Racing Towards Eternity

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Story Title: Racing Towards Eternity

Author’s Name: Evil

Content Codes: MF, MFF, FF, cons, anal, oral

Celebs: Danica Patrick, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman

Disclaimer: Don’t read unless you are 18 or older. You know the rest.

This is a bridge story. Rawballz and I are working on some others, these stories will bridge the CSSA cruise chain story and the Ski Resort Chain story coming up later this fall. Hope you guys enjoy the story.

Here we go.

Racing Towards Eternity

by Evil

“I can’t believe I let you
talk me into this.”

“You’re actually complaining about going to her wedding…” a female voice from the bathroom said “…you’re the one who was bitching because you never got any of her on the cruise.”

“I’m not complaining about the wedding Natalie, I’m complaining about this…” Evil said pointing to the tuxedo he was wearing. “..this monkey suit you’ve got me wearing.”

Natalie Portman poked her head out of the bathroom door and scowled at him. “You better get used to it mister, trust me on this, the payoff will be more then worth it.”

“I’m a simple man Natalie, tuxedos aren’t my thing.” said Evil as he turned back to the mirror and fixed a stray strand of hair, then sighed.

Natalie stepped out of the bathroom; her short hair was perfectly styled and the white dress she wore came down to her knees. The top, however, was cut for cleavage which Natalie got thanks to the assistance of a pushup bra.

“If tuxes aren’t your thing you can always stay behind and Ashley and I can have fun on our own.” Natalie said fixing her eyeliner in the mirror.

“You know my answer to that is ‘not a chance in hell’” Evil replied as he attempted to fix his tie. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t get it right.

“Well then…” Natalie said, turning around and fixing his tie in record time “…grab your stuff and lets go.”

Evil stood confused as he looked into the mirror, his mid-back length hair tied back into a simple braid, his face was clean shaven, and his normal attire, cut offs and combat boots were in the bedroom of this hotel room he shared with Natalie.

The image staring back at him in the mirror was a stranger to him, but it was something he’d have to get used to.

“You coming or what?” Natalie yelled from the hallway.

“Yeah.” Evil sighed pushing those thoughts out of his head for a while and walking with Natalie out of the hotel and to her hybrid car.

“So the next get-together is in Vermont huh?” Natalie asked snapping Evil out of his daydream.

“Yep, a little town near the Canadian border called Skull Mesa. I’ve got a couple friends who run it.” Evil said.

“Are they the guys who helped save the ship?” Natalie asked.

“Yep, Butcher and Mad Dog.” Evil replied, his face still looked as if he were in deep thought.

That all changed when Natalie pulled her car over to the side of the Scottsdale, AZ road.

“Why’d you stop?” Evil asked, but was quickly silenced when he saw the glint in Natalie’s eyes.

“I never did thank you for saving everyone.” Natalie said as she straddled him and lifted up the hem of her dress exposing her shaved pussy. Natalie was undoing Evil’s pants while she shimmied out of her panties. As Natalie was about to lower herself onto Evil’s hardened cock he stopped her.

“What?” Natalie asked stunned.

“We won’t make it in time if I fuck you here and now, we’ve got time for that later.” Evil said.

“So what? I’m horny now!!” Natalie exclaimed.

“Who said you had to use your pussy to do it?” Evil said smirking.

Natalie got the idea and slid down between his legs. It was a tight fit on the floor of the Hybrid, but she managed to fit all of his cock into her mouth.

Evil’s hands knotted in Natalie’s hair as she started bobbing, and tightened when she ran her tongue all around the head and the little hole. Natalie pulled off and gave it two long licks from the base and up to the head, collecting the precum beading out.

Natalie shivered as she did this. People would be shocked to see this side of Natalie Portman, deep throating someone in the front seat of a car, on the side of the road, on the way to a wedding. She massaged his long shaft with her tongue and then deep-throated him again.

Evil mumbled something unintelligible and grunted as he came down Natalie’s throat.

Natalie swallowing, savoring the taste and the feel of the globs sliding down her throat, she then picked up her panties which were on the lockbox between the two seats, before she could grab them Evil swiped them away.

“I think it would be better if these were left in here.” Evil said putting them inside the lockbox.

Natalie smirked as she lowered her dress back into place, once she checked herself in the mirror she re-started the car and headed toward the country club. The blowjob had not smeared her lipstick one bit.

The rest of the ride was made in relative silence, Natalie occasionally looking over at Evil as he stared out the window.

He’d lost a close friend saving the ship in Bermuda and outside of wife Jennifer Garner no one from the CSSA crew had heard from him until a couple weeks ago when it was announced where and when the next get together would be happening, still Natalie was worried about him.

Natalie gave the car keys to the valet as they both entered the country club, Evil still fidgeting with his tie. Natalie rolled her eyes and smiled as they entered the main hall.

“Damn, they went all out for this.” Evil said observing everything.

It was always hectic before a wedding, the chairs were still being set up, the floral arrangements were still being perfected, and bride and groom’s families were either still mingling or doing other things.

Both Natalie and Evil only paid attention to one person.

“Ashleyyyyyyyyy.” Natalie said excitedly as Ashley Judd and husband Dario Franchitti. Natalie and Ashley hugged as Evil and Dario shook hands. Dario then nodded toward Ashley and Natalie, still embraced in the hug. Dario winked at Evil, then smirked, he knew the score.

“Dario, over here.” Someone called from the bar. Evil didn’t recognize him immediately and put it out of his mind. His attention was fully rapt on the two beauties in front of him.

“So whose the boy toy?” Ashley asked looking at Evil for the first time. Natalie explained it to Ashley who Evil was and where she knew him from.

“Are you any good in the sack?” Ashley asked bluntly.

“I’d like to think so.” Evil said, knowing exactly where this was going.

“Well since Natalie says your dick is good, let’s take it for a test drive.” Ashley said looking to make sure her husband was completely engrossed in what he was talking about. Ashley, Natalie and Evil ducked into a nearby coat room, Evil went in last making sure no one saw them go in.

By the time he had closed the door Ashley and Natalie had already begun making out. Evil took that as the signal to go as he began loosening his belt.

“You sure we should be doing this? This is a country club after all.” Evil said as his pants slid to his knees.

“We won’t if you plow this ass and quick.” Ashley said in a whisper as Natalie pulled her back in for another kiss.

Evil didn’t need to be told twice, as he quickly lifted up Ashley’s dress and yanked her panties down.

“Get ready.” Evil warned as Natalie massaged her breasts while continuing the make-out session.

Evil was met with pretty much no resistance from Ashley’s ass. Once he was all the way in, Ashley moaned into Natalie’s mouth.

“Now, fuck me,” Ashley said, in a faint whisper “fuck my ass, hard.”

Evil began a rhythm of slow, deep strokes. He pulled out and then plunged all the way back in.

“Don’t tease my ass with this slow shit,” she said as Natalie reached between her legs and started to rub her trimmed pussy, “fuck it like you mean it!”

“You asked for it.” Evil said.

Evil gripped her waist and began to slam into her. A long, deep moan escaped her lips, only to be cut off by Natalie’s lips meeting hers. The last thing they needed was someone finding out what they were doing.

Ashley started to shove her ass back at him, their thrusts met with a slapping sound as they collided into each other.

“Fuck, yeah!” she moaned as Natalie continued to work her over. “Fuck my tight ass! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Evil sped up his thrusts, his cock disappearing in between her cheeks at breakneck speed. Evil felt Natalie’s fingers brushing his balls as she continued to play with Ashley.

Ashley moaned into Natalie’s mouth as the dual stimulation began to build up in her.

She let out another deep moan as her body quaked and her asshole began to constrict itself around Evil’s cock, his eyes rolled back as he felt himself pumping loads into Ashley’s ass.

“You ready to cum, baby?” Natalie asked.

“Yes!” Ashley gasped.

Natalie kept his lips locked on Ashley’s as she worked over her clit. Evil’s dick was still in Ashley’s ass as Natalie brushed up against her balls while rubbing Ashley.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” Ashley moaned as Natalie brought her off. Natalie kept kissing Ashley as she came down from her orgasm.

“You can take your dick out of my ass now.” Ashley said as she finally caught her breath.

Evil pulled out of Ashley and put his dick away as everyone re-adjusted themselves.

“Care to get me more acquainted with your new friend Natalie?” Ashley said as she gripped Natalie’s breasts.

“We really shouldn’t, people might investigate the noises coming from in here.” Evil said, pulling his pants up.

Ashley went to pick up her panties, but Evil snatched them away.

“Natalie and I will be keeping these.” Evil said with a smirk as he tossed Ashley’s panties to Natalie who stuffed them into her purse.

“What do you plan to do with those?” Ashley asked.

“I’m keeping them, not him.” Natalie said as they slightly opened the door to see if anyone was watching. The three then slipped out of the room and back into the main hall as if nothing was wrong.


A couple hours passed with nothing of event happening. The flowers arrived for the bride, the caterers messed up something in the kitchen, and Dario drank a little too much and had to be escorted to an empty room to sleep it off, but nothing that piqued Evil’s interest.

“So tell me more about this ski resort you’ve got for us.” Natalie said, noting that Evil looked bored.

“Yeah, I wanna know about this too, I’m planning on bringing Kate and Maria.” Ashley said getting into the conversation.

“Well it’s the one time of year where the town is virtually empty so we’ll have out run of the place. There are empty cabins all over the mountain and they all have access to the slopes as well as Ratner Street which is pretty much main street.” Evil said sitting back in his chair.

“Are there places to fuck?” Ashley asked not caring who heard her.

“Absolutely, you can even do it in the snow if you can handle the cold.” Evil said smirking.

“So why did you pick that place anyway?” Natalie asked.

“Two reasons: One, I know the place well and two, I don’t want a repeat of what happened on the cruise ship which is why I’ve got my crew working security.” Evil said.

Ashley was about to ask to go into more detail but a blonde showed up to the table, it took Evil a moment to recognize her as she whispered something into Ashley’s ear.

“Jennie Finch.” Evil whispered.

“Hey, you’re Cosmo’s friend right?” Jennie asked as she sat down at the table. Jennie’s blonde hair flowed down her shoulders. Her backless low cut dress showed off her ample cleavage. Evil made it obvious what he was looking at, he didn’t even notice Jennie staring at him.

“Yeah, I am. How do you not get noticed around here?” Evil asked, not lifting his eyes from Jennie’s breasts.

“Well..” Jennie said adjusting her breasts getting a smirk from Evil “…no one here knows who I am with the exception of you three and the bride, who by the way is getting cold feet.”

“Really?” Evil said, his gaze still fixed on Jennie’s breasts.

Natalie and Ashley picked him up and carried him out of the room.

“Where are we going?” Evil asked.

“To talk to Danica.” Natalie replied. The three made their way through the building and found the bride’s quarters. Ashley knocked on the door.

“Go away.” She heard from inside.

“Danica honey, its Ashley.” She replied.

No sounds were made for a moment, until the clacking of heels was heard on the floor and the door opened by Danica. Ashley, Natalie and Evil all entered the room to find Danica pacing around the window.

“What’s wrong honey?” Ashley asked. Danica looked at her with a look of fear in her eyes.

“I’m just nervous is all…about the wedding…I’m…um, I’m not sure I’m ready for this.” Danica replied nervously. Ashley pulled the bride in for a hug.

“It’s ok hon, first marriages are always rough.” Ashley said rubbing Danica’s shoulders as Evil and Natalie watched on. Danica then craned her neck up to look Ashley in the eyes and melted into Ashley’s kiss.

Evil and Natalie watched on as Ashley made out with Danica right in front of them. Natalie backed into Evil who merely slipped his hand under the hem of Natalie’s knee length dress and began rubbing her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Natalie moaned as she sat on Evil’s lap while he masturbated her.

Evil began pinching her nipples with his left hand, gasping at the intensity of the pleasure she felt. Her chest heaved as his fingers pinched harder, his hand sped up ever so slightly in her pussy, the sensations burning their way to her brain.

“Oooh…” she moaned as she pressed her thighs together, tilting her head back as a knot of rapture grew beneath her dress.

Evil was stroking her tingling labia timidly at first, then faster and harder, her blood afire, her mind lost in a scorching haze of want and need and bliss

Both Evil and Natalie watched in satisfaction as Ashley and Danica continued their passionate make out session. Natalie’s muscles galvanized, a single, guttural howl erupting from her throat as the strongest orgasm of her life took hold of her.

Her body spasmed once, then again, her eyes wide open as the fire quickly burned itself out and left her dazed. “Oh… wow…” she whispered, as Evil slid his hand from beneath her skirt.

He moved his hand up to Natalie’s mouth and she cleaned herself from Evil’s hand, then moving in for a passionate kiss of her own.

“Ok break it up you two. We’re here for Danica.” Ashley said as Danica was at the mirror fixing her makeup after her intense make out session with Ashley.

“So what’s up with her?” Evil asked

“She’s nervous about getting married. I think she just wants one more go around before she ties the knot.” Ashley said, the last part said loud enough so that Danica heard it. Danica blushed as she looked at Ashley.

“I think we know what we have to do.” Evil said to Natalie.

As the three approached the bride Ashley’s cell phone rang.

“Hello…..what?… Dario….look just stay there….I’ll be right there…..Dammit I have to go.” Ashley said as she hung up her phone and walked out of the room muttering to herself.

Evil and Natalie looked back at Danica who was a vision in her wedding dress.

“Sooo, what happens now?’ Danica asked.

“That depends on you sweetheart, what do you want to do?” Evil asked as Natalie looked smolderingly at Danica.

“Um….I don’t know. Um…whatever you guys are up for.” Danica said blushing.

Natalie went up to Danica and took her face in her hands and lightly kissed her.

“Tell us what you want honey.” Natalie whispered.

“Um… I want you to lick me.” Danica said, her blushing becoming even more obvious as Evil sat back and watched with a smirk on his face.

Natalie kissed Danica on the neck.

“And what about him?” Natalie asked motioning toward Evil. Danica noticed the tent forming in Evil’s pants. Danica nudged Natalie out of the way, went over to Evil, kneeled down and pulled his cock out of his pants. Danica was about to take her white silk gloves off, but Evil stopped her.

“Leave them on.” Evil said. Danica complied.

Danica slowly takes his cock in her silk covered hand, rubbing it slowly up and down, she moves her head down and slowly wraps her lips around the head of his cock, Evil moaned straight away feeling her tongue glide against the head of his cock, she slowly starts to suck on the head of his cock still letting her sweaty hand glide up and down on his shaft making him moan loudly.

Natalie didn’t want to be left out so she kneeled down behind Danica and lifted up her dress.

“Just relax hon, you’ll enjoy it.” Natalie said rubbing Danica’s panty clad pussy.

Natalie removed Danica’s panties, sliding them down her legs and tossed them over to the vanity and began to lick Danica. She moaned as loud as she could with a mouthful of cock.

Danica slowly moves her head down onto his cock taking the first few inches in, Evil smiled at what Danica is doing. Danica starts to moan on his cock but she just sucking on his rod, Natalie’s tongue was working its magic on Danica’s pussy.

Natalie stuck out her tongue and lightly stroked Danica’s withered lips. Danica moaned again with a mouthful of cock.

Natalie eagerly lapped up every ounce of juice she could find, until Danica was soon on the verge of an incredible orgasm.

“Ohhh… yes, stick your tongue right there Nat… aaaarghhhh fuck yessss!” Danica moaned as she pulled Evil’s cock out of her mouth and came all over Natalie’s face and a bit of it dropped on her wedding dress.

Danica put Evil’s cock back in her mouth and lets it easily glide down her throat, the silk gloves making the grip Danica had on his cock feel even better to Evil.

Evil rammed his cock all the way down her throat, making her choke on it as he slides it back out and starts to thrust into her mouth more quickly and more harder, he thrusts his cock into her mouth quicker and quicker making his balls slap hard against her chin, more saliva pours out of her mouth which each outward thrust, he again thrust hard into her mouth this time holding his cock there making her gag on it for a while, sweat pours off of both of there bodies.

Evil keeps his cock there for a whole minute before pulling out and smiling at Danica who’s gasping for air.

“Damn girl, I can see why your husband is so anxious to marry you.” Evil says smirking, Danica smiles at that as Natalie wipes her face clean of Danica’s cum.

“Natalie, can you make sure no one heard this little slut moaning?” Evil asked as he pinched one of Danica’s nipples.

Natalie nodded and left the room leaving Evil and Danica to finish their business.

As soon as the door closed Evil grabbed Danica’s head and thrust his cock back into her mouth, she moaned as she tastes his sweat. Danica then moved one of her hands down to her pussy and slowly started to rub her clit. Evil just kept his cock inside of her mouth as he heard her moan from her rubbing her clit, Evil pulled out of her mouth as she gasped for air again, he looked down at her and smiled.

“I’m gonna cum in a bit”. Evil said.

“Oh god baby I want your cum in my mouth” Danica bellowed in lust.

With that Evil thrust his cock back into Danica’s throat and starts to fuck it very fast as Danica began to choke on it with every thrust, he then feels his balls tighten as his cum comes rushing out of his cock, Evil pulls out straight away as Danica opens her mouth ready for his load.

Evil feels his warm sticky cum shoot through his shaft and spurts out onto Danica’s tongue, his cum keeps gushing out of his cock onto Danica’s tongue as she slowly started to swallow it tasting his cum in her mouth.

Evil’s load finally stops and Danica closes her mouth which is full with his cum, she swirled it all around the inside of her mouth and then swallows it smiling at Evil as she does so.

“Damn girl, I didn’t know you were this dirty.” Evil replied in surprise as he put his cock away and stood up to heave the room.

“Um…you’re not done yet hon.” Danica said.

As Evil turned around he saw Danica unzip her dress and it pool around her feet. Evil was impressed with what he saw. Danica’s little body was very fit and the sheen of sweat from all the sex made her look even hotter.

It was no question what Evil wanted to do with her.

“Put your dress back on.” Evil replied.

“WHAT?!?” Danica asked stunned.

Evil smirked at Danica’s reaction, but quickly laid her fears to rest.

“I want to fuck you while you are wearing the wedding dress.” Evil replied.

Danica smiled as she pulled her dress back up and turned her back to Evil.

“Can you zip me up?” Danica asked.

Evil obliged as he zipped the back of Danica’s dress. The second it is all up she turned around and planted a passionate kiss on him.

Evil kissed her as he carried her over to the bed and lifted up the hem of her dress. Danica tensed a bit as his fingers gently slid over her pink pussy lips. She seemed to be ready.

She had already spread her legs slightly but Evil placed one hand gently on her inner thigh to make her spread them a bit more so he had better access to her cunt. Evil moved over, getting above Danica, Evil’s face hovering directly over hers and his prick brushing over her inner thighs. Evil shifted a bit and the tip of his prick pressed against the entrance of Danica’s pussy. Evil noticed how she flinched at his touch and kissed her lips lovingly before he made the next move. Evil’s left hand trailed from her face over her neck and her should, down to her lace covered breast and caressed her until she relaxed again.

Evil then pressed his dick against the outer lips of Danica’s slit. The brunette arched her back lightly and gasped as the head of his cock slipped past the entrance to her cunt.

Slowly he pushed a bit further, still she seemed to be excited by the new sensation, thrilled by the feeling of his cock conquering her. A slight hiss of pain slipped from Danica’s lips and she tensed up again for a second. Evil retreated a bit and only pushed forward when he felt that she relaxed under him again. Evil took it very slowly, letting her cunt accommodate Evil.

Slowly and gently Evil pushed back and forth, not imbedding himself in her completely. Danica had her eyes closed and the expression of slight pain and nervousness slowly changed as she found the new experience more and more pleasuring after some time. Evil did his best to make her relax more, caressing her naked skin, kissing her neck. She moaned at the sensations Evil was giving her. Her hands were held down by Evil’s stronger hands.

Her incredibly tight cunt had a vice like grip on his shaft and milked my member automatically with every thrust he made.

It took a few minutes of slow and careful before Evil finally noticed a change in Danica. Despite the guilt and badness of cheating on a man she was about to marry with a guy she barely knew, Danica was enjoying herself immensely.

Danica moaned as Evil’s pumping of her cunt became faster. Instinctively she arched her back and grinded her hips against his to get a more intense feeling of pleasure. Slowly at first Danica started moving her hips up and down, pressing against him and falling back into the mattress, but soon she developed a steady rhythm in heaving her pelvis.

Evil let Danica’s hands loose and he grabbed her breasts through her dress. Evil closed his fingers around her right mound, rubbing it with his palm and massaging it gently. Evil then brushed over and pinched her hard nipple with the tips of his fingers taking it carefully between them. Evil bent down and kissed her neck, eliciting another moan of pleasure from her.

After a few moments Evil felt his orgasm approaching and had to slow down his movements in order not to come right away. Unfortunately Danica seemed to miss a bit of the pressure and so she sped up the upward thrusting of her hips. This had the effect that his attempt to prolong the act was not as successful as Evil had wished.

Danica moaned as she felt Evil’s seed fill her, for a few seconds Evil froze in the middle of the movement, getting a longing whimpering from Danica who seemed to be close, too, and suddenly felt neglected. As soon as the stream cum had subsided Evil started pushing forward into the warm, wet tightness of Danica’s snatch again.

A few moments later, her rapid breathing signaled that she was also approaching orgasm. When she reached the point of no return, feeling the orgasmic tension gripping her loins Danica let out a blend of low moans and whimpering before she bit her lower lip and her body twitched under Evil as she slowly lost control over her perfectly rhythmical thrusting only moments before, and then the pure pleasure flooded her loins and her brain as the relieving waves of satisfaction rolled over her.

Danica moaned with trembling lips and her back arched as if she wanted to dive even deeper into the pleasure as the climax gripped her and flooded through her body. Her firm, well-trained sweating body shuddered as she came beneath him. Her vaginal muscles spasmed in a reflex and a groan escaped my mouth as my prick was milked with a vice like grip once again.

When the last aftermaths of her climax buzzed through her body Danica brushed her hand over my cheek, lifted her head and longingly, only opening her eyes slightly for a spilt-second and parted her lips. Evil met her with mine and welcomed her slowly intruding tongue. After the kiss both fell back onto the bed and now noticed that they had an audience.

“Nicely done.” Natalie said as she stood by the door and smiled at Evil.

Evil pulled out of Danica, but before he knew it Danica was already in front of him sucking his cock clean.

“You really should finish up, the party is wondering about the bride.” Natalie said as Danica pulled her mouth off of him and scrambled to the mirror.

As Evil put his cock away Natalie helped Danica get ready, fixing her hair, makeup, and whatnot. Evil stood up and leaned against the wall next to the mirror.

“Thanks, I needed that.” Danica said as some guests of the wedding party entered the room and began fawning over Danica.

Evil smiled and put his arm around Natalie and left the room before anyone could notice them.

“So what’s got you smiling besides the obvious?” Natalie said as they sat back down at their table. Evil just smirked as he tossed Danica’s panties on the table.

“And why are you keeping those?” Natalie asked.

“Souvenirs, just like you and Ashley.” Evil replied, grabbing them off the table again and putting them in his pocket.

That made Natalie laugh as within the hour the wedding began.

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