The Harem: Episode 16 – “Touch Me And I Will Follow”

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Well it has been a while, hasn’t it?

I began work on this chapter well over a year ago and so much time has passed that not only have Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani and Michelle Branch had babies, but

Britney Spears has gotten pregnant TWICE since I started my first word of the chapter. Hell Lindsay Lohan went from fuckable to anorexic back to fuckable in the time it

took me to write. I tried to make it as quick as I could, but hell you try writing 550 plus page chapters in a timely fashion. It aint easy, believe me. Good thing I got that

Christmas story out before or else you probably would either have
thought I was dead or not writing anymore because of how long it’s been since chapter 15 was


A lot of things have changed since then, including this chapter which was going to be dramatically different when I first sketched it out. A lot of subplots were

delayed or discarded and a lot of new fun was added in its place. I hope you do enjoy this chapter. I think it’s got a mix of hot sex, weird plot (I’ve already received one

“Now you’re just being silly” piece of feedback to this chapter, but I’ve always believed if you’re going to have soldier monkeys around, then damnit you should use them) and

some drama. In fact there are two major revelations in this chapter including the vital piece of information about what exactly happened to Rose all those years ago that

she’s been protecting.

But I wouldn’t want to spoil that for you here, not with so many surprises ahead of you to read. So go forth and read. This chapter has it all, girls on girls, a little

girls on guys, action, suspense, mystery, singing, romance and heartbreak and of course the aforementioned soldier monkeys.

Before we get into it though, here are the standard disclaimers. This story is fiction. There is no mansion of horny lesbian celebrities fucking each other silly day

and night. This is just a product of my overheated imagination. Second, if you’re under 18 then I’m afraid you can’t read this. All age laws in your neck of the woods apply

and must be followed. So click the back button. Seriously do it. Now. I’m waiting.

Ok good…now onto the fun for the rest of us. But one important reminder first. I am the biggest whore for feedback there is. I make Kevin Smith look chaste and

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Thanks as always to the talented and eagle eyed KayJay for finding mistakes where I would never spot them. He goes over this story with a fine tooth comb and

his only reward is getting to see this story a month in advance of the rest of you as well as hearing all my ideas after they pop into my head. Come to think of it, that’s a

pretty sweet deal, but if Evan Rachel Wood happens to pop into the fun in chapter 17 then you’ll know it’s because I owe him big for all he’s done since I took this sucker

over five years ago.

Also thanks for the inspiration and encouragement I always get from my lovely friend in L.A. Fuck Disney. And thanks to Cara for giving me ideas of how best to

use her as well as painstakingly detailing her tattoos and piercings to me. You’ll be seeing more of her in chapter 17…a lot more.

So thanks to everyone and send feedback or else I swear I will pull a Dave Chappelle and leave you wanting for chapter 17 and more.

With that out of the way, I’ve babbled far too long. So now here’s something you’ll really enjoy.

The Harem

Episode 16

“Touch Me And I Will Follow”


It was the middle of the night in Malibu, but Jennifer Love Hewitt was still wide awake. Usually she slept pretty well, especially because by the time she closed her eyes her

housemates or their guests had often licked her into a state of exhaustion, but tonight sleep just wasn’t coming.

Love had spent what felt like hours staring up at the ceiling trying to will her eyes closed, but it wasn’t helping so she eventually gave up. If she wasn’t going to be able to

sleep, at least she could stare at the woman sleeping next to her, which was a much more pleasant site for her eyes.

The covers rose and fell softly in time with Jennifer Aniston’s breaths. She seemed so peaceful and beautiful that Love couldn’t help but stare at her. Jennifer was

curled up nude under the sheets, facing away from her housemate, so Love had a great view of her friend’s bare back. She so badly wanted just to reach forward and caress

her naked skin, touching Jennifer’s soft flesh while maybe, just maybe, tugging the sheets a little lower to get herself a look at her ass.

But Love didn’t make her move. She held back and just let Jennifer sleep. She deserved her rest and Love didn’t want to disturb her. Besides everything in the

room was so peaceful there was no reason to change it. It was a lovely, calm night outside with just enough of a breeze coming in off the ocean.

Love had left the windows open in her room and the wind would kick the curtains open from time to time, letting moonlight spill inside. By now Love was starting to get

happy she couldn’t sleep. Being unconscious would have made her miss this blissfully peaceful moment and she let the serenity of it flow over her, bringing a smile to her


So much had changed lately that it was wonderful to just have a calm moment to breathe and relax. Love wanted the moment to be free of drama or complication.

She wanted it to be something as beautifully simple as lying in bed with a girl she felt totally connected to and hearing the sounds of the ocean hitting the beach.

When it had been time to pick rooms when that first day in the mansion, Love had run right for this one because of its proximity to the ocean. She could stare out

her windows for hours watching the water and feeling at total peace with everything. It was so relaxing and at night she loved the smells and sounds of the ocean. It always

calmed her in the times when she felt angry or afraid and especially those times when she was in the grip of despair.

Trying not to think of the source of her sadness, Love focused herself on Jennifer. She knew things had been so rough for her friend lately and she wanted to be

there for her like Jennifer had always been there for them. She wanted Jennifer never to feel alone or abandoned. She wanted to make sure she knew they would always be

there to support her.

For so long Jennifer had been the rock they had all relied on at the mansion. She had been there giving advice and helping them out with their problems, guiding them all

when they needed her like some kind of surrogate mother. And it had been so hard for all of them at the mansion to see Jennifer’s pain and hear her tears as her marriage


Things had finally seemed so perfect between her and Brad after all their struggles. They had even talked for real about bringing him to the mansion for a visit so

she could show him her housemates in action and allow him to join in. Love knew she would have been lying if she had said she hadn’t been looking forward to that. But

then everything had fallen apart and now Brad was with another woman.

And just as Jennifer had started to get everything on track after the divorce, the bombshell of Angelina’s pregnancy had rocked her. Jennifer had put on a brave

face for her housemates, but they all sensed she was hurting worse than ever. Jennifer had talked so often about having children with Brad. And all of them knew seeing

her dreams come true for someone else had to be agony for Jennifer.

Love just wished she knew how to make it all better for her friend. There was such a connection between all of them at the mansion, but particularly between her,

Jennifer and Rose. They had started this place together and Love would have done anything in the world for either of them without hesitation or question.

Love wanted Jennifer to know it was all going to be ok and she would have the life she had dreamed of, even if Brad wasn’t a part of it anymore. She just didn’t know how to

say it.

So Love had done what she did best and made sure Jennifer never went long without affection. She was always ready with kisses, hugs and much more for her

friend and housemate so she’d know she was loved and desired and that her happiness mattered. She just hoped it was helping.

Since they’d returned from Jamaica, Love had found herself more and more not wanting to sleep alone. She wanted to be close to her housemates as much as

possible and while sometimes she worried they thought she was being clingy, it brought her such comfort to be close to them.

On those nights when they didn’t all end up naked and entangled on someone’s bed, which happily still happened very often, Love found herself crawling into bed to spend

the night with Rose or Jewel or, particularly, Jennifer.

It wasn’t even about sex at times like those. Love just wanted to feel close to them. She wanted to sleep next to them and wake up with them in the morning. And on the

nights she didn’t slide into someone else’s room, Love would do all she could to entice one of her housemates into spending the night in her room, just like she had tonight

when, after an evening of happy debauchery with her housemates and a few guests, Love had stopped Jennifer before she had reached her room and talked her into sharing

a bed.

It hadn’t been hard to talk her housemate into giving in to her request just as it had hardly been a challenge for Love to tempt Jennifer out of her sleepwear and into a 69.

Love’s pajamas and Jennifer’s t-shirt and boxers had quickly been cast to the floor to be forgotten as their tongues had gorged on a midnight snack of pussy cream and Love

could happily still taste Jennifer’s cum on her lips.

Licking up little tastes of her friend’s essence had Love’s libido resparking again and she stopped herself before she got too worked up. Jennifer needed to sleep and Love

forced herself to wait until morning, when she planned to ravish Jennifer once again and whichever other sexy girl, or girls, crossed their paths.

But thinking of sex had Love’s energy flowing and made sleep much less of a possibility. The more she thought of what she and her housemate had done that night,

especially how Jennifer had slid her tongue into her asshole just as she was about to come from their 69, sending her orgasm skyrocketing through her body, and all she

wanted to do to Jennifer in the morning, starting with returning the favor with a nasty little tongue play of her own on Jennifer’s beautiful ass, the more restless Love


As peaceful as everything was in her room and as much as she enjoyed it, Love knew simply lying there wouldn’t do. She knew she’d soon be so antsy she wouldn’t be

able to stop herself from waking up Jennifer. While it would have been fun for her, it wouldn’t have been very nice to her bedmate.

So, slowly and with great care not to disturb her sleeping friend, Love slipped out of her bed and went off to find another outlet for this excess energy. The ocean seemed to

be beckoning her this night, so a walk on the beach seemed like a perfect late night activity.

At first Love considered remaining undressed. It always seemed a shame to put clothes on when she was home. Her girlfriends loved seeing her naked body and Love

could never get enough of showing it to them. But while it did give Love a little naughty rush to think about walking around the beach with not a stitch on her body, it

probably wasn’t the most sensible thing to do. After all who knew who else was walking around at this hour and the existence of this place was supposed to be kept very


As more and more girls were brought into their circle, the mansion was becoming a bit of an open secret in Hollywood and was whispered and speculated about, but that

didn’t mean anyone was about to take out a billboard or anything announcing its presence. So Love decided not to be too obvious about things and got dressed.

Grabbing some sandals and a sweatshirt and shorts, Love threw some clothes on and crept out of her room, trying her best not to stir Jennifer. The hallways were dark and

even a little spooky, as most hallways tended to be in the post-midnight, pre-dawn hours.

They were eerily quiet and Love felt a smile tickle her lips as she considered whether the mansion had any ghosts in it that they’d been entertaining all this time with their

wicked activities. If there were, the ghosts were getting quite a sexy show and Love wondered if the writers for her show would mind if she pitched a voyeur ghost storyline

for sweeps month. She already had some famous guest stars in mind.

But Love’s thoughts about ghosts disappeared and turned instead to the very real spirit that still haunted the place as she passed by the mansion’s empty and untouched


Even with her, Rose, Jennifer, Jewel, Jessica, Alyssa and Christina having their own rooms, the mansion still had enough empty bedrooms for their overnight guests to not

feel crowded, but this was no mere unfilled bedroom. It had been Sarah’s bedroom and Love couldn’t help but peer inside and feel her sadness return.

Once the room had been full of life and energy, but it felt so cold now. By the time they had returned from Jamaica in the wake of finding Sarah’s note that she was leaving,

the room had already been cleared out. Sarah had obviously gotten there first and taken her stuff, compounding everyone’s sadness because she hadn’t given them a

chance to even say goodbye, much less try and stop her.

A few things had been left behind. Little mementos of their times together and even the little stuffed cat Sarah had kept in her bed, strictly for decorative purposes she had

always insisted, were still there and remained untouched. No one wanted to get rid of them and Michelle still dusted and vacuumed Sarah’s room, keeping it from getting

dirty, but also unintentionally giving it the feel of a museum exhibit. Love half expected to see a sign over the bed saying, “Sarah slept here.”

It just made it starker that she was gone and Love hated how the room was an empty shell now. She closed the door as quickly as she had opened it and continued on her

way out of the mansion, making sure to grab her key before she walked out the back, trying to forget about Sarah and how much it still hurt that she was out of their lives


Love made her way down the path leading from the mansion over the sandy slope to the beach below. Things had been crazy lately with everything from Sarah leaving to

Jennifer’s heartbreak to Christina and Britney’s dramatic split. Love still got chills when she remembered how furious Christina had been that day. She had never seen

someone that mad before. But at least some things hadn’t changed.

There was still love and affection behind these walls and, thankfully, the hottest sex Love had ever experienced in her life. Nothing had stopped that and Love hoped nothing

ever would. Even though all the drama had impacted things, everyone there was still just as horny for each other as they had ever been. Old friends like Gwen Stefani and

Jennifer Garner still stopped by whenever they could and new guests seemed to always be a chance encounter away from joining in the lesbian hedonism that defined the


Rose still used Mr. Snappy as a blunt weapon to fuck her willing girlfriends into happy submission as she and Alyssa remained locked in their very sexy rivalry to try outdo

one another. Jennifer’s tongue got hotter every time Love felt it on her body. Jewel still practiced her guitar naked. Jessica got more beautiful every day. Christina still put

them all to shame with her insatiable desire to be fucked at all hours in all conditions and in all holes. And Michelle still was more eager to shave her employers’ pussies

smooth than she ever was in any of her regular maid responsibilities.

Most importantly everyone at the mansion was still ready and eager to fuck each other silly at a moment’s notice. No drama or upheaval could change that. So many

things had changed over the years, but that had been the great constant that left them all smiling.

As she walked the beach, Love thought back as to how much had changed since they had first moved in. When Jennifer had found the mansion and told them all about it,

she was still on Friends, with many more years of Rachel Green to come. Rose hadn’t even seen an episode of Charmed back then. Sarah had still been Buffy and Love

had been smarting from the cancellation of Time of Your Life, with no thoughts of ghost whispering anywhere near her brain. But through all the ups and downs and career

highs and lows, they had always been there for each other, emotionally and sexually.

Thinking back on all the times they had been there for each other sexually had Love smiling again and had her once more longing to be naked. She glanced

around and saw nothing but the ocean in front of her and empty beach flanking her. Her smile grew more wicked as she pushed aside any nerves that might have been

lingering and pulled her sweatshirt over her head.

When throwing on some clothes, the one thing Love had not grabbed was a bra and her bare tits bounced free as she yanked the heavy shirt off. The cool wind

immediately stiffened her nipples and Love furthered that by giving each of her swelling tips a naughty pinch before she kicked off her sandals and lowered her shorts. With

a giggling squeal, Love ran right into the ocean and shrieked happily as the cold salt water struck her naked body.

Having a pool and ocean nearby always gave the girls plenty of skinny dipping opportunities and Love had been a frequent participant. But that was usually during

the day when the bright California sun warmed everything up nicely. Love’s late night Pacific swims had been far and few between because of how cold the ocean could get,

but after she had gotten used to the temperature they had always ended up being fun and this time didn’t look to be an exception.

The cold water on her naked body got Love’s heart pounding and she laughed and giddily shrieked to the night sky as she swam in the green-blue Pacific and felt

the waves carry her and toss her around like she was a piece of very sexy kelp. But try as she might, Love couldn’t get her thoughts too far from Sarah.

It had been heartbreaking to wake up and discover that note and then to come home and to then find Sarah had already come for her things had just made it

worse. But no one had expected to never hear from her again.

Sarah had completely cut them all out of her lives and no one could comprehend why. She had given them all up. And why? For Freddie? It didn’t seem like Sarah to do

that to them and everyone had expected to hear from her in the immediate days after Jamaica, begging for their forgiveness.

But that visit had never come. They hadn’t seen or heard one word from Sarah since that night. Not even a phone call or a Christmas card. Nothing. It was like

she had dropped off the face of the Earth and if it hadn’t been for seeing her pop up in magazines or on E! it wouldn’t have been hard to believe she really had been sucked

into another dimension or something.

No one could believe Sarah could treat them like this and just cut them off cold. It was as if nothing that had ever happened between them had really meant

anything to Sarah at all, like they were some diversion for her before she settled down and got married.

Love felt it more than anyone. After all this had all started between the two of them. Her and Sarah had shared that first frenzied fuck at the audition and everything here

had grown from that first seed of desire. For Sarah to now act like that had been nothing important, when it meant the world to Love, was heartbreaking.

Love also carried the guilt from that night in Jamaica. She had never told anyone what had happened between her and Sarah after the orgy. How she had begged

Sarah not to marry Freddie and stay only with them. As soon as Love had heard Sarah was gone she felt she was the reason why. She had scared her off. She had sent

Sarah running off into the arms of Freddie with her plea not to marry him. She had ruined everything.

Love didn’t say a word about it. She didn’t want anyone to know how she felt. She knew her housemates. They’d tell her it wasn’t her fault and how it was

Sarah’s choice to make and no one had forced her to do anything. But that didn’t change the way Love felt.

She couldn’t shake the idea she had been the reason for Sarah leaving. She had tried to forget and move on but, even with everything else that was great in her career and

life there to distract her, she hadn’t been able to.

She just wanted her friend to come back.

Love had always been terrible at holding grudges. She was always lightning quick to forgive and she couldn’t force herself to be mad at Sarah. If Sarah came back

tomorrow Love would have been ready to pretend like nothing had happened and she had never left.

Love wanted any sign from Sarah at all that she still cared. Anything at all. Every time the phone rang or someone came to the gate, Love hoped it was Sarah. But it never


Sarah’s name was barely mentioned around the mansion anymore. They hadn’t even really talked about what had happened after the first few days of adjustment,

but it wasn’t like Love wanted to reopen that wound again. She knew her housemate’s were hurting too from the Sarah’s abandonment. But pretending she had never been

there wasn’t making anything better either.

Thinking about Sarah was bringing Love’s mood down and the water was getting colder, so she ran from the ocean onto the beach again. It was there she realized

two things. First she hadn’t even thought of bringing a towel or anything to dry herself and second she wasn’t alone anymore.

Love stopped dead in her tracks and found herself unable to do anything but stand there as one of her neighbors stood gawking. It was Franklin. He was usually

the quietest and most intellectual of the three boys who housed themselves in what used to be the mansion’s servant’s quarters but he was visibly struck dumb tonight by

the sight of Love’s naked body. The actress could easily see behind his glasses that his eyes loved what he saw even if his mouth refused to work.

The two of them didn’t say anything to each other for a time. They were both shocked to have found each other and when Love crossed her hands over her

exposed tits, it was only because she was shivering and not because of any modesty.

Even in her surprised state, she remembered this wasn’t the first time Franklin had seen her naked, considering he and his friends had accidentally stumbled into some

serious lesbian lovemaking once before. So Love didn’t do anything to cover up her pussy, freshly shaved from Michelle’s touch up the morning before. She just stood there

wrapping her arms around her body and shivering with her teeth beginning to chatter slightly until Franklin spoke up.

“I’ll go get you something,” Franklin said before disappearing. It was a much shorter run to his house than the mansion and he quickly came back with a blanket

for Love. It wasn’t quite a towel, but it would do and since he didn’t seem to mind, Love used it to dry herself.

“Thanks,” Love said, starting to feel a little embarrassed now that she was warming up. “Ummmm I didn’t…didn’t know anyone was around.”

“I heard screams,” Franklin said, referring to Love’s shrieks from the cold water. “I thought someone was in trouble. I uhhh…didn’t know you were going to…going

to be like that.”

“What’s the matter Franklin, don’t you like naked girls?” Love asked, trying to end the embarrassed tension with some humor and not quite succeeding. If

anything it made Franklin more uncomfortable and seeing that made Love feel the same way.

“Well I’m not in danger or anything, so you can relax,” Love said, trying another tactic. “I was just having some fun in the ocean. I didn’t wake you guys up or

anything, did I?”

“No,” Franklin immediately replied. “It was my turn to stay up on watch. Someone’s got to supervise the soldier monkeys as they patrol the perimeter. You never

know who’s out there. By the way are you sure you’re you?”

“Huh?” Love asked.

“I mean are you sure that you’re really Jennifer Love Hewitt,” Franklin explained. “You could actually be a clone, programmed to kill and not even know it. Perhaps

a cyborg replacement. Or maybe just a brainwashed assassin? Would you mind if I scanned you?”

“Yes, I’d mind,” Love sighed. She didn’t mind the boys’ weirdness. She liked it. But she wasn’t up for any kind of scanning right then. “I’m me. I’m sure I’m me.

I’m not a robot or brainwashed or anything. At least I think that I’m not…”

Love actually paused and found herself thinking over the question. If she was actually a robot clone would she even know it? Or would she just think she was

real? Wait…that was crazy! Now they had her thinking like them.

“Thanks for the blanket,” Love said, feeling it warm her up as she drip dried onto the sand and tried to change the subject away from if she really was who she

thought she was. “I didn’t think to bring a towel.”

“No problem,” Franklin said, apparently accepting Love’s claim she was in fact herself. “You looked like you needed it.”

Franklin nervously smiled and Love couldn’t help but join him. When Love had first met the boys and found out they all lived together she had kind of thought they

might be gay. But that didn’t seem to be true. They had been friends since they were kids and nothing more.

Plus Love had seen Tara Reid hanging out there a lot lately and she had heard she was Delbert’s girlfriend or something and seeing how Franklin was looking at her showed

he at least liked looking at naked girls.

Love sat down on the stand to continue drying herself and when Franklin sat down next to her she found her mind wandering. She had never seen any of the boys

with girls before. She wondered if they were virgins. Had any of them been with a girl before? Franklin had seemed very flustered by the sight of her body. How would he

react if she leaned over and kissed him? Would he faint? What if she gave him a blowjob? Would that give him a heart attack?

The randomness of that thought struck Love by surprise. Where had that come from? She hadn’t been exclusively lesbian or anything these past years, her and

Rose’s jailhouse adventure in New Mexico had been proof of that, but she had certainly never had felt any kind of sexual impulse toward the boys before. But now her mind

was wandering.

Maybe it was the late hour. The full moon. The adrenaline from the cold water on her naked body. Or her own restlessness. Whatever it was, Love found herself

wondering what would happen if she took Franklin back to his place, stripped him naked and did things to him to make his glasses completely fog over before having Waldo

and Delbert strip down too so she could devirginize them all and give them the thrill of a lifetime and get herself a little stoner gangbang action in the process.

The thought of doing that wasn’t exactly making her horny, but it was definitely intriguing. Brad Pitt might never have had the chance to visit the mansion, but

these boys could. She and her housemates could absolutely blow their minds. What would have happen if she kissed Franklin and made it happen? Would the world tilt

off its axis if she brought some cock back for her friends all to share?

Love looked over at Franklin and wondered if he was thinking the same thing. He seemed to have something on his mind. He looked like he was dying to say

something and if in fact he did make a move on her, Love wondered how she’d react. Would she brush him off politely? Or explore these new thoughts and let him ravish

her right there on the sand? It was a weird choice to have in front of her and Love soon found herself leaning one way over the other.

“Love?” Franklin finally spoke up. “Can I ask you a question? It’s kind of personal.”

“Yes Franklin…anything…” Love answered, having already decided, as strange as it was, that any sexual request would have met with no resistance.

“Do you want to…you know…come on up to our house and…” Franklin nervously stammered.

“What? What do you want Franklin?” Love wondered as she considered whether or not she’d want him completely naked or have him leave his glasses on.

“Do you want to…come and…and play Laser Tag with us?” Franklin asked.

Love nearly swallowed her tongue. She was ready to offer up orifices to him and his friends and that was all he wanted? Laser Tag? Love couldn’t help but smile

and laugh and immediately reply.

“I’d love to,” Love answered. “Just don’t zap me too quickly. I’m kind of rusty at this game.”

* * * * *

There were no games at the offices of L.A. Beat Magazine. The business going on there was deadly serious as the night had disappeared into dawn and the

morning began.

With so many magazines following the celebrity beat all at once, the competition was so fierce it made the law of the jungle look like the teddy bears’ picnic. Getting a

scoop was a bloodsport and reporter Scotty Taylor had the scoop of all scoops in his grasp. But investigating that scoop had taken months upon months of scraping and

digging and the young man looked quite worse for the wear.

His fresh out of journalism school face looked haggard and drawn out now. He had several days growth of beard and had the dead look in his eyes and hand

shakes of someone who had been living on nothing but coffee, Red Bull and Jolly Ranchers for the last few days.

Since beginning work on this story he had more or less taken the magazine’s conference room as his own and the place now looked like it was a mad scientist who worked

there and not a journalist.

The room was filled with papers strewn about. Press releases, previously published reports, first hand accounts and second hand conjecture. It was all on paper

and it littered the table and floor of the room like a file cabinet had burst apart at the seams and exploded. A dry erase board was filled with the names of some of the most

famous and beautiful girls in movies and music with arrows connecting some to others along with the scribblings of how they were supposedly all connected.

As he stared at the scene from the door, Horatio Paza thought it reminded him of Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind when he was really starting to crack up and

lose it as he was haunted by unsolved equations. He looked at the names on the board and some of the ones that jumped out at him the most were Britney Spears,

Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gwen Stefani, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Hilary Duff. What form of madness could connect all those names together?

“I tell you he hasn’t left this office in days,” the night janitor said as he pointed at Scotty as he remained hunched over his laptop, furiously typing away. “Every

night I come in to clean and he’s there. Then when I go to punch out in the morning, he’s still there just clicking away on that damn keyboard and he never lets me in to

clean. I don’t think he’s even moved in days. I thought I’d tell you because you seem to be his friend.”

“Thanks Rafael,” Horatio said as he patted the janitor’s shoulder and walked inside the conference room. He wouldn’t exactly call himself Scotty’s friend. He’d

been his photographer on a few stories and he supposed he talked to him the most of anyone there. But he had no idea how to handle something like this. This was

veering into dementia territory.

“So ummmmmm how’s it going there Scotty?” Horatio asked as he stepped around the piles of papers and half expected some kind of tentacled creature to grab

at him like the garbage pit creature in Star Wars.

“Horatio! I’m so pleased to see you!” Scotty declared, his eyes frenzied and wide all of a sudden as he had his first human contact in days. “I’m close! So very,

very close!”

“Close to what?” Horatio asked.

“Proving the lesbian celebrity conspiracy!” Scotty triumphantly declared with a fist pump. “I owe this to Mr. Malloy, God rest his soul! He wanted me to prove this

and I’m going to do it damn it! I’m going to expose them all!”

“Oh man you’re not still working on that story are you?” Horatio sighed. Before his untimely death from a masturbation triggered heart attack, Duncan Malloy, late

publisher of the magazine, had filled his staffs’ heads with his paranoid right wing conspiracies for years. One of his favorites had been about how lesbian celebrities were

working together to corrupt the morals of decent Americans. “That story’s a bunch of bull!”

“HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?” Scotty shouted in both shock and awe before taking his voice down an octave. “You were there that day at the press conference!

You saw Britney and Christina kiss too!”

“No only you saw that,” Horatio reminded the writer. “I was with the rest of the press. You had just been thrown into a garbage can by their bodyguard. And I still

think you hit your head. Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are not involved in any kind of lesbian conspiracy.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh but they are…and it goes deeper, much much much deeper,” Scotty declared before maniacally rubbing his hands together. “I’ve been seeking the

truth on this. I’ve been seeking it with every ounce of my energy and every breath I can muster. They’re just the tip of the iceberg. The tendril of this conspiracy runs deep

through Hollywood and it’s up to me to bring it to light. I will stop them! I will stop them from corrupting and converting more innocent girls to their deviant cause! Only I can

do it! I have to do it! I must do it to honor Mr. Malloy’s memory!”

“No, Scotty, you need to go home, have a shower cause man you stink, eat some real food, get a few weeks worth of sleep and then give up on this story,” Horatio

said. “There is no lesbian conspiracy.”

“Oh yeah? Then how do you explain this?” Scotty demanded before taking a pointer stick and slapping it against the dry erase board where all the names were

scribbled. “Before the One World, One Love concert Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were the most bitter of enemies. But then suddenly they’re like girlfriends,

partnering up and kissing like debauched little whores! That’s the day they became willing disciples in the lesbian celebrity conspiracy! I talked to people backstage that

day! They said the two were assigned the same dressing room by chance and there was a fight inside it. They could hear the screaming and it sounded like things were

broken inside it, like they were wrestling each other or something and then all of a sudden the sounds change and it’s a much more intimate and friendly sound if you get my

meaning. Do you get it Horatio? Do you get my meaning?”

“Yes Scotty,” Horatio sighed. “A moron would get your meaning.”

“Well after that suddenly they’re partners,” Scotty continued to explain. “I think that was when Christina converted Britney into a lesbian and got her involved in the

conspiracy. Now here’s where it gets interesting! Before Christina converted Britney she was seen talking with Jewel and Gwen Stefani! This concert was a hive for the

lesbian conspirators. I’m sure Christina converted Jewel and Gwen into her depraved cadre of lesbian fanatics then.”

“Wait, you can make someone a lesbian just by talking to them?” Horatio asked, trying to follow Scotty’s thinking. But the reporter didn’t respond. He just kept

on talking.

“After Christina sunk her lesbian fangs into those two, Michelle Branch was seen going into Gwen and Jewel’s dressing room and not coming out until significantly

later by several witness accounts!” Scotty continued. “That poor girl probably had no idea what was waiting for her inside, but by the time she left she wasn’t herself

anymore. She had been converted into a lesbian celebrity conspirator, just itching to spread it to all the impressionable young girls in America and the world beyond.

Meanwhile Christina was later seen talking to Jennifer Love Hewitt at the concert and they also disappeared. No doubt this is when Christina converted Jennifer. And to

think she’s got a show on prime time television where impressionable Americans watch. Now after this Jennifer reportedly gets into an altercation with another girl who

claims she was being hit on by this living, breathing lesbian celebrity. So Rose McGowan sweeps in and brutally blinds the boyfriend bravely coming to his girl’s defense.

Rose must be one of them too! Now later on that night, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan are mysteriously attacked in Malibu in a mansion registered to a

mystery company by what police call a stalker, but I think was really one of the brave soldiers in our fight against lesbian celebrities and their destructive ways. I’m sure

police are covering up the truth so the nation doesn’t panic. How do I think they’re connected? Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Aniston and Jewel were all

seen by numerous witnesses at the hospital visiting Sarah and Alyson in the hospital. Sarah and Alyson are probably ringleaders. We already know Jennifer and Jewel

have been converted, so obviously Jennifer Aniston and Alyssa are too. That must be why Jennifer’s marriage fell apart. Brad needed to be with a woman who wasn’t a

lesbian. So I’ve heard rumors that after her recovery, Alyson was later arrested at a bondage club with Shannon Elizabeth and Mena Suvari. Their publicists managed to

quell all press reports, but I talked to a cop at the scene that was there and he said they were there and they all got busted. No doubt they were looking for more victims to

seduce that night. That same day, Hilary Duff was seen at a music video set with Britney and Christina. Maria Menuonos was there too interviewing them and we have no

choice but to assume they got them both too and converted them into lesbians. Those poor innocent girls. They had no idea what was in store for them until it was too late

The net keeps growing wider and wider. I just need to find the center of it. Where do they meet? Where do they plan their strategy? Don’t you see? DON’T YOU SEE



“Yeah I see…I see there Scotty,” Horatio said, humoring the insane ramblings. With each name he had mentioned, Scotty had smacked the board with the stick,

pointing to the corresponding name and highlighting the connection. It had made quite the impression even if it was delusional. “Tell you what, why don’t you just get

yourself a little rest and the lesbian conspiracy will still be there when you wake up.”

“Can’t sleep…can’t do anything but find story…” Scotty groaned. “It’s taken months, but I’m so close…just a few pieces of the puzzle left to find. So close to

getting the truth and exposing them all…must expose conspiracy…must save America…must do it for Mr. Malloy…must stop perverted lesbian celebrities from corrupting

fine virginal girls…mmmmm fine virginal girls…so sweet and tight and young…must save them from lesbians…Must find center of conspiracy to tie it all together…must find

their headquarters…must find the missing pieces…must do it soon…”

“Yeah whatever,” Horatio said, not believing a word of it. Didn’t he know Britney and Christina had had a huge falling out? How could they be in a conspiracy if

they weren’t even speaking? “You just relax. Here I’ll put on Adam Carolla and you can have a few laughs.”

As he was walking out of the office, Horatio flipped on the radio on a shelf and tuned it to KROQ. Early morning laughs weren’t available at the moment though and

a commercial was playing as Horatio left the conference room and Scotty behind.

“Do you or a loved one have a habit or trait that needs to be changed?” the commercial blared. “Then Total Transformation is for you. Our term of certified behavior

experts can make things the way you want it with just the simplest of modifications. It’s as easy as a phone call to arrange a free consultation…”

But though he was in the coveted advertiser demographic of white males aged 18-35, Scotty took no notice of the ad. He was too busy falling asleep at his

computer, the keyboard making an impression on his face as he muttered dreamily about unmasking the conspiracy.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Scotty would have been dismayed to know, despite his efforts, the lesbian celebrity conspiracy was alive and well in Malibu as Jessica Alba made her

way to get her morning shower. Of course she had no idea she was involved in any kind of conspiracy. In her mind, she was just having fun and enjoying every moment she

was able to spend in this sexual paradise.

Jessica might have been the newest housemate, but she had been there for that first wild party by the pool and since that day part of her heart had always called

this place home even when she’d lived elsewhere. She had good friends and great sex here, what more could she want? Add to that a blockbuster movie franchise and her

pick of scripts these days and she didn’t think life could be any better.

Of course there was always a way things could get better and that would have been if Jennifer Garner had been here with her. Jessica knew what happened to her

didn’t compare to everything that had surrounded Sarah and Britney and Christina lately, but she had her own fair share of drama lately.

In the space of one day in Jamaica, she’d had Jennifer suddenly thrust the hope of a relationship on her, a fight that had nearly split them up for good, a huge orgy, an attack

that had bordered on flat-out rape by Avril Lavigne and then a long, tender make up session with Jennifer. It had been too much by far and Jessica had returned home to

Malibu longing for stability.

Of course with everything that followed with Sarah and Britney, stability had been a far away dream. And then the cherry on top had been Jennifer’s pregnancy. It had taken

them both by surprise, but Jessica didn’t hold any grudge against her friend for making the decision she did. She would have done the same thing if she’d been the one who

was pregnant.

Jennifer loved her daughter and being a mother was the most important thing to her now. Jessica could easily see why, too. Every time she was over to Jennifer’s house

and spent time with Violet, Jessica just wanted to stick the kid in her bag and take her home with her. The little baby girl was one of the most beautiful things Jessica had

ever seen and every time she was over, she left with a daze in her eyes, entranced with the desire to go out and spawn with the first worthy guy she found.

Of course the feeling was fleeting and Jessica would quickly snap out of it. But at least it helped her understand Jennifer’s perspective, even if it had meant putting aside

any effort at a real relationship for them, at least temporarily.

They didn’t have to be a clone version of Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst to be happy and both of them knew that now. All the drama had given both Jennifer and Jessica

some needed perspective and, besides, it wasn’t like they weren’t still fucking each other silly every chance they got. It just meant they were both going into things with

more maturity.

Jessica at first had resisted the idea of any kind of relationship outside of just sex and friendship, but then Jennifer had made her feel so safe and loved after what had

happened with Avril and she had reconsidered. Then the pregnancy came, but they had been able to overcome that.

They still talked every day, but they had their separate lives and just as Jennifer didn’t stand in Jessica’s way when it came to being with as many girls as she wanted,

Jessica didn’t interfere with her friend’s home life with Ben and Violet. They made sure they were there to support each other at all times and Jennifer made sure she got to

the mansion for some serious fun whenever possible.

The former Alias star had become quite a fixture in Malibu and was quite popular with all the housemates, but when she slept over she always ended up in Jessica’s


As for Avril…well they had come up with a suitable punishment for her after what she tried to pull. The young Canadian had undergone a serious attitude adjustment and

was more compliant now. Much more compliant.

Jessica just wished everyone’s problems could get solved like hers had. Part of Jessica was mad at Sarah for running off like she had. She hadn’t had any right

to do that to them. But she also knew this couldn’t have been easy for Sarah and Jessica didn’t want to hate her. Like many others, she just wanted her to come


How could anyone pass up living at a place like this? She was still a relative newbie around here as a housemate and Jessica was still getting a little used to all

the quirks of the mansion. Exploring the place was actually her new hobby. Love had once told her that the place had used to be a high-class bordello and Jessica could

believe it. It certainly wasn’t like any other place she had ever lived.

One of the stranger quirks of the place was the set up for the showers. While each bedroom had a private bathroom, there weren’t any showers. There were hot

tubs and bathtubs, but Jessica didn’t always have the time for a long soak in the tub. Sometimes she just needed to grab a quick shower and run out the door, but being

able to do that required a bit of a hike from her bed.

The mansion’s showers were located past the private gym and every time Jessica walked past the exercise machines she blushed and remembered all the times

that she’d gotten a real workout in the gym without touching any equipment. Whenever she had exercised with any of her housemates or their friends it had never taken

long for their workout clothes to be cast off, allowing for the best kind of exertion to begin.

Jessica paused her journey for a moment to run her fingers over the row of weights neatly organized in a row and recall the time she’d been pressed against them,

completely naked, as her leotard lay on the floor and Jewel’s tongue traveled up from her pussy to tease and enter her needy ass, sending her into creaming convulsions of


With an unconscious lick of her lips, Jessica treasured this memory as she did every other one of the naughty experiences she had indulged in between these

walls. How could anyone give this up?

But before she could get melancholy about Sarah, Jessica pulled herself away and got back to heading for the showers. They were set up like this place was a

standard health club and not a place where people lived, but Jessica never minded the layout. She actually preferred it because it encouraged group showering and all the

orgasms that went along with it.

It was impossible to hide your presence in a shower room like this and, as she walked inside, Jessica quickly realized she wasn’t the only one in the mansion up

at this morning hour. The sound of rushing water and feminine humming betrayed the presence of another and Jessica felt her libido flutter a bit as she wondered which

beautiful girl she was about to catch soaping herself up.

Tiptoeing for no good reason other than she felt like being a little coy, Jessica softly approached the sound of the soft morning shower singing. The woman was turned

around under the water so all Jessica could see was her bare back, but the woman’s short brunette hair and collection of tattoos left no mystery as to who she was.

As her pussy began to slightly stir under her bathrobe, Jessica gazed upon Alyssa Milano in all her nude glory, her eyes naturally moving down to her housemate’s awe

inspiring ass as it glistened for her from the hot water streaming down her back.

Trying not to reveal her presence to the unsuspecting bather, Jessica hungrily stared at Alyssa, focusing on the sacred heart tattoo on her ass and wondering if her friend

would mind if she just walked up and pressed her lips to it. Alyssa had such beautiful tattoos all over her body and many times when they were together Jessica hadn’t

been able to help lavishing love all over the colorful designs with her tongue.

Doing that had always left Alyssa writhing on the bed, so Jessica felt a grin tug at her lips as she reckoned that her housemate wouldn’t mind a surprise kiss to her heart at

all, or to the rosary beads on her back or even around front to the fairy on her hip. No she definitely wouldn’t mind at all and Jessica was thinking about doing just that. But

first she wanted to stare a bit more.

Alyssa was a vision under the steaming water as she continued her soft singing, showing off the voice that had made her a superstar in Japan. Her black hair was soaked

against her head and water just flowed down her gorgeous body giving her a wet glow from head to toe. Jessica just wished she had a camera to take a picture of this. She

had never been more turned on by Alyssa before and she couldn’t even see the front of her. But with no recording device in sight, Jessica knew she was going to have to

settle for the mental image seared in her memory.

Just watching Alyssa soap herself up under the shower head was getting Jessica juicing up in all the right ways and she couldn’t help but open her robe just enough to slide

her fingers over her already slippery slit. Jessica’s body stiffened as she touched the smooth, sensitive lips of her pussy. She wanted Alyssa so bad, but still she didn’t

move. She was having too much fun just standing there and staring, completely undetected…or so she thought.

The sexual trance Jessica was putting herself into was suddenly interrupted when Alyssa spoke up, her back still turned on the horny voyeur.

“You know if you stare any harder you’re going to burn a hole in my back,” Alyssa said with a little giggle in her voice as she revealed she’d known all along someone was


Upon being discovered, Jessica let out a slight gasp and dropped her hand from her pussy. Even though Alyssa clearly didn’t mind being watched, and it wasn’t like the two

of them hadn’t been a lot more intimate than that before, Jessica’s first impulse was still to apologize.

“Sorry…I…I…uhhhh…” Jessica began stammering before she was cut off.

“Don’t apologize,” Alyssa grinned, turning around and showing off her nudity in all its full frontal glory as soap bubbles both dripped and clung to her body. “Just get in here

with me.”

In a flash, Jessica’s bathrobe was on the floor and she was under the water with Alyssa, just as naked as her housemate was. Now both girls were giggling as Alyssa

pressed her wet body to Jessica’s and kissed her tenderly, rubbing their tits together as the blonde actress got wet in both senses of the word.

“Mmmmm now isn’t this better than just staring,” Alyssa smiled in between kisses to Jessica’s needy lips.

“Much better,” Jessica immediately agreed. “I just couldn’t help it. You looked so good that I needed to just look at you for a while.”

“Well I’ll take that as a compliment,” Alyssa remarked before reaching down between Jessica’s legs and helping herself to a feel of her friend’s pussy. “Oooooh but this is

an even bigger compliment. You got yourself nice and wet watching me, didn’t you, you sneaky little thing?”

“Yessssssssss…” Jessica moaned from the contact with her wetness. “Mmmmmm I was getting so turned on. Your body is just incredible Lyssa. I wanted to get in here

with you but I couldn’t stop looking. You’ve just got a perfect body.”

“And you’re pretty easy on the eyes yourself sweetie,” Alyssa smiled as she made the understatement of the year. Alyssa kept rubbing Jessica’s pussy, feeling the

growing wetness start to coat her fingers as the hot shower water beat down on their nude bodies.

The two girls let their lips push together for lingering kisses that allowed for plenty of soft tongue explorations of each other’s mouths. Their kisses were hot but tender with

neither girl getting too aggressive. They were both perfectly happy to stand under the water and indulge in their mutual lusts. Their bodies kept touching in all the right

places and neither girl was eager to stop the kissing.

Finally it was Jessica who cracked and made a grab for some girl flesh. Alyssa had kept up a steady rhythm on her pussy and she returned the favor by reaching around

back to grip the ass cheeks she had been admiring so.

“Ohhhhhh…” Alyssa softly groaned. “Good to see you’re in a frisky mood this morning.”

“How could I not be when I’ve got this bod of yours to play with?” Jessica laughed before getting another squeeze of Alyssa’s cheeks.

“Mmmm flattery will definitely get you more of this,” Alyssa smiled before stealing another long kiss from her lover. “Too bad you don’t have that friend of yours with you

though. When’s Jennifer going to get her sexy ass back to Malibu?”

“Oh? My ass isn’t sexy enough for you?” Jessica playfully shot back. “Always gotta have more, don’t you Lyssa?”

“Hmmmm I think you’ll do,” Alyssa smirked before using her free hand to give Jessica’s ass a quick slap, her palm making a rather impressive sound against the girl’s wet

flesh. That got a playful yelp from Jessica and another long kiss.

“Do it again,” Jessica urged with a moan when their lips broke apart. “Slap my ass Lyssa!”

Alyssa was quick to comply, sending her hand crashing down on Jessica’s soaked flesh. The sound of the spanking made both of them wet and they were quickly moaning

in unison as Alyssa gave Jessica’s ass a third slap.

“Mmmmmmm yesssssss spank me for spying on you Lyssa!” Jessica sighed, her eyes closed as dreamy sensations of pleasure ran over her body like the hot water

cascading down from the shower. “I love how you feel on my ass. Spank it and make it sting!”

It required no convincing for Alyssa to do that. She had spent many years in the study and enjoyment of female asses and she was utterly convinced that Jessica’s was

perfect. A heart shaped piece of sculpture that Alyssa never could get enough of. Any chance she got to play with it was eagerly taken, especially when Jessica was

begging for it.

“Naughty spy,” Alyssa grinned as her hand slapped Jessica’s bare ass again. “Staring at me in the shower and getting that sweet little pussy of yours all wet. I know just

what to do with pervs like you.”

“Mmmmm what?” Jessica asked, her smile wide and bright as she played the helpless victim to Alyssa’s wanton desires. “What are you gonna do to me Lyssa?”

Alyssa didn’t say a word in reply. She didn’t have to. She just gave Jessica’s ass one last squeeze before placing her hands on the girl’s shoulders. One little push,

gentle, but insistent, was all it took for Jessica to fall to her knees in the shower and line her gorgeous face right up with Alyssa’s pussy.

“Oh no please…not this,” Jessica giggled while breathing in the intoxicating scent of aroused womanhood. “Please don’t make me eat your pussy Lyssa. Anything but that!

Don’t punish me like this! I’ll be good! I promise! Just please don’t make me get my tongue inside your tight, delicious pussy until I swallow all your yummy cream.”

“Sorry, I have to be tough with you,” Alyssa replied, joining Jessica in giggles over the kneeling girl’s entirely unconvincing protests. “If I don’t punish you then you’ll never

learn your lesson!”

Alyssa’s hand then moved to the back of Jessica’s head and her fingers hooked into the blonde locks, pushing her face forward. Jessica dropped her unwilling act

immediately and let the heat and taste of Alyssa’s pussy overcome her. The scent was better than any perfume and the flavor sweeter than candy. Jessica didn’t hesitate

to unleash her well-practiced tongue and it was only seconds before sharp gasps of ecstasy started flying from Alyssa’s mouth.

“Ooooooh fuck yeah!” Alyssa grunted. “Take your punishment Jess. Get that fucking tongue to work! This’ll teach you to spy when you just should toss off those clothes

and start fucking!”

That was a lesson Jessica never tired of learning and she took full advantage of her chance to do some serious tongue worshipping of Alyssa’s pink folds by licking her with

gusto. She hadn’t eaten a thing yet that morning and to Jessica’s mind there was nothing better for breakfast than a helping of some hot girl cream.

But while Jessica was quick to accept the lesson Alyssa was attempting to teach about forgetting voyeurism and just joining in, it was completely lost on Elisha Cuthbert.

Of course she did have the excuse of having been shocked into standing still by what she was watching.

Elisha told herself that she shouldn’t be surprised. This wasn’t her first trip to Malibu and it wasn’t her first time staying overnight. She had done things here that made two

girls in the shower seem like children holding hands on the swing set. But there she was, frozen stiff and gawking at Jessica’s oral appreciation of Alyssa.

She was pretty new to all of this relatively speaking and it still took her by surprise to see such beautiful, famous women openly indulging in carnal lust for one another.

Girls like Jessica and Alyssa and all their friends could have any man in the world, but what they wanted most of all was each other and it blew Elisha’s mind each and

every time she saw it. It also always made her wet and Elisha opened her robe just enough to slide her hand inside to cop a feel of her own pussy.

Having just woken up, the blonde had been looking for a shower and nothing more but she had obviously found something much hotter. Staring at those two stunning nude

bodies had Elisha tingling from head to toe, but she didn’t know what to do. Should she pretend she didn’t see anything and continue on her way? Keep watching Jessica

kneel before Alyssa and work her pussy over with furious tongue strokes? Or toss off her robe and get her tongue into Jessica’s splayed pussy, which was so tantalizingly

close to her as the big screen superheroine kneeled down and spread herself open to the audience she didn’t know she had?

If there were rules and protocols at the mansion, Elisha didn’t know them. She wished Cameron was here with her to guide her as to what to do. The other times she had

come to the mansion her friend and, now mentor in all things lesbian, had come with her. But this time she had been on her own, which had it’s benefits and


It meant she had a chance to play with the new friends she had met at Sarah’s bachelorette party and keep their sexy, sweet pussies all to herself. She had spent the last

night playing with Jewel and Gwen and had actually woken up feeling like she was in heaven sandwiched between their nude bodies. But it also meant she felt a little bit

like the girl who had transferred to school in the middle of the year. Everyone seemed to know exactly what they were doing and Elisha was still getting her feet on solid


The feelings that her experience at the party turned orgy had inspired in her were still new and occasionally nerve wracking. But Elisha didn’t want any of them to stop. She

loved how seeing a sexy girl now made her heart pound and her pussy quiver. She loved how good it felt to open herself up for another girl’s tongue or fingers or even the

sexy toys that always seemed to be in abundance here at the mansion.

Since returning from Jamaica, Elisha hadn’t been able to get enough pussy. She and Cameron had fucked each other ragged so many times and Elisha had looked for any

excuse to get herself down to Malibu for more fun. But it hadn’t even been close to enough. Each lesbian orgasm had left Elisha wanting another one.

Her former fiancée was a distant memory now. It hadn’t taken long for her to end things after she had gotten back from having her eyes opened to the true possibilities of

sex. He hadn’t been a bad guy, but he couldn’t possibly compete with this new pleasure she had found. Now all Elisha wanted now was girls…lots of them feeding her their

pussies and their asses and fucking her until she couldn’t even think straight.

And right now Elisha wanted Jessica and Alyssa. They both looked so beautiful under the water, so naked and wet as Alyssa moaned from Jessica’s tongue, and Elisha

had already learned there was nothing hotter to look at than women having sex. She felt like she could watch them for hours and never grow tired of their kissing and

touching and fucking each other’s nude bodies.

Alyssa had her eyes closed and Jessica was obviously occupied so neither of them saw her. Elisha was torn about what to do. She wanted to join in so badly, but she

also didn’t want to overstep her bounds and interrupt what might have been meant to be a private moment for the two of them.

Fortunately, when Alyssa’s eyes opened, Elisha’s decision was made for her.

“Well well well,” Alyssa smirked, shaking her head. “Another spy. What is it with you girls? You think you gotta wait for an engraved invitation to get some pussy around

here or something?”

“Sorry…I…just…” Elisha began stammering before she was interrupted.

“Jesus, stop fucking apologizing and get naked,” Alyssa groaned, half in frustration and half in pleasure from Jessica’s tongue. “Get that goddamn robe off and get in here

before I drag you in by your hair.”

Elisha had no doubt Alyssa would make good on that threat and part of her was quite willing to have her do it. But even a newbie like Elisha knew it was much simpler to

just jump into the shower. With a grin, Elisha’s robe was on the floor next to Jessica’s and she was under the water with her friends.

“About time,” Alyssa remarked, as she assumed the role of mentor to her younger lovers. “You kids need directions on everything sometimes. Now get over here and kiss


Elisha was a little embarrassed about having been caught sneaking a peek and Alyssa’s chiding made her feel like the brunette regarded her as someone inexperienced and

unworthy. But Alyssa’s kiss made those feelings disappear fast. It was passionately tender and had Elisha moaning in no time.

The taste of Alyssa’s pussy had been so demanding of her complete attention that only now did Jessica look up to see who it was that had joined them in the shower.

Something like Alyssa’s sopping sex wasn’t something you just got distracted from at the sight of the first bright, shiny object to bounce along, but Jessica decided she

was at a good point to take a peek. When she saw it was Elisha who was now in mid-make out with Alyssa, Jessica’s girl juice coated smile got even wider.

“Morning,” Jessica said to Elisha, getting a happy moan back from the blonde in response, before she got her tongue back to work on Alyssa. The few seconds she had

been away from Alyssa had allowed her cunt lips to get a fresh layer of juice on them and Jessica took care of that with a hungry lick that sent shivers right up Alyssa’s


The sexy lick caused Alyssa’s tongue to reflexively push into Elisha’s warm, wet mouth, where it was happily welcomed. Their kiss deepened and Elisha hands soon

moved to Alyssa’s breasts and she gave the sexy mounds of girl flesh a passionate squeeze. That produced another long moan from Alyssa into Elisha’s mouth as their

tongues wrestled.

Elisha and Alyssa were into some deep tongue kissing and the feel of the blonde’s hands on her tits had Alyssa kissing her even harder, but the brunette’s main thoughts

were on the girl working over her pussy. Alyssa swore that Jessica got better at eating pussy every time she did it and Alyssa felt pulses of pleasure shoot through her with

every sexy lick her lover took.

The hand that Alyssa had on Jessica’s head was far from necessary since Jessica had her own hands gripping Alyssa’s ass cheeks, making sure that the pussy she was

feasting on could never get too far from her mouth. Alyssa let Jessica’s soft, wet hair go from her grasp and the kneeling girl’s tongue continued on its merry way, lapping

away at her pink wetness with furious, skilled strokes.

“Oooooooooooooh fuck mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssss drill that pussy with your tongue!” Alyssa groaned after breaking away from Elisha’s kiss. “Fucking get that

tongue deep inside me! Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh lick me dry Jessica! Bury that nasty tongue inside me and get all those wet juices!”

Committed to proving herself to Alyssa, Elisha then pulled the horny actress into another long kiss. She kept her hands latched to Alyssa’s breasts, massaging the firm

mounds and making sure her nipples were at their maximum hardness. Elisha didn’t want Alyssa to doubt her or think she was some shy kid. She might have been new

and unsure of what all the rules were, but Elisha wanted there to be no doubt of her lust for women.

Alyssa happily returned the kiss, taking her fingers and running them through Elisha’s blonde hair. All three of them were soaked now, but the water could have suddenly

shut off and none of them would have noticed. They were too lost in each other. Alyssa moaned into Elisha’s mouth again and again, the pleasure from Jessica’s tongue

rolling through her with no signs of it slowing down anywhere in evidence.

After running her fingers through Elisha’s wet mop of hair, Alyssa moved down to her tits, using one hand to play with them while the other grabbed the forgotten loofa she

had been using on herself before and squeezed soap bubbles all over the blonde’s chest. Elisha squealed a little bit as Alyssa made her tits very slippery and began doing

some serious moaning of her own as the brunette’s hands got busy on her body.

The two naked girls eagerly played with each other’s tits, squeezing and massaging the sexy girl flesh before them as they kissed. Alyssa let soapy water drip all over

Elisha’s body, running down from her breasts all over her stomach and onto her pussy. Elisha gasped happily as Alyssa took a hand and worked the loofa over her cunt and

her moans deepened. She was totally soaked and it wasn’t from any water.

The soft kissing and Alyssa’s sexy touch had Elisha almost ready to pant from horniness. She loved the feel of the water streaming over her bare body and the sounds of

Jessica licking away while she and Alyssa made out. It was all turning her on and Elisha had only two words to offer.

“Fuck me,” Elisha groaned. The words passed her lips almost as a whisper but Alyssa had no trouble hearing them.

“Not yet sweetie, you gotta earn that,” Alyssa wickedly declared, loving the horny disappointment that passed over Elisha’s face.

“How?” Elisha inquired, desperate to earn the privilege of having her needs tended to by these sex goddesses.

“Mmmmm take care of Jess for me,” Alyssa ordered with a smile. “She’s being so good to my pussy that she deserves some fun of her own. Don’t you think so,


“Oh yeah,” Elisha agreed with a smile of her own as she cast her eyes downward to the naked beauty lapping at Alyssa, her face fused to Alyssa’s pussy to give her tongue

maximum opportunity to play.

“Then go show me what you can do,” Alyssa told the blonde. “Make that sexy little thing come and I might just do the same to you afterward.”

The promise of erotic pleasure to come wasn’t needed to convince Elisha to go down on Jessica, but it didn’t hurt either. Already dreaming of the orgasm she knew was in

her future, Elisha pulled away from Alyssa and sank down the shower floor next to Jessica. Water was all over the cool tile and Elisha splashed softly as she moved closer

to Jessica.

Elisha didn’t waste time when she reached her target. She got right behind Jessica’s back and ran her fingers over the girl’s wet slit. This made Jessica stiffen up and let

out a happy moan, but she didn’t stop licking. She remained bent over and in perfect position for Elisha to get her tongue to work.

Because of the angle of her body, Jessica’s pussy lips were naturally spread open and Elisha could see the drops of girl cream that clung to them. It was an enticing

invitation that no one could have passed up. With Jessica already open and waiting for her, Elisha just had to lick and that’s exactly what she did. She ran her tongue over

Jessica’s slit to lick up her cream and let it tickle her taste buds.

An ecstatic cry came from between Alyssa’s legs as Jessica reacted most favorably to Elisha’s efforts. The sounds of Jessica’s appreciation were muffled, but her

intentions were clear and Elisha responded by licking faster.

Soon Jessica and Alyssa were both crying out their pleasure and the wet hiss of the water falling from the shower head was completely overwhelmed by the sounds of

pleasure cries and wet tongues snacking on even wetter pussies.

Jessica always found it so hard to concentrate when she was being licked at the same time she was eating out another girl, but it was a problem she loved having to deal

with. The struggle to focus on one over the other was more than offset by the ecstasy that could only come from having a pussy against your face while a tongue was buried

in your own cunt. Jessica loved it when everything timed out perfectly so she was tasting an orgasm while having her own and she certainly hoped that was going to happen


Elisha didn’t have the experience at eating pussy that Jessica and Alyssa both had, but, as she had shown off both in Jamaica and here in Malibu, she was a quick learner.

Elisha rubbed Jessica’s quivering slit with her fingers and spread her pussy open wider so she could really get her tongue to work. The kneeling blonde lapped at Jessica’s

pinkness, swallowing her juices with greedy gulps as she moved toward her clit with every lick.

The sound of Jessica’s muffled sex cries pushed Elisha on, but not nearly as much as the taste of her pussy did. In all her times with girls, the thing that Elisha had loved

the most had been how good they’d tasted against her tongue. Each girl she’d licked had her own distinctive flavor and Elisha loved tasting and comparing them. Some

girls were spicier, some were sweeter and some were tangier. But they were all delicious. Jessica had a spicier pussy than girls like Cameron and Love and Elisha couldn’t

get enough of her.

The more she tasted, the more Elisha craved and she began working her tongue furiously over Jessica’s pussy. Elisha was rewarded with increased juices from Jessica’s

overheating cunt and she licked up every drop while smiling from ear to ear. Elisha’s fingers kept Jessica’s folds spread wide for her tongue to explore all her hot spots and

when the newbie pussy licker got to her clit, Jessica lurched on her knees and cried happily into Alyssa.

Jessica felt her brain fill with the addictive sex endorphins that kept her from ever getting enough girl sex. Nothing else on this earth could make her feel this good. The

sensation of a horny girl licking her was such an intense pleasure that Jessica sometimes wondered how she’d ever survived without it. Elisha’s tongue was doing

everything right and it just made Jessica want to get Alyssa off even harder.

“Yesssssssssssss oooooooooh fuck that pussy Jess!” Alyssa groaned, humping herself hard as her lover’s tongue picked up speed and passion. “Ahhhhhhhh so fucking

good! Mmmmm more baby more! You’re gonna get a mouthful of my cum so soon if you just give me more!”

Alyssa’s promise and the rich taste of her juices, a surest sign as any that she was close, had Jessica giddy with horny delight. Her brain was fogging over with ecstasy

from the feel of Elisha’s tongue between her legs, but Jessica never let her focus leave Alyssa. The beautiful pink pussy before her face…so pink and so wet…demanded

her absolute attention and Jessica gave it good to Alyssa.

Jessica’s tongue had been licking fast and licking hard and Alyssa had rewarded her with taste bud soaking gifts of her juices, but now that she knew she had her lover right

on the verge, Jessica let her tongue fall back. Instead she got her lips to work, sucking first on Alyssa’s pussy to draw out even more of her juices while she nursed on the

tender, fuckable folds of Alyssa’s cunt and then moving onto her clitoris.

Just as Elisha was starting to work her clit over, Jessica did the same to Alyssa. Her own eyes were starting to water with tears of pleasure from Elisha’s tongue touch to

her swollen pleasure bud and Jessica desperately wanted Alyssa to feel that good too.

It was getting harder and harder to push her own pleasure to the side to concentrate on Alyssa, but Jessica summoned her strength and sucked on Alyssa’s clit with a

greedy clamp of her lips, relishing the feel of it between her lips and the rapturous cries she got from the beautiful television star.

“Fuck!!!” Alyssa screamed out in a short burst of ecstasy shooting past her lips. “Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss you horny little bitch! That’s how you fucking eat

pussy! Mmmmmmmm suck on my clit Jess! Ooooooh suck on it hard while I fuck your beautiful face! You’re on every fucking magazine cover these days you nasty slut

and if they could only see you now burying that face in my wet cunt and fucking me so goddamn goooooooooood!!!”

That was all Alyssa got out before her words turned into sharp cries of sexual bliss thanks to Jessica sucking even harder on her clit. The thought of all those people who

bought the magazines she got all dolled up and sexy for seeing her like this, naked in the shower while she licked a perfect pussy and another beautiful girl tongued her from

behind, nearly had her creaming in Elisha’s mouth. Jessica loved having this secret side that no one but her famous girlfriends could ever dream she had.

She teased everyone with her body and enticed them to buy magazines and movie tickets but Jessica never gave it up to them. They got to see her wrapped in bed sheets

and held back by bikinis. But here nothing was holding her back. Jessica’s body belonged to her beautiful friends and there was nothing they couldn’t take from her. No

one who ever saw her on screen or on a cover could ever picture her getting her mouth and pussy fucked by other beautiful women and that made the pleasure even sweeter

for Jessica.

Not letting herself get distracted by her own thoughts, though, Jessica just closed her eyes to let the pleasure wash over her like the water flow cascading on their naked

bodies from the shower. She kept sucking on Alyssa’s clit while her hands squeezed the tight cheeks of her ass. Alyssa’s hips were rocking as she fucked her face and

Jessica made sure her lips held steady, drawing the orgasm out of the brunette from pure clit stimulation.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Alyssa roared, pushing coherent words past her lips for just a moment before the ecstasy overtook her again.

Alyssa’s whole body was burning with the familiar fire that only girl sex could give her. Tilting her head back, Alyssa cried out her rapture and let the streaming water coat

her face and fill her mouth. But the shower’s flow was nothing compared to the pleasure she was bathing in and Alyssa couldn’t even feel a drop as she let her passion go

and came with a series of piercing cries against Jessica’s face.

The orgasmic screams that flowed out of Alyssa’s mouth rained down on Jessica and Elisha, but Jessica could barely hear them. She was far too occupied with swallowing

down as much of Alyssa’s cream as possible. Alyssa flooded her mouth with girl cum, much to Jessica’s insatiable delight and she swallowed it down quickly, letting her

tongue slide back into Alyssa’s pussy for more.

As she came, Alyssa’s thrusts against Jessica’s face sped up and her soft, tan skin was soon coated in girl cream. Jessica’s lips were covered in her favorite kind of gloss

and whatever she couldn’t swallow covered her chin and, when some of it began dripping down to her tits, Jessica cooed and felt her pussy respond with her own juices

starting to ooze into Elisha’s hungry mouth.

Her orgasm had left Alyssa’s head spinning and a wide smile crossing her lips as the sex daze overtook her. She pulled away from Jessica’s freshly fucked face to get her

bearings back and Alyssa’s smile grew even bigger when she saw how beautifully nasty her housemate looked covered in her cream. Slumping down onto her ass in the

shower, Alyssa couldn’t help but give her still quaking pussy a few rubs while she looked at Jessica’s sticky, gorgeous face as Elisha continued to tongue her from


Now that Alyssa had gotten off, Jessica felt free to get selfish and concentrate on herself and, more specifically, what Elisha was doing to her. The girl’s tongue had felt

exquisite inside her pussy, licking away at her wet folds before she had gone after her clit.

Jessica had almost wanted Elisha to ignore her clit. She knew that having her clit licked and sucked would have gotten her off for sure and deep down Jessica hadn’t

wanted that. She had wanted the pleasure to keep growing until she couldn’t take it anymore and then, only then, would she have wanted to come.

As Alyssa had sat back smiling and moaning, Jessica had grabbed the chance to change her position. Jessica loved being licked from behind, but that position denied her

the treat of seeing Elisha’s beautiful face between her legs and Jessica wanted her eyes to soak in that visual.

Elisha was surprised at first when Jessica pulled away from her tongue. Her first instinct had been to think she’d done something wrong but that illusion was put to rest

when Jessica grabbed her face and planted a long kiss right on her juice covered lips. Elisha closed her eyes and let out a long moan of desire as she kissed her gorgeous

lover and allowed Jessica’s tongue to push into her mouth.

The kiss deepened as Jessica seemed ready and willing to taste all the juice she had just fed to Elisha, but Elisha didn’t just want to kiss. Her taste buds were dying for

more of Jessica’s flavor and there was no way she was going to let this girl move away from her before she tasted her orgasm.

When the girls broke for a breath, Elisha asserted herself and gently pushed Jessica down. Jessica offered no resistance and lay herself down on her back with a giggle

and spread her legs with a lewd lick of her lips to show off her pinkness.

“Want some more of this, huh?” Jessica grinned as she rubbed her fingers over her slit and then pushed them into Elisha’s mouth.

“Mmmhmmm,” the blonde enthusiastically answered, sucking Jessica’s fingers clean in the process and then letting them go from her mouth with a wet pop. “I want a lot

more. Give me that pussy Jess. I want to suck all those yummy juices right out of you.”

Jessica squealed in delight at the sound of Elisha’s words and gave her another passionate kiss before settling back and guiding the blonde’s head down to her wetness.

The hand in her hair was unnecessary as Elisha certainly knew the way, but she loved any touch she got from Jessica. As she pressed her lips to the woman’s pussy,

Elisha smiled to herself when she thought about how far she’d come since freaking out at the discovery of Cameron’s secret.

She had never had this much fun with sex before and it was all because of this incredible mansion and the beautiful women in it. The ecstasy of a woman’s touch was like

nothing she had ever experienced before and Elisha knew she never wanted to leave this place and go back to her old, non-lesbian sex, life. Nothing she had ever done

could match the pleasure of just being naked with all these gorgeous girls.

With Jessica’s glistening, pink pussy spread wide for her it couldn’t have been simpler for Elisha to get to work. She just pressed her face to Jessica and started licking.

Elisha didn’t go straight for Jessica’s clit again. Rather she let her tongue lap up the juices that had collected while they had been kissing, much to her lover’s delight.

Jessica cooed happily as Elisha’s tongue got to work, filling her ears with wet licking sounds of tongue against girl flesh. Now it was Jessica’s turn to be in the line of the

showerhead’s spray and get her naked body completely soaked, but just like Alyssa had, she could barely feel a drop. All that mattered was Elisha’s tongue.

She had just what she wanted. Elisha hadn’t gone back to her clit for the quick orgasm. The blonde was letting the pleasure and desire build and Jessica was reaping all

the benefits. She knew she wasn’t going to come too quickly and she would be able to enjoy Elisha’s lustful licking.

“Oooooooh yessssss baby lick that pussy,” Jessica moaned as her fingers played with Elisha’s hair while her other hand snaked up to her own tits and started to squeeze.

“Mmmmmm you’re so good at this. Ohhhhhh God, I love how that tongue feels inside me. Lick up all those juices and make me cum Elisha! Tongue my pussy just like

that! Ohhhhh it feels so fucking good! Mmmmmm Camie is so lucky she gets to fuck you whenever she wants!”

The compliments had Elisha smiling as she fed off Jessica’s wetness. She desperately wanted to make her lover feel good and to have Jessica praising her while she

tasted her made things even better for Elisha. Her own pussy was dripping down her legs as she remained bent over on the shower floor.

Her position had spread her lips open just like Jessica’s had been before and Elisha relished the feeling of hot juice tickling her flesh. It made her feel so nasty and horny

that she couldn’t help but use her free hand to reach around back and stroke her own pussy.

Now Elisha had both her hands at work. One hand was working over her pussy, sliding in and soaking two of her fingers as she fingered herself from behind, and the other

was spreading Jessica open. Just as she had before, while her tongue pushed in and lapped away at Jessica, Elisha used her fingers to splay her pink folds and give her

even more to lick. Elisha’s fingers were coated by Jessica’s juices and it just it made her lick even harder.

Jessica’s cries were coming out in short, ragged gasps as the building pleasure began to push her toward orgasm. Her shortness of breath was making her chest bounce,

which naturally caught Alyssa’s attention.

The brunette was still tingling from her afterglow but she wasn’t so far out of it that the sight of Jessica Alba’s jiggling tits didn’t make her crave a touch and a taste. With a

wide smile, Alyssa got up off her back and crawled over to her housemate with lust in her eyes.

Alyssa grabbed Jessica’s tits into her hands and began massaging them with a firm grip as she planted a long, wet kiss on Jessica’s lips. Jessica’s tongue shot right into

Alyssa’s mouth and she groaned wantonly from her touch, arching her back to push more of her chest into her housemate’s grasp.

“Mmmmmm I swear to God Jess, you’ve got the best tits in the whole mansion,” Alyssa declared with sexy admiration while she played with the firm, tan breasts before her.

“They’re just so perfect. Your whole body is so goddamn amazing I wanna fucking clone you.”

Jessica just moaned some more in response, a slight blush crossing her face from the compliment. She didn’t want to go around comparing bodies with her housemates.

Everyone there was so beautiful and Jessica had never given any thought to who had the best tits or the hottest ass or the prettiest face. She didn’t want to be competitive

with her friends. She just wanted to fuck them.

But even as she brushed off Alyssa’s compliment, it didn’t mean Jessica didn’t like hearing it. She worked hard to get her body like this and getting praise from someone

like Alyssa, especially as she pawed at her tits and leaned down to suck and bite her nipples, was much appreciated.

“Ooooooh fuck Lyssa…mmmmmmmmm bite them,” Jessica hissed, loving the little sharp pings of pain mixing with the sweet pleasure of Elisha’s tongue on her pussy.

“Fucking bite those nipples! Mmmmmm make em swell in your mouth while I’m getting my pussy licked! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss you can make it hurt a little!

Ooooooh it’s making me so wet! Don’t stop Lyssa! Don’t stop playing with my tits!”

Alyssa’s smile could have lit up all of Malibu as she heard Jessica’s desperate cries and she didn’t hesitate to give her housemate what she was after. She kept her hands

rubbing Jessica’s amazing breasts while she moved her mouth back and forth on her nipples. She would lick and suck and bite one swollen pink point and then move to the

other one before happily starting all over again.

As Jessica’s moans got louder and more frantic, Alyssa continued worshipping her tits. She made sure Jessica’s nipples had constant stimulation, using her tongue and

teeth as a tandem to mix pleasure with pain and give her housemate plenty to cry out about.

Jessica was the one moaning, but she was far from the only happy girl in the shower. Elisha was feasting off her pussy, juicing up her own fingers as she got Jessica closer

with every lick. Nothing ever got her higher than the taste of a girl right before orgasm and Elisha was drawing out every drop she could get from Jessica. She didn’t want to

miss a bit of this ambrosia and her tongue licked fast and deep in between greedy sucks from her lips against Jessica’s spread cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwd yesssssssss mmmmmmmm!” Jessica screamed as her body’s nerves all stood on edge and pleasure gripped her.

“Morrrrrrrrrrre! Mmmmmmmm fuck me you beautiful bitches! Fucking lick that pussy Elisha and don’t you stop sucking my tits Lyssa! Don’t either of you dare fucking

stop! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss gonna come! Ooooooh gonnnnnnna fucking come all over your tongue Elisha! Fuck yessssss you’re licking me so


Peering up from between Jessica’s splayed pussy lips, Elisha treated her eyes to the vision of the cover girl movie star tossing her head back and crying out indecipherable

sounds of pleasure while her tits were hungrily devoured by another gorgeous woman. Jessica’s body glistened with the glow of a goddess from the water and the sex and

just from everything. Elisha loved seeing her like that and knowing her tongue was the reason Jessica looked that way was a rush that nearly set her own orgasm off.

But Elisha wasn’t going to get selfish now. She knew her own pleasure could hold. She didn’t want to make Jessica wait and suffer while she got her own rocks off.

Jessica’s clitoris was ready and waiting for her and Elisha finally moved in to address its throbbing arousal.

As soon as Elisha’s lips clamped down on her exposed clit, Jessica felt a wave of ecstasy roll through her body. She tried to scream out but nothing came from her mouth

but garbled sounds that could only hint at how good she was feeling. Jessica’s back arched up and the pleasure pulses continued rushing through her as Elisha sucked on

her clit and gave her the orgasm she’d been wanting since the first glance she’d gotten of Alyssa in the shower.

Jessica’s orgasmic cries were loud, dramatic and incoherent and Alyssa loved it. She kept at Jessica’s tits, drawing her pleasure out while shooting Elisha a slightly

jealous look from above. Having lived with her these past months Alyssa knew full well how delicious Jessica’s orgasms tasted and no one had to tell her how lucky the

kneeling blonde was at that moment.

Elisha moaned from her own rapture as Jessica’s cream filled her mouth and coated her face. At first she tried to keep up with Jessica’s orgasm, but soon Elisha gave up.

She pulled her tongue back and let Jessica frantically fuck her face as she came. Jessica’s hips bucked against her and Elisha held her face steady, swallowing as much

of her sexy lover as she could and making sure to leave plenty on her tongue so she could share her prize with Alyssa.

And when Jessica finally fell back, a happy, quivering mess of orgasmic girlflesh, that was just what Elisha did. She pulled herself up into a sitting position and gave Alyssa

another deep kiss, making sure her friend got plenty to taste.

That gesture was much appreciated and Alyssa showed it by sucking on Elisha’s tongue and giving her tits a lustful squeeze. Elisha groaned at the hard and very

welcomed grasp of her firm breasts. Alyssa’s touch was making her even wetter and Elisha wouldn’t have been surprised if just sitting here, getting felt up by Alyssa would

have gotten her off. Alyssa’s strong, but soft hands just kept playing with her tits and Elisha closed her eyes to let the pleasure fill her needy body.

“Like that, huh?” Alyssa teased after breaking off the kiss. “You like me playing with these hot tits of yours Heesh?”

“Mmmmmhmmmmmmmm…” Elisha replied with a wanton groan. “Don’t stop Lyssa. Oooooooooh your hands feel so good on my tits. Mmmm squeeze them and play

with them. Make me feel good like you just made Jess feel. Ohhhhh yessssss fucking play with my tits Alyssa.”

“Oh yeah, you’re definitely fitting in real nice here,” Alyssa said with a grin while her hands continued fondling Elisha as she began kissing all over the blonde’s neck and

down to her pale shoulder. “You’re perfect for this place Heesh. Another nasty lesbian slut who can’t get enough.”

“Yessssssssss I can’t…can’t get enough,” Elisha agreed with a moan. “I can’t ever get enough of you…of any of you. Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop fucking me and licking

me and mmmmmmm just touching me like that! Ohhhhh I’m so fucking horny around you guys and I never want it to stop!”

“It will never stop,” Alyssa promised, more for her own benefit than Elisha’s. “Nothing’s going to stop us from fucking hot sluts like you, Heesh. Now get on your back baby.

It’s your turn to have some fun.”

Elisha didn’t mind Alyssa using the nickname that only those closest to her got to use. She was plenty to close to all the girls here now and, besides, if it meant she was

going to get her pussy eaten then Elisha didn’t care what Alyssa called her.

With a giggle and a moan, Elisha fell back onto the shower tile, right near where Jessica had been. She didn’t even have the chance to spread herself open before Alyssa

was on top of her, pressing their nude bodies together as the brunette planted her lips on Elisha’s.

That got moans from both of them and Alyssa didn’t hesitate to start rubbing her body against Elisha’s, thoroughly enjoying the feel of being naked and on top of the younger

girl. Alyssa continued pressing down on Elisha as she helpfully used her hands to part the sexy Canadian’s legs and spread open the pink treasure between them.

“Mmmmmm Lyssa…I’m so wet for you,” Elisha moaned. “I need you now. I need you to fuck me! Please!”

“Good girl, you remembered to say please,” Alyssa said with a sexy laugh. “Mmmm but I would have fucked you even if you’d forgotten. Jess might be down for the count,

but my tongue is ready to play. I haven’t had any breakfast yet and your pussy looks so yummy right about now.”

As Elisha moaned in anticipation, Alyssa began kissing her way down her body. She gave some sugar once more to the sexy Canadian’s lips before moving back down her

neck, her shoulders, her gorgeous chest and down her stomach. With each kiss, Elisha’s moans grew more desperate and Alyssa delighted in the sight of the blonde

practically humping air as she got closer and closer to her pussy.

By now the clouds were starting to part from her brain and Jessica was able to appreciate what was going on in front of her. She didn’t say or do anything though. With so

many beautiful women around her all the time, Jessica had gained quite an appreciation for just watching and right now she wanted to enjoy Alyssa’s work. She’d get

involved when the time was right.

“Ohhhhhh Lyssaaaaaaaa…Lyssa…Lyssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….” Elisha groaned with need, her horniness on the verge of becoming too heavy a burden to manage. “Don’t

tease me! Please fuck me. I’m already so wet. My pussy needs your tongue baby. Please don’t make me wait.”

As much as Alyssa loved hearing Elisha mewing for her like that, she didn’t have a mean enough streak to force her to keep it up. Besides she hadn’t been lying about

wanting to make Elisha’s pussy her breakfast. Alyssa’s stomach was growling and Elisha had just what she wanted to snack on to start her morning right.

Hovering above Elisha’s pussy, Alyssa delighted in seeing the glaze of girl cream that coated her slit. Elisha’s pussy was quivering for some attention and Alyssa made

sure she got lots of it, running her tongue over her labia with a long, wet stroke to suck that cream right into her hungry mouth.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Elisha loudly hissed as the pleasure from Alyssa’s tongue shot through her. She’d been getting wetter and wetter by the second since she’d first

dropped her robe and Elisha knew it was only going to take a few well placed licks to get her creaming. Alyssa was so good at this and Elisha couldn’t wait to feel the

rapture she knew was close.

“Ooooooooooooh oooooooooh oooooooooh fuck yesssssssss mmmmmm ahhhhhhh Lyssaaaaaaaa lick meeeeee!” Elisha squealed. “Ohhhhhh fucking yessssssss you’re

sooooooooo goooooooood! Making me cream your mouth and fuck your hot tongue! Ahhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyyy yesssssssss make me come! Make me pant and scream

and come so hard against your face! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssss!!!”

Lying back for Alyssa and her well practiced tongue had Elisha’s body coursing with energy. Her hands flailed about at first, splashing into the collected water pool on the

shower floor, before they found a home on her own tits. Elisha played with her jiggling breasts the way Alyssa had, rubbing her nipples and making them tingle with


Elisha had always envied the way some of the bustier girls she’d been with were able to lick their own nipples. It had always seemed like such a hot thing to do, but she’d

never tried it on herself. She’d assumed her tits were too small. But Elisha was feeling frisky and flexible that morning and, as she squeezed and pushed her own breasts

up, she leaned her head down and managed to successfully slide her tongue over her own hard nipple.

The success of her act had the blonde squealing in horny giddiness and she did it to herself again. But before she could go for a third round, she was stopped.

“I think it’ll be easier if I do that,” Jessica purred as she lowered her head down to Elisha’s chest and started tonguing her nipples. The already swollen points were more

than ready for some playtime and Jessica batted them around with her tongue, moving from tit to tit, before she got her soft lips around them.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Jesssssssss mmmmmmm yessssss get your mouth on my tits!” Elisha cried. “Give my tits a slutty tongue bath while I’m getting licked! Oooooooooh

yessss you’re both driving me wild!”

“Mmmmm really baby?” Jessica teased, letting Elisha’s throbbing, red nipple fall from her lips with a sexy pop. “You gonna come already? You get your pussy nice and

worked up from getting me off? You ready to cream Lyssa’s hot face?”

“Yessssssssssss I’m so ready!” Elisha immediately answered. “I’m gonna fucking explode on her tongue!”

“Oooooh no…not yet,” Jessica mischievously replied. “Not until I give you a reward for being so good to me.”

That got Alyssa’s attention and she pulled her mouth up from Elisha’s pussy just long enough to get to the bottom of her housemate’s statement.

“What kind of reward is this little slut gonna get?” Alyssa asked, grinning all the while.

“Get her on her hands and knees and I’ll show you,” Jessica replied before giving Elisha another kiss.

Alyssa quickly complied with the request, adjusting Elisha’s position until she was in the classic doggie style pose. Even though she was being moved around like a

puppet, Elisha didn’t mind. She knew whatever Jessica had planned was going to feel good and she couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

“So sexy,” Jessica said with a lick of her lips as she fondled Elisha’s bare, glistening ass. “A little birdie told me that you love it up the ass Elisha. She told me you had a

lot of fun at the party getting Maria Menounos to fuck this pretty little hole.”

Elisha blushed and giggled over Jessica’s words. She knew that she had to be talking about Cameron and Elisha was already planning on finding a way to thank her friend

for spreading the word about how much she’d loved what Maria had done to both of them.

“I do love it,” Elisha panted in need, her voice almost a growl. “I love being fucked up my ass. Mmmmm I liked it when guys did it but girls are so much better. Are you

gonna do it to me Jess? Are you gonna finger my ass?”

“Even better,” Jessica replied before spitting into Elisha’s puckered hole and then diving in with her tongue, licking up her own saliva and drooling even more wetness into her

blonde lover.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Elisha cried giddily as Jessica began rimming her. That was followed by even louder, happier cries as Alyssa got her tongue back to work at her


Pleasure shook through Elisha’s naked body as her pussy and ass were licked by two skilled, horny tongues. What had been a burning fire of lust inside her before was

now a raging cauldron. Elisha knew there was no way she could withstand this pleasure and she tossed her head back to scream, sending her wet hair flying back and then

right back onto her forehead.

Elisha didn’t bother to brush it out of the way once it landed. She didn’t care if she couldn’t see. She just cared that she could feel each wet lick Alyssa and Jessica took

against her wet holes. She felt their nails scraping against her ass cheeks as they grabbed a hold of her, spreading her open so they could tongue her even deeper. They

both lapped away at her, working her over completely with their tongues and making her pant and scream and rock back and forth on her hands and knees.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!” Elisha roared as her orgasm began to set off chain reactions of ecstasy inside her,

making her tits shake wildly while she rocked back and forth on the shower floor. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GODAMNNNNNNN YESSSSSSSSSSSSS


Elisha cried her pleasure in happy shrieks but even though they had already set her off, Alyssa and Jessica didn’t stop licking. Alyssa plunged her tongue deeper into

Elisha’s pink, using her stiff tongue like a cock and letting it get completely soaked in feminine essence while Jessica was more tender in her licking, rimming Elisha’s tight,

sexy asshole with sizzling wet licks. Jessica let her tongue slide all over the tender hole, teasing and tantalizing Elisha’s sensitive hot spot until the blonde’s knees gave

out and she fell to the floor, still creaming and crying.

“Oooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooooh ooooooh…” Elisha panted and mewed as her chest heaved from lack of breath and her orgasm sent its final

tremors through her. Elisha’s brain was mush now from the pleasure, but she didn’t mind. Water from the shower rained down on her face and all she could do was smile in

utter satisfaction.

“Don’tcha just love a good shower,” Alyssa laughed before giving Jessica a long kiss, returning the cum sharing favor from before.

“Mmmmm everything’s better with friends,” Jessica agreed after happily accepting Jessica’s gift.

The two kissing girls then turned their attention to the blonde, giving Elisha some love as she cooled down from her sexual high. Alyssa and Jessica trapped her between

them, kissing her everywhere they could reach with quick, wet pecks as Jessica pressed her body against Elisha’s front and Alyssa took her back, sandwiching the young


“I am so crashing on your couch from now until eternity,” Elisha sighed dreamily, her orgasm caused smile not fading a bit while pleasure tremors traveled through her from

Jessica’s tits pressing against hers and the feel of Alyssa’s still hard nipples on her back.

“If you stick around then you’re gonna get more than my tongue up that tight little ass of yours,” Jessica wickedly promised as she reached down and gave Elisha’s butt

cheeks a sexy squeeze.

“Yeah a tongue is good, but nothing beats a hot chick with a strap on fucking your ass,” Alyssa agreed. Having both fucked many a girl up the ass and also spread her own

cheeks for a waiting fake cock too many times to mention, Alyssa made that statement from experience.

Elisha had never been fucked up the ass by a strap on and the thought obviously turned her on as she squirmed a little on the shower floor, grinding herself against her


“Ooooh someone likes the sound of that,” Jessica giggled, already thinking about taking Elisha by the hand and walking her naked up to her room so she could dive under

her bed and pull out her strap on.

“Maybe,” Elisha coyly replied. “I’ve never done that before though. I’ve let guys fuck me up the ass but I’ve never had a girl really fuck me there, except with fingers oooh

and tongues of course.”

“Poor baby, you’re missing out,” Alyssa teased, her hand caressing Elisha’s wet face as water continued to pour down on them. “Having a cock up your ass that can never

go soft is one of the best feelings in the world. You’re depriving yourself.”

“Well maybe you can help change that,” Elisha suggested her horniness not fading even after her orgasm as she began grinding her ass against Alyssa, loving the feel of her

soft pussy against her cheeks.

“Or maybe we should just send you up to Rose’s room,” Jessica evilly suggested. “She’d give you an assfucking you’ll be feeling every time you move for the next


Elisha’s eyes grew a little wider at the sound of that promise and she quickly glanced at her two girlfriends. She saw the faraway look in both Alyssa and Jessica’s eyes as

they thought back to past experiences with Rose and she knew they were telling her the truth about how hard she’d feel it.

“Have you had Mr. Snappy inside you yet?” Alyssa asked after breaking free of the memory she’d conjured up of the first time Rose shoved that glorious toy of hers up her


“No,” Elisha shyly admitted. “I’ve seen her use it and everything and I’ve heard stories but I’ve…you know…never…”

“Never gotten those tight holes of yours stretched out by it?” Jessica asked, attempting to finish Elisha’s thought.

“Right,” Elisha said, a nervous blush overtaking her. She’d heard plenty of things about Rose and her toy and she’d actually been a little intimidated by the prospect of

submitting herself to the Rose treatment. But that fear hadn’t stopped her from also getting turned on at the thought of giving it all up to the mansion’s raven haired sex


“Well then you’re not really one of us then,” Alyssa laughed.

“What do you mean?” Elisha inquired.

“She means you haven’t had your initiation yet,” Jessica replied, immediately catching on to where Alyssa was going with this.

“Initiation?” Elisha repeated, playing along with growing interest.

“Mmmmhmmm you haven’t really become one of us till Rose fucks you with Mr. Snappy,” Alyssa declared. “All the girls here had to be initiated before they were allowed to

play. Jewel…Jen…Christina…me…”

“And me,” Jessica added, her pussy tingling at the memory of the time Rose had come to her room naked except for her toy and had ordered her down on her knees to start


“But you haven’t been initiated yet Elisha,” Alyssa pointed out. “Under the mansion rules we really should throw you out of here without your clothes and make you walk

naked to the bus stop to get a ride out of Malibu.”

“No please…not that,” Elisha begged, playing helpless. “I’ll do anything. Initiate me! Please! I want to follow the rules. What do I have to do?”

“Welllllllll I don’t know, do you think we should make an exception for her Jess?” Alyssa playfully asked. “Do you think we should overlook the fact that this slut hasn’t been


“She does eat pussy really well,” Jessica giggled. “It would be a shame to throw her out and never let her back in. Hey, do you think we could get her initiated this

morning? I mean if we get her good and fucked then she won’t be breaking the rules anymore.”

“Yessssssss…initiate me…please…” Elisha groaned, grinding her body back and forth between Jessica and Alyssa, loving the direction this was going in.

“I think that’s up to Rose,” Alyssa said. “We’ll just have to go see her and find out. Maybe if you’re really nice to her Elisha, she’ll have mercy on you and pound that pretty

pussy of yours instead of tossing you out.”

“Oooooooooh and my ass too?” Elisha hornily asked.

“You’ll just have to come with us and find out,” Jessica grinned as she got up and shut off the water. “I’ve got to warn you though, Rose can be very rough. I think Lyssa

and I should come with you and make sure your delicate bod can take it.”

“If you insist,” Elisha smiled, her heart beating a little bit faster now as she and Alyssa both got up. She was getting a bit nervous about this “initiation” thing, but it was an

excited kind of nervous because she knew that no matter how rough things got around here, there were always orgasms waiting at the end.

* * * * *

Up in the mansion’s bedrooms, many of the girls were still just stirring awake and the ones that were up were in no hurry to leave their beds. Jennifer Aniston fell into the

latter category. She’d been up for awhile but she hadn’t moved out of bed for two reasons. The first was that she was way too comfortable between the sheets to start the

day and second she didn’t want to disturb her bed partner.

There were far worse ways to start off a morning than staring into Love’s sleeping face and Jennifer couldn’t help but smile as she kept her eyes locked on her gorgeous

housemate. This had been a common vision for her to wake up to for the last few months and Jennifer once again gave a silent thank you for whatever force had blessed her

with her friends.

These past months had been so difficult for Jennifer and there had been moments when she had felt almost overwhelmed with despair and regret. But those moments had

never defeated her because of girls like Jewel and Rose and Gwen and Love. She still felt the deep ache that could only come from a broken heart, but there was one thing

she was sure of. She wasn’t alone and never would be as long as she had her housemates.

Everyone at the mansion had felt loss lately and while Jennifer wasn’t the type to get caught up in her own ego and think everything was about her, she believed that no one

had lost as much as she had. No one else had lost a husband and seen the dreams she had created for a family disappear into dust.

She and Brad had worked so hard to try and get things right again and to have everything explode was so disheartening.

Jennifer recognized she had started these troubles by hiding her secret life at the mansion from Brad. And after she’d been caught there had been so many times that she’d

felt she’d lost her husband for good. But then there had been reconciliation and a renewed hope for Jennifer that the life and family she’d envisioned was still possible. She

felt it was possible for her to have it all…a loving husband and beautiful female lovers.

But those hopes had just led to more heartbreak and what had plagued Jennifer the most about what had happened was that she couldn’t shake the feeling she had been

responsible. It had been her idea to start bringing her two lives together by bringing women into her bed with Brad.

Since everything had fallen apart for good Jennifer had asked herself again and again why she hadn’t gone the simple route. There were so many girls in the mansion who

would have been eager, even desperate, to have a threesome with her and Brad. Jennifer had fantasized about that so many times, but when it came down to making an

invitation it hadn’t been to any of her housemates and Jennifer had been wondering since then what had possessed her.

Brad had been just about to start filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith and, after the fun she had had with her in New York and at Sarah’s party in Jamaica, Jennifer had decided to

ask Angelina Jolie to join them. She had thought bringing in Angelina to their bed was one of the most erotic possibilities and that it would have been naughty and fun for

Brad to get it on with one of his co-stars while she watched. But all it had led to was one night of pleasure and months of pain.

Jennifer had never dreamed that her fantasy threesome could end like it had. She had expected Angelina to come in and pleasure them both until they couldn’t move and

give them unimagined ecstasy, not steal her husband. Now Brad and Angelina were together and had just had their first child. Every magazine she saw just seemed to

remind Jennifer of her pain.

It was like she couldn’t escape it. Everything was “Brangelina” or “How is Jennifer coping?” None of the tabloids had even come close to getting the story right, but that

hadn’t stopped them from running every wild story they could come up with and each one had hurt Jennifer more. It just reminded her of what had really happened and made

her wish even harder that she had never introduced Brad and Angelina.

If it hadn’t been for her friends, Jennifer knew she would have been lost in her heartbreak. As it was, it felt like there had been a cloud over her head since Brad had left, but

that hadn’t stopped her friends from trying to cheer her up and she loved them for trying. They had tried everything to make her smile and make her feel good, but all the

things they’d tried had only worked temporarily. Though she had to admit the sex they offered her was a hell of a fun distraction.

Jennifer wasn’t so far gone that she didn’t see light at the end of the tunnel. She knew her funk wouldn’t last forever. Her wound was deep, but hearts did heal and

Jennifer didn’t feel so sorry for herself that she could imagine never being right again. She knew all she needed was a catalyst to force things along.

She didn’t know what form that catalyst would take, but Jennifer was confident that it would come along, even if it was later rather than sooner.

As she reached forward and gently played with Love’s hair, Jennifer thought back to that night in Jamaica. By pure dumb luck she had been the first one to find out Sarah’s

intentions when she had run into her in the hall just as she was going for the elevator.

Jennifer knew she could have prevented all this by stopping Sarah or running for everyone else to go after her and bring her back. But instead she had done nothing.

She had let Sarah just walk away with only the most basic of pleas not to. Jennifer had replayed that decision in her mind hundreds of times since that night and each time

she came to the same conclusion. She had done the right thing.

It hadn’t been her place to force Sarah into staying. This had been her decision to make and Sarah had made it. Jennifer hated what she had done, but she understood at

least why Sarah had done it. Sarah was making the decision she felt was best for her marriage and Jennifer had seen just by one look at her face how much it was hurting

her to leave.

Jennifer hadn’t wanted to add to Sarah’s pain. So she had done nothing that night and had never told her housemates what had happened. She knew what they never

could, at least not yet. Everything that had happened with Brad had given Jennifer the maturity to make the decision to let Sarah choose her own path and as much as she

wished Sarah had made a different choice, Jennifer had never felt guilty for not stopping her.

Love eventually began to stir and groan softly, indicating she was waking up. She shifted slightly on the bed, trying to fight it off, but she soon lost the battle and her eyes

blinked open. When the morning blurriness subsided, Love saw Jennifer staring at her and she smiled.

“Morning,” Love said, her voice groggy but clear.

“Hey sleepyhead,” Jennifer replied tenderly, still playing with her bedmate’s hair. “I see you had a late night.”

“Did I wake you up last night?” Love asked.

“Just a little when you got back into bed,” Jennifer answered. “I went right back to sleep though. Don’t worry about it sweetie. What were you up to?”

“Mmmmm Laser Tag,” Love said with a little giggle.

“Is that some kind of euphemism?” Jennifer wondered, searching her mind for any sex act she could associate with that expression.

“Nope,” Love replied with a smile. “It was really Laser Tag. I was playing with the boys next door. I hadn’t played that game since I was a kid with my brother and the

neighbors and it was soooooooo much fun. I even got a few of them before they zapped me. I’m sorry I woke you though. I tried to be really sneaky and quiet about getting

back into bed. Did you sleep ok?”

“Oh I tossed and turned a little bit too much, but other than that it was fine,” Jennifer stated. “I’m surprised I didn’t wake you in the night when I was rolling around and

tugging on the sheets.”

“I was up anyway, so I wouldn’t have minded if you had,” Love replied, playfully pulling herself on top of Jennifer and making sure she could feel how her nipples were starting

to swell.

“So I can see,” Jennifer said with a smile, her own nipples beginning to have a similar reaction in response to her sexy bedmate’s actions.

Love leaned her face down and kissing Jennifer right on the lips. Her kiss quickly won the older woman over and Jennifer kissed her right back.

“I’m still a little sleepy,” Love declared with a giggle. “Mmmmm wanna wake me up some more Jen? I owe you some fun after last night, you know.”

“You don’t even have to ask,” Jennifer answered as her hands moved down to squeeze Love’s bare ass. This was a wake up jolt that was better than any cup of coffee.

* * * * *

While others were just getting up, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan had stayed within the pattern they had established over the past few hours since the morning sun had first

stirred them both.

They would fuck then doze off then wake up again and fuck again and then doze back to sleep and then wake up and start it all over again. If it had been possible to subsist

just on sleep and sex then neither girl would ever have left the guest room they had turned into their love nest.

But unfortunately life had demands that neither girl, especially with so many eyes on them, could escape. So, as she tried not to wake the softly sleeping Lindsay, Hilary

started getting up. She wiggled herself away as gently as she could from her fellow teenager’s embrace, wishing she never had to leave and she could stay here


The trip down to Jamaica had truly been paradise for Hilary. Not only had she been a guest at an orgy with the most beautiful girls in the world, giving her a dream chance to

fill her belly with girl cum from all those hot, pink pussies and quench the thirst for other girls she had been addicted to since her first visit to the mansion, but she had found

herself a kindred spirit in the process.

Since they had gotten back home, Lindsay had been Hilary’s partner in lesbian crime and things had been better between them than Hilary had ever dared imagine they

could be when she had first placed that call to the redhead inviting her to the party.

As far as the world was concerned, the two teenagers still had a cold rivalry. But the truth was that the ice had been melted a long time ago by hot lust.

No one, save for their circle of friends in Malibu, had any idea that each and every second of free time the two girls had was spent with each other, kissing and touching and

licking and doing all the fun things horny girls desperate for pussy did. It was hard to find chances sometimes, but they never let a single one go by wasted.

None of the gossip reporters ever dared picture the truth that Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were no longer at each other’s throats. Their hands were too busy ripping off

each other’s clothes whenever they could. Every chance they had, the two girls hooked up and there was no better place for them to sneak away too for their secret

rendezvous than Malibu.

They stayed over as often as they could, enjoying not only each other’s bodies, but the flavors of all the sexy girls there. Each teenager had a lust for girl sex that nothing

could satiate and they had fit right into the flow of the mansion lifestyle, so much that they each had an open invitation to stay whenever they could.

Hilary wished she could make good on that invitation and never leave. Everything she had worked for all her life seemed meaningless now. She didn’t want to live under her

mother’s rules anymore and the demands of trying to be an actress and a pop superstar were now nothing more than distractions from what she really wanted…to do

nothing but fuck beautiful girls and lick them dry again and again until she passed out with a happy, cummy smile on her face.

Hilary longed to run away from her mother’s constant orders that she do this and sing that and act in this and do a commercial for that and live here at the mansion and

bring Lindsay with her so they never had to leave this beach paradise. But she knew she couldn’t do that.

Deep down Hilary couldn’t see herself standing up to her mother and that if she did, her mother would do anything she could to keep her away from her sexy friends. It was

a fight Hilary was too afraid to take on.

Knowing that her mother would soon be looking for her, Hilary decided she had to leave before things got too late in the morning. She had told her mother that she had been

staying at a friend’s house and that simple story would hold as long as Hilary didn’t give her mother any reason to be suspicious. That meant getting home when her mother

wanted her to be and since she had to fight freeway traffic, Hilary knew she couldn’t delay her departure even if all she wanted was to stay.

She and Lindsay had tossed their clothes all over the room last night almost as soon as they had gotten there and had happily hopped from room to room naked as babes

before ultimately crashing where they’d started. Hilary quickly located her panties on the floor near the side of the bed and she didn’t have to reach far to grab them.

Hilary sat up on the bed and, as she pulled her panties up over her otherwise naked body, she ended up waking her bedmate. Lindsay’s eyes flickered open and she

smacked her lips, smiling when she still tasted girl all over them. She rolled over expecting to find Hilary next to her and when all she got was empty bed, the redhead sat

up and made a dive for her panty clad lover before she was able to get her feet on the ground.

“Noooooooooo…” Lindsay protested playfully as she dragged Hilary back into bed with her. “You can’t leave me! I won’t let you!”

Hilary reacted with a giggle and a kiss to Lindsay’s waiting lips as soon as she turned around.

“I have to,” Hilary insisted before helping herself to another kiss.

“No you don’t,” Lindsay countered most effectively before sucking Hilary’s tongue into her mouth and rubbing their bare tits together. “Mmmmm you have to stay here and

play with me. There’s so much more I want to do to you.”

Lindsay then added to her statement by reaching down to grab Hilary through her panties. She squeezed the teen’s cheeks, getting happy squeals from her mouth while

they kissed. The two girls rolled around the bed, never stopping their kiss, and ground their bodies together, the desire they had for each other’s bodies not even close to

being quenched despite a morning of orgasms.

Now that Lindsay’s eyes were opened to the pleasure of sex with girls not a chance had gone by without her grabbing it. Paris Hilton had been shocked when Lindsay had

made a move on her, but that hadn’t stopped the two of them from spending hours getting very wet and naughty in a hot tub. A script conference with Samaire Armstrong on

their movie set had ended up in what felt like a day long 69. Virginia Madsen had been eager to offer to advice to Lindsay on the set of Prairie Home Companion and the

teenager had given her back so much more with her tongue and fingers. And it seemed like every night out at a club offered endless opportunities for chances to sneak

away to dark corners for play time with horny, willing girls.

But the girl Lindsay had the most fun with was right here in bed with her. She couldn’t get enough of Hilary. She loved how the blonde teenager seemed so wholesome to

the world and was so very not in private.

Lindsay had often thought to herself over these past months how Hilary was the one getting all the good press and she was the one constantly being made into the slut of

the year and while in reality, the truth was Hilary had been the one to corrupt her. It was one of life’s ironies but all Lindsay really cared about was how good it felt to fuck

her former rival and all the beautiful girls she was friends with.

The first time Hilary had brought her to the mansion, Lindsay felt like she had died and gone to heaven. It was just like the party in Jamaica every night, albeit on a much

smaller scale. There had been beautiful girls willing and ready to not only satisfy all of Lindsay’s desires but give her new ones as well to leave her pussy dripping all day

and all night for female flesh.

Lindsay had never had a bondage fantasy in her life before Rose had taken her down to the dungeon, chained her up by her wrists and subjected her to the sting of a whip for

the first time and now there were times when all she wanted was to surrender control and play slave to Rose’s mistress, begging the raven haired sex goddess to beat her

and fuck her without mercy.

Lindsay had never dreamed about having her pussy and ass stuffed full of hard plastic at the same time before Jewel and Christina had double penetrated her tight holes with

their strap ons and now there were times when she didn’t feel satisfied until she was double fucked. Just last night, Love and Jessica had filled her just like that with their

strap ons and Lindsay was already wet with desire to feel it again.

And that didn’t even cover how much she had learned to love new and kinky uses for candle wax, bananas, ball gags and, of course, school girl outfits one size too small.

She loved playing dress up games with her friends here, getting into her sluttiest outfits to play like she was a hooker for them to pick up off the streets to buy the services

of her tongue or a cheerleader who forgot her panties under her skirt and had to be punished.

One time she had even dressed up like a cop and had put on a show for everyone by “arresting” Hilary and making sure she was thoroughly strip searched and interrogated

until the blonde “confessed” to being a dirty, pussy loving whore.

But the deliriously amazing sex wasn’t the only reason Lindsay loved this place. It was also where she felt the most safe and happy in the world.

Her life was so crazy. She couldn’t escape the pressure or the stress at work, at home or even when she was out at play. But here was her escape and the girls had been

there for her when she had needed help the most.

Over the past months everyone had seemed obsessed with Lindsay’s weight and her partying habits and whether or not she’d done drugs. If only they’d known the truth

was that she didn’t want to eat. She didn’t want to sleep. She just wanted to fuck and, looking back, she admitted that she might have let things get out of hand for a


Hilary had gotten really worried for her, told the others how she felt and finally it had been Jennifer Aniston and Alyssa Milano who had sat her down one night at the

mansion and told her that she needed to take care of herself so she didn’t just burn out before their eyes. She had brushed their concerns aside at first, but by keeping at

her and showing they really had her best interests in mind above all, Lindsay had given in and let them help her. Now she could see how right they had been. She had been

wasting away before their eyes.

Lindsay had only been too happy to place herself in their capable hands. They insisted she sleep more, spend more time with them and less with Nicole Richie and start

gaining her weight back on a diet that naturally included liberal portions of pussy cream. Lindsay had no problem with that prescription and Jennifer and Alyssa had helped

her when even her own mom couldn’t reach her. Now Lindsay was looking healthier and feeling better than she had in a long time.

She loved it in Malibu and the only thing she wanted more than to stay at the mansion forever was for Hilary to stay with her.

“You don’t have to go,” Lindsay continued to insist as she rubbed her body against Hilary’s and began working her lover’s panties down her body. “You have to stay with me

and lose these clothes. Mmmmm you gotta be naked like me.”

Right then Hilary desperately wanted to be naked with Lindsay. She wanted to feel their bodies rub together and the wetness from their pussies mix as they kissed and

touched and made so much sex noise that all the other girls from the mansion would want to join them. But, as the clock next to the bed made clear, she just couldn’t.

“I can’t,” Hilary said glumly. “I have to go. My mom…”

Hilary didn’t even have to finish her sentence because Lindsay knew what was coming next. Lindsay might have forgiven her fellow teen for their rivalry, but that didn’t make

her think any higher of Susan Duff, who had been poison to her in the press for years now.

“Ok baby…but call me today…promise?” Lindsay replied, reluctantly letting Hilary go from her embrace. “Text me. Email me. Just find a way to talk to me. I hate not

being with you Hil.”

“I promise I will,” Hilary swore before the younger girl stole one last kiss from Lindsay before scooting off the bed, pulling her panties back up and beginning the search for

the rest of her clothes. “I hate leaving too. I’m miserable when I’m not here with you.”

“I just wish we could do this every day,” Lindsay sighed as she rolled back into bed. “I hate when I can’t see you Hil. I just wanna be with you and fuck you and just go

completely wild. When I’m with you, it’s the only time I really feel free.”

Through all the drama in her life, Hilary and their Malibu escapades had been her calm port in the storm. Her father had made life so hard for her and her mom and even

though Lindsay loved her mom more than anything she found herself both pulling away and unfairly lashing out at her.

She felt guilty about that, especially with the divorce and her dad in jail still making life miserable for them, but Lindsay hadn’t been able to find the calm she needed with her


Her mom had been borderline hysterical about everything lately and was keeping such a close eye on her, always wanting to know where she was going and if she was

drinking or partying too much. Lindsay definitely understood why her mom was worried, but what she she needed was calm and relief and not an overprotective parent.

Hilary and all their sexy friends gave her what she needed and what her mother couldn’t give her.

With a little giggle to herself and a blushing smile crossing her face, Lindsay thought that she was actually getting what her mother needed most and that maybe she should

share. Her mom seriously needed to calm down and relax and some hot, lesbian sex would have definitely made her mom smile again. It had certainly worked for her and

Lindsay wondered if she should just send a hot girl to the house to get her mom laid so things could be calmer there.

But that would never work, unfortunately. Her mother was pretty liberal about things, but she still freaked out about lesbianism for some reason. She always had for as long

as Lindsay could remember.

“Mothers…” Lindsay groaned in frustration while lying flat on her back. “They always ruin all the fun.”

“Tell me about it,” Hilary said, yanking on her jeans and giving Lindsay a great view of her softly jiggling tits as she rooted around the mess of clothes on the floor for her bra

and shirt. “I can’t wait to get away from mine and get here again. But I’m starting to run out of excuses to sneak away.”

“Me too,” Lindsay sighed. “I’m running out of sick friends to visit or out of town meetings I’m pretending to go too. I feel bad about lying to my mom all the time about where

I am, but she just wouldn’t understand.”

“My mom would lock me up for a million years if she knew,” Hilary claimed, thinking that a million years might even have been a conservative estimate. If her mom found out

what she had been up to, Hilary thought she probably would have dragged her off to one of those places where they were supposed to cure you from being a lesbian or


“Well then I’d just have to come rescue you, wouldn’t I?” Lindsay grinned, getting on her hands and knees to crawl to the edge of the bed so she could pull Hilary in for

another kiss. “Just promise to call me today, ok? I wanna see you tonight.”

“I’ll definitely call,” Hilary promised before snapping her bra on and poking her head through her t-shirt and hoping that somehow the god of excuses would send her a good

one to tell her mom so she could get out and see Lindsay again today. “Mmmm I’ll be texting you before I’m even in the car. But I gotta go. Shit, I’m gonna be late. I gotta

go now.”

“Fine, leave me,” Lindsay playfully grumbled before giving Hilary a slap on the ass through her jeans. “But I’m totally gonna make you pay for it later.”

“Mmmmm I hope that’s a promise,” Hilary giggled before blowing Lindsay a kiss and running off.

* * * * *

Just as Hilary was zipping out the door out the door hoping to get back home before her absence became too conspicuous, Rose McGowan was beginning to consider

actually getting out of bed, before deciding firmly against it. There was absolutely no earthly reason to not sleep in till at least noon today.

So, with a defiant groan, Rose pulled the covers up over her head and turned her body away from the morning sun that was beginning to seep through the blinds. But

despite her unwillingness to get up and at them, Rose was feeling good that morning.

In fact she was feeling better than she had in a long time. She had a feeling today was going to be an amazing day and that was always welcome after the emotional roller

coaster they had all been on lately.

Sarah leaving out of the blue had been a blow to all of them, but Rose had felt especially blindsided. She had never dreamed Sarah would leave them, especially after all the

things, both good and bad, they had been through.

Rose had always assumed that Sarah would come to her senses and dump Freddie, hopefully at the most humiliating and emasculating opportunity possible. That was one

of the reasons Rose had helped organize the party. She wanted Sarah to realize no man could treat her as good as women could.

Having Sarah not only go through with the wedding, but leave them all behind cold had shocked Rose and her anger had been obvious. Though Christina would later make

her reaction seem mild by comparison, Rose had been furious at Sarah. She had wanted to rip her note into a million pieces, get the first flight back to California and drag

her back by her hair and lock her in the dungeon until she had been properly punished for her betrayal.

But Rose had restrained herself. The sight of a sobbing Love, completely devastated by Sarah leaving, had convinced her that flying off the handle would not have been

particularly constructive. So she had held back and let her rage subside, only to be replaced by confusion and wonder about how and why Sarah could possibly have made

the choice she did.

Showing hurt in front of her housemates wasn’t something Rose did. Ever. She enjoyed her reputation in the house. She didn’t want them to think she was unfeeling, but

she loved how they saw her as a sexual animal, always in control and never in doubt.

Of course Rose knew if her housemates knew the whole truth about her then they wouldn’t want to look at her at all. It was her greatest fear. She had spent her whole life

running from what had happened to her in Portland and to lose the best thing that had ever happened to her because of it would have been a blow Rose knew she never

would be able to recover from.

She couldn’t risk them finding out and that had led to her falling prey to Jaime…the one person she had ever entrusted with the secret and the one who had used it on her

like a weapon to control her and force her into submission to virtual sexual slavery.

But Rose didn’t want to think about that now. Jaime was in jail and she was safe from her. Rose didn’t want to be afraid. She wanted to feel good. Shoving thoughts of

Portland and Jaime out of her mind, Rose tried to get herself back into the relaxed state she had been in before and forget about any potential worries.

The specter of the still pending criminal charges still lingered in her mind from time to time, but Rose had managed to ignore it. At first there had been some bad publicity

for it, but as more and more details emerged about what had provoked Rose that night there had been more understanding and Rose felt like her career had actually

benefited from it. She had even gotten a part in the new Brian DePalma movie and Rose surmised the little air of danger around her probably helped.

Rose had long ago decided not to think about the possibility of going to jail. She’d let her lawyer worry about that. She wasn’t going to go to jail for protecting someone she

loved. She had done nothing wrong and wouldn’t waste a second worrying about it.

As far as she was concerned she would ignore it until it went away. Besides, the criminal justice system moved at a much slower pace than an average Law & Order

episode. So it wasn’t like she had to do anything. Her lawyer had been calling a lot lately, but she hadn’t returned any of his calls. She’d do it later. She had more fun

things to focus on.

It was much more pleasant to just lie in bed and remember how she’d been able to bury her face into Jewel’s pussy last night while Christina had sucked Mr. Snappy into

her eager mouth and gotten it wet and ready for her to ride it and how Christina’s cum had just lubed her toy up to slide right into Gwen and Love and between Jewel’s

incredible tits and even Lindsay Lohan’s tight little teenage ass. Sarah had no idea what she was missing.

A satisfied smile crossed Rose’s lips over the erotic memories and just as she began summoning the picture of Jennifer licking both Hilary and Lindsay last night back and

forth to make sure they were wet enough for her to fuck them with her favorite toy, there was a knock on her door.

At first Rose intended to ignore it so she could fall back asleep dreaming nasty sex dreams, but the knocking persisted and finally Rose gave up the fight.

“I’m coming…I’m coming…chill the fuck out,” Rose grumbled as she flung away the bed sheets and proudly strode to the door completely naked.

The thought of throwing on some clothes never even occurred to Rose. Why hide a body that everyone at the mansion had already seen and already enjoyed multiple

times? Besides Rose always enjoyed seeing the flustered look on someone’s face when they were able to get a surprise gawk at her bare body.

What did occur to Rose was to give whoever was at the end of the door a little reminder about how it wasn’t nice to wake sleeping lionesses. But those thoughts

disappeared the second she flung open the door and was greeted by a surprise of her own…the equally naked, wet and giggling bodies of Elisha, Jessica and Alyssa.

“Ummmm hey…” Elisha said, a nervous, but exciting blush overtaking her once again while a smile stretched across her face.

“Go on…tell her what you want…” Alyssa said, giving Elisha a little push from behind.

“Mmmm we’re here for my initiation,” Elisha grinned, finding her words as she stepped into Rose’s room and embraced the brunette, pressing their naked bodies together as

their lips met in a sizzling kiss that Rose immediately responded to.

If there was one thing Rose especially loved about the mansion it was initiating newbies. She hadn’t quite gotten around to Elisha yet, but there was no time like the

present to get Mr. Snappy some love. Thoughts of sleep were history now and had been replaced by ones of a spirited morning fuck.

It looked like her optimism was well placed. It was definitely going to be a good day.

* * * * *

With a sigh, Sarah Michelle Gellar turned over under the sheets. She’d been tossing and turning for what felt like hours and none of it had done any good. She’d been up all

that time and there was no longer any possibility of her going back to sleep. She didn’t even particularly want to go back to sleep. Sarah just didn’t want to get up.

There had been many mornings that had started out like this and lately they had become more frequent. Most days her life was full of certainty about what she didn’t want,

not what she did. She had never felt so restless in her life. She was anxious and jumpy and had found herself longing more and more for the hours to pass so she could get

back to sleep and waste away hours in unconsciousness where all of this weight wasn’t pressing down on her.

But even sleep wouldn’t bring relief to Sarah. Her nightmares had started again. In the immediate aftermath of her attack, Sarah had been plagued by nightmares. She had

relived her stabbing over and over again through those nightmares but they had faded with time. Now they had returned and, unlike before, Sarah woke up feeling alone and


Before she’d always felt the fear subside when she realized she was safe, but now all she woke up to was the pounding of her own heart inside her chest and the sound of

Freddie snoring away, completely unaware his wife was drenched in her own cold sweat. It took longer for the fear to pass now. She no longer felt safe. She no longer felt

protected and it wasn’t hard for Sarah to realize why.

The mansion had been more than just a place for her every sexual fantasy to come true. It might have been that at first, but it had become so much more.

It had been her security blanket and every time she had felt scared or insecure Sarah had wrapped herself in the support and love of her friends to make herself feel better.

But that was gone now and Sarah felt the loss hardest during her most vulnerable moments.

Since she had left in the middle of the night in Jamaica, a day hadn’t gone by without Sarah wondering how her friends were doing and what they were doing and whether or

not they missed her now that she was gone. Hours would go by where she would just sit and think about the girls she had left behind and sometimes the regret would be so

powerful that Sarah couldn’t stop herself from crying, the tears still as hot as they had been that night when she had left her note and run off without saying goodbye.

Each time she felt that guilt, Sarah told herself that she’d done the right thing for her marriage and herself. She had seen the toll living two lives had taken on Jennifer and

she couldn’t do that to herself or to Freddie. She had to commit herself to her marriage even if it cost her her best friends.

They had shared such wonderful times and Sarah treasured her memories, but she wanted her marriage to work. She wanted a family. Freddie was her husband now and

Sarah knew she could no longer keep her beautiful girlfriends in her life.

She told herself she couldn’t look back, but she hated how she had left them. It had been so cowardly and Sarah knew it. She had been unable to face her housemates

with her decision then and she couldn’t even do it now. She hadn’t spoken to any of them since that night. Not Jennifer. Not Jewel. Not Rose. And especially not Love.

Sarah could still vividly remember Love begging her not to marry Freddie and stay with them. She had barely been able to look Love in the eye during her pleas and Sarah

knew she couldn’t stand having to see that sweet, beautiful heart breaking as she told her why she couldn’t be with them anymore. Sarah had never wanted to cause any of

them pain, but she knew she had and it still filled her with guilt even after the passage of so much time.

She longed to call them or see them. Not for sex. Sarah just wanted to know they were ok and that they didn’t hate her. But that was exactly why she couldn’t see them.

She knew they had to hate her for what she had done and Sarah was afraid to see their pain and feel their anger.

The only girls with any connection to the mansion that Sarah had seen since then were Alyson and Reese. She could never cut off her best friend and Sarah and Reese had

been friends long before she had gone to Malibu and she hadn’t wanted that to end. But Sarah had made them promise never to mention the mansion or say if they had

seen or heard from any of the girls. Sarah was too afraid of finding out how much pain she’d caused her friends to want to know what was happening there, even as she

found herself wondering about it daily.

Sarah didn’t know if Alyson and Reese ever visited it anymore, but she secretly hoped they did. She didn’t want her friends to not feel the pleasure of another woman’s

touch too because deep down, it wasn’t just the friendships Sarah missed.

She missed the pleasure. She missed the exquisite orgasmic ecstasy that only another woman could make her feel. The way her girlfriends knew so many ways to make

a woman come and were always eager to try them all out on her. Sarah missed the taste…the touch…the feel of women. She missed it all.

Now that she was married, Sarah felt what Reese had been suffering from before she brought her into her secret world in Malibu. For the first time in years, Sarah was

feeling sexually unsatisfied. She had once thought that those complaints were exclusive to Reese’s marriage to Ryan but now Sarah found herself in the same position as

her friend.

There was no way Freddie could compare to the touch of her female lovers and Sarah found herself growing more desperate to let loose and indulge herself in the forbidden

pleasure the way Reese had with her those blissful few years ago. Sarah told herself she was afraid to face her housemates, but she also knew another reason she wasn’t

so eager to own up to was her fear if she did see them, she wouldn’t be able to control herself around them.

Sarah told herself she couldn’t go back now. If she did she knew she would never leave. She’d end up breaking her marriage vows in a frenzy of pussy-starved longing and

she’d promised to never do that. Sarah felt like a drug addict or something…desperate for one more fix but knowing no good could ever come from it.

Sure she would have felt more than enough pleasure to make her pent up horniness disappear, but how could she return to her marriage bed after that? How could she look

Freddie in the eye? How could she continue living her dream of having a family if she tossed her vows away for a quick orgasm…or two…or three…or more…

Before Sarah could get any further in her thoughts the door to her bedroom opened up and she jolted up with a start.

“Ohhhhhhhh Mrs. Prinze…I did not know you were still in here,” Rosa, Sarah and Freddie’s maid said apologetically. “I can come back later.”

“No Rosa, it’s ok,” Sarah said, happy to finally have something to motivate her out of bed. “I shouldn’t have been sleeping so late. I’ll get up so you can make the bed.”

Pulling herself out from between the sheets, Sarah felt the stickiness and lethargy that could only come from sleeping too late. She really needed a shower and she went

straight for the bathroom, giving one look behind at Rosa as she began making the bed.

Mrs. Sarah Prinze. Sarah still hadn’t gotten used to hearing it. She still used Sarah Michelle Gellar to work, but legally she was Sarah Prinze and she couldn’t help but get

thrown for a loop when Rosa called her that every time they spoke. She figured she’d be used to it after all these months, but she wasn’t.

Of course Sarah also couldn’t help but look at Rosa and remember her former maid. The very nice middle-aged Peruvian mother of four was a great maid and the household

was in perfect working order, but to Sarah no one could ever replace Michelle.

Rosa did a much better job with the cleaning than the blonde French girl ever had, but keeping the mansion spotless had never been Michelle’s main job. As long as the

dust bunnies didn’t invade, the laundry was done and her tongue was available, Michelle had been the best maid ever.

As she turned on the water in the shower and pulled her the long t-shirt she had slept in over her head, Sarah couldn’t help but remember all the times her beautiful blonde

maid had awoken her with her talented tongue, licking her right out of dreamland into a delightful morning orgasm. And that wasn’t her only talent, Sarah fondly recalled

when she pushed her hand between her legs and teased her small bush of dark hair.

The blonde actress sighed as she thought back to all the times Michelle had shaved her pussy to a baby smooth state and proceeded to lick every inch to make sure she

hadn’t missed a hair. Since leaving the mansion Sarah had stopped shaving herself bare. She didn’t have a particular reason why she did. She just kind of felt that had

been something special for her girlfriends and there was no longer any reason to do it.

It wasn’t like she had a jungle down there or anything. As always Sarah kept the reminder of her natural dark hair color between her legs nice and neat. She did miss the

touch of Michelle’s razor though and, as she stepped under the hot water and let it wash the sleep away, Sarah grew eager to feel it again.

There had been many occasions when Michelle had joined her in the shower to make sure she had been properly groomed. Sarah wished it was one of those times now.

The memories were so clear that Sarah could practically see the blonde maid naked kneeling before her and feel the glide of the razor against her flesh. Michelle had

always left her pussy tingling after shaving her and Sarah felt her sex stir as she remembered how horny it had made her feel.

Sighing happily and closing her eyes, Sarah reached down between her legs and began to gently rub her slit with her thumb as the rest of her hand cupped her mound. She

was getting hot and wet and though she refrained from the real thing, Sarah didn’t always stop herself from indulging when the memories of lovers past filled her head.

A smile crossed Sarah’s lips as she began picturing Michelle shaving her pussy and leaving it smooth and glistening and ready to be licked. Her housemates had always

been so eager to offer their tongues up to her and Sarah wished they were here now.

She wanted to feel Love licking her. She wanted the sweet brunette’s happy tongue lapping at her pussy, getting her even wetter and making her ache with need to have her

clit tended to. Mmmm but Love wouldn’t have been alone. There had always been plenty of room for more in the showers back in Malibu.

Sarah’s rubbing got faster and soon her thumb had stopped teasing her lips and had moved aside for two of her fingers to plunge inside her needy pinkness. That got a loud

gasp from Sarah over the rush of the shower water and her free hand moved to her breasts, grabbing at the firm mounds and pinching at her nipples just like Sarah wanted

Rose to be doing.

Rose had always known how to make things hurt so good and Sarah just wanted to feel her pinching and biting at her nipples, making them swell and cap off her tits like

diamonds. With her eyes closed Sarah found it so easily to picture Rose sucking on her tits while Love fed off her pussy and imagine the feel of Jennifer’s tits pressing

against her back as she kissed her neck and made sure she felt the wetness of her pussy against her bare ass.

Sarah moaned and thrust into herself harder as she remembered so vividly the feel of a woman’s arousal against her flesh. She wanted Jennifer grinding into her, rubbing her

pussy against her ass cheeks and whispering into her ear that she was going to be licking her soon and telling her how much she wanted to 69 with her in the shower.

The wetter she got, the more scattered Sarah’s thoughts became. She wanted to remember everything and have it flood her brain with hot images to get her off. Sarah

wished it wasn’t her fingers in her pussy. She wanted it to be Jennifer’s. She wanted to have her sexy older housemate lying on top of her, feeding off her juicy cunt while

she gave back the same treatment. Sarah wanted to be rocking back and forth with her on the shower floor in their 69 as Jewel’s tongue teased her slit too, running up

between her cheeks with her soft, hot licks while Sarah heard the cries of ecstasy that could only come from Love when she had Mr. Snappy fucking her hard and deep.

Sarah had loved watching Rose take Love like that so many times during their days and nights in Malibu…her big tits shaking like mad as Rose pounded her doggie style.

Sometimes Sarah had let those tits slap her face and then opened wide to taste her nipples and other times Sarah had grabbed Love’s head and shoved her all too willing

face right into her pussy to get some head while she was being fucked.

As her knees got weaker and her fingering got more frantic, Sarah pictured them all naked in the shower, water pouring off their bodies as Love, Jennifer and Jewel got on

their hands and knees, pushing their asses in the air for Rose to fuck them. As Rose drove her amazing strap on into their holes, Sarah would have joined in by fucking the

face of whatever slut was being stuffed by fake dick.

She would have pushed her pussy into the faces of each and every one of her beautiful housemates, leaving Jen then Jewel then Love covered in her cum as Rose fucked

them into quivering ecstasy as Jessica, Alyssa, Christina and Britney had impatiently waited for their chance to lick and get fucked.

By now Sarah was gasping as she pictured a tangle of naked girls in the shower with her. Her hand worked over her pussy with three fingers, stretching out her tightness

and making her forget about her frustration guilt.

Sarah pumped into her cunt and mauled her own tits while picturing herself moaning into Jessica’s cleavage while Christina and Alyssa double tongued her pussy and

Britney pushed a toy into her ass and told her Alyson was coming over and bringing Charisma Carpenter, Eliza Dushku and little Michelle Trachtenberg for another Buffy

fuck fest.

Oh God…she wanted them all. She wanted to fuck her housemates. She wanted to taste their pussies again and feel their tits against hers while they kissed. She wanted

her friends and co-stars and all those nasty bitches that had fucked themselves silly at her party. Girls like Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron and Jennifer Garner and

Mandy Moore…all those fucking sluts she had never tasted and desperately hungered for every time she saw them on TV or in a magazine.

As she furiously masturbated herself under the water, gasping and moaning with growing volume, Sarah longed to surrender to her desires and go wild once more. She

wanted to be a pussy starved slut, eating all the hot girls she knew and letting them fuck and lick and suck all her hot spots until she just blacked out from all the ecstasy.

Sarah wanted what had happened at her party to happen again only times a million. She needed it. She needed it so fucking bad.

Sarah had long ago captured her clitoris and, as she pictured Jennifer slapping her ass for being a sneaky little whore while she fed off Rose’s molten, dripping pussy and

heard the sounds of all her nasty dyke fuck friends strapping on toys to fuck her over and over again, she pinched her bud hard and rubbed it until the desired result spilled

out of her.

With a roar into the shower stream, Sarah exploded onto her hand, soaking her fingers in feminine essence.

As a dreamy smile filled her face, Sarah’s legs finally gave out and she slumped down onto her ass, her pussy juices being washed away by the hot water. The touch of her

own hand was nothing compared to what a female lover could make her feel, but it would have to do and Sarah was desperate for any orgasms she could get.

But as quickly as the pleasure had filled her body, it had faded and Sarah didn’t have to open her eyes to remember that her friends were not in the shower with her. She

was all alone with the hot water.

Her smile turned into a sorrowful frown as Sarah pulled herself up and got back to the task of showering. This had not been an isolated incident. There had been many

mornings where Sarah had ended up masturbating herself to orgasm in the shower. In fact her fingers and shower massager had become much more adept at getting her off

than Freddie had been lately.

Though the pleasure was always welcome, it left Sarah feeling lonely with a disturbing thought and this morning was no different. In fact it was stronger than ever today.

If a quick fingering in the shower was the only respite she got from guilt and misery, then had Sarah sacrificed what she had enjoyed most only to end up feeling lost and

alone? Had she made the biggest mistake of her live by leaving the mansion?

* * * * *

Back in Malibu there was no self doubt in Jessica Alba’s life as she sat on her bed completely naked while she brushed her wet hair and put off getting dressed as long as

possible. She still had the dampness of her shower clinging to her skin and the scent of body lotion tickled her nose and made her smile. She was one happy, glistening

girl right then.

The activity in Rose’s room had forced Jessica to seek another shower and it was just as well because the first one she’d taken hadn’t actually involved much cleaning.

Watching Elisha get “initiated” by Rose and her favorite toy had caused Jessica to work up quite a sweat and that hadn’t been helped by her and Alyssa’s decision to join in

the fun.

That had only gotten Jessica sweatier but she hadn’t minded a bit and the ecstasy still tingled inside her as she sat naked and remembered how amazing it had felt to push

Rose flat on her back and ride Mr. Snappy with frantic bounces that had made her whole body jiggle in all the right ways. And just when she had thought it couldn’t get any

better, Alyssa had crawled behind her, spread open her cheeks and started rimming her.

Alyssa and Rose’s combined efforts had set off an explosive orgasm inside her and, even after the thorough tongue bath Elisha gave her sweaty body, Jessica had found

herself in need of her second shower of the morning.

This time had been a solo effort. Jessica had left Elisha at the mercy of the mansion’s two witches and this time she had actually managed to get herself clean.

But now as she finished brushing her hair, Jessica was already thinking about getting dirty again. She just loved how this place made her feel. She was so alive when she

was here and she could never get enough. There was no such thing as too much girl sex and even a moment away from a hot woman’s touch and tongue left her pining for

it. The longing for more girl sex didn’t fade a bit as Jessica’s cell phone suddenly rang.

Pausing for a second to debate whether to pick up or continue on her way to what was likely going to be a satisfying session with one of her toys, Jessica eventually

reached for her phone and opened it. The personalized ring tone of the Charlie’s Angels theme music told her exactly who it was and Jessica didn’t want to miss the


“Hey sweetie,” Jessica said with a smile as she flipped open her phone.

“Ok, confess you slut. What have you done with my friend?” Cameron Diaz playfully demanded from the other end. “Elisha’s not answering her phone. You got her tied up

in the dungeon or something?”

“Mmmmm now that’s a thought,” Jessica giggled, her horniness kicking up a notch at the sound of her friend’s sexy voice. “I don’t think you’ll be seeing that little cutie

anytime soon. We liked her so much, we’re gonna keep her.”

“Hell no. I got dibs on that girl,” Cameron insisted. “You gotta give her back.”

“Why don’t you try and come get her then?” Jessica saucily suggested. “Maybe you can lick your way to Elisha’s freedom.”

“Yummy,” Cameron moaned at the thought. “Don’t think I wouldn’t be on my knees in a second to do that.”

“So what do I owe the honor of this call? Did you really want to know what we’d done with your friend or did you call up just to see if I was up for a little phone fun?” Jessica

asked. She had always loved flirting and flirting with girls was even more fun than it had been with any mere boy.

“A little of both…” Cameron replied. “I just wanted to see what was going on there and Heesh wasn’t answering her phone and neither was Jen so I…”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh so I was your third choice, was I?” Jessica mock pouted. “Real nice Camie. Now you’re definitely not getting Elisha back, bitch.”

“Nooooo it’s not like that!” Cameron shot back with a laugh. “I also wanted to see if you wanted to get together later. You know get lunch…do some shopping…make

out…girl stuff.”

That got a laugh out of Jessica. She and Cameron had known each other for a while but hadn’t really bonded until Sarah’s party. Between all the fucking they had hit it off

and Jessica had ended up doing a spot with Cameron for her MTV show, where she had gotten to know her even better.

Naturally when the cameras weren’t rolling, the two had created plenty of footage that was way too hot for MTV. When they weren’t shooting, Jessica and Cameron had

barely paused in their licking to come up for air and that vacation had been quite an orgasmic one for both of them, not to mention the female hotel staffers and film crew

girls they had managed to seduce into their beds.

Now they had a real friendship growing and Jessica was always eager to see the bubbly blonde. But she decided to play a little hard to get first.

“Well considering you just totally dissed me you’re not going to dig your way out of trouble that easily,” Jessica teased. “I’m just going to have to see if I can fit you into my

busy schedule.”

“Awwwwww…” Cameron whined. “C’mon Jess, I know you want to. Mmmm I can show you how sorry I am for having dissed you. I know just how to make you forgive me.

Sound good?”

That sounded very good to Jessica but the truth was she didn’t really feel like going out. She wanted this to be a lazy Saturday around the mansion. Fortunately there was

an obvious compromise at hand.

“I like that idea,” Jessica smiled. “But if you want me you’re going to have to come and get me. Stop on by the mansion today. If you’re a good girl, we might even let you

borrow your friend back for a bit.”

“I’ll be a very good girl,” Cameron wickedly promised. “Mmmm unless you make me want to be bad.”

“It’s a date then,” Jessica said. “Get your ass over here as soon as you can, Camie. Maybe you and I can cheer up Jen in the process too.”

“How’s she doing?” Cameron asked, her voice concerned for the well being of her friend, co-star and, most importantly, first female lover.

“I think she’s ok…but I don’t really know,” Jessica admitted. “I mean every time I think she’s totally fine, there’s another magazine or some new story about Brad and

Angelina or the baby and I can see how much she’s hurting.”

“Damn,” Cameron sighed. “It never fucking stops does it. Goddamn tabloids.”

“Yeah,” Jessica agreed. Jennifer and Cameron had certainly suffered through more than their share of tabloid tangles and, now that her star was rising, Jessica was getting

a harsh lesson in what they had gone through.

“We gotta get that cloud off her head,” Cameron said. “Maybe we should pick her up a high class hooker or something? I wonder if you can go get pussy gift


The suggestion had both girls laughing, but to Jessica there was a gem of an idea in there.

“You know that’s not a bad thought,” Jessica said. “Maybe she just needs a hot girl to stop her blues? Someone new. I mean she hasn’t brought anyone new into the

mansion since she and Brad split. I know a new fuck friend would cheer me up.”

“Well who could we get?” Cameron began. “I mean we’d need someone one of us knows and could talk into doing this and someone Jen has never been with.”

“Someone exotic,” Jessica added. “Hmmmm and someone she’d be surprised by.”

“Yeah but who…” Cameron said before she was suddenly struck by inspiration. “Holy shit! I’ve got it! I know the perfect girl!”

“Who? Who?” Jessica eagerly demanded. She didn’t know how they had even gotten into this crazy discussion. Were they really going to get Jen a hot girl? If they were

it wasn’t the worst way she had ever heard to try and make someone happy.

“She’s absolutely perfect…all that we need plus with great tits…” Cameron excitedly replied, the wheels in her head whirling at top speed.

“Then tell me already!” Jessica insisted. “Who is she?”

When Cameron told Jessica the name she had to admit that she was perfect for the job.

“Ohmygawd! She’s really hot! But will she go for it?” Jessica asked. “She doesn’t seem the type to be into it.”

“You’d be surprised at what she’s into,” Cameron coyly responded. “Mmmm and I’ve done the taste test with her so I know Jen is gonna love her. And she’s in town. It’s

too perfect. I’ll go set it up.”

“What should I do?” Jessica asked.

“Just get that sexy body of yours ready for when I get over there,” Cameron said. “I’ll make sure we’ll all have some real nasty fun together. I’ve just gotta take care of a few

things and go get her, but don’t wear Elisha out because I’m gonna be there in a few hours and then all of your asses are gonna be mine.”

That promise was music to Jessica’s ears and she was beaming with anticipation by the time she ended her call with Cameron. She had lost track of how many times

she’d come that morning, but she was craving more like a girl sex addict and she couldn’t wait to experience each and every trick Cameron and her friend were gonna use

on all of them at the mansion.

But before Jessica could get too lost in picturing what erotic delights lay ahead for her, her phone rang again. This time there was no personalized ringtone to signify one of

her special friends. And she didn’t recognize the number calling her, but she answered anyway. She was curious who this mystery caller could be.

“Hello?” Jessica said with a great deal more hesitation and shyness then when she had greeted Cameron before. Only a select group of people had this number so she

doubted it was some creep or stalker or anything, but Jessica liked knowing who she was talking to.

“Hey. Jessica?” a female voice asked.

“Yeahhhhhh,” Jessica replied, wondering even more who this was. She recognized the voice. She knew she’d heard it before. She just didn’t remember where or when or

who the voice belonged to. It was definitely a sexy voice, though, so that at least set Jessica’s mind at ease as the mystery was revealed.

“Ohhhh wow, I can’t believe I actually got you,” the voice said a little nervously, but with growing excitement. “I thought I’d just leave a message or something. I wasn’t

expecting anyone to actually pick up. It’s Stacy. Stacy Keibler. You remember me?”

Jessica’s mind was suddenly filled with visions of exquisite 42-inch legs and one of the most perfect asses she had ever seen in her life.

“How could I forget?” Jessica dreamily replied. The one time she had been with Stacy had been one of her most memorable encounters and the sight of the blonde’s

gorgeous naked body as she and her friend Trish Stratus seduced her into joining their naughty fun was burned in her brain forever.

Jessica’s response got a little giggle from Stacy.

“I’m glad you haven’t forgotten me,” Stacy said. “Cause I sure haven’t forgotten you, Jessica. I’ve been meaning to call you up so many times since last time we saw each

other, but I kept chickening out. I didn’t know if you’d remember me or want to get together again.”

“Awwww why’d you feel that way?” Jessica asked. “I would have loved to see you again Stacy. You were so beautiful. I loved being with you. Mmmmm and I hear you’ve

been up to a lot since then you naughty girl. I’ve heard lots of stories about you and your friends.”

“Trish told you, huh?” Stacy replied with another of her sexy little laughs. “Good. I’m glad you know. I hope those stories turned you on.”

“Mmmmhmmm Trish told me and so did Christy,” Jessica said, referring to Trish and Stacy’s former fellow Diva Christy Hemme, who had been another enthusiastic notch on

Jessica’s bedpost of hot female wrestlers. “And they definitely got me going. You girls are wild. I loved hearing about what you’ve been up to.”

Jessica never would have ever expected she would become some kind of magnet for the most beautiful girls the WWE offered. Her experiences with watching professional

wrestling had been brief and she still couldn’t see the appeal in it as much as she tried to watch and get into it for Trish’s sake. But she had no trouble seeing the appeal of

WWE’s gorgeous Divas.

It had all started when Amy Dumas, better known to WWE fans as Lita, had guested on Dark Angel. Jessica had been in lust at first sight with the athletic redhead and it

hadn’t taken long for her to get Amy in her trailer for some incredible girl on girl fun. That had only led to more as her time with Amy led Jessica to meet Trish Stratus and, a

sauna fuck later, the leggy Stacy Keibler.

Jessica had just spent her Christmas with two more WWE Divas, Christy Hemme and Maria Kanelis, and she had found out her exploits with the girls had become a sort of

legend within the company. Apparently Trish, Amy and Stacy had been telling everyone how amazing she was and Jessica certainly appreciated the compliment.

Stacy had visited the mansion once with Amy and Jessica had hooked up with Trish a few times since that day in the sauna, becoming pretty good friends with her in the

process. Stacy had actually been on Jessica’s mind over the last few months since there had been so many reminders of her beauty.

“I’ve been meaning to call you too,” Jessica admitted. “I got so into Dancing With The Stars this year and I was totally rooting for you. I think I broke my phone voting for

you over and over again. I was so pissed that you lost though. I mean I sort of thought Drew was gonna win, but Jerry Rice? That was just crazy. I thought the voters were

nuts. I was totally screaming at the TV that night when they announce the results. But congratulations on making it that far. You were unbelievable. Mmmm every time I

saw you dance I thought about how hot you are.”

“Thanks,” Stacy replied, her voice showing she was quite happy to know Jessica had been watching. “I never thought it was going to be that hard, but it was so much fun. I

don’t think I’ve ever done anything that much fun in my life before. It was so amazing.”

“Nothing more fun than that?” Jessica asked skeptically. “Are you sure there’s nothing more fun than dancing?”

“Well…I can think of one thing more fun than dancing,” Stacy relented. “Mmmm and that’s why I’m calling. I…ummm…God, I feel like such a slut…but I gotta see you

Jessica. Please say you can see me today.”

“Oh I can definitely find time for you Stacy,” Jessica replied. “I hope you’re in town though, because I don’t exactly have a private jet waiting for me.”

“Oh yeah, I’m in L.A. meeting with my agent today,” Stacy said. “I’m really close to you. I need to see you Jess. I can’t be in town again and not make time to see you.

I’ve been going crazy lately and mmmmmm you’re the one I want to help me relax.”

This was a very unexpected opportunity, but it was one Jessica eagerly welcomed. While Stacy had been to the mansion before, it had been a while back. She hadn’t even

been a housemate then and now that she had her own room here, and felt much more comfortable making herself at home, she definitely wanted Stacy to come back for a

lot more fun than before.

She could tell there was a lot of horny tension in Stacy’s voice. Jessica knew that feeling well. It was the same tension she got when she went too long without being with

another woman. So of course she wanted to be able to help her leggy friend out.

“Do you remember how to get to the mansion in Malibu?” Jessica asked.

“Oh my God? You’re there?” Stacy gasped with obvious delight. She had expected Jessica would want to meet at her hotel room or something and earning an invitation

back to lesbian paradise was beyond any of her already high expectations for seeing the actress again.

“I live here now baby,” Jessica beamed with pride. “I can’t wait to show you the grand tour this time. Mmmmm especially my bedroom.”

“Ooooooh I can’t wait to see,” Stacy declared, her voice almost a squeal of happiness. “I just gotta get through this one quick meeting and I’ll be there. I definitely

remember the way. I wouldn’t have forgotten how to get there for the world.”

Jessica and Stacy shared a few more quick pleasantries and flirty exchanges before the wrestler had to go off to her meeting. As she ended the call, Jessica suddenly

realized she had forgotten Cameron was scoming over today too. She had managed to set herself up with two dates for the day.

Oh well, Jessica said to herself with a smile. She knew Cameron certainly wasn’t going to mind another beautiful girl joining their fun and if all those stories she had heard

about Stacy were true, then she was going to be pretty damn enthusiastic about it too. This was going to work out great. The only thing better than one beautiful woman

eager to fuck was two.

Just thinking of all the fun they could have in the little group that had just formed had Jessica getting very wet, very fast. But she refrained from touching herself. Better to

save that for later when Stacy got here, with Cameron shortly to follow.

This was definitely shaping up to be an amazing day.

* * * * *

Though Jessica’s dance card had filled up very quickly, things were a little slower to get started for the mansion’s other residents.

Jewel had been one of the later risers that day and she was content to just sit in the kitchen at the table catching up on her Los Angeles Times with a cup of coffee sitting

next to her and her glasses on in lieu of the contacts she hadn’t felt like slipping in yet. Her feet were propped up on another chair as Alyssa and Jennifer milled around, not

doing anything in particular.

Suddenly the phone rang. Most of the girls got their calls right to their cell phones and few people had the mansion’s number so when a call came in through the main

phone it was usually an important one. But even with that knowledge, no one made any effort to pick it up. Part of the problem with spending a lazy day at home was that

no one ever wanted to do anything to break out of it.

The phone rang a second time and then a third time with still no motion toward it until Jewel finally sighed and put down her paper.

“Oh don’t worry everybody…I’ll get it,” the previously reclining singer said. “Don’t bother yourselves or anything.”

“Thank you sweetie,” Alyssa replied in an overly condescending voice that resulted in her getting a raised middle finger from the Alaskan. Alyssa giggled, shot her tongue

out at Jewel and resumed chatting with Jennifer.

“Hello?” Jewel said before getting the surprise of a much missed voice in reply.

“Hey!” Britney Spears excitedly declared on the other end. “What’s going on girl?”

“Britney!” Jewel gasped, nervously looking around for signs of Christina and finding none began the conversation. “God, we miss you! How are you? How’s the baby?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my God he’s just perfect,” Britney replied, her voice filled with the devotion of a first time mother. “I…just…I just can’t say enough how perfect he is.

He’s the most beautiful baby in the world. All I want to do is kiss him and hold him and be with him. I had no idea it was going to be like this. Everything they say about

having kids…you just don’t know until you have them. I mean I love him more every day I’m with him.”

“Wow,” Jewel said, noticing the obvious interest Alyssa and Jennifer now had in the call once they found out who it was from. “What about early morning feedings and all

the diapers and everything?”

“Well that’s not really that much fun…” Britney admitted. “But my mom and Jaime Lynn help me out and I just can never get mad at him. I mean he could wake me up at

three in the morning with his crying and when I just look into his little baby eyes I just get like zapped with cute power and I can’t be mad and I just want to hold him and

never let him go. I still can’t believe he’s mine.”

“What about Kevin? Is he helping out?” Jewel asked.

“Ummmm well…Kevin…he’s…you know…he does what he can and…” Britney began and her attempts to say something nice were so tortured that Jewel quickly took mercy

and changed the subject with an interruption.

“Well we all want to meet him so much,” Jewel stated. “I mean the closest we’ve gotten is to see pictures of you guys in People. You’ve got to bring him by the mansion.

We miss you Britney! God, now you’re pregnant again? It’s just crazy. We haven’t seen you in so long!”

“Oh my God, I totally want to see you and have you meet Sean,” Britney replied. “I miss you guys so much too. I want to be there so bad and see you guys and

everything. I miss seeing you guys and talking to you and I just want to tell you everything that’s happened to me and I definitely want to hear everything that’s going on with

you. I really miss you guys. We have so much catching up to do.”

“Yeah…we’re sorry that we haven’t called or anything,” Jewel said, her face showing her embarrassment. “It’s just that…”

“You don’t have to say,” Britney interrupted, her sadness obvious. “I know why. But I don’t want to talk about that. I want to know everythings what’s going on there. I’m

dying for some good sexy talk. I need to think about something other than how big my belly’s getting again. My momma’s got the baby this morning and I’m going a little

stir crazy without having you guys around me and I want some juicy talk. Mmmm tell me everything that’s happened there. Leave nothing out. I want to know every slutty


“Well you’re not going to believe this, but…” Jewel began before falling silent upon Christina’s entry into the kitchen.

Jennifer and Alyssa immediately looked away to try and show nothing was up, which of course tipped Christina off that something was.

“Hey…what’s going on guys?” Christina asked, her voice a little guarded. She hated to be the last to know things and she didn’t want her housemates keeping secrets from


“Nothing,” Jennifer replied. “What makes you think something’s going on?”

“You guys are acting weird,” Christina pointed out, noting how none of them could seem to look her in the eye. When she saw Jewel holding the phone she was able to put

two and two together.

“Who’s on the phone?” Christina demanded, her voice like a dagger.

“Ummm my mom….” Jewel lamely offered, a lie Christina saw right through.

“Gimmie!” Christina commanded, grabbing the phone from Jewel and pressing it to her ear. There was just breathing on the other end for a minute before a voice spoke


“Chrissy?” Britney asked softly and hopefully.

“I told you to never fucking call here again,” Christina icily snapped before hanging up the phone with an emphatic slam and turning her attention to her housemates.

“I told you to hang up if that bitch ever called here again!” Christina shouted at Jewel, Alyssa and Jennifer. “What the fuck is wrong with you people that you can’t follow one

simple fucking direction? I don’t want that cunt calling here or coming by or anything! You understand?”

“Chrissy, calm down,” Jewel said, placing her hand on Christina’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. They had all experienced Christina’s temper lately and they had

quickly learned the best response was not to fight her on it but rather let her cool off.

“You fucking calm down!” Christina shot back, yanking herself away from her housemate’s touch. “Don’t tell me what to do Jewel! Don’t tell me how I’m supposed to

fucking feel!”

“Chrissy no one’s doing that,” Jennifer offered. “We’re just trying to help you. Why can’t you just talk to Britney? She misses you. I know that…”

“I don’t want to hear it Jen!” Christina interrupted. “You’ve got problems of your own so you should just butt out of mine! Go fix your own goddamn life and leave me alone!

And don’t let that fucking bitch call again!”

Christina stormed out of the kitchen, leaving her housemates behind in her furious wake. Jewel and Alyssa immediately moved over to make sure Christina’s comments

hadn’t hit too sore a spot.

“She didn’t mean it,” Jewel said. “You know how she’s been lately with her mood swings.”

“Yeah she’s just being superbitch again,” Alyssa added. “Don’t take it personally. One minute she wants to fuck you and the next she wants to strangle you.”

“I’m getting really sick of this shit,” Jennifer muttered. “I’m tired of walking on eggshells around her and pretending Britney never lived here. She needs to get over


“She will,” Jewel promised. “She can’t stay that mad forever.”

Alyssa and Jennifer then shared a look to indicate their belief that Christina could very well stay mad forever, but they let the subject drop after that. The peaceful mood had

been shattered enough that Alyssa and Jewel both decided to move on to another part of the mansion and get on with their days, but Jennifer stayed behind.

However she wasn’t alone for long.

“Hey,” Love said, walking into the room and giving Jennifer a buss on the lips in the process. “I heard the phone from upstairs. It wasn’t…”

Love didn’t even have to finish her question before Jennifer started shaking her head no. She already knew what her friend was going to ask.

“Oh,” Love said, trying to keep her voice even but her eyes showing the disappointment she felt. She didn’t know why she bothered to ever get hopeful about things like that.

Nothing had changed in all these months and it hurt to be constantly let down by reality.

“Sweetie if Sarah called, you’d be the first person I’d tell,” Jennifer promised, hugging Love.

“I know,” Love sighed, surrendering to the hug and resting her head against Jennifer’s warm chest. “I just wish she’d call or visit or give us some sign she cared.”

“She does care, you know she does,” Jennifer insisted.

“Then why did she leave us?” Love demanded, her voice rising as she tried to fight back the tears that welled up every time she thought of Sarah like this. She thought she

had cried herself dry that first day, but every now and then they came back. All these months Love had tried to force herself to concentrate on fun things and not think about

Sarah, but sometimes she just couldn’t help it.

“She just felt like she had to,” Jennifer offered. “I can’t tell you what she was thinking. I don’t know why she did what she did, but it couldn’t have been easy for her. You

know that Love.”

“I just miss her so much,” Love admitted sadly. “I want to see her again and talk to her again. But she won’t call us and she won’t return my calls. Why? Why is she

being so mean to us? What did we do to her?”

“Sweetie this was Sarah’s choice,” Jennifer said. “We didn’t do anything to her.”

Love didn’t reply at first, but in her mind she thought that wasn’t entirely true. But she didn’t dare say that aloud.

“Doesn’t she know how much we miss her?” Love finally asked. “Doesn’t she care?”

“She has to know,” Jennifer said. “You and I and Rose…we know Sarah better than anyone. She couldn’t just stop caring about us. She just couldn’t. That’s not who she


“Then why won’t she call? Why won’t she see us?” Love asked. “Why is she making this hurt so goddamn much?”

Jennifer didn’t have an answer for her friend. Instead she just hugged her tighter. She wished she could help Love get some answers. Jennifer wished Sarah was still here.

She wished a lot of things were different. But wishing didn’t make it so.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, next door to the mansion strategy was being plotted and it was being plotted thoroughly. A map of the city and surrounding areas lay across the table as

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert huddled around it.

“I’ve set a unit of soldier monkeys out to do recon work in sectors four and five today,” Waldo reported to his comrades as he pointed to the map. “But I doubt they’re going

to find it. Brandon has gone underground and he’s gone underground deep.”

“Maybe he thinks we got killed in Cuba,” Delbert suggested.

“Not likely,” Franklin replied. “Even if he did think that at one point, we can’t assume he does anymore. We haven’t exactly been low profile since we got back.”

Waldo and Franklin then shot pointed looks at Delbert. His rescue of Tara Reid as she ran from Jaime Pressley’s demented clutches might have been noble, but it hadn’t

exactly clouded them in a shroud of secrecy.

“Maybe Brandon just went away,” Delbert offered hopefully.

“After making the entrance he did?” Waldo scoffed. “No, he wouldn’t announce himself with such flair as to come right up to our door and then vanish without at least

attempting to finish us off. Especially now that he has the MAW device in his possession. He’s out there and he’s up to something. Who knows what he’s doing with a

machine like that.”

“We don’t even know what he can do with a machine like that,” Franklin pointed out. “We only have the most basic of theories about what it does and more importantly how

it works. It’s possible Brandon doesn’t even know. He might have not figured out its practical uses yet and that’s why he’s been so quiet. Who knows, we might be lucky

and he accidentally destroyed it while testing it.”

“But then why go to all the trouble of stealing it if he didn’t know what he was getting?” Waldo wondered. “Did he take it just because the CIA wanted it and sent us in to get

it? Everything about the mission was wrong from the start. The government sent us in to steal something it had designed, which is weird in the first place, I mean if

Terrance and Blevens were even really working for the CIA when they sent us out, which I’m beginning to doubt they were. They might have just splintered off and Brandon

double crossed them and took the device. So why would Brandon go through all that to steal something he didn’t know how to use? No, he’s got something going. We

need to be alert and on guard. That’s why we need to increase soldier monkey patrols and raise the security level.”

“Maybe he just forgot about us?” Delbert said.

“Damn it Delbert we need to be serious!” Franklin declared with a pound of his fist on the table. “You’re letting that girl screw up your judgment! Brandon would not just

forget about us or go away or think we’re dead! He’s waiting to strike unless we take action first!”

“Tara is not screwing up my judgment!” Delbert defended himself. “She’s the love of my life!”

“Delbert you have to let her go,” Waldo explained. “We can’t have any distractions right now. There’s danger everywhere and all the girls, including Tara, might get caught in

the crossfire.”

“She’s not a distraction!” Delbert insisted. “I love her!”

“But you’ll have to let her go,” Waldo pressed. “Plan B is almost set. We just have to find where Brandon is first.”

“I don’t want to let her go,” Delbert sighed. “I don’t want to leave this place. I like it here. I like being friends with the girls. I don’t want to go to Plan B. I wish we didn’t

have to do this.”

“But we do have to,” Franklin said, more calmly than before. “This is how it has to be and all the wishing in the world won’t change it. Now we need to focus on Brandon

and why he hasn’t struck yet.”

Suddenly the phone rang and Waldo picked it up, cautiously. It could have been a business call…someone looking for some product…or it could have been something else.

And naturally it did turn out to be something else.

“Hello?” Waldo asked.

“It’s Fox over at the airport,” the voice responded. Fox was a code name for their inside source over at Los Angeles International. They had sources in a lot of places, but

this one was particularly helpful. “Just thought you should know a flight came in from Moscow about 20 minutes ago and your Russian friend was on it.”

“Dimitri?” Waldo asked. It had been a long time since that name had crossed his thinking.

“The one and only,” Fox replied. “Wasn’t alone either. Had some little piece of ass with him. Probably his latest mistress. The man doesn’t know how to stay retired.”

“We never believed he was retired,” Waldo pointed out.

“There’s something else,” Fox said. “I’m just finding this out now, but a flight got in about two hours ago and the Frenchman was on it. He’s back in town. I don’t know

why, but once I find out more. I’ll let you know.”

The call ended without a goodbye and Waldo hung up.

“Dimitri is in town and apparently so is the Frenchman,” Waldo reported to the others.

“Then something big is going down,” Franklin declared. “Dimitri is one thing, but the Frenchman doesn’t come out of hiding except for special occasions. Probably a

sleeper agent he needs to activate. Or something being put up for bid on the market that only he can speak to. Maybe even both.”

“Think it involves Brandon?” Waldo asked. “It can’t be a coincidence that they’re all here.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Franklin surmised and Waldo agreed.

The strategy session continued, but Delbert didn’t want to pay attention to it. All he wanted to was think about Tara. She made him feel things he never had before and all

he wanted was to be with her.

* * * * *

Back in the mansion, after the drama in the kitchen, Alyssa was looking for a calm and peaceful place so she went to the media center and began flipping through the

channels. There had to be something good on now. She would even take a Charmed or Who’s The Boss rerun.

Just like Jennifer, she was getting really tired of Christina screaming at them and cursing at them and basically treating them all like they were idiots. One second Christina

could be the horny little brat that they all loved to play with but one mention of Britney would just send her over the edge. Alyssa was getting sick of the mood swings.

She had never seen a fight like she’d seen between Christina and Britney that day. Alyssa had always figured that eventually the two would forgive and forget and things

would be the way they had been. But it had been months now and nothing had changed.

Alyssa tried to distract herself with late morning television, but there was nothing much on except for Jerry Springer and she wasn’t in the mood for that right now. There

was already too much drama here without having to watch someone else’s.

She kept flipping through the channels and ended up resting on a local commercial.

“Desperate for a change in how you see the world? Try Total Transformation,” the ad blared. “Those bad habits will be a thing of the past.”

“No thank you,” Alyssa firmly declared to no one in particular as she clicked to another channel with a forceful push on the remote. “I like my bad habits just fine the way

they are.”

With a sigh Alyssa slumped back on the couch. She was getting bored. She, Jessica and Rose had fucked Elisha right into a lust coma and, after bringing the blonde to

her room and letting her stay there, it had looked like she was going to be sleeping for a little while. So Alyssa didn’t want to go wake her even if it was just to reclaim her


Maybe Rose was up for some fun. They could go out maybe grab Holly Marie Combs or their sexy little co-star Kaley Cuoco and do something. But Alyssa remembered

that Rose had left the mansion a little while ago. She didn’t remember where she was going. Rose had said something about her house, but Alyssa hadn’t been paying

much attention.

Grabbing her phone, Alyssa hit Rose’s number in her memory, but it went right to her voicemail. Alyssa grumbled as she snapped her phone back shut. She wasn’t about

to leave a voicemail.

Rose, goddamn it, I’m bored, Alyssa muttered to herself. Why aren’t you answering your damn phone?

Alyssa kept flipping through the channels. With a satellite dish there was certainly a lot of options and Alyssa became extremely frustrated when nothing caught her

attention. She thought about pausing on one of the many porn channels the mansion subscribed too, but that would just make her want the real thing and no one was

around to satisfy that urge.

But even though she bypassed the porn, Alyssa soon found her attention captivated by a face she saw on one of the channels. She was flipping so fast that she skipped

over it at first and had to scroll back until she saw it again. It was a woman reading the news and she had a beauty that put all the cloned bottle blondes on American cable

news to shame.

The girl had such a soft, natural beauty that was absolutely sublime to Alyssa’s eyes. Alyssa could only see her face, but it was so lovely she was captivated and imagined

the rest of her body was absolutely stunning. All Alyssa could do was stare at her and listen to her read the news. The fact that she was doing it in French and Alyssa

couldn’t understand a word of it mattered not a bit.

But the language being used couldn’t help but attract attention from someone else. Michelle had been casually walking by as she completed her morning maid duties and

when she heard her native language she stopped and craned her head into the room. When she saw what and who Alyssa was watching she beamed and sauntered


“Ohhhh I see you have found Melissa,” Michelle declared.

“Huh?” Alyssa wondered as she found herself unwillingly pulled out of her lust trance. A quick check with her hand against her mouth found she had not actually been

drooling over the beauty on the screen, but Alyssa felt like she had been right on the verge.

“Melissa Theuriau,” Michelle explained. “That is who you are watching. Naughty, naughty Alyssa…drooling over a girl when you do not even know her name.”

Alyssa actually blushed from Michelle’s teasing. She hadn’t expected to be caught so nakedly checking this woman out, but she relaxed quickly. After all, what other

reaction could have been expected? This Melissa girl was gorgeous.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Michelle said. “She is very popular in France. Everyone gathers around to watch her…mmmm the boys and the girls. Everyone is in love with


“She’s amazing,” Alyssa agreed as she refused to take her eyes off the screen. She had no idea what Melissa was saying, but with her libido sparking accent Alyssa

imagined she was whispering sweet French nothings that translated into “Alyssa, please crawl under the desk while I read the news and eat my pussy. Lick me so good

and make me scream out your name on international television. You make me so wet Alyssa, I need to feel your tongue in my perfect pink pussy.”

Michelle could certainly see the effect her countrywoman was having on Alyssa, especially as her Madame’s nipples visibly hardened under her shirt. Michelle knew full well

how seductive Melissa could be. She had seen it full hand and, more importantly, had felt it too. With a smile, Michelle decided there was no reason to keep that

information confidential.

“I have been with her,” Michelle said, leaning down to whisper it saucily in Alyssa’s ear. “I have fucked her sweet body so many times. Mmmmm she is even more beautiful

when she is naked. Melissa loves to spread her legs for my tongue and she will always fuck you back so good. I love how she makes me come.”

She had heard more than her share of hot, lesbian confessions over the years, but what Michelle said still had Alyssa’s jaw dropping to the floor. She whirled around to face

her maid with disbelief in her eyes.

“Liar,” Alyssa playfully accused. “You probably don’t even know her. You’re just making that up to turn me on.”

“Well I do know what you like to hear, but I am not making a story up for you,” Michelle insisted. “I really do know her. We are the same age and we grew up to each other

in the next houses to one another. We were in this little city in the south east near the Alps. Mmmmm it was very cold there a lot and Melissa and I were always such

good friends that we knew how to warm each other up once we were old enough to know what felt good. The boys would always come looking for us, but they knew we

would be together. Sometimes we let them join…but not all the time.”

Michelle giggled and pressed on with her story as Alyssa listened with open-mouthed amazement. There was no indication Michelle was lying to her. She seemed utterly

convincing and Alyssa realized this was really the first time she had heard anything about Michelle’s background. She really knew nothing about her except how her

sluttiness rivaled theirs and what a great fuck she was.

Alyssa found herself very interested in these little answers about who Michelle was and how she had gotten here, but of course she was most interested in the sexy


“Mmmm Melissa was actually the first girl to make me come,” Michelle continued. “We would always spend so much time together and have…you know…what you call

sleepovers with each other. And we would see our bodies grow and I knew she liked what she saw on me and I loved her always. Mmmm we would practice kissing and

then we would touch and do more and more until we could barely have clothes on when we were with each other. We would always make each other come so much and

she was so delicious to kiss and lick. She was my best friend in France. I miss her. We grew up together and went to school together and we were even recruited


“Recruited?” Alyssa asked, that word sticking out suddenly and Michelle’s face got flustered for a moment.

“I mean…how you say…not recruited…that was the wrong word…” Michelle said, searching for a better one to keep from saying too much. “It is, what you mean when

someone finds you and wants you to be model or singer here.”

“You mean discovered?” Alyssa suggested.

“Yes! That is what I meant!” Michelle gratefully declared, relieved to have found the word. “We were discovered together to be models. She is so famous now in France.

She has probably forgotten about her Michelle. But we were such close friends.”

“Tell me more,” Alyssa pressed. “I want to know every nasty detail about you and her fucking. Don’t leave a single thing out. Tell me about the first time you kissed. Tell

me about the first time you fucked. Tell me about every time you licked her. Tell me everything.”

“Ohhh I do not know Alyssa,” Michelle teased, batting her beautiful blue eyes. “You did not believe me when I told you first. You called me a liar. That was not nice.

Perhaps I should not tell you any more.”

“Oh, you’re going to tell me everything,” Alyssa insisted. “Don’t you get coy on me now you little slut!”

“You will have to catch me first,” Michelle giggled before she ran off, happy to get her mind back where she wanted it…on hot sex and nothing else that her memories of

Melissa brought back.

Alyssa was not about to tolerate her disobedient maid running off and she tore after her, clicking the TV off in the process. She was going to get that information from

Michelle and she knew just how to get it. That slut was going to be writhing and screaming and giving up every wicked secret she kept after going through what Alyssa had

in mind for her.

Rose was going to be kicking herself for missing this, Alyssa thought with a smirk. Oh well, it’s her own damn fault for not answering her phone.

* * * * *

Missing Alyssa’s call wasn’t part of any plan Rose had to ignore her housemate. In fact, she wasn’t answering her phone because she had turned it off.

Rose had serious business to attend to and since she was looking for any opportunity she could to turn this business into pleasure, she didn’t want any distractions to

throw her off her game, especially ringing cell phones. She had her eye on a serious prospect here and she was committed to getting this little vixen under her sexual spell

even if she had to drag her to Malibu by her hair to do it.

Of course Rose preferred a much more seductive form of persuasion and she was confident that she could talk her prey out of her panties and into a session of girl on girl

debauchery that would leave her tingling from head to toe. But she felt she could do that to any girl, so this little scrumptious piece of female flesh didn’t shape up to be

much of a challenge in Rose’s eyes.

It had actually been a while since Rose had to seduce someone. There had been too many willing pussies already nicely corrupted around her at the mansion for Rose to

crave any fresh meat, but today her stomach was growling for it. Her seduction skills had once been razor sharp and Rose was confident time had not dulled them in the


Rose’s good spirits that morning had only been lifted higher by the vigorous morning workout she had gone through with Elisha, Jessica and Alyssa. Each of them had been

just how Rose liked it…naked and eager to fuck.

She had given all three of them deep helpings of Mr. Snappy and thrown in tongue lashings for them at no extra cost, which she had been more than repaid for when Jessica

and Elisha had latched their lips to her pussy while Alyssa had worked a toy of her own into her ass. Rose wasn’t usually the one getting fucked, but Alyssa had known

just how to do it right and it had been nothing but intense ecstasy from her friend’s toy up her tight hole.

That triple treat combo had sent Rose’s pleasure peaking nicely in an orgasmic cascade greedily licked up by her lovers but it had done nothing to cool the lustful fire

burning inside the brunette. Now she was staring right at her target and wondering if there would be resistance if she walked up behind her and cupped her ass through her

jeans while running her tongue up her neck and whispering lewd nothings into her ear.

With a sly grin, Rose predicted a major freakout would be the reaction to that, but that didn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun to do it anyway. Rose was going to make damn sure

this girl knew exactly how bad she wanted her and how there was no way she was leaving this house without the taste of fresh pussy on her lips and tongue even if she was

completely oblivious to that now.

“Oh my God! It’s perfect! Just perfect!” Rachel Bilson gasped in happy delight as her gaze traveled around the house, unaware that Rose was thinking the same thing as

she burned a hole in her jeans from staring at her ass.

“Be it ever so humble…” Rose replied. “So you gonna go for it and sign on the dotted line or are you gonna drag this out for another month or so?”

“I was so not dragging this out,” Rachel pouted, crinkling her face over Rose’s remark. “I just wanted to make sure. This was a big decision for me. You only buy your first

house once.”

“Just like losing your cherry, you never forget it,” Rose teased, getting Rachel to crinkle her face again.

Ever since they had first met, Rose had gotten a thrill out of teasing Rachel and getting her flustered. Rose was a closet fan of “The O.C.” and she noticed that either

Rachel was rubbing off on the writer’s vision of Summer or vice versa because the actress and character seemed perfectly matched.

The two had been locked in negotiations for the past six weeks for Rachel to buy Rose’s house. Things had been dragging on as Rachel had seemed to hem and haw over

every detail but now she looked like she was ready and Rose had insisted on handling the final details herself, if for no other reason than to get a crack at Rachel.

“I guess,” Rachel said, not exactly buying into Rose’s analogy.

Something about this girl always weirded Rachel out. She had heard some crazy stories about Rose and hanging around with her always made her nervous, so Rachel

hadn’t wanted to come to this alone. She did love the house and she did want it bad, but she was also kind of afraid that Rose was going to chain her up or something and

kidnap her. It was crazy, Rachel knew that. Or was it? After all there were all those stories about Rose…

Her boyfriend hadn’t been able to make it, so Rachel had pulled along the first friend she could find to protect her. Luckily she’d said yes to Rachel’s pleas.

“Wow Rachel, I can totally see like 20 ways you can redecorate easily,” Mischa Barton said as she wandered in from her own explorations of the house. “There’s so much

you can do here and almost make it like it’s a different house.”

“And what’s wrong with the way I had it before?” Rose demanded. “I thought it was pretty fucking nice. Sorry it’s not up to your standards, Mischa.”

“I…uhhhh…didn’t mean that it was…you know…bad…I just thought…ummmmm…it could be…you know…different,” Mischa stammered hoping she hadn’t blown the deal for

Rachel with her big mouth.

It was hard for Rose to not crack a smile as she watched Mischa get all flustered and when she finally started to laugh to show she had just been kidding, the young actress

let out a visible sigh of relief.

“Relax, I liked it the way it was, but once you own it Rachel you can paint it hot pink with white trim like it’s Barbie’s dream house for all I care,” Rose admitted.

Rose hadn’t used the house much since she had bought the mansion with her friends. She had crashed here once or twice when she was too tired to drive the freeway, but

for the most part she had been renting it out pretty steady since she had moved to Malibu. Now she was finally cutting ties to it and it wasn’t too much of a bittersweet

moment for Rose. The mansion was her home now.

“Well I don’t think I’ll be going for the pink, but thanks for your blessing anyway,” Rachel said, wanting to get this wrapped up soon. She didn’t like Rose’s jokes and she

just wanted to get the sale done and get Rose out of here as soon as possible.

“No problem,” Rose said, giving Mischa the once over as the girl turned around to study the architecture again.

In all her lust for Rachel, Rose had almost forgotten the young brunette wasn’t the only hot bitch there. Mischa’s presence that day had been a surprise, but one Rose

hadn’t minded a bit. She certainly wasn’t going to let Mischa Barton interfere with her goal of getting Rachel into bed and if she ended up getting the both of them, then so

much the better.

Rose made sure that both girls got the full tour. She showed them every nook and cranny and tried to not be too visible in her lust for both of the young television stars. It

was fun to get them flustered but Rose knew if she didn’t get them to relax soon they were going to scream and run when she made her move. So she shelved the teasing

temporarily and showed the duo everything the house had to offer.

“It’s got more than enough space for two and any friends who end up crashing on your couch,” Rose declared, like she was going for her real estate license. “Is it just going

to be you Rachel? Or you going to be living with someone?”

“My boyfriend,” Rachel replied a little defensively, wondering where Rose was going with this. “He’s moving in with me. It’s going to be my house…but I guess it’s going to

be ours too.”

“Awwwww young love, how sweet,” Rose grinned, shaking her head internally as she considered the injustice of Rachel wasting such a sweet, hot body on a mere boy. “If

you do get bored with just each other though, don’t worry. This house is perfect for hosting a good orgy. Don’t make it too big though. A nice, medium sized orgy will do

just fine.”

Rose had been unable to resist that one and she stifled a laugh when she turned around to see Rachel and Mischa staring at her with their mouths open. Rose knew they

had the same thought. They were wondering if she was playing them or not.

“Just kidding,” Rose lied. If only they knew the truth. Rose considered herself the Martha Stewart of planning an orgy and if things went right with these girls they’d soon

see that for themselves.

That relaxed Rachel and Mischa and Rose continued showing them around the house. Rose played her tour guide role straight and refrained from revealing to the girls which

rooms she’d fucked in and which ones she’d never had the chance to christen even though she wanted to be able to see the look on their faces at the sound of that


Besides the tour of which rooms she hadn’t fucked in would have been a short one. Rose had pretty much gone wild in every room here.

“I guess that covers everything,” Rachel finally declared. “This place really is great Rose. I loved it from the second I saw it.”

“Well you haven’t quite seen everything yet,” Rose pointed out. “After all I haven’t given you the tour of my bedroom yet…”

Rose let that hang out there to gauge a reaction and she quickly got one from Mischa who looked like she was getting very flustered. Her soft, pale face looked like it was

fighting off a major blush.

“Ummmm why don’t you show that to Rachel,” Mischa offered. “I’ll just umm…wander around. You know to see if I have any more decorating ideas…”

“Suit yourself,” Rose said, willing to trade Mischa’s absence to get Rachel in a place where she could make her move.

But before Mischa could wander away, her friend put herself up as a roadblock.

“What are you doing?” Rachel whispered into Mischa’s ear, hoping Rose didn’t hear her. “Don’t leave me alone with her.”

“It’s ok…I’ll be…be right back…” Mischa said, looking more and more uncomfortable with every passing second. “You won’t even miss me.”

With that Mischa tore off away from them and Rose grabbed Rachel’s hand, making the younger brunette gasp at the contact.

“C’mon Rachel…” Rose said. “You’ll love it. Besides if you’re as in love with your boyfriend as you seem, this is where you’ll be spending most of your time.”

Rachel didn’t know if she was being silly as Rose pulled her down the hall toward her bedroom, but her heart was starting to pound in her chest. There was just something

about Rose that made her nervous. She seemed normal sometimes but other times Rachel felt like she totally wanted to kiss her or strangle her or something even sicker.

She just didn’t know what to make of Rose.

She tried to calm herself as they got into the bedroom but she wished Mischa hadn’t left her alone. What if Rose was dragging her to where she and Marilyn Manson had

hid the bodies? What if Rose had lured here as part of some sick game and this was how she got off? Locking innocent girls in the closet! Even as she tried to calm

down, Rachel found herself getting ready to scream at any second.

But as uncomfortable as she was, Rachel did have to admit something.

“Wow…this is really nice,” Rachel said.

“It was my favorite room after all,” Rose smirked. “Mmmmmmm and I spent plenty of time here, believe me. I loved showing this room off.”

“Yeahhhhh…” Rachel replied, not exactly sure what to say in response. She did have to admit she had just a little flickering of interest in Rose’s sex life. After all she had

heard lots of stories about her and Marilyn Manson and more than a few wild rumors about what had happened after they had broken up.

“You ummmmm…have a lot of boyfriends Rose?” Rachel was unable to stop herself from asking.

“Well not as many as you’d think,” Rose said with a twinkle in her eye. “A few lucky guys got in here. Mmmmmm a lot more girls though. And whenever I got lonely I

could always spend some time in here myself. Ohhhhh if this room could talk…”

“I guess you gotta do what you…hey! Did you ummmmmmm just say girls?” Rachel asked as the full impact of Rose’s words finally sunk in.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Rose said as she took the liberty of crawling onto the bed. It wasn’t really her bed anymore, but that didn’t stop her from making it her own then and there.

“Guys just couldn’t keep up with me. I had to turn to girls. You never have to wait for them to get hard mmmmm and they never cry when you spank them and say you

wanna fuck them in the ass. Of course not all girls can keep up with me either. There have been so many girls I left passed out sticky with cum right here in this room

while I was ready for more. Mmmmmmm so there were a lot of nights I’d just have to finger myself to sleep. I got myself off in this bed so many times I’ve completely lost

count. Oooooh those are some sweet memories.”

Rachel looked like she was going to choke on her tongue as Rose’s confession proceeded. She had never expected the conversation to turn like this. She was desperate

for Mischa to get back in here and carry her out of the room because her own feet were frozen to the floor.

Rose’s grin got wider as she saw Rachel’s reaction. It was just what she wanted. She knew Rachel was going to be easy the second she met her. All she had to do was

wait for the right moment to spring the trap and she would have her. It wouldn’t be long now before they were both naked in this bed.

Like a feline in heat, Rose crawled around the bed until she reached the top and stretched herself out, resting her head on the pillows as she moved her hand down and

began stripping off her cowboy boots. Getting the boots off wasn’t as smooth as Rose wanted it to be, but she was willing to forgo style points here to get the job


The first one hit the floor with a soft thud against the carpeting, the sound slightly snapping Rachel out of the trance she’d fallen into.

“What? What are you…you doing?” Rachel murmured, her heart starting to skip in her chest.

“I just can’t help it,” Rose admitted with a sexy shrug of her shoulders and a toss back of her dark locks of hair as the second boot hit the floor. “Sorry Rachel, but

mmmmmm when my pussy demands attention I’ve just gotta play with it. Thinking about all the guys I’ve fucked here and all those pretty girls I left moaning and drooling

has got me all tingly and I just have to touch myself. You don’t mind, do you?”

Rose then sucked one of her fingers and ran it over the brown blouse she was wearing, teasing her nipples and making sure Rachel got a chance to see them poking out

against the material. Rose kept her voice innocent and natural, as if this was an every day activity, which of course for her it was.

“I do…I do mind…you…you can’t…can’t just do that here,” Rachel claimed, forcing the words past her lips. Her head was spinning in disbelief. Was Rose really about to

get naked in front of her or was she just teasing? Rachel expected Rose to say she was just kidding again, but it didn’t happen and instead Rose pressed on.

“C’monnnnnnnn there’s no harm in a little finger play,” Rose purred, stretching out her body and pressing her chest out for maximum breast enhancement. “Mmmmm I’ve

done it in here so many times already. There’s plenty of room on the bed Rachel. You can even join in if you want. I can just scoot over and you can get next to me and

show me how you like to make that hot little body of yours cream.”

“I don’t…” Rachel began to say before she stopped herself.

Her legs suddenly felt very weak. Rose wasn’t playing around. She was really going to do this? She was sick! She was a total perv! But even as she told herself this,

Rachel couldn’t stop watching the raven-haired sex goddess.

“Whoa! Are you telling me you don’t ever get yourself off?” Rose demanded with laughter showing her obvious shock. “What are you? A fucking nun?”

“No…I told…told you…I’ve got a…got a boyfriend,” Rachel replied nervously, unable to pull her eyes off the outstretched girl in the bed or stop herself from responding to her

rude questions.

“So?” Rose snorted. “Are you telling me you can get more than what? Two or three orgasms off him before he passes out? How is that possibly enough? Are you

honestly telling me Rachel that you never give yourself the two finger discount after he’s come and you haven’t?”

“No…” Rachel insisted.

“Never double click the remote while your boyfriend is snoring away?” Rose pressed with disbelief. She had to get herself off at least five times a day. How could Rachel

stand not having the same treatment?

“No…” Rachel repeated.

“You never get high on life in the shower in the morning?” Rose demanded.

“No!” Rachel said more forcefully.

“Never go to self therapy?” Rose said, shaking her head.

“No! Stop it!” Rachel’s anger and frustration growing. “Stop talking like that!”

“I just can’t believe it!” Rose declared. “How do you live? You get in bed this instant! Mmmmm Rose is gonna teach you all about how to rub the magic bottle.”

“Ewww…” Rachel shot back, her face crinkling as if she’d gone into character. “You’re a fucking perv Rose! I knew this was a mistake! I’m out of here!”

“Then why aren’t your feet moving Rachel?” Rose grinned. “Face it baby. You’re way too repressed and you know it. You don’t want me to stop. You want me to show

you how to pull that stick out of your ass and use it on your sweet little pussy till you’re screaming and creaming.”

“I don’t…I don’t want this,” Rachel shot back, but unable to avoid noticing her feet were still not moving.

“Well I do,” Rose declared as she emphatically made her point by pulling her blouse off and showing the bare tits underneath. “And if you’re gonna just stand there then

you’re gonna be watching me. You can leave if you want, but I know you want something else Rachel even if you’re too scared to admit it.”

“I don’t…” Rachel repeated.

“Suit yourself,” Rose shrugged before moaning as her hands began attending to her nipples, rolling them under her thumbs as her hands cupped her own tits. “Mmmm but

you’re not gonna spoil my fun.”

Rose’s moans continued as she played with her breasts, teasing and tugging on her nipples until they had swelled up nicely. Rose sucked hungrily on her fingers and then

moved them back to her tits, getting her flesh slick with saliva. She fondled her own chest remembering all the good times she’d had in this room. A few of her sexy

memories involved former boyfriends but for the most part it was all about girls.

She thought about how she had gotten Sarah and Love in her bed that first time and used Mr. Snappy on them to pay them back for fucking her so good with it in her trailer.

She thought back to those nights before they’d gotten the mansion when Sarah and Love and Jennifer had crashed here and how they’d always ended up passed out in a

mess of naked girl flesh and always woken up ready to lick. She thought about bringing Christina home after that first time in the club and fucking that little whore’s ass

mercilessly while she’d howled for more and pledged eternal devotion to her.

Thinking back to all the hot girls she’d brought into her bedroom and all the times she’d come from them had Rose’s pussy juicing her panties and it no longer mattered if

Rachel was here or not. Rose was doing this. Of course having an audience made it better and Rose made it clear that she hadn’t forgotten about Rachel.

“Mmmmmmmm don’t you wish you were doing this too Rachel?” Rose moaned as a hand moved off her breasts and slid down her stomach toward her pants. “A body like

yours needs constant loving and you’re just being cruel to yourself if you’re not giving it what it needs. Mmmmmm you could be here with me…getting naked…playing with

those lovely tits of yours and getting your pussy ready to burst all over your fingers. Don’t pretend you’ve never done this before. You might not have done it in awhile but

you know how fucking good it feels and you know deep down you’re burning to let go and do it with me.”

Rachel’s mouth was dry and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from Rose. What the fuck was going on? Why was she watching this woman masturbate right in front of her?

Why couldn’t she turn away? Why was she starting to hope that Rose wouldn’t stop and do exactly what she was threatening to do?

Rose might have been crazy and she might have been a perv, but Rachel also knew that she was right. She did know how good it felt to touch herself. Of course she had

done it before but it had felt like forever since she had. She was with her boyfriend now and she wasn’t supposed to have to do that anymore. She had locked away the

desire for her own fingers or the toys she’d used to own. But now Rose was picking that lock and it was getting harder for Rachel to stifle her desires.

Part of Rachel wanted to listen to Rose’s siren call and crawl into bed and enjoy herself. She knew just how to do all the things she enjoyed to get off and Rachel would

have relished the pleasure of a self-caused orgasm. But she wasn’t naive. She knew Rose wanted more. All that talk about sex with girls and now this? Rachel knew

Rose wanted to fuck her and the thought filled her stomach with butterflies.

She had never been with another girl and she’d never even really thought about it before. But now the reality of what Rose wanted was inescapable and Rachel couldn’t help

but wonder if it would be so bad? Wait…yes…of course it would. She couldn’t cheat on her boyfriend. She couldn’t do it with another girl. It was wrong. She had to resist


Rose could easily see the turmoil going on inside Rachel. It was obvious in her eyes. And now that things were getting hot, Rose decided it was time to bring them to a


“Poor girl, you must be squirming in those clothes…just dying to get out of them,” Rose purred as her hand popped open the button of her jeans and slid inside and under

her panties. “I can see you staring at my tits Rachel. You like how they bounce as I touch myself, don’t you? Mmmmm you like seeing those hard nipples on my soft,

pink tits? Ughhhhhh yesssssssssssss just watch me Rachel. Watch my tits shake for you as I play with my pussy. Want to see more? Want me to take off my jeans to

show you how fucking wet my panties are? Ooooh maybe you want even more than that. Maybe you want to see my panties off so you can get a good look at my pussy.

Is that what you want Rachel?”

The frozen brunette shook her head “no” but her face continued to give a different story. Her eyes showed the battle inside to try and hold back her lustful curiosity and Rose

detected a hint of a smile on Rachel’s lips at the sound of her offer.

“Oh yeah, it’s definitely what you want,” Rose smirked. “Mmmm and it’s just what you’re gonna get Rachel.”

Making sure the girl’s eyes were locked right on her, Rose began pushing down her jeans. All she had underneath was a red lace thong and Rachel didn’t even have to be

up close to see how soaked it was. She could smell Rose’s sexual arousal and the thought drifted into Rachel’s head that she could probably taste her from where she was

if she just stuck out her tongue.

But as soon as she had that thought, Rachel pushed it out of her head. Ewwww! She couldn’t think like that! She couldn’t be having lesbian thoughts. She had to get out

of here!

Summoning her resolve, Rachel actually began to move her feet and she inched slowly away from the bed and towards the door, but as soon as she did that, Rose was

beckoning her back with her words and her actions.

“Oh no, you can’t leave,” Rose insisted. “I’m not letting you leave this room until you give in to the pleasure Rachel. You’re dying for it. Don’t be scared. Just come here

and lie back with me. It’s going to feel so good.”

“Please…don’t do this…” Rachel whispered. She didn’t want these weird feelings. She didn’t want to masturbate. She didn’t want to see how good Rose looked stripped

down to her thong. She didn’t want to be getting wet from Rose’s show.

“Stop pretending you don’t like what you see,” Rose challenged. “Come to me Rachel. Get in bed. Get naked. Give your pussy what it needs. Rub that little love button of

yours with me. Mmmmmmm you’re not gonna regret it.”

“I…I…I…” Rachel said in what was now familiar stammering. But that was all she got out before she fell silent again at the sight of Rose pushing her red thong off. She

pushed the wet garment down her legs and grabbed it with her hands. Rachel could only gasp as Rose pulled her own panties to her face and inhaled the aroused


“Don’t worry, I share,” Rose giggled before stretchihg her thong with her fingers and slingshotting it right at Rachel. Her aim was perfect and she hit Rachel directly. The girl

let out a small yelp as she was pelted by the silk thong but that didn’t stop her from grabbing it.

“How long has it been since you experienced the scent of a horny woman?” Rose pressed. “I bet it’s been a long time since that boyfriend of yours made you as wet as I

am now. Go on sweetie. You can breathe it in. Just like its perfume. Do it!”

Rose then slid her hands over her exposed pussy and began moaning and writhing on the bed as she touched herself. Rose rubbed her eager fingers over her slit and

spread her lips open to make sure Rachel saw plenty of pink. With an aroused grunt, Rose penetrated herself and began working her fingers into her pussy, her breasts

jiggling enticingly with every thrust.

What am I doing? Rachel asked herself as she stopped her retreat and clutched Rose’s discarded thong in her hand. This was crazy. It was absolutely insane. But she

couldn’t take her eyes off Rose’s beautiful body as she fingered herself on the bed. She looked gorgeous. Rachel had never seen a more beautiful woman in her life and

she felt herself unconsciously walking forward.

It was like she was under some kind of sexual spell. Rachel could hear the wet squishing sounds of Rose’s fingers pushing into her pussy and she began longing for it.

She started sweating under her clothes and suddenly the idea of taking them off and joining Rose on the bed didn’t seem so bad anymore. Rose didn’t seem like such a

pervert to her anymore.

Was she losing her mind? The part of Rachel’s young brain that was still thinking logically told her that was exactly what was happening and that she had to stop this

before it went any further. But that part was shrinking and the part of her brain that was growing was the part that thought Rose touching herself was the hottest thing she

had ever seen in her life.

“Come to me Rachel,” Rose beckoned, her fingers still hard at work. She had one hand spreading her pussy lips wide, rubbing them in the process as she other pushed two

fingers inside her folds. “Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmm it’s not gonna take me long to come and I want you here with me when I do! You’re not going to be doing anything

wrong. You’ll just be playing with yourself. And you like how that feels don’t you?”

This time Rachel couldn’t resist answering in the affirmative and she nodded her head. Her whole body felt woozy and Rachel didn’t know how it all happened, but it was like

she wasn’t even in control of herself anymore.

“Take my panties and breathe them in, remind yourself just how hot a woman’s scent is Rachel,” Rose urged, her words starting to come out as gasps from her fucking

herself. “Remember when you used to get that hot and then come here and do it to yourself.”

Before she could even stop herself, Rachel pulled Rose’s crumpled thong to her face and took a breath. Mmmmmmmmmm fuck. She smelled soooooooo good. Rachel

couldn’t believe she was doing something so crazy and pervy, but she felt horniness pulsing inside her so wickedly and she was weakening with every moment.

The steps backwards were long undone and when Rose continued to call her to the bed, Rachel moved toward it slowly. She didn’t feel her feet move and she certainly

didn’t feel like she was willing them forward, but she was definitely walking toward the bed and right toward Rose. She felt completely powerless to stop herself.

“That’s it sweetie. Don’t be afraid,” Rose grinned, still touching herself, but slowing down. She pulled her juice coated fingers out of her pussy and made sure Rachel got a

great look at her hungrily sucking them clean as her other hand continued to massage her pussy lips.

“Get into bed,” Rose gently commanded the enthralled actress. “After all this is going to be your bedroom soon enough. You might as well christen it the right way. Come

and play with me Rachel.”

Unable to find the power to speak, Rachel let her actions speak for her. She hesitated upon reaching the edge of the bed, but that lasted about as long as it took for Rose

to finish sucking her fingers and pull them out of her mouth with a wet pop.

“Mmmmm yummy,” Rose grinned. “Get those clothes off Rachel and you get to have a taste too.”

Unsure if Rose meant a taste of her own juices or something entirely more lesbian, Rachel tried to stop herself. But she couldn’t. She was too turned on now to stop. She

had to see where this went.

It had been too long since she had felt her own touch. She had depended on her boyfriend too much and she needed more than him. Rachel knew that now. She knew

Rose was right.

Crawling into bed, Rachel did her best to forget she was lying next to a naked woman and that she was in the strangest situation she had ever been in. She tried only to

focus on the heat from her pussy and the dripping desire soaking her panties and compelling her to do this.

“Let’s get these off first,” Rose declared, pulling both of her hands away from her own body to get Rachel’s shoes off. She could easily have just let Rachel do it, but Rose

didn’t want to wait and, besides, she wanted Rachel to start to get used to the feel of her hands on her body.

Rachel gasped slightly as she felt Rose pulling off her shoes and casting them onto the floor, followed by her socks, leaving her feet bare. Rose felt an impulse to give

Rachel’s nervously wiggling toes a hot kiss and lick, but she restrained herself. She didn’t want the girl freaking out and that was an advanced level of girl sex.

Rose then reached for the rest of Rachel’s clothes, but she was quickly stopped.

“I can do it…” Rachel said, the first words to pass her lips in what felt like hours. Her voice was barely above a whisper and Rose saw the confusion and fear all over her

face, but also the desire.

“Then do it Rachel,” Rose pressed. “Get those clothes off. Show me your body like I showed you mine.”

Not believing she was undressing with another woman next to her, Rachel swallowed hard and pulled her slip dress over her head. Why was she doing this? Why was it

feeling so good? Rachel didn’t know the answers but she did know this was exciting her like nothing else had in the same time. It was like the first time she had ever had

sex. But she wasn’t going to have sex with Rose. Was she?

As that thought lingered Rachel threw her dress down onto the floor leaving her still pretty much fully dressed. She had worn jeans and a tank top underneath, but no bra

and it was easy for Rose to see how hard her nipples were getting against her pink and white top.

“Mmmm you do want this. I knew it,” Rose grinned. “Relax baby. You’re going to be so happy you did this.”

Rachel then received a shock to her system when Rose pressed her naked body right up to hers and began inching up her tank top. She supposed she should have been

expecting it, but she still gasped. And then came another shock when she tried to force Rose’s hands off her and get her not to do this and she found she couldn’t.

She was enjoying it too much to make Rose stop. She loved the feel of her soft, full breasts crushing into her body and the feel of feminine hands taking off her top.

“I…never…with…” Rachel began, trying to tell Rose she’d never done these sorts of things with another girl before. But before she could she was interrupted by Rose

pressing a finger to her lips.

“Shhhh…” Rose said. “Let me take care of you. Let me show you how good you can make yourself feel every day.”

Rose had put many notches on her bed post over the years. Sometimes she was rough and demanding and made sure the girl she was seducing knew full well she was her

bitch. But at times like this Rose knew it was best to be gentle.

She almost had Rachel. She could feel the girl was right on the verge of breaking the dam of her inhibitions and surrendering to the desires pumping through her veins.

Pulling up Rachel’s top, Rose licked her lips at the sight of her newest conquest’s succulent bare breasts. They looked so damn perky and were capped off by two of the

pinkest pebble nipples Rose had ever seen. She longed to reach down and lick them and see if they tasted as good as they looked, but she waited. It was too soon for

that. She just had to have the tiniest bit of patience and she knew Rachel would be hers.

“Now it’s going to get really good,” Rose promised slyly as she reached for Rachel’s jeans. She undid the button and pulled down her zipper, doing it slowly on purpose.

She wanted Rachel to hear every click of the zipper and savor the sounds of her seduction.

Rachel was unable to stifle an aroused moan of impatience. Now she was starting to really want this. The more Rose touched her, the hornier she got. Rachel knew this

was exactly what Rose wanted to happen, but she didn’t care. It felt too good to stop or think or worry or do anything but just lie back and get touched.

Staring up at Rachel and biting her lip to keep herself from just devouring this quivering mass of confused woman before her, Rose eased down Rachel’s jeans and found

herself staring at pale blue panties that were positively soaked, maybe even more than hers had been.

Rose deeply breathed in the scent of Rachel’s arousal, closing her eyes to let it properly impact her senses. She longed to tear those panties off and just feast on Rachel’s


But Rose clung to the last threads of her self control and didn’t go on the attack yet.

Instead she began inching down Rachel’s thin blue panties. Dry they didn’t do much to hide her neatly trimmed dark bush and wet they were practically see-through. Rose

pulled them away with all deliberate slowness, making sure Rachel could feel the wet garment being stripped off her flesh. Peering up again, Rose saw Rachel moaning

softly and writhing on the bed and sensed she almost had her.

Once Rachel’s panties were on the floor with the rest of their clothes, Rose pulled herself back up until they were face to face. The two naked actresses stared at each

other, Rose with a heated gaze of obvious lust and Rachel with a nervous eagerness. Rose’s lips were mere inches away from Rachel’s and the girl virgin unconsciously

parted her mouth, bringing a smile to Rose’s face.

Rose crept in closer, moving her face toward Rachel’s until their noses were practically touching. Rose could see what Rachel wanted in her eyes even if the girl still

couldn’t admit it yet, but instead of going in for the kill, Rose decided to tease a little more. Things were hot here, very hot in fact, but Rose knew she could still raise the

temperature a little bit more.

“Touch yourself,” Rose commanded, taking Rachel’s hand and guiding it between her legs. “Play with your pussy Rachel. Do it just like I’m doing.”

Rose then rolled away from Rachel and back onto her back, leaving the girl with her hand between her own legs and a disappointed look on her face.

“Something wrong Rachel?” Rose inquired with a grin as she resumed touching herself.

“No…I…I…just thought…” Rachel began. These words were so hard to push out. But they were the truth. That was probably what made them hardest. She wasn’t ready

for these feelings Rose was inspiring within her.

“What?” Rose baited. “What did you think I was gonna do?”

“I ummm…gawwd…I…I thought you were gonna…you know…kiss me…” Rachel forced past her lips, her face getting red with a deep blush.

“Do you want me to kiss you?” Rose purred, her voice a moan as she continued to play with herself, working her fingers back into her pussy with even more force now that

she knew Rachel was hers.

“No…I…yes…ohhhhhh I don’t know!” Rachel finally snapped in confused frustration. “I don’t know what the fuck I’m feeling anymore! What the hell have you done to me


“Shhhh…just lie back and enjoy,” Rose advised, moving back toward Rachel and pressing the girl’s hand between her legs again. This time Rose kept her hand there,

guiding Rachel’s over her pussy and masturbating the girl. Rose moved Rachel’s hand over her own slippery lips and Rachel was soon moaning in delight.

“That’s it,” Rose urged. “Rub your pretty little pink pussy for me Rachel. Touch those swollen lips and get yourself all wet to finger. You don’t even need me to show you

how to do this. You know how to make yourself feel good, don’t you?”

“Yessssssssssssss…” Rachel hissed as pleasure shot up her spine from the touch to her slit.

Her frustration just fizzled away and it was replaced with white hot lust for this not to stop. Of course she didn’t need Rose to guide her hand and show her how to

masturbate, but she loved how it felt. She loved the adrenaline that was filling her body from it.

“Rub yourself,” Rose whispered in Rachel’s ear, the volume of her voice easily eclipsed by the sound of Rachel’s moans. “I wanna see you get your fingers all sticky and

creamy. Mmmm I’ve wanted you out of those damn clothes since the first second I saw you Rachel and now you’re mine.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssss yourrrrrrrrs…” Rachel cried. She didn’t want to fight off Rose’s advances anymore. Logic was out the window and now Rachel just wanted

to surrender to the erotic promises that dripped off every word out of Rose’s mouth.

Rose slowly eased her hand off of Rachel’s and smiled with glee when she saw the girl continue to masturbate. Rachel pawed at her pussy, rubbing her lips with growing

lust and when she finally penetrated herself with her fingers and let out a sharp gasp of pleasure, Rose stopped holding herself back.

Without a second’s further delay, Rose pressed her lips to Rachel’s in a kiss. The younger girl’s eyes grew wide with anxiety, but the tenderness of her first same sex kiss

soon overwhelmed her. Rachel relaxed and let Rose kiss her, her heart fluttering at the feel of her soft lips against hers. Rose’s tongue flickered out, teasing Rachel’s lips

and tasting her lipstick and Rachel finally opened her own mouth, inviting Rose inside before she could tell herself not to do it.

Rose took full advantage of the invitation and kissed Rachel with passion. She didn’t just jam her tongue in. That would have worked with someone like Christina, but Rose

went for loving lust this time. She took Rachel’s face in her hands and gave her an energetic, but soft kiss, slowly sucking her tongue into her mouth and exploring her

newest conquest with enthusiasm but without getting too aggressive.

“Wow…” Rachel was left gasping when Rose eventually ended the kiss. It had just been one kiss, but her mind was completely blown. She had never been kissed like that

in her life and it made her want more. A lot more. Her lips suddenly felt very lonely without Rose’s up against them.

But that feeling didn’t have long to linger because a new feeling of pleasure shot through her naked body when Rose started paying attention to her tits. Rachel had such

lovely C cup tits that the television cameras never did justice to and Rose paid homage to them by cupping them in her hands and massaging them gently as she pressed

another kiss to Rachel’s lips.

Rachel just lay back and moaned into Rose’s mouth. She wasn’t thinking anymore about how strange this all was and how she never acted like this. She was just reacting

to the pleasure Rose was giving her. She closed her eyes and let Rose touch her tongue with her own and explore her mouth fully. Her nipples stiffened even more under

Rose’s soft touch and Rachel felt her pussy begin to drip. The sensation of her own juices start to drool off her slit and onto her thighs made her moans louder and longer

and sent shivers of ecstasy rippling through her.

“Kiss me back,” Rose instructed. “Don’t just lie there. I don’t want a sex doll. Show me how much this is turning you on. Make me feel how wet it’s getting you.”

Rachel’s body tensed up at the request. Could she do that? Could she kiss and touch another woman? It was one thing to be kissed and lie back. It was like it wasn’t

really happening to her. But to kiss back meant it was real and she wanted it. Rachel’s moment of doubt ended, though, when Rose’s mouth moved off hers and onto her


With a squeal of pleasure, Rachel arched herself up on the bed as Rose squeezed her tits a little harder and pushed her nipple up to her waiting mouth. Rose gave Rachel’s

pink nipples a thorough tongue bath, making the tiny pebbles almost razor sharp. She began her tongue play on Rachel’s left breast before turning over to the right and then

going back and forth while Rachel combined gasps with moans in a medley of pleasure sounds.

This weakened what was left of Rachel’s resolve and the next time Rose kissed her, she knew what to do. Rose wormed her tongue back into her mouth and this time

Rachel met it with the massage of her own tongue. The two girls’ tongues rubbed together as they wetly frenched each other, their bare tits touching in an aroused grind

that made both of them shiver.

Rachel felt her confidence grow and her inhibitions fade as she started really kissing another woman for the first time. She began kissing with more enthusiasm, accepting

that not only was the feel of another woman’s tongue in her mouth not unpleasant, it was something she actually liked. It was something she really liked.

Now it was Rachel’s turn to get Rose’s face in her hands and kiss her with passion. It was so different than a boy’s kiss. So much softer and even sexier. Rachel couldn’t

believe how much she was enjoying this and the more it turned her on, the harder she kissed Rose. But Rose still wanted more.

“Touch me,” Rose urged. “Use your hands on me Rachel.”

With only a touch of hesitation, Rachel moved her hands off Rose’s face and onto her back. Since this was all new to her, Rachel wasn’t quite sure where to touch but she

had just been going on instinct for the last little while, so why change that now?

Taking Rose into a form of hug, Rachel wrapped her arms around her and began caressing her bare back. Rose helpfully assisted by pulling herself up so she was hovering

over Rachel, giving the inexperienced girl better access. Rose then furthered things by reaching around her back and giving Rachel’s exploring hands a tug.

“Lower,” Rose said and Rachel, with a gulp, obeyed. Her hands strayed lower and lower and lower until…

“Mmmmmmmmm good girl…now give it a squeeze,” Rose moaned as Rachel’s hands arrived at her ass. “I wanna feel your hands all over my body.”

Rachel’s first reaction was one of panic. Oh my God, she thought to herself, I’m touching another woman’s naked butt. But that feeling lasted only as long as it took

Rachel to get used to the soft feeling of Rose’s flesh. Rachel did as she was told and gave Rose’s cheeks a squeeze and, even in her nervousness, Rachel couldn’t stop a

smile from crossing her lips.

She had given her own ass a squeeze from now and then as a test for firmness, but this was way better. Rose’s ass felt so good under her hands. It was toned without

being hard. It was soft without being lumpy. It was one of the sexiest things Rachel had ever felt and those feelings got more intense when Rose kissed her again.

This time it was a more forceful kiss as Rose gave Rachel a real grind, not only pressing their tits together, but causing their exposed pussies to make first contact with one


“Ooooooooooooh,” Rachel dreamily sighed. She had never felt anything like the touch of one woman’s wetness against hers. It was like her pussy had never been this

sensitive before and Rachel found herself grinding her bare ass against the bedspread from the pleasure.

“Just you wait,” Rose promised, delighting in Rachel’s reaction. “Mmmm I’m gonna make this so much better. By the time I’m done with you, you’re not going to even want

that boyfriend of yours to touch you again. You’re just gonna want girls all day and all fucking night.”

Rachel didn’t want that. Or did she? Everything Rose was doing was confusing her and arousing her and Rachel was desperate for that arousal not to stop. She squeezed

Rose’s cheeks harder, cupping her ass and gripping it to force Rose to grind against her harder, mixing their juices together as their naked bodies rubbed on top of the


“So goooooood,” Rachel grunted as she felt her clit beginning to make its presence felt. When she got good and horny, Rachel’s clitoris had always swelled up like a tiny

pink balloon and Rose was definitely making her good and horny.

“Silly girl, you never should have resisted me,” Rose smirked, her eyes afire with the satisfaction that could only come from seduction before brushing her hair out of her face

and leaning away from Rachel’s lips to give further attention to her beautiful tits.

Rose curved her body so she could still grind against Rachel while she dined on her breasts. Rose was falling into deep infatuation with Rachel’s body. Her softly jiggling

tits just demanded attention and Rose was happy to give it to them both with her hands and her tongue. She licked and massaged every inch of tit flesh she could get at,

leaving Rachel moaning and writhing underneath her.

“Only girls really know how to touch each other,” Rose said with a smile, getting some air before getting back to Rachel’s chest. “I’m going to make damn sure you

remember that Rachel.”

With another long moan, Rachel showed she believed Rose’s claim and why not. No man had ever made her feel this good just by kissing and playing with her breasts.

Rose’s hands caressed the curves of her mounds, molding them gently but firmly as her experienced tongue and lips made her nipples almost impossibly hard.

Rachel found her mind racing. Her hands continued to grasp Rose’s ass cheeks and she slowly began moving them around, massaging them like her lover was doing to her

tits. Rachel started to wonder about touching other parts of Rose and how they’d feel different than when she touched her own body. She loved what Rose was doing to her

breasts and she started dreaming about Rose moving up on the bed and letting her breasts wave in front of her face so she could lick and suck them and find out just what

another woman’s boobs felt like mmmm and tasted like.

Such a naughty thought made Rachel blush but she didn’t stop thinking it. The only reason she didn’t request it is that she didn’t want Rose to stop what she was doing.

With noisy smacks of her lips, Rose was kissing all over her tits, leaving them coated in a lustful saliva glaze and Rachel was showing her appreciation with moans flying off

her lips in a never ending loop, getting louder and happier with every touch to her nipples.

But Rose hadn’t put in all this work just to stop her fun at Rachel’s chest. The feel of the girl’s wetness painting her pussy and over to her thighs was more fuel to Rose’s

fire and she pulled away from Rachel’s tits with her horny grin at full blast.

“Playtime is over,” Rose informed Rachel with a wink. “Now it’s time to get serious.”

Rachel didn’t have to ask what that meant. She just took a deep breath and nodded her head. Her heart felt like it was beating at a dangerous pace. The excitement and

arousal pumped through Rachel’s veins and she didn’t feel like she could have denied Rose anything at that point.

Not that she wanted to deny her. It had all been buildup to this moment and Rachel wanted it so bad. She wanted to come. She needed to come. And she could see in

Rose’s eyes that there was no way she was not going to get off from this.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Rachel sighed like a cat mewing as Rose began moving downward. Rose let her tongue drag a trail down through her cleavage and down her

stomach, pausing only briefly to give Rachel’s bellybutton a lick and give the nervous girl a giggle from the tickling.

Rose continued licking downward, but instead of going straight for Rachel’s pussy, she hung a left and instead pressed her lips to the girl’s thighs. Rachel arched herself up

on the bed again and let out a long, delicious groan as Rose kissed her creamy thighs. The skilled seductress moved all around Rachel, everywhere except where she

wanted her most to go. Rose deliberately avoided Rachel’s pussy, enjoying how the girl’s moans got needier with every passing second.

“Please…” Rachel gasped. The more Rose teased, the more she wanted this and she didn’t care that she was playing right into her hands.

“Please what?” Rose played. She didn’t even need to spread Rachel’s legs. Her pussy was opening itself up for her, it’s pink folds flaring open with wet heat that Rose

could feel against her cheeks as she continued kissing Rachel’s thighs, tasting the juice that had already run down her legs.

“Mmmmmmm please…don’t tease…do it…” Rachel sighed. She was getting so impatient but at the same time, Rose’s delay was making her even wetter.

“Do what?” Rose coyly replied. “You have to say it baby or else I’m just not gonna do it.”

Rose stared up at Rachel and gave her a smirk that showed she wasn’t kidding. Panic filled Rachel again, but not over these new feelings. Now it was the threat that Rose

wouldn’t finish her off after getting her this hot and wet that frightened her. That would have been the bitchiest thing in the world and Rachel didn’t even struggle against the

woman’s games.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me!” Rachel spit out past her horny mouth, knowing what Rose wanted to hear. “Eat me Rose! Ughhhhhhhh do it you nasty, mean bitch! You got

me so wet for you. Show me it’s as good as you said it’s gonna be! Show me you’re not all talk! Eat me out Rose! Stop teasing me and fuck me with your tongue!


Rachel’s cry of ecstasy was the immediate response she had when Rose interrupted her pleas with a long, tongue lash against her labia, collecting up her glaze of juices

and swallowing them down like wine. Men had gone down on her before but with just one lick Rachel realized that Rose would easily put them all to shame.

Rose didn’t even have to ask if Rachel liked it. Her cries and desperate pleas for more were evidence enough. Rachel’s body began shaking on the bed as Rose

established a steady rhythm with her tongue. Rose worked up Rachel’s pussy with constant licks over her aroused lips, cleaning off the mix of their juices from their earlier

grind and getting every new drop Rachel fed her. Rose swallowed it all down with glee. The morning snacks of Elisha, Jessica and Alyssa had only been an appetizer for

her cream starved tongue.

“Oooooooooooooh ooooooooooh oooooooooooh…” Rachel panted, loving the feel of Rose’s tongue on her slit like nothing else. Before this, oral sex had been just a quick

warm up before the fucking started. Rachel had never come just from another person’s tongue. But that was about to change and she knew it as much as she knew


“Ohhhhhhhh God! More!” Rachel begged, each tongue lash against her pussy making her lurch. “More Rose more! Yesssssssss you were right! Ahhhhhhhhhhh so

fucking riiiiiiiiiight! Mmmmmmm it feels so good! Lick me! Lick up all my juices! Ooooooooooooh I can’t believe you’re doing this but it feels so gooooooooooooood!!!”

Rose had to put her hands on Rachel’s legs to steady her. Otherwise she might have knocked them both off the bed with her thrashing. Rose had had that happen with girls

in her bed before and while she knew well that the carpet was soft enough to cushion a crash, all things being equal she wanted to keep Rachel on the bed, especially since

she was about to really go for it.

“Mmmmm you think it’s good now?” Rose purred as she gave Rachel a long look at how her juices were glazing her lips and down her chin. “Just wait Rachel. Just wait till

I really get started on this pussy of yours. Mmmmm it’s so tight and pink. Such a pretty little pussy. And now it’s mine. I’m going to fuck this pretty pussy so good.

You’ve never been fucked like I’m gonna fuck you Rachel!”

Rose’s bold promise and dirty talk had Rachel hissing and gasping in passion, especially when she gave her slit another long lick and then moved her hand away from her

right leg to spread her lips open. Flashing another smirk, Rose delivered on her words by diving right into Rachel’s splayed pussy and licking away.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Rachel screamed, her voice no doubt easily heard throughout the house. “AHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAHHHHHHH LICK IT ROSE! LICK


Rachel couldn’t recall ever having used “the p-word” in her life. Usually whenever someone said it around her she’d crinkle her nose and give them a whack in the arm to

make them stop. But now it didn’t feel wrong or nasty. It felt liberating and sexy and dirty in all the right ways. It sounded so good coming off Rose’s lips and Rachel

wanted to be just like her now.

The intensity of the pleasure that was now flowing through her naked body like a current had Rachel completely on edge. Her hands were clawing at the bedspread and she

imagined that she could probably tear it open in the state she was in. The feeling of Rose’s tongue was everything she had promised and more. Rachel now had a craving

for orgasm inside her that she didn’t think she’d ever felt before and she knew Rose’s tongue was the only cure for it.

Her first lick inside Rachel’s pink folds was like biting into a particularly juicy piece of fruit and Rose indulged herself in the taste without delay. Rose delighted in how

worked up she’d gotten Rachel and she couldn’t even keep up with all the juice that drooled out when she started working her girliest of parts over with her tongue. What

she couldn’t get just dribbled off her chin onto either her neck or the bedspread below and Rose responded by licking harder.

As her hand continued to spread Rachel’s pussy open, Rose lapped away at her quivering and moaning lover. Rose gave Rachel’s cunt lips a thorough tongue bath and,

just as Rachel started to get appropriately anxious for it, began sliding inside. She licked every inch of Rachel’s folds that she could get at, but deliberately avoided her clit.

Rose didn’t want to set Rachel off too early. She wanted to do more tasting first.

Pressing her face flat against Rachel’s pussy, Rose started tongue fucking the younger girl. This sent Rachel bucking forward again, forcing her to fuck Rose’s face just as

the actress wanted. Rose pistoned her tongue hard into Rachel’s cunt, making sure she got just close enough to her clit to send pleasure shivers through her lover without

pushing her too far gone.

Rachel let out a series of indecipherable cries, probably only understandable by dogs or dolphins, as Rose worked her pussy over. Her nipples felt like they were at their

absolute bursting point and every nerve on her body was at its edge. Rachel wanted to run her hands all over her own body. It was screaming to be touched, but she was

frozen with ecstasy where she was, just lying back with her nails clawing the bedspread as she got the best head of her life.

The only motion from Rachel, besides from her murmuring, moaning lips was her hips rocking against Rose’s face. It was an unconscious move from Rachel, but she was

happy to cede control to her lustful instincts, especially if it meant more of Rose’s tongue in her pussy.

“Gyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhh!!! Oooooooooh ooooooooh awwwwwwwwwwww yesssssss ahhhhhhhh don’t fucking stopppppp!!!” Rachel cried when she could manage to push

fully formed words past her lips. “Mmmmmmm you’re driving me crazy Rose! More! I need morrrrrrrrre! Ahhhhhhh don’t stop eating my pussy till I commmmme!!!”

That was going to be Rose’s plan whether Rachel was dead silent or performing an aria, but it was always nice to be encouraged. Rose’s tongue was deep in Rachel’s

pussy, pushing in and licking away with fast, neat tongue strokes that showed Rose’s experience. There was nothing sloppy about her technique and Rachel reaped all the

benefits of the skillful licking.

Rose arched her back and pushed her ass in the air higher while she got a better position on Rachel. Her nose was nicely nestled against Rachel’s soft dark fur and her

eyes craned upward so she didn’t miss a single reaction from her newest convert to the wonders of Sapphic sex. By coming in more from above, Rose was able to push her

tongue in harder, penetrating Rachel faster and with more energetic licks.

This position also spread open Rose’s pussy and she moaned into Rachel as the cool air of the room tickled her own wetness. She could feel her juices dripping down her

legs and it turned her on even more. Unable to resist, Rose moved the hand that had been entrusted with holding Rachel down and snaked it around back to take care of

her own needs.

With a happy hiss shooting past her lips, Rose began fingering herself again. She had been wet before when she had just been playing with herself, but now that she had

Rachel’s juices soaking her tongue, her pussy was like a waterfall.

Rose began quickly drilling herself with two of her fingers, not showing any of the careful skill she was demonstrating on Rachel. Rose was going for fast and furious on

herself and it was working as her pink walls clamped around her fingers with ease, making it a wonderfully arousing fit inside.

Rachel had no idea what Rose was doing to herself and she didn’t care as long as her tongue was still working. Her whole body was flushed and her insides felt like there

was pure adrenaline in her veins. Everything tingled and she was having trouble catching her breath. It was all getting faster and faster and Rachel knew what this


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gonna…gonna commmmmmme!!” Rachel gasped, her breasts heaving as it took bursts of energy to push her words out. She assumed that warning

would cause Rose to do whatever she could to get her off. But Rachel was wrong.

“Mmmmm is that what you’re gonna do sweetie?” Rose evilly teased, pulling her tongue right out of her lover and sucking it back into her mouth, moaning happily at the hot,

creamy taste that coated it. “You gonna come for Rose?”

“Yessssssssssss…don’t stop!” Rachel wailed, furiously bucking her hips to coax Rose back inside her.

“But what if I don’t want you to come?” Rose inquired. If it was possible for a woman to grow devil horns, at that moment she would have done so and been perfectly happy

about it.

“Pleaaaaaaaase!” Rachel cried. “Please let me come!”

“Maybe I’d rather make you beg,” Rose grinned. “Maybe I’d rather you be sorry for being such a brat earlier and have you get on your hands and knees and beg me to fuck

you and make you come.”

“Noooooooooo…” Rachel groaned in frustration before her horniness quickly won out over her pride. She was in no condition to put up any real fight. “Please Rose please…I

beg you! I beg you to eat me out and fuck me and make me come!”

“That’s it Rachel!” Rose declared, loving her new game and keeping the heat on her lover by sucking on Rachel’s tender, flared pussy lips in between words. “Beg me! Beg

me to fuck you! Beg me to lick your sweet little cunt!”

“Oooooooooooooh fuck meeeeeeee!!!” Rachel begged obediently. “Lick my sweet little…ohhhhhhhhh gawwwwwd…my sweet little cunt! Lick it and fuck it and make it feel


“Mmmmmmm is this what you want?” Rose played on as she withdrew her fingers from her own snatch and pushed the juicy digits into Rachel. “You wanna get your little

pussy fucked?”


“Naughty girl…begging another woman to fuck you,” Rose giggled, feeling the familiar rush of having a beautiful woman at her mercy. “Mmmmm take those fingers baby!

Take them all the way up your creamy pink pussy! You’re gonna be fingering this pussy every night from now on, aren’t you? And you’re gonna be doing it thinking of girls,

not silly, useless boys!”


“Yeahhhhhh you’re gonna be fingering yourself every morning, every afternoon and every goddamn night,” Rose pressed further. “Mmmmm cause now you belong to Rose

and this pussy isn’t for boys anymore! It’s just for girls! It’s a dirty lesbo cunt!”


“Ohhhhhhh I dunno…” Rose drawled out slowly, pulling her fingers out and starting to nibble on Rachel’s pussy lips, making her writhe on the bed. “Promise to be a good


“YESSSSSSSSS I PROMISE!!!” Rachel swore, her body and soul caring only for one thing…orgasm. “I FUCKING PROMISE TO BE A GOOD GIRL AND DO WHATEVER



Rachel’s cries poured out the second Rose took mercy and did what she had been putting off for so long…attack Rachel’s clitoris. The pleasure bud had been swollen and

aching for attention forever and the end of Rose’s deliberate ignoring of it was trumpeted by the sounds of Rachel’s ecstatic screams.

Rose loved how plump Rachel’s clit was. It was so easy for her to get it right between her lips and feverishly suck on it. Rose didn’t even have to ask Rachel when the last

time was she had had this done to her. The frenzied bouncing on the bed and high pitched squealing showed that her clit had been sadly neglected for way too long.

As Rachel wailed for more, Rose mentally shook her head. No wonder girls were so easy to seduce. Boys just didn’t know how to eat pussy. How they ever got anything

done was beyond her.

While she sucked hard on Rachel’s clit, Rose kept her fingers hard at work. One hand was making sure Rachel’s pussy was spread wide and the other was fucking her

right into a pleasure coma. Rose alternated between massaging Rachel’s pussy lips and thrusting her fingers inside.

The combination of Rose’s mouth and fingers got Rachel back on the verge in seconds and this time Rose had no intention of stopping. The girl’s screams got wilder until

they were virtually howls of pleasure and when Rose delivered the finishing touch with a long kiss to Rachel’s clit and then a furious tongue lashing against her bud the roof

nearly blew off the house.

“YESSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Rachel screamed in orgasm, feeding Rose a mouthful of pussy cream in the


Rachel continued to scream out, mentioning God by name many times and in such a loud cry that her voice no doubt reached heaven. Her nails finally did tear the

bedspread as the pleasure gripped her and turned her recently manicured fingers into claws, but neither girl cared. Bedspreads could easily be bought and pleasure like this

was priceless.

By the time Rachel’s screams quieted to moans and her pleasure began to cycle down, she had tears in her eyes. It was like she had seen paradise and returning to reality

was agony. Her brain was seriously fogged over, but Rachel knew Rose had been right. There was no way she wasn’t going to want this again and again and again.

So when Rose pulled away from her still drooling pussy and planted a wet, cummy kiss on her lips, Rachel didn’t hesitate to kiss back. She hungrily moaned at the taste of

her own sex cream and she found herself craving it. Rachel sucked hard on Rose’s tongue and licked her lips and even down her chin to get as much as she could.

“Mmmmm someone’s an eager little sex kitten now,” Rose laughed. “Good girl. I knew this was just what you needed.”

“You were right…so right…” Rachel admitted in between kisses and licks. Her eyes were wide open now and there was not any more fear of Rose, just lust and lots of


“Well show me then. Show me how right I was,” Rose commanded as she rolled off Rachel and flat onto her back on the bed, her tits jiggling as she settled in. “Show me

how much you loved what I just did to you.”

When her gaze turned towards the doorway, Rose gasped for a second, but that shock quickly disappeared and a giddy smile took its place as she reached out and pulled

Rachel to her.

Surprisingly Rachel felt no hesitation. She just gave Rose a long kiss. She heard Rose moan from the touch of her lips and it filled Rachel with pride. Now that she saw

how good women could make each other feel she wanted to be good at this. She didn’t want to disappoint Rose after everything she had just done to her.

Rachel’s inhibitions were long gone as she set herself to exploring Rose’s body. She kept kissing her, leaving saliva dripping from their lips every time they broke for air.

Rachel couldn’t get enough of tasting herself over Rose’s tongue and face and her heart skipped a beat as she realized that soon she was going to be tasting Rose too.

That thought didn’t make her nervous though. It made her want it bad.

“You’re so beautiful,” Rachel declared as she gawked at Rose’s naked form, stretched out on the bed like a porcelain skinned goddess. “I love your body.”

“Then show me you love it,” Rose instructed. “I’m so wet for you Rachel. Make me feel good. Show me everything you just learned.”

A tiny thought flickered in Rachel’s brain that she could pay Rose back for making her beg by turning the tables on her, but truthfully she didn’t have any idea how she was

going to be able to do that. Besides, now that she had a new appreciation for the female form, Rose’s body was too good to even think about passing up for even just a little

bit of teasing.

With a hungry moan, Rachel took her first taste and touch of another woman’s breasts. Just like Rose had done to her, Rachel massaged her lover’s mounds and started

licking her nipples with slow, wet tongue strokes. Even though she’d never done this before, it now felt right to Rachel.

It felt natural to be kissing and touching another woman’s breasts and tonguing her swollen nipples and it felt very natural to hear Rose moan from it.

“Mmmmm good girl…oooooooh you were paying attention,” Rose gasped in pleasure when Rachel’s lips clamped down on her left nipple and started sucking. “Mmmmm

suck on my tits baby. Show me what a naughty little girl lover I turned you into.”

Rose’s words filled Rachel’s body with a rush of energy. This did feel naughty. So naughty and so good. She was still wet from her orgasm and the feel of Rose’s breasts

in her hands and mouth didn’t do a thing to cool her down. She let Rose’s nipple wetly fall from her lips before going right after the other one, squeezing her sexy flesh and

licking as much as she could as she indulged in the pleasure of hearing another woman cry out from her touch.

“You have the best tits I’ve ever seen,” Rachel moaned, conveniently ignoring the fact that she’d never actually been this close to another woman’s tits save for her own.

“Mmmmmm your body is so fucking hot Rose. I wanna do what you just did to me. I just wanna eat you up.”

“No one’s stopping you,” Rose pointed out, happy to see how easily Rachel had taken to girl sex. “Get to it baby. My pussy needs your tongue. Give it to me Rachel!

Give me that slutty tongue of yours so I can fucking cream it!”

That image made Rachel squeal with lustful enthusiasm and she began moving down Rose’s body, barely containing her new excitement. She would never have dreamed

that she would ever be doing this. It had been the furthest thing from her mind before now. But there she was.

No one would have believed it if they saw her like this. Hell, Mischa totally would have died if she walked in on this and found her naked with another woman with their

bodies all sweaty and glowing from sex. Mischa never would have expected her to act this way. No one Rachel knew would have and that just made it more fun.

It suddenly occurred to Rachel that she hadn’t seen her friend in a long time, but that thought evaporated as she caught the scent of Rose’s arousal in her nose. She was

so close to her and right now nothing mattered to Rachel except getting her tongue inside her new friend’s wet pussy.

Of course Rachel might have found herself focusing on something else if she knew what Rose had known ever since she had turned over on her back. Mischa hadn’t

wandered away too far. She was now in the doorway staring intently at the action in the bed. But her wide-eyed gaze wasn’t one of shock. It was clear that she loved what

she saw.

Mischa’s nipples were diamond hard against her white tank top and it looked like they were dying for some attention. But Mischa wasn’t able to do that. Her hands were

busy elsewhere. One hand was holding up her short blue skirt around her waist and the other was burrowed under her panties as she furiously fingered herself and tried not

to scream in pleasure over how turned on the show was making her.

Restraining the moans and cries of her arousal was getting increasingly difficult for the young actress. Mischa had never seen anything this hot in her life. She wanted to

join in so badly.

Rose had just fucked one of her best friends like an animal and all Mischa wanted to do was tear off her own clothes and beg the brunette to do the same to her. But fear

held her back. She had never experienced anything like this before and all her boldness and courage abandoned her at the sight of it.

Mischa had seen Rose catch her watching and her first impulse had been to bolt…out the bedroom…out the door…and maybe even out of California. But she couldn’t take

her eyes off Rachel and Rose and since Rose didn’t say anything and had just kept on playing with Rachel, Mischa had stayed where she was, fingering away at her

sopping pussy.

She had already soaked her black panties with one furious orgasm and was well on her way to a second. Mischa just couldn’t get over what she was seeing. She didn’t

really know Rose, but she knew Rachel very well and it was like the girl naked on the bed wasn’t her friend at all.

It was as if Rachel had been possessed by some porno actress or something. She was saying nasty words and doing crazy sex acts that Mischa had never believed her

friend would be capable of, even though she had dreamed of having Rachel in this exact position.

Mischa’s stunned arousal at what she was witnessing was compounded by the secret she had carried around with her for more than three years now. From the moment

they had met, Mischa had had a wicked crush on Rachel, but had never done a thing to act on it.

Of course it wasn’t as though Mischa had lots of experience with girls to fall back on when it came to making her fantasy come true. She had none at all. She hadn’t had

any idea how to approach Rachel or even if she should. Mischa hadn’t wanted to ruin their friendship by making a clumsy pass that she didn’t even know how to follow up.

It would have been too awkward and way too weird. So she had fantasized in silence.

Truthfully Mischa had no idea if she was straight, lesbian, bisexual or none of the above. She had been with her fair share of guys and some of them had even been serious

boyfriends, but there had been those fantasies about women that had alternately plagued and aroused her for years. From the moment she had pressed her lips to Evan

Rachel Wood’s while filming “Once and Again”, Mischa had felt the desire to explore.

The kiss had been nothing like she had expected. She had been so nervous about filming the scene and had never dreamed she would like it so much. Mischa had never

wanted the director to yell “Cut.” She had wanted the scene to go on and on and so she could keep kissing Evan and then get their clothes off to satisfy the new lusts

running through her head.

But she had done nothing to further the experience. She had feared rejection from Evan and had been too confused by the feelings their love scenes had inspired to try and

overcome those fears. Mischa had tried to tell herself it had been a fluke and she didn’t have feelings for other girls and, until she met Rachel, she had been doing a pretty

good job of convincing herself that.

From the second they had met, Mischa had wanted to drag the brunette vixen to the first empty room she could find and lavish kisses all over her body. It had been just like

the feelings she had for Evan except multiplied by a thousand. But she had never dared imagine Rachel would be into it, so Mischa had stifled those desires and instead

dedicated herself to being one of the best friends, and not lovers, Rachel had.

But lately it had been getting harder and harder to control herself. The more time she spent with Rachel, the more she wanted her. Being written off The O.C. was almost a

blessing for her because it had meant she would no longer be tortured by the vision of beauty that was Rachel Bilson every day on the set, knowing she couldn’t have


And it wasn’t like Mischa felt like she could run off and explore these desires with someone else. She was too scared of discovery and besides, she wanted Rachel, not

some other girl.

From the second the writers had told her two years ago that they were giving her character a lesbian romance the lust had been growing almost uncontrollable. Mischa had

almost told them not to do it because she didn’t want to be focusing on kissing and touching another girl when she couldn’t have Rachel. But she had backed off from

making the demand in an effort to quell diva rumors and also because it wasn’t like she could tell the writers the real reason why she didn’t want to do the scenes.

The storyline had ended but the feelings hadn’t. Each time Mischa had kissed Olivia Wilde she had dreamed she was kissing Rachel and her fantasies had gotten hotter

every passing night. Now Mischa took every opportunity to be with her friend, hoping for any chance she might see that Rachel was just as interested in her.

That had been the reason Mischa had come along today and it had also been the reason she had broken away from Rose and Rachel earlier. Going into the bedroom with

Rachel would have been too much for her to take. So she had wandered around instead, trying to clear her head and remind herself that Rachel wanted a friend, not a


Of course that thinking had gone right out the window as soon as Mischa had followed the moaning she had faintly heard up the stairs and caught an eyeful of the girl on girl

action currently staining the bedspread. Rachel had looked more beautiful naked than Mischa had ever dared dream and seeing her come had been absolutely the most

erotic thing she had ever witnessed.

Now, with her hand buried in her panties and her fingers already creamy from one orgasm, Mischa found her fears fading. Rachel was into girls! It was like a miracle and

Mischa didn’t want to let this opportunity pass by. And with Rose egging her on with her smile and hot stare from the bed, Mischa knew what she had to do.

Putting her nerves and inexperience aside, Mischa took action. She pulled her hand from her pussy and got it busy with the far more pressing task of getting her own

clothes off.

Mischa’s skirt fell down back over her panties as she yanked her white tank top over her hair, sending her hair flying just a bit. She was trying to make as little noise as

possible as she did this. She didn’t want Rachel to know she was there until there would be no chance for either of them to back away.

Meanwhile, as she lay on the bed, Rose’s eyes kept darting back and forth between Rachel’s lips getting tantalizingly close to her pussy to Mischa’s strip show. Rose had

been surprised to see her at first, but it had been just what she was hoping was going to happen and it was obvious from Mischa’s reaction that she wasn’t going to need

any of the coaxing Rose had just used on Rachel.

Rachel was right above her pussy now and Rose decided she needed one last push…literally.

“Get in there baby,” Rose commanded, pressing her hand down on Rachel’s head. “Show me what that tongue of yours can do. Mmmm get a good long taste of how wet

you made my pussy.”

The little push was just what Rachel needed and she responded to it by darting her tongue out for her first taste of another woman. Rose was so wet that her juices nearly

overwhelmed her taste buds from just one lick, but Rachel loved it. It was just as hot and sweet as she’d hoped it would be and it made her want to get really naughty for a

really long time between Rose’s legs.

Unaware that Mischa’s boots and skirt had ended up on the floor along with her blouse and that her friend was standing behind her stripped down to her bra and panties,

Rachel got to licking. She started sliding her tongue up Rose’s slit, loving how intense her flavor was and how there was always more to lick after each tongue stroke.

Trusting her instincts to guide her, Rachel set about establishing a licking rhythm that quickly had her lover moaning.

“Ahhhhhhhh yessssssss…mmmmmmm that’s how you make a girl feel good,” Rose sighed, her hand no longer holding Rachel down by force, but rather stroking her soft

hair. “Lick that pussy Rachel. Mmmmm get all nice and slutty with your tongue! Slurp up those juices, baby. Ohhhhhhh I’m gonna fuck your face so good!”

As pleasantly distracting as Rachel’s tongue explorations of her pussy were, Rose was keeping a careful eye on Mischa. The lust in the girl’s face would have been visible

from a mile away but the closer she crept to the bed, the better Rose was able to see just how wet she’d gotten her panties.

Mischa’s bra and panties clung to her flushed skin like they’d just been through a rain shower. Her sweat and arousal had her flesh glowing a healthy shade of horny pink

and Mischa’s nipples were almost swollen right through her thin bra. Mischa’s panties were still out of place from her earlier finger play and the soft material had been

stretched out now. But still the black silk clung to her needy, young lips like her juices were about to melt right through it.

Rose gave the girl a nod of her head, letting her know that her actions were more than welcomed and also establishing that she didn’t want her to stop. She wanted to see

more of her.

While Mischa’s eyes were naturally drawn to her naked friend and the way her ass swayed so invitingly as she licked away, she also couldn’t help but fall under Rose’s

spell, just as Rachel had Mischa felt her pussy flutter at the sight of the woman who had seduced her friend and she wanted to please her with her body so she’d fuck her

too. Even though she’d fantasized about it for so long, this was her first time doing this with girls and Mischa wanted it to be amazing.

With one last nervous gulp, Mischa pushed herself to the edge of the bed and unsnapped her bra. Her flesh was so sticky that she then had to reach down and peel it off

her body, but as long as she had her bra off, Mischa was happy.

She saw Rose’s face brighten at the sight of her tits and that filled Mischa with more confidence. She began playing with them, massaging her firm, aching mounds and

moaning as loudly as she dared.

It felt so good to touch herself so close to the action and Mischa felt like her hands made electrical sparks go off all over her body. Her own touch made her body tingle and

rubbing her tits while drooling over Rachel licking Rose’s pussy had Mischa moving rapidly toward her second orgasm.

Rachel was starting to really feel like she could be good at fucking girls. She could hear Rose’s cries and she could taste the growing heat of her juices and she knew she

was doing it right. Rachel wanted to be good at this because right now this was sailing up her list of things she most loved doing.

There wasn’t anything about this that Rachel didn’t love. She loved the scent of Rose’s arousal and the taste of her juices. She loved the feel of Rose’s pussy lips quivering

under her tongue and she delighted in the sounds Rose made to exclaim her pleasure. Doing all this was soaking Rachel’s freshly orgasmed pussy once again and she

groaned into Rose as she felt the hot tickle of her own juices starting to trickle down her thighs.

“Keep licking,” Rose said, giving Rachel all the guidance she could need. “Get that tongue inside me. Fuck my pussy Rachel! Get your tongue in my cunt and lick it hard!

It’s gonna taste even fucking better inside my pussy!”

Before Rachel had a chance to react, Rose tightened her grip on her head again and pushed her hips up, fucking her face with her drooling pussy. Rachel’s eyes went wide

with stifled surprise but that was only a quick reaction and Rachel got right back to work. She knew what she had to do and, as Rose spread her legs wider, Rachel pushed

her tongue inside, meeting Rose’s hip thrusts with tongue strokes.

Rachel quickly realized how right Rose was. The taste on the outside of her pussy was like an appetizer. What was inside was the main course. Rachel closed her eyes

and dreamily moaned as she began lapping away at Rose’s folds. She was so hot and wet and her fresh cream was like sweet honey being dripped onto her tongue.

To watch her weight, Rachel had always tried to avoid sweets, but this was one treat she would have gorged on every day and night no matter what the calorie counts for girl

cream was. She clamped her hands down on Rose’s thighs and spread her out even more so she could get her tongue in deeper. Rachel was gasping right into Rose’s

pussy but her own breathing was now of less importance. All she cared about was getting all the cream she could on her tongue and down to her starving stomach.

“OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!” Rose gleefully cried. “Mmmmmmmm nasty girl! That’s how you do it you fucking horny bitch! Ohhhhhhhhh you’re good at this Rachel. No

way this is your first time! You fucking liar! You know just how to treat a pussy you dirty slut mmmmmmm and you’re gonna get all my cum soon as your reward! Keep

fucking me Rachel! Tongue slam my hot little cunt!”

Rachel loved hearing all this and it made her lick harder. She felt like she was getting praise from the pussy licking master and she wanted Rose to call her all the dirty

names she could think of. She was no liar. This really was her first time doing this and Rose’s praise for her first time only deepened her love for this pussy and girl sex in


Her tongue dragged against Rose’s clit and when the actress jumped from the contact, Rachel hit it again and again, making Rose cry out. Rachel knew she had found the

right spot and was prepared to do whatever it took to get her lover off, but Rose had a slightly different plan in mind.



Her cover blown, Mischa gasped and dropped her hands from her tits. Rose shot her a naughty wink from the bed as Rachel’s overheating brain slowly processed the

information that she had just heard. Mischa hadn’t been expecting to be outed like that, but Rose’s words had the desired effect of spurring her into action.

“Huh?” Rachel asked, her mouth filled with pussy. What did Rose mean? What friend? She couldn’t mean…

Rachel’s questions were answered a split second later when Mischa crawled onto the bed with her and pressed her body to hers. Rachel tensed up and pulled herself up

and away from Rose’s pussy with her face a mix of fear and shame.

Oh God, what was Mischa going to think of her now? Was she going to think she was some kind of pervert? The arousal that had gripped her was now turning into

embarrassment at being caught like this, but Mischa sought to ease her friend’s visible concerns by leaning in and kissing her girl cum coated lips.

Her eyes got big with shock and part of Rachel felt she had to be dreaming this. It was all getting too fucking weird. Maybe she’d hit her head or something. Since when

was Mischa was into girls? It just had to be a dream. But there was nothing imagined about the kiss she was getting. It was so soft and sexy. Mischa was a wonderful

kisser and just as quickly as her arousal had started to leave her in a panic, Rachel responded to her friend’s kiss and felt her horniness heat up again.

“Ummm you’re naked,” Rachel finally said after the kiss was ended and her friend pulled away. It was too much for her to process all at once, but she couldn’t help but

notice Mischa’s bare tits pressing into hers.

“So are you,” Mischa smiled, her heart thumping like a drum as her fantasy now seemed so real and possible. “You’re like really…really naked…”

“Were you watching me?” Rachel asked. “I didn’t want you to see me like this…I…”

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Rose snapped. “Just kiss each other again already, tell each other how much you want each other and get back to making me come!”

Taking Rose’s advice to heart, Rachel and Mischa pressed their lips together once more. They kissed with nervous passion and this time Rachel kissed back as hard as

Mischa kissed her. They both knew each other so well and it was intimidating to both of them to be doing this with a friend, but it was also turning them both on.

“I was watching you,” Mischa admitted when the kiss broke. “I…I…I’ve always wanted you Rachel. I’ve been dreaming about making love to you for so long and doing all

those nasty things Rose just did to you. I was watching and it made me so hot. I just had to join in.”

An admission of long standing lust was not anything Rachel had expected to hear from her friend and it kind of blew her mind to know Mischa had wanted her all this time,

but what was one more surreal level to what had already happened?

Deciding to say fuck it, Rachel initiated another kiss and moved her hands up to grab a feel for her barely legal friend’s firm breasts.

Mischa nearly melted into the bed from the touch to her tits and she mimicked the move on Rachel, finally touching the breasts of another girl and not just any girl, but the

girl she wanted most. The girl she had dreamt about. The girl she had longed for. The girl she had rubbed herself to sleep thinking about too many times to count.

But the soft explorations the girls were beginning on each other’s bodies had no place in this bed and Rose let them know it with an emphatic clearing of her throat.

“Save the lovey dovey shit for later,” Rose ordered. “I need to get fucked!”

Rachel and Mischa shared a giggle and Rachel took her friend by the hand, guiding her toward Rose.

“Wanna help me fuck her?” Rachel inquired with a naughty gleam in her eyes. She couldn’t believe she was crossing this line with one of her best friends, but it was turning

her on way too much for her to even think about stopping now.

“Oh yeah,” Mischa answered without hesitation. “Mmmmm and then I want to fuck you Rachel. I want to fuck you and lick you and do every hot thing I ever dreamed of

doing to you.”

That sounded very good to Rachel and she could already picture how good it was going to feel to have her sexy friend lapping away at her pussy. She had never really

appreciated how beautiful Mischa was until now and Rachel couldn’t wait for a chance to fuck her. But she knew she owed Rose and she didn’t dare leave her wanting.

“Lick her pussy with me,” Rachel suggested. “C’mon Mischa. She tastes soooo good.”

Mischa was very eager for her first taste of another woman and the sight of Rose lying back on the bed and rubbing herself, spreading her pink folds open with her fingers to

show off her juicy girl flesh, was nothing she could pass up. She leaned in and, as Rachel moaned, let her tongue drag up Rose’s splayed cunt.

“Cmonnnnnnnnnn…no fucking little girly licks,” Rose groaned in horniness. “Fucking give it to me Mischa! Get that tongue in my pussy! Fuck me like your little slut friend

was doing!”

“Do her like this,” Rachel said, finding herself quite unexpectedly in the role of teacher. Until a few minutes ago she’d been just as inexperienced as Mischa, but now she

didn’t shy away from showing her friend just how Rose liked it. She didn’t even mind that Rose had just called her a slut. She never would have tolerated that before today,

but now it was just turning her on more.

“Get your tongue inside her,” Rachel instructed. “Lick her clit. Make her squirm on the bed.”

Rachel happily demonstrated what she was talking about by resuming what she’d been doing before Mischa had made her presence known. She dove back into Rose’s

pussy and licked at her swollen clitoris, batting it with her tongue and making Rose arch her back and let out a long, delicious moan.

“Mmmmmmm fuck yeahhhhhh…mmmmmmm keep that tongue right there you little horny bitch,” Rose’s voice dripped past her lips. “Show your spying friend how to eat

pussy like a slut should. Mmmmm if she’s gonna gawk at the show then she’s gotta fucking eat me out too.”

The view from the doorway was nothing compared the up close look Mischa now had of Rachel tongue fucking Rose. Both girls looked so amazingly sexy and Mischa

couldn’t help but reach into her panties and resume touching herself.

Mischa loved staring at Rachel’s tongue licking away, getting wetter with every stroke as Rose moaned and writhed on the bed, rubbing her bare ass against the bedspread

and mauling her own tits in her hands.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss you’re so fucking sexy Rose,” Mischa groaned as her fingers pushed past her pussy lips. “Mmmm you’re making me so wet. You fucked Rachel

when I was too scared to do it and it’s making me so fucking hot to see her lick you.”

“Yeah? Is that sexy little pussy of yours nice and pink and wet for me?” Rose asked in between tongue induced moans. “Mmmmmmm you want me to tongue fuck your

tight cunt, Mischa? Oooooooh or would you like it better if Rachel was licking you?”

“Yesssssssssssssss ohhhhhhh gawwwwwwd yessssssss more than anything,” Mischa hissed, nearly creaming her fingers at the thought of it. “I want Rachel to lick me!

Mmmmmm I want her to taste how wet she gets me! I want to give her all my cum! I want her to be the first girl to lick me!”

“Ooooooooooh oooooooooh ahhhhhh yessssss…then…mmm…get those fucking panties off,” Rose ordered while pleasure shot through her body from Rachel’s tongue. “Get

them off and show…ahhhhh fuck yeahhhh dirty girl…fucking eat that pussy Rachel…show your slut friend how wet you are!”

Mischa smiled from ear to ear and didn’t hesitate a second in wiggling out of her soaked black panties, leaving her just as naked as Rachel and Rose were. Her juices were

already running down her thighs as she stripped herself bare but Rose didn’t just want her to get naked.

“Now fuck me!” Rose commanded. “Ohhhhhh yesssss mmmmm fuck yesssssss…mmmm fuck me Mischa! Fuck my pussy like Rachel’s doing and she can eat you


Since this was her first time Mischa was a little intimidated taking on someone like Rose for her first time, but for a chance to live out her fantasy of being with Rachel she

would have done anything or anyone.

Mischa got on her knees and positioned herself next to Rachel, gently pushing her friend out of the way. Rachel hadn’t been paying attention to Rose and Mischa’s

negotiations so at first she was surprised.

“Huh?” Rachel asked as she was suddenly pulled away from the pussy she had been lavishing love on.

“Fuck me Rachel,” Mischa begged, moaning the words she’d been dying to say for years. “Eat me out while I finish off Rose.”

Rachel’s eyes lit up. Her friend looked so beautiful and sexy and she was so horny now that anything and everything made sense to her if it involved girl sex. If someone

had told her half an hour ago that she’d be doing this with Mischa, Rachel would have thought they were an insane pervert, but right now she wanted to fuck her beautiful

friend too badly to care if there would be morning after consequences.

The friends passionately kissed again, but they didn’t dare linger and make Rose wait. They broke off their saliva and girl juice filled kiss and repositioned themselves on the

bed. Now it was Mischa who was between Rose’s legs and Rachel set herself up behind the bare ass of her friend.

Mischa’s firm young ass looked very good to Rachel’s lust filled eyes, but nothing could possibly rival the sight of her tight pussy coated with desire. She looked so hot and

juicy and Rachel dove in without thinking twice about any potential consequences, sliding her tongue over her friend’s aroused cunt lips and sending a pulse of pleasure

through her body.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!” Mischa cooed, enjoying that one lick more than any fuck she’d ever experienced in her life. She’d wanted Rachel to do this for so long

and that first lick was so unbelievably hot that it made all the waiting and pining from afar totally worth it.

But Mischa didn’t have much time to appreciate it. As soon as she began moaning from Rachel’s tongue play, Rose grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face into her

pussy with no resistance. Mischa had been paying close attention to what Rachel had been doing and this time she didn’t give any shy licks. She went right after Rose’s

pussy, working her tongue past her lips and slapping it against Rose’s swollen clit.

“FUCK!” Rose cried as her body bucked on the bed. “Now THAT’S how you eat pussy! Mmmmmmmm good girl! You were paying attention to your slut lessons! Eat that

pussy Mischa! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh what’s in the water at Fox to make you little whores so good at eating pussy?”

Mischa and Rachel didn’t answer. They just smiled at the compliment and licked away at the pussies they had pressed to their faces. Mischa tried to focus on Rose as

much as she could. She tried to think about how much she loved the hot taste coating her tongue and how much it turned her on to have this beautiful woman’s perfect

pussy fucking her face, but Mischa couldn’t help but let her mind drift to her fantasy come true.

She had pictured this so many times, but in her wildest dreams she had never thought that a woman licking her could feel this good and knowing it wasn’t just any woman

doing it made it so much hotter for Mischa. She was practically howling into Rose’s pussy over how good Rachel was making her feel and this had only been from her first

licks. Mischa shuddered with sexual excitement over how good it was going to feel when she actually came from this.

Rose’s hand in her hair and the steady push of her hips against her face made sure Mischa couldn’t get away from her pussy, but Rachel had no such restrictions on her

movement. Nothing was distracting her from licking and she was giving Mischa all the benefits of her brief, but intense experience.

The first thing that had struck Rachel was how different Mischa tasted from Rose. Mischa was sweeter than Rose’s rich, womanly flavor and Rachel began wondering to

herself how different other girls tasted and how she could go about finding out as soon as possible. But as good as Rose had tasted, Rachel had to admit she was getting

off more on licking Mischa.

There was just something so kinky about doing this to a girl she was practically best friends with. They had spent nearly every day together for the past three years and

now they were fucking. It seemed so wrong and it felt so right that Rachel loved it. She licked away enthusiastically at Mischa, swallowing all the cream from her earlier

finger play and using all the things she knew that Rose liked to make her friend come.

Rachel was kneeling behind Mischa and using one hand to spread her pussy lips open as her tongue licked away. It took Rachel only a few licks to get at Mischa’s clit and

she eagerly pursued it with her lips and tongue, loving the muffled sounds of rapture she was eliciting from the blonde. Rachel’s fingers were already soaked with Mischa’s

juices and it started to run down her hand as her dark hair dangled down over her face and against Mischa’s ass.

While she was doing this, Rachel also fingered herself, getting wetter with each hungry lick she took of her friend. Rachel still couldn’t believe how much she loved all this.

She had never done anything this crazy before and she couldn’t even blame it on alcohol. All she wanted was to drink her beautiful friend’s pussy dry and then get her wet


Every lick Rachel took drove Mischa absolutely wild. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her whole body was quivering in desire, but every time Mischa got too

distracted and slowed her licking, Rose was there to slam her pussy against her face and remind her she still had a job to do.

“No slacking!” Rose snapped, her voice thick with arousal. “I’m so close you little bitch! Don’t you dare stop licking! Ahhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh work that clit

over! Mmmmmmmmmm that’s it! Lick it and make it fucking throb so you can suck on it and make me come!”

With Rose’s hand still holding clumps of her hair and pressing her down, Mischa had no escape from Rose’s pussy. Not that she wanted to get away. If all girls were as

hot and tasty as Rose, Mischa was going to kick herself for not fucking one earlier and wasting all that time pining for it.

Mischa knew she had a bit of a wild girl reputation, but she had only had sex with a few guys and nothing they had ever done to her could compare to just these few minutes

of bliss with Rachel and Rose.

Forcing herself to look up, Mischa eyed the woman she was licking. Rose was incredibly gorgeous, naked and glistening with sex sweat, her hands squeezing her own tits

as her body moved like a wave on the bed, rising and falling with every hot lick Mischa took. Mischa felt flush with power knowing she could make another woman feel that

good and she couldn’t wait to try it out on Rachel and thank her for licking her and making her pussy wetter than it had ever been.

Mischa kept staring up as her tongue worked Rose’s clit over. She felt her own pussy get even wetter as Rose’s tender clit jumped and throbbed from her efforts. With so

many girl/girl fantasies in her head, Mischa had gotten quite proficient at the art of masturbation over the years and she knew a thing or two about playing with a clit. She

had never licked one, but the concept was the same as when she touched her own. It was all about paying lots of steady attention.

As Rose kept writhing and gasping, Mischa lapped at her clitoris, licking her hot spot with her fastest, wettest tongue strokes. The more Rose moaned the more Mischa’s

confidence grew and the more it grew the faster she licked. Rose kept moaning and Mischa kept licking, slurping up her juices with hungry gulps and tonguing her first

female lover like she was ice cream on a scorching July day.

“Suck that clit Mischa!” Rose demanded, her voice growing needy with desire. “Do it bitch! Make me fucking come and swallow those juices down your horny mouth! I’m

so fucking close! Make me come nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!”

Mischa obeyed without hesitation. With Rose spread wide and her hand on the back of her head, Mischa was already buried in her cunt and it was so easy for her to part

her lips and clamp them right down on Rose’s clitoris. That got a loud cry from Rose and Mischa smiled with pride as she started sucking, nursing Rose’s pulsing clit and

pushing her right to the edge of ecstasy.


Mischa’s hair, tugging the fair locks as her body arched on the bed.

Mischa’s technique needed a lot of practice, but it was good enough for what Rose needed. Besides Rose wasn’t just getting off on what Mischa was doing to her clit. She

was getting off on the knowledge that she’d done it again. She’d taken two shy little pussy licking virgins and turned them into hot, horny whores. All Rose had to do was

glance at the way the two girls had been looking at each other before to know this wasn’t going to be a one time thing for either of them.

Just thinking about all the days and nights those two were going to spend fucking each other ragged had Rose’s pussy ready to cream and Mischa’s raw but eager work on

her clit sent her orgasm crashing throughout her body.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Rose howled in ecstasy as she fucked Mischa’s young face with reckless abandon. She slammed her creaming cunt against the

girl’s mouth and Mischa responded instinctively. She stopped sucking Rose’s clit and jammed her tongue back inside her pink.

Mischa enthusiastically licked up as much of Rose’s cream as she could, loving the taste of her orgasm more than any candy she had ever tasted. She had never imagined

that eating out a girl could surpass the standards her fantasies had set, but there was nothing Mischa didn’t love about fucking Rose, especially since she was drinking

down her delicious essence while Rachel was still tongue deep in her pussy, licking away and making her feel amazingly good.

Now Mischa could completely indulge in the pleasure that her friend was giving her and she didn’t hesitate. She let her tongue flutter over Rose’s still spasming pussy a few

more times to lap up a few more drops of her cum before she pulled away and finally expressed her appreciation to her sexy friend.

“Oooooooooooooooooh Rachel…mmmmmmmm yessssssssss babyyyyyyyy you’re fucking me so good,” Mischa dreamily sighed, Rose’s juices coating her lower face and

running off her chin down onto her neck and chest. “AHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss I’ve been dreaming of you so long Rach and you feel

soooooooooo hot in my pussy! Mmmmmmmmm lick me and fuck me and make me come just like I’ve wanted for so fucking long!”

The knowledge that Mischa had held this crush on her would have blown Rachel’s mind, but after all that had happened here there was no mind left to blow. There was just

lustful instinct to feed and hearing about how long her friend had wanted to fuck her only made Rachel lick her harder. Mischa was so pink and so wet and so yummy and

right now Rachel never wanted to be away from this pussy for even a second.

With Rose having released her hair and pulled off her face, Mischa was able to put herself in the sex position she had always loved best, doggie style. She was fully up on

her hands and knees, her firm tits shaking as Rachel tongued her. Mischa had always thought her boyfriend’s cocks had filled her best this way, but they were nothing

compared to what Rachel was making her feel.

Words were leaving the young actress. Her brain was overheating with more lust than she had ever felt before. All the good feelings sex had given her before today were

being multiplied by a thousand and soon all she could do was gasp and coo and moan for more of Rachel’s tongue.

After her orgasm, Rose had just lay flat on the bed for a second, letting the afterglow take her to the dreamy post-sex state she loved. But she didn’t stay there long.

Watching these two friends fuck each other for the first time was too hot to ignore. Rose’s body was still tingling as she got up off her back and kneeled in front of Mischa,

taking her face in her hands and passionately kissing her.

It was the first kiss between Rose and Mischa and the raven-haired woman didn’t skimp on the tongue. She got it right inside the blonde’s willing mouth and greedily licked

her own cum right off Mischa’s tongue before proceeding to do the same to her lips and chin.

“Mmmmmm good little slut,” Rose praised. “You made me feel so fucking good so now I’m gonna do the same to you Mischa. You just let your friend keep licking you and

I’m gonna make it even better. You’ll come so fucking hard Mischa.”

Mischa couldn’t respond to Rose’s promise with anything but a moan, a gurgle and a smile but that communicated plenty. Rose gave Mischa’s lips another long kiss and

set about helping her newest protégé get her co-star off.

“Oooooh I love these pretty tits of yours Mischa,” Rose cooed into the blonde’s ear as her hands explored her newest lover’s chest. “Mmmmm and your nipples are so hard.

But I can get them even harder.”

Smiling all the while, Rose pulled away from Mischa’s face and bent down to get at her firm chest. Rose captured her jiggling tits and grabbed them with force but not too

much strength. As she squeezed the young mounds, Rose extended her tongue and licked at the pink diamonds that capped Mischa’s flesh.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!” Mischa ecstatically hissed, words returning with the blast of pleasure this extra stimulation brought her body. “Oooooooooooh tongue my tits

Rose! Fuck yessssssssssssssss mmmmmm lick them and suck them and make me feel good while Rachel’s licking me!”

“Is she doing a good job?” Rose inquired, pulling her tongue away and rolling her thumbs over Mischa’s nipples. “She licking that pussy good?”

“Uhhhhhh huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Mischa enthusiastically agreed. She didn’t know how much longer she could withstand all this stimulation. “Sooooooo goooooooooood!

Mmmmmmmmmm Rach! You’re gonna make me come so hard!”

“Keep licking her Rachel,” Rose advised before getting back to tending to Mischa’s tits. “Get your fingers inside her too. Slam that tight little cunt with your fingers while

you’re licking! Make this naughty little thing cream your pretty face!”

That sounded like heaven to both Rachel and Mischa so Rachel pulled her fingers away from her own pussy and got them inside Mischa. Her fingers were already soaked

with the juices she had gotten on them from playing with herself and with Mischa already spread open by her other hand, it was so easy for Rachel to penetrate her


“YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Mischa screamed, whipping her head forward and sending her long hair cascading over face. She had it all now. She had Rachel fingering and licking

her and Rose sucking on her tits, making short, addictive bursts of pleasure explode inside her from what she was doing to her diamond hard nipples. Mischa grunted and

cried incoherently as her orgasm drew close enough for her to practically taste it.

Rachel was completely in lust with her friend’s pussy. All those days and nights she had spent side by side with Mischa as her friend and she had never dreamed some

day she’d have her on her hands and knees with her pink pussy spread open lewdly for her tongue and fingers to explore. It was so nasty. It was so wrong. It was so much

fucking fun.

With the sound of her friend’s aroused cries passing through her ears, Rachel lapped away at a brisker pace, using her fingers to rub Mischa’s clit so her tongue could

attack it. Mischa’s clit swelled from her tongue and fingers and Rachel was certain she was doing this right. The sound of Mischa’s pleasure cries and the taste of her

juices was all the evidence she needed of that.

Rose could certainly hear those sounds too. Mischa’s cries were spitting past her lips in short bursts, like a rat-a-tat-tat of sex moans. Rose knew those sounds very well

and she never tired of hearing them. But she wanted more. She wanted the sound of Mischa screaming her orgasm to echo through her brain for the rest of the day.

As her tongue and lips worked over Mischa’s nipples, Rose’s hands kept massaging her tits. She had them both within her grasp and she loved how they felt. So firm and

fresh. Mischa had a slutty reputation, but her body had no wear and tear on it.

Rose loved how her tits proudly jutted forth and jiggled from Rachel’s tonguing and how her nipples swelled under her tongue and between her lips. She hungrily sucked on

them, promising herself that she wouldn’t deprive her housemates of having a crack at Mischa too as soon as she could get her to Malibu.

After all the girls she had fucked, Rose knew just how hot an erogenous zone nipples could be. She expertly sucked them, drawing out sharper, louder cries from Mischa.

Rose knew just how to stimulate Mischa’s tits and she gave her the full benefit of her skill at lesbian sex.

Mischa cried out a series of ecstatic noises that might have been words when they began in her sex fried brain but were indecipherable when they finally passed her lips.

But Rose knew just what they meant and she clued Rachel in.

“She’s gonna come,” Rose said, dropping Mischa’s stiff, aching nipple from her mouth. “Finish her off Rachel! Fuck your slut friend! Make her little pussy cream all that

sweet cum on your face so she can lick it off! She needs you now. Don’t fucking let her down!”

Under normal circumstances Rachel would have done anything for Mischa. That was just magnified now. Rachel had no intention of letting Mischa down. She wanted her

friend’s orgasm almost as much as she had wanted her own.

Rachel fingered Mischa’s drooling snatch even harder and tongued her clit with famished strokes. She was nearly desperate to feed off Mischa’s orgasm and it took only a

few more direct licks against her pleasure bud to get it.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!” Mischa roared, rapture exploding inside her body as she came. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOH


Rachel giggled in absolute bliss as her face was thoroughly soaked by Mischa’s orgasmic essence. At first she tried to keep pace with the creamy spasms that rocked her

friend’s naked body, but Rachel finally gave up trying to lick it all up and just let her face get creamed. Rachel had never let anyone come on her face before and it was

heaven to feel the hot blast of Mischa’s orgasm against her skin.

Mischa’s orgasmic screams continued until Rose quieted her with a passionate kiss. Mischa’s tongue shot right into Rose’s mouth where it was warmly massaged. Rose

sucked on Mischa’s tongue while her hands continued squeezing her tits, draining the last screams out of her. Only when the young woman’s body began to give out did

Rose let her go.

With one last cry of pleasure, Mischa fell onto the bed, writhing and smiling with a brightness photographers would have killed to have duplicated for a magazine cover.

Mischa writhed in her sexual afterglow, letting it bathe over her like a tropical waterfall. She sensuously ground her bare ass into the now soaked bedspread and asked the

only question her brain could generate.

“Did that really just happen?” Mischa voiced, wondering if it was possible that she had really dreamed it all.

Rachel giggled again. She had been wondering the same thing. It had all been so surreal and so good. It couldn’t have actually happened. She couldn’t have actually

fucked two women including one of her best friends. But it had been no figment of her imagination.

“Goddamn right it just happened,” Rose grinned in triumph. “Mmmm and you two are a couple of natural pussy lickers. You two can snack on my snatch again any time

you want.”

That got produced two more sets of giggles from the younger girls. Rachel lay down next to Mischa on the bed and gave her friend another kiss. This one was more tender

than before and Rachel gave Mischa plenty of chances to taste herself. Their kiss brought their bodies even closer together and soon they were slowly rubbing their bare

flesh together, mashing their tits and grinding their still juicy pussies.

Staring into each other’s eyes, Rachel and Mischa realized what had already dawned on Rose. They were going to be doing this a lot more in the future.

“I wanted you so bad…” Mischa said again. She wanted Rachel to know this wasn’t just a fuck for her. It meant much more.

“Mmmmmm just kiss me Mischa,” Rachel replied, understanding everything. “Show me all the things you wanted to do to me.”

Rose looked on as the two girls finally had a chance to fully explore each other’s firm, young bodies. She didn’t mind being forgotten. It was too good a show not to deserve

a long, hot stare. Besides she did have a schedule to keep and she was going to have to be leaving soon.

Mischa and Rachel kept kissing and touching and moaning and, by the time Rose moved off the bed, they were slipping into a 69 with Mischa on top, draping her light hair

all over Rachel’s thighs as she slid her tongue into her friend’s pussy for the first time. That got another smile from Rose. She had given this bedroom one last hot memory

before she left it for good. Of course, since things had gone so well, Rose had a feeling she’d be visiting it again to check up on Rachel.

Still naked, Rose walked across to where she’d dropped her purse from before. She grabbed it and saw that it had opened slightly. Her cell phone was poking out and she

turned it on and saw that she’d missed some calls.

Ignoring it for now, Rose began gathering her discarded clothes. She took her time redressing as she listened intently to the happy moans of girl sex that Rachel and

Mischa elicited from each other as their tongues burrowed deeply into wet, warm, young pussies.

Rose decided not to interrupt them with any goodbyes. She knew she’d see them again very soon. When she was presentable enough to be in public, Rose walked out of

the bedroom, leaving behind her panties as a little memento for Rachel.

After leaving behind the two horny girls, secure in the belief that they’d be spending the rest of the day fucking themselves into comas, Rose opened her phone again and

checked to see what she’d missed.

She frowned a little when she saw the numbers. Looked like Alyssa had called her. And so had her lawyer. What did he want now? And just as she began to consider

that question, Rose’s phone rang again. Glancing down at the number, Rose saw it was her lawyer again.

She thought about letting it go to her voice mail again, but, with a sigh, Rose decided to answer it.

“Hello,” Rose said with more than a little annoyance at having her fun day interrupted by this.

“Rose? Thank God you finally picked up,” Jason Thorne said from the other end. “I’ve been calling you all day. Hell, I’ve been calling you for the last two weeks! I’ve been

leaving you messages!”

“And I’ve been ignoring your messages,” Rose pointed out, wondering why for such a seemingly smart guy, Jason had trouble grasping the concept. As she talked, Rose

licked her lip to get one of the last remaining drops of Rachel and smiled.

“Rose you need to come see me right away,” Jason said, ignoring Rose’s remark. “Get here as soon as you can.”

“Can’t we just do this over the phone,” Rose sighed. “I’ve got things to do today. I don’t really have time. We can just do it another time.”

“No Rose,” Jason insisted. “It has to be today. It has to be as soon as possible. You have to come in here without delay. I absolutely need to see you!”

“Gee, usually when a guy absolutely needs to see me, it’s because he needs some of my loving,” Rose teased, loving how she could fluster her straight laced lawyer.

“Does that fiancée of yours know you’re calling me and pining for me like this? Can’t you just jerk off and think about me instead? Wouldn’t that be easier?”

“Rose, I’m not joking,” Jason stated with growing exasperation. “Goddamnit, this is important!”

“Fine,” Rose relented with a roll of her eyes. “If you’re going to have kittens about it, I’ll come in and see you.”

“It needs to be as soon as possible,” Jason declared.

“You said that already and I got it,” Rose muttered as she walked toward her car. “I’m on my way right now. Just chill out. I’ll be there.”

* * * * *

As Rose began her drive into Los Angeles, Christina was already there trying to focus on the pressing business of her record label.

Christina just wanted to put the drama of that morning behind her and focus on some work…and some fun. And since she now had her own label Christina could easily

combine them both and never leave the comforts of her luxurious office.

She was already stretched out on the large leather couch, barely dressed in the belly shirt and shorts she considered to be proper workplace attire. All she needed was

someone to lie here with her and that had already been arranged.

“Thanks for coming in with me today,” Christina said with genuine appreciation. “It’s always good to have a friend here.”

“Hey no problem, I’d wanted to see the inside of this place for a long time,” Gwen Stefani replied as she gave herself a quick tour of the office, while her eyes kept darting

back to Christina’s most feline of poses on the couch.

Christina was flat on her back and she seemed like she was very eager for someone to bend down and rub her belly until she purred.

To Gwen’s eyes it looked like the girl was about to slide her hand into her shorts and just start fingering herself. Of course that would have been quite in character for

Christina to do and Gwen wouldn’t have minded it a bit if she had as long as she got to join in too. Being with Christina had been a bit of an emotional roller coaster lately

but she seemed to be in a good mood today and Gwen knew that could only lead to sex.

“I’d rather you were looking at something else,” Christina giggled. “Who wants to look at a boring ol’ office when you’ve got a hot piece of ass waiting for you right


“Mmm good point,” Gwen replied, cutting her tour short and heading over to the couch. Gwen bent down and placed a long kiss right on Christina’s lips, which eagerly

received it and responded by opening wide for Gwen’s tongue. Gwen and Christina were well experienced in kissing each other and it wasn’t long before they were moaning

in each other’s mouths.

Gwen had actually wanted to see the inside of Christina’s label. The girl had talked about it so much, it was nice to see it actually existed. Plus Gwen rarely turned down a

chance to be with the mansion’s sexy little minx. However Gwen also had an ulterior motive for tagging along today.

“So…ummm…is Fluffy here?” Gwen asked when the kiss ended, hoping she didn’t come across as too eager with her question. She was trying to play it cool even if inside

she felt anything but.

“Yeah he’s off walking around the halls or something,” Christina replied. “Why?”

“Oh no reason,” Gwen coyly lied, not sure how Christina would take the news about what she, Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Branch had done with her bodyguard down

in Jamaica.

“Hmmmmm,” Christina suspiciously said. “I thought you didn’t like Fluffy.”

“Me? Why would you think that?” Gwen asked.

“Well you always seemed to get freaked out when he was around,” Christina pointed out. “Like when we were all on the beach at Hedonism and you didn’t want him to


“Well I was just nervous,” Gwen claimed. “I wasn’t used to him watching us fuck. But I always liked him. I just wanted to know if he was here so I could say hi.”

Christina wasn’t quite buying Gwen’s explanation for her sudden interest in the whereabouts of her bodyguard, but she let it go. She had other things to focus on.

Christina was just happy Gwen was here. She had built this place with Britney and now that she had set in motion the process of getting that bitch’s name off the

ownership she was happy to have a friend here, especially one with as much experience in the business as Gwen. She was perfect for advice and for fun and Christina was

looking for both.

“I’m just gonna go take a quick walk around,” Gwen said. “I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t take too long,” Christina warned. “My appointment is almost here and I don’t want you to miss her. If you’re late I might not be willing to share her pussy with


“And who is this mystery girl anyway?” Gwen asked. “Is she someone new or someone you’ve already fucked.”

“She’s new to me, and unless you’ve been keeping naughty secrets from me Gwen then she’s new to you too,” Christina hinted, not revealing anything more. “Just hurry

back. Don’t get lost on your walk or whatever the fuck it is you’re really doing.”

With Christina’s warning in her mind, Gwen made sure she didn’t dawdle. She knew what she was about to do was crazy. Even crazier than what she’d done in Jamaica,

but ever since that night she’d had a craving that demanded constant satisfaction and now that she had a chance to do something about it, Gwen wasn’t about to let it sail


Luckily Gwen’s search for Fluffy didn’t take long. The bodyguard was never far from where Christina was and Gwen quickly found him staked out near Christina’s office,

watching over everything like a hawk. He stared forward at the corridor that lead to Christina’s office with a cold stare that could freeze any unauthorized person in their


In fact his stare was focused so much on what was in front of him that he didn’t even hear Gwen approaching him from behind until she was pressing herself against


“Hey stranger,” Gwen purred into Fluffy’s ear as she proceeded to rub herself against his ass.

Fluffy recognized her voice right away and he didn’t have any illusions that Gwen wanted to talk about the weather.

“We can’t…” Fluffy said, trying to think with his brain and not let all the blood drain lower.

“I miss you,” Gwen whispered, trying to be as enticing as possible to Christina’s bodyguard without going into full whore mode right in the hallway. “It’s been weeks for us

and I’ve been thinking about you all the time. I need to see you Fluffy.”

“You’re seeing me now,” Fluffy replied, knowing full well that wasn’t what the singer meant but also telling himself to be strong. “Look what we did in Jamaica was fun, but

we can’t do it again. Especially not now. I’m working.”

“What about what we did those times after we got back from Jamaica?” Gwen pressed while she continued to rub herself against Fluffy’s jeans and hoped no one would see

her like this. She was still married after all. “Didn’t you like that too? Wasn’t that fun?”

Fluffy didn’t respond with words, but his body became more rigid and Gwen knew if she reached around front she’d find her secret lover was getting hard for her.

Gwen had tried to make it a one time thing with Fluffy but she’d failed miserably. After getting back she had barely gone a week before grabbing him the next time they’d

been alone together at the mansion. Then there had been the time Gavin had been away and Gwen had begged Fluffy to visit her house. When he’d arrived she’d been

naked and waiting for him and it hadn’t taken long for his clothes to disappear too. And there had been other times too…so many other times.

Gwen knew she wasn’t the only one there who hadn’t gotten enough of Fluffy. She knew Reese had seen him again too. Hell, they’d shared him again one hot afternoon

and Gwen could still remember how wet they’d both been, naked and kneeling before Fluffy, trying to share his cock and both getting so greedy for it even though there was

more than enough for the two of them.

As for Michelle, as far as Gwen knew there had only been that one time before things had gotten very complicated but right now that didn’t matter. Michelle could worry

about Michelle. All Gwen cared about right now were her own needs and she needed Fluffy.

Ever since Jewel had seduced her into the mansion’s circle of sex, Gwen had told herself that she hadn’t really been cheating on her husband because it was with girls. It

didn’t count because it wasn’t the same. But there was no excuse she could think of to spin the fact that when she was with Fluffy she wasn’t just cheating on her

husband. She was really, really, really cheating on him.

Deep down Gwen couldn’t help herself and she knew it. She didn’t want to fight her lust. Being with Fluffy in Jamaica had triggered a deep sexual need in her to go wild and

get nasty to such a degree that she was even afraid to share it with her friends in Malibu. Only Reese and Michelle knew what had happened in Jamaica and they had all

promised to keep it secret, a bond that had only been strengthened by what they had gone through with Reese’s wedding ring.

“I want you Fluffy,” Gwen’s hot breath continued to travel up to the tall bodyguard’s ears. “I need to feel you inside me.”

“We can’t,” Fluffy insisted. “I’m working now. Never while I’m working.”

“What? Is someone going to come in and kidnap Christina if you’re gone for a few minutes?” Gwen asked. “I know we don’t have much time, but I have to have you Fluffy.

Nothing’s going to happen to Christina. She’s inside and probably fucking herself right now. She won’t be moving from that office. Don’t deny me Fluffy. I’m going crazy

without you. I need you. Mmmmmm I need this…”

Gwen made her move and grabbed Fluffy’s cock through his jeans. She pressed her body closer to his from behind as she reached around to rub him. Fluffy moaned as

softly as he could, but he didn’t push Gwen away. His cock stiffened at her touch and Gwen knew she had him.

“Let me suck you,” Gwen softly moaned. “Fuck my face with your cock Fluffy. I know you want to. I know you love it when my pretty little pink mouth swallows your black

cock. Let me do it again. Let me blow your big, thick dick.”

Fluffy had always prided himself on never getting distracted from his work. The bodyguard’s code demanded absolute commitment to protection. There was nothing more

important. You put your own life on the line for your client. Could he live with himself if he left Christina vulnerable to get a blowjob? But could he live with himself if he

turned down a beautiful, willing woman to stand guard of a closed door when there was no threat?

Gwen’s slim, toned body kept rubbing against Fluffy and her hand caressed him through his jeans, making it impossible for him to resist. When she began kissing his neck

and reminding him of how good her lips felt and how sexy her body felt Fluffy was a goner. Christina could take care of herself for a bit.

Turning around, Fluffy grabbed Gwen’s hand.

“You need something you naughty little slut?” Fluffy smirked. “Well I got just what you need.”

“Yessssssss…give it to me Fluffy,” Gwen groaned in total lust for the bodyguard. This was crazy. She knew it and she didn’t care. This was even crazier than all the

things she had done with girls. She could get busted so easily. But it was the danger and the taboo of doing this that was making Gwen soak her panties under her


She didn’t feel like a mature, married woman any more. She felt like a horny teenager aching for her first taste of cock and she loved it. She loved losing all control and

giving in to her lusts the way she did each time she visited the mansion and the way she did each time she gave herself to Christina’s bodyguard.

Fluffy held onto Gwen’s hand and pulled her toward the empty office next to Christina’s. Gwen smiled and blushed when her body stirred as she pictured her powerful lover

picking her up and slinging her over his shoulder like a caveman, claiming her as his own.

She loved how being with Fluffy made her feel. There was no romance. It was just pure need and lust and Gwen was moaning in horny need before the door to the office

even closed and Fluffy brought her in for a forceful kiss.

“Dirty girl…always tempting and teasing me,” Fluffy groaned as his hands moved all over Gwen’s body, up her stomach and squeezing her firm tits through her top. “What’s

the matter? Those girls not fucking you good enough any more? You still need more?”

“I always need more,” Gwen wantonly sighed, surrendering to the touch of her lover’s hands on her body. She was tingling from head to toe with anticipation and all she

wanted was to be naked with Fluffy. “I can’t get enough. You know that. Mmmmm Christina thinks she’s a slut, but she’s nothing compared to me. She’s just a little girl

and I’m a fucking woman. A dirty, slutty woman with needs. I need to lick all those hot pussies at the mansion and I fucking need your big cock baby!”

Gwen accentuated her point by grabbing Fluffy through his jeans again and almost jerking him off through the fabric. Her groping was frenzied and her need obvious, but

Fluffy wasn’t quite ready to give it up to Gwen quite yet.

“Please Fluffy,” Gwen pleaded as she reached for Fluffy’s zipper. “Give it to me! Give me your monster black cock so I can suck it. Please!”

“Is that what I am to you? An object?” Fluffy demanded, pulling himself away enough from Gwen that she couldn’t get his jeans open. “Just some colored help for you to

fuck when you get horny enough?”

“Noooooooooo…” Gwen cried in desperation. “It’s not like that. You’re not an object! I’m the fucking object! I’m the dirty cheating whore that can’t get enough of your

beautiful black cock!”

Fluffy’s cock throbbed in his jeans at the sound of that. He had only been teasing Gwen and she had reacted just how he’d wanted, by opening that pretty little mouth of

hers that sold millions of records and spewing out dirty talk about how bad she wanted him. If Gwen was going to be that desperate for his dick, then Fluffy was going to

make sure he got everything he wanted out of this encounter.

“Up against the wall,” Fluffy ordered, turning Gwen around and pressing her against the office wall. His hands roamed all over her body, squeezing her tits again and then

moving down to her ass, her jeans tight against it as she pushed it out.

Gwen was getting wetter by the second. This was what she loved about being with Fluffy. The sense that she was being taken and made to feel like some sexual hedonist

who had no inhibitions and no morals about betraying her husband. She wanted to feel like she was not just being bad, but being completely wicked. Her jeans were

almost soaked through and she had no doubt Fluffy knew it.

“So the rich bitch celebrity is hungry for some cock again,” Fluffy taunted. “Pussy can’t satisfy you, can it slut? You need some hard meat in your horny mouth.”

There was no malice in Fluffy’s voice, just obvious relishing of the control he had over Gwen. All day he followed orders. Now he was in charge.

“Oooooooooooh yessssssssssss…I need your cock,” Gwen groaned, her face pressed against the wall. “Please Fluffy please…don’t tease! Just give it to me! Give your

cock to your rich bitch whore! I don’t wanna make music or anything anymore. All I fucking want is your huge dick in my slut holes!”

Before Gwen knew it her jeans were being yanked down. Fluffy didn’t even pull them off all the way. He left them around her knees, exposing the thong that barely did

anything to hide the toned cheeks of her ass. Gwen slaved in the gym to maintain her body and right now all that hard work was worth it when she heard Fluffy moan with

lust over her ass.

“Tight white girl ass…mmmmmmm just begging to get fucked,” Fluffy teased. “No time to fuck you today, but you still gotta pay for tempting me when I’m working!”

It wasn’t clear what was louder. The sound of Fluffy’s strong hand crashing down on Gwen’s ass or the cry of rapture that shot past her lips from the spanking.

“More!” Gwen demanded. “Spank me Fluffy! Slap my bitch ass for getting you all hot and hard! I love it when you spank me!”

Fluffy slapped Gwen’s ass again, making the firm flesh shake and turn pink with passion and each time his handprint seemed about to fade from her ass, Fluffy struck the

all too willing singer again. Each slap to her ass got another yelp of desire from Gwen and soon she was on the verge of humping the wall.

“So wet…” Gwen groaned. “You’re making me so fucking wet baby. I’ve been dreaming about you every night Fluffy. Sleeping next to my husband and dreaming of you

fucking me like the nasty cheating bitch I am!”

“Yeahhhh that’s what you are…a little cheating bitch,” Fluffy huskily replied, slapping Gwen’s ass once more before pressing his bulging hard on against her tender

backside. “Just another stuck up rich celebrity dying for my cock. Mmmm you should see all those country club princesses who want a taste of me whenever I take that

slut Christina out. But no one’s as big a whore as you Gwen. No one comes begging for it like you do. No one gives up her tight, pink pussy as easy as you.”

“Mmmmmmm take it Fluffy, it’s yours,” Gwen promised, her body shaking with lust. “Take my fucking little white bitch cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck any hole you want!”

“Oh no naughty girl, you’re not lucky enough to get my cock inside your pussy,” Fluffy laughed, taking into account the time. “And you definitely can’t handle it up your ass

yet. You gotta prove yourself to get that. Now get on your knees Gwen!”

Before the words were even out of his mouth, Gwen was sinking down to the floor and kneeling before the bodyguard. Her breathing was hard and she had to steady her

hands as she reached out for Fluffy’s jeans. Gwen felt no shame or fear. Only need. It took all the willpower she had left not to answer Fluffy’s command with a horny

moan of, “Yes Master.”

Gwen eagerly opened Fluffy’s zipper and crammed her hand into his jeans. She moaned in delight as she felt his prick stiffen even more in her hand and it fueled her hunger

for it. As quickly as she could, Gwen yanked Fluffy’s cock out of his boxers and jeans and exposed the inches of thick meat that she longed for.

“Yummy…” Gwen whispered as she extended her tongue and gave Fluffy’s cock head a long lick, letting the precum spread over her taste buds. He wasn’t even totally hard

yet, but Gwen quickly fixed that. She slid her tongue all over his cock head while her hand wrapped around his shaft and began to slowly stroke it.

Under her hands and tongue, Fluffy was soon at his full 12 inches and Gwen moaned in dreamy bliss as she opened her mouth and used her hand to shove his cock inside.

Gwen commenced drooling as soon as Fluffy’s cock slid past her lips and his shaft was quickly slick. Gwen’s stroking picked up speed, spreading her horny spit all over

her lover’s cock and making sure he was well lubed to stuff her mouth just how she wanted.

“Yeahhhhhh mmmmm work that hot mouth on my cock,” Fluffy groaned. “Show me how hungry you are for that meat. You girls are all so fucking nasty but I bet none of

them suck cock like you do Gwen.”

Gwen reacted to the compliment by moaning wantonly, her sounds naturally muffled as she bobbed up and down on Fluffy’s cock. What she wasn’t sucking she was

stroking and her efforts were unified with one goal in mind, to get Fluffy’s load inside her mouth and down to her cum-starved stomach. Gwen moaned with each inch she

worked into her mouth, happily fucking herself with Fluffy’s stiff pole and getting louder the more she sucked.

While she sucked and jacked him, Gwen stared up at Fluffy with her sexiest stare. She let her wide, lust filled eyes tell Fluffy everything she her mouth couldn’t say. She

wanted him to know how bad she wanted his cock. How wet it was making her to suck it. How she couldn’t go a day without wanting him deep inside her. How she could

come just from feeding herself his inches.

Gwen’s scorching and soulful stare was definitely working on Fluffy. His moans turned into deep groans and his cock tensed up, signaling it wouldn’t be long. He prided

himself on never being a quick shot, but how could he resist a mouth like this, worshipping his cock with a lust no girl he had ever been with could muster. Fluffy hadn’t

been lying before. He had been with more than his share of girls and none of them could suck cock like Gwen could.

Fluffy just stood there and let Gwen do all the work and the smile on her face showed she had no problem with that. Her hands and mouth worked in tandem. Gwen’s head

bobs were smooth and sexy as she forced more and more of his dark dick into her pink mouth. She was so confident in her lust and there was nothing shy or tentative

about her work.

“Ohhhhhhhh that’s it dirty girl! Suck it you nasty cheating slut,” Fluffy groaned, knowing how Gwen loved hearing that. “Swallow that fucking cock! C’mon princess! Show

me how much you love that cock! Little rich bitch desperate for dark meat! Make me fucking fill your mouth with cock and cum!”

Gwen wanted that so bad. Her pussy was on fire, but she didn’t even think of touching herself. She wanted her hands all over Fluffy’s cock. She wanted to feel him throb in

her mouth and under her hands. She wanted to grip him when he shot and filled her mouth with his load. She wanted to feel every bit of it.

Her hand gripped onto Fluffy’s steel hard dick with an urgency that said she wasn’t letting go until she got what she wanted. Gwen pumped Fluffy’s cock and fed it to her

wet mouth as her other hand snaked down to his balls. She massaged them, moaning into his cock as she felt them throb. They were so big and full under her hand that

Gwen couldn’t help herself.

With a loud gasp, Gwen pulled off Fluffy’s slick cock and gulped in oxygen before diving down for his balls. Her free hand held Fluffy’s cock straight up and the other rubbed

the cum filled sacs as her tongue worked them over. She dragged her tongue up the underside of Fluffy’s balls, slathering them with her saliva before she opened wide again

and sucked one right into her mouth and then gave similar love to the other.

That action produced a happy grunt from Fluffy and his hands shot up from his sides into action. He grabbed onto Gwen’s blonde mop of hair and made sure she didn’t

move an inch from his balls. She expertly licked and sucked them, inhaling his scent deeply and indulging in her most basic of urges. She felt so primal and purely sexual

and it was so liberating.

Part of Gwen hoped that someone would walk in and find them with her on her knees, jeans pushed down past her ass and her thong absolutely soaked. She wanted them

to see someone who was supposed to be a mature, controlled woman acting like a wanton slut and loving it. All her worries and responsibilities disappeared and only the

ecstasy she got from sucking this big, beautiful cock remained.

Fluffy’s groans got stronger and louder. Her knew if Gwen didn’t stop soon he’d be shooting his load into the air and soaking his shirt and her hair in the process. But he

didn’t have the will to make her stop. Her mouth felt too good sucking on his aching balls.

Fortunately Gwen recognized what was going to happen and, as nasty as having her head drenched would have made her feel, she wanted that cum in her mouth. After

giving Fluffy’s balls one last kiss apiece Gwen pulled his cock back down and stuck out her tongue, giving herself a hard slap with it.

“Like that baby?” Gwen purred. “You like me sticking out my pink tongue like a fucking whore desperate for you to slap it with your big cock? You like it enough to shoot all

that hot cum on my face like you did in Jamaica?”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you? Getting a faceful of my cum?” Fluffy grunted as he took control of his own cock and gave Gwen’s tongue another slap before doing it to each

side of her face, slapping her soft skin with his hardness.

“I’d love it!” Gwen gasped, her smile growing with every slap against her famous face. “Give it to me Fluffy! Give me your cum! I fucking need…”

But that was all Gwen got before Fluffy shut her up by pushing his cock back into her open mouth. Even though it was a surprise, Gwen didn’t miss a beat. She got right

back to sucking Fluffy’s cock, wrapping her hand around his pulsing shaft again and feeding it to herself as Fluffy held her by her hair.

Gwen stuffed her mouth with as much of Fluffy as she could manage. She started to choke on it and felt her eyes begin to water, but it didn’t diminish her pleasure. Vowing

to find a way to deep throat Fluffy some day, Gwen locked her lips around his cock like a warm, wet vise and fucked her mouth on him with abandon as her free hand went

back to his balls and rolled them between her fingers, giving Fluffy everything he needed to get off.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Fluffy moaned. “Here it comes baby! Gonna fill your fucking mouth up so you can swallow it all like the fucking slut you are!”

Gwen felt the tremor of a small orgasm ripple through her body as she was reminded just how naughty she was acting then. The sensation of having this huge cock

throbbing in her mouth had made her pussy cream her panties but her thoughts were locked on getting Fluffy off. She jacked and sucked him and played with his balls until

he just couldn’t take any more and the tension exploded out into Gwen’s waiting mouth.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!” Fluffy loudly grunted, his strong hand still on Gwen’s head as she gulped wildly to keep up with the flood of cum she was eagerly swallowing.

Gwen closed her eyes and let ecstasy fill her from Fluffy’s cock unloading in her mouth. She slurped down every drop of his cum, wanting nothing less than to drain his

balls dry. Gwen loved how much Fluffy always came for her, whether it was on her face or inside her. It was so hot and there was so much and Gwen would have rather

died than miss a drop of it.

Only when she was satisfied that the last of Fluffy’s cum had been swallowed down did Gwen release his softening cock from her lips. Even soft his cock was impressive

and Gwen couldn’t resist another lick of his tender head.

“You get what you need now?” Fluffy chuckled.

“Mmmm for now…just promise me more next time,” Gwen sighed, rubbing her face against Fluffy’s prick.

“Next time if you’re a good girl, I just might break in that ass of yours,” Fluffy pledged, which had Gwen purring immediately. She had longed to feel him try and assfuck her

and next time couldn’t come soon enough now. Her husband and even her friends at the mansion were now the furthest things from Gwen’s mind.

* * * * *

Back at the mansion, all the girls were more than happy to satisfy themselves with just each other. No boys needed to apply. They knew more than enough tricks to make

sure no one ever needed to run to cock for an orgasm unless absolutely necessary.

Michelle’s body was still tingling from what Alyssa had done to it and the smile on her face didn’t look like it was going to fade any time soon. Getting her uniform back on

had been agony because Michelle hadn’t wanted to cover any part of her body up from her gorgeous madames.

While her uniform barely restrained her body anyway, her tits always seemed ready and willing to pop out of her top and any time she bent over her lack of panties was quite

obvious, but Michelle knew nothing was better than being naked, especially when there were so many other sexy girls around her.

Alyssa had left her pussy and ass both tender and very well fucked from her combined efforts of tongue and toy and it hadn’t taken long for Michelle to crack and give up all

the details from years of sexy encounters with Melissa. Of course Michelle had always intended to give Alyssa what she wanted and it had hardly been torture to submit to

the sexual demands of the horny actress. Some secrets had to be guarded with her life, but her fun times with Melissa were not one of them.

Michelle alas couldn’t spend all day in Alyssa’s bed, as much as she wanted to. She actually did have a job at the mansion and she was in the kitchen straightening things

up as she vividly recalled every deep, hard thrust of Alyssa’s vibrator into her pussy as the actress had tantalizingly bit her nipples and forced her to give up a lick by lick

account of her sexual past.

Michelle had never figured growing up she’d end up a maid, but she loved her job. She wanted nothing about it to change. Doing housework was well worth the ecstasy she

received from each and every one of the beautiful women who walked through the mansion doors every day.

But the sudden sound of the phone ringing snapped Michelle out of her thoughts. She didn’t see anyone else running for it and she supposed it was part of her job so she

answered it.

“Hello?” Michelle asked, her accent giving immediate indication it was not one of the mansion’s famous residents picking up the call.

“Michelle? Is that you?” another accented voice asked back, seemingly quite surprised to find her so soon. Michelle’s body was jolted by the voice. How could this be?

How could she have just been talking about this girl and now be talking to her for the first time in years? What was fate doing with her?

“Melissa?” Michelle gasped, shocked to actually be hearing from her long-lost friend. “I cannot believe it!”

“Oooooh Michelle it is so good to hear your voice again,” the French anchorwoman squealed into the phone. “I had thought so many times we would never speak again. I

have missed you so much.”

“I cannot believe it,” Michelle said. “This is unbelievable! I was just talking about you. I saw you on television from the satellite and I was telling how we had grown up

together and how we…”

But then Michelle stopped. Melissa would not have just called her for no reason. Something was wrong.

“What has happened?” Michelle asked, getting a sad sigh from the other end of the phone.

“I am sorry Michelle,” Melissa said. “I know you do not want me to tell you this, but I am in America now, right here with you in California. I have instructions from Rene. I

must tell you the clock has struck.”

Michelle gulped hard. She had been dreading hearing those words for so long, but time had actually convinced her she might never hear them. But now she could see how

foolish that belief had been.

“Have the church bells rung?” Michelle asked just as she had been told to.

“They have rung 12 times,” Melissa correctly replied. “Rene said he must meet with you. He said you must come to the point in three hours.”

“I will be there,” Michelle said before hanging up the phone. Why? Why did this have to happen now when she was having so much fun?

* * * * *

Gwen was still floating as she got back to Christina’s office. Her orgasm had been nothing compared to Fluffy’s, but that didn’t bother her. She got pleasure from giving him

pleasure. Sure she wished they had enough time for him to give her the deep and hard fuck she craved, but Christina would have gotten suspicious if she had been gone

much longer.

After pulling up her pants and giving Fluffy’s cock a long kiss goodbye, Gwen had made a quick detour to rinse out her mouth. She knew it was inevitable that she and

Christina would be sharing some kisses that day and Gwen also knew there was no way she would have been able to hide the taste of cum on her breath from an

experienced slut like Christina.

Gwen wasn’t quite sure why she was going to these lengths to keep her fun with Fluffy a secret from Christina. Hell the girl probably would have reacted to finding out by

tearing off her clothes and joining in. Gwen supposed that part of her didn’t want to share Fluffy with anyone but Reese and Michelle, but there was more to it. What if

Christina didn’t react by getting horny?

Gwen had been at the mansion the day Christina had absolutely wigged on Britney. None of the girls had ever seen anything like it. Christina had always had the reputation

of having a temper, but this had been beyond having a temper. They had had nearly to pull her off Britney. They had been scared she was actually going to hurt her.

Gwen wasn’t afraid of Christina’s temper or anything. She knew she could handle herself. But she wanted to keep having fun with Christina and didn’t want any drama

fucking that up.

So now with minty mouthwash hopefully disguising her indiscretion, Gwen walked back into Christina’s office. She shot Fluffy a wink as she walked by and opened the

door, finding that Christina’s appointment had already arrived.

The thoughts of cock that had been dominating her fantasies evaporated as soon as Gwen saw the long legs sticking out of the short pink skirt of Christina’s guest. Now

suddenly Gwen’s libido clicked back to all-girl mode and she found herself hungering for some pussy. And, judging from the leer Christina was making, she wasn’t the only


“I hope you don’t mind that we started without you,” Christina said, acknowledging Gwen but not tearing her eyes off her guest’s legs. “You took a little while there Gwen.

Everything ok?”

“Yeah, much better now,” Gwen replied, trying not to stare too much as she eyed up from those legs to a midriff that rivaled even hers for tone and a firm set of tits poking

out against a barely there top. She couldn’t believe her lusts could shift gears within minutes from guys to girls, but Gwen didn’t question it. She just rode the wave of


“Wow, I didn’t know you’d be here,” the girl said as she sat next to Christina on the couch, her eyebrows raising with appreciation for Gwen’s presence. “You’re just full of

surprises, aren’t you Christina?”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Christina said, not even trying to hide the fact that she was on the verge of drooling.

Though her guest was born to the world as Stacy Ferguson, many more knew her under another name. As Fergie she had helped the Black Eyed Peas rise from cult

favorites of the club scene to pop superstars. Though whether she did it with her voice or her ability to shake her ass with a skill few could muster was a matter of debate, it

hardly mattered when the money was pouring in for them as it was right then.

Judging from her outfit, Fergie seemed to have no problem showing off her body as the asset that it was. She had on an outfit that demanded double takes even when

compared to Christina’s microscopic shorts and top. Her pink skirt barely went past her hips and, thanks to a pair of scissors, her black t-shirt was cut right past the swell

of her chest.

If it hadn’t been for the pink striped button down work shirt she’d thrown over her shoulders, Fergie might not have been allowed in public, not that Christina or Gwen minded

the lack of clothing a bit.

Her attire was having quite an effect on them and the smile on Fergie’s face showed that not only did she notice that it was, she loved it. She kept her legs crossed as she

sat on the couch, knowing full well that she had two hot stares on them and if she pulled a Sharon Stone she’d probably have both of their jaws on the floor.

“So…ummm…what brings you by?” Gwen asked, trying to compose herself. Their paths had crossed a lot over the past few years and Gwen had always had an

appreciation for Fergie’s body. But she had never had an opportunity to make a move before and having one suddenly thrust in front of her left her a tiny bit flustered.

“Fergie wants to do her new solo album with the label,” Christina replied, taking the liberty of answering.

“Yeah the first one that’s coming out really sucks,” Fergie said. “I started working on it before I was even in the Peas and now that we’re big they’re making me finish it. I

mean when it comes out I’ll smile and say how great it is, but none of the tracks are really mine. The label came up with most of them. It’s not really the kind of album I

want to do and Christina says I can have more freedom here if I sign on for the next one.”

“Wow that’s great,” Gwen declared. “I like the stuff you do with the Peas. It’s really catchy. I’d love to hear what you can do solo. Maybe I can even guest on a track.”

“Really? Are you serious?” Fergie asked, pressing the pause button on the sex vibes and acting completely sincere. “That would be unbelievable! I’d love to do that! Your

album was incredible Gwen. I practically wore out my copy. I’d love for you to help me out anyway you can.”

Fergie hadn’t quite known what to expect when she had come by here. She’d obviously heard a lot of rumors about Christina, but she’d been happy to see that this was a

legitimate label and there was serious interest in more than her ass here.

Fergie didn’t know of a single girl trying to be a star in pop music who didn’t want to have a career just like Gwen’s and having someone she admired be so nice and helpful

was a real thrill. Of course it didn’t hurt that both Gwen and Christina looked good enough for her to hornily snack on for hours and hours.

“Sit down on the couch with us Gwen, no need to just stand there,” Christina said. “There’s plenty of room here. I was just telling Fergie about how we do things around

here. I think she’d fit in just fine here, don’t you?”

“Definitely,” Gwen said. She didn’t have any stake in Christina’s label, but she was happy to assist. “She’s got the talent…mmmmm and the look.”

Christina noticed how Fergie squirmed a little on the couch as Gwen sat next to her. It certainly wasn’t from discomfort and Christina could feel she was seconds away from

getting under Fergie’s skirt.

When she had first invited Fergie to drop on by the label, it hadn’t just been from lust. Christina had seen the sales of the Peas’ new album and she knew there was some

serious money to make off a Fergie solo project, especially if it was actually good. But wanting to get a taste of the singer had definitely played a part in Christina’s

invitation. She’d heard a few rumors about Fergie over the years too and right now they definitely seemed to be true.

There was a real sexual vibe in the office. Christina felt that she, Gwen and Fergie all knew what they wanted, but no one was quite saying it yet. It was like they were all

dipping their toes in the water and that was too slow for Christina. She preferred to dive right in.

“Of course we have to prove that you’re Desire Records material first,” Christina said, reaching down and running her hand over Fergie’s legs, eliciting a soft moan from the

singer. “It’s a very tough test to pass. Mmmm we’re really going to have to be thorough to make sure you’re hot enough to join us.”

“And how can I do that?” Fergie coyly asked, not making any effort to brush Christina’s hand away.

“It’ll come to you in a second,” Christina assured her new friend before leaning in for a kiss.

Not surprisingly Christina’s advance was much welcomed and Fergie didn’t waste any time before kissing back. The two girls lips locked together wetly and passionately

and Fergie’s hands traveled up to Christina’s face, caressing her soft skin as her tongue pushed inside her mouth.

Christina sucked on Fergie’s tongue and escalated things even further by moving her hands up. Christina pressed her palms to Fergie’s chest, helping herself to a generous

feel of her tits through her black t-shirt and finding out there was definitely no bra underneath to hold back her swelling nipples.

As this was going on Gwen became the forgotten woman, but that only lasted as long as it took Fergie and Christina to break their kiss for a gulp of air. That gave Gwen her

opportunity and she grabbed it, taking Fergie’s face in her hands and turning her so she could steal a kiss.

Just like with Christina, Fergie kissed back without shyness. She clearly was no virgin to women and the temperature in the office rose with each kiss.

The three aroused women kissed and explored each other, soft feminine moans breaking the otherwise silent atmosphere. All three knew what they wanted and they

weren’t about to wait to get it. Christina and Gwen sandwiched Fergie on the couch, pressing their bodies to hers as they engaged in a three-way kiss, swiping tongues and

sharing saliva with growing passionate need.

Fergie felt she must have died and gone to heaven to get this lucky. Ever since she had gotten the invitation from Christina to stop on by she had hoped the rumors were

true. Stupid rumors were everywhere and rarely accurate, but Fergie was delighted to see this one was right on the money.

She had dreamed that Christina had more than business on her mind and having Gwen there to share in the Sapphic ecstasy just made Fergie want it more. She had

dressed slutty with this in mind and now Fergie was getting desperate to get naked and go wild with these two beautiful girls.

Christina’s hands squeezed her breasts and kissed her neck while Gwen swallowed her tongue and Fergie cursed herself for bothering to wear panties that day. She wished

she could just flick up her skirt and show these hotties how wet she was getting. Her damn panties were an obstacle that Fergie didn’t want. Even the two seconds it

would take to yank them down seemed like a lifetime when she was as horny as she was then.

But before Fergie could even begin to inch her panties down, something else entirely happened to change the mood of the office. Sounds that definitely weren’t sex moans

were coming from the hallway.

“Fluffy! No! Let me through! Please! I have to see her!” a voice cried from the hallway. “Please let me through! Fluffy please! You know me! I need to get through! Don’t

do this!”

Christina and Gwen immediately recognized the voice and they pulled up from Fergie with a start. Gwen looked over at Christina in a panic, hoping against hope that a

major freakout wasn’t looming. It took one look in Christina’s eyes to see that was a foolish hope.

“Please Fluffy please!” Britney begged in a voice that was near tears. “Don’t be mean! Let me through!”

Fluffy was honestly torn as he tried to keep Britney from getting to the door. Sure Christina had given orders. But how could he not be affected by her desperate pleas? His

heart wasn’t made of stone even if his job required him to be ice. He and Britney had spent a lot of time together and it was impossible to not care for her and feel bad for

what she was going through.

“Britney, she says she doesn’t want to see you,” Fluffy insisted. “I can’t let you through.”

“Please Fluffy,” Britney pleaded. “I can’t not see her. Please tell her I’m here! Tell her I’m going crazy without her! I need her!”

But no one had to tell Christina that Britney had arrived. She flung her office door open and walked out into the hallway, her face only hinting at the raging emotion inside


“What do you want?” Christina sneered. “I told you never to show your fucking face here again.”

“Please Chrissy, don’t be like that!” Britney begged, Fluffy standing between her and the person she most wanted to be close to. “Why won’t you see me? Why won’t you

talk to me? I’m not mad about what happened. I just want to see you.”

“You’re not mad? Oh that’s fucking classic Britney. Why the fuck would I care if you were mad?” Christina snapped. “You’re the one that fucking stabbed me in the back

Britney! Get your fat ass out of here now! Get the fuck out of MY record label before I have security throw you out! Go home to your useless fuck husband. Go have a

hundred stupid babies and leave me the fuck alone!”

“Don’t make me leave,” Britney emotionally demanded. “I just want to talk.”

“I’m busy,” Christina shot back. “I have some real friends in the office. Girls who won’t fuck me over and leave with the first dick they suck. I’m in there having fun and I

don’t fucking need you anymore Britney.”

“Why are you being so cruel to me?” Britney demanded. “Why are you being such a bitch? I miss you so much and you won’t even talk to me. You hang up on me when I

call and you won’t even let Fluffy let me through! Please Chrissy! Don’t be like this! Let me talk to you! I want to make it right between us.”

“I don’t want to see you,” Christina icily insisted. “I don’t want to talk to you. Looking at you makes me sick Britney. Get out of here now you fucking cunt! I never want to

see your ugly face again!”

Britney was crestfallen at Christina’s words. She had hoped time would ease things between them but it hadn’t. Things had gotten even worse. Tears began to roll down

Britney’s eyes, but Christina betrayed no sympathy.

“Please…” Britney whispered. “Don’t say that to me. Don’t say you won’t see me.”

“I won’t see you Britney,” Christina sneered. “I never want to fucking see you again! I don’t even want to fucking know you exist!”

Christina stormed back into her office, slamming the door behind her and leaving Britney with tears streaming down her face.

“I’m sorry Britney, I…” Fluffy began, trying to reassure his former client.

“It’s ok,” Britney said, wiping her eyes and trying to compose herself. “I just…I gotta get out of here.”

Britney took off down the hallway, wanting to get out of the building as quickly as possible. Christina’s words had shattered her already bruised heart and she couldn’t stand

to be there anymore. She had to get home to her baby. She had to get back to where she felt loved.

Inside the office, Gwen and Fergie remained on the couch, looking very uncomfortable.

“Christina, are you ok?” Gwen asked, relieved at least that it hadn’t been as bad as the last time. Christina had nearly thrown Britney out of the mansion by her hair when

Britney had confessed to her about Kevin. All the media attention focused on Britney’s marriage and her pregnancies had only made Christina seethe since then.

“I’m fine,” Christina said. “She’s just too dumb to know when she’s not wanted. I don’t know why she won’t get the fucking point. But I don’t want to think about her

anymore. Where were we?”

“You were right here next to me,” Fergie replied, happy to get the subject back to sex. “Mmmm and you were right here too.”

Fergie grabbed her own tits through her shirt, a gesture that made Christina giggle and zip back over to the couch.

“That’s just where I want to be,” Christina claimed, getting her hands back on Fergie’s chest and her lips back on her neck.

Fergie reacted with a moan, tossing her head back and loving the feel of the soft kisses. Christina knew just how to make a woman’s body tingle and Gwen’s kiss was what

her lips were dying for. The double stimulation got another moan from Fergie and inspired a request.

“Mmmmmmm so good,” Fergie sighed. “Let’s get naked girls. Let’s get all good and slutty.”

While Fergie meant no harm with what she said, it triggered a rush of emotion in Christina. She suddenly shot up off the couch and began pacing around. She had stifled it

all inside herself since that day Britney had confessed she had been seeing that asshole but the emotion of having her appear suddenly and Fergie’s words reminded

Christina of all the good memories she had shared with her former friend and lover.

Christina remembered all the kisses. She remembered all the frenzied fucks. She remembered all the times Britney had begged her to get slutty and make her feel good.

But most of all Christina remembered how strong her feelings had been for her friend. It was a surge of emotion that Christina had not been prepared for and before she even

knew what was going on she was crying.

“Chrissy?” Gwen said gently, getting off the couch to take her friend’s hand. “Chrissy, don’t cry sweetie.”

“That bitch,” Christina suddenly sobbed. “That fucking bitch broke my heart, Gwen. Why won’t she leave me alone? Why won’t she let me forget about her? I just want not

to think about her anymore.”

“Shhhhhhh it’s ok baby,” Gwen replied, pulling the shorter girl in for a hug.

“No! It can’t be ok if I can’t stop thinking of her!” Christina insisted, pushing herself away from Gwen. “I gotta…gotta get out of here!”

The flood of memories was too strong and Christina didn’t want anyone to see her like this. She didn’t want her friends to see the side she had worked so hard to hide.

Without another word she bolted from the office, leaving Gwen and Fergie behind in awkward silence.

Gwen knew from experience not to go after Christina. At times like this she always demanded to be alone and pursuing her always ended with doors being slammed in

people’s faces. It was better to just let her cool off. Besides there wasn’t much comfort she could be if Christina continued to be closed off.

“I guess I should go too,” Fergie sighed in disappointment, smoothing down her pink skirt.

“I’m sorry about Christina,” Gwen said. “Sometimes she gets like that and…”

“You don’t have to apologize,” Fergie replied. “And don’t worry. I didn’t see anything here. Everyone’s secret is safe with me. No need to even say anything.”

“Thanks,” Gwen gratefully stated. “I knew I didn’t have to ask.”

“Damn,” Fergie muttered with a touch of humor. “I really thought I was going to get laid today.”

Gwen looked up at the sound of that and smiled. Why not, she asked herself. She was still horny from her adventure with Fluffy and not even a bout of drama could change


“Well who says you can’t still get laid?” Gwen inquired with a smile. “I’m still here. And I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Fergie reacted with a smile of her own and began patting the now vacant spot next to her on the couch.

“Oh yeah? Then get over here and prove it,” Fergie challenged. “No more talking. Get over here and fuck me.”

Gwen loved the sound of that and before Fergie could blink she was on the couch next to her, kissing her. Their lips brushed together with a hard mash and they quickly

settled into a steady kissing rhythm, pushing their tongues into each other’s mouths and taking turns sucking on the pink invaders. The experience they both had kissing

girls was obvious and Gwen and Fergie soon had each other moaning with desire for the other.

“Mmmm you’ve done this before,” Gwen observed, stating the obvious as she smacked her lips and enjoyed the taste of Fergie’s lipstick on hers.

“So have you,” Fergie smiled back. “Looks like you and Christina love getting frisky in here.”

“Oh Christina is the least of who I’ve done,” Gwen teased, her eyes sparkling as she mentally ran through her list of conquests. “And if you’re a good girl I might just

introduce you to some of my special friends.”

“Too bad I’m not a good girl,” Fergie shot back playfully as she yanked up her skirt to show her red panties. “I’m a nasty girl.”

“Mmmmm even better,” Gwen giggled before leaning in for another kiss and a reach downward. She rubbed Fergie’s mound and was delighted, if not surprised, by what she


“You’re so wet,” Gwen marveled. “Mmmmmmm I’m gonna lick this wet pussy dry.”

That promise had Fergie moaning on the couch and squirming against it, loving how the leather felt against her body. She couldn’t wait to be naked on it. Gwen was driving

her wild just with kisses and Fergie was dying with anticipation to see what else the beautiful singer could do to her body.

While girls growing up sometimes struggled with whether they liked girls or boys, that had never been a problem for Fergie. She liked them both. She liked them both a lot

and she always had. Nothing satisfied her quite like a threesome when she had both a stiff cock and a wet pussy to play with.

There were no boys here, unfortunately, but Fergie wasn’t complaining about only having Gwen Stefani ready and willing to fuck. She loved the way women felt and

especially how they licked. Gwen’s promise to do just that made her pussy quiver and Fergie didn’t hesitate to hook her fingers into the waistband of her panties and yank

them down her legs.

“Make me even wetter Gwen,” Fergie requested in a near pant of arousal as her panties hit the floor. “You and Christina made my pussy so hot. Now give it the licking it


“Ooooh someone’s impatient,” Gwen giggled.

“I just need your tongue bad,” Fergie moaned, wetness starting to drip past her pink cunt lips and trickle down her thighs.

“And that’s just what you’re gonna get,” Gwen promised before backing up on the couch and pulling Fergie’s legs up off the floor. This got the younger singer on her back on

the couch and, after they both paused to get their shoes off, Gwen pushed her legs open slinging them over the edges so she could spread open her pussy.

Gwen took a moment to properly appreciate the bottomless woman before her. Fergie’s labia was coated with sex juice and her neat bush had the softest brown fur. Gwen

ran her fingers through the small hairs right before she used her hand to splay open Fergie’s cunt and dive in with her tongue.

“FUCK!” Fergie cried in delight at the penetration of her pussy. She loved women’s tongues so much. Men most assuredly had their uses, but no one could eat pussy like

women could.

“Mmmmm lick it Gwen…ooooh lick my wet pussy!” Fergie moaned as her hands pushed up her t-shirt to expose her braless tits. “Yessssssssss I’ve been wanting this ever

since Christina called me! I just never thought it would be you…mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh work that tongue…it would be you licking me!”

“Naughty girl, been dreaming of getting this hot pussy licked, huh?” Gwen teased, pulling her wet tongue out and leaving a strand of Fergie’s juice dribbling down her chin.

“Christina didn’t even need to seduce you. You were already hot to fuck her. No wonder she wanted you in here so bad. She knew what a sexy slut you really are.”

“Fuck yesssssss mmmmm I am a slut…a hot, nasty slut,” Fergie gasped when Gwen resumed licking her snatch. “Lick me Gwen! Oooooooh yessssssss mmmmm

you’ve got a great tongue! I heard all those rumors about Christina, but I had no idea you were so fucking good too!”

Gwen smiled widely at the compliment but didn’t stop her licking. She stared up from Fergie’s legs as she tongued the singer, loving the view as her lover had her shirt up

over her tits, squeezing her own firm mounds. Gwen wanted to get herself a feel of those tits too, with her hands and her mouth, but that could wait for later. Right now

there was nothing getting her away from this pussy.

With each happy cry she got from Fergie, Gwen licked a little harder. Her whole body was raging with lust. Going without a serious, bone rattling orgasm from Fluffy was

fueling Gwen’s libido like gasoline on a fire and Fergie was reaping the benefit. Gwen licked away at her tender folds, slurping up her juices as easily as she’d swallowed

Fluffy’s cum and enjoying the contrast in flavors between her boy and girl lovers.

“So good…mmmmmm yessssssss such a hot fucking tongue,” Fergie continued to moan while she mauled her own tits. Her chest was just big enough for her to push it up

for her tongue to swipe at her own nipple. That sent another shiver of arousal through her body and Fergie began humping Gwen’s face, coaxing more of her tongue


“Eat me Gwen! Eat my fucking wet pussy!” Fergie begged. “Make me sign with the label by eating me out so fucking good! Mmmmmmmm yessssssss I love what you’re

doing! You’re making me so fucking wet!”

Fergie then tossed her head back and moaned loudly and longly. Gwen was licking her right to heaven and Fergie knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer

from coming. Gwen was expertly tonguing her cunt and hadn’t even gone after her clitoris yet. Fergie could only imagine how amazing a sensation it would be when that

finally happened.

But as good as it felt, Fergie didn’t want it to end too quickly. She had been looking forward to this, even if it had been Christina and not Gwen she had envisioned eating

her out, and she wanted it to last. And besides, she and Gwen weren’t nearly naked enough.

Reaching down, Fergie pushed Gwen away from her pussy. Gwen looked up with surprise, but Fergie assured her that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“C’mere,” Fergie urged. “Kiss me Gwen.”

That was accomplished easily enough as Gwen pulled herself up from the end of the couch and hovered herself above Fergie. Using her hands on the cushions to brace

herself, Gwen pushed her slim body down and opened her lips for Fergie to kiss. The younger woman obviously loved the taste of herself from the way she sucked on

Gwen’s lips and tongue and Gwen began moaning as Fergie also took her hands off her own tits and got them to work elsewhere.

Fergie moved her hands first to Gwen’s shirt, giving her tits a sexy squeeze and finding out that she wasn’t the only one to go out without a bra that day. That got Gwen

moaning and it only got louder when Fergie pulled her hands away to get them on the platinum blonde’s ass. The moans also came with a flinch and a gasp, though, and

Fergie was quite curious to find out why.

“Let’s get these damn clothes off,” Fergie suggested. “I want us both naked!”

Naked sounded very good to Gwen and she and her new lover immediately set about making it happen. Fergie’s work shirt was pushed off her shoulders and onto the couch

and it was quickly followed by her t-shirt. After casting her shirt over her head and leaving herself fully topless, Fergie did the same for Gwen yanking up her yellow t-shirt

and making sure their tits were both exposed.

The two girls sat up on the couch so they were face to face and they hungrily kissed, rubbing their naked breasts together and getting their nipples even harder. It wasn’t

often that Fergie had bigger tits than her female lovers and she was enjoying how even her chest dwarfed Gwen’s. Not that she didn’t love Gwen’s perky little tits. They

looked so tasty and Fergie didn’t pass on the opportunity to snack on them.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh get my tits wet,” Gwen dreamily groaned as she leaned back and let Fergie’s skilled mouth work her chest over. “That’s it sweetie. Suck those

nipples into your pretty little mouth. Ughhhhh let me feel how good your tongue is so I’ll want it in my pussy even more.”

While her tongue flicked over Gwen’s nipples until they were almost red with swollen desire, Fergie grew curious about how bad Gwen did want her tongue in her pussy.

Without so much as pausing for permission, Fergie popped open the button of Gwen’s jeans and slid her hand inside, under the waistband of her thong and right against her


“Ooooooooh I see I’m not the only wet slut here today,” Fergie grinned with the delight of discovery as she palmed Gwen’s mound, making her lover groan and gasp sharply

for breath.

“Yessssss I’m sooooooo wet,” Gwen agreed with a moan. “Ohhhhh Fergie I’ve been a bad girl today and I need to come.”

“Yeah? How bad?” Fergie pressed as she continued teasing Gwen with her hand, threatening penetration of her soft folds at any second.

“Reallllllly bad,” Gwen confessed, vividly remembering how just a short time before she’d been on her knees for Fluffy letting him stuff her mouth with his cock without mercy.

“I’m a nasty slut cheating on my husband with girls…mmmmmmm and another man too. I can’t help it. I need to get fucked constantly. I’ve turned into a goddamn

nympho and I need to come!”

Fergie was very interested in this and she was dying for details of Gwen’s lovers, specifically where were they, how hot were they and would they fuck her too. But that

could come after she had her fun with Gwen and they still had too many clothes on.

As she kissed Gwen again to silence her confessing lips, Fergie furthered her exploration of the blonde’s lower body by pushing Gwen’s jeans down her legs. She got them

down around Gwen’s ankles before the ska superstar did the rest, kicking them the rest of the way off and onto the carpeted floor next to their discarded shirts and shoes.

Gwen was now naked except for the thong that did nothing to hide her ass cheeks and Fergie saw the cause of Gwen’s little flinch before.

“Oh my,” Fergie grinned. “You have been a naughty girl Gwen. Just look at that ass. I know asses, baby, and that’s an ass that’s just been spanked. Is that Christina’s


“Mmmmm she wishes,” Gwen mysteriously answered. “Maybe I’ll tell you where that came from…maybe…but first you gotta kiss it to make it better.”

“Oooooh gladly,” Fergie gleefully replied. “Mmmmm bring that gorgeous butt right here baby.”

Assuming the position once more, Gwen got on her hands and knees, pressing them into the leather couch as Fergie crouched behind her, dressed only in her skirt, her

bare butt cheeks seductively peeking out. Fergie loved the female body, especially a great ass and to her eyes Gwen’s was a work of art. But she didn’t just want to stare,

not when it was much more fun to play with it.

“You have a fucking amazing ass Gwen,” Fergie admired. “It’s perfect.”

“Mmmmmm not like yours,” Gwen said. “I love your ass Fergie. Ohhhh I’d see you shake it in your videos wearing those tiny, slutty shorts and I’d want you so bad.

Mmmm I’d dream about fucking your hot ass Fergie and get my fingers all sticky thinking about you.”

Fergie was fully aware that people, particularly other women, lusted after her, but when it was someone like Gwen admitting those lusts, her pussy couldn’t help but respond

with quivers of pleasure. Rolling down Gwen’s thong past her cheeks, Fergie rewarded her new friend for the compliment by pressing her lips to her tender cheeks.

Gwen winced, but not in pain, with every kiss to her still pinkened ass and soon the moaning started up once more.

“Ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh mmmmmmm just like that,” Gwen sighed. “Kiss my spanked ass. Oooooooh it’s all tender but you’re making it feel so much better Fergie. Mmm

your lips are so good.”

“Just wait till you feel my tongue then,” Fergie confidently laughed. “This is just a preview of what I can do. Mmmmmm I’m gonna make your pussy cream so good


“Oh no, my turn first,” Gwen insisted. She didn’t mind waiting to get licked. She was craving some pussy against her tongue now and wasn’t going to wait. The taste she’d

gotten of Fergie before had left her starved for more.

“But I don’t want to stop,” Fergie playfully protested, pressing her lips to Gwen’s perfect ass cheeks with every word. “You’re gonna have to make me.”

“Oh I’ll make you,” Gwen giggled as she whirled around on the couch and pounced on top of Fergie. The younger singer let out a shriek of delight as Gwen wrestled her

down flat on her back. Gwen hungrily kissed her once again and Fergie melted into the wonderful sensations.

The smooth leather felt so good against her bare back and Gwen’s kiss was heavenly, so soft and so sexy. Even if Fergie hadn’t already been into girls there was no way

she’d have been able to resist it. Fergie could only imagine all the lucky girls who had felt this amazing kiss before her.

“Take me Gwen,” Fergie softly begged in between kisses. “Take me and fuck me and make me feel good. Mmmmm Christina doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

No she doesn’t, Gwen thought to herself as she kept kissing Fergie’s willing lips, but I’ll make sure she gets all the details as soon as she calms down. Gwen knew that it

wouldn’t be long before Fergie got another invitation to the office so Christina could get her licks in.

Now that Fergie’s shirt was gone, Gwen could fully explore her body. She kept Fergie’s arms pinned down and exerted full control over her new lover as she sucked on her

bare tits and left her nipples hard and shiny with saliva. Gwen lavished love on each tit, moving back and forth and licking and kissing every inch of breast flesh on


“Ohhhhhh Gwennnnnnn,” Fergie groaned. “More baby more. Mmmm you’re getting me so fucking wet.”

Fergie didn’t mind Gwen taking control and pinning her arms down. She never bothered with submissive or dominant labels. All Fergie cared about was doing what felt good

and everything Gwen was doing felt very, very good.

Gwen kept licking Fergie’s nipples, rolling the swollen tips around with her tongue and loving the moans and little gasps of pleasure she was getting for her efforts. Fergie

had great tits. Her ass always drew the stares but Gwen now saw that the girl had plenty of T to admire along with her A.

She easily could have spent an hour or two, just kissing into Fergie’s cleavage and sucking on her big nipples but that would have meant ignoring Fergie’s pussy and Gwen

couldn’t do that. That just wouldn’t have been right. So she kissed her way down Fergie’s tight midriff, loving the little beads of sweat that were dripping down her tummy

and finally disposed of the skirt that had been pushed up around Fergie’s thighs for far too long.

Part of Gwen wanted to leave the skirt on because it was so nasty to always have just a little bit of clothing on when you fucked, like you were so horny for it you couldn’t

even bother to get all the way undressed. But she ultimately threw it onto the floor with the rest of their clothes because she didn’t want any barriers between her and

Fergie’s body.

“Yessssssss mmmmm that’s how I want us,” Fergie excitedly hissed as her skirt hit the floor. “I want to be naked with you Gwen! I want us both naked and nasty!”

“Goody,” Gwen beamed as she backed up against the arm of the couch so she could get perfectly positioned between Fergie’s legs. “That’s how I like it too. And now that

the naked part is done, it’s time for us to get nasty.”

Gwen’s tongue then got right back to work on Fergie with hard, strong licks against her slit that had her lover’s legs kicking in the air.

“HOLY SHIT YESSSSSSSS AHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!” Fergie cried in ecstasy over the sudden jolt of pleasure that shot through her naked body. She didn’t care if

anyone heard her. She was sure this wasn’t the first time a woman’s passionate sex screams had come out of this office.

Gwen had to duck slightly to avoid Fergie’s involuntary kicks and she giggled with pride into her lover’s pussy over her own ability to make a woman feel good. Who knew

she’d ever be this into it when she accepted Jewel’s fateful invitation to the mansion?

Spreading open Fergie’s slit with her hand, Gwen dove her tongue inside and stopped thinking about the past to focus on the future and the creamy orgasm she promised

herself she was going to drink down.

With the hot taste of Fergie’s tangy juices spurring her on, Gwen tongued her new lover, staring up at her from between her legs while she worked over her tight folds.

Fergie’s pussy was soaked with girl juice and Gwen wanted it all. She licked and tongue fucked the girl steadily, going deep and hard into her cunt to treat her taste buds to

this new flavor.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssss mmmmmm more Gwen morrrrrrrrrrrrre!” Fergie happily exclaimed as she struggled to hold her long legs steady.

“Fuck my pussy! Ohhhhhhhh baby your tongue feels so fucking good inside me! Work it in harder! Mmmmmmmmm lick me faster Gwen! Fuck me with that tongue like

it’s a cock!”

“Is that what you want honey?” Gwen teased, slurping her juice coated tongue back into her mouth while she rubbed her fingers enthusiastically over Fergie’s spread cunt.

“You want some cock? Mmmmm I can get one of Christina’s toys if you want me to.”

“No!” Fergie insisted without hesitation. “No toys! I just want your tongue Gwen! Tongue fuck my wet pussy baby! You’re so nasty and so good and you’re making me so

goddamn wet! Make me come like the horny bitch I am!”

Fergie had never liked sex toys all that much. Sure they did in a pinch when she was lonely and horny, but flesh and blood was always better than plastic. She didn’t want

a toy inside her when she had Gwen’s tongue at her disposal. Getting something big and hard inside her was a job for boys. Girls were there for their tongues and that was

what Fergie wanted from Gwen.

Gwen didn’t fight Fergie’s insistence. She tasted too good to object and besides, Christina’s toys were all the way across the office. Gwen didn’t want to move an inch

away from this wet pussy. But that didn’t mean she had lost her desire to fuck Fergie. It just meant she changed her tactics.

While getting her tongue back in with a series of long licks against Fergie’s spread lips, Gwen pulled one of her hands up. Fergie reacted to Gwen’s tongue strokes with

happy gasps and horny cries, humping herself against Gwen’s beautiful face to coax more tongue inside. Gwen gave Fergie faster, more intense licks, working her pussy

over with a burst of energy and she also gave her more.

“OOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Fergie called out as two of Gwen’s fingers pushed into her cunt. “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh you can totally do that Gwen! Mmmmmm finger my pussy

while you lick it! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck you’ve got such a hot tongue and your fingers are making it even better!”

Gwen licked and fingered Fergie with perfect timing. All her experience with girls showed now as she expertly got Fergie wetter with her finger fuck and then tongued up her

juice with skilled tongue strokes. It didn’t take long for Fergie’s breathing to turn ragged and for her body to begin the shift to orgasmic overdrive, especially when Gwen

turned to her clit.

It hadn’t been hard for Gwen to get to Fergie’s clitoris, but she had purposely stayed away from giving it too much attention until now. Fergie’s ears didn’t have the only

piercings on her body and Gwen would have been blind and incompetent to miss the stud that marked her lover’s clit. But now that she had given her body at least some of

the exploration it demanded, Gwen finally rubbed her two fingers against Fergie’s clit and tongued the swelling, pierced bud.



“Fuck yeah,” Gwen panted, pulling up for just a moment. “But that’s not all I want!”

Fergie never had an opportunity to ask what Gwen meant because the blonde acted so quickly. But Fergie wouldn’t have asked anyway. She knew what Gwen wanted.

She knew what all the girls and all the boys wanted when they fucked her and Gwen was certainly worthy of getting it.

With pussy juice dribbling down from her lips, Gwen pulled Fergie up by her legs, lifting her slightly into the air and getting her tongue in perfect position to dive into her

pretty, puckered asshole. Gwen announced her intentions by taking a trick she had picked up from Christina and spitting into the hole, making Fergie groan and writhe.

Gwen dove right in after her spit, licking it up and working her tongue all over the tender hole. Fergie’s words came out garbled, but they indicated nothing but pleasure,

especially when Fergie’s hand shot down to press against the back of Gwen’s head, keeping her happily locked in position.

“GODDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSS TONGUE MY ASS!” Fergie exclaimed when she finally found the mental clarity to push the words out. “GIVE MY ASS YOUR HOT


Fergie helped her own cause when she moved her free hand down between her legs. She slipped a finger of her own inside her pussy to join Gwen’s, giving herself a double

fucking while Gwen’s tongue rimmed her with the nasty passion Fergie always longed for in her lovers.

Gwen felt euphoria rolling through her body. She loved how nasty she was acting. Sucking off Fluffy. Tonguing another woman’s ass. Being like this had her heart

pounding with the kind of adrenaline where you were glad you were alive because of all the fun you could have.

Gwen kept her one free hand gripped to Fergie’s ass, pressing hard into her cheek as she stabbed her tongue into her hole repeatedly, every now and then changing things

up by spitting and licking while her fingers continued to rub against the singer’s pierced clitoris.

“OHHHHHHHH I’M GONNA COME!” Fergie cried, stating what was quite obvious by now as her body shook on the couch, making her tits bounce nicely. “ALMOST


With Fergie’s hand on her head, pressing her down to her ass, Gwen wasn’t about to stop. But while tonguing Fergie’s ass was fun, Gwen wanted her cream soaking her

tongue. She would have to come back here and play later. Pulling her tongue and fingers out, Gwen didn’t give Fergie even a chance to feel neglected before she jammed

her tongue back into her cunt and lapped away at her clit.

That got another happy exclamation from Fergie, especially as she continued to work herself over with her fingers, plumping her pierced clit up for Gwen’s tongue, but not as

loud as the one that came when Gwen pushed her fingers into Fergie’s well lubed ass.

“AHHHHHHHHH FUCK OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHH THAT’S IT GWEN!!!” Fergie blissfully screamed, doing nothing to muzzle herself. “THAT’S HOW I LOVE


Fergie’s whole body was tensing up. She knew she was about to come and she almost didn’t want it to happen. This was too good. She didn’t want it to end. She wanted

Gwen to fuck her again and again, keeping her in perpetual heat. Fergie loved her position. She was flat on her back with her legs straight up in the air now as Gwen

fingered her ass and lapped away at her cunt. Fergie was like a naked “L” on the couch and she never wanted to move again.

As her breathing grew faster and more uneven, Fergie’s voice actually got lower. The closer she got to orgasm, the more her cries turned into whimpers and she was

practically mewing as she begged for more. Words were getting harder to force out as the world seemed to come to a complete halt around her. Nothing mattered but the

pleasure she was feeling.

“So close…” Fergie squeaked. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yessssssss Gwen yessssssssssssssssssss!!!”

Gwen’s tongue slapped Fergie’s clitoris, batting her piercing around. She went after her aggressively with every intention of not pausing for anything until she got a taste of

Fergie’s orgasm.

Gwen didn’t have long to wait. The three pronged attack of Gwen’s tongue in the singer’s pussy and fingers in her ass while Fergie frigged her own pussy got results

seconds later as Fergie let out a garbled moan sharp enough to cut glass and flooded Gwen’s mouth with her pussy cream.

“Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh!!!” Fergie cried, her voice getting strong again as she let loose with her ecstasy. “YEAHHHHHH SOOOOOO FUCKING


Gwen stopped her tongue in order to swallow down the hot feminine essence she was being fed but she didn’t slow her fingers. She fucked Fergie’s ass with two of her

fingers, stretching her hole and prolonging the pleasure that was shaking through her lover’s body.

Fergie couldn’t remember any lover, male or female, who had blown her mind as much as Gwen had. She tried to communicate this to her blonde lover but all the words

came out garbled as drool couldn’t help but spill out from her mouth onto the couch. Pleasure filled her from her toes to the ends of her hair. There wasn’t an inch of her

body that wasn’t soaked in bliss and when she finally had the mental strength back to pull off a few words of coherent communication, Fergie only had one request.

“Kiss me again,” Fergie demanded with a happy moan. “Kiss me now, Gwen.”

Gwen didn’t bother pointing out that Fergie didn’t even have to ask. Right now kissing was the least of what Gwen wanted to do with Fergie. Gwen pulled her body up and

lay flat atop Fergie on the couch, mashing their tits together as they passionately kissed.

Even though her brain was still swimming laps in all the endorphins flowing through her, Fergie kissed Gwen back as hard as she could. She wanted to taste herself all over

her lover’s tongue and lips, but most of all she wanted to give back Gwen all the pleasure she had just gotten. Fergie wanted to reward her newest fuck friend and she

wasn’t about to wait for her afterglow to fade to do it.

“That was so so so so fucking good,” Fergie groaned as her hands moved to Gwen’s tits and started playing with the perky mounds, massaging her already swollen nipples.

“Mmmm you’re an incredible fuck Gwen.”

“Thanks,” Gwen said with a blush. She adored hearing that compliment. “You’ve got such a hot body it was easy. I just did what I’d been dreaming about doing since I

started seeing your videos.”

The idea of Gwen getting hot over seeing her shake her ass in short skirts and tiny shorts got Fergie going again and she gave Gwen another hot kiss, increasing the

passion of her breast play. That had Gwen moaning into her mouth and Fergie toyed with her lover’s hard nipples, teasing them with her fingers while she sucked on her


“But you’re not the only great fuck here,” Fergie declared with a confident grin when the kiss broke. “I know just what to do with a hot body and right now you belong to me


Reversing roles, Fergie took command, flipping Gwen over on the couch so she was the one on her back. Gwen didn’t resist a bit and hungrily kissed Fergie as she settled

in, loving the feel of the body heated leather couch against her bare back. Gwen wrapped her arms around Fergie’s back and kissed her repeatedly, moaning louder with

each squeeze and pinch Fergie took at her tits.

“Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhh play with my tits,” Gwen urged. “Squeeze my hot little titties Fergie. You’re making me so wet I’m gonna come so fucking soon.”

“Oh no…no coming yet,” Fergie ordered with a naughty gleam in her eyes. “I’m gonna show you all the nasty things I can do first. Mmmmm I can tell you’ve had a lot of

practice fucking girls Gwen, but so have I.”

Fergie planted another wet, passionate kiss on Gwen’s lips before leaving them behind and moving down her lover’s body. Fergie took a quick detour to give each of Gwen’s

breasts a kiss, running her tongue all over her hard pink nipples, but she didn’t let herself get too distracted.

Ordinarily Fergie would have lavished attention on Gwen’s tits, but, judging from the wetness she got from pressing against her pussy, she could feel that Gwen really was

about to come. Fergie wanted that cream on her face and she mentally promised to give Gwen a full body licking later because she was going to make damn sure they did

this again.

“Such a hot body,” Fergie moaned as she kissed a wet trail down Gwen’s toned stomach and started licking around her thighs, making the blonde singer pant with need.

“Mmmmmmmm you’ve got such a sexy fucking body. I’m gonna fuck you Gwen! I’m gonna fuck you so good!”

“Yessssssssssss fuck me!” Gwen pleaded. “I’ve been so naughty today and I need to come! It’s been fucking building up in me! Fuck my pussy Fergie! Fuck it good and

make it cream!”

But Fergie’s interest in Gwen’s pussy was secondary to her obsession with her ass. From the first glimpse she had gotten of it in Gwen’s thong Fergie had wanted to just

sink her teeth into it and now that she had Gwen naked she knew she was going to go absolutely insane if she waited any longer. Fergie loved asses and she had never

seen one better than Gwen’s.

“Scoot down,” Fergie requested and Gwen immediately complied, pulling herself down on the couch so she could be closer to Fergie.

Gwen knew what her lover wanted and she was wet and horny enough to give her anything if it resulted in orgasm. She spread her legs wide as she could, opening up her

pink, juicy cunt as well as her ass. With a horny growl, Fergie reacted to the lewd sight in front of her face by reaching under her lover’s body and squeezing Gwen’s butt

cheeks as she spread them open even wider. Gwen’s puckered starfish was practically gaping for her now and Fergie hungrily went to work.

Unlike Gwen and her spitting, Fergie let her saliva just run off her tongue and into Gwen’s asshole. The spit dripped out of her mouth, striking Gwen right on target and

making the blonde coo happily at the sensation. But that sound was nothing compared to the reaction Gwen had when Fergie rolled her tongue and started fucking her ass

with it.



Gwen helped herself along by taking a page from Fergie’s technique and reaching between her own legs to finger herself while getting her ass rimmed. Fergie’s tongue was

incredible. She was using her tongue like it was a finger, penetrating her tight hole and fucking her with passion and force. Gwen had been tongue fucked up the ass by

porn stars, entertainment reporters and everyone in between and no one had done it quite like Fergie was.

As pleasure raced through her body, Gwen’s head rolled around on the soft leather and moan after moan poured out of her mouth. She had to close her eyes to try and take

it all in. Fergie’s tongue felt so good in her ass, fucking her hard, but not too hard and with just the right precision. She not only knew how to lick, she knew where to lick.

It was the perfect rim job and Gwen felt like she was flying toward heaven from it.

If Fergie had sprouted white, feathered wings and a golden halo had encircled her head at that moment, Gwen wouldn’t have been surprised. This was the tongue of an

angel and Gwen was now a convert to the gospel of it. Gwen was not blessed with psychic powers, but she was having herself a hell of a vision about the fun they could

have in Malibu with Fergie. She was a keeper. No doubt about it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd. You’re so fucking good baby,” Gwen cried, struggling to keep her volume under control and finally just clamping her hand over

her mouth so she could scream into her own palm. The sounds might not have been rare around this office, but Gwen still didn’t see the sense in letting everyone know she

was getting her ass licked masterfully by the lead singer of Black Eyed Peas.

Gwen cried repeatedly into her hand, her sounds almost a scream of rapture. Fergie’s tongue alternated between hard thrusts and slaps against her tight hole and sexy,

wet licks over it, half teasing and half fucking her and all of it making her feel good. Gwen had only gotten into this particular sex act recently and she still loved having her

pussy licked more, but a few more times like this with Fergie and Gwen knew she would have found herself seriously hooked on having her ass eaten.

“More. Please more baby,” Gwen begged loosening her hand enough to gasp out her words as she writhed naked on the couch, flat on her back with her cheeks spread

wide for Fergie’s incredible tongue.

“Like that don’t ya?” Fergie evilly teased, pulling her tongue out to ask the most obvious question in the world. “Think I’m slutty enough to join the label Gwen? Think

Christina’s gonna want my tongue buried in her ass too? She just as big a whore for it as you are?”

“Yessssssssssssss she’s an even bigger fucking whore for it,” Gwen admitted. “Mmmmm she’s gonna want you tongue fucking her all day and night and never stopping.

She’ll be begging you to join up and begging you to fuck her like you’re fucking me. She’d be fucking crazy if she wasn’t. Your tongue feels go good Fergie. It feels so

fucking good.”

“Good enough for you to come for me?” Fergie continued to tease, rubbing her thumb over Gwen’s well licked ass. “Good enough for you to tell Christina what a hot fuck I


“Yeahhhhhhhhhh I’ll tell her,” Gwen passionately promised as she squirmed naked on the couch, whimpering with horny need to get Fergie to finish her off. “I’ll tell her every

nasty detail of how fucking good you are at licking my slutty ass. Please don’t stop Fergie. Please make me come. I wanna come for you baby. I need it so goddamn


Gwen’s need was quite obvious by that point. Her pussy was practically trembling like a volcano about to explode. Fergie wondered what Gwen had done to get herself that

horny, but it wasn’t like she was complaining. She had never dreamed when she had woken up that morning that someone like Gwen Stefani would be begging for her to

fuck her and the thrill of it all was already getting Fergie wet for more fun.

But first she knew she had to finish Gwen off. Her ass tasted so good that she could have eaten it all day, but that wet pussy of Gwen’s looked pretty damn tempting too.

Fergie couldn’t decide how to finish her lover off, so she tossed the decision off to her.

“How do you want to come baby?” Fergie inquired, her thumb continuing to work Gwen over, keeping the blonde right on the verge. “You want me to keep tongue fucking

your perfect ass or do you want me to lick up that pussy till you drench me in cream?”

It was not a choice that Gwen had been expecting to make and at first it threw her. She had just expected to lie back and get off, but now she had to pick her pleasure and

they both sounded so good. Fergie was working magic between her ass cheeks and Gwen didn’t want it to stop, but she also needed her pussy eaten. It was so wet and

even with her fingers buried inside it, frigging away, Gwen knew they were no match for a hot tongue.

Mmmmm and Fergie had such a great tongue. Gwen’s thoughts drifted to what would happen if Fergie hooked up at the mansion with Jennifer Aniston and her amazing

tongue for a lick off. Ohhhhhh that would have just been ecstasy from start to finish. But she was getting ahead of herself.

Gwen knew what decision had to be made. Fergie’s tongue was so good in her ass that she had to feel it in her pussy too. She had to know how good it was there.

“Lick my pussy you nasty bitch,” Gwen growled, pulling her juicy hand up from between her own legs and using it to aggressively grab Fergie by her hair. “Fucking tongue

my cunt just like you’re licking my ass and make me come all over your face. I need it so bad! Make me come now!”

Fergie smiled at Gwen’s aggression and immediately complied. Gwen’s upward tug on her hair brought her face to Gwen’s spread pink pussy and she dove right in. She

gave Gwen a series of hard, quick licks to her folds, coating her tongue with the flavor of her juices and loving it on first taste. Gwen had a wonderfully delicious pussy and

Fergie moaned happily as she eagerly swallowed her juices.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss ooooooooooooooh that’s it baby,” Gwen cried, unable to cover her mouth anymore with her hands both on the back of Fergie’s head

now. “Lick my wet fucking pussy! Mmmmmmmm lick up all that slut juice! I’ve been so fucking wet all day just dying to come and I need it now Fergie! I can’t wait

another second!”

Gwen’s filthy mouth just spurred Fergie on. She licked all over Gwen’s pussy, taking an abbreviated tour of it because she knew time was short. Lapping away had Gwen

cooing and humping against her face, giving her skin a cum glaze that Fergie adored. But Fergie knew where she had to go and she didn’t waste time. Gwen’s clit was

plump and ready and Fergie gave it all the tongue strength she could muster.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE,” Gwen screamed, hoping that Christina had indeed made good on her promise once to soundproof the walls of this office.


Gwen’s grip tightened on Fergie’s hair, giving it an unconscious yank as the younger singer licked her aching clitoris with hard, perfectly timed tongue strokes. Fergie didn’t

mind the tug though. It wouldn’t have been the first time someone had pulled her hair while fucking and, if Fergie had her way, it wouldn’t be the last either. Fergie just kept

licking, focusing all her attention on Gwen’s clit, tonguing it again and again and again until…

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Gwen exploded, both vocally and physically as she came. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOH YESSS YESSSSSS


All that Gwen had done that day, slutting herself up for Fluffy and then for Fergie had led up to this moment and it didn’t disappoint. Her orgasm sent her lurching on the

couch, pleasure shooting through her with intense bursts. Gwen screwed her eyes shut and kept her tight grip on Fergie’s head as she shook with orgasmic rapture and fed

Fergie the sex cream which had been building in her all day.

The flood of cream she was getting from Gwen didn’t throw Fergie for a second. She just kept licking, trying to take it all into her mouth and swallow what she could.

But she didn’t swallow all of it. She kept herself a healthy mouthful of it and as soon as she saw the chance, she pulled away from Gwen’s pussy and her grip on her head.

Fergie then planted herself down atop of Gwen’s naked body and kissed her, feeding the blonde her own cum.

Gwen gratefully accepted the gift and opened her mouth for it. Tremors of pleasure were still shooting through her body from her pussy and the deep, cum swapping kiss,

just prolonged the ecstasy. Gwen and Fergie happily kissed, running their hands all over each other’s naked, flushed bodies. They both had the glow of sex sweat and

Christina was probably going to need a new couch after this, but neither of them cared.

“Mmmmm baby you were amazing,” Gwen sighed happily as the last tremors shook through her. Her hands had been moving up and down Fergie’s back as they kissed

and now she rested them right on Fergie’s bare ass, softly rubbing her cheeks while they rubbed their faces together, brushing their noses against one another in one of the

horniest Eskimo kisses known to history.

“So were you,” Fergie replied before stealing another kiss from her new lover. “God, I needed that. You’re an incredible fuck, Gwen. Christina’s got a lot to live up to if she

ever tries to make a move on me.”

“Oh she will,” Gwen promised. “That girl never leaves a hot pussy unlicked and once I tell her about what we just did she’ll be starving for a taste.”

“You really think she’s ok?” Fergie asked. “She seemed really upset.”

“She’s fine,” Gwen said. “She just needs to vent and then she’ll be back like new.”

* * * * *

Unfortunately, Christina wasn’t ok. She hadn’t just run out of her office, she had tried to get out of the whole building. She didn’t know where she was going. She just

wanted to get away. She wanted to get away from Britney. She wanted to get away from the pain. She just wanted to get away from it all.

The tears that she was trying desperately to keep from running down her face had been gathering up for months. She had yelled and screamed but, until now, the tears

hadn’t come.

Seeing Britney like that had triggered a waterfall, but Christina was trying valiantly to keep that from being too apparent to the point where she slapped on a pair of

sunglasses to hide her eyes. She didn’t want anyone to see her like this. She didn’t want anybody to know how bad she was hurting.

Christina had long ago vowed never to let any of her friends see her cry. She had never wanted them to see that side of her. If it had meant lashing out by being a bitch to

compensate then Christina was willing to pay the price. She just hadn’t wanted them to see her like this.

She was so embarrassed that Gwen had seen it. She had shut them all out so they’d never see and now Gwen knew just how bad the hurt was. Christina was just relieved

that Gwen hadn’t run after her. She couldn’t face her now. She knew Fluffy was probably after her too, but she couldn’t face him either.

Why had Britney come back? Everything Christina had done lately had been done to try and forget she had ever known Britney. But seeing her again had brought

everything back that she had tried to bury. All the pain. All the despair. It all came rushing back with a rush that nearly had Christina falling to her knees in the elevator as

she frantically pushed the button for the lobby.

For so long Christina had sworn she would never give up her heart. Not to anyone. It had been used and abused by too many men from her father to her useless


That was one of the things she had loved so much about being with girls. It had never been about love. It had only been about hot, pulse pounding, sweaty, uninhibited sex.

Christina had fucked so many girls and she had never had to worry about romantic feelings or jealousy or any of that other crap. It had all been about fun. She had never

expected to fall in love.

Christina hated that emotion. While others celebrated it, she fled from it. It left you vulnerable. It left you exposed. It made you do crazy things and it hurt so much when

it went away. Christina had avoided that pain for most of her life and everything had been great until she and Britney had hooked up backstage at the concert.

At first it had just been fun. Christina had always got off hard from fucking Britney and that was that. She felt like she had found a kindred spirit. There was another singer

out there as crazy for pussy as she was. They had fucked each other over and over again in every position and in every conceivable manner and had never been able to get

enough. It had been an unbelievable feeling to finally find someone who made her feel the way Britney had. But that was where the trouble had started.

What had just been sexual infatuation for Christina grew. She had loved spending time with Britney. She had loved scheming with her. She had loved hearing her laugh.

She had loved the smile on her face. She loved how eager and bubbly Britney was. Before Christina had even known it, it had all come together and there she’d been facing

the one thing she’d never expected. She had fallen in love with Britney Spears.

When she had realized this, Christina hadn’t felt fear or agony over it, the way she had in times past when she had felt her heart becoming vulnerable. Instead she had

welcomed it. Being in love with Britney somehow felt so right and so natural. Sharing a bed with her felt like home to Christina. She felt safe and cared for the way you

were supposed to when you were in love.

The night that Christina had truly understood the extent of her feelings had been that night in Jamaica. Britney had been fast asleep when Christina had admitted her love

but that hadn’t stopped the confession from feeling very, very good.

Christina had planned on saying it again. She had just had to find the right time to do it.

The morning after the party had been so crazy when Sarah’s note had been discovered, but to Christina the more significant event had been the revelation that Kirsten Dunst

and Eliza Dushku had gone off and gotten married. Christina didn’t know either of them very well, but she had been so happy for them. If they had been able to declare their

love, then why couldn’t she? They hadn’t cared if their marriage was legal and they hadn’t cared who else knew. It had only mattered to them.

Christina had never wanted that kind of life before, but seeing the happy, totally in love looks on Kirsten and Eliza’s faces as they told all had started her dreaming about

something just like that with Britney. Maybe not marriage. Christina didn’t want to limit herself to sex with just one girl. But something where neither of them was afraid to

admit their love and were able to go off and get slutty with their friends, secure in the knowledge that they had someone to share their bed at the end of the night.

But just as she had never expected to fall in love with Britney, Christina had never expected her fellow singer to hurt her more than anyone ever had.

Before she had ever found the right moment to confess her feeling to a conscious Britney, her lover had started a tour for her new album. They had still fucked whenever

possible, not letting Sarah’s departure from Malibu stop their fun. But the whole time Christina had suspected Britney was keeping something from her. Something just had

felt different about her, but Christina had never imagined what the truth was.

One day Britney had finally confessed. She told Christina that she had hooked up with one of her dancers during the tour. She had told her all about Kevin and how in love

they were and how she knew they were soulmates. And then Britney had dropped the bomb that Christina still hadn’t recovered from. She was pregnant and she was

getting married.

When the words flew out of Britney’s mouth, to Christina it had been like the world had stopped. She had literally been able to feel her heart react. It hadn’t been like it had

broken. It had been worse. Christina remembered that it had felt like it had just iced over, like no more happy feeling could ever come from it.

Christina didn’t remember much about what had happened after that, but her housemates had told her the details about what she had done. There had been screaming.

There had been objects thrown. There had been crying. There had been more screaming. What Christina did remember was how she had told Britney she hated her and

never wanted to see her again.

She had repeated those sentiments many times since but she had never meant it more than she had at that moment. Christina had never hurt more from anyone before and

the fact that she had warned herself not to fall in love and had done it anyway just made it worse. Part of Christina had wanted to kill Britney that day for making her feel like

that and the mental wounds had never healed.

She just wished she could move on from Britney. But the tiniest things had always sent her mind flooding with memories of the blonde. Girl moans had reminded her of the

way Britney had sounded when she was aroused. Little giggles had reminded her of how Britney had sounded when she was doing something naughty and loving it. And

forget about girls with southern accents. Christina couldn’t even listen to their voices.

Since the day she had thrown Britney out, Christina hadn’t seen her. She had avoided her at all costs and now she remembered why she had. To feel all that hurt flowing

again was just too much.

When the elevator doors finally opened for the lobby, Christina was out like a dart. She barreled forth fearful of Gwen or Fluffy or anyone trying to stop her, not looking where

she was going and not caring. Naturally that led her to walk right into someone.

“Ow! Hey! Watch where you’re…” a woman started to say before she recognized who had bumped her. “Christina! Oh my God! Just who I was looking for!”

Christina had only wanted to get out without looking up once, lest someone see her tear stained eyes. But she knew that voice and looked up to find herself staring right at

Kelly Clarkson.

“How are you? I was just coming to see you,” Kelly said happily as she embraced her friend with a Texas sized hug. “I wanted to see how everything was going and wish

you luck at the label and everything. I can’t believe I just ran into you like that when I was about to visit you and I…”

Kelly knew that if she didn’t pause she could easily talk all day, going a mile a minute. It was a bad habit and she knew that too. So she had been making an effort to stop

herself when she felt like she was about to go off on a babbling jag. But that wasn’t why she had stopped herself here. Sunglasses couldn’t hide sadness and all it took

was one glance from Kelly to see that all was not right with her friend.

“Oh my God! Christina what’s wrong?” Kelly asked with concern. “What happened?”

Christina’s first impulse had been to push past the singer and tell Kelly she’d call her later. But before she could do that she looked into Kelly’s face and saw how genuine

her concern was. For whatever reason that touched Christina and instead of avoiding it, Christina told the truth.

“Oh Kelly, it’s all wrong,” Christina sobbed right in the middle of the lobby, throwing herself into the other girl’s arms. “My life is a complete fucking mess.”

“Shhhhhhhh it’s ok,” Kelly replied, trying to comfort the girl. This wasn’t what she had expected to find at a visit with Christina, but she adapted right to it. “It can’t be that

bad. Whatever it is.”

“You don’t know, you just don’t know,” Christina insisted as her tears continued. “I’m so completely fucked up right now and nothing is ever going to be right.”

Christina and Kelly continued to hug right in the middle of the lobby and it quickly dawned on Christina that this was hardly the place she wanted to be doing this.

“I need to get home,” Christina said, pulling away from Kelly as she saw Fluffy coming out of the elevator toward her.

“Are you sure you should?” Kelly asked. “Maybe you shouldn’t be driving right now. Stay here and talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can help.”

“Doubtful,” Christina answered, shaking her head. But then a thought did occur to her. She did need Kelly’s help. After all she had gotten a ride into town with Gwen that

morning and she’d left her own car back in Malibu. She didn’t want to see Gwen again right now when she was like this. So that left her with limited options.

“Kelly, will you give me a ride home?” Christina asked, wanting to get out of here fast since people were starting to stare. She saw Fluffy coming closer and she waved her

hand at him, telling him to leave her alone. She didn’t need him now.

“Sure,” Kelly immediately replied. “Where are you headed?”

“Malibu,” Christina stated giving Kelly a moment’s pause.

“Wow, that’s not exactly a skip and a jump on the freeway,” Kelly admitted, already picturing the traffic she was going to have to fight through to get there.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Christina said. “I’ll just get a car service.”

“No I want to,” Kelly insisted. “But on one condition.”

“What’s that?” Christina asked.

“You tell me what’s bothering you,” Kelly said. “You look like something terrible happened.”

If Christina had felt like Kelly had just been snooping then she probably would have refused, but that wasn’t who Kelly was and Christina knew it. If there had been anyone

Christina knew who was more genuine than Kelly then she couldn’t think of them. The feelings inside her were too much of a raging sea. Christina felt like she had to get it

all off her chest.

“Ok, but it’s a long story,” Christina agreed.

“Well it’s a long drive,” Kelly pointed out with her lovely, slight twang. “Now c’mon. Let’s get you home.”

* * * * *

As Christina was doing her best to get back to Malibu, another of the mansion’s residents was headed in the opposite direction, but hopefully not for long. Jewel had been

feeling frisky all morning, but hadn’t had a chance to do anything to satisfy that feeling. The solution to that lay back at the mansion so Jewel wanted to get through her

long-planned and long-delayed shopping excursion in Beverly Hills over as soon as possible to get back home.

It wasn’t as though Jewel disliked shopping. She wasn’t the biggest of the mansion’s “girly girls” but she loved a good shopping trip. It’s just that it was hard for her to focus

on what she wanted to buy when she had a hot female voice in her ear giving her every incentive to get back as soon as possible.

“Stop saying that,” Jewel insisted into her cell phone as she tried to keep her focus on the road.

“What’s the matter Jewel?” Alyssa purred back with a naughty giggle in her voice. “All I did was tell you how I was lying down in my bed totally naked, the soft sheets

caressing my bare body as I wait for someone to come in and ravish me. Mmmmm maybe I should rub some lotion all over myself. That would feel so good…getting myself

all glistening all over my bare body. Rubbing my hands all over my own breasts and down to my ass, getting them shiny as I wait for a beautiful girl to come and lick me

and make me come over and over until I just pass out from pleasure.”

“You are so evil,” Jewel growled, her pussy tingling at the thought of Alyssa doing that to herself. “You want me to get into a car accident or something? You nearly had me

driving off the road when you told me you were naked.”

“Sorry,” Alyssa replied with a laugh. “I’ll be good. I won’t even mention how Michelle just gave me my touch up and left me all nice and smooth after I fucked the holy hell

out of her.”

“Ooooooooooh you bitch,” Jewel moaned, getting another laugh from Alyssa. “You are so getting a spanking when I get back.”

“Ooooooooh goody,” Alyssa shot back gleefully while thinking that if this cell call was being monitored by anyone they must have been giving the NSA a hell of a thrill. “My

bare ass will be waiting for you when you get back. But you deserve a little teasing. After all you went shopping and didn’t invite me.”

“I didn’t know,” Jewel claimed. “Believe me I would have brought you if I’d known you wanted to go.”

“I was so bored this morning,” Alyssa pouted. “I would have loved to go. What are you shopping for anyway?”

“Well it’s just possible that I’m headed off to Victoria’s Secret,” Jewel coyly replied.

“Ohhhhhhh I like the sound of that,” Alyssa said. She wasn’t really mad Jewel hadn’t taken her. Messing around with Michelle had certainly eased her boredom, but

making Jewel squirm was still fun for her. “Now I’m really bummed I’m not tagging along.”

“See I can tease a little too,” Jewel pointed out. “So just think of me trying on all that sexy lingerie…pulling it on and then slowly taking it off my body…trying to find

something to make all you girls go wild for me.”

“Mmmmm just promise to get something I can pull off with my teeth,” Alyssa urged, getting another moan from Jewel as hot images continued to dance around in her


“No promises. You all have done enough damage,” Jewel laughed. “Why do you think I’m headed here anyway? You girls are always ripping my panties off. I can’t keep a

good pair for more than a week before someone ruins them.”

“Hey we’re just trying to show you how we like you better naked,” Alyssa defended herself. “Take it as a compliment and stop whining you big baby.”

“Oh now your ass is definitely getting paddled when I get back there,” Jewel playfully vowed.

“I can’t wait,” Alyssa declared. “I think Jess has got some friends stopping by soon. Should be some nasty fun going on there. Ooooh and wait’ll I tell you about Michelle

being quite the naughty little French schoolgirl. Those nuns had quite a hellcat on their hands from what I just learned.”

“Now that’s something I definitely have to hear more about,” Jewel said, picturing the story in her head while she also wondered which of Jessica’s friends might be waiting

for her when she got home. Hopefully they were the kinds that loved other girls joining in the fun.

“I’ll get back as soon as I can and I’ll have some sexy things to show off,” Jewel promised as she pulled close to the store. “One question though.”

“Ask away,” Alyssa said.

“Have you really been naked as you’ve been talking to me?” Jewel inquired.

“As the day I was born,” Alyssa honestly answered. “And I never even told you that I’ve been rubbing my pussy the whole time too.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm…” Jewel sighed with desire. “You just keep that pussy wet for me Lyssa, cause I’ll be home soon.”

After ending her call, Jewel took a moment to compose herself before handing her keys to the valet. This was Victoria’s Secret, but it was still Beverly Hills and it wasn’t

like she could be walking around with hard nipples. Damn that Alyssa. She always found a way to get her wet. Not that Jewel ever wanted her to stop. All her

housemates could say whatever they wanted because their lewd promises were always backed up with action.

Having taken her time to not look as though she was on the verge of orgasm, Jewel hopped out of her car and proceeded into the store. Normally a trip for some lingerie

would have gotten her worked up, but compared to hearing Alyssa’s voice in her ear and picturing her gorgeous naked body, Victoria’s Secret was like a cold shower. Jewel

was just hoping she would be able to find what she was looking for pretty quickly so she could get back home.

Trying to focus on the store’s selection and not the treats that awaited her in Malibu, Jewel began her lacy expedition. She didn’t have a specific shopping list when it came

to lingerie. She just wanted to get a few things she liked and thought looked sexy. Nothing too fancy. Just enough to get her and her friends wet.

Jewel smiled and blushed when she realized that shopping was a lot like finding new girls to seduce. She didn’t have a “type.” She just saw something hot and went after


Jewel glanced over the displays and pictured the items not only on her body, but her housemates as well. Maybe she could find a few sexy presents for her friends while

she was here. She didn’t wear thongs or g-strings very often. She enjoyed flaunting her “T” more than her “A” but she certainly appreciated how good women looked in

barely there panties and she could definitely think of a few girls at the mansion who would love squeezing into some tiny g-strings she bought for them.

Jewel also passed up the store’s bras. She had plenty of those. Though Jewel did look at the display of push up bras and wonder what she’d look like in one of those. She

was already at a natural D cup and some enhancement would have pushed her into some serious porn star cleavage. Hmmmm she’d have to at least try one on before she

left. The look on her housemates’ faces if she showed off what looked like an even bigger set of tits would have been worth the price alone.

Where Jewel paid the most attention to was the store’s sleepwear line. That was the kind of lingerie she liked. Something lacy and sexy that revealed just enough of the

body to turn your lover, or lovers, into a drooling mess.

Jewel looked over the racks of babydolls, slips and chemises and ran her fingers over the lace, satin and velvet, trying to decide what her housemates would love best on her

body and what they would have the most fun getting off her. Jewel saw a lot that she liked, particularly a red lace slip and robe combo and a pink baby doll. Jewel could

already picture the babydoll’s string barely holding her big breasts back as her friends begged to be the one to yank the string and uncover them.

There were so many sexy outfits that Jewel liked and she silently thanked whatever forces of fate had deemed her worthy of being a financial success because she wasn’t

going to have to content herself with just one or two items. She had a Gold Card with no spending limit and was ready and willing to use it. If she wanted to go wild on a

lingerie shopping spree then she had the money to do it.

But before Jewel could start turning her credit card into a melted mess of plastic someone approached her from behind.

“Excuse me, Miss?” the woman said, giving Jewel a gentle tap on the shoulder.

Jewel was surprised at first at the interruption and she assumed she had been recognized. She hadn’t gone out with a t-shirt that read “I’m Jewel, buy my poetry book and

Ride With The Devil is available on DVD” but she hadn’t exactly gone to any length to hide her identity. Expecting to sign an autograph, Jewel turned around and found

herself face to face with someone who looked like a store manager.

“Is there a problem?” Jewel asked.

“No, no problem Miss, it’s just that we’re closing the boutique for an hour,” the woman said.

“Closing? Why? I haven’t had a chance to find what I was looking for,” Jewel protested, glancing down at her watch and wondering if somehow she’d gone into a trance and

let the day slip away. Nope, it was still just about lunchtime and not the usual time for the store to close.

“Oh we’ll be opening up again,” the woman explained. “We’re just closing our doors to the public for the next little bit. We have some very important customers coming in

and we like to provide a certain degree of privacy for high profile clientele. I hope you understand our need for discretion in cases like these.”

Jewel was a bit taken aback that this was happening. She wasn’t one to play the “Don’t you know who I am?” card, but she considered herself a bit of a very important

customer too. She couldn’t believe she was being tossed out on her ass like this. A quick glance around the store at the other customers showed that they were being told

the same thing.

“We certainly appreciate your business and we’d be happy to offer you a 20% discount on your purchases today if you don’t mind waiting until we reopened the store to

complete your shopping,” the manager said. “We understand this is an inconvenience with you and we would appreciate your patience.”

“I’d rather stay and shop,” Jewel frowned as she saw the other customers walking out. A discount was always nice, but that wasn’t going to get her home to Malibu any

quicker and, besides, she didn’t feel it was right to push people out like cattle, just because someone wanted some privacy.

“We understand but these clients have requested a private shopping experience,” the manager insisted.

“You can’t just throw people out because famous people want something,” Jewel shot back, getting more agitated the more she thought about this. “It’s not fair. I’m a good

customer here and frankly I’m pretty famous in my own right. You don’t see me throwing my weight around here, do you? I don’t treat people like that.”

“Please Miss,” the manager said, hoping to avoid a scene and finally recognizing Jewel. The singer could see that flicker of recognition in her eye and she saw a little bit of

panic cross her face as she undoubtedly began wondering if she’d accidentally created a bit of a situation.

“Who is closing the store?” Jewel demanded. “I want to talk to them.”

“I’m afraid I can’t…” the manager started to say before the answer revealed itself.

“Jewel!” a female voice called out and Jewel turned around to see a blonde woman waving excitedly at her as she walked into the store. Jewel’s anger immediately

disappeared and was replaced by a completely different kind of feeling.

“Jessica?” Jewel asked, as she couldn’t believe how quickly her mood had shifted.

Jewel stepped away from the store manager and gave the arriving Jessica Simpson a hug.

“How are you?” Jessica inquired. “I haven’t seen you in so long. How’s everything been? I heard your new CD and it’s great! I loved it.”

“Thanks, things have been great,” Jewel said with a smile. “Everything’s been going really well lately. I heard some new tracks from your new CD too and they’re really

catchy. I totally got into them.”

Jewel paused before she said anything more. Usually this was the part of the conversation where she asked Jessica back how she was and that naturally would have

necessitated talking about her marriage. It wasn’t as though Jewel could ask how Nick was.

“Ummmm is everything ok with you?” Jewel finally asked. “How have you been?”

“It’s been tough, but I’ve been ok,” Jessica replied. “You just gotta try and focus on the things that make you happy.”

Jewel and Jessica both left it at that because another blonde walked and Jewel got herself another hug.

“Hey Jewel. How are you?” Ashlee Simpson asked. “Wow, you look great.”

“So do you,” Jewel said, really meaning it as she eyed Ashlee in her green skirt and black tank top that hugged her generous chest so nicely. Both Simpson sisters looked

great and Jewel was really, really looking. She had to remind herself not to stare too much, especially at Jessica in her pink dress which was low cut enough to create a

valley of cleavage Jewel desperately wanted to explore.

Jewel had known Jessica for years and they were actually pretty close, but not close enough for Jewel to have made any move on her. She had done a duet with Jessica

once on one of her and Nick’s TV specials and Jewel had certainly looked for an opportunity there, but Jessica had betrayed no sign she was unhappy with her husband or

receptive to a same sex encounter, so Jewel hadn’t pursued it.

She didn’t know Ashlee as well. She had always been kind of tagging along when she saw Jessica like little sisters were wont to do, but Jewel liked her too and she

certainly didn’t mind any opportunity she had to be close to both of their sexy bodies.

“I should be asking how you are,” Jewel said back to Ashlee. “You’re the one with the hit album. I’m so proud of you Ashlee. I knew you could do it.”

“Hey no one’s prouder of my little sister than me,” Jessica said, putting her arm around Ashlee and squeezing her.

Ashlee blushed at the compliments but didn’t stop smiling. Things had been really rough for her but she had been able to get through it and she felt stronger now than she

ever had before. Jessica had always been there for her during the scandal over her lip synching and she would be forever grateful for that. She had also gotten a lot of

support from people like Jewel who had called her and urged her to not give up and let all the critics win. She had listened to them when they told her to keep fighting and

she was in a better place now because of it.

“I’m just glad people liked it,” Ashlee said. “All I wanted was to have fun with singing and give people something to enjoy. I never wanted all this other stuff.”

“Well I think you did a great job,” Jewel stated. “You both did. You make really catchy stuff.”

“Thanks,” Jessica replied with another smile. “So what are you up to today?”

“Well I was trying to do some shopping,” Jewel said with just a touch of bitterness. “But I guess I have to leave.”

“What? Why?” Jessica asked.

“They’re clearing out the store for you two,” Jewel explained. “They said the rest of us could come back in an hour or so.”

“No you can’t leave!” Jessica insisted. “Stay and shop with us. Please. I want to catch up with you and everything.”

“Well…ok…” Jewel said with mock hesitancy. This had turned out even better then she had hoped. Not only was she able to shop for something sexy, but she had two

beautiful companions now.

Thinking of Jessica and Ashlee trying on lingerie and showing off their great bodies had Jewel getting moist and she began wondering if an opportunity might present itself

here. It was a long shot with both sisters there looking over each other’s shoulders and cutting down on privacy, but Jewel knew she could always dream.

And Jewel did indeed dream. She dreamed with each and every piece of lingerie Jessica and Ashlee oohed and ahhed over. Bras, panties, sleepwear. Whatever it was,

Jewel pictured it on their bodies and, more importantly, off their bodies. Jewel was beginning to entertain some vivid fantasies about the two sexy sisters as she saw herself

helping them into their sexy bras and panties, getting her hands all over their bodies and then stripping them both down and playing with them as they cooed for more.

Jewel saw the girls as her own personal living Barbie dolls and she liked it, especially when it came to thinking about getting them naked.

Jewel was so fixated on her fantasies that she barely gave a thought to her own shopping. She just dreamed away and tried to follow along the conversation coming from

Jessica and Ashlee, nodding her head and throwing in an occasional word or two as she tried not to let on that she was getting wet from the thought of fucking them both,

one after the other, and then getting both sisters to work tonguing her holes in tandem, Jessica licking her pussy as Ashlee rimmed her ass.

It took all of Jewel’s willpower to stifle a moan after that vision and she didn’t even notice that Jessica was talking to her until an awkward pause had only begun.

“Huh?” Jewel asked, shaking the thought out of her head for the moment.

“I said, I’m really sorry about the confusion before,” Jessica repeated. “We had no idea that they were going to kick everyone out of the store. We usually have someone

call and set these things up and we don’t want to have, you know, photographers around and all that stuff. But we didn’t know that they were doing that. We never would

have done it if we knew people were being asked to leave, especially you Jewel.”

“Oh it’s ok,” Jewel shrugged. “I stopped being mad when I saw it was you guys.”

“You ok Jewel?” Ashlee inquired as she eyed a selection of soft, slight negligees and unknowingly gave Jewel another fantasy vision. “You seemed lost there for a


“Oh yeah, I just kind of zoned out,” Jewel said, trying to play it off when all she could really think about was how good the baby blue colored negligee Ashlee was holding

would look thrown on the floor of her room at the mansion as she Ashlee were locked in a 69 giving each other’s pussy a real lip synching.

“Oh yeah, I get like that too sometimes,” Jessica admitted.

“Yeah like all the time,” Ashlee snorted, earning herself a playful whack on the arm from her sister.

“Shut up,” Jessica affectionately demanded. “I am so not like that all the time.”

“Please,” Ashlee smiled as she rolled her eyes. “You didn’t have to grow up with her Jewel. You have no idea what she’s really like. Believe me, chicken of the sea is mild

next to some of her genius ideas.”

“Oh you are such a liar,” Jessica insisted, smiling pretty widely herself. “She’s lying Jewel. Don’t listen to her. She’s the one always tripping over things and forgetting why

she came into rooms. She’s the ditz in our family. And to think I was gonna pay for all your stuff today as a present, Ashlee. Well forget it now. You’re on your own


“Like that’s a problem,” Ashlee continued to tease. “Last time I checked my albums were outselling yours.”

“Oooooh you bitch,” Jessica laughed, showing that Ashlee’s barb didn’t inflict any real damage. “Forget all those nice things I said about her earlier, Jewel. Ashlee’s headed

right for the discount bin at the flea market with her next album.”

Jewel couldn’t help but smile watching the sisters go at it. She had plenty of experience with siblings and this sort of back and forth was nothing new to her. Of course

when she was growing up she and her siblings didn’t have the sort of problems that the Simpson sisters did. They were too busy worrying about paying for food and hoping

the heat wasn’t shut off in the middle of the winter to get involved with whose album sold better and whose credit card was going to be used for picking up the lingerie


Of course the fact that the Simpsons were only slightly less spoiled than the Hilton sisters didn’t change the fact that Jewel had a serious case of lust for the both of them

and that didn’t lessen a bit when Ashlee opened up her mouth next.

“Ok truce,” Ashlee said. “Who wants to try some stuff on? I feel like making myself sexy.”

“Now you’re finally making some sense Ash,” Jessica agreed. “I mean this stuff looks great on the rack but there’s only one way to see how sexy it really is.”

All Jewel could do was nod her head as she racked her brain for any idea of how to turn all this into a seduction. The more she was around Jessica and Ashlee the more

she wanted them. She didn’t care which Simpson sister she got. She just wanted one. Being around all this lingerie, knowing what was waiting back for her in Malibu and

staring at these two girls as they remained oblivious to her true thoughts for them was combining to really stoke Jewel’s sexual fires.

She was actually glad when the three of them went off to separate dressing rooms. Now she had a chance to calm herself before she lost control and just started humping

herself against the first sister she could get her hands on. She had to get some perspective on this before she made a mistake and offered up an unwanted advance.

Jewel did like Jessica and Ashlee as friends and she didn’t want to sabotage that. She hadn’t gotten any signal at all that either one of them would have been receptive to

her coming on to them. There had been no suggestive comments, longing glances or even subtle flirting. Everything had been normal and Jewel knew she had to get some

self control.

She had the stuff she wanted to try on but she wasn’t even able to do that once she got into one of the store’s dressing rooms. All she was able to do was look at herself in

the mirror and take calming, deep breaths to try and even out her emotions.

Spending all that time in Malibu was really starting to warp her brain, Jewel thought to herself. Not all women were into lesbian sex. It just seemed like that at the mansion.

The mansion wasn’t the rest of the world, though, and Jewel took a deep breath and reminded herself of that.

The soothing breath did the trick and Jewel felt her libido start to cool down to an acceptable level. Sure either Jessica or Ashlee would have been a hell of a notch for her

bedpost, but Jewel also didn’t believe in taking crazy risks.

She remembered how Alyssa had told her she’d been able to seduce Heather Locklear while shopping once, but she didn’t think she could be that bold. She didn’t see a

clear chance and Jewel told herself to wait. All she had to do was calm herself, get some sexy outfits to finish her shopping trip and then she could get home and get all the

girl sex she could ever desire at the mansion. There every sexy body would have been all too willing to be ravished with no scheming necessary and Jewel felt calmness

flow over her.

There was no need to go crazy here. She could just have some platonic fun with Jessica and Ashlee and leave it at that.

But then everything changed with a knock.

At first Jewel thought the knock had come on the door to her dressing room but when she heard Jessica ask out who it was that illusion was corrected.

“It’s Ashlee,” a voice replied and Jewel heard Jessica walking over to let her sister into her dressing room. Jessica had the one right next to Jewel’s and it was easy for the

Alaskan native to hear what was going on.

“Wow you look great in that, sis,” Ashlee said. Jewel couldn’t see what the girl was talking about but she decided to take her word for it.

“Really? You don’t think it’s too…you know…slutty?” Jessica’s voice said through the not too thick walls of the dressing rooms.

“No, it’s just really hot,” Ashlee’s voice replied in appreciation, making Jewel long to see what exactly it was that Jessica was modeling.

“You look fantastic,” Ashlee continued. “I mean you’re really sexy in that.”

“Thanks,” Jessica said. “So when do I get to see you in what you got?”

“Well after seeing you like this, I don’t think so,” Ashlee answered. “There’s no way I can measure up.”

“Stop doing that Ashlee,” Jessica shot back. “Don’t put yourself down. I think you’re beautiful. Now don’t be shy. I saw you looking at a few things back there and I bet

they looked great on your body. Now lose that robe and show me. I’ll be totally honest, but I know you’re gonna look amazing.”

Jewel told herself she shouldn’t be listening into this private conversation, but she couldn’t help it. She had always loved to watch and since there was no picture, listening

would have to suffice. Jewel quickly found that the closer she got to the wall the better she could hear and before she knew it, her ear was pressed to it.

Obviously Ashlee had undone her robe to show Jessica what she had tried on because Jewel heard an appreciative whistle.

“Oh wow Ash, sweetie you look incredible,” Jessica declared. “You’ve got a great body and that makes you look so beautiful and sexy. Wow Ashlee, whichever guy gets to

see that is going to be so lucky.”

“I didn’t pick it out to show off to any boy,” Ashlee said quietly, so quietly that Jewel wasn’t quite sure she had heard her right.

“Huh? What do you mean Ash?” Jewel heard Jessica ask.

“I put this on for you to see me in,” Ashlee said, nearly sending Jewel sprawling down to the floor in shock.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Did she just hear what she thought she heard? And did it mean what she thought it meant? Jewel was desperate to hear more, but Ashlee’s voice was

getting softer and less easy to hear. Jewel crouched down on her knees, pressing her ear to the wall like she wanted to bust right through it to try and hear

something…anything to elaborate on what had just come out of Ashlee’s mouth.

“Ashlee don’t,” Jessica said firmly.

“I can’t help it Jess,” Ashlee claimed.

Jewel had a lot of trouble hearing what was said after that. Cursing herself for not having super powers to see and hear through walls, Jewel thought she heard movement

and then…no…it couldn’t be…kissing? No fucking way. It wasn’t possible. Jewel was pretty experienced with the sounds of girls kissing, but she had to be imagining this.

Didn’t she? There was no way that could be the sound of romantic kissing.

“No. Ashlee stop. Get off me, Jessica insisted, giving Jewel even more reason to believe what she thought were kisses wasn’t just wishful thinking on her part.

“I want you Jessica,” Ashlee said. Her voice was softly descending into whisper now, but Jewel could still hear enough. “I never stopped wanting you. Ughhhhhh I’ve been

dying to say this for so long, but I just couldn’t. I wanted to when all the stuff was happening with Nick. But I was too scared. Now I just have to. Please Jessica. I need

you. I want us to be together, just like we were when we were growing up.”

“Things were different then,” Jessica declared firmly. “We can’t. We just can’t. It’s wrong.”

“It never felt wrong to me,” Ashlee said back, unaware that this confession had an audience. “And I know it didn’t feel wrong to you either. Remember you were the one who

begged me to lick you every night. You were the one who wanted to come so badly you offered yourself up to your own sister. You got me hooked on this so you can’t

pretend it didn’t mean anything to you now.”

Jewel felt like the world had just tilted off its axis and was bouncing back and forth between the other planets. What the fuck was going on here? This couldn’t really be

happening. She couldn’t have just stumbled on a secret of this magnitude.

“That was a long time ago…things changed,” Jessica replied and Jewel could easily detect the uncertainty in her voice.

“I miss you Jessica,” Ashlee pressed as Jewel tried to hear every word like she was listening in on top secret terrorist planning and the fate of the nation depended on her

hearing the conversation. “I miss what we used to do. Mmmmm and I miss how good we used to make each other feel. When everything was happening to me all I wanted

was for you to make me feel good like you used to. And when everything with Nick was happening to you I wanted to make you feel good. But I was too scared. Now I

can’t help it anymore. I love you so much. I need you Jessica. I need you to fuck me.”

Jewel was shocked she hadn’t fainted by now. This was big. This was almost as big as the secrets in Malibu. After all she’d done, Jewel felt like nothing could ever

surprise her. But this…this was both the most shocking and the hottest thing Jewel felt she had ever heard since the day Jennifer Aniston had told her what was really

going on at the mansion. In all the fantasies she’d just had about Jessica and Ashlee, the thought of the two sisters together seemed too remote to even consider. But

now…now Jewel’s head was filled with the searing hot images of what those two were like naked and exploring the same lusts she had.

The thought of Jessica and Ashlee not only engaging in lesbian sex, but incest was making her heart pound with arousal and her whole body tingle while her mind whirled in

disbelief that something like this was even real and not just a crazy delusion.

“No Ashlee…please…” Jessica begged, her voice filled with confusion and reluctance. “Don’t do this. Don’t tempt me. I stopped doing that a long time ago. It was


“Stopped? Yeah right, don’t lie to me Jessica,” Ashlee said, her voice getting a little louder. “I know what you and CaCee are doing. So don’t act like Miss Innocent.”

“How? How did you know?” Jessica demanded, not offering any denial to Ashlee’s charge that she was having sex with her assistant and longtime friend. “That…that was

just one time. It…it…I…uhhhh…”

“I heard you talking to her one night about it on your cell when you thought no one was around,” Ashlee explained with an interruption. “Oh Jess, I was so pissed at you that

night because you were fucking her and not me but it turned me on so much to think of you and her together that I fingered myself that night dreaming of you and that’s

when I knew I had to have you again.”

“Please don’t say any more,” Jessica continued to plead. “I just can’t. You’re my sister Ashlee. It wasn’t right what we did. We can’t do it again. I can’t believe you’re

saying this to me. We stopped doing that years ago.”

“Yeah but I haven’t stopped wanting it,” Ashlee insisted. “Remember Jessica? Remember how good it felt? Remember how good it was when we’d wait for mom and dad to

fall asleep and I’d crawl into your bed and we’d lick each other all night long. Mmmmm it was so naughty and it felt incredible. I came so many times and I know you did

too Jessica. Don’t pretend you didn’t love it too.”

“I did,” Jessica admitted as Jewel hung on every word. “I loved it Ashlee. You were incredible. I won’t lie. It always felt so good. But we just can’t. We can’t do that


“But I just want to show you how much I love you,” Ashlee claimed. “Why won’t you let me love you?”

“I love you too Ashlee,” Jessica said. “But I love you like a sister. I can’t love you like we used to anymore. I just can’t.”

“Damn it Jess, why are you being such a bitch about this? Stop saying you can’t when I know deep down you want it as bad as I do!” Ashlee demanded before Jewel heard

her open the door of the dressing room and storm out, closing the door behind her.

With the conversation over, Jewel fell to the floor. Suddenly her outfits and everything else mattered not. All she could think about was the staggering secret she had just

learned and wonder how she could possibly turn this into fun that none of the three of them would ever forget.

The simple answer occurred to her like a light shining down from above. Of course. It was perfect. The solution was right there the whole time and a smile crossed Jewel’s

face as she pictured what potentially could happen. She knew just what she had to do now.

* * * * *

For someone trying to escape all thought of Malibu and what she was missing by not being there, Sarah knew she was doing a pretty bad job of it. Not only had she

allowed herself her vivid fantasy that morning in the shower, but now she was sitting down to lunch with someone whose mere presence reminded Sarah of all she’d given


Once upon a time Sarah and Alyson Hannigan had been mere best friends but then they had crossed the line and become lovers. At first Sarah had been afraid it would

hurt their friendship, but the bond between them had grown even stronger.

Unfortunately that meant Sarah couldn’t help but look at her friend and be constantly reminded of all they’d shared. Just seeing Alyson gave Sarah visions of their first time

in the hot tub when they had admitted their lusts for one another and traded kisses that had quickly progressed to the first of countless orgasms they had given each other.

Sarah’s brain summoned the memory of that day as well as the time they had rocked Alyson’s trailer on the set with a double ended dildo and the time they had teamed up

to seduce Charisma Carpenter and many of the other times they had brought each other, and their mutual friends, to the heights of ecstasy. And of course Sarah couldn’t

look at Alyson without remembering the party her friend had organized for her that had ended up being an all girl orgy filled with the most beautiful women in the world.

Alyson’s gift had still had Sarah’s pussy quivering months after it had happened, even though the night ended in sadness for her.

But Sarah wanted to concentrate on her marriage. She didn’t want to be thinking about the friends and lovers she had left behind in Malibu. Being with Alyson didn’t let her

do that, yet Sarah couldn’t help it. She had already given up so much to commit herself to Freddie. She couldn’t give up her best friend too even if being with her filled her

with the desires she tried so hard to stifle.

Every time Alyson spoke, Sarah pictured reaching over the table to kiss her friend’s sexy lips and before long Sarah was daydreaming about ripping the redhead’s clothes off

and turning her beautiful body into lunch right on the table in the middle of the restaurant, giving all the other early-afternoon patrons a nasty show they’d never forget.

Each word out of Alyson’s mouth reminded Sarah of how she sounded when she moaned in pleasure and how Alyson always got so wonderfully demanding and profane just

before she came. It was impossible to stifle these thoughts when she was sitting so close to her beautiful friend that Sarah finally gave up and let a dreamy look pass over

her face.

Alyson couldn’t help but notice the look and immediately know exactly what was causing it.

“I’m so glad you called me today,” Alyson said, reaching over the table and squeezing Sarah’s hand in what looked like a friendly gesture to anyone walking by, but meant

so much more to the two girls.

“I miss you Aly,” Sarah admitted. “I feel like I never see you anymore.”

Whose fault is that, Alyson said to herself. She didn’t vocalize that thought though. She didn’t want to fight with Sarah. She was just happy to spend any time with her she

could and she didn’t want to ruin it by bringing up all the unresolved emotions between them.

“I’m here anytime you want me…or need me,” Alyson said instead, letting her words linger. She knew Sarah got what she meant so she didn’t say anything more.

Alyson missed her best friend for many reasons and while sex wasn’t the most important of all of them, it still was a pretty damn big one. She had loved how Sarah had

made her feel when they kissed and touched and especially when they had licked each other. For so long Alyson had considered Sarah so untouchable that she hadn’t

even bothered fantasizing about her supposedly straight friend. But when they had finally admitted their secrets to each other, shock had given way to ecstasy.

Each time she had been with Sarah had been heaven for Alyson. Her sexual kinks were numerous and wide ranging, but when she was with her friend Alyson just wanted

to make her feel good. For someone who loved being in control, Alyson all too easily felt the need to worship Sarah. But she didn’t question that. She just let herself enjoy

it and all the orgasms that came with it.

Alyson missed feeling that good. She missed spending time with Sarah and doing all the things normal best friends were supposed to do, but Alyson would have been

fooling herself if she didn’t admit that she was desperate to fuck Sarah again and show her the error of her ways. Around Christmas, the two had ended up in a series of

kisses, but it had ended before they had gone too far and Alyson had been left disappointed and wanting.

Sarah didn’t say anything to Alyson’s offer. She frowned slightly as the pangs of regret once again fell over her. She wanted Alyson too. Her friend had no idea how good

that offer sounded. She wanted to drag Alyson to the ladies room and lick her dry and then force her pretty red head between her legs to make her give her the ecstasy she

so craved. But she couldn’t. She just couldn’t go down that path again now that she was married.

But that didn’t mean that Sarah wanted to stop the conversation. Alyson was her strongest link to her old life and Sarah needed to know a few things, so she slightly shifted

the subject. She had to fight off this question every time she was with Alyson, but today she just couldn’t do it. She had to know.

“Have you been there recently?” Sarah asked, knowing she didn’t have to spell out where “there” was.

Alyson paused for a moment to consider her answer. Part of her wanted to tell Sarah that she hadn’t been to the mansion in months, that she’d broken away from the girls

as a show of solidarity with her best friend. But not only would that have been an outright lie and Alyson sensed that wasn’t the answer Sarah wanted.

Lies were unnecessary. Sarah wanted the truth so Alyson nodded her head.

“How is everyone?” Sarah immediately blurted out in response. She wasn’t looking for juicy details of what Alyson had done and to whom. Since she hadn’t seen any of her

former housemates in so long, Sarah just wanted to know everyone was allright.

“Everyone’s ok,” Alyson reported. “I mean it’s different now without you, but it’s not like the place turned into a nunnery or anything.”

Sarah smiled over the preposterous idea that her former housemates would stop their fun. She never would have expected that. To girls like Rose it would have been

tantamount to death. But Sarah wanted more details. It had taken her this long to muster up the will to ask Alyson that question. She wasn’t going to settle just for a

general answer.

“Tell me everything Aly,” Sarah urged. “How’s Rose? And Jen? And everyone.”

“Rose is still Rose,” Alyson replied with a smile, thinking back to the last time she had been there and how Rose had pounded her from behind with Mr. Snappy as she

begged for more, that is when her tongue wasn’t busy lapping up sweet girl juice from Jewel’s pussy.

“She’s as hot as ever,” Alyson continued, still thinking back to how Rose continued to stretch her out as a series of girls fucked her face. All the mansion’s regulars were

there along with a few special guests in what had been quite a naughty cocktail party. “Rose just never seems to not want to have fun, you know?”

“Oh I know,” Sarah said, returning Alyson’s smile as she thought back to a few sexy memories of her own. She wished she and Alyson could get graphic with this

conversation, but they were still in a public place and there had to be discretion.

“I know she’s got that trial thing hanging over her head, but I never hear her talk about it and it doesn’t seem like anything bothers her,” Alyson went on. “She’s so wild and

mmmmm still knows just how to make us all feel good.”

“Ohhhh,” Sarah sighed wistfully. She missed her hedonistic housemate and was happy to finally have someone she could admit it too. “And Jen? How is she?”

“It’s been tough,” Alyson said. “But everyone’s been there to give her support and I think she must be sick of hugs by now. No one’s letting her get too down about the

divorce or the baby or anything.”

Sarah nodded her head and felt guilt flow through her heart. She had wanted to call Jennifer up when the divorce made the front pages but she hadn’t been able to find the

courage to do it. She felt so much shame about being caught by Jennifer that night as she had tried to sneak out and how the elevator had closed between them with such


Plus Sarah was afraid the second she heard her friend’s voice she would have started bawling and begging Jennifer to forgive her and let her come home to Malibu.

“I feel so bad,” Sarah admitted and Alyson squeezed her hand again. The redhead wanted to say something, Sarah could tell, but she held her tongue so the former slayer

spoke again.

“Do they…” Sarah began, asking the question that had been burning inside her, before the redhead interrupted her, knowing exactly where she was going.

“They all do,” Alyson answered without hesitation. “God, Sarah they want you to come back so bad. They don’t say it, but I can see it in their eyes. Love totally misses

you like crazy. It’s obvious. They all miss you. They want you to come home.”

“Ohhhhh,” Sarah groaned as regret threatened to completely overwhelm her. Sarah was visibly holding back tears and Alyson squeezed her hand harder. She felt terrible

about them missing her, especially Love.

“You don’t have to do this to yourself Sarah,” Alyson said. “You can go back anytime you want. Why are you denying yourself? Why are you punishing yourself when you

didn’t do anything wrong?”

“I can’t go back,” Sarah insisted. “Things are different now. I’m married. I can’t destroy my marriage because I’m not able control myself. I can’t let what happened to Jen

happen to me.”

“But what if being married isn’t what you really want?” Alyson gently offered.

“Don’t say that Aly,” Sarah said. “Please don’t.”

“I just want you to be happy Sarah,” Alyson sighed. “I don’t think Freddie makes you happy. I never have. You want him to be the one, but he’s not Sarah. You’re denying

who you are by staying away. And you’re hurting everyone by not talking to them.”

“I never wanted to hurt anyone,” Sarah declared, trying in vain to keep her emotions in check.

“I know sweetie, but that’s what you’re doing now,” Alyson said. “They need you there. They really miss you.”

“I have to think of my marriage,” Sarah defended herself. “I needed to commit to Freddie. I love him.”

“You can keep telling yourself that Sarah, but it doesn’t make it true,” Alyson pointed out, saying everything she’d been wanting to say for so long.

“Stop it Aly,” Sarah softly requested as she tried valiantly to keep from crying right in the restaurant.

“I don’t want to make you upset, Sarah,” Alyson said, her hand never leaving Sarah’s. “You’re my best friend and I love you. I’m worried about you. You should be at the

mansion, where there’s real love for you. Ask yourself Sarah, deep down are you really happy?”

Sarah didn’t say anything in response but it wasn’t because she was angry at her friend. It was because she had no answer to Alyson’s question. She didn’t want to think

about it and she knew it was because she was afraid what the answer might be.

* * * * *

Back at the mansion, Jessica was happily playing tour guide and, as an extra bonus, she wasn’t shy about confessing all the naughty things that had gone on in

each and every one of the rooms they walked through. Tales of girl on girl debauchery in the kitchen, the game room, the media center, the mud room, the gym, the

showers, the walk in closets and even the hallways, leapt off her lips and into the very eager ears of Stacy Keibler.

“Wow,” the statuesque blonde marveled over and over again as she got her first full view of the place. The one time she had been here, she had pretty much only

been inside the media center and she had been much too distracted by participating in a raucous orgy to take much notice of anything but the gorgeous female bodies

around her. Now she could properly appreciate Jessica’s majestic home.

“I can’t believe you live here,” Stacy said. “I wouldn’t be able to handle it all if I was here. I think I’d explode from too much pleasure. I’d just be drooling non stop

and wouldn’t even be able to move or do anything else.”

“Well after awhile it starts to lose its allure,” Jessica confided, frowning slightly. “I mean like anything you start to get sick of it after a while. There’s just too many

hot girls here to keep up with and there’s way too much sex. It’s really easy to get burned out and tired of being with girls non stop.”

Jessica let a shocked expression cross over Stacy’s face before she broke into the smile she’d been stifling since she’d started spinning her lie.

“Just kidding,” Jessica laughed. “There’s no such thing as too much sex.”

Stacy looked visibly relieved as Jessica grabbed her hand and pulled her down the hallway.

“C’mon,” Jessica urged. “I want to show you the best room here.”

Stacy was just happy Jessica had been kidding. She hadn’t wanted to finally get back here only to find Jessica was losing interest in being with girls. That would

have been too cruel a twist of fate. It had been far too long for Stacy and she didn’t think she’d be able to live with herself if she hadn’t found the courage to come here and

get herself laid. She didn’t want anything to stop that from happening.

Of course sex wasn’t the only thing they talked about. Jessica and Stacy also took advantage of the full tour to catch up with everything that had happened in

their lives since they had last talked. Jessica kept in touch pretty frequently with Trish, so she had a clue what was going on with her fellow Divas, but it was always good to

hear news straight from the source.

Stacy seemed really pumped about the new direction her career and life was taking and Jessica offered to help her wherever she could. Stacy’s meetings and

auditions had gone pretty well so far and she was more hopeful than ever that she could really turn her big chance on network TV into a lasting acting career.

“I mean I really liked going out there and having all those fans cheer for me and knowing how I could drive them crazy by showing a little flesh and teasing them like

that, but it’s really time for me to move on,” Stacy said as she and Jessica talked about the end of her career in WWE. “I really hadn’t been doing much the past year there

and I’ve been kind of afraid more and more that I could really get hurt. I’ve seen too many people really get banged up out there and they’re real wrestlers, not like me. I

wouldn’t know what to do if I’d broken a leg or torn muscles or something. Or worse. I’ve always been kind of scared of hurting my neck like Amy did that one time.”

“Yeah at least out here you get stunt people, but then again that doesn’t always help,” Jessica said as she remembered it had been one screwed up stunt on the

Dark Angel set which had sent Amy to the shelf for more than a year. “Trish tells me about all the crazy things you guys have to do and I don’t know how you all do it. I’d

be hiding in the trainer’s room all the time if I had to do all that crazy stuff and hobbling in on fake crutches so they’d just let me go home.”

“The schedule in WWE is just so intense,” Stacy admitted. “I mean it was actually easier to go through all that dance training. I need a chance to relax a little

and then see if I can make it out here.”

“Well anytime you want to relax, you can just sneak over here,” Jessica offered, squeezing Stacy’s hand and getting the blonde to smile even wider. “Now I wanna

show you the best room in the whole mansion.”

“Ooooooh a bedroom,” Stacy giggled as Jessica led her into her room. “Whatever could we do in here?”

“Mmmm I can think of a few things,” Jessica said, turning the taller woman around and pressing their lips together.

“So can I,” Stacy mumbled before returning the kiss passionately. They had certainly kissed their hellos when Stacy had first arrived and they had been very

touchy feely throughout the whole tour, their hands rarely leaving each other’s grasp, but now they were really letting their desires flow and Stacy’s kiss was even more

enthusiastic than Jessica’s was.

“Ooooh you’re eager,” Jessica giggled as she was left gasping for breath when Stacy finally pulled away.

“I’ve really been looking forward to this,” Stacy admitted as she blushed ever so slightly. “I’ve been needing to this for so long.”

“Awww why didn’t you just call me when you were shooting the show?” Jessica asked. “I would have loved to come and see you dance in person and mmmmm

give you a little backstage support.”

“I would have loved that,” Stacy said. “Ohhhhh I would have really loved that. I just wish I could have. It’s just that I…never mind.”

“No, what?” Jessica pressed.

“Forget about it,” Stacy requested. “It’s really silly. You’ll think I’m weird or something.”

“Believe me sweetie, I’ve seen and done enough to not think anyone’s weird,” Jessica claimed. “Now spill it. You’ve gotten me really curious.”

“Well it seems really dumb now,” Stacy said, her blush growing. “But I had this crazy idea that while during the competition I shouldn’t be wasting any energy and

so I…ummm…God…I was so stupid…I stopped having sex.”

That definitely took Jessica by surprise. Not having sex was a rare confession within these walls.

“Wow, wasn’t that like over two months?” Jessica marveled.

“Uh huh,” Stacy groaned, showing she was still kicking herself for it. “It really seemed like a good idea at the time. You know, I’d have all that pent up energy and

I’d burn it off by dancing and all that sexual energy I kept inside me would make me seem hotter and get people to vote for me because I looked so sexy. But I never

thought it was going to be that rough. I mean I’ve always had this problem about getting…you know…a little turned on when I work out and it was like a hundred times

worse when I was dancing. But I was too stubborn to change my mind and I think it really hurt me because I didn’t let loose in my last dance. That’s why I lost. I wasn’t

sexy enough or wild enough. I was too tense and tight from not getting laid. I ended up hurting myself in the competition because of it.”

“Yikes,” Jessica replied, not judging Stacy but wondering what the poor woman had to go through. “I know what you were thinking though. I can be pretty

stubborn about bad ideas too. Once I was a born again Christian and even though my family tried to talk me out of it, I was like getting up at dawn to pray and wearing

these really long clothes that didn’t show anything at all.”

“I don’t believe that,” Stacy laughed as she eyed Jessica in her tight t-shirt cut off at her midriff to show off her sparking belly ring and shorts that hugged her drool

inducing curves. “No way.”

“I totally was,” Jessica joined Stacy in the laugh over her past. “I was like super God girl. I was the Ned Flanders of my family. But ummmm I’ve regressed since

then. I think I’m totally going to hell now for sure. Mmmm but I’m having lots more fun.”

“Well if you’re going there you can take me with you,” Stacy smiled.

“It’s a deal,” Jessica said before craning up and giving Stacy another long kiss. The two girls caressed each other through their clothes and passionately sucked

on each other’s tongues as they inched closer and closer to Jessica’s bed, where they both so obviously wanted to be.

“You’re right, this is the best room in the place,” Stacy sighed as the kiss ended. She had been without a woman’s touch for so long since she’d been away from

her sexy fellow Divas and Jessica’s lips were heaven to her. “I still can’t believe you live here now. This whole place is incredible. It’s so huge and every room is


“We’ve done a little redecorating recently,” Jessica said. “Jennifer told me this place used to be like this really high class bordello and that’s why they’ve got so

many bedrooms. They had all these crazy themes but we turned most of them into normal bedrooms. Except for the dungeon. Mmmm we kept that just the way it


Jessica gave an evil little cackle when she said that last part and Stacy’s mind immediately whirled as to what could be in that room. It hadn’t been a part of their


“Oooooh you’ll have to take me down there and show me that,” Stacy said.

“Only if you’re a bad girl that needs to be punished,” Jessica teased as she ran her fingers up Stacy’s top until she reached her nipples, which were beginning to

do some serious poking against her clothes, and began gently toying with them.

“Mmmmm I’ll be whatever you want me to be if you don’t stop doing that,” Stacy groaned. She’d never been tied up or anything like that before, but she had a

feeling she would have let Jessica and her friends do just about anything to her.

“Silly girl,” Jessica declared as she began playing more seriously with Stacy’s tits through her bright red top. “You never should have cut yourself off from sex.

Mmmm you looked gorgeous on that show every week. I wanted you so bad when I’d see you dance. You looked amazing out there. I’d remember how hot you were when

we fucked and I’d get so wet for you watching the show.”

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss mmmmm I’d get wet out there too,” Stacy confessed as pleasure coursed through her body from the touch of Jessica’s soft hands to

her chest and the feel of her lips on her neck, kissing her sensitive flesh and leaving tingles in her wake. “I was going crazy not getting any sex. I’d get so worked up out

there dancing and I’d never be able to get any relief. Ooooooh the second the show ended I think I wore out like a box of vibrators and jumped on the first hot guy I saw but it

still wasn’t enough. I needed more. Mmmm I needed a woman. I needed you Jessica.”

“Didn’t any of those naughty little wrestling sluts help you?” Jessica inquired in between kisses to Stacy’s neck as she moved her hands off her tits and onto her

toned arms, caressing her skin and running her fingers over her muscles.

Stacy’s whole body was whipped into strong shape, but she was never too muscular, just spectacularly toned. Even with all the training and exercise she endured every

day, Jessica felt envy that her arms weren’t this toned. Maybe she’d have to make Stacy her personal trainer or something. Jessica already had an idea of a payment plan

they could both live with.

“Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmm I wanted them to,” Stacy groaned, reliving her frustration. “I wanted them all so bad. Trish and Amy and Maria and all of them. But we couldn’t

make the schedules work to hook up. It was so crazy. I need you so bad Jessica. I haven’t been with a woman in months. I’m going crazy without it and I need you to help

me Jess. Please help me. I need to fuck a woman.”

“I can definitely help you with that,” Jessica giggled. “Dr. Jessica knows just what will make you feel good, baby. Mmmmm you should have called me the second the show

ended. I’m an easy lay for hot girls like you Stacy.”

Stacy was going to say something back, but before the words could leave her lips they turned into a garbled, carnal groan as Jessica popped open the top of her jeans and

slid her hand inside. Stacy’s whole body tensed up and jolts of pleasure shot up her spine to her brain. Jessica’s uninvited gesture was certainly appreciated and it took

only a second for Stacy to respond by humping herself against the actress’ hand.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yeahhhh,” Stacy hissed. “That’s it Jess! That’s what I need! Touch me! Fuck me! Please!”

“Patience,” Jessica advised knowing fully well that was exactly what Stacy had little of right now. “I’m gonna fuck you Stacy. I’m gonna fuck you so good you’re gonna

think it was actually worth waiting this long to be with a woman. Mmmm but first lets get you on the bed and get you naked.”

As much as she didn’t want to wait even a second to feel the bliss she was fully aware Jessica could give her, anything involving Jessica’s bed and nudity sounded very

good to Stacy, especially when Jessica pulled her hand out of her jeans and began softly licking the dampness which had coated it. Stacy couldn’t help but join in, leaning

her tongue in and tasting her own juices, knowing there were plenty more where that came from for Jessica to taste.

This time it was Stacy who took the lead and grabbed Jessica’s hand, leading the woman to her own bed. Stacy was about to throw herself down onto it when she saw the

reading material Jessica had on her nightstand.

“And where did this come from?” Stacy saucily inquired as she picked up the open WWE Divas’ 2006 Lingerie Magazine and saw it was open to the pages which featured

her in a pink and black bra and panties set. “Enjoying your reading, you naughty girl?”

“Trish sent it to me,” Jessica smiled. “Mmmm I couldn’t help but tease myself a little today with your pictures before you got here. You’ve got such a great body Stacy. I

just wish you guys hadn’t gone all the way to cold New York to shoot those pictures. You should have done it right here.”

“Oh we couldn’t have done that,” Stacy pointed out with the vixenish smile that had sent many WWE fans’ libidos soaring over the years. “We had to keep our lingerie on in

the pictures and if we were here none of us would have wanted any clothes on. All we would have wanted was to be naked and fuck you all.”

Both Stacy and Jessica smiled and shared the same thought about how that would have been the best photo shoot ever and they quickly fell back into another passionate

kiss. Jessica asserted herself on the blonde again, pressing herself into Stacy and lowering the wrestler down onto her bed. Stacy didn’t fight her lover off in the slightest

and was soon flat on her back as Jessica leaned down to kiss her and play with her body.

“Speaking of getting clothes off, let’s get you naked,” Jessica said, giving Stacy one last kiss before moving down her body. Stacy sucked on her lower lip with anticipation

as she pictured her celibacy from another woman’s touch finally ending.

There had been so many long, lonely nights when she had dreamed of Trish or Jessica or any of her beautiful female lovers going down on her and fucking her so good she’d

be delirious with pleasure. But those had just been fantasies. This was finally going to be the real thing and nothing was better than that.

Stacy was nearly writhing on the bed in anticipation of Jessica’s touch against her naked skin, but the actress skipped over her top and jeans and instead started slowly, by

getting Stacy’s shoes off. This wasn’t nearly fast enough for the leggy blonde who just wanted Jessica to tear off her clothes and feast on the flesh underneath, but as soon

as her shoes hit the floor and were followed by her socks, Jessica moved upward with Stacy’s jeans as her goal.

Because of Jessica’s earlier explorations, the former wrestler’s jeans were open enough to show the pink panties underneath, which had Jessica licking her lips. Some girls

were made for pink panties and Stacy Keibler was absolutely one of them.

Jessica really liked this girl. Stacy had such a sweet personality and Jessica had already seen how much fun she could be in bed. She was hoping if Stacy really did take

up acting they’d be able to see much more of each other. Liking her as a person made Jessica even more eager to pleasure Stacy and give her the sexual relief she so

clearly needed.

“I’m going to make you feel so, so good,” Jessica promised as she opened Stacy’s jeans up and pulled them off her body, exposing her visibly wet panties and, even more

eye catchingly, her awe inspiring 42-inch legs. Jessica hadn’t seen them in the flesh in years and pictures and TV couldn’t truly do them justice, so having them before her

took her breath away.

“You like?” Stacy playfully asked, taking her left leg and rubbing it against Jessica’s body, caressing her through her clothes. “Touch me Jessica. Just like you promised.

Make me come. Please!”

Jessica didn’t even need the please to snap out of her trance and get to work. She couldn’t just look at work of art like Stacy’s body. She had to touch it. But Jessica

didn’t go right for Stacy’s panties. Instead she indulged herself in the woman’s impossibly long legs. Crawling onto the bed beside her lover, Jessica began kissing up

Stacy’s left leg, pressing her lips to every inch of her smooth flesh.

“Oooooooooh,” Stacy cooed blissfully as Jessica lavished affection on her legs. The wetness in her panties was growing by the second and each kiss to her legs sent an

electric current of ecstasy through her body. She couldn’t help but softly caress herself through her panties, making her arousal even more visible against the pale pink


There was so much of Stacy’s body that Jessica found arousing. It was so hard to concentrate on just one part of her when there was her gorgeous face, pert tits and of

course her sweet, juicy pussy all demanding her attention. But Jessica couldn’t help but indulge herself at Stacy’s legs, kissing and licking at the tan, baby smooth flesh.

Jessica kept Stacy flat on her back and lifted up her left leg as she kissed her way up her thighs. Stacy was panting for more, but Jessica didn’t stop her exploration of the

blonde’s body. She inched her way closer and closer to Stacy’s pussy, but at the very second she was closest she skipped right over and moved to her right leg and began

kissing and licking there, leaving a saliva trail in her wake.

“Mmmmmmm so good…so good,” Stacy moaned as she ground her ass into the bedspread. It had been too long since anyone had made her feel pleasure like this. The

past months had been fun but stressful and she had been on edge so often, but Jessica was giving her just the kind of relaxation she needed. Jessica knew how to make

everything feel wonderful and she was getting wetter by the second.

Jessica certainly noticed this, especially as she spread Stacy’s legs, forcing her pink panties to cling to her body as her arousal soaked them. Jessica could make out

every inch of Stacy’s pussy through her panties, even the fact that the girl kept herself as smoothly shaven as she had when they had first encountered each other that day

in the steam room.

“God you’re so wet,” Jessica grinned. Stacy’s arousal was like a seductive perfume and Jessica could practically taste her already. She was getting such a rush having

this girl, who had seemed so composed and poised dancing on live television every week panting in heat in her bed.

“Not just wet, I’m fucking soaked,” Stacy groaned in lustful need while continuing to rub herself. “Please Jessica please. Make me come. Make me fucking come so hard I

can feel it all the way in my toes like you did that time in the steam room and back at your place and that time we were here…ooooooh you always fuck me so good and I

need you to do it to me now! Please don’t make me wait any longer! Fuck me! Fuck the pussy you got so fucking wet!”

Jessica giggled as she pictured all the middle America conservatives who flocked to their sets every week to watch a wholesome dancing show seeing Stacy now, cursing

dirty talk past her beautiful lips and begging another woman to fuck her. But that amusing notion did nothing to distract her from what she knew had to be done. As much

as she enjoyed the feel of Stacy’s legs against her lips, there were other places her lips wanted to be much more.

So she let Stacy’s leg right leg drop back down to the bed and began kissing over the blonde’s thighs again. This time she didn’t skip over anything and when she got to

Stacy’s panties, Jessica’s brushed her hand away and planted a sexy kiss right on the material as it clung tightly to Stacy’s cunt lips. Jessica made out with Stacy’s

pussy through her panties, pushing the material past her tight slit and sliding her tongue over it, soaking it with her saliva as well as Stacy’s juices.

“Oooooooooh fuck!” Stacy cried out when Jessica’s tongue first swiped itself against her pussy. She didn’t care if her panties were still on. All that mattered was that she

had a beautiful woman’s tongue licking her. That first lick was all it took for Stacy to realize Jessica had gotten even better at this since the last time they had been


The pleasure from Jessica sucking at her pussy lips and licking at her slit had Stacy’s back arching up from the bed with pleasure. The girl’s moans and happy sighs got

Jessica licking faster and she felt she probably could make Stacy come just from doing this. But that wasn’t what Jessica wanted. She didn’t want Stacy’s panties

soaking up all those yummy girl juices. Her tongue was too greedy for them to share even a drop.

Jessica pulled away and Stacy let out a reflexive, alarmed gasp. But it took not even a second to see her fears were unwarranted. Jessica wasn’t stopping. Far from it.

Instead the gorgeous actress reached up, hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down.

However, just as soon as she started, Jessica stopped, grinned as if struck by inspiration and changed course.

“Turn over,” Jessica instructed. Stacy didn’t quite know what her lover was up to, but she definitely trusted Jessica so she obeyed without hesitation.

“Oh my,” Jessica lustfully marveled as Stacy revealed the cut of her panties was a g-string and it barely covered even an inch of her stunning ass. The tiny pink string slid

perfectly between her cheeks, making her toned, tan ass even more of a succulent sight. If Jessica had thought Stacy’s legs were great, she couldn’t take her eyes off her


“God, I can’t get over how great your butt is,” Jessica said and Stacy responded by lifting herself up off the bed slightly and giving her ass a little shake. “I almost forgot how

amazing it looks up close.”

“Bad girl, how could you forget something like that?” Stacy teased. “Mmmm now give it a kiss to make up for being forgetful.”

“I’m going to give it more than that,” Jessica grinned before she did as instructed and planted a kiss on each of Stacy’s ass cheeks. Stacy groaned from each kiss and

Jessica revealed her true intentions by letting her mouth take over what her fingers had started.

Gripping the waistband of Stacy’s g-string with her teeth, Jessica bit down on it and began dragging the panties off her body. This provoked immediate feedback.

“Oooooooooh that’s it Jessica,” Stacy cried. “Get my panties off me. Naughty girl. Get those panties off with your mouth. Show me how bad you want me. I want you at

my pussy while you’re drooling over my ass baby. Ughhhhh so many people would email me and say they watched the show and begged for a chance to fuck me, but

you’re the only one who gets to do it Jess. You’re the only one who gets to strip my hot panties off with your teeth and get at my soaking wet fucking pussy.”

Even though she was supposed to be the experienced seductress giving the desperately horny girl what she was begging for, Jessica found her heart racing with

excitement. She loved how naughty this all made her feel, to be fully dressed in her own bed and tugging down a beautiful woman’s soaked panties with her teeth. Jessica

felt so primal and sexual taking Stacy like this and her pussy was doing some serious soaking of its own against her shorts.

The journey down Stacy’s legs was a long one, but it was well worth the effort for Jessica as she pulled down the blonde’s tiny panties. She loved being able to look back at

her handiwork as she completely exposed Stacy’s ass, pulling away the string to show nothing but bare cheek and the wet lips of her drooling slit from behind.

It was hard for Jessica to not abandon her efforts as soon as she saw Stacy’s tight cunt lips so she could just bury her tongue inside that pink treat and lick up the wetness

dripping out of it like fresh morning dew, but she restrained herself and got Stacy’s panties all the way off. When she finally got them down to Stacy’s ankles, Jessica

dropped them from her mouth and pulled them off her body with a quick tug of her hands before throwing them on the floor next to the blonde’s jeans.

Stacy didn’t want to wait for the pleasure she knew was immanent and Jessica didn’t want to wait to give it to her, but that didn’t mean the actress couldn’t take a moment

to admire the beauty in her bed. Stacy was completely bottomless, a fact made even sexier and more obvious by the fact that her bright red top contrasted with her naked

flesh and Jessica couldn’t decide what she liked seeing more, the former wrestler’s perfect ass as it rose and fell ever so slightly as Stacy writhed on her stomach or her

glistening slit, so tight and just hinting at the juicy delights which lay beyond it.

Of course Jessica knew she could easily have both and she spread open Stacy’s legs, opening her tightness for her hungry tongue, and dove in between them. Stacy

nearly growled with lust as Jessica’s tongue touched her bare pussy for the first time that day. Jessica began licking away at Stacy’s pussy from behind and massaged her

incredible ass with her hands while her tongue played.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!! Ohhhhhh fuck!!!!!” Stacy panted over and over again as Jessica’s tongue pushed inside her pussy and lapped away at her sensitive folds, brushing over

her clit and making her desperate for more. “Eat me Jessica! Gawwwwwwwd I’ve been dying for this for so damn long! Fuck me baby! Fuck me with that hot tongue!

Ooooooh you’re gonna make me soak your pretty face so fucking fast!”

Jessica could see Stacy hadn’t been lying about how hard up she was for another woman. She had just started licking and the girl was already close to orgasm. Jessica

made sure to indulge herself then since she didn’t have much time. She gripped her hands to Stacy’s ass, pressing down without using her nails to cop herself a long feel of

her lover’s perfect cheeks while she licked at her pussy, resting her tongue when she could by sucking on Stacy’s pussy lips and then on her soft folds, drawing the sweet,

girly juices right out of her and making the blonde feel pleasure course through her from head to toe.

Stacy cried out wantonly, her hands clawing at Jessica’s bedspread. Jessica was so much better than she remembered and her memories had set the bar pretty high.

Stacy couldn’t believe anyone could make her feel this good. Jessica was even better than Trish and the two blonde wrestlers had been exploring each other’s bodies for

years now.

Jessica’s tongue in her pussy was nothing but the most exquisite of pleasure as she licked at her soaked pinkness, slurping down her juices and stimulating her clit until it

was swollen, throbbing and oh so ready to explode.

“Ooooooooh more Jess! More!” Stacy begged. “Don’t stop licking me! Ohhhhhhhh fuck! How did you get so good at this baby? How did you get so good at making me


“Same way you got good at dancing sweetie,” Jessica said as her lips formed a juice coated grin. “Lots and lots of practice.”

Before Stacy could even get the words past her lips begging Jessica to keep licking, the actress dove back into Stacy and tongued her harder. Jessica’s tongue attacked

her lips as they swelled with desire, making them quiver and when she began thrusting inside her, tongue fucking her with wicked energy Stacy howled in needy


“Ahhhhhhhh it’s so fucking good!” Stacy cried out. “Tongue my pussy Jess! Make me fucking come like no one else can!”

Stacy’s whole body was in the grip of nervous tremors. She wanted to come so bad. Her arms and legs were filled with goosebumps and she could feel her heart pound in

her chest and her pulse race with energy.

Stacy’s nipples felt so hard that they were threatening to not only rip through her bra and top, but Jessica’s sheets as well. Her red top was wet with sweat now and it clung

to Stacy’s bottomless body as her grinding against the bed inched it up her back, giving Jessica a view of Stacy’s pink bra strap peeking out as she fed off her cunt.

Even as the pleasure filled her and brought her closer and closer to ecstasy with every lick from Jessica’s tongue, Stacy still had one wish. She thought Jessica was one of

the most beautiful girls she had ever seen and she wanted to be able to see her go down on her. She could only imagine how good the actress looked with her gorgeous

face pressed between her ass cheeks, licking away at her pussy. Stacy could certainly feel it, but she wanted more. She wanted to see it.

“Jess…ooooooooh Jessssssss…ahhhhh I wanna…wanna turn around,” Stacy managed to gasp out. “Wanna get on my back.”

Jessica didn’t want to stop licking, but this was an easy request to comply with. She ran her tongue over Stacy’s splayed labia one more time before pulling up and making

a show out of licking her lips clean of stray juices as Stacy turned herself over on the bed and got on her back. Her top was almost fused to her body from their exertions

and Jessica loved how Stacy’s nipples strained against the material.

Stacy’s chest rose and fell with quick breaths of anticipation and impatience. Jessica could make out every curve of her firm, natural tits through her top and she couldn’t

help herself from laying atop the dancing queen and kissing her passionately, pushing her tongue into her mouth so she could taste herself while she played with Stacy’s

tits through her top.

This got another series of happy, horny moans from Stacy and she eagerly sucked Jessica’s tongue while writhing from the pleasure of the girl’s hands on her tits. Jessica

still had all her clothes on, but all Stacy could concentrate on was her own half dressed state.

“Take it off,” Stacy moaned. “Take my top off. I need to feel you on my tits. I need to feel you all over my body.”

Pausing her kisses against Stacy’s lips, Jessica reached up and flipped the blonde’s top over her head with ease. The sweaty garment was carelessly tossed onto the bed

where it was quickly forgotten as Jessica moved her mouth to Stacy’s chest and greedily licked at her tits through her bra.

“Oooooooooh yeahhhhh,” Stacy dreamily sighed as she felt Jessica’s tongue lick at her nipples. “Mmmmm you make everything feel so good Jess! You know just what my

body needs, baby!”

As she moaned and trembled from Jessica’s mouth at her chest, Stacy arched up her back and unsnapped her own bra. She pulled it off and tossed it to the side so

Jessica could have at her flesh and the actress took full advantage. Stacy’s tits were so firm and capped off by pink diamond nipples that were almost red with swollen


Jessica opened up her mouth and sucked them whole, mouthing Stacy’s tits as her hand reached down and began toying with Stacy’s slit.

“Ughhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh fuck me!” Stacy hissed, demanding Jessica’s fingers inside her. When the actress complied, shoving two of her fingers into

Stacy’s cunt to pinch her clit as her other hand massaged whichever tit she was sucking Stacy let out a series of cries each one longer and hornier than the last.

“Oh God! Oh God! Ohhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!” Stacy cried. “Ooooooh getting close! I’m getting so fucking close to coming! Fuck me Jessica! Mmmmm shove your

fingers into my hot little cunt and fuck me hard! Ooooooooh you feel so good at my tits! Mmmm I love your tongue on my nipples baby! You can bite them Jess! Make me

fucking feel it!”

That was an invitation Jessica accepted without hesitation. She bit down on Stacy’s nipples, taking one rock hard pink point and then the other, sucking and biting them as

the girl writhed below her. Stacy’s hands went to the back of Jessica’s head, roughly playing with her hair and holding her down to her tits as her body tensed up from being

finger fucked.

Stacy was grunting and moaning as she begged for more. Jessica’s fingers penetrated her tightness again and again with thrusts that were hard, but steady. There was

nothing ragged about Jessica’s fingering. She had Stacy’s clit captured between her fingers and she rubbed it skillfully and thoroughly, driving her leggy lover up the wall

with pleasure.


“Uh uh,” Jessica immediately shot back. “You’re not gonna come on my fingers baby.”

Stacy breathlessly gasped, her head spinning as she tried to comprehend the idea that Jessica might stop before the girl gave her another wicked smile and finished her


“You’re gonna come all over my face,” Jessica promised before wiggling away from Stacy’s grip on her head and burying her face back into the former wrestler’s cunt.



That was just what Jessica did. She lashed at Stacy’s pussy as she roughly pushed her legs open to expose all the pink the wrestling goddess had to offer. Jessica

tongued Stacy’s pussy hard with precise, quick tongue strokes to lap up her juices and when she had gorged herself enough on Stacy’s sweet taste, Jessica went in for the


Her finger play had left Stacy’s clit throbbing and Jessica targeted it with her tongue and lips. She slapped Stacy’s bulging clitoris with her tongue, sending pleasure through

her like lightning striking and when she clamped her lips down on the swollen bud and sucked ferociously on it with all the energy she had, Stacy exploded against her face

with a shower of sweet, creamy girl cum.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Stacy screamed as she came, her hips bucking so hard and wildly against Jessica’s face that the

actress had to reach around back to grab her ass so she could steady her. “FUCK!!! FUCK!!!! OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS JESS!!! AHHHHHHHH


Stacy rocked the bed as she came, her head thrashing back and forth against Jessica’s pillows while her creaming cunt rubbed itself all over her lover’s face. Jessica’s

tongue tried to keep up at first with the force of Stacy’s orgasm, but she finally gave up and just let the girl hump against her face, feeding her delicious orgasmic cream and

soaking her skin in feminine essence.

Having an orgasm from another woman was like being reunited with her best friend and Stacy was beaming a smile a mile wide as she fell back onto the bed. As the last

tremors rushed through her, her naked body was flushed and sticky with sweat and sex glow but Stacy was by no means exhausted. Her orgasm took nothing out of her

and instead just made her want more. She had gone without for too long and now it was time to make up for lost time.

“C’mere,” Stacy said, taking Jessica’s hand in her own and pulling her up to her. She loved seeing Jessica’s face, which had graced so many magazine covers, soaked in

her cum, but she loved tasting it even more and she lavished kisses all over her lover’s skin, licking up her own juices and thanking the woman who had just given her such

intense pleasure.

Jessica and Stacy lay on the bed together, the actress on top of the wrestler as they kissed, trading their saliva and sucking on each other’s tongues while their hands

caressed soft female flesh. It was then Stacy finally took notice of what was so plainly obvious.

“You have way too many clothes on,” Stacy grinned.

“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about that Stacy?” Jessica asked seductively.

“Mmmm just this,” Stacy said before kissing Jessica again and executing a move they didn’t teach in wrestling training by flipping the actress over so she was the one flat

on her back.

Stacy kept kissing Jessica as she took the lead now and ran her hands over her lover’s body through her clothes. She kept the actress pinned under her for much longer

than a three count as she sucked her tongue and went for Jessica’s shorts. Stacy kept her eyes and lips on Jessica’s as she began lowering her lover’s shorts, but even

though she couldn’t see down there, her fingers made the discovery her eyes couldn’t.

“No panties? Oooooh naughty girl,” Stacy giggled.

“Why bother?” Jessica laughed. “Mmmm I knew I wasn’t going to be wearing them long anyway once you got here. Take my shirt off and you’ll see I’m not wearing a bra


Stacy had suspected that from the way Jessica had been jiggling before, but it was always nice to get confirmation and Stacy quickly saw her lover hadn’t been lying as she

lifted up her shirt. Jessica’s soft, beautiful tits quickly popped out as Stacy pulled the impediment to the girl’s flesh over her head and tossed it away to be forgotten with the

rest of their clothes.

Even though she hadn’t finished getting Jessica’s shorts off, Stacy went right for her friend’s tits. Having not been blessed with too generous a chest, Stacy always loved

playing with other girls’ boobs and Jessica was no exception to this rule. Unlike many of the enhanced women she worked and played with, Jessica was all natural and

Stacy delighted in the feel of her firm, young tits in her hands and mouth.

Now it was Jessica’s turn to moan with carnal desire. She had been completely ignoring her own pleasure as she worked to get Stacy off and the wrestler turned dancer

returned the favor with lustful enthusiasm. Stacy’s sexy hands caressed the curves of her tits as she kissed and licked into her cleavage and all over the hot mounds of girl

flesh, latching her lips to Jessica’s nipples and nursing at them, making the actress coo and sigh and moan out all the things Stacy wanted to hear.

“Mmmmmm baby, that feels so good,” Jessica sighed as she played with Stacy’s hair, gently stroking it as the blonde sucked on her tits. “Oh Stacy, you’re making me so

wet. I’d watch you every week and want to fuck you again just like we used to. Mmmmm I was so happy when you called me today. I’ve been wanting you bad for so


“You just made me feel so good Jessica,” Stacy said as she let Jessica’s wet, swollen nipple drop from her mouth. “Now I’m going to make you feel good. You gave my

body just what it needed and now it’s my turn to make you come. It’s my turn to get your pretty pussy off.”

Stacy returned to kissing and massaging Jessica’s tits, but only with one hand this time as the other one went to finish what she had started and get Jessica’s shorts all

the way off. She quickly found them right where she’d left them, around Jessica’s knees and she tugged them down with frantic grabs, not wanting to leave Jessica’s tits

even for a second. This proved to be a bit of a complication as she tried to get the shorts past Jessica’s ankles, but Stacy improvised and moved her leg up to grab at

Jessica’s shorts with her toes and do what her hand couldn’t.

Jessica’s shorts hit the floor, leaving her naked except for her sandals, but neither girl paid them any attention. They were too busy kissing and playing with each other’s

bare bodies to worry about footwear in any form. All the areas Stacy drooled over on Jessica’s body were exposed anyway.

Stacy’s lustful treatment of Jessica’s chest bordered on the worshipful. She kissed every inch of her lover’s tits and made sure both of Jessica’s nipples were at their

swollen hardest as she latched her lips to them and sucked them passionately. Jessica was groaning with each lick and her body shivered with bliss as Stacy traced her

tongue over her dark areolas and then flicked against her aching nipples.

Her efforts had already made her nipples rise to their peak sensitivity and Stacy’s tongue felt so good licking against them that Jessica felt like she could come just from

feeling the blonde’s tongue on her tits. Jessica even moved her hands off Stacy’s head so she could cup her own tits and push them up into the former wrestler’s girlflesh

starved mouth in an effort to draw more pleasure from this.

“Ooooooh fuck yeah! Suck on my tits Stacy,” Jessica urged. “Mmmmm you know just how to make a girl feel good too, baby. Oooooh you’re making me so wet. Your

tongue feels so fucking good. I love having my nipples played with and you’re…oooooooooh…doing it sooooo gooooood! Mmmmm getting so fucking wet for you


Stacy couldn’t help but lavish attention all over Jessica’s chest. She had always heard so many compliments about her own body and relief that she was an all natural girl,

but when she saw tits like Jessica’s, Stacy couldn’t stop from wishing she was a little bigger. Jessica had such amazing tits that they basically demanded worship. Only a

little foreplay with them would have been madness when she had the chance to soak every inch of her beautiful breast flesh in saliva.

But as much as she loved having Jessica’s tits in her face and her hard nipples throbbing with every sexy, wet flick of her tongue, Stacy knew there was so much more to

get to. Jessica’s moans about how wet she was getting had piqued her curiosity and Stacy had to see that for herself.

It was also time for a little payback. Just as Jessica had teased and tantalized her by kissing her legs instead of going right for her pussy, Stacy turned up the heat with

some teasing of her own. She took her sweet time moving away from Jessica’s chest to explore her wetness.

First Stacy helped herself to one last long lick of each of Jessica’s jutting nipples. Then she slowly inched her way down her lover’s body, kissing a trail of wet kiss marks

everywhere she journeyed. She licked the undersides of Jessica’s tits as they softly jiggled from the girl writhing underneath her tongue and moved down her lover’s

stomach way too slowly for the actress’ taste.

“Go lower damnit,” Jessica groaned in frustration. Everything Stacy was doing with her lips and tongue felt incredible. In fact it was too good. It was driving Jessica’s pussy

wild and the fact that Stacy wasn’t licking between her legs and turning her dripping wetness into an orgasmic flood was torture. But it also felt too good for Jessica to really

be mad at her lover.

“Lower…lick me lower,” Jessica continued to demand, the needy pitch of her voice rising as Stacy kissed down her tummy, leaving goosebumps all over her flesh. Stacy’s

long blonde hair draped down and tickled Jessica’s skin while she journeyed down her body which made everything even better. And then when the former wrestler reached

her silver belly piercing and began sucking it, tugging it with her lips and teasing her belly button with her wet tongue, Jessica couldn’t stand waiting even another second for

oral pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhh you fucking tease,” Jessica cried hornily, a smile covering from ear to ear betrayed the fact that this was torture she quite enjoyed. “Ughhhhhhhh did those

nasty wrestler girls teach you how to tease this good? Please lick lower Stacy! Is that what you want to hear? Me begging for you to lick me? I’ll beg. I’ll do whatever you

want if you just lick me! Please Stacy! My pussy needs it! Gimmie your tongue! Eat my pussy please!”

Though Stacy didn’t mind hearing the multi-million dollar movie star begging for her, it hadn’t been why she had been teasing. Truthfully she just wanted to show Jessica

that she had picked up a few tricks of her own since they’d last been together. Jessica might have gotten a lot of practice during their time apart, but so had Stacy and she

wanted to show her lover how much she had learned.

Having accomplished that mission with aplomb, Stacy stopped her teasing and picked up the pace of her downward kissing tour of Jessica’s body. She dropped her belly

ring from her lips and moved down onto her thighs, kissing the soft, girlish flesh with growing glee until she was hovering right above Jessica’s pussy.

“Do it! Please!” Jessica urged. “Eat my pussy Stacy! Get your pretty face in my cunt and taste how juicy you got me! I need it! I need you to…AHHHHHHHHHHH


Not surprisingly, Jessica’s scream of rapture was a direct result of Stacy planting her lips on her pussy and kissing it feverishly, sucking up the juice collecting on her slit

and gulping it down with happy fervor. Just as Jessica had done to Stacy earlier through her panties, Stacy made out with Jessica’s pussy, kissing her down there like she

would against a completely different set of lips. Stacy had nothing but soft, juicy pink girl flesh against her mouth and that made kissing even better.

Stacy stared right up at Jessica with a heated, loving gaze. She wanted to reward Jessica for making her feel so good. She wanted to give Jessica the pleasure she knew

always left girls like Trish and Amy and Torrie Wilson and Lilian Garcia and all their Diva friends quivering. She wanted Jessica to know how good she’d gotten at being with

girls. The desire to prove herself to a sex goddess like Jessica fueled Stacy’s desire, but soon that eased with the reminder of how good Jessica’s pussy tasted.

Soon it was less about proving herself to her movie star lover and more about getting as much of Jessica’s pussy juice on her tongue as possible and tasting the cream of

her orgasm. Just as she had done to all the hot girls she had been with, and just as had been done to her moments earlier, Stacy worked over Jessica’s pussy lips with her

lips and tongue to build her heat and then pushed inside.

Stacy’s tongue fucking brought feverish, high-pitched cries of praise from Jessica’s mouth. Her tits were still tingling from Stacy’s earlier efforts and Jessica’s hands latched

onto them, massaging them tenderly and tugging her nipples to increase the jolts of pleasure shooting up her spine to her brain and turning her smile from a grin into a

dreamy look of absolute bliss.

Not only did Stacy know just what she was doing with her tongue, but Jessica was able to look down not only at her sexy stare, but see the incredibly toned girl’s ass lifting

up for her admiration. Stacy lifted herself up flat from her belly to her knees, pushing her butt up into the air in the process. Jessica moaned wantonly at the gorgeous sight

before her and she just wished her arms were long enough to grab at it and slap it to reward Stacy for being such a hot pussy licker.

“Oooooooooh fuck! You turned into such a nasty little cunt licker since I last had you Stacy!” Jessica marveled, her pleasure spitting the words past her lips. “Eat that

pussy! Work that fucking tongue on my hard clitty! Ooooooooh you’re gonna make me come baby! That’s what you want, isn’t it you naughty girl? You want my sticky,

sweet cum soaking your pretty face?”

“Goddamn right that’s what I want,” Stacy replied with an absolutely wicked, horny grin that had Jessica groaning just from the sight of it. “And this is just the first time I’m

gonna make you come today. I’m not leaving this place until I get every drop of cream you can give me. You and Trish totally changed my life that day in the steam room. I

thanked her so many times since then but I never really got a chance until now to make you feel as good as I did that day. I want to show you Jess! I want to show you

how much I love what you did to me!”

“Mmmm don’t show me, just fuck me,” Jessica commanded, her hand shooting off her breast to grab at Stacy’s soft blonde hair and push her back down into her pussy,


Stacy didn’t need to be told twice what to do. She had been dreaming of having another go at Jessica for so long. The timing had never been right and her nerves had

sometimes overwhelmed her…until this day and Stacy took full advantage of living her fantasy by jamming her tongue back into Jessica. She licked the juice that had

soaked Jessica’s pink passage in her brief absence and her tonguing had her lover howling at the top of her lungs.

Stacy’s plan was to go for Jessica’s clitoris full blast next and not even break for oxygen until the actress’ orgasm was echoing in her ears, but before she could get to it

there was an unexpected interruption. It was something an experienced housemate like Jessica took in stride, but Stacy was not used to the mansion’s “open door”


“You slut!” a voice shouted out, freezing Stacy in mid-lick.

Stacy whirled around and was amazed at what she saw. Standing in Jessica’s doorway…it was Cameron Diaz! Holy shit! Stacy had to blink to make sure she wasn’t

hallucinating this. And standing next to her…it was that girl from the Paris Hilton movie…Elisha something…Cuthbert! That’s it! Elisha Cuthbert! The girl Trish always said

she wanted to fuck! What the hell was going on here?

“You can’t even wait for me to get here for you to get your rocks off,” Cameron said as she strode into the room with Elisha in tow. “You fucking little whore. First you try

and steal Heesh and now you can’t keep your pants on until I get here. Mmmmm I oughta spank your ass raw for this. Or maybe I’ll just do that to your little friend


Stacy could tell from Cameron’s playful tone and, more importantly, the smile on her face that there was no malice behind her words to Jessica. But even with that in mind

it shocked her when the superstar actress grabbed her bare ass and began caressing her skin, getting an involuntary moan from Stacy’s mouth. These girls were so

forward. But Stacy didn’t have a chance to mind. Cameron’s hand felt so good on her butt for her to worry about being too forward.

“Mmmmmmm and such a nice ass,” Cameron grinned. “Almost as nice as mine. It would be shame to have to spank these pretty cheeks until they’re red.”

“Don’t stop Stacy…don’t stop,” Jessica groaned, her hand pressing down once again on the blonde’s head. “It’s ok. Cameron’s ok. She knows what goes on here. Please

don’t stop! I’m so close baby!”

Stacy suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. She had expected this to just be a one on one thing with Jessica, but then again it wasn’t as though Cameron and Elisha weren’t

both stunningly beautiful and it wasn’t as though Stacy wasn’t used to being watched when she fucked another girl. Plus Cameron’s hand felt great on her ass. Stacy’s

nerves began to fade and the scent of Jessica’s pussy drifted up to her nose and beckoned her back to her wetness.

Jessica gave the back of her head another push and this time Stacy let her lover guide her back to her honeypot. She resumed her licking and the taste and tightness of

Jessica’s cunt quickly put the last of her nerves to rest. Plus Elisha’s first words since entering the room made her feel even better.

“Oh no, don’t punish her Camie,” Elisha said as she peeled her t-shirt over her head and revealed to one and all her lack of a bra. “She’s too hot to punish. Mmmm let’s

help her instead. Let’s show Jess how much we liked watching her get eaten out by this sexy thing.”

Stacy couldn’t help but notice neither Cameron nor Elisha had referred to her by name yet. Maybe they didn’t recognize her. She’d just have to introduce herself later and

her pussy tingled at the thought of making sure both blonde beauties never forgot who she was.

The sight of Elisha’s bouncing tits as she sauntered over to the bed and kissed Jessica passionately was a lovely distraction, but Stacy forced herself to focus on her lover.

She couldn’t slack off now. Not when she had Jessica so close.

“I’m learning a lot here Camie,” Elisha told her friend as Jessica’s howls of bliss resumed as Stacy started licking her again. “Mmmmm you don’t wait for invitations in this

place. If you see something you like, you just join in.”

Stacy was quickly grasping that lesson too and, as she fed off Jessica’s juicy cunt, she wiggled her ass in the air, enticing Cameron to rub her cheeks harder. Her tactic

worked and Stacy groaned into Jessica’s pussy as the blonde actress increased her sexy touch, but Cameron had more in mind than just doing that.

“I got that lesson a long time ago Heesh,” Cameron said as she took her free hand and went right for Jessica’s pussy. She slid two of her fingers inside, taking Stacy by

surprise. But the girl quickly adjusted. She knew Cameron was just trying to help her get Jessica off and, while she didn’t need the help, she certainly didn’t fight it off.

Stacy let Cameron penetrate Jessica’s tightness, rubbing her hot spots while she let her tongue concentrate on her clitoris. The two worked in tandem on Jessica and

Stacy had been in enough tag teams, both in the ring and between the sheets, to know just when to work and when to hold back to let her partner take the lead.

Jessica was bucking on the bed, screaming and shaking in ecstasy from their handiwork but Stacy knew how to make her even better.

“Suck her tits,” Stacy said, aggressively taking control of the encounter and pulling her juice coated face up to issue her order to Elisha. “She loves that. Suck on her hard


Elisha had no trouble following an order like that and before Jessica could even blink her blonde head was buried in her tits. Elisha slapped away Jessica’s hand and got her

own mitts on her friend’s chest. She massaged the jiggling mounds and lashed at Jessica’s nipples with saliva filled tongue strokes, drooling onto her tits, before doing just

what Stacy had asked and sucking hard on her swollen tips.

With Stacy’s tongue licking away and Cameron’s thrusting fingers joining in between her legs and both of them working over her clitoris at the same time along with Elisha’s

efforts at her breasts, there was no way Jessica could withstand all of it. She tried to hold back on her orgasm. She didn’t want this to stop. She wanted all of them to

keep fucking her. But she wasn’t nearly strong enough to stop the force of her own orgasm.

With a scream of pure ecstasy, Jessica unleashed her climax onto her friends. Elisha quickly silenced her with a long kiss, sucking Jessica’s tongue and her sex cries

right into her mouth. Stacy and Cameron didn’t stop their work, even as Jessica came all over them. They just went after her harder, licking and fingering her until tears of

joy flowed from Jessica’s eyes and she slumped down onto her own bed, gasping for breath and trying to keep just from passing out.

Stacy had let a lot of Jessica’s cream fill her mouth and, even though they had never met until this very moment, she had no inhibition about pulling Cameron down and

sharing them with her in a long kiss. Cameron didn’t seem to mind the gesture and kissed back forcefully, enjoying the familiar taste of Jessica’s essence.

Elisha didn’t want to be left out of the fun and quickly moved her topless body into the kiss, trading tongue swipes and lip locks with both her friend and this sexy stranger

before her.

Not surprisingly this all ended with the four of them in a pile on Jessica’s bed. Elisha and Cameron both took a side of the naked actress and Stacy happily remained curled

up between Jessica’s legs. As Jessica eased herself out of the disorientation her orgasm had left her in there was just one thing that demanded to be said.

“I just hope you two saved enough energy for me,” Cameron said before everyone joined her in laughing.

If there was one thing the mansion had an abundance of, it was sexual energy.

* * * * *

That was an energy that Kelly Clarkson was walking quite unassumingly into, even though she now knew more about Christina’s sex life than she ever would have


When Christina was upset, she tended to talk. A lot. And talking was what she had pretty much done non-stop since she and Kelly had left the label. Christina had been

holding in so much and once she started talking about Britney she couldn’t stop. And that meant telling all about her own bisexuality and all the dirty details about what had

happened between them. But Christina had never been shy about either of those secrets and she held nothing back now.

Kelly had largely been silent the whole way for two reasons. First Christina had barely allowed her to get a word in and second because her outright shock had stunned her

into staying quiet. It had taken all her focus to keep from driving off the freeway several times as Christina had revealed secrets that Kelly had never dreamed her ears would

ever hear.

Part of Kelly’s rational brain said that Christina had to be pulling her leg. There was no way that things like Christina was describing were happening with the girls she said it

was. It just wasn’t possible. It was crazy. But Kelly didn’t listen to that part of her brain. She believed what Christina was telling her. The singer was so emotional and

seemed so sincere that Kelly couldn’t help but trust her.

After awhile Kelly didn’t even attempt to speak anymore. She just listened in to Christina’s confession. The blonde opened up about everything that had happened between

her and Britney. How they had fought backstage at the concert and ended up kissing and ripping each other’s clothes off. How they had spent the whole night together

fucking each other silly. How that one night had turned into endless fun. How she had brought Britney to Malibu for a visit and how they had ended up staying for good.

How they had formed the record label. How they had bonded and how she had realized the extent of her feelings and then how Britney had broken her heart.

Christina’s confession also included a fairly extensive list of what and who they had done and Kelly could barely believe her own ears. How could all this be going on under

everyone’s noses? Kelly’s mind was blown by the stories. All those beautiful, famous women having sex with each other? It was like the world had turned upside down.

Christina and Britney had been lovers? And there had been so many other girls she had mentioned. A lot of them had boyfriends or husbands, Christina included. Kelly

had thought they were all straight, but now it appeared they were anything but.

It wasn’t like Kelly had anything against lesbians or anything. It just wasn’t a team she played for. Leaving a small town in Texas and hitting the big time had required a lot

of attitude adjustments and Kelly had long ago learned to be open to choices other people made with their own lives. So Kelly wasn’t judgmental about Christina or any of

the other girls that she had talked about.

Besides Kelly could see why women could turn to each other. Men could be so insensitive and were such terrible listeners. Kelly had had enough loser boyfriends to know

that in many ways men sucked. Plus women were beautiful. You didn’t have to be a lesbian to see that.

It was easy to see why naked women would be a turn on and why two together would be an even bigger one. She didn’t want to have sex with a woman, but Kelly could at

least understand how women could find pleasure and comfort with each other.

As Christina kept going on, Kelly just tried to listen as best she could. It was hard not to be overwhelmed by sheer amazement, but Kelly wanted to be a real friend here.

After all, Christina had chosen to open up to her and Kelly knew she at least owed her the best of her advice, even if she had no idea how to handle a lesbian love affair gone


Christina’s confession had not only taken the entire drive to Malibu, but was still going on as they pulled into the mansion. Not wanting to stop, Christina had invited Kelly to

come inside with her and she had accepted. But for once, Christina’s goal wasn’t sex. She had invited so many girls into her room since that first night with Rose, but this

time she wasn’t after what was under Kelly’s clothes.

Sure Kelly was beautiful and Christina would have loved a chance to lick her dry and give her the best fuck of her life, but she was in such an emotional state that what

Christina needed most was a chance to vent. Kelly had been a convenient outlet for that and Christina was even a little surprised at her own willingness to share the most

intimate details of her life.

She and Kelly were friendly, but they were hardly best friends or confidantes. But Christina thought to herself that that fact was probably what made all this easier. Kelly

always seemed so warm and friendly and since they weren’t that close there was no baggage with her. It was like confessing to a priest with the wall right in front of you so

he couldn’t see your face. There was no chance she was going to take Britney’s side or give her pat reassurances that everything was going to be ok.

It felt good to say all of this. She had kept so much of it bottled up since the day she had thrown Britney out of the mansion and spilling her guts was like lifting a huge rock

off her back. Christina had broken down crying a few times during her confession but unlike before it wasn’t really out of anger or heartbreak. Her tears were more out of

relief that she was finally getting this off her chest.

Christina told Kelly everything about how Britney had made her feel, both the good and the bad stuff. She confessed how she had never, ever expected to fall in love with

Britney but how she had and how it had just led to the heartbreak she had tried desperately to avoid. Once she started, Christina couldn’t stop talking until she had emptied

herself of every last detail.

“Wow,” Kelly finally said in full marvel as they sat next to each other on Christina’s bed. “That’s…that’s just…unbelievable.”

“Kind of a lot to throw at you all at once, huh?” Christina said, smiling as she sniffled and rubbed her reddened eyes free of her tears.

“I just can’t believe you guys are doing that here,” Kelly declared, her mind spinning at all these revelations. She never could have imagined girls like the ones Christina had

named having sex with each other. But Kelly knew she had to put that aside. The sex was almost irrelevant. Christina needed her help and Kelly tried to speak from the

experience of her own busted relationships.

“Have you and Britney talked since then?” Kelly asked, trying to treat this like any boy/girl relationship she was hearing about and not an affair between Christina Aguilera

and Britney Spears which tabloid reporters would have gladly slit each other’s throats to find out about.

“Does screaming count as talking?” Christina asked, getting a head shake “no” from Kelly. “Then no, we haven’t talked.”

“Maybe you should,” Kelly offered. “Do you still love her?”

“No, I hate her,” Christina insisted, though Kelly didn’t quite buy that answer.

“You can’t give up on something like love so easily,” Kelly said. “I have and if you break up and you’re not even sure if you want to then it’s a huge mistake.”

“I can never forgive her for breaking my heart,” Christina declared.

“But are you just saying that or do you really feel it?” Kelly asked, as she thought back to a boyfriend she had dumped once because she thought he’d been cheating.

Once she found out he was innocent it was too late. He was with someone else and she had made one of the biggest mistakes of her life.

“You can’t just stop loving someone in one second,” Kelly continued. “It’s not like there’s an on and off switch for it. When you love someone you don’t just start hating

them in an instant. I can see you still have feelings for her.”

“I don’t,” Christina claimed. “I hate her. I wish she was dead.”

“Don’t say that!” Kelly gasped. “Never ever say that about anyone! Take it back!”

Christina mumbled something under her breath, but it sounded like enough of a take back for Kelly to drop her request. Kelly still couldn’t believe she was in this situation.

She had never been shy about giving out advice, but she never thought she’d be telling one of the world’s most famous singers that she should give her equally famous

lesbian lover another chance.

Kelly had always been the friendly, open sort. She supposed that had been one of the reasons America had liked her so much when she had been on American Idol. She

didn’t know Christina all that well, but they were friends and she wanted to help her as best she could.

Kelly had met Christina when she had recorded a song the pierced singer had written for her first album. It had ended up being her first real hit song and Kelly was forever

grateful to Christina for giving it to her. If this was a way to show her gratitude, then Kelly was happy to do it. She just hoped she was giving Christina the right advice.

“I really don’t have much experience with all this,” Kelly admitted as she and Christina sat next to each other on the bed. “I mean not just with girls. I’ve never done that or

anything. It’s just that all my relationships don’t seem to last very long anyway. I never really felt for anyone the way you say you felt for Britney. I don’t know if I’m helping

you much Christina.”

“You are,” Christina assured her. “It’s just good to have someone to talk to, you know? I can’t really talk to the other girls here about it. They’re too close to me and


“What other girls?” Kelly inquired as Christina realized that the American Idol had no idea where she was. It wasn’t like there was a sign out front advertising the lesbian love

nest that lay within the mansion’s walls, but the girls who came here usually had a good idea what they were getting into.

It then dawned on Christina that she had been so upset about Britney and so wrapped up in telling her tale of heartbreak, that she had gotten Kelly here without even saying

this was THE mansion she had been talking about and who else was living here. She had brought this innocent cub right into the lioness’ den and that led to other, more

wicked thoughts for Christina.

Kelly was certainly beautiful and Christina began considering the fact that it would have been an awful waste of time to bring this attractive a girl all the way to Malibu and not

seduce her. Why that would almost have been outright rude.

Getting hot at the thought of corrupting the American Idol princess sweetheart into a wanton, wicked lesbian slut was nothing new for Christina. She’d wanted that for years.

She hadn’t let Kelly record Miss Independent out of any goodness or charity. She’d done it because she’d wanted to get a clear path into the panties of the girl who had so

enchanted America during the first summer of Idol.

So now that she had her here, Christina saw what a mistake it would be to let Kelly leave without so much as a hug. Christina’s tears were drying up and the horniness that

so often fueled her biggest decisions was suddenly back with a vengeance.

Her libido had been denied that morning after her aborted attempt to hook up with Fergie and Christina knew there was only one thing that would satisfy it. She needed

some fresh pussy and Christina had some right next to her on the bed.

Meanwhile, completely unaware that Christina was beginning to undress her with her eyes and imagine her spread eagled on the bed, Kelly continued to try and get a

handle on this Britney mess.

“Have you ever really talked to her?” Kelly asked. “I mean really talked and told her how you feel. If you don’t talk to her then you’re never going to make it better.”

“Huh? Talk to who?” Christina replied, snapped out of her fantasies by Kelly’s question.

“Ummmmm the girl you’ve been bawling about for the last hour,” Kelly stated with a raised eyebrow as she regarded Christina’s spaciness. “You ok Christina? You’re

looking at me kind of funny.”

“No everything’s cool,” Christina said, pushing thoughts of her heartbreak out of her mind as she let her eyes rest on the swell of Kelly’s breasts against her shirt, loving how

they softly moved with every breath.

“So have you?” Kelly pressed, trying to ignore the weird vibe she was suddenly getting from Christina.

“I don’t want to talk to her,” Christina pouted, not wanting to be reminded about Britney now. She had gotten what she needed off her chest and now she wanted to

concentrate on things that were much more fun.

“Then how is she going to now how you really feel?” Kelly asked, a little exasperated at Christina’s stubbornness. “I mean from what you told me you’ve done a lot of

screaming and not a lot of talking.”

“How’s talking supposed to fix things?” Christina demanded. “She can’t say anything to make me stop hating her.”

“How do you know that?” Kelly shot back. “I mean talking might not fix everything, but at least it means you’re trying. Right now you’re not trying at all. You just get mad

at her and say all these mean things about her I know you can’t mean. You keep trying to act like a bitch Christina, but I know you’re not. I know what a sweet girl you can

be. You have to try talking to Britney. You never know what could happen if you do.”

“I…I…I just don’t want to, ok?” Christina snapped, with a little more meanness than she intended. She was just getting a little frustrated right then because she only wanted

to focus on how good Kelly looked and wonder what would be the easiest to get her out of her clothes and not on her past with Britney.

“Fine,” Kelly replied, not hiding her hurt very well. “I was just trying to help. I thought that was why you brought me here.”

“You are helping me Kelly,” Christina said before opening up her arms and giving her friend a hug, a gesture that was immediately and eagerly returned. “It feels really good

to have someone to vent to. I’ve been bottling this stuff up.”

“I can tell,” Kelly said as the hug lingered. Kelly could have sworn that Christina’s nipples were hard as they hugged, but that had to be her imagination. Didn’t it?

“I’m glad you’re starting to feel good again,” Kelly added while she tried not to focus on the issue at hand and not some perceived arousal in her friend.

“I am,” Christina stated before deciding to make her move. “Want to make me feel even better, though?”

“Sure, what can I do?” Kelly asked, taking the bait perfectly.

“Just lie back and let me show you how Britney and I used to fuck,” Christina grinned before giving Kelly the shock of her life by kissing her right on the lips.

Kelly had been taken aback by Christina’s lesbian admissions, but that had been nothing compared to what she was feeling now. It was like everything froze suddenly. Her

eyes grew to saucer size and her breathing turned into gasps. What the hell was going on? Even when she’d detected Christina’s hard nipples, Kelly had never dreamed

that something like this was about to happen.

The kiss was such a shock that Kelly couldn’t even react. She just sat there on the bed and let Christina’s lips press to hers in a Sapphic lip lock. It was like it wasn’t

really happening. It couldn’t be. Another woman couldn’t be kissing her. It had to be some kind of crazy dream. But when Christina’s hands reached up and began to

touch her breasts through her shirt, Kelly snapped out of her stupor and pushed the blonde singer away.

“Stop!” Kelly demanded. “What the hell are you doing Christina?”

“What’s the matter Kelly?” Christina teased. “Don’t you want to cheer me up anymore?”

“Well yeah…but not…not like that!” Kelly shot back, clearly flustered from the kiss. “Why did you do that? I’m not a lesbian! I’m not into girls!”

“Mmmm neither was I once,” Christina said, rubbing herself up against Kelly as she remembered the first night at the club when Rose took her and got her absolutely

hooked on pussy in an instant. “I just needed someone to show me how good it was. She made me feel so fucking wet and made me come so good. I’d never known what

real sex was like until that night. Now I want to be that girl for you Kelly. I want to show you how hot it is to fuck girls. You’ve been so nice to me today. Now I want to be

nice to you.”

“No…I…I don’t want you to be nice to me,” Kelly protested. “Not like that! I’m not into girls! Seriously!”

“Now how do you know that if you’ve never tried it?” Christina pointed out, continuing to press herself to Kelly and noticing the girl had not exactly bolted off of her bed and

out of the room. “I’ve fucked so many girls Kelly and I know just how to do it right. You’ll never be able to get enough after I’m done with you. I know you loved hearing

about all those girls I’ve fucked. It was turning you on. Don’t pretend it wasn’t. You loved hearing how I fucked Britney and Jewel and Mandy Moore and Michelle Branch

and Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne and sweet little Hilary Duff. Now I want to fuck you Kelly. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long.”

Kelly couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Even after all Christina had told her about her famous conquests, Kelly hadn’t anticipated the girl making a move on her too,

especially one like this. She supposed that was ridiculously naïve of her, but she had never been come on to so boldly by another woman and hadn’t been looking out for it.

Sure over the years Kelly had come into contact with women who wanted her in their bed. She had always gotten just as many fan letters from women as from men

desperate to sleep with her. But she had never done anything with a girl before and had never ever been close to one who wanted to fuck her as bad as Christina seemed


The list of famous singers Christina had bedded had absolutely made an impression on Kelly. But it hadn’t turned her on? Had it? No. Definitely not. It had fascinated

her. Kelly never had pictured any of those girls having sex with each other. But it hadn’t turned her on. Not at all.

Kelly hadn’t said anything for a bit and Christina took advantage of that by kissing her again. The shorter singer’s soft lips pressed to Kelly’s once more in a tender, sexy

kiss, but this time Kelly’s reaction was much quicker.

“No! Get off me Christina!” Kelly snapped, pushing Christina away and this time getting off the bed. “I can’t believe you’re hitting on me! I came here because I thought you

wanted to talk. I don’t want to have sex with you! I thought you needed a friend.”

“I did,” Christina insisted. “I needed a friend to comfort me and I needed a friend listen to me. Now I need a lover Kelly. I’ve been horny all day and I wasn’t able to get laid

this morning like I was supposed to. Now I need it even more. I need you Kelly. I need you to let me get you out of those clothes and show you how good I can fuck


“Is that what I am? Just some convenient girl for you to fuck?” Kelly demanded.

“Well you’re here now and so am I,” Christina stated. “I’m horny as fuck and I know you must be feeling really curious right about now. So why not? You must be burning

with it now Kelly. Burning with that curiosity to see what it’s like with another girl. You felt how good it was to kiss me and now you want to know what I look like naked.

Mmmm and I look good naked. I can’t wait to show you. I know you’re gonna love my pierced pussy.”

Kelly’s jaw was nearly on the floor as Christina continued, the lithe blonde delighting in how she was flustering the American Idol with her dirty talk.

“You don’t have to be afraid. You can admit you want to fuck me too,” Christina purred. “You can say you want me to get you naked and kiss all over your sexy body the

way I just kissed your lips. You can admit you want me to get my tongue all over those tits of yours and make your nipples so fucking hard you could cut glass with them.

Your nipples are hard now, aren’t they Kelly? Mmmm I’ll be they’re swelling up so nice as you think about me sucking on your hot tits. But I’m not going to stop there. I’m

going to eat your pussy too Kelly. I’m going to lick up every sweet drop of your girl cum and then kiss you so you can taste yourself all over another girl’s lips and


“Stop…” Kelly requested, her voice much less insistent now as her head spun at top speed.

Naturally that was a wish that Christina completely ignored as she lay back on the bed and began rubbing herself through her clothes.

“How long has it been since you got laid Kelly?” Christina pressed. “I can see it in your eyes that it’s been too long. You know you want to fuck me Kelly. You want me to

show you what a woman can do to you. You have no idea how good it is Kelly. No man can ever eat pussy as good as another girl can. I’d have you creaming in no time.

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Don’t pretend you don’t want to have a huge orgasm all over my pretty face, soaking my skin in your juice. Mmmm getting me all sticky and

creamy with your cum. That’s so nasty and I know it’s making your hot. I can fuck you better than any guy can Kelly. I can lick you so good and then get one of my strap

ons and fuck you better than any guy could dream. My cock will never go soft Kelly and I would make you come so many times that you’d just want to pass out when I was

done with you. I know you want that so fucking bad now.”

“I don’t…” Kelly said, her voice getting softer. “Please stop.”

Christina just grinned wickedly and pressed on with her sexy sales pitch, telling Kelly in the nastiest language she could push past her lips just what she was going to do to

her pussy with her tongue and toys.

Kelly could feel her knees grow weak and her heart pound in her chest. How had she gotten in this situation? She had just been looking to visit Christina to say hi and now

she was in her bedroom being tempted to fuck her. This was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to her and Kelly knew she had to get out of there. She had to do it

right now or else it would be too late.

“I gotta…gotta go…” Kelly said as she staggered for the door and walked out, hoping Christina wasn’t going to follow her.

Kelly was stunned that Christina’s words had had such an effect on her. She had never heard anyone talk to her like that before and, even in her flustered state, she had to

admit that it made her skin tingle a little to think about what Christina had been describing. But she wasn’t a lesbian. She didn’t want to do this. At least she didn’t think

she did. Kelly was getting very confused and that’s why she knew she had to leave right away.

Christina had been right about one thing. It had been a long time since she had gotten any sex. Kelly didn’t even want to think about it, but the number loomed over her

head, especially at night when she was alone in bed.

It had been eight months since she had gotten laid. With all the touring and promotion and working on the new album, there just hadn’t been any time for boyfriends. And

Kelly was not about to go out and get some random guy for a one night stand. She was too paranoid that the first thing he would do after they finished was run off to the


So it had been a long time since Kelly had been with a man and with all that pent up desire, it was hard not to think about what Christina was offering. Even if it was with

another woman. Any sex sounded good right about then. Christina sure seemed to enjoy it. So did Britney apparently. And all the other girls Christina had told her about.

It sounded like they all loved girl sex.

Kelly knew she needed an orgasm. A big one sounded so good right then. She had a toy that she used on herself when she got really horny, but that could never compare

to a flesh and blood lover. So the more Christina talked the better her offer sounded and the more Kelly was tempted to indulge in this new found curiosity inside her. And

that was why Kelly was leaving. She couldn’t do this. It was too weird.

Turning around to confirm that she wasn’t being followed, Kelly tried to make her way through the mansion’s unfamiliar row of bedrooms. She thought she remembered the

way she and Christina had come up and Kelly tried to get back towards the door, but before she got too far, she started hearing sounds.

At first Kelly thought someone was sick. Then she realized it wasn’t groans. It was moans. Sex moans. It hadn’t been that long since her last tussle between the sheets

that Kelly had forgotten what good sex sounded like. It was coming right from the room closest to her and the door was open.

With Christina’s beckoning words still running through her head, Kelly ignored her own warnings about curiosity killing the cat and peeked inside.

What she saw stunned her even more than Christina’s kiss and froze her where she stood. It was one thing to hear Christina’s descriptions of lesbian sex. It was

something else entirely to actually see it, especially considering who was involved.

Kelly wasn’t so dumbstruck to not instantly recognize whom she was gawking at. There was Jessica Alba, the way every man on the planet had to have imagined her,

naked and on her back, her skin glistening with sex sweat as she moaned in ecstasy. Her perfect breasts jiggled slightly as she rolled her head back from the pleasure

she was feeling and Kelly couldn’t take her eyes off her swollen nipples. They were just begging to be sucked and Kelly actually felt like she wanted to be the one capturing

them between her lips.

But before she could even push that thought out of her mind, someone took care of Jessica for her. Kelly felt her knees get weak again as she watched Cameron Diaz

massage Jessica’s breasts and feed herself her dark nipples. Jessica obviously appreciated this gesture and began stroking Cameron’s hair lovingly while the blonde

nursed on her tits.

Cameron was just as naked as Jessica was and coated in the same sheen of exertion. They had obviously been doing this for awhile and Kelly couldn’t help but look at

their sweaty bodies and wonder how many times they had made each other come and feel envious that they were getting the relief she had gone so long without.

However, there was even more going on in the bedroom besides Jessica and Cameron. Kelly’s eyes moved downward to the mop of blonde hair on the head of the woman

eating Jessica out. Kelly didn’t recognize her at first, but when Elisha pulled up to lick her juicy lips clean and moan to Jessica how good she tasted Kelly was stunned to

see her involved in this too. Was there any beautiful girl out there who wasn’t a lesbian?

As Kelly tried to control her breathing and not gasp from what she was witnessing, she saw that Elisha wasn’t just licking Jessica. She was getting licked too. Another

blonde girl was eating Elisha out from behind, tonguing her and massaging her ass cheeks as they both kneeled on the bed. Kelly didn’t know this girl’s name, but when

she pulled up her face to breathe before diving back into Elisha she saw it was that girl from Dancing With The Stars…the one who was a wrestler. She had looked so

beautiful when she had danced, but that was nothing compared to how she looked now…completely naked and glowing with arousal.

Kelly couldn’t stop darting her eyes back and forth between Stacy tonguing Elisha and Elisha doing the same to Jessica as Cameron sucked her breasts. Kelly had never,

ever seen people have sex for real in front of her. She’d watched a few porn movies in her life, but only a bit of them, and they had been so cheesy. This was so much

better. Those were just movies. This was vivid real life lesbian action and it was taking Kelly’s breath away.

Kelly had always thought naked women were beautiful. But now that she could see how hot they truly were Kelly found herself starting to picture leaving the hallway,

dropping her clothes as she entered the room and joining the naked girl pile on the bed so Cameron could do to her just what Elisha was doing to Jessica and she could feel

all the ecstasy Christina had told her came from making love to women.

The images she was seeing now combined with Christina’s words to get Kelly’s mind actually wondering if she could actually do this. Could she be attracted to girls?

Could she actually have sex with one? Or more? All the girls on the bed looked so beautiful and they seemed to be making each other feel so good.

Kelly was starting to find it hard to come up with reasons to resist the pleasure they all were experiencing and that was before she felt a female arm encircle her waist and

hot lips press against her neck from behind.

“You like what you see?” a voice whispered in her ear, letting Kelly know right away that it was Christina.

Kelly couldn’t answer the singer. All she could do was moan softly from the contact against her body as it continued to heat up. No one on the bed had noticed Kelly was

watching and her sound did nothing to alert them to that fact. They just continued to put on a live sex show for the audience they had no idea they had while Kelly

experienced the sensation of having Christina rub up against her.

The singer didn’t have to turn around to know that Christina was naked. Kelly could easily feel that as Christina’s rock hard nipples poked against her back. Kelly could

also feel heat against her ass through her jeans and a shudder passed through her body when she realized that it had to be coming from Christina’s wet pussy touching her.

But the shudder wasn’t one of fear or revulsion. It was arousal and Kelly knew she couldn’t pretend otherwise.

“Aren’t they hot?” Christina’s voice said in Kelly’s ear. “I’ve fucked Jessica and Cameron and Elisha so many times and they’re amazing. They know how to eat pussy so

good. Mmmm but not as good as I do. I can lick you even better than Elisha’s licking Jess. I can make you come so hard Kelly. I know you’re dying to feel me lick


“I’m not…” Kelly claimed with a whisper even as she pictured just that happening. She saw herself back on Christina’s bed, naked like Jessica was while Christina did the

things Elisha and the dancing girl were doing to make her come, and she liked it. She wanted Christina to lick her. She wanted to know if it felt as good as it sounded and


“Don’t lie,” Christina playfully chastised as she took her hands and began rubbing Kelly’s ass through her jeans. “You’ve gotta be dripping by now. Mmmm and I’m gonna

find out.”

Kelly then found herself with a choice. She could yelp and swat Christina’s hands away and alert the girls to her presence or she could stand there and let Christina touch

her. But from the way Christina was making her body tingle, Kelly knew she didn’t really have a choice. She couldn’t stop this. Not when it was starting to feel really


So Kelly stood there frozen as Christina’s hand snaked from her ass around to her front and opened her jeans. As soon as she could Christina slid her hand under the

denim and happily gasped at what she found.

“No panties?” Christina wickedly whispered. “Naughty girl. Mmmmm you’re going to fit right in around here.”

Kelly just squirmed and moaned as softly as she could while Christina touched where Kelly had never dreamed another girl would be. She had never been much for

underwear. She only wore bras when she felt like it and she rarely wore panties. It had often been so hot growing up in Texas that it had felt better to go commando and

she hadn’t lost that habit since coming to California.

What Christina was doing to her was like nothing Kelly had ever felt before. Having those fingers teasing and playing with her pussy lips was better than any masturbation

could be because it was someone else doing it. It felt so kinky and wrong and Kelly couldn’t get the will to make Christina stop.

She wasn’t soaked yet, but she was definitely wet and Christina confidently knew she could quickly turn Kelly’s pussy into a waterfall of arousal.

Christina hadn’t gone right after Kelly when she had fled her room. She had wanted to give her a second or two head start before catching up and tempting her back. That

made it more fun, like it was some kind of hunt. But Christina had been quite surprised to see Kelly had gotten ensnared by one of the shows that were so common around

the mansion.

As soon as she had craned her head out of her doorway and seen Kelly frozen in her tracks, Christina had known just what to do. She ran back into her room and tore off

her belly shirt and shorts as quickly as possible. When she emerged once more she was stark naked and emboldened to make her move on Kelly. She had known there

was no way the girl was going to pass her up after catching an eyeful of lesbian fun and, as she rubbed Kelly and increased her wetness with each touch, Christina saw she

had been absolutely right.

A sharp moan shot out of Kelly’s mouth when Christina’s fingers pushed past her pussy lips and explored inside. Kelly alertly clamped her own hand over her mouth to stifle

it before the girls were alerted to her presence. She didn’t want them to see her. What was happening was confusing enough without the extra pressure of four new pairs of

eyes on her, even if those eyes were attached to four of the sexiest bodies Kelly had ever seen.

“Just let go Kelly,” Christina whispered as she increased the pleasure even more by starting to finger fuck the singer. “Let me make you feel good. Let me make you come.

Let go of all that fear and uncertainty and give yourself to me. Let me take you and make you a sexy little pussy loving slut like me.”

“Ohhhhhhhh God,” Kelly groaned wantonly, her hand still clamped over her mouth. It was like her whole body felt the pleasure flowing from her pussy. Christina’s fingers

were the first to make contact with her needy sex other than her own in so fucking long and Kelly melted into the experienced girl’s sexy touch.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Christina grinned, causing Kelly to nod her head in agreement as she used all her strength not to cry out.

“Mmmm I can make it feel so much fucking better,” Christina promised before immediately making good by pushing another finger inside Kelly’s pussy, frigging her wet cunt

and making the singer’s legs buckle with the sudden ecstasy.

Kelly had made use of her own fingers so many times during her sex dry spell but nothing she had ever done to herself matched what Christina made her feel after just a few

seconds. Kelly’s hand gripped the doorway so tightly she feared she was going to accidentally break a piece of it off. Every inch of her body felt alive with pleasure and

Kelly no longer found herself caring if it was a man or woman doing it to her. She just didn’t want it to end.

“Want to join them?” Christina offered as they both looked on while the girls repositioned themselves so Cameron could ride Stacy’s face while Jessica took her turn

tonguing Elisha’s drooling snatch. “Or do you want to go back to my room?”

They all looked so amazingly hot in there, but Kelly still felt her nerves. Jessica, Cameron, Elisha and Stacy all seemed so experienced and she had no idea what she was

doing here. She didn’t want to be judged. If she was going to do this, Kelly wanted a little bit of privacy, at least for now.

“Take me,” Kelly whispered back as she backed up from the doorway. “Take me to your bedroom Christina. Please. Let’s do it there.”

That was just fine as far as Christina was concerned. She was feeling selfish and didn’t want to share her newest conquest yet. She turned Kelly around and gave her a

long kiss, confirming to her friend that she was naked.

This time Kelly didn’t fight her off. She just let the singer kiss her and Christina took full advantage, making out passionately with Kelly in the middle of the hallway and

helping herself to a long suck of her tongue.

When she did that, Christina was happy to discover that Kelly had herself a rather impressively sized tongue. A shiver of ecstasy rolled up Christina’s spine as she pictured

what that tongue could do to her pussy. Not wanting to wait much longer to find out, Christina broke the kiss and took Kelly’s hand.

“C’mon,” Christina smiled, keeping her hand locked on Kelly’s as they walked back toward her bedroom, as if she was concerned the girl might bolt if she didn’t hold onto


There wasn’t any chance of that, though. Kelly was under Christina’s spell now and there was no way she wasn’t seeing this through. After all that she had to at least see

if she liked being with another girl and Kelly now had a feeling she was going to like it very much.

She certainly was enjoying the view she got of Christina’s bare ass while they walked. It looked so firm and Kelly felt the impulse to reach out and grab it, just to see what it

felt like. She had never wanted to do something like that before, but right now her body impulsively demanded it.

Before she even knew what she was doing her hand was flying up and touching Christina. Kelly’s actions were going right from her brain to reality with no stop off at the

common sense checkpoint and she grabbed Christina’s right butt cheek, slapping her palm to it and rubbing the smooth pink flesh.

“Ooooh frisky, I like that,” Christina yelped happily at the contact to her ass. “Mmmmm baby you can touch me anywhere you like. I’m going to want you all over my dirty

little slut body.”

Right about then Kelly was becoming very willing to take Christina up on that offer, but before she had the chance they were at Christina’s bedroom door. Christina tugged

Kelly inside and she obediently followed, letting Christina guide her back over to the bed by her hand like a dog on a leash.

Christina sat herself down on the bed and pulled Kelly down with her. As soon as they were settled, Christina turned and gave her friend another long kiss. Christina

wanted Kelly to be as wet as possible when she finally got her tongue inside her and she guessed that the singer was someone who enjoyed a lot of kissing. On this she

was quite correct and each kiss found Kelly responding more and more.

Kelly was really getting into the soft feel of another woman’s lips on her and she could see that Christina at least knew a lot about kissing girls. She couldn’t believe she

was actually making out with another woman but it felt so good that Kelly couldn’t bring herself to think about stopping or even slowing down to consider what she was


Instead she began kissing Christina back, delighting in the wet warmth of her mouth opening for her, the taste of her lipstick and the feel of their tongues rubbing


“That’s it,” Christina moaned. “I knew you wanted this Kelly. Once you see how good this really is you’ll understand everything that happened between me and


By this point Kelly felt like asking “Britney who?” Her thoughts were entirely focused on Christina, especially with the next words that came out of the pierced blonde’s


“Now lets get you out of those clothes,” Christina declared.

Just the thought of being naked with Christina made Kelly’s pussy flutter with nervous excitement. That feeling was ratcheted up when Christina began pulling up Kelly’s

t-shirt. Instinctively Kelly’s arms shot up to allow Christina to get it all the way over her head. Getting the shirt off mussed up Kelly’s hair and when she pushed it out of her

eyes she found Christina staring lustfully at her chest.

“Ohhhh those tits of yours look so good,” Christina said, licking her lips and hungrily eyeing the way they rose and fell in Kelly’s lacy yellow bra with every breath the

uncertain singer nervously took.

“Ummmm…thanks…” Kelly replied, not quite sure how to best respond to that even as she took her first real look at Christina’s chest.

It looked pretty damn good to her too. Christina’s bare breasts were capped off with swollen pink nipples and the piercing in her right breast sparkled brightly. Kelly felt the

same impulse she had when she saw Jessica’s nipples. She wanted to suck them hard and feel them swell up even more between her lips.

But before she had a chance to follow her impulse with action, Kelly threw her head back and involuntarily moaned with rapture from the touch of Christina’s hands on her

breasts. Christina massaged her chest through her bra and made her nipples strain against the cups.

“Take it off,” Christina urged. “Show me your tits Kelly.”

Non compliance was not an option for Kelly and as soon as the words jumped off Christina’s lips she found herself reaching around back to undo her bra’s clasp. Kelly’s

heart was pounding in her chest as she stripped. This was absolutely crazy. She was getting naked with another girl. She didn’t do things like this. But there she was,

undoing her bra and pulling it away to expose her breasts.

Kelly wasn’t entirely comfortable with this yet and as soon as her bra was off she reflexively crossed her arms over her tits, covering them from Christina’s view, which

wouldn’t do at all.

“You’ve gotta relax baby,” Christina instructed. “Let me show you how.”

Pushing Kelly’s arms away, Christina quickly got access to her new lover’s chest and immediately set to work.

“Ohhhh Kelly, your tits are amazing,” Christina praised. “Mmmmm so soft and yummy. I love hot tits Kelly and I just wanna eat yours up.”

Christina leaned down into Kelly’s chest and began kissing all over her breasts. Kelly gasped with each kiss to her flesh and as Christina began massaging her hands over

her tits, playing with the fleshy mounds while running her tongue over her nipples those gasps turned into long, blissful moans.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh,” Kelly sighed. Christina’s mouth felt so good that Kelly reached down to cup her own tits to feed more of them to Christina’s hungry

mouth. “Gawwwwwd Christina! Mmmmm suck them! Suck my nipples. Make them all hard and hot like yours and Jessica’s.”

The only response from Christina was more kissing and licking and happy slurping sounds as her mouth worked Kelly over. Christina was already crazy for Kelly’s body and

they had just gotten started.

Christina loved how soft her body was. Kelly was totally natural and had such an air of freshness that Christina was kicking herself for waiting this long to get at her. There

was nothing dolled up or Hollywoodized about her body and Christina was soaking wet for all her natural curves.

“Ooooooh oooooooooh oooooooooooh ahhhhhhh Christina, ohhhhh my God you’re…you’re making it feel so good,” Kelly cried out. “Mmmmm no one ever pays this much

attention to my boobs. You were right! I do love it! Oooooooooooh yesssssssss I love it so much!”

Kelly was definitely relaxing now. Christina’s mouth on her tits was one of the best things she had ever felt. When men touched her they would usually just grab and grope

and try to get at her pussy as quickly as possible. But Christina’s attention to her breasts was driving Kelly wild more than any of her male lovers ever had. The sexy

blonde knew just what Kelly wanted without her even having to say it.

“Any boy who would ignore these is an idiot,” Christina said, drooling into Kelly’s cleavage and then licking it up as she spoke. “Mmmmm tits like these demand to be

loved. Oooooh I can’t wait to feel these things rubbing against my pussy.”

That was an idea that never would have occurred to Kelly but it seemed so nasty and fun that she couldn’t help but smile over it.

“Hmmmm someone likes that idea,” Christina giggled.

“Maybe,” Kelly coyly replied. “It all…all seems so crazy and fun. I…I…just…just don’t know what to think. I’ve never felt this way before about sex.”

“And we’re just getting started,” Christina pointed out. “Now show me you can give back and not just take. Suck on my tits now Kelly. I want my tits wet with your


Kelly gave another nervous smile, but she didn’t resist. She didn’t want Christina to think she was ungrateful. She wanted to give pleasure too. Taking a deep breath, Kelly

moved in for Christina’s jutting breasts and gave each of them a kiss, testing this new side of her to see just how into girls she really was.

“More,” Christina groaned, rubbing her tits from underneath as Kelly tasted them. “Don’t be gentle with me Kelly. I’m not some delicate flower. I’m a fucking nasty slut and

I need you to really give it to my tits.”

Christina was forcing her to move to the advanced level quickly, but Kelly didn’t mind the acceleration. She loved the feel of another woman’s tits against her lips. She

quickly realized that Christina’s breasts were fake, but she didn’t mind. They felt so good against her lips when she kissed them and under her tongue when she licked

them. And when she got her hands on them and began to curiously play with them, Kelly got just the reaction she had been hoping for.

“Ahhhhhhh that’s it,” Christina said. “Squeeze them Kelly! Squeeze my slutty tits! Get your hands all over them.”

Kelly took the instruction to heart, gripping Christina’s tits and getting another long, happy groan from her. Playing with Christina’s enhanced mounds like this pushed them

out even more and Kelly couldn’t resist attacking her nipples.

She latched her lips to the left one, tasting it in its unpierced glory and then comparing it to the right one and the ring that distinguished it. Kelly loved the feel of both of

them, both the flesh and the metal, and eagerly alternated sucking on Christina’s nipples.

Doing this was even better than Kelly had imagined it. Christina’s nipples pulsed and swelled between her lips when she teased them with her tongue, just as Christina had

done to her. Kelly was becoming more confident with every passing second and she leaned Christina over until she was flat on her back, making her tits shake and giving

Kelly a chance to lean over and suck harder on her nips.

“Mmmmmmmm such a fast learner,” Christina sighed, stroking Kelly’s bare back as she urged her on. “Gimmie more baby! Fucking bite those nipples!”

Kelly paused briefly at the sound of that. She didn’t want to accidentally hurt Christina, but she did as she was told, making sure her bites of her lover’s tender nipples were

of the loving variety and not too hard. It wasn’t easy to find this balance as Christina sometimes flinched in pain and moaned in pleasure all at once, but Christina seemed to

like it overall, so Kelly kept doing it, biting down on the swollen pink tips until they were red.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Christina groaned as she began writhing on her back. Kelly was such an eager student of girl love that Christina figured she deserved a reward and

since it was one they’d both enjoy, Christina was eager to do it.

While Kelly kept at her nipples, Christina reached down for her friend’s undone jeans. The button was still popped open and the zipper undone, but that was as far as

Christina had gotten. Naturally she wanted to rectify this and she did so by pushing them down past Kelly’s hips.

“Ooooooooh make me naked, Christina” Kelly sighed with a needy drawl, releasing Christina’s left nipple from her mouth. “Ughhhhhh I totally want this now. I want you to

fuck me. Fuck me Christina and make me a hot slut just like you. You promised and now you have to do it.”

That was a task Christina was more than ready for and she showed her eagerness by pushing Kelly off her and rolling the lesbian newcomer onto her back. Christina went

on the attack and made Kelly’s jeans her first target.

As Kelly giggled with glee, Christina began kissing down her stomach while pushing the jeans further down. Kelly’s wet pussy was already exposed but that wasn’t nearly

enough for Christina. It wouldn’t be enough until Kelly was screaming out in orgasm from the pleasure only another woman’s tongue could provide.

Kelly moaned and began playing with her own tits as she felt how wet her pussy had truly become. She couldn’t remember the last time she had ever been this wet. When

she had gotten dressed that morning she had never considered that someone else would see her naked and just the sensation of having her pussy exposed on Christina’s

bed almost made her come. It had been too long between fucks and it all felt so kinky and so good to be doing this with another girl.

Everything Christina was doing was driving her crazy with lust. Maybe she’d always been into girls deep down and hadn’t realized it until now. But whatever the reason

was, Kelly wasn’t about to think her way out of this fun.

Getting Kelly’s jeans off required a brief pause to relieve the Texas native of her cowboy boots. Christina thought for a second of leaving them on and making Kelly fuck her

naked except for the boots, but she decided her lover would be more comfortable with them off. They could play dress up games later.

When Kelly’s boots hit the floor, there were no more obstacles in place and Christina got Kelly’s jeans the rest of the way off and positioned herself between Kelly’s legs and

took a deep intake of breath. Mmmm Kelly smelled so good and she couldn’t wait to see how she tasted.

Christina was so eager that she just pushed open Kelly’s legs and leaned down for a lick up her slit, running her wet tongue over the soaked lips and making the singer buck

on the bed.

“Ohhhhhhhh holy shit!” Kelly cried in ecstasy at the first lick of her cunt in far too long. “Ohhhhhhhhh my God!!!”

Guys who gave great head were at a premium and even when they were good at it Kelly had usually had to cajole them and promise them everything from a home cooked

dinner to the chance to tit fuck her to get them to go down on her. After just one lick it became obvious Christina would require no such promises to get her to eat her out to


“Oooooooooooh wow,” Kelly sighed. “Ohhhh fuck yeah! Mmmm lick me Christina! God, you’ve got a great tongue!”

“Wait’ll I really get going,” Christina said with a wink from between Kelly’s legs. “You’ll be coming in no time once I get my tongue inside you.”

“Please do it!” Kelly pleaded with a passion she hadn’t felt in so long. “Get your tongue inside my pussy Christina! Do me with your hot tongue you nasty slut bitch! You

fucking seduced me so don’t make me wait!”

Though Kelly’s good girl image was no façade, she had never been shy about using a few well-placed dirty words in the heat of passion to spice up sex. She had to be into

it, though, and she was certainly into what was happening here. Her whole body was keyed up to feel Christina go down on her and after all the buildup she didn’t want to

wait much more.

Fortunately she didn’t have to. Christina wickedly smiled and used her fingers to splay open her new lover’s slit, unveiling the soaked pinkness that lay beyond. Christina’s

tears were long forgotten now and she was all about lust again. Christina rubbed Kelly’s pussy lips in a tantalizing motion that wasn’t too slow, but still left the American

Idol writhing impatiently on the bed.

Christina couldn’t help but smile smugly as she eyed Kelly’s aroused pussy, framed so sexily by a soft patch of brown hair. Kelly had been so reluctant before but Christina

had never wavered in her confidence that she’d have her and now she did indeed have her. Kelly was naked and dripping for her, grinding her ass into her bed and begging

for a female tongue. Christina again felt like there was no one she couldn’t seduce.

“Mmmm you’re so fucking tight. I love it,” Christina squealed as her fingers played. “I can’t wait to make you all loose and slutty. Tell me Kelly. How long has it been

since you got laid?”

“Not too long,” Kelly claimed, eager for Christina to get to the actual licking.

“Liar,” Christina shot back. “Tell the truth or no licking.”

It was an empty threat as far as Christina was concerned, but Kelly didn’t know that and she quickly fessed up about the true length of her dry spell. When Christina heard

it, her jaw nearly dropped down in shock.

“Jesus Christ! That’s impossible,” Christina marveled. “I can’t go eight hours without getting fucked. Shit, I can’t go eight minutes sometimes. Oh baby, you should have

told me right away. I wouldn’t have teased you a bit. I would have gone right for your pussy and licked all that pent up cream right out of you. I had no idea you had been

waiting that long. That’s like fucking torture! Don’t worry Kelly. Xtina will give you what you need.”

Kelly shifted uncomfortably on the bed. Christina was making it seem like eight years not months, but that ill at ease feeling disappeared the second Christina took her first

real lick, sliding her tongue inside Kelly’s pussy and tasting her juicy folds.

“OOOOOOOOOH!!!” Kelly excitedly cried while Christina continued licking away. “OHHHHHHHH GOD!!! LICK ME CHRISTINA!!! I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE YOUR


For Kelly, her feeling for Christina’s tongue was indeed love at first sight. One lick was all it had taken for Kelly to see Christina was the most enthusiastic pussy licker she

had ever been with. She went right for her and lapped with gusto, leaving Kelly panting on the bed and ready to come almost immediately. No one’s tongue had ever gotten

her that hot, that fast and Kelly cries of pleasure spilled past her lips at the same wicked speed that Christina’s tongue worked her over.

“OHHHHH GOD!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD!!!” Kelly kept crying out, but there was no higher power at work here, just a horny devil who knew exactly what

she was doing.

Christina’s experience never served her better than when she seduced newbies. If you brought them pleasure they never had experienced before then they’d be your little

slaves in bed. Rose had taught her that and Christina had paid rapt attention to her mentor and practiced as often as she could. Once again Rose’s lessons had paid off

and Christina had Kelly right where she wanted her.

Kelly couldn’t believe how good it all felt. If anything, Christina had been selling herself short before with her nasty promises. Christina’s tongue was one of the best things

Kelly had ever felt. She didn’t know if it was because she had waited so long, because she was breaking a taboo or if Christina was simply the best lover she’d ever had,

but Kelly only cared that every lick sent ecstasy through her naked body.

Looking down at Christina’s face between her legs and feeling her skilled tongue licking all her hot spots made Kelly’s head swim with intense sensations. She felt like she

had to close her eyes to take it all in. But she forced them to remain open. After all the hesitancy she had shown before, Kelly felt herself getting off on seeing another

woman eating her out. Christina looked so beautiful with her pretty face buried in her pussy and it just made the feel of her tongue working her over even hotter.

It didn’t escape Christina’s attention that Kelly was staring down on her. She peered her eyes up from Kelly’s cunt and locked them with her in a deep, sexy gaze. Kelly’s

face was awash in pleasure and that tickled Christina’s ego as well as her pussy. She had turned this innocent America’s sweetheart into a horny slut and she loved it.

“Play with your tits for me,” Christina commanded, pulling her mouth off Kelly’s pussy for a breath of much needed air. “You do like what I’m doing, don’t you baby?”

“Uh huhhhhhhhhh!” Kelly groaned, not wanting Christina to stop. “I love it! I fucking love it!”

“Good girl,” Christina purred, her lips and chin shiny with Kelly’s juicy desire. “Play with those soft, beautiful tits of yours for me Kelly. Mmmmm get them in your hands

and squeeze them. Put on a show for me while I’m eating this yummy pussy of yours out.”

By then Kelly would have done anything Christina wanted and before the words were even out of her mouth, Kelly had her hands on her own breasts. She was so hot right

now that any touch to her flesh was making her crazy, even her own. Kelly had never been complimented like this before and the thought that someone like Christina

thought she tasted good after all the girls she’d been with was more sexy fuel to the fire that had her in its grasp.

Kelly moaned loudly as she caressed her own tits, massaging the soft mounds and making them jiggle oh so sexily, just how Christina wanted. She didn’t play with them

as hard as she had just done to Christina. Kelly touched herself more gently, just like she always did when she masturbated and Christina obviously liked what she saw

because she pushed her fingers back inside and began fucking Kelly. The singer wanted Christina to lick her, but she couldn’t deny the pleasure she felt from the girl’s

small, sexy fingers.

“Ughhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Kelly groaned, squeezing her tits as pleasure rolled through her, making her arch her back. “Fuck me Christina! Ughhhhh

mmmmmm oooooooooooh it’s all soooooooooooo gooooooooood!!!”

“Mmmmm this is such a pretty pussy,” Christina cooed while her fingers played, spreading open her lover’s vice like tightness. “Ooooooooh so pink and sweet! Mmmm I

can’t believe no one’s fucking you Kelly. That’s gonna change now though. I’m gonna make you come and then I’m gonna let you play with all my sexy friends. By the

time we’re done with you we’re gonna make this hot little pussy all loose and slutty and it’s gonna feel so fucking good!”

Kelly absolutely believed Christina’s words and she enthusiastically cried out from them. This was what she wanted now. It was all she wanted.

“Yessssssssssssssss!!!” Kelly cried. “All of you can fuck me! You can lick and eat my tight pussy and make it all loose and dirty just like you Christina! I want you to fuck

me Christina! Fuck my tight little pussy and make me come and then let your friends fuck me! I want Jessica to fuck me! And Cameron! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhh all of

your friends can fuck me! I want it all so bad! I hate not getting laid! It’s so fucking lonely! I want to be nasty and fuck girls like you do Christina! I want to have all that hot

slutty fun that you do! Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh finger my pussy Christina! Finger it and make it hot and loose!!!”

If Kelly had somehow left her body and watched what was happening she knew she never would have recognized the girl that was lying naked on the bed and taking on

Christina’s fingers and tongue.

This wasn’t like her at all and now that her body was pulsing with lesbian desire that was what made it so much fun. Kelly didn’t want to be the girl who had walked into the

mansion pent up with sexual desire and too afraid to do anything about it. She wanted to be wild and free and let her desires control her so she’d get the great sex she

craved and deserved.

Christina kept smiling as she pumped her fingers into Kelly. She nakedly kneeled before the American Idol’s outstretched and bent legs, pushing her fingers into Kelly and

making her buck on the bed with pleasure. She was getting close and Christina wasn’t surprised it was going to be such a quick orgasm after Kelly’s bout with chastity.

But she wasn’t about to let the girl off with just a finger fuck. Not when Christina was desperate to feel Kelly soak her tongue in cream.

However before she got to that she wanted to have some fun with Kelly. Christina knew she could take her time. There was no way Kelly was leaving any time soon and

Christina wanted to make sure the girl knew who was in control here.

“Wanna come for me Kelly?” Christina asked, slowing her fingering as she posed her obvious question.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssss!” Kelly immediately replied with a passionate thrust of her hips. “I want it! I need it! Please Christina!”

“Poor baby, waiting those eight months to come,” Christina played. “Such a long wait for such a pretty girl. You should have gotten your ass here sooner. I would have

been licking your pussy every night. Would you like that Kelly? Would you like to stay here and have me make your pussy my bedtime snack every night?”

“Goddddddddd yesssssssss!” Kelly agreed with growing impatience, her body sweating on Christina’s sheets as her blood seemed to boil inside her with orgasmic need.

She had been waiting more than half a year to get to this state and Christina was playing 20 questions. Why was she teasing her like this? Why was she making her wait?

Though, as she thought about it, the idea of feeling Christina’s tongue every night was definitely a good one.

Christina reveled in the effect she was having on Kelly. Making her pant and moan was wickedly fun to the pierced singer but she wanted more. There wasn’t nearly enough

begging to please Christina.

“Oooooooh such a hard clitty,” Christina teased, her fingers rubbing against it and making Kelly jump on the bed in the process. “Oh God, I can feel like it’s about to

explode. Mmmmm feels so good against my fingers. So plump and swollen. Would you like my tongue on it Kelly? Would you like me to lick your clit? Would you like

me to slap this throbbing clitty with my tongue till you come all over my slutty face and soak me with eight months of your cream? Mmmmmmmm I know you want it bad. I

can feel it. Mmmmmmm I can taste it.”

Kelly had responded to each of Christina’s questions with screams of “yes” with an occasional reference to God thrown in for good measure. Her brain couldn’t form any

thoughts except pushing the animal instinct to come. Kelly felt like some kind of horny beast waiting for Christina to have mercy on her while she grunted, jiggled and

sweated on her bed.

“Beg for it Kelly,” Christina demanded, pouncing on the horny girl so she could kiss her and rub their tits together while she continued fingering her. “I wanna hear your

perfect voice begging me to come. I wanna hear you say that you need me to tongue your clit and suck your sweet cum right out of you.”

Kelly cried out again in frustrated need. Her orgasm was so close, but she couldn’t make Christina give it to her. Christina’s tongue had worked her up so much and her

fingers were keeping her in heat. Her long wait in between fucks had already left her with a short fuse to orgasm and she just couldn’t wait one more second. So, with a

horny roar, Kelly gave Christina what she wanted.



Kelly was finally silenced by a wet, heated kiss from Christina, who clamped her lips down on her lover’s and sucked the screams right out of her, mashing their tits together

while her fingering picked up speed again. Christina rubbed Kelly’s little balloon of a clit with two of her fingers, pinching it and giving her hand a fresh glaze of juice.

Kelly’s breathing was hard and labored and Christina could feel her heart beating in her chest while they ground their bodies together, continuing their passionate kiss. And

just when Christina felt Kelly was about to pop, she pulled her face away and darted down her body until she got at her overheating pussy. Pulling her sticky fingers out of

Kelly’s honeypot, Christina paused only to give them a hungry lick before burrowing her tongue into her lover once more.

“GAHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Kelly’s voice soared when Christina pressed her face right up to her splayed open pussy and began

tonguing her clit.

The pleasure that hit Kelly when Christina began flicking her tongue against her clitoris was like lightning striking her on the bed. Sensations of ecstasy shot through her

from Christina’s quick and aggressive, but never sloppy tongue slaps against her clit. Kelly’s much needed orgasm broke free like a flood escaping a dam and, just as she

had asked for, Christina got her face soaked by it.

Kelly screamed out in pure bliss and clawed at the sheets as she came, her tits bouncing wildly on her wildly shaking body. Her legs remained bent and spread wide, giving

Christina plenty of room to feast on her gushing pussy. Christina had given her clit a few more happy licks before going after Kelly’s cream, gulping it down hungrily like she

was the one who had gone months without sex.

The sensations of her orgasm left Kelly gasping and her eyes tearing up from pleasure. Nothing registered on her brain except the intensity of the ecstasy Christina had

given her. Finally feeling orgasm from another’s touch was sweet relief to Kelly, but she couldn’t help but regret she hadn’t been able to last longer and feel more of

Christina’s tongue while savoring every sensation.

Feeling Christina feeding off her orgasm with long licks and greedy sucks against her creaming pussy gave Kelly even more sexual bliss. She rolled her head back and forth

on the bed, crying out over and over again until she eventually blacked out. Or at least she thought she did. Kelly didn’t quite know what happened except that one second

she had been getting licked and the next Christina was on top of her, kissing her and pushing her own juices into her mouth.

Before Kelly might have resisted being fed her own cum, but that was the Kelly who hadn’t gotten laid since winter. The now satisfied Kelly just accepted what Christina did,

kissing her first female lover back with a growing enthusiasm. Her orgasm hadn’t diminished Kelly’s desire to explore female flesh and she found herself kissing Christina

with even more energy than she had before her orgasm.

The kiss lingered and Kelly sucked Christina’s tongue free of the cream that had soaked it. Kelly giggled to herself when she realized Christina was right. Her juices were

yummy. Their tits rubbed together so sexily with Kelly’s swollen nipples grinding against her pierced counterpart’s but Christina wasn’t looking to just kiss.

Taking advantage of Kelly being flat on her back, Christina broke the kiss and scooted upward until her pussy was hovering right above Kelly’s mouth.

“My turn now,” Christina announced, not giving Kelly any type of choice. “Lick me Kelly.”

Before there was any chance to talk back, Christina pressed her pussy down against Kelly’s lips. Kelly’s eyes got wide again and she found herself flustered. What was

she supposed to do? She had never done this before. How was she supposed to get Christina off? Kelly supposed she should have known Christina was going to want

head too, but the sudden action was still a surprise.

The aroused scent of Christina’s pussy filled Kelly’s nostrils and she couldn’t help but taste the tiny blonde’s juices when she opened her mouth to breath. Her lips were

smothered with Christina’s pussy and Kelly saw there was no way she was getting out of this. Not that she wanted to get out of it. She wanted this. She just didn’t know

how to do it.

Finally, for lack of a better idea, Kelly just started licking, supposing that if she was doing it wrong Christina would correct her.

That was just what Christina had been planning to do and she didn’t hesitate to guide Kelly. She didn’t expect Kelly to be some kind of pussy licking savant. She knew the

newbie was going to need some help.

“Oooooooooh that’s it,” Christina moaned as Kelly’s tongue began to shyly lick her slit. “Lick it Kelly! Lick my slutty little cunt! Get your tongue on me and see how

fucking good I taste! Mmmmm I’m gonna get you so hooked on the taste of pussy that you’re not gonna be able to sleep at night without girl cum soaking your tongue!”

Kelly shivered in arousal at that image. She did like the way Christina tasted. She liked it a lot. She didn’t often taste herself after masturbating, but Christina pushing her

own juices into her mouth had awakened Kelly’s taste buds and Christina’s juices tasted even better.

Her first licks were a bit soft and tentative. Having Christina’s wet pussy jammed against her face was a bit intimidating, but Kelly summoned her courage and starting

becoming bolder with her tongue. Christina helpfully reached down to spread her lips open and Kelly’s tongue slipped inside almost by accident. She had been meaning to

dart out and get some of the cream that clung to Christina’s slit, but instead she got the richer taste of her lover’s soft, feminine folds.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Kelly hungrily moaned as the full taste of another woman tickled her tongue’s fancy and compelled her to take longer and faster licks.

Kelly definitely liked this. It was still weird to think she was going down on another woman, but Kelly wasn’t thrown by Christina’s taste or wetness or anything. She wasn’t

even spooked by the little hoop piercing in Christina’s labia or the stud that capped off her clit. She wanted to do this. She wanted to pay Christina back for making her feel

so good.

“Oooooooh that’s it Kelly,” Christina praised as she reached down to squeeze her own tits, gripping the enhanced mounds passionately. Kelly’s long tongue felt just as

good as she’d hoped. “Get your tongue in me. You can do it baby. Lick my pussy! Lick it just like I was licking yours! Ohhhhhh you’re doing fine Kelly. Don’t stop.

Taste my pussy. Get that juice on your tongue and just lick it all up like a good girl.”

Kelly certainly appreciated Christina’s guidance. She hadn’t really been paying much attention to the specifics of what Christina had just done to her. She had been too

busy coming. But now that their positions were reversed Kelly found herself wishing she had some kind of technique. She wanted to make Christina feel good and since

she had no experience it made sense to do whatever she was told.

Moaning into Christina’s pussy, Kelly found herself getting wet again from eating the sexy singer out. Just as Christina instructed, Kelly licked at her pussy, trying to get at

as much of her juice as possible. Tasting Christina’s hot flavor had Kelly thinking this wasn’t just a one time loss of control for her. She could really get into being with girls

if they were all as hot as Christina.

While she lay back and licked, going harder the more Christina moaned for it, Kelly thought about all the girls Christina said she had fucked. She had no reason to doubt

the truth of her boasts, especially after witnessing the scene in the other room. Kelly wondered how they tasted and if maybe they’d want to fuck her too.

Kelly especially thought about Britney. Kelly wondered what it had been like when the two superstars had been together. Had they fucked all nasty and slutty or had they

made love tender and gently? Or had they done both? Had they done it in this bed? Was she licking Christina just like Britney had? Had Christina made Britney come as

hard as she had just done to her? Kelly considered all these thoughts and got even more turned on in the process.

Unable to help herself as she pictured Christina and Britney naked in the bed doing the naughty things Christina had so vividly described, Kelly reached down and began

rubbing herself. She moaned when she felt how wet her pussy was. Even after her orgasm she wanted more and Kelly touched herself eagerly. She wanted to make

herself wetter and pictured herself fingering her own pussy and creaming as she made Christina come too.

It was a good plan, but Christina had other ideas.

“Oooooh still horny huh?” Christina giggled when she turned her head to see what Kelly was up too. “Mmmm I’ve got something even better than your fingers, honey.”

Christina then spun around so she could bend over and get her mouth back on Kelly’s pussy. She didn’t pull away from Kelly for long, though, and as soon as she was set,

Christina planted her pussy back on her friend’s face, leaving them in a 69 with Christina on top.

“Don’t stop licking,” Christina instructed. “Make me feel good and I’ll make you feel good too Kelly.”

Christina was as good as her word and when the singer’s tongue resumed licking, Christina took herself another taste from Kelly Clarkson’s newly bisexual pussy. Christina

loved seeing how juicy her friend had gotten again in just the short time she had been away. There was no way Kelly wasn’t going to be coming back for more now.

Kelly moaned in the ecstasy she now knew could only come from another woman’s tongue once more when Christina resumed her skillful licking. But Kelly made sure she

didn’t get distracted. Christina was being so good to her and Kelly became more committed than ever to getting her off.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm good girl,” Christina mewed. “That’s it baby! Ooooooh that long fucking tongue feels so goddamn good in my pussy!

Yesssss right there! Lick right there! That’s my spot! Lick it fast Kelly! Lick it hard! Oooooooooh just lick it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Shivers of pleasure coursed up Christina’s spine to her pleasure starved brain. Kelly was a fast learner and followed every instruction to the letter. She was raw with her

technique but Christina was already envisioning taking full advantage of that great tongue by training her and turning her into a mean pussy licker, just like Rose had done to

her and she had done to Britney.

Remembering how eager a student Britney had been gave Christina sudden pause, but only for a moment. She quickly shrugged off any wistfulness from her memories by

grinding her pussy against Kelly’s very willing face and picturing grabbing her camera phone and snapping a shot to send to Britney. Christina wanted to see Britney’s face

when she got a snapshot of her and Kelly 69ing and finally got the hint that she didn’t need her and didn’t want her anymore. That would show the dumb bitch.

But Christina didn’t do anything but lie atop Kelly and fuck her face while licking at the new girl’s drooling cunt. Kelly was already so wet for her again and Christina wanted

to do so many things to her new lover. In fact, remembering her past with Britney gave Christina a wicked idea of something to do to Kelly. But first she wanted to


Christina felt herself getting close. She had some pent up horniness herself. It hadn’t been months between orgasms for her, but she hadn’t been licked and come since

last night and to Christina that felt like months.

Her interrupted fun with Gwen and Fergie had left her wanting and knowing who it was who was licking her was an additional rush made her want to come even more. Even

though Kelly was new at this, Christina knew she could get the job done with only a little more help.

“Use your hands too,” Christina said. “Get your fingers inside my pussy Kelly. Mmmmmmmm and get your other hand on my ass. Oooooooh you’re gonna make me

come baby. You’re gonna make me come like the naughty little slut you are now. Yeahhhhh no more good girl sweetheart Kelly. Now you’re a dirty pussy licking whore

like me and all my nasty friends!”

That was just what Kelly wanted to hear and Christina knew it. Kelly obeyed immediately. Her hands had just been resting on her sides anyway so it was easy to get them

to work. Christina pulled her own fingers out of her pussy and Kelly didn’t have to be told to replace them with hers. Kelly began working her fingers inside Christina, using

them as a team with her tongue as her other hand got a feel of her lover’s bare ass.

“Yessssssssss mmmmmmm that’s what I want Kelly,” Christina moaned before jamming her tongue back inside Kelly’s pussy. “Get your fingers inside me! Finger fuck

me while you lick my wet cunt with that hot fucking tongue! Slam me hard with your fingers! Rub my clitty with those fingers! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss mmmmmmmm

that’s it! Rub my pierced clit! Mmm yeahhhhh touch that little jewel! Yeahhhhhhh keep licking as you rub it! Ahhhh feels so good! You’re gonna make me come Kelly!

You’re gonna get a faceful of girl cream just like you gave me!”

Kelly’s eyes went wide again at that promise. God, Christina was really going to come and she was going to taste it and everything. But the panic faded after a brief

moment and Kelly’s smile was apparent even with her face covered by Christina’s pussy. She started rubbing Christina’s pierced clitoris with new passion and her tongue

worked faster, licking everywhere that made her lover moan.

That got more happy sex cries from Christina. Her orgasm was getting so close that she was having trouble keeping up her own end of the 69, but Kelly didn’t seem to mind

and Christina was able to substitute her hand for her mouth when the pleasure got too much for her to concentrate. Christina grunted and moaned in horny need and

furiously rubbed her palm all over Kelly’s wet, pink pussy lips just like she would have if she were masturbating herself.

“Ahhhhhh yessssssss mmmmmmm lick meeeee you slutty little princess,” Christina babbled in pleasure. “Sweet little Kelly Clarkson never gets in trouble! No one ever

says anything bad about Kelly! Mmmmmmmmm now you got your pretty princess face crammed in my cunt Kelly! How’s it feel? How’s it fucking feel to be licking my



That was all Christina could get out before she could only force wordless cries past her lips. The closer she got the harder she fucked Kelly’s face until she was almost

bouncing up and down on the bed. Christina rose up, breaking the 69 so she could really face fuck Kelly and this was met with extra hard tonguing that had Christina

screaming out her orgasm’s immanent arrival.

Kelly’s confidence was really growing. She felt like if she could get someone as experienced as Christina to come then there really wasn’t anything she couldn’t do. She

loved what Christina had been telling her. She had chafed against her wholesome image from the moment she had first tried out for American Idol and lying here naked and

having a wet pussy in her face Kelly finally truly felt liberated from everyone’s perception of how she was supposed to act.

All Kelly wanted was to get Christina off. She didn’t even care if Christina was touching her too or not. She used her tongue and fingers together, rubbing and licking and

getting more and more of Christina’s juices on her tongue and down her throat. Kelly had never even swallowed any of the guys she had given head too, but it just felt so

right here and she couldn’t wait to gulp down Christina’s cream.

Kelly still had her hand on Christina’s ass, rubbing the smooth cheeks and suddenly she was struck with another impulse. But while before she had just wanted to touch

Christina’s butt, this time she felt the urge to slap it and she did so without hesitation.

With a hard clap she spanked Christina’s bare ass, taking the pierced singer by surprise with her boldness. Kelly had assumed the singer would love it and she was right

as Christina cried out in obvious ecstasy and ground herself against Kelly’s mouth even more.

This gave Kelly all the excuse she needed to spank Christina again and she began a series of hard, but not too hard, smacks on her ass. Kelly just wished her mouth was

free to talk dirty so she could tell Christina what a dirty fucking slut she was and how she needed to be spanked and punished for seducing her and turning a good girl into a

nasty whore.

But Kelly knew her mouth had more important things to do then talk. She sucked and licked Christina’s pussy, going entirely on instinct and doing whatever made Christina

moan and cry out. Christina clearly liked being spanked and she bent lower to push her ass out while still fucking Kelly’s face with passionate hip thrusts.

Christina could only spit out ecstatic cries that got higher with every slap Kelly took on her ass. Christina panted and felt her whole body tense up with orgasmic

anticipation. She rode Kelly’s face like it was a cock inside her and Kelly’s tongue felt so long and good inside her that it might as well have been. Christina finally pulled

her hands off her tits and planted them down on the bed on each side of Kelly so she could thrust herself down onto her even better.

When Kelly sensed that Christina’s ass had been slapped enough, she began gently massaging the tender cheeks. But even though she lessened her touch there, Kelly

kept her tongue and fingers working over Christina hard. The more she did this the more she liked it and it showed in the effect she was having on Christina. Kelly licked

and fingered the bouncing, moaning singer until finally Christina shot up straight and screamed out her orgasm.


Kelly had not been prepared properly for the rush of cum against her tongue and face. She reflexively pulled away at first when Christina’s spasming pussy coated her with

sexual essence, but Kelly quickly relaxed and went with it. Christina’s cum was even better tasting than her pre-orgasmic juices and Kelly swallowed it eagerly, squealing

with her own pleasure when she felt it drip down her chin and onto her neck.

“Wow…” Kelly finally moaned when Christina pulled her pussy off her face and slumped down beside her on the bed.

“Mmmmm I know,” Christina smiled before leaning over to kiss Kelly with a lingering lip lock that allowed her to sample the flavor she had just creamed out onto her new

lover. “Goddamn Kelly, you got yourself a hot tongue there. I came even harder than I thought I was going to. That’s like a fucking sex toy you got there.”

Kelly blushed but returned her friend’s smile.

“I never really noticed,” Kelly shyly replied. “It’s just…you know…my tongue…I never thought it was anything special.”

“That’s because you never ate pussy before,” Christina pointed out. “Believe me sweetie, everyone here’s gonna be lining up to feel that tongue inside them.”

“Really?” Kelly asked, quite eager to try out as many of Christina’s sexy friends as she was willing to introduce her to.

“Definitely,” Christina promised. “You’re a really hot fuck Kelly. I loved how you were spanking me. I never expected you to have the guts to try it, but that got me so hot.

Mmmmmm it felt so good to have you slapping my slutty ass while I was fucking your face. You really are a naughty girl.”

“You made me naughty,” Kelly playfully claimed, rubbing her naked body against Christina’s. Part of her still felt like this couldn’t have really happened. She couldn’t have

just had sex with another girl. But it had felt so good. Even better than the sex she had gotten from guys.

“Mmmmm and I want to make you even naughtier,” Christina declared as she reached up to play with Kelly’s tits, kneading them firmly in her hot hands and making her lover

moan. “I’m not done playing with you yet. You wanna have some more fun Kelly?”

Kelly’s growing smile gave all the answer Christina needed, but in case it wasn’t clear enough, Kelly gave Christina a long, wet kiss. None of Kelly’s previous shyness was

evident in this kiss and it showed the singer was more than ready to take to a more advanced level.

“I want to have lots more fun,” Kelly said, wetness starting to drip from her pussy onto her thighs and the sheets. “I can’t believe how good that felt. I’d never had sex like

that before. I want more. Lots more. Fuck me again Christina. Show me everything naughty girls like us can do to each other.”

That was just what Christina wanted to hear and she pushed her tongue back into Kelly’s mouth while she rolled the girl flat onto her back again. Christina positioned

herself atop Kelly once more and when she pulled away from her lips she began kissing down her neck.

“Mmmmmmmm yessssssss oooooooh kiss me everywhere,” Kelly sighed. “I love how you kiss Christina. You’re making me so wet. Ooooooooooh God I can’t believe I’m

getting wet for another girl, but you’re turning me on so much Christina. I never should have fought you off. Ughhhhhh I should have just let you fuck me. Mmmmm just like

you fucked Britney and all those other girls.”

“Oh I’m going to fuck you better than I ever fucked that bitch,” Christina promised before going after Kelly’s tits. Christina kept her hands on Kelly’s chest while she licked

and sucked her swollen nipples with wet tongue strokes, leaving a saliva sheen all over Kelly’s tits.

Feeling Christina’s tongue flicking against her hard nipples was sending little bolts of pleasure right to Kelly’s pussy and soft, happy moans flowed out of her mouth like a

river as she caressed Christina’s hair and tried to urge her to go lower.

“Eat me again,” Kelly groaned. “Please Christina. Eat my pussy just like you did before. Ooooooooh I need you baby. I hadn’t come for real in so long and I need more.

Please eat me again.”

“I could do that…” Christina teased, kissing down Kelly’s stomach and making her giggle from the tickling sensation of soft, wet lips against her tummy. “But I can do

something even hotter too. Want me to fuck you Kelly? Want me to fuck you like a naughty slut?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssss,” Kelly immediately answered without even thinking. “Fuck me Christina! Fuck me good and make me come again!”

Christina then pulled away from Kelly and hopped off the bed, surprising her lover.

“Hey, wait, where are you going?” a confused Kelly asked.

“I’m going to fuck you Kelly,” Christina devilishly grinned. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

Kelly wasn’t sure what Christina was up to but she certainly did enjoy watching the singer run naked to her dresser, her ass bouncing ever so slightly with every step. Kelly

felt herself blush a little for so blatantly checking Christina out like that, but she didn’t stop gawking at her lover’s tight cheeks, especially as she reached up to get into her

dresser. But when she saw what Christina had in her hands Kelly’s attention naturally focused right on it.

“No way,” Kelly gasped. She hadn’t been expecting this and her nerves reflexively came back with a rush.

“Oh yeah,” Christina giggled as she lovingly stroked her strap on. “It’s time for you to get fucked Kelly. It’s time for you to really get fucked. No guy can ever fuck you as

good as I’m about to. My cock never goes soft baby and I’m not gonna let you leave this bed until you’re completely satisfied.”

Even as unaccustomed as she was to the idea of being fucked with a fake dick, Kelly had to admit that sounded pretty damn good. Christina had licked her so good, so

why wouldn’t she be able to fuck her even better? Kelly had never been afraid to take a cock inside her before so why should this be different if it was another girl on the end

of it and not a real guy?

Kelly relaxed even more when she saw Christina pull the toy up her naked body, fastening the harness so it dangled from her waist. Christina looked really hot like that and

Kelly’s arousal eased her nerves. She began unconsciously rubbing herself, stroking the tender, well licked, lips of her pussy with her fingers while Christina modeled her

strap on.

“That’s it baby,” Christina urged when she spied her lover’s masturbation. “Rub that pretty little pussy for me. Make sure it’s nice and wet for my hard cock.”

“Yessssss give me that cock,” Kelly found herself moaning before she even considered her words. “It’s been too long since I got any. Make it feel good Christina. Promise

to make it feel good.”

“I totally will,” Christina swore. “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle with you Kelly. Mmmm unless you’d rather I was rough.”

Kelly couldn’t help but giggle at the sound of that, but it was one of arousal, not of mockery. This was all too weird. But the more Kelly eyed Christina’s fake cock the more

she wanted to know what it felt like to have it inside her.

Christina’s cock looked like it was about seven inches and she’d been with guys who’d been bigger so Kelly wasn’t worried about getting hurt. Or was that what she

wanted? Did she want Christina to fuck her hard and make her feel it deeper than any guy had gone? Kelly didn’t know what she wanted but she definitely wanted Christina

to do something.

“You want it missionary or doggie?” Christina asked as though she were a waitress asking about a choice of soup or salad.

“Ummmm…I dunno…” Kelly replied, unable to come to a quick decision. She had never really been given that direct a choice before. When it came to the guys she’d been

with they’d just done it and not really chose positions. “I can’t pick one.”

“Great idea. We’ll do both!” Christina laughed. “Stay on your back Kelly and don’t worry. This is gonna feel fucking amazing.”

Kelly sucked her bottom lip in anticipation. She was still a little nervous but she was too horny for it to voice any kind of objection. She was totally wet for Christina’s toy

and she moaned impatiently as Christina spread open her legs and kneeled in front of her.

“Oooooh this pussy needs some cock so fucking bad,” Christina cooed as she rubbed the head of her strap on against Kelly’s spread cunt lips. “You want it Kelly? You

want my cock?”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss gimmie!” Kelly cried. “I do need it Christina! My pussy needs your big cock! Give it to me ple…AHHHH!!!”

Kelly’s words were cut off her by her own ecstatic scream as Christina pushed the head of her strap on inside her pussy. Using a strap on was another area where Christina

had been Rose’s devoted student. No one knew how to fuck with a toy like Rose did and Christina had eagerly learned at her side like a nymphomaniac padewan. Now

Kelly was going to benefit from every lesson Christina had gotten.

Christina didn’t move in too aggressively too fast. She wasn’t going to shy away from giving Kelly what she needed, but she didn’t want to hurt her. A toy like this was

dangerous if you didn’t know how to use it right and Christina had picked up plenty of experience along the way.

“Take it Kelly! Take this dick inside your tight little pussy!” Christina urged. “Open up for me baby. Don’t fight it. Just relax and let me make you feel good!”

That was what Kelly wanted even more than Christina did. She’d used toys on herself, but nothing compared to being penetrated by someone else. Kelly mewed in

pleasure as Christina slowly inched her cock inside her.

Kelly was so tight that Christina had to give her time to adjust to the feel of the plastic inside her. The singer wasn’t as tight as Hilary Duff had been that night she and her

friends had taken the little slut’s virginity, but lack of sex these past few months was obvious as Christina pushed inside Kelly, the snug walls of her pussy sucking the toy

in and clinging to it like it never wanted to let go.

“Like how that feels Kelly?” Christina asked. “You like my cock inside you?”

“Yeahhhhhhhhh,” Kelly grunted. “Feels sooooo goooooood!”

“Want more?” Christina inquired, eager to really start giving it to Kelly.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssss!” Kelly enthusiastically agreed. She had always loved getting fucked and she wanted to see just what Christina could do with that toy.

“Mmmmm good girl,” Christina praised again. “I’m gonna loosen your pussy up so good. You’re not gonna be so fucking tight when I’m done with you.”

The next sound was another happy scream leaping out of Kelly’s mouth as Christina gave a hard thrust and shoved an additional two inches inside. Kelly’s eyes were wide

with wild passion and her mouth was frozen open in ecstasy as Christina began to really fuck her.

“OHHHHHH GOD FUCK ME CHRISTINA!!! FUCK ME!!!” Kelly screamed. She didn’t know how much of Christina’s toy was inside her and she didn’t care. It could have

been one inch or the whole fucking thing as long as it felt good and it absolutely did.

“FUCK ME PLEASE!!!” Kelly continued to cry out. “FUCKING FILL ME UP WITH YOUR TOY!”

Christina let out a long, sexy moan of her own as she pushed more of her strap on into Kelly. She was such a snug fit, but Christina was able to get into her and bury her

toy almost all the way up. The more resistance she got the better because it forced the nub of the toy on Christina’s end to rub her clit even more. Kelly’s tightness was

really getting Christina off and she found considering that she might actually make herself come before she got Kelly to.

But as fun as that sounded Christina wasn’t a selfish lover. She wanted to make sure Kelly felt good and when she pulled her toy out slowly, leaving only the tip inside,

before forcefully shoving it back inside Kelly’s cunt it was more important that Kelly roared in passion than she did.

Both girls were soon moaning and shrieking in sexual bliss together. The time for being gentle was over and Christina was giving it to Kelly without hesitation. Kelly’s legs

were sticking straight up in the air and Christina grabbed them both for leverage and to spread Kelly open even further. She held Kelly’s legs like a wishbone as she fucked

her, pushing the hard plastic deep into the singer’s soaked pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Godddddd…ohhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddd…” Kelly kept exalting as she felt her tightness being pushed open by Christina’s amazing thrusts. “Don’t stop

Christina! Fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhh no one’s fucked me in so long and you’re so much better than they were! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh I know that’s what you wanna hear! You’re

better at fucking me than guys are! Ahhhhhhhhh no one’s ever made me as wet as you have!”

Christina certainly did want to hear that and it earned Kelly another hard thrust. This one buried all seven inches of her fake cock inside Kelly, making the singer flail on the

bed and make the kind of bestial sounds only a good fuck could produce.

“GYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Kelly screamed her orgasm getting closer with every thrust from Christina. “OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHH


“Ooooooooooooh you’re so hot Kelly!” Christina spit out as her clit throbbed against the strap on’s nub and made her body shiver with ecstasy. “You look so good taking my

cock all the way inside you baby! Mmmmmmmm you’re such a naughty girl and I love it! A naughty slutty girl like me! Like all my hot fucking friends! Yeahhhhhh you look

so hot getting yourself fucked by my big, hard cock!”



With Kelly loosened sufficiently, Christina was able to drive into her pussy and pull out to drive in again with relatively little resistance. Besides their moans and the filthy

mouthed compliments she and Kelly traded, Christina heard all the wonderful sounds she loved most about girl sex. She delighted in their bare flesh slapping together and

the wet squish that came each time she pushed into Kelly’s cunt.

Kelly’s tits were bouncing wildly from Christina’s thrusts, nearly hitting her chin and making both girls giggle. Christina loved Kelly’s all natural jiggle and she only wished

her cock was a real one so she could shove it between those tits and bust her nut all over them.

The position they were in was hot for both of them, but Christina still wanted more. She wanted to try everything out on her new playmate and didn’t want to wait until later

to do it.

“Noooooooooooooo!!!” Kelly cried as Christina pulled out of her pussy with a wet, cummy pop. Christina’s toy was coated from tip to end in girl juice and Christina ran her

fingers over the side of the shaft to get herself a taste while Kelly wailed in despair.

“Don’t stop Christina!” Kelly begged. “I was getting close! Why are you stopping?”

“I’m not stopping,” Christina assured her friend. “Get on your hands and knees Kelly. I wanna do you from behind.”

Even though she hated any interruption to the fun she’d been having, Kelly didn’t have to be talked into doing this. Doggie style was definitely a fun position and she knew

with Christina doing it to her it was going to be better than any time she’d ever done it before.

Kelly immediately got off her back and repositioned herself on the bed, pressing into the mattress with palms and knees while she wiggled her bare ass in the air.

“Is this how you want me?” Kelly teased, her sweet, drawling voice made even sexier by Christina’s view of her drooling cunt. “You wanna fuck me from behind


“Goddamn right this is what I want,” Christina laughed, setting up behind Kelly and slapping her ass in the process. That got a yelp from Kelly, so Christina did it again.

“Owwwwwww!” Kelly whined, but not indicating she was actually hurt by the slaps.

“Quiet you big baby,” Christina said. “You spanked me so mmmmmm now it’s my turn!”

Christina gave Kelly’s butt cheeks another hard slap, loving how they jiggled for her. Kelly had such a great ass. Christina had always feared her own ass was a little too

bony and she loved Kelly’s curves. They looked so scrumptious and Christina couldn’t help but rub her hands over the naked cheeks and think about sinking her teeth into

the morsel of femine flesh before her.

“Mmmmmmm much better,” Kelly moaned. “Ohhhh Christina I love your hands on my ass. I need you to fuck me though. I need it so bad!”

That was just what Christina was about to do. Kelly’s juices were dripping down from her pussy, coating the back of her legs with a sexy shine. But she just couldn’t draw

herself away from Kelly’s ass and suddenly a wicked idea hit her. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of this before, but this was the perfect time if she was going to go

for it.

“Gotta do this,” Christina murmured and before Kelly even had a chance to ask what it was she found out when Christina’s wet tongue began tenderly licking her


“Oooooooooooooooooh!” Kelly dreamily moaned as this new sensation washed over her. No one had ever licked her ass before and Christina’s tongue immediately made

her see she’d been missing out all these years. It felt so nasty and naughty and Kelly loved it from the first lick.

“Ohhhhhhhh Christinaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Kelly continued to moan, her face resting against the sheets. “Oooooooooh gawwwd what are you doooooooooing to meeeeeeee?

Ahhhhhhh it feels so good! Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss lick my ass! Fuck! That’s so naughty! How are you making this feel so goooooooood?”

Christina didn’t offer up any answers to that. Instead she continued to rim Kelly’s tight, puckered ass with the precision her experience had given her. She let her saliva drip

down into Kelly’s hole before spreading it around with her tongue, giving Kelly soft, girly licks to make sure she was wet. Kelly’s ass was too enticing to pass up and now

that she had her tongue on it Christina was committed to seeing this all the way through.

She kept her hands on Kelly’s cheeks, spreading them open so she could get an even better chance to lick. Christina rimmed Kelly all over her hole, leaving saliva dripping

from it and pleasure shooting through the girl’s body. It was obvious to Christina from Kelly’s reaction that this was new to her and she worked extra hard with her tongue to

make sure it was good enough. And when she was sure Kelly was wet enough, Christina raised the game.

“OHHHHHHHHH FUCK!” Kelly cried when Christina’s tongue pulled out for her finger to slide in. “FINGER ME CHRISTINA! FUCKING FINGER MY ASS!!!”

“Fingering this sexy ass isn’t all I’m gonna do to it,” Christina evilly breathed into Kelly’s ear.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Kelly groaned, catching on exactly to what Christina meant. She felt like she was supposed to be scared now or fight back or say no or do something. She

couldn’t let Christina fuck her up the ass! Not with that hunk of plastic! Only one guy had ever been there and his cock hadn’t been as big as Christina’s toy.

But instead of refusing Christina, Kelly found herself ignoring all her common sense and saying something else entirely.

“Do it!” Kelly huskily moaned, her Texas accent dripping off her words like it was 110 degrees outside and they were melting. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh Godddddd I want you to do it

Christina! Fuck my ass! Assfuck me with that hard cock!”

Christina was actually surprised by Kelly’s immediate acceptance. She had assumed she was going to have to talk Kelly into it. But she didn’t question this opportunity.

She went right for it.

One of Christina’s few sexual regrets was that she had hesitated when it came to being the first girl to fuck Britney’s ass. Rose had been the one to pop that cherry and

Christina had kicked herself then and since for not grabbing the chances that had been before her. She had promised to never let that happen again and that definitely

included a chance to get Kelly’s ass.

“Naughty girl,” Christina grinned, letting one more helping of saliva drip past her lips and into Kelly’s asshole. “I love hearing you beg for me to fuck you up your ass.

Mmmm you’re gonna get it so good Kelly. You’re gonna come so hard.”

Kelly moaned again at the sound of that and began rubbing her pussy as she waited for Christina. She wasn’t scared at all. Everything Christina had done to her so far had

felt incredible and Kelly just knew this was going feel that way too. She was ready to let Christina do anything she wanted to her. Her pussy was so wet as she stayed

bent over on the bed, rubbing her labia ready to submit to whatever fun Christina had in mind.

Though she had made sure Kelly’s ass was wet, Christina didn’t hesitate to reach into her nightstand drawer and pull out her every ready bottle of lube. Kelly was probably

going to be one of the tightest asses she had ever fucked and Christina didn’t skimp on the lube, soaking the plastic shaft with it and even letting some drip down onto

Kelly’s hole just like her spit had.

“Ooooooooooooh,” Kelly cooed as the warm liquid tickled her sensitive hole. She knew this was going to be intense and reflexively reached for a pillow to muffle herself if


“You ready Kelly?” Christina asked, getting an enthusiastic nod from her lover.

“Oh yessssss I’m so ready Christina!” Kelly declared. “Fuck my ass! Fuck it good and hard like you were just fucking my pussy!”

“Spread your cheeks Kelly,” Christina instructed as she got back behind Kelly and zeroed her toy in on her puckered hole.

Kelly’s hands were around her back in the blink of an eye. She grabbed her own butt cheeks and spread them open just like Christina wanted. The pierced sex kitten

licked her lips at the sight of Kelly’s asshole spread wide for her and she had to fight off another impulse to grab her camera phone and preserve this site forever. There was

fucking to be done and Christina reminded herself to focus on that.

Taking a hold of her lubed up shaft, Christina guided it in. Being even gentler than she had been at her pussy, Christina slowly eased the head inside Kelly’s ass,

penetrating her and getting a long, wanton groan from the singer.

Christina did some serious moaning herself as the nub inside her pussy pushed hard against her clit from the tightness of Kelly’s ass. Both girls were crying out in unison

as Christina pushed more and more of the toy into Kelly. Her ass was so exquisitely tight and Christina was nearly overcome with pleasure just from being able to ease

inside it.

Kelly’s ass soon adjusted to the penetration and as soon as Christina sensed she was ready she picked things up. She stopped the gentle intrusion and gave Kelly a hard

thrust, shoving the toy inside.



“Want me to stop?” Christina asked. If Kelly wasn’t getting off on it then she would have stopped for real.

“NO! FUCK NO!” Kelly snarled with sexual intensity that took both her and Christina by surprise. “FUCK ME CHRISTINA! FUCKING TAKE MY ASS WITH THAT HARD



Kelly’s screams got even louder and less coherent after that. Christina didn’t hold back and began a steady fucking of Kelly’s ass, shoving the cock as deep as she dared

inside her, pulling it out just enough and then forcefully getting it back in. Kelly just kept screaming in rapture, begging for more and loving everything she got.

“YESSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS HARDER CHRISTINA HARDER!!!” Kelly cried, her well trained voice getting hoarse. She wasn’t going to be doing any

singing after this for a few days, but she didn’t care about that. Her career, her livelihood…they meant nothing. Only getting fucked mattered now.

“Want it harder slut? You want my cock fucking your ass even harder?” Christina grunted, her own orgasm getting close. “WELL YOU’RE GONNA GET IT HARDER YOU


Never before had Christina felt as much like Rose as she did then. She felt so powerful and sexual and so goddamn good. She had one hand grabbing onto Kelly for

leverage, but the other one she used to resume spanking her again. She slapped Kelly’s ass as hard as she fucked it, leaving red handprints on her fair flesh and making

Kelly squeal and scream with every contact against her body.

“AHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOH FILL MY ASS UP WITH YOUR COCK!!!” Kelly hoarsely demanded as another inch slipped inside her. “YEAHHHHHH FUCK



“Yeahhhhhhhhh you’re gonna come! You’re gonna come so hard!” Christina breathlessly promised, her tits shaking and her body aching with the need for her own release

as she fucked Kelly harder. She couldn’t get all of her toy inside her, but she got damn close and she slapped and fucked Kelly’s ass with all the energy she had.

Christina’s body glowed with sex sweat, just like Kelly’s did. Kelly’s brown hair was matted to her face and the pillow that was muffling nothing was soaked with the spit

from her screams.

Kelly’s tits shook like wild pendulums as she was drilled from behind and her eyes could barely focus anymore. All she could see were bright exploding colors, like

fireworks going off around her. No man had ever made her feel this way and Kelly at that moment had never been devoted to anyone the way she was for Christina.

“GONNA COME!!! GONNA FUCKING COME!!!” Kelly howled into the pillow, each thrust heightening her ecstasy.



The sexy screams from the two singers formed an orgasmic duet as Kelly started off with wild screeches that could only come from being racked with pleasure she had

never experienced before. As Kelly began to come, Christina let go too, howling along with her with orgasmic harmony. They came together from being fucked and fucking

and it was soon impossible to tell whose ecstatic cries were whose.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Goddddddd ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh!!!” Kelly continued panting as her orgasm kept roaring through her. Christina had stopped

pumping into her ass, but it hadn’t lessened the pleasure for either of them. Christina was still crying out too, her face pressed to Kelly’s neck and her hot breaths tickling

her skin as their sweaty, flushed bodies rubbed together.

The room was spinning for the both of them and Kelly felt like her whole body was trembling. No sex had ever been that good and the blissfully zonked out smile on her face

was proof of that.

Christina finally pulled out, leaving Kelly’s asshole wide and gaping, and began kissing all over her newest conquest’s face and neck. This brought out a series of dreamy

moans from Kelly, but what finally brought the two girls out of their pleasure zone was the sound of applause.

Christina and Kelly looked up with a start and found Jessica, Cameron, Elisha and Stacy naked and standing in the doorway with lustful appreciation all over their faces.

“Now that was a show,” Jessica giggled as she gave her pussy a loving caress with her hand. “Mmmmmmm you got me all kinds of wet with that.”

“How long were you there?” Christina asked. Kelly was slightly embarrassed at being caught like this, but more turned on from it. All four of them were so beautiful and

Kelly couldn’t help but see how wet their pussies were. Knowing that she had turned these women on was a boost to her ego and her libido.

“Since about the time you got that strap on inside her,” Cameron replied. “That was so hot. God, I nearly came just watching it.”

“Nearly?” Elisha laughed. “Hell I soaked my fingers as soon as she got that toy inside her ass. Want a taste?”

Stacy looked like she was about to accept Elisha’s offer, but before she could someone else grabbed the chance.

“Let me taste!” Kelly greedily demanded. “I want to taste you Elisha! Then I want to fuck you!”

Elisha grinned and walked over to the bed ready to find out how much hotter it was to actually be with Kelly and not just watch. That was what she loved most about this

place. Your next orgasm was usually only a second away.

She was quickly followed by Cameron, Stacy and Jessica, all of whom had their lustful attention focused on Christina and the strap on that still dangled from her legs. Soon

Christina had three girls kissing her face and playing with her tits as she cooed with desire. Being with Kelly had tired her out, but Christina was already getting her energy

back along with a new thought of how she could make this even better.

She wondered if Kelly knew Carrie Underwood’s cell phone number.

* * * * *

Scotty Taylor was muttering to himself as he tried to get another cup of coffee from the magazine’s break room. He couldn’t quite get it to work, but that was more because

of his absolute and total lack of sleep than any lack of coffee making skill. He kept pressing buttons, but nothing would come out.

“Dude, you have to put the freakin coffee beans in first,” Horatio sighed. Scotty had completely ignored his advice to go home and insisted on staying until he could figure

out where the meeting place was for the lesbian celebrity conspirators to plan their strategy.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…beans…gotta put beans in,” Scotty muttered as two women walked into the break room.

“Hey Sandy. Hey Moira,” Horatio said with a friendly wave.

“Hey Horatio,” the two women said as one to him as they completely ignored Scotty.

“Oh hey, Horatio, wait’ll you hear this,” Moira said. “Sandy’s got the juiciest gossip.”

“Oh really? Well then do tell,” Horatio said. “What’s the scoop?”

“Well a friend of a friend’s cousin who’s my hair stylist’s roommate said she has a boyfriend who works for FedEx,” Sandy said. “And he claims that he delivers packages to

that huge mansion out in Malibu. You know the one that used to be the brothel for Madame Steff?”

“Sort of, I remember the story when it happened,” Horatio replied.

“Well he says that when he goes to deliver packages there there’s always this French girl that signs for them,” Sandy continued. “She’s like the maid or something and he

swears that last time he was there this French girl answered the door totally naked and not only that she wasn’t alone. He said Christina Aguilera was there too and she

was naked and so was Jessica Alba!”

“What? That’s crazy!” Horatio laughed as Scotty’s ears perked up. “He’s making that shit up. No way is that true.”

“Well that’s what he said,” Sandy laughed along with him. “He said the French girl slammed the door in his face before he could get a better look but he swears its true and

says the package he delivered was from some exclusive sex toy boutique in London and …”

But that was all Sandy got out before Scotty grabbed her.

“This mansion! Where is it? WHERE IS IT?” Scotty demanded forcefully as he saw the key piece of the lesbian celebrity conspiracy falling into place.

“It’s in Malibu!” Sandy replied in horror, while trying to pull away from the reporter’s tight grip on her arms. “Get off me you freak!”

Horatio pulled Scotty away as Sandy and Moira both ran off fearing for their safety at the hands of their bonkers colleague.

“Horatio! Don’t you see?” Scotty declared gleefully. “That’s where they meet! THAT’S WHERE THE CELEBRITY LESBIAN CONSPIRACY MEETS!! I’VE GOT THEM


With that Scotty was gone, tearing down the hall, leaving a beanless coffee pot and a very confused photographer behind.

* * * * *

Rose sort of tried to listen as her lawyer droned on but it was so hard. He was going on and on about pretrial motions and continuances and discovery and all Rose could

think about was how she still had the taste of Rachel and Mischa on her lips and how she couldn’t wait to get home and tell her housemates all about what had happened to

her that morning. She knew they’d love the story, especially if she was able to pry the two co-stars off each other long enough to get them to visit the mansion.

Both Rachel and Mischa clearly desperately needed a deep dicking from Mr. Snappy. Rose could see that and she would have been more than happy to give it to them,

particularly if her housemates were watching and seeing how she had made the O.C. stars into her personal little sluts. Mmmm that would have been exquisite and Rose

squeezed her legs together as the pleasure tickled through her body at the mere thought of turning fantasy into reality.

“Rose? Are you paying attention to me?” Jason demanded.

“Sure Jason,” Rose replied dreamily, showing that her mind was obviously elsewhere.

“Rose, I need you to focus,” Jason sighed. “This is serious. I…”

But before Jason could continue his lecture, the door to his office suddenly flew open.

“I’m sorry Mr. Thorne, I told her no interruptions, but she wouldn’t listen,” Jason’s secretary said before another woman brushed past her. The other woman looked like a

force to be reckoned with and she had laser type focus in her eyes on whatever task had brought her here. Rose couldn’t help but notice Jason took a reflexive flinch

backwards when she walked in. Clearly he knew this woman very well.

“Jason I had to see you,” the woman declared frantically. “It’s an emergency!”

“Bianca, I’m with a client,” Jason said as he waved his hand toward Rose. “We can talk when I get home. Or when I’m done here. Or anytime but now. You can’t just

burst in here when I’m meeting with clients.”

“But this is important!” Bianca insisted. The blonde had Type-A personality written all over her and Rose could see she was used to getting her way.

“Fine, what is it?” Jason relented, wanting to avoid an even bigger fight.

“The shop just called and they say we can’t have the china pattern I want for the plates in time for the reception and the only kind we can have by then doesn’t go with the

flowers I picked, and the flowers match the room so perfectly,” Bianca said as she ran through a list of wedding concerns. “I asked the club if we could repaint the walls

there so they match new flowers that go with the plates but they wouldn’t let me. And then Mummy and Daddy started yelling at them and they still wouldn’t budge. Daddy

said he’d pay extra and they still won’t do it. Then he tried to pay extra to get the china pattern and they said they’d already promised the last set to another couple and

even though Daddy told them who we are they won’t cooperate either. Why won’t they just do what we want? Don’t they realize this day has to be absolutely perfect?

Then we had to rearrange the seating charts because Mummy said the Capwells don’t want to sit near the Rockfords so we had to move your friends to a table in the


“But…but…” Jason tried to object to the change of placement for his friends’ table, only to be completely steamrolled.

“And then we had to move the back table up to the side, but that throws the whole balance off for the entire room,” Bianca continued to prattle on until she finally brought it

all in for a landing. “It’s all a disaster. The wedding is ruined.”

Jason was about to tell his high strung fiancée that the wedding was not ruined and whatever the problem was it would be fixed, but before he could Rose opened her mouth


“Maybe you two should just elope or something,” Rose suggested. “Getting married can’t be worth all that shit.”

“Excuse me? Was anyone speaking to you?” Bianca shot back at Rose, taking the actress aback with the unexpected snideness. “We wouldn’t even be in this situation if

Jason was spending more time at home helping with the wedding and less time with you.”

Rose had seen this type of girl before. High strung to the point of snapping. And it wasn’t hard for her to see why Bianca was so angry. It was clear from the look she had

just gotten from the blonde that she was jealous of Jason being with her. Hmmm if only you knew that I’d be more likely to fuck you honey than him, Rose thought to herself

as she eyed Bianca up and down.

For a bitch she was pretty hot. Her blonde hair tied back in a bun and a skirt and blouse wrapped around her body like she was afraid to show any skin at all. This girl was

definitely spoiled rotten. A real princess. She was probably a pretty sexy princess though if someone got rid of the pole up her ass.

Rose had dealt with repressed girls like this before and she could easily tell that what this girl needed more than anything was a good pussy licking. But with the attitude

she had just gotten from her, Rose wasn’t inclined to give her that. Instead she chose to have some more fun.

“Awwww but I can’t help it,” Rose said, getting up from her chair and walking behind Jason’s desk, making sure her tits were thrust forward and her ass was giving a sexy

shake as she walked. “Jason’s so cute I can’t stop wanting to be close to him whenever I’m around him. I just can’t keep my hands off him.”

Rose then walked behind her lawyer and began massaging his shoulders. Wow, he’s tense, Rose thought to herself. Jason must not be getting much at home. This girl

has probably never sucked a cock in her life. Poor boy. No wonder he was always so nervous and on edge.

Of course Rose wasn’t really interested in Jason. Sure he was kind of hot…for a guy. But Rose wasn’t attracted to him. She was just doing this to stoke the fires of

Bianca’s obvious jealousy toward her. She rubbed the young lawyer’s shoulders and then softly rustled her hand through his perfectly styled brown hair.

“Rose, what the hell are you doing?” Jason demanded, but Rose couldn’t help but notice he wasn’t exactly pulling away from her touch.

You like me touching you, don’t you Jason, Rose thought to herself. Your poor dick must be freezing off every night sleeping in the same bed with the ice princess. You

need yourself a real woman, don’t you? Too bad I don’t do guys anymore. I might have thrown you a charity fuck or something.

“Get your hands off my fiancée!” Bianca snarled, pushing Rose roughly off Jason.

“Ooooh kitten has claws,” Rose grinned. “I can get rough too princess, but you would never be able to handle me. Mmmm I’d break you in half before you even had a

chance to know what hit you.”

“Jason are you going to just sit there and talk to me like that?” Bianca demanded. She was obviously quite used to getting her way and Rose was already thinking about

the exquisite fun it would be to drag her back into the mansion and break her bitchy spirit, turning this spoiled princess into a horny, cum craving whore willing to do anything

she was commanded for another taste of pussy.

“Rose sit down!” Jason said. “You two stop this right now. I have work that needs to be done and I can’t talk about the wedding right now Bianca. We’ll discuss this at


“We’re going to be discussing a lot of things at home Jason!” Bianca shot back before storming out of the office in a huff.

“Thanks a lot for that,” Jason sighed. “You really helped me out there Rose.”

“Hey I can’t help it if princess is a tight ass,” Rose said with a dismissive shrug of her shoulders. “She needs to loosen up. You both do. Seriously. You’re way too tense

Jason. You need to get yourself laid and not by princess there. You need a real fucking woman.”

“Bianca is the only woman I want or need, thank you,” Jason said. “And I will loosen up as soon as this is over. If I don’t have time to relax it’s because I’m too busy trying

to keep you out of jail. This is serious and I need you to focus. We don’t have time to fool around.”

“Yeah I gotta get back home anyway,” Rose said, standing up and grabbing her bag. “I’m probably missing a lot of fun by being here. But it was real Jason. We have to do

this again sometime soon.”

“Rose, please sit down,” Jason urged. “We have to discuss the…”

“We can do it later,” Rose interrupted. “I’ve got things to do today. I can’t waste my whole day here.”

“But Rose we need to,” Jason began stammering before stopping himself. “You can’t just expect you’ll be acquitted because you’re famous. You have to take this


“No I don’t, that’s what I pay you for,” Rose said with a smirk. “The only thing I have to do right now is go home. L.A. can’t convict anyone even if they’ve got bloody gloves

or video tapes. You think they’re gonna all of a sudden turn competent when they’re up against me? There’s no way they’re gonna send me to jail. I’m out of here. I’ll see

you later Jason.”

“Rose…” Jason said, trying in vain to get the actress’ attention as she started to walk toward the door. She was really going to do it. She was going to leave without them

ever discussing the case. How was he supposed to work like this? Finally he just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Rose! Goddamnit! The jury is going to find out you killed someone!” Jason snapped. That froze Rose as she was reaching for the door and she turned around with an

intense look of fury in her eyes as if he’d just called her a stupid cunt right to her face.

“Those records are sealed,” Rose said, trying to control herself. She told herself to breathe gently, but it was impossible to keep her heart from pounding in her chest.

“Well the prosecution is going to try and unseal them,” Jason said. “And I think they have a real chance to do it. They’re going to argue that when you blinded this guy it’s

just another example of prior criminal behavior. They’re going to say you’ve done worse before and you would have killed this guy too if you’d been able to.”

“They can’t unseal them,” Rose’s blood turning ice cold with fear. “They can’t. They’re supposed to be sealed.”

“Sit down Rose,” Jason said, calming down. “Please. We need to talk about the case. I’m going to do everything I can to keep those records sealed, but I don’t know if I

can. The prosecution knows everything about what happened in Portland. They know what you did to that guy. They know what you did to his girlfriend.”

“It was self defense…I…they…I couldn’t let them…” Rose stammered. “I had to do it.”

Jason thought to himself this was the first time he had ever seen the girl not be cocky and poised since the first night he had met her. The night of her arrest. That night

she’d been a practical zombie. But now for the first time he saw fear in her eyes. No fear was too weak a word. It was terror he saw in the actress.

“I believe you Rose,” Jason said as Rose took her seat back. “I looked at the file. I know why you did what you did and I know why the judge sealed the records. But the

judge here might not be so understanding. The prosecution will say you’re crazy. They’ll say you’re violent. They’ll say you’re out of control and if the jury finds out what

happened in Portland then I might not be able to keep you out of jail.”

But Rose didn’t give a damn about any jury finding out. She just didn’t want her friends to know what had happened. Ever. That was all she cared about. That was all that


“They can’t know…not ever,” Rose said, her breathing shallow and labored.

“I’ll do everything I can to keep those records from getting into open court,” Jason promised, thinking Rose meant the jury. “But I need your help. I need you to work with

me. We need to focus on this. Rose, we could be weeks away from a trial here. This is the last major pretrial issue to be decided. We need to work together.”

“Please Jason, please just don’t let them find out,” Rose pleaded, her attention finally firmly locked on the trial that awaited her. “They can’t know. They can’t know what a

fucking freak I really am. They can’t know I’m crazy.”

“Rose you’re not crazy and you’re no freak,” Jason assured the girl. “I know why you did what you did in Portland and I know why you did this here. I’m going to do

everything I can to protect you. But we need to do this. We need to do it now.”

“Ok Jason,” Rose agreed, the attitude and fight gone from her demeanor. “Anything you say.”

An hour later, Rose emerged from Jason’s office feeling completely drained. She had gone over everything with him…down to the last detail about what had happened that

night at the concert, why she felt she had to protect Love. She had even gone into what had happened in Portland, at least what she remembered from it. It had all been so

traumatic that her memory was still a bit hazy on it.

It had been so long since she had relived that night…the terror she felt…the rage…and then the horror of seeing what she’d done. The feel of the pipe in her grasp. The look

of the blood all over her hands.

No one knew the truth about what had happened that night except for the Portland police, the judge and Chloe, who had been by her side every step of the way. And of

course Jaime. She knew everything too and had used it as a weapon on her. But Rose didn’t tell anything about her to Jason. Attorney/client confidentiality was nothing to

protect Rose from the shame she felt over submitting to her.

Rose felt like she had emptied her guts to Jason, but this was only the beginning. He had made her promise they’d have regular meetings to go over every step of the case

and Rose had found herself agreeing, without any attitude or resistance.

Before now she hadn’t wanted to face up to what could happen. That she’d have to go to trial for protecting Love and blinding that bastard. That she’d have to go to jail. But

losing her career and going to prison was nothing compared to the fear Rose felt that the trial would force the revelation of what she had done in Portland and she’d lose her

friends because of it.

Rose couldn’t lose them. She needed them. She didn’t think she’d be able to live without her housemates. To see them look at her with fear and back away from her when

they knew how sick she truly was would have been too much for her to bear. Chloe had told her again and again that her housemates wouldn’t turn on her, that they’d stay

by her side like she had, but Rose was too scared that she was wrong to risk it.

Jason had to help her. He had to keep her secret. He just had to.

This was so much for Rose to take on all at once. After months of ignoring her case and trying not to think about it, to have her fall on her like this had her on the verge of

tears. She’d managed to keep herself composed in Jason’s office, but as she walked out she felt the tears start to slip out. Rose tried to keep it together, at least until she

got to her car, but she was losing that battle until suddenly she was distracted.

“Rose!” a voice called out.

She started to ignore it and keep walking, but the voice was insistent.

“Rose!” the girl called out again. Rose knew she had heard the voice before but she didn’t recognize it until she turned around and saw Natalie Portman running toward her

in the building’s lobby.

“I thought that was you,” Natalie said, catching up to Rose and trying to get her breath back in the process. “At least I was hoping it was you.”

Natalie then smiled and, even as upset as she was, Rose couldn’t help but respond to the power of one of the most beautiful smiles she had ever seen. She found herself

smiling back as she eyed Natalie. If there ever was a quick and easy cure for having a heavy burden crushing down on you, it was staring at Natalie’s pristine beauty.

Since she and Natalie had both been enthusiastic participants in the orgy in Jamaica, Rose wasn’t shy about staring at Natalie. They hadn’t had a chance to play that day,

but Natalie had visited the mansion a few times since and Rose had made sure to her tongue had become intimately acquainted with the younger actress’ pinkest parts.

Even in the state she was in, Rose couldn’t help but give Natalie a heated once over and the girl began to blush, all without losing her smile when she noticed it. She knew

what Rose was thinking and she liked it. She was thinking the same things.

“Ummm what are you doing here?” Rose asked, trying to think of anything to say to keep Natalie from seeing the state she was in. She just hoped she could hide it.

“My entertainment lawyer is at this firm,” Natalie explained. “I just got out of a meeting with him. Just some contract stuff.”

Natalie felt herself about to go prattling on. It was a nervous habit she had when she was shy about saying what she really wanted. Natalie cursed this shyness about


She was never shy when it came to talking about politics or religion or any other passionate topics of debate which could easily end up with her and someone else locking

hands around each other’s throat, but she couldn’t find the courage to say why she was so happy to see Rose. She couldn’t find the words to say that she desperately

wanted Rose to invite her back to Malibu with her so she could get herself fucked silly.

From the first time Natalie had been at the mansion she had known she had found her little place in the universe where she would always have peace and ecstasy. She had

been struggling with her feelings for other girls since the night her limo ride with Kirsten Dunst had ended up with the two of them getting naked as they and Eliza Dushku

explored every inch of each other’s bodies. Natalie had never been with a girl until that night and Kirsten and Eliza had blown her mind and left her thrilled and confused all

at once.

She had been thrilled because who wouldn’t have been after an endless night of orgasms. But she had also been confused because of the power of her new feelings. She

had never dreamed she would be into other women and love fucking them as much as she did, but Natalie couldn’t deny how it made her feel. She loved how being with girls

freed her from her inhibitions and how it made her feel so primal and sexual, like she was completely out of her mind with wicked, hedonistic lust.

Natalie hadn’t know how to deal with these feelings at first. She had tried to bury them, but that had only made them stronger. Then she had begun tentative explorations of

them and while that had been fun it was only when Britney brought her to Malibu did Natalie feel like she could come to terms with her feelings.

Here was a place filled with girls just like her. It was a place for her to let her desires run free with no shame and no regret. There was no judgement there and she could do

the things that people never would have expected Natalie Portman to ever crave.

Her only problem was that each visit left her wanting another. Natalie wasn’t presumptuous enough to just invite herself over and that meant waiting. Waiting for a phone

call from her friends at the mansion or any chance encounter like this and hoping it would lead to them saying sure she could visit and stay all night and live out every dirty

fantasy her mind liked to dream up on those nights when she’d stare up at the ceiling and know she would only be able to sleep after feverishly rubbing herself to


Natalie had been babbling on and not letting Rose get a word in edgewise as she’d thought all this through in her head. Hell, even she wasn’t listening to what she was

saying. Words were flying past her lips, but Natalie’s conscious mind really had no idea what they were. It was only when she forced herself to make eye contact with

Rose that she stopped.

“Rose? Are you ok?” Natalie suddenly asked. She was mortified on the inside. How could she be so selfish? She was so wrapped up in trying to latch her way to Malibu

that she didn’t even see Rose looked like she was about to lose it at any second.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Rose claimed, brushing aside Natalie’s sudden concerns while internally kicking herself for not doing a better job of hiding her emotions.

“You look like you’ve been crying,” Natalie said, feeling about two inches tall for focusing only on herself when a girl she considered a friend was so obviously in distress.

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Me? Crying? No way, you know me Nat,” Rose said, forcing a smile. “What could I have to cry over? I’m fine. Really. I’m not the crying type.”

Natalie didn’t need her Harvard education to know Rose was lying. Her eyes were pink and hiding tears was nearly impossible. She just couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed

it earlier. Natalie began putting the pieces together. Rose was obviously seeing her lawyer here. She still had that criminal case hanging over her head. Something bad

must have happened. But what?

Natalie didn’t know what to do. Should she press Rose for more information? She obviously didn’t want to talk about it if she was going to lie so blatantly. Natalie

wondered if she should pry. Were she and Rose close enough for her to do that? Would Rose open up to her? Rose had always seemed so strong and infallible, like

nothing could touch her that Natalie didn’t know how to react to seeing a vulnerable side of her.

Luckily, Rose took her off the hook before Natalie agonized over this any longer.

“You know I was just headed back home,” Rose said. “Any chance you want to tag along with me?”

Rose didn’t offer this just to distract Natalie from prying into the source of her tears. Sure she didn’t want to share what had happened with anyone, much less with a girl

who she liked and all, but didn’t really know very well, but Rose also saw a perfect opportunity to cheer herself up.

Whenever she had been down or scared, indulging in the sins of the female flesh had been the ultimate pick me up. What better way to forget about her troubles than to

bring Natalie home for her and her housemates to share?

Rose wasn’t so lost in her worry that she didn’t know she wasn’t going to help herself by agonizing over something out of her control. Jason could handle it. She trusted

him. She didn’t always show it, but deep down she did. It wasn’t going to make anything better by crying and panicking when there was something much more attractive to

focus on.

The more she looked at Natalie, the more Rose imagined freeing the younger actress of her top to suck on her beautiful small tits while forcing her hand into her pants to rub

Natalie’s pussy until the girl gasped in her arms and creamed her jeans right there in the lobby. That fantasy alone was sweet relief to her troubled mind and she knew it

was only going to get better if she actually got Natalie home with her.

Natalie didn’t know what to make of the sudden invitation. It was exactly what she was hoping for. She had longed to hear those words from Rose’s lips since she had first

spotted her in the lobby. But was Rose just asking her to keep from talking about her problems? And did it really matter if she was?

“C’mon Nat,” Rose pressed with a smile as she correctly seized on Natalie’s pensive mind. “Don’t bother your head with questions. You know you want to come with me.

Don’t make me beg right in the middle of this lobby to get you home with me. Because I will.”

“I’d like to see that,” Natalie replied with a little laugh. She couldn’t picture Rose ever having to beg for anything.

“You don’t think I will?” Rose asked, taking Natalie’s doubt as a challenge and starting to lower herself like she was about to kneel down on the floor. She was feeling better

by the second and the more she focused on Natalie the more her fear subsided and the more her troubles seemed further away.

“No, no, I believe you,” Natalie insisted, getting Rose to straighten up. “I want to. God, I want to so bad. You have no idea.”

“So come on,” Rose said, taking Natalie’s hand and tugging her toward the door. “We’re wasting valuable sex time by just standing here.”

Natalie gasped and darted her eyes around nervously wondering if anyone had heard that. But her smile was back at full force. Seeing Rose’s boldness and bluntness had

her thinking nothing really was wrong. Maybe she was just looking too much into it. Rose did seem like herself now and Natalie was not about to pass up what she had

wanted so badly because of doubt.

“Take me, Rose,” Natalie smiled, meaning every bit of the double entendre as she squeezed Rose’s hand. “Let’s get out of here and have some fun.”

* * * * *

Alyson’s words still hung over Sarah’s head like a rain cloud hours after they had left her lips and they triggered questions she couldn’t stop and didn’t want to face.

Was she really happy? Normally she’d have been able to shrug those words right off. Of course she was happy. She was married to the man she loved. Soon they’d be

starting a family together. Her career was going great. She had to be happy. She had everything she had ever wanted.

But she couldn’t pretend that Alyson hadn’t left an impact. Her morning shower play had left her longing more than ever for her friends back in Malibu and seeing Alyson had

only made it worse. And now she found herself wondering again if she had made the biggest mistake of her life by leaving while also asking herself Alyson’s question. Was

she happy?

Of course she was happy, Sarah thought back as quickly as the question wormed its way into her head. She loved Freddie. She had had the wedding of her dreams. She

was happy and nothing could change that.

Then why can’t I stop thinking about what Alyson said, Sarah wondered to herself. And why can’t I stop thinking about the mansion? I must just be horny or something,

Sarah thought. That had to be the reason. It couldn’t be something more. I just have to make sure Freddie is more tender in bed and that will cure everything. Then Sarah

knew she’d stop thinking about the mansion and wouldn’t need to pleasure herself just to find relief.

But if Sarah was trying to forget about the mansion, she had picked the wrong person to meet for coffee.

“Sarah? Are you listening?” Reese Witherspoon asked as she gently waved her hand in front of her friend’s face.

“Huh?” Sarah replied dreamily as she was pulled from her thoughts. “Sure I was listening Reese. You’re right. Simon was much meaner this year than he’s been


“Sarah I stopped talking about Idol like five minutes ago,” Reese sighed. “Something’s bothering you. What is it?”

“It’s nothing,” Sarah replied. “Just some stuff. It’s no big deal.”

Reese knew exactly what stuff Sarah was thinking about, but she didn’t call her friend on it. She saw Sarah so rarely these days that she didn’t want to ruin it by reopening

old wounds. Of course whenever she was with Sarah, Reese couldn’t help but think the same things that Sarah no doubt had in her head as well.

It had been Sarah who had first seduced her and shown her the wonders of what girls could do each other in bed. Reese had rejected her friend at first and lashed out

because of her own fear, but when she allowed herself to truly see how unsatisfying her marriage had become and how her body and soul craved something different, she

opened herself up to the pleasure of what Sarah was offering her and her life had never been the same.

Reese longed to be the one to help Sarah now. She wanted to talk to her about her marriage and she sensed Sarah wanted to talk about it too and let loose all the emotion

she had been holding back. But Sarah had to take the first step. She had to be the one to reach out because Reese didn’t want to pry and give advice that wasn’t asked

for. She was just worried Sarah had condemned herself to a passionless marriage without any outlet.

Without girls Reese felt she would have gone crazy by now. Ryan was so self involved and his clumsy attempts at lovemaking allowed him to think he was a stud but left

her lying there unsatisfied. She had tried to communicate with her husband and tell him he wasn’t pleasuring her, but it had only led to fighting and after a while Reese had

just given up on ever getting good sex out of her marriage.

If it hadn’t been for the children, Reese figured she would have divorced Ryan years ago. But she wanted Ava and Deacon to not come up in a broken home, even if it meant

putting her own happiness aside and staying with Ryan.

However the longer she stayed with Ryan, the more Reese found herself an enthusiastic adulteress on the side. It had started with that first time with Sarah and it had

progressed from there to her first overnight stay at the mansion to frequent visits whenever she could escape, with things getting wilder and hotter each time. She had

connected sexually with old friends she had never dreamed would be into girls, like Alyssa Milano and Jennifer Aniston, and made new friends who brought her to dizzying

heights of pleasure, like Jessica Alba and Beyonce Knowles.

She had done so many wild things since her first time with Sarah. She had fucked in public. She had been in an orgy. She had slept with strange girls she had never

before met. She had been with a porn star for God’s sake! Each wild thing she did was such a rush to her and it was a completely addictive thrill.

Reese loved taking sexual risks and shocking people who thought she was some repressed Hollywood star who didn’t like getting dirty by showing them she was wicked

and carnal and not some good wife and mommy.

What she had done in Jamaica had been beyond anything. Not only had the orgy left her coated and sticky with the juices of so many beautiful girls, but she had lived out

her most forbidden fantasy by being with another man and not just any man, but Christina Aguilera’s stud of a bodyguard.

It had been so wrong and had felt so exquisite to have Fluffy buried inside her, pounding away at her pussy with a ferocity and passion that Ryan never could muster and

making her feel orgasmic intensity no man had ever before given her. She had ached for it that night and again after they’d gotten home. She hadn’t been able to control

herself and she had loved that the most. She didn’t want to control herself. The pleasure was too wonderful to try and restrain it.

But the loss of control had come with a price this time. While the morning after the party had been dominated by Sarah’s absence, Reese had had a serious drama of her

own, sandwiched by two bouts of intense sexual pleasure.

Things had started out fun enough as Reese had awoken naked and pressing her sticky body to Fluffy’s in his bed along with Gwen and Michelle. They were all slung over

his similarly bare body like they were desperate to hang onto him, even in dreamland. And even though he had fucked them all to unconsciousness, Reese loved how they

had all woken up before him, hungry for even more.

Reese, Gwen and Michelle hadn’t even had to say anything. They had known exactly what had to be done to their stud lover. And so Fluffy had awoken that morning to

the wet slurping noises of Reese and Gwen sharing his cock once again as Michelle had sucked on his balls, the three of them determined to work another hot load out of

him and then some.

Fluffy had given it to all of them again that morning and Reese could still remember how good it had felt to be on her hands and knees as Fluffy pounded into her from behind

while Gwen sucked and bit on his nipples and caressed his chest and down to his ass. And things had gotten even hotter that morning when Michelle had pressed her

pussy to her face, feeding Reese the cum that Fluffy had just shot inside her. Oooooh that had been so nasty and so much fun.

But just as the morning had brought news both sad, Sarah’s disappearance, and happy, Eliza and Kirsten’s impromptu wedding, Reese had made a discovery of her own.

Her wedding ring was missing.

Vowing to help her, Gwen and Michelle had torn through both her room and Fluffy’s in a search for it, before Reese remembered where it was. She had left it downstairs in

that stock room where she had first played with Jessica. The three girls had torn down in a frantic run to get there to find the ring, but they were too late. By the time they

got there the ring was gone.

By then Reese had been in a panic. She saw nothing but nightmares ahead of her. She would never be able to explain to Ryan how she had lost her ring. He’d find out

everything. She’d lose custody of her kids in the divorce and the scandal would ruin her career.

Fortunately, Gwen and Michelle had been much more level headed than she had been and they had suggested getting someone from the hotel to help. As Reese had tried

to dry her tears, they quickly found someone…a stunningly beautiful redhead behind the desk named Cara who the girls had seen around the day before when they had all

been having their fun.

All three of them had sensed some definite vibes coming off Cara as they talked to her and explained the situation, but Reese had been more concerned with getting her ring

back than any promise of sex. She had breathed one of the biggest sighs of relief she had ever had when Cara said she had found the ring while cleaning up after the party

and they should all follow her.

Reese had been able to tell that Michelle and Gwen were very interested in finding out about what this Cara girl was like under her uniform, but all she had cared about was

getting her ring back. Of course if she had thought to herself if she could get both her ring and Cara’s pussy at the same time, it would have been the ultimate win-win

situation for her.

Of course she had never expected that to actually happen. So the joke was on her when Cara led them back to her room at the hotel where she lived during the busy

season and had them wait outside her door for a minute. When she had invited them inside with a soft, giggling voice, Reese, Gwen and Michelle had all been shocked into

silence when they saw Cara sprawled out on the bed naked and waiting for them.

There were so many things about Cara that demanded attention. Her D-cup tits were both pierced, with platinum rings through both of her nipples, and that wasn’t even the

most distinctive part of her body. Her belly button was also pierced with a chain that lead down to her similarly pierced clit, but that was almost forgotten as the girls’ horny

eyes drank in Cara’s tattoo.

A red phoenix of flame had been painted on her body, reaching all the way up to her collarbone. It spread out all over her torso, it’s wingspan reaching out under her tits and

stretching down below all the way to her pussy. All three girls had marveled at how Cara’s red bush had provided the extra touch since it had been trimmed into a patch of

“flame” for the phoenix to rise up from.

But what Reese had been stunned by the most was the fact that Cara not only had her wedding ring, but had it dangling from the chain connecting her belly and her clit.

“If you want this ring so badly, you naughty girls, then you have to come and get it,” Cara had mischievously stated and the three of them had been on her in a second.

What had been a panic had ended in pleasure for Reese and she could still remember every detail of how she and her friends had thanked Cara for her help by sucking on

each and every one of her multiple piercings and how she and Michelle had traced their tongues over her phoenix tattoo in worshipful tribute as Gwen had rubbed her dripping

pussy against Cara’s huge tits.

Of course they had all taken turns eating Cara out and fucking themselves against her face. The girl had had an amazing tongue. It had been almost three inches long and

had felt so good in their slippery, pink cunts, licking all three of them wildly and wetly as they had all cooed for more.

And even better, Cara had not only happily given Reese back her ring, she had offered them her services as a masseuse. Cara took great pride in her massage technique

and she had proved it and then some by massaging young Michelle into an aroused frenzy and then finishing her off with another tongue lashing.

But the amount of pleasure she had gotten from Cara couldn’t get Reese’s mind over the major scare she had just had over her missing ring.

At first Reese had told herself this was a sign. Losing her ring was a wake up call that she should calm down and focus on her marriage by putting her cheating ways aside.

But Reese couldn’t help it.

Her vow to be true to Ryan had lasted only as long as the next morning when Julie, her nanny, had come to help with Ava and Deacon. It had taken Reese only one glimpse

of the sexy girl in the tight jeans she always wore to inspire her to grab the young nanny by the hand and drag her to the bedroom so she could fuck her ass with a strap on,

yanking Julie’s hair and making the beautiful and oh so submissive girl howl like a whore while she took her.

And then came Oscar night. After her win for best actress, Reese had thought she would celebrate with her husband. But he had seemed more focused on Crash winning

best picture than her accomplishments and making sure he was acknowledged for his contributions to the film. They had fought and Reese had fled the Vanity Fair party in

tears as Ryan stayed behind without giving her a second thought.

But luckily comfort had been nearby. Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner had all been presenters that night and they had only been too happy to share a

limo with Reese back to Malibu. And it had been an amazing limo ride too, as their expensive Oscar dresses ended up on the floor of the car and her friends congratulated

Reese for her win the best way they knew how.

It had been months now since that amazing night and Reese still blushed with giddy arousal every time she saw her gold award statue and remembered what they had done

to each other with it during their orgasmic limo ride.

Reese knew now that she could never give up girls. Ryan just couldn’t satisfy the urges she felt inside her. And now she saw Sarah trying to do it and Reese didn’t even

have to wonder if it was doomed to failure or not. There was no way Sarah could hold out. After all Sarah was the one who had put these desires in her in the first place. If

she couldn’t hold out, then how could Sarah?

Reese so badly wanted to tell all this to Sarah and get her to join the adulterous thrill she got from sneaking away from her husband to indulge in the pleasures of beautiful

female flesh. But she said nothing. She could see Sarah was struggling. Reese had to hope her friend came around in time.

“I’m just worried about you,” Reese said before Sarah interrupted her with a groan.

“God! Why is everyone so goddamned worried about me?” Sarah snapped, staring down at her unfinished Starbucks latte while she and Reese sat down at a table outside

the store. “I’m fine! I’m totally fine! And I’m completely happy so you don’t even have to ask Reese!”

“I wasn’t going to,” Reese lied. She had actually been about to ask it, but now it seemed much wiser not to.

“I’m sorry Reese,” Sarah said sadly when she calmed down. “I’m just being a bitch. I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. It’s just well…things have been weird


“You can talk to me Sarah,” Reese insisted, taking Sarah’s hand in her in a friendly gesture of support. “I know what you’re going through.”

Sarah knew Reese meant it, but she still didn’t want to talk about it. Instead she admitted to Reese what she and Alyson had talked about that day. And as Sarah retold

the story of their conversation, an unexpected emotion popped up. She found herself getting mad at Alyson.

How dare she question whether or not she was happy? Sarah knew if she was happy or not. How could Alyson just make assumptions about her life like that? If that was

how she felt then Alyson didn’t really know her at all and it wasn’t right for her to just be going out and saying crazy things like that she wasn’t happy with Freddie. That

wasn’t what real friends did to each other.

This surge of defensive anger distracted Sarah from her own doubts and the way she retold the story to Reese gave the impression that Alyson had been practically

demanding she leave Freddie and not gently asking about her well being the way she had in reality.

“I mean what gives her the right to think I’m not happy?” Sarah muttered, feeling better as she deliberately misrepresented things. “I think I know whether I’m happy or not.

It’s my own life! I don’t need someone to tell me how I’m supposed to be feeling.”

“Well you’re the best judge of your own feelings,” Reese offered up. She didn’t want to get in the middle of things with Sarah and Alyson. That is if they were really fighting.

Reese didn’t know Alyson as well as Sarah did, but the redhead didn’t seem like someone who would give ultimatums or anything.

“Yeah! Goddamn right!” Sarah declared a little too loudly for public. She saw people turn to look at her and she blushed a little, but it didn’t cool her sudden anger at her

best friend. “Who the hell is she to tell me anything? I know I’m happy! I don’t need her telling me I’m not! She can’t run my life and tell me what to do!”

“Maybe you should just talk this out with her,” Reese said, hoping to shift away from this subject as soon as possible.

“Good idea, let’s go,” Sarah said, grabbing her latte and bag.

“Go? Go where?” Reese asked, surprised.

“To Alyson’s house,” Sarah answered as though it was the most logical thing in the world. “We’re going to tell her that she should just butt out of my life.”

“We? How did this become a we thing?” Reese asked.

“You have to come with me,” Sarah insisted. She wasn’t thinking at all. She just wanted to get her own thoughts away from the churning self doubt she felt and if having a

confrontation with her best friend was how to do it, Sarah was willing and ready to have it out with her. “You have to tell her what you just told me.”

“What did I tell you?” Reese wondered as she tried to figure out how she’d been sucked into this all of a sudden.

“How I’m the best judge of my own feelings!” Sarah said. “How she should stop bugging me about the damn mansion and just let me be. I know my own life! I know I didn’t

make a mistake! I don’t need anybody’s help!”

Reese certainly hadn’t meant to imply any of those things and she sure as hell didn’t want to get pulled into a fight between two other girls. But she also didn’t want to leave

Sarah alone right now. She seemed so emotional. Reese was actually starting to really worry about Sarah cracking under stress or something.

“C’mon Reese,” Sarah said, tugging her friend’s arm. “I want us to tell Aly that I’m happy.”

Reese sighed and gave in, letting Sarah drag her away from the table and toward her car so they could go have some kind of vague confrontation with a girl who probably had

no idea anyone was mad at her.

Sarah felt her heart pumping in her chest with increased energy now. It was good to feel this surge of passion, even if it was for an argument. Anything that kept her from

her own doubts was good and whether it was logical or not didn’t really matter right now.

* * * * *

But Sarah was hardly the only troubled one in the world right then. Michelle, for one, felt she had the weight of the entire world pressing down on her shoulders and it was

not a position the French girl relished.

The stress of the long dreaded phone call she had gotten had weighed so heavily on her that she had gone back on something she had promised never to do again.

Exhaling softly, Michelle blew the smoke past her lips and took another drag on her cigarette. She had promised long ago to quit, but for today she was off the wagon. She

was in public, sitting outside in the park, and chancing a ticket for smoking, but Michelle was too nervous to care. If she got one she’d just crumple it up and forget about it

like all those silly parking tickets the police kept giving her.

But the meeting place was secluded enough that a cop probably wasn’t going to come. There wasn’t much around here except trees and the bench Michelle sat on.

Being ticketed was hardly Michelle’s main concern anyway. Rene was. She had dreaded this for so long. Why did it have to happen now? Why did it have to happen ever?

They had always told her there was a chance she’d never hear from Rene. That he’d never have a mission for her and she’d always hoped it was true, especially the more

time she had spent in America and at the mansion. But now that illusion was shattered.

With a sigh and a nervous shake of her hands, Michelle lifted her cigarette back up to her lips for another drag before someone stopped her.

“That is a filthy habit for such a beautiful girl,” Michelle heard a familiar voice say and the maid looked up and smiled.

“Melissa!” Michelle excitedly cried, flinging her cigarette carelessly onto the ground and jumping up to hug her long lost friend. They kissed each other right on the lips, not

caring if they got any stares. This was no time to hold back. It had been far too long since they had seen each other and their kiss was filled with joy and loving


But unfortunately the reunion couldn’t go anywhere from there.

“There is no time for such pleasantries,” a man in all black said as he emerged behind Melissa. He didn’t look to have aged a day since Michelle had seen him last. His jet

black hair still had the same silken gloriousness that had captivated her as a schoolgirl and his eyes still held the same dark mystery that had made both her and Melissa

sigh with passion every time they had heard his name.

“There is important work to be done Michelle and you need to start right away,” Rene said, getting right down to it and pulling out a file folder. “Do you know what all of this

is about?”

“No Rene, Melissa explained nothing to me,” Michelle replied. “She just said that you wanted to see me.”

“It is time for you to do what you were sent here for,” Rene said. “It is time for you to do your duty for France.”

“I will do what France wishes of me,” Michelle answered with far less dedication in her voice than she had when she had first made that promise years ago, before she had

come to America and before she had come to the mansion.

“Do you know what this is?” Rene demanded when he opened up the file to show a picture.

“No Rene,” Michelle replied.

“This is a crude device known as the MAW Device,” Rene said. “Listen carefully for I will not repeat myself. It was first created by a splinter group in the CIA and when the

relations between the scientist and the agents went badly he fled to Cuba with it. There it was stolen and the scientist and the agents were killed. Now we do not know

where the device is. You must find it.”

“What does it do?” Michelle asked.

“That is not for you to know,” Rene said. “All you must know is that France wants it. You will get it for our country and you will get it without delay. This device is soon to

be put up for open bid on the market and France has no desire to get into a bidding war with other countries for it when other options exist. We will secure it this way and,

as you have been trained for this, you will get it.”

“But how? How will I know where to find it?” Michelle asked, her head spinning. Her training had been so long ago. Would she be able to remember it? Would she even be

capable anymore of doing the cold blooded acts she had been instructed in?

“We have this one lead,” Rene said, pulling out another photo. “We believe the device is in the hands of a man named Brandon Moore. He is former CIA and has gone

mercenary. He is off the radar at this moment, but these three know him and are looking to find him before he finds them. You know these three, no?”

“Oui,” Michelle replied, her tongue catching in her throat. How were they involved? Those were those silly boys who were always selling drugs and acting so strangely.

“They live next door to the mansion.”

“Use them to find this device,” Rene instructed. “You are being activated as a sleeper agent Michelle. This is your assignment and you will complete it. Use any means

necessary and if anyone finds out what you are up to you will know what to do, won’t you Michelle?”

Michelle was too stunned to answer.

“Answer me Michelle!” Rene forcefully demanded. “I am tired of your games here! You have been such a useless agent so far! We spent years training you in intelligence

work and look at you now! You are a disgrace!”

Rene forced open Michelle’s coat to expose her short, barely legal maid’s uniform. She hadn’t had time to change, so she had made herself decent by throwing the coat


“You have distracted yourself with this silly, corrupt American lifestyle,” Rene sneered. “You have forgotten your true purpose. We know what you have been doing or

should I say who you have been doing and it shames me to remember I trained you! You have allowed yourself to become worse than these Americans you were entrusted

to spy upon! You have become nothing more than their disgusting whore!”

Michelle saw Melissa looking down at the ground, obviously sympathizing with her friend’s pain, but too scared to speak out against Rene to do anything about it.

“I am sorry Rene,” Michelle said softly, feeling the same fear of the man she had once idolized. “I will do as you ask. I will serve France.”

“Good girl, perhaps you will redeem yourself after all,” Rene said with a smug smile. “You may prove that all that training wasn’t a waste. You must complete your mission

Michelle. France’s national security demands it!”

“I will complete my mission,” Michelle promised, struggling to fight off a tear from falling from her eye. “I will let nothing stand in my way. Anyone who finds out who I am or

what I am doing, no matter who they are, will be terminated immediately.”

“Very good girl,” Rene smiled as he ran his hand over Michelle’s face and did the same to Melissa. “Now we are all back together. Just like years ago. And now it will be

so much better.”

Michelle just nodded her head and tried to think about her mission. Inside she was terrified. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know where to start and most of all she

didn’t know how she was going to hide this from the girls at the mansion. The consequences of them finding out she was an undercover French intelligence officer were too

terrible for her to even picture and Michelle knew if it came down to it she was going to have to be the one to pull the trigger.

* * * * *

Back at the mansion, Jennifer Aniston awoke with a start.

It hadn’t been the gentle kind of awakening she had had that morning. She’d been pulled right from a dream and her heart was pounding. It had been so sudden that she

actually forgot where she was for a second. But as soon as she realized she was still in Malibu, she sighed in relief and slumped back down into bed.

The soft pillow resting against her head certainly felt good but Jennifer didn’t know if she wanted to go back to her nap. Of course she didn’t want to get up either so she

was kind of stuck without options. So she just lay there under the sheets, her heart still thumping in her chest like a motor as she pondered the dream she had just


To call it a dream was actually being charitable. It had been a nightmare. There she had been, restrained in a chair. She had been held down by a strong pair of male

hands, pressing down onto her shoulders and forcing her to watch. She hadn’t seen the face of her captor, but she had felt those hands often enough to know who had been

holding her down. It had been Brad and when he moved his hands off her shoulders it was only to grab her head to make sure she saw what was going on in the bed.

One by one she’d been forced to watch her housemates stripped out of their clothing and tongue fucked into submission. The woman on the bed licking them had her face

hidden but Jennifer knew it was Angelina.

Love, Alyssa, Jewel, Christina, Jessica…each one of them had been stripped and licked and each of them had submitted to Angelina, pledging their bodies and souls to her

as they came all over her tongue, crying out how they loved her best and how Jennifer could never compare to her.

She had lost her friends. All of them. They had fallen into Angelina’s sexual spider web one by one and the brunette had stolen them all from her just like she’d stolen


Just as she’d been forced to watch Love climaxed again and again against Angelina’s tongue, and scream out how she adored and worshipped her and that no one was

better than her, Jennifer had awoken gasping and sweating. Now she feared going back to sleep because the nightmare might come back too.

No one had to convince her that it had just been a dream. Jennifer knew that after all that had happened with Brad that none of her friends would even speak to Angelina,

much less run off and abandon her. The loyalty of her friends was unquestioned in Jennifer’s mind.

She remembered Oscar night and how they had all been so happy for Reese after her big win. They had been hanging out backstage and at the after parties and Jessica

had told her that at one point, while she’d been in the ladies room, Reese had gotten a call on her cell from Angelina, congratulating her on her win and telling her she was

invited to join her Gold Club at its next meeting.

Jennifer had seen Angelina’s little orgy group of female Oscar winners in action and she knew how hot it could be. It was made up of women of stunning beauty and

sesuality, but Jessica said Reese hadn’t hesitated to turn Angelina down cold.

According to Jessica, Reese had said she wanted nothing to do with Angelina and hung up on her. Jennifer had never demanded anyone stop speaking to Angelina or turn

down her advances and knowing they would pass up on sure sexual bliss out of loyalty to her had made her feel wonderful, like she’d never be without the loving support of

her friends.

But that didn’t make the nightmare’s impact any softer.

Angelina and Brad were the reason why Jennifer was back in bed in the afternoon anyway. She didn’t know why she did this to herself, but Jennifer had read another one of

the stories about Hollywood’s newest golden couple and, just like always, it had brought her down to the depths of her self-pity.

A lot of times she was ok about everything that had happened. She still smiled, laughed and happily distracted herself through sexy games with her girlfriends, but thinking

about Brad’s new life always brought the misery back.

Her housemates had told her not to read the coverage of Angelina and Brad’s relationship and Jennifer had given herself the same advice. There was no reason to pay

attention to any of it.

Brad had moved on with his life to a new family and Jennifer knew she was just torturing herself if she dwelled on what he and Angelina were doing. But she couldn’t help it.

It hurt her every time she did, but still she did it.

Today it had been more stories about the baby. This hurt more than Angelina stealing Brad away. It hurt more than how quickly he had found a new love.

She and Brad had always planned on starting a family. Jennifer hadn’t been ready when he was and it had been one of the reasons they had split. Now seeing his

happiness over being a father made Jennifer feel like the split was her fault and that only increased her sadness.

Deep down Jennifer knew it wasn’t her doing that had ended the marriage. It had been Brad’s and Angelina’s. But that was cold comfort when she longed for everything she

had lost that Angelina and Brad now had. A marriage. Children. Everything.

Reading about all that had sent Jennifer back into despair and bed seemed like the best option. Jennifer remembered reading once that sleeping too much was a sign of

depression and she hoped that wasn’t true because every time she felt bad about Brad she went right back to bed to hide under the sheets in a dark room for a few


The story had sent Jennifer back to her room where she had stripped down to her t-shirt and panties and crawled back under the covers hoping that by the time her nap was

over her blues would have ended too. But the nightmare had changed that.

Jennifer sighed and rolled around under the covers. Maybe she should try another nap. She didn’t really feel like doing anything else but staying in bed.

If she could keep this one dream free it might just be what she needed. She just felt so alone right then. Sometimes life without Brad seemed so empty even with all her

friends around her, loving and supporting her.

Jennifer hoped that things would look a lot brighter after she woke up but unless someone dropped a house on Angelina Jolie in the meantime then she didn’t know if that

was possible.

* * * * *

Things were much cheerier downstairs as two naked girls eagerly raided the refrigerator to look for fuel for their fun.

“You need some Gatorade or something here,” Cameron Diaz giggled as she leaned in deeply to conduct her search. The mansion’s refrigerator was big enough that

someone could probably crawl all the way inside it if they were so inclined. As it was, even someone as tall as Cameron had to stretch to reach the end.

“Huh, what was that?” Jessica Alba spacily replied, her attention quite distracted by something other than the blonde’s words.

“Quit staring at my ass and help me out here,” Cameron playfully suggested.

“Awwwww but I can’t help it, it’s so cute,” Jessica said with a giggle of her own. “Besides if you don’t want me to stare then go and put some pants on.”

“Get dressed? Here? Are you crazy? How could I possibly wear clothes in this place?” Cameron shot back with mock outrage.

“Exactly, now quit your meowing, find us something to eat and keep wiggling this hot little caboose of yours,” Jessica grinned before giving Cameron’s bare ass a slap that

had the blonde yelping, laughing and moaning seemingly all at once, especially when Jessica’s hot hand began massaging her smacked butt cheek.

“Mmmm don’t stop but get in here too. This is your fridge after all,” Cameron requested, causing Jessica to pop her head in alongside her. They were both stark naked and

hoping to accomplish this quickly to get back to the fun outside.

It had fallen to them to look for something to turn into lunch and they were eager to take care of this task and get back to playtime. They had crashed Christina’s little party

with Kelly Clarkson, but had quickly become invited guests. Kelly had become quite taken with Stacy and had been eager to entertain everyone through a 69 show with the

dancing queen.

That had juiced up everyone very nicely and soon Jessica, Elisha and Cameron were also indulging, not only in Kelly’s pussy hungry tongue, but in Christina’s strap on as


Jessica had been the luckiest one of them all, not only getting Kelly’s long tongue inside her pussy but Christina’s toy up her ass at the same time. That was a treatment

Jessica was definitely looking to repeat and the trio of sexy blondes she had been playing with were all eager to experience it for the first time.

The party had moved outdoors to the hot tub where Kelly, Christina, Stacy and Elisha were undoubtedly fucking up a storm inside the bubbling water while Cameron and

Jessica were inside. This gave the two girls plenty of urgency as they searched.

“Damn, we really need to send Michelle to the supermarket,” Jessica sighed. “We’ve got nothing here. I can’t believe she just took off like that before. It had better be

some kind of emergency for her to not be around when we actually need her for something other than sex for once.”

“Yeah, there’s nothing really but wine and Mountain Dew in there,” Cameron said, shaking her head. And she thought her fridge was barren.

However, those two beverages created a simultaneous thought.

“Cocktails,” Jessica and Cameron said together with a smile as they grabbed the bottles.

They were about to go outside with this improvised lunch when they suddenly felt hands grabbing their asses. With their heads inside the refrigerator neither girl could see

who had successfully snuck up behind them, but that mystery was quickly solved when she spoke.

“Now what are you two up to?” Alyssa purred as she massaged the exposed cheeks of both girls with her smooth hands.

“Just looking for some lunch,” Jessica answered, suddenly in no hurry to move and stop Alyssa’s sexy touch.

“Mmmmm well I definitely see something delicious,” Alyssa salaciously declared as she eyed the still damp slits of both bent over girls. “Now, I already had this for

breakfast and I should be dieting but I just can’t help myself. I’ve got such a sweet tooth.”

Alyssa then proved that by keeping both girls in their bent over positions and sinking to her knees. She gave Jessica’s cunt lips a long lick first, making the naked girl shiver

and moan before doing the same to Cameron and getting the exact same reaction.

“Oooooooh fuck don’t stop,” Cameron sighed, suddenly forgetting all about the hot tub and who was in it.

“No one’s going to stop,” Alyssa promised. “I’m hungry too and this is my favorite meal.”

“Mine too,” Jessica smirked, turning around and wiggling her way out of the fridge and away from her housemate. “But fuck, my tits are getting cold in there. If you want to

get yourself some pussy for lunch then you’re gonna have to come outside with us.”

“Ooooooh a picnic, I’m in,” Alyssa giggled as she got up off her knees and allowed Cameron to move and close the fridge behind her. “Who else is on the guest list?”

“Well Christina’s already out there with Elisha and Stacy and if you heard some screaming before it was Chrissie’s new friend Kelly Clarkson,” Jessica answered.

“So that’s who it was,” Alyssa said. “I thought those high notes sounded familiar. She’s definitely a screamer. I can’t wait to hear that up close.”

“Well you’re more than welcome to join us as long as you lose those clothes,” Jessica offered, getting another big smile from Alyssa. The brunette wasn’t wearing much

anyway, just a t-shirt and some jeans she had slipped on after her teasing phone call with Jewel and she eagerly pulled her shirt over her head to show off the bare tits that

lay underneath.

“That better?” Alyssa said after tossing her shirt to the floor and yanking off her jeans and panties in the blink of an eye.

“Much better,” Jessica replied with much lustful appreciation in her eyes. She never tired of seeing her older housemate’s gorgeous body.

“We should have one more soon,” Cameron pointed out. “My friend is on her way.”

“Oh yeah, well you’ve been talking all day about her, but she hasn’t shown yet,” Jessica teased. “I’m beginning to think you’re not going to deliver her.”

“Quiet bitch, I’ll show you who can deliver,” Cameron playfully shot back before reaching for the phone. “I’ll make sure she’s coming.”

As Cameron made her call, Alyssa leaned in to Jessica.

“So who’s her friend?” Alyssa asked. When Jessica told her it immediately got Alyssa’s nipples swelling, a development that both girls enjoyed.

“Mmmm damn, Camie better deliver on that,” Alyssa said, picturing the possibilities of adding her sexy body to the mansion mix. “You can’t tease with a name like that and

then not have her show.”

“I always deliver,” Cameron declared after ending her call. “She’s on her way.”

“Excellent,” Jessica smiled. “And speaking of deliver, I nominate Alyssa to call for pizza since we’re running low on food and need to crab up.”

“Awwwww why me?” Alyssa pouted.

“You want to join the picnic, this is the price of entry,” Jessica said, a condition that Alyssa quickly agreed to.

“Fine, but since I’m calling we’re getting veggie pizza,” Alyssa stated. “No disgusting pepperoni. Yuck.”

“Vegetarians,” Jessica giggled with a roll of her eyes. “Now call fast. Christina sure as hell isn’t waiting for us out there.”

* * * * *

Pizza and Cameron’s friend weren’t the only ones on their way to the mansion. Jewel was heading home too and she was being followed. Fortunately there was no stalker

on her tail, just two more than welcome guests that she couldn’t wait to show off to her housemates.

The whole drive home Jewel couldn’t believe her luck. She had never dreamed that her shopping trip would turn out to be so successful. Not only had she been able to get

a hot selection of lingerie to put on and, more importantly, take off for her friends, but she had lured two beautiful girls home with her that she knew they would enjoy even


Jessica and Ashlee Simpson were right behind her and neither girl had any idea about the erotic pleasure that awaited them at the mansion. At least Jewel hoped that there

was pleasure in their future. She knew she could do her part and her friends would do anything to tempt them into their fun, but the question remained about how receptive

the Simpson sisters would be to what awaited them. Still Jewel had every reason to believe that they would both be very into it with proper incentive.

After stumbling onto the secret that Jessica and Ashlee were not only into girls, but into each other, it had taken all of Jewel’s strength not to rush into their dressing room

and have her wicked way with both of them right there and then. She wanted both of them desperately, but the store hadn’t been the right place and it hadn’t been the right

time. The mansion was a much more suitable for what Jewel wanted to do to the sexy sisters.

She felt safe making her move there. It was more comfortable. It was like a football team on its home field. Jewel couldn’t wait to get Jessica and Ashlee there and see

what happened. She had lusted after both of them individually before, but now that she knew the truth about them it had become an all consuming quest to get them both

into bed.

Jewel was still blown away by the fact that the girls had been secret lovers. Jewel had never even thought such an illicit relationship between them was possible and now

erotic visions of it danced through her brain. She pictured Jessica and Ashlee Simpson pressing their naked bodies together as they shared a sensual, forbidden kiss and it

made her long to rub herself as she drove.

It was actually a struggle to keep her thoughts about the two girls from turning into a full blown porno movie in her head. Jewel knew she had to keep her focus on the road

and it would have been a little too risky to drive and masturbate at the same time, even though she had the pocket rocket in her purse to make it happen. But that didn’t stop

Jewel from putting together a plan of how to get the sisters kissing and more for real.

Ashlee was obviously the key. She seemed to be the sister most interested in rekindling their incestuous relationship and Jewel’s best hope for sandwiching herself

between the sisters. All she had to do was get Ashlee alone and Jewel believed that she could get the younger girl to become her willing partner in lesbian scheming.

Jewel’s heart was pounding with anticipation to share this bombshell secret with her housemates, but she couldn’t rush into that. She didn’t want to just throw Jessica and

Ashlee to the wolves quite yet. She didn’t want to overwhelm the sisters, especially Jessica, and ruin her chances to get them. If all went well, Jewel knew her friends

would soon be joining in.

Plus Jewel had a more selfish reason. She had discovered their secret and she wanted first licks at the naughty sisters.

As both cars pulled into the mansion’s long driveway and drove past the opening gate, Jewel just wanted to get Jessica and Ashlee into her bedroom. She had easily been

able to convince them to come home with her on the excuse that she was having fun with them and wanted to hang out some more. Plus Jewel had told them that going to

the mansion would offer them a great chance to try on their new lingerie some more without the prying eyes of any salesmen or clerks around to creep them out.

Jessica and Ashlee had bought Jewel’s story without question and, as they walked up to the door, Jewel just hoped they weren’t about to walk right into an orgy. That was

always a possibility at the mansion and would have caused an immediate change in plans along with a quick explanation. Fortunately there was no need to improvise

because none of her housemates were in sight. The only person they encountered on their way in was Love.

“Jewel! Hey!” Love smiled brightly as she walked in. “Where you been?”

“Just shopping,” Jewel replied, relieved for once that her sexy housemate was dressed. Love moved toward her like she was about to kiss her and Jewel gave a little head

shake, trying to wave her off as Jessica and Ashlee walked in behind her.

Fortunately Love read the signal loud and clear.

“Hey girls,” Love said, smiling at Jessica and Ashlee like everything was friendly around the mansion and nothing more. She had crossed paths with both of them a few

times and had definitely liked them. Now she was hoping whatever Jewel was up to involved her getting to like them even more.

“Hey Love,” Jessica smiled. “Wait, you live here too? What kind of place is this?”

“I’ll tell you in a bit,” Jewel replied. “Hey Love, we’re gonna be upstairs for awhile. Where is everybody?”

“Well Michelle bolted out of here like about half an hour ago saying she had some emergency or something,” Love explained. “She didn’t say what, but she looked like

she’d seen a ghost. Everyone else is outside in the hot tub. I was actually gonna join them, but I was gonna check on Jen first. She wasn’t feeling too well before.”

“Oooooh a hot tub sounds great,” Jessica said. “Mmmm I could definitely use some relaxing.”

“We can get in the hot tub later,” Jewel interrupted before the new girls found out the hot tub was clothing optional and used for much more than just for soaking. “Let’s go

upstairs first. I want to show you my room. I want to show you guys everything.”

Glancing over at her guests, Jewel saw that Ashlee seemed to have picked up on the fact that things were not quite normal around here. But Jessica hadn’t noticed


“Wow, I can’t believe you’re living with Jennifer Love Hewitt. She’s so nice,” Jessica declared. “Now show us this room of yours. I’m dying to see all over this place.”

Jewel gave the girls a quick tour of the mansion, not wanting to get too in-depth for fear they’d stumble upon one of her housemates in mid-lick. Ashlee was pretty quiet the

whole way though, but Jessica was a veritable chatterbox.

“Wow! This place is huge!” Jessica marveled. “This is totally bigger than my house! I should totally look into buying here! I thought about looking at Malibu before but I was

thinking there might be fires or mudslides or skeezy surfers using the beach. I mean that’s what’s always on the news when they talk about Malibu. Someone’s house is

burning or trapped in mud or whatever. But this place is just great Jewel. It’s so big! I can’t believe you and Love live here by yourself.”

“Well I’m not quite here alone,” Jewel coyly replied.

“Oh? Who else lives here? Do you have a boyfriend here you’re hiding from us?” Jessica asked.

“No, no boyfriends here,” Jewel said, stifling a laugh over the obviousness of that statement. “We’re not here alone though. I’ve got some friends here with me.”

“Yeah, remember, Love said they were all outside at the hot tub,” Ashlee pointed out.

“Oh yeah, I guess I wasn’t paying that much attention,” Jessica admitted with a little blush. She tried not to be ditzy, but sometimes she couldn’t help it. “I heard ‘hot tub’

and I kind of focused on that. But these aren’t guy friends?”

“Nope, girlfriends,” Jewel said as innocently as she could. She didn’t mind Jessica thinking she lived with a bunch of platonic female friends. The truth would be revealed

soon enough.

“Wow, too bad you don’t have a bunch of guys down there,” Jessica smiled. “Ashlee and I could use a guy.”

“Speak for yourself,” Ashlee mumbled under her breath, but Jewel heard her and tried to restrain her smirk. Ashlee was definitely going to be a great help.

“Well there are definitely no guys here,” Jewel said. “Just me and my girlfriends.”

“Someone should get the MTV crews in here then,” Jessica suggested. “It could be there new hit. Like a new Sex and the City.”

“Ughhhhhhh don’t listen to her Jewel,” Ashlee groaned. “No reality shows! Those cameras are so annoying. You can’t even breathe when they’re around.”

“I was just joking Ash,” Jessica claimed. “Believe me, I know how hard it is to be around those damn cameras. Thanks to them, everyone thinks I’m some kind of


“Well you can’t hide the truth,” Ashlee playfully teased, getting a whack from Jessica’s shopping bags.

“Be nice you two,” Jewel said. “Besides, MTV wouldn’t be able to show what goes on here. Not in their wildest dreams.”

Jewel didn’t elaborate on what she meant by that. She let Jessica and Ashlee’s imaginations wonder what her meaning was. Jewel led the two singers inside her room. All

three of them were holding shopping bags full of their Victoria’s Secret purchases and Jewel was definitely eager to get herself a lingerie fashion show.

“Ok girls, let’s see what you’ve got,” Jewel declared, setting down her bags on the bed and enjoying the double meaning of her statement.

“Wow this room is fantastic!” Jessica said, looking all around Jewel’s room, craning her head around to take it all in. “It’s huge! Hey is that a hot tub over there?”

“Oh yeah,” Jewel smiled, remembering how she and Gwen had spent their first time together in it. “This is a pretty special place. All the rooms are like this. The mansion

used to be a…a…a hotel.”

Jewel hadn’t wanted to tell the girls that the place used to be a bordello and what she did say was accepted by both sisters without question.

“I’ll show you the rest of it later,” Jewel promised. “Right now I want to see what you girls bought.”

“We got great stuff,” Jessica said. “You’re just lucky you’re not a guy or else you wouldn’t be able to control yourself after you see it. Now where can I change?”

Jewel was disappointed that Jessica wasn’t about to strip down in front of her, but she wasn’t particularly surprised at her modesty. She pointed toward her bathroom.

“Right there, just don’t take too long and get distracted by the hot tub,” Jewel teased.

“Thanks,” Jessica said, putting down two of her bags, but holding onto one. “I’ll be back in a jiff.”

But before Jessica made it to the bathroom, there was a question.

“Jess? Can I come in and change with you?” Ashlee asked hopefully, raising Jewel’s interest.

“Ummmm…just stay here with Jewel, Ash,” Jessica said, clearly remembering what had just happened at the store and not wanting a repeat. “I’ll be right out and then you

can get in there.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashlee sighed, looking down at her feet in clear disappointment.

Nothing else delayed Jessica and she entered Jewel’s bathroom, closing the door behind her so she could change. As soon as the door clicked closed, Jewel was right on

top of Ashlee, ready to make her move.

“You ok Ashlee?” Jewel asked, patting the spot on the bed next to her as a signal for Ashlee to sit down, which the girl immediately did.

“Yeah I’m fine, it’s just…” Ashlee began, before her common sense kicked in and she stopped herself. “Never mind. It’s not important. It’s between me and Jessica. We’ll

work it out.”

“You two aren’t fighting are you?” Jewel asked, playing dumb. “I know I’ve had some real blowouts with my sisters where we didn’t speak for weeks. It’s awful when there’s

distance between the people you’re supposed to be closest to.”

“No it’s nothing like that,” Ashlee said. “Don’t worry. It’s totally not important.”

“Are you sure? You seem really down,” Jewel said.

“I’m ok,” Ashlee insisted. “I’ve just got a lot on my mind. It’s been crazy with Jessica and Nick lately and I feel like I want to help her so bad, but there’s nothing I can do. I

mean I just wish I could fix everything but mostly I feel like I can’t do anything right for her. I don’t want to make this about me, because it’s her life, but I feel like I have all

these feelings inside and they’re driving me crazy because I want to be there for Jessica so bad and help her out and let her see it’s ok and she doesn’t need Nick.”

“I understand Ashlee, you can talk to me,” Jewel said as she placed her hand on Ashlee’s knee and moaned to herself as she felt the girl’s soft skin under her skirt. It was

so hard to resist caressing Ashlee’s leg and Jewel knew she would have to make her move soon before her resolve completely cracked.

“Thanks,” Ashlee said unable to keep from smiling as she felt the little tingles she loved from a woman’s hand on her body. Even if it was an innocent touch it still felt good.

“But I don’t want to bore you with my stupid problems. Besides it’s kinda personal.”

“Hey we’re all gonna be seeing each other in our underwear in a minute,” Jewel pointed out. “We’re a little beyond getting personal by now, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Ashlee agreed, her smile growing. “But this is really personal. Like sex life personal. I don’t know think we’re on that level of friendship Jewel. Nothing

personal. I mean I like you and all…but this is…awwwwww I’m just babbling. Forget I said anything.”

Damn, she was getting distracted. Ashlee chided herself for nearly having too loose a tongue there. She wouldn’t have told her best friend in the world what she was

thinking then and she had nearly spilled it all to Jewel. She had to be more careful.

There was only one person she wanted to talk to about this and Jessica was the one who was rebuffing her. All of Ashlee’s frustration and the pleasure she was getting just

from Jewel’s hand on her leg almost had her saying too much. She never should have said this was a sex thing. She had better zip up now.

“There’s nothing that can’t be made better by talking about it,” Jewel declared as she began to softly caress Ashlee’s leg. “Everyone has secrets. I’ve got a pretty big one


“Yeah? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours,” Ashlee offered as a joke. She never intended to tell Jewel anything about what was really going on with her and Jessica. She

assumed that Jewel would shy away from giving away her secret, whatever it was, and that would be that.

She assumed wrong.

Knowing this was her opportunity, Jewel went for it with gusto. She craned her head and gave Ashlee a soft kiss on the lips, gently placing her hands on the younger

singer’s face. Ashlee was visibly shocked, her eyes bugging open and her body stiffening.

Jewel’s kiss was close mouthed and she didn’t try to force her tongue into Ashlee’s mouth, but there was no masking its intent. This wasn’t a kiss on the cheek or friendly

peck. It was a sex kiss. Ashlee knew it and, before she could even think about what she was doing, she responded to it.

The initial surge of shock faded in Ashlee and, as Jewel continued kissing her, she relaxed and began kissing back. It had been so long since she had kissed another girl

and the desire she had for it had only grown stronger in that time. Jewel’s kiss was so warm and sexy that she unconsciously surrendered to it, closing her eyes and

moaning as she kissed back, opening her mouth to invite her friend’s tongue inside.

The feel of Jewel’s tongue slowly sliding inside her mouth and massaging hers sent a shiver of pleasure up Ashlee’s spine, but it also snapped her out of the trance she’d

fallen into and she pushed Jewel away just as suddenly as she’d decided to allow her to kiss her.

“No! Wait! We can’t!” Ashlee gasped, the enormity of what had just happened falling down on her all at once. Suddenly she felt very dizzy, like the room was spinning even

though she was still sitting down on the bed.

“What’s the matter Ashlee?” Jewel playfully asked, running her hand over Ashlee’s arm, making goosebumps pop up wherever she touched. “I thought you wanted to know

my secret. Well this is it. Is there a problem sweetie? Didn’t you like kissing me?”

“Yes…I mean no…I mean I don’t…wait…why? Why did you kiss me?” Ashlee demanded, but not angrily. She was too flustered to be mad at Jewel’s sudden advance.

“Are you a lesbian? Why did you do that? Do you think I’m a lesbian? Ooooooooh…”

Ashlee’s words turned into a moan when Jewel kissed her again, quieting her lips and making her whole body tingle. Ashlee had always found Jewel attractive, but had

never dreamed something like this would happen. She had always looked at her as a friend. Now it seriously looked like Jewel saw her differently and Ashlee didn’t know

how to respond except to let the older girl kiss her.

When Jewel pulled away from the second kiss, Ashlee had a little trail of saliva dripping down her chin and a dreamy expression on her face. Jewel was happy to see she

wasn’t putting up much of a fight or claiming she didn’t like it. They didn’t have much time before Jessica got back and if this didn’t happen fast it might not happen at


“I kissed you because I knew you wanted it,” Jewel said. “I kissed you because I knew you were going to like it.”

“How? How did you know?” Ashlee asked softly, still trying to come to terms with the fact that Jewel had just been kissing her. She hadn’t been looking for it. It had just

happened. But she still offered no denial of her desires and her lips suddenly felt lonely without Jewel’s against them.

Jewel knew she couldn’t dance around this. She had to pull out her big gun right away and hope it worked.

“Because I heard you and Jessica talking in the dressing room,” Jewel answered. “I know what’s going on between you two and how much you want her.”

Every time she had seen her, Ashlee had always looked a little pale to Jewel. But now the girl turned white as a sheet.

“It…it’s not…not what…what you think,” Ashlee stammered, her voice filled with fear. “I don’t know what you think you heard but…but…but you got…got it all wrong.

We…I…she…it’s not what you think.”

“Oh really?” Jewel pressed. She didn’t want to be mean and she wasn’t trying to make Ashlee twist around in the wind too much, but it was kind of fun to see her squirm a

little. “Because it sure seemed to me like you and Jessica are fucking each other.”

Ashlee looked like the world was ending and she began to panic.

“Ohhhhhhh my God,” Ashlee groaned, burying her head in her hands and looking like she was about to start crying. “Jewel please, you can’t…can’t tell anyone…I

ohhhhhhhh God…It’s not…we…please just don’t tell!”

Ashlee couldn’t believe she’d messed up so bad that someone had found her deepest secret. She never would have made a move back in the dressing room if she had

thought someone was listening in. Now she had ruined everything again. She had ruined her life and Jessica’s.

“I’m so goddamn stupid,” Ashlee agonized. “Why did I say anything when there were people around? Now everyone knows! I can’t stop fucking up! I just couldn’t control

myself. Jessica tells me to control myself. But I just can’t! Not when I’m around her like that!”

“Shhhhhhh,” Jewel urged, hugging the younger girl with a comforting hold. “No one else knows. I didn’t tell anyone else. It’s between you and me and Jessica. I promise I

won’t tell.”

“You must think I’m sick,” Ashlee said, mortified beyond belief.

“I don’t Ashlee,” Jewel swore. “I don’t think you’re sick. What I heard was one of the hottest things ever. God, it turned me on like crazy.”

“What?” Ashlee asked in disbelief. Her panic was starting to ease and she looked up from her hands as if she hadn’t heard Jewel correctly.

“Why do you think I kissed you?” Jewel asked, hoping for a chance to turn all of this around to her advantage again. “Thinking about you and Jessica together got me so

hot. I want to help you Ashlee. I want to help you get Jessica back the way you want her, naked and in your bed.”

“You don’t think it’s sick?” Ashlee inquired, her heart starting to thump in her chest, but not from fear this time. She didn’t know what was going on here, but she was

starting to like it. “She’s my sister. We were having sex. It’s wrong and sick.”

“I definitely don’t think it’s sick,” Jewel answered before kissing Ashlee tenderly on the lips again. “It made me wet. You’re both so beautiful. Mmmmm I definitely would

have wanted to fuck you both anyway, but knowing that you two have been together made me even hotter for it.”

Ashlee couldn’t believe what was happening. But she loved the kisses Jewel was giving her. The singer was so sexy. Ashlee would have felt that way even if she wasn’t

attracted to girls. But there were a lot of girls she thought were sexy and Ashlee had never figured she’d get with any of them. Now Jewel was offering herself up to her and

Ashlee saw the sincerity in her eyes. She wasn’t being played here. Ashlee felt confident of that. She relaxed and soon was kissing Jewel back with only a little bit of

lingering shyness.

“Mmmmm that’s it Ashlee,” Jewel moaned. “Kiss me. You don’t have to be shy or scared with me Ashlee. I love girls and I think you and Jess are both so hot. I want you

both. Mmmmm and I want to see you both together.”

“I…I want that so bad,” Ashlee admitted. “I love Jessica so much and I just want to make her feel good. I want to show her how much I love her.”

“I’m going to make that happen,” Jewel promised. “Do you trust me Ashlee?”

Ashlee nodded her head. Jewel had her over a barrel with her secret and she knew she didn’t have much alternative to trusting her. Plus she certainly kissed nice and

Ashlee’s body was responding to each and every sexy kiss Jewel was planting on her lips. If you couldn’t trust the girl making out with you, then who could you trust?

“I’m going to make Jessica yours again,” Jewel swore as she inched up Ashlee’s green skirt and began sliding her hand up under it. “I’m going to make her want you as bad

as you want her.”

“How?” Ashlee asked. “She said she doesn’t want…oooooooooh!”

Ashlee moaned as Jewel took the liberty of caressing her pussy through her panties. Jewel’s kisses and the revelation she was ok with her secret had Ashlee’s head

spinning so fast that she hadn’t even felt the singer’s hand go under her skirt until it was too late to stop her. Not that Ashlee wanted to stop her. Jewel’s hand against her

pussy felt so good and Ashlee’s body was eager for much more.

“She just needs to remember how good a woman’s touch is,” Jewel purred into Ashlee’s ear as she kissed her neck and rubbed her gently, getting her in a state of sexual

heat but not letting her boil over yet. “I know all about how to make women feel good here. That’s what we do here. Me and my girlfriends make each other feel so good.

Mmmm and they’re all going to want to make you and Jessica feel good too.”

“You? And Love?” Ashlee gasped, humping herself against Jewel’s hand and wishing she could make her panties disappear so she could feel the woman’s fingers inside

her. She had suspected something was weird here, but she had never pictured it could be that.

“Not just Love,” Jewel smiled. “There are so many beautiful girls here. This is our secret place Ashlee. This is where we can all come and fuck each other and make

ourselves feel so good and no one ever finds out.”

“Who…who else is here?” Ashlee moaned. “Ooooooh don’t stop Jewel. Ughhhhh I can’t believe you’re doing this to me, but I love it. Please don’t stop! Tell me who else

lives here. Tell me how you’re going to make Jess all wet like you’re making me.”

“Uh uh, tell me about you and Jess first,” Jewel pressed. “We don’t have much time until she gets out of there. Tell me now and I’ll make Jessica yours again.”

Ashlee wasn’t in a good bargaining position. Jewel’s touch was soaking her panties and the woman was promising her what she wanted more than anything else in the

world. It wasn’t like she had anything left to hide anyway, so Ashlee agreed.

“I…we…well…our dad…he wouldn’t let us be with boys,” Ashlee sighed as she felt her nipples stiffen against her black tank top. She wanted to pinch and play with them,

but she was actually afraid if she did that she might wake up and find this was all some kind of amazing dream. “He was always so protective when we were growing up, but

when…when we became teenagers he got even more protective. He wouldn’t let us talk to boys who weren’t in the church and that he didn’t know. He would rarely ever let

us go on dates and when he did he either went with us as a chaperone or he’d make us come home so early. He made us take these…these virginity pledges where we

had to promise him that we’d wait until marriage. We never…never got to have any fun.”

“Get to the good stuff sweetie,” Jewel urged, increasing the force of her touch as her eyes kept darting to the bathroom door. Jessica could come out any second and she

didn’t want to be found with her hand up her sister’s skirt…at least not yet. “Tell me what I want to hear.”

“Well ummm…oooooooh yesssssss right there Jewel…mmmmm rub me therrrrrrre,” Ashlee groaned. “We’d…we’d be so curious about boys and want them so bad, but we

wouldn’t be allowed to kiss them and dad kept saying how we weren’t allowed to let boys touch us. And well…we’d have all these feelings and they were so pent up and

driving us crazy and me and Jess we were sharing our room then…we had these twin beds cause we didn’t have all that money yet and Jess…she’d…she’d…mmmmmm

yesssssss oooooh more Jewel more…she’d be up nights touching herself and I could hear her and it turned me on. I asked her how she knew how to do it and she said

some girl in choir had told her about it and how to do it and I made her show me too…mmmmm and it felt so good. She showed me how to play with my body and I never

wanted to stop once I felt how good it was. I just wanted to touch myself all day and night and I loved seeing her do it too. I’d love watching her be naked and playing with

her body. It made it so much hotter to be watching her as she did it and I loved watching her have her orgasms. It made me come even harder knowing she was there and

watching me like I was watching her. Every night we’d do it and one night she suddenly crawled into bed with me because she had been with some boy that day and they’d

been kissing and dad had caught them and had spanked her even though she was 16, but the kissing had made her so hot she needed to find relief and she asked me if I

would kiss her like he had. It was like she couldn’t control herself because this boy had made her feel so good and she wanted more. She wanted me to make her feel

good and I wanted to do that too. I wanted it so bad.”

Jewel’s head was overflowing with erotic images as Ashlee detailed her and her sister’s story. It was so hot she felt she could come just from hearing it.

“I’d never kissed a girl before and neither had she…but it felt…just felt so right to do it,” Ashlee said. “She kissed me and I kissed her back and it was so goooooood. I’d

kissed a few boys before but nothing was like kissing her. Her lips were so soft and it was like kissing her was making us both feel so good. We started touching each

other through our nightgowns. Usually we’d strip and just touch ourselves, but now we were touching each other…taking off our clothes and playing with each other’s body.

Ohhhh it was so much better than just touching ourselves. I loved how her body felt on top of mine in my little bed, pressing down on me, both of us naked as we kissed.

And then she made me touch her…you know…her…”

“Her pussy?” Jewel teased.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Ashlee moaned, blushing furiously, but smiling as the same time. If Jewel was going to talk like that then she was too. “She made me reach down and

play with her pussy and she was so wet and warm and I loved it so much. I rubbed her and she did it back to me and it was just incredible. I thought it was the best feeling

ever…mmm but then it got better. We rubbed and touched each other’s pussies and kissed and our boobs rubbed together and our nipples got so hard, but we both wanted

more. Jessica she wanted me to lick her. We’d never had sex with anyone before, but we knew…you know…what to do and stuff. And she wanted me to kiss her pussy

and lick it and I was scared at first, but she was so insistent, telling me she needed to feel good and that she’d do it to me too if I did it to her first. So I kissed her there and

started licking and she was totally soaked and she tasted so good. I’d never tasted anything like it and it was so yummy. I couldn’t get enough and she was so wet for me.

I was licking my own sister’s pussy and I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care. I felt like I was supposed to do it because I loved her and I wanted her to feel good. Mmmm

and I loved how it made me feel…so naughty and like a really bad girl and I made her come and it was so wet and sticky and so goooood. Ooooh and she totally did it to

me too. We licked each other so good and we fell asleep together that night all naked and sexy and we had to scramble in the morning so mom and dad wouldn’t find us

like that.”

Ashlee laughed a little when she got to that last part. She still remembered that exhilarated panic when she and Jessica woke up that next morning and realized they were

still naked and in her bed. Their skin was totally sticky and sweaty and they had to quickly pull on their nightgowns again before dad had found them like that.

She had never told anyone this before. It had just been her and Jessica’s secret and it felt amazing to get it off her chest. Ashlee could see how much Jewel liked hearing

her story and that turned her on even more.

“We did that like every night,” Ashlee confessed as her moans from Jewel’s amazing touch continued. “We kissed and licked and touched all night long. At nights when

she was horny she’d toss her sheets off and lift up her nightgown so I’d know she wanted me to eat her out and make her come. Even after we got rich we’d sneak into

each other’s rooms all the time to fuck each other. Mmmm I hated wearing clothes around her. I just wanted to be naked and be with her. We did so many naughty things

to each other and I loved them all. But then when she met Nick she didn’t want to be with me anymore and she said it was wrong and she couldn’t do it anymore because

she liked boys. But I didn’t! I haven’t liked boys since that first night with her! I tried being with other girls after her, but it wasn’t the same. None of them were as hot as

Jessica. Mmmmm except you Jewel. Ughhhh you’re making me so hot and wet right now.”

“Thank you sweetie,” Jewel said before planting another kiss on Ashlee’s lips. “I can’t wait to show you all the naughty things we do around here. Me and all my hot friends.

There’s me and Love and Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera and Alyssa Milano and Jennifer Aniston and Rose McGowan mmmm and we have lots more famous friends

who come here so we can fuck them. Just like we’re going to fuck you Ashlee. We’re going to fuck you and Jessica both so good. You two are never going to want to


Ashlee couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could it be? How could all those beautiful girls be into each other? But Jewel wasn’t lying. Her eyes said she was

being totally honest.

Ashlee had never dreamed like any of this was possible. But it was like all her fantasies were about to come true. She wanted her sister to be her lover again and having all

those other girls too was like having the sweetest whipped cream on top of the yummiest ice cream ever.

All of it, the touch between her legs, the promises of hot sex and the memories of her and Jessica’s first time had Ashlee panting. Her panties were completely soaked

against her pussy and Jewel had her about to come. But before the Alaskan could make her any hotter the door to the bathroom suddenly opened and Jewel pulled her

hand away in a flash, leaving Ashlee gasping and absolutely dying for more.

And that condition only got worse when Ashlee saw what her older sister was wearing. It wasn’t what she had seen in the dressing room earlier. It was like a million times

hotter. Jessica was in an all black lingerie ensemble. She had black lace French cut panties and a lacy bra, which was see-through against her rosy nipples and black

stockings which made the whole outfit even sexier.

“What do you think?” Jessica asked as she twirled around to show off. She either didn’t notice she had two sets of eyes staring at her with lustful intensity or she didn’t

care. Either way, Jewel and Ashlee loved what they saw.

“Oh my God,” Jewel gasped when she finally regained the ability to speak. “You look gorgeous Jess.”

“Thanks,” Jessica beamed. “I really love how it…hey are you ok Ashlee?”

Jessica suddenly noticed her sister wasn’t saying anything and looked all kinds of flustered. Her forehead was all sweaty and her lips looked like she’d been drooling or

something because they were all wet. And were her nipples hard? Nahhh she had to be imagining things. Or was she? Jessica flashed back to what had happened in the

changing room. No, she had been very firm explaining things and Ashlee knew she wasn’t into that any more. She had to be imagining things.

“I’m…I’m…I gotta go change…” Ashlee darted off the bed and grabbed her bag.

Before she could get into the bathroom though, Jewel grabbed the girl’s arm and whispered in her ear.

“Just give me a few minutes,” Jewel advised. “I’ll get her for you. Trust me Ashlee. Just come out when it’s the right time. You’ll know when that is.”

Praying that Jewel was as good as her word, Ashlee nodded her head and went to change, leaving Jewel alone with Jessica near the bed.

“Is she really ok?” Jessica asked. “She looked kind of weird.”

“She’s fine,” Jewel assured her friend. “In fact she’s better than fine. I think she’s going to be feeling a lot better about things from now on.”

“Yeah something’s been bothering her lately,” Jessica replied, leaving out the details about what happened in the changing room. Jewel definitely didn’t need to know that.

“I don’t know what it is. I haven’t really had a chance to talk to her lately. Things have been so crazy.”

“Well Ashlee and I talked a lot while you were in there,” Jewel reported, trying to stifle her grin as she walked up behind Jessica while the singer was trying to push her tits

better into her bra. As it was the garment gave her double-D breasts quite a heft but there was a risk of popping out and Jessica worked to prevent it.

Jewel loved how oblivious Jessica was to what was about to happen. Just about anyone else would have noticed the sexual heat she and Ashlee had left simmering in the

room, but Jessica was so wrapped up in herself that she didn’t even feel it. Jewel also enjoyed seeing the singer trying to stuff her tits into her bra, she had the same

problem herself sometimes. But she knew it was about to become a moot point because Jessica wasn’t going to be wearing that bra for much longer.

As Jessica adjusted herself, Jewel came up behind her and got her hands on her shoulders. The Alaskan princess began massaging Jessica’s shoulders and the younger

girl tensed up at first from the unexpected touch, but soon relaxed into it.

“Mmmmm that feels good,” Jessica sighed, closing her eyes as Jewel relieved the tension in her shoulders.

“Sit down on the bed sweetie,” Jewel urged. “Ashlee will be out soon. Let’s catch up. Oooooh you are tense.”

“Yeahhhhhhh it’s been so crazy lately,” Jessica groaned from Jewel’s continued massage even as they both sat down on the bed. “Mmmmm don’t stop. Ohhhhh yeah

that’s the spot Jewel…mmmm right there. Ohhhhh I need a massage so bad. This is like the first day I’ve had in so long to just relax. Everything with Nick and my career

and all the tabloids it’s just been so so crazy I just need to…mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh right there! Oooooh you’re good at this Jewel.”

“I’ve had lots of practice,” Jewel grinned as she thought back to all the beautiful girls she’d massaged. Soon she hoped to be massaging more than Jessica’s shoulders and

upper back.

“I can totally tell,” Jessica said, her voice almost a moan from Jewel’s touch. “Ohhhhh wow Jewel, I think I need you to come be my personal masseuse or something. I

love your touch.”

Just you wait, Jewel thought to herself wickedly, I haven’t even begun to really touch you yet, baby. Jewel was able to push the straps of Jessica’s bra off her shoulders so

she could continue her massage without giving away her true intentions and she continued her strong, but tender touch of the singer.

“Ashlee and I were having a good talk before you came out,” Jewel said, making her move while soft moans continued to pass Jessica’s stressed lips. “She told me a lot of


“Mmmm yeah? What’d you talk about?” Jessica asked, not really paying attention to anything but how good it felt to have Jewel’s hands on her. She really was stressed

out and this was a desperately needed massage. Jessica just closed her eyes and let Jewel’s hands work her over, not drawing any intention from her friend’s actions other

than that she wanted to relieve the tension in her shoulders.

“She told me how much she loves you and how she wants to help you and be there for you,” Jewel said softly, increasing the sensuality of her massage but not going for the

prize of Jessica’s stacked chest yet. “I think she’s a little worried about you Jess.”

“She doesn’t have to worry,” Jessica replied as another happy moan passed her lips. “It’s been hard. But I’ll be ok. I just need…”

“Yeah Ashlee told me what you need,” Jewel grinned, unable to help herself from interrupting. “She told me a lot of interesting ways she used to be there for you.”

Jessica tensed up immediately. What had Ashlee told Jewel? What had her little sister done?

“Wh…what do you mean?” Jessica demanded, her stress level rising up again even as Jewel continued her massage.

“She told me everything Jessica,” Jewel said, going for it as she pressed her lips to Jessica’s long, pink neck and began gently kissing her. “She told me what you used to

do. She told me how you used to sneak into each other’s beds and be naughty little girls, kissing and touching and loving each other. She told me how she wants to do it

to you again and how much she wants to make you feel good. She told me how hot it was between you two.”

“WHAT?” Jessica screamed as she jolted up from the bed. “How? How could she tell you that? She’s lying Jewel! Don’t believe anything she says! She’s making all that

up! Ashlee! Get out here! Now! Don’t believe her Jewel! Seriously! She’s just… mmmmpppphhhhh!”

That was all Jessica got out of her mouth before Jewel grabbed her and silenced her cries with a kiss. Unlike the gentle kisses she’s given Ashlee, Jewel went after Jessica

with full intensity. She forced the girl’s mouth open and when Jessica tried to protest, Jewel cut her off by sucking her tongue into her mouth.

Jewel played with Jessica’s tongue, massaging it with hers, while keeping the squirming singer from getting away by reaching up and squeezing her tits through the bra that

barely restrained them.

When Jewel finally pulled away, Jessica was left completely dazed. She stood unsteadily on her feet and her face looked like she wasn’t sure whether to slap Jewel or strip

off her bra and panties so they could fuck. Jewel took advantage of this confusion to lean in for another kiss.

This one was more tender than before. The first kiss had been designed just to shut Jessica up, but now Jewel wanted to relax her and get her into bed instead of running

out the door. Jewel lovingly kissed Jessica’s soft lips and continued to caress her tits through her bra, feeling the nipples swell against the black lace. Jessica was

obviously thrown by what happened, but Jewel could definitely feel her respond with lust and the younger blonde slowly began to kiss her aggressive friend back.

“Wh…what’s going on?” Jessica asked, continuing to experience her head spinning daze even after Jewel pulled away from her lips. “Why are you kissing me?”

“Because I want to fuck you Jessica,” Jewel grinned. “I’ve wanted you for so long. Mmmm I wanted you when we performed together but I had no idea you were into girls so

I didn’t make a move. But Ashlee told me how wrong I was about that.”

“She’s lying,” Jessica continued to insist. “She and I…we never…”

“Shhhh,” Jewel said. “Don’t be afraid Jess. I’m not going to tell anyone. I loved hearing about it. Mmmmm it was one of the hottest things I ever heard. It made me so wet

for you both. I’m totally into girls Jess. We all are here and we’re going to have so much fun with you both. You and your naughty little sister.”

Jessica didn’t try and deny Jewel’s allegations about her and Ashlee anymore. She knew it was useless to fight the truth. But what she seized upon was Jewel’s little

confession about what was really going on here. Suddenly all the talk about girlfriends here made sense. She just couldn’t believe it.

“What is this place?” Jessica asked as she tried unsuccessfully to fight against her longing to feel Jewel’s lips against hers again. She wanted to kiss her friend. She

wanted to do a lot of things to Jewel all of a sudden and actually found herself regretting Jewel hadn’t made a move on her when they did the TV special.

“It’s just a place where we can have fun and let our desires run free,” Jewel said before giving Jessica the kiss she so desperately wanted. “There are no inhibitions here.

Just pleasure Jessica.”

Jewel continued the kiss, pulling Jessica deeper into it as the younger girl began to overcome her inhibitions. When Jewel reached around Jessica’s back for her bra clasp

and snapped it open, she didn’t fight her off. Jessica still seemed unsure of herself, though, and she criss crossed her arms over her breasts when Jewel pulled her black

bra off. But Jewel was easily able to push them away.

“Don’t cover up baby,” Jewel instructed, her eyes lighting up as Jessica’s large breasts were bared to her. “Don’t be scared. You’re going to love this. I know you’ve done it

before so don’t pretend you’re still some little virgin or anything. You know what you like and I’m going to do it to you Jessica…and Ashlee’s going to help me. We’re going

to make you feel so fucking good.”

At the sound of her sister’s name, Jessica tensed up again. She still couldn’t believe Ashlee had confessed their secret to Jewel. No one was ever supposed to

know. That was the promise they had made each other. But Jessica was starting to see the advantages of Jewel knowing. What she was promising sounded so hot.

Even though she had pushed her sister away, Jessica had never stopped loving the touch of women. Ashlee had made her feel so good when she had needed it most.

When her hormones and desires were flowing inside her for the first time and making her feel all these new, strange and scary feelings about sex, it had been Ashlee who

had brought her pleasure.

Jessica could still remember how much she had loved touching herself at night with her sister in the same bed. It was so much better than being alone and doing it. She

had been able to stare at another beautiful woman giving herself pleasure and the fact it had been her own sister made it even naughtier and hotter. But staring at Ashlee

night after night as they played with themselves only had made Jessica want her more.

On the night Jessica had lost all control, she hadn’t been thinking. She had only craved pleasure. Her ass had been sore from the spanking her father had given her, but

her pussy was still wet from the passion of the kisses the boy had given her and how he had been the first person to ever touch her body like that. He had played with her

breasts and even let his hand rub against her between her legs. It had felt so deliciously sinful and Jessica had loved it.

Once she had been given that little taste she had needed to drink the whole thing, even though she knew she shouldn’t and had promised not to. She had been left dying for

more and she had turned to Ashlee to get it.

Without even thinking, she had kissed her sister, wanting nothing but the feel of anyone’s lips against hers to keep the pleasure flowing. She had been so horny that night

that nothing could cool her fires. She and Ashlee had kissed and touched each other and it had been so good that the experience had been seared in her memory forever.

It hadn’t mattered they were sisters. It hadn’t even mattered they were both women. All that had mattered was the pleasure and when Ashlee had gone down on her,

Jessica had never loved anyone more than she had her sister that night. Ashlee’s lips and tongue against her virginal pussy had been unbelievable and she had brought her

to absolute ecstasy again and again.

Jessica hadn’t been able to stop herself from returning the favor to her little sister and then doing it with her the next night and the next and the next…sneaking into bed with

Ashlee and licking and kissing and touching until they fell asleep naked in each other’s arms. Jessica had needed her sister so badly those nights. Without her touch and

the sexual release that came with it, Jessica’s body ached with need. Most nights she couldn’t sleep without Ashlee getting her off first.

She had been committed to protecting her virginity until her wedding night and Ashlee was the only person who could help her deal with the raging horniness that pulsed

through her veins. Jessica knew it was wrong to desire her sister so much and do those nasty things to her each night, but she couldn’t help it. Ashlee’s kiss made her so

weak and she couldn’t control herself.

Even after she finally found the strength to put a stop to things, Jessica had still craved her sister’s touch. Her time with her best friend and assistant CaCee, which Ashlee

had found out about, had been the result of her longing for her sister.

Jessica had felt so lonely and horny and she had needed the touch her sister used to give her that night. CaCee had been a convenient substitute so Jessica could get the

touch and taste of another woman without giving into the incestuous cravings she tried so hard to bury inside her.

But even though CaCee had made her feel good that night, it hadn’t been the same.

Deep down Jessica knew she wanted Ashlee. It had been so hard to say no to her in the changing room. The temptation was so strong and now that Jewel was touching

her and kissing her so sexily, Jessica’s last resolve was cracking. All the desires she had pushed down and tried to deny herself were starting to seize control,

commanding her to give into the burning lusts inside her.

Jessica tossed her blonde head back and moaned wickedly as Jewel began kissing her tits, flicking her tongue over her nipples and making them swell with sexual desire.

Jessica tried to find some part of her that was strong enough to push Jewel off of her. A part that would grab Ashlee and get them both out of here before they were turned

into total lesbians or whatever it was Jewel was.

She searched and searched for resolve and the ability to say she liked boys and didn’t want to do this, but it was not to be found anywhere in her body. Jessica felt herself

getting wet as Jewel nursed her tits, sucking her exposed nipples and leaving them stiff and wet with saliva and that wetness threatened to turn into a flood when Jewel slid

her hand into her panties and began to gently play with her slit.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Jessica sharply gasped with a deep intake of breath. It had been months since her night with CaCee and it felt so fucking good to have a soft, feminine touch

against her pussy again.

“Mmmm you’re getting nice and wet, aren’t you Jess?” Jewel cooed. “Don’t fight me. Give in. Let me show you how good I can make you feel. Mmmm that massage was

nothing compared to what I can do to your wet little pussy. Let’s get these panties off you and let me show you what me and my sexy friends do here.”

Another kiss followed the sexy words out of Jewel’s mouth, but this time it was Jessica acting as the instigator. She pressed her lips to Jewel’s with a growing passion.

She had never dreamed that today she’d be making love to a woman, but the touch against her sex could do nothing but remind her of the ecstasy she had felt before. She

found herself powerless to resist Jewel’s advances.

Though the tabloids seemed to relish making her some ho on wheels since her separation, it had been far too long since Jessica had had anything resembling good sex.

Jewel was making her wetter than anyone had in a long time and when she pushed her finger inside her Jessica cried out with bliss.

“Yessssss! Ooooooh yessss!” Jessica squealed, her breaths coming in short gasps as she felt her pussy get penetrated. She was starting to pant with anticipation, no

longer wanting to struggle away, but rather longing to lay back and feel Jewel’s tongue inside her.

“You like that sweetie?” Jewel grinned, pushing a second finger inside Jessica’s cunt and loving how the tight lips gripped around her probing digits tightly and how her juices

gave them a slick coating in mere seconds.

“Uhhhh huhhhh,” Jessica moaned, nodding her head in the affirmative. She still didn’t know how all this happened. She had been just minding her business and then…then

the pleasure started and what pleasure it was.

It was what she had been missing for so long and it all felt so fucking good. Her brain was in a complete daze, but all Jessica knew was she didn’t want this to stop. She

needed more. She had to have more.

Jewel’s grin got even wider when she heard the soft mumble from Jessica’s lips.

“What was that baby?” Jewel inquired, thrusting in with her fingers a little harder and taking her tongue once again to Jessica’s soft, big tits, lashing against her hard nipples

and making them quiver.

Jessica repeated herself a little louder, but still too softly for Jewel’s taste.

“Say it again,” Jewel instructed. “Say it like you mean it Jessica.”

“Oooooooh,” Jessica groaned. Jewel was driving her crazy and she couldn’t help but obey. She just didn’t want the pleasure to stop.

“Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee!” Jessica said again, this time loud enough to please her lover. “Fuck me Jewel! I…I…don…don’t know how you’re doing it, but you’re making me

so wet! I can’t control myself…I…I…ooooooh just don’t stop.”

“It’s just like how I learned to give a good massage,” Jewel laughed gently. “Mmmmm I’ve had lots of practice.”

Jewel pressed her face in for another kiss and this time it was a deep, long and wet one. Jessica closed her eyes and surrendered to the pleasure of this surprise same sex

encounter, letting Jewel’s tongue caress hers.

Jessica began to tongue kiss Jewel back, letting their tongues slide together and over and rub together in the way that sent happy shivers through her body.

As they kissed, Jewel continued to finger Jessica’s pussy, feeling her wetness turn into dripping as she teased her clitoris with her fingers, making the younger girl jump

slightly and moan deeply into her mouth. Jewel’s free hand played with Jessica’s right breast, kneading the fleshy mound and Jewel found herself moaning when Jessica

suddenly began touching her back, reaching up to softly explore the curve of her left breast through her shirt.

“That’s it Jess,” Jewel moaned when their lips parted for a second, a strand of saliva keeping them connected until it snapped. “Touch me. Touch my body. Don’t be


Jessica got the message and soon her other hand was at Jewel’s chest too as they resumed their kissing. Jessica was tentative at first in her exploration of Jewel’s large

chest, but she hadn’t forgotten how much she enjoyed the feel of another woman’s body and having Jewel’s tits under her hands, especially when her nipples swelled up,

fueled her desire for more.

Jessica kept her eyes closed while she and Jewel kissed and touched each other’s sexy bodies. She had a thought in the back of her mind that she was forgetting

something, but she brushed it aside only to be reminded of it a second later.

“Jess! How could you?” Ashlee demanded and Jessica’s eyes shot open to see her sister standing at the edge of the bed and staring at her like the time she had caught

her sneaking a look at her diary. “You’ll fuck CaCee! You’ll fuck Jewel! Am I the only girl you won’t fuck?”

“I…ummm…errrr…we…this…” Jessica stammered, but before she could get the words “This isn’t what it looks like” out of her mouth, Ashlee leaned in and covered her lips

in a sizzling kiss.

Jessica gasped again, but unlike in the dressing room, she didn’t push Ashlee away. This time she just let the kiss happen. She was too aroused from Jewel’s touch to

feel anything but desire for other women, especially one as beautiful as her little sister.

“Mmmm now that’s what I want to see,” Jewel groaned as she lay back on her bed and began playing with her own tits while watching the two sisters kiss. “Put on a show

for me girls. Show me what you used to do to each other every night.”

That was what Ashlee wanted more than anything in the world and Jessica couldn’t pretend the thought wasn’t making her squishy on the inside too. Jessica had been

afraid to admit her wicked lust for her own sister was as strong as ever and knowing someone as beautiful as Jewel was going to watch them make love felt so naughty.

Out of the corner of her eye Jessica saw Jewel licking the fingers that had just been inside of her and obviously loving the taste of her juices. This only made Jessica hornier

and she kissed Ashlee back with more enthusiasm, exploring inside her sister’s mouth with her tongue for the first time in years. And it also caused Jessica to notice

something else for the first time.

Ashlee was standing before her completely naked.

Between all the kissing and the desire that fogged up her brain, Jessica hadn’t even registered her sister’s state of undress and when she did her eyes got wide. It had been

so long since she had seen Ashlee naked and the sight of her mouth watering tits all exposed and her dirty blonde bush so neatly shaped like a little heart had Jessica’s

pulse racing and her pussy soaking her panties.

“I thought you were going to change,” Jewel smiled as she got her first real look at Ashlee’s bare body too.

“I did,” Ashlee giggled. “Mmmm this is the only thing I want to wear anyway. I want you both to see my body. I want Jess to see how wet my pussy is for her.”

Hearing that, Jessica’s eyes couldn’t help but drop down to between Ashlee’s legs and she moaned when she saw her sister wasn’t lying. Ashlee was even wetter than she

was. Jessica could see the sexual moisture clinging to Ashlee’s slit, making it all shiny and it took all her strength not to just dive in and start licking, just like she had

nightly all those years ago.

“Then let’s see how wet Jessica’s pussy is too,” Jewel proposed and Ashlee immediately agreed, ganging up with the older singer and pushing Jessica flat onto her back.

The two girls then began kissing all over Jessica’s face and massaging her bare breasts, each of them taking one in a hand and playing with it, as their free hands began to

yank down Jessica’s panties.

“Mmmmmmm yesssssssssss do it…make me naked,” Jessica dreamily sighed, completely giving into her desires. “I’m so wet. So fucking wet for you both. Ooooh

especially you Ash. My naughty little sister. Oooooh you always make me so wet.”

That earned Jessica another long kiss from Ashlee and the sisters busied themselves making out as Jewel finished the job and got Jessica’s panties off. Just like Ashlee,

the girl was soaking wet with desire drooling past her tight, pink cunt lips. Jewel knew her pussy was in the same state and having these two naked beauties in her bed

made her want to get out of her clothes quicker than ever.

Neither Ashlee nor Jessica volunteered to help Jewel strip and she didn’t ask them to. She much rathered they stay as they were, lying next to each other on the bed and

rubbing their big tits together as they shared forbidden, incestuous kisses. The two girls passionately made out giving Jewel a show she swore she’d remember every hot

detail of for the rest of her life.

After dropping Jessica’s brand new panties onto the floor, Jewel stood up and kicked her sandals off before stripping off her shirt. Before the shirt even fell to the ground,

Jewel was pushing down her jeans, leaving her in just panties and a bra. The two sisters were so caught up in each other that they didn’t even notice Jewel getting naked,

which the Alaskan didn’t mind.

All Jewel wanted to do was gawk at the two girls indulging in their unleashed lusts for each other’s body and her eyes remained locked on their naked kissing as she

reached around back and unsnapped her bra and then yanked her own panties down with the quick fluid motion of someone who was used to getting undressed in a


Now that she was naked, Jewel dove back onto the bed for an even better view of Jessica and Ashlee’s wicked activities. The two blondes sucked each other’s tongues and

both had their hands playing with the other’s tits, kneading the heavy mounds and moaning wantonly. Jewel just lay back and watched. She didn’t have to instruct them or

anything. They already knew just what to do to each other.

“Oooooh baby, I missed you so much,” Jessica moaned as she pulled Ashlee on top of her, allowing their tits to grind together as they kissed. “I…I didn’t want to admit it,

but I’ve missed what we used to do Ash. I missed how we used to make each other feel. I missed how naughty it felt to play with you.”

“I’ve been going crazy wanting you,” Ashlee admitted as she made sure her pussy was planted right against her older sister’s. “I was so jealous of Nick all those years

because he got to be with you and I couldn’t. He got to kiss you. He got to touch you. He got to fuck you.”

When Ashlee said the last part she thrust herself hard against Jessica, grinding their wet cunts together and making the both of them shiver and moan with ecstasy.

Ashlee had longed to be with Jessica like this again for so long. There had been so many lonely nights when she had fucked herself to sleep, with only her memories to fuel

her arousal. Every time she had worked up the courage to speak her lustful heart to Jessica she had been rebuffed or had lost her nerve, but Ashlee had never stopped

hoping they would end up like this again…naked and wet in each other’s arms.

“Nick was never as good as you,” Jessica confessed. “He never made me come as hard as you did Ashlee. Ooooooooooh I’d forgotten how good you kiss. Mmmmmm I’d

forgotten how good you look naked and how hot you make me. How you always made me want to be naughty and slutty with you.”

“I was so mad at you for stopping our fun,” Ashlee said, all the feelings she had pent up inside herself spilling out, while she continued to grind against Jessica, pushing their

wet slits together and forcing their pussy lips make out just as passionately as their other lips had before. “I was so fucking jealous. I hated Nick for having you and I hated

you for not wanting me like I wanted you. But now I have you Jess and I’m never letting you go this time. I’m gonna fuck you so good you’re never going to want me to


Ashlee scooted down slightly, pulling apart their pussies, so she could bury her face in Jessica’s tits. Ashlee’s hands locked onto her sister’s heavy breasts and squeezed

them while she sucked wantonly on Jessica’s aching nipples.

Jessica withered slightly on the bed, as much as she could with Ashlee pinning her down, and rubbed her bare ass against Jewel’s sheets, loving everything that was

happening to her. She had forgotten how good it was to just surrender to desire. To not question it. To just experience pure, wicked lust and indulge in every delicious

moment of it.

“Oooooooh Ashlee…mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh squeeze them baby,” Jessica blissfully urged. “Squeeze my big tits! You can be rough with me if you want to Ash. I like it

that way.”

Ashlee’s eyebrow arched in surprise, but she didn’t let this gift pass her by.

“Hmmmm big sister’s gotten nasty since last time,” Ashlee giggled. “I like it. And I do owe you a little something for blowing me off all these years.”

Ashlee then slapped Jessica’s tits with a playful smack of her hand. It wasn’t meant to cause pain, just give her a little taste and when Jessica cooed in delight, Ashlee did

it again, this time harder from the opposite direction, making the large mounds of girl flesh jiggle and bounce against each other.

“Yeahhhhhhh slap my tits you naughty girl,” Jessica groaned, both unable and unwilling to control herself. “Slap my big tits! Make them bounce for you! Punish me for

making you wait those years! Make me feel it for being a slut who wants her own sister to fuck her!”

Ashlee loved what she was hearing and so was Jewel. The Alaskan had no problem becoming the forgotten girl in her own bed. What she was witnessing between Jessica

and Ashlee was way too hot to complain about a lack of action for herself. But she didn’t hesitate to offer a suggestion.

“Get her on her belly Ashlee,” Jewel said. “Then you can really punish her for leaving you horny for so long.”

Jessica didn’t even have to wait for Ashlee to tell her anything. She began to turn over, not even pausing long enough for her sister to get off her. Jessica knew what Jewel

wanted to see and she wanted it even more than she did. After all, Jewel was only going to be able to watch. Jessica wanted to feel this.

Ashlee giggled as she got out of the way of Jessica and allowed her to change positions, but those sounds soon turned to moans as her eyes feasted on the sight of her

sister’s bare ass rising up as she got on her knees. Jessica heard Ashlee’s desire and turned up the heat even more by saucily waving her ass with the hypnotic motions of

a woman well versed in using her body to get what she wants.

“You like Ash?” Jessica teased. Since she had decided to just indulge in her feelings, she didn’t plan on holding anything back. “You like my ass? Oooooh I’ll bet you

loved seeing me shake it in my little pink bikini in my video. Mmmm you must have gotten so wet seeing me dancing around all hot and slutty, shaking my ass to turn

everyone on. I wish you’d been there that day. We could have fucked right on that car hood. Oooooooh yeahhhhh you eating me out while those soap suds dripped off our

naked bodies.”

“Yesssssssssss,” Ashlee hissed, so overcome with desire at the image that she almost forgot what she was supposed to do here. She soon came to her senses though.

“Hey! Ohhh no you’re not gonna talk your way out of this Jess!”

Ashlee’s hand slapped Jessica’s bare ass with a solid smack. All three girls on the bed moaned and got even wetter at the hot sound, but it was Jessica’s yelp that cut

through the room like a knife.

“Ow!” Jessica playfully protested. “Oooooh you little brat! Spank me harder Ashlee! Slap my ass! Punish me for being such a fucking tease and getting you so wet! I’ve

been such a bitch to you baby, making you hot and wet and not letting you have fun! Punish me! Make me suffer for being such a bad sister!”

Ashlee’s spanked Jessica again, harder this time, just like Jessica wanted her to. This left a red mark on Jessica’s tan ass, but before it could even fade Ashlee spanked

her sister again and again, slapping her cheeks and not believing Jessica was letting her do this. Jessica had never been this naughty before, but Ashlee loved it. It gave

their fun an even kinkier edge than before.

Jessica yelped and squealed happily with each slap Ashlee gave her bare bottom, her tits shaking as her body lurched from the sizzling contact. She would have been even

more effusive, but Jewel was kissing her and Jessica couldn’t help but suck on the singer’s tongue when it was offered to her again. Jessica didn’t think she’d ever felt so

carnal and horny before. Not even that first night with Ashlee.

Maybe it was all the pent up emotion. Maybe it was the rush from being seduced. Maybe it was just this incredible mansion with all the naughty things Jewel said

happened here. Whatever it was, Jessica was in heaven. She loved the sting of Ashlee’s hand on her ass and Jewel’s kisses made her want to melt into the bed. Jewel

was so good at kissing and Jessica could feel that her claims of being with lots of girls had been no lie.

Jessica kept yelping into Jewel’s kiss with every hard smack Ashlee took against her ass, her cries getting louder with each one, and when the younger girl finally pulled her

hand away, Jessica’s ass was a serious shade of dark pink. Ashlee thought about giving Jessica one more slap for rebuffing her in the dressing room, but she took mercy

on her big sister instead.

“Awwww poor Jess,” Ashlee giggled. “I made your ass all nice and pink. You deserved it though. Dressing all sexy and making me so wet for you but never letting me

touch you. You’ve been such a bad girl Jessica. You definitely deserve this.”

Jessica’s mouth was still quite occupied with her and Jewel’s long, wet kisses, but she managed to nod her head and smile, showing she knew full well she deserved this

and more. Of all the ways she and Nick had tried to spice up their marriage, getting a little rough in bed had been her favorite. She had loved being punished and Ashlee’s

hand against her ass felt so much naughtier than anything Nick had ever done to her.

“But I love you so much Jess that you also deserve this…and this…mmmm and this…” Ashlee sighed as she began kissing Jessica’s reddened ass.

The spanking had left her flesh so sensitive and Jessica moaned with each soft, tender kiss to her backside. Ashlee knew just how to kiss it and make it better and Jessica

wanted to feel those lips somewhere else. She knew it was so wrong to want this, but now that she remembered how good it felt, she also remembered how she didn’t used

to care about whether being with Ashlee was right or wrong. She’d only cared about how hard it made her come.

Ashlee wanted the same thing Jessica did. With each kiss to her upraised ass, Ashlee got closer to Jessica’s pussy and the smell and sight of her sister’s arousal had

Ashlee’s hand jamming itself between her legs so she could rub herself as she began licking the gorgeous ass before her, sliding her tongue over the sensitive pink flesh and

getting even more moans from Jessica.

The heat radiating from Jessica’s pussy pulled Ashlee in even closer, her sister’s moans acting like a siren’s call. Ashlee began to tremble as she saw a little drop of juice

dribble from Jessica’s slit. She couldn’t believe she was really doing this. All her years of waiting and hoping for another chance had led to this and she felt such a surge of

lust and love that it almost completely overwhelmed her. She wanted to do so much all at once and it was so hard to focus.

But Ashlee managed to calm herself. She wanted to savor this. She didn’t know if she’d ever get another chance with Jessica after today and she wanted to soak herself in

the experience and not rush through it. Steadying her hand from the excitement and anticipation that caused it to shake, Ashlee reached forward and rubbed Jessica’s slit,

making the older girl hiss in rapture and demand more.

“Oooooh you’re so wet for me baby,” Ashlee hungrily declared as Jessica cooed with need. “You’re not gonna say no to me now, are you Jess? You’re gonna let your little

Ashlee fuck you, aren’t you? Say it Jess! Say how bad you want me. I want to hear it!”

“Want you so baaaaaaaad,” Jessica groaned as Jewel pulled away from her mouth and began sucking on her tits, shoving her face into the singer’s swaying chest. “I never

should have said no to you Ashlee! I should have fucked you right in the dressing room like you wanted! I’m so sorry I was such a bitch to you! I need you baby. I need

your tongue! Make it good like you used to! Make me come so fucking hard that I’ll never say no to you again!”

Ashlee had been dying to hear those words from Jessica’s lips for so long and they were a jolt of ecstasy right to her pussy. The younger girl pushed two of her fingers

inside her own cunt to fuck herself as she heard Jessica beg. Ashlee grunted as she began to finger herself, taking her own pussy hard, but she didn’t say another word.

Instead she busied her tongue by leaning in and giving Jessica’s creamy slit a long lick upward, tasting her pussy lips over their whole length.

Jessica shrieked in rapture as she finally felt Ashlee’s tongue on her again. It had been so long, but feeling it again took her right back to them growing up back in Texas

when they were both so repressed and knew nothing about sex except how to make each other feel good.

But there was nothing repressed about what they were doing now. They were both big girls now and their desires weren’t only running free for each other, but for the girl who

had brought them back together.

“Ooooooh ooooooh oooooooooooooh Ashleeeeeeeeee!” Jessica cried happily. “Fuck me! Ooooooooh yessssssssssss I’d forgotten how amazing your tongue is!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh lick my pussy! Please baby! Please lick it good! Mmmm Jewel…kiss me! Kiss me please! I wanna make you feel good too!”

Jewel would have been happy just to lie back and watch the show while occasionally busying her hands by playing with the gorgeous bare bodies in her bed. She couldn’t

believe she was actually witnessing something as forbidden and kinky as incest and between such beautiful girls.

Love and Rose had once filled Jewel’s ears with tales about the naughty farmer’s daughter Bobbie Jo they had met on their cross country drive and how she’d seduced her

own mother. Those stories had made Jewel so wet and thinking of Ashlee and Jessica together had gotten her drooling since she had first overheard their secret in the

changing room.

But as hot as she had imagined actually seeing the two sexy sisters kissing and touching each other, it couldn’t compare to the scorching scene before her in reality as

Jessica rocked back and forth on her hands and knees while Ashlee licked her from behind.

But while watching the show was a hell of a lot of fun, Jewel was not about to turn down a chance to get involved. Jessica had given her such a soft, sexy kiss before and

Jewel definitely wanted to feel it again.

So Jewel gave Jessica’s nipples one last lick before sliding her tongue back into the blonde’s mouth. Jessica’s kiss was better than ever now that she had lost her

remaining inhibitions and the two girls moaned into each other’s mouths as their tongues rubbed together.

Jessica’s tits were too amazing to just abandon, though, so as they kissed, Jewel began massaging the swaying mounds, squeezing them passionately and making

Jessica moan louder and suck on her tongue as a thank you.

Jewel saw that Jessica’s eyes were closed as she did this, but the Alaskan made damn sure hers remained open. She didn’t want to miss a second of the vision of Ashlee

Simpson kneeling behind her sister from behind and lapping at her cunt.

The pleasure was so much for Jessica to take in all at once, but she relished the challenge. It all felt so good. She had never made love to two people before at the same

time, much less two women.

What she and Ashlee used to share had always been such a private thing between them that they had never thought about sharing their fun with someone else. Jessica

had always figured no one would understand. But Jewel not only seemed to understand, she loved it and it was turning Jessica on even more to see someone as beautiful

as Jewel getting off on her being naughty with Ashlee.

Jessica loved kissing Jewel and the feel of her hands on her breasts was amazing. Suddenly Jessica wanted to meet all of Jewel’s roommates and see if they were all as

sexy as she was. If they were, then Jessica wanted them too. She wanted to kiss them. She wanted to touch them. She wanted to lick them. And she wanted them all

to do to her what Ashlee was doing now.

All the memories of nights of intense pleasure were flooding back to Jessica now as she felt Ashlee’s tongue licking her soft, soaked pussy. She had tried to bury her

desires and block from her memory how good her little sister had made her feel, but every lick Ashlee took against her pink folds reminded Jessica of the ecstasy she had

denied herself for too long. She just hoped Ashlee could hear her happy cries, even as they were muffled by Jewel’s kiss, so she’d know how much she was loving this.

Ashlee didn’t need to hear Jessica’s cries to know that. She could taste how much her sister was loving it. Jessica’s pussy was practically drooling sweet girl juice onto

her tongue. It had been so long since Ashlee had tasted another woman and Jessica was just as yummy as she remembered. It was like eating a juicy piece of ripe fruit

and Ashlee wanted to gorge herself on Jessica’s essence.

Gripping her hands to Jessica’s ass cheeks and clinging to the spanked flesh, Ashlee latched her mouth to the wetness before her. She sucked Jessica’s tender folds and

drank down her juice like she was famished for the nourishment she could only get from it.

Ashlee sucked passionately on Jessica’s pussy, drawing out even more of her juice and turning her moans into screams of joy, and she kept her own hand fused between

her legs, frigging away at her own dripping cunt.

Ashlee had already come once just from tasting Jessica and she was quickly working herself to a second orgasm. She furiously fingered herself, lost in the joy of finally

being able to do what she had dreamed of for too long. Jessica tasted sooooooo good and Ashlee felt like she’d gladly give up her own chance to feel a female tongue on

her pussy if it meant she would never have to stop eating Jessica out.

She just wanted to make her beautiful sister come. Ashlee stared up, loving the view of Jessica’s ass cheeks, still flushed from the spanking she’d given her, jiggling as she

rocked back and forth on her hands and knees. She could see Jewel kissing her sister and dreamed of cloning herself so she could kiss Jessica while she was licking her.

Ashlee giggled at the thought, deciding she’d need a second clone too to kiss Jewel and make sure her sexy body also got lots of loving.

Jewel caught Ashlee’s gaze, the younger girl’s eyes wide and full of joy at what was happening, and she winked at her, smiling wickedly as she pulled away from Jessica’s


“You gonna come Jessica?” Jewel demanded. “You gonna come all over Ashlee’s face, you naughty girl? You gonna cream your sexy pussy for her?”

“Yeahhhhhhhh!” Jessica cried. “Gonna come! Ooooooooh getting close! Oooooooh I love it! Feels so naughty! So fucking naughty!”

“Goddamn right you’re a naughty girl,” Jewel carnally teased. “Letting your own baby sister eat you out. You’re so fucking nasty Jessica. Everyone thought you were some

sweet little virgin, but you were really getting your pussy licked by your sister every night you nasty, horny bitch. Ooooooh if only your fans could see you now, naked in my

bed with Ashlee’s face buried in your pretty little cunt, licking and sucking out your juice and making you scream!”

Jessica was dying with lust from every single one of Jewel’s filthy words. She had never heard anyone talk like that before. Not even Nick had talked that nasty to her when

they were having sex. But she loved what Jewel was saying to her. It made her feel so dirty and naughty and that made every lick Ashlee took on her pussy even hotter.

And then Jewel made it even better by grabbing her tits in her hand and starting to pinch and play with her swollen, aching nipples.

“OOOOOOH!” Jessica’s well trained voice cried out as Jewel gave her the little touch of pain that always spiced the sweetness of lovemaking. “Pinch them Jewel!

Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh pinch my nipples! Mmmm make it hurt a little! I like it that way! Make me feel like a naughty girl! Make me feel fucking dirty!”

Jewel couldn’t wait to show her housemates this side of Jessica. They were never going to believe her without proof. All it had taken was a little hot licking to turn this

supposed good, pop girl princess into a Christina clone in bed.

“You are dirty,” Jewel purred into Jessica’s ear, telling the girl exactly what she wanted to hear. “You’re a dirty fucking girl, Jessica. That’s what I like to see. No good girls

allowed here. Mmmm if you’re going to be in my house you gotta be a nasty little slut like me and all my friends. But you’re putting us all to shame Jessica. None of us are

nasty like you. Because you’re the only goddamn little sister fucker here Jessica.”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Jessica carnally cried, loving it all. “That’s what I fucking ammmmmmm!!! I’m a dirty, nasty girl! I try to be good but I’m really just a nasty sister

fucker! A dirty, slutty sister fucker! I can’t help it because Ashlee’s tongue makes me feel so so so so so fucking goooooooooooood!!!”

Jessica’s sex cries were turning into howls and Ashlee kept licking her harder and faster. She let her tongue dance all over Jessica’s hot spots, tickling her clit to make it

throb and lapping up the juice coating her tight pink insides. Ashlee had never seen Jessica get this wet before and she had never heard her talk like that.

Even when they had been doing positively wicked things to each other, Jessica hadn’t talked like that. But Ashlee loved this new side of her big sister. It turned her on even

more to hear Jessica talk nasty, especially since the more into it Jessica got, the harder she ground her pussy against her tongue.

Ashlee loved the nasty feel of her own sister’s juices soaking her tongue and lips and dribbling down her chin and her fingers were absolutely soaked with cum as she kept

on fingering herself.

Jewel was feeling some serious wetness of her own as she watched Jessica’s eyes closed shut with desire and her mouth frozen open as she cried out to the heavens how

much she was loving the wicked sin she was lost in.

Jewel wanted to touch herself, but her hands were busy playing with Jessica’s tits, tugging on her swollen nipples and slapping her tits back and forth loving the jiggle and

bounce that she knew full well from having a large chest of her own.

Jewel was used to having the biggest natural tits around the mansion, but Jessica had to be right up there with her with those double D’s of hers. Ashlee had herself one

hell of a nice chest too and Jewel couldn’t wait to see those puppies bounce too. Watching Jessica’s tits shake for her had a hypnotic effect, but Jewel snapped out of it by

reminding herself there was an even hotter thing to watch.

Her position at the top of the bed didn’t offer her the view she wanted of this real live incest show. Who knew how long she was going to have to wait to see something like

this again. It might be the first and last time ever for her. She couldn’t not get herself a juicy close up of the action with those odds. So Jewel pulled away from Jessica’s

tits so she could crawl down the bed to feast her eyes on the sight of Ashlee tonguing her own flesh and blood.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ashlee saw Jewel approaching and her nude body was something for the young singer to behold. Seeing Jewel’s big tits softly sway as she

crawled over had Ashlee rubbing herself harder and it reminded her that Jessica wasn’t the only fuckable girl on the bed. Jewel getting close was even enough for Ashlee to

pull away from Jessica’s pussy in order to greet the busty woman.

“You gonna call me a dirty little sister fucker too?” Ashlee giggled.

“Mmmmhmm,” Jewel said before grabbing Ashlee’s soft tits in her hand and caressing them sexily while she began kissing her neck.

“Good, cause that’s what I am too,” Ashlee grinned as she moaned from the kisses. “A horny little girl who can’t get enough of her own sister’s sweet pussy. Taste how

yummy she is Jewel. Taste Jessica’s sweet juices.”

Ashlee leaned in the plant a long kiss on Jewel’s lips and the Alaskan delighted in being able to taste Jessica’s juices on the girl’s lips and tongue as it pushed inside her

mouth. Jewel hoped that soon she’d be tasting Jessica right from the source but this was no poor substitute. Jessica tasted delicious on Ashlee’s lips and Jewel was

getting off on the enthusiasm Ashlee was showing for sharing this forbidden fruit.

But while Ashlee and Jewel enjoyed the deep kiss they were sharing, Jessica did not like this pairing at all. It left her pussy very neglected and the star singer hated not

getting what she wanted.

“Don’t stop!” Jessica whined. “Fuck me! Don’t make me wait! I hate waiting! I need to come now! Pay attention to me!”

“Ooooooh who’s the brat now?” Ashlee laughed. She’d dreamed of this. Jessica naked and begging for her tongue again and not even her own perverted imagination could

properly match how hot it was to hear it. “Mmmm you’re such a spoiled princess, Jess. Always getting mommy and daddy to give you what you want while I’d get in

trouble. Such a naughty brat.”

“I ammmmmmmmmmm!” Jessica agreed. “I’m a little brat who needs to come! Please Ashlee make me come! I’ll do anything you want if you make me come! Please

Ash! I need to come soooooooooo bad and I’m totally close to it! Please baby sister! Eat my bratty pussy!”

There was no way Ashlee could resist that, but she did intend to definitely hold Jessica to her promise of doing anything she wanted. Already envisioning making Jessica

her sex slave, dressing her up in sexy lingerie and costumes and making her give her lap dances and eat her out every night, Ashlee pulled away from Jewel and began

licking her sister again.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHH ASHLEEE YEAHHHHHHH!!!” Jessica screamed as the pulse pounding pleasure traveled up her spine to her brain and shot

through her body. She was definitely close. She could feel this forbidden orgasm about to break free and she wanted it. She wanted it more than any orgasm Ashlee had

ever given her.

As Jewel settled in beside her, caressing her tits and kissing all over her neck and down her bare back in between moaning lewd encouragement to her, Ashlee licked away

at Jessica. She lapped at her juicy slit again before diving in and going after her tender, sensitive folds. Jessica cried out with each lick and her reactions got more intense

when Ashlee made a move on her clit.

Ashlee slapped the pulsing bud with her tongue and trapped it between her lips, sucking hard on it just like she had so many nights in the past. Just like always, it had

Jessica panting and gasping in no time, her orgasm imminent. But Ashlee didn’t want her to come quite yet. She remembered another way she always used to make

Jessica come and she decided to go for it, after a little teasing first, of course.

“You know Jewel, Jessica would never let me take her cherry,” Ashlee wickedly reported, her lips and chin shiny with girl juice as she turned to her friend. “I begged and

begged and begged for her to really let me fuck her. But she wouldn’t give it up. I let her take mine one night. Mmmmm and it was so fucking hot. But Jessica was such a

brat she wouldn’t let me do it to her. She wanted to save it for Nick, but she wasn’t totally a virgin her wedding night. She let me do other things to her.”

“Noooooooooooo…don’t…don’t tell,” Jessica cried, suddenly embarrassed even though she had no reason to be. Jewel was hanging on every one of Ashlee’s words with

intense arousal and not judgment.

“What? What did you do to her?” Jewel asked even though she had a pretty good idea what the answer was going to be.

Ashlee didn’t answer. She instead just grinned and sucked on two of her own fingers before grazing them against Jessica’s weeping slit, coating them with juice.

“Watch me Jewel,” Ashlee urged. “Watch me make her come.”

Jewel wasn’t going to do anything else but that. She loved the view she had now kneeling next to Ashlee on the bed.

Seeing Ashlee eating out her own sister was burned forever in her memory banks and to have had such a nasty close up of Ashlee’s tongue buried inside Jessica’s pussy

while her face was pressed between her spread ass cheeks was a thrill Jewel didn’t think could be rivaled. But Ashlee managed to top herself when she took her juicy

fingers and slowly pushed them into Jessica’s ass, fucking her tight hole.



There was no longer any embarrassment for Jessica. If everything was going to feel this good, then Ashlee was free to reveal all her secrets to Jewel. Her body was rocked

with ecstasy as her asshole was spread open by Ashlee’s lubed up fingers. She hadn’t been touched there in so long and Ashlee’s touch felt so exquisitely nasty. Her own

sister was fucking her ass! It was even hotter than she remembered it and when Ashlee combined her slow, but steady, fingering of her ass with getting her tongue back on

her clitoris, Jessica was a goner.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Jessica howled, her orgasm exploding inside her and shooting out with a blast of hot girl cream against Ashlee’s tongue and a

series of screams that left Jessica’s voice ragged and hoarse. “YEAHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHH BABY SISTERRRRRRRRRR!!! MAKING ME


By now Jewel had her own hand between her legs, fingering herself just like Ashlee was doing. Seeing Jessica come like that had Jewel creaming her own fingers with a

small orgasm that had her shivering for more. Her pussy gripped her own fingers and Jewel sunk them in deeper before pulling her juicy fingers out so she could suck them

clean and enjoy her own flavor.

Jessica kept screaming in orgasmic ecstasy until she finally quieted herself by burying her face in one of Jewel’s pillows. She was completely bent over, her tits mashed

against the bed sheets and her ass high in the air as her sister fingered and licked every creamy drop of cum out of her. Jessica couldn’t remember anything ever feeling

this good before and every inch of her was tingling with rapture.

When she finally began to cycle down, Jessica felt like her brain had melted and wondered if she’d ever be able to move again. She finally did find the strength to turn

herself over, making her tits bounce around as she settled down on her back, her face completely flushed with ecstasy and her voice weak, but oh so happy.

“Oh Ashlee,” Jessica sighed. “Mmmmm babyyyy…we never should have stopped doing that.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying for years,” Ashlee giggled before plopping down right on top of Jessica again, kissing her hard and feeding her her own juices while their tits

ground together.

Ashlee’s hot, cummy kiss had quite the restorative effect on Jessica and she kissed back with equal passion. The two girls kissed and rubbed their naked bodies together

with wild lust, moans and grunts barely escaping the tight seal of their kissing mouths.

Jewel just watched, her interest and arousal as strong as ever. She had been a voyeur here at the mansion so many times and had loved it every time. Her attention was

rapt as Jessica said the words Ashlee had been dying to hear for so long.

“Now it’s your turn Ashlee,” Jessica beamed. “It’s my turn to make you feel good little sister.”

“Oooooh please,” Ashlee sighed. “I’m so wet Jess and I need you so bad.”

“What do you want me to do to you baby?” Jessica asked, feeling so deliciously naughty with every word that flowed from her still horny lips. Every forbidden kiss she

shared with Ashlee made her want more and Jessica couldn’t get enough of the feel of their big, soft tits rubbing together, nipple against nipple.

“Lick me…please,” Ashlee begged, unable to wait any longer to feel Jessica’s tongue inside her again. Her fingers had been no substitute. “Eat my pussy Jessica! Let’s

show Jewel what nasty little sister fuckers you and me really are!”

At the sound of her name Jewel smiled. She’d once again been prepared to just lie back and watch Jessica return the favor to Ashlee, but she wasn’t going to fight off

getting involved if they wanted her.

Jewel leaned in and kissed Ashlee deeply on her young lips and then did the same to Jessica, tasting both sisters’ lipsticks one after the other and delighting in how they

both tasted like sweet girl cum.

“You wanna see that Jewel?” Jessica grinned, full of sexual confidence now as her libido ran wild. “You wanna see me eat Ashlee’s tight little pussy? Will that make you

wet like it did when she was eating me and making me feel like such a goddamn naughty girl?”

“Yeahhhhhh I’m so fucking wet,” Jewel grunted before grabbing Jessica’s hand and shoving it between her legs. “Feel how wet I got watching you come Jess. Feel how wet

I got watching you act so fucking naughty.”

Jessica squealed with happiness when she felt Jewel’s wetness all over her hand. She was absolutely soaked! Jessica had only been with two girls before now, but she

knew how to make them feel good and she reflexively started rubbing Jewel’s wet, splayed lips. She played with her friend’s pussy while her other hand massaged Ashlee’s

bare tits. Jessica had two gorgeous women dying for her touch and she wanted them both so bad.

But there really wasn’t much of a choice to make and she knew it. Jewel was amazing and Jessica definitely wanted to fuck her. But she owed Ashlee and she didn’t want

to make her sister wait to collect.

Jessica pulled her hand away from Jewel and smiled when she gave her juice coated fingers a little lick, getting her first taste of the Alaskan beauty and immediately craving

more. But that could wait. Ashlee needed attention now.

Jewel groaned in frustration at first when Jessica’s hand left her pussy, but she quickly shrugged off that disappointment as she saw the blonde superstar cup Ashlee’s tits

in her hands and push them up so she could greedily lick and suck on her nipples. Jewel was hypnotized by this glorious sight and she nearly whimpered with desire as

she watched Jessica go from nipple to nipple, sucking the swollen points and making Ashlee groan and writhe on the bed.

Now that she was seeing it up close for the first time, Jewel knew Rose and Love had understated how hot incest was to watch. To see two beautiful sisters completely

lose their inhibitions and wildly indulge in the base instincts of raw, pure sexuality where nothing mattered except for pleasure was nearly indescribably hot. Jewel had seen

and been right in the middle of some kinky girl sex before, but nothing like this and her eyes were locked on it.

“Fuck her Jessica!” Jewel commanded. “Fuck your own baby sister for me! Mmmmmmm suck on those hot tits of hers. Get her all wet to feel her big sister’s tongue in her

pretty pink cunt! Oooooooh fuck you two are making me so goddamn horny! I’m never letting you two leave! I’m gonna keep you here as my personal nasty sister sluts

and make you fuck each other every night!”

Right about now that sounded like heaven to Jessica and Ashlee, especially Ashlee. She never wanted to leave this place. If Jessica was going to act this hot and naughty

when she was here, then Ashlee wanted them both to stay forever.

If she could have coherently talked, she would have said just that. But words had left Ashlee as she felt her body ache with pleasure. She had Jessica sucking on her tits

with wet smacks of her lips, leaving saliva dripping slowly down into her cleavage and it was making her pussy sizzle with heated need. And that was just from having

Jessica at her breasts. How good was it going to get when she finally got her down to her pussy?

All Ashlee could do was moan and coo for more as she let her hands join Jessica’s at her tits, pushing them up into her sister’s mouth and feeding the tit hungry blonde just

what she was looking for.

“Ooooooooh Ash, you have such amazing boobs,” Jessica moaned, full of sisterly pride over Ashlee’s body. She was panting from gorging herself on Ashlee’s tits and her

smile was a mile wide. She felt so wild and naughty and loved it. She loved having no inhibitions or anxieties about doing this with Ashlee. She loved giving in to her carnal

longings and she promised herself to never make herself or Ashlee wait years to do it again.

“I love your body,” Jessica continued as she ran her hands all over Ashlee’s heaving chest as the younger blonde’s breaths came quick and heavy from her arousal. “You’re

so much hotter than me Ashlee. You have the sexiest body.”

“No…you…you’re hotter,” Ashlee gasped, forcing the words past her lips. In her eyes she could never compare to her perfect sister and she didn’t want Jessica to think

that. “You’ve got the best body Jessica. You have such a pretty face and oooooh your ass…I love your ass! No way am I hotter!”

“Shhhh compliments later, sex now,” Jewel ordered playfully, invoking the right of command that came with being the owner of the bed they all were on. “I wanna see you

fuck her Jessica. I wanna see you make Ashlee come.”

“Mmmmmm I can definitely do that,” Jessica confidently declared with a wanton lick of her lips that left both Ashlee and Jewel weak. “I’ve got to show my little sister she’s

not the only one who remembers how to get a girl off.”

As hard as it was for her to leave Ashlee’s breasts behind, Jessica pulled herself away from her sister’s chest. She hadn’t been lying before. She had always envied

Ashlee’s breasts. They were smaller than hers and totally fit her whole body so well. Jessica had always kind of thought her boobs were too big, but Ashlee’s were just


But Jessica knew she could always go back to them later. Right now she was much more interested in Ashlee’s pussy. She had felt how wet it was before when they had

been grinding. Now she wanted a much closer look and she didn’t want to wait. Ashlee was lying flat on her back for her and Jessica planned on taking full advantage.

Jessica passed up kissing her way down Ashlee’s naked body and any other kind of foreplay. She knew she didn’t need to do it to get Ashlee hot. Instead she went right

for the prize.

Moving her own completely bare body down the bed, Jessica got herself between Ashlee’s legs, keeping her younger sister flat on her back and forcing them open, making

them both moan as she parted the creamy, pink lips of her cunt.

“So wet,” Jessica moaned softly. “Ooooh baby you’re so wet for me.”

“Yessssssssssss please Jessica,” Ashlee begged. “Please fuck me! I’m wet for you baby! I’ve wanted and waited and totally been dying for you to touch me like this

again for so long! I need you Jessica! You got me hooked on pussy all those years again and you’re the one who can do me best!”

Ashlee’s impassioned pleas fell on deaf ears because Jessica was too enraptured by the sight of her sister’s pussy spread open for her like a pink flower to hear anything.

Her pussy was like a furnace and she was so wet that she was almost like a waterfall. When Jessica reached out and slid her fingers over Ashlee’s swollen pussy lips they

were immediately soaked.

“Ohhhh baby did you come when you were fucking me?” Jessica asked when presented with the evidence.

“Mmmmmhmmm,” Ashlee confirmed. “A couple of times. I was so hot for you Jess I couldn’t help it. It made me so wet to have you again. I was fingering myself like

crazy and I came over and over while I was eating you.”

“Such a naughty girl,” Jessica moaned, inching closer and closer to Ashlee’s heated core. “Oooooh I love that you came for me like that. But you’re about to come again

Ashlee. And even better than before.”

Before the sexy promise even had a chance to register on Ashlee, absolute bliss crashed into the young blonde’s body when Jessica leaned in and kissed her pussy.

Ashlee bucked and moaned on the bed as Jessica pressed her lips to her slit, tasting her dripping juices.

“Oooooh you taste even better than I remember, Ashlee,” Jessica groaned before kissing Ashlee’s pussy again.

“Please Jess please…please lick me,” Ashlee writhed on the bed, Jessica’s kisses driving her already overheated pussy wild. “I need your tongue baby! I need you to

make me come!”

It had been so long since she had gone down on another woman. That one night with CaCee, Jessica had gotten herself eaten out but she’d used her fingers and a toy to

get her assistant off when it was her turn. Jessica felt a little twinge of nerves, but that was quickly overwhelmed by her eagerness to make Ashlee feel good. Jessica’s

body was still tingling from her orgasm and she wanted her little sister to feel that good too.

Breathing in the aroused scent from Ashlee’s pussy, Jessica let it fill her nose and tickle her senses. Ashlee’s essence already clung to her lips and Jessica dove in for

more, going after her lover with a furious series of hard tongue lashes against her tender pussy.

“FUCK YEAHHHHHH!!!” Ashlee screamed blissfully, grinding her ass into the bed. “OOOOOOOOOOH IT’S BEEN SO LONG!!! SO FUCKING LONNNNNNNG!!!”

Before Ashlee had thought her actions in the dressing room had pushed Jessica even farther away. She had been about to give in to despair and imagine she never really

would have Jessica in bed again. She thought she had screwed up again. But now she was getting the reward she had been desperate for so long and it was all because of


Ashlee just wanted to shut her eyes and let the sensations flow over her like a waterfall, but she forced them open so she could stare at Jewel. The stunning Alaskan

beauty was gawking at her and Jessica, playing with her heavy breasts and working her other hand between her legs.

Jewel looked so hot playing with herself, watching her and Jessica fuck, and Ashlee was already imagining what she could do to her friend to reward her for making all this


But thoughts about anything but the orgasm she knew she was rushing toward at top speed disappeared when Ashlee felt Jessica’s tongue slap against her clitoris. Ashlee

sharply cried out and Jessica began concentrating entirely on her clit. She licked it hard, letting it swell up and then pulling away to give Ashlee a second to catch her

breath, before going right after it again.

Ashlee’s hips began to buck and her hand unconsciously went to the back of Jessica’s head, grabbing her hair and holding her in place. Part of her knew it was

unnecessary, but part of her also knew Jessica was going to like it and Ashlee was quickly proven right.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh pull my hair baby,” Jessica urged, her lips glistening with girl juice when she pulled up. “Pull my hair and make me eat your pussy! I’ve been

such a naughty girl making you wait for this Ash. Make me eat you out! Don’t let me do anything but eat your yummy pussy!”

Ashlee cried out again as addictive sex pleasure coursed through her veins. She babbled out something incoherent that even she didn’t understand, but did as Jessica

requested. Ashlee yanked hard on Jessica’s long, blonde hair and shoved her face back against her pussy and fucking her face with a steady buck of her hips.

Jessica moaned and mumbled something, but Ashlee’s pussy muffled her words. It was clear she loved what was happening though because she began licking harder and

reached up to grab Ashlee’s tits.

As she began to squeeze and massage the breasts she so admired, Jessica moved away from Ashlee’s clit for a spell to explore her sister’s pussy. It really had been way

too long since her tongue had been here and Jessica delighted in tasting Ashlee’s juices, licking her drooling cunt and tongue fucking it with wicked enthusiasm.

Through all of this Jewel found herself playing cheerleader again. Not that she minded. Jewel always loved to watch her housemates and her guests put on nasty shows for

her and this was just off the charts. She couldn’t help but offer up lewd encouragement.

“Fuck her Jess! Fuck that pussy with your tongue!” Jewel urged, repositioning herself so her breasts were pressing against Jessica’s bare back. “You like that don’t you,

naughty girl? Eating out your sweet little sister’s pussy? Nasty slut. Mmmmm I love watching you two. Make her come Jessica. Make baby sister come all over your

pretty face so I can lick it off you. Mmmmm I wanna get you two lying on top of each other spreading your pink pussies for me so I can lick you both. Oooooh I want slutty

sister cum to soak my tongue. I want both of you dripping onto my face.”

As she heatedly moaned into Jessica’s ear, Jewel began rubbing the girl’s bare ass. Jessica’s position left her ass in perfect position to be grabbed and she ran her hand

all over the recently spanked flesh. It was still pink from Ashlee’s slaps and Jewel’s couldn’t resist the temptation to give her another smack.

“OWWWW!!!” Jessica howled, but certainly not in pain, her words clear even as Ashlee continued fucking her face. “Ooooooooh feels sooooooo goooooood! Spank me

Jewel!!! Slap my ass for being naughty and eating Ashlee’s pussy!”

That earned Jessica another hard smack against her tender ass and an invitation Jewel had been longing to hear since all this had started.

“Ooooooooooh yeahhhhh I love you spanking my naughty ass Jewel!” Jessica squealed, her mouth still full of pussy but her words spilling out anyway. “Mmmmm sooooo

fucking goooooooood. Wanna help me Jewel? Wanna help me make my dirty little sister come?”

Jewel didn’t even bother to tell Jessica she didn’t even have to ask. She just pulled her hand away from Jessica’s re-reddened ass and set herself down next to her on the

bed. She got Jessica away from Ashlee’s grip in her hair to give her a deep kiss, indulging in the hot, sweet taste of the girl’s fresh juices all over her lips.

“Do you have a toy?” Jessica managed to ask before Ashlee shoved her face back into her cunt, not wanting to be separated from her sister’s tongue. “I wanna see you use

it on her while I lick her.”

Jewel just grinned. Asking if she had a sex toy around a place like this was like asking a mechanic if he had a wrench.

“You wait right here,” Jewel said. “I’ll be right back.”

The Alaskan then strode off her bed, proudly naked, to her dresser. She could feel the hot looks Jessica and Ashlee were giving her bare ass and she made sure to give it

an extra sexy shake as she opened her drawer and quickly pulled out her plastic friend. Jewel could hear Ashlee’s wanton moans again and she figured Jessica had started

licking her again. She didn’t want to miss this, so she scurried back to the bed, jiggling all the way.

As she settled back down on her bed, flat on her belly and pressing her tits into her sheets, Jewel presented her dark blue dildo to Jessica. Even though Jessica had indeed

resumed licking Ashlee, she smiled at the sight of it. Jewel smiled back and parted her lips to slide the hard plastic slowly inside her own mouth.

As Jewel started sucking her favorite toy she kept her eyes fused to the action before her. Ashlee’s hand was still clamped to the back of Jessica’s hair and she pressed

the older girl’s face deep between her splayed legs.

Ashlee’s pussy was completely spread open and Jewel moaned around her dildo as she watched Jessica’s tongue drill inside the girl’s pink folds, lapping up all the juicy girl

essence. Jessica clearly loved what she was doing and Jewel made it her mission to ensure these girls did this to each other night after night from now on.

Jessica did love what she was doing. She couldn’t believe she had denied herself this for so long. Ashlee was so juicy and yummy. She had been too worried about what

society thought was right and wrong to care about what she wanted and more importantly what Ashlee wanted.

Jessica loved making her sister feel good. She loved making her wet and making her moan. And most of all she wanted to make Ashlee come. That was where Jewel

came in.

But just as Jessica opened her mouth to speak, Jewel didn’t give her the chance. She pulled the toy out of her own mouth with a wet pop and shoved it into the pop star’s in

an unexpected motion.

Jessica was surprised at first to suddenly have her mouth filled with plastic, but she didn’t fight it off. Instead she began to suck the plastic just like she’d taken the real

cocks she’d had before in her mouth.

“Suck it Jessica!” Jewel commanded. “Suck that dick with your pretty little mouth! Get your spit on it!”

“Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh suck it Jess!” Ashlee agreed, her words coming out in horny, desperate gasps. “Suck the toy you’re gonna fuck me with! Get it all wet before

you shove it in my pussy! Oooooh you look so good sucking cock Jessica! Nick was so lucky!”

Ashlee had always wondered what her sister was like when she and Nick fucked. She never would dare confess it ever, especially not now, but Ashlee had actually fucked

Nick once, just to see what it was like to be with the man who had snagged her sister. She had seduced him more out of jealousy that he had Jessica and she didn’t than

anything else, but they had both quickly realized what a mistake it was and had never done it again.

But Ashlee didn’t want to think about her sister’s ex now and neither did Jessica. They just wanted to turn each other on. Jessica used every trick she knew to make

Ashlee and Jewel wet from watching her suck the toy. She drooled onto it and rubbed her hands all over the dark blue plastic, making it even slicker and shinier than it had

been when Jewel had shoved it into her mouth.

Jewel continued to hold the toy out for her and Jessica bobbed her head up and down on it, giving head to the plastic. She had never had a dildo in her mouth before and it

felt weird, not like a real guy at all. But she liked knowing Ashlee and Jewel were staring at her and she stared back with deep, lustful eyes.

When she felt the toy was wet enough, Jessica pulled off it with a smile and finally got a chance to say what she had been about to before Jewel interrupted her.

“Fuck her Jewel! Fuck Ashlee with that thing while I lick her,” Jessica demanded. “I want us to make her come so hard.”

Jewel was definitely into that plan and she moved the saliva coated toy toward Ashlee’s pussy. But before she could get inside her, Jessica put a stop to it.

“Uh uh,” Jessica said wickedly, her face covered in an evil, sexy smile. “Not there Jewel. I’m not the only girl on this bed that loves getting fucked up the ass.”

Jewel knew that was 100% correct. She loved it up the ass! But she also knew Jessica wasn’t talking about her.

“Is that true Ashlee? You like getting this hot ass of yours fucked?” Jewel purred.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!” Ashlee cried. “I love getting my ass fucked! Do it Jewel! Do it now! Fuck my ass while Jessica licks me!”

Ashlee certainly sounded desperate enough, so there was no sense in waiting any longer for the fun to really start. The toy was plenty wet from her and Jessica’s saliva,

but Jewel couldn’t help but want to give Ashlee a little more lube, just to make sure.

While keeping the girl on her back, Jessica helpfully lifted Ashlee up off the bed a little to expose her puckered asshole. When the older girl reached down to spread her

sister’s cheeks open, Jewel moaned at the lewd sight before her. Ashlee Simpson’s spread asshole was a vision she never thought she’d see and she spit into it, letting

her warm, wet saliva caress the girl’s tender, tight hole.

Ashlee cried out happily as the spit hit her hole and began moaning uncontrollably as Jewel’s fingers and then tongue began spreading the wetness all around her. Jessica

lifted her sister’s legs up higher, slinging them over her shoulders to keep them spread and to make sure both her pussy and ass were open and vulnerable.

Jewel spent only a short time licking Ashlee’s ass. The girl was so close she was probably going to come any second now and Jewel wanted to make sure she had her

good and stuffed with plastic first. After giving Ashlee one more quick blast of spit, Jewel brought her toy up and began to slowly push it into the younger girl’s ass.

Ashlee’s scream of ecstasy was most welcomed by her lovers as the girl roared from being penetrated. Jewel took her slowly, letting her ass adjust to the plastic invader.

As promised, Ashlee was definitely not a virgin when it came to anal sex and Jewel was able to work more and more of the toy inside her.

“Mmmm Ashlee loved getting fucked,” Jessica explained, as if sensing Jewel’s thoughts. “She didn’t care about saving her cherries. She begged me to fuck her with

anything we could and I totally did. She was so hot. She let me fuck her pussy and her ass whenever I wanted to and I always wanted to.”

Jewel was mighty curious about what the sisters would use to fuck each other, picturing various household objects of varying degrees of kinkiness, but she knew there’d be

time for more questions later. Right now the focus had to be on getting Ashlee off.

“Ughhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK YEAHHHHHH!!!” Ashlee cried with growing ferocity. “Fuck my ass Jewel! Fuck my ass hard!

Fill me up just like Jessica used to while she eats me out! Don’t stop Jess! Please don’t stop! Keep eating me! Eat your little sister’s dirty slut pussy! Make me fucking


Jessica was letting her eyes feast on the sight of Jewel pushing the blue plastic into Ashlee’s pink asshole, but she couldn’t deny her sister what she wanted. She’d

already done that for too long.

Since she had Ashlee’s legs slung over her shoulder, the girl’s pussy was closer to her face than ever before and Jessica took full advantage. Using the angle, she clamped

her mouth down on Ashlee’s quivering cunt and started sucking the juices out of her, gorging on her taste before getting her tongue back to work, tongue fucking Ashlee

hard and making sure she was hitting her clitoris.


Ashlee’s next words came out garbled and frenzied, but her grunts, cries and long moans were all the communications she needed to make. Jessica and Jewel worked her

over together, fucking both her holes at once and turning Ashlee into a screaming, drooling mess.

Never in her life had Ashlee ever felt anything like this. She had never been in a threesome before and it was amazing! Already thinking of what she and Jessica could do

together to hot little CaCee or any of their other friends or Jewel’s friends even, Ashlee moved her hands to her tits and squeezed them roughly, just like Jessica had to her


Ashlee gripped her bouncing tits and massaged her nipples hard, tugging on them and rubbing her palms against them in frenzied grabs at her own flesh. She was getting

so close, Jessica’s tongue was working her clit over so well and Ashlee was dying with ecstasy from Jewel pushing that toy inside her ass.

Jewel couldn’t fit the whole toy inside Ashlee and she didn’t even want to. At least not yet. She could explore more of Ashlee’s body later and see how much this girl could

really take, but right now she didn’t do too much.

She worked a healthy amount of the plastic into Ashlee’s asshole and began fucking her steadily. Ashlee’s hole gripped her favorite toy like it never wanted to let it go and

Jewel’s brain filled with the wicked question of what Rose would be able to do to Ashlee with Mr. Snappy.

Loving the sounds of Ashlee’s sex cries and grunts as they turned into steady screams, Jessica kept eating her out. She stared up at her gorgeous sister as she worked

her lips onto her clit and sucked feverishly on them. It had been a while since she had made a girl come with her mouth, but Jessica hadn’t forgotten how.

Ashlee’s clit throbbed between her lips, so plump and swollen and Jessica took her sister with everything she had. Her mouth was famished for Ashlee’s cream and it

showed in her aggressive licking and sucking. Jessica clamped her lips down hard on Ashlee’s clit and once again asked herself why she had resisted doing this for so long

when it was so much goddamn fun.

Jessica and Jewel kept working Ashlee over together, their motions steady and true. Jewel couldn’t get over how good Ashlee looked with the plastic toy stuffed into her

spread open hole, the dildo sticking out of her butt for Jewel to use as a sexy weapon to get her off. But Jewel’s eyes mostly focused on Jessica’s gorgeous face buried in

Ashlee’s sticky, soaked cunt, letting her drooling juices drip onto her face.

Seeing Jessica so lost in lust like that for Ashlee had Jewel fucking the blonde singer even harder and when Jessica gave her sister another passionate clit suck, Ashlee

didn’t just pass over the point of no