The Rape Of Leelee Sobieski [Parts 1-2]

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The Rape of Leelee Sobieski

Wrote by Matt

Leelee was driving one after noon when her car broke down she tried to call somebody but her cell phone didnot have a singel she was in the middle of nowhere when she seen a car coming it was Jim the man who run the autoshop he seen the hot young celebs looking under the hood so he pulled over can I help you she said yeah my car broke down could give me a ride to a phone Jim said sure she had on a see thur shirt with a real short skirt.

Jim got horny looking at her nice ferm breast Jim told her she was a very pretty girl she said thank you but she started
to get worried he then pulled off to the side of the road she said why did we stop Jim then said take your shirt off Leelee said Nooooo take it off or die she took her shirt off Jim said nice breast he said get closer Leelee said why you can see them just fine from their he said get over here now she got closer and then he kiss her hard Leelee started to wimpering he then put his hand on her knee and ran it up to her cunt she said please stop he then started sucking her breast her nipples were geting hard he said you like this don’t you you little slut.

She started crying please leave me alone i will not leave you alone not til I get that pussy of yours then her skirt was cut off she was only clothed in her red silk panties he then pull her panties off and started rubbing her pussy her vagina was throbbing has he ran his fingers around the rims Leelee moaned loudly as she experienced an explosive orgasm, her legs splayed obscenely as her hips bucked back and forth and she felt her cunt juices run down her legs.

He said now it is time to fuck she said noooooo please she tried to fight he off but he jumped on top of her and spreded her legs and tried to stick it in her cunt but she was kicking and screaming then he slaped her on the face he then spreaed her legs agian and then he stuck his hugh cock in her pussy he keep jabing her pussy she was screaming every time her went up & down only after 5 strokes he cumed her pussy and she said please stop he said one more thing what open your mouth she said nooo so he slamed her down and started back fucking her pussy she started back screaming.

Jim said i am going to ask you one more time open yor mouth once agian she said no so he turned her over and opened her ass hole and she started back kicking and screamed when his dick went in her ass she scream like hell her ass was tight he new he was going to have to fuck it fast she felt him starting to cum when he cumed in her ass she started running out of her ass he then said one more time open your mouth she then opened her mouth she grab his dick and lick the tip of it and he then shoved all 12 inchs in her mouth she started gaging she could not take it then he shot aload in her mouth and she almost choked on it when she finaly swallowed it he said ok I am done 3 weeks later she went to the doctor and he said she was pregnent.


Part 2

It had been 3 months since she had been raped their was two guys who had been watching her she went to go take a bath she went upstairs the Fred & Scott watched has she took her shirt and Bra off and her panties off she took her bath but while she was taking her bath Fred & Scott broke into the house and hid in the bedroom she put her towal around her body and walked downstair the two guys followed her downstairs.

That is when Scott walked up behind her and said we have been waiting for she turned around in fear and please don’t hurt Scott then runs his hand down her side and behind her to give her ass a playful squeeze. “Stop it you asshole!” she yells with a slight quiver in her voice.”Stop it? Hell babe, we haven’t even started!” he laughs. she then started crying because she knew somthing bad was going to happen Fred then ran his hand up the towal to her cut “OH GOD!!!! PLEASE STOP! Tears start rolling down her soft cheeks.

Scott said nice breast drop the towal please don’t do this drop it now the towal drops down to show her two perky breasts, very firm and just the right size.

He reaches forward and strokes the silky flesh, making sure to pinch each nipple to hardness “Please…” she whines, “just let me go. Don’t do this.” He reaches up and grabs her by the back of her hair and looks her in the eye, “You have no idea what is going to happen!”

Scott reach and grab a hand ful of pussy she said ?, why are you doing this to me ?” because you always show us what we can’t but now we are going to get what we want Fred cupped her breasts with his hands,

Scott started kissing her gently on her neck. Her skin became full of goosebumps, her nipples were erect Scott turned her around and kissed her mouth she fought but it was no use Scott pressed harder on her mouth slowly opening Scott’s tongue flicked against hers, my hands ran down her back, Scott softly kneaded her buttocks. her breasts heaving up and down and between her legs a wisp of hair hid the jackpot down below. Scott said “I want you to suck my cock, Scott made Leelee unzip his pants please don’t make me do this Scott said “Stop talking and suck it” She placed both hands on it and started to suck on the head of my cock. she moved her hands up and down Scott’s shaft Scott grabbed the back of her head and pushed my cock further back into her throat, she gagged, Scott’s cock found its way deeper into her throat Scott could feel ready to explode. Aaaaarrrrrgghhhhhh, semen pumped into the back of her throat, to much for her to handle as Scott jism spurted forth from her mouth. She gagged and coughed on the ground after I had pulled out.I grabbed her by the hair, lifted her up and pushed her back onto the bed Scott sat on the bed beside her looking at her beautiful nude body, her breasts were firm and the nipples were like little brown rocks.

Scott ran the back of his hand over her face and down her throat, then down to caress her nipples with the tips of hisfingers, her breasts were fantastic to touch, Scott leant over and gently kissed each nipple, goosebumps again came over her skin Scott slowly moved his hand down to her pussy. Her mousy brown downy pubic hair was silken to the touch Scott ran his finger down between the lips of her cunt without venturing inside, slowly Scott moved my hand back and forth up and down her pussy lips still without venturing beyond the bounds.

Scott’s finger still up and down along her pussy lips it brushed over her clitoris sending shivers through her body. Scott climbed on top of her and sat on her stomach. He leant forward and kissed her on the mouth, Scott tongued her bellybutton then headed south, the warm smell of her pussy filled my head. Her pubic hair was nicely trimmed, no nasty side burns,

Scott then stuck his dick in her pussy she started screaming and crying really bad that is when the two rapist heard cop cars they jumped out the window. when the cops got their they ask her if she was ok she yeah she told them she had been raped.


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