Tales Of The CoF 4: After Video Cleanup

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Note, this is a fantasy, no insult is intended whatsoever towards either Miss Milian or Miss Dobson. So if it bothers you, stop reading here.

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Codes: FF, cons, reluc

Celebs: Christina Milian, Fefe Dobson

Covered in black paint, even in places it was never meant to go, in the ruins of the dress she’d worn for the scene, Christina Milian staggered for the showers like a fugitive seeking sanctuary.

She reached the showers. She had a private one in her trailer but hadn’t wanted to walk any further looking the mess
she was than she had to. So, the crew showers it was, with the crew kept out until she was done, such were the privileges of being a star.

She let her dress and panties slide to the floor and surveyed the damage in a mirror that wasn’t really adequate to the task. The golden-bronze skin of her legs, hips, ass and belly were coated all over. Worse, her underwear had been all too flimsy for the purpose of protecting her genitals from being dipped as well. Furthermore, as semi-liquid substances had a habit of doing, the paint had gone places the laws of physics said it shouldn’t. Her upper back, breasts and even her hair, all were spattered.

‘At least,’ she thought, ‘it’s water soluable.’

Or so she had been told.

* * * * * *

Fefe Dobson was just pulling up her tight jeans after getting off the toilet when she heard a frustrated yell come from the shower room adjacent to the restrooms

“Shit, shit, *shit*!”

Curious, she headed towards the showers. As she got closer she heard sobbing.

“Is something wrong?”

“Damn right, something’s wrong.” came an angry but familiar voice. Fefe followed it into the showers. There she saw a gloriously naked, paint covered picture of misery, Christina Milian, a woman Fefe had had a crush on for some time. As a member of the Church of Fucking she had been well schooled never to pass up an opportunity for seduction. Her own video, “Don’t Go” had just wrapped up next door and she wasn’t expected anywhere soon. Plus, maybe she’d be able to help Christina while she helped herself.

* * * * * *

“Is something wrong?” came a voice from the doorway.

“Damn right something’s wrong.” she snapped and then immediately regretted it. After all whoever it was wasn’t to blame. Around the corner came a black girl, a little younger than herself with a look of concern on her face.

“Jeez Marie, don’t you look a mess. Anything I can do to help?”

“Only if you have some industrial strength soap on hand. They *said* this paint would dissolve with water. They lied”

“No but I think I can get some, hold on.”

A few minutes later she was back holding a container of gritty, dull green industrial soap. “Janitor’s closet was right nearby. Ummm, You’re Christina Milian, aren’t you?”

Oh Lord, a fan, she wasn’t really in shape to deal with a fan right now, but nice as the girl had been, she should at least *try* to return the favor.

“Ummm, yes. Look, I’m not really in shape to sign anything right now…”

The other woman looked amused and cocked an eyebrow “I’m not a fan. Well I am, but I wasn’t stalking you or anything. I just finished my own video and came in to umm, take care of business. I think you might need some help here, mind if I give it?”

“Please? I’m sorry for being a bitch, it’s just, I got freaked out.”

“I understand. Okay, assume ‘The Position’ against the wall and I’ll rub this on you and hopefully the paint will come off in the spray.”

As Christina obeyed, Fefe couldn’t help but admire her fine ass, legs and back, thinking gleefully to herself that soon all this would be hers. If everything went well.

“Listen, I don’t want my own clothes to get soaked so I’m going to strip down, kay?”


As she heard clothes coming off and being stored away, curiousity overtook the sexy Cubana and she looked at her “assistant” as she was starting to think of her. Then she realized that she didn’t even know her name!

“Umm, what’s your name?”


“Oh! I’ve heard of you!” Indeed she had, through the Island Records grapevine although since their music was of different styles she hadn’t really heard any of it. But now Fefe’s body, naked except for a pair of yellow and white striped bikini panties was capturing her attention. This increased as the opther woman started to rub in the harsh, gritty soap into her back and ass. Fefe’s small round breasts seemed to be coming in contact longer and more often than seemed strictly necessary and the hands were not merely rubbing but kneading her tired muscles as in a massage. Was Fefe coming on to her? Did she mind if she was? She decided that she didn’t. She had never been with a woman before but had a certain amount of curiousity and between the album, the video and the publicity circuit, she hadn’t had much time for a social life.

“Mmmmmm!” she moaned to give her massager encouragement, “That feels real nice.”

Fefe was quick to take the hint, moving from the bronze hued back to her shapely ass, bringing further squeaks and moans of pleasure, especially when she slipped a finger into Christina’s puckered anus.

“I think you can do my front now,” Christina purred, giving up all pretense that she didn’t know what the other woman was up to. Fefe turned her over and looked with appreciation on the voluptuous beauty in front of her. Christina also took the time to view her new sex partner, having only caught glimpses up to this point. The slim, tomboyish figure, small round tits, full lips, milk chocolate skin and the bare slit she could plainly see through the now soaked panties all met with her approval.

“I think your nipples call for special treatment,” said Fefe and proceeded to provide it, sucking and licking them with abandon. At the same time her hands were vigorously rubbing in the caustic soap into Christina’s skin. Christina had never been into any S&M scene but the threshold between pain and pleasure was thinner in her than most people so this served to arouse her further. As the other woman’s hands went lower and lower, she let herself drift into a hazy state where the mild burn fed her sexual heat.

Of course the downside for the dark beauty administering this was that it tasted awful, so she decided to go to the next stage of her hastily concieved plan. Taking the shower head off the fixture it was fastened to she sprayed up and down her lover’s body, weakened by the industrial strength soap the paint came off easily. Christina reveled in the spray, running her hands up and down her body, cupping her perfect breasts and offering them to Fefe then sliding her hands down to her trimmed bush and spreading her pussy lips for her perusal. This played into Fefe’s plan perfectly. She pressed her body against Christina’s while pushing the shower nozzle into her crotch, using it as an improvised dildo. “Adapt, Improvise, Overcome” was not only the secondary, unofficial motto of the Marines but also of the Chuch of Fucking. Even better was that the nozzle came equipped with Massage options. As she hardened the stream, the chocolate seductress felt her love shuddering as she climbed toward orgasm.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhgoddddddd! Yes, oh fuck, YES!!” Christina’s fingers dug into Fefe’s back and she plunged her tongue into her mouth as she came, then sank down onto the shower floor, bringing her face in line with Fefe’s shaved, tatooed cunt barely concealed by the thin soaked panties she was still wearing. Christina pulled them first to one side, then ripped them off. What followed seemed to come naturally as she placed her hands on her partner’s firm buttocks and pushed her face forward into her pussy. Her tongue exploed the inticacies of the other womans vulva before pushing in, sliding up and down and side to side. Fefe melted down to the floor as her partner’s tongue thrusts pushed her towards a shivering, screaming orgasm.

“I…I never” gasped Christina, head still between the other womans slender shapely thighs.

“And do you want to again?” asked Fefe coyly, letting the shower nozzle play over her apple sized tits. Her answer was a wordless nod.

“Want to come to church with me?” This time her answer was a classic jawdrop and bulging eyes.

“Church? Af…after what we just did, you want to go to…church?” CLearly Christina couldn’t decide if she was kidding or just nuts.

“Oh, this isn’t your *average* church.” Fefe replied with a grin and proceeded to fill her love on what she was sure would be a turning point in her life.

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