Like A Real Woman

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Fic Title:Like A Real Woman

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Email:[email protected]

Pairing:Jeri Ryan/m


Summary:After he bumps his head on a tabletop and a furniture store worker places him on one of the beds to rest,a young and handsome male on a bumaround suddenly finds himself gazing at the nude body of Jeri Ryan.

Warnings:Male/female sex,strong language


It had started on the 10th day of May,in which I’ve had a day off from work and also had nothing better to do,which had caused me to make the decision of getting off my ass and go do some bumming around.

Well,after I had
gotten off the RTA bus at a bus stop in front of a furniture store,I had walked into the store,started looking around at the great-looking stuff that they were selling and hoped to God that I don’t make a complete and total dumbass of myself in front of somebody.

And at first,it was so far,so good,but that was before I had stuck my head underneath a wooden dinning room table–in order to examine the truly fine craftsmanship–and have someone walk up behind me and tapped on my shoulder,causing me to suddenly bang my head on the table top.

And after I had gotten back on my feet and placed my hand on my aching head,I had turned my head towards the source of some giggling that I had heard and discovered that it was one of the female sales personal with the name ‘Kelly’ on her name badge,who had placed her gentle hand on my head and said,”I’m so very sorry about that.Are you okay?”

“Yeah,I think so.I think I’ll be okay.”,I was able to answer her question,even though my head was still feeling like someone was inside it and pounding out The Anvil Chorus.”It’s just that I didn’t know that you’ll be standing right behind me.That’s all.”

“Well then,why don’t you go ahead and lie down on one of our beds until the pounding in your head stops?”,a smiling Kelly had said to me,while she was helping me to a room where they were showing each and every bed that they were selling.

And then,after she had allowed me to lay myself down on one of the beds and promised me that she’ll make sure that no one else would disturb me,Kelly had walked out of the room,leaving me to close my eyes and go right to sleep.

But then,after I had suddenly felt a woman’s gentle hand touching my cheek,I had quickly opened my eyes,sat up and discover that it was a beautiful woman who was wearing nothing,but a bathrobe and had looked exactly like my favorite STAR TREK babe,Jeri Ryan,who had once played the role of Seven Of Nine on the fourth TREK series,VOYAGER.

“I’m sorry.I didn’t mean to startle you like that.”,said a small smiling Jeri,after she had placed her hand on top of mine.”It’s just that I had found you to be a truly handsome man…and I want you to fuck me right here and now.”

And then,after she had removed her robe and exposed her nude body in front of me,I had looked around the room to make sure that no one else was around,took all of my clothes off and kissed Jeri ever so passionately on the lips,just before I had started licking all over her nude body–all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts.

“Aaaahhhh,yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,Herbie!”,said Jeri,after she had placed her hands on my bare shoulders.”Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”

Then,after she had allowed me to place my stiff cock inside her hot,moist snatch and start sucking on the tips of her firm breasts,I had suddenly realized that I was experiencing something that I had never experienced with a really beautiful babe like Jeri before,for I was experiencing pure and untamed erotica…and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after I had placed my stone hard dick inside her asshole and used each of my hands to carress her tits and cunt,a sexually-energized Jeri had placed had placed her hands on my bare arms and yelled,”AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT’S IT!DO IT,SHIT-HEAD!FUCK ME!I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!SLAM IT ALL INTO ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!”

And then,after we had started moving harder and faster and our lovemaking has reached its final appearence on the last episode of VOYAGER,the both of us had came and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After we were both finally able to catch our breath,Jeri had placed her head on my chest,let out a sigh and said,”Oooohhhh,Herbie.That felt ssssoooo gooood.I’m so glad that you were able to treat me like a real woman,instead of a borg.”

And after the both of us had snuggled-up to each other,both Jeri and I had fallen asleep with our naked arms in a passionate lovers’ embrace,just before a gentle hand has placed itself on my forehead,causing me to quickly open my eyes and discover that I still have my clothes on and everybody else was looking at me like asking,”Where the fucking hell did this freaking bum came from?”

But then,just as I was about to explain myself,I had felt someone placing her gentle hand on my shoulder and heard her saying,”I’m so very sorry about this.It’s just that they’ve wanted to see the beds and they’ve wanted to see them now.”

And after I had turned my head towards the source of the voice and discovered that it had belonged to a Jeri Ryan lookalike with the name ‘Kelly’ on her name badge,I had let out a smile and a small chuckle,just before I had gently placed my hand on top of hers and said,”I’m sorry,Kelly.I didn’t mean to laugh.It’s just that you remind me of my favorite STAR TREK babe.And if you were to ask me,you’re just as beautiful as she is.”

Well anyway,after I had felt good enough to leave the furniture store and resume my bumming around,Kelly had followed me out of the store,tapped on my shoulder and said,”Excuse me,Herbie.I just wanted to thank you for saying that I’m as beautiful as Jeri Ryan and to ask you do you want to join me at my place for dinner tonight.”

And after I had thought about it and realized that it wouldn’t be a good idea to turn down a dinner invitation from such a beautiful babe,I had placed my friendly hand on her shoulder and said,”I was wondering when you were about to ask me that question.”


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