Eva And Shakira

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Eva and Shakira

(FF, mc, oral)

by Number One

Celebs: Eva Longoria, Shakira

Disclaimer: If you are under 18 and/or easily offended by the sexual
content, do not read this story.

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It was a Tuesday night, and “Desperate Housewives” resident Latina babe Eva
Longoria was in her bedroom searching for something to watch on television.
“There isn’t shit on TV,” Eva said angrily as she continued flipping through the
channels. After about ten minutes of channel surfing, Eva finally found
something she desired. The channel: VH1. The program:
a music video featuring
Latina sex-kitten Shakira.

Eva had a huge affinity for Shakira. And who could blame her? After all,
Shakira had a smokin’ hot body with a booty that just wouldn’t quit. Every time
she did her trademark booty shake, Eva went wild with desire. “Oh yeah! Shake
that ass, baby!” she screamed. After the music video ended, Eva said to herself,
“I must have her! And I can bring her right to me.”

Not only was Eva Longoria a bewitching beauty, but she was also a practicing
witch as well. She went to her dresser drawer and took out a posed photo of
Shakira. She then placed the photo on her king-sized bed, stripped herself of
her clothing, and began chanting her incantation.

Meanwhile, Shakira was at the Staples Center just finishing a performance in
front of a sold-out crowd. She was on her way out of the arena when she heard
a voice from out of nowhere whisper:


Shakira thought nothing of it and walked on by. Again she heard that same
voice calling for her.


Now the Colombian cutie was concerned. “Whoever’s doing this, it’s not
funny!” she yelled as she was right at the exit. She opened the door only to see a
hallucinatory image of Eva Longoria in black lingerie.

“Eva?” said a bewildered Shakira. “What are you…?”

But before she could complete her question, Shakira was placed in a trance
after receiving a small kiss from Eva. She then whispered, “Come to me.” and
vanished, laughing wickedly. The now-hypnotized Shakira got in her car and was on
her way to answer Eva’s supernatural call.

As Shakira parallel-parked her car in front of Eva Longoria’s dark lair, the
deliciously evil Latina vixen watched from her upstairs window. “Perfect,” she
said, “Shakira has arrived. And soon she’ll become my personal sex slave.”

Shakira walked right up the front door, only to see it open right in front of
her. She then walked up a small flight of stairs and arrived at Eva’s master
bedroom. There saw Eva sitting at her bedside with her legs crossed, wearing
only a frilly black robe. “Why, Shakira,” she said, “what a pleasant surprise.”

Eva then disrobed and motioned for Shakira to come closer, which she did.
“Take off your clothes,” was Eva’s next instruction.

“Yes, mistress,” the mesmerized Shakira said as she obeyed Eva’s request.
Then, without warning, Eva quickly inserted her fingers into the petite
Colombian’s pussy and began finger-fucking Shakira. “Yes,” said Eva, “you like that,
don’t you, my little deviant?”

“YES!” screamed Shakira in passion. After a round of finger-banging, Eva
licked her fingers clean, making sure she tasted every iota of Shakira’s sweet
liquids. “Your pussy tastes so delicious,” she said, licking her lips. “but mine
is to die for. Which brings me to your next task.” She then ordered Shakira,
“Place yourself on this bed and fuck me.”

“Yes, mistress,” said Shakira, as she lay herself on the bed. She then did as
her mistress instructed and kissed her nude body all over. “Mmmmmm, that’s
it.” moaned Eva passionately. Shakira then moved down to Eva’s tight pussy and
began giving the 5’2″ beauty an erotic tongue lashing.

“AHHHHH!!!! AAAHHHH!!!” screamed Eva in ecstasy. “That’s it, Shakira! Fuck
me! FUCK ME HARD!!!” The sub-5′ Latina hottie continued licking Eva’s delectable
pussy, tasting her sweet and succulent juices.

“YES! YES! OH GOD YES!!!!” Eva bellowed as she was being tongue fucked by her
obedient lover. Finally, after countless minutes, Eva attempted to compose
herself after being on the receiving end of some oral pleasure. “You were quite
the lover, my little sex kitten,” Eva said to Shakira.

“Thank you, mistress,” replied Shakira.

“Now,” said Eva, “you must sleep now, my pet. When you wake up, you will not
remember much. You will only remember the incredible night of passion we had
together. Is that clear?”

“Yes, mistress,” said Shakira obediently.

“Good.” said Eva. She then kissed Shakira and said, “Good night, sweetheart.”

The next morning, Shakira woke up in Eva’s bedroom, not knowing how she ended
up there in the first place. “How did I get here?” she wondered. Just then
Eva entered the room. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said. “You must have had
one hell of a night last night.”

“Yeah, I must have,” replied a confused Shakira. “If I can only remember what
happened.” Suddenly, images from her sexual escapade last night with Eva
popped up in her head. Eva, noticing this, asked Shakira, “What’s wrong?”

“Eva,” began Shakira, “did we.. do it with each other last night?”

“Do what?” Eva asked ever-so innocently.

“IT.” said Shakira.

“Oh yes we did.” said Eva. “And you were amazing, my dear.”

“Well, I don’t remember how I got here or how we ended up doing each other,”
said Shakira, “but I wouldn’t mind reliving it again.” She got dressed and
said, “I must be off. I gotta give another performance in San Diego.” She hugged
Eva and said her good-bye to her.

“See you soon,” said Eva. As soon as Shakira was out the door, she added with
an evil smile, “Real soon.”

The End(?)

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