Jenny Vs Cady Cantrall

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The supremely confident Jenny limbers up in her corner, looking relaxed while she works with the crowd. Her hair
pulled back in a short pony tail, she wears a dark blue halter and light blue thong, she takes a moment to size up
her foe. Cady is about her size, looks to be in pretty good shape-her somewhat thick legs are muscular, her big
butt looks firm, but Jenny duly notes that Cady has no where near the upper body strength that she does
(although her tits appear to be good sized targets).

Cady wears a yellow halter-top and black thong. Looking serious but not scared, she stares straight ahead at
McCarthy. As the
match starts, Cady advances decisively towards Jenny, fists raised. Jenny smiles, raises her
fists but holds her arms wide apart, poking her chin out. “Let’s see what you’ve got, Cady.”

Cantrell throws a fast combination, good speed and footwork, not much power. Jenny just manages to pull her
face out of danger, and easily slaps away Cantrell’s punches. The brunette advance again, throws another fast
combination. Jenny, longer clowning, blocks the first two, counters with a hard shot to Cady’s ribs, but gets nailed
in the side of the face with a right hand. Again, Cady advances. Jenny leans back and strikes out with her left
foot. Her foot slams hard into Cady’s right side, then moves up and twice jabs her right boob. To her surprise,
Jenny’s head snaps as Cady backhands her across the mouth.

“Not nice!” scolds Jenny. Cady throws a kick, a high kick. Jenny slips out of range. Cady moves in again, her left
foot catches Jenny’s right arm, her left foot lands solidly against Jenny’s right thigh.

“Ouch! This donkey can kick!” Jenny hisses. Cady advances again, throws a kick but Jenny’s faster leg lashes out
to block it before it lands. The brunette throws a combination. Her left fist stings Jenny’s cheek. Cady’s left foot
lashes out for Jenny’s head, but the fast blonde snags it momentarily with her right hand and smashes her left
elbow down on Cady’s knee. The brunette screams but before Jenny can celebrate, Cady’s right hand backhands
her across the mouth, splitting her lip. Jenny drops her foe’s leg, dances backward cursing. Cady also backs off,
trying to see how much damage has been done to her knee. The women again advance towards each other. Cady
tries a kick, but her obviously injured left knee looks like it will not support her weight. Jenny blocks the feeble kick
and counters with a spinning kick that nearly removes the brunette’s left boob. Jenny is holding her bleeding lip,
but advances again.

Wham! Cady’s leg is just fine. She unleashes a huge kick that slams into Jenny’s belly. Cady lands a quick
combination to Jenny’s head and staggers the blonde with quick, powerful kicks to her left and right sides. Gaining
confidence, Cady stays on the attack, throwing combinations and kicks. Jenny, in retreat, coolly blocks most of
what is throw at her head, but her sides are taking a real pounding. As Cady advance, Jenny ducks low and leans
forward into a straight arm, driving her fist into Cady’s belly. To her surprise, as she goes down, Cady wraps her
arms around Jenny’s head and pulls her down with her. Cady literally bulldogs the blonde’s head into the mat. The
tough McCarthy is quick to recover. On her knees, she spins around and tries to jump on Cady’s back. On their
knees, both women move with great speed. Jenny is strong enough to pull Cady’s arm off of her neck and tries to
apply a hammerlock, but Cantrell is too fast and slips away. As they struggle on the mat, Cady again gets her left
arm across the back of Jenny’s neck and holds on. Jenny tries to break free and tumbles forward, landing hard on
top of Cantrell, but her head is caught tight. And then Cady locks those big legs around her waist and bears down
on her slim foe.

Jenny knows she is in trouble. Though Cady is on her back, her left arm traps Jenny’s head and largely immobilizes
her own left arm. Jenny spreads her legs and pushes forward, trying to break the scissors. Cady’s free right hand
slams down on her back.

Jenny tries to find something to hit. Her right fist jabs under her, crashing repeatedly into Cad’s ribs. Jenny works

onto her knees, forcing Cady to relinquish the scissors. The blonde jerks up, breaks Cady’s headlock and slams her
elbow across the brunette’s face. Though hurt, Cady momentarily wraps her legs around Jenny’s waist and shoves
the blonde off of her.

Jenny lands on her knees and leaps forward, only to be caught again in Cady’s scissors. But Jenny is still on her
knees with lots of leverage. McCarthy quickly punches Cady repeatedly in the belly. She slams the open palm of
her left hand down on Cady’s face three times, blooding her foe’s nose. Hurt, Cady thinks fast as her right hand
grabs Jenny’ hair close to the scalp and yanks her head down into her chest. She tries to bear down with her

Jenny’s right hand claws at Cady’s exposed belly. Cady counters by raking the fingernails of her left hand across
Jenny’s back. Jenny painfully yanks her head up as her right hand slaps, claws and punches at the side of Cady’s

face. Screaming, Cady manages to yank Jenny’s head up and slam her fist into the blonde’s mouth. Jenny’s right
hand wraps around Cady’s throat as she tries desperately to break free.

Cady sinks her fingernails into the back of Jenny’s hand and breaks the strangle hold, but Jenny grabs a handful of
Cady’s hair. Eight times the strong blonde bounces Cady’s head up and down on the mat, yanking her around like
a rag doll, but McCathy cannot break free of Cady’s powerful thighs. With shear power and determination, Jenny
rises straight up on her knees, pulling Cady up with her. Jenny drives a fist up into between their bodies and nails
Cady in the chin. Her legs fall free. But the determined Cantrell punches Jenny in the side of the head and with
two hands full of hair, yanks the blonde forward once more, wrapping her legs around Jenny’s neck. Jenny
struggles, but Cady’s legs win, she slams the blonde over onto her side. Jenny lands on her side, Cady straddles
her waist as she leans forward, still holding tight on Jenny’s ponytail. Jenny grabs Cady’s hair and rolls her over,
but once more Cantrell succeeds in wrapping her mighty thighs around Jenny’s waist. A close in slugfest ensues.
Each woman burns one hand holding the opponent’s hair. Jenny’s right fist pounds hard into Cady’s ribs and boobs.
Cady’s right hand claws at the back of Jenny’s neck.

Again, Jenny pulls herself to her knees, lifting Caddy with her. The frustrated blonde grabs two hands full of hair
and slams Cady backwards into the mat. Her right hand slips free and slams into Cady’s belly with a resounding
‘thud’ but Cady still squeezes her tight. Jenny’s fist pummels Cady’s face, belly and boobs. Hurt, Cady bears down
with her legs as hard as she can.

Jenny screams, caught in a crushing vice, her sides can take no more. For an unbearable 15 seconds, Cady bears
down until the blonde’s struggles stop. Cady rolls her over, pinning Jenny underneath her. Cady snakes forward,
her boobs press into Jenny’s face while she twists away on the blonde’s ponytail.

Jenny tries to bite Cady’s ample tits. McCarthy’s left fist punches into Cady’s ribs, but the power simply not there.
Cady pushes up on her elbows and looks Jenny in the eyes. The blonde is beaten and she knows it.

Caddy pushes up, straddling Jenny’s waist, pinning her arms to the mat. “Give up?” She questions.

“Get your fat ass off of me you cow,” Jenny screams, and then spits at Cady’s face.

Cady backhands Jenny across the mouth, rips off her halter-top and grabs the blonde’s big boobs and squeezes.
“You’re not so tough, blondie,” Cady laughs. Then she slides forward. “My big butt is going squash your sorry tits.”
Cady bounces up and down on Jenny’s chest.

The blonde moans and curses, but there is nothing that she can do to stop her foe. “Get you fat ass off of me.”

Cady slides herself forward and squats hard on McCarthy’s face. “Maybe this is the only way to shut you up,”
Cady laughs as she grinds her ass down on Jenny’s face, smothering her foe unconscious.

The End

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