Naked Patty-Cake: Round Two

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This story is complete fiction. If you are under the age of 18, get outta here!

Because I received one positive piece of feedback, we’re back for another round of……


by Rawballz

“Good evening, one and all, to another match of Naked Patty-Cake. Seeing how the first event

went so well, I’m back in my rightful seat and still not getting paid for it. But who in the hell cares

when you get a free look at two sexy women fighting one another butt naked in jell-o. Why would

I ever quit? I would
need to have my fuckin’ head examined. I actually have an appointment set-up

for next week on that, but anyways………….”

“My sidekick Zllabwar won’t be in tonight. I can’t say much of what happened, only that there was

a little heated moment after the first match when he got a lil’ too close to Kelly and her trainer, Kojain

had to have a few “words” with him. And boy, were did those words cause some damage. We will have

him giving us his words of wisdom time to time tonight via satellite though, so pay attention. But fuck him

anyways, because of his unfortunate speech lesson, I have with me here tonight the lovely and much

underappreciated Roselyn Sanchez! By the way, I can barely contain myself!”

Raw: “So, Roselyn, what brings you to our perverted dwellings tonight?”

Roselyn: “Well, I caught the premiere and just knew that this would be something I’d have fun getting

involved in.”

Raw: “Well, I just pray to the lord above that you’ll become more involved in the near future.”

Roselyn: “Who knows? Being outside the ring is one thing but……..”

Raw: “Inside the ring is so much better!”

Roselyn: “Well, I’m sure it is but……..”

Raw: “I’m about to make a spectacle of myself.”

Roselyn: “I’ll tell you what, if who I think is going to win tonight wins, I’ll consider being a part of your little

reindeer games.”

Raw: “Agreed, now if you’ll just tell me who you want to win, I’ll fix the match right this second.”

Roselyn: “Oh no, that wouldn’t be fair. Besides, you’ll have to work for it.”

Raw: “A challenge? Nifty. Okay, I’ll tell you what, every time one of the women losses an article of clothing,

you have to do the same.”

Roselyn: “The challenge thickens, huh? I agree with those terms, but you must do the same.”

Raw: “Roselyn, I’m already naked from the waist down.”

Roselyn: “I thought this table looked like it was levitating.”

Raw: “The way I feel right now, I could make this auditorium levitate. Do you agree with the terms?”

Roselyn: “I do with pleasure.”

Raw: “Shake on it.”

Roselyn: “I agree with your terms. Now let’s get on with the fucking match.”

“You heard the lovely lady, everyone. Here we are in match number two and we’re almost ready for

the women to come to the ring. Tonight’s battle of Patty-Cake will be between Faith Hill and Catherine

Bell! You’d better enjoy it folks, this took a shitload of money to get done. My, how expensive these

women are, but it’s worth every penny!”

“This seems like a more even match here tonight. In the first fight, Kelly took care of Nikky in two rounds,

but I see this one going the distance. These two ladies here tonight are almost evenly matched in height,

age and my personal horn-o-meter. I like Catherine in this one, but to tell you the truth, I won’t care anymore

when those clothes start flying off. I just hope I can give you an honest play-by-play with you-know-who right

here next to me.”

“Many Patty-Cake fans are still piling in here tonight. I see RH sitting to the right of the ring with his date

Angelina Jolie. Damn, those legs go on for miles! Angelina’s, not Hater’s. He’s has a firm grasp on that

full ass of hers, which gives me an idea. Man, you didn’t have to slap me just yet, Popi! That comes later.”

Roselyn: “You just need a reality check every now and then, Raw.”

Raw: “Indeed I do, slap away, mama!”

“Tonight’s guest judges are none other than FD and Hardguy. That’s it, just two? The budget for these events

is shrinking and shrinking. Hopefully these two judges will pay more attention than that threesome from last

time. Who the fuck am I kidding? They’ll be at each others throats by the time, well……….right now. We gotta start picking

a better group of judges. And tonight’s guest ref is Jada Pinkett. Yes, I leave the Smith part off only because

I still like to pretend she’s unmarried.”

“As the lights dim, the crowd comes alive as Faith Hill makes her entrance to the tune of George Michael’s

overplayed song, “Faith”. She seems to look a little nervous or maybe it’s the finally dawning on her exactly

what she’s gotten herself into. Too late to turn around now, Faith, you’ll be swimming in lemon lime jell-o before

too long. Might as well face the music. She stands five feet and nine inches of pure woman with a reach of….

does anyone really give a shit about reach? Never-fucking-mind. She is helped into the ring by her trainer, Shania

Twain. Good golly, the two hottest country singers together in the same corner? How am I still drawing breath?”

“The spotlight now focuses to the opposite side of the arena to the entrance of Catherine Bell. Catherine stands

at a lofty height of five feet and ten inches. This thirty-six year old bombshell can be seen on the TV show ‘Jag’, I

think. Is that still going? Christ, who the fuck knows or cares? Rumors have it that Catherine has been training

under a mystery coach. All I know, is that it sure the fuck wasn’t me, sadly. I’d train her hard every fuckin’ night

until my penis exploded with………”

Roselyn: “RAW!”

Raw: “Right you are, Popi. Why would I need to look at her, while you’re here right by my side? A little closer, please.”

“Solo and dressed in a burgundy fighting robe, she enters the ring to the tune of Andrew W.K.’s ‘She Is Beautiful’. I

personally couldn’t pick out a more fitting song. Cathy looks strong and determined to overpower Faith as she

dances around in her corner.”

“The two fine fighters come to the center of the ring to be given the long list of rules by Jada. Okay, and after

given the one rule of having no rules, this fight is set to begin. Shania helps Faith out of her robe and wow, she’s

decked out in a wonderful yellow tank top with matching shorts. If you’ve ever felt like humping Big Bird, now’s

your chance. Shania leans over to give her some pointers and by that, I mean her nipples are hard.”

Raw: “Ow, Popi! There’s no need to punch me in the ribs.”

Roselyn: “You’re staring at the wrong nipples.”

Raw: “Holy shit, folks, it looks like it’s gonna be a tough play-by-play tonight. We’ll be right back after a word from

our sponsor.”


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but suddenly discover you’ve accidentally filled your drawers? You rush and rush to the bedroom and find

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So remember, ‘Shit-a-load’s Emergency Underwear’ is your closest friend on those getting more than

you expected emergency situations.”


“Welcome back, one and all, to tonight’s main event! Thank you so much for that mouth-to-mouth there,

Popi. I needed that in more ways than one.”

“There’s the sound of the boner and here we go! Faith rushes out of her corner, charging at full speed at

the waiting Cathy! The jell-o doesn’t seem to be slowing her down at all, as she looks to want to make this

a quick fight. Cathy smoothly steps to the side and Faith goes crashing into the corner of the ring. Cathy

places her left foot on the small of her back! She grabs a hold of the back of her tank top and rips it clean off

of her torso! Who would’ve thought, she’s wearing a yellow bra as well.”

“Catherine isn’t done yet! As Faith is still pinned standing up, she places both of her hands, grabbing and

pulling at the back of her bra. Damn, that’s a strong one. I’ve never seen a bra stretch that much! But it’s

only a matter of seconds before it’s……….there it goes, folks! Faith is stripped from her tank top and bra

and we’re not even thirty seconds into the fight!”

“Faith is kicking and screaming, trying to get loose from Cathy’s grip. She is just too strong for poor Faith. She

breaks left and leaves Catherine in the corner with a spectacular move. But wait, Cathy lunges at her back! She

grabs two handfuls of her shorts and as she slams face-first into the gelatin, she manages to yank down her shorts

and yellow panties! I’ve never seen such cat-like reflexes! Faith lands into the jell-o covered mat and Cathy, still down

as well, finishes pulling her bottoms off her feet. Both women are struggling, trying to get up as they must’ve gotten

the wind knocked the fuck right out of ‘em!”

Raw: “Okay, Roselyn, I believe that’s four articles of clothing that you need to remove. C’mon, pay up!”

Roselyn: “After the round.”

Raw: “And someone likes to make rules up as they go along. Owwwwww”

“Catherine is the first one to her feet, she gets behind Faith and puts a choke-hold on her. Faith struggles

and look at those boobies shake! She’s gasping for breath and pulling at Cathy’s arm, but she’s not letting

up in the slightest. Faith could be seeing the end of a dildo in her ass any minute now. But wait! She grabs

Catherine around the ankles and pulls them forward until her sweet ass hits the mat! Man, that’s gotta


“Cathy leans over onto the mat, gripping her pain-filled ass. What a turnaround by Faith, but yet she remains

on her knees trying to recover. There the sound of the boner again, signaling the end of round one!”

“Holy shit on a trampoline, people, we have a catfight here tonight! Catherine certainly got the best of Faith

in this first round, but she leaves with a very sore ass and permanent Jell-O stains on it. But most importantly

Roselyn needs to fulfill her duties to my pleasure. Popi?”

Roselyn: “Four? Hmmmmmm….. I guess I’ll take my heels off. That’s two.”

Raw: “That’s not fair! The heels count as one! You’re cheating!”

Roselyn: “You’re lucky I’m doing this at all, Raw.”

Raw: “Of course, how silly of me. My dream coming true right next to me and here I am, bitching about details.”

Roselyn: “Then, I guess, my watch…..”

Raw: “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..”

Roselyn: “And I’ll take out both of my earrings for the price of one.”

Raw: “You sure you want to do that? You look mighty hot in that black tank-top there.”

Roselyn: “That’s it for now, Raw.”

Raw: “Damn, look at those naked lobes.”

“We are set to begin the second round here, everyone. There’s the sound of the boner and we’re off! The women

meet in the center of the ring, kicking Jell-O to the side and ready to pounce at any second. All Catherine has

to do is tire Faith out, get her down on the mat & have her way with her. Meanwhile, Faith has an uphill battle

in trying to rid Cathy of all her clothing and then doing the same. It’ll be very tough for her, unless she has some

tricks hidden up her sleeves, we’ll see her takin’ it up the ass soon. Either way, we’ll all have a swell time.”

“Catherine quickly picks Faith up by her thighs and runs across the ring, slamming her bare ass into the ropes. Faith

yanks at her hair, trying desperately to free herself. Cathy is just too strong for her, she holds her in place and then

turns to throw her across the ring on her back! At this rate, we’ll never get to see Catherine in all her glory. This sucks!”

“Faith, once again, is trying to catch her breath. Catherine quickly jumps on top of her! Faith is looking weak, she’s

struggling! This could be it, folks. Cathy turns her over like a rag doll on her belly! She pins her arms behind her back

and slaps at her dessert-covered ass with a series of blows. This is no contest! Faith looks completely drained of

power. It looks like it’s time for the ol’ double-headed dildo! Faith’s head isn’t moving much, she looks like she’s had

enough. Here we go, Catherine stands up and heads over to her corner to retrieve her weapon of mass destruction.”

“But what’s this? Shania jumps the ropes and dashes across the ring! She grabs Catherine by the back of the hair

and slams her forehead into the corner post! Holy shit, what a turn of events we have here! Again and again, she continues

to thrash her face against the post. Catherine is trying desperately to fight back! She reaches back over her head and

grabs two handfuls of Shania’s hair and quickly pulls her off. Cathy delivers a powerful thigh to the midsection of Shania. She

doubles over and onto the mat in pain!”

“Catherine is stunned as she wobbles to the center of the ring. She’s dazed, but she’s still the only one standing besides

Jada. She’s trying to get her strength back, I’m sure. Faith and Shania both get back on their feet and begin slowly walking

towards the solo Patty-Cake player. Catherine is motioning to them to come and get her. And holy shit on a submarine

sandwich, Jada grabs Catherine from behind and pins her arms behind her back! It looks like it’s three on one now!”

“Shania and Faith race up to the now helpless Catherine. They begin tearing at her clothing! After a few hard yanks, Faith

successfully removes her mini-skirt. Shania places her foot on Cathy’s belly and pulls at her top until it and her bra are

quickly lying in Jell-O. Faith and Shania grab both sides of her pink lace panties and pull until they tear in two! Catherine

is still trying to put up a fight, but suddenly finds herself dressed just like Faith. Shania slaps her across her naked breasts. Faith

joins her in the slap fest. Cathy is trying to kick at them, but she’s too far inside to be able to inflict any damage.”

“The crowd roars as Faith rushes over to her corner and comes racing back with her weapon in hand! Jada and Shania

drop Catherine on her back and the Jell-O goes flying everywhere! Damn, that’s really good Jell-O. Jada sits on Cathy’s

arms with her shins, Faith and Shania lift her legs into the air and hand both of them over to Jada. Almost bent completely

in half, Catherine can only give into this powerful trio. Jada has her by the ankles and pulls back even further, exposing

her goodies to the perverted onlookers.”

“Faith and Shania help hold her ass up in the air and they give her rump a few hearty slaps. Shania frantically rubs at

Catherine’s clitoris and Faith enters the double-headed dildo into her sweet hole! Cathy screams in pain & pleasure as

she is in complete submission to the three women using her as a fuck-toy. DJ Twain continues to scratch her clit like

a spinning record. Faith thrusts the dildo deeper into Cathy’s newbie-fucked hole! Jada leans forward and shares a deep

wet one with Shania.”

“I’m not sure how much more Catherine will be able to take, Popi.”

“Popi? Roselyn? Succulent Sanchez?”

“Holy ballz on a stick, Roselyn has quickly made her way down to the ring & jumps the ropes! I couldn’t have scripted

these events better if I were on a bottle of Yohimbe and watching Poison Ivy 3. Looks like I need to renew my contract!”

“Popi rushes over to the far side of the ring and through the Jell-O she drops down and slides right into Faith’s naked

ass! Faith goes sliding into the ropes and flips right out of the fuckin’ ring! Oh man, the tide is turning here,

people! Your money has been well invested tonight. Faith just might be out of the ring for a while, I’m not sure.”

“Shania immediately gets to her feet to face her new foe. Popi gets into a fighting stance, Goddamn she’s so fine it’s

just silly. Shania rushes at her but Popi crouches down and sweep-kicks her feet out from under her and she goes diving

head-first into the dessert! Roselyn runs over to her dazed form, she picks her up by her left arm & leg and starts to spin

her around & around in circles. Man, I love her more & more! She flings Shania across the ring like a used condom. She

gets temporarily tangled in the ropes then tumbles right out of the ring as well!”

“Two outta the ring and Popi now turns her head towards the now nervous-looking Jada Pinkett. She pauses for a moment

and then gets up to face Roselyn. Cathy is still lying on the mat, out of breath & out of strength, at least for now.”

“Jada kicks at Popi’s head, but she backs up out of the way. Jada spins around low and rips the black skirt off of Roselyn’s

hips. She goes spinning back into the ropes, dazed & sexy in her black lace g-string! Thank god, I’m not wearing any pants. Jada

looks Popi in the eye and shreds her skirt in two and tosses them out of the ring. Taunting Popi, Jada waits in the center of

the ring as Roselyn gets her wits back. She’s dazed and looking damn good doin’ it! Whatever you do, don’t you dare ring that

fucking bell!”

“The tremendous amount of anger can be seen all over Popi’s face as she takes a few steps towards the waiting Jada. What

a match, it started with Catherine and Faith and now it’s Roselyn and Jada. I love this game more with each passing moment. Jada

rushes at her, Popi sidesteps to her left, she grabs Jada by the back of her referee shirt and lifts it up around her head. She’s blinded

by the black and white stripes, she can’t see a thing! Popi ties the bottom of the uniform top over her head and now she goes in

for the strip-down. Popi bends down and yanks at the bottoms of Jada’s pant legs, she goes crashes to the mat on her back. Popi

quickly unzips the black slacks and pulls them completely off in one motion! My, what a lovely pair of pink panties Jada has on


“As done to her just a few moments ago, Roselyn tears Jada’s pants in half and tosses them out of the ring. Popi sits down on

her belly with her legs on each side of her, as Jada finally pulls her arms and head out of her own shirt. Roselyn places her left

hand around her throat, grabs the center of her pink bra with her right and pulls like the dickens until the undergarment is limply

lying within her fist. Jada tries to fight back, but Popi has her stapled to the mat. Look at them boobs shake, everyone! Roselyn

takes a nipple between both index finger and thumb and……………Owwwwwwww! Popi is giving her a major league titty twister! Jada

screams out in agony. Looks like Jada may be Popi’s next victim that winds up on the other side of the ropes!”

“But now, here comes Faith! She grabs Popi from behind in a headlock and pulls her off of Jada! Jada rolls over on her side, cradling

her breasts with her hands in pain. Faith backs up against the ropes, with a stern hold still applied to the surprised Roselyn. Faith grabs

the extremely thin fabric of the back of Popi’s g-string and pulls them upwards, giving her a mega-wedgie! That pair of panties cannot hold

up under that much pressure and they rip right off of her. Wow, nice pubic butterfly there! Roselyn reaches behind her in desperation and

grabs two handfuls of Faith’s blonde hair and begins to yank them in every which way. Faith screams and loosens her grip from around

her neck.”

“But look, now it’s Shania hopping back into the ring! She looks ready for some action as she races over towards Popi. Roselyn meets

her with a powerful kick to the stomach! Shania quickly falls backward onto the mat right next to Jada! Man, Roselyn sure can scrap, even

with no underwear on. Shania grabs her tummy, trying to catch her breath. Man, she knocked the wind out of her! Popi sweeps her right

leg behind her left and kicks Faith legs out from under her! She falls to the Jell-O again. Man, seems like she’s been doing that all night! Roselyn

massages her throat and leans against the ropes, trying to keep her strength up for the rest of this insane bout.”

“Catherine must have gotten it worse than I thought. She’s still lying in the gelatin, trying to get her head off the mat. Meanwhile, it looks

like Shania has gotten her wind back as she travels over to a tired Popi. Shania swings a fist at her, but Roselyn ducks out of the way! She

comes back up with a left shoulder to Shania’s chest. Again, she kisses the Jell-O! As she rolls over onto her belly, Popi jumps on her back

and shoves her face into the canvas. Roselyn grabs and pins her arms behind her back and holds them in place with her left hand. She grabs

the back of Shania’s collar with her right and with one long pull, her white button-up dress shirt comes peeling off of her torso! Wow, it looks

like we found out quickly that Shania doesn’t like to wear a bra. Good for her!”

“Roselyn stands up triumphantly and tosses the shirt to the wayside. Shania flips over on her back only to see Popi grabbing at the top

of her trousers! She tries to sit up, but her back slams down onto the Jell-O as Roselyn yanks her pants down over her ass. She pulls

them down around her long, lovely legs and unless she took ‘em with her, Shania doesn’t wear any panties either! She just rose some

more on my personal list for her rebel attitude towards underclothing. Shania’s feet come banging down onto the mat as Popi has her

pants removed. Shania gets to her feet like a bolt of lightning in all her glory!”

“The naked Shania lunges over and locks hands with the naked bottom Roselyn. They both push against one another in a desperate

attempt to break the other one down! They’re locked in place, each trying to get the upper-hand. Popi sweeps her right foot at Shania’s

leg, but she jumps out of the way at the last second! Shania spins her around and sends Roselyn smashing into the ropes and abruptly

sending her face-first into the gelatin. Shania stands back, as Jada positions herself behind the kneeling Popi. Quickly, Jada bends over,

sliding her pink panties down to her feet. She grabs them up with both hands and wraps them around Roselyn’s neck! She picks her up

to her feet and pulls the underwear tighter around her throat. Popi is helpless as she tries to grab at the panties to release the pressure! She’s

gasping for breath now, as Shania and Faith move in closer and closer. This definitely doesn’t look good for Roselyn.”

“Outnumbered and struggling, Popi is stuck between a Jada and four hardened nipples. At long last, Catherine, the cavalry, stands up on her

wobbly legs. Now we’re getting somewhere! Shania and Faith stand on-guard as they see Cathy approach them. They’re ready to fight, they’re

ready to rumble, they’re ready to get down with some Naked Patty-Cake! Catherine seems to be talking with the two nude women, they seem

to be softening from their stances and listening to her. I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but again, this can’t be good for Roselyn. Shania

stands back to Popi’s right side, she grabs her right wrist and her right ankle. Faith follows and does the exact same to her left side. Holy

shit, folks! It looks like Catherine didn’t appreciate Popi coming to her rescue. What an ungrateful bitch! But hey, whatever helps the fuckin’


“As Cathy was earlier, Roselyn is at the mercy of the four naked women. She stares at Catherine in amazement as she moves directly in

front of the secured sexpot. The crowd roars as Catherine tears the top from Popi. Nice black bra she has on. All she can do is stand there

and accept the final disrobing. Cathy grabs her bra from between the cups and tears it in half. It looks like we might get a rape code for this

story. Ah, well, fuck it! Catherine flings her black brassiere into the hungry hands of the crowd. This is what life is all about, people! We have

five completely naked women standing in a ring full of Jell-O. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

“Excuse me, folks, whist I toss four strap-on dildos into the ring to help further the cause. The panties are now taken from around Popi’s

neck and the strap-ons seem to be in place. Roselyn has absolutely no fight left in her as the women let her go and she limply falls into

the gelatin. I have a sinking yet excited feeling that Roselyn is about to be stuffed and stuffed well. Shania lays down on her back and the

other lovely ladies lift Popi up and place her down facing Shania. Faith reaches under between Shania’s legs and grabs the head of her

dildo. With extreme ease, she slides the dong into Roselyn’s pussy all the way to the base. This brings Popi back to life a little.”

“Shania strokes her fake dick in and out of Popi’s moist cunt. She tries to struggle, but the three women on top quickly keep her in

place. Roselyn stops herself by placing her hands onto the canvas. Shania thrusts in and out of her, causing Popi’s back to arch

rapidly. Catherine wiggles her dildo and strokes it like it was her own penis. She crouches behind Popi’s ass and quickly shoves it into

her tight rectum. Roselyn yelps out in pain, as Cathy and Shania continue to punish her lower half. As Popi’s long, black hair tickles

Shania’s sweaty face, Jada grabs her by the hair and pushes her dildo deep down Roselyn’s throat. She palms Popi’s head with both

hands and pushes her mouth further around her fuckstick.”

“Faith gets alongside Jada and………..Good God!!!! Somehow, Faith pushes her dildo inside of Roselyn’s mouth right next to Jada’s. Popi

makes some expected gurgling sounds as she takes the two fucktoys inside her orifice. I had no idea her mouth could get that

wide. They each take turns pushing and pulling their fake dicks in and out of her throat. Popi is gasping for one breath as she continues

to get pummeled in her asshole and cunt! I know I can’t hold out much longer and certainly, neither can she. The crowd begins to chant

the Naked Patty-Cake theme song as Catherine delivers some hard slaps across Roselyn’s butt cheeks. C’mon, everyone, join in as we

celebrate Naked Patty-Cake!”

“Roselyn screams an orgasm-filled scream as she releases and her body quivers while dropping into Shania’s arms. She rolls her

off on her back and it looks like Roselyn will be asleep for a while or at least, paralyzed from the mouth down. I’m not sure who the

winner was tonight, everyone, but it sure as hell wasn’t Popi. Oh well, you know I’ll bring her back again sometime. That is, if she’s

able after receiving a fucking like that. I just received word that we now have Zllabwar via satellite. Zllab, you there?”

Zllab: “I here, Raw!”

Raw: “So, Zllab, what did you think of tonight’s festivities?”

Zllab: “My boner hurts!”

“There you have it, folks. Another classic Naked Patty-Cake in the books. I need to go console Roselyn and lick her slit, er I mean

wounds. We’ll see you next time and remember it’s not a true Patty-Cake unless it’s a Naked Patty-Cake! Goodnight, everyone!”

THE END. FOR NOW………………..



Don’t you dare miss it!

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