R.A.P.E. – Resistance Against Popular Entertainers – Christina’s Day Out

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This story contains sexually explicit material, and should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18, 21 in some areas. Also, this story contains a rape fantasy. Although I have written about this, I do not condone it, and anyone who actually does this kind of stuff needs to be shot. Saying that…ENJOY.


(Resistance Against Popular Entertainers)

Christina’s Day Out

It was just a normal day for Christina Milian, she had no work to do today, and had a completely free day. She was staying in the Hilton hotel in London. After waking up at 11 a.m. she jumped in the shower, got dressed, had some
breakfast, and then decided to go to the park. It was a beautiful day out, the sun was shining, and there was a gentle summer breeze. She strolled along the side walk without a care in the world. She was wearing a knee length, loose black skirt, and a white, low cut t-shirt. She was wearing black high heels on her feet, not the best choice of shoes she thought, and knee high socks, the overall effect was that of a school uniform. She looked great, and she knew it.

The three men were sat, discussing the plan. The room was dark, and dimly lit by an old light.

“Where is she now?” asked the first man.

“She was last seen in Hyde park, sat by the lake,” replied the second man.

“Perfect,” interrupted the third man, “she is not far.”

“Send two men up to follow her, and tell them to report back when she is 200 yards away from either entrance,” the first man ordered.

The second man then left the room to give the orders.

“Not long now,” the third man said, under his breath.

It was 2 p.m. now, and Christina was hungry. She decided to go and get some food. As she walked away from the lake, along the path, she noticed two men, behind her, she had seen one of them earlier, along the high street. She thought nothing of it though and continued to walk. She turned left at a path, and noticed as she walked, that the trees seemed to block out more and more sunlight as she walked.. She began to get a little worried, and thought about turning back for a moment. But as she glanced back she noticed the two men she saw earlier, walking slowly, so as not to over take her. She decided against going back, and continued to walk forwards. She didn’t notice one of the men take out a mobile phone.

The two men sat in the darkness, and didn’t even look as the third man entered the room.

“She is in the zone now sir.” Said the man who had just entered.

“Good,” replied the first man, “Have two men wait 10 meters from the entrance, ready for her.”

“Yes sir.” The man said as he left the room.

“So Rob,” the first man began, talking to the third man “it begins now.”

“Indeed Jake…indeed.” Rob replied absent mindedly.

Christina’s Day Out

Christina was getting very worried now, as she continued down the path, she realized that there was no longer anyone around, and very little light was breaking through the thick leaves. It was only her, and the two men slowly pursuing her. There was nowhere to hide. And now she saw something else, which made her shiver. The path ended at a 10 foot high wall, it was a dead end. She didn’t have much time. She was just two meters from the wall now, she could see there was no way she could climb the wall. Her only option was to run. She got to the wall, froze for a minute, and turned to go right, she heard one of the men shout something, and saw them both run towards her, one of the men broke off and turned right. She had been expecting this, and spun left and ran as fast as her legs would take her. All that fitness training she had taken had paid off, she looked back quickly, and saw only one man running now, however as she did so she failed to see a rock in front of her, and tripped over it, grazing her shin. The man caught up, and grabbed her around her hips, and dragged her to her feet. Christina was ready though, and as she rose she grabbed a handful of dirt and gravel, and threw it in the mans face.


Just then the second man caught up,

“Carl,” he wheezed, “where did she go.”

Carl said nothing, and just pointed in the direction he saw Christina run.

Christina was getting tired now, she looked back to see if the men were still there, and ran straight into a huge man who was stood in her way. She fell to the ground dazed.

“Hey, are you okay?” the big man asked.

“Please, help me,” Christina cried, “Please!”

“It’s okay,” said the man, as he lifted Christina to her feet, “whats wrong?”

Christina calmed down a little now, and explained to the man about the two men that were chasing her through the woods.

“Don’t worry” he said, “I’ll protect you from those freaks, my name’s Anton by the way.”

“Thank you Anton,” she replied, “I’m…”

“Christina Milian, I know” he interrupted.

She looked shocked for a minute.

“You are famous you know,” he joked.

She relaxed a little,

“Oh yeah.”

Rob and Jake sat silent. Someone entered the room.

“Where is she now?” Rob asked.

“They are at the entrance now,” the man answered.

“Good, have her bought in now.” Rob said.

The man left the room, and once again, Rob and Jake were silent.

“Why have we stopped?” Christina asked Anton.

“I just need a rest,” he said.

Christina’s Day Out

Neither of them were ready for what happened next. Two men dropped out of the trees above, and unclipped the ropes from their belts. One of the men grabbed Christina, she raised her hand and scratched at his face, he let go, and she jumped behind Anton. Anton put up his fists,

“Don’t worry…” he said, “I’ve got her.”

Christina gasped as Anton spun around and grabbed her by the arms.

“What…” she started…

“Don’t look so surprised Christina, I thought you would be smart enough not to trust a man stood in the middle of the woods doing nothing.” Anton said.

Christina began to scream, and Anton slapped her hard across her face. It turned red, and she fell to the floor, and tears started welling up in her eyes.

“Awwww, is the poor baby gonna cry,” one of the other men taunted.

A tear rolled down her cheek, as she tried to hold back the tears, she saw one of the men pull out a pair of handcuffs. He walked over to her,

“No, please,” she begged.

“Shut up bitch,” the man said, as he kicked her in her stomach.

She doubled over wheezing, and the man grabbed her hands forced them behind her back and hand cuffed them together.

“Let’s get her into the base,” Anton said.

She felt a sudden rush of pain, on the back of her head, and then…everything went black.

“Sir, sir, we’ve got the target in her cell sir,” the man cried as he burst into the room.

“We will be there shortly,” said Rob.

“Yessir,” the man said as he left the room in a hurry.

As the door opened, a burst of noise came through as the men in the other room cheered, the noise went as the door shut. The men just sat, and waited. After thirty seconds, Jake broke the silence,

“Let’s go and inform our guest of why she’s here.”

The two men got up, slowly, and left the room.

Christina was sat alone, in a damp, dimly lit room. She had been awake for only a few minutes, and was feeling very scared. She still had all of her clothes on, and she didn’t feel badly hurt, except for the back of her head. She stood up, and tried to walk over to the door, she took two steps and then found out that her arms were tied to the ground. Just then the door opened.

“Who are you,” she cried, “what do you want from me?”

“Shut up bitch,” Rob said, “you belong to us now.”

Christina said nothing, and backed away from the man.

“Your purpose here is to pleasure our men,” Jake added, “you will do whatever they ask, if you do not follow and order, you will be punished, and one way or another, you will pleasure the men.”

“No…please…I can give you money…however much you want.” Christina whispered.

Both men laughed.

“We don’t need your money you slut,” Rob said, “It’s your body we want.”

Christina’s Day Out

“Now Christina, remove your clothes.” Jake ordered.

Christina didn’t move. Rob moved towards her, but when he reached out to grab her, she lashed out, and punched him in the face.

“Bitch,” Rob said, “If that’s the way you want it, fine…CARL…COME HERE.”

Carl, the man Christina had hurt earlier walked through the door.

“Yes boss?” he said.

“Punish this bitch,” Rob ordered.

A sick smile slowly creeped across Carl’s face,

“I told you you’d pay for what you did to me.”

Christina whimpered as everyone left the room, everyone except for Carl, who walked over to her, and stroked her hair gently, she tried to pull away, but when she moved, he grabbed her hair and yanked it down, she let out a yelp, and fell to her knees.

“That’s right bitch, get on your knees where you belong.”

He reached into his bag, and pulled out a leash. Before Christina could react, he had strapped the leash around her neck, and wrapped the end of the cord around his hand, and clenched his fist so that the leash tightend, and slightly choked Christina.

“Now Ms. Milian. If you follow my orders I will release some of this cord, and make things more comfortable for you, however, if you disobey me, or piss me off, this is what will happen,” he said, as he yanked the cord upwards, stopping Christina from breathing. Slowly he lowered the cord, so that Christina could breath again.

“Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes,” replied Christina, as tears began to fill her eyes.

Carl pulled the cord upwards again,

“Do you understand?” he hissed.

“Yes…” she paused, “sir?”

Carl lowered the cord once more, and smiled.

“Good,” he said, “you’re beginning to learn. Now be a good little slut, and lift up your skirt, so I can see your ass.”

Christina didn’t move, so Carl began to pull the cord, with no choice, Christina lifted her skirt.

“Now bend over”

This time, without hesitation, Christina bent over. Carl could clearly see her ass now, she was wearing a black thong, which rode right up her ass crack.. He gave her ass a slap, she made a small noise, and then he stroked her ass, sliding his middle finger into her crack.. He heard her moan.

“Do you like that slut?” he asked.

“No sir,” she answered..

“Wrong answer,” he said, as he jerked the cord upwards once more.

“Urgh…please, I just want to go home,” she moaned, as tears started rolling down her cheeks, and dripping onto the floor.

“Stop whining bitch,” he snarled, and gave the cord another pull.

She didn’t speak, but continued to cry.

Christina’s Day Out

Carl went back to rubbing her ass crack, and then plunged his middle finger into her asshole. This surprised Christina, almost as much as it hurt her, but all she did was let out a small squeal. She became used to the pain, as Carl pushed his finger in and out of her asshole.

“Does that hurt slave?” he asked her.

“Yes sir,” she managed to answer.

“Well then your going to love what I have in store for you.”

She heard him unzip something, what she assumed was his trousers.

“Oh no,” she thought, “please, anything but that, please god no.”

She felt something rub in between her ass crack, she had never had sex before, so she could only assume it was his dick.

“Now, you have two choices bitch, I can either shove this up your ass, or you can suck it. So…what’s it going to be?”

“I’ll suck it sir,” she replied, knowing that sucking it would hurt a lot less than having it forced in her ass.

Carl pulled the cord up quickly, choking Christina.

“Stupid bitch, wrong answer. You have to beg for cock here bitch, you don’t choose, you beg and plead, and if your lucky, you might get what you want.”

“Sorry sir.”

“Now I’m going to punish you, you fucking slut.”

Christina felt her ass explode with pain, as he pushed his cock into her ass. He was only in by about two inches, and she was already in great pain.


“God you’ve got a tight hole bitch, maybe I should use some lubricant.”

He spat all over her ass, which didn’t help much, it just made Christina feel dirty. He pushed it in another 2 inches, and she could feel every bump, as it slowly slid deeper into her asshole. She screamed in agony. This only made him happy, and he slammed the last four inches straight into her, tearing her hole. A small amount of blood trickled out, and splashed on the floor. Christina let out another scream, she couldn’t get used to this pain, her ass was torn and bloody, and she was struggling to breathe. Then, something strange happened. His penis started to vibrate rapidly, it was then she realized, that this wasn’t his dick in her ass, it was a vibrator. It was a big vibrator, 8 inches long, with 4 inches diameter. She cried as the vibrations made the tear larger, letting more blood leak out.

“Now bitch, that’s not all I’ve got,” he said, whilst he walked around to her front, and stood in front of her face. He lowered His trousers slowly, letting his huge cock spring out, and hit her in the face. She found it hard to concentrate on anything other than the pain in her ass. To taunt her he waved his dick under her nose a few times, and brushed the end against her lips. She hated the smell, it was sweaty, and disgusting, she struggled to stop herself from throwing up.

Christina’s Day Out

“Do you like that bitch?” he asked her.

“Yes sir,” she said, repulsed by his foul smelling penis.

“Now I want you to suck it bitch, and if you bite it, I won’t go easy on you, understand?”

“No, please…don’t make…me,” she managed to say, despite the pain she was in.

He laughed at this, and pushed her backwards. She fell back, landing on the vibrator, which she then found out, was 11 inches long, as it jolted up her ass. She screamed.

“Now open your mouth bitch.” He ordered.

Not wanting to be hurt anymore, she obeyed, and opened her mouth.

“Don’t just sit there, suck it,” he demanded.

She leaned forward, and slowly grabbed hold of his dick. She then began to slide it into her mouth, first just putting the head between her lips, then she managed to get half of his 10 inch dick into her mouth, and then bobbed her head back and forth slowly. She felt dizzy and sick, like she was going to pass out.

“Come on bitch, don’t you know how to suck dick?” he asked.

She didn’t, she wasn’t sexually experienced, in fact, the furthest she’d ever been with a boy was kissing. Carl became angry once more, and grabbed the back of her head.

“Let me show you how it’s done, tramp.”

He began to pull her head back and forth, forcing the whole 10 inches of his dick into her throat. She couldn’t breath, and was gagging. Christina was about to pass out, and Carl obviously notice this, as he quickly pulled his dick out, lifted her up, grabbed her nipple and twisted hard. This snapped her back to reality and she screamed, loudly.

“Okay bitch, now I’m going to finish you off,” he said.

He reached into his bag, and rummaged around for a minute. Christina was worried, she couldn’t even imagine what he was about to bring out. The blood had stopped pouring out of her ass now, but it still hurt like hell. He slowly drew his hand out of his bag, but this time it came out holding a pair of scissors.

“W…w…what are you go…going to do?” she asked, fearing for her life.

“Ha ha haaa, wouldn’t you like to know bitch, now shut up.” He replied.

He pulled her to her feet using the cord, and thrust the scissors towards her, but, rather than stabbing her, like she thought he would, he cut her shirt open. She didn’t wear a bra that day, and as her shirt fell open, her full, pert breasts fell out. He pushed her back down, now she was laying on her back. The vibrator in her ass hadn’t stopped vibrating, it hurt like crazy, but there was nothing she could do. Carl got down and kneeled over her stomach, then, finally, he let go of the leash, Christina could breath properly again, it wasn’t much, be she enjoyed it. Then, he placed his dick between Christina’s tits, and pushed them both together, and began pumping his dick in and out of her beautiful tits. It felt horrible to her, and to make things worse, whilst he did this, he pinched, pulled and twisted her nipples. She didn’t know why, but her nipples became erect. Seeing the pain on her face, made Carl even hornier, then, he had a huge orgasm, so he grabbed his dick, and wanked it in her face. All of his spunk shot all over her face,


She did as she was told, and managed to swallow a mouthful of spunk without throwing up. It felt sickly and warm as it slid down her throat.

Christina’s Day Out

“Ohhhh god yesss,” Carl moaned, “that’s right, swallow it all bitch”

And she did, any that didn’t go into her mouth she was forced to wipe into her mouth with her hands. But the punishment was not over, Carl grabbed his dick, and shoved it into Christina’s mouth, and once again, began to face fuck her. Forcing his huge dick down her throat, as he did this, he managed to spunk once again, and smiled as he saw Christina choke on his cum.

“Turn over,” he ordered, and she did as told.

He grabbed the vibrator that was sticking out of her ass, and pulled it out, but he made sure it was still vibrating on the way out, to cause her more pain.. Then after he put all of his ‘tools’ back into his bag, he ordered her to get into her bed. The bed of which he spoke, consisted of a flat, damp, dirty mattress, a thin sheet, and a bunch of straw for a pillow. Without complaining, Christina crawled over to her bed (she was in to much pain to walk) and got in, under the sheets. She lay there, too tired to think, and in too much pain to move.

“Oh, and here is something to remember me by,” Carl said, as he walked over to her.

He held his dick above her head, and began to piss all over her face, and her bed. She was now drenched in piss, but she didn’t complain, the stink made her feel sick, and she felt so dirty, but there was nothing she could do. Carl zipped up his trousers, tidied himself up, grabbed his bag, and left the room. When he got out of the room, he turned to the four guards who were guarding the cell, and said,

“All of you, go and show Ms. Milian a good time, but save her virgin pussy, I want that for later.”

The guards did as they were told, as Carl walked away, he could hear, to his delight, Christina Milian screaming and begging for mercy, as four huge studs drilled away at her ass and mouth. And he smiled.


Thank you for reading the first part of this story, if you liked it and want to me to write more parts to it, E-mail me at [email protected] I am going to continue these stories with more celebrities joining in the fun and pain soon, feel free to send me suggestions, and as this is my first story here, could you give it a rating out of ten when you e-mail me. Thankyou.

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