Lynda Carter: Cat-Fight Of ‘75

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2nd of 4 parts series featuring Lynda Carter (this one not so good as #1, but 3 will be much better (it’s still in the works).

(Note: The following story is a work of erotic celebrity fiction, and should not be read by anybody under the age of 18)

Lynda Carter: Cat-Fight of ‘75

Starring Lynda Carter & Debra Winger

Code: FF, Non-Con, Cat fight, Violent, Fetish (Spank, tickle, Feet), Scat, & Oral

Lynda paced back an forth in her dressing room fuming over the last few days. The shapely star of the Wonder Woman TV series
was out raged over the action of guest star Debra Winger. The Arizona native didn’t mind sharing her dressing room, or even that Debra had convinced the writers to change the ending of the episode so that “Wonder Girl” captured the villain, it was how Miss Winger had treated everybody from the grips to the stunt doubles with such disrespect. Even Lyle himself had been the victim of a Debra tantrum, having a comb thrown at him from across the room for seemingly nothing.

The door to the Dressing room opened and the young woman who entered wasn’t the least bit surprised to see the scowl on Lynda’s face. Debra had gotten used to the stupid looks she was getting from the morons that worked on this dumb show. They had shook her “Invisible Plane” so hard she fallen out of her chair, that buffoon playing Steve Trevor had bumped her table, and spilled her latté, so she’d thrown her comb at him. No that any of it mattered, the papers had reported that Lynda did the same thing so who cared. Now the bitch thought she was going to intimidate her, it was to laugh.

“Debra, what the hell do you think your doing?” demanded Lynda, “You have done nothing but act like a spoiled brat since the moment you showed up, what is you problem?”

“You and everybody here is my problem!” yelled Debra, getting into Carter’s face, “Your all a bunch of incompetent clowns, and this show will be lucky if it goes the entire season with you in the lead!”

“Look, I think you are a really good actress,” said Lynda, calming herself, “and I liked working with you when the camera was rolling, but this attitude of yours isn’t going to get you…”

Debra didn’t want any advice from the older actress, and let her know with a slap across her left cheek. Lynda retaliated with a back hand, and the fight was on. The younger woman caught Carter in the stomach with a kick, causing her to double over. Both women could feel their cheeks swelling into bruises, as Debra drove a stocking foot into Lynda’s gorgeous face, splitting her bottom lip. Blood dripped from Lynda’s chin, as she stepped back. At first she though maybe Debra had come to her senses, and was shocked by the consequences. Then she watched as Winger ran forward with pain inducing intention, by way of a kick.

Just as Debra’s foot was about to make contact with Lynda’s right side, the raven haired goddess wrapped her arm around her ankle, and pulled her leg into the air. Winger fell back hard on her ass, and felt the solid contact of “Wonder Woman’s” heel hit her in the nose. In seconds Lynda was on top of Debra, her robe flying open as she pinned the younger woman’s shoulder to the ground. Clinching her hands into fist she delivered several solid punches to Winger’s cute facial features, causing them to become a little bloody and a lot bruised. Tears rolled down Debra’s cheeks and she pleaded for Lynda to stop.

“Ok, but if your ever brought back on my show again, you better just remember it is MY show!” exclaimed Lynda extending her hand, “and you better treat the people here with respect!”

No sooner had Lynda began to pull the other woman to her feet, then she was struck in the groin with a punch. The busty beauty’s knees buckled, and she felt her robe being pulled from her as she fell. As she writhed on the ground, Lynda, felt her ankles being tied together, and then her wrists. Before she knew it the actress was bound helpless in a hog-tied position.

“No, Debra, let me up you little bitch!” screamed Lynda, realizing how vulnerable she was, “You brat, don’t you dare do anything to me!”

“Well, it sounds to me like Wonder Woman is a little scared.” said Debra as she wiped the blood from her nose, “You broke my fucking nose you slut!” she screamed, kicking Lynda twice, “Do you know how much that’s going to set me back!”

Debra saw Lynda’s bare feet exposed, toes wiggling in the air, and remembered something she’d over heard the queer from make-up say. Kneeling behind her helpless foe’s bound ankles, and wrapped an arm around Carter’s ankles. Slowly, and with an evil smile on her battered face, Debra began to drag her long nails over Lynda’s foot.

“Oh, oh no, Debra, don’t please.” pleaded Lynda as her soles were tickled, “Please don’t tickle my feet, that’s too cruel.” she continued squirming about, “No, no, please hehehehehe, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, stop it, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, please, don’t tickle me!”

Debra laughed cruelly as she traced over the other woman’s sensitive soles. ‘Apparently that little tid-bit I had heard was true.’ thought the woman with a grin, “Little miss super-star has feet so sensitive she can’t even get a pedicure.’ With every touch of her fingers Lynda’s squeals and giggles grew louder, and more gratifying. Starting out slowly Debra had methodically quickened her pace, as well as digging in under her toes, where Lynda could not stand it.

“Hey Lynda, if I do this long enough will you pee your self?” asked Debra, “Why don’t we find out.” she chuckled.

“NO!” screamed Lynda, tears streaming down her face, “Stop it please, hahahahaha, hehehehehe, hahahahaha, I-I’m going to kill you… snort… you little bitch!”

With that, Lynda managed to slip her hands out of the robe tie that held them. Flipping onto her back she kicked Debra off, sending her flying into the wall. Miss Winger felt the breath forced from her lungs, as she made contact with the cold brick, and stagger forward into a right cross, that knocked her to the ground. Lynda quickly straddled her younger assailant and began tearing at her blouse and skirt. Soon both women were completely naked and rolling around on the dressing room floor.

“Let me up Lynda!” demanded Debra, afraid that she might catch another wailing like before, “Let me up and I’ll get dressed and leave.”

“Oh no, it’s not going to be that easy.” said Lynda, rolling Debra face down, and startling her kidneys, “I want you to apologize to me and everybody else who you’ve hassled and disrespected since you got here.”

“FUCK YOU!” screamed Debra, “YOU LET ME UP RIGHT NOW!”

Suddenly a hard slapping sound echoed off the wall of the small room, and Debra yelped. Tears welled up in the young woman’s eyes as her ass grew warm with the sting of the slap. Lynda brought her hand to bear on the other woman’s firm round ass over and over, soon it was bright red with hand prints. Debra was screaming for the other woman to stop, but she wouldn’t until her demands were agreed too.


Anything?” said Lynda with a smile, “Then I want you to eat my pussy.” she ordered, “Lick my pussy and we’ll forget any of this ever happened, neither of us ever brings it up in the press, or to anybody else,” she instructed raising her hand threateningly.

“Ok, ok I’ll do it, please, just stop hitting my ass!” pleaded Winger.

Lynda flipped the other woman onto her back, and slid up her body, towards Debra’s face. The cutie did have a nice round figure, even if her breasts weren’t as big as Lynda’s, and her round ass had jiggled nicely when she’d slapped it red and raw. Smiling down at the younger woman, Carter brought her trimmed muff down on her fill lips, grabbing a hand full of her raven locks for security. If Debra had any thoughts of biting her before, a warning tug of her hair cleared her mind of them

Lynda was surprised by her new bitch’s technique, she groaned as the young woman’s tongue burrowed into her tight little slit. Carter had only been with a woman once before, her best friend from high School, and that was because the had gotten drunk on prom night. Of course you Lynda hadn’t minded the 2 orgasms she’d had during the experience, and had been very happy to return the favour. That was different then this, of course, she just wanted to put an exclamation point on the end of her fight with Debra, and she couldn’t think of a better way to do it.

“Oh yeah, that’s a good girl” sighed Lynda, as the other woman sucked her clit, “Keep it up.”

Lynda clutched at her own, plump tits, with one hand while keeping a firm grip on Debra’s hair with the other. The older woman’s snatch tingled as Miss Winger tongue dipped in and out, and lapped up all her sweet juices. They’re was no denying that this was not the first time Debra had licked a pussy before, and Miss Carter was enjoying ever second of her expertise. Pivoting on her former assailants face, Lynda leaned forward and began to finger Debra’s tight wet snatch. Soon she heard muffled groans as her young bitch rubbed her ass.

“Oh yes, oh ya, eat that pussy!” exclaimed Lynda, “I’m so close, make me cum, make me cum… MAKE ME CUM” screamed Lynda, who unexpectedly felt a great pressure build in her stomach.

“Ew, gross!” squealed Debra as warm ripe air seeped from Lynda rectum.

“Oops, sorry about that.”

The End

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