Fantasy Chamber

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Fic Title:Fantasy Chamber

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Email:[email protected]

Pairing:Teri Weigal/Christina Applegate/Jennifer Aniston


Summary:Jennifer Aniston arrives at Teri Weigal’s house to wish the porn star a happy birthday,unaware that she’s the actual birthday surprise.

Warnings:Drug Use,bondage,strong language,female/female sex


It was on the Twenty-Fourth day of February that a porn star named Teri Weigal was inside her Hollywood home laying bare-ass naked on her bed and carressing her firm breasts and hot,wet pussy.

“Aaaahhhh,yes!That’s it!Do it,Teri!Do it now!”,Teri
had said to herself,after she had placed her hand on her forehead.”Make me wanna cum!Do it before they get here!Aaaahhhh!”

And then,after she had started moving harder and faster and her moment of solo-sexual-pleasure was nearing its end,Teri had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion,just before a car had drove up to the house.

After it had stopped in front of the garage,Teri’s former MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN co-star,Christina Applegate and Christina’s FRIENDS co-star,Jennifer Aniston had gotten out of the car and walked up to the house.

“Are you sure that it’s okay for me to be here with you,Tina?”,asked a concerned Jennifer,just before Christina had let out a small giggle and answered,”Of course it’s okay,Jen.Besides,you need something to get your mind off of your being seperated from Brad.”

And after Jennifer had realized that Christina was right about her wanting to forget about her problems with her estranged husband,Brad Pitt,Christina had rang the doorbell,causing the door to open and a smiling Teri to appear in front of them and wearing only a bathrobe.

“Jen.Tina.Oooohhhh,I’m so glad to see you guys.”,said a happy Teri,while she was giving her two good friends a big hug.”Why don’t you two come on in and make yourselves at home?”

But then,after the two friends had walked into the house and an awestruck Jennifer had looked at how wonderful the inside of the house was,Teri had placed her hand on Christina’s shoulder and her lips close to Christina’s ear and whispered,”She has no idea what she’s really doing here,doesn’t she?”

“You’ve got that right,Teri.”,whispered Christina,after she had placed her hand on top of Teri’s.”Besides,I wouldn’t dare try to spoil your chance to have a very happy birthday.”

And then,after they’ve walked into the living room,a happy Jennifer had plopped herself down on the sofa and said,”Wow,Teri.Your house really looks great.As a matter of fact,I’m totally spellbound.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that,Jen.”,said Teri,after she had poured a drink for herself and her friends and mixed some white powder into Jennifer’s drink.”Now,it’s time for us to drink a toast to good friends.”

And after they’ve recieved their drinks and clinked their glasses together,the three girlfriends had swallowed down their drinks,only to have Jennifer suddenly feeling woozy and her head had started spinning around and around.

However,after she had apologized to Teri and Christina,got up from the sofa and took a few steps towards the front door,poor Jennifer had became so dizzy that she had no other choice,but to drop down to the floor and become unconscious.

Now,it had became unknown to Jennifer as to how long she had been out cold,but as soon as she had finally opened her eyes,Jennifer had made the shocking discovery that she has been stripped naked and tied to a bed in one of the bedrooms.

“HEY,WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!”,yelled an upset Jennifer,while she was trying to break herself free from her bondage.”CHRISTINA,IF YOU’RE OUT THERE,THIS IS NOT FUNNY,YOU SKANKY BITCH!”

But then,after the bedroom door had opened,Teri had walked into the room,opened her bathrobe,started carressing her breasts and pussy and said,”I’m sorry about having done what we’ve done to you,Jen.But at least,we’ll be able to help you with your problem with Brad.”

And then,just as she was about to say anything in objection,a nude Christina had walked into the room,placed her hands on Teri’s naked flesh,slowly licked her lips and said,”Welcome to our little fantasy chamber,Jen.There’s no need to resist your cravings anymore.Give in,Jen.Give in to the pleasure of true erotica.”

And after she had removed her robe and slowly moved herself over to the helpless Jennifer,Teri had placed her nude body on the very same bed and started licking all over Jennifer’s body–all the way down to her suddenly hot,wet pussy and carressing her suddenly firm breasts.

“Aaaahhhh!What are you doing to me?Please,Teri!Don’t do this!Stop!Oooohhhh,please don’t stop!”,said Jennifer,while Christina was carressing her own hot,moist snatch and stiff mounds.”Yeeeessss!That’s it!Do it,Teri!Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”

And then,at that exact moment,after Christina had started rubbing her body against Teri’s,Jennifer had suddenly realized that even though she was still in love with Brad,she was experiencing something that she hadn’t experienced with another woman before,for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica–and enjoying every minute of it.

Just then,after Christina had placed herself in front of Jennifer and started rubbing their pussies against each other,Teri had placed herself over Jennifer’s face and allowed Jennifer to suck on her cunt,while Teri had started sucking on Christina’s bare toes.

“AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT’S IT!DO IT,YOU SKANKY BITCHES!”,yelled a sexually-energized Christina,after Teri had placed her hands on Christina’s naked thigh.”FUCK ME!I WANT THE BOTH OF YOU TO FUCK ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!”

And then,after they’ve started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached the last scene in Teri’s last porn video,the three newfound lesbian lovers had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were all finally able to catch their breath and her two newfound lovers had placed their heads on Jennifer’s chest,Teri had gently placed her hand on Jennifer’s bare shoulder,let out a sigh and asked,”Well,Jen?Are you feeling any better?”

And then,after she had given that question some thought,Jennifer had looked at Teri,let out a smile and answered,”As a matter of fact,Teri.I do feel better.I want to thank you for that…and to wish you a happy birthday.”

And after her two friends had snuggled-up to her,Jennifer,Teri and Christina had fallen asleep within each other’s naked arms,while the rest of Hollywood had kept on doing its normal daily routine.

Just then,on the very next day,Jennifer had picked-up the phone,called Brad and asked him to come over and try to talk everything out with her.

And well,I don’t know about you folks,but if you were to ask me,all I could say is that with a good amount of luck,both Brad Pitt and his loving wife,Jennifer Aniston would be able to work it all out.


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