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Carmen reread the letter for the third time. She could not believe the audacity of that blonde bitch. The part she
had read for had been awarded to her but only if they did not like Jenny McCarthy’s reading. She had somehow
snuck in after initially turning down the project. When her other plans fell through she decided to talk to the
producer and he had agreed to let her read for the part- a tough biker bitch. Carmen just assummed she had done
more than talk as does everyone in Hollywood. Getting no answer at Jenny’s house but a machine, she left a nice
little message on Jenny’s answering machine.

Jenny got home late
and extremely tired after a long hard workout, finding Carmen’s message, thinking who the
hell is she to start busting MY hump just because I used some pull. Jenny called her back and left her own
message, telling her she’s nothing but Jenny McCarthy wannabe riding on her coattails, who will never get this
part as I will do everything in my power to make sure you do’nt. Just as she finished Carmen picked up enraged
and after 5 minutes of name calling, curses and false accusations, they agreed to settle this between them. So as
not to ruin both their T.V./ Video/Movie careers they agree on special rules. No touching the face in any way, no
scratching -nails covered, no biting, hair pulling both top and bottom, punching only to the midsection, breast and
cunt, breast squeezing and all types of scissors hold. No choke holds or headlocks except when using scissors. An
hour later it’s all set up and each lady hangs up envisioning thier opponent defeated at thier feet.

A week later at a secluded beach house that a friend has lent Jenny the use of, a small blue sports car pulls up
the driveway and a gorgeuos looking Carmen struts from the car up the path to the door. Jenny opens it almost
as soon as she steps on the door mat, looking stunning in a 2 piece tiger striped bikini. Carmen smiles as she
removes her shirt and shorts, exposing a leopaord spoted top and matching bottom. Both women begin warming
up and soon they are ready to rumble, each putting on the provided leather gloves to cover thier long sharp nails!
At stake, a lucritive Movie contract, that niether can afford to pass up, and also, just who is, the better woman!

With a shout, Jenny charges at Carmen, ripping away her top in one swipe and slapping her hand across the front
of each tit as Carmen steps back out of range, yelping in irritation. Jenny comes forward jabbing at Carmen’s left
tit with her right, but Carmen sends her packing with a left uppercut that slams into her undefended right tit, the
blonde’s face twisting in pain as she backpeddles. The brunnette seeing a weakness, keeps right on top of Jenny
with chest blows, a straight left and then another uppercut repeated on the other breast sends Jenny to one
knee in agony, cluthing at the throbbing boob. Carmen cocks her arm for another blow but the hurting blonde
charges forward into her from her lower posiotion, driving her head, like a hammer hitting a nail, into her chest,
sending them flying to the ground with Jenny on top.

Jenny brings her ass down a number of times on Carmen’s stomach then moves upwards catching her chest twice
before a crushed Carmen gets her legs up and around Jenny’s head and pulls her backwards towards the floor.
Jenny twists out of Carmen’s legs before she can secure a hold and all but jumps back onto the brunnette.
Carmen struggles but again manages to wrap her legs around Jenny’s waist this time and Jenny yelps in pain as
the brunnette’s sexy, strong, well toned legs, crush her sides, but Jenny manages to get both of her arms and
traps them under her legs.

The scissored blonde grabs two handfuls of titflesh and starts wreaking havoc on her rivals chest. Carmen bellows
out in agony as her proud tits are pulled and twisted savagely, her arms trapped at the moment beneath Jenny’s
legs. Carmen is devestasted as Jenny starts to grab and twist her nipples around in circles, ripping the nipples
from her fingers by slapping the tit from her hand, as poor Carmen screams with each blow. The agonized
brunnette frantically tries to free her arms and partly successful she reaches for Jenny’s left tit and clasping it
tightly in her fingers, she begins to try and tear it right off Jenny’s chest as the blonde squeals in pain and grabs
at her foe’s hand. One pulls while th other pushes and while battling Carmen frees her other arm, grabbing the
blonde’s other tit in her hand, twisting it around by the nipple.

They engage in this warfare for quite some time, each ladies chest getting the brunt of the battle till Carmen
sends some punches into Jenny’s sore left tit and the blonde is forced, teary eyed and moaning, to abandon her
tity attack and defend her aching tit. It’s too late as Carmen now grabs both tits in her hands again and all but
tears them from Jenny’s chest. At the end of her rope, her tits throbbing with pain from her rivals savage assault,
Jenny tries to stand and manageing to get to her feet, the brunnette still secured by her scissors to the blonde’s
waist looses her grip on the blondes tits much to Jenny’s evident releif. Wedging her arm between her waist and
Carmen’s leg Jenny soon prys it open and as soon she is free she reaches down and starts punching Carmen’s
stomach and chest, then while the brunnete is hurt and stunned she wraps her own legs around Carmen’s waist
from behind. Realizing what Jenny is about to do, Carmen goes ballistic, bucking and twisting like a demon
possessed maniac, she drives her head backwards just missing Jenny’s face, the blonde quickly grabbing a handfull
of hair and keeping Carmen’s head stationary as she reaches around with her other hand and attacks her now
defenseless tits. Jenny’s leg mucsles stand out as she pours it on, Carmen’s sides are killing her as she continues
to twist and buck like a wild bronco till slowly Jenny’s scissors and constant breast sqweezing is too much for her
and sobbing now, she bellows out her surrender.

Unknown to both, another actress is also up for the part and knew all about their plan to catfight for it. She had
followed them up here and now saw her chance. Jenny is now straddling the defeated Carmen, playing with her
tits as the brunette groans and curses in agony and is completely oblivious to Tiffani’s -Amber’s slow approach.
With loud yell, Tiffani reaches around and grabs both of the surprised Jenny’s tits and rips her backwards by them.
Looking up, Jenny is perplexed to see the brunette, then suddenly realizes what’s about to happen and grabs at
Tiff’s hands. just as her fingers bruch against the skin of each of Tiff’s wrists, Jenny bellows out in utter pain as
Tiff pulls her across the mat by her tits. She then steps on her hair and grabbing each tit by the nipple she pulls
up hard on them as Jenny’s face twists in pain. Tiff then brings her ass down onto Jenny’s face smothering her
and letting her see she has no panties on under the short skirt, rubbing her pussy into Jenny’s face as she again
tears at her breasts. Carmen is now on her feet and walking over to Jenny she slams her foot right into her cunt.
Jenny’s muffled scream is barely heard from under Tiff’s beautiful ass cheeks, repeating again as Tiff punches both
tits at once.

Carmen then takes Tiff’s place and palnts her aching tits on Jenny’s face smothering her and grinning as her rivals
struggles get weaker and weaker till she is unconcious beneath her. As she sits up, Tiffaini’s leg smashes across
her chest sending her to the ground in agony, clutching at her tits. Before she can retaliate, Tiff wraps her legs
around her neck and even though Carmen manages to get her hands into her bra, crushing her small tits, she soon
has Carmen in lala land with Jenny. The barely dishiviled Tiffani struts off to her car leaving the 2 defeated bitches
on the floor, thinking about her now upcoming part in this year’s sure to be a smash picture.

The End?????…….

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