The Harem: Episode 15 – Book Two: The Four Lapdances

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Wow, I really made you guys (and girls…can’t forget the ladies now) sweat this one out, didn’t I? After all this waiting you probably were wondering if I was ever going to get back to writing Harem. I mean leaving you like that, with Sarah tied down to a chair in front of a room filled with horny girls, and then not posting more for two whole weeks. You should have called Amnesty International on me. I swear, this torture would have made me fit right in at Guantanamo Bay.

Well I just hope you can forgive me for making you wait all this time for more of the story. Hopefully what you are about to witness will
make it worth the wait.

Let’s do a little plot recap first, because there sure as hell aint gonna be no plot in this section of the story. We took care of that. Sarah was holding the secret that she was going to move out of Malibu and never look back as soon as she married Freddie, but that wasn’t weighing on her mind. Rather what was eating the former slayer alive was the fact that all her friends and housemates had banded together to prevent her from achieving sexual pleasure. No girl love. No toys. Not even a lousy cucumber. Zilch for poor Sarah. Of course there was method to her madness as Alyson’s party plans down in Jamaica showed. Both experienced and inexperienced girls alike were invited down for the party Sarah didn’t know about. Some knew what they were getting into and others were in for a rather eye opening experience.

There was also some drama as Rose finally stood up to Jaime, refusing to help her escape the kidnapping charges that kept the psycho blonde behind bars. Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner had their bliss shattered when Jennifer found out that Jessica didn’t want to be her girlfriend and Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku hoped their bliss was about to begin as they crept closer to their fantasy of sharing Sarah.

And speaking of Sarah, her sexual deprivation had left her close to madness and whatever relief she felt when she was surprised with the party was quickly forgotten when she found herself tied to a chair awaiting the rather unique celebration that had been designed for her.

That was right where we left off so be prepared to pick up on the action without much more ado. If you need to catch up before the fun starts you can do it at either or

Now there is some housecleaning. First, my annual cry for feedback. You guys (and girls) are incredible when it comes to feedback, but like an addict I want more. This was a hell of a story to write and it really took it out of me. My heart and soul and probably my sanity are in these words here. Look at it this way, I started writing this particular scene you are about to read the day the Democratic Convention started. And I am only posting it today. It wasn’t easy and I would love to know what you think of the fruits of my labors. Please, please, please send me email at [email protected]

For the thank yous. As always thanks go to KayJay for taking the time to read this and give me suggestions as well as notice grammatical and spelling errors. I know it must have been tough on him to read about non stop lesbian celebrity sex, but he’s a gamer and he plays hurt. Kudos to him. Thanks again to Jen for her encouragement when I thought there was no way I was ever going to finish this thing. Sometimes the end seemed so far away, but she always kept me from getting lost as I muddled through an inch at a time.

And now here’s your favorite part. The disclaimers. This story is entirely fictional. There is no mansion in Malibu where beautiful, female celebrities get together and fuck each other silly. It’s not true. We all wish it was, but this is just a creation of my imagination. Also, this story cannot be viewed by impressionable minds under the age of 18. We live in a hard, harsh world and that means no porn for the young ones, as much as they might want it. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

All right…enough babble. It’s story time.

The Harem

Episode 15

Book Two

“The Four Lapdances”


“Take a seat Sarah,” Rose said, pushing Sarah down in the chair.

“Huh? What’s going on?” Sarah demanded, still not feeling very happy at all with Rose.

“It’s time for the real party to start,” Rose replied as Sarah sat down in the chair. They were pretty much in the middle of the room now and Sarah was the only one sitting down, but she didn’t think much of it until she tried to get up.

“Ohhhh no, you’re not going anywhere,” Alyson giggled wickedly as she came up from behind Sarah. Rose pressed down on Sarah’s shoulders to keep her from getting away and Alyson pulled out two silk scarves from her bag. She tied Sarah’s wrists to the chair arms, holding them down as the blonde resisted.

“Aly? What the hell are you doing?” Sarah asked. “Let me go.”

“Not yet,” Alyson replied. “You can’t go anywhere yet. It’s time for the fun to really start.”

Alyson gave the agreed upon hand signal to Christina and she stopped the music coming from the stereo with an ugly scratch on the record. The sudden silence got everyone’s attention, especially when they turned around and saw Sarah struggling against the tight knots Alyson had made to bind her wrists to the chair.

“Ok everyone…this is the part you’ve all been waiting for!” Alyson announced to the cheers to the assembled girls. “Time to show Sarah what she’s giving up by getting married!”

Sarah suddenly felt a surge of fear up her spine. Had her friends had figured out she was moving away from the mansion after the wedding and that this was some sort of elaborate punishment for her? But then just as quickly she relaxed. She hadn’t told anyone. How could they know? Besides, they wouldn’t do anything to hurt her…would they?

Before Sarah could think about it any more, Alyson continued.

“Since Sarah insists on getting married to Freddie,” Alyson declared, as boos rained down from all over the room at the sound of his name. “It’s our duty as her sexy little group of fuck buddies to show her exactly what she’s going to be missing. So let the torture begin!”

Michelle Trachtenberg was wondering if her ears were working right as she gawked at Sarah tied to the chair. Had Alyson just said “fuck buddies?” She had to have heard that wrong. What the hell was going on here? Michelle looked around her and saw everyone staring at Sarah with hungry looks that made the teen slightly uncomfortable. Then she saw Amber and Emma looking just as confused as she was and she moved closer to them.

“Torture?” Sarah meekly replied from her chair. She still struggled, but Alyson’s efficient knots were too tight for her to escape. “What are you going to do? Haven’t you tortured me enough the past day?”

“Sweetie, the fun hasn’t even started yet,” Rose teased as she gave Sarah’s face a gentle caress. “Chrissy, you’re on.”

“Sweet,” Christina said as she walked down toward Sarah, boldly displaying her nude body to her housemate and anyone else who cared to stare. “You’re gonna love this Sarah. Now what would a bachelorette party be without some strippers? But I don’t think any of us want some oily guys coming in here and waving their dicks in our faces. Do we?”

The resounding cry of “NO!” from the audience brought a smile to Christina’s face and she giggled before continuing.

“But we’ve gotta have some strippers? Right?” Christina asked and there was a loud “YES!”

“So I took the liberty of arranging this particular piece of entertainment for you Sarah,” Christina said. “Originally it was supposed to be someone else, I’ll admit, but then gimpy went and fucked up her knee…”

“HEY!!!” Britney yelped from the audience as Christina broke her promise to her. The pop singer playfully stuck out her tongue and razzed her lover before continuing.

“So I had to go get an old friend of mine to help me,” Christina said, leaning right into Sarah’s face. “So coming to you straight from the Moulin Rouge…Mya!”

Sarah gasped when the side door to the ballroom opened up and the lithe, cocoa skinned R&B singer did indeed saunter inside. She had stayed silent the whole way through Christina’s shtick, but now that the singer was finished, words failed Sarah.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Even though she was tied up and not happy at all to be in this position, Sarah felt her pussy moistening the closer Mya got to her.

The crowd was also pretty shocked to see the singer join them. None of them had any idea that the video shoot for “Lady Marmalade” had resembled a lesbian orgy at times and Christina and Mya had been the chief instigators.

As Mya walked in slowly, making sure they could all drink in the sight of her, she saw Beyonce Knowles looking like her jaw was about to hit the floor and Mya took the liberty of blowing her fellow singer a kiss. She hadn’t known Beyonce was going to be here, but it was all good as far as Mya was concerned. She was just here to have a good time and didn’t care who was on the guest list as long as they were hot and as long as they were into pussy.

“Hey girl,” Mya purred into Sarah’s ear as she leaned down and kissed her cheek. It was the first time they had ever been formally introduced, but that didn’t stop either girl from undressing the other with her eyes.

By now Christina had hopped back to her DJ station and started up the music. It took Sarah a moment to recognize the opening beats of N.E.R.D.’s Lapdance, but that was only because she was too busy staring at Mya.

Mya reacted to the start of the music by starting to move her body sensuously to the music. She was dressed in a short white dress and she began to grind herself to the beat, wishing for a stripper’s pole to grab onto, but settling for the chair Sarah was kept prisoner in.

As Pharrell sang about what a dirty dog he was, Mya bent herself over to show Sarah and the crowd that the dress barely went past the cheeks of her ass. She playfully flipped up the dress to give them a quick ass shot before letting it all back down and getting back to work.

Sarah gasped and moaned when Mya suddenly threw herself onto her lap. She had been dancing for the first bit of the song and Sarah’s eyes had been locked to her every move, but as soon as the chorus began and the female backup singers told her that she could get this lapdance here for free, Mya was grinding her ass into Sarah and running her hands all over her body.

“Gawwwwwwwwwwd…” Sarah groaned as Mya’s movements reminded her of just how horny she was.

Her body ached for stimulation and every thrust and grind of Mya’s firm, slim body against hers was indeed torture because Sarah couldn’t do anything about the arousal soaking her panties. She so badly wanted to undo the button of her shorts and just slide her hand in so she could properly enjoy Mya’s show, but the scarves restraining her hands prevented that.

“You like that baby?” Mya whispered in Sarah’s ear. “You like this ass grinding into your lap? You like feeling my titties pressing to your chest? Is it making you nice and wet in that sweet little pussy of yours?”

“Yesssssss…” Sarah hissed. “Fuck yesssss…you know I like it. Touch me Mya. Please! You’re getting me so hot!”

“Uh uh…not yet,” Mya playfully teased, pulling herself off of Sarah when the chorus ended. The song continued and Mya kept dancing to the rap beat. The song got a little faster and so did Mya. She showed off Sarah all her best moves, bending and flexing herself to tease the imprisoned actress with all the positions she potentially work herself into.

The show wasn’t just making Sarah hot. It was having quite an effect on the audience as well. All talking had ceased and everyone was just staring at Mya teasing Sarah, especially when the singer pushed the dress off one of her shoulders and then did the same to the other one. The dress began to drop, but Mya didn’t let it get past her chest. She kept the tease going.

All around her, people were staring, either in complete shock that a famous singer was stripping and giving Sarah Michelle Gellar a lap dance or in total, panting lust for this woman. Britney’s hands reached around to squeeze Christina’s bare breasts, tugging at her nipple piercing and making her moan. Kirsten was also moaning as Eliza kissed at her neck and other girls were forming their own close couplings.

Jewel pressed herself against Beyonce’s back, whispering in her ear how she wanted to get her naked and do a threesome with her and Mya. Alyssa pushed Jessica Biel’s hand to her bikini bottoms and told the actress to rub her dampening crotch. Rose’s tits were barely held in by her red bikini and she slowly began caressing them, making her nipples harden against the material. It seemed everywhere girls were moaning which just made those uneducated in the ways of the mansion more nervous.

But Sarah couldn’t hear their moans; all she was focused on was her own arousal. She felt like her pussy was going to explode from neglect, especially as the song continued and Mya pushed her dress past her chest, revealing that she had neglected to wear a bra. Sarah let out a needy moan when Mya’s naked tits were exposed to her and her need only got worse when the lapdance chorus began again and the singer pushed herself right back into Sarah’s lap.

Every time the singer moaned, “Oooooh baby you want me…” Mya grinded herself against Sarah’s body. Her white dress clung tightly to what little of her body it covered and Mya made sure her bare breasts were right in Sarah’s face.

Mya rubbed herself against the actress harder with each moan she drew from her. Mya moved lower to rub her firm tits against Sarah’s mouth, making sure her lips grazed the hard, dark nipples that capped them off. Sarah couldn’t help herself and opened her mouth, sucking Mya’s breast right inside.

“Oooooooooh good girl…suck that titty,” Mya moaned as she played with Sarah’s long blonde hair. “I’m not going to touch your tits, but I want you sucking mine. Mmmmm show me you’re as good as Chrissy says you are. Taste those hard nipples Sarah. Mmmmmm they’re so hard for you baby.”

Sarah desperately wanted Mya to touch her and ordinarily she wouldn’t have done this knowing she wasn’t going to get any payback, but she couldn’t help herself. She hungered too much for the flesh of another woman and she pushed her face into Mya’s firm chest. She sucked one breast and then the other, longing for the chance to use her hands. But she was denied that chance and when the chorus ended and Mya pulled her breasts away, Sarah groaned in aroused agony.

Mya ignored her groan, though, and continued dancing through the rapping and the song’s beat. This last part was her favorite part of the song and she writhed herself near Sarah, getting so close to her again, but not touching the needy girl.

“Amber…what…what’s going on?” Michelle frantically asked her former co-star, grabbing at her hand.

Amber had to stop herself from moaning audibly when the teen touched her. God, she was getting so unbelievably horny watching this. Part of it was from shock and part of it was just from how unbelievably sexy it was to see Mya tease Sarah and for the blonde girl to be so visibly aroused.

“I don’t know…” Amber answered in a whisper. She had no idea what was going on, but she loved seeing it.

Was Sarah into girls? It wasn’t possible. But she had just been sucking Mya’s breasts and loving it. A quick glimpse around the room saw a lot of aroused women and Amber’s pussy got wetter over the thought that this might be more than a simple party. But right now she had no answers for Michelle. She just wanted to watch the show.

When the song got the most sexual part, where the lyrics turned to panties being dropped and “first class fucking,” Mya knew it was time to lose the dress.

She bent herself over again and showed the bottom curves of her ass cheeks to her rapt audience as she pushed the dress down her chest and off her body. Mya stood up to let the dress fall all the way off and left herself standing there only in her heels and the thinnest of black g-strings. She bent over again, letting the dental floss of a bottom disappear into her ass cheeks and them, as the chorus began again, she fell right back into Sarah’s lap.

This time she grinded even harder against Sarah, delighting in the feeling of the girl’s wetness soaking through her shorts and rubbing against her bare skin. Sarah was moaning wildly now as Mya rubbed her almost bare ass into her crotch.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” Mya said sensuously into Sarah’s ear. “When Chrissy told me she was fucking you, I didn’t believe her. Mmmmmm now I’m glad I was wrong. Just you wait baby, I’m going to get my tongue in your tight little hole before the night is through.”

Sarah nearly came just from Mya’s words, but the song ended right after she said it and the singer hopped off Sarah’s lap, offering no further stimulation to the horny girl.

“Nooooooo…” Sarah moaned, but there wasn’t going to be any second chance. The song was over and so was Sarah’s time with Mya. The song had only been about three and a half minutes long, but because she hadn’t been able to touch, it had felt like three hours to Sarah. The sexual teasing had left her pussy soaked and now Mya was gone before she could get any relief.

“Calm down Sarah,” Alyson grinned as she saw her best friend frantically tugging against her restraints. “This is just getting started. Let’s bring in the next girl.”

“Ooooh yeah, you’re going to love this one,” Rose promised wickedly. “This girl is a real pro and she’s someone you’re already well acquainted with. So without further delay, I give you…Felecia!”

Sarah at first thought she’d heard Rose wrong, but when the door opened and the adult film superstar walked through with a happy smile on her face, Sarah felt like she was going to melt into her chair. All the memories of the night she and Love spent at the strip club alone in that champagne room with Felecia and her amazing tongue came flooding back.

Felecia strode in wearing a short yellow dress and long yellow gloves that went all the way up her arms. Love was standing right by the door and, before she even got to Sarah, Felecia gave the girl a long, hot kiss. When Felecia pulled away, Love was left blushing and smiling from ear to ear and the porn star turned her attention to the guest of honor.

On cue, Christina started the music and Billy Idol’s Flesh For Fantasy began. Felecia grinned and stood right before Sarah, immediately moving her body to the music. She didn’t waste time and when Billy asked if she liked good music and liked to dance, Felecia began peeling her gloves off.

Sarah hungered to see every inch of Felecia once again. God, it had been so hot that night in the club. Sarah could still remember how good it had felt to dress up in those guy clothes and feel Felecia’s nude body, grinding against hers until she could take no more and they had fallen into a kiss.

All the rules had gone out the window and soon Sarah had her pussy spread wide for Felecia’s tongue. She had soaked her pretty face with cream and now those memories were only adding to the torture of her sexual frustration.

Felecia tossed her gloves away and danced right in front of Sarah, not offering any real contact, but getting so close that Sarah could have reached out and grabbed her if her arms hadn’t been restrained. Sarah once again pulled at the scarves, but she just couldn’t break free. Felecia continued dancing to the music, almost hypnotizing Sarah with her slow movements and sensual grinding.

“I need you…” Sarah moaned, her voice barely audible to anyone but Felecia, who smiled but didn’t touch her. Instead, Felecia continued to dance and slowly began inching up her short yellow dress.

The music continued and Sarah heard the words burning into her brain.

“Face to face…and back to back…you see and feel my sex attack…” Billy sang as Sarah moaned along.

This was a sex attack. All of Sarah’s senses were being inundated with sex…the one thing they weren’t letting her have. Sarah had never been this needy before. She longed to even feel Mya’s teasing lapdance again because that at least involved contact against her body. Felecia wasn’t even touching her…just teasing her with the sight of her flesh and Sarah couldn’t take it.

Finally, as Billy began his second verse, Felecia approached Sarah and leaned in to kiss her. It was like electricity when their lips touched. Felecia’s long hair was in a ponytail, but she pulled it free and let it fly all over Sarah’s face as they kissed. Then Felecia tossed her head back and pulled away again, leaving Sarah’s lips pursed and agonizingly unsatisfied.

Drinking in the stares of her horny audience, Felecia continued to inch up her dress until she exposed the white panties she wore underneath. The song continued as Billy went into the chorus again and Felecia continued her expert tease.

She moved her dress up higher and higher until her bra was exposed too, complete with hard nipples straining against it. Everyone marveled at her tight, firm dancer’s body and Felecia finished pulling her dress over her head and tossed it away, leaving herself standing in a white, lacy bra and panties set.

Felecia turned her attention back to Sarah, getting down on her hands and knees and crawling to her as the arousal of her audience was ratcheted up higher. Cameron had sought out Jennifer Aniston and was nuzzling her neck with her lips and nose as the actress moaned and Elisha looked on in complete shock at her friend’s actions. Hilary felt her whole body tingle. This was the first stripper she had ever seen and she wondered if Lindsay’s nipples were getting as hard as hers were under her bikini.

Avril was grinding her ass into Michelle Branch’s body, a gesture that resulted in moans from both girls and Michelle moving her hands up to Avril’s face to turn her around for a kiss. Angelina eyed each and every girl in her sight, knowing how easily she could just tug down the bottoms to Natalie Portman’s bikini and feast on her cream while fingering Shakira’s wetness. Everyone’s lust was growing, but no one went for it yet. They just watched for now.

Felecia now had herself right in Sarah’s lap, giving her the contact that she had so craved. But this contact was no relief to Sarah’s overheating body. Felecia expertly grinded herself against her body, making Sarah shiver with need in the chair. Sarah’s throat was dry. She wanted to say so much. She wanted to beg Felecia to touch her…to take off her shorts and panties and lick her as well as she had that night in the club. But she couldn’t. All she could do was breathlessly moan as Felecia rubbed herself into her.

“You know…you asked me that night if I did private parties,” Felecia giggled as she reached around her back for her bra clasp. “I really don’t…but I made an exception for you…just for you…”

Felecia then pulled her bra off, exposing her tits and the pale tan lines that were so distinctive on her body. She giggled again and playfully placed the bra on top of Sarah’s head before tracing her finger down Sarah’s heaving chest. Even though Sarah had a bra on, her nipples were still poking against her shirt.

“I’d do anything for you Sarah…” Felecia grinned, which elicited a simple request from Sarah that came out too garbled to be understood.

“What was that baby? What do you want?” Felecia asked as Billy sang about how we all wanted flesh for fantasy.

“Fu…fuh…fuck me…” Sarah desperately groaned. “Please…”

“Anything but that,” Felecia said with another sexy giggle. She pushed the bra off Sarah’s head and it hit the floor just as Felecia pulled away. The veteran porn star showed off her stripper moves, tantalizing even those who had never before tasted girl flesh, as she danced and bent herself over, lowering her panties in the process.

This left Felecia stark naked and just as Billy was finishing up the song, once again asking if you liked good music and liked to dance, she put one of her legs on the chair and spread her pussy lips open for Sarah with her finger, rubbing herself and then sliding her fingers into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm…” Felecia grinned as she tasted herself. Sarah was left with nothing but soft, needy cries falling from her mouth as the dancer disappeared into her audience.

“How you feel baby?” Alyson asked, lovingly caressing Sarah’s forehead and brushing her matted blonde hair away. Sarah’s whole face was flushed and glowing with sweat. “You were right. Felecia is a hottie.”

“Please…please Aly,” Sarah begged her best friend, her voice tiny. “No more…”

“Sorry Sarah, we’re not even close to done yet,” Rose grinned as Sarah groaned in agony. “This will teach you to go and get married on us. Now we get to really show you what you’re going to be missing when you’re off spending your nights with that cock for brains and not with us and our sweet little pussies. Chrissy, you’re up.”

“Mmmm I’ve been waiting for this,” Christina said with a lick of her lips as she walked down and left Britney in charge of the DJ duties. “Play my music baby!”

Britney did as she was told and a very familiar song filled the room. Sarah had heard it around the mansion enough times to know it by heart and, even in her desperate state, she did have to shake her head. Only Christina would do this. Only she would dance to her own music. Christina saw the look she was getting and giggled.

“What can I say? I’m a dirrty girl,” Christina grinned as Dirrty began playing on the stereo.

“Ring the alarm…I’m throwing elbows…ring the alarm…I’m throwing elbows…”

Christina placed her body right in front of Sarah’s as her song played, placing her hands on top of hers and squeezing gently as she gripped the arms of the chair for support. Christina seductively waved her body in the air, making sure Sarah drank in every inch of her bare flesh with her horny eyes.

Unlike Mya or Felecia, Christina didn’t have any clothes to strip off so instead she raunched her dance up to a degree that almost had Sarah bouncing in her chair. Christina pulled her hands off of Sarah’s and began rubbing them all over her naked body as she sang along with herself.

“Oooooh I’m overdue…gimmie some room…coming through,” Christina sang as she touched herself, rubbing her bare breasts and hardening her nipples for Sarah’s enjoyment. “Paid my dues and I’m in the mood…me and my girls gonna shake the room.”

Sarah barely heard the song, even though it was playing loud enough for people on the beach to probably hear. All she could do was stare at Christina and try not to drool too visibly. Christina kept singing and shaking her body, jiggling her enhanced chest and turning around to spank her bare, sculpted ass. Sarah moaned as Christina struck her own ass and she did it again, drawing further aroused cries from the imprisoned actress.

“Like that baby?” Christina asked, sucking on her finger and then rubbing it all over her tits to leave a glistening trail of saliva for Sarah to gawk at. “Bet you wish you were spanking me. Mmmm is that what you want Sarah? To spank my naughty, slutty ass for being a bad girl and stealing your sex toys?”

Sarah’s eyes bugged out at the admission.

“That’s right it was me,” Christina giggled, continuing to move to the music as the chorus played and Christina begged to sweat until her clothes came off. “Mmmm I stole all your goodies. Me and your little friend Love. We didn’t want you wasting all that precious pussy juice on your toys when you could be giving it all to us at the party. It was so much fun watching you suffer. But you’re not mad anymore, are you Sarah? Cause right now all you want to do is fuck me, right?”

Sarah tried to open her mouth and speak but when she did, Christina covered it in a sizzling kiss. Christina offered Sarah her tongue and the actress greedily accepted it, sucking it into her mouth as Christina’s bare breasts pressed against her, rubbing her clothed tits and making Sarah’s whole body shiver in pleasure. Sarah knew Christina was right. She’d be angry later. Right now all Sarah wanted…no needed…was to fuck and be fucked until she couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’ll bet you’re so fucking horny for pussy right now that you can’t stand it,” Christina correctly guessed, pulling herself onto Sarah’s lap and humping her in tune to the music. “It must be hell for you right now to be this close to a hot piece of ass like me and not be able to fuck me.”

“Ughhhhhhhhhhh…please,” Sarah groaned, hating and loving this teasing. There was a visible dark spot on her shorts now from her sodden pussy. She couldn’t take much more and then Christina just made it worse.

“Tight hip huggers…low for show…shake a little something on the floor,” Christina sang in Sarah’s ear as she reached down and touched herself, sliding two fingers into her pierced pussy. “I need that shit to get me off…sweat until my clothes come off…”

Christina then proved what a dirrty girl she could be when she pulled her juicy fingers out of her snatch and held them up to Sarah’s face.

“Is this what you want baby?” Christina teased, proving to Sarah that she had learned well as Rose’s protégé. “Sweet pussy juice? Is this what you want on your tongue? The taste of my hot little cunt…mmmmm I know you do.”

As the stunned and aroused audience watched, Christina pressed her fingers tantalizingly close to Sarah’s lips, only to yank them away before the actress could extend her tongue.

“Ah ah ahhh…not yet,” Christina evilly chastised. She then took her coated fingers and rubbed her juice right under Sarah’s nose so it filled her nostrils with the taste she couldn’t have. Sarah groaned in agony and defeat over Christina’s move and the singer continued to clean her fingers off on Sarah’s face. She rubbed her juices onto Sarah’s cheeks and chin and under her eyes and on her nose…everywhere but her lips.

“Bitch…” was the only word Sarah could push past her lips. Her whole body felt weak with sexual hunger. Her brain was buzzing and her insides on fire. But there was nothing she could do to satisfy herself. Her hands remained restrained.

This was a hundred times worse than the agony of having to go without her toys. At least then she wasn’t being actively stimulated. Now all Sarah was getting was stimulation and she began wondering if she could somehow will her pussy to orgasm without even a single touch.

“Holy shit,” Emma gasped as she witnessed the hot show. Michelle was standing right between her former co-stars and she saw how floored Emma and Amber were. The teenager had no idea how to react or what to do. She couldn’t believe Sarah was a lesbian, but she was acting like one. How could she let them do those things to her if she didn’t like it? It sure looked like she was a lesbian.

Michelle then heard a moan behind her and she turned around and gasped. Eliza had one hand squeezing Kirsten’s breasts through her top and another sliding under her bottoms to get at her. Michelle couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was like everyone was turning into a lesbian. And when she turned back around and saw Emma and Amber kissing like girlfriends she nearly fainted.

All around the room the lust kept going, but no one was really at it yet. They were waiting…waiting for Sarah to lose it. There was kissing and touching all over the room. Lindsay felt like she must have hit her head or something because she had to be dreaming this. This couldn’t be real.

“Hilary!” Lindsay hissed in a whispered voice so she didn’t bring attention to herself. “What the fuck kind of party did you bring me to?”

“What’s the matter?” Hilary giggled as she rubbed her own breasts through her bikini top. “Aren’t they hot enough?”

Lindsay couldn’t believe it. If a feather hit her, it would send her sprawling on the ground. Hilary too? That was impossible. No way that girl was a lesbian! This had to be a joke. Lindsay was expecting Ashton Kutcher to pop out any second and tell her she’d been Punk’D…again. But he never did. Instead things just got more lesbo.

Everywhere Lindsay looked she saw girls about to dyke it out. Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba were making out like they kissed each other every night. Katie Holmes was being felt up by Anna Kournikova. Beyonce Knowles was having her top pulled down by Jewel. Charisma Carpenter was licking the side of Shannon Elizabeth’s face. It was unbelievable! It had to be a dream! It just had to be!

But it was too real…especially for Sarah. Every second Christina sat on her lap, giggling and grinding her ass into her was torture. There was no relief in sight. Every time Sarah thought she was going to maybe get off from the grind, Christina would stop and tease and tempt her with the sight of her nude body.

When Redman’s rap finished and Christina let out one last “What?” the song ended and Christina slowly pulled her body off of Sarah’s. Sarah’s head fell back against her shoulder and she groaned again and again, in desperate need of attention. If it was possible to die from overarousal, Sarah knew she was a good candidate for just that fate.

For one last tease, Christina rubbed her slit again, coating her fingers with glaze. She held them close to Sarah’s lips, but this time the actress didn’t even try. She knew she wouldn’t be allowed to taste. Christina then gave up and sucked her fingers clean in her own mouth.

“Yummy,” Christina grinned before turning around and giving her bare ass a shake for Sarah.

“No more…” Sarah moaned again. “Please Aly…mercy…please…”

“We can’t stop now,” Alyson giggled. “Not when your next girl is ready. She can’t wait to play with you”

“Who?” Sarah weakly asked.

“Me,” Rose laughed wickedly before snapping her fingers. Britney did her thing and started the music as Rose pressed her bikini clad body against Sarah, the unmistakable sounds of Nine Inch Nails’s Closer filling the room.

“You let me violate you…” Rose sang along to the lyrics, rubbing herself against Sarah with every word. “You let me desecrate you…you let me penetrate you…you let me complicate you…”

To accompany the penetration line, Rose gave Sarah’s pussy a hard slap through her shorts. Sarah moaned in ecstasy when she felt it. It stung, but it also felt so fucking good to have anything touch her pussy. Sarah was surprised she didn’t just come from the slap. Having Rose’s hands on her body, but still not achieving orgasm was leaving Sarah in hell. It brought her right to the edge of pleasure, but Rose wouldn’t pull her off and it only got worse when the song got to the chorus.

“I want to fuck you like an animal…” Rose gleefully sang along with Trent Reznor. “I want to feel you from the inside. I want to fuck you like an animal! My whole existence is flawed…you get me closer to God!”

Rose spit the words out right in Sarah’s ear, each one like a dildo push into her cunt. Rose used the words like a sex toy, getting Sarah’s heated body on the verge of meltdown. As she sang, Rose’s hands rubbed all over Sarah’s body, pulling up her t-shirt to expose the bra that clung to her sweaty, flushed with arousal skin. Sarah’s nipples were so swollen that it was like she’d gone up a cup size and her bra no longer fit.

The bra clung to her like it was her skin and Rose gave Sarah some desperate relief by pushing her hands under it and yanking the cups up to expose her aching nipples. As the song continued, Rose pressed herself into Sarah’s lap and sucked gently on her bare tits. Rose knew too much would push Sarah over the edge, but just enough would keep Sarah in heat.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…” Sarah moaned out. “Fuck meeeeee…please…please…please…”

Rose took each desperate cry as victory. She had Sarah in the palm of her hand; right where she’d always wanted her. Rose had always wanted payback for Sarah using Mr. Snappy to violate her in that trailer during their first encounter. It had taken years, but now Rose had Sarah writhing and begging like she’d been that day. It had totally been worth the wait.

“You wanna cum Sarah?” Rose grinned. “Is that what you want? You want me to fuck you? You want Rose to finger your little pussy and lick your ass and suck your tits? Is that what you want?”

Sarah had no words left by then. Rose’s tongue on her nipples was driving her wild with lust. She could actually feel her orgasm forming like a tidal wave. She would have done anything for Rose not to stop. She wouldn’t have been able to survive Rose getting her hot and then not letting her come. But Sarah had no words to give…so she merely nodded her head.

“Not good enough,” Rose cackled before getting back to licking and singing along to the music. She left Sarah’s tits behind, the bra and t-shirt still pushed up enough to expose her flesh and began kissing down her belly. Sarah dripped a single bead of sweat as Rose licked and the brunette quickly lapped it up, delighting in the salty, perfumy taste.

Just as Trent and his merry band of funmakers got to the chorus again, Rose fell to her knees and pulled Sarah’s legs open, pressing the crotch of her shorts tight against her soaked snatch. Sarah was mewing with need by then and just as Trent started singing about fucking like an animal, Rose undid the button to Sarah’s shorts.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” Sarah grunted, humping herself forward with as much strength as she could muster to try and force Rose’s hand inside her. Each second without orgasm was killing her on the inside. Sarah knew that. She had no doubt about it. Now Sarah could hear the aroused moans all around her. She knew everyone else had to be getting some but her and she couldn’t wait anymore…not one more second.

But Rose’s hand would not be tempted inside yet. Instead she sang along with the song and yanked down Sarah’s shorts to expose the blue panties that had been ruined forever through force of arousal.

“I want to feel you from the inside,” Rose repeated, this time with a naughty giggle in her voice. “I want to fuck you like an animal Sarah! Is that what you want? Say it! Say it Sarah! Say it so every fucking little slut here can hear you! You gotta say it or I won’t do it! You gotta say it! You want me to fuck you like an animal!”

“FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Sarah finally screamed, summoning up every drop of strength she had for her cry and hoping against hope it would end the torture. “FUCK ME ROSE!!! FUCK ME LIKE A FUCKING ANIMAL!!! JUST FUCKING FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!”

Even those who knew Sarah best were shocked at her ferocity. For those who had never seen this side of Sarah it was like the world was spinning off its axis and threatening to get caught in a ping-pong match between Mars and Venus. But it did the trick and as the song was ending and the music getting faster and more frantic, Rose slid her hand up under Sarah’s panties and penetrated her neglected pussy with three of her fingers.

Sarah was so soaked that Rose was just able to slide her fingers in like she’d dunked them in lube first. Sarah was dripping girl juice right down Rose’s hand onto her wrist on her arm and that was just from the first penetration.

Rose’s hand reached up the soaked garment and formed a bulge against it, stretching the already ruined underwear. Rose then began pumping her fingers into Sarah’s cunt, rubbing her clit furiously as Sarah began howling in ecstasy.

Everyone was on edge as Rose fingered Sarah. Both those who were experienced in the art of girl/girl sex and those who had never done a lesbian thing in their lifetime couldn’t take their eyes off of what was happening.

Sarah was roaring like the animal she had begged Rose to fuck her as. There was no hiding the juices running down Rose’s arm as she fucked her fingers into Sarah again and again. It had been building for so long that it only took a mere 30 seconds or so of fingering for Sarah to erupt.

The sound of Sarah’s orgasm was truly like nothing anyone had ever heard. It was as if the sound of every moan, groan and cry Sarah could muster spilled out at once. Her mouth couldn’t accommodate all the noise Sarah wanted to make and it all turned into a garbled, indecipherable howl of complete ecstasy.

Sarah was way gone from the ability to form a coherent word. So she just cried out in bliss, again and again, her half naked body shaking on the chair. Rose just kept pumping her fingers into Sarah’s cunt as she came, the hot juices sizzling against her skin as Sarah lurched and bounced in her chair, her firm breasts shaking it like it was an earthquake inside her.

The actress’ head was tossed back, leaning against her chair as she screamed. Her hair was stuck to her face, but all that mattered to her was that she was coming. The force of the long delayed orgasm ripped through her body. It had built for so long and had been put to a roaring boil in her body from the lap dances that the rush was like no other orgasm Sarah had ever felt.

Sarah began pulling at the restraints again and the adrenaline of her orgasm finally gave her the needed strength. With a loud rip, Sarah tore through Alyson’s scarves and freed herself. The last tremors of her orgasm pushed through Sarah’s quivering body and it was only then that Rose pulled her fingers out of her housemate’s pussy.

Everyone watched in stunned amazement as Sarah sat gasping in her chair, struggling to catch her breath. Finally she straightened herself up and, for the first time in what felt like hours, lifted her arms up she could brush her hair right out of her face.

Sarah saw that everyone was staring at her, but she didn’t mind the gawkers. Sarah smiled as she got up out of the chair and it was the blissful smile of peace. She felt like she should say something, but no words came to mind. Sarah had finally found relief and now that she was free she could do anything she wanted.

The first girl Sarah fixated upon was Rose. Sarah walked up to her housemate and smiled at her…before slapping her right across the face.

“That’s for making me wait,” Sarah grinned before slapping her again. “And that’s for having so much fun while doing it!”

Rose didn’t react except to smile right back at Sarah and the two then fell into a furious kiss. They passionately kissed each other, Sarah’s hands exploring all over Rose’s body as if it had been a year instead of a day since she had been allowed to touch another woman.

She rubbed her hands all over Rose’s bikini clad body and moaned from the touch of Rose’s sticky fingers on her face and chest. Sarah had had her orgasm, but she was just getting warmed up.

And so was the rest of the party. Sarah coming and breaking free had been the unspoken signal they all had been waiting for. The dam was broken now and no force on Earth could push the wave back. The pent up lust in the room was spilling over as the party truly got going.

Unsurprisingly, Sarah found herself in the center of the action. As soon as her kiss with Rose ended, Sarah was whirled around and pushed into another kiss. Sarah returned the kiss right away, even though she had no idea who it was from.

It took a moment for Sarah to realize it was from Alyson. Sarah enthusiastically kissed her best friend, but just as soon as she got into it, she was pulled into another kiss and then another…and another.

Sarah found it difficult to keep up with who was kissing her, but after awhile she didn’t even care anymore. She just knew they were women and they were beautiful…the rest was just a pesky detail. Sarah recognized the hot kisses of Jennifer and Jewel and Love and Reese and Britney and Charisma and Rose again and then Jessica and Angelina and then Alyson once more, but all she cared about was that they not stop. It was a blur of kisses and through it all Sarah felt hands groping her body and tugging at her remaining clothes.

She was being treated like a piece of girl meat and she did nothing to stop it. Rather Sarah let the probing hands fondle her body and strip her naked. She stepped out of her sandals and let her horny friends do the rest of the work. Her t-shirt was pulled off over her head and her bra undone as more hands pushed her shorts all the way off and ripped off her panties. God, it felt so good. After longing for the touch of a woman, Sarah had more than she could possibly handle and she loved it. She never wanted the kissing and touching to end.

Once she was naked the hands didn’t stop. Sarah moaned into whatever girl she was kissing as hands seemed to be everywhere on her. She felt soft, female hands rubbing her tits, massaging her ass, caressing her stomach and teasing the wet lips of her pussy. It was an unbelievable feeling to have this much attention and Sarah just wanted more. She didn’t care who was kissing or touching her as long as it felt good.

Sarah’s lips were unoccupied for a second, and she moaned in disappointment, but that was quickly remedied when she felt another woman press to her in a kiss. Sarah didn’t recognize these lips at first. It had been so long since she had felt these lips against her and when her partner spoke, Sarah melted into the kiss even deeper.

“Remember the pool party,” Eliza moaned into Sarah. “Remember how I took you in the pool and made you want to fuck me. Now I want it again. I want you Sarah. I’ve missed you so fucking much. I want you to feed me your pussy and fuck me just like you did on that beach chair.”

The two slayers continued their sapphic embrace, kissing and pressing their bodies together. The other hands suddenly stopped touching her and Sarah was lonely at first, but then she comforted herself with the fact that now she could concentrate entirely on Eliza. The memories of their poolside encounter had inspired many a hard finger fuck since that night and now Sarah couldn’t wait to have her friend again.

Sarah and Eliza were deeply lost in their passionate kiss but the lust in the room was not just monopolized by them. All around them the desires that had been building were spilling over. Couples were forming and reforming in the blink of an eye as horny girls sought out soft lips to kiss and bodies to touch.

Rose was taking a moment to appreciate the effect her handiwork had had on Sarah when she found her lips covered and hands squeezing at her ass.

“Mmmmm what brought that on?” Rose happily inquired, licking her lips in approval when the kiss broke.

“I just wanted to thank you,” Alyson replied. “You really did make sure Sarah was worked up for this, just like you said you would.”

“What? You were doubting my skills?” Rose laughed. “Silly girl. Sarah never had a chance against me. That girl was going to be a mess of horny desire no matter what.”

“Well then let me thank you properly then,” Alyson offered as she reached around back and undid her bikini top, casting it off to the floor and exposing her bare breasts. “We wouldn’t have been able to pull this off if it hadn’t been for you.”

“So thank me then,” Rose grinned, rubbing herself through her crimson red bikini bottoms. “On your knees, Aly. I’ve got a better use for that tongue of yours than talking.”

Alyson giggled and did just that. For a domme, she could take orders pretty easily, especially when Rose was the one giving them. Falling to her knees, Alyson didn’t even bother tugging down Rose’s bottoms. She merely yanked them off the side and began thanking her with a wet kiss right against her pussy.

“Gawwwwwwwd should we go or…” Amber moaned, unable to complete her own thought. She couldn’t believe this. What the hell was going on? This had been absolutely the last thing she had ever expected to happen. She had thought this was a party, but it was no party…it was a lesbian orgy!

Amber was floored by what she had seen and now she was staring right at Eliza and Sarah making out while Alyson went down on Rose. And that was just what was going on in front of her. She could hear the wet kissing noises and girl moans all over the room.

“Go? Are you out of your fucking mind?” Emma laughed as she finished stripping off her bikini and stood in the middle of the room stark naked. “This is paradise! Baby, we’re joining in!”

Emma then grabbed Amber and kissed her passionately, sucking away the last of her reservations as easily as she sucked her tongue into her mouth. Emma had always had the reputation of being up for anything and it was damn true. There was very little she wouldn’t try and while she had never been in a pile of pussy licking horny chicks, she was ready and willing to give it a go. She was no stranger to the taste of pussy, so why hesitate now?

Amber relented under Emma’s kiss. Even if Emma hadn’t been there to soothe her nerves, Amber knew she wouldn’t have been able to walk away from this. She loved sex with women too much to think about walking away…especially with so many beautiful girls she had been fantasizing about for years so close by. Emma sucked deliciously on her tongue and when her hands reached around back for her bikini top, Amber didn’t stop her.

In fact, Amber helped her friend out by pushing down her own bottoms just as her top was falling to the floor. Amber took pains not to break the kiss as she stripped herself and pressed her large breasts against Emma’s firm chest. The two girls rubbed their hard nipples together through the kiss and, once Amber was bare, they pressed their pussies against one another.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck,” Christina moaned as Britney kissed and licked her neck while playing with her pierced nipple. “Mmmmmmmm baby you know just how to get me wet.”

“You got me so hot dancing like that,” Britney moaned against Christina’s neck. “I wish you had been giving me that lap dance. I wouldn’t have waited to rip through those fucking scarves. I would have shredded them and pushed your pretty face right into my pussy so you could eat me out like a little slut in front of everyone.”

“Is that what you want now Britney?” Christina asked pushing Britney up against the wall next to the now abandoned stereo. “Do you want me to eat your pussy and show everyone what a naughty fucking girl you are?”

“Yessssssss pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…” Britney begged, her pussy dripping through her bottoms. Now she wished she had never gotten dressed again and had stayed naked like Christina had. Her tiny bikini felt like a burlap sack on her skin.

Christina was just about to pull off Britney’s suit and get to work on her friend’s body when something else caught her eye.

“Britney! Look!” Christina said. Their position on the stage left them slightly elevated from everyone else and Christina was easily able to spot a visibly upset Lindsay running for the door as Hilary ran after her.

“Lindsay! Wait!” Hilary cried out after her would be friend.

“No!” Lindsay snapped back as she tried to avoid running into any of the forming twosomes, threesomes and foursomes for fear someone might try and kiss her or rip her bikini off. “I can’t believe you brought me here! You’re sick Hilary! What did you think was going to happen? Did you think I was going to let you fuck me? Oh my God! You did! Didn’t you? That’s just sick…you’re all fucking sick!”

“Lindsay please…” Hilary begged, grabbing the redheaded teen’s arm. “You have no idea how good it is! It’s totally amazing. It’s unbelievable how good it is baby. I come so hard when I’m with girls. You have to try it! It’s awesome!”

“I’m not trying anything!” Lindsay shouted. She felt like she was going to throw up. “You’re a sick pervert Hilary! I thought you really wanted to be friends but you fucking lied to me! You just wanted to get into my pants! You’re worse than those fucking guys on the Internet talking about my tits nonstop! I just want to get out of here!”

Lindsay yanked her hand away from Hilary and stormed toward the exit. Fluffy was stationed by the entrance, but the bodyguard was no match for the agitated teen.

“Get out of my way!” Lindsay ordered. “You can’t hold me prisoner with these crazy dykes!”

Fluffy had no intention of holding anyone prisoner. His job was more to make sure no one uninvited got inside. So he shrugged his shoulders and stepped out of the way for Lindsay.

Hilary was about to run after her when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Just let her go sweetie,” Britney advised the teen. Christina had guessed that Hilary wasn’t going to take Lindsay’s rejection well and a look at her face showed tears were starting to form. Britney immediately tried to calm her by pulling Hilary in for a long, wet kiss.

The feel of Britney’s tongue in her mouth and her hands on her boobs, certainly dried Hilary’s tears quickly and the teen moaned into Britney’s kiss.

“That’s it, you don’t need her to have fun,” Christina assured Hilary. She hadn’t wanted to lose both young pieces of ass from the party. She would rather have had just Hilary and no Lindsay than not having either of them here. Besides, Christina wasn’t entirely ready to give up the ship yet on the red head.

“I think she’ll be back anyway,” Christina told Hilary before kissing her too. “We girls can be very, very persuasive if necessary. She might have a change of heart. But right now I know someone you’re going to love meeting.”

Britney and Christina grabbed Hilary’s hands and pulled her away from the doors. Hilary was already forgetting about Lindsay’s rejection. There were too many other awesome girls here that Hilary wanted to play with so she could show them what a bad little slut she could be.

Lindsay wasn’t the only girl shocked by what was going on around them, but so far she was the only one who had freaked out. Amy Acker had the more typical response as she stood frozen, hand over her mouth as the orgy broke out around her.

She had never seen anything like this before. Not with anything. She had kissed girls a few times, but that had mostly drunken silliness. It hadn’t been anything serious and it had certainly never been anything like this.

Amy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She wasn’t offended or anything, just shocked. She was seeing girls like Alyson and Amber and Emma…girls she had thought she knew acting like completely different people.

She had never seen this side of them before and Sarah…God, she was just going wild. Amy gasped as she saw Sarah stripping off Eliza’s top and sucking and touching her breasts. It was like they did this stuff all the time. What was going on? This was crazy!

Amy felt herself starting to pull a Lindsay and freak out. They had invited her to this party! Did they think she was a lesbian too? Did they think she wanted to do this? She had to get out of here!

Amy began to step backwards for the exit when she bumped into someone walking toward her. Before Amy could react she felt a soft pair of lips kissing her neck and an arm encircling her waist from behind.

“Hey Amy,” Charisma purred into her ear. “Long time, no see.”

“Charisma…I…I…” Amy stammered, unsure what to say. Was Charisma a lesbian too? What was going on?

“You weren’t planning on leaving us were you?” Charisma asked gently. She rubbed Amy’s exposed stomach, but didn’t inch higher or lower yet. She knew this girl was going to take a little coaxing and she remembered being in Amy’s shoes very well the night Sarah and Alyson had seduced her.

“I…I shouldn’t be here,” Amy claimed. “There’s been some kind of mistake…I…ummmm…I’m not a lesbian! I don’t do this sort of thing! I need…I need to go now!”

“Shhhhhhh you don’t need to go anywhere baby,” Charisma assured her friend and former co-star. “All you have to do is relax a little and let me show you how good it feels.”

“I can’t…God…I can’t…I’m…I’m married,” Amy declared, more of her Texas upbringing being betrayed in an accented voice the more excited she got.

“So am I,” Charisma giggled. “Don’t worry Amy. It’s not really cheating if you’re fucking another girl. No one’s going to hurt you. All we want to do is make you feel good. You’re so sexy and beautiful. That’s why Aly invited you to the party. We wanted you to join in our fun.”

Amy couldn’t believe that Charisma was cheating on her husband like this, but more importantly she couldn’t believe that they wanted her to join in their sex. Amy had never even seriously thought about being with a girl, but now she was being invited to join an orgy. It was too much for her all at once to handle!

Charisma saw that Amy was starting to buckle under all this craziness so she turned her around in her arms and went right for the kill. She kissed Amy, not too strong at first, to show her the ecstasy that awaited her if she just let go of her inhibitions.

It was gentle, more of a soft, loving peck against her lips, than a real tongue kiss between lovers. But it was still like nothing Amy had ever felt before and, as much as she wanted to, she couldn’t push Charisma away, even as the actress deepened the kiss.

“I didn’t want it at first either,” Charisma said once the kiss broke. “I thought it was sick and weird, but then Sarah and Aly showed me how good it felt. Now it’s my turn to show you. I want to show you how much pleasure women can give each other. God, Amy you’re so beautiful and I want to make you feel good. I want to show you how awesome a woman’s touch can be.”

Charisma took Amy’s face in her hands and kissed her again, this time with more passion. She kept her hands gently pressed to the young Texan’s face as she kissed her, slowly pushing her tongue into Amy’s mouth.

Amy couldn’t recall ever being more confused. She wanted Charisma to stop; at least she thought she did. The more they kissed the more confused she got. Charisma’s lips felt so soft and good against hers. Kissing her did feel amazing. Wait…she didn’t want this. Did she?

As Amy stood in confusion, there were no such doubts by the stage where Love and Felecia were getting reacquainted fast. The two girls kissed passionately and Felecia delighted in rubbing her naked body against Love’s, which was barely covered by a small pink and white striped bikini.

“Ooooooooh I’ve missed you,” Love moaned happily in between kisses with the porn star.

That night with Felecia in the club had been a fantasy come true for Love. She had always dreamed in her kinkiest moments of making a real lesbian porno movie and she knew scoring with someone like Felecia was as close as she was ever going to get. Felecia had become well known for only doing girls on screen and it had seemed at times that every lesbian movie out there had at least a cameo from her.

Love had always enjoyed porn, even before she and Sarah had discovered the wonders of female flesh together. She owned many Felecia movies and after that night in the club, Love had practically worn them out watching and remembering how good Felecia’s tongue had felt inside her.

She had never actually expected to be with Felecia that night. She and Sarah had just gone to see her feature dance, but it had turned into so much more. Love knew that they had to have her at the party and her amazing dance for Sarah had proven her instincts right.

“I’ve missed you too,” Felecia sweetly replied, her eager hands caressing Love’s body through her bikini. “Thanks for inviting me. I haven’t been to something like this in a long time.”

Felecia had been to an orgy or two in her day, but never to one like this. She had heard all sorts of tales of celebrity debauchery, but never seen them up close and personal. Now she had a front row seat to the biggest secret in Hollywood and it was making her pussy drip.

The chance to hook up with Sarah and Love again had been worth the journey to Jamaica alone…being here and having a chance to fuck all these famous hotties was just gravy.

“It wouldn’t have been a real party without you,” Love smiled before moaning as Felecia’s hand slipped inside her bottoms.

“Ooooh nice and wet, just how I like it,” Felecia giggled. “Did you get turned on watching me dance? Did your pussy get all wet watching me tease your poor little friend?”

“Uh huhhhhhhh…” Love groaned in the affirmative when Felecia’s finger disappeared into her pussy. She used her finger to tease Love’s pussy as her lips began to drool sweet girl dew against her bikini.

“Did you wish it was you in that chair instead of Sarah?” Felecia inquired loving the look of close-eyed bliss on Love’s face as she touched her pinkness.

“Nooooo…” Love replied, shaking her head firmly. “I…I wouldn’t have been able to stand it…not touching you. I would have gone crazy.”

“Well you can touch me now if you want to,” Felecia pointed out. “There’s nothing holding your hands back.”

Love grinned and kissed Felecia again. Her hands cupped the porn star’s small, firm tits and massaged them as they kissed. Love rubbed Felecia’s nipples against her hands until they were rock hard. Felecia responded to the needed stimulation of her aroused body by using her free hand to push Love’s bottoms down her legs. She didn’t get them down all the way because she didn’t want to break the kiss, but she did get them to her knees, which exposed Love’s freshly shaven and glistening pussy.

“Mmmmm it’s just as pretty as I remember,” Felecia marveled, staring at the little juice droplets clinging to Love’s slit as her finger continued to play inside her. “I wonder if it tastes as good.”

But before Felecia could get any further a third party worked her way into the fun.

“Hey,” Mya said, announcing herself and staring right at Felecia. “I loved how you danced. Those were some sexy moves girl.”

“So were yours,” Felecia replied. “I loved that video you did where you kept stripping. Mmmmmmm you’ve definitely got the body for it.”

“Thanks,” Mya smiled, before turning to Love. “So this is your show. What’s a girl got to do to get laid around here?”

“All you’ve got to do is ask,” Love giggled before pulling Mya in for a kiss. Love passionately pressed her lips to the singer’s as Felecia fell to her knees and began kissing Mya’s ass cheeks, which were barely restrained by her thong. Felecia had always been an ass girl and Mya had such a gorgeous chocolate colored ass. She couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into it.

Mya and Love continued kissing and the singer found her body stiffening in pleasure as the actress reached up to play with her firm breasts. Mya responded in kind, tugging down Love’s top to expose her tits and teasing her nipples with her fingers.

As this was happening, Felecia pulled down Mya’s thong and began to tease her slit her tongue. With a happy moan, Mya once again thanked her common sense for telling her not to turn down this party invite.

Hilary was excited as Britney and Christina dragged her through the crowd. She couldn’t wait to see whom they were bringing her to meet. God, there were so many beautiful girls at this party and Hilary wanted to be with all of them.

No, she corrected herself in her mind; she wanted to fuck all of them. Yesssss…that was what she wanted…to fuck their pussies and let them fuck her back…mmmm in her pussy and her ass. Hilary wanted to get naughty with everyone. She wanted them to see she was a bad little slut, not the angel everyone thought she was.

She felt bummed that Lindsay had run away. Hilary had wanted her so bad, but now she was plenty distracted by Britney and Christina. Still, Hilary wished she’d been able to show the sexy red head how good it felt to fuck girls just like all her friends at the mansion had shown her.

Hilary wanted Lindsay to be her friend, but she also wanted to fuck her again and again until she was shaking and begging her to stop…which she wouldn’t have. The old Hilary would have stopped. The new Hilary was going to be naughty no matter what.

The new Hilary didn’t care if Lindsay ran off and told on her or whatever. All she cared about was making sure she felt as good as she had that night when the girls had all shown her how amazing it felt to be naughty and slutty. She didn’t even care if her mom found out anymore. Hilary felt like she didn’t have to listen to her anymore. Christina was her friend. She trusted her. She’d listen to her now.

But right now Hilary was too excited to think about boring things like that and her excitement got even stronger when she saw whom Britney and Christina wanted her to be with.

“Do you know Shakira?” Christina playfully asked as she pulled Hilary toward the Columbian singer. Hilary shyly smiled, her heart pounding. She had never met Shakira before, but she had loved her music and had always admired her. But now she wanted more…she wanted to fuck Shakira. Just thinking it made Hilary’s pussy tingle.

“Is this for real?” Shakira asked, watching with growing interest as Hilary squirmed with visible excitement in her bikini. Shakira had just been watching the action and loving it, her own body begging to be freed from the clothes she had slipped back into after her fun on the beach. She had been just about to try and pick a girl for herself, but she had never expected it to be someone like Hilary.

“Oh yeah, she’s a naughty little thing,” Christina said, taking the opportunity to pinch Hilary’s nipple through her top, making the teen moan happily. “Hilary loves pussy, don’t you baby?”

“Ohhhhh yessssss…” Hilary groaned as Christina continued to play with her hard nipples, moving from one to the other. “I love it…ummmmmm…I love pussy. I fucking love it. Let me fuck you Shakira. Let me show you what a bad girl I can be.”

Shakira was shocked to hear those words coming out of Hilary’s mouth. She had always pictured this girl as some perfect little angel who never cursed and never did anything without her mommy two steps behind her. Shakira smiled at hearing Hilary talk like that and the obvious look of lust on her face was a real turn on. This was no joke, but Shakira still had reservations.

“She’s so young…” Shakira said softly, her eyes drinking in Hilary’s body. She was all woman…but still. She was only 17 or something. Was this legal in America?

“But I’m soooooooo fucking naughty,” Hilary immediately claimed, afraid that Shakira wouldn’t want to fuck her because she was too young. “I can be a bad girl Shakira. You can totally fuck my pussy and my ass too! If you want you can fuck me there and I won’t stop you! I’ll eat you out too! I can do that! I love licking girls! Please Shakira! Please fuck me! Tell her Christina! Tell her I’m a nasty little slut, just like you!”

Shakira was finding her resistance to the teen weakening with every hot word that spilled out of her young mouth. She was a hot little thing and there was so much lust around her that it was intoxicating. Shakira felt herself getting off on all the other girls getting off around her.

She hadn’t bothered putting her bra or panties back on when she’d gotten redressed and her nipples strained against her blue top and her bare pussy rubbed against the rough material of her jeans. She was getting so wet just standing there while everyone else was stripping and kissing as Hilary begged for her sexual attention.

When Christina pressed her lips to Shakira’s ear and slid her tongue inside to tease it with a few hot licks, the singer moaned loudly. Christina then pulled her tongue out and began whispering her soft, heated breath into her ear, filling her brain with tales of Hilary’s night of debauchery in Malibu.

Hilary strained to try and hear what Christina was telling Shakira. She wanted her so bad. She just wanted to fuck a hot girl and Hilary was fixated on Shakira then, loving how her nipples were poking against her shirt, just like hers were poking against her bikini. Hilary felt Britney’s hands playing with her body from behind and she sighed in glee, pressing her ass back against Britney’s body by reflex and grinding against her friend.

“…two strap ons inside her…” Christina reported to Shakira as Hilary moaned in Britney’s arms and tried to hear everything. “She was begging for more just like a good little slut should. She was a tight virgin when we stared and she was a fucking whore when we finished. She loves being fucked…”

“Oooooooooh,” Hilary suddenly squealed as Britney’s hand slipped into her bikini bottoms from behind and began fingering her. It had felt like forever since she had felt a girl’s fingers inside her and she knew if Britney kept doing that she was going to come all over her fingers.

“Look at her,” Christina urged Shakira. “Look at that hot little body. You know you want to fuck this slut. Look how bad she wants it.”

Hilary moaned again when Britney lowered her bottoms to expose her slick, pink pussy and her sparse little bush of blonde hair. It was a tiny tuft now because that night at the mansion Michelle had only been too eager to shave her pussy bare. It had grown back a little since then because Hilary was too scared to shave herself down there, but it was so thin and light that it might as well have not been there at all.

“Look at those tits, don’t you want those sweet things in your mouth?” Christina pressed as Britney took her cue and undid Hilary’s top. She pulled it off to expose her young breasts, leaving the girl stark naked in the middle of the ballroom.

Shakira licked her lips at what she saw. She still had concerns about how young this girl was, but there was no resistance or reluctance whatsoever in Hilary’s face or actions

She wanted this. Shakira could see that so clearly and Hilary was absolutely beautiful. Her age couldn’t hide that. Shakira remembered when she had been that young and all the hormones inside her, making her desire things she had never dreamed of. Hilary looked stunning, naked in Britney’s arms like the fresh faced and eager sprite she was and Shakira found herself nodding her head, agreeing with Christina. She did want those breasts and that tight little pussy.

Shakira stepped away from Christina and smiled. She peeled her shirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts to Hilary’s delighted eyes. Telling herself that she wasn’t going to deny any pleasure today, Shakira closed the small gap of distance between her and Hilary and kissed the giddy teenager passionately.

Hilary wiggled away from Britney’s embrace and into Shakira’s. She moaned as Shakira’s hands reached down to cup the cheeks of her bare ass. Hilary pushed her tongue into Shakira’s mouth, where it was quickly accepted as she reached down and fumbled with the button for Shakira’s jeans. Hilary wanted her new friend to be naked, just like her. She wanted to see every inch of her body and then do every slutty thing she wanted.

Britney walked over next to Christina and they admired their matchmaking skills. Shakira was growing visibly more horny for Hilary by the second and she helpfully moved her hips to allow the young girl to push her jeans off. They pushed their naked bodies closer together then, their girl parts touching in all the right places as their kiss deepened.

“Should we join in?” Britney asked.

“You should get out of that damn bikini, that’s what you should do,” Christina pointed out.

Britney giggled and shed her suit in the blink of an eye. All around the room, bikinis and clothes were littering the floor and Britney’s suit soon joined them. She undid her top and yanked off her bottoms before Christina could even lick her lips. Britney then modeled her nude body for her friend.

“Better?” Britney asked as she pushed her breasts up proudly, Playboy model style.

“Much better,” Christina grinned before kissing Britney. They made out slower than others around them. They were so accustomed to each other’s bodies that there was no need for exploration. Their kiss was loving, but also hot and sexy as their arousal built amidst the sounds of moaning and kissing around them.

Christina broke off the kiss and looked around at all the hotties stripping off their clothes and their inhibitions. Her pussy was on the verge of dripping and she was eager to play.

“I’ve got an idea Britney,” Christina said. “I’m going to go to that corner and you go over there. Then we munch our way right back to the middle and meet up and fuck. You like?”

“I love,” Britney squealed, giving Christina another kiss. “I want everyone to see how hard you make me come.”

“Then I’ll meet you in the middle then,” Christina said, giving her partner another kiss before they went their separate ways, wading through the sea of girls looking for a wet, hot port to dock their tongues in.

It was Britney who saw the perfect partner first. She had wanted this girl for so long and now she was going to get her chance. With horny hunger on her mind, Britney walked toward her prey.

Beyonce Knowles moaned as she rubbed her bare breasts and watched the show before her. Jewel was naked and she had Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch sucking on her heavy tits. Beyonce longed to be the one sucking on those big, soft breasts, but she had hesitated and the two girls had jumped in when they had the chance. So now Beyonce was watching and loving the erotic visions surrounding her.

She was still a little nervous about all this. It was such a risky display of pure lust, but there was no way to deny how wet it was making her to see all these beautiful, famous women act like she had in that hotel room with Jewel that night.

It was driving her wild to watch these two young girls latch onto her friend’s tits and suck away like hungry little sluts. She and Shawn had been to a lot of wild parties, but nothing like this. What she was seeing here would take every rapper’s breath away for good.

Beyonce’s wetness was growing with every suck of Jewel’s nipples by Avril and Michelle. She wanted a piece of this so bad, but just as she was about to reach out and try and push herself in, Beyonce felt a pair of hands grab her ass.

“Mmmmmmm you do have a great butt,” Britney giggled. Ordinarily anyone grabbing her ass without permission would have gotten a hard slap across the face, but this was far from an ordinary circumstance. She was so turned on that any girl grabbing at her body was very welcome indeed. Instead of slapping the aggressive party, Beyonce turned, smiled and kissed Britney right on the lips.

Britney was so happy to see Beyonce’s instant reaction that she deepened the kiss by sucking on her tongue and moving her hands into Beyonce’s bottoms to get a really good feel of her ass. Britney’s hands massaged Beyonce’s cheeks while she sucked on her tongue and pulled their bodies together, smashing their bare tits against one another. Beyonce was offering no resistance at all and urged Britney on with needy moans, especially when she began pulling down her bottoms.

“I want to see your pussy,” Britney groaned when they broke for air and she continued to yank down Beyonce’s bikini. “I want to see you naked.”

“Only if you promise to fuck me,” Beyonce replied with a happy, but slightly flustered grin. “I don’t get naked just for anyone.”

“I’ll fuck you anywhere and everywhere,” Britney promised. Beyonce smiled again and pushed her bikini bottoms off her legs, standing bottomless before Britney’s admiring eyes. Britney just stared hungrily at Beyonce’s wet slit and the soft, trimmed curls of her tiny triangle of a bush. She was so enraptured by Beyonce’s pussy that she barely took notice as the singer began pinching her bare nipples, swelling up the dark tips of girl flesh.

“Like what you see?” Beyonce asked playfully. It was an obvious question and Beyonce certainly liked what she saw too. Britney looked beautiful naked. She couldn’t believe it. She was about to have sex with Britney Spears! Beyonce had never thought she’d really be in this situation…but Britney had.

“I love what I see,” Britney replied. “Oh Beyonce…I wanted you so bad when we shot that commercial. Pink and I were fucking every night and we wanted you to join us.”

“Wait…wait…you and Pink?” Beyonce gasped, remembering the Pepsi commercial they had shot with Enrique Iglesias. Beyonce had lusted after both their bodies, but hadn’t even thought they’d might be into this. Plus she had been surrounded with Shawn’s bodyguards. Knowing that those sexy girls had been fucking the whole time filled Beyonce with regret. She would have loved to join in.

“Mmmhmm,” Britney replied. “She’s got such a nasty little tongue. Mmmmm I loved fucking her. Ooooh and Anna too…when she visited the set to see Enrique. We had a threesome and it was fucking unbelievable.”

Beyonce craned her neck around until she saw Anna Kournikova locked in a passionate three-way kiss with Katie Holmes and Charlize Theron. How could she have missed all this?

“Ohhhhhhh shit…I would have loved to join,” Beyonce groaned in regret.

“Shhhh don’t worry about all that,” Britney said. “Let’s worry about right now and you and me making up for lost time.”

That sounded very good to Beyonce and they were quickly lost in another kiss. This was no time to regret the past, especially when the future looked like so much fun.

A few feet over Jewel watched happily as Britney and Beyonce hooked up. She hadn’t wanted her friend to just be standing there while she had fun. And she was having a lot of fun right then. Jewel and Beyonce had been kissing feverishly, remembering how each had loved the touch of the other, when they had broken for oxygen.

Jewel had been catching her breath when she had seen Michelle dragging Avril over, telling her how she had been seduced by Jewel and Gwen at the concert and how that was the first time she had ever heard of the mansion. Michelle had immediately pressed her sweet lips to Jewel’s when she was close enough and as soon as she pulled away Avril had been on top of her too.

It had been the first time Avril and Jewel had ever kissed and the Alaskan had found the teenager’s kiss to be a little aggressive, but good nonetheless. Jewel had kissed them both with passion as Michelle had told her she wanted to thank her for everything she’d done.

Before Jewel knew it, they were pulling off her top and getting their mouths on her breasts. It hadn’t taken long for Jewel to start moaning and playing with their hair while they pleasured her, their efforts working wonders on her pussy.

Michelle was so giddy as she sucked on Jewel’s left breast. She had this beautiful blonde goddess topless and Avril right beside her, sucking on Jewel’s right tit. She had everything she could have wanted. Michelle had always loved Jewel’s big breasts, from the first time she had been able to see them in that dressing room. They always made her so wet and Michelle moaned as her bikini bottoms dampened with arousal.

She had so much to thank Jewel for. If she and Gwen hadn’t seduced her that afternoon she never would have gone to the mansion…never would have met Alyssa…never would have been able to seduce Avril and never would have been able to have the fun she was having now.

Now Michelle wanted to make sure Jewel got her reward by introducing her to Avril and giving her all the pleasure their tongues could offer. Michelle let her hand encircle Jewel’s mound as her tongue teased the hard pink nipple and moved all over the soft flesh. She and Avril met their tongues together in Jewel’s cleavage a few times, flicking them back and forth before getting back to work on the blonde’s chest.

Avril had wanted to get right to work on her list, but Michelle had been so insistent that they should play with Jewel that Avril hadn’t fought her. Besides, Jewel was certainly hot enough. Avril loved the way her tits felt under her mouth and she couldn’t wait to get the singer flat on her back so she could do some serious face riding. Avril’s pussy was a hot, sticky mess of desire right now and she wanted to get some tongue action fast.

Both Avril and Michelle were still in their bikinis as they suckled Jewel’s swollen nipples like little babies with their mother. Their bottoms clung tightly to their wet slits, but they concentrated entirely on Jewel, moaning into her tits while she caressed their heads and leaned down to tug at the strings of their tops.

It was hard for Jewel to get right at the girls’ bikini tops, especially with the pleasure she felt from their tongues shooting right up her spine, but she managed to yank at the knots a few times to undo them.

Avril and Michelle got the hint and smiled as they pulled back and collectively reached around back to shed their tops, exposing their young breasts and insuring that Jewel wouldn’t be the only topless girl in their threesome. Their tops hit the ground and both of them got right back to work, worshipping Jewel’s chest as the Alaskan’s hands began making their way toward their bottoms.

When the action had started to happen all around her, Jessica Alba had been a little reluctant to jump right in. She was still remembering Jennifer’s words to her and she looked again and again for her friend, hoping that she was going to appear. But there was no sign of Jennifer anywhere and Jessica sighed with disappointment.

Of course in a roomful of horny women looking for sex, disappointment was not going to last and Jessica quickly found herself the object of some lustful attention. A pair of lips had sought her out and kissed her furiously. Jessica’s response was immediate and passionate. She kissed the woman back without even pausing to find out who she was. All that mattered was that the kiss was amazing and that her troubles with Jennifer disappeared because of it.

When they finally broke for breath, Jessica smiled when she saw she was standing face to face with Angelina. Jessica could taste the flavors of the girls Angelina had already licked that day and knowing Jennifer was one of them just turned her on more.

“I fucked your pretty girlfriend and now it’s your turn,” Angelina grinned. Her words and attitude were blunt, but Jessica had no will to argue with her. She had gotten so turned on watching Angelina go down on Jennifer before and she had longed to feel that tongue inside her, just to experience what had made Jennifer come so hard.

There was a chair nearby and Jessica grabbed it. She sat herself down in it and made a show of extending her legs and pulling off her thong bottoms. She exposed the wet lips of her cunt and began teasing them with her own fingers as Angelina looked on with appreciation.

“So fuck me then,” Jessica playfully demanded. “If you’re as good on me as you were on Jen then you’re going to get every sweet drop of my cum.”

That was exactly what Angelina wanted and she didn’t hesitate to fall to her knees and line her face right up with Jessica’s pussy. She took in a deep breath of Jessica’s aroused aroma and then slid her tongue inside, lapping away at her folds and drawing a sharp cry of desire from Jessica.

Though Angelina was quick to go right for Jessica’s honeypot, they were both way behind the three girls who had set themselves right up at the bar. Katie had been very eager to do more of what she had done with Charlize and Anna in Charlize’s room a short while ago and both of them were just as eager to give her what she wanted.

“Ooooooooooh yesssssssssss ohhhhhhh yessssssss eat me…ohhhhhh fuck yesssssss…” Katie moaned again and again as she lay flat on her back, literally on top of the bar. The strong oak of the bartop was more than enough to support her body and Katie was no longer questioning anything. She was just enjoying the feel of Anna’s tongue against her pussy.

She, Anna and Charlize were hardly best friends. Katie hadn’t even met Anna until today, but that hadn’t stopped them from getting naked upstairs and pushing their tongues and lips everywhere they wanted. Katie had never done anything like this.

At least she’d known Love and Rose and Ashley. But this was almost like sex with strangers. Still it had felt so good and Charlize and Anna had made her come so hard. Her body was still tingling from how she’d felt when Anna pushed her tongue into her ass while Charlize’s fingers had been rubbing her clit.

Katie knew now that it didn’t matter how well they knew each other. All that mattered was that they could give each other what they needed and make each other feel good. And wasn’t that what sex was all about?

She had traveled all this way and was cheating on her fiancé because she wanted to feel good. She might not have known Anna before, but she sure knew her now and Katie knew she and Charlize were going to be much better friends from this point on. Who they were coming into this room didn’t matter…the fact that they all wanted each other did.

With this enlightenment in her brain now, Katie was once again enjoying the hell out of Anna’s tongue. Katie had never been a big tennis fan, but she knew about Anna’s reputation as a “looks first, game second” kind of player. But she didn’t really give a damn, because there was absolutely nothing wrong with her tongue. Anna knew all the tricks for eating pussy and Katie was happily sprawled out naked on the bar as the tennis player feasted on her snatch and Charlize sucked on her shaking tits.

“Ooooh suck on those nipples Charlize,” Katie moaned. “God, they feel so gooooooood in your mouth. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss…fuck me Anna! Mmmmmm eat my pussy! Eat it just like you did upstairs! Make me scream out in front of all these people how good you are!”

Charlize peered down from Katie’s chest and saw the happy grin that tugged at Anna’s face. Even when she was eating pussy she couldn’t help but deliver an aura of confidence, bordering on the cocky.

She could see how much Anna enjoyed the idea of Katie screaming out her praises for the whole party to hear, so Charlize decided to have a little fun of her own. She’d felt a little bit of Katie’s tongue upstairs and wanted more.

“Oh no, you’re not going to be screaming anything,” Charlize laughed. “You’re going to be too busy eating me out.”

Before Katie could react, Charlize had pulled away from her breasts and crawled up on the bar. She pressed her pussy right up against Katie’s lips and began riding her face. Katie was surprised at first, but she wasn’t spooked. After taking a moment to adjust, Katie began licking Charlize’s pussy, getting another taste of the juices she’d sampled upstairs.

All three of them were naked. When Sarah had broken free of her restraints and there had been a collective release of inhibitions, Katie, Charlize and Anna had been three of the first to strip off their clothes. Bikinis, shorts, t-shirts and panties littered the ground around the bar as the three girls gave into the lusts that fueled their bodies.

With Anna naked and kneeling on a bar stool, the wet lips of her pussy spread reflexively as she bent over the bar, and Katie flat on her back as Charlize rode her face, they were putting on quite a show to anyone who wanted to watch. Most everyone else was having their own fun, but they did have a very horny pair of eyes staring at them.

Natalie wanted everything but she didn’t know what to do first. She felt like a kid who had been let into a candy store with the instructions to “Just go nuts.” She didn’t know which treat to eat first, but she knew she wanted something. It was like there were too many options. She just couldn’t choose one of them when she wanted all of them.

She was watching the action on the bar with great interest and she couldn’t help but slide a hand into the bottom of her pink bikini and touch herself. Natalie moaned as her fingers began to rub against her slit. She couldn’t believe that she was watching this and getting off on other women having sex, but everything here was unbelievable.

Natalie never would have figured Katie or Charlize to be the type of people to go wild like this, but then again she knew that not many people would figured her to be the type either.

Watching Katie moan and lick Charlize’s pussy while Anna ate hers had Natalie fingering herself as her free hand began to play with her breasts through her top. She couldn’t take her eyes off Katie lying there on her back, all naked and beautiful, while one beautiful woman rode her face and another pleasured her with her tongue. Natalie wished she was Katie right then. God, she wanted to feel that exactly what she must have been feeling then.

Natalie desperately wanted someone to pull off her bikini and fuck her. She wanted to grab the next girl she saw and just go wild with her.

But she had never been so bold as to do that with men, much less with women. She had always been pursued, not the pursuer and Natalie didn’t know if she had the nerve to just go up to some girls and join in their fun. It was an orgy and she knew that was exactly what she was supposed to do, but still she wondered if she could.

Fortunately for Natalie, help was on the way and she suddenly found a hand on top of hers inside her bottoms.

“You don’t have to just watch them,” Shannon Elizabeth advised.

“Yeah, if you want to join in, just go and join in,” Mena Suvari added. “Of course that means you won’t have a chance to play with us.”

“Do you want to play with us Natalie?” Shannon asked, her hand rubbing Natalie’s and controlling the pace of her hand inside her pussy. “We won’t bite.”

“Unless you want us to,” Mena added. Even though it was an obvious joke, it still cracked Natalie up. Her tension disappeared with the laughter and before she knew it she was in a three-way kiss with Shannon and Mena.

“I want to play,” Natalie answered finally when the kiss was broken.

“Goody,” Mena said, taking Natalie’s hand in hers. “We know just the spot for a fun game you’re going to love.”

Mena and Shannon then lead Natalie toward the stage and as they walked they passed right by Jennifer Aniston locked in a fierce kiss with Cameron Diaz. They hadn’t been with each other since their first encounter after strip cardio class and they were quickly making up for lost time.

“Mmmmm I’ve missed you Camie,” Jennifer moaned in between kisses. “I’m so glad you’re here.’

“Oh yeah, which part did you miss most?” Cameron playfully asked before reaching back to unsnap the top of her bikini. “Did you miss here?”

Cameron then ran her fingers over her breasts, stiffening up her own nipples. As Jennifer lustfully stared at her self-stimulation, Cameron proceeded to push down her own bottoms and step out of her sandals, leaving herself naked for inspection.

“Or did you miss here more?” Cameron inquired with a giggle before running her fingers right over her pussy lips.

“Mmmmmm everywhere, but especially here,” Jennifer replied with a wink before kissing Cameron again and wrapping her arms around her back. She went right for Cameron’s ass and squeezed the blonde’s toned cheeks, eliciting a squeal of delight from Cameron right into Jennifer’s mouth.

Of course Jennifer and Cameron were not quite alone and one shocked viewer couldn’t take a moment more of the show without reacting.

“Camie! What the hell are you doing?” Elisha Cuthbert demanded. “Have you lost your mind? What’s wrong with you?”

“Just relax Heesh,” Cameron purred to her friend as Jennifer kissed her neck and continued to lovingly massage her ass. “This is supposed to be fun.”

“Fun? Fun? This is supposed to be fun?” Elisha shouted, all the lust around her was staring to make her a little hysterical. “Are you crazy? Are you a lesbian? You can’t be doing this! What about Justin? You’re cheating on him!”

“What Justin doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” Cameron said, holding out her hand. “Now c’mon sweetie. I invited you along because I wanted you to have fun too. Believe me, you’re going to love this. Lose the suit and join in. Jen here’s got an amazing tongue. You haven’t really come until she’s made you come.”

The compliment made Jennifer blush and smile. People always complimented her tonguing skills even though she didn’t do any special tricks or tongue moves or anything. She just had fun. Maybe that was the secret. But whatever it was, she did like hearing the compliments, especially as she eyed Elisha and wondered what the blonde beauty looked like under her bikini.

“Oh my God!” Elisha freaked at the idea that Cameron wanted to fuck her too. She had never been with a girl before! This was too fucking much! “Cameron you are crazy! I can’t do this! This isn’t right! What about Trace? I have a fucking boyfriend Camie and so do you! How can you do this to Justin?”

Cameron had been afraid of this. She had been afraid Elisha would freak and run off to Justin. It had been such a risk to bring her here. Had she made a mistake? She tried to project cool confidence to Jennifer, but inside Cameron was terrified about her escapades ending up on the cover of Us because Elisha ran off to Justin and Trace and told them everything.

Elisha just kept going on and on, demanding to know how Cameron could to this to Justin, accusing her of cheating and breaking his heart and how she could never do this to Trace. Finally Cameron couldn’t take it any more and launched her nuclear bomb of a secret.

“Stop it Heesh! Just stop it!” Cameron snapped. “I’m not the only one cheating! Justin is fucking Trace!”

That stopped Elisha cold. The display of lesbian lust around her couldn’t even begin to create the shock she felt right now over Cameron’s words. She stood in front of Cameron and Jennifer, her mouth wide open.

“You’re lying…” Elisha finally said, her voice as small as a mouse’s.

“No sweetie, I’ve never lied to you,” Cameron replied. “I’m telling you the truth. I walked in on them a month ago! Justin was balls deep in Trace! They’ve been fucking for years!”

“It’s not possible,” Elisha said, her voice growing softer by the second with shock. Trace couldn’t be gay…it was impossible. They’d just had sex last night. He had never said anything or done anything…no it wasn’t true. It couldn’t be true. Cameron had to be lying to save her own skin. She had to be.

“Sweetie it’s true,” Cameron said, pulling away from Jennifer and taking Elisha’s hand in her own as if she could read her friend’s thoughts. “I swear to God I’m not lying. They’re bi. They’ve been doing it since before we dated them. You have to believe me. This isn’t cheating. It’s just evening out the scales and it’s so good. You have no idea. No man can possibly fuck you as good as another woman can. Please Heesh. I would never want to hurt you. This is an amazing thing. It will make you feel so good now.”

Elisha was still too stunned to respond. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and what she was hearing. Cameron had to be lying. But she was so sincere and she had never lied to her before.

Justin and Trace were very close. She had thought they were just friends, but now Elisha found herself thinking over every moment she had ever spent with the two of them and trying to find hidden clues. She couldn’t handle all this!

“I…I…this is too much,” Elisha stammered. “I’ve got…got to go…”

Elisha then slowly began to back away, her head spinning.

“Heesh! Wait!” Cameron was about to go after her friend, but Jennifer stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

“Let her go,” Jennifer advised. “She’s got a lot to deal with. If she wants to join in she can. This party is going to be going on a long time.”

“But…she…she has to know I wasn’t lying,” Cameron protested before Jennifer silenced her with a kiss. Cameron was left smiling after the kiss, especially since Jennifer’s had latched onto her breasts and were massaging them gently.

“Stay here and play with me,” Jennifer requested. “I promise I’ll make it worth your while.”

Elisha wasn’t the only girl shocked at everything she was seeing, but unlike the blonde, Jessica Biel was enjoying it all. Of course it didn’t hurt that as she watched the show she had her shorts and panties down around her feet and Alyssa’s fingers pistoning in and out of her cunt.

“Ohhhhhh Lysaaaaaaaaa…” Jessica moaned. “Oh my God, it’s even hotter than you said it would be.”

“And we’re just getting started,” Alyssa smiled as her lips pressed to Jessica’s bare shoulders and her free hand played with her heaving breasts. Since Alyssa had first taken her the day before, Jessica had grown quite open to the advances of another woman.

There were so many beautiful girls there and if any of them had wanted her to lick them then Jessica wouldn’t have hesitated to get down on her knees and start eating away. These thoughts would have been crazy a day and a half ago, but since her encounter with Alyssa, Jessica had been thinking about nothing but fucking other women.

Jessica had thought about each and every beautiful girl she had ever met, from school friends to movie co-stars and had wondered what it would have been like to fuck them. Alyssa had opened her eyes and her legs to girls and Jessica so badly wanted to experience it all.

There were so many girls she wanted to be with, but right then she was happy just to have Alyssa touch her again. She had masturbated herself close to raw the night before remembering how hard Alyssa had made her come and once again her touch on her body was like heaven.

Alyssa kissed her neck, fingered her pussy and played with her tits as a sea of beautiful bodies writhed all around them. Jessica couldn’t believe there was room for all of them here, but she wasn’t complaining. The more girls there, the more chances for fun she had and she wanted a lot of fun. It had been all she had been thinking of the past day and that had resulted in a lot of pent up pussy power.

Even though she was lying against a wall and had Alyson’s head buried between her legs, Alyssa saw that Rose was looking her way. Alyssa shot her a wink before calmly extending her middle finger at her co-star and housemate.

Rose laughed at the gesture and shot a similar one right back at Alyssa. For the two of them it was a sign of respect. Alyssa knew that Rose was impressed she had managed to score Jessica and she looked forward to letting her see first hand how well she’d trained her new conquest in the art of pussy licking.

But right now Alyssa was content just to have Jessica to herself. Of course anyone who wanted to join in their fun was welcome, but Alyssa didn’t mind if this remained just a twosome. She had a lot of girls she was looking forward to hooking up with this weekend and starting out the festivities with the taste of Jessica Biel on her lips was just fine.

Alyssa was still dressed in her bikini. She’d chosen a brown number that exposed as much skin as possible. Alyssa had thought about pulling a Christina and just going naked. She certainly spent most of her non working day in that state, but in the end she’d decided it would be sexier to give her friends something to pull off her. That way they could hunger a little bit for her bare body.

As it was she was practically naked anyway. The brown bikini she wore pushed her tits up to give her already impressive chest porn star proportions. The bottoms were barely there, with a g-string cut that left her ass out for anyone to cop a feel of. Not that Alyssa would have objected if they did. In fact she hoped they would.

While Britney had found an immediate match with Beyonce, it had been slightly more difficult for Christina to find a partner. She hadn’t been rejected or anything. No one ever said no to Christina Aguilera! It was just that Christina was having so much fun watching the forming piles of girl flesh that she couldn’t pick which one to dive into.

Ordinarily Christina wasn’t much of a voyeur. She got impatient and preferred to just get naked and jump in, but this was a special occasion. Everyone was showing such wanton lust for pussy that Christina wondered where the documentary cameras were for Wild Kingdom. She had never seen anything like this and she wanted to take a moment to appreciate it.

Everyone looked so hot and Christina licked her lips at all the bare girl flesh on proud display. There were a few stragglers who hadn’t yet gotten into the spirit of the event, but Christina knew they’d weaken soon enough. How could anyone resist all this hot pussy? You’d have to be dead not to want to get in on this.

Scanning the crowd, Christina quickly spotted someone who needed that little push to join the party. Maria was just staring at the action, not moving from her spot in the corner as everyone else got to fucking. She obviously liked what she saw, because she had her skirt hiked up around her waist and her hand in her panties, but she wasn’t joining in any of the piles of girls. Christina felt it was her sworn duty to change that and she made a beeline right for the reporter.

“What the hell are you doing?” Christina playfully snapped at Maria, snapping her out of her masturbatory trance. Christina had been teasing with her remark, but Maria took her seriously.

“I’m sorry…I…I…I…was just watching and I…it got me so hot…I had to…” Maria stammered, pulling her hand out of her panties and letting her short skirt fall back down.

“No no,” Christina interjected, attempting to correct the misunderstanding. “I mean why are you just watching and not getting out of those clothes and joining in? This isn’t a free show. To earn your invitation you’ve gotta be ready to fuck. Are you ready to show me you deserved your invitation? Are you ready to fuck Maria?”

Maria smiled at the blunt question, a blush of desire falling over her face. She nodded her head and answered.

“Yes,” Maria said simply. “I’m ready to fuck.”

“Good,” Christina grinned. “I was beginning to think I was going to have to jam another microphone up your cunt to get you to join in.”

Maria moaned at the memory of her first amazing encounter with Britney and Christina. God that thing had felt so good inside her. Every time she held a microphone for one of her interviews now she imagined pushing it inside herself and coating it with her girl cream.

The pleasant memories continued on as Christina pressed her lips to Maria’s and kissed her tenderly. But that tenderness quickly gave way to hot passion and Christina pushed her tongue into Maria’s mouth while she played with her tits through her blouse, feeling the stiffened nipples in her hands.

Any idea that she was making the wrong move here by not busting this story wide open and exposing the hidden lesbian sides to these gorgeous, world famous women evaporated as soon as Maria felt Christina’s kiss. How could she even think of denying herself this sweet pleasure? It would have been insane to turn all this away just for a story. No career was worth that.

“Mmmmm baby you’re not nearly naked enough,” Christina giggled as she rubbed her naked body against Maria’s fully dressed one.

“Oh yeah? Well I can fix that real easily,” Maria grinned before reaching up and ripping her own blouse open. The buttons flew everywhere, scattering all over the floor and bouncing with little clicking noises, but Christina squealed in delight at the sudden action, especially after Maria also got out of her bra. She didn’t even pause to unclasp it. Maria just ripped the lacy beige bra off.

“Let me help you,” Christina eagerly offered, reaching up for Maria’s dark skirt and yanking it down with a loud rip of fabric that sent chills of desire up the reporter’s spine. Her panties were the next to get shredded by Christina’s happy hands and Maria stood there naked as she wondered what the hell she had just done.

She had ruined her whole outfit by not waiting the extra few seconds it would have taken to properly undress. But, Maria quickly reminded herself, it wasn’t like she was going to be needing clothes this weekend anyway. She’d worry about details like not wanting to ride a plane back home naked later. Right now all Maria wanted to do was show her friend just how ready she was to fuck.

Girls had been tearing off their clothes and kissing and touching each other like they were porno stars for a long stretch of time now, but Michelle Trachtenberg still tried to convince herself she was not seeing what she was seeing. This had to be a dream. This had to be a hallucination from that drink she had just had. This had to be something because it sure as hell couldn’t be real.

This was like someone had taken her surrealist vision of what life could be like and splattered it on a canvas for her to watch. Michelle’s young eyes were filled with visions she had never, ever felt she would witness. This was beyond any crazy dream she might have had. Nothing she had ever seen or done in her life could prepare her for what she was viewing now.

Michelle would never have guessed in a million years that anyone here was capable of this. She was seeing some of the most famous women in the world acting crazy. Were Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Duff all lesbians? Michelle could barely even begin to ponder the question because her eyes were too locked on her former Buffy co-stars.

She had never seen this side of them before. They were acting so…so…slutty. That was the most accurate word. It was like real life had turned into a porno movie and her friends were the stars.

Michelle couldn’t believe it. She just stood there and gawked like she was staring at a car accident as Alyson jammed her face between Rose’s legs and licked her. All she had to do was crane her head slightly to see Amber and Emma rubbing their naked bodies together while Charisma stripped off Amy’s clothes and made her as naked as everyone else. Was everyone on the show a lesbian but her?

And then there was Sarah…oh God…Sarah. The woman Michelle had treated like a big sister both on and off screen was going absolutely wild. She and Eliza were kissing each other and didn’t look like they’d stop for anything. Michelle had told so much to Sarah through the years. She had confided in her again and again and she had thought Sarah had done the same. Now Michelle saw that her friend had a huge secret she had been hiding.

Michelle was just shocked. But yet she couldn’t stop staring. She knew she should just get out of here, but she didn’t move an inch. It was as if she were petrified. All she could do was lock her eyes on Sarah and Eliza.

Sarah moaned loudly as she felt Eliza’s mouth all over her tits. Her whole body was still overheating from the deprivation and stimulation of the past 24 hours.

She imagined she could come just from Eliza’s tongue on her nipples. It had been too long since she had been with her former co-star. Eliza had fucked her so good that day by the pool but it had been so long ago. Now Eliza was reminding her with every lick just how hot she had made her that day and Sarah wanted more.

“Ughhhhhh don’t tease me,” Sarah urged as Eliza continued to concentrate on her breasts, making her nipples throb. “I can’t take any more teasing! Please Eliza…eat me! Eat my pussy! Mmmmmmmm I know you fucking want to. I know you’ve been dying to eat me out again after you made me come so hard by the pool! I’ve wanted your tongue inside me again every day since then! Don’t pretend you don’t feel the same way!”

Eliza wasn’t pretending anything. She had long craved the feel of Sarah’s tongue inside her and the taste of her pussy on her lips. What had happened at the mansion hadn’t nearly been enough for Eliza. Sure she had lived out her fantasy, but she also wanted more.

She wanted Sarah’s tongue all over her…over every inch of her body…in her pussy…in her ass…everywhere. Now she had the chance to get it all, but as Eliza heard the soft, ragged moans behind her that could only come from a girl touching herself, she knew she wasn’t going to make the same mistakes again.

“Please…lick meeeee…” Sarah begged. “Ohhhhhh baby I need to feel a tongue in my pussy. Ughhhhh no one’s licked me there all fucking day and I need it! I’m so fucking wet for you Eliza! Why won’t you lick me?”

The answer to that question stood only a few feet away. Sarah hadn’t even noticed her at first. She was too horny to take notice of anything except the girl sucking on her nipples, but the moans from her masturbation ultimately got Sarah’s attention.

She looked with surprise at the sight of Kirsten touching herself under her bikini, her free hand teasing her own nipples through her top. She had no idea Kirsten was into this, but her eyes were locked on the show and Sarah felt the heat of her gaze all over her bare body.

“She’s staring…” Sarah softly said not sure how to take the voyeurism from the young blonde.

“Huh?” Eliza asked, pulling away from Sarah’s breasts and smiling when she saw what her friend was talking about. Eliza then beckoned Kirsten over with her hand.

“I thought you might have forgotten about me,” Kirsten admitted.

“Oh no baby, I was just getting her ready for you,” Eliza replied before tenderly kissing her girlfriend on the lips. “Go on Kiki. Take her. I know you want to.”

Kirsten then grabbed Sarah’s face in her hands and kissed the former slayer for the first time. This was the first time they had actually really met, but Kirsten felt as if she knew Sarah already. She had thought about her so many times since Eliza had told her what had happened between them. Kirsten passionately kissed the surprised Sarah, sucking on her tongue and copping a healthy feel of her bare breasts.

“You…and Eliza?” Sarah asked when the kiss ended, putting the pieces together. It didn’t take a detective to deduce the meaning of the shared looks Eliza and Kirsten were giving each other. Sarah knew a couple when she saw one.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Eliza confirmed, loving being able to tell someone about it and brag about their relationship. “She’s amazing.”

“I can see,” Sarah giggled, the feel of the hot kiss still lingering on her lips as she eyed Kirsten up and down. Her nipples looked like they were about to rip through her top. Her wrap skirt was gone and there was a visible dark spot of arousal against her pink and black bottoms. Kirsten looked so beautiful as her fresh face turned pink with arousal.

“I never thought you’d be the girlfriend type,” Sarah said to her wild friend. “I didn’t think someone like you would settle down with anyone.”

“Well, I’m worth it,” Kirsten laughed before kissing Sarah again and turning the conversation back to sex. “I want you Sarah. I know what you and Eliza did and it turns me on. She always gets so wet when she talks about you. You make my Eliza such a dripping, horny mess and now I want to see why. I want to see how wet you made her pussy that day and how hard you made her come. I want us to fuck, Sarah!”

In a million years Sarah never would have expected words like that to ever spill out of Kirsten’s mouth. But there was nothing fake about them. They were a genuine expression of lust and Sarah had no will to deny them. She wanted Kirsten too. The blonde looked so good with her bikini sticking to her visibly aroused body.

Sarah had to stifle a little giggle when she remembered Kirsten in the first Spider Man movie when she was walking through the rain, her nipples the star of the scene. Sarah had longed to jump into the movie and tongue those wet nipples right and now she had her chance.

Sarah and Kirsten kissed again and Sarah began grinding her naked body against her new friend’s, loving the enthusiasm Kirsten was bringing to their fun. Their hands began exploring each other and Kirsten reached around to caress Sarah’s bare back, before eventually coming to rest on her ass. Kirsten massaged Sarah’s cheeks as they kissed, their tongues pushing against each other and sliding everywhere they could in their connected mouths.

While Kirsten’s hands gripped her cheeks, Sarah attempted to return the favor. She’d been playing with Kirsten’s hair and when she tried to start getting the girl’s bikini off, she found a pair of hands was already taking care of it.

With an excited, horny grin, Eliza began tugging off Kirsten’s suit. She couldn’t take her eyes off Kirsten and Sarah as they kissed, their beautiful faces touching and their hands touching each other’s body. It was just like she had envisioned it, except that Kirsten wasn’t nearly naked enough.

Wanting to take care of that as soon as possible, Eliza undid Kirsten’s top and pulled it off her, exposing her girlfriend’s soft, pink chest as she moaned into Sarah’s kiss. Eliza began playing with Kirsten’s tits from behind, kissing and nibbling on her neck a little, just how she knew the blonde liked it. Kirsten moaned again and again, driving Eliza wild in the process. She loved knowing Kirsten was getting off on this. Her pleasure was making Eliza even wetter.

Soon Sarah got the idea and moved her own hands to Kirsten’s breasts. Once Sarah’s fingers made contact with the exposed mounds, Eliza moved away from them and went for the bottoms.

Eliza tried not to take her eyes away from the sight of Sarah’s hands massaging her Kiki’s tits while they kissed. God, it was getting her so wet just to see them kiss. Eliza didn’t know if she was going to be able to stand it when they got to fucking each other.

Averting her eyes for as little time as possible, Eliza peeled Kirsten’s bottoms off her. She exposed her girlfriend’s bare ass and couldn’t help but softly rub her cheeks.

This got another long moan from Kirsten, who was caught in absolute bliss. Her eyes were closed while she and Sarah kissed. She had so much stimulation and she wanted to concentrate on how good it felt to be touched. Sarah’s hands on her breasts and Eliza’s on her ass while she and Sarah kissed and tongued each other was just an amazing sensation. Knowing that Eliza had to be loving what she was seeing turned on Kirsten fiercely, even more than it had when she and Eliza had shared Natalie or Mila.

Now that both Kirsten and Sarah were naked, Eliza straightened herself back up and pushed herself right into their kiss. She couldn’t just watch now. She had to get a taste of both of their lips together. Naturally both girls welcomed this and soon Kirsten, Eliza and Sarah were all swapping saliva and caressing each other’s mouths with their tongues. Sarah took one hand off Kirsten’s chest to massage Eliza’s, playing with both of their breasts.

Eliza attempted to return the favor by reaching for the two dripping pussies before her and rubbing them. Their muffled moans increased in strength as the three girls kept making out, pressing their bare skin together in a lewd body massage. But as Eliza began touching their sexes, Kirsten put a stop to it and asserted some control.

“Ah…ah…ah…” Kirsten chided her girlfriend. “Not yet baby. You don’t get that yet. You still owe me this one thing. You can’t play yet. You have to watch. Then…maybe…you can play…maybe…”

Eliza pouted, but didn’t fight Kirsten on this one. After all she had promised and she was going to make good on it. She could stand not getting any action for a little while. At least she hoped she could.

Sarah looked at the two of them quizzically, wondering what they were talking about, but forgetting all about it when Kirsten began kissing her again. Sarah wanted both of them together with her, but if she only got Kirsten then that was hardly a consolation prize. The young blonde was driving her wild with her touch and Sarah longed to feel her tongue inside her pussy.

Kirsten began tugging Sarah down to the floor and the former slayer didn’t fight her. Her legs were starting to get a little wobbly anyway. She just wanted to lie back and have some fun.

Fortunately that was just what Kirsten wanted too. Once they were down on the floor, Kirsten placed herself on top of Sarah, lavishing her face with kisses while her hands caressed Sarah’s bare breasts. Kirsten massaged the firm mounds, getting her own pussy wet as she felt Sarah’s hard nipples pressing against her hands. She kissed and caressed the naked girl, knowing her audience was hanging on every moment.

“That’s it Eliza…watch me,” Kirsten grinned as she began kissing down Sarah’s body. “Watch me fuck Sarah. Watch me do all the nasty things you dream about doing to her. Watch how slutty your little Kiki can get.”

All Eliza could do in response was moan. She slid her hand into her bikini bottoms, unwilling to take her eyes off the action for even a second. She wanted to fuse these images into her brain forever. Eliza watched with growing arousal as Kirsten kissed her way past Sarah’s breasts, giving each swollen nipple a lick in the process, and over her taut stomach. She pressed her lips and tongue down on Sarah’s thighs, next, teasing her with the prospect of what she would do next.

“Ughhhhh no more fucking teasing,” Sarah groaned. “Everyone’s teasing me! I can’t take a second more! Eat me Kirsten! Show me what you can do with a pussy! Show me the tongue that’s got Eliza whipped!”

Kirsten giggled at the command and she could almost feel Eliza bristle at it, but neither of them said anything. Both wanted her to do this to Sarah so badly that even a second’s more delay would seem like an eternity. Kirsten stopped kissing Sarah’s thighs and moved in between her legs to her quivering pussy. It seemed like she was already on the verge of coming and Kirsten didn’t want that pussy creaming anywhere but all over her face.

“Watch me…” were Kirsten’s final words to Eliza before she pressed her lips to Sarah’s waiting snatch. As her smile covered from ear to ear, Kirsten took her first licks at Sarah. She had wanted to do this for so long…to taste the pussy that had caused her Eliza to stray and now she had it. It was all hers and Kirsten attacked it like a starved lioness.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yesssssss…” Sarah panted as Kirsten’s tongue started working her pussy over. She was so eager. Whatever Eliza had taught her, she had taught her well.

Kirsten’s tongue licked her lips up and down, sliding a little more inside her with every motion. She got closer and closer until Kirsten’s face was buried against her cunt and that was when she really got to work, going right for her clit and drawing a piercing scream of pleasure from Sarah that passed through everyone’s ears and fit nicely into the rest of the moans and cries that filled the room.

Every single one of those moans was like a slap in the face to Michelle Trachtenberg. Every time she would begin to think this wasn’t real, a moan would remind her she was awake and fully aware of everything that was going on.

This was too wild. It was unbelievable that people she knew and admired would be doing this to each other and loving it. What had happened to the world all of a sudden? It had gone completely crazy.

Michelle knew she should run or something. She didn’t belong here. She wasn’t a lesbian. She didn’t like girls…even if it seemed that every single girl she had worked with on Buffy sure seemed to. The teenager tried to will her feet to move, but she couldn’t force them. She just watched the action, dumbstruck.

She couldn’t stop watching as the women in the room gave into their burning desires for each other’s flesh. Michelle tried to get herself to close her eyes, but once again her body wouldn’t cooperate. She just couldn’t not look. There was so much to see. God, everyone looked so beautiful.

Wait a minute! Had she really just thought that? But it was right. They were beautiful. Every women in the room was beautiful and looked so good out of their clothes. She had never seen such a bold display of naked flesh and Michelle was beginning to feel overdressed, even though she was standing there in a bikini top and shorts. The wilder things got, the more Michelle watched and the more she found herself unable to turn away until she saw more.

Michelle’s stunned silence ordinarily would have gotten noticed, but for once everyone was too lost in their own lusts to even noticed the shocked and fascinated teenager. Right next to her, Amber and Emma were too busy kissing and rubbing themselves to care about much of anything.

The two naked girls certainly knew they weren’t alone, they could hear all the moans and wet smacking sounds of kissing and licking all around them, but their attention was focused completely on each other. During the time Amber and Emma had been on the show together, they had flirted back and forth a little, as if testing the temperature of the water, but nothing had really happened. It had only been after Amber had been written off that their attraction had turned into actual action.

Since that night the two of them had snuck away for some naked girl on girl fun whenever possible. Emma had always been ready to fuck anyone, men or women, if the mood struck her, while Amber had come to realize the pleasures of female flesh after many late nights doing theater. They were contrasts with one all important thing in common…they were hot for each other.

That lead to combustible sexual sparks between them that, more often than not, ended with the two of them collapsing in a heap of sweaty, tangled limbs coated in girl cum. And now that they knew their closest on set friends felt the same way they did, they were going at it even harder than usual.

Before today neither of them had any idea that Sarah, Alyson, Charisma or any of them loved to explore the sapphic side of things. Now, with the evidence naked and moaning all around them, it added extra fuel to Amber and Emma’s blaze.

Their naked bodies were locked together in a scissors position as they kissed. Their lips locked and their tongues fought with each other for the position of dominance. Amber had her leg slung over Emma’s on one side and under her on the other side as they rubbed their pussies together into a creamy mess.

Just a few feet away Sarah and Kirsten were going at it and almost right next to them, Charisma had finally melted away enough of Amy’s resistance to allow her fingers entry to her sex. But right now, all that mattered to Emma and Amber was getting each other off. They’d concentrate on getting to know all their friends a lot better later, right now they were deep into their own fun.

“Yesssssss…I love watching those big tits jiggle,” Emma moaned, her eyes focused on Amber’s shaking chest. She could never get enough of Amber’s breasts. No one really knew until they saw her in action how sexy Amber could be and Emma regarded her lover’s tits as almost her own private toy. Like it was a secret only she knew about.

“Ohhhhhhhh if you keep rubbing me like that then you’re going to see a lot of fucking jiggling,” Amber replied with a moan of her own. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this. She was fucking Emma right in front of everyone. She would never have dreamed she would ever be in an environment where this was possible, but here she was.

Everyone around her looked like they were just as heavy into pussy love as she was. It was blowing Amber’s mind, but she didn’t spend much time focusing on it. She was feeling too much pleasure from the hard, nasty grind. She and Emma were always able to get each other off with ease and this was no exception. They kept going at each other, rubbing their wet lips together until they had soaked the other’s thighs with girl juice.

Emma and Amber locked lips again, kissing passionately as their wet skin grinded together. Their small, trimmed bushes tickled each other, but all they could feel was the pleasure of their cunts grinding together, soaking the floor under them.

Amber’s hands were latched to Emma’s firm chest, kneading her lover’s tits as the blonde groaned. Amber knew that Emma liked it a little rough…not a lot…just enough so she could feel it. Giving a hard, passionate touch to her tits was one sure way to get Emma off and Amber was going to take every opportunity she could to do just that.

Their wetness was turning into one hot mix of girl cream between their legs. Emma had her palms pressed flat against the floor to give her a boost as she met every thrust Amber gave her with a harder one of her own.

She loved grinding women because you got to see every facial expression they made as they came and Amber’s face always looked so beautiful in orgasm. Emma and Amber’s moans flowed together in perfect harmony as their pussies rubbed together, one set of lips stimulating the other again and again.

Their clits were both so swollen with desire and when the two girls pushed themselves together even harder, it made their clits kiss. Their pleasure centers pressed together, sending ecstasy through both of their bodies.

They tried to keep this going so their clits were always touching as they fucked each other. Emma and Amber were almost too slippery for it and they giggled as their pussies slid all over each other. Finally they locked hands and scissored themselves closer together to try to keep their clits touching as they moved closer and closer to orgasm.

Even as they pushed themselves to the verge of coming, they couldn’t help but notice all the action going on around them. Emma had a great view of Amy’s closed eyed moans as Charisma began sucking on her bare tits while Amber’s position afforded her a chance to stare right at Alyson’s ass while it waved back and forth in the air. Alyson’s bikini bottoms clung tightly to her skin and, despite all the pleasure she was feeling from Emma, Amber longed to reach over, rip those bottoms off and push her tongue right inside Alyson.

Amber couldn’t believe she had misjudged her on screen girlfriend so badly. She had never thought Alyson would be into girls, but there was no way she was new at this. The enthusiasm at which she was licking and the way Rose was moaning showed that this was far from Alyson’s first taste of pussy.

She remembered back to each and every kiss they had shared in character and wished that they had done some more private rehearsal time on them, preferably without any clothes on. Every one of Rose’s aroused cries made Amber want Alyson even more and just thinking about it was getting her closer to coming all over Emma’s tender pussy.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Rose shouted out, her hands pawing at her bare tits as she lay on her back and let Alyson’s tongue work her over. “That’s it!!! That’s fucking it Aly!!! Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss show me why Sarah loves you so fucking much!!!! Remind me what a hot little tongue you have!!!”

This wasn’t the first time Alyson had ever gone down on Rose, but it had been awhile since the redhead had tasted this flavor. It was just as sweet as she remembered it and Alyson happily waved her ass in the air as she bent down to lick up as much girl juice as she could. She could feel her own pussy soaking her bottoms and she took her free hand to slide it inside her bikini. Alyson began rubbing her slit while she licked Rose, making herself moan right into the beautiful bare cunt she had pressed to her lips.

“That’s it Aly! Finger your pussy!” Rose urged, her words coming in short bursts from Alyson’s tongue against her clit. “I want you creaming those fucking bottoms from how much you love eating me out! That’s it slut! Soak your fingers from eating my sweet pussy! You wanna thank me? Then fucking thank me by jamming that tongue inside me and make me come all over that pretty face!”

Rose kept her hands latched onto her breasts. She knew she didn’t have to hold Alyson down. The redhead was too much of a slut for a sweet tasting pussy to move away, no matter how nasty Rose’s words got, and she knew it.

She hadn’t believed Sarah when she had told her about Alyson’s extracurricular activities. Rose had always seemed like Sarah’s faithful little sidekick and not some bondage loving domme. The contrast had turned Rose on big time and had made her want to fuck Alyson just that much harder.

Alyson might have been able to control her friends, but right now she was between her legs, licking her like a thirsty slut, and that made Rose feel so powerful. Everything that had happened the past two days made her feel like she was in complete control of her own actions and that feeling was like nothing else on the planet.

Of course the sensation of a talented tongue licking at her clit and drinking down her leaking juices wasn’t half bad either and Rose was feeling that in spades as Alyson ate her. Rose arched her back and fucked the redhead’s face with hard thrusts that Alyson met with enthusiastic licks. All the while Alyson stared up at Rose, letting her know with her eyes that she loved this as much as she did.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Keep licking!” Rose moaned. “Keep that fucking tongue in my cunt you nasty little bitch! Fuck you’re so goddamn good at this Aly! I’ll bet you keep those hot sluts of yours happy with that tongue! Well I’m not your slut Aly! You’re mine and you’re not even gonna slow the fuck down until my cream is dripping down your chin!”

Hearing all that just made Alyson finger herself harder. She didn’t care who was controlling whom. She never really cared as long as she ended up coming. It was fun to dominate and it was also fun to just get your face fucked. Alyson loved it all and she could feel a hard orgasm brewing in her body. She had been pretty pent up all day too, watching all that hot girl flesh arrive, and now she was ready to go wild just like Sarah.

Right now the only question for Alyson as she kept her face buried in Rose’s snatch and her tongue on her clit, was whether or not she should come from her fingers or wait until Rose was ready to return the favor with the tongue bath her pussy sorely needed.

With the sounds and scents of sex all around them, Amy would have found it almost impossible to not get horny even if she didn’t have a beautiful woman touching and kissing her. Somehow the thoughts of being faithful to her husband and the concerns over never having been with a girl before were fading and being replaced with a growing desire to give herself over to her friend.

Charisma was making her feel things she had never felt. Sure she had entertained an idle fantasy or two about what it would be like to be with another woman, but didn’t everyone at least wonder about that? Amy had never really given it much thought or even wanted to do much to make fantasy into reality. But now that women all around her were giving into the lusts they felt their sex, Amy found herself weakening.

Would it be so bad if she gave in? What would happen? She wasn’t going to have a big “L” for “Lesbian” stamped on her forehead now. She would just feel pleasure and Amy had never objected to feeling pleasure.

Part of her still wanted to push Charisma off her and get out of here before she did something she’d regret, but there was such a growing insistence inside her that she see this through and let whatever happen, happen. Because Amy knew that she couldn’t deny the fact she was getting wet from this.

“Ooooooooooooooh…” Amy softly moaned as Charisma sucked on her breasts, lovingly caressing one exposed nipple with her mouth before moving onto the other one. Having Charisma touch and kiss her was just unbelievable. She was so soft and so beautiful.

Amy had struggled a bit when Charisma had pushed her bikini top off, but it had felt too good to really try and make her stop. Her heart hadn’t really been in convincing her former co-star to stop touching her and Charisma had been able to expose Amy’s breasts with little fight.

Now Charisma was massaging whichever breast she wasn’t licking as her hand traveled down Amy’s body toward her bikini bottoms. Before Amy could stop her, Charisma slid her hand inside and began to gently rub her pussy, making the girl’s moans even louder and more insistent.

Charisma had never seduced anyone before. But she could tell she was doing a good job here. She was letting her instincts guide her and so far they hadn’t let her down. She remembered how Sarah and Alyson had made her feel so good that it overwhelmed any desire she had to make them stop.

She wanted to do the same thing here to Amy. She wanted her to crave the touch of another woman so bad that she would stop thinking about what she didn’t want and start thinking only about what she did want.

That was just what Amy’s libido was trying to force her brain to do. Amy felt as if her lust was staring to take control of her actions, like she was being possessed or something. But even as she knew she shouldn’t be cheating on her husband, Amy realized that this was a good thing Charisma was doing to her. It felt so good to have her breasts kissed and she felt her whole body tense up in a rush of pleasure when Charisma began touching her pussy.

She was getting so wet and she knew Charisma had to be feeling it. How could she not with her hand rubbing her like that? It was such delicious pleasure to be touched like this and it was only getting better. No lover, not even her husband, had made her this excited. Maybe it was just the taboo nature of it all or her nerves, but Amy could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

Amy could see and hear all the girls having a good time and loving the touch of other women. She couldn’t deny herself this. The pleasure was building and building and Amy’s brain was losing decision-making ability.

Her pussy was seizing control and it wanted this bad. There weren’t going to be any inhibitions when it was in control and Amy knew it. Any fight she had left was quickly fading as Charisma pulled her hand out just long enough to push her bottoms down her legs and expose her pussy to the open air.

There was so much going on that Maria almost had to close her eyes for fear of completely overwhelming her senses. This was just unbelievable. When Christina had first told her about the party, her first instinct was not to believe her.

She had felt Christina had to be playing some kind of joke on her. There was no way all these women were into this. But there they all were. This was no joke. This was no act. These women were completely stripped of all their celebrity and were down to their animal instincts. It was just about sex and it had Maria dripping hot juice down her legs to see.

How many times had she interviewed Jennifer Aniston? Or Cameron Diaz? Or Natalie Portman? Or Jennifer Love Hewitt? Even perfect little Hilary Duff! To see them all naked and acting like she had wandered onto the set of a porno just blew Maria’s mind.

She would never be able to look at them the same way again. How could she go back to her job when she had lived this uninhibited life of sexual bliss? Maria suddenly wanted to quit her job and never leave this place. She just wanted to be naked and free with all these beautiful celebrities and let them fuck her endlessly.

Part of Maria knew this was not exactly a clear and reasoned line of thinking, but the other part didn’t give a fuck. This was too damn good to think about anything else and the fact that Maria was standing up against a wall while Christina kneeled before her and spread her pussy lips with her fingers for her tongue to slide right inside wasn’t quite the pathway to clear and reasoned thinking.

“Oooooooh sweetie you’re so wet,” Christina teased before pulling out her sticky tongue from Maria’s snatch. “But I can make you even wetter.”

Christina then giggled and kept Maria’s labia spread open with her fingers. She spit right into Maria’s pussy, making the reporter moan with bliss and grind her bare ass against the wall. Christina did it again and the result was the same, more moaning and grinding.

Maria couldn’t stop the pleasure and she didn’t want to. She loved everything Christina was doing to her pussy and just wanted to play with her and then throw herself into the growing pile of naked girls on the floor for more.

“Oh God,” Maria groaned, her whole body aching with lust. She reached up and began playing with her bare breasts. She felt so nasty and slutty and she loved it. “Ughhhhh do it again Christina. Spit in my pussy! Make it all wet and sloppy!”

Maria couldn’t believe those words were coming out of her mouth. She knew her own voice, but it wasn’t like she was even saying them. All that mattered though was that Christina did just as she asked and spit into her pussy.

It felt so nasty, to feel that spit in her pussy, but it was the good kind of nasty and Maria’s knees weakened when Christina dove back in with her tongue, tasting all the wetness that her cunt could offer.

She had thought it had been crazy to do what she had done before with Britney and Christina on their video set, but that was nothing compared to this. There were so many beautiful girls acting so slutty and Maria knew she was no different. She couldn’t just observe them and marvel at their behavior. She was one of them now. She was getting her pussy licked by Christina Aguilera and she loved it.

Maria was being overwhelmed by the sexual fever gripping the room, especially as Christina continued to spread her lips open and flutter her tongue so well over her most sensitive of girl parts. She still had her hands locked on her breasts, massaging them like they were pieces of tender meat in her grasp. Maria just had to shut her eyes and moan deeply. It felt so good to just give into the mood and when Maria moaned she suddenly found her lips covered in a kiss.

Immediately she knew it wasn’t Christina because she could still feel her tongue on her pussy. But Maria didn’t care who it was. She had never let herself be taken advantage of like this, but she was so horny and the kiss was so soft and sexy that she returned it without a second thought.

Maria let the strange woman’s tongue slide into her mouth and she sucked on it like she had been her lover for years. Maria just cared that it felt good and with Christina’s tongue making her pussy drip, everything felt good.

When the woman pulled her tongue out and broke the kiss, Maria finally opened up her eyes to see who it was. She’d been keeping them closed, enjoying the fantasy too much to allow for reality. But when she saw who it was she knew it was even better than dreaming.

“Mind if I join in?” Gwen Stefani asked, licking her lips free of the taste of Maria’s lipstick.

Maria just smiled and nodded, her nipples stiffening even harder under her hands. She’d never have expected Gwen to be into this. She was married. But that kiss had been so real. She was clearly skilled and experienced at kissing other women. Knowing that this married woman was going to fuck her nearly sent Maria right into orgasm all over Christina’s face.

While Maria had given her permission for Gwen to join the fun, Christina looked up and hit the pause button.

“Oh no Gweny,” Christina teased. “We have a strict dress code around here and you’re in violation. No joining in until you get with the program.”

Gwen was standing there in her bikini, her top pulled down and her nipples exposed with the tell tale signs of saliva all over them from several eager girls. She knew what Christina wanted and she eagerly complied, pushing down her bottoms and getting her top all the way off.

“How’s that?” Gwen asked with a smile. “Better?”

“Much better,” Christina giggled before getting back to Maria’s pussy. “Now you can play.”

Gwen kept on smiling and reached forward for Maria. She’d been interviewed a bunch of times by this girl and knowing that the woman she’d considered just another nosy media member was as big a slut for pussy as she was had Gwen’s libido on fire. Gwen grabbed Maria and kissed her passionately, pushing her tongue back into the reporter’s mouth as their bare tits grinded together.

Knowing who she was kissing this time made it even hotter for Maria and she moved her hands off her breasts so she could wrap them around Gwen and bring her in for an even deeper kiss. Before this moment neither of them had known the other was into girls, but Maria was already wondering just what Gwen’s pussy tasted like and knowing she was going to find out soon sent a hot rush of pre-orgasmic girl juice onto Christina’s tongue.

“FUCK MEEEEEE!!! GET THAT FUCKING TONGUE INSIDE ME!!!” Jessica Alba panted as she kept her hands locked on Angelina Jolie’s head.

She had clumps of the actress’ dark hair in her hands and was pushing her amazing lips right to her pussy. Jessica knew she could probably come from keeping those bee stung perfect lips against her and letting Angelina suck on her splayed labia, but she wanted more. She wanted Angelina’s tongue inside her.

That was just what Angelina wanted and she let Jessica grip onto her hair, even though it was hardly necessarily. Nothing would have gotten Angelina away from this pussy. She let Jessica hold her like that though. It turned her on to know Jessica didn’t want her to stop.

She loved knowing Jessica was getting off on her tongue inside her and it made her crave her juices even more. Angelina pushed in deeper, looking straight up at Jessica as she licked each drop of wetness out of her.

Jessica was absolutely lost in Angelina’s eyes. They were like a sex toy all by themselves, boring into her brain and making her wetter with every second she stared. Angelina’s eyes were so sexual. It was like just looking into them could make you come. Everything about this woman was sexual and her tongue was like pure ecstasy inside her pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GAWWWWWWWWWD!!!” Jessica suddenly howled as pleasure rushed through her. Angelina had started licking her clit and it was like someone had taken a pocket rocket on full speed and placed it against her.

Angelina’s tongue was a machine on her clitoris, licking it up and making it swell and swell until Jessica didn’t think she could take anymore. It was too good.

“FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE YOU HOT SLUT OHHHHHHHH FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Jessica continued to shout. She was still sitting in the chair, but she might as well have been perched on a flagpole or floating in space for all she cared. Where she was sitting didn’t matter. Having this tongue inside her did.

Angelina hadn’t hesitated to get right to work on her pussy as soon as Jessica had exposed it to her horny tongue and it had taken all of one millisecond for Jessica to see why Angelina was considered a true sex goddess.

Her experiences in the mansion and beyond had brought Jessica into contact with so many hot tongues and she considered herself having been licked by the best of the best. But none of them were anything compared to Angelina. She was a pussy licking demonness and Jessica wanted to be possessed by her.


Through her own cries and pleasure-fogged brain, Jessica managed to push herself into clarity again for a search around the room for her friend. Thinking of what she had seen between Jennifer and Angelina before reminded her that someone was missing from the party. She couldn’t find Jennifer anywhere and Jessica guessed she was still up in her room. Part of her wanted to go up and find her, but that part was quickly overruled when Angelina hit another sensitive spot with her tonguing.

“AHHHHHHH!!” Jessica’s voice traveled again. “UGHHHHH I’M CLOSE!!! SO GODDAMN CLOSE!!!”

“Give it to me Jess,” Angelina growled playfully from between the former Dark Angel’s legs. “Give me your sweet cum! I need to taste you just like I tasted your hot girlfriend! I need to taste every fucking pussy at this party! Feed me your cum! I fucking need it!!!”

Angelina then got her tongue right back to work, getting closer and closer to the sweet, sticky prize she craved with every lick.

Jessica was far from the only girl who was enjoying a skilled tongue inside her at the party and just a few feet away, Love was reaping all the benefits of Felecia’s professional expertise. In fact Love and Jessica caught eyes at one point and giggled at the lust they were caught in. They shared an air kiss and then got right back to enjoying the hot tongues licking them to ecstasy.

Love was flat on her back as the porn star expertly licked at her pussy. Love’s sex was spread wide and her legs were slung over Felecia’s toned back as she began fucking herself against Felecia’s face. Love’s tits were jiggling with every motion, but she didn’t touch them.

She loved watching them bounce like this and didn’t want to destroy the image. So many people had raved about her tits over the years and now Love was starting to get the full picture why. They were so bouncy and watching them jiggle as Felecia snacked on her snatch was making her so wet.

What had happened that night in the club had been so unexpected and so intense that Love hadn’t been able to properly savor the moment. But now she was doing plenty of savoring of each moment Felecia had her tongue inside her. How many times had she watched her collection of movies and seen Felecia eating another girl out or sliding her tongue into a willing slut’s puckered asshole? There was no way to keep count.

Love had come from watching Felecia in action so many times. She had always been a favorite of hers, even before they had hooked up that night. Now, once again, she was the one being fucked by Felecia and it was even better now.

All Love needed was a camera to make her fantasy complete. Of course it had been way too risky for there to be any photographic or video evidence of this particular party, but that didn’t stop Love from imagining how hot it would have been for this to be captured for posterity.

She would just have to try and remember all of it and her eyes were drinking in everything around her. These surroundings were like heaven to Love. There were hot girls fucking all around her while Felecia’s tongue was lapping away at her wetness. With all of this, how could any of them not consider it heaven?

It had been so hot to watch Felecia and Mya play with each other that Love had stripped off her own bikini and had begun fingering herself right in front of them. Felecia had told her that a finger was never a substitute for a good tongue and Love eagerly accepted her invitation for a little licking.

Now she was on her back with Felecia between her legs while Mya made sure the porn star got plenty of stimulation right where she needed it. Love got such a kick out of being able to look down and see Mya’s gorgeous face pressed in between Felecia’s small, tight ass cheeks, licking away at her pussy while she ground herself against the floor.

Mya was lying on her belly as she ate Felecia out, rubbing her own pussy with her fingers as her tits pressed flat to the floor. While she didn’t have a collection that rivaled Love’s, Mya had a few girl-girl porno tapes of her own and Felecia had always seemed so naughty and sexy. Now that she had a chance to lick herself some porn star pussy, Mya wasn’t going to pass up the chance.

Watching Felecia expertly strip and tease Sarah had gotten Mya so juicy that she knew she had to show the girl how much she had loved it. Now she was congratulating her the best way she knew how…with her tongue. Mya was no virgin when it came to girls. She had been fucking women since her teens and sometimes it was hard to decide what she liked more, cock or pussy?

There was no decision now, though. Hands down, all of Mya’s thoughts were locked on women and their delicious, sweet juices. She pushed her tongue hard into Felecia, caressing her ass cheeks with her free hand while she fingered herself with the other. She loved the way Felecia tasted and hoped that she’d be getting a taste of Love too.

It was so hot to see that sweet little thing writhing and jiggling from Felecia’s tongue. She had an innocent, sunny face and seeing her get nasty was a huge turn on. Mya wanted a piece of her Love bad. Hell, she wanted a piece of everyone. Good thing this party was just getting started.

Meanwhile, Britney and Beyonce were making up for lost time with a passion. Both girls were naked and grinding their beautiful bodies together as they furiously kissed. Beyonce couldn’t get enough of Britney’s sexy kisses. They were so soft, but also excited and eager and every time she felt Britney’s tongue in her mouth, Beyonce felt herself get a little wetter.

Worrying about what would happen if she got caught was a forgotten fear for Beyonce. Now all she was wondering about was how good Britney’s tongue was going to feel in her pussy.

If possible she was even more turned on now than she had been when she had hooked up with Jewel. She loved being around all these beautiful women going wild. Hearing and seeing them was making her so horny and Britney was absolutely driving her wild with her kiss and her touch.

Britney had her hands on Beyonce’s ass while they kissed and Beyonce couldn’t decide what she wanted more. Did she want Britney to keep rubbing her cheeks while they kissed or for the blonde’s hands to roam everywhere else on her body? It was too tough a decision. Beyonce just wanted to be touched. Jewel had been the only real sexual pleasure she had gotten in a year and now she was going to get all that and more. Beyonce couldn’t wait. She never wanted to stop being touched.

As their kisses continued, Beyonce’s dark body pressed to Britney’s tanned white skin and she began playing with the blonde’s bare breasts. Beyonce squeezed the enhanced mounds of girl flesh, making Britney moan deeply into the kiss This made Beyonce massage them more passionately and soon she was really into touching Britney’s tits.

She loved hearing Britney’s happy moans and girlish squeals. It meant she was doing this right. She certainly wasn’t experienced at all this and Beyonce hadn’t wanted to seem like she didn’t know what she was doing.

If her mouth hadn’t been filled with her fellow singer’s tongue, Britney would have been assuring Beyonce that everything she was doing felt good. Her kisses were so hot and Britney loved the feel of her soft hands on her tits.

Beyonce seemed so curious about how they felt that Britney giggled a little and arched her back to lift her breasts up and give her new lover even more to play with. Having those sexy, eager hands on her tits was making Britney so wet, but right now it wasn’t her own wetness she was concerned with.

Leaving one hand to massage Beyonce’s beautiful ass, Britney moved her other hand away to reach for what she had wanted for so long. She hadn’t been able to get a piece of Beyonce while they had filmed the commercial, but nothing was going to stop her now. Beyonce was naked and Britney had seen how her pussy had been glistening. Now she was going to feel for herself.

“Ohhhhh fuck…” Beyonce hissed, breaking off the kiss and moaning deliciously as two of Britney’s fingers penetrated her cunt. She leaned herself up against Britney’s shoulder, her hot breath making the hairs on Britney’s neck stand up as she moaned again and again from the fingers inside her.

“So tight…so fucking tight,” Britney squealed in happy surprise. She had never expected Beyonce’s pussy to be this snug, but it felt great around her fingers and she knew it was going to be even better against her tongue. “I love your body Beyonce. God, I want to fuck you so bad baby. I wanted you when we did that commercial and now you’re mine!”

“Yesssssss I’m yours…I’m so fucking yours,” Beyonce groaned, her eyes shut as she began grinding herself harder against Britney, forcing the blonde’s fingers in deeper. “Fuck me Britney! Do every goddamn nasty thing you and Pink wanted to do to me! I need this baby! Feel how damn tight I am! You know how bad I need to get fucked! No one ever fucking gives it to me and now I need you to Britney! Fuck me! You can have me any way you want baby!”

Every aroused word being moaned out of Beyonce’s mouth was making Britney’s brain swim in endorphins. Listening to her talk like this was making her feel so good and Britney picked up the pace of her fingering. Beyonce was meeting her thrusts with passionate bucks of her hips and Britney loved how wet and creamy her fingers were getting from the singer’s tight, soaked snatch.

Britney couldn’t believe that Beyonce wasn’t getting some every night. Wasn’t she dating Jay-Z? Christina was always raving about “black cock”, but Beyonce didn’t seem happy with her man. But Britney didn’t really care. All she cared about was that Beyonce seemed happy with her. She fingered Beyonce harder, rubbing her ass raw with her other hand and enjoying every dirty word that spilled out of Beyonce’s mouth.

Looking up, Britney smiled when she saw that their pairing had a very sexy pair of eyes on them. She saw Michelle watching them, her bikini top flung aside and both her hands buried under the white g-string that had barely covered even an inch of her body in total.

Michelle had been teasing everyone at the party with her suit, which would have raised eyebrows even at the French Riviera, and now she looked like she was on the verge of absolutely soaking it with her desire.

But Britney didn’t want that. Not when all that creamy goodness could be on her tongue…mmmm or Beyonce’s. Britney would have loved to see her friend go down on her gorgeous slut of a maid. Britney caught Michelle’s attention and silently cocked her head slightly to pull the French girl forward.

That was just the invitation Michelle had been looking for and she eagerly walked over to the two singers. She had loved watching those two naked bodies press together in a mixture of beautiful races. They looked so gorgeous pressing their flesh against one another, caring only for their desires and nothing more.

Michelle had always gotten off hard on watching black people and white people break the stupid taboo that kept them apart in America and fuck each other silly and she had been eager to see these two beauties go at it. But she would have gladly passed on watching if it meant she had a chance to join in.

While still fingering Beyonce, Britney positioned her face to greet Michelle with a wet kiss. The horny maid returned this kiss with zest, caressing Britney’s flushed face while sucking her tongue. Michelle was positioned right behind Beyonce and, as the kiss deepened, she ended up pressing her bare tits right against Beyonce’s back.

“Oooooooooh who’s back there?” Beyonce moaned in delight. Whoever it was she had great tits and Beyonce loved the feel of them against her naked back.

“Don’t you worry about that,” Michelle purred into Beyonce’s ear, introducing herself to the singer. “Just think about how hard I am going to make you come mon amour. Britney and I will make you feel so good.”

Having never visited the mansion, Beyonce had never met Michelle before. But that didn’t stop her from melting into the French’s girls arms from her words and her unbelievably sexy accent.

Beyonce smiled and moaned louder than ever as Michelle started kissing the back of her neck and rubbing her ass along with Britney, who kept her two fingers buried in her wet, needy pussy. With these two beauties playing with her, Beyonce knew her pussy wasn’t going to be too tight for much longer and she was in ecstasy at the prospect.

Michelle hadn’t been the only girl looking to get involved in the fun. Reese had also been watching everything. There were so many beautiful girls there. Should she go off and play with someone she knew really well like Sarah? Or just press her pussy to the tongue of a complete stranger like Shakira?

Mmmmmm it all sounded good to Reese. Her bottoms were soaked with desire and the fact that she had her hand inside her bottoms stroking her slit was just making that desire stronger.

She’d already been licked to orgasm by Jessica and by Angelina Jolie, but Reese was just getting started. Those two hot tongues had done nothing to cool her horny desires and she didn’t even know if every tongue at the party licking her was going to dry her wetness. Not that she minded the overpowering lust she felt pulsing through her veins. It had been too long since anything had gotten her this hot.

It had been too many nights of babies crying and too many nights Ryan on top of her, pumping into her and failing miserably at trying to make her come. But that was back in California. Reese was far away and all she wanted to think about were the beautiful, naked girl bodies surrounding her.

Reese walked through the piles of girl flesh, each one looking more succulent than the next. She couldn’t decide which one to throw herself in and then she saw a sight that made both sets of her lips drool.

She stared lustfully as Alyssa lay back naked in the corner with Jessica Biel’s face buried in her pussy. Alyssa had Jessica’s long hair in her hand and was tugging on it forcefully as she gritted her teeth and groaned in ecstasy. Whatever Jessica was doing to her, Reese could see how much Alyssa loved it.

“That’s it! That’s fucking it you little whore!” Alyssa panted as Jessica’s tongue drove deep into her soaked folds and lapped away at her essence. “Lick those fucking nasty juices out of my cunt! Let everyone at this party see what a slutty fucking pussy licker I turned you into!”

Alyssa then moaned loudly and happily as Jessica responded to her with a flurry of hard licks into her pussy. Reese couldn’t take her eyes off the action and her hands fumbled around her own body. Alyssa’s tits looked so good, bouncing with every lick Jessica gave her, and Reese began to play with her own breasts, untying her top while she kept her other hand buried in her bikini bottoms, pawing at her wetness.

Reese freed her swollen breasts and began playing with them, working her own hot spots over with her hands while watching Alyssa face fuck Jessica Biel into ecstasy.

But Reese didn’t just want to touch herself. Her hands craved the feel of another girl’s soft, sexy flesh and she knew that masturbating, while fun, couldn’t possibly compare to that. She had been with Alyssa a few times at the mansion and the pixie haired actress never failed to leave her shaking and creaming in ecstasy. Reese needed that feeling again so she walked over to Alyssa and Jessica, flinging her bikini top to the ground along with everyone else’s discarded suits.

“Can I play too?” Reese innocently asked as she sank to her knees so she could be face to face with Alyssa. The flushed actress smiled and answered by grabbing Reese in for a kiss. Reese and Alyssa energetically made out, Alyssa’s moans from Jessica’s tongue flying right into Reese’s mouth.

As they kissed, Reese’s hands moved off her own chest to play with Alyssa’s bouncing breasts. They felt so good in her hands…so firm and sexy. Reese gave them both a gentle squeeze while the kissing continued and as soon as Alyssa pulled away to cry out in pleasure Reese pushed her horny mouth into Alyssa’s cleavage.

“Oh yessssss…you know what I like Reese,” Alyssa moaned, her free hand moving to the back of Reese’s head. “Suck on those tits. Mmmmmmmm I want to feel that mouth all over my titties. Get em all wet! Ughhhhh yessssss show everyone here how much you love sucking on my big tits!”

Reese happily obeyed the request. Alyssa had always been one willing to show off and Reese didn’t mind acting like her little prop. Being able to kiss and lick Alyssa’s beautiful, bare breasts and suck on her hard nipples was more than worth it. Reese kept her hands caressing the mounds of girl flesh while she got her mouth filled. Alyssa’s body was one that demanded to be touched and Reese was getting off on being able to do that touching.

Alyssa’s grip on Reese was much softer than the one she held on Jessica. While she leaned in the corner, her back well supported by the wall, Alyssa kept her right hand fused to Jessica’s head, yanking on her hair and making sure her slutty tongue was licking up every drop of girl juice she gave her. By contrast, Alyssa’s left hand held onto Reese’s head and it gently played with her hair, running her fingers through the newly brunette locks while Reese nursed on her sensitive tits.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk…gonnnnnnnnna…gonna cum soon,” Alyssa grunted as wave after wave of arousal hit her naked body. Jessica’s tongue was better than it had been during her first time and she was a more confident pussy licker now. That, plus Reese’s mouth on her chest, was giving Alyssa all the stimulation she could ever want. Her only regret was that Rose wasn’t here next to her to see how hard she was going to come from these two famous faces worshipping her body.

Though Alyssa was close to coming, she wasn’t as close as Katie was. Just a few feet away she remained sprawled on her back on the bar. Anna feasted on her womanly essence as Charlize grinded herself against her face. Katie was on lesbian Cloud Nine. Nothing she had ever done had been this nasty. She was having sex in front of a roomful of aroused women and she was loving it.

Everything she had done with girls before this moment had been in the relative privacy of hotel rooms. But now she was stripped bare and acting like a uninhibited porno star in front of everyone. Ordinarily Katie wasn’t too big on public affection with her fiancé, but this was no ordinary circumstance. She was eating Charlize Theron’s pussy while spreading her legs for Anna Kournikova’s tongue and everyone who wanted a look could see her doing it.

Even though everyone else had their own fun to attend to, Katie felt like they were staring at her. Before, that thought would have filled her with flustered nerves, but now it was turning her on. She wanted them to watch her. She wanted them to see could be just as slutty as everyone else at the party. Katie wanted them to watch her and lust for her. No longer did Katie feel nervous because Ashley hadn’t arrived yet. She just wanted to fuck all the hot girls who crossed her path.

Lying flat on her back, Katie ground her bare ass into the smooth, hard oak underneath her. Anna’s tongue was making her drip her honey and the blonde’s experienced tongue licked it up. She did miss a few drops and Katie moaned as she felt them trickle down from her pussy and over her ass cheeks. The little sticky stream of arousal teased her aroused skin and felt so good making a little pool between her ass and the hard bar top.

What had happened up in the room had been almost like the warmup for what was happening here. Katie giggled into Charlize’s pussy when she thought about it as an undress rehearsal. Now she was on display for everyone and she desperately wanted to prove herself to all these beautiful women. Strands of Katie’s dark hair matted against her forehead while her hands pressed to Charlize’s bare ass, keeping her pussy right where she wanted it…against her lips and tongue.

“That’s it Katie! Mmmmmm sooooo fucking gooooood!” Charlize squealed as she rode Katie’s beautiful face. “Lick that pussy sweetie! Ughhhhh just like you did upstairs! You’re making me so wet Katie! You like that baby? You like my wet pussy against your face? You like licking up my hot juices?”

Katie moaned and enthusiastically nodded her head, making sure Charlize could see her affirmative response before digging her tongue in deeper. Her pussy licking skills were not completely refined yet, but Katie knew she was getting better with every lick. She and Ashley had practiced so many times after Rose and Love had left town and Anna and Charlize had just given her a hell of a refresher course upstairs.

Anna was doing such a good job on her own pussy, but Katie tried her best to keep her focus on Charlize. She wanted everyone at the party to see how hard she could make this gorgeous woman come. Katie wanted everyone there to want to fuck her face the way Charlize was now.

For her part Charlize couldn’t believe she was doing this. Here she was having sex in front of a huge number of the most beautiful, famous women in the world. It seemed like such a short time that she had never even really kissed a girl with sexual intent. Then Christina’s party had changed everything and now here she was, grinding her cunt against Katie Holmes’ face and loving the feel of her eager, young tongue lapping away at her pink folds.

When had she turned the corner and become this bold and slutty? Had it been before or after she and Gwen had been fucked by the porn stars? Charlize didn’t know, but she did know that if this was being slutty then everyone should just give into their basic urges.

It felt so good to be doing this. She was getting the same rush she got from performing for an audience, but only this time it was better because it was all sex. Her pussy was on fire and Katie’s tongue made every hard lick sweet agony. It almost felt too good to be doing this in front of everyone. Charlize wanted to come so bad that it was on the verge of hurting her to feel this arousal pumping through her bloodstream with no release.

But since Katie had been the first one of their trio to feel a tongue inside her, she was also the first to be right on the edge of orgasm. Anna could easily taste that and it just made her lick Katie harder. Anna didn’t care that she and Katie didn’t know each other. She just cared that she looked beautiful and her pussy was as sweet as candy.

Anna had always enjoyed sex, no matter where she got it from. To her it had never mattered whether your partner was your best friend, your worst enemy or a complete stranger. If you wanted to fuck someone, you should fuck them and let the rest sort itself out later.

The blonde kept her hands on Katie’s thighs, spreading them wide as she perched herself on the barstool. Her lips were fused to Katie’s pussy, letting her hot juices slide down her throat like ambrosia while her tongue teased her clit.

At first Anna had teased the brunette’s clitoris, slapping it with her tongue and making it jump and throb for more attention. She had worked Katie into a dripping little frenzy of arousal before she had really gotten to work on it.

When Anna had finally gotten her lips around Katie’s clit and started to suck, the girl had nearly come right in her mouth. Anna loved how hot she was getting Katie. Ordinarily girls like Katie would have dismissed her without a second thought as some model wannabe or worse. Now she had her writhing and dripping for her tongue. She had Katie right on the verge of orgasm, but she didn’t make her come right away. Anna preferred to tease her a little first and let the pleasure build.

Anna had heard all the cracks on her for years, but she had never taken them personally. She didn’t care if outside this room Katie loved her, hated her or was completely indifferent to her. She wanted to make this girl come and then have some fun of her own.

That was what being Anna was all about when you got down to it…having fun. She didn’t care what others thought because the only person she needed to please was herself. So she was going to have as much fun as possible while she could and eating Katie Holmes out to orgasm was part of that.

“You like that Katie? Do you? Do you?” Anna teased, pulling her tongue out and replacing it with her fingers. “You have such a tasty pussy. I want to make you fucking come. Do you want to come baby? Do you want to cream my pretty face and make me all slutty and sticky with your cum? Mmmmm no one else has come yet. You’re gonna be the first! The first of all these sluts to have her orgasm. You want that, don’t you? Tell me Katie! Tell me you fucking want it!”

While Anna was talking, her fingers had been furiously rubbing Katie’s slit. She played with Katie’s pussy just like she did when she masturbated before a match, which was her good luck charm. Anna rubbed Katie’s pussy lips hard, spreading the wetness all over her and coating her own hand. This made Katie moan and cry out with sharp, passionate gasps of high-pitched noise.

Anna had every intention of keeping this treatment up until she heard Katie’s voice, so fortunately Charlize had some mercy on her new friend and pulled her pussy away from Katie’s lips.

“Please! Fuck me Anna!” Katie begged. Her orgasm upstairs hadn’t been nearly enough and every swipe of Anna’s tongue and every touch of her fingers made her want to blow out a window or two with her orgasm.

“I fucking need you Anna!” Katie continued, grinding her bare ass into the bar harder with every word. She was going to have one raw bottom in the morning, but she didn’t care. “Get that tongue back inside me! Eat my pussy! Make me fucking come just like you did upstairs! I know you want everyone here to know how good you are! I’ll scream for you so loud Anna! I’ll make sure everyone here’s your name! I want it Anna! I want it so fucking bad!”

Katie never usually talked this dirty, but she would have said anything to get Anna’s tongue back on her clit. She had always loved oral sex and it hadn’t taken her long to realize that nothing could compare to the feel of a woman’s tongue against her pussy. Anna’s tongue was especially good and Katie could only imagine how much practice the sexy Russian had gained over her young life.

The nasty words that had spilled from Katie’s mouth did the trick with Anna and she buried her tongue back inside the actress’ snatch.

Anna pressed her face as far against Katie as she could, letting the brunette’s dark, neatly trimmed bush tickle her nose and up to her forehead. She sucked hard on Katie’s cunt lips, swallowing the fresh helping of juices that had oozed out since she had pulled her tongue away, and then went for her clitoris.

Charlize kept herself hovering in the air on the bar, boosting herself up by her legs so her pussy floated over Katie’s face. Charlize wanted to make sure everyone heard this gorgeous young woman scream and she passionately touched herself as she watched Anna eat Katie out.

The harder Anna tongued Katie, the harder Charlize fingered herself. She was so wet by now that she could easily slide three fingers into her folds while she watched the show before her on the bar.

No one had to wait long for Katie’s orgasm, especially when Anna went for her clit after only a touch of additional teasing. The room had been filled with moans, sighs, groans, giggles and occasional shrieks of pleasure, but nothing so far could match the fever and pitch of Katie’s orgasmic screams when Anna gave her clit a long, hard suck that yanked the sweet deliverance right out of her.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” Katie exploded in pleasure all over Anna’s face. Everyone paused in their own adventures just long enough to shoot an envious look at the shaking brunette lying naked in orgasm on the bar. She was getting what they all wanted so badly. They quickly resumed their own fun, not wanting Katie to be the only girl there to get off from another woman’s tongue.

Anna kept her face buried in Katie’s pussy while she came. Her tongue was like a licking machine, collecting every drop of her essence and pushing it down her throat to her cum hungry stomach. Anna kept her eyes staring right up into Katie’s in a soulful, sexual gaze that sent tremors of pleasure right through the brunette’s naked body.

Charlize kept playing with herself as Katie found sweet relief from her arousal. She loved watching her beautiful breasts shake while her sexy mouth opened and closed to let out her shirks of ecstasy. Katie was visibly in heaven and Charlize was getting off watching her come.

Katie had a wide smile crossing her face as she lurched on the bar, gripping the hard wood to keep from falling off during her orgasm. Her bare body was coated in happy perspiration and sexual glow and the sounds of her pleasure danced through Charlize’s ears.

Finally the blonde actress couldn’t take any more. She had to have an orgasm of her own. Just as Katie was letting out another happy coo of orgasmic bliss from Anna’s still working tongue, Charlize smothered her lips with her pussy again.

Katie was surprised at first, but she didn’t let it throw her. She kept her smile and got right back to work on Charlize. She pushed her pink tongue inside and began licking away at her wetness again, knowing this time she wasn’t leaving until Charlize’s cum soaked her.

The live sex show on the bar was capturing everyone’s attention, especially the three girls on the stage. Shannon and Mena had Natalie sandwiched in between them and they touched and kissed her squirming body everywhere they could reach as they stared at Katie, Charlize and Anna. The elevated stage gave them a perfect view of the bar and they could see everything unfold right before their eyes.

“You like that Natalie?” Mena asked, her fingers teasing Natalie through her bikini top, stiffening up her nipples. “You like seeing those girls fuck and lick each other?”

“Oh God yes,” Natalie groaned, unable and unwilling to pretend otherwise. “I love it! Sooooo hot!”

“Do you wish you were up on that bar?” Shannon purred, sliding her hand into Natalie’s bottoms to fondle her slit. “Do you wish it had been you instead of Katie coming like that? Do you want to be the one screaming like a naughty little slut?”

“Yesssssssssssssss…” Natalie moaned her answer. Even if she hadn’t already been in an aggressively sexual mood, the hands caressing her body would have gotten her there in a hurry. Natalie could feel herself soaking her bikini and knew that a few more rubs of her lips from Shannon would get her screaming just like Katie had been.

Natalie had watched Katie with jealousy and arousal. She had wanted to be the one coming that hard and screaming out her ecstasy. But she had also wanted to be the one eating Katie out. Natalie had known Katie for years and they had always been friendly, but now Natalie just wanted to slide her tongue into the brunette and lick up every drop of sweet girl juice while she fingered her asshole. Natalie’s body filled with adrenaline over such a wicked thought and it made her want Katie even more.

Shannon and Mena had already cast off their bikinis, but they wouldn’t let Natalie get naked. They were having too much fun teasing and touching her. When they were with Alyson they were always the ones being teased and punished for their naughtiness and they loved it, but today Alyson had freed them to go off and have fun and that was just what they were going to do.

Natalie had looked so hot standing around and touching herself while watching the action and Mena and Shannon had both felt their pussies crave her. They knew they had to fuck her and now they had her on the stage, desperate for their touch.

“Do you want us to fuck you like that Natalie?” Mena inquired, sliding her fingers under the material of Natalie’s top so she could rub and pinch her nipples. “Do you want us to get you naked and fuck you right here on the stage for everyone to see?”

“Pleaseeeeeeeeee…” Natalie managed to push past her mouth. “Fuck me…please…fuck meeeeeeee!”

She wanted this so bad that words were having trouble forming. When she had been with any of her previous lovers, from Kirsten to Jessica to Britney, they had all been so eager to play. Now she was being teased and while everyone else was getting naked and having fun, Natalie was still dressed in her suit and unable to feel the pleasure she craved.

Her bikini was like chains wrapped around her body and Natalie felt herself sweating with need, giving her skin a horny glow as she gasped her needs with heavy breaths. She just wanted to be fucked and still Mena and Shannon teased her, not giving her what she now wanted more than anything in the world.

“No, you really have to beg for it,” Shannon grinned, loving her and Mena’s chance to have some sexual power for a change. “I want everyone here to hear you cry out how much you want it!”

As she said that, Shannon began rubbing Natalie harder, but not hard enough to really get her off. She kept her hand inside Natalie’s bottoms, rubbing her dripping cunt lips, but not penetrating her. She was so close to sliding her fingers inside that Natalie could taste it, but Shannon just wouldn’t push in. She kept rubbing until Natalie couldn’t take it anymore. She mustered up every filthy word she knew and began spitting them out.

“Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy you nasty slut!” Natalie cried, her voice fitting right in with the other aroused moans filling the room. “Fill my fucking cunt with your tongue! Eat me out! Make me fucking come! I’ll beg for you! I’ll do anything you want! Please make me come! Ughhhhhh I’ll be a naughty girl for you and let you fuck me right here on the stage where anyone can see! Please! Just fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Please!!!”

Natalie’s aroused pleas were plenty sufficient for Shannon and Mena and they proved it by smothering her lips with kisses, quieting her words and leaving her with nothing more than moans.

Mena kissed Natalie first, pushing her tongue into the actress’ mouth. Natalie and Mena rubbed their tongues together passionately, pushing one on top of the other and then switching. And then suddenly Mena was gone and it was Shannon kissing her.

Shannon’s kiss was just as sexy as Mena’s and Natalie surrendered as easily to it as she had the blonde’s. She and Shannon fused their lips together as Mena reached up and undid Natalie’s bikini top. As soon as Natalie’s pert breasts were exposed, Mena was all over them, gobbling the naked girl flesh into her mouth and leaving her saliva all over them.

“Ooooooooooooh Menaaaaaaa…” Natalie moaned. “Ughhhhh that’s it! That’s what I wanted! Suck on my breasts! Get my tits in your mouth!”

Mena and Shannon couldn’t get enough of sweet little Natalie Portman cursing and moaning like a slut for them and they knew they were going to get plenty more of that when they actually had her coming. With that in mind, Shannon finally delivered what she’d been teasing and pushed her fingers into Natalie’s pussy.

“You like that Natalie?” Shannon asked, sliding two fingers inside her lover’s wetness. “You like feeling those fingers inside you? You like me touching your tight, pink pussy?”

“Yessssssssss ohhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssss…” Natalie mewed in bliss as she felt Shannon’s fingers fill her sex and rub right against her clitoris. “Finger me Shannon! Get those fingers in my pussy! Make me come! I want everyone to see you make me come!”

At last Natalie was feeling the pleasure she had longed for and it was making her whole body buzz. She could feel the ecstasy building inside her with every hard thrust of Shannon’s amazing fingers inside her pussy. Natalie remained right on her knees as Shannon fingered her and Mena alternated kissing her and sucking on her bare breasts. Being with two girls at once was nothing new to Natalie, but it didn’t make the sensations Mena and Shannon’s tongues were bringing her any less intense.

“Goddamn right we’re going to make you come,” Mena promised with a smile before pushing her mouth back to Natalie’s tits. “We’re going to make you come hard and slutty, just like Katie did so everyone’s gonna know what a naughty thing you are!”

Natalie moaned deeply at the sound of Mena’s words. Natalie braced herself with her palms against the stage, allowing herself to lean back. This allowed Shannon’s fingers to push in deeper and Natalie felt her orgasm beginning to form already. She loved the feel of these fingers inside her and knowing her position onstage put her on display for anyone to look just made her wetter. Before this would have completely psyched her out. Now it was a turn on.

While Natalie was more at ease with girl on girl than ever before, there had never been a time when Elisha had been more nervous and jumpy. She felt like she had wandered into complete insanity. Not only was her friend into girls, but it sure looked like just about every other girl in Hollywood was too. Was she the only one that wasn’t a lesbian anymore? That was what Elisha sure felt like.

And if you added all that with what Cameron had told her about Trace then Elisha was surprised she hadn’t just fainted dead away onto the floor. This was too much for her to take in all at once. She wanted to get out of here and get back to where things made sense. Maybe this was just all some crazy nightmare. This couldn’t be real!

But, even as she tried to deny it, this was real and Elisha was just standing there, struck dumb with shock. She had made a few steps to the door, but hadn’t gotten very far before turning around to give Cameron another piece of her mind.

When she had turned though, she had been struck silent by the site of Cameron stripping Jennifer Aniston stripping naked and the two of them touching every inch of each other’s body that their greedy, eager hands could get at. Elisha had never seen anything like it.

Elisha would never have dreamed in a million years that Cameron was capable of something like this and with Jennifer Aniston for God’s sake! She was married to Brad fucking Pitt! What kind of messed up world was this where girls married to Brad went gay?

Her head spinning, Elisha just watched as Jennifer and Cameron kissed feverishly and pawed at each other’s bare bodies. It was like they had completely forgotten about her and Elisha almost felt the impulse to tap Cameron on the shoulder to remind her she was still mad at her.

She did nothing but stand there though and watch, her hand over her mouth to keep her gasps from being too audible. Elisha stared as Cameron whispered in Jennifer’s ear and the “Friends” star smiled and got down on her hands and knees, pushing her ass in the air. Whatever Cameron had told her, Jennifer had liked and Elisha was in for another shock when she saw Cameron get up behind Jennifer and give her bare ass a hard spanking.

“Oooooooooooh do it again,” Jennifer moaned, which earned her another hard smack against the ass. “Mmmmm that’s it Camie! Spank me! Spank my bare ass! I love it when you do that!”

It didn’t escape Elisha that they had obviously done this before. Jennifer loved what Cameron was doing to her and Elisha couldn’t stop watching as her friend spanked Jennifer again and again, leaving pink handprints on her ass that quickly faded away, leaving pale, reddened skin behind.

Each slap to Jennifer’s cheeks was like a thunderclap to Elisha. She lurched slightly, like she was the one being spanked and then the thought popped into her head…what did it feel like? What was it like to have another woman touch you?

“Mmmmm I know you love it,” Cameron grinned. “But I know you love it even more when I kiss it and make it better!”

Cameron then lowered her face to Jennifer’s pink, well spanked cheeks and pressed her lips to where she had just smacked. She kissed the tender flesh over and over again, leaving Jennifer moaning again. God, her ass was so sensitive and she loved it when someone treated it nice after a good spanking. Jennifer began caressing her own shaking breasts with one hand as she lowered herself lower against the floor, leaving her ass right up in the air.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss Camie…mmmmmm run that tongue all over my ass,” Jennifer groaned. “You know how to treat a woman baby! Mmmmmmm you’ve been practicing, haven’t you? Gawwwwwwwwwd it feels good!”

“Of course I’ve been practicing, I wanted to show off for you,” Cameron giggled before she got back to kissing and licking the toned cheeks of Jennifer’s exquisite ass.

Cameron still felt bad about how things had gone down with Elisha, but at least she could content herself with Jennifer’s bare body and the bodies of every other willing girl at the party.

There were so many girls there that Cameron wanted to have fun with, but right now she only had eyes for Jennifer. She loved running her tongue over her friend’s ass, but that wasn’t the only place she wanted to lick. Jennifer’s pussy was just inches from her face and Cameron felt her own arousal grow when she peered up at the splayed lips and saw the little drops of cream clinging to them.

It was too tempting a snack to pass up and Cameron moved her tongue over to the left and gave Jennifer’s pussy a long lick upward, collecting all the cream coating her slit.

“Oooooooooooooooooooooh I’ve missed that tongue,” Jennifer squealed in delight. “It’s been too long since you licked my pussy Camie! Do it again! Lick up all those juices! Taste how wet you got me spanking my naughty ass!”

Cameron grinned again and did just as Jennifer requested. She let her hands rest gently on Jennifer’s pink ass and spread her cheeks open just enough to allow her tongue greater access. Cameron then began to lick with a passion, lapping away at Jennifer’s juicy pussy from behind as her own juices began to run down her long legs.

Elisha gasped again when she saw this. The room’s lights shone down on Cameron and didn’t hide the wet juices dripping down her legs. She had never seen a person that aroused before and judging from the moans she was hearing, Elisha could see that both Cameron and Jennifer were getting off on this. This was no joke. There was nothing fake about what Cameron was doing with her tongue and how much Jennifer loved it.

But Elisha’s shock wasn’t just over how Cameron and Jennifer were reacting to this. It was over how her own body was responding.

At first Elisha had told herself she was only staring because of how shocked she was about Cameron going lesbo. But then…then she had started to feel it. That first thought about what it would be like to be touched just how Cameron was touching Jennifer had started a chain reaction in her brain.

Now Elisha found herself staring at Cameron’s face buried between Jennifer’s ass cheeks and wondering what it would be like to feel her friend’s tongue inside her own pussy. Would it be softer than a man’s tongue? Would it be better than a man’s?

Elisha had always loved it when her boyfriends went down on her, but they never did it enough for her taste. Now Cameron and all her friends here seemed to be offering her non-stop oral sex. What did it feel like? Would she love it? Would it make her come?

No! Wait! She couldn’t think like this! She had to get out of here! This place was starting to turn her lesbo too! Elisha tried to focus on Trace, but all she could think about was what Cameron had told her. Cameron had never lied to her before. But she had also never been a lesbian before. Goddamn, this was all so fucking confusing!

Elisha didn’t know what to believe but now she found herself thinking to all the times Justin and Trace had been alone…all their private times off rehearsing or working out or whatever they did together. What if Cameron wasn’t lying? What if they really were lovers? Maybe this was just evening out the scales. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if she just joined in…

God! What was she thinking? This was crazy. Elisha knew she had to get out of here before she completely lost her mind. She used all her willpower to tear her eyes away from Cameron eating Jennifer out and began pushing herself toward the door again. In doing so, she nearly tripped over another couple on the floor. What was wrong with these people? They were fucking right in the middle of everything!

Elisha looked down to give them a piece of her mind, but she lost her words when she saw who she almost tripped over. It was Shakira! She was going down on another girl and…wait…was that Hilary Duff? The little Disney princess was here too? This was completely fucking insane! Elisha couldn’t believe this shit. Shakira of all people was eating Hilary Duff out and they were both so into it that they hadn’t even noticed her.

Elisha had nearly ended up sprawled to the floor, thanks to them, but neither girl even gave her a look. They were completely lost in their lust for each other to notice anything else.

Holding her head in her hands, Elisha felt like screaming! But she didn’t. She took in a deep breath and tried to stop staring too much at how hot it looked to see Shakira pushing her tongue into Hilary’s pussy and how beautiful the naughty teen looked completely naked with her legs spread wide to expose every wet inch of her pussy.

Elisha thought this was even sexier than Cameron and Jennifer and all around her beautiful women were licking and being licked. They were loving every second of it. They were screaming out their pleasure and it started to sound so good to Elisha. Maybe…just maybe…

No! She was leaving! Elisha pulled her eyes back and refocused herself on getting to that damn door.

While Hilary and Shakira had truly been completely unaware that they had nearly knocked the young Canadian down to the ground, but they both had pretty good excuses. Hilary’s eyes had been closed and Shakira had her face buried in the teen’s wet pussy so it was pretty difficult to focus on anything else.

“More Shakira more!” Hilary begged as she played with her own tits, fondling them and pinching her pink nipples. “Eat me! Eat my little pussy! Lick my naughty cunt! I’m a bad fucking girl just like everyone here! Make me come and I’ll do you so good Shakira! I can totally eat pussy good too! Just as Britney or Christina or…ooooooooooooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssssssss…Avril or Natalie or…morrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeee yessssssss morrrrrrrrrrre Shakira…Michelle or anyone! Lick my like I’m a nasty slut like they are! Eat my bad girl pussy all up!”

Shakira couldn’t get over how into this Hilary was. She had been a horny little thing when she had been a teenager too, but she had never been as sex crazy as Hilary was. Christina and Britney must have totally corrupted her or something. But whatever it was, Shakira wasn’t complaining. Hilary’s pussy was so tight and sweet and Shakira’s tongue happily licked away at the teen’s hot juices.

Whatever reservations Shakira might have had about Hilary’s age were long gone by now. If Hilary had expressed even the slightest hesitancy, Shakira might have reconsidered and not gone through with Britney and Christina’s little matchmaking scheme, but Hilary was so enthusiastic about this that Shakira couldn’t help but give her just what she wanted.

Hilary was flat on her back, her legs slung over Shakira’s shoulders as the singer lay on her belly to eat her out. Shakira used her hand to spread open Hilary’s tightness and she pushed her tongue in as deep as she could get it inside the teen.

Shakira sucked on Hilary’s young labia and burrowed her tongue into her pink folds, getting deeper with every lick. She was so wet that it was like she had already come. Shakira found herself quickly getting addicted to this girl’s taste and enthusiasm for all things sexual.

“Ohhhhhhmygawwwwwwwd!” Hilary panted, using all the bad words she knew naughty sluts like her were supposed to use. “So fucking good! So fucking good! More Shakira! Eat my pussy! Tongue my clitty like that! Make me come like a big naughty slut for you! Mmmmmmm I wanna give you all my slutty juices just like I was gonna give Lindsay! I love how you’re licking me! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Ughhhhhh I love it so fucking much!”

Shakira could easily taste just how much Hilary loved it. Each lick of her pussy brought out more hot teen juices for her tongue until the singer began to think that there wasn’t anything about girl sex that wouldn’t turn Hilary on.

Through it all Hilary kept moaning and promising to fuck her right back. Hilary kept spitting out the nastiest words to tell Shakira just what she was going to do to her when it was her turn and every bit of it was making Shakira wet.

While she used one hand to keep Hilary’s tight snatch spread open, the Columbian girl used her other hand to play with her own pussy. Hilary was totally turning her on and Shakira quickly had three fingers inside herself, fingering her wetness while she feasted on this fresh, pink pussy before her lips.

Hilary tasted so good that Shakira hoped this wouldn’t be the only time they ever hooked up. She was supposed to tour next summer and already Shakira was thinking of having Hilary come on the road with her as an opening act. That way they could do this every fucking night. Shakira couldn’t believe how into this girl’s body she was getting, but she couldn’t get enough of Hilary, especially when she began sucking solely on her clit.


Shakira peered up from Hilary with a look of slight surprise, but she didn’t stop sucking on the girl’s clitoris. The look on the aroused teen’s face showed that she was completely serious about her request so Shakira shrugged her shoulders. If this was what Hilary really wanted, then she wasn’t going to have any trouble giving it to her. It wasn’t like she particularly needed an excuse to want to fuck this young thing’s sweet ass.

Her fingers had already gotten nice and wet from her own pussy play, so Shakira just pulled them up and began rubbing Hilary’s asshole. The teen tensed up at the contact and that turned into a deliriously happy cry when Shakira pushed one of those juiced up fingers past her tight ring and inside her ass.


To everyone who hadn’t been in the mansion the night of Hilary’s deflowering, hearing her spew out those nasty words was a bit of a surprise. But those who had witnessed it in action just took it as par for the course. Except for Avril that was.

She hadn’t liked Hilary showing up that night and, even though she had fucked her too, Avril still wasn’t a big fan of hers personally. Avril had always thought Hilary was a bit phony and the more she thought about it, the more she was convinced Hilary was faking her enthusiasm.

In Avril’s mind there was no way Hilary could be as slutty as she acted. She was probably faking it just to get attention or something. She was just a whiny, mommy’s girl and that was all Hilary would ever be. Avril didn’t care how hot her pussy had been or how well she had licked her that night at the mansion. There was no way Hilary could be as slutty as she was.

Avril considered herself hardcore. She had her boyfriend and she had Michelle Branch as her girlfriend. She fucked the boys in her band and she fucked the sluts in Malibu. Hilary was just pretending. She was the real deal.

The action between Hilary and Shakira was just a short jump away from where she was, so Avril gave the moaning, writhing teen a nasty look. But that didn’t last long because Avril quickly felt a hand on the back of her head, grabbing her hair and pushing her back into the pussy she had just been licking.

“Don’t you fucking stop!” Jewel groaned as she humped herself back up against Avril’s young face and horny tongue. “Get back to eating my pussy you little slut!”

Avril had wanted to get herself licked first. Her pussy had been dripping since she and Michelle had landed in Jamaica and that arousal had not cooled a bit. She wanted to feel Jewel’s tongue in her cunt, but the Alaskan had had other plans.

She and Michelle had been sucking on Jewel’s tits side by side when they had pushed off their tops to show off their breasts to the busty blonde singer. This had been most appreciated and Jewel had rewarded the display of girl flesh by pushing both Avril and Michelle to their hands and knees and pulling off their bikini bottoms. Jewel had then treated each girl to a series of soft pussy licks from behind, tasting their wetness and making both young singers moan in rapture.

Avril and Michelle had started making out and playing with each other’s tits while Jewel went back and forth licking them, but then their positions changed. Jewel lay on the ground on her back and offered Michelle a chance to ride her face. Avril had wanted that chance and she had nearly pulled her friend off and ground her own pussy to Jewel’s lips. But Michelle had been so eager to take the offered ride that Avril hadn’t had the chance.

As Michelle had begun riding Jewel’s face, the Alaskan had spread open her legs and began rubbing herself as a signal to Avril that the presence of her tongue was required. Avril had grumbled in jealousy at first, but Jewel was pretty hot and she quickly got into tonguing her pussy.

Avril had started licking and was quickly rewarded with the hot juices she loved tasting. She had only interrupted the licking long enough to give the unaware Hilary a little glower, but when Jewel’s hand pressed her face back into her cunt Avril resumed her work.

“Ahhhhhh yessssssss…work that tongue sweetie…ughhhhhhhh you are a fucking hot one,” Jewel moaned, using one of her hands to massage her breasts, while the other caressed Michelle’s ass. She then pushed her own tongue back inside her lover. Jewel loved playing with Michelle and her familiar flavor was like heaven on her taste buds.

“Oooooooooh yes Jewel, Avril’s so hot…so fucking hot…I love her tongue,” Michelle said in between aroused cries. “I want her to lick you Jewel…just like she licks me! She’s so good! I want you to feel good like I feel!”

Michelle was feeling plenty good right then. She changed positions so she was riding Jewel’s face reverse cowgirl style so she could easily look down at Avril eating her friend out. She loved seeing Avril’s face buried inside the pussy of the woman who had brought her into all of this and having Jewel’s tongue inside her at the same time, licking away at her wetness was making it all so good.

Riding a woman’s face like this was quickly becoming Michelle’s favorite position. She loved being able to look down at her lover’s body while she bounced on their tongue. It gave her such a naughty rush and Michelle was getting off hard on watching Avril in action.

Michelle played with her firm breasts, mashing them roughly under her hands while Jewel’s tongue licked her into rapture. She always loved having the blonde’s tongue inside her and with this orgy all around them the sensations were even more intense.

Even though she liked eating Jewel out, Avril’s pussy was feeling a little neglected. She was using her own fingers on it, but she knew it was nothing compared to how a hot tongue or a hard toy would have felt. Avril didn’t mind giving, but getting was always a hundred times more fun and she couldn’t wait to get some for her very own.

She wanted to feel Jewel or Michelle’s tongue in her so bad and then she wanted to get to work on her plan. She had some payback in mind with Jessica’s name written all over it and she couldn’t wait to give it to her.

Meanwhile, completely unaware that Avril had any intentions toward her at all, Jessica Alba was panting and gasping as her hands clutched to Angelina’s head.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GAWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!” Jessica howled as her hips pistoned in the chair, humping against Angelina’s gorgeous face. “SOOOOOO FUCKING CLOSE!!!’

Her eyes were closed and her whole body was tensed up. There was nothing that Jessica felt she had ever needed more than Angelina to get her off right there. That unbelievable tongue had been inside her, lapping up all her juices in search of her orgasmic cream.

How she had lasted this long without coming was a mystery for the ages, but Jessica knew she couldn’t take much more of this woman’s tongue inside her without coming.

Angelina simply stared up from between Jessica’s thighs shooting her the sexiest gaze. Even though Jessica’s eyes were screwed shut, she could still feel the heat of Angelina’s stare.

It burned into her brain and made her long to be this woman’s sexual plaything forever. Wars were started over women like Angelina and Jessica was ready to do anything for this woman…especially if that anything involved her screaming in orgasm.

All Jessica could force out of her mouth were garbled cries of intense arousal. Angelina was sucking fiercely on her clitoris and moving her mouth all over her pussy, like she was going to completely devour her. Finally Jessica forced open her eyes and she met Angelina’s piercing gaze once more. Jessica had never seen a pair of eyes that were more beautiful and she completely lost it.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Jessica screamed, her cunt creaming against Angelina’s face, giving the actress just want she wanted. “YOU HOT FUCKING BITCHHHHHHHH!!! HERE’S MY CUM YOU WANTED SO FUCKING BAD!!!”

Jessica’s body shook so bad she felt like she was about to break through the chair she was sitting in. God, she just hoped Jennifer had felt this good when Angelina had eaten her out. Jessica’s orgasm was leaving her body sweating and spasming. She wondered if it was too presumptuous to invite Angelina to move right into the mansion.

All through her orgasm, Angelina had kept her lips fastened to Jessica’s clit, swallowing down her cream like it was honey. She let it coat her tongue and drip down her throat. Angelina closed her eyes and enjoyed the pure sensation of taste. It filled her body with such a hot glow to taste Jessica’s delicious cum and it made her even hungrier for more.

When Jessica finally finished her cries, Angelina stood up, placed a sizzling kiss on Jessica’s lips and went off in search of fresh game.

“Hey! Wait!” Jessica called out to her lover. “Where are you going?”

“I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me,” Angelina replied wickedly. “This party is packed and I am going to lick each and every girl here. No exceptions. Everyone’s cum is going to be dripping from my lips.”

“But…but…I wanted to go down on you too,” Jessica pouted, more than a little disappointed she wasn’t going to be able to return the favor to Angelina after an orgasm like that.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we can do that later,” Angelina promised, giving Jessica’s soft face a caress. “But right now my tongue wants to play. Believe me, I’m getting off hard on licking you and your friends.”

With that Angelina was gone and Jessica was left without a partner. But fortunately there were more than enough beautiful bodies around for Jessica to not be disappointed for long. She quickly glanced over to her left and saw a sweet little pairing she wanted to get herself involved with. She had been with both of these girls at the original orgy and now she was hungering for another crack.

As Jessica began making her way through the crowd of naked girls, Angelina didn’t waste any time either. In fact as soon as she left Jessica she immediately saw just who she wanted next.

All she had to do was glance at the doorway to see the curious head peeking in to make her choice. After what she had witnessed earlier, this was going to be a particularly sweet conquest and Angelina couldn’t wait to crack through this girl’s resistance to get herself a taste of her fresh, young juices.

A few minutes earlier, Lindsay Lohan had been frantically throwing all her stuff back into her bag. She couldn’t believe Hilary had done this. She couldn’t believe that she had brought her down here to party with a bunch of crazy dykes! The fact that they were all famous and beautiful didn’t make any difference to Lindsay. She didn’t do this stuff and she wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

Lindsay had thrown a t-shirt and her short cut offs over her blue bikini. She hadn’t wanted to get in the cab and back on the plane almost naked or anything. What she had seen hadn’t flustered her so much that she

She should have known Hilary’s offer was too good to be true. She hadn’t wanted to be friends at all. She had just wanted to fuck her. First she had brought her to this crazy sex resort and then she had expected her to get naked with a bunch of lesbians. What the hell had that little bitch been thinking? Lindsay thought she was going to be sick from all of this.

Part of her wanted to run off and tell Hilary’s mom what her daughter was up to, but Lindsay quickly dismissed that idea. She couldn’t stand Susan Duff and, besides, she didn’t want to make a big thing about this. Lindsay just wanted to go home, take a long bath and pretend that none of this ever happened. She never wanted to see Hilary again and she never wanted to remember what she had just seen. It had been way too pervy.

As she stormed out of her room and took the first elevator she could find back to the lobby, Lindsay couldn’t remember the last time she had been this pissed off. Who did Hilary think she was? She wasn’t a lesbian! She liked boys! She didn’t want to get mauled by a bunch of crazy lesbos. Lindsay didn’t even want to think about what gross things they were doing to each other in there.

She didn’t want to think at all about those beautiful bodies…stripped of all their clothing…grinding together as they kissed and touched…fucking each other to sweaty, screaming orgasm after sweaty, screaming orgasm. She didn’t want to think about that for one more second!

Of course the problem was that the more she didn’t want to think about it, the more she thought about it. By the time her elevator hit the lobby, Lindsay was wondering what was going on in that room right now. Had they stopped the sex after she’d stormed out? Had they kept on going? Had things gotten even weirder in there?

Lindsay found herself pausing for a moment, right outside the elevators. Should she take a peek to see what was going on in there with all that pervy lesbo stuff? Lindsay knew she shouldn’t. She was so close to the door. She should just walk right out of it. But she couldn’t help but wonder what was happening in there. It wouldn’t hurt to just sneak a look. Would it?

But even as she debated that question, Lindsay found her feet moving away from the door and back toward the ballroom. She couldn’t help her curiosity. She just wanted to see if those sickos were still going at it. That was it. She didn’t want anything more. She’d just check and then she’d leave.

Remembering the saying about curiosity killing the cat, Lindsay made her way to the ballroom. She was almost tiptoeing. She didn’t want anyone to see her or know she was there. If they saw she was there they might drag her back inside and force her to play their sick, perverted sex games and Lindsay didn’t want that. Not one bit.

Lindsay soon reached the door and all she had to do was get close to hear the moaning. She knew that it was still happening. She should go now. But her feet wouldn’t move and her curiosity burned. She’d just take a quick look. She wanted to see the pictures to go along with the perverted noises. That would be the only way she’d really know what was going on.

Pushing the door open slowly, Lindsay peeked her head in just a bit. She gasped and quickly covered her mouth before that big bodyguard saw her. It was even wilder than she’d imagined. It was like some crazy orgy. Everyone was fucking everyone else. There didn’t seem to be anyone dressed in there. Lindsay knew she should close the door and run, but she didn’t. Instead she pushed her head in just a little bit further to get a better look.

She couldn’t believe what she saw. They hadn’t even paused after she’d left. Her leaving hadn’t had any impact at all. They were going at each other like animals…beautiful, sexy, naked girl animals. Lindsay was frozen to her spot, unable to stop herself from watching and moving her eyes from couple to couple.

Lindsay’s gaze moved over Sarah and Kirsten, as Kirsten plunged her tongue into Sarah’s pussy over and over again while Eliza caressed Kirsten’s bare ass and teased her pussy with her fingers. She stared at Britney and Beyonce as Britney’s face glued itself between Beyonce’s legs and ate her out while some blonde girl Lindsay didn’t recognize sucked on Beyonce’s breasts. Lindsay gawked at Katie’s face covered in Charlize’s pussy on the bar and Natalie being sandwiched on the stage by Shannon and Mena. And Hilary…my God…Lindsay couldn’t believe it.

She watched Hilary screaming and cursing as she humped herself against Shakira…of all people…fucking Shakira! Lindsay was just stunned by what she was witnessing. Hilary was coming. She was watching Hilary Duff have an orgasm!

Lindsay had never seen lesbian sex before, but she knew when a woman was coming and there was no doubt that Hilary was having herself one serious orgasm against Shakira’s face. Oh God! Was Shakira fingering Hilary’s ass? She was! This was just fucking sick!

It was so fucking sick that Lindsay had to get a closer look. She moved her head in more so that it was craning around the open door. The bodyguard turned and saw her but Lindsay didn’t even attempt to move away. She just kept watching all these girls fuck each other! She didn’t want to stop watching and fortunately the dude didn’t say or do anything. He just let Lindsay watch.

This was wrong…it was sick…it was sick and wrong. Lindsay knew that. She just wanted to watch more to see how sick and wrong it got…that was it. And when she dropped her bag to the ground and began feeling herself up through her shirt and bikini top, that didn’t mean anything. It certainly didn’t mean that she liked what she was seeing.

Because she definitely didn’t. She didn’t like seeing all these beautiful, naked girls making each other feel good with their tongues and fingers. Lindsay didn’t even have a thought about just walking in and letting them touch her too. No way. That was so completely gross…totally. Not a chance did she want that.

She definitely didn’t want Shakira to do any of the things to her that were making Hilary come. Or any of the things Kirsten was doing to Sarah. Or Britney to Beyonce. She didn’t want to feel the pleasure they were so visibly feeling…no fucking way.

But then Lindsay felt it. She had been so enraptured watching everyone and everything that she hadn’t felt anyone come up from behind her. It was only when she felt the soft, feminine body pressing against her and the hands reaching around front to push hers away and cop a feel of her chest that Lindsay had any idea someone had been watching her watching everyone else.

“Do you like the show baby?” a voice purred in Lindsay’s ear. The woman’s mouth then latched itself onto Lindsay’s earlobe, giving it a little tug before she began kissing all over her neck. “Do you like watching those beautiful bodies?”

“Noooooo…” Lindsay groaned, lying through her teeth as this woman’s perfume filled her nostrils and sent her pulse racing inside her body. “I…I…I don’t! I don’t like it…”

“Then why are you watching it?” the voice seductively inquired. “And why are your nipples getting hard?”

“They’re not!” Lindsay claimed, her voice a whisper, even as the evidence directly contradicted her. Her nipples had been hard ever since she had first taken her peek inside and they had only been getting harder ever since. And as for how wet her pussy had been getting from watching the show? Lindsay was ignoring that. She was probably wet because of something else anyway. Wasn’t she?

“Shhhhhhh…don’t fight it sweetie,” the voice advised. “Just keep watching. I know you want to. Watch those beautiful bodies fuck each other. You know you want to join them. Just keep watching while I make you feel more pleasure than you ever dreamed of.”

Her claims that she didn’t like what she saw to the contrary, Lindsay kept her eyes locked on the action. She didn’t even turn around to see whose body it was pressed against hers from behind. Not that she needed to. She’d heard her distinctive voice in the movies so many times.

Lindsay had no doubt that it was Angelina Jolie pressing her breasts into her back and kissing her neck, making her body stiffen with pleasure.

“Just keep watching,” Angelina purred into Lindsay’s ear as the teen felt her nipples harden even further and her pussy quiver just that much more. “Let me work you over Lindsay. Soon you’re going to be crawling right into that pile. You just need someone to show you how good it is. You just need to see that there’s no pleasure like the pleasure women can bring each other.”

Lindsay tried to protest. She tried to tell Angelina to stop. She tried to tell her that this was sick and perverted and that she only liked boys. But she couldn’t.

Her mouth was completely dry. No words could form. There were only moans when Angelina cupped her breasts from behind, massaging them through her shirt and making Lindsay scared and horny all at the same time.

“Mmmmmmm I’ll bet you have so much sweet cum stored up in that pussy for me,” Angelina moaned while her hands got busy. “I can’t wait to lick it all out. I know you’re going to taste so good Lindsay.”

The redhead couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How could Angelina say these things to her? But she liked hearing them. God, she liked it. Lindsay tried to tear her eyes away and wrestle herself free from Angelina’s embrace, but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to.

She wanted to keep staring at Hilary as her naked body thrashed on the floor in orgasm before Shakira smothered her with kisses, sucking on her tongue and pressing her own naked body to Hilary’s. Lindsay wanted to feel Angelina’s hands on her body. She didn’t want her to stop touching her. She wanted to feel her lips against her neck.

This was so scary. Lindsay had never felt this way before. She had never wanted to mess around with another girl. It had always seemed like such a gross idea. But everyone inside looked like they were having so much fun and it felt just unbelievable to be touched like this.

Lindsay had always thought Angelina was gorgeous. She was so sexy. But Lindsay had never actually thought she’d be…you know…having sex with her!

Every time Lindsay tried to say “no”, the word evaporated on her tongue before she could push it past her lips. Angelina began inching up her shirt, pulling it up slowly and Lindsay did nothing to stop her. She was powerless. It was like she wasn’t even controlling her own body anymore.

Her brain was trying to make it stop, but something else…something more primal, wanted this. It wanted Angelina to never stop and when the raven-haired actress succeeded in pulling her t-shirt over her head, Lindsay moaned happily.

“Such a beautiful girl,” Angelina’s voice danced in her ear. “Such a sexy, young body. I’ll bet you’ve never been touched like this before, have you? Never had a woman touch this sexy body?”

“No…never…” Lindsay managed to croak out as her eyes scanned every inch of Hilary’s nude flesh when she crawled on the floor on her hands and knees to position herself between Shakira’s legs.

Lindsay audibly gasped, but she didn’t even know if it was from watching Hilary start to go down on Shakira or from Angelina beginning to play with her breasts through her bikini top.

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss…” Lindsay moaned. The pleasure was too great to deny. It was like a drug flowing through her system, growing more addictive by the second.

She couldn’t deny anymore how hard her nipples were getting under her top. They were practically ripping through the pale blue material. Lindsay had never felt anything like this before. No boy had ever made her this excited…or this nervous. Lindsay felt like she was putty in Angelina’s hands.

That was a particularly apt metaphor, because Angelina then began to fondle Lindsay’s heavy breasts like they were mounds of clay. At the young age of 18, Lindsay had a rack bigger than Angelina’s and the actress was happy to put rumors to rest when she began playing with them. These sexy tits were all natural.

“Just keep watching…watch all those beautiful bodies fucking each other, Lindsay,” Angelina advised. “When I’m finished with you, you’re not going to be running away anymore. You’re going to be begging to join in. You want that already, don’t you? You want to join in?”

“I…I…I…” Lindsay stammered. She didn’t really know what she wanted anymore. All she knew was that the girls inside looked so beautiful and they were all having fun. Lindsay wanted to have fun too. She could feel her pussy getting wet from watching. But she wasn’t a lesbian.

“I’ve never…with a girl…I…” Lindsay continued to whisper, unable to put the words together in her overheating brain to accurately reflect the aroused confusion she felt inside her body. It was getting her so horny to just watch these girls at play while Angelina touched her, but it was still so new and scary.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh…” Angelina said, pressing her finger to the teen’s quivering lips. “Just let me show you what to do.”

Angelina then removed her hands from Lindsay’s chest, drawing a groan of disappointment from the teen. Lindsay didn’t know why she had reacted that way, but she hadn’t been able to help it. It had felt so good to have Angelina’s hands on her breasts, way better than any boyfriend’s hands had ever felt.

Before Lindsay knew it, Angelina was face to face with her. It was the first time Lindsay had actually seen her face since they had started this. She tried to say something, but Angelina quickly silenced her with a kiss to her lips. Lindsay’s eyes grew as wide as saucers when she found herself kissed by a woman for the first time. But she didn’t have the strength or the will to push Angelina away.

Lindsay’s first thought was “Oh my God, a chick is kissing me,” but that quickly faded into “Her lips are so soft.” Lindsay had always loved kissing and the boys she had been with had always just wanted to jam their tongue down her throat.

Angelina’s kiss was sexier and more tender. It was loving, but arousing all at the same time. It was gentle, but still passionate. It was everything Lindsay had ever wanted from a kiss and the fact that it was another woman kissing her began to matter less and less.

The kiss was really making Lindsay’s pussy stir under her bottoms and she couldn’t not respond to it. Lindsay closed her eyes and began to moan softly from Angelina’s kiss, opening her mouth and allowing the older actress to slowly push her tongue inside.

When Angelina did that, instead of fighting her off, Lindsay began massaging her tongue with her own. The two female tongues rubbed together sexily as the kiss deepened and when Angelina brought her hands back up to Lindsay’s breasts, the teen’s moans got louder.

Lindsay’s growing desires to join in the fun were almost uncontrollable now. It was as if Angelina’s kiss was draining her will and turning her into a lesbian. It was the best kiss she had ever had and, even though Lindsay knew it was sick and wrong, she never wanted it to end. She never wanted to stop kissing Angelina Jolie.

“Mmmmm you’re a good kisser,” Angelina grinned when they finally broke from each other’s mouths, little strands of saliva still connecting them. Lindsay tried to talk, but all that came out were garbled moans.

Lindsay’s face was completely flustered and the redhead began to blush. She was completely unsure of herself now. She didn’t know what she wanted except that she didn’t want Angelina to stop.

“Don’t fight it, just give into the pleasure,” Angelina told the blushing girl. “Look at how much fun everyone’s having in there. You can be doing all that and more. You know you want to. Only women really know how to treat other women.”

Angelina stepped aside so Lindsay could see inside the ballroom, where everyone had just kept on going. Lindsay still couldn’t get over all these beautiful, famous women, acting like complete sluts. They were giving into the lesbian urges that Lindsay was feeling for the first time. She had never thought she’d ever be in a situation like this, but she loved watching them so much and Angelina’s touch on her body was absolute bliss.

Lindsay was so enraptured watching Hilary lick Shakira while Christina and Gwen sucked on Maria’s breasts and fingered her and Reese kissed all over Jessica Biel’s bare back and ass while the girl ate Alyssa out that she didn’t even notice Angelina’s hands reaching around back for the string of her bikini top. Lindsay had no idea she was even being touched until Angelina pulled her top over her head, exposing her breasts.

The teen’s first reaction when she realized what had happened was to gasp and cover her bare breasts with her arms, crossing them over her large mounds. But Angelina wasn’t having any of that and she pushed Lindsay’s arms down to reveal her flesh.

“Such beautiful tits,” Angelina lustfully moaned before reaching down to kiss them. She ran her tongue over Lindsay’s bare breasts, teasing them and sliding right between the deep valley of her cleavage. Lindsay shuddered with pleasure from this touch. Angelina’s tongue was leaving goosebumps all over her flesh and her moaning started up again.

Lindsay couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She was standing topless while another woman kissed and licked her tits. It was absolutely crazy. But she couldn’t deny the pleasure. It was such an intense sensation filling her body and when Angelina cupped her left breast and pushed it into her mouth, sucking hard on her swollen nipple, Lindsay couldn’t restrain herself anymore.

“More…” Lindsay moaned. “Please…more…so good…so fucking good…suck on my boob Angelina…oh fucking yesssssss…make it all good…make it all feel so goddamn good…”

“Yeah? You like that Lindsay? You like my mouth on your tits?” Angelina purred again, her soft, sexy voice making Lindsay drip in her bottoms. “Do you want me to do more to you?”

“Yessssssss…” Lindsay answered, her horniness overruling her common sense. She couldn’t believe she was saying this, but she was so wet and her arousal was controlling all her actions. “I want…I want it all…I want you to fuck me! Fuck me Angelina! Fuck me like they’re fucking in the room! Fuck me like a slutty little lesbian!”

Lindsay then fell into another series of loud, long moans. She no longer worried that someone might hear her or she might get dragged inside the room. She wanted it now. She wanted it all and when Angelina reached around to undo her own bikini top, Lindsay knew what she had to do.

As soon as Angelina’s gorgeous breasts were bared, Lindsay leaned down and began to suck on them. Her instincts and arousal guided her through this unfamiliar territory. She sucked on Angelina’s tits like a baby after mother’s milk.

Her own teen tits were wet with Angelina’s saliva and Lindsay moaned with happy surprise when she felt how much she enjoyed the feel of Angelina’s nipples in her mouth.

She just kept sucking and kissing these beautiful breasts, her desires making her want to be just like those beautiful girls fucking each other in the room. And when Angelina’s hands moved toward Lindsay’s shorts she didn’t squirm or protest. She just moaned and hoped Angelina would make her naked…just like Hilary…all naked and slutty and so fucking happy.

No one inside the ballroom had any idea that Lindsay had been watching them or that Angelina had seduced the reluctant actress into losing her inhibitions. Even if they had, though, it was doubtful it would have had much of an impact. Everyone was too focused on their immediate partners and their own pleasure to notice who was right next to them, much less who was outside the door.

That was certainly the case for Sarah. Lindsay could have been spread eagled right next to her face, but Sarah wouldn’t have noticed. The only thing demanding her attention right then was Kirsten’s tongue in her pussy and Sarah had no desire to focus on anything else other than how good the young blonde was making her feel.

“Mmmmmmmm ohhhh yeahhhhhhh…fuck yessssss…suck that clit Kirsten…suck it baby…ohhhhhhhhhh fuck that’s good!” Sarah panted, her body covered in the happy glow of sexual perspiration.

Kirsten’s lips were glued to her swollen clitoris and she was sucking the hard pink nub greedily while staring up at her lover with a gaze that showed just how much she loved what she was doing.

Staring into Kirsten’s twinkling eyes while the actress nursed her clitoris and pushed her arousal higher and higher was such a rush for Sarah. She had never expected this from Kirsten, but her mouth was just magic. Everything she was doing with her tongue and lips was turning Sarah into a dripping, needy mess.

“Ughhhhhh more…more…fucking eat that pussy!” Sarah groaned, her breath growing shorter the more desperate for orgasm she became. “Show me how nasty you can get Kirsten!”

“Yeah, is that what you want?” Kirsten playfully asked, pulling her sticky face up from Sarah’s pussy for the moment. “You want me to fuck you Sarah? Do you want my tongue in your pussy? Licking your sweet juices and sucking your clit. Is that what you want? Do you want Kiki to eat you out like a little slut in front of Eliza?”

“Yessssssssss…that’s what I fucking want,” Eliza suddenly said, adding her own opinion to the mix as she kept one hand toying with Kirsten’s pussy and the other hand buried between her own legs.

“I wasn’t asking you,” Kirsten playfully chided her girlfriend. “And I said no touching!”

“You only said I couldn’t touch Sarah,” Eliza pointed out with a grin. “You never said I couldn’t touch you…or myself. Mmmmm but I can stop if you really wanted me to…”

Eliza then pulled her cum coated fingers out of Kirsten’s snatch and began to feed herself the juices she loved tasting. Kirsten didn’t like this solution at all and began wiggling her ass in the air.

“Noooooo…don’t stop…you can touch me!” Kirsten whined without losing the wide smile that was covering her happy and horny face. “I changed my mind! You can touch! Get those fingers back in my pussy! Please Eliza please!”

“Whatever Kiki wants,” Eliza replied with a wink before sliding her freshly licked fingers back into her girlfriend. “Just don’t stop with Sarah! Keep eating her pussy baby! You look so fucking hot Kiki! Your pretty face all creamy and sticky. Mmmm I just want to lick you clean! Make her come Kiki! Make Sarah come all sweet and slutty on your face!”

Sarah had become a little bit of the forgotten player in the domestic drama she was watching unfold before her, but she didn’t mind. She was rubbing her own pussy as she watched, loving the site of Kirsten and Eliza moaning hot, horny words back and forth to each other.

She knew there had to be some backstory here that she was unaware of and she was curious about what it was all about. But what Sarah wanted the most was Kirsten’s mouth back on her pussy.

“Do it Kirsten!” Sarah growled, placing her hand on the back of the blonde’s head and pushing her between her legs again. “Don’t talk! Just fuck! Show your pretty girlfriend how hard you’re gonna make me come!”

That was exactly what Kirsten and Eliza wanted and Kirsten eagerly got back to work on Sarah’s pussy. Knowing she was getting Sarah off with Eliza watching her was making Kirsten’s pussy boil with aroused heat.

Eliza’s fingers felt so good inside her, but Kirsten tried not to let anything distract her from Sarah and her pulsing clit. Kirsten wanted to make Sarah come more than she wanted her own orgasm. She wanted Eliza to watch her do this to Sarah…for her to see how good she could make Sarah feel.

Kirsten had been fantasizing about this for so long. Even when she had been furious with Eliza for what she had done, Kirsten had been turned on by the thought of her girlfriend fucking all those beautiful girls.

Knowing it was her lust for Sarah that had made Eliza stray, Kirsten had wanted her the most. She had wanted a taste for herself and now she knew why Eliza had been so tempted. Sarah was amazing. Her bare body was gorgeous and her pussy was so yummy. Kirsten just hoped this was the first of many times she got a chance to taste it.

As Eliza continued to push her fingers inside her pussy, Kirsten wrapped her lips back around Sarah’s tender clit. The former slayer moaned in rapture as Kirsten sucked on her pleasure center, each moment it rested between her lips a moment closer to Sarah’s orgasm.

Kirsten wanted to impress Sarah so bad. She wanted to prove to Sarah that she was hot enough to belong in a place like this. But most of all she wanted Sarah to want her too and fuck her just like she had Eliza that day.

Eliza had been acting in cheerleader mode throughout and that wasn’t changing now. She loved looking down to see her Kiki’s face buried in Sarah’s pussy. It was such a turn on that she had already creamed her own fingers in orgasmic goodness and was well on her way to a second helping. She had never seen anything as sexy as the girl she loved pleasuring the girl she’d fantasized over countless times.

“Yesssssss Kiki…eat her pussy…eat her tight, pretty pussy just like you fucking eat mine!” Eliza moaned, keeping one hand on Kirsten’s slit and the other on her own. “Show her how fucking good you are! Show how naughty you can get baby! Show her how much you love eating pussy! I know you love fucking girls in front of me Kiki and you’re turning me on so much. You’re making my cunt drip baby! You like that, don’t you? You like knowing that I’m getting wet watching you!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm…” was Kirsten’s pussy muffled moan in response.

Kirsten enthusiastically nodded her head, but didn’t pull her lips off of Sarah’s clit. She loved feeling it twitch in her mouth, especially since the louder Sarah moaned, the harder Eliza fingered her. This was even better than she’d fantasized. Kirsten couldn’t remember ever being this turned on. She loved knowing Eliza was getting wet from this and she couldn’t wait to taste it.

“More! Morrrrrre! Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!” Sarah frantically moaned, her hands flailing and her body quivering as Kirsten expertly sucked on her clit.

Looking down into those soft, sexy eyes staring up at her was a fierce turn on and also being able to glance up at Eliza, naked, her sexy tits swaying in the air slowly as she fingered Kirsten was driving Sarah crazy with lust. The first orgasm from Rose hadn’t been nearly enough to quench her need and now she was right on the verge of giving it up for Kirsten.

Knowing that she was putting on a show for Eliza made things even hotter for Sarah. She had longed to fuck her former co-star again, but getting eaten out by her gorgeous girlfriend while she watched was a close second for Sarah. Kirsten and Eliza were both so beautiful, their naked bodies glistening, and just watching them had Sarah’s pussy juicing. She was so…so close.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Sarah began moaning in anticipation, her brain fogging up and her body tensing up like a rubber band stretched to its limit. When Kirsten pulled her lips away and gave Sarah’s clit a hard series of licks she began to scream in rapture, which was only ratcheted up further by Eliza.

“That’s it! Come Sarah!” Eliza commanded as Sarah’s orgasm began shaking through her naked body. “Soak my Kiki’s face! Coat her in all that fucking girl cream I love sucking out of you so damn much! Soak that gorgeous fucking face in your cum! Make my baby’s skin all sticky and sweet so I can lick her clean! Do it Sarah!”

As Kirsten’s lips got back to sucking her clit, the energy of Sarah’s orgasm shot up. She began to violently buck her hips, slapping Kirsten’s face with her wet, creaming pussy as she shouted out her bliss.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Sarah screamed as she came, her pussy rubbing all over Kirsten’s greedy tongue and face as her body shook and lurched slightly on the floor. Sarah’s eyes slammed closed as she came, little beads of sweat dripping off her forehead from Kirsten’s incredible tongue.

Sarah might have blacked out for a second. She wasn’t sure. All she knew was that her orgasm was just amazing and when she did open her eyes, Kirsten had pulled away from her pussy and pressed herself to her girlfriend.

Kirsten and Eliza were face-to-face and feverishly making out, sharing her juices. Sarah felt her pussy shiver in arousal as she the two girls pressed their faces together in passionate love and swapped what was left of her cum between them. It was so beautiful and nasty all at once and Sarah knew she had to get into that fast.

“So…” Sarah giggled as she broke up the kiss and began sliding her fingers over Kirsten and Eliza’s pussies. “Which one of you naughty girls should I fuck first?”

Michelle Trachtenberg couldn’t believe what she had just seen. Sarah had just had an explosive orgasm right before her eyes and acted like it was nothing new to her. It was if pleasure like thag happened all the time to her. Michelle had never felt anything like she had just seen Sarah go through and now her stare at her on screen sister was one of jealousy as well as shock.

She wasn’t a virgin, but Michelle also wasn’t well versed in the language of sex. She’d had orgasms, but none that had left her with her eyes closed and gasping like Sarah’s just had. Michelle had been staring at Sarah all the way through it, eyeing each bead of sweat that had dripped off her naked body and wondering what was it about this that was making her feel that good.

Watching this show had left Michelle’s brain spinning with thoughts she had never dared dream before. At first it had been simple, wondering what it felt like to be on her back and being licked like Sarah was. But the more she had seen, the more overpowering Michelle’s curiosity had become and the more it had turned into something else.

She had watched everything that Kirsten and Eliza had done to Sarah and to each other and Michelle had begun to wonder what it would feel like to kiss another girl and to taste her and to lick her and to press her face to her and make her feel as good as Sarah had just felt.

By the end of it, Michelle had been wondering what it would be like to run her tongue over Sarah’s face as she had her orgasm, tasting her sweat and then kissing her and sucking on her wet tongue. Michelle had been unable to control these thoughts and the more they had played in her brain, the less she’d wanted to stop them.

As Sarah rubbed Eliza and Kirsten and kissed them both passionately, Michelle felt her gasps turning into moans. She had no idea how long she had been staring. Time was a forgotten concept now.

Michelle was too busy trying to control these new lusts inside her. She had never wanted to do anything with a girl before, but now that she had seen Sarah’s orgasm, her curiosity was almost painful.

Michelle’s top clung to her young chest and with a moan she discovered that her nipples were now rock hard. She had been staring so hard at Sarah that she hadn’t even felt her own arousal.

Now she couldn’t help but touch her breasts through her top, loving the feel of her fingers teasing her own nipples. She had never felt them this hard before and, with a slight shift of her legs, Michelle moaned again when she discovered she had practically soaked her shorts with her own arousal.

She couldn’t believe this was happening, but Michelle knew she couldn’t deny that this was turning her on like nothing else ever had. Most of the sex she done had been awkward and not really that great, but Michelle saw none of that awkwardness here.

Everything was so smooth and fluid here. It was just beautiful bodies hooking up with beautiful bodies, making each other feel so good. It was like everyone had mastered the instructions and she was still trying to figure out how to stop the clock from blinking 12:00. Michelle wanted to feel the way everyone else felt and the fact that she was fantasizing about women sexually was almost incidental now.

Turning around, Michelle saw that everyone had all kept going with their own fun. She saw that Emma was now on her hands and knees as Amber was licking her from behind. Emma looked so beautiful and Michelle couldn’t help but think about taking just a few steps so she could touch her former co-star’s naked body as she moaned again and again.

By now Amy was also moaning as Charisma had her flat on her back. Michelle audibly gasped in pleasure as she saw Amy’s legs spread wide in the air for Charisma’s tongue. Michelle began touching herself more aggressively through her bikini as Charisma went down on Amy.

Amy had been so nervous before, but now she was all smiles, moaning and crying out as Charisma pushed her tongue inside her and licked. Michelle could so clearly see how wet Amy had become and how much Charisma loved licking her.

Then Emma leaned down and suddenly kissed Amy right on the lips. It surprised Amy at first, but soon she began kissing back and the two girls moaned and tongued each other’s mouths as Michelle watched, an unmoving voyeur.

Michelle couldn’t stop staring at Emma and Amy’s bare bodies, especially their breasts. Their breasts were small and perky just like hers. Michelle suddenly was filled with the desire to kiss and lick on their boobs and then take off her clothes so they could do the same to her.

Before today that thought never would have occurred to her in a million years, but now it was all the aroused teen wanted. She didn’t fight off the fantasy. In fact she began embracing it and imagining what it would be like to do more, like get herself licked like Kirsten had licked Sarah and how Amber was licking Emma and Charisma was licking Amy.

It was making her so wet and Michelle just wanted someone to touch her. But they were all so lost in each other, that it was like she wasn’t even standing there. She didn’t think she’d be able to get any of them to play with her.

Then Michelle looked around the room and saw she wasn’t the only one going through this agony. She wasn’t the only one there feeling all this arousal and not knowing how to turn it into pleasure.

Elisha was walking her way with a dumbstruck expression on her face, like everyone had taken turns slapping her for no reason whatsoever. She and Michelle locked eyes and their stares told the story. Neither girl said anything but Elisha began walking toward Michelle.

When they were standing next to each other, Elisha was the one to break their silence.

“Have you…ever…you know…with a girl?” the blonde asked haltingly, not being able to stop staring at all the beautiful women making love in the room.

“Oh God no…but…I…I…just can’t stop looking…” Michelle admitted. She knew Elisha felt the same way. They were in the same boat and they had recognized each other as kindred spirits. They barely knew each other, more by reputation and face than by actual contact, but this craziness around them had bonded them together through their shared inexperience.

“Neither can I…I just…oh my God…I’ve never seen anything…anything like it,” Elisha gasped, her eyes darting everywhere.

Sarah was rubbing Kirsten and Eliza while they kissed. Rose was humping against Alyson’s face, holding her red hair with a hard grip. Love had gotten into a 69 with Mya and that stripper girl was taking turns licking them both. Up on the bar, Charlize was riding Katie’s face and Anna was sucking on the Oscar winner’s breasts. On the stage Natalie was naked as she kissed Mena and moaned from Shannon’s fingers inside her. And that was just a small part of what was going on around her.

There was beautiful, glistening female flesh everywhere. The sound of moaning and aroused cries of more combined with these soft voices spewing out their horny, profane words. It was too sexual an atmosphere for Elisha not to respond.

The thoughts she had been having from watching Cameron and Jennifer were mild compared to the fantasies she was having now. Now all she could think about was stripping off her suit and letting anyone and everyone eat her out. Elisha was seized by the impulses to fuck all these beautiful faces and let them lick her until she had no more cum left to cream.

Her bikini clung to her so tightly that she might as well have been naked like everyone else. Michelle hungrily noticed that Elisha’s nipples were swollen so hard that they nearly poked through her bikini. She suddenly wanted to lean over and lick them through the blonde’s top, but Michelle stopped herself. She was still scared enough to not want to do anything unless she knew it was ok.

“Ha…have you?” Michelle forced the words through her lips. “With a girl?”

Elisha shook her head “no” and Michelle asked the obvious question that had them both in its grip.

“Are you…I…mean…oh gawwwwd…are you…I…uhhh…thinking about it doing it now?” Michelle shyly asked, a serious blush forming over her teen face. She wanted this and she thought Elisha wanted it to. She just wasn’t sure. And then she got the answer to her question.

“Yes,” Elisha said so softly that Michelle had to strain to hear her. Elisha couldn’t help but admit what she had wanted since seeing the first kisses between Cameron and Jennifer. She had wanted to join them and now her arousal had overcome her shock and she could say it.

“Do you want to…with me?” Michelle asked and Elisha turned to face the teen actress. She saw Michelle nervously shifting her feet and Elisha knew she was unconsciously doing the same thing. Swallowing hard, Elisha answered the question by leaning in and softly kissing Michelle’s pink, pouting lips.

It was a light kiss at first. Neither of them had ever done this before and it was like a test to see if they liked it. It took them all of a second to realize they did and the kiss began to deepen.

Their inexperienced lips pressed together and Michelle began to kiss Elisha back. Michelle had been watching all these girls kiss each other and she started imitating that with Elisha. She kissed the blonde’s beautiful lips and they soon opened for her.

As the kiss turned into an open mouthed one, it wasn’t long before the girls’ tongues decided they wanted to play. Elisha made the first move, slowly pushing her tongue into Michelle’s mouth and massaging her tongue in the process. Their tongues touched again and again and Michelle got curious about the feel of another woman’s body.

Her hands moved up to Elisha’s breasts and she squeezed them with curiosity, dying to know if they felt like hers. The answer was they felt even better and Michelle began to play with them, making Elisha moan.

“Oh yesssssssssssssssss…” Elisha moaned. She’d been aching for someone to touch her and it felt just as good as she’d hoped to feel another woman’s hands on her body.

“You feel so good,” Michelle smiled, her blushing not stopping. “I love your body Elisha.”

“Oh yeah?” Elisha grinned while Michelle continued to play with her tits. “Do you want to see me naked?”

Before Michelle would have been shocked over such a question. Now she had no hesitation.

“Yes…please yes…” Michelle begged.

Elisha grinned again, her confidence growing with every passing second. This felt so amazing and she wanted more. She wanted to get to the good stuff without any further delay. She and Michelle were seriously behind everyone else. Elisha reached around back and undid the knot to her bikini top, revealing her bare breasts to Michelle’s wide-open eyes.

Knowing she had the teen’s full attention, Elisha didn’t hesitate to push down her bottoms, exposing her body in all it’s naked glory. Elisha couldn’t believe she was standing naked in front of not just one woman, but a whole room of horny lesbians, but she look on Michelle’s face eased her nerves. She loved what she saw.

“Now you,” Elisha instructed. “Don’t make me be the only naked one. I want to see your body too.”

“Ok,” Michelle said with a giggle, getting even wetter as she wrapped her mind over what she was about to do. She immediately got started, knowing that if she paused she might find a way to talk herself out of it. As Elisha eyed her appreciatively, Michelle undid her top and let it fall off her chest.

“Mmmmmmm they look great,” Elisha grinned excitedly as she got her first look at Michelle’s bare breasts.

Michelle blushed over the compliment, but kept smiling. She reached for her shorts, but suddenly stopped herself. She had a better idea.

“Help me,” Michelle requested. “Help me get naked. I want to feel your hands all over my body.”

Elisha loved that idea and kissed Michelle again while reaching down for her shorts. She brushed Michelle’s hands away and reached for the waistband herself. Their young tongues touched together again and their kisses grew more passionate while Elisha undid the drawstring and let Michelle’s shorts fall down her legs and puddle by her sandal covered feet. This left Michelle standing only in her bikini bottoms and Elisha didn’t wait long before getting her hands to work.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmyyyyyyyyyyyyygawwwwwwwwwd…” Michelle squealed in happiness when Elisha impulsively slid her hand into her bottoms and began rubbing against her pussy.

“You like that?” Elisha moaned into Michelle’s ear, her own pussy getting so wet as she touched another woman’s sex for the first time.

“Yesssssssssss…soooooooooo gooooooooooooooood…” Michelle groaned. “More…pleaaaaaaaaaaase Elisha…morrrrrrrrrrrre…”

Elisha didn’t really know what she was supposed to do here, so she let her instincts guide her and tried to remember what she’d seen all the other girls here do to each other. She loved touching Michelle’s pussy. She knew that right away. She was so wet and hot and Elisha could feel how tight she was.

It was still so hard to believe she was doing this to another woman, but it felt incredible to touch Michelle and it turned her on to hear the teen’s moans of lust. Elisha loved the feel of her wetness against her hand and her kiss was just amazing.

Michelle’s lips were so soft and sexy, just like Elisha had imagined another woman’s kiss would be. Elisha could feel her own wetness start to drip down her legs, just like she had seen happen to Cameron. No man had ever turned her on this much. Not even Trace.

“You’re so sexy Michelle,” Elisha purred. “I love your pussy. So tight and hot. Ughhhhhh I love how it feels on my fingers. Do you like it baby? Do you like my fingers on your pussy?”

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss!” Michelle exclaimed immediately. She loved how that naughty word sounded on Elisha’s lips. She had never talked like that before, but everyone else was and Michelle knew she shouldn’t be afraid to do the same.

“I love it Elisha!” Michelle gasped as the sexy fingers rubbed against her dripping slit. “I love you touching my pussy! More! Please! More! Put them inside me! Get your fingers in my pussy!”

There was no way Elisha could deny a request like that in her horny state. She took another big step forward in going lesbo and pushed two of her fingers past Michelle’s tight cunt lips and into her soft folds.

Michelle was so warm and wet for her and Elisha immediately fell in love with the touch of another woman’s pussy. It was just like touching herself, only 100 times better because she was getting someone else off in the process. She managed to tug down Michelle’s bottoms while never pausing her fingering and the teen’s cries grew louder.

“AHHHHHHH!!” Michelle cried out in ecstasy as Elisha penetrated her with her fingers.

She was so completely turned on. Everything was making her feel good. While Elisha touched and kissed her, Michelle was playing with her own breasts, rubbing them and tugging on her hard nipples. But then Michelle suddenly realized she was being selfish.

She was the one who was feeling all the pleasure and, besides their kisses, she wasn’t doing anything to make Elisha feel good. Michelle knew she had to change that so she pulled her hands off her own breasts and moved them toward Elisha. She had this beautiful, naked woman before her and she knew it was crazy to not be touching her.

Elisha immediately moaned as one of Michelle’s hands began playing with her breasts again, teasing her pale mounds of flesh and touching her aching nipples. It made pleasure shoot up through Elisha’s naked body to feel that touch and her moans turned into cries of arousal when Michelle’s other hand began rubbing her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Elisha cried. “Do it Michelle! Finger my pussy! Finger me just like I’m fingering you! Oh fuck! It feels good! So fucking good!”

The aroused cries and moans of the two girls standing in front of everyone couldn’t help but attract attention, Sarah’s included. She looked up from Kirsten and Eliza and she couldn’t believe what Michelle was doing. The girl she had treated like a little sister was naked except for her sandals and was kissing and fingering another woman.

Sarah had been nervous at first when she had seen Michelle at the party, but now, for the first time, she truly looked at the sexy teen as a lust object. She stared at her friend’s bare body, her firm breasts and the curves of her tight, young ass and Sarah felt herself get even wetter.

She had never properly appreciated until then how beautiful Michelle was and Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes at the vision that stood before her. She was gorgeous. Sarah had to tell her.

“Way to go Michelle,” Sarah suddenly said, waking Michelle up from her sexual trance. “Baby, you look unbelievable. I love your body.”

Michelle was stunned by the compliment. Knowing Sarah was checking her out made Michelle coat Elisha’s fingers with a sudden glaze of precum. Elisha giggled at the effect Sarah’s words had on her lover and kissed Michelle passionately while fingering her harder.

As the pleasure grew and grew, Michelle moaned into Elisha’s mouth. Her head was spinning, but in a good way now. It was such a turn on knowing that Sarah loved her body and Michelle was beginning to wonder just how much Sarah loved it and if she wanted to do things to it. Naughty things. Things that she was doing to Kirsten and Eliza. Michelle was dying with lust wondering what was going to happen next.

Just as Elisha and Michelle’s resistance had crumbled under the carnality of the room, so too had Lindsay’s. Of course the fact that she had Angelina Jolie’s tongue buried inside her had also been a bit of a factor.

Lindsay was clinging to the doorway like she was hanging on for dear life and in a way she was. Angelina’s tongue felt so incredible that Lindsay felt that if she didn’t hold onto something she was going to just fly off into the sky like a rocket. She had never felt anything this good before. Angelina’s tongue had her panting and moaning like a whore and she loved it.

She didn’t care if anyone saw her like this. In fact she hoped they did. She didn’t want to resist anymore. With each lick against her young pussy, Angelina was showing her just how incredible women could be and now Lindsay wanted to fuck and be fucked by everyone there until she was in a sex caused coma.

Her shorts and bikini bottoms were now pooled around her feet and she was naked for anyone to see. Angelina was kneeling behind her and the topless actress had her hands on her butt cheeks and her tongue deep inside her pussy.

Lindsay was in heaven from Angelina’s tongue. Whenever she had sex before now, she had practically had to force the guy to go down on her. But here Angelina was so eager and so willing and so fucking good. Lindsay couldn’t believe she had denied herself this intense pleasure for even a second.

She didn’t care anymore that another woman was eating her out. It was too damn good for her to pay that any mind. The sensation of Angelina’s tongue inside her was like a non-stop sex toy turned on high.

Lindsay suddenly remembered the vibrator she’d been given as a gag gift for her sweet sixteenth party. It had been a joke at first, but once she had summoned up the nerve to use it there had been no laughing, just moans of ecstasy.

She had ended up fucking that toy silly all night long and Angelina’s tongue was even better. It was like a machine against her pussy, licking up every drop of girl juice and making her generate more. Lindsay was getting wetter with every lick.

“Oh fuck that’s it…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh lick my pussy Angelina…fucking lick it!” Lindsay groaned, her knuckles getting white as she clung to the doorway, her head still craning in to look at the action.

She had never had sex in public before, hell she hadn’t had much sex before. Despite her growing party girl reputation and her propensity for wearing low cut clothes, Lindsay had never given away her body to just anyone. Only a special few had had her. Now Angelina was one of them and Lindsay was ready for that number to grow even higher.

With Angelina doing such unbelievable things to her while she watched all this hot action, Lindsay just wanted to let her sexual id control her body. She wanted to talk dirty and tell Angelina to do nasty things to her pussy and suck on her big tits. She wanted to fuck all those pretty girls in the ballroom. That bodyguard at the front was looking pretty goddamn good to her too and. as she shuddered in pleasure, Lindsay imagined him filling her mouth with his cock while Angelina feasted on her. But most of all she wanted to come and come and come and never fucking stop.

“Keep watching Lindsay,” Angelina told the quivering teen. “Watch those little sluts go at it. You’re one of them now. You want to join them don’t you?”

“Yesssssssss…oh God yessssssss…I do…I want to join them,” Lindsay moaned, her red hair being tossed over her face as she flung her head down at the pleasure she was getting. “I want them to fuck me! Ohhhhhhhhhh I want to fuck them too! I want them all!”

“Mmmmmm if you come for me sweetie, then you can join in,” Angelina promised. “Just give me your sweet cream and then I’m going to toss you in and let you have your way with all of them. I’ll bet Hilary still wants to fuck you. I know they all do.”

“Ohhhhhhhh yessssss Hilary…I want to fuck her,” Lindsay babbled as her tits jiggled from the amazing tonguing she was getting.

She did want to fuck Hilary now. She wanted to show her she was sorry. She wanted to thank her for bringing her here. She wanted to do it all!

“Then keep watching…keep watching the show and come for me,” Angelina said. “Coat my tongue with your cum! You’re mine Lindsay! You’re mine until you give me what I want!”

Angelina then tightened her grip on Lindsay’s teen cheeks and plunged her tongue deep into her soft, tight pussy. She pushed into her pinkness and eagerly licked everywhere she could, knowing she was turning the young actress into a panting mess of horny lust. It wouldn’t be long now. Angelina could practically taste Lindsay’s cum already.

Lindsay loved being able to watch everyone while she got herself licked from behind. Angelina’s hands felt so good on her ass and her tongue was just…mmmmmmmmmm. Lindsay felt like such a fool for resisting before. God, this was so fucking good. It made every other time she had had sex feel like nothing at all.

As her eyes scanned all over the room at the sea of naked bodies, Lindsay made sure to give Hilary plenty of looks. Her would be friend had looked so beautiful coming all over Shakira’s face and then she had proceeded to lick it all off the singer’s flesh.

Seeing that had made Lindsay so wet. Hilary had looked so hot and eager and so fucking horny. Lindsay wanted Hilary to do that to her. She wanted to feel her rival’s tongue on her face, licking sweet cum off. Now Lindsay was watching with fascination as Hilary got on her belly and ate Shakira out, making the singer moan and curse in Spanish.

But it wasn’t just Hilary that Lindsay stared at. She watched hungrily as Michelle and Elisha fingered each other, standing up in the middle of the room when everyone else was on the floor. Britney and Beyonce were still with that blonde girl and now Beyonce was on her back while the blonde rode her face. Britney had her face pressed to Beyonce’s pussy and Lindsay lustfully wondered what it would be like to lick her like that.

Lindsay also craned her neck around to watch Christina and Maria play with Gwen. Gwen Stefani had always been like an idol to Lindsay as she pursued her singing, but now she saw her not as someone to admire, but as someone she wanted to fuck. All three of them were naked and Christina was spooning Maria from behind. She had her arms wrapped around Maria’s stomach and her hands were playing with her breasts.

While this was happening, Gwen was on her knees, licking them both. She moved from girl to girl, licking them a little longer each time she was there. Lindsay longed to be there too, pressing her naked body against Christina’s so she could also feel Gwen’s tongue.

There was so much that Lindsay wanted to see in there. Her eyes crossed over to Cameron licking Jennifer Aniston, just like Angelina was licking her. She had Jennifer bent over and was eating her out from behind, with Jennifer’s beautiful ass up in the air. Lindsay dreamed about how good Cameron and everyone else was. How did they feel compared to Angelina? She wanted to feel the differences and find out. She wanted to feel everything.

She gawked at Jewel as she leaned against the corner and let Avril eat her pussy. Lindsay had partied a few times with Avril and she had been fun to hang out with. But now Lindsay wanted to have the Canadian singer tongue fuck her just like she was fucking Jewel.

Lindsay moaned as she watched Jewel play with her big tits and she longed to do the same to herself. She peeled one of her hands off the doorway and began fondling her own heaving chest while Angelina seemed to push her tongue deeper into her pussy with every lick.

Straining herself more into the room, Lindsay watched Michelle Branch go down on Avril, stroking her ass cheeks and licking her while her friend licked Jewel. How had all this been going on with no one finding out about it? It seemed like every hot girl in music or movies was fucking each other. Now Lindsay was one of them and she couldn’t wait to get back in there. Everyone looked so fucking hot.

She kept staring at all the beautiful bodies until one pairing in particular seized her interest. Lindsay gasped when she saw Jessica Biel, Alyssa Milano and Reese Witherspoon. It wasn’t that they were fucking, it was how they were doing it. They had recently changed positions so Jessica was lying flat on her back so Alyssa could ride her face. But it was what Reese was doing that really had Lindsay’s interest. Reese had lifted one of Jessica’s legs in the air and was kissing all over her foot.

Lindsay moaned deeply when she saw Reese begin sucking on Jessica’s toes. The girl must have liked it because Reese kept doing it, licking each one of her sexy, bare toes. Lindsay had never seen anything like that and it was getting her wet to see it. She had always loved having her feet rubbed and now she was wondering what it would be liked to have them kissed and touched in a sexual way. Her own toes wiggled involuntarily and Lindsay just wished she could see and hear more of what was happening there.

“Ahhhhhhh fuck that’s hot! Suck that slut’s toes Reese! Suck them deep in your mouth! Ughhhhh make her moan like a little whore while she’s eating my pussy!” Alyssa groaned as she ground her pussy lewdly against Jessica’s face, leaving her juices dripping off her chin while she played with her own tits.

Reese smiled and did as instructed, even though she didn’t have to be. She would have been sucking Jessica’s blue painted toes whether Alyssa was asking her to or not. She was going to do every horny thing her heart desired today and that included sucking the toes of every girl who was willing. Reese wasn’t going to let anything hold her back today.

As Reese dragged her wet tongue all over Jessica’s toes, a small trail of saliva dripped down her foot and made Alyssa moan. Reese’s little fetish had never really done much for her. Alyssa’s feet had always been just a little too ticklish for her to enjoy that sexually, but it didn’t mean she didn’t love watching Reese in action, especially since Jessica was licking even harder now.

“Make me fucking come!” Alyssa growled. “I’m so close! Make me come or else I’m not going to let Reese suck on those toes of yours anymore! It’s making your pussy wet to feel her mouth on you, isn’t it slut? Well she’s going to stop if you don’t make me come!”

That was the last thing Jessica wanted. She had been happily licking Alyssa’s pussy, enjoying the taste of these now familiar juices soaking her tongue, when Alyssa and Reese had made her switch positions and get on her back.

Jessica hadn’t thought much of it at first, but then Reese had begun rubbing her foot asking if she could kiss her. Thinking that Reese had meant kiss her lips, or even better her pussy, Jessica had immediately agreed, only to be quite surprised when she saw Reese’s true intentions.

When Reese had picked up her foot and pressed her lips to it, Jessica’s first instinct had been to yank it away. No one had ever done that to her before. But before she had a chance to get Reese’s lips off her foot, Jessica found herself enjoying what was happening to her.

She loved the feel of Reese’s lips kissing her foot. It tickled at first, but then Jessica began to moan and when Reese followed those kisses by sucking her toes into her mouth, Jessica surrendered to the sensations.

Any resistance she had was long gone now as Reese lovingly teased each and every one of her toes with her tongue, licking them and letting little strands of saliva drip down her toes.

Jessica moaned into Alyssa’s pussy and started licking harder. She didn’t want Reese to stop and she knew Alyssa would make good on her threat. Jessica was getting so wet from her toes filling Reese’s wet, sexy mouth and she had no desire for that to stop.

“That’s it slut! Faster! Faster! Lick that pussy you starving slut! Mmmm I’m gonna feed you all my sweet cum!” Alyssa cried out. She wanted Rose to see Jessica make her come. She could feel her co-star and housemate staring at her while she fucked Alyson’s face and she wanted to give her a show.

“C’mon Jess! Suck on my clit!” Alyssa commanded. “Just like you did yesterday! Suck that clitty! Make me fucking come you nasty little whore!”

With Alyssa’s clit planted right on her face, it was impossible for Jessica to refuse her. Getting more confident in her abilities, Jessica sucked Alyssa’s clit between her lips and clamped down hard on it.

“THAT’S IT!!!” Alyssa screamed happily. “THAT’S FUCKING IT! SUCK THAT CLIT JESS!!!”

Knowing she had Alyssa right on the verge, Jessica began sucking hard on her friend’s clitoris. She nursed it passionately, her lover’s nasty words fueling her on along right along with the wet sucking sounds of her toes in Reese’s mouth.

If Jessica had felt nasty and slutty yesterday in the office with Alyssa, it was nothing compared to what was happening here and she loved it. Jessica loved acting like this and she proved it by sucking hard on Alyssa’s swollen clitoris until it was emphatically proven that her efforts had been successful.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEE YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Alyssa howled as she suddenly came with a rush.

Alyssa’s body lurched against Jessica’s face, creaming her skin with orgasmic essence and feeding the hungry slut with her favorite new treat. Alyssa’s cries crashed into one another forming almost one perpetual cry of pleasure.

The wave of orgasm was starting to crash over quite a few girls at the party and seeing Alyssa come against Jessica’s face gave her sexual rival all the motivation she needed to not be left too far behind in the dust.

“Goddamn it! You’re taking too fucking long! Make me come or I’ll go find someone else who will!” Rose groaned in frustration.

She felt a little jealous that Alyssa had come before her, but she didn’t seriously hold a grudge over it. When she picked on Alyssa it was just to put things in motion like what had happened between her and Jessica. Rose considered it a public service.

“Oooooooh but Rose your pussy is so yummy I can’t help myself,” Alyson giggled when she pulled her juice coated lips away from Rose’s snatch. “Mmmmmmmm I just want to lick it all up”

“Get back to work,” Rose muttered, shoving Alyson’s face between her legs, but unable to stifle her own laughter over Alyson’s remark. She could easily see why Sarah liked her so damn much, goofball one minute, hungry sex kitten the next. Alyson was a hell of a lot of fun.

“You’re working too hard getting yourself off,” Rose moaned as she continued her criticism despite Alyson’s tongue licking her clitoris. “You need to be working on me!”

“Is that what you want Rose? You want my fingers inside you and not me,” Alyson innocently asked, fighting off Rose’s hand on the back of her head to rise up again.

“You know what a girl fucking needs, don’t play dumb!” Rose urged. “Fuck me Aly! Fuck me like I’m Sarah! I know how bad you’re in love with her! Show me how you love making her come! Fuck me you nasty little slut!”

Alyson just grinned and began rubbing Rose’s slit with her fingers, already slick from her own pussy. She didn’t penetrate, she just rubbed and made the raven haired goddess moan and writhe on the floor, grinding her bare ass against it horny need. She liked Rose and didn’t mind her cracks, especially when it was true about her feelings for Sarah. She just wanted to have some fun before she got Rose off.

“Ughhhhhh don’t fucking tease!” Rose groaned. “Nasty, evil bitch! Fuck meeeeeeee! Jam those fingers inside me and eat my pussy! You know what to fucking do! You don’t need instructions! Fuck me like the little slut you are!”

Alyson certainly didn’t need any instructions on how to get a girl off, especially one as close as Rose was. With a horny “mmmmmm” Alyson buried her tongue back inside Rose’s cunt and was about to slide her fingers into the dripping actress as well when all of a sudden she received a little extra help.

“Allow me,” Jessica Alba giggled before pushing two of her own fingers inside Rose. She had been searching for some fun since Angelina had licked and run and when she had heard Rose’s needy cries, she knew she had found the perfect place. Naturally Alyson accepted her help and, after she saw what was going on, so did Rose.

“That’s it Jess! Give this slut some help!” Rose moaned in rapture as Jessica’s fingers and Alyson’s tongue made a wonderfully snug fit inside her tight pussy. “She’s only good at getting Sarah off! She needs a fucking road map when it’s anyone else’s pussy she’s fucking!”

Rose’s words quickly turned into hurried moans and gasps of pleasure once the two girls between her legs got into synch with one another. Jessica used her two fingers to pinch Rose’s clit and rub it vigorously while Alyson licked up all the juices dripping from her overheating snatch. Jessica and Alyson formed quite a team and their combination of rubbing and licking had Rose right on the verge after only a few seconds.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssss gonna…gonna fucking come!” Rose groaned breathlessly. “That’s how you fucking do it! That’s how you get a hot bitch like me off! Jam those fingers up my cunt Jess! Ooooooooooh rub that clitty! Give Aly a big fucking target to lick! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Alyson and Jessica started to really push their efforts into high gear. Jessica trapped Rose’s throbbing clit between her fingers and give it a little squeeze as Alyson fastened her lips to it. Jessica held the target in place and Alyson sucked hard on it, getting Rose screaming in no time.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!” Rose began before she was suddenly cut off by an energetic kiss from Jessica.

The former Dark Angel greedily kissed Rose while she came, as if trying to pull the sexual energy right out of her and swallow it whole. Jessica sucked on Rose’s tongue and her screams of passion disappeared into her mouth. Rose closed her eyes and gave into all the pleasure coursing through her body. Jessica’s hot kiss just made everything better.

While Jessica kissed Rose’s orgasmic cries away, Alyson was rewarded with a faceful of girl cream, which she eagerly let slide down her throat. She kept sucking hard on Rose’s clitoris, not at all concerned with how much of her lover’s cum she missed. What she didn’t get into her mouth coated Rose’s thighs and dribbled down Alyson’s chin. Some of it hit the redhead’s tits and some just gave her face a well-earned glaze.

“Get up here,” Rose moaned, pulling away from Jessica and struggling to catch her breath after the last of her orgasmic tremors had left her temporarily satisfied.

Alyson obeyed and when she brought her face up to Rose’s she was immediately rewarded with a passionate kiss. Alyson and Rose pressed their lips together eagerly and soon they were taking turns sucking on each other’s tongues. Rose seemed ready to lick every drop of her own cum off Alyson’s face, but she wasn’t alone in that desire.

As Rose licked up one side of Alyson’s flushed, happy face, Jessica did the other, making the redhead moan in delight. She’d been storing up her own horny desires for too long and now she had two hot tongues on her face. While Rose and Jessica licked her face free of girl cum, they finally got her bottoms off her too.

Their hands pawed at her body, pushing what was left of her bikini off her until she was as naked as they were. Alyson sighed in relief over finally being naked. Her pussy had felt trapped inside and as soon as it was exposed Jessica’s fingers slid inside.

“Ohhhhhh just what I need,” Alyson moaned again before she was quieted by another kiss from Rose. Jessica then slid her tongue into the action, creating a three-way kiss that quickly had all three girls moaning into each other’s mouths as they played with their bare bodies.

Of course the sounds of their moans could barely be heard over the rush of orgasmic screams flowing throughout the ballroom. It seemed like one after the other, the girls were falling like dominoes into their rapture.

Some of those screams belonged to Jennifer Aniston as she remained on her hands and knees for Cameron. Her ass was stuck high in the air and she was doing nothing to muffle her ecstasy.


As Jennifer screamed out her orgasm, Cameron remained locked in position. She had three of her fingers pistoning in and out of Jennifer’s pussy while she kept her tongue in her lover’s ass. After spanking Jennifer’s ass nice and pink and then kissing all that soreness away, Cameron hadn’t been able to resist sliding her tongue right into her friend’s puckered hole. Cameron had learned first hand how good it felt to have another woman’s tongue in your ass and she knew Jennifer loved it too.

Jennifer had given her such a wonderful, arousing moan when Cameron had let a long trail of saliva drip into her ass that the blonde had nearly come. Cameron got off knowing Jennifer was getting off. Of course it also helped that Cameron had been0 fingering herself at the same time. She had held Jennifer in place with one hand and used the other to stimulate her own needy pussy while she licked away at her lover.

All that had led up to this moment of orgasmic deliverance and Cameron kept her fingers and tongue deep in the spasming girl. Jennifer cried and cursed and moaned out all the wonderful feelings that were bombarding her as she came. Cameron’s tongue in her ass alone had been heaven, but the feel of her long, skillful fingers rubbing against her clitoris and touching her soft folds was what had sent her into ecstasy.

“AHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEEE YESSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHH CAMIEEEEEEE!!!” Jennifer cried, pounding her hands against the floor, her head tossing back and forth and sending her hair splashing against her sweaty face.

Jennifer knew she had to look like Cousin It with her long brown hair plastered to her face, but she was too busy coming to brush it away. Her body lurched back and forth against Cameron’s face, her jiggling ass cheeks almost slapping the blonde in the face.

Jennifer’s ass and pussy clenched tightly against Cameron’s tongue and fingers, but her lover kept giving it to her as hard and fast as she could, prolonging Jennifer’s pleasure. Jennifer continued to cry out and when her orgasm was finally finished having its way with her body, she was left quite breathless.

But even in that state, Jennifer was far from done for the day. She hadn’t come all this way just to collapse after one orgasm. She slumped to the ground to collect herself and when she got up onto her knees again she saw Cameron licking clean her cum covered fingers while keeping her other hand at her own pussy.

“Oh no…you have to share,” Jennifer grinned, hungry for a taste herself.

Cameron smiled back and held out what was left of the sticky treat on her hand for her lover. Jennifer crawled over to Cameron and gave her a wet kiss before moving her tongue to the blonde’s fingers. While she licked her own essence off of Cameron’s fingers, Jennifer got her own hand to work. She pushed Cameron’s fingers away from her pussy and pushed her own inside, making the blonde moan deeply from the penetration.

“Mmmmmm it’s been to long since I touched this pretty pussy,” Jennifer sighed as she pulled her mouth off of Cameron’s fingers and brushed their lips together. “Mind if I play with it for awhile?”

Not surprisingly, Cameron had no objection and proceeded to lay back on the floor, opening her legs wide and spreading her pinkness for Jennifer. Delighting in such a lewd show from Cameron, Jennifer kept her fingers inside her friend and leaned down to start kissing the blonde’s labia. Cameron moaned again and again and soon Jennifer’s kisses on her splayed lips turned into long, wet licks of her cunt, which only made her moans louder.

Cameron’s moans, however, were nothing compared to the high notes Beyonce was hitting just a few feet away. However, those sounds were mostly muffled because Beyonce’s tongue was also at work lapping away at the sweetest French pastry she had ever tasted. That didn’t distract the singer from the immense pleasure she was getting from Britney, though. In fact having this pussy against her face while she was eaten out just turned Beyonce on more.

Beyonce cried out louder and louder into Michelle’s pussy as Britney’s tongue drove her toward the orgasm that had been bubbling up inside her since Jewel had gotten her off over the phone with her hot words and promises. She was flat on her back and her legs were slumped over Britney’s shoulder’s as the mansion’s sexy maid rode her face and moaned in French words that Beyonce couldn’t follow, but still loved hearing. Everything sounded sexier with a French accent, no matter what Michelle was really saying.

The singer had been a little nervous at first when Michelle had pressed her dripping, immaculately shaven pussy to her face. This girl was a stranger to her. But Britney had let her tongue lap away all of Beyonce’s doubts. With the sexy blonde’s mouth glued to her pussy, Beyonce couldn’t resist Michelle’s advances. She just tried to keep up with the horny French girl humping against her mouth.

It had taken Beyonce a few minutes to adjust to what Michelle was doing to her, but she got the hang of it. She slapped her hands to Michelle’s ass and used her grip to slow the girl down. Beyonce began to control the girl’s motions against her face and was better able to slide her tongue into Michelle as a result.

Beyonce had never tasted another girl besides Jewel, but Michelle’s sweetness was soon covering her tongue and she loved it. She got more enthusiastic with every lick and pressed her fingers against Michelle’s taut ass cheeks, gripping her milky white flesh and making sure she didn’t go anywhere until she fed her her orgasm.

Beyonce was just trying to remember what she had done to get Jewel off in that hotel room. She had replayed the whole night in her mind so many times since then, always bringing herself to orgasm from her memories of how Jewel had tasted and all the nasty things they had done to each other. It was easy to imitate what she had done that night on Michelle and, judging from the French girl’s reactions, she was doing a good job.

Michelle cried and moaned happily, her words spilling out in her native tongue and Beyonce tasted all her delicious juices. She happily feasted on Michelle’s offerings, licking up everything she could. Beyonce just hoped that she was making Michelle feel as good as Britney was making her feel.

It was taking all of Beyonce’s concentration and discipline to not just indulge in the pleasure she was getting from the blonde singer. Britney was expertly eating her out, using her tongue to drive her body and soul wild with wicked pleasures. Beyonce tried to keep her concentration focused on Michelle, but it was so hard to resist what Britney was doing to her.

To Beyonce it seemed like Britney’s tongue was everywhere inside her pussy. Her tongue fucked her like it was a sex toy and then stimulated her clit better than any man she had been with could have dreamed to do. Beyonce never would have figured Britney to be such an expert at eating pussy. She must have had a lot of practice because she was doing everything Beyonce liked and she was doing it amazingly well.

Beyonce cried out again into Michelle’s pussy as Britney licked at her clit, her tongue playing with it and sending bolts of pleasure right up Beyonce’s bare body. She tried not to lessen her efforts on Michelle, but she couldn’t help it and her tonguing slowed as she cried out her growing pleasure.

Sensing what was happening, Michelle took mercy on Beyonce and pulled herself off her face, leaving it sticky and shiny with her juices. This was the problem with threesomes, Michelle told herself, there was always someone who came first and someone else had to pay for it.

“No…wait…I…I don’t want to stop,” Beyonce gasped, the moans of pleasure pushing past her lips as she tried to talk. She was worried she had made Michelle mad, but the blonde was quick to reassure her new friend.

“Do not worry, I want you to come first,” Michelle told Beyonce, her accented voice making Beyonce quiver with desire. “I know you will make me feel so good when you have had your fun. Keep touching me Beyonce. You don’t have to lick me, but I still want you to be touching me.”

Beyonce knew exactly what Michelle wanted and she didn’t hesitate to push her fingers into the maid. Michelle was sitting back next to Beyonce’s head now and she was within easy reach of the singer’s fingers. Beyonce penetrated Michelle’s wet pussy without resistance and she began fingering the girl while Britney continued eating her out.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck Britney! Don’t stop doing that! Don’t fucking stop!” Beyonce cried out, her sounds no longer muffled, as Britney’s tongue gave her clitoris a hard series of licks. Britney lashed Beyonce’s clit again and again as she pressed her naked body into the floor, humping it in the process to deal with her own arousal.

“Ughhhhhh don’t fucking hold back!” Beyonce begged. “I can fucking take whatever you got Britney! Give that tight little cunt what it needs! I need to be fucked Britney! Fuck me what that pretty white girl tongue of yours blondie! Fuck my hot black pussy and make it fucking drip all over your face!”

Britney had never heard Beyonce talk like this before and she loved it. She loved how Beyonce was going wild for her tongue. Britney had lusted after Beyonce’s beautiful body for so long and she wasn’t disappointed now that she had it. She loved the taste of Beyonce’s juice, the feel and look of her beautiful dark skin and, most of all, she loved the enthusiasm Beyonce had for this as she humped against her face.

As Beyonce continued to moan and spew out dirty talk people would have expected from Lil Kim and not a devoted church attendee, Britney kept on tongue fucking her. She used her hand to spread open her cunt lips and she thrust in like she was using a strap on.

Britney tongue fucked Beyonce hard, barely pausing for breath with each passionate lick. Each time she slid inside Beyonce, she was wetter and Britney moaned into her lover’s pussy from the sheer pleasure she got from her taste.

“Ohhhh yessss such a pretty face…such a pretty fucking blonde face,” Beyonce kept babbling, her moans and gasps melding into one prolonged sound of desire. “You like how this pussy feels against that face Britney? Show me what a nasty thing you are! Jewel told me all about what a fucking slut you and your friends are! Show me it’s true! Eat my tight little black cunt Britney! I fucking need thisssssssss soooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaad!”

Beyonce was practically singing by the time her words were finished. Britney was concentrating entirely on her clitoris now and Michelle was kissing and fondling her jiggling tits. The pleasure was just indescribable. It was so much all at once and it was all so good.

While she was feeling this first class loving, Beyonce kept her fingers buried in Michelle getting off on the feel of her tight pussy clasping to her fingers. Beyonce had wanted this for so long. She had been dying to cut loose and indulge in the forbidden desires Jewel had blessed her with and she wasn’t going to hold back!


With each hard, passionate suck of her clitoris, Britney had Beyonce flailing on the floor like she was a fish pulled out of water. She was exploding with energy and Beyonce’s whole body shook and glowed with exertion. To her credit, Beyonce kept her fingers inside Michelle, rubbing the beautiful blonde into a dripping frenzy, despite the pleasure shooting through her body like a live wire current.

Seeing how close Beyonce was, Britney didn’t want to miss a drop of her cream. So she pulled her lips off of the singer’s clitoris and instead pushed two of her fingers inside to rub it hard. While she did this, her tongue began licking at Beyonce’s pussy again. Britney lapped and pinched and it wasn’t long before Beyonce couldn’t take one more moment of her stimulation.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Beyonce roared as she came against Britney’s face. Her beautiful voice turned ragged and choppy, but she still hit all the right notes in her cries of ecstasy. She couldn’t form words, but her intent was loud and clear as her hand froze inside Michelle’s pussy and her body shook from the bursts of pleasure.

Britney looked up with glee at Beyonce’s shaking, spasming body while her tongue was flooded with sweet girl cum. She lapped it all up, just as Christina had taught her from many, many, many lessons on the art of girl love. Watching Beyonce gasp and squirm and try to force out the frantic sounds of her orgasm was a total turn on for Britney and she furiously worked two fingers into her own cunt as she swallowed everything Beyonce had to give her.

When she had drained Beyonce of all the juices she was ready to give her, Britney didn’t hesitate to shoot up like a rocket and smother the beautiful singer’s lips with her own. Britney kissed Beyonce’s soft lips and pushed her tongue into the still gasping girl’s mouth.

Beyonce eagerly accepted the gift of Britney’s tongue and sucked on it, knowing she was tasting her own juices and loving it. They pressed their nude bodies together, kissing and grinding, but someone else was ready for her turn now and not willing to wait.

“Non!” Michelle commanded as she playfully pushed Britney off of Beyonce. “Now this tongue belongs to Michelle! You cannot deny me my orgasm now pretty girl!”

Britney rolled off Beyonce and giggled with horny desire as her maid planted herself right on the singer’s face, not allowing Beyonce to get even a word in first.

“Yessss fuck her face Michelle!” Britney cooed as she resumed working her own pussy over with her fingers. “Fuck her face like she fucked mine! Soak that beautiful skin in girl cum!”

Despite the fact that she would have liked a second to finish catching her breath, Beyonce certainly didn’t mind Michelle’s aggressiveness. Her own orgasm had left her nice and charged up and she was ready to finish off her new friend. Beyonce’s fingers were already slick with Michelle’s juices and she rubbed them against the maid’s soft skin as she caressed her back and moved down to her ass.

“Mmmmmmmm yessssssss…touch me just like that while you eat me,” Michelle moaned. “You know how to make a woman feel good Beyonce! Ohhhhhh you are going to make me come soon! You had me so close before and your fingers felt so good inside my pussy! Make me come pretty girl! Make Michelle come like a good little slut!”

Beyonce wasn’t sure if the French girl’s words meant that she was the slut or what, but she didn’t want to get into semantics. She only wanted to make this beautiful girl come. Her pussy had been so tight and wet around her fingers and now Beyonce could taste how close she was. It was like her girl cream was all ready to drip down to her tongue. All she needed was just a little push and Beyonce was more than ready to give Michelle what she needed.

“Oooooooooh Beyonce! Mmmmmmmm oui….oui…mon amor!” Michelle moaned as Beyonce licked up all the wetness that had collected since her tongue had last been inside. “Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss Jewel was saying how wonderful you were and she was so right! You will make me come soon! Your tongue is so good! I love it inside my pussy! Please lick me Beyonce! Make Michelle come!”

Michelle’s moans increased when Britney added herself into the mix. The blonde singer’s hands and mouth were all over Michelle’s large, jiggling breasts. Britney worshipped her maid’s tits, kissing every inch of them and letting her saliva drip into her cleavage, tickling Michelle’s skin and making her coo in delight and moan in French. Britney fondled the soft mounds, pushing them up to her mouth so she could tenderly nurse Michelle’s nipples, making her even wetter for Beyonce’s tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it is so good…so good…” Michelle gasped as she began grinding herself against Beyonce’s face again, forcing more of her tongue into her pussy.

Michelle loved how passionate Beyonce was with her tongue. She wasn’t an expert in pussy licking, but Michelle felt like she soon would be. She just hoped Beyonce visited the mansion soon so she could teach her everything she knew.

“Taste me Beyonce,” Michelle moaned. “Please taste all my slutty juices! I have been so wet for all of you and I have wanted this so bad! I love how you are licking me your tongue is so good inside my pussy Beyonce! Please I am so close! Make me come and I will be your slut too! I am a slut for all the girls in the mansion and I will do anything you want Beyonce if you just make me come!”

Beyonce couldn’t help but giggle when she remembered that Shawn had fired the maid this morning. Maybe she could hire Michelle away. She would love having this pussy against her face every morning. No cleaning would get done, but Beyonce wouldn’t mind. A sloppy house was worth a day full of orgasms.

But thoughts about stealing Michelle away from Jewel and Britney and all their friends soon faded as the French girl’s pussy contracted around Beyonce’s probing tongue. Beyonce began tonguing her harder, ready and willing to lick up the explosion of desire she knew was imminent.

Michelle’s cries grew louder and more high pitched and she began riding Beyonce’s face harder. The singer tried to keep up, but Michelle was too fast for her. She ground her dripping cunt against Beyonce’s dark skin while Britney stimulated her heaving tits with long sucks of her nipples, sliding her tongue all over one swollen point and then the other, going back and forth while Michelle soared from the pleasure.

“OOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Michelle squealed. She was so close. Close enough to see her pleasure like a warm wave about to crash over her head. She stretched out her arms as she rode Beyonce, almost as if she could grab it and make it hit her faster. Beyonce’s tongue licked her hard and raw and Michelle was left panting as the wave finally hit, blasting her juices all over her lover’s face.

Beyonce tried to lick all of Michelle’s cream up as the maid screamed in French and humped her face like she was riding a dick. It left Beyonce’s jaw a little sore to try and match her thrusts with her tongue, but the reward of Michelle’s orgasm was more than worth it.

Feeding off her orgasm, Beyonce dug her nails into Michelle’s ass and drilled her creaming cunt with her tongue, licking up all she could like a parched dog at a water bowl. Michelle’s essence soaked her skin and Beyonce reveled in how it felt. It felt so nasty and liberating to have this beautiful stranger’s cum dripping down her chin and cheeks.

The howling French girl attracted a lot of attention throughout the ballroom, including Natalie’s. She loved knowing that she had already fucked Michelle on her last mansion visit and a lot of the girls here didn’t even really know her yet. Even though she was inexperienced compared to a lot of the girls here, Natalie felt like this gave her a little leg up on everyone else and she wore that proudly.

Natalie was getting such a charge from being up on stage. Not because she was much of an exhibitionist when it came to sex, but because she could play voyeur. She loved being able to see everyone up there. She felt like they were entertaining her with their orgy, as if it was being played out for her and her alone.

When Michelle had come, Natalie had stared hungrily at her body, just like the way she was now staring at Charlize while she shook and screamed from Katie’s tongue on the bar. She knew she wasn’t far off from having the same thing happen to her and that just made it hotter for Natalie.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh Shannon that’s it! Finger meeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Finger my hot little holes!” Natalie mewed. She was in a doggie style position now on the stage as the two American Pie co-stars pleasured her body.

“Gonna come for us sweetie? Gonna shoot your cum all over my fingers?” Shannon inquired, her tongue swiping against Natalie’s ear as she worked both her hands into Natalie. She had three fingers inside Natalie’s pussy, loosening her tight cunt with every thrust inside, and two pushing in her ass. Natalie’s ass had been too tight at first, but Mena had been all too happy to lube it up with her tongue and after getting the actress to relax, Shannon was able to successfully work her digits inside the tight ring.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssss!” Natalie hissed. “I’ll come! I’ll fucking come all over your fingers!”

Natalie had been hoping to feel a soft girl tongue against her overheating pussy, but Shannon’s fingers had felt so good inside her that she hadn’t had the will to ask her to stop. And now that she had her fingers in her ass too, there was no way she wanted her to stop for anything.

She loved being filled like this. It had always been a deep fantasy of hers to be with two guys and to take one hard cock deep in her pussy while another was shoved inside her ass. Natalie had been too shy to ever do anything to make that a reality and Shannon’s fingers taking her like that was quickly turning her into a panting, dripping mess. It wasn’t quite her fantasy come true, but it was close.

“That’s it baby, come for us,” Mena urged, her hands softly massaging Natalie’s breasts as she kissed her moaning lips. “We want your hot cum so bad. Give us what we want Natalie! Give us all that girl cream! Coat Shannon’s fingers! I want to see you drip all over her hand!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Natalie exclaimed as Shannon thrust her fingers inside her. She felt so completely filled in her pussy and the fingers in her ass were making her eyes tear up in a good way.

The pleasure gripping her was incredibly intense and being able to look straight ahead as Charlize shook in orgasm on the bar and fucked Katie’s beautiful face just made Natalie want to come even more. She wanted to shake and scream like that. She wanted it so bad.

“Ohhhhhhh you’re so fucking tight Natalie! You’ve got such a hot little pussy! Mmmmmm your cunt feels so good wrapped around my fingers,” Shannon moaned. “I know you want to come Natalie! Don’t hold back! Aren’t we making you feel good? Don’t you like what we’re doing to you?”

“Oh God! I love it!” Natalie cried, her voice loud and desperate with arousal. “I fucking love it! Slam me with those fingers Shannon! Fill my little cunt! Fuck my ass! I love how you’re fingering me! I want to come so fucking hard!”

“I know how to get her off,” Mena giggled. “She needs some tongue.”

And before Natalie knew what hit her, Mena had craned her neck around so she could lick at Natalie’s gooey honey pot while Shannon’s cummy fingers thrust in and out of the pink treasure before her. Mena let her tongue lap up and down Natalie’s labia, to let her sweetness soak her taste buds. And when she pushed inside, the results were instantaneous.

“AHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOH GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” Natalie screamed as she felt her body tense up in anticipation. A few more hard tongue lashes along with the double blast of finger thrusts gave Natalie more than what she needed and her screams got louder and more frantic as she came with a rush.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Natalie bayed like a wild woman.

Her eyes were screwed shut and she felt her whole body tremor from the quakes of pleasure erupting inside her. She just kept thrusting herself backwards, trying to coax more of those fingers inside her. They were filling her so good…so fucking good. Natalie thought she might burst from the intensity and when she finally began cycling down from the peak of her pleasure the fingers were suddenly gone.

“Noooooooooooo…” Natalie groaned when Shannon withdrew from her. She felt totally empty without them, like a part of her was missing. “Ughhhhhhhhh please put them back! Don’t leave me Shannon!”

Natalie then found the unmistakable scent of feminine arousal against her nose and she finally found the strength to open her eyes. Her orgasm had left her all sweaty and shivering and she brushed her matted hair out of her face so she could see again.

When she did, she saw Shannon wiggling her bare ass in her face, her juice coated pussy lips looking so delicious that Natalie couldn’t help but lick her lips.

“Are you hungry baby?” Shannon giggled and Natalie grinned and nodded her head before reaching out for her lover.

Little sparks of static electricity crackled when Natalie placed her hands on Shannon’s butt cheeks. She pulled herself closer to Shannon and as soon as she could, Natalie pushed her tongue onto that juicy slit, sliding it up from behind and licking up the collected cream.

“Ooooooooooooh yesssssss…” Shannon moaned. “Again! Do it again Natalie! I want to feel you lick me! Ohhhhhh your tongue feels so good on my pussy!”

“Not as good as your tongue feels on mine,” Mena interrupted with a wicked grin, positioning herself on her back right in front of Shannon’s face. “Get to work Shannon! I need that hot little tongue of yours inside me!”

Shannon never had to be talked into eating out her friend and she immediately plunged her face between Mena’s legs. As Natalie’s tongue penetrated her soft folds, Shannon did the same to Mena, filling the stage with the sounds of hot tongues lapping against wet girl flesh.

Like a lightning bolt zigzagging through the room and striking random people without pattern, the touch of orgasm next seemed to zoom across the way toward Love and Mya. The two naked girls had locked themselves in a happy 69 and were deep in the process of muffling each other’s cries with their wet pussies.

Felecia watched this with great interest, stroking her small tits and fingering her pussy as she licked her lips lustfully over the two beauties before her. Her mouth was already coated with both of their tastes and her tongue delighted in the flavor. They looked so gorgeous with Mya’s slim body pressed on top of Love’s. They rocked back and forth in a hypnotic sway that Felecia had instantly fallen under the spell of.

“Ooooooooooooh yesssssssss ughhhhhh more…mmmmmm lick that pussy baby!” Mya urged as she gasped for breath, her lips dripping with Love’s essence. “You nasty little thing! Ughhhhhhh I had no idea you were this hot! Give it to me Love! Give my pretty pussy that tongue!”

That feeling was entirely mutual on Love’s part. She had no idea Mya was this hot either. She’d always loved how she looked. Mya had been cute when she’d done that Ghetto Superstar song and by the time she’d moved onto My Love Is Like Wo and Falling, Love had been ready to hump the television every time MTV showed one of her videos.

But she had no idea Mya would be this incredible in the flesh. She was so sexual and so uninhibited. Love adored her taste and was going wild over the feel of her tongue inside her.

Love’s hands were pressed to Mya’s bare ass, massaging the perfect cocoa cheeks and pressing her close to her tongue. As Mya cries for more, Love pushed down harder on her ass and jammed her tongue deeper inside. Mya yelped in ecstasy when Love’s tongue picked up steam. The actress’ tongue filled her just right, licking against her clit as she tasted all the wet juices she was generating.

The pleasure filled Mya’s whole body and she shut her eyes for a moment to take it all in. When she opened them she was once again presented with the gorgeous site of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s baby bare pussy.

Love’s lips were drenched with sweet juice and Mya, her own pleasure still coursing through her body, got back to work on her lover. She slid her tongue up Love’s labia, making her sex quiver and then dove inside her once again, licking hard and deep.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Love loudly squealed in between licks. She loved 69′s. Being able to give pleasure and get it at the same time satisfied both the devil and angel on Love’s shoulders. She could be generous and selfish all at once. Besides, having a wet pussy pressed right up to her lips while a tongue took care of her own horniness was good any way you positioned it.

“Lick meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss ohhhh you’ve got such a nasty tongue!” Love moaned as her own tongue was coated with Mya’s juices.

Her face was pressed right against the singer’s pussy while she moaned and she didn’t even let herself finish her cries before getting her tongue back to work on the beautiful girl before her. Love muffled her own words with Mya’s snatch, pressing her both to it and eating her out voraciously.

Mya’s cries in response were loud and giddy, but just as muffled as Love’s. The two naked girls kept their tongues buried deep in each other’s pussies as they rocked back and forth against each other’s face.

Mya pressed her sex hard against Love’s face and then let the actress rock back to do the same to each other. They were like a lesbian see-saw on the floor, fucking each other back and forth while their cries of ecstasy were screamed into wet, dripping pink pussies. Their tongues filled each other’s folds, jamming into their tightness and licking up all the juices they could from one another.

Watching these two beautiful women go at it like this was too much for Felecia and she came all over her own fingers again. She’d lost track of how many times she’d come just from watching the sexy show.

Felecia had seen girls fuck so many times that she had almost grown too used to it. She hadn’t been able to help getting at least a little jaded from working for so long in the porno industry, but everything around her was getting her wetter than she’d been in a long time.

Everyone was so into each other. No one was doing this because they were being paid and no one was pretending to be into girls when they clearly weren’t. Everyone here wanted each other’s pussies and they weren’t shy about showing it.

Seeing such bold and enthusiastic lust all around her was driving Felecia wild. It was pure lust for pussy and Felecia loved watching it. Seeing all these hungry, horny girls in their naked glory had her pussy dripping down her legs and it wasn’t enough to just be fingering herself anymore. She needed to do some more tasting.

Since Mya was on top she was the first to feel Felecia’s tongue again. Felecia pressed her face to the singer’s ass and slid right inside her. Her tongue joined Love’s in lapping away at Mya’s wetness, giving her a double blast of licking that made her bare body lurch on top of Love’s. Felecia slid her tongue in deep, knocking against Love’s a few times before the actress saw what her friend was doing.

Love was accustomed to sharing a pussy with another hot tongue so it wasn’t hard for her to adjust to what Felecia was doing. She made sure her tongue was in synch with the porn star’s and Love got an aroused rush through her body when their tongues flickered together while working over Mya’s pussy.

Mya was loving this treatment and her moans into Love’s pussy were turning into outright screams of passion when all of a sudden Felecia was gone. Ordinarily Mya would have been upset, but she knew exactly where Felecia was and, more importantly, she knew she would be back.

Almost as soon as she had pulled away from Mya’s pussy, Felecia had crawled over to the other side and to Love. Felecia gave Mya a quick kiss before diving into the actress, penetrating her pussy to fill it up with two horny tongues.

Love’s screams were just as muffled as Mya’s had been and she responded to the hot sensations pounding through her naked, sweaty body by going at Mya harder. She tried to give Mya back every bit of the energy she was getting from the two tongues inside her.

It was hard for Love to keep up, but she tried her best and Mya’s loud, sexy cries continued to disappear into her pussy. Love worked her tongue over Mya’s clit, licking it like a lollipop, and making it send pleasure coursing right from the singer’s brain throughout her entire body.

“Mmmmmmmmm two yummy pussies,” Felecia giggled, mostly to herself but Love and Mya could easily hear her. “I must have been an extra good girl this year to deserve all this.”

That was all Felecia said before she resumed lapping away at Love’s quivering pussy. She lapped at the clean-shaven snatch. It was all pink and spread for her by Mya’s helpful fingers.

She and Mya licked every inch of Love’s pussy sharing her wetness back and forth like long time lovers instead of new friends. Just like she had with Love, Felecia made sure she and Mya flickered their tongues together and this often resulted in hot kisses between the two women.

Felecia proceeded to move back and forth between Love and Mya, crawling all around them to lick one sweet celebrity pussy and then another and then start the process over again. She let the tastes mix on her tongue before letting it all drip down to her stomach.

They both tasted so good. Felecia had been in love with the taste of women since she had first tasted herself years ago. Mya had a bit of an edgier taste than Love, who was all sweetness. Felecia loved how their tastes reflected their personalities and she moved back and forth between her lovers, licking up their girl dew and getting them both on the verge of coming.

When she finally got a little tired, Felecia rested on her hands and watched, with a smile stretching from ear to ear, as Mya rocked herself back on Love and Love responded by pushing her body upward. They were in perfect locked motion with each other, licking each other to the heights of ecstasy as their bodies seemed on the verge of fusing together into one happy girl.

Felecia loved hearing their screams and cries muffled by tongue filled pussies. She had been in that position so many times, both professionally and personally, and it was always a rush. It was fun to watch too and she was lazily petting her tingling pussy as she stared at the two naked girls tongue fucking each other to orgasm.

They were almost curled up into a tight little ball by then. Love’s hands were locked onto the curves of Mya’s ass and Mya was responding by pushing Love up closer to her mouth, lifting her ass up the floor so she was in a better position to stab her tongue inside her lover. Their heads were locked between each other’s legs and no one wanted to move. They just kept licking and licking until they both came.

It was Love who burst first. She pulled away just long enough from Mya’s pussy to cry out sharply and happily. As soon as that first orgasmic cry passed her lips, Love got back to work. She pushed herself to focus on Mya’s pleasure and not her own and she resumed licking away at the singer’s clit.

Love felt pleasure pulse through her body and she lurched on the floor as she came, but she still kept her lips and tongue on Mya’s pussy. She didn’t want to be the only one coming. She had to take care of her new friend.

Mya was pretty damn close herself and the taste of Love’s orgasm pushed her even closer. She loved the feel of those hot, delicious juices soaking her tongue and sliding down her throat.

Love was such a great snack for her tongue to enjoy and she started licking her harder, coaxing more and more juices out of Love’s pussy. The taste of this creaming pussy against her lips and the feel of the tongue on her own cunt was such a hot combination that it didn’t take long for Mya’s orgasm to start too.

Digging her nails into Mya’s tight, toned ass, Love pulled her even closer to her tongue so she could eat her all up. Love worked her mouth all over the singer’s pussy. She had already sucked on her labia and tongue fucked her and then sucked on her clit. She had done anything and everything she knew to make Mya come.

Now she was sucking hard on her pulsing clit. Every scream and orgasmic shriek that Love stifled she channeled into getting Mya off. She lusted madly for the taste of Mya’s cream and soon enough she got all she wanted and more.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Mya screamed when she felt her orgasm explode inside her lithe body. She didn’t have to hold back anymore because Love had already come. Mya pulled her face up from Love’s pussy, her dark skin all slick and shiny with the actress’ juices and she cried out every bit of the pleasure she was feeling.

The only thing that quieted Mya’s voice was Felecia leaning in and passionately kissing her as she came. Felecia let Mya’s sexual energy flow out of her mouth and into her own. She sucked on Mya’s tongue while she howled in orgasm, tasting the sweetness of Love’s cream that she had been craving.

When Felecia had the taste she wanted, she moved onto Love, pulling the gasping actress out from under Mya’s pussy so she could kiss her too. Love was more than happy to accept the lip lock invitation and she threw her arms around Felecia to kiss her with gusto. Felecia kissed her tongue and lips clean of Mya’s cream and then began licking Love’s face.

Mya also got a similar treatment and it wasn’t long before all three girls were on their knees. Mya and Love had their faces pressed together as they played with each other’s sensitive tits and let Felecia lick their faces.

Felecia tongued their beautiful, soft skin and left them free of any traces of the girl cum that they had just been soaked in. This resulted in a wet three-way kiss between the girls that soon pushed even deeper as Mya and Love began combining their talents to make Felecia feel good.

Mya, Love and Felecia were hardly the only orgasmic threesome in the room and happy cries were also coming from nearby where Christina held Maria up against her and kept her steady as they both were fucked to ecstasy.

The two naked girls were spooning each other, Christina pressing her pierced nipple against Maria’s back while she ground her wet pussy against the reporter’s ass. Both girls were crying out their pleasure as they pressed against each other because Gwen was taking such good care of them both.

“Oh gawwwwwwwwd Gwennnnnnn…faster!!!! Lick faster!!! Ohhhhhhh pleaseeeeeeee!!!” Maria begged, her words panting out of her mouth. “Oh fuck it feels sooooooooo gooooood!!! Eat my pussy Gwen!!! Fucking eat out my nasty little cunt!!! Make it gooooooooooooooooood awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Gwen loved hearing Maria scream out for her like that. She had always been so composed and on top of her game whenever she had seen her at work for Entertainment Tonight. But there was nothing composed about Maria now.

Smiling wickedly, Gwen peered up from her pussy without letting her tongue ease up a bit to stare at Maria. Her tits were shaking and her mouth was frozen open in a scream of ecstasy. Maria’s face was glowing with sexual perspiration and strands of her dark hair were matted to her forehead. It was an orgasm worthy vision and Gwen started licking even harder.

Maria wasn’t the only one screaming though. Christina was also doing her fair share of vocalizing. As Gwen had her tongue inside Maria, she also had three fingers buried in Christina’s sex. She pumped her fingers in and out hard of her friend, fingering her pussy and getting her digits wetter with every thrust.

“That’s it Gwen!!! Ughhhhhh fill me up! Fill me up with those fucking fingers!!!” Christina squealed. “I fucking love it! Finger me hard bitch!!! Slam my slutty wet pussy and make it fucking loose! Oooooooh I’m so fucking tight for you Gwenny!!! Finger my snatch baby!!! Gawwwwwwwwd do me hard like the fucking little slut I am!!!”

Gwen obeyed happily. She loved having these two beautiful girls at her sexual mercy. Christina’s pussy was swallowing her fingers like a hungry pink monster and Maria’s juices soaked her happy tongue. Christina’s folds clung tightly to her fingers and Gwen pumped them in as hard as she dared while feasting on Maria’s wetness.

She had been going back and forth, licking one girl while fingering the other and then reversing it so everyone got a little of both. Gwen’s own pussy was a wet, aroused mess but she didn’t care. She’d tend to herself later. She just wanted to get her friends off.

Sex with Christina was hardly a new experience for Gwen, but this was the first time she had ever been with Maria. She had never expected she’d ever have the chance, but Gwen had always thought Maria was hot so she was planning on making the most of this opportunity. Maria had such a beautiful, wet pussy and Gwen let her tongue explore every inch, giddily inhaling the scent of her arousal.

Maria smelled so good and tasted even better. Her pussy was like a slice of heaven and Gwen loved how her tongue felt inside her snatch. Gwen had been spending more and more time with her tongue inside Maria. She seemed in no hurry to switch back and Christina knew it. But far from being jealous that she only had Gwen’s fingers inside her, Christina encouraged her friend.

“Fuck her Gwen! Tongue that pretty little pussy!” Christina urged, grinding herself harder against Maria while she thrust herself onto Gwen’s fingers. “Doesn’t she taste good Gwen? Isn’t that pussy fucking sweet? Britney and I fucked that tight little cunt so good and Maria was howling like a slutty bitch the whole way! Now she can’t get enough, can she?”

“Noooooooooo…ughhhhhhhhh I can’t…can’t get enough,” Maria moaned in agreement from Gwen’s tongue inside her and Christina’s hands suddenly reaching up from behind to grasp her breasts. “Fuck me Gwen! Fuck me like a slutty bitch! Ohhhhhhh just like Christina did!”

“I want you to never forget this,” Christina’s hot voice said into Maria’s ear. “Every time you’re interviewing one of us for your stupid show I want you to remember how good me and my friends fucked you! You belong to us now Maria! You’re our little slut reporter and we own that tight little pussy of yours!”


“Mmmmmmm you’re gonna give us all good press now,” Christina evilly smirked, still working for an advantage even in the middle of an orgy. “No more investigative stories…only what we want you to talk about…isn’t that right? You’re not going to be a nosy little reporter aren’t you, just our personal Entertainment Tonight fuck toy! You’re not even gonna have a chance to interview us anymore. You’re gonna be too busy on your knees letting us fuck that pretty face!”


Knowing she was going to hold Maria to that now until the end of her usefulness, Christina giggled and turned her attention to Gwen. She loved feeling the ska superstar’s fingers inside her, but she could wait for her orgasm. Just as long as it didn’t take Gwen too long to get back to her.

“Use your fingers on her too Gwenny,” Christina instructed. “Fuck her with your fingers and your tongue! Make Maria really come! She’s got such a pretty little cunt when she comes!!! Mmmmmm believe me I know! She practically explodes like a volcano!”

Maria blushed a little from Christina’s graphic descriptions, but she didn’t mind too much. It was all too hot for her to care about anything but the intense pleasure she was getting from Gwen.

Christina could say anything she wanted and Maria was ready to agree with it all. Nothing else mattered but this sweet girl on girl pleasure and Maria just wanted to burst all over Gwen’s face. Her orgasmic anticipation was like heavy weight crushing down on her body. She had to be free of it. She had to come!


The next words turned into animalistic cries right on Maria’s lips because Gwen had pulled her juice coated fingers right out of Christina and had pushed them without warning into her. The reaction was instant and intense.

Maria roared and lurched on the floor passionately gasping for air as her smile grew and grew. Maria was even tighter than Christina had been so Gwen could only get two fingers in right away. But she managed to push her third in after a few thrusts.

“Now come for us! Come all over Gwen’s face! Soak her! Just like you soaked me! Just like you soaked Britney! Just like you soaked that fucking microphone!” Christina ordered, continuing to lewdly rub her smooth, dripping pussy against Maria’s ass.

The order wasn’t even necessary. There was no way Maria wasn’t going to come from this. No words could escape her lips now as Gwen filled her up with fingers and her tongue. Just squeals and squeaks of the intense pleasure that was swelling inside her. Her thoughts and words were crashing into each other and nothing could form besides the overpowering thought about how fucking good it was.

Gwen had to slow her tonguing down now that she had her fingers inside Maria’s snatch too. But it was also a help because now she could penetrate her and lick her clit, giving Maria stimulation to all her hot spots. Gwen pushed her fingers into Maria and lapped against her, making a very snug fit inside her that was getting both girls off. And then when Gwen gave Maria’s clit one long suck from her lips, it was all she needed.

“OHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDD!!!” Maria screamed as her orgasm overtook her. She rolled flat onto her back and let her body shake as her cries flowed out of her mouth. Maria’s face showed how lost in bliss she was as she came, her loud screams delighting everyone’s ears.

As Christina watched happily, Gwen kept her face pressed to Maria’s pussy. She kept her tongue and fingers at work even as Maria’s folds contracted tightly around them. She didn’t let a drop of girl cum go to waist. Gwen greedily licked up everything Maria offered her and let it send her taste buds soaring.

When she finally pulled away, Maria was gasping for breath like she’d just run a marathon, but her smile hadn’t faded a bit. Gwen gave a satisfied smile and giggle of her own right back, but it was clear her work wasn’t finished quite yet. Not with Christina getting into a doggie style position next to Maria.

“Now you get what you’ve been wanting all day,” Christina grinned, wiggling her tight butt in the air and tempting Gwen onward. “Now you get to fuck my ass Gwenny! So come and get it baby! Give my tight little hole the fuck it deserves!”

“I wanted you to fuck MY ass, remember,” Gwen playfully reminded her friend, giving her ass a solid spanking in the process. “And I already did you there on the beach anyway.”

“Details…details,” Christina shot back with a wink after moaning from the hand on her ass. “You know you wanna do it again. Now get to work. I’m not gonna be the only girl around here who hasn’t had a fucking orgasm yet! Maybe if you’re a good girl you’ll get your ass drilled too!”

“Oh you’re gonna get just what you deserve you insatiable little whore,” Gwen wickedly replied as she gave her thumb a long suck and then proceeded to press it right into Christina’s tender, tight asshole.


“Oh yeah, you’re a little fucking ass slut, aren’t you Chrissy?” Gwen teased, loving the rush of power that came from having Christina Aguilera naked and begging to be fucked right in front of her. “You just can’t get enough of me fucking your tight little asshole.”

She knew Maria was watching them and she wanted to put on a hot show for the reporter. Gwen was aching for some loving attention and it was her hope that if she gave it hard and nasty to Christina, Maria would soon rejoin their pussy playtime.

“Yesssssssss I’m a fucking ass slut! Just fuck me Gwen!” Christina moaned deeply, her tits bouncing as she stayed in doggie style. “Fuck my ass with your thumb! Ughhhhhhhh give it to me hard! I know how much you always want to buttfuck my hot little hole! Give it to me! Fuck me hard! Gimmie more! More fingers up my ass! Ohhhhhhhh I take huge fucking cocks up that tight little ass! I can take your fingers Gweny!”

Gwen had no idea how Christina was able to take cock up her ass and keep it so tight, but she was sure this little slut knew more than a few tricks. Maybe she could teach her someday, Gwen naughtily thought to herself.

Sex with Gavin had been getting less satisfying lately and she been wondering what it would be like to feel another man inside her. Her eyes shifted wickedly to Christina’s bodyguard again. She wondered if Christina had ever fucked him? Was that the huge fucking cock she took up her ass? It made Gwen so wet to imagine him pounding Christina and even wetter when she started imagining him pounding her.

Even if Christina wasn’t fucking her bodyguard, Gwen knew she had to have lots of interesting friends she could introduce her to. As she slid a finger to play along with her thumb inside Christina’s asshole, Gwen thought about spending more time with Britney and Christina when they got back to California. Who knew what fun might develop from that?

Christina continue to cry out as Gwen’s fingers filled her tight hole. She backed her ass up harder with every thrust inside, placing her palms flat on the floor to properly set herself. Christina’s cries steadily grew louder as Gwen increased the pleasure by placing her lips to her cheeks and kissing her. Gwen lavished kisses all over Christina’s dancing toned ass, pressing her soft lips to her flesh while she pushed her probing fingers in hard.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Christina babbled again and again, her head bobbing as the pleasure grew. “Fuck that ass Gwen! Fuck my slutty little ass like the fucking dirty whore I am! Ughhhhh I love being assfucked! Just like that Gweny! Finger me hard while you kiss my pretty pink ass! You wanted to get your hot ass fucked ughhhhhhhh but you’re…ohhhhhhh fuck…fucking me instead! You can’t resist my fucking hot holes! No one can!”

Gwen might have bristled over Christina’s comments, if she hadn’t known they were true. She could have insisted that she get fucked first, but when Christina had started wiggling her ass in her face, she hadn’t been able to resist getting inside that puckered hole. Christina was just so completely fuckable. Gwen knew she would be happy to do her slutty body for hours on end with no return.

“You’re such a nasty little whore Chrissy, damn right I can’t resist fucking you,” Gwen moaned, her pussy dripping more with every cry coming from her lover. “You’ve got such a hot little ass! I love how it feels around my fingers! You were making me so fucking wet on the beach and now here! I love fucking you! You’ve gotta do me next, baby! I need you so bad Chrissy! I want you to fuck my ass next!”

But Gwen didn’t even have to wait that long. Before the words were even all the way out of her mouth she felt a soft, sexy pair of hands caressing her bare cheeks.

“Can I fuck your ass Gwen?” Maria asked as if she couldn’t believe the words were coming out of her mouth but loved hearing them nonetheless. “Can I fuck you if she won’t?”

“Mmmmmmm you can do anything you want Maria,” Gwen sighed happily in return. “Fuck my ass sweetie! Slide that sweet tongue into my hole!”

Maria had never done another woman in the ass before. But hearing Gwen and Christina go back and forth about it had totally turned her on. It had just sounded so hot and nasty and she wanted to try it. Before she could talk herself out of it she had offered herself to Gwen and as soon as the singer accepted, Maria swallowed her fears and inhibitions and began to touch her new lover.

As Gwen mewed in delight, Maria softly began to lick her asshole. She teased it tentatively at first, as if trying to decide if she liked doing it. Maria felt Gwen’s hole quiver and tighten from her tongue and knowing she was making her feel that good sent a rush of ecstasy right to Maria’s pussy. She’d just come, but she was already getting wet again from tonguing Gwen’s asshole and she began licking harder.

Maria pushed her tongue all over Gwen’s ring, gaining confidence and enthusiasm the longer she was there. She let her saliva drip down from her tongue to moisten Gwen’s ring and then when she felt it was wet enough she began sliding a finger inside her, just like Gwen was doing to Christina. Maria wasn’t sure of herself yet to use her thumb, but she figured a finger was just as good and Gwen was quickly crying out in agreement.

“Oooooooooooooh that’s it Maria! Finger my ass!” Gwen exclaimed. “I’ve been wanting this all fucking day! Fuck my ass Maria! Your tongue felt so fucking good and I love how your fingers feels! Nasty girl! You’re fucking my ass like a hot, nasty slut now!”

Maria loved hearing that and she began fucking Gwen’s ass harder. She saw how Christina was reacting to Gwen having three fingers inside her, so she pushed a second into the slim blonde. Maria’s fingers thrust into Gwen’s asshole while she began licking her giggling butt cheeks. Maria licked and kissed all over Gwen’s ass and then moved her tongue right back to her hole.

She loved how this was making her feel. Maria felt so wicked and it pushed her on to get kinkier. Maria began tonguing Gwen’s ass, licking and drooling right where her fingers were thrusting.

Both Gwen and Christina had been ready and eager to get themselves fucked and now that they both had what they were quickly trembling with readiness for their orgasms. But they were hardly the only ones.

One by one, the girls filling the room came, their cries melding into a happy melody of ecstasy. It was hard to tell who was coming when because everyone’s cries sounded the same, but it wasn’t like anyone was really trying. Everyone’s pleasure was too intense for them to take much notice of what was going on outside their given zones.

With her face in Shannon’s pussy, Natalie had lost her eagle eye view of everyone, leaving Lindsay as the only pair of eyes checking on everyone. But it was so hard to focus when the pleasure Angelina’s tongue was giving her was completely overwhelming. Lindsay kept staring at everyone, but was barely noticing anything anymore besides the wicked pleasure shooting up her spine from Angelina’s eating her out.

Lindsay watched as Charlize pulled her satisfied pussy away from Katie’s face on the bar and began kissing all over her juice covered skin. The site woke Lindsay up enough from the erotic trance for her to imagine being the one to lick up all that stuff on Katie’s beautiful face. Lindsay had never tasted another girl before but everyone there seemed like they were loving it. Lindsay bet it tasted awesome.

She watched Charlize lick Katie’s face like it was coated in honey and Lindsay moaned over her wish that she was the one kissing and tasting Katie’s flesh. Then Katie and Charlize teamed up to play with Anna, sucking on the blonde girl’s breasts as she tossed her long hair back and moaned happily.

By now Lindsay had both her hands on her own breasts, massaging the heavy, young mounds, but she wanted more. She wished Katie and Charlize were sucking on her tits with their beautiful mouths.

Everywhere she looked, Lindsay found things to turn her on. She saw Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel in a 69, licking each other and screaming as they made each other come while Alyssa Milano fingered herself. Reese and Jessica looked totally amazing, all naked and locked up against each other’s bodies, burying their beautiful faces in each other’s crotches.

The panting teen stared at them, wishing she could draw them closer to her just with the power of her eyes. She wanted to be up close as Reese and Jessica licked each other, sliding their pink tongues into even pinker pussies.

Lindsay couldn’t believe she was thinking these thoughts and getting wet over them and all the nasty words she imagined screaming out as she got fucked over and over again. Reese and Jessica were both screaming out now, coming against each other’s face and Lindsay wished she was in a 69 with Angelina, tasting her while she was being fucked, just like those two girls were.

And when Reese and Jessica broke free and kissed each other, sharing their juices, Lindsay wanted that too. Then Reese suddenly leaned down and kissed and began licking Alyssa’s bare toes as she played with herself. Lindsay nearly fainted in response.

What did that feel like? Just thinking about it was turning her on. Could she try that too? It was such a hot thing to watch. What would it feel like to try? Would she like it better if she was getting her toes sucked like Alyssa was, moaning as her fingers kept busy? Or would she like it better if she was sucking those toes like Reese was, her happy mouth filled and her smile so obvious even from where the redhead stood.

Lindsay wanted it all. She wanted everything that was going on in that room to be happening to her. She wished she was fucking Avril’s face like Jewel was and she also wished she was eating out Jewel like Avril was. Lindsay watched Jewel passionately fondling her own tits as she came all over Avril’s face.

Jewel looked so happy as she cried out again and again, moving her hips up to fuck the girl’s face as Avril played with the blonde’s butt, rubbing her soft cheeks and licking up all that girl juice. Lindsay had never wanted to taste a girl more than she did then, watching Avril pull away from the freshly fucked Jewel, her face shiny and sticky.

Michelle Branch was still eating Avril out from behind, but Lindsay couldn’t watch more. The pleasure she was feeling was too much. She couldn’t focus on anything more than Angelina’s tongue.

Angelina’s hands were all over her bare ass, her nails scraping against her flesh, and her tongue was buried inside her. Lindsay didn’t know what Angelina was doing and what tricks she was playing, but she did no nothing had ever made her feel this good.

She had never had a lover in her young life that could rival Angelina and all Lindsay wanted was her orgasm so she could run into the room and play with everyone. She was dying to see everything women could do with each other. But just as her body began to do some real tingling and Lindsay could feel her orgasm starting to rush forward, Angelina stopped cold.

“Noooooooo please don’t stop!” Lindsay wailed. “Don’t fucking stop! I’m so close to coming!”

“You like what you see don’t you?” Angelina teased, having some fun with the previously unwilling teenager.

“Yes I love it!” Lindsay panted. “Please don’t stop! I love what I see! They all look so fucking hot! I want them all!”

“Now you see how good women can be to each other,” Angelina purred before giving Lindsay’s slit a slow lick that made the redhead groan in need. “Now you see how good we can make each other feel. You don’t want any more of those boys you’ve been dating, do you Lindsay? Now that you see how good girls are. No more cocks for you. Just pussy…”

“Ughhhhhhh yessssssss no more cock…” Lindsay moaned, willing to agree to anything Angelina said just as long as she got a chance to come. “Only pussy! I only want pussy now! Please make me come Angelina! Ughhhhh I know how bad you want to taste me! Please keep licking me! I’ll give you so much cum! I know that’s what you fucking want!”

“Not gonna run away when I’m done are you?” Angelina smirked. “You’re going to join in and let everyone fuck this tight little cunt too.”

“Yesssssssss I promise!” Lindsay cried desperately. “Please Angelina! I’m so fucking close! Please eat my pussy! I’m not going to run away! I want to join in! I want them all to fuck me! I want them to fuck my tight little pussy and make me into a lesbian whore! I want them all! I want Sarah and Britney and Cameron and Hilary! Mmmmmm I want her so fucking bad now! I want to eat her sweet pussy and make her come all over my face like she came all over Shakira’s! I want to get fucked! PLEASE FUCK ME ANGELINAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Lindsay’s scream was so needy that even the usually unflappable Fluffy took notice, turning his head to watch the squirming naked teenager. He pushed the sunglasses down his nose to get a better look at her desperation and then placed them back over his eyes and resumed guarding the room after getting a brief glimpse at her.

“Good girl…you’ll get what you need now, as long as you give me what I want,” Angelina replied before pushing her face back against Lindsay’s quivering cunt. She spread Lindsay’s ass open, while making a note to spend a lot more time in the future lavishing attention on this ass when she wasn’t pressed for time, and let her tongue slide back into the pinkness she was falling into big time lust with.

With her hands spreading Lindsay open for her, Angelina was easily able to penetrate her soft, young folds. The taste of her fresh, hot juices immediately hit Angelina’s tongue and she began licking her feverishly, craving more for her taste buds.

Angelina loved that this pussy was relatively untouched. Lindsay had so much sexual potential and she didn’t even know the scope of her power yet. Angelina wanted this girl to be as hungry for pussy as she was. Just thinking of everything she could teach Lindsay had Angelina’s pussy aching with desire.

“Ooooooooooooh oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yessssssss ohhhhhh yessssss that’s sooooooo goooooooooooood!” Lindsay moaned blissfully. “Ughhhh you were right Angelina! Women are so good…so fucking goooooooood! Eat me out please! Make me come! I want to come from another woman fucking my pussy!”

Lindsay had never been so turned on before. She found herself pushing her tits up to her mouth so she could lick at her nipples. No lover had ever gotten her that hot before. She loved playing with her breasts when she masturbated, fondling them roughly and hefting them up so she could kiss them and lick at them.

Playing with her own chest was making this intense pleasure even better. Lindsay just wished someone was here playing with her tits…like Hilary. Oh that would be so fucking hot! Hilary playing with her big tits while Angelina ate her pussy. Lindsay was feeling so slutty now and loving every second of it.

“Oh God…don’t stop…don’t stop!” Lindsay squealed, talking both to Angelina and to herself as her new, vivid fantasies played out in her mind.

Thoughts about Hilary and Sarah and Katie and Christina and Alyson and Rose and Alyssa and everyone passed through her brain and Lindsay’s legs felt weak from arousal. She wanted to keep watching, especially as she saw Amy Acker and Emma Caulfield touching and kissing each other while they both got eaten out while Alyson had Rose’s tongue inside her snatch and Sarah and Eliza shared Kirsten, but it was so hard to concentrate.

“Come for me Lindsay!” Angelina said. “Come for me and feed me that sweet teen cum you’ve got stored up! You were just waiting for another woman to fuck you! All that hot cum building up inside you…filling your soul with the need to be fucked by another woman! Now you know how good it feels sweetie! Show me how much you love it by coming for me!”

Lindsay was in no position to argue with Angelina now. Maybe she had always longed for this? But all that mattered was that Angelina’s tongue was licking her clit again.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss so close…soooooooooo fucking close!” Lindsay gasped, her breath growing short and her head spinning in a very good way.

She had to release her breasts from her own grasp and grab back onto the doorway to keep from falling to the ground from the pleasure zigzagging through her young body. She was shaking and sweating and Lindsay never wanted it to end.

Angelina kept her tongue on Lindsay’s clit, playing with it like a brand new toy just unwrapped from the packaging. She loved hearing the redhead’s cries as they got louder and more frantic with every hard lick against her clitoris. She was so close to getting the prize she sought and nothing was going to deter her. Angelina wasn’t even going to pause for breathing. She wanted this girl’s cum!

As Lindsay clung to the doorway for dear life, Angelina picked up the speed of her tonguing. Lindsay’s clit was so swollen with arousal now that it was hard for Angelina not to lick it. She let her tongue swim through all the collecting wetness of Lindsay’s tender folds and kept batting against her clit.

Angelina’s nose was pressed between Lindsay’s ass cheeks and her hands were locked to her freckled flesh as the beautiful teenager squirmed and cried out happily. And when Angelina summoned all her tongue strength and gave Lindsay a steady series of hard licks, those cries turned to screams.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHHH!!!” Lindsay’s voice shot out as her orgasm exploded deep inside her. Lindsay screamed out her pleasure, her voice disappearing into the melody of ecstasy.

Her whole body buckled under the orgasmic relief she felt and she clung tighter to the doorway to keep from falling. It was like water had just put out a raging fire. It was an amazing feeling that went from her head to her toes, which curled up from the sensations. It was absolutely amazing and right then Lindsay knew that she would never be able to go without this feeling again.

Angelina was just as happy because she was having an orgasm of her own as she swallowed down Lindsay’s delicious, teen juices. Her pussy was creaming so much pent up arousal that a lesser woman would have had to let some of it drip down her chin.

Not Angelina though. She knew how to handle cum and she let it all soak her tongue and travel to her stomach. She had already swallowed the creams of four girls and she was still hungry for more. There was a whole room of girls that she still had to taste.

So when Angelina finally pulled away from Lindsay’s creaming cunt and got up off her knees, she didn’t bother with too many niceties.

“See you inside the party honey,” Angelina said, giving Lindsay a quick, juicy kiss on the lips before leaving the gasping teen behind and sauntering back inside the sea of naked bodies.

Lindsay finally managed to pry her hands back off the doorway even though her breath hadn’t yet returned. She couldn’t believe all that had just happened to her. But she wasn’t having any second thoughts. She knew what she wanted now and that meant going right inside and leaving any fears or inhibitions behind.

So Lindsay walked back inside the party too, her pussy already getting wet again thinking about all the beautiful girls she now wanted to fuck silly. She left her discarded clothes behind on the floor. Lindsay knew she wasn’t going to need them anymore.

The happiness wasn’t ending just with Lindsay and Angelina. Emma was also very, very happy as she cried out and pounded her fists into the floor.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me Amberrrrrrrrrrr!!!” Emma yelled, her lips coated in Amy’s saliva and the taste of her lipstick. She had finally broken off their passionate kisses so she could cry out to her lover. She was so close and couldn’t bear the thought of waiting another second before having her orgasm.

“Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee hard you nasty dyke slut!” Emma cried, knowing how much her girlfriend loved dirty talk. “Show them all what a fucking naughty whore you are! Show them how much you love licking my hot snatch! Fucking make me come while you slam your own cunt Amber!”

Amber indeed did have her fingers buried inside her own pussy. Emma hadn’t even had to look to know what she was doing. They knew each other too well and they each knew what the other liked during sex. Emma knew that Amber could never resist touching herself while she ate someone out and Amber knew that Emma loved it when all the attention was focused on her.

“You’re the slut!” Amber teased, her face coated in cum. “Fucking screaming out like a little whore for everyone to hear! I’ll show you who the dyke is! I’ll show them how hard women make you come!”

Amber then gave Emma’s bare ass a little nip with her teeth on both cheeks before resuming eating her lover out from behind. Amber sucked hard on Emma’s clit, making the actress’ firm tits jiggle in the air as she cried out passionately.

All the dirty talk back and forth, from Amber to Emma and from Rose to Alyson and from Sarah to Kirsten to Eliza, was leaving Amy so flustered. But it wasn’t flustered in a bad way. She loved how all this felt. At first she had resisted because of how wrong this was and how forbidden it was supposed to be…but now she relished that. Charisma had worn down her resistance and turned it into lust. Now Amy wanted to feel what everyone else was feeling.

Her legs were still high in the air and when Charisma wasn’t licking and kissing her sex, she was kissing her thighs and running her tongue all over her legs. Amy loved how that felt. She had always been complimented for her legs and Charisma knew just how to turn them into an erogenous zone. Her wet kisses and long, loving licks made Amy so horny and made her crave all the wicked things the other girls were doing to each other.

Amy knew she couldn’t back out of this now. She had to see this through. She wanted to see it through. She wanted to come. Just like Sarah had. Just like Rose had. Just like it seemed Kirsten was about to. All around her women were getting off with other women. Even the supposedly innocent Michelle Trachtenberg was enjoying the touch of another woman as she and Elisha Cuthbert touched each other everywhere and made each other moan with seductive noises that only increased Amy’s arousal.

There was so much lesbian ecstasy all around her that Amy didn’t want to resist another second. She couldn’t even remember her husband’s name now much less why she wanted to remain faithful.

“Ooooooooh eat me Charisma,” Amy moaned. She wanted to be naughty and wicked like everyone else and she felt an urge to talk dirty, just like all the other girls were doing. “Fuck that pussy! Fuck me with your incredible tongue! Ughhhhh show me how good it is! Show me how good it feels to have another woman fuck you! Fuck me like Sarah and Aly fucked you! Make me come! Oh please! I’ll totally fuck you too! Ughhh I want it all!”

That was just what Charisma wanted to hear. She wanted to have Amy writhing and cursing and moaning. She knew exactly what her friend was going through. It was the same feelings she had experienced when she had been first seduced. Now she wanted Amy to feel as good as she had. She wanted Amy’s orgasm to be as amazing as her first girl on girl come had been.

Charisma was concentrating entirely on Amy’s pussy now. She kissed all over her tender labia and now was tonguing her wetness. Amy tasted so good and Charisma quickly got hooked on her taste. She had wanted her co-star so bad during their last year together on “Angel” and this party was just the opportunity she had been waiting for. She wasn’t about to let that go. The more Amy moaned, the harder Charisma licked.

Amy’s moans were often stifled by Emma’s kisses. Emma loved kissing Amy and Amy was now all too willing to let herself be kissed. Emma was so beautiful and Amy grew more enthusiastic about kissing her back with every touch of her lips. By now they were taking turns sucking on each other’s tongues while they cried their pleasure out. Their sealed lips combined their screams into one happy moan.

While Amy and Emma passionately traded kisses, Amber and Charisma kept eating them out, lavishing loving attention on their pussies. They also eyed each other and traded hot looks back and forth. Now all the secrets were out and everyone in the Buffy cast began wondering about the hot reunions that were going to be taking place from now on.

Since she now had a chance to see her former co-stars indulging in the pleasures of each other’s flesh, Alyson was also thinking the same thing. She had been so hopeful things would end up this way. Now that Michelle had decided to join the fun she had everything she wanted for the special gift she wanted to give Sarah.

But all that could wait for a little later. Alyson had pleasure of her own to focus on and Rose was doing her usual magnificent job between her legs. It had been too long since she had felt Rose’s tongue on her pussy and Alyson was loving being reminded just how hot a fuck Rose was.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssssss awwwwwwwwwwww Rose!!! Lick my pussy!!! Ohhhhhhh don’t stop until I come!” Alyson groaned, one hand caressing her own breasts as the other played with Rose’s hair. Alyson knew she didn’t have to hold Rose down. There was nothing Rose loved to do more than fuck women…except for one thing. And Alyson was quickly reminded that one thing was to tease.

“Oh yeah? What makes you think you deserve to come?” Rose wickedly grinned when she pulled her face up from Alyson’s pussy and stuck her tongue out, showing off the cummy glaze that had covered it.

“I just made you come!” Alyson immediately countered, but that wasn’t good enough for Rose.

“That was only ok…I’ve had better,” Rose replied, her grin stretching wider as she saw Alyson’s growing desperation. “Besides, it’s a privilege to be able to eat me out. You should have just been happy with that. This is a bonus you have to earn.”

“Nooooooo don’t do this to me,” Alyson groaned in frustration. “I need to come! I’ve been fucking horny all day with no relief! Everyone else was getting laid and I was too busy working to have any fun! Please Rose! Don’t fucking do this to me! Don’t make me wait! I organized this whole thing! I deserve an orgasm! Don’t make me wait!”

“What’cha gonna do about it Aly?” Rose pressed, her tongue sliding up and down Alyson’s slit, but not giving the redhead the penetration she so badly needed. “Are you gonna spank me? Or dominate me? You wouldn’t be able to handle me!”

Alyson knew that was true, but she decided to bluff her way through it. She was willing to try anything. She had needed to come so bad and Rose’s tongue had felt so good inside her pussy.

“I’ll fucking handle you easy slut!” Alyson growled, trying to act tough and go sexually toe-to-toe with Rose. “I know you’ll fucking jam your tongue into any hot pussy at that mansion and now you’re gonna fuck me! You’re gonna eat me out and make me come whether you want to or not! I’ll fuck your pretty face until I’m smearing cum all over your slut skin! You’re not gonna fucking leave me like this! You get back to work or else I’ll smothering you with my cunt and making you fuck me! You think you’re so tough Rose? I’ll show you who the hottest slut is around here!”

Rose had to stifle giggles as Alyson ordered her around. She loved pushing Alyson’s buttons. She had no idea how this girl was a domme. Rose saw nothing even remotely threatening or controlling about her. But what she could see was that Alyson hadn’t been lying about how bad she needed to come. So Rose decided to play along and let Alyson have some fun,

“Oh please don’t do that mistress,” Rose said playfully, exaggerating her voice to an “innocent girl” that could be easily dominated. “I’ll do anything you say. Just please don’t hurt me. I’ll be a good girl and eat your pretty pussy mistress. I only want to serve you and make you come. I just want to make my beautiful mistress come all over her slave’s face!”

Alyson knew Rose was pulling her leg. She wasn’t naïve. But she didn’t care because Rose followed up those words with a long sexy tongue stroke inside her pussy, tasting all the juice that had collected since she had last licked her. Rose followed up that first lick with more, much more, and it wasn’t long before Rose had Alyson right back on the verge of orgasm.

“Fuck meeeeeeee yesssssssssssssss good slave…goooooooooood slave,” Alyson moaned in rapture, keeping up the fun illusion. “Lick your mistress’ cunt! Lick it good or else you’re not going to get any of my sweet nectar on your unworthy slave lips! You’re eating the pussy of a fucking goddess and don’t you forget it slave!”

She would have said more, but Alyson suddenly found her lips quieted by a sizzling kiss from Jessica Alba, who had been off fingering herself against the wall until her reappearance.

Alyson was surprised at first, but that didn’t stop her from returning the kiss with gusto. She sucked Jessica’s tongue and moaned into her friend’s mouth when the blonde streaked actress reached up and began fondling her bare breasts. When Jessica began teasing her swollen nipples, Alyson’s moans got even louder.

“Can I be your slave too?” Jessica asked with a wink and a smile, breaking the saliva filled kiss.

“Only if you prove yourself worthy,” Alyson moaned. Jessica’s smile immediately widened and she moved her face down to Alyson’s tits.

Jessica began kissing all over the soft, pale mounds and when she began sucking on Alyson’s nipples, tugging them with her lips and making them ache even more with horny desire, the redhead’s cries turned to virtually orgasmic.

Alyson’s cries along with Amy’s and Emma’s and all the noise from Kirsten, Eliza and Sarah were making Michelle and Elisha even wetter. They had been kissing almost non-stop since they had first found each other and their fingers were still buried in each other’s pussies.

Each girl was in love with the touch and feel of another woman already. They had just started with this and hadn’t even come yet. But they could both see that they had been foolish for resisting. It felt so good. It was everything they had been told it was and more.

Michelle and Elisha kept kissing and pressing their bare tits together. While everyone else was lying or crawling on the floor, they continued to stand stark naked in front of everyone.

But they didn’t care that they stood out. They were both too concerned with how wonderful it felt to have the soft, sexy lips of another woman kissing them. The kissing was so good. They had both always loved kissing and they now knew that no man could compete with the tenderness and heat of a woman’s kiss, especially when there was also finger play involved.

“Oooooooooh I love it…fuck me Elisha!” Michelle cooed in between kisses. “Finger me just like that! Ohhhhh those fingers feel so good in my pussy! Do my fingers feel good inside you? Am I doing it right?”

“Fuck yes it feels good!” Elisha replied immediately. “I love your fingers in my hot little pussy! Ahhhhhhh it feels so fucking good! I want to drip all over your fingers! Keep fingering me Michelle! I’m gonna come! I’m gonna cum all over your fingers! I want you to come too! Come with me!”

“Ok…ok…do me harder Elisha!” Michelle begged. “I’ll come with you! I’m getting close too! Fuck my pussy Elisha! Bang me with those fingers in front of everyone! Ohhhhhhh I love it…I fucking love it! Better than a man!”

“Way better than a man!” Elisha agreed before smothering Michelle’s lips with another kiss. Now Michelle and Elisha were like the best of friends, wanting only to give each other pleasure. They kissed again and again, fingering each other and growing more passionate with their cries as their tits rubbed together and the cries of aroused women surrounded their ears like a butterfly farm had gotten loose.

A lot of those cries belonged to Kirsten. She was flat on her back and her legs were slung over Sarah’s shoulders as the former slayer gave her the full force of her experienced tongue. As if she hadn’t gotten enough evidence before, now Kirsten could really see what had caused Eliza to stray. Sarah was amazing and Kirsten was practically giddy from feeling her tongue licking away at her dripping pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh tongue my pussy Sarahhhhhhhh!!!” Kirsten moaned as she rubbed her own breasts. “Gawwwwwwwwd your tongue is amazingggggggg!!! Make me come! Ohhhhhhhhh shit! It’s even better than I fucking imagined it! Ughhhhh I’ve been fingering myself dreaming of your tongue Sarah! I wanted to see what made my Eliza come so hard! Now I see! Now I fucking see! Eat me out Sarah! Eat my pussy like you ate Eliza’s! I got so fucking wet for you! Lick it all up! Lick up allllllll my juices!”

Sarah smiled as Kirsten babbled and kept licking away at the wetness she was being offered. Kirsten was absolutely soaking wet for her and Sarah’s taste buds loved the flavor she was treating them to.

Kirsten and Eliza made such a cute couple, Sarah thought to herself while she lapped away at the dripping wetness. Hopefully she would have a chance to invite them over to the mansion before her wedding. She didn’t want this to be the only time she got a chance to fuck the both of them.

Any further comments Kirsten might have had were quickly muffled when Eliza got her pussy back on her girlfriend’s face. Eliza rode Kirsten’s pussy reverse cowgirl style so she could stare down at Sarah while she ate the blonde out, her beautiful bare ass rising high in the air while she snacked on Kirsten’s snatch.

“It’s so hot watching her eat you out Kiki!” Eliza cried as Kirsten’s tongue got back to lapping away at her girlfriend’s pussy. “I want you to come all over her face when I come all over yours! Fuck her face Kiki! I love watching you get nasty baby! I got so wet watching you make her come! You know just how to turn me on Kiki!”

Kirsten didn’t know what turned her on more. Having Sarah eating her pussy or knowing how much she had turned Eliza on by putting on her little show. After Kirsten had made Sarah come, she had finally let Eliza officially join in the fun. The three girls had kissed and touched all over their bare bodies. Kirsten had loved the sensation of kissing two other beautiful women while their tits all touched and their hard nipples rubbed together, making little sparks of arousal. It had made her so wet and Sarah had been very eager to taste that wetness.

So Kirsten had ended up on her back with her legs spread for Sarah’s talented tongue. Eliza had started out kissing her lips and sucking on her tits while Sarah had eaten her out, but Kirsten had wanted more. She wanted the taste of her girlfriend all over her tongue. Eliza had been all too happy to accept the invitation and soon enough she had been riding her face while Sarah continued to lap away.

Having Eliza’s wetness coating her lips and dripping into her mouth was always a turn on to Kirsten, but it was even stronger this time because Kirsten knew Eliza had gotten wet from watching her eat out Sarah like a naughty little slut. Tasting Sarah had been everything Kirsten had dreamed it to be and feeling her tongue was beyond all her expectations.

Now she had the woman she loved fucking her face while she was being eaten out by a beautiful woman. Kirsten had everything she wanted and she was going to just lie back and enjoy it while her tongue licked up Eliza’s hot juices and played with her clit, keeping her beloved in a state of horny heat.

Eliza knew she could have come three or four more times just from watching Kirsten and Sarah fuck, just like she had when she had spied on Kirsten fucking Mila. But watching was nothing compared to joining in and riding Kirsten’s gorgeous face, especially when she could watch Sarah feast on the pussy she already knew to be so sweet and tight you could come just from licking it.

But Sarah wasn’t the only one she was watching. Riding Kirsten’s face gave Eliza a chance to look over what everyone was doing and she enjoyed being able to treat her eyes to such erotic sights as Britney being eaten out by Beyonce.

Beyonce’s gorgeous ass was high in the air and Eliza could see the spread lips of her dark, beautiful cunt, still wet from just being fucked. Eliza hungrily licked her lips at the site and moaned from Britney’s cries of passion as Beyonce tongued her and the blonde chick that Sarah had said was the mansion’s maid tenderly sucked on Britney’s bouncing tits.

Anna Kournikova was also being double fucked and Eliza loved watching Katie Holmes down on her knees eating the athlete’s pussy. She saw Charlize Theron on her knees behind Anna and Eliza began wondering if her tongue was in Anna’s cunt too or if she was tonguing her ass. Either possibility was a hot one.

The threesome bug had also bitten Natalie as she ate Shannon out and brought her off to a screaming orgasm while Mena fucked Shannon’s face and leaned down to spit into her pussy for Natalie to lick out and then share with her in a cum filled kiss.

Eliza loved watching Natalie in action. She and Kirsten had been the first to show her how great fucking women could be and seeing her now was like seeing a protégé make a mentor proud.

But Eliza’s attention was focused most on the girls closest to her. She heard the cries of orgasmic pleasure all around her. She craned her head slightly to see Emma creaming Amber’s face with girl juice while Amy did the same to Charisma. Alyson was coming from the attention Rose and Jessica were paying her, but Eliza worked to keep her mind on Sarah and Kirsten, not on anyone else’s pleasure, even her own.

Eliza’s cries spilled out of her mouth and she was getting close to her own orgasm from Kirsten’s perfect tonguing of her pussy. But right now it was more important to Eliza for her girlfriend to get off. She had waited so long to see Sarah and Kirsten together and she was going to milk the moment.

“Fuck her Sarah! Fuck my Kiki’s pretty pink pussy!” Eliza urged as she kept riding Kirsten’s face, her own tits jiggling sexily. “Mmmmm it’s so wet and tight isn’t it? Such a sexy little pussy. Lick it good Sarah! Show my Kiki how fucking good you are with that tongue of yours!”

“Ooooooh it is nice and pretty,” Sarah giggled, making Eliza’s body surge with pleasure when she revealed how shiny her face was with Kirsten’s juices now. “Mmmmm I might have to borrow her for the weekend. Mmmm your pussy is so hot and sweet Kirsten, just how I like it. I see why you love her so much Eliza. She’s a hot little fuck and she’s gonna be coming real soon.”

That promise had both Kirsten and Eliza moaning. However, Kirsten didn’t want anyone borrowing her. Sarah was hot and she loved fucking her. But she belonged to Eliza and Kirsten wanted everyone to know that.

Eliza was the girl she walked in with and she was the girl she was going to walk out of the party with. Of course that didn’t mean that they couldn’t have tons of fun in between and Kirsten rewarded Sarah’s kind words by bucking her hips and pressing her pussy closer to the former slayer’s face.

Sarah responded with more licks against her cunt and Kirsten cried out into Eliza’s pussy, loving how it felt against her lips. Kirsten wanted Eliza to come so bad. She wanted her girlfriend to feel as good as she was feeling now. Kirsten knew Eliza had fantasized about this day too and as she got closer and closer to orgasm with every lick Sarah gave her, Kirsten didn’t want to leave Eliza in the dust.

“Come for me baby,” Kirsten moaned, pulling her tongue away from Eliza’s pussy long enough to urge her to orgasm. “Coat your Kiki with cum. She wants it bad! I’m gonna fucking come all over Sarah and I want you to come too! I can taste how fucking turned on you are baby! I know you want to come for me! Give your Kiki what she wants! Make my face all sticky and slutty so you and Sarah can lick it off together!”

That did it and suddenly Eliza was grinding hard against her girlfriend’s face. Eliza rubbed her wetness all over Kirsten’s lips and down her chin and reached down to spread her cunt lips open with her fingers to give Kirsten’s tongue a chance to burrow in deeper and lick harder.

“Ohhhhhhh I love it when you get nasty and slutty for me Kiki,” Eliza groaned. “I want that too! I wanna come all over your beautiful face! I want my pussy dripping all over you for Sarah to lick it up! I love fucking your face Kiki! Lick my cunt sweetie! Lick it good like you always do! Make me come when Sarah makes you come!”

Once again Sarah had begun to feel like the afterthought here. Like she was some piece of slut meat to them, but still she didn’t mind. They were obviously in love and Sarah enjoyed just being a small part of that.

Besides, as long as she had her orgasm and now had this hot little pussy against her lips, who was she to complain? It did get her thinking. Would she and Freddie ever have that kind of love? Would she ever look at him the same way Kirsten and Eliza looked at each other?

But Sarah didn’t want to think about her future husband now, not with Kirsten’s clit swelling between her lips. Sarah sucked passionately on it, making it throb and pushing Kirsten’s orgasm closer.

Kirsten was getting close. Sarah could taste it in the richness of her juices and hear it in the sound of her pussy muffled cries. Sarah began fingering herself as she ate Kirsten out, sliding two fingers inside her own happy snatch as she sucked on Kirsten’s clit.

“Ughhhhhh close…sooooo close…come with me Eliza!” Kirsten urged, her breath getting ragged and her words becoming more like mews and cries with a few letters thrown in. “Come with your Kiki! She’s so good Eliza! Sarah’s tongue feels so fucking good!”

“I’ll come! I’ll come!” Eliza panted. “Don’t stop licking Kiki! Eat my wet fucking pussy! Tongue fuck my hot little twat! I fucking love your tongue inside my cunt! Just make me come baby! I’m getting close toooooooo!!!”

Eliza then began moaning so much that she couldn’t force any more words out of her mouth. She pressed herself down harder on Kirsten’s face, planting her pussy down against her lips bending over so she could kiss Kirsten’s bare stomach and down to her thighs. Eliza knew full well how ticklish Kirsten could be and how much she loved it. So as Kirsten began giggling from the tickling kisses against her tummy she also began to come.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHH MORRRRRRRRRE ALMOSSSSSSSSSSSSSST THEREEEEEEEEEE!!!” Kirsten shrieked in delight. Sarah immediately began licking her pussy harder and Eliza kept lavishing her flesh with kisses. That was all it took and right after Kirsten really began screaming out her orgasm.


Unfortunately for Kirsten her wish that Eliza would come with her didn’t quite work out. But now, even as she came, Kirsten grabbed a chance to play some catch up with her girlfriend. Eliza continued to rub her pussy all over her face, still using her fingers to spread her lips wide, and Kirsten used the energy coursing through her body from her orgasm to bring her lover off too.

Kirsten started tongue-fucking Eliza with gusto now. She stabbed her tongue in as hard and fast as she could muster the energy for as she came. Kirsten screamed into her girlfriend’s pussy and every time her tongue pushed in it came back juicier than when it entered, making Eliza cried out happily as a result.

Eliza was right on the edge and when the brunette saw Sarah watching the two of them, her face slick with Kirsten’s cum and her hand sliding between her legs, Eliza began to come. Thinking about Sarah playing with herself to her and Kirsten’s sex play was just what Eliza needed.


Sarah began rubbing her pussy harder as Eliza came, leaving her own fingers creamy and sticky with her essence. But she didn’t stay stationary. As Eliza came, Sarah leaned forward and planted her lips right on her former co-start’s letting her taste the gift Kirsten had given her just a few moments earlier.

Eliza passionately responded by wrapping her arms around Sarah and kissing her deeply, her orgasmic cries fading into moans through the kiss. When the kiss broke, Eliza began tonguing Sarah’s face, tasting as much of her Kiki as she could.

As soon as she was done, she shared a look with Sarah and they both immediately attacked Kirsten’s cum covered face. Kirsten giggled and moaned as the two hot tongues tickled her face and licked her clean of Eliza’s juices. Soon Kirsten was running her hands gently up and down Eliza and Sarah’s bare backs, caressing their flesh while their tongues worked her over.

While Kirsten and Eliza hadn’t managed to pull off the idea of coming together, the partnership of Michelle and Elisha was having much more success. Their fingers worked well in timing and they quickly had each other right on the edge as they continued to stand stark naked in front of the room.

By now the girls were trading frantic kisses with sucking on each other’s hard nipples, each one loving the taste of another woman’s bare breasts as they got closer to orgasm.

“Ughhhhhh soooooo close,” Michelle moaned, her body trembling. “Just a little more Elisha! Just a little more and I’m gonna fucking come for you baby!”

“Yesssssss gimmie those pussy juices, soak my fingers while I soak yours!” Elisha replied, her voice thick with lust. Strands of her blonde hair were sticking to her face and she tried to blow them out of the way, but she finally gave up trying to clear her line of sight.

Besides that didn’t matter. Only the feel of Michelle’s slim fingers inside her cunt did.

“Ooooh you’re so fucking tight Elisha!” Michelle smiled dreamily as she felt her orgasm brewing fast. “I love your pussy.”

“Mmmm you’ve got such a hot little cunt too Michelle,” Elisha groaned, her orgasm so close. “Ughhhh promise me later I can lick you too! I want to taste that pink pussy of yours!”

“Oh God yes,” Michelle cried out. “You can lick me! You can do anything you want to me! I want to lick you too! I want to eat your pussy like everyone else is doing! I want it all!”

The two girls then fell into another kiss, their fingers pistoning in and out of each other’s sexes like they were experienced lovers and not blushing girl sex virgins. Michelle felt like her orgasm was starting so she suddenly sped up on Elisha’s pussy, pushing her two fingers in faster. She didn’t want to come without her new friend.

“Elisha! Gonna…gonna…come…” Michelle moaned breathlessly.

“Ughhhhhhh me too…” Elisha groaned. “Just…a little…more…”

Michelle responded by picking up her pace even faster while gritting her teeth and fighting off the orgasm she felt coming like a tidal wave of energy in her body. She’d had orgasms before, but she had never felt anything like this. Michelle could easily feel Elisha’s clit and she rubbed it with her fingers, exciting the tender bud until Elisha was right along with her again.

“AHHHHHH!!!” Elisha suddenly screamed. “HERE IT FUCKING COMES!!!”

As Elisha began to come, Michelle stopped fighting off her own pleasure and let go too.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHH FUCKING YESSSSSSS!!!” Michelle cried out as her orgasmic shrieks joined Elisha’s.

The two girls came together, their pussies clamping down tightly on each other’s fingers. The pleasure finally buckled their legs and they gently fell to the floor as one, their young bodies shivering with the ecstasy that coursed through them. They kissed furiously, locking their mouths and grinding their tender flesh together throughout their first lesbian orgasms.

For a while it had seemed as if the sounds of rapturous girl orgasms would never stop. The sounds of girls shrieking their sexual pleasure had become as common as the sounds of the waves crashing into the beach down below. But those screams had quieted to moans and the sounds of wet, happy kisses now filled the room.

Everyone was still having fun but things had cooled just enough for everyone to rest. A few girls were still coming and crying out their joy, but more and more it was the sound of satisfied girls kissing and rubbing their wet, naked bodies together that dominated the room.

Of course that didn’t mean that anyone was ready to end the party. Things were just getting started and it didn’t take long for the pairings that had formed to break apart and for new ones to form. Naked girls crawled all over the room, not willing to stand up and pull themselves even a few feet away from the pile of sexy, soft lips, bare, bouncing tits and dripping, horny pussies. It was as if everyone’s orgasms had just whetted their appetites for more.

Girls explored each other with their lips and hands, not caring if they were long time friends, casual acquaintances or flat out strangers. All everyone cared about was the pleasure they could give each other.

Now there was no one holding back. Every girl in the room had joined the fun, a fact that became abundantly clear when Hilary suddenly found her young lips covered in a hot, greedy kiss.

Hilary had been kissing so many girls that she didn’t even know who this eager girl was. She just closed her eyes and moaned as her mouth was forced open to accept this girl’s tongue. Hilary didn’t hesitate to enjoy this tongue inside her. She didn’t care whom it belonged to because it felt so good.

She sucked on it passionately and let out an aroused squeal when the girl reached up and began squeezing her bare breasts. These hands were so antsy. They squeezed and played with Hilary’s tits roughly, as if they were pawing another girl for the first time.

The teen didn’t mind this treatment though. She liked it because it meant that whoever this was wanted her bad. It was a turn on, having her bare body touched a little rough, feeling those hot girl hands squeezing and gripping her tits while their lips were mashed together.

At first Hilary had kept her eyes closed, trying to guess who it was who was kissing and touching her. But she couldn’t figure it out. She didn’t know the girls well enough to know them by kiss alone. So finally Hilary opened her eyes and was greeted by the last thing she had expected.

“Lindsay!” Hilary excitedly giggled as she realized she had just been sucking face with her would be rival. “I thought you left!”

“You were so right Hilary!” Lindsay moaned, her voice filled with lust. “It’s awesome to fuck girls! I just came so hard! I’d never come that good before! I was totally wrong Hilary. Let me show you I’m sorry. Let me fuck you just like how I got fucked!”

Lindsay didn’t even have to ask. Hilary had been dreaming of this and she showed the redhead by passionately kissing her. Their young bodies were pressed right up to each other, pushing their flesh together in a sexy grinding motion as they kissed.

When Hilary broke off the kiss it was only so she could finally get a long gawk at what Lindsay looked like naked. She looked even better than Hilary had imagined. Her boobs were so big and sexy and Hilary loved seeing how wet Lindsay’s pussy was. She had her bush in a totally sexy red triangle and Hilary wanted so bad to kiss her right there. But before she got to all that, Hilary was dying to know what had happened.

“Who did you do it with?” Hilary asked, her hands going right for Lindsay’s tits the first second she got a chance and squeezing them the way Lindsay had just done to her. “Who made you change your mind?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh…it was…it was Angelina…Angelina Jolie,” Lindsay moaned in response. She loved Hilary’s hands on her breasts, massaging them sexily and playing with them like they were a new toy she had just gotten for Christmas. “Don’t stop Hilary! I love it! Play with my big tits! Just like how you wanted to before. I won’t run away this time! I promise! You can totally fuck me Hilary! I know you want to!”

“I do…I want to fuck you Lindsay,” Hilary sighed as she kissed all over Lindsay’s face. She was so turned on knowing that Lindsay had been with Angelina. She wanted the dark haired woman too, but right now she wanted her fellow teen more.

“I want you so bad!” Hilary continued. “I want us to be best friends so we can fuck each other whenever we want like naughty little slut girls! Mmmmm I’m getting so wet for you Lindsay!”

“Really?” Lindsay asked, her eyes lighting up at the chance she was seeing. “Lemme feel!”

Without waiting for permission, Lindsay reached right out and touched Hilary’s freshly girl fucked pussy. Hilary squealed again in arousal and Lindsay moaned when she touched another woman’s sex for the first time.

Hilary was so warm and wet. Lindsay loved touching her. She wondered what was Hilary’s juices and what was Shakira’s left over saliva. Angelina had left her with such naughty new desires and she wanted to explore each and every one of them with Hilary.

Lindsay wasn’t the only girl exploring. Everyone else was finding new partners and grabbing the first available girl they could get at. Numerous hands grabbed at Elisha as she crawled through the swarming pile of girls, but she resisted them. Now that her eyes were opened, there was only one girl at this party that she wanted to play with.

It didn’t take Elisha long to find Cameron and when she did she greeted her friend with a big smile, letting her know right away that everything was ok. Cameron returned the smile with one of her own and Elisha felt an aroused blush overtake her when she saw the horny look Cameron gave her right after that smile as her eyes scanned her naked body.

Just a short while ago, Elisha would have been totally freaked if Cameron had given her the “fuck me” look she was getting now. But after what she had done with Michelle, all Elisha wanted was for her friend to back up her gaze with action.

“I’m so sorry for everything I said,” Elisha immediately apologized when she and Cameron were face to face. “I didn’t mean any of it!”

“Shhhhhhh…it’s ok Heesh,” Cameron replied before taking her big chance and giving her friend a tender kiss. “None of that matters now.”

When she felt Cameron’s lips against hers, Elisha immediately responded to the kiss. Even while she had been messing around with Michelle, Elisha had wondered what it would have been like to kiss Cameron. Now she knew and it was amazing.

The sensations she had gotten from Michelle’s young lips had been no fluke. Cameron’s kiss was just as soft and sexy and it gave Elisha an even bigger naughty rush to her pussy because she was doing this with a friend. She and Cameron had done so much together over these past few months and now they were going to fuck. Just knowing that was going to happen made Elisha wet.

Part of Elisha hadn’t wanted to leave Michelle. She had been so sexy and sweet and Elisha had wanted to do more than just finger her. Whatever reservations and inhibitions she had had been destroyed when her orgasm had hit and Elisha had wanted to do every wicked thing to Michelle that all the other girls at the party had done to each other.

She had wanted to taste the teen’s pussy and fuck her until she was swallowing her cum. But Elisha also knew that she had to make things right with Cameron first and this was the best way she could think of at the moment.

“Fuck me Camie,” Elisha groaned when Cameron began kissing all over her neck and started to gently fondle her bare breasts. “Fuck me just like you fucked Jennifer! I was crazy before. I do want this! I want it all! I want you to fuck me and make me come!”

“You’re going to get that and more,” Cameron promised her friend in between kisses against her gorgeous neck. “I’m going to make that hot little pussy of yours come so hard sweetie.”

Even whole she’d been fucking Jennifer, part of Cameron’s brain had been worried that she had really screwed up by bringing Elisha with her. Out of the corner of her eye she’d seen what had gone down between her friend and Michelle, but Cameron had still been concerned that Elisha was going to turn around and spill all the secrets of what was going on to Justin. But now that she had Elisha here with her, those worries were gone.

Cameron could see how sincere Elisha’s desire was and how bad she wanted to fuck her. Cameron felt the same way and she was eager to show her friend how truly amazing it was to be with another woman.

She’d seen Elisha naked before, but nothing could compare to how she looked now, with a sheen of sweat covering her bare body and a healthy glaze of arousal around her pussy and thighs. Cameron had been considering taking a short breather after what Jennifer’s tongue had done to her, but her pussy was already pulsing wetness from making out with Elisha. She wanted this just as bad as her friend did.

“Ohhhhhhh Heesh babyyyyyyyyy….mmmmmmmm that’s so good…suck those nipples,” Cameron sighed rapturously when Elisha suddenly was seized by a sexy impulse and began kissing her breasts.

Elisha played with Cameron’s tits, caressing them and sucking her rapidly rehardening nipples. Being mere friends wasn’t going to be enough for the two blondes anymore. Their desire to fuck was overcoming any concerns they might have had about what this would do to their friendship.

While Elisha had gone off in search of Cameron, she hadn’t left Michelle Trachtenberg lonely and pining. Michelle trusted that Elisha would come back and play some more with her, just like she had promised. Plus now it gave Michelle a chance to pursue a wicked fantasy that was growing stronger in her mind every second now. She never would have thought anything like this before, but so much had changed since she had arrived in Jamaica.

Michelle stayed on her knees, enjoying the beautiful bare bodies playing all around her. Everyone looked so sexy and each of the girls there was a turn on. Watching them kiss and touch each other was making her so wet because now Michelle knew just how good it felt to be with another woman.

She couldn’t believe she was thinking this way, but after what had just happened between her and Elisha, Michelle would have been willing to fuck anyone at the party. But there was one girl that Michelle wanted most of all and she wasn’t even pretending not to be staring right at her.

Her arousal was growing stronger every second that Michelle gawked at Sarah. The guest of honor at the party had wiggled herself away from Eliza and Kirsten and had gone right for Alyson.

Michelle knew how close they had been on the set and she was soaking wet watching them kiss and touch each other. It was a huge turn on for Michelle to see two best friends kiss. It just looked so natural and sexy. They already loved each other, why shouldn’t they fuck? Michelle wished she had a friend like that.

The more she watched Sarah and Alyson kiss the more Michelle began to think about them not as who they really were, but as “Buffy” and “Willow.” Imagining them as their characters made Michelle’s pussy burn with need and she quickly reached down between her legs to take care of that need.

Michelle began touching her wet pussy with furious finger strokes, wondering about what it would have been like if this had been part of the show. How many people would have dropped everything to watch their show if they knew Buffy and Willow were going to fuck?

It was so naughty to think about this and the more she did, the naughtier Michelle’s thoughts got. What if she wasn’t Michelle? What if she was Dawn again? What if she and Buffy….no…she couldn’t go there…could she? It was too wicked. Too fucking naughty.

But just the mere thought of it made Michelle’s pussy drip onto her fingers. It was so bad and Michelle loved it. She got off on just having this naughty thought. She had never conceived of a fantasy like that before, but in this situation it just seemed too perfect and so fucking kinky.

Unaware of just what was going through little Michelle’s head, Sarah and Alyson continued to lose themselves in the blissful act of making out. One of the first things Sarah had done when she had gotten back to California had been rush over to Alyson’s house for a reunion fuck. They had resumed their schedule of playing with each other whenever possible after that and the trend continued now that they were in Jamaica.

Even though Alyson had been one of the masterminds of the whole party and also therefore of the scheme to deprive Sarah of orgasm, it was impossible for the former slayer to be mad at her best friend. She wasn’t about to hold a grudge against her. In fact all she wanted to do was show Alyson how much she loved her for putting all this together at the resort.

“Mmmmmm Aly, thank you…thank you…thank you,” Sarah declared, punctuating each thanks with a kiss against Alyson’s lips. “This is just the kind of party I wanted.”

“After all this time I’ve got a good idea what you like Sarah,” Alyson giggled as her body filled with Sarah inspired arousal.

She loved being with Sarah and she didn’t care who knew it. They had been friends for so long and when she and Sarah had first hooked up sexually at the mansion it had been one of the best days of her life. Adding sex to their friendship had been a big risk that had paid off beautifully. They were closer than they had ever been.

“Did it take you this long to figure out how much I like a roomful of hot pussy? Maybe you’re not as observant as I thought,” Sarah laughed, teasing her friend and making her laugh too by tickling her perpetually pale tummy.

“Smart ass,” Alyson replied with a series of giddy giggles from Sarah’s fingers on her skin. “After all the girls you’ve fucked, I’m surprised everyone doesn’t know how much you like pussy.”

“You’re one to talk, lil Ms. Dominatrix,” Sarah teased before moving her fingers lower. She stopped tickling Alyson’s belly and moved right down to her thighs. Alyson’s giggles turned to moans as Sarah tickled her creamy alabaster thighs and moved ever so slowly to her pussy.

“I hope you know by now how much I especially like your pussy,” Sarah whispered to her aroused friend. “Spread your legs for me Aly. I want to show you what I really want for a wedding present.”

But before Alyson could obey her friend’s request, they were interrupted. Fortunately it was a very hot and naked interruption so they were easily able to tolerate it.

“Mmmmm looks like Sarah’s hungry for another snack,” Rose lewdly observed as she kneeled down right between Sarah and Alyson. “Just don’t fill up on girls sweetie before you get to me. You need to be licking a woman’s cream tonight.”

“What makes you think I’m still not pissed at you?” Sarah asked, arching an eyebrow as her fingers continued to make their journey toward Alyson’s snatch.

“Cause I’m too hot for you to stay mad at,” Rose grinned. “How can you be mad at me when you want to fuck me so bad? It’s just not possible. You can either give in or stay mad and ignore your pussy crying out for Rose. I know what you’re gonna pick and so does everyone else.”

“Shaddup,” Sarah playfully grumbled, knowing Rose had her dead to rights.

She could never resist Rose or stay mad at her for long. The force of Rose’s personality would not allow for it. Sarah kissed her housemate right on the lips and was ready and willing to start doing some serious tongue sucking with her when Rose broke things off as quickly as she had started them.

“Did your little friends bring what I asked them to?” Rose asked, reaching down to cop a feel of both Sarah and Alyson’s bare chests as soon as the kiss ended.

“Mmmmmmmhmmmm…” Alyson moaned, enjoying the touch of Rose’s hand on her breast and Sarah’s fingers teasing her pussy. “It’s…ohhhhhh yesssssss Sarahhhh…in…in a suitcase….ughhhhh fuck meeeeeee…fuck my pussy with those fingers…under the…oooooooh yeahhh pinch my nipple Rose, it feels so goooooood…under the bar…”

“Thanks,” Rose cheerfully replied, before pulling herself away from Sarah and Alyson and standing up. “The party’s going good so far, but I know just what it needs to blow the fucking roof off.”

Rose then walked off, giving Sarah and Alyson a little shake of her bare ass before she did so, and headed right for the bar. It was so hard to pass up all the wet and waiting pussy that was there for her on the way, but she knew she’d be back for all those little sluts later.

If she didn’t take control of this thing right now, everyone would have lockjaw from all their licking. There was more than one way to get a girl off and Rose had insured that there would be several secret weapons, of all shapes and colors waiting for her.

As Alyson had promised the suitcase Shannon and Mena had brought was safely tucked under the bar. Rose picked it up and smiled with triumph when she saw what was inside. Those two sluts had done well. Rose was going to have to make sure and thank Shannon and Mena herself.

“WHO WANTS SOME PARTY FAVORS?” Rose cried out and immediately she was greeted with a chorus of close to 40 “ME’S!”

Rose paused and wondered how best to distribute the sex toy treasure chest she had in her hands. She could hand some out, leave them here on the bar for everyone to pick out, or do something more fun. Rose being Rose, she chose the third option.

“EVERYONE CATCH!!!” Rose laughed as she picked up the suitcase and flung it. She kept the case in her hands with her whipping motion, but the contents flew out. A few girls laughed, a few more let out “Ow’s!” as they were bonked with plastic, but most of them struggled to be the first ones to get the best toys when they hit the ground. Satisfied that her work here was done for the moment, Rose looked for the missing piece.

She looked under the bar for her own toy and then paused. She stood up straight, rubbed her chin and wondered where she had last left it. Doh! She had left it in the room.

Rose hadn’t wanted to tip off Sarah too early about what her true intentions had been, so she left Mr. Snappy safely secured upstairs. Oh well, it wasn’t going to get itself so she began walking out from behind the bar with the full intention of heading up to get her favorite toy.

Just as Rose was about to pass by, Reese Witherspoon and Beyonce Knowles suddenly threw themselves against the bar, passionately making out. As bad as she wanted her toy, Rose took a moment to admire their naked bodies as they rubbed together.

Beyonce’s tits were larger than Reese’s and she was taller, but the actress was the clear aggressor. Reese rubbed herself hard against Beyonce, mashing her smaller breasts into the singer’s and reaching down to cup her ass. Beyonce had her back pressed up hard against the bar, but it was clear all she felt was pleasure from Reese’s touch.

Rose was tempted to forgo her trip to join in. Reese had always been a hot fuck and Rose knew that while she wasn’t the only one here who had a desire to fuck Beyonce’s ass, she was the one who would do it best.

It was awfully tempting to think about just sliding her face into their kiss and tonguing both of those girls. Rose didn’t think they’d mind her presence, but she tore herself away. Her body didn’t feel whole without Mr. Snappy dangling from her legs. She knew these two sluts would still be there when she got back and it was going to be a long weekend of fucking. She would have time for them later.

Leaving behind the happily fucking pile of girls, Rose walked right past Fluffy and out the door. She didn’t bother with any clothing. She had no idea where she had flung her bikini and besides everyone else was going naked around here, why shouldn’t she? She was more than happy to drink in a few horny stares from staff and fellow Hedonism guests. Maybe she’d even meet a hot chick on her way.

And just as soon as that thought had popped into Rose’s head, she did better than she had expected. She didn’t meet up with one hot chick. She met up with two.

“Hey!” Rose immediately greeted her friend. “I was wondering when the hell you were going to show up!”

“We got a little delayed,” Ashley Judd replied, giving Rose a hug and taking a chance to run her hands all over her bare body. “Mmmmm I see you guys started without us, though.”

“Those who are late get no fruit cup,” Rose grinned. “But I think just maybe we can squeeze you two inside. There’s plenty of fucking left to do. In fact I just broke out the toys.”

“Ooooooooh in that case, we must be right on time,” a female voice replied. It had the sexy tone of a foreign tongue and also the sense of knowing that whatever was happening, it was something it had seen before.

“Gonna introduce me to your friend Ashley?” Rose coyly asked. She knew exactly who this woman was.

“I’m surprised you two never fucked before,” Ashley drawled with a wink, not caring what people passing by heard or thought. “I would have thought that two of the hottest pussy loving tongues in Hollywood would have crossed paths.”

“Hollywood’s a big town with a lot of hot girls to fuck,” Rose laughed. “Besides every time I looked, she had a boyfriend hanging off her arm.”

“You don’t see a boyfriend now, do you?” Salma Hayek inquired as she inched herself up a little closer to Rose. “I think you’re out of excuses.”

Rose didn’t offer up any more excuses. Instead she pressed her naked body up against Salma’s and passionately kissed her. The curvy Latina didn’t hesitate to respond, kissing Rose right back and opening her mouth for her tongue.

The two women weren’t strangers, but this was the first time they had been intimate. There had always been obstacles in the way, but now there was nothing but the slight pieces of clothing Salma’s body to keep them from getting it on right in the lobby…and of course Ashley.

“Cool your jets ladies,” Ashley warned. “Fun’s fun, but I don’t think anyone here wants their bare ass on the cover of the Enquirer.”

“Spoilsport,” Rose grumbled, even though she knew Ashley was right. It was one thing for her to walk around naked for anyone to see, but while fucking Salma right here would have been fun, it also would have put everyone at the mansion at risk of discovery. Rose couldn’t allow that.

“Just wait thirty seconds for us to get inside the party,” Salma grinned before licking off the traces of her saliva from Rose’s lips. “You weren’t leaving were you?”

“Hardly,” Rose snorted. “I’m gonna be the last slut standing at this bash. I was just going upstairs to get a friend of mine that I would love to introduce you both to.”

“Well if this is the fabled Mr. Snappy that Love was talking about, then I won’t stop you,” Ashley said. “C’mon Salma. Let’s get inside. I can’t wait to show you how these girls like to party.”

Ashley then pulled Salma away from Rose and toward the party. Rose gave the two new guests one last chance to catch a lingering look at her body and hurried her way upstairs. She didn’t want to miss getting a crack at Salma before everyone else tired her out. Rose knew she wasn’t going to be the only one who wanted a piece of that sexy firecracker.

Rose caught the next available elevator and scampered nakedly inside, just as another elevator arrived in the lobby. The doors opened and, after taking a deep breath, Jennifer Garner walked out. She had been upstairs in her room thinking over everything Jessica had said to her. And then after awhile she began to feel like she’d been up there enough. Why should she punish herself by not being part of the fun? After all she hadn’t done anything wrong.

What had happened between her and Jessica still hurt. Jennifer told herself she was being silly and that Jessica was right. They could still have fun and not be “girlfriends.” But Jennifer still felt empty inside now.

She had always been someone who had sought relationships and not just casual sex. Perhaps she’d gotten involved with Jessica too soon after her divorce from Scott. She had been on the rebound and she had fallen for Jessica, harder than she probably should have. Knowing Jessica didn’t feel the same way was a real blow to her.

But it didn’t mean the fun had to stop. Jennifer wasn’t angry anymore at Jessica. She was just sad. She had spent a lot of time upstairs thinking about what she should do now that Jessica didn’t want to be with her in the way she wanted. None of the ideas she came up with involved her stopping having sex with women.

There had to be so many beautiful girls in there right now waiting for her to play with them. Jessica was off having fun, why shouldn’t she too? Thinking of what everyone had been up to had made Jennifer wet and she wasn’t about to sit sulking and pining while everyone else was having fun.

So Jennifer had tried to push away her sadness and get into a party mood. She had washed her face free of the sign of her tears and headed downstairs. Now she was wondering what exactly she was going to walk into. The unknown was a little bit of a turn on and Jennifer just hoped that when she got inside the party she didn’t burst into tears the second that she saw Jessica.

Ultimately there was no danger in that because as soon as Jennifer walked past the Fluffy guarded door, crying was the last thing on her mind.

Jennifer was absolutely floored by what she saw. Everyone was naked and everyone was beautiful. She couldn’t believe who was here. It was like every beautiful, famous girl she could think of had been invited and was now in the mess of girl flesh all over the room. Jennifer had never seen anything like it and all she wanted was in.

“Jessica who?” Jennifer giggled under her breath as she surveyed the sexy landscape before her. Now the only question remaining for her was which hot girl should she try and fuck first.

That was not a question Ashley and Salma had considered even for a second. They knew exactly who they wanted to go for first and, as soon as they showed Fluffy that they were approved guests, they went right for her.

Katie had been left quite breathless from her encounter with Anna and Charlize. Not only had they made her come like a freight train had roared through her body, but they had left her naked with the taste of both of their pussies dripping from her lips and she was more than happy to be in that state.

She was still having trouble believing that she was doing this and loving it so much, but Katie’s practical sense had checked out a long time ago and her libido was in full control of her actions now.

Katie was craving each and every naughty thing she was doing with all these other girls and she was actually feeling pretty proud of herself. She had been able to handle two beautiful women without anyone to guide her. She hadn’t had Love or Rose or Ashley around to tell her what to do and show her the tricks of the lesbian trade.

It had been all her own doing and that gave Katie such a rush. She had made Anna and Charlize come on her own. They had loved what she had done to them and the taste of their pussies had been unbelievable.

In fact Katie was already hungry for more and she picked herself up from the corner, licking her lips and intending to seek out a new conquest. But before she had a chance to choose, her next lover found her instead.

“My, my, my…what has my naughty little friend been up to?” Ashley grinned, walking right up to Katie.

“Ashley!” Katie giggled happily, throwing herself nakedly into the older woman’s arms. “Where have you been? You missed so much!”

“I was a little delayed, I had to pick up my friend,” Ashley explained before pulling Salma up to meet Katie. In response Katie suddenly felt very naked and a little flustered at the surprise, but when she saw the hungry look she was getting from Salma she relaxed.

“Ashley told me a lot about you Katie,” Salma said, giving the girl’s body a healthy once over and lingering her gaze on the wetness shining off of Katie’s exposed cunt. “It looks like she wasn’t lying. You are a sexy little thing.”

“Well I’m not the only one, if Ashley wasn’t lying about you either,” Katie shot back, summoning up her courage to stand toe to toe sexually with Salma and finding it surprisingly easy. “I’ve heard a lot of stories about the things you like to do.”

“I have no idea what she told you, but I guarantee they’re all true,” Salma smiled. “Ashley brings out the horny bitch in me.”

“More like that’s what you do to me,” Ashley claimed. “I didn’t even tell you all the best stories yet about this girl, Katie. But I don’t think we’re here to swap sex tales, are we?”

“Hell no,” Katie smiled. “I can think of something much more fun.”

Before anyone could say anything more, Katie leaned against Salma and kissed her hungrily. At 5’9, Katie towered over the Mexican beauty by a good seven inches, but that didn’t dampen the passion of the kiss.

Salma immediately responded by craning herself up to slide her tongue into Katie’s mouth. Katie moaned and sucked on this brand new treat being offered to her, loving the sensation of having Salma inside her mouth.

When Katie paused for breath it gave Ashley a chance to swoop in and give just as energetic a kiss. Ashley was even more forward than Salma was, reaching out for Katie’s breasts and massaging the beautiful young mounds of girl flesh while they kissed. Katie offered no objection to the move and happily rubbed her naked body against Ashley’s urging her to take some more liberties with her.

Katie and Ashley continued to kiss and Salma pulled her shirt over her head to expose the black bikini top that held in her large chest. Salma’s tits bounced in her top after she yanked her shirt off, but she didn’t expose them right away. Instead Salma got in back of Katie and began kissing her neck and shoulders, making goosebumps stand on her skin. Katie was now the naked meat for a girl sandwich and she couldn’t have been happier.

“Mmmm Ashley told me all about you Katie,” Salma’s gorgeous voice purred into Katie’s ear. “She told me what you did in that motel room with Love and Rose and the things you did to each other every night after that. It made me so wet to hear about you acting so naughty. I always thought you were such a beautiful girl and now I’m finally getting my chance to fuck you.”

Salma accented her words by reaching down with her hand and rubbing Katie’s dripping slit from behind. Katie’s body immediately stiffened up and she moaned into Ashley’s mouth.

Ashley released Katie from their kiss and Salma turned the girl around in her arms. Now Katie and Salma faced each other and they kissed ferociously, while Salma continued to turn up the heat by pawing at Katie’s pussy.

Katie responded to this arousing touch by caressing Salma’s back with her hands. She felt the knot for Salma’s bikini top and began tugging at it. After a few yanks, Katie was able to undo it and reveal Salma’s huge tits. Their all-natural beauty immediately struck Katie.

“Suck them chica,” Salma advised the inexperienced girl and Katie did just as she was told.

Katie leaned down and began kissing all over Salma’s breasts. She pushed the large mounds up to her mouth and tried to run her tongue over everything she could. Katie was quickly getting very tit hungry as she worshipped Salma’s breasts and Ashley loved everything she was seeing.

“Ohhhhh I wanted to see you two fuck so bad,” Ashley moaned. She pulled herself out of her sandals and didn’t hesitate to slide her hands under the waistband of her shorts. Knowing full well what kind of party this was going to be, Ashley hadn’t bothered with panties and greeted her hands with the feel of her bare, wet pussy.

“Strip her Katie,” Ashley ordered. “Get Salma naked while you suck on those big, sexy tits of hers. I want to see you fuck! I’ve been dreaming of this! I’ve been fingering myself and drooling thinking about you two getting it on! Don’t waste time! Just get to fucking!”

Katie and Salma smiled over Ashley’s impatience. They both knew when she got horny Ashley didn’t like to bother with a lot of the niceties until she had her own orgasm. Fortunately they weren’t in much of a mood to waste time either so the two girls worked to fulfill Ashley’s sexy demands.

While Katie was on the receiving end of attention from two more sexy women, her former partners in crime had gone their separate ways. Messing around with Katie and Anna in the room and then right here at the party had been fun, but Charlize wanted to experience a lot of different girls and a lot of different flavors. The taste of two amazingly hot girls on her tongue wasn’t close to being enough.

Rose had scattered toys all over the floor and it had indeed been a mad scramble to grab a hold of them. Now there weren’t many left and Charlize was one of the girls left looking for some plastic satisfaction. While searching she quickly found that she wasn’t the only one who had that idea.

“Hey,” Charlize said after coming to a stop from crawling around the floor and ending up face to face with another beautiful, naked woman.

“Hey yourself,” Jennifer Aniston smiled. She and Charlize had never met before, but she’d always been a fan.

In fact after her initial limo seduction, Jennifer had been more of a fan of Charlize than ever. Since becoming more appreciative of the female form, Jennifer had found herself loving Charlize’s willingness to show off her form in an undressed state on screen.

“I guess we’re looking for the same thing,” Charlize replied, hoping she didn’t look too desperate.

She admired Jennifer not just for her talent as an actress but because she knew she was one of the owners of the mansion. Anyone who lived in a place like that had to be an amazing fuck and Charlize didn’t want to lose this opportunity.

“We have something in common then,” Jennifer said. “I mean something else besides the whole liking to fuck girls thing…”

Jennifer then cringed at her own words. Shit, this was so awkward. How could you be casual and chatty with someone in a situation like this when you’d never met? It was impossible to be cool about things when you were bare assed naked with a wet pussy.

Fortunately, Charlize didn’t seem to mind Jennifer’s tortured attempt at a joke at all. She was at a little bit of a loss for words herself.

“I had such an incredible time at your house,” Charlize offered. “You know…the mansion.”

“I’m familiar with the mansion,” Jennifer giggled. “When were you there?”

Charlize then told Jennifer all about Christina’s Pussycat Dolls Party. Jennifer had heard a few details about it, but Charlize was so into telling her story, especially about her first time with a girl and how good she and Brittany Murphy had made each other feel, that it was like she was hearing it for the first time. Charlize’s words increased Jennifer’s wetness and by the time Charlize was telling her about the pile of girl flesh that had ended up on Christina’s bed they were past the awkwardness of first introductions.

“Too bad I wasn’t there,” Jennifer said, moving in closer with every word. “Because then we could have played too.”

As soon as Jennifer finished talking she placed a kiss on Charlize’s lips that was immediately accepted. This was just what Charlize had wanted. She didn’t even need a toy to make it happen. Gwen had told her once that Jennifer had an incredible tongue and was an amazing pussy licker.

The mere thought of this potential pleasure had Charlize’s pussy juicy and the kiss was making her even juicier. When Charlize first felt Jennifer’s tongue sliding into her mouth she nearly came just from the anticipation.

Luckily, Charlize got control of herself and didn’t pop her pussy too early. She kissed Jennifer back and got up off her knees. She sat down on the floor and better positioned herself for some serious kissing. She and Jennifer dueled tongues, with the contest consistently turning into a draw, and their bodies got closer and closer.

Jennifer got off her knees too and joined Charlize in sitting on the floor. They were face to face now, their bodies pressing together. Jennifer reached over for a long feel of her new lover’s firm chest and Charlize immediately did the same.

They played with each other’s tits and only paused their kissing long enough for short gasps of breath. Otherwise they didn’t let anything interfere with their make out session. Their bodies just got closer and closer together until Charlize simply got up and placed herself in Jennifer’s lap.

The two girls were of very similar slim body types so, while Jennifer was surprised at the sudden movement, she was able to easily support Charlize’s weight.

After a few moments, Jennifer was able to see the advantage of this position. While their kisses continued, Jennifer kept one hand on Charlize’s tits and was able to use the other to move down her back to her ass. Charlize moaned into her mouth and Jennifer began to squeeze her ass cheeks, delighting the horny blonde.

Just like Charlize, it hadn’t taken Anna long to find herself a new partner after breaking away from Katie. As one sexy, foreign-born blonde, Anna found it natural that she would eventually hook up with another sexy, foreign-born blonde. Anna had met Michelle only once before, but she never forgot a beautiful face and the mansion’s maid was certainly beautiful.

“Mmmmm I love your body,” Anna moaned to the French girl, pausing in their kisses for a moment. Charlize and Katie had been good, but Anna had a lot of pent up passion and she was looking to release more of it all over Michelle’s face. It had been so long since she had been with another woman before this day.

Anna loved her boyfriend. He was easy on the eyes and had the money to buy her lots and lots of expensive presents, but Anna didn’t like going too long without a woman’s touch. Thank God there was plenty of that available here.

“I love your body too,” Michelle replied, before a naughty grin passed her lips. “Of course this is not the first time I have seen it.”

“Hmmm what are you talking about?” Anna asked, immediately searching her brain. Had she fucked this girl before? Anna was sure she would have remembered. Michelle had such an amazing body. Anna couldn’t get enough of touching her naked skin and Michelle certainly had a memorable kiss.

“That one time, when you came to visit the mansion,” Michelle explained. “When you were off playing your naughty little game of tennis with Sarah and Love. I was watching you.”

“Naughty girl,” Anna gasped before playfully smacking Michelle on the ass as punishment. “Why didn’t you join in? We would have loved to fuck you.”

“My madames had not asked me to join,” Michelle innocently replied, playing up her submissive side for her new lover. “I serve at their command. Besides, it was so much fun to watch you get naked with them and fuck them. When you were all naked and Sarah was fucking your face and Love was licking you, I came so hard all over my fingers. I made my hands so wet because I couldn’t stop touching myself. I love to watch beautiful women.”

“You don’t just like to watch I hope?” Anna teased, giving Michelle’s bare breasts a squeeze, making the maid moan happily.

Anna loved the contrast between them. She had worked so hard since she came to America to get rid of her Russian accent, but Michelle was playing up her French background. Anna loved the sound of her voice. She made every word sound so sexy.

“Oh no, I love to do more…so much more,” Michelle smiled wantonly. “I love to fuck women. I love to lick their pussies and suck on their beautiful tits. Is that what you want me to do to you Anna? Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Oh yessssssssss…please,” Anna begged, falling under the spell of this beautiful girl. She only wished Michelle really had joined them that day on the tennis court. Anna had thought that her time with Sarah and Love had been perfect and now she knew that it could have been even better.

Anna and Michelle fell into another long, hot kiss and when they pressed their faces together, their long blonde hair mixing together in a golden explosion. Both naked girls were happily kissing and fondling each other when their twosome suddenly became a threesome with the inclusion of the party’s third and final foreign borne blonde.

“Can I join you?” Shakira asked in mid-kiss between Michelle and Anna. Her question broke the kiss up and both girls needed only a second of staring at Shakira’s naked body on its hands and knees to both get wide smiles.

“Of course,” Anna grinned. “There are plenty of pussies to go around. Come join us. Play with us Shakira.”

Shakira eagerly accepted and crawled in just a little bit closer so they could get into a three-way kiss. She still had the taste of Hilary all over her lips and Shakira knew that Anna and this other girl would soon be able to experience that flavor for themselves. She just hoped they liked it as much as she had.

The insatiable teen had left her momentarily drained. Shakira had been completely unprepared for what a pussy-loving monster Hilary would be. She had left the veteran bisexual trembling with ecstasy after eating her out and Shakira had rewarded the beautiful young girl by finger fucking her to a second orgasm. Hilary had been way beyond her expectations and now Shakira was hoping for more of the same with these two beauties.

“I am Michelle,” the French girl said after they had shared many sexy kisses. She extended her hand to Shakira and the singer immediately grasped it and brought it up to her mouth, kissing it.

“I’m Shakira,” she replied.

“I know,” Michelle smiled before moving in for another kiss with Shakira. Anna quickly joined in and all three girls made immediate progress in crossing foreign borders.

When Rose had tossed out the sex toy collection to the girls, a few had found their mark with total precision. In the case of Felecia a strap on had literally fallen into her lap and she was only too happy to accept the gift. She was very well versed in the ancient lesbian art of the strap on and it wasn’t long before she had two eager students willing to learn a few tricks from her.

Felecia hadn’t had to go too far to find the first girl she was playing with. The porn star moaned as she kissed Mya deeply, their fingers playing with each other’s long hair. Felecia’s hair was so long it went down to her ass, so Mya couldn’t run her fingers all the way through it, but she did the best she could and all that really mattered to her was that she had Felecia’s tongue in her mouth.

Mya loved tasting herself and Love all over Felecia’s lips and tongue. She wondered how many pussies Felecia had licked over the years. It was probably more than she could ever dream about and that turned Mya on.

It was so hot knowing that these veteran, experienced lips were kissing her now and had that she had just been tongued by this beautiful porn star. While she didn’t share Love’s porn fantasies, Mya did get a kick out of fucking this pro.

But it wasn’t just Mya who had come to learn lessons from the girl love master. While Mya and Felecia were enjoying the long, wet kisses they shared and Mya was having a ball playing with Felecia’s small, perky tits, their attention wasn’t just focused on each other. They were keeping an eye on the eager woman between Felecia’s legs, going down on her strap on like a true cock hungry whore.

“Oooooh someone’s an eager little cocksucker, isn’t she?” Felecia giggled. In response the girl pulled off the sexy toy and let saliva drip down from her mouth and coat the flesh colored material.

“Damn right I am,” Britney Spears grinned. “Especially when it’s this kind of cock. Mmmmm the only way it would be better was if it was coated with some yummy girl cream.”

“Keep sucking and soon enough it will be,” Felecia promised. “If you’re a good girl that cream is gonna be yours.”

That got Britney going again and the chance to ride this toy had her bobbing her head up and down in Felecia’s lap like she was sucking off a guy for real. Britney was treating the strap on like it was a flesh and blood cock in her mouth that she was desperate to swallow a load from. She wrapped her lips around the head of the plastic and her hand around the shaft and she gave Felecia and Mya quite a show.

Watching Britney suck off the toy was enough to tempt Mya away from Felecia. She had been hoping to spend some quality time with her new friend now that Love had gone off on her own, but Britney was too overpowering a temptation.

Mya moved her naked toward her fellow singer with lustful intentions in her eyes. Britney was in mid bob on Felecia’s toy when Mya pressed up against her from behind and copped a feel of her bare breasts.

“Mmmmmmm such big, sexy titties,” Mya cooed as Britney closed her eyes and moaned from the skillful fingers playing with her nipples. “I can’t wait to see how good these things look bouncing everywhere when you get fucked with that hard hunk of plastic. Ohhhhh that’s going to look so good in your pretty little pink cunt Britney. Suck that cock girl. Get it all wet and ready for it to fuck you!”

Mya also wanted to feel that thing inside her too. It had been way too long since another woman had fucked her hard and her pussy craved the strong thrusts of a strap on being pounded inside her, but she also liked to watch. Mya thought Britney’s body was amazing and couldn’t wait to see her get fucked.

Besides, Mya knew that a strap on already coated with girl cum was going to make it much easier for her to get fucked. Her tight pussy always needed a lot of lube and there was no lube better than girl cream.

“That’s it Britney! Suck my dick while Mya squeezes your tits! Show me what a little slut you are!” Felecia moaned, pinching and tugging at her own swollen nipples as she was pleasured by Britney’s mouth.

There wasn’t much physical pleasure she could get from Britney sucking her toy, but there was plenty she could get psychologically out of it. Being able to look down and see Britney Spears giving her toy a wet, hot blowjob was a tremendous rush to Felecia and she wanted to milk it.

“Ohhhhh they told me you were a nasty little whore and they were so fucking right,” Felecia continued, one hand moving off her chest to the back of Britney’s head. The girl didn’t need much guidance, but Felecia gave it to her anyway. “Suck that cock like the little slut you are Britney! Make it all wet and nasty and I’ll fuck you so good!”

At that given moment there was nothing Britney wanted more than the feel of that strap on inside her pussy. She wanted Felecia to do her right in front of everyone so the whole party could see how much she loved getting fucked.

As her lips wrapped tightly around the flesh colored plastic, Britney remembered back to the first time she had ever been fucked by a toy. Rose had treated her so rough and made her feel like such a whore and she had loved every amazing second of it. Rose had called her nasty names and had spanked her and it had been such a turn.

By the time Rose had begun pounding on her ass with her toy, Britney had been dripping cream down her legs. It had been so unbelievably hot and she wanted Felecia to do her just like that. She wanted to be fucked and called a slut and a whore and made to feel so nasty and naughty. Britney had no idea if Felecia was as good a fuck as Rose was, but she was dying to find out.

“Yesssssssss fuck meeeee…please…” Britney begged as she pulled off the toy and let her saliva drool out of her mouth. “Fuck my slutty little pussy hard Felecia! You’re so fucking hot in your movies and now I want you to do me like a little porno whore! I need you to fuck me!”

Britney followed up her nasty words by drooling more of her saliva onto the toy. The liquid coated the hard toy and Britney used her hand to rub it all over the shaft, coating it with her spit. She left the entire toy wet and then began sucking again, opening her mouth wide and bobbing her head up and down, letting her blonde hair fall all over her face and rub against the toy.

The only cock Britney had ever sucked for real had been Justin’s, but since she had discovered women sexually she had sucked a hell of a lot of toys and she was using all her experience here to get Felecia to fuck her.

“Damn you are a hot little slut, Chrissy was right about you,” Mya marveled while her hands continued to play with Britney’s tits. She loved how the augmented mounds felt in her hands.

Mya had never cared whether girls’ breasts were real or fake. She loved her natural breasts, but never held it against girls who got some help from the doctor’s office. All that mattered was that they looked good and Britney’s surgeon must have been a wizard because her tits looked amazing.

“Suck that big dick you nasty little bitch,” Mya cooed into Britney’s ear as her own pussy juiced up from the blonde’s cocksucking abilities. “You’re making me so wet. Keep sucking that cock and when Felecia fucks you, you’re gonna be eating me out. You want that, don’t you? You want to lick my hot cunt while you’re getting fucked.”

Britney’s enthusiastic moan and the increase of her sucking gave all the evidence to Felecia and Mya that she did indeed want that very much. The two girls shared a look and smiled. Now was the perfect time for them to both get their rocks off.

“On your hands and knees slut,” Felecia ordered with a wide grin on her face. “You suck cock good Britney. Now let’s see how well you can take one deep in your pussy!”

Meanwhile, Britney wasn’t the only girl having fun with toys now. Sex toys was a subject that Amber Benson was very well versed in and now she had the chance to teach all she knew about it.

“That’s it baby, just push it into your pussy…just like that,” Amber advised, smiling giddily as Amy Acker responded with a ecstatic moan.

Amy wasn’t a virgin when it came to sex toys, but she had never used one like this and was happy to have Amber’s guidance. She held the curved, clear toy in her hand and pressed it inside her pussy, letting it vibrate and send pleasure shooting through her body as Amber kissed her and played with her breasts.

“Good girl,” Amber replied, playing with Amy’s firm tits and licking her nipples as the girl moaned over and over again from the stimulation. “That toy’s going to hit you so good on your clit and it’s perfect for getting at your g-spot. You look so hot Amy. I love looking at you fucking yourself with that toy.”

“You do it too!” Amy requested. “I want to see you come too Amber! Fuck yourself for me! Please!”

Amy didn’t even have to say please to convince Amber to play with herself. She had always loved playing with sex toys and doing this in front of everyone, especially as Amy moaned and stared at her, was a huge turn on. Amber’s reluctance to let go in front of everyone was long gone and even though she wished Emma was still with her here, Amy was just as hot a partner.

Amber picked up the purple curved g-spot vibrator she had grabbed and let it pulse against her slit before she pushed it inside her and groaned in immediate delight. Amber had it on a low level to start with. She didn’t want to go too fast.

She loved letting the pleasure build in her body and letting her orgasm grow until it completely overwhelmed her. Amber was still so wet from Emma fucking her that she knew it was going to be hard to hold back and not come again right away, but she tried her best not to get too slutty, too fast.

The two girls fucked themselves with their toys, sitting side by side on the floor without a stitch of clothing between them. T heir eyes were locked on each other, drinking in the site of naked girl flesh and loving being able to see the reaction they each had to the toys buried inside their cunts.

Amy couldn’t believe she was doing this, but it all felt so good. She had never felt pleasure like this in her life. First Charisma had eaten her out better than any man ever could and then she’d found her face pressed against her former co-star’s pussy.

She had never expected to lick another woman in her life, but Charisma had guided her and told her how to lick and where. Amy had pushed aside her nerves and done as she was told. She guessed she had done a good job, because Charisma’s sticky, sexy juices were still all over her face.

When she and Amber had begun to hook up, Amy had loved how her friend’s tongue had felt on her face, licking Charisma’s juices off her. Amy liked that Amber had left some behind. She loved feeling it dry against her face. It felt so nasty and so good.

Amy had loved her first taste of pussy and she was wondering what all the other girls at this party tasted like. She tried to tell herself this wasn’t cheating on her husband because it was with another girl, but any excuse would do. Amy had no intention of stopping this. Not when the pleasure was this intense.

The two girls continued to play with their toys, fucking themselves as all around them girls licked and tasted each other. It was such an erotic experience for both Amber and Amy and just watching had their pussies dripping. The toys inside them felt so good and filled up their snatches with hard, sexy plastic.

They traded kisses and played with each other’s tits as best as they could and suddenly heard a moan right next to them. This snapped Amber and Amy out of their trance and they saw that someone was watching them.

“No…don’t stop!” Jessica Biel begged as she used one hand to play with her swaying tits and the other to finger her drenched cunt. “Please don’t stop! It’s so hot! Keep fucking yourselves! You’re making me so damn wet I can’t stand it!”

Jessica would never have believed that her former cohorts on the WB would ever do anything this naughty, but there they had been, using those big toys on themselves right in front of her. It looked so fucking hot and Jessica had immediately been enraptured. She had begun fingering herself immediately.

God, between them and Alyssa it seemed like every hot chick at the network was here and acting like a total whore. Jessica was happy to include herself in that category now. She was a little whore herself after the things she had done the past two days and she knew it.

The sudden presence of Jessica had been a surprise to both Amber and Amy, but they quickly got over the slight shock.

“No, we won’t stop,” Amber grinned. “But you have to join us. Come here baby. Let us touch you.”

Not surprisingly, Jessica was between Amber and Amy as soon as she could physically move her naked body. All that time with Alyssa had been amazing, but Jessica had wanted to try someone new. Now she had found it.

While many of the girls were changing partners and looking for fresh experiences, Kirsten and Eliza seemed ready to hold to the principal of “leave with the one that brung ya.”

Even after they had fulfilled their mutual fantasy of fucking Sarah, the two lovers couldn’t get enough of each other. They furiously made out, rubbing their naked, sweaty bodies together with Kirsten on top of her girlfriend.

Kirsten wrapped her arms tightly around Eliza, kissing her passionately while their tits touched and their pussies dripped against each other’s skin. They still had the glow of their orgasms and neither girl was in any rush to let the pleasure end.

“You looked so unbelievably hot with Sarah, Kiki,” Eliza moaned to her girlfriend in between kisses. “You were getting me so fucking wet.”

“I loved licking you and knowing you had gotten that hot watching me,” Kirsten replied, her stiff nipples rubbing against Eliza’s. “It turned me on so fucking much knowing you were watching me get slutty with Sarah. Mmmmmm I’m still dripping.”

“I can feel,” Eliza smiled as her fingers reached down to toy with Kirsten’s already splayed slit. Kirsten sharply exhaled when Eliza rubbed her wetness, spreading it over her thighs and painting her skin with her own essence. “You are a wet little thing, aren’t you baby? What does my Kiki want me to do about that?”

“Ooooooh just keep touching meeeeeee…” Kirsten sighed happily from the touch of Eliza’s fingers on her cunt. “Fuck me sweetie! Get your fingers in me! Feel how wet I still am for you!”

Eliza did just that, pushing two fingers into Kirsten’s pussy while she craned her head down to lick at the blonde’s hard nipples. Kirsten cooed in rapture from the sensations she felt. It was a slow build up of pleasure inside her, growing with every passing second. Eliza always knew just how to touch her.

Kirsten was still getting her strength back from her last orgasm was happy to just lie back and be touched. Eliza’s fingers felt so good on her and Kirsten closed her eyes and moaned again. She wanted to savor her girlfriend’s touch. It all felt so good. But then Kirsten felt another contact against her skin and her eyes fluttered back open. She knew it wasn’t Eliza’s fingers circling around her nipple, but it was a touch she had felt before.

“Hey you,” Kirsten smiled when she opened her eyes to see Natalie gently teasing her nipples and lightly running her tongue over the stiff pink buds.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it,” Natalie admitted with a slight blush. “I saw you and Eliza and you looked so beautiful. I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”

“You’re forgiven if you keep doing that,” Kirsten sighed, loving the feeling of two soft girl tongues on her tits.

“I’ve missed you guys,” Natalie said to girls who were her first lesbian lovers. “I’ve been wanting to hook up with you two again so bad.”

“Now you can,” Eliza smiled before kissing Natalie tenderly on the lips. “You can do anything you want Natalie. You were so hot that night. I’d love to fuck you again.”

“Me too,” Kirsten added. “I was so happy when I saw you get here Natalie. I’ve wanted to fuck you again since you left that morning. You look so sexy.”

“So do you,” Natalie replied. “You both look amazing. I watched what you two did to Sarah. It got me so wet. I want to fuck you both! I want you to do me just like you did her!”

“That can easily be arranged,” Eliza promised with a wicked smile before kissing Natalie again.

There was more heat to their kiss this time and Eliza began sucking on Natalie’s tongue. Then Kirsten propped herself up on her elbows and joined in the kiss, sliding her own tongue into the action. The three naked girls kissed and flicked their tongues together, their moans mixing into one happy, aroused sound.

After all they had done during that one night and into the morning, Kirsten and Eliza were already well acquainted with Natalie’s body and she was the same with theirs. All three girls knew what the others liked and their kisses gained energy the closer they got.

Natalie still had the taste of Shannon all over her lips and tongue and both of her friends delighted in the new flavor. Eliza and Kirsten kissed and licked Natalie’s face clean and Natalie returned the favor by making sure whatever Sarah had left behind on Kirsten’s face was also licked away.

The three girls worked themselves into quite a tangle on the floor. Kirsten was flat on her back again and Natalie and Eliza had both hooked their legs into hers. Eliza was to Kirsten’s right and Natalie to her left while they made out and touched every inch of naked flesh they could get at. Through this position, Kirsten was naturally the center of attention, but she made sure she stayed busy, rubbing her hands down Eliza and Natalie’s bare backs and up front to their firm, sexy tits.

Natalie and Eliza also leaned over Kirsten many times to kiss, pressing their wet tongues together. Natalie reached over and began playing with Eliza’s nipples, making her moan into her mouth. She had been so inexperienced the first time they had done this and now Natalie wanted to show both of her friends how much she’d learned since then. She wanted to show them that she could be just as hot as they were.

But someone else also wanted to show Kirsten and Eliza a little something and she wasn’t about to just wait back for her turn. Natalie was going to have to show them her new tricks later, because Angelina wanted to play too.

“Mmmmm three for the price of one,” Angelina smiled wantonly as she announced her presence. She had shed the last of her clothes since she had been with Lindsay and was now as naked as everyone else.

Just the mere presence of her there made the three girls pause. Even Eliza, who liked to think nothing could throw her, was awestruck as Angelina stood bare before them. They were all down on the floor so it was as if Angelina towered over them literally and as a sex object.

“That’s ok, you don’t have to talk,” Angelina stated. She always enjoyed the stunned silence she cold work both men and women into. Sexual power was the best kind of power in the world, especially when it worked over girls as beautiful as this. “You three don’t have to talk at all. You just have to give me what I want.”

“And what do you want?” Eliza finally asked, though she had a pretty good idea already what it was. It would still be hot to hear Angelina say it.

“Spread those hot little legs for me sweetie and you’ll see exactly what I want,” Angelina grinned, dropping to the floor and winking at her fresh victims.

It felt like hours since she had last tasted a girl, even though it had been just a short time since she had swallowed the last of Lindsay’s juices. Now Angelina had a very appetizing sight in front of her and she was planning on taking full advantage of all three of these little sluts.

Just a short distance away from where Angelina was ready and willing to make Kirsten, Eliza and Natalie her next snack, two girls were comparing the bodies that had already been on display for the whole world to see in Playboy.

“Oh my God…your tits are just so perfect,” Love marveled as she took a full feel of Charisma’s chest. “They’re so beautiful.”

“Your rack aint bad either sweetie,” Charisma sighed, tilting her head back slightly from the pleasure her new lover was bringing her. “You’ve got an amazing body Love. I got so turned on seeing you in Playboy. You looked so beautiful. That’s what made me want to do it too. I wanted to be as beautiful as you were. I wanted to have these pictures forever.”

“Your pictures were great too,” Love replied. “They were so hot. You’ve got a beautiful ass and mmmmmmm I just couldn’t get enough of your tits. I looked at those pictures and imagined sucking on them all night long.”

“Did you play with yourself Love?” Charisma inquired, her whole body tingling with horniness. Amy had been great, but she’d been raw. Now Charisma felt like she was in very sexy and experienced hands. “Did you play with your pussy looking at my pictures?”

Love didn’t say anything, but she didn’t have to. The wide smile and slight blush that crossed her face gave Charisma the answer she’d been looking for and she rewarded Love with a hot, lingering kiss against her pursed lips. Love moaned into Charisma’s mouth and then turned the tables back on her.

“Did you do it for me too?” Love playfully asked. “Did you make yourself come looking at me in Playboy?”

“Mmmmmmmm oh yeahhhhhh…I was hiding that fucking magazine under my bed like some teenager so my husband wouldn’t see,” Charisma admitted. “I’d get so wet seeing you naked and looking so fucking beautiful. I imagined you fucking Sarah and all those other girls at the mansion and I wanted to be there with you. I wanted to be in the photos with you Love, eating your sweet, shaved pussy. Ughhhhh I fingered myself so many times dreaming about your pussy.”

“Now you can have it baby,” Love promised, spreading her legs and exposing every inch of her hairless and dripping snatch. “You can have as much of my pussy as you want.”

Love ran a finger over her own cunt lips, coating it with her moisture and brought it up to Charisma’s lips. The former cheerleader greedily sucked Love’s finger into her mouth, relishing her first taste of the actress.

“So sweet…just like I dreamed,” Charisma happily smiled after licking Love’s finger clean. After Sarah and Alyson had seduced her, Charisma had looked lustfully at just about every hot woman she saw.

Knowing Love lived with Sarah and had also fucked her and Alyson turned Charisma on huge. She had loved fingering herself to Love’s layout, knowing that she knew an amazing secret that no one else getting off to the pictures could even dream about in their wildest fantasies.

Charisma had fantasized about Love so many times. She had just about ruined her copy of Love’s Playboy. Maybe she could ask for another copy…with a special autograph. But that could come later. Right now Charisma wanted to make her whole fantasy come true. Love had indeed inspired her to pose and now Charisma was finally in the position to thank her.

“I taste even better when you’re licking me right from the source,” Love giggled.

She wasn’t shy about wanting Charisma’s tongue inside her, but she knew she didn’t have to hide any desires here. Everyone at this party was ready to fuck and Love was taking to it like a fish to water. She wanted Charisma as bad as Charisma wanted her.

“Mmmmmmmmm I’m sure you do,” Charisma smiled, laying the younger girl down on the floor so she could have better access to all the treats her naked body offered. “I’ll just have to taste for myself now, won’t I?”

Love’s happy cries began shooting through the room almost as soon as Charisma positioned herself over her pussy and dove in for a furious licking, but as far as Avril Lavigne was concerned, she couldn’t hear a thing. She was too busy staring with angry eyes at her supposed friend Michelle Branch.

Michelle was supposed to be her partner in crime in all of their fun today, but now Avril was feeling pretty much stabbed in the back by the brunette singer. Avril couldn’t stop staring as Michelle had her beautiful, perky tits sucked by a horny mouth, but her gaze wasn’t one of arousal.

Avril had gone to get her brand new toy from where she’d stashed it behind the bar, but when she turned her back she had discovered that Michelle had gone off and hooked up with that slut Jessica Alba.

She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Avril had been all set to strap her new toy on and go off and look for Jessica with payback on her mind but then Michelle had gone off and spread her legs for her. What kind of friend was that?

Feeling her anger rise, Avril tried not to focus on how beautiful Jessica looked, with her skin all perfectly tanned and her bare ass just an immaculate vision as she fed on Michelle’s tits, making the singer cry out happily. Avril tried to stay mad. How could Michelle do this to her?

When Jessica reached down and began pawing at Michelle’s pink snatch, Avril took a step forward. Jessica couldn’t touch her Michelle! Avril was still mad at Jessica for making her apologize and act like a little bitch. She couldn’t push her fingers into Michelle’s pussy like that! Who the fuck was she to do that?

With the full intention of settling up with Jessica once and for all, Avril began walking toward the two of them, when someone got in her way before she got too close.

“Ooooooooh who’s that thing for?” Mena Suvari giggled. “I hope it’s for me.”

“Huh?” Avril asked, distracted from her goal by the blonde’s sudden appearance.

“Your toy…mmmm looks brand new,” Mena observed. “Who are you gonna use that thing on? It looks like you don’t have a partner right now. Maybe I could help you out.”

Avril was about to tell Mena to get lost. She had Jessica to take care of. But before the Canadian teen could say a word, Mena took her opportunity and smothered her lips in a kiss.

Mena didn’t pause to ask please or anything. She went right in for the tongue kiss, letting her hands move up to fondle Avril’s exposed chest. The singer was about to object, but when she opened her mouth to speak, a moan flew out instead.

Mena kept kissing her and Avril kept moaning. She was still pissed at Jessica and Michelle, but damn…this girl could kiss. Avril and her boys had watched “American Pie” on the tour bus like a million times, and Avril had never expected anything like this to happen. But Mena was a great kisser. It almost made Avril forget she was supposed to be angry…almost.

“Who said you could do that?” Avril snapped when the kiss was broken. “You’ve got some fucking balls bitch!”

Mena was surprised at the girl’s reaction and it showed on her face. She didn’t quite know how to respond to the sudden burst of attitude she got from the teenager. Mena had assumed that everyone at the party was cool about things and she hadn’t expected there to be any problems with her getting a little aggressive. She had just seen Avril getting it on with Michelle and Jewel.

“I…I just wanted to have some fun with you,” Mena replied.

“You want fun?” Avril demanded, her adrenaline starting to pump as she held the strap on in her hand. “I’ll show you some fucking fun! Come on!”

Avril then grabbed Mena by the hand and pulled her away from Michelle and Jessica. Maybe she could test this toy out first before she gave it to Jessica. Yeah…that was a great idea and Mena was a perfect test subject as far as Avril was concerned.

Out of the corner of her eye, Shannon saw Mena being pulled away by Avril for lewd and lascivious purposes, but she didn’t focus on that for long. She was too distracted by the beautiful pair of tits right in front of her face.

“Mmmmmmmmm ooooooooh Shannon…I love your mouth on my tits,” Jewel sighed dreamily. “Suck them baby. Suck on those big tits. Did you like watching me with Avril and Michelle? I loved watching you fuck Natalie on stage. It was like you were performing for all of us. God that was so fucking hot. You girls know how to put on a nasty show!”

“I know how to do a lot of things when it comes to fucking girls,” Shannon grinned before she got back to the singer’s chest.

Alyson had told her how hot Jewel could be and Shannon was looking forward to finding that out for herself. As soon as she and Mena had helped Natalie off the stage, Jewel had rushed up to them to offer her congratulations for their performance in the form of a hot kiss for all three of them. Mena and Natalie had gone off in search of their own fun, but Shannon had stayed behind to play with the busty blonde.

“Good, I want you to show me every slutty trick you know,” Jewel said. Her hands were cupping her own tits, pushing them up to Shannon’s mouth as the actress kneeled before her and worshipped her chest.

Shannon smiled up at Jewel and kept on licking. She ran her tongue into Jewel’s cleavage and sampled the sweat that was forming on her skin from her sexual exertions.

While she kept licking, Shannon also let her own hands do some of the work. Whichever tit she wasn’t tasting, she was fondling. Her hands and mouth worked in tandem on Jewel’s generous, God given mounds, getting off on how good the soft mounds felt.

Shannon envied Jewel’s tits, especially since she had gotten a little boost from the plastic surgeon for her own chest, but that just made Shannon want to pleasure Jewel more.

With one hand kneading on Jewel’s breast, Shannon hungrily sucked the other one. She let her lips wrap around Jewel’s swollen, red nipple and applied sexy pressure to it. Jewel moaned rapturously in response and Shannon kept it up.

Natalie had done an excellent job of draining her pussy of girl cream, but Shannon could already feel a fresh batch brewing up inside her. She kept sucking on her lover’s breasts and Jewel’s moans only got louder.

“Oooooh good girl,” Jewel groaned. “That’s it! Suck on those tits! Suck on my big, sexy tits baby! I want to feel your drool dripping from them!”

That got another smile from Shannon. She had always loved a great pair of breasts and Jewel certainly had a hell of a pair. Aly had been right as usual. Jewel was one hot chick.

Jewel happily cried out when Shannon did just as she was asked and let her saliva coat her bare breasts. Jewel loved what Shannon was doing to her tits and it was making her get more and more eager to see what she could do between her legs.

Shannon was obviously no stranger to lesbian sex because she certainly knew how to make a woman feel good. Jewel was glad she was already on the floor because if she’d been standing, Shannon’s tongue would have turned her legs to jelly by then.

When Shannon’s hand moved off her breasts and reached between her legs for a gentle stroke against her pussy, Jewel moaned again, her breathing starting to get heavier.

Christ, this girl was turning her on so much that she could probably come just from her sucking on her tits and giving her pussy a few rubs. Jewel usually had more resolve than that, but Shannon was doing wild things to her body. Whoever had taught her about loving women had taught her well.

Jewel decided to return the favor to her new lover. She reached between Shannon’s legs and began rubbing her pussy right back. The two women moaned as one and began kissing as they touched each other. Their lips pressed together and their tongues started claiming territory in each other’s mouths when suddenly a third party emerged looking to join in the fun.

“Excuse me,” Emma Caulfield interrupted, taking on a tone of mock outrage. “I have been sitting here watching you for the last five minutes fingering my hot little coochie and not one of you bitches has invited me to join in. What’s the fucking deal? You weren’t planning on ignoring me, now were you?”

“Hell no,” Jewel grinned. “We just got distracted and figured you were enjoying the show. The more the merrier, right Shannon?”

“Definitely,” Shannon replied. “I know we can squeeze you in Emma. In fact we can squeeze you in…right here!”

Shannon then reached around to her own pussy to spread open her lips and expose her pink folds to the former Buffy star. Emma licked her lips in response and dropped her fake outrage while also dropping down to her knees. Who could stay mad when there was hot pussy that needed licking?

Just as it had before, the room was now filled with nothing but aroused cries and the wonderfully wet sounds of tongues, toys and fingers playing with naked girl flesh. The crowd had only grown from before and there had been no dampening of enthusiasm for anyone in sight.

Close to 40 girls were moaning all at once. Not a second passed by without a happy sigh or a sharp, horny squeal from what sounded like everyone. It seemed like every girl in the room was getting off, but as far as Michelle Trachtenberg was concerned, there were only two girls in the entire room…Sarah and Alyson.

Michelle continued to stare at them, her slick hand glued to her own pussy while her eyes were locked on her former co-stars. The teen licked her lips and moaned, unable to do anything but watch the two naked beauties moan as they passionately kissed and Sarah worked a hard blue dildo into Alyson’s wet and ready pussy.

She had never imagined anything like this could ever happen and Michelle wanted in so badly. But she was afraid to do anything but sit there and watch. Michelle suddenly felt every bit of her 18 years. Sarah and Alyson were so beautiful. They were women. They were experienced at this. They had done this before and it showed in their actions.

Michelle felt like a kid totally out of her league now. She had never even kissed a girl until Elisha and all they had done was finger each other. Michelle had seen what Sarah had done to Kirsten and Eliza and what Alyson had done to Rose. She felt like some dorky virgin in a room where everyone else knew the Kama Sutra by heart.

Michelle burned to play these naughty new games with her friends, but she was too scared to ask. What if she did it wrong? What if she didn’t live up to Sarah and Alyson’s standards? What if they felt she wasn’t good enough to be with them?

The two best friends were so locked on each other that they didn’t even notice the horny, teenage eyes boring into their skin. Under any normal circumstance Michelle would never have escaped their attention, but Sarah was so focused on giving Alyson a proper thank you and Alyson was riding such a wave of pleasure that nothing else entered their brains but each other.

This state of ignorance lasted until Alyson moved her head ever so slightly and saw who was watching them. Getting a look at Michelle pawing at her own naked body over what they were doing, had Alyson moaning with an increased fervor immediately.

“Ooooooooh you like that don’t you?” Sarah asked, assuming that her friend’s sounds came from the toy she was pushing deep inside her. “You like me fucking your pretty little pussy Aly? Mmmm I can feel how wet you are for me baby. I know you fucking love it when I do you like the nasty thing you are.”

“Yesssssss…you know I do,” Alyson hissed. “I love it when you fuck me! Hard and deep! Just how I fucking love it! Ummmmm but she’s watching us Sarah! Look!”

“Who?” Sarah asked before turning her head and seeing exactly whom her friend was talking about. “Ohhhhhhhhh.”

Michelle reacted by blushing and staring down at the floor in shame. She felt like she had been caught doing something wrong, even though everyone else in the room was acting far naughtier. Michelle began to pull her hand away from her pussy when she was stopped.

“No…keep playing with yourself,” Sarah instructed. “That’s getting me hot! I like knowing you’re watching and touching yourself Michelle. Play with that pussy for me baby. I want you to act like a naughty fucking slut Michelle, just like me!”

Sarah never could have pictured herself ever saying anything like that to Michelle. She’d treated her like a sister for so many years. She’d sheltered and protected her on that set. God, she’d known Michelle since she was a kid on “All My Children”. But here, now, with so much arousal all around them, Sarah couldn’t even begin to fight off these wicked urges she felt for her young, former co-star.

Fantasies about Michelle had been festering inside Sarah for years now, ever since the teenager had returned from a summer hiatus with a developed set of tits for season six. Even though Sarah had always tried to push them out of her mind, they had gained strength year after year. Now she had no desire to stop these lusts for the sexy, barely legal girl.

Michelle smiled when she had Sarah’s approval. Her embarrassment disappeared and her arousal grew. Sarah wanted her too. She could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes. Michelle had nearly creamed herself before when Sarah had suddenly encouraged her play with Elisha and if Sarah wanted a show of how she played with herself, she was ready to give it to her. But Alyson had other ideas.

“No, don’t do that Michelle,” Alyson purred. “Don’t waste that girl cum on your fingers. Give it to us! Come join us sweetie.”

A giddy grin crossed over Michelle’s face when Alyson said that and there was a visible shiver of pleasure through her body. Before today Michelle probably would have fainted with shock over the thought of kissing either one of her friends. Now they wanted to fuck her and there was nothing in the world Michelle wanted to do more than let them.

But still she stayed stationary. She didn’t come to them. Michelle was almost afraid that if she moved she would shatter the mood somehow.

Seeing the teenager’s nerves, Alyson sought to get her at ease. She hadn’t set all this up just to have Michelle freeze at the critical moment. Alyson reluctantly pulled herself away from Sarah’s dildo wielding hand and crawled toward Michelle.

When she was close enough Alyson leaned in and gave the girl a tender kiss against her lips. Michelle immediately responded with a moan, urging Alyson on. They kissed again, this time more passionately and Michelle opened her mouth, silently begging Alyson to give it to her just like she had with Sarah.

“Kiss her Aly…suck on that pretty pink tongue,” Sarah groaned as she began using the dildo on herself, rubbing her slit with the hard blue plastic that was already sticky with Alyson’s juices. “Make her a nasty little fuck slut like us!”

“No, that’s your job Sarah,” Alyson giggled in between kisses with Michelle. “After all, she’s my present to you.”

“What do you mean?” Sarah asked with a smile as Alyson got behind Michelle and began kissing her neck and fondling her tits, putting her nude teen body on display for the girl of honor.

“I was so happy when I had a chance to invite you Michelle,” Alyson began to explain to the younger girl. “I wanted to give you as a wedding present to Sarah so she could have what she always wanted. She’s wanted to fuck you for so long sweetie. I could see it in her eyes when she watched you. She wanted to just eat you up. Mmmmmm so did I. So did Eliza. We all wanted to fuck you during that last season. We wanted to drain every drop of sweet cum from you. Does that sound good to you Michelle?”

“Yessssssss please…fuck meeee!!!” Michelle begged, her body writhing in Alyson’s arms.

She loved the way the redhead’s breasts pressed against her back while her hands reached around to fondle her heaving chest. Michelle could feel herself dripping. She’d never been this turned on before in her whole life. It was so fucking hot to think about all those beautiful girls wanting to have sex with her.

“She’s your present Sarah,” Alyson moaned, her own wetness getting to a fever pitch as she pressed against this sexy young thing. If she’d been a woman of weaker will she would have fucked Michelle for herself right there instead of saving her for her best friend. “I know you want her. Fuck her baby. Michelle wants to give you her sweet little cunt! She wants it so bad!”

“Is that what you really want Michelle?” Sarah asked, moving forward so she could caress the girl’s flushed face.

“More than anything!” Michelle immediately and enthusiastically replied. “Fuck me Sarah! Take my little cunt! I want you to be my first so bad!”

“Are you a virgin, sweetie?” Sarah asked, her curiosity aching at the thought. She didn’t interrogate Michelle. She kept her vocal tone gentle.

“No,” Michelle blushed. “I’ve been with a few guys…nothing great. Ummmmm but I’ve never really been with a girl before. Ughhh Elisha and I we…you know…touched each other. And it felt sooooooooo fucking gooooood…but I want you Sarah! I want you to be the first girl to mmmmmmmm you know…eat me! Please eat my pussy Sarah! I want you to be the first girl to taste me! And I’ll do it back to you too! I’ll fuck you too Sarah! I need you! I want you so fucking bad! I’d never done it with a girl until today and all I want is you Sarah!”

Sarah silenced Michelle’s babbling lips with a kiss right to them. It was the first time the two girls had ever kissed like this and it had the two of them moaning together as easily as a snap of the fingers.

It felt so forbidden and so right all at once for them to kiss and they took turns sucking on each other’s tongues. Michelle seemed ready to mimic everything Sarah did to her and Sarah was more than willing to play teacher for her inexperienced lover.

“Yessssss kiss meeeeeee…” Michelle moaned when they broke for breath. Her whole body was on fire and the feel of Sarah’s lips was making her head spin. Michelle never wanted it to stop. She wanted the pleasure to go on forever.

“Kissing is the least of what I’m going to do to you baby,” Sarah giggled, making a promise that had Michelle shivering with anticipation in Alyson’s arms. “I’m going to make sure this is something you’re never going to forget.”

Sarah and Michelle kissed each other again as Alyson reached around and fondled the teen’s firm tits, gently rolling her thumbs over her swollen, red nipples. Little beads of nervous, excited sweat began to roll down Michelle’s lithe body and Alyson licked and kissed her neck, causing her to stiffen and moan in her arms.

Michelle had never even dreamed of pleasure like this and it made her want to do the most wicked things she could imagine to Sarah…and Alyson…and everyone there.

What she had done with Elisha had only been a small taste of the pleasure that was possible from sex with girls. Michelle could see that so clearly now. She was in complete love with how it all felt. It was making her feel such intense ecstasy and it was only from kissing. How good was it going to feel when they did more?

Michelle was in awe of what Sarah and Alyson were doing to her body. She wanted them to make her slutty just like they were so bad. Michelle wanted them to turn her into a little whore who always ready and willing to spread her legs for another girl.

Her arousal was controlling all her actions and Michelle began moaning dirty words to her co-stars. Telling them how wet her pussy was and how she wanted them to fuck her tight little cunt. She had never talked like that before. But it just felt so natural now and she knew it was turning Sarah and Alyson on.

Michelle had never been a prude when it came to sex, but this was so beyond anything she had ever done that her previous experiences had long ago been left in the dust. She wanted to act slutty and nasty and let everyone know how bad she needed this.

And when Sarah leaned down and began licking and sucking on her breasts, Michelle had to close her eyes from all the sensations hitting her at once. The fantasy she had been having before hadn’t disappeared. It had been there all along, gaining strength and waiting fill her brain again.

She tried to fight it off. It was too wicked. But she couldn’t. It felt too good to think about it. It was making her so wet to think this way…to cross this forbidden line and dream this nasty little dream.

Having Sarah sucking on her nipples was just making the fantasy stronger and Alyson’s touch wasn’t doing anything for her resistance. The redhead still held onto Michelle’s tits from behind, pushing the firm, sensitive mounds into Sarah’s mouth.

Sarah sucked tenderly on Michelle’s nipples, wrapping her lips around the aching buds and letting her pleasure grow. As she did this, Sarah’s hand moved between the teen’s legs and touched her slit, slowly rubbing her fingers against her pussy lips.

Moaning in ecstasy, Sarah nearly melted when she touched Michelle for the first time. Her pussy was so soft and wet, like it was almost untouched. Sarah had to resist all her nasty urges to just shove her fingers inside Michelle and finger fuck her raw. She kept touching her tenderly, wanting her to feel as much pleasure as possible.

It was driving Sarah wild to be able to touch her young friend like this, pressing her naked body on top of hers and kissing her hard nipples while her fingers teased her sweet little cunt, and it was having the same affect on Michelle. The pleasure was so great for Michelle that she could no longer hold back on her fantasy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Buffyyyyyy…” Michelle suddenly sighed, unable to control herself. She gasped when she realized she had said it out loud, never intending to vocalize her desires.

Sarah looked up in surprise when she heard it, but that quickly turned into a smile covering her face. She looked up and saw Michelle really, truly did want this. It hadn’t been a slip. It had been a desire bubbling to the surface and it was a desire Sarah was unafraid to embrace.

“Do you like this Dawnie?” Sarah teased, immediately beginning to play along. “You like it when I suck on your cute little tits?”

Michelle nearly came just from Sarah calling her Dawn, but she managed to hold on and instead just moaned desperately. She feverishly nodded her head, lust almost seeping from her pores by now.

“Please Buffy…fuck me!” Michelle begged in character, letting her fantasy run wild now. “Suck on my tits! I need you Buffy! Show me how good it is to fuck girls! I got so wet watching you with Faith and then with Willow! Fuck me like that! Fuck your baby sister!”

“Nasty little slut,” Buffy groaned, her eyes almost rolling back in her head from the perverted thrill she got from this. It was playing right into how she had been afraid to approach Michelle because she was like a sister and twisting it into a kinky role play that had her pussy soaked in no time.

Sarah remembered how hard she’d come one night when she’d made Jennifer and Reese pretend to be the sisters they played on “Friends.” That had turned her on so much and now she was playing the same naughty game with Michelle and it felt even better. Now she was the one giving into this taboo fantasy and Sarah’s mouth watered at the prospect of getting kinky with her “sister.”

“Ughhhhhh you fucking little whore, I love you Dawnie,” Sarah moaned, beginning to hump her dripping cunt against her teen lover’s leg. “Is this what you want, baby? You want your big sister to fuck you? You want Buffy to make you her little sister slut?”

“Oh God yes…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Michelle cried, her voice growing more and more desperate with every moment Sarah teased her like this. It was so fucking naughty and Michelle was in heaven. She wanted Sarah…no Buffy…to talk nasty to her and treat her like a wicked little whore!

“Fuck me Buffy! Fuck your little Dawnie!” Michelle continued, holding nothing back. She fueled every kinky thought she could muster into this. “I love you too and I want you so bad! I want to be your little sister slut! I want my sexy big sister to fuck my slutty little cunt! I’ve been such a nasty whore Buffy! I got wet thinking of my own sister fucking me! I need to be punished Buffy!”

“Oh you’ll get punished you little bitch,” Buffy growled, leaving girl juice all over Michelle’s leg as her grind got faster. “You little whore…getting wet over me…wanting to fuck your own sister! I’m going to punish your nasty little pussy for giving you such slutty thoughts! How did my innocent Dawnie become such a fucking whore? Now Buffy’s going to have to teach you a lesson! Aren’t we Willow?”

Hearing that snapped Alyson out of the stunned trance she’d fallen into. She’d still kept Michelle in her arms, fondling her breasts, but she’d been too shocked to react to anything.

She had never imagined Michelle would have such a fantasy and seeing such wanton behavior from both Michelle and Sarah nearly had Alyson in a lust coma. She was surprised she wasn’t drooling from what she was witnessing. But now that she was being called on, Alyson knew she had to get into this game.

“Fuck yeah Buffy,” Alyson grinned. “You’ve got to fuck this little whore! She wants to be a hot lesbian slut like her big sister. You need to show her how to do it right! Show her all the hot things girls can do to each other!”

“Mmmmmmmm yessss, that’s just what you deserve Dawnie, slut lessons from me,” Sarah wickedly stated. “After all, big sisters should look out for their little sisters, shouldn’t they?”

“You bet they should,” Alyson giggled. “You gotta teach this stuff at home or else young girls will learn about dyking it out from the streets.”

“Does Dawnie want to be a slut like Buffy?” Sarah purred, pressing her naked body flat against Michelle’s on the floor, their heaving chests mashing together and their lips as close as possible without kissing. “Do you want Buffy to show you how good sluts get their pussies fucked?”

“Yessssssss teach me Buffy! Teach me to be a hot, nasty lesbian slut like you!” Michelle begged, a small orgasm rippling through her body as she said it. The pleasure did nothing to relieve her lust, though. It just made her want more. “Fuck my pussy! Fuck your sister’s tight little cunt! Make me take it like a slut!”

Sarah didn’t say anything more. She just smothered her “little sister” in an intense kiss. She could feel Michelle’s hot, soaked pussy against her and she hoped the teen had more juices for her…a lot more. Sarah needed to taste this hot thing. Michelle had become a woman before her very eyes and Sarah desperately wanted to fuck her like one.

When she broke the kiss, Sarah shot Michelle a look of absolute carnality and began kissing down her body, not intending to stop until she reached her wetness. Michelle writhed and moaned with every kiss and each time she moaned out for “Buffy”, Sarah kissed Michelle a little harder and dragged her tongue over her naked, flushed girl flesh a little longer.

Michelle’s pussy was like a volcano ready to burst by the time Sarah got there and she didn’t waste a second before burying her tongue inside it, forgoing tenderness to give the teenager a hard tongue lashing.


Sarah was so worked up from all this that she wouldn’t have slowed down for anyone and anything. Michelle had always been tantalizing forbidden fruit for her and to Sarah that kind of fruit had always been the most delicious. She spread Michelle’s tight cunt lips open with her fingers and let her tongue go wild inside her former co-star. Sarah lapped up the sweet, hot juices Michelle fed her, indulging in the rich taste of the teen’s previous orgasm. She was so creamy and Sarah knew it wasn’t going to be long before the girl was coming again.

“Oooooooh that’s it Dawnie! Fuck your sister’s face!” Alyson urged into Michelle’s ear, getting her off with every hot word. “Rub that pretty little pussy all over Buffy! Fuck her face just like a good slut should! You’re both such nasty little sister fucking whores and you’re getting me so goddamn wet I’m gonna cream myself just watching you! Buffy’s such a pussy loving bitch! She fucks me all the time! Mmmmmm and Cordy and Anya and Faith and Tara! She loves eating out our wet pussies and now you’re just like your slutty big sister! You’re gonna be a pussy loving bitch too Dawnie!”

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS I AMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” Michelle howled as Sarah furiously licked at her pinkness, swallowing her juices and making her clit throb. “I’M A NASTY SISTER FUCKER!!! I’M A PUSSY LOVING BITCH!!! JUST LIKE BUFFY!!! JUST LIKE YOU TOO WILLOW!!!”

Michelle then threw her head back and groaned wantonly. Alyson leaned over to begin flicking her tongue against her nipples, batting the swollen buds around and leaving them coated with saliva. Michelle could see Sarah peering up at her from between her legs, staring into her eyes with nothing but carnal lust. This was getting her off so hard and Michelle could feel body beginning to tremble in orgasmic anticipation.

She had role played as Dawn before once with a boyfriend. She had been the little bit and he had been Spike and it had been awesome, but it was nothing compared to this. That felt like kid stuff compared to what Sarah and Alyson were doing to her. Michelle had never been this turned on before.

“Ooooh she’s gonna come soon Buffy!” Alyson grinned. “Swallow her sweet cum! Lick up all that hot, nasty sister cream! Let Dawnie see how hard you can make girls come! Suck on her clit Buffy! Make her come like you make me and all our slutty lesbian friends come!”

Sarah had no words to offer. Her mouth was too filled with Michelle’s amazing teen pussy to even begin to speak. She was so in lust with her friend. Her pussy was so tight and pink. It tasted so good and Sarah couldn’t get enough of licking it.

Michelle’s folds clung so tightly around her tongue, but since the girl was soaking wet and Sarah was able to move around inside her. Sarah felt her own hot juices running down her legs. She couldn’t believe how much this was turning her on.

Pretending she was fucking her own sister was more of a turn on than Sarah ever imagined it could be. Michelle was so into this and her enthusiasm was stoking Sarah’s arousal as well and she could tell it was having a similar effect on Alyson as well. Michelle kept groaning and begging for more with her needy, horny cries. Sarah wanted to make her friend feel good…she wanted her nasty baby sister to have a huge orgasm.

Making sure her and Michelle’s eyes were locked, Sarah really started to go after her clit. She sucked the young bud between her lips and gave it hard suction that had Michelle’s body flailing against her face in no time flat. Michelle was positively shaking from the stimulation and Sarah kept it up, pushing the girl until she couldn’t hold back any longer.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Michelle screamed, her second orgasm ripping through her body.

It was so intense that Michelle felt like her heart was going to burst. The sensations of ecstasy kept pounding her and whenever Michelle looked down to see Sarah sucking on her pussy and swallowing her cum she imagined it was Buffy and that just made the pleasure sweeter.

“That’s it baby! Soak her slutty face! Soak it in sister cum, Dawnie!” Alyson breathed into Michelle’s ear. “Look at how much Buffy wants you! Look how much she loves eating your sweet teen pussy and making you into a nasty slut like her! She loves getting that pussy loving tongue of hers into you and letting you fuck her face! Give her all your cum! Give Buffy every fucking drop!”

That was just what Michelle did, fucking herself against Sarah’s face and letting her drink every bit of her essence. Michelle cried out until she had no voice left. She opened her mouth to scream her pleasure, but no sound came out.

All she was left with was a glowing, shaking body that was in complete ecstasy, trembling in orgasmic afterglow. Michelle wanted to close her eyes and sleep for like a year now to let the feelings settle over her, but her lovers had other plans.

“Oh no you don’t Dawnie,” Sarah grinned, delighting in being able to pull up from Michelle’s legs to show her how wet and creamy she’d gotten her face. “We’re not even close to giving you your slut lessons yet.”

The noise and energy of Michelle’s orgasm had given everyone in the room pause. It had been so intense that they had to at least look up to see what was going on. But it hadn’t been long before they had all gotten back to their own sucking and fucking. So many bodies were pressed together, moaning and licking and grinding, but there were still a few girls without partners.

One of those was Gwen Stefani. She had been one of the first to go after the toys scattered all over the floor and when she finally found a toy she liked, everyone had seemed to pair up on her, leaving her without a sexy friend to play with.

At first Gwen was going to go and just push herself into a coupling like she’d done with Christina and Maria, but then she changed her mind and decided to enjoy the show instead. Everyone looked so fucking incredible and Gwen couldn’t resist a little voyeurism, especially since she had a hard red dildo in her hand.

She licked and sucked on the toy at first, working it over with her mouth to make sure it was all nice and lubed up for her pussy. Then she had begun rubbing it against her slit, increasing her own horniness and making her lust grow to push the hard plastic inside her.

After years and years of touring Gwen had become an expert at masturbation. She had never been one to go for the male groupies offered to her and she hadn’t wanted it to become too obvious that she had acquired a taste for pussy. So that had left Gwen to take care of her needs on her own.

There had been many sex toys Gwen had simply worn out from overuse over time and she hungered to feel this brand new one inside her. She loved sitting back and watching all these beautiful women go after each other with no inhibition or reservation.

Gwen moaned as she pushed the toy inside her wet cunt, loving how it filled her while the sea of naked bodies surrounded her. She kept her eyes locked on the action as she fucked herself, letting them drift to whatever action was hottest at the moment.

She marveled at Reese pressing Beyonce against the bar, sucking on her beautiful tits and making the singer moan in ecstasy. Gwen had never seen Reese this worked up before and watching her take control of Beyonce was a total turn on.

It was clear just from watching that the singer was putty in Reese’s arms. The actress had her mouth filled with Beyonce’s breast and her hand was pushing into her pussy, getting the singer off with happy cries.

Beyonce was humping herself against Reese’s hand, letting the new brunette finger her into a frenzy. Gwen almost crawled over to them to join in. She would have loved to be kissing Beyonce while Reese fingered her too. Gwen had felt Reese’s touch before and she knew Beyonce had to be in ecstasy right now with those fingers inside her.

Of course there were so many girls in ecstasy to just focus on two of them and Gwen moaned just from watching Katie sandwiched in between Ashley and Salma. The two new arrivals had shed all that was left of their clothing and now it was nothing but bare flesh on bare flesh.

Katie was facing Salma and sucking on her large breasts. Gwen’s mouth watered with desire to feel those tits in her mouth too. She had heard rumors Salma was into girls and seeing it was true almost made Gwen cream the dildo filling her folds.

Since she was sucking on Salma’s mounds, Katie was slightly bent over, sticking her ass out, which Ashley was happily attending to. Ashley fell to her knees and Gwen saw Katie cry out, her eyes growing wide at whatever Ashley was doing to her.

Gwen pulled her body a little closer, but couldn’t quite see what was happening. She imagined that Ashley was licking Katie’s ass though and Gwen longed to feel that too. Rose and Love had come back from their trip raving about Ashley and Gwen wanted to see for herself.

But before that threesome could occupy too much more of Gwen’s attention, she found something very close to her becoming a sexy distraction. Before Gwen knew what was happening, a hand encircled her toy and pushed her own hand away.

This new hand took over fucking Gwen with the toy and when a soft pair of lips pressed against her, the singer didn’t hesitate to surrender to the kiss. She had recognized the girl immediately so this wasn’t an unwelcome advance. Gwen had never been with her before but that was about to change and Gwen eagerly pushed things forward.

“I saw you all by yourself and I couldn’t resist coming over,” Jennifer Garner admitted, a little sheepishly, but without losing any of the aroused smile she had been wearing since she had entered the party. “You looked kind of lonely and I know I need someone to play with so…”

“So let’s play,” Gwen giggled, pulling the dildo out of her pussy and holding it up for Jennifer. It was coated with her girl juices and Jennifer didn’t hesitate to lean down and begin licking the hard red toy, running her tongue over it as she gave into the desires pulsing through her bikini clad body.

“Where have you been?” Gwen asked. “I saw you earlier but then you disappeared.”

“I guess I’ve been kind of hiding,” Jennifer replied, shooting a glance over to the other end of the room where Jessica was playing with Michelle Branch, sucking on the singer’s firm tits while she sat in her lap.

“Awwwwwww why?” Gwen asked.

“Never mind…let’s concentrate on this instead,” Jennifer suggested, getting her tongue back on the toy.

Gwen was quick to agree. Being a voyeur as fun, but not nearly as much fun as sharing a toy with Jennifer Garner. Gwen added her own tongue into the mix and licked the last of her own essence off the dildo with Jennifer, moving their tongues up the shaft until they met and flicked together at the head. When they were done, Gwen turned her attention to a problem that needed to be immediately addressed.

“Oh no, we’ve got to get those clothes off you,” Gwen smiled. “You’re the only one here wearing anything.”

“Then strip me,” Jennifer purred. “I got so wet watching you fuck yourself Gwen. You’ve got such a tight, hot body. I want to be naked with you.”

Gwen set about taking care of that by kissing Jennifer right on her perfect lips. Jennifer immediately responded, kissing back with tender passion. The two girls kissed back and forth and Gwen began caressing Jennifer’s face.

Jennifer’s soft face was so beautiful that Gwen almost got too much into touching it and forgot about her goal of getting Jennifer naked. She quickly corrected herself and moved her hands off Jennifer’s skin to attack the string of her bikini.

As their kisses continued, Gwen undid the knot of her new friend’s top and exposed her breasts. It was quickly cast away with the rest of everyone’s forgotten suits and both Gwen and Jennifer shivered in pleasure from their bare breasts rubbing together. Their kisses gained heat and energy and they were soon tonguing each other’s mouths while Gwen reached for Jennifer’s bottoms.

“Let me at this pussy of yours,” Gwen urged as Jennifer straightened her legs on the floor so the singer could easily slide her bottoms down her legs.

When she was finally naked, Gwen and Jennifer took the time to admire each other’s bare flesh. They both had such long, toned legs and flat stomachs, capped off by small, but incredibly firm breasts. Both girls quickly noticed the similarities in their body types and began fondling each other.

“You’re so beautiful,” Gwen moaned into Jennifer’s ear as her hands roamed all over the television star’s tits.

“So are you,” Jennifer replied. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. I’ve always loved your body Gwen. Mmmmm I’ve been dying to see more of it.”

“Well now you can see all of it,” Gwen pointed out. “What are you going to do about it?”

“This,” Jennifer answered simply, pressing her lips back to Gwen’s and kissing her with hot, wet passion.

Their tongues touched as they explored each other’s mouths. While they kissed, their touching grew more aggressive and Jennifer began to assert herself, pressing down on Gwen until the singer got the idea and lay back on the floor.

As soon as she had Gwen in this position, Jennifer ran her hand down the singer’s firm tummy and went right between her legs. Gwen hissed in desire as Jennifer didn’t hesitate to push her fingers inside her heated core, penetrating her pussy with two girlish digits.

“You like that?” Jennifer playfully inquired.

“Mmmmmmmhmmmmm you don’t have to ask. You can feel how fucking wet you’re getting me,” Gwen groaned before Jennifer kissed her again.

“Good girl, get wet from my fingers,” Jennifer grinned. “I want you all hot and ready for my tongue. Your pussy feels so good on my fingers and mmmmmmm I know it’s going to taste even better Gwen. Do you want me baby? Do you want me to taste your wet pussy?”

“Ohhhhhh yessssssss please,” Gwen begged. “Eat my pussy Jennifer! I’ve wanted you too! God, I can’t fucking watch an episode of ‘Alias’ without my panties getting wet! Give me what I want now! Give me your hot little tongue inside my pussy!”

Gwen’s cries got louder when Jennifer began kissing down her body, keeping her fingers buried inside the singer’s snatch. By the time Jennifer had reached Gwen’s pussy to push her tongue inside with her fingers, the singer was hitting all the high notes and she wasn’t alone.

The room was once again a chorus of ecstatic cries and moans and through it all Rose stood in the doorway, stroking the shaft of her favorite toy like it was a real dick.

Mr. Snappy was now happily attached to Rose, the hard plastic already lubed up and ready to play. She was surprised she had gone this long without getting her old friend around her waist. When she was fucking a girl, she didn’t feel complete unless it was with her.

Rose loved eating pussy, but there was no sensation she craved more than fucking a willing, and sometimes not so willing, chick. It was such a power rush to be able to take another girl like that and pound her into a cooing mass of creaming girl flesh.

Now all she needed to do was find that right willing chick. Rose’s pussy was like a bubbling cauldron underneath her toy. The nub of plastic on the other end was resting comfortably inside her, waiting for the right stimulation to really start rubbing against her needy clit. There were so many girls here and Rose was having trouble picking just one.

She’d fucked so many of the little sluts here and Rose longed to feel their tight pussies wrapped around her toy again. Rose knew that Love went wild for Mr. Snappy inside her and she wouldn’t have minded a chance to fuck Charisma too. And while Britney looked like she was loving feeling Felecia’s toy inside her, Rose knew her ass must have been feeling very deprived right about then. Perhaps she could go and give Britney a sweet little double penetration with her new porn star friend.

But Rose also craved the feel of some fresh meat and there were so many delicious selections here. There was such a tantalizing assortment of girls that Rose knew had to be dying for a chance to feel her hard cock inside them, fucking them into delirious, orgasmic submission.

Rose licked her lips out of the prospect of taking one of those little teen pussies like Hilary’s or Lindsay’s and showing them that she owned them. Mmmm or that little Michelle. Sarah looked like she was having fun with her but Rose felt the young girl needed a little help seeing what fucking was all about.

There were others, of course. Girls like Natalie and Kirsten and women like Cameron and Salma. And of course Sarah. She could show her just what she was going to be missing by getting married on them.

Rose wanted them all…every last guest. There wasn’t a person inside this room that Rose didn’t want to fuck. Finally, it was a combination of the old and the new that caught Rose’s eye and she knew she had found her mark.

Now it was time for this party to really get started.


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