Jenny Vs Bo Derek

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Bo studied the script again, she wanted to be sure she had the right idea about the caracter she was playing, an
aging beuaty, past her prime, trying to keep her husband while his golddigging Secratary tried every trick in the
book to win him from her. Jenny was playing the part of the conniving Secratary, which Bo thought fitted her well.
She rose and looked in the mirror at her still very sexy body as the phone rang. A few minutes later she was
fuming, the nerve of that little blonde bimbo making remarks about how perfect Bo was for the part, it reflecting
her real life! Well she had no intention of leeting those or the other
chioce remarks Jenny had made at her
expense while partying at The LimeLight.

It took only 2 calls and her front doorbell was ringing 3 hours later as the stunning looking blonde Jenny floated
past her as if on air. “Well, old lady lets get this over with, I have a hair appointment at 3 o’clock. Jenny tossed
her hair before putting it in a scrunchee, then she striped to her bra and panties and stood waiting in the living
room for Bo to get prepared. Bo’s lithe body looked well toned as she raised her fists and charged at Jenny! Jenny
sent kicks at Bo, keeping her from using her hard punching to any advantage but took a hard kick to her belly from
Bo that drove her backwards 2 steps before she recovered just in time for Bo to slam her in the right tit, knocking
it from it’s cup as Jenny grimaced in pain and brought her arm up to block a similar blow to her other tit from
landing. Jenny rammed her heel into Bo’s belly then a kick slammed into Bo’s right tit so painfully she almost quit!
Another kick rocked her as her stomach groaned in pain from the force of the blow and before Bo could couter it,
Jenny rammed her forearm into Bo’s chest taking the older woman by surprise as she was unleasing a kick at
Jenny’s side. The younger blonde snatched her older rival’s leg in her arm and twisting it around manuavered Bo to
the floor by it painfully!

Jenny tried to get a figure four headlock on Bo as she struggled under her, she got one leg around her neck when
Bo ripped some punches into her tits, distracting her long enough for Bo to wriggle out from the hold before Jenny
could lock her up. Jenny grabbed at Bo’s hair and tugged her head slamming it against the floor, stunning the older
actress as the young blonde stradddled her rival and slapped and punched at her tits and face. Bo, her face
twisted in pain at Jenny’s assault,still managed to reach up and grab at the exposed right tit of the little blonde
hellcat, sinking her nails into it as Jenny cried out and grabbed at her hand! Bo tore the titflesh around as Jenny
tried to free her battered mammary from Bo’s clutches! A fist to Jenny’s eye would be quite black soon and
another fist to her mouth that had her lip cut and bleeding, garanteed she would not being shooting any movies
this month.

Bo used her tit hold to tug Jenny off her perch and was soon wraping her well toned legs around Jenny’s waist as
she tossed Jenny now useless top to the side, the muscles standing out as she squeezed with every ounce of her
strength, relishing in the cries that soon escape from Jenny’s mouth as her ribs are crushed in Bo’s viselike legs!
Jenny grabs at each of Bo’s boobs before she can stop her and begins wrenching the flesh around in her strong
fingers as Bo’s face shows the agony from her young rival’s assailing of her tits!

They struggle to crush the other in each way till Jenny’s sides can take no more and brings her fists down onto
Bo’s belly over and over till she is forced to release her foe adding a nails first slap to Bo’s right tit leaving a long
gash from one of her nails as Bo’s cries out and cover’s her boob from any further attack as she reluctantly open’s
her legs letting Jenny escape. Jenny suddenly dives on Bo and they roll around the floor as each tries to gain the
advantage. They lock together on the floor in a mutual bearhug as thier tits grind against each other, the trapped
boobs oozing out all over as they are constantly crushed and grinded. Bo’s tits are soon overwhelmed by the
younger blonde’s firmer and larger 38C cups as Jenny enjoyed her domination, they made it to thier knees and
they engaged in some mutual tit boxing and again Jenny’s boob’s were too much for Bo’s and she drove her older
rival back in pain. Jenny tried for a breats smother, planting her large boobs across Bo’s face, luxuriating in Bo’s
muffled curses. She raises up off Bo’s fcae to enjoy her look of defeat, screaming when Bo bings her fists
together, trapping her tits between them, repeating the move as Jenny tries to pull her chest out of range
frantically and losing the race as again Bo’s fists crash together crushing titflesh painfully between them and
sending a hurt Jenny falling to her side in agony!

Bo slowly crawls over to her devestated foe and astride the now sobbing Jenny, she slaps the bruised and
battered boobs around as Jenny roars in agony, tears streaming down her pretty face. “Guees you won;t make
that hair appiontment, you little bitch!!!!!!”, ramming her fist into Jenny’s cunt as she says so! Jenny is yelling
incoherently after 2 more savage blows to her cunt from the now victorious Bo as she lowers her chest down and
titsmother’s poor Jenny into unconciousness with her smaller chest, the ultimate insult for Jenny!!!!

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