Madhuri Dixit Vs Jennifer Lopez

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The go ahead is given as the two women come out of

their respective corners and lock up. Jennifer Lopez,

over powers Madhuri into the corner she originally

came from. Madhuri drops to her knees and grabs

Jennifer by her ankles and trips her onto her

lusciously famous ass. Madhuri sits on Jennifer’s

stomach and tears off her bikini top and tosses it

aside and begins pinching Jennifer’s nipples. Madhuri

then hair hauls Jennifer to her feet and knees her in

the stomach before throwing her into the couch.

Madhuri charges Jennifer on the couch and leaps in the

air to land on her.
But Jennifer is prepared as she

sticks her leg up meeting Madhuri’s unprotected pussy

as her legs were spread. Madhuri ricocheted off of

Jennifer’s leg onto the floor holding her aching cunt

moaning. Jennifer gets up and sits on the crying

Indian’s stomach and tears off her bikini top and

throws it aside. Jennifer grabs each of Madhuri’s big

plump breasts in her hands and squeezes while twisting

bringing out high pitched cries of pain from Madhuri.

“Please don’t hurt my tits Jennifer!!!!” cries

Madhuri. “OOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!”

Jennifer rolls the sobbing Indian cutie onto her

stomach and sits on her back and begins spanking

Madhuri’s large but firm ass until it is beat red.

Madhuri now is a sobbing mess as her make up smears,

desperately begging Jennifer to stop. Jennifer does

stop only to grab the back of Madhuri’s bikini bottoms

and yank them up high into Madhuri’s ass and pussy

crevices bringing out even louder screams from the

Indian beauty. While she does that with her right

hand, her left hand pulls on Madhuri’s long black


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” cries Madhuri .”I’m

begging you please stop!!!! You are hurting me!!!!!”

Jennifer rolls Madhuri back onto her back and sits on

her chest and bounces up and down on Madhuri’s large

tits flattening them. She resumes her wedgie assault

on Madhuri’s front now pulling up high enough so the

folds of Madhuri’s hairy pussy lips pop into view.

“Hmm, much to bushy,” says Jennifer looking at

Madhuri’s hairy snatch that has appeared through the

side of the high hiked bikini briefs. “Looks like

you’re going to need a trim.”

“No Jennifer please no!!!!!” cries Madhuri


Jennifer had yanked out a clump of pubic hair and let

it trickle onto Madhuri’s pretty face.

Jennifer grabs Madhuri by the hair and whips her onto

the table, the force almost sends Madhuri flying off

of the other side. Jennifer grabs Madhuri by her 36Cs

like handles and slams her up and down on the table by

them. Jennifer throws Madhuri into the wall, Madhuri

slowly sinks down the wall leaving a sweaty trail

behind on the wall. Both girls are drenched in sweat,

especially Madhuri who is getting dominated. Her long

black hair drenched sticking to her awesome tits.

Madhuri is seated in a daze moaning.

Jennifer slowly peels Madhuri’s sweaty bikini bottoms

out of the crevices, having some trouble due to them

sticking to Madhuri’s very sweaty pussy. Jennifer

finally pulls them down and off leaving Madhuri nude.

“I had heard that Indian pussy smells like tacos, lets

see,” says Jennifer as she holds Madhuri’s briefs up

to her nose and sniffs.

“I guess I heard wrong, it just smells like fish!”

says Jennifer throwing the bikini bottoms in Madhuri’s

face ………..forcing Madhuri to smell herself.

Madhuri is lifted off of the floor by her tits and

then lifted into the air by them. Jennifer slams poor

Madhuri three times crotch first onto her bony knee.

Madhuri falls to the floor crying holding her


“Well I’ll put an end to your misery,” says Jennifer

as she pulls down her own bikini bottoms and face sits


Madhuri soon passes out. Jennifer gets up off of the

outcold Indian and yanks out another handful of pubic

hair and stuffs it in Madhuri’s mouth.

Jennifer drags Madhuri to one of the wooden chairs and

picks Madhuri’s unconscious form up and drapes her

legs over the top of the chair so that Madhuri is

positioned upside down over the chair. Jennifer takes

both her and Madhuri’s bikini tops and ties Madhuri’s

limbs to the chair. Madhuri’s legs are spread as

Jennifer grabs Madhuri’s bikini briefs and rubs them

all around and inside Madhuri’s pussy.

“Here have a good taste of yourself!” says Jennifer

taking the briefs and stuffing them in Madhuri’s mouth

crotch first.

Jennifer pushes the chair with Madhuri’s nude

unconscious body tied to it into the lobby for the

general public to see.

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