The Harem: Episode 15, Book One – The Fellowship Of The Mansion

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Well then it’s been awhile since we last chatted, hasn’t it? Has the time away been worth it? Will this newest chapter of gooey, creamy Harem goodness meet the anticipation that has been building? Well only time will tell. I think it’s pretty dang good. Now we just have to see what you all think.

But before we get down to the fun, there are a few items to be checked off on the new agenda. First the reading of the minutes and the treasurer’s report. What’s that? You waive reading of the minutes and the treasurer’s report? Well if that’s the consensus then we can just skip onto plot summary.

we last left the sexy girls of Malibu there was much snuggling, smooching and post orgasmic glowing. Rose and Love met up with Sarah, Jennifer and Jewel in New York City just like they’d been planning and had ended up fucking each other silly in the hotel just like they’d been planning. The happy ending only got happier when a call from Brad brought Jennifer back to her husband’s arms and they took a tentative first step toward reconciliation. But with Sarah’s marriage to Freddie looming and her secret plan to leave Malibu forever once she took her vows hanging over her head, were there more storm clouds on the horizon?

Meanwhile at the mansion, the collective forces of Alyssa, Britney and Christina, along with their newest housemate Jessica Alba, did not destroy the place into a heap of rubble. But it did rock the structure to its foundations, particularly when Hilary Duff was seduced into surrendering both her pussy and ass cherries to Britney and Christina’s strap ons. Avril Lavigne also found herself on the business end of Jessica’s strap on and got herself nice and humiliated in the process. So I’m sure that won’t come back to bite anyone in the ass or anything. Nooooooooooo sir. Just like Christina’s plan to hire Jenna Jameson to seduce and blackmail Mandy Moore won’t have any blow back onto her or Britney. It just aint gonna happen.

Rose’s troubles also got a little bit more troublesome when a sex club confrontation between Alyson and Jaime resulted in the psycho blonde’s arrest for kidnapping Tara, who was quite dazzlingly rescued by young Delbert, even as he and his compatriots responded to their arch enemy’s possession of the MAW Device by planning to activate the dreaded Plan B.

So that’s where we are now and if you have any questions, I don’t have time to explain all of previous 14 chapters so just go read the backlog or something at either or

However, I do have time for all praise and criticism, as long as it’s constructive and not just about how much I suck or how my mother has improper relations with farm animals. I put a hell of a lot of hard work into this. By the time I finished this chapter I was like the Jason Robards version of Howard Hughes, not the Leonardo DiCaprio version. So your feedback is much appreciated. I want to know what you guys think of this story so please email me your thoughts at [email protected]

In the thank you department, let’s give a shout out to KayJay for his proofreading, friendship and for not taunting me too hard when the Mets sucked again. To Bethany for telling me everything I do is good and for still speaking to me when I constantly let her down. To Jen for her unflagging support and telling me this story rocked even when I was convinced it sucked and for giving me extremely useful instructions and tips for the proper training and treatment of kitties. She’s the main reason I finished this thing and didn’t just give it all up as an unfinished, untamed mess. And of course to Ghoulardi. He’s out there somewhere folks. We just don’t know where.

Finally this story is dedicated to the memory of Jim Holliday. You might not know his name and you might not know his movies. But if there was ever someone to admire in porn it was him. Sex didn’t have to be angry or overdone or overblown in his movies. It was about beautiful girls getting naked and having fun. That’s what The Harem is all about. His spirit will hopefully live on in the series he helped inspire.

And now for the disclaimers. This story is fictional and is not meant to be an accurate representation of any of the women involved. Second, this story is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of 18. It’s sexual in nature and we all know that no one thinks about sex until they magically reach their 18th birthday. But hey at least if you’re under 18 you can’t get drafted either, so there’s the silver lining for your cloud junior.

Ok…enough babble, I’ve filled up nearly two pages here already…let’s start making the love…Harem style…

The Harem

Episode 15

Book One

“The Fellowship of the Mansion”


With a moan, Sarah felt herself begin to awaken. It was the slow descent from dreaminess to consciousness and it was so gentle that Sarah couldn’t help but smile, even before she was fully free of the fog of sleep.

It was like drifting down from a cloud and that was the kind of waking up that Sarah didn’t mind at all. There was nothing hard or sudden about it at all. It was just a soft push out of dreamland.

And speaking of dreams Sarah had been having a lovely one. She had been naked, but it wasn’t the “winning an Oscar without clothes on” dream. Here she had been naked and having her pleasures attended to like she was Cleopatra or another regal female. She was having her pussy licked with skillful, slow tongue strokes that lapped up her wetness while slaves nursed at her tender breasts and fed her peeled grapes. She was being treated as her status as a queen demanded she be and it was heaven.

Of course in this dream, Sarah’s obedient slaves were all female. Her sex life had been all about girls lately, so why not her dreams as well? The female slaves attending to her breasts and pussy, as well as the one feeding her the grapes, were of the faceless variety. But Sarah didn’t need to see their faces. All she cared about was that they were naked with beautiful bodies and that they were concentrating entirely on her.

It had been an absolutely delicious dream and Sarah’s only regret, as she slowly got her bearings back, was that she hadn’t been able to come. If she’d been asleep for just a little while longer, Sarah had no doubt that her dream girls would have licked her to a sweet little orgasm.

In fact, even as she began to wake, Sarah felt like her dream was continuing. The pleasure she had been feeling swell inside her was still growing. It was then that Sarah woke up enough to notice that she was not alone in her bed. There was a lump under her blankets, positioned perfectly between her legs and whoever was forming this lump was licking her pussy with meticulous skill. Fortunately, this pleasure was no dream.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Sarah moaned happily. She didn’t even attempt to push this mystery girl away. Sarah knew it was a girl. Even if boys were allowed as overnight guests at the mansion, which they weren’t, no man she had ever been with had ever licked her pussy this well.

Sarah supposed she should have been used to this by now. There had been so many times since she had discovered the wonders of female flesh that a soft girl tongue had awoken her. Sarah had loved every time it had happened and it was just as blissful this morning. Whoever it was between her legs, Sarah didn’t want her to stop until she’d licked up every drop of sweet girl cream she had to offer.

Closing her eyes and letting the pleasure from this tongue course through her body, Sarah moaned again and tried to figure out who it was licking her. It was too soft to be Rose and too slow to be Britney or Christina. It could have been Love or Jennifer or maybe Jewel. There were so many suspects for this sexy crime and Sarah couldn’t stand the suspense another moment.

Opening her eyes, Sarah reached down and pulled the blankets away from her body. When the guilty party was revealed, Sarah smiled and giggled in surprise. It wasn’t whom she had expected. But it was a very welcome visitor, nonetheless.

“Bon matin,” Sarah moaned, adopting another language to greet the woman pleasuring her so.

“Le bon matin ma belle madame,” Michelle grinned, peering up from Sarah’s legs, still dressed in her maid’s uniform. “Je ne pourrais pas vous résister quand j’ai vu que vous dormant.”

“You’re forgiven,” Sarah sighed as her sexy maid got back to work on her pussy. Sarah had never had much of a desire to learn French before, but when they had hired Michelle, she had suddenly wanted to know all she could about the language.

Now she knew enough to have a few choppy conversations with her maid and Sarah had already learned one of the most important things. Everything sounded better with a soft, sexy French accent.

“Ohhhhh don’t stop Michelle,” Sarah moaned as the sexy blonde fed on her wet pussy with long, steady tongue strokes against her slit, lapping up her leaking juices. Michelle slid her tongue back inside Sarah’s cunt, licking at her pink folds and making the actress writhe in passion on the bed.

“Yessss this is how you should always be waking me up Michelle,” Sarah groaned. “Lick my pussy you sexy little French slut! Make me feed you some creamy breakfast!”

“Mmmmm that is just what I want,” Michelle grinned, peering up from between Sarah’s legs with juice-coated lips. “I want you to come all over your slutty maid’s face Sarah! Make your cream drip from my face. You looked so beautiful that I knew I needed to wake you. I needed to fuck my sexy madame!”

Michele then pushed her tongue right back inside Sarah’s pussy, heading right for her clitoris and making her groan and arch her back in pleasure on the bed. Michelle’s uniform of black and white lace rubbed against Sarah’s legs while she licked her. The only thing Michelle had removed before she had crawled into bed with Sarah had been her shoes.

She had come into the room as part of her regular maid duties. She had just wanted to collect Sarah’s laundry, but as soon as she had seen the sleeping actress, Michelle had been unable to control her own desires. The sleeping beauty had been a siren call that Michelle hadn’t even tried to resist.

Sarah had looked so gorgeous, her eyes closed and her chest rising and falling so peacefully under her blankets. It had been obvious from the way the blankets were pulled down that Sarah had been naked underneath, so it had been so easy for Michelle to set down her laundry basket, pull away the covers and get to work.

Michelle supposed it was technically wrong to just walk in and start licking a sleeping girl without permission, but no one at the mansion had ever complained when she had done it before.

Besides, Sarah had been away for so long and Michelle had been so hungry for some girl cream that morning that no sane person would have done differently in her position. And now her efforts had given her the reward of having Sarah’s wet, dripping pussy pressed to her lips with her hot, delicious juices only a few licks away.

“Mmmmmmm more…” Sarah moaned, one hand running through Michelle’s long blonde hair and the other playing with her own tits. Sarah went back and forth on her breasts, tugging and teasing one swollen nipple and then going after the other one. It all felt so good and Sarah knew she wasn’t going to last long under this expert licking from her maid. She could already feel her orgasm stirring in her body.

“Ughhhhh that’s it…suck that clit!” Sarah gasped when Michelle fastened her lips to her pulsating clitoris. Her clit was aching for morning love and Michelle gave Sarah just what she needed. “Ohhhhh you nasty fucking girl! Sneaking into my room and eating my pussy while I was sleeping! I should spank your ass raw for that! Don’t you fucking stop Michelle! Get that tongue in my pussy and fuck me like the cum hungry little slut you are! Mmmmmmm you couldn’t fucking resist this hot, tight cunt of mine, could you? Just wanted to jam that slutty tongue up me and eat me out! You’re going to get what you want you naughty whore! Just keep sucking that clit!”

Sarah had to close her eyes and roll her head around on her soft pillow as the pleasure rushed over her from Michelle’s well-trained lips on her clitoris. Even with all the fun she had had in New York City, nothing could ever compare to this. Not even the city of her birth and the beautiful women therein were as good as the non stop pleasure that had been waiting for her return in Malibu.

Feeling Michelle lick her like this had Sarah longing for it never to stop. And it just made it harder for her to know that she was going to be walking away from all of this. She and Freddie had been planning their wedding for months and now that she had returned from New York, it was just a week away. Sarah had already decided that when she got married she had to stop her fun here. It wasn’t right to do that to Freddie. She wanted her marriage to work. She was going to have to commit and never look back.

Sarah already knew how hard it was going to be and it was getting harder with every orgasm one of her friends gave her. No one else had any idea she was planning to do this and Sarah knew that she was going to break the hearts of the girls closest to her with her decision. She didn’t want to do it, but she felt as though she had to.

But Sarah didn’t want to think about that now, though. She was still a free woman and she was going to make the absolute most of these last days. She was going to deny herself nothing. Sarah was planning on indulging in as many orgasms as possible these next few days and that was starting right here with Michelle and her sexy tongue.

“Harder! Lick harder!” Sarah commanded her loyal servant. “Lick that wet little pussy like you fucking mean it Michelle! Make me come!”

The maid was completely committed to her job. Her own pussy was dripping hot juice down her legs, but Michelle didn’t pay it any mind. She was completely focused on Sarah’s pulsating clit and how it throbbed under her tongue strokes.

Michelle loved getting so wet that her pussy dripped without any relief. It just made her own inevitable pleasure that much sweeter. Sometimes she would go a whole day without touching herself while she feasted on the sweet, beautiful pussies of her famous bosses. Then when she finally allowed herself to come it was like a true explosion in her body.

Hearing Sarah command her and spit out dirty words of desperate need had Michelle almost drooling into the actress’ cunt. She had missed Sarah and all of the girls so much while they had been away and Michelle was going to make sure she showed them that the best way she knew how. Michelle let the hot, creamy juices Sarah was feeding her soak her tongue and she began licking harder. Sarah was so close and Michelle wasn’t moving an inch from her position until she had made her madame orgasm.

“Ughhhhhh yeahhhhhhh so fucking close,” Sarah grunted before her words turned into garbled, breathless cries of passion.

Sarah wanted this to last, but Michelle’s tongue was too much for her to resist. Sarah rocked her hips up against the French girl’s face, pressing her steaming cunt up even closer to her flushed skin. Michelle greedily licked, her hands stroking Sarah’s thighs as she kneeled in between the former slayer’s spread legs, each tongue stroke getting her closer and closer.

Michelle had her face right up against Sarah, not allowing for an inch of space between her and her madame’s bare flesh. Michelle had just given Sarah’s pussy a touch up the day before and now she was happily pressed up to the clean-shaven mons. Michelle loved being with shaved girls. There was nothing to tickle her skin or irritate her face. It was just smooth, soft girl flesh for her to kiss and lick.

The French girl kept licking Sarah, each tongue stroke sending a shot of pleasure through Sarah’s naked body, making her buck on the bed. Sarah’s body shook with the ecstasy Michelle’s tongue was giving her and each thrust up and down made her ass bounce and grind against the soft sheets. It was all accompanied by high-pitched squeals of delight with every lick. Sarah was gasping for breath and crying out as best she could while loving every second of it. Her frenzied yips of rapture were filling Michelle’s ears and making her lick harder.

Sarah’s clit throbbed under Michelle’s tongue and when she finally paused licking, it was only to start sucking on the girl’s pleasure center. Michelle wrapped her lips around the super sensitive bud and sucked on it fiercely, drawing Sarah’s orgasm right out of her without a second’s more delay.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Sarah screamed in relief, her orgasm rushing through her body. She couldn’t have stood waiting much longer. She had needed to come and Michelle gave her body what it craved. While she cried out in breathless, garbled exclamations of ecstasy, Sarah’s body arched off the bed and she curled up her toes. The pleasure coursed through every inch of her and left her face sweaty and smiling.

Sarah’s cries filled the room and no doubt escaped out through the closed door, entertaining whichever housemates were passing by. Sarah hoped they heard her. She hoped every girl in the house heard how hard Michelle was making her come. Sarah wanted them all to join her. She wanted an orgy right here in her bed…a non-stop tangle of naked girl flesh that never ended.

“Oooooooooooooh…” Sarah groaned as her orgasm finally cycled down. She fell back onto the bed, rubbing her bare ass against the sheets and indulging in her afterglow.

“Mmmmmmm good girl…clean that pussy out…ooooooooh lick up every drop of that cum,” Sarah groaned, caressing Michelle’s hair and feeling her whole body tingle in pleasure.

When Michelle felt she had finally licked Sarah dry, she pulled herself up and pressed her fully dressed body to Sarah’s nude one. Michelle lay atop of Sarah and kissed her passionately; sharing the juices she had collected with her beautiful madame. Sarah immediately kissed back, sliding her tongue into Michelle’s mouth and tasting her own orgasm.

“Thank you,” Sarah sighed happily when the kiss finally broke.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Michelle smiled, sliding off the bed and picking up the forgotten laundry basket as she left the naked Sarah lying on her bed, glowing in orgasm. Michelle’s own pussy would have soaked her panties by now if she had been wearing any. But since she was bare underneath her uniform there was nowhere for her juices to go but down her legs.

Michelle loved how those hot juices felt tingling against her skin. She didn’t care that she hadn’t come. Giving Sarah pleasure had brought Michelle pleasure and she was feeling good through every inch of her body as she strode out back into the hallway, the taste of Sarah still all over her lips.

By now everyone else was starting to stir out of their beds and it didn’t take long for Michelle to encounter another of the house’s residents.

“Good morning Rose,” Michelle said cheerfully to the raven-haired sex goddess as they passed in the hallway.

“Morning Michelle,” Rose replied. She walked right by Michelle and then suddenly froze and turned around. “Hold it. Get your ass right back here.”

Michelle immediately obeyed, turning around and walking back toward Rose.

“Is something wrong Rose?” Michelle asked, her voice purring as she leaned forward and pressed her cleavage up to make sure Rose had plenty of reasons to not be mad at her. She didn’t know what she had done to upset the actress, but Michelle was sure she could flirt her way out of it.

“What have you been up to this morning?” Rose demanded, eying Michelle suspiciously.

“Me? Not a thing Rose,” Michelle lied, batting her eyes and playing innocent.

“Yeah right,” Rose smirked before reaching out and grabbing Michelle by her uniform. The sudden action caused Michelle to drop her laundry basket, but she didn’t mind, especially when Rose pressed her lips to hers in a hot kiss. Michelle moaned as Rose kissed her passionately, sucking on her tongue and tasting her lips. But just as suddenly as it had begun, Rose ended it.

“I knew it,” Rose said triumphantly, licking her own lips. “I’d recognize that flavor anywhere. It’s Sarah. Were you a naughty little whore Michelle? Were you sneaking into Sarah’s room when I wasn’t looking?”

“I am sorry,” Michelle admitted, blushing a little at having been caught. “I saw her sleeping and she looked so beautiful. I could not help it. I had to have her.”

“What did I tell you about that?” Rose said, grabbing Michelle’s long blonde hair and giving it a forceful tug. It wasn’t a painful pull, just enough for Michelle to listen up and remember who was boss.

“You said we could not play with Sarah today,” Michelle sighed, loving the hard feel of Rose’s hand in her hair.

“That’s right, so why were you sneaking around and licking Sarah’s pussy when I told you not to?” Rose demanded.

“I am sorry…I…I…could not help it,” Michelle moaned, Rose’s free hand pinching her nipples through her uniform.

“Well you’d better help it, otherwise your invitation to the party might disappear,” Rose said.

“No…no…please…I will be good,” Michelle claimed, desperate not to lose the invitation that had been promised to her. Everything she had been told about the party had been amazing. She had to be there. She couldn’t miss it.

“Are you going to behave?” Rose asked.

“Yes, I will be a good girl,” Michelle replied, her voice filled with desire as Rose continued to tug on her hair and pinch her nipples. “I will do whatever you say Rose.”

“Are you going to play with Sarah anymore today?” Rose asked.

“No…you have forbidden it,” Michelle answered.

“Good girl,” Rose smirked, letting go of Michelle’s hair and releasing her nipple. “Now go finish the fucking laundry and get your ass to my room and get naked. I think a naughty little cunt like you needs to spend some time with Mr. Snappy.”

“Mmmmmmmm whatever you wish madame,” Michelle moaned, smiling blissfully at just the thought of Rose’s favorite toy inside her pussy…or better yet…her ass.

Michelle picked up her fallen laundry basket, gathering the scattered clothes in the process, and making her way down to the laundry room. Despite her position, Michelle had never really been one for housework and now she had even more incentive to get everything done quicker.

Rose took a moment to study the maid’s ass before making her own way downstairs. She watched Michelle’s sexy curves under her uniform, the short ruffled skirt just long enough to cover her cheeks but give anyone a great view should she bend over. Rose couldn’t help but lick her lips. She could already hear that little French whore’s cries of passion as she fucked her.

Despite Michelle’s little playtime with Sarah, Rose’s plan was still moving along nicely. Everything was in place and Rose was confident she could take some time to tend to her own pleasure without everything going to hell. But before she taught Michelle a little lesson about following orders, Rose knew she had to take care of something else first. She didn’t like fucking on an empty stomach. Breakfast was her new priority.

Walking downstairs, a short, silky red kimono the only thing keeping her naked body from the world, Rose quickly walked into the kitchen where she saw she wasn’t the only one who was looking for some morning nourishment.

“Hey,” Jennifer Aniston brightly smiled when her housemate walked in.

“Hey yourself,” Rose smiled right back before walking over and taking Jennifer’s face into her hands. Rose gave Jennifer a proper good morning kiss and then some, sucking the actress’ tongue right into her horny mouth. Jennifer immediately melted into the kiss, moaning happily against Rose’s lips. Jennifer felt her nipples stiffen reflexively against her bra and t-shirt. She had been planning to go for a run on the beach, but she was already thinking there was a better workout right here.

“Mmmmmmm now that’s how you say good morning,” Jennifer laughed when they finally broke the kiss to taste oxygen.

“Just wanted to make sure you remember what’s waiting for you here,” Rose said. “We can’t have you spending all your time with Brad. I don’t want you forgetting how much you love girls.”

“Stop,” Jennifer playfully replied, giving Rose a little push. “I could never forget.”

Jennifer then showed Rose she meant what she said by kissing her this time. Now it was Rose’s turn to moan as Jennifer gave her a tender, sexy kiss that left Rose’s lips tingling and craving more.

“Not bad,” Rose teased, licking her own lips free of Jennifer’s saliva. “Good to see that being back with Brad hasn’t undone everything I taught you.”

“What’s the matter Rose, jealous?” Jennifer said, deciding to turn the tables and do a little teasing herself. She was feeling plenty happy these days and it was filling her with the sense she really could do anything she wanted, even go toe to toe with Rose.

When she had gone to visit Brad that night in his hotel room she hadn’t known what to expect. She had known what she had wanted…her husband back in her life. But Jennifer hadn’t known if that was possible. They had talked all through the rest of the night and into the morning. She had hurt Brad by sneaking around with her housemates and he had hurt her by suddenly leaving without a word. There was so much pain to get through.

There had been some tears and a lot of apologizing from both of them and somehow, through it all, Jennifer and Brad had ended up in each other’s arms. They hadn’t wanted to rush anything, but they both knew they didn’t want their marriage to end. So since then they had been taking things slowly and they had been making progress every day in getting back to where they had been before.

Jennifer had made it clear to Brad that she had changed and that she couldn’t go back. She needed her female friends and not just for sex. They had a connection that she felt couldn’t be broken. But Jennifer wanted Brad to know that there was no man for her but him and that she still dreamed of having the family with him they had always planned. Brad wanted that too and Jennifer had promised him that if she could play with her friends, then sometimes he could play with them too.

Her housemates had eagerly accepted that agreement, a little too eagerly for Jennifer’s taste to be honest, but nothing like it had happened yet. Jennifer and Brad didn’t want to rush into things. They wanted to take baby steps to repair the damage. They were back together and Jennifer knew that soon Brad would be the first man to spend a little quality time at the mansion, but not yet. They couldn’t take things too quick.

Now Brad was away, seemingly promoting “Oceans 12″ in every country in Europe. That left Jennifer back at the mansion with her girlfriends, but at least she had the sense that it was all going to be ok now.

Of course Brad had gotten turned on thinking of his wife with another woman and having her in a whole mansion of them had him aching with desire. Jennifer had enjoyed teasing him with erotic thoughts about what would happen when they all got together. It made her feel turned on and powerful and unafraid of everything. Now she was even trying to take on Rose in her element.

“Me? Jealous? Not fucking likely,” Rose snorted. “You can have your pretty boy hubby. Go be little Miss Domesticated.”

“You are jealous,” Jennifer laughed. “C’mon, admit it Rose. You’re jealous. I just wonder what you’re jealous of. Is it Brad because he gets to have me now too? Mmmmm maybe you’re just jealous of me. Maybe you’re jealous that I get Brad’s hard cock in me and you don’t. Maybe you’re getting horny for a man Rose?”

“What’s in that coffee you’re drinking?” Rose asked with a shake of her head. “I think you’re high again Jen. Did you sneak next door again or something? You’re talking crazy.”

“You are jealous…” Jennifer teased. “You want Brad, don’t you? You’re probably jealous that Love got all the action on your road trip. Rose wants a man!”

“You’re just trying to get me to shut you up, aren’t you?” Rose grinned, playing along with Jennifer. She didn’t want anything but new and hot bitches to turn into her pussy craving sluts. Not that she would have turned Brad down if he had wanted to play though…but Rose wasn’t going to give Jennifer the satisfaction of hearing her admit it.

“Oooooh yeahhhh…how you gonna shut me up?” Jennifer giggled, hoping that it involved Rose throwing off that kimono and pushing her face into her pussy. Jennifer couldn’t remember ever having been as worked up as she had been recently. She was wet and ready for sex at every moment. Having the burden of her and Brad off her shoulders had freed her up to crave sex without guilt.

“Maybe I could just uninvite you from the party,” Rose shot back, pulling out her trump card. “I might just put you on pussy licking probation, just like Michelle is now. One more wrong step and your invitation gets lost in the mail.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” Jennifer challenged.

“Wouldn’t I?” Rose winked. “There’s going to be so many hot pieces of ass there Jen, that you won’t even be missed. Sarah won’t even think to ask where you are until it’s all over.”

“I’ll be good,” Jennifer grumbled, the smile never leaving her face. She knew it was an empty threat, but she played along anyway.

Even though she acted like it, Rose wasn’t that mean and besides Jennifer knew that it was never enough for her horny housemate and there was no way she was going to stop anyone from coming to the party. The more bodies the better. Jennifer didn’t even know all the details yet, but what she had heard was making her wet just from picturing it and she knew Rose wasn’t going to stop one more sexy tongue from being there, especially if that tongue belonged to her.

“See that you’re very good,” Rose replied with a wink. “This party might technically be for Sarah, but I am going to own every little bitch at it and that includes you Jennifer my dear.”

“Mmmm you already do,” Jennifer laughed before giving Rose another kiss. This one was more loving than the last one. It was soft, tender and very wet. They both had been through so much to get to this point and neither Jennifer nor Rose felt that this was just about sex anymore. It was about so much more.

“Damn right I do,” Rose grinned. “And you’re going to show me how much I own you. I already have Michelle waiting for me in my room and you’re going to be joining her soon. Sarah might be going cold turkey, but I sure as hell am not.”

At the sound of that statement, Jennifer frowned a little.

“What?” Rose asked. “What’s that look for?”

“Oh nothing,” Jennifer replied. “Really, it’s nothing. It’s just that well…maybe this is kind of mean to do to Sarah.”

“Hey she’s the one going off and getting married on us, she deserves a little punishment,” Rose pointed out. “Besides she’s going to mad at us first, but in the end the only thing she’s going to be doing is getting on her knees and kissing our asses to thank us for doing it to her.”

That thought got Jennifer giggling. She hoped Rose was right. Sarah did have a temper and she certainly didn’t want to be on the business end of it, especially if what they were planning worked. It wasn’t just Rose’s idea. They had all decided to go along with it. But still Jennifer had doubts. She didn’t want to be mean to Sarah and she had a feeling that the next day and a half was going to be a not-so-nice slice of hot, pulsing frustration for the sexy ex-slayer.

But before Jennifer could express anymore of those doubts to Rose, she found herself distracted by something…or rather someone. Nudity was nothing new around the house, but that didn’t mean that everyone couldn’t pause what they were doing and appreciate when a fully nude Alyssa Milano walked into a room.

“Morning everyone,” Alyssa said cheerfully as Rose and Jennifer tried to stifle giggles over their housemate’s complete casualness when it came to her nudity. Alyssa seemed ready and willing to embrace the nudist lifestyle when she was in the mansion and it was rare that she ever covered herself with anything.

Of course none of the girls minded the chance to gaze at Alyssa’s naked body, especially how she jiggled in all the right places when she walked, but she was so carefree about it that it was a source of good-natured laughter at times.

Jennifer didn’t think she’d ever have the nerve to brazenly display herself like that, and even Rose wasn’t that free about her body. When she got naked it was with a purpose. When she tore her clothes off it was because she wanted to fuck. Alyssa was naked when she was watching TV, reading a book or, as she was then, helping herself to some coffee.

“So how’s it feel to be back Jen?” Alyssa casually asked. “I hope you don’t miss New York too much. Of course, if I’d been there with you, they would have had to drag me back here kicking and screaming considering the hotties you were bagging over there.”

Jennifer smiled and blushed slightly. She had gotten quite a few notches on her belt from her trip with Sarah to the East Coast. Since they had returned the two of them had been filling their housemates’ ears with tales of their erotic New York adventures and with names ranging from Parker Posey to Catherine Zeta Jones to drop, Jennifer had impressed her friends with her conquests. She couldn’t help turning a little red in the face, but it felt good to be reminded of all the fun she’d had.

“Well I wasn’t the only one having fun,” Jennifer pointed out. “I heard the stories about what went on here while we were away. You were pretty busy yourself Lyssa.”

“Well, I don’t want to brag,” Alyssa grinned before she was suddenly interrupted.

“Then don’t brag,” Rose interjected, always looking for a chance to tweak her co-star a little. “Besides it’s not like you did anything.”

“Excuse me?” Alyssa challenged, not liking what she was hearing. “And what exactly does that mean?”

“You heard me,” Rose said in full smirk mode. “Don’t act like you were doing anything over here when you’re just riding Christina and Britney’s shadows. Face it Lyssa, without me around to show you the way you were about as useless as a condom is in this house.”

“Whoa…back the fuck off for a second,” Alyssa gasped. “I did plenty!”

“Oh yeah? If bringing fresh pussy to this place was like paying rent, you’d be like six months past due,” Rose claimed. “What exactly did you do while we were gone? Britney and Christina threw the party. I didn’t hear about you inviting the Pussycat Dolls into the fun. Christina brought that tight little piece of slut meat Hilary Duff here. Britney got Natalie Portman over. I don’t hear your name coming up a lot in this, do you Lyssa?”

“Hey! I got Avril Lavigne into bed, didn’t I?” Alyssa shot back.

“Big deal,” Rose replied, feigning a yawn. “If what you told me about that girl is true then anyone could have gotten that whore into bed. That’s hardly worth caring about. Where’s the challenge Lyssa? You’re slipping. Once you hit 30 you lost it, face it.”

“Ohhhhh fuck you,” Alyssa snapped as Jennifer just watched silently. She’d seen Rose and Alyssa go at it enough times about who was hotter to know that their fights were always quickly forgotten and no one ever took it personally.

“Oh you’ve done that time and time again and I always end up on top, Lyssa dear,” Rose grinned, leaning in to kiss Alyssa on the lips. Despite her anger, Alyssa couldn’t help but respond. She felt her pussy begin to stir, but just as quickly as Rose had begun, she stopped.

“Heyyyyyyy…” Alyssa pouted when Rose yanked her lips away.

“I don’t even know if you’re worthy of getting kissed anymore Alyssa,” Rose teased. “You’re barely a slut anymore. You’re just Christina and Britney’s little sidekick.”

“Take that back,” Alyssa ordered. “You take that back right now!”

“No way,” Rose insisted. “I meant it. From what I heard you barely did anything when Hilary got her cherries popped. You were like their little handmaiden or something, mopping up the pussy juice after they were done. Face it, you’ve lost it Lyssa.”

Alyssa reacted by staring at Rose with cold steel in her eyes, abandoning her coffee and stalking off angrily. If it were possible for steam to pour out of someone’s ears, then Alyssa would have pulled that off and then some.

“Rose, don’t you think you went a little too far there?” Jennifer asked in the wake of their housemate’s abrupt departure. “I think you really hurt her feelings.”

“No way,” Rose replied, dismissing the idea immediately. “Everything I said was true and Alyssa knows it. She acts like she’s mad at me, but she’s really pissed at herself for being a little chaste lump when everyone else is out getting their fuck on. Now she’s going to go out and try and prove me wrong so everyone wins. Alyssa gets herself some hot pussy and then brings her home for us all to share. Lyssa’s going to thank me in the end for this. Just like Sarah will. I’m just showing them some tough love.”

“I just hope you’re right,” Jennifer said.

“Jenny baby, I’m always right,” Rose confidently grinned before kissing her housemate again and leaving Jennifer quivering when she broke their lip connection. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to make sure my little slut gremlins are doing their job.”

* * * * * * * *

Still tingling from her orgasm, Sarah finally found the will to get up and slip out of bed. It had felt so good to just lie there in her afterglow like a lazy, happy lump, but Sarah couldn’t stay inactive for long. It wasn’t in her nature. She had to get moving. Sarah slipped on her bathrobe, grabbed her shower kit and began walking toward the shower room.

One of the mansion’s design quirks was the group shower room, which was set up very much like a gym’s shower room. It didn’t make for a very private setting, but it did make for a lot more fun. You never knew who was going to walk in on you while you were soaping yourself up and that was the best part.

Even though she had just come, it wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy Sarah. She wanted to be having non-stop fun in these last days and one orgasm wasn’t even close to cutting it. She wanted more…a lot more and as she walked down the hallway an opportunity immediately presented itself.

“Hey sexy,” Sarah said, happily greeting Jennifer Love Hewitt with a soft, desire filled kiss in the middle of the hallway. Love had been headed in the opposite direction and it was easy for their lips to meet.

“Morning you,” Love smiled, eagerly returning the kiss. For the next moments they were lost in each other, their soft lips pressing together and their tongues touching in a passionate lock. It just felt so natural for them to kiss. The sparks that had flown from their first kiss all that time ago at the audition hadn’t lessened a bit.

“I was just about to take a shower,” Sarah said, slipping her fingers into Love’s hand and squeezing it warmly. “Why don’t you come and join me?”

“I already showered,” Love replied, playing innocent.

“Mmmmm but I’ll bet you didn’t have someone in there to scrub your back and get to all those hard to reach places…like right here…” Sarah purred as her free hand reached around back of Love’s jeans and pressed her thumb against her asshole.

“Oooooooooh,” Love dreamily sighed, her eyes reflexively closing as she moaned. Even though she was dressed and all Sarah was pressing into was denim, Love couldn’t help but feel wicked shivers shoot right up her body. She loved having her ass touched and teased and Sarah always knew how to do it just right.

“C’mon Love,” Sarah pressed, loosening her robe to expose her naked body. “Get in that shower with me. I can wash you and you can wash me. I know you want to…”

Sarah pressed her thumb harder against Love’s sensitive hole through her jeans, making her writhe and moan. The blonde smothered Love’s lips with her own, kissing her passionately while she stimulated her ass, overwhelming Love’s resistance.

“Oooooh oooooh oooooh Sarahhhhh…” Love happily cooed. It felt so good. She couldn’t fight it off, even though she knew she had to. Love could feel horniness seizing every inch of her body. She didn’t even want to wait for the shower. She wanted Sarah to yank her jeans off, spin her around so her hands were pressed up against the wall and her ass stuck out so she could lick and probe every inch of her hole.

“Mmmm Love I want you baby,” Sarah continued, her chest heaving with every aroused breath she took as she pawed at Love’s ass. “Don’t deny me. Let me fuck you so good. Let me strip you and fuck until you can’t even move.”

“Oh God…mmm…we can’t,” Love claimed, trying to summon her resolve before she truly did pass the point of no return. This was the exact thing Rose had told her that under no circumstances was she to do. Love hadn’t expected Sarah to be so aggressive and it was making it so hard for her to say no. But she knew she had to.

“Of course we can,” Sarah giggled, wondering why Love, usually so eager for any fun, was resisting her. “There’s no rule that says we can’t. Don’t fight me off Love. I’m horny and I want to fuck. And I am taking you one way or the other.”

“Ohhhh,” Love sensuously groaned, picturing Sarah just pushing her down and having her way with her. She wouldn’t have put up a lick of a fight against her housemate ordinarily, but today Love had to do the one thing she thought she would never do…turn down girl sex.

“No…we can’t…” Love insisted, managing to wiggle herself free of Sarah.

“Why not?” Sarah demanded, her face as shocked as she felt. “Are you feeling ok Love?”

Love immediately seized upon that as an excuse. She had been hoping to not see Sarah that morning because she hadn’t been able to think of any good reason to avoid getting naked with her friend, but Sarah’s statement was like a light bulb going off over her head.

“Yeah! Ughhh I really feel bad this morning Sarah,” Love lied, kicking herself for agreeing to Rose’s plan and depriving herself of fun. “I’ve got this big, pounding headache and my stomach feels like it’s a top spinning around.”

“Are you sick?” Sarah asked, immediately placing her hand on Love’s forehead. “You don’t have a fever or anything.”

“Thanks mom,” Love giggled. “I don’t think it’s anything. I just need to lie down a little bit.”

“Ok,” Sarah replied, visibly disappointed that Love wouldn’t be joining her in the shower. “I guess I can scrub my own back all by myself. It won’t be the same without you though Love. Maybe I can come and check on you later?”

“Please, I want you to,” Love smiled, lying again. Well it was only sort of a lie. She wanted Sarah very badly to come and check on her non existent aches and pains and try and make her feel better, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to. Love wasn’t about to break Rose’s orders, as much as she wanted to.

“Lie down and feel better,” Sarah said tenderly, kissing Love again.

“Mmmm thanks,” Love replied, happy that Sarah had bought her excuse and that she hadn’t had to come up with some elaborate story. Love had never been good at lying. She got nervous and screwed things up. It had been that way from the days when her mom used to ask if she had taken the cookies she hadn’t been allowed to touch and it hadn’t changed now that she was in her late 20′s. Her lying moments were when her inner spazz really came out.

Sarah then continued to walk down to the showers and Love watched her friend walk away, enjoying the sway of her toned ass under her robe. She couldn’t believe she had just done that. She had just talked herself out of having sex. Love hoped this didn’t become a habit.

“Nice work there,” Christina Aguilera suddenly said, poking her head out of her room and grinning. “I saw the whole show. I was on the verge of jumping in there and breaking you two up. But you handled it well. Of course if she had overpowered you, I would have come to your rescue.”

“Yeah to join in probably,” Love laughed.

“Yummy,” Christina said with a lick of her lips, not denying anything. “So are we going to do this or what?”

“Yeah let’s do it,” Love replied. “We don’t have much time until Sarah gets back.”

Christina and Love then walked towards Sarah’s room. Christina was only wearing a baby t-shirt and the barest of red thongs. She might as well have been naked because Love could already basically see her entire ass. Not that she minded the view though. Sarah had left her so horny and frustrated over having to say no that Love was already thinking about what she and Christina could do to each other after they completed their mission.

Rose had assigned Love and Christina this task because Love knew Sarah so well and Christina would be able to make sure it got done. Love felt bad about doing this to her friend, but Rose had assured her that it would be worth it and Sarah would be thanking all of them.

Sneaking into Sarah’s room the two girls quickly got to work. Love went and grabbed the vibrator she knew Sarah kept under her pillow while Christina went through Sarah’s drawers and pulled out anything that could be considered a sex toy.

Just as Christina was giving a hungry eye to the anal beads she yanked from Sarah’s sock drawer, Love removed Sarah’s pocket rocket from her purse. Love even went so far as to pull out the copy of Playboy with Charisma Carpenter on the cover that Sarah kept between her mattresses for some “reading.” Rose had told them to get everything and she and Christina weren’t leaving anything to chance.

“What about this?” Christina asked, holding Sarah’s hairbrush.

“You really think she’d do that?” Love asked before both of them immediately summoned the mental picture of Sarah, naked on her bed with her legs spread wide as she pumped the wooden handle of the brush into her wet pussy.

“Better take it,” Christina declared, dropping it into the plastic bag she was carrying.

“Definitely,” Love agreed, running into Sarah’s bathroom and taking the vibrator she knew Sarah kept behind the toothpaste. She thought about taking Sarah’s toothbrush too, but ultimately decided it was too small to have much of an impact.

Love and Christina ran around the room in a flurry, taking whatever they could without leaving the room too disturbed. Sarah was going to find out about this eventually, but the longer they kept her in the dark, the better chance they had to hide this stuff. They didn’t want Sarah to know until later that all her sex toys had been nipped.

“Is this everything?” Christina asked.

“Unless she’s got some new stuff, that’s it,” Love replied, pangs of guilt tugging at her again. “Are you sure we should be doing this? Sarah’s going to be so pissed.”

“Hey I’d be going fucking ballistic if you guys did this to me, but you heard what Rose said,” Christina declared. “Besides, I think she’s right. This is totally going to be worth it. Once we get to the hotel and things get rolling, you’re going to see she’s right too. Now let’s get out of here.”

Christina scurried away, Sarah’s toys in tow, with Love was right behind her. They’d cast the die now. There was no turning back. This was either going to end with one hell of a lot of fun or Sarah snapping and going slayer on their asses. Time was going to tell. Mission accomplished indeed.

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, as Love and Christina completed their shenanigans in Sarah’s room, others were making their final preparations for what lay ahead tomorrow. That included finalizing the guest list.

“C’mon you have to be there,” Jewel insisted, lying in her bed, a phone cradled under her chin.

“I want to…you know I do…I just…I just don’t know if I can,” the nervous girl on the other end replied. Jewel could hear it in her voice how badly she wanted to say “yes.” All she needed was a little convincing. Jewel wasn’t about to let this prize slip away and she was ready to say anything to get her to come.

“It’s going to be so much fun, didn’t you have fun with me in the hotel?” Jewel pressed. “Wasn’t it hot? Didn’t it make you fucking cream like you’d never creamed before?”

“Mmmmm,” came the reply from the other end and Jewel knew that meant, “yes.”

“Then come to the party,” Jewel urged. “That was just a warm up what we did. There are so many hot girls out there who want a piece of you. Don’t you want to let them? Don’t you want them kissing all over those beautiful breasts of yours and sliding their tongues into your tight little pussy mmmmm and then right into that ass.”

Jewel heard another groan of desire and a quick tightening of breath that she knew came only from arousal. Normally Jewel wasn’t the type to twist someone’s arm to get them to join in sex play, but this was too big to not resort to a little pressure. After all it wasn’t every day you had the chance to talk someone like Beyonce Knowles into joining in a party that promised to be the event of their lives.

“I want to, it’s just that I think Shawn is getting suspicious,” Beyonce said. “I don’t think I can just disappear like this for the weekend.”

“Don’t be afraid, you can do it, I know you can,” Jewel insisted. “It wouldn’t be the same without you there. We’re going to have so much fun. I can’t wait to show you off.”

“Is that all I am to you? Some conquest for you to show off to your friends?” Beyonce demanded, bristling at Jewel’s word choice.

“No that’s not what I meant,” Jewel replied, kicking herself for screwing up when she was so close to sealing the deal. “You know I care for you B. I just want you to come and have fun with us. It’s going to be unbelievable and I want you there. I had so much fun with you and I miss you.”

“I miss you too,” Beyonce said, her anger flare cooling quickly. She didn’t mean to snap at Jewel, but this whole thing had her on edge. She had never expected to be seduced like she had been and she had never imagined in her wildest dreams that sex with a woman could give her the pleasure it had. She had never felt the sexual intensity before or since that Jewel had given her and she wanted more.

Ever since they had parted after that one passionate night, Beyonce had craved Jewel’s touch again and to know that the blonde Alaskan beauty had so many sexy, famous friends with the same desires, had Beyonce’s body quivering.

Since the day she had called her with an invitation, Jewel had been filling Beyonce’s ears with lustful tales of all-girl celebrity debauchery and Beyonce had wanted in. She wanted to lose her inhibitions and indulge in her wicked desires like she had with Jewel, except on a grander stage. If what had happened in the hotel had been a baby step, Beyonce craved moving to the advanced level.

But with new desires came new fears for Beyonce. Her arrangement with Shawn Carter, whom the world knew as Jay-Z, forbid her from outside lovers to keep rumors from starting that would lead to the truth about their relationship. They were together in a fake relationship and while Beyonce liked and respected Shawn, she had seen his temper and he knew that if he caught her with someone else, even another woman, then he would explode in rage.

She felt so trapped. Beyonce wanted this so badly, but she just couldn’t get it. She was too afraid of getting caught. Shawn had been starting to get suspicious of her long phone calls with Jewel. Beyonce didn’t think he knew the truth, but she feared it was only a matter of time before he did.

“You can’t miss this,” Jewel insisted. “Please Beyonce. I want you to come. It’s going to be so incredible. Remember what I told you, about what happened the first time I was at the mansion, well this is going to be even better and I want you to be there. We’re all going to make you feel so good. I can hear in your voice how bad you need it.”

“I do…” Beyonce sighed, feeling her body fill with lust. She wished she was there with Jewel right then so she could show her how bad she needed it. Her schedule was so demanding and more and more Beyonce felt like rebelling against the image she had created of the good little church going daddy’s girl who never did anything controversial. She wanted to get wild and nasty, just like she had done with Jewel in that hotel room.

“Then say yes,” Jewel said. “You can disappear for a few days and Shawn will never know you were gone. He doesn’t have a tracking device in you. You can come and let us play with you. C’mon Beyonce you have an invitation to paradise here, don’t let it slip away. Remember what we did in your hotel room, how good it felt? Remember when I stripped you naked and slapped and spit in that tight little pussy of yours?”

“Yesssssssss…” Beyonce hissed in desire.

“Remember how I spanked that ass of yours and then jammed my tongue inside that pretty hole while I rubbed my big, soft titties against your pussy,” Jewel purred, knowing her words were driving her friend mad with lust. Jewel knew Beyonce would be the hit of the party and what better gift to give Sarah before her wedding?

“Oh gawwwwwwwd,” Beyonce groaned. “More…tell me more…make me wet!”

“You like that, huh?” Jewel smiled. “You like me saying nasty things to you B? You like remembering how wet and slutty we got? You know something baby? I’m naked now and I’m playing with my tits while I talk to you. I’m getting my nipples so hard thinking about you sucking on them just like you did and then rubbing them against that dripping cunt of yours again.”

“Mmmmmmmmm oooooooh,” Beyonce moaned. “Ughhh yeahhhh Jewel. Fuck me with your titties. Just like you did on that couch. Ohhhh you made me come so fucking hard that I stained those cushions. Pushing those big tits in my pussy while you tongued my asshole. Mmmmmm every day I want to feel you do it again.”

“I want it too baby,” Jewel replied, her hands rubbing her bare breasts. She hadn’t been lying about being naked. She was completely bare on top of her sheets in bed and her nipples were so swollen as she tugged at them, thinking about Beyonce’s lips attached to her sensitive tips.

“I want to rub my big white tits all over that beautiful black pussy and make you cream all over them again,” Jewel moaned, her own pussy dripping down her leg. “Mmmm and then you know what? You can watch my friends lick them clean? Want to see Britney or Christina suck on my tits and lick your cum off? Mmmm or Sarah? Or Jennifer Love Hewitt? You can see how pussy hungry we all are and how bad we all want to fuck you Beyonce.”

“Ughhhhh fuck me!” Beyonce sharply groaned. “Fuck me and make me come! I want all of you to fuck me!”

“Are you touching yourself Beyonce?” Jewel asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yesssssss…” Beyonce sighed. “Is that what you want to hear Jewel? How I’ve got my panties down around my ankles and my fingers in my pussy while you tell me nasty things? Does that turn you on? Because I do! I’ve got my fingers in my pussy and I’m fingering myself!”

“It will be even better when it’s my fingers inside you,” Jewel said, her voice dripping into Beyonce’s ear. “Or when it’s Jessica Alba’s fingers. Or Alyssa Milano. Mmmmm or Rose. I told you all about her, didn’t I? How she loves to fuck. She’s got this amazing toy and you won’t need those fingers inside you when she’s filling your pussy up with her hard cock. It never, ever goes soft and she’ll make you fucking see rainbows and stars when she takes you. You’ve never been fucked before like she fucks.”

“Ahhhhhh…yessssss…I want her to fuck me!” Beyonce gasped. “I want her to fuck me with that big hard toy. I want her in my pussy and my ass. She can take any hole she wants! I need to be fucked Jewel! I need all of you to fuck me until I can’t move another inch!”

Beyonce was trying to keep her voice low, but it was so hard when she was feeling so good. She was bottomless in a chair in her bedroom. Her shorts were long cast aside and her red panties were indeed around her knees as she fingered her own sweet snatch. Beyonce had a button down shirt on that morning and she had opened it enough to reach in and play with her nipples while she talked to Jewel. She had the phone cradled under her chin as she touched herself.

“We will,” Jewel promised. “Every girl there is going to fuck you. I know how bad you need this Beyonce. We can make you feel so fucking good. All you have to do is say yes. You don’t need to worry about Shawn. You just need to remember how good it felt for me to fuck you and how we can make it so much better if you just come to the party.”

“Yesssssssssssss…I’ll come…I’ll fucking come!” Beyonce groaned, a smile tugging at her lips at the unintentional, but still very appropriate double entendre. She pumped her pussy with two of her fingers, rubbing her throbbing clitoris as she imagined all those beautiful, famous girls naked and fucking her. She had never thought something like that was possible, but she knew Jewel wasn’t lying to her. She knew that she wasn’t playing.

“Mmmm that’s just what I wanted to hear,” Jewel smiled happily. “Now make yourself come now. Make yourself come thinking it’s my fingers in your pussy, rubbing your clit. And my friends are there too. Britney’s feeding you her big tits, making you suck her pink little nipples while Christina’s got her tongue on your tits, licking them all over. Mmmmm and Sarah’s there too. It’s her party. You can push your tongue into her pussy Beyonce and lick her just like you licked me. You treated me so good baby. You made me come so hard. I know you can make her come too. Would you like that? Would you like Buffy to come all over your pretty face?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss…” Beyonce hissed, hitting a sensitive spot with her fingers. It was such a delicious scene in her head. Part of her didn’t want to come just so Jewel wouldn’t stop telling her these nasty things.

“Mmmmm she can drip her sweet cream all over your face and then Jennifer Aniston can lick it all off,” Jewel continued. She had actually never done phone sex before, but she felt like she was doing great at it. Beyonce sure was moaning a lot on the other end. “Did you ever watch ‘Friends’ and think that Rachel would be licking your face clean of girl cum, Beyonce? Well she will. She’s got such a hot tongue and she’ll lick your pussy so good. She can lick your hot, dripping pussy while I’m behind you getting my tongue in your ass. Would you like that Beyonce? Two tongues inside you? Licking your pussy and ass while Jennifer Love Hewitt presses her pussy to your face and makes you lick her until she comes?”

“OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Beyonce cried as she suddenly felt her pussy grip to her fingers. She came with such a sudden rush that she wasn’t even ready for it. Her whole body shook at the fantasy image and the phone slipped out from under her chin, hitting the floor with a thud. Beyonce didn’t even move to pick it up. All she did was keep pumping her two fingers into her creaming cunt as her free hand pinched her swollen nipples under her bra.

At first Jewel wondered what had happened on the other end when she heard the phone drop, but when she heard the ecstatic moans, she knew she had done her job. She was so wet hearing Beyonce come for her, and she began rubbing her own pussy. She was getting off plenty just from hearing Beyonce come.

Jewel just closed her eyes and smiled as she heard Beyonce’s orgasmic cries. She could so easily picture her friend covering her mouth with her hand to muffle her joy so no one else would discover her. It was such a rush to hear Beyonce’s beautiful voice in orgasm again and Jewel nearly came herself listening to those muffled cries continue until they faded into happy moans.

“Still there?” Beyonce asked, trying to catch her breath when she finally picked up the phone again.

“I never left,” Jewel replied. “Sounds like you had fun.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Beyonce moaned. “God, you know how to get a girl off Jewel. Mmmm you made it sound so hot.”

“It will be even better when you’re actually there,” Jewel reminded her friend. “Now you owe me for that orgasm B. I want you there. Say you’ll be at the party baby.”

“I will,” Beyonce promised. “I’ll get there somehow.”

Beyonce didn’t know how she was going to slip away long enough to pull this off, but she knew she had to try. If it felt that good just thinking about what was going to happen, then there was no way she was going to miss seeing it all play out.

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Jewel wasn’t the only one finalizing the guest list. She was only responsible for one girl, while Alyson Hannigan felt responsible for the whole fucking show. She had been the driving force behind all of this and she just hoped that the end would be worth all the hard hours she had put into planning it.

Alyson quickly corrected her own thought. She knew it would be worth it. There was no way it could go wrong. All the elements were there. Alyson just had to make absolutely sure that they all came together, no pun intended.

“So you’re coming right?” Alyson asked into the phone. She had her notebook out and open as she finalized her RSVP list. Like a wedding planner on speed she had planned this out to the last detail. She wanted this to be an epic sexual experience for all of them, but she also wanted it to be a great party for her best friend. If Sarah was insisting on getting married, Alyson wanted to give her one hell of a party.

“Are you kidding? Nothing on this Earth would make me miss it,” Reese Witherspoon declared on the other end. “I’ll be there bright and early.”

“Great,” Alyson replied, putting a big smiley face in red next to Reese’s name in her book. “Your plane ticket should be waiting for you and when you get to the hotel then you just tell them you’re with the Jane Smith party and they’ll give you everything you need.”

“Have you ever been to a place like this?” Reese asked.

“No, I’ve always been dying to go though,” Alyson replied. “I never had a reason. Until now. What about you?”

“Yeah right,” Reese laughed. “Ryan never would be caught dead in a place like this. It might force him to pay some attention to me.”

“Awww poor baby,” Alyson giggled. “Well we’re going to make sure you get lots of attention.”

“Mmmm just what I need,” Reese said, closing her eyes and already picturing it. She did need this trip. She was aching for it. She’d jumped right from filming a movie to having her son to almost right back to work. She’d had no time for a break and she needed one so bad. It was so hard sometimes. Reese wouldn’t have traded being a mother for anything, but a weekend getaway from her domestic life sounded like heaven to her.

She had been so close to out and out leaving Ryan and his moody, neglectful ways, but then she had found out she was pregnant with Declan and it had changed everything. It had been so long since Reese had felt a woman’s touch and she hungered more for it every day. She wanted to feel alive and sexual again in the ways that only being with another girl could make her feel. She needed to put her career and her family out of mind for just a time and concentrate on nothing but pleasure.

So when Alyson had called her and told her what she was planning for Sarah, Reese hadn’t hesitated to join in. She felt like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for this day. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this excited about anything. She just wanted the hours to move faster so it would get here. Reese had been practically giddy with anticipation the past few days and Ryan didn’t have a clue why.

“I need it too,” Alyson laughed. “This has been a rough couple of weeks. I could use the stress relief.”

“Yeah…Sarah told me about that,” Reese said. She hadn’t wanted to bring it up, but Alyson had opened the door. “Is everything ok with that?”

“Yeah,” Alyson replied. “I don’t really want to talk about it though. I’m just glad it’s over and no one ever really got the word out. It was just a crazy night.”

“Well I’m just glad everything’s ok now,” Reese said. She didn’t know many of the details, but if Alyson didn’t want to talk about it then Reese wasn’t going to press it. “Maybe tomorrow I can help you with that stress relief.”

“Mmmmm I’d love that,” Alyson sighed, already more than eager for the pleasure she was sure awaited her if this thing went off like the planned. “I haven’t seen you in so long Reese.”

Since they were both close friends of Sarah’s, it was easy for Alyson and Reese to fall into a friendship of their own. They weren’t best buddies forever or something like that, but they were very friendly and shared a warm rapport. After they both had been introduced to Sarah’s new bi side, it had been a natural step for them to begin some playtime too. They had been together a few times at the mansion and they were both eager for more.

“I’m so wet just thinking about it,” Reese moaned into the phone. “I’m dying for some fun. I can’t wait for this to happen.”

“Well don’t go wasting all that creamy energy on your fingers,” Alyson advised. “Save it for the party when everyone’s going to be hungry for a taste of that sweet little pussy of yours.”

“Thinking of that’s just going to get me wetter,” Reese giggled. She hadn’t been at the poolside orgy, but she had heard enough about it and had seen enough action at the mansion to long for what would happen when a big pile of horny girls lost their inhibitions and gave into their desires.

“Just don’t tire yourself out then,” Alyson replied. “I’ll see you tomorrow, ok?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Reese answered. “Nothing’s going to keep me away.”

“Bye sweetie,” Alyson said, ending the call and looking down at her RSVP list. There were so many smiley faces and only a few frowns for those who couldn’t make it. It was going to be a huge guest list, but Alyson didn’t feel overwhelmed by it. She wanted a huge turnout. In fact part of her wished it was even bigger.

There were only a few names left to be marked off one way or the other. Everyone at the mansion had been allowed to invite as many guests as they wanted to, as long as they were there to play and not just sit around and gawk. Alyson had invited so many girls herself. Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth were going to be there and Alyson had stacked the deck with Buffy co-stars as well.

Amber Benson, Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter, Amy Acker, Emma Caulfield and Michelle Trachtenberg were all going to be there and Alyson couldn’t wait to see their reactions. Alyson had already been with Eliza and Charisma before, so she knew they were eager to play, but as far as she knew everything was going to be a complete surprise to the rest of them.

Alyson was dying to see if they’d freak or rip their clothes off and join in and her pussy throbbed at the possibility of the second option happening. Alyson wanted them all, especially Michelle. Sarah had no idea her on-screen sister was coming and Alyson was dying to see the two of them together, locked in lust, as they indulged in hidden passions they had stored for too long.

Even if they did resist at first, where were they going to go? They were going to be on an island. It wasn’t like they could swim back to L.A. So Alyson was confident that any resistance they had at first would soon be kissed and licked away.

The girls at the mansion had promised to bring their sexiest friends and Alyson was drooling at the thoughts of what they could all do together. Jewel had promised to bring Beyonce Knowles. Jessica Alba was bringing Jennifer Garner. Eliza was bringing her mystery girlfriend. Christina Aguilera had teased them with the possibility of Hilary Duff and Britney Spears, not to be topped, had promised she was going to get Natalie Portman to come.

And all of that was just the tip of the iceberg. Alyson could scarcely believe who was going to be there and she had organized the damn party. She could only imagine how Sarah would take the festivities in her honor.

Alyson just wanted the fun to start now. Things had been so stressful and she just needed to let go and relax the best way possible…in a pile of naked girls. They would ease her frazzled nerves and make her forget about the recent trouble she had been in.

She had never expected anything to happen like what had gone down at the club. Her sexual preferences for B&D had been something she had always hid, except from her special sex partners like Shannon and Mena, but all had been revealed the minute those handcuffs had been slipped on her wrists.

The important thing, of course, was that Tara was ok and that cunt Jaime Pressley was behind bars on kidnapping charges. Alyson had felt such cold fury in her body when she had seen what Jaime had done to her friend, brutalizing her and making her into her little pet. Thank God someone had rescued her after things got so crazy in the club. Alyson would gladly have let the world know about her fetishes if it meant Tara had been ok.

Now Tara was out of the hospital after getting a full examination and a few days of rest. And fortunately there had been no charges filed against her, Shannon or Mena. None of them had been breaking any laws by being there and the LAPD had been quite embarrassed about their overzealous officers. So now they were cleared in the eyes of the law, but the rumors persisted.

Because Tara and Jaime were both known names in Hollywood the incident had garnered its fair share of attention from a scandal starved press. Fortunately Alyson’s personal assistant had been ready and willing to be as ruthless as possible about keeping their names out of it. Alyson smiled when she thought all about what her assistant, Jennifer, had done for her. She had really gone above and beyond to protect her. Of course, Alyson had always looked out for her assistant and made sure she was treated with special care, so she supposed a little devotion was to be expected.

Jen had attacked this problem as efficiently as she did everything else. Even if she hadn’t been a smoking hot girl, Alyson would have been happy to keep her on as an assistant just because of how well she did her job. She couldn’t have asked for a more effective girl to keep track of her life and the fact that Jennifer was oh so easy on her eyes was just a big, sexy bonus as far as Alyson was concerned.

Along with some assistance from Alyson’s publicist, they managed to stop the story cold and protect her, Shannon and Mena’s identities. Any reporters who had gotten close to the story had found themselves bribed, cajoled and even subtly threatened. Alyson hadn’t wanted to know all the details of how Jen had kept the story from breaking, she was just glad she did.

Since there was no official police report about them, there were just rumors about who had been in the audience of the club that night. They had managed to stop anyone from getting it confirmed, but unfortunately Jen hadn’t been able to keep those rumors from leaking.

It had been about then that NBC had told Alyson that they were passing on her comedy pilot. They had been so high on it at one point, even talking about an 8:30 Thursday spot after “Joey” but suddenly they had gotten so cold about its prospects. Alyson didn’t know if the rumors were the reason, but she knew it certainly didn’t help.

Losing her show had been a real blow, but Alyson wasn’t about to let it get her down. Tara was ok, Jaime was behind bars and she had her friends. She would do more movies and maybe try again with another show. Alyson felt secure about her career. But still a little stress relief was most welcome.

Alyson had been forced to come clean to Sarah about her dominant tendencies. After all rumors had been flying and she hadn’t wanted to lie to Sarah. Fortunately her best friend had been completely cool about it. Alyson had never wanted to control Sarah the way she did Shannon and Mena. When it came to sex, she wanted them to be on an even field, where power was never the issue, but pleasure was.

She had been afraid that Sarah was going to freak about her secret, but Sarah had just smiled and asked if she could watch her in action one day. That possibility had made Alyson so wet and she hoped that it might even happen at the party. Just thinking about all that could happen was getting Alyson super soaked and she began to ignore the advice she had just given Reese.

Leaving behind the few RSVPs she still had to confirm, Alyson got up with pleasure on her mind. She was getting real horny real fast and she knew it was going to be useless to try and ignore these impulses. She had to find some relief. Alyson still had a lot of work to do for the party. But there was really no harm in taking a little break for some play. Especially since Alyson was going to make sure she had a lot of energy left for tomorrow.

Alyson began walking up to her bedroom, dropping her clothing as she did so. Each step closer to her bed left another article of her clothes behind. Smiling all the way, Alyson stripped off her shirt and bra and left them scattered on the floor along with her shorts and sandals.

As she walked up to her bedroom, the source of the ecstatic moans of female sexual pleasure she had been hearing since she had begun walking up the steps, Alyson removed the last of her clothing, pushing her soaked panties down her legs and opening the door.

No one minded the interruption. In fact no one even noticed. As Alyson strode completely nude into her bedroom the two redheads writhing on the bed didn’t offer any reaction other than the happy moans and signs that always came along with girl sex. Alyson didn’t make any move to break the couple up. She just stood by the bed and watched with growing arousal.

If only the tabloids that had come sniffing around after the incident of the club knew what was really going on. That had only been a little slice of it. What Alyson was seeing now was a glimpse of the big picture.

On the bed, Laura Pepron, star of “That ’70′s Show” was moaning wildly as a soft girl tongue licked her dripping slit and slid inside her pussy. Laura’s long red hair was tossed all over her face, but she didn’t even move to brush it off. The pleasure she was feeling was too intense for there to be any distractions permitted. Instead Laura’s hands were on her breasts, fondling the beautiful mounds as they jiggled with every ripple of pleasure that passed through her nude body.

It hadn’t been easy for Alyson to get Laura to embrace the pleasure of another woman, but it had been well worth every drop of sweat she had put into her seduction. Alyson had first met Laura when she had done two guest appearances on “That ’70′s Show.” It had been lust at first sight. Alyson had always loved getting with her fellow redheads. They were so rare. It was like trapping and taming an exotic animal.

Unfortunately, Laura, who was otherwise completely friendly and down to Earth, was totally straight. Shannon, who had been on as a recurring character, told Alyson that she had already put out a few feelers on her, but all avenues had been quickly cut off. Alyson never gave up easily though, especially when the prize was someone like Laura. She had begun a concerted effort to seduce Laura.

At first they had just been friends, but Alyson kept pushing on it until they were spending lots of time together. Eventually Alyson had confessed her bisexuality to Laura over a bottle of wine one night. It hadn’t been a drunken confession, but rather a calculated attempt to gauge Laura’s reaction. Laura had been accepting, if a little taken aback. She had even nervously confessed that she had had a few same sex crushes when she was in her early teens, but hadn’t acted on them.

That little crack in her straight girl armor had been all Alyson had needed and she had spent the next weeks trying to widen that crack…to try and show Laura how good it could be with another woman and all the pleasure they could bring each other. Alyson became freer with her language and had tried to work sex into as many of their conversations as possible, just to tickle Laura’s curiosity.

Finally the dam had broken when the two of them had reunited to do guest voices on an episode of “King of the Hill.” They had been joined by another guest star, Lindsay Lohan, and Laura had blushingly confessed to Alyson that she thought the teen starlet was cute. Alyson seized on it and stoked Laura’s idle fantasy notion until it was a raging fire in her libido. That night, with visions of Lindsay dancing in her head, Laura had let Alyson take her lesbian virginity.

Just as Alyson had hoped, after that first night Laura hadn’t been able to get enough. Her first taste of pussy had brought to life the deep bi impulses that Laura had had buried inside her and ever since then barely a day had gone by without Laura calling up Alyson and begging to see her again.

Shannon had joined them for a threesome on a few occasions and Alyson was looking forward to introducing her friend to Mena. And Laura had just told her the other day that she had put the moves on Mila Kunis and found her co-star to be very receptive. Alyson couldn’t wait to see those two girls in action together. She could already close her eyes and picture Mila’s dark head buried in between Laura’s legs, lapping away at her pussy while her co-star’s trimmed red bush tickled her nose.

But that would have to wait for another day because Alyson already had some girl on girl action on the bed that was well worth her undivided attention. Laura was lost in lesbian ecstasy from the tongue in her pussy and when she finally opened her eyes and saw her hostess had entered the room she smiled.

“Mmmmm Aly…she’s so good,” Laura moaned, moving one hand away from her breasts and pushing it through the red hair of her lover, who remained between her legs. “Thank you for letting me play with your little pet.”

“Isn’t she best little kitty you’ve ever seen?” Alyson grinned, putting her own hand with Laura in the other girl’s hair, petting her. “She’s so well trained. Kitty knows just how to use that slutty little tongue of hers, doesn’t she?”

“Yessss…ohhhhhhhh fuck yessss…” Laura replied in sexual bliss. “Such a good slutty kitty. Mmmmmmm I love her tongue! Good little kitty…lick up all that fucking cream you’re making me drip on that nasty tongue!”

At the sounds of the compliments, the “kitty” purred happily. She didn’t let the praise go to her head, though. She just kept licking away at Laura’s dripping snatch, letting the sweet, sexy juices coat her tongue and tickle her needy taste buds before sliding down to her stomach.

Of course the “kitty” in question was no actual feline. Rather it was Alyson’s assistant, Jennifer, lost in character. Jen had always fantasized about this…being a beautiful woman’s sexual pet…and Alyson had been so receptive to making that fantasy come true. Now Jennifer was so into her part that she actually had a fake tail attached to her waist and a pair of kitty ears on. It might have looked silly under everyday circumstances, but when Jen’s gorgeous body was naked except for her tail then laughter was the last reaction anyone could have.

Alyson’s eyes hungrily shifted from Laura to Jen as she feasted on the actress’ wetness. Jen was on her knees now, her face pressed deep against Laura’s pussy as she eagerly licked, seemingly dedicated to getting every drop of delicious juice with her tongue. Jen’s large breasts swayed hypnotically as she licked, bouncing into each other and making Alyson’s own pussy quiver and drip.

Jen had always been such a dedicated assistant, making sure that Alyson’s life was in perfect order. But then one day, in the search for a misplaced day planner, she had stumbled on Alyson’s closet of goodies. At first Alyson was worried that her assistant was going to quit and run right off to the tabloids, but that had been far from Jen’s reaction.

Instead Jen had been quick to fall to her knees and beg for forgiveness, telling Alyson that she needed to be punished hard for her snooping. Alyson had been shocked to see her assistant had such a well developed sub side, but that shock hadn’t stopped her from whipping Jen’s ass raw that night and then kissing the tender flesh until it was all better. Alyson soon discovered that there was nothing Jen wouldn’t do for her. There was no ball gag that Jen wouldn’t accept and no handcuffs she wouldn’t willingly slip around her wrists. She was devoted to Alyson and to serving her boss completely.

That was a perfect situation for Alyson, who had long lusted after Jen, but hadn’t wanted to mix business with pleasure. Now she had the best of two worlds with an efficient, no nonsense assistant who would become her mindless, obedient fuck toy at the mere snap of her fingers. Turning Jen into “kitty” was the natural next step and Jen knew well that whenever Alyson used her pet name it was time for some play, morning, noon or night.

Recently Alyson had been feeling a little guilty about doing this to Jen. She had gotten so enraged seeing how Jaime had treated Tara as her pet. Was she really any different?

She had confessed these feelings to Jen one night recently. She had told her assistant that if she ever wanted to stop these games all she had to do was say so and there wouldn’t be any hard feelings at all. Alyson never wanted to force anyone to do anything. She never wanted to lose control of herself and become like Jaime was. But Jen had assured Alyson that she was kitty because she wanted to be and that she loved playing the pet for her beloved mistress.

Just as she was with Shannon and Mena, Alyson wasn’t a cruel mistress to Jen. She loved her sexy, obedient pet and treated her right, making sure kitty got a steady diet of sweet, yummy cream. Alyson was also very happy to make her kitty’s fantasies come true. Jen had long ago confessed to Alyson that she had a mad crush on Laura and considered her her favorite fantasy. Jen had always loved redheads and had lusted after Laura’s body since her first glimpse at “That ’70′s Show.”

Since Alyson had already seduced Laura into her bed, there was no reason not to make her kitty’s sexy dream come true, especially since Jen had done such a good job to bottle up the scandal. So Alyson had invited Laura to the house and filled her in on the details, telling her to strip naked and wait in her bedroom. Laura had eagerly agreed and when Jen had reported to work that morning, Alyson had told kitty to crawl upstairs and help herself to all the cream she wanted.

From the looks of things they had been at it for hours. Both girls’ naked bodies were coated with a lovely sheen of sex sweat and their pussies looked so wet and well fucked. But that hadn’t slowed them down a bit and Alyson took pride in seeing how much Laura was enjoying her pet.

“I trained her myself,” Alyson said before kissing Laura’s pursed, moaning lips. “I took her to kitty obedience school and made her the mindless little pet she is. And kitty is such a good pet for her mistress. She does everything she’s commanded. That’s why mistress loves her kitty so much. She’s such a good pet.”

Alyson stroked her kitty’s red “fur” again, petting her as Jen looked up from Laura’s pussy to stare at her mistress. She didn’t pause her licking for an instant, but shot Alyson a sexy look so her mistress could see her eyes and how mindless and obedient they were for her. Alyson knew that look well. It was the look that said as much as she loved her kitty, it couldn’t possibly compare with how much kitty loved her mistress. The stare promised complete and utter devotion and it always made Alyson so horny.

“Ughhhhh yesssssss you fucking trained this slut so well Aly!” Laura exclaimed as Jen hit a sensitive spot on her clitoris. “Such a nasty little cunt licker! Mmmmmm she’s going to make me come all over her fucking kitty face again! That’s it kitty! Lap up that cream! Just like my pussy is a big saucer for you to bury your slut face in! Make me fucking soak your kitty skin! Lick that snatch you whore! Show me what a slutty kitty you are! Show me how bad you want this sweet cunt to burst all over your face!”

Alyson groaned herself at the sound of those words, her fingers grazing over her own swollen clit as Laura spoke. She loved hearing Laura talk dirty and she had such a hot mouth on her when she got horny. That nasty talk sounded so good with Laura’s strong voice. There was no weakness in her voice at all, just a horny desire that Laura wasn’t shy about expressing. She was the perfect girl for kitty to worship and Alyson got off seeing her loyal pet’s face buried between Laura’s legs, feasting on the pussy that had filled her fantasies night after night.

Watching all the action has Alyson eager to get a taste for herself and she leaned down to suck on Laura’s nipples. Laura hissed in pleasure as Alyson attacked one then the other, teasing and toying with the hard pink pebbles that capped off her tits. She could never get enough of Alyson’s tongue anywhere on her body and combining it with the amazing sensation Jennifer was creating with her tongue had Laura quivering on the bed.

“Mmmm such beautiful tits,” Alyson moaned, pulling off Laura’s right breast and leaving a trail of saliva that quickly snapped. Alyson loved Laura’s body. The 1970′s clothes she had to wear on the show could never do her justice. They could only hint at her soft, pink skin and the gorgeous curves. Laura always looked like such a tomboy on the show and only those lucky enough to see her naked knew what gorgeous, surprisingly large breasts she had. Alyson was one of those lucky ones and she didn’t take that opportunity for granted. Whenever she was with Laura, she made sure her tits got plenty of TLC.

“Oooooooh yesssssss Aly…fuck yesssss…suck on those nipples baby,” Laura urged. “Taste how hard your slutty kitty got them. She’s such a sexy little whore! Mmmmmm you’re going to have to let me kittysit for her! I’ll take such good care of this slut!”

Though she didn’t say anything, the happy purr from between Laura’s legs showed how much Jen loved that idea. She knew very well that few people ever got to be in the position she was in right then…being able to live out her fantasy. She had lusted after Laura for so long, fingering herself to intense orgasms while dreaming of her naked body, never expecting to actually live it out. But there she was, on her knees, worshipping Laura Pepron’s beautiful cunt, just like she had always wanted.

Jen had always felt safest and at her most sexy when she was being controlled. She loved surrendering her body and her free will completely to her Master or her Mistress. Jen had always loved women, even taking on full lesbianism for a while in college, but she had gone back to men, because they did have their uses after all.

Now, however, all she cared about was properly serving her mistress. Alyson had given her this wonderful gift and Jen knew she would never be able to thank her enough.

Alyson was so beautiful and Jen felt so safe under her control. She wanted to serve no other and would happily obey whatever commands her Mistress gave her. She had indeed been a loyal pet before, but now that Alyson had given her the taste of Laura’s orgasm, she would be devoted to her until commanded otherwise.

Laura’s clit was pulsing under her tongue like it was a beating heart. She had already tasted her cream so many times, but Jen couldn’t get enough. She would happily lick Laura all day and night, just to never lose the taste of her orgasm from her lips and tongue. She loved staring up obediently at Laura’s naked body, her legs spread wide and her glistening tits bouncing as her sparse bush of red hair tickled Jen’s nose.

“Ahhhhh fuck you’re going to make me come again you nasty cunt kitty!” Laura swore. “I’m so fucking close! Don’t you stop! Make me come like a good little whore should!”

Jen nearly came just at the sound of those words. She loved this. She loved being an obedient whore for her Mistress and worshipping the naked goddess before her. Jen was their willing toy and she wanted them to use her as such. Hearing Laura’s smoky voice call her those names almost had Jen’s pussy creaming, but she held on. She had not been granted permission to come and would never do so without her Mistress’ say so.

Laura was under no such restrictions, though, and Alyson encouraged her friend, biting down gently on her tender nipples, nursing them and making sure Laura was right on the verge.

“That’s it Laura!” Alyson grinned, pulling back away from Laura’s saliva coated chest. “Cream kitty’s face. I want to see your cum dripping down her chin onto those big slutty tits of hers. Fucking soak her good.”

Seeing Laura was well on her way to another orgasm, Alyson decided it was time to take care of a need of her own. She wanted a taste of some pussy and Jen’s ass waving in the air as she ate Laura out was too tempting a treat to pass up.

Leaving Laura behind, Alyson crawled onto the bed and got right behind her naked pet. Jen’s pussy absolutely glistened with cream clinging to her slit and Alyson didn’t hesitate to push her “tail” out of the way and taste her. Before Jen even knew her Mistress was right behind her, Alyson dragged her tongue over her slit from behind, collecting all her cream and swallowing it eagerly, moaning over the rich, sweet taste.

Jen’s eyes screwed shut involuntarily from the pleasure that suddenly coursed through her body from Alyson’s tongue. God, she loved how that tongue felt. She truly was a slave to it and how fucking good it made her feel. But Jen didn’t stop her licking. She had been ordered to make Laura come and nothing would prevent her from doing that.

Watching Alyson’s hands grip Jen’s upraised ass cheeks and push her tongue inside her snatch was just the extra stimulation Laura wanted. Ever since she had been seduced, Laura had loved watching two women get it on. Seeing Alyson’s ecstatic look when she tasted her kitty and watching her dig her nails into her ass while she buried her face in between kitty’s cheeks pushed her right over the edge. Jen’s tongue was magic on her aroused clit and Laura could no longer hold back her orgasm.

“AHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH HERE’S YOUR FUCKING CREAM KITTY!!!” Laura screamed as she came, her words starting to shoot out like horny bullets. “LICK…UP…EVERY…FUCKING…DROP!!!”

Jen tried to do as she had been ordered, but when Laura came…she came. There was no fooling around. It was like an ocean of pussy juice and Jen would have eagerly volunteered to drown in it. She tried to lick and swallow every sweet, hot drop, but her body just wouldn’t allow it. Jen got as much as she could and the rest dribbled out her mouth and down her chin, onto Alyson’s sheets and her own bouncing tits, which were still coated in a glaze from when Laura had demanded a titty fuck.

Laura screamed and humped against Jen’s face violently, not holding back on anything. There had been a few times she had actually scared off her boyfriends a little bit by how strongly she came, but this was what Laura loved best about being with other women. She could be who she was. There was no need to hide anything. Her libido had never felt so satisfied and her id so nourished.

“OHHHHHHHH SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!” Laura panted as the last of her orgasm left her naked body trembling. Through it all, Jen hadn’t moved an inch, obediently licking up her orgasm, even as Alyson had been behind her, increasing her arousal with every lick.

“Mmmm such a good kitty…Mistress has a such a good pet,” Alyson cooed as she petted Jen’s pussy and watched Laura fall back onto the bed, glistening and gasping for breath. “Now kitty gets to have her reward. Does kitty want to come for her Mistress? Mmmm her pussy is so warm and wet and drippy. I’ll bet she wants to come real hard.”

Jen knew she hadn’t been given the order to talk, so she held her words. A word of English wasn’t going to pass her lips until she was told she could do it. Instead Jen meowed like a cat in heat, shooting her Mistress a needy look with her eyes. Jen purred and rubbed her pussy against Alyson’s palm, making sure she knew damn well how wet she was and how bad she needed to come.

Naturally this sign did not escape Alyson’s attention and she began rubbing Jen’s pussy harder. Jen helpfully opened up her legs as Alyson touched her from behind. Alyson grinned as she felt Jen’s swollen clitoris hump against her hand. She gave her kitty’s clit a hard smack that made Jen moan wildly. Alyson repeated the smack a few times, her hand making such a delightful sound against the girl’s wet pussy, until she had Jen shrieking with lust.

“Kitty wants to come? Doesn’t she?” Alyson teased, slapping and rubbing Jen’s throbbing clit to keep her in heat but not pushing her over the edge. “Kitty’s gotta be a good little pet and come for her Mistress now! Mmmmm kitty’s been storing up all this cum from fucking Laura and she’s going to burst, isn’t she? Beg kitty! Beg for Mistress to let you come!”

Jen again meowed loudly, this time her voice even more passionate and needy. She was close to sounding like a starving cat, a bowl of milk just enough out of reach for desperation to set in. Jen needed to come. Her toes were curling up and it seemed that the ends of her red hair were about to stand straight up like a porcupine defending its territory. She needed this so bad and her kitty howls continued as Alyson wickedly grinned and began rubbing harder.

By this time Laura had regained enough of her bearings to long becoming an active participant in the unfolding threesome on the bed. Jen had just given her a series of orgasms that left her body tingling and her head spinning and now she had some payback on her mind. As she watched Jen beg for her orgasm using only the language of felines, Laura licked her lips as her eyes were drawn to her big, shaking tits.

Laura had a pretty nice chest, if she didn’t say so herself, but she and Alyson were both easily dwarfed by Jen’s bouncing boobs. Laura loved seeing them sway and jump, especially since they were slick and shiny with her own juices. That was all the reason Laura needed to lean forward and get herself a taste and she pushed her hungry mouth into the deep valley of Jen’s cleavage.

“Go for it Laura!” Alyson urged. “Play with kitty’s big titties. Make her feel so good so she’ll come for Mistress.”

That was just what Laura did, groping Jen’s breasts as they shook. Now it was her turn to do a little worshipping back to Jen and she gave her tits every inch of the attention they deserved. Laura lavished kisses all over the soft flesh, tasting the cum and sweat that coated them. She loved the taste and didn’t hesitate to lick it all up before concentrating on Jen’s aching nipples. Laura gave them a hard bite that made Jen shiver and moan, her eyes rolling back into her head as the pleasure gripped her nude body.

“Ooooooh she’s close,” Alyson said. “More Laura! Bite those pink nipples! Make this fucking whore come for me!”

Alyson got back to doing her part by pulling her cum covered hand away from Jen’s cunt and getting her tongue to work. Jen’s sex was practically a volcano now of molten sex lava, just begging to get out. Alyson dug her nails back into Jen’s jiggling ass cheeks and began tongue fucking her roughly, hitting her clit again and again with hard strokes.

As cries of complete and utter bliss poured out of her lips, Jen kept her discipline. There were no cries of “more” or “fuck me.” Instead, there were only moans and meows. Jen was as dedicated to staying in character as “kitty” as she was to keeping everything in Alyson’s life properly and meticulously organized.

Not that it really made much of a difference if she was in character or out of it. Jen wouldn’t have been able to manage coherent words in English anyway. The pleasure gripping her body was too great. All she could do was moan and make guttural noises of ecstasy. Words wouldn’t form. She had her beloved Mistress eating her out while her fantasy object bit and tugged on her nipples. Who could withstand an assault with this much pleasure?

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!” Jen screamed as she suddenly came, showering Alyson’s face with creamy girl cum, her kitty cries filling the room. “ROWWWWWWWLLLL!!! MEOWWWWWWWWW!!!”

Laura and Alyson’s ears were treated to these joyful sounds. Whoever had cast Halle Berry as Catwoman had missed the obvious choice here. Jen was a natural kitty and they rewarded her for her orgasm by keeping up the stimulation. Laura’s teeth and pinching fingers drew out her nipples to maximum swelling as Alyson’s hard, but thorough tongue lashings pulled out every last drop of cum inside her.

It was all so much that when Jen closed her eyes to rest for just a moment as she shook and scream, she blacked out just long enough to lose touch with her surroundings. When she finally opened her eyes she found Alyson and Laura giggling at her while sharing horny kisses back and forth.

“Did kitty like that?” Alyson inquired, immediately getting a happy purr for an answer.

“Good,” Alyson smiled as she repositioned herself on the bed. She lay back where Laura had once been, resting her head on the pillows and spreading her legs wide. She had been planning this party for too long now and concentrating on everyone else’s pleasure. Now it was time to think about her own.

“Is kitty hungry for more cream?” Alyson asked, her fingers teasing her own splayed labia.

Unsurprisingly the answer was an immediate “yes” as Jen’s tongue slid right inside Alyson’s aroused pink folds. Kitty was always hungry for more cream.

* * * * * * * *

“Don’t wuss out on me now Jenna,” Christina barked into the phone. “We haven’t come this far just for you to develop a goddamn conscience about all this.”

“No one’s wussing out here,” Jenna Jameson shot back at the pop princess at the other end of the line. “It’s just that…you know…I feel kind of bad about this. We’re going to destroy her career.”

“We’re not going to destroy anything if Mandy plays ball,” Christina assured the porn star. “Look if this girl is smart then she’ll do what she needs to do to keep this tape from hitting the net. All she’s going to have to do is delay the release of her new single and the launch of her label until next year and we won’t release the tape. That will give Britney and me plenty of time to have a huge hit and when she finally gets released she’ll look like the little copycat bitch she is.”

“But this tape could ruin her,” Jenna insisted. “She might not be able to get her albums released or get any more movie roles if they see her having sex with me.”

“God…since when do you give a shit?” Christina groaned in frustration. “Look Jenna, you’ve been paid very well to help us out here, both in money and in pussy so I don’t want to hear any complaints from you. You did your job. You seduced Mandy. Congratulations. But now it’s our turn to do our part. I want that tape. I’m going out of town for the weekend for Sarah’s party, but I want that thing waiting for me when I get back!”

Christina then angrily ended the call, leaving Jenna listening to a dial tone. She had never expected to feel like this. What she had put together with Christina and Britney had been a straight up business arrangement. She was going to get paid and get a chance to seduce Mandy in the process.

It had been a no lose situation for Jenna and everything had gone perfectly with Mandy. The girl had proven to have a deep sub side and was turning into quite the little pussy licker under Jenna’s tutelage.

But the world famous porn star had never expected her emotions to get involved. Jenna had been completely unprepared for how much she was going to end up liking Mandy.

Despite Christina’s insistence that Mandy was some kind of calculating bitch, Jenna had found the young woman to be completely nice and friendly. She was totally down to Earth and hadn’t let the backstabbing of Hollywood turn her into some cynical shell of a person. Jenna had seen that happen to so many girls both in and out of the industry, but Mandy seemed to have the same demeanor that she had the day she first hit town and Jenna found that to be so irresistible.

The seduction of Mandy had proven to just be the first of many times they had been together. Mandy wasn’t questioning this new aspect of her sexuality. She was just going with what felt good and, as she told Jenna again and again, being with her felt so fucking good. Jenna had unleashed a dirty talking, pussy-loving tigress in bed and the porn star loved it. Mandy was so sweet by day and so slutty by night and it was just for her…and her friends.

That very night of their first encounter, Jenna had introduced Mandy to her husband, Jay, and they had ended up inviting her into their bed for the night. They both took more than their fill of Mandy and still she had begged for more. That enthusiasm rose her stock even more in Jenna’s eyes and it hadn’t waned in the coming days.

Mandy just hadn’t been able to get enough of the pleasure Jenna offered. She had even eagerly agreed to play with Jenna’s friends without hesitation. Jenna still remembered with perfect clarity how good Mandy had looked feasting on Briana Banks’ huge enhanced tits while pushing her tight little ass in the air for Jill Kelly’s strap on. Then Jay had joined in again and it had ended with quite a fivesome for the night.

Now Jenna felt like she held Mandy’s future in her hands. She could help destroy the girl she was quickly growing seriously fond of, or she could stab Christina in the back and betray their business relationship and their friendship. Jenna didn’t like either choice, but she knew that she had to pick one of them…and soon.

* * * * * * * *

For the first time in a very long time, Jennifer Aniston had nothing to do. She no longer had to worry about getting over to the “Friends” set every day for shooting. That had been a huge part of her life for 10 years and now that it was gone it was like there was this huge gap of time she had no idea what to do with.

It was just another dramatic change for her after seemed like a non-stop roller coaster ride. Jennifer just wanted things to be stable for a little while. She wanted it to be orderly and constant. Just for a few months…was that asking too much? Jennifer didn’t think so. She wanted a chance to relax and enjoy life without having everything hanging over her head.

Right now Jennifer was lying in her bed, cycling down from her run. She had gone right in from her run to the shower and now she was on her bed in nothing but a pink towel wrapped around her otherwise nude body. Just lying there put a smile on Jennifer’s face and she could feel her nipples swelling and straining against the towel. Of course this wasn’t just happening for no reason. Jennifer was hearing some serious stimulation.

Jennifer’s room was right near Rose’s and with her door open, she could hear perfectly what her housemate was up to. Jennifer moaned as she heard Michelle’s ecstatic cries. She was screaming in French and clearly loving everything that was happening to her.

When Jennifer heard Rose commanding Michelle to stay still and take that dick right up her ass like a good little whore, she suddenly felt silly for just lying there and listening when she could be joining in.

Reaching for her towel, Jennifer pulled it open and exposed her naked body. She was about to get up off her back and drop in on Rose when suddenly her cell phone began to ring. At first Jennifer was inclined to let it ring, but ultimately she couldn’t help herself and answered it.

“Hello?” Jennifer said, before immediately being greeted with a frantic question.

“Is everything still on for tomorrow?” the female voice. Jennifer recognized it instantly. She’d gotten enough phone calls from this voice over the past few days to know it by heart.

“Hey Camie, what’s going on?” Jennifer smiled, ignoring the question completely.

“Don’t play with me,” Cameron Diaz begged on the other end of the phone. “Is everything still on for tomorrow? C’mon Jen! You know how much I’m looking forward to this!”

“Hmmmmm really, I never would have guessed from the phone calls every hour on the hour,” Jennifer teased. “Of course it’s still on Camie. Nothing’s going to stop this party.”

“Mmmm goody,” Cameron happily sighed. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this excited about something. She supposed she was a bit silly acting like this, but she was looking forward to this so much that she was expecting it to not to happen, just so fate could have a little fun at her expense.

“Of course your invitation might get lost in the mail…” Jennifer giggled.

“Heyyyyyyyy! Don’t say that,” the energetic blonde chided. “I’d have to throw myself off the roof of the hotel if you did that.”

“You won’t have to do anything but get naked and have fun,” Jennifer assured her friend. “You’re still on the guest list. It wouldn’t be a party without you.”

“I just can’t wait,” Cameron excitedly squealed. “I can’t wait to meet all your friends. Especially if they’re as hot as you.”

“You have no idea,” Jennifer assured her friend. “If everything goes like its supposed to then you won’t have ever seen anything like it. It’s going to be total heaven.”

Jennifer and Cameron had been friends and co-stars in the past, but until they had taken a strip cardio class together, that was all they had been. Then one day after class it had just been the two of them, fooling around until things got very serious and very sexual. They had each been nursing serious but unsaid crushes on each other and once those secrets were revealed, it hadn’t taken long for their workout clothes to hit the floor.

It had been Cameron’s first time with another woman and she had never felt anything as good as Jennifer’s tongue that day. She still liked guys and all that, but she couldn’t get enough of women. Cameron had since hooked up with close friends like Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, but she had longed to be with Jennifer again and to meet all her friends.

Jennifer had teased her with the knowledge of what went on in Malibu and Cameron had been dying to see it for herself. But schedules had never allowed her to actually get there. Jennifer had continued to fill her ears and brain with tantalizing images of what went on there, driving Cameron wild with need to be there and join in.

While she enjoyed teasing her friend, Jennifer also really wanted her to join in the fun too. When the party idea had been told to her and she had been told to invite someone sexy, she hadn’t hesitated to think of Cameron. Jennifer loved her body and her enthusiasm for girl sex. She was the perfect guest to invite

Their time together had been scorching hot. Jennifer knew everyone was going to love Cameron, especially Sarah. Since this party was for Sarah, Jennifer wanted to make sure that her friend got a lot of sexy presents and, in her humble opinion, Cameron was quite a yummy gift.

“You got all the flight information and everything, right?” Jennifer asked. For Cameron it was a little more complicated to get her there because she was out of the country then. But no one was going to let a little distance keep Cameron from bringing her sexy ass to the festivities.

“Yeah, it’s all set,” Cameron answered. “For this, I’d walk across the water to get there. It’s so dull up here and I could use a little break from Justin and everything. I feel bad about this, but I just need it so bad…you know?”

“Oh I know…believe me I know,” Jennifer replied. “It’s a part of you now Camie. Trying not to think about just makes you want it more.”

“Totally,” Cameron agreed. “I feel like if I don’t get me some action soon I’m going to burst.”

“No bursting…mmm unless it’s all over my face,” Jennifer giggled, shocked at her own boldness in saying that. Cameron shrieked in delight at the other end of the phone, loving the sound of what she was hearing.

“Count on that happening Jen,” Cameron declared. “Count on that happening a lot. I can’t wait for this party. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about anything! I can’t wait another day for this! God, I’m staring at the clock like I want school to let out for the summer.”

“It’ll be fine, the time will just zip by,” Jennifer assured her. “Before you know it, you’ll be on that plane zipping to paradise. I’ll see you tomorrow sweetie.”

“Bye Jen,” Cameron said. “Can’t wait to see you.”

Jennifer smiled as the call ended. Cameron’s enthusiasm was always such a mood lifter. And the closer she got to this the more excited she was getting about it too. She still thought Rose’s plan was a little mean to Sarah, but she knew there was no way she was going to be able to talk her housemate out of it.

And speaking of Rose, Jennifer could still hear her teaching Michelle whatever lesson she needed this morning. Putting Cameron out of her head for the moment, Jennifer got up off the bed and got back to what she had been doing before…joining Rose and Michelle in their fun.

* * * * * * * *

Back in Vancouver, Cameron was still giddy as she folded her cell phone back up. She had been on a non-stop energy rush the past few days, with things getting worse the closer she got to the party.

Cameron had to stop and remind herself to take a deep breath and relax. She didn’t want to burn out before the party even started. It wasn’t going to do her any good if she was passed out and listless while everyone else was having fun around her. She didn’t like to watch that much.

But it was so hard to contain her excitement. It had been too long since she had been with another girl. She was famished for the taste of pussy and if everything Jen had promised her came true then Cameron was going to get every desire she had satisfied and then some. There was no way this wasn’t going to be awesome. She had been trapped up here in Vancouver with Justin for too long. She needed herself a serious helping of the “three S’s,” sun, surf and sex.

It was just as Cameron was picturing the pleasure that lay waiting for her that she managed to klutz herself up and trip over a serious roadblock.

“What party?” a voice asked behind her. “Where are you going?”

Cameron froze immediately. She had been so lost in her conversation with Jennifer that she hadn’t even noticed the door to the hotel room opening. She had assumed she had been alone and Cameron immediately began panicking on the inside, thinking back to her conversation and trying to remember if she had said anything too incriminating.

“Ummmm nowhere,” Cameron lied, turning around to face her sudden visitor. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Yes you are,” the voice contended. “I heard you on the phone. I mean I didn’t mean to listen in, but you were talking when I walked in. You said you couldn’t wait for the party. What is it? Some big surprise thing?”

“No…nothing’s going on,” Cameron insisted, desperately trying to lie her way out of this. She couldn’t believe she had been so stupid as to risk exposure now. No one here knew her little secret and now she had gone and blown it right when she was close to the end. How could she have screwed up this bad?

The only silver lining here was that it hadn’t been Justin who caught her. At least here Cameron could potentially talk her way out of discovery. It wasn’t Justin who had walked in, but it was someone who was plenty close to him.

“Something’s going on…c’mon don’t be so secretive,” Elisha Cuthbert pressed. “Geez, you look so nervous all of a sudden Camie. What’s going on? You can tell me. We’re friends. I won’t tell.”

But telling was exactly what Cameron was afraid Elisha was going to do. They had indeed become friends over these past few months, but still Elisha was going out with Justin’s assistant, Trace. Justin and Trace were really, really close friends and Cameron was under no illusion that Elisha was going to give loyalty to her and not to her boyfriend. Cameron could so easily see Elisha telling Trace, Trace telling Justin and the whole damn thing falling down around her.

Cameron and Elisha had become pretty close themselves, but Cameron didn’t think she could trust her with this yet. They were both hanging out in Vancouver right now while Justin was filming a movie and they had spent a lot of time together. But now Cameron felt very vulnerable around the young TV star.

“Camie, are you ok? You look so pale,” Elisha asked, frowning, her face suddenly very concerned. She had only been teasing Cameron because she was bored. She hadn’t meant to panic her or anything.

“I’m fine,” Cameron said, trying to think of how to get out of this. “Just feeling a little tired, that’s all. What did you hear Elisha?”

“Just the end of the conversation, you said something about a party and how much you wanted to go,” Elisha answered, wondering now if she really had stumbled onto some big secret or anything. She hadn’t meant to overhear or snoop.

She and Trace had card keys to Justin and Cameron’s rooms, just like they had card keys to their room, so Elisha hadn’t thought anything about just dropping in like this. She and Cameron had become pretty good friends, but now Elisha was beginning to think she had somehow fucked everything up. She didn’t want things to suddenly get weird between her and Cameron.

Cameron exhaled a little. Elisha hadn’t heard anything too intimate. She could talk her way out of this without Elisha finding out what was going on. But then, suddenly, a new thought popped into Cameron’s head. What would happen if Elisha found out and didn’t freak? Would Elisha be curious? Would Cameron be able to buy her silence by getting her to join in? Was it possible Elisha was just as pussy hungry as she was?

Almost as soon as she thought that, Cameron tried to push it out of her head. Elisha was totally into Trace. Cameron had seen enough of them to know that. And Elisha had never given off even the slightest vibe she was into girls. Cameron had always admired her friend’s beautiful young body, but she had never even thought about making a play for her. There had never been a good opportunity. But what if that opportunity had just stumbled into view?

Would anyone mind if she brought Elisha along with her? Cameron didn’t think anyone would. She was so sexy and she couldn’t imagine anyone stopping her from bringing another sexy girl to the party.

Now that she was thinking about it, Cameron couldn’t stop. Any attempt to not think about getting Elisha into the fun failed miserably. All Cameron could suddenly think about was getting Elisha to somehow come to the party with her and then getting her to keep quiet by seducing her.

It was so risky, but Elisha was so beautiful and so worth it. Her blonde hair hung a little over her perfect, soft face. Cameron had certainly been attracted to her since the first moment they met, but until now she had never given serious thought to actually fucking her. It was an exhilarating thought and she had to wonder, could she pull this off?

“Well I didn’t want Justin to know,” Cameron began, deciding that maybe a little half-truth would get things rolling. “But there’s this party this weekend and I got invited and he didn’t.”

“How come?” Elisha asked. “I mean it’s not exactly a secret you guys are going out. It’s been in a few papers.”

“It’s really more of a girls only thing,” Cameron said, seriously understating things. “It’s a bachelorette party, like an all weekend blowout.”

“Oh cool,” Elisha replied. “You should tell Justin. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you went. I mean he’s pretty cool about things like that. You don’t have to keep it a big secret and get all panicky about it.”

“Well yeah I kind of do,” Cameron contended. “It’s a secret party and I don’t want Justin to know about it.”

“Why not?” Elisha frowned. Once again she began wondering if more was up here than Cameron was saying.

“I just can’t,” Cameron claimed, her heart pounding in her chest as she tried to do this without hopelessly complicating everything. “Please don’t tell Justin or Trace. No guys are supposed to know about this party.”

“Ummmmm ok,” Elisha said with a shrug of her shoulders. “It’s not a big deal. Sounds like you’re really looking forward to it, though. I just wish you weren’t being so mysterious. Who’s the party for?”

“Oh no one you know,” Cameron answered evasively. She really had no idea if Elisha knew Sarah or not. She figured she had to know at least some of the girls at the mansion. But she didn’t want to reveal too many details. Cameron wanted to make sure she could get out of this situation if Elisha didn’t want to come. Fortunately, an opening then presented itself.

“Too bad,” Elisha sighed. “I could use a party myself. Now I remember why I left Canada. There’s nothing to do around here. Too bad you can’t get me an invitation. I really need some fun.”

“Well…” Cameron immediately jumped in, scarcely believing she was leading the totally unaware Elisha into this. “That might be able to be arranged. I mean…if you really wanted to go that is. I might be able to get you on the guest list.”

* * * * * * * *

“C’mon Eliza! Faster! Harder! Push it! You can do it! Push it! Push it!”

When those words were coming out of some hot little slut’s mouth begging for her tongue or a toy, Eliza Dushku was in heaven. Unfortunately those words were not coming out of a hot slut’s mouth and Eliza considered herself in a place significantly warmer than heaven.

“Ughhhhhh you fucking push it Jaret!” Eliza snapped, letting go of the machine and sending the weights crashing down into place. “I’m exhausted here!”

“No you’re not,” Jaret insisted. “You only think you are. Exhaustion is a state of mind. You just need to get past that mental block you have in there. Push past it and feel that burn. That’s your muscles working into peak condition. C’mon Eliza! Feel that burn! Love it! Let that burn work for you!”

The only burn Eliza was feeling was her rapidly overheating temper from Jaret’s training regiment. He’d had her doing arm curls for what felt like a good hour. It was probably only about 10 minutes, but it sure felt like an hour. Her whole body felt tired and Eliza didn’t think she was going to be able to lift her arms up after all of this. It really was hell and Jaret was the fucking devil for doing this to her.

Eliza hated exercise. She hated it with a passion. She didn’t mind running or playing basketball with friends and stuff like that. That was fun and casual. She hated organized exercise regiments and having to hear about working muscle groups she didn’t know and didn’t care about.

But whenever she wondered why she put herself through this and Jaret’s sadistic workouts, all Eliza had to do was look at herself naked in the mirror and remember. Bodies like hers didn’t come without work and while Eliza was waiting for an exercise program consisting entirely of sex, it didn’t look like that was coming anytime soon.

When Fox had renewed “Tru Calling” for a second season in the fall, even Eliza had been a little surprised and then of course they had changed their minds and pulled the plug before they ever got to air. That left Eliza at a career crossroads and she had to make sure she didn’t slip off the map of everyone’s consciousness.

That meant making sure people wanted to look at her. Which by iteself wasn’t a problem because Eliza never minded being sexy. But it also meant that she was going to have to make damn sure she was in sculpted condition if someone came to her with a good part. So that meant less Oreos and more Jaret.

“You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” Eliza groaned, grabbing a towel and patting her sweaty face.

“No one died from doing too many arm curls,” Jaret pointed out. “We have got to do something about this attitude of yours Eliza. You fight me every step of the way. I want you to listen to me. We’re going to go work on your abs now.”

“Excuse me? My abs are just fine,” Eliza huffed. “You could balance a fucking quarter off my stomach. How much tighter do you want me to be? You work on your own abs Jaret!”

“See this is just what I was talking about Eliza, your attitude…” Jaret began. Eliza was sure he continued talking after that, but she completely tuned him out. Her attention was caught by something much more worthy.

Walking right by her line of sight was a vision in pink sweatpants. Kirsten Dunst shot Eliza her killer smile, so sexy and sweet that it would have sent a diabetic into shock.

Now that was what Eliza wanted to focus on. There was nothing she liked thinking about more than her sexy girlfriend, especially when those pink sweats clung to her ass and her white t-shirt tantalizingly hinted at the soft girl bits underneath.

Kirsten snuck a look around and, seeing no one was looking, blew Eliza a quick kiss and winked at her. The blonde then tilted her head toward the locker room and smiled again, giving Eliza all the motivation she needed to play a little hooky. Kirsten turned and walked toward the lockers and Eliza was quickly following her.

“Hey! Eliza where do you think you’re going?” Jaret demanded.

“To work on my abs,” Eliza shot back. “Chill Jaret. I’ll be back.”

Licking her lips, Eliza followed Kirsten’s path to the locker room. Having her Kiki there was the only thing that made trips to the gym bearable. While Eliza much preferred their more private workouts, any time with Kirsten was good time as far as she was concerned.

Once inside, Eliza didn’t have to look far to find her girlfriend. She was standing right by her locker, smiling. A quick check showed they were alone, but even if they hadn’t been it probably wouldn’t have mattered. Eliza didn’t hesitate to close the distance gap fast and smother Kirsten’s lips with her own.

“Mmmmmmm…” Kirsten moaned as the two lovers hungrily kissed, tasting each other’s sweat.

“How did you know I needed a break?” Eliza asked after the kiss broke.

“You looked like you needed a rescue from Jaret,” Kirsten replied. “I was watching you over from the treadmills. I didn’t want my Eliza suffering. Besides I was the one that needed this kind of break.”

Kirsten proved it by kissing Eliza again. Kirsten wrapped her arms around Eliza’s neck, holding her girlfriend tight and kissing her passionately. The two girls happily sucked on each other’s tongues as if they were standing in their own bedroom and not in the women’s locker room of Crunch gym.

Kirsten did not have the distinct pleasure of having Jaret as her personal trainer. But she always came along anyway to offer Eliza moral support. She knew how much Eliza hated this and Kirsten liked being there to make her feel better after a workout.

“I love these kinds of breaks,” Eliza smiled after the kiss ended, their noses nuzzling together gently. “But what made my Kiki want a kiss so bad?”

“You know…” Kirsten coyly replied, rubbing her body against Eliza’s.

“Tell me,” Eliza playfully insisted. “What’s making Kiki so crazy?”

“You know…” Kirsten repeated, blushing as a giddy smile tugged at her lips. She began pushing her body harder against Eliza. The brunette responded by rubbing back and soon the two had worked into a playful grind against each other. Eliza kissed Kirsten again and let her hands fall to her ass, squeezing the blonde’s cheeks through her pink sweats and making her moan.

“Is Kiki thinking about getting naughty at Sarah’s party?” Eliza inquired. “Is she thinking about doing nasty little things to sexy girls?”

“Mmmmmhmmmm…” Kirsten moaned in the affirmative, even though it was quite unnecessary. It was obvious what was exciting Kirsten. It was the same thing that had been exciting Eliza. If this party was going to be even half as good as what happened by the pool the last time Eliza and Sarah hooked up, then it was going to be just amazing. And Eliza knew it was going to even be better this time because she had Kirsten with her.

Eliza’s trip to Malibu had thrown a wedge into their relationship at first, but they had overcome it and become stronger than ever. They had been doing a little light swinging lately with some friends and now Eliza and Kirsten were confident they were ready for this as a couple. They couldn’t wait to see what happed at the party.

For Eliza the best part was that no one knew she was bringing Kirsten. The only people who really knew they were together were Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Otherwise, everyone else was in the dark. Alyson knew she had a girlfriend, but she didn’t know who it was and Eliza couldn’t wait to blow everyone’s mind when she walked into the party with Kirsten on her arm.

“And does my Kiki want to do at the party?” Eliza asked, her hands still on Kirsten’s perfect ass as the blonde remained around her neck. “What’s Kiki been thinking about? What’s been making her wet?”

Kirsten didn’t even have to think about this answer. She knew it immediately. It had been a fantasy ever since Eliza had told her about the pool party.

“I want to fuck Sarah,” Kirsten groaned, her nipples straining under her sports bra. “I want you to watch me fuck her. I want you to see your naughty little Kiki get it on with your fantasy girl.”

“Mmmm can I join in?” Eliza inquired, already picturing it. The mental image alone was orgasmic. Eliza couldn’t wait to see the girl she loved fuck the girl she had lusted after for so many years.

“Eventually,” Kirsten giggled. “But first you have to watch me do all the nasty little tricks that you taught me to your sexy little slayer friend. Then you can join in. You like that? Is it making you wet to think of me and Sarah getting naked and making each other come?”

“It’s making me so soaking wet Kiki,” Eliza moaned. “I want to fuck her with you. Mmmm we can take her and make a little Buffy sandwich. We can get her in between us and fuck her so good.”

“That’s just what I want,” Kirsten dreamily sighed. “I want to do it all. I want to see you with all those sexy girls at the party. And I want you to see me. And then all I want is to go home with you after its over. All those girls can borrow me, but only you get to keep me Eliza.”

Kirsten and Eliza then locked eyes and fell into another passionate kiss. But this one was interrupted before it got too far. The sound of the door opening caused the girls to immediately separate. They quickly composed themselves and tried not to burst out laughing as they did so. They weren’t shy about their relationship to their friends, but that didn’t necessarily mean they wanted to broadcast to the world that they were lovers.

“Breaks over I guess,” Kirsten said, her face still flushed. “Now get out there again and let Jaret do his worst. Mmmm when it’s over I’ll take you home and give you a nice bubble bath to soothe those sore muscles.”

“Just one more day Kiki,” Eliza replied, already thinking past Jaret to what was going to happen tomorrow. “One more day and then we’re going to make all our fantasies come true.”

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile back in Malibu, Sarah was beginning to wonder if something was going on. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but there was something weird happening around her. She didn’t know where it was coming from, but she got that sense that everyone knew something that she didn’t. That she was the last girl in the room to find out the secret. Sarah didn’t know why she felt this way, but she was getting that paranoid sense.

Having Love refuse to take a shower with her was weird enough, but if she wasn’t feeling well then Sarah could accept that. However that hadn’t been the only excuse she had gotten. Jessica hadn’t wanted to get her hair wet. Jewel was on the phone. Britney had said she had already showered and didn’t want to do it again. The excuses had gone on and on and Sarah had begun to wonder if she had some huge zit on her nose or some weird “non sexy” aura around her.

A check in the mirror showed that she looked just fine, so Sarah was left wondering why all of a sudden no one had wanted to play with her. Had she done or said something to make everyone mad? Sarah didn’t remember doing anything like that. Maybe it was all her imagination. It could be a coincidence that somehow every single girl in a mansion full of horny celebrities suddenly decided they didn’t want girl sex that morning, but Sarah was suspicious.

Walking up toward her room, Sarah heard the unmistakable sounds that someone was definitely enjoying some fun. She recognized those cries as Michelle’s and, judging from the way she was screaming profanity in her native tongue, she was having a hell of a time. Deciding to pay her maid back for a job well done that morning, Sarah followed the ecstasy and saw it came from Rose’s room.

Smiling as she pictured Rose and Michelle naked as the blonde maid positioned herself on her hands and knees to take Mr. Snappy from behind, Sarah walked toward Rose’s room and quickly heard a third set of moans. Sarah had heard those moans enough times to know they were Jennifer’s and that got Sarah even hornier for some fun. She was the one getting married soon, she shouldn’t be the one not getting any.

Sarah reached for the doorknob and was surprised when she found it locked. What the hell was going on? Rose never locked her door. Sarah knocked on the door and no one made any move to get it so she did it again, knocking harder.

“Rose, it’s me,” Sarah said. “Let me in! How come you’re door’s locked?”

But there was no response from anyone except more moaning.

“Hey! Let me in!” Sarah insisted. “No fair! Unlock your door!”

She pounded on the door this time, but still there was absolutely no response other than the ecstatic cries of girls in heat. Sarah was getting hot too, but this was from frustration, not arousal. How could they not hear her? Were they ignoring her or something?

Sarah had always had a bit of a temper and her anger was starting to bubble up. If they didn’t want to acknowledge her, that was fine. She wasn’t going to just stand out here in the hallway like a loser. Sarah stalked away, heading back to her room with a hard frown on her face.

She was getting pissed off and horny, not a good combination. Sarah knew she was going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day if she didn’t nip this in the bud. If no one here wanted to play, then Sarah wasn’t going to beg. She was above that. She could just take matters into her own hands, so to speak.

Sarah had never really liked masturbating with her fingers that much. It was ok, but she always got off harder when she was being licked or penetrated and not just rubbing her clit. Fortunately she had a nice collection of toys in her room. She could satisfy her needs and then get to the bottom of what was going on here. It was a good plan, but when Sarah flung herself down on her bed and reached under her pillow for her vibrator she quickly found a flaw.

“Hey! What the fuck?” Sarah cried out to her empty room when she found nothing under her pillow. She pulled the pillow away and searched under the covers. Still there was no vibrator. Sarah stuck her head under the bed to see if it had fallen, but there was still no sign of it.

She knew she had left it there. She had used it last night before she had gone to sleep and she knew it hadn’t fucking walked away in the middle of the night. Where the fuck was her vibrator?

Now Sarah was starting to get really pissed. Something was definitely going on here. She was soaking wet and angry as a cat tossed into a bath. She had to do something about this. Fortunately, she knew she had her pocket rocket in her purse for emergencies such as this. It had to be there because she never took it out. There were many times when she had so badly needed an orgasm and that little baby had gotten her humming nicely. Now was definitely a time for it.

But when Sarah reached into her purse she was horrified to discover that there was no sign of her trusty toy.

“Motherfucker!” Sarah snapped. What the hell was going on?

Sarah dumped out her purse onto her floor and tore through it, but there was no toy there. It was gone. She knew she hadn’t taken it out. Someone else had to have. Someone had stolen her vibrator and her pocket rocket. A quick run to her bathroom for her emergency vibrator also proved futile and Sarah angrily yelled in frustration.

The angrier she got, the more Sarah felt like she needed to get off. Her temper did that to her sometimes and Sarah felt a great deal of stubbornness here. Whoever had stolen her toys wasn’t going to stop her. She was ready to improvise and Sarah quickly got an idea. She reached into her drawer for her hairbrush, knowing that in a pinch that would do. In fact it gave Sarah a bit of a naughty rush to think about using her hairbrush like that.

“No fucking way!” Sarah shouted when she reached in and saw that her hairbrush was gone too. “Who’s fucking doing this?”

A quick look around her room also showed that the remote controls to her television, TIVO and DVD player were gone as was the bottle of water she always kept around and the bottles of conditioner and shampoo she kept in her room. It was like someone had gone into her room and taken out every conceivable thing she could have used to get herself off.

Sarah kept shouting who had done this to her, but it was clear who it was. There was only one woman there who was capable of pulling shit like this.

“ROSE!!!” Sarah screamed as she stalked back into the hallway and toward her housemate’s room. She pounded on the door this time with full anger, but still there was no response other than sex moans. So Sarah decided to find the first open room she could get into and interrogate the occupant. She was getting to the point of a willingness to take hostages if necessary to get her toys back.

* * * * * * * *

“God, we’re going to have so much fun,” Jessica Alba sighed into the phone. She was lying on top of her sheets, dressed only in boxer shorts and a long t-shirt, enjoying a lazy start to her morning and not looking to get moving into the day any time soon. Besides, who wanted to get out of bed when you had a cordless phone and a beautiful woman on the other end of it?

“I can’t wait,” Jennifer Garner replied on the other end. “I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s just so wild.”

“But you’ve thought about it, haven’t you?” Jessica sexily inquired.

“Maybe,” Jennifer giggled in response. “I might have had a thought or two.”

“I’ll bet you’ve had a lot,” Jessica teased. “I bet it’s all you think about. Getting naked and just diving into a sea of hot girls.”

Jennifer moaned on the other end and Jessica grinned in response. She hadn’t seen her friend and lover in what felt like forever. They hooked up whenever they could, but their schedules didn’t always permit them the chance to just go out and have fun. Besides, they did have to keep up appearances. Both of them had too much to lose to be out there holding hands in public, but in private there was no one Jennifer felt closer to than Jessica.

“Mmmm we are going to have so much fun there,” Jessica declared. “I can’t wait to show you off to everyone.”

Jessica had been telling Jennifer all about what had happened on her first trip to the mansion and TV’s hottest ass kicker had lapped up every word. Jessica had longed to have Jennifer visit her at the mansion, but so far that hadn’t happened. This, however, promised to be even better and Jessica wanted Jennifer there with her and, for her part, Jennifer wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

“Ohhhhh is that what you’re going to do?” Jennifer laughed. “Show me off like some prize? Like I’m some trophy animal you bagged?”

“That’s the plan sweetie,” Jessica laughed back in response. Everyone had been so excited to hear that Jennifer was coming and Jessica couldn’t wait to see her sexy friend lose herself in a throng of passionate girls.

But before Jessica and Jennifer could continue their flirting over the phone, a very agitated ex-slayer burst through her open doorway.

“What the hell is going on?” Sarah demanded, taking Jessica by surprise and almost making her drop her phone.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Jessica asked, trying to quickly come up with a cover story if Sarah wanted to have some fun. But judging from the furious look on her face, Jessica doubted that was going to be necessary.

“Where are my toys? Who took all my stuff?” Sarah asked, folding her arms over her chest as she stood before Jessica’s bed, still dressed in her pink bathrobe.

“What are you talking about?” Jessica asked.

“Don’t play dumb Jessica, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” Sarah shot back. “Fess up girl. It was Rose, wasn’t it? She’s up to something. Tell me!”

Rose had mentioned something about this, but Jessica didn’t know specifically what her plan was. She did know that she didn’t want to deal with a pissed off Sarah. She had to think of a diversion quick to get Sarah off the trail.

“Britney knows! Ask Britney!” Jessica lied. “But ummm…you didn’t hear it from me.”

Sarah gave Jessica a hard stare and then turned around, stalking right out as quickly as she came.

“What was that about?” Jennifer asked from the other end of the phone.

“It’s a long story,” Jessica replied. “You’ll see tomorrow.”

* * * * * * * *

After a hard morning fuck, there was nothing better than a long, soothing bubble bath. That was what Britney had learned since she had moved into the mansion and she was sticking by that opinion until death or chastity did she part.

Christina had indeed left her in a blissful coma that morning and by the time she had finally woken up, Christina was gone. That left Britney all alone and she decided to slip right into her bathtub for some soothing alone time.

She loved being with Christina and all their sexy housemates, but Britney also loved her time just by herself. Her life was so hectic and the stress just seemed to never, ever let up. The quiet times, where she could just lie in a warm, soothing bath were far and few between. So she wanted to make the most of this.

As she lay there in the water, her eyes closed and her body submerged in the bubbles, Britney sighed happily and began singing the lyrics to one of her own songs. It just popped into her head to do so and it made enough sense for her not to stop herself.

“I love myself, it’s not a sin…I can’t control what’s happening,” Britney softly sang, completely relaxing herself. “Cause I just discovered, imagination’s taking over. Another day without a lover. The more I come to understand…the touch of my hand.”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, a wide grin crossed Britney’s face.

“Ooooh good idea,” she giggled to herself as she began stroking her breasts with one hand and slowly moving the other toward her still horny pussy. Playing around with Christina that morning hadn’t nearly been enough. Of course for Britney nothing was ever enough when it came to sex.

Britney was just reaching her pussy and was on the verge of giving her slit that first sexy stroke when the door to her bathroom flew open.

“Where are they?” Sarah demanded.

“Where are what?” Britney asked, her heart pounding. She always had scared easily and Sarah’s sudden, stormy entrance had spooked Britney right out of the happy trance she had been putting herself in.

“You know what…my fucking toys!” Sarah snapped. “Someone came into my room and took my vibrators and my pocket rocket. Hell they basically took everything. Now I know you know, so tell me Britney! Tell me now!”

“Ummm I don’t know,” Britney offered with a weak smile. The truth was she didn’t know where Sarah’s toys were. But she certainly did know who had taken them and she knew enough to try and get Sarah off Christina’s scent quickly.

“Yes you do! Tell me Britney!” Sarah insisted, before softening up. “C’mon…I know you want to tell me Britney. You don’t want to leave me without my toys, do you? That would be so mean. Why don’t you tell me where they are Britney and we can use them together. Wouldn’t that be nice? You and I can get naked and press those toys into our hot little pussies, kissing each other while we do it…playing with each others tits. I know you’d love that. ”

Britney did indeed love that idea, but she loved Christina still speaking to her even more. She wasn’t about to betray her friend, not even for a bout of fun with Sarah. So Britney quickly seized on a lie to tell Sarah.

“Alyssa knows!” Britney claimed. “Ask Lyssa! I don’t know what happened to your stuff, but she does. Ask her!”

Sarah pondered whether or not to accept Britney’s claim for a moment before ultimately deciding to check this new lead out. It was clear to her that while Britney knew something was up, she had no idea where her toys were.

Sarah left the bathroom and Britney exhaled in relief. If Sarah had been there much longer, she might have cracked.

“Now where was I?” Britney smiled as she began to relax again, her hand inching its way back to between her legs.

* * * * * * * *

By the time her name came up, Alyssa was already far away from the vicinity of the mansion. It would have been an interesting confrontation between her and Sarah, because as angry as the blonde was about her missing toys, Alyssa was about 100 times more steamed about Rose’s comments.

As she had been driving down to Los Angeles that morning, Alyssa’s hands had pretty much been clenched to the steering wheel and her eyes were like narrow, furious slits that promised that anyone who so much as looked at her funny was going to live to regret it. By the time she reached her destination, and almost ran over three people in the parking lot, Alyssa practically had steam pouring out of her ears as Rose’s taunts played over and over again in her mind.

How could Rose say those things to her? She wasn’t anyone’s fucking sidekick! She was Alyssa Fucking Milano! She could get anyone into her bed, male or female, just by shooting them a sexy gaze and wiggling her finger to them. She wasn’t living in Britney and Christina’s shadows! If anything they were living in hers! There was no way she was slipping. Absolutely no fucking way!

Hurtling through the parking lot at a highly unsafe speed, Alyssa sent a few more people scattering for safety. She barely remembered the drive from Malibu. Her mind was too focused on Rose’s comments to focus on anything else. Alyssa couldn’t remember the last time she had been this angry. God, Rose could be such a bitch sometimes.

The worst part for Alyssa was that she knew this was exactly the type of reaction Rose wanted and she was playing right into her hands. Rose loved pushing her buttons and Alyssa knew she had fallen for it again. Cursing her Italian temper, she tried to force herself to focus about anything else, but Alyssa still couldn’t shake her anger about her co-star’s comments.

She had never told anyone about this, but Alyssa had been freaking internally about turning 30. While to any outsider it was just another number, Alyssa had for the first time felt old. With all her other housemates scattered around the country, Alyssa had suddenly been like some kind of elder in a house filled with Britney, Christina, Jessica and girls like Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch. Many of those girls were barely out of their teens and Hilary Duff hadn’t even been legal when they had brought her into the fun. Suddenly 30 had seemed like a very big number to Alyssa.

Part of her had never expected to grow old. She had felt like her 20′s would last forever. Now it was like real life was tapping her on the shoulder, telling her it was time to get serious…you know get married and start a family and all that. Alyssa had spent every day since she had gone out on her own having fun and doing what she wanted and now that she had passed the magic age of 30, it was like that fun time was threatening to come to an end.

She had been looking more often at herself in the mirror and wondering about wrinkles and gray hairs. 30 might as well have been 50. So Rose’s remarks had kind of hit a sore spot. Was it possible she was slipping? Had she forgotten about why she had wanted to move to Malibu? Had she been ignoring her own goal to get as many hot chicks into bed as possible?

She couldn’t be. She knew she wasn’t slipping. It was impossible. But still Rose had been right about something. She hadn’t been bringing any new meat to the mansion lately. It had been so long since she had seduced anyone. It had been too damn long since she had taken a scared, quivering girl virgin and showed her the wonders of female flesh.

What had been holding her back? Rose was a bitch about saying what she said, but deep down Alyssa knew she had been letting herself down lately and there was only one way to change things.

Alyssa was at the L.A. headquarters of Spelling Entertainment Inc. to meet with Aaron Spelling about future “Charmed” episodes. She and her co-star, Holly Marie Combs, were executive producers on it and that meant they had storyline influence. The writers were already developing and writing scripts for the end of the season and Alyssa was scheduled to meet with Aaron to talk them over.

But Alyssa’s thoughts were far from business. Her anger was still a knot in her stomach and all she wanted was to prove Rose wrong and make her housemate eat her words and like it.

It was obvious how she could do that. All she had to do was bring a hot little treat to the party and show her off to everyone. But who? Who could she bring? Alyssa had been so eager to get out of that mansion before she tore Rose’s head off that she was an hour and a half early for her meeting, giving her time to think this over.

Holly would have been easy to snag, but so many of the girls had already been with her, so she wouldn’t do. Alyssa needed someone new. Besides, Holly was too busy with her new baby to be able to play much these days.

Maybe Heather Locklear? Alyssa had managed to seduce her with relative ease. But then again, Rose already knew that she’d done that. She needed someone completely new.

Alyssa needed a fresh girl to seduce and convert to her pussy-loving desires. She needed someone hot and young, someone that would be seen as a prize by her housemates and prove to everyone that she was no fucking sidekick and could still bring in hot pussy. But who? Who could she get?

She needed someone and she wasn’t going back to Malibu until she did. She didn’t care how long it took. She was going to find someone hot, sexy and willing to become a pussy-eating slut and would search for as long as she needed to do it.

Fortunately, that search took all of ten seconds after Alyssa stepped into the Spelling building, because it was then that fate decided to smile on the agitated actress.

“Alyssa! Hi!” a female voice called out, causing Alyssa to immediately whirl around. When she did she immediately began thanking whichever deity was looking over her at that moment and hoping she wasn’t grinning too much as the girl approached her.

“I haven’t seen you in so long, how are you?” Jessica Biel asked as she hugged Alyssa hello and they shared a kiss on the cheek.

“It’s been an interesting last few months,” Alyssa replied coyly, resisting the temptation to grab Jessica’s face and turn that kiss on the cheek into a tongue kiss right in the middle of the lobby. Feeling Jessica’s firm body in a pink skirt and a thin white top had Alyssa’s anger turning into arousal so fast it nearly gave her whiplash.

“Tell me about it,” Jessica replied, completely missing the look Alyssa was giving her as she eyed her body. “I can’t believe how well things are going these days. It’s like you work for something you’re whole life and then when it finally starts to come together you’re not ready for it yet. I’m just trying to enjoy the ride for a little while.”

“What are you doing here?” Alyssa asked the former “7th Heaven” star. “Dropping by for old time’s sake?”

“Aaron wanted to meet with me and talk about doing a few episodes later in the season for sweeps,” Jessica replied. “I think I can probably squeeze them into the schedule. It’s just a matter of when.”

Jessica had once thrown herself quite a hissy fit about the show, trying to get herself fired and going so far as to shed her clothes for a magazine layout to try and get Aaron to kick her off the show. Naturally he hadn’t given her the satisfaction of what she wanted and Jessica soon realized how immature she’d been. She’d been just a kid at the time, but she had gotten a little scared when she had realized she was starting to get herself one hell of a diva relationship around town.

That wasn’t what Jessica wanted. She didn’t want to be one of those bitchy stars that whined and cried when they didn’t get what they wanted. So she made herself to get mature and commit to the show.

It had worked so well and now Jessica felt like she was really on the verge of becoming a big time movie star. She realized how much she owed to “7th Heaven” and when Aaron called her up for a guest appearance, she always tried to make it happen.

“Yeah I’m pretty much here for the same reason,” Alyssa said as she considered how best to turn this situation to her advantage. She wanted Jessica out of those clothes and between her legs and she was going to make goddamn sure it happened and fast. “Of course I’m a little early. My meetings not for over an hour.”

“Mine just finished up,” Jessica replied as Alyssa once again had to struggle to keep an evil grin from crossing wide over her face. This was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

“Well, you want to hang out for a little while and catch up?” Alyssa asked, baiting the hook.

“That would be great,” Jessica smiled, falling right for Alyssa’s trap without a second thought.

Jessica was happy to hang out for a bit. She had always liked Alyssa. They had become friendly through all the WB promotion and photo shoots they had done together, but they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Jessica loved having a chance to reconnect with her old friend.

Once again Alyssa felt her body gripped in such an intense horniness that she felt tempted to take Jessica right there and then. Then Rose would know she hadn’t lost it. The whole world would know she was still a sexy bitch who could get any hot piece of ass she wanted. But common sense won the day and Alyssa didn’t make her move yet. She had the perfect place for that.

“Want to come up to my office for a little while?” Alyssa asked and Jessica quickly agreed. As part of her last contract negotiation where she got the executive producer’s credit, Alyssa had gotten her own office. She barely, if ever used it, and it was just one of those things she liked to say she had. But in this case Alyssa thought it was going to come in very handy indeed.

The two girls took the elevator up through the Spelling building until they got to Alyssa’s floor. They were already chatting, laughing and catching up as they walked to Alyssa’s office. Jessica seemed to be having a good time, but everything Alyssa did was with a purpose.

She just hoped she wasn’t staring too intensely at Jessica, undressing her with her eyes and loving the way her tits shook oh so slightly under her shirt when she laughed. Alyssa couldn’t wait to get her friend naked. Her pussy was absolutely craving this girl and Alyssa was going to make damn sure that they didn’t leave her office without the taste of each other all over their lips.

Meanwhile Jessica remained oblivious to the fact that Alyssa had anything but chaste, friendly intentions toward her. She just continued prattling on, not noticing how Alyssa’s hungry eyes seemed ready to burn right through her jeans and panties.

“Anyway, they’re talking about doing a sequel to Chainsaw Massacre, but I don’t think I want to do that,” Jessica said as they walked into Alyssa’s office. “I mean I think I screamed and jiggled enough for one movie, thank you very much. Besides, sequels to slasher movies are never very good. I’m much more excited about the whole ‘Blade’ thing. I mean, wow, they’re already talking about a separate spin-off movie for me and Ryan. They said test audiences loved our characters. That would be so awesome. It would be like my own action movie. I’d love to get out there and kick some ass.”

“And as a plus you wouldn’t have to work with Wesley Snipes,” Alyssa grinned.

“Ughhhh don’t even go there,” Jessica groaned. Wesley had gotten a reputation in Hollywood for being a first class asshole and Jessica had seen why up close and personal. “Let’s just say that as far as that’s concerned, all the rumors are true.”

“I find that most rumors usually are,” Alyssa replied, slyly locking the office door behind her. She wanted to make sure escape was impossible for Jessica. The girl might struggle a bit at first, but Alyssa was too horny with too much adrenaline pumping in her body to even begin considering that this might not happen. She was going to get Jessica Biel.

“Oh I don’t know about that,” Jessica giggled. “If I believed all the wild rumors I heard about me, then I’d have a lot more boyfriends right now. In fact, I’d probably have like seven of them.”

“Seems crowded, but it would make for a fun Saturday night…you and seven guys could make the hours disappear fast,” Alyssa teased. “Of course you’d probably end up very sticky and sweaty.”

“Ewwwwww gross,” Jessica laughed, giving Alyssa another unintentional sexy jiggle. “Whatever Lyssa. I could never do something like that. You’ve got a dirty mind there girl.”

“Mmmm you have no idea,” Alyssa grinned. “I always think the dirtier the mind you have, the more open you are and the more fun you’re going to have. What’s the matter, don’t you like fun Jessica?”

Jessica laughed again and blushed a little. She wasn’t totally comfortable talking this way with Alyssa, but she didn’t stop things cold either. Instead she tried to change the subject away from sex.

“It’s really nice in here, who decorated it?” Jessica asked, looking around the office, her eyes catching the paintings on the wall. The office hardly compared to the suites that the top executives had, but considering this was the first time in weeks Alyssa had spent any significant time there it obviously wasn’t a big priority for her.

“Oh I have the Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy come in twice a week to touch the place up,” Alyssa joked.

“No, seriously, these are very nice paintings,” Jessica said as she leaned forward and studied a painting on Alyssa’s wall. “Where did you find them?”

“Oh just around, I don’t really have much of an eye for that stuff, but I know what I like,” Alyssa replied as she stared at Jessica staring at her painting. Jessica had caught her eye on something that looked like the artist had taken his Jackson Pollack influence a little too far. He had splattered the canvas with paint of all colors like he was completely making it up as he want along. Perhaps he had been, but Alyssa didn’t know. She had liked the chaos of the painting, it had always made her feel at ease to know that there was rarely anything orderly when it came to art.

Of course Alyssa really didn’t want to think about the painting at that moment. All she wanted to focus on was Jessica. Alyssa felt close to dying with lust as Jessica stuck her ass out to lean forward and stare, oblivious to how much Alyssa wanted to reach out and grab her cheeks through the soft pink material of her skirt.

Alyssa couldn’t remember the last time she had been this horny. Everything about Jessica was making her wet. Alyssa was aching for a chance to fuck this girl and prove to everyone, most of all herself, that there was no one she couldn’t get. Every word out of Alyssa’s mouth threatened to turn into a moan and she struggled to control herself.

Her pussy was soaked and with every shift in her light dress Alyssa could feel the soft material of her panties press against her slit. It was like they were absolutely glued to her cunt now and Alyssa felt as if her whole body was on the verge of overheating.

The anger she had felt to Rose still pushed her forward and fueled the horniness that Alyssa thought was going to start dripping from her pores like sweat. Jessica kept babbling on about the painting, but Alyssa didn’t take notice of a single word she said. All she did was stare at her ass, gently swaying back and forth just enough to drive Alyssa insane with need.

Alyssa was waiting for that perfect chance to make her move. She had to do something. She was in horny agony just sitting here waiting for Jessica to give her an opening. Alyssa had hoped that getting the subject to sex was going to open things up for her, but Jessica hadn’t played along. Now Alyssa was searching for the right moment. But then something occurred to her.

What if a perfect opportunity never arrived? What if she just kept waiting and waiting and Jessica never gave her an opening? She couldn’t just stand around for a perfect opportunity to just arise. She had to make her own chances.

“Fuck this, I’m not waiting one more goddamn second,” Alyssa growled under her breath. She pulled herself up off her leather couch, her nipples straining hard against her dress, and stalked toward Jessica.

“What’d you say Lyssa?” Jessica asked. “I didn’t hear you when you…heyyyyyyyy!”

“What’s the matter Jessica?” Alyssa purred into her friend’s ear as her hands fastened to Jessica’s ass from behind and squeezed her cheeks through her skirt. “Something wrong?”

“Alyssa…what the hell…What are you doing?” Jessica demanded, trying to squirm away from Alyssa. But the pixie haired actress wasn’t having any of it. She kept her tight grip on Jessica’s ass and forced her against the wall, cutting off escape.

“Just relax Jessica…relax and let me do this,” Alyssa advised, her horniness overcoming any better judgment she might have about essentially forcing herself on another girl. She knew she could make Jessica like it.

“No…what are you doing?” Jessica protested. “Get off me! Stop it!”

“God, you have no idea how fucking hot you’ve been getting me Jess,” Alyssa groaned, ignoring Jessica’s pleas. “I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw you in the lobby.”

“What? What are you going to do?” Jessica asked, starting to get scared. This wasn’t the Alyssa she thought she knew. It was like she had gone crazy or something.

“Mmmmmm I’m going to fuck you sweetie,” Alyssa replied, before running her tongue up Jessica’s neck and making the actress shiver. “I’m going to rip off all your clothes and fuck your tight little pussy until you come for me!”

“Oh my gawwwwwwwwd…” Jessica cried in fear. Alyssa had gone crazy. She was going to rape her or something? Could girls rape each other? It sure felt like they could because she had Alyssa’s hands all over her ass and her tongue on her face and she didn’t want them there. Jessica just wanted Alyssa to let her go.

“Please Alyssa! Please don’t do this!” Jessica begged, still trying to pull herself free. She had been doing a lot of training for her movies, but she still couldn’t manage to free herself from being pinned against the wall by the smaller, but more tenacious girl.

“Shhhhhhh just relax sweetie, you’re going to be thanking me for this soon,” Alyssa promised. “I’m going to make this feel so good. C’mon Jessica, you can’t tell me you’ve never fantasized about being with a girl before.”

Before Jessica could say or do anything else, Alyssa pulled her face away from the wall and kissed her passionately. Jessica’s eyes grew wide with terror as Alyssa’s tongue forced itself into her mouth. Alyssa was completely overwhelming her and her kiss was so powerful, like she was trying to suck out her reluctance.

Of course Jessica had fantasized about being with another girl. She had even kissed a bunch of them once when she and some friends had had a little too much to drink and gotten a little too wild at a bar, but this was way wilder than anything she’d ever done. Now she had Alyssa Milano’s tongue in her mouth and it looked like that the girl she thought was her friend was going to fuck her whether she wanted her to or not.

Alyssa’s tongue continued to play in her mouth, massaging her own tongue as Jessica heard her moan. Alyssa pressed right up against her back and she could easily tell how hard her nipples were. God, she’s really into this, Jessica realized with growing fear. What was wrong with her?

“You like that sweetie?” Alyssa grinned wickedly, wiping her lips free of saliva with her tongue after the kiss ended. “It’s going to get even better once you relax. C’mon Jess, I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to make you feel good. Now relax and let me touch you because I know just how to touch another woman. Mmmm Jess, I can have you creaming in no time.”

“Please…don’t,” Jessica protested, much more feebly than before. “I don’t…I don’t want you to do this. Please Alyssa.”

“Shhhhhhhhh…” Alyssa said before closing off Jessica’s protests by kissing her again.

This time the kiss was more tender, but there was still so much heat radiating off her that it was like Alyssa could melt their lipstick right off. Alyssa kissed Jessica and moved her hands up off her ass and up toward her breasts. Before Jessica had a chance to react, Alyssa was squeezing her chest through her shirt.

“Oh Jess, you have such great tits,” Alyssa groaned. “Mmm I’ve been wanting to have these titties in my hands since you started showing them off in Gear. Now they’re mine. You’re mine now Jessica. Every inch of your sexy body is mine. I’m going to strip you and fuck you make you come so fucking sweet and you’re going to love every minute of it.”

Alyssa kept Jessica pinned against the wall, her hands squeezing her tits. Alyssa started kissing and licking Jessica’s neck, guessing correctly that it would be a sensitive spot for the girl. She didn’t let Jessica have even a free second without stimulation. Alyssa knew that if she did, she might find a way to escape. She couldn’t allow that. Alyssa had to make Jessica want this too.

Despite her fear, Jessica couldn’t help but feel her body begin to respond to Alyssa’s kiss and touch. She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She had her face pressed right up against the wall and a woman pinned to her backside, forcing her still and playing with her breasts. It was so crazy, but Jessica felt herself breathing heavily. She was starting to gasp a little in excitement and she could feel her hot, wet breath up against the wall she was pressed against.

Deep down inside her, Jessica had always fantasized about something like this. It was supposed to have been with a guy and not a girl, but that scarcely mattered now. Jessica had always had her naughtiest fantasy about some hot guy taking her and just fucking her.

In her fantasy, she always fought back at first, but ultimately she was powerless against his muscles and the lust she felt for her fantasy man’s huge, hard cock. He would have shoved that dick inside her pussy even as she begged for him not to and he would have made her feel so filled and so good as he fucked her. In her mind she was just a piece of meat to this man and her fear always turned to wetness and lust.

Jessica had played with herself to this fantasy so many times, thinking about having her body taken and losing all control over her own desires. By the end of her fantasy she was always begging the mystery man to fuck her harder and to rip her tight pussy open and then he’d spin her around and fuck her ass until she blacked out from pleasure. Jessica always came so hard thinking of that…thinking about losing her will and becoming some man’s fuck toy.

Alyssa was no man, but the more she was pressed against this wall, the more Jessica thought about her own fantasy. It was just what was happening here. Alyssa was taking her against her will and was going to fuck her even when she was begging her to stop. Jessica felt her nipples begin to swell under Alyssa’s hands squeezing her breasts through her shirt and, despite her fears, Jessica’s panties started to get wet with desire.

She found herself getting aroused thinking about Alyssa stripping off her skirt and panties and doing hot, nasty things to her pussy. It was frightening her and turning her on all at once, just like in her fantasy.

“Oh yeah Jess, that’s it, now you’re starting to get it,” Alyssa happily declared as she felt her friend’s nipples harden under her touch. She kept playing with Jessica’s tits, loving the feel of them and dying to experience them in the flesh. Jessica was denying it with her protests, but Alyssa could feel that she wanted this. She could feel how Jessica was starting to breathe quicker with shallow gasps and how her hips were starting to unconsciously move, grinding her ass against her front. Alyssa knew that all Jessica needed was a little more convincing.

“Don’t fight me off,” Alyssa said. “You are going to love this. All you have to do is relax and let me make you naked.”

“No…please…not that…” Jessica begged, but her protests were becoming weaker and less certain. Jessica was beginning to doubt that she really wanted Alyssa to stop and it showed in her voice, which was turning more into a moan with every passing moment. The more she was touched, the more Jessica realized that it felt good. Another woman’s touch wasn’t gross or unsexy. It was getting her wet.

“You want this, don’t pretend you don’t,” Alyssa said, continuing to rub Jessica’s tits as their mouths grazed together again and again without actually kissing until Jessica began to find herself craving the soft feel of Alyssa’s lips to hers. “I can see it in your eyes. You’re just scared. Don’t be. Just let yourself go and let Alyssa take care of you. I’m going to make you feel so good that you’re never, ever going to want me to stop.”

Alyssa really could see it in Jessica’s eyes. She could see that beneath her nerves and shock over being taken like this, she was becoming needy and aroused. The eyes never lied and when Alyssa finally gave Jessica what she wanted, another hot kiss, she heard her friend moan.

“Yessss…that’s it Jessica,” Alyssa urged. “Moan for me baby. I know you fucking want this. You want me to yank down this skirt and tongue that pretty pussy until you’re dripping onto my tongue. I’ll bet you’ve never had your pussy licked like I’m going to Jessica. Men just can’t do it right. Only women know what women want and I am going to make you moan and cry like the little whore you are deep down.”

“No…no…I’m not…not a whore,” Jessica protested, even as her breathing continued to get deeper with arousal and her nipples threatened to rip right through her clothes. She couldn’t believe how wet she was getting. Jessica moaned again as she shifted slightly and her wet panties pulled tightly against her labia.

“Mmmm hmmmmm yes you are,” Alyssa evilly teased. “You’re my little whore and I just busted you. Spread it Jessica. Up against the wall for Officer Alyssa.”

That made Jessica moan again and she didn’t fight Alyssa off as she spread Jessica’s legs out more while she leaned against the wall, her palms pressing into it.

Alyssa liked the sound of this idea as soon as it leapt off her tongue. She just wished she had that police costume she had in her closet. She hadn’t used it in so long, but this would have been a perfect opportunity. She’d just have to bring Jessica back to the mansion for some further interrogation.

As it stood, Alyssa was going to have to be a plainclothes officer, but that was ok because she didn’t plan on wearing her clothes much longer anyway. Jessica didn’t offer any more resistance when she spread her legs out wider, so Alyssa didn’t hesitate to start patting down her perp.

“Oh yeah you’ve been a naughty little whore Jessica,” Alyssa grinned, playing her role to the fullest. “Officer Alyssa is going to have to strip search you. Mmmmm but I might just let you off with a warning this time…that is if you let me sample the goodies you were selling on that street corner.”

Jessica felt like she was dreaming all of this, like it wasn’t really happening to her. How could it be possible that she was standing up against the wall while another woman patted her down and got lost in some perverted role play fantasy? And how was it possible that she liked how it all felt?

There was no way she could pretend that she wasn’t enjoying this. It was making her wet and Jessica found it hard not to moan with every touch Alyssa gave her excited body. She was being pawed and she was loving it. It was making her scared in the best way, filling her body with excitement and arousal over all these new feelings and it was making Jessica want Alyssa to do more…much more.

It was useless to continue questioning this. It felt good and right now that was all Jessica cared about. Alyssa was tapping her secret fantasies and going beyond them. The chances of her not doing this evaporated into nothingness as Alyssa continued to pat her down and made her discovery.

“Oooooooh you like this, you little whore,” Alyssa laughed as she patted down Jessica’s crotch, slapping it through her skirt and then beginning a slow rub against her that had Jessica closing her eyes and moaning. “Damn this is a wet pussy you have here Jessica. I think this needs more investigation, don’t you? You want this Jessica. You want Officer Alyssa to give your dirty whore pussy a hot little lashing, just admit it.”

Jessica tried to summon what was left of her resolve, but it was no use. There was nothing left in her to fight this off. Alyssa was right. Her body was hers now.

“Yessssssss…” Jessica hissed, giving herself over to her friend’s lust.

“Yes what?” Alyssa pressed, testing Jessica a little as she increased the force and speed of her rubbing. The pink material was quickly getting soaked with arousal and Alyssa loved how it felt, all warm and wet in her hands as she rubbed Jessica’s cunt through her skirt.

“Yes…Officer Alyssa…” Jessica replied in a thick moan, immediately catching onto the game her soon to be lover wanted to play. “Tongue it…tongue my dirty whore pussy. Strip me and fuck me like a nasty girl!”

After the struggle she’d made, Jessica couldn’t believe those words were coming out of her mouth. But she could get really dirty when she lost herself in sex. There hadn’t been many times when she had gotten so hot that she had forgotten all her inhibitions, but this was quickly turning into one of them.

Jessica found herself caring less and less that Alyssa was another female and caring only that she was making her pussy positively drip. She just wanted to say and do whatever her friend wanted just so she wouldn’t stop touching her. She’d say whatever dirty things Alyssa wanted to hear. Jessica just wanted pleasure.

“Good girl,” Alyssa said, sinking to her knees and looking up at the tight pink skirt as it hugged Jessica’s butt cheeks. “I guess I should read you your rights now, but under Officer Alyssa’s law the only right you have is to get fucked and take it like a good little whore.”

Jessica moaned again in response and felt her body tense up with nervous arousal when Alyssa lifted up her skirt and exposed the baby blue panties she had on underneath. They were like second skin to her ass now and Jessica closed her eyes and gasped in ecstasy as Alyssa’s hands pawed at her cheeks. It felt too good to even think of asking Alyssa to stop anymore and Jessica knew they hadn’t even gotten to the really hot parts yet.

“Such a great ass…” Alyssa admired, licking her chops at the succulent morsel before her. She yanked down Jessica’s panties with one hard tug, leaving them right around her ankles. But Alyssa didn’t care where they were as long as they weren’t covering up any of her good parts. Now Alyssa had Jessica right where she wanted her, bare assed and spread up against the wall. It was too tasty a site to pass up.

“Mmmmmm,” Alyssa moaned as she literally sunk her teeth into Jessica’s tanned, toned ass cheek. It was only a little nip, but Jessica hissed sharply in reaction to her horny friend’s aggressive action.

“Owww…” Jessica groaned, but more in pleasure than pain.

“What’cha gonna do?” Alyssa taunted. “Charge me with police brutality? Don’t worry Jessica, you’re going to feel so good in a minute that you’ll let me do anything I want to you. I’m going to make you so wet that you’ll be begging me to jam my nightstick up this sexy little cunt.”

Jessica knew that they were already beyond that point of wetness. She was in such a crazy situation, but she wasn’t going to stop Alyssa. She liked being controlled by “Officer Alyssa.” It was making her so wet and she could feel her juices start to run down her legs as she stood there, up against the wall like she was being arrested as her skirt was bunched up around her waist and her panties pulled down around her ankles.

Alyssa reached up and began teasing Jessica’s wet cunt lips with slow finger strokes. Jessica moaned happily and Alyssa kept it up, teasing the aroused girl up and down with her fingers, rubbing her slit and making it wetter by the second.

“Does that feel good?” Alyssa asked the obvious question.

“Yessss…oh God yesss…soooo gooooooood…” Jessica groaned, aching for Alyssa to start licking her or to push those fingers inside her pussy. She couldn’t remember ever being this wet before.

“Nasty little whore,” Alyssa grinned. “Beg me to fuck you! Beg Officer Alyssa to fuck this dirty whore pussy that’s dripping all over my fingers.”

“Ahhhhhhhh…fuck meeeeee!!!” Jessica grunted, trying to keep her voice low so that no one passing by could hear them. She wanted this so bad now that it was hard to control herself. “Fuck my pussy! Please Officer Alyssa! I’ve been a dirty fucking whore and I need you to fuck my pussy!”

Alyssa was pleasantly surprised about how into the whole “Officer Alyssa” thing Jessica was getting. She had thought of it on a whim and it was paying off beautifully. Of course Alyssa knew that Jessica could call her anything she wanted as long as she let her have this beautiful wet pussy.

With lustful eyes Alyssa stared at it, loving the look of the exposed, pink lips and the little droplets of cream that dripped onto her fingers as Jessica remained bent over, pushing her ass out and spreading her legs. She thought about saying something more to Jessica, but all she really wanted to do was lick.

“Ooooooooooooh…” Jessica cooed in complete bliss as Alyssa pushed her hands back to her ass and spread her cheeks wide before sliding her tongue right into her pussy.

Alyssa went after her slow at first, tasting the collected cream on her slit before burrowing inside and tonguing her pink pussy folds. Jessica felt a surge of pleasure pump through her body the likes of which she had never experienced. She nearly collapsed to the ground, but barely kept her grip against the wall.

Alyssa had been right. It was so good. So fucking good. It was better than any man had ever licked her and it was only seconds into it. Alyssa’s tongue felt so soft and skilled against her pussy that Jessica didn’t imagine she could last through even two minutes of this before coming all over that beautiful tongue. Alyssa was doing such incredible things to her pussy that Jessica was panting up against the wall in no time.

“Oh yes…yesssss…yessssssssssssss…” Jessica hissed again and again as she felt this incredible tongue in her pussy. It was like Alyssa knew instinctively what she needed and where she needed it. Her tongue knew just the spots to lick and it was such a fast and complete a tonguing that Jessica felt Alyssa was everywhere at once inside her pinkness.

There was so much pleasure building in her body that Jessica began to think she might explode. She had never felt anything like this before. No sex had ever gotten her this excited. Jessica didn’t know if it was because this was such a taboo or if it was because Alyssa was just that damn good, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was how good this was making her feel and how every lash of Alyssa’s tongue inside her pussy was getting her closer to orgasm.

Alyssa felt so completely alive as she remained on her knees, feasting on Jessica’s wet femininity. She hadn’t felt the rush she had in her body in so long. It was the rush of seduction and it had her body on fire. She wasn’t some sidekick. She hadn’t lost it. She was a sexual demonness and she’d made Jessica Biel her willing whore.

Jessica tasted absolutely delicious on her tongue. Jessica’s fresh, tangy juices were just what Alyssa’s taste buds craved and it was making her soak her own panties right through.

Keeping her hands fastened to Jessica’s toned ass cheeks, Alyssa burrowed her tongue in deeper. She didn’t go for her new lover’s clit right away. She wanted to make Jessica wait. She wanted her to writhe against the wall. She wanted her to beg. Alyssa wanted Jessica to always remember she was hers now.

Alyssa just wished she had brought along her picture cell phone. She would have loved to send Rose a few digital snapshots of her face buried in Jessica’s ass, lapping at her tight, dripping pussy with the message “Wish you were here.” That would have shown that cocky bitch what she could still do to another woman.

“Ohhhh so good…so fucking good…more Alyssa more…” Jessica groaned.

“That’s Officer Alyssa whore!” Alyssa playfully snapped, pulling her face away from Jessica’s pussy and spanking her ass hard to remind her.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” Jessica hissed when she felt that hard spanking against her skin. The sound of Alyssa’s hand against her ass seemed to reverberate around the office and Jessica imagined they could hear it through the whole building. It was certainly loud and clear in her own over stimulated mind as Alyssa did it again, striking her ass and making her cheeks jiggle ever so slightly as she spanked them nice and pink.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry,” Jessica cried, trying not to be too loud. “I’m sorry…Officer Alyssa. Please don’t stop! Please tongue your dirty little whore! You’re making my pussy feel so good! Please! More!”

Jessica just couldn’t get a grip on all these new feelings inside her. She had never expected to ever really be with a girl. But Alyssa was making it so good. Her body desperately craved orgasm and Jessica knew she wasn’t going to get that from a spanking. She’d only get it from Alyssa’s tongue back inside her. For that pleasure, Jessica would say or do anything. She’d play Alyssa’s game more than willingly.

“Oooooooh good little whore…remember who’s in charge here,” Alyssa grinned. “This sweet whore cunt is Officer Alyssa’s now. I’m going to come by and sample it every fucking day on my beat or else your ass is going to jail you little streetwalking skank.”

Though her words were harsh, Alyssa had loving on her mind and she kissed Jessica’s pink ass cheeks, making them feel better with every soft touch of her lips to the tender flesh. As she did this, she began to stroke Jessica’s pussy with her fingers, pushing past her slit and, for the first time, paying attention to her clit. Alyssa gave Jessica’s throbbing bud a rub with her fingers, feeling it swell and making Jessica’s pussy walls clamp just a little big tighter.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhh…more…ohhhh please more…” Jessica begged. “That feels so good. Touch that clit. Mmmmmmm Officer Alyssa make me come! So much better than a man! Please make me come!”

“Yeah? You like this? Not gonna beg me to stop anymore, are you?” Alyssa demanded. “You only want me to fuck you and make you come. I told you not to fight me. I’m going to make you come so hard.”

“Please! Fuck me!” Jessica continued to beg. “Ohhhhhh Alyssa it’s so good. You’re the best fucking lover I ever had and you haven’t even made me come yet! Ughhh I love it! Fuck me! Fuck my whore pussy! I’m your whore Alyssa! I know you like hearing that! I’m your slutty whore! Just please make me come!”

Alyssa liked hearing that so much that she didn’t even care that Jessica hadn’t called her “Officer Alyssa” again. She’d make her pay for that later, when they were in a more private location and Alyssa had her uniform…and her handcuffs.

Jessica was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but Alyssa thought she had never looked better as she did then, eyes closed and hair wildly thrown about on her face as she was pressed against the wall. Little strands of saliva dripped from Jessica’s chin, but she didn’t even wipe them off. She was too aroused to do anything but lean against the wall and feel pleasure.

Jessica’s shirt was still on and her skirt bunched up around her waist as her sweaty palms left handprints on the wall. The only article of clothing not on was her panties and that soaked blue garment was around Jessica’s ankles stretched out as her legs remained spread wide.

Alyssa loved the desperately horny look on her face. Jessica’s chest heaved, making her tits swell against the shirt clinging to her. This picture made Gear Magazine look like Reader’s Digest.

The need to come filled every inch of Jessica’s body. She couldn’t remember wanting anything more. If someone had appeared to her then and told her that if she came she was never going to work as an actress again, Jessica wouldn’t have hesitated for a second to throw her career away in exchange for her orgasm.

Alyssa got back to work with her tongue, pulling her sticky fingers out and lapping away at her pussy. Alyssa playfully wiped her juice-coated fingers on Jessica’s ass, marking her territory as it were. Jessica moaned at the sensation of her own juice painting her bare ass and those moans got louder and longer with every lick Alyssa took at her cunt.

Jessica was trying to hard not to just scream out. She had enough of her sense left to know that she didn’t want to be caught in this situation. But it was getting harder and harder to not just shriek out in ecstasy from Alyssa’s tongue tasting and teasing her clitoris. God, she was so good. No boyfriend had ever spent this much time eating her pussy and it was turning her into wild woman with lust. Jessica felt like she was drenching her clothes with sex sweat, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was to come.

Unfortunately for her, Alyssa was feeling playful and wasn’t quite ready to let Jessica come yet. She had such a gorgeous body and Alyssa wanted to play with every inch of it. She had her tongue buried deep in Jessica’s snatch, while her nails dug into the budding movie star’s ass. Alyssa’s tongue swept over Jessica’s clitoris, teasing it and making it ache, but not giving her enough to come yet. She was so close, but Alyssa wasn’t ready to push her over the edge yet.

Alyssa wanted Jessica’s first girl/girl orgasm to be something she never ever would forget. She knew she could easily get Jessica off with a few steady tongue lashes against her clit, but Alyssa didn’t just want to just make her come. She wanted to blow Jessica’s mind and she knew the perfect way to do that.

“Nooooooooo…please…don’t stop…” Jessica wailed with need when Alyssa suddenly pulled her tongue out of her pussy. Her need was so great that Jessica actually felt tears well up when the pleasure stopped. She needed to find relief.

“Don’t move a muscle,” Alyssa ordered, rising up from her knees and giving Jessica’s ass a hard slap. “I’ll be right back.”

Through all that had happened, Alyssa hadn’t removed a single article of clothing, but she didn’t care. Her clothes would be coming off soon enough. Right now she had a special treat for Jessica.

Alyssa really only used this office to read scripts for the show and that could get boring really easily. So there were often times when she needed to find a way to entertain herself and while away the hours. Pulling a key out of her purse, Alyssa unlocked the top drawer of her desk and grinned when she pulled out her loyal “office assistant.”

Alyssa happily gave the red vibrator a long lick over the head, treating herself to the memories of orgasms past. There had been many a times when she had fought off restlessness by stripping naked, putting her feet up on her desk, spreading herself open and getting her toy to work.

Those had been good times, but Alyssa had never used her toy on anyone else. Now that was about to change.

Following Alyssa’s order, Jessica continued to stand against the wall like she was ready and willing to be frisked all night long, juices running down her legs as a testament to her arousal. She did crane her head around to see what Alyssa was up to and when she saw the toy in her lover’s hand Jessica’s first response was to groan in happiness.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss…” Jessica happily sighed, knowing that toy was destined to be inside her. “Please Officer Alyssa…please!”

“What do you want whore? Tell me!” Alyssa ordered, grinning wickedly as she walked back behind Jessica, turning the vibrator on to the low setting, creating a soft, sexy buzzing that was magic to Jessica’s ears.

“Fuck me!” Jessica groaned. “Please! Please fuck me! I’ll do anything you want! I’ll be your little whore! Just make me come! Please!”

Alyssa couldn’t get enough of Jessica’s, soft and gentle voice begging for permission to come. It was like bells ringing a beautiful melody for her. With her “office assistant” humming it’s sexy song, Alyssa sunk back down to her knees, immediately dragging the sex toy right over Jessica’s slit.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Jessica moaned in pure delight, her cries increasing as Alyssa slowly pushed the toy inside her. She hadn’t always had the best taste in boyfriends, but Jessica had always known a good toy when she saw it and this one felt just right in her pussy.

Jessica had worn out many a toy during lonely, man less nights, but now not having a man didn’t look like it was ever going to be a problem again. She had a hot toy inside her and a beautiful woman pleasuring her. It was the last thing Jessica had expected today, but it quickly had her body right on the verge of orgasm.

“Oh Alysssssssaaaaaa…” Jessica sighed, her hands starting to claw at the wall as the pleasure built and built inside her. Alyssa kept the toy on a low setting, pushing Jessica into heat. Alyssa knew the power of this thing and slow was just where she wanted it to be. She knew turning it on high resulted in instant creaming and she didn’t want that yet. Not when she had one more thing she desperately wanted to do.

“Like that, don’t you? Feels good inside that slutty little pussy of yours,” Alyssa grinned. “Does the little whore want Officer Alyssa to make her come? Does she want to drip her sweet cream all over my beautiful face?”

“Yessss ohhhhh yesssss…” Jessica answered breathlessly, her eyes closed again as her brain swam in pleasure. “Fucking make me cream! Make my slutty pussy cream Alyssa!”

Alyssa pushed the toy inside a little deeper, making sure it was buzzing right up against Jessica’s clit. The aroused actress literally jumped when the toy touched her clit and Alyssa got such a rush seeing Jessica’s body shake and writhe in need. She was so close and Alyssa knew just what this girl needed to be pushed over.

Using her free hand, Alyssa pressed against the small of Jessica’s lower back, bending her over further. Jessica obeyed the push and it had the desired effect of spreading open her asshole. Alyssa hungrily eyed the pink puckered starfish for a long second before sliding her horny tongue right inside.

“OHHHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYGODDDDDDD!!!” Jessica howled, completely forgetting to muffle herself as lightning bolts of pleasure shot through her body. She had never had her asshole licked before and the uninvited, but oh so pleasurable, sensation of Alyssa’s tongue inside her tight hole had her sweating and panting for more.

Alyssa kept up a steady hold on the vibrator inside Jessica’s cunt while she rimmed her lover tenderly. She dripped warm saliva into her friend’s hole and swirled her tongue around her virgin asshole, teasing and tantalizing it. The wet probing opened up Jessica’s ass and Alyssa began a steady, but not too hard, tongue fucking.

Jessica’s chest heaved with hard, quick breaths under her shirt and bra. She desperately wanted to rip her remaining clothes off just to air out her overheating body, but Jessica didn’t move her hands off the wall except to claw at it. It was so much all at once that Jessica couldn’t figure out what felt better, the tongue in her ass or the vibrator in her pussy. But whatever it was, it certainly had the desired effect.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!” Jessica shrieked through her gritted teeth as she came. She clamped her mouth shut through sheer force of will after her first orgasmic scream. Her body shook in rapture and no words could form, all that pushed past Jessica’s screwed tight lips were squeals of absolute ecstasy.

Jessica’s asshole reflexively clamped against Alyssa’s tongue, but she kept licking her sweetly as cream from Jessica’s orgasming cunt drip down the vibrator and onto her hand.

Alyssa delighted in the hot, sticky feel of Jessica’s orgasm coating her fingertips and dripping down to her knuckle and palm while she kept the toy lodged inside Jessica’s pussy, buzzing against her clit.

Alyssa watched Jessica’s body writhe against the wall, shivering in rapture and when the shaking finally seemed to be coming to a stop, she slowly withdrew the vibrator and pulled her tongue back into her mouth.

Her body empty of desire, Jessica nearly collapsed to the floor. Luckily she caught onto a shelf and was able to slowly lower herself instead of just falling flat onto her ass.

Jessica’s legs were absolute jelly as she slumped down on the floor, her head resting against the wall and no doubt getting the paint all sweaty, just like she had with her hands. It had been the best sex she’d ever had…and it had been with a woman. Now that Jessica had felt her needed orgasm she was a mass of confusion on the inside. What had she just done?

But all the confusion she felt about her actions and the pleasure they brought her evaporated the moment Jessica opened her eyes, turned her head around and saw Alyssa sitting on the floor in her dress licking the cream coated vibrator, feasting on her orgasm. Alyssa smiled and licked away the last bits of cum from her toy before talking.

“Good, you’re still with us,” Alyssa laughed. “Because now it’s my turn!”

Without another word, Alyssa reached back and undid the buttons on the top of her sundress. She stood up and pulled it right over her head. She had worn no bra underneath and her pink nipples stood out proudly swollen on her tanned chest. Alyssa had a black thong on and it was clinging so tightly to her that Jessica could easily see the outline of her pussy lips.

Alyssa’s tone and action left no doubt in Jessica’s mind that she was going to have as much a say in the matter about returning the favor as she did about Alyssa fucking her…which meant none. But this no longer bothered Jessica. In fact she welcomed it. Her eyes had been opened and she wanted to thank her friend the best way she knew how.

“Anything you say…Officer Alyssa,” Jessica grinned in response, her body tingling with nervous excitement as she prepared herself to go down on a woman for the first time. Alyssa looked so beautiful and Jessica hungered to see and taste what her friend was like under that thong. She couldn’t believe she felt this way, but there was no doubt in her brain anymore. She wanted this.

“Mmmm good whore…time to pay me back,” Alyssa smirked, sliding off her thong and modeling her nude body to the enraptured Jessica. “Time to give Officer Alyssa your weekly protection payment. Otherwise, it’s off to jail for your streetwalking ass. Show me what that nasty tongue can do.”

Alyssa walked back until she was right by her chair. She set herself down on it, the leather feeling so good pressed up against her bare ass, and spread her legs open, exposing one drenched little cunt to Jessica. Seeing how wet Alyssa was just turned Jessica on more and made her more willing to take this bold new step. She began to crawl toward Alyssa, but she was quickly stopped.

“Wait!” Alyssa ordered. “Those clothes have to go! Get naked Jessica! Show me those goodies!”

That was an especially easy task for Jessica. She was dying to strip so she didn’t hesitate. Her fears and inhibitions were now a distant memory as Jessica eagerly undressed. She unbuttoned her shirt, resisting the temptation to rip it open because it would have left her in an awkward situation when it came time to leave, and cast it to the floor.

Drinking in the horny smile and wolf’s whistles she was getting from Alyssa, Jessica reached for her blue bra and undid the clasp after a little nervous fumbling. Her nipples had been straining so hard against the bra that it was a huge relief to finally get it off her body.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhh show off those titties Jessica,” Alyssa ordered, loving the vision of the now topless beauty before her. Jessica’s grin widened as she began running her hands over her tits and tugging on her aroused nipples. She wanted to impress Alyssa now. Jessica was never a selfish lover and now she wanted to repay every bit of pleasure Alyssa had given her.

“You like what you see Alyssa?” Jessica moaned, her fingers pinching her tingling nipples. “Do you like my body? I was serious before. It’s yours. My whole fucking body is yours now. I want to make you wet baby. I want to make you come as hard as you made me come.”

“You’re doing fine Jessica,” Alyssa replied, settling back in her chair and rubbing her slit softly as she enjoyed the show. “Now the panties…get those damn things all the way off.”

Jessica immediately complied, pushing her drenched and stretched panties all the way off her legs. They were probably ruined now, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to be naked. This left Jessica only in her skirt and that was disposed off easily too. She unclasped the pink garment and tossed it off her body, leaving her just as naked as Alyssa was and very eager to please.

“Come here,” Alyssa said with a crooked finger motioning Jessica forward. “Time to settle up with Officer Alyssa you little whore.”

At the sound of her invitation, Jessica began crawling over again and the closer she got to Alyssa’s pussy the more excited she got to try this. She wanted to be naughty now and show Alyssa she could be as good as she was.

“You like Jessica?” Alyssa giggled as she spread her legs wide, using her fingers to spread open her pussy. “Is it turning you on to see how wet you got my pink little cunt?”

“Mmmmm I like…I like,” Jessica eagerly agreed, crawling even closer. She was almost face to face with Alyssa’s snatch now and for the first time Jessica breathed in the aroused scent of another woman. It was so strong and so sexy, Jessica felt like she could get high off it with ease.

“Then show me how much you like it,” Alyssa playfully ordered. “Kiss it. Kiss my pretty pussy.”

To Jessica’s eyes, pretty was the least of what Alyssa’s pussy looked. “Amazing” was a better word choice as far as she was concerned. Jessica had never seen another woman this close up and she loved it. Alyssa’s pussy looked so pink and wet and she found herself hungering for it. Not wanting to deny herself a taste any longer, Jessica did what Alyssa asked, leaning her face in and placing a kiss on Alyssa’s cunt.

As she had crawled over, Jessica hadn’t wanted to consider the possibility that she wouldn’t like Alyssa’s taste. She had always liked tasting herself after orgasm, but this was sure to be different. Luckily, as the first taste of Alyssa’s juices passed over her lips and onto her waiting tongue, Jessica was delighted to find she loved the taste of another woman. Alyssa tasted so sweet and Jessica immediately wanted more.

She followed up that kiss with another one and then another, kissing all over Alyssa’s wet labia and tasting the cream that had collected there. Alyssa kept her pussy nice and spread as Jessica’s lips teased her. With each kiss, Alyssa moved herself forward a little on the chair, until Jessica’s mouth was right on her heated center.

“So far so good Jessica,” Alyssa teased. “You kiss good, but now let’s see how well you lick. Get that tongue to work, whore. You need directions or something? C’mon, tongue that pussy!”

Jessica didn’t want to say it, but some directions would have been nice. After all this wasn’t something she was particularly experienced in. She would have appreciated some help, but Alyssa was making it clear that she was on her own.

So Jessica decided that she would just have to pretend that it was her pussy being licked and she was directing her lover. She would take what felt good to her and do it to Alyssa and hoped that worked. She wanted it to work. Jessica didn’t want to let Alyssa down.

Breathing in Alyssa’s wonderful scent all the way, Jessica inhaled a deep breath and took the plunge, so to speak. She pushed her tongue inside Alyssa’s spread pussy and started licking. She was going on instinct, but tried to use her memories of what Alyssa had done to her to guide her efforts.

Jessica started out slow, savoring Alyssa’s taste and letting it coat her taste buds, with slow, soft licks of her wet folds. When she heard Alyssa begin to moan, Jessica took it correctly as a sign to go a little faster. Speeding up, Jessica’s tongue started to really get into a steady licking motion that had Alyssa happily grinding her bare ass against the leather chair.

“Oooooooooh good little whore, you’re getting it…that’s good Jessica…lick that pussy just like that…just like thaaaaaat…” Alyssa moaned as Jessica hit a sensitive spot with her tongue. Jessica was raw, but talented. Alyssa was confident she could refine her pussy licking skills with some time and training. As it stood, Jessica’s ability and eagerness were going to be plenty to get Alyssa off.

She had gotten so wet from her successful seduction of Jessica and the triumph of having proven Rose wrong had a lovely adrenaline and endorphins cocktail flowing through her veins. That was doing plenty to make her come and Jessica’s eagerness to taste her pussy and make her feel good was overcoming her inexperience.

“Don’t stop,” Alyssa urged, playing with her bouncing tits with one hand while the other held out her vibrator for her to lick as she grinded and bounced in her chair. “Lick my pussy Jessica! Lick up all that cream and move right for my clit. Mmmmm you’re going to make me come soon.”

Jessica’s tongue was making her aroused enough that she was fading out of “Officer Alyssa” move, but as a jolt of pleasure ran through her body and Alyssa looked down to admire the delightful sight of herself naked in her chair as Jessica kneeled before her she was snapped back into it.

“Good little whore…this is where you fucking belong,” Alyssa moaned in between licks at her toy. “Right on your knees, lapping away at my pussy like a slut. Don’t you stop Jessica! Show the law some fucking respect! Eat my cunt! Make me fucking come!”

Jessica’s tongue was getting very sticky with Alyssa’s juices and she tried to push as much of it down to her hungry stomach. The rest just dribbled down her chin and Jessica moaned when the girl juice tickled her flesh and ran down to her naked and swaying tits. She was quickly getting hooked on the taste of pussy and she liked the way Alyssa kept talking nasty to her. It just made her want to prove herself more by making Alyssa come.

Alyssa sighed happily as Jessica tongued her faster, pushing her face against her pussy and lapping away at her folds. The girl was learning fast and Alyssa loved looking down to see that pretty face buried in her pussy, moving back and forth as she fed on her creamy essence, knowing that before they’d gotten in here Jessica had never been with a girl before. Another sexy notch for the bedpost.

Her vibrator was clean of girl cum by now, but Alyssa kept licking and sucking on it as Jessica ate her out. She stimulated it like it was a real cock in her hands, pushing it into her mouth and sucking it deep.

Alyssa was close to deep throating her toy, grabbing any extra stimulation she could get. When she pulled it out, Alyssa smiled when she saw her toy coated in her own saliva. But there was a much better use for it than satisfying an oral fetish.

Turning the vibrator back to the low setting, Alyssa began running it over her bare tits. She moaned and cooed as she vibrating toy sent shivers all over her breasts and touched her swollen nipples. It was just what she needed to really juice her pussy up. Alyssa stimulated her jiggling tits, running the toy all over her chest while Jessica continued licking, moving deeper and faster the longer she was down between her legs.

Jessica could hear Alyssa’s moans grow louder and felt her pussy get wetter. She knew that meant Alyssa had to be getting close. Jessica looked up from Alyssa’s pussy to see her friend using the vibrator on herself and she smiled at the erotic image. She paused her licking for a second, but Alyssa quickly corrected that.

“No stopping!” Alyssa snapped, moving her free hand to the back of Jessica’s head and pushing her back into her pussy. “Not when I’m so fucking close! Keep licking my pussy! Get to work on my clit! Suck it whore!”

With Alyssa’s hand now glued to the back of her head, Jessica followed her order. She got back to licking, tasting all the sexy pink folds she was quickly falling into total lust with. Jessica could feel Alyssa’s clit so close to her tongue and every time she grazed it, it jumped and throbbed.

I don’t know why guys have so much trouble. I found it right away, Jessica thought to herself as she began tonguing Alyssa’s clitoris. This was no problem. Jessica loved how Alyssa’s clit throbbed for her and she focused all her attention on it, swiping her tongue against her friend’s pleasure center and making her buck up and down in the chair.

“Ughhhh that’s it…more…suck on my clit Jess,” Alyssa begged. “I’m so close! Just suck on that clit and you’re going to be drowning in my cum! Mmmmmmm gonna get that beautiful face all cummy and sticky!”

Jessica obeyed immediately, licking at Alyssa’s clit and getting it in perfect position for her to fasten her lips around. She gave it a hard suck and sent Alyssa into a series of long, happy moans. Jessica did it again and got the same result. Alyssa’s juices were really starting to spill into her mouth and Jessica decided the best tactic was to keep doing this until Alyssa came.

That was the right idea and Alyssa felt her body move closer and closer. Jessica was doing a good job on her clit and Alyssa was taking care of the rest herself. She ran the vibrator over her nipples, making them throb almost as much as her clit. As she did this Alyssa filled her head with hot images of teaching Jessica all about being a good little cunt licker.

Maybe she could even invite her to the party. She’d get lots of hands on experience there and Alyssa could show off her newest prize to Rose. Alyssa evilly smiled when she pictured teaming up with Jessica to teach her housemate a lesson about shooting her mouth off.

She could picture it so easily. They’d strip Rose naked and make her get on her knees just like Jessica was now. Jessica would hold Rose down and yank on her hair and slap her big tits while making sure she ate Alyssa out. Alyssa loved thinking about spreading her legs and fucking Rose’s beautiful face, making her lick up every drop of her cum while Jessica spit into Rose’s ass and fucked her hard, making her scream out and totally submit to them.

The idea of Rose being her bitch in front of everyone at the party would have set Alyssa off on a good day, but with Jessica stimulating her pussy, the thought was the perfect push she needed to come. And come she did…right against Jessica’s cum hungry mouth.

“YEAHHHHHHH!!!” Alyssa suddenly squealed as she came. Her hands immediately shot up to cover her mouth. She dropped her vibrator in the process, but she also managed to muffle herself more successfully than Jessica had been able to at first. She kept her hands clamped to her mouth, quieting her screams of pleasure and coating her palms with hot orgasmic saliva.

Even though she had known this was inevitable, it was still a surprise to Jessica to suddenly feel a blast of girl cum against her face the way she did. Before Jessica knew it her skin was being creamed with hot girl juice. It was a happy surprise for her taste buds. What she had sampled before was good, but it was nothing compared to the richness of Alyssa’s orgasm.

Alyssa clamped down tightly on Jessica’s face, but her hand in her hair remained. Alyssa didn’t want Jessica going anywhere, so the actress kept licking and sucking as best as she could. She loved the feel of the orgasm against her skin and soon enough Alyssa didn’t even need to hold her down. Jessica was too hooked to move away.

Only when Alyssa’s muffled cries turned to tired moans did the grip in Jessica’s hair loosen. Jessica pulled herself away and looked up with a smile at her lover as she gasped for breath, her naked skin coated in a sheen of happy sweat.

“So…was I good?” Jessica playfully asked, knowing full well what the answer would be.

Alyssa didn’t even answer with words. Instead she grabbed Jessica by the shoulders and pulled her up to her face. Alyssa yanked Jessica into the chair with her, pressing their bare tits together and kissing her passionately. Jessica eagerly returned a girl-girl kiss for the first time, even sucking on Alyssa’s tongue when it was offered to her.

“I think you need to come down to the station with me,” Alyssa laughed softly as the last tremors of pleasure rippled through her naked body. “You need a lot more interrogation.”

* * * * * * * *

Back at the mansion, Rose had a very satisfied smile on her face and it wasn’t just because of the thorough fucking she’d just given Michelle and Jennifer. Though leaving them both naked and quivering in her bed was a source of great pride, Rose was more focused on the frenzy Sarah was falling into.

She hadn’t expected Sarah to get this agitated this quickly, but there was no underestimating a slayer’s temper. Rose had naturally heard Sarah pounding on her door, but there had been no way she was letting her in.

Now Sarah was tearing around the house like a bat out of hell trying to find her missing toys. Rose knew exactly where they were, of course, but there was no way in hell she was telling. She wanted Sarah at her boiling point tomorrow.

Tomorrow. It existed like a sweet promise. In less than 24 hours they’d all be in paradise and the mere thought of it sent shivers of expectation through Rose’s body. She couldn’t wait. After all the things she’d gone through recently, a chance to forget about everything and indulge in every pleasure imaginable was just what she wanted.

Even as she and Love had journeyed cross-country to New York, her troubles had always been there in her mind. The only times she’d been truly able to forget everything was when she was lost in the moment of sex. Beautiful women like Katie Holmes and Ashley Judd, Faye and her nympho daughter Bobbie Jo and even when Love had taken on those cops, they had all served as wonderful distractions and now what was set for tomorrow was hopefully going to blow all that away.

If everything worked out like they had planned then it was just going to be amazing. They had invited so many beautiful women. Even Ashley and Katie were coming, eager to reunite with her and Love. Rose couldn’t wait for everyone to see those two beauties, like they were souvenirs they had picked up on their trip.

Rose knew she needed this. She needed a chance to prove to herself she wasn’t afraid. So much had happened since that first poolside orgy and, even though to everyone in the mansion she seemed fine, Rose still felt fear at night. A fear that somehow they’d all find out the truth. That her friends would think she was crazy and abandon her. She tried not to let that fear show and an event like this would be a chance to prove to herself that she would never let anything hold her back…ever.

The thing was, her life had dramatically changed while she had been away and she hadn’t even been involved with it. Rose didn’t know how to feel about what had happened. It had been such a shock at first and there had been immediate elation, but then came the fear that it had somehow made things worse.

Now Rose was standing in the kitchen of the mansion looking at that day’s Los Angeles Times and examining the latest headline in the newest Hollywood scandal.


Rose didn’t know Tara Reid outside of the most casual of encounters, but she did know Jaime and she knew that whatever Tara was claiming she had done, it was true. She knew what Jaime was capable of and she had no doubt she had indeed kidnapped Tara and abused her.

Now Jaime was under arrest and in jail without bail. She had been charged with kidnapping for now, but prosecutors said that more charges were coming. Rumors had been flying that police had discovered Tiffani Thiessen being held prisoner in Jaime’s house, but no one had confirmed it yet.

The tabloids and 24-hour news channels were going crazy. Jaime wasn’t even that famous, but the story had all the elements that drove people wild. Kinky sex and unusual crime.

The good news was that at last Rose felt free. She no longer had to worry about phone calls from Jaime summoning her and forcing her into sex she didn’t want. Now that bitch was in jail and she couldn’t hurt her anymore. But still Rose didn’t feel completely safe from her. It was like things couldn’t end this easily. There had to be more.

Suddenly Rose’s cell phone rang, startling her out of her study of the newspaper. She reached for it, frowning when she didn’t recognize the number that was calling her.

“Hello?” Rose said. There was nothing at first from the other end. Just silence. But Rose knew who it was and it sent a chill up her spine.

“What do you want?” Rose hissed.

“Come see me,” Jaime Pressley commanded from the other end.

“Fuck you!” Rose spat out, ending the call. Almost as soon as she did, her cell rang again. She didn’t want to pick it up and at first she ignored it. But the ringing continued until Rose couldn’t take it anymore.

“Leave me alone!” Rose cried into the phone, hoping none of her housemates could hear her.

“Come see me…today!” Jaime ordered. “You will come or else I’m going to call a press conference and tell the world you were helping me and let them know exactly what you did in Portland.”

“No!” Rose begged. “Please don’t!”

“You have one hour to get your ass down here,” Jaime barked before ending the call.

Rose trembled as she put her phone down on the table. Jaime could and would tell all. She knew she would. She could ruin everything when she was so close to having it all behind her. As much as Rose didn’t want to go, she knew she had to. There was no choice.

* * * * * * * *

“Thanks for doing this with me,” Tara Reid said, giving her friend another grateful hug.

“All you have to do is ask,” Rachael Leigh Cook replied, returning the hug. “Anytime you need me Tara, I’ll be there.”

“Thank you,” Tara smiled happily, trying to force herself to only happy thoughts. That didn’t last and she crumpled back down onto the bed, fully dressed, trying not to cry and failing miserably.

“I never thought I was going to see you again,” Tara sobbed, burying her face in her pillow as Rachael sat down next to her and softly ran her fingers through her blonde hair. “I never thought I was going to see anyone again. I thought she was going to kill me. God Rach…she was crazy…she…she…God…she just did horrible things to me!”

“Shhhh…it’s ok…it’s ok sweetie,” Rachael urged, caressing her crying friend’s head. “I’m here now. It’s ok. You’re safe. She can’t hurt you anymore.”

The past few days had been such an emotional roller coaster for Tara from one extreme to the other. She had veered wildly from sobbing uncontrollably to elation over being safe and alive.

Jaime had left her in such a state that she could barely speak when she got to the hospital. She could only bark, as she’d been trained by her cruel mistress. It had taken days of sleep and food for Tara to get even close to coherent again.

Rachael remembered the phone call she and Rosario had gotten. At first they had both been ecstatic that Tara was alive, but that had quickly turned to rage at the thought that someone could take their friend and abuse her like that. Details had been so few at first, but the more they learned about what Jaime had done Tara, the more furious they had gotten. Rachael didn’t consider herself a violent person, but she would have given anything she had for 10 minutes alone in a room with Jaime.

The thirst for vengeance, fortunately, was tempered by the fact that Jaime was under arrest and that Tara was ok. Rachael and Rosario had been mildly surprised by the hows and the wheres surrounding how Alyson, Shannon and Mena had found Tara, but in the end they didn’t care…as long as Tara was safe.

Since then, the five of them hadn’t left Tara’s side for an instance. A lot of family and friends had come up to see her and nurse her back to health, but Tara had wanted Rachael, Rosario, Alyson, Shannon and Mena with her as often as possible and they had obliged her. It was the least they could do. They just wanted her to get well and be the happy, bubbly friend she was before all this had happened.

“I love you Rach,” Tara sniffled, getting her tears back under control. “You’re so good to me. Thank you for looking for me. Thank you for calling the police.”

The blonde threw her arms around Rachael and hugged her again before pressing herself against her lips and kissing her passionately. Rachael eagerly returned the kiss, but didn’t try to push it any further. They had all agreed not to rush Tara back into sex with them before they were sure she could handle it. Tara had been so emotionally fragile since being rescued. Not that anyone had blamed her. Jaime had brutalized her.

“I missed you so much,” Tara said, feeling so safe and happy in her friend’s arms. “She said no one was going to come for me. That you were never going to find me. She said she was going to keep me forever.”

“We did find you, you’re safe now,” Rachael reassured her friend. “You’re going to get through this and then you’re never going to have to think about her again. She’s not going to be able to hurt you anymore.”

“Just don’t leave me,” Tara begged, clinging to Rachael. “Please don’t leave me Rach!”

“I won’t,” Rachael promised. “I won’t leave.”

The District Attorney’s Office was exploring the additional charges to file against Jaime and that meant Tara had to be interviewed thoroughly about what she had seen at the house and what had been done to her. They were coming by today for the third time and it had been so hard on Tara to recount what had happened to her. Those were the times when she needed her friends more than ever and they had been there for her.

The bell rang and Tara jumped a little in Rachael’s arms. Rachael remembered with horror the busted lock she had discovered and she hugged Tara tighter, showing her it was safe.

“It’s just the lawyers,” Rachael told her. “Are you sure you want to do this today? Are you feeling ok? We can make it another day if you want?”

“No I want to do it,” Tara said, summoning her courage. “I want to get this over with and I want that bitch to pay.”

A few minutes later everyone was downstairs. Rachael was holding Tara’s hand as they sat on the couch facing Susan Schmidt and Manuel Garcia from the district attorney’s office. A stenographer was there to take Tara’s deposition, but no one had caught her name.

“Ok, for the record this is a continuation of the conversation from three days ago,” Susan stated. “We left off when Ms. Pressley was taking you to the club. Do you recall how she transported you there?”

“Wait, before you even start, we need to get this taken care of,” Tara declared. “Did you find him yet?”

“Find who, Ms. Reid?” Manuel asked.

“The guy who rescued me,” Tara snapped in frustration. “How many times do I have to ask? I ask one person and they say they’re doing what they can and the next time it’s a new person who doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about.”

“We’re continuing our efforts Ms. Reid, but so far we haven’t been able to locate anyone who matches your description or the officers at the scene’s description,” Susan replied.

Tara frowned and slumped back in the couch. She had wanted so badly to see him again and thank him. Everything was so crazy and fuzzy about that night, but Tara remembered him rescuing her and beating up Jaime and then taking her away from it all. He had helped feed her and get her clothes.

But then she had passed out to sleep and when she had woken up she had been in the hospital. She had no idea how she had gotten there and when she had finally been able to ask, days later, they told her she had been left in the emergency room anonymously.

Tara couldn’t accept that. She had to know who had saved her. She had to know who her white knight was. That was one of the reasons she had agreed to do these interviews so quickly. She wanted the DA to help her find him. She had to know who he was!

* * * * * * * *

“Polar bears,” Delbert said.

“That’s your plan?” Waldo inquired.

“Indeed,” Delbert confirmed. “Instead of resorting to plan B we can disguise ourselves as polar bears and hibernate for the spring. As you will recall, I perfected the polar bear costumes. Our identities would be perfectly hidden.”

“We’ll put that in the maybe file,” Waldo replied. “In the meantime we need to move ahead with Plan B. The stakes are rising too high. We can’t stay here. As long as we’re here the girls are at risk. We can’t have them get caught in the middle of all of this. In the meantime, we just have to wait. The soldier monkeys are already patrolling the perimeter.”

As Waldo said this, two monkeys wearing combat fatigues and holding machine guns walked by and settled down for a break. One monkey pulled out a pack of cigarettes and put one in his mouth and offered the pack to his fellow monkey. The other monkey shook his head and the first monkey lit up, exhaling a big puff of smoke after taking a long drag.

“And the Wisconsin kung fu ninja fighting cows are poised in the shadows against attack,” Delbert reported. “We should be well protected.”

“Yeah, for now,” Waldo said. “We’ve just got to figure out what Brandon’s next move is. Franklin, how’s the research coming?”

“It’s hard, so many of these documents aren’t in English and my Serbian isn’t as good as it used to be,” Franklin admitted. “The stuff that is in English is so encoded that it would take me months to break if we had the proper equipment, which we don’t. This much I have gathered so far, as far as I can tell, this project was first developed in the early 1960′s by the KGB. They never had the opportunity to make it work because of a lack of funding, but we in the U.S. didn’t have any such restrictions. So when Dr. Sergei Nimchov defected in 1974 he brought this material with him and we got right to work.”

As Franklin spoke, Waldo and Delbert settled in to hear him, along with the smoking soldier monkey and his comrade. Franklin walked over to his chalkboard where he had taped up several pieces of paper and had scribbled down several helpful charts and diagrams, as well as a crude timeline.

“The U.S. tried to use this first as part of the MK-Ultra program, but when Reagan got shot that program got put on ice fast,” Franklin continued. “No one ever wanted anyone to know that Hinkley was actually a CIA experiment gone wrong, so they put out the Jodie Foster cover story and abandoned the project. That’s where our friends come into play. While the project was dead, the file material hadn’t been destroyed. Blevens and Terrance knew full well what the project did and five years ago they got to work on putting it back together, without any official permission. So they got Dr. Raymond Hall and Marcus Barker. Now Barker was the guy we chased down in Cuba.”

“The one Blevens and Terrance said was a traitor?” Delbert asked.

“Correct Delbert,” Franklin said. “Now what the truth was, was that he was no traitor. He had actually discovered what the true power of the MAW Device was and wanted to get it out of here fast. He knew that Blevens and Terrance were working without authorization and there were few he could trust. The whole shooting of Hall was a setup. And now it seems that the good Dr. Hall has simply disappeared. So Barker went down to Cuba to try and hide. Several European intelligence agencies, including our good friends in Serbia, had tails on him, but we got there first and well we all know what happened after that?”

“But what does the MAW Device do?” Waldo asked.

“That’s the trickiest part,” Franklin answered. “Because until now the device had entirely been theory. Nothing had ever actually been put together. But Hall and Barker had been able to break through and actually make a working device it seems. Until I actually get a chance to see it though, I don’t know what it does in actuality. I just know what it does in theory.”

“Well, then what does it do in theory?” Waldo asked as Franklin flipped the chalkboard over to reveal the other side where he had put on several sketches and equations. The sketches were no more than crude drawings of people, but what stood out were the eyes, which were spirals and the people’s arms, which were stuck out zombie style.

“Think of the brain as a computer,” Franklin began. “What if you were able to hold in your hand a device that could reprogram a personal computer from a distance and make it do what you wanted. It’s the same thing here.”

“You’re not saying…” Delbert gasped.

“I am saying it Delbert,” Franklin replied. “The MAW Device can essentially reprogram someone’s mind. It’s like a patch put on top of an existing program, changing it.”

“And now Brandon has this device,” Waldo declared grimly.

“It certainly seems like he does,” Franklin sighed.

“We need to move up Plan B,” Waldo said. “This is no time for us to be sitting around. We’ve got to get moving aggressively before it’s too late.”

“But what about Tara?” Delbert protested, finally bringing the name into the conversation that had been sitting on the tip of his tongue since the beginning. “I want to see her again! I want to make sure she’s ok!”

“Look Del, you did a great thing by saving her and all that, but we can’t let anything distract us,” Waldo countered. “We have to be able to make this plan work and work fast. We’re only going to have one shot at this or else all will be lost.”

“But…I want to see her,” Delbert sighed. He had been thinking almost non-stop about her since she had literally run into him outside the club. He had never felt this way about anyone before. He hadn’t seen her since they had dropped her off at the hospital, but he had been thinking of her every night.

“Del, we need you to focus,” Franklin stated. “Brandon is going to come after us. He knows we know he has the device and he probably knows by now that we didn’t die in Cuba and I’m sure he knows that we know he knows. He’s going to try and eliminate us. Our only hope right now is that he doesn’t know that we know he knows that we know. We don’t have much time.”

“Plan B must go ahead without a hitch,” Waldo said. “This is the only way we can possibly stop him.”

* * * * * * * *

The confidence the boys had that Brandon was coming after them was well founded. It hadn’t escaped his attention that they had survived their little Cuban adventure and he was actually glad they had.

Years of planning had gone into this operation and he wanted the pleasure of having them die courtesy of the device he now had in his possession.

His only regret was that he wasn’t going to be able to send Waldo, Franklin and Delbert on permanent leave personally the way he had with Blevens and Terrance. But you couldn’t have everything, could you? Taking over the world would simply have to suffice.

The torture he had received at the hands of The Scorpion had been enough to sour him on government service and since that day he had been waiting for this opportunity. All his work, all his planning, all the blood that had been spilled…it had led up to this. Now everything he had dreamed about on those endless nights in custody and pain was close to fruition.

The only question Brandon had left in his head was whether he should kill the boys now or make them watch and suffer after he had some fun with those pretty girls who lived next door.

That reminded Brandon about another matter he had before him. Smiling he opened the envelope he had been sent and examined the handiwork inside. Sid had been as good as his word. Brandon hadn’t wanted this job in the first place, but the client had been insistent and he had paid well for this information. Brandon supposed he had what he wanted now, though he couldn’t imagine he’d be happy with the knowledge his woman was cheating on him with other women.

Sid’s photographic work had captured Sarah and Reese together on several occasions on their recent New York City excursion. There was nothing too intimate in these pictures, but enough evidence to give the client what he had been looking for. Now he just had to deliver them and collect the rest of his fee.

“What you got there?” Raymond Hall asked, looking up from the MAW device.

“Just a little art, nothing you need concern yourself with,” Brandon replied, putting the pictures away again. “How’s it coming on that end?”

The boys had also been right about the fate of the not so good Dr. Raymond Hall. He was very much alive and very much on Brandon’s team for this project.

It had been him who had first told Brandon about the MAW device and, with dollar signs in his eyes the whole time, the plan had been set in motion and executed to perfection. Now they had the device in their possession and success was inevitable.

“Almost ready for the test,” Raymond answered. “I’ve got it purring right now. It came out a little worse for the wear from the trip, but it’s all fixed. We just need a human subject.”

“I’ve already got that taken care of,” Brandon stated as a smirk crossed his face. “In fact this will be the perfect chance for me to take care of a three little loose ends that have to be snipped.”

Almost as if by cue there was a ring of the bell.

“Come on, you’ll find this very useful,” Brandon said as he escorted Raymond from the lab.

Brandon opened in the front door and Raymond offered a quizzical look at what was on the other end.

“Pizza…hot and fresh in less than 30 minutes,” the teenage delivery boy declared as he stepped inside. He couldn’t have looked less inspired by his job or his life if he’d tried. The crooked nametag on his uniform vest read “Jody.”

“Ahhh excellent, how much do I owe you?” Brandon asked, reaching on the counter for what everyone assumed was his wallet.

“$17.50 dude,” Jody replied, counting down the seconds before he could clock out, head back to the beach and get nicely baked for the rest of the day.

“You ordered pizza?” Raymond asked in disbelief, wondering what was so important about this.

“No doctor,” Brandon said as he picked up a taser and shocked Jody, sending the unsuspecting teenager slumped down to the ground, passed out. “I ordered you your test subject for the MAW device.”

* * * * * * * *

Even though she had reached her destination, Rose hadn’t left her car. She was too terrified to move. She had hoped she was free. But Jaime’s phone call had showed her she was anything but. It was almost as if she was never free. Jaime would remain a burden around her neck along with the past she knew about all too well.

“You don’t have to do this,” Chloe implored Rose, sitting across from her in the car. “You can turn this car around right now. She can’t hurt you anymore.”

“Yes she can,” Rose sighed, defeat in her voice. “She can tell everyone. Then I’d lose everything.”

“No, don’t say that,” Chloe insisted, taking Rose’s hand in hers and squeezing it. “It’s not true. She’s fucked so much with your mind that you don’t even know when she’s lying anymore. You won’t lose anything. Your friends will stay by you. Rose, they love you.”

“No…they’ll think I’m a freak,” Rose claimed, a tear beginning to roll down her cheek as she pictured the horrified rejection she would be sure to get from her housemates. “They’ll think I’m some crazy bitch. They won’t want to see me anymore. I can’t lose them Chloe. I just can’t. I don’t want them to think I’m a freak.”

“I don’t think you’re a freak,” Chloe said. “I know what happened. I was there, remember? But you’re no freak Rose. They would never think that.”

“You don’t know that,” Rose sighed softly, tears continuing to slowly run down her cheek. She hated how she got like this, so scared and sorry for herself. But Jaime always knew what buttons to press. “I can’t risk it. I can’t lose them.”

“You won’t,” Chloe insisted, using her free hand to tenderly brush Rose’s tears away. “Tell this crazy bitch to fuck off. Don’t see her. Don’t let her have power over you Rose. You’re better than this. You’re stronger than this. She’s nothing and she’s going to pay for what she did. Don’t let her get inside you. Fight her.”

“I can’t…” Rose said, her head slumping in shame. “I can’t fight her Chloe. She’s inside me…commanding me. Making me do things that I don’t want to do.”

“You don’t have to listen to her,” Chloe replied. “Please Rose, I know you can fight her. Be strong. You don’t have to go in and see her. She can’t hurt you, you have to believe that! She’s nothing. She’s in jail now, getting what she deserves. You’re free from her. Don’t let her control you.”

“Oh Chloe…what the fuck am I going to do?” Rose cried, slamming her head down on the steering wheel. “She’s never going to leave me alone!”

“Shhhh…it’s ok,” Chloe said, caressing Rose’s dark hair and pulling her up back into a sitting position. “You just have to be strong Rose. I know you can be. I believe in you. You’ve overcome so much and you’re not going to let her beat you! You don’t have to do this!”

“Thank you for coming here with me,” Rose said, a grateful smile pushing over her lips as she looked into her friend’s beautiful face and tried to let her words sink in.

“Don’t thank me,” Chloe replied. “Just fight her. You know you can do this. You have the strength inside. You’re so strong with your friends. Be strong with this bitch.”

That was all Chloe got to say before Rose suddenly lunged forward and kissed her passionately. Chloe hadn’t been expecting the aggressive move and it knocked her back in her seat. She was used to her friend’s seduction attempts and as soon as she regained her bearings she was about to push Rose off her, but when Rose’s tongue slid into her mouth, Chloe found she couldn’t. Instead she moaned ever so softly.

“I want you Chloe…you’re my best friend…let me show you how much I love you…how much I need you,” Rose babbled, her nervous energy bubbling over as she kissed the veteran porn star.

Whenever they had gone down this direction Chloe had always cut it off. She didn’t want to risk their friendship. They had gone through so much together. Chloe hadn’t wanted to fuck it all up. But this time…this time something felt different. For the first time Chloe considered just lying back and letting Rose touch her and kiss her and fuck her. She’d wanted it for so long and Chloe had always resisted. What would happen if she didn’t resist? What would happen if she and Rose took that risk?

But before that train of thought furthered in her mind, Chloe got her self control back and gently pushed Rose off her. Even if she had wanted this, Rose was too much of an emotional mess. It wasn’t the right time.

“Rose…” Chloe began, before Rose cut her off.

“I know…I know…you won’t…” Rose sighed, cursing at herself for making herself look foolish in front of her friend. Rose opened her door and exited the car, leaving Chloe behind.

“Wait…let me come in with you,” Chloe said. “If you’re going to do this, at least let me go in with you.”

“No…I don’t want her to see you…I don’t want her to know we’re still friends,” Rose explained. “I don’t want her to hurt you too Chloe.”

“You don’t have to do this,” Chloe repeated.

“I need to,” Rose said sadly. “I have to do this. Wait here for me. I’ll be back.”

Without another word, Rose tuned and began walking toward the jail’s main entrance, leaving her friend worried by the car.

As she walked inside, Chloe’s words rang through Rose’s head. She tried to be strong, but whenever she saw Jaime she just felt so completely helpless. It was like she had no choice but to do whatever she said, whether it was to come see her here or just lie back and get fucked hard over and over again. She was Jaime’s toy and all the strength she had just disappeared whenever she was with the blonde.

Since she was being held without bail, Jaime was behind bars until a verdict in her trial or an appeals court reversed the decision. But since she hadn’t been convicted she wasn’t at any state prison. Jaime was in the jail facilities at the courthouse and there she would stay until further notice.

Rose found herself shaking slightly when she walked inside. She tried to get control of herself, but it was like Jaime had already beaten her on the inside. The closer she got to seeing her, the more fear she felt. Rose could barely take another step further, but she compelled herself to move and follow the guard as he led her down to the visitor’s area.

She kept telling herself to calm down. Rose tried to believe Chloe’s words, but it was so hard. When she saw Jaime sitting behind the protective glass Rose’s impulse was to run, but she couldn’t. She just kept walking toward Jaime.

“Sit the fuck down bitch,” Jaime barked, her hard voice pushing through the little holes in the glass.

“Don’t call me that,” Rose begged.

“I’ll call you whatever I fucking want you dumb cunt,” Jaime smirked, getting a high off of Rose’s visible fear. This was better than any drug. “Awwwww did poor little Rosie think I was gone? Did she think she was free to play with her slut friends? While you were gone I fucked your friend Alyssa. Did you know that? She was so eager to spread her legs for me. She was going to invite me to your precious little mansion and soon as I’m out of here that’s the first place I’m going.”

“Nooooo…” Rose cried. How could Alyssa do that? How could she willingly fuck this bitch? “Please…please…just leave them alone. Don’t hurt my friends. I’ll do anything. Please!”

“How many times do I have to tell you Rose?” Jaime mocked. “You don’t have friends. They just see you as a bunch of hot holes begging to be fucked. They won’t stand by you. When they find out who you really are they’re going to toss you out with the garbage and move onto the next slut.”

Rose didn’t say anything, but another tear fell from her eye. Jaime always knew just what to say to make her feel so low and powerless.

“You are going to do what I say now Rose or else everyone is going to find out about you,” Jaime continued. “You’re going to help me out of this.”

“What do you want me to do?” Rose asked, wiping away her tear angrily. The thought of willingly helping Jaime made her physically ill.

“You’re going to go and tell the police that little bitch Tara Reid is a liar,” Jaime ordered. “You’re going to tell them that she was begging me to fuck her and train her. You’re going to go say you helped me take her and that cunt Tiffani too. You’re going to tell them that you were my little helper and that everything they said is a lie.”

“I won’t…” Rose claimed. She couldn’t do that. Not just because it was illegal, but because she couldn’t let Jaime get away with this. Rose could only imagine what she had put Tara, Tiffani and whoever else she had through.

“You will,” Jaime commanded, her eyes like steel. “You will help me Rose or so help me I will fucking destroy you. I will ruin everything for you and then when I get out of here I will think of new ways for you to bleed!”

Rose felt a surge pulse through her body, but this time it wasn’t from fear. She saw Jaime’s hard gaze and shot one back of her own. They locked eyes and if the bulletproof glass could melt under their hateful heat it would have. For the first time Rose suddenly saw what was going on. Jaime was the one who was scared now.

Looking at her through the glass, Rose could see Jaime’s orange jumpsuit and the bars in the background. She was trapped. She was like a caged animal now, desperately swinging her claws around, trying to break free. Jaime was a prisoner. She had no power anymore. For Rose this was like the clouds parting and the truth finally being revealed to her.

“No…” Rose said, her voice soft at first as the strength began to return.

“What was that?” Jaime demanded. “What the fuck did you say?”

“No!” Rose said, louder and firmer this time. “I won’t help you! You’re going to rot in jail you crazy bitch!”

“Don’t you do this to me Rose!” Jaime screamed. “You’re my little toy! I FUCKING OWN YOU!!!”

“FUCK YOU!!!” Rose screamed, smashing her hand against the glass, but not breaking it. “FUCK YOU!!! I WANT YOU TO GET FUCKING RAPED EVERY NIGHT IN HERE SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO ME YOU BITCH!!!”

Guards reacted to the commotion by rushing over. Jaime began throwing herself against the glass, trying to break through it to get at Rose. She had murder in her eyes.


Rose no longer felt any fear though. She saw now that Jaime was the desperate one. She was the one who needed her and at last Rose knew Chloe was right. She could stand up to her.

“Jaime…since you know so goddamn much about what I’m capable of then you ought to be fucking scared of me,” Rose hissed fiercely through the glass as the guards dragged the flailing Jaime away. She knew the blonde had heard her though. Rose’s heart was pumping with adrenaline and her head was spinning, but that wasn’t important. All she knew was that she was no longer scared.

* * * * * * * *

“All right, I’m sure everyone is wondering why I’ve called you all down here,” Sarah said as she paced back and forth in the mansion’s media center. As it had been all morning and into the afternoon, things were on the verge of descending into flat out chaos and Sarah was right in the center of it all.

“Not really, I think you’ve been pretty damn clear about it,” Christina smirked from the couch.

While Sarah paced, Christina, Britney and Jessica filled up the couch. Jewel and Love were on the other couch. Jennifer was in one of the chair’s and Alyssa was sitting down on the floor, resting her head against the couch, her face covered ear to ear in the kind of smile that could only come from getting some. Michelle was in one of the other chairs, crossing her legs in her short uniform skirt and the opening them repeatedly, to give anyone interested in looking evidence that she still wasn’t wearing any panties. Only Rose was missing from the group.

“Ok…maybe I’ve been a little off the handle today,” Sarah admitted. “But I don’t like it when someone takes my things. Now I get that you were all playing a little joke on me and all that, but the jokes over. I want my toys back.”

Sarah got no response from her housemates, everyone giving her their perfect poker face.

“Ok, here’s what I’m going to do,” Sarah sighed. “I know one or more of you took my toys while I was in the shower today. I’m not mad about this anymore. I don’t care who it was who did this. I just want my things back. So I am going to turn my back and count to 10 and when I do, I want my toys sitting here when I turn around. Ok?”

She got no response so Sarah simply turned her back on her housemates and covered her eyes. She began patiently counting down from 10, her voice getting stronger with every decreasing number. Finally she hit zero and she turned around to find absolutely nothing but her housemates continuing to stare at her with no emotion.

“GODDAMNIT WHERE ARE MY FUCKING TOYS???” Sarah screamed in frustration.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about Sarah,” Jewel replied, feigning ignorance.

“Oh yes you do!” Sarah shot back pointing the finger of accusation right at the busty blonde. “You know exactly what I’m talking about! There is some kind of evil conspiracy here…don’t think I don’t see it! You all are trying to keep me from having fun!”

“Sarah, you’re being paranoid,” Jessica claimed.

“Am I? Am I really?” Sarah charged as she eyed each and every woman in the room with suspicion and distrust. “I know there’s something going on here. You’re all plotting against me! All of you have been sending me on a wild goose chase looking for my things, but none of you seem to know what I mean? Not likely. You’re all in on this! But none of you really has the guts to pull this off…where’s your ringleader?”

“What do you mean?” Christina huffed, pissed that Sarah wouldn’t think she had the stones to pull this trick off. It hadn’t been her idea, but still she liked to think she was quite capable of it.

“Where’s your leader? Where’s Rose?” Sarah demanded.

“Here I am,” Rose cheerfully declared, walking into the media center at the sound of her name. When she saw the gathering of girls, she stopped and shot Sarah a puzzled look.

“What’d I miss?” Rose asked.

“I think Sarah’s accusing us of killing Kennedy or something,” Alyssa laughed.

“You know! You know exactly what’s going on here!” Sarah accused, walking right for Rose in the doorway. “I should have known that you were behind this Rose! I should have known when you locked your door this morning while you were fucking those two sluts!”

Jennifer and Michelle blushed slightly, but still smiled at the memories of what they had done with Rose that morning. Sarah’s failed attempts to gain entry had made it even hotter for them.

“Maybe I do,” Rose smirked, crossing her hands over her chest and staring Sarah down. “What’s the matter Sarah? Missing something?”

“You took them! I know you did!” Sarah shouted. “Give them back!”

“Awwww has Sarah not had enough orgasms yet today…she needs her little toys,” Rose grinned evilly. “Poor Sarah. Nothing and no one for her to play with, whatever is she going to do?”

Rose was brimming with more confidence than she could ever remember having. Seeing Sarah reduced to paranoia and borderline hysteria through horniness showed her that her plan was working perfectly. She just hoped that she didn’t get too excited and betray to her housemates the real source of her elation.

Standing up to Jaime had felt better than any orgasm ever had. For the first time in so long, Rose felt completely free. Even with the charges against her still pending and the possibility that her record could be unsealed, Rose felt at peace. She felt like Chloe was right. Jaime couldn’t hurt her anymore, She was gone from her mind. And Rose knew if she could handle Jaime, then Sarah would be no problem.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Sarah yelled, her frustration obvious. “What did I do to you Rose? Why are you picking on me like this?”

“I have my reasons,” Rose replied coyly. “But you’re not allowed to find out yet.”

“I WANT MY TOYS!!” Sarah demanded, seemingly on the verge of throwing a major temper tantrum complete with kicking and floor pounding.

“Why?” Rose smirked. “The fun’s just starting. What’cha gonna do about it Sarah? Nothing…you’re just going to sit here and take it. So get used to not getting off Sarah. You’re on ice until tomorrow and the sooner you accept it, the better you’re going to feel. No one in this house is going to touch you and your toys are in a secure location. Now get over it.”

Sarah seemed ready to growl at Rose, but instead she just stormed out of the room, stalking back up to her room. A few minutes later she slammed her door closed with such force that everyone could hear it all the way downstairs.

“Wow…she’s pissed,” Britney observed.

“It’s all part of the stages of horniness,” Christina explained. “First there’s confusion…then anger…then paranoia…then rage…then bawling and begging. I can’t wait to see that.”

“Me too,” Rose agreed. “God, it’s going to be so hot seeing her writhing and begging to come.”

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” Love asked. “It seems so mean. Sarah’s really mad at all of us.”

“Don’t worry Love, she’s going to be on her knees thanking each and every one of us by this time tomorrow,” Rose confidently predicted as she threw herself down on the couch next to her concerned housemate. “Trust me.”

Rose then placed a hot, happy kiss on Love’s lips, one which was happily returned.

“Is everything set?” Rose asked when the kiss ended.

“Oh yeah,” Jewel answered. “I just spoke with Aly and she said it’s all going according to plan. People are going to start coming in tomorrow morning and setting up. She just said to make sure Sarah’s not there until the mid afternoon. Aly wants to make sure everything is set up perfectly first.”

“This is going to be beautiful,” Rose predicted, adrenaline still pumping in her veins. “I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees what we’ve got for her. If she’s going to marry this assclown then I want her walking funny down the aisle in her pretty little wedding dress.”

* * * * * * * *

“Oh please let me come…” Hilary Duff begged. “Please…please…please…I’ll do anything! Just please let me come!”

“Oh I dunno,” Christina teased on the other end of the phone. “I don’t know if you’re slutty enough for us Hilary. You might like to play little good girl games instead like pin the tail on the donkey and bobbing for apples. This is a big girl’s party and we play grown up games there.”

“Please! I’ll be slutty! I’ll be the biggest, naughtiest slut in the world for you!” Hilary claimed, her young, sweet voice filled with desperate need. “I’ll say all those nasty words you like. You can totally fuck my pussy and my ass Christina! You all can! Just please let me come! I can’t stop thinking about what we did! It’s all I want! I want more! Please give me more!”

Christina was having so much fun right then, lying naked on her bed, teasing her nipple piercing as she talked to Hilary on the phone. Hilary was invited to the party, but Christina didn’t let her know that yet. She just wanted to hear the teen starlet beg first.

It was such a turn on to hear innocent little Hilary crying for them to fuck her and use her like a slut. Christina was getting so wet knowing how they had transformed this little virgin into a hot whore begging for pussy.

“Won’t your mommy be looking for you?” Christina continued to tease. “I don’t know if she’ll let Hilary come out and play with bad girls like us.”

“Ohhhhh fuck my mom!” Hilary swore, getting a happy smirk from Christina. No thanks, the pierced singer said to herself. She’d met Susan Duff and she was not on Christina’s MILF list. Now Britney’s mom on the other hand, that was a different story. But Christina knew that wasn’t what Hilary had meant anyway.

“She won’t find out, just please let me come,” Hilary begged. “I’ll do anything you want! Please Christina…ummmm I’ve been so wet since that night. All I can think about is you and Britney fucking me with those toys and making me come so hard and then the rest of you doing me and making me lick you and touch you and kiss you. Gawwwwd, I want more! I want it all! I won’t let my mom find out! I can sneak away! Please! Please! Please!”

As much fun as it was to hear Hilary begging like this, Christina knew that there was no way she was going to be able to keep this going much longer. She wanted Hilary at the party as much as Hilary wanted to be there. Christina had gotten off so hard popping this little slut in training’s cherry and making her into a writhing girl sex loving whore. Christina had been fingering herself every morning in the shower thinking about it.

Of course Hilary was on the list. Christina wanted to show her off to everyone who hadn’t been in the house that magical night. And plus, she would make a fine present for Sarah.

“Welllllllll…maybe…” Christina playfully relented. “But do you mean it when you say that you’ll do anything?”

“Yesssss…oh yessssss I mean it,” Hilary promised. She was completely willing to agree to anything at this point. She couldn’t miss out on this. Ever since Christina had first teased her with the idea about this party, all Hilary had wanted was to be there. “I’ll do anything you want! Anything!”

“Bring a friend then,” Christina commanded. “Show me you can score a hot chick Hilary and we’ll let you in. If you get off that plane tomorrow and you’re not with someone then you had better just turn around because the door’s gonna be locked. But if you get a sexy friend to come with you, then you both can come play with us.”

“A friend? But…but…I’ve never been with anyone but you guys,” Hilary protested mildly. She didn’t want to make Christina mad by whining. Plus the idea did turn her on.

“Just pick someone then,” Christina advised. “C’mon Hilary, I know someone like you has got a lot of sexy friends. Just pick one you want to fuck and bring her. It had better be a girl, though. No boys allowed Hilary. You can’t just find whatever boy band dick wants to get into your panties this week. It has to be girl, you get me Hilary?”

“Yes…no boys allowed…” Hilary repeated. “I’ll find someone. I totally promise I will. I have to be there.”

“I know you will,” Christina smiled. “See you tomorrow sweetie. If you do what your told, you’re going to be able to play with everyone.”

Christina then hung up the phone and smiled, just as Britney walked into their room, still hobbled by a slight limp.

“All packed yet, gimpy?” Christina giggled.

“Stop it! I hate it when you call me that,” Britney grumbled. She had injured her knee while shooting a music video and had needed arthroscopic surgery. That meant she had to cancel the rest of her tour, but that actually made Britney happy because it meant she was able to spend more time in Malibu and enjoy the summer. However it also opened her up to lots of teasing.

“Whatever you say gimpy,” Christina laughed as Britney shot daggers at her from her eyes. Knee surgery had been no fun and Britney had needed crutches for the first few weeks after it. Now she only needed them rarely. She had a little limp left, but doctors told her that would go away soon.

“Awwwww don’t be mad,” Christina urged as Britney pouted. “I was just teasing. C’mere let me kiss it and make it better.”

Knowing it was impossible to stay mad at Christina, Britney let her lover and partner pull her down on the bed. Britney was in cut off shorts and Christina’s lips went right down her leg. Christina lightly kissed all over Britney’s left knee, teasing and tickling where the surgeons had worked. This quickly got Britney giggling and soon Christina’s lips were right against hers.

Britney pulled Christina on top of her as they kissed, her hands moving down to squeeze Christina’s ass cheeks. Christina had let her hair go back to blonde and it tickled Britney’s face as they happily kissed.

“Mmmm Hilary’s in,” Christina reported to her housemate when the kiss finally broke. “I think I even talked her into bringing a friend.”

“Mmmm goody,” Britney moaned. “I just can’t wait one more second.”

“Me neither, why do you think I’ve got us leaving tomorrow at the crack of dawn?” Christina smiled. “I want us to be the first bitches there. So you all packed?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Britney replied in the affirmative. “I got everything I need.”

“Well this is all I’m bringing,” Christina laughed as she rolled off Britney and ran her hands over her own naked body. “Everything I need for this thing is right on me.”

“What a coincidence, that’s all I’m bringing too,” Britney giggled. “I guess great minds think alike.”

“So do horny minds,” Christina replied before leaning over for another kiss on Britney’s lips. “Believe me Britney, this is no joke. Where we’re going, our bare skin is really all we’re going to need.”

* * * * * * * *

Back in her room Hilary’s stomach was filled with butterflies. She took Christina completely at her word that she had to find a friend to bring. Not knowing that Christina would have let her in whether she was alone or brought a whole Girl Scout troop with her, Hilary was frantically trying to figure out which girl to try and invite with her.

Hilary was indeed ready and willing to do anything to get invited to this party. Christina and Britney and all their sexy friends had totally opened her eyes. All she had been able to think of since leaving the mansion was having more and more lesbian sex.

She wanted to feel girl hands and tongues on her body and she wanted them to use their toys on her everywhere. Hilary had never felt anything as good as she had that night when they had made her into a willing slut for them.

Christina had been so right that night. The old Hilary was gone and the new Hilary loved being a bad girl. The new Hilary loved fucking and cursing nasty words while doing it. The new Hilary only wanted sex and having lots and lots of orgasms.

Hilary loved being bad and doing naughty things that her mommy had no idea she was doing. Hilary had even tried smoking as part of being the new Hilary, but all that ended up doing was making her throw up, so she had decided to just stick to being naughty by having lots of lesbian sex.

She had been so turned on by the idea of this party Christina had told her about. She had been so excited that Hilary had almost wore out her DVDs of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” watching them and thinking about being naughty with girls like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku. There were so many hot girls on the show and Christina had told her they were all going to be at the party. Hilary knew she had to be there too. She just had to be.

But who should she pick? Who would be perfect? Hilary had been thinking a lot about all the hot girls she knew lately, wondering what it would be like to fuck them like Britney and Christina and everybody had fucked her. But she was too scared to try this with any of her close friends. What if they freaked? What if they told on her?

Hilary was a bad girl now, but she was also afraid of how long her mom would ground her if she found out what she was doing. Hilary knew she’d totally have gray hair by the time she was able to go out again.

She had been having fantasies about all the girls she knew lately. Hilary was afraid to admit it, but she had even been thinking about her own sister.

Haylie had been the one who had taught Hilary all about sex and Hilary had been having such a naughty fantasy lately about going into her big sister’s room late at night and showing her what a good student she had become. Just thinking about something so naughty and wrong made Hilary’s nipples tingle under the long nightshirt she was wearing as her Buffy DVD played on the TV in her room.

Thinking of being naughty with her sister was getting her wet again, but Hilary knew she couldn’t pick her. It would be too weird. She couldn’t do things like that with her sister. It was totally wrong. Only sickos did that. Besides, if her mom ever found out, then Hilary knew she’d be in the biggest trouble ever. So she decided not to go there. Haylie was hot, but Hilary had to find someone else.

Who? Who could she pick? She wanted it to be someone hot. Hilary wanted to make sure that Christina let them in. But who? And it had to be someone famous. There were going to be so many famous girls there. Hilary didn’t want to be a dork and bring someone uncool. Then all of a sudden she got it. Hilary knew exactly who to take.

Giggling all the way, Hilary ran for her cell phone and excitedly pulled a number from its memory. She’d been wanting to call this number for so long. She hated fighting with people. Hilary wanted to be friends and now suddenly she wanted to be more than friends with this girl.

“Hello?” a voice on the other end said after a few rings.

“Lindsay? Hi…” Hilary began nervously. God, she didn’t know how to do this. She just knew she needed to. “It’s Hilary…ummmm…Hilary Duff.”

That was followed by a long pause. At first Hilary assumed she’d hung up. But then she heard the breathing on the other end.

“What do you want?” Lindsay Lohan asked after the pause. She didn’t sound angry, just wary.

“Listen, Lindsay…I don’t want to fight anymore,” Hilary said, deciding to go right with the truth. She hadn’t wanted to fight with Lindsay. It had all gotten so blown out of proportion. “I want us to make up. I’m sick of people saying we hate each other, I want us to be friends.”

There was another long pause after that and Hilary got nervous. What if she couldn’t do this? What should she say to Lindsay? How could she make her come to the party? The longer things were silent, the more nervous Hilary got. But then there was finally a response and it was just what Hilary had hoped for.

“I don’t want to fight either,” Lindsay admitted, so happy to finally be able to say it. “I want to be friends with you too Hilary. It’s so dumb that everyone thinks we’re enemies. I mean it’s totally retarded…wait…damn it…can’t say that anymore…I mean it’s so…well you know what I mean. I don’t want to be fighting with you. It’s so silly that we’re not friends.”

Lindsay had wanted to say this for so long, but things had just spiraled out of control. They had never been the bitter enemies that the press had claimed they were, but they hadn’t been friends either.

Things had totally gotten like it was in high school with the two most popular girls fighting with each other. Lindsay had never wanted that. She hated fighting with people. There was enough fighting at home with her mom and dad and her dad and her uncle and her dad and…well basically everyone these days.

Lindsay wanted as many friends as she could have and it was just silly that she and Hilary weren’t friends. They had let tabloid stories make them into rivals when they totally weren’t. Lindsay had felt like this had always been crazy. She hadn’t wanted to fight, but she had never really offered Hilary an olive branch and Hilary hadn’t gone out of her way either, until now. And now that Hilary was trying to be nice, Lindsay wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass to put all this dumb shit behind them.

“I’m so glad you feel that way,” Hilary squealed in delight. “We shouldn’t be fighting…not over something like boys.”

Especially, since I don’t like boys anymore, Hilary wickedly added to herself. Hilary was going crazy with lust thinking about making sure Lindsay didn’t like boys anymore either.

“Yeah totally, boys suck anyway,” Lindsay giggled on the other end of the phone. “Who needs them?”

“I don’t,” Hilary replied, unable to help herself from saying it. “I don’t need them at all.”

Lindsay wasn’t quite sure what Hilary meant about that, but she shrugged it off. Hilary had always seemed a little strange to her…a little too wholesome and all that. But Lindsay still hoped they could be friends, even if they were different people. She didn’t want clones as friends.

“So you want to hang out or something soon?” Lindsay asked. “I’ll bet we can have some fun together.”

“Oh yes, that’s just what I want,” Hilary eagerly answered, making Lindsay frown a little. Was that a moan she just heard in Hilary’s voice? No way…it couldn’t be. She had to be imagining things.

“What do you want to do? Any ideas?” Lindsay asked.

“Well, there’s this party tomorrow,” Hilary offered. “You want to go?”

“Sure,” Lindsay said, immediately brightening at the sound of one of her favorite words. “I love a good party. Where’s it at? A club?”

“Sort of,” Hilary cryptically replied. “It’s a pretty private thing. Like an all day party. Really exclusive.”

“Really? Wow, sounds great,” Lindsay said. “Count me in. But where’s it going to be?”

“Great, we can go together and everything,” Hilary declared gleefully. “Oh Lindsay, this is going to be so sweet! I can’t wait! I’m so glad you’re going to come with me!”

“Yeah, we’re going to have a lot of fun,” Lindsay replied, still unsure about this mystery party. She wished she knew more about it, but she sure loved parties. This wouldn’t be too bad as long as there was some music and some booze.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” Hilary giggled before Lindsay could ask again for details. “Byeeeeeeeee!”

Folding her cell phone back together Hilary suddenly realized that she had been so excited about Lindsay agreeing to go that she had completely forgotten to tell her what a special party it was. Oh well, she wouldn’t have known how to tell her anyway. Maybe it would be better to just show her…yeah that would be so great. Once Lindsay saw how good it was she’d totally want to join in too.

The thought had Hilary close to dripping hot juice down her bare legs. Before she gave it even a second thought, Hilary pulled up her nightshirt and began toying with her wet pussy, dreaming about tomorrow.

* * * * * * * *

By the time tomorrow did roll around, it had been a happy, restful night for everyone…save for one housemate. Sarah’s mood could accurately be described as murderous as she pulled herself out of bed.

She had barely slept a wink the night before. When she was at the mansion, Sarah usually fell asleep with a blissful smile on her face, an orgasm having sent her off to dreamland. There had been none of that relief last night.

Instead all there had been was a gnawing sense of intense sexual frustration and anger at her supposed “friends” for doing this to her. Sarah had dozed off a few times, but she was too worked up to get any real sleep. She had tossed and turned for most of the night.

Sarah had tried to get herself off with her fingers a few times, just to get some rest, but it wasn’t the same. For her masturbation with her fingers just couldn’t compare with a toy filling her or a soft girl tongue lapping at her cunt. Sarah had been so horny the past night that she had even considered sneaking out and giving Freddie a pre-wedding jump, but she didn’t want to give her housemates the satisfaction of seeing her reduced to that.

Her attempts to get herself off with her fingers also failed miserably because Sarah simply couldn’t get herself inspired. She couldn’t muster the erotic images she needed. She was too pissed at the girls she lusted after most. She couldn’t believe they had done this to her. Even Aly, her best friend, hadn’t returned her desperate phone calls. She was probably in on this too!

After everyone had refused to help her, Sarah had stormed up to her room and not come out the rest of the night. That meant skipping dinner and as she rose, Sarah’s stomach growled. She knew she was going to have to venture out for some breakfast. Sarah just hoped she didn’t see any of her housemates. She didn’t want to see any of them.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s luck brought her face to face with Love when she strode into the kitchen. Love looked up from her cereal and gave Sarah a hopeful smile, dipping her toe in the water to see if it was friendly. Sarah shot Love a mean look and completely snubbed her, refusing to offer anything close to a return smile. Sarah saw Love’s head sink a little and she felt a rush of pleasure knowing she’d hurt her friend’s feelings. Good, now she knows a little of how I feel, Sarah said to herself.

Sarah grabbed herself some melon from the refrigerator and when she turned around Love tried talking to her.

“Sarah…I…” Love began before she was quickly cut off.

“Save it Love,” Sarah snapped. “I don’t want to hear it. I can’t believe you did this to me. I thought we were friends and now you stole my things and won’t give them back. I thought you were better than this Love. I thought you of all people wouldn’t play Rose’s mean games.”

“Please Sarah, we’re not doing this to be mean,” Love replied, her voice soft and pleading with her friend to stop being angry. She soon found herself repeating what Rose had told her the night before. “You just have to trust us Sarah. Please don’t be mad.”

“Why shouldn’t I be mad? You’re all plotting against me for some reason I don’t even know yet,” Sarah muttered. “You’re not letting me having any fun while the rest of you are living it up. Do you have any idea how fucking unfair that is? Is this because of Freddie? Are you all punishing me for getting married?”

“No…it’s nothing like that,” Love said in what was a sort of lie. It had something to do with her wedding, just not the way Sarah thought it did. “Please, just trust us. You’re going to see so soon what’s going on.”

“Hmmmmmphhhh,” Sarah huffed before turning her attention away from Love. She was so angry she could barely see straight. These were the last days she was going to permit herself this wonderful indulgence of lesbian sex and her housemates were making it hell. She felt like just leaving now and not even waiting for the wedding to stop messing around with girls. Women were all crazy. It was true.

Love sighed and got up to clean her dishes. It didn’t look like Sarah was going to soften up anytime soon. Hopefully Rose was right and she would be thanking them in the end, but Love was worried that this would really backfire on them. She didn’t want to lose Sarah on a silly prank, especially when she had something so important to tell her.

“Morning everyone,” Jessica said as she walked into the kitchen wearing just a pair of boxers and a t-shirt. Sarah shot her the same look that she’d hit Love with and the mansion’s newest housemate immediately backed away and turned to Love.

“Well Christina and Britney are gone,” Jessica reported.

“Good!” Sarah reflexively snapped, before the obvious question popped into her head. “Umm…where did they go?”

“You’ll see,” Jessica mysteriously winked, which made Sarah’s blood boil. At least Love seemed to feel guilty about this. Everyone else was acting so cavalierly about it. It made Sarah so angry, but it was also starting to really pique her curiosity. What was going on here? Everyone was acting like there was something big planned, but what? And was it just part of Rose’s cruel prank to get her thinking this way?

“C’mon tell me,” Sarah sighed. “I’m sick of these games. Can someone just give me a straight answer around here?”

“Well, let’s just say they’re in paradise,” Jessica grinned, knowing that she was on the verge of going there herself. Her bags were packed upstairs and all she had to do was eat, dress and get herself gone. She just hoped that the two perpetually horny pop princesses didn’t drain the place before she got there.

* * * * * * * *

“Oh my God Chrissy!” Britney squealed for what felt like the millionth time since they’d arrived. Ordinarily, Christina would have teased her friend about that, but how could she when Britney was saying the same things she was thinking. This place was even better than she had imagined.

“This place is incredible!” Britney marveled. She threw her bag down on the bed and ran as quickly as she could over to the balcony. Britney eagerly opened the door and ran out, letting the sun beat down on her as she stared out into the oceanfront view from the balcony. This wasn’t smoggy, oppressive Los Angeles sun either. This was the warm, caressing tropical island sun and Britney happily smiled as it showered her in light while the ocean breezes flew gently through her hair.

“Not a bad view either,” Christina giggled as she joined Britney out on the balcony, wrapping her arms around her from behind and kissing her neck.

“Which part?” Britney asked slyly. “The ocean or the beach?”

“Mmmm they’re both eye catchers,” Christina replied. While the ocean did sparkle under the sun with the blue majesty patriotic song writers liked to talk about, Christina couldn’t help but look down at the beach where nude sunbathers had gotten an early start on their tanning day.

“That beach does look pretty yummy,” Britney admitted as she looked down at the naked men and women bronzing their bare bodies. This place was everything Rose and Alyson had promised it would be. Britney had only been there for 20 minutes and she already was thinking about buying the damn place.

For a party like this, no ordinary setting would do. Not even the mansion would suffice. It had to be exotic and tropical and as everyone had offered their input in the planning stages, no one could figure out the perfect place for it. Ultimately it had been Love, the mansion’s loyal Playboy Channel viewer, who had come up with the winning idea.

The Hedonism III resort in Jamaica bought so much commercial time in the station that they must have had a stake in the company by now and their ads had won Love over with their promises of sun and sex. It fit Alyson’s plans perfectly and she had quickly moved to turn the idea into reality. Now the resort for people unafraid to display their goodies was about to be the sight for what everyone involved hoped was the bachelorette party of all time.

Christina had required absolutely no arm-twisting whatsoever to sign onto the plan. She loved Jamaica for the sun and rum alone and having all that plus staying at a resort with a nude swimming pool, a nude beach and a nude bar that stayed open until the crack of dawn was absolute heaven to Christina. They were the first of their group to arrive and Christina was eager to explore every inch of this place.

“Yummy is an understatement,” Christina grinned as used the eagle eye view from their suite balcony to look at the glistening bodies. Everyone looked so good down there, both the men and women, that Christina actually had to remind herself not to wear herself out before the party even started. “Let’s get our asses down there right now. No time for standing around, gimpy.”

“Definitely,” Britney immediately agreed, so in love with her surroundings that she ignored Christina’s use of her least favorite nickname. Britney wrestled herself away from Christina’s embrace and went for her bags. She opened up her suitcase and pulled out one of her brand new bikinis while she stole glances at Christina briskly stripping.

As Christina wiggled out of her clothes, Britney did the same. She peeled her tank top over her head and pushed down her favorite Daisy Duke shorts and panties. Britney had pulled out a new white bikini with small multi colored hearts all over it. It was such a cute design. Britney had been unable to resist buying it, after she and Natalie Portman had redressed and licked their fingers clean following their changing room rendezvous of course.

Britney pulled the bikini over her nude body and slipped her sandals back on. She was eager to get down there and get some sun. She and Christina were both supposed to be helping set up, but she supposed there was some time for fun first. The party wasn’t not going to happen if they got a fresh tan first. Britney turned toward the door, but froze after a few steps at what she saw standing before her.

“Ummm Chrissy, aren’t you going to…you know…put a bikini on?” Britney asked as she stared at Christina, who was standing by the door without a stitch of clothing on except for her sandals.

“Duhhhhh no,” Christina giggled. “Hello Britney, it’s a nude beach down there.”

“You’re not really going to get naked in front of everyone are you?” Britney gasped. She hadn’t even expected Christina to go that far.

“Of course I am,” Christina scoffed, as if the very idea of wearing clothing was a ridiculous notion to her. “What’s the point of having a nude beach right in front of you if you’re not going to use it? I mean it’s like wearing a rain coat on a sunny day.”

“But…there’s people down there,” Britney marveled at her friend’s uninhibited plans. “I mean anyone could see you…see us…and we’re famous!”

“All the more reason to get naked,” Christina grinned. “If we’re going to give them a show, then let’s give them a fucking show! I don’t intend on covering up this body even for a second while I’m here and you shouldn’t either. Now c’mon Britney, get that damn bikini off. You’re going naked too!”

“But…but…what if there’s paparazzi?” Britney protested as Christina reached for her with the intention of stripping her bare.

“That’s why I brought Fluffy along,” Christina replied as she referenced the 7-foot, muscled bodyguard who was now stationed outside their door. “If he sees anyone taking photographs then their cameras are going to be shoved up their asses before they even have time to say the S in stop. No one even knows we’re here and if they recognize us then they’ll just think we’re lookalikes or something. Besides what happens at Hedonism stays at Hedonism. Now get this thing off! Get naked gimpy!”

“Don’t call me that!” Britney whined, but her fight was quickly fading. It did sound like so much fun to be naked out there, letting everyone see her body.

Christina looked beautiful standing there, showing off her pierced nipple and her smooth, clean-shaven pussy, and they weren’t even out of their suite yet. Britney knew she was going to look even better out under the sun, getting her skin bronzed and the more she thought about, the more she wanted to be naked right along with her.

“Then strip,” Christina ordered. “If you lose the suit, then I’ll lose the nickname, ok?”

“Wellllll…” Britney replied, still not convinced. She loved being naked with Christina and showing off how slutty she could be with all their sexy friends, but she didn’t know if she was ready yet to go naked in front of strangers yet. Maybe she could make a compromise or something.

“Ok let’s go,” Britney said, tugging at the string of her top and pulling it off, exposing her bare breasts.

“Uh uh…bottoms too,” Christina insisted.

“No…maybe later though,” Britney said firmly, putting her foot down. “Depends on how frisky I get out there.”

“Fine, be that way, but I’m getting those bottoms off you first chance I get,” Christina promised with a wicked smile. She grabbed some sunscreen and took Britney’s hand in hers, leading her out the door.

“C’mon Fluffy,” Christina said to her imposing, sunglass-wearing bodyguard. “Let’s hit the beach!”

A few minutes later the two girls were out on the beach, trying not to giggle as they casually walked amongst the population of the naked. Aside from Britney and her bikini bottoms, everyone else on the beach was stark naked except for Fluffy. Of course given his size and strength, no one was about to tell him that he had to do anything he didn’t want to.

“God, it’s just so wild,” Britney smiled as she eyed all the bare bodies from behind her sunglasses. “This place is amazing!”

For the first time in a long time Britney actually found herself staring at the guys more than the girls. She couldn’t get over seeing all those soft cocks in all shapes and sizes. Britney began wondering what she and Christina could do to get all those cocks hard and what would happen if they did. It was a completely delicious idea and one glance over at Christina showed Britney that her friend was thinking the exact same thing.

But before they could get any further with those thoughts, they noticed a figure walking toward them. Two things immediately grabbed Britney and Christina about this person…first she was completely dressed and second she was someone they knew.

“Holy shit,” Christina muttered under her breath. This was not someone she had been expecting to see. Not now and definitely not here.

“Hola!” Shakira said, giving Britney and Christina a friendly wave.

“Hey,” Britney sheepishly waved back, a little embarrassed at having been caught. She suddenly felt very vulnerable as if Shakira could look at her and Christina’s naked flesh and somehow see all the lesbian sex that now dominated their lives.

“And here I thought I was getting away from the industry,” Shakira laughed, seemingly unfazed by all the naked flesh before her, as the three of them walked closer until they were face to face to face. “I guess the industry found me.”

“We could say the same thing,” Christina said, her eyes flickering behind her sunglasses. Of all the people to run into…Shakira! Inside Christina was seething a little.

She had always been jealous of her talent. It came so easy to Shakira. She could dance. She could sing. She could even write her own goddamn songs. Everything Christina had to struggle to do seemed to come easily to Shakira. Now she was here right in the middle of her paradise and Christina wasn’t happy over the intrusion.

“Well I’m not exactly here for a vacation,” Shakira replied, her accent betraying her Columbian heritage, but her words clear and understandable. “We’re shooting a video on the beach.”

“Girls Gone Wild?” Britney giggled, unable to make a joke. She was nervous about being discovered like this, but Shakira didn’t seem to mind their state of undress.

“Yeah…right,” Shakira laughed. “That would be something. No, this is just a regular video for the first single from the new album. It’s going to be coming out in the spring. So…uhhh…what are you guys doing here? I ummmm see you got into the…umm…spirit of the place.”

The way Shakira said that gave Christina pause. She pulled down her sunglasses just enough to peer at the South American beauty. Shakira quickly averted her eyes, but she couldn’t hide the truth. She was checking them out and Christina knew it. Shakira’s gaze had lingered a little too long on their bare tits.

“Well, when in Rome…” Christina said, her mood instantly improving. Maybe there was the possibility of turning this into some fun. Talent wasn’t the only thing that came naturally to Shakira. Beauty did too and Christina certainly liked the way Shakira looked in jeans and pale blue tank top, the hint of a lacy bra underneath.

“Besides,” Christina continued. “When you’ve got weather like this how can you even think about wearing clothes? If you’re ever going to get naked then this is the time and this is the place.”

Britney still shifted a little nervously in the sand. At first she had covered her bare breasts with her arm, but now she was relaxing and she let her arm drop down to her side. Still she felt a little uneasy about Shakira being so dressed and she and Christina being so…not. But Christina didn’t seem to mind and Britney also started thinking that maybe Shakira liked what she saw. She sure seemed to be staring at them a lot.

“Good point, I think I am the only one here dressed,” Shakira said. “Well, except for your friend there.”

“Fluffy does what he wants when he wants to do it, unless I tell him otherwise,” Christina giggled, straining herself up to tickle her bodyguard’s chin. “But if you’re feeling out of place, why don’t you just get naked too Shakira?”

A flicker of a smile crossed over Shakira’s lips giving the sign to Britney and Christina that she liked that idea a lot. But her words said differently.

“Oh I don’t think so,” Shakira said with a little blush. “I mean I’m not shy, but I’m also not that free either. I think I’m just going to keep walking around. I’m giving this place the full exploration before we start shooting tomorrow. I think I’ve been all around the damn island already, but it’s fun and relaxing. I’ll just move on.”

“Suit yourself, but if you change your mind, we’ll be here,” Christina offered. “If you feel like getting naked, then come find us. We’d love to have you.”

“I will keep that in mind,” Shakira promised, letting Christina’s words roll around her brain. “Perhaps we will see each other again.”

“I sure hope we do,” Britney suddenly said, her thoughts now focused on seeing Shakira stripped bare. She was thinking so much about it that she began to get comfortable with her own nudity.

“I’ll make sure we do,” Christina said, winking before pushing her sunglasses back over her eyes. They went their separate ways after that, but with a quick glance back Christina caught Shakira stealing a glimpse at their asses while they walked away.

Shakira quickly turned her head forward, but Christina grinned in lust over catching her. She was definitely going to make sure they met again. After seeing those looks, Christina swore she wasn’t leaving Jamaica without getting inside Shakira’s pants first.

* * * * * * * *

As Christina and Britney baked themselves on the beach, others began arriving at the resort. Just as Alyson was registering and the desk clerk was handing her back her credit card, a taxicab pulled up to the front and Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner popped out.

“I am going right for the hot tub,” Jessica groaned. “I need it after that flight.”

“Oh stop whining, it was fine,” Jennifer playfully chided. She was almost giddy as she walked in and she wouldn’t have minded if they had swum here, as long as they had gotten there. This was going to be incredible and she couldn’t wait for the fun to start.

Not having the money that Britney and Christina did, Jessica had had to fly commercial out to Jamaica. Even though it was first class, it was still commercial which was a pain in the ass. She didn’t have a private jet the way the pop princesses did. Of course, Jennifer sitting next to her made the flight so much more bearable.

Naturally they passed some time on board by joining the mile high club, but after the flight and the long drive from the airport to the resort, Jessica was ready to chill out and relax.

At least the destination was worth it. Jessica absolutely adored Jamaica. It was one of her favorite places in the world and she eagerly grabbed any excuse to visit it.

“Jess!” Alyson squealed from the lobby as she ran to hug her. Jessica eagerly returned the hug to the redhead, sharing unspoken memories of what had happened poolside in Malibu.

“I’m so glad you made it,” Alyson smiled.

“Is anyone else here?” Jessica asked.

“A few people are hanging around,” Alyson said. “Most are just checking into their rooms and getting settled. I haven’t seen Britney or Christina but I know they’re here. They’re probably down at the beach or something.”

“Now that sounds like a great idea,” Jennifer said, working herself into the conversation. Alyson had been so happy to see Jessica that she hadn’t even noticed her companion until then. Now that she did, she was quick to give Jennifer the appreciation she deserved.

“Well hello there,” Alyson grinned, eyeing the “Alias” star with the desire to see her in action quickly. “I didn’t know you two were friends.”

“We are,” Jessica said, wrapping her arms around Jennifer. “Very good friends.”

Jennifer grinned happily as Jessica held her, hoping she didn’t look too excited over her touch. It was as intimate as they dared get in the lobby.

This was a resort that encouraged uninhibited behavior, but it wasn’t as if they could go down on each other in the middle of the room. Because of who they were, there had to be some discretion until they were in a more private setting. Buy when that happened all bets would be off.

“Mmmm well hopefully we’ll be very good friends too by the time this is over,” Alyson said with a little lick of her lips. Jennifer returned the gesture with one of her own as she pictured her and Jessica sharing all the hot bodies that would be there.

“I’d love that,” Jennifer replied. “I can be a very friendly girl, you know.”

“Well so can I,” Alyson said, her eye twinkling. “But we’ve got to get this thing set up or else there’s not going to be anything ready by the time Sarah gets here. How’s she handling it?”

“Like she wants to murder us all,” Jessica replied with a laugh. She didn’t envy her poor housemates that had been left behind to ferry Sarah to Jamaica.

“Oooooh not good. Well we’ll have to make sure we cheer her up fast when she gets here,” Alyson said. “So you two get your room keys and settle in and, when you can, come down to the main ballroom. That’s where we’re going to be setting up. It was the only place that could fit us all in.”

Alyson looked like she was about to say more, but she suddenly froze and looked like she was about to swallow her tongue in surprise. Jessica and Jennifer immediately took on puzzled looks, wondering what was going on. They turned around and quickly got the answer. It wasn’t a bad surprise that had caught Alyson. It had been a good one.

Jessica and Jennifer shared Alyson’s giddy delight as Eliza Dushku walked through the main doors into the lobby holding Kirsten Dunst’s hand.

None of them would ever have suspected that someone like Kirsten could be into this, but there she was beaming with expectation of what she hoped was ahead. Eliza had mentioned a girlfriend, but Alyson had no idea that Kirsten would be the prize she brought down for them. It was the surest sign yet to her that this was all going to go perfectly.

* * * * * * * *

Through the rest of the morning, more guests began to arrive to help with the set up, but Britney and Christina were happily ignoring their responsibilities as they lay on the beach bronzing their bodies. They had managed to find themselves a little secluded cove and Christina had finally convinced Britney to lose her bottoms. Now they both lay under the sun naked, their bodies glistening with sweat and lotion.

The breeze off the ocean was so soft and wonderful and the sun was like magic on their bodies. It was hot, but not too hot. It was perfect Caribbean weather that day and Britney and Christina were planning on taking full advantage. They had barely moved since they had settled in, except when they turned over to ensure an even tan. Now they were laying flat on their stomachs, practically purring as the sun tanned their bare asses, and appreciated the view before them.

They had a great spot right by the ocean, which hit the beach again and again with constant soft crashes and foam, but that wasn’t the view they focused on. Instead they were staring at the girl who emerged from the water like she was Aphrodite herself.

She popped out from amongst the waves with a splash, tossing her head back and letting out a gasp of happiness, dripping water everywhere as she ran nude from the ocean, toward the beach blankets Britney and Christina had set up.

“Mmmmmmmm you two were so right,” Gwen Stefani moaned in contentment as she grabbed a towel and dried herself off. “Being naked is the only way you can be down here. God, it just feels incredible to feel the sun and the ocean on your bare skin. It feels like this is my first time in the ocean, that’s how good it is.”

“Told ya,” Christina grinned. “We’re just full of good ideas, you know. You really should listen to us more often.”

“All your ideas seem to involve me taking off all my clothes,” Gwen pointed out with a giggle and a wink as she settled down on the blankets and lay next to her fellow celebrity nudists.

“And how is that a bad thing?” Britney asked with a smile, her eyes twinkling under her sunglasses.

“I never said it was,” Gwen replied before giving Britney and Christina each a sexy peck on the lips. It was too short for their tastes and the kisses left them craving more.

Gwen had wanted to get down to Jamaica as early as possible. She hadn’t really been able to come up with a good excuse for Gavin about why she was going to disappear for the weekend, so she ended up just dashing off some note about an emergency with her new album and running out the door.

She hoped the excuse held, but if it didn’t, it didn’t. She would worry about that later. Gwen was going to live in the moment while she was here. All she cared about right now was having fun and indulging in every pleasure of the flesh that was offered her.

These days Gwen divided her life into two parts, the part before she had been seduced and the part after.

Before the night Jewel had invited her to the mansion, gotten her into a hot tub and then opened her eyes to all that women could do for each other Gwen had been trapped in the misery of Gavin’s cheating. Now she was going to wild sex parties in Malibu, fucking porn stars and lying on nude beaches with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. There was nothing about this new part of her life that Gwen didn’t love.

After checking in she had quickly begun exploring everything the place had to offer, particularly the beach. As an Orange County girl, Gwen had always loved the beach, but she had never been to a beach like this one.

It hadn’t taken Gwen long to bump into Britney and Christina, particularly with Fluffy’s presence looming large over the beach. She had ended up joining them in their search for a little private nook of the beach and when they had found it, the two girls had immediately started in on getting Gwen naked.

She had resisted them at first. Gwen loved her body, but she had never been one for showing too much of it off and she had never gotten naked in a situation like this.

Ultimately Britney and Christina’s persistence won out and Gwen had stripped off her shorts, t-shirt and panties. The place was secluded enough for there not to be any prying eyes and Gwen wasn’t ashamed to admit that she loved getting naked with the two sexy pop princesses. Besides the entire atmosphere of the island and the resort was to free yourself of inhibitions, so why not?

Gwen had been skinny dipping before, but never in the middle of the day under the hot sun. But now that she had done it, the feeling of it was so overpoweringly good. Gwen loved feeling the elements against her bare body and knowing that Britney and Christina had been watching her strip and swim with lust in their eyes was a real turn on.

They were in public, in broad daylight, but the aura of sex was all around their little nook of the beach. So it wasn’t surprising when Christina opened her mouth with an offer.

“You’re going to burn soon Gwen,” Christina said. “Believe me I know a thing or two about tanning naked and you don’t want to fool around with it. How about we get some lotion on you?”

“If I said no, any chance I would be able to fight you off?” Gwen laughed.

“Slim and none,” Christina grinned. “Now sit up baby. Let us protect you from that big, bad sun.”

Even though she was over 10 years older than both of her female companions, Gwen found it so easy to just put herself in their hands, especially Christina. The girl was just so confident and seductive. Gwen had been with Christina a few times since Jewel had popped her lesbian cherry and she had never been able to get enough.

“Mmmmmmm…” Gwen moaned happily as she suddenly felt two pairs of hands on her naked body. Britney and Christina hadn’t hesitated to get the lotion on their hands and spread it all over the ska superstar as soon as she’d sat up. They each took a side and Britney spread the sweet smelling protection all over Gwen’s back while Christina took care of her front.

“Oooooooh such a tight body,” Britney cooed while lotioning up Gwen’s strong, sexy back. Britney loved the curves of her own body, but she also admired how Gwen was able to keep herself so lean. She couldn’t imagine how much she worked out to make it like that.

“Tight all over baby,” Gwen laughed at her own dirty joke, before turning her face around to kiss Britney. This time it was a real kiss and Gwen slid her tongue into Britney’s mouth, where it was warmly welcomed. Gwen moaned into Britney’s mouth while the young blonde sucked on her tongue.

“Don’t forget about me,” Christina playfully demanded as she rubbed lotion all over Gwen’s amazing abs and flat stomach.

Christina’s hands suddenly stopped playing and got busy, grabbing Gwen’s tits and massaging them lovingly. Gwen’s body arched involuntarily with pleasure and she pulled away from a disappointed Britney to kiss Christina.

Christina hungrily kissed Gwen back, loving the lingering taste of Britney on her lips. While they kissed, Christina kept her hands on Gwen’s breasts, rubbing the firm mounds and hardening her nipples as she made sure they were well covered with sunscreen. When Christina finally moved her hands, it was just to get them onto Gwen’s thighs.

“Got to get lotion everywhere,” Christina giggled as she rubbed all over Gwen’s thighs, never getting quite to her pussy, but getting close enough for the singer to desperately anticipate Christina’s touch.

“Get on your belly,” Britney requested from behind. “I want to do your butt.”

Gwen loved the sound of that, whether it was meant legitimately or sexually. She didn’t hesitate to lie down face first on the blanket, exposing her backside to the sun and to the horny eyes of her friends.

“Mmmmm,” Britney groaned as she squirted more lotion onto her hands and began rubbing Gwen’s pert posterior. “You’ve got an amazing ass Gwenny.”

“Ooooooh damn Britney, don’t stop that,” Gwen moaned as Britney’s hands massaged her cheeks, covering them with sunscreen and then some. All the stress and pressure of daily life just seemed to evaporate for Gwen when she was with one of her sexy girlfriends and having two ready to play was even better. “That’s so fucking good.”

“You like that?” Christina purred, rubbing lotion onto the back of Gwen’s legs while Britney continued concentrating on her ass. “We can do so much more.”

“Ohhh I know you can,” Gwen sighed, recalling encounters past. “You two little sluts always get me so wet.”

“Ooooh and she’s getting wet now Chrissy,” Britney giggled as her fingers strayed away from Gwen’s ass to tease the lips of her labia. Britney’s fingers against her pussy caused Gwen to inhale sharply, sucking in her breath in a quick gulp as electric pleasure shot through her body.

“Well then we’d better do something about that then, shouldn’t we?” Christina stated wickedly, moving her own fingers to Gwen’s pussy. The two hands teasing her cunt had Gwen longing to cream the blanket underneath her. God, it felt so good to be touched like this. Gavin could never make her this wet and horny. But she still had a few reservations.

“Wai…wait…” Gwen gasped as she tried to fight off the wanton lust that was making her drip onto the teasing fingers of her fellow singers. “We can’t…not out here…anyone can see.”

“That’s what the beach is here for,” Christina claimed, shaking her head. What was with all this fear she was seeing? Wasn’t anyone else but her ready to grab this opportunity by the balls and squeeze? “If you’ve got a nude beach, then you’ve got to get naked and if you get naked then you have to fuck. It’s like the law or something down here.”

“Ooooooooh yesss…” Gwen hissed as two fingers slid inside her, penetrating her pussy and making her even wetter. It was getting so hard to resist. “Ohhhh goddamn, you girls are so fucking hot. Mmmmmm stop…stop…yessssss ohhh fuck yessss…he…he’s watching. I…can’t he’ll…he’ll see…”

“Who? Fluffy?” Christina asked. “Relax. He’s not going to do anything but make sure no one bothers us. He sees everything and sees nothing. So relax baby and let us make you feel good.”

“Besides, it’s kind of kinky,” Britney giggled as her fingers pushed deeper inside Gwen. She loved how hot and wet it was inside Gwen’s pink folds.

It felt so good that Britney didn’t even bring up that she was having the same doubts Gwen was. Fluffy or no Fluffy, anyone could see them out here. But Christina was insistent and the idea of doing it so openly was making her so wet that Britney decided to just go with the flow and as soon as she relaxed she got even more turned from all of this.

“Now c’mon Gwen…tell us what we want to hear,” Christina urged, pressing her mouth to Gwen’s ear while her fingers inched up slightly to tease the singer’s asshole with her juice covered digits. “Tell us to make you come. Tell us you want us to fuck you right here on the beach.”

“Gawwwwwwwwd ughhhhhhhhhh fuck meeeeee!” Gwen squealed in horny need as the sexy fingers kept probing and teasing her aroused holes. If they were intent on doing this, she sure as hell wasn’t going to stop them. By now Gwen was at the point where she didn’t care if anyone saw them. She just wanted to come.

“Ughhhhhhh fuck me you nasty little sluts!” Gwen continued as Britney and Christina shared happy smiles. “You two always make me come so fucking hard! I see you fuck every girl at that mansion and I know you’re screwing every hot piece of ass you see on the street! Now you’ve gotta fuck me again! You made me so wet! You have to fuck me now and make me come!”

Gwen always tried to be well put together and down to earth, but Britney and Christina just knew what buttons to push to make her into a wanton, needy slut begging for their tongues. Seeing a woman like Gwen crying out nasty words and writhing to be fucked always made them wet.

“You’re the nasty little slut, begging to be fucked right out here on the beach where anybody can see,” Christina teased. “Mmmm you’re going to get it now Gwen. You’re going to be howling like a whore and everybody on the island is going to know it.”

“Yesssssssss awwwwwwwwww fuck yesssss!” Gwen hissed, her face pressed against the blanket and her eyes screwed shut as Britney leaned her face down between her ass cheeks and took a lick from her pussy. Gwen felt such a rush push through her body when that pink tongue stroked her soaked lips, lapping up her cream and making her drip even more.

Britney had had sex on the beach before, but that had been there private little stretch in Malibu. This was so public and so naughty and she loved it. She was getting wetter with every second, loving the feel of the hot sun against her naked skin as she spread Gwen’s cheeks apart and attacked her pussy with her tongue. Gwen was so wet and Britney squealed happily when her yummy juices coated her tongue. The wetter she got, the harder Britney licked and soon Gwen was panting in desire.

“Ohhhh Britney that’s it…yessssss you know just how to make a woman wet,” Gwen gasped as her breath started to leave her. “Fuck that tongue feels good! That’s it Britney! Tongue me you naughty slut! Lick that fucking pussy so everyone knows what a nasty girl you are!”

Gwen knew full well how hard Britney got off on being called a naughty slut and she immediately reaped the rewards with a hard series of tongue lashes against her pussy from the pop singer. Gwen cried in rapture at the hot tongue licking her juices and making her clit swell. She couldn’t believe she was doing this, right on the beach, but it was too good to stop.

Things got even better for Gwen when Christina stopped admiring how sexy Britney looked lying flat on her belly with her face buried right in between Gwen’s ass cheeks, and got involved again. Christina’s fingers were still sticky from Gwen’s pussy and she started teasing and rubbing her asshole again, while kissing all over her bare back.

“Mmmmm Chrissy you kiss so nice,” Gwen groaned, her need to come growing with every lick. “You like that Chrissy? You like my tight asshole? You can fuck it if you want! Mmmmm you want that, don’t you? To fuck my hot ass while your slutty girlfriend eats my cunt!”

Christina then pulled her lips of the small of Gwen’s back and smiled at her.

“Maybe,” Christina teased before getting back to kissing Gwen’s sexy flesh. She continued teasing Gwen’s asshole with her fingers, never penetrating her, and making the singer absolutely crazy for her touch.

“C’monnnn…fuck me!” Gwen urged. “Stop teasing and fuck that ass Christina! You know you want to! Everyone else in that mansion does!”

“Maybe I just want to save something for later,” Christina informed Gwen with a wink. “Now turn over Gwen. I want to get at those pretty titties of yours.”

“Fine…but you owe me,” Gwen giggled as she pulled away from Britney’s tongue just long enough to flip herself over so she was lying on her back. Christina didn’t hesitate even a second before latching herself to Gwen’s firm tits and Britney only paused to lick her lips free of girl juice before diving right back into Gwen’s snatch.

It had been almost a whole morning without any girl cream and Britney was starving for it. Gwen spread her legs wide, giving Britney plenty of room to push her face in and go wild on her pussy.

Britney’s face was buried in Gwen’s pink folds, her tongue licking and swallowing every drop of juice it could reach. Her smile reached from ear to ear as she feasted on Gwen, the sparse dark bush above her pussy tickling Britney’s happy face.

Gwen’s moans got louder now that she had two tongues working her over. Just as Britney was making her pussy sizzle, Christina was getting her nipples hard enough to cut glass. Gwen could feel her orgasm brewing and she knew soon she would be feeding these sluts the sweet cream they seemed so intent on drawing out of her.

Even though she was a little disappointed about not being able to coax Christina’s fingers or tongue into her ass, Gwen didn’t mind the pop superstar owing her. She knew Christina would be eager to collect soon.

As the pleasure from these talented tongues soared, Gwen felt silly for offering up any resistance in the first place. Now knowing she was right out in the open while Britney’s mouth smothered her pussy and Christina coated her naked tits in horny saliva was getting Gwen so hot that she actually hoped someone was watching.

She wanted someone to see how good they were making her feel and how hard they were going to make her come. Gwen’s eyes cast a gaze toward Christina’s bodyguard. God, he was huge. With an evil grin Gwen began wondering if he was huge everywhere. He was offering no reaction to what was going on, but Gwen knew he had to be getting so hard under his clothes. How could he not be?

Even though she was supposed to be a happily married woman, Gwen couldn’t stop thinking about reaching over to that bodyguard and pulling out what she imagined had to be a monster black cock and just shoving it into her starving mouth while Britney and Christina made her come. Simply imagining it was making Gwen dangerously close to overheating and she closed her eyes to let her thoughts run wild while her friends worked her body over.

Unbeknownst to Gwen, there was a pair of eyes watching what was going on with complete and rapt attention. But it wasn’t Fluffy’s.

After first encountering Britney and Christina, Shakira had continued her rambling exploration of the island. She really had nothing better to do and it was fun to break away from all the industry people down with her and be on her own for a little while with no cares and no worries.

Shakira could relax, feel the sand on her feet and watch the beautiful ocean. She felt like she had everywhere and back again and she was just about to head back to her room and slip into a bubble bath when she had first heard the moans.

Being naturally curious and a little bored, Shakira hadn’t been able to resist taking a peek. She hadn’t felt like she was prying. After all, why did people make love in public if they didn’t want others to take a peek at them? There was such a sexual vibe to this place and Shakira had encountered so many nude bodies that morning that she was surprised this was the first couple she had encountered that had given into their passions.

When they had first suggested this place for the video shoot, all Shakira had cared about was whether the beach would give them the look they had been going for. She hadn’t known that this was a sex resort, but when the truth had been exposed, so to speak, Shakira hadn’t freaked.

Shakira prided herself on being open-minded and not judgmental of others. She wouldn’t want strangers telling her what to do with her life and she wasn’t about to do the same to them. Shakira had always felt that people should love each other and as long as they weren’t hurting anyone they should do what made them happy.

That was what this whole place seemed to be about and, judging from the moans she heard, the people making love right nearby were making each other very, very happy. Crouching herself down so she could get a peek without being discovered, Shakira peered down over the sand bank to get herself a look at the love birds. What she saw took her breath away.

When Shakira witnessed Britney and Christina naked and making love to another woman she had to clamp her hand over her mouth to keep from gasping too loud. She couldn’t believe. The two girls looked so well versed in another woman’s touch. They were kissing and touching each other like they did this all the time. And who was their friend? Was that Gwen Stefani? It couldn’t be? But it was. It was Gwen! She was naked too and loving everything that they were doing to her.

Shakira’s first instinct was to leave. She had clearly stumbled onto a very private moment and it wasn’t her business to be prying into this. But she couldn’t make herself move. Shakira just couldn’t get over the fact that these beautiful women were lovers. This was clearly not something new for any of them. They were so uninhibited and lost in lust that this couldn’t have been the first time they had done this.

Crouching down behind a well placed sand dune right on the bank perched above their little nook of passion, Shakira just kept staring at the girls, her hand frozen to her mouth to keep from crying out.

She was fascinated as Gwen turned herself over on their blanket and spread her legs wide for Britney. Shakira just couldn’t get over how much in lust these girls were with each other, especially when Britney just dove right into Gwen’s pussy and began licking her like a demonness.

Shakira just couldn’t take her eyes off what was unfolding in front of her. Gwen was moaning wildly as Christina sucked and nibbled on her breasts and Britney fed off her sex. It was like nothing Shakira had ever seen before.

They all looked so beautiful and so happy and Shakira found herself longing to be that happy too. The sudden thought shocked her at first, but Shakira didn’t try to fight it off. She could feel her curiosity turning into raging arousal and she knew that it would be useless to try and stop it.

It had been years, but Shakira was no stranger to a woman’s touch. She had been in the music industry for so long, since she had barely been a teenager, and that had meant growing up around some very interesting people. Shakira enjoyed making love to men and women. It had always felt so natural with both. Shakira could still remember every detail of her first time with another woman.

It had actually been at an orgy. Shakira had never been to one before, but a party one night had devolved into one and Shakira had just gone with the flow. It had been such a turn on to see so many beautiful people giving in to their passions and it hadn’t taken much coaxing to get her to join in the fun. Shakira indulged in many pleasures that night and she remembered so well how at one point a woman had just grabbed her and kissed her passionately, without warning.

Shakira hadn’t expected it, but when she had gotten over the shock, she found herself enjoying the soft, warm kiss of her own gender. They had both been naked so it had been so easy for this woman to fall to her knees and make love to her, pressing her mouth and tongue to her sex and making her come with raw force that had left Shakira tingling. She had never even learned the woman’s name, but it had scarcely mattered.

Since that first, brief, encounter, Shakira had never been shy about returning lust offered to her by other women. She still loved men, but Shakira didn’t try and deny that she got off on the soft feel of another woman’s skin, the curves of their bodies, their sexy kisses and the sensations of another woman’s tongue against her sex.

It had been years since she had been with another woman, but seeing these three beauties enjoying each other was filling her with arousal she hadn’t felt in so long.

Shakira could see that Christina’s big bodyguard was watching over them and she didn’t want to get herself in trouble by snooping, so she remained hidden. But she kept watching.

She smiled with growing giddiness as Britney went down on Gwen and made her cry out with pleasure. Shakira’s nipples hardened under her tank top and she imagined taking Gwen’s place, letting Christina suck and play with her hard nipples while Britney licked her pussy. Suddenly all Shakira wanted was to feel a woman’s touch and it was starting to make her so wet under her jeans and panties.

She couldn’t do this? Could she? The desire to touch herself was burning inside and making her ignore her common sense. She was snooping at a very private moment and getting wet over it. What was wrong with her? Shakira knew she should stop watching and get out of here, but even as she thought that her hands were leaving her mouth to move all over her body.

Shakira’s nipples were beginning to seriously poke against her tank top and she moaned ever so softly as her hand lightly brushed over the swollen tips. What was she doing? Shakira couldn’t help it, she began rubbing her nipples through her clothes, the feel of her top and bra rubbing roughly against her tender, sensitive flesh making her even wetter. She just couldn’t stop watching and, before she could even think about stopping herself, Shakira’s free hand moved down her stomach toward her jeans.

She ignored the voices inside her telling her to stop and popped open the top of her jeans. Shakira’s lips were clamped closed to stifle the moan that inevitably came as she eased her hand into her jeans and under her panties.

Meanwhile the action continued on the blankets, all three girls unaware that anyone besides Fluffy was watching them. Of course by that point, a tour group with cameras could have wandered on by and they wouldn’t even have paused for breath. Gwen, Britney and Christina were too far-gone for that.

Gwen and Christina were locked in a deep tongue kiss as the naked singer writhed on the blankets, loving every lick that Britney gave to her pussy. Gwen’s lithe body was almost quivering as she got closer and closer to her much needed orgasm. All the passion she felt was being sent back to Christina as Gwen sucked furiously on her tongue.

The two singers kissed passionately, sharing their desire and their saliva as their tits pressed together. Gwen loved how Christina’s pierced nipple felt rubbing against her body, hardening her pink points even more while they kissed, audibly moaning into each other’s mouths. The only time their kiss broke was when they needed air and then they would only pause for the briefest time before fusing their horny girl lips back together.

Gwen’s hands finally moved up off the blanket. She had been frozen in this place since she had flipped over and her hands quickly found what they were looking for. Gwen grabbed onto Christina’s tits and squeezed the not so natural mounds as they kissed.

“Ughhhhh yessssss Gwen squeeze those titties,” Christina groaned in between tongue kisses. “Yeahhhhh tug on my hard nipples baby! Make me fucking feel it! Get those hands all over my tits!”

Christina then silenced herself by sucking hard on Gwen’s tongue, pulling it right into her own mouth with her kiss and massaging it with her own tongue. Her eyes were closed as she heard her own moans combining with Gwen’s to form such a lovely symphony with the wet licking sounds and happy squeals Britney was making between Gwen’s legs. Christina loved the hard feel of Gwen’s soft hands and she returned the favor by attaching her own hands to Gwen’s chest.

Feeling Christina’s hands pawing at her naked tits had Gwen groaning in rapture right into her lover’s mouth. Gwen’s hips began bucking involuntarily, rubbing her wet pussy all over Britney’s eager face. God, it felt so good to do this right out here on the beach. Gwen knew she was going to be doing this several times before they went home and damn whoever saw her. She was having fun and didn’t care if she was spotted.

The sensation of the sun all over her bare body as these two beautiful sluts fucked her was like nothing she had ever felt before. She just felt so free and sexual, like there was nothing holding her back. It was if she could do anything she wanted…there were no restraints here. All that mattered was her own pleasure.

The sun had all three naked girls glistening with sweat and lotion. Gwen moaned as beads of sweat began dripping down her stomach, tickling her flesh. She could feel little sweat trails on her forehead and neck and it just got her hotter. She loved getting like this with her naughty friends…all sweaty, sticky and slutty. It was getting her so horny and Christina knew it.

“I told you this was going to be great,” Christina grinned, her lips coated with Gwen’s saliva. “I’m always right. You wanna come, don’t you Gwen? You wanna come all over Britney’s pretty face?”

“Yessssssss ohhhhh fuck yessssss I want to come!” Gwen cried out. “I want to soak her slut skin with my cum and then lick it all off her!”

“Ooooh someone’s getting nasty out here,” Christina giggled. “Why Gwenny, I had no idea you liked to get so slutty. Mmmmmm we’re going to be even better friends now. Do it Gwen! Come for us! Look at Britney, look at that hot face between your legs. She wants your cum so bad Gwen! Give it to her!”

Gwen did indeed look down and saw Britney’s soft, pretty eyes staring up from between her legs. Gwen could see how needy Britney was for a taste and when the pop singer pulled up long enough to shoot Gwen a happy smile, her lips and chin coated in girl glaze, she nearly melted into the blankets.

“Don’t stop Britney!” Gwen urged. “Please don’t stop! You want my girl cum? Then keep licking me and you’ll get every goddamn drop I have!”

That was just what Britney wanted to hear and she got herself right back to work, pressing her face to Gwen’s splayed pussy and sliding her tongue inside. Britney went right for Gwen’s clit, stimulating it with steady, hard tongue lashes as Gwen grinded her pussy against her face.

Just being out here doing this was getting Britney off something fierce. While Gwen was rubbing her wetness all over her face, Britney was practically humping the blanket underneath her. She could feel the wet stain she was creating on it with her juices and she just kept doing it more, almost fucking her beach blanket.

Britney loved it all. She loved the warm, welcoming sun tanning her bare back and ass and she loved the stimulating friction of the blanket against her pussy, rubbing her pink, sensitive lips roughly.

She felt like she could come just from rubbing her dripping snatch against the blanket, but for now Britney wanted to concentrate on making Gwen come. She loved the sweet taste of her pussy. She and Gwen had never hooked up like this before. Sure they had done it a few times, but there had always been others around and now it was just her and Christina. Britney couldn’t get enough of Gwen and showed it to her by tonguing her clit.

“Mmmmm ughhhh so close…so close…so close…” Gwen gasped over and over again while she fucked Britney’s face. She could feel her skin tingling. Britney had such a hot tongue and, lucky for her, Christina was always willing to spice things up even more.

“Ohhhhh no, you’re not coming,” Christina teased. “At least not until I get myself a taste.”

Gwen was just about beyond words at that point, so she couldn’t ask Christina what she meant. Fortunately, Christina was so eager to show her.

Without another word, Christina pulled herself away from Gwen and repositioned herself so she was face to face with Britney. The two girls shared a wet kiss before Christina whispered in Britney’s ear. Gwen couldn’t hear what she said, but she didn’t care, because Christina then pushed her face right into her pussy, sucking on her cunt lips and licking up all the juices she could get to.

Even though Christina was down there too, Britney didn’t stop. Instead she used her hand to spread Gwen’s pink pussy wide and went right back to her clit. Christina nursed her lips and licked all over Gwen’s pussy while Britney sucked hard, drawing out her juices. The double stimulation caused a huge moan from Gwen and had her right on the verge of orgasm after only a few seconds.

Of course, Gwen wasn’t the only one who was close to coming. Shakira couldn’t believe she was acting like this. She felt so wanton and wicked, watching these girls and getting off on it. She had one hand under her tank top, pinching at her nipples and another hand buried in her shorts, fingering herself raw. Shakira kept switching hands so her blue tank top had dark finger stains of girl juice on it now.

Shakira had already tugged down the cups of her lacy, cream-colored bra, and she was pinching her bare, swollen nipples under her top as she tried not to moan too loudly. She fingered her pussy with three happy fingers, rubbing her clit so well.

“Singa me…” Shakira moaned in her native tongue as loudly as she dared, which was barely above a whisper. “Singa me chicas! Singa me duramente! Ayyyyyyy si!”

Shakira hadn’t felt the desire to be with women in so long, but now all she wanted was to get naked and join them. She wished she was lying down on the blanket instead of Gwen, letting those girls fuck her and make her come. Her pussy was dripping onto her fingers and she was fucking herself so fast that her orgasm was almost upon her.

Her eyes were locked on the sweaty bodies of the threesome before her as her own body baked under the hot sun. Shakira worked her fingers in and out of her pussy furiously, rubbing herself into a horny frenzy as she pinched and squeezed her own tits. She just couldn’t stop watching. She needed to come and she wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

“Oooooooooooooh oooooooooooooooh pleaassssssssse…” Gwen writhed on the blanket, her words coming out breathlessly and lustfully. “Fuck meeeeeee ahhhhh…need…neeeeeed to commmme!!!”

Britney and Christina shared a wicked wink over the begging singer. They each shared the same thought. They wondered what all those know it all critics who slammed their music and thought No Doubt was hot shit would think if they saw Gwen begging for them to make her come like a little whore.

The two girls continued to share Gwen’s pussy, eagerly licking and swallowing the fruits of their labors. Christina kept licking all over Gwen’s pussy, getting her tongue everywhere inside her sex while Britney concentrated on her clit. Their faces touched and their tongues flickered together on many occasions inside Gwen. The two girls were practically making out inside Gwen’s pussy and when Christina added her tongue to Britney’s on Gwen’s clit, she could hold back no more.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Gwen screamed out, her body rocking on the blanket. The pleasure roared through her like a freight train. It was almost like it was too much for her slim body to handle as she creamed the young faces of her lovers.

Britney and Christina cooed happily over the sticky, hot treat Gwen was feeding them and they lapped up every drop they could get on their pink tongues. They shared the reward of Gwen’s orgasm with one another, draining Gwen of her sex cream. And when they had finished her off, the two girls pulled away from her pussy and shared a deep, cummy kiss.

“Ooooooh you two get up here,” Gwen weakly requested, still feeling the after effects of her orgasm but smiling from ear to ear. “I want a taste too.”

Both girls’ lips were still coated with girl juice so they had plenty to share. They snuggled up against each side of Gwen and drew her right into a kiss. Britney, Christina and Gwen kissed passionately, sucking on each other’s tongues and sharing Gwen’s sweet, sexy essence back and forth. They all got a taste and when they broke for air, Gwen was the first one to speak.

“Oooooh you two drained me, but you got me all hungry too,” Gwen grinned. “Which one of you two sluts wants to ride my face first?”

If she hadn’t already come all over her probing fingers, absolutely soaking her panties and jeans in the process, hearing Gwen say that would have absolutely pushed Shakira over the edge. She would never have thought Gwen could be that hot and nasty. Shakira could have expected it from Britney or Christina, but not Gwen and that made it so sexy.

Watching Gwen orgasm like that and seeing the two girls share her cum had made Shakira shudder with pleasure. As she had continued driving her fingers into her own cunt, Shakira had had to pull her free hand off her tits to clamp over her mouth to keep from screaming as she came.

God, it had felt so good to pleasure herself like that while watching the show, but it wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy her. Shakira wanted more and she knew where she wanted to get it.

This would be so risky. She was an uninvited guest and their bodyguard looked absolutely imposing. He hadn’t moved a muscle while those three had gone at it. Shakira felt like he had to have ice water in his veins and would probably have had no reservations about just tossing her into the ocean if he found her. How would the girls react to her interruption? Shakira was nervous, but too damn horny now to even think about not finding out.

Gwen was sandwiched in a kiss between Britney and Christina and when Britney slowly got up and pressed her dripping pussy to Gwen’s face, Shakira knew she had to make her move. She couldn’t wait another instant.

She tugged at her clothes, kicking off her sandals as her sticky fingers yanked off her tank top and undid her bra with lightning speed. Shakira had a small window here and had to take it, or else self-doubt and common sense would creep in. Her chest was pounding with lust and need and her breaths were coming in horny heaves as she pulled her low cut jeans the rest of the way off and cast aside her soaked panties with the rest of her discarded clothes.

Before she could talk herself out of it, Shakira emerged from behind her little dune and hopped down from the sand bank, completely naked. She opened her mouth and spoke right from her lustful heart.

“Ah mi Dios. Usted chicas están tan calientes,” Shakira moaned, barely aware that she was still speaking in Spanish. “Singa me por favor! Permita por favor que mí una en!”

Gwen, who had no idea Shakira was even on the island, nearly swallowed her own tongue over the sudden interruption. Britney was also shocked, but she was too happy to look at Shakira’s naked body to say anything. Christina had been taken aback at first as well, but she was fluent enough in Spanish to know exactly what the girl wanted.

“It’s ok Fluffy,” Christina said as her bodyguard began to move in. “Of course you can join in sweetie. Have you been watching us Shakira?”

“Oh yessssss…” Shakira replied, gaining enough of her bearings back to slip back into her adopted language. “I couldn’t help it. You were so…so…beautiful. Please! Please fuck me! You have made me so wet!”

Hearing Shakira’s horny pleas instantly relaxed Gwen and Britney. Shakira was so beautiful that refusing her would have been lunacy. Britney slipped away from Gwen’s tongue just for the moment as they watched Christina get up off the blanket and wrap her arms around the taller singer.

“I knew you were checking us out before,” Christina grinned. “Mmmm you were practically drooling over our big naked titties, weren’t you? You know you were thinking about sucking them and pushing your fingers into our pussies. Say it Shakira!”

“Oh si…I wanted you…you and Britney…I wanted you both,” Shakira moaned, loving the feel of Christina’s lips against her neck as the pop star kissed her there and reached up to massage her breasts.

She had been checking them out when she had first encountered them on the beach. Shakira couldn’t deny it. At first it had been out of shock to see girls so famous brazenly showing off their naked bodies like that, but then it had turned to the lust she now felt burning in her loins.

“Ever been with a girl?” Christina asked, once again cooly taking control of a woman older than her. Despite her relatively young age, Christina never, ever lacked for confidence when it came to sex.

“Yesssss…many times,” Shakira admitted. “But none like all of you. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I couldn’t stop watching, you made me so wet. I wanted to get naked with you and have you fuck me all over my body.”

“Mmmm you wasted time by spying, you should have just stripped and jumped in,” Christina giggled while she lovingly massaged Shakira’s tits. “Oooooh but I see you already had some fun.”

Shakira couldn’t help but blush a little when Christina discovered the evidence of her finger play all over her hands. That blushing didn’t last as Christina took Shakira’s right hand in hers and pulled it up to her mouth. Shakira moaned while Christina seductively sucked on each and every one of her sticky fingers, cleaning them off with her wet mouth.

“Mmmm yummy,” Christina grinned before turning around. “How about it Britney? Should we let this little spying slut join us?”

“Oh yeah,” Britney immediately replied. “She looks so fucking hot. I want her too Chrissy! She can definitely join in.”

“What do you think Gwen? She got off so hard watching you come,” Christina asked. “You want a chance to see her come?”

“Only if I get a chance to eat that wet little pussy of hers,” Gwen hungrily replied, her eyes locked on the wetness dripping from Shakira’s cunt. The bright sun made her juices glisten. Since her first time with Jewel had ended up turning into a mini-orgy, Gwen had learned to just roll with things when someone unexpectedly dropped in. She was more than willing to let Shakira in on the fun.

Shakira was unaccustomed to this position. They were judging her, like this was some lesbian “American Idol” or something. But since they all wanted her to play with them, Shakira didn’t object. She just stood there naked and let them ogle her. She loved their hot stares at her body and when Christina pulled herself up for a kiss, Shakira immediately opened her mouth for her new lover’s tongue.

As Christina and Shakira tongue kissed, Britney and Gwen got back to where they were. They shared a hot kiss as well, right before Britney pulled herself up and placed her pussy against Gwen’s lips. Gwen remained flat on her back and her hands grasped Britney by her ass cheeks, pulling her down onto her tongue, which easily slid right inside the girl’s wetness.

“Ooooooooooooooooooh yesssssss Gweny!” Britney squealed. “Lick me! Lick my pussy! Ooooooh you got it so fucking wet and now I just wanna come all over you like you came all over me!”

Hearing Britney’s aroused cries fueled Christina and Shakira on while they kissed. Shakira wasn’t particularly tall at all, but she still felt like she towered over Christina. Christina got up on her tiptoes to kiss her, rubbing their bare breasts together in the process. The kiss was long and sexy and, when it ended, Shakira moaned for more as Christina’s hands reached for a feel of some fresh girl flesh.

“Small and humble huh,” Christina teased as she fondled Shakira’s tits and quoted her lyrics. “Mmmm they look fine to me. Nice, yummy titties for me to suck on!”

Shakira tossed her head back and moaned as Christina did just as she promised, leaning down to latch her mouth to her bare breasts. Christina kissed and sucked on the exposed girl flesh, tonguing Shakira’s already swollen nipples with hard, fast lashes. Christina worked over Shakira’s left breast and left it coated in saliva before moving over to the other one, lovingly worshipping each mound while Shakira moaned and sighed for more.

“Oh Christina…you know women so well,” Shakira moaned, struggling to keep her words in English so nothing would be lost in the translation. “You know how to make me feel so good. Play with my breasts…mmmmmmmmmm si…kiss and lick them. Ahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm mi Dios! Soooooooooo gooooooood!”

“Mmmm I do know baby. I know just how to make any woman cream for me,” Christina confidently declared when she pulled away from Shakira’s chest. “What about you? Do you know how to make a woman come?”

“Mmmmm yes,” Shakira grinned, showing some confidence of her own. “I can make a woman feel so good and so horny!”

“Show me then,” Christina replied, pushing Shakira right up against the edge of the sandbank she had just leapt off of. “Show me what a slut like you can do to my hot little pussy. I’ve had the best goddamn tongues in the world inside it and now it’s your turn Shakira!”

Shakira visibly pouted a little bit. She had been expecting Christina to go down on her first. But that clearly wasn’t going to be the case.

“What? You thought this was just about you?” Christina teased with a laugh. “Sweetie you crashed my party and now you’ve gotta pay the entry fee. Besides you already had your fun. On your knees Shakira. Show me what you can do to a pussy.”

Shakira was not naturally submissive and she didn’t give up control easily. But Christina’s confidence was just so sexually arousing and the more Shakira stared at her naked body, the more she hungered for a taste of the smooth little cunt Christina proudly showed off to her.

Smiling, Shakira relented and gave Christina one more wet kiss before falling to her knees in front of her.

“Yeahhhhhh good girl, show me what you can do,” Christina groaned in need as Shakira breathed in her aroused scent. The Columbian singer stared right into the wet, hairless sex of her new lover, immediately delighting in her piercings.

Christina’s labia had a small gold hoop and when her fingers reached up to stroke it, Shakira saw that Christina’s clit had a stud in it too. Immediate curiosity about what Christina’s pierced pussy tasted like overtook Shakira and she extended her tongue for a long, lingering lick.

Christina moaned in pleasure at the singer’s action and Shakira smiled to herself. She hadn’t done this in a while, but she was sure the time off hadn’t diminished any of her skills. Christina wasn’t the only confident girl there and Shakira was secure in knowing she could show this little slut a thing or two.

Shakira’s tongue began moving in a steady action over Christina’s pussy. She licked away at her lips, savoring the sexy taste of Christina’s juices and pushed inside her folds. Shakira took her slowly at first, letting her lover’s desire build.

She didn’t ravish Christina’s pussy, even though she was tempted to as soon as the flavor of her cum tickled her taste buds. Rather Shakira gave Christina long, lingering licks while she burrowed deeper inside her with every tongue swipe. This aroused Christina, but the demanding diva wanted more.

“Faster!” Christina grunted in frustration. “Fuck me Shakira! I don’t want to be teased! I wanna be fucked! C’mon, give it to me bitch!”

A few feet over, Britney wasn’t experiencing any similar frustration with Gwen. Instead she was greedily humping the singer’s face, riding her tongue like it was a carnival ride. Britney shrieked in delight every time Gwen hit a hot spot and that was quite often.

“Fuck me Gweny!” Britney squealed. “Fuck me with that awesome tongue! Oooooh you feel so good inside me! You’re making me so wet Gweny! I love it! Fuck me just like that! Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss!!!”

Under normal circumstances, Gwen hated being called “Gweny.” It took her back to grade school and she wasn’t eager to do that. But these weren’t normal circumstances. When a beautiful, naked woman was riding your face, you made certain concessions and, with Britney’s taste coating her lips and tongue, Gwen was more than ready to look past any issues with names. She just wanted Britney’s cum.

Gwen’s hands massaged Britney’s toned ass cheeks with every lick, grabbing at her butt and rubbing it as Britney noisily exclaimed her pleasure. Britney was one happy cowgirl riding Gwen’s face. Her tits bounced up and down with her motions and Britney quickly latched her own hands to them, feeling herself up as Gwen’s tongue licked her to orgasm.

“More Gweny more!” Britney enthusiastically moaned. “Oooooooh you’re the first to get my juices today! Mmmmmm I’m gonna fuck so many girls at the party but you’re the ooooooooooh…you’re the first! Eat me out baby! I’m so close to coming already!”

Gwen couldn’t wait. The plan for the day sounded too good to be true and, as hot as this was, it was only a warmup. If all went like it should, Britney would just be the first girl she tasted today and the thought of it made Gwen wet again. While not pausing one bit in licking Britney, Gwen reached down and began rubbing her own pussy.

Hearing Britney crying out like that in rapture had Christina burning with jealousy. It sounded like Gwen was giving Britney just what she needed and Shakira was still teasing. Sure every slow lick was making Christina drip, but she didn’t need to feel her passion build. She wanted her damn orgasm!

“God damn it…lick faster!” Christina whined, her hand grabbing Shakira by her dyed blonde hair and shoving her face against her cunt. “Get that tongue working! Don’t tease me like you’re some little virgin! I know you can fucking eat pussy! I can see it in your eyes! Do me Shakira! Give me all you fucking got! I can take it!”

“Oh yeah?” Shakira grinned, pulling her tongue out and replacing it with her fingers. She grazed her fingers over Christina’s slit, making her jump and shiver with the need for more. “You really want it Christina? You want me to give it to your pussy?”

“Fuck yeah!” Christina demanded, humping her hips forward to try and force Shakira’s fingers inside her. “Give it to me Shakira! I want it! I want it! I want it!”

“Usted es una niña estropeada, Christina,” Shakira smirked, loving that she was turning the tables on the girl who had pushed her to her knees.

“I know what you fucking said,” Christina groaned. “I know Spanish too bitch. Do you understand this Shakira? Coma mi chocha! You like that, slut? Coma mi chocha ahora! Rapidamente!”

“Mmmmm si senora,” Shakira giggled over Christina’s bilingual desperation while she continued to toy with her needy pussy, rubbing it with her fingers and playing with her labia. “Oooooh and such a pretty little chocha…so nice and pierced mmmm and so wet!”

“Then lick it Shakira! You can’t spy and tease!” Christina whined. “Fuck me! Can’t you see I need it bad!”

“Oh I do…I see everything,” Shakira giggled before finally having mercy on her new friend. She spread Christina’s lips wide with her fingers, pushing them open to expose her aching clitoris. As soon as it was revealed Shakira went right for it, latching her lips onto Christina’s clit and sucking furiously.

“OHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Christina screamed out to anyone in their vicinity on the beach. All her frustration disappeared with one suck of her clit by Shakira’s practiced lips. All that teasing had just made it feel better when she finally felt a touch to her clit, but Christina refused to admit Shakira had been right. She just wanted to come and come soon.

Even though Gwen wasn’t the expert tease that Shakira was, Britney was well on her way to her own orgasm. Gwen was giving her just what she needed. She had gotten so wet from walking around topless and then tanning naked and eating Gwen that Britney just needed stimulation…any stimulation. Hell, she’d been close enough just from humping the blanket. Gwen’s tongue wasn’t doing anything to calm her raging fires and that was just what Britney wanted.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck me Gweny! You know what I like!” Britney hissed, her teeth gritted and her sweat running from her forehead and her bouncing chest. “Mmmmmm I’m so close! I love fucking your face! You’re gonna make me come so hard all over you! Mmmmm then I’m gonna lick it up off your lips!”

Britney was feeling frisky today, but Gwen certainly didn’t mind. Her bubbly horniness was what made Britney so damn irresistible to Gwen. She loved tasting the bubbly blonde’s juices and the closer Britney got to coming the harder Gwen rubbed her own pussy. While her face was right between Britney’s legs, Gwen had spread herself wide open and was alternating rubbing her labia with slapping it, giving herself a taste of spice with all the sugar.

Gwen loved the sound of her hand slapping against her own pussy. It made such a wet, squishy sound and soon enough Gwen had herself close to coming again just from her own touch. She was soaking her palm and she kept giving it to herself, alternating spanking her own pussy with rubbing her tender, sensitive lips. But Gwen didn’t let that distract her from getting Britney off.

The taste of Britney’s pussy demanded attention. There was so much sweetness all over her tongue and the way Britney’s pussy was clamping around her tongue combined with the aroused gasps she was getting from her lover, told Gwen that Britney was right on the edge.

Gwen gave Britney one last flurry of tongue lashes, licking up all the sweet girl cum along with the touch of salty sweat slowly dripping from Britney’s stomach. Britney cried in pleasure and need for more as Gwen cleaned her out, but that was only the start. The real screaming came when Gwen pressed her lips to Britney’s clitoris and sucked on it feverishly.

“AWWWWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHH!!!” Britney screamed, not caring if anyone heard her. She was really squeezing her own breasts now, gripping harder the closer she got to orgasm. She was so, so close and Gwen’s clit sucking was driving her wild. Britney stopped humping Gwen’s face and instead slowed down to a lewd grind against her mouth. Britney wanted Gwen to suck her clitty as hard as she could.

Gwen certainly got that message and complied with glee. She moved her free hand up to Britney and slid two fingers inside her smooth, dripping cunt. Gwen began rubbing Britney’s clit while she kept sucking it, making sure there wasn’t an inch of Britney’s pleasure center that wasn’t getting stimulated.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS COMMMMMMMMINGGGGG!!!” Britney howled, her voice carrying into the ocean as she lost the ability to form anything but garbled screams and gasps of orgasmic pleasure. Her body shook against Gwen’s face, rubbing her creaming pussy all over her lips and tongue while her juices coated her chin and cheeks.

Gwen’s hand moved up from her own pussy back to Britney’s ass to keep the singer in place. She didn’t want Britney bouncing away, not when there was so much of her cum that she wanted to keep licking up.

Britney kept grinding and grunting while she came, the pleasure overtaking her body. She just hoped she wasn’t draining herself too early. She wanted to have so much fun today.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Britney moaned when she finally rolled off Gwen’s face, the last of her cum dribbling out of her well-licked snatch. Her orgasm had made her brain fuzzy, but her vision was clear enough to see that she had coated Gwen’s beautiful, soft face in cum. She certainly couldn’t leave her friend like that, so Britney pulled herself up so they were face to face and began licking Gwen’s flesh clean.

“Oooooh,” Gwen cooed as Britney gave her face hungry kitty licks, cleaning off what she had just given her. Britney licked all over Gwen’s lips and cheeks and chin and when she was finally done they fell into a deep tongue kiss, sharing the juices between them.

Their kiss lingered as Britney’s tits rubbed against Gwen’s firm pair, completely overwhelming them and making their kiss deepen. The only thing that finally distracted them from each other was Christina’s horny cries.

“Suck that clit Shakira!” Christina urged, one hand gripping Shakira by her blonde mane while the other teased her own pierced nipple. “I knew you could fucking do this! I knew a slut like you had to be good at eating pussy! Mmmmmm fucking slut…always so good at everything you fucking do…you’re good at this too! Make me come Shakira! I wanna soak your pretty face!”

Shakira smiled at the compliment. Some things did come naturally to her, but making love to women had been something she had had to learn. It had taken a lot of practice and now that she was doing it again after years of inactivity all her lessons were coming back to her fast.

Things had changed so dramatically and what had happened just a short time ago seemed like ages ago. It had been so soon in between her walking around, minding her own business, to her ending up on her knees on the beach sucking Christina Aguilera’s pussy.

Staring up at Christina, Shakira shot her a sexy look and continued nibbling sexily on her clit. God, she was so horny she just wanted to eat this bratty superstar up whole. Every time Christina had gotten too close to coming, Shakira had paused sucking on her clit to lick and tease her, but now it was getting harder to do that. Shakira wanted a taste of her orgasm bad and now she sucking hard on Christina’s clit again, giving her just a little bit of a nip with her teeth to keep Christina on the edge.

The finger play she’d indulged in before hadn’t nearly satisfied the arousal Shakira felt. She wanted to reach down and touch herself again, but she couldn’t get enough of Christina’s body.

As her mouth sucked away at the pop singer’s pussy, Shakira’s hands massaged Christina’s smooth, tight ass cheeks. They felt so good under her hands. She loved this girl’s body, especially the feel of the stud in Christina’s clit. It made it so easy to get her dripping. Shakira just couldn’t get enough of touching her body.

Gwen and Britney had quickly affixed stares to the couple. It was such a hot vision to see Shakira and Christina naked, the Columbian superstar on her knees as Christina fucked her face. It was clearly too hot for them to just sit there and stare.

“Wanna join in?” Britney asked.

“You don’t even have to ask,” Gwen giggled as they crawled off the blanket and toward Christina and Shakira.

“Ughhhhh more Shakira more!” Christina urged, unaware that her twosome was about to become a foursome. “Suck my clitty! Mmmmm feel how hard it is for you! Suck it in your sexy mouth! Make me come! Make me…OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!”

Christina suddenly tensed up and squealed as a second tongue attacked her nude body. The first thing she felt was a pair of lips kissing her bare ass cheeks and then a girl tongue began teasing her asshole expertly.

“Mmmmmmm you wouldn’t take my ass Chrissy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take yours,” Gwen grinned before pushing her tongue back inside Christina’s puckered hole.

Gwen had never used to be a big fan of anal sex before, but after her recent encounter with the two porn stars, Raylene and Taylor Hayes, she had gotten into it. They had taken her ass so well and she had eagerly returned the favor to them. Now she was looking to give it to Christina’s pretty asshole.

“Ahhhhhh yeahhhhhh you can take it Gwen,” Christina groaned in ecstasy over the double stimulation. “Take that fucking ass! Tongue that tight little hole and make me fucking come!”

“Mmmm Shakira I always wanted your pussy…oooh but I never thought I’d get it till now,” Britney marveled as her fingers teased Shakira’s labia. “So pink and wet. I just need to mmmmmmmm….”

That was all Britney could get out before her desire overwhelmed her and she pressed her face to Shakira’s wetness. The feeling of Britney’s talented tongue inside her made Shakira’s body shiver with rapture. She stopped sucking on Christina’s clit to moan her pleasure, which forced the pop star to grab at her hair harder.

“No! Don’t you stop!” Christina ordered through her moans. “Not when I’m so close! I don’t care if she shoves a fucking two-foot dildo up your ass! You’re not stopping for anything!”

It took some getting used to for Shakira, but she quickly got into the rhythm of being licked while she was pleasuring another woman. It had been too long since she had felt another woman licking her pussy.

She couldn’t believe she had waited this long to indulge in this pleasure. Men just couldn’t compare to women when it came to this. Britney’s tongue felt so good in her pussy. Britney licked passionately, but steadily, letting her tongue taste all her juices and stimulate her soft folds.

As she felt Britney’s tongue burrowing in her pussy, getting deeper and closer to her clit with every sexy lick, Shakira got back to Christina. Christina’s pussy was oozing with desire and her clit was seemingly on the verge of explosion. It wasn’t hard for Shakira to get her lips back on the pierced, pink bud. She sucked on it fiercely, pushing her whole face into Christina’s cunt and making the singer scream out.


Christina was frantically fondling her nipple piercing. She loved her clitty stud, but her nipple piercing was her favorite. If she ever took out all her piercings, she was going to leave this one in. She loved how it left her nipple in a constant state of arousal. She tugged on it and groaned and cried out, the two tongues in her holes driving her to the pleasure heights she craved.

Gwen’s hands were fused to Christina’s ass cheeks. Shakira’s hand was there too, so they two girls ended up locking fingers as they caressed Christina’s ass. Gwen used her hands to spread Christina’s hole wide for her tongue.

With a wicked smile Gwen pulled away from Christina and used a trick she had picked up from her new porn star friends. She drooled a stream of saliva into Christina’s ass and then jammed her tongue back inside, licking it right out of her hole.

Christina’s whole body bucked in response to the hard tongue fucking she was now getting up her ass. It was all so good. Her bare body was rocking back and forth, pushing her ass against Gwen’s face and then lurching forward to mash her pussy against Shakira.

Beads of sweat dripped down her body and her eyes were locked closed as only frantic, breathless gurgles of pleasure could escape her lips. Shakira was sucking right on the stud in her clit and Gwen’s tongue was fucking her ass like it was a hard cock. It was simply too much for her to stand.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Christina howled as she came. Her mouth was frozen open while her body quaked in absolute sexual bliss. Only the most bestial of sounds came out during her orgasm. She dripped her sweet cream all over Shakira’s face and down her legs, where the bright sun immediately made it sizzle on her flesh.

Gwen hungered for a taste of her own and when Christina finally fell to the sand, Gwen took her opportunity to lean forward and passionately kiss Shakira, tasting the vintage Aguilera flavor all over her tongue and lips. The first kiss between Gwen and Shakira was long, wet and passionate and the Columbian girl barely noticed it. Her attention was too focused on what Britney was doing to her pussy.

“Oooooooooh ooooooooh more…please Britney…more…” Shakira groaned to the horny girl, whose tongue was absolutely buried in her snatch. This girl loved to eat pussy. Shakira could feel that from the first lick and she was treating her sex like it was manna from heaven. This was getting Shakira off so fast and hard that her head was spinning while Britney ate her out. Britney’s tongue was leaving her dizzy and Shakira loved it.

“Ayyyyyyyyyy si Britney,” Shakira continued to pant, her firm breasts jiggling as she fucked herself against Britney’s face, still on her knees. Gwen kept kissing her face, but all Shakira could feel was Britney’s tongue inside her. “Singa me! Singa me chocha Britney! Singa me chica bonita! Ayyyyyyyy!!!”

Britney didn’t know enough Spanish to know what Shakira was saying, but that scarcely mattered. Britney was fluent in the international language of pussy and she knew she was giving Shakira just what she wanted. Her juices were so rich and tasty. Britney was ready and willing to grow fat off them, they tasted so good and she just wanted Shakira to come all over her.

Gwen could sense that her kisses were scarcely being noticed. But she knew another way to get Shakira’s attention. Gwen literally took matters into her own hand. Her fingers were still wet from pawing at Britney and Gwen pushed two of them inside Shakira’s pussy, taking her from up front while Britney licked her from behind.

“AHHHHHHHHHH SIIIIIII!!!” Shakira screamed. She tried to keep her desire in English, but it was impossible. Her brain was shutting down and only the pleasure fueled her on. The pleasure was deep inside her and down there Shakira was 100% pure Colombian.

Now Shakira could feel Gwen’s presence and then some. The fingers were penetrating her so well and filling her just as Britney’s tongue went to work on her clit. Shakira’s pussy folds clamped down tightly on Gwen’s thrusting fingers and when Britney teased her clit and then took it in her mouth, Shakira lost all control and gave into the pulsing pleasure in her body.

“OOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Shakira cried out in orgasm. She shook and panted, dirty talk in Spanish pouring out of her ecstatic lips as she came. Gwen pulled her fingers out and got her tongue inside Shakira’s creaming cunt. Both she and Britney gulped down her sexual essence, taking long drinks from the fountain of Shakira.

Britney and Gwen licked up everything they could and let it pool in their mouths. They then pulled themselves up and kissed Shakira’s gasping lips, giving her her own cum to taste. Shakira opened her mouth wide for the gift her new friends offered her, letting their tongues slide inside. Even though she was still feeling the effects of her orgasm, she still wanted more and the touch of their tongues prolonged her pleasure with every moment they kissed.

And when Christina got off her ass and joined in, Shakira felt like she might have herself a second orgasm just from kissing. They were all so beautiful and they all knew how to make love so well. Shakira couldn’t get enough of them and the other three all felt the same way.

“Ooooh Shakira, you have to join us today,” Britney sighed happily.

“Join you?” Shakira inquired. Gwen and Christina looked at each other and shrugged. Why not?

“Yes, join us,” Christina explained. “See there’s going to be a party in just a few hours…”

Meanwhile the sounds of sexual pleasure had naturally drawn a crowd of naked curiosity seekers. A small group watched the four girls kiss and caress each other’s bare bodies. It had certainly been a hot show and the group was very appreciative of their view. Then suddenly one of the men spoke up.

“Hey is that…” he began before he suddenly interrupted.

“They’re just lookalikes,” Fluffy explained, his voice firm and hard, as his hand clamped down hard on the man’s shoulder. “Understand me?”

“Yeah…yeah…just lookalikes,” the nervous man replied. “Anything you say buddy.”

* * * * * * * *

Back in Malibu, Sarah was desperate and desperate times truly did call for desperate measures. After looking all around the kitchen and seeing no nosy housemates to stop her, Sarah snuck over to the refrigerator. She opened it and quickly ransacked through the vegetables until she found what she was looking for.

“Oh yeahhhhhh you’re mine now,” Sarah gleefully stated as she grasped the cucumber in her hands. “You’re going to make me come so fucking hard! Mmmm gonna feel so good in my little pussy!”

Normally Sarah didn’t talk to her vegetables. Of course she normally didn’t think of using them as sex toys either, but all the old rules were out the window now. If her so-called friends weren’t going to let her come, then she was going to have to come up with some new methods.

They had all been watching her like hawks that morning, so Sarah knew she didn’t have much time. She had to do this fast. Sarah fumbled for the button of her shorts and pushed them down her legs, taking her panties down in the process. She pulled herself up on the counter and spread her as far as she could, her shorts and panties dangling off her feet.

Sarah wasn’t so far gone that she didn’t know she needed some lube if she was going to pull this off. She opened her mouth and slid the cucumber in, sucking on it like it was a cock.

It did feel good in her mouth, but Sarah needed it in her cunt. She had been denied too long. It had been over 24 hours since she had had a real orgasm and it was really starting to drive her insane. She hated self-denial.

Sarah made sure that the cucumber was plenty wet and then she moved it right down from her mouth to her pussy. She had never done anything like this before, but she absolutely needed to come. Beggars couldn’t be choosers.

Sarah pressed the tip of the thick green vegetable against her pussy and slowly slid it in. She didn’t want to be slow. She knew she had to do this before she was caught, but she also didn’t want to hurt herself in the process. So Sarah started easing it inside herself, gasping in joy as her pussy was penetrated. But just as she was starting to feel the pleasure of really fucking herself, her fun ended as quickly as it began.

“Ohhhhhh no you don’t,” Jennifer said as she strode into the kitchen, pointing the finger of accusation right at Sarah. “You are not doing that Sarah!”

“Try and stop me Jen!” Sarah snarled at her housemate, which the actress then proceeded to do.

Jennifer walked right up to Sarah and slapped her hands away. The second she could, Jennifer pulled the cucumber right out of her pussy, much to Sarah’s dismay.

“Noooooooo…” Sarah wailed. “Please Jen…please. You don’t understand! I need to come! I fucking need it so bad! You’ve taken away all my toys and none of you will fuck me! Why are you all being so goddamn mean to me? Please let me come Jen! Oh God, I’ll do anything you want if you just let me come! I’ll totally fuck you with this too! Ughhh it’ll feel so good inside your pussy!”

“No Sarah,” Jennifer insisted. She felt bad for Sarah, but Rose had given her orders and, besides, it wouldn’t be much longer for Sarah to wait. “These are for eating! Not for fucking!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh pleaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeee…” Sarah begged. “Don’t do this to me Jen! Please, you have to let me come!”

“I can’t,” Jennifer frowned. She wanted to. Even when she was trying her best to resist, it was so hard to pass up Sarah begging for love with her shorts and panties pulled down and her wet pussy exposed. Jennifer didn’t want to hurt Sarah’s feelings, but she actually agreed with Rose. Waiting would make that first explosion so sweet.

“Why not?” Sarah demanded. “Am I ugly or something all of a sudden? What’s going on with you? Why are you all acting like this?”

“Hmmmmmm what’s happening in here?” Rose smirked as she strode into the kitchen. “Not up to anything naughty I hope?”

“I caught her using this cucumber to…well you know,” Jennifer explained, knowing she didn’t exactly have to spell it out.

“Tattletale,” Sarah grumbled as she pulled up her shorts and panties. “I hate all of you right now!”

“Awwww poor baby, well don’t worry, you’re going to love us again real soon,” Rose said, grabbing the cucumber from Jennifer and lovingly licking up the juice Sarah had gotten on it. “Mmmmmmm. Now let’s get going.”

“Going? Going where?” Sarah asked.

“Uh uh…I’m not spilling the secret now,” Rose replied. “You’re just going to have to trust me. Now let’s get going, the plane is waiting for us.”

“Trust you? That’s a joke after what you pulled,” Sarah snorted. “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Sweetie you’re either going to go willingly or I am going to club you on the head and drag you by your hair cave girl style,” Rose stated, folding her arms over her chest and showing that she meant it. “Now let’s get going. Michelle already packed you a suitcase. Love’s all ready to go. So let’s not hold us up.”

“Who’s going with us?” Jennifer asked.

“Just you, me, Love, Michelle and lil Miss Cranky here,” Rose teased. “Alyssa and Jewel left like an hour ago. Everyone else had instructions to get there before we did so they’d better be there.”

“I am not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on!” Sarah insisted. “I’m serious!”

“So am I,” Rose replied. “Now let’s get going. Time’s a wasting.”

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying?” Sarah asked.

“Nope,” Rose grinned. “But you’re either coming the easy way or the hard way Sarah and, believe me, you’re going to love the easy way. After you see what we did for you, then you’re going to be kissing away all those mean names you’ve been calling us.”

That certainly piqued Sarah’s curiosity. Her housemates had clearly been up to something by not letting her come and being able to find out what was something Sarah wanted badly. The mystery was actually starting to appeal to her. And even though she did hate them all with a passion right now, Sarah still trusted their housemates. They weren’t cruel…at least she didn’t think they were.

“Ok,” Sarah agreed, deciding to have faith in her friends even if they were all a bunch of mean, evil bitches. “But you’d better not be messing with me. This had better be worth it.”

“Oh it will,” Rose promised. “Just wait till you see what’s waiting for you when we land.”

* * * * * * * *

Knowing that Sarah was on her way had Alyson working double time. She wasn’t one who resented others having fun, but she did kind of wish that everyone who was in the beach or hanging out in their rooms was here helping her out. She could use the extra hands. Fortunately there were a bunch of girls who were more than willing to help set everything up.

Charisma Carpenter was helping Alyson stock up the bar as Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner carried things back and forth from the kitchen. Normally the staff would have helped out with the set up, but Alyson figured the less people who knew the guest list for this particular party the better. Besides, it wasn’t anything they couldn’t handle.

So as they made sure every type of intoxicating substance they needed was on hand, Alyson and Charisma took the chance to catch up with a former co-star.

“I can’t believe you and Kirsten are a couple,” Alyson marveled. “I never thought she was the type!”

“Believe it,” Eliza grinned. “Mmmm she can get very naughty. You have no idea what she’s really like.”

“Well I hope I will soon,” Alyson giggled.

“Only if you’re nice,” Eliza winked. “My Kiki’s dance card is going to fill up real quick. Everyone’s going to want a piece of her. She’s just so amazing. Once you see her, you’re not going to be able to get enough.”

“Wow…you really got it for this girl,” Alyson marveled. “I can totally see it in your eyes and the way you talk about her. You’re totally crazy for her.”

Eliza smiled and blushed and, of course, denied nothing.

“How did it happen?” Charisma inquired. “How did you get her?”

“I don’t even know,” Eliza admitted with a shake of her head. “I mean we were down in Bermuda…just chilling out…totally just friends…and it happened. I had wanted her for so long and one day I snapped and just took her. She was really receptive to it and well…we’ve been together ever since.”

“Had she ever been with a girl before?” Charisma asked, picturing her former co-star making love to Kirsten and enjoying the picture in her mind quite a bit.

“No I hadn’t,” Kirsten answered, interrupting the conversation as she emerged back from her and Eliza’s room. She had gone to change and was now in a pink and black spotted bikini top with a wrap skirt tied around her waist. The top hefted up Kirsten’s chest for a sexy cleavage display that took away the breaths of all three of the girls.

“Eliza was my first,” Kirsten continued, enjoying the horny stares she was getting. This was sexier than she usually dressed at the beach, but this was definitely a special occasion that warranted it. “She turned me into quite a little pussy slut. Now I can never get enough of her.”

Kirsten then proved that by giving Eliza a passionate kiss that left Alyson and Charisma with twinges of jealousy. Kirsten and Eliza looked so hot together and the kiss showed how into each other they were for all to see. When Kirsten glanced over and saw the looks Alyson and Charisma she began blushing slightly.

“I’m a little nervous,” Kirsten giggled when the kiss ended, giving up any attempt she had thought about making to “outsex” anyone at the party. “So I might get a little silly today. I’ve never been to anything like this before.”

“Neither have I,” Charisma replied. “These two are veterans I think.”

“Hardly,” Alyson contended. “We just know how to have fun. I mean I’ve never, ever done anything this big.”

“Ooooh want someone to hold your hand through it Aly?” Eliza teased.

“You can hold anything you want,” Alyson said before kissing Eliza right on the lips. While they did this, she glanced over at Kirsten to see her reaction. Alyson didn’t want to be stealing anyone’s girlfriend or anything like that. Luckily Kirsten smiled, showing she was totally cool with it.

“Just as long as you hold me too,” Kirsten giggled, gathering up her nerves and kissing Alyson as soon as she broke away from Eliza. The redhead eagerly kissed back and Kirsten moaned into the kiss.

God, this was going to be crazy, Kirsten thought to herself. She was going to be doing it with girls who were almost strangers. But it felt so good and Kirsten knew that was all that mattered.

Charisma was about to point out how unfair it was that she was the only one there not being kissed when a fresh collection of guests arrived. Charisma had only gotten a little hint of the guest list so it was quite an eye opener for her to see who was arriving.

“Hey,” Katie Holmes said a little shyly as she walked into the ballroom. “They said you would be in here. Ummmm…Love and Rose invited me…”

“Don’t be nervous,” Alyson smiled reassuringly. “They told me you were coming Katie. Just relax. Everyone’s friends here.”

Just hearing that relaxed Katie. She had wanted to come to this ever since Love had told her about it, but still she had been a little shy about it. She had never done anything even remotely like this before and since she didn’t know Sarah outside of a professional way, she had been a little worried about being the odd girl out.

Katie’s shyness had almost prevented her from coming, but she had managed to set aside her fears, make up a fake cover story for her fiancée and catch the first flight she could to Jamaica. Alyson’s words were comforting. Katie knew she just had to relax.

The girls she had coincidentally arrived with, had no such concerns.

“Yeah, and if we’re not friends now, we will be very soon,” Charlize Theron laughed as she and Anna Kournikova strode in. It was a mighty odd pairing, but the forces had fate had decided their taxis would arrive at the same time and they had actually hit it off quite well.

“Hey girls,” Alyson said with a friendly wave as Charlize and Anna looked over their fellow guests, their faces showing they were visibly impressed with their company. Alyson didn’t know either of them very well, but their skills had been well vouched for.

Love herself had insisted that she and Sarah had shared Anna one hot afternoon and that her tongue was more than worthy of an invitation. Christina and Gwen had both suggested inviting Charlize and since Alyson had always admired the Oscar winner, she had been happy to add her to the list.

“Hey yourself,” Charlize replied. “Thanks again for inviting us.”

“Well Christina spoke so highly of your performances at her Pussycat Dolls party that how could I not?” Alyson asked as she unabashedly stared at the way Anna filled out the turquoise colored bikini top she wore along with a mouth-watering pair of Daisy Duke micro jean shorts. Charlize certainly wasn’t any less impressive standing next to Anna in a tight white tank top that gave no illusion she had a bra on underneath.

“What about me?” Anna chirped in, in ever so slightly accented English. “Did they speak highly of me too?”

“I hear you’re quite the slut on the tennis court Anna,” Alyson replied with a wink.

“Oh goody,” Anna laughed. “I was hoping my reputation would be known. I don’t mind everyone thinking that here. It will just make it easier for me to fuck everyone.”

Katie had been checking in when Anna and Charlize walked into the lobby and they had struck up a conversation. Katie didn’t know how much she had in common with Anna, but had known and liked Charlize for years. She had been hoping Ashley would be there, or Rose and Love, just so she could see someone she had been with sexually to set herself at ease, but Katie hadn’t been that lucky. Rose and Love were on their way and Ashley had already said she was going to be late because she was picking up a surprise for the party.

Knowing that Charlize had these same desires, was a comfort to Katie and Anna certainly was a gorgeous woman. Her tennis skills could be debated, but her beauty was undisputable.

Anna had arrived horny and ready to play and had admitted this to Charlize as they walked in. The bold confession had actually set Charlize at ease. After recently playing around with three porn stars, Charlize was getting quite a thing for sexy women who were unafraid to be sexually aggressive. With someone like Anna there, Charlize knew she was going to have fun at this party. She only hoped it was just as much fun as Christina’s party had been at the mansion.

When she had first seen Katie in the lobby, Anna had looked at her like a succulent morsel she wanted to chew on for a good long while. The fact that she seemed so uncomfortable only added to the turn on for her.

“Don’t worry Katie,” Anna told the nervous brunette. “Once things get going all your nerves are going to be gone just like that. All you’re going to want to do is join in. I’ve been in a few group things and once your inhibitions are gone then you won’t even remember being uncomfortable in the first place.”

“Maybe we can do something to help you out Katie,” Charlize suddenly suggested seductively. She didn’t know where that idea had come from, but she was happy she said it.

Maybe Anna’s aggressiveness was already rubbing off on her. Or maybe it was the after effect of spending all of last night exploring every inch of Cheyenne Silver’s naked body again. Whatever it was, Charlize liked the feel of it inside her.

“Oh yeah? Like what?” Katie asked, a smile tugging at her lips. She certainly was picking up on Charlize’s tone and she decided to see where it would take them. After all if she was going to relax at a place like this, then she was going to have to make an effort.

“Well we just checked in,” Charlize grinned. “Why don’t we go upstairs and have ourselves a little pre party-party, just the three of us. I think we can help you relax.”

Katie’s smile widened at the invitation. She and Ashley had hooked up a few more times on the set of their movie after Love and Rose’s visit, but she hadn’t been with another woman since then. She’d certainly thought about it a lot, though, and she did love the way Charlize and Anna looked. Katie certainly couldn’t think of a single good reason to say no.

“I’d love that,” Katie giggled, holding out her hand for Charlize to grasp. Charlize took it and soon she and Anna were escorting Katie up to their room.

“Wow, they don’t waste time,” Kirsten said, shaking her head with a smile.

“They beat me to the punch,” Eliza admitted. “I was going to suggest the same thing.”

“I’m sure you’ll have a chance to make up for it later,” Alyson replied. “In the meantime, I think we’re down three potential helpers.”

“Well here comes someone,” Charisma pointed out as Reese Witherspoon walked into the ballroom and smiled when she saw who she was looking for.

“Aly!” Reese said, running over to give Alyson a hug that was warmly received.

“Reese! I’m so glad you’re here,” Alyson grinned. “Hey what happened to your hair? No more blonde?”

“I did it for my new movie and it really grew on me,” Reese said as she ran her fingers through her newly brunette locks. “It’s like a brand new me.”

“I liked the old you just fine,” Alyson pointed out, which made Reese smile and blush ever so slightly as she remember just how much Alyson had liked the old her.

“Well it’s really just the same old me with new hair then,” Reese stated. She couldn’t believe she was here. The whole flight down her heart had been pounding like she was a grade school kid playing hooky. She was doing something wrong and she knew it, but that was what made it so much fun. And now that she was here, Reese was looking for some serious fun.

“Ummmm hey Aly, have you seen anyone around like that I would know…I mean really know,” Reese asked after giving a polite smile to Eliza, Kirsten and Charisma. She knew all of them, but certainly not as well as she knew Alyson or the girls at the mansion.

“Hmmm lemme think,” Alyson said, going over in her mind the girls she knew Reese had been with. “Ooooh Jessica Alba is here somewhere. I think she went to get glasses or something.”

“Perfect,” Reese grinned. “I’ll see you later Aly.”

“Hey wait, you’re going to help set up, right?” Alyson asked as Reese began walking away in search of Jessica.

“Yeah…sure…” Reese said, not really listening while she looked for her friend.

“Well that’s another one down,” Alyson sighed as she got back to work. She supposed that was the problem with inviting people to a party. All they wanted to do was party.

* * * * * * * *

Reese’s search for Jessica didn’t take her far. She wandered around near the ballroom for a few minutes, her pussy getting wetter with every step. There were too many sexy, bare bodies around this place and her needs had been too pent up for that not to happen. But there was one body that Reese was particularly interested and that belonged to Jessica Alba.

Reese wasn’t looking for someone new right now. She could experience that later. She was looking for someone she’d already been with so they could just skip the niceties and get right to the good part.

It had been so long since Reese had felt the touch of a woman and Jessica’s touch was one that Reese had enjoyed in the past. They had always had a good time together, so Reese didn’t think she was going to have any trouble convincing her friend to take a little break and have some fun with her.

Using Alyson’s clue about her whereabouts, Reese looked around the unfamiliar location and she quickly found Jessica inside a stock room where she was putting a bunch of plastic cups in a box and preparing to carry them out.

Jessica was bent over and the little shorts she was wearing absolutely clung to her ass cheeks. Reese had to remind herself not to drool as she pushed the door open and walked in.

“Hey sexy,” Reese drawled, immediately capturing Jessica’s attention.

“Reese! Hey!” Jessica replied happily, putting down the box and running over to hug her friend. “Isn’t this place great?”

“Well I just got here,” Reese admitted before turning her horny gaze right on Jessica, as if she could use her eyes to melt right through her clothes. “But I like what I see so far.”

Jessica smiled over the obvious flirtation. She had promised Alyson that she would bring a bunch of things from the resort’s stock closet out to her, but she wasn’t resistant to a distraction, especially one as hot as Reese.

“I like what I see too,” Jessica replied, giving Reese a once over in her sundress and wondering if she had bothered with any underwear.

“Yeah? How much?” Reese asked, biting her lip as she smiled, her arousal evident all over her face. She closed the door to the stock room behind her, putting to rest any idea that she had come in her seeking casual conversation.

“Hmmmmmmm…I dunno…a lot?” Jessica playfully answered. She and Reese had shared a few erotic adventures since they had met at the mansion, but it had been awhile since they had been together. Now Jessica was thinking about making up for lost time and fast. Jennifer was around somewhere, but Jessica wasn’t thinking much about her right now. Besides, if she walked in, she could always join them.

“A lot huh?” Reese repeated, trying to stifle her horny giggles. “Is that enough for you to get over here and fuck me?”

Jessica was taken a little aback by Reese’s bluntness, but she certainly didn’t hesitate when Reese walked right up to her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Jessica opened her mouth and just let Reese’s tongue slide inside. She greedily sucked on the pink invader as Reese’s hands crept up to Jessica’s black bikini top. Reese moaned in delight into Jessica’s mouth while she squeezed her lover’s breasts, causing Jessica’s nipples to stiffen under the thin top.

“Oooooh you’re in a good mood,” Jessica beamed when the kiss ended, their lips both tingling. “What brought this on?”

“I just need you Jessica,” Reese groaned in desperate need, her horniness dripping off her slight Southern twang. “I’ve been waiting for this and I can’t stand it anymore. I need you to fuck me. I’ve been wifey and mommy for too goddamn long. I need to be slutty Jess. I need to be a bad fucking girl.”

“Mmmmm I like this side of you Reese,” Jessica grinned, delighting in her friend’s desire. She’d been planning on saving herself for the party, but a little fun wouldn’t hurt. It would be like running an easy lap before a marathon to get warmed up.

“Then fuck me Jess!” Reese pled, running her hands over her own body. “I don’t want to wait! I want you now!”

“Here?” Jessica asked, her eyes bouncing around the small stock room and trying to decide where and how they could best do this.

“Yes here…here and now…please Jess…I know you want to,” Reese said, her voice close to panting.

“Oh I definitely want to,” Jessica replied. “It’s been too long since I had you Reese.”

The two girls didn’t say anything more. They didn’t have to. Instead they fell right back into a sizzling kiss. Reese’s hands caressed Jessica’s face as they kissed, stroking the soft skin and reaching up into her long, streaked blonde hair. The only sounds in the room were their frantic moans and the sounds of their wet lips smacking together as they gave into their passions. Reese was making Jessica hornier by the second and she felt her pussy starting to soak up nicely.

The two girls kept kissing. They knew each other’s kiss, but that only made it hotter. They didn’t have to get used to anything or wonder if they liked it. They already knew how hot the other could be and they each made sure the other got what they liked out of the hot, saliva filled kisses they shared.

While Jessica’s arousal was rising fast, she knew Reese was the needier of the two of them so she deserved to have fun first. Out of the corner of her eye, Jessica saw the countertop and she began to slowly push Reese toward it. At first Reese wondered what Jessica was doing, but a quick glance behind her solved the mystery and Reese offered no further resistance. Reese backed herself up until the counter was pressing into her back.

The kissing didn’t stop throughout the movement in the stock room. They only broke for the briefest gasps of oxygen. Neither girl wanted to stop kissing the other. They passionately pressed their lips together and rubbed their tongues together, each sucking on the others back and forth while their chests grinded together, their nipples begging to be freed underneath their clothes.

When they finally did separate their lips, Jessica took the opportunity to dip Reese down until the new brunette was lying down on the counter top. There were a few stray napkins and plastic plates on top of it, but Reese eagerly kicked them onto the floor as she stretched herself out. Doing this caused her to notice her own hand and she saw the little glint of the room’s light off her wedding ring. Reese frowned and felt a twinge of guilt when she remembered what she had left behind in California. There was only one way to take care of this problem.

“Off you go,” Reese playfully giggled as she pulled her wedding ring off and placed it on a shelf next to the counter before turning her attention back to Jessica.

“Now come here you,” Reese ginned as she grabbed Jessica by her shorts and pulled her down for another kiss. Jessica bent down to properly kiss Reese as she lay flat on her back on the counter, like she was ready to be served up as an Hors d’oeuvre.

Their wet, noisy kissing continued and Jessica’s hands got busy, lifting up Reese’s sundress. Jessica was disappointed to see Reese was wearing panties underneath, but very happy to see that her pink g-string was already soaked through.

“God, you’re so wet,” Jessica marveled, loving how the pink panties clung to Reese’s labia so tightly that they might as well have been see-through. “You really do want this bad.”

“What? Did you think I was lying before?” Reese laughed before wrapping her arms around Jessica’s neck and pulling her down on top of her for another long kiss. Reese had always loved kissing and Jessica knew how to kiss so well. Her lips were so sweet and tender…so much better than a man’s.

Jessica’s hand reached under Reese’s dress while they kissed. She didn’t pull down Reese’s panties. Rather she began to gently stroke her through them, teasing Reese’s overheating cunt and making her writhe on the counter. Having Jessica touch her like that just made Reese want to get naked quicker, so she broke the kiss off so she could reach up and push her own dress off.

Smiling all the way, Reese pushed the straps of her sundress off her shoulders. Since she was on her back, it didn’t fall, but Reese gave it enough of a tug to expose her pink bra and the hard nipples that strained against it like little icicles. They were hard enough to slice right through the soft fabric of her bra and as soon as the dress was pulled down enough, Jessica’s mouth was on them, sucking Reese’s nipples through her bra.

“Oooooh Jess…God yessss…” Reese groaned, her body stiffening with pleasure as Jessica’s tongue teased her nipples. “Taste how hard those nipples are. They’re hard for you baby. Touch me. Touch me everywhere.”

“That’s just what I’m going to do,” Jessica promised. “But first, you’re not nearly naked enough sweetie.”

“Mmmmmmmmm then make me naked,” Reese beamed from ear to ear. “I want to be fucking naked with you.”

Jessica moved her hand away from Reese’s panties and toward her bra. She’d already made the cups of her pink bra wet with her saliva, but nothing could match the feeling of tongue on flesh. Jessica didn’t even bother undoing the clasp and pulling it off. She just pulled down the cups enough to expose Reese’s soft skin and her aching nipples and immediately got her tongue back to work.

“Fuck yes!” Reese cursed as the pleasure shot through her body. “Suck on my nipples Jess. Ooooooooh you’re making me so wet I’m gonna fucking cream my panties for you. Mmmmmm get your tongue all over me! I want to feel you all over my tits!”

Jessica couldn’t get enough of this side of Reese. She had never seen her friend this horny before. Not even when they had both gone to that sex shop and let the two girls who ran the place fuck them silly. Reese’s body was almost shaking on the counter and Jessica hadn’t even really gotten to her pussy yet. She began to think she really could make her come just by playing with her tits.

To test that theory, Jessica began lavishing attention on Reese’s chest. They still had enough of her post pregnancy jiggle to give Jessica more to play with than usual and she loved the extra heft to Reese’s beautiful, soft tits.

Jessica sucked on one hard nipple and then the other, kissing all over Reese’s breasts and massaging whichever one she wasn’t sucking and then switching to the other one. Reese’s breasts got constant stimulation from Jessica and the brunette moaned through every second of it, relishing the sexual sensations she had been denied for too long.

“Oh Jess! It feels so good!” Reese cried happily. “More baby more! Get my tits wet! Mmmmm keep sucking on those nipples! You’re turning me on so much baby! I want you to fuck me so bad!”

That wasn’t all Reese wanted, judging from the way her hands moved up to grab at Jessica’s bikini clad chest. As she lay on her back and moaned from Jessica’s practiced lips and tongue on her sensitive nipples, Reese began playing with her lover’s breasts. She massaged them, pawing at them with her hands while Jessica kept herself in the perfect position by leaning over and letting Reese get herself a serious handful.

Reese loved how Jessica’s large breasts felt under her hands. They were so soft and she loved how they jiggled with every rub. She longed to see them in the flesh and get at the hard nipples she could feel poking against the soft black material of her top. It felt so good to be lying there topless and she wanted Jessica to be stripped right along with her.

“Take of your top Jess,” Reese requested. “Get naked with me.”

“Is that what you want Reese?” Jessica teased, the new brunette’s hard, wet nipple popping out of her mouth as she smiled. “You wanna see my titties?”

“Mmmmmmm yesssss…please,” Reese begged. “Show me Jessica. Show me everything. You know I love your body. You know how much I love seeing you naked!”

“You’ll get just what you want you horny thing,” Jessica promised with a little twinkle in her eye as she stood up and looked down at Reese flat on her back, her dress around her waist and her bra pulled down to expose her nipples as her wet panties clung to her slit.

Jessica was about to simply reach for the string of her top, but she decided to spice it up a little bit. She’d just played a stripper in her new movie and she decided to put a few of the moves she learned to good use. As Reese watched with rapt attention, Jessica began to sensuously move her body. All she needed was a pole to grab onto to complete the illusion as she slowly danced for her lover.

“So fucking sexy,” Reese sighed, her own hand reaching down for her panties. She slowly teased her pussy through her g-string as Jessica danced for her. She felt like she could come just from watching Jessica move. God, that girl could dance so well.

Her arousal was pounding inside her and Reese needed to feel more of her own flesh. She finally got her dress off her body, leaving her only in her wet panties and pushed down bra.

“You like?” Jessica grinned as she began moving her hands over her breasts, rubbing them as her hips slowly grinded through the air. “Want to see more Reese?”

“Oh God yes,” Reese moaned, her fingers hitting a sensitive spot as she pushed them under her g-string. “Show me Jessica! Take off your top please! I need to see those sexy tits!”

Jessica enjoyed teasing Reese and taking advantage of her desperate horniness, but she didn’t want to be mean. She smiled and tossed her hair back and moved her hands down to her top. She rubbed her own breasts, giving Reese one last tease, before she moved around back to yank at the string. Reese smiled happily as Jessica yanked her top off, finally exposing the beautiful, tanned breasts she had hungered for.

As soon as she was topless Jessica leaned down and let her breasts hang over Reese’s face. She gave them a sexy shake and made them jiggle right in front of Reese’s aroused eyes.

This immediately had the desired effect and Reese’s hands shot right up to them. She grabbed at them and pulled Jessica’s breasts toward her mouth. Before Jessica could even moan, Reese had her lips latched to her left nipple, sucking on it feverishly as her hand caressed her right breast.

“Mmmmm fuck yeah…I forgot how good you were at this Reese,” Jessica groaned. “Play with those tits. Make me feel it right down in my pussy!”

“I’m good at a lot of things like this,” Reese reminded her friend with a giggle before getting her lips back on Jessica’s swollen pink nipple. She sucked one and then the other, letting her wet tongue drag all over the soft girl flesh dangling over her face. Reese’s tongue even slipped in between Jessica’s cleavage, tasting little bits of her sweat and her sexy perfume.

As she did this, Jessica reached over for Reese’s panties and took over for what the brunette’s fingers had been doing just a moment before. Jessica slid her hand under Reese’s g-string and began slowly rubbing her soaked slit. Reese tensed up and groaned loudly into Jessica’s chest, but she didn’t stop. As Jessica’s fingers picked up speed, so did Reese. The harder Jessica rubbed Reese, the harder Reese sucked and licked her tits.

“So fucking wet…” Jessica announced with glee as her fingers stroked Reese’s pussy lips. She felt so warm and needy. Jessica got off knowing that someone as beautiful as Reese felt this way because of her and she wanted to give her friend some real fun.

“Ohhhh Reese, that feels so good,” Jessica moaned. “Mmmm I love your tongue on my tits. But I know what you like too Reese. I know what makes your sexy pussy cream.”

“Oh pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase,” Reese begged, hoping that Jessica wasn’t just teasing her. She knew all about her little fetish, but had never done anything about it except watch. Was it possible Jessica was really going to do this?

“I like hearing you beg for it,” Jessica evilly grinned, pulling her chest away from Reese’s face to walk back to where Reese’s legs lay flat on the countertop. Reese was practically quivering as Jessica lifted her left leg up and pulled off her sandal.

“I’ll beg…I’ll do anything you want Jessica…just please…” Reese cried softly.

“Please what, Reese,” Jessica asked, tossing the sandal onto the floor and beginning to lovingly rub Reese’s bare foot. “Tell me what you want.”

“I…ohhh gawwwwwwwd…please Jessica…suck on my toes,” Reese pleaded. “You know how wet it makes me. God, I’ve always wanted you to do this! Please baby, suck on my toes! Get them in your hot little mouth! You eat my pussy so well, now suck my toes! Please!”

Even if she hadn’t intended to do it anyway, hearing Reese’s soft, sexy voice begging for her to take her toes into her mouth would have convinced Jessica. She had never tried this, but she had been curious ever since the day she had learned Reese was into it.

Jessica had had her own toes sucked a few times by boyfriends in the past, but she had never liked it much. But that day at Carnal Knowledge when Reese lay down and looked so lost in ecstasy as the horny little beach bunny Alyssia sucked on her toes had piqued Jessica’s curiosity.

Reese had been so completely happy and Jessica had wondered since then what it would be like to please a lover in that way. Jessica had never truly summoned the courage to do it until now and she swallowed her nerves about trying something new and pulled Reese’s toes to her mouth. She wanted to get her horny friend off hard and, to be honest, Reese’s toes, with their fresh pink nail polish and recent pedicure did look pretty damn cute.

As Reese moaned in short mews of pleasure, Jessica extended her tongue and took her first lick of Reese’s big toe. It was a bit of a shy lick at first, but Jessica quickly discovered that there was nothing poisonous or gross about it. Reese’s toes tasted just as good as the rest of her pink girl flesh. Jessica began licking harder, letting her wet tongue trace all over Reese’s toe until she finally sucked it right into her mouth.

“Oooooooooooooooooh!” Reese squealed. “Fuck! That feels so good Jessica! Mmmmm you’ve got such a wet, hot mouth! I love it! Mmmm suck on that toe Jess! Suck on all of them like you sucked my tits and made my nipples so fucking hard! Ohhhhhhhh you’re making me even wetter!”

Jessica grinned as her mouth worked over Reese’s left foot. Reese was practically humping the open air as Jessica began moving from toe to toe. She started licking Reese’s toes one by one and sucking them right down to her last wiggling little toe. Jessica then let her tongue drag all over Reese’s foot, letting her saliva tickle the bare skin as Reese moaned and groaned wildly.

When Jessica had left Reese’s left foot coated in her aroused drool, she dropped it and then moved to her right foot. She pulled off the sandal barrier to it and gave it the exact same treatment.

Jessica didn’t have to fake interest in this. She loved making Reese feel good and it was worth any effort she was making to see her virtually naked body writhing in complete sexual bliss on the counter. But Jessica was actually getting into this.

It felt weird, but sexy to have Reese’s wiggling toes in her mouth and it was certainly making her stain her bikini bottoms to know she was making Reese feel good by doing something kinky.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssss more Jess…more…” Reese groaned. “You look so sexy baby! You have no idea how hot you look with my toes in your mouth! Ooooooooh you’re doing it so well too! Mmmmmmm even better than Sarah does! You know just what makes me fucking come and you’re doing it baby! You’re gonna make me cream my panties before you even taste my pussy!”

Knowing that Sarah had licked these toes too gave Jessica a little extra incentive to really give it to Reese. She could just picture Sarah’s beautiful lips wrapped around these toes, eyes closed and sucking happily while Reese cried out her pleasure.

Now Jessica wanted to make sure she was better. She wanted to make Reese come so hard she’d be remembering it with little quivers even as she indulged in every pleasure that the party promised.

“Ahhhhhhhh goddamnnnnnnnnn yessss…just like that!” Reese panted, her pleasure growing with every suck and lick Jessica gave her saliva soaked toes. Jessica was sucking even harder now, taking in two or three of her toes at a time and working back and forth from foot to foot until Reese didn’t feel like there was an inch of her feet that hadn’t felt the sexy loving of Jessica’s tongue.

Reese loved everything about this and she wanted to make sure that Jessica was feeling good too. Her lover was too far for her to reach with her hands, but fortunately her feet were now in perfect position to help out.

Since Jessica was sucking on her right foot, Reese used her left foot to rub against Jessica’s bare breasts. She massaged the bare, jiggling globes with her foot and playfully squeezed down on them, pressing against Jessica’s already hard nipples.

Jessica smiled happily around Reese’s toes and pushed her body a little closer to the sprawled brunette. This allowed Reese to get an even better feel of Jessica’s tits with her foot and she squeezed against them, making the sort of blonde actress moan with delight.

When Jessica dropped Reese’s right foot and grabbed for the left one again, Reese then used her free foot to rub against her friend’s chest. Reese rubbed saliva all over Jessica’s bare tits, making her toe muffled moans louder.

As she rubbed against Jessica’s chest, Reese felt her pussy just about oozing hot girl juice. God, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this wet. Sliding her hand under her absolutely soaked g-string Reese began to pleasure herself.

She slid two fingers into her heated cunt as she found her toes stimulated to perfection by Jessica. Reese groaned lustfully while she fucked herself. She was so wet that she easily pushed a third finger inside her pussy and Reese already felt herself about to come when she began rubbing her probing fingers against her clit.

However, Reese soaking her fingers with girl juice was the last thing that Jessica wanted. That cum was going to soak her tongue and there wasn’t going to be any debate about that! Jessica dropped Reese’s foot from her lips and pulled the dyed brunette to the edge of the counter by her legs, positioning her face right between Reese’s legs.

“No…let me,” Jessica purred, pushing Reese’s hand off her pussy. Reese didn’t even consider hesitating. As much as she loved Jessica’s tongue on her toes, she knew nothing beat her tongue right up against her clit. This was immediately proven when Jessica’s tongue reached out and licked against Reese’s slit right through her panties.

Reese growled an indecipherable moan of wanton sexual need as Jessica’s hot tongue dragged over her cunt lips. She needed this so bad. Her panties were so soaked it was as if the pink material was part of her skin as Jessica’s tongue seemed to want to lick right through them.

“Oh Jesssssssss…so naughty…so fucking naughty…yesssssss…” Reese managed to moan before falling back into growls and moans of lust from Jessica’s tongue licking up the girl juice that had ruined her panties.

It had been too long since Reese had felt a woman’s tongue on her body and Jessica’s tongue was driving her absolutely wild. Each lick against her panties had her skin tingling and the hairs on the back of her neck standing up in petrified pleasure. And just when Reese thought it couldn’t get any better, Jessica reached up and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her g-string.

Jessica pulled them right off Reese’s body without delay, leaving her naked except for the yanked down bra that exposed her nipples. Peering up from her now bare pussy, Jessica shot Reese a wicked grin of hunger and proceeded to bury her beautiful face inside her needy sex.

“AHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Reese screamed as her body reflexively lurched on the counter. She had almost forgotten how absolutely amazing a horny woman’s tongue felt inside her and with just one lick Jessica had done more than remind her. Jessica’s tongue was at work right away inside her pussy, lapping up the cream her arousal had built and making her clit swell with passion.

“Fuck me Jessica! Yesssssssss ohhhhhhhh yessssssss!!!” Reese cried out ferociously, her pussy fucking itself against Jessica’s cum starved face. “Tongue my pussy! Tongue fuck me like a little slut! I’m not some good fucking wife! I’m a nasty little lesbian whore! Fuck meeeeeeeeeee!!!”

Jessica still couldn’t get over how Reese was acting, but she wasn’t complaining because the naughtier Reese acted, the wetter her pussy got. She was summoning up every sexy thought she’d ever had about her friend and getting ready to put them to use.

“You wanna get slutty? Huh? Is that what you want you little whore?” Jessica pressed after she pulled her sticky lips away from Reese’s pussy. “I’ll fucking show you slutty! I’ll make you never want to go back to your Hollywood hubby you little lezzie cunt!”

“Yessssss make it slutty!” Reese hissed before yelping in surprise as Jessica suddenly crawled onto the countertop with her and pulled her legs up in the air. Jessica got up on her knees and pulled Reese up until she had her pussy in the perfect piledriver position.

Jessica pulled Reese’s legs open to expose her pink pussy and she spit right into it. Reese moaned in bliss. She had never felt anything like that before and it made her body shiver when Jessica did it again and proceeded to lick her own spit right out of her cunt.

“Ughhhhhhh so fucking naughty…yesssssss make me fucking cum Jessica!” Reese begged. “Lick your own spit right out of my pussy! Eat it all right up Jess!”

That was all Reese got out of her mouth before she began moaning again. They were long, guttural moans that filled the room with the sounds of Reese’s desire to forget all about the life she’d left behind at home and embrace the feverish sexual need her girlfriends created inside her.

The position she was in was slightly uncomfortable with the curving of her back, but it felt way too good to have Jessica spitting and licking her pussy for any discomfort to really set in. She’d probably be sore in the morning, but it would be completely worth it.

Reese loved how it felt to be lifted up like this, her pussy brought up against Jessica’s mouth as her tongue slammed inside and lapped up her creamy juices. The position naturally spread her pussy and her asshole open and the free air of the room tickled both her sensitive holes. Her dark hair clung to her face as Reese’s animal grunts and moans grew louder with every lick.

With each hard tongue jab into her pussy, Jessica half expected Reese’s flesh to sizzle for her. Her tongue was so wet and Reese’s pussy was so hot that Jessica thought it was possible as she dove in deeper and deeper into her friend’s cunt.

Jessica’s hands clung tightly to Reese’s ass, cupping her cheeks and threatening to dig in with her nails as she licked. Soon Jessica had her tongue right up against Reese’s clit and as soon as she felt how swollen with desire the pink bud was, Jessica doubled her efforts, jamming her tongue in faster and deeper and right over Reese’s clitoris again and again.

The only sounds Reese could make by now were desperate grunts of orgasmic needs. Her whole body felt on edge. Her brain could barely function. All she wanted was her orgasm. She couldn’t remember ever needing to come more than she did now. Every cell in her person seemed to cry out with need and Reese found herself pawing at her own chest, rubbing her bare nipples roughly with her palms to get any extra stimulation possible.

Jessica’s tongue was fucking her just like it was a hard cock inside her. Reese peered up through her ecstasy tear filled eyes to see Jessica tongue slamming her spread pussy and it was such a hot image to go along with the amazing feel of her tongue pushing in deep and licking her clit again and again. Jessica’s pink tongue filled her so well and licked her hot spots with a precision that Ryan couldn’t have mustered in his wildest dreams. Jessica was like a clit sucking artist when she dragged her tongue against it and pushed it between her lips, feeding on it hungrily.

Reese tried to hump Jessica’s face harder, to try and get more of her tongue inside her and get herself off as she panted and moaned wildly, her whole body quivering. But Reese couldn’t do it.

She was at Jessica’s mercy in this position and she couldn’t get the unnatural blonde to lick any faster. Reese felt Jessica’s hard nails pressing against her ass cheeks as she was trapped up in the air like this, spread open wide for this great tongue as sweat ran down from between her tits and gave her aroused face an extra glow.

Jessica didn’t need to hear the frantic moans of arousal Reese was calling her out with. She knew plenty well that the actress was about to come. Frankly Jessica was a bit disappointed that it had taken her this long to get Reese off. She would have thought her skills would be more refined.

Oh well, Jessica thought to herself, as she buried her sticky, young face in deeper against Reese’s twat and sucked furiously on her clit, this girl would make for an excellent practice round before the real fun began.

As Jessica’s lips latched on against her clit and sucked it right between them, Reese shuddered and felt her whole body tense up. The orgasm that had been brewing all morning and that had become inevitable as soon as Jessica sucked her first toe into her mouth arrived with the force of a thunderclap.

“GYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Reese roared as her body shook in orgasmic rapture, soaking Jessica’s face with hot cream in the process. Reese was half afraid she was going to fall right off the counter because she was so powerless against the sensations that racked her almost naked body.

Jessica kept her spasming clit right between her lips, sucking her sweet dew right out of her pussy and into her horny mouth. Reese came against her beautiful face forcefully, fucking it with every bit of strength she could muster as bliss finally enveloped her.

It had been too long…too fucking long since she had felt this good. No sex could ever get her off as much as lesbian sex could. Reese had known that, but it always felt good to get a reminder. Each tremor of orgasm pulsed through her and it was so good that Reese was barely aware of Jessica lowering her back down on the counter onto her back.

When Reese finally came back to her senses, she saw Jessica’s tanned, perfect face hovering over her, her delicate features absolutely soaked in girl cum. Jessica shot Reese the happy, horny smile of the cat who had most definitely gotten the canary and Reese responded by throwing her arms around Jessica and kissing her passionately, indulging in the sweet, addictive taste of her own juices all over her lover’s tongue and lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhh my God,” Reese finally sighed when the kiss ended. “Thank you Jessica. Ughhhhhhhh I so needed that.”

“I could tell,” Jessica smiled, scooping up what remained of Reese’s juices with her fingers and licking them clean. She was about to pull herself away from the counter, when Reese suddenly latched onto her wrist with her hand and held her firmly.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Reese giggled. “I didn’t fly all this way to just lie back and get myself licked. I want a taste too. Get those damn shorts off and get up here baby. Now it’s my turn.”

Those were just the words Jessica wanted to hear and she rewarded Reese with another long, sexy kiss to her lips. Reese had needed to come so bad that Jessica wouldn’t have held it against her if she had decided to just lay in her afterglow and not return the favor. But now that Reese showed she was hungry for some pussy Jessica was ready to give her all she wanted.

The only regret Jessica had right now was that Jennifer wasn’t here to enjoy the fun. Jessica began wondering where exactly her friend was when those thoughts evaporated thanks to Reese reaching down to caress her ass through her shorts.

“Get naked,” was Reese’s simple request and it was one Jessica had no desire to deny. Smiling, Jessica resumed her interrupted strip show and began swaying her topless body through the air ever so slightly. Her bare breasts shook in a tantalizing jiggle that had Reese licking her lips, especially when Jessica bent over and began shaking her ass right in her face, lowering her shorts with every booty thrusting moment.

“Gawwwwwwd you know how to do that so well,” Reese marveled as Jessica exposed the black thong bottom of her bikini and kicked off her shorts into the corner of the stock room.

“I’ve been practicing,” Jessica smiled before letting out a low moan as Reese’s hands caressed the bare skin her thong exposed. Reese rubbed the almost exposed cheeks of Jessica’s ass while the blonde remained bent over. Reese then placed a kiss on each cheek and playfully grabbed at the thong, pulling at it and making it rub against Jessica’s already dripping slit.

“You like that?” Reese giggled as Jessica moaned from the contact against her pussy.

“Uh huhhhh…” Jessica answered, her hands reaching up to play with her own bare breasts while Reese stimulated her. It felt so good to have her bikini bottom rubbing past her lips like that, sliding inside her pussy and against her clit. The bottoms were so soaked that they had an extra thickness to them by now that made Jessica shiver with happiness.

“Is that pussy of yours getting nice and wet for me?” Reese asked, already knowing the answer. She could smell Jessica’s arousal and she figured her friend had to be dripping by now. “Oh Jess, I want to make you come so hard. You made me feel so good and now it’s your turn. Now you get to feel good. I want to be the first girl here to make your pussy cream before everyone else gets a crack at it.”

Reese then resumed lavishing attention on Jessica’s ass, pushing her lips and tongue everywhere the thong wasn’t covering, which was a lot. Jessica might as well have been bare assed, but Reese didn’t mind the thong. It gave her something to yank off, after all. But she didn’t do that right away. Instead Reese kept playing with Jessica’s pussy by rubbing her thong against, using her hands and her mouth to arouse her lover.

“Mmmmmmmm fuck that feels so good,” Jessica groaned, her hands still working over her own tits. As Reese rubbed against her pussy, Jessica pawed at her breasts, getting her nipples so hard that Jessica wondered if she might even break the skin of her palms with them. That didn’t stop Jessica from rubbing herself harder, though, making her full, swollen nipples so wonderfully raw and sensitive.

Jessica could feel juices start to drip down from her pussy, tickling her thighs and the tops of her legs. She loved the feel of girl juices, either hers or someone else’s, against her bare skin, and each drip down her leg was making her even wetter. Reese was doing such a good job of getting her off with her hands, tugging at her thong and sawing it past her aroused lips to get right inside her pink treasure.

Since she was still bent over, it was the perfect position for Reese to fuck her with her own bikini bottoms and the sensations had Jessica moaning and grunting in desire.

“This is what you get for being such a good girl and sucking on my little toes,” Reese giggled before pulling her body up until she was sitting on the counter, pressing herself against Jessica’s bare back. “Mmmm you gave me what I like. Now you get what you like.”

Reese then began kissing all over Jessica’s neck and down over her shoulders, brushing her long hair out of the way to get at her flesh. Jessica always loved having her neck kissed and it certainly helped increase her raging arousal that Reese was pressing her naked breasts to her back and still sawing her bottoms back and forth in her pussy.

“Ohhhhh shit…I do like it…I fucking love it,” Jessica groaned. “You’re so sexy Reese. Is that what you want to hear? You’re not a good little wife. You’re a nasty, pussy loving slut like the rest of us! God, you’re getting me so wet Reese! Gonna make me come!”

“Mmmmmmmm I love hearing that,” Reese replied, her nipples reflexively tightening with pleasure when she was reminded how bad she was being. “But I don’t want you coming yet…not until I get my tongue inside you.”

Reese hopped off the counter, landing right on her feet and whirled Jessica around. Before Jessica even had a chance to reset her feet, Reese pulled her right into a passionate kiss. Jessica’s head was giddily spinning as Reese greedily sucked on her tongue and moved her hands up to cup the bare breasts right in front of her. Jessica moaned in delight as Reese squeezed and played with her tits. Her own hands had felt good on her flesh, but the touch of another woman was always better.

The new brunette’s hands didn’t stay on Jessica’s breasts for long. Reese quickly moved them down Jessica’s toned stomach, tracing her skin with her fingernails. She went right for Jessica’s thong, taking just a moment to stare at the twisted bikini bottom still pressed between Jessica’s cunt lips. After properly appreciating her handiwork, Reese tugged Jessica’s thong down and resumed kissing her. The two girls wetly dueled tongues as Reese made Jessica naked. She then finally took care of herself, reaching around back to unsnap her half off bra, leaving them both in nothing but bare skin.

“So you gonna make me come now or are you all talk?” Jessica teased, already knowing Reese was as good as her word.

Reese just giggled and kissed Jessica harder, pressing her backwards step by step until Jessica was against the wall. As soon as Jessica was trapped, Reese really went to work and Jessica happily moaned as her lover leaned down to suck on her aching nipples while pressing two fingers right inside her snatch.

“Fuck!” Jessica hissed through her lips when Reese’s fingers began rubbing her clitoris. “Ohhhhhhhhh Reese…that’s it baby. Slide those fingers in me. Feel how wet that pussy is for you. Play with that clit! You are a naughty fucking thing Reese and I love it! Finger fuck that pussy Reese! Make me drip all over your hand!”

It seemed so long ago that Jessica had been first seduced. She still remembered that girl. She had been so shy when Love had first dragged her up to her room to change into their bikinis. And when Love had first touched her, Jessica’s first instinct had been to run.

But fortunately, Love had convinced her to stay and a new woman had been born that day. The shy girl who had come to Malibu that day was long gone. Now she was being finger fucked by Reese Witherspoon and it was only a taste of what was to come. Just remembering the change from one party to the other was getting Jessica close to coming.

“Oooooh you’re so tight,” Reese sighed in between licks at Jessica’s nipples. Her free hand was cupping whichever breast she was playing with, feeding it to her mouth. “God, your pussy feels so good on my fingers. So wet and tight. You’re just so fucking hot Jessica! Mmmm I never want to stop fucking you!”

Reese knew she was babbling a little, but she also knew no one could blame her. She had Jessica Alba naked and wet for her. If that wasn’t a time for babbling, then nothing ever could be. Reese just wanted to get her friend off and then get right to the party. Unfulfilling sex was a distant memory now. She was back amongst women.

While she kept sucking on Jessica’s tits, Reese pushed her fingers inside the pink tightness of her friend’s sex. Reese began pumping them in harder, making Jessica grunt with need and causing her bare tits to shake right in her face. Reese couldn’t help but laugh as Jessica’s soft, beautiful breasts slapped her cheeks and chin. It all felt so good and she was already getting wet for her next orgasm. But Reese was going to wait for that one. She had Jessica to attend to first.

Leaving Jessica’s saliva coated chest behind, Reese made sure her lover was still pinned up against the wall of the stock room and fell down to her knees. This pressed Reese’s face right up against Jessica’s pussy and she inhaled deeply, loving her smell.

But Jessica was getting impatient and was in no mood for Reese to just fill her lungs with her sexual perfume. Jessica’s hand pressed itself to the back of Reese’s head and pushed her forward, right into her pussy.

Reese didn’t resist a bit and as soon as Jessica’s cunt was against her mouth she got to work with a flurry of hard licks against her labia. Jessica groaned and bucked her hips against Reese’s face, mashing her wetness all over her skin.

In response, Reese stopped attending to Jessica’s slit and pushed her tongue right inside her pussy. Reese’s tongue penetrated Jessica’s soft folds and went right after her clit. It took but a few seconds of searching for Reese to locate it and her tongue started working it over with hard, long licks.

“Yessssssss more Reese…more,” Jessica urged, her hand still on the back of Reese’s head. “That’s it! Lick that clit! Ughhhhh taste how fucking hot I am for you Reese!”

Reese knew that as hot as Jessica was for her tongue she was even hotter for the taste of her lover’s cum. For too long Reese’s lips had been parched for the taste of another woman and she knew Jessica was going to give her all she needed. Reese had her mouth pushed as far against Jessica’s pussy as she could manage and she hungrily swallowed every drop of juice Jessica was feeding her while her tongue continued to play with her clit.

God, she had missed this. Reese couldn’t get enough of Jessica’s taste and the sound of her growing moans. Jessica was so wet for her and Reese couldn’t wait to feast on her cream. She kept her tongue busy against Jessica’s clit while her hands reached around back to squeeze and massage the cheeks of her ass.

Jessica’s moans only got louder from the feel of Reese’s hands on her butt. Reese let her hands play all over the sculpted cheeks and she loved feeling the wet spots her own saliva had left on them. She just felt so wanton and that felt so good.

She loved being on her knees, eating another girl out and gripping onto her ass. Reese peered up from between Jessica’s legs and shot her a long, soulful look with her eyes, hoping Jessica saw her and got off on it.

Reese’s hopes on both ends were certainly confirmed with another series of breathless, horny moans. Jessica and Reese locked eyes and stared deeply into each other. Jessica loved looking at Reese’s soft, needy eyes. It was as if they were begging for her cum.

Jessica responded by grabbing onto a nearby shelf for support so she could grind herself harder against Reese’s face. Jessica used the leverage to move herself up and down, pressing her smooth, bare lips to Reese’s mouth and coaxing her tongue to work her clit over faster and harder.

The sounds of Jessica’s arousal grew louder and more frantic as Reese took her cue and moved her tongue at a quicker pace. Instead of the long licks she’d been using, Reese targeted her tongue at the center of Jessica’s clit and gave it a furious licking. Reese’s tongue moved wildly on Jessica’s clit, hitting the spot over and over again as Jessica cried for more.

“So close…so close…so close…” Jessica panted, her tits jiggling with each grind against Reese’s face. Her clit seemed to swell up more every time Reese tongued it and it was driving Jessica wild.

Jessica’s hand continued to hold Reese down between her legs. She gripped a clump of her long, dark hair, but when Reese began to pull herself out, Jessica didn’t stop her.

“Mmmmm you do like that don’t you,” Reese smiled as she took a long gulp of oxygen. “You like fucking my pretty face?”

“Uhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhh…” Jessica groaned in the affirmative, her hips bucking forward again and again to try and get Reese back to it.

“I’ll bet you’d like fucking my fingers again too,” Reese purred before sliding her two fingers back inside Jessica’s tightness. Jessica shrieked in delight at the penetration and began fucking herself against them as Reese held her hand steady.

Jessica fucked Reese’s fingers like they were two pink sex toys inside her and, as soon as she got a steady rhythm back up against them, Reese pushed her face back into it and resumed eating Jessica’s pussy.

“OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!” Jessica cried out, the two stimulations making her body shake in anticipation. Her orgasm was so close and words were failing her. All that was tumbling past her lips were garbled cries of extreme pleasure. Reese’s tongue on her clit and her fingers thrusting inside her cunt were leaving her gasping for air.

There was too much coming in all at once, but Jessica never wanted it to stop. She just closed her eyes and continued balancing herself up and down on the shelf with one hand while the other locked Reese’s head between her legs.

With Jessica’s eyes closed and Reese’s head away from the door, neither girl saw the door open. Jennifer Garner stood stunned in the doorway, unable to believe what she was seeing. There was Jessica spreading her legs for some random goddamn fucking slut!

She and Jessica were supposed to be here together and it had taken all of 30 seconds for the girl she thought was her friend to go and run off with someone else. Jennifer had never expected to find this when she had come looking for Jessica and it left her shocked and hurt, with a growing anger.

Jennifer couldn’t even see whom it was who was eating Jessica out and she didn’t want to see. They had obviously been doing this for some time because Jessica looked ready to come. Jennifer didn’t want to see any more. She was too furious to do anything but push the door closed again and storm away.

Jessica thought she had heard something, but when she opened her eyes all she saw was that the door was closed. She thought briefly about asking Reese if she had heard something too, but another hard flurry of licks to her clit quickly derailed that train of thought for Jessica.

All she could think about was her orgasm rushing forward at an uncontrollable speed. Reese was making her clit absolutely throb with desire and her fingers felt so good, pushing inside her pink folds and loosening up her tightness.

The only thing missing was a toy for Reese to shove up her ass, but Jessica knew that could wait for later. She was panting and sweating and Reese was doing just fine with only her tongue and fingers.

All Jessica had to do was bend her head down to see Reese staring back up at her, rubbing her face into her pussy and visibly loving what she was doing. That sight was what set Jessica off and with a howl she creamed Reese’s movie star face.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH” Jessica screamed in orgasm, not caring if anyone heard her or not. This felt too good to keep quiet. Her orgasm pounded her naked body and Jessica humped against Reese’s face with every tremor. Reese’s mouth was so hungry and Jessica wanted to feed her every drop she could spare.

Jessica babbled Reese’s name over and over again, her cries turning to moans and then happy coos as her orgasm cycled down. Reese remained on her knees, licking up every drop of girl cream and loving how it sizzled on her tongue and dripped down to her stomach. It felt so good that Reese didn’t stop licking until Jessica’s legs finally gave out and she slowly dropped herself down so they were both on their knees.

The two girls immediately fell into another deep kiss, their juice coated lips and their bare tits all rubbing together in a happy mess of naked girl flesh. Neither girl cared how much time was passing as they kissed each other again and again.

“Mmmmm now I’m ready for the party to start,” Reese sighed, resting her head against Jessica’s chest.

“Speaking of which, we’d better get out there again,” Jessica replied. “Sarah’s going to be here soon and I think Alyson is waiting for all the stuff I was supposed to bring her.”

“Should we even bother getting dressed?” Reese asked with a giggle.

“Welllllll…I guess they do encourage nudity around here,” Jessica said with an excited smile of her own. “And most of the party has seen us both naked already. I’ll show off if you do.”

Reese didn’t answer with words, but rather with another kiss to Jessica’s lips. They lingered in their liplock, but finally broke it off. After they did, they gathered up their forgotten clothes and tucked them under their arms, not intending to do much to cover up their bodies for the rest of the weekend. The two girls then walked out of the stock room hand in hand.

At the last second Jessica remembered to grab the box she had been supposed to bring to Alyson, but something else entirely slipped their minds and remained forgotten in the stock room…Reese’s wedding ring.

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile the last group of invited guests had left Malibu and was enroute to Jamaica. This was the key group because it wasn’t going to be much of a party if Sarah wasn’t there. Convincing Sarah to trust them and get on the plane had taken a little bit more time than her housemates had originally hoped, but in the end they had departed with the guest of honor on board.

At least they were going down in style, Love thought as she explored the plane. Private jets were nothing new to her. She’d flown in a lot of them, but she’d never owned one. Christina and Britney did, however, and after the jet had brought them down to Hedonism earlier, they had sent it back to get the rest of them.

Too bad my singing career never took off, Love thought to herself as she walked around. If it had then she could have afforded two or three of these like Britney and Christina could. This place was practically a home in the skies. It even had a private bedroom inside it.

Love looked around the bedroom and smiled when she wondered what naughty things Britney and Christina had done in here. Her nipples swelled under her sundress as she hoped that on the flight back they’d show her first hand. Love had been on the road when Britney and Christina had moved in so she hadn’t had much time to spend getting to know the two pop princesses. But every time she had been with them, she had been left smiling and creaming and that was just the state Love wanted to be all weekend.

She didn’t even know how many people were coming to this party, but she knew one thing for sure…she was going to want to fuck each and every one of them. If all worked out, everything would be ready by the time they landed in Jamaica.

Love couldn’t wait. Rose, Jennifer and Michelle were all on the plane and they all seemed so excited. Love could practically taste the aroused anticipation in the air.

With a little squeal, Love hopped onto the bed and bounced a bit, playing around with no one watching. She wasn’t wearing any underwear under her dress and that sent her tits jiggling and reminded Love of how bad she just wanted someone to peel her dress off and get to work on every inch of her body. But before Love could make herself any hornier, she heard a clearing throat demanding her attention.

“You lied to me yesterday, didn’t you?” Sarah said as she stood in the doorway of the bedroom. “You know, when I wanted you to get in the shower with me. You felt fine, didn’t you?”

“Kind of,” Love sheepishly admitted. “Are you mad Sarah? We didn’t do it to be mean.”

“Well I don’t think you did. Rose on the other hand…” Sarah replied, trailing off at the end of her thought before changing the subject and sitting down on the bed next to her housemate. “Tell you what Love, I’ll forgive you and stop being mad at you if you tell me what’s going on. I know you guys have something planned. I mean that’s why you’ve all been total bitches and haven’t let me come. So what’s going on Love? What’s Rose’s plan?”

“I can’t say. It’s a surprise,” Love said, a little afraid Sarah was going to start screaming at her or something. But Sarah remained calm.

“You can give me a little itty bitty hint, though, can’t you?” Sarah pressed, her body rubbing right up against Love’s. Their lips were almost kissing as they spoke. “Look at us, we’re on a plane and no one’s even telling me where we’re going. I hate it when people keep secrets from me. C’mon Love, you can tell me. I totally won’t tell Rose it was you who spilled. I know you want to tell me.”

“I…I…can’t,” Love insisted, fighting against her own nature here. Aside from the huge one she carried around with her every day, Love had never been very good at keeping secrets. It was just too tempting to not tell and it had been so hard to keep this from Sarah.

The first thing Love had wanted to do when she heard about the party was go tell Sarah just to see the look on her face. And she wanted to tell Sarah now more than ever. She didn’t want her friend to be mad at her. It was a hard impulse for Love to ignore and she felt herself weakening.

“Of course you can,” Sarah said, her hands reaching up to caress Love’s chest through her dress. “No one’s around to stop you. I know you want to tell me everything that’s going to happen. Mmmmm I can make it worth your while Love. I know you wanted to get in the shower with me yesterday. It must have been so hard on you to say no. How about I just pull up this little dress of yours and do everything I was going to do to you in that shower. Would you like that Love? My tongue in your pussy? Mmmmm and your ass too…fucking you and making you cream all over my face. You wouldn’t even have to do me back. All you’d have to do is tell me what Rose is planning. If you do that I’ll make you come so hard that you won’t be seeing straight for the rest of the day.”

Sarah’s hands began to play with Love’s bare tits under her dress, squeezing and pushing them together as the former slayer grinned wickedly. Her words and actions were so tempting and Love felt herself beginning to slip. She found herself ready to tell Sarah everything about the surprise that was waiting for her in Jamaica.

* * * * * * * *

“Damnnnnn…I look gooooooooooooood…” Rose laughed as she stared at her own picture in Allure magazine. It had just been lying around on the plane as reading material and Rose had been bored enough to flip it open and take a good gawk at herself. She had been one of several celebrities to pose naked for the magazine recently. All the good parts were covered, but they all had been quite obviously naked in the photos.

Rose had never had a problem with nudity, but she had actually been a little sick the day of the shoot. Still you could never tell that from the picture. Rose had to admit that it was one of the best pictures of her that had ever been taken. She was lying on bales of hay, her arm crossed over her tits and her legs positioned so you couldn’t see any pussy, but it was sexier that way than it wouldn’t have been if she had assumed a Hustler pose and just sat back and spread her legs a mile wide.

“Yeah, I’d totally fuck me,” Rose laughed as Jennifer sat across from her and tried to get a little extra sleep. Jennifer couldn’t help but laugh affectionately at Rose’s cockiness. She was right, though. Those pictures were amazing. Jennifer had seen them one day while at a supermarket and all she’d wanted to do afterwards was to break every speed limit to get home and just bury her face in Rose’s pussy. They were that good.

Jennifer closed her eyes again, wanting to make sure she was completely well rested before the party began. She didn’t want to tire herself out too easily. For once she had no demons in her mind, trying to make her feel guilty. She had a free and clear conscience and she wanted to live out every fantasy today. Jennifer knew that she wasn’t going to be able to do that if she needed to take a nap in the middle of the fun.

But before Jennifer could doze off, Rose interrupted with a very good question.

“Hey! Where’s Sarah?” Rose asked, putting down the magazine and looking around the plane.

“I don’t know,” Jennifer replied, gazing her eyes around. “I guess she went off exploring or something. I mean it’s not like she jumped off or anything. Relax, she’s here somewhere.”

“Yeah, but where’s Love?” Rose demanded, her radar going off like crazy. She knew what was going on here!

“Uh oh…” Jennifer said, immediately grasping what Rose was getting at.

“That little slut’s gonna tell her everything,” Rose declared, shooting up from her seat. “Shit, I gotta find them before it’s too late.”

“Ooooooh I will go find them,” Michelle said, inserting herself into the conversation.

“Yeah right…one lick and you’ll be selling out all of us,” Rose snorted, dismissing the maid’s offer. “You just keep sitting frenchy…I’ll go find them.”

Fortunately there weren’t many places to hide on the plane and, after Rose peeked into the bathroom, she knew there was only one other place they could be. She walked toward the plane’s bedroom and found the door closed. But that was only a temporary obstacle as Rose pushed the door open and found Sarah and Love lying next to each other on the bed.

Love’s dress was bunched up around her waist and her pussy was exposed as Sarah’s fingers rubbed up and down her slit, attempting to coax information from her.

“C’mon Love…tell me…” Sarah pressed. “All you have to do is open up that pretty mouth and tell me where we’re going and what Rose is planning. I know you want to. If you do, you’re going to be able to come all over my fingers. And then I’ll lick you. I’ll lick you everywhere you want Love…again and again.”

Rose grinned at Sarah’s cunning. If she was in her place, she would have gone right for Love too. That girl couldn’t keep a secret if you stapled her lips shut. Neither of them had noticed she was standing in the doorway and Rose enjoyed the view of Love naked from the waist down and her eyes closed in pleasure as Sarah teased her labia. Of course Rose could also see that Love was right on the verge of spilling every detail, so she stepped in before it was too late.

“Oh no!” Rose said firmly as she walked inside the bedroom. “Hands off the pussy Sarah! Bad girl!”

“Awwwwwww fuck,” Sarah snapped in frustration as she yanked her hand away from Love. “You know, I don’t like any of you right now and I hate you the most Rose!”

“No you don’t,” Rose smiled, reaching down to rub Sarah’s pouting chin. “You love me Sarah. Don’t pretend you don’t. Mmmmm and you’re going to love me even more once we land.”

“C’monnnnnnnnnnnnn…give me a hint,” Sarah whined. “I know something’s going to happen. Just give me some kind of clue about why you’re all making me suffer like this!”

“Well I would have…but you had to go off and be a sneaky little slut, didn’t you Sarah?” Rose teased, knowing full well she had never had any intention of giving Sarah a clue about what was waiting for her. “You tried to take advantage of poor little Love here, so no clue for you.”

“AGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Sarah groaned in loud frustration as she leapt off the bed and stormed for the doorway. “You all suck!”

“I’m sorry Rose,” Love offered meekly. “But I didn’t tell her anything. I swear!”

“I believe you,” Rose said. It was clear from Sarah’s demeanor that she still knew nothing. “Don’t worry about it Love.”

Love then smiled in relief and began pulling down her sundress.

“Wait…wait…wait…what are you doing?” Rose asked. “I didn’t tell you to cover up. Keep that dress hiked up sweetie.”

“Oh yeah? Why?” Love inquired, licking her lips in anticipation of what she hoped was about to come. Sarah’s touch had gotten her nice and wet.

“So I can give you a little reward for not spilling the beans,” Rose grinned, crawling onto the bed and positioning her face right between Love’s legs. “If you were feeling horny, you should have come to me. After all, Sarah’s not the only one here who know how to give your pussy a good licking.”

Rose immediately set about proving that, sliding her tongue right inside Love’s cunt and filling the plane with ecstatic cries that everyone could hear, especially Sarah.

As Rose did what she’d been wanting to do, Sarah gritted her teeth in her seat, the fire in her loins turning more and more into a raging blaze by the second. Wherever they were flying had better be worth it. That was all Sarah knew.

* * * * * * * *

Back at the resort, Jennifer Garner was trying very hard to keep from crying. She didn’t want anyone to see her like this. She didn’t want anyone to know that she felt like her heart was breaking.

She couldn’t believe Jessica had done this to her. They were supposed to be here together and she was off with the first piece of ass that winked at her. Jennifer was furious as she fought back the angry, hurt tears that were threatening to pour out of her eyes. She had come here looking for fun with her lover, but now all Jennifer wanted to do was get the next flight back to Los Angeles and forget she had ever met Jessica Alba.

When they had hooked up in that conference room at the studio, it had simply been the best sex of Jennifer’s life. And when they had gone to that club and indulged in their passions again, Jennifer felt like she and Jessica had made a real connection. The fact that Natalie Portman had been with them that night had certainly added extra spice, but what Jennifer had focused on most of all was being with Jessica.

Jennifer wasn’t naive. She knew that she and Jessica couldn’t exactly go out to movie premieres or the Emmys holding hands as girlfriends. But she had thought when they were alone or with safe company they would be together as lovers and that they wouldn’t hide their relationship from anyone else. Jennifer felt like what she and Jessica had was special, but apparently Jessica didn’t feel the same way.

She was starting to feel very sorry for herself and finally the tears started to spill out as Jennifer wandered farther and farther away from the stock room containing Jessica and her little whore. Jennifer wiped her tears away with hard rubs of her eyes. She wasn’t going to do this. She wasn’t going to cry. She wasn’t going to get sad. It was better to get angry.

And Jennifer did feel angry. She was mad at Jessica for going off with this girl and she was mad at her for not feeling the same way she did about them. Jennifer felt so stupid right now. She had just been another girl for Jessica to fuck…just another notch on the bedpost. Jennifer had thought it had been more, but it hadn’t. It just hadn’t.

Jennifer knew that there were going to be a lot of girls at this party and she hadn’t thought that she and Jessica were just going to be with each other. But Jennifer had thought that she and Jessica would be playing with these girls together, working as a team as they worked their way through a roomful of hot girls. That was what Jennifer had fantasized about and seeing Jessica off with this mystery girl had turned those fantasies to nightmares.

Her whole body was a sea of roaring emotions now. Jennifer was trying to control herself. She was keeping her tears at bay, but her anger was growing. Part of her wondered why she was acting this way. She and Jessica had never talked about any type of exclusivity or anything in their relationship. But Jennifer had just assumed there would be. Now she saw how wrong she was. She had just felt Jessica would only want to really be with her.

She remembered how she had felt when she had first seen Jessica with Natalie. Pangs of jealousy had tugged at her. She hadn’t wanted to share Jessica with anyone. But it looked like Jessica wanted to share herself with everyone and Jennifer didn’t think she could handle it.

Jennifer wandered back into the ballroom and was happy to see that it was unoccupied for the moment. This would give her a chance to compose herself. She needed to calm down and get a grip. A potentially unwise idea seized her and Jennifer made her way behind the bar. She pulled out a glass and began searching for a bottle…any bottle that would make the anger disappear.

She grabbed a bottle of vodka and poured herself a healthy amount in the glass. Jennifer downed it and after coughing and sticking out her tongue from the strength of the alcohol she began pouring herself another glass. It was then that Jennifer found out she wasn’t quite alone.

“Maybe you’d better slow down,” the undeniably female voice spoke up. “The party hasn’t even started yet.”

Jennifer looked up and nearly choked on her own tongue over who she saw sauntering toward her. Words couldn’t form as Jennifer tried to wrap her mind around the fact that Angelina Jolie was heading her way.

“Ummmm hey…” Jennifer finally said. She didn’t normally get tongue-tied and it had been a long time since she had been star struck by anyone. But this wasn’t just anyone…it was Angelina Jolie heading her way in a thin beige top and leather pants. “Are you…ummm…coming to the party?”

Jennifer tried not to look too embarrassed, but inside she felt like a complete dork. It was as if she was back in high school with geeky glasses and braces. But Angelina didn’t seem to mind her stammering. She just smiled and laughed gently.

“I’m not here for the Shriners convention honey,” Angelina replied. “I’m here for the same party you are. I got to know Sarah very, very well recently.”

“Ohhhhhh I really don’t know her all that well,” Jennifer admitted. “I’m here with someone else…at least I thought I was.”

“Is this someone you thought you were with the reason you’re hitting the bottle so early?” Angelina inquired. Jennifer didn’t answer. But the look on her face gave Angelina all the information she needed.

“Well just don’t get crawl too far into that bottle,” Angelina advised. “You don’t want to be passed out in the corner when everyone else is having a good time.”

“I don’t think I’m going to be having much of a good time,” Jennifer admitted. “I might just get out of here. I really don’t want to see a certain someone right now.”

“Wow…what did this girl do to you?” Angelina asked. “I assume it’s a girl, right? I thought this was a no boys allowed party.”

“It is and she is…” Jennifer explained. “I just really don’t want to talk about it. I just thought someone felt differently about me.”

“Maybe she does and just has a different way of showing it than you do,” Angelina speculated.

“I don’t want to be rude, but I really don’t want to talk about this,” Jennifer said. “I just think I’m going to get my things from my room and go back home.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Angelina said, holding out her arm to block Jennifer from walking out from behind the bar. “I don’t want anyone leaving this party, least of all you Jennifer. I’ve been admiring you for a long time.”

“You have?” Jennifer asked, the anger starting to fade away and be replaced with something else entirely. Angelina was absolutely stunning and Jennifer was beginning to think she might be running off a little too early from here. After all, wasn’t turnabout fair play?

Knowing that Angelina was a fan was a good enough feeling, but the look in the raven-haired goddess’ eyes showed there was extra meaning behind her words and that was one serious turn on.

“Oh yeah, I always wanted a chance to be alone with you and it looks like we’re plenty alone right now,” Angelina said as she began walking around the counter until she was behind the bar with Jennifer.

The “Alias” star didn’t quite now how to react. This was so sudden and Angelina was so sexual that it was a lot of new emotion piled upon the ones she was already struggling with. But, there was still no way Jennifer was going to offer any resistance if Angelina made an advance.

“So this girlfriend of yours, did you catch her with someone else?” Angelina inquired as she and Jennifer stood face to face.

“How…how did you know?” Jennifer gasped.

“I can see it in your eyes,” Angelina explained. “You have the look of someone who just walked in and found their lover with their pants down giving it to someone else. Believe me, I know that look. I’ve had it myself a few too many times. What you need to do right now is not think about it. You need to find a distraction and fast.”

That was just what Jennifer wanted and as her arousal started to grow she became more and more willing to play along with Angelina’s game.

“Oh yeah? And what kind of distraction is there for this?” Jennifer asked, purposely leaving herself wide open for what she hoped was about to come.

In response, Angelina shot Jennifer a wicked grin and moved in for a kiss. Angelina pressed herself right to Jennifer’s lips, where she met no resistance. It was a closed mouth kiss at first, a slow start for the two girls who had never been together before now, but it quickly deepened.

Pushing her anger at Jessica aside, Jennifer opened her mouth and let Angelina suck on her tongue. Mmmm this girl knew just how to kiss and Jennifer felt her knees start to get weak as she surrendered to the touch of Angelina’s amazing lips. Angelina pushed the kiss deeper and deeper. She took Jennifer’s tongue in her mouth and pressed her hands to her face, trapping the very willing girl against her.

Jennifer’s body was starting to light up like a carnival ride that someone had turned the switch on. The kiss spread arousal throughout her and Jennifer suddenly felt very underdressed. She was standing there just in a bikini and sandals. Her suit was white with a pink trim running all around the sides of her top and bottoms. Though the bikini didn’t show much more flesh than she usually did, Jennifer felt positively naked next to Angelina.

Every so often the two girls would break for oxygen, but for the most part it was a non-stop kiss. Jennifer took Angelina’s tongue in her mouth and tried to keep up with the sex goddess, kissing her back and trying to show her how bad she wanted her.

Angelina Jolie had always been such a hot fantasy of Jennifer’s. She was just so stunning with those perfect lips, large breasts, fiery and soulful eyes and an attitude that oozed carnality. But Jennifer never would have had the guts to go up and make a move on her. Her attempt to seduce Jessica had been a disaster. But now it sure seemed that Angelina was just as willing to play with her as Jessica had been that day.

Jennifer’s nipples hardened under her top until they were visibly poking through against the soft material of her bikini. When Jennifer peered down and saw that she was having the same affect on Angelina she nearly giggled with giddiness right into her new friend’s mouth. Instead she moved her hands up to cup Angelina’s breasts through her thin, silk top, delighting in how hard her nipples were against it..

“Mmmmmmm that’s it, now you’re getting it,” Angelina moaned, breaking off their saliva filled kiss. “You need to see that this is going to be a party Jennifer. I think your girlfriend already knows that. Now it’s time for to you learn it too. You’re supposed to be here having fun. She is…so should you.”

“I don’t want to talk about her,” Jennifer declared, her lust for Angelina overcoming any desire she might have had to leave. “I just want you Angelina. Fuck me! Fuck me right now!”

“That’s what I want to hear,” Angelina grinned, her hands still caressing Jennifer’s soft, gorgeous face before leaning in for another long, passionate kiss. Angelina was in complete control and Jennifer just let her push her onward. She was angry and horny and she needed relief now. Angelina was going to give it to her and there was no way Jennifer wasn’t going to accept this sexy gift that was making her pussy so wet under her bottoms.

The two girls kissed again and again. As far as they knew they were still alone behind the bar, but they wouldn’t have stopped even if the whole party was watching them. Jennifer needed this and her need grew more demanding with each passing second Angelina’s magnificent lips were on hers. She was starting to soak her bottoms and when Angelina moved a hand off of her face and began tracing it down her body, Jennifer tensed up, hoping she was going just where she wanted her to be.

“Yesssssssss…” Jennifer groaned into the kiss as Angelina’s hand pressed against her bottoms. She didn’t slid under her bikini, but rather palmed her wetness through it. Rubbing her mound sexily through the material and getting her even wetter.

“So wet,” Angelina grinned. “Mmmm I’ll bet your cum is so fucking sweet. I need to taste you Jennifer. I need to feel your pussy all over my tongue. You want it too, don’t you?”

“God yes…please…” Jennifer begged, her voice low and thick with horny need. “Fuck me Angelina! Get my bottoms off and eat my pussy! Ohhhhh you kiss so nice. I want to feel that tongue inside me. I want you to eat me out and make me come!”

“Get on the counter…” Angelina playfully ordered. “This is the only kind of drink I’m going to be swallowing today.”

Jennifer felt a wicked rush and immediately did as she was told. This felt so slutty and she loved it. She had never gotten it on in such a public place before. It made the conference room she and Jessica hooked up in seem like fortress with a moat around it. But it was new and hot for her and Jennifer was completely willing to do to it. She’d show Jessica she wasn’t the only one who could get a random girl to go down on her.

The leggy actress pulled herself up on the bar counter and the thick oak easily supported Jennifer’s slim, toned frame. Once she was securely up there, Jennifer spread her legs wide, knowing that her wetness had to be making her white bottoms look almost see through by now. But she didn’t care. All she cared about was getting Angelina’s tongue inside her.

“Fuck me!” Jennifer demanded, rubbing her own bottoms wantonly. “I need you Angelina! Show me how fucking good you are!”

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Angelina assured her new soon to be lover. “I know I’ve got a reputation and it’s not even half as good as I really am. You’re going to come so hard. Your hot little cunt belongs to me now and I am going to drink down every sweet drop of your cum.”

That promise alone caused Jennifer to moan wildly and toss her head back, making her long, brown hair to fly a little around her face. She quickly brushed it aside so she could have a clear view of Angelina positioning herself between her legs and reaching for her bikini bottoms.

While shooting Jennifer a wicked smile hot enough to melt through clothing, Angelina hooked her fingers into Jennifer’s bottoms and pulled them down her long legs. Angelina didn’t even bother with Jennifer’s top. All she wanted was exposed right before her horny eyes and she went right for it.

As soon as Jennifer’s bottoms were off her legs, Angelina buried her face in her pussy and started licking away at her pink folds.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmyyyyyyyyyyyyygaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwd!!!” Jennifer cried out as her body was suddenly seized by pure pleasure. Angelina’s tongue was absolutely incredible. Jessica was great at eating pussy, but with just a few swipes from Angelina’s tongue showed Jennifer that she was on some elite level that few mortals were able to reach. She had such skill that Jennifer felt like it would only take a few seconds for her to get off.

Jennifer fought hard against that with every fiber of her being. Angelina’s tongue felt so amazing inside her pussy that she didn’t want the pleasure to end prematurely. She wanted it to never end. Orgasm would almost be like a punishment because it meant that Angelina would pull that tongue away from her. Jennifer couldn’t have that. She never wanted Angelina to stop eating her.

“Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Jennifer cried out over and over again. “It’s so good! Soooooooo fucking goooooooooood!!! More Angelina! More tongue! Oh God Angelina keep licking meeeeee!!! Never stop!!!”

Jennifer was hardly the first girl that she had ever heard begging for more of her tongue and if the gods of lust kept shining on her, then hopefully she would be far from the last. Angelina knew she had a great tongue. She had put in a lot of practice to get her skills in the refined shape they were in now and she loved getting girls off. Jennifer was just the first. Angelina was planning on getting her tongue a lot of work today.

But that was in the future. Right now Angelina attended to her horny lover. Jennifer’s pussy looked so beautiful…all pink and spread open for her tongue. She bathed each and every one of her soft folds with her tongue, savoring every taste of the juice that she was collecting with each lick. But Angelina knew the sweet flavor she was tasting now was nothing compared to the main course that was awaiting her. She wanted Jennifer’s cum and she wasn’t leaving this spot until she got it.

“Ahhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss oooooooooooooh eat me Angelina!” Jennifer urged with aroused cries, her voice staggering and easily broken with the pleasure coursing through her bottomless body. “Ohhhhhhhh eat that fucking cunt Angelina! Gobble up my pussy!!! Oooooooooh soooooooo gooooooooooooooooooood!!! I’m gonna cum soon baby! I’m gonna feed you all my fucking cream just like you want!!”

That was absolutely what Angelina wanted. Every action she had taken since she had seen Jennifer behind the bar had been designed to get just that result. Whatever heartache Jennifer was going through was just a convenient way for Angelina to get her bikini off. Angelina was already wondering who Jennifer’s girlfriend was and getting a taste of her pussy too. She didn’t care who was right or wrong in this fight. She just wanted sex.

Angelina used two of her fingers to spread open Jennifer’s pussy and lick even faster and deeper. Angelina had always thought Jennifer was beautiful, but she had certainly never looked better to her than she did at that moment…bottomless and spread open on the bar, every inch of her pink pussy seemingly on display and exposed for Angelina’s cum starved tongue.

There wasn’t an inch of Jennifer’s cunt that Angelina didn’t want to work over. She sucked on the lips of her labia and tongue fucked her folds, swallowing every drop her tongue could reach. When she had indulged in enough tasting, Angelina went for the prize. By now Jennifer’s clit was so swollen a blind man could have found it. Angelina’s tongue hit it and made it throb and caused Jennifer to writhe on the counter.

“Ughhhhhhh more…more…please more…” Jennifer moaned.

“More” was basically the only word Jennifer could get past her lips anymore. It was all she wanted and all her brain could form. The ability to speak coherently was quickly leaving her, but she didn’t care. She just wanted to feel more of Angelina’s tongue inside her.

The whole time Angelina had been eating her out, Jennifer had unconsciously rubbing her own tits through her bikini top. The material was chafing against her swollen nipples and that just made the feeling more intense for Jennifer. When she took notice of what her hands had been up to, Jennifer began massaging her breasts harder, grabbing the firm mounds with her hands and making her chest tingle.

Finally Jennifer couldn’t take it anymore. She had to feel flesh against her hands. As Angelina’s tongue continued to bat her clitoris around, Jennifer reached around her back to untie her bikini top. She flung it to the floor and immediately got her hands back to her now bare breasts. Her hard nipples felt so good poking against her palms and rubbing her own tits raw just pushed Jennifer closer to orgasm.

For her part, Angelina was really enjoying herself. There were going to be a ton of hot girls at the party and Angelina had big plans, but Jennifer’s pussy was so tight and her flavor was so sweet that Angelina promised herself that she’d pay her new friend another visit with her tongue before the festivities were over.

There was so much of Jennifer’s hot flesh that Angelina wanted to explore and her eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to below her splayed pussy, where the actress’ puckered asshole lay sadly neglected.

Jennifer’s pussy ordinarily would have been too good a sticky treat for Angelina to draw her taste buds away from, but once she got the notion in her mind, Angelina couldn’t stop thinking about seeing how open Jennifer would be to some backdoor play. It was too appealing an idea for her to ignore.

The more she thought about it the more Angelina got wet over the idea of fucking Jennifer Garner’s tight, toned ass. It was so drool worthy every week on “Alias” and Angelina knew she couldn’t deny herself.

Sliding a finger in right away would have been too presumptuous. Angelina didn’t know how much Jennifer would like it, even though her instinct was telling her the girl wasn’t a virgin to anal play. A tongue would be much, much more effective to test the waters and, even though she loved every lick of Jennifer’s delicious pussy, Angelina had to test the waters for herself.

When Angelina pulled her tongue out of her pussy, Jennifer reacted with a loud groan of disappointment. Her orgasm had been getting so close. Why was Angelina stopping? Her tongue was only gone from her cunt for a second, but to Jennifer’s desperately aroused mind, it felt like an hour.

But all that frustration disappeared the moment Angelina’s tongue slid right back into her body and began exploring her tender asshole.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!” Jennifer squealed at the top of her lungs, giving Angelina an instant approval of her actions. “YESSSSSSS OHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSS!!! FUCK ME ANGELINA!!! I LOVE IT IN MY ASS!!!”

Once again patting her instincts on the back for being right, Angelina happily got to work teasing and tasting Jennifer’s tight hole. She made sure plenty of saliva dripped inside her lover’s ass while her left hand spread Jennifer’s cheeks open, giving her both lube and space to begin tongue fucking her. Angelina used her tongue like a hard toy on Jennifer’s ass, fucking her puckered starfish while her right hand kept at her pussy.

The double stimulation nearly sent Jennifer flying off the bar top and onto the floor, but she wouldn’t have minded. The pleasure of having Angelina Jolie tongue fucking her holes would easily have been worth a few bruises. But fortunately, it wasn’t necessary to make that sacrifice because Jennifer steadied herself and just let the amazing pleasure fill her, getting her right to the verge of orgasm.

Angelina made sure Jennifer’s two hot spots got plenty of attention. She explored Jennifer’s asshole with long, tender licks while her fingers rubbed Jennifer’s clit, making sure she knew just when the girl was about to come. As much as Angelina loved tonguing Jennifer’s ass, she wasn’t going to miss the taste of her orgasmic cream for anything.

Even since her first sexual exploration of herself, Angelina had loved the taste…the feel…the whole essence of cum. It was sex at its most primal and basic and there was nothing on this Earth that could rival the taste of a woman. Angelina had known she had liked girls since she had first wrapped her brain around the concept of sex and the years had only made that desire for female flesh stronger. There was no way her tongue was going to miss out on Jennifer’s orgasm.

Jennifer felt her body getting so close she could barely stand it anymore. She didn’t want this to end, Angelina was too good, but she also wanted the intense bliss she knew she was going to get when she finally came. Part of her wanted not to come and to prolong the pleasure while the other part wanted that orgasm right then and now. Unfortunately for the part that wanted to wait, it was fighting off a tidal wave with an umbrella.

“OHHHHHHHHH AHHHHH YESSSSSSSS SOOOOOOO CLOOOOOOSSSSSEEEEEE!!!” Jennifer managed to grunt out loudly to warn her lover through her gritted teeth.

Angelina immediately responded by pulling her tongue out of Jennifer’s ass and getting her lips back on her clitoris. She captured the swollen pleasure center right between her lips and sucked on it greedily, jamming her whole face right up against Jennifer’s spread open cunt. The hard, intense suck of her clit was all that was needed to push Jennifer right over the edge.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jennifer just screamed out loud in absolute ecstasy as Angelina’s mouth opened the floodgates in her body. Her nude body bounced on the bar top and Jennifer had to move her hands off her tits to grab onto the edge to keep from falling backwards. Her bare ass ground itself into the polished oak as Angelina kept her face latched onto her creaming pussy, licking up every drop.

There wasn’t a bit of girl cum that Angelina missed. Her tongue picked it all up and pushed it right down her throat to feed her rumbling stomach. It was the sweetest candy in the world to Angelina and in a way swallowing Jennifer’s essence down was even more pleasurable than her own orgasm would have been.

Jennifer’s raging orgasm forced her pussy to hump up against Angelina’s face, but the raven haired sex queen took it all in stride…sucking and licking everything Jennifer gave her until her orgasm finally ended.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Jennifer moaned in bliss, her head craned backwards and her long hair draped down toward the floor. She had no desire to ever move again. She just wanted to lie here in her afterglow and enjoy every second of it. But Angelina had other plans and she grasped Jennifer by the hands as she rose up from her knees, pulling her up into a kiss.

Jennifer eagerly returned the gesture, kissing her lover passionately and thanking her for everything she had just felt by sucking on her tongue and caressing her beautiful face, just as Angelina had earlier done to her. Jennifer was about to reach around Angelina’s back to get at the strings that held her top together when she heard the clapping.

“Wow! That was…that was just amazing!” Jessica marveled as she and Reese stood there in the ballroom, naked as the day they were born, giving Jennifer and Angelina a healthy hand of applause for the show they had just witnessed.

Jennifer reacted to Jessica’s presence by sliding herself off the bar, grabbing her discarded bikini and walking towards the exit as quickly as she could. Unaware of her friend’s feelings, Jessica approached her as she walked closer.

“That was so sexy Jen,” Jessica grinned. “You looked so beautiful when you came.”

“Yeah, like you really care,” Jennifer snapped before walking right past Jessica and toward the exit. Jessica was immediately confused by the reaction and began chasing after her friend.

“Hey Jen! Wait! What does that mean?” Jessica called out as she took off after Jennifer.

“What was that all about?” Reese asked Angelina. Neither had any idea that the other had been invited to the party, but as they eyed each other over they knew no introduction was necessary. They were both very obviously into girls.

“I don’t know, some kind of lover’s spat or something,” Angelina shrugged. “That’s why I never date women any more. I just fuck them. And speaking of which…Jennifer was just the first girl for me today. Any chance you’d like to be number two Reese?”

Reese was a little taken aback at first by the very direct invitation, but that quickly turned into a smile. She had just come from Jessica, but just looking at Angelina, her hard nipples straining against her top and her face coated in Jennifer’s essence had her exposed pussy tingling nicely.

“Well I do have to finish checking in first,” Reese said. “I kind of went straight here. But how about you and I go upstairs to my room together. I’m told it’s got a great ocean view…right by my bed.”

Unsurprisingly that was an invitation that was quickly accepted.

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile in the lobby, Alyson was checking in once more with the resort’s staff.

“Is everything to your satisfaction so far, Ms. Hannigan?” asked the girl, who served as the resort’s guest services manager.

“Oh yes everything’s perfect,” Alyson smiled, even as she thought to herself that everything wasn’t quite to her satisfaction yet because this girl wasn’t on her knees eating her out.

However, Alyson kept that thought private since she wasn’t sure how this girl would react to such a blatant advance. And even if she had been more than willing to fall to her knees and start munching, Alyson had too many things to do still to even think about getting herself off yet.

“Well if there’s anything you need, just call for me personally and I’ll make sure that you get it,” the girl, whose nametag read “Cara”, promised. “We want to make sure all our guests are completely satisfied, especially our VIPs. So if there’s anything…and I mean anything…that I can do for you, all you have to do is ask.”

Cara then shot Alyson a look that told the actress that the girl would have been very receptive indeed to a little playtime. Alyson smiled, but didn’t take the bait. Ordinarily she would have, but not with so much to do. It was hard to pass up the temptation, though, Cara was a beautiful, young girl. She looked like she was in her early to mid 20′s, but what stood out about her the most to Alyson was her red hair.

It wasn’t just red, it was more like blood red. It couldn’t be that shade naturally, Alyson thought to herself. But she loved it anyway and she found herself wondering if Cara’s drapes matched her curtains. Cara also had striking emerald green eyes and a toned, tight body that Alyson was already picturing what it looked like under her uniform.

Staring at this girl reminded Alyson of the sexy redhead she had left at home. It had been hard to leave her kitty at home, but with so many girls coming to the party, Alyson hadn’t wanted to share too much. Her kitty was hers.

Besides, she didn’t want to spoil her little pet. She had been very good lately, but something like this was a special reward. Fortunately, Laura had eagerly agreed to kittysit and had even said she was going to bring her friend Mila over to help make sure that the kitty was well taken care of and got petted…a lot.

“Are you ok Ms. Hannigan?” Cara asked, snapping Alyson out of her dreamy thoughts.

“Oh yes…I’m fine,” Alyson replied, blushing a little over being caught daydreaming. “I just zoned out for a second. But please, call me Alyson. When you call me Ms. Hannigan I get ‘Annie’ flashbacks.”

“No problem…Alyson,” Cara said with a smile, continuing to give Alyson a look that dripped with desire. Perhaps once the party got started, Alyson could have Cara drop in to check on them. Alyson was really starting to think the sexy redhead would like what she saw. She did look so hot and when she moved her arms, it lifted her shirt just slightly and Alyson caught sight of something red on her skin.

“Is that a tattoo?” Alyson inquired, curiosity tugging at her.

“You bet it is,” Cara proudly replied. “Want to see?”

“Sure,” Alyson said, expecting Cara to just tug up her shirt a bit. But the girl went far beyond that.

Cara not only tugged up her shirt, she pulled the top of her hotel uniform completely over her head. As Alyson tried not to gasp at the girl’s boldness she saw that the girl wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and that both her nipples were pierced. But that wasn’t even the most shocking part. Cara’s torso was completely covered in a tattoo of a phoenix. It was done in red and purple and it was absolutely huge. The phoenix’s wings wrapped around Cara’s large breasts and the feathers of the mythical bird’s tail reached down below her waist.

Smiling wickedly over the shocked look on Alyson’s face, Cara wasn’t even finished yet. She undid her pants and pushed them down, exposing both the fact that she was walking around without panties and that her tattoo extended down her body. Her red patch of hair over her pussy confirmed that Cara was a natural red head and her bush served as the capper for the tattoo. It was shaved into a flame shape for the phoenix to rise out of and when Cara turned around to show Alyson her ass, the actress saw that she had a small flame tattoo over her butt too.

“Whoa,” Alyson breathlessly admired. Cara’s skin was nice and tan, showing that she spent a lot of time making use of the resort’s nude beach.

“Glad you like,” Cara giggled as she continued to model her almost naked body in the lobby. Catching the glimpses of other admirers was inevitable and there was quickly a wolf’s whistle headed her way.

“Now that’s what I like to see!” Christina laughed as she and Britney strode up to Alyson and her new friend. “Aren’t you going to introduce us Aly?”

“Ummmm yeah,” Alyson replied, struggling to find her own tongue. “Christina, Britney, this is Cara. She works at the hotel.”

“Ooooh do you do bed checks, cutie?” Christina teasingly asked as Britney looked on lustfully and Fluffy offered no discernible reaction. Both pop singers were still completely naked and looking at all this bare girl flesh was making Alyson long to lose her own clothes as well. But before she could get any further with that thought, a group of new arrivals interrupted the proceedings with pure shock at the bold display of nudity before them.

“Oh my God!” Michelle Trachtenberg gasped, her hand flying to her mouth in shock. The rest of the group she was with was no less shocked, but eventually Emma Caulfield cracked a smile.

“This is a hell of a way to start a party,” Emma laughed as Alyson went over to greet her friends and former co-stars.

“You made it! God, it’s so good that you’re here,” Alyson squealed as she gave Michelle and Emma happy hugs that were quickly returned. They hadn’t come alone. Amber Benson and Amy Acker were there also, completing the little Whedonverse reunion that Alyson had designed for Sarah.

Alyson gave Amy and Amber welcome hugs too, taking a few extra seconds in hugging Amber and loving how her breasts felt against her under her t-shirt.

“Aly, what’s going on?” Amber inquired. None of them could believe that Alyson was acting so casually around these naked women and the huge black guy standing right next to them. It was if it was no big deal for her to be with gorgeous naked women.

Michelle looked like she was going to faint and Amy seemed like she was stifling giggles. However, Alyson detected a very hungry look in Emma’s eyes as the actress looked Cara, Britney and Christina over.

“Don’t worry about it,” Alyson replied, deflecting Amber’s question. “Just relax and check in. Sarah should be here soon.”

“Ummm I didn’t know you guys knew each other,” Michelle replied, still not believing she was staring right at the nude bodies of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. She tried not to gawk at them, but it was hard not to.

“Oh yeah, we’re good friends,” Britney giggled. “We’re all friends here.”

“Ohhhhh cool…” Michelle said softly, not knowing what to make of any of this. This was too weird. First Alyson brings them to some kind of sex resort and now this with Britney and Christina. Michelle was young, but she hadn’t just been plucked out of the cabbage patch. She knew something weird was going on here.

“Glad to see you got invited sweetie,” Christina said, running her fingers up Michelle’s arm. “Hope we see a lot of you later.”

Michelle didn’t know what to say in response, but fortunately she didn’t have to do anything because Britney tugged at her friends arm.

“C’mon Chrissy…I want to wash all this lotion off and then go meet up with Gwen and Shakira again,” Britney said, pulling Christina toward the elevator.

“Fine, but you’re washing my back when we get upstairs,” Christina replied before smacking Britney’s bare ass and making the pop star yelp in giddy delight.

Amber, Amy, Michelle and Emma kept staring at Alyson, as if they were waiting for some kind of explanation. None was forthcoming, though, and Alyson just smiled at her friends, shrugging her shoulders. As this silence continued, Cara pulled up her pants again and slid her shirt back over her chest.

“Remember Alyson…anything you need…just ask,” Cara said with a wink before walking away. Her path soon converged with Jennifer Garner’s as she walked through the lobby, trying to redress herself in her bikini as she walked. Jessica was right behind her, trying to catch up. The former Dark Angel was just as naked as Britney and Christina had been and, unlike Jennifer, made no attempt to cover herself.

“Jen…wait…what’s wrong?” Jessica asked. “Talk to me! What happened?”

Jennifer didn’t say anything. She just walked into one of the elevators and quickly pushed the button so the door closed in Jessica’s face. Jessica cursed in frustration and confusion and frantically pushed the button for the next elevator car, so she could catch up with her upset friend and try and figure out what was going on.

All of this drama didn’t escape the notice of the new arrivals and one question kept popping into their heads.

“Aly, what kind of party is this?” Amber asked.

“You’ll see,” Alyson giggled, not letting them in on any clues. She wanted their imaginations to run wild before they saw the truth. “Now go settle in.”

* * * * * * * *

Two girls that had already settled into their room were Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne. Of course for them settling in meant Michelle pulling in their suitcases while Avril lay on the bed chilling out.

“You know you could help out a little if you wanted,” Michelle pointed out as she began unpacking their stuff.

“Yeah I could, but I don’t want to, so I won’t,” Avril replied with a laugh. “C’mon Michelle. Why are you even bothering? We’re just going to be leaving on Sunday anyway. Don’t even bother unpacking. Just come here and lie down with me.”

That did sound like a very good idea to Michelle. They weren’t going to be here for long anyway and she could use a little rest and TLC after the flight from Los Angeles. The dark haired singer abandoned her unpacking efforts and flung herself down on the bed next to Avril. The two girls giggled and quickly fell into a series of soft kisses.

“I love this place,” Michelle sighed in between kisses. “It looks like it’s going to be so wild here.”

“Yeah too bad you didn’t go here on your honeymoon,” Avril teased.

“That’s it…now you’re going to get it,” Michelle playfully growled. She lifted up Avril’s t-shirt up enough to expose her flat stomach and she got right to tickling her. Michelle’s fingers tickled all over Avril’s belly and soon the singer was roaring with uncontrollable laughter.

Avril had been teasing Michelle mercilessly the past few weeks about her “marriage”, if it could even be called that. Michelle had finally swallowed her fear and done what she had wanted to do for so long. She had come out to the executives at her record label.

They knew things about her now that even her own parents didn’t know. She didn’t tell them everything. She had left out a few key details, like about Avril and the mansion, but the message had been clear…she liked girls.

In a sign of how truly advanced people had become as a culture, the executives at Maverick had reacted as though Michelle had told them she worshipped Satan and performed mass puppy sacrifices on weekends to please her dark lord. All they could see was falling record sales and the inability to book concerts down South.

Their panic had sent Michelle into a panic and a plan was quickly hatched. Michelle was going to suddenly marry her bass player, even though he was over 10 years older than her, and her lesbianism was going to remain a hidden secret. Fearing she was going to be dropped by the label, Michelle had agreed.

So now she was married in the classic tradition of fake Hollywood unions. Michelle wasn’t exactly tickled pink about it, but it did give her cover to do what she really wanted to do…and that was lie in bed with beautiful women like Avril.

“St…st…stooooooooooooop!!!” Avril gasped in between the laughter that was shaking her body. “I…I’ll be…be good!”

That got Michelle to stop with her tickling, but she wasn’t satisfied.

“Not enough…you have to kiss me before I forgive you,” Michelle declared.

“Goody,” Avril grinned, immediately accepting the offer. “Which set of lips do you want me to kiss?”

“Mmmm right up here for now,” Michelle grinned, pointing to her face. “We can take care of those other lips later.”

Slightly disappointed that she wasn’t going to get a snack out of this, Avril comforted herself with the taste of Michelle’s very kissable lips. She kissed her friend and slid her hands over Michelle’s black t-shirt to cup her breasts. Michelle moaned as she kissed her lover back and allowed the frisky girl to touch her firm, youthful tits through her shirt and bra.

“God, do you ever not wear black?” Avril laughed after inching up the shirt to expose a black bra underneath.

“It’s my favorite color,” Michelle defended herself.

“Well I prefer flesh color myself,” Avril said with a wink before kissing Michelle’s exposed tummy and making her moan and shiver slightly. “And speaking of flesh, let’s get naked! That’s what you’re supposed to do around here!”

Avril bounced right off the bed and began flinging off her clothes in such a flurry that Michelle blinked and suddenly her friend was completely naked. Michelle moaned happily at the sight of Avril’s naked body, her beautiful, firm breasts and that soft patch of brown fur over her pussy. Michelle loved it all.

Not quite as open about her body as Avril was, Michelle stayed on the bed and watched with growing interest as the Canadian teen bent down and reached into her suitcase, exposing her tight little asshole in the process. When Avril straightened herself up she had a piece of paper in her hand.

“Hey did I ever show you my list?” Avril asked, thrusting the piece of paper in Michelle’s face. “It’s a list of all the girls I want to fuck today.”

Ever since Michelle and Alyssa had broken into her hotel room, Avril had taken to lesbian sex with the kind of reckless enthusiasm she seemed to bring to everything else.

Michelle had to laugh when she saw that she had actually taken the time to compose this list. It was quite a collection of hot girls though. It looked like Avril wanted to fuck everyone that they knew had been invited. Not that Michelle could blame her. But there was name that stood out, if for no other reason than it was at the top of the list.

“Jessica Alba?” Michelle read aloud. “But you’ve already been with her.”

“Not like this,” Avril grinned evilly. “I owe that bitch some payback. She thought she got me last time, but now she’s the one that’s gonna to get it. No one makes me apologize…not for anything! And now she’s gonna pay!”

“What do you mean?” Michelle asked, her brow furrowing a little. Avril had never said anything about this before.

“I mean she’s gonna find out what it means to be fucked,” Avril laughed before reaching into her suitcase and pulling something out. Michelle gasped when she saw what her friend had. Avril held a strap on dildo up by its straps. But it wasn’t the fact that Avril had gotten herself a strap on that was the gasp inducing part. It was the fact that the dildo had to be a foot long and it was thick. It looked like something only a veteran porn star would be able to handle.

“No Avril…don’t,” Michelle immediately advised. “You’d hurt her!”

“Nahhhhh she can take it,” Avril replied, dismissing the warning. “Or at least she will when I’m through with her. Jessica’s gonna pay for making me her bitch. I never forget and I never apologize!”

* * * * * * * *

Jessica was completely unaware of Avril’s intentions, but even if she had been, she probably wouldn’t have cared. She had bigger problems than a teenage girl with hurt pride.

“Jen! Please! What did I do?” Jessica begged for an answer as Jennifer began throwing her things in her suitcase.

“The fact that you don’t even know just makes it worse,” Jennifer snapped as inside her whole body felt like it was churning. She had gone from anger at Jessica to ecstasy toward Angelina and now she didn’t know what she felt.

It was like everything was crashing into each other all at once and it was too many emotions to handle at once. Jennifer sunk to the bed, sitting down and burying her face in her hands, trying to keep herself from crying.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Jessica protested, getting close to tears herself. “Please Jen. What did I do? Whatever it is, I’m sorry. Just please don’t leave.”

Jessica sat next to Jennifer on the bed and tried to place her hand on top of her friend’s. But before she could, Jennifer pulled herself away.

“You didn’t sound very sorry when you were letting that girl eat you out,” Jennifer glowered.

“You saw us? You saw me and Reese?” Jessica asked. She couldn’t believe Jennifer had seen them and hadn’t tried to join in. And now she was mad about it. What was going on?

“Yes…I saw enough to see how much you were loving it,” Jennifer shot back. That had been Reese Witherspoon? Wow. Jennifer hadn’t even recognized her. She thought she was blonde. She did look good naked, though, no matter what her hair color was. Wait…she was supposed to be furious about this, not getting turned on. Jennifer didn’t even know what to feel anymore.

“Why are you mad?” Jessica asked. She still didn’t understand what was wrong with what she had done and Jennifer’s reaction was so confusing to her. “I…I thought that was why we came here. I thought this was what you wanted. I mean…when I saw you with Angelina. I didn’t get mad. I thought it was hot. You two looked so beautiful.”

“I only did that because I was so pissed at you!” Jennifer lied as she stood up from the bed and began pacing around, still dressed only in her bikini after successfully putting it back on in the elevator. She knew she was lying, but said it anyway. Even if she hadn’t been mad at Jessica, which she totally was, she probably still would have responded the way she had to Angelina’s irresistibly seductive advances.

“Jen…I don’t get it…” Jessica said, pleading for understanding. “What did I do wrong? You should have come and joined me and Reese. We would have let you. It would have been amazing.”

“You really don’t get it, do you Jessica?” Jennifer muttered. God, she didn’t know what she was saying from one moment to the next. Her body was a vortex of swirling emotions. Part of her wanted to storm out and the other part wanted to push Jessica onto her back on the bed and show her she could fuck her better than Reese Witherspoon ever could.

“I came here to be with you!” Jennifer finally declared, for no reason other than to try and get the sexual images out of her head for a second. She was trying to stay mad, not get wet. “I thought we were doing this together!”

“But…we are together,” Jessica claimed. “I care about you so much Jen. I wanted to show you off to everyone. I don’t know why you’re acting like this.”

“I thought it would be like you and me…and then everyone else,” Jennifer admitted, feeling better the more she got off her chest. “Like we’d be a team in there. I wanted you to be with me. Like we’d come in together and go out together…you know?”

“Oh Jen…I’m sorry,” Jessica replied from the heart, finally grasping what Jennifer was getting at. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’d never want to do that! I love being with you…but we’re not like a couple. Is that what you thought?”

“Yes,” Jennifer said in a whisper, tears starting to form again before she wiped them away and swallowed her sadness down. “I mean…no…I mean…I don’t know. God, I feel like such a stupid little girl. I just thought…”

“Please Jen…don’t go,” Jessica urged, standing up and hugging her friend. Jennifer didn’t react, but she didn’t push Jessica away either. “I want to be with you. But I don’t want to be anyone’s girlfriend right now. Not for a man or a woman. I just want to have fun. I want you to have fun with me. I don’t want to stop being with you for anything. We’re so good together, but it’s just like friends…special friends.”

“Yeah…” Jennifer sighed. “I just thought…”

Jennifer’s words trailed off as she didn’t even attempt to finish her own thought. She didn’t even know what she thought anymore. Maybe she was just being jealous and silly. Jessica had all those friends at that mansion. Jennifer hadn’t really thought they were up at nights playing cards games.

“Please stay,” Jessica begged, hugging Jennifer tightly. “I want us to have fun. You have no idea how wild it can get with these girls. It’s like every fantasy you ever had can come true. It’s so hot. Believe me. You’re going to love it. Please don’t go Jen. Please say you’re not mad at me.”

“I’ll stay,” Jennifer replied after a moment of silent thought. “But I’m still mad.”

But was she really? Jennifer didn’t even know. Jessica’s points did make sense. But she was just feeling too emotional to completely forgive and forget.

“No…don’t be mad,” Jessica said, gently caressing Jennifer’s face. “I want us to be close. Just not girlfriends. I want us to have fun together. We can be a team in there, if that’s what you want. I don’t want to hurt you Jennifer. You mean so much to me.”

“No, we don’t have to if you don’t want,” Jennifer responded, trying to swallow all of her emotions. “Maybe we just need a little time apart or something. I just…I just thought we had something different. But it’s cool. I can deal with it…no problem. You should just get down there. I’ll be down there in a little while.”

“Promise?” Jessica pressed. “I don’t want you to not be there. I meant what I said, Jen. You’re so important to me.”

“Yeah I promise,” Jennifer claimed. “It’s ok Jess…really. You should go. They’re probably waiting for you.”

“Ok…but please don’t be long,” Jessica said, still debating whether or not she should actually go. “I want you to be there with me.”

“I will,” Jennifer promised. Jessica gave her another hug and then walked out of the room, closing the door on Jennifer. The actress then fell back to the bed and buried her face in her pillow. This time the tears came and she didn’t do anything to stop them.

* * * * * * * *

The taxi pulled up to the resort and puttered to a stop. The door opened and Natalie Portman spilled out. God, that driver must have hit every bump in the road since leaving the airport. Natalie’s ass was sore from the bumps and she was feeling a little carsick.

“Thanks,” Natalie said, tipping the driver anyway. She would have felt bad about not tipping even though the driver really hadn’t deserved one. Damn conscience…you never could get rid of it, especially when it was most inconvenient to have.

Natalie just wanted to get up to her room and lie down, at least until her stomach stopped flip-flopping inside her. Of course, deep down Natalie knew that the stomach butterflies she was having weren’t just from the drive. Looking at the resort entrance right before her, Natalie asked herself for the hundredth time that hour what it was she was doing here.

This was crazy. This was no casual girl-girl encounter. This was no seduction. This wasn’t even what she and Britney had done in that changing room. This was way beyond anything she had ever done in her whole life. It was crazy. That was what it was…craziness. And it wasn’t who she was.

But every time Natalie had had that thought, she had reminded herself that no one had forced her to come on the plane to Jamaica. Just as no one had forced her to respond to Kirsten Dunst the way she had in the back of that limo…or Jennifer and Jessica in that club…or Britney in the changing room…or innocent little Hilary Duff at the mansion.

Just thinking back to those times got Natalie wet and it pushed her forward. She had been wrestling for so long with these desires inside her. She couldn’t even call them “new” anymore. It now seemed like she had been lusting after girls forever. What she had done with Britney and then done with all her friends in Malibu had cemented it.

Natalie had loved what she had done. It had turned her on and made her come so hard, so many times. It was useless to pretend that she was some innocent girl who had been seduced time and time again. She had been willing and eager to do everything that she had done in that mansion.

That had included licking Hilary’s underage pussy right after Avril Lavigne had fucked her raw. Hilary’s sex had been so tender, but the teen had loved the feel of her tongue and had rewarded her with a creamy orgasm that Natalie had wantonly swallowed and savored every drop of.

But even though Natalie wasn’t trying to pretend that she didn’t love this anymore, she still didn’t know if she was ready to announce to the world that she was into girls now. And wasn’t that what she had been doing here? It had seemed crowded when she had visited the mansion, but this was so beyond that. This was the big leagues and Natalie felt like she should still be playing in the minors.

Ohhhhhhh but just thinking of that word had her lusting after Hilary again and Natalie couldn’t help but smile.

It had been so good. Being at the mansion that night had been such a wild, uninhibited time for Natalie and she longed for it again. Why was she talking herself out of this? Why was she preventing herself from letting go and having some fun? She had to do this. She couldn’t chicken out. The party had sounded so good and she had come so far. There couldn’t be any turning back.

Natalie took a deep breath and tried to calm her butterflies down to just regular carsickness as she walked into a Hedonism for the first time in her life. But just as she began walking toward the entrance, another cab pulled up and Natalie froze at the sight of the occupant.

While trying not to let her jaw drop down to the ground, Natalie watched in amazement as the door opened and Beyonce Knowles got out. Natalie felt like she surely had to be seeing things. But she wasn’t wrong. Under the sunglasses and baseball cap that every celebrity seemed to use when trying to be incognito, Natalie knew it was Beyonce.

Beyonce exited the cab and paid the driver, pushing her sunglasses down past her eyes and darting them around nervously. Did anyone see her? Did anyone recognize her? She didn’t see anyone, but Beyonce knew to get inside and not press her luck.

This was so risky. She had used every lie she could possibly think of to escape for the weekend without Shawn following her. She couldn’t even remember which story she had used to finally convince him.

Beyonce had been so paranoid that she had almost turned around her journey several times because she had been convinced that Shawn had sent someone to follow her. There had never been any proof of that and Beyonce had been able to overcome her own fears and continue.

Any rational person wouldn’t have done this, Beyonce thought, but then again her brain wasn’t in control right now. Beyonce was following her heart to a degree…but for the most part she was under the control of her own sex drive. She needed this. She needed this maybe more than she had ever needed anything. What she and Jewel had done in that hotel room had opened Beyonce’s mind to what true sexual pleasure could really be. The phone call the other morning had just hammered that home.

Being with Jewel had been more pleasure than she had ever felt. And the idea of taking that pleasure and multiplying it by the dozens was not something Beyonce could deny herself, no matter how paranoid she was about Shawn. She needed this. Now if she could only get inside and into safe company without being recognized.

But that proved to be quite impossible when Beyonce took a few steps up towards the entrance and found herself staring right at a gawking woman. It was useless to pretend she hadn’t been recognized and Beyonce was too scared to even see who it was that had spotted her. It was only after an awkward moment of staring at each other that Beyonce realized who this girl was.

“Ummmmm hey…Natalie…” Beyonce offered nervously, her eyes darting around again. Had Shawn hired Natalie to spy on her? No…that was ridiculous. Wasn’t it?

“Yeahhh…hey Beyonce…” Natalie replied sheepishly, not sure what to say. Part of her wanted to just bolt in the opposite direction and hope that Beyonce wouldn’t run off to the tabloids with the tales of “Natalie Portman’s Secret Dyke Lifestyle.”

“Soooo…what brings you here?” Beyonce asked, the two woman frozen to their spots by the entrance.

“You know…stuff…” Natalie answered. “You?”

“Me too…” Beyonce quickly replied. “Stuff…yeah…stuff…”

There was another awkward silence and stare before Natalie spoke up again.

“Ummmm are you uhhhh…here for the same stuff, I am?” Natalie inquired, her mind unable to stop from picturing a vision of Beyonce Knowles naked and spread open for her tongue.

“Maybe…depends on what…stuff you’re talking about,” Beyonce coyly said, starting to relax just a little. She was having the same thoughts about Natalie, thinking about how cute she might look naked and what she could do with her lithe body. But she didn’t want to admit to anything, especially if it was a coincidence that Natalie was here or if this was some kind of trap.

“Welllllll…I’m here for stuff at a party,” Natalie began, her voice still a little skittish, but getting calmer. “A party for Sarah Michelle Gellar…and I…”

“Me too!” Beyonce interrupted, a little more eagerly than she had intended. “I mean…yeah, that’s the same stuff I’m here for.”

“Maybe we should just go inside then,” Natalie offered. Beyonce nodded her head and they walked toward the entrance. Neither of them really wanted to be recognized again, but that proved to be impossible as soon as they entered the lobby.

“Oh my God!” a girl voice squealed. “Natalie!”

Natalie whirled around and immediately found herself enveloped in an excited hug.

“I can’t believe it!” Kirsten gasped in happiness. “I didn’t know you were invited too! This is incredible!”

Beyonce just watched in amazement as the bikini-clad blonde hugged Natalie tightly. Natalie smiled at this very welcome surprise and hugged Kirsten back like the long-lost girlfriends they sort of were. They were both tempted to kiss right there in the lobby, but they held on enough to resist the urge.

“I didn’t know you were coming either,” Natalie laughed. She didn’t mind being recognized this time. She was so happy to see Kirsten again. She was still nervous enough that any friend she had in the room was a very good thing.

“Well Eliza got invited and I guess I’m her date,” Kirsten said with an excited giggle. This was going to be amazing. She couldn’t believe Natalie was here too and…oh my God…Beyonce Knowles was with her.

“Britney Spears invited me,” Natalie admitted, getting surprised looks from both Kirsten and Beyonce. Neither of them knew Britney was into girls, but they also knew Natalie wouldn’t be lying about this.

“Jewel invited me,” Beyonce said. Since everyone else was confessing, she might as well too. Besides, any paranoia she had was disappearing under the growing lust to see Kirsten Dunst out of the bikini that was clinging to her body.

“Whoa…” Kirsten said. “I didn’t know she was coming either. God, I feel like this is some endless guest list or something. This is just going to be incredible and I…”

But before Kirsten could continue, Beyonce’s paranoia appeared again with friends. She grabbed Kirsten and Natalie by the hands and yanked them down behind a couch in the lobby. She pulled both girls to the ground, hiding all three of them from sight.

“What…what is it?” Natalie asked.

“Shit! It’s the press!” Beyonce gasped in horror. This was her nightmare come true. She could see the headlines now. “Tonight on Entertainment Tonight, what’s Beyonce up to behind Jay-Z’s back?”

“Where? Where?” Kirsten asked, her voice getting panicky too. She wasn’t ashamed of anything she did with Eliza, but that didn’t mean the whole world needed to know about it.

“Right there,” Beyonce said, pointing at the check in desk. All three girls watched in silence as Maria Menounos from Entertainment Tonight walked up to the desk and talked to the desk clerk. The clerk pointed Maria in the direction of the ballroom and she smiled and walked toward it.

“Oh my God…she’s headed right there,” Kirsten gasped. “She’s going to see everything! We’re toast!”

But it was then that something occurred to Natalie.

“Hey wait…where’s her camera?” Natalie wondered, everyone’s voice a whisper as the three celebrities cowered behind the couch.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Beyonce asked.

“I mean if she’s here as a reporter, then how come she didn’t bring a camera or anything,” Natalie said. “I mean, she’s not going to just stare at everyone and then talk about it on television. She’d get fired! Maybe she’s not here as a reporter. If I was a reporter, then I’d make sure I always had my camera with me.”

“You think…maybe she’s here for the party?” Kirsten speculated. “Like she’s a guest too?”

“Maybe,” Natalie offered. “It’s just a theory. But maybe she’s not here to expose us. Maybe she’s here for the same reason we are.”

“God, that would be so hot,” Kirsten moaned. She’d sent many a lustful stare Maria’s way before when watching her on television, but she’d never thought she’d be into something like this. Now just thinking she might be here to join in the party had Kirsten’s nerves disappearing and her pussy tingling with desire under her bikini bottoms.

“But what if she’s not?” Beyonce countered. “What if she’s got a camera hidden in her bag or something?”

“Then we really are toast…all of us,” Natalie admitted. “But I kind of think she’s really here for the fun.”

“How can we prove that she is or she isn’t?” Beyonce asked.

“I guess if her clothes come off inside then she’s one of us…” Kirsten surmised. “I mean it would be hard for her to bust us if she’s playing too.”

“It’s so risky,” Beyonce said. “Should we go in and see? I mean I don’t want to get caught, but I can’t pass this party up. Can you guys?”

Natalie and Kirsten didn’t even have to think before answering. They went right with their instincts.

“No way!” Kirsten declared, standing up from behind the couch. “I’m not missing this for anything!”

“Me neither,” Natalie said as she also got up. This really was crazy, but Natalie knew that if she walked away now she would regret it for the rest of her life.

“Yeah,” Beyonce added, standing up to join her new friends, and pulling out a resolve she didn’t know she had inside herself. “Let’s just go in. Fuck the consequences.”

* * * * * * * *

Whatever concerns Beyonce, Kirsten and Natalie had about her presence there, they were nothing compared to the ones Maria felt about herself. She couldn’t even make it to the ballroom. She had to stop and run to the ladies room and splash some cold water on her face.

“Maria, girl what are you doing?” the reporter asked herself as she stared into the mirror. She knew just what she was doing though. She was going against every bit of training she had ever had and every journalistic instinct in her body.

She knew she just worked for “Entertainment Tonight”, but Maria considered herself to be a real reporter. Just because she was doing entertainment news now didn’t mean she couldn’t be working at CNN someday. Journalistic integrity was journalistic integrity, no matter where it was. But if that was true, then why was she doing what she was doing?

She had the biggest story of her life. Yes, it was just a celebrity story, but it was still the biggest story of her life. She knew that Hollywood’s most beautiful women were all lovers. If she had broken it, it would have been global news and it could have been the key to jumping from ET to doing real news.

But yet, she was doing nothing with it. She wasn’t reporting the truth. She was keeping it a secret. She was going against everything she had ever known about being a journalist. She had allowed herself to be bought off. She was ignoring the story in exchange for the chance to join in the pleasure.

But what pleasure it was. Every time Maria had doubted her decision to look the other way, she remembered how good Britney and Christina had made her feel that magical afternoon on the set of their video.

They had made her come harder than any boyfriend ever had and all she had wanted was more. She had returned to the van that day, smiling dreamily, her brain completely cum drunk from everything those two girls had done to her. Nothing had ever made her feel like that before and in return for it, she had sold her journalistic soul.

When Christina had called her days later and told her about the party, Maria’s first instinct had been to turn it into a story. She had been trained to betray this confidence and expose what was really going on.

But she couldn’t. She just couldn’t go to her bosses and fess up about the story. It would have been so easy to leave her own involvement out of it, but she couldn’t do it.

And it wasn’t even for any high-minded reason. She liked Britney and Christina, but they weren’t close friends or anything. Maria only did it because she didn’t want to lose her invitation. She just wanted to go and indulge in the lust she felt for Britney and Christina and all their friends.

Maria didn’t even know who was coming to this party, other than a select few, but she knew she was going to want to fuck them all and have them fuck her right back. She had been dripping wet with anticipation since Christina had invited her. No one from the show knew she was here or what she knew about what was going on and that was the way it was going to stay.

That left Maria wrestling with the guilt about her choice. She had chosen her sex life over her profession. Had it been the right choice? Had she been smart to think with her pussy and not her brain? Maria found herself pondering these same questions again and again and, as she walked out of the ladies room and toward the ballroom they were getting louder and more demanding in her head.

As she reached the doors she asked herself again…had she done the right thing? The answer to that was plain as soon as she looked inside and saw Britney and Christina standing naked and talking to Alyson Hannigan, Michelle Trachtenberg, Eliza Dushku and a bunch of other Buffy actresses as Alyssa Milano walked over from the other side of the room holding Jessica Biel’s hand. It was simply the most beautiful collection of women Maria had ever seen in her life.

Yes…she absolutely had done the right thing.

* * * * * * * *

“Aren’t you going to give me any hints about what this party’s all about?” Lindsay Lohan asked as the cab continued on its way to the resort.

“No, it’s a secret,” Hilary Duff playfully insisted.

“C’mon Hilary, you’ve got to give me some kind of clue,” Lindsay pressed. “I mean you call me up out of the blue like you did last night and invited me, which was totally cool, but you’ve got to tell me where we’re going! We’re in Jamaica for God’s sake! What kind of party is this?”

“You’ll see,” Hilary giggled, before quoting her newest song. “My lips are sealed.”

Lindsay rolled her eyes a little over Hilary’s coyness. Her need to know what the hell was going on was growing with every second. Lindsay didn’t like all this mystery. She didn’t hate surprises, but she liked having at least a little idea of what she was getting involved with before she did it. She had no clue here. Hilary’s invitation had been so vague and this morning when the blonde had called up to tell her that they were flying out of L.A. and to bring a swimsuit, the mystery had deepened.

At least she was in Jamaica. Lindsay could think of far worse places to be involved in a mystery. This place had it all. Warm sun, the beach and, most importantly, a drinking age of 18. That was all Lindsay needed to have a good time. She loved parties and had been to all kinds of them. So the idea of a weekend long bash wasn’t odd, especially with the prospect of an open bar.

Lindsay was actually surprised that Hilary was doing this. Putting aside all the tabloid silliness, Lindsay had never thought her rival was a mean person or anything. She just seemed too sheltered and on too short a leash from her mommy. But here she was flying to Jamaica and going off to this hotel. It didn’t seem like something Hilary would do and that just made Lindsay more curious about what was going on here, especially since she knew the place they were going and they didn’t exactly cater to the PG crowd.

“Hey Hilary…one thing,” Lindsay began. “I did a Google search this morning on the place you told me we were staying for the weekend and well…I don’t know if you know this…but Hedonism’s like this big sex resort. It’s got nude beaches and stuff like that. Are you sure this is the kind of party for you?”

“Oh I know that already,” Hilary, said dismissing Lindsay’s point with a wave of her hand, but not losing her sunny smile. “This is totally going to be awesome Lindsay. Isn’t it a wild place? I can’t wait to get there.”

“It just doesn’t seem like the kind of place you would go…you know,” Lindsay pointed out, trying to be polite. She had never been to a place like this either, but she was certainly more acquainted with wild parties than Hilary was.

Lindsay didn’t think she’d be doing anything crazy like going down to the nude beach or anything, but she was ready for some fun. Hilary seemed more the “pin the tail on the donkey” type of party girl.

“That was the old Hilary,” the teen superstar grinned as the cab pulled up to the front of the resort. “She’s gone forever and the new Hilary loves to have fun…lots and lots of fun.”

Hilary leaned in so close to Lindsay when she said that that the redhead thought she was going to kiss her or something. When Hilary pulled away and hopped out of the cab, Lindsay was left scratching her head. She had no idea what was going on here, but she was dying to find out.

* * * * * * * *

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm this feels soooooooooo good,” Elisha Cuthbert moaned. “God, Camie I had no idea it could be this good. Mmmmm go a little bit lower…please…ohhhhhh yesssss…”

Cameron Diaz grinned as her friend moaned from the backrub she was giving her. The long flight from Vancouver and cab ride over had left them both a little sore, but Elisha had seemed to be in serious need of some massaging. So they were both in her room at the hotel and Elisha was lying flat on her back as the older actress worked the kinks out of her back.

“I picked up a few tricks here and there,” Cameron slyly replied. “Besides if friends can’t give each other backrubs, then what good are they?”

“Well you’re going to…oooooh that’s soooooo goooooood…going to be a friend for life,” Elisha groaned. “I wish Trace was this good. God, if Justin gives backrubs this good, then I’m gonna dump my man and go after yours.”

“Believe me, this isn’t Justin’s specialty either,” Cameron stated. “In fact he could use a few lessons about touching a woman.”

“Oooooh catty, I won’t go there…” Elisha giggled against the pillow. “But if he does get those lessons, maybe he can pass those tips along to Trace.”

That’s not all he’s passing along to Trace, Cameron thought to herself while continuing Elisha’s backrub. She didn’t say anything to her friend though. She didn’t want to interfere in their relationship…at least any more than she already had by inviting her here. It was funny to think that she was holding onto this secret while she was attempting to seduce Elisha, but Cameron felt she should find out the truth about Justin and Trace on her own, like she had.

“God…I’m so glad I could come along,” Elisha happily sighed as she felt her muscles relax and the tension disappear. “Jamaica kicks Vancouver’s ass anytime. You sure it’s cool with your friends if I tag along to the party?”

“They practically told me that they’d disinvite me if you didn’t,” Cameron replied. The news that Elisha wanted to come was greeted with giddiness from everyone Cameron had talked to and it was easy to see why. Elisha was absolutely gorgeous and the prospect of getting her into a pile of pussy hungry girls was too hot to pass up.

“Well as long as they don’t expect me to go down to those beaches, then this is gonna be a great weekend,” Elisha said.

“What’s the matter Heesh? Afraid to show those goodies off on the beach?” Cameron teased.

“Yeah right…the day I go to a nude beach will be the day hell freezes over,” Elisha laughed. “The last thing I need is a punch of paparazzi getting pictures of me with my tits hanging free. I mean who gets themselves caught in a dumb situation like that?”

Cameron stopped rubbing her back and Elisha suddenly realized she had taken her foot and shoved it right into her mouth.

“Oh God, Camie…I’m sorry…shit I wasn’t thinking,” Elisha sputtered. “I didn’t mean it.”

“Nahhh it’s cool,” Cameron shrugged. “I know you didn’t mean anything.”

Cameron wasn’t mad at Elisha in the slightest. She was more mad at herself once again for allowing this shit to happen. The scandal surrounding her topless modeling video was her fault. She hadn’t done enough to block it and had assumed that stopping the still photographs was enough. She had forgotten about the video camera there. Now the video was already on the net and everyone with file sharing could see her tits.

“Really, I’m sorry Camie,” Elisha insisted. “Some times I can be such a dumbass.”

“No…it’s ok,” Cameron said before hopping off the bed. “Really. Don’t sweat it Elisha. Let’s just talk about something else.”

“Ok,” Elisha replied. “So what about this party? Do we just show up dressed like this or do we have to put a shirt on or something? How casual is casual?”

After arrival, Elisha and Cameron had gone straight to their rooms with the intention of changing into their bikinis and heading right to the resort’s non-nude beach. But they had gotten sidetracked with backrubs and girl talk. Now it was getting close to party time.

“I think this is cool,” Cameron speculated, taking another opportunity to admire Elisha’s body in the golden yellow bikini she wore. It wasn’t too flesh baring, but it did push up her beautiful firm breasts and had made it so hard for Cameron to resist the temptation of slipping her fingers inside the suit while giving the girl her backrub.

“Great, I don’t feel like changing again,” Elisha smiled. “I like it when casual means casual. Of course at this place, I’m beginning to think that means full frontal nudity. I still can’t believe they picked this place to have a bachelorette party. It’s so damn weird.”

“Oh well, as long as it’s fun, I didn’t care where the party is,” Cameron said. She was dressed in a navy blue bikini with string tied bottoms. There wasn’t much any suit could do to give her much cleavage, but Cameron had never minded her small breasts and she liked how she looked in this suit. Of course, she wasn’t planning on wearing it long and could only hope that Elisha would react to the party’s true nature by yanking off her own suit and joining in the fun.

She really had no idea how her friend was going to react, but Cameron was hopeful that even if Elisha was resistant, she could be convinced. Whatever the outcome would be, Cameron knew she was going to find out soon. It was just about party time.

“C’mon let’s head down,” Cameron said to Elisha. “The guest of honor should be here any minute now.”

* * * * * * * *

Back in Los Angles, Jenna felt like she was in hell and it was one of those hells of her own making that were such a bitch to get out of. Jenna sat naked on her bed, staring at the videotape she was supposed to send to Christina. Jenna had no illusions about what this tape would do to Mandy’s career. It would completely destroy it. Before she might have been able to look the other way over that, but now that she had gotten to really know Mandy she just couldn’t.

There had been a lot of sex with Mandy over these past weeks and it was always good. Sometimes it was Mandy begging for Jenna or her friends to dominate her and strip her away of all control.

But other times it was just the two of them…two women making love, who knew just how to touch the other to make her feel good. And in between all of that, Jenna felt like she had formed a real connection with Mandy. They had talked about their families and shared their hopes and dreams and plans for their futures.

Jenna just couldn’t stand by and watch her career go down in flames because of this videotape. She couldn’t be that cruel to Mandy. Christina was right. She probably would agree to their demands. But what if she didn’t? What if the tape got released somehow anyway? Jenna knew the guilt would have been unbearable.

The shower was running in her bathroom and Jenna could hear the sounds of Mandy’s sweet voice singing inside it. She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t hurt this girl. But Jenna also didn’t want to hurt Christina either. If only there was a way to make it all work somehow. There just had to be.

Then suddenly it came to her! She knew just what to do! It was crazy…absolutely fucking nuts. But it was a hell of a lot better than the options she currently faced.

Jenna ran naked into the bathroom and pulled Mandy from the shower.

“Hey! What’s going on?” the dripping wet singer asked.

“Mandy, do you trust me?” Jenna asked and Mandy immediately nodded her head. She did trust Jenna, absolutely and completely. After all they had done together she had to.

“Ok, we have to go…we have to go right now and get on a plane,” Jenna explained. “But first I’m going to tell you something and I just hope you’re not going to hate me when I’m finished.”

* * * * * * * *

As she changed in her hotel room, Amber Benson kept wondering the same question over and over again. What had Alyson been thinking? This place was so…well it was so sexual. You couldn’t get around that. It seemed like everyone there was ready to just tear their clothes off and go at each other. In fact nobody seemed to be bothering with clothes at all there. All in all, it was a very strange place to have a party.

It wasn’t the sexual thing that was throwing Amber. Well it was…but it wasn’t that she was offended or anything. She just wondered why Alyson had picked this place of all of them out there. She didn’t mind the sex. Amber knew that a lot of people out there considered her this mousy, quiet girl because she was best known as Tara from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but that wasn’t who she was.

She wasn’t some wild child or anything, but neither was she a dowdy virgin in baggy clothes. So that fact that this party was at a sex resort didn’t throw Amber. She’d never been to a place like this, but she’d done a few wild things in her day and she was no stranger to exploring sexuality. She just felt like there was something going on here that she didn’t know about.

Alyson just didn’t seem like the type of person who would have a party at a place like Hedonism. Amber knew her friend had a wild side too, but this place was above and beyond wild. They’d invited Michelle along for God’s sake and she was just a kid.

Amber knew she was 18 and technically was no kid, but she had known Michelle for years now since she was just breaking into womanhood and Amber guessed she would always kind of think of her like that and not as a teenager. A supple…fully legal…teenager with firm breasts and an ass that…

Amber suddenly grabbed a hold of her thoughts and put the brakes on before she drifted too far into where she didn’t want to go. Michelle had developed into a beautiful young woman, but Amber couldn’t bring herself to even think those thoughts about her. It wasn’t right. That had to be part of the reason she was so jumpy about all this. Being in this atmosphere wasn’t helping her keep her thoughts clean.

“Think unsexy thoughts…think unsexy thoughts,” Amber whispered out loud, giggling over her Simpsons reference.

Of course it would have been easier for her to be thinking unsexy thoughts if she hadn’t been standing stark naked by her bed in the room. After saying hi to Aly downstairs, Amber had gone up for a quick shower to wash the trip grime off and to change into her swimsuit. She had showered, but hadn’t managed quite to get dressed yet. Amber was about to open her suitcase and pull out her suit when she heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Amber asked, grabbing the room’s complimentary robe and slipping it over her nude body.

“It’s Emma,” Amber’s former co-star said from the other end of the door. A wide smile crossed Amber’s face and she opened the door to her friend. Emma Caulfield strode into the room and it took less than a nanosecond after the door closed behind her before she and Amber were locked in a passionate kiss.

The two girls frantically French kissed each other, caressing each other’s faces as if they were lovers who hadn’t seen each other in years. Their needy moans disappeared into each other’s mouth and when the kiss was finally broken, both girls were gasping for breath.

“Holy fuck…I’ve been wanting to do that ever since we got on the plane this morning,” Emma grinned as she attempted to catch her breath.

“So was I worth the wait?” Amber winked, her smile only growing.

“C’mere and let me show you,” Emma demanded and the two girls began kissing again. Their hands got busy this time as well and Emma let them slip inside Amber’s soft, white robe. She opened the fluffy robe and delighted at the naked girl flesh she found underneath.

“Tell me you’re wearing this to the party…please tell me that,” Emma excitedly gasped as she gawked at what the open robe revealed.

“You wish,” Amber grinned before letting the robe drop off her shoulders so she could resume getting dressed.

“I do wish…then everyone would see what I get to fuck every night,” Emma declared lustfully before slapping Amber’s bare ass when she leaned over to pull out her suit.

“God, they’d all freak if they knew what we’d been doing,” Amber couldn’t help but giggle. “Especially Sarah. If they knew their jaws would be on the floor.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Emma said, helping herself to a spot on the bed and laying down as she watched Amber change into her bikini. “I used to get a bit of a girl loving vibe off Alyson when you were doing those kissing scenes. Plus you know Eliza’s gotta be dyking it out. I mean have you ever seen her with a boyfriend?”

“I’ll grant you Eliza,” Amber said while pulling on her top and making sure she gave her ass enough of a shake to arouse her staring lover. “But no way with Aly. She’s completely straight. She was always holding back. If she was into girls, then I’d know it.”

“Well you might be surprised,” Emma said, continuing to lounge as Amber pulled on her bottoms. “After all you didn’t know I was into girls until we were nearly three fourths done with that bottle of wine. So hey, maybe this weekend you can get Aly alone and see if she was really holding back or your gaydar is just busted. Meanwhile I’ll be working on little Michelle.”

“Don’t you dare,” Amber warned. “She’s just a kid.”

“Oh shut up,” Emma laughed. “She’s no kid. You know it and I know it.”

“I’m not saying anything,” Amber grumbled.

“You might not, but I’ll bet your other set of lips is talking loud and clear,” Emma teased. “Mmmmm I’ll bet they’re getting nice and wet thinking about that tight teen body. Oooooh I wonder if we can get the whole cast together and bang that little slut and make her a real woman.”

“I’m not listening!!!” Amber said covering her ears and starting to sing. “Lalalalalalalah!”

“Ok..ok…I’ll stop,” Emma said, pulling herself off the bed, dressed in a white bikini. She knew if she got it wet, it was probably going to turn see through real fast, but she didn’t mind. She had never been shy about showing off and what fun was a bachelorette party if you didn’t get a little wild.

“Want to head down?” Amber asked. “And when I say down I mean downstairs and not down on your knees.”

“Spoilsport,” Emma giggled as she studied her lover in her rainbow-striped bikini. It didn’t show off nearly enough flesh for Emma’s taste, but it did heft up Amber’s already large breasts. Damn if only everyone could see how hot Amber was. Those costumes on Buffy had left everyone thinking she was some wallflower but Emma knew first hand what a sexy bitch she really was.

“Let’s go,” Amber said, taking Emma’s hand. “Sarah will be here soon. Behave when we’re down there and I promise once we get back up to the room I’ll fuck your brains out. Sound good?”

“Oh it sounds very good,” Emma replied, kissing Amber once more. “This is going to be one party I can’t wait to escape from.”

* * * * * * * *

“Hey Hilary, hold up a second? Ok?” Lindsay said breathlessly as she grabbed her companion’s arm. Hilary had been practically tugging her around the ballroom, introducing her to everyone. Lindsay was certainly impressed with who was on the guest list, but she had one question.

“Huh? What’s up?” Hilary asked. She had wanted everyone at the party to see that she was cool enough to be on the guest list and that she had brought her friend along for the ride. Seeing the impressed looks on Britney and Christina’s faces when she had showed Lindsay off to them nearly had made her come in her bikini.

“Well it’s just that…where are all the guys?” Lindsay asked. “I thought there were going to be some guys here.”

“Nope, no boys allowed…it’s girls only,” Hilary giggled with a wink that left Lindsay scratching her head. What kind of party was this?

Lindsay was boyfriend free at the moment and she had been hoping she might hook up this weekend. She hadn’t worn her favorite bikini, a sky blue number that showed off as much leg and breast as was legal on American beaches, just to hang out with a bunch of girls. She wanted to be somewhere where people were staring at her and wondering what it was going to take to get into her pants.

She didn’t consider herself a slut or anything. Lindsay had only had sex with three guys so how could she be? But she liked showing off her body. Adolescence had given way to curvy growth spurt and Lindsay secretly enjoyed all the speculation around her breasts and whether they were real or not. Lindsay liked knowing that people were staring at her and she took the speculation as barely concealed lust from people who were never going to have a shot with her.

Lindsay liked to get crazy and do some wild things, but she didn’t give herself up for just anyone. So she decided to let people talk and speculate as much as they wanted about her boobs and whom she was showing them to. She was just going to go out and have fun.

Despite her disappointment over the lack of boys, Lindsay did think that this party looked pretty cool. There were an awful lot of people there that Lindsay admired and that she wanted to hang out with. She had just seen Charlize Theron walk into the room with Katie Holmes and she’d already seen Shakira, Gwen Stefani, Alyssa Milano and even Beyonce Knowles. And of course she’d seen Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera…a whole lot of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Lindsay never minded showing off what God gave her, but she had been shocked to see Christina and Britney so bold as to be standing around in front of everyone stark naked. They must have really gotten into the spirit of the place or something, Lindsay thought to herself with a shrug.

It was certainly weird and she had seen a lot more of them than she had ever expected to, or really wanted to, see. But it wasn’t like they weren’t beautiful. Lindsay had decided not to say anything and just go with the flow. But it had been a little surprising to see Hilary not freak out at all. She had even seemed like she really liked what she saw. Which left Lindsay wondering again what kind of party was this supposed to be?

* * * * * * * *

That was exactly the question that was going through Michelle Trachtenberg’s head as she walked up to Alyson. She felt kind of weird walking around in her purple bikini. Even when she went to the beach she usually had shorts and a sweatshirt on when she was just walking around.

But everyone else there was either in a bikini or completely naked and since Michelle had no desire to go that route, then she was going to stay in her bikini. It felt strange to be wandering around everywhere in it, but when in Rome…

“Hey Aly,” Michelle said, tapping her former co-star on the shoulder.

“Hey Michelle,” Alyson smiled happily when she turned to face the teen. “What’s up? Having fun?”

“Yeah, so far,” Michelle said. “But ummm…I get the feeling something’s going on.”

“What do you mean?” Alyson asked, eyes darting around nervously. Had someone tipped Michelle off to the true aim of the party? Was she freaked? Intrigued? Aroused?

“Well it’s like everyone knows something around here…like there’s this big secret no one bothered to tell me,” Michelle said with a shrug. “I mean it’s nothing specific or anything. But I just feel a little out of place. You know?”

“Just relax sweetie, you’ll feel fine once the party starts,” Alyson advised Michelle, trying not to stare too hard as she imagined pulling off that bikini from her former co-star and revealing the teen goodies underneath.

God, she hoped Michelle wasn’t going to freak when the fun really got started. It was risky to invite her like this without revealing the truth, but Alyson felt it was the best way. She just hoped she wouldn’t bolt and would actually stay and join in the fun.

“When’s Sarah going to get here?” Michelle asked, eager to see her on-screen sister again.

“Should be any minute now,” Alyson said, her eyes straining toward the door and finally seeing the two girls she had been waiting for.

“Finally!” Alyson muttered. “Excuse me a minute Michelle.”

Alyson then ran for the door, where Shannon Elizabeth and Mena Suvari walked in holding a suitcase with them. She gave them both a happy, if slightly nervous hug.

“I was afraid you two weren’t going to make it,” Alyson declared.

“We almost didn’t,” Shannon admitted. “We would have been here a little earlier if we hadn’t gone to change first, but we wanted to be ready for when the fun started.”

Mena and Shannon were wearing matching bikinis. Mena’s was silver and Shannon’s was gold, but both had thong bottoms that had Alyson licking her lips as she pictured bending them over in front of everyone and giving them the deep ass fucking they so richly deserved. It was never easy to stay mad at her friends, especially when they were so sexy.

“What happened?” Alyson inquired.

“There was this crazy woman on the plane,” Mena said shaking her head in frustration and disbelief. “She was sitting back in coach and there were these Syrian guys or something and apparently she went nuts and started crying because she thought they were going to take over the plane or something.”

“It turned out they were just musicians,” Shannon interjected before Mena continued.

“Yeah and it was really all nothing,” Mena said. “They had to delay the flight and get air marshals to calm her down. It was so fucking stupid. I thought we never were going to get here. It took us forever to get in the air.”

“Well I’m just glad you’re here now,” Alyson said. “Did you bring the stuff?”

“Did we ever,” Shannon grinned as she placed the suitcase on the floor and opened it up to expose the contents.

Alyson giggled when she saw what they had. She kind of felt like she was in Pulp Fiction and every time they opened the briefcase there was that golden glow. There wasn’t anything too dramatic in it, but there was a lot of use they could all get out of a suitcase full of sex toys at this party.

“Perfect,” Alyson said before she heard the sound of her cell phone over the growing din in the room. It was getting pretty crowded in the ballroom as almost all of the guests were there, but Alyson knew her ring anywhere. She ran back toward where she’d left her phone on the bar and grabbed it.

“Hello?” Alyson said.

“Hey, it’s Jen,” the slightly static filled voice said on the other end. “We’re like two minutes from the hotel. Get ready.”

“We’re already set here,” Alyson smiled, her pussy tingling as all her plans prepared to become reality. “I’ll see you in a sec.”

Alyson then hung up her phone and turned to address the crowd. Everyone was milling around, having some drinks and chatting, but they quickly fell to silence when Alyson called out for their attention.

“Ok everyone…Sarah’s on her way,” Alyson announced to the sound of loud cheers from girls eager for the party to begin. “We don’t want to shock her right away, so everyone who’s naked, get dressed!”

The majority of the girls who had shed their suits already obediently and slipped some body coverage back on, but Christina groaned in protest.

“Why the fuck should I get dressed when I’m just gonna get naked again when the party starts?” Christina whined as the few girls who were not in on the party’s secret shared puzzled looks.

“Fine…stay naked,” Alyson agreed, not wanting a fight. Besides, it wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy staring at Christina’s naked body and Alyson knew Sarah felt the same way. “But everyone get ready! It’s almost time!”

* * * * * * * *

“Ok we’re here,” Sarah declared as the two taxis carrying everyone pulled up front. “Are you finally going to tell me what this is all about?”

“Just wait 30 more seconds,” Rose replied with a wink, getting another frustrated groan from Sarah.

“I’m so gonna get you for this Rose,” Sarah muttered as she grabbed her bags from the back and exited the cab along with Love and Rose. Behind them Jennifer and Michelle were getting their things from their taxi.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah…you’re all talk Sarah,” Rose teased causing Sarah to shoot a hard glare at her.

“Cheer up Sarah…at least you’ll find out what’s going on in a minute,” Jennifer chimed in, slinging her bag over her shoulder.

“Yeah the mystery’s gonna end,” Love assured her.

“Yeah right,” Sarah grumbled. “You’re probably going to lock me in my room and go off and have an orgy or something.”

Rose, Jennifer, Love and Michelle all shared a look with one another, but they quickly took on innocent faces when Sarah turned around and glared at them. Sarah knew something was up here and her growing hope was that it was going to be a lot of fun. She had never been to Hedonism, but she certainly knew about it and she knew full well what went on there. Now she was hoping that all her frustration for the past day had been leading up to something and that there was fun in the air.

“Should we head up to our rooms or should we let Aly know we’re here?” Love asked.

“Aly’s here? My Aly?” Sarah asked, surprised. Was her best friend the one who had been behind this torture?

“Yeah, she’s here…along with a few others,” Rose replied coyly. “Let’s go say hi. We can check into our rooms later.”

The girls then walked through the lobby and down toward the ballroom. Everyone but Sarah was trying to hide their excited smiled and giggles of anticipation over what they knew was in wait for them. Sarah took the lead walking down the hall and everyone just stood back behind her.

“Is she in here?” Sarah asked, pointing her thumb at the closed doors to the ballroom.

“Open it and find out,” Rose replied. Sarah shot her housemate another look, but did as she was told. She pushed open the doors and suddenly found herself facing the force of over 30 girls.

“SURPRISE!!!” everyone screamed out as Sarah yelped in glee.

“Oh my God!!!” Sarah squealed, all the anger of the past 24 hours disappearing as soon as she saw the party waiting inside for her. “You guys didn’t?”

“We did,” Alyson stepped forward to give Sarah a big, warm hug. The two friends hugged tightly and they were just about to press their lips together when Michelle Trachtenberg stepped forward, putting a quick end to the budding lesbian display.

“Hey Sarah!” Michelle said eagerly.

“Michelle? Oh my God, I haven’t seen you in so long,” Sarah replied, pulling away from Alyson to embrace the teen. Sarah wasn’t even mad about having her kiss stopped. She was just happy to see Michelle again. It had been way too long since the fictional sisters had seen each other.

“How you been big sister?” Michelle asked.

“Just fine…how about you little sister?” Sarah asked back, using the nicknames they had given each other on the Buffy set.

“No complaints, just happy you’re here,” Michelle replied. “Now the party can really get started!”

Sarah quickly shot Alyson a quizzical look, wondering just how much Michelle knew about things. Alyson shook her head and Sarah dropped that train of thought right away. Now she too was wondering what kind of party this was. Ordinarily Sarah would have assumed that at a place like this it was going to be like one of the mansion parties. But with someone like Michelle there, Sarah didn’t know.

Of course Sarah didn’t have long to think about that. She was too busy talking to everyone. One by one, her former co-stars from Buffy came up to say hi and Sarah found herself meeting girls like Hilary and Lindsay, who she hadn’t been introduced to before. There were so many girls there and, especially in her horny and frustrated state, Sarah wanted them all. She desperately hoped that this was going to turn into a fun party, but she was waiting for a sign…any sign before she made a move. She didn’t want to make an unwanted advance and end up being humiliated in front of everyone.

But now that Sarah was here, the party really got started. Everyone was milling around, laughing and having a good time as they chatted, helped themselves to what was behind the open bar and enjoyed various snackables of varying carb levels. Jennifer, Rose, Love and Michelle had taken the liberty of checking Sarah into her room and when they came back to the party in their bikinis things were picking up nicely.

The ballroom was very useful because it was right next to the deck that led to the main pool. For a hefty fee the girls had been able to rent it for the day and close it off from other guests, so it was like their own private pool. So everyone was able to swim, dive, giggle and act silly while the final preparations were being made. Britney and Christina quickly took over DJ duties and the party atmosphere spread. Even those who weren’t intimately knowledgeable about what happened on a daily basis in Malibu quickly relaxed.

The first hour or so was just to make sure everyone was here and having fun, but when Jewel came in and whispered in Alyson’s ear she smiled and winked at Rose. The brunette returned the wink with one of her own and grabbed a chair from the corner.

Sarah had been so busy talking to everybody and hanging out that she hadn’t had a chance to change into her own bikini. She didn’t mind though. She told herself she’d get a chance to go swimming soon. The party was actually distracting her from her still unfulfilled arousal, but Sarah could still feel it inside her. Maybe she and Aly could sneak away for a bit and have some fun. Now that would be a great way to start a party, Sarah said to herself with a barely stifled smile.

“What? What’d I say?” Michelle Trachtenberg asked when she saw the grin on Sarah’s face.

“Nothing…I was just daydreaming for a second,” Sarah said before she was suddenly interrupted.

“Take a seat Sarah,” Rose said, pushing Sarah down in the chair.

“Huh? What’s going on?” Sarah demanded, still not feeling very happy at all with Rose.

“It’s time for the real party to start,” Rose replied as Sarah sat down in the chair. They were pretty much in the middle of the room now and Sarah was the only one sitting down, but she didn’t think much of it until she tried to get up.

“Ohhhh no, you’re not going anywhere,” Alyson giggled wickedly as she came up from behind Sarah. Rose pressed down on Sarah’s shoulders to keep her from getting away and Alyson pulled out two silk scarves from her bag. She tied Sarah’s wrists to the chair arms, holding them down as the blonde resisted.

“Aly? What the hell are you doing?” Sarah asked. “Let me go.”

“Not yet,” Alyson replied. “You can’t go anywhere yet. It’s time for the fun to really start.”


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