The Abduction And Seduction

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The Abduction and Seduction

Victoria Principal, Charlotte Ross, Linda Blair, Mariah Carey, Roma Downey, Chely Wright, Lorrie Morgan, Courtney Cox, Cheryl Ladd, Shania Twain, Phoebe Cates, Marilyn Chambers, Alyssa Milano and Leeza Gibbons

Written By: Spyder

A huge mansion is the setting for a story of abduction and seduction. Ray is a man of action and is getting tired of watching his favorite people walk around looking so good and bitchy. So over the last three weeks he has slowly stocked and captured or kidnapped 13 of his favorite stars. One by one he grabs them off the street, chloroforms them
and ties them up to bring them to their own private rooms in this house. Long corridors are the only links between each room and now way out until Ray decides to let them out.

Once has placed them in their separate rooms he allows them to be fully awake before watching them on closed circuit video. One by one the captive ladies awake from the sleep and Ray is almost ready to fill them in on the plan and what is about to take place. He watches longingly as his ultimate fave, Charlotte Ross moves off her bed and he sees that she has forgone wearing any panties under her long dress. Soon he hears some mumbling and Victoria yells out what the hell is going on here? He then listens in as Roma says who is the fucker that has locked me in hear? Ray smiles slowly and then will open the mikes in the rooms to explain why they are in this strange place at this time.

Ray quickly states that in order to get a quick release they will need to do as follows. He asks them to look in the corner opposite of the bed they now sit on in each room and there sits a large bag for their clothes. Each of you will remove all of your clothing and place them in the bag supplied, then leave them near the corner fond in. Once each of you have the bag filled return to the bed a await further instructions. Ray watches as the ladies slowly undress, some quietly grumbling as to why they have to be nude while in captivity. Licking his lips, Ray thinks about the next few days that he is to enjoy making the women do as they are told. He looks in astonishment to the fact that only Mariah Carey has a fully covered pussy with thick black hair around the pink lips that he is going to devour. Next he heads out into the corridor to the rooms that the ladies sits in, looking in through the peephole he tells the sexy Charlotte Ross to move towards the opening she sees near her bag of clothes and instructs her to stroke his penis as she licks the thick manhood. Charlotte does as told and also lightly gives him a blowjob. Once he has sufficiently cum, he removes his dick and reaches for the bag of clothes through another small door. Doing this at each room, Ray places their clothes in a closet nearest the room he has felt lips around his hardened cock.

Ray returns to the room where he can watch the women quietly. Once more he opens the microphones and says that they have very well thus far. Shania looks up from the bed and is wiping some cum from her luscious lips onto her nipples, where she squeezes them until erect. Chely then speaks up and wonders why the fuck are we being treated to this sort of arrangement? Ray tells them that the reason is simple; they walk around like they’re in not a care in the world with there millions and good looks that they are unattainable to most men in the world. So for this reason he has decided to even it up for himself at least. Next he tells them that dinner will be at eight and they will be eating alone for the first couple of meals.

With the flip of a switch a door opens to Leeza Gibbons room and she is told to walk until she is let into another room. Closing all the mikes except for the one in Linda Blair’s suite, Ray lets her know that Leeza is about to join her and to await further instructions. Linda rubs her pussy and is getting wet at the thought of having her first female lover in years. Leeza strolls into her room and the two of them greet one another with a warm kiss. Leeza emphatically asks what is this fucking thing about? Ray clears his throat and says that the two of them will make love to each other and them take a shower together.

Leeza is nervous because she has never fondled or had a woman go down on her before. Linda leads the way and kisses the areolas of the sexy blonde interviewer. Leeza squirms at the quick and decisive movements of her soon to be first female lover. She yells out I won’t fucking damn well stand for this I want out. Ray interjects and says unless the two of you do as told your stay in this setting can go on longer that the others. Leeza reluctantly returns each kiss and licks the large areolas of the former movie star. Linda whose experience is not so limited jams two fingers in the ass of her lover while she sucks the beauties huge heaving tits. Ray switches the in room televisions on so his other guests can see what they will need to do or something close to it. Leeza gently lies on the bed to be slept in by Miss Blair and opens her thighs in anticipation of the first woman to eat her pussy.

While he watches he opens the door to another one of his guests and watches as Mariah Carey leaves her room. He opens a separate mike in the room of Roma Downey and tells her to pick up the strap on dildo, to put it on, as she is about to use it on her guest. He licks his lips as Roma straps the appendage on to prepare her to use in on the woman that walks through her door. Mariah walks in and is shocked that the woman who played an angel is about to shove a dildo in her body. Ray watches as the two ladies kiss one another passionately, Mariah strokes the rubber dick and pulls Roma in close. Looking back to the monitor that is overlooking the actions in the room that Linda and Leeza are engulfed in hot lovemaking in, Ray asks the ladies to take turns licking the others assholes. Faces turn red, as they have not expected that this could get gross as well as hot and heavy. Not wanting to prolong their stays the hot young women do as told.

Meanwhile another one of his guests has decided to get antsy and grumble over her situation. Lorrie Morgan says if you are holding me and who knows how many other stars here aren’t you worried about our families searching for us. Ray answers this question that all of them have heard by saying No I am not worried at all due to the fact that not one even knows that you are missing at this time. So by the time they will worry all of you may be back out there and this place will be a memory for me. You see this is so far out of the way that none of you can describe to anyone the route that I have brought you on and when I return you to the towns you were in I will take you back on another route.

He looks at Shania’s monitor and sees that buxom beauty masterfully creating an orgasm that would please even the oldest men to cum on sight. Back in the Gibbons/Blair love nest, Linda is eating Leeza’s pink pussy and vise versa as the cum has flowed for nearly an hour now. Ray has removed his jeans and masturbates while the three rooms are filled with the scent of women having multiple orgasms.

Ray next walks out of the room as the wishes of having Linda and Leeza shower together has given him an idea. He puts on a leather mask, enters the shower where the ladies are in and joins them. With the women kissing each other he takes his hardened cock and slides it into the hot hole of Miss Gibbons while Linda nibbles on her areolas. Moans fill the shower as Ray shoots a quick load into Leeza’s burning box. He removes his cock and face fucks the now kneeling Linda Blair. Leeza has quietly been told to grab a towel and return to her room. On her way back her dripping body shakes at the treatment she got so far and thinks that her time might be over in here as she begrudgingly accepted her fate in what turned out to be the hottest sex that she has had in weeks.

Ray walks to his room after leaving Linda on her bed masturbating, he looks at the monitor that Roma and Mariah are on and sees that Mariah has the dildo on and is ass fucking the heavenly angel. He hears Roma asking for her to give it harder. On another monitor he has what he wanted out of Marilyn Chambers as she is stroking her pussy with the supplied cucumber. She peels if and eats as she cums on the vegetable. He opens the door to her suite and tells her to walk to the area at the end of the corridor. He does the same to Lorrie Morgan, Cheryl Ladd and Courtney Cox. The three of them enter the stable and see horses standing at the hear end of the area. Ray, who has watched every step of the way, tells them to get close to a horse and fondle the horse cock until hard. Marilyn is wise as she is beautiful and kneels down to be one step ahead of her captor. Taking the animals cock she begins to suck on it for a while as the other three watch in horror.

Courtney asks do you damn well expect us to follow this gross action? Lorrie kneels down and says I have done this as a farm girl with no men around to give head to so try it girls. Lorrie has one finger in her pussy and her lips kissing the horse hard dick. Cheryl also knows about this but still finds it grotesque, but sucks the cock until it has shot a load on her tits and chin. Courtney has no choice as she learns quickly how to perform this task, after all she has blown many men in her life including Springsteen. Each of the four animals have cum on the lady that blew them and Marilyn leads as she shows them what she thinks is to follow. Shimmying onto the horse from underneath she slips the cock of her steed into her gaping hot pussy and begins to fuck it for all she is worth. Not wanting to be left here after Marilyn is taken to where she lives, the remaining three follow and fuck their horse. An hour or so later the fuck fest is over as the ladies return to the room they are assigned and shower. Ray goes to Marilyn and joins her in her room, awaiting her shower to end; he reaches as she walks out of the shower to blast her ass with his hard dick. She moans as Ray ass fucks the beauty and whispers that for her leadership in the stables she is going to be heading home after dinner. She smiles and hopes that she can see the face of her lover and captor. He exits her tight porn star ass and plunges his cum soaked cock in her cunt. Again she moans, and then sees in a mirror that her lover has a leather mask and will not be able to look at his face. Once he has had her to his liking Ray lifts his mask and kisses her pussy and then her mouth. She sees a glimpse of her lovers face, but not enough to tell the police as she was hoping. Realizing that his could be a movie she lets it end quietly to wait dinner.

Dinner is at eight and the nude guests are eating feverishly while wondering what might befall them next. One by one Ray puts the clothing of the ladies he is about to let go. Marilyn Chambers, Linda Blair, Cheryl Ladd, Courtney Cox Leeza Gibbons and Lorrie Morgan. One by one he takes them to where he abducted them. Once he has one left, he decides to fuck her in the limo. Leeza Gibbons is the last of the first group to be let go. Sliding into the back seat, Ray with mask on asks Leeza to strip or she will return to the house that she had Linda Blair eat her in. Leeza obeys as Ray lowers his jeans, takes out his dick, pulls Leeza by her blonde locks and tells her to give him the best blowjob of all times. She gurgles as her mouth is filled with his cum and knows that it isn’t over yet. Ray yanks off her panties from under her skirt and sees the pussy that only a few men have enjoyed. Dipping his fingers inside he eats as he finger fucks her hot cunt. Hearing a few desperate moans Ray drives her hard with his cock and fucks that blonde pussy for the longest of times. Once they have both cum Ray tells her to dress and proceeds to let her out at the spot he grabbed her from. Ray returns to the scene of his many ladies and prepares for the next day.

Early in the morning he decides to let tow others go who followed instructions sort of. Roma Downey and Mariah Carey are ushered into the limo. Since it is early morning he has a better chance in letting these two go now as opposed to later in the afternoon. Before driving out, Ray joins them in the back seat and tells them to strip. Both ladies follow his every word as they are told to get out of the car and lie on the grass. They again do as told and wait for what is next. Ray asks Roma to eat Mariah’s heavenly pussy while he drives his dick in her hot ass. Slapping Roma’s cheeks, Ray fucks her hole as hard as possible. Roma screams as she is soon filled with his cum, while a German Sheppard happens on the sexual scene. Ray tells Roma to suck the dog’s cock as he gives his load to a hot and horny Mariah. Mariah blows her lover expertly as she tells in between kisses and slurps that she once blew her first manager. Ray lays her on her back and with her thighs wide as she can get them, he shoves his cock deep inside, fucking her hard and fast as he watches Roma make the dog cum on her face. The last task for these ladies is to have Mariah place the dog dick into Roma’s ass and watch as the dog fucks her ass with Mariah helping out.

Ray finally takes them to the spots in town that they where and returns to the mansion to enjoy the final five ladies. He opens the door to the rooms of all of them and gets them to follow the corridor to the end that leads to a room with many tools for hot sex. Victoria takes Charlotte and ties her to the wall rack with leather bindings. Shania Twain and Phoebe Cates take Alyssa to a stretch rack to bind her to it. They roll the rollers and playfully kiss Alyssa’s breasts. Getting more serious, Phoebe bites the nipples as Miss Milano shrieks at the treatment she now is receiving. Meanwhile Victoria who is still grumbling, but gets active with the program whips a bound Charlotte until red welts from in the body of the blonde former soap star. Tossing the whip aside Vickie licks the areas that are bleeding and kisses her lips in between times. Moving lower, Vickie places her head inside the thighs of her younger lover and devours the pussy that smells so sweet. Charlotte cums many times and writhes in ecstasy as her red headed lover continues to have her way with her. Vickie unbinds her lover and waits to see what she has in store for her. Ray is watching every step and has ejaculated on his bed many times. He knows that with Vickie protesting every step of the way she will be the last to go.

Shania has unbound Alyssa with the help of Phoebe and have eaten each other out for nearly an hour. Phoebe slips between the opened legs of Miss Twain and fucks her hot Canadian cunt. As this goes on Charlotte and Vickie have made their way to that very spot to make it a five way sexual fantasy for Ray. He watches as the ladies fuck each other, whip each other and finally pass out from all the heated sex they have performed. Ray asks them one by one to return to their rooms. With the final one being Charlotte he joins her in her suite and gets her to blow him for all she is worth. His cock being extremely hard he ass fucks the blonde vixen over and over again. Finally his attention turns to her pussy as he devours the juices of her sweet hole before he fucks her hard and long. Ray leaves after a lengthy fuck to check on the other women. Seeing that they are resting quietly he seeks out Alyssa Milano for her treatment. He brings with him Strawberries, whipped cream and melted chocolate. Alyssa smiles at what might happen here and lies on the floor as the melted chocolate is poured on her breasts, navel and pussy. Ray begins at her pussy and slowly licks of the warm brown delectable delight. He occasionally places a strawberry and whipped cream on the areas he wants to enjoy the most. With the chocolate and cream licked off he fucks her ass first while she tells him how much she has enjoyed this interlude. He stands before her as Alyssa dips his cock in the chocolate and licks it off before she deep throats his sticky dick. Once the cream, fruit and chocolate are devoured, Alyssa throws open her thigh one more time and begs him to fuck her hot Georgia peach. A few hours later, ray is pleased with what Alyssa has done for him that the others will be released at the same time, as she will be. He makes one last meal for them and joins Vickie for her farewell performance. Ray insists that she only needs to deep throat him for the evening and then it is all over, but first she needs to use a cucumber in her pussy.

Victoria uses the vegetable in her twat, eats a few pieces off and uses get Ray to eat her and the cucumber while he eats her pussy. Ray slowly eats her pussy, ramming the vegetable in her cunt and eating it piece by piece until it is done. With that over and done, Ray turns her over to ass fuck the lady who will always be his favorite Dallas female star. Every ounce of strength is mustered as he completed the dream fuck of a lifetime. Once more he drives the ladies to the places he abducted them from and closes the house that was rented for the sexual fantasy of his life.

The End

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