The Legman Takes Julie Chen

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Story’s title: The Legman takes Julie Chen

Author: sharkboy

Story features: Julie Chen and Katie Couric

Codes: MC, MF, FF

This story is a work of fiction and therefor untrue. I have no idea what happens on the set of Big Brother or of what happens inside of CBS. I know that the CBS Evening News and Big Brother are filmed on other sides of the country. Anyone with any suggestions for who the Legman shall take next send them to [email protected]


By sharkboy

Julie Chen the host of the CBS reality show called Big Brother sits inside of the studio in a very short skirt, and she smiles as a handsome young man who walks by her, and he looks up her skirt.

“Hey Eric, can you come here?” Eric Olson walks up to the beautiful Julie Chen and he shakes some. “Can you do me a favor?”

“What can I do to… I mean for you.” Eric blushes some, as he looks at her beautiful body.

“If you want to sneak peaks up my skirt can you at least pretend you are doing something else?”

“What do you mean?” Eric acts really nervous, and Julie smiles at him.

“I mean you are sweeping a carpet and second of all you don’t have a dust pan.” Julie then leans down and she feels the carpet giving him a look down her top.

“So you knew what I was doing?” Eric asks, as he blushes some hard his head turns crimson.

“Eric you made it easy to figure out what you were doing and don’t worry with me. A word of advise kid, when Katie Couric gets here do not try that trick with her, because she has gotten people fired before.” She speaks of Katie Couric making her network jump.

“Do you want to go out for coffee after the show?” Julie looks to the kid a little bit shocked, and she sighs some.

“Look at my left hand and what do you see?”

Eric looks at her left hand and he sighs hard. “Yeah, you are married.”

“And probably twice your age. I suggest you leave, because with one phone call I can have you outside shooting rats in the city dump.” Eric Olson walks away from Julie Chen, and she takes a healthy look at his ass, and she sighs hard. “Don’t do it girl, he’ll only get you into big trouble.”

She smiles as the producer walks to her and he asks, “Are you ready Julie? We will start in ten minutes.”

Julie smiles at the handsome twenty-five year old producer and she nods. “I am all ready. What do you think of Wally’s behavior this week?”

“The truth he wants to get kicked out for some reason. He has so many friends and I can’t believe Gwen nominated him. Aren’t they fucking?”

“Gwen is also married, besides she might have caught him screwing someone else. The guy does get around. I don’t think they have the votes to get rid of him anyway.”

“He has nailed every female on the show has he not?” The producer smiles at Julie and she shrugs.

“You keep score of that stuff I don’t.” Julie smiles up to Brent the producer, because she knows Wally has been with nearly every girl on the show.

“Are you ready then Julie?” The Producer asks, and she nods.

The show starts and the camera comes to Julie and she smiles so pretty for the camera. “Hello, and welcome to Big Brother. This has been a very strange week inside of the House. The two up for evection this week is Wally and Sandy. Lets go into the Big Brother household.”

The camera goes inside of the household and Wally West and the beautiful Sandy Long sit on the chairs. Most of the women from the show are still inside of the house. “Hello household!” Julie greets them in her usual fashion. Everyone says hello back to the beautiful news woman. “Wally how does it feel to be the last man standing?” Julie asks in her usual tone.

“It feels pretty good.” he replies to Julie Chen. “How’d you like watching me?”

“I enjoyed this show as much as any season of Big Brother!” Julie dodges a loaded question and she blushes some.

“Gwen, why did you nominate these two for eviction? Without the loser the sides will be dead even.” Julie changes her focus from the handsome Wally to the beautiful Gwen. She does not want to admit to anything on TV.

Gwen looks to the camera with a blank as hell stare. “Because I was told to do so.”

“Who told you to do that?” Julie asks a little bit freaked out. Gwen just stares at her and Julie blinks hard.

“I can explain what she just said, Julie.” Wally says, as he looks into the camera.

“Please do then?” Julie asks him a little confused. Wally must be up to something.

“I came up with this little idea and then Gwen put me up to be evicted.” Wally shrugs some. “Can’t trust some people, huh?”

“Yes, inside of the Big Brother Household you can’t trust anyone. It’s time to vote!”

Julie watches as Wendy, a tall and beautiful blond from California comes into the voting booth. There is no way she shall vote for Wally because she has shared his bed every night and Julie has seen them screw.

“Hello Wendy, who do you vote for?” Julie asks the beautiful blonde.

“I would like to vote for Wally.”

Julie looks to the beautiful blond stunded as hell. “Okay. Can you send in Melody? Wendy for some reason has turned on Wally. Wonder why?” Melody comes into the voting booth and she smiles at Julie too. “Hello Melody, who do you vote for?”

“I vote for Wally.” She says in a very sweet tone. From what Julie has seen Melody is ungodly flexible, and she has been with Wally so many times too.

Julie watches as everyone comes into the booth except for Wally, Sandy, and Gwen, and they all vote for Wally. This is a very strange turn of events because Wally did not even try for the veto to get out of the chair.

They go to commerical and Julie looks to the producer and she asks. “Did you think he had a lock too?”

“Things happen inside of this game.” He shrugs some at Julie. “Maybe they all had their peroids at this time of the month?” Julie narrows at eyes at him. Brent blinks at Julie, as he asks. “You going to get me fired after the show?”

“Am I that big of a bitch, Brent?” Julie asks with a smile. He goes stiff, and then she then rolls her eyes at his reaction. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Thank you, I heard you had…” Julie looks back to him in warning.

“They were asshole, so don’t worry.”

The show comes back on and Julie smiles pretty for the camera. “Welcome back to Big Brother. We just had an eviction in the household. Wally, I am so sorry, but you have been evicted. The vote was 6-0″

Wally stands and he looks into the camera. “Not a big deal Julie.”

Wally then begins to hug all of the females. Most them them break down and cry hard, as he hugs them, except for Gwen who does nothing until she is hugged, and she hugs back with passion.

He then leaves the house and all of the ladies begin to cry so hard, and Julie takes note. Wally West then walks into the small room with Julie Chen, and he shakes her hand. His eyes go down her body like most men do to her.

He sits down and he looks at her. “Welcome Wally.” Julie says with a wide smile.

“Thank you for the warm welcome Julie.” Wally smiles at her.

“Do you find it strange that Gwen nominated you for eviction, because I assumed you were someone to fill the seat so Gwen could get rid of Sandy?”

He shrugs hard. “Not a huge deal, Julie. I had my fun. You know that right?” Julie blushes some, because she has watched more than one of the videos of Wally having sex with someone. “Besides, I know why Gwen hates Sandy so much.”

Julie blinks some, and she asks him. “Why?”

“Because, Sandy really tried to fuck Gwen one night.” Julie’s eyes widen at the F-word and the director yells cut.

“Um… Wally you are on TV, remember. You can’t say the f-word.” Julie smiles at the handsome man before her a little bit in shock.

“I sure did it enough, didn’t I?” He asks her with a grin.

“Yes, and thank you for all of the useless hours of TV we can never air.” Julie continues to smile at him. Wally is getting on her nerves bad.

“That is why God gave us the internet.” Wally smiles at her, and Julie shakes her head no.

“And ruin the relationships they have on the outside? We refuse to do that.” Julie sighs some. Then she gets a message from someone. “Because of your mouth I am told I can no longer talk to you on camera. I also have some bad news. You can’t go to the Judgement house because of your mouth or the CBS Early show.”

Wally shrugs and he looks at Julie Chen, and he comments to her. “Aren’t they all guys? No, thank you.”

“Amy is there too.” Julie smiles at him.

“Okay, mostly guys and the fat chick. She is cool, but I’d rather not tap that. I got a question for you.”

Julie smiles at him, as she answers back. “Ask, and I’ll try to answer it. Please do not ask me about Hannah Storm sleeping with a coat hanger inside of her mouth. I heard you ask about that a lot.”

“Actually, I was going to ask if you nailed Howie?” Julie’s face goes from shock to outrage.
“You can get off the stage now.” Julie looks to him a little pissed off, and Wally gets up, and he leaves.

After the show Julie talks to Brent. “We can use most of Wally’s segement then, good.” Julie smiles at him. “Why do I get the smartasses?”

“Because we flock to you. I am their leader and we took a vote.” Julies laughs at his joke. “Actually, somethings did happen inside of the house we did not get on tape. Something happened to one of the cameras inside of… Wally’s HOH bedroom.”

Julie rolls her eyes. “Does he even exist? I have a friend who likes comics and a character is named Wally West.”

“Yeah, The Flash, and I grew up with a kid named the same as Captain America. It does happen.”

“You know someone named Captain America? That does not put any pressure on the kid does it?” Julie asks a little bit surprised.

“I ment the kid is named Steve Rogers and that is what Captain America’s real name is in the comics.”

“Okay, I have to interview Stan Lee for the new X-Men movie. Can you give me some pointers. I barely know who Spider-man is.”

“Spider-man is not an X-Men character, so yeah you do need some help. Tuesday then? Wear something slutty.”

Julie laughs at his comment, and she walks back to the set because she has forgot her purse. She could go fuck Brent anytime she wished to do so, and a part of her would love to show up in his office in a tight, black leather outfit. She sighs hard because of the fact that Brent is way too young and she is way too married.

As she bends down to pick up her purse from the floor she feels an incredible pair of hands on the back of her thighs. She moans hard, as she goes weak kneed and she falls to the floor.
Julie turns around as she lies on the floor and she looks up to Wally West, the Legman. “Who are you?” She asks him. Her skirt has moved up totally exposing her lovely gams to him. The Legman then bends down, and his hands move up her left leg and Julie moans so hard.

“I am your master,” his hands move up her right leg, and Julie closes her brown eyes and she sighs so hard. His hands feel so wonderful on her legs, and Julie becomes completely helpless. “Julie, I am going to fuck you now.”

Julie smiles up at her Master, and she unbuttons her shirt for him. She lifts her legs for him, as she sighs so hard. His perfect hands move up and down her amazing legs, and she sighs so hard as he does it.

He makes her so horny as he does it, and she looks up to him completely helpless. “I did not fuck Howie, but I will fuck you.”

His hand moves up and down her right leg, “Oh God that turns me on so much!” Julie shouts, as she breathes so hard. She looks up at him as she does it. He then begins to kiss her leg, as his hands move over her stockings.

Julie moans so hard as his hands move over her long and sexy legs. “Did you like watching me fuck inside of the Big Brother household?” He smiles at Julie, as his hands move down her leg, and she shakes so hard.

“I was going to ask you how you were able to do it…. Oh God!” She closes her eyes, as she figures out how he is able to fuck all of the beautiful members of Big Brother.

He picks he up and he takes her onto the couch she uses on Big Brother, and he sets her down. She kisses him nice and deep, and Julie blushes a little afterwards. “You are so good in the bedroom.” She smiles at him. His hand has not left her legs.

He parts her shirt, as he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “You are so beautiful.” He kisses her chest, and Julie moans so hard. Her tits are not huge, but he likes them a lot. His hands continue to creep up her legs.

He parts her skirt and he removes her panties and he looks at her womanhood, and he smiles at her. “You are perfect.”

She arches her body, as her panties come down her sexy legs. He pockets her panties. She then parts her legs for him, and she smiles at him. She moans so hard, as he kisses down those legs and he begins to eat out her pantyhose covered pussy. “Uhhh!” Julie screams so loud, as he does it.

He eats her out for what appears to be forever and Julie continues to moan so hard. She really tries not to orgasm, because she has a feeling if she does she’ll become a complete slut. Perhaps he has already turned her into one. Julie then cums hard.

“Oh God yes!” She yells hard, as she cums all over his face. Her beautiful body shakes, as she cums. She looks up at the Legman and his face is covered with her cum. “I am so sorry.”

The Legman smiles at her, as he crawls up her body. He looks into her eyes. “Comes with the job.” He takes his penis out of his pants, and she looks to it wide eyed.

“Holy shit, that is real?” Julie sits up a little afraid, and very excited. She reaches out and she touches it. “You have been gifted.”

He then runs his hand down her left leg. “You have been gifted not me.” She moans, as his hands move over her sexy thighs.

She grunts hard, as he inserts himself inside of her and he works his manhood inside of her. She parts her amazing legs for him, as he works himself inside of her and she moans so hard.
Julie is so wet inside of herself from being eaten out and she closes her beautiful brown eyes, as he begins to fuck her so hard. He parts her thighs as he begins to fuck her oh so hard. He parts her legs farther apart, so he can fuck her even harder. Julie moans so hard, as Wally fucks her so hard.

Wally picks her ass off of the couch, and he parts her legs so far apart, and he starts to fuck her even harder. Julie moans so hard, as he fucks her so hard. “God! This is so amazing!” She shouts really loud, as she cums all over him.

She closes her eyes, as Wally continues to fuck her so hard. He parts her legs so far apart he becomes afraid she might break in half. She arches and he looks at her tits, as he continues to fuck her oh so hard. He sets her ankles on his shoulders and he plays with her tits.

He fucks her so hard with her ankles on his shoulders and Julie cums once more. Her beautiful body shakes, as she cums so hard. Her chest heaves so hard, as she looks up to the Legman. He continues to fuck her so hard, as he licks the back of her legs.

“Oh fuck this is so amazing!” She shouts, as Wally continues to fuck her so hard. His hands and his mouth cover the back of her legs, as he fucks her so hard.

He then parts her legs as far apart as they will go and he fucks her harder than what any man has ever fucked her before. She works very hard to breath, as Wally fucks her so hard. She closes her eyes, as she cums for a third a final time.

“Orgasm please! I can’t take a forth one! I beg of you!” Julie looks up to him with her teary brown eyes, as he fucks her still.

He continues to fuck her so hard, and then he cums so hard inside of her. She grunts and groans, as he fills her with his cum. She closes her eyes to catch her breath, as he lies on her.
She opens her eyes and they tear up, as she looks up at him. “Oh my god, wow!” Her chest continues to move up, and down as she works to catch her breath. “What happens next?”

“For the next week you’ll be so horny that you won’t care what happens to you sexually. Infact some of your fantasies shall come true.”

“Oh great. Let me guess Sandy gets evicted next week? I saw her shrine she made of me and what she does in front of it. Talk about gross!”

“Yeah, Sandy is kinky as hell. A very good girl sometimes and a very bad girl the other times.” He smiles at her.

“And a very involved girl, but that did not stop you did it?” She smiles up at him.

“Why should it? Have you ever fucked around on yours before?” Julie shakes her head no, and he smiles.

“I have got to sleep now when can we…” She blinks her eyes, as she figures out the Legman is gone. Julie then closes her eyes, and she falls to sleep.

A good six hours after she usually goes home Julie opens her eyes, and she sits up. Her inner thighs hurt so bad it feels like she has fucked a jackhammer. “My god, how will I walk?” She gets up and she stretches her legs out. “The prevert stold my underwear.”

After about a half hour of stretching her lovely gams Julie walks out of the room she does the show inside. She sighs some as she sees the very young and very handsome Eric cleaning up. “Leave the house guests be, handsome.” Julie says to him.

Eric drops his broom and he looks up at her in some shock. “What do you mean?”

“Janelle told me about what she caught you doing while she showered that one time.” Julie smiles at the handsome young man.

“That was not what I intended to do at all, but I did not dislike what I saw.” Eric blushes some.

Julie smiles at him, “Yeah, that is why you were not fired. Can you move something in my office before I go?” The lust hit her like a freight train, as she looks at Eric.

“That is not my… okay I can do that.” He follows the beautiful Julie Chen, and his eyes move over her legs, as he walks behind her. “No offense ma’am, but did you hike your skirt up a few inches?”

Julie turns and she smiles at him, as she continues to walk. “How nice of you to notice.”

She walks into her office and she smiles as she turns to Eric. “Cum here often?”

“Actually, I have never came inside of this room before today. I just want to say I am sorry for…”

She holds up her hand with her palm facing him, and she smiles at the handsome man before her. “If I got pissed at every man who looked up my skirt I would get little done wouldn’t I?”

“Very true. What can I move for you?” Eric’s eyes then widen, as Julie sits on her desk before him and she crosses her legs. Her skirt comes up to her pelvic level and she looks to the stunned Eric. “I can see you…” Julie smiles at him knowingly.

“Bring that chair right over here, and then sit down.” She points to a chair, and Eric picks it up. He sits the chair down before her and he sits down. “What can you see Eric?” Julie asks him delighted.

“I can see that you shave something most men can’t see. Looks like you’ve had sex with a jackhammer too.” Eric looks up to her in fear. He might have ended his time with CBS.
Julie grins down at Eric and she laughs hard. “Yes, I would call him a jackhammer. I scare you don’t I, Eric?” Julie asks him.

“Yes ma’am. I have heard some rumors about you from…” Julie cuts off Eric.

“You know why I had your brother fired?” Julie asks him. Eric shakes his head no. “He put a mirror under me and he and his buddies got a free show. Did he tell you that he fucked me and I got him fired?”

“Yes, he did ma’am.” Eric looks to the floor.

Julie gets off of the desk, and she sits in his lap. She pulls him so close to her. “He lied to you, but I do need to get fucked now.”

Eric looks at Julie and his eyes rover her body, and he inhales hard. “I can’t…”

“Why not?” She asks him a little bit stunned.

“I might have just came. I’m not sure.” He looks into her beautiful eyes.

Julie’s hand goes down and she explores him. “Your dick is hard. Did you percum or do you have a girlfriend?”

“Me and Becky in…” Julie sighs, and she gets off his lap. She then looks down at him. “I am flatter ma’am I just…”

“Just get out Eric and send the first man you see in here.” Julie turns her back to him.

“Are you mad at me now?” Eric asks, as he stands. He looks at the back of her legs. They are perfect.

“No, I am sorry that I hit on you. Can you keep this…”

“Keep what, ma’am?” Eric asks her.

Julie looks back at him, and she smiles at him. Then she asks. “What are you looking at?”

“A heaven I can never know.” Eric turns to leave and Julie walks up behind him. She puts her hands on his shoulds and he moans so loud.

“I did offer you a taste.” Eric finds himself unable to move in her grip, and she rubs her tits against his back.

Eric turns back to her, and he kisses her with passion. Julie unbuttons her shirt, as they kiss. He breaks the kiss and he looks at her chest. He then parts her top. “Oh my god!”

“First pair of tits you have ever seen?” Julie asks him with a grin.

He kisses her chest, and her legs go weak. He holds her up, as his lips move over her chest. She sticks her chest out for him to kiss and her body shudders hard, as he does it. He then sit her on her desk.

“Ever assfuck anyone, Eric?” Julie smiles at Eric.

“No, I have never fucked anyone before.”

Julie then uses her foot to push him back some. She looks to him with alluring eyes. She then begins to strip for him. She takes off her clothes and she looks at him. Then she brushes everything off of her desk with one motion, and she smiles at Eric. Julie Chen gets on the desk, and she sticks her ass into the air.

“Come here, Eric. You can do it!” Julie says, as she looks back at him.

Eric walks up to her naked ass, and his eyes move over her body. “What do I do?”

“Take out your dick and stick it inside of my asshole and fuck me hard.” Julie rubs her ass against him.

“That won’t hurt you?” He asks her.

Julie sighs hard, and she turns to look at him. “Trust me kid, I can take anything you can do to me.”

Eric takes out his dick and he works it inside of her ass. Julie moans so hard, as he does it. He finds it shocking that it goes inside of her so easy. He thrusts inside of her a few times, and she closes her eyes.

“Oh God Eric! Fuck me even harder!” Julie slams her sexy ass into him.

Eric fucks her as hard as he can. He closes his eyes, as he fucks her so hard. He then cums inside of her hard. “I am so sorry!” He shouts out loud.

Julie turns to him, and she smiles at him. His dick falls as it continues to cum. “Care to shower with me?”

Eric nods at her, and Julie gets off of the desk. “What do I call you now?” Eric asks her a little confused.

“Unless you have something kinky in mind I suggest you use Julie. Ma’am does sorta turn me on too.” Julie walks into the shower, and she looks to Eric. “Care to wash the seamen off of me?”

Tuesday comes and Julie Chen walks into the office of Brent Murdock the Producer of Big Brother, and she smiles at him. “Come on in Julie. Need to learn something of Stan Lee?”

“That is not his real name. I did a Google search of him last night.” Julie smiles at him.

“You did, huh? Why are you here then?” Brent asks her with a smile.

Julie smiles at Brent as she takes off her coat, and his eyes widen, as they go over her body. “Oh my god!”

“You like my new outfit?” She hangs up her coat, and she posses in her thong and pantyhose. She then sits on his lap. “Cum here often?”

“Julie, we can’t do this….” Brent bites his lip, as he looks at her legs.

“Why not? War injury?” Julie smiles at him, and then sits looking him in the eyes, and she puts her calfs on his shoulders. She parts her legs and she looks at him from between her sexy thighs.
“Because I consider your husband a good friend of mine.” Her thong is see through due to how wet she is.

Brent breaks and he leans down and he kisses her inner thighs, and Julie moans so loud. His hands move inbetween them, and she smiles at him as he feels her skin. “So, you have video of what Wally did to me, right?”

“Yeah, how did… you shut off the camera?” Brent looks to her, and Julie grins up at him.

“Trust me I have learned how to tell when a camera has been left on.” She then moans so hard, as Brent kisses her thighs.

Brent then picks her up, and he takes her to his desk, and he sets her down. He takes off her thong, and he begins to eat her out good and hard. Julie shrieks so loud, as he eats her out so hard.

Julie eventually cums on his face hard, and her head goes back. Brent then crawls up her sexy body. He sits between her legs and he looks her in the eyes.

“You have cum on your face.” Julie giggles some. She then moans, as his dick coms up her thigh, and she parts her legs very wide. He pulls down his pants, and he works himself inside of her after he fees her pussy with a jackknife.

Julie grunts and moans, as he works himself inside of her. She parts her legs wider as he does it. He moves himself inside of Julie and she moans and groans so hard, as he fucks her so hard. His hands move up her sexy thighs, as he fucks her so hard.

Within minutes Julie cums all over him, Brent continues to move inside of her. She gasps hard, as she cums on him for a second time. Brent takes her by the ass and he slams Julie into him so hard. She gasps so hard, as she tries to hold herself from cumming.

Brent then cums inside of her, and her beautiful body shakes so hard, as she orgasms so hard. Her legs tighten around him, as she pulls his body into hers, and she clamps down so hard on him. He cums inside of her for a second time, and Julie hugs him to her body so hard.

“I don’t want to fuck a Lesbian, Brent.” Julie says in defeat. She hugs Brent so hard.

“What has been going on in that household, Julie?”

Julie sits infront of Brent and she tells him how Wally used his powers to control the vote for the Big Brother Household. She tells him how he was able to use his powers to control the household, and Brent sighs so hard.

“You know what Julie?” Julie Chen shrugs. “I have to void this season of Big Brother. I have an idea. Why don’t we have an all star season so the viewers can vote on their favorites to go into the house once again.”

“So we can all put up with Howie for one more season?” Julie sighs hard.

“Okay, we all can work our asses off so you don’t have to hear Howie talk about boobs.”

“Okay, Howie can’t be that popular can he? Maybe we can get Janelle and Ivette back together. God, she so hated Janelle.”

“You just want to fuck Ivette don’t you?” Julie then rolls her eyes at him. “Okay, changing the subject now.”

Later in that day outside of where Big Brother is taped Julie Chen walks to her car. Over the past few days her urges have gotten less powerful. She quickly walks to her car hoping not to screw anyone else. She has kept the group she has screwed down to a few and she hopes to escape without anyone else being added.

“Going without saying good-bye Julie?” She hears the female voice behind her, and Julie turns to Sandy.

“Thought you were told to leave the lot?” Julie asks her.

“I was told to be off the grounds before the lot closed for the evening.” Sandy walks towards Julie.

“Sandy, I understand you like me, but I won’t…” Julie turns to run away from her in her heels. She then bumps into Gwen. “Help me please?”

Gwen laughs at her pleas, and she grabs Julie’s forearms. “You think you are to good for us, huh Julie?”

Wendy and Melody them come from out of nowhere and Julie’s eyes widen some as she is quickly surounded by all of the lovely ladies of Big Brother. She feels her skirt go up, as Sandy touches her long and sexy legs.

“Oh god! You have his…” Julie shudders, as the exceptional pair of female hands move up her legs.

“Hello Julie Chen. Some call me the Legwoman.” She then pulls down her panties. She then puts them in her pocket. “You can go inside and fuck me like the whore that you are or you can get gang raped and left in the parking lot naked?”

Julie looks into the eyes of all of the women before her, and she sighs so hard. “Let’s go inside then Sandy. Sandy Beach is not your real name, huh?”

Sandy laughs hard, as she kisses Julie hard. Julie finds it surprisingly easy to kiss her back with passion. She then escorts Julie back into the building into her office. Sandy then closes the door to her office and she begins to kiss her thighs so hard.

Julies closes her eyes, as she enjoys what is happening so bad. She parts her legs father as Sandy kisses up her bare legs. Sandy then begins to eat out her pussy and Julie mouns so hard. She quickly cums hard.

A week later inside of the CBS Newroom Katie Couric sits in her office, and her legs pop out so anyone who passes by can take a glance at them. Eric brings her some coffee, and she grins at the handsome young man before her.

“How much do I owe you?” She asks Eric who moved here from California with his mother.

“Its on me. Miss Couric may I?” Eric reaches out for her left leg, and Katie quickly pulls them away.

“Kid, just because you gave me some free coffee does not mean you get to feel me up.” Katie gives him a look letting him know she is serious.

“What if I accidently…” Katie then smiles up to Eric letting him know it is okay.

“Accidents happen right, kid?” Katie asks him.

Eric smiles at her, and he lightly brushes her leg, and Katie moans so hard. “I am so sorry, Miss Couric.”

“Not a problem, Eric. Thanks for the coffee. Care to come back after the boardcast for more accidents?” She smiles to Eric letting him know what will happen when he does.

“I’m all thumbs ma’am.” Eric says with a smile, as he leaves the room.

Katie smiles some to herself, and then a voices comes inside of the room. “Hitting on kids, Katie! You little whore.” Katie Couric looks up to her former day time foe and she smiles.

“Hello Julie Chen, what brings you here?” Katie smiles at her.

“Come inside of here Sandy.” Sandy Beach walks into the room. “This is your temporary, Sandy Beach.” Julie informs her.

Katie looks to Sandy in some shock. “Hope someone beat your parents for doing that to you?” Sandy laughs some at her joke. “She laughed so I might keep her. Come back please Julie, if you want any tips on how to get to the big leagues.”

“Maybe I will Katie. Enjoy your new toy Sandy.” Julie turns, and she leaves an excited Sandy with a wide eyed, and shocked Katie Couric.

As Julie walks down to hall, as looks to Eric and she says. “Come to my office Eric, Katie has her legs full right now.”


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