The Violation Of Fergie

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The Violation of Fergie

By Dragon333

Celebs: Fergie, Keyshia Cole, Regina Hall, Kellita Smith

Codes: nc, spit, Fdom, FF+

DISCLAIMER: The events in this story are not real or based on any real events of the lives of any of the celebrities or people. This is made for entertainment purposes only. If you are offended by forced sex stories, kidnapping stories, or sex in general, then read no further.

©March 1st, 2006

Chapter One: The Abduction

The awards performance was just over and
Fergie was walking out with her pimps next to her. She was the newest member of the black eyed peas, and was added because she was willing to play with her tits in public for all the fans to see, and in hopes to sell records. And it worked. She just got done moving her nice white tits up and down with her hands for a whole crowd of over 1,000 people to watch. The fans loved the performance and her pimps in the band loved her being their personal white whore even more.

Keyshia Cole and her new gathered posse were waiting by not too far away in their van. Keyshia knew lots of people, and some of them knew people who sold explosives and a lot of equipment you couldn’t get in stores. For this task that she was planning out for her posse, she was well prepared. Keyshia Cole was a hot girl with really big tits, and had a tattoo on her arm. She was hot with just a twist of ghetto-ness. She had burgundy hair with burgundy lipstick to match. She was wearing a plain white tank top that revealed some cleavage at the top of her upper clothing. She also had on burgundy jeans. In the van was also, Regina Hall, Kellita Smith and Samson. Regina Hall had a ghetto look most of the time and her ghetto look was extremely hot. However she could also change her look from ghetto to sweet whenever she wanted. At the moment she dressed as a ghetto girl and had her hair in braids. In movies she’d usually sport her excellent black cleavage. Kellita Smith was the mature woman from the Bernie Mac Show who had nice bouncy tits! The slightest movement from her body could cause her “goodies” to bounce. Samson was a guy that Keyshia dragged into this task, because, as she says, wants to make a guy get lucky in the process. Keyshia’s eyes were cold and determined. Samson looked at her eyes in the rear view mirror, and saw the determination in her eyes and by looking at her eyes, she was going for the kill.

“Alright everyone, put your gas masks on! By now you all should have your ear pieces in your ears too! No time to waste!” Keyshia told everyone, as she gave them the signal to move in. After everyone put their gas masks on, Keyshia took a small smoke bomb and threw it at the building. Within seconds, the whole area was covered in smoke. Luckily the gas masks that Keyshia and her posse put on had goggles and they could see clearly through the smoke. Then Keyshia took a sleeping grenade and threw it, and everyone except her crew was fast asleep. They spotted Fergie briskly and took her in the van. Regina Hall kneeled down exposing her cleavage to whoever would’ve been in front of her, as she looked through guys wallets and took their money, and other jewelry she could find on other people.

“Regina! What the hell you doin’?” Keyshia asked her.

“What? We already kidnapping and going to do the girl! We might as well take what we can get! Besides… shit.. I ain’t doin’ dis for free!” Regina explained in her ghetto accent and talk.

When they all got in the van they were all wearing necklaces, rings, and had their wallets, purses and pockets stuffed with cash! They would have stuffed some cash in their bras like all other girls but they knew they were going to take their bras off soon. Samson took a few rings, necklaces and some cash as well. He figured what Regina said was right! If he’s going to do something as bad as this, and probably get caught, then he should might as well get himself paid for it. He didn’t want to be the only person who didn’t get the bling and if something happened because of what was going on today, then he wanted to at least get paid for it and get his doings worth.

Chapter Two: Welcome to the dungeon, Fergie

During the time they were in the van, they used a cop’s handcuffs to handcuff Fergie, and used Keyshia’s dirty panties to stuff her mouth so she couldn’t scream. The sleeping grenade’s cause was still in effect and Fergie was still sleeping like a baby. Kellita looked over to Samson who was sitting on the right to her. She saw him moving his eyes around and breathing a bit harder than usual. She smiled exposing her sexy mature dimples.

“Why do you look so tense? Loosen up!” she said rubbing his thighs briefly. She then scooted in closer to him and saw he still looked nervous. This will definitely calm him down, she thought to herself. “Loosen up, really.” She said and took his hand and placed it on her beautiful jiggly black breasts. That was a move that most girls do to let a guy know she likes them, and it was a lot better and a lot less boring than trying to get the guy to ‘get to know her.’ It really calmed Samson down, and then they first kissed each other on the lips, and then slowly stuck their tongues in each others mouths. He rubbed her nice tits with his right palm under her shirt and through her bra, while at the same time, Kellita rubbed his balls with her hand through his pants. Ironically, at the exact second they finished their make out session, they arrived at the basement that Keyshia Cole kept her dungeon. Regina helped Keyshia chain up Fergie’s ankles with chains to the provided posts in the dungeon. Fergie’s hands were still cuffed behind her back.

“How are we gonna wake dis’ bitch up?” Regina asked Keyshia.

“Don’t worry, ma, I got just da thing!” Keyshia said going to one of her drawers and getting an injection needle.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a waking elixir. I got it from some friend who was friends with someone who worked with the government. I’m telling you girl, the government has EVERYTHING!” Keyshia then injected about an ounce of it into one of Fergie’s white arms. Fergie blinked and then opened her eyes wide.

“Where am I, and what the hell am I doing here, dude?” Fergie asked frustrated.

“Dude?” Regina asked sarcastically. “Not so black now are you? Keyshia what should we do with her first?” Keyshia grinned and knew exactly what to tell her, and she didn’t have to think for even a second.

“Spit in her face!” Keyshia told her. Regina then quickly spit on her face and it landed in her eye. Fergie tried to wipe it off with her hand, and then was the time she realized her hands were cuffed.

“You handcuffed me?!” Fergie screamed out.

“No fucking shit, bitch! Damn you white girls are really stupid!” Regina told her.

“Spit in her face again!” Keyshia orderd. Regina, this time gathered a logi of spit in her throat and spit a logi in Fergie’s face! “You think you’re so much fucking better than us black girls huh? Just cuz you play with your titis in every music video and live performance huh? Just cuz your slutty white ass, is willing to rub up your titis and practically masturbate for all the damn easy fans! Today Fergie, I’m going to show you that you’re NOT as hot as you think you are!” Keyshia then spit a logi of her own onto Fergie’s white face. Then she spit on her clothed breasts. Fergie spit back at Keyshia.

“You white bitch! It’s time to teach you some manners! And it’s time to teach you some respect for black women! You think you’re so fucking hot just ‘cuz you hang around black guys? You’re a joke, Fergie!” Keyshia slapped her in the face. “Or should I stay, Stacy? No wait, the name Fergie reminds me more of a frog, so I’ll just keep calling you by your precious little nickname, whore!” Fergie then looked down and felt a tear come down her cheek. “Why the hell are you crying stupid whore? I heard from MANY sources you were bi sexual! And that you never denied it, and even admitted it!” Fergie mumbled something and Keyshia couldn’t hear her. She smacked the ho again! “Speak up, cunt! If you want to be heard!”

“That’s not it! That’s not the reason I’m cryyyyying!”

“Is one of the reasons ‘cuz I’m spitting in your face?” Fergie then nodded her head yes. Keyshia then spit in her face again. Regina then held Fergie’s mouth open from the sides, and Keyshia gathered another logi of spit, and spit right in it.

“Alright, Kellita! It’s your turn! Spit in this whore’s mouth!” Kellita spit in her mouth and Regina tilted her head and forced Fergie to swallow their spit. Regina grabbed and squeezed Fergie’s tits with both hands.

“At least her twins are real!” Regina winked at Keyshia.

“Go for it, girl!” Keyshia encouraged her. Regina took a pocket knife out of her right pocket and opened it. She softly held the blade to the middle of Fergie’s chin and slowly, softly stroked it down her face, and neck. Then she sliced opened Fergie’s shirt from the top of the middle of it, and cut open her shirt in half, and revealed her bra.

“Nice cleavage, pussy! Now that we have you in this position, why not have you show us more?” Regina then sliced the middle of her bra open, revealing Fergie’s beautiful breasts, and pink nipples. “I got to hand it to ya, white girl, you do have dope knockers for a white slut!” Regina then backed off to let Kellita get a turn with her.

“I agree with her, Fergie!” Kellita said as she took off her top and her black bra. Her mature black tits jiggled as she let the bra drop down. She gave her a big dimpled smile right before she cocked her hand back and then slapped her white breast.

“Ouch!” Fergie said as she felt Kellita’s hand slap her boob hard, and caused it to jiggle. Keyshia smiled when she saw a pink bruise immediately form on Fergie’s tit.

“It looks like it hurt with that pink mark on it, Keyshia why don’t you make the pain of Fergie’s tit go away!” Kellita suggested.

“It would be my fucking pleasure!” Keyshia said as she knelt down and stuck her tongue all the way out, and from the bottom of Fergie’s knockers, she took a mouthful of her tit, with her pink nipple in the middle of her tongue and sucked on it. She sucked slow, yet hard. And after about 10 seconds of her doing that, Regina joined in and also took a mouthful of the white slut’s tit and put it in her mouth. They both sucked on the white whore’s tits long and hard. Kellita got behind them, in the middle of them, and with her left hand, grabbed Regina’s left tit, and with her right hand, grabbed Keyshia’s huge right tit, as they kept sucking harder and harder. Kellita rubbed their boobs with her hands, while the two ghetto girls were letting her and continued sucking on their slave’s tits. Keyshia and Regina kept sucking until their jaws almost ached.

“OK, Samson, it’s your turn! Pull your pants down, and little Fergie will suck you off!” Keyshia told him.

“Uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea just yet.” Samson said nervously.

“Boy, take your fucking pants off NOW!” Keyshia scolded at him. Samson then briskly pulled his pants and boxers down. “Get over here and stick your dick in her mouth.”

“You better suck his dick good, you little white bitch, or else!” Regina threatened her.

“Or else WHAT?” Fergie asked. Regina then raised the pocket knife she had in her hand and showed it right in front of her face as a reminder.

“I didn’t bring this shit for nothing, cunt! You better do exactly what we tell you, or you’ll get what’s coming to ya!” Knowing that, Fergie opened up her mouth wide and big, as she let Samson slowly insert his penis into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it and started to bop her head back and forth.

“It doesn’t look like you’re sucking, Fergie! Don’t try to fake us out! SUCK his DICK!” Keyshia demanded. Fergie was frustrated that her plan to ‘fake’ suck didn’t go through. Fergie finally then sucked his dick for real, and Keyshia held onto Fergie’s blonde hair tightly enough for her to feel pressure on the back of her head, and forced her to bop her head back and forth. Then Keyshia firmly pressed her head onto Samson’s cock, forcing her mouth to stay right as deep as it went. She held her head firmly in that position, which caused Fergie to start coughing through his erect penis. “That’s it, bitch! Gag on it!” Keyshia said laughing at her, and then when she felt Fergie was about to suffocate, she pulled her head back by her hair so she wouldn’t. Fergie took deep breaths as soon as Keyshia let her face out for air. Then she shoved her face over Samson’s cock again, forcing her to gag another time. She did it a third time, and this time, Fergie felt her eyes become teary from the coughing and gagging that was forced. While Fergie had teary eyes, and sucked on Samson’s erect shaft, Keyshia rubbed her big black tits against Fergie’s back. She rubbed them up and down and pressed them against her back, as it seemed her back was absorbing the huge fun bags of Keyshia. Samson groaned as he shot a big load down Fergie’s throat. There was a bit more, and he jerked himself off, and shot a little bit of his left over cum into Fergie’s eye.

“Ah! It stings!” Fergie exclaimed. “Please wipe the cum off me!”

“First tell us what you are!” Keyshia told her.

“A white girl.” Fergie said uncertain of the answer that Keyshia wanted her to say.
Keyshia smacked the bitch hard in the face. She then squeezed Fergie’s tit as hard as she could. “Ouch!!!”

“You’re a stupid little whore! Say it!”

“I’m a stupid little whore!” Fergie said with tears running down her face.

“And what else?” Keyshia asked her.

“A white slut!”

“You’re more than that, bitch! Tell us everything your nasty ass is!” Regina added.

“I’m a fucking white tramp! I’m a piece of shit! I’m a cracker slut bitch! I’m a horny little dumb whore! I’m nothing but a cunt! I’m a pussy! I’m a horny little, piece of shit, whore, and slut, filthy pussy!”

“And what WILL you be?” Kellita asked.

“That’s all I’ll ever be! A piece of shit, slutty whore pussy!” Fergie said with tears in her eyes.

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