Mind Controlled Sexy Celebs

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Mind Controlled Sexy Celebs

::::::Mind controlled sexy celebs, is going to be a series dedicated and to

promote my favorite celebrities. :::::

Aree Davis – The Haunted Mansion

Halle Berry – X-Men 1.5 / X-Men 2 / Monster’s Ball

Mind Controlled Sexy Celebs

By Jamell Goku

Written February 24, 2005

Halle Berry stepped into Aree Davis’ bedroom while she was sleeping. It was

around 10:00 pm and Aree’s night light was still on. Aree opened up her eyes

and squinted as she heard Halle Berry slowly open her bedroom door. Aree

Davis was in her
sexy long sleeved top, and long pants matching maroon

pajamas. When Aree could open her eyes fully, she saw the beautiful, the

gorgeous Halle Berry standing in her doorway wearing a sexy boob hugging

tight white tank top. She had her long silky brown hair straight and going

down. Halle was also wearing red short jean pants.

“My mission is to have sex with you, Aree.” Halle Berry told her in a voice

that had sounded like it had been controlled.

“Wow, you’re Halle Berry! I think you are so hot!” Aree said in her own

sexy voice. Aree was probably the hottest 14 year old actress in America.

She was beautiful. She had gorgeous hair, and although she was pretty, she

wasn’t very hot. Her breasts were only about an A cup, possibly a B. Halle

pulled her shirt over her head, and as Aree saw the beautiful Ms. Berry, her

nipples began to harden. She couldn’t resist the chance to have sex with the

sexy celebrity. Aree unbuttoned her pajama top and pulled it off. Halle

revealed a sexy black bra and Aree revealed an ordinary white trainings bra.

Halle reached behind her back slowly to undo her bra strap from the back.

Aree could almost feel herself drool as the Oscar winning Nubian actress

released her bra, as Aree watched Halle’s breasts bounce a bit before the

bra completely hit the floor and her breasts jiggled back in place. As Aree

removed her trainings bra, Halle walked up closer to the beautiful teenaged

actress. Halle pulled Aree’s face with both hands, closer to hers and gave

her a deep kiss right on the lips. Aree closed her eyes as she kissed her

lips with her. Halle released her lips from the other actress and looked at

her body up and down, and then back up again. There they were, two beautiful

actresses totally topless. Halle quickly pulled down Aree’s pants, and gave

Aree’s body a feel of a rushed lust. Halle kissed Aree’s cute belly button,

and then licked her upper stomach up to her chest. She ignored her nipples,

and licked up her neck and rolled her tongue on her chin. She kissed her on

the lips and then went down to licking her neck. Aree felt her hormones

rising, and with her hormones alone, she now didn’t have to think of what

she was “supposed” to do. While Halle was licking Aree’s neck, Aree pressed

her hands against Halle’s back and stroked her back with her hands. She let

out soft moans, while she let her tongue lick up and down her torso. Aree

suddenly felt INTENSE pleasure as she felt Halle’s tongue touch her

beautiful nipples. Halle let her tongue roll over her small firm breasts.

She then took Aree’s whole breast in her mouth and gave it a one second

suck. Aree felt one second of ecstasy when she felt her do that.

“Suck my boob, Halle.” Aree told Halle as her hands were now in Halle’s

hair. Halle took Aree’s whole A-cup boob in her mouth and began to suck. She

kept sucking her small tits as she swallowed every one point five seconds,

as she got a good amount of taste of her breasts. As Halle began to

alternate sucking Aree’s breasts, Aree reached down Halle’s body and grabbed

and squeezed her breasts. She played with both of her breasts,

simultaneously with one hand as Ms. Berry kept alternating sucking her small

firm tits.

Halle Berry then kissed the young celebrity on the lips, and then this

time, sticking her tongue in her mouth. Aree opened her mouth inviting the

Oscar winning Nubian queen into her mouth as they made out. Halle explored

her mouth with her tongue. Aree just went with the flow and let Halle lead

the show. Aree was enjoying every single thing that Halle was doing to her.

Words couldn’t describe the feeling of the moment of passion Aree was

feeling. She felt like she wanted the kiss to last forever. Aree started

exploring Halle’s mouth with her own now. Halle’s tongue was delicious, and

Halle felt mutual. Instinctively, Aree licked down the right side of Halle’s

neck and slowly rolled her tongue over the top of Halle’s breast. She licked

up and down her right nipple when she got to it. Then she took a whole

mouthful of her breast in her mouth and began to suck. Halle let out a soft

moan of excitement as she felt the teenaged actress suck her tits. Aree

sucked harder and harder. Then with Aree’s other hand, she moved her hand up

to her other breasts, and squeezed Halle’s soft tit and played with it. She

felt how soft her curves were and how hard her nipples were. She moved her

hand all over her tit, getting a good feel of how it feels. She thought it

was a good way to memorize how having sex with Halle Berry was. Halle arched

her head back enjoying the pleasure that little Ms. Davis was giving her.

After that, it was Halle’s other tits turn, and Aree began doing the same

with that breast. She sucked harder and harder, swallowing and savoring the

flavor of Halle’s tits. She squeezed her other breasts, and gave Halle a

delightful feeling.

“Lay down.” Halle said as she gestured to the bed with her head. Aree laid

down on her back slowly on the bed. Halle removed the 14 year old

actresses’s maroon pajamas and then her Yu Gi Oh panties. Halle spread

Aree’s legs with her hands and licked at her clit. She then pressed her

tongue against the outside of Aree’s pussy.

“Stick your tongue inside me, Halle!” Aree shouted out, even though what

she did already gave her goose bumps. She felt like she was on the stairway

to the gates of heaven. Halle decided she was going to tease her no longer.

She first spread her young pussy lips with her fingers, then she spit on her

tight pussy making it more slippery. Then she stuck her tongue into her

pussy and kept licking it. Aree felt so good, she had to bring her hands and

her fingers and touch her hard nipples. Aree played with her own small boobs

as she felt Halle exploring her hot wet teen pussy. Halle closed her mouth

on her tight little pussy as she sucked her juices, savoring the flavor of

her tasty pussy juice. Aree started to uncontrollably buck her hips, fucking

Halle’s mouth. This caused Halle to get extremely horny and began sucking

her pussy harder. Aree humped her mouth faster and faster and Halle was

loving it. Halle inserted a finger inside Aree’s tight little hole, and kept

sucking her pussy with her finger fucking her as she tasted her yummy pussy

juice. Aree Davis then finally shot a gushing orgasm inside of Halle’s

mouth. Halle then felt herself get really wet, and could feel her precum

dripping inside of her panties. Halle swallowed all the cum that Aree gave

to her mouth. At least she swallowed as much of it as she could. Halle

continued to suck and lick. Then with neither of the beautiful girls

suspecting it, Aree let loose a stream of hot yellow piss into the beautiful

Nubian girls mouth. Surprisingly, Halle drank up the juicy piss from the

young Aree. ‘I’m glad she’s not mad at me,’ Aree thought to herself about

peeing in her mouth. Halle swallowed every single last drop of Aree Davis’s


“Mission complete,” said Halle as she quickly got dressed and left Aree’s

bedroom and house.

“Thank you, Halle.” Aree said.

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