The Harem: Better Late Than Never

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Before you all begin, two things. First, yes this is a Harem Christmas
story. Second, yes I am very aware that it is currently January.
I figured it was better to get this done well than get it done quickly.
Besides, the positive message of the Christmas season is something that
should be embraced year round and not just because it’s not December
anymore. Plus, I kind of figured with all the hot, lesbian celebrity
sex in this no one would even notice the date.

Truthfully, if I’d gotten the inspiration for this story more than one week before
Christmas, I would have gotten it out sooner, but hey the muse
when she strikes.

Now this isn’t a Harem chapter specifically. But rather a simple
story starring our favorite Harem girls and a few new ones that will
serve as a prologue to what’s going down in Chapter 16. I am
working on Chapter 16 as we speak, and this will help lead into what’s
going on there. This story takes place months after Sarah bolted
at the end of her bachelorette party and picks up the action from there
as a few things have changed inside the mansion.

If you need to check on previous chapters, they’re right here in the
files section of Stargazerz and I think you will enjoy them.

And now for the standard disclaimers. This story is fiction.
There is no mansion of horny lesbian celebrities fucking each other
silly day and night. This is just a product of my overheated imagination.
Second, if you’re under 18 then I’m afraid you can’t read this.
All age laws in your neck of the woods apply and must be followed.

A shout out to my ace proofreader KayJay who caught all the ridiculous
spelling and grammatical errors that neither I nor spell check caught.
Thanks for his help and his suggestions.

Now for the most important part…getting me feedback. I work pretty
dang hard on these chapters and ask for no money in return (though if
you’d like to send some, I’d be more than happy to accept.
I can quit my job and work on stories full time. Mmmmm bliss).
All I ask for is your feedback, whether you loved it or hated it.
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Your feedback is much appreciated.

And now here’s something you’ll really enjoy…

The Harem

“Better Late Than Never”


Usually on days when she didn’t have to be up to be on the set, eight in the
morning was way too early for Alyssa Milano to even be up, much less
be full of holiday cheer. But there she was bright and smiling
before noon with not even a single cup of coffee in her system yet.
If that wasn’t a Christmas miracle then Alyssa didn’t know what

Malibu was a place of late nights and even later mornings, but this was a day
Alyssa wouldn’t have slept in and missed for all the lesbian sex in
the world. She didn’t even mind getting into costume and driving
all the way into the city and leaving her friends behind for the day.
The children were worth it.

Ever since she had gotten her first acting break, Alyssa had made herself
promise that if she got famous she would never turn into one of those
selfish celebrities that could barely be bothered to write out a check
for charity. She wanted to give back and not just with her bank
account. She really wanted to give her time and her energy to
helping people in need.

She had grown up modestly in New York City and she had never forgotten where
she had come from. Whenever there was a chance to help others
she was usually there. Despite all the Hollywood trappings she
had and the hedonism she so eagerly indulged in with her housemates
daily and nightly, she hadn’t lost this part of herself.

was why she was up at this ungodly hour on her weekend dressed in the
fluffy red and white trimmed outfit one might expect on a yearly visitor
from the North Pole. She even had her Santa hat on and, after
suitably checking herself out in the mirror, she gave the soft white
ball at the end of her hat a playful flick with her thumb.

wasn’t supposed to be Santa that morning. That job was going to someone
who was significantly more male than she was, but Alyssa had been assigned
the role of Mrs. Claus and she was more than happy to play it.
She and some of her fellow celebrities were supposed to handing out
presents to homeless and needy children and as soon as she’d been
asked, Alyssa had signed on.

I still look hot,” Alyssa said aloud, even though she was alone in
her room. “Mrs. Claus is definitely gonna be giving Santa a
hard-on this year.”

giggled as she indulged herself in a caress of her own body through
her costume. She definitely was one sexy Mrs. Claus and she loved
how the material felt against her body. She might even keep it
for a while after today. It might add some extra spice later when
she gave her housemates their Christmas presents.

costume certainly didn’t expose too much flesh. There wasn’t
even a hint of cleavage on display and white stockings covered what
leg was shown. After all this was a children’s charity event
and not a strip club.

Alyssa still had a healthy enough self esteem that she couldn’t help
but notice how well she filled out her costume. The red was pushed
out nicely by the swell of her tits and Alyssa felt a happy stirring
between her legs as she pictured her friends helping her out of her
costume once she got home.

those thoughts would have to wait. There were gifts to give.
Sex could come later.

tore herself away from her own reflection and headed downstairs.
She didn’t have to run off quite yet. There was still some time
to get some coffee and make sure she didn’t konk out around noontime.
But before she could get to the kitchen, Alyssa discovered she wasn’t
the only mansion resident up this early and full of cheer.

fact Alyssa saw her mood was downright Scrooge-like compared to Jennifer
Love Hewitt as she buzzed around the mansion’s Christmas tree, hanging
up the last of the ornaments she had picked up yesterday. They
had gotten the tree a few weeks back and Love had treated it like her
baby ever since, making sure it got water at just the right temperature,
received the perfect amount of light per day and that it was decorated

since they had brought the tree in, Love had been tinkering with it,
moving ornaments around and adjusting tinsel until she had it right.
Then the next day she’d have come up with an even better idea to make
the tree look prettier and she had gone right back to work. It
was the same thing that had happened the year before and the year after
that and it never failed to amuse Alyssa to see her friend get intoxicated
with the Christmas spirit.

there was anyone in the mansion one could have predicted to go crazy
for the holidays it was Love and they would have would have been right
on the money. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, Love was the
mansion’s Martha Stewart without the dictatorial side. She was
an endless source of holiday cheer and since today was Christmas Eve
she was in peak form.

leaned against the doorway and watched with a wide smile as Love, dressed
in her bathrobe, left the tree alone and busied herself with a task
she’d been dying to complete since last Dec. 26. Love opened
a box and one by one pulled out the Christmas stockings that lay within.
Growing up, Love’s mom had waited until Christmas Eve before letting
her and her brother hang up their stockings and she had continued the
tradition here in Malibu.

they had first explored the mansion that first day, Love had been secretly
ecstatic to see a fireplace just so she could do this come Christmastime.
The fireplace didn’t get much use with Malibu weather, save for the
occasional days when heavy rains put them in the mood to get toasty,
but Love had been as happy to see it as she had any sexual theme to
any of the rooms.

pulled a hammer and nails off the table and walked back to the fireplace
and began hanging the stockings up on the mantle. They were all
labeled with white script she had made herself and soon everyone’s
name was on display. There were stockings for Rose, Jen, Jessica,
Christina, Jewel, Alyssa and of course herself and Love’s smile grew
when she saw how good they all looked hanging side by side.

loved having so many of her friends around at Christmastime. It
said to her that what they had was more than just sex, but something
more. They were a family too in their own little way. It
was a constantly horny, lust filled way, but a way nonetheless.

over at the tree, Love couldn’t help but feel the giddy rush that
came every December. She loved seeing all those presents under
the tree, just waiting to be opened and not just because a healthy amount
of them had her name on them. She couldn’t wait for the floor
to be filled with wrapping paper tomorrow morning as her friends saw
what she had gotten them.

took present shopping very seriously. She didn’t just want to
get good presents for the people she cared about. She wanted to
get perfect ones. She didn’t care if she had to go to the ends
of the earth to find them. And now that her show was doing so
well, Love had the extra money to make it happen. She was going
to get perfect presents if it took every drop of energy she had.
She could collapse and rest the day after Christmas.

gifts that were perfectly suited to each and every one of her housemates
had been challenging but Love had done it. Of course she still
had a few more left to get. She wanted to get one more thing for
her mom and last night she had thought of something she just had to
run out and get for Gwen Stefani because it was too perfect to pass

to shop even on Christmas Eve didn’t damper Love’s spirits though.
She was so in the Christmas zone that nothing was going to faze her.
She had the Christmas music going and sugarplums dancing over her head
as she finished her stocking hanging and she wasn’t going to stop
smiling until every bell had been jingled.

was the Christmas music that finally inspired Alyssa to make her presence
known. She had remained silent throughout Love’s work but it
wasn’t until Alvin & The Chipmunks’ Christmas Don’t Be Late
came on that she couldn’t take anymore, especially when Love began
singing along.

a plane that loops the loop,” Love giddily sang along with the high-pitched
rodents. “Me I want a hula hoop. We can barely stand the
wait…please Christmas don’t be late.”

no! Not that!” Alyssa protested with a laugh. “Not that
song! Play anything else! Play Run-DMC. Play Jose
Feleciano. Hell, you can even play the dogs barking Jingle Bells,
but you are not allowed to play that song! It gets stuck in my
head every year!”

Love giggled, pressing the skip button on her CD player. She didn’t
mind that song, but she understood how it could easily get on someone’s
nerves. Luckily she had burned a CD with a long, thorough mix
of Christmas songs and the combination of The Barenaked Ladies and Sarah
McLachlan singing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen came up.

better,” Alyssa said before giving her housemate a proper good morning
kiss, which got the both of them smiling even more.

I definitely want more of that for Christmas,” Love joked as she eyed
her costumed friend. “I hope you got my list this year Santa.”

do you see a beard and a fat gut here?” Alyssa teased. “I’m
Mrs. Claus. Not Santa.”

Love replied with a smile. “Just as long as you bring me what
I want this year.”

I dunno, I’d have to check to see if you’re on the nice list or
the naughty one,” Alyssa said. She glanced up at the clock and
saw that she still had some time to spare.

were starting to get a little frisky between her and Love and Alyssa
made the split second decision not to fight it. Maybe sex didn’t
have to wait until she got home after all. The kids were still
going to get their presents. She had a little time left to have
herself some fun.

Santa has to deliver all those presents tonight,” Love pointed out.
“Are you going to have time to check to see if I’ve been nice this

we’ll just have to go over your list again, won’t we?” Alyssa
said, sitting down in a chair. “Come sit in my lap little girl
and tell Mrs. Claus what you want.”

all the way, Love sat herself in her housemate’s lap and gave her
a loving kiss.

bribes,” Alyssa grinned. “You’re not going to kiss your
way to presents little girl. Now what is it you want this year?”

Mrs. Claus I want lots of things,” Love playing along as she nestled
herself in Alyssa’s lap and rubbed their soft bodies together.
“I want a pony. I want a Barbie Dream House. I want a
new dolly. I want new roller skates. I want a puppy.
I want…”

there little girl,” Alyssa interrupted. “That’s a pretty
long list you have there. Do you deserve any of those presents?
Have you been a good girl this year?”

try to be good Mrs. Claus, but I can’t help being naughty sometimes,”
Love replied in her sexiest little girl voice. “Please don’t
tell Santa. I want to be a good girl, but it’s so much more
fun to be bad.”

we can work out some kind of arrangement,” Alyssa offered as she began
caressing Love’s back through her fluffy robe. “What have
you done that was so naughty little girl? Maybe it’s not so

it’s definitely naughty Mrs. Claus,” Love insisted. “I try
so hard to be good but I can’t help it. I see these pretty girls
all the time and I just want to kiss them. I want to kiss their
pretty lips and totally make out with them for like hours and hours
and hours. I want to take off all their clothes and kiss all over
their bodies too. Mmmmm I tell myself to stop, but I just can’t.
It feels so good to be naughty. All I can think about is kissing
girls and touching them and making them moan and getting them all wet
for me to lick.”

you do that too naughty girl?” Alyssa asked, staying in character
but rubbing herself against her housemate more. “Do you lick
those pretty girls?”

Love answered. “I do. I lick their pussies until they
come all over my face and soak my dirty little tongue. Is that
bad? Is it naughty that I fuck pretty girls and play with their
tits and use toys and my fingers on their asses? Am I a bad girl
for doing that? Please tell me I’m not on the naughty list and
I’m still going to get lots of presents from Santa this year.”

I’ve got bad news for you little girl,” Alyssa declared sternly.
“You’ve been a very naughty girl this year. Good girls don’t
fuck other girls, especially not up the ass. You’re definitely
on the naughty list.”

Love pouted, trying not to smile too much as she pressed against Alyssa.
She hadn’t been looking for naughty fun that morning, but never resisted
when it found her and Love knew this was a perfect chance to burn off
some of the excess energy pulsing through her veins.

I’ve got good news too,” Alyssa said, a grin cracking her lips again.
“Naughty girls get even better presents than good girls do.”

what do they get Mrs. Claus?” Love asked in her little girl voice.
“What do naughty girls get for Christmas?”

get this, you hot little slut,” Alyssa answered before smothering
Love’s lips in another kiss. This one lasted much longer than the
earlier ones had.

and Alyssa passionately French kissed each other, moaning into each
other’s mouths as they traded saliva and caressed tongues. They
took turns sucking on each other’s tongues and keeping their lips
hotly fused until Love couldn’t take much more and broke for oxygen.

that’s my favorite kind of present,” Love laughed. “But
is that all I get?”

uh, you get a lot more for being so fucking naughty,” Alyssa declared
before undoing the sash of Love’s robe and pushing it off her shoulders,
exposing her total nudity underneath. She knew she didn’t have
a lot of time for this, but she had enough. Plus it was good to
work these sexy thoughts out of her system before she saw the kids,
Alyssa told herself.

yessssssss,” Love hissed as Alyssa’s hands went right to her bare
tits and began massaging them lovingly while her mouth went after her
nipples, tonguing and sucking on them until they were swollen and super
sensitive. “Fuck me Lyssa! Fuck me like a naughty fucking
girl! Gimmie my present! Fuck me please!”

little slut,” Alyssa moaned, her mouth full of breast, but her intent
clear. “You’re gonna get just what you want!”

released Love’s tits from her mouth and left both nipples rosy with
desire. She gave them a playful pinch, making Love groan in ecstatic
pain and rub against her with greater enthusiasm.

really can’t help it can you?” Alyssa teased, her eager hands playing
with Love’s jiggling tits. “Mmmmm even when you’re acting
like a good girl Christmas bunny on speed hanging up your stockings
and decorating your tree, all you want is to get fucked! All you
want is to get this pretty little pussy of yours licked. You really
are a naughty little slut Love.”

you know it Lyssa,” Love dreamily sighed, her wide eyes glazed with
desire. “I’m always so wet. I can’t ever be a good
girl. I love being naughty too much. Mmmm I want to be so
slutty for you and get my pretty pink pussy licked and fucked all the
time. I work so hard to try and be good and all I am is bad.”

definitely going to have to get spanked for that when I get home later,”
Alyssa lewdly promised, which got another happy moan from Love.
“Naughty little sluts get their hot asses slapped. Mmmmmm and
if they’re extra naughty they get their asses fucked too. But
first let’s see how naughty you really are little girl. Let’s
see how wet your pussy is.”

just smiled in response and shrugged her robe all the way off her body,
sending it to the floor, and spread her legs open as wide as she could
while still remaining on Alyssa’s lap. Alyssa didn’t hesitate
to go right for Love’s bald pussy. She ran her palm over the
splayed lips and found them slick with girl juice and that was nothing
compared to what happened when she pushed two of her fingers inside

Christ, you are wet,” Alyssa said appreciatively. “How’d
you fucking get this wet so fast Love? How does your naughty little
pussy get so goddamn hot before I even get inside you?”

you make me wet Alyssa,” Love told her friend before giving her a
wet kiss on the lips. “You and Jen and Rose and everyone here.
You make me so wild and so fucking naughty.”

now this naughty cunt of yours is gonna get fucked,” Alyssa stated
as casually as if she was observing a fact about the weather.
“That’s what you want isn’t it Love? You want my fingers
up your squishy little snatch.”

Love passionately cried as Alyssa shoved a third finger inside her pussy
and began fucking her with them. “Fuck me Lyssa! Finger
my naughty pussy! Make me fucking cream your fingers like a good
little slut!”

was all Love got out of her mouth before Alyssa silenced her with another
long kiss. The two brunettes passionately made out as Love rocked
her body against Alyssa’s coaxing her fingers to go faster and deeper.
Never one to deny a girl, particularly at Christmas time, Alyssa did
as needed.

worked her fingers in and out of Love with a rough touch. There
was nothing delicate about Alyssa’s approach. She jammed her
fingers into Love with growing force and the naked girl responded ecstatically,
fucking herself against her friend’s hand and crying out into their
kiss with more and more passion after each finger thrust.

she kissed and fingered Love, Alyssa’s other hand moved down her housemate’s
back to her bare ass. She gripped the bouncing cheeks and squeezed,
adding to Love’s pleasure and sending a fresh glaze of wetness out
of Love’s pussy and onto Alyssa’s probing fingers.

Love groaned, the kiss ending, but her and Alyssa’s lips still touching.
“Ooooooooooh this is just what I fucking need Lyssa! Mmmmmmm
I act like such a good girl around the holidays but all I really want
is this! I want to get fucked like a dirty little whore! I want
to be your fucking slut Lyssa! You and every other hot girl in
the house. I want to be everyone’s nasty little fuck slut!”

yesssssss fuck my fingers Love,” Alyssa urged, resting her hand and
letting Love do all the work for a spell. She once again marveled
at her housemate’s ability to go from innocent to slutty in the blink
of an eye. Love had been singing Christmas songs five minutes
ago and now she was spewing dirty talk right out of a porn star’s

had been nothing but good cheer and Christmas kisses for the past few
weeks and the desire to get nasty had been building inside her, just
begging to be released at times like this. Her heart was pounding
with lust and Love knew it wouldn’t be long until she was orgasming
all over Alyssa’s fingers.

her pulse race, Love immediately responded by increasing the tempo of
her bouncing. She began riding Alyssa’s fingers like they were
a hard cock and her tits bounced right along with her, slapping Alyssa’s
chin and her mouth as the wicked Mrs. Claus tried to work them back
between her lips.

that’s it Love! Fuck my fingers with your tight pussy!” Alyssa
moaned, her own pussy soaking up nicely as she wondered if she was going
to have to get her costume emergency dry cleaning. “You nasty
slut! You’re making me naughty this morning! I should
be off being nice and handing out presents and you’re making me want
to just stay here and finger fuck your slutty cunt! You gonna
come for me Love? You gonna make my fingers all sticky before
I go? You gonna make me give presents to innocent little kids
with my fingers coated in your slutty fucking cum? Is that what
you’re gonna do you fucking whore?”

GONNA COME!!!” Love wailed blissfully. “MAKE ME FUCKING COME

till you have a taste,” Alyssa grinned, yanking out her fingers and
shoving them into Love’s moaning mouth, giving the girl the full flavor
of her own pussy. Love greedily sucked the three juicy fingers
like she was giving them head, moving her lips up and down Alyssa’s
digits and leaving them clean and coated in saliva.

Alyssa didn’t neglect Love’s pussy as she fucked her mouth.
She moved her other hand off of Love’s ass and got it to work between
her legs. Alyssa’s fresh fingers quickly were just as wet as
her other ones had been and she fingered Love aggressively, slamming
her three fingers into the girl’s soaked pink folds as she debated
whether or not to add a fourth finger.

became a moot point very quickly though as Love’s whole body began
to tense up. Her mouth was still filled with Alyssa’s fingers
but her moans were clear. She was definitely close. Alyssa
calculated she was seconds away from getting off so she abandoned her
potential experiment to see just how much of her hand Love’s pussy
could take and instead focused her fingers on her lover’s clitoris.

clit was throbbing with desire and there was no way Alyssa could miss
it. She felt it pulse against her fingers and moaned as she spread
open her fingers and wrapped them around Love’s pleasure bud.
She loved knowing she could make her friends this hot. She loved
making them come. It was such a rush, not to mention an ego boost,
to get beautiful women like the ones she lived with to orgasm.

for me baby!” Alyssa urged, her and Love’s noses rubbing together
as her fingers roughly pinched and rubbed Love’s clitoris, jilling
off her housemate. “Gimmie your cum Love! Fucking soak
my fingers with that yummy cream! I want to feel you all over
my hand all day when I’m acting all sweet and caring and just wanting
to get back here to fuck you some more!”

pulled her fingers out of Love’s mouth and the gasping girl let out
an ecstatic moan, her body shuddering and sweating on Love’s lap.
Alyssa’s fingers dripped with Love’s spit and she rubbed them between
Love’s cleavage and over her bouncing tits, which she soon took into
her hand, moving back and forth and squeezing each breast. Alyssa
made sure her thrusts up with her fingers matched Love’s thrusts down
so they were in perfect sexual synch.

God!!! Ohhhhhhhhh God!!!” Love cried out, her eyes closed and
her mouth wide open as the pleasure pulsed through her. She was
so close. All she needed was a little more.

knew there was no substitute for a woman’s tongue, but skilled fingers
in her pussy certainly could do in a pinch and Alyssa was definitely
skilled. Love felt like her clit was going to explode with sexual
passion from Alyssa’s furious fingering and hard pinching on her plump
bud. Alyssa’s fingers were tight enough so her clit couldn’t
escape, but loose enough so that she could move and bounce and fuck

was something so raw about fingering. Eating pussy was an art,
but fingering was about losing control and giving into naked desire,
whether it was through masturbation or another’s touch. The
rawness was what Love needed now and she responded to Alyssa’s practiced
touch with sharp cries and breathless gasps while bouncing up a storm
in her lover’s lap.

she felt her body tingle from head to toe with orgasmic anticipation,
Love pictured the nasty image of Alyssa handing out those presents to
those sweet, innocent children while her fingers still had cum on them.
And even better…having Alyssa meet some other hot girl there and letting
her suck her fingers clean, making sure the girl knew just whose cum
it was she was tasting. It was naughty and wrong and so hot and
just thinking about it kept Love from holding back for even another

Love screamed as orgasm overtook her naked body. “YESSSSSSS

hand flew from Love’s tits to the back of her neck as soon as she
began to come. She pushed her lover in for another kiss and Love’s
screams disappeared into Alyssa’s mouth. Even though she wasn’t
licking Love, Alyssa fed off her friend’s orgasm through the kiss,
making sure Love’s sweaty, shaking body was pressed flat to her as
her creamy cum flowed all over her fingers and down her hand.

intense fingering and orgasm had Love seeing stars as her eyes remained
fused shut. She kissed back as hard as her strength would allow,
but her brain was mostly focused on the orgasm loosening her fillings
and not on the tongue in her mouth.

Alyssa finally removed her three fingers Love felt disappointed and
her disappointment grew when she opened her eyes and saw her lover licking
off her cum coated fingers. She had hoped Alyssa would actually
go to her event all sticky and cummy.

that disappointment lasted only as long as it took for Alyssa to offer
Love a taste of her own orgasm. Love immediately smiled and accepted,
guiding Alyssa’s sweetly flavored fingers to her mouth and sucking
them like sugary candy. When Alyssa’s fingers were clean the
two girls cuddled for a few happy moments before the afterglow faded
and Love hoped off Alyssa’s lap.

you little slut, you fucking ruined my costume,” Alyssa groaned as
she eyed the tell tale signs of sex on her costume.

God! I’m sorry Lyssa!” Love apologized without hesitation,
her slutty mode fading back to innocent, Christmas lover as she pictured
Alyssa not being able to help those kids.

sweetie, I was just teasing,” Alyssa smiled, giving Love a reassuring
kiss as she rose from the chair. Her legs were like jelly and
she had to grab the mantle over the fireplace for balance until feeling
came back. “I can clean this up no problem. Believe me,
if there’s one thing I know by now it’s how to get cum out of clothes.
Besides, that was totally worth it.”

relaxed and gave Alyssa a happy kiss back, running her hands over her
housemate’s clothed chest and delighting in feeling her nipples poking
through her red costume. She just wanted everything to be perfect
for the holiday.

when do I get a chance to give you a present back?” Love asked.
“I haven’t been the only naughty girl this year, you know.”

as soon as I get back,” Alyssa promised. “Baby you got me
so fucking wet just now that I won’t be cooling down until you make
me come like four or five times, at least.”

a date then,” Love smiled. “And you’ll get more than that
Lyssa. But just make sure Santa brings me that pony too…Mrs.

* * * * *

taken a different route downstairs, Jennifer Aniston had not witnessed
Alyssa and Love’s gift exchange. But she had certainly heard
it. Wondering to herself with a smile if she had been around the
mansion for too long since she had instantly recognized the loud, orgasmic
screams as Love’s by sound alone, Jennifer made her way to the kitchen.

had been tempting to go off in search of where the sex noise was coming
from to see who was making Love feel that good, but Jennifer’s need
for coffee had taken priority over her need to get laid. She believe
she had to fully wake up first before she got horny. But then
again there had been so many mornings in Malibu where she had been awoken
by a sexy tongue lapping at her pussy that that particular theory had
a few holes in it.

she could just grab a sip or two and then go off to find Love.
Jennifer was already thinking some early morning fun might be a good
way to chase away the holiday blues. The Christmas season after
all wasn’t always carols and gingerbread houses. It also reminded
you of things that were better left not thought about and Jennifer felt
it was going to be one of those days. She didn’t want to be
gloomy on Christmas Eve, though, so anything to possibly cheer her up
was definitely worth pursuing.

first she had to snap herself out of her sleepiness before she concentrated
on getting rid of her potential funk. She wasn’t much of a use
to anyone or anything until she got at least a little coffee in her.
Fortunately she was able to get to the kitchen without either falling
down the stairs or walking into a wall, so she planned on grabbing a
cup to go and then finding Love and her playmate and seeing if they
were up for another partner.

before she even got to put the first part of her plan in action, Jennifer
found herself face to face with something that made her instantly forget
all about Love and whomever she was with. It was one of those
scenes that froze you to your feet and made you thank God you had working
eyes so you were able to witness it.

YEAHHHHH THAT’S IT YOU FUCKING WHORE!!!” a very naked Rose McGowan
roared as she lay sprawled on the kitchen counter, her head slung over
the edge and her hair cascading straight down while her legs were slung
over Michelle’s shoulders so the mansion’s maid head could be positioned
at her pussy.

IT YOU NASTY BITCH!!!” Rose continued, her hand gripping Michelle
by her long blonde hair to make sure she didn’t even consider escape.

found herself robbed of speech and unable to move. All she could
do was stare at Michelle as she kneeled on stool against the counter
and bent over to feed off Rose’s pussy. That and touch herself.
Jennifer’s feet might have been frozen, but her hands weren’t and
before she even knew what she was doing, Jennifer was caressing her
own breasts through the thin t-shirt she wore and guiding her hand underneath
the boxer shorts she’d worn to sleep to get a feel of her rapidly
dampening pussy.

soft moan slipped past Jennifer’s lips as her own fingers caressed
her slick lips. But her sound was like a mouse’s squeak next
to Rose’s lioness roar so no one heard her. Jennifer began rubbing
her slit up and down with her fingers, her moans getting longer and
her breaths coming quicker. She probably could have rubbed herself
to an orgasm pretty quickly, but that wasn’t what she wanted.

Rose in action never failed to cheer her up but nothing left her smiling
like being able to get in on her housemate’s action. Coffee
was no longer her priority. Pussy was. Whether or not to
join in wasn’t even a question as far as Jennifer was concerned.
It was practically law in the mansion.

soon as Jennifer found the strength to move her feet she began walking
out of the doorway and toward the counter. She debated whether
or not to go to Michelle or Rose and as tempting as the stacked, blonde
maid was, Jennifer could never resist her friend.

was too busy crying out and holding Michelle in place by her hair to
notice anything, even a beautiful, aroused women walking toward her
with lust in her eyes and sex on the brain. Her head remained
tilted down off the counter and, until Jennifer leaned down and kissed
Rose right on the lips, did the raven-haired actress even know she was
being watched.

morning Jen…ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Don’t you dare stop you little
whore!” Rose commanded as the maid peered up to see who had joined
their fun. “I don’t care who walks in the fucking door!
You keep eating my pussy!”

are you doing?” Jennifer asked, running her fingers gently over Rose’s
pale, perfect face. It was an obvious question and everyone knew it.
Jennifer could see exactly what Rose and Michelle were doing.
She wanted to know what had triggered it and Rose didn’t have to be
told that.

yesssssssssssss I’m just…mmmmmmmm fuck yeah…that’s the spot
you goddamned nasty little cunt licker…just giving this slut her Christmas
bonus,” Rose explained in between blissful moans and sharp cries.

you supposed to just give her a check?” Jennifer teased, her pussy
juicing up more and more with every passing second she was close to
these two gorgeous sex addicts.

No way,” Rose laughed as she moaned. “Michelle doesn’t want
any fucking money. All she wants for Christmas is our hot, famous
cum staining her lips and dripping down her chin onto those huge fucking
tits of hers. Isn’t that right slut? Isn’t our yummy
cream all a dirty whore like you wants?”

Madame! Oui!” Michelle enthusiastically agreed when Rose yanked
her up by her hair, showing Jennifer how sticky and wet her lips and
chin were. “All I want is to swallow your delicious creams and
have you fill my slutty belly with your cum! Please let your maid
lick you more! Please let your fucking whore eat you out and make
you come!”

rampant sub side and eagerness to let her employers sexually control
her always tilted toward the nuclear meltdown side of the hotness scale
and this morning was no exception. Rose shoved Michelle’s face
back into her spread pussy just as Jennifer pushed her hand back into
her boxers. She was soaking her underwear just watching Michelle
dine out on the delicacy between Rose’s legs and her melancholy was
already a memory.

moaned again as she rubbed her pussy and that turned into a happy gasp
and sigh as she penetrated herself with her fingers, instantly coating
them with the glaze of her arousal when she slid her fingers past her
slit. This time Jennifer’s actions didn’t escape notice and
Rose had a simple request.

Rose demanded. “Let me taste your fingers Jen! Ooooooooooh
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah suck on that clit Michelle! Suck on my throbbing
fucking clit! Mmmmmmmm gimmie that sweet taste Jen while this
goddamn French whore gobbles up my cunt!”

didn’t deny her friend. She smiled as she withdrew her wet fingers
out of her pussy and pushed them into Rose’s open mouth. The
brunette clamped her lips down and started sucking Jennifer’s fingers
making them even wetter from the hot saliva that filled her mouth.
While she did this Rose reached out with her hand and tugged down frantically
at Jennifer’s boxers.

even Rose was quite so adept at doing three sexual things at once so
Jennifer helped her horny housemate out. Rose was able to tug
the wet shorts down past Jennifer’s thighs and she got them the rest
of the way down herself, leaving her barefoot and bottomless in the
kitchen, her thin t-shirt the only thing keeping her from joining Rose
in total nudity.

your pussy to me Jen,” Rose requested after pulling Jennifer’s fingers
from her mouth with a pop, her voice passionately insistent. “I’m
hungry too! I want your taste all over my tongue while I fuck
this whore’s face!”

her head hanging off the edge of the countertop, Rose was in the perfect
position for Jennifer to just come up to her and thrust her pussy in
her face so that was just what she did and it took only the slimmest
of split seconds before Rose got her tongue to work lapping away at
her wetness.

Jennifer loudly squealed when Rose’s tongue licked up her slit and
burrowed inside enthusiastically. “Lick me Rose! Ahhhhhhh
yesssssssss mmmmmmm lick meeeeeeeeee!!!”

lovers had always told Jennifer that she had an amazing tongue.
She had never quite known whether to believe that or not because she
didn’t feel there was any possible way she could be as good as her
housemates. They were all so good at licking pussy, especially

everyone thought Rose was at her best when she had Mr. Snappy strapped
to her waist, truthfully Jennifer loved her tongue more. She always
had her head spinning and pussy creaming in what felt like seconds and
Jennifer was quickly panting with breathless desire as she grabbed onto
the countertop and began thrusting herself against her housemate’s

Jennifer groaned, her swollen nipples poking against her shirt and threatening
to rip right through. “Ahhhhh this is just what I neeeeeeeed
Rose!!! Lick me hard! Work that tongue all over my wet pussy!
Lick out every fucking drop of juice!”

was exactly what Rose was planning to do. She was skilled enough
to keep a steady licking rhythm on Jennifer while Michelle did the same
to her. The maid had been going down on Rose for too long for
the actress to think she could get Jen off quickly enough to catch up,
but that didn’t mean she was going to let her own pleasure distract
from the sweet pussy at her lips, dripping with the messy desire of
girl juice.

kept her head hung upside down as she licked away at Jennifer.
Secure in the belief that Michelle wouldn’t dare move away, Rose removed
her hands from the blonde’s head and extended them out to trap Jennifer.

grabbed her housemate by her ass and latched onto her bare cheeks, keeping
a tight hold on them as she licked. Rose barely noticed the blood
rushing to her head from her unique position flat on the countertop.
She was too focused on the pleasure filling her mouth and dripping from
her pussy.

licked up and down Jennifer’s cunt lips like she was famished for
girl cream. Her tonguing was hard and fast, but lost none of the
skill and precision Jennifer had grown accustomed to from Rose.
Every lick against her sensitive lips had shivers of ecstasy shooting
up Jennifer’s spine and the pleasure cries spilled out of her mouth
in an excited babble of coos, sighs and cries for more.

she now had a wet, pink muzzle against her mouth, Rose was making even
more noise than Jennifer was. Michelle’s tongue had zeroed in
on her clit and was slapping it like a toy, making her swollen bud absolutely
ache with lust. And when Michelle finally tired of her game, she
latched her lips to Rose’s clit and sucked on it with passionate gulps
showing that she cared about only one thing above all…making her lover

times Rose had to pause her licking to scream her approval of Michelle’s
actions. Jennifer’s pussy muffled her sound, but it was clear
she loved what was happening to her. Her grip tightened on Jennifer’s
ass and her nails dug in, but Jennifer didn’t mind at all. The
little touch of pain made the pleasure of Rose’s tongue even sweeter.

both Rose and Jennifer’s increasingly happy cries and knowing she
was triggering them both caused some serious dampening of Michelle’s
uniform. If she had even bothered slipping some on that morning
her panties would have been soaked by now. But Michelle usually
never bothered with panties, especially when she was at work.
They were an unnecessary and potentially aggravating impediment to her
fun and Michelle didn’t tolerate things that got in the way of her
getting off.

hadn’t been far off when she had said all she wanted was the cum of
her gorgeous employers. Michelle wasn’t about to give up her
weekly paychecks, but when it came to bonuses, having all the pussy
she could ever want was her idea of heaven. Everyone at the mansion
was so beautiful and so uninhibited. Michelle had never been any
place like this and every day when she went home all she wanted was
for morning to come so she could go back.

couldn’t decide which girl she loved licking most. They were
all so delicious. It was like picking a favorite ice cream.
Michelle didn’t mind having to clean up a place as big as the mansion
all by herself. It was worth it just to be close to these goddesses
and the fact that she not only got to fuck them but all their sexy friends
as well was all the motivation Michelle needed to be giddy for work
every day.

had just been straightening up the kitchen when she had felt a hand
grab her ass through her uniform. Outside of work this would have
gotten whoever had done it a slap across the face, but here not only
was it a welcomed gesture, Michelle encouraged it. She had whirled
around and thrown her arms around her harasser for a long kiss without
even knowing or caring who it was.

had only taken a seconds worth of a kiss for Michelle to recognize Rose’s
lips and one more blink of an eye for Rose to be sprawled on the counter
for Michelle’s tongue to lick away at her wetness. It had taken
no coaxing whatsoever for Michelle to bury her face in Rose’s pussy.
No words had even needed to be exchanged. Rose wanted Michelle
and Michelle desperately wanted Rose. Nothing more was necessary.

had been licking and sucking and kissing and going after every bit of
Rose’s pussy her horny mouth and tongue could get at before Jennifer
had joined in and now that two had become three, Michelle increased
the speed and tempo of her efforts. She knew her Madame Rose would
want to come as soon as possible so she could put all her concentration
into fucking her friend. Michelle’s own pleasure was secondary
then. All the blonde maid wanted was to make Rose feel good so
she could tend to Jennifer’s needs.

juices were soaking her tongue and her clit throbbed between her lips.
Michelle knew she was close, but she wanted to get her closer.
She spread Rose’s legs wider on the counter and jammed her face in
even deeper into her lover’s cunt. Rose’s bush tickled her
nose and made Michelle giggle into her sex, but she didn’t let up
with her clit sucking, not even a tiny bit. She went after Rose
hard, telling herself not to come up for breath until she’d made Rose

of all the girls there, Rose had been the only one to never let Michelle
shave her. She had gladly submitted to a trim to keep her dark
bush nice and neat, but everyone else, save her, had allowed Michelle
to make their pussies baby smooth. Rose had wanted to make sure
she was always distinctive…as if that would ever have been a problem.

Rose’s stubbornness on resisting Michelle’s razor certainly didn’t
impact the blonde’s enjoyment of eating her out. Rose’s rich,
creamy juices were filling her mouth. She was so hot and so wet
and Michelle knew her orgasm was immanent. Rose’s screams were
becoming audible, even with Jennifer’s pussy clamped to her lips and
Rose’s pink pussy lips flared and tightened like a soft vise on Michelle,
gripping her lips as she sucked furiously on the brunette’s clitoris.

ME!” Rose commanded, breaking away from Jennifer’s pussy just long
enough to spit out her words. “MAKE ME FUCKING COME MICHELLE!!!

words touched Michelle’s heart better than any sweet nothing a boy
had ever told her to get into her panties. She stared up at Rose
with soulful, aroused eyes as she gave everything she had to Rose’s
clit. She knew Rose couldn’t see her stare, but she gave her
the full power of her eyes anyway, looking up with rapturous worship
as Rose tongued Jennifer, her neck craned downward and her face coated
in beautiful pink girl flesh.

the bolts of pleasure filled her body and her orgasm began to grip her,
Rose jammed her tongue back inside her housemate. Jennifer shrieked
in pleasure as Rose penetrated her soft folds with her well-practiced
tongue. She licked away at her lips again, sliding her tongue
up and down with quick strokes to lap up the cream that had collected
there in her brief absence.

closer she got to coming, the harder Rose licked Jennifer. She
didn’t go for her clit yet. She was too close to coming and
once she started on a girl’s clit, Rose didn’t like to stop.
Michelle was doing such a good job that Rose knew she was going to be
screaming too much soon to lick.

grip on Jennifer’s ass remained strong, her nails digging in and basically
keeping her from rolling right off the kitchen counter. Her body
lurched and shook, her ass slapping against the cool, hard surface as
Rose forced her pussy against Michelle’s face, giving the maid plenty
of her pulsing clit to suck on. Rose had felt Michelle’s mouth
on her cunt so many times and she never failed to disappoint.
She was actually surprised she had lasted this long without coming.

looked down at her housemate and her smile widened at the always arousing
sight of Rose’s tits bouncing wildly. She definitely had the
roundest boobs in the house, even more than Jessica’s. Jennifer
could never get enough of touching them and she moved her hands off
the counter’s edge to grasp them in her palms, squeezing them and
increasing Rose’s pleasure.

more long, hard pinch of Michelle’s lips to her clit was all it took
for Rose to explode, filling the maid’s waiting mouth with the sweet
girl honey of orgasm. Rose’s screams disappeared into Jennifer’s
pussy as her body whole body quaked in ecstasy. She frantically
fucked Michelle’s face, feeding her a creamy cum breakfast as pleasure
coursed through every inch of her body, making her hair stand up and
her toes curl.

YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Rose howled in one last orgasmic scream of triumph.
She didn’t let her afterglow linger, though. She got right back
to Jennifer as soon as her head cleared enough for her to focus.

didn’t release her hold on Rose’s tits. She kept massaging
them, making her nipples swell and throb even after orgasm. Jennifer’s
own nipples were dying to be touched, but she couldn’t do it to herself.
She didn’t have the will to stop playing with Rose’s chest.
Her soft, all natural breasts felt so good under her hands that Jennifer
wouldn’t have been able to stop for anything, especially as Rose began
tongue fucking her, pushing her closer to her face and keeping her nails
dug into her bare ass.

fortunately Jennifer had another pair of hands that were very willing
to get a hold of her tits. Michelle had been working for the girls
for so long that she believed she had developed a sixth sense of where
and when they wanted to be touched. She got up off her knees and,
her face still coated with Rose’s juices, she moved over to Jennifer.

had swallowed as much of Rose’s orgasm as possible and had licked
clean most of what had covered her lips. What she had missed was
quickly cleaned off by Jennifer as the actress greeted her maid with
a long, lingering kiss. Michelle sucked Jennifer’s tongue right
into her mouth as the bottomless girl cried out from Rose’s efforts
but that wasn’t all she did. Michelle also pushed her hands
up the bottom of Jennifer’s shirt, traveling upward until she had
Jennifer’s tits in her hands.

yessssssssssss,” Jennifer groaned, her and Michelle’s lips rubbing
together as their saliva and girl cum filled kiss ended. “Make
me taste Rose’s juices Michelle. Mmmmmmmm yummy. I love
how you push them into my mouth. So fucking nasty. Mmmmmmmm
yesssssss don’t stop. Play with my tits while Rose eats me out.
Yeahhhhh I’m gonna make her kiss you after she makes me come so you
can get all my juices into your mouth. Oooooooh yessssssss!”

wasn’t all Michelle wanted Rose to do after she finished Jennifer
off, but Michelle said nothing of that sort yet. She was perfectly
willing to wait for her own chance to orgasm even as juices ran from
her molten hot cunt past her uniform skirt and down her leg. Besides,
being able to make out and play with Jennifer’s firm, pink chest was
as good a temporary distraction as she was ever likely to find.

nipples were swollen, dark rocks underneath her white t-shirt.
The thin material of her shirt could do nothing to restrain them but
from Michelle’s perspective, almost seeing Jennifer’s nipples was
hardly comparable to actually being able to see them and lick them and
bite them and do everything to them her horny mind wished.

anything close to an invitation, Michelle took the liberty of pulling
Jennifer’s shirt over her head. Of course this was a most welcomed
gesture and Jennifer did nothing to stop her maid from stripping off
her last piece of clothing. Moaning all the while from Rose’s
tongue play, Jennifer lifted up her arms and allowed Michelle to get
her shirt off. It was quickly dropped to the floor alongside Jennifer’s
boxers and Michelle’s mouth went straight for her employer’s exposed

Jennifer moaned in blissful surrender to the pleasure assaulting her
willing body. With Rose attacking her pussy and Michelle at her
breasts, Jennifer was quickly a cooing mess of happy babbles.

had just been tanning naked again yesterday and she felt a pleasure
rush at the obvious delight Michelle took from her bronzed chest.
Michelle’s soft hands caressed the curves of her tits while her lips
latched onto her nipples and sucked greedily on them, like she was a
baby starved for milk.

had always had sensitive nipples and one of the things Jennifer loved
more about her female lovers than any man she had ever been with, was
how they lavished loving attention on them. Michelle’s wet tongue
and full lips on her swollen, aching nipples had tingles going every
which way in Jennifer’s body and acted as the perfect cherry on top
of the sundae of pleasure she was getting from Rose’s tongue in her

ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh yessssssssssss Rose mmmmmmm right there!” Jennifer
panted. “That’s my spot baby! Mmmmmmmm more! Right
there! Oooooooooh I fucking love how you lick me Rose!”

now Rose knew full well where all the hot spots were on her housemates.
She knew their favorite places to be licked and just how hard they liked
it. She tongue fucked Jennifer with passionate, forceful lashes, making
sure she could feel every stab of her wet tongue into her tight, feminine
folds. She couldn’t get enough of the sensation of having Jennifer’s
clit throb every time her tongue lashed across it. She made Jennifer’s
bud practically dance for her and it was getting her own freshly licked
pussy nice and creamy again.

Rose would pull her tongue away to gulp down a fresh helping of Jennifer’s
juices, she swore that her friend’s clit would reach out for her,
like it couldn’t stand to be separated from her tongue. That
got Rose even hotter and she sped up her efforts, lashing against Jennifer’s
clitoris with increased vigor.

faster she licked the closer Jennifer got to orgasm and nothing was
slowing Rose down. When Jennifer’s cunt lips reflexively gripped
her tongue and her walls tightened around her, Rose just moaned and
licked away, breathing in through her nose as she held her mouth fastened
to Jennifer’s pussy.

words were all indecipherable cries and babbles now as she neared her
orgasm. Her legs were turning into jelly, but Rose and Michelle’s
hands made sure she wasn’t going to fall. Plus Jennifer’s
hands were still tightly gripped to Rose’s tits. She was well
balanced as her pulse sped up inside her veins and her breathing grew
shallow and labored. Sex sweat glistened from her forehead and little
drops of it began trickling down her neck and down her chest, where
Michelle eagerly licked them up, savoring the salty, perfumed taste.

every inch of Jennifer’s body, Rose knew it would only take a few
more licks to get Jennifer coming, but she wanted something more.
She wanted her friend to have an orgasm that would send her eyes rolling
through her head and make her convulse enough to convince people she
was possessed by Satan herself. Rose knew just how to do it and
she moved quickly to make it happen.

moved one of her hands off Jennifer’s ass, leaving little marks from
her nails as a reminder of her presence, and shoved it between her own
legs. Rose wasn’t looking to get herself off, though.
She just wanted some lube and there was no better all natural source
than her girl juices. When she was satisfied her fingers were
wet enough to fulfill their mission, Rose pulled them away and moved
back to Jennifer’s ass.

was one thing Rose knew never failed to get Jennifer off and she went
for it without any consideration. She used the hand still clamped
on Jennifer’s ass to spread her open and, once her asshole was exposed
enough, Rose pushed a finger inside her friend.

Jennifer screamed at the surprise, but very appreciated gesture.
The shock of it got Jennifer’s mouth working again and she was quick
to praise her housemate.

FUCK ME ROSE!!! FINGER FUCK MY ASS!!!” Jennifer pleaded.

grinned her Cheshire cat grin with pride over her work and pushed a
second finger inside Jennifer’s tight, puckered hole. She pistoned
her two fingers in and out of Jennifer, stretching her hole while her
tongue worked over her clit with speed and skill and it took but a second
more for Jennifer to start screaming in orgasmic release.

FUCKKKKKKK!!!” Jennifer’s voice exclaimed in full rapture.
She creamed Rose’s tongue with her hot essence and the brunette indulged
her sweet tooth by drinking it down like wine. What she didn’t
get trickled down her chin and Rose cooed into Jennifer’s pussy as
she felt it sizzle against her flesh.

bucking hips thrust her quaking pussy against Rose’s face with even
more force than before and Rose responded by continuing her lashing
of Jennifer’s clit. This intensified her orgasm and with Michelle
mauling her tits, squeezing them passionately while she sucked her nipples,
Jennifer did as Rose hoped and rolled her eyes back in her head as she
came. Jennifer’s screams filled the kitchen and only when her
voice was hoarse and her naked body shivering did Rose pull away.

first thing Rose did was hop off the counter and, after shaking off
the pins and needles in her legs and staggering slightly from the rush
of blood out of her head, move toward Jennifer toward a kiss.
But, even with the happy afterglow leaving her dazed and smiling, Jennifer
hadn’t forgotten her earlier promise.

Jennifer weakly said, holding out her hand to push Rose back.
“Kiss Michelle. Push my cum out of your mouth and into hers.
Give her a nasty cum kiss Rose.”

Rose nor Michelle had to be convinced of the merits of that plan and
the two girls deeply kissed. Rose plunged her tongue into the
French girl’s mouth and fed her the remaining Aniston vintage she
hadn’t swallowed.

moaned and sucked Rose’s tongue with wanton desire, loving the chance
to get the flavor she already knew so well. She reached up and
played with Rose’s tits as they kissed. The pale, pink breasts
were tender and flushed from Jennifer’s long grip, but Rose thrust
herself up against Michelle to get more of her tits in her grasp.

loved seeing the two beautiful girls kiss but she wasn’t about to
stay out of it. As soon as her head cleared of orgasmic fog enough
for her to move, she leaned in and joined the kiss.

and Michelle parted enough for Jennifer to enter the fray and soon three
lips and three tongues were pressing together. After a few moments
no one was quite sure who was kissing who and who was sucking on whose
tongue, but it scarcely mattered because it all felt so good.

the time the kiss paused, all three girls were breathless and Rose and
Jennifer naturally turned their attention toward the one amongst them
who was still dressed and, more importantly, hadn’t come yet.
Unfortunately for Michelle, Rose felt like teasing a little.

you have laundry or something to do?” Rose smirked as she embraced
Jennifer, rubbing their naked tits together as she held her housemate
close. “We’re done with you here.”

was about to protest that wasn’t fair, but she caught on that Rose
was kidding before she even opened her mouth. Michelle didn’t
grasp that right away, though, and her face was a stunned mask of disbelief.
Were they really going to work her up like that and not let her come?
Were they actually going to make her work when she so badly needed an

looked as if she was too surprised to speak and she reflexively took
a step back, like she was really going to leave to tend to the laundry
before Rose started laughing.

should have seen the look on your face,” Rose teased. “It
was fucking priceless Michelle.”

are mean Rose,” Michelle pouted, but not in a manner that showed the
hurt was permanent. “Why do you have to be mean to your Michelle?
Am I not a good slut for you and your friends? Do I not deserve
to have some fun too? After all it is Christmas.”

poor baby,” Rose grinned. “C’mere Michelle. Let me
make it up to you.”

wasn’t normally one for the kind of teasing that Rose specialized
in, but even she had to admit that it had been pretty funny to see the
expression on Michelle’s face over the possibility of being denied.
She didn’t say that out loud, though. Jennifer didn’t want
a pouty French girl on their hands when it was more fun to have a horny
and affectionate one.

and Jennifer broke their embrace to welcome in their maid and began
taking turns kissing her. Happy to see it had been a joke, Michelle
let her madames apologize to her with their kisses. She enjoyed
being tugged back and forth between two pairs of soft, sexy lips, especially
when their hands began rubbing her in all the right places through her

yessssssssss touch me,” Michelle groaned. “I was getting so
wet playing with your sexy bodies and now it is your turn to do it back
to me. Touch me everywhere. Make your slutty little maid
feel good.”

in particular you’d like us to touch?” Jennifer inquired as Rose
took another deep, wet kiss from the blonde.

Michelle groaned when the kiss ended, lifting up her uniform skirt and
rubbing her visibly drenched slit. “Touch me here. Touch
my pussy. Touch my wet, slutty pussy please!”

all the words that sounded insanely sexy with a French accent, “pussy”
had to be a hall of famer. Both Rose and Jennifer nearly melted
into the floor at the sound of Michelle’s aroused pleas, but they
managed to control themselves and focus on their needy housekeeper.

gonna touch, don’t you worry about that,” Rose promised. “Mmmmm
we’re gonna do more than touch. We’re gonna lick that sexy
pussy of yours.”

time there was no teasing and Rose was good to her word. She whirled
Michelle around and bent her against the counter. This pressed
the hard edge into the maid’s stomach, but it also stuck her ass out
and since she was free of panties under her short skirt it revealed
everything she had to offer between her legs.

like this?” Rose asked as her fingers stroked Michelle’s labia,
rubbing her creamy lips and making her jump slightly.

yesssssssss I like so much,” Michelle groaned before soft French words
began escaping her lips from the sensations of Jennifer brushing her
long blonde hair out of the way to kiss her neck. “More…please
more Rose…mmmmmmm I have gotten so wet from playing with you and now
I need my turn to come.”

I can feel,” Rose wickedly grinned as she pulled her fingers up from
Michelle’s pussy and shoved them into the maid’s mouth. Michelle
sucked Rose’s fingers, indulging in her own taste while Rose gave
her other hand a chance to play with Michelle’s wetness.

you are a wet little slut, aren’t you?” Rose teased. “Whatever
can we do about that? Ooooooooh I know.”

removed her fingers from Michelle’s mouth and sunk to her knees.
The cool kitchen floor wasn’t the most comfortable place to kneel
down, but Rose was confident she wasn’t going to be down here for
long. Jennifer wasn’t the only girl whose body she knew by heart.
Michelle was going to be creaming before she could even finish saying
the words to Frere Jacques.

maid did look rather succulent bent over the counter, pushing her bare
ass out of her skirt but Rose didn’t take long to admire the sight.
Instead she parted Michelle’s butt cheeks to spread open her pussy
from behind and began an eager licking of her juicy cunt.

mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss do not deny meeee!” Michelle cried.
“Give me your tongue Rose! Lick all that juice out of my pussy!
Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss make your slutty maid fucking come all over her
Madame’s face!”

Rose was licking Michelle, Jennifer was busying herself by kissing the
blonde’s neck and playing with her tits through her uniform.
Jennifer had never asked anyone to submit to measurements, but it was
quite possible Michelle had the biggest natural tits in the mansion.
She was at least Jewel’s equal and Jennifer never missed a chance
to play with them.

today she was more interested in something a little lower on Michelle’s
body. Jennifer didn’t think it was fair that Rose was the one
hogging Michelle’s delicious pussy after she had played her little
joke. This was a delicacy that had to be shared and Jennifer’s
tongue was starved for a taste too.

Michelle’s sensitive neck one last series of soft kisses, Jennifer
pulled away from her maid and kneeled down next to Rose. No explanation
was necessary about her intent and Rose showed total willingness to
share the gourmet treat before her by giving Jennifer a long, wet kiss
as soon as they were face to face.

moaned into the kiss as she was given a taste of Michelle from Rose’s
tongue. But she wanted more. She broke off the kiss and
dove into Michelle’s cunt, licking away as Rose held back and watched
with lustful appreciation.

though she couldn’t see what was happening before her, Michelle didn’t
need her eyes to know who it was licking her. She had been with
all the girls enough times to know the distinctive touch of all their


So my tongue’s not good enough for your nasty little whore twat,”
Rose jokingly snapped.

That is not…not what I meant,” Michelle gasped as she tried to force
her words out past the breathless moans that Jennifer’s tonguing was
eliciting. Jennifer was licking all over her pussy with her amazing
tongue and making her head feel like she was flying through the sky
on a cloud of pleasure.

right,” Rose said. “Looks like you need a reminder of how
fucking good I am at eating pussy.”

reflexively tensed up. She had been through her share of Rose’s
reminders before and she was expecting a hard spanking, but instead
she got something else entirely. Rose got her mouth back to work,
acting as a team with Jennifer to lick and suck her wet, horny pussy.

GOD!!!” Michelle called out to the heavens at the instant ecstasy
of a double-tonguing from two beautiful girls. “SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!

was hardly the first time Jennifer and Rose had shared a pussy so it
didn’t take them long to get their tongues into synch. At first
they licked together, lapping at Michelle’s wet folds before meeting
and rubbing their tongues together in a sticky juice swap. They
did that a bunch of times, Michelle’s cries getting louder and stronger
each time, and then kissed each other, with Michelle’s clit caught
in the middle and throbbing between both pairs of perfect lips.

was close to shrieking with desire from that action, but Jennifer and
Rose didn’t keep it up for too long. Their lips and tongues
were too occupied to communicate verbally, but they shared the same
thoughts. They both wanted to get some more licks in before they
sent Michelle over the edge, so they split up their missions and attacked
different hot spots on their maid.

Jennifer tongue fucked Michelle, licking up her juices and teasing her
clit with the tip of her tongue, Rose sucked on her labia. She
captured the juicy lips in her mouth and enthusiastically nursed them,
making them flare and shudder and causing Michelle’s juices to drip
down into Rose and Jennifer’s lips.

just wished she could actually see this. She didn’t dare turn
around and cause even a second’s delay to see how good Rose and Jennifer
looked, but she certainly imagined it. She pictured the two beautiful
actresses naked and kneeling before her, worshiping her for once when
usually it was the other way around. She imagined their asses
looked so hot, sticking out with four absolutely perfect cheeks available
for inspection. Michelle giggled to herself as she pictured the
expression about more buns than a bread factory, but that laugh was
quickly replaced with intense moaning as the girls switched.

it was Jennifer sucking on her pussy lips and Rose tongue fucking her.
Michelle cried out from the hard tongue-lashing she was getting from
Rose as Jennifer munched on her. This had to look so hot because
it certainly felt absolutely incredible. Michelle made a note
to herself to check later for a camera in the kitchen. There were
enough in all the other rooms, so perhaps the mansion’s previous owner
had hidden one in the sugar can.

OOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYY I AM GETTING CLOSE!!!” Michelle cried before falling
back into French moans that neither Rose nor Jennifer could understand.
But that didn’t stop them from correctly assuming Michelle’s words
were compliments.

hands were getting so antsy as she rapidly approached orgasm.
Grabbing onto the counter simply wasn’t going to do. She began
reaching for her uniform pushing it off her shoulders with wild grabs
that didn’t always hit her mark. When she did get her uniform
far enough off her shoulders, she just tugged it down enough of the
way to expose her tits. Michelle held her bare breasts in her
hand and squeezed them while her heart pounded in her chest and her
pulse and mind raced.

they had both Michelle’s words and the growing heat and tightness
of her pussy to show she was close to orgasm, Jennifer and Rose shared
a look and moved in as one. They knew just how to finish off Michelle.

girls grabbed an ass cheek to spread their maid open as wide as they
could and, that accomplished; they went after Michelle’s clitoris.
Their tongues attacked as one, licking Michelle’s ballooned pleasure
bud with hard, steady licks. With two tongues going after her
sexual core, Michelle shot up straight like a rod and screamed out in
a rush of pure bliss.

one, especially not someone as worked up as Michelle was, would have
been able to resist a double clit licking from tongues as skilled as
Rose’s and Jennifer’s. It took only a few licks for the two
girls to get Michelle screaming in French and filling their waiting
mouths with her orgasmic essence.

YESSSSSS FUCK MEEEEE!!!” Michelle roared as her pussy spasmed with

anyone was wondering what the heck was happening in the kitchen, Michelle’s
orgasmic screams would have told them everything they needed to know.
The maid’s hands mauled her own tits as the rest of her topless body
shook and sweated under her uniform. Jennifer and Rose continued
ravishing Michelle’s pussy with their tongues as she came, earning
them both facefuls of girl cum as a reward.

pleasure reached its intense highs for Michelle and she unconsciously
bent down further, planting her face right against the countertop where
Rose had just been laying. Her tits smashed against the hard surface
and Michelle’s hands slapped down against it repeatedly as she screamed
her ecstasy.

every scream and every spasm, Rose and Jennifer kept licking and when
their maid had finally dripped the last drop of her orgasm the two immediately
fell into a long, wet, cummy kiss.

two actresses ran their hands all over each other’s naked bodies as
their tongues rubbed together. They caressed each other’s tits
and up over their bare backs while they shared Michelle’s flavor and
left the blonde bent over and moaning.

that for a Christmas bonus?” Rose grinned as she took the liberty
of wiping her sweaty, sticky fingers on Michelle’s ass.

that is why this is my favorite time of year,” Michelle sighed blissfully.

* * * * *

costume quickly cleaned of Love’s essence; Alyssa slipped it back
over her body. It was a shame she had to clean it. She did
get a naughty rush from thinking about having her friend’s cum on
her Mrs. Claus outfit and it wasn’t like it had been hopelessly stained
or anything, but ultimately Alyssa knew even one question about what
happened would have been too many.

was running a little bit behind now, but Alyssa wasn’t panicking.
She knew she could make it up by inching slightly over the speed limit
while on the freeway and since she was usually over the limit anyway
and hadn’t gotten a ticket in years, she wasn’t worried about being
pulled over. After all, it would have been downright Scrooge-like
to give Mrs. Claus a ticket on Christmas Eve.

biggest concern was over how long she was going to have to wait to address
the growing need her libido was inspiring. Having her quickie
fun with Love had stoked her sexual fires and Alyssa just wished she
had time to take care of her own pleasure too. She knew Love would
have been more than willing to return the favor with her own fingers
or, even better, her tongue.

looking up at the clock had confirmed she didn’t have time to stay
and play any more. That meant waiting a few hours before getting
off, but Alyssa had never been the type to run in and out of a charity
event in 10 minutes. She was going to be there until the last
present was handed out and, since her pussy didn’t like being denied,
that meant she was going to be one horny Mrs. Claus by the time she
got home.

well, Alyssa told herself as she gave her tits a long squeeze through
the red felt, a few hours wait wasn’t going to kill her. Besides,
she was sure her housemates would be happy to greet her home with a
series of orgasms. It didn’t have to be the holiday season for
her to get treatment like that.

that her costume was cleaned and buttoned up again, Alyssa headed for
the door. But before she could her cell phone rang and, after
answering it, she was quickly told that there was a minor complication
with her appearance. Alyssa’s mind immediately whirled around
and she realized that her housemates could potentially help her that
day in a way beyond sex.
* * * * *

pussy still tingling from Alyssa, Love finished off her stocking and
tree decoration, at least for now. Love could admit to herself
that she was probably never going to get everything decorated as perfectly
as she wanted it to be, but that didn’t mean she was going to stop

to take a break, Love slumped down on the couch and took a look at her
handiwork. Her friends had definitely helped out where they could,
but she had taken the lead from the tiniest piece of tinsel all the
way to the star atop the tree and it definitely looked good.

were lights flashing, but not too many. There were ornaments filling
the branches, but it wasn’t too heavy. And there was tinsel
shining without it looking like a reject from a Las Vegas Christmas
tree show.

it was Christmasy, without being tacky and Love was satisfied.
But there was just one thing missing. The mansion was missing
one touch of Christmas that would have fit in perfectly with the spirit
of the place.

wasn’t the only one who felt that way and that was proven when Love
closed her eyes for a minute and opened them to find a green leaf dangling
over her head.

Mistletoe!” Jessica Alba said, sneaking up behind Love to show off
what she’d found before leaping onto the couch, settling in next to
her housemate and giving her a happy kiss.

found some!” Love squealed in delight as soon as the kiss ended.
“Jess! You’re the best!”

earned Love another kiss as the two girls properly followed the tradition.
Love had been looking everywhere for mistletoe, but it was almost as
hard to find in California as snow was.

you do it?” Love asked.

have my ways,” Jessica mysteriously replied, before getting the subject
back to where she wanted it to be…on kissing. “Now is the
tradition to just give a peck under the mistletoe or are you allowed
to do a full on make out?”

making out is definitely ok,” Love declared before she and Jessica
began doing just that.

because I think you owe me now for finding this and a little peck on
the lips just isn’t going to do it,” Jessica smiled.

two girls quickly got lost in their kisses. None of the mansion’s
residents ever needed an excuse to make out, but if this was the mistletoe
tradition then both Jessica and Love felt as though they were duty bound
to honor it.

what Alyssa had done to her, Love was far from unsatisfied, but she
always wanted more, especially when someone as beautiful as Jessica
was involved. Love had pulled her robe back on, but Jessica quickly
took care of that by slipping her hands inside it and helping herself
to a feel of Love’s tits.

your nipples are already hard,” Jessica observed. “Did I get
you that horny with just a kiss or were you acting naughty before I
got here?”

you like to know,” Love giggled. “You’re going to have to
lick that secret out of me.”

girl,” Jessica moaned before giving Love another kiss and massaging
her tits.

yeahhhhh so they keep telling me,” Love sexily sighed as she helped
Jessica out by shrugging her robe off her shoulders to expose her naked
chest. This was shaping up to be quite a morning. It felt
like if she never left this room then she’d never stop getting laid,
which seemed like more than a fair bargain for Love.

was in a t-shirt and shorts and when Love’s hands started to get grabby
she found her nipples were starting to swell up nicely under her shirt
and bra. Both girls moaned softly as they kissed and touched each
other. They were completely lost in their kiss and until Rose
cleared her throat, they had no idea they were being watched.

though seeing girls make out was hardly a rare occurrence at the mansion,
Jessica and Love both sheepishly broke their kiss and looked up after
having been caught. They found a smiling Rose and Jennifer looking in
on them, obviously enjoying the show.

wanted to see if you were done decorating but I see you’re busy with
something else,” Rose smirked.

Jessica teased.

when I’ve got this sexy bitch here,” Rose replied before grabbing
Jennifer and kissing the surprised actress. Jennifer hadn’t
been expecting to be grabbed, but she certainly didn’t fight the kiss.

think I finally got the tree the way I wanted it,” Love declared,
pulling up her robe again as she hopped off the couch. She set
sex aside for a moment in order to show off her handiwork.

Love it’s beautiful,” Jennifer said. “You really did a great

looked over the tree and the stockings, but her eyes also couldn’t
help but glance over to the box and notice there were two stockings
left inside. She didn’t have to peek in to know those stockings
had “Sarah” and “Britney” written on them, a silent reminder
that not everyone was here this year, which reminded Jennifer of all
the changes of the past year and brought back stirrings of her earlier

Love smiled. “I really want it to be perfect. What do
you think Rose?”

really nice,” Rose said. “But it’s gonna be a bitch to clean
up with all those pine needles on the floor. Plus getting sap
on your hands from touching it. I never got into trees.
They’re a lot of work for only a little fun.”

can you focus on the one negative thing about having such a great tree?”
Love demanded. “Where’s your Christmas spirit Rose?”

humbug,” Rose grumbled without losing her smile.

no humbugging in this house tonight,” Love insisted. “It’s
not allowed. I forbid it.”

the fascist ghost of Christmas present,” Rose teased. “I’d
forgotten you were Lil Miss Militant when it comes to Christmas.”

just want everyone to have a wonderful Christmas,” Love frowned.
“I’m not a fascist.”

was just teasing,” Rose said, wrapping her arms around Love and hugging
her housemate. “You really did a good job.”

really like it?” Love asked.

course I do,” Rose said. “It’s really pretty. I’m
just not Miss Christmas. I do like it though.”

can you not like Christmas?” Love demanded, her face completely shocked
as though she had just found out Rose had been faking her orgasms through
the years.

like it, I just don’t love it,” Rose admitted. “It’s just
not a big deal to me.”

this the part where you get visited by the three ghosts or something,”
Jessica joked.

I think it’s when Rose sees how different life would be if she’d
never been born,” Jennifer said with a laugh.

I already know what life would be like without me,” Rose said. “It’d
be fucking boring. You’d all be home mailing Christmas cards
out with your boyfriends or something and singing carols. Borrrrrrring.”

like singing carols,” Love frowned again. “And Christmas isn’t

don’t be mad at me,” Rose urged, keeping her hug around Love.
“I don’t want to ruin your Christmas. You really did a great
job. I’m just not into the whole Christmas spirit thing. I don’t
think you should be nice just because it’s one month on the calendar.
Most of the stuff out there is just to try and get you to buy more junk.
It’s all about buy, buy, buy. It’s all commercialized.
Being nice one month a year doesn’t make any sense. You should
be nice all year.”

just a grinch Rose,” Love said, pulling away. “A big, mean
grinch. There is such a thing as Christmas spirit. It’s
when you take that extra step for someone to show you how much you care
about them. You may not see it, but I sure do. You can be
cynical all you want, but that doesn’t mean we have to be too.”

the argument over the existence of Christmas spirit could continue,
there was a sudden interruption.

who wants to be an elf?” Alyssa asked as she walked into the room
after a frantic search for her friends throughout the mansion.

wants to be a what now?” Rose wondered with a shake of her head as
she threw herself down in a chair. After her fun with Jennifer
and Michelle she hadn’t bothered getting dressed. She was still
completely naked as she stretched out in the chair and looked like she
had no intention of changing that any time soon.

elf,” Alyssa repeated. “We’ve got the costume, the hat,
the ears, everything. We just need someone to fill it. The girl
we had lined up backed out at the last second.”

is your charity thing?” Jessica asked.

we’re giving out toys to needy kids,” Alyssa explained. “We’ve
got a Santa. I’m Mrs. Claus and we need two elves. We’ve
got one, but we need a second quick and I was hoping one of you would
do it.”

I really want to,” Love began. “But I’ve got so many things
left to do today. Maybe I can fit it in if I…”

sweat it Love,” Alyssa said. “You’ve already done enough.
You’re definitely on the nice list this year. What about the
rest of you?”

was no immediate response from any of her other housemates.

this is for charity!” Alyssa urged. “Helping needy kids!
It’s Christmas time for fuck’s sake! Someone’s gotta help!”

think I speak for everyone when I say we like helping kids but hate
elf costumes,” Rose said. “If I’m gonna be in a costume
for someone, it’s gonna be for a sex game. Let me know when
you need a nurse or a cheerleader or something.”

listen to her Lyssa, she’s just a grinch,” Love said. “She’s
got no Christmas spirit.”

frowned at the sound of that. She didn’t expect Love’s feelings
to be hurt by just one comment and her friend didn’t seem to be joking
about this whole “grinch” thing. She just thought that the
idea of being extra nice to people just because the calendar said December
was a crock.

about you Jessica?” Alyssa asked. “C’mon. It’s for

Jessica started to say as she searched for a good excuse.

truth was she didn’t really have an excuse. She just felt like
staying here today. She’d been running all over everywhere getting
her holiday preparations were done, mailing out cards and packages,
getting the perfect gifts and of course, finding the mistletoe.
She wanted a lazy Christmas where she could just kick back and spend
time with her friends and not have to, you know, do anything.

course it was hard to say no to a children’s charity. Alyssa
was definitely insistent and Jessica wasn’t finding a good enough
excuse to tell her no. A quick look over at Jennifer saw she felt
the same way. They really were trapped, but fortunately the next
person who came in saved them.

that’s where you guys are,” Jewel said as she walked inside.
“I was wondering if you’d all been kidnapped or something.
What’s going on?”

need an elf,” Alyssa answered before explaining her entire situation
to Jewel. “Want to help?”

answer was a relief to everyone in the room.

I’d love to,” Jewel smiled. “When do we have to go?”

five minutes ago,” Alyssa said as she hustled Jewel toward the door.
“You can get dressed once you’re there. The costume will be
waiting for you.”

this costume gonna fit me?” Jewel asked. “I mean…ummm is
it gonna be able to hold me in?”

then grabbed her breasts, showing exactly what she meant. It wasn’t
a silly question. Being busty was a lot of fun when it came to sex,
but also made things a little more complicated when trying on clothes.
If the girl the costume had been made for was a smaller cup size, then
it was probably going to make for a rather bosomy Christmas for her.

just worry about that later,” Alyssa said, grabbing Jewel’s hand.
“We’ll deal somehow. But right now we gotta go!”

* * * * *

she’d tried her best to just shrug them off, Love’s words were still
resting on Rose’s mind later that morning. Love hadn’t been
angry with her, but she had impacted Rose far more than if she had screamed
and yelled at her. Rose had never wanted to disappoint any of
her housemates, but that was the look she had gotten from Love when
she had refused to share her Christmas spirit.

was left wondering if her housemates really saw her like that.
Did they only think she was some kind of quick tempered, cynic?
She had always hid her vulnerabilities from her friends, but that was
only because Rose didn’t want them to see what she had kept secret
for so long, not because she didn’t want them to think she had feelings.

liked Christmas. She enjoyed being with the people she loved most
in the world. She just wasn’t some sugar plumb fairy or anything.
But the last thing she wanted was for her friends to think she didn’t
care. What if Love really thought that was how she was?
What if all of them felt that way?

enjoyed being the mansion’s queen hedonist. She had a well-earned
reputation around here and she wore it like a badge of honor.
That didn’t mean she wanted it to come at the expense of people thinking
she didn’t have a heart.

question of how her housemates really felt and what she could do to
change it, rested on Rose’s mind as she lay flat on her back and stared
up at the ceiling and she couldn’t figure out how to stop that.
But fortunately there were always distractions around the mansion and
before Rose could consider this any further, a very excited distraction
ran into her room.

Rose! Rose! Oh my God!” Christina Aguilera squealed with
the utter joy of a teenager who had just been told she could throw her
first party.

Someone slip meth into your cornflakes or something Chrissy?” Rose

better!” Christina declared, bouncing with every step as she zipped
over to Rose and sat down on the bed. She held something in her
hand with the reverence of a golden ticket.

Look what I got! I can’t even fucking believe it! I’ve
been wanting this for so long I can’t believe it’s really happening!”
Christina giddily babbled as she thrust the paper she held in her hand
into Rose’s face.

decided to humor her friend and glanced down at it. She quickly
saw it was an invitation and her eyes widened when she read the finely
printed script on it. She hadn’t been far off when she had thought
it was some kind of golden ticket, but this was access to something
way better than any stupid chocolate factory.

that what I think that is?” Rose asked, her breath almost leaving
her just at the sight of it.

bet your ass it’s what you think it is,” Christina laughed as she
lay down next to Rose and began kicking her legs and pumping her fists
in triumph. “I can’t fucking believe it! Let me read
it to you, ‘Christina Aguilera, you and a guest are invited
to the annual Victoria’s Secret Christmas Eve Celebration. Be
there by 10 p.m. sharp. The doors will be locked at that time.
This invitation can be redeemed by only you.’”

shit,” Rose gasped in amazement. There hadn’t been much she
hadn’t done sexually. She had left men and women trembling for
her touch and begging for more. She had been a VIP at the most
exclusive sex clubs. She had been the last girl standing at some
of the wildest parties outside of the time of Caligula. But this
was a peak she had never scaled.

just got it,” Christina said, her heart pounding with impatient excitement.
“I’m not going to fucking last until 10! I need this to happen
now! This is unfucking believable! The hottest fucking orgy
of the year and I get to go!!!”

Victoria’s Secret Christmas Eve Celebration was no mere fashion show.
It was an invitation-only orgy so exclusive that the organizers were
unknown to anyone but themselves. It’s location shifted year
after year all over the world and security tighter than the White House.
No one who was not invited could attend with absolutely no exceptions.

was so exclusive that it was thought to be a sexual urban legend.
But those in the know, knew it was all real. The hottest girls.
The hottest guys. All in one location for one night where absolute
debauchery was the only rule that was followed. A lot of
crazy things had happened in the mansion, but Rose and Christina were
both under no illusions that anything they had done here in any way
compared to what happened at this once a year event.

of them had ever been to it before, but they had heard stories.
Ohhhh had they heard stories. They didn’t know which ones were
real and which ones were made up by poseurs just trying to pretend they
had been on the guest list, but it scarcely mattered. They had
been told again and again that the limits of their imagination couldn’t
even touch how wild it really got there.

Secret did not sanction the event, but that never stopped the models
from being the star attractions. Gisele. Tyra. Heidi.
And more. They were all going to be there as willing fuck toys
ready and eager to be ravished by the horny guests of all genders.
The organizers using standards only they knew made the secret guest
list. Only a select few were blessed enough to receive entry.

didn’t even know it was in Los Angeles until I got this!” Christina
continued on, her words coming out mile a second. “I don’t
even know how I got on the guest list! I just can’t believe this is
happening. I heard that Cindy Crawford will be there this year!
And Elle MacPherson too! It’s gonna be every model I’ve ever
wanted to fuck! It’s a dream come true Rose! My fucking
dream has finally come true! I want you there with me! Please
say you’ll come with me! I want you there to see how fucking
nasty I’m going to get tonight!”

have to even ask?” Rose laughed, her eyes alight as her imagination
dreamed up the sexual delights that would be before her that night.
“Of course I’ll go! I’ve been dying to go for years!
You fucking kill for these invitations! If you didn’t invite
me I’d never speak to you again Christina!”

let out another happy yelp of pure excitement and rolled over on top
of Rose, pressing her pixyish body over her sexual mentor’s and began
kissing all over her face.

never wanted anything more than this!” Christina declared. “I’m
going to fuck every single person there! I don’t care how many
people are there! I’m going to fuck them all! I want all
their cum on me and fucking in me! I’ll fuck the men!
I’ll fuck the women! I’ll fuck transfuckingvestites if they’re
there! I’ll do it all!”

other time, Rose probably would have teased Christina about her enthusiasm,
but this time she stayed silent because she felt the same exact way.
She would have run the streets red with blood to get a peek inside this
party and now that she was going to be a guest, Rose was planning on
taking full advantage.

going to have to race me to get them all,” Rose grinned, her eyes
wickedly twinkling. “Mmmmm every single ass in that place is
going to be mine at the end of the night.”

is someone getting cock hungry after all these years?” Christina teased
before planting her lips onto Rose’s in a kiss. “Are you actually
going to fuck a guy Rose? I can’t remember the last time that

it’s a once in a lifetime experience isn’t it?” Rose laughed.
“You’re not the only one who wants to get her brains fucked out,
you know.”

had definitely been a long time since Rose had felt a man inside her.
Ever since the day Sarah and Love had broken into her trailer, Rose
had been all about pussy. Even that one night in the jail cell
with Love where she had taken on all those cops and Rose had been tempted
to join in and suck and fuck a few of those hard cocks she had held
fast to her girls only policy.

the thought of losing all control and letting anyone and everyone at
the party fuck her sounded like absolute heaven to Rose. She didn’t
care if it was men or women there, she just wanted to feel good and
have erotic memories to last her lifetime.

I definitely wanna share a big cock with you Rose mmmmmm fuck I wanna
share a bunch with you,” Christina groaned, grinding her body against
her friend’s. “I wanna the both of us to get pounded and fucked
and stuffed with cock while we make out like fucking pussy starved sluts
and get those whore models hot to lick all that gooey cum out of our
cunts and asses.”

loved the sound of that and she moaned and gave Christina a passionate
kiss, sealing their agreement to do just that as soon as possible at
the party. An experience like this had been almost too much for
Rose to even dream she’d be a part of and now that it was hers for
the taking she couldn’t get to it fast enough. Her heart was
pounding just as hard as Christina’s was. Now she truly was
like a kid waiting for Christmas, but it wasn’t some toy she was waiting
to unwrap.

that thinking brought Rose right back to where she had been and since
she had one of her closest friends there with her in the bed, she decided
to take advantage of it.

Chrissy, I got a question for you?” Rose asked.

the answer is yes, you can definitely fuck me up the ass tonight in
front of everyone,” Christina giggled, assuming what Rose’s question.

I never ask for permission for something like that!” Rose laughed
back as her hands reached around back and squeezed Christina’s ass
through the micro shorts she wore. “I just see something I like
and I take it. But this is a serious question.”

Rose. What is it?” Christina asked, trying to calm her libido
for a second to listen. She owed Rose everything. She had
been the one to show her how good girls were. She had been the
one who brought her to the mansion for the first time. When Rose
talked, she listened.

do you think of me?” Rose inquired.

do you mean?” Christina replied. “You’re the best fuck I’ve
ever had in my whole life. You’re fucking amazing Rose!
That’s why I want you to come with me.”

I mean as a person,” Rose explained. “Do you think I’m some
kind of bitch? Like I don’t care about things enough.”

no,” Christina simply declared. “You’re fine Rose.
Now why are you asking me boring questions like that when we should
be talking about all the people we’re gonna fuck tonight?”

reason,” Rose said, pushing the thoughts out of her head and deciding
to concentrate on something much more fun. “You’re right Chrissy.
Let’s think about tonight. In fact mmmmmmm let’s get some
practice in so we can show these sluts how to do it right.”

was just what Christina wanted and it wasn’t long before their clothing
was off and their fingers and tongues were getting in practice neither
of them needed. Still just because you were already great at fucking
didn’t mean you couldn’t work toward being a little better.

* * * * *

sounds of Rose and Christina’s practice were easy to hear in the row
of bedrooms that filled the mansion’s second floor, especially if
you had the room right next to them. That was the situation Jessica
found herself in and part of her reflexively wanted to bang on the wall
and tell them to quiet down. Luckily Jessica caught herself before
she made a dumb mistake like that.

loved hearing the sounds of her housemates playing and Jessica was tempted
to walk on over to the next room and join in the fun. It had been
almost a whole 12 hours since she’d gotten laid and that was practically
a lifetime in Malibu, but Jessica didn’t get very far with that.
She was going to have herself a lazy Christmas and she meant it.

she was going to have sex, it was going to have to come to her.
Today was just a day for vegging out. Besides she knew soon enough
Rose and Christina would hunger for another partner and come and find
her waiting for them. Right now she was most happy sitting here
in her room, playing around on her laptop and listening to her housemates
fuck each other silly.

her ears delighted in the sounds of lesbian lovemaking, Jessica busied
her other senses by surfing around the net. If this wasn’t a
perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday then Jessica didn’t know what

wouldn’t have admitted it to anyone, but when she did spend serious
time on the Internet she always found herself Googleing her own name
and seeing what came up. She knew a lot of celebrities probably
partook in this egotistical habit, but that didn’t make her any prouder
of doing it. Still that shame didn’t keep her from doing it
and she typed in her name to see what people thought of her.

was the usual. Gossip reports linking her to people she had never
even met much less slept with. Comic book fans worried that Fantastic
Four 2 was going to suck even worse than the first one. And of
course pictures paparazzi took of her in a bikini. There never
seemed to be a shortage of them out there and, while she claimed to
hate them in the press, Jessica secretly loved having them out there.

loved knowing her body was sought after. She imagined boys taking
their cocks out and whacking off to her barely dressed bikini pictures
and, even better, girls rubbing their wet pussies as they imagined her
stripping out of her suit and rolling around naked with them on the
sand. Knowing people wanted her like that always gave Jessica’s
pussy a rush and was definitely part of the reason she was always willing
to be talked into getting sexy at her photo shoots.

Jessica’s net exploration took her any deeper, her cell phone suddenly
rang, snapping her out of her little trance. She didn’t recognize
the number on display, but this number was only given out to Jessica’s
circle of friends and lovers, so she was confident this was not about
to turn into some kind of prank call.

Jessica said as she clicked open her phone.

Hey it’s Trish!” a familiar voice on the other end said, immediately
getting a happy squeal out of Jessica.

Oh my God! How the hell are you?” Jessica asked. “I
haven’t heard from you in so long!”

know I’ve been terrible about calling you,” Trish Stratus sheepishly
replied. “It’s just that everything’s been crazy lately.
We’ve been all over the world and back it seems and I just never have

don’t worry,” Jessica said. “It’s just really good to
hear from you!”

had never been a wrestling fan. But her perspective on sports
entertainment and, more specifically, the women who participated in
it, changed at the end of Dark Angel’s run when Amy Dumas, best known
to wrestling fans as Lita, had signed on for a guest role. Jessica
had wanted to fuck the sexy redhead from the moment she laid eyes on
her and one day, in her trailer, she had gotten that chance and took
full advantage, stripping the wrestler of her clothes and inhibitions
and leaving the both of them naked, sweaty and so very satisfied.

had been the first girl Jessica had ever seduced. It had been
an amazing experience and it had led to so much more for the both of
them. Jessica knew some of the details, enough to form a sexy
picture in her mind.

had apparently been harboring secret crushes on the girls she wrestled
with and her encounter with Jessica had eventually resulted in her getting
in the panties of more hot girls who worked for the company. It
had liberated Amy and shown her that her desires for other girls were
nothing to fight, but rather something to indulge in and enjoy.

first girl Amy had made a play for was Trish, but by the time she had
gotten to her, someone had already taken her lesbian cherry and that
someone had been Jessica. One unforgettable afternoon, Jessica
had gone looking for Amy when the WWE had come to Los Angles and had
found Trish instead.

had struck an immediate friendship with the buxom, blonde wrestler but
Trish had wanted more, lots more. Amy had told her friend all
about what had happened between her and Jessica not knowing that Trish
had been harboring secret lesbian lusts of her own. That had led
to a starring role for Jessica in many of Trish’s fantasies and when
she met her that day she had not let the opportunity pass her by.

had ended up making love in the steam room, even scoring the bonus prize
of having leggy Stacy Keibler walk in and join them, and it had been
a memorable experience for all of them.

that first encounter, Jessica and Trish had become friends and lovers.
Unfortunately, with the WWE traveling all around the world with virtually
no breaks in between, chances for them to hook up had been few and far
between. But that hadn’t stopped them from calling and e-mailing
each other whenever they could. Jessica and Trish found they had
a lot in common and they chatted about everything friends do, from men
to shopping to reality television, but their conversations had often
revolved around women and, more specifically, the ones they seduced
into their beds.

had made sure not to spare a single detail in telling Trish all about
the sexy adventures in Malibu and beyond. She had told her everything
about her and Jennifer Garner, her problems with Avril Lavigne and,
of course, the orgy in Jamaica. Trish had hung on every
word and, in return, told Jessica all about how she and Amy had reunited
after Amy’s long injury layoff and had fucked that first time in the
shower and how that first encounter had grown until Diva after Diva
had ended up fucked and licked into orgasming submission by one or both
of them.

Trish and Jessica loved hearing each other’s sexy stories, but this
time they kept things relatively clean. They chatted about how
things were going, how their families were doing and complained about
holiday shopping and stress. But eventually Trish revealed that
she had called up Jessica with a purpose in mind and got to her point.

listen Jess…I was actually calling because I hoped you would be able
to do me a favor,” Trish said.

really? Is there any chance that this favor involves you and me
getting naked and doing some serious licking?” Jessica asked.

I wish,” Trish replied with obvious arousal. “I’m in Toronto
right now, though. So unless you feel like hopping the next plane
I think I’m going to have to take a rain check.”

Jessica sighed. She wasn’t surprised, just a little disappointed.
She was hoping Trish was calling because she was in town and wanted
to hook up. “Well what can I do for you Trish?”

I have this friend,” Trish began. “And I don’t mean to impose
on you or anything, but I was hoping you could check in on her for me.
She’s in LA right now doing auditions and trying to find work as an
actress. She just got fired here and she was really down about
it. I was hoping maybe you could stop in and see her and go out
for coffee or something. I didn’t want her to be alone on Christmas.”

you trying to set me up on a blind date?” Jessica giggled.

Trish replied, sharing the laugh. “I just was hoping you could,
you know, cheer her up and all that. She took getting fired from
here pretty rough.”

want to Trish, but LA’s not like next door or anything,” Jessica
admitted. “I was just planning on chilling today.”

Jessica,” Trish urged. “You’d really be doing me a favor
and I’d totally owe you. Mmmmm I’d owe you lots. Besides,
you’ll definitely like her. She’s really energetic and fun
and just full of life. Plus, she’s pretty fucking hot if you
ask me.”

realllllllly,” Jessica grinned, her interest picking up. “So
is this girl a special friend of yours?”

could say that,” Trish answered with a giggle. “It depends
on how you define special.”

to me special means you fucked her brains out and left her begging for
more,” Jessica said before she and Trish both fell into laughter.

that case she’s definitely special,” Trish confirmed. “Mmmmm
me and Amy had so much fun with her. She’s like a fucking tiger
in bed.”

do like the sound of that,” Jessica admitted.

Jess,” Trish continued to press. “I just know you’re going
to like her. It’s not like you have to spend all day with her.
Just hang out with her and cheer her up. Please. It’s
a favor to me.”

was making it very hard for her to say no. Jessica didn’t want
to be mean and she wanted to do favors for her friends. She just
wished she didn’t have to spend Christmas Eve driving into Los Angeles
and back and ruining her plans to do absolutely nothing. This
girl did sound hot, though, and Jessica wanted to help Trish out.

dunno,” Jessica said, showing her wavering.

haven’t even seen her in person yet. Just wait till you do.
You’re going to be drooling in no time,” Trish insisted.

will I know what she looks like?” Jessica asked.

Jess…I keep telling you to watch the shows and you never do,” Trish
pouted. “Tell you what, all you gotta do is Google her. Once
you see her, you’ll be jumping at the chance to meet her.”

Jessica said. “What was her name again?”

Hemme,” Trish answered.

few key strokes and click of the mouse later, Jessica had entered Christy’s
name and was greeted with pictures of a redheaded goddess that took
her breath away on first sight.

wow,” Jessica moaned.

ya so,” Trish snickered. “So what do you think now?
Want to do me a favor?”

time should I meet her?” Jessica asked.

lazy Christmas was out. Now it was definitely time for a new plan.

* * * * *

you even going to give me a hint?” Sarah Michelle Gellar asked as
she shook the wrapped present she’d been handed.

uh,” Alyson Hannigan playfully denied. “You gotta wait until
Christmas morning to open it.”

at least give me a hint,” Sarah whined while still smiling.
“Don’t make me wait. Lemme open it now. You can open
your present if you let me open mine.”

deal,” Alyson smirked as she sat on Sarah’s bed for their gift exchange.
“This is a hardened fast rule. In fact I put a spell on your
present that means if you open it up before Christmas morning it will
magically transform from the really cool, thoughtful gift I got into
an ugly sweater.”

mean,” Sarah pouted. “I’m taking back your present and getting
you something lame. I’m gonna give you the fruit cake that I
got last year that’s still in its box.”

don’t be grumpy at Christmas,” Alyson laughed, hugging her friend.
“All it means is you’ve got to wait a few hours. You can do
that, can’t you? Just wait a little bit.”

grumbled, but didn’t pull herself away from her best friend’s hug.
In fact she surrendered to it, loving the feel of Alyson’s sexy body
pressing to hers. It made her long for what she knew she couldn’t
have, but she still didn’t want to stop it.

you can open this one,” Alyson offered, breaking the hug and reaching
into her bag for a smaller wrapped present.

Aly, you got me two presents?” Sarah said. “I only got you
one. I’m sorry.”

ok, this is a special present I’ve wanted to give you for a long time,”
Alyson replied. “Open it up.”

always loved presents, Sarah didn’t hesitate to tear open the wrapping
paper around the box. She quickly found out that the present wasn’t
what was inside the wooden box, it was the box itself.

a wish box,” Alyson explained as Sarah held open the small varnished
box and peered inside. “My mother got me one when I was a kid
and she and I do this every year. I wanted you to have one too.
What you do is make one wish, write it down on a piece of paper and
put it inside the box. Then over the next year the wish is supposed
to come true. But don’t tell anyone what your wish is or else
you’ll jinx it.”

you Aly,” Sarah said. “I love it. That’s really sweet.
I wish I’d gotten you something else too.”

ok, this was a surprise,” Alyson smiled as she thought to herself
that Sarah could give her a great gift if she’d make the wish she’d
put into her box come true. Alyson’s neatly folded piece of
paper inside her box at home read “I wish Sarah would divorce Freddie.”
That was a wish Alyson definitely wanted to become reality.

felt so much distance between her and Sarah since she’d married Freddie
and moved out of the mansion. It was so awkward for her to be
Sarah’s best friend while still trying to get over to Malibu whenever
she could for some girl on girl fun. She just wanted things to
be like they were before. Before Sarah had married Freddie.
When she had her best friend and all that amazing sex all in one place.

loved being Sarah’s best friend, but she missed being her lover.
Even after Sarah had left the party and abandoned her housemates before
the wedding, Alyson had been secretly hopeful that they would still
be able to make love. She imagined being Sarah’s secret lover,
sneaking over when Freddie was away for illicit rendezvous and giving
Sarah the female touch and incredible orgasms she needed because of
her husband’s inability to satisfy.

Sarah had never given any sign that was what she wanted. Alyson
knew her friend was denying herself and she couldn’t figure out why.
How could anyone give up everything she had for Freddie? How on
Earth was he worth leaving the mansion behind forever? Alyson
didn’t say any of that to Sarah, though. She could see how hard
a decision it had been, even if Sarah had refused to ever talk about
it. Alyson didn’t want to make her friend sad.

had been torn for months now. While she didn’t want to torture
her over having left the mansion, Alyson also knew Sarah had made the
wrong decision. Alyson had never been convinced Sarah truly loved
Freddie and she didn’t believe for a second he was worth giving up
being with her girlfriends for.

just wanted Sarah to send her some kind of sign that she was unhappy
so she could seize on it and finally tell Sarah about the mistake she’d
made. There had been no sign, at least none that Alyson could
see. But maybe, she thought to herself, she was looking the wrong
way. Maybe Sarah was waiting for her to make the first move.
It was definitely worth trying.

know there’s another present I want to give you,” Alyson suddenly
said, going for it before she could talk herself out of it.

c’mon Aly, you’ve already given me so much already,” Sarah protested.
“I feel bad that I didn’t get you more.”

want to give you this,” Alyson declared, grabbing Sarah by her waist
and pulling her in for a kiss. It had been so long since the two
friends had kissed but it was just like yesterday again as soon as Alyson’s
lips touched Sarah’s and the former slayer melted into the redhead’s
tender, sexy kiss.

like they had so many times, the touch of their wet, pink lips together
was sizzling. Their desires ran free as they kissed. Sarah’s
hands became instantly motivated to touch Alyson. She ran her
hands up her friend’s back, caressing her through her shirt as Alyson
held Sarah close by her hips.

kiss pushed Sarah over the edge and she lost control of the desires
she had been trying to stifle. Without even thinking, she pulled
Alyson’s shirt over her head and threw it down onto the floor, exposing
her best friend’s lacy pink bra. Wondering if Alyson’s panties
were the same color and if they were getting as wet as hers rapidly
were, Sarah next reached for her jeans.

first kiss broke when the girls needed air, but that pausing didn’t
last. The second kiss began right after and then the third and
the fourth. But just as Sarah was starting to lower Alyson’s
jeans down her hips and the redhead reached for Sarah’s shirt to strip
her down too, they were rudely interrupted by the phone.

Alyson cried in frustration. “Don’t answer it Sarah!
Just ignore it!”

that wasn’t going to happen. Sarah broke free of Alyson’s
kiss and reached for the phone right next to her bed.

Ohhhhhhhhhh hi Freddie,” Sarah said, getting an immediate frown from

one had to tell the redhead that her and Sarah’s lovemaking had ended
before it even got started. With a sigh, Alyson pulled her jeans
back up and fished around the floor for her shirt.

the time Sarah finished her brief call with her husband, Alyson had
her shirt back over her head and was getting up off the bed.

go Aly,” Sarah said sadly.

think I should,” Alyson replied.

please don’t,” Sarah begged. “I’m sorry that just happened
Aly. I didn’t mean to lead you on like that. I shouldn’t
have kissed you. I shouldn’t have lost control. I’m
so sorry.”

Alyson groaned in frustration. “Sarah why are you sorry for
doing something we both wanted? I was the one that kissed you
first. Remember? I know deep down this is what you want.”

don’t,” Sarah claimed. “Not anymore. I’m…I’m
married now. I can’t do that anymore. I have…have to
be faithful.”

really should go,” Alyson said, grabbing her bag from the floor and
slinging it over her shoulder. “Have fun with your husband Sarah.”

Please! Don’t leave angry Aly!” Sarah cried, jumping
off the bed to block her friend from leaving. “I don’t want
to fight. Don’t be mad.”

saw once again how hard Sarah’s struggle against the raging desires
inside her were. It was all over her face. Any anger Alyson
felt couldn’t help but dissipate.

could never be mad at you Sarah,” Alyson admitted. “I just
wish you would let things be like how they used to be. I miss
you Sarah. I miss being your lover.”

just can’t anymore,” Sarah insisted. “I can’t let things
be like that. If I start, I’ll never stop.”

that be so bad?” Alyson gently asked as her hand caressed Sarah’s

mean yes…I just can’t be like that anymore,” Sarah said.
“I have to be true to Freddie. Please don’t tempt me like
this Aly.”

to let it go for now, Alyson leaned in again and gave Sarah another
kiss, but this one was a chaste peck of her lips to her forehead.

really should go,” Alyson insisted. “But I want you to have
a Merry Christmas.”

too Aly,” Sarah replied giving her a friend a hug. “Merry
Christmas. I love you.”

you too,” Alyson said before going for the door. “Don’t
forget your wish box Sarah. Put your wish in there tonight and
I promise it will come true.”

left the bedroom and soon the house and Sarah sat back down in her bed,
burying her head in her hands, Alyson’s wish box next to her leg.
When her friend was safely gone, Sarah let the first tears escape her
eyes. She’d been holding them in since she and Aly’s kisses
had been interrupted and now they rolled into her hands.

Sarah wondered to herself as she tried to dry her eyes. When was
she going to forget about Malibu and be able to get on with the rest
of her life?

* * * * *

her mind very much being taken up by the erotic possibilities that lay
ahead later that night, Rose couldn’t shake feeling bad about Love.
She loved how her housemate looked at her and to now see disappointment
in those eyes dragged her heart down.

wanted to set things right between them and she searched the mansion
for Love before finding her in the kitchen, pulling a tray of cookies
out of the oven. Once she was sure that it was safe, Rose came
up behind Love and wrapped her arms around her waist while kissing her

knew right away it was Rose and she couldn’t help but smile and moan
from her housemate’s lips on her sensitive neck. Love backed
up slightly, pushing her ass into Rose and grinding herself against
her friend.

at me?” Rose asked.

totally,” Love answered without anger. “Just don’t stop.”

So if I keep kissing you like this then you’ll like me again?” Rose
inquired before pressing her lips again and again to Love’s neck.

Love moaned. “Oooooooooh yessssssss mmmmm it’s a…ooooooooh…a
good start…”

I’m nice,” Rose pointed out. “I’m not mean.”

never thought you were mean,” Love explained, turning around in Rose’s
arms so they could be face to face. “I just wish you had the
Christmas spirit. And I don’t want you to make fun of me for
having it.”

wasn’t making fun of you,” Rose claimed. “I don’t want
to hurt your feelings. I want you to have a nice Christmas.”

smiled. Even if she had really been mad at Rose there was no way
she was going to be able to keep it up. Rose was too irresistible.
Besides, who could be mad at Christmas?

be nice and kiss me,” Love requested.

could easily do that. She pressed her lips to Love’s and hungrily
kissed her. The two girls breathed into each other as they kissed
their bodies pressing together as they showed no differences in opinion
could overcome all their similarities.

cookie breath,” Rose giggled after pulling away from Love. “You
helped yourself to a little of your baking, didn’t you?”

Love giggled right back. “Here try one.”

then picked up a cool cookie from a plate and pushed it into Rose’s
waiting mouth. It was a sugar cookie with red and green sprinkles
on it and Rose accepted the tasty gift.

you trying to get even by making me fat?” Rose asked.

no, but that’s an idea,” Love grinned. “Don’t worry baby.
We can burn off those calories easy around here.”

I know it,” Rose said before giving Love another kiss. “You
sure are making a lot of these though. You’re going to turn
us all into porkers.”

they’re mostly for the guys next door,” Love explained. “I
figured I’d make them a lot as a Christmas present because they…you
know…probably get the munchies a lot.”

yeah, that’s what this holiday needs, the three wise guys,” Rose
said with a roll of her eyes before she got a thwack in the arm from

That’s what I was talking about,” Love sighed. “You’re
always making fun! I want to do something nice for them!
They’re always nice to us. I want them to have a merry Christmas
too. Is that wrong?”

it’s not wrong baby,” Rose said, caressing Love’s face.
“I just don’t want you to get all worked up in this Christmas stuff.
You should be relaxing and having fun too, not spending all day decorating
trees and making cookies. You get too wrapped up in this stuff.”

just want everything to be perfect,” Love said. “I want us
to have the best Christmas ever here.”

will,” Rose promised. “Why are you so worked up about it?
You weren’t this big into it last year. I mean you were into it, but
not this much.”

just miss Sarah so much,” Love admitted, unable to stop herself from
revealing her true motive. “I miss her every day and I wish
she was here with us. I mean I miss Britney too, but I really
miss Sarah! But I don’t want things to stop now that she’s
gone. I want us all to be together and have something real…like
real friends and family. Not just like girls who…”

each other silly?” Rose asked.

that,” Love said, unable to stop from cracking a smile. “I
want a perfect Christmas. I don’t mean to give you a hard time
Rose, but I want you to feel it too. This is a magical time of
year and when we’re all together none of us can be lonely and none
of us can miss anyone.”

such thing as a perfect Christmas sweetie,” Rose informed Love. “But
we’re gonna get damn close. Don’t worry Love. I’ll
be smiling and jingle belling and sugar plumb dancing if that’s what
you want. In fact, I’ll start now. You go relax.
I’ll take these cookies over to the boys.”

You’d do that?” Love asked.

maybe they’d even hook me up with some of that sweet chronic of theirs,”
Rose joked.

I do have a little bit of shopping left to do,” Love said as she considered
Rose’s offer.

told you to relax, not go shopping on Christmas Eve,” Rose chastised.

a few quick things and I’ll be back,” Love promised. “This
is relaxing to me. I like doing nice things for people.
I want to do this.”

if that’s what you want,” Rose said, with an affectionate sigh.

be back soon,” Love said, giving Rose another peck on the lips.
“Thanks for doing this Rose. But this doesn’t get you totally
off the hook. I’m going to make sure you have the Christmas
spirit tonight one way or the other.”

Christmas Eve already,” Rose pointed out. “Don’t you think
it’s a little too late for that?”

better late than never,” Love contended.

scurried out of the kitchen and Rose began loading the cookies into
a tin, helping herself to one or two in the process. She was skeptical
about ever getting the Christmas spirit. It still seemed like
a crock to her. But she was willing to at least be open to it.
That was a start.

* * * * *

wasn’t the only person in Malibu with a case of Christmas fever.
Right next door to the mansion, there was another person trying to insure
his spot on Santa’s nice list.

guys, guys…look what I taught Julius to do,” Delbert said as he
rushed in with their loyal St. Bernard dog paddling behind him.

got Waldo and Franklin looking up from their work and once Delbert had
his friends’ attention, he gave the dog the signal that it was time
for their trick.

Julius,” Delbert said. “Jingle bells.”

cue the dog began barking out the holiday tune in perfect harmony, putting
the infamous recording to shame.

Del, that’s the most annoying thing you’ve ever taught him,” Franklin
observed. “Congratulations.”

Delbert said as Julius finished up the song and waited for the Milk
Bone that his master immediately tossed him. The snack was quickly
devoured by the dog and Delbert turned his attention back to the stockings
he had hung onto the wall, next to their Christmas tree decorated with
flashing lights from top to bottom.

you really think Santa’s going to be able to get in here?” Delbert
wondered. “I mean we don’t have a chimney. I suppose
he’s good at improvising. After all he’s able to get into
apartments all over the world and he’s never had a problem getting
here before. But still, you gotta wonder. I mean you don’t
want to make it difficult for him to get inside. After all he
might have more presents if we make it easy for him. Plus I’m
a little concerned that the roof might not be able to handle the extra
weight of all the reindeer on top of it. I don’t want it to
collapse. Think I should go up there and reinforce it or should
I just paint a landing strip on the sand for him to park there?”

sound of Delbert’s concerns caused Franklin to turn to Waldo.

you think this is the year when we should finally break it to him that
there’s no Santa Claus?” Franklin asked.

And risk a repeat of the Easter Bunny incident?” Waldo replied.
“I think not. Let him live the illusion. He’s not hurting

just hope Santa got the email I sent him the other day,” Delbert said,
continuing on. “I asked him to swing by especially to pick up
the gift I got for Tara. I mean I don’t know if she sent him
her letter this year or not. She’s probably been pretty busy.
So I got her something just in case. But I need Santa to deliver
it to her.”

got her a present?” Waldo asked. “What did you get her?”

Delbert said as he opened up an unwrapped box to reveal a glistening
red ruby in the shape of a heart. “She’s already got my heart.
This gift just makes it official.”

the hell did you afford that?” Franklin asked.

sold my blood every day for a month,” Delbert reported triumphantly.
“Did you know December is one of the biggest months for donations?
Apparently people keep having decorating accidents and need the supplies.
Anyways…I’m still feeling a bit woozy so I’m going to go lie down.”

before Delbert could rest, there was a knock on the door. With
three bolts and a padlock on the steel enforced door, security was tight
so Waldo approached it cautiously.

is it?” Waldo asked.

Jenna,” a female voice said on the other side. “Let me in.
I came to buy smoke from you guys. I totally ran out and I need

the password?” Waldo asked.

got a pause from the other side of the door. Jenna knew she had
to get this right or else she wasn’t going to be able to get inside.
And when they wanted it right, she knew it had to be to the last syllable
right. Now if only she could remember it all. She thought
it over, rehearsed it in her mind a few times and then finally spoke.

me sir,” Jenna said. “Would you have the time? My watch
is broken and it’s stuck on 4:20.”

held her breath as she hoped she had given the right password.
She only exhaled when she heard the bolts being slid and the padlock
being undone. The door swung open and Jenna scurried inside.
She wouldn’t have gone through all this if their product hadn’t
been worth it. Plus she kind of liked the anonymity of coming
to see these three guys.

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert, she was just Jenna, the giggly, brunette
who always had trouble remembering the password. But to most everyone
else she was Jenna Haze, porn star.

wasn’t that she didn’t like being recognized. She loved it.
She got such a kick out of the VIP treatment. She loved meeting
her fans and having her tell them how much her movies turned her on.
That was such a rush and it always made her so horny to think of her
fans getting off watching her fuck on film, but with these three guys
it was kind of fun for them not know what she did.

course her employment had never really come up in their conversations,
but Jenna sensed they didn’t know. She could see it in their
eyes. People looked at you differently once they knew you fucked
for a living. It was natural, she supposed. But these guys
didn’t look like they had a clue.

wasn’t easy for her to always get to Malibu and these three weren’t
the most reliable when it came to house calls, but Jenna knew it was
worth it to get her hands on their product. As a true joker, smoker
and midnight toker, Jenna knew good shit when she smoked it and whatever
these guys did to it made her float high and easy with no crash landings
and more importantly no side effects, except for the occasional need
to drive to the nearest Taco Bell at two in the morning.

you guys got for me?” Jenna asked. “I’m fucking desperate
over here. I burned through my supply too early and no one else
has it cause of the holiday. Turns out people need a lot of smoke
to get through Christmas. So please tell me you’ve got stuff
to sell me. I seriously need to blaze!”

have just the thing for you,” Franklin said as he crouched down and
opened the safe. Once the door was open he withdraw a long Tupperware
container and opened it.

away Jenna was in love. It smelled perfect. She could practically
taste how good this was gonna feel. The holidays were always so
stressful and if she couldn’t fuck that stress away, then she was
sure as hell gonna smoke it.

take it,” Jenna said gleefully.

much?” Franklin asked.

whole thing,” Jenna stated, her eyes alight with the fun she could
have with all this.

Franklin and Delbert huddled together before emerging and giving Jenna
the price tag. Even though she’d bought from them before, she
still wasn’t expecting it to be so high and it caused a reflexive
tongue choke.

much?” Jenna asked and when she was sure she hadn’t heard them wrong,
she shook her head. “Wow that’s more then I expected.
Lemme see if I’ve got that much.”

began rifling through her purse.

guys take Discover card?” Jenna asked only to be greeted with three
firm shakes of the head “no.”

what about a personal check?” Jenna asked.

three forms of ID?” Waldo asked, getting a headshake from Jenna this

didn’t want to lose out on this stuff. She really was desperate
for it. And desperate times called for desperate measures. She
didn’t like having to resort to this, but it was definitely necessary.

maybe we can work out some kind of arrangement then,” Jenna said seductively
as she began inching up the white tank top she wore. “I can
be a very nice girl you know. I’m sure there’s something I
can do for you guys that you’d like.”

and Franklin looked very uncomfortable at the sound of the offer, but
Delbert had an idea.

sing us a Christmas song!” Delbert said.

You serious?” Jenna asked in disbelief as she dropped her top back
down. “I can’t sing.”

Christmas songs come from the heart not the lungs,” Delbert sagely
pointed out.

That’s all you guys want from me? You could make me do anything
you wanted and this is what you want? Me to sing to you?” Jenna

enthusiastically nodded his head in agreement and Waldo and Franklin
just shrugged their shoulders.

Jenna said. “Any requests?”

is good,” Delbert said as he and his friends stood for the show.

racked her brain to figure out what to sing. To say this was the
last thing in the world she had expected to be doing today would have
been putting it mildly. But she had catered to an audience before
and, hey, at least she got to keep her clothes on this time. Finally
she seized upon the one song she knew well enough to wing it.
Years of church growing up hadn’t been for naught.

holy night…the stars are brightly shiiiiiiiiiiningggggggg…” Jenna
began to sing.

porn star continued through Oh Holy Night even as there was another
knock on the door and Waldo went to answer it.

is it?” Waldo asked.

Rose, open up.”

the password?” Waldo asked.

Jesus fucking Christ,” Rose snapped from the other side of the door.
“Open the fucking door before I do the Nutcracker Suite with my feet
on your crotches!”

that only the true Rose and not some undercover DEA agent or alien imposter
would answer like that, Waldo quickly opened the door and let his neighbor

time,” Rose muttered before reminding herself to be nice and Christmasy.
“Here we brought you a pres…”

stopped right in the middle of her sentence when she realized there
was a woman in the middle of the room singing. She was just getting
to the real lungpower part of the song and wasn’t doing a bad job.

on your kneeeeeeeeees!” Jenna sang with growing enthusiasm.
“Oh hearrrrrrrrrrrrr the angel voiiiiiiiiices!!!”

the hell is going on here?” Rose asked in disbelief. She’d
seen some strange things here, but this was right up there on the top
of the list. She also felt like she’d seen this girl before
somewhere, but couldn’t place where and when.

wanted a song,” Franklin answered with another shrug of his shoulders.

I can honestly say this wasn’t what I was expecting to find here,”
Rose said as she listened to Jenna sing. “Here Love baked you
some cookies. Merry Christmas.”

cookies,” Waldo, Franklin and Delbert said simultaneously as Jenna
noticed their new guest. While Rose didn’t have instant recognition
of Jenna, Jenna had no such problem of her own.

my God!” Jenna gasped, interrupting her song. “You’re Rose

caught me,” Rose admitted with a smile. She wasn’t the biggest
fan of being recognized and fawned over, but when hot girls were the
ones fawning, then Rose had absolutely no problem with it. And
whoever this girl was, she was definitely hot.

such a fan. I’ve seen so many of your movies and you’re just
awesome!” Jenna admitted, forgetting for a second about the sale she
was trying to complete. She just hoped she wasn’t coming off
like a dork. She hadn’t just liked Rose’s movies.
She’d also been nursing a serious crush on her for years.

other girls in the porn industry went gay for pay, Jenna’s lust for
pussy was no act and Rose in person was even more of a turn on then
on screen.

guess, you want a refund for Ready to Rumble, right?” Rose said.
“Or was it Phantoms that made you want to want to claw your eyes out?”

No way! You were da bomb in Phantoms, yo!” Jenna giggled. She’d
been dying to say that for years, but had never actually figured on
meeting anyone from the cast.

right I was,” Rose smiled. She definitely liked this girl. If
only she could remember where she’d seen her before. She looked
so damn familiar. She just couldn’t place where she’d seen
her face.

I don’t want to sound like a complete loser here or anything, but
could I have an autograph?” Jenna asked shyly.

can have more than that if you want it, honey” Rose winked, making
Jenna’s eyes grow wide.

Rose hitting on her? No that wasn’t possible. Then again
she had heard rumors that Rose was into girls. But it just couldn’t
be. That stuff was usually bullshit. There was no way Rose
wanted to fuck her? Was there? What she had just said definitely
sounded like flirting.

can you sign right here?” Jenna said, holding out the end of her tank
top so Rose could sign the bottom of it. “I don’t have any
paper or anything.”

Rose said, giving the girl a more than obvious once over with her eyes.
This little thing looked just scrumptious. She reminded Rose a
little of Christina, except more natural. She had that tiny, tight
look that often deceptively hid a sexual powder keg. Plus it was
obvious that this girl wasn’t wearing a bra under her tank top and
her nipples were starting to get hard.

Franklin and Delbert had become the forgotten men inside their own house.
Rose barely acknowledged their existence as Franklin handed her a laundry

should I make it out to?” Rose asked, playing things a little coy
until she was sure this girl was into playing the kind of games she
and her housemates loved.

make it out to Jen,” Jenna replied, wishing Rose would rip the shirt
off her body and clamp her mouth down on her tits.

sent the light bulb in Rose’s head flashing. Suddenly she knew
exactly who this girl was.

shit! You’re Jenna Haze!” Rose gasped. She’d seen her movies.
Hell, she’d fucked herself to her movies!

You know who I am?” Jenna asked. She wasn’t egotistical enough
to assume that everyone she met instantly recognized her and it was
a huge ego boost for her to see someone like Rose look at her like a
fan instead of it being the other way around.

yeah!” Rose smiled. Now she wanted this girl more than ever.
“I’ve seen your movies too. You’re unbelievable. I
love your old stuff. You’re one sexy little cock whore, girl.”

sensed that Jenna would take that as a compliment and she was correct.
The porn star smiled and blushed a little.

about my other stuff?” Jenna asked, desperately wanting this to be
more than just a conversation about how much they loved each other’s
work. “Ummmm you like my girl/girl stuff too?”

do I ever,” Rose replied, taking the bait of Jenna’s question and
admitting her lust for girls. “Finger licking good. That’s
for damn sure.”

had loved both Jenna’s older work, where she had become well known
for enthusiastically taking cock, and often more than one, into her
all willing and eager holes. But recently she’d only been doing
girl on girl scenes and that was definitely a career choice that went
over well at the mansion.

being the secret porn fiend she was, had been singing Jenna’s praises
to all her housemates for months and when they finally watched her movies
they had immediately seen why. Rose had been particularly taken
with Jenna’s giddy eagerness for all things sexual. She looked
a hundred times hotter in person and Rose knew the temperature was going
to rise even hotter than that once she got Jenna out of her clothes.

thinking of Love gave Rose an idea. Her housemate had been a Jenna
fan first and what better way to show off that she was able to get the
Christmas spirit by not hogging Jenna all to herself, but rather sharing.
Now all she had to do was convince Jenna to come next door with her
and Rose didn’t think that was going to be too hard.

love watching your movies,” Rose declared. “Mmmm they always
get us so hot. We can barely get through them without ripping
each other’s clothes off.”

Who’s we?” Jenna inquired with a naughty smile, wondering if Rose
was watching her movies with her boyfriend or, even better, her girlfriend.

don’t you come next door with me and find out?” Rose offered.
“I’ve got some friends of mine I think you’d like to meet.
I know they’re all going to love a chance to meet you.”

* * * * *

at the community center had gone very well. Jewel had managed
to fit into her costume without looking like an elf stripper and the
presents were almost all handed out. Seeing the happy look on
the kids’ faces as they got their gifts really made Alyssa feel good.
It was easy to take having everything you wanted for granted and she
had forgotten how happy a kid could be just by getting one nicely wrapped

knew Jewel felt the same way. She didn’t want to come off as
sappy, but Alyssa really did feel good being selfless and helping others
this time of year. It gave her a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
Jewel had really gotten in her elf’s gig too and they had both had
a lot of fun.

course not every kid was happy with what Santa had brought them this

I don’t want this,” a blonde kid with glasses said as he tore open
the wrapping paper to find the action figure that lay underneath.
“I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine Action Two Hundred Shot Range
Air Rifle.”

Are you kidding?” Alyssa scoffed. “You’ll shoot your eye

kid shuffled away disappointed and Alyssa turned to say something to
Jewel when she saw her elf’s attention was on something else.
Not that Alyssa blamed her. She had been staring too since they’d
gotten there and hadn’t been able to help herself from wondering if
she could take home what they were both longing for as a Christmas present.

were playing all the roles that morning. Besides her and Jewel,
John Goodman had been a natural Santa and everyone had gotten their
fair share of giggles from Ryan Reynolds with a pair of fake antlers
and glowing red nose as Rudolph. But the person Alyssa and Jewel
couldn’t stop thinking about was the girl playing Jewel’s fellow
elf. Her green and red fringed costume could do nothing to block
how sexy she looked and how much it made both of them want to cross
their names off the nice list so they could be naughty without impediment.

that she was being subtly gawked at, Anne Hathaway continued to hand
out presents to kids and look as sweet and innocent as her Disney movies
made her seem. Alyssa and Jewel weren’t too blatant with their
lustful gazes because not only were they in public, but they weren’t
there to girl watch. They were there to bring a Merry Christmas
to the kids and they focused on that above all else. But that
didn’t mean thoughts about getting Anne under the mistletoe didn’t
dance through their heads every now and then.

the line of kids got shorter, their fantasies got stronger. Jewel
and Alyssa shared a series of looks that said what their lips couldn’t
right then. They both wanted Anne. They were both checking
each other out. They didn’t need to say it. They had been
with so many girls together that their psychic lesbian powers were quite
in tune with one another.

know what I want for Christmas,” Jewel whispered into Alyssa’s ear
as they watched Anne hand a package to an overjoyed little girl.

and me both,” Alyssa whispered back as they strove not to draw attention
to themselves. “Mmmmm I’d love to peel her wrapping paper
off and play with my new toy all night long.”

hand flew to her lips to stifle a giggle. Her costume was a little
tight and every time she moved she could feel the fabric rubbing against
her chest. The friction against her tits reminded Jewel of sex
and even though she was behaving herself here, it made her want Anne
bad. Of course there was no indication that Anne was into girls.
Or was there.

you think she’s been checking us out?” Jewel whispered. “I
thought I saw her staring at us a few times, but she’d turn away whenever
I looked back. It could be my imagination. I’m not sure.”

I haven’t seen anything,” Alyssa admitted. “But then again
I’ve been busy.”

kid walked up to the two girls, snapping them out of their conversation
and reminding them why they were really there and it wasn’t to get

Christmas,” Alyssa and Jewel said together as they handed the little
girl a package from the “girls” bag they had with them.

I’m against Christmas. It’s just part of the right wing’s
attempt to impose a religious dogma on traditionally secular areas of
life,” the girl, who looked to be all of six stated. “Christmas
itself didn’t even take place in December. Religious scholars
have found that Jesus’ birth likely took place much earlier in the
year and that having it on December 25 was a misinterpretation which
has been furthered by capitalist interests who want to sell more products.”

wow,” Alyssa said. “So if you don’t like Christmas, why
are you here?”

not against presents,” the girl said before taking the package and
walking off.

wonder if this happens at Kwanzaa celebrations?” Jewel wondered, before
Alyssa gave her a gentle elbow in the stomach to have her turn her attention
back toward Anne.

brunette actress was bent over to get something out of her bag and that
gave Alyssa and Jewel a great view of her ass, the felt of her costume
clinging to it like saran wrap.

Jewel said, hoping she wasn’t moaning too loudly.

Alyssa agreed. “How about after this is over you and I invite
her out for coffee and see if we can’t get that sexy ass back to Malibu
with us?”

like a plan,” Jewel said before she and Alyssa turned their attention
back to the kids.

girl wanted to let their lust for Anne distract them from the kids.
They were there to bring some holiday joy and cheer to them and the
kids deserved more than having a Mrs. Claus and an elf that were too
busy getting horny to even look them in the eye and give them the time
for a simple smile.

Alyssa and Jewel both pushed thoughts of lesbian seduction out of their
minds as they handed out their presents. Of course they didn’t
push those thoughts too far away and, as soon as their sacks were empty
and the line of kids was gone, they turned around to look for Anne.
Unfortunately they saw nothing at all.

Where’d she go?” Alyssa muttered. “Damn, turn your back
for one second and she’s gone.”

don’t think she left do you?” Jewel asked, her disappointment obvious.

could she?” Alyssa speculated. “I mean we saw here there just
a second ago. Damn. How does a girl just disappear like

she just went to make a phone call or something,” Jewel suggested.
“Wanna take a look for her?”

was never the type to give up on a potential seduction target just because
she disappeared. Neither was Jewel and, after a quick glance around
to see that no one needed them at the moment, they decided to go for

girls asked around at first. “Have you seen Anne?” passed
their lips more than once. They soon got pointed in the right
direction, but they still couldn’t find her. They ended up down
a hallway of classrooms in the community center where someone thought
they had seen Anne walking off, in a real hurry they had added.
But the classrooms were closed and there was no sign of Anne.

this girl is a ghost,” Jewel sighed.

Alyssa said, glancing down at her watch. “Maybe we should just…”

had just been about to say “Give up and go home” but before the
words left her mouth they heard a sound from the classroom they were
standing in front of. The door was closed, but a quick glimpse
downward showed the light was on and peeking under the door. Alyssa
and Jewel had heard that sound before. Lots of times. It
sounded like…no it couldn’t be. It couldn’t have been a

and Alyssa both went silent, listening intently for a sign their ears
weren’t playing tricks on them. Suddenly they heard another
sound that definitely resembled ecstatic feminine moaning. It
was a sound that they knew better than anything having treated their
ears to it several times a day.

way,” Alyssa whispered in disbelief, a wicked smile crossing her lips.

she’s in there with someone?” Jewel asked.

one way to find out,” Alyssa grinned. This was no time for privacy.
She slowly cracked open the door, hoping they wouldn’t startle Anne,
or whoever else was in there. The door opening didn’t reveal
their presence and Alyssa and Jewel craned their heads inside, their
eyes immediately growing wide when they saw what Anne was up to.

things were immediately confirmed. First it was definitely Anne
moaning. Second she was alone. She was slumped back in a
chair behind a desk with her legs on top of it and spread open.
Her costume pants and panties were on the floor and she was pumping
her fingers in and out of her pussy, sucking them clean of her juices
and moaning every few seconds before jamming them back in.

it wasn’t what Anne was doing to herself that caught Alyssa and Jewel’s
attentions so raptly. It was what she was saying.

meeeeeeee!” Anne lewdly groaned as she tried to stifle herself from
making too much noise. “Fuck me Alyssa! Mmmmmmmm yessssssss
fuck me Jewel! Jam your fingers into my fucking slutty pussy!
Lick meeeeeee! Eat out my dirty little lesbian cunt!!! Ahhhhhhh
fuck! Want you so bad! Want you so fucking bad!”

and Jewel couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They had
never expected Anne to be a nun. Movie night at the mansion last
week when they had rented Havoc had put that notion to rest. But
this was downright shocking behavior from one of the last people they
had ever expected to see it from. Not only was Anne openly masturbating,
but she was doing it while fantasizing about them.

not to laugh out loud over this extremely fortunate turn of events,
Jewel and Alyssa watched, their own pussies getting wetter by the second
as Anne frigged herself lewdly and vigorously. Both hands were
between her legs, one spreading apart her labia and the other rubbing
her clit, making her moan and gasp as she visibly struggled against
screaming out.

fuck! Making me so wet all fucking day…I wish you two were here
with me now,” Anne continued to hiss, her voice a passionate whisper.
“Making me think nasty thoughts about you…mmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss
making me want to finger my fucking pussy…wishing you were dirty little
pussy licking whores like me…ahhhhhhhh oooooooh yesssss making me
need to fucking come so goddamn baaaaaad!”

was all Alyssa could take. She just couldn’t stand back and
let this gorgeous woman slam herself while moaning her name and do nothing.
That was most definitely not how she rolled.

Jewel a wink telling her to follow her lead, Alyssa walked inside and
made her presence known.

well, well…what do we have here?” Alyssa smirked. “Looks
like a naughty little slut who couldn’t control herself.”

froze where she was, her hands still fused between her legs and her
mouth open with the horror of being discovered. A crimson color
not seen outside of a slasher movie colored her face.

girl, sneaking away to finger yourself,” Jewel said, closing the door
behind her as she took Alyssa’s cue. “What do you think we
should do with her Lyssa? After all she obviously wants us to
get over there and make her pink little pussy cream. I mean that
was us she was just moaning over, wasn’t it?”

sure sounded like our names,” Alyssa agreed, enjoying making Anne
twist in the wind a little before revealing the attraction was mutual.
“What kind of a fucking whore fantasizes about other girls like that?
Jamming her fingers into her naughty fuck hole while dreaming of our
tongues slurping up all that cum from her? And to think we thought
she was a good girl.”

mouth remained open and her body flushed. No longer was she sweating
sexually though. Now it was the cold fear of discovery that gripped
her. She felt like she was about to swallow her tongue.
She couldn’t believe she’d been caught. Oh God…what had
she been saying? They’d heard everything! They’d heard
her moaning those nasty things. She was fucked! What had
she done? Why had she been so fucking stupid? Why hadn’t
she been able to control herself?

the matter Anne?” Alyssa pressed, noting the girl’s silence as she
and Jewel crept closer to the desk with every word. “Don’t
you have anything to say? You sure were saying a lot just before.”

don’t tell…” Anne meekly squeaked, embarrassment covering her
from head to toe. “I…I…just…lost…just lost control there.
Please can we pretend this never happened! I just couldn’t help
myself! I…I…I…never…never wanted it to get this far!”

we should ignore this Lyssa?” Jewel played. “Think we should
let this dirty little bitch get away with having those hot fuck fantasies
about us?”

fucking way,” Alyssa grinned, making Anne squirm in fear as she pictured
her name dragged across the gossip columns as Hollywood’s newest lesbian.
Even if she wasn’t a lesbian…at least she didn’t think she was…or
was she? She didn’t know. What she did know is that she
just wanted the Earth to swallow her up right now.

sorry I said those things, just don’t tell anyone,” Anne begged.
“Please don’t tell anyone! I didn’t…”

that was all Anne got past her lips before Alyssa reached out and began
rubbing her pussy. Anne was even more shocked now then when she’d
been caught but she couldn’t help but moan from the practiced touch
between her legs. She’d been too petrified to move her own hands
away, but now she finally let her arms drop to her sides.

we won’t tell,” Alyssa promised. “We won’t tell if you
do one thing for us Anne.”

do you want?” Anne gasped, her breath heaving as the pleasure filled
her body. She couldn’t actually be about to get what she had
wanted so badly? Could she?

for us Anne,” Alyssa ordered. “Come all over my fingers.
Come for me and Jewel just like you were about to before we walked in.”

Anne moaned. “Don’t kid with me Alyssa! You…ooooooooh
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm yessssssss…you really want me to come?”

Alyssa confirmed.

both do,” Jewel pointed out as she reached out to caress Anne’s
tits through her red and green costume top. “Come for us you
naughty little slut. Cream Lyssa’s fingers just like you were
going to cream your own.”

was about to say something more when her mouth was suddenly covered
by Jewel’s in a passionate kiss. Anne felt a million different
intense feelings at once. She was terrified of having her secret
desires exposed. She was humiliated from being caught. She
was paranoid Alyssa and Jewel were playing some kind of sadistic prank
on her. But most of all she was dripping wet from the sexual attention
these two beautiful girls were giving her.

tongue slowly wiggled into her mouth and Anne welcomed it like a long
lost friend. She sucked on it just like she had with all her past
female lovers and moaned into the singer’s mouth as Alyssa’s fingers
rubbed her cunt into a dripping frenzy and Jewel’s hands caressed
her tits with the soft touch she had longed for.

of Anne had to feel that either she had blacked out into the twilight
zone and her fantasy had come true or she had fallen out of her chair
and bumped her head. This couldn’t really be happening.
She couldn’t really have Alyssa Milano’s fingers inside her pussy,
pinching her swollen clit and rubbing it in all the right ways while
Jewel kissed her and felt her up.

had been trying so hard to control herself today. She had tried
to focus on giving the kids a Merry Christmas and not on the pulsing
heat and wetness in her pussy. It had been months since she had been
with a woman and she had been craving their soft, sexual touch like
dieters crave pizza. Being that close to Alyssa and Jewel had
been too much temptation for her and all through the event Anne’s
pussy had been a furnace of lust.

finally had had to run off as soon as she had her first chance to take
care of her needs. She hadn’t been able to stand another second
of being that close to Jewel and Alyssa, to smell their perfume and
look at their sexy bodies without imagining them naked and fucking her.
She had been so horny for women lately that they had been convenient
stars of her fantasy today. Right place at the right time as far
as her libido was concerned. But she had never dreamed she’d
be caught and she’d never dared to even think that her fantasy could
actually come true.

just wanted to get herself off and get home for further play with her
vibrator or shower massager. She knew she should have waited for
a better time. It was hardly appropriate to run off from a charity
event to masturbate in a community center classroom, but she had been
desperate and it had been the first place she had found.

for us you nasty little fuck slut,” Alyssa whispered into Anne’s
ear. “We heard everything you said before. Now we’re
gonna make it all happen for real. We’re gonna fuck your slutty
little pussy! Mmmm and if you come for us we’re gonna eat that
pink cunt of yours out too. Imagine it Anne. Fingers are
nothing compared to tongues. Picture me slurping on your fucking
Disney whore pussy while Jewel tongues your clit. Both our tongues
working your naughty little snatch over and making it all gooey and
creamy for us to swallow and kiss you so you can taste your own fuck
juice! Come for us Anne! Make your tight little pussy come
all over my fingers!”

fuck!!!” Anne hissed again, her words escaping the kiss between her
and Jewel. It all felt too good to be a dream. There was
sexual intensity pounding through her body. She was humping against
Alyssa’s fingers, making her desk scrape the classroom floor and forcing
more of her tits into Jewel’s eager grasp.

time she had been with a woman she had been left wanting it more than
she had coming in. Lately her time away from a woman’s touch
had turned it into what at times felt like an all-consuming obsession
to get some pussy. The feel of Alyssa’s fingers rubbing her
clitoris and her lewd promises for more had Anne panting and moaning.
She was so close to coming. She’d been close before, but what
she had been doing to herself was nothing compared to Alyssa’s touch.

for us,” Jewel urged too licking her lips for the flavor of Anne’s
lipstick. “I wanna see you come all over my friend’s fingers.
Mmmmm she gets me off so fucking hard when she fingers me. I wanna
see you come now Anne. I got so wet watching you before.
You turned me on so much. Now you have to come. You
have to come all over Lyssa’s fingers. Make them sticky with
your juices so I can lick them off and find out how good you taste before
I bury my tongue inside that horny pussy of yours.”

eyes were wild and wide with wanton lust. Her breasts heaved under
her costume as her nipples swelled from Jewel’s touch to make two
visibly apparent poking points. She let out gasps and sharp cries
as loudly as she dared. The last thing she wanted was another
interruption. Not when she was so close. Not when her orgasm
was reaching the boiling point inside her body.

fuckkkkkkkkkk gonna come,” Anne groaned, trying with all her strength
to keep from screaming to the heaven’s and giving the news reporters
covering the events quite a scoop. “Yessssssss ooooooooh fuck!
Pinch my clit Alyssaaaaaaaa!!! Fucking make it throbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!”

did just that, grinning evilly the whole time as she reduced the Princess
Diaries star to a quivering, grunting mess. One of the reasons
she and Rose always got along so well was that they both shared a love
for the power of having someone come for you. Alyssa had Anne
right where she wanted her and she knew it was going to take no coaxing
to get Anne out of her costume and licking her pussy as soon as they
were in a better spot.

Jewel played with her nipples through her costume, Alyssa pinched and
rubbed Anne’s clitoris, soaking her fingers and making the girl’s
juice drip down her hand until the stimulation was too much to hold
back from.

was all Anne could get out in a yelp before Jewel alertly clamped her
mouth down on hers in another kiss. Jewel gave Anne the muffler
she needed to keep from screaming as she came all over Alyssa’s fingers.

desk Anne was in nearly flipped over from her thrusting motions as she
soaked Alyssa’s hand. She was quaking with pleasure and this
was only from some finger play. Part of the force behind Anne’s
orgasm was just imagining how much better this was going to feel when
they started tonguing each other.

the time the last tremor passed through her body, Anne was reduced to
soft mews and a spacey look over her face. But Anne’s eyes were
still alight with horniness and the fires behind them grew when Alyssa
held up her cum coated fingers and made a big show of licking them clean.
She was quickly joined in this task by Jewel, and the two of them licked
up Anne’s flavor like it was ice cream dribbling off a cone.

God,” Anne groaned as she slumped back in her desk. “I so
needed that.”

could tell,” Jewel laughed. “What the hell turned you on so

wasn’t lying,” Anne said. “It was you two. You both
looked so beautiful and I guess I’d been horny when I woke up this
morning and being around you just made me want it even more until I
just couldn’t control myself and I had to do this. I never dreamed
you two would be…you know…into girls for real. I was just

we’re both definitely into girls,” Alyssa replied in a rather large
understatement. “But what about you? You sure look like
you’re into girls too Anne.”

just weakly nodded her head, her orgasm still keeping her woozy.

love girls,” Anne admitted. “I can’t get enough. Ever.
I just want them all the time. It’s driving me crazy.”

orgasm had brought some much-needed clarity to the room. None
of them wanted to break this moment, but they knew discovery was too
risky for them to linger. Anne stood up from the desk and pulled
her pants and panties back on and, as the three of them composed themselves,
she told Alyssa and Jewel everything.

told them how she’d always been so curious about girls. Ever
since she had begun feeling sexual attraction to people Anne had struggled
with her feelings for other women. She had several lesbian friends
and had never been judgmental about their lifestyles, but that hadn’t
made her own internal wrestling any easier. She had tried not
to be attracted to girls. She liked boys too and tried to force
herself to only focus on them, but that had only made her miserable
as curiosity for a woman’s touch had burned inside her.

her new friends listened intently, Anne explained how everything had
changed on the set of Havoc. One of her co-stars had been Bijou
Phillips and, despite their differences, Anne had found herself bonding
in friendship with the notorious party girl. Bijou wasn’t usually
the kind of person she hung out with, but they had really hit it off.
Bijou was wild, uninhibited and openly bisexual, all the things deep
down Anne longed to be.

hadn’t taken long for their friendship to turn into something more.
They had been out clubbing one night in Los Angeles and they both had
had too much to drink. They had ended up back at Bijou’s place
giggling and laughing and wrestling around and before Anne knew it,
her friend was on top of her kissing her. Anne had resisted at
first, but Bijou had moaned for her to not fight it. She told
her she’d seen her looking at her and knew this was what she had wanted.
Of course Bijou had been right and soon Anne’s dress had been around
her waist and her panties on the floor as Bijou introduced her to the
pleasure of another woman’s tongue.

had only been the beginning, she told Alyssa and Jewel. Anne was
still shy about her feelings, but she hadn’t regretted what had happened.
She and Bijou had hooked up a lot of times after that, even teaming
up once to seduce their co-star Shiri Appleby. Bijou had been
Anne’s sexual mentor and Anne’s craving for pussy had grown each
time they’d fucked.

talked about how her lust for women hadn’t ended the day shooting
wrapped. On Brokeback Mountain, while the boys were off playing
gay cowboys, Anne and Michelle Williams had been doing same sex lovemaking
for real. Michelle had been quite enthusiastic about girls as
well and Anne had loved every second of being with her, even once doing
some role playing where she had pretended to be Katie Holmes so Michelle
could act out her long-standing fantasy of seducing her former, and
now quite unavailable, co-star.

Alyssa said after Anne finished relating that story. “Mmmm too
bad Michelle never knew just how much Katie loved girls.”

She’s into this too?” Anne asked in disbelief. How could all
these hot girls be lesbians? How could she have seen all these
girls over the years and not known they would have willingly satisfied
her desires if she’d just asked?

she was,” Jewel answered with a roll of her eyes. “Until Tom
came into the picture, she was always hanging around with us.
Now she’s doing God knows what for who knows why.”

thinking of kidnapping her and taking her to a deprogrammer to break
away the brainwashing,” Alyssa laughed. “Then she’ll be
normal again.”

was fully dressed and composed by now, but the sharing of stories was
making sure no one lost their horniness.

Anne, been with any girls since Michelle?” Alyssa asked.

Anne glumly admitted. “It’s been months and it’s been driving
me crazy. I hadn’t been with any girls…well until now.”

is getting fingered all you want from us?” Jewel inquired.

no,” Anne replied, a growing smile crossing her face as she saw this
wasn’t going to just be a brief encounter. “I want to do lots

do you want to do to us?” Jewel asked, stealing a kiss as she made
sure her tits rubbed against Anne’s. “Tell us. Tell
us like you were saying before when you were playing with yourself.”

gawwwwwd,” Anne blushed, but she still smiled and didn’t back away.
“I want to eat you both out. I want to lick your pussies and
get your juices all over my tongue and make you come all over my face
mmmm and then I want you to both lick me and make me all wet to lick
you both again and mmmmmmmm I just want to get naked with you guys and
spend all day fucking you both over and over again.”

was exactly what Alyssa and Jewel wanted to hear and there was only
one question left to be answered.

like taking a drive to Malibu?” Alyssa asked.

Anne repeated. She was hoping they could go to her place.
It was certainly closer. But the looks on Alyssa and Jewel’s
faces told her that if she agreed it was going to be well worth her

Anne agreed, wondering what it was she was about to get herself into.

* * * * *

was the same sort of thought running through Jessica’s mind as she
walked toward Christy’s hotel room. What was she getting herself
into? She was having fun, relaxing and having herself a nice,
quiet Christmas. What did she have to go do this for? She
had never heard of Christy Hemme before today. She could
have been just any girl on the street. Why was she doing this?

answer was two-fold and obvious. The more noble reason was that
she was doing a favor for a friend. The baser reason was that
it was possible she might get laid out of all this.

had certainly given Jessica the impression that Christy would have been
more than open to a female advance. Plus her pictures had turned
Jessica on. Whether she’d be doing this if Christy didn’t
look as beautiful as she did was a question Jessica didn’t feel like
examining today.

course never having met Christy, Jessica was only going on Trish’s
word that she’d be nice and fun to hang out with. For all she
really knew Christy was secretly a serial killing cannibal just waiting
to kidnap her and throw her in a pit so she could scream at her to place
the lotion in the basket. However that didn’t seem too likely.

trusted Trish and she figured if Trish liked Christy then she probably
would too. So, upon approaching Christy’s room, Jessica put
any nerves about meeting her aside and gave the door a knock.

was nothing for a few seconds and Jessica began to wonder if she had
the wrong room or if Christy just wasn’t there. She knocked
again, this time a little louder, and finally she heard movement inside
the room.

a second, just a second,” Jessica heard a girl calling out.
“I’ll be right there.”

door flew open a second later and Jessica was greeted with the sight
of a woman wrapped in a fluffy white hotel bathrobe while drying her
hair with a towel. If this wasn’t Christy then it was a clone
from her pictures. Jessica actually was left momentarily struck
silent. This girl was even more gorgeous in person. Jessica
suddenly felt very confident that she had made the right decision by
coming here.

Jessica said brightly as soon as she gave her brain a kick to remind
herself to talk. “I’m Jessica, Trish’s friend. She
told you I was coming right?”

Christy said, staring at Jessica in disbelief as if she were considering
whether or not this was an illusion standing at her door.

Christy repeated with even more enthusiasm. “I…I just can’t
believe you’re really here. Trish told me you were going to
come by and I really thought she was just joking. I totally
thought you might ditch me or something or that she was making up that
she actually knew you. I just didn’t expect you to actually…you
know…be here!”

here I am,” Jessica declared before darting her eyes around.
“Ummm can I come in or do you want to talk in the hallway?”

shit,” Christy grimaced in embarrassment. “Please come in.
I didn’t mean to blank out like that. I just really can’t
believe you’re here.”

out happens to the best of us,” Jessica said. “Lots of times
people will have whole conversations with me and I’ll be like huh
because I didn’t even know they were talking.”

my God, I am totally like that too,” Christy laughed. “People
always tell me I should just dye my hair blonde and get it over with.”

do that,” Jessica advised as Christy led her inside toward the couch.
“Don’t lose that red hair. Redheads are so rare.”

actually I’m not a natural redhead,” Christy admitted. “I
really am a blonde. I guess I act like a blonde without the hair
to back it up. I just dyed it this way to be more distinctive.”

it worked,” Jessica said as she thought back to her encounter with
Amy. “I love red heads.”

do huh,” Christy said, a smile peeking at her lips. She didn’t
say anything more about it and neither did Jessica as they sat down
next to each other on the couch. But the meaning was clear and
Christy had obviously picked up on it.

hope you weren’t waiting out there too long,” Christy said.
“I was in the shower as you can see. I’d just been working
out and I didn’t want to be all sweaty and yucky when you got here
so…well I don’t have to tell you all about my shower. You
get the picture. I’m just glad I heard you knocking. If
I’d still been under the water I might not have heard anything and
I might have missed you.”

about Christy naked under the showerhead as hot water cascaded all over
her body was most definitely a pleasant image for Jessica to conjure
up. Jessica loved how her wet hair still clung to her face and
the smell of lotion on her skin and it was hard for her hands to resist
just reaching over for the sash of Christy’s robe to pull it off her
body and get at the delights underneath.

held her hands in her lap and told herself not to be too aggressive.
She didn’t know this girl at all…at least not yet. And even
though she was definitely getting a vibe off of Christy, Jessica didn’t
want to move too quickly. She had no idea how the not so natural
redhead would react if she just pounced on her on the couch and started
ripping clothes off.

just thinking about ripping Christy’s clothes off had Jessica quickly
getting damp. All the way here, the idea that she would fuck Christy
seemed an enticing possibility, but by no means was it guaranteed.
Now it was starting to feel inevitable and Jessica caught a look in
Christy’s eyes that indicated she was feeling the same way.
However no one was getting naked quite yet.

just wanted to stop by, Trish said you were feeling pretty down,”
Jessica said. “I don’t want to bring up a sore subject or
anything I just heard that…”

got my ass kicked to the curb?” Christy interrupted, a smile still
on her lips. “It’s ok. It was just surprising.
I mean I guess I should have been expecting it considering what I did.
I just didn’t think at the time they’d let me go. I mean everyone
there seemed to like me and I was having a blast doing it. I know
they brought me in to get me in lingerie and bikinis and look hot in
the ring and I was totally cool with that, but I really wanted to learn
to wrestle for real. I wanted to be able to get out there and
kick ass like Trish does. I didn’t think they weren’t going
to give me that chance. But one day I got the phone call and that
was that. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

you do?” Jessica immediately asked. Christy seemed convinced
she’d done something to cause her own firing and Jessica was very
curious what it was.

aren’t you?” Christy teased.

Jessica said as she blushed. “I didn’t mean to pry.
I just got curious.”

it’s ok,” Christy said. “I guess I wasn’t very good at
controlling myself. Couldn’t keep my panties on and it came
back to bite me. I guess I thought they wouldn’t get rid of
me for doing it but it looks like I was wrong.”

Jessica began before Christy interrupted her.

want to know who I fucked to get my ass fired, huh?” Christy smirked.

blushed again and nodded her head.

don’t have to tell me if you don’t want,” Jessica said.
“I don’t want to be a snoop. It’s really none of my business.”

if you’re good I’ll tell you,” Christy said, her tongue slipping
slightly out to lick her lips in a quick flick that sent little shivers
of anticipation through Jessica’s body.

I’m very good,” Jessica seductively offered. “Of course
I can also be very bad.”

can I,” Christy grinned. “Very, very bad.”

girls looked at each other next to each other on the couch. Their
eyes both flickered with lust. They both knew what they wanted
and they both knew the other knew it too. But being relative strangers
neither of them quite had the moxie to reach over and make it happen.
They needed a spark and though the possibility of one danced in the
air, it wasn’t quite there yet.

seem to be taking it ok, though,” Jessica said, searching for something
to say as the sexual tension between the two of them colored every look
and every word.

well it’s not the end of the world.” Christy admitted. “The
guaranteed contract I got certainly makes it a soft landing. Besides
I know I can model and I know I can connect with people. I wanna
try acting too and this is a real chance to do that now. That’s
why I’m out here now. I want to go on as many auditions as possible.
I’m not going to let one rejection haunt me forever.”

Trish told me you were out here looking to get into acting,” Jessica
said. :I think that’s great. You’ve got a really terrific
attitude about everything Christy. When Dark Angel got cancelled
I locked myself in my room for a week with ice cream and soap operas
thinking my career was over. If I can do anything to help you,
just let me know.”

that’s so nice of you Jessica. That really means a lot because
you’re someone who’s got the kind of career I dream about,” Christy
said before reaching over and hugging Jessica. It was just a friendly
hug, but it made both of them want more and want it soon.

just…ummm…wanna help,” Jessica said, hugging Christy back as she
felt her pussy happily stir again from the contact with Christy, her
body hidden only by the robe. “Any friend of Trish’s is a
friend of mine.”

really can’t believe she really knows you,” Christy declared.
“I mean she talks about you all the time, so sometimes we thought
she was bullshitting us, but wow here you are!”

does she say about me?” Jessica inquired slyly. “She’s not
spreading rumors is she?”

she does have one story I love hearing about,” Christy said, her smile
growing with a naughty edge to it. She was starting to squirm
under her robe and suddenly it felt as thick on her body as a horse

and what story is that?” Jessica asked, wondering if Christy would
soon notice that her arousal was starting to push her into a state of

about you and her in a sauna,” Christy answered. “Is it true?
You have to tell me. I’ve been dying to know if what she said
is true.”

what she said happened in that sauna,” Jessica teased as her mind
treated her to vivid memories of everything they had done in there as
the steam had covered their naked bodies.

said a lot of things,” Christy replied, playing coy as she sucked
on her finger for extra effect. “Like she said you were a great

it was. It was out in the open now. Christy admitted she
knew about her and Trish and that she had liked hearing about it.

that all she said?” Jessica asked, inching closer and closer to Christy’s
side of the couch.

Christy said, her face taking on a blush. But it wasn’t an embarrassed
blush. It was one of nervous excitement. “She said you
made love in the steam room and that she had never come harder than
she did when you licked her. Mmmm then said how Stacy caught you
and how you two stripped her towel off and got her to join you and how
you both fucked her.”

told you a lot, didn’t she?” Jessica said, her nipples stiffening
under her t-shirt in response.

Stacy told me too,” Christy reported. “Stacy said you tasted
so good. She said she’d never eaten out another woman before
that day but she loved licking you so much that she got totally hooked
on it.”

they tell you anything else?” Jessica asked, inching even closer until
her and Christy’s bodies were practically touching. “Did they
tell you how I fucked Amy too? How I got her in my trailer and
made her so wet with my kisses that she threw off her clothes before
I could even blink and let me eat her sweet pussy out until she creamed
my face.”

Christy admitted with a nod of her head, her squirming becoming quite
apparent. “She said you were an incredible fuck. They
all do. Amy…Trish…Stacy…They all say you’re so amazing
at eating pussy. Ughhhhh you have no idea what you started when
you fucked Amy and Trish and Stacy. We all fuck each other now.”

had been about to lean in for a kiss, but she stopped at the sound of
that. Now this was something she definitely needed to hear more

so hot,” Jessica moaned. “Did they fuck you too Christy?
Is that what’s going on there? Are all those hot girls really
fucking each other backstage.”

you have no idea,” Christy said, knowing she had herself a very rapt
audience member now. “It’s like you can’t even fit in inside
the locker room if you don’t fuck girls. Trish and Stacy started
fucking each other all the time after you both did them and when Amy
came back from her injury they both fucked her and she joined their
little group. Then they say that Gail and Nora caught them
and they joined in and they all fucked right in the shower. That
story always got me so wet and they all swore it was true. Mmmm
so they decided to seduce all the girls they could. They started
fucking them all…Torrie and Victoria and Candice and Melina and Ashley
and Maria and Mickie and even that naughty little Lilian…mmmmm she’s
the biggest pussy hungry slut of them all. She says she can’t
go out there and sing and do the announcing unless one of us eats her
out first. Ughhhhhh just last month we all got together and had
this huge fucking orgy. Everyone was naked and there were all
these toys and we fucked and licked and fingered and just did each other
over and over and over again until no one was left standing. It
was the best sex I’d ever had.”

of those names meant nothing to Jessica. She had no idea who Lilian
or Torrie or Maria or any of them were. She just assumed they
were hot. Besides what she enjoyed most about Christy’s confession
was how much the redhead seemed to like telling her. Her robe
had come open enough to show the curves of her breasts and Jessica couldn’t
decide what she wanted more of…more nudity or more story?

I’d been with a few girls before I got there…all us Diva Search
girls were fucking each other…ughhh it was so nasty and fun to fuck
each other backstage and then go out there and pretend like nothing
was happening,” Christy went on. “Mmmm and after I won, Trish
told me what was going on there. Mmmm actually she didn’t tell
me. She fucking showed me. She and Stacy and Amy and Victoria
and Gail and Nora…they all surrounded me in the shower one day and
told me it was time for my initiation and made me get on their knees.
They made me fucking eat their pussies one by one…like I wouldn’t
have done it anyway…mmmm they definitely didn’t have to force me
but they just fucked my face over and over again and called me a slut
and a whore and I got so wet when they called me those names.
They all tasted so fucking good. I licked all their pussies and
made them come all over my face so many times till I couldn’t see
right anymore. Ooooh then they slapped my ass and pinched my nipples
and told me I was one of them now and it was so fucking incredible.
I just came all over myself without even touching my own pussy.”

Jessica marveled. Trish had been up to a lot of naughty things
without telling her. That blonde slut was definitely getting herself
a spanking the next time they saw each other.

to know now why I really got fired?” Christy suddenly said, snapping
Jessica out of the trance she had put herself in by imagining Trish
on all fours with her bare ass in the air getting slapped until it was

What? Sure,” Jessica said, wondering what that had to do with
any of this.

this rumor out there that I was fucking HHH,” Christy said.
“He’s married to the bosses daughter, Stephanie. But that’s
not what was happening at all. I was fucking Stephanie!
Oooooooooh she was so fucking naughty in bed. She kept wanting
me to tie her up and spank her and fuck her with these huge dildos and
totally punish her for being a dirty little girl. She’d dress
up like a schoolgirl and I’d be her teacher, keeping her after class
and it always made me come so fucking hard. Mmmmmm I was sucking
her huge fucking tits one night while fingering her rich girl ass and
her husband walked in on us and totally freaked. That’s why
they fired me. Because I was fucking that rich slut and they got
rid of me so no one else would know.”

Jessica said in shock. “That’s fucking crazy. But you
really seem ok with it though.”

it was totally worth it to take that high powered bitch and make her
into my naughty fuck slut,” Christy laughed with the nervous giggle
of someone who knew she was revealing wayyyyyyyy too much but didn’t

don’t seem broken up about it at all,” Jessica marveled. “Trish
made it seem like you were going to be sobbing on my shoulder.”

told me that she had told you all this and you were so touched that
you wanted to get me an agent and help me get acting roles,” Christy

two girls then both broke into laughter after it became obvious what
Trish had done. They should have known all along.

set us up on a date,” Jessica laughed as she shook her head.
“That little schemer. She totally set us up on a blind date.”

always doing things like that,” Christy said. “I don’t mind

do I,” Jessica agreed. “Especially since this is about to
become a really fun date.”

then did what she and Christy had both longed for since the door to
the hotel room had been opened. She kissed the former wrestler
right on the lips. Christy showed her boasts had not been exaggerations
by responding right away. She opened her mouth and kissed Jessica
back, getting her hand on Jessica’s face and caressing her soft features
as their tongues started to touch.

first kiss was a long and wet one and, with only a short break in between,
there was another long kiss right after it. Jessica and Christy
were both very eager to explore each other’s mouths. Their tongues
caressed and massaged while they kissed and there was much mutual moaning.

you are a great kisser,” Christy said breathlessly when they finally
pulled away.

are you,” Jessica replied. “Mmmm you’re so hot Christy.
Your stories got me so wet. Now you’ve got to do something about

What can I do about that?” Christy naughtily giggled.

of saying what it was, Jessica showed her. She finally did pounce
on Christy, getting the redhead flat on her back on the couch.
Christy yelped in a surprised laugh when Jessica set herself down on
top of her but the moaning started again quickly when they resumed their
kissing and Jessica furthered things by reaching for the damn sash that
had prevented her for too long from getting what she had wanted.

“Yesssssssss make me naked,” Christy moaned as her robe was opened.
“I want to be naked with you Jessica.”

all Christy had on was her robe that was accomplished easily enough.
Readers around the world had already seen every inch of Christy’s
body in the pages of Playboy, but Jessica had not been one of them.
This was her first exposure to Christy’s body and she was in lust
at first sight. Christy had softly jiggling tits capped off with
swollen pink nipples, a tight stomach and toned body thanks to hours
in the gym and, most importantly, a visibly wet pussy with only the
tiniest wispy line of red hair above it.

dye your bush too?” Jessica said, unable to help from giggling at
the sight of it.

I like consistency,” Christy laughed back. “Now kiss me again

was happy to do that. She leaned down to press her lips to Christy’s
again. They made out with horny ferocity. Neither girl was
willing to be separated from the other’s lips for too long and each
time they had to break for air, Christy or Jessica pulled the other
back into another wet kiss as soon as they could.

wrapped her arms around the back of Jessica’s neck, pinning the actress
on top of her and keeping her from pulling away. Not that Jessica
wanted to go anywhere.

Amy and Trish had been hot kissers, the first time Jessica had been
with them had also been their first times with women and they had been
a little tentative. Christy had none of that hesitation.
She knew what she wanted and Jessica delighted in being the object of
her desires.

two girls blissfully made out and Christy’s moans got longer and deeper
as Jessica began rubbing her fully clothed body against Christy’s
naked flesh. Jessica could feel her nipples strain against her
shirt as she touched them to Christy’s swollen nubs. It was
like they were reaching out with a mind of their own, trying to break
through her clothes so they could rub against Christy’s and have flesh
on flesh.

was never one to deny her body when it came to the pleasures of girl
sex, so she gave her nipples what they wanted. She pulled away
from Christy’s hold and broke their kiss. Christy opened her
mouth like she was about to protest, but her expression turned into
a smile when Jessica whipped off her t-shirt and showed off her impressive
God given chest cruelly trapped inside a red bra.

yesssssss,” Christy cooed in admiration. “Take it off Jessica.
Take it all off. Get naked for me. I want to see the hot
body I’m going to fuck.”

considered getting up off the couch and showing Christy a few of the
stripper moves she’d picked up while filming Sin City. Her ability
to strip like a professional was in high demand with her housemates,
but Jessica decided that was a fun game they could play later.

now she was too hot to wait and all she wanted was to just follow Christy’s
request to get naked so they could fuck. Of course that didn’t
mean she couldn’t tease a little first.

You want to see my body Christy?” Jessica purred as she ran her hands
over her bra-covered breasts. “Is this what you want?
You want to see my tits? My hot, fucking tits? All nice
and tan for you to suck on like the slutty thing you are?”

yeahhhh,” Christy writhed on the couch underneath her, her robe acting
like a blanket between her and the cushions. “Show me!
Show me those hot tits Jessica! Show me what made Trish and Amy
so wet they couldn’t control themselves! Show me the tits that
every fucking guy on the planet is dying to see!”

smiled at Christy’s ego stroking praise. She didn’t really
think every guy on the planet wanted to see her tits. Just the
ones who had working eyes. Thinking that brought a giggle past
her lips and Jessica rewarded her new friend for her words by reaching
around back for her bra clasp.

beamed like a kid watching wrapping paper torn off a present as Jessica
undid her bra and let it fall off her body, exposing the soft mounds
underneath. Jessica was even more beautiful in person than Christy
had envisioned her and her breasts were just perfect. But Christy
didn’t just want to stare at her new toys.

Christy requested, holding out her arms for her lover. Jessica’s
smile grew and she ignored the rest of her clothes for now as she lowered
herself back on top of Christy, kissing her hungrily as their bare tits
rubbed together.

yesssssss rub your tits against mine,” Christy groaned. “I
wanna feel our boobs touching. I love feeling my titties rubbing
against another girl’s. Trish and I used to make out like this
all the fucking time…oooooh just lying back and rubbing each other
so good while we kiss…so fucking hot.”

I had seen that,” Jessica admitted, wondering once again if passing
on Amy’s long ago offer for her to do a guest spot on Raw hadn’t
been a huge mistake. The two girls pressed their lips together
once more, their moans mixing together as their bodies picked up friction.
Jessica loved how her nipples swelled up even more while rubbing against
Christy’s tiny little hard pebbles. She was soaking her panties
and jeans and she definitely needed more touching.

with them,” Jessica managed to groan in between kisses. “Play
with my tits Christy. Grab and squeeze them. Ughhhh just
fucking touch them. Please.”

blushed a little when she realized she’d been so caught up in the
pleasure of having their chests grind together that she hadn’t even
moved her hands off the couch yet. What was the point of having
a great gift like Jessica if she didn’t play with her once out of
the box? Fortunately Christy knew just how to rectify this error
and reached up to get Jessica’s softly jiggling tits into her hot

moaned at the feel of Christy’s eager touch to her chest. She
had definitely been with girls before. There was nothing exploratory
or nervous about her touch. She knew just what girls liked and
Jessica responded by showing Christy she knew a few things too.
Jessica reached down and got her hands on Christy’s tits to play with
them as they kiss.

touched, tongues rubbed and hands caressed while Jessica lay atop Christy.
Both girls were dripping wet and the scent of their arousal surrounded
them and filled their nostrils like sweet perfume. Their kisses
lingered and their hands sought to get at every bit of breast flesh
they could cover.

heat between them kept growing and, though they both loved kissing each
other, their tongues hungered for something else. They both wanted
the other’s juices as if they were starved for cum. It was just
a question of which one would crack first and make the move downward.

felt herself losing control, just like she wanted, and she was about
to flip Jessica over so she could get those jeans off her and show what
her tongue could do. But as she was about to make her move, Jessica
beat her to it.

girl, getting me all wet with your sexy body and nasty stories,” Jessica
moaned as she kissed down Christy’s neck and swiped her tongue over
the pink nipples she’d just been rubbing. “Now you’re going
to get it Christy. Your pussy is gonna get just what it’s been
begging for.”

promise immediately caused Christy to give up any intentions she had
of going for Jessica first. If her new friend was generous to
want her to just lie back and have her pussy eaten, then Christy was
certainly not going to object.

please Jessica pleaaaaaaaaase,” Christy gratefully begged as Jessica’s
kisses continued down her stomach. “Go down on me! Lick
my pussy! It’s so fucking wet for you! I need to feel
that tongue! I need to feel what my friends were raving about!
They said you were so amazing and I need to fucking feel it!”

damn, you are wet,” Jessica marveled as she moved backwards on the
couch, perching herself on the arm so she could lean down into Christy’s
pussy, eyeing the glistening lips. “Mmmm you naughty little
slut. Your pussy is fucking soaked for me.”

Christy wantonly confirmed. “I was playing with myself in the
shower before you got here Jessica. Ohhhhhhhh I was making
myself get so hot and wet thinking of you and hoping we were going to
fuck. But I didn’t let myself come. I’d pull my fingers
out before I got too hot and then I’d rub myself up again and pull
out so I’d be so wet and ready for you. I wanted to be ready
to come as soon as you licked me.”

wonder Trish likes you so much,” Jessica grinned. “Well you’re
gonna get a chance to come now Christy. Nothing’s going to stop
me. Mmmm I’m gonna make you come all over my pretty movie star

was nothing in the world Christy wanted more and she let Jessica know
it by screaming out in complete bliss when the actress pressed her face
between her legs and took a long, lingering lick against her wet cunt.

YESSSSSSS FUCK YESSSSSS!!!” Christy’s voice soared when the first
lick was followed by a lot more. “OHHHHHH I’VE BEEN FUCKING

she lapped at Christy’s pussy, Jessica marveled at her circumstances.
She had barely watched ever watched wrestling before. She had
practically had to be held down to watch what she had, but here she
was eating out another WWE Diva and having her begging for her tongue.
Knowing that not only was she adding another sexy notch to her bedpost,
but her actions with Trish and Amy had inspired a lesbian revolution
within the company, had Jessica’s head filling with pride and desire
along with a wish to make sure Christy’s screams didn’t stop until
she had come.

first licks were almost housekeeping in nature. Christy’s wetness
had coated her slit and down over her thighs with the glaze of desire
and she licked it all up, leaving Christy’s girl bits clean with the
sheen of saliva. She ran her tongue over Christy’s slit, licking
at her lips as she parted them with her fingers. Christy helped
out by spreading her legs, slinging them over the sides of the couch
to give Jessica more access, but even with that it was still a snug
fit for the actress’ tongue.

was so tight and Jessica couldn’t get enough of it. It made
her so wet to be tonguing such a tiny little sexy pussy. Jessica
had been with a lot of girls and, like snowflakes, she knew no two pussies
were quite the same, but she had to look back in her memory to try and
remember one that was as tight as Christy’s. Maybe Hilary Duff’s
but she had been a virgin until that night and Christy was certainly
not that.

pink cunt lips were so smooth and wet that Jessica couldn’t help but
kiss them. She stopped her licking and began making out with Christy’s
pussy, pressing her lips to it and turning Christy’s little squeals
of pleasure into long, wanting moans.

feels so good…ahhhhhhh yesssssssss you know just how to make it all
so sexy,” Christy sighed. “Your mouth feels fucking amazing
Jessica. You like it Jess? You like my tiny tight little
pussy? Mmmmm Trish loves it. She’d tease me that she was
gonna hook me up with you someday, but I’d never thought she’d really
do it. Oooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm slide your tongue
all over it Jess! Kiss it and lick it baby! Ughhhh just
don’t stop! Make my pussy come you sweet thing. Gobble
up my wet little cunt!”

smile beamed as she remained buried in Christy’s snatch. She
never could get enough of seeing the dirty, wanton sides of girls.
She loved hearing girls talk dirty and tell her just what they wanted.

being with so many girls lately, Jessica was convinced they had dirtier
minds than men. Men sometimes were so timid about getting nasty.
They were afraid to offend her. Jessica loved how women held nothing
back. They got filthy and slutty on the drop of a dime and that
always made her so wet.

she licked away at Christy’s tight folds, spreading them open even
further with her hand to dig in with her probing tongue, Jessica felt
her own wetness making her panties and jeans cling to her. She
thought about reaching in and giving herself some much needed relief,
but she held back. She knew the more desperate she was to come,
the more eager she’d be to make Christy get off first.

was completely in lust with Christy’s pussy. Every lick she
took made her crave more. She couldn’t get over how small and
tight she was, like her little pink slit was the gateway to heaven where
only a few could access. No wonder she liked girls so much, Jessica
smirked to herself, no man would be able to fit inside here. Jessica
couldn’t wait to get this sexy redhead off and then bring her to Malibu
so she and all her friends could have their turns at loosening her up.

was drooling wetness onto Jessica’s tongue as she licked away at her
pinkness. Each lick caused more delicious girl juice to ooze out
and Jessica gulped down every drop. She could hear Christy’s
ragged breaths and excited gasps and squeals while feeling her body
tremble under her and Jessica knew she was already getting very close.

hadn’t even gotten to her clit yet, not that Jessica could miss it.
As soon as she had splayed Christy’s labia open, her clit had revealed
itself in all it’s swollen glory, but Jessica had consciously ignored
it so far, choosing to focus on licking and sucking her lips and tender

yesssssssss gonna make…make me come,” Christy moaned. “Mmmmm
I can’t believe you’re even better than I hoped you were going to
be. You’re even better than they all said you were going to

You little sluts must trade stories in your locker room about how good
I am,” Jessica grinned, pulling up to show off to Christy how shiny
her lips and chin were from her juices.

dooooo!” Christy confirmed. “Don’t stop! Please don’t
stop Jessica!”

hips bucked in the air and she writhed nakedly on the couch to tempt
Jessica onward. But Jessica didn’t go for the bait quite yet.
Thinking back to her times with Amy and Trish had given Jessica a fun

they tell you every naughty thing we did?” Jessica purred as she rubbed
her hand on Christy’s spread pussy, massaging her lips with the same
strong touch she used when she masturbated. “Like when Amy touched
my pussy like this when we were fucking in my trailer? And how
I did it back to Trish in the steam room?”

Christy groaned, her desperation growing. “They told me everythingggggggggg!”

when I did this to Trish?” Jessica evilly grinned before she slapped
her hand down, spanking Christy’s pussy and nearly sending the girl
sprawling onto the floor from the pleasure that rocked her.


screams got louder as Jessica began spanking her pussy with strong slaps.
Jessica hadn’t played this game in awhile, but she remembered how
much she’d loved it when Amy had done it to her and how enthusiastically
Trish had responded to it later. Christy was no exception and
soon she was humping her wetness against Jessica’s hand and begging
to get it harder.


moaned at Christy’s commands and gave the former wrestler what she
wanted. She slapped Christy’s pussy with force, slapping her
pink pussy lips until they were almost red. Each smack made a
wet squishing sound that got both girls off and Christy was practically
bouncing on the couch from the hard slaps that made her hurt so fucking

IT YOU FUCKING LITTLE WRESTLER WHORE!!!” Jessica shot out with sexual

Christy immediately screamed back. “WE ALLLLLLL ARRRRRRRRE!!!

who thought Christy was a ball of energy in the ring hadn’t seen anything
until they’d seen her in bed. Her girlfriends had always told
her that and Christy believed them. Pleasure was shooting through
every inch of her body and she lurched and shook like she was in the
last throes of coming when her orgasm hadn’t even started yet.

after all she had done with her fellow Divas and sexy girlfriends, Christy
didn’t believe she had ever had a more erotic moment than this.
She looked down and saw Jessica Alba…every man’s fantasy topless,
her perfect, amazing tits swaying, as she kneeled on the couch arm and
spanked her pussy.

hand was a juicy mess from the slaps and each one got Christy wetter.
Jessica couldn’t resist treating herself to another taste and she
began licking her pussy again, cleaning up Christy’s leaking juices.
She then pulled away and slapped Christy again, getting another energetic
scream and buck. Seeing how she reacted, Jessica got into a pattern
of slapping Christy’s cunt and then kissing and licking it to make
it all better, giving her both sugar and spice.


needed something to do with her hands. Her arms flapped out and
around for something to grab at. She didn’t know what to do
with them except that she couldn’t keep them in one place. They
jetted from the back of Jessica’s head to clumping her soft hair to
her own tits and then her own hair, tugging at her still wet red locks
as she groaned and cried with ferocious ecstasy.

was so close. Her orgasm was filling her body but she couldn’t
force it to start. It almost hurt to be this close. She
just needed to be pushed over the edge.

Christy squeaked past her lips in between all the sex cries.

was a simple command but effective. Jessica had been waiting for
just such a sign and as soon as she got it she ceased her spanking.
After pausing briefly to lick her soaked palm free of Christy’s juices,
Jessica dove in for more.

time she didn’t ignore her new friend’s clitoris. She made
it the focal point of her efforts. She sucked on it feverishly,
clamping her lips down tightly and giving it the best of what her lips
and tongue could offer.

had Christy screaming again instantaneously. Her hands finally
started clawing at the couch, hoping her fingernails weren’t sharp
enough to tear the fabric, but not really caring if they did.
The pressure on her clit was just what Christy needed and craved.
It was the stimulation that pushed her over the edge and it took only
seconds of Jessica sucking on her clitoris for her to come.


shook like it was electrical current and not orgasmic ecstasy flowing
through her veins. She screamed and lurched and paid Jessica every
profane compliment she could imagine.

it all the actress kept her face buried in Christy’s pussy, using
all the practiced skill her tongue had developed not to miss a drop
of her cream. Jessica licked and swallowed and happily let the
rest of Christy’s orgasm soak her skin. It was so hot and good
and Jessica indulged in every sweet moment of her newest lover’s orgasm.

Jessica finally did pull away she straightened up and looked down with
pride at her handiwork as Christy moaned and trembled flat on her back.
Her skin was flushed with passion and sweat and she looked like she
was going to need another shower soon as wet hair continued to cling
to her forehead, but now from perspiration. Her eyes were wild
and alight with sexual passion and Jessica even liked the little trails
of drool that dribbled down Christy’s chin.

so…so…so…fucking amazing,” Christy gasped as her tits heaved
while she struggled to catch her breath.

sweetie we’re just getting started,” Jessica promised as she hopped
off the couch and got feeling back in her legs. “That was nothing.
I know so many things to make you come.”

giggle showed she very much liked the sound of that, but her own pleasure
wasn’t what the redhead was focused on then.

but it’s your turn now,” Christy grinned, her desire to please the
sex goddess who had just loosened her fillings getting her energy flowing
again in no time.

girls trained me night after night in how to eat pussy and now you’re
gonna see how hard I can make you come Jessica,” Christy declared
confidently as she eased herself off the couch.

left her robe behind and stood proudly naked before her lover.
Christy grabbed Jessica’s hand and began leading her toward the bed.

wanna stretch out,” Christy said. “Mmmmm let’s get you naked
and under those sheets baby.”

certainly had no problem with the change of scenery or anything this
beauty promised her. Amy and Trish had been newbies, but still
had made her come forcefully and happily. Jessica was quite eager
to see what Christy could do with all this training she’d supposedly

soon as they reached the bed Christy ripped off the comforter and pulled
Jessica on top of sheets as their kissing resumed. With her own
juices coating Jessica’s lips, Christy was even more into kissing
her than she had been before. Their kisses barely broke for air
as they rolled around on the bed, Christy stark naked and Jessica only

wasn’t one bit of Jessica that didn’t turn Christy on and she wanted
to see all of her. It was quite obvious she was wearing too many
clothes and Christy moved to change that. Jessica was on top of
her again, kissing her lips hungrily as they lay together on the bed,
but that didn’t stop Christy from stripping the rest of her down.

view blocked by Jessica’s head as they kissed, Christy fumbled for
the rest of her lover’s clothes. She hooked her hands into Jessica’s
jeans and began tugging them down without first unbuttoning them.
Jessica’s jeans were rather tight so this was not an easy task and
Jessica decided to help out.

me,” Jessica said, breaking the kiss and sitting up so she could unbutton
her jeans.

I want to do it!” Christy insisted, pushing Jessica down so the actress
was now flat on her back on the bed. “I want to get my hands
all over your beautiful body and strip you naked.”

certainly wasn’t going to object to feeling a pair of sexy hands all
over her body so she just lay back and smiled as Christy went for her
jeans. Christy popped open the button and began wiggling the tight
blue denim off Jessica’s body. The motion left Jessica’s panties
out of place, but she didn’t mind. She didn’t expect to be
wearing them for much longer.

hadn’t bothered to get Jessica’s sneakers off first, so they tangled
things up a bit when she tried to get her jeans all the way off.
But Christy was not to be stopped and her focus was entirely on what
was between Jessica’s legs and not what was on her feet. She
ignored Jessica’s sneakers and just yanked her jeans off, leaving
her covered only in her shoes and the nearly see through red panties
which were out of place just enough to show off a bit of her pussy lips.

fucking yummy,” Christy moaned with a lick of her lips as she looked
down at Jessica’s sodden panties. “You got so wet for me Jessica.
Ohhhh your panties are so fucking wet.”

totally turning me on Christy,” Jessica said. “I nearly came
just from eating you out. You were so hot you were making my pussy
fucking drool for you. Make me come baby. Make me come like
I made you come. Show me all the nasty things those sluts taught

was nearly overcome with desire for this woman before her. It
had always felt so natural to be with girls and she had fucked so many
beautiful girls in her life, but none like Jessica. She didn’t
think she’d even seen a woman as beautiful as her. She would
never be able to pay Trish back enough for making this happen.

though she’d just come, hearing Jessica moan for her touch and beg
for her to make her come and seeing how soaked her sexy panties were
had Christy’s pussy stirring and dampening again. She would
never be able to get enough of Jessica.

so sexy,” Christy softly sighed as she lay between Jessica’s legs
and began kissing her thighs. “So fucking sexy. Mmmm such
a perfect body. I never want to stop fucking you Jessica.
I just wanna be your fucking slave.”

well then slave, start licking my pussy,” Jessica playfully commanded,
spreading her legs and forcing her panties to cling like second skin
to her parted cunt lips.

yes mistress,” Christy giggled. The scent of Jessica’s arousal
was addictive and Christy breathed it in deeply, her face tempted onward
until her lips were pressed to Jessica’s panties.

couldn’t even wait to get Jessica’s panties off. She just
kissed her through the red fabric and felt her juices touch her lips.
Christy moaned and started licking. She dragged her tongue over
Jessica’s panties and teased her slit through them, tasting Jessica’s
hot, delicious juices for the first time and making the actress moan
in ecstasy.

Jessica groaned. “Taste how wet I am. Mmmmm your tongue
feels so good Christy. Feels so good having you lick my wet panties
like a starved little slut.”

was so happy this felt good to Jessica. It sure tasted good to
her but she didn’t want to put her own needs over Jessica’s.
She just wanted to make her lover come.

couldn’t believe her tongue was licking Jessica Alba’s wet panties
and the real pleasure hadn’t even started yet. Christy couldn’t
wait to get Jessica’s panties off, but she also couldn’t get past
how naughty it felt to be tonguing her through the soaked material.

wasn’t the first time Christy had done this. Last year, right
before Wrestlemania started, Christy had busied herself by burying her
face between Lilian’s legs, tonguing the beautiful blonde through
her panties and making her come, soaking her juices right through before
she went out and sang before a sold out crowd and countless others watching
on television. Christy had gotten such a rush from that she had
come without even touching herself, giving her wrestling outfit a sexy
touch that she made sure Trish knew about when they were out there together.

loved how it felt to have her tongue sliding across the red lace, tasting
Jessica’s sweet flavor through the material. It felt so naughty
and Christy debated whether or not to leave her panties in place and
suck Jessica’s orgasm out right through them. But she just couldn’t
pass up her chance to get her tongue inside this celebrity honey pot.
Who knew if and when she’d ever have a chance with Jessica again.

after having made that decision, Christy didn’t want to take the extra
seconds it would take to get Jessica’s panties all the way off her
body, or even past her thighs. She couldn’t wait to have her
tongue inside this goddess. So Christy just jerked Jessica’s
panties off to the side and began licking away, eliciting immediate
happy results.

Jessica cried in pleasure. “Ahhhhhhhhh I was hoping you were
gonna do that Christy! That’s it! Lick that fucking pussy
you hungry slut! Can’t even fucking wait to get my panties off!
That’s how bad you fucking want it! That’s how much you need
my creamy pussy against your dirty little mouth!”

was all true. Christy knew she was a pussy hungry slut and didn’t
hide it. She wanted Jessica more than she had ever wanted any
woman before and waiting even a second more to get her would have been
like self torture.

moaned into Jessica’s snatch, closing her eyes to take in the overwhelmingly
wonderful taste that flowed into her waiting mouth. Jessica was
everything she had fantasized about and more. She smelled so good
and tasted even better. Ever since Trish, Amy and Stacy had shared
their experiences with Jessica, Christy had wanted her own chance to
fuck the actress. She had fucked herself dreaming of Jessica so
many times, but her dreams couldn’t compare to the real thing.

Jessica’s happy sex cries and deep, ecstatic moans had Christy’s
pussy dripping. She was doing it! She was making the woman
who had seduced all her friends come! Christy felt her own wetness
soak the bed sheets beneath her as she lay on her belly and she responded
by grinding her pussy against them. She wanted to absolutely stain
these sheets. She wanted the maid to find them and know she had
gotten laid like never before.

you’ve got a great tongue!” Jessica groaned loudly while massaging
her own tits and playing with her nipples. “Ohhhhhh Trish and
Amy must have made sure you had lots of practice! They must have
all been lining up to fuck your hot tongue Christy! Ahhhhhh yesssssssss
lick me you little wrestler whore! Fuck my dripping fucking cunt
with your tongue!”

licked away like Jessica was the sweetest fruit she had ever tasted.
She was all over Jessica’s pussy, wanting to give everything and anything
the girl wanted and do it without delay. Christy lapped at Jessica’s
lips and delighted in how they’d quiver and jump for her tongue and
then she’d tongue fuck into her lover’s pink folds, attacking Jessica’s
juicy core with gusto and then she’d slap her tongue against Jessica’s
clit making her naked lover groan in ecstasy and hump her face for more.


skills had come with a lot of practice, but just like everything she
had ever enjoyed, Christy had committed herself with absolute dedication.
It hadn’t been enough for her just to be able to get her fellow Divas
off. She had wanted them all craving her tongue. Now she
wanted Jessica to feel the same way and Christy showed off another one
of the tricks she had picked up.

please come for me,” Christy begged, taking in deep gulps of oxygen
as she broke away from Jessica’s wonderfully gooey and warm pussy.
“Come all over my fucking face Jessica! Soak me with your juices!
Coat me in your cum! Make me taste your cum for the rest of the
fucking week!”

she pleaded for Jessica to give her all her orgasmic essence, Christy’s
hand reached for the actress’ forgotten panties. They had remained
pushed off to the side and Christy moved them back, but not to cover
Jessica up, but rather to use a trick that Melina always loved when
she and Christy would fuck while she was wearing a thong.

twisted up the sodden red lace and began rubbing it against Jessica’s
pussy. She was able to saw the twist of panties past Jessica’s
lips and into her cunt, making sure they rubbed right against her clitoris,
giving her extra stimulating friction while she dove back in with her


couldn’t believe how quickly Christy was getting her off. It
seemed like they had just been walking into the bedroom and now she
felt her body start to enter the throes of orgasm. Christy was
just unbelievable. She had never expected her to be this good.
She clearly hadn’t been lying about all that practice.

wicked lick Christy took against her pussy and every rub of her now
ruined panties against her clitoris had pleasure pulsing through her
body. Jessica looked down and for the first time noticed she still
had her sneakers on. For some reason that turned her on even more.
She liked being naked except for her shoes. It made things seem
more carnal and desperate because they hadn’t taken the seconds it
would have wasted to get her sneakers and socks off.

tongue was all about desperation. Jessica could feel how bad the
redhead wanted her to come. It was in every hard lick and every
greedy suck of her cunt. Looking down between her legs, Jessica
saw Christy staring up at her with wanton heat radiating from her beautiful
blue eyes. She saw in those eyes a girl who would do anything
and everything to get her off and Jessica melted into that.

SO FUCKING CLOSE!!!” Jessica wailed, her tits raw from all the rubbing
her own hands were giving them. “MAKE ME COME CHRISTY!!!

wanted to know each and every story Christy had to tell her about how
she’d gotten this good at eating pussy. Jessica knew first hand
how much Trish had progressed since their first encounter but now she
really wondered how good Amy and Stacy were now and about all those
other girls Christy had mentioned. Jessica wondered if they would
be just as eager to fuck her as Christy was.

more Jessica cried out and the tighter her pussy clamped down on her
tongue and fingers in orgasmic anticipation, the harder Christy licked
and rubbed her. She worked her tongue and hand in perfect harmony.
Christy didn’t want a bit of Jessica’s hot spots not to be licked
and rubbed by her panties. Jessica’s pussy was too perfect for
Christy to love one bit of it more than the other. She just wanted
to keep licking and touching every inch of it, but ultimately she knew
the best way to get Jessica off was to work on her clit.

had been steadily rubbing the knot of Jessica’s twisted panties, the
elastic stretching out beyond repair as they stayed locked around her
hips, but her tongue had been everywhere. Now she focused her
mouth on Jessica’s clit, sucking on it passionately while she rubbed
it. She made Jessica’s clit throb and tremble between her lips
and when she clamped down on it to suck her orgasm out, Christy got
what she had been seeking.

Jessica screamed in orgasm as ecstasy flowed through her body and pussy
cream flooded Christy’s mouth and her own panties. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOH

force in any universe could have torn Christy away from Jessica’s
pussy at that point. She wasn’t going to pull away until every
sweet drop of ecstasy had dripped from Jessica’s pussy into her waiting
mouth. Christy kept rubbing Jessica’s clitoris as if to push
more out of her while she opened her mouth, happily swallowing every
creamy bit of Jessica’s essence. And when she craved more, Christy
just extended her tongue again and licked up what was coating the inside
of Jessica’s feminine walls.

just kept rubbing and licking until finally Jessica made her stop.
She pushed Christy’s head away from her pussy and tugged at her shoulders.
Christy immediately complied with the silent request and threw her naked
body down on top of Jessica’s kissing her with ferocious energy as
they shared their orgasms, feeding the other their own hot juices.

God, you are a horny little thing,” Jessica groaned in happy amazement
as Christy began playing with her tits in between kisses. “Where
do you get all this energy from?”

when I go, I go,” Christy grinned, her soft hands rubbing all over
Jessica’s flushed, sweaty breasts. “When I see something I
want, I don’t hold back and I want you Jessica. I want you so
fucking bad. When Trish told me you were going to stop by and
help me I didn’t even want to think that we were going to fuck because
I didn’t want to be disappointed if we didn’t. I’m so happy
she set us up. I’ve wanted you so bad since they told me about
you and them.”

happy too,” Jessica replied. “You’re an amazing fuck Christy.
I’m so glad we did this.”

do more?” Christy asked with a horny giggle.

you need a rest first?” Jessica laughed in response.

uh, not when I’ve got your sexy body here to inspire me,” Christy
answered, emphasizing her point by reaching around back to give Jessica’s
ass cheeks a squeeze. “I don’t even want to think about resting.
I just want to fuck you over and over again until we can’t even move

didn’t say another word before jumping off the bed and digging through
her suitcase. Jessica didn’t ask what she was looking for.
She was too busy staring at Christy’s bare and beautiful ass while
she bent over, sticking her sexy cheeks out in quite an inviting pose.
Speaking was the last thing Jessica wanted to do until Christy turned
around and showed what she had brought with her.

gonna use that on me?” Jessica eagerly asked, her own energy rushing
back as she eyed Christy dangling the harness to a strap on dildo from
her finger.

uh,” Christy grinned. “You’re gonna use it on me.
Please Jessica. Fuck me! Fuck me for real! Stuff my
pussy up with this cock and make me come again! I want it so bad!”

that even going to fit in you?” Jessica inquired, remembering how
tight the redhead had been for her tongue. How was she going to take
all that toy?

it’ll fit,” Christy promised. “I’ve had this thing deep
inside me. All the way. I love it. I love having my
pussy stretched open. Have you ever used one of these before?”

question got a snorting laugh from Jessica. It was like asking
a swimmer if they’d ever gotten in the water before.

I’ve got one of my own at home,” Jessica grinned.

fuck me!” Christy urged, throwing the toy onto the bed next to Jessica
and pawing at her naked body. “I came so fucking good from your
tongue but it’s not enough Jessica! I need more! I need
to get fucked! I need that fake dick inside me!”

prided herself on being compassionate to people in need so there was
no way she had the heart to deny Christy. Besides Jessica could
only imagine the pleasure that awaited her from fucking Christy’s
little snatch. Shivers ran of her spine just from the thought
of it.

on the bed,” Jessica wickedly ordered. “On all fours like
a naughty little doggie, you horny bitch.”

squealed in giddy anticipation as she jumped back onto the bed and assumed
the position. She got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass
in the air, wiggling it most tantalizingly. Cream from her previous
orgasm and fresh arousal clung to her pussy lips and Jessica eyed the
tight slit she was going to be forcing herself into with lustful excitement.

Christy moaned impatiently for penetration Jessica finally got her sneakers
and socks off and pulled the harness around her waist. Christy
couldn’t see any of this in her current position, but she could hear
it all vividly and the sound of Jessica tightening the straps and fastening
the toy in place had her drooling.

me Jess! Please fuck me!” Christy begged. “I wanna be
fucking filled!”

little slut,” Jessica giggled behind Christy, tantalizingly running
her fingers over the redhead’s ass. “Got any lube? Or
you really wanna feel this thing?”

my bag,” Christy said, chastising herself for forgetting and forcing
this delay. “Right on top. You can’t miss it.”

didn’t want to wait to feel that toy inside her, but she also wanted
to be able to walk again. She bit her lip in impatience as Jessica
fished through her suitcase and quickly found the lube. The seconds
seemed like hours to Christy, but at least she was able to hear the
sexy sounds of Jessica loosening the cap and squeezing the lube out
onto her toy. She could hear Jessica’s hand stroking the toy’s
shaft to spread the liquid around and it made her crave to be fucked
even more.

Jess! Fuck meeeee!” Christy whined. “I need to feel

this what you want?” Jessica teased, getting behind Christy on the
bed and rubbing the head of the strap on against her slit. “You
want this inside you?”

ohhhhhh yesssssss please!” Christy immediately sighed.

bad you want it Christy?” Jessica asked before slapping her free hand
down on Christy’s bare ass, spanking the horny redhead.

Christy yelped in happy surprise. “I want it bad Jessica!
I want it so fucking bad! Get that cock inside me! God!
Feels so fucking good when you spank me! But I need that cock!”

girl, begging for my cock up your pretty pussy,” Jessica moaned, spanking
Christy’s ass again while she continued to rub the toy against her
lips. “Wanting it deep inside your little pink cunt! I’m
gonna fuck you so good baby. Mmmm you think you’ve had
practice? You have no idea about all the hot girls that I get
to play with.”

Christy begged like a cat yowling for milk. “Fuck me!
Fuck my little pink pussy! Make it fucking gape like a hot
slut cunt should!”

couldn’t resist a come on like that. She gave Christy’s ass
one last hard slap and began pushing the head of the toy inside Christy.
She was just forcing open Christy’s folds when an interruption neither
of them had expected snapped them out of their rhythms.

girl moved for a second, wondering if what they heard actually was and
not just a figment of their overheated imaginations. But unfortunately
it wasn’t a mistake. There really was someone knocking on Christy’s
door. And this was no soft knock. This was the kind from
someone who wanted attention.

Hello? Anyone in there?” a voice called out. It certainly
sounded female to the both of them.

Jessica urged. “Just ignore it.”

considered that for a second. But then the knocking began again
and she decided ignoring it wasn’t an option. No one knew she
was here except for family and a few close friends so if someone was
knocking on the door and not saying “Housekeeping” then Christy
figured it had to be at least somewhat important.

go anywhere,” Christy said, her frustration evident as she got off
of her hands and knees and walked toward the door. “I don’t
want to stop! I’ll get rid of whoever’s there and we can fuck!
I promise!”

groaned and rolled over onto her back. She’d been so keyed up
to fuck Christy that having to cycle down was going to be a rough adjustment.
But she didn’t say anything. She knew this had to be even harder
on Christy. After all she was the one who had just been about
to get her brains fucked out. Jessica just hoped the interruption
didn’t take long and they could quickly get back to their fun.

to herself, Christy walked over to the door. She was so ticked
about the interruption that she almost forgot to grab her robe.
But she froze and remembered that answering the door stark naked with
a visibly wet pussy probably wasn’t the smartest tactic. She
grabbed her forgotten white robe from the couch and wrapped it around
her body. The knocking continued and the closer she got, the more
Christy realized she recognized the voice on the other end.

Christy? Helllllooooo are you in there?” the voice demanded
and Christy opened the door to reveal a happy surprise. Christy’s
anger at being interrupted immediately evaporated and she began seeing
how this could easily turn out to be a very positive development.

Maria Kanelis squealed with a perky, drawn out greeting as she threw
herself in her friend’s arms. “Surprise!”

What are you doing here?” Christy asked as she hugged the girl she
had once shared a WWE locker room with, allowing the door to close behind

drunk,” Maria giggled, pointing out what was quickly becoming obvious.
“Well not like fall down and barf drunk, but I had a few drinks.
More than a few…like maybe five.”

didn’t say anything more. Instead she kissed Christy on the
lips and pressed her body close to her friend’s, passionately caressing
the redhead’s face with her hands.

Christy, I’m so mad they fired you!” Maria declared in between kisses.
“It totally sucks. I miss you. I want them to hire you
back! I wanted to say that for so long but I haven’t had the
chance. It’s so no fun without you around! I wanted to
come see you and give you a goodbye kiss. Mmmmm lots of goodbye
kisses. Lots and lots and lots of goodbye kisses.”

who knew Maria best knew her on screen character of the peppy, good
hearted and extremely dumb blonde wasn’t that far from the truth.
She wasn’t as stupid as the writers made her seem, but she wasn’t
about to deliver any dissertations on geopolitics either.

what was most accurate about her character was that Maria was one of
the sweetest, nicest girls Christy had ever met. The fact that
Maria also enthusiastically loved fucking girls too was one of many
reasons they had become fast friends during the Diva Search.

had actually been the first girl Christy had fucked while in WWE.
They had roomed together while keeping the road schedule for the company
and Christy had often found herself comforting Maria when she felt lonely
or homesick. One night through Maria’s tears, Christy had made
the impetuous move and kissed the blonde girl. Christy hadn’t
even intended to make the move, she had just gone for it on a whim and
no one had been more surprised than she was when Maria kissed back.

after that first kiss their clothes were on the floor and Maria was
too busy moaning from Christy’s tongue in her pussy to be feeling
homesick anymore. That had been friends with benefits ever since
then and, especially after Joy Giovanni and Michelle McCool had walked
in on them one night and joined them, their relationship had made the
weeks of the Divas Search fly by.

hadn’t seen much of Maria since her release, but it sure looked like
her friend wanted to change that in a hurry and the redhead responded
with gusto to the kisses, sucking on Maria’s tongue and letting her
hands roam over the girl’s body through her clothes. Maria touched
back and soon they were making out like horny teenagers by the door.

between their kisses and gropes, Maria tipsily explained her presence
to Christy. She’d been flying home to Chicago for Christmas
and had tried to get a connection from Los Angeles, but snow had cancelled
her flight. So after killing time waiting for something to clear
up by going to the airport bar, Maria had impetuously decided to pay
a visit to Christy. She had always been a nervous flyer, so Maria
had already had some drinks before getting to Los Angeles, which explained
her state of mind.

didn’t want you to be alone on Christmas,” Maria sweetly said.
“I miss you and wanted to see you. Mmmmm and I wanted something

yeah?” Christy slyly inquired. “What else did you want?”

I wanna fuck!” Maria grinned before throwing herself back in Christy’s
arms and kissing her forcefully, circling her arms around the redhead
and sending them both sprawling onto the floor.

carpet cushioned the fall and Christy barely noticed a thing as she
kissed her friend. They moaned and rubbed their bodies together
while they kissed. Since she was on top, Maria’s hands naturally
went for the sash of Christy’s robe. She didn’t care if they
were by the door, on the bed, on the balcony or in the center of the
ring. She wanted Christy.

so horny for you,” Maria babbled softly. “Mmmm no one fucks
like you Christy. Making me so wet just thinking about you and
you’re not there to fuck me. I need you so bad. So so
bad. Need you to make me scream and have a Merry Christmas.
Need you to fuck me really good!”

she spoke, Maria struggled with Christy’s sash. Her happily
drunken state made this relatively simple task much more difficult but
she finally got it done and Maria loved what she saw.

you’re already naked!” Maria gasped in delight. “Did you
know I was coming? Did I tell you and forget or are you like psychic
or something?”

fact that she was naked reminded Christy of the fact that they were
hardly alone. She’d forgotten about Jessica! How the hell
could she have done that?

up,” Christy said, wiggling away from her friend’s embrace and getting
back on her feet, her robe open and her nudity and arousal both brazenly
on display.

Are we going somewhere?” Maria inquired.

come with me and close your eyes,” Christy instructed. “I’ve
got an awesome surprise for you.”

immediately did as she was told. She closed her eyes and allowed
Christy to take her hand and guide her into the bedroom. Grinning
the whole way, Christy walked back toward Jessica.

was wondering what happened,” Jessica said, still naked except for
the strap on as she lay on the bed. “I heard voices but…”

stopped cold when she saw Christy wasn’t alone. Instinctively
modesty took over and Jessica’s arms crossed over her tits to cover
them, but she relaxed when she saw the look on Christy’s face.
Obviously whoever this girl was, Christy was cool with her knowing and
Jessica trusted Christy’s judgment. After all, if you couldn’t
trust the girl you were about to fuck with a strap on, who could you

is Maria,” Christy explained. “I told you about her.
She was one of the girls.”

immediately understood and relaxed even more. She couldn’t help
but remember how Stacy had accidentally interrupted her and Trish in
the steam room and how their private encounter had turned into a threesome.
Now it looked like history was repeating itself.

I open my eyes yet?” Maria asked. She heard the voices and now
she was dying to know what was going on here.

a look at my surprise for you,” Christy said.

opened her eyes and as soon as she saw who was on the bed her eyes got
wide. She might have been inebriated, but she wasn’t blind.

shit!” Maria gasped her hand flying up to her open mouth. “You’re…you’re…you’re

I am,” Jessica smiled as she eyed Maria as she stood in the doorway
in an open jacket, red top and jeans.

Trish and everyone said was true,” Christy informed her shocked friend.
“Jessica really fucked them all. And baby she’s even better
than they said she was.”

my God,” Maria said as if she couldn’t believe what her own eyes
were showing her. Jessica Alba was naked! With a strap on!
In Christy’s bed! Right in front of her!

And her?” Maria asked, pointing first at Christy and then at Jessica.

fucks so good baby,” Christy said, circling her arms around Maria’s
waist from behind and tenderly squeezing. “She made me come
harder than even Trish does. Want her to fuck you too? Want
to join us?”

have to ask?” Maria laughed before giving Christy a happy kiss.
“Duh! Of course I want to join in! This is gonna be the
best Christmas ever!”

didn’t escape Jessica’s attention that this negotiation was taking
place without her input. Of course it wasn’t as if she minded
if another hot girl wanted to join in the fun and Maria was definitely
hot. She had such a soft, pretty face and hazel eyes alight with
eager passion. Plus a tight, natural body that looked like it
was eager to jump out of her clothes.

Jessica said, holding out her arms for Maria. “Let’s play.”

sounded very good to Maria and as soon as Christy released her from
her embrace, she scampered over to the bed and fell into Jessica’s
arms. Without hesitation, Maria and Jessica began to kiss with
an intimacy that went far beyond the fact they had never met until this
very moment.

furthered things along by pushing her jacket off her shoulders and onto
the floor. Christy followed suit by slipping out of her robe and
leaving herself naked again. She rubbed her tits and ran a hand
down to her pussy as she watched Jessica and Maria make out. Christy
moaned deliciously as her fingers penetrated her pussy, coating them
instantly with juice. This had turned out better than she ever
could have imagined.

so beautiful,” Jessica softly said in admiration as she pulled away
from Maria’s lips and gently caressed her cheek. “Such a pretty
face. I want to get you naked Maria.”

please,” Maria sighed. “I can’t believe I’m kissing you.
You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen Jessica and I heard so many
stories about how good you are. Did you and Christy really just

Jessica confirmed before stealing another kiss. “We ate each
other out and it was so good. Now I’m going to fuck you Maria.
I’m gonna make you come just like I made your slutty friend come.”

Maria giddily declared. She was sobering up very quickly with
the natural rush of endorphins pumping through her aroused body.
Now she was running on her exuberance and it was way better than any

take this off,” Jessica said, reaching for the bottom of Maria’s
red top. The blonde held her arms straight up in the air and allowed
Jessica to pull it over her head, exposing her cream colored bra.
Before the top even hit the floor, Maria was reaching around her back
for her bra allowing Jessica to pull it off and leave her topless.

Maria cooed as Jessica’s hands went right for her tits. She
had never been hesitant about being with girls. She had always
done what had felt good and it hadn’t taken long in for Maria to realize
as a teenager that being with hot girls felt just as good, if not better,
than being with hot guys.

had firm little tits with not a touch of silicone or saline in them
and Jessica relished their natural feel. She softly played with
them, making Maria’s nipples swell. She had bigger nipples than
Christy’s and as they hardened they were like gumdrops against her

play with her tits,” Christy groaned as she masturbated over the live
two-girl show in front of her. “Maria’s got such hot little
tits. I wanna see you suck on them Jess. I wanna see you
make her tits all nice and wet.”

and Maria shared a giggle over having a director, but that didn’t
stop them from complying. Maria leaned back on the bed, pressing
her palms down flat for balance causing her breasts to jut out.
Jessica’s hands moved under the curves of Maria’s mounds pushing
them into her mouth. She hungrily sucked on one nipple, eliciting
a series of panting moans from her blonde lover, and then let it drop
from her mouth with a pop before attacking the other swollen pink tip.

yesssssss mmmmmm oooooooh suck on my titties,” Maria moaned.
“Mmmmmmm I heard all about how you did this to the others and I dreamed
you’d do it to me. I always wanted to meet you and do this!
Mmmmmm ohhhh Jessica! You’re making me so wet! You’re
making me want to get so naughty!”

cries were silenced when Christy got onto the bed and kissed her.
They were well acquainted with each other’s kisses and it took only
a second before their tongues were exploring one another’s mouths
and sliding up against each other. Christy then started rubbing
whichever breast Jessica wasn’t tonguing and Maria’s body stiffened
with a rush of arousal.

that toy Jessica’s got?” Christy asked, breaking the kiss and allowing
Maria to nod her head. “Mmmm you know that toy really well Maria.
It’s been inside both your naughty little fuck holes before.
Jessica was just gonna fuck me with it, but I’ve got a better idea.
I wanna see her fuck you. I want her to see how hot you are and
how fucking amazing you look when you come. You like that idea
Maria? You want Jessica to fuck you with my strap on?”

was indeed quite familiar with the pleasure that came with Christy’s
toy and she didn’t hesitate to smile and agree.

God yes! I want to get fucked!” Maria declared. “Fuck
me Jessica! Use Christy’s toy on me! Shove it inside me
and fuck me like a dirty little slut! I was getting wet at the
bar thinking about seeing you Christy and fucking you just like we used
to but this is gonna be even more awesome! I totally wanna see
how good you are Jessica! I want you to fuck me like you fucked
all the others!”

began to wonder if fucking her was becoming some kind of rite of passage
for WWE girls. But if it was, she would be happy to do her part
because Maria was about to become the fifth girl there she had fucked
and they were all gorgeous. So sexy and girls and nothing like
that muscular one who had been in Playboy.

Pulling away from Maria, Jessica began stroking the shaft of the strap on, still
slick with the lube.

“Is this what you want Maria?” Jessica teased. “This thick cock
inside your slutty holes? Mmmmm fucking that sweet, pretty mouth
and then your tight pussy. Shoving it deep inside you so you’ll
come all over it and get it all creamy and sticky!”

Maria brightly agreed like she was a kid being asked if she wanted a
pony. “Mmmmm do me right up my pussy with that cock! Oooooooh
and then make me lick it off! Make me suck off my own cum from
your big cock! I love it when they make me do it! Mmmm it’s
even better when you’re sucking girl right off a real cock, but fake
cock is good too. As long as the girl is real!”

seemed so enthusiastic about her sluttiness without losing her air of
sweet innocence that Jessica could easily see why Christy and her friends
liked her so much and it made her all the more willing to give the chipper
blonde what she wanted.

“Get her ready for me,” Jessica told Christy. “Now it’s my turn
to watch you two.”

Christy just grinned and tugged on her topless friends arm to get her to bend

“On all fours Maria,” Christy said. “Time for you to get fucked.”

was Maria’s favorite time of day and before the words were even out
of Christy’s mouth she was on her hands and knees, sticking her jeans
covered ass into the air.

are definitely going to have to go,” Christy said, running her hand
over Maria’s ass through her jeans.

loved looking at how beautiful Maria was topless with her sexy blue
jeans emphasizing her bare skin, her long, soft blonde locks draping
straight down over her shoulders and just hiding enough of her tits
to drive a girl wild with desire. But Christy knew they weren’t
going to get very far with clothes in the way.

got down on her knees and, as Jessica watched intently and stroked the
strap on unconsciously like she was jerking off, she began kissing Maria’s
ass through her jeans while stripping off her friend’s boots.
Christy wanted to make this a hot strip to entertain Jessica, but all
Maria cared about was the goosebumps she was getting from Christy’s
naughty little kisses and the knowledge she was about to get fucked.

boots hit the floor with so many of their other discarded clothes and
Christy went right for the blonde’s jeans. She popped open the
button and rolled them down past her hips, the zipper being forced open
in the process. Maria’s jeans were even tighter than Jessica’s
and getting them off her brought her panties along with them, a rather
convenient time saver as far as everyone was concerned.

yeahhhhhh get me naked,” Maria dreamily sighed as Christy tugged her
jeans and panties off her legs. “It’s so good when you do
that. Mmmmm when I’m with you baby I never wanna wear any clothes.
You make me always want to get naked.”

was high praise as far as Christy was concerned and she thanked her
friend by continuing her kisses, showering them all over Maria’s now
bare ass. Maria’s smooth, flawless cheeks were favorite targets
of Christy’s lips, but her tongue wanted some action too and with
Maria’s glistening slit within inches of it she couldn’t resist
taking a long lick.

Maria shivered in bliss. “Ooooooooh love that tongue!
I love it! I love it! I love it! Lick my pussy Christy!
Taste how wet my naughty little kitty got thinking of you!”

had only heard one other girl use the word “kitty” before and having
the word come out of Maria’s mouth reminded her how much she missed
having Britney Spears around the mansion. A lot of Maria reminded
Jessica of her fellow bubbly blonde. It was a shame she was gone
from Malibu now. Jessica would have loved hooking Britney and
Maria up.

Jessica pushed those thoughts away. There was too much fun stuff
going on in front of her to get caught up in wistfulness. Christy
was bent over with her hands on Maria’s ass and her face buried between
her cheeks, lapping at her pussy as the blonde moaned and beamed with
a smile that lit up the whole room.

I love being licked,” Maria said. “Especially when you do
it Christy. Mmmm taste how juicy my pussy is. It’s nice
and juicy for you baby. You and Jessica! Ahhhhhhh yessssssss
lick it! Lick my pussy and make me give you all my girl cream!
Wanna feed you all my cum!”

was in heaven as she licked. Maria had a flavor that fit her personality
perfectly. Licking her pussy was like tasting sugar and she could
never get enough of it. She swiped her tongue over Maria’s lips again
and again and dove inside for more, licking her with quick tongue thrusts,
trying to gorge herself on her juices.

suddenly Christy heard Jessica’s throat clearing for attention and
blushed as she pulled away. She’d forgotten this wasn’t all
about her for a second.

about me?” Jessica teased.

Christy mumbled, licking her lips. “Couldn’t help it.”

didn’t forget!” Maria volunteered. “I totally didn’t!
Fuck me Jessica! Please!”

that Christy was out of the way, Jessica got back on the bed behind
Maria and prepared to enter her pussy. But suddenly Christy had
a new idea.

Christy said. “Not there Jess! I know what Maria likes!
She likes getting her pussy fucked, but this little slut loves it up
her ass!”

certainly got Jessica’s libido racing. Assfucking was always
sweet for the girl wearing the strap on, but Jessica wanted to make
sure the girl who was gonna really feel it was into it.

that what you really want baby?” Jessica asked, rubbing Maria’s

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Maria immediately replied, carnal enthusiasm punctuating
her words. “I love it! Fuck me Jessica! Fuck me
up my butt with that hot cock!”

girl, begging to be assfucked,” Jessica grinned before spanking Maria,
eliciting a happy yelp as her hand struck her right cheek.

yeahhhhhhhhh more!” Maria enthusiastically demanded. “Spank
me Jessica! I’ve been a bad little girl! I’ve been having
nasty sex thoughts all day and I need my naughty ass spanked!
Bad girls gotta get punished!”

once again wondered what was in the water over at WWE to make all the
girls act like this, but she didn’t question it. She just got
her hand to work, spanking Maria with sizzling slaps to her soft, white
flesh, going back and forth between cheeks to make sure both sides of
Maria’s ass were a healthy shade of pink.

spanking got a high pitched squeak of pleasure from Maria and those
sounds got loud enough to shake the windows when Christy got back to
licking. But this time the redhead wasn’t focused on Maria’s
pussy. She moved her tongue up and got her friend ready for the
strap on by rimming her.

yeahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm tongue my ass!” Maria urged, wiggling her bare
bottom to emphasize her wish for more licking. “Yesssssss so
naughty when you do that Christy! Mmmmmmm lick my little hole!
Make it all wet and slutty while Jessica spanks me!”

squeaks were soon moans and squeals as she felt her body pleasured and
punished simultaneously. She loved being spanked. It made
her feel like the sex she was having was dirty and wrong and therefore
much hotter and Christy’s tongue was always bliss no matter if it
was licking her pussy or rimming her ass. Maria tossed her head
back and moaned as her long hair flew all over from the wicked sensations
that shot through her body from Christy’s skilled tongue licking at
her puckered hole and her moans got even stronger when Christy pulled

ready,” Christy declared. “Fuck her Jessica! Fuck her

had been dying to hear that. She pulled her hands away from Maria’s
flushed cheeks and repositioned herself to line the head of the strap
on with the blonde’s asshole. She felt a little weird using
someone else’s toy, but she knew that was a minor thing. Hopefully
soon she’d have both of these girls over to Malibu where her own toy
was waiting and nicely broken in.

ready for this Maria?” Jessica asked, taking extra care as always
when it came to anal sex. “You sure you want it?”

more than ready!” Maria confidently declared. “Fuck my butt!
I want it! Want it now!”

next words disappeared into a giddy howl that shot out of her mouth
as Jessica eased the toy inside her tight hole and began to thrust inside.
Jessica was gentle and spread the girl’s cheeks open to create extra
space, but it was still a tight fit. But it was a fit Maria loved.


lube coating the toy and Christy’s saliva all over Maria’s hole,
it didn’t take too much force for Jessica to get more of the strap
on inside the blonde. She inched it in bit by bit with Maria getting
louder with each thrust inside. Jessica knew she wasn’t going
to be able to get the whole thing inside her and didn’t even want
to. She just wanted to get enough to give her new friend a hard,
hot fuck.

only thing that quieted Maria’s horny sex sounds was Christy’s kisses.
Having one of them kiss the other while the other was being fucked from
behind was a position they were both familiar with after all the lesbian
threesomes, foursomes and moresomes they had indulged in.

and Christy kissed with ferocity, Maria’s ecstasy at being fucked
fueling Christy on. While they kissed, Christy let her hands roam
all over Maria’s body, stroking her face and her back and down to
her tits, squeezing and massaging them as they shook from being fucked
from behind. But there was one place that Christy wanted her hands
to be most of all.

her arms weren’t quite long enough to keep kissing Maria while she
did this so she reluctantly left her lips. Christy kissed down
Maria’s bare back, tasting her excited sweat while her hand reached
between the blonde’s legs and begun rubbing her friend’s pussy to
immediate results.


loved how Maria’s face, even wild with ecstasy, lost none of its innocence
while her mouth spat out delightfully filthy words. Jessica finally
felt she had enough of her cock buried inside Maria and looked down
with pride to see the blonde’s sexy cheeks lewdly spread while her
tight, clinging asshole wrapped around the shaft of her toy, sucking
on it and keeping it in place.

you’re nice and stuffed now you hot slut,” Jessica groaned, the
nub on the other end of the strap on rubbing her back very nicely.
“Now you’re really gonna get yourself fucked Maria! Gonna
fuck this ass better than you ever got it fucked before!”


was just what Jessica did. She grunted as she began serious thrusting
into Maria’s willing ass. The girl was no stranger to anal sex,
obviously, but she was still tight and Jessica’s face was contorted
with deep pleasure waves as she pushed in hard and pulled out just enough
to force it back in again. She repeated these motions and fucked
Maria with passionate strength, getting animalistic cries and grunts
from the blonde.

Maria sweated and cried happily from the force of the toy filling her
ass, the ecstasy was double because of what Christy was doing to her
pussy. While the red head kissed her back and caressed her tits,
her free hand was fused to her sex and her fingers had pushed inside
to frig Maria’s clit.

it baby!” Christy urged. “Come all over my hand! Soak
my fingers with cream while Jess assfucks you! Mmmmmmm everyone’s
gonna be so jealous when we tell them about this and how good she fucked
us both! But first you gotta come for me Maria! I know you
wanna come! I can feel how close you’re getting!
Mmmmm you wanna drip down onto my fingers while Jessica fucks your hot
ass! Do it Maria!”

OOOOOOOOH I DOOOOOOO!!!” Maria cried out. “I WANNA COME!!!

was dripping off Jessica as she took Maria’s ass, her tits bouncing
wildly with every thrust, even slapping her own chin once. That
just made Jessica fuck Maria harder. She was just short of outright
pounding into her ass, but that would have been too much. Jessica’s
nails dug into Maria’s spanked cheeks to hold herself steady as she
fucked the blonde as hard and deep as she dared.

roared, her words spitting out furiously as her breath left her and
her head spun. Each thrust into her ass and each rub of her clit
got her closer and since the two things were happening at once, it was
a double time rush to her orgasm. “AHHHHHHHH ALMOST THERRRRRRE!!!

they were working together to make Maria come, it was natural that Jessica
and Christy connect as well. Their lips crashed together for a
kiss that sent sparks flying. Jessica and Christy kissed like
their lives depended on it, breathing in deep and hard through their
noses as they slapped tongues. They swapped spit and fused their
faces together while still keeping their attention on Maria, fucking
and frigging her in both of her holes until the blonde could take no
more and exploded with lust.

Maria screamed with quaking orgasmic ecstasy. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

feel of Maria coming around her cock had pleasure rushing up Jessica’s
spine. The end inside her pussy stimulated her clit and had her
getting close to her own orgasm. She wasn’t quite there though
and Jessica didn’t push it, keeping herself thinking of Maria’s
needs. She just kept the cock buried in Maria’s ass, stretching
her hole and letting the enthusiastic blonde fuck herself on it as she
came, prolonging her own pleasure.

was also moaning as she felt Maria’s hot juices run down her hand
and onto her arm. Maria’s cunt clamped down tight on her fingers
and her clitoris throbbed as Christy kept rubbing. She didn’t
stop until Maria’s arms finally gave out and she slumped forward on
the bed, pressing her face to the soft sheets, her knees the only thing
keeping her from ending up flat on her belly.

Maria mewed her face flushed, sweaty and all kinds of happy.

finally pulled the cock out of her ass doing it slowly so it wasn’t
too violent an adjustment. Maria sighed from being deprived of
it. She never wanted it to leave her. But fortunately kisses
from Christy and Jessica eased the transition and Maria’s interest
jumped when Christy opened her mouth.

turn! My turn!” Christy declared, getting back on her hands
and knees, where she’d been before Maria knocked on the door.
“Do me now Jessica! Fuck me just like that!”

just groaned and picked herself up to position herself behind Christy.
These girls were definitely going to drain her and she knew she was
going to love every second of it. New Year’s wasn’t for another
week but Jessica already knew one of her resolutions: Do more favors
for Trish.

* * * * *

in Malibu, Rose was trying very hard to do a big favor for Love and
it was getting more and more impossible by the second. She had
a huge challenge in front of her and the longer Love was away, the more
Rose didn’t think she was going to be able to pull it off.

Jenna Haze back to the mansion had been easy. Getting her naked
had been even easier. But as the man once said, the waiting was
the hardest part. Rose was trying to resist the temptation of
fucking Jenna right there and then before Love even got home.

porn star was supposed to be Love’s present, but now that she was
out of the wrapping paper, so to speak, Rose wanted to have her all
to herself. Maybe it wouldn’t have been wrong to have some fun
first. She could give Jenna a little test run first and make sure
she was hot enough for her friend. Yeah that was what she could
do. She could give Jenna a taste test.

wait! That would have been too selfish. Rose was trying
to prove herself to Love. She wanted her friend to see she was
generous and giving and that meant not playing with the present before
it was given. Of course that was easier said than done, especially
when Jenna was lying naked on the bed, driving Rose wild with lust with
her tiny, tight body.

had the cutest apple sized tits that Rose longed to have in her mouth,
a gorgeous, young face full of enthusiasm and an absolutely amazing
ass that made Rose want nothing more than to bend her over and fuck
her with Mr. Snappy until the sun rose the next morning. Not only
that but Jenna had a lust for fucking that rivaled anyone in the mansion
and it was getting excruciatingly hard to resist her.

Jenna said from the bed where she’d been playing with herself ever
since she’d stripped down. “When’s the fun gonna start?
I’m starting to get really antsy here.”

be here soon,” Rose replied, trying very hard to resist crawling into
bed with Jenna to play with her gorgeous little body. “Just
wait. I promise it’ll be worth it.”

don’t wanna wait,” Jenna pouted before she resumed touching herself.
She pinched her nipples and ran her fingers over her clit as she kept
her legs spread wide, keeping herself in a state of horny heat.
“You got me so worked up telling me about this place that I need to
fuck! I can’t wait! I need it now!”

Jenna masturbation was almost an unconscious thing. Often she’d
be touching herself and not even realize she was doing it because it
just felt so natural to her. Playing with herself was like breathing.
She just did it without thinking about it. She’d often wake
up masturbating and rarely could go through the day without getting
off from her own touch several times.

at least stop playing with yourself,” Rose suggested. “I don’t
want you wasting all your energy on your fingers before my friend gets

worry about me,” Jenna promised with a wicked twinkle in her eye.
“I don’t lose energy by masturbating. I rev myself up.
I’m gonna be so fucking horny by the time Jennifer gets here that
she’s not even going to have a chance to get her clothes off before
I’ll be all over her.”

her Love, she likes that,” Rose said and Jenna tucked it away in her
brain. However, Jenna also ignored Rose’s advice and continued
playing with herself, rubbing her swollen nipples and pulling her juice
coated fingers out of her pussy to lick them clean. Jenna started
tonguing her own fingers before she thought better of it and offered
them to Rose.

taste?” Jenna innocently asked, batting her eyes in the process.

Rose grinned before taking the girl up on the offer and moving her mouth
down on Jenna’s fingers, giving the slim digits head until they were

Jenna moaned as she felt Rose’s wet mouth on her fingers and imagined
feeling it everywhere on her body.

she had heard about this place seemed like a perverted fantasy right
out of one of her movies. It couldn’t have been real.
A mansion filled with horny, female celebrities fucking each other?
Things like that didn’t really happen. Porn stars didn’t even
act like that when the cameras went off. But Rose had told her
so many stories and Jenna trusted her. She knew the girl wasn’t
lying to her. It was obvious in her eyes.

all she’d been told, Jenna couldn’t believe why Rose could even
think she’d be able to stop masturbating. It seemed like every
famous girl she had ever fantasized about had come here to fuck.
Rose had filled her ears with tales of debauchery dropping names like
Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Alyssa Milano, Jennifer Aniston,
Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie
Portman and fellow adult stars like Jenna Jameson and Felecia.
There had been so much licking and fucking and toy play and assfucking
and all the things Jenna loved. Each story had been hotter than
the next.

had known she was into girls before she realized the same thing about
boys. She’d liked girls since she was a kid and that hadn’t
faded a bit since entering adulthood. She loved women’s bodies,
their kisses, their smells and especially their tastes. While
Jenna loved guys too, a lot of her naughtiest fantasies involved other
women and deep down she knew if she had a choice between a hot girl
and a hot guy, she’d go for the pussy.

don’t make me wait,” Jenna begged. “Fuck me now Rose.
See how wet my pussy is for you. I want you to fuck me!
I’ll still be wet and naughty for Love when she gets here! Please!”

nipples were hard enough to cut glass and her pussy was visibly soaked
from all her masturbation. Rose could smell how wet she was and
it was like a siren’s call. She leaned down and kissed Jenna
while letting her hands roam over her tits, squeezing the firm, sexy
B cupped mounds. Jenna moaned into Rose’s mouth and wrapped
her arms around her back, keeping her close.

yeahhhh you can’t resist me,” Jenna said with her trademark giggle.
“I’m too hot for you to wait to fuck me.”

for that you definitely have to wait,” Rose teased, pulling herself
away from the naked girl.

Jenna cried. “Please don’t make me wait!”

Rose said, showing she was anything but by playfully sticking out her
tongue at Jenna. “Besides it won’t be much longer.”

her part Rose couldn’t believe she was doing this. She had a
gorgeous naked woman in her bed that was totally into girls and a porn
star to boot. She hadn’t even had to ask Jenna to strip down.
When they had walked into Rose’s bedroom, Jenna had dropped her clothes
and hopped on top of the sheets before Rose could even blink.

definitely wasn’t like her to delay enjoying a scrumptious snack like
Jenna. Maybe she did have the Christmas spirit now by waiting
for her friend so they could share. Nahhh it couldn’t be that
simple. Could it? But it certainly strange that Rose wasn’t
mauling Jenna and her gorgeous body and Rose wasn’t the only one who
thought so.

the hell are you doing?” Christina gasped as she peeked inside Rose’s
room and nearly fainted with shock. “There’s a naked girl
in your bed! Why aren’t you fucking her?”

what I wanna know,” Jenna groaned in frustration before she realized
who it was who had just entered and nearly swallowed her tongue.
“Ohhhhhh my God! It’s you! It’s really you!”

Did you think I was lying?” Rose demanded.

no…” Jenna admitted with a slight blush. She had believed
Rose’s stories but they had been just that…stories. Seeing
Christina Aguilera in the flesh added reality to it and made Jenna even

your friend?” Christina purred as she sauntered into the room, eyeing
the naked beauty on the bed. “If you don’t wanna play with
her Rose, then you could at least introduce us. Maybe she’ll
want to be my friend. After all, I can be very friendly.”

yeah I wanna be your friend!” Jenna declared as she sat up from her
back and giggled. “It’s about time someone here tried to fuck

was the giggle that froze Christina in her steps. She knew that
giggle. But where? And then she eyed Jenna again and she
knew. Now it was her turn to be amazed.

shit! You’re Jenna Haze!” Christina gasped just as Rose had

know my movies?” Jenna smiled brightly. She’d found a whole
hive of her fans! Some of the most beautiful, famous women she
had ever seen were fans! She couldn’t believe it.

them? Honey I’ve worn them out,” Christina laughed.
“I melted my copies of your Flesh Hunter movies! You’re the
hottest little thing I’ve ever seen fuck on film! I love watching

Jenna asked, stunned and aroused at the thought that this girl was getting
off to her movies. Christina then proved her fan status by planting
a hot, wet kiss right on the porn star’s lips.

my God! Jenna thought to herself as her eyes got wide and she
found herself having to remind her brain to kiss back. I’m kissing
Christina Aguilera! We’re totally fucking making out!
Mmmmm she kisses so nice. Just like I’d dreamed she would.

was almost immediately lost in Christina’s kiss, but that was nothing
compared to what the singer was feeling. Suddenly nothing else
mattered to Christina but being with Jenna.

barely registered the fact that Rose was still in the room with her.
There had been so many times she had watched Jenna fuck and no matter
if she was taking a double penetration from two guys or jamming a strap
on into some willing slut’s pussy, Christina always got off from watching

had actually thought a few times about finding Jenna and trying to hook
up with her, but she had actually chickened out. The fear of being
rejected had overcome her desires for the first time. But now
that she had an opportunity right in front of her, Christina was going
to have to be dragged away.

so fucking hot,” Christina moaned as she reached up to play with Jenna’s
bare tits while the porn star did the same to her, copping a feel of
her braless chest through her thin top.

gotta have you,” Jenna sighed in between kisses and moans from Christina’s
touch. “You make me so wet Christina. I love watching
your videos cause you’re a hot slut like me.”

you have no idea,” Christina grinned. “I’ve done stuff to
make you and your porn star friends blush.”

Prove it,” Jenna playfully challenged as she and Christina started
kissing again. Christina pressed herself against Jenna, wrestling
her back onto her back and the singer was about to start stripping off
her clothes when Rose suddenly yanked her away.

Christina protested. “No fair!”

it off you two,” Rose said. “I don’t want anyone touching
her until Love gets here.”

I get a say in this?” Jenna asked, reaching out for Christina again.

room, my rules,” Rose declared. “You’re Love’s present
after all.”

but I want her too!” Christina whined, trying to get around Rose’s
blocking to get at the object of her lesbian desire. “Where’s
my present Rose?”

present was when I brought you here in the first place,” Rose pointed
out. “Now keep your pants on Christina.”

but Jenna would much rather see me with my pants off, wouldn’t she?”
Christina giggled as she pushed her tiny shorts down her legs showing
off her lack of panties and the fresh touch up that had left her pussy
completely bare and smooth.

would definitely much rather see that!” Jenna immediately confirmed
as she licked her lips at the thought of jamming her tongue into that
shaved muff. “And Jenna is sick of waiting!”

a little longer,” Rose implored. So this was what she got for
trying to be nice. No wonder being selfish and hedonistic was
much easier.

didn’t want to make Jenna wait. She wanted to fuck her brains
out and leave her gasping and drained. She wanted to fuck Christina
rough and hard right in front of her and make Jenna beg for the same
treatment. The last thing she wanted was to not be having sex
with the beautiful sluts who surrounded her.

that!” Christina snorted. “I don’t wait for anyone!”

tried to make a move toward the very willing Jenna, but Rose blocked
her friend and emphasized her point by picking the bottomless blonde
singer up. Rose was hardly a body builder, but her time in the
gym came in handy from time to time and with her tiny frame, Christina
was like a feather.

Christina wailed like a denied child, Rose slung her over her shoulder
and carried her out of her bedroom.

me down!” Christina whined, futilely trying to wiggle her way free.

Rose commanded, slapping Christina’s bare ass. “Love gets
first crack and you can play after that. Good girls share.”

have I ever been a good girl?” Christina pointed out as she blew Jenna
a kiss before parting two of her fingers and flicking her tongue in
between them.

hated being denied but she also knew it was useless to fight with Rose.
Not only did Rose’s stubborn side make her seem flexible by comparison,
but Christina also didn’t dare challenge her mentor. A wise
girl knew her limitations and taking on Rose wasn’t something Christina
wanted to try.

everything ok?” Jennifer Aniston asked as she suddenly appeared in
the hallway. She had heard the voices and craned her head out
of her bedroom to investigate.

has a porn star in her room and she won’t share,” Christina whined,
her half naked body still slung over Rose’s shoulder. “She’s
being bitchy! Ow!”

yelp came after Rose gave her ass another slap.

star?” another voice said from inside Jennifer’s bedroom repeated.
“This I gotta see! It’s not Jenna Jameson again is it?”

Stefani then popped out right next to Jennifer. The two of them
were still fully dressed so Christina contented herself with the fact
that if she wasn’t getting laid at the moment, at least nobody else
was either.

Jenna,” Rose said, finally setting Christina down on the floor as
she started to tire from holding up the happily whorish pop singer.
“Try Jenna Haze.”

one is she?” Gwen asked. She had only recently begun appreciating
porn movies and she didn’t quite have all the names associated with
the faces of the stars yet.

the one we saw in the movie about the sex addicts,” Jennifer replied,
her good memory providing the assist. “You know the one with
the girl who’s all frigid in the beginning and turns into a total
whore at the end?”

she the one who fucks the three mechanics at the beginning and then
does her slutty roommate at the end?” Gwen asked.

the one,” Jennifer said.

was a hot one,” Gwen smiled at the memory. “I liked the scene
where they paint ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ on her body. I always
wanted to do that to you Chrissy.”

and anyplace,” Christina offered.

wanna see her,” Gwen said walking out of Jennifer’s bedroom and
toward Rose. She peeked inside and happily gasped when she saw
the naked porn star lying back on the bed and idly playing with herself.

that reaction was nothing to what Gwen got back.

my God! Gwen Stefani!” Jenna excitedly cried. “I don’t
believe it! This place is fucking incredible! But
you all gotta quit gawking at me and start fucking me instead.
Get in here Gwen! Let me show you what a good little fan I am.”

was about to comply, but before she could walk inside the bedroom, Rose
put a firm hand down on her shoulder.

touching till Love gets here,” Rose said. “I got her here
for her.”

sighed but didn’t argue, displaying significantly more maturity than

never gonna get back!” Christina groaned. “Why should we all
have to suffer if she’s late?”

you’re so fucking horny go fuck Gwen,” Rose suggested. “Let
her give you a warm up lick and by the time she’s done Love will be
here and we all can play.”

loved the sound of that and eagerly grabbed Gwen’s hand to drag her
toward her bedroom.

Gwenny!” Christina said. “Santa brought me some new anal beads
I wanna try them out.”

was helpless to resist the sexy nymphette and she turned toward Jennifer
and shrugged her shoulders. Jennifer knew full well how irresistible
Christina was so she didn’t object.

can talk more later,” Gwen said before she was completely dragged

nodded her head with sadness that was more than a little visible, which
caught Rose’s attention with ease.

ok?” Rose inquired, forgetting about Jenna and Love and Christina
and everything else for a moment.

I…it’s…don’t worry it’s nothing,” Jennifer said with a dismissive
wave of her hand. “No big deal.”

sounds like it’s a little bit of a deal,” Rose observed. “What’s

I…” Jennifer began before they heard the sound of the main door
opening downstairs.

HOMMMMMME!” Love declared to all her housemates as she rushed through
the door.

Rose muttered, immediately forgetting about Jennifer, her attention
span feeling pretty short at the moment. “I gotta get Jenna

problem,” Jennifer said as Rose ducked back into her room to talk
to Jenna.

here,” Rose said. “Set up like I told you.”

better be worth the wait,” Jenna stated, having every confidence deep
down it would be and then some. Jenna reached into the bag Rose
had left by the bed and set up as the actress dashed downstairs to greet
her returning housemate.

Rose said, catching her breath from running down the stairs before Love
could get up them.

you,” Love smiled. “What’s going on? You ok?”

fine,” Rose said breathlessly. “I got a surprise for you upstairs.”

for me?” Love asked. “What is it?”

I tell you it won’t be a surprise, now will it?” Rose pointed out.
“Now c’mon Love.”

then put her hands over Love’s eyes, blinding her as well as making
her infinitely more curious about what was waiting for her.

you trying to get back into my good graces?” Love joked as Rose led
her upstairs. “Cause it’s gonna take a lot of kisses and an
orgasm or three for me to like you again.”

see,” Rose said taking care to guide Love over each step. “Your
present is in my bedroom.”

I like this present already,” Love declared. She hadn’t even
put down the bags she was carrying. Rose just seemed to eager
to show her whatever it was she had for her that there was no choice
but to follow along.

two girls soon reached Rose’s bedroom and Rose lead her through the
opening door before pulling her hands away from Love’s eyes.

Rose grinned as Love’s jaw fell to the floor.

was lying naked on the bed with bows strategically placed over her breasts
and pussy. The porn star had her dazzling smile at full force
and Love unconsciously dropped her shopping bags, ignoring them as they
spilled out. She only had eyes for the girl on the bed.

my God!” Love gasped, recognizing Jenna instantly. “How?
Where? When? Oh my God!”

said that already,” Rose smirked before Love turned to her and threw
her arms around her head for a passionate thank you kiss.

she really my present?” Love asked when the kiss ended.

her yourself,” Rose said, feeling mighty good right now over how happy
Love was.

Love said, disengaging from Rose and stepping over her forgotten bags
to slowly make her way toward the bed. She took each step gingerly
as if Jenna was some kind of mirage that would evaporate if she got
too close to her.

Christmas,” Jenna finally spoke up, eyeing Love from head to toe and
especially noticing how her nipples were getting harder under her shirt
the closer she got to the bed. “I guess I’m supposed
to be your little fucktoy for the night. Mmmm but that’s more
like a present for me.”

really you,” Love said, trying to convince herself of the fact this
wasn’t some kind of fantasy. “I love your movies Jenna!
I…I…just can’t believe you’re really here and mmmmm really naked.
It’s like a dream.”

me and you’ll see it’s real,” Jenna smiled lying back on the bed
and enjoying how visibly aroused Love was getting. She was having
a little disbelief herself that someone like Jennifer Love Hewitt was
a fan, but there was nothing insincere about the look on Love’s face
or in her actions.

the offer was even out of Jenna’s mouth, Love was on the bed kissing
her. Ecstatic to have the sexual attention she’d been
craving for what felt like hours now, Jenna kissed back without a second’s
delay. This time no one was stopping her from getting some pussy and
Jenna passionately kissed Love, running her hands over her body through
her clothes and making it quite obvious she wanted the actress naked
as soon as possible.

like my favorite porn star,” Love admitted as she lifted her arms
in the air so Jenna could pull her black shirt over her head and reveal
the lacy pink bra underneath with two diamond shaped outlines from her
swelling nipples. “Your movies are so fucking hot. Mmmmmmm
I love watching and wishing I was fucking right along with you.
I really love your Jules Jordan movies. Ooooooh you and Aurora
in Flesh Hunter 3 makes me cream my toys every time. I love how
you both get fucked like little naughty whores and mmmmmm watching you
swap that cum and swallow it makes me fucking come so hard. Ohhhhh
and you and all those guys in Flesh Hunter 2 when you win the beauty
pageant! Wowwwwwwww that’s so fucking hot! I watch it
and I wanna be there getting fucked in all my holes right with you!”

she was revealing the depths of her fandom, Love was kissing all over
Jenna’s face and neck as the porn star played with her tits through
her bra, rubbing her nipples to make them even harder and pulling down
the cups to expose the pink nubs.

couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Love wasn’t acting
like a famous star with a hit TV show. She was acting like one
of the fans at her web site or someone she met at an autograph signing
and Jenna loved it. Love really was a fan! That made Jenna
want to fuck her even more.

slut,” Jenna giggled as she reached around for the clasp of Love’s
bra and skillfully undid it with an experienced flick of her fingers.
“Watching my dirty movies and getting off. You’re the naughty
little whore Jennifer.”

yesssssssssss I ammmmm,” Love sighed, surrendering to the pleasure
of this unexpected encounter as her bra disappeared from her chest.
“I’m a naughty little whore who loves your porn movies. You
make me so wet and make me want to get all nasty.”

make me wet too,” Jenna said as her small hands wrapped themselves
around Love’s breasts, squeezing while they kissed. “You and
all your friends have been driving me wild ever since I got here.
Now you’re mine. Rose promised I could fuck you and I want you
so bad Jennifer! I love your body. Mmmmmmmm I love your
big tits! So sexy…so fucking sexy.”

moaned and kissed her way down Love’s neck before pushing her face
into her new lover’s cleavage. Jenna delighted in the soft feel
of Love’s all natural chest and kissed and licked all over her generous
mounds while her hands caressed them and the actress lay back on the

Love sighed. “That’s it Jenna! Mmmmm get all over my
big, soft tits! I love it when girls play with my tits.
Oooooh especially when they know what they’re doing and you’re so
good at this.”

told me all about you,” Jenna said, saliva dripping from her tongue
between Love’s breasts. “She told me all the nasty things
you do here with other girls. It turned me on so bad. I
want you to do all those things to me you do to those famous little
sluts you have here. I want you to fuck me and show me how nasty
you can get!”

wanna fuck you,” Love groaned before flipping the both of them over
so Jenna was the one flat on her back. She pushed the bows off
Jenna’s chest and rubbed her firm tits with her hands, making the
porn star moan from the contact with her sensitive nipples.

wanna eat you out,” Love said. “Please say I can do it Jenna!
Please say I can eat your pussy like we’re in one of your movies!”

fuck you don’t have to even ask,” Jenna replied. “Just do
it! I’m so wet Jennifer! I need to fucking come!
I’ve been waiting for this. Eat my pussy Jennifer! Get
me with that nasty slut tongue Rose told me was so good!”

me Love,” the actress reminded her lover before kissing down her body,
lavishing attention on the tits she’d just been squeezing. That
got Jenna groaning and writhing on the bed as she parted her legs and
began rubbing herself.

naughty,” Love giggled before slapping Jenna’s hand away.
“You don’t have to do that anymore. That’s my job now.”

followed her words up with actions by brushing aside the last of the
bows and pushing her fingers into Jenna’s overheating pussy.
Jenna cried out and arched her back off the bed as she was penetrated
and Love began a steady fucking action with her fingers.

oooooooh yesssssss fuck me Love!” Jenna begged. “Fuck me with
your hot fingers! Mmmm I’ve been getting so fucking wet hearing
about all the nasty things you girls do here and I need to come!
Finger fuck my hot pussy! Make me fucking stain your sheets with
my cum!”

closed her eyes and moaned as she resumed kissing down Jenna’s body
while her fingers steadily rubbed the girl into a frenzy. When
watching Jenna’s movies, Love always enjoyed hearing the steady stream
of nasty talk that poured out of her cute little mouth. It always
got her so hot and now Jenna was talking like that for her. One of her
fantasies was coming true and she hadn’t even had to do anything to
make it happen.

Jenna continued to cry out from the carnal touch of her fingers, Love
kissed her way past Jenna’s tits and onto her firm, toned stomach.
Love began rubbing her fingers all over Jenna’s pussy lips, coating
her flesh with her own juices while kissing her bellybutton and moving
down past her hips onto her thighs. By the time Love’s lips
got to Jenna’s pussy, the porn star was on the verge of mewing to
be licked.

Lick me!” Jenna cried. “I need this! I need to come!”

gave Jenna’s pussy one last stroke with her fingers before planting
them in her mouth to lick the sweet flavor off. She’d finger
painted Jenna’s thighs and pussy with a sexy glaze and she looked
so wet and so beautiful that Love found herself struggling to take this
all in.

was Jenna Haze, naked and wet for her. Love had watched her movies
so many times and dreamed about doing this and now that she was actually
in this position she wondered if she could do it. Could she make
this beautiful girl come?

had been with so many girls before. She’d even fucked another
porn star on two different occasions. But now Love felt like all
her previous conquests amounted to nothing. She felt nervous and
star struck. Could she compare with all the other people who had
fucked Jenna and made her come?

Love felt a hand caressing her face and she looked up to see Rose kneeling
on the bed next to her. Love saw in her housemate’s eyes that
she was sensing how she was feeling.

can do it sweetie,” Rose assured her. “Just lick her like
you lick us and you’ll have this slut coming in no time.”

simple words of encouragement were all Love needed. She pushed
aside her doubts and extended her tongue. She licked the juice
she had painted onto Jenna’s thighs and then moved in for the prize.
Little drops of cream clung to Jenna’s pink pussy and her dark, neat
triangle of fur was almost matted with her desire. Love ran her
tongue from the bottom of Jenna’s pussy to the top and got immediate

Jenna squealed. “That’s it! Lick me! Can’t wait
another second for it!”

first taste put Love’s nerves to rest for good. Jenna tasted
so good and the flavor on her taste buds made her instantly crave more.
Love began a steady, strong licking motion, moving her tongue up Jenna’s
pussy again and again, tasting more of her juices with each lick and
quickly getting Jenna breathing heavily and moaning.

fuck yeahhhhhhhhh lick that fucking pussy!” Jenna ordered. “Taste
how wet I got for all of you! Mmmmm Rose was so mean to me, telling
me nasty stories and not letting me come. But you’ll make me
come, won’t you Love? You’ll let me come all over that pretty
face so I can get it all sticky and slutty with my juices!”

answer was of course yes, but Love didn’t say it with words.
She said it by licking harder, lapping away at Jenna’s pink, juicy
folds. Love’s hand reached up and spread Jenna’s pussy to
better continue her tongue attack. Jenna tasted like a peach and
her sweet, delicious flavor dripped onto Love’s tongue where it was
hungrily swallowed. The more she tasted, the more famished Love
became for pussy and it wasn’t long before she was practically devouring
Jenna’s cunt with her mouth and tongue.

she wasn’t sucking on Jenna’s tender lips or teasing her clit with
hot kisses against the bud, Love licked up every drop of juice she could
get her tongue on. No more was Love starstruck. The taste
of Jenna’s juices had awakened the pussy hungry monster inside of
her and she lashed at the porn star while Jenna howled in gratitude.


eyes glazed over with lust. When she had first started messing
with girls, she had defended herself against her friend’s playful
taunts of “slut” and “whore” and fought them off, but she had
learned to love and embrace this side of her.

she fucked she never had to worry about how others saw her or any judgment.
She could just go wild and lose her inhibitions. Being slutty
made Love feel more alive than anything ever had before and her heart
was pounding with joy in her chest as she fed off Jenna’s pussy, indulging
in every drop of girl juice that soaked her tongue.

was so into eating Jenna out that Love didn’t even feel her own clothes
being stripped off. Love was flat on her belly as she licked Jenna,
her naked tits pressing into the bed, but simply topless would not do
as far as Rose was concerned. Without taking her eyes off her
gorgeous friend fucking the porn star, Rose peeled off Love’s shoes
and undid her jeans, tugging them down past her hips, exposing the fact
that Love hadn’t put on any panties underneath.

are a fucking nasty girl Love,” Rose said softly as a grin crossed
her face. “Going out Christmas shopping without your panties.
Walking around with your pussy all nice and bare. Naughty slut.”

soon as Love’s jeans were rolled down past her ass, Rose slapped it
with a firm strike that finally snapped Love out of her lust trance
to notice what her housemate was doing. Love didn’t stop licking
though. She just shifted so she was on her knees and waved her
ass in the air for more while keeping her tongue buried inside Jenna.

complied by giving her friend a series of firm slaps to her bare ass,
turning the white flesh a healthy shade of pink. But Rose was
less interested in slapping Love’s ass than getting at the pussy she
assumed was soaked by now. She pulled at the legs of Love’s
jeans and finally got them off her body, leaving her naked. Rose
was the only one on the bed still dressed but she didn’t bother with
her own clothes yet. She wanted to tend to Love.

that Love was on her knees with her ass in the air, Rose had herself
excellent access to her pinkest of parts. Rose leaned in between
her friend’s legs and, just as she’d suspected, Love was a dripping
mess of girl cream. Rose craned her body so she was underneath
Love’s cunt and, as Jenna continued to pant and squeal with every
lick, Rose dove into her housemate’s honey pot.

visibly stiffened as ecstasy rushed through her body at the feel of
Rose’s tongue against her pussy, but she didn’t let up a bit on
Jenna. Her nerves were a distant memory and now Love burned with
the need to prove herself. She didn’t just want to get Jenna
off. She wanted to give her porn idol an orgasm that she would
always remember.

seen so many of Jenna’s movies, Love knew the girl loved being penetrated
and since there were no toys within reaching distance she happily made
do with what she had. Love kept licking at Jenna’s pink folds,
lapping at her swollen lips and batting against her clitoris while pushing
in her fingers. Love went for two fingers right away and it wasn’t
a gentle touch like she had used before. It was a rough finger
fucking and Jenna responded with a buck of her hips and a cry of rapture.

God!” Jenna cried, her lithe body tensing up and rising off the bed.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh God!!! Ohhhhhh God!!! Fuck me Love!!!

couldn’t believe how good Love was. Suddenly the drive to Malibu
to buy pot didn’t seem so long after all. She had her blaze
and now she was getting her pussy fucked by a total hedonistic slut.
What was better than that?

that those three little stoners now lived next door to a mansion filled
with famous women who were all whores for pussy made Jenna never, ever
want to leave! To stay here all day getting stoned and fucked
would have been absolute heaven.

she even really knew what sex was, Jenna had never been able to get
enough out of it. She masturbated whenever she could, even when
she had steady boyfriends or girlfriends. She had amassed quite
a long list of fantasies over the years and many times she had imagined
herself fucking famous girls.

Jenna had imagined vivid, uninhibited fucks with girls like Rose, Christina
and Gwen, Love had never been the star of any of her fantasies before.
But if she’d known then what she knew now, Jenna would have melted
her toys fucking herself while thinking of Jennifer Love Hewitt.
This girl was amazing at eating pussy. Love knew just how to do
it right and make it fast and fun and nasty without being sloppy or
making it hurt.

had been waiting so long for this orgasm she knew she wasn’t going
to be able to hold it off for much longer. Not that she wanted
to hold it off. Jenna wanted to come and then get herself fucked again
and again and again. Jenna wasn’t about to come once and curl
up and go to sleep. That was most assuredly not how she rolled.

come for me Jenna?” Love asked, her lips and chin shiny with girl
juice as she broke away for just a second to gulp in air. She
kept fingering Jenna, rubbing her clit, as she moaned from the pleasure
that Rose’s tongue was bringing her. “I want you Jenna! I’ve
wanted you for so fucking long! I watched your movies and dreamed
about eating this pretty pussy out! Oooooh you’re making me
so fucking wet!”

waiting for a response, Love jammed her tongue back inside Jenna’s
splayed pussy. She licked furiously at Jenna’s cunt while forcing
her fingers in and twisting them around, just like she’d watched girls
to do Jenna in the movies. Love used her fingers like a dildo,
fucking Jenna’s pussy hard and fast and making sure she was rubbing
against her clit while her tongue licked at it, making it throb and
send pleasure straight up Jenna’s spine to her brain.


Love, making Jenna Haze come would have been like climbing Mt. Everest
and she gave her new friend everything she had, working her fingers
and tongue on the girl’s clitoris. It was so hard to keep herself
focused when Rose was slamming her drooling cunt with her tongue, licking
at her folds and scooping out all the collected juice.

of Love wanted to make Rose stop but how could she bring herself to
stop such exquisite pleasure? The sensations of being licked while
licking another gorgeous girl was well worth the loss of the ability
to concentrate.

though her brain was fogging over with sexual bliss, Love made sure
she didn’t let up even a little on Jenna. She had to get this
girl off! She had to show her how turned on she was by her and
how bad she wanted her cream rubbed all over her face and pushed into
her slutty mouth. Hearing Jenna’s sex cries and dirty talk made
Love feel like she was in a porn movie with her and Love let the image
of that fuel her on in pushing Jenna over the edge.

juices were coating Love’s fingers and tongue like sugar. Jenna’s
sweet, peachy taste was addictive and Love licked as hard as she could,
tonguing the girl’s clitoris while her fingers thrust inside, rubbing
against it while spreading open her tight lips. Jenna was clearly
getting close and Love took her advice by burying her face in even deeper
while sucking and frigging her clit.

words were leaving her as she rolled her eyes back in her head and thrashed
around the bed. God! Love was giving her incredible head!
She had never expected her to be this good and her pussy felt like it
was about to burst in ecstasy. She looked down at the indescribably
erotic image of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s gorgeous, soft, cover girl
face buried in her pussy, her eyes staring up at her with heated lust
while her mouth and tongue worshipped her.

had seen a lot, but that was one of hottest things Jenna had ever seen.
Jenna had fucked so many girls, on camera and off, and she couldn’t
remember one who was as dedicated to getting her off like Love was.
The sexually intense look in her eyes told Jenna that if Love had to
choose between making her come and coming up for air, orgasm would have
won over oxygen no matter what the circumstances.

this gorgeous girl eat her pussy better than some of the professionals
she had worked with while knowing it was Jennifer Love Hewitt doing
it was the mental push Jenna needed to let her orgasmic waves burst
through the dam. Love sucked hard on her clit while keeping her
fingers buried inside as Jenna’s pussy walls clamped down and she
came with a rush.


tossed her head back and ran her hands over her face and through her
hair as her body quaked in orgasm. Pleasure pounded through her
veins. All the waiting was now worth it as it lead to this moment
of bliss.

never held back while coming and she didn’t make an exception here.
She humped herself furiously against Love’s face as the actress kept
her tongue buried inside her cunt. Jenna creamed and cried out
with rapture, wanting it to never end and hoping against hope it never

course all things did have to come to an end, especially orgasms and
the pleasure eventually stopped rushing and the tingles stopped tickling
her naked skin. But even as Love finally pulled away from her
cummy pussy, Jenna was still flushed, sweaty and happy from head to
toe. She watched as Love began moaning from Rose eating her out
and her eyes naturally drifted down to Love’s swaying tits.

had never wanted to enhance her own chest. She loved what she
had been given, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t appreciate and
drool over a great set of big, soft tits. She had been with so
many girls with fake chests that real big ones were to be treasured.

soon as she had the strength to get off her back, Jenna crawled over
to Love and kissed her with passionate gratefulness for her orgasm while
reaching up to play with her tits.

moaned into Jenna’s mouth and fed the porn star her own creamy girl
cum while fucking herself against Rose’s face. Rose had changed
positions by now and gotten herself on her knees behind Love.
Her tongue rapidly worked her housemate over, getting her all wet and
creamy, just how Rose liked her best.

was bent over on her knees on the soft bed. She had felt Rose’s
tongue so many times but each time was incredible. The feel of
her tongue on her pussy had Love shaking and Jenna’s kiss and soft
hands caressing her tits made everything even better.

yessssss lick me Rose,” Love mewled as Jenna moved down to suck on
her tits, pressing her lips down over her aching nipples. “Yeahhhhhhh
lick my pussy oooooooh yesssssssss mmmmmmm show Jenna how much I love
fucking girls! Show her what a fucking little slut I really am!
Ahhhhhh right there Rose oooooooh you always lick me so gooooooood!
Mmmmm make me come Rose! Please make me come so Jenna can see
how wet my pussy gets from girls and how hard they make me come!”

Jenna had any doubts about Love’s lust for other women they had disappeared
long ago. All she had needed was one lick from Love’s hot tongue
to know that she loved pussy a lot. Love had licked her so good.
Jenna’s skin was still tingling and she wanted to show her new friend
just how much she had enjoyed it. Playing with Love’s beautiful
tits was fun, but Jenna wanted more.

herself away from Love’s chest, Jenna crawled on the bed until she
was next to Rose. The fully dressed actress continued feasting
away on Love’s flowing cunt and Jenna instantly saw that Rose’s
boasts had been no lie either. She really did know what she was

was soaked for Rose and Jenna loved watching Rose’s tongue lick her.
Jenna could see Rose was great at eating pussy just from watching Love’s
reactions and she longed to feel Rose’s tongue too.

began rubbing herself as she sat up on her knees. She could never
help touching herself when the mood struck and watching Rose McGowan
lick Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pussy was nothing if not inspiring to
the porn star. Jenna moaned as she rubbed herself, working her
fingers over her still tingling pussy, but she couldn’t just watch
this. It was too hot just for her to sit back.

in, Jenna announced her intentions by kissing the soft, gorgeous cheeks
of Love’s bare bottom. Jenna pressed her lips repeatedly to
Love’s ass, her flesh still a slight shade of pink from Rose’s slaps.
With each kiss she moved closer and closer to her real target and Rose
couldn’t help but notice her.

want something?” Rose inquired wryly as she pulled her pussy coated
face up.

want this,” Jenna didn’t hesitate to answer as she reached up and
ran her fingers over Love’s creamy slit as it dripped with her girl
juices and Rose’s saliva. “I want her pussy. I want
to lick her and make her come.”

You think your porn star tongue is better than mine?” Rose teased.
“You think you can make this horny little slut come better than I
can? This fucking pussy is mine. And I don’t like sharing.”

was lying of course. She loved sharing hot girls and she was pretty
eager to see Jenna in action for herself. She was just having
some fun challenging Jenna and the girl eagerly took the bait.

me!” Jenna declared before diving in between Love’s legs and greeting
her with a series of hard lashes against her flaring, pink pussy lips.

Love squealed immediately. “YEAHHHHH!!! GOD JENNA!!!

a mouth like that, she’d be a natural fucking on film, Jenna grinned
to herself as she licked at Love’s cunt. She tasted wonderful
and Jenna went right after the source of her yummy creams, getting her
tongue inside Love’s pussy and lapping at her clitoris.

she had gotten up that morning craving a blaze and having nothing in
sight, Jenna had never dreamed her quest would have ended with her eating
Jennifer Love Hewitt out. Fate had certainly been kind to her.

that Jenna had taken over, Rose was suddenly forgotten, but she didn’t
mind. She enjoyed watching Love have her fun experiencing Jenna’s
tongue. Watching Love’s gorgeous naked body getting fucked was
always hot. Besides Rose knew a few ways to remind her housemate
just whom she belonged to and she was going to use each and every one
of them on Love.

course there was no need to wait, Rose thought to herself as she hungrily
stared at Jenna’s spread pussy as the foxy brunette bent over to tongue
Love. Her lips were still wet with saliva and girl cum, with a
fresh batch starting to drip from Jenna’s cunt. In viewing Jenna’s
movies, Rose had seen the girl penetrated every which way and Rose certainly
knew how to fuck a girl right.

moved herself over on her bed so she could reach into the drawer of
her nightstand. Inside was every girl’s best friend and Rose
gave her ruby red dildo a long, loving lick. She wasn’t going
to go for Mr. Snappy yet. Jenna had to earn that privilege and
Rose knew this would do quite well for now. She had used this
toy many nights to fuck herself to sleep and now it was Jenna’s turn
to feel it.

herself behind Jenna again, Rose got herself a good long look at the
girl’s wet pussy. Her lips were pinker and flushed from Love’s
licking and even though she had just come, it was clear that Jenna’s
pussy was begging to be stuffed and fucked. But first Rose had
to taste this girl for herself.

yeahhhhh,” Jenna gasped happily when she felt Rose’s tongue start
to work her pussy over, sliding up over her lips and lapping up the
juices that had collected there since Love’s last lick. “Ohhhhhhh
fuck Rose! Lick my pussy! I always knew you had a hot tongue!
I hated how you made me wait cause I knew your tongue was gonna be fucking
incredible and I was right!”

certainly appreciated the compliment, but she didn’t want Jenna to
stop eating Love. She let her know that with a hard slap to Jenna’s
tight, firm ass that got a yelp from the girl and a moan.

you know just what I like don’t you Rose,” Jenna groaned.
“Spank my ass! I fucking love being spanked! Spank my
ass while I tongue your girlfriend’s sweet pussy! Mmmmm do it

her was quite obviously not punishment, but Rose didn’t stop.
She gave Jenna’s ass two more hard slaps and then concentrated on
her licking. Jenna’s pussy was starting to do some serious dripping
and Rose caught the juices with her tongue, slurping them up as soon
as they got past Jenna’s cunt lips.

even though she took her punishment as pleasure, Jenna knew what Rose
wanted and she certainly didn’t need any coaxing to get her tongue
back inside Love’s pussy. As Love groaned for attention, Jenna
pushed her self back inside, spreading open Love’s ass cheeks to splay
her pussy so she could lick her hard from behind while Rose was doing
the same to her.

keep licking!” Love cried passionately, backing herself up and rubbing
her pussy all over Jenna’s face to coax more tongue inside her.
“Ooooooooh yessssss lick me Jenna! Lick my slutty fucking pussy!
Mmmmmm your tongue is even better than I dreamed it was! I can’t
fucking believe you’re licking me! Ahhhhh gonna come soon!
Gonna come from your tongue licking me so good!”

head was buzzing not just from the pleasure of the tongue on her pussy,
but the knowledge of who it was licking her. It had been so wild
those times Felecia had licked her, but knowing it was Jenna Haze, whose
movies she’d come to countless times, who was licking her so skillfully
added an extra level to the sensations.

had been a fan since the first second she saw Jenna. She had loved
how innocent and sweet she looked and how nasty she fucked. It
made her feel like they were kindred spirits or something like that.

she had let those cops gangbang her in New Mexico she had modeled herself
after Jenna and any time she had watched one of Jenna’s all girl movies,
Love had inevitably pictured being the one getting licked on screen
by Jenna’s pussy starved tongue. But of all her fantasies this
had seemed impossible. She had never met Jenna and Love had never
been so bold as to find her number somehow, give her a call and invite
her over for a fuck.

had never dreamed she would ever really feel Jenna’s tongue but now
that she did it exceeded any expectation she had. Love felt her
clitoris throb with desire and every time Jenna’s tongue touched it,
she jumped a little on the bed and felt pleasure roar through her body.
She was getting so close and Love’s words were quickly becoming indecipherable
moans of lustful appreciation.

was doing some moaning of her own into Love’s pussy. Rose’s
tongue might even have been better than Love’s was, but Jenna enjoyed
them both too much to compare and contrast. All she cared was
that they felt good and they were both amazing. Without losing
any of the energy or focus she was using on Love, Jenna moaned and dripped
into Rose’s mouth, her ecstasy obvious.

that huh?” Rose grinned, pulling her face up now that it had a mix
of Jenna and Love’s juices on it. She slapped Jenna’s ass
again and got another happy moan from the porn star.

huhhhhhh,” Jenna mumbled, her mouth full of pussy. “Don’t
stop! I love it!”

but you’re gonna love this even more you nasty little slut,” Rose
promised as she picked up her hand and pushed her toy inside.
Jenna’s pussy was so wet that her toy slid past her lips like a hot
knife through butter and Rose began a steady fucking motion.

yessssssssssss mmmmmmmm fuck meeeeeee!!!” Jenna squealed as her mouth
remained muffled by Love’s pinkness. “Shove that toy up my
pussy and fuck me hard!”

Jenna’s pleas, Rose didn’t go after her hard. She just let
the toy slid inside to penetrate her and then would pull it out slightly
before pushing in again. She didn’t go too fast or too deep.
It was a comparatively gentle touch compared to how Rose usually fucked
girls, but she had a good reason. She didn’t want Jenna’s
focus to leave Love. This was just to keep her in heat.

Is that what you want? To get your pussy fucked nice and hard?”
Rose teased. “Make my friend come first, then you’ll fucking
get it. You’ll get it hard and fast up your porn star pussy.
I’ll make you fucking scream louder than any of those silicone inflated
whores you do on camera ever could! Make Love come and I’ll
do you just like you want it!”

want that dick,” Jenna mumbled, her moans growing as Rose spit into
her, making the dildo’s work even smoother. “Mmmmm yesssss
spit in my pussy! Get it wet and slutty with your spit while I
make your pretty girlfriend cream!”

her eyes to take in the rush of stimulation that rushed in with Rose’s
spit striking her pussy while she readily worked the hard toy in with
it, Jenna pressed her lips to Love’s clit and sucked on it passionately.
Jenna certainly noticed the more Love showed she was close to orgasm
the harder Rose fucked her and she redoubled her efforts on the actress,
feasting on her swollen clitoris and making damn sure she came and soon.

before Jenna could accomplish that goal the room suddenly became more

you started without me,” Christina pouted. “I thought you
were gonna wait.”

you’d been more patient you could have gotten in on this from the
beginning,” Rose smirked. “Besides its not like you waited
for us either you insatiable little whore.”

me?” Christina giggled as she batted her eyes and twirled around,
making sure everyone on the bed could see her completely naked body
and the way her flushed cheeks and glistening pussy showed she’d just
had herself a satisfying orgasm.

I think she was talking to me too,” Gwen smiled as she stood beside
Christina, just as naked as she was. Gwen gave Christina’s bare
ass a slap and the blonde moaned and ground her ass into her lover’s
hand for more.

get on the fucking bed,” Rose said with a shake of her head.
“There’s plenty of room.”

bedroom doors were rarely closed at the mansion it was a common occurrence
for private sessions to quickly become group encounters. Twosomes
and threesomes often multiplied and Rose and Love certainly took the
presence of Gwen and Christina in stride. Love was so close she
didn’t care who walked into the bedroom as long as she got a chance
to come.

was a little surprised at suddenly being interrupted by two more gorgeous
girls she was dying to fuck, but she wasn’t about to do anything to
stop it. Christina and Gwen were both so beautiful and Jenna couldn’t
stop staring at their wet pussies as they crawled onto the bed.
Both the younger and older girl were high on Jenna’s list of fantasy
fucks and their wetness cried out to her for attention.

Jenna was not a selfish lover and she wasn’t about to abandon Love.
Not when she was so close. Jenna wanted to make her come so she
could taste the next hot pussy that was pressed to her face and then
the next and the next until she had her tongue soaked in the flavor
of every girl who was here.

and Gwen split up as they crawled onto the bed. Gwen went right
for Love, kissing her and gently playing with her tits while Jenna resumed
sucking on her clitoris with a sexy liplock. But Christina moved
in Rose’s direction. There were no hard feelings from before
and Christina saw Rose was definitely in need of attention.

have way too many clothes on,” Christina declared as she regarded
Rose’s fully dressed state.

gonna do about that Christina?” Rose asked and Christina’s answer
was quick and decisive.

pop princess sat up on her knees and went for Rose’s shirt.
But she didn’t lift the t-shirt over her housemate’s head.
Instead Christina reached into the collar of it with both her hands
and ripped it open, tearing Rose’s shirt off and leaving her topless.

better,” Christina said before pressing her face in between Rose’s
tits and worshiping them with her mouth and tongue.

that’s it Chrissy, lick all over my tits,” Rose urged as she pulled
her hand off the dildo, leaving it lodged in Jenna’s pussy, as she
began caressing the blonde’s hair. “I knew I could count on
you to get my clothes off. Make me naked like the good bitch you
are for me.”

so badly wanted to have her hands on Rose’s tits too, massaging them
as she sucked them and hefting the soft, round mounds of gorgeous girl
flesh up to get more into her mouth. But even more than that she
wanted to get Rose’s jeans off. Having clothes on when there
were so many gorgeous naked girls on the bed was insanity to Christina
and she wanted to help her mentor however she could.

pushed Christina’s chin up and fiercely planted her lips on hers in
a kiss. The two girls energetically made out and Christina shoved
her hands down inside Rose’s jeans, popping open the button to rub
her pussy while Rose’s hands worked over her tits, playing with her
piercing and making Christina wild with desire.

you’re so wet,” Christina groaned as she humped her hand against
Rose’s cunt. “I love when you get this wet for me. It
makes me crazy to fuck you!”

do it Chrissy,” Rose commanded. “Fuck me! Show Jenna
she’s not the only nasty whore on this bed.”

had become the forgotten girl as Rose and Christina kissed and pawed
at each other’s bodies and she didn’t like it. She had the
dildo still stuffed inside her, but no one was fucking her with it and
it wasn’t the same. But the silver lining was this pause in
the action for her allowed her to make sure Love got off big.

had considered herself an expert in making girls come before she even
made her first movie and Love was so wet and ready for orgasm that she
would have had been the worst porn star in the world if she wasn’t
able to get her off. And now that she had Gwen helping her, Jenna’s
job was even easier. As Gwen kissed Love and played with her tits,
Jenna sucked on her clit and when she shoved her fingers inside the
actress, just like Love had done to her, the television star was a goner.


stimulation of being licked and fingered while Gwen sucked enthusiastically
on her nipples filled Love with so much pleasure that nothing could
have stopped her orgasm. She screamed and roared in ecstasy as
she burst her pussy cream onto Jenna’s eager face. Love rocked
back and forth on her hands and knees, her tits slapping Gwen’s gorgeous
features in the process, much to the singer’s delight. Gwen
always loved how Love came like a rocket blasting off and she jealously
wished she was the one swallowing her juices and not Jenna.

screams filled Jenna’s ears just as her juices filled her mouth.
Jenna swallowed most of them but kept just enough to share with her
new friends. She loved swallowing cum and even felt a small orgasm
pass through her own body at the hot sensations from Love’s cum dripping
down her throat to her cum starved stomach. Jenna licked up as
much as she could and, when she pulled up, her first move was to give
Love a long kiss, pushing what was left of her juices into her mouth.

though her brain had been nicely toasted by her orgasm, Love had enough
sense to kiss back, thoroughly enjoying her own cum on Jenna’s lips
and tongue. But before the kiss got too deep, Jenna pulled away
and planted one on Gwen’s waiting lips, giving her first kiss to the
beautiful singer. Even though she didn’t know Jenna, Gwen didn’t
hesitate to kiss back or even think twice about the next words that
passed her lips.

turn,” Gwen declared as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs
open. “I wanna feel your porn star mouth eat my pussy.”

orgasm she had gotten from Christina hadn’t nearly been enough and
Gwen was more than eager to see what Jenna was really like. She’d
had her own encounter with porn stars once before, when she and Charlize
Theron had ended up in a group pile of pussy hungry girls with Vivid
stars Raylene, Taylor Hayes and Cheyenne Silver, and the memories of
that time still fueled her masturbation when the mood struck.

Jenna would have been all over this without a second’s delay.
Gwen Stefani was someone she had fantasized about for years. She
had been a No Doubt fan forever and when Gwen had gone solo and embraced
a sexier image, Jenna’s desire for her had only grown.

had longed to be Gwen’s little groupie, tonguing her pussy after a
concert and being her oh so willing personal whore. But before
she could dive into one of the pussies of her dreams, Jenna had to turn
around and get Rose’s attention.

me!” Jenna demanded. “Don’t fucking leave me hanging!
Mmmmmmm you were making me feel so good before. Don’t stop!
Fuck my pussy with that cock!”

had just finished pulling off Rose’s jeans, leaving her as naked as
the rest of them on the bed. Rose was right on the verge of grabbing
her slutty blonde protégé by her hair and shoving her face into her
pussy, but Jenna’s demand put the pause on that.

what you want?” Rose smirked, giving Jenna’s ass another hard slap.
“Porno slut wants get herself fucked? Mmmm well now you’re
gonna get it! What I was doing before was just playtime.
Now it’s gonna get serious!”

that Rose hopped off the bed. Christina, Gwen and Love all knew
just what was coming and they eagerly awaited it. They had all
felt Rose’s favorite toy deep inside them before and they knew the
ecstasy that awaited Jenna. But as Rose went into her closet to
retrieve it, Christina was not about to wait for some fun. She
got right between Jenna’s legs, pulled out the dildo and helped herself
to an eager lick of her pussy.

yessssssss someone fuck me,” Jenna groaned. “You like that
pussy Christina? You like how wet it is? Mmmm it’s wet
for you and all your nasty fucking friends. Oooooh my little pussy
gets so wet thinking of you fucking like a dirty girl, just like your
song. Fuck me! Please!”

knew it was only a matter of seconds before Rose was going to be back
out so she knew she didn’t have the time to fully take advantage of
Jenna’s naked and panting state. But Christina also knew there
was no way Jenna was leaving this house before she got a chance to fuck
her. So Christina made sure to make it a memorable few seconds
now by spitting into Jenna’s pussy and rubbing her saliva into the
porn star’s cunt.

you are wet, but I’m making you even wetter,” Christina giggled
as Jenna moaned. “Gonna make this cunt all wet and nasty for
Rose to fuck! Mmmm no one fucks like Rose does. She’s
gonna stuff this little porno pussy up better than any of those big
cocks you take on camera!”

was the kind of promise Jenna loved to hear. The orgasms she had
already experienced here hadn’t been enough and if Rose really was
as good as they were saying then even her insatiable pussy might get

she wasn’t going to have much longer to wait, Jenna committed herself
to Gwen’s pussy. As Love looked on lustfully, playing with her
tits while her friend experienced what she just had, Jenna began licking
at Gwen’s slit, greedily licking up her juices and coating her pussy
lips with horny saliva before moving in for her clit. Jenna didn’t
want to play games. She wanted to make Gwen come. Her tongue
was already starved for more girl cream and she went right for the singer’s

goddamnnnnn!” Gwen cried out rapturously. “You are good!
Oooooooh fuck! Tongue my pussy Jenna! Ooooooooh you’re
so hot in your movies and your tongue is incredible! Ahhhh fuck
yesssssssss eat my pussy you nasty little bitch! Mmmm make me
come just like you made Love come!”

was quickly lost in Gwen’s pussy. Love wasn’t the only one
having fantasies fulfilled today and Jenna made the most of her unexpected
luck. She was enjoying Gwen’s hot, girly taste so much that
she didn’t even notice that Rose had emerged from the closet with
a strap on firmly in place on her gorgeous body. The black plastic
dangled so sexily from Rose’s body and Christina gave Jenna one more
helping of spit to make sure she was ready for it,

her Rose!” Christina urged, helpfully spreading Jenna’s ass cheeks
open for her friend. “Fuck this slut deep what that beautiful
cock! Fuck her like you always fuck me!”

for you to meet Mr. Snappy, Jenna,” Rose said as she revealed the
affectionate name she’d granted onto her toy. “Mmmm you and
he are going to be very good friends, I can tell.”

rubbed the tip of her toy against Jenna’s slit and the porn star moaned
desperately into Gwen’s pussy. She wiggled her ass and tried
to force Rose inside her, showing that she wanted to be Mr. Snappy’s
friend without a second’s more delay.

didn’t need any more coaxing than to see Jenna’s pussy waiting for
her, so pink and pretty and creamy. She grabbed onto the girl
and didn’t hesitate to slide into her, easing the head of her strap
on into Jenna and penetrating her with a wicked groan. Rose didn’t
just bury Mr. Snappy inside her. That probably would have hurt.
But Jenna was loose enough that she didn’t have to force her toy inside
her. Rose let Jenna adjust to the size of her strap on and once
she did, she began a hard doggie style fucking.

GAWWWD!!!” Jenna screamed, pulling her juicy face up from Gwen’s
pussy from the jolt of ecstasy that shot through her naked body like

was all Jenna got out of her mouth before Gwen’s hand moved to the
back of her head and shoved her face back down into her pussy.
Jenna didn’t fight this off a bit. She let Gwen hold her down
and smother her lips with her cunt. Gwen was so wet and so delicious
that Jenna happily let her face get fucked by the singer’s bucking
hips. She was trapped in between Gwen and Rose and there wasn’t
anywhere in the world Jenna wanted to be more.

had always been more submissive than dominant in bed and to feel herself
caught between these two beautiful celebrities as they had their wicked
ways with her was bliss. She loved being controlled by them, having
Gwen force her face down into her pussy while Rose drove her thick,
long strap on into her cunt was a complete surrender to sexual desire
and Jenna relished the loss of her own senses. She was their fuck
toy, a hot tongue and dripping pussy to be fucked, and that was all
she wanted to be.

and Rose teamed up on both ends to vigorously fuck Jenna’s body.
The closer she got to coming, the more wildly Gwen humped herself against
Jenna’s tongue. She was spreading her dripping juices all over
the porn star’s face while Jenna stared up at her with the kind of
sizzling, lusty stare that was so key to giving good head. Gwen
moaned and thrashed on the bed, loving every lick that Jenna was giving
to her clitoris and both dying for her orgasm to come and dreading it
because that meant the pleasure would stop soon after.

fuck me!” Gwen cried. “Tongue that clit Jenna! Ahhhhhhh
right there! Right there you hot fucking slut! You’re
making me feel so fucking good! Oooooooh ooooh ooooooooooooooooh
don’t stop! Ohhhhhh you’re gonna make me come!!!”

couldn’t believe she was going to come this quickly, but Jenna was
expertly tonguing her clitoris and there was no way such exquisite pleasure
couldn’t lead to orgasm. Gwen had already come thanks to the
anal beads Christina had pushed into her ass and pulled out one by one
until she was creaming and gasping for breath back in her room, but
Gwen had to think that even Christina was no match for the beautiful
porn star eating her out and making her shake on the bed with every
lick of her tongue against her clit.

Gwen was thrashing, Rose was pushing harder and harder into Jenna.
The black plastic of her toy was getting slicker and cummier with every
thrust inside. Jenna’s pussy was such a hot fit for her toy
that Rose felt her orgasm start to rush forward from the end of the
inside her rubbing against her clit.

she fucked Jenna from behind, Rose had one hand gripping the porn star’s
ass while the other was mauling her own tits. Rose squeezed her
soft, jiggling mounds and moaned from her own touch and the clamping
feel of Jenna’s pussy around her fake cock, making such a hot fit
for her. Rose adored fucking girls with her favorite toy and Jenna
just sucked her toy into her cunt, wrapping around it like a blanket
and begging for more.

and Gwen’s stimulation was helped by the fact that they were receiving
extra assistance from their friends. Love was returning the favor
to Gwen by kissing her and playing with her tits while she was being
eaten out. Love kissed up and down the singer’s sensitive neck
and leaned down to suck on her tits, gently biting on her nipples and
making them swell between her lips.

was even more enthusiastic in her help. She was in a position
she was well accustomed to, on her knees behind Rose and holding onto
her pale, perfect ass cheeks while she spread her open and tongued her
pussy as she fucked another girl. Christina had tongued Rose while
she had used Mr. Snappy on so many girls that keeping a list would have
been impossible.

Snappy was a crotchless toy so Christina could just slider her tongue
right inside and lick away at Rose. Christina was always ready
to get herself good and cum drunk with her friend’s rich taste and,
as she lapped away at her tender girl folds, the singer knew it wouldn’t
be long before she was getting the juices she so wantonly craved.

it all Jenna just let herself be fucked, her brain swimming in the endorphins.
The feel of Rose’s cock inside her was absolutely amazing, but she
concentrated on Gwen’s pussy throughout it. Being able to eat
Gwen Stefani out might be a one time chance for her, and Jenna wasn’t
about to get too distracted from it.

Gwen moan and tasting her dripping juices was such a rush for Jenna.
She had dreamed about making this stunningly sexy singer feel good and
now she was really doing it.

last thing Jenna expected as she lashed her tongue against Gwen’s
pussy was an interruption from even more girls entering into the fun.
But that was exactly what she got.

was Love who first noticed them and she poked Gwen to get her attention.
As soon as the singer saw them it tipped Jenna off too and the porn
star’s eyes widened as she couldn’t help but gawk at even more beautiful
celebrities standing in the doorway. It was Alyssa Milano!
And Jewel! And that girl…the one from the Princess Diaries movies…Anne
something or other…Hathaway! That was it! Anne Hathaway!
Jenna couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but apparently it was
no big surprise to anyone else in the bedroom.

stop!” Gwen cried, her hand pressing down on Jenna’s head harder
and snapping the girl back to attention. Jenna started licking
again, going after Gwen’s pussy even faster now that she knew she
had herself a horny audience.

we were going to go to my room but I see the party’s inside here,”
Alyssa grinned, officially announcing her presence to the rest of the

get your ass inside here,” Rose ordered, her voice a happy moan as
Christina hit her hot spot with her tongue. “All of you!
And get those fucking costumes off! No one’s allowed to wear
any clothes inside here!”

and Alyssa giggled at this easily followed command and grabbed Anne’s
hands, pulling their new friend inside the bedroom. As soon as
they were close to the bed, Alyssa smothered Anne’s lips in a passionate
kiss while Jewel kissed the back of Anne’s neck and fondled her tits
through her costume.

told you this place was gonna be great,” Jewel breathed hotly into
Anne’s ear. “Mmmmm we’ve got everything a horny girl like
you could ever want.”

couldn’t believe it was all true. She had never had any reason
to doubt Alyssa or Jewel, especially after how good they had made her
feel in the classroom, but words were one thing and actually seeing
all this sex in vivid realism was another. It was like one of
the lesbian porn movies she secretly ordered and hid from view had come
to life and Anne only had a simple wish.

fuck me,” Anne groaned as Alyssa kissed her and Jewel groped her overheating
body. “Strip me naked and fuck me! Fuck me like they’re
getting fucked on the bed! Make it hot and nasty and fuck me like
a little lesbian whore!”

was easily enough accomplished. Alyssa and Jewel took turns kissing
Anne as they both rubbed her body through her costume. The thin
green elf’s costume now felt like a thick blanket covering her and
Anne squirmed inside it, desperately wanting what she had longed for
since she had found Alyssa and Jewel were going to be working the charity
event with her. She wanted to be naked with these girls even if
she had to tear the costume off herself.

that wasn’t necessary as Alyssa helpfully undid her top, popping open
the buttons on the back so Jewel could slide it over her head.
That left Anne with her breasts held back only by a tan bra that her
nipples seemed ready to rip right through. Jewel didn’t even
bother unclasping the bra. She just tugged it down to expose Anne’s
nipples, which she went right after, sucking and pinching them as Anne
moaned in lustful, surrender.

now let’s get these off you,” Alyssa declared as she reached for
Anne’s pants. “You looked so hot spread out at that desk,
fingering that sweet pink pussy for us. I hated you covering it
up. Mmmm but now you’re gonna be naked and this sexy body of
yours is gonna be mine!”

sounded wonderful to Anne and she deliriously moaned when Alyssa yanked
down her costume pants. After pausing briefly to get Anne out
of her shoes, Alyssa was able to get the pants all the way down her
legs and off her body, leaving Anne in her soaked panties.

Anne happily cried as Alyssa began rubbing her pussy through her panties.
She had so much pent up lesbian lust inside her that the orgasm she’d
had before had done nothing to satisfy her. It had just made Anne
want this even more. She couldn’t believe after all her nights
of stifling her desires for other girls she was finally going to get
fucked. She didn’t care how strange or unbelievable this place
was. She just wanted to get fucked!

it Alyssa! Rub that wet pussy! Ughhhhh make me soak my panties!”
Anne groaned as she ground her ass against the wall. “Mmmmmmm
you’re making me so fucking wet. All the way here I was
getting so wet thinking about you fucking me! I need it so bad!
I need to be fucked by girls! I need it so bad!”

get on the bed,” Jewel said, pulling herself away from Anne’s exposed
tits with a wet pop, leaving both heavy breasts coated in her saliva.
Jewel playfully pushed Anne down on the bed next to Gwen and Love and
Anne’s tits jiggled beautifully as she settled in.

immediately greeted Anne with a kiss. She didn’t even ask how
she had ended up here with Alyssa and Jewel. Random girls looking
to get laid was a common occurrence at the mansion and Love had long
ago stopped asking how and why until after the sex.

wasn’t asking those questions either. Inside she was burning
with curiosity to know how all of this had come together. Alyssa
and Jewel had given her a few details about the backstory on the way
here, but Anne wanted to known it all. However her desire to come
far outweighed her thirst for knowledge so Anne didn’t wonder at all.
She just kissed Love back as they began playing with each other’s
impressive chests.

Love and Anne introduced themselves to each other with hot, wet kisses
and caresses, Jewel and Alyssa busied themselves getting naked.
They were doing some serious kissing themselves, pressing their lips
together lovingly whenever they got the chance, which slowed them down,
but soon enough their costumes were on Rose’s floor along with the
rest of everyone’s discarded clothes. Having been forced to
be good all morning in their cute little costumes. Alyssa and Jewel
were panting to get naked and be very, very, very bad.

their discarded clothes out of the way and relieving each other of their
bras and panties in the process, Jewel and Alyssa fell onto the bed
next to Anne and began kissing her again, pausing only to give similar
kisses to Love and Gwen.

course Gwen barely noticed anyone was there. She was having trouble
focusing on anyone but the girl between her legs, sliding her tongue
everywhere she liked in her pussy and making every lick an exquisite
rush of pleasure. Gwen was close, very close, to coming and her
gasps and cries in her famous voice were getting hoarse and ragged.

for me Gwen!” Jenna urged as her face contorted in the ecstasy Rose’s
cock was giving her. “Come all over my slutty face! Soak
it in your fuck cream! I wanna lick up all your cum like a dirty
little girl! Give it to me baby! Give me your cum!”

she had been talking, her breath heavy and coming out in short bursts
as she got closer and closer to coming from being fucked, Jenna rubbed
Gwen’s pussy. Her fingers were already coated with girl juice
from all the hot sluts on the bed she’d touched and played with and
Gwen’s juices made everything slicker. Jenna furiously rubbed
the pussy lips of the singer she idolized before burying her tongue
back inside her with the intent of licking her until she came.

didn’t have long to wait. The rubbing of her pussy had given
Gwen extra stimulation and getting Jenna’s tongue back against her
pulsing clitoris pushed her right over the edge. Gwen’s grip
on the back of Jenna’s head tightened as her body completely tensed
up from head to toe. Gwen was like a spring ready to uncoil and
when she did, with a flood of pussy cream against Jenna’s face, her
screams hit higher notes than her music ever did.

as she came against Jenna’s face. “AHHHHHHHH SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!”

Gwen come made Rose start to fuck Jenna harder. Her own orgasm
was getting close from the toy rubbing against her clit and Christina’s
wonderful tongue. Rose knew full well how good Christina was at
eating pussy, hell she’d been trained by the best, and she longed
to come against the pop singer’s tongue. But Rose was going
to be damned if she came before Jenna did.

prided herself on being able to get any girl off. She was never
the type to concentrate just on her own pleasure. She wanted the
girl she was with to be screaming to the heavens in ecstasy. This
wasn’t generosity on Rose’s part. She just wanted acknowledgement
she was the best. And she was going to get that from Jenna.
She wasn’t about to weakly come first before she’d gotten Jenna
to scream.

had actually had herself another small orgasm from swallowing Gwen’s
cum, just like she’d had with Love. Swallowing cum always made her
have an orgasm. That was why she loved giving head so much.
She hated how in movies they always wanted a pop shot on her face or
her tits. She wanted to swallow. She wanted all that yummy
cum in her tummy and she got off on tasting it.

and Gwen were both so delicious that it had been easy for her to come,
but she still wanted more. What she had felt from them had been an appetizer.
The orgasm she wanted from Rose was gonna be the main course.

me Rose! Fuck me hard!” Jenna demanded. “I’ve made
your hot girlfriends come and now it’s my turn! Wanna come from
that big cock inside me! Fuck me Rose! Fuck me like a whore!
Ahhhhhhhhh I love being fucked and your cock feels so fucking good!!!”

wanted the same thing Jenna did. She loved girls who got off big
on being penetrated when they were with other girls. And having
seen Jenna’s movies, Rose felt she had herself a pretty good idea
of what Jenna loved. Thinking of Jenna’s movies gave Rose an
idea that would solve both her issues. She would be able to hold
off her own orgasm as well as give Jenna something to always remember.

c’mere,” Rose said, continuing her hard dicking of Jenna as she
reached for her friend, pulling her up from her pussy.

why’d you make me stop?” Christina pouted, her lips glistening with
Rose’s juices. “I wanna make you come Rose.”

got a better idea,” Rose grinned before whispering her plan into Christina’s
ear. The tiny blonde grinned and nodded before giving Rose a big,
juicy kiss and running off out of the room without a stitch of clothing
on her jiggling body.

one asked where she was going. They were all too busy with each
other. Rose grabbed onto Jenna with both hands now and began pumping
into her harder. No longer distracted by Christina’s tongue,
Rose gave it to Jenna with full force, fucking her doggie style with
her strap on as the porn star screamed her approval with ecstatic bursts
of profanity.

was off in dreamland from the afterglow of her orgasm as she smiled
and rubbed her naked body. But Love had fully snapped out of her
orgasmic haze and was fully back in the orgy that had broken out on
Rose’s bed. Love quieted Jenna’s screams with kisses to the
pink, pursed lips of her favorite porn star. As Rose pounded her
from behind, Jenna’s firm, little tits were jiggling and Love captured
them in her hands, lovingly squeezing them and stimulating her dream
lover’s nipples.

you love it don’t you Jenna,” Love moaned. “Doesn’t Rose
fuck so good? She always makes me come so hard when she fucks
me with Mr. Snappy. Mmmm tell her how good it feels. Tell
my friend how good her cock feels in your hot little pussy. Ooooh
if you’re a good girl maybe she’ll get that cock into your ass and
fuck you just like she fucks my tight little ass!”

gawwwwwwwwwwd yeahhhhhhhhh I want you to fuck my ass too Rose!” Jenna
screamed, her passion growing with each word. “FUCK MY LITTLE

cries were adding fuel to the fire that was the threesome between Anne,
Alyssa and Jewel. All three were kissing and rubbing each other’s
bodies. Alyssa and Jewel were naked as they sandwiched Anne on
the bed but Anne was still in her panties and bra. No one was
in a hurry to get Anne out of her bra considering the cups were yanked
down to expose her nipples, but having her panties on cut down on the
fun. So Alyssa kissed her way down Anne’s quivering stomach
and positioned herself to be able to do something about it.

pussy felt so good on my fingers before, but my tongue is starving for
it now,” Alyssa declared. “I don’t care how good those other
girls were before. You haven’t gotten your pussy licked until
I’ve done it.”

to prove her boast, Alyssa hooked her fingers into the waistband of
Anne’s panties and tugged it down. Anne’s soaked panties left
a trail of wetness down her leg and Alyssa quickly licked it up as soon
as her panties were on the floor. Alyssa dragged her tongue over
the trail of juice she’d just created and Anne cooed for more.
Alyssa’s tongue was creating goosebumps all over her body, but that
was nothing compared to the sensations that rocked her body as soon
as Alyssa got back between her legs and buried her tongue in her snatch.

YESSSSSSS!!!” Anne screamed out with a start that shook her body on
the bed. It had been far too long since anyone had licked her
and one slide of Alyssa’s tongue over her pussy was more than enough
for Anne to fall instantly in love with that tongue.

demanded, her voice nearly rivaling Jenna’s. “TONGUE MY PUSSY!!!

caught the eye of the girl near her on the bed. The one who was
being fucked doggie style. They both stared at each other with
lustful, heated gazes as their bodies rocked on the bed. Anne
didn’t recognize Jenna but she didn’t care who she was. She
was hot and naked and that was all that mattered. They shared
a brief, but intense kiss, rubbing their tongues together and swapping
saliva before they each broke away to feel the pleasure coursing through
their veins.

such a pretty mouth saying such nasty words,” Jewel teased as she
caressed Anne’s face and rubbed her bouncing tits. “What would
Disney say if they saw their pretty little princess saying and doing
such nasty, slutty things?”

Disney!” Anne growled. “I just wanna come! I’m not
some fucking Disney princess! I’m a nasty slut who needs her
pussy fucked by other girls!!! Ahhhhhh yessssssss Alyssaaaaaaaaaa
oooooooooh eat my fucking cunt! Lick my wet, slutty juices!
Make me fucking come pleeeeeeeeeeeease!”

you’re gonna fit right in around here,” Jewel giggled. “But
first there’s something you gotta do first.”

I’ll do anything if you let me come,” Anne sighed.

fuck me!” Jewel commanded, getting up and pressing herself against
Anne’s face, rubbing her smooth, bare pussy against Anne’s gorgeous,
soft skin. “Show me you know how to use your tongue! Lick
my pussy like Lyssa’s licking you! Mmmmm you said you wanted
to get my juices all over your tongue so do it! Lick me!”

didn’t have to be told twice. Her hands immediately flew to
Jewel’s backside, gripping the horny Alaskan by her ass and squeezing
her cheeks as her tongue started licking. She’d never been with
a girl with a shaved pussy before and she loved it. Jewel’s
pussy was so smooth and wet that Anne was already considering shaving
her own so it could be just as pink and pretty.

that’s it Anne!” Jewel groaned in praise. “You have done
this before you naughty girl! Lick my pussy while Lyssa tongues
you and makes you come! Mmmmmm taste how wet you got me today!”

followed every instruction she was given. She wasn’t someone
who would just lie back and get eaten without returning the favor.
She loved going down on girls and Jewel tasted so good. Anne had
been starving for pussy for so long and her tongue swipes on Jewel made
that clear. She was almost too fast. Anne was so excited
to actually be able to lick another girl again that she wasn’t building
a steady rhythm. But soon she calmed down and licked Jewel with
less energy, but more skill and began paying more attention to her clit
instead of wildly licking all over the place.

appreciated this treatment and moaned for more as she cupped her bouncing
tits and hefted them up so she could swipe her tongue over them.
Mmmmm the fun of being a D cup, Jewel giggled to herself as she tongued
her own nipples and stimulated herself. She rode Anne’s face
and enjoyed the muffled sounds of Anne’s moans and the wet lapping
Alyssa was doing between the Disney star’s legs.

lay flat on her stomach on the bed and fingered herself as she fed off
Anne’s drooling cunt. Anne was lying on her back and happily
getting herself eaten as Jewel rode her face. All three girls
were hot and wet for each other, but none of them was as close as Jenna
was. Thanks to Rose’s hard fucking from behind and Love’s
tit play and kisses Jenna was right on the verge and not afraid to show


little whore,” Rose grinned, giving Jenna’s ass another hard slap,
a gesture the girl certainly appreciated. “Always want more,
huh? You’re gonna get it! You’re gonna get this whole
fucking cock inside you!”

a grunt of her own, Rose thrust inside Jenna again, burying the full
length of Mr. Snappy inside Jenna’s pussy. Jenna had no problem
taking on the eight inches of Rose’s fake cock and she thrust deep
and hard inside her, stuffing her pussy full of plastic.

panted as Love sucked on her nipples and drooled all over her tits.

for me you fucking whore!” Rose ordered, gritting her teeth as she
held back on her own orgasm, which was threatening to break through.
“Come all over my cock! Come from it fucking your fucking whore
pussy deep! Take my whole fucking cock Jenna!!!”

next cry was one of orgasm as she exploded onto Rose’s cock, coating
it with her essence as she screamed in sexual release. Just as
Jenna had wanted, Rose kept her cock buried in her cunt, thrusting hard
into her as she came and prolonging the pleasure.

Rose did finally pull out it was only so she could turn Jenna around
and shove her toy into her gasping mouth.

it you little slut!” Rose demanded. “Lick your own cum off
my cock you deep throating cock whore! I’ve seen your fucking
movies! I know you love those cocks fucking your bitch face!”

did love it and she shrugged off the dreamy effects of her orgasm to
start feverishly sucking Rose’s strap on, slurping off her own cum
as Love watched and fingered herself. Jenna stared up at Rose
as she sucked her cock, giving her the soulful stare she’d already
given Love and Gwen which had sent so many guys spurting their loads
down her throat. But Rose wasn’t quite finished with Jenna yet
and she found the porn star to be more than willing for more.

take a ride now baby?” Rose asked as she slowly pulled her cock from
Jenna’s mouth and lay down on the bed next to Love. She noticed
Christina had come back into the room dressed just as Rose had told
her to, still naked but with her own strap on attached to her waist.

do I ever?” Jenna giggled. “I didn’t think you girls would
be able to keep up with me but you’re all so fucking hot. I’d
love to ride that hard cock of yours Rose.”

mine, hers,” Rose said, pointing to Christina. While Rose’s
cock was black, Christina’s was flesh colored and a little bit smaller
than Mr. Snappy, but not by much.

yummy,” Jenna said with a sparking smile and another giggle.
“More cock for me! C’mere Christina! Time for us to

crawled back onto the bed and kissed Jenna passionately. Jenna
returned the kiss and, after Christina lay down, she set herself over
Christina’s lap and, with Love’s help, slipped the head of the strap
on into her snatch.

moaned giddily and began riding Christina’s cock, giggling and giving
off little yelps of pleasure as she got herself filled again.
She loved doggie style the best, but this was also a lot of fun.

gave Jenna another big kiss and soon enough Gwen was also up and about,
kissing the porn star too as they thanked her for their orgasms.
Jenna also was hoping for a kiss from Rose, but the raven-haired sex
goddess was busy moving around to Jenna’s backside with another goal
on her mind.

cum and saliva had given Mr. Snappy more than enough lube for what Rose
wanted, but there was no reason not to give a little more. As
Jenna rode Christina’s strap on, her ass rose and fell steadily.
Rose captured it in her hands and spread the porn star’s cheeks open,
opening up her asshole and giving Rose the perfect chance to spit into
Jenna’s tight hole.

squealed happily when Rose’s spit hit her asshole and that turned
into long, wicked moans as Rose dove in after her spit with her tongue
and began rimming her. Jenna knew what was coming and she welcomed
it with open arms.

yessssss lick my ass,” Jenna moaned as Rose’s talented tongue lapped
at her hole. “Get it all wet Rose! Spit in my tight little
ass and lick it up! Get it ready to feel your fat cock shoved
inside it! Ahhhhh fuck yesssssss Christina! Drive your cock
up my cunt! I wanna feel both of your cocks inside me! Ooooooooh
you girls really know how to fuck!”

yeah, we’ve had plenty of practice,” Christina laughed as her hands
shot up and grabbed onto Jenna’s tits, squeezing them as she moaned
from the stimulating her strap on was giving her. “We’ve fucked
lots of girls and now you’re gonna be our little fuck slut Jenna!”

that’s what I want!” Jenna cried. “Make me your fuck slut!
Fuck me with your big fake cocks! Fucking stuff my holes!”

Jenna’s ass suitably licked, Rose got on her knees behind her and
began pushing Mr. Snappy in. Both Jenna and Rose groaned as the
toy penetrated her, both of them feeling the pleasure of the tight fit.
It didn’t take long for Jenna’s ass to adjust to the plastic invader
and soon Rose was able to start fucking her, quickly working into rhythm
with Christina that gave Jenna as much cock as possible at once in her

double penetration had Jenna panting and whimpering in intense pleasure
in no time. But now it was Anne’s cries that were loudest.
Even though her mouth was muzzled by Jewel face fucking her, Anne was
still screaming out her ecstasy as Alyssa’s tongue drove her to orgasm.

AHHHHHH I’M GETTING…GETTING CLOSE!!!” Anne cried out, gasping
for air as she pulled away from Jewel’s pussy. “TONGUE FUCK

right I’m the best, Alyssa grinned cockily as she kept lapping at
Anne’s creamy, wet pussy. Though some here at the mansion might
dispute her claim to the title, Alyssa knew there was no way Bijou Phillips
or Michelle Williams was better than her. They never could have
gotten the practice she got here on a daily basis.

only used her fingers so far this day, Alyssa’s tongue was definitely
hungry for some girl cream and Anne was all set to give it to her.
Alyssa licked at her clitoris and had it throbbing nicely under her
tongue. She slapped it around and played with it to tease Anne,
but when the girls pussy muffled cries got most desperate, Alyssa knocked
off the games and began sucking on it with a tight clamp of her lips.

was really close to coming. Her juices were richer than before
and her tight pussy clamped down on Alyssa. But this was hardly
a change. Anne was so keyed up for this that Alyssa had felt her
pussy was ready for orgasm from the very first lick she’d taken.

actually pulled away from Anne’s clit, not wanting her to come quite
so soon and playfully began kissing her thighs and pressing her lips
to her pussy as Anne writhed on the bed.

don’t stop!” Anne wailed as she herself stopped licking Jewel.
“Don’t make me wait! I’ve already waited too long for this!
I need it! I need to come from another girl’s tongue!
I need to feel it! Nothing makes me feel this good!”

sensing that Anne was about to become another frequent houseguest, Alyssa
smiled and took mercy on her newest lover. She stopped kissing
Anne’s pussy and got back to licking. She licked Anne’s splayed
cunt lips to make them quiver and quake for the fun of it and then went
back to her needy clitoris. After flicking her tongue on it to
make it dance, once again just for the fun of it, Alyssa got serious
and sucked on it passionately.


finally gave up on trying to get any kind of real licking out of Anne
until she came. The girl was stopping and starting too much and
it was hurting Jewel’s ability to build orgasmic momentum. So
she paused humping against Anne’s face and instead rubbed herself,
toying with her own pussy lips and spreading juices all over herself
as she watched the quite appealing sight of Anne’s body convulsing
in pleasure.

sucked hard on Anne’s clit, throwing in tongue lashes every now and
then for a change of pace. Working her lips and tongue over a
needy girl like Anne was a surefire path to orgasm and the strategy
paid off when Anne screamed out one last time and came with a rush of
juices against Alyssa’s tongue.

FUCK!!!” Anne screamed out before Jewel slammed her pussy back down
on her face, smothering her screams, but getting Anne’s tongue shooting
inside her. The rush of orgasm had Anne licking again with a vengeance
and all the energy that pulsed inside her was transferred to her efforts
on Jewel. The better Alyssa made her feel, the better Anne made
Jewel feel and soon Jewel was moaning right along with Anne.

course Jewel soon had some very welcomed help in trying to get off.
As she rode Anne’s face, Jewel continued to play with her own tits,
but got distracted when Gwen embraced her, throwing her arms around
her head and kissing her passionately. Jewel had been the first
to seduce her into seeing how wonderful girls were and Gwen never shied
away from showing how grateful she was.

is she? She’s got such a pretty face, but is her tongue good?”
Gwen inquired in between kisses.

Jewel confirmed as Anne hit a sensitive spot and moans spilled past
her lips. “Oooooooooh she’s very eager. Mmmm she licks
pussy like a hungry little kitty. I can’t wait to teach her

me to help you?” Gwen smiled. “I can teach her a few things

love that,” Jewel said, already envisioning herself and Gwen as sexy
professors for young Anne’s Malibu 101 course.

me to help her now?” Gwen asked. “Want me to help her make
you come?”

pleeeeeeease,” Jewel gratefully groaned. “Mmmm I’m so fucking
horny and I need two tongues on me Gwen.”

and ye shall receive,” Gwen said playfully as she disengaged from
Jewel and moved down her body, kissing her bare back all the way down
to her ass cheeks, which Anne still gripped onto with hungry intensity.

had loved seeing Rose lick Jenna’s ass and it had given her a craving
of her own. But things had gotten pretty crowded over there so,
she had crawled over hoping to help her friend out. Now she had
her chance and she went right for it, she started licking Jewel’s
asshole, making the busty blonde shiver and moan deliciously.

hadn’t been expecting a tongue on her ass. She’d thought Gwen
was going to lick her pussy along with Anne, but this was just as good.
She loved having two tongues inside her, both of them horny for her
holes. Jewel’s moans soon turned to sex cries as the two tongues
worked her over, making her orgasm approach briskly.

finally drained the last drop she could take from Anne’s creaming
cunt and licked her lips free of all the yummy juices she could get.
Her own pussy was dripping with desire and her own fingers were ok,
but Alyssa wanted something more. And just as soon as the thought
popped into her brain, she got exactly what she was looking for.

know I still owe you for this morning,” Love pointed out with a smile
as she embraced Alyssa from behind, pressing her hard nipples into her
housemate’s bare back. “You never let me make you come.
I had a lot of fun all over your fingers. Now don’t you think
it’s time you let me pay you back.”

you can talk me into that,” Alyssa grinned before turning around and
kissing Love. The two sexy brunettes tongue wrestled as they played
with each other’s tits, tugging and teasing their nipples and making
each other moan.

was standing next to the bed and she fell to her knees. She pulled
Alyssa closer to the edge of the bed by her legs, getting her set up
so she could just lean in and start licking. As soon as Alyssa
was in the position, Love dove in and lapped away at her wetness, getting
a series of ecstatic squeals from Alyssa that joined the chorus of sex

yessssssss mmmmmm my pussy needs that tongue,” Alyssa cooed as she
played with her nipples and caressed her own tits. “I’ve been
needing to come all fucking day Love. Lick me baby. Ooooooh
I love how your tongue feels you naughty little slut! Make me
feel good Love! Make my needy fucking pussy feel real good!”

bed was definitely crowded, but there was enough room for everyone.
Love was on her knees on the floor tonguing Alyssa as she lay at the
edge of the bed. Just in back of Alyssa, Anne remained flat on
her back, getting her face fucked by Jewel. Gwen was bent over
on her knees to lick Jewel’s ass and her eager hands soon were reaching
down to play with Anne’s still creamy pussy. Next to the threesome
on the left, Jenna was sandwiched in between Rose and Christina’s
strap ons and loving every second of it.

FUCK ME DEEP AND HARRRRD!!!” Jenna grunted furiously, her groans deep
and guttural as she felt her holes stretched and stuffed just how she

you fucking dirty bitch, gonna come again for us?” Rose groaned, her
own orgasm near.


was facing Christina as she rode her cock and the singer kept kissing
her and playing with her tits while they fucked. Rose was breathing
hard, her hot breath making the hair on the back of Jenna’s neck stand
up as they all sweated and rubbed together, Rose’s tits grinding into
Jenna’s back while Christina’s breasts slapped against her own firm

FOR US JENNA!!!” Christina ordered as a rush of pleasure zoomed through
her body from the end of the strap on inside her. “FUCKING COME

let out a roar of pleasure as Christina and Rose thrust into her harder.
They were all so close. Sweat began to drip off Rose’s body onto
Jenna’s bare back and the same thing happened from Jenna onto Christina’s
front. Jenna loved the sensation of being double fucked. It was
so intense and such a complete surrender to lust.

pleasure built inside her with every hard thrust from Rose and Christina,
stretching out her ass and pussy, until she couldn’t hold back anymore
and another orgasm broke free.


that Jenna had come again, Rose and Christina let their own pleasure
flow. For Rose it had been such sweet agony to hold back on her
own orgasm and letting it explode was like a sudden rain storm cascading
over her on a 100 degree day. It was such a relief and Rose tossed
her head back, sending her dark hair flying as she came, screaming out
her ecstasy in harmony with Christina’s cries. The blonde singer
had such a loud, distinctive voice that Rose’s cries were almost lost
in the process.

soon Rose and Christina weren’t the only ones screaming in orgasm.
It didn’t take long after that for Jewel to succumb to the double
tonguing she was getting from Anne and Gwen. Having both of those
sexy tongues, Anne’s with all its youthful lust for pussy and Gwen’s
with all its sexy experience, set her off into a lustful series of screams.

was soon joined by Alyssa who had fingered herself into readiness before
and just had to lay back for Love’s well trained tongue to finish
her off.

FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!!” Alyssa cried, her hands clawing at the bed
sheets as orgasmic ecstasy pleasurably pummeled her body. “YESSSSSSSS

certainly gave it to Alyssa as best she could. She loved the taste
of her housemate and having her creams soak her tongue while she could
state up and see Alyssa’s amazing tits shake and her face contort
in bliss was something Love had longed for since their first kiss in
the morning.

entire atmosphere of the bedroom was intoxicating. Love couldn’t
get enough of the sounds of the happy girl screams and the wet licking
and squishing from the straps ons being shoved into willing holes.
The smells and sounds of sex were getting Love all kinds of wet again.
After weeks of working herself ragged preparing for the holiday, a Christmas
orgy was just what she needed and she went after Alyssa’s clitoris
with hard tongue lashes that soon earned her a mouthful of the orgasmic
cream she’d desired.


soon faded into moans and sighs and the licking and fucking faded into
kisses and caresses. Love crawled back onto the bed and began
kissing any and every girl she saw, feeding them Alyssa’s juices,
as everyone’s flushed, happy bodies combined into one mess of naked
girl flesh

my God,” Jenna finally groaned. She was lying prone in between
Christina and Rose, their cocks still inside her since none of them
currently had the will to move. “Is it always like this here?”

just during the holidays,” Alyssa cracked, getting a tired laugh from
everyone on the bed.

girls all stared at each other with sexy smiled and eager eyes.
They were tired now but with so much naked flesh on display and so many
girls still horny, everyone knew the day was really just getting started.

* * * * *

house next door was but a short distance away but it might as well have
been a different universe as a comparatively much quieter Christmas
Eve took place, except for the one person bouncing around on a pogo

Delbert shouted out as he put his Christmas present to good use.

is a decision we will live to regret,” Waldo surmised.

it for him in the first place or letting him open it on Christmas Eve?”
Franklin wondered.

Waldo replied. “Oh well, Merry Christmas old friend.”

Christmas to you,” Franklin said, but before the greeting between
childhood friends could be tied up with a hug, there was another knock
on the door.

the password?” Waldo asked cautiously as he approached the door.

I didn’t know there was supposed to be a password,” a female voice
said on the other side. “Can’t you just open the door?
I just want to see if Delbert lives here. Is there a Delbert in

yeah,” Waldo answered, unsure of where all of this was leading.

my God! I found him!” the girl squealed excitedly. “I need
to see him. I need to see him now.”

this all about?” Waldo asked.

just need to see him,” the girl replied. “My name is Tara
and he saved my life. Tell him Tara is here and she needs to see

Franklin wondered aloud. “That’s the girl! The one Delbert’s
in love with!”

Tara’s here?” Delbert said, falling off his pogo stick at the sound
of the news. “Let her in!”

if she’s a brainwashed assassin?” Franklin asked. “Incidents
of such occurrences are on the rise this year.”

is pure of heart and of spirit,” Delbert insisted. “Let her

shrugged and opened the series of locks that protected them. The
door opened and Tara Reid walked inside. She had been here before
but she didn’t remember it really well.

had brought her here after rescuing her from Jaime Pressly. Franklin
had even made her pancakes, but the starvation and trauma that night
had been too much for her to take in much of her surroundings.

gazed at Waldo then at Franklin. No they weren’t who she was
looking for. But then she saw Delbert and she knew it was him.

saved me,” Tara marveled. “I’ve been looking everywhere
for you. You saved my life. Thank you! Thank you so

nothing,” Delbert said, looking down at his shoes and blushing as
he shifted uncomfortably.

did you find us?” Waldo asked. Delbert’s heroism had been
noble, but probably couldn’t have come at a worse time for them as
enemies drew closer to making their move.

hired a private investigator to find you,” Tara answered. “He
said you guys are pretty well known. I just can’t thank you
enough Delbert. She would have killed me if you hadn’t been
there for me that night. I’ve wanted to thank you so much since
that night. Every night I dreamed about you saving me again and you’d
always disappear before I could tell you how much you mean to me.
Then you got me Ho-Hos. No one had ever gotten me Ho-Hos before.
That was one of the sweetest things I’d ever seen.”

I got you a Christmas present,” Delbert said. “I was uhhh…gonna
swing by later and drop it off.”

eagerly accepted the gift and tore open the wrapping paper without a
second thought and found the heart shaped ruby.

my God! You gave me your heart!” Tara gasped, visibly touched
by the gesture. “Next to the Ho-Hos and the whole life saving
thing, this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

my God, they’re perfect for each other,” Waldo muttered to Franklin
in disbelief.

would you guys leave us alone for awhile?” Tara asked, turning to
Waldo and Franklin. The two friends looked at each other, silently
considered it and shrugged. What was the harm?

walked out onto the beach, leaving Delbert and Tara alone.

got you a Christmas present too,” Tara smiled. “I wanted to
thank you for saving my life and this is the best way I know how.
Close your eyes.”

immediately obeyed, shutting his eyes with an excited look on his face
as he wondered what his present could be. He already had his pogo
stick, but a new skateboard or a really cool iguana would be a great
gift also. Delbert heard some rustling around and heard things
drop to the floor, but he didn’t have a clue what was happening.

open your eyes,” he heard Tara say and when he did he found her standing
in front of him completely naked. Tara smiled nervously, hoping
Delbert liked what he saw.

Delbert stammered out.

is how I want to thank you Delbert,” Tara explained, caressing her
own tits and running her hands down over her stomach to between her
legs. “You gave me your heart. Now let me give you my body.”

before Tara could say anything more Delbert fainted and fell to the
floor quite unconscious.

my God! Delbert!” Tara said, rushing over to her fallen beloved.
She attempted to revive him but was unsuccessful. “Guys!
He passed out! Help!”

and Franklin heard her cries and came running in to investigate.
They found Tara still naked and kneeling over Delbert. As they
saw her body, they had similar reactions and hit the ground passed out
as well.

guess these implants were worth the money,” Tara thought aloud as
she tried to wonder what to do now.

* * * * *

at the mansion the tired atmosphere hadn’t lasted long. And
as the evening turned into the night, Rose was getting ready to fuck
herself ragged once more. What had happened with Jenna and everyone
had been fun and all, but Rose was planning on setting new standards
for herself at this party.

was dressed in her hottest dress right down to her stiletto fuck-me
heels and Rose smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror and dabbed
just a touch of perfume in her cleavage.

looking fucking amazing,” Rose said, giving her own tits a squeeze.
She had a push up bra that lifted her already bountiful chest up to
Jessica Simpson territory and her tiniest g-string on underneath a sizzling
black number that Rose knew everyone was going to want to just rip off
her body as soon as she got through the door.

at first had even considered digging into her fashion archives and pulling
out her infamous VMA’s dress, but held off. She didn’t want
to go too far. It was better to leave the boys and girls drooling
for that first real glimpse of flesh.

couldn’t remember the last time she had been this excited for an event.
This was even going to be beyond what they had all done in Jamaica for
Sarah’s bachelorette party and Rose was going to make sure that by
the time the orgy was over every single person there was in awe of her.
She didn’t just want to be a guest tonight. She wanted to own
the night.

herself a kiss in the mirror, Rose grabbed her purse and left her bedroom.
Christina had already went ahead of her and they were supposed to meet.
She had stayed behind to make sure her outfit was absolutely perfect,
even though she didn’t intend to be wearing her dress for long.

all that had happened today, Rose was in a great mood. She had
been able to get Love a present that she had adored and gotten laid
in the process. What could be better?

surprisingly, Jenna hadn’t been able to get enough of any of the girls
and was planning on spending the night. Rose was certain they
were going to be seeing a lot of her in the future. Rose felt
really good about being able to do something for Love.

about Love again got Rose thinking again about their earlier conversation
about Christmas spirit. Rose didn’t feel like what she had done
for Love had been anything above and beyond. She would have brought
Jenna here if it had been December, April or August.

had nothing do with the Christmas spirit. That was a crock.
It had to be. People just weren’t nicer to each other because
of the month on the calendar. What she had done had been nice,
but it hadn’t been unselfish. According to Love, Christmas was
all about sacrificing something you wanted to be good to someone else
and that hadn’t been what had happened before.

had sure been fun though, that was for damn certain. Of course
household orgies were always fun. They certainly had had enough
of them here for her to know that.

then something suddenly occurred to Rose. She hadn’t even noticed
because she had been understandably distracted, but Jennifer hadn’t
been there. Usually when group sessions happened, everyone who
was there got involved, but Jennifer had been home, had known what was
going on and still hadn’t come to play.

got Rose thinking again and she remembered Jennifer had seemed down
all day. Even in the morning when they had played with Michelle
she had seemed distracted and then later that day when they had started
talking and been interrupted.

was walking bye Jennifer’s room, so Rose decided on a whim to go see
her. But before she got to her door her cell rang. Looking
down at the ID she saw it was Christina.

on my way,” Rose told her impatient housemate. “Keep calm
you little whore.”

here sooooooooooon,” Christina whined. “I’m not gonna wait.
C’mon Rose. Remember they lock the doors. If you’re
not here, I can’t wait.”

worry,” Rose said. “I’ll be there before you even know it.
I’m leaving now.”

can’t believe you’re running late,” Christina sighed. “You
gotta be here Rose! It’s the fucking party of the year!”

be there,” Rose repeated. “Gotta go.”

hung up her phone and thought about just heading out. But Rose
decided to check on Jennifer anyway. She softly knocked on her
closed door.

You in there?” Rose asked.

c’mon in,” Jennifer replied. Rose opened the door and found
her housemate lying on her bed reading. “Where is everybody?”

Love’s got em all downstairs,” Rose answered. “I think she’s
got them all watching It’s A Wonderful Life with her or something
like that. They’re all watching. Even Jenna. Who’d
have known she was a softie at heart. And speaking of which, we
missed you today. How come you didn’t join in?”

right,” Jennifer smiled. “You probably didn’t even notice
I wasn’t there.”

still haven’t given me an excuse yet,” Rose said, sitting down on
the bed next to Jennifer. “And it had better be a good one.
No one misses orgies here without a good excuse.”

excuses, I just wasn’t into it today,” Jennifer said with a shrug.
“I figured I’d just catch the next group fuck. But hey…where
are you headed tonight? Wow! That is some kind of outfit!”

you,” Rose said, appreciating the praise and striking a modeling pose.
“But no changing the subject. What do you mean not into it?
How could you not be into a bunch of hot girls fucking and licking each
other? That’s crazy talk.”

have me committed then?” Jennifer wryly inquired.

we’re just gonna have to drag you in whether you want it or not next
time,” Rose smiled. “No more excuses. Not being into
girl sex is not accepted around here.”

well next time you save me a spot on the bed and I’ll remind everyone
how into them I still am,” Jennifer said before taking Rose’s face
in her hands and kissing her.

better,” Rose said after the kiss ended. She hopped off the
bed and began heading for the door, but paused and turned around to
face Jennifer again.

ok Jen?” Rose asked.

I’m fine,” Jennifer replied. “It’s just…never mind…it’s
not important.”

what is it?” Rose wondered as she sat down on the bed. “You
were gonna tell me something before. What is it?”

it’s ok,” Jennifer said. “Don’t worry about it.
It’s silly stuff. Go have fun at your party or wherever you’re

sure everything’s ok?” Rose asked again.

it’s fine,” Jennifer assured her housemate. “I’ll see
you in the morning. That is if you’re even back from wherever
it is you’re going by then. Merry Christmas Rose.”

Christmas sweetie,” Rose said back, giving Jennifer another kiss on
the lips. She walked out of Jennifer’s room and into the hallway,
heading for the door when she suddenly froze. It didn’t feel
right. There were things being left unsaid. She couldn’t
leave things like that.

turned around and headed right back for Jennifer’s room.

everything is not fine,” Rose declared as she walked back in without
knocking this time. “Something’s bothering you Jen.
I can feel it. What is it? We’re supposed to be your friends
but we can’t help you unless you talk to us.”

just…well…you’re going to think it’s silly,” Jennifer said.

won’t,” Rose promised, sitting down again and taking Jennifer’s
hand in hers.

just that this is my first Christmas without Brad,” Jennifer sighed.
“I’d been with him for so many years and I just miss him.
I really miss him. We used to always spend Christmas together,
no matter if we were filming halfway around the world from each other.
I haven’t spent Christmas without him in years. And I miss Sarah
too. I miss Britney. I miss everyone’s who’s gone.
I thought I had my life back in perfect order again. I mean
I really thought everything was perfect again. I had my husband.
I had my friends. I had my career. I thought everything
was going to be perfect. Then it all changed again. I just
can’t handle all these changes all the time and I really hate spending
Christmas alone and I just miss Brad and Sarah so much sometimes that
it drives me crazy. I’m babbling now, but you know…”

ok,” Rose said, bringing Jennifer in close and hugging her.
“Don’t hold back sweetie. Just say whatever you feel.”

cell phone rang again suddenly, interrupting them,

gonna get that?” Jennifer asked.

worry about it,” Rose said, turning the ringer off. “It’s
just Chrissy again. Talk to me Jennifer.”

feel so alone sometimes,” Jennifer admitted. “I’m so confused.
I’m fine one minute and the next minute I’m a bawling mess and I
just want some stability. I want things to be like they used to
be before it all got so complicated and I see Brad with Angelina now
talking about having a family and that was supposed to be my life she’s
got now. I thought she was my friend and she stole Brad from me.
I’m such a mess of emotions I don’t know what to do.”

here for you,” Rose assured Jennifer. “We always will be.
You can turn to us. Don’t shut us out.”

you mind talking to me?” Jennifer asked. “I feel like I’ve
got a lot to get off my chest and everyone’s caught up with other
stuff. I don’t want to bother them when they’re having fun.”

want to talk to you,” Rose insisted. “I don’t want you to
hold back around us. I know everyone here thinks I’m like this
total hedonist slut, but I’ve got feelings too and I want to help
you Jen.”

don’t think that,” Jennifer said. “No one thinks that way
about you. We love you Rose. I know you’re here for me.
It’s just hard to talk about these things.”

love you Jennifer,” Rose said. “You guys are my best friends.
Just start talking. Talk about Brad. Talk about Sarah.
Talk about that cunt Angelina. Talk about USC football.
I don’t care. We can talk about anything. I just want
you to feel better.”

saw she was getting a text message on her phone. It was from Christina.
Quite simply it stated. “Where R U? Can’t w8!” That
was when Rose did something that surprised even her. She immediately
texted back, “Go without me”

second later Christina frantically texted back, “RU CRAZY???” but
Rose simply repeated her intentions and shut off her cell phone.

couldn’t believe the thought had even crossed her mind, much less
compelled her fingers to send the message. What the hell was she
doing? This was the chance to get fucked better than she ever
had before. But Rose knew she couldn’t leave Jennifer like this.
Her friend needed her and that was more important than any sex could
ever be. It was a surprisingly easy decision to make. Rose
didn’t even have to think about it. It just felt right and natural
to do it.

sure you don’t mind staying with me tonight?” Jennifer asked.
“I mean it does feel good not to be alone on Christmas, but you were
going out.”

no big deal,” Rose claimed. “It’s just a stupid party.
I’d rather be with you anytime.”

smiled at the compliment and put her head on Rose’s shoulder.

glad you’re my friend Rose,” Jennifer said. “I really need
someone to talk to tonight. I don’t want to be alone.”

glad you’re my friend too, Jen,” Rose admitted. “I wouldn’t
know what to do without you guys.”

opened up and began talking and Rose listened to every word, responding
as best she could. And it didn’t even matter that the orgy was
happening without her. Rose didn’t care and all through the
night she kept thinking back to what Love had said about the Christmas
spirit and wondering if maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t bunk after all.

* * * * *

out the bedroom window, Sarah stared into the night and sighed.
She’d never expected to be alone on Christmas. But Freddie had
gotten a call at the last minute from his agent about doing extra promotion
for his sitcom and it had barely taken a moment for him to choose flying
off to Denver or wherever the hell he was going rather than spend the
holiday with her.

promised to be back the next day so they could at least have Christmas
Day together, but it wasn’t the same. Christmas Eve was the
important day as far as Sarah was concerned. That was when families
were supposed to be together. Of course that wasn’t even what
was bothering her the most.

kept thinking back to what had happened with her and Alyson before.
How they had started kissing and Sarah had felt the old feelings return
that she’d tried to suppress so unsuccessfully. She couldn’t
stop thinking about her friends back at the mansion and wondering how
their Christmas Eve was. She was sure they were all together.
That was what friends were supposed to do for one another.

wondered if they missed her. She wondered if they even thought
of her at all anymore. Now more than any moment since she’d
walked out that night, Sarah longed to be with them. And it wasn’t
just for sex. That was the least of why she wanted to be there.
She missed being with them most of all. She missed how they never
would have let her spend Christmas alone.

Sarah sighed once again and walked away from the window. She wandered
around a little bit and saw Alyson’s wish box. She remembered
how Alyson had told her to put a wish in and it was supposed to come
true within the next year. Sarah had wondered all day what kind
of wish she should put in and suddenly it was so clear.

She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and without thinking, scribbled it
down and put the paper inside the box. She then grabbed it and put it
inside her dresser drawer with her underwear. She didn’t want
to think about this again. She just wanted to get it off her chest.

Inside the box, on a folded up paper, Sarah had written “I wish I could go

Closing the drawer, Sarah sighed and tried hard not to keep from crying again.
It wasn’t the first time Sarah had wondered if she had made the right
choice all those months ago by going off to be with Freddie and leaving
the mansion behind. She just hoped it would be the last.

This was her life now. It didn’t matter what she had just written
down and put inside the box. That was just an idle wish and nothing
more. Being with Freddie was what mattered, not her past.
Besides, Sarah thought to herself as she lay down on the bed and tried
to will herself to an early sleep, wishes don’t come true.

This story is copyright 2006 from Sharkboy Productions. Reposting this story without my permission
is not allowed and will result in me taking action against your web site.

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