The Legman Meets The Women Of X3

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Disclaimer: The story I wrote is not true and should not be believed by anybody. I have no knowledge of who might be in the movie X3 or even the title. Anyone under eighteen years of age stop reading now. Anyone with suggestions for who the Legman should take next, or anyone who wishes to be on my mailing list e-mail me at


By Sharkboy77

Famke Janssen pulls up to the studio on a cool winter’s morning in California. The top of her car is still down because its not that cool, and she gets out of the car. Some young
men stand outside of the studio and they’re eyes go up and down her amazing body and she smiles and she asks, “See anything you like?” she has a grin on her face, as she walks by them.

“We are sorry ma’am, but you just look really good today.” Jeff one of the boys answers her. His eyes don’t come above her knees.

“Ma’am? What am I your mother?” She bends down and she looks into his eyes. “Thank you for the compliment. What is your name?”

“I’m Jeff…Ms. Janssen? I am not sure what to call you.”

“My name is Famke. Can you say that?” She asks the boy. “Please don’t say Frankie?”

“I know what your name is Famke. I loved X-Men and well… when Jean died in X2 it made me sad.” Jeff looks into her beautiful eyes.

“Trust me she’s coming back. I got a huge photo shoot today and well… if I was not in the movie would they have invited me?” Famke smiles at the handsome young man.

“I knew you… I mean she was to hot to kill.” Jeff says with a smile.

Famke leans down and she kisses his lips with a long kiss and she smiles at him, “Perhaps after the shoot I will take you?” She asks him and his eyes widen. For Famke this is a case where she needs to massage her ego.

“What?” The boy asks her, half dazed at the offer and she smiles at him.

“Maybe not.” She says, as she stands erect and she notices his erection and she smiles. “Kid, if you are going to have a large one wear some decent size shorts.” Famke says to him, as she walks inside.

“God, I am so glad that kid did not…” Her eyes widen as a familiar and seductive pair of hands moves over her outer thighs, and she breathes hard and heavy. “Master? Is that you?”

“Hello Famke, have fun fucking that guard for the video to the elevator?” He asks her, as his hands move over her amazing thighs.

“Actually, yes I did. I can fuck any man and he was not bad looking. I fucked him twice.” Famke closes her eyes as she asks. “What do you want?”

“What do all men want from you Famke and from what I have seen many of them get. Pussy from you and the rest of the cast of X3.”

“Hugh Jackman lacks a pussy.” Famke says in a real smart voice, and he removes his hands. “What are you doing?” Famke is already wet and without his hands on her body it’s like a crack addict not having any of the drug of choice.

The Legman smiles as he looks to the beautiful Famke as she has withdrawals, and her eyes close as her body goes pal and begins to shake. Her eyes open and she looks to him in agony and she asks. “What do you want? I am sorry for my remark. Please?”

“Take me to Halle Berry, then?” He asks her as his hand grazes her leg giving her a little of what she so needs, and Famke closes her eyes.

“I can do that. You know the last time you fucked me I had a real problem, I became a true whore?” Famke asks him a little concerned.

“Yeah I bet the men were running for their lives?” The Legman comments, as he walks behind Famke.

“I turned a couple of bell boys into bell men.” Famke states, as she walks as she looks back at the Legman.

“Yeah, they’ll never fuck the likes of you again, good job.” Famke smiles as he says this. Lately, she has been feeling really old and not very attractive. The Legman is boosting her self-esteem. Something she kind of needs.

She knocks on the door of Halle Berry’s dressing room and she shouts, “Come in if you have a huge dick or lots of money!”

Famke opens the door and she walks into the room and the Legman follows, “I knew you had a dick Famke. Patrick owes me money.” She smiles at her friend and Famke crosses her arms.

“No, I got the large dick.” The Legman jokes to Halle Berry, as his eyes widen at her outfit.

Halle smiles to him, as she unzips her long boot and she tells Famke. “They had Storm dressed as a hooker or something. Can you imagine her dressed like this?”

“Actually, in the comics Storm has worn long boots like that before and well… I’d buy any book with you in those boots on the cover.”

Halle slides the boot off of her leg and she smiles at him as she asks, “Do my arches have to suffer for it though?”

“My friend here gives excellent massages,” Famke looks at him, as his eyes wander up Halle’s excellent leg and she smiles at him.

“Can I trust him though?” She asks Famke.

“If you can go five minutes with his hands on your body and you don’t wrap your legs around him I’ll give you five thousand dollars?” Famke smiles at Halle, and she breaks out into a grin.

“What’s your name handsome?” Halle asks him, as she removes her second boot and she crosses her amazing legs.

“Henry Pym,” He informs her, as his eyes go up her stocking covered legs.

“Come here then Hank and get a piece of Heaven?” Halle puts her feet on the chair in front of her, and her eyes rover his body as he walks towards her.

His hands touch her beautiful feet and he begins to massage them, and Halle closes her eyes. He’s a real massage therapist, and his expert hands move over her feet, as his power work on her. Halle arches her back as his hands move over her feet relieving her pain and really turning her on. She looks to Famke and she asks, “Did you say five minutes?”

“Like you’ll make it two,” Famke comments to her, as Halle falls under his spell. Her head arches back in complete pleasure sticking her chest out for him.

His hands move up her beautiful calves as his eyes lock on hers and Halle breathes really hard as his hands make her so horny. She begins to unzip her black leather uniform, as her beautiful brown eyes look to him like he’s a steak. Halle leans in and she kisses him with powerful passion and she wraps her legs around his body.

“You barely made two. Told you so.” Famke gets hot, as she watches Halle and the Legman totally make out extremely hot. Her hand goes up her skirt, as she begins to feel herself and she moans extremely loud.

“Famke are you… Oh my God!” Jeff looks to Famke, as she masturbates herself and she turns to him and she smiles.

“Come in here before I cum all over my hands?” She asks of the boy, as she watches the Legman fuck Halle. Jeff walks into the room and Famke kisses him incredibly hard with real passion.

The Legman takes himself inside of his hand and he works himself inside of Halle Berry. She grunts and groans loud as he works himself inside of her. Halle shudders, as his hands move over her well scruppled legs and he kisses her with extreme passion.

Her lips are incredible and he could kiss her all day, but the Legman begins to fuck her hard. They kiss as his hands move to her boobs, and his hips thrust inside of her. His largeness is a lot and Halle can put all of her weight on it as she wraps her legs around him. She squeezes him tightly between her amazing legs, as she fucks him hard and long and he meets her motions with power.

Halle screams, as she has a minor orgasm and her legs extend and part and she looks into his eyes, as he fucks her harder than anyone else ever has in her life. His fingers work her clit, as he fucks her extremely hard and Halle knows she has little time. The Legman explodes inside of her hard and Halle shakes, as she cums all over his extended and hard penis. “Oh my God!”

He holds her close as they both orgasm hard as they’re bodies intertwine in each other. “That’s the best I ever had.” She whispers to him, as she continues to milk him.

“Thank you, cuming inside of you makes a problem though.” He admits to her and Halle looks to him. “I came here to fuck all of you, no offense.”

“Let’s see some guy with a power to wrap any woman he wants around his finger decides to come to this photo shoot and fuck everyone? That does not offend me at all. I can help you. Let me whisper what Kelly Hu and I did last weekend?” Halle begins to whisper in his ear what she and the beautiful Hawaiian named Kelly Hu did last weekend, and his eyes widen at what comes out of her mouth. “Yes, I will do that if properly motivated.” Halle grins, as her hands work on him, and she continues to tell her tale.

Famke moves on top of Jeff’s penis as she sits on him naked, and her large boobs move up and down as she squeezes around his penis. His hands move over her legs, as his eyes watch her boobs move up and down on him. Her beautiful brown eyes narrow at him as she demands, “Don’t you dare cum!”

Jeff continues to keep himself from cuming, as he looks into her eyes. “I can’t last much longer!”

She sees fear in his eyes and she leans down as she fucks him harder. “I am so sorry Jeff… uh… oh god…wait a moment and you won’t be able to control yourself.”

Famke leans back her tits pointing into the air as she puts incredible pressure on his penis, and she instantly cums onto him. “Oh God, Jeff!” She screams hard.

As she cums onto his erection Jeff loses complete control and he cums inside of her hard, and his stomach shakes as he does. Jeff screams extremely hard, as Famke puts more pressure on him, and she continues to milk him hard. “Oh my God! Did I see god?”

“Am I God, Jeff?” Famke asks him as, she leans forward and she kisses him hard and long.

“What the Hell, your my Goddess. I pray you fuck me, and if you did not pull off my penis.” Jeff smiles to her, as Famke blushes hard.

“Trust me it’s still on and between my legs. You got a good sized one.” Jeff blushes, as he kisses Famke one more time.

“Thank you for… making me a man?” Jeff is not totally sure if he made it. “I did cum right?”

Famke looks at him as she asks, “Please tell me you did not pee?”

“Never did that before so I guess I came. God, you were so excellent at this.” Jeff informs her, she takes herself off of him and she smiles at him sexy.

She crawls to him and Famke begins to suck on his dick and she smiles as it quickly comes back to life. Her excellent lips move over his cock, her tongue moves underneath his cock and Fame’s fingers massage his nuts.

“Famke, I’m not going to last much… oh god… longer.” Jeff informs her as Famke begins to pull his nuts.

Halle continues to tell him of the exciting weekend she and Kelly Hu had, and she feels his hard cock and she asks. “Can I watch?”

“Sure, you can even join us if you wish. How much does it take for you and Kelly Hu to go down on one guy?” His hand moves over her light brown thigh, and Halle shudders at his touch.

“Not much a cute guy maybe a little wine or a great pair of hands.” Halle licks one of his fingers with her incredible tongue. “Follow me if you can?” Halle stands and she puts on her costume slowly and seductively, and she smiles at him.

The Legman begins to dress and she smiles at how his dick sticks out from inside of his pants. “Any women cops ever pull you over?” She asks him with a smile. “You got a concealed weapon there.”

“You could call it that and well, some females cops have touches me before.” Halle turns and she looks to the Legman, and she shakes her head.

“Poor you. Have the guy cops ever?” Halle begins to ask her question.

“Actually yes, they have and I did not like it.” Halle looks to the Legman awestruck, and his mouth opens.

“Sorry, I asked handsome.” She opens the door to Kelly’s dressing room and she looks back to the Legman. “A smaller room than mine. Hello Kelly.”

“Hello beautiful, new boyfriend already? We only lost our last ones a night ago, but hey you go girl!” The Legman looks to Kelly Hu, as her legs sit on a chair each as she does the splits on them, and she grins to Halle and her new friend. “Okay, I can understand why now. Do you have to carry a permit for that thing, or do you stuff?” Kelly looks right at his cock bulging from his pants.

“Trust me Kelly, its all real and he’s your biggest fan.” Halle giggles as Kelly looks at his cock.

“Only, hey do porno guys have dicks that big?” she grins to the Legman as she checks him out. “He’s not too bad looking either.”

“Most porno guys are, but would you?” He asks Kelly shakes her head, as she lifts her feet off of the chairs and she puts all of her weight on the chair before her; and she takes her ankles off of the chair and she puts her feet on the ground.

“Talk about gross. Guys must write all porno? Never seen one that works for me, truthfully.” Kelly hops some on her right ankle. “God those fucking boots killed my ankles! Who can wear an arch that high?” She asks. “It’s pure torture!”

“With legs like ours, be happy we get to even wear clothes in this movie. Hey Hank, would you see the X3 movie with all of us in pantyhose and boots and nothing else?” Halle asks him as her eyes rove his body.

“I’d be jerking off while watching it.” Henry replies to the beautiful Halle, and his eyes move up Kelly Hu’s perfect legs.

“God, he really likes us huh, Halle? Can we fuck him?” Kelly Hu grins at the Legman, as her beautiful brown eyes rove his body too.

“Let him massage your feet my friend. Those Ku-fu kicking legs will be wrapped around his waste in a moment.” Halle grins to Kelly and then the Legman.

“Okay, did you inform him of my tastes?” Kelly asks Halle with a grin.

“Oh yes, he knows you can take an ass fuck and the fact that even an action figure cannot do what your body can.” Halle smiles to Kelly knowingly, and Kelly sits in a chair and she puts her incredible feet up.

“Come on and seduce me, my big strong master. By the way Giant Man called. He wants his name back.” Kelly grins at him, as he takes her feet into his hand, and he begins to massage them with his powerful hands.

Kelly closes her eyes as his hands move over her feet making them feel better. His hands send her extreme pleasure up to her pussy and she gasps. “I won’t last thirty seconds.” She says as she exhales and she looks into his eyes.

“No women with sexy legs can handle my touch and your completely helpless.” His fingers are actually massaging out the pain in her ankle and Kelly looks at him.

“Want to fly out to the Big Island this weekend, so I can be your sex slave?” Kelly asks him honestly, and he smiles at her.

“Love to, invite all of your friends from this movie. You know who I mean?” He finds Kelly Hu so fascinating, because he has not even touched her calves yet.

He begins to massage her calves and Kelly looses control and she leans up, and she kisses him with deep passion and he kisses her back. He unzips her uniform and she grins as he does. Her tits are not as big as Halle’s or Famke’s but they are spectacular.

The Legman parts her outfit and he begins to kiss her tits with an extreme hunger. His tongue moves over her flesh and Kelly leans back as his mouth works on her. His hands then move over her tone, and very sexy thighs and Kelly closes her eyes as his hands work on her. “What a pair of hands!” She exclaims, as they move over her thighs.

Her black stocking covered legs look so good, as the Legman kisses her tits and her body shakes. His hands cover her long and sexy legs and Kelly says a string of extremely dirty comments, “Yeah, touch momma how she likes it. Shove that huge slong inside of this dirty girl. Spank me like a naughty little school girl!”

His fingers work inside of her costume and he massages her pussy and Kelly’s eyes roll around. “Oh God, momma likes!” His fingers massage inside of her tight costume and Kelly’s head rolls around on her sexy shoulders, and she moans incredibly hard. “Oh fuck, yeah!”

The Legman lets Kelly Hu go and she backs away from him; and she lowers her tight black outfit to her knees and she smiles at him, and she uses her finger to motion him towards her. “Fuck me my Master?”

The Legman stands up and he removes his pants and Kelly’s eyes pretty much pop out of her head, as she looks to his huge dick. His erection is huge and Kelly takes a double take at it, and she shudders some in anticipation. He walks towards Kelly and her eyes can’t leave his hugeness and she asks, “Ever split anyone in half?”

“Some women, who insist on fighting something that they have lost total control of and have to fight get split in half and I feel terrible for it.” Kelly licks her lips, as her eyes rove him.

“Who’d fight that thing? Hell, who could win?” Her hands move over his cock, and she asks, “You are Borg, right? Resistance is futile?” Her tongue covers his erection, and she smiles. “Hey, you taste like Halle.”

“Yes, I do.” The Legman moans, as Kelly Hu gets her mouth around his erection, and she nearly deep throats him. Her mouth and her tongue move over his penis, and he can tell Kelly has pride in deep throating men. “You better stop, now.”

Kelly Hu pops him from her mouth and she grins at him, “Small mouth they call me. Little do they know.” She then sits on his lap and her legs tighten around his erection. “This makes you hot I bet?”

My erection between your fabulous thighs. Yes, it does and I do not pre-cum.”

The Legman looks around as her incredible legs come onto his shoulders and her calves sit on them, and her ankles wiggle. “Fuck me then Master.”

He takes his penis in his hand and he begins to slide it inside of Kelly Hu and she closes her mouth and she grunts. She lifts her ass and she begins to help him work it inside of her. Her hips move against him unlike anyone else’s ever has done. “God, all of us are going to walk like John Wayne!”

She begins to fuck the Legman hard her hips move into him unlike anyone else, and her beautiful brown eyes look to him with a burning desire. Her pussy puts a unique stress on his dick and his eyes widen as Kelly grins at him. “Who cums first has to orally pleasure the other?” Kelly asks the question making the challenge.

He grins at her and he nods, “How can you be this tight? God, this is unreal!”

“Ancient Chinese secret.” Kelly replies with a broad smile.

“But you’re from Hawaii.” Hank replies to the grinning Kelly.

“Being Asian I get away with that shit. Do I look Japanese? Lady Deathstrike is from Japan. Grace Chin might have been Chinese for all I know. CBS didn’t tell us… oh God…” Kelly then begins to fuck the Legman extremely hard her eyes narrow at him, as she squeezes him between her pussy lips.

The Legman cums inside of her and Kelly Hu hoots in victory, as she releases herself, and she cums all over his huge penis and she shakes and shudders. She milks his dick hard, as Kelly has a huge orgasm and her eyes close. “Sweet lord. You are amazing!”

“Now, I get to suck on your pussy.” The Legman smiles to Kelly Hu and she grins hard at him.

“You threw our contest?” Kelly asks him, as her fingers move over his penis.

“Yeah, I’m just lucky I did not split you in half.” Kelly looks to the Legman, as he makes his joke.

“You mean I’m lucky you did not split me in half? I got to live like that. You move on to the next pussy.” Kelly grins to him, as she pulls herself off of him. She lies on her back and she lifts her pussy up to him and she orders, “Eat boy eat!”

The Legman runs his hands up her beautiful thighs, and Kelly gasps in shock and her legs shake as he does it. He kisses up her sexy and toned thighs and he asks, “What did you just say to me?”

“Please Master eat out my pussy, because your long and extremely hard dick has made me so fucking horny only you can end my lust for dicks?” The Legman leans in and he begins to lick out her pussy clockwise and Kelly closes her eyes and she moans hard.

He stops and he looks into her eyes and he comments to her, “You taste like Halle Berry.”

“She’s so beautiful can you blame me?” Kelly then looks over to Halle, “Girl, you got your hand down you uniform far enough? Come here and Join us?” Halle walks over to Kelly and she sits on her face as she works her tight uniform off of her.

Halle sits on Kelly’s face and she shudders, as the beautiful Hawaiian begins to eat out her face and she moans loud. The Legman gives Halle a long and extremely hot kiss. His fingers move inside of Kelly, as he continues to kiss Halle hard and long. Kelly shudders, as his fingers work inside of her, as he kisses Halle, and she licks Halle’s pussy.

“I’m not going to last too long,” Halle remarks, as he breaks the kiss with her. Her body shudders, as she grinds her pussy over Kelly’s excellent mouth. “Oh God!”

The Legman continues to finger fuck Kelly hard and her breath over Halle’s pussy really turns on the beautiful ebony goddess, and she exhales hard as she cums some. Kelly shakes, as she cums all over his excellent fingers and she screams hard. “Oh God, I can’t take anymore! Please stop!”

He stops finger fucking her and he pulls them out of her as she orgasms hard and long. Halle takes herself off of Kelly’s face and she sits on his dick and she works herself on top of it. She moves onto it as his hands cover her excellent legs and her eyes look to him with burning desire, as she fucks him hard.

Her fingers dig into his back as he fucks her touching things inside of her no man has done before, and she shrieks hard and long. Her pussy squeezes him incredibly tight and her beautiful brown eyes burn at him. Her tits bounce as she drives herself onto his large dick. “Oh god!” Halle yells, as she shakes, and she looks into his eyes as she cums on him.

The Legman removes Halle from him and she closes her eyes at peace with her sexual experience and Kelly grins at him. “Aww you killed her.” Kelly whispers to him, and her chest expands as Halle breathes, and she laughs. “Okay, you just knocked her out. I know whom you want next. Hugh Jackman?”

“Yeah, I want to ass fuck him because…. Oh, I can’t even finish that joke, yuck!” The Legman rolls his eyes at the beautiful Kelly Hu, and she grins at him.

“You’ll have to fuck Rebecca’s ass if your powers work on her. She loves having her ass fucked.” Kelly informs him.

“Yeah, fuck her ass. Poor me and my dick. I’d put Rebecca Romjim’s ass into a plastic bag and take it home and have my way with it. Besides would you let mine into your ass?”

“Good point, handsome. Let my crotch heal some and I’ll take you to see Rebecca Romjim.” Kelly smiles as she looks down to Halle. “I got an idea.” She takes out a large dildo from her drawer and she inserts it inside of Halle.

Later Kelly Hu leads the Legman down the hall; she’s in her suit from the photo shoot. Most of the men look over her body, as she leads him down the hall. “Hello boys, never seen a horny Hawaiian before?” The guys blink at her as she walks and she looks at one of them. “Tomorrow you can eat my pussy. Okay Jeff?”

Jeff smiles at her, as he looks to the Legman, “Okay, by the way Famke is asleep in her dressing room.”

“Did you fuck Famke?” She asks Jeff with a grin.

“Yes ma’am.” Jeff says, as he blushes.

“You’re not a virgin. I can still ruin you for any other woman right?” Kelly stops, as she grins at him, and he blushes hard.

“Yes ma’am…” Jeff says, as he swallows hard, and Kelly looks to the Legman.

“Can he cum and join us?” Kelly asks him, as she rubs her knee against his crotch. “Please?” Kelly can control the Legman, as much as he can control her.

“Sure fuck the kid. I hear Famke can be a bitch in the sack sometimes. Kid did she hurt you?”

“Not really, but she was kinda rough.” Jeff looks to Kelly and she smiles at him.

“Can she do this?” Kelly takes her leg and she takes it over her head and she waves to Jeff. “Men see Heaven with me. Not hell.” She looks to some men who look at her crotch and she asks, “What you looking at guys? Oh yeah! Enjoy the view?” The guys clap and Kelly puts her leg down and she bows at them. “Thank you. I’ll be performing here all week.”

She then takes Jeff’s hand and she smiles to him, as she looks back to the Legman. “Come with me to Heaven?” Kelly walks down the hall and her beautiful eyes look back to the Legman.

“Those legs are heaven huh, Jeff?” Jeff looks to the back of her legs and he nods at him.

“Lick her pussy you’ll have her forever.” The Legman jokes to him and Kelly turns and she smiles at him.

“Yes lick my pussy, and when you go home to mom and dad I’ll be on your arm.” Kelly laughs at the look on the kid’s face, and she asks. “Is your dad cute too?”

“Not really sure. Some of my girlfriends think so.” Jeff says to her and Kelly grins.

“Think he would fuck me?” Kelly asks a blushing Jeff and she laughs. “Okay, so I’d end that marriage then.”

Kelly opens the door to the room occupied by Rebecca Romjim and she smiles at Kelly. She has no uniform on and all she had on was her pantyhose and her underpants.

“Hello Kelly…” Rebecca covers her tits and she screams some at the sight of the Legman and Jeff.

“Yes, Rebecca no one has seen those tits before. Put the hands down. Jeff is mine and well Hank belongs to you.”

“Hank belongs to me, huh? Very good then, let me guess you fucked Hank already? God you’re a whore!” Rebecca smiles at Kelly, as the beautiful Hawaiian blushes, and she looks down to his dick.

“Once he touches you you’ll get the picture. Wow!” Kelly feels his dick some, as she grins as it begins to come alive, and she looks to Rebecca. “Do you like?”

“Who could not like that?” Rebecca walks to him and she rubs her large boobs against him.

Hank runs his hands over her thighs and he closes his eyes as he does and a pit comes to his throat. He runs his hands over her thighs once more and Rebecca whispers into his ear, “Your powers don’t work on me, but you can still have me.” She pulls away from him and her beautiful blue eyes look at him and she grins.

“Come and fuck me, my Master. Make me into your little sex slut?” Rebecca leads him to her bed that she asked for and she got and she smiles at Kelly.

“How did you get that?” Kelly asks confused, and Rebecca grins at her.

“I asked and we made a deal. Never knew men from your state loved to ass fuck so bad?”

“God yes, personally I always thought our state flag should have a woman being ass fucked by a big fat Hawaiian.” Kelly grins, as she shakes her head. “God, I got to take lessons from you on asking for stuff.”

“Lesson number one Kelly.” She sits on a chair and she puts her feet into his lap, and she looks to the Legman. “Rub my feet, now.” The Legman begins to rub her feet and Rebecca sighs some at his touch. “See put something into his hands that he likes and you’ll get results?”

“Yes, he was fucking me by this time Rebecca, so thank you very much.” She turns to young Jeff and Kelly begins to unzip herself, as she asks. “Got some time?”

His eyes widen as he looks at her beautiful body and Kelly grins at him. Jeff walks to Kelly and he parts her costume and he starts to kiss her tits and she closes her eyes, as he does. His hands move over her tits, as his mouth moves over her tight little tummy and Kelly moans loud. “Oh God, Jeff!”

Jeff starts to move the outfit over her shoulders and Kelly grins at him. She helps him take the costume off of her tight body and his eyes scan her beautiful form. “God, your perfect!” Jeff shouts, as she takes off her outfit and his eyes go to her pussy and she laughs some.

“You have not seen Halle naked yet have you?” Kelly asks him, as her eyes rove over his body.

“God no, I’d likely pass out,” Jeff comments to Kelly, as she pulls him in for a kiss.

The Legman kisses Rebecca over her huge tits and she closes her eyes as he does. His hands move down her long and sexy legs as his mouth covers her tits, and she moans loud. Her body feels the fire, as his hands move over her long legs and his mouth works on her large tits.

“Okay, ass fuck me now!” Rebecca turns around and she moves her panties over and she asks. “You got a knife for these pantyhose right?”

He takes out his switchblade and the Legman cuts out her ass and he pockets it once more. He then tears off her underwear as his is finger moves inside of her asshole and Rebecca moans extremely loud. Hank jams his finger inside of her hard and she closes her beautiful eyes. “Oh god, your dick must be…”

Rebecca finds herself exhaling hard, as he rubs his dick against her fine legs and she shakes some. His dick seems to have an effect on her and he asks, “Looks like my powers do work.”

“Run that dick over my skin and yes, any women would submit to that.” Rebecca grins, as she turns back to him. Her eyes widen as he works his dick into her ass and she moans extremely loud.

He works himself into her ass and he finds it extremely easy to do. “John likes to ass fuck don’t he?” He begins to move inside of her ass, and Rebecca moans extremely loud as he does.

“God yes, he loves a tight ass and he has a good sized one!” Rebecca continues to scream as she tightens around his dick, and he fucks her incredibly hard as his huge penis moves inside of her.

His hand reaches around and he grabs Rebecca’s clit and she screams hard and loud. The tiles on the ceiling shake from how hard she screams, and her eyes water from the pleasure he causes her from having her clit rubbed. She cums onto his fingers and Rebecca closes her eyes and her knees go weak.

The Legman lets her fall onto the ground and he cums all over her sexy legs and Rebecca grins at him. “God, how much do you have inside of that thing? You can start an entire community of kids with huge dicks.”

“Even the girls?” The Legman asks her, and Rebecca grins a smile at him.

“Heck yeah, give a girl a dick and guys would not be needed anymore. I’m not getting up for awhile am I?” Rebecca can hardly pick up her legs.

The Legman picks her up and he sits her inside of the bed. “Nope in your bed naked. Give you any ideas?”

“Yes send in the men starting with…”

“Don’t need to hear his name again. Thank you very much.” The Legman rolls his eyes at the star Hugh Jackman.

“I was going to say Patrick Stewart. He’s kinda hot.” Rebecca giggles, as she kicks her legs some.

“Okay, I shall send in Jean Luc Picard then. Don’t ass fuck him, he has to be kind of old.”

“Who says I haven’t.” She giggles once more and he rolls his eyes.

“Got to go beautiful. I’ll collect all of the girls I nailed today and you guys can have a giant tickle fight.”

“Yay tickle fight!” Rebecca yells with her hoarse voice. “Thank God I can’t sing or I’d sue your ass!”

“Yes, sue my ass and I’d refuck your ass.” The Legman winks at her and Rebecca giggles some more. “Later legs. Come with me Jeff. The Legman and Jeff leave the room as Kelly Hu and Rebecca Romjim sit inside of the bed together.

The guy running the photo shoot and his assistant look all over the studio for the girls and he swears up and down. “Where the fuck are they? I’m going to sue whoever ring lead this effort!”

“Sir relax, no one has seen any of them leave and their cars are still in the lot. We should find them shortly.”

“Relax! We were supposed to be done six hours ago when I find them…” His and his assistants mouths pop open, as they open the door to Rebecca Romjim’s room. Rebecca and Kelly are in a sixty-nine position and Famke and Halle are using their fists inside of each other and their large tits all move up and down, as they fist fuck. “Holy shit!”

Famke looks to them and she grins and she looks to Halle. “Someone delivered the man meat. Close to door and join the party.”

He closes the door as the four girls look at him and they smile. “Boss you going to sue them now?”

“Shut up Sam.” He says to his assistant.


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