He Likes To Watch

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Fic Title:He Likes To Watch

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Email:[email protected]

Pairing:Alyssa Milano/Yasmine Bleeth


Summary:Alyssa Milano arrives at Yasmine Bleeth’s place for a friendly visit,only to discover that it was becoming a little more friendlier than expected.

Warnings:Strong language,voyuerism,female/female sex


It was during the late afternoon hours of August 22nd that a hot Hollywood babe named Alyssa Milano had just arrived at the New York City apartment of her good friend,a former BAYWATCH babe named Yasmine Bleeth for a friendly visit.

Just then,after
they had said ‘hi’ and given each other a big hug,Yasmine has invited Alyssa into her home and to join her in enjoying a cup of tea,which a smiling Alyssa has agreed to do.

But then,while she was taking a sip of her tea,Yasmine has told her best buddy a story that was so funny that it had caused Alyssa to start laughing and accidently spill her entire cup of tea on her lap.

And after she had spotted what had happened to Alyssa,Yasmine has placed her cup of tea on the coffee table and said,”I’m so sorry about that,Alyssa.Why don’t you go into the bedroom and change into some clean clothes?That way,I might be able to take your dress to a place where it could be cleaned.”

And then,after she had given that idea some thought and realized that it was better to do so,a reluctant Alyssa has agreed with Yasmine’s suggestion and gone into the master bedroom to change into some clean clothes.

But then,after she had removed all of her clothes and was about to look for something else to wear,a bare-ass naked Yasmine has stepped into the room,moved herself closer to the unsuspecting Alyssa and placed her hands on the Brooklyn native’s tits.

That has caused a shocked Alyssa to turn quickly around and discover that Yasmine was in the same room with her and was about to ask Yasmine what the fucking hell was she doing.

But just as she was about to do so,Yasmine has placed the tips of her fingers on Alyssa’s lips and said,”Sssshhhh.It’s going to be okay,Alyssa.There’s no need for you to be afraid.All you need to do now is just relax…and enjoy it.”

And with that,both Alyssa and Yasmine had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,just before they had placed their nude bodies on the bed and Alyssa had suddenly spotted a camcorder filming the entire scene.

“Oooohhhh,I see that you had spotted Paul’s little buddy.”,said a smiling Yasmine,after she had noticed the look of confusion on Alyssa’s face.”There’s a reason for that being in here with us,Alyssa.You see,he likes to watch.I hope you don’t mind.”

And after she had realized that she has been placed in a situation that was totally new to her,Alyssa had turned her head towards a curious Yasmine,let out a smile of her own and answered,”Well,Yasmine.All I could say under the present circumstances is no,I don’t mind at all.”

And then,after Yasmine has started licking all over Alyssa’s nude body–all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and started carressing her firm breasts,Alyssa has placed her hands on Yasmine’s bare shoulders and said,”Aaaahhhh,yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,Yasmine!Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”

Then,at that exact moment,Alyssa has suddenly realized that she was experiencing something that she had never experienced with someone else videotaping it before,for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after she had placed herself in front of Alyssa and started rubbing their pussies against each other,a sexually-energized Yasmine has placed one of her hands on her own tits and the other hand on Alyssa’s silky naked thigh and yelled,”AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT’S IT!DO IT,ALYSSA!FUCK ME!FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!”

And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has made its final appearence on the hit WB-TV series entitled CHARMED,the two newfound lesbian lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then,after they were both finally able to catch their breath,a smiling Alyssa has discovered that Yasmine had gotten out of bed,walked over to the camcorder and removed the tape from it,causing Alyssa to ask,”So,my dear Mrs. Cerrito.Was I the first one or were there many others?”

“Oooohhhh,there were many others.”,answered a smiling Yasmine,after she had placed the tape inside a box.”Rock stars,political leaders,big-time movie and TV stars…you name the type of person,there’s a tape of me fucking his or her brains out.Why do you ask?”

“Oooohhhh,I’ve just wanted to make sure that I should remember to ask for my close-up next time.”,answered a giggling Alyssa,which had caused her gleeful friend to walk over to the bed and start tickling her.



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