A tow truck was phoned as Jim’s car is being brought to the area. The ladies make sure that Jim tells no one where the lodge is and ask him if he knows the meaning of the name Gopher Hole Lodge. Jim smiles and says that after last nights lack of sleep and hot sexual escapades, he knows that the name means when men are having sex, it is like a gopher going from hole to hole. Jim told the ladies that he is not going to repeat the story, as no one will believe that he fucked nine very famous and sexy women. The women nod their approval at his explanation and at watch Jim as he drives off down the road.

The End

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