Walk In The Park

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Fic Title:Walk In The Park

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Email:[email protected]

Pairing:Alexandra Paul/Daphne Zuniga/Alyssa Milano


Summary:After they had arrived at her New York City home and wished her a happy birthday,Alexandra Paul invites Daphne Zuniga and Alyssa Milano to join her for a walk in Central Park.

Warnings:Strong language,female/female sex


It was on July 29th that a hot Hollywood babe named Daphne Zuniga and her MELROSE PLACE co-star,Alyssa Milano had arrived at the New York City home of Daphne’s fellow PREY OF THE CHAMELEON castmate,Alexandra Paul to wish her
a happy birthday.

Just then,as soon as they had placed themselves in front of Alexandra’s apartment door and rang the doorbell,the door had opened up and allowed the birthday girl herself to discover that her two good friends,Daphne and Alyssa standing out in the hallway.

“Hey,birthday girl!How are you doing today?”,asked a smiling Daphne,while she was giving Alexandra a big,friendly hug.”We really do miss seeing you around Hollywood.Is life in the Big Apple treating you okay?”

“Oooohhhh,it’s been okay with me so far.”,answered a happy Alexandra,after her two fellow actresses had stepped into the apartment and she had closed the door behind them.”So,what brings the both of you here?I know that you’re not here for the opera season.”

“No shit,Dick Tracy.”,said a smiling Alyssa,after she and Daphne had placed their bags on the sofa.”The both of us had figured that since we’re going to be doing film work at a nearby city,we might as well come right on over and wish you a happy birthday.”

“Well,all I could say is that you guys had done a really good job.”,said Alexandra,after she had walked over to Daphne and Alyssa and placed her arms over their shoulders.”Look,you guys.I’m about to go have myself a nice walk in the park.Why don’t you two get yourselves settled into the guest rooms and join me for that walk?”

And then,after they had given Alexandra’s suggestion some thought and realized that it might be a fun idea,her two newfound houseguests had gotten themselves settled into their rooms,changed their clothes and joined her in walking out of the apartment and heading towards the city’s very own Central Park.

As soon as they had entered the massive park,the three friends had started walking on a dirt trail and kept on walking until Alexandra had held out her hand in front of her friends and said,”Say,guys.There’s a running brook near here.Why don’t we go over there,strip down and take the plunge?”

“Because we might get caught by the park ranger,that’s why.”,answered the reluctant Berkeley,California native.”Look,you guys.Instead of getting ourselves into any type of trouble,why don’t we just keep on walking until we get to a lemonade stand,okay?”

“You’ve really got to be kidding,Daphne.I mean,a park ranger…in New York City?”,said the Brooklyn,New York native,after she and Alexandra had let out a small chuckle.”Come on,Daphne.Just relax and trust me when I tell you that we’re not going to get caught.Okay?”

And then,after she had given what Alyssa had said some thought and realized that she might had a point,Daphne had taken a deep breath,looked at the two New York State natives and said,”Okay,you guys.Let’s go strip down and take the plunge.”

And with that,the three friends had walked over to the running brook,took all of their clothes off,stepped into the water and started splashing around like a trio of playful dolphins in the middle of a calm ocean.

Then,after they’ve had enough watery fun for one day,the three friends had stepped out of the brook and laid their nude bodies underneath a large tree,where Alexandra had placed her hand on Daphne’s bare shoulder and was about to give her a kiss on the lips.

But just as that was about to happen,an embarressed Daphne has moved her head away from Alexandra’s,took a deep breath and said,”I’m sorry,Alex.I’m not mad at you.It’s just that I’m really not…!”

But just as she was about to say another word,Alexandra has placed the tips of her fingers on Daphne’s lips and said,”Sssshhhh.It’s going to be okay,Daphne.There’s no need for you to be afraid.All you need to do is just relax…and enjoy it.”

And with that,both Daphne and Alexandra had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,just before Alexandra has started licking all over Daphne’s nude body–all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts,while Alyssa has started licking on Alexandra’s cunt and carressing her own snatch.

“Aaaahhhh!What are you doing to me,Alex?Please don’t do that!I don’t want it!Stop it!Oooohhhh!Please,Alex!Don’t stop!”,said Daphne,after she had placed her hands on Alexandra’s bare shoulders.”Yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,Alex!Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”

And then,at that exact moment,Daphne has suddenly realized that she was experiencing something that she had never experienced with any of her female co-stars before,for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after Alexandra has placed herself in front of Daphne and started rubbing their pussies against each other,Daphne has started licking on Alyssa’s snatch and Alyssa has started sucking on Alexandra’s bare toes,causing a sexually-energized Alexandra to place one of her hands on her own tits and the other hand on Daphne’s silky thigh and yell,”AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT’S IT!DO IT,DAPHNE!DO IT,ALYSSA!TOUCH ME!FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!”

And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its final appearence on Alyssa’s hit WB-TV series CHARMED,the three newfound lesbian lovers had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

Then,after they were all finally able to catch their breath and her two friends had placed their heads on Daphne’s chest,a smiling Alexandra has placed her gentle hand on Daphne’s shoulder and asked,”Well,Daphne?Are you still alive?”

“Oooohhhh.Believe me,Alex.I’ve never felt more alive in my whole entire life.”,answered Daphne,after she had placed her hand on top of Alexandra’s,allowed a smile to appear on her lips and let out a sigh.”Of course,I do believe that we should also agree that this was one hell of a way to wish you a happy birthday.”

And then,after they had shared a small giggle between them,Alyssa,Daphne and Alexandra had snuggled-up to each other and fell asleep with their naked arms in a lover’s embrace.

Just then,on the very next day,just as her two good friends were about to go perform their acting duties,a smiling Alexandra has given Daphne and Alyssa a ‘goodbye’ hug and said,”So long,you guys.Let’s get together real soon,okay?”

“Sure thing,Alex.”,answered a happy Daphne,after she and Alyssa had lifted-up their bags.”Only let’s get together in the state of California and not New York,okay?”

And after the trio had shared a small chuckle between them,both Daphne Zuniga and Alyssa Milano had left the apartment to go back to their acting careers,but as for what does the future hold for Alexandra Paul,all I could say is that only time would tell.



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