How It All Began

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Titled:How it all Began

Kareena Kapoor New Mega Star of Bollywood

Karishma Kapoor 90′s Super Star

and Ashwariya Rai Miss World.

Kareena and Karishma had never felt more alive. Neither of them could

have imagined taking this turn in life, and that made their affair

even more thrilling.

Even so there was one unanswered question: Were there others like

them who, given the chance, could share their joy? During their

affair they hadn’t given much effort to looking for someone who could

help answer that riddle; they were much too busy with one another.

But the answer would
arrive shortly with one purchase…

Karishma was almost finished going through her mail, sitting on the

couch in her living room with the TV going in the background. It was

mostly standard stuff, unlike the stacks of fan mail typically

waiting for her at the studio. But when she got to the bottom of the

pile, she found a video catalog. She leafed through it, hoping to

find something worthwhile first under New Releases, then Romance,

then Comedies. And it was there that she saw it: something funny,

girly, and with enough stars to do a little scouting. Now talent had

a whole new meaning. She rushed through the order form and sent it

out, wondering what Kareena would think of this selection.

A couple days later…

“Here it is, finally,” Karishma said, walking into her apartment with

a cardboard package in her hand. Kareena looked back, waiting on the

couch inside.

“So what’d you get?” Kareena asked, watching her walk while trying to

claw open the box.

“You’ll see, just got to…there!” Karishma answered, ripping open the

panel and pulling out the box inside. She walked over and handed it

to Kareena. “How’s this?”

The first thing that struck Kareena were the colors: much too pastel

for her taste. She had to get past that to see the

title, “Mohabbatein,” and the three stars on the front of the box:

Kim Sharma, Aishwarya Rai, and Preeti Jhanghiani

“Looking for a change of pace?” Kareena was a little surprised by the

selection. She assumed Karishma had something less ostentatious and

more mature in mind.

“Yeah, guess I needed a little something silly. But you think any of

these have, um, potential?” Karishma didn’t quite know how to put it,

but Kareena got the idea.

“Well there’s only one way to find out,” Kareena replied, slipping

the tape in the VCR and pressing play, then getting back to joining

Karishma on the couch.

Both found the movie itself disappointing. Then there were the

talents. In their eyes Kim wasn’t exactly horrible to look at, but no

one else in the cast had anything to offer. No one, that was, except


Aishwarya was a combination unlike anything they had ever seen,

onscreen or off. Coy, yet flamboyant, yet shudderingly sinister, she

made for quite a captivating screen presence. And then of course

there were those unique and oh so dangerous curves.

Granted, this was only a character she played, but if it took two

actresses to know an actress, this was one these two took a very

close look at. Kareena sure did, her eyes were glued to the screen

every time Aishwarya appeared.

“So, whaddaya think?” Karishma needed to break Kareena out of her

trance sometime.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure if I’m attracted or jealous,” Kareena

answered, staring up after leaning on Karishma’s shoulder for most of

the flick.

“You’re curious. I’m starting to think she would be great to go

after, and I know…”

“Wait!” Kareena had to interrupt after Aishwarya hit the screen

again, not willing to miss a moment of seeing her. Karishma’s voice

started seeming so distant as her attention became transfixed on the

beauty she was watching.

“Kareena, Kareena are you even here?” Karishma tried waving her hand

in front of Kareena’s face, but she was too into it. Her mouth

watered, her breathing picked up and her thighs began rubbing

together, trying to provide some relief but doing exactly the


Karishma couldn’t believe her eyes. She’d seen Kareena get hot, but

never this sensuous.

“You really want her, don’t you?” she whispered softly. Kareena still

didn’t respond, mesmerized by the vision before her. Soon her

breathing became a quiet moaning as her palm slid down her stomach

and past her waist, almost to her panties.

Right then Karishma stopped her, breaking the spell Kareena was under

and finally causing her to open her eyes. The look on her face begged

Karishma, “Why?” in a mix of suspense and pent-up stimulation.

Karishma answered tenderly,

“Let me.”

She replaced Kareena’s hand with hers, continuing right where she

left off. This made Kareena revert back into her daze, caught between

staring at the images of Aishwarya and closing her eyes to focus on

the sensations coming over her. Karishma had been infected by her

craving and she couldn’t bear to watch Kareena go at this alone. She

glided her hand through Kareena’s skirt, tracing the last few inches

with her fingernails before passing through her panties.

“Mmmuugghh…” Kareena panted as she felt Karishma’s two fingers enter

her wetness, making her lose any control she had left over her body.

Her waist and hips swayed back and forth, gradually moving faster and

further as her lover’s hand slipped in and out of her. Between

Karishma’s action and Aishwarya’s images Kareena was drowned in a sea

of lust, and she couldn’t have cared less.

Seeing this new side of Kareena, Karishma hoped she could get in on

the action. She took her hand and placed it just above her navel,

hoping her elevated instincts would take over from there.

And did they ever. Once her hand made contact with Karishma’s flesh

Kareena slithered it down right to her waiting snatch while

Karishma’s fingers jabbed throughout her sex.

Karishma could feel Kareena’s building desire as two, then three

digits penetrated her folds, inducing a short gasp before falling

into a soft murmuring of excitement that was echoed right next to

her. With every sensation received between the two came a desire to

give even more back to the other, raising the tempo of their finger

fucking, only to increase the speed of their pleasure flow. By now

their eyes were useless, picking up only jagged images from the TV

and throughout the room as each cried in delight and longed for more.

Kareena had Karishma going through her like a jackhammer, piercing

through her pussy with blinding speed, met back by her gyrating

pelvis, and not unlike Karishma beside her. With her moans becoming

yells she announced her climax, saturating Karishma’s fingers with

her juices while riding out the manual orgasm.

Yet as fast as she had plunged into Karishma it was no match to how

fast Kareena’s hand was now moving inside her. The rest of Karishma’s

body swirled in chorus, leaving her little time before she came,

coating Kareena’s fingers with her sexual honey as she loudly voiced

her satisfaction.

Watching Karishma reach her peak put a craving into Kareena for a

little bit more of her, which she found as they withdrew their

fingers from each other. Kareena brought her hand, dripping with

Karishma’s fluids, up to her mouth and licked off a small portion,

which tasted as good as she remembered. Then she started tonguing

each of her fingers, even sucking them down to get everything she

could, all the while glancing enticingly at Karishma, using those

beady brown eyes of hers to tempt Karishma into trying this delicacy.

It worked beautifully, Karishma taking a taste of Kareena for

herself, then licking and sucking away at her fingers, following

Kareena’s lead. Karishma thought the orgasm was more than enough to

satisfy her, but Kareena had reinspired her appetite, showing through

the look of deep fulfillment on her face.

Through their expressions each saw the other wanting just a little

more, causing each to reinsert their fingers into their pussies, and

then in each others’, their hands now mixed with both of their

juices. Kareena was about to lick herself off when Karishma stopped

her, bringing Kareena’s hand near before tonguing and then almost

deep-throating her fingers, tasting both of themselves at once.

Kareena immediately did the same with Karishma’s sopping appendages,

flicking rabidly away to capture every droplet.

The taste and the rush from Karishma’s tongue felt so good they

caused Kareena to go one step further, moving over toward her, still

licking away while tilting to the side. First she licked her own hand

alongside Karishma’s, then she moved in for a deep kiss, tonguing

around Karishma’s mouth for any remaining traces of their essences.

Karishma quickly caught on, each switching between licking fingers

and sucking tongues. They kept on devouring each other, seemingly in

heat, until their hands and faces combined into one gooey mess of

girl cum.

It took several minutes before they had captured every drop and

slowed down to a mild kissing, when Karishma leaned Kareena back to

lay on the couch, both once again very gratified.

During this Kareena and Karishma caught one last glimpse of Aishwarya

on the TV, right as the movie flashed to black and the closing

credits rolled. Realizing she was why this little carousal took

place, there was only one thing racing through Kareena’s mind, and

she wasted no time in saying it.

“We’ve gotta have her.”

“I know,” Karishma replied between their making out, “But there’s

always later for that…” The pair kept on from there for a short

while, wishing only to prolong sharing with each other.

But after this experience both knew the time had come to attempt

bringing someone else in to experience what they had found. It took a

couple days for Kareena and Karishma to devise a plan to meet

Aishwarya and try to get her in their frame of mind.

They figured it wouldn’t be that hard to get in contact, except for a

little arm-twisting of agents and production assistants. Even then,

how could they seduce Aishwarya? They found it quite an exciting

problem to have, to which they had a great answer, or so they thought

at the time…

Aishwarya had just finished another session on the set of Devdas,

At least she didn’t have to deal with makeup, Aishwarya thought as

she walked back to her trailer. Because of how long shooting would

take the producers decided to provide trailers for all the stars, a

perk to offset the sometimes lengthy days.

When she wasn’t on the set that’s where Aishwarya spent most of her

studio day, largely keeping to herself rather than mingling with the

other stars. She occasionally talked with Madhuri Dixit, knowing she

was a great contact to have in the industry. She was glad to finally

be working with some real star power. She didn’t mind it a whole lot,

the money was enough and a few more bucks wasn’t worth taking some

compromising parts. Still it was good to finally get noticed by some

of the major industry players.

Aishwarya opened her trailer door and walked in, expecting to relax

for a while since she wasn’t expected back on the set for a couple

hours. Then she heard it.

“Hey Aishwarya, what’s…up?”

The voice from inside visibly startled her, taking a step back and

showing by her expression. It took a second for the adrenaline rush

to subside before she noticed who it was, then the shock set in. No,

it can’t be, she convinced herself, that’s not Kareena Kapoor

standing here in my trailer. But with a couple more good looks she

realized that’s exactly who stood before her.

Aishwarya knew Kareena’s act and didn’t exactly like it. Otherwise

Aishwarya never thought much of it, her attitude being let others do

what they want as long as she could also. Then again, those others

usually didn’t sneak into trailers unannounced.

All the while Kareena was almost trembling. She was really excited by

this first pursuit, but also that much more nervous. If something

went wrong with this it could mean…, no, she didn’t even want to

consider it, not for a second.

It hadn’t been too difficult to get to this point, convincing her

agent of wanting her for a co-starring opportunity in a future

project. That got her where Aishwarya was currently working. The PAs

were somewhat leery of giving up access to her trailer, but nothing

some light flirting couldn’t resolve. And now there was Aishwarya,

exciting her as much in that fuzzy peach top and tight pants as much

as all those more revealing outfits in Mohabbatein. She had to make

her move, but Aishwarya beat her to it.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Aishwarya demanded, staring

Kareena down.

“I was hoping maybe we could work together sometime soon. I just saw

Mohabbatein and I loved you in that role, you were…”

“You didn’t answer my question. What are you doing in my trailer?”

Aishwarya didn’t appreciate the flattery one bit.

“Well I couldn’t exactly stand around on the set. I’d make a scene

and distract everybody, and then…”

“You’d make a scene?! God, you’re one arrogant little bitch, kutiya…

saali kapoor randi!” Aishwarya’s violent side was starting to come

out. Kareena could see her anger percolating.

“No, no, that’s not what I meant, please don’t get mad at me.”

Kareena didn’t know how she could salvage this one. Right now she

only hoped she wouldn’t leave with any candies lodged in her throat.

“Mad? Now why should I be mad? It’s only breaking and entering!!”

Aishwarya raised her voice as she advanced toward Kareena with fury

in her eyes. Kareena, barely able to stand, tried to keep a safe

distance, backing away from Aishwarya nearing the end of the trailer.

“I’m sorry, please, let’s just forget this whole thing happened.”

Kareena’s exhilaration was turning to fear, even though this had been

part of the plan.

“Yeah, as soon as you forget what happens when I tell the producers

about this,” Aishwarya yelled in Kareena’s face. Just then Kareena’s

expression changed, almost cracking a smile as she looked behind


“What are you looking at?!” Aishwarya interrogated. Kareena tried to

ignore what she saw, or at least make it seem that way.

“Oh nothing, weren’t you going to tell the producers something?”

“Just remember you asked for it.” Aishwarya was proud of that parting

shot, knowing she might be about to destroy a career here.

She started to walk away, not paying attention to what was in front

of her. Then it hit her: a force fired through her mouth and all

throughout her, ending as suddenly as it started. Aishwarya

discovered afterward that she’d walked right into Karishma’s waiting


“Want more?” she teased, with Aishwarya left stunned as the slut dove

in for another kiss.

Karishma had arrived on the set separately, her excuse being she

wanted to talk to the director about a script he’d asked her to read,

which was a complete lie. Then again, it’s not like production

assistants were that smart. To this point their plan had worked,

Kareena got into the trailer, then let her in. Karishma had been

hiding in a space between the closet along one wall and the sofa in

front. Once Aishwarya got in she waited for Kareena to lure her to

the back, when she sneaked up with the surprise kiss. So far, so

good. Or so they thought.

Karishma kept on her tonguing onslaught as Kareena crept up from

behind, planting pecks on Aishwarya’s neck. The resulting rush of

emotions left Aishwarya caught between resistance and paralysis. She

tried with any might left at her disposal to pull away, but something

inside her wanted to wait a while and take more of this in, just to

know what this feeling was. Then a wicked idea came to mind, a way to

do both and get these two back for invading her space.

“This is what you came here for?” Aishwarya managed to get out before

Karishma restarted their liplock.

“Not just this, wait `til we get down below,” Kareena replied,

starting to work her hands in that direction.

“You girls are sick!” Aishwarya fired back, finally escaping their

clutches. Kareena and Karishma thought this could be all, until they

heard her finish that statement,

“Just the way I like it.”

The words brought a beaming smile to both of their faces. They’d

heard the rumors about Aishwarya being totally uninhibited and about

the wild parties she and Salman threw at times. This looked like it

would become one of them, making Kareena and Karishma even more

giddy. Seeing this work, Aishwarya knew it was time to break out her


“Wait here, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

“Who might that be?” Karishma asked excitedly.

“A little friend of mine called Mr. Snappy.” Aishwarya went to go get

him, opening her closet. As the girls heard her rummaging through a

box in there, they couldn’t imagine what Aishwarya was looking for.

“Mr. Snappy?” They both asked each other. When Aishwarya came back

and they found out what she meant, their feelings turned from arousal

to anxiety. She had brought back an 8 inch long, 1 and 1/2 inch

thick, hard black plastic dildo, stroking it teasingly with her

fingertips. Other than the color it looked and was shaped like a real

cock in every detail; the only things missing were the veins.

“Mr. Snappy,” Aishwarya introduced, sporting a malicious grin. She

was never short on toys, always keeping some handy anywhere she would

be for an extended length of time, just in case someone unexpected

dropped in. They were also convenient on those slow shooting days.

“All right Karishma, get on the bed and get ready to say hello.”

Karishma glanced at Kareena, not knowing what to do, but she could

tell by Aishwarya’s face that she wasn’t about to take no for an

answer. She walked over to the bed and lied down on it. She was a

little scared of what would be next, as was Kareena.

“Not like that. Roll over, there.” Karishma obeyed Aishwarya’s

command, now on her stomach. Aishwarya took a long look at those well-

toned legs of hers, leading up to a pair of jean shorts ending just

below her cheeks, as she walked over and stroked the head of Mr.

Snappy up, down and around her thighs. She found them slightly

attractive, but she had a job to do.

“This is what you wanted from me, isn’t it?” Karishma couldn’t

respond, not until she knew how this would end up. She found out soon

enough, once Aishwarya grabbed at her shorts and pulled them off,

revealing her tight ass.

“No underwear? You came here begging for it didn’t you, Meri randi?”

Aishwarya scoffed. Still no response. She took the dildo and glided

the cockhead up and down Karishma’s crack, eliciting a small sound of

sensual approval.

While this was going on Kareena had moved from the back of the

trailer to the love seat opposite the bed. Her heart was racing and

she didn’t want to disturb Aishwarya in this state by having her legs

give out, so she found this spot to sit down. Her eyes fixed on the

other two as Aishwarya used the tool to find Karishma’s rear


“Now where are you…there.” Aishwarya uttered as she found the hole,

twisting the plastic cockhead around it. Karishma, suspecting what

might happen next, sharply looked back, alarmed and begging


“Oh my god, you’re not…” The smile across Aishwarya’s blood red lips

gave Karishma the answer she wasn’t hoping for as she glanced at the

size of the device she carried. “Oh god, please, no, not there,

don’t…” Karishma shook her head saying it, only to show Aishwarya she

was right where she wanted her. Kareena shared her fear from just a

few feet away but she was powerless to do anything about it. The

torture goddess had come out and would not be denied.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Aishwarya answered into Karishma’s

eyes. A hint of calm passed over her, but only for a moment as…

“Uunnnggggghhhhhhh!!!” Karishma yelped after Aishwarya shoved the

dildo all the way down her ass in one thrust, then rapidly starting a

pace of prick fucking in and out of her, the full length each time.

Karishma glanced back, hoping that first thrust was just a joke, but

the satisfaction she saw from Aishwarya offered no hope of her

letting up. Only Kareena’s fingers had been back there before and

their size hardly compared to what was in there now.

Kareena was horrified by the sight. She never expected a reaction

like this out of Aishwarya, much less to see Karishma being violated

and Aishwarya getting off on it. She managed to keep her gasp upon

entry quiet enough so she wouldn’t get Aishwarya’s attention. And

then there was the thought of what she had in store for her. She had

to do something before it got that far, but what?

“You want to get fucked? So how’s it feel so far? You like that?”


Aishwarya thought she was showing Karishma a thing or two, like not

to invade trailers. She figured she’d let Karishma beg for mercy a

little longer before letting her go. She’d sure didn’t expect the

reaction she got,


After the initial push the friction became familiar to Karishma,

getting her off somewhat, but not enough to counteract the pain. The

rest she faked, trying anything she could to get out of this ordeal.

Aishwarya couldn’t believe it, even though she found Karishma’s

enjoyment a little gratifying. That made her put more force into each

stroke, determined she would remain in charge.

Kareena also felt her mood shift, stimulated by the show Karishma was

able to put on under such adverse conditions. Yet she wanted to get

Karishma out of that position, so much so she disregarded any

consequences of what Aishwarya might do to her. She had to try.

“How about now, Karishma? Now do you still like it?!” Aishwarya


“Mmmm, yeah, keep it, unnggghh, up, ohhhhh…”

The quickened rhythm made Karishma forget all about the initial pain,

feeling only the sensations of imitation cock rubbing along her rear

orifice, even fucking it back in a reverse grind. This agitated

Aishwarya all the more, watching her scheme backfiring. Then she

remembered she’d forgotten all about Kareena. Right when Aishwarya

was about to give up on Karishma, she made her presence felt.

“Oooohhh, oooohhhhhhh, yeah…” Aishwarya never thought Kareena was

capable of this, as she saw her skirt thrown to the floor, her legs

spread eagle, one hand frigging away at her pussy and the other

fondling one of her breasts through her partially unbuttoned blouse.

She originally hoped this would distract Aishwarya enough to give

Karishma a break. Kareena instantly found out that was a mistake as

the combination of eyeing Aishwarya and Karishma turning the tables

had turned her on incredibly fast. Her own pleasure quickly took

priority as she pumped her fingers in and out of herself and around

her barely clothed nipple, enjoying herself loud enough for both of

the others to notice. Good thing soundproofing was a standard feature

on trailers.

“You little slut!!” The words broke Kareena’s concentration right at

the wrong time, she knew she would have come soon. But Aishwarya,

standing in front of her, having grabbed Kareena’s hand to stop its

pumping, wasn’t about to have any of that.

“Get on the bed and don’t even think about getting away.” Kareena did

exactly as Aishwarya ordered, she didn’t dare disobey her now.

Meanwhile Karishma had moved off into the corner with a slight smirk,


Both heard Aishwarya going through that box in her closet again,

imagining what else she could dig out of there. She came back with

two pairs of handcuffs. Upon seeing them Kareena was sure she was

really in for it this time, especially after frustrating herself

earlier. Aishwarya twirled the cuffs around her fingers for a few

seconds before clamping each on one of Kareena’s wrists, then each

around a post on the bedstand.

“So Bebo, ever thought you’d be chained up like this?” Aishwarya was

positive she’d have better luck with this one.

“Please,’s Kareena,” she responded instinctively, forgetting

her precarious position..

“Oh, sorry Bebo,” Aishwarya emphasized, “What else can I do for you?

Oh that’s right, you’re the one that’s a little tied up.” Aishwarya

laughed a bit before getting down to business. She got onto the bed,

looking down on her from her knees and reaching down to unbutton the

rest of Kareena’s blouse.

“No bra? I’ll bet you wanted me to lick all over these babies, just

like…” Aishwarya kept her mouth just above Kareena’s breasts as she

finished removing the blouse, relishing her uneasiness. She let out

her tongue only an inch above one of the pointed nipples, merely to

swiftly pull away.

“Yeah, you still want that, I can see it in your eyes,” Aishwarya

taunted, hovering just above Kareena’s flesh as she neared her slit,

glistening with moisture.

“But now here’s the main attraction.” Kareena hoped against hope that

maybe, just maybe Aishwarya might give her some relief, staring back

at her, as her lips were so close to her pussy she could feel it.

“That’s what you really want, and still do…yeah you do. You came here

wishing you’d get me to stick my face in here and lick all over this,

you wet little cunt.” Kareena was seriously struggling now, pulling

her cuffed wrists to their limits, praying they’d break off some way

so she could bury Aishwarya in herself, which they didn’t. Her futile

response showed Aishwarya her efforts had succeeded. Finally she had

achieved dominance over one of them, smiling slightly as she did so.

“So Little Miss Kapoor, now what should I…what…” Aishwarya all of a

sudden felt something tugging at her pants. Immediately she looked

back to see what had interrupted her session, finding Karishma with a

huge grin on her face trying to tear them down, as well as her

panties. She’d been waiting in that corner for the perfect moment to

strike, now seeing Aishwarya’s eyes widen when she saw Mr. Snappy in

her possession.

Aware of what she had in store, Aishwarya instantly started

struggling, trying to pull her clothes back on and get in a more

formidable position than on all fours over Kareena. Actually she

ended up making it easier for Karishma to get Aishwarya bare from

waist to thighs.

“Tell me, what’s it like to be on the other end?” Karishma asked,

picking up the black rod.

“You bring that thing near me and I will…” Aishwarya couldn’t believe

she’d lost her hold again, desperate for a way out of this trap. But

Karishma wasn’t about to let up after the treatment she received.

“Sorry, too late. Now let’s put this back where it belongs!”

“I swear I’ll…ooouuUUGGHHH!!!!!” Aishwarya shrieked as Karishma

slammed the dildo deep into her cunt and thrust it briskly throughout

her. The ensuing rush promptly made Aishwarya lose all remaining

composure, bucking back and moaning loudly.

With her favorite fucktoy being pumped in her faster than she ever

had used it, Aishwarya had lost any voluntary influence over her

actions. She didn’t care who was handling the device, only her

pleasure mattered now.

It was quite a contrast from her original attitude: When Kareena and

Karishma first kissed her Aishwarya figured she had a couple of

beasts on her hands she could tame. Now she was the one who had lost

her will.

Karishma clearly enjoyed her retaliation, snickering at making

Aishwarya grind with her own plaything. In contrast Kareena looked

like she would burst at any moment, shaking in a feeble attempt to

break free from her handcuffs. She found her craving intolerable, but

then she noticed the keys to the cuffs right in front of Aishwarya.

Hotter than flames and so desperate, she would try anything to break

free, including…

“Like that, don’t you Aishwarya? You like that big thick black thing

in you, huh? How it fills you up `til you hope it busts you open?

Rubbing back and forth against your clit, shooting up all over you,

getting you so wet you want to suck on it over and over when you’re

done? Kyon randi….abhi pata chelga kon randi hai..kutiya …tere jism

se to sab log khel chuke hai…kyon ?…”

“Kareena, what’s gotten into you?” Karishma asked, astonished that

Kareena would even think that, much less say it. Kareena couldn’t

hear her as she stared intently at Aishwarya, keeping on.

“…that just makes you want it worse? I can do that and so much more,

please, just let me go, I’ll lick you anywhere, suck you everywhere,

as long as you can stand it, just uncuff me, please!!!!!” She shook

so hard even Karishma could feel it.

Aishwarya was positive she wouldn’t last much longer with Karishma

pounding Mr. Snappy inside of her, and in her state she couldn’t

refuse this offer. She reached for the keys, shuddering from her own

pleasure current, and reached over to unlock the cuffs.

Her hand trembled so much she couldn’t get the key in the lock, at

least until Karishma slowed up a bit with the dildo. As she undid one

cuff Kareena squirmed to break loose, now seconds away from

fulfilling her promise. Aishwarya then reached over for the other

cuff, still groaning under Karishma’s prodding, seeing Kareena strain

in expectation, and then…


That sound from the second cuff was the last thing Aishwarya heard

before feeling Kareena’s tongue shove through her mouth and almost

down her throat. Aishwarya was receiving every bit of her now

unbridled passion, and even kissing back that little bit she could.

Kareena had her at last, grabbing Aishwarya as close as possible, all

the while ripping off her top.

Aishwarya didn’t even notice that Karishma had removed Mr. Snappy

from her and was now sliding off the rest of her pants, then removing

her own tank top. She was too occupied with Kareena who was lavishly

kissing her way down her neck and to her chest while struggling with

her bra, taking a few moments to undo the back and throw it to the

side, leaving all three fully nude.

Wasting no time, Kareena licked all over Aishwarya’s large and supple

breasts like she hadn’t eaten in days. Karishma helped out, reaching

from behind to stroke whatever nipple or part Kareena wasn’t sucking

on, pressing her own flesh against hers as well. Aishwarya enjoyed it

beyond belief, her raven black hair swaying along with the rest of

her, trying to claw her way to the bedstand so she could grab two of

the posts for some support, some outlet for all this energy.

After she felt she’d done enough exploring Kareena progressed

downward, kissing all the way through her tummy, around her waist and

then all over her thighs, licking voraciously once she got there.

Karishma followed, doing the same down her back, stopping to explore

her buttocks with her lips.

Aishwarya adored it, yet couldn’t stand it. Like Kareena earlier she

needed release, as the two tongues played with her skin and both

pairs of hands explored whatever they could reach but couldn’t taste.

She’d lost control of herself long ago as her mewing continued, but

now whispering something in it.


“What’s that Aishwarya?” Kareena asked kiddingly.

“We can’t hear you.” Karishma teased.

“F…M…..F…M…..F…M…..” Aishwarya tried to get it out despite the

sensations going through her.

“C’mon Aishwarya, we need to hear it.” Kareena thought she knew what

was saying now, as did Karishma.

“We can’t do it if you don’t say it.” The words and the tongue

lashing sent Aishwarya over the edge, screaming,


Kareena and Karishma instantly complied, overjoyed that now they had

what they came for. Each smothered their faces into one of

Aishwarya’s orifices and sucked away, Kareena in her pussy and

Karishma in the rear.

Right at that moment Aishwarya managed to grab a bedpost with each

hand and hung on for dear life as a storm of impulses racked her from

head to toe. Nothing she’d ever done or experimented with was half as

good as this double treatment. Kareena even had to hold her steady or

else she might have been crushed by her wildly bucking hips. Karishma

took care of the rest, reaching up to fondle her swaying tits.

As the pair below flogged inside her with their tongues, the taste

and feel of each crevice elevated their desire, making them lick and

suck even faster, and made Aishwarya shriek louder still.

Sensing her oncoming climax, Karishma felt her way down to where

Kareena was doing her, reaching straight for and running her

fingertips over her clit, all the while with her tongue buried deep

in Aishwarya’s butt.

When Aishwarya felt the jolt she almost shattered, as the two could

hear. Kareena followed with a few tongue caressings of her own, and

then one short suck, lighting Aishwarya’s fuse and making her


“Oh GOD you two are good you’re HHSSSSS, uugghhhh, UUNNGGHHHH,


Anyone would have been jealous as Aishwarya roared through her

orgasm, the other two licking furiously as long as she needed to feel

it all through, Kareena taking care not to let any of that precious

cum get away. They went on until Aishwarya collapsed on the bed,

finally easing her grip on the bedposts.

Once they got their last licks in, Karishma and Kareena slid up on

each side of her, their urges relieved, looking proudly at the feat

they’d accomplished. If not for that last friction Aishwarya

certainly would have fallen asleep. Instead, after taking several

minutes to come back down to earth, she acknowledged the two


“If I knew you had that in store for me I, I, oh my g…I still can’t

get over it.”

“So, what was it you swore you’d do to us?” Karishma jeered.

Aishwarya looked straight into her eyes, answering,

“Anything you want,” as she kissed Karishma deep on the lips, “Any

way you want,” then turning back and kissing Kareena the same

way, “Any time you want.” If they could make her feel that again

there was no limit to what she would do in return. The trio laid

there, all smiles until Aishwarya glanced at the clock,

“Shit!! I’ve got to be back on the set in twenty minutes!” She tried

to get up and rush to get ready but Kareena and Karishma held her

down, making her enjoy the moment at least a little bit.

“Relax, you’ve got time.” Kareena appealed.

“I know,” Aishwarya consented, “I’m such a man like that sometimes. A

man with…”

“We know…” Karishma answered, then in tandem with Kareena, “…really

nice breasts.” That quote of Aishwarya’s was well known throughout

the entertainment world, including those beside her giggling at

finishing it.

“Really nice…” Kareena repeated, glancing down toward them with a

smile, pressed against her own well-endowed set.

“What, want some more?” Aishwarya derided back, coyly as ever.

Kareena slightly licked her lips in response.

“Okay you two, we’ll have plenty of time for that later.” Karishma

said, stepping in as the voice of reason. The three set up a time to

meet again at Karishma’s apartment building, insuring there’d be more

to come. Aishwarya then dressed and headed out to the studio, telling

Kareena and Karishma to wait in the trailer until after everyone was

back on the set. That way they wouldn’t be noticed. It also gave the

couple a few moments to lie back and take it all in.

“Isn’t she something?” Kareena marveled.

“Yeah, is she a raand. So tell me, how does she, you know,” Karishma


“How does she what?”

“How she…you know what I mean.”

“No, really, what?”

“Okay, I’ll spell it out for you. How does she taste?” Kareena glared

in astonishment at Karishma’s question.

“Karishma, you little…”

“Hey, don’t look at me after everything you said, and did.”

“Well I, uh, um…” Kareena couldn’t find a way to answer that.

“So, are you going to answer me or do I have to…”

“No, please I’ve had enough with the threats today. She was really

good, like…”

“Better than me?” Karishma interrupted.

“Come on, no one’s sweeter than you.” Kareena showing her so with an

extended kiss.

“So, got any plans for next time?” Kareena inquired afterwards.

“Actually, I’ve got this crazy idea…” Karishma answered, then

describing it to her.

The next night Aishwarya strolled through the halls of the apartment

complex, searching for the bar. There she was supposed to meet one of

the girls who would bring her upstairs. Her choice of attire showed

what she was expecting, a scarlet silk dress ending above the knees

but split up the side almost to her waist, the top cut to show off

her ample cleavage, plus a matching purse and heels.

It took a few minutes to find the bar, making her only fashionably

late. Being a weeknight the place wasn’t crowded, but there were a

few men there for her to turn some heads. Aishwarya loved being the

center of attention, especially when it was because of her being

reckless. She took a place at the bar, sitting cross-legged to

inspire some drooling.

She surely didn’t know Karishma was watching her. Back in her bedroom

she saw Aishwarya order a drink on the closed-circuit video feed,

intrigued by her choice of wardrobe. The building management offered

the service to their more exclusive residents so they could keep tabs

on certain key areas of the complex.

It came in handy when expecting visitors. This way people like

Karishma wouldn’t get overwhelmed by fans or autograph hounds while

chasing down their guests. Tonight she would play the role of voyeur,

waiting for her plan to go into effect.

Aishwarya took another sip of scotch, wondering what was taking them

so long when a curious figure entered the bar. It one of the weirdest

people Aishwarya had ever seen: short, covered almost from head to

toe in a trenchcoat, along with a detective’s hat to hide the hair,

and sunglasses with one of the worst fake mustaches ever made: thick,

bushy and drastically oversized.

The person sat down at the bar a few seats from Aishwarya and ordered

a drink. She thought it was safe to ignore whoever this was. That’s

when the bartender brought her another scotch and a message.

“This is from the, um….” At a loss for an apt description he pointed

to the one in the trenchcoat. “So is this.” He added, giving

Aishwarya a large book of matches. She opened it and read what was

written on the inside,

“It’s me, Kareena. Karishma’s watching, so go along with it.”

Aishwarya didn’t know what to make of it, except to look down the bar

and think, “No way, there’s no way that’s her.” Noticing her reaction

the cloaked individual moved down the bar, taking the seat next to

her. Now Aishwarya really didn’t know what to do. The figure spoke,

in a voice trying to sound deep like a man’s but failing miserably,

“So, uh, what’s your sign?”

Aishwarya hastily looked around the bar, relieved no one was seeing

this, at least no one she was aware of. Now knowing it was Kareena

she whispered,

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“It’s a game, play along and we’ll make it up to you later.” Kareena

quietly replied.

“So, um, come here often?” Kareena was back to using the male voice.

Aishwarya, bewildered, tried to go with the flow.

“No, it’s my first time here.”

“Good, I like first-timers…”

Back up top Karishma was laughing and having a great time watching

the show being put on. Kareena had on a concealed microphone so she

could hear everything down there as well as see it. Back in the

trailer the thought of Kareena somehow picking up on Aishwarya popped

into her head. Must have been Aishwarya repeating her infamous quote.

She almost dismissed it, but when the image of Kareena dressed up

like a dirty old man came to mind she couldn’t resist.

“…what is it that you do?” Great, Aishwarya thought, she’s trying to

be a man and she’s pretentious.

“I’m an actress.”

“Of course you are.” Kareena sarcastically replied.

“No really, I am an actress.” The insult got Aishwarya simmering, now

playing the character Kareena and Karishma had intended.

“So you want to see your name in lights, eh?” Kareena was really

having fun with this. It was Karishma’s idea but she designed her

part, mainly the facial part of the disguise. In a way this was

revenge for all those bad pickup lines she’d heard since becoming a


By this time Karishma was laughing hysterically, doubled-over on the

bed and almost unable to keep watching. She couldn’t tell which was

worse: the lines Kareena dreamed up, Aishwarya squirming at the

situation or that horrible mustache.

“You know, I can give your career a real boost.” Kareena let on.

“Oh yeah, how?” Aishwarya replied with an edge.

“Come back with me to my place and you’ll find out.”

“Hmmph! Knew that was coming…”

“Would you like to be doing so later?” Kareena butted in, struggling

to contain herself. In the corner of her eye she saw the bartender

staring at them but pretending not to, with a look of confused

disgust on his face, seemingly saying “What the fuck are they doing?”

“You sick, twisted…”

“And let’s not forget perverted.”

“That’s enough! Let’s go…” Aishwarya fumed, grabbing Kareena’s hand

and heading for the door. They would have hurried out if it wasn’t

for a man from a table nearby blocking their way. He’d been eyeing

Aishwarya since she came in.

“Hey there, what are ya doing leaving with this shrimp when you could

have this?” He motioned to the obvious bulge in his pants. Seeing it,

Aishwarya gave him exactly what he deserved,


With that she rushed out of the bar with Kareena in hand, trying to

remember if she’d ever slapped anyone that hard.

On the way up the elevator Kareena let Aishwarya in on what she had

just gone through, also removing the facial disguise and letting her

hair down. Aishwarya found it all a little amusing now, but she was

still pretty pissed off about it.

By the time they got to Karishma’s door Kareena was softly chuckling,

fighting an all-out laugh attack at what she had done. She couldn’t

wait to see Karishma’s reaction. The door opened barely, revealing

it: Karishma lying on the floor, unable to get up, still giggling so

much she could hardly breathe. At first sight Kareena cracked up,

falling over next to her in total hilarity.

“That has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!” Karishma scarcely

mumbled out.

“D…did you see that look on the bartender’s face?!” Kareena had just

as much trouble saying it.

“Yeah, that was so priceless!” Remembering the image put Karishma in

a full-blown fit.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourselves.” Aishwarya smirked, causing the

others to calm down as she stared from above them.

“Oh, guess you want your end of the bargain.” Karishma said, standing

back up.

“Well how’s this?” Kareena replied, undoing her belt and taking off

the trenchcoat. Seeing what was underneath made Karishma gasp in

complete shock,

“Oh my god you didn’t…you really d…Kareena tell me you didn’t…” She


“Tell me you did!” The sight was more than anything Aishwarya had

expected. The whole time Kareena was wearing only a lacy, skimpy,

aqua blue set of bra and panties under the overcoat. It made

Aishwarya forget everything she felt previously that evening as she

enticingly approached Kareena,

“Now that’s brave,” she said, giving her a quick kiss, “And bravery

should be rewarded.”

“Aishwarya, I swear, I didn’t put her up to that.” Karishma said,

still trying to regroup.

“You really should have,” she responded, then addressing

Kareena, “Ready for a surprise?” Kareena vigorously shook her head

yes, and then Aishwarya led her to the bedroom. Karishma followed

close behind.

She got in there only seconds after the others, finding Aishwarya

already all over Kareena on the bed, her bra ripped off and briefly

kissing throughout her breasts. Then making her way downward

Aishwarya slipped the waistband of Kareena’s panties between her

thumbs and forefingers, sliding them off while feeling all the way

down her shapely legs.

Karishma really wanted to join in but kept back for the moment,

wanting to see what Aishwarya would do next. Kareena was having a

ball, until Aishwarya reached into her purse and pulled out the

handcuffs again.

“What do you need those for?” Kareena asked, surprised at seeing them


“They’re to steady you. You’re going to have a couple visitors, and

they’re about to give you one hell of a ride.” She rolled Kareena

over on her front, then cuffed each of her ankles to a pole on the


“And who are they?” Kareena was starting to get the hang of

Aishwarya’s games. She reached into her purse, bringing them out.

“Mr. Snappy…”

“Is that all?”

“…and his twin brother.” Aishwarya revealed, holding two identical

black cocks, one in each hand. Ordinarily Kareena would have been

uneasy about having both of those inside her, but Aishwarya had made

her so eager all she could do was stare back, anxiously waiting to be

filled. It even got Karishma going, still looking on.

Kareena quivered weakly as Aishwarya brought the two heads to her

front and back holes, trying to brace herself with the bedsheets. She

let out a calm, contended pant as the Aishwarya inserted the rods.

Karishma, intently watching the penetration, tried to hide her

building titillation. However, she had one question about all this,

“Hey Aishwarya, how are you gonna use both of those things at once?”

“Easy, I don’t have to.” Aishwarya answered, turning on a switch at

the base of each phallus. She hadn’t told either of them that the

dildoes were vibrators too.

“Unngghh, mmmmm, ooohh, ohhhhhhhhhh…” Kareena reacted almost

violently to the oncoming duel rush, her body shaking instantly.

She’d never felt pleasure bolt through her so suddenly or so fast.

Moments later she was flopping all over the bed and shouting in

delight. Her hair, arms, and breasts swinged wildly in all directions

possible, and her legs stretched out to the max. Without the cuffs

she’d have launched herself across the room.

Karishma couldn’t stand it anymore, reaching under her curve-hugging

floral print dress to stroke her hardening clit. Aishwarya, very much

enjoying the show, sat down on the bed, approaching Kareena.

“Told you you’d need some support. So how’s this…whoa!!!” As soon as

she put one leg on the bed to get more comfortable Kareena grabbed at

it, pulled it past her, reached for the other, did the same and

shoved Aishwarya’s crotch in her face. She rapidly pushed her dress

up and jerked down the thong underneath, then thrust herself into

Aishwarya’s cunt, spearing it with her tongue faster than an amazon.

Aishwarya more than happily stripped off the rest of her dress, only

to have her flesh devoured by Kareena’s frenzied hands. After a few

instants of that Kareena reached underneath Aishwarya’s butt and

grabbed on, going as deep into her as her tongue would allow and as

fast as the dicks in her operated. It caused Aishwarya to scream as

loud as Kareena was inside her, oblivious to everything around her

except Karishma, grinding against herself and the wall, making enough

noise to be noticed.

“Sa, mmmmm, ohhhhh, Karishma you can get, aaaahhh, closer if you,

aaaaahhh, want,” Aishwarya beckoned.

“Is this close enough?” Karishma hurriedly said after running over to

the end of the bed.

“Mmmuuugh, no, mmmuuugh, closer…” Aishwarya extended her arms under

Karishma’s thighs and grasped behind her, guiding her underside to

her waiting lips. The way Kareena had her, Aishwarya’s neck was right

in line with the end of the bed. Karishma caught on at once, climbing

over Aishwarya with one leg, raising her dress and lowering her pussy

onto her mouth, still standing.

“Close enough now?” Karishma solicited with a broad smile. Aishwarya

responded by inching her tongue into Karishma’s slit, unfamiliar with

the new sensations and tastes. But Kareena wouldn’t let her get away

with that for long, her ravenous eating of Aishwarya leading her to

do the same to Karishma, making her flail over Aishwarya’s mouth.

Karishma returned the favor by peeling off the rest of her dress,

encouraging Aishwarya to explore.

“Guess that’s close e, ohhhhh, ooooohh, you’re getting good at,

mmmMMMMM, check that, uunnngGGHHH, really good at, aaaaaahhh, this…”

Karishma couldn’t imagine a first-time pussy eater being this good.

Then again so was Kareena, and herself.

Aishwarya eagerly took up Karishma’s invitation, her hands making

their way up her frame as Karishma arched her back and placed all of

her weight on Aishwarya’s face. But that would have to wait as

Kareena screeched, her pitch and rhythm indicating she’d just come,

aggressively letting Aishwarya know by gently scratching her clit

with two fingernails, pressing her into a feverish orgasm.

Still, as much as she’d pleased herself earlier, Karishma wasn’t that

close yet. But Aishwarya latching on to keep her from falling over

and the oral thrashing she delivered gave Karishma one hell of a


“Damn you really know how to, OOOHHHH oh god, please, uuuugggghhh…”

Aishwarya gave up trying to hold Karishma steady as she rocked across

her face. Now all she could do was run her tongue as deep into

whatever part of Karishma’s sex she could and whip around inside. Her

pelvic rhythm was mimicked by the other two, Kareena’s still being

the most intense.

Their joyous cries filled the room for another few minutes even

though two of them became lost in the pleasure of another. Then

suddenly Kareena became louder than the others combined, shaking like

an earthquake went off inside her. Aishwarya felt it right after as

the heated breath sent her trembling, grappling onto Karishma’s waist

and giving her clit her undivided sucking attention. It took only a

few instants for Karishma to reach the others’ peaks,

“Ooohhhh Aishwarya you’re killing me, mmmuuugghhh, killing me soooooo

good, uhhhhhhhh, so good I’m gonna, AAAAAHHHHH, gonna, AAAHHHH,


She was the last but certainly not late, cheering in climax with the

other two, their cum splashing all over each other. Aishwarya had so

much going through her she was ecstatic to lap it up, as was Kareena,

still impaled by the twin cocks.

As Karishma’s orgasm died down she fell onto Aishwarya, too spent to

take any more but aware enough to slide over and remove the vibrators

from Kareena, insuring she wouldn’t go into cardiac arrest. She

handed them over to Aishwarya to turn off, but she gave Karishma back

the one that had been stuffed in Kareena’s pussy, hinting with a

twisted smile.

“It wouldn’t be fair if we left you without dessert.”

With one look at the cum-soaked cock Karishma was glad to oblige,

staring straight at Kareena as she sucked it down inch by inch,

tasting every delicious drip of her juices. Kareena looked back in

beaming approval as Aishwarya undid the cuffs around her ankles.

As Karishma finished her treat Kareena leaned over with a tender kiss

of approval, Aishwarya joining in soon after. The three cooled each

other down in a relaxed making out, caressing throughout one another

along with their kissing. After a long relaxing while they realigned

on the bed, radiant with satisfaction.

“I never dreamed I could come that hard.” Kareena marveled.

“See what happens when you let your bad self out?” Aishwarya


“Look who’s talking.” Karishma teased.

“What, would you like me to be sweet and innocent for you?” Aishwarya


“Only if I can tie you up.” Karishma was really starting to like this

role reversal stuff.

“I’ll remember that.” Aishwarya noted.

“Can I watch? Please?” That was a show Kareena wouldn’t miss for


“Sure, maybe even as my assistant.”

“So now what do you usually do?” Aishwarya inquired.

“First we enjoy each other some more,” Karishma answered,

“Then we start thinking about who else we can add to the party.”

Kareena added.

“Anyone you’d like to bring in?” Karishma’s question sort of

blindsided Aishwarya, never expecting to be asked anything like that.

She mulled it over for a bit before one idea came to mind.

“I don’t know any names, but if I was going to do that I’d look for

someone with some…experience.”

“You mean like, someone’s who’s been around the block?” Karishma got

the idea.

“Exactly. Want to do a little looking?” Aishwarya asked, picking up

the remote to the bedroom TV. Kareena and Karishma both nodded yes as

Aishwarya turned it on. She only had to flip through a few channels

before she saw her. At first sight she knew this was her answer. The

others, noticing her stunned, understood what Aishwarya had in mind.

The more they thought about it, the surer they were she would be

their next target, already excited at the prospects as the song


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