They Are Among Us

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The story I am writing is not true and therefor never happened. I am unaware of the sexual activities of Halle Berry. If you are under eighteen years of age or easily offended please stop reading now. Thank you. Send any comments to [email protected]


By sharkboy

Halle Berry walks into the office of Doctor Milick Brown and she looks around, as she sighs lightly. Her brown eyes look over the room, and she smiles at a little boy who looks up to her with awe. “Hello, young man.” She says, as she walks past him. After she checks in with the nurse she sits
down and she picks up a magazine. She begins to read it and after about ten minutes she feels a hand on her thigh. She looks past her magazine and she smiles at an innocent little boy. “What can I do for you?”

“Can you make it rain outside?” he asks her not able to make eye contact.

“Actually, I can’t. Do you understand I only pretend to be Storm, I can’t really do what she can do?”

“Why do you… lie then?” She can tell that she has shattered his imaginary world, and she works quickly to make amends.

“Because if the real Storm made a movie everyone will know who she is and she’ll be easy to capture.” His eyes widen then he nods.

“How about Nightcrawler then?” the little boy asks her a very good question.

Halle shakes her head, as she figures out she is no match for this little boy. “Nightcrawler is really purple besides he can teleport remember?” she smiles at how quick-witted she was.

“So he is really purple, but he still looks like a devil so people still know he’s a mutant?” her eyes widen as she looks to the little boy, as she remembers something she heard once, Never work with children or animals.

“Charlie! Leave her alone!” His mother comes to Halle’s rescue, thank god. “I am so sorry ma’am. Charlie really likes the X-Men movies.”

“Not a big deal, miss. Him and I were just talking.” Halle sets little Charlie on the floor and he looks up her skirt.

“Charlie!” His mother grabs him, and she nearly paddles him. Halle’s eyes narrow at her letting her know that would not be a good idea. “I am so sorry Miss Berry.”

“Don’t worry about it. He’s like any other man.” She smiles at Charlie. “Give me your home address and I’ll give him an autograph picture.”

The woman hands her a business card, and she looks to her. “Thank you, Miss Berry.”

“Please call me Halle. Heck, Charlie and I would be married by what has happened in some cultures.” Halle smiles at her, and her eyes widen. She then looks to Charlie.

“Next time you touch a woman like that you better have a ring on you.” Halle jokes with him. The little boy has a crush on her which is okay.

The woman looks to Halle in some shock, as she takes Charlie away from her and Halle laughs some. She can’t believe how many tight asses live in Hollywood. “Miss Berry, the doctor will see you now.” Halle stands, and she smiles at the curios little boy before her, as she walks into the doctors office. “How are you today Halle?” the nurse asks her.

“Pretty good. That cute little boy nearly gave me an exam on his own.” Halle laughs at him.

The nurse turns to her and she asks, “Did he touch you because…”

“Don’t worry about it Irene. He’s just a harmless kid.” Halle smiles at the pretty blond before her.

Irene shakes her head. “His mother has been warned before. Jessica Alba quit coming here because of him.”

“With a body like hers more than one little boy must have looked up her skirt before.” Halle shakes her head. Charlie is just curious and he’s harmless.
Irene nods some, as she smiles at Halle. “You like the female form?”

“Heck, who doesn’t? Some times even I have been really tempted.” Halle smiles at her. By how he face drops, Halle can tell she said the wrong thing. “Did I offend or something.”

“I am a Lesbian that’s all.” Irene tells her.

“Look, I got a very pretty friend if you are interested?” Halle now feels like garbage. “Did I send any signals?”

“No, just have a crush on you. Please don’t freak out?” if Halle were to quit coming here the doctor would so have her fired.

“Trust me if I freaked every time I met a woman who wanted to fuck me I would constantly be freaking out, so don’t worry.”

“Miss Berry, if you and I were…” Irene begins to ask her a question.

“Yes, I would so be on top of you.” Halle smiles sweetly to the pretty girl before her. “A word of advise that woman sitting across from me might be one too. She looked up my skirt more than Patrick Stewart did during filming.

Irene giggles some. “She’s my sister.”

“Oh, ask her how I look under there then? God, I have not seen that type of behavior since the boys used to drop pencils to look up my skirt in class.” Halle rolls her eyes, and Irene laughs some.

“My sister has some male like tendencies.” Irene informs her with a blush.

“Yeah, I figured that out on my own. Is Catwoman a detective?” Halle looks to Irene with a smile. “Come on I know you saw that movie?”

“On that note you own me eight dollars then.” Irene’s eyes narrow at the beautiful Halle Berry.

Halle smiles innocently at her and she ads, “Please go to the man who wrote the script?”

“Hardly, you starred in the movie so you owe me one.” Irene crosses her arms, and she looks to Halle harshly.

Halle looks to her in a pout and she says, “I am so sorry I had nothing to work with. I wanted to look all sexy in that tight leather.”

Irene shakes her head at Halle as she asks, “Care to come to Catnips tonight in that or a similar outfit?” her eyes go over Halle’s sensational body.

“Yeah, I’ll go there!” Halle says in a shriek. “I’ll never be allowed to leave. What are the chances I’d end up chained to some woman in red leather?” she says in a laugh.

“Actually it would be pretty good.” Irene says in a laugh. “I so understand why. The doctor will so be with you. Want to know a secret?”

“What kind of a secret?” Halle asks, as she leans in to listen to her.

“The Doctor has a thing for you. Usually, he goes into a little room after you visit.” Halle tries not to drool at the news she hears.

“Not something you tell someone who is going to go into the stirrups sister.” Halle smiles at her. She tries very hard not to go wild at the thought. She has had a huge crush on the handsome doctor for awhile. Doctor Brown is not a man who she would throw out of bed for eating crackers.

Doctor Brown comes into the room and he blinks at the nurse, she is usually gone by now and he looks to Halle and he smiles at her. “Hello Halle, how are you today?”

“I’m good Doctor Brown. Irene was trying to make me pay her back for the money she wasted on Catwoman.” Halle smiles at Irene and she blushes hard.

“Yeah, and Jessica Alba owes me for Into the Blue. Of course she did show plenty of skin, so we are even.” Halle makes an attempt to control herself, as his eyes go over her body. Maybe he does have a crush on her?

“You did not see Catwoman? Might as well not have added the nude scene then.” Halle frowns, as she looks to the handsome Doctor Brown.

“Yeah right, as if you need to be nude to put butts in the seats.” He places his hand on her bare knee.

Halle smiles at him, as she asks. “You have seen me nude. Can my naked body put butts in the seats?”

Then as a shock he leans in, and he kisses her deep. Halle smiles as the incredibly handsome man kisses her and she kisses him back. His hand moves over her thigh, as they kiss. He then breaks the kiss and she smiles at him. “How long have you wanted to do that?”

Doctor Brown looks to the ravishing Halle Berry, and he smiles at her. His hand is still on her thigh. “Since you first came into my office.”
Halle looks to him in some shock, and she asks, “Are you going to get into trouble for doing that?”

“Depends, have I offended you or anything?” he looks into her beautiful brown eyes with great passion. His hand moves farther up her leg. Halle finds herself helpless before him, and his hands.

“Before we do this we should including everyone inside of the room.” Halle looks past him to a most upset Irene. “Care to join us?”

Irene walks to Halle, and he kisses her with passion too. Halle kisses her back deeply. She grins as she kisses her first woman at least not an on-screen kiss. They kiss with powerful passion, and then Halle finally breaks it. She looks to Doctor Brown and she can see his hand on her leg, and she asks. “Did I fuck your brother? I met someone else with a killer set of hands too.”

Doctor Brown kisses her again, and Halle kisses him back with passion. Irene undoes her shirt as he kisses her exposing her healthy chest to them both. Doctor Brown moves to her neck and he kisses it gently, as Irene sucks on her tit. “Oh god, Doctor Brown…” Halle whispers softly, as she cranes her sexy neck. She looks down to Irene, as she sucks her nipple so hard. “Nothing is going to come out for you.”

Irene looks up to Halle, and she smiles at her. She kisses the beautiful actress with passion once again. Halle, an excellent kisser kisses her back with lust. Doctor Brown has moved down to her tits now and Halle moans, as he kisses them with powerful fury. Halle screams as she lies on her back, and she stops kissing Irene. Doctor Brown takes one tit and Irene takes the other tit, and each of them such so hard on them.

Doctor Brown then picks up her legs. His hand moves over her crotch, and she moans so hard as he does. He kisses her leg, as he plays with it so hard. She cums a little bit, as he continues to finger her out with such passion. She looks up to him, and she asks him. “Please fuck me?”

He looks to her and he removes her underwear. Halle sighs some in joy as the handsome man takes them off of her. She parts her long and sexy legs for him, and then she places them in the straddles for her exam, and she looks to him. “How many times have you beat off to this?”

His hands move up her amazing legs and she shudders, as he does it. He looks into her beautiful brown eyes, and he says. “Thousands of times.” His hands go down her milk brown skin, and Halle moans so loud. He then begins to kiss her legs softly, and she continues to moan so hard. She shakes as he continues to kiss her legs.

Halle opens her eyes and Irene smiles down at her. Her hands are on her tits and Halle smiles at her. “You got strong hands. I like strong hands.” Irene continues to play with her tits, as Doctor Brown kisses her incredible legs.

“How strong is your tongue?” Irene asks her with a kinky smile on her face.

Halle inserts her tongue into her mouth and Irene sucks it so hard. Halle then moans so hard, as Doctor Brown slides his finger inside of her. She continues to kiss her so hard, as he begins to finger fuck her. Irene plays with her tities, as she kisses Halle so hard. Halle then closes her beautiful brown eyes, and she cums so hard on his fingers.

Irene breaks the kiss and she smiles at her. “God, you are beautiful.” She looks into her beautiful eyes. Halle smiles back at her, and then ahead at Doctor Brown, She then parts her amazing legs and she asks. “Care to fuck me, doctor?”

Doctor Brown removes his pants and Halle blushes at his size. He slowly slides himself inside of her and Halle’s nails dig into the table hard. She looks to Irene, as she sits on her face.

Halle begins to eat out Irene hard, as Doctor Brown begins to fuck her so hard. Halle gasps hard as Doctor Brown continues to fuck her and she licks out Irene with vigor. She breathes so hard, as she eats out Irene with so much intensity. Irene suddenly cums hard on Halle’s face, and she screams so loud. She sits on her face breathing so deep, as Halle breathes on her pussy.

Doctor Brown continues to fuck Halle so hard and she closes her beautiful eyes as he fucks her. His hugeness moves inside of her so long as he continues to fuck Halle. She closes her long and sexy legs around him as he rides her so hard.

He then cums inside of Halle so hard and she orgasms as he cums inside of her and he body shakes as she cums. Her brown eyes close as she feels the ecstasy from the orgasm hit hard. She cums all over him and she opens her eyes and she smiles at him. “This was my best doctors appointment ever!”

After the appointment Halle finds herself in the waiting room once again. She sits down across from a very handsome sixteen-year old boy and his eyes continue to rover her beautiful body. His eyes peer up her skirt and she smiles at him. “See something you like?”

“No, I was just…” Jamaal says, as he shakes a little bit.

“Trying to look up my skirt?” she parts her legs. “Go ahead then.”

His eyes look up her skirt and then his eyes lock with hers. “I am a big fan.”

“No, you are a huge fan. Care to walk me out to my car?” Halle stands and she looks down to him. “You’ll be rewarded big time.”

Jamaal stands and he looks over her beautiful body and she smiles at him. She takes his arm and he escorts her out to the parking lot. She takes his hand and she places it on her firm ass and she smiles at him. “Getting any ideas?”

“God yes!” He cups her sexy ass and he makes Halle gasp so hard. She then turns to him and she kisses his handsome face hard with passion. Jamaal kisses her back half in shock.

Halle looks back to a sedan and she opens the back door and she lies down on the back seat, and she smiles up to the handsome sixteen year old boy above her. “Getting any ideas?” She parts her legs and he can see her pussy. She left her panties with Irene.

“God yeah.” He walks between her legs and she parts them farther apart for him. He pulls down his pants and he takes out his dick and he looks to her. She nods at him. He slides it inside of her and Halle grunts, as she adjusts to his size. She is so wet and his eyes look at her face, and she can tell he has figured out who she is. She prays that he just fucks her and he does not precum.

“Okay, you know who I am so now fuck me?” She begins to fuck the kid so hard. Her beautiful brown eyes look at him with an intensity he has never seen before. He begins to fuck her back so hard, as his eyes look into her. His hands move over her thighs as he feels her incredible skin.

She feels herself begin to peak and the look on his face goes to alarm. Her grabs his ass and she makes him fuck her so much harder. She looks up to him with passion and she chides him. “Don’t you cum now!”

She wraps her long and sexy legs around him, as Jamaal tries not to cum really hard. She fucks him so hard, as Halle looks into his handsome eyes. He fucks her so hard as Jamaal tries not to cum so hard.

She then cums hard around his penis and she looks up to Jamaal. He has a look of agony on his face. Her hand then moves to his balls and she begins to milk them hard.
His eyes then widen and he cums inside of her. “I am so sorry!” He shouts out, as he looks down to Halle.

“Can you get off of me now?” She smiles sexy at him, and he does as asked. She stands up and she looks to a stunned white man with his keys in his hand. “Does this car belong to you?”

“Yes… it does. Did you just?” Halle smiles at him. “Wow…”

Halle then walks to him and she asks. “Can I thank you properly?” The man nods as she gets on her knees. She then pulls down his pants. She takes his cock into her hands and she begins to suck him hard.

The man closes his eyes as he shouts. “Oh my God yes! God this is Heaven!” His chest heaves, as she sucks him so hard. After about ten minutes in the real world the man begins to cum inside of her mouth.

Halle then stands up and she smiles, and she kisses his mouth some. “Thank you for the car.”

“Actually it’s my mom’s car.” Man says in a shaky voice. Halle looks at him, and she smiles wide.

“I came in the back seat of mommy’s car? Reminds me of high school.” Halle smiles at him, as she turns and she walks to the corner. She hails a cab, and she gets inside and it drives away.

Inside of a house just outside of Hollywood, Halle Berry poses for some pictures in her orange Playboy Bunny uniform. She smiles as the camera takes the pictures for a kid of maybe sixteen. “Wow Miss Berry, you look so great!” The kid exclaims to her.

“Miss Berry? My mom is here? Feel free to call me Halle, kid.” She smiles down to the handsome young man behind her. “Like the view of my ass?”

“I was not looking at you…” Halle turns and she looks to the kid. “Okay, maybe I was.”

“That’s okay kid. A lot of men do.” She looks to the men behind her, and she smiles. “Right boys?”

“Right Halle!” All of the men reply to her and she grins wide.

“Hey kid, did I give them permission to call me Halle?” The kid shakes his head no at her. “Didn’t think so. What should I do to them? Should I spank them?” The kid leans up and he whispers something into her ear. “They’d like that, really?” She looks to the six men behind her, and they nod to her. “Wow, do you have any idea why?” She leans over and the kid whispers something else into her ear. He looks down her top, as he does.

He whispers some things into her ear that makes her blush and she looks him in the eyes. Being sick must have made him so brave. She is not sure if she should huge him or slap him. “Okay kid, spanking time!” She grabs him by the hand and she drags him up to his bedroom. This kid has a really rich daddy, and she knows he could buy or sell most people. Not her though she is Halle Berry.

“Kid, you don’t even know me. How dare you say stuff like that to me?” She looks into his eyes. He looks down at the floor.

“I am so sorry, Miss Berry.” George Jr. looks to the floor. Tears run down his shallow cheeks.

She sighs some as she blows her bangs from her eyes. “Come here, kid. I really over reacted.” George Jr. walks to Halle and she presses her body against his, as they hug. George Jr. then does the unthinkable as he grabs her ass. Halle gasps hard, as he does it. She closes her beautiful brown eyes.

“Hey kid, you want a naughty spanking?” Halle asks her, as he continues to grab her luscious ass. “Oh God!” She then closes her beautiful brown eyes. George Jr. lowers her to the bed, as he undoes her costume. “Want to fuck me, huh kid?”

“Yes I do.” Her costume comes down, and the kid looks at her chest. Halle smiles at him. “Like my tits, kid.” She looks into his eyes.

“What’s going on in here?” Halle jumps, as the voice comes out of no where. She looks to George Sr. and she sighs so hard.

“I was just…” Halle begins to somehow explain things to the older member of the group.

“Attempting to fuck my son?” He asks her, and Halle blushes hard.

“Yeah, that’s it.” She smiles at the man. “Is that bad?”

“Actually no, care to fuck me too.” George Senior asks with a smile on his face.

Halle smiles at him. “Love to.” Maybe this will end this heat she has been in? “Mind if I fuck the kid first?” She lets the uniform fall to the floor.

“Yes, you can fuck him. Does he need a condom?” George Senior asks the beautiful Halle Berry, and she shakes her head no.

“Trust me, I am good.” Halle smiles at the man, and then she looks at the kid. “Besides he’d cum before I could get it on him.”

George Senior then leaves the room and she looks to George Jr. She smiles at him, as she begins to do some jumping jacks. Her tits bounce up and down and George Jr. watches them. “I think I just came.” George lowers his head some in shame.

“No you did not.” Halle quits jumping, and she looks to his pants. Maybe he did cum or maybe something else has happened? “How long have you been unable to get a hard on, kid?”

“It’s been a few months. I even watched some of your good stuff and it did not help?” George Jr. smiles to her shyly.

“My good stuff, huh?” She makes quote marks with her fingers, and she smiles at him. “What do you consider… yeah you don’t care for acting you care for tits and asses.”

Halle smiles at him, as she sits on the bed and she crosses her long and sexy legs.

George Jr. walks to her and she smiles up at him. “I bet I can get you hard.”

He smiles at the beautiful woman before him, and he asks. “Can I touch your…”

“Yes,” She says in a smooth and sexy voice, as her hand moves over his cock. George Jr. then moves his hands over her smooth and sexy legs. “Oh you found my weakness kid.” She remarks to him.

George Jr. smiles as his hands move over her sexy pantyhose covered legs. Halle smiles up at him. George Jr. then frowns as his erection comes up. “I don’t know what to do next.” He admits to her.

“Are you a virgin?” Halle asks him with a smile. Of course George is a virgin. He has been so sick for so many years that he has had no time to look for any women.
He sighs some as he admits. “I am a virgin. Not a real shock, huh?” George Jr. the blushes a nice crimson. “You must think I am such a loser?”

Halle then jumps to her knees and she catches him before he leaves the room. “I said no such thing kid.” She makes him sit beside of her. “You have been sick, kid. You have no right to call yourself a loser. Understood?”

He nods and then he looks to her very sexy neck, and he begins to kiss it. Halle throws her head back, as she unbuckles his pants and she moves them down his skinny legs. Then she lowers his underwear to his knees and she smiles up to him as she asks. “Got a pair of scissors?”

George Jr. takes a pair of scissors off of the table, and he hands them to the beautiful Halle Berry. Then she cuts out her pussy freeing it. “Got any ideas now?”

The sick little boy can no longer control himself and he takes himself into his hands and he inserts himself into Halle Berry. She grunts at the sudden entrance, but she enjoys it deeply.

She can tell he is not going to last too long and she fucks him for all she is worth. She wraps her long and sexy legs wrap around him as she pulls him inside of her. He fucks her so hard, but he lacks any real strength. He then cums inside of her as Halle bears down on him so hard. He then looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “Did you like?” Halle asks him.

George Jr. smiles as he nods at her. “Did you cum?” He asks her.

Halle nods yes, and she lies to him. “You rocked my world, kid.” Halle lies to the kid a little bit because he did not fuck her even long enough to make her cum. He did fuck her nice and hard. “Did I do well?”

“Yes, I can…” His eyes then begin to tear up, as Halle holds him really close to her. “Halle, I don’t want to die…” Halle holds George Jr. close to her amazing body, as he cries so hard. She never makes it in to see George Sr. that night.

The next morning George Sr. sits inside of his study as Halle Berry sucks his dick so hard. Her beautiful brown eyes look up at him, and she smiles as she sucks him so hard. Her hand then moves to his nuts, as she sucks him even harder. Suddenly he screams hard, and he cums inside of her mouth. She tries her best to swallow it all but she can’t, and she’s forced to spit some out of the floor. “Sorry about the carpet.”

“We got carpet in here?” George Sr. looks around in a little shock.

Halle smiles up at him. “I really have to go now.” She then stands up, and she smiles at George Sr.

“I totally understand, beautiful. Can you at least…”

“Put on some fucking clothes before you leave?” His wife Nancy stands outside of the door. She looks to Halle in hatred.

“Ma’am, I am so sorry.” Halle lowers her head in shame. She has no idea why she has been so horny lately. She must be sick or something.

“Don’t give me that shit and get out!” Nancy yells at her loud. She then slams the door behind her and Halle begins to cry hard. George Sr. does hold her as she cries so hard.

Later that day, she shows up for an audition to a huge movie during the summer. She walks into a room and she looks at the bed. A very nice queen sized bed, and she sighs some. She knows the intentions of the guy who called her for this movie and this bed confirms it big time.

The door opens and she sighs one more time as this yummy handsome man walks into the room. He extends his hand to her. “Hello, I am Mike.” He smiles at her making her legs feel so weak.

“Hi, I am Halle Berry. What is this movie about? I read the script last night.” And it made her wet as Hell. She licks her lips hard. “A little racy for my tastes.” Halle smiles to the man very sexy like. “How do you intend to make something like this mainstream?”

Mike then places his hand on her sexy as hell thigh and he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. “I was hoping to recruit a famous and very sexy actress to star in it.”

“Is your hand on her upper thigh and moving up it?” Halle asks after she bites her lip, and she looks down at his hand. She really does not need this right now.

“Does the star of my movie have a problem with how I touch her?” Mike looks into her beautiful eyes, as his hand still moves up her leg.

“I don’t know. Maybe you should ask her?” Halle does enjoy what Mike is doing to her leg. She then presses her body so close to him, as his hand moves over her ass. She moans softly as he does.

“Halle, I got a bedroom in the back…” Before he can finish his question Halle pulls away from the handsome man, and she smiles. Mike leans down and he kisses her close. She kisses him with such a powerful passion that it takes his breath away. Her hands move over his spine, as they kiss so close.

She then closes her eyes, as he breaks the kiss and he breathes on her neck. Halle coos as he does this and her sexy body shivers so hard. He then pulls away from her and she smiles up to him. She then takes his hand and she leads him into the back bedroom.

Then rips off her shirt freeing her large tits, and he kisses them so hard. Halle gasps as his mouth moves over her large mounds. He then lowers her to the bed, and he looks into her eyes. Halle smiles up to the handsome man above her.

Mike takes her left leg into his right hand, and he smiles at Halle. His hand slowly moves over her calf and Halle gasps hard, and she closes her eyes. His mouth moves over her sexy legs and Halle gasps so hard. “Do you like men who play with your legs, Halle?” Mike asks her after he kisses down her sexy leg. His hot breath then goes over her inner thigh.

“Oh God yes!” Halle shirks loud, as his breath goes over her hip. He then removes her black panties. Mike then looks at them, and he smiles at her. She smiles up at him nervously.

“You are a naughty girl aren’t you?” Mike asks, as he looks down at her shaven pussy. His finger then moves on the outer lip, and Halle gasps hard. She then closes her eyes, as he inserts a finger inside of her. Halle moves her hips against his finger as he finger fucks her so hard.

Halle moans and groans as he finger fucks her so hard. Her large chest rises and falls as he does. She then cums around his fingers as Mike finger fucks her. Then she opens her eyes and she smiles up to him. “Wow!” She says to him. Mike then lies beside of her.

“I enjoyed that so much.” Mike comments to her. Halle smiles at him.

“You haven’t even fucked me yet.” Halle says to him with a giggle.

“I get to fuck you then?” Mike asks her with a grin, and Halle nods.

Mike then gets between her legs, and his hands move up then and Halle shudders hard. His hands move up her sexy legs as he enjoys how her skin feels. She closes her eyes, as she lifts her hips to him, and she begs him. “Please, fuck me so hard?”

He then removes his pants, and he takes himself in his hand and he looks into her eyes. He runs his dick up her right leg, and Halle closes her eyes, and she gasps so hard. “Oh God! PLEASE!” Halle begs him so sincere.

She lifts her hips to him, and she smiles and Halle asks him. “You want me to beg, don’t you?” Mike nods at her. “Well, I could just leave then, right?” Halle then smiles at him devilishly.

Mike then takes himself in his hand, and he slides himself inside of Halle Berry. She closes her eyes, and she gasps hard, as he begins to move inside of her.
Halle slams her hips into him so hard, as she looks up to the handsome man above her, as he fucks her back so hard. He then takes her legs and he spreads them a little farther than she thought possible, and she closes her eyes.

Mike then begins to fuck Halle so hard, as he slams himself inside of her so hard. Halle’s large breasts move up and down as Mike fucks her so hard. He looks at her beautiful face, as he fucks Halle so hard. Halle then grunts so hard, as she cums all over his dick.

He continues to move inside of the beautiful Halle Berry, and she moves against him so hard. Halle then opens her eyes and she smiles up to him. She tightens her legs around him, as she tightens herself against him. She smiles at Mike as he cums inside of her so hard. Halle orgasms too, as she smiles up to him.

Mikes takes a moment to realize what he and Halle has done, and he smiles at her. Halle grins up to him. “How did I do, handsome?”

“You were great!” Mike shouts overwhelmed a little bit. He then looks at her tits. Oh my god they are so fabulous. “How was I?”

Halle smiles up to the handsome man above her, and she replies. “You were wonderful. Can I sign that contract now?” She asks him, as she wraps her legs around him really hard.

“What do you want?” Mike asks a little afraid. Halle seems to be a lot less tired than he is.

She smiles up to him, and she replies to him, “Thirty million dollars and to get laid any time I want.” Halle then smiles up to the handsome man on top of her.

“The money might be a huge problem. How about 20 percent of any profits we make?” Mike asks her really nervous, as her legs tighten around him some.

Halle just smiles at him, and she asks. “What about the sex?”

“The sex will happen any time you want.” He answers her question. Halle then unwraps her legs from around his waist and she gets up.

“That is all I wanted anyway.” She then smiles at him. “I have to put that costume on now. By the way that sex scene will so be rewritten because I don’t do that with women.” Halle then shakes her head, as she remembers Doctor Brown’s office. “Never mind I can do it.”

“Does this mean you are on board then Halle?” Mike asks her, as his eyes explore her incredible naked body.

Halle looks to the handsome man before her and she sighs hard. “Yeah, I am on board. Might as well follow Catwoman with another flop.” She looks to the smiling man before her and she asks, “You don’t truly care what I say do you?”

“Trust me Halle, once you are seen in the costume inside of that bag our movie will make over one hundred million dollars.” Mike smiles at her.

Halle then looks inside of the bag and her eyes then widen, she looks back to Mike and she sighs hard. “God damn you are kinky as hell. Let’s sign this contract before I smarten up.” Halle smiles her beautiful smile to the man before her.

“It on the table beautiful. Care to get back into bed when you are done?”

Halle walks to the table and she signs the contract, and then she looks back to Mike. “What have you heard about me?” She shakes her head some because she has deserved some of the recent rumors about her.

“I got three words for you Halle. I got a friend named Doctor Milick Brown.” Halle then rolls her eyes.

“Next time you talk to the good doctor ask him what he gave me, because he has turned me into a complete slut, even by my standards. I saw him last Friday.”

“Halle, Doctor Brown has been missing for over three weeks. So, there is no way you could have seen him last Friday.”

She drops the pen after she signs her contract, and she looks back to Mike. “Who the fuck did I go see last week then?”


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